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Winter 2014


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From The Director

Winter 2014

Three Women Leave Lasting Legacies for Conservation

Vol. 25

No. 1

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Dana Beach

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his spring and summer, the conservation community lost three irrepressible leaders. All were dedicated conservationists, but they were different in so many ways. One was a staunch Democrat, another a loyal Republican and the third politically independent. Two were raised in the South, while one was a New Yorker. One was a farmer, one a social worker and one a journalist-turnedprofessional environmentalist. Far more important than their differences, though, was their shared concern for the future of the Lowcountry and their steadfast belief that they could prevail over the forces that threatened it. Jane Lareau, Billie Houghton and Diane Terni were all instrumental in the evolution of the Conservation League. Jane and I opened the doors of the League at 456 King Street one week before Hurricane Hugo ravaged the Lowcountry. For the next 20 years, Jane rallied citizens against enormous, region-changing threats and in support of new protections for land and water – defeating a new interstate, I-73, through Georgetown, McClellanville and Mt. Pleasant; preventing the desecration of Sparkleberry Swamp (featured on the cover of this newsletter) by a “bridge from nowhere to nowhere;” shepherding the revision of the Francis Marion National Forest management plan to restore the longleaf pine ecosystem, and much more. Jane was unfiltered, providing the raw energy and optimism necessary for a community to take control of its destiny. Billie served on our board during one of our most formative periods, as we opened an office in Georgetown and hired a legislative staff in Columbia, making it possible to take on initiatives that would have previously been overwhelming. She was generous and thoughtful, kind and passionate. To the extent that she was inspired by the battle to protect the Lowcountry environment, she inspired in us the confidence to take on the biggest challenges without reservation. During her tenure, we passed the strongest factory hog regulations in the country and protected Sandy Island, which today stand as two of our proudest achievements. Diane was one of our most generous supporters and a committed farmer. She had a particular interest in protecting the farms and forests of the Lowcountry from the sprawl of resort and suburban development. Closest to her home at Brewton in Beaufort County was the battle to prevent the destruction of Binden Plantation on the Pocotaglio River. It lasted almost five years – from the time the property was annexed into the town of Yemassee, which we challenged in a series of lawsuits, through the bankruptcy of the developer and subsequent donation of a conservation easement to the Beaufort Open Land Trust. Diane also fundamentally understood that protecting the Lowcountry landscape meant strengthening the farming economy. Through support from the Ceres Foundation, she made GrowFood Carolina a reality. We will miss these strong, courageous women; but the conservation victories they enabled remain as lasting legacies.


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Cover Photo by Tom Blagden

25th Anniversary

Prosperous Lowcountry, Flourishing Planet n the heels of our 25th Anniversary Conference, “Prosperous Lowcountry, Flourishing Planet,” we continue to remain motivated to play a positive role in sustaining the landscapes that surround us. Prosperous Lowcountry, Flourishing Planet convened many of the brightest minds in the country to focus on the particular threats facing the Lowcountry, and examined our role and responsibility for addressing the environmental challenges that confront us. We invite you to consider some of the ideas that emerged from the conference, along with their implications for our work over the coming decades – to protect the environment, to build a region that is economically and ecologically sustainable, and to preserve the Lowcountry’s rich culture and quality of life. To view footage online from our 25th Anniversary Conference, please go to


Roy Flannagan

“Environmental success depends, among other things, on the health of our democracy, our values and consciousness, combatting consumerism, an equitable and just society, and the quality of our elected officials.” – Gus Speth, founder of the World Resources Institute and former Dean of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

“We do not think our way into a new way of living, we live our way into a new way of thinking.” Roy Flannagan

– Steven Rockefeller, co-chair of the Earth Charter Council International and Professor Emeritus of Religion at Middlebury College

“We need to bring a profound sense of wonder and awe into the equation.” – Mary Evelyn Tucker, Senior Lecturer & Senior Research Scholar at Yale University and co-founder of the Forum on Religion and Ecology

“There is no new environment without a new economy.”

John Moore

– Will Raap, founder & chairman of Gardener’s Supply and founder of the Intervale Center

(l-r) Steven Rockefeller, David Orr and Gus Speth

“We must be truthful to young people and at the same time demonstrate a way forward, in order to dispel despair and anxiety.” – David Orr, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies & Politics at Oberlin College and trustee of the Rocky Mountain Institute



Dana Beach

John's Island

Angel Oak Forever “Consider a tree, no matter how noble, standing immobile, unable to move but aware ...What must it be like, branching outwards symmetrically, growing always toward the light, unable to flee but knowing – somehow, in the very bracts and chloroplasts of your being – that there is always the threat or the potential of something else, a death and transfiguration...” – invocation for the Noble Tree Foundation, given in 2005 by Benjamin Bernard Dunlap, President of Wofford College

he venerable Angel Oak stands guarded by a small city park and a modest chain link fence – its only defense against the steamroll of a speculative real estate market. Today, this centuries-old, sea island icon will be forever protected, thanks to the vision and passion of dedicated individuals, the power of the law, and a unified and inspired community. In 2005, a development was proposed on a tract of land at the intersection of Maybank Highway and Bohicket Road, adjacent to the Angel Oak. Initially designed for dense residential development and big box retail, the development as planned was roughly equivalent to the density of downtown Charleston, fifteen times greater than what is allowed for the most concentrated areas of John’s Island. Simply put, it was completely inappropriate.


More Than a Tree Dubbed Angel Oak Village, the development was problematic not only for the Angel Oak tree, but also for the surrounding ecology and character of John’s Island. The majority of onsite trees were slated for removal and the land was to be almost completely covered with pavement and apartment buildings. To prepare the site for construction, the developer planned to fill wetlands connected to Church Creek. All of these activities would lead to substantial increases in nonpoint source runoff and do irreparable harm to the site’s wetlands and nearby creeks. Classified as shellfish harvesting waters, Church Creek is protected by law for shellfish harvesting, recreation, crabbing and fishing. But Church Creek is also listed by the Department of Health as an impaired waterway because current levels of stormwater runoff are contributing to high fecal coliform bacteria and low dissolved oxygen levels. Furthermore, Church Creek connects to Bohicket Creek and other smaller tidal creeks, waters that are favored by local fishermen and relied upon by the surrounding community. The Coastal Conservation League expressed serious concerns about such a dense development immediately adjacent to the Angel Oak, Church Creek and the Charleston County Urban Growth Boundary. In 2008, the City of Charleston approved the development, which was revised to eliminate the big box component, add a six-acre conservation zone, reduce some wetland fill and slightly increase the buffer around Angel Oak. Despite these changes, the development was still incompatible with the unique



Lorna Hattler and Samantha Siegel

natural and cultural history of John’s Island.

Time to Act About this time, John’s Island residents Samantha Siegel and Lorna Hattler became alarmed at the prospect of the ancient tree they had come to love being engulfed by an apartment complex. They started a petition drive, garnering more than 12,000 signatures, and founded a nonprofit called Save the Angel Oak. In 2009, they teamed up with the Conservation League to engage forest ecologist Dr. Jean Everett and wetland delineation expert Bridget Lussier to review the site and the impacts of the projected development. The two scientists submitted their reports to the Army Corps of Engineers. At the same time, the League began floating the idea of a conservation purchase and commissioned an appraisal of the property. The following year, the Corps ruled that the wetlands fell under federal jurisdiction, which mandated that the developer secure a permit to fill them. Then the League formally approached the developer about selling the Phase II portion of his land as green space, contingent on the community raising the money to purchase the site. Though the developer ignored the offer, the League continued to promote the concept of the Phase II tract becoming an expanded public park area – to protect the historic Angel Oak and its surrounding landscape, teach visitors about Gullah Geechee history and culture, and highlight sea island contributions to the nation’s civil rights movement.

John's Island

Dana Beach

In 2011, the developer received permits approving his stormwater pollution prevention plan and his request to fill wetlands on the Phase I tract. The League and Save the Angel Oak, represented by the South Carolina Environmental Law Project, submitted comments objecting to the permit and entered into litigation to appeal its issuance. During the course of the appeal of the permit, the developer foreclosed on the property. His lender, the Coastal Federal Credit Union, gained control of what was now a 36-acre property comprising Phase I and Phase II. (The City of Charleston had previously purchased the developer’s six-acre conservation zone to add to the two-acre city park surrounding the tree.)

Safe At Last After extensive negotiations with the Coastal Federal Credit Union, the

Conservation League agreed to drop their appeal of the Phase I permits in exchange for a new appraisal of the Phase II property and an option for the Lowcountry Open Land Trust to buy it. A settlement was finalized in early 2013, which succeeded in adding more acreage in the option to purchase. The Land Trust immediately went to work to raise the $3.6 million necessary to purchase the Phase II tract. They secured two 90-day options to allow enough time for a community fundraising campaign. Next they developed a multi-faceted park and preservation plan for the property, re-naming it Angel Oak Preserve and enlisting the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission as a partner. On July 16th, the Land Trust was awarded a $2.4 million grant from the Charleston County Greenbelt Fund for the purchase of the property. That C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E


left $1.2 million to be raised over the remainder of the summer and fall. Thousands of sea islanders, Charlestonians and friends from around the world responded. Local municipalities, businesses and corporations made significant contributions. Community nonprofits and foundations also donated. Combined gifts flowed in at a rate of $8,000 to $10,000 a day. By the end of October, $750,000 had been collected. Then on November 6th, the S.C. Conservation Bank approved a grant of $890,000 toward the project, lifting the Angel Oak campaign over and above its goal. More than $4 million was raised, enough money to cover the purchase of Phase II, the design of the preserve, and possible acquisition of more acreage. The dream of an Angel Oak Preserve would be realized.

Energy & Climate “

Energy Advances


t was a busy summer for the Coastal Conservation League’s Energy and Climate Program as issues ranging from solar power to offshore wind to energy efficiency were front and center before regulators and policy makers in South Carolina. Looking forward to 2014, we expect to continue our advocacy work before the state legislature and utility regulators on behalf of clean energy resources.

Dana Beach

by Hamilton Davis, Energy & Climate Director

Efficiency In August, the Conservation League partnered with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Sierra Club to reach a settlement agreement with Duke Energy Carolinas, the North Carolina Public Staff, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association regarding Duke Energy’s energy efficiency portfolio and regulatory mechanism. The N.C. Utilities Commission approved the agreement in October. A parallel proceeding is also underway in South Carolina, and a settlement agreement involving the League has been filed with the S.C. Public Service Commission for their approval. The decision affirms the N.C. Utilities Commission’s recognition of the role that utility efficiency programs play in helping customers cut their energy costs and in keeping electric rates as low as possible. It also positions Duke Energy to build on its success in rolling out cost-effective efficiency measures. The new “shared savings” regulatory mechanism ensures that almost 90 percent of the financial benefits of energy savings from efficiency programs will go to customers, and the remainder will serve as a shareholder reward for Duke’s program implementation achievements. This means that Duke’s shareholder earnings will grow when it achieves more energy savings. The new mechanism also provides for a bonus shareholder incentive if Duke meets an aggressive but realistic goal of one percent annual energy savings. This bonus incentive provides additional motivation for Duke to strive to reach the savings targets established in the 2011 DukeProgress merger settlement, to which the Conservation League was a party. In sum, the settlement and the N.C. Utilities Commission’s approval have paved the way for Duke Energy to enable households and businesses to save energy, save money and reduce the environmental impacts of local power systems.

Offshore Wind Charleston played host to the Southeastern Coastal Wind Conference in September. This gathering of regional stakeholders called on utilities, wind developers, environmental advocates, investors and others to discuss the economic development and clean energy opportunities that offshore wind presents for South Carolina and the Southeast. I was honored to moderate the conference’s opening panel discussion of regional offshore wind potential. A researcher from Clemson University’s Strom Thurmond Institute presented results from a 2012 study that if South Carolina developed 1,000 megawatts of its substantial offshore wind resource, the state could expect to generate $2 billion in wages, $3.7 billion in economic output, and $616 million in government revenue over a decade. Net Metering Customer-owned solar power is becoming increasingly competitive with utility electricity rates in South Carolina. Although our state has some of the more punitive solar policies in the country, an opportunity to improve solar access in South Carolina is now being considered by the S.C. Public Service Commission as they review the state’s current net metering regulations. The Conservation League has officially intervened in this docket and is organizing stakeholder support for needed improvements to regulations that are limiting the investment options of businesses and homeowners as they consider the transition to solar power.



Waccamaw River

Santee Cooper to Remove Coal Ash from the Banks of the Waccamaw Dana Beach


n a groundbreaking settlement with conservation groups, Santee Cooper has agreed to remove 1.3 million tons of coal ash from the banks of the Waccamaw River in Conway. The settlement resolves lawsuits filed by the Southern Environmental Law Center on behalf of the Coastal Conservation League, the Waccamaw Riverkeeper, and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to require removal of the coal ash. “This is an historic agreement that removes toxic coal ash from beside the Waccamaw River and from Conway,” said Frank Holleman, Senior Attorney for the Southern Environmental Law Center. “This settlement is good for Conway, good for the river, and good for Santee Cooper. We thank Santee Cooper for reaching this agreement.” For decades, Santee Cooper has stored coal ash from its Conway Grainger generating station in unlined lagoons in wetlands beside the Waccamaw River. The lagoons discharge arsenic into the groundwater and the neighboring Waccamaw River, sometimes at levels 300 times the legal limit. The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control determined that the arsenic pollution violates the S.C. Pollution Control Act. As a result, Santee Cooper closed the Grainger plant and proposed a plan that would leave the coal ash beside the river indefinitely, in a so-called “vault.” Local community members opposed the plan at a public hearing and Conway City Council adopted a resolution asking Santee Cooper to remove the ash from their town. Under the settlement, Santee Cooper must remove the ash from Conway and the Waccamaw River within seven to ten years. Santee Cooper will also remove one foot of soil from beneath the lagoons.

“This settlement is good for Conway, good for the river, and good for Santee Cooper. We thank Santee Cooper for reaching this agreement.” -Frank Holleman, SELC If it stores the ash, Santee Cooper must put the ash in a “class three” or better landfill. Santee Cooper will also withdraw the closure plan that includes the proposed vault and will propose a closure plan providing for removal of the ash. Furthermore, the settlement contains requirements for groundwater testing and for action to be taken if the arsenic level in the groundwater does not decline. The removal of the coal ash will eliminate the source of arsenic pollution from wetlands beside the Waccamaw River. The removal will also eliminate a potential liability for Santee Cooper. In addition, it will rehabilitate wetlands in the center of Conway, just feet away from



the Conway City Marina and not far from the Conway Riverwalk. “This settlement is a landmark agreement for South Carolina’s Lowcountry,” says Nancy Cave, North Coast Office Director for the Coastal Conservation League. “The settlement removes the toxic coal ash and removes the threat that it poses to the health of the river and the communities alongside it. The agreement also provides further precedent for the handling of coal ash in the future.”

Cruise Control

Dana Beach

Citizens Defend Historic Charleston by Katie Zimmerman, Program Director Legal Update CCL vs. Carnival: In June 2011, the Coastal Conservation League, the Preservation Society, Historic Ansonborough Neighborhood Association, and Charlestowne Neighborhood Association filed suit against Carnival Corporation for violating zoning ordinances and permitting requirements, and creating a nuisance. In January 2013, the state Supreme Court-appointed judge recommended allowing the nuisance claims to proceed. The Supreme Court is deliberating on whether to adopt that recommendation. CCL vs. Army Corps of Engineers: In April 2012, the Army Corps of Engineers approved the S.C. Ports Authority’s federal permit request without any public notice, calling the new cruise terminal project “maintenance.” In July 2012, the Conservation League and the Preservation Society brought suit in federal court to restore required public review of the proposed $35-million cruise terminal slated for construction next to Charleston’s National Historic Landmark District. In September 2013,

Judge Richard Gergel issued a written order to vacate the permit granted to the S.C. Ports Authority (SPA) by the Corps. SPA has appealed the ruling. CCL vs. DHEC-OCRM: In 2012, SPA applied for a state permit to install pilings in critical area for the new cruise terminal. This permit request to the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (DHEC-OCRM), unlike the federal version, did go on public notice. Despite hundreds of comments and specific evidence submitted to the agency on what negative impacts are occurring to the city from increased cruise operations, the agency approved the permit without undertaking the legally required analysis of alternative locations and steps to mitigate the terminal’s impact. A coalition of groups, including the Conservation League, submitted a request to the board of DHEC-OCRM to review the staff ’s approval of the permit. In January 2013, that request was denied. Therefore, in February 2013, the League filed a request in the state’s Administrative Law Court for a hearing to challenge the permit. A trial



date for this case has been scheduled for late January 2014. However, in September 2013, SPA filed a motion to dismiss the case, contending that the community groups lack “standing” to challenge the new cruise terminal permit. The League argued that permitting the new terminal without full examination of mitigation measures will impact members of the community groups, and that we and the other plaintiffs have standing to challenge the permit. The Administrative Law Judge concurred and ruled that we do have standing to proceed.

Savannah and Key West say “No” June 2013: Savannah City Council officially voted against a $70-million cruise terminal. Local news outlets reported that members of council asserted that “the experience of other cities making such a large investment” has been poor, and that funding a cruise terminal “was a dumb idea.” October 2013: The Key West Chamber of Commerce was pushing for a referendum to study whether dredging their main shipping channel

Cruise Control

to accommodate larger cruise ships would be beneficial. Citizens of Key West banded together and defeated the referendum by a majority vote of nearly 74 percent, telling their city commissioners that Key West has reached (if not overextended) its carrying capacity for cruise ships.

Norfolk, Baltimore, and Boston were all dumped by Carnival this year. The cruise giant alleges it is pulling out because of the cleaner fuel rule and associated costs. In Norfolk, the loss of Carnival after investing more than $30 million in a new terminal in 2007 has prompted local council members to say it’s time to move away from cruise ships and adopt a new business model.

Shore Power Study A new study concludes that cruise ships in Charleston could dramatically reduce pollution by plugging in to the electrical grid and using shoreside power. The study, conducted by Energy and Environmental Research Associates, compares air pollution emitted from cruise ships that use power from the electrical grid instead of burning fuel while docked. Even with more stringent fuel requirements for ships, the researchers concluded that shore power would significantly decrease almost all major air pollutants from the Carnival Fantasy in 2015. Shore side power is already being used in seven ports around the United States – including the cruise terminal in Brooklyn, New York – and Carnival has taken credit for having led the industry in developing shore power for

Debby Moore

More Pull-Outs

Fifth-grade student Ella Lucas displays her poster that reads, "Carnival Gets Smartival About Pollution.”

cruise ships. But the S.C. State Ports Authority rejected shore power for its proposed $35-million cruise terminal in Charleston’s downtown historic district. State regulators did not question SPA’s faulty claims about shore power and federal officials issued a permit for the new terminal with no public notice or individual environmental review. Community groups have challenged the state and federal approvals, contending that options like shore power should be considered publicly and openly. Like floating cities, cruise ships with thousands of people aboard require large amounts of power and burn large amounts of fuel. On board combustion results in the emission of numerous pollutants of concern while the ships are docked in downtown Charleston. The study examined a number of pollutants, including particulate soot, and compared emissions levels using actual SCE&G data versus what ships



produce by idling dockside. For the 2,000-passenger Carnival Fantasy, use of shore power would reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 92 percent, ozone-causing nitrogen oxides by 98 percent, small particulate soot by 34 percent, and carbon dioxide by 26 percent. The new study also found that an earlier SPA paper underestimated air pollution emissions from cruise ships in Charleston by nearly 75 percent. Furthermore, the type of shore power used in other ports could dramatically reduce harmful air pollution from cruise ships in Charleston. Reduced air pollution means healthier air for the families who live in Charleston, the workers who work there, and the tourists who visit – a result that is good for the environment and good for the economy.

Grow With Us

GrowFood Carolina – A Campaign for Food and Farmers by Lisa Turansky, Director of Sustainable Agriculture The flooded fields have drained, the fall crops are blooming, and fresh produce is streaming into the GrowFood Carolina warehouse. There is no better way to celebrate GrowFood’s second anniversary! We are now working with more than 50 farmers – having started two years ago with five – and more than 115 restaurants and grocery stores across metropolitan Charleston. This expansion has resulted in GrowFood ending the quarter 20 percent ahead of projected sales, with more than $620,000 funneled directly into growers’ pockets since its inception.


nd we’re not just working with fruits and vegetables anymore. This fall, we began including goat cheese from Lone Palmetto Farms in Lamar, South Carolina among our many offerings. Just in time for the expanding product line, an additional cooler was installed in the warehouse to accommodate a wider array and larger volume of fresh local products. GrowFood also hired another staff member, Jake Sadler, to assist with CAROLINA new warehouse and sales operations. Community support for GrowFood continues to grow. On October 2nd, GrowFood was the beneficiary of an anniversary celebration night across the Holy City, when 23 restaurants donated five percent of their profits to the local food hub. Also in October, the national event “Cook It Raw” chose GrowFood Carolina as its nonprofit community partner to celebrate Lowcountry cuisine with chefs from around the world. The event, held on Bowen’s Island, gave GrowFood Carolina international exposure, as well as $5 of each ticket sold.

Lastly, Charleston Wine and Food Festival selected GrowFood Carolina to be the 2014 community culinary partner for the second year in a row. The GrowFood Carolina Demonstration Garden’s pilot season was a tremendous success. Crop-Up and GrowFood worked together to provide weekly handson curriculum to 1st graders from Meeting Street Academy. Many other schools have enjoyed visiting the demonstration garden as well, where they have learned about the value of eating local fresh produce to support local farmers. GrowFood also provided local fresh fruit and vegetables to school-based farmers markets started by the Charleston Area Children’s Garden Project (CACGP), now maintained by the schools community. The success that GrowFood has experienced to date is a result of heightened consumer awareness, an expanding and revived farming community, and the hard work of many individuals and community members. Nevertheless, nothing could have happened without the generosity of GrowFood’s financial contributors. The next quarter marks the final phase of a capital campaign that will carry GrowFood Carolina into financial sustainability through 2017. We have raised nearly $1.2 million to date, and have just $300,000 remaining to reach our goal. Now is the time to carry our hard work to the finish line.


(l-r) GrowFood staffers Jessica Diaz, Nina Ocamb, Jake Sadler and Benton Montgomery



Grow With Us

Small Farms Can Mean Big Business


leaving us to address some complex questions that needed answering before moving forward: Where exactly should we invest first? What can public and private individuals, communities, and governing bodies do to most effectively build the local food economy? To answer those questions, the Conservation League assembled a group of leaders in the state’s agricultural sector. The League, The S.C. Departments of Agriculture and Commerce, the Palmetto Agri-business Council, Clemson University, The Farm Bureau, and Carolina Farm Stewardship Association formed a committee that raised funds and hired a consultant to create a strategic plan for local food system investment called Making Small Farms into Big Business. The goal of the plan is to outline investments in our food systems that would advance sustainable agriculture, local food businesses, and rural economies in South Carolina. Recommendations include strategies to increase on-farm infrastructure (irrigation, packing sheds, equipment, etc.) and off-farm infrastructure (processing facilities, food hub development, distribution networks, and cold storage); to recruit and support local farmers; to create local food and farm-

Jessica Diaz

ast year, one conversation changed the course of agriculture as we know it in South Carolina, and it happened at the GrowFood Carolina warehouse. The Coastal Conservation League and local leaders in conservation, banking and agriculture met in the small conference room on Morrison Drive to discuss an urgent agenda for agricultural reform that would connect a rapidly growing consumer demand for local food and farm products to rural opportunities that could supply that niche. Directing the state’s agricultural conversation and agenda away from export-oriented goals would be completely new territory for many decision makers. A small group carried our conversation to S.C. Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt and made a case for increased investment in local agriculture. After all, South Carolina is the perfect place to grow almost anything. The growing season is nearly year-round, water abounds, and land and people are the Palmetto State’s greatest assets. Combine these characteristics with urban local food fervor and a responding marketplace, and the opportunities are nearly limitless. Commerce Secretary Hitt agreed,

based jobs, and to grow the specialty crop economy. On December 5th, Agriculture Commisioner Hugh Weathers unveiled the Making Small Farms into Big Business initiative; but, it is not the plan itself that is revolutionary. Its unconventional collaborative momentum and strategies for building a new local agricultural economy are a game-changer for South Carolina. The unprecedented consensus built around the plan’s goals and methodologies will undoubtedly lead to a more robust local food economy in the coming decades. And it is the success of GrowFood Carolina – the state’s first working, replicable model of a local food hub – that gave state leaders the confidence to move forward with this bold agenda. Being a part of something seemingly local is a huge part of changing the entire system.

Final Phase of Capital Campaign Please visit to learn more about how you can help raise the remaining $300,000 to reach our goal of $1.5 million. In addition, you’ll note on the enclosed remittance envelope a special category if you wish to make a gift to the Grow Food Carolina Seed Fund. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to continuing to serve our local farmers and community. GrowFood Manager Sara Clow (center) leads a tour of the warehouse. C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E


Giving Back


with Robert Foster A Coastal Legacy Society Member

A. I grew up in downtown Charleston during the Depression. No one had much money. When I was a boy, I loved to sail and loved the water. My family would rent a cottage at the Isle of Palms. Later as a teenager, I spent a lot of time with friends at the old Pavilion there. We also would row a boat from Folly Beach to Kiawah Island to go duck hunting, camping out and carrying a half-dozen cans of pork and beans to give to the couple who lived on the island and built the duck blinds for us. One year, a storm came up and we almost drowned rowing across the Stono Inlet. During my teenage years, I also spent several summers at the Episcopal Church’s Camp Kanuga in the North Carolina mountains, which contributed immensely to my spiritual life.

Dana Beach

QQ. Tell us a little about your youth.

My greatest concern is climate change.

We have been on the wrong path and a dangerous path. We cannot continue polluting without devastating the earth. We must put the skids on pollution. There

QQ. Where were you educated?

should be a better balance between the

A. I graduated from the High School of Charleston. We were fortunate to be taught by several teachers with PhDs, since there were no other jobs for them during the Depression. I’ve always admired the school’s motto: “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve.” At the age of 18, I received an appointment to the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point on Long Island, New York, which really opened up my life and allowed me to break out of the Charleston cocoon. I spent my second year as a midshipman at sea and traveled all over the world. In fact, I was on the second ship into Manila after the Japanese left, and in the Indian Ocean when World War II ended in 1945.

additional costs to industry in implementing the need to protect the environment.



necessary measures for reducing CO2 and

Giving Back Upon graduating from the Merchant Marine Academy, I went to sea as a deck officer for one-and-a-half years. I then entered the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1948, becoming editor of the Law Review. I went on to earn a Masters in Law from Duke University and was awarded a Ford Foundation grant to pursue an additional year of graduate study at Yale, which was a very important year for me. Once out of school, I was called back to active duty in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War and served aboard a destroyer escort. Subsequently, I was assigned to the Naval Justice School in Newport, Rhode Island where I taught military law to JAG (Justice Advocate General) Corps officers. I remained in the Naval Reserve for forty years and was promoted to Captain when I retired.

QQ. How and when did you return to South Carolina? A. Well, I met my wife – the former Marjorie O’Neal – when I was teaching military law at the naval base in Newport. She was secretary to my commanding officer at the time and a native Rhode Islander. When my active duty was up, I heard from the Dean of the University of Louisville School of Law, who invited me to come teach. So my wife and I moved to Louisville, where I taught for nine years. While at Louisville, I got a call from Bob Figg, dean of the law school at the University of South Carolina, who invited me to join the faculty. Returning to my home state appealed to both my wife and me, and I accepted the offer. Then in 1970, I was appointed Dean of the School of Law, a position I held for six years.

QQ. What did you do after retiring as Dean of the School of Law at the University of South Carolina? A. After retiring as dean, I spent a year as a visiting professor at Oxford and the following year as a visiting professor at

NYU Law. Afterwards, I returned to the USC Law School as a Chair Professor of Law and finally retired as Dean Emeritus and Distinguished Professor Emeritus in 1991. Shortly thereafter, the governor awarded me the S.C. Order of the Palmetto. Then I became an active arbitrator and mediator and was elected to the National Academy of Arbitrators. I like to say that I spent the first 35 years of my career teaching people how to litigate in the courts, and the remaining 25 years showing people how to mediate and arbitrate to avoid the courts where appropriate. In the 1970s, I worked very hard to successfully persuade the legislature to pass the S.C. Uniform Arbitration Act. Other states had begun to adopt laws that facilitated and authorized arbitration, but it took a long time for South Carolina lawyers to embrace the concept. It changed the common law so that if all parties agreed to go before an Arbitration Judge, they would be free to do so. I call it a “Judge for Hire” because the parties agree to vest you with the authority to arbitrate. Today, of course, it is a much more accepted and sought-after method for resolving disputes to a final and binding decision.

QQ. What is it about the work of the Coastal Conservation League that appeals to you? A. Because of my background in mediation and arbitration, I appreciate Dana Beach’s approach and the way the Coastal Conservation League seeks to solve environmental problems through open dialogue and negotiation with the opposing parties. Like war, litigation should only be used as a last resort. A good example is how the Conservation League worked with Vaught Industries in siting their aeronautics plant next door to the airport in North Charleston [which later became the site for the Boeing plant]. Through reasoned negotiations, the two parties agreed to the establishment of a wetlands mitigation bank to compensate for wetland



destruction that would result from the plant’s construction. In turn, the Vaught mitigation monies were applied to the preservation of thousands of acres in the Ashley River Plantation District. This is an enlightened and innovative approach to problem solving. The cruise ship dispute is another matter. I don’t understand why our Ports Authority is refusing to work with the community and negotiate. They have forced the issue into the courts, which is unfortunate. I’m a Charlestonian and I understand the problem of these ships running their engines and spewing out pollution across the city. Both the port and the cruise terminal should install shoreside power.

QQ. What are the environmental issues that Most concern you? A. My greatest concern is climate change. We have been on the wrong path and a dangerous path. We cannot continue polluting without devastating the earth. We must put the skids on pollution. There should be a better balance between the additional costs to industry in implementing necessary measures for reducing CO2 and the need to protect the environment. I also worry over the destruction of wetlands, and the loss of their cleansing and regenerative effects.

QQ. Are you hopeful regarding the future of South Carolina’s environment? A. Yes, I am hopeful about the future, especially with groups like the Coastal Conservation League providing a reasoned voice for solutions and change. The League’s legislative program, especially, has been a very important and positive influence in educating our representatives about the issues. I shudder to think where we would be if not for the work of Dana Beach and the Conservation League over the last 25 years.

Members' Corner

CCL and College of Charleston Host Bill McKibben


David Quick

n Wednesday, October 16th, acclaimed author and founder of, Bill McKibben, delivered a lecture to hundreds of students and members of the Charleston community gathered in the Physicians Auditorium at the College of Charleston. His topic: “The Climate Heats Up.�

Access the Ashley


his summer and fall, two Access the Ashley rides were held to show support by the local cycling community for reopening the James Island Connector to bicyclists. More than 50 participants joined the downtown ride on June 15th and some 25 riders participated in the September 21st West Ashley ride. For more information and to sign a petition, visit the Facebook page and petition link at: https://www.

(l-r) Nancy Cave, Myles Maland, Natalie Olson, Danner Friedman, Bea Girndt, Bill McKibben, Hamilton Davis, Libby Smith, Katie Zimmerman, Andy Berly and Louann Yorke

GrowFood Open House

Coastal Legacy Society

photos by Jessica Diaz

The Coastal Legacy Society honors those who have provided for the Coastal Conservation League through their wills or estate plans. By making a gift to the Coastal Legacy Society, you will join this group of extraordinary individuals in their commitment to protect the Lowcountry for generations. If you are interested in finding out more about naming the Coastal Conservation League in your will or estate plans, please contact Foundations and Major Gifts Officer Shannyn Smith at (843) 725-2058.



Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Foundation Russell and Judith Burns Charlotte Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Coffee, Jr. Carol B. Ervin Robert W. Foster, Sr. Dr. Annette G. Godow Janis Hammett Ms. Teri Lynn Herbert Katherine M. Huger Dr. Thomas R. Mather Miles F. McSweeney Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Prevost Ellen and Mayo Read Mr. Jason A. Schall Gus and Cameron Speth Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tecklenburg Mr. and Ms. Thad Timmons George W. Williams

Members' Corner

Skimmer Watch


ver the years, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been concerned about the lack of nesting success for black skimmers on Deveaux Bank, one of three seabird sanctuaries managed by the agency. On Deveaux, the intertidal zone is open to the public, but above the high tide line is off limits. These are the very zones where skimmers spend their precarious existence during breeding season. The black and white seabird with a scissor-like bill has become a “species of concern” because it is highly susceptible to disturbance from humans. If flushed from its nest for even a short amount of time, its eggs are susceptible to overheating and predation by other birds, especially laughing gulls. Other seabirds nesting

on Deveaux include the gull-billed tern (another species of concern), the Sandwich tern, the royal tern, and the brown pelican (for which Deveaux is the largest colony in South Carolina). The Coastal Conservation League, in partnership with the Audubon Society and DNR, implemented a “bird babysitting” program over the summer to encourage as many chicks as possible to fledge. DNR had recorded no successful black skimmer fledglings in at least three years. A fabulous group of volunteers devoted their weekends to protecting the skimmer nests and other breeding birds at Deveaux, educating boaters and visitors on the plight of these magnificent seabirds.

Here are the results of the volunteers’ hard work: Q 23 black skimmer fledglings (hatched chicks that can fly on their own) Q 15 gull-billed tern fledglings Q Hundreds of royal tern fledglings Q Thousands of brown pelican fledglings

You can read about the bird-sitting experience of Carl Cole, one of our volunteers and a Coastal Master Naturalist, at the following link: C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E


photos by Dana Beach

How can we continue to help these birds thrive? Q Avoid leaving food scraps behind on the beach Q Don't let children run and flush birds even when birds are resting in the intertidal zone Q Avoid walking next to the sign line near the black skimmers (the roped off area) Q Give nesting pelicans, terns, skimmers and their chicks space in the intertidal zone Q Share the beach Q Obey the “No Dogs” law on the island Q Do not disturb birds to get a photograph, no matter how tempting it may be

In House Jake Sadler Becomes Assistant GrowFood Warehouse Manager

Michelle Sinkler & Cathy Forrester Rejoin League Staff


ake joined GrowFood Carolina this fall as the Assistant Warehouse Manager. He graduated in 2008 from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in Political Science. After spending time as a real estate agent and retail manager in Mount Pleasant, he was excited to join the team at GrowFood Carolina. He developed his love for agriculture after years of farming and beekeeping in both urban and large-scale rural locations within South Carolina. Jake currently resides in the Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston where he likes to spend his free time restoring and riding motorcycles, gardening, and boating with his wife and two dogs.

Thanks to Retiring Board Members


he Conservation League owes deep thanks to retiring board members Dick Hale, Holly Hook, Patricia Lessane and Vicki Verity. Their collective insight, engagement and devotion to the work of the League have guided and inspired our staff and constituents in countless ways. They leave behind a stronger and more effective organization, better positioned and prepared to tackle the challenges of the next quarter-century and beyond.

Welcome to the World!

Olivia Barrett Crolley, daughter of Kari Whitley & Chris Crolley

Willie Elizabeth Manier, daughter of Abby Rowland & Terry Manier


he Conservation League is delighted to welcome back veteran League staffers Michelle Sinkler and Cathy Forrester in part-time capacities. Michelle and Cathy each have a decade of experience with the League – Michelle in land use and environmental policy initiatives, Cathy in development and fundraising. Both are active in community issues, as professionals and as volunteers, and bring a wealth of commitment and expertise to the League.

Michelle Sinkler

Cathy Forrester

Steve Zoukis Elected to League Board


teve Zoukis was born in Montpelier, Vermont. He graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia in 1971 and a JD from Columbia University’s law school in 1974. His professional career includes working for the Council on Environment of New York City, and for the Atlanta law firms of Powell Goldstein Frazer and Murphy, and Hansell Post Brandon and Dorsey. He then started the Atlanta office for the Chicago law firm of Wildman Harrold Allen and Dixon, now known as Holland and Knight. In 1993, after almost 20 years of law practice, Steve spent the next decade as a partner in Jamestown, a real estate investment firm. Today, his Raven Cliff Company, LLC focuses on properties in Charleston and Western North Carolina. Steve has served on the boards of the Midtown Business Association in Atlanta, Charleston Moves, and the Sullivan’s Island Park Foundation. He lives in Charleston with his wife Suzan and is an enthusiastic fly fisherman in both fresh and salt water, as well as a regular bike rider. The Coastal Conservation League welcomes Steve to its board of directors!



In House Thank You! Welcome New Staff Myles Maland, Project Manager


yles joined the Coastal Conservation League this summer as a Land Use Project Manager. He grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduating he taught and managed several environmental and conservation education programs throughout the western United States. Myles completed a master’s degree at the University of Georgia’s College of Environment & Design, where his primary research focused on the economics of open space conservation and design. Prior to joining the League, Myles worked on several projects with the Colorado Health Foundation, which promoted healthier lifestyles through improvements to the built environment. He enjoys traveling, camping, running, cycling and kayaking.

Myles Maland

Natalie Olson, Project Manager


atalie also joined the Coastal Conservation League this summer as a Land Use Project Manager. She was born in Key West, Florida and grew up in Catalina Island, California and Fort Pierce, Florida. In 2010, Natalie graduated cum laude from the University of Florida with a B.A. in Environmental Science. As an undergraduate, Natalie worked as a Natural Resource Manager at Bluefield Ranch Mitigation Bank in southern Florida. After moving to Charleston in 2010, she worked as a law clerk for the Southern Environmental Law Center. Natalie earned a J.D. from the Charleston School of Law in 2013, where she served as president of the Environmental Law Society. This fall, Natalie passed and was sworn in to the South Carolina Bar. She enjoys hiking, fishing, and spending time with her German shepherd dog.

Natalie Olson

Tina Allen, Director of Finance


ina joined the Coastal Conservation League this fall as our new Director of Finance. Tina is licensed as a certified public accountant in the state of Tennessee and has more than fourteen years of experience in financial management of nonprofit organizations. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Georgia, and an MBA from Georgia State University with a concentration in finance. Prior to relocating to South Carolina, she served as Director of Finance for the Safe Haven Sexual Assault Center in Knoxville, Tenn. Tina’s husband works in nuclear decommissioning and they have two children – a daughter who will be graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical School in May, and a son who is a computer science engineering major at the University of South Carolina. In her spare time, Tina enjoys walking, swimming, golfing and kayaking.

Tina Allen

Shannyn Smith, Foundations and Major Gifts Officer


hannyn joined the Coastal Conservation League in early December as the Foundations and Major Gifts Officer. Originally from Pennsylvania, Shannyn earned a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Public Relations at Westminster College and a Masters in Public Administration from College of Charleston. Upon graduation, she moved to Washington, DC to work for The Nature Conservancy in gift planning and then to the Conservancy's New Hampshire chapter to help build the major gifts program. After nearly four years away from the South, Shannyn is excited to return and will be spending much of her time running, kayaking, picking back up with surfing and kiteboarding, and enjoying Lowcountry life to the fullest.

Shannyn Smith

Chanta Adams, Clerical Support


hanta Adams has joined the Conservation League to provide clerical support to the Human Resources, Development and Finance departments. She also assists Louann Yorke in providing a welcoming face and voice to the front desk of the League. Chanta grew up in North Charleston and is a graduate of Trident Technical College. She previously owned and operated a food business and has worked in administration and office support. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and singing. Chanta Adams C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E

17 19

Live Oak Society

Thank You! LIVE OAK SOCIETY Contributions Received from December 1, 2012 - November 30, 2013

The Coastal Conservation League works very hard to ensure that all donor names are listed correctly; however, occasional mistakes do occur. Please contact Database Manager Nora Kravec at (843) 725-2057 with any questions or corrections. $10,000+ Anonymous (5) Penny and Bill Agnew GF Mr. Nathan Berry and Ms. Ceara Donnelley Judith Haskell Brewer Fund GF Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation GF Butler Conservation Fund, Inc. Charlotte Caldwell and Jeffrey Schutz GF Ceres Foundation, Inc GF The Chicago Community Foundation Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina GF Community Foundation of West Georgia Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia GF Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Cooper III GF Oliver S. and Jennie R. Donaldson Charitable Trust GF Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation GF Strachan Donnelley Family Charitable Lead Unitrust Mrs. Vivian Donnelley Mr. and Mrs. John O. Downing GF Kim Elliman GF The Festoon Foundation, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund GF Foundation for the Carolinas The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust GF Nancy and Larry Fuller Laura and Steve Gates Mr. Steve Gavel GF Mr. Joseph H. Gleberman Goldman Sachs Gives William and Mary Greve Foundation Mr. Hank Holliday The Rev. Alanson Houghton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kapp Peter R. and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation GF Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Kellogg GF Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Lane, Jr. Mills Bee Lane Foundation Mr. T. Cartter Lupton II GF The Meadows Charitable Trust Dr. and Mrs. G. Alex Marsh III Mertz Gilmore Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Milbank III Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Ms. Justine J. Nathan National Foundation for Philanthropy GF Dr. John M. Palms GF Pathfinder Foundation, Inc. GF Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps, Jr. Post and Courier Foundation Artie and Lee Richards Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Schmaltz GF Libby Smith GF Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Smith GF

Fred and Alice Stanback, Jr. Stony Point Foundation Daniel K. Thorne Foundation, Inc. Mr. Daniel K. Thorne Tides Foundation Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Turner Foundation, Inc. Jane Smith Turner Foundation GF Mr. and Mrs. James C. Vardell III Dr. Robert Ellis Welch, Jr. WestWind Foundation Joe and Terry Williams Yawkey Foundation Stephen and Suzan Zoukis GF

Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation, Inc. GF Ziff Properties Charleston


$5,000-$9,999 Anonymous (3) Mr. David Anderson GF John and Jane Beach Mr. John Benton and Mrs. Lee C. Cabaniss Benton Mr. J. Anderson Berly III Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Chitty Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cleveland The Colbert Family Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. P. Steven Dopp Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Dudley Mr. and Mrs. Berry Edwards James L. Ferguson Fuzzco Mr. and Mrs. S. Parker Gilbert Linda Ketner Mr. and Mrs. John E. Masaschi Mrs. Frank McClain Mr. and Mrs. W. Wallace McDowell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Mitchell, Jr. Mr. Arnold Nemirow The Osprey Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Parks Dr. Fred Pittman Mrs. Joan C. Pittman Dr. and Mrs. John H. Rashford Mr. and Mrs. James H. Rion, Jr. Gillian and Peter Roy GF Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Said Mrs. Anne Rivers Siddons and Mr. Heyward Siddons Mr. David Siddons Mr. Richard Smith Mr. Martin Smith Drs. Ryan and Erin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stevens Mr. and Mrs. T. Paul Strickler The Estate of Ms. Sarah Waring Toomer Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Walker West Marine Products GF Mr. and Mrs. David A. Westerlund

Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. William Applegate IV Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barrett, Jr. Virginia and Dana Beach GF Henry M. Blackmer Foundation, Inc. Ms. Margaret P. Blackmer GF Mrs. Margaret N. Blackmer Ms. Margaret F. Bridgforth Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford Les dames D'Escoffier International, Charleston Chapter GF Ms. Connie Darden-Young and Mr. Jesse Colin Young Michael and Megan Desrosiers GF Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Fair, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Foulke Francis Marion Hotel LP Ms. Mary Louise Graff Mr. and Mrs. Ed Harley Mr. J. Drayton Hastie Katharine and Winslow Hastie Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Hawkins Mr. David O. Haythe James and Margaret Hoffman Mr. Robert W. Foster, Sr. Holly H. Hook and Dennis A. Glaves Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ilderton Mr. and Mrs. John Philip Kassebaum Scott and Gayle Lane Bob and Jackie Lane Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Leath, Jr. Charlie and Sally Lee Lasca and Richard Lilly Mr. Lorcan Lucey Mrs. Janine Luke Magnolia Plantation Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Marshall Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Mather Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. McCann Mrs. John L. McCormick Ms. Jamie Young McCulloch Mr. and Mrs. Clay McCullough GF Mr. and Mrs. James O. Mills Morning Sun Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Moses The New York Community Trust Mr. Guy Paschal Patagonia, Inc. Charles and Celeste Patrick GF Mr. and Mrs. David Paynter Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Prevost The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Quinn Family Charitable GF Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Quinn GF Mrs. Charles D. Ravenel

Price R. and Flora A. Reid Foundation Grace Jones Richardson Trust John M. Rivers, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr. David W. and Susan G. Robinson Foundation Dr. H. Del Schutte, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Skelly GF Kaye S. Smith GF Ms. Martha Jane Soltow South Carolina State Ports Authority GF William and Shanna Sullivan The Sunshine Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jan S. Suwinski Mr. and Mrs. Jacques S. Theriot GF Gary and Mary Beth Thornhill Susan and Trenholm Walker GF Dr. Louis Wright and Ms. Patricia Giddens Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Ziff GF

$1,000-$1,999 Anonymous (2) AT & T GF Ms. Carrie Agnew Mr. J. Marshall Allen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Almeida Drs. T. Brantley and Penny Arnau Mr. and Mrs Dennis Baer Mrs. Katrina Becker Blackwater, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Blagden, Jr. Bailey Bolen and Carol Ervin GF Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Boone III Mr. and Mrs. John Burbage GF Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burt Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cain Drs. John and Ruth Carter Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Carter The Cecil Family Mr. and Mrs. Arnold B. Chace, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Childs Mr. Elliott S. Close The Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Coen The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cooney Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Croft Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cross Dr. and Mrs. William F. Crosswell Mr. Chris Davis Mr. Eric Dodson Mr. F. Reed Dulany, Jr. Ms. Margaret D. Fabri Mr. David Farren Mr. H. McDonald Felder Dr. Paula Feldman and Mr. Peter Mugglestone Mr. and Mrs. Peter Feldman Mrs. Nancy B. Fetter

GF = GrowFood Carolina Donor C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E


Thank You! Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. P. Duell Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Edwards Mr. D. Reid Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ellison II Mrs. Catherine M. Englehardt Mark and Kay Ethridge Ms. Nina M. Fair Ms. Juliana Falk Mrs. Harriott H. Faucette Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Feldmann Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Fishburne, Jr. Ms. Cindy Floyd and Mr. Pete Laurie Dr. Sandra L. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Gallivan III Mr. and Mrs. George R. Geer, Jr. Dr. Annette G. Godow Mary Jane Gorman Dr. and Ms. Gene W. Grace Dr. Timothy K. Gray Dr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Greenberg Ms. Kay Grinnell Dr. Angela Halfacre Ms. Mary E. S. Hanahan Hank's Seafood GF Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hanlin Dr. Kit M. Hargrove Ms. Katharine M. Hartley Ms. Sherrerd Hartness Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Hastings Whitney and Elizabeth Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Oliver R. Head, Jr. Mr. William J. Hennessy, Jr. Mr. Fred B. Herrmann Mr. Edwin Hettinger and Ms. Beverly Diamond Ms. Susan Hilfer Mr. and Ms. John A. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hoffius Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Holleman III Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Horlbeck Mr. and Mrs. David L. Huguenin Mr. Richard W. Hutson, Jr. Ms. May Jones Mr. J. Edward Joye Mr. F. Kimball Joyner and Mr. Derek Riggs Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kerr Dr. and Mrs. John J. Keyser Ms. Susan Kruetzer Mr. Mike Landrum and Ms. Brenda Smith Dr. and Mrs. Wood N. Lay Mrs. Karyn S. Lee Dr. and Mrs. William H. Lee Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment Gordon and Catherine Locatis Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lortz Mr. Justin O'Toole Lucey, P.A. David Lyle and Anne Aaron-Lyle Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Maginnis Dr. and Mrs. John C. Maize Mrs. Patti Manigault Mr. Allen Mast GF Dr. and Mrs. Brem Mayer Mr. Malcolm McAlpin Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McElynn Goffinet and Ian McLaren Mercato GF Dr. and Mrs. Keith Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Meyer Kincaid and Allison Mills Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mirsky Mistler Family Foundation GF

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Simmons, Jr. Mr. T. Grange Simons V Mr. Matt Sloan Ms. Donna K. Smith GF Dorothy D. Smith Charitable Foundation Southern States Educational Foundation Inc. Gus and Cameron Speth GF Mr. Elton B. Stephens III GF Ms. Patricia Sullivan GF Ms. Bailey W. Symington GF Mr. Michael P. Thornton Mr. John H. Tiencken, Jr. TSC Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Tyree GF The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Tom Uffelman and Patty Bennett Dr. and Mrs. Greg VanDerwerker Vortex Foundation Wade Crow Engineering Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Waldron, Jr. Sally Webb Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. West Dr. and Mrs. Tad Whiteside Ms. Walda Wildman and Mr. Mack Maguire Ms. Sheila Wertimer and Mr. Gary Gruca The Williams Companies, Inc. Winfield Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop Ms. Martha C. Worthy

$500-$999 Anonymous (2) Mr. Reed S. Armstrong Richard and Tannis Alkire Mr. and Mrs. Brady Anderson The Ayco Charitable Foundation Chuck and Betsy Baker The Barker Welfare Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Colin C. Bentley GF Ms. Christine Bogrette Elizabeth Calvin Bonner Foundation Gen. and Mrs. Walter E. Boomer Ms. Amy Bunting Mrs. Blair Bunting Darnell Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cahill Mr. Ed Carraway Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cart Nancy and Billy Cave Charleston Artist Collective, LLC GF Mr. Richard C. Clow GF Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crawford Mr. and Mrs. David A. Creech Nancy and Steve Cregg Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cunningham Ms. Judy Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Colin Cuskley Jane Tucker Dana and David D. Aufhauser Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Daniels Mr. R. Gordon Darby Mrs. Emily Darnell-Nunez Mrs. Palmer Davenport Ms. Jennifer Davis GF Mr. and Mrs. Emmett I. Davis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs F. Garey De Angelis Curtis and Arianna Derrick Mr. Christopher DeScherer and Ms. Amanda Honeycutt Ms. Ann W. Dibble



Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mistler GF Mr. and Mrs. Boulton D. Mohr Mr. and Mrs. M. Lane Morrison GF Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Murphy Dudley and Ann Myers Mr. and Mrs. William D. Nettles, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Alan I. Nussbaum Mrs. Elizabeth B. O'Connor Dr. William F. O'Dell Dr. Patrick M. O'Neil Ms. Ellen P. Oblow Mrs. Pamela Oliver Dr. and Mrs. J. David Osguthorpe Ms. Hadley A. Owen Mr. and Mrs. Coleman C. Owens Mrs. D. Williams Parker Dr. and Mrs. B. Daniel Paysinger Peninsula Grill GF Ms. Whitney Powers Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pritchett Lydia Engelhardt, M.D. and Bill Rambo, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Reed, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Rivers, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. H. Douglas Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Rogers IV Mr. Jan Roosenburg and Ms. Nina Rumbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rutkowski Mr. Hal Currey and\ Ms. Margaret Schachte Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Scheetz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Schmitt, Jr. Dickie and Mary Schweers Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Shealy Dr. David Shi Dr. and Mrs. William M. Simpson, Jr. Dr. James G. Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Huger Sinkler II Dr. Cynthia P. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Smith Catherine Smith GF Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Solow Mr. Thornwell Sowell Dr. and Mrs. James Stephenson Mrs. Patricia C. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Storen Susan and James Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. W. Charles Sullivan Charles and Jo Summerall Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Summerall III Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Talbot Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Timmons Dr. Ann Truesdale and Mr. James Truesdale United Way of the Piedmont Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan G. Verity Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Voight Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walsh Ms. Caroline Warren Elizabeth B. Warren Waste Management Employees' Better Government Fund Dr. and Mrs. James D. Wells Mr. Roger White and Dr. Deanna Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wilfong Dr. and Mrs. George W. Williams Jeremy and Lisa Willits Dr. W. Curtis Worthington, Jr. Mr. Bradford Wyche and Ms. Diane Smock Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wyrick, Jr.

Live Oak Society

Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Finley Mr. and Mrs. H. Charles Ford Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Foster Mr. and Mrs. George C. Francisco IV Dorothea and Peter Frank The Freddie Mac Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gabriel Mrs. Dallas L. Garbee Mrs. E. Stack Gately Drs. Andrew Geer and Susan Moore Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gephart, Jr. Google Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Hale Half-Moon Outfitters Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Higgins, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. Glenn Hilliard Mr. William L. Hiott, Jr. Mr. J. W. F. Holliday Holly Houghton and David Walker Mr. and Mrs. David C. House Mr. and Mrs. John Huey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Orton P. Jackson III Ms. Anne F. Jennings Ms. Holly R. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. George P. Johnston Ms. Jill Kammermeyer and Mr. Robert Hochstetler Dr. William Kee and Dr. Franklin Lee Mr. William D. Keyserling and Family Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kistler Dr. Diane D. Lauritsen Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Legerton III Mr. and Mrs. Craig Leister GF Kathie Livingston Mike and JoAnne Marcell Market Street Trust Company Dr. John Mattheis Mr. and Mrs. David Maybank, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin McCann Mr. George McCoy Mrs. Harriet P. McDougal Mr. and Mrs. Barclay McFadden III Mr. Charles A. McLendon, Jr. John F. & Susan B. McNamara Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Ms. Georgia Meagher Mr. and Mrs. Beezer Molten Russell E. and Elizabeth W. Morgan Foundation Ms. Martha Morgan Mr. Hugh Comer Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Nolan Ms. Elizabeth F. Orser Dr. Leslie H. Pelzer Mr. J. Randolph Pelzer The Pittsburgh Foundation Ms. Cynthia Swanson Powell The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Quigley Dr. George Rabb Mr. Richard Rainaldi and Ms. Martha Records Mr. and Mrs. S. Kim Reed Dr. Georgia C. Roane Mrs. Susan Romaine Bob Rymer and Catherine Anne Walsh Sandhills Community College Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Schenck Schwab Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. C. Troy Shaver, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Tobias Sherrill


Ms. Megan Westmeyer Dr. and Mrs. A. Weaver Whitehead, Jr. Mr. Julian Wiles and Ms. Jenny Hane Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wilfong Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. D. Mark Wilson Ms. Wendy Zara

April 1, 2013 – November 30, 2013

$250 - $499 Anonymous (3) Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Adams, Jr. Ms. Kate Adams and Mr. Robert Sudderth Mr. John Allen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnoff Bob and Jane Avinger Barrier Island Eco Tours Dr. Richard L. Beck Mr. L. Russell Bennett Mr. Rhett S. Bickley Dr. Nadia Blanchet and Dr. Kent Rollins Stephanie Boozer Dr. P. Jeffrey Bower and Ms. Mignon Faget Ms. Ruthann Burgess Mrs. June K. Carney Ms. Julia Cart Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carter, Jr. Mr. T. Heyward Carter III Mr. Dick Casey Mr. Joseph F. Christie, Jr. Mr. Thomas Clements Community Foundation of Greenville, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Cox, Jr. Mr. Larry Creel and Ms. Judith Yarbrough Ms. Rebecca R. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davis Mr. John G. Davis Mr. and Mrs. James K. Dias Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Drummond Mr. and Mrs. Paul Echausse Drs. Douglas and Diane Ervin Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Fanning Ms. Angie C. Flanagan Dr. Charles Friedman and Ms. Karin Volquardsen Mrs. Monte Gaillard Mr. J. Lee Gastley Dr. and Mrs. James H. Gault Mr. and Mrs. Kinney Gause Dr. Sidney Gauthreaux and Ms. Carroll Belser Mr. Andrew Geer Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Gimarc Ms. Melanie Gnazzo Jim and Kay Gross Ben and Penn Hagood Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Hammet, Sr. Janis Hammett Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hanlin Ms. Robin L. Hardin Dr. Edward L. Hay Mr. R. B. Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Knox L. Haynsworth, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hays III High Cotton GF Hilton Head Island Audubon Society Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hollings, Jr. Husk - The Neighborhood Dining Group GF Mr. Hugh Jeffers and Ms. Anna Lee Turner Ms. Judith D. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Kammer Randy and Jan Kienstra Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kirkland, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Kraft Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr GF

Ms. Julia Krebs and Mr. Roger Hux Ms. Susan Kruetzer Melissa and Michael Ladd Jonathan Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Fulton D. Lewis, Jr. Dr. I. Grier Linton, Jr. Gordon and Catherine Locatis Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lortz Mr. and Mrs. Rayner B. Lotton Timothy J. Lyons, M.D. Mr. Mark Maland Ms. Jean Elliott Manning Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Marshburn Col. and Mrs. Thomas G. McCunniff Mr. J.C. McElveen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. McGee GF Mr. and Mrs. John Gregg McMaster III Mr. Charles E. Menefee, Jr. Mr. Lawrence H. Moser Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nevin Ms. Sis Nunnally Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Ogle Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Olson Roy Owen and Sue McClinton Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Palmer, Jr. GF Mr. Peter Penniman Mr. Chris Polychron Mr. Harry Polychron Mr. and Mrs. Mason Pope Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. James M. Prutting The Honorable Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Reading II Reliance Trust Ms. Carolyn Rivers and Mr. Henk Brandt Mr. Jan Roosenburg and Ms. Nina Rumbaugh Mr. and Mrs. James B. Rothnie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Russ Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rutkowski Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Salas Prudence S. Scott and Jennifer Haas Ms. Elizabeth W. Settle Ms. Eloise Sills Slightly North of Broad GF Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Smith GF Eve Moredock Stacey Col. and Mrs. Walter C. Stanton Dr. and Mrs. John G. Steedman Ms. Louise A. Steffens Mrs. Patricia C. Stewart Ms. Jennie G. Summerall Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Summerall III Sumter County Library Mr. William B. Tausig Drs. Christine and C. Murry Thompson, Jr. Mr. Edward Thoms Mr. and Mrs. R. E. E. Thorpe, Jr. Ms. Ann Timberlake and Mr. Ben Gregg Mr. and Mrs. John Trinkl Dr. Ann Truesdale and Mr. James Truesdale Mr. and Mrs. Felix Von Nathusius Alice and Doug Walker Waste Management Employees' Better Government Fund Nancy Waters Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Waters

$100 - $249 Anonymous (2) Mr. Michael DeFee GF Mr. Frank Sagendorph and Ms. Judith Anne Berger Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Taylor Mr. John A'Hern Ms. Julie W. Acker Dr. and Mrs. David B. Adams Alhambra Garden Club Mrs. Jane I. Allen Dr. and Mrs. James C. Allen Mr. and Mrs. William Byrn Alsup III Dr. and Mrs. Alex F. Althausen Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Anderson Ms. Vivian D'Amato Asche Pam and Glenn Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Baas Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bainbridge Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Balbach Ms. Jean R. Ballentine Mrs. Barbara J. Banus Mrs. Lisa K. Barclay Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Barker Mr. and Mrs. Chris Barton Mr. Leslie L. Bateson Mr. and Mrs. William D. Baughman Mr. Peter Baumann Mr. Bennett R. Baxley Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Beard III Mr. J. Brett Bennett and Dr. Trisha Folds-Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Berchem Mr. Edgar A. Bergholtz Mr. Charles J. Bethea Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Biernbaum Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bischoff Ms. Laura Ann Blake-Orr Mr. and Mrs. William Bollin Judge and Mrs. H. E. Bonnoitt, Jr. Ms. Evelyn Bowler Dr. Deo R. Boyland Mr. and Mrs. Kyle S. Braxton Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Bridgman Stewart and Walter Bristow Ms. Lee Brockington and Mr. Bill Shehan Mr. Paul Bronzo Wesley and Nancy Brown Mr. and Mrs. Prescott H. Brownell Dr. and Mrs. William Y. Buchanan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Ashley Bullard Ms. Brenda Burbage Mr. Dale D. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Hardwick H. Burr Ms. Barbara H. Burwell Ms. Barbara B. Butler Ms. Paula W. Byers Ms. Randy Cabell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Cable, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Cantey GF Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Carling Mr. and Mrs. George B. Cartledge, Jr. Mr. Michael M. Cassell Mr. Francis Berwick Cates Central Carolina Community Foundation



Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Chmelik Mrs. Janet Ciegler John and Alice Claggett Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. James Cleary Ms. Sara Clow Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coble Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Alexander H. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cohen Barbara R. Cole Mrs. Lorinda Collister Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William W. Conde III Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Conway Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cook, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Nigel W. Cooper GF Dr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Coull Senator and Mrs. John E. Courson Mrs. Lynda L. Courtney Mr. John M. Cox Ms. Sarah E. Cox Mr. and Mrs. John T. Crawford Rhae C. Cribb Ms. Barbara M. Currey Mr. Frank J. Dana Mrs. Nadine Darby Mr. and Mrs. James C. Davis Dr. Gordon Dehler and Dr. Ann Welsh Mr. Thomas J. DeKornfeld Ms. June N. Derrick Arthur F. Di Salvo Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner Dodd Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. H. Dodge Ms. Evelyn Dolven Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dreier Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Drew S. Kimble Duckworth Mr. Steven Eames Mr. Donald D. Easson Ms. Caroline M. Eastman Ms. Lynn Eastwood Drs. Nick and Linda Elksnin Luanne H. Elliott Dick and Dayna Elliott Mr. Phil Fairbanks and Ms. Dale Friedman Dr. and Mrs. F. Strait Fairey, Jr. Mrs. Theodora L. Feldberg Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Feldman Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. Fink Ms. Madilyn Fletcher, Ph.D. Mrs. Ellen Forwalk Mr. Eyyit Friedman Mr. Danner Friedman and Ms. Elizabeth Kent Friends of the Savannah Coastal Wildlife Refuges, Inc. Mrs. Janet M. Fryman Davis GE Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gaither Mr. Michael Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gasque Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilbert Ms. Bea Girndt The Glass Onion GF Mr. John W. Glenn Drs. Donald and April Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gowin Kirk Grant Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Gravil Mr. and Mrs. L. Marion Gressette III Mr. and Mrs. James A. Grimsley III

Thank You! Mrs. Linda S. Groen Ms. Wanda R. Guyton Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hadley Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Hagy Mr. and Mrs. Cary H. Hall, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. W. Daniel Hardaway Ms. Dorinda Q. Harmon Mrs. Julian R. Harrison Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hart Ms. Rosemary Hartnett Mr. John Hartz Mrs. V. M. Haselden Ms. Connie Haskell Mr. William Andrew Hautt Senator and Mrs. Wes Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hecker Mr. and Mrs. Alex G. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hester Mr. Charles W. High Dr. Jim and Jackie Hill Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Hines Anna Kate and Hayne Hipp Sherry and Ken Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hodges Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Holscher Dr. Bill Holt Ms. Amy Horwitz and Mr. Norm Shea Mr. Woody House Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Travis Howell GF Mr. Newton I. Howle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Perry D. Hubbard III Ms. Dorothy R. Huggins Ms. Rosemary Huhn Drs. Richard and Margaret Hunt Mrs. Mary Means Hutson Mrs. Vera C. Hyman Mr. H. W. Igleheart Pamela Jacobs Dr. and Mrs. Eric R. James Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jauch Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Jerue GF Mr. and Mrs. Clifton S. Jones Ms. Linley Jones Drs. Bill and Elizabeth Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jung Mr. Patrick Kelley and Mrs. Martha Wiley Mr. James O. Kempson Mr. and Mrs. R Hunter Kennedy III Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Kerrigone Mr. and Mrs. George S. King, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward King Brian and Liz King Ms. Joan Kinne Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson D. Kirby III Mr. and Mrs. James M. Klein Ms. Marian Knight Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Knight Ms. Nancy M. Kreml Ms. Elizabeth A. Kress Mr. Ralph C. Ksenzak Ms. Catherine Ksenzak Dr. and Mrs. Seth P. Kupferman Mr. Charles Lane, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Pearon G. Lang Langdon's Restaurant & Wine Bar GF Mr. and Mrs. William E. Latture Ms. Marion F. Leach Mrs. Clarence W. Legerton Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Lehder Mr. William Lesesne Patricia Lessane Gordon and Judy Levering Dr. and Mrs. Jan V. Levitan

Mr. David Quick GF Mrs. Susan C. Rakestraw Mr. Frank W. Rambo Ms. Cheryl Randall Mr. and Mrs. I. Mayo Read, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Read Katrin L. Reddan GF Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Reid Annie Caroline and Stanyarne Reid Dr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Reitzel Ms. Lea Reynolds Frances C. Rhett Mr. J. Cheshire Rhett Mr. and Mrs. David Rice Ms. Nena P. Rice Mr. Wayne Richard Mr. and Mrs. William R. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Robinson Mr. Ron A. Rocz Ms. Dawn Rodeheffer Ms. Catherine G. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. John E. Romanosky Mr. and Mrs. Harry Root Mr. and Mrs. William E. Roschen Mr. Stephen Rothrock and Dr. Karen Nickless Dr. Jeremy Rutledge Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Salley Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Sansbury Mr. and Mrs. Tom Savary Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Schiffer Mr. and Mrs. George Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Allyn W. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. James R. Scott Ms. Cynthia Seabrook Mr. Stan Severance Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shelley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Shinn Mr. and Mrs. George E. Simmons Dr. and Mrs. Jack W. Simmons, Jr. Mr. Lawrence J. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick L. Simons Dr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Shawn K. Smith Mr. Tyson Smith Starr and Phil Snead Dr. Donald Sparks and Dr. Katherine Saenger Mr. Michael Spath and Ms. Donna Whinnery Ms. Karen B. Spencer D.V.M. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Stancyk Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Stanley, Jr. Mr. Cecil Steed Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stevens III Mr. and Mrs. George Stilwell Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Stone, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. S. David Stoney, Jr. GF Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Strasburger Dr. and Mrs. Luther M. Strayer III Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stuckey Angela P. Stump GF Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sullivan III Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Swanson Mr. Thomas Sweeny and Mrs. Sally Burnett Mr. Elliott Sweet, M.D. GF Mr. William B. Talbert, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Harold Simmons Tate, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Taylor Ted's Butcher Block GF Drs. George and Carol Tempel Dr. and Mrs. David J. Tennenbaum Louis and Jane Theiling

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Logan Ms. Jessica Loring and Mr. Larry Rasmussen Rebecca Love Lowcountry Garden Club GF Ms. Patricia O. Lowry Mr. James J. Lundy, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Marti Mr. Frederick F. Masad Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Maxwell Ms. Susan May and Mr. Andrew Owczarek Mrs. Audrey C. McBratney-Bittner Arch and Caroline McCallum Mr. and Mrs. Franklin McCann Mr. John T. McCarter Mr. Ted McCormack McCrady's - The Neighborhood Dining Group GF Mr. and Mrs. Don McCunniff Dr. Layton McCurdy Ms. Katherine M. McDonald Ms. Eileen Mary McGuffie Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas McKane Mr. Lewis K. McKee, Jr. Dr. Charles W. McRae Mr. John Meffert and Mr. Steve Cagle Mrs. Phyllis Miller Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mims Mixon Bath & Racquet Club GF Chuck and Rachel Montgomery Ms. Anita Moran Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Morgenstern Mr. and Mrs. William M. Morrison, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Muench Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muench Dr. Nancy Muller and Mr. Warren Mersereau Michele and Kotresha Neelakantappa David and Nancy Nettleton Newkirk Environmental, Inc. Ms. Elizabeth Newman Dr. Joye A. Norris Mr. Michael Norris Ms. Susan B. Norton Ms. Margaret O'Brien Dr. Greg Ohanesian Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ohlandt Mrs. Anne P. Olsen Opal Restaurant GF Dr. and Mrs. Granger C. Osborne Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ottinger Dr. Artur Pacult Palmetto Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. A. Nicholas Papadea Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Parker GF Dr. Robert Payne and Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas Ms. Karen Peluso and Mr. Clinton Campbell Dr. Michael M. Perkins Mr. Robert Pfaff Mrs. Ansara Piebenga Mr. and Mrs. James A. Pierson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pinckney II Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk Mr. John T. Poole Mr. and Mrs. William L. Pope Mr. and Mrs. George B. Post, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William Post Dr. and Mrs. Jan H. Postma, Jr. Mr. William Pregnall Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Pringle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Prioleau Mr. and Mrs. Tarrant Putnam



Dr. and Mrs. William Bonner Thomason Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Thornton Mr. and Ms. Thad Timmons Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Tisdale, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Tisdale GF Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tison GF The Rev. Canon George J. Tompkins III Mark and Lisa Jones Turansky Cathy Lynn Ulber Mr. John F. Van Dalen Ms. Nancy E. Vinson Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Walker Mr. and Mrs. David C. Walker John and Caroline Warren Dr. Sheryn Waterman Ms. Elizabeth D. Watson Sam and Cindy Watson Mr. Jay Weidner Dr. and Mrs. Timothy H. West Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. West Mr. George Westerfield Mr. David Wethey and Ms. Sarah Woodin Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. White Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Whittemore Ms. Dee Dee Williams Ms. Wendy Wilson Mr. W. Chisolm Wilson Ms. M. Cindy Wilson Ms. Caitlin M. Winans Mrs. Elizabeth J. Witham Ms. Patricia Wolman Mr. and Mrs, Henry Woodhead Dr. Curtis Worthington and Dr. Jane Tyler Xiao Bao Biscuit GF Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zimmer

$50 - $99 Anonymous (2) Mr. Keene Adams Ms. Carole Addlestone GF Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Allen Judith and Roger Anderson Dr. and Mrs. William D. Anderson, Jr. Mr. Andrew D. Annand Mrs. George C. Avent Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Ayers Mrs. Mary L. Ballou Mr. Weldon P. Barker S. Barnett GF Keller and Bill Barron Ms. Nellie Beach Don and Carol Beidler Ms. Helen Belencan and Mr. Gary Smith Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Bennett, Jr. Ms. Martha Bentley Dr. and Mrs. James R. Bergen Ms. Evelyn J. Berner Dr. James F. Bethea Mr. and Mrs. Travis L. Bianchi Dr. Nancy L. Bickford-Jordan Mr. and Mrs. John H. Blanchard Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Bockman Jonathan and Marty Bonds Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Bondurant Ms. Carroll Ann Bowers Mr. Jack Brantley Mr. S. Coleman Braxton Mr. Thomas Bresnick Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Brewer GF Mr. and Mrs. E. Steve Brown Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brown Ms. Gail Brownlee Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Brownlee, Jr.

Thank You! Mr. Scott Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Perry N. Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Alan Burrell Mr. John R. Busher Mr. Burton Callicott Ms. D. Elaine Camp Mr. Timothy Carens and Ms. Elizabeth Van Pelt Mr. and Mrs. William R. Carpenter III Ms. Margaret H. Carter Mr. James Cavanagh Mr. Adrian J. Chanler Mr. and Mrs. George K. Chastain Mr. and Mrs. A. Crawford Clarkson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clauhs Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Claypool Ms. Susan Clow The College Of Charleston Foundation Mrs. Drucilla C. Copeland David and Sandy Cowen Mr. Woodrow W. Cox, Jr. Ms. Margaret A. Cromwell Dr. Marie E. Cross Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Crutchfield Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Curtis Mrs. Mary C. Cutler Sterling Davenport Mr. Reggie F. Daves Ms. Marlene Davis Mr. and Mrs. P. Michael Davis Mr. and Mrs. James M. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Morris K. Deason Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dehoney Mrs. Janis Dennis Dr. and Mrs. F. Carl Derrick Neil and Renee Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Doty III Mr. Charles H. Drayton Mr. Richard E. Driggers Dr. James R. Edinger Dr. Leon M. Ember Mr. Henry W. Farnum Drs. Ed and Betty Farnworth Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Fee Ms. Karol K. Fenner Mr. David Finger Mr. and Mrs. William Firth Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Fisher Mr. James Fitch Mr. Harold I. Fox Mr. E. Douglas Franklin Mr. Porter Friedman and Ms. Jaws Gibson Dr. Ruthie Fritts Ms. Ann L. Furr Mrs. Letitia Galbraith Mr. Christopher Galton Ms. Melissa Garvan Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Gibson Dr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Ginsberg Mrs. Dorothy P. Gnann Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Goldstein Dewey and Kira Golub GF Ms. Mary L. Goodell Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Goodman Scott and Patience Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Grady, Jr. Ms. Betsy Graves Ms. Marian Greely and Mr. Darrell Olson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grice Mr. and Mrs. J. Penn Griffen Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Grochowski Mr. Robert Gurley Mr. Barry L. Hainer Ms. Julia Hall

Mr. Bill Halstead and Ms. Sheryll Ingram Mr. Bryan Haltermann Mr. and Mrs. J. William Haltiwanger Mr. Todd A. Hancock Mr. Wayne Hardwicke and Dr. Suzanne Hardwicke Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Harrigal Mrs. Elizabeth R. Harrigan Mr. Charles A. Harrison Mr. J. Smith Harrison, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hassell Dr. and Mrs. Harlan G. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hearn III Mrs. Joan Hedley Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hehn Mr. and Mrs. William C. Helms III Ms. Teri Lynn Herbert Ms. Hannah B. Heyward Mr. Roger D. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hill Mr. J. B. Hines III Mr. William J. Holling Ms. Margaret Howe Col. and Mrs. Perry A. Hudel Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hulse Mrs. Henry C. Hutson IBM International Foundation Ms. Bonnie L. Ideal Mr. Bo Ives Ms. Kathy A. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. James Mr. Edward James Dr. Robert L. Janiskee Mr. David B. Jennings Karole K. Jensen Mr. Dan M. Johnson Dan Johnson and Sydnor Laffitte Mr. Dan Jones Mr. and Mrs. J. Gwyn Jordan Mr. Robert A. Kaplan Matt and Cindy Kearney Mr. William J. Keenan III Ms. Jane S. Keisler Mrs. Mary Kennerty Lannen Ms. Margaret W. Kherlopian Mr. and Mrs. Randolph W. Kirkland Mr. Terence Kominski Dr. and Mrs. Hobart W. Kraner Mr. Kurt W. Krucke Ms. Braden Kuhlman Mrs. Marguerite C. Kwiatkowski Ms. Katherine Lang Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaPorte Mrs. Jenny C. Lawing Ms. Caroline W. Lee Dr. and Mrs. Gary Leonard Mr. Merrill D. Lester Ms. Peggy W. Levinson Mr. and Mrs. Richards C. Lewis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cisco Lindsey Dr. and Mrs. R. P. Linker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Long Marilyn H. Long Ms. Sheila Low-Beer GF Mr. Robbie Lupo Mrs. Adrienne M. Lustig Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Madoff Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mamunes Ms. Helen R. Marine Elizabeth R. Marlow Mr. and Mrs. William E. Martin III Mr. Stewart Maurice Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mayer Mrs. Linda Mayo-Perez

Mr. and Mrs. Lee McBride Jackson and Pamela McCarter Mrs. Helen M. McCarthy Ms. Frances McClary Ms. Charlotte M. McCreary Mrs. Kelly T. McKee Mrs. Sue Ellen F. McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Taylor B. Metcalfe GF Dr. and Mrs. Jack A. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Emil Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Meyerson Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller, Jr. Mrs. Jean F. Moody Mrs. Peg Moore Mr. and Mrs. Tyre H. Moore Dr. Richard Moore and Ms. M. Robin Morris Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Moore Mr. Richard Moss Malcolm and Priscilla Munson Mr. and Mrs. Todd Murray Dr. and Mrs. James R. Muscott Mr. and Mrs. Aaron S. Myers Mrs. Nancy T. Myers Mr. Robert F. Neville Mrs. Phillis Newman Rhonwen L. Newton Ms. Kim H. Norris Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Nourie Mrs. Mary M. O'Connell Dr. Thomas O'Neal and Ms. Helen Drivas Mr. Karl F. Ohlandt Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Olivier Geno and Mel Olmi Mrs. Anne V. Padgett Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Pauls Debbie Perkins Mrs. Louise Rhett Perry Mr. D. Lindsay Pettus Ms. Sharon M. Phillips Mr. Nicholas V. Pizzey Mr. Will Player GF Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Porter Ms. Susan H. Prettyman Ms. Susan Priester Mrs. Alberta Quattlebaum Dr. and Mrs. William M. Rambo, Jr. Mr. Fran Rametta Ms. Suzanne C. Ravenel Mr. and Mrs. William D. Reid Ms. Sherry Remillard Dr. Rebecca L. Reynolds Mr. Leon L. Rice III Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rice Bryn O. Richard Mr. Keith L. Riddle Mrs. Anne M. Roberts Ms. Jeanne B. Robinson Michael and Corinne Roe Ms. Eleanor Rohrbaugh Senator and Mrs. Michael T. Rose Ms. Marcia Rosenberg Roti Rolls GF Mr. and Mrs. Alwyn Rougier-Chapman Ms. Traylor Rucker Mr. and Mrs. James P. Rush Ms. Meredith Russo Mrs. Carol F. Ryder Mr. Kirkpatrick Sale Mr. George W. Sanford Ms. Melinda Scharstein Mrs. Allison Seferian Mrs. Gertrude O. Seibels Ms. Jane D. Settle Mr. R. Bruce Shaw



Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Sifford, Jr. Dr. Daniel Silver Mrs. Katherine Silvia John and Regana Sisson Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Skidmore Mr. Eric Smith and Mrs. Cynthia Holding-Smith Mr. David R. Smith Mr. Roderick E. Smith Copley Smoak Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Smolen Mr. and Mrs. D. Paul Sommerville Ms. Mary E. Steimen Dr. Faye B. Steuer Dr. Elva C. Stinson Ms. Merike Tamm Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Terrill Mrs. Wynne Thomas Mr. John Tibbetts and Ms. Catherine Fahey Mr. Keith Timmons Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Tracy Tristan Restaurant GF Mr. William V. Turner Ms. Sally Tuten and Mr. Y. S. Linder Mrs. Rebecca H. Tuten Ms. Carolyn N. Tutwiler Mr. Roger D. Van Horsen Mr. Daniel G. Vara Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Vogel Mr. Sebastian Von Marschall and Ms. Elisa Bennett Waccamaw Audubon Society Mrs. Mary Alice Walker Mr. James Ward and Ms. Victoria Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Weir Mr. Whitfield Wharton Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Wiedeke Mrs. Suzanne H. Williams Dr. Jerry P. Winfield Ms. Marian C. Winner Dr. D. Reid Wiseman Mr. Benton Wislinski Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wood Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Wyche Dr. and Mrs. Allan S. Yard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Young, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yow Ms. Patricia Zincke

Gifts of Membership Mr. and Mrs. Kyle S. Braxton for S. Coleman Braxton Charlotte Caldwell and Jeffrey Schutz for Jeffrey H. Schutz Charlotte Caldwell and Jeffrey Schutz for Ian Tyree Ms. Sara Clow for Susan Clow William and Lucile Cogswell for Matthew B. Hastings Mr. and Mrs. Robert Connor for Kelcee Connor Nancy and Steve Cregg for Steven Kopf Ms. Judy Cunningham for James Cunningham

Ms. Judy Cunningham for Joseph Cunningham Ms. Betsy Graves for Sebastian Von Marschall Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Greenberger for Tom Vestal Mr. Dan M. Johnson for Dan M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Bill McMains for Bill Thielfoldt Mr. Chris Polychron for Harry Polychron Mr. Robert P. Schofield III for Scott Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seibels for Grenville Seibels Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seibels for Roderick Dowling Mr. Jon Shealy for Brent Shealy Mr. and Mrs. Shawn K. Smith for Charles Lane Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Stein for Adam Stein The College Of Charleston Foundation for James L. Ward Ms. Caroline Warren for Mason Pope

Matching Gifts The Barker Welfare Foundation Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation The Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program The Freddie Mac Foundation GE Foundation Google IBM International Foundation Mills Bee Lane Foundation The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts The Williams Companies, Inc.

Honors/Memorials In memory of Billie Houghton Dr. and Mrs. Lou Adams Bishop and Mrs. C. Fitzsimons Allison Mr. and Mrs. Archie E. Baker Dr. Susan Bateman Virginia and Dana Beach Mr. and Mrs. L. Kirkpatrick Bobo Mrs. R.E. Bobo Mr. and Mrs. McGregor Boyle Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bradley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bross Mr. and Mrs. Stuart R. Brown Ms. Evelyn C. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Ms. Karen Carlson Nancy and Billy Cave Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy Dr. Jay Cox III

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Daniel Ms. Libby De Caetani Rev. and Mrs. Rob Dewey Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dixon Mr. John M. Draughn Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Ellis III Mr. and Mrs. John Fisher Ed and Linda Gatlin Glankler Brown Mr. and Mrs. Steve Goggans Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Harris Mr. Don Hearn, Jr. Mr. W.S. Heaton, Jr. Mr. Richard F. Hendry Hnedak Bobo Group Mr. Darrell Horn Mr. Keith Horn Mr. and Mrs. Gene Horner Treva M. Jackson Ms. Sandra L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John Philip Kassebaum Ms. Rita Koeppen Catherine A. Kremzner Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Lawler Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Loveless II Marx & Bensdorf Realtors Mrs. Frank McClain Mr. James E. McGehee, Jr. The Meadows Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. George Nassar, Jr. Dr. Robert F. O'Dell Mr. and Mrs. Randy Olswing Julia G. Patterson Ms. Margaret M. Peery Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Perl Jennie Peze Ms. Allison Poche Mrs. Meredith G. Pritchartt Mr. Dennis Pushkin Mrs. Alberta Quattlebaum Ms. Julia Walters Raines Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Rehberger Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr. King and Judy Rogers and Family Gillian and Peter Roy Ms. Jeanne Smith Mr. Laurence M. Strueli Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Tausche Mr. and Mrs. William Tayloe TD Capital Management LLC Mr. Edwin S. Trotter Mr. John B. Trotter Tucker, Selden & Tucker, PLCC Ms. Jane Twist Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Webb Russell and Cary Whitehead Ms. May C. Wilson Mrs. Mydelle Wilson Mr. and Mrs. James D. Witherington, Jr.

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Ms. Martha Fullington Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilbert Ms. Marian Greely and Mr. Darrell Olson Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hawkins, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ozey K. Horton, Jr. Gerrit J. Jobsis and Vicki L. Bunnell Mr. Victor K. Kliossis Mr. Mack Kolb Mr. and Mrs. Wade S. Kolb, Jr. Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr Mr. Mike Landrum and Ms. Brenda Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Lane, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Blaise Lareau Gordon and Catherine Locatis Mr. Lorcan Lucey Arch and Caroline McCallum Mr. and Mrs. Bob McKinnon Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Middleton III Mrs. Susan Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Morton Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Moses Lt. Col. and Mrs. George M. Neil Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Prevost The Honorable Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Ms. Andrena E. Ray Revman International Accounting, Inventory, and IT Dept. Bob Rymer and Catherine Anne Walsh Mr. Hal Currey and\ Ms. Margaret Schachte Nicole Schaner Mrs. Howard E. Spencer Mrs. Tonnia K. Switzer-Smalls Ms. Marie Thrower and Mr. Charles Rowe Lydia and Donna Lee Tripp Mr. Michael Trouche Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trussler Susan and Trenholm Walker Mr. James Ward and Ms. Victoria Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Williamson Wilson Hall Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yorke In memory of Diane D. Terni Mrs. Christina Allen GF The Amadori/Benedetto Family GF AMIkids GF Mr. Reed S. Armstrong GF Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barrett, Jr. GF Virginia and Dana Beach GF Ms. Nancy S. Bushnell GF Nancy and Billy Cave GF Ms. Sara Clow GF Mrs. Ann B. Copeland GF Mr. Hamilton Davis GF Mr. Christopher DeScherer and Ms. Amanda Honeycutt GF Dr. A. Richard Diebold, Jr. GF Mrs. Deborah Diebold de Naveja GF Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP GF

In memory of Jane E. Lareau Mrs. Jane I. Allen Atlanta Falcons Football Club, LLC Virginia and Dana Beach Dr. and Mrs. Norman H. Bell Ms. Beverlee P. Blanding Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Blanding Nancy and Billy Cave Mr. Joseph F. Christie, Jr. Mr. F. B. Creech III Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Daniels Ms. Ann W. Dibble Mr. D. Reid Ellis Ms. Margaret D. Fabri Mr. David Farren Ms. Catherine H. Forrester Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Fair, Jr. GF Fennell Elementary Activity Fund GF Ms. Catherine H. Forrester GF Mr. Danner Friedman and Ms. Elizabeth Kent GF Mrs. Monte Gaillard GF Rebecca T. Girndt GF Ms. Catherine Hudak GF Mr. James Karp GF Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr GF Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane GF Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Lane, Jr. GF Jake Libaire GF Mr. Myles Maland GF Mr. and Mrs. Franklin McCann GF Mr. and Mrs. M. Lane Morrison GF Ms. Natalie Olson GF Mrs. Ann Percival GF Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Prevost GF Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr. GF Florence L. Short GF Mrs. Tonnia K. Switzer-Smalls GF Mark and Lisa Jones Turansky GF Mr. and Mrs. John W. Webster GF Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yorke GF Ms. Katherine S. Zimmerman GF In memory of Isola Hartness June Anderson Virginia and Dana Beach Jane Breeden Mr. and Mrs. N Heyward Clarkson III Ms. Rebecca Fouche Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Hartness Mr. Gary A. Hester Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Hopkins, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kellett Mr. and Mrs. John Kwist Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lafitte Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. McCallum Mr. and Mrs. Julius W. McKay Mrs. Kathleen C. McKinney Lesley Moore Mr. and Mrs. Ben K. Norwood Ms. Joanna B. Stone Dr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Taylor Mr. John Tribble Mr. Cosmo L. Walker II Mr. and Mrs. George Walker, Jr. Ms. Bette K. Waters In memory of William M. Campbell Ms. Gloria Douglass Ms. Megan Hilfer Mr. Michael Lumpkin Dr. and Mrs. Peter Manos McLaren and Lee Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mills III Ms. Rebecca Munger Scott and Janis When

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23 19

P.O. Box 1765

Charleston, SC 29402-1765

For more information about the Coastal Conservation League, check out our website at

The mission of the Coastal Conservation League is to protect the natural environment of the South Carolina coastal plain and to enhance the quality of life of our communities by working with individuals, businesses and government to ensure balanced solutions.

Continued from page 23 In memory of Beverly G. Lane Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr.

In honor of Jenny Welch Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr

In memory of Bobby Kingsmore Ms. Cynthia Swanson Powell

In memory of John Bracken Nancy and Billy Cave

In honor of Caroline V. Beeland Robert Beeland Ms. Mary Evelyn Jones

In memory of John F. Maybank Ms. Linda Lear

In memory of Cecil F. Hunnicutt Mr. Mike Landrum and Ms. Brenda Smith In memory of Charles Compton Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D. Long In celebration of Charles Lane Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane In memory of Frances M. Cone Nancy and Billy Cave In memory of Jack Hassell Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr. In honor of James G. Speth Stephanie and Noel Hunt In honor of James K. Dias Mr. Marlon E. Kimpson In memory of James Stuckey Nancy and Billy Cave

In honor of John M. Moore Robert Beeland In honor of John Warren Ms. Caroline Warren In memory of Peter C. Waterman Nancy and Billy Cave

In memory of Steven Chalker Mr. Jonathan Nelson

In honor of Kate P. Schaefer Hickory Hill Garden Club

In honor of Richard Rainaldi Ms. Ann Baker Easley Mrs. Jill J. Paul

In honor of Stuart R. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Keeling A. Warburton

In memory of Lane S. Stokes Ms. Angie C. Flanagan

In honor of Robert P. Schofield Ms. Barbara Stein

In honor of Lex Rogerson South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association

In memory of Robert S. Gresham Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Vanderwarker

In memory of Margaret Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Mack, Jr.

In honor of Robin E. Welch Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr

In memory of Patricia Fraysse Hare Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D. Long

In honor of Rowland T. Harper Mr. Dick McSween

In memory of Joseph Spann Nancy and Billy Cave

In memory of Tommy Borland Ms. Sandy Harjes In memory of Wells Mayfield Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Hawkins In honor of William F. Crosswell Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Bockman In honor of Wilson Somerville Mr. and Mrs. Greg Burke

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