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VICTORY In the first part of February, an area twice the size of Mt. Pleasant was permanently protected in Charleston and Dorchester counties. This landscape of forests and fields, swamps and bogs, creeks, streams and branches – in three major watersheds – extends from the Ashley River to the ACE Basin. The protection agreement represents the largest private conservation transaction in the history of South Carolina. he successful negotiation that led to this landmark agreement between the owners – global packaging company WestRock – and Lowcountry conservation groups began a decade ago. Its origins, however, reach back to the 1930s, when West Virginia Pulp and Paper (the predecessor of Westvaco) built one of the state’s first paper mills on the Cooper River and began acquiring forest land in the Lowcountry. The opening of the North Charleston mill marked the beginning of the paper era in South Carolina, with further construction of paper mills in the state by


International Paper, Weyerhauser, Bowater, Sonoco, and Stone. The mills’ voracious appetite for wood pulp spawned the conversion of hundreds of thousands of acres of southeastern forests to loblolly pine plantations. By the 1980s, one-eighth of the land in South Carolina, some 2.5 million acres, was in timber company ownership. Westvaco claimed more than 500,000 acres on the South Carolina coast. As the century drew to a close, tax law changes, corporate mergers, and the threat of hostile takeovers by “corporate raiders” like Sir James Goldsmith and Henry Kravis launched a massive selloff of industrial timber land. By 2012, MeadWestvaco had sold 200,000 acres and placed much of their remaining property on the market. The largest block of land still owned by MeadWestvaco, East Edisto, covered 72,000 acres stretching from the Ashley River to the Edisto River, almost equally divided between Charleston and Dorchester counties. Because of the proximity to the Charleston metropolitan area, the company envisioned converting the land to housing subdivisions and commercial development. The Charleston County portion of East Edisto was zoned one house per 25 acres, the most protective rural zoning in South Carolina. This zoning code and its underlying county comprehensive plan were enacted with Conservation League leadership in the mid1990s, after three years of intense debate in 2001. In Dorchester County, only the Ashley River plantation district was subject to reasonably protective rural standards. That county’s portion of East Edisto was designated “absence of control.” This left

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The Vision for East Edisto: • Create jobs before homes • Establish sustainable towns and villages • Provide educational opportunities • Maintain and preserve the character of the Lowcountry “The East Edisto Conservancy is an organization that was set up specifically to oversee the protections that are in place here because, as a friend of mine said, ‘Perpetuity is an awfully long time.’” — Dana Beach

The East Edisto Conservancy will be governed by a board of conservation and WestRock leaders:

Dana Beach

• Charles Lane, chair, ACE Basin Task Force • Raleigh West, director, Lord Berkeley Land Trust • Michael McShane, director, Ducks Unlimited • Kenneth Seeger, president, WestRock Land and Development • William “Mac” Baughman, WestRock Land and Development


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

Dorchester with substantially less negotiating leverage than Charleston. MeadWestvaco company representatives met with Governor Mark Sanford early in his second term roughly ten years ago to discuss their plans for a massive development project nearly the size of the City of Atlanta. Sanford denounced the proposal, concerned that it would “destroy the ACE Basin.” He encouraged officials to consult with Lowcountry conservationists to explore alternatives to full-scale development. As a result of those meetings, MeadWestvaco agreed to permanently protect 75% of the property. The remainder, closest to Summerville and a small area near Ravenel, would be developed according to planning principles the Conservation League has advocated since the organization’s founding in 1989. Traditional neighborhood designs would allow residents to walk, bike, and take public transportation, blending commercial uses with residential, and featuring an extensive network of parks, squares, and hiking and biking trails. Over the succeeding ten years, MeadWestvaco hired planners and convened dozens of public meetings to develop the details for the property’s future.

East Edisto

“After nine years of outreach and hard work on the part of our team and our friends in the community, we’re finally at the point of being able to celebrate the recording of density restrictions on 75% of the East Edisto area. This is a major accomplishment. It preserves over 50,000 acres of land in a permanently rural state.” — Ken Seeger, president, WestRock Land and Development And the devil was truly in the details. Over the course of a decade of deliberation, Ducks Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, and the Conservation League took the lead in determining exactly what the protection strategy would look like. By the end of 2014, there was still no agreement on the specific protective instruments. Then in early 2015, Ken Seeger, the head of the land development arm of MeadWestaco (now WestRock), proposed creating a new nonprofit organization, the East Edisto Conservancy. Three of five board positions would



Summerville 26


hl As r ve



Edisto River


Ashley River Historic District

North Charleston


Charleston 17

ACE Basin

County Park






S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Dana Beach

be filled by representatives of the conservation community and the remaining two by East Edisto landowners. Fifty-five thousand acres would be subject to a simple conservation easement limiting uses and density. Maximum densities range from one house per 25 acres to one house per 200 acres. The company recorded the easements in January 2016, following the approval in November of the development agreement and zoning change in Charleston County. The newly protected land creates a vital link between the ACE Basin and the Ashley River historic district. It is the largest single addition to the coastal greenbelt, envisioned to extend from the Savannah River to the North Carolina border, and brings the total protected acreage on the South Carolina coast to almost 1.3 million acres.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

“If you really care about land legacy, then there has to be land included in the legacy. It is scale that matters in land.� – Mark Sanford, Congressman (SC-District 1) There are many lessons from East Edisto: the importance of a bold and specific vision for the future of the Lowcountry landscape and the persistent pursuit of that vision; the central role of strong land use plans and zoning codes; the benefit of working with open-minded corporate landowners with a long-term focus; and the value of collaboration among conservation and community groups. East Edisto is truly a gift for this and future generations.

“This landmark conservation agreement on 55,000 acres of land between the Ashley and the Edisto spans two counties and three major watersheds. It proves that commerce and conservation can not only coexist, but that they can dramatically enhance each other. It is important to remember that the stage for this achievement was set decades ago, with the pioneering efforts in the ACE Basin and on Sandy Island, where creativity and collaboration merged to produce unprecedented conservation results.” Dana Beach

– Dana Beach, executive director, Coastal Conservation League


1889: William Luke founded Piedmont Pulp and

Paper Company in Piedmont, West Virginia. The company began producing paper under the name of West Virginia Paper Company.

Dana Beach

1897: West Virginia Paper merged with West

Virginia Pulp, forming West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company. Conservation League Executive Director Dana Beach and Charleston County Council Chairman Elliott Summey celebrating East Edisto at Middleton Plantation on February 25.

1937: West Virginia Pulp and Paper built the paper mill on the Cooper River in what is now the city of North Charleston.

1969: West Virginia Pulp and Paper became Westvaco.

2002: Westvaco merged with Mead Corporation, forming MeadWestvaco (aka MWV). 2008: MeadWestaco sold the North Charleston paper mill to Kapstone. 2015: MeadWestvaco merged with Tennesseebased RockTenn, forming WestRock.

WestRock President Ken Seeger

Dorchester County Councilman Jay Byars

The Conservation League worked extensively with MeadWestvaco (now WestRock) to develop formbased codes (see page 8) for both Charleston and Dorchester counties, which will further lead to conservation of rural areas and to traditional neighborhood development within the project boundaries.

S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E



Dana Beach

Based on design principles from traditional places such as historic Charleston, form-based codes are a regulatory tool that planners use to create walkable, connected communities. As opposed to conventional single-use zoning that prescribes certain land uses, form-based codes focus on the form of physical structures and public spaces between buildings – streets, parks, plazas, boulevards, etc. CAN’T YOU BUILD WALKABLE NEIGHBORHOODS WITHOUT A FORM-BASED CODE? A form-based code puts urban character – the sense of place, how a place looks and feels – before the details of how the buildings are being used. Consequently, developers can plan communities capable of surviving the test of time as needs and demographics change. HOW IS A FORM-BASED CODE DIFFERENT FROM A TYPICAL ZONING CODE?


Modified from “So, what exactly IS a form-based code and why should anyone care?” by Mary Newsom, UNC Charlotte Urban Institute: charlotte-explores-form-based-codes-david-walters C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

A form-based code relies heavily on “by-right” development standards adopted by the community. If a development proposal meets the code, elected officials don’t have to vote on it. Developers know those votes can be unpredictable. A form-based code requires buildings to have a certain form and relationship to other buildings and to the street but doesn’t focus as much on what the building is used for. Maybe it starts out as offices but later becomes shops or apartments. Many developers are on board with this idea because it provides predictability on which to base market decisions.

Richard Beck

A typical, conventional zoning code puts microscopic details of use before every other consideration. For example, if you have land zoned for offices, you can’t put anything else there without a rezoning, and the rezoning process usually has few clear design parameters that are predictable and fair to all parties. Conventional zoning codes focus on the use of the land, with little thought to the appearance of what gets built. Because design is low on the list of criteria, most places in most American towns have come to look exactly the same, usually with generic, “franchise” architecture.

Richard Beck

Solar Energy ON THE RISE by Kenneth Sercy, Utility Regulation Specialist From the Lowcountry to the Blue Ridge, markets for solar energy are heating up in South Carolina. Solar panels have popped up on rooftops around neighborhoods and in business districts. They are also sprouting on fallow farmland across the state. The flurry of solar development in recent months has been driven by new electric utility programs designed to take advantage of falling technology costs and the multitude of benefits these new technologies have to offer, from local job creation and enhanced consumer choice, to reduced fossil fuel imports and air pollution. Those utility programs were made possible by the Distributed Energy Resource Program Act of 2014, a landmark renewable energy bill passed unanimously by the South Carolina General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Nikki Haley. For years the Conservation League has worked as part of a coalition of lawmakers, electric utilities, regulators, community leaders, businesses, and conservation groups to create a legal and regulatory framework that would allow renewable energy markets to flourish in the Palmetto State just as they have flourished in North Carolina, Georgia, and across the country. Now, we are beginning to see the fruits of that labor as families and businesses opt to go solar, and utilities seek to diversify their generation portfolios. Over the next five years, the market activity around solar is expected to bring more than $500 million in investment to our state. One key development that is sparking recent market growth is the utility requests for proposals (RFPs) issued in August of 2015. Duke Energy and South Carolina Electric & Gas each issued an RFP for large-scale ground-mounted solar projects (often called “solar farms�) to supply power to the electric grid. Eligible projects can be as large as 10 megawatts in size, but smaller solar farms like the upcoming 500-kilowatt North Charleston array on Leeds Avenue will also be built. A 10-megawatt solar farm represents about $20 million in investment and will generate enough energy to power about 1,300 homes.


Dana Beach


Keller Kissam, Senior Vice President, SCANA Corporation and Hamilton Davis, Conservation League Energy Director

A second key development that has animated solar markets in the Palmetto State is the October 2015 launch of utility programs designed to encourage small rooftop solar installations. Through these programs, families, businesses, and nonprofits can receive rebates and other financial incentives from their electric utility for installing solar panels on their property, whether the customer owns the panels or has obtained them through a lease agreement. The programs are spurring businesses to install rooftop solar. For example, seven Target stores in the Columbia, Aiken, and Charleston areas are slated to install panels in 2016. On the residential side, the Solarize South Carolina campaign led by nonprofit SmartPower guides families through the decision-making process for going solar, connects them with experienced installers, and provides access to financing. Additionally, Sunrun and other national renewable energy companies have established offices in South Carolina and are offering solar leases that remove the up-front cost barrier of solar technologies for households. For more information on going solar, check out the South Carolina Energy Office’s Consumer Guide to Solar at or visit the South Carolina Solar Council website at Be on the lookout for solar panels popping up on homes and businesses near you. SPRING 2016 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


CAPTAIN SAMS SPIT STILL IN THE CROSSHAIRS by Katie Zimmerman Air, Water, and Public Health Program Director

The Coastal Conservation League has been fighting efforts to develop Captain Sams Spit, a 150-acre pristine sandy land mass at the southern end of Kiawah Island, for nearly a decade. The spit is ecologically significant and worthy of protection for many reasons. The piping plover, diamondback terrapin, bottlenose dolphin, and other rare and threatened species rely upon this fragile and highly mobile

Dana Beach

space for nesting and feeding.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

magine a place that erodes and accretes regularly, surrounded on three sides by water, with a river on one side and the ocean on the other. These two waterbodies meet at an inlet, with a slim neck of sand that provides a connection to the mainland of Kiawah Island. The neck has completely washed away at least three times in recorded history. This fragile and highly mobile spot also happens to provide nesting and feeding grounds for rare and threatened species, including the piping plover and diamondback terrapin. The beloved bottlenose dolphin strand feeds here. Even bobcats den here. And South Carolinians kayak, fish, and crab here. This place you are envisioning is real: Captain Sams Spit, a 150-acre pristine sandy land mass at the southern end of Kiawah Island. For nearly a decade, the Coastal Conservation League has been fighting efforts to develop Captain Sams Spit. The Spit is ecologically significant and worthy of protection. The fight to protect the spit began in 2008 when developers, now known as Kiawah Development Partners (KDP), pressured then Congressman Henry Brown (R-SC1) to introduce legislation that would have removed Captain Sams Spit from the Coastal Barrier Resources System. This federally designated system delineates erosional and vulnerable natural areas where federal subsidies in the form of flood insurance and hurricane relief are prohibited in order to discourage development. Thanks to the outcry of hundreds of Conservation League members and activists, the bill was withdrawn and the spit remains in the Coastal Barrier Resources System today. But the fight to protect Captain Sams Spit was just beginning. Shortly after their legislative attempt, KDP began applying for development permits, including a request to build a 2,783-foot concrete sloped revetment and a vertical bulkhead to stabilize the property for the development of 50 homes and related infrastructure. Represented by the South Carolina Environmental Law Project (SCELP), the Conservation League challenged this permit.


Dana Beach

A I R , W A T E R & P U B L I C H E A LT H

Flickr CC/Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Dana Beach

The case over the proposed half-mile long concrete wall went before the South Carolina Supreme Court, and after several unprecedented re-hearings over the course of three years, the court finally ruled against the developer in 2014, but sent the case back to the Administrative Law Court for further consideration. In December 2015, Judge Ralph K. Anderson III ruled that the full 2,783 feet of bulkhead could be built, but only 270 feet of the concrete revetment could be built in front of Beachwalker County Park. By this point, the latest iteration of KDP – now based in Charlotte, North Carolina and backed by a New York hedge fund – had already applied for a different permit for a new 2,380 feet vertical steel sheet pile wall. On behalf of the Conservation League, SCELP appealed the permit, halting immediate construction through a legal tool known as the “automatic stay.” Before the legal hearing, KDP asked the Administrative Law Judge to eliminate or lift the automatic stay, allowing construction of the steel wall along the banks of the Kiawah River to proceed. Judge Anderson agreed to lift the stay. Responding quickly to the imminent danger facing the spit, the Conservation League requested that the South Carolina Supreme Court grant “extraordinary relief ” to prevent any construction on the spit. Fortunately, we prevailed and the Court enjoined Judge Anderson’s order. Throughout the turmoil in court, conservation groups from all over the coast were working with state legislators on a bill to update South Carolina’s beachfront management laws. While Captain Sams Spit is obviously part of our shoreline, the bill was not a specific attempt to protect it–it was a larger effort to ensure, among other things, that a baseline along our entire coast would never again move seaward. This action would eliminate development in highly erosional areas, defending taxpayers, homeowners, and natural resources. In an effort to support their plans for development on the spit and ignoring the devastating implications for South Carolina’s entire coast, KDP hijacked the bill, working with state Senator Paul Campbell (R-Berkeley) to introduce the “Kiawah Amendment.” The Kiawah Amendment would delay setting the baseline – a stalling tactic designed to buy time while sand potentially accretes on the spit. With more sand, the baseline could be moved closer to the ocean, giving potentially more room to build the road and infrastruc-

ture they need to access the spit for development. After a stalemate last year, the Senate committee debating the bill removed the permanent baseline language entirely. Now the Senate debate centers on a choice between two amendments: one from Senator Ray Cleary (R-Georgetown) which would set the permanent baseline now using existing data, and one from Senator Campbell, which would not only delay setting the baseline but would also provide a loophole for coastal property owners to move the line closer to the ocean in the future. In March 2016, Administrative Law Judge Anderson dealt our legal efforts a devastating blow: not only did he confirm his ruling that 270 feet of revetment wall could be built in front of the parking lot of the adjacent Beachwalker County Park, but he also allowed the full 2,783 foot length of vertical bulkhead. No one described this ruling better than SCELP Executive Director and General Counsel Amy Armstrong: “It’s an awful, awful decision. It makes a mockery of public use, of public benefit.” The good news is that SCELP filed motions to stay construction on the spit, and, unexpectedly, Judge Anderson granted our motion to impose a stay on his most recent decision. Conservation League and SCELP also filed a notice of appeal of Judge Anderson’s Order on Remand in the Court of Appeals, while simultaneously filing a motion to transfer the appeal to the South Carolina Supreme Court. We will remain vigilant and keep you informed as the legislative debate on Captain Sams Spit continues this session, and as we work through legal appeals. For more information on Captain Sams Spit, visit our website at captain-sams-spit. Captain Sams Spit should be preserved in a pristine state for perpetuity. The help and support of our membership has been vital. Stay strong for the spit! To order your own Save Captain Sams Spit sticker, email Katie Zimmerman at

S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E



Savannah Harbor Deepening


RiverPort Development and Jasper Port Location GA



321 £ ¤ Riverport Development and Port Location J A Jasper SPER


Spring Island 278 £ ¤

by Kate Schaefer, South Coast Director





Port Wentworth

Dana Beach

The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1927, contains more than 29,000 acres of freshwater marsh and bottomland hardwood forest. The refuge is located off of Highway 17-South in Jasper County and visitors can learn more here:

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

95 § ¦ ¨

Bloomingdale Pooler

Garden City

16 § ¦ ¨


Savannah 516 § ¦ ¨

RiverPort Mixed Use Development 17 ¤ Jasper£ Ocean Port (Favored Location) Port of Savannah (Existing Location) National Wildlife Refuge Savannah River Shipping Route Other Shipping Routes City Boundary State Boundary County Boundary Map created by: Shannon Groff ( and Jovian Sackett ( Last updated on: 12/11/2015 Data Sources: US Army Corps of Engineers; US Fish & Wildlife Service; US Census Bureau; Georgia Ports Authority; NOAA NOTE: The boundary of RiverPort was digitized, therefore location should be considered approximate.

£ ¤ 80


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

e NW R

Wilmington Island

Skidaway Island


3 6 Miles The 5,000-acre Riverport project is 0an 1.5industrial, residential, and commercial development along the edge of the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge provides valuable sanctuary for birds and other wildlife. Riverport is zoned as a planned unit development within the rapidly-growing City of Hardeeville. The project is so large that a federal Environmental Impact Statement is required to ensure negative impacts have been addressed and alternatives have been considered. The wetlands delineation – which is expected to reveal that more wetlands are present in the development area than were previously identified – is being finalized. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement should be released in the coming months. We will be working with stakeholders in the community to ensure minimal impact to the Upper Floridian Aquifer – the largest aquifer in the southeastern United States that provides drinking water to parts of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina – and to freshwater wetlands . Without a healthy wetland system, there is neither a healthy Savannah River nor a healthy Jasper County.

For the latest information on these projects and others in our South Coast region, visit



Whitemarsh Island



Dana Beach



Southern Environmental Law Center, 2015

wo proposed economic development projects will drive the conservation agenda on the South Coast in the coming months: a 5,000acre multi-use development and a new port, both in rural Jasper County. The proposed $4.5-billion Jasper Ocean Port and facilities will occupy 1,500 acres eight miles from the mouth of the Savannah River in southern Jasper County and upstream from the Tybee National Wildlife Refuge. Once completed, it will handle seven million units of shipping cargo that the Savannah and Charleston ports will not be able to process after they reach capacity, which is anticipated to happen in the next 15 years. (It is important to realize that prior predictions of cargo growth rates in Charleston and Savannah have been wildly inaccurate, so this 15-year perspective should be taken with a large grain of salt.)

A I R , W A T E R & P U B L I C H E A LT H


Dana Beach

by Katie Zimmerman

he Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge is federally designated for fish, wildlife, and plant conservation. The refuge is home to more than 277 different bird species and boasts the largest nesting rookery for brown pelicans, terns, and gulls on the South Carolina coast, as well as the largest wintering population of American Oystercatchers on the East Coast. More than 24 types of reptiles, 12 varieties of amphibians, and 36 species of mammals have been recorded in the refuge. Furthermore, Cape Romain supports the largest nesting population of loggerhead sea turtles outside the State of Florida.

Dana Beach


Pappy’s Island (sometimes called Papa’s or Pappa’s Island) is an undeveloped 104-acre marsh hummock island that is surrounded by the refuge near McClellanville. It is also one of the last privately owned islands within the authorized boundaries of Cape Romain. It consists of 80 acres of tidal marsh and 24 acres of upland, including prehistoric shell middens. In its entirety, Cape Romain covers 22 miles of undeveloped shoreline, part of the largest stretch of undeveloped shoreline on the entire East Coast. Aside from a small cutout at McClellanville, the seaward side of the intracoastal waterway serves as the refuge’s border. Pappy’s Island falls within this small excluded area. As a marsh hummock, Pappy’s Island hosts migratory songbirds during the summer, including painted buntings, which use hummocks for both resting and breeding. Painted buntings are declining in number and are a high priority species in the Southeast. They also happen to be one of the most colorful and sought after birds by birdwatchers in South Carolina. The state supports a third-to-a-half of the total breeding population and is considered to play a vital role in the species’ conservation. In the 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan recently developed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the painted bunting is listed in the category of Highest Priority Species for protection.

S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Dana Beach

Under FWS ownership, the tract will be managed within Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. The property’s frontage along the intracoastal waterway will provide new public water access to water not commonly available. The protection of this property ensures continued good health for area waters, benefiting not only wildlife, but also the culture and livelihood of nearby McClellanville, where the local economy is closely tied to commercial fishing and shellfish harvesting within the refuge.

Dana Beach

Until recently, Pappy’s Island was owned by developers and zoned to accommodate two homes. These developers obtained permits for a septic system and a private, recreational dock for the island, despite public opposition. Allowing the dock to be constructed in this area would have degraded a fragile habitat and set a dangerous precedent . The Conservation League, represented by the South Carolina Environmental Law Project, appealed the dock permit and coordinated with concerned citizens. Meanwhile, The Nature Conservancy and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) began writing grants to secure funding sources to purchase the property. The Open Space Institute (OSI) evaluated options for purchase, and as our litigation progressed, OSI successfully negotiated a fair price. After months of work, OSI successfully closed on the property on March 1, 2016. FWS is prepared to ultimately take control of the property with half of the funds already secured from the Charleston County Greenbelt Bank, and the other half provided by North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) and Land and Water Conservation Fund grants. Pappy’s Island is safe from development, and in a year will be officially protected forever, thanks to this team effort.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

F O O D & A G R I C U LT U R E



The GrowFood garden is open to the community. Please come for a visit!

“I’ve learned that vegetables give me energy and strength, and now I know how to plant them! We learn how to respect each other and the earth.” -Bobby, Meeting Street Academy kindergarten


Photos by The Green Heart Project

rowFood Carolina’s demonstration garden, completed in early 2012 with support and leadership from a handful of donors and volunteers, has been home to the Meeting Street Academy’s school garden program for three years. Meeting Street Academy, located blocks from the GrowFood Carolina warehouse, provides a high quality education to students based on the belief that a child’s zip code should not determine his or her educational opportunities. The garden provides hands-on opportunities for kindergarteners and first and second grade students to learn about their food – from the seeds they plant to food they eat. The curriculum integrates health and nutrition, science, and math into each lesson for a comprehensive, practical, and applicable learning experience. Working in the garden also fosters environmental stewardship and a connection with nature. This year, GrowFood Carolina is partnering with the Green Heart Project, a Charleston-area nonprofit that builds school gardens and promotes farm-to-school programs. In addition to connecting students to a new learning experience, the Green Heart Project teaches healthy eating through culinary classes and provides the opportunity to learn about the local food system. The Green Heart Project’s oversight and maintenance is greatly enhancing our garden’s productivity, aesthetics, and function as an educational resource. S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Post and Courier


DORCHESTER he rivers, marshes, and beaches that make the South Carolina coast so special depend on state laws for protection. The Coastal Zone Management Program is one of the laws that we depend on to preserve the marshes and wetlands that attract visitors, provide protection from flooding, and serve as the pit stops for migratory birds. But legislators have introduced bills that would remove coastal protections for much of Dorchester County under South Carolina’s Coastal Management Program. If successful, these bills would set a dangerous precedent for other coastal counties. The current designation of the coastal zone is the result of much study and compromise, and it reflects the need for more planning and protection in the most rapidly growing areas near our coast. The Conservation League supports the current coastal zone in its entirety.


The State C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

Dana Beach




hen a government agency makes a decision that binds people to its actions, the people affected have a right to due process to appeal the decision. Article 1, Section 22 of the South Carolina Constitution requires that if an administrative agency makes a decision, e.g., to permit the disposal of hazardous waste next to a church and a lake, as DHEC did in Pinewood — those affected have the right to due process and a chance to be heard. A bill in the South Carolina Senate would gut that right. Certain developers want to take away what’s called the “automatic stay,” which hits the pause button on irreversible harm, like dumping hazardous waste by a swamp or bulldozing centuries-old bald cypresses. The automatic stay prevents this irreversible harm from happening while the court is deciding on the legality of the government’s action. The stakes are high, and the Conservation League’s team is working at the State House for this fundamental legal protection.




Lewis Ocean Bay was acquired by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as a Heritage Trust Preserve in the late 1980s. It is one of the crown jewels of South Carolina’s natural landscape – 9000 acres known for its Carolina Bays bears, and Venus’ flytraps – tucked between Conway and Myrtle Beach. In order to have a say in the preserve’s future, DNR negotiated ownership of the preserve to the center line of the dirt road known as International Drive, serving as the southern border for L.O.B. In the intervening years, two major roads, SC 22 and Hwy 31 were built on the preserve’s northern and eastern borders, allowing development to creep closer and closer, fragmenting the preserve’s habitat and endangering its survival.

Dana Beach


orry County officials have set their sights on International Drive, envisioning another major road to facilitate more development. In 2006, Horry County passed a one-cent transportation tax referendum to fund the paving of International Drive. To begin construction, Horry County had to obtain the right to the SC Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) half of International Drive. In 2010 DNR “sold” Horry County their rights to the road; in return, Horry County agreed to a twolane paved road and three animal passageways to move bears and other animals safely across the road.

Dana Beach

by Nancy Cave, North Coast Director

By 2013, the parties had renegotiated the deal, and what was to be a two-lane road became a four-lane road with no animal passageways and ten curb cuts for access to areas of future development. The redesigned International Drive would destroy 24 acres of wetlands, and with no animal passageways, cars and animals would be bound to collide. The Coastal Conservation League and the South Carolina Wildlife Federation – represented by the South Carolina Environmental Law Project – opposed the redesigned International Drive. When Horry County submitted their permit application, the Conservation League wrote a letter opposing it but offered to negotiate with the county on a road that would meet S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Dana Beach Dana Beach

the needs of drivers while better preserving Lewis Ocean Bay. Conservation League staff told Horry County officials that we would not oppose the road if the county amended the permit to include an animal passageway, fencing on both sides of the road, and a reduction in curb cuts. Conservation League staff sat at the table with Horry County Council members twice and were rebuffed both times. Last June, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) issued the county a permit for International Drive. Later that summer, the Conesrvation League appealed the permit. The appeal was argued in front of the Administrative Law Court in February. The future of Lewis Ocean Bay is at stake. This pristine ecosystem could become a fragmented and isolated landscape, with the pressure of development a constant threat. There are alternatives to maintain Lewis Ocean Bay’s integrity: building a two-lane road with animal passageways, fencing on both sides of the road to keep animals and cars separated, and mitigation that extends the preserve to the Waccamaw River. But ultimately, the survival of Lewis Ocean Bay will depend on a community committed to protecting a natural treasure right in their own backyard.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

Richard Beck

The Nature Conservancy

Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve

The Challenges of


CLIMATE CHANGE by Hamilton Davis, Energy and Climate Director

very year on October 2nd, my mom reminds me that it has never rained on my birthday. In 2015, Mother Nature put an emphatic end to that streak as the “1,000-year flood” descended upon South Carolina. Wreaking havoc on homes and businesses, roads and bridges, farms, and daily life across our state, South Carolinians experienced first-hand just how disruptive extreme weather can be, as well as a preview of what climate change could mean in the Palmetto State. For a coastal state with a heavy reliance on natural resources and agriculture, South Carolina is particularly vulnerable to the changes that climate scientists are predicting if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced in the coming years. In a 2013 study, the SC Department of Natural Resources noted significant changes in wildlife behavior ranging from the nesting of wild turkeys to the arrival of dolphin (the fish; the mammal was already here) in the waters off of our coast. The report warns of detrimental drought and climate-induced changes to wildlife habitat, sea level rise, invasive species, and traditional uses of natural resources. Although the SC Department of Agriculture has yet to take a position on the threat of climate change, a position should emerge after the estimated $300 million of damage done to crops across the state during the torrential rains of early October. More extreme weather, drought, and invasive species only add to future concerns surrounding our changing climate’s impact on the agricultural sector. Life along the South Carolina coast could be hit the hardest. The past century saw sea levels rise more than a foot, and cities like Charleston are already struggling to deal with intensified flooding that has proven increasingly disruptive to daily life.

Dana Beach


More extensive erosion of our barrier islands is also proving a difficult challenge for coastal communities with dwindling options at their disposal. Under a business-as-usual scenario, we could witness another foot-and-a-half of sea level rise by mid-century and more than three feet by 2100. A 1.4-foot increase in sea level is estimated to put $5.7 billion in South Carolina coastal properties underwater at mean high tides. These problems will only be exacerbated by increased greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, there are reasons to be optimistic: World leaders gathered recently in Paris to strengthen their commitments in the fight against climate change; new EPA carbon regulations, if implemented, will significantly reduce the United States’ carbon pollution in the electricity sector by 2030; and states like South Carolina are increasingly investing in clean energy resources like solar, while local governments like Charleston and Beaufort are engaging on climate adaptation strategies that will result in more resilient communities in the decades ahead. There’s no excuse for inaction in the face of the real world changes that are already taking a toll on South Carolina. The Coastal Conservation League remains on the leading edge of guiding our state towards a clean energy future.

Richard Beck

For more information about our work on resiliency and climate adaptation, visit:

S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E



Obama Administration S by Laurin Manning, Communications Director

The people spoke and the President listened. On Wednesday, March 15, the Obama Administration announced its decision to reverse course on allowing offshore drilling along the Atlantic coast.

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

Richard Beck



Cont’d. from p. 21

n Says No to Atlantic Drilling

Richard Beck

Dana Beach


community groups. Persistence paid off. The Conservation League and partners collected more than 5,000 signatures from citizens across South Carolina to convince the Obama Administration to stand up to the oil industry and prohibit drilling for oil and gas off our coast. “This is a monumental victory,” Davis states. “A local movement to protect our way of life just put an end to a federal proposal backed by the most powerful industry on the planet.” The conservation community is grateful for the support of numerous elected officials in this effort. In particular, Mayor Billy Keyserling in Beaufort, South Carolina Senator Chip Campsen from Charleston, and Congressman Mark Sanford played critical roles in eliminating this threat to our coastal environment and economy. Additionally, we extend a special thanks to the 24 cities and counties that passed resolutions opposing offshore drilling, the citizen groups SODA POP and Don’t Drill SC Lowcountry, the Southern Environmental Law Center, Oceana, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Conservation Voters of South Carolina, South Carolina Wildlife Federation, the South Carolina Environmental Law Project, and all of the other individuals, businesses, groups, and leaders that spoke out and stood up for our treasured coast.

Dana Beach

he Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) had originally included the Atlantic Ocean in its proposed five-year program for oil and gas development on the Outer Continental Shelf but decided to remove the Atlantic Ocean after facing widespread public backlash from communities up and down the coast. The decision will stand until 2022. The Coastal Conservation League, along with numerous conservation partners, played a leading role in organizing broad opposition from citizens, businesses, local governments, and elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels. “This decision shows that local voices still matter on national issues,” says Energy Director Hamilton Davis. “The coastal communities in South Carolina that would have been most impacted by offshore drilling stood up to Big Oil and won. What a victory for our environment, our economy, and the future of our coast.” For ten years, the Conservation League has delivered the message: Protect our coast from risky offshore drilling, which threatens our tourism economy and the marine life and natural resources on the South Carolina coast. We advocated at city council meetings, the State House and in Congress. We met with business leaders, BOEM regulators, and local

S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E



WELCOME TO OUR NEW BOARD CHAIR Margot Rose was recently elected as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Coastal Conservation League. Margot’s election follows the resignation of Chair Andrea Cooper, who left to become the Executive Director of our sister conservation organization, Upstate Forever, located in Greenville. Previously, Margot served on the Board of The Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Connecticut for twelve years, five as its President. In Charleston she has served on the Boards of Historic Charleston Foundation, the School of the Building Arts and the Charlestowne Neighborhood Association. Margot, and her husband, Boykin, reside in Charleston with their dog, Cooper.

NEW GROWFOOD ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER We recently welcomed Sam Cook to the GrowFood Carolina Advisory Board. Sam is currently the Director of the Sustainable Forestry Program for the Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation, a nonprofit that protects heirs’ property and promotes its sustainable use to provide increased economic benefit to historically under-served families through legal education and services, and sustainable forestry education, technical assistance and resources.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS Two new members were elected to the Conservation League Board of Directors at the November meeting, Steve Dopp and Cynthia (Cynnie) Kellogg. Steve is currently the owner of the Francis Marion Hotel in downtown Charleston and has devoted his time to restoring it and other historic properties. He has worked diligently to support Conservation League efforts to regulate cruise ships in the Charleston Harbor. Cynnie is a long-time conservationist in her home state of New Jersey and now here as a part-time resident of South Carolina. We are grateful for their involvement and commitment!

FAREWELL TO WILLIAM COGSWELL – BUT NOT TOO FAR! William Cogswell recently completed a nine-year term as a member of the Coastal Conservation League Board of Directors. We thank William for his leadership, especially as chair of the Finance Committee, and for his all he has done to support our mission. Fortunately, William will stay involved as a member of the Finance Committee.

I 12 22

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

n November, we celebrated Roy Richards, Jr.’s service on the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors gathered at Magnolia Plantation to recognize his immense contributions to the Coastal Conservation League. Dana wrote new lyrics for Moon River as a testament to Roy’s commitment to our mission. Thankfully, (even in spite of this song), Roy is leading our fundraising campaign and will stay closely involved as a member of the Development Committee and as an advisory member of the Executive Committee.

Richard Beck

NEW STAFF Kristy Collins

Jeanne Snell

Kristy joins the Coastal Conservation League as the Membership and Events Manager. Upon graduation from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC, she immediately began her work in the nonprofit sector with positions at the Bair Foundation and the American Leprosy Missions in Greenville, SC. After relocating to Charleston, Kristy joined the development team at the Medical University of South Carolina. A lifelong South Carolina native, she is thrilled to join the Coastal Conservation League in the effort to preserve and protect the place she calls home.

Jeanne is the Conservation League’s Bookkeeper/Office Manager. She has worked in many administrative and accounting roles throughout her career and enjoyed the Charleston Lowcountry for more than 15 years. Jeanne appreciates the wildlife preserves, nature trails, and history that the area has to offer. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a BS in Business Management.

Alan Hancock

A native of Long Island, NY, Christine has joined the Conservation League as our new Receptionist. Before moving to Charleston, she co-owned a popular seasonal restaurant in New Hampshire – where providing sustainable local food, green products, and recycling options were her top priority. Christine has spent many years volunteering and advocating for conservation issues and is delighted to be a new member of our community.

Alan comes to the Conservation League as the Grassroots Campaigns Manager. Previously at the Conservation Voters of South Carolina and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Alan is based out of our Columbia office. He is a North Carolina native and a graduate of the University of South Carolina, with a BA and an MA in Geography.


(with deepest apologies to Johnny Mercer) Roy Richards, running our campaign, there’s not a lot of time, to waste. We’re facing unprecedented growth, environment’s at stake, Lowcountry needs a break, Roy Richards and the League. Growth pressures, can’t let them get away, Our landscape they will pave, tomorrow. Protecting our quality of life, from urban sprawl and blight, Good planning for our lives, our culture, will thrive.

Christine Gallina

Four children, summer in Elejay, back again to Spain, and Yale. He’s transformed the League’s attitude, brightened up our mood, paved the way for good, Roy Richards, and the League. Two board terms, sign him up for more, we’re happy to ignore our bylaws. We’ll keep him beyond the decade’s end, conservation’s friend, on whom we all depend, Roy Richards and the League. S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E

23 13

THANK YOU, 2015 DONORS Your generous and consistent support advances the Coastal Conservation League’s work year after year. Together we are protecting the natural resources and the quality of life on the South Carolina coast.

The Coastal Legacy Society honors those who have provided for the Coastal Conservation League through their estate plans. In the last year, we were honored to receive new bequest notifications from eight Conservation League members. By making a gift to the Coastal Legacy Society, you will join this group of extraordinary supporters in their commitment to protect the lands, waters, and quality of life in the Lowcountry for generations. If you are interested in learning more about including the Conservation League in your estate plans, please contact Shannyn Smith at 843-725-2058 or We are most grateful to our Coastal Legacy Society members – old and new – for their generosity and foresight.

Nancy Appel Drs. T. Brantley and Penny Arnau Judith and Robert Bainbridge Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting** Russell and Judith Burns Charlotte Caldwell Chip and Betty Coffee Marcia Curtis** Jennifer Davis Mr. Elliott Dodds and Dr. Cynthia B. Dodds Berryman W. Edwards Carol Ervin Mary C. Everts** Robert W. Foster, Sr.** Dr. Annette G. Godow Florence E. Goodwin* Janis Hammett Ms. Teri Lynn Herbert Daniel Huger** Katherine H. Huger

Katharine Cheshire Knott** Dr. Thomas R. Mather Miles F. McSweeney Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Prevost Ellen and Mayo Read S. Kim and Patricia Reed Roy Richards, Jr. Margot T. Rose Mr. Jason A. Schall Ms. Dorothy D. Smith** Shannyn Smith Gus and Cameron Speth Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tecklenburg Mr. and Mrs. Thad Timmons Sarah W. Toomer** Alice and Doug Walker George W. Williams Suzan and Stephen Zoukis ** deceased

The Coastal Conservation League works very hard to ensure that all donor names are listed correctly; however, occasional mistakes do occur. Please contact Database Manager Nora Kravec at (843) 725-2057 with any questions or corrections.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6


Live Oak Society Donors giving $500 or more.

Contributions Received from January 1, 2015-December 31, 2015

$10,000+ Anonymous (5) Anonymous (2) GF Mr. and Mrs. Johnston Adams AMG Charitable Gift Foundation The Anonymous - NMF Fund Virginia and Dana Beach Mr. J. Anderson Berly III GF The Boston Foundation Butler Conservation Fund, Inc. Charlotte Caldwell and Jeffrey Schutz GF Mr. Thomas W. L. Cameron Nancy and Billy Cave GF Ceres Foundation, Inc. GF The Chicago Community Foundation Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina GF Community Foundation of Greenville, Inc. GF Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jamie W. Constance Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Cooper III Oliver S. and Jennie R. Donaldson Charitable Trust GF Ms. Ceara Donnelley and Mr. Nate Berry Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation GF Strachan Donnelley Family Charitable Lead Unitrust Mrs. Vivian Donnelley Mr. and Mrs. P. Steven Dopp Mr. and Mrs. John O. Downing GF Mr. and Mrs. Berry Edwards The Festoon Foundation, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund GF Ms. Catherine H. Forrester GF Foundation for the Carolinas The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust GF Larry and Nancy Fuller Laura and Steve Gates GF Mr. Joseph H. Gleberman The Godric Foundation Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment The Rev. Alanson Houghton ** Katy Huger Ms. Anne F. Jennings Joanna Foundation Mrs. Llewellyn H. Kassebaum Peter R. and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation GF Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Lane, Jr. Mills Bee Lane Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George Lodge Mr. T. Cartter Lupton II GF Mr. Allen Mast GF Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. McShane The Meadows Charitable Trust Mertz Gilmore Foundation Jerry and Caroline Milbank Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Mitchell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James J. Murren

Ms. Justine J. Nathan National Foundation for Philanthropy GF Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Parks GF Pathfinder Foundation, Inc. GF Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps, Jr. Price R. and Flora A. Reid Foundation Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Rockefeller SC Department of Agriculture GF Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Schmaltz Jeffrey Schutz and Charlotte Caldwell GF Fred and Alice Stanback, Jr. Stony Point Foundation GF Ms. Bailey W. Symington Turner Foundation, Inc. Jane Smith Turner Foundation GF Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation USDA Agricultural Marketing Service GF USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Mr. and Mrs. James C. Vardell III and Family Mr. and Mrs. David A. Westerlund GF WestWind Foundation Yawkey Foundation Stephen and Suzan Zoukis

Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Morawetz Mr. Arnold Nemirow GF Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Nolan Patagonia, Inc. The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Dr. and Mrs. John H. Rashford John M. Rivers, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr. GF Margot and Boykin Rose Mr. Peter Roy GF Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Said Mr. Alex Shuford Libby Smith Ryan and Erin Smith Mr. David Stone Mr. and Mrs. T. Paul Strickler Mr. Thomas Taft Mr. John Thompson and Ms. Julia Forster Vanguard Charitable Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watson Joe and Terry Williams Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop Dr. and Ms. Louis D. Wright, Jr.



Anonymous Anonymous GF Penny and Bill Agnew Mr. David Anderson GF Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund GF John and Jane Beach The Beaufort Fund of The Community Foundation Benevity The Bishop Family Foundation Cortney and Baker Bishop Employees Community Fund of Boeing GF Dan and Merrie Boone Foundation Mr. Daniel W. Boone III Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Chitty The Clif Bar Family Foundation GF The Colbert Family Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation The Community Foundation for The National Capital Region Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Daniell Dorothy R. Donnelley Charitable Lead Trust GF Ms. Laura Donnelley Naomi Donnelley and Joseph Butler GF Martin and Kathy Dudley Katharine and Winslow Hastie Mark Joye Mr. William Kennard and Ms. Deborah Kennedy Linda Ketner Mrs. John E. Masaschi Mr. and Mrs. W. Wallace McDowell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James R. McNab, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meier

Anonymous Ms. Carrie Agnew GF American Rivers, Inc. Brady and Betty Anderson Ashford Advisors LLC Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Baer Anthony and Linda Bakker GF Henry M. Blackmer Foundation, Inc. GF Mrs. Margaret N. Blackmer ** GF Ms. Margaret P. Blackmer GF Blackwater, LLC Bailey Bolen and Carol Ervin GF Mr. and Mrs. John Burbage The By George Fund Elliott S. Close Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Coen Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. Mr. Edward Crawford Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford Chris Crolley Dr. and Mrs. William F. Crosswell Colin Cuskley and Sally Cuskley Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Daly Ms. Jennifer Davis Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Eaton Ms. Carol B. Ervin GF James L. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Foulke Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garbee Google Half-Moon Outfitters GF Edwin and Ellen Harley Family Fund

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Contributions Received from January 1, 2015-December 31, 2015

Mr. J. Drayton Hastie Carol and Roy Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Holleman III Mr. J. W. F. Holliday Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Horlbeck Shayna Howell GF Mr. and Mrs. David L. Huguenin Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ilderton The Joseph and Catherine Johnson Family Foundation Ms. Jane Kates Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Leath, Jr. Mr. Charles C. Lee ** Suzanne and Bruce Lindsay Magnolia Plantation Foundation Ms. Lee Manigault Mike and JoAnne Marcell Marsh Foundation Mrs. Carla Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Marshall Tom and Debbie Mather Dr. John Mattheis Ms. Josette Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. McCann Mrs. John L. McCormick Mrs. Harriet P. McDougal Mr. and Mrs. James O. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Moses National Philanthropic Trust The New York Community Trust Orton Foundation LLC The Osprey Foundation Mr. Guy Paschal Patrick Family Foundation GF Charles and Celeste Patrick GF Mr. and Mrs. David Paynter Ms. Susan Pearlstine GF Joan Coulter Pittman Fund of Coastal Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Prevost Quinn Family Charitable GF Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Quinn GF Dr. George Rabb Mr. Richard Rainaldi and Ms. Martha Records Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Ravenel Redpoint Sales Team GF Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Grace Jones Richardson Trust Mr. and Mrs. James H. Rion, Jr. David W. and Susan G. Robinson Foundation Ms. Catherine G. Rogers GF Dr. and Mrs. H. Del Schutte, Jr. Mrs. Anne Rivers Siddons Ms. Martha Jane Soltow Dakota Steiner and Family Charles and Elizabeth Sullivan William and Shanna Sullivan Jan, Susan and Karen Suwinski Mr. and Mrs. Jacques S. Theriot Gary and Mary Beth Thornhill Mr. and Mrs. R. E. E. Thorpe, Jr. Susan and Trenholm Walker GF Dr. Robert Ellis Welch, Jr. Mrs. Constance F. West Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation, Inc.



Anonymous (2) Mr. J. Marshall Allen Mr. and Mrs. Dean Andrews Drs. T. Brantley and Penny Arnau Mr. Dennis A. Avery Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barrett, Jr. Mrs. Ann R. Baruch Dr. Randy Basinger and Ms. Louise Burpee Mike Baur Mrs. Katrina Becker Mr. John P. Bent, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Bergan Blackbaud, Inc. Tom and Lynn Blagden GF Dr. Eloise Bradham and Dr. Mark George Emily Brasher Ms. Margaret F. Bridgforth GF Brown Advisory Group Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Brumley William Buehler Bob and Lynn Burt Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cahill Dr. and Mrs. Bob W. Cain GF Ms. Alyssondra Campaigne and Mr. George Abar Mr. and Mrs. Brian Carmines Mr. R. R. M. Carpenter Leigh Mary W. Carter Foundation Mr. Leigh Carter Mr. and Mrs. Wayland H. Cato, Jr. The Cecil Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Childs The Cleveland Foundation GF The Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program Mr. and Mrs. Peter Conway GF John J. and Kathleen J Cooney Mr. and Mrs. Nigel W. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Croft Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cross Jane Tucker Dana and David D. Aufhauser Anne and Gordon Darby Ms. Connie Darden-Young and Mr. Jesse Colin Young Day Pitney LLP Michael and Megan Desrosiers GF Ms. Ann W. Dibble Dr. William Ellison, Jr. Drs. Jean and Charles Everett Mrs. Harriott H. Faucette Mr. H. McDonald Felder Nancy Fetter Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Finley Chuck and Maggie Ford Francis Marion Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Gallivan III Leonie L Gately Mr. and Mrs. Karl Gedge Drs. Andrew Geer and Susan Moore Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gephart, Jr. Ms. Mary Louise Graff Dr. Ken Gray Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Hale Mrs. Roger Hanahan Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hanlin Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Hastings GF Mr. James Hawk Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Thomson Herbert

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

Mr. Fred B. Herrmann Robert K. Higgins and Carla M. Higgins Dr. Jim and Jackie Hill Mr. and Mrs. R. Glenn Hilliard Mr. William L. Hiott, Jr. Home Team BBQGF Mr. and Mrs. David C. House Ms. Margize L. Howell Mr. Richard W. Hutson, Jr. Steve and Pam Jacobs Bruce and Sarah Jayne Mr. and Mrs. George P. Johnston Dr. William Kee and Dr. Franklin Lee Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kerr The Honorable William D. Keyserling and Family Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kistler Mrs. Carolyn Lancaster GF Scott and Gayle Lane Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Laney Dr. Diane D. Lauritsen GF Ms. Linda Lear Lasca and Richard Lilly Kathie Livingston Justin Lucey Mrs. Patti Manigault Mr. and Mrs. Charles Manker Ms. Jean Elliott Manning Mr. and Mrs. Bob Marshburn GF Mr. and Mrs. David Maybank, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm McAlpin Mrs. Frank McClain Ms. Jamie Young McCulloch Mr. and Mrs. Clay McCullough GF Mr. and Mrs. Barclay McFadden III Jack and Sue McNamara Mr. Bill G. Moeckel, Jr. Bo and Peggy Mohr Mr. and Mrs. Beezer Molten Morning Sun Foundation Lane and Lucile Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Morrison North Carolina Museum of History Ms. Elizabeth F. Orser Caroline Pennington The Pittsburgh Foundation John Planty GF Mr. Harry Polychron David Christopher Quick Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Quigley Mr. and Mrs. S. Kim Reed Ms. Barbara Rehm Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Reid Mr. and Mrs. William R. Richardson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. and Carmen Vence Rivers Dr. Georgia C. Roane Mr. Dan Rogge Reid and Aubrey Sanders GF Kate and Paul Schaefer GF Schwab Charitable Fund Troy and Marilyn Shaver W. Tobias Sherrill Ned and Barbara Simmons Dorothy D. Smith Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Smith Mrs. Kaye S. Smith Mr. Martin Smith Mr. Richard Smith Mr. Tyler A. Smyth GF Mr. William Smith Gus and Cameron Speth GF

Dr. and Mrs. James Stephenson Ms. Patricia Sullivan Had and Louise Talbot Charley and Susan Tarver Mr. Michael P. Thornton Mr. John H. Tiencken, Jr. Tom Uffelman and Patty Bennett The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Dr. and Mrs. Greg A. VanDerwerker Wade Crow Engineering Mr. and Mrs. John H. Warren III Sally A. Webb, M.D. Ms. Sheila Wertimer and Mr. Gary Gruca Dr. and Mrs. George W. Williams Jay and Jennifer Williams Ms. Martha C. Worthy

$500-$999 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Abrams Ms. Kate Adams and Mr. Robert Sudderth Jim and Claire Allen Mr. and Mrs. James Allhusen Mr. David W. Ames Nancy Appel and Mitchell Sadoff Mr. Reed S. Armstrong Bob and Ro Arnoff Bo Aughtry The Ayco Charitable Foundation Chuck and Betsy Baker The Barker Welfare Foundation Edward and Adelaida Bennett Drs. John and Barbara Boatwright Ms. Christine Bogrette Elizabeth Calvin Bonner Foundation Gen. and Mrs. Walter E. Boomer Mr. and Mrs. Walker Brock Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Foundation Barbara Anne Burgess Taylor Bush Ruth Campbell Brett Carlson Dr. and Mrs. William C. Carter III Mr. and Mrs. James J. Chaffin, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth Kinghorn Chamlee Mr. Richard C. Clow GF Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. David A. Creech Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Creed Nancy and Steve Cregg Judy L. Cunningham Daniel Island Community Foundation, Inc. GF Mrs. Emily Darnell-Nunez Senator and Mrs. Tom Daschle Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Davidge Davis Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. Christopher Davis Mr. and Mrs. Emmett I. Davis, Jr. Diane and F. Garey De Angelis Mr. and Mrs. Domenico De Sole Curtis and Arianna Derrick Mr. Christopher DeScherer and Ms. Amanda Honeycutt Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Dodds Dog & Horse Fine Art/Frank Peabody Watercolors Ms. L.M. Drucker Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Drummond Michael and Anna Eddy GF Mrs. Howard D. Edwards, Sr.

Mr. D. Reid Ellis Pat Ellison Mr. Mark Essig and Mrs. Martha Craft-Essig Mark and Kay Ethridge Ms. Nina M. Fair Wayne and Dixie Fanning Linda Fein Dr. Paula Feldman and Mr. Peter Mugglestone GF Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Feldmann Gus and Lisa Field Ms. Cindy Floyd and Mr. Pete Laurie Rev. Rodney Foster and Rev. Joann Foster Ms. Mary Edna Fraser and Dr. John Sperry Mr. and Mrs. John P. Freeman Mr. Robert M. Gallant Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gettys III Dr. Annette Godow and Mr. Mark Eckerling Mary Jane Gorman Dr. and Ms. Gene W. Grace Mr. Vincent G. Graham Rebecca and Stuart Greenberg Marc Groothaert Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hagerty Mr. and Mrs. D. Maybank Hagood GF Blair and Nancy Hahn Mr. Benjamin Hall Dr. Thomas Gross and Mrs. Susan Hamilton Dr. Kit M. Hargrove Whitney and Elizabeth Hatch Ms. Joy D. Hawkins Lucile W. Hays Mr. William J. Hennessy, Jr. Edwin Hettinger and Beverly Diamond Ms. Susan Hilfer Mr. and Ms. John A. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Preston Hipp Stephen and Susan Hoffius GF Dr. Bill Holt Holly H. Hook and Dennis A. Glaves Mr. Patrick Huguenin Ms. Stephanie A. Huguenin Mr. Roger White and Dr. Deanna Jackson Mrs. Denise John Ms. Linley Jones and Mr. Gregory Roth Ms. May Jones Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones Caroline Walker Jordan Ed and Liz Joye Mr. F. Kimball Joyner and Mr. Derek Riggs JustGive Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Kammer Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kimball Dr. Katherine Kinghorn Marty and Julie Klaper Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kosko John and Peggy Kwist Melissa and Michael Ladd Mr. Mike Landrum and Ms. Brenda Smith Caitlin and Erik Lang Mr. Pete Laurie and Ms. Cindy Floyd Dr. and Mrs. Wood N. Lay Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Lee Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment Dr. and Mrs. Lanneau D. Lide Dr. I. Grier Linton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lortz Mr. and Mrs. Rayner B. Lotton Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. MacGlashin Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Maginnis

Drs. John and Siobhan Maize GF Dr. and Mrs. John J. Manzi Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mark Dr. and Mrs. Brem Mayer Bob and Holly McManus Dr. and Mrs. Keith Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Meyer Microsoft Kincaid and Allison Mills Mr. Lawrence H. Moser Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Murphy National Christian Foundation William D. and Elizabeth C. Nettles Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nevin Ms. Ellen P. Oblow Dennis and Margaret Hawk O’Brien Dr. Patrick M. O’Neil Dave and Nancy Osguthorpe Mr. and Mrs. Coleman C. Owens Palmetto Garden Club of South Carolina Erin Hardwick Pate Ms. Patricia A. Pierce Ms. Cynthia Swanson Powell Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pratt-Thomas, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim M. Prutting Lydia Engelhardt, M.D. and Bill Rambo, M.D. The Honorable Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Reed, Jr. Grant Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rutkowski Laura and Russell Schaible Dickie and Mary Schweers Kathleen Sennello and John Warner Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Shealy Dr. David Shi Mr. T. Grange Simons V Dr. James G. Simpson Dr. and Mrs. William M. Simpson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Huger Sinkler II Starr and Phil Snead Mark and Susan Solow Scott Sonoc and Marsha Williams Dr. and Mrs. John G. Steedman Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Storen Dave and Pat Stormer Charles and Jo Summerall Jennie Summerall and Stuart Bennett Ms. Janet Swigler Mr. and Ms. William B. Tausig Mr. James Thompson Ms. Mereta Thompson and Mr. Phil Dillon Clyde and Carlin Timmons John and Grace Trinkl GF Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Tyree United Way of the Piedmont Mr. Joseph Vasil Mr. and Ms. Chad Walldorf Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walsh Mr. Richard E. Watkins Charles and Martha Webb Ms. Julia West Mrs. Susan S. Wierdsma Mr. Julian Wiles and Ms. Jenny Hane Dr. William Wingfield, Jr. Mr. Calhoun Witham Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wyrick, Jr. Ms. June Yanick GF = GrowFood

** = Deceased

S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


NEW AND RENEWING MEMBERSHIPS Contributions Received from January 1, 2015 -December 31, 2015

$1-$499 Anonymous (10) Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Adams, Jr. Jeffrey Adams Mr. Keene Adams Mr. and Mrs. Charles Agee Ms. Dee Agee Dr. and Mrs. Randy L. Akers Richard and Tannis Alkire Patricia Allan David Allen Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Allen Donald M. Allen Jim and Tina Allen Mrs. Jane Allen John Allen and Patricia Underwood Ms. Miriam Allen Scott and Julie Allen Dr. and Mrs. Baker Allen Bishop C. Fitzsimons Allison and Mrs. Martha P. Allison Dr. and Mrs. Alex F. Althausen Dr. W. D. Altman and Ms. Joanna Angle Amazon Smile Bruce and Peggy Ambler Judith and Roger Anderson Mr. and Mrs. W. Swinton Anderson Dr. and Mrs. William D. Anderson, Jr. Ms. Peggy L. Andretz Mr. Ross Appel Mrs. Jessica Arant George Archibald Ms. Amy Armstrong Ms. Vivian D’Amato Asche Ms. Ann Ashby Pam and Glenn Ashley Amelia Asserson Mr. John F. Atkinson Holley C. Aufdemorte Katherine Aug Ms. Cynthia Aulbach Mr. William F. Aull Claudia and Steve Austin Marjorie Avent Mr. and Mrs. David AvRutick Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Ayers Mr. Joseph Azar Mr. and Mrs. Demetri Baches Ms. Rita Bachmann Mr. and Mrs. Donald Backer John Baden Mr. Michael Bader GF Dr. Thomas M. Badgett Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bailey Mr. Stephen J. Bailey Bob and Judy Bainbridge Dr. Michal Baird and Mr. Jim Darlington


Mr. Angus Baker and Ms. Susan Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Baker Pete and Mary Balbach Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Baldwin, Jr. Barbara Ball Ms. Molly H. Ball Mr. Robert T. Ball John and Ann Ballantyne Mr. and Mrs. Jess S. Ballentine, Jr. Ms. Beverly K. Ballinger Cheryl Banas Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Dr. Lisa K. Barclay Sherman and Carol Barker Mr. Weldon P. Barker Mr. and Mrs. Scott Y. Barnes GF Ms. Georgia L. Barnett Barrier Island Eco Tours Mr. and Mrs. A. Elliott Barrow, Jr. Mr. Adrian Barry Chris and Myrna Barton Dr. and Mrs. Scott D. Barton Dr. Jack Bass and Ms. Nathalie Dupre Dr. Susan Bateman Mr. Leslie L. Bateson Mr. John Batson Mr. Edward A. Batten Ms. Judith S. Baughman Mr. and Mrs. William D. Baughman Wyatt Baughn Mr. Peter Baumann Louise Bavier Bennett R. Baxley Mr. John W. Beach Ms. Nellie Beach Wilson and Lynn Beamer Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Beard III Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Beattie The Beaufort Garden Club Charles Bebko Mrs. Laura Dukes Beck Richard Beck and Karen Lovelace Chris and Lane Becken Karl and Barbara Becker William Beckwith Ms. Cherna Bednarsh Caroline Beeland and John Moore Mrs. Bobbi Bees Don and Carol Beidler Dr. and Mrs. Norman H. Bell Bill and Ellen Bell Anne Benbow Carole Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Bennett, Jr. Edward Bennett Jr. Greg Bennett Mr. J. Brett Bennett and Dr. Trisha Folds-Bennett Mr. L. Russell Bennett

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

Pilar Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Colin C. Bentley Gilbert Benz Dr. and Mrs. James R. Bergen E. Bergmann Mr. Dan Berman Stephen Berman Dr. and Mrs. Dennis O. Bernard Ms. Evelyn J. Berner Dean and Carolyn Berry Mr. and Mrs. Sam G. Berry Bridget Besaw Mr. Charles J. Bethea Mr. and Mrs. Travis L. Bianchi Dr. Nancy L. Bickford-Jordan Mr. Rhett S. Bickley Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Biernbaum Frank Biggers Mr. John C. Bigler Ms. Donna Billings and Mr. Dennis White Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bischoff Mr. Ryan Black Anne Blair Ms. Laura Ann Blake-Orr Mr. and Mrs. John H. Blanchard Terry Blanken and Dennis Swartzlander David and Denise Blauch William and Marilyn Blizard Mrs. Margaret Bobo Bob and Kevin Bockman Nick Boehm Ms. Elizabeth L. Boineau Mr. and Mrs. William Bollin George Boltwood Eleanor Bomstein GF Pauline and Howard Bomstein Jonathan and Marty Bonds Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Bondurant Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonham Judge and Mrs. H. E. Bonnoitt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Sidney Boone, Jr. Kate Borg Ms. Caroline Boston Michael and Allison Bourland Mr. William J. Bowden Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Bowen III Marnette Bowen Ms. Evelyn Bowler Mr. and Mrs. James E. Boyd Emma Boyer Mr. Burwell Boykin Gina Boyle Mrs. Nancy J. Bracken Mr. Thomas Bradford and Ms. Susan Bass Beth Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brailsford III Evan Brandon GF

Ms. Emily B. Branscome Linden Bransom Mr. and Mrs. Kyle S. Braxton Mr. S. Coleman Braxton Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Bray Betty F. Breedlove Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Brennecke Ms. Susan Breslin GF Mr. Thomas Bresnick John and Jan Brewton Mr. John Brice Mr. Raymond Brick Marilyn and Howard Brilliant Denise Broad Mr. Paul Bronzo Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brooks Mr. Alfred V. Brown, Jr. Ms. Carley Brown Mr. and Mrs. E. Steve Brown Eric and Lynn Brown Mel and Jack Brown Dr. and Mrs. Robert O. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Prescott H. Brownell GF Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Bruderer Mr. Theodore Brush Mr. Douglas Bryan Ms. Mary L. Bryan Scott Bryant Sterling Bryson Dr. and Mrs. William Y. Buchanan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Buckner Mr. and Mrs. C. Ashley Bullard Sandra Bundy Ms. Brenda Burbage Ms. Jean R. Burch Ms. Laurette T. Burdyl Ross and Carol Burgess Mr. Dale D. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Moultrie B. Burns, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hardwick H. Burr Mrs. Georgia Burson Carleton and Mary Ann Burtt John R. Busher Mr. and Mrs. McBee Butcher Ms. Barbara B. Butler Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Butler Mrs. Julian T. Buxton, Jr. Mrs. Polly Buxton Ms. Pansy Buzhardt Ms. Paula W. Byers Mr. Henry C. Byrd Shawna Byrne Ms. Randy Cabell Tom and Bev Cable Bill and Margaret Cain GF Ms. Angie Y. Calhoun Ms. Annalisa Calini Tom and Peggy Camp Buddy Campbell Mrs. Barbara C. Canelon

Ms. Candace Cannady Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Cantey GF Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Carling Mr. Samuel C. Carlton Andrew and Erin Carmines Ms. Stella Carmody Chris Carnevale June Carney Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Carothers Elizabeth Carr Hills GF Mr. Ed Carraway Ms. Cornelia Carrier Linda Carrington Ms. Candice Carter Henry and Rhea Carter Karen Carter Ms. Margaret H. Carter Lindy Carter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Heyward Carter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George B. Cartledge, Jr. Marcia Cassell Mike and Dancy Cassell Miss Lucy Anne Cathcart Mrs. Sondra Catts Ed and Anna Ceva Johnny Chakides Ms. Anne Chambers Danny Chandler and Kathryn Fritz Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Nelson Chandler Ms. Camilla J. Chapman Mr. Ronald H. Charron Leah F. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chase Mr. George K. Chastain Jocelyn Chateauvert Erich and Karen Chatham Robert A. Cheatham Ms. Lynn C. Chiappone Mr. John F. Chilton IV Frank and Diane Chmelik Sarah Cholewinski Lynn Rudmin Chong Mr. Lester Chou Mr. Andy Christian and Ms. Linda Carlile Mr. Joseph F. Christie, Jr. Mrs. Janet Ciegler John and Alice Claggett Sally Clark Mr. and Mrs. Hunter L. Clarkson Mrs. Sarah B. Clarkson Jeanne Clausen Mr. Malcolm L. Clay Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Claypool Jim and Patricia Cleary Tom Clements Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cleveland Mr. Michael Cline and Ms. Jennifer Mathis Joann Close Ms. Sara Clow GF Ms. Susan Clow GF Coalition of Concerned Citizens of Williamsburg Coastal Georgia Chapter NSFRE Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cobau Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coble Ms. Suzanne Coffman GF

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander H. Cohen Juliet and Jeffrey Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Cohen Ms. Lia Colabello Barbara R. Cole Mr. Carl Cole Christina Cole Dr. and Mrs. Hugh V. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Coleman Ms. Dorothy Coley and Mr. Robert Cross Kristy Collins GF Mrs. Lorinda Collister Mr. Robert Combs Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Compton Mr. and Mrs. William W. Conde III Ms. Marjorie H. Conner Jill and Gary Conway Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cook, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cooley Mrs. Richard D. Coonen Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Cooper, Jr. Mrs. Jeannette M. Cooper Gilbert and Drucilla Copeland Ms. Margaret Cormack GF Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Corning Charles and Marty Cornwell Mrs. Victoria Schipa Corr Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Cotter, Jr. Senator and Mrs. John E. Courson Tommy Cousins Richard and Libby Cowan Mr. Woodrow W. Cox, Jr. Mr. John C. Creed Mr. Larry Creel and Ms. Judith Yarbrough Ms. Elizabeth R. Crockett Ms. Margaret A. Cromwell Mr. Malcolm Crosland and Ms. Meggett Lavin Helen Crouch Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Crutchfield Dr. and Mrs. Brian G. Cuddy Mr. Michael R. Culler, Jr. Lynn Cunningham GF Ms. Barbara M. Currey M. Ed Mr. and Mrs. James Currie Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Curtis Faison Cushman Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cuthbertson Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Dana III Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Daniels Ms. Betsie Danner and Mr. Vincent Brennan Mrs. Nadine Darby Mr. Reggie F. Daves Mr. Brandon Davis Mr. Charles M. Davis Dena Davis Ms. Dianne S. Davis Mrs. Donna J. Davis Mr. and Mrs. James C. Davis Miss Kathy Davis Ms. Lauren Davis Ms. M. Penelope Davis Ms. Marlene Davis Mrs. Melissa Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davis Mark De Santis Mr. and Mrs. Morris K. Deason Drs. Gordon Dehler and Martha Ann Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dehoney Mr. Fowler Del Porto Ms. Deanna Demory Jan Dennis Dr. and Mrs. Carl Derrick Ms. June N. Derrick Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. DeVeer, Jr. Shirley and Art Di Salvo Mr. Aaron R. Dias Mr. and Mrs. James K. Dias Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Dichiara Dr. Jean Dickey Debra M. Dickinson Neil and Renee Dickinson Mr. Dan Dickison Mr. Steven C. Diesing Lisa Digeronimo Mr. and Mrs. James B. Docherty Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner Dodd Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Dodds Mr. George A. Dominello Ms. Ann M. Donaldson DonateWell Mr. Langston Langston Donkle III Ms. Kathleen Donnelly Mr. Paul Donnelly Mr. Richard P. Donohoe Mr. Michael Dopson Mrs. Marie T. Dorn Eric Doss Ms. Carol T. Dotterer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Doty III Ms. Wayne Douglas Mr. and Mrs. G. Geddes Dowling III Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Dowling Mr. and Mrs. Ron Drabot John and Trena Draughn Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Drew Ms. Deborah Drinkwater Mr. Eduard Dubbers-Albrecht Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Dubois Dr. Hugh H. Dubose Mr. and Mrs. Theodore DuBose S. Kimble Duckworth GF Dr. William E. Dufford Martha and John Duggan Mr. Joe Dukes Mr. Henry Dunbar and Mrs. Katherine Dunbar Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Dunlap Mr. Richard Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dupps, Jr. Dr. Kay Durst Annie Duryee Ms. Patricia Dwight Ms. Candace Dyal Cynthia Hodell Dyer Mr. Don D. Easson Ms. Lynn Eastwood Ms. Dorothy H. Edgerton Dr. James R. Edinger Edisto Island Community Association

Ms. Pamela J. Edwards Drs. Nick and Linda Elksnin Mr. and Mrs. David J. Elliott Mrs. Luanne H. Elliott Ms. Patricia Elliott Dick and Dayna Elliott Sheron Elliott Dr. Frances L. Elmore Dr. Leon M. Ember Ms. Frances B. Ennis Ms. Anne C. Epting Mary Erickson John and Trish Ernstrom Drs. Douglas and Diane Ervin Mr. Robert W. Ervin Mr. and Mrs. A. Donald Evans Mr. Jeff Evans Mr. and Mrs. John S. Evans, Jr. Mrs. Vernelle Evans Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Ewing III Mr. Randell Ewing ExxonMobil Foundation Ms. Carol J. Ezell-Gilson Margaret and Jon Fabri Dr. and Mrs. F. Strait Fairey, Jr. Henry W. Farnum CPA Drs. Edward and Betty Farnworth Mr. David Farren John and Dianne Faucette Susan Coleman Fedor Mrs. Theodora L. Feldberg Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Feldman Mrs. Deborah B. Fenn Ms. Karol K. Fenner Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fenning Avril Fenwick Pamela Ferguson Ms. Mary Fetscher Mr. David Finger Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. Fink Rev. Mary M. Finklea Mary Fleming Finlay Mr. Jason Finley George Finly Mr. and Mrs. William Firth III Henry and Lurline Fishburne Mr. James Fitch Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Fitzgerald Ms. Angie C. Flanagan Mr. Roy C. Flannagan Mr. Michael Fleischbein Richard Fleming Ms. Madilyn Fletcher, Ph.D. Karen Flowe Ms. Dianne Flowers Dr. Angeleita Floyd and Dr. Scott Cawelti Mrs. Marguerite Fogleman John W. and Sara Jane Foltz Ms. Amanda Ford Ms. Caroline Alexander Forgason Mrs. Ellen Forwalk Joanne Foster Ms. Rebecca Fouche Mr. Harold I. Fox Ms. Elizabeth Franchini Mr. E. Douglas Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Fray

S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Contributions Received from January 1, 2015-December 31, 2015

Michael and Linna Frederick GF Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman Kristen French Mr. and Mrs. Stan Frick Dr. Charles Friedman and Ms. Karin Volquardsen Mr. Danner Friedman and Ms. Elizabeth Kent Ms. Helen L. Frohlich Mark and Julie Frye Mrs. Janet M. Fryman Davis Mr. and Mrs. Wes Fuller GF Ms. Ann L. Furr Don and Jane Furtado Mr. and Mrs. Derek Fyfe Trip Gabriel Mrs. Monte Gaillard Mr. and Mrs. W. Foster Gaillard Mr. and Mrs. George Galos Mr. Christopher Galton Mr. Jeremy Galton Mr. Robert O. Gamble Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gantt Carla Garbarini Mr. Michael Gardner Ms. Cheryl L. Garnant GF Mr. David Garr and Ms. Deborah Williamson GF Tom and Betsy Garret Casey Garvin Drs. Thomas and Alice Gasque J. Lee Gastley Dr. and Mrs. James H. Gault Mr. and Mrs. Kinney Gause GE Foundation GF Mr. Andrew Geer Mr. and Mrs. George R. Geer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Gersen Ms. Elaine Gibbes James and Helen Gibbs Sheridan Gibler Mr. Charles F. Gibson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Gibson Ann and Mike Giese Grace Gifford Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilbert Trevor and Emily Gildea GF Tom and Sally Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Gillespie Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Gimarc Dr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Ginsberg Ms. Bea Girndt Mrs. Sharol Giuffre GF Corrie Gladstein Ms. Shirley K. Glancy Glaser + Company Miss Elizabeth B. Glazebrook Mr. and Mrs. John W. Glenn Ms. Melanie Gnazzo Ms. Barbara Godfrey Ms. Cathy Godshall GF Mr. Joshua Gold Teresa Gooden GF Mr. Robert W. Gooding Sarajane Goodman Ms. Stacey Goodmen GF Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Goodridge III


Maggie Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Goodwin Shane Goranson Drs. Donald and April Gordon Scott and Patience Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gould Susan and Scott Graber Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Grady, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clarendon L. Graham Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program Kirk Grant Mr. and Mrs. James H. Grantham Allie Grass Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Grassi Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Gravil Stephanie Gray Lee and Jennifer Grayson Clive Greaves Marian Greely and Darrell Olson GF Ms. Jennifer Green Mr. and Mrs. John F. Green Mr. Harlan Greene and Mr. Jonathan Ray Greenhaus LLC GF Jack B. Greenshields Glenna D. Greenslit Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hershey Greer, Jr. Senator and Mrs. Chauncey K. Gregory Mr. Jackson V. Gregory Lewis Gregory Grant and Kathy Greider Mrs. Martha B. Gresham Mr. and Mrs. L. Marion Gressette III Mr. and Mrs. J. Penn Griffen Ms. Amanda Griffith Mark and Patricia Griffith Dr. Jerrold Griggs and Ms. Deynise Lau Mrs. Richard B. Grimball John Grimes Jim and Josette Grimsley Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Grochowski Mrs. Linda S. Groen Jim and Kay Gross Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gupton Ms. Frances A. Guyton Dr. Gail J. Guzzo Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Gwyn Kellie Gypin GF Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hadley GF Mr. Michael Haga Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Hagood, Jr. Mr. Cary H. Hall, Jr. Raphael M. Haller Mr. Bill Halstead and Ms. Sheryll Ingram Mr. and Mrs. J. William Haltiwanger Diana and George Hambleton Anna Hamilton GF Mr. Thomas Hamilton III GF Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Hammet, Sr. Janis Hammett Mr. Alan Hancock Shirley Hane Mr. Paul Hanks, Jr. Ms. Martha Hanson Mr. Stephen Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Happe

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

Dr. and Mrs. Imtiaz Haque Donna Haram Dan and Betty Hardaway Ms. Robin L. Hardin Dr. Suzanne D. Hardwicke Max Hare Dr. William Hare and Mrs. Eleanor Hare Ms. Dorinda Q. Harmon Nancy Harold Mr. Roland T. Harper, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Harrigal Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Harrigan Scott Harris Mr. J. Smith Harrison, Jr. Katharine M. Hartley Ms. Sarah Hartman Pat and Mary Lou Hartness Ms. Rosemary Hartnett Ms. Linda Hartough GF Heather Hartung Ms. Connie Haskell Patrick Hassell Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hassell Mr. William Andrew Hautt Dr. and Mrs. Chris Hawk Dr. and Mrs. Harlan G. Hawkins Mary Trott Hawley Dr. Edward L. Hay Lewis and Kim Hay Mr. and Mrs. Clarke L. Hayes Senator and Mrs. Wes Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Heagerty Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hearn III Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hecker Frank and Dorothy Hefner Marc and Betsy Hehn Rev. Lois Helms Mr. and Mrs. William C. Helms III Ms. Beckie Hemmerling GF Ms. Marilyn M. Henderson Miss Emily Henderson-Remington Mrs. Toni O. Hendrix Chris Henrich Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hester Mr. Dean J. Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Hill Hilton Head Island Audubon Society Kathryn Hilton Mr. J. B. Hines III Shery Hines Mr. Charles Hinnant Anna Kate and Hayne Hipp Kevan and Amy Hirsch Sherry and Ken Hirsch Robert and Nancy Hirst David and Susan Hodges Mr. and Mrs. David Hodierne GF Mr. Brad Hodson Mr. and Mrs. Danial Hoke Dr. Bonnie Holaday Gillian Holaday Dr. Fred Holland William Holling Mr. Robert Meyer Hollings III Ms. Julie Hollings-Bower Dr. and Mrs. Ed Holscher Ms. Patti Holsclaw

Mr. Paul Holt Mr. and Mrs. Marty Hook Chuck Hooker Ms. Christine A. Hope John R. Hope Ms. June C. Hora Ms. Betty Horton Mr. and Mrs. Ozey K. Horton, Jr. Ms. Amy Horwitz and Mr. Norm Shea Dr. and Mrs. Dwight J. Hotchkiss, Jr. Mr. Woody House Gene and Alice Howard Bob and Bev Howard Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Howe Ms. Margaret Howe Peg Howell Mr. and Mrs. Newton I. Howle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hricik Mr. and Mrs. Perry D. Hubbard III Brad Huber Harold A. Huckins Col. and Mrs. Perry A. Hudel Mr. Jarret Hudson GF Ms. Lily Grace M. Hudson Ms. Maryann Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hughey Ms. Carol Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. R. Walter Hundley Drs. Richard and Margaret Hunt Stephanie and Noel Hunt Ms. Mary Hutchins Harris GF Roy Hutchinson and Julia Eichelberger Shannon Hynds Ms. Bonnie L. Ideal Mr. Harford Igleheart Ms. Ann B. Igoe Ms. Elizabeth Ilderton George and Dorothy Ingram Maria Israelsson Mr. and Mrs. James H. Iverson Mr. Bo Ives Ms. Kathy A. Jackson Ms. Dale McElveen Jaeger Mr. Edward James Mrs. Lois McCallum James Nancy and Ricky James Dr. and Mrs. W. Scott James Robert and Sandra Janiskee Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jauch Ms. Patricia Jaudon Ned and Lucia Jaycocks GF Ms. Carolyn Jebaily Mr. Hugh Jeffers and Ms. Anna Lee Turner Ms. Marsha B. Jenkins Lynn Jenness David and Sharon Jennings Glenn and Ashley Jennings Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Jenrette III Ms. Holly R. Jensen Ms. Alice Neyle Jervey Admiral and Mrs. Charles Jervey Drs. William and Sarah Jessee Bill Jirousek Mr. Carl Johnson Dan McDonald Johnson and Sydnor R. Laffitte Mr. George L. Johnson

Gerry R. Johnson Harriott Means Johnson Ms. Judith D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Tapley O. Johnson, Jr. Mr. Bill Johnston Coy Johnston Mr. Robert Johnston GF Dr. Elizabeth G. Joiner Angela T. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Champ Jones, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clif S. Jones Colin Jones GF Mr. Dan Jones Mr. Guy Jones and Dr. Cynthia Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Jones Margie Ann Jones Ms. Mary Evelyn Jones Mrs. Pauline Jones Whit Jones Mr. and Mrs. J. Gwyn Jordan Mr. Robert Jordan Mike Judson Rick and Carol Jules Mr. Robert A. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Rick D. Kaylor Mr. Gerald A. Kaynard Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Keller, Jr. Dr. George T. Keller III GF Mr. Joe Kelley Ms. Sherry W. Kelley Ashley Kelly Ms. Sally F. Keltner Mr. James O. Kempson Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kennedy Mr. Thomas H. Kennedy Kevin and Susan Keogh Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Kerrigone Ms. Margaret W. Kherlopian Mr. Norman Khoury Bruce and Laurie Kienke Randy and Jan Kienstra Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Killin Mr. Frederick W. Kinard, Jr. King of Pops GF Carole W. King Mr. and Mrs. Edward King Mr. and Mrs. George S. King, Jr. Gerald King Mr. Lincoln Kinnicutt Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Kinzer Mrs. Patricia W. Kirkland Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kirkland Mr. and Mrs. John Kirven Ms. Marsha F. Kite Ms. Kathryn A. Kleibacker Victoria Klein Mr. William F. Kline Rob Klomparens Henry and Melinda Knight Mr. and Mrs. Lon Knight, Jr. Deborah Knowlton Janis Koenig Mr. Michael Kohl and Dr. Jane McLamarrah Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kohler Ms. Mary W. Koob Mr. Michael Koon

Mr. Wayne Koon Mr. and Mrs. Christian Koppernaes Mr. and Mrs. William Korb Dr. and Mrs. John F. Kososki Katherine and John Kotz Ms. Kathlene Kowalchick Ed and Regina Kozek GF Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr GF Ms. Julia Krebs and Mr. Roger Hux Ms. Nancy M. Kreml Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Kreutzer Bruce and Bill Krucke Kurt Krucke Dr. Markus Kruesi and Mrs. Mary Alice Monroe Eleanor Kuhl John and Shea Kuhn Dr. and Mrs. Seth P. Kupferman Mrs. Marguerite C. Kwiatkowski Ms. Maryellen Kyle L &T Ventures, LLP Dennis Laabs Dr. William Lackstrom and Ms. Kirsten Lackstrom Ms. Joan Smith Ladd Lincoln and Gloria Ladd Jonathan Lamb Edith Lane Josephine and Eddie Laney Ms. Tori G. Langen Rita Langley Mr. David Lansbury Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaPorte Dr. Steven A. Lapp Drs. David and Marilyn Larach Sister Donna Lareau Ms. Paula A. Lareau Mr. and Mrs. William E. Latture Anna-Marie Laura Mrs. Jenny C. Lawing Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lawson-Johnston Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Lawton III Margaret Lawton and Paul Lund Mr. Russell Lawton Ms. Marion F. Leach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leahy Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Leak Anne Lee Ms. Caroline W. Lee Drs. John and Lynda Leffler Mr. Edward T. Legare Mitzi H. Legerton Susan Leggett Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Lehder Bill Lehr Jonathan Leiman Lauren Leiman Mr. and Mrs. Craig Leister GF Ms. Harriott Cheves Leland Lee and Cindy Leland Mrs. Deborah Leonard Dr. and Mrs. Gary Leonard Ms. Susan M. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Chisolm Leonard Ned and Jane Lesesne Mr. William Lesesne Mr. Merrill D. Lester Senator and Mrs. Phil Leventis

Ms. Peggy W. Levinson Dr. and Mrs. Jan V. Levitan Mrs. Alice Levkoff GF Ms. Peggy Lewis Jake Libaire Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Light, Jr. Mr. Jack Limehouse Ms. Patricia G. Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Cisco Lindsey Dr. and Mrs. R. P. Linker Mr. and Mrs. Toney J. Lister Lesly Livengood Gordon and Catherine Locatis Mr. Matthew Lockhart Ms. Kristen Lococo Mr. and Mrs. John M. Loftis Mr. and Mrs. William S. Logan Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D. Long Marilyn H. Long Mr. and Mrs. Robert Long Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey R. Lorenz Ms. Jessica Loring and Mr. Laurence Rasmussen Mrs. Mary D. Loring Mr. Craig Lovejoy Mrs. Ingrid E. Low Ms. Sheila Low-Beer Patricia O. Lowry Ms. Melinda Lucka Kelley and Mr. Robert Black Mr. and Mrs. G. Lindsay Luke, Jr. John and Judith Lundin Mr. James J. Lundy, Jr. Mr. Robbie Lupo Mrs. Adrienne M. Lustig Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Lybecker Ms. Liz Lynch Mr. Andrew M. Lyons Janet Lyons Timothy J. Lyons, M.D. Mr. Carl Mabry Ms. Jeanette MacDougal Mary Maclachlan Mr. and Mrs. Jim MacLeod Meg MacLeod Mrs. Arthur A. Madden Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Madoff Susan Madson B.R. Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Maguire Raymond Main Kathryn Maland Mr. Mark Maland Mr. Myles Maland Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Malley Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mamunes David Mandel Deborah Mangan Mr. Frank Manning Judy F. Manning Ms. Laurin Manning Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Mansheim Mrs. T. Eston Marchant, Jr. Ms. Helen R. Marine Mrs. Evelyn C. Marion Mr. and Mrs. John R. Markel Betsy Marlow Dr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Marsh

Darelyn Marshall Ms. Linda L. Marshall Lindsay Marshall Van and Catherine Marshall Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Marti Jami and Leah Martin Mr. Joseph Martin Mr. Tony H. Martin Ms. Jane Massey Mr. and Mrs. Brad V. Masteller Ms. Jennifer Mathis and Mr. Michael Cline Mr. and Mrs. Tug Mathisen Vanessa Matonis GF Mrs. Elizabeth G Matthew Nicholas Matthews Dr. and Mrs. Fleming Mattox Tom Mauldin Bob and Judy Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maybank Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Mayo Mrs. Audrey C. McBratney-Bittner Mr. Gordon McBride Mr. and Mrs. Lee McBride Arch and Caroline McCallum Mr. and Mrs. Franklin McCann Mr. John T. McCarter GF Mrs. Helen M. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. William McCarthy Ms. Frances McClary Lee and Mary Kay McCollum Mr. John W. McCord Mr. David B. McCormack Mr. Ted McCormack Christe McCoy-Lawrence GF Robin H. McCravy Charlotte McCreary Mr. William McCullough, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Don McCunniff Stuart and Sarah McDaniel Ms. Katherine M. McDonald Ms. Freida McDuffie Sally and Robert McGarry Ms. Shanna M. McGarry Ms. Madeleine S. McGee and Mr. Bunky Wichmann Dr. Shelley McGeorge Tara McGrath and Doug Hatch Ms. Eileen Mary McGuffie Mr. and Mrs. John F. McIlwain Mrs. Suzanne G. McIntyre Mr. Rod McIver Dianne McKenzie Mr. Robert A. McKenzie Mr. William W. McKinnon Goffinet and Ian McLaren Mr. and Mrs. Earl McMillen III Andrew McNab Mrs. Sue Ellen F. McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Terry McPherson Dr. Charles W. McRae Ms. Kelly McSweeney Ms. Dorothy H. Meacham Mr. John Meffert and Mr. Steve Cagle Mr. Charles E. Menefee, Jr. Mrs. Deborah J. Merriam Ms. Kay E. Merrill

S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Contributions Received from January 1, 2015-December 31, 2015

The Vase in the Chapel The funeral home chapel had high ceilings painted a dull gray with walls a lifeless tan. Plant a tree for me. The recorded organ played some familiar hymn. Eighteen or twenty friends seated themselves in mostly vacant pews. Plant a tree for me. Professional staff rolled the casket to its position in front of the altar. The deceased grandmother’s children and grandchildren followed – seating themselves in the front pews. Plant a tree for me. A paid minister who never knew the deceased delivered an appropriate message which few of his audience could hear. Plant a tree for me. The family walked out beginning a four-hour long trip to a cemetery where few would ever visit another day. Plant a tree for me. Create a garden or a forest – Heal and protect the earth with a planting to benefit the people and animals. Please plant a tree for me.

George Bowman Hartness, 2013 age 94 Mr. Hartness, a long-time friend of the Coastal Conservation League, died in June 2015.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

John Merritt Ms. Suzanne Meszner-Eltrich Jane Meyerson Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Michaud Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Middleton III Capt. and Mrs. William L. Miles John and Joanne Milkereit GF Linda Millard Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Miller Mr. Donald F. Miller Glenda Miller Lee Miller Mrs. Phyllis Miller Traci Miller Dr. and Mrs. Garrett Milliken Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mirsky Angela and Howard Misthal Mr. Ed Mistretta Ms. L. Susan Mitchell Marion and Sara Mitchell Michael and Annie Mithoefer Grant Mizner Ms. Darlene H. Moak Ms. Teresa A. Modrell Mr. Hugh S. Monger Blake and Jeannie Monson Mark Monson Mr. and Mrs. Mac Montgomery Scott and Laura Montgomery Ms. Lill Mood Mrs. Jean F. Moody Be Moore John and Harriett Moore Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Moore, Jr. Ms. Louise Moore and Mr. Billy Eskridge Mrs. Peg Moore Dr. Nancy Moore Dr. Richard Moore and Ms. M. Robin Morris Stephen Moore Mr. and Mrs. Tyre H. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Wesley L. Moore III Mrs. Ann D. Moorefield Ms. Laura Moorefield Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C Moorer, Jr. Ms. Anita Moran Morgan Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Art S. Morgenstern Mr. and Mrs. Edmond N. Moriarty III Alice Morrisey Ms. Allison Elise Morrison Mr. and Mrs. William M. Morrison, Jr. Mr. Arthur J. Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Morton Sylvia Moseley Linda Moser Laura E. Moses Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mosimann, Jr. Ms. Anne B. Moss Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Mougey Dr. Maxwell Mowry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muench Mr. and Mrs. John Muench Mrs. Toma Mulkey Ms. Katherine Muller

Dr. Nancy Muller and Mr. Warren Mersereau Ms. Rebecca D. Munger Mr. and Mrs. Charles Munson Ms. Roberta Murchison Eisuke and Daryll Murono Lawrence Murphy and Carol Murphy Ms. Catherine Murphy Kathryn Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Murphy Susan Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Todd Murray Dr. and Mrs. James R. Muscott Aaron and Erika Myers Mrs. Jeanne W. Myers Mrs. Nancy T. Myers Mr. Henry Needham Mr. and Mrs. George M. Neil Mr. and Mrs. Michael Neilson Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Nelson GF Drs. James and Noreen Nelson David and Nancy Nettleton Network For Good Mr. Robert F. Neville Marcus Newberry Mr. and Mrs. William S. Newby Sally and John Newell Newkirk Environmental, Inc. Ms. Elizabeth Newman Ms. Jola Newman GF Mrs. Phillis Newman Rhonwen L. Newton Cynthia Nirenblatt Brooke Niznik Michele Noel Dr. Joye A. Norris Ms. Kim H. Norris Charlie Northcutt Ms. Susan B. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Norvell Ben and Sunshine Norwood Dr. and Mrs. W. Eugene Notz Ms. Mary Kathryn Nunes Ms. Sis Nunnally GF Dr. and Mrs. Alan I. Nussbaum Mrs. Mary Kathlyne Nussbaumer Franklin Nutter Oak Table Mrs. Mary M. O’Connell Dr. William F. O’Dell Mr. and Mrs. Greg Ohanesian Mr. Karl F. Ohlandt Mrs. Pam Ohlandt Ms. Lucinda A. Olasov Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Olivier Geno and Mel Olmi Ms. Anne P. Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Opoulos III GF Mr. Richard O’Regan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Orr Mr. Hamilton Osborne, Jr. Ms. Jean L. Osborne Ms. Brenda S. O’Shields Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ottinger Outside Hilton Head Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Ouzts Ms. Pamela Martin Ovens

Dr. Jeanne Owen Roy Owen and Sue McClinton GF David and Deborah Oyster Dr. Artur Pacult Mrs. Anne V. Padgett Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Padgett Mr. and Mrs. David J. Painter Linda Palmer Dr. Olivia C. Palmer Anne Palyok Mr. and Mrs. N. Papadea Mr. and Mrs. David Pardue Mrs. Diane Parker Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Russell Parker Mr. Samuel P. Parker, Jr. Mrs. Constance S. Parramore Mr. and Mrs. Peter Parrott Mr. Roger F. Pasquier Margaret Passailaigue GF Ms. Jane Patrick Mr. Dwight Patterson Mr. Hayes H. Patterson, Jr. Mr. W. Joel Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Pauls Dr. Robert Payne and Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas Dr. and Mrs. B. Daniel Paysinger Elizabeth Peacock Mrs. Judy S. Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peck Mr. L. Scott Peeples Mr. and Mrs. William F. Pennebaker Mr. Peter Penniman Gina Perez Jeri and Marty Perlmutter Mr. John Peters Clare Petersen GF Mr. David Peterson Mrs. Patsy K. Pettus The Pew Charitable Trusts Employee Matching Gifts Program Mrs. Janice N. Pfeiffer The Pfizer Foundation Mr. David B. Phillips Ms. Victoria Phillips Mr. Roger Pinckney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pinckney II Ms. Virginia Pinson Ms. Donna Pitcher V. Adm. Douglas C. Plate Dr. and Mrs. Keith C. Player Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Player, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Plumb Ms. Catherine Poag Taylor Pool Mr. John T. Poole Mr. and Mrs. William L. Pope Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Porter Dr. and Mrs. William Post Dr. and Mrs. Jan H. Postma, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Potter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Powell Ms. Whitney Powers Mr. William Pregnall Mr. Norris Preyer and Dr. Lucy Preyer





Sue Priester Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pringle Mrs. Sarah G. Pringle Dr. and Mrs. William H. Prioleau, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pritchett Mr. Frank Procaccini Mr. Steven C. Pruitt Drs. Evan and Marie Pucillo Mrs. Louise E. Pugh Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Pulliam Mr. and Mrs. Marc Puntereri Mr. and Mrs. Tarrant Putnam Mr. and Mrs. William C. Putnam Dr. Ann A. Quattlebaum Mr. Kyle Rabe Philip and Frances Racine Dianna Rae Mr. Frank W. Rambo Dr. and Mrs. William M. Rambo, Jr. Drs. Ross and Laura Rames Ms. Cheryl Randall Paula Randler Dr. and Mrs. W. Alan Randolph Ms. Marjorie Rath and Mr. David Bachman Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Ravenel Mrs. Eva Ravenel Ms. Suzanne C. Ravenel Mr. John W. Ray Mr. Douglas A. Rayner Mr. and Mrs. I. Mayo Read, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Read Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Reading II Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Rebhan Mr. James Redman-Gress Warren Redman-Gress Mr. William Reehl Mr. C. Ford Reese, Jr. Jerry Regenbogen Mr. and Mrs. Craig Reid Mr. and Mrs. William D. Reid Suzanne Reigart Ms. Gina Reilly GF Ms. Sherry Remillard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Rensberry Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC Roberta Reynes and Chester Stark Dr. Rebecca L. Reynolds Susan Reynolds Mrs. Anne Jervey Rhett Mrs. Frank Rhett Mr. and Mrs. David Rice Mr. Leon L. Rice III Ms. Nena Powell Rice Bryn O. Richard Ms. Jennifer Richard GF Mr. Wayne Richard Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Richards Dr. Katherine Richardson and Dr. David Bundy Mr. Terry E. Richardson, Jr. Ms. Virginia Richardson Mr. and Mrs. William C. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Richbourg Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Rickenbaker, Jr. Mary Rogers Ridgeway Mr. Frederick W. Riesen, Jr. Dr. Nicholas Rigas

Dr. and Mrs. John Riolo Ms. Beverly Rivers Ms. Carolyn Rivers and Mr. Henk Brandt Ms. Paula D. Rivers Mr. Frank H. Roberts, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. H. Douglas Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robertson Dan Robinson Debra Robinson Rick and Jill Robinson Ms. Jeanne B. Robinson GF Tom Robinson GF Mr. Ron A. Rocz Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Rogers IV William Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Frederich E. Roitzsch Mr. Paul M. Rollison, Jr. Amy Romanczuk GF John and Nell Romanosky Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Romberger Senator and Mrs. Michael T. Rose Ms. Sue Briggum Rose Mr. and Mrs. William S. Rose, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Rosen Ted and Dale Rosengarten Mr. and Mrs. William Ross Mr. Herb Rothschild Mr. and Mrs. Alwyn Rougier-Chapman Mr. and Mrs. William A. Roumillat Dr. and Mrs. William A. Roumillat II Ms. Traylor Rucker Mr. David Rudd Mr. Justin I. Rummage Dr. and Mrs. James P. Rush Ms. Meredith Russo Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Rutledge Mr. Joseph W. Rutter Matthew Ryan Mrs. Carol F. Ryder Bob Rymer and Catherine Anne Walsh Mr. and Mrs. John I. Saalfield, Jr. Michael and Nancy Salas Mr. Kirkpatrick Sale Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Salley Lisa Saltzburg Mr. Michael S. Sand Ms. Dorothy M. Sanders Ms. Felicia J. Sanders Jenny Sullivan Sanford Denise Sanger Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Sansbury Leslie Sautter Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Sawyer Mrs. Louise Sawyer Conway and Bart Saylor Ms. Patricia Schaefer Ms. Susanna Schantz Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Scheetz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scheimann Mr. Robert M. Schlau Allyn and Ann Schneider Mr. and Mrs. George Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schock Ms. Judith Schoeck Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Schuhmacher Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schulze Jan Schumann Betty E. Schuster

Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Schwenzfeier Jim and Debbie Scott Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Scruggs Ginger Scully and Greg Kidwell Peyre and Clare Scurry Jerry Scurry Ms. Donna Seabolt Ms. Cynthia Seabrook GF Ms. Barbara P. Searle Paul Sebestyen Mr. Stephen Sedlak Ms. Janet Segal Mr. and Mrs. Grenville Seibels Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seibels Mr. Herman Senter Mr. and Mrs. Dalmer P. Sercy Ms. Elizabeth W. Settle Ms. Helene Settle Ms. Jane D. Settle Mr. Charles Sevcik Mr. Stan Severance Mr. Malcolm Seymour, Jr. Ms. Mary E. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Sharp Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Shealy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shelley, Jr. Evie Shelton Lisa Sherrer Fisher Mr. Richard Shields Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Shober Mrs. Pamela B. Shucker Nancy and Jerry Sifford Ms. Eloise Sills Dr. Dan Silver Dr. Peter L. Silveston Mrs. Katherine Silvia Mrs. George E. Simmons Dr. and Mrs. Jack W. Simmons, Jr. Mr. Lawrence J. Simms Mr. Lawrence J. Simon Cotesworth Simons Jule Simons Julian Simons Ms. M. Jacquelin Simons Dick and Pam Simons Philip and Jane Sine Mr. and Mrs. William F. Singleton Mr. Uldis K. Sipols John and Wendy Sizemore Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Skidmore Mr. Mark Sloan and Ms. Michelle Van Parys Dr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Smith Dr. Cynthia P. Smith GF Mr. David R. Smith Mr. Eric Smith and Mrs. Cynthia Holding-Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Smith The Honorable Gerald M. Smith Mrs. John Gettys Smith Mr. and Mrs. Murray Smith GF Rep. and Mrs. G. Murrell Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Park B. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith, Jr. Mr. Robert Smith and Ms. Margaret Creighton Selden and Dorothy Smith

Ms. Shannyn L. Smith GF Tyson Smith Mr. Harry F. Smithson Copley Smoak Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Smoot, Jr. Patti Smyer Mr. and Mrs. George Smyth, Jr. Mr. William D. Smyth Caroline Smythe George and Therese Smythe Amanda Snedeker William J. Snelling and Deborah P. Snelling Dr. and Mrs. James F. Snyder Mr. Andrew H. Sohor Jerry and Nancy Solar Mrs. Beth J. Solo Ms. Robin Solomon GF Mr. and Mrs. D. Paul Sommerville Ms. Lowell A. Sopcisak Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Sorensen SC Conservation Credit Exchange South Carolina Wildlife Federation Annie Soutter Ms. Mary Ann Sowell Cator Sparks Mr. Mike Spath and Ms. Donna Whinnery Mr. and Mrs. James C. Spears, Jr. Dr. Lynn B. Spees Dr. Karen B. Spencer Robb Spencer Ms. Nancy Springs Michael St. Louis and Donna Jones Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stanton Col. and Mrs. Walter C. Stanton Cecil and Lisa Steed Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Steele Louise A. Steffens Mr. Charlie Steifle Ms. Mary E. Steimen Ms. Barbara Stein Jonathan and Ann Stein Mrs. Sandra S. Stephan Dr. Faye B. Steuer Mrs. Patricia C. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. George Stilwell Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Stinson Ms. Debra E. Stokes Ms. Joanna B. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Stone, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stoothoff Don and Danette Stovall Mr. Andrew Streit Jennifer Strelkauskas Ms. Gwen G. Strickland John and Pam Stuart Mr. Richard Stuhr Ms. Candice L. Suggars Mr. Dennis G. Sullivan Mr. Eugene Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sullivan III Ms. Susan P. Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Summerall III Mr. Thomas Summerall Mr. William H. Sutherland David and Cathy Swanson

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Contributions Received from January 1, 2015-December 31, 2015


Mr. John F. Van Dalen Mr. Roger D. Van Horsen Michelle Van Parys Ms. Eleanne D. Van Vliet Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Vanderwarker Ms. Kathryn VanHeirseele Mr. Paul VanWagenen Mr. Daniel G. Vara Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan G. Verity Mr. and Mrs. Maurice K. Veronee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Verville Mr. Thomas Videyko and Ms. Caroline Kemezys Ms. Nancy E. Vinson Christoph Vogel, Ph.D. Richard and Helga Vogel Jerry and Connie Voight Johann Von Asten Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Von Ende Caroline Vreede Mark Vukovich Mr. John G. Wagner Ms. Kathryn A. Waites, Esq. Ms. Susan E. Waites Mr. David J. Waldron Alice and Doug Walker Mr. Cosmo L. Walker II Mr. and Mrs. David C. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Walker Mr. and Mrs. George Walker, Jr. Mr. Joshua Walker Mrs. Mary Alice Walker Ms. Sandra B. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Walker Mrs. Susan W. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Wall Harrison Wallace GF Nathaniel Wallace Mr. Peter Wallace and Ms. Judith Kramer Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Walle Stuart and Rosalind Walman Terry Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Walsworth Ms. Susan E. Walters Billy Want and Sharon Bennett Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott Ward Mr. and Mrs. Reid Warder Ms. Elizabeth Warner John and Caroline Warren Mr. and Mrs. Kurt O. Wassen Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Waters Mr. Greg Watkins Mr. and Mrs. James O. Watkins, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Watson, Jr. Sam and Cindy Watson Craig Watson Ms. Elizabeth D. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watson Mr. George P. Watt, Jr. Paul Watts Mr. and Mrs. Beekman Webb Donna Webb Mr. Jack V. Webb Mr. and Mrs. John W. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wehman, Jr. Mr. Jay Weidner Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Weir

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Mrs. Kathy Welborn Robin Elise Welch Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Welsh Robertson and Priscilla Wendt Fran Wermuth Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. West Dr. and Mrs. Timothy H. West Mr. and Mrs. George Westerfield Mr. and Mrs. Jason Westmeyer Mr. David Wethey and Ms. Sarah Woodin Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Whan Carolyn Wheeler Kristina Wheeler Mr. Joe Whetstone Dr. and Mrs. Weave Whitehead Barbara Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Whittemore Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Wiedeke Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Wiegert Mrs. Mary Theresa Wightman Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wigley Mr. Alexander Wigmore GF Dr. Dara H. Wilber Dick and Margaret Wildermann Ms. Walda Wildman and Mr. Mack Maguire Dr. M. Kathleen Wiley Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wilfong Amelia Wilkinson Barbara and Gene Willhoft Dee Dee Williams Darryl Williams Ms. Doris C. Williams Mr. James Williams Mr. Martin Williams Ms. Melinda E. Williams Dr. and Mrs. T.D. Williams III Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. T. Bright Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilson Mr. Chisolm Wilson Mr. and Mrs. D. Mark Wilson Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. John W. Wilson, Jr. Katie Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Wilson Mr. Thomas Wilson Ms. Wendy Wilson Dr. and Mrs. William C. Wilson, Sr. Dr. Jerry Phillips Winfield Mr. and Mrs. William R. Winslow Ms. Deborah S. Winter

Dana Beach

Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Swanson Mr. Thomas Sweeny and Mrs. Sally Burnett Col. Paul J. Sykes Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Szweda, Jr. Merike Tamm Dr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Taylor Walter and Helen Taylor Dr. Ronald Teed Drs. George and Carol Tempel Dr. Arch W. Templeton Dr. and Mrs. David J. Tennenbaum GF Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Terrill Louis and Jane Theiling Mr. Bill Thomas Mr. Cunningham P. Thomas, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. William H. Thomas, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William Bonner Thomason Drs. Christine and C. Murry Thompson, Jr. Mr. David M. Thompson Mr. Donald W. Thompson Ms. Laura R. Thompson, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Thompson Mr. Edward Thoms Mr. Thomas E. Thornhill Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Thornton Mr. John Tibbetts and Ms. Catherine Fahey Ann Tighe Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Tiller, Jr. Mr. Keith Timmons Mr. and Ms. Thad Timmons Mr. Tom Tindall Alan Tinney Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Tisdale, Jr. Ali Titus GF Sandi Tolly Mr. Edward Townsend Mr. James L. Townsend, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Tracy Mr. and Mrs. James A. Trammell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Treherne Mr. Nick Treseder Ms. Kathleen Trewhella-Grant Mr. John Tribble Dr. Roger J. Troutman Bob and Peggy Trowell Dr. Ann Truesdale and Mr. James Truesdale Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trussler Dan and Cindy Tufford Drs. David and Cathleen Tuley Mark and Lisa Turansky Susan Turner Mr. William V. Turner Ms. Sally Tuten and Mr. Y. S. Linder Mr. William C. Twitty, P.E. Cathy Ulber United Health Care Dr. and Mrs. Ambrose G. Updegraff Joan and Martin Ustin Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Valpey Barbara Van Blarcum

Dr. D. Reid Wiseman Drs. David Wishart and Josephine Wilson Mrs. Elizabeth J. Witham Ms. Laura S. Witham Mrs. Johnnie L. Witt Andy Witte Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wolf Karl Wolff Ms. Patricia Wolman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wood Linda Wood Mr. and Mrs. West P. Woodbridge, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Woodhead Ashley Woody Shane Woolf Ms. Frances Worthy Mrs. Ellen H. Wright Rhonda Wright Capt. and Mrs. Richard T. Wright Mr. Victor G. Wright Andrew Wunderley Mr. David Wyanski and Ms. Andrea Smith Mr. Bradford Wyche and Ms. Diane Smock Karen Yaniga Janie Hindman Yeargin Ms. Agnes Yetman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yorke GF Mr. Brian Yost Mr. Doug G. Young Mr. and Mrs. J. Rutledge Young, Jr. Mr. John Young Mrs. Noel C. Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Young, Jr. Jane Yousey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yow Julie Zachowski George Zack Mr. Peter Zalka Peter Zamuka Ms. Wendy Zara Ms. Elizabeth Zeck and Mr. Mark Berg Mr. John A. Zeigler, Jr. Ms. Martha Zierden and Mr. Eddie Stroman Joe and Charlotte Zimmerman Ms. Katherine S. Zimmerman Mr. Simpson J. Zimmerman, Jr. Ms. Patricia Zincke John Zlogar Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Zolman Mr. and Mrs. John Zubizarreta

IN HONOR OF/MEMORIALS In memory of Benjamin W. Anderson II Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D. Long

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fleetwood Hassell Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr.

In honor of Margot Rose Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Williams

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Warren III Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer

In honor of Virginia and Dana Beach Palmetto Garden Club of South Carolina Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shelley, Jr.

In memory of Mr. Harry C. Hutson, Jr. Mrs. Harriet P. McDougal

In honor of Mr. Robert P. Schofield III Ms. Barbara Stein

In memory of Heather Hardwick Joye Dr. Suzanne D. Hardwicke

In honor of Mrs. Lucy Seabrook Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr.

In memory of Mike Wermuth Mr. and Mrs. James E. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Dubois Avril Fenwick Stuart and Rosalind Walman

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr.

In memory of Melvin Seiden Anonymous

In memory of Caroline deRossett Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D. Long

In memory of Gregory A. Larach Drs. David and Marilyn Larach

In honor of Robb Spencer Ms. Laura R. Thompson, Ph.D.

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr

In memory of Ms. Jane E. Lareau Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hagerty Drs. Jean and Charles Everett Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gettys III Ms. Catherine G. Rogers

In honor of Libby Speth Gus and Cameron Speth

In honor of Ms. Katherine S. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shelley, Jr.

In honor of Margaret Blackmer and Lettie Lipchak Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Kyle S. Braxton Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonham In memory of Janet Bloom Brooker Dr. Hugh H. Dubose In memory of John T. Carr, Oscar Carr, Billie Carr Houghton and The Rev. Alanson Houghton Mr. and Mrs. Johnston Adams In honor of Nancy and Billy Cave Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kosko In honor of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cleveland Anonymous In memory of Carrie M. Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mayer In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Daniell Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr. John M. Rivers, Jr. Foundation, Inc. In honor of Mr. Hamilton Davis Ms. Lauren Davis In honor of Ms. Mary Stuart Dawson and Mr. Mike Sutton Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr. In memory of Mrs. Margaret J. Dieter Dr. Hugh H. Dubose In memory of Mr. Robert W. Foster, Sr. Deborah Knowlton Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr In memory of Frampton and Sara Jo Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonham In memory of Mr. James D. Harrelson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Grantham In honor of Scott Harris Ms. Susanna Schantz In memory of Mr. George B. Hartness Virginia and Dana Beach Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Brennecke Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Cooper, Jr. Ms. Rebecca Fouche Pat and Mary Lou Hartness Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Mayo Ben and Sunshine Norwood Mr. W. Joel Patterson Ms. Joanna B. Stone Dr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Taylor Mr. John Tribble Mr. Cosmo L. Walker II Mr. and Mrs. George Walker, Jr.

In honor of Ms. Lee Manigault North Carolina Museum of History In honor of Ms. Laurin Manning Ms. Katherine Muller Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shelley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilson In memory of Dr. G. Alex Marsh III Mr. and Mrs. George P. Johnston Sandi Tolly In honor of Louise Maybank, for her stellar work as chair of the Charleston County Greenbelt Advisory Board Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr In memory of Benjamin Evans Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mayer In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McAlister Mrs. Harriott H. Faucette In memory of John A. Mills William M. Campbell Ms. Susan Hilfer In memory of The Rev. Dr. David R. Moorefield Ann, Roy, Sara, Susan and Laura Moorefield In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Morrison Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer In honor of Mr. David Murphy Ms. Laura R. Thompson, Ph.D. In honor of Kathryn Murphy Ms. Laura R. Thompson, Ph.D. In memory of Kelly Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Baer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Dichiara Mr. William F. Kline Mr. Richard O’Regan Karl Wolff In honor of Ms. Mary Kathryn Nunes Coastal Georgia Chapter NSFRE Inc. In honor of Mr. Roy Richards, Jr. Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr

Richard Beck

In honor of Caroline Beeland Robert Beeland

GIFTS OF MEMBERSHIP To Christoph Vogel, Ph.D. from Richard and Helga Vogel To Jami and Leah Martin from Dale M. Jaeger To Kathryn Murphy from Laura R. Thompson To Lauren Leiman from Jonathan Leiman To Margaret Quinn from Erin Crawford To Mr. and Mrs. Grenville Seibels from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seibels To Mr. and Mrs. John H. Warren III from Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer To Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scheimann from Victor G. Wright To Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Dowling from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seibels To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Morrison from Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer To Mr. Patrick Huguenin from Mr. and Mrs. David L. Huguenin To Mr. S. Coleman Braxton from Mr. and Mrs. Kyle S. Braxton To Mr. Terry E. Richardson, Jr. from The Sunshine Foundation To Mrs. Carolyn Lancaster from the Daniel Island Community Foundation, Inc. To Ms. Mary Kathryn Nunes from the Coastal Georgia Chapter NSFRE Inc. To Ms. Stephanie A. Huguenin from Mr. and Mrs. David L. Huguenin To Robb Spencer from Laura R. Thompson To Scott Harris from Susanna Schantz To Sylvia Moseley from Victor G. Wright

GIFTS IN-KIND Ceres Foundation, Inc. Charleston Fun Factory GF Berry and Ruthie Edwards Glaser + Company Glenn Keyes Architects LLC Dick and Joan Schmaltz David and Ann Westerlund

S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E



he mission of the Coastal Conservation League is to protect the threatened resources of the South Carolina coastal plain — its natural landscapes, abundant wildlife, clean water, and quality of life — by working with citizens and government on proactive, comprehensive solutions to environmental challenges.

P.O. Box 1765 Charleston, SC 29402-1765

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Permit No. 168 Charleston, SC

Richard Beck

For more information about the Coastal Conservation League, visit our website at

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