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Cover Photo by Tom Blagden. Blagden resides in Charleston. His book, Acadia National Park: A Centennial Celebration will be published in 2016.



CHARLESTON VS. CANE BAY he term “design” has an insubstantial quality about it. You draw designs on a notepad in a boring meeting. People who want to make a splash at the Academy Awards wear designer clothes. “Intelligent” design is not really intelligent. Urban design could convey the same lack of seriousness – street trees, a fountain in the park, banners hanging from period lamp posts – all nice but not essential. The Coastal Conservation League’s view, which we’ve promoted for the past 25 years, is exactly the opposite. Urban design will determine whether cities survive and flourish or sink under an unbearable weight of expense, traffic congestion and pollution. Unfortunately – even catastrophically – local governments, and specifically local planning departments and planning commissions, often times don’t understand or apply even the simplest principles necessary to ensure that development is functional, sustainable, and inspiring. Let’s start with the most basic and, arguably, the most important design element – the street system. As long as cities have existed on this earth, they have had some version of a street grid. This is not just a convention. It is a functional necessity because a grid of streets is demonstrably the most efficient organizational pattern for urban settlement. Getting from home to school, from the office to the store, from city hall to the gym, or virtually any point A to any point B, can be done more quickly, in a shorter distance, on foot, bicycle, bus, or car, on a grid. This is a geometric fact. Grids vary across the world, from Hong Kong to Athens, from London to San Francisco, from Beaufort to Savannah. But the unifying principle is that each has a dense, connected network of streets made up of small blocks. Traffic distributes itself across the grid, minimizing congestion. When land uses are blended together, as they are in all traditional cities and towns, it is possible to get around on foot or on a bicycle, because travel distances are short. To the right are two examples: Charleston and Beaufort.

Google Earth


Google Earth



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“All of this adds up to an entirely predictable future for this part of the region – massive gridlock, a constant clamor for wider roads, calls for higher taxes to build and maintain those roads, chronically unsafe conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians, and minimal potential for any form of public transit serving the residents.” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Around the 1950s, this pattern began to break down, due to the increasing dominance of the automobile and the false impression that distance was no longer a critical factor in transportation. Blocks lengthened and even disappeared among new road layouts that were designed exclusively to accommodate cars. Zoning codes rigidly separated different land uses, placing stores, offices, and even schools miles from homes. By the 1980s, with an exponential increase in traffic congestion and an ever-increasing demand for more and wider roads, some planners began to realize the catastrophic mistake of abandoning the grid. Ironically, even cities with internationally acclaimed, historic downtowns built on traditional street grids – Charleston being a case in point – failed to incorporate connected streets into new development. The results are evident every morning and every evening as traffic creeps along major highways nationwide – like I-26 and Folly Road in Charleston and Highway 278 in Bluffton, turning commutes that would ordinarily take 15 minutes into hour-long ordeals. There is no secret to the formula for an efficient street system. It all comes down to “block density,” or the number of blocks per square mile. Charleston, below the Crosstown Expressway, is about 2.8 square miles. It contains roughly 320 city blocks. So there are approximately 114 blocks per square mile.


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The Market at Cane Bay Cane Bay High School Cane Bay Middle School Cane Bay Elementary School Palmetto Walk Old Rice Retreat Magnolia Sanctuary Cove The Oaks Lindera Preserve Charleston Atlantic Presbytery The Hammocks YMCA Del Webb Mungo Homes The Coves at Lakes of Cane Bay K. Hovnanian’s Four Seasons

On the other end of the spectrum, Cane Bay is emerging in Berkeley County along Highway 176. At completion this 4,500-acre project is projected to have 10,000 houses and 195 acres of commercial development. The first phase is roughly 1.5 square miles. As you can see in the image above, it is difficult even to determine exactly what a block is in Cane Bay, but a generous count would be 25 total blocks. This adds up to a block density of about 17 per square mile, or about 1/7 that of Charleston. To make matters worse, uses are rigidly separated. This means that every trip must be taken in a car. This disaster-in-the-making is also entirely avoidable. Changing the pattern of new development to reflect the efficiencies of traditional towns is comparatively easy … compared to, say, fixing the educational system in America or dealing with crime and unemployment. Local governments should require that all new development meet basic design standards with functional road systems that – like Charleston’s, Beaufort’s, and Georgetown’s – will support the needs of citizens for centuries into the future. Now is the time to turn the corner on development by acknowledging and institutionalizing the critical importance of design for the future of the coast.

or the last 25 years, the Conservation League has been the leading voice representing the public interest on Lowcountry environmental issues. In collaboration with communities along the coast, the Conservation League has held developers and legislators accountable for actions that impact the environment. Unfortunately, special interests are using our success to justify one of the biggest attacks on environmental regulatory protections in recent history. The roster of regulatory bills in the state legislature this session, which extends through next year, is aimed almost exclusively at absolving industries and developers from public accountability for the environmental consequences of their actions.


Holding Polluters Accountable Case in point: Senate bill S.229, dubbed by conservationists as the “Polluter Amnesty Bill,” would weaken the Pollution Control Act by removing citizens’ rights to legally contest unpermitted, past pollution. This legislation would further prohibit the ability of affected communities to hold polluting entities accountable and would provide amnesty from legal recourse for past pollution, as in the case of leaking coal ash ponds and radioactive waste pools.




Next on the docket is S.165, an attack on the “automatic stay,” which is a legal mechanism intended to prevent irreversible and permanent damage to our state’s natural resources. The automatic stay temporarily halts work on a contested project until the Administrative Law Court has heard all of the facts and analyzed the situation to ensure that the initial decision to issue a permit was well-founded and in keeping with state law. Without the automatic stay, destruction can take place unabated until legal proceedings are complete. The automatic stay has prevented great harm in the past, including helping to save Angel Oak on Johns Island. Developers had planned high-density apartment buildings and businesses surrounding Angel Oak, a live oak tree that is thought to be several hundred years old. The Conservation League and Save the Angel Oak challenged the permits issued to fill wetlands where the development was to occur. The automatic stay ensured that development and construction stopped, preventing irreparable harm to the beloved oak. The delay also allowed time to negotiate a settlement to safeguard the long-term health of Angel Oak and by permanently protecting 36 acres surrounding the ancient tree.

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There was a momentary bright spot this legislative session when Representative Bill Herbkersman and Senator Ray Cleary introduced two bills, House bill H.3378 and Senate bill S.139. The legislation was designed to implement the recommendations of DHEC’s Blue Ribbon Committee on Shoreline Management (BRC), The BRC was tasked with reviewing South Carolina’s landmark Beachfront Management Act and recommending regulations to help guide the stewardship of beachfront and estuarine shorelines. Unfortunately, upon introduction of these bills, out-of-state developers pressured a handful of influential legislators into supporting an amendment that would completely undermine the legislation by delaying setting the shoreline baseline recommendation until far into the future. That amendment is squarely aimed at allowing sufficient time to pass for sand to accrete on the fragile sliver of land on Kiawah Island known as Captain Sams Spit, facilitating the construction of a road across the narrow “neck” of the spit.


Olim Photography

Kiawah developers are not alone in their pursuit of regulatory exemption. S.522, a bill threatening to eliminate Coastal Zone Management Program (CZM) protections for approximately 90 percent of Dorchester County, was also introduced this session. Through the CZM, South Carolina’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM)

Members of the conservation community wait to speak with their legislators in the lobby of the South Carolina State House.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

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South Carolina Conservation Coalition Lobby Day on April 15, 2015. has the authority to review state and federal permit applications in the coastal zone to balance economic development with coastal protections. Dorchester County wants to remove almost all of their county from the coastal zone designation, presumably to enable development that would extensively damage wetlands.

ENSURING CHECKS AND BALANCES at DHEC Lastly, S.228 is a bill that aims to remove the ability of the board of the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) to challenge staff decisions. Instead, permit appeals would go straight to the Administrative Law Court. This bill will significantly increase legal expenses for all parties by eliminating the DHEC Board’s ability to informally resolve disputes. Eliminating this system of “checks and balances” at DHEC will lead to environmentally devastating decisions. The Conservation League and our allies are opposing these legislative threats that would strip citizens of their right to oppose unsound environmental degradation. On April 15th, more than one hundred supporters arrived in Columbia wearing “I Love the Coast” stickers for the annual Conservation Lobby Day. Supporters spent the day talking to their legislators about the importance of standing up for our state’s natural resources. Because many of the bills referenced above face substantial opposition, we are hopeful that they will not pass this year. The Conservation League and its community and conservation partners will continue to work diligently and strategically in defense of citizen involvement on behalf of the environment.






n 2015 the city of Charleston will elect its first new mayor in four decades. Earlier this year, the Coastal Conservation League joined forces, Charleston Moves, Historic Charleston Foundation, and the South Carolina Community Loan Fund to host a forum at the Francis Marion Hotel to discuss the future of city. The event was generously sponsored by John Winthrop. Rather than invite the mayoral candidates to speak about their own platforms, the candidates were invited to listen and share ideas as members of the audience. If You Were Mayor co-founder Whitney Powers emceed the forum. Charlie Smith spoke first. He addressed the challenges that West Ashley faces and spoke about the need to reconnect the neighborhoods and to involve the residents of West Ashley in planning its own future. Kurt Cavanaugh, Charleston Moves’ executive director, spoke about the need to make Charleston safe for everyone, including those who travel by foot and by bicycle. Winslow Hastie of the Historic Charleston Foun-

dation used the metaphor of sausage-making to explain the challenges that lie ahead for the next mayor. It isn’t sexy, he said, but it’s time for Charleston to roll up its sleeves and implement community plans that already exist – the Green Plan, the Century V Plan, Gabe Klein’s Peninsula Mobility Report, and the 2015 Tourism Management Plan; in other words, make the “sausage.” Michelle Mapp of the South Carolina Community Loan Fund began her presentation by sharing the story of Jordan, a little girl growing up in a dilapidated Charleston neighborhood called Silver Hill. She talked about the disconnect between the Charleston we show the world and the Charleston that is home to Jordan. She spoke of the urgent need to create economic development opportunities for low-income residents. Next, Conservation League Program Manager Myles Maland discussed coastal resiliency, or how to prepare and adapt to the challenges that arise as a result of climate change. Increased flooding, for example, is already posing infrastructure dilemmas in Charleston. I’On developer Vince Graham spoke about how accommodating the automobile became the number

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one policy of the federal government and changed the way that communities were designed in the 20th century. (See Dana Beach’s column in this issue.) Landscape architect Steve Dudash followed Graham and shared innovative and exciting alternate modes of mass transit, including light rail and bus rapid transit. Amy Fabri concluded the presentations with a discussion about James Island. She likened James Island to a child of three adults – the City of Charleston (“Dad”), the Town of James Island (“Mom”) and Charleston County (“Stepdad”) – all of whom have plans for James Island. She spoke about the need for cooperation among these “adults” in charting James Island’s future. The event sold out and was an overwhelming success. The discussion was constructive and optimistic, and most of the candidates for mayor were in attendance. To watch full video footage of the event, visit forum/.

Jonathan Boncek

(Clockwise from Top Left: John Winthrop, Event Sponsor; Myles Maland, Conservation League Program Manager; Michelle Mapp, South Carolina Community Loan Fund Executive Director; Whitney Powers, and event emcee; Dudley Gregorie, candidate for mayor of Charleston)


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

Charlie Smith of West Ashley addresses the audience.


Soul of Generosity The Lowcountry Legacy of Victor and Marjorie Morawetz by Laurin Manning

Dana Beach

nsung heroes. That’s how HarrietWilliams describes Victor and Marjorie Morawetz, philanthropists from the first half of the twentieth century whose gifts to the Lowcountry live on today. Williams seeks to honor the Morawetzes’ legacy, ensuring that future generations can appreciate their many contributions to the Charleston area. Recently Williams made a generous gift to the Coastal Conservation League in memory of Victor and Marjorie Morawetz. “When I sold my house at 1 Tradd Street, I wanted to be sure that one-third of the proceeds stayed in Charleston,” Williams explained about her decision to give to the Conservation League. “It is because Charleston has prospered and grown that the house had a high value.” “I have a lot of admiration for Dana Beach,” she says about the Conservation League’s executive director. “He’s pugnacious enough to keep going and keep protecting more special places.”



: Gran

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ge Sim o






C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

SUMMERS AT SEABROOK The Morawetzes were concerned that Seabrook would be sold and all of the trees clear-cut for timber, says Williams, so they bought the majority of the island in an effort to preserve its natural beauty. The Morawetzes invited Williams and her family to stay at Seabrook during the summers because Williams’ mother suffered from hay fever induced by ragweed. Seabrook had no ragweed, an allergen for which there was no treatment at the time. During those summers, Seabrook was completely undeveloped with the exception of the hunt club and a few shacks. “The hunt club was so large that they played badminton matches in the central room,” remembers Williams. The island had no electricity, and with no grocery stores nearby, Williams and her family and friends often feasted on fresh seafood they caught themselves. “Wearing our ancient crabbing shoes and oldest clothes, at low tide each day we ventured into Captain Sams Creek and caught shrimp and crab. The tide table was our bible,” says Williams. “Those were wonderful summer experiences. The Morawetzes were very special people.”

Vintage photos , pages 9 and 10 courtesy of Grange Simons

ictor Morawetz was one of the highest profile corporate attorneys of the early 20th century. A Baltimore native, Morawetz built his practice in New York City. Among his clients were numerous railroads, J.P. Morgan & Company, and U.S. Steel. He authored many influential legal texts, including the foremost treatise on corporate law at the time. He was frequently quoted on legal matters in the New York Times, perhaps most famously for his opposition to the 16th Amendment, which established the authority of Congress to levy a federal income tax. Though the Morawetzes aren’t household names in the Lowcountry today, the fruits of their generosity remain all around us. In the 1920s and 30s, Marjorie and Victor Morawetz purchased Seabrook Island, Fenwick Hall Plantation on Johns Island, and Charleston’s socalled “Pink House” at 17 Chalmers Street, among other properties. Victor Morawetz hired renowned Charleston architect Albert Simons, of the firm Simons and Lapham, to restore Fenwick Hall and the Pink House. Simons was Harriet Williams’ father.

The Pink House in Charleston’s French Quarter

The Morawetzes’ many gifts to the Lowcountry include:

More than 1,200 acres of Seabrook Island to the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina $1 million to the Medical Society of South Carolina

Brian Stansberry/Wikimedia Commons

$75,000 to Charleston’s Roper Hospital to build a special wing for treating African-American patients who suffered from contagious diseases $7,000 to help establish a maternal welfare clinic in Charleston The land for Charleston’s municipal golf course The Magnolia trees lining Maybank Highway alongside the municipal golf course

Elisa Bricker

Fenwick Hall on Johns Island

S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


… even in their death their

will go on.”

SAVING FENWICK HALL Driving down Maybank Highway toward Johns Island, one can’t miss the majestic magnolia trees lining the road by the municipal golf course. Those trees were planted by Victor Morawetz during the restoration of Fenwick Hall. An early Georgian two-story brick plantation house, Fenwick Hall was built around 1717 by John Fenwick, a member of one of the Lowcountry’s most colorful families. The estate sits on the eastern end of Johns Island, across the Stono River from James Island, between the present-day River Road and Penneys Creek. During the American Revolution, Fenwick Hall was occupied and served as a headquarters for the British army. The estate is sometimes still referred to as Headquarters House. Victor and Marjorie Morawetz bought and restored Fenwick Hall in the 1930s, saving it from ruin. Fenwick Hall still stands on Johns Island today. RESTORING THE PINK HOUSE Built within the walled city of Charles Towne in the mid 1690s, the little pink building at 17 Chalmers Street is the oldest stone house in the city. It is built of “Bermuda stone,” which has a natural salmon hue. Once a watering hole frequented by rowdy sailors visiting the Port of Charleston from all over the world, the Pink House – like Fenwick Hall – had fallen into disrepair by the beginning of the 20th century. Victor and Marjorie Morawetz purchased the


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

building in the 1930s and worked with Albert Simons on extensive renovations. The building was used as a venue for entertaining guests. The Morawetzes added a small wing for caterers to use in hosting events. The Pink House has been used as an art gallery in recent years but is currently closed to the public. A LASTING LEGACY Victor Morawetz died in 1938. In a codicil to his will, he stipulated that Seabrook Island should be “…a park and recreation ground and health resort for such of the public as may be in need thereof…so much of the beach as can advantageously be used for healthful recreation of boys of the State of South Carolina shall always be set apart for that purpose.” Marjorie Morawetz lived 20 more years, frequently visiting the Lowcountry. Upon her death in 1957, she bequeathed more than 1,200 acres of Seabrook Island to the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina with the condition that the island’s natural beauty be maintained. In 1970, the Diocese sold the majority of Seabrook Island to a developer named William Whitner for $1.9 million. Two hundred and six acres of high land were reserved for an Episcopal camp and conference center, known today as Camp St. Christopher. At the time of Marjorie Morawetz’s death, the editorial board of the Charleston Evening Post wrote: “Mr. and Mrs. Morawetz were the soul of generosity in many public benefactions, here and elsewhere. … Even in their death their good works will go on.”

good works

soul of generosity

“Mr. and Mrs. Morawetz were the in many public benefactions, here and elsewhere.

Finding Common Ground to Expand Solar Energy in South Carolina by Hamilton Davis


Under the settlement, residential and commercial utility customers that install solar panels on their rooftops before 2021 will receive full retail credit for any excess power that flows back onto the electric grid and will be eligible to remain on this rate until December 31, 2025 without any solar specific charges or fees. and commercial utility customers that install solar panels on their rooftops before 2021 will receive full retail credit for any excess power that flows back onto the electric grid and will be eligible to remain on this rate until December 31, 2025 without any solar specific charges or fees. The settlement also establishes a methodology for valuing solar power for purposes of utility recovery of lost revenues, if any, which will be recoverable by the utilities through distributed energy resource programs that were authorized by Act 236. In 2020 the Public Service Commission will reevaluate the solar policies included in the settlement and will consider any appropriate changes at that time. Full implementation of Act 236 is expected by this summer and will enable even South Carolinians of modest means to access solar energy. Distributed energy resources like solar are expected to enhance grid security, increase consumer independence, promote market competition, and reduce health costs from pollution.

Richard Beck

igned into law by Governor Haley in 2014, Act 236 is a consensus bill developed by electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, solar power proponents, and conservationists to open the way for more distributed energy production in South Carolina. Taken together, the bill’s key provisions – giving customers the freedom to lease solar, permitting utilities to introduce distributed energy programs, and ensuring equitable net metering rules – are complementary approaches that will expand customer options and increase cost-effective renewable power in South Carolina. In December utilities, solar businesses, and conservation groups reached a settlement agreement on updated net energy metering rules for Duke Energy and SCE&G. The settlement agreement, which has been filed with the South Carolina Public Service Commission, is a critical step forward in implementing Act 236. Although this issue has given rise to extensive controversy between solar supporters and utilities across the country, South Carolina stakeholders have once again been able to find common ground in efforts to expand solar energy opportunities for businesses and homeowners. Rooftop solar panels produce power that is used by a home or business, but they can also push electricity back onto the grid to be used by other utility customers. Net energy metering is the term used for crediting that excess solar power at the retail electricity rate. Under the settlement, residential

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DEEPENING THE CHARLESTON HARBOR The Coastal Conservation League, Lowcountry Open Land Trust, and the Southern Environmental Law Center announce an historic compromise with the South Carolina State Ports Authority (SCSPA) regarding the deepening the Charleston Harbor. The agreement includes a $5.1 million investment in the conservation of the Cooper River Corridor by the SCSPA and ensures the timely progress forward of harbor deepening. The compromise was approved by the Joint Bond Review Committee in

South Carolina Ports Authority


(L-R) South Carolina Ports Authority President Jim Newsome, DHEC Director Catherine Templeton, and Conservation League Executive Director Dana Beach announce agreement to deepen the Charleston Harbor.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

he deepening of Charleston Harbor represents an important economic opportunity for South Carolina. A wider Panama Canal will mean larger ships with deeper drafts calling on Charleston in a few years. Even now, large ships traversing the Suez Canal from Asia are calling on East Coast ports in greater numbers. These larger ships require a deeper channel. At the same time, Charleston Harbor is a resource of unparalleled importance to our community – historically, culturally and environmentally. We agree that the deepening must not compromise this irreplaceable asset. Gaining approval for the project requires obtaining a variety of federal and state environmental permits and certifications. When the South Carolina State Ports Authority (SPA) initiated the permitting process in 2011, the estimated completion date was not until 2024. Although the Coastal Conservation League agrees that the project analysis should be comprehensive and scrupulously rigorous, we felt that the time frame was longer than necessary. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the agency responsible for the federal permitting, worked with the SPA and in 2012 agreed to a streamlined procedure, shortening the process by approximately five years. This flexibility by the Corps is admirable. We are confident that the review will not be compromised by the accelerated schedule. The expedited process is still quite demanding. One central requirement is mitigation for negative impacts to water quality and wetlands. This is often a sticking point for large projects like the deepening. It is difficult to identify and gain agreement for mitigation strategies that truly reduce project impacts in a meaningful way. Further, there are other critical and potentially controversial issues to address and resolve, such as the suspension of toxic contaminants in the water column. After extensive discussion among our conservation partners, we believed that it would be best to identify these concerns as soon as possible, and that the Conservation League and the Southern Environmental Law Center should develop a set of recommendations that could move the project forward. The alternative would have been to follow the timeline of the permitting process, delaying this analysis for a couple of years. This would have reduced the time available to come to agreement on permit conditions, potentially setting the stage


critical property to the protected for a lengthy and expensive land base. This fund alone would regulatory dispute. “Today is a day that not be adequate to protect the The project impacts that we say ‘yes’ to both health of the river and the harbor, concerned us include water pollution, reduced levels conservation and business.” but in conjunction with the work done in the past, the impact will be of dissolved oxygen, and Gov. Nikki Haley, substantial. higher levels of salinity in If all that this agreement had the Charleston Harbor and January 5, 2015 accomplished was to expedite the Cooper River. These the harbor deepening, it would changes could have severely be noteworthy and laudable. But compromised the health of there is more. The fund will add to the protection of the estuary and its tributaries. Fortunately, conservation efforts in this area over the past 25 years have one of America’s most historic landscapes. And limiting development in this area will also allow landcreated a circumstance that allows us to move forowners to continue to use traditional, ecologically ward with the project with appropriate mitigation. sound, least costly measures like prescribed fire to Decades of research have concluded that the sinmanage forest lands. gle biggest source of water pollution is runoff from This benefit does not accrue only to private landdevelopment in the watershed surrounding the river or estuary. Fortunately, the Cooper River watershed owners. The 250,000-acre Francis Marion National Forest, one of our state’s greatest recreational includes tens of thousands of acres of permanently resources, is extensively managed using prescribed protected land. In a twist of irony, the conservation fire. This investment will help guarantee that conof land in this watershed by land trusts, private flicts between the national forest and residents are landowners and business, motivated for reasons minimized. other than economic development, has made the These outcomes are positive for everyone – huntharbor deepening and related economic developers, hikers, birders, and all who enjoy the beauty of ment in this area possible. nature. The collaboration of the State Ports AuthorThese water quality concerns, and the conserity, the Coastal Conservation League, the Lowcounvation history of the area, led us to the conclusion try Open Land Trust, and the Southern Environthat one of the best ways to mitigate the impacts mental Law Center is a landmark achievement for of harbor deepening would be to create a fund to our region. We are all proud to have been a part of support additional land conservation in the watershed. The $5-million fund, to be administered by the it and are appreciative of our partners’ cooperative efforts on behalf of all South Carolinians. Lowcountry Open Land Trust, will be used to add

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Dana Beach Receives Peter Benchley Ocean Award

Jeffrey Dubinsky

The awards program was co-founded by Wendy Benchley, an ocean conservation and policy advocate, and David Helvarg, author and executive director of Blue Frontier. Often referred to as the “Academy Awards” for the ocean, the Benchley Awards recognize excellence across a range of expertise, including national leadership, policy, science, media, youth and grassroots activism.

Jeffrey Dubinsky

Coastal Conservation League Director Dana Beach was honored along with H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry, among others, at the 2015 Peter Benchley Ocean Awards ceremony in Washington, DC on Thursday, May 14. The world’s preeminent ocean honors are named after the late author of Jaws and lifelong marine conservationist Peter Benchley.

Virginia Beach’s Book wins IPPY Southeastern Regional Nonfiction Gold Award Rice & Ducks: The Surprising Convergence that Saved the Carolina Lowcountry by Virginia Christian Beach (Evening Post Books) was awarded the Independent Publisher’s 2015 “IPPY” Gold Award for a work of nonfiction from the Southeastern region. The IPPY Awards, launched in 1996, are designed to bring increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers. Established as the first awards program open exclusively to independents, over 3,000 IPPYs have been awarded to authors and publishers around the world.

The IPPY Southeastern Regional Nonfiction Gold Award for 2015.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

The Rise of

David Soliday



Adapted from Rice & Ducks: The Surprising Convergence that Saved the Carolina Lowcountry by Virginia Christian Beach and from remarks delivered by Dr. Merle Shepard at the Charleston Gold Rice Celebration on February 6th at the GrowFood Carolina Warehouse

Rural Resurgence or centuries, agriculture has played a vital role in South Carolina’s economic and cultural history. South Carolina once ranked among the wealthiest states in America based on its agricultural success. But the legacy of agriculture has been both grand and tragic. The slave-based plantation system was indefensible and unsustainable. Today, the oncelucrative model of industrial-scale, single-crop export agriculture – such as that employed by the

18th and 19th century rice planters – has failed to deliver prosperity, or even basic subsistence, to much of rural South Carolina. But the land and the people remain. South Carolina has more than four million acres of farmland, a long growing season, an ample supply of water, and a history of agricultural performance. Moreover, a powerful cultural change is transforming American agriculture. Nationwide, demand for local and heritage food products is increasing, and South Carolina is no exception. Currently, the appetite for locally grown food far outstrips the state’s present level of production. As is the case across the United States, the growing market for all things local is reconstituting South Carolina’s food system and rural economy.

S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Jonathan Boncek

Chefs from local restaurants prepare dishes using Charleston Gold rice at the GrowFood Carolina warehouse on February 6, 2015.

A New Grain for the 21st Century In 2011, Charleston Gold rice — a hearty, aromatic, short-stemmed hybrid of the world-famous Carolina Gold rice — was approved for cultivation. Developed by Dr. Merle Shepard, Dr. Gurdev Khush and Dr. Anna McClung over the course of twenty-three years, Charleston Gold has quickly become a favorite among local growers and a staple of Lowcountry restaurants and kitchens. Dr. Shepard, Professor Emeritus of Entomology at Clemson University


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

and a trustee of the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation, explains the evolution of Charleston Gold: “This could never have happened without the efforts of a lot of very talented (and persistent) people — beginning with the inception of the idea, on to discussions with Dr. Khush, the rice breeder at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines, who made the crosses and sent me the 25 accessions to move through quarantine to the field, each year selecting only the best genotypes. “Another essential step in the process was the work of Dr. McClung, U.S. Department of Agricul-

“Of course, none of this would have gone anywhere without the work of the rice farmers who put the new seed variety out on the landscape.” -Dr. Merle Shepard Campbell Coxe, the first, real modern-day rice farmer in South Carolina who has expanded his production and continues to provide excellent quality Charleston Gold to the marketplace; and Jimmy Hagood, who also grows and markets Charleston Gold and continues to enlarge his operation at Lavington Plantation. “Jimmy Hagood uses a wonderful analogy, referring to Charleston Gold as the ‘little sister’ of Carolina Gold. The attributes (besides the wonderful taste) that make Charleston Gold stand out include: 1. Yields that are nearly double those of Carolina Gold; 2. Shorter plants that are less likely to ‘lodge’ or fall down in rain and wind; 3. Faster maturation rates, and 4. Resistance to disease. “Credit also goes to food writers Hanna Raskin, Teresa Taylor, Nathalie Dupree and Marion Sullivan for helping to increase awareness of Charleston Gold and its fabulous flavor. Finally, we are indebted to the GrowFood Carolina team and their warehouse. They have done so much to move Charleston Gold and other local and heirloom farm products to market. Keep up the great work!”

Richard Beck

ture rice geneticist at the Dale Bumpers Rice Laboratory in Arkansas. Dr. McClung purified the lines and carried out multistate trials before the three of us released the variety called ‘Charleston Gold.’ “Of course, none of this would have gone anywhere without the work of the rice farmers who put the new seed variety out on the landscape. Three key people stand out: Glenn Roberts, CEO of Anson Mills, has been hugely supportive of this effort and has established a network of farmers who grow the crop under organic conditions; CHARLESTON GOLD BROWN RICE WITIH CIDER BROWN BUTTER

Chef Russ Moore Slightly North of Broad 1 C Charleston Gold brown rice 1/3 C diced yellow onion 2 C chicken stock 2 bay leaves 3 tsp salt 2 tsp olive oil 4 oz butter 1/2 C diced fennel 1/2 C diced butternut squash 1 oz apple cider vinegar 1 tbs honey 1 tbs lemon juice 2 sprigs thyme Rice: Sweat onions in a small pot with 2 oz butter over medium heat. Add brown rice. Cook with butter and onions for 4-5 minutes. Add stock, bay leaves, and 2 tsp salt. Over high heat, bring to a boil. Cover and simmer on low heat until all stock is absorbed. Remove from heat until served. Vegetables: Preheat oven to 350. Toss fennel and butternut squash in olive oil with 1 tsp salt. Roast at 350 for 15-20 minutes, just until tender. Stir into rice. Cider Brown Butter: In small sauté pan over medium heat, melt remaining 2 oz butter. Skim off any foam that appears with small spoon. When the milk solids in the butter turn golden brown, remove from heat. Whisk in cider vinegar, honey, and lemon juice. Add 2 sprigs of thyme. Allow thyme to steep in the brown butter for 5 minutes. Remove before serving. Enjoy!

S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


WHY I SUPPORT THE COASTAL CONSERVATION LEAGUE by Nick Ceva 7th Grader, Cario Middle School

ur vision for the Charleston area is a future in which our population is healthy and active and has access to clean air and water and a strong and thriving local economy. We have taken giant steps in this direction and we will get there with your help.” This vision began for Coastal Conservation League in 1989 when they opened their headquarters in Charleston. I feel that the Lowcountry community will benefit most from 7th graders at Thomas Cario Middle School supporting Coastal Conservation League because they are working to make Charleston a healthier place to live, and they do this through the various programs they have in place, and citizens can help by volunteering and becoming a member. Coastal Conservation League is working to make Charleston a healthier place to live. CCL is helping to make our air and water cleaner by campaigning for the use of trains instead of diesel trucks and working to convince the shipping industry to use cleaner fuels in their ships and tugs. They are also monitoring all air and water discharge permits along the coast and questioning permits that would result in harm to the environment. Charleston County received a “C” rating from the American Lung Association due to its harmful particulate and ozone levels. This shows how important it is for us to support CCL in their efforts to clean up our environment. Coastal Conservation League has various programs in place to improve the health of our environment. They have five main programs and they are: Air, Water and Public Health, Energy and Climate, Land and Communities, Legislative and Sustainable Agriculture. The first program, Air, Water and Public Health, focuses on working with power plants and to reduce air and water pollution. “Our advocacy brings attention to the latest scientific and medical research on air/ water pollution and public health issues.” The second program, Energy and Climate, focuses on finding ways to take advantage of home-grown, renewable energy and our state’s offshore wind potential. “Aggressive energy efficiency measures can signficalty reduce



C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

future demand for energy while providing a plethora

Nick Ceva’s essay detailing his reasons for supporting the Coastal Conservation League first appeared in the Moultrie News on January 12, 2015 as part of a class project at Cario Middle School. It is reprinted with permission.

of investment opportunity within local economies.” The third program, Land and Communities, focuses on controlling growth by offering ways to create new developments that reduce automobile use and land consumption by placing them near or in existing urban areas. “From restructuring zoning codes to rerouting

FIND THE FORK! highways, we provide technical, professional and other assistance to residents of the region to help them preserve the South Carolina coast.” The fourth program focuses on working with other conservation organizations and the public to push for legislation that protects our environment. CCL has office staff in Columbia so they can immediately respond to the growing number of bills that affect the quality of life in our coastal community. “CCL provides the information so citizens can communicate effectively with their individual representatives in the House and Senate.” All of these programs help CCL work toward their vision for the Lowcountry. The way 7th graders at Thomas Cario Middle School can help support CCL are by volunteering, becoming a member and making a donation. “Get involved by joining our e-activist list and our social media groups to find out about upcoming events, news stories, volunteer opportunities, and to receive updates on Conservation legislation.” 7th graders at Thomas Cario Middle School can also become involved by sending letters to elected officials to support CCL’s push for legislation that protects our creeks, marshes, water quality, and wildlife habitat. By joining CCL and making a donation, 7th graders at Thomas Cario Middle School are becoming part of a group that will make a difference in the Lowcountry’s future. I predict that in the years to come, Coastal Conservation League will have reduced the demand for energy and we will have less air pollution. As students, we can show our support of CCL by following them on social media to find out about volunteer opportunities, and support their conservation efforts by sending letters to elected officials to push for a change in legislation. Finally, to make a difference everyday, you can shop and buy from local stores and eat at restaurants that use local produce. Also, buying from local farmers at our farmers markets supports sustainable agriculture and this benefits our community, the environment and local economy.

GrowFood Carolina delivers local produce to restaurants and retailers in the Charleston area. Check out the list below to find restaurants and retailers that support GrowFood Carolina. FINDTHEFORK!

DOWNTOWN & NORTH CHARLESTON 82Queen Amen Street Anson Restaurant Básico Blossom Bull Street Gourmet & Market Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill Butcher & Bee Carolina Yacht Club Caviar & Bananas Charleston Grill Chez Nous Coast Brewing Co. Cru Café Cypress Edmund’s Oast FIGRestaurant Five Loaves Cafe Fleet Landing Frothy Beard Brewing Co. goat.sheep.cow Harris Teeter - Bacon’s Bridge Road Harris Teeter - Dorchester Road Harris Teeter - East Bay Street High Cotton High Wire Distilling Hominy Grill HUSK Indaco McCrady’s Mikasa - Trident Technical College Mission Farmer’s Market Mixson Market O-Ku Oak Steakhouse Peninsula Grill Poogan’s Porch Revelry Brewing Co. Slightly North of Broad Stars Restaurant Sugar Bake Shop Sweet CeCe’s Sweet Radish Bakeshop Ted’s Butcherblock The Art Institute of Charleston The Daily The Farmbar The Gin Joint


The Grocery The Macintosh The Ordinary The Vegetable Bin The Vendue Twenty Six Divine Two Boroughs Larder Union Provisions Verde Warehouse Xiao Bao Biscuit Yeaman’s Hall ​Club Zero George

ISLANDS: JAMES, JOHNS, KIAWAH & FOLLY BLURestaurant Cassique Cherrywood BBQ Crust Wood Fired Pizza East Beach Conference Center Harris Teeter - Folly Beach Harris Teeter - Folly Road Harris Teeter - Harborview Road Heart Woodfire Kitchen Kenchi Ferments Seabrook Island Club Sweeney’s The AtlanticRoom The Beach Club The Lot The Ocean Room The River Room Tomasso at Turtle Point Village Market by Harris Teeter - Freshfields Village Wild Olive

S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E




Johnston C. Adams and Deborah Kennedy Kennard join Conservation League Board Johnston C. Adams John was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and graduated with a degree in Government from the University of Virginia. He then attended naval officer candidate school in Newport Rhode Island, received his commission, and was a deep-sea diving officer on a rescue salvage ship. The next 25+ years were spent in senior management in the corporate world in industries including manufacturing, food processing, food wholesale & retail, distribution and the automotive aftermarket. John retired as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Autozone, Inc. and has served on numerous public, private and nonprofit boards, including those of WD-4O Co., Tractor Supply Co., Keebler Food Company and Exego (Australia) and continues to be a senior advisor to Unitas Capital (Hong Kong). John also served on the board of managers at the University of Virginia and was a trustee for the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, Lemoyne Owen College and the Hutchison School. John and his wife, Scott, live in Pawley’s Island, S.C. and love all things outdoors. They have three children and three grandchildren.

Deborah Kennedy Kennard Deborah earned her undergraduate degree in political science from Duke University and her Juris Doctor from Yale Law School. She formerly served as a Managing Counsel for Mobil Oil Corporation. Prior to joining Mobil, she was a lawyer with the law firm of Steptoe & Johnson in Washington, D.C., practicing in the fields of international trade, antitrust, and litigation. Earlier in her career, Deborah served as an attorney-adviser for international environmental matters and an attorney-adviser for politico-military affairs in the Legal Adviser’s Office at the U.S. Department of State. In that capacity, she was involved in the negotiation of a number of bilateral and multilateral treaties and international agreements, including serving as counsel for the U.S. Delegation in negotiating the Montreal Protocol. Deborah has served on the board of a number of nonprofit organizations, including the Legal Aid Society for the District of Columbia, the National Child Research Center, the Barker Foundation, the Choral Arts Society of Washington, and Community Impact!, a nonprofit organization in Washington dedicated to developing youth through neighborhood leadership programs and investment strategies. Deborah is also a trustee of Spoleto Festival USA. She and her husband, William Kennard, live in Charleston with their 14-year old son, Robert.

The Conservation League is grateful to have new representatives from the North Coast and Charleston join the Board of Directors, and we look forward to working together to safeguard the Coast’s natural resources and quality of life now and for future generations.

12 22

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

Cont’d. from p. 21


FORK! NEW STAFF Kate Parks Schaefer, South Coast Office Director Kate rejoined the Coastal Conservation League in 2015 as the South Coast Office Director. Previously, she worked as Land Use Project Manager and Program Director from 2009-2012 in the Charleston office. In between working for the Conservation League, Kate earned her Texas teaching certificate and taught high school biology and environmental science in the Dallas public school system. Kate graduated from Clemson University with a bachelor of science in Conservation Biology from Clemson University and went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She and her husband, Paul, are delighted to return to the South Carolina coast and to be living in Beaufort. Kate is a loyal Tiger fan, an amateur kayaker and aspiring runner.

Erin Crouse, Staff Accountant Erin hails from the small town of Marshall, North Carolina where she was immersed in natural scenery and food fresh from local farms. Erin has been working with and volunteering for nonprofit organizations since 1998 when she served as a tutor and officer for the Accountancy Association at University of North Carolina at Asheville. After completing her bachelor of science in accounting from UNC Asheville, and her accounting internship with the historic Grove Park Inn, she was the accounting manager for eleven years at the Council on Aging of Buncombe County, North Carolina. Erin helped guide and shape the accounting department at the Council on Aging during a significant stage in their growth from a small nonprofit into a regional center for management and activities in human services. After relocating to Charleston in 2014, Erin was thrilled to join the Conservation League staff in 2015. She finds joy in many dance forms as a member of a local Middle Eastern dance troupe and also enjoys growing herbs and veggies at her new Charleston home.


ACMELowcountry Kitchen Bacco Crave Daniel Island Academy Daniel Island Club Five Loaves Cafe Franke at Seaside Harris Teeter - Chuck Dawley Harris Teeter - Houston Northcutt Harris Teeter - IOPConnector Harris Teeter - Isle of Palms Harris Teeter - Long Point Road Harris Teeter - Route 41 Harris Teeter - Tea Planter Lane Langdon’s MosaicCafe Old Village Post House Opal Rivertowne Country Club Southerly Restaurant Southern Season Sprout The Children’s Center at Carolina Park The Granary Triangle Char & Bar Verde Vespa Whole Foods Market


MULTIPLE & MOBILE Bricklane Catering Cannonborough BevCo Cardinal Events & Catering Cast Iron Food Truck Chef Benjamin Dennis Coastal Crust Cru Catering Duvall Catering Five Loaves Catering Heirloom Charm Catering co. ICEBOX King of Pops Madeline Lytton Catering Outta My Huevos Roti Rolls Salthouse Catering SILO(Online Farmer’s Market) Spirit Line Cruises The Cake Farmer The Lee Bros. Tidewater Catering Tristan Catering

WEST ASHLEY Al Di La Early Bird Diner Earth Fare Harris Teeter - Savannah Highway Home Team BBQ - West Ashley Island Solutions Group Middleton Place The Glass Onion The Inn at Middleton Place Triangle Char & Bar S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E

23 13

THANK YOU, 2014 DONORS Your support ensures that we can address the most pressing conservation threats facing the South Carolina coast. We can’t do what we do without you.


C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

Richard Beck

The Coastal Conservation League works very hard to ensure that all donor names are listed correctly; however, occasional mistakes do occur. Please contact Database Manager Nora Kravec at (843) 725-2057 with any questions or corrections.

Live Oak Society Contributions Received from January 1, 2014-December 31, 2014

$10,000+ Anonymous (5) Penny and Bill Agnew AMGCharitable Gift Foundation Butler Conservation Fund, Inc. Charlotte Caldwell and Jeffrey Schutz GF Ceres Foundation, Inc. GF The Chicago Community Foundation Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina GF The Colbert Family Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jamie W.Constance Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Cooper III The Ceara Donnelley & Nathan Berry Fund Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation GF Strachan Donnelley Family Charitable Lead Unitrust Mrs. Vivian Donnelley Mr. and Mrs. P.Steven Dopp Mr. and Mrs. John O.Downing GF Berry and Ruthie Edwards Giving Back Fund The Energy Foundation Dr. Paula Feldman and Mr. Peter Mugglestone GF The Festoon Foundation, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund GF Foundation for the Carolinas The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust GF Nancy and Larry Fuller Mr. Joseph H. Gleberman The GodricFoundation The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment The Rev. Alanson Houghton Mr. and Mrs. John Philip Kassebaum Peter R. and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation GF Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Lane, Jr. GF Mills Bee Lane Foundation Mr. T. Cartter Lupton II GF Dr. and Mrs. G. Alex Marsh III Merck Family Fund Mertz Gilmore Foundation Jerry and Caroline Milbank Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller Ms. Justine J. Nathan National Foundation for Philanthropy GF Pathfinder Foundation, Inc. GF Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps, Jr. Price R. and Flora A. Reid Foundation Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Fund Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Rockefeller SCDepartment of Agriculture Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Schmaltz GF Charlotte Caldwell and Jeffrey Schutz GF Libby Smith GF

Fred and Alice Stanback, Jr. Stony Point Foundation Tides Foundation GF Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Turner Foundation, Inc. Ms. Jane Smith Turner GF Jane Smith Turner Foundation GF Mr. Robert E. Turner IV GF USDA- Rural Development Business Enterprise Grant GF Vanguard Charitable Mr. and Mrs. James C. Vardell III Mr. and Mrs. David A. Westerlund GF WestWind Foundation Harriet P.Williams Fund of Coastal Community Foundation Yawkey Foundation Ziff Properties Charleston Stephen and Suzan Zoukis GF

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Quinn GF Mr. and Mrs. Charles D.Ravenel David W. and Susan G. Robinson Foundation Gillian and Peter Roy GF Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Said Klaus T. Said Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Schwab Charitable Fund Mrs. Anne Rivers Siddons Drs. Ryan and Erin Smith The Stanley & Kristin Stevens Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. T. Paul Strickler Ms. Bailey W.Symington Longleaf Charitable Fund Mr. John Thompson and Ms. Julia Forster GF Joe and Terry Williams


$5,000-9,999 Anonymous (6) Ms. Carrie Agnew GF Mr. David Anderson GF John and Jane Beach Mr. J. Anderson Berly III GF Mr. Daniel W.Boone III Dan and Merrie Boone Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Chitty Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cleveland The Clif Bar Family Foundation GF Katharine and John Crawford Family Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation of SC Dorothy R. Donnelley Charitable Trust GF Laura and Steve Gates Mr. and Mrs. S. Parker Gilbert William and Mary Greve Foundation Ms. Anne F. Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kimball Mr. Charles C. Lee Mr. and Mrs. John E. Masaschi The McDowell Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James R. McNab, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. McShane Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Mitchell, Jr. Mr. Arnold Nemirow GF The Dennis R. and Frances H. Nolan Charitable Fund The Osprey Foundation Pacolet Milliken Enterprises, Inc. GF Charles and Celeste Patrick GF Patrick Family Foundation GF Fred E. Pittman Fund of Coastal Community Foundation Joan Coulter Pittman Fund of Coastal Community Foundation The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Quinn Family Charitable GF

Anonymous (5) Ms. Kate Adams and Mr. Robert Sudderth GF The Adams Family Fund Mr. J. Marshall Allen Mr. and Mrs. Brady Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William Applegate IV Ashford Advisors LLC The Ayco Charitable Foundation GF Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Baer Virginia and Dana Beach GF Benwood Foundation, Inc. GF Henry M. Blackmer Foundation, Inc. GF Bailey Bolen and Carol Ervin GF Ms. Margaret F. Bridgforth GF Nancy and Billy Cave GF The Cecil Family Central Carolina Community Foundation Circular Congregational Church GF Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Coen Cohn Reznick Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crawford GF Dr. and Mrs. William F. Crosswell Ms. Jennifer Davis Ms. Carol B. Ervin GF Ms. Margaret D.Fabri Burney Fair Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation Mrs. Harriott H. Faucette James L. Ferguson Robert W.Foster Charitable Fund of Central Carolina Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Foulke The Freddie MacFoundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garbee Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer Google Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hagerty Mr. J. Drayton Hastie Katharine and Winslow Hastie

S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Carol and Roy Hawkins Ms. Lilyn Hester James and Margaret Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. David C. House Mr. and Mrs. John Huey, Jr. Mr. Richard W.Hutson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ilderton Mr. and Mrs. Orton P.Jackson III The Joseph and Catherine Johnson Family Foundation Grace Jones Richardson Trust Linda Ketner Jackie Lane Le Creuset of America, Inc. GF Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Leath, Jr. The Bohemia Fund of The New York Community Trust Lasca and Richard Lilly Dr. Suzanne Lindsay and Mr. Bruce Lindsay Magnolia Plantation Foundation Mr. Charles Manker Ms. Jean Elliott Manning Mike and JoAnne Marcell Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Marshall Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Mather Mr. and Mrs. Irenee duPont May Mr. and Mrs. Franklin McCann Mrs. Frank McClain Mrs. John L. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. James O.Mills Moses Fund of Coastal Community Foundation NordicGourmet Tour GF Mr. Guy Paschal Mr. and Mrs. David Paynter Plantation Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Prevost Mr. Richard Rainaldi and Ms. Martha Records Mr. and Mrs. S. Kim Reed Mr. and Mrs. William R. Richardson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Rion, Jr. John M. Rivers, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Ms. Catherine G. Rogers Margot and Boykin Rose GF Dr. H. Del Schutte, Jr. Dr. Stephanie Smith-Phillips and Dr. James Phillips Ms. Martha Jane Soltow Dakota Steiner and the Steiner Family William and Shanna Sullivan The Suwinski Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jacques S. Theriot Gary and Mary Beth Thornhill Susan and Trenholm Walker GF Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watson Dr. Robert Ellis Welch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. West Whole Kids Foundation GF Winfield Foundation Dr. Louis Wright and Ms. Patricia Giddens GF


David Adoff and Hildy Teegen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Almeida Drs. T. Brantley and Penny Arnau Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barrett, Jr. GF


Mrs. Ann R. Baruch Dr. Randy Basinger and Ms. Louise Burpee Mrs. Katrina Becker Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Bergan Mrs. Margaret N. Blackmer GF Ms. Margaret P.Blackmer GF Blackwater, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P.Blagden, Jr. GF Ms. Christine Bogrette Booz Allen Hamilton Dr. Eloise Bradham and Dr. Mark George Mr. and Mrs. Frank W.Brumley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burt Dr. and Mrs. Robert W.Cain GF Mr. Leigh Carter Leigh Mary W.Carter Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Mr. Arnold B. Chace, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Childs Mr. Elliott S. Close The Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program John J. and Kathleen J Cooney Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Croft Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Daly Anne and Gordon Darby Ms. Connie Darden-Young and Mr. Jesse Colin Young Davis Family Foundation, Inc. Michael and Megan Desrosiers GF Mr. F. Reed Dulany, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P.Eaton Mr. H. McDonald Felder Mr. and Mrs. Peter Feldman Mrs. Nancy B. Fetter Mr. and Mrs. Ted Fienning GF Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Finley Mr. and Mrs. H. Charles Ford Mr. and Mrs. Will Fort GF Rev. and Mrs. David Fort GF Francis Marion Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gabriel Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Gallivan III Drs. Andrew Geer and Susan Moore Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gephart, Jr. Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Ms. Mary Louise Graff Mr. Vincent G. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Hale Ms. Mary E. S. Hanahan The Edwin and Ellen Harley Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Hastings GF Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Higgins, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. Glenn Hilliard Mr. William L. Hiott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Holleman III Mr. J. W.F. Holliday Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Horlbeck Holly Houghton and David Walker Shayna Howell GF Bruce and Sarah Jayne Ms. Holly R. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. George P.Johnston Mr. F. Kimball Joyner and Mr. Derek Riggs The Barns Fund of The New York Community Trust Mr. William Kennard and Ms. Deborah Kennedy

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Keough GF Harriet and Herbert Keyserling Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation James E. and Anne B. Kistler Trust Scott and Gayle Lane Mr. David Lansbury GF Dr. Diane D.Lauritsen GF Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W.Legerton III Mr. and Mrs. Craig Leister GF Kathie Livingston Mr. Justin O’Toole Lucey, P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. MacGlashin Mrs. Martha Maguire GF Market Street Trust Company Dr. John Mattheis Mr. and Mrs. David Maybank, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm McAlpin Mr. and Mrs. George McCoy Ms. Jamie Young McCulloch Mrs. Harriet P.McDougal Charles and Martha McLendon Mr. and Mrs. Keith McLoughlin John F. & Susan B. McNamara Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Ms. Georgia Meagher Ms. Martha Morgan Russell E. and Elizabeth W.Morgan Foundation Morning Sun Foundation Mr. and Mrs. M. Lane Morrison The New York Community Trust Ms. Elizabeth F. Orser Palmetto Brewing of Charleston LLC GF Ms. Cynthia Swanson Powell Mr. and Mrs. Gary P.Quigley Dr. George Rabb The Honorable Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Reid Dr. Georgia C. Roane Henry and Susan Romaine Charitable Fund Bob Rymer and Catherine Anne Walsh Mr. and Mrs. C.Troy Shaver, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W.Tobias Sherrill Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Simmons, Jr. Mr. T. Grange Simons V Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Skelly GF Mr. Matt Sloan Mr. Martin Smith Mr. Richard Smith Mr. William Smith Dorothy D.Smith Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Solow Southern States Educational Foundation Inc. Gus and Cameron Speth GF Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Strauss Mr. and Mrs. W.Charles Sullivan Ms. Patricia Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Talbot Mr. and Mrs. R. E. E. Thorpe, Jr. The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Tom Uffelman and Patty Bennett Dr. and Mrs. Greg A. VanDerwerker Wade Crow Engineering Sally Webb Tad Whiteside Family Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop Ms. Martha C. Worthy

$500-999 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Adams, Jr. Richard and Tannis Alkire William Byrn Alsup and Sunny Jung Alsup Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr. Chuck and Betsy Baker BalzacBrothers. & Co, Inc. GF The Barker Welfare Foundation Ms. Donna Billings and Mr. Dennis White Drs. John and Barbara Boatwright The Boeing Company Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonham Elizabeth Calvin Bonner Foundation Ms. Amy Bunting Mrs. Blair Bunting Darnell Mr. and Mrs. John Burbage Mr. Samuel Burns The John T. and Elizabeth K. Cahill Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation Ms. Alyssondra Campaigne and Mr. George Abar Mr. R. R. M. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W.Cart Mr. Richard C. Clow GF Mr. Peter C. Coggeshall, Jr. William and Lucile Cogswell Community Foundation of Greenville, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Nigel W.Cooper Mr. and Mrs. David A. Creech Nancy and Steve Cregg Ms. Judy Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P.Daniels Mrs. Emily Darnell-Nunez Ms. Rebecca R. Davenport Mrs. Palmer Davenport Mr. Chris Davis Mr. John G. Davis Curtis and Arianna Derrick Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.Drummond Michael and Anna Eddy Mr. and Mrs. Howard D.Edwards, Sr. Mr. D.Reid Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ellison II Ms. Catherine M. Englehardt Mr. Mark Essig and Mrs. Martha Craft-Essig GF Mark and Kay Ethridge Drs. Jean and Charles Everett Ms. Nina M. Fair Wayne and Dixie Fanning Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Feldmann Mary Fleming Finlay Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Fishburne, Jr. Ms. Angie C. Flanagan Ms. Cindy Floyd and Mr. Pete Laurie Ms. Catherine H. Forrester GF Dorothea and Peter Frank Mr. John P.Freeman Mrs. Monte Gaillard GF Mr. and Mrs. Karl Gedge Dr. Annette G. Godow Mary Jane Gorman

Dr. and Ms. Gene W.Grace Dr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. D.Maybank Hagood GF Blair and Nancy Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hanlin Dr. Kit M. Hargrove Ms. Sherrerd Hartness Whitney and Elizabeth Hatch Ms. Joy D.Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Knox L. Haynsworth, Jr. Lucile W. Hays Mr. David O.Haythe Oliver R. Head, Jr. and Mary M.F. Head Gift Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. William J. Hennessy, Jr. Mr. Fred B. Herrmann Ms. Susan Hilfer Mr. and Ms. John A. Hill Florence & Gordon Holland Family Foundation Karen Williams Hollings Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Holmes Home Team BBQ GF Holly Hook and Dennis Glaves Steven and Pamela Jacobs Dr. Joseph M. Jenrette III Ms. May Jones Ms. Linley Jones and Mr. Gregory Roth JustGive Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Kammer Mr. Louis Kaufman Ms. Kathleen Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Keyes Mr. and Mrs. John Kwist Mr. Mike Landrum and Ms. Brenda Smith Mr. Charles Lane, Jr. Ms. Caitlin Winans Lang Ms. Paula A. Lareau Mr. Pete Laurie and Ms. Cindy Floyd Dr. and Mrs. Wood N. Lay Mrs. Karyn S. Lee Dr. and Mrs. William H. Lee Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Chisolm Leonard Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation of SC Mr. and Mrs. Fulton D.Lewis, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Lanneau D.Lide Dr. I. Grier Linton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rayner B. Lotton Ms. Jane Lunn Randy MacDonald Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Maginnis Dr. and Mrs. John C. Maize Drs. John and Siobhan Maize GF Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mark Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Marshburn GF Dr. and Mrs. Brem Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Clay McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McElynn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. McGee Dr. and Mrs. Keith Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Meyer Allison and Kincaid Mills Fund of Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mills III Mr. and Mrs. Boulton D.Mohr

Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Morawetz Mr. and Mrs. Edmond N. Moriarty III Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William D.Nettles, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nevin Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Norberg Ms. Ellen P.Oblow Dr. Patrick M. O’Neil Dr. and Mrs. J. David Osguthorpe GF Mr. and Mrs. Coleman C. Owens Mrs. Diane Parker Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Parks Dr. and Mrs. B. Daniel Paysinger Pepsico Foundation The Pew Charitable Trusts Employee Matching Gifts Program Ms. Patricia A. Pierce The Pittsburgh Foundation Mr. Harry Polychron Dr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Reed, Jr. Grant Reeves Revolutions Per Minute Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Rivers, Jr. Mr. Dan Rogge Mr. Hal Currey and Ms. Margaret Schachte Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Scheetz, Jr. Dickie and Mary Schweers Dr. and Mrs. William M. Simpson, Jr. Dr. James G. Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Huger Sinkler II Mr. and Mrs. Park B. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Smith Dr. and Mrs. James Stephenson Mrs. Patricia C. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Storen Dave and Pat Stormer Charles and Jo Summerall GF Mr. and Ms. William B. Tausig Ted’s Butcher Block GF Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W.Timmons Mr. and Mrs. John Trinkl GF United Way of the Piedmont Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Wadsworth II GF Mr. David J. Waldron Betsy Warren Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation Nancy Waters Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webb Dr. and Mrs. James D.Wells Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Foundation Ms. Walda Wildman and Mr. Mack Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wyrick, Jr. Janie Hindman Yeargin

GF = GrowFood

S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


NEW AND RENEWING MEMBERSHIPS Contributions Received from January 1, 2014 -December 31, 2014

$100-499 Anonymous (9) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Abrams Mr. Keene Adams Mr. and Mrs. Charles Agee Dr. and Mrs. James C. Allen Dr. and Mrs. William B. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Allen Kellum and Jane Allen Dr. and Mrs. Scott H. Allen Bishop and Mrs. C. Fitzsimons Allison Dr. and Mrs. Alex F. Althausen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ambler Mr. David W.Ames Mr. and Mrs. W.Swinton Anderson Dr. and Mrs. William D.Anderson, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. K. EricAnderson Nancy Appel and Mitchell Sadoff Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnoff Ms. Vivian D’Amato Asche Pam and Glenn Ashley Ms. Cynthia Aulbach Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Austin Mrs. George C. Avent Mr. Hugh Aycock Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Baas Mr. and Mrs. Demetri Baches Dr. Thomas M. Badgett Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.Bainbridge Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Baird Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Balbach Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Baldwin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jess S. Ballentine, Jr. Mrs. Mary L. Ballou Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Mrs. Barbara J. Banus Dr. Lisa K. Barclay Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Barker Mr. Rodney Barlow and Dr. Patricia Fithian Mr. and Mrs. John L. Barnes, Jr. Ms. Georgia L. Barnett Mr. Arthur L. Baron Mr. and Mrs. A. Elliott Barrow, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Scott D.Barton Chris and Myrna Barton Mr. Leslie L. Bateson Mr. and Mrs. William D.Baughman Ms. Judith S. Baughman Mr. Peter Baumann Mr. Bennett R. Baxley Ms. Nellie Beach Mr. John W.Beach Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Beard III The Beaufort Garden Club Dr. Richard L. Beck Caroline V. Beeland and John M. Moore


Ms. Helen Belencan and Mr. Gary Smith Bill and Ellen Bell Dr. and Mrs. Norman H. Bell The Benevity Community Impact Fund Edward and Adelaida Bennett Mr. L. Russell Bennett Mr. Stevenson B. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Colin C. Bentley Mr. Peter Bentley Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Berchem Mr. Edgar A. Bergholtz Mr. Dan Berman Mr. Charles J. Bethea Mr. Rhett S. Bickley Mr. John C. Bigler Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bischoff Mrs. Billie J. Black Dr. Nadia Blanchet and Dr. Kent Rollins Mrs. Margaret Bobo Mr. John R. Boekelheide Mr. and Mrs. William Bollin Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Bondurant Judge and Mrs. H. E. Bonnoitt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Sidney Boone, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Livio Borghese Ruthie Bowers Ms. Evelyn Bowler Mr. Thomas Bradford and Ms. Susan Bass Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brailsford III Jan Brewton Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Bridgman Marilyn and Howard Brilliant Mr. and Mrs. Walker Brock Mrs. Ethel S. Brody Mr. Paul Bronzo Mr. and Mrs. E. Steve Brown Mel and Jack Brown Dr. and Mrs. Robert O.Brown Wesley and Nancy Brown Scott Bryant Dr. and Mrs. William Y. Buchanan, Jr. Ms. Brenda Burbage Mr. Wilbur Burbage Mr. Dale D.Burke Mr. and Mrs. Hardwick H. Burr Mrs. Mary Ann Burtt Mr. and Mrs. McBee Butcher Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Butler Ms. Paula W.Byers Ms. Randy Cabell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Cable, Jr. Ms. Angie Y. Calhoun Ruth Campbell Mr. Willis Cantey GF Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Carling Mr. Samuel C. Carlton Mrs. June K. Carney Mr. Scott Carpenter GF Ms. Cornelia Carrier

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

Ms. Melinda K. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Heyward Carter, Jr. Mike and Dancy Cassell Mr. and Mrs. J. W.Nelson Chandler Charleston Horticultural Society GF Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chase Mr. John F. Chilton IV GF Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Chmelik Mr. Andy Christian and Ms. Linda Carlile Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Christian Mr. Joseph F. Christie, Jr. Dr. Janet Christopher Mrs. Janet Ciegler John and Alice Claggett Mr. Malcolm L. Clay Mr. and Mrs. James Cleary Tom Clements The Cleveland Foundation Rich Clow Sara Clow Ms. Susan Clow Mr. and Mrs. William W.Cobau Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coble Dr. and Mrs. Alexander H. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Cohen Barbara R. Cole Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Coleman Ms. Dorothy Coley and Mr. Robert Cross Mrs. Lorinda Collister Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William W.Conde III Mr. Pat Conroy and Mrs. Sandra King Mr. and Mrs. Peter Conway Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cook, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cooley Ms. Margaret Cormack GF Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Corning Charles and Marty Cornwell Senator and Mrs. John E. Courson Mrs. Lynda L. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. John T. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Creed Mr. John C. Creed Mr. Larry Creel and Ms. Judith Yarbrough Mr. Malcolm Crosland and Ms. Meggett Lavin Dr. and Mrs. Brian G. Cuddy Mr. Beau Daen Mr. Frank J. Dana Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Dana III Ms. Betsie Danner and Mr. Vincent Brennan Mrs. Nadine Darby Mr. Reggie F. Daves Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. David GF Mr. and Mrs. James C. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davis

Dr. Gordon Dehler and Dr. Ann Welsh Dr. and Mrs. George B. Del Porto Mr. Fowler Del Porto Mrs. Janis Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Detwiler Arthur F. Di Salvo Mr. and Mrs. James K. Dias Ms. Susan G. Dickson Carolyn Nance Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner Dodd Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Dodds Ms. Evelyn Dolven Mr. Timothy Donnellon Mr. Richard P.Donohoe Ms. Wayne Douglas Mr. John M. Draughn Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dreier Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Drew Mr. and Mrs. Theodore DuBose S. Kimble Duckworth Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. P.Duell Dr. William E. Dufford Ms. Kathryn L. Dunn Ms. Caroline M. Eastman Ms. Lynn Eastwood Mr. and Mrs. Allen W.Edgerton Ms. Dorothy H. Edgerton Ms. Pamela J. Edwards Mr. W.L. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Eggerding Dr. and Mrs. David D.Egleston Drs. Nick and Linda Elksnin Mrs. Luanne H. Elliott Dick and Dayna Elliott Sheron Elliott Dr. William Ellison, Jr. Dr. Frances L. Elmore Drs. Douglas and Diane Ervin Mr. Jeff Evans Mr. and Mrs. John S. Evans, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Ewing III ExxonMobil Foundation Amy Fabri and Keith Ladeaux Mr. and Mrs. Granville R. Fairchild Dr. and Mrs. F. Strait Fairey, Jr. Dr. Edward and Betty Farnworth Mr. and Mrs. Trey Fayard GF Mrs. Theodora L. Feldberg Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Feldman Mr. Frederick N. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Helmut H. Fiedler Mr. and Mrs. William Firth Dr. Angeleita S. Floyd John W.and Sara Jane Foltz Ms. Amanda Ford Mrs. Ellen Forwalk Rev. Rodney Foster and Rev. Jody Foster Dr. Sandra L. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Robert D.Fray Mr. and Ms. Michael D.Frederick

Mr. J. Smith Harrison, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hart Ms. Katharine M. Hartley Ms. Rosemary Hartnett Ms. Linda Hartough Mrs. Vesta M. Haselden Ms. Connie Haskell Mr. William Andrew Hautt Dr. and Mrs. John C. Hawk III Dr. Edward L. Hay Lewis and Kim Hay Mr. and Mrs. Clarke L. Hayes Mr. R. B. Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hecker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heller Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hester Mr. Dean J. Hewitt Mr. Joseph B. Hewitt Mr. Charles W. High High Cotton Dr. Jim and Jackie Hill Hilton Head Island Audubon Society Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Hines Kevan and Amy Hirsch Sherry and Ken Hirsch Robert and Nancy Hirst Mr. Brad Hodson Ms. Olivia Britton Holding Ms. Julie Hollings-Bower Ms. Debbie Holman-Gregory Dr. Bill Holt Ms. Christine A. Hope Mr. and Mrs. Ozey K. Horton, Jr. Ms. Amy Horwitz and Mr. Norm Shea Mr. Woody House Gene and Alice Howard Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Howe Ms. Edith Howle Mr. and Mrs. Newton I. Howle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Perry D.Hubbard III Katy and Dan Huger Ms. Dorothy R. Huggins Mr. and Mrs. R. Walter Hundley Stephanie and Noel Hunt Drs. Richard and Margaret Hunt Ms. Hillary L. Hutchinson Leroy Phillips Hutchinson and Julia L. Eichelberger Ms. Mary Pope M. Hutson Mrs. Henry C. Hutson Dr. Vera C. Hyman Mr. H. W.Igleheart Ms. Elizabeth Ilderton Mr. and Mrs. George Ivey Mr. and Mrs. S. Wesley Jackson Ms. Dale McElveen Jaeger Dr. and Mrs. EricR. James Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. James Mrs. Lois Jameson Kelley Jarrett Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jauch Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Jaycocks, Jr. Mr. Hugh Jeffers and Ms. Anna Lee Turner Ms. Marsha B. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Jennings

Dr. Sarah Jessee Gerry R. Johnson Ms. Harriott P.Johnson Mrs. Jane S. Johnson Ms. Judith D.Johnson Kristen Johnson Mr. Bill Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Coy Johnston II Col. and Mrs. Ernest H. Jones, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clifton S. Jones Mr. Guy Jones and Dr. Cynthia Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Jules Mr. Steve Kane GF Mr. and Mrs. Rick D.Kaylor Mr. William J. Keenan III Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Keller, Jr. Mr. Patrick Kelley and Ms. Maria Wiley Mr. Thomas H. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Kerrigone Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W.Kienke Randy and Jan Kienstra Ms. Susan Kilpatrick and Mr. Charles Norris Mr. and Mrs. Edward King Mr. and Mrs. George S. King, Jr. Dr. Katherine Kinghorn Mr. Lincoln Kinnicutt Mr. and Mrs. Mark W.Kinzer Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kirkland, Jr. Dr. Allston A. Kitchens Marty and Julie Klaper Mr. and Mrs. James M. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Knight Mr. Michael Kohl and Dr. Jane McLamarrah Mr. Chris Kouri Carol and Hobie Kraner Nora Kravecand Charles Cyr Ms. Nancy M. Kreml Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Kreutzer Ms. Catherine Ksenzak Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kuhn Dr. and Mrs. Seth P.Kupferman Melissa and Michael Ladd Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln F. Ladd Jonathan Lamb Ashley Landess Dr. and Mrs. Pearon G. Lang Ms. Tori G. Langen Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lantz GF

Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaPorte Mr. and Mrs. William E. Latture Ms. Margaret Lawton and Mr. Paul Lund Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Leak Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Lee Mr. Edward T. Legare Mrs. Clarence W.Legerton Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Lehder Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Lesesne, Jr. Mr. William Lesesne Dr. and Mrs. Jan V. Levitan Mrs. Alice Levkoff Jake Libaire Mr. Julien E. Libaire GF Dr. Susan Libes Gordon and Catherine Locatis Mr. and Mrs. William S. Logan Ms. Jessica Loring and Mr. Laurence Rasmussen Mrs. Danforth Loring Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lortz Rebecca Love Ms. Patricia O.Lowry Mr. James J. Lundy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Lybecker Timothy J. Lyons, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MacDowell Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Mack, Jr. Meg MacLeod Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W.Malley Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mamunes Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Mansheim Mrs. Evelyn C. Marion Dr. and Mrs. Christopher P.Marsh Mr. Mark J. Martin Mr. Frederick F. Masad Mrs. Elizabeth GMatthew Bob and Judy Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maybank Mr. and Mrs. Lee McBride Arch and Caroline McCallum Mr. John T. McCarter GF Mr. Ted McCormack Christe McCoy-Lawrence Robin H. McCravy Ms. Charlotte M. McCreary Mr. and Mrs. Don McCunniff Dr. Layton McCurdy Stuart and Sarah McDaniel Ms. Katherine M. McDonald Ms. Eileen Mary McGuffie

Richard Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman Dr. Charles Friedman and Ms. Karin Volquardsen Mr. Elliott Friedman Friends of Hunting Island State Park, Inc. Julie and Mark Frye Mrs. Janet M. Fryman Davis Mrs. Sallie J. Fuerth Ms. Ann L. Furr Mr. and Mrs. W.Foster Gaillard Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gaither Mr. and Mrs. Robert O.Gamble Mr. Michael Gardner Mr. David Garr and Ms. Deborah Williamson Tom and Betsy Garret Mr. J. Lee Gastley Leonie LGately Dr. and Mrs. James H. Gault Mr. and Mrs. Kinney Gause Dr. Sidney Gauthreaux and Ms. Carroll Belser GEFoundation GF Alison and Arthur Geer Mr. Andrew Geer Mr. and Mrs. George R. Geer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gettys III Ann and Mike Giese Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilbert Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Gimarc Ms. Bea Girndt Mrs. Michael S. Giuffre Mr. and Mrs. John W.Glenn Mrs. Dorothy P.Gnann Ms. Melanie Gnazzo Dr. Juliet Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Goodridge III Drs. Donald and April Gordon Kirk Grant Mr. and Mrs. James H. Grantham Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P.Grassi Dr. Timothy K. Gray Marian Greely and Darrell Olson Mr. Leonard A. Greene Mr. Jackson V. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. L. Marion Gressette III Mr. and Mrs. J. Penn Griffen Mr. and Mrs. James A. Grimsley III Mrs. Linda S. Groen Jim and Kay Gross Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Guyton Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Gwyn Kellie Gypin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hadley Ben and Penn Hagood Half-Moon Outfitters GF Mr. Cary H. Hall, Jr. Diana and George Hambleton Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Hammet, Sr. Janis Hammett Mr. Jack Handegan III Mrs. Joyce E. Hansen Dr. and Mrs. Imtiaz Haque Ms. Robin L. Hardin Dr. William Hare and\ Mrs. Eleanor Hare Ms. Dorinda Q. Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Harrigan

S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E



Dr. Greg Ohanesian Mrs. Pam Ohlandt Mr. and Mrs. Tom Oliver Ms. Anne P.Olsen Ms. Natalie Olson Mr. and Mrs. Roger D.Olson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Orr Ms. Brenda S. O’Shields Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ottinger Roy Owen and Sue McClinton David and Deborah Oyster Dr. Artur Pacult Mr. and Mrs. David J. Painter Dr. Olivia C. Palmer Phoebe and Paul Palmer Palmetto Garden Club of South Carolina Mr. and Mrs. A. Nicholas Papadea Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parker Mrs. Eleanor H. Parker Mrs. Constance S. Parramore Mr. Roger F. Pasquier Margaret Passailaigue Erin Hardwick Pate Mr. Hayes H. Patterson, Jr. Dr. Robert Payne and Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas Mr. David T. Pearlman Mrs. Leslie Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peck Mr. Peter Penniman Dr. Michael M. Perkins Bob and Patty Perry Mrs. Ansara Piebenga Ms. Virginia Pinson V. Adm. Douglas C. Plate Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Player, Jr. Mr. John T. Poole Mr. and Mrs. William L. Pope Mrs. Sarah H. Post Dr. and Mrs. William Post Dr. and Mrs. Jan H. Postma, Jr. Ms. Whitney Powers Mr. and Mrs. Everett Presson Ms. Susan H. Prettyman Mr. Norris Preyer and Dr. Lucy Preyer Ms. Susan Priester Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pringle Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Pringle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Prioleau Dr. and Mrs. William H. Prioleau, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Pulliam Dr. Ann A. Quattlebaum Mr. David Quick Ruby Qurashi Mr. Kyle Rabe Mr. Frank W. Rambo Lydia Engelhardt, M.D.and Bill Rambo, M.D. Drs. Ross and Laura Rames Ms. Cheryl Randall Dr. and Mrs. W. Alan Randolph Mr. John W. Ray Mr. and Mrs. I. Mayo Read, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Read Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Reading II Dr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Reitzel

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

Richard Beck

Mr. and Mrs. John F. McIlwain Mr. and Mrs. G.Thomas McKane Dianne McKenzie Mr. Robert A. McKenzie Mr. William W. McKinnon Mr. and Mrs. John Gregg McMaster III Dr. and Mrs. James F. McNab Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm T. McPherson Ms. Dorothy H. Meacham Mr. and Mrs. Dexter C. Mead Mr. John Meffert and Mr. Steve Cagle Ms. Kay E. Merrill Ms. A. Suzanne Meszner-Eltrich Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Meyerson Mrs. Payne W.Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Middleton III Capt. and Mrs. William L. Miles John and Joanne Milkereit Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Miller Rev. John P.Miller Mrs. Phyllis Miller Angela and Howard Misthal Ms. L. Susan Mitchell Mr. Hugh S. Monger Dr. Mark D.Monson Mr. and Mrs. Rick C. Montague Chuck and Rachel Montgomery Macand Heather Montgomery John M. Moore, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Moore Jordan Moore Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Moore, Jr. Dr. Nancy Moore Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Moore Mr. and Mrs. Tom C. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Wesley L. Moore III Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Morgenstern Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Comer Morrison Ms. Rosalyn G. Morrison Mr. and Mrs. William M. Morrison, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muench Mr. and Mrs. John Muench Dr. Nancy Muller and Mr. Warren Mersereau Ms. Rebecca Munger Malcolm and Priscilla Munson Mr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Murphy Dudley and Ann Myers Mrs. Jeanne W.Myers Mrs. Nancy T. Myers Michele and Kotresha Neelakantappa The Nelson Mead Fund Drs. James and Noreen Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William S. Newby Sally and John Newell Newkirk Environmental, Inc. Ms. Elizabeth Newman Dr. Karen Nickless Dr. Joye A. Norris Mr. Michael Norris Ms. Susan B. Norton Ms. Conyers Norwood Dr. and Mrs. W.Eugene Notz Sis Nunnally Dr. and Mrs. Alan I. Nussbaum Dr. William F. O’Dell Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Ogle

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Rensberry Dr. and Mrs. James C. Reynolds Ms. Jennifer A. Rezeli Frances C. Rhett Mr. and Mrs. David Rice Mr. David W.Rice Ms. Nena P.Rice Mr. John Richardson Mr. and Mrs. William C. Richardson Mr. Frederick W.Riesen, Jr. Ms. Beverly Rivers Ms. Carolyn Rivers and Mr. Henk Brandt Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P.R. Rivers Mr. Frank H. Roberts, Sr. Katherine and Morris Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robertson Ms. Vida F. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Robinson Mr. Ron A. Rocz Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Rogers IV Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Romberger Mr. J.T. Ronk Mr. and Mrs. William E. Roschen Dr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Rosengarten Mr. and Mrs. James B. Rothnie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Roumillat Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Rowland, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rutkowski Mr. J. W.Rutter Matthew Ryan Mr. and Mrs. John I. Saalfield, Jr. Dave Sadler Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Salas Mr. Kirkpatrick Sale Ms. Dorothy M. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Sansbury Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Sawyer Ms. Susanna Schantz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Schiffer Mr. and Mrs. Allyn W.Schneider Mr. and Mrs. George Schneider Mr. Gerald H. Schulze Prudence S. Scott and Jennifer Haas Mr. and Mrs. James R. Scott Mr. Ronald Sebeczek Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seibels Mr. Herman Senter Ms. Elizabeth W.Settle

Mr. Stan Severance Dr. and Mrs. Scott C. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Sharp Senator and Mrs. Vincent A. Sheheen Shell Oil Company Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shelley, Jr. Dr. David Shi Nancy and Jerry Sifford Ms. Eloise Sills Mrs. Katherine Silvia Mr. and Mrs. George E. Simmons Mr. Lawrence J. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simons Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick L. Simons Philip and Jane Sine John and Regana Sisson Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Skidmore Slightly North of Broad Mr. Mark Sloan and Ms. Michelle Van Parys Dr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Smith Mrs. Betty Anglin Smith Dr. and Mrs. C. D.Smith III Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Smith The Honorable and Mrs. Gerald M. Smith Rep. and Mrs. G. Murrell Smith, Jr. Mr. Robert Smith and Ms. Margaret Creighton Mr. and Mrs. Shawn K. Smith Shannyn Smith Mr. Harry F. Smithson Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Smolen Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D.Smoot, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Smyth, Jr. Starr and Phil Snead Dr. and Mrs. James F. Snyder The Society of Saint Thomas and Saint Denis 1706 Mr. Andrew H. Sohor South Carolina Conservation Credit Exchange Mr. Michael Spath and Ms. Donna Whinnery Ganga Srinivas Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Stamey Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Stancyk Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Stanley, Jr. Col. and Mrs. Walter C. Stanton Mr. Cecil Steed

Dr. and Mrs. John G. Steedman Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Steele Ms. Louise A. Steffens Ms. Mary E. Steimen Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Stein Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stevens III Mr. and Mrs. George Stilwell Brandt and Virginia Stitzer Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Stone, Jr. Ms. Danette Stovall Mr. Andrew Streit Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stuckey Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John P.Sullivan III Ms. Jennie Summerall and Mr. Stuart Bennett Dr. and Mrs. Charles P.Summerall III Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Swanson Mr. Thomas Sweeny and Mrs. Sally Burnett Ms. Janet Swigler Col. and Mrs. Paul J. Sykes Mr. William B. Talbert, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Harold Simmons Tate, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Taylor Walter and Helen Taylor Drs. George and Carol Tempel Dr. Arch W.Templeton Dr. and Mrs. David J. Tennenbaum Louis and Jane Theiling Mr. Cunningham P.Thomas, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Thomas, Jr. Drs. Christine and C. Murry Thompson, Jr. Mr. Edward Thoms Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Thornton Mr. and Ms. Thad Timmons Mr. and Mrs. Louis C.Tisdale, Jr. Dr. Ann Truesdale and Mr. James Truesdale Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trussler Dan and Cindy Tufford Drs. David and Cathleen Tuley Mark and Lisa Jones Turansky Mr. William V. Turner The UBSFoundation Dr. and Mrs. Ambrose G. Updegraff Joan and Martin Ustin Mr. Roger D.Van Horsen Ms. Eleanne D.Van Vliet Mr. and Mrs. Richard D.Vanderwarker Mr. Richard J. Verano Mrs. Diane Vergot Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan G. Verity Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D.Verville Ms. Nancy E. Vinson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Voight Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Von Ende Mrs. Edward Vought Ms. Virginia E. Wagner Alice and Doug Walker Mr. and Mrs. David C. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Walker Ms. Elise Wallace Mr. Peter Wallace and Ms. Judith Kramer Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Walle Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walsh

Ms. Susan Walters Billy Want and Sharon Bennett John and Caroline Warren Dr. Sheryn Waterman Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Waters Mr. Richard E. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D.Watson, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth D.Watson Mr. and Mrs. Beekman Webb Mr. Jack V. Webb Mr. Jay Weidner Robin Elise Welch Mr. Michael Welch Ms. Sheila Wertimer and Mr. Gary Gruca Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. West Dr. and Mrs. Timothy H. West Mr. George Westerfield Dr. William Westerkam and Ms. Kirsten Lackstrom Mr. and Mrs. Jason Westmeyer Mr. David Wethey and Ms. Sarah Woodin Mr. Joseph F.Whetstone Mr. and Mrs. Alfred White Caroline Hartzog White GF Dr. and Mrs. A. Weaver Whitehead, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Whittemore Mr. David Whitten and Ms. Geri Scheller Dr. Dara H. Wilber Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wilfong Mr. and Mrs. James M. Williams Dr. and Mrs. T.D.Williams III Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F.Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Benton D.Williamson Dr. H. Oliver Williamson Jeremy and Lisa Willits Mr. and Mrs. D.Mark Wilson Emilie J. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. John W.Wilson, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Wilson Mr. W. Chisolm Wilson Ms. Wendy Wilson Dr. and Mrs. William C. Wilson Dr. William Wingfield, Jr. Dr. D.Reid Wiseman Drs. David Wishart and Josephine Wilson Mrs. Elizabeth J. Witham Ms. Laura S. Witham Ms. Patricia Wolman Mr. and Mrs. Henry Woodhead Hitchcock Woods Foundation Dr. W. Curtis Worthington, Jr. Ms. Frances Worthy Capt. and Mrs. Richard T. Wright Mr. Victor G. Wright Ms. June Yanick Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yorke Mr. and Mrs. J. Rutledge Young, Jr. Mr. John Young Ms. Wendy Zara Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zimmerman Mr. Simpson J. Zimmerman, Jr. Ms. Patricia Zincke Mrs. Dorothy G. Zinser Mr. and Mrs. Dieter zur Loye

$0-$99 Anonymous (2) Mr. Judson Abraham Ms. Charlotte Adams Ms. Dee Agee Ms. Lyn Aiken Dr. and Mrs. Randy L. Akers Mr. Donald M. Allen Amazon Smiles Chris Anderson Judith and Roger Anderson Ms. Renate Anderson Ms. Peggy L. Andretz Joanna Angle Mr. and Mrs. DocArdrey Mr. Michael Arendt Ms. Ann Ashby Mr. John F. Atkinson Mr. William F. Aull Mr. and Mrs. David AvRutick Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Ayers Mr. Joseph Azar Mr. and Mrs. Donald Backer Mrs. Libbie L. Baldwin Mr. Russell Ball and Dr. Amy Ball John and Ann Ballantyne Ms. Jean R. Ballentine Jerry and Anna Ballinger Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Ms. Marlissa Bannister Mr. Weldon P.Barker Keller and Bill Barron Ron and Joanne Barton Mr. Walter S. Bartynski Dr. Susan Bateman Mr. John Batson Mr. Edward A. Batten Ms. Nicole Beaulieu Mr. and Mrs. Karl M. Becker Ms. Connie Beddoes Mrs. Bobbi Bees Mr. Robert W.Bell Benevity Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Bennett, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. James R. Bergen Dr. and Mrs. Dennis O.Bernard Ms. Evelyn J. Berner Mr. and Mrs. E. Dean Berry Dr. James F. Bethea Mr. George S. Betsill Ms. Betty Betz Mrs. Katherine B. Beverly Mr. and Mrs. Travis L. Bianchi Dr. Nancy L. Bickford-Jordan Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Biernbaum Ms. Elaine Blackmon Mr. and Mrs. John H. Blanchard William and Marilyn Blizard GF Robert and Kevin Bockman Mr. Paul Boes Pauline and Howard Bomstein Jonathan and Marty Bonds Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Bonk Ms. Caroline Boston Ms. Jolyn Bowler

Ms. Felicia Boyd Ms. Emily B. Branscome Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Bray Mr. Wayne Brazell Ms. Susan Breslin Mr. Thomas Bresnick Ms. Harriett Brinker Mr. and Mrs. EricBrown Ms. Gaye Brown Mr. and Mrs. Prescott H. Brownell Ms. Gail Brownlee Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D.Brownlee, Jr. Mr. Theodore Brush Mr. and Mrs. C. Ashley Bullard Mr. and Mrs. John G. Burch Ms. Laurette T. Burdyl Mrs. Georgia Burson Mr. and Mrs. Grant Burwell Ms. Dorothy Bury John R. Busher Ms. Pansy Buzhardt Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Byford Mr. Henry C. Byrd Ms. Jeanne Cagle Ms. Evelyn C. Caldwell Ms. Elaine Camp Tom and Peggy Camp Mrs. Barbara C. Canelon Ms. Candace Cannady Thomas Cannon and Jo Williams Mr. Wayne J. Cannon Mr. Sean Cardones Ms. Frances L. Cardwell Mr. Timothy Carens and Ms. Elizabeth Van Pelt Ms. Stella Carmody Mr. and Mrs. William R. Carpenter III Jean Carroll Ms. Candice Carter Henry and Rhea Carter Ms. Margaret H. Carter Ms. Nancy L. Carter Bill and Margaret Case Mrs. Sondra Catts Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cavanaugh Ed and Anna Ceva Danny Chandler and Kathryn Fritz Mr. Adrian J. Chanler Mr. Ronald H. Charron Ms. Linda M. Cherry Ms. Lynn C. Chiappone Ms. Sarah Cholewinski Lynn Rudmin Chong Mr. Lester Chou Mr. and Mrs. A. Crawford Clarkson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter L. Clarkson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Claypool Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Cobb Mr. Robert P.Coffman Juliet and Jeffrey Cohen Ms. Shere Colborn Mr. Carl Cole Ms. Patricia Cole Dr. and Mrs. Hugh V. Coleman Mr. Gene Collins Mr. Lawrence S. Comegys Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Compton Ms. Carol Coney

S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Ms. Marjorie H. Conner Mr. and Mrs. J. Terrell Cook, Sr. Ms. Maureen Cook Mrs. Jeannette M. Cooper Mrs. Drucilla C. Copeland Mrs. Victoria Schipa Corr Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cotsonas Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Cowen Mr. Woodrow W. Cox, Jr. Lynn G. Craig Gen. and Mrs. George B. Crist Mr. Bill Cross, Jr. Ms. Diane Crouch Mrs. Barbara J. Culbertson Ms. Catherine P.Cuneo Ms. Barbara M. Currey Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Curtis Mrs. Mary C. Cutler Mr. Daniel H. Daniels Ms. Sterling Davenport Mr. Charles M. Davis Ms. Dianne S. Davis Ms. Donna J. Davis Miss Kathy Davis Ms. Lauren Davis Ms. Marlene Davis Mrs. Melissa Davis Mr. and Mrs. P.Michael Davis Mr. and Mrs. Morris K. Deason Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dehoney Forrest Deleot Mr. Hampton Dennis Mr. Jeffrey L. Dexter Jean Dickey Debra M. Dickinson Ms. Eliza M. Dickson Mr. George Dominello Ms. Ann M. Donaldson Mr. Paul Donnelly Ms. Carol T. Dotterer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Doty III Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Dowling Mr. and Mrs. Ron Drabot Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Draughn Mr. Charles H. Drayton Mr. Jeremiah Drew Ms. Deirdre D.DuBose Martha and John Duggan Mr. David L. Duke Mr. Henry Dunbar and Mrs. Katherine Dunbar Ms. Lucy C. Dunlap Dr. James R. Edinger Tish Edwards Mr. Lonnie Ehrhart Dr. Matthew Eison Mr. and Mrs. David J. Elliott Dr. Leon M. Ember Ms. Jane D.Emerson Mr. Randell Ewing Mr. Glenn Faken Ms. Juliana Falk Mr. and Mrs. John L. Faucette Saint Felkel Mrs. Deborah B. Fenn Ms. Karol K. Fenner Rev. Mary M. Finklea Mr. and Mrs. John Fisher


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Fitzgerald Mr. Michael Fleischbein Mrs. Rebecca M. Floor Ms. Dianne Flowers Mr. James Floyd Ms. Pam Floyd Mrs. Marguerite Fogleman Dr. and Mrs. James Forrester Mr. Tom Fossi Abby C. Fowler Phillip Foy Ms. Elizabeth Franchini Ms. Mary Franco Mr. E. Douglas Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Jay Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Fraser III Ms. Maxine Freeman Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Frick Ms. Betty M. Friedman Mr. Danner Friedman and Ms. Elizabeth Kent Ms. Helen L. Frohlich Mr. and Mrs. George Galos Mr. Christopher Galton Mr. Jeremy Galton Ms. Betty R. Gardner Mr. Gary D.Garrett Drs. Thomas and Alice Gasque Ms. Karen H. Gentry Harriet Gibbes Ms. Emily T. Gibbons Ms. Anne Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gilbert Mr. Thomas Gillespie Tom and Sally Gillespie Dr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Ginsberg Dr. and Mrs. Fritz Gitter Ms. Shirley K. Glancy Miss Elizabeth B. Glazebrook Ms. Carolyn Godley Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Goldstein Mrs. Mary Lou Goodell Mr. Robert W.Gooding Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Goodwin Mr. Harold Goodyear Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Grady, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clarendon L. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Graham Ms. Sandra L. Grauer Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Gravil Ms. Nina E. Gray Mr. and Mrs. John F. Green Ms. Cynthia Greene Jack B. Greenshields Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Greenslit Mr. Donald R. Gregory Ms. Linda M. Gremillion Mrs. Richard B. Grimball Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.Grochowski Mr. Wayne M. Grooms Ms. Julia Hall Mr. John I. Hallquist Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Halsey Mr. Bill Halstead and Ms. Sheryll Ingram

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

Mr. and Mrs. J. William Haltiwanger Mr. Alan Hancock Ms. Elizabeth A. Hancock Cmdr. Susan H. Hancock Mr. Paul Hanks, Jr. Ms. Martha Hanson Mr. Stephen Hanson Mr. Gerald Haram and Ms. Barbara Gould Ms. Geraldine Hardister Mr. Wayne Hardwicke and Dr. Suzanne Hardwicke Mr. Karl Hare Mr. Robert Hare Sara Harrell Mr. Jake Harris Mr. Richard J. Harris Scott Harris Mr. Charles A. Harrison Mr. Richard A. Harrison Ms. Carol Hartley Patrick Hassell Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hassell Ms. Marilyn Hatfield Dr. and Mrs. Harlan G. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Heagerty Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hearn III Frank and Dorothy Hefner Mr. and Mrs. MarcHehn Mr. and Mrs. G. Barrie Heinzenknecht Dr. Ernest L. Helms III Rev. Lois Helms Mr. and Mrs. William C. Helms III Ms. Marilyn M. Henderson Ms. Anne Henry Ms. Elizabeth Herlihy Ms. Arlene Herring Mr. Thomas Higginbotham Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hill Mr. Roger D.Hill Mr. J. B. Hines III Mr. Austin Hipp Dr. Bonnie Holaday Mrs. Merilyn H. Holcombe Mr. William J. Holling Mr. Paul Holt Mr. and Mrs. Beecher Hoogenboom Mr. and Mrs. Marty Hook Chuck Hooker Mr. John R. Hope Ms. June C. Hora Ms. Betty Horton Dr. and Mrs. Dwight J. Hotchkiss, Jr. Ms. Mary Howe Mr. John Howell Col. and Mrs. Perry A. Hudel Ms. Maryann Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hughey Ms. Carol Humphrey James and Page Hungerpiller Mr. Robert Huse Mr. and Mrs. Heyward G. Hutson Ms. Bonnie L. Ideal George and Dorothy Ingram Mrs. Evelyn S. Irwin Maria Israelsson

Mr. Bo Ives Ms. Kathy A. Jackson Ms. Nancy Jackson Mr. Edward James Mrs. Lois McCallum James Nancy and Ricky James JBM& Associates Mr. David B. Jennings Mr. David Jensen and Dr. Faye Jensen Ms. Jennifer L. Jerome Dan Johnson and Sydnor Laffitte Ms. Katherine Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Johnson Dr. Elizabeth G. Joiner Ms. Evelyn W. Jolley Lauren Jonas Dr. and Mrs. Champ Jones, Jr. Mr. Dan Jones Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D.Jones Ms. Mary Evelyn Jones Whit Jones Lesley J. Jontos Mr. and Mrs. J. Gwyn Jordan Mrs. Elizabeth A. Judd Ms. Jane S. Keisler Ms. Sherry W.Kelley Betty Kelsey Ms. Sally F. Keltner Mr. James O.Kempson Mr. and Mrs. RHunter Kennedy III GF Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kennedy Ms. Margaret W.Kherlopian Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Killin Ms. Juliana B. Kim Mr. Frederick W.Kinard, Jr. Ms. Joan Kinne Mrs. Patricia W.Kirkland Ms. Kathryn A. Kleibacker Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Klein Carol and Ernest Kleppin Ms. Marian Knight Deborah Knowlton Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kohler Mr. Wayne Koon Mr. and Mrs. Christian Koppernaes Mr. and Mrs. William Korb Mr. and Mrs. Bill Krucke Mr. Kurt W. Krucke Mr. Ralph C. Ksenzak Mrs. Anna S. Lacher Ms. Joan Smith Ladd Josephine and Eddie Laney Ms. Grace Lankford Dr. Steven A. Lapp Drs. David and Marilyn Larach Sister Donna Lareau Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Lawton III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leahy Mrs. Angela E. Lee Ms. Caroline W.Lee Mr. Herman Leembruggen Dr. and Mrs. Gary O.Leonard Ms. Susan M. Leonard Mr. Merrill D.Lester Ms. Regina Lester The Honorable Phil P.Leventis and Mrs. Leventis

Coastal Conservation League Staff

Ms. Susie Levisen Ms. Peggy Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Richards C. Lewis, Jr. Mr. Jack Limehouse Ms. Patricia G. Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Cisco Lindsey Dr. and Mrs. R. P.Linker Mr. Matthew Lockhart Mr. James J. Lockwood III Kit Loney Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D.Long Marilyn H. Long Lynne Lovelace and Tim Dunham Mrs. Ellen Lovelady Mrs. Ingrid Low Doug and Thea Luba Mr. Walter Lundwall Mrs. Adrienne M. Lustig Mr. Gary Lyerly Ms. Liz Lynch Mr. Andrew M. Lyons Mr. Shirley Mackin Jan Macleay Mrs. Arthur A. Madden Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Madoff Mr. and Mrs. Robert O.Maguire Ms. Debra Major Mr. Myles Maland GF Mr. and Mrs. Mark Malpas Ms. Nancy N. Mann Ms. Laurin Manning Ms. Helen R. Marine Mr. Patrick Markham Betsy Marlow Mr. John W.Marsh Al and Carol Martig Mr. Bruce Martin Mr. John Martin Ms. Linda Martin Mr. and Mrs. William E. Martin III

Ms. Linda R. Mason Ms. Jane Massey Mr. and Mrs. Tug Mathisen Mr. Herb Mattocks Dr. and Mrs. Fleming Mattox Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D.Maxwell Ms. Lucy E. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mayer Mrs. Linda Mayo-Perez Mrs. Cynthia C. McArthur Mr. Gordon McBride Mr. John McCabe Mr. James O.McClellan III Ms. Claudia J. McCollough Mr. Thomas McCombs Mr. John W. McCord Mr. David B. McCormack Cynthia McDowell Dr. Shelley McGeorge Tara McGrath and Doug Hatch Ms. Merrill McGregor Mrs. Suzanne G. McIntyre Mrs. Kelly T. McKee Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W.McKee Ms. Sylvia McLachlan Mrs. Julie C. McLaughlin Dr. Phoebe A. McLeod Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. McMarlin Ms. Daniela McMillan Mrs. Deborah J. Merriam Mr. and Mrs. Taylor B. Metcalfe Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller, Jr. Ms. Dolores J. Miller Mr. Donald F. Miller Ms. Tammy G. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Garrett Milliken Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mims Mr. Ed Mistretta Marion and Sara Mitchell

Ms. Teresa A. Modrell Mr. John P.Monkaitis Blake and Jeannie Monson Mrs. Jean F. Moody Ms. Tommie F. Moody Mrs. Peg Moore Dr. Richard Moore and Ms. M. Robin Morris Mr. and Mrs. Tyre H. Moore Ms. Anita Moran Ms. Allison Elise Morrison Mr. Arthur J. Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Robert D.Morton Sylvia Moseley Laura E. Moses Mr. Richard Moss Dr. Maxwell R. Mowry Mrs. Toma Mulkey Ms. Roberta Murchison Mr. and Mrs. Trey Murdaugh Eisuke and Daryll Murono Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Todd Murray Dr. and Mrs. James R. Muscott Mrs. Darlyn Nash Mr. Henry Needham Mr. and Mrs. George M. Neil Mr. Robert F. Neville Mrs. Phillis Newman Mr. Douglas R. Nichols Liz Nimmich Mr. and Mrs. James L. Nix Mrs. Ritamarie D.Nuhn Mrs. Mary Kathlyne Nussbaumer Mrs. Mary M. O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. O’Harra Dr. Thomas O’Neal and Ms. Helen Drivas Mr. and Mrs. Afolabi Oguntoyinbo Mr. and Mrs. D.Henry Ohlandt Mr. Karl F. Ohlandt

Ms. Lucinda A. Olasov Ms. Caroline Olden Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Olivier Geno and Mel Olmi Dr. and Mrs. Granger C. Osborne Mr. Hamilton Osborne, Jr. Ms. Jean L. Osborne Mr. Robert C. Ott Ms. Velma Ottmar Mr. Mike Otto Mr. and Mrs. Steven W.Ouzts Dr. Jeanne Owen Mr. Joe Owens Mrs. Anne V. Padgett Mr. James F. Page Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Pagnotta Mr. George G.L. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Parker Mr. Samuel P.Parker, Jr. Sam Passmore Mr. Dwight Patterson Mrs. Lee Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Pauls Mr. and Mrs. John C. Payne Ms. Elizabeth Peacock Mrs. Judy S. Pearce Ms. Debbie Peretsman Mr. and Mrs. David Peterson Anne Peterson-Hutto Mr. D.Lindsay Pettus Mrs. Patsy K. Pettus Jennie Peze Mrs. Janice N. Pfeiffer Mr. Edward Pinckney Mr. Roger Pinckney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pinckney II Ms. Donna Pitcher Mrs. Mary Poehlein Mr. Chris Polychron Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Porter

S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E


Dana Beach

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Porter Mr. Louis T. Powers A.P.Presnell Ms. Deborah Prewitt Mr. Kevin Prince and Dr. Mary Prince Mrs. Sarah G. Pringle Mr. Steven C. Pruitt Drs. Evan and Marie Pucillo Dr. Jane Pulling Mr. and Mrs. Tarrant Putnam Mr. and Mrs. William C. Putnam GF Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Racine Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Rahn Dr. and Mrs. William M. Rambo, Jr. Ms. Marjorie Rath and Mr. David Bachman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Y. Ratledge Ms. Suzanne C. Ravenel Mr. Douglas A. Rayner Mr. and Mrs. Robert P.Rebhan Mr. William Reehl Mr. and Mrs. Craig Reid Mr. and Mrs. William D.Reid Dr. Rebecca L. Reynolds Mr. Leon L. Rice III Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rice Bryn O.Richard Mr. Terry E. Richardson, Jr. Mr. Alan Richter Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Rickenbaker, Jr. Ms. Dianne M. A. Riggs Dr. and Mrs. John Riolo Mrs. Anne M. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Roberts Mr. Dan Robinson Mr. and Mrs. William A. Robinson, Jr. Michael and Corinne Roe Ms. Eleanor L. Rohrbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Frederich E. Roitzsch Mr. Paul M. Rollison, Jr. Ms. Marcia Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Alwyn Rougier-Chapman Ms. Traylor Rucker Mr. and Mrs. James K. Rumrill Dr. and Mrs. James P.Rush Mrs. Carol F. Ryder


Jacob Sadler Lisa Saltzburg Mr. Michael S. Sand Mr. George W.Sanford Mrs. Louise Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Schock Ms. Judith Schoeck Ms. Betty Schuster Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Schwenzfeier Mr. Leon M. Scroggs Peyre and Clare Scurry Ms. Cynthia Seabrook Ms. Barbara P.Searle Ms. Gertrude O.Seibels Mr. and Mrs. Grenville Seibels Arnold and Carol Seidman Mr. Kenneth Sercy Ms. Helene Settle Mr. Charles Sevcik Mr. Malcolm Seymour, Jr. Mr. Ralph Shaffer, Jr. Mrs. Anna M. Shanks Mr. R. Bruce Shaw Mr. John Shaylor Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Shealy, Jr. Evie Shelton Mrs. Pamela B. Shucker Ms. Susan K. Siegel Mrs. and Mrs. David Sievers Dr. and Mrs. Jack W. Simmons, Jr. Mr. Lawrence J. Simms Ms. M. Jacquelin Simons Ms. Martha Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Uldis K. Sipols John and Wendy Sizemore Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Smith Mr. David R. Smith Mr. EricSmith and Mrs. Cynthia Holding-Smith Mrs. John Gettys Smith Mr. Louis M. Smith Mr. Michael Todd Smith Mr. Roderick E. Smith Selden and Dorothy Smith Dr. Randolph D.Smoak, Jr. Mr. William D.Smyth

C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E | S P R I N G 2 0 1 5

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Snelling Ms. Beth J. Solo Capt. and Mrs. David W.Somers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. D.Paul Sommerville Ms. Karen B. Spencer D.V.M. Ms. Kathleen A. Spring Ms. Elizabeth Spruell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stanzione Mr. Charlie Steifle Ms. Barbara Stein Dr. Faye B. Steuer Col. and Mrs. Charles W.Stockell Ms. Karen S. Stokes-Rhodes Dr. and Mrs. S. David Stoney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert D.Stoothoff Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Street Mr. Eugene Sullivan Ms. Susan P.Sullivan Mr. William H. Sutherland Richard Sutton Mr. and Mrs. E. Randall Swan, Jr. Merike Tamm Mr. R. C.Tanner Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Taylor Dr. Ronald Teed Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Thomas Mr. David M. Thompson Earl and Brenda Thompson Ms. Elinor P.Thompson Mr. James Thompson Ms. Laura R. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. William Foxworth Thompson Mr. Thomas E. Thornhill Mr. John Tibbetts and Ms. Catherine Fahey Mr. Thomas D.Tietjen Mr. J. Patrick Toal Mr. James L. Townsend, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Trammell, Jr. Dr. Roger J. Troutman Bob and Peggy Trowell Ms. Cheryl Truesdale Rebecca H. Tuten Ms. Sally Tuten and Mr. Y. S. Linder Ms. Carolyn N. Tutwiler Mr. William C.Twitty, P.E. Jan S. Urban Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Valpey Mr. John F.Van Dalen Mr. Daniel G. Vara Mr. and Mrs. Maurice K. Veronee Mr. Thomas Videyko and Ms. Caroline Kemezys Richard and Helga Vogel Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Von Marschall Waccamaw Audubon Society Mr. John G. Wagner Ms. Susan E. Waites Mrs. Mary Alice Walker Mrs. Susan W.Walker Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Wall Ms. Wendy Walmsley Mr. Ed Walshe Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Walsworth Mr. James Ward and Ms.Victoria Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warden

Mr. Brian H. Washburn Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Watson Ms. Janet B. Watt Mr. Brent A. Weaver Ms. Donna Webb Mr. and Mrs. William M. Webster III Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Weir Mrs. Jerry W.Weise Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. David E. Weser Mr. Donald H. West, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Whan Ms. Sally Whiddon Mr. William Whitfield Ms. Sylvia M. Whiting Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Wiedeke Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Wiegert Ms. Neita Wiese Mrs. Mary Theresa Wightman Ms. Anne Wilkinson Barbara and Gene Willhoft Ms. Dee Dee Williams Ms. Frances Williams Ms. Katherine Williams Ms. Melinda E. Williams Mrs. Suzanne H. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilson Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wilson Dr. Jerry P.Winfield Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wink GF Mr. and Mrs. William R. Winslow Ms. Deborah Winter Mrs. Johnnie L. Witt Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wolf Mr. Barkley Wolfe Mrs. Amelia K. Wood Mr. and Mrs. West P.Woodbridge, Jr. Ms. Floy Work Ms. Ellen H. Wright Mr. David Wyanski and Ms. Andrea Smith Mrs. Erin Yarbro Dr. and Mrs. Allan S. Yard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yost Ms. Dorothy Young Mrs. Noel C.Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Young, Jr. Ms. Julie Zachowski Mr. Peter Zalka Ms. Elizabeth Zeck and Mr. Mark Berg Mr. John A. Zeigler, Jr. Ms. Margaret H. Ziegler Ms. Martha Zierden and Mr. Eddie Stroman Ms. Janet R. Zimmer Ms. Katherine S. Zimmerman

HONORS/MEMORIALS In honor of Amy Armstrong Dr. and Mrs. James C. Reynolds

In memory of Barbara Miller Rev. John P.Miller

In memory of David L. Arnoff Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnoff

In honor of John M. Moore Robert Beeland

In honor of Aunt Caroline Beeland Robert Beeland

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P.Morrison Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer

In honor of Kyle S. Braxton Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonham

In honor of Sylvia Moseley Mr. Victor G. Wright

In celebration of the marriage of Thomas O.Cannon and Jo J. Williams Mrs. Rebecca M. Floor

In memory of Victor Morawetz Harriet Williams In memory of George Rogers Mr. Stan Severance

In memory of William Mark “Duke”Cloyd Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MacDowell

In memory of Stephen E. Rothrock Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hayes Dr. Karen Nickless

In memory of Carrie M. Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mayer

In memory of Julian and Gary Ryba William and Marilyn Blizard

In memory of Dean Eichelberger Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D.Long

In honor of Robert P.Schofield Nora Kravecand Charles Cyr Ms. Barbara Stein

In memory of Frampton and Sara Jo Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonham In honor of Dr. Steve Gavel Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr. In honor of Fleetwood and Elizabeth Hassell Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr.

In honor of Lucy Seabrook Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr. In memory of Henry D.Shaffer Mr. Mike Landrum and Ms. Brenda Smith In honor of John E. Sims Paul and Patricia Bonham

In memory of Billie C. Houghton The Rev. Alanson Houghton Ms. Floy Work

In memory of Nancy C. Smythe Stephanie and Noel Hunt

In celebration of Betty Kelsey’s birthday Bill and Margaret Case

In memory of Mary Omie Stuckey Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonham

In honor of Charles and Virginia Lane Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr

In honor of Mike Sutton and Mary Stuart Dawson Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr.

In memory of Jane E. Lareau Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnoff Margaret N. Blackmer Margaret P.Blackmer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carter, Jr. Drs. Jean and Charles Everett Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hagerty Mrs. Elizabeth A. Judd Dr. and Mrs. Christopher P.Marsh Ms. Catherine G. Rogers Ms. Merike Tamm In memory of Billie Mae LeBoutillier Mrs. Edward Vought

In honor of Lisa Jones Turansky Ms. Linley Jones and Mr. Gregory Roth

In memory of Sally Lee Mr. Charles C. Lee In memory of Josh Loflin Mr. Stan Severance In memory of James Majeski Ms. Evelyn C. Caldwell In memory of Benjamin E. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mayer

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Warren Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer In memory of Lou Elise White Kimbrell Dianne McKenzie In memory of Deborah Winfield Dr. Jerry P.Winfield In memory of Alan Young-Bryant Mr. and Mrs. MacMontgomery

John Moore

In honor of Ann P.Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonham

GIFTS OF MEMBERSHIP Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Fraser III for Mr. and Mrs. Jay Fraser Mr. and Mrs. John Kwist for M. Jacquelin Simons Ms. Susanna Schantz for Scott Harris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seibels for Mr. and Mrs. Grenville Seibels and Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Dowling Mr. and Mrs. Shawn K. Smith for Charles Lane, Jr. Charles and Jo Summerall for Nicole Beaulieu Bill and Margaret Case for Betty Kelsey Victor Wright for Sylvia Moseley

MATCHING GIFTS Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Barker Welfare Foundation The Benevity Community Impact Fund The Boeing Company The Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program ExxonMobil Foundation The Freddie MacFoundation GEFoundation Grainger Matching Gifts Program Pepsico Foundation The Pew Charitable Trusts Employee Matching Gifts Program The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Shell Oil Company Foundation The UBSFoundation

In memory of Kippi McCulloch Mr. and Mrs. Marty Hook S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | C O A S T A L C O N S E R VA T I O N L E A G U E



he mission of the Coastal Conservation League is to protect the threatened resources of the South Carolina coastal plain — its natural landscapes, abundant wildlife, clean water, and quality of life — by working with citizens and government on proactive, comprehensive solutions to environmental challenges.

P.O. Box 1765 Charleston, SC 29402-1765

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Permit No. 168 Charleston, SC

Charlotte Caldwell

For more information about the Coastal Conservation League, visit our website at

Spring 2015  
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