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Spring 2012

Vol. 23

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STAFF ____________________ ecently, I went behind the scenes of the oldest continuously operating natural history museum in the country, the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. [“Continuously operating” is an important qualification, because the Charleston Museum (1773) was founded before the Academy (1812), but closed briefly during the Civil War.] The Academy houses drawer upon drawer, case upon case, floor upon floor of every variety of earthly treasure. There are fossils of fish with the earliest approximations of legs – ancestors of creatures that crawled out of the primordial ocean and, 300 million years later, created the Sistine Chapel, Hamlet and the Brandenburg Concertos; as well as corn ethanol, mountaintop mining and Grand Theft Auto. Thomas Jefferson’s fossil collection resides at the Academy. So do beautiful specimens of many of the roughly 8,000 species of birds that occupy the planet. In one cabinet in the corner of the bird room are skins, some mounted in life-like poses, of heath hens, Eskimo curlews, passenger pigeons, ivory-billed woodpeckers, Carolina parakeets, Bachman’s warblers and other life forms that would still grace the earth were it not for the unparalleled greed and avariciousness of Homo sapiens. It is striking how many extinct animals have a strong connection to the South Carolina Lowcountry – Carolina parakeets, of course, but also Bachman’s warblers, which were named by Audubon in honor of his friend and fellow naturalist, Charleston minister John Bachman. One of the last sightings of this bird was in Awendaw, on the road to the Bull’s Island ferry landing. There is a possibility that even up until the mid-1900s, the vast Santee swamp was a stronghold of the ivory-billed woodpecker. Today, we can only wonder what, if any, rational thought was going through our collective minds as we blasted Carolina parakeets out of the sky by the thousands, cut the last virgin cypress swamps, and clubbed tens of millions of passenger pigeons out of existence. Today, we are the moving force behind the sixth mass extinction. But we can and must prove that humans can coexist with the rich web of life that encircles the planet. We only have one chance to get it right, and would do well to take note of the words of the great naturalist William Beebe in 1906:


“The beauty and genius of a work of art may be reconceived, though its first material expression be destroyed; a vanished harmony may yet again inspire the composer; but when the last individual of a race of living beings breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again.”

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Savannah River

League Appeals DHEC Board Decision by Steve Eames, South Coast Office Director

Last September, the staff of the S. C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) rejected 401 Water Quality Certification for the proposed deepening of the lower Savannah River. Two months later, however, in an unprecedented move, the DHEC Board overturned the staff’s rejection and granted the water quality certification, which would allow the dredging of the lower Savannah River by the Georgia Ports Authority and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

n December 9th, the Coastal Conservation League filed an appeal with the S.C. Administrative Law Court. The Conservation League and its co-plaintiffs, represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), are seeking consideration and review of the DHEC Board decision that overturned the DHEC staff’s rejection of 401 Water Quality Certification for the Savannah River deepening project. Moreover, the Savannah River Maritime Commission, a commission appointed by the S.C. legislature, was completely sidestepped by the DHEC Board’s action. As a result, the commission is seeking to establish standing regarding the issuance of the water quality certificate. The Army Corps of Engineers’ plan to deepen the Savannah River by up to six feet would dig a $600-million hole in taxpayers’ pocketbooks and take a huge toll on wildlife, wetlands and water quality. The Corps maintains the project has nothing to do with maintaining or attracting business for the Georgia Ports Authority. If that is the case, deepening the Savannah River would waste taxpayer money and needlessly jeopardize fragile marshlands, habitat for endangered species, and drinking water supplies.



Shipping experts also question whether larger ships could even safely use the channel as planned. Despite the Corps’ conclusion to the contrary, the Georgia Ports Authority asserts that deepening the Savannah River is part of a race among East Coast ports to attract larger container ship traffic after the Panama Canal expansion is completed in 2014. The Conservation League, SELC, and their partners are urging the Corps to take a big-picture view of Atlantic ports to determine where its public investments would yield the most economic benefit, while avoiding unnecessary destruction of natural resources. The Corps’ rationale for the Savannah Harbor project fails to do so. Among the deepening’s impacts, saltwater intrusion caused by the 38-milelong project would endanger aquifers that supply water for communities in Georgia and South Carolina, and would destroy one-tenth of the remaining tidal freshwater wetlands in the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. The deeper channel—capable of swallowing a four-story building—would also reduce oxygen levels and harm habitat vital to at-risk species and commercially important fish populations in the Savannah River and its estuary.

Top Ten

Conservation League Celebrates

Top Ten Victories of 2011

LANDMARK CCL TOP 10 SETTLEMENT WITH DUKE ENERGY AND PROGRESS ENERGY he Coastal Conservation League is focused on working with a broad array of partners to move South Carolina towards a clean energy future. A more aggressive approach to energy efficiency, greater investment in renewable energy, and movement away from an over-reliance on coal represent the primary mechanisms for accomplishing meaningful clean energy goals. To that end, the Conservation League worked with a number of its partners in the conservation community last year to successfully negotiate a settlement regarding the proposed merger of Duke Energy Carolinas and Progress Energy Carolinas. The landmark agreement benefits both customers and the environment. Under the settlement agreement, the two operating companies will set specific energy efficiency targets and contribute funding to renewable energy development in South Carolina. They will also commit to


IMO USA Corporation, Summerville, SC

an enforceable schedule for retiring certain older, coal fired power plants in the Carolinas that lack modern pollution controls. The Southern Environmental Law Center negotiated the agreement on behalf of the Coastal Conservation League, the Southern Alliance for C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E

Clean Energy, and the Environmental Defense Fund. The agreement, which impacts the companies' operations in both South Carolina and North Carolina, was signed by the parties on December 8th.

Top Ten S.C. Dept. of Natural Resources CCL TOP 10

WATER WITHDRAWAL LEGISLATION SIGNED INTO LAW fter five years of organizing diverse stakeholders into a unified coalition, meeting with every editorial board in the state, and hashing out a consensus on minimum flow standards, the Coastal Conservation League succeeded in working with the General Assembly to pass legislation that requires permits for all surface water withdrawals of more than three million gallons per month. The new water withdrawal permitting program provides South Carolina with the tools to better ensure that residents, businesses and utilities will have sustainable water resources for the future. The legislation is an important step in managing the state’s water supply, helping to prevent future droughts, and discouraging neighboring states from depleting our fragile water reserves.





ver the last year, the Coastal Conservation League has worked with citizens to successfully defeat a coal ash landfill proposed for Colleton County and a mega-ton solid waste landfill in Williamsburg County. With the help of the Conservation League, Colleton residents persuaded county officials to deny a zoning exception sought by SCE&G to construct a coal ash landfill near the small community of Round O, in the heart of the ACE Basin. SCE&G is now proposing to locate the new landfill closer to the source of the coal ash – near its Canadys coal fired power plant in Dorchester County. Construction of a lined, above ground “dry” facility will result in the elimination of the wet, coal ash “ponds” currently in use. The key will be to locate the landfill as far away from the Edisto River as possible. Meanwhile, Williamsburg County citizens are hopeful that they’ve seen the last of mega-dump proposals for a while. Working with the Conservation League, they recently defeated a 400,000-ton solid waste landfill proposed for a site near the community of Cades. Given that the county generates only 16,000 tons of waste a year, the community feared that the proposed landfill would be a conduit for out-of-state waste. And despite a lack of information and suppression of public comment, residents continued to speak out and eventually persuaded a majority of Williamsburg County Council members to withdraw the landfill permit. C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E

Top Ten




ince GrowFood Carolina opened the doors to its newly renovated Charleston warehouse last September, it has welcomed produce from 13 different farms, opened 40 customer accounts, and sold more than $25,000 of local produce. It was back in 2007 that the Coastal Conservation League launched its Sustainable Agriculture campaign, and central to this comprehensive effort is GrowFood Carolina, the state’s first local food hub. GrowFood Carolina provides local farmers the sales, marketing, logistics, warehousing and distribution functions previously available only to large-scale industrial farms. Strategically located at 990 Morrison Drive near the foot of the Ravenel Bridge in peninsular Charleston, the 10,000-square-foot office and warehouse facility contains an 800-square-foot cooler and has been renovated to meet LEED certification. GrowFood is all about aggregating local produce for wholesale distribution, as well as connecting local farmers to area retailers – a missing link in the growing local food movement. Its grower base is increasing in number and acreage, and its customer base is expanding daily. Currently, GrowFood is working with educational institutions and agencies, such as the College of Charleston and the S.C. Department of Education, to establish partnerships between GrowFood and school cafeterias and food services.




he stage has been set for a new and better future for metropolitan Charleston. After years of debate and millions of dollars spent, the residents of West Ashley and James and Johns Islands, together with their local representatives, refused to let a powerful minority run an interstate – the I-526 extension – through the heart of their communities. The combination of a dominant city mayor, a recalcitrant Department of Transportation (DOT), a mismanaged State Infrastructure Bank (STIB), and an influential group of real estate developers seemed overwhelming at first. But through education, activism and teamwork, hundreds of citizens became engaged and empowered. With the help of the Coastal Conservation League, they made their voices heard and rightly persuaded their county and town council members that I-526 was not the future they envisioned. Charleston County Council’s decision last spring to terminate the extension of I-526 sends a potent message that the era of 1970s-style, one-size-fits-all, ring roads and beltways is over. Citizens want efficient, smart, sustainable infrastructure that builds up a community, instead of tearing it apart. Taxpayers want their public dollars spent wisely and responsibly, on projects that are truly needed and that will have demonstrable, positive outcomes.


Taxpayers want their public dollars spent wisely and responsibly, on projects that are truly needed and that will have demonstrable, positive outcomes.

Top Ten




n November 21st, the S.C. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Coastal Conservation League and overturned an administrative law judge’s approval of an enormous seawall to be built along the river’s edge of Capt. Sams Spit at the southern tip of Kiawah Island. Construction of the half-mile-long wall would facilitate the development of a 50-house resort on this highly erosive sand bank. Recently renamed “Cape Charles” by the developers – Kiawah Development Partners – the constantly shifting spit of sand is an unsuitable place for development, so much so that the first Kiawah plan in the early 1970s identified it as too unstable for anything but open space. Kiawah Development Partners believe otherwise and plan to petition

the Supreme Court to rehear the case or attempt to re-argue other aspects of it in the lower court. Initially they were denied a permit, but then appealed, and were granted permission to construct a seawall by an administrative law judge (ALJ). The Conservation League, working with the Friends of the Kiawah River and represented by the S.C. Environmental Law Project, appealed the ALJ’s approval and the outcome of this two-year battle is that the Supreme Court has now overturned the ALJ’s decision. The Capt. Sams ruling is a decisive victory for the environment and for fiscal responsibility. Taxpayers and Kiawah residents would bear the costs of disaster relief and infrastructure repair when this area is hit by the next major storm. C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E

On November 21st, the S.C. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Coastal Conservation League and overturned an administrative law judge’s approval of an enormous seawall to be built along the river’s edge of Capt. Sams Spit at the southern tip of Kiawah Island.

Top Ten




ictory! In January, just three weeks into the 2012 legislative session, a Chronic Sewage Polluter Bill and Phosphate Ban passed both houses of the South Carolina General Assembly. The Chronic Polluter Bill guarantees that chronic sewage overflow violators make the necessary plant upgrades to protect human health and the environment from excessive levels of e. coli and fecal coliform bacteria in untreated and partially treated wastewater. DHEC now must issue an order to any wastewater operators who have had more than two sewage overflow events per 100 miles of collection pipe in one year, to conduct an audit of the system to determine the cause of the overflows, and to implement the recommendations of the audit. Meanwhile, the Phosphate Ban prohibits the sale, use and manufacture of high phosphate detergents in South Carolina in order to reduce harmful levels of phosphorous in our waterways that cause algae blooms and fish kills. Over the last two years, the Coastal Conservation League has worked closely with its conservation partners and the S.C. Water Quality Association to persuade legislators of the urgent need for additional water quality protection in South Carolina.




n 2006, the Town of Yemassee annexed the 1,300acre Binden Plantation in rural northern Beaufort County and approved a development plan for 1,300 homes, plus commercial uses. To meet the state requirement for contiguity, the annexation included a two-mile-long, 20-footwide “corridor.” This shoestring annexation was a violation of state law and the development plans were contrary to Beaufort County planning. As a result, the Coastal Conservation League filed suit against the town’s actions. Joining in the lawsuit with the Conservation League was the S.C. Attorney General. Interestingly, both the circuit court and the S.C. Supreme Court ruled against the League on grounds that the nonprofit, public interest organization lacked legal standing to challenge

this phony annexation. So, the legality of the annexation itself was never addressed, since the case could not progress beyond whether or not the League had the right to call the issue into question. Nevertheless, not only did the Town of Yemassee cancel the development agreement for Binden Plantation in the last year, the property also reverted back to agricultural zoning. Such blatant manipulation of state annexation laws render such laws meaningless. In addition, “zoning shopping” by developers thwarts legitimate community planning efforts. The Binden case is a clear illustration of the need for better annexation law in South Carolina as well as better regional planning — something the League’s legislative staff in Columbia is working to bring to fruition.

Top Ten

Greg Smith/




n 2010, the Coastal Conservation League unveiled a detailed plan to help improve the health of the May River, centered on siting and concentrating development away from the river’s headwaters. However, the resulting Bluffton Watershed Management Plan, while based on sound evidence and models, needed more ground truthing. So the Conservation League enlisted Dr. Fred Holland, retired director of the NOAA Hollings Marine Laboratory and an authority on tidal creek estuarine systems, to develop a case study to investigate the effect on water quality when development is shifted or transferred. Dr. Holland was able to scientifically demonstrate that if development is shifted away from the more highly sensitive areas of the May River watershed to less vulnerable locations, the community could significantly diminish stormwater runoff volume and fecal coliform loadings – major culprits in the river’s steady demise. Dr. Holland specifically recommended the adoption of some form of density transfer strategy, such as a Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) and Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program, coupled with smart growth and infill policies. Dr. Holland’s analysis and conclusions were presented to the May River Technical Advisory Committee and the May River Implementation Committee, both of whom strongly endorsed a PDR/TDR program. A proposal to revise the May River Action Plan in which “prevention” – using a PDR/TDR program – along with “restoration” measures, were presented at a public meeting in October. Members of the community demanded incorporation of a PDR/TDR program, and a revised plan was presented to the Town’s Planning Commission in late October and accepted by Town Council in November.





outh Carolina’s developed barrier islands continue to be threatened not only by sea level rise, but by efforts to harden the shoreline as residents try to control and manipulate the ever-shifting sand. At Debidue Beach in Georgetown County, the Debordieu Colony Community Association applied and received a permit from DHEC to build a three-groin system to hold sand on their renourished beach. Groins, perpendicular hard structures that extend into the ocean – often made of rocks and/or treated wood pilings – are man’s feeble attempt to deny sand to down-drift beaches, resulting in down-drift erosion. The Coastal Conservation League and the Baruch Foundation, owner of the environmentally important Hobcaw Barony that lies downdrift of the proposed groins, appealed the permit. But before the appeal ever got to court, a group of Debidue residents were able to persuade the Debordieu Colony Community Association to amend their beach permit by removing the 3-groin system. The Association agreed to a consent order to withdraw the permit appeal and proceed with renourishment of the beach.

Food News

My life as a

HIGH SCHOOL LOCAVORE by Margaret Legerton, Senior at Ashley Hall School [Margaret interned with the Conservation League and continues to work with Program Director Lisa Turansky on various aspects of her senior project.]

What defines local? What is considered sustainable? What should we eat and how will it affect us? For my senior project, I am studying sustainable agriculture, local food, and nutrition, and working to create awareness and promote eating local in the Lowcountry. My research began with the industrialization of the American agricultural system, and how the shift to centralized corporations has affected the nutritional value and quality of the food produced.

Composting on Campus – Margaret Legerton inspects Ashley Hall’s composting worm farm in back of the school dining hall. C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E



am also researching the current policies regarding agriculture and food production, the health effects of processed foods compared to those of local produce, and the push for local foods as a social movement. This knowledge is allowing me to better understand the importance of returning to organic and sustainable practices, and the many benefits of supporting local farmers. In an effort to support local farms, I helped promote the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program at Rosebank Farms by encouraging Ashley Hall families to join (45 so far!). I also joined the CSA myself, and I am learning about new foods each week and ways to cook them. In order to promote awareness and positive habits in our community, I am organizing a Kids’ Health Fair to take place at Mitchell Elementary. The fair will provide fun and educational activities to teach the children about the importance of eating healthy, exercising, and eating local! I have also learned about Ashley Hall’s effect on our community, and am working to make a difference through Ashley Hall’s food wastes. After I discovered that Ashley Hall was sending more than 300 pounds of food waste per week to be landfilled, I helped organize for our food waste to be collected by Organic Gardening Supplies. They use vermi-culture and grub farming to recycle our food wastes into organic fertilizer. Thanks to the success of the program, Ashley Hall is now the first school in the nation to donate food waste to grub farming initiatives. (For more information, go to and visit another new vermiculture bin at the GrowFood Warehouse at 990 Morrison St., Charleston.) The goal of my project is to complete indepth and first-hand research on modern and agricultural food systems, and also to spread awareness and create change for a more local and sustainable diet in our community. Please visit my blog at for weekly CSA updates, pictures, and the latest news regarding my senior project.

Virginia Beach

Food News

Becoming a Farmer Doug Sass teams up with Lewis Hay at Oak Grove Farm


n the middle of a 50-acre field on Wadmalaw Island, Doug Sass’ cell phone rings. It’s his partner, Lewis Hay, calling to say that his tractor has broken down on Bears Bluff Road. “Let’s just hope it doesn’t become another ditch ornament,” Doug says as he hops in his truck to go lend a hand. While Doug has no formal training in tractor mechanics, or even farming for that matter, he has recently returned from two-and-a-half years on a 1,100head cattle ranch in southeastern Montana – herding Angus and Herefords on horseback, mending fences, cutting hay, cowboying, and calving. “I’ve turned a lot of wrenches,” says this Lander University history major. “With a good mechanic costing $75 an hour, you don’t have any choice but to do it yourself.” During his middle and high school years, Doug spent summers on his godfather’s farm in St. George, cutting and baling hay. But the business of growing vegetables is brand new territory for this 26-year-old; he has scarce experience with crop farming and doesn’t own any farmland or equipment. “What Doug does have,” says Lewis, long-time Wadmalaw landowner and

“As long as we can get our product to the warehouse in a timely manner, GrowFood takes care of the rest. It’s an awesome opportunity.”

New Farm Partnership – (l-r) Lewis Hay and Doug Sass at their vegetable operation on Wadmalaw Island. Director of Land Protection at the Lowcountry Open Land Trust, “is a lot of energy and brainpower, a responsible work ethic, and a desire to make a living at farming. These are very valuable assets to our partnership. While I provide the land and the equipment, Doug provides the labor and the marketing. It works well for both of us.” The land was bought by the Hay family back in the 1950s, and became a part of their Oak Grove Farm on Wadmalaw Island. The Hays, the Lelands and the McKoys have all tilled and planted these fields at one time or another. As Lewis will tell you, the land is endowed with rich, fertile soil that holds moisture well. It has supported a whole host of crops – berries, vegetables and grains – and even a u-pick operation up until 2007, when veteran farmer Aaron Leland retired. In fact, Doug and Lewis will be reviving some of the Leland blueberry bushes as part of their farm plan. In addition, they will grow spinach, lettuce, cabbage, sweet corn, rutabaga, heirloom peas and beans, okra, carrots, C OA S TA L C O N S E RVAT I O N L E AG U E


cucumbers, squash, potatoes, onions and melons. And over in a low, wet corner of the field, they’re even going to try some short-stem Charleston Gold rice. Our motto is “hit the market early and carry a crop all the way through,” says Doug. And where will they sell all this fresh produce? “We will market a lot of our crop through the new GrowFood Carolina warehouse in Charleston,” says Doug. “I called GrowFood Manager Sara Clow early on and she has been a fantastic resource. We pay a fee to GrowFood and in return, they store, refrigerate, certify, market, sell and deliver our produce to the wholesale retail market.” “We don’t have the time or resources to do the marketing and delivery to all the various retail outlets we’d like to reach,” adds Doug. “This way, we can concentrate most of our resources on growing. As long as we can get our product to the warehouse in a timely manner, GrowFood takes care of the rest. It’s an awesome opportunity.”

Food News

Changing The Way We Eat GrowFood Manager Sara Clow Reports from TEDx Manhattan A disclaimer: My name is Sara Clow, I have been a TED junkie for the last five years. I have no hopes of recovery and there’s a high probability of addiction for anyone who is an out-of-the box thinker and prefers creating solutions as opposed to dwelling on our collective past mistakes. Watching and sharing these videos can inspire the world to move in a better, more connected direction. If you don’t know TED already, I highly suggest you make some time to be introduced, but please do not blame me for lost sleep while watching the Johnny Lee video at 2am. You’ve been warned.


iven my junkie status, being accepted as an attendee to an actual TEDx event was like Christmas and my birthday and winning an allexpenses-paid trip to Bhutan wrapped into one. 2012 is the second year of TEDx Manhattan – Changing the Way We Eat and included 350 food-focused attendees and speakers. They addressed topics ranging from human antibiotic resistance due to antibiotic use in factory-raised farm animals, to a school in the South Bronx that has gone from a less than 50% graduation rate to a 95%+ graduation rate simply by teaching students how to create urban gardens. The day was incredible, my brain is exploding with ideas, and I’m so thankful and excited to be part of an organization that is actually doing something to create a better food system. I spread the GrowFood word as loudly and often as I could. The amazing take away is that every single person with whom I had the opportunity to speak and share the GrowFood story said that this type of infrastructure – a local food hub – is the most crucial element in moving towards a more sustainable food system. Food connects everyone, which means the solution needs to connect everyone. These attendees included chefs, farmers and Chipotle executives, all of whom understand that local and regional aggregation for distribution of sustainably grown products is the missing link we need to help this generation wean itself from the factory farming and food production that’s literally killing us and our environment. Though GrowFood is still in its infancy, it has the potential to quickly make tangible impacts with your continued support. I encourage you to watch the TEDx Manhattan conference videos, feel the inspiration, and join me in this healthy addiction.


Every single person with whom I had the opportunity to speak and share the GrowFood story said that this type of infrastructure – a local food hub – is the most crucial element in moving towards a more sustainable food system.

Grand Strand Recycles

Kira Roff

Ecopreneur “I’ve gone from wearing high heels to lacing up steel-toed boots, and I’m loving every minute of it!” says Kira Roff, founder and president of Roff Recycling, LLC (dba Fisher Recycling – Grand Strand). In just two years, this young mother of two has nearly doubled her recycling operation for commercial businesses and residents in Georgetown and Horry Counties.


n her previous job as Vice President of Public Operations and Events at Brookgreen Gardens, Kira saw first-hand the unnecessary waste occurring on the property, and realized there was a bigger need for commercial recycling services in the Georgetown and Grand Stand area. “I kept thinking, ‘What is the problem here?’ This is not rocket science. Here we’ve put a man on the moon and yet there is no recycling pickup service for businesses in our community. Hello?” As Kira will tell you, she’s patient and persistent. She started doing some research and seeking out people who shared her concerns. She became a member of the S.C. Dept. of Commerce's Recycling Council and currently serves as its “glass representative.” In addition, she spearheaded the establishment of a recycling program at Brookgreen that continues to this day. In late 2009, Kira founded Roff Recycling LLC with her husband Steve, a marine biologist and licensed boat captain. The company is a franchise of Fisher Recycling, which has operated a commercial recycling business in Charleston for the last 20 years. During the Roffs’ first full year of operation in 2010, they recycled more than 163 tons of materials. In 2011, they recycled more than 234 tons. Nothing goes to the landfill.

“The recycling industry is ripe for growth in South Carolina. Not only will it bring jobs and revenue to our state, it will also save landfill space and promote a healthy, positive environment for our citizens.”

Roff Recycling has more than 50 clients, including about a dozen restaurants, Waccamaw Elementary School, the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Wacca Wache Marina, Precious Blood Catholic Church of Pawleys Island, and a few residential neighborhoods like Prince George and Allston Plantation. “I anticipate we’ll be up to 100 customers in another year, which will necessitate hiring a warehouse operator as well as a second driver, and probably more,” Kira projects. As Kira will tell you, recycling creates eight times more jobs than the traditional waste sector. “That’s why we must work with the Coastal Conservation League to get the ABC Recycling Bill passed through the General Assembly,” she explains. “The recycling industry is ripe for growth in South Carolina. Not only will it bring jobs and revenue to our state, it will also save landfill space and promote a healthy, positive environment for our citizens.”


Biking Update

Staying Connected

Enforcing a ban on bicycles and pedestrians on the JIC is exactly the wrong step to take, however, especially when it is the safest current route across the Ashley River. The City of Charleston does not have adequate connectivity or infrastructure for varying types of transportation. And it will be years before a dedicated bike and pedestrian lane opens on the Legare Bridge. Traversing the skinny, grated Wappoo Cut is extremely risky, especially early in the morning or after a rain, when the metal is slippery. The solution is simple and will require two steps. Most immediately, we need to put the power to decide the fate of the Connector into the hands of City of Charleston leaders. More than twenty states allow cyclists to ride on “limited access freeways” (roadways with the same rating as the JIC) if there are no other routes available for safe passage. Step one is to work to pass legislation that allows local governments in South Carolina to determine the routes that should be available to cyclists and pedestrians.

In order for us to ensure a sustainable future for Charleston, we all must accept that it is the right of each of us to bike or walk or run or ride the bus, just as much as it is the right of each of us to drive.

A Step Backwards for Charleston New DOT sign officially prohibits pedestrians, bicyclists, farm machinery and animals from the James Island Connector.

his January, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) officially decided that after eighteen years, bicyclists and pedestrians would no longer be allowed access to the James Island Connector (JIC). While it has always technically been illegal for bicyclists and pedestrians to use the Connector, DOT has now placed warning signs and required the City of Charleston to enforce the law. We can presume this sudden change in policy is a reaction to the tragic death of an avid and beloved cyclist last July.


Step two, we need to work to make the Connector a safer route. Simple improvements can be made to allow all users safe access across the Connector. Lowering the Connector’s speed limit to 40 miles per hour, which would add less than one minute of additional travel time for drivers traveling from end to end, is a most immediate fix. Posting signs that indicate to motorists to watch for cyclists and share the road would help raise awareness that the road is intended for multiple uses. Finally, the city and DOT could work together to place a barrier between the bike and vehicle lanes. Such infrastructure investments are important and would benefit a diverse group of citizens. The League of American Bicyclists’ compilation of 2010 bike and pedestrian commuter statistics for the City of Charleston reveals that 3% of our working population commute to work via bicycle, and 6% commute by walking—that is more than 5,000 of our friends, neighbors, family members, and colleagues who deserve safe access to work when they walk or bike. When examining data from across the United States, even “non-bicycle-friendly cities” have experienced a 30% growth in regular bicycle commuters over the past ten years. Our elected officials at the local and state levels have the opportunity to make progress towards complete, multi-use streets. In order for us to ensure a sustainable future for Charleston, we all must accept that it is the right of each of us to bike or walk or run or ride the bus, just as much as it is the right of each of us to drive. Any and all of these options, when practiced safely and without detriment to the safety of others, should be examined fairly, with proper infrastructure provided and maintained.


In House

John Thompson & James McNab Join Conservation League Board

Sandy Hillyer Becomes New Program Director mokejumper for the U.S. Forest Service, Peace Corps forestry volunteer in Chile, Yale Law graduate and former Director of Lands for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Saunders “Sandy” Hillyer has had a varied and distinguished environmental career. More recently, Sandy served as the CEO of Metropolitan Strategies, a consulting and advocacy firm. In the early 1990s, as Director of Citizens Against Gridlock and working with EDF, Earthjustice, the Piedmont Environmental Council and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Sandy helped lead a successful regional campaign to defeat the Disney’s America theme park planned for Haymarket, Virginia, just 30 miles from Washington, DC. In his new position as a Program Director for the Coastal Conservation League, Sandy will focus on land use and transportation reform. “I am thrilled to be joining the Conservation League staff and moving to Charleston,” says Sandy. “My two children will love visiting me here and I look forward to advancing sound land use and conservation policy in the Lowcountry.”


orn in Toledo, Ohio, John Thompson (pictured above at left) attended Berkshire School and Middlebury College. He spent 25 years on Wall Street before becoming a novelist. His novel, Armageddon Conspiracy, was a finalist for Best Fiction by the Southern Independent Booksellers and won the Independent Publishers Gold Medal for Best Thriller. Since moving to Charleston in 1996, in addition to writing, John has served on the National Advisory Board of Donors Choose and on a number of local boards including The Children’s Hospital, MUSC Foundation, Charleston Collegiate School and Charleston Education Network. He and his wife, Julia Forster, live downtown with their daughter, Liza. Since July 2006, James “Jim” McNab (pictured above at right) has served as Director of Argolyn Bioscience, Inc., a privately held biopharmaceutical company. Jim previously served as CEO and Chairman of Palmetto Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (formerly eNOS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), a drug discovery company of which he is a co-founder. Jim received a B.A. in economics from Davidson College and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition to joining the board of the Conservation League, he also serves on the Board of Directors for the Preservation Society of Charleston. Jim and his wife, Mary, reside in Charleston and have three children and six grandchildren.


GrowFood Expands native of Columbia, South Carolina, Jessica Diaz has joined the Sustainable Agriculture Program of the Coastal Conservation League and will be working with Sara Clow at GrowFood Carolina. Jessica is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a B.S. in Genetics and Plant Biology. Jessica’s interest in sustainable food systems led her to work as a manager for Gracias Madre, an award winning, farm-to-table restaurant in San Francisco. She also co-founded the Growing Connections Mural Project in Berkeley, California, whose mission was to educate and build community through the production of sustainable agriculture themed public art.



Spring Outings

QOL Members Leila and Buff Ross Share Their Family Favorites

Jason B. Williams

Leila and Buff Ross live on Sullivan’s Island with their two young sons, Jack (7) and Barlow (3). They own a web design company called Alloneword Design. In addition to supporting the Coastal Conservation League, Leila serves on the boards of the Halsey Institute and Lowcountry Local First, and Buff is a board member of Operation Home.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens • Audubon Swamp Walk – beautiful and mysterious • Petting Zoo – up close and personal • The Trails – magical lakes and flowers • Climbing the Observation Tower - a real thrill!

Mulberry A Day At

Live Oak Society to Gather at Mulberry Plantation

Charles Towne Landing • Animal Forest – see animals native to the S.C. Lowcountry • The Adventure (reproduction of a 17th century sailing ship) – tons of fun to play on • The Settlement – see what it was like to live in Charles Towne 300 years ago • Gardens – freedom to explore!

Saturday, April 28th uilt on the site of an ancient Indian camp, the Jacobean “castle” that is the Mulberry plantation house will serve as the backdrop of the next Live Oak Society event to be held on Saturday, April 28th. Preservationists Gail and Parker Gilbert – long-time supporters of the Coastal Conservation League and the owners and stewards of Mulberry – have graciously invited the Conservation League’s major donors to enjoy a spring day on the plantation. Mulberry house, circa 1711, is situated on one of the highest bluffs along the Cooper River and has been designated a National Historic Landmark. Its exceptional English bond brickwork, jerkin-head roof, and four small flankers combine to make this one of the most unique houses in the Lowcountry. In addition to the Gilberts’ careful restoration of the plantation’s structures, the old rice fields, dikes and canals are much as they were in antebellum days. The main Mulberry house is protected by a historic preservation easement donated in 1984 to the Historic Charleston Foundation. In 1996, the Gilberts donated an additional conservation easement on South Mulberry Plantation to the Lord Berkeley Conservation Trust, which included the protection of a second plantation house (fully restored) and 908 acres. The Gilberts have also donated interior preservation easements, all of which combine to permanently protect the structures and lands of Mulberry in perpetuity.


Rockville • Cherry Point Public Boat Landing – beautiful spot along Bohicket Creek to picnic and run the dogs • The Shrimp Docks – buy fresh shrimp and fish at one of the two working docks along Cherry Point Road • The Village of Rockville – fun to walk the sandy lanes of this 19th century summer colony! Natural History Museum at the College of Charleston • 2nd Floor of the new School of Sciences and Mathematics Building at the corner of Calhoun and Coming Sts. (202 Calhoun St.) • Open Monday – Sunday, 11am to 4pm (closed on Wednesday) • Focus on North American mammals, 90% of which once roamed the S.C. Lowcountry • Fossils and complete skeletons of mammals, such as a giant armadillo, cave bear and saber-toothed cat!



Giving Back

For the Love of South Carolina


ames Gustave Speth is a former Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of the Yale Law School. Early in his career, Gus co-founded and served as senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council; later, he went on to found and lead the World Resources Institute. For ten years, Gus served as Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; now he is currently a Professor of Law at the Vermont Law School. A native of Orangeburg, S.C., he was a founding board member of the Coastal Conservation League. I have been an environmentalist all my life. Throughout my professional career, I also have had the opportunity to become familiar with environmental groups across the country. These two decades-long experiences have led me to two conclusions. The first is that environmental problems are something that we will have to deal with for generations. They are not going away. Indeed, with some of the things that are happening in the world today, the challenges are only getting bigger. What this means to me is that we need to think beyond the present; we need to prepare for a long future. The second conclusion is that the S.C. Coastal Conservation League may be the very best regional environmental organization in the country. In terms of strategic effectiveness, there is no doubt that the Conservation League is at least in the very top tier. If you put these two thoughts together the conclusion you have to

by Gus Speth

Cameron and Gus Speth with their four grandchildren.

come to is that we need to provide the League with a strong financial base for the long run. Part of the legacy I want to leave behind is a gift that will strengthen the Coastal Conservation League and provide it with the resources it will need in the days ahead. For my wife Cameron and me, this decision was not a hard one (even if it has been a long time coming). When the Coastal Conservation League was just getting started, I had the great pleasure of being on its founding Board of Directors. I have since then seen it grow from strength to remarkable strength. Over the last 20 years, the League has developed enormous competency in a great diversity of areas from land use to transportation to energy. And that being said, there are to my mind two important things that argue well for its continued success into the future. First, Dana Beach has become an extraordinary state and regional leader.


17 19

And second, he has developed a powerful staff who are themselves experts on all of the League’s program issues. We also decided to make this gift because of our personal love of the South Carolina coast. It is an area of not only deep wonder, beauty and natural fecundity, but also of real vulnerability and fragility. I only have to imagine the impact to the Lowcountry from the predicted threat of sea level rise to know that I need to do all that I can to keep this from happening. So I hope many of you will choose to join me in making a legacy gift to the Coastal Conservation League. It is one of the very best investments any of us could ever make. For more information about Planned Giving and the Coastal Legacy Society, please call Catherine McCullough, Senior Development Officer, at 843-725-2066.

Thank You! LIVE OAK SOCIETY Contributions Received from February 1, 2011 - January 31, 2012

The Coastal Conservation League works very hard to ensure that all donor names are listed correctly; however, occasional mistakes do occur. Please contact Database Manager Nora Kravec at (843) 725-2057 with any questions or corrections. $5,000-$9,999

Anonymous (6) 1772 Foundation Penny and Bill Agnew American Rivers, Inc. Anthony and Linda Bakker Mr. Nathan Berry and Ms. Ceara Donnelley Butler Conservation Fund, Inc. Charlotte Caldwell and Jeffrey Schutz The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation The Ceres Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Chitty Demeter Fund Strachan Donnelley Family Charitable Lead Unitrust Mrs. Vivian Donnelley Dr. Paula Feldman and Mr. Peter Mugglestone The Festoon Foundation, Inc. Foundation for the Carolinas Nancy and Larry Fuller Laura and Steve Gates Mr. Steve Gavel The Grantham Foundation William and Mary Greve Foundation John C. Griswold Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Hale JPMorgan Chase & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Kellogg Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lane Mr. Hugh C. Lane, Jr. Mr. T. Cartter Lupton II Lyndhurst Foundation Merck Family Fund Mertz Gilmore Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Milbank III Mills Bee Lane Foundation Mrs. Alexander Moore Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Ms. Justine J. Nathan National Foundation for Philanthropy The Osprey Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps, Jr. Post and Courier Foundation Steven and Barbara Rockefeller Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Schmaltz Jeffrey Schutz and Charlotte Caldwell Mrs. Anne Rivers Siddons and Mr. Heyward Siddons Mr. David Siddons Ms. Dorothy D. Smith Libby Smith Southern Region SARE Fred and Alice Stanback, Jr. Ms. Diane D. Terni The Bradley Turner Foundation, Inc. Gary and Mary Beth Thornhill Tides Foundation Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Mr. Bill Turner Turner Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James C. Vardell III Weight Watchers WestWind Foundation Joe and Terry Williams The Williams Companies, Inc. Yawkey Foundation

Anonymous Mrs. Patricia Altschul Mr. Robert P. Schofield III Cay Foundation Banbury Fund, Inc. John and Jane Beach Virginia and Dana Beach Henry M. Blackmer Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Margaret N. Blackmer Ms. Margaret P. Blackmer Mr. William J. Blalock Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cleveland Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Coen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Colbert The Edward Colston Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford Mr. and Mrs. P. Steven Dopp Mr. and Mrs. John O. Downing Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Dudley Mr. and Mrs. Berry Edwards Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Fair, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ferguson Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Dorothea and Peter Frank Mr. and Mrs. S. Parker Gilbert Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hagerty Mr. Hank Holliday Billie and Alan Houghton Mr. and Mrs. John Philip Kassebaum Linda Ketner Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kimball Lakeside Foundation The Barbara M. Lindstedt Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. John E. Masaschi Mr. and Mrs. Irenee duPont May Mrs. Frank M. McClain Mr. and Mrs. W. Wallace McDowell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meier Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Mitchell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Moses Ms. Margaret O’Brien Price R. and Flora A. Reid Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James H. Rion, Jr. Drs. Ryan and Erin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Tenney Susan and Trenholm Walker Ziff Properties Charleston

Holly H. Hook and Dennis A. Glaves Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ilderton Joanna Foundation Bob and Jackie Lane Scott and Gayle Lane Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Leath, Jr. Charlie and Sally Lee Lasca and Richard Lilly The Lasca and Richard Lilly Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Trust Dr. Suzanne Lindsay and Mr. Bruce Lindsay The Suzanne and Bruce Lindsay Charitable Foundation Magnolia Plantation Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John C. Maize, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. G. Alex Marsh III Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Marshall Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Mather Mrs. Harriet P. McDougal Mr. and Mrs. James R. McNab, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James O. Mills Mrs. Lillie F. Moredock Morning Sun Foundation Mr. Arnold Nemirow Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Parks Mr. Guy Paschal Charles and Celeste Patrick Mr. and Mrs. David Paynter Dr. Fred Pittman Mrs. Joan C. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Prevost Mrs. Charles D. Ravenel Grace Jones Richardson Trust Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr. John M. Rivers, Jr. Foundation, Inc. David W. and Susan G. Robinson Foundation Mrs. Susan Robinson Ms. Martha Jane Soltow Brys Stephens Stephens Foundation Stony Point Foundation Mr. and Mrs. T. Paul Strickler William and Shanna Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Jan S. Suwinski Mr. and Mrs. Jacques S. Theriot H. L. Thompson, Jr. Family Foundation The Vanguard Charitable Trust The Waterwheel Foundation, Inc. Warrington Foundation Dr. Robert Ellis Welch, Jr. Dr. Louis Wright and Ms. Patricia Giddens Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wyrick, Jr. Whole Foods Market

$2,000-$4,999 Mr. J. Marshall Allen Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bailey Mr. J. Anderson Berly III Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Burtschy L.R. Burtschy & Company Mr. and Mrs. James Coker Mr. and Mrs. Wade C. Crow Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Daly Ms. Connie Darden-Young and Mr. Jesse Colin Young Michael and Megan Desrosiers Ms. Martha M. Faucette Fuzzco Mr. and Mrs. E. Stack Gately Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Hawkins Katharine and Winslow Hastie

$1,000-$1,999 Anonymous (2) Mr. Donald Alderman Mr. J. Marshall Allen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Almeida Drs. T. Brantley and Penny Arnau Chuck and Betsy Baker Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barrett, Jr. Mrs. Ann R. Baruch Mrs. Katrina Becker Caroline V. Beeland and John M. Moore Mr. Thomas R. Bennett Blackwater, LLC



Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Blagden, Jr. Elizabeth Calvin Bonner Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Boone III Dr. Eloise Bradham and Dr. Mark George Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Brumley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burt Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cain Nancy and Billy Cave The Cecil Family Mr. Steven Chamberlain Mr. Elliott S. Close Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Wade C. Crow Mrs. Mary C. Cutler Ms. Connie Darden-Young and Mr. Jesse Colin Young Mrs. Emily Darnell-Nunez Mrs. Palmer Davenport Mr. Chris Davis Dr. Lisa Drakeman and Mr. Don Drakeman Mr. F. Reed Dulany, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Eaton Enterprise Holdings Foundation Ms. Carol B. Ervin Ms. Margaret D. Fabri Ms. Nina M. Fair Mrs. Harriott H. Faucette Mr. H. McDonald Felder Mr. and Mrs. George W. Fennell C.W. Fetter Mrs. Nancy B. Fetter Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Finley Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Fishburne, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Charles Ford Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Foster Francis Marion Hotel LP Mr. and Mrs. George C. Francisco IV Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman Mrs. Dallas L. Garbee Mr. and Mrs. E. Stack Gately Drs. Andrew Geer and Susan Moore Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gephart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gerber Glaser Duncan The Good Works Foundation Half-Moon Outfitters Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Higgins, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. Glenn Hilliard Mr. William L. Hiott, Jr. James and Margaret Hoffman Mr. J. W. F. Holliday Holly Houghton and David Walker Mr. and Mrs. John Huey, Jr. Mr. Richard W. Hutson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Orton P. Jackson III Ms. Holly R. Jensen Mrs. Denise John Mr. and Mrs. George P. Johnston Dr. William Kee and Dr. Franklin Lee Lacuna Corporation Mrs. Beverly G. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Laney Mr. David Lansbury Dr. Diane D. Lauritsen Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Leath, Jr. Kathie Livingston

Live Oak Society


Thank You!

$500-$999 Anonymous Ms. Carrie Agnew Mr. and Mrs. Conrad P. Albert Richard and Tannis Alkire Mr. and Mrs. William E. Applegate IV Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arthur Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr. The Ayco Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs Dennis Baer

Chuck and Betsy Baker The Barker Welfare Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Beaton Mr. L. Russell Bennett Dr. Nadia Blanchet and Dr. Kent Rollins Ms. Christine Bogrette Ms. Amy Bunting Mrs. Blair Bunting Darnell Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Foundation Ms. Ruthann Burgess Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cahill Mr. William Campbell and Ms. Susan Hilfer Mr. R. R. M. Carpenter Leigh Mary W. Carter Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Carter Dr. and Mrs. William C. Carter III Nancy and Billy Cave Mrs. Ann Rodgers Chandler Mr. Thomas Clements Drs. Bradford and Cynthia Collins Mr. and Mrs. David A. Creech Nancy and Steve Cregg Mr. Malcolm M. Crosland, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William F. Crosswell Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Daen Jane Tucker Dana and David D. Aufhauser Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Daniels Mr. R. Gordon Darby Mr. and Mrs. Emmett I. Davis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs F. Garey De Angelis Curtis and Arianna Derrick Mr. Christopher DeScherer and Ms. Amanda Honeycutt Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. P. Duell Mr. D. Reid Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ellison II Mr. Mark Essig and Mrs. Martha Craft-Essig Mark and Kay Ethridge Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. Fink and Dr. Elliott Sweet Mary Fleming Finlay Ms. Catherine H. Forrester Rev. and Mrs. David Fort The Freddie Mac Foundation Alison and Arthur Geer Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gettys III Mr. James R. Gilreath Dr. Annette G. Godow Mary Jane Gorman Dr. and Mrs. Gene W. Grace Blair and Nancy Hahn Dr. Thomas Gross and Mrs. Susan Hamilton Ms. Mary E. S. Hanahan Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hanlin Dr. Kit M. Hargrove Ms. Sherrerd Hartness Mrs. Charlotte McCrady Hastie Matthew and Sarah Hastings Whitney and Elizabeth Hatch Mr. William Andrew Hautt Mr. and Mrs. Knox L. Haynsworth, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver R. Head, Jr. Mr. William J. Hennessy, Jr. Mr. Fred B. Herrmann Mr. Edwin Hettinger and Ms. Beverly Diamond Mr. and Ms. John A. Hill Mr. William L. Hiott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. F. James Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hoffius Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Horlbeck Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Hough Ms. Margaret L. Howell Mr. and Mrs. Calvert W. Huffines Robert L. Huffines, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Robert R. Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hydon Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Jackson, Sr. Mr. Roger White and Dr. Deanna Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. S. Wesley Jackson Ms. May Jones Dr. and Mrs. Todd P. Joye Mr. F. Kimball Joyner and Mr. Derek Riggs Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Jules Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Kammer Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kerr Dr. and Mrs. John J. Keyser Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kistler Mrs. Dudley Knott Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Landgrebe III Mr. Mike Landrum and Ms. Brenda Smith Dr. and Mrs. Wood N. Lay Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leadem Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Lee Chip and Coleman Legerton Mr. Reynold Levy Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment Mr. and Mrs. Fulton D. Lewis, Jr. David Lyle and Anne Aaron-Lyle Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Maginnis Dr. and Mrs. John C. Maize Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Marshall Mr. Joshua Martin Mr. and Mrs. William A. Martin Dr. John Mattheis Mr. and Mrs. William M. Matthew Dr. and Mrs. Brem Mayer Mr. Malcolm McAlpin Pat F. and Suzanne C. McGarity Mr. and Mrs. William McKeachie Dr. and Mrs. Keith Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Meyer Kincaid and Allison Mills Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mirsky Mr. and Mrs. M. Lane Morrison Mr. Lawrence H. Moser Mr. and Mrs. William D. Nettles, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Nolan Dr. and Mrs. Alan I. Nussbaum Mrs. Elizabeth B. O'Connor Dr. Patrick M. O'Neil Mr. and Ms. Robert M. Ogden III Dr. and Mrs. J. David Osguthorpe

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman C. Owens Mrs. D. Williams Parker Ms. Kate Parks Dr. and Mrs. B. Daniel Paysinger Ms. Patricia Pierce The Pittsburgh Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Podesta Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Ransome III Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Richards Mr. and Mrs. William R. Richardson, Jr. Mr. Dan Rogge Dr. Abigail Ryan Mr. Richard B. Saxon Mr. Hal Currey and Ms. Margaret Schachte Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schaller Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Scheetz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Schenck Dickie and Mary Schweers Ms. Mary E. Sharp Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Shealy Dr. and Mrs. William M. Simpson, Jr. Harriet and Dick Smartt Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Rik Snyder Dr. and Mrs. James Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stoothoff Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Storen Ms. Patricia Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. W. Charles Sullivan Summit Area Public Foundation Sustainable Settlement United Way of the Piedmont Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan G. Verity Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Voight Waste Management Employees’ Better Government Fund Dr. and Mrs. James D. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. West Greg White and Kristin Krantzman Mr. David Whitten and Ms. Geri Scheller Ms. Walda Wildman and Mr. Mack Maguire Dr. and Mrs. George W. Williams Jeremy and Lisa Willits

Live Oak Society

Tish Lynn Ms. Lee Manigault Mrs. Patti Manigault Mike and JoAnne Marcell Market Street Trust Company Mr. and Mrs. David Maybank, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. McCann Mrs. John L. McCormick Mr. George McCoy Ms. Jamie Young McCulloch Mrs. Harriet P. McDougal Mr. and Mrs. Barclay McFadden III Goffinet and Ian McLaren Mr. and Mrs. John F. McNamara Ms. Georgia Meagher Sally H. Mitchell Russell E. and Elizabeth W. Morgan Foundation Ms. Martha Morgan Mr. Marty Morganello Morning Sun Foundation Mr. Hugh Comer Morrison Mrs. Elizabeth B. O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Opoulos III Ms. Elizabeth F. Orser Dr. Robert Payne and Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas Plantation Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Quigley Dr. George Rabb Mr. Richard Rainaldi Mr. and Mrs. S. Kim Reed Reliance Financial Corporation Dr. Georgia C. Roane Mrs. Susan Romaine Margot and Boykin Rose Bob Rymer and Catherine Anne Walsh Dr. H. Del Schutte, Jr. Schwab Charitable Fund Dr. Sally E. Self Mr. and Mrs. W. Tobias Sherrill Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Simmons, Jr. Mr. T. Grange Simons V Dr. James G. Simpson Mr. Matt Sloan Smart Growth Coalition Dorothy D. Smith Charitable Foundation Dr. Stephanie Smith-Phillips and Dr. James Phillips Southern States Educational Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stevens Charles and Jo Summerall Mr. and Mrs. Jan S. Suwinski Ms. Bailey W. Symington Mr. John Thompson and Ms. Julia Forster Mr. Michael P. Thornton Mr. John H. Tiencken, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Tyree Tom Uffelman and Patty Bennett Mr. Robert L. Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Greg VanDerwerker Vortex Foundation W.H. Hunt and Company Sally Webb Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. West Dr. and Mrs. Tad Whiteside Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop Dr. W. Curtis Worthington Ms. Martha C. Worthy

COASTAL LEGACY SOCIETY The Coastal Legacy Society honors those who have provided for the Coastal Conservation League through their wills or estate plans. By making a gift to the Coastal Legacy Society, you will join this group of extraordinary individuals in their commitment to protect the Lowcountry for generations. If you are interested in finding out more about naming the Coastal Conservation League in your will or estate plans, please contact Senior Development Officer Catherine McCullough at (843) 725-2066.

Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Russell Burns, Jr. Mrs. Charlotte Caldwell and Mr. Jeffrey Schutz Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Coffee, Jr. Ms. Marcia Curtis Mr. Howard F. Drew Ms. Carol B. Ervin Mrs. Mary C. Everts Dr. Annette G. Godow Miss Florence E. Goodwin Ms. C. Janis Hammett



Ms. Teri Lynn Herbert Katy and Dan Huger Ms. Jane E. Lareau Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Mather Mr. Miles F. McSweeney Ms. Nancy C. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Prevost Mr. and Mrs. I. Mayo Read, Jr. Mr. Jason A. Schall Mr. and Mrs. J. Gustave Speth Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tecklenburg Mr. and Ms. Thad Timmons Dr. and Mrs. George W. Williams

Thank You! NEW AND RENEWING MEMBERSHIPS November 1, 2011 – January 31, 2012 SPECIAL GIFTS Anonymous Richard and Tannis Alkire Mr. Reed S. Armstrong Ms. Jean R. Ballentine Mrs. Mary L. Ballou Mrs. Laura Dukes Beck Mr. John C. Bigler Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bischoff Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bowe Mr. Paul Bronzo Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Brownlee, Jr. Mr. William Campbell and Ms. Susan Hilfer Nancy and Billy Cave Ms. Penny Chase and Mr. Charles Walter Ms. Sarah Cholewinski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Clarke William and Lucile Cogswell Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid A. Daly III Ms. Jennifer Davis Dr. and Mrs. F. Carl Derrick Ms. June N. Derrick Michael and Megan Desrosiers Dr. Frances L. Elmore ExxonMobil Foundation Amy Fabri and Keith Ladeaux Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Fitzgerald Ms. Madilyn Fletcher, Ph.D. Mr. Robert W. Foster, Sr. Dr. Charles E. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Gallivan III Ms. Mary Louise Graff Mr. Vincent G. Graham Dr. and Mrs. John W. Gray III Mr. and Mrs. D. Maybank Hagood Mr. Gregory Halasy Mr. Ronald Harper, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth R. Harrigan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Hauck Dr. and Mrs. Harlan G. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hester Mr. Charles R. Hipp III Ms. Ann B. Igoe Nancy and Ricky James Mr. and Mrs. Coy Johnston II Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr Mr. Hugh C. Lane, Jr. Dr. Margaret E. Lee Mr. Edward T. Legare Mr. Thomas Lipinski Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D. Long Dr. and Mrs. G. Alex Marsh III Mr. and Mrs. William M. Matthew Mr. and Mrs. David Maybank, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James F. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Clay McCullough Goffinet and Ian McLaren Mrs. Payne Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Tyre H. Moore Ms. Anita Moran Mr. Michael J. Mrlik Mr. Gerald W. Musselman Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Nelson Dr. Greg Ohanesian Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ohlandt Roy Owen and Sue McClinton Ms. Kate Parks The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Dr. and Mrs. John H. Rashford Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Richbourg Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Rivers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Uldis K. Sipols Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Skidmore Harriet and Dick Smartt Mrs. Nelle M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. D. Paul Sommerville South Carolina Environmental Law Project

Mr. Lee D. Sports III Ms. Patricia Sullivan Mrs. Tonnia K. Switzer-Smalls Mr. Richard G. Thomas Mark and Lisa Turansky Mr. and Mrs. Greg VanDerwerker Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Wallace Mr. J. Bruce Wallace, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Weir Dr. Robert Ellis Welch, Jr. Robin Elise Welch Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Winfield Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yorke

Nora Kravec and Charles Cyr Mr. and Mrs. John Kwist Melissa and Michael Ladd Jonathan Lamb Mr. Terrence C. Larimer Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Lee Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Chisolm Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Lesesne, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fulton D. Lewis, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Lanneau D. Lide Jessica Loring Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lortz Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Lybecker Timothy J. Lyons, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Rives Mann, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mark Van and Catherine Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Marshburn Stuart and Sarah McDaniel Pat F. and Suzanne C. McGarity Mr. and Mrs. James W. McIntire, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dexter C. Mead The Nelson Mead Fund Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Michaud Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John T. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Edmond N. Moriarty III Dr. and Mrs. Shaughnessy V. Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Nelson Ms. Sis Nunnally Dr. William F. O'Dell Ms. Ellen P. Oblow Mr. Michael Overbeck Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Palmer, Jr. Mr. Jerry Poore Ms. Cynthia Swanson Powell Ms. Whitney Powers Mr. Norris Preyer and Dr. Lucy Preyer Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pritchett Ms. Laura T. Pulleyn Lydia Engelhardt, M.D. and Bill Rambo, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jan Roosenburg Mr. Legrand A. Rouse II Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rutkowski Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Scott Ms. Mary E. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Huger Sinkler II Rep. and Mrs. G. Murrell Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rik Snyder Mr. Thornwell Sowell James Gustave Speth Fund for the Environment of the Open Space Institute, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Stamey Ms. Louise A. Steffens Mrs. Margaretta Taylor Drs. Christine and C. Murry Thompson, Jr. Mr. Landon K. Thorne III Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Timmons Mr. and Mrs. John Trinkl Dan and Cindy Tufford Mr. and Mrs. Nicolaas J. Van Vliet Mr. David Waldron Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Waters Mr. Richard E. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webb Ms. Sheila Wertimer and Mr. Gary Gruca Dr. William Westerkam and Ms. Kirsten Lackstrom Mr. Joseph F. Whetstone Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wierdsma Mr. and Mrs. Julian Wiles Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wilfong Mr. and Mrs. D. Mark Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Young

ADVOCATE ($250-$499) Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Adams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Byrn Alsup III Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnoff The Rev. and Mrs. C. Alex Barron, Jr. Dr. Randy Basinger and Ms. Louise Burpee Bill and Ellen Bell Edward and Adelaida Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Colin C. Bentley Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Bergan Mr. Rhett S. Bickley Ms. Donna Billings and Mr. Dennis White Gen. and Mrs. Walter E. Boomer Cecil and Barrie Bozard Mrs. J. Elizabeth Bradham Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brailsford III Ms. Ruthann Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Brian Carmines Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Carson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Heyward Carter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Nelson Chandler James and Susan Cole Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Coward Dr. and Mrs. Brian G. Cuddy Mr. Tucker Fisher Dana Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Detwiler Mr. and Mrs. James K. Dias Ms. Ann W. Dibble Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. H. Dodge Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. P. Duell Michael and Anna Eddy Drs. Nick and Linda Elksnin Dr. William Ellison, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ted Englehardt Drs. Douglas and Diane Ervin Drs. Jean and Charles Everett Ms. Cindy Floyd and Mr. Pete Laurie Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Foulke Mr. and Mrs. W. Foster Gaillard Dr. and Mrs. James H. Gault Dr. Sidney Gauthreaux and Ms. Carroll Belser Mr. Andrew Geer Mr. Vincent G. Graham Dr. Timothy K. Gray Mr. and Mrs. D. Maybank Hagood Dr. Angela Halfacre Ms. C. Janis Hammett Bill and Eleanor Hare Ms. Joy D. Hawkins Senator and Mrs. Wes Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Ozey K. Horton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Howe Mr. and Mrs. Travis Howell Ms. Mary Pope M. Hutson Ms. Anne F. Jennings Dr. Joseph M. Jenrette III Mrs. Peggy Hendricks Jones Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. David M. Jordan Mr. J. Edward Joye Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Keyes Mrs. Lou Elise White Kimbrell



CONTRIBUTOR ($100-$249) Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Abrams Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Scott H. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Alex F. Althausen Mr. David W. Ames Mr. and Mrs. Brady Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Anderson Pam and Glenn Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Baas Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bainbridge Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Baird Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Baldwin, Jr. Mrs. Mary L. Ballou Mr. Rodney Barlow and Dr. Patricia Fithian Bo and Mickey Barry Mr. and Mrs. Chris Barton Mr. Leslie L. Bateson Mr. and Mrs. William D. Baughman Mr. Peter Baumann The Beaufort Garden Club Mr. Charles J. Bethea Ms. Margaret P. Blackmer Mr. and Mrs. William Bollin Mr. and Mrs. J. Sidney Boone, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Bowen III Mr. and Mrs. Kyle S. Braxton Jan Brewton Marilyn and Howard Brilliant Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brooks Dr. and Mrs. William Y. Buchanan, Jr. Ms. Brenda Burbage Mr. Dale D. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Hardwick H. Burr Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burson Mr. and Mrs. Carleton D. Burtt Ms. Barbara H. Burwell Mr. and Mrs. McBee Butcher Ms. Paula W. Byers Ms. Randy Cabell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Cable, Jr. Mr. David Cain Mr. Samuel C. Carlton Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert E. Caroff Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Chmelik Mr. Lester Chou John and Alice Claggett Mr. and Mrs. David Clark William and Lucile Cogswell Dr. and Mrs. Alexander H. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Collister Ms. Bonnie Compton Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Corning Dr. Joseph Corso Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Cotter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William M. Coughlin Senator and Mrs. John E. Courson Mr. John C. Creed Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Dame, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Dana III Mrs. Nadine Darby Dr. Gordon Dehler and Dr. Ann Welsh Mr. Thomas J. DeKornfeld Dr. and Mrs. George B. Del Porto Dr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Dennis Ms. June N. Derrick Ms. Susan G. Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Dodds Mrs. Evelyn Dolven Mr. Paul Donnelly Mr. Charles H. Drayton Mr. and Mrs. Clarke W. Dubose Ms. S. Kimble Duckworth Mr. and Mrs. Anton DuMars

Thank You! Mr. and Mrs. Tim Dunlevy Mrs. Carolyn Ellis Ms. Phyllis W. Ewing Mr. Randell Ewing Mr. David Farren Dr. J. Terrence Farris Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Feldman Mr. Frederick N. Ferguson Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. Kimball C. Firestone Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fisk Ms. Madilyn Fletcher, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Foltz Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Foss Mr. Robert W. Foster, Sr. Ms. Mary Edna Fraser and Dr. John Sperry Mr. Robert D. Fray Julie and Mark Frye Mrs. Sallie J. Fuerth Mrs. Letitia Galbraith Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Gallivan III Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gantt Mr. David Garr and Ms. Deborah Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gasque Mr. J. Lee Gastley Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Gilbert Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Gimarc Dr. Juliet Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Goodridge III Drs. Donald and April Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Clarendon L. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Greenberger Dr. Jerrold Griggs and Ms. Deynise Lau Mr. and Mrs. James A. Grimsley III Mr. Carroll Haddock Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hadley Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Hagy Mr. Barry L. Hainer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hansen, Jr. Mr. Stephen Hanson Mr. Gerald Haram and Ms. Barbara Gould Mrs. Dorinda Q. Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Harrigan Ms. Connie Haskell Mr. William Andrew Hautt Lewis and Kim Hay Mr. and Mrs. Clarke L. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hecker Mr. Kris Helke Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Helms Dr. Ernest L. Helms III Linda and Tom Hennessey Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Hines Anna Kate and Hayne Hipp Sherry and Ken Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Holleman III Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hollings, Jr. Ms. Amy Horwitz and Mr. Norm Shea Mr. Robert E. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hricik Katy and Dan Huger Mr. and Mrs. R. Walter Hundley Drs. Richard and Margaret Hunt Stephanie and Noel Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Hutson Mrs. Mary Means Hutson IBM International Foundation Mr. George Ivey Allen and Mary Jeffcoat Ms. Marsha B. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Jennings Mr. and Mrs. George R. Johnson Mrs. Jane S. Johnson Ms. Judith D. Johnson Dr. Elizabeth G. Joiner Col. and Mrs. Ernest H. Jones, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jung Matt and Cindy Kearney Mr. J. Mike King

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Kinzer Dr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Kraft Ms. Nancy M. Kreml Miss Gretta Kruesi Ms. Susan Kruetzer Eleanor Kubeck Mrs. Wendy Kulick Dr. and Mrs. Seth P. Kupferman Ms. Becky Lafitte Mr. and Mrs. Nick Lampshire Mr. Robert LaPorte Drs. David and Marilyn Larach Ms. Jane E. Lareau Ms. Paula A. Lareau Mr. and Mrs. William E. Latture Mr. and Mrs. James B. Lau Jane W. Lawther, Ph.D Gordon and Judy Levering Mrs. Alice Levkoff Mr. John Liberatos Mr. Jack Limehouse Mr. and Mrs. C. Dinos Liollio Mrs. Adrienne M. Lustig Mrs. Frances G. Macilwinen Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Mack, Jr. Mrs. Octavia M. Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Malley Ms. Jean Elliott Manning Marbeach Foundation Mrs. Evelyn C. Marion Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Marti Mr. and Mrs. Tug Mathisen Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maybank Mr. Curtis McCall, Jr. Mr. John T. McCarter Mr. and Mrs. Warne B. McClelland Mr. and Mrs. Van McCollum Mr. Mark McConnel and Mr. Darryl Phillips Mr. Donald McCunniff Ms. Eileen Mary McGuffie Mr. and Mrs. John F. McIlwain Mr. Robert A. McKenzie Dr. Phoebe A. McLeod Mr. and Mrs. John Gregg McMaster III Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm T. McPherson Mr. and Mrs. Emil Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Middleditch Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Middleton III Capt. and Mrs. William L. Miles Mrs. Phyllis Miller Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mills III Angela and Howard Misthal Mr. and Mrs. Rick C. Montague Mr. and Mrs. Wesley L. Moore III Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Morgenstern Mr. Hugh Comer Morrison Mr. and Mrs. William M. Morrison, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Muench Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Murphy Mrs. Thomas E. Myers Network For Good Mr. and Mrs. William S. Newby Ms. Elizabeth Newman Mr. Bruce Newton and Ms. Judy Sperling-Newton Ms. Susan B. Norton Ms. Conyers Norwood Dr. and Mrs. W. Eugene Notz Senator Billy O'Dell Mrs. Pamela Oliver Mrs. Hierome L. Opie Mr. and Mrs. David J. Painter Mr. and Mrs. A. Nicholas Papadea Mr. Roger F. Pasquier Mr. and Mrs. William F. Pennebaker Dr. Michael M. Perkins Ms. Jennie Peze Ms. Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Player, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Jan H. Postma, Jr. Mr. Graham Powell Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pringle Dr. and Mrs. William H. Prioleau, Jr. Mr. James M. Prutting Mrs. Alberta Quattlebaum Mr. John L. Quigley, Jr. Mrs. Susan C. Rakestraw Mr. Frank W. Rambo Ms. Cheryl Randall Mr. John W. Ray Mr. and Mrs. I. Mayo Read, Jr. Mr. Kristopher Reed Dr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Reitzel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Rensberry Mr. and Mrs. David Rice Ms. Beverly Rivers Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P.R. Rivers Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Robinson Mr. Dan Rogge Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Romberger Mr. William E. Roschen Dr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Rosengarten Mr. and Mrs. Buff Ross Mr. and Mrs. James B. Rothnie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Russ Mr. and Mrs. Milo Ryan Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Salley Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Sansbury Mrs. Elizabeth Steger Santen Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Schiffer Dr. and Mrs. Scott C. Shaffer The Honorable and Mrs. Vincent A. Sheheen Mr. and Mrs. Keating L. Simons, Jr. Ms. Lisa Sizemore Mr. Mark Sloan and Ms. Michelle Van Parys Ms. Donna K. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Park B. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Shawn K. Smith Mr. Harry F. Smithson Mr. and Mrs. George Smyth, Jr. Starr and Phil Snead South Carolina Conservation Credit Exchange Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Steele Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stormer Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sullivan III Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Temelini Louis and Jane Theiling Dr. and Mrs. William Bonner Thomason Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Tisdale, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tison Mr. and Mrs. F. David Trickey Mark and Lisa Turansky Joan and Martin Ustin Ms. Nancy E. Vinson Ms. May Wahab Mr. Fritz Waidner Mr. and Mrs. David C. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Walker Mr. J. Bruce Wallace, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Walle Mrs. Cindy P. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Beekman Webb Mr. and Mrs. William M. Webster III Ms. Lucy Wessinger Dr. and Mrs. Timothy H. West Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Westbrook Ms. Megan Westmeyer Dr. Daniel Wetenhall and Ms. Anna Onufer Mrs. Mary Theresa Wightman Ms. June Wilcox Dr. and Mrs. H. Oliver Williamson Mr. W. Chisolm Wilson Dr. and Mrs. William C. Wilson, Sr. Ms. Caitlin M. Winans



Christine McLean Winter Ms. Patricia Wolman Dr. Curtis Worthington and Dr. Jane Tyler Capt. and Mrs. Richard T. Wright Mr. Simpson J. Zimmerman, Jr.

SUPPORTER ($50-$99) Ms. Julie W. Acker Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ackerman Mrs. Dorothy M. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. K. Eric Anderson Dr. David M. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Andrie, Sr. Ms. Myra A. Armistead Ms. Cynthia Aulbach Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Avery, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Barker Mr. Arthur L. Baron Mr. Bennett R. Baxley Mr. and Mrs. Karl M. Becker Don and Carol Beidler Ms. Helen Belencan Dr. and Mrs. Norman H. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Bennett, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Dennis O. Bernard Ms. Maxine Bomer Ms. Gloria A. Bonali Mr. Ron L. Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Boykin Stewart and Walter Bristow Mr. Alfred V. Brown, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brown Dr. and Mrs. Robert O. Brown Ms. Gail Brownlee Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Brownlee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Buffington Ms. Angie Y. Calhoun Mr. Timothy Carens and Ms. Elizabeth Van Pelt Mr. and Mrs. William R. Carpenter III Ms. Cornelia Carrier Mr. and Mrs. William J. Chandler, Jr. Mr. Ronald H. Charron Mr. John F. Chilton IV Angela M. Chvarak Mr. and Mrs. Hunter L. Clarkson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Coghlan Dr. and Mrs. Hugh V. Coleman Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Pat Conroy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cook Mrs. Drucilla C. Copeland Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Corley III David and Sandy Cowen Ms. Margaret A. Cromwell Ms. Barbara M. Currey Mr. Reggie F. Daves Miss Kathy Davis Ms. M. Penelope Davis Mr. Alexander Dickey Ms. Lisa Dimitriadis DonateLiveLocal, LLC. Mrs. Barbara J. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Dubois Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Duke Mr. Henry Dunbar and Mrs. Katherine Dunbar Caroline Eastman Ms. Lynn Eastwood Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Edgerton Dr. James R. Edinger Mr. and Mrs. John L. Faucette Mr. and Mrs. Helmut H. Fiedler Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Flora Ms. Elizabeth Franchini Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Gibson Tom and Sally Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Grady, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Grego

Thank You! Mr. Jackson V. Gregory Mrs. Richard B. Grimball Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Grochowski Mr. Robert Gurley Babbie and Don Guscio Mr. and Mrs. Cary H. Hall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. William Haltiwanger Dr. and Mrs. Imtiaz Haque Mr. and Mrs. Wade E. Harrell Mrs. Elizabeth R. Harrigan Mrs. Margaret N. Harris Mrs. John C. Hedley Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hehn Mr. and Mrs. William C. Helms III Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Swintz Holladay Mr. and Mrs. Guy R. Hollister Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Howard Col. and Mrs. Perry A. Hudel Mrs. Dorothy R. Huggins Mr. and Mrs. David L. Huguenin Mrs. Evelyn S. Irwin Ms. Kathy A. Jackson Dr. and Mrs. W. Scott James Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Jaycocks, Jr. Mr. David B. Jennings Mr. Dan M. Johnson Mr. Philip H. Jos Mr. Steve Kane Mr. Louis Kaufmann Mr. William J. Keenan III Mr. and Mrs. Edward Keller Mr. Thomas H. Kennedy Mr. Michael Kohl and Dr. Jane McLamarrah Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kohler Mr. and Mrs. William Korb Mr. Kurt W. Krucke Ms. Catherine Ksenzak Mr. Ralph C. Ksenzak Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Laney IV Ms. Tori G. Langen Ms. Bobbie H. Lawson Ms. Caroline W. Lee The Honorable Phil P. Leventis Ms. Peggy Lewis Michelle Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Richards C. Lewis, Jr. Dr. Susan Libes

QOL Ms. Marie Wiley Austin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Baker Ms. Janie Ball Ms. Ida Becker Mr. and Mrs. Trey Chakides Ms. Ann P. Chandler Mr. Charles G. Claus Dr. and Mrs. Richard Clinton William and Lucile Cogswell Mr. Charles Cole Ginny Lomel Conlon Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Cooper II Mr. and Mrs. David Couey Jennifer Dare Mr. Anthony Del Porto and Ms. Gervais Hagerty Mr. Christopher DeScherer and Ms. Amanda Honeycutt Michael and Megan Desrosiers

Ms. Patricia O. Lowry Doug and Thea Luba Magnolia Garden Club of Johns Island Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mamunes Ms. Pamela H. Marsh Mrs. Carol Martig Ms. Linda R. Mason Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McAlpine Mr. James O. McClellan III Mr. David B. McCormack Ms. Charlotte M. McCreary Mr. and Mrs. H. Z. McFadden, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller, Jr. Ms. Dolores J. Miller Ms. Allison Elise Morrison Eisuke and Daryll Murono Drs. James and Noreen Nelson Mrs. Mary M. O'Connell Ms. Brenda S. O'Shields Geno and Mel Olmi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Orr Dr. and Mrs. Granger C. Osborne R. D. Oswald Mrs. Anne V. Padgett Mrs. Jane M. Padgett Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Pagnotta Mr. George G.L. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Milton Parker III Mr. Samuel P. Parker, Jr. Mr. Hayes H. Patterson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Pauls Mrs. Leslie Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Martin Perlmutter Ms. Sharon M. Phillips Mr. J. Edward Pinckney Mr. Chad Pirtle Mr. Michael Porter Ms. Anne B. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prezzano Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Pulliam Dr. and Mrs. W. Alan Randolph Ms. Marjorie Rath and Mr. David Bachman Ms. Suzanne C. Ravenel Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Reading II Mr. J. Cheshire Rhett Mr. Leon L. Rice III Mr. John Richardson Mr. Alan Richter

Mr. and Mrs. Dave DiBenedetto Ms. Elizabeth Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Donovan Mr. and Mrs. John Dunnan Mr. and Mrs. John Emrick Mr. and Mrs. John S. Evans, Jr. Mrs. Caroline P. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Todd Flohr Mark and Julie Frye Mr. and Mrs. Wes Fuller Fuzzco Ms. Mary L. Gaillard Ms. Mary Gatch Alison and Arthur Geer Mr. Andrew Geer Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Brantley Gray Mr. and Mrs. James S. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Jay Griffin Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hagood Katharine and Winslow Hastie Mr. J. Blanding Holman IV Ms. Sarah Mae Ilderton Catherine R. Jones Katie James Kegel Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Kemerer, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Rosenzweig Mr. and Mrs. Alwyn Rougier-Chapman Mr. J. W. Rutter Mrs. Carol F. Ryder Ms. Amy Samonds Ms. Felicia J. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. James R. Scott Dr. James D. Scurry Mr. and Mrs. C. Troy Shaver, Jr. Mr. R. Bruce Shaw Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Shealy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. James Silvers, Sr. Mr. Lawrence J. Simon Lt. Col. and Mrs. John E. Sims Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy Mr. Eric Smith and Mrs. Cynthia Holding-Smith Copley Smoak Mr. and Mrs. D. Paul Sommerville Ms. Karen B. Spencer D.V.M. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Stein Dr. Elva C. Stinson Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stuckey Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sullivan III Mr. and Mrs. E. Randall Swan, Jr. Mr. John Tarkany Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Thayer Mr. Russell E. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trussler Ms. Sally Tuten and Mr. Y. S. Linder Dr. and Mrs. Ambrose G. Updegraff Mr. James T. Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Verville Dr. Luis Viamonte Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Von Ende Dr. and Mrs. John N. Vournakis Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Williams III Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Williams Mrs. Suzanne H. Williams Mrs. Heather A. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wood Mr. David Wyanski and Ms. Andrea Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jerome T. Wylie Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yorke Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yost Mrs. Noel C. Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Young, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Kennedy Ms. Nunally Kersh and Mr. Robert Stehling Brian and Liz King Mr. and Mrs. Kristopher King Ms. Pam Kylstra Melissa and Michael Ladd Mr. and Mrs. Paul Langston Ms. Daisy Leath Mr. and Mrs. Matt C. Lee Ms. Adrienne Levy and Mr. David Betenbaugh Ms. Lindsay G. Luther Mr. Carl Mabry Mr. Michael Mansson Mr. and Mrs. Clay McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Barnes McLaurin Ms. Nikki Mitchell Mr. Aeron H. Myers Katharine and Lindsay Nevin Lee Nodes Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Opoulos III Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pace Mr. and Mrs. Andy F. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Telfair Parker Ms. Magda Pelzer Ms. Margaret C. Pitts



REGULAR ($30-$49) Ms. Miriam Allen Ms. Renate Anderson Mr. John F. Atkinson Mr. William F. Aull Mr. and Mrs. Donald Backer Mr. Weldon P. Barker Keller and Bill Barron Mrs. Marilyn M. Belk Mr. and Mrs. Terry Benton Ms. Evelyn J. Berner Drs. William and Sallie Boggs Mr. H. E. Bonnoitt, Jr. Ms. Karen A. Bostian Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. S. Boyd, Jr. Mr. Doran A. Bramlett Mr. Myles Brandt Ms. Emily B. Branscome Mr. and Mrs. E. Steve Brown Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Brown Ms. Susan Budnick Mr. Jeff Burgess Mrs. Alice N. Burress Mr. Elwyn Cahaly Mrs. Barbara C. Canelon Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. Chandler Mary E. Chinnes Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Claypool Ruth M. Cobb Juliet and Jeffrey Cohen Ms. Prudence F. Collier Ms. Marjorie H. Conner Mrs. Richard D. Coonen Mrs. Jeannette M. Cooper Mr. Neil Cox Rhae C. Cribb Ms. Marlene Davis Ms. Nancy Johnson De Merell Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dehoney Neil and Renee Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Gerard P. Dionne Mr. Christopher Dotson Drayton Hall Ms. Pamela J. Edwards Mrs. Luanne H. Elliott Mrs. Dorothy Fetters Rev. Mary M. Finklea Mr. and Mrs. William Firth

Helen Pratt-Thomas Ms. Jarrett R. Ransom Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carter Rowson Mr. and Mrs. Milo Ryan Beth Safrit Mr. and Mrs. David Schaefers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schoderbek Mr. Alec Sheaff Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Skahill Mr. and Mrs. Bachman Smith IV Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McBain Speir Ms. Nicole Streetman Mr. and Ms. Gray Tiller Mr. and Mrs. Mark Turansky Ms. Leslie Turner Mr. and Mrs. Felix Von Nathusius Mr. and Mrs. Reid Warder Mr. and Mrs. Michael Whitfield Neilson and Gayle Brooker Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. T. Bright Williamson Mrs. Heather A. Wilson Ms. Katherine S. Zimmerman

Thank You! Mr. Robert H. Folk Dr. and Mrs. James Forrester Mrs. Janet M. Fryman Dr. and Mrs. J. Edwin Fulcher Ms. Ann L. Furr Mr. Frank E. Gibson III Dr. Morris F. Gitter Mrs. Michael S. Giuffre Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Goodman Ms. Sandra L. Grauer Ms. Frances A. Guyton Cmdr. Susan H. Hancock Mr. J. Smith Harrison, Jr. Dianne H. Haselton Dr. and Mrs. Harlan G. Hawkins Roland Harper, Jr. Gloria Hedden Ms. Hannah B. Heyward Mr. J. B. Hines III Mr. John R. Hope Ms. Eva Horry Brad Huber Ms. Catherine C. Inabnit Dr. Robert L. Janiskee Mr. and Mrs. George W. Jones Nadine S. Jones Ms. Sherry W. Kelley Ms. Mary B. Kelly Ms. Joan Kinne Anne Kirkland Polich and Christopher Polich Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Knight Dr. and Mrs. John F. Kososki Mr. Dennis A. Laabs Mrs. Joan S. Ladd Mr. Rodger Lawrimore Mr. Matthew Lockhart Ms. Nancy M. Love Lynne Lovelace and Tim Dunham Andrea Malloy Mr. John Manuel Ms. Faye B. Mathis Mr. Stephen G. Mays Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McArthur Ms. Claudia J. McCollough Ms. Harriette McCrea Mr. and Mrs. William W. McCullough Mr. Josh McFadden Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilbur McGee Mr. Irwin McIntosh Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Garrett Milliken Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mims Dr. Richard Moore and Ms. M. Robin Morris Laura E. Moses Mr. and Mrs. Arvin R. Mosier Dr. Maxwell R. Mowry Camille Nairn Ms. Paula M. Natrigo Ms. Alice B. Nix Ms. Carolyn Ogren Chris Owens Ms. Louise L. Palmer Mr. David S. Parsons Mr. William H. Pell Mr. and Mrs. Harmon B. Person Mr. and Mrs. Hunter R. Pettus, Jr. Mrs. Janice N. Pfeiffer Dr. and Mrs. Keith C. Player Mr. and Mrs. E. Raymond Plourde Ms. Elizabeth Popoff Ms. Susan Priester Ms. Jackie Prueitt Mr. Marc E. Rapport Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Roberts Mrs. Bonnie S. Rodgers Ms. Traylor Rucker Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Schwenzfeier Eula Scott


Ms. Ginger Scully J. Peyre and Clare Scurry Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Skidmore Mrs. Theresa Slater Ms. Lillian Ann H. Smith Mr. Louis M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Smith Mr. William D. Smyth Mr. and Mrs. John C. Spradley Ms. Kathleen A. Spring Dr. Faye B. Steuer Noreen K. Steward Mr. Ben Stoudenmire Ms. Kristine Talbot Mr. Jack C. Thames Mr. and Mrs. Dean O. Trytten Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Turbeville Ms. Virginia E. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Watts, Jr. Mr. David E. Watts III Mr. Jack V. Webb Dr. and Mrs. Steve R. White Mrs. Tamara A. Wilch Dr. David Wishart and Dr. Josephine Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Winfield Ms. Laura S. Witham Dr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Witherspoon Mr. John A. Zeigler, Jr. Zinn Asset Management Corporation

In memory of Rufus C. Barkley III Mrs. Frank M. McCain In honor of Nancy Cave Mrs. Ann Rodgers Chandler In honor of William Cogswell Matthew and Sarah Hastings In honor of Dr. Richard F. Dame, Jr. Amanda M. Dame In honor of Mimi Dias Mr. Steven Chamberlain In memory of Sister Peterkin and Jobie Dixon Nancy and Billy Cave In honor of Harriott Hampton Ms. Martha M. Faucette In memory of Dr. Charles Fetter Allied Management Group, Inc. Mr. R. Wayne Blessing Mr. and Mrs. Bud Bright Mr. and Mrs. George Cooper Dr. and Mrs. Lynn B. Fader Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Forlenza Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Gaynor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Guyette Mr. and Mrs. C. Rogers Hyche Mr. and Mrs. Tim Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Mungo Mr. and Mrs. Paul O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. William C. Purple Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Tracy

LIMITED ($15-$29) Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Randy L. Akers Mr. John C. Brogdon Mr. and Mrs. W. Dale Carrier, Sr. Ms. Sarah Cholewinski Mr. Joseph L. Costa Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Cowen Ms. Marie E. Cross Mr. Daniel H. Daniels Mr. Carl E. Dickey Ms. Eliza M. Dickson Ms. Carol Tanner Dotterer Martha and John Duggan Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dykes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Ferguson Ms. Mary L. Gaillard Mr. and Mrs. George Galos Ms. Anne Gibson Mr. Harry Gregory Ms. Paige Heggie Mrs. Frederica Hughey Ms. Elizabeth Hupfer Ms. Brooke Hurt Dr. and Mrs. Julius R. Ivester Mr. Glenn F. Kaminsky Jeanne R. Lee Ms. Peggy W. Levinson Mrs. Linda F. Marshall Ms. Phyllis J. Mongeon Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Morrow Judi Murphy Mr. Afolabi Oguntoyinbo Mrs. Eleanor H. Parker Mrs. Lee Patterson Drs. James and Darlene Rawls Mr. Paul M. Rollison, Jr. Mr. Michael S. Sand Ms. Andria Stevens Col. and Mrs. Charles W. Stockell Mrs. Agnes M. Street Ms. Ellen Towler Ms. Susan E. Waites Mr. and Mrs. John R. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Watson Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilhite

In memory of Billy Harritt Ms. Cynthia Swanson Powell In memory of Katharine Knott Ms. Eleanor Rutledge Holt Mr. and Mrs. John Philip Kassebaum Mr. William Howell Morrison Mrs. Patti Manigault Mrs. Anne Jervey Rhett Ms. Ann S. Rhett In memory of Billie Mae LeBoutillier Mr. and Mrs. Hugh K. Clark Norwood and Ruth Gove Medical Education and Research Institute Evelyn, Terry, and Susie Vought In honor of Brig. Gen. Ret. Hugh McLaurin III Rev. Rodney Foster and Rev. Jody Foster In honor of John Moore Mr. and Mrs. John S. P. Beeland In memory of Sis and Buddy Moredock Eve Moredock Stacey In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Morrison and Mr. and Mrs. John H. Warren III Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Geer In memory of Bernice Roth Mrs. Donna Werner In honor of Mr. Robert P. Schofield III Ms. Barbara Stein In honor of Lucy Seabrook and Family Rev. and Mrs. Henry E. Avent, Jr.

In honor of Harriott Faucette Ms. Martha M. Faucette In memory of William M. Gregg Mr. and Mrs. Langdon D. Long



Ameriprise Financial Employee Giving Campaign The Barker Welfare Foundation The Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program ExxonMobil Foundation The Freddie Mac Foundation IBM International Foundation McKesson Foundation The Pew Charitable Trusts The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program The Williams Companies, Inc.

Katharine and Winslow Hastie Ice Box Bar Services Palmetto Brewery Richard R. Schmaltz Stage Presence

COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS Anonymous The Chicago Community Foundation Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina The Colbert Family Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation ,000 Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. Community Foundation of Greenville, Inc. Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, Inc. The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina The New York Community Trust Pasadena Community Foundation



GIFTS OF MEMBERSHIP Mrs. Khristen Carlson for Mr. Craig Cardwell Rhae C. Cribb for Joe Washington Mark and Kay Ethridge for Mark Ethridge Ms. Linda Gremillion for Mr. Thomas Gremillion Mr. Dan M. Johnson for Sydnor Lafitte Ms. Linley Jones for Erin O Mr. Dick McSween for Roland Harper, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Salgado for Holmes B. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seibels for Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Downing Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seibels for Mr. and Mrs. Grenville Seibels Lt. Col. and Mrs. John Sims for Meredith Sims Lt. Col. and Mrs. John Sims for Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Truluck Mr. Joseph Stinette for Mr. John Shealy

P.O. Box 1765

Mark Your Calendar Friday, April 27th Iron Chef Cook-Off at GrowFood Warehouse, Charleston

Charleston, SC 29402-1765

For more information about the Coastal Conservation League, check out our Web site at

Saturday, April 28th Live Oak Society Visits Mulberry Plantation on the Cooper River Saturday, April 28th Wild & Scenic Film Festival, outdoors at James Island County Park, 7pm – 11pm Sunday, April 29th Charleston Dirt Fair at Mullet Hall on John’s Island, 12noon – 5pm. Farm to Table Family Dinner & Hoedown, 5:30pm – 9pm Monday, April 30th SC’s Human & Natural Assets: Growing Our Rural Economy – Santee Conference Center, Santee, SC Tuesday, May 1st Ninth Annual Lobby Day in Columbia at the State House

THE MISSION OF THE COASTAL CONSERVATION LEAGUE is to protect the natural environment of the South Carolina coastal plain and to enhance the quality of life of our communities by working with individuals, businesses and government to ensure balanced solutions. Printed on New Leaf Reincarnation • 100% Recycled, 50% Post-Consumer Waste • Processed Chlorine Free • Manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates • Ancient Forest Friendly • Inks are formulated with more than 20% renewable soy and vegetable oils.

Dana Beach

What's in the Warehouse? SPRING PRODUCE AVAILABLE TO RETAILERS Early Spring: • Last of the Collards • Spring Onions • Spring Lettuces • Baby Carrots • Peas • Pea Shoots • Cabbage • Kale • Young Mustard Greens Mid-to-Late Spring: • Blueberries • Strawberries • Squash Blossoms • Sugar Snap Peas • Radish • Chard • Cucumbers • Baby Squash & Zucchini...maybe!


For more information and an updated inventory, call the GrowFood Warehouse directly at 843-727-0091.

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