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Saving Sally

Going to Monterey? Bring the Dog!

By Carie Broecker

the cave they saw a thin, desperate dog trying to claw her way out and crying for help. Joe tried everything he could think of to coax the dog out of the cave. She was clawing at the sides, trying to climb out, but it was too steep. There was no cell reception for Joe to call for help. He hiked out far enough to get one bar on his cell phone, and he was able to call animal control. They were closed for the weekend. Then he got through to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Joe Dunn, aka “Florida Trailblazer,” has a passion for hiking, exploring the outdoors, history, and conservation. He uses social media platforms to inspire others to care about protecting the plants, animals, and lands of his beloved home state of Florida.

Commission, but they did not rescue domestic animals. Joe returned to the cave. He found a log and rolled it over to the cave and wedged it in at as much of an angle as he could. He hoped the dog could then climb up the log, but

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it was still too steep. She jumped and climbed and clawed trying to get up, but just couldn’t do it.

Joe has been using photographs and videos to document history, ghost towns, sink holes, caves, and anything else of interest that he finds during his exploration hikes. In late May of this year, while hiking, Joe made a

they began to hear the barks, cries, and howls of a

discovery that saved the life of a dog named Sally.

dog. It was very disturbing to hear because they were

Joe and a friend were four miles into a hike in the Goethe State Forest, which covers a range of 54,000

so far from any town and in an area very few people would explore.

acres. The forest is made up mainly of pine trees,

They followed the heartbreaking sounds and came

swamps, and limestone caves. Out of the wilderness,

to a cave with a thirty-foot drop. Peering down into

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