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MAHI A Few Facts About Everyone’s Favorite Fish

On the end of a line or wrapped up in a tortilla, dolphin sh are a worldwide fan favorite. Here are a few facts you might not have known about mahi-mahi:

• What’s in a Name? Mahi-mahi is the Hawaiian term for the sh historically called dolphin or dolphin sh in the mainland United States. In Polynesian “mahi” means “strong,” and “mahi-mahi” translates to very strong. Although most U.S. scientist still refer to the species as dolphin sh, the term mahi has become more

prevalent in recent years, perhaps through foodsh marketing or to avoid confusion with the mammal also called dolphin.

Spanish speakers typically refer to the same sh as “dorado,” which means “golden.” Obviously, this comes from the sh’s color, and dorado is also used widely in the Paci c as well as in English-speaking South Africa.

Dolphin sh are found in all the world’s tropical and subtropical oceans. ey go by many names in many languages. ey are Shiira in Japanese, goldmakrele in German, lambuka in Arabic… and the list goes on.

• All the Pretty Colors: Dolphin sh are revered for their gorgeous colors, which change according to their excitement level. ey can change colors and even icker from day-glow green and yellow with blue highlights to lighter blue and metallic silver over the course of a ght. As soon as you pull them out of the water, this brilliance begins to fade. ese changing colors are due to cells called chromatophores in their skin. Chromatophores re ect light, contain pigment, and are controlled by central nervous system, which gives mahi their awesome chameleon-like abilities.

• Rabbit of the Sea: Part of the allure of mahi for anglers is their prevalence. When they are around, there are usually a lot of them around. ey grow quickly and reproduce proli cally, like rabbits. Dolphin sh can grow up to 3 inches in a week and reach sexual maturity in just ve or six months. ey spawn two or three times a year, and each female can release up to a million eggs during each cycle.

• Size Matters: While smaller “peanut” mahi travel and feed in giant schools, larger individuals cruise in smaller packs of two to ve sh. e average dolphin only lives two or three years, and they have a lifespan of ve to seven years. e IGFA all-tackle world record weighed 87 pounds and was caught o Costa Rice in 1976.

• Speed: Dolphin sh are estimated to swim up to 50 nautical mph, which allows them to feed on pretty much anything they can t in their mouths. is includes their little brothers and sisters.

• Management: It’s usually bad news for anglers when the federal acronyms pay special attention to a species. However, years of declining catches have led Florida shermen to call for tighter regulations for dolphin sh in the Atlantic. Currently, NOAA and SAFMC are looking at options.

Florida boasts some of the best dolphin shing in the world. e sharp multi-year decline in the shery is alarming. Last year, while SAFMC mulled potential regulations changes in federal waters, Florida preemptively slashed limits in state waters by half—from 10 sh to ve sh per person, with the vessel limit dropping from 60 to 30 sh per day.

SAFMC did not follow suit. With opposition to tighter regulations from North Carolina, where dolphin shing appears to be getting better, the per-person bag limit in federal waters of the South Atlantic remained at 10 sh per person, while the daily vessel limit was modi ed from 60 sh to 54 sh. ere is a minimum size limit of 20 inches in federal waters o South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. ere is no minimum size limit o North Carolina.

Many Florida anglers were stunned by the decision to pretty much allow federal regulations to remain as they were. Changes, however, are likely on the way. NOAA/SAFMC have initiated a “management strategy evaluation” with a stated goal of annually determining dolphin sh supply before allocating harvest equally to di erent regions and user groups. We might get a look at what that means by 2024.

• Grocery Shopping: Most of the mahi-mahi you nd in restaurants or at the grocery store comes from the Paci c. In the South Atlantic, just seven percent of the total catch limit is allocated to commercial shing.


A“double tackle” is what I call rigging two lures on the same main line. In certain situations, this appearance of a school of eeing bait sh or shrimp is irresistible to predators, and I’ve got a clean and simple way to rig a double tackle.

is the time of year, a double tackle can be deadly in inshore sheries. Spring brings huge schools of small, immature bait rolling up the creeks o the Intracoastal. ey push into the shallow bays and up the rivers trying to nd a place to hide from all the predators. Rigging two identical baits together can be irresistible to predator sh, and at the same it confuses them. I think sh look at this tackle, with baits zigging and zagging, and are forced to decide which one to eat, rather than whether or not to eat.

ere is always the possibility of catching two tackle. It happens a lot.

Speckled trout, striped bass and American shad are a few likely candidates for this tackle. Spring trout sometimes key on juvenile shrimp, and this tackle is a dead-ringer for the job. American and hickory shad are complete idiots for this tackle, as they stage in tight schools and you o en catch doubles. For the speckled trout, I like a 3-inch DOA Shrimp. For shad, I prefer small so -plastic worms.

Depending on water clarity, I sh 20- to 30-pound uoro for trout and 8- to 12-pound uoro for shad. is a very ne line between using a uoro light enough to get the bite and heavy enough to withstand the force of two sh yanking against each other on the line. e knot that connects everything together is pretty simple, but it takes a little practice to get it just right. It is a must to moisten the uoro when cinching the knot

down tight, as it will cut itself if it’s not wet. Test your knots, pulling hard on them, before use.

I’m going to get sporty this year and make a double-squid tackle for the black n tuna. I may get two at once, but that’s a gamble I’m willing to take. Stay in touch to my YouTube channel for video featuring the black ns. I think the black n tackle will be made with 50-pound uoro.

Regardless of the lure, I use jig heads that make baits walk the dog underwater like a Gotsh the front lure with a jig head, and it zigs and zags with the same cadence of the trailing lure, which has no jig head, just a hook. O en the trailing bait gets the bite.

I’m not going into a lengthy explanation in writing about how to make this tackle, but will show an up-close detailed video that explains this simple knot and rigging completely.

To see video instructions on rigging Tim Barefoot’s double tackle, go to For more, visit



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Catch More Springtime Crappie

It’s the time of year when crappie shing can get mighty easy. However, you can always strive to load the cooler with more and bigger sh. Here are a few tips:

• Know Your Prey: Crappie are on the move this time of year. ey might be staged up at prespawn or postspawn depths, or they might be right up on the banks in a foot and a half of water spawning. Knowing their cycles will help you nd them.

Before and a er they spawn, crappie hold on brush and structure just outside of their spawning areas. ey move up into the shallows to spawn in waves, and this can go on for a month or more. So, while some sh are easy targets when they’re spawning or guarding fry on super-shallow brush, there are other, possibly larger, sh feeding a little deeper.

If you’re not catching the numbers or size you’d like to see in the shallows, get on the trolling motor and use your sonar to nd the creek channels and rst drops o the spawning areas. Find some good brush or search the fronts of docks. You might nd big schools slab crappie. Pitch jigs or minnows to individual brushpiles or slow troll these deeper areas to nd sh.

• Ditch the Bobber: A minnow under a bobber is a traditional and e ective crappie rig. It is not, however the most e cient way to catch them in most situations. During the spawn, male crappie are the ones that stay shallow and guard the nests. ey are aggressive, and they are not necessarily feeding when they attack. ese sh are particularly susceptible to gaudy, brightly colored jigs.

Crappie jigs are the best way to cover water both on

spawning banks and on deeper brush. Even when they’re feeding heavily, crappie on brush won’t chase their prey more than a few feet. A jig allows you to make numerous casts and thoroughly cover the water horizontally and vertically in the time it would take to hook and soak a single minnow under a bobber.

Move quickly until you nd the you can slow down and catch them all. If you still want to support the local live bait store, go ahead and buy some minnows and thread them through the lips on a crappie jig.

• Scent: You might not need it all the time to catch sh, but scent helps crappie nd your lure and convinces them to eat. It doesn’t hurt to tip your jig with a minnow, and arti cial attractants like PowerBait Crappie Nibbles or JJ’s Magic can sometimes make them bite when they’ve got lockjaw.

• Network: Make friends with other crappie anglers. ere’s no shortage of available crappie in most lakes. Sharing information with other anglers helps everyone stay on top of the sh. You don’t have to tell anyone where you sunk your Christmas tree in January, but a little give and take doesn’t hurt when you’re talking about stages of the spawn or e ective colors.

For more crappie shing, visit




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With spring nally here, the ocean is open to many possibilities here in South Florida. One of my favorites is the arrival of larger blue sh, which tend to migrate this direction at this time of year.

Blue sh are a popular game sh in almost all the waters surrounding the United States. Smaller blue sh from 7 to 9 inches are sometimes called snapper. ese sh have extremely sharp teeth, with prominent canines on both the top and bottom jaw.

Blue sh are common along the Atlantic coast of the United States, and

range from Cape Cod down through Argentina. eir migrations are a tricky subject. Most people believe blue sh travel from Florida up to New Jersey, and then back down to Florida. However, this has never truly been proven. While doing some research, I found a few studies that never came to a clear conclusion.

What we do know is that blue sh spawn at the edge of the Gulf Stream o Florida in spring. e timing varies from year to year, but there is usually a three to seven-day window when larger blue sh swim closer to shore. For Florida, this is the time when we catch our largest blue sh, and this week is normally sometime in April.

Most smaller “snapper” blue sh tend to hang around mangroves, estuaries and bridges to ensure their safety. is provides them with cover from predators and access to smaller prey also hiding in these “safe” areas. Once they get large enough, they move o the coast to feed on larger, more abundant prey. ey are typically found in inlets, around piers and o the beaches, where large bait schools ensure a better hunt with less energy being exerted.

When hunting for blue sh, you’ll want to start where the bait is. Most of the time you will see blue sh schools popping bait schools on the surface, and other blue sh will be cleaning up the mess below. For this situation, you can use any kind of spoon, X-Raps or jigs. Normally, you’ll want to use a small piece of wire so that they don’t cut you o

If you don’t see blue sh popping baits, you can look for oil slicks. Some experts say they can smell the odor from their oils. But, for those who can’t “sni out” the sh, you can throw chunks of dead le over bait and let it stink up the water to draw them in. Usually a 2-inch chunk of mackerel, jack or even dead bait sh like sardines will attract any blue sh in the area.

Currently, on the east coast of Florida, you can keep three blue sh per person, per day. Many people prefer to use blue sh as bait, while some will make a stew or cook them whole. e IGFA all-tackle world record blue sh was a 31-pound, 12-ounce monster caught out of Hatteras, North Carolina.

Emily Rose Hanzlik holds 56 IGFA world records in various categories. She hails from West Palm Beach, where she has a part time Bow n Guide Service as well as shing classes for Jr. Anglers. Find her on social media @emilyhanzlikoutdoors.

Photo courtesy of Grant Bataille @grantbataille

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There is a Reason More Marine Professionals Choose

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Why are More Professional Mariners Choosing Mastry

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Suzuki RePower - Power, Reliable, Durable & Best Value

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When Considering A Repower, Consider These Factors:

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• Mastry Suzuki RePower Centers have decades of repower experience providing proper rigging, controls, propeller matching and in water testing

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• With a Mastry Suzuki RePower, owners gain improved performance, less noise and greater reliability

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• Options that will fit most any budget, financing available

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• Mastry Suzuki RePower’s exclusive Owner’s Edge Program*

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• All Suzuki RePowers come with Suzuki’s 5-years of protection

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With 13 Locations Across Florida There is a Mastry Suzuki RePower Center Near You





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When you purchase a new Suzuki outboard from an authorized Mastry RePower Center you qualify to become a member of the Mastry Suzuki Owner’s Edge. Owners receive an identification card that provides them with important information about their Suzuki outboard motor as well as a passport to additional benefits during ownership. Members enjoy a detailed engine maintenance schedule, Mastry Suzuki RePower Trade Program and special pricing from Mastry Suzuki Partners. | 1-800-545-4574 | 1-800-545-4574

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At its late February commission meeting, FWC approved regulations changes to cut possession limits for three species and establish new open seasons for two of them in Florida’s Atlantic state waters. e modi cations are consistent with current and pending regulations for federal waters of the Atlantic.

• e bag limit for red porgy will be cut from three to one sh per person, per day. An open season of May-June will be established.

• e snowy grouper bag limit will be one sh per vessel, per day. is is a decrease from one sh per person, per day. An open season of May–June will be established.

• e blueline tile sh bag limit will be reduced from three sh to two sh per person, per day, and for-hire captain and crew will be prohibited from retaining a bag limit.

Last year, the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council approved management changes to help rebuild the red porgy and snowy grouper stocks, which are over shed and undergoing over shing, and to reduce the risk of over shing for blueline tile sh.

e red porgy recreational limits will be e ective April 1 in Atlantic state waters, and the snowy grouper and blueline tile sh regulations will go into e ect at a later date once pending federal regulations have been implemented.

For more information, visit

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Photo courtesy of Quinlyn Haddon

RELEASE DEVICES Now Required in State Waters

Anglers pursuing reef sh in Florida state waters will now be required to have a descending device or venting tool onboard that is ready for use. ey will also be required to use the device or tool on sh exhibiting signs of barotrauma prior to release. is new rule was scheduled to become e ective April 1 a er being approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at its February meeting.

Release mortality is a top sheries management challenge. As reef sh are reeled up from depth, they can su er a pressure-related injury known as barotrauma. If not treated correctly, barotrauma can be lethal to sh Descending devices or venting tools can help sh recover from the e ects of barotrauma.

Barotrauma mitigation tool requirements have already been adopted in Gulf and Atlantic federal waters. In Gulf federal waters, shers have the choice of possessing either a descending device or a venting tool that is rigged and ready for use. In Atlantic federal waters, shers are required to have a descending device that is readily available for use. is new rule for Gulf and Atlantic state waters allows anglers to choose which type of tool

best ts their circumstances.

A summary of the proposed rule presented at the meeting also indicated a concern about private anglers either not being aware of the requirements or not having con dence with the use of such devices. FWC has committed to an outreach program designed to raise awareness on the proper use of barotrauma mitigation tools.

Find current reef sh gear requirements at Anyone who plans to harvest or attempt to harvest, including catch and release, certain reef sh species in Gulf or Atlantic waters from a private recreational vessel must sign up for the free State Reef Fish Angler designation and renew it annually. Learn more at and sign up today at

For more information, go to

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The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) tracks record sh catches around the globe. eir world record database is a great source to see some of the sh anglers are catching around the world. Here are a handful of catches recently approved for the record books. To see all newly approved IGFA records, visit

Pin’s Snakehead

On Aug. 12, 2022, Ng Yam Pin landed this beautiful 28-pound giant snakehead in Rawang, Malaysia to set IGFA’s mens 20-pound line class world record. Pin caught the big snakehead on a Duo Fangbait lure and released the sh a er recording the weight and proper measurements. e IGFA all-tackle world record for giant snakehead was also caught from Rawang. It weighed 30 pounds. Bluch’s

Rainbow Trout

On Nov. 5, 2022, Aussie angler Frank Bluch was shing the Tekapo Canal, New Zealand, with guide Nicor Sutherland, when he landed this impressive 21-pound, 13-ounce rainbow trout. It set the new IGFA men’s 2-pound tippet class world record. e sh ate a y Frank calls the “Orange Monstrosity.” e all-tackle world record rainbow was caught from Lake Diefenbaker, Canada. It weighed 48 pounds.

Ochmann’s Wels

Joachim Ochmann caught this huge 140-pound, 10-ounce wels from Rio Ebro, Spain on Oct. 1, 2022. It took him nearly two hours to land the new IGFA men’s 16-pound line class world record. He released it a er taking proper weight and measurements. e all-tackle world record wels was caught from River Po, Italy in 2010. It weighed 297 pounds, 9 ounces.

Okuyama’s Grass Carp

Fumiya Okuyama holds several IGFA world records for grass carp, and he recently set another with this 109-centimeter (nearly 43-inch) sh he caught on Oct. 20, 2022, to establish the new IGFA all-tackle length y world record. e all-tackle world record by weight was caught at Piasuchnik Dam, Bulgaria in 2009. It weighed 87 pounds, 10 ounces.

Dolphin Season start in April? Does

CAM: “Does dolphin season start in April?”

“Absolutely,” says Captain Ray Rosher, Founder of R&R tackle, and Skipper of the Miss Britt, a well-known South Florida charter operation. “We do catch dolphin in April, and it gets better and better as we move toward June. e rst peak times for catching dolphin in South Florida are in late May and June. en there seems to be a lull and there is a second peak, especially for the larger sh, at the end of the summer in late August and early September.” CAM:

“Over the past 10 years have you noticed the dolphin season occurring later in the year?” Rosher: “No, historically it’s been consistent. What I have noticed is less sh in general… We don’t know exactly why but suspicions are an increase in pressure commercially in South and Central America and more recreational pressure here is likely the cause. ere are more boats with better technology, faster and more e cient engines, better electronics, and the like.”

Dolphin are fast growing with a relatively short life span. ey do seem to handle pressure better than many other species. ey spawn year-round and grow fast. Rosher: “I was involved with a study some years ago where we caught a 4 lb. bull dolphin and 9 months later that same sh weighed 56 .6 lbs…”

is means that sh doubled in size every 72 days. If we applied that same rate of growth over the same period of time, say to a, 7 lb. human newborn, the child would weigh roughly 99 lbs. by 9 months. So maybe this isn’t apples and oranges or any other rough back-of-the-napkin fruit, but it does illustrate that these sh grow fast.

We also asked Captain Rosher about pompano dolphin as there are 2 species of dolphin that have basically the same range worldwide. Coryphaena Hippurus, the common dolphin, and Coryphaena Equiselis, the pompano dolphin are 2 separate species and can be di cult to distinguish. He said in his experience in South Florida “1 in 1000 sh account for Equiselis.”

CAM: “During our summer months what do the migratory patterns of these sh look like?” Rosher: “Generally speaking we tend to see the smaller sh heading North with the current and the larger sh swimming into the current in a Southerly direction. However, that’s not to say that the population, as a whole, isn’t moving North. If a 40-pound sh stops under some debris or a weed line to feed and he stays there for a period of say, 24 hours; Even at a moderate rate of current the water has moved the sh something like 70 miles North during that period.”

Dolphin are a symbol of sport shing for sure. ey are fast and colorful and tasty. ey’re aggressive and acrobatic on the end of a spinning rig. You could almost say they are the quintessential o shore game sh. If you would like to sh with Captain Ray Rosher visit him on the web at


April takes its name from the Latin word “aperine,” meaning “to open,” just as the mango blossoms and hungry shes’ mouths do this time of the year. e Romans named April a er the goddess Aphrodite who was born from the seas foam. Well, if the Romans lived in South Florida in this day and age they might have called this month “piscari on” Latin for “Fish On”! O en considered the best time to target large peacock bass and other freshwater exotics, travelers from across the United States ock to South Florida to escape the Northern cold and to try to land their “PB” or personal best peacock bass.

Large peacock bass can still be found spawning near the shores edge. Look for lighter colored rocks as the sh rid these rocks of any algae or moss growing on them in preparation to lay their eggs. Once a female has spread the eggs evenly across the rocks surface, the sun gently warms the eggs until they are ready to hatch. is cycle takes about two to three weeks. Until the eggs hatch, the male and female will guard the eggs like Roman gladiators, attacking any sh that gets too close.

My favorite lure to throw at them is a brightly colored feather tipped jig head. I try to target the larger of the two parents making sure to leave one parent guarding the eggs. If both parents are pulled from the nursery, results can be catastrophic for the undeveloped eggs. O en, a midas cichlid will be watching and waiting close by for the opportunity to eat some fresh cage free eggs.

I o en sh with clients who say a er a day of catching multiple 20 inch plus sh, how special the shing is here in South Florida. A typical fourhour charter will result in 30+ sh with 2 to 3 in the wall mounter category. April is indeed a special time of the year here in Miami and should not to be missed, especially if you’ve never caught a peacock bass.

Call/Text 305-998-3375

Facebook / Instagram @Urbanlegends s hing or check out our website

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The FishermanTraveling

Ihave been having some very good days shing around Florida the last couple weeks. I stopped in Malabar and bass shed with Mike Arnoldy for a couple of days. I had my best catches ever on rubber worms. I stayed at the Arnoldy’s sh camp for a couple of nights. What a great place to stay.

From there I moved down to Miami to do some shing with old clients and Captain Abie Raymond. Abie was catching good numbers of ounder and I hoped to see the action. We caught lots of porgies and grunts and nally caught a couple vermilion snappers and a ounder. It was just our luck that the current, which inspired the ounder to bite, had quit. at’s shing. So, we moved out deeper and caught a real nice king sh and a couple mutton snappers. @ abie_raymond on Instagram

I shed with Captain Dennis Forgione out of Haulover on his boat Freespool. We caught a couple king sh and a lesser amberjack on a very short half day.

I got out shing with my buddies Tom and Jimmy. Tom caught a big american red snapper on a slow pitch jig as well as an almaco jack. Jimmy proved his worth with a big king sh and a mutton snapper.

A couple of days later I was back with Abie, but we went bay shing in light of the 20-25 knot winds that were blowing. We had a great day with Van and George with real nice gray snappers and plenty of snook.

A er a couple days o I rejoined Tom and Jimmy. It was a tough day with a big porgy and a big almaco jack.

Today I ask Abie Raymond to guide Buddy and his new bride Laura to her rst sail sh. Abie came through with a sail sh and 2 nice king sh on a half day.

So, Let’s look at April. First o remember that a boat shing from 5 to 9 PM will usually catch more sh in April and May than a boat shing from 8AM to 5 PM. e sail sh, tuna and king sh will really turn on in the late a ernoon. You can anchor over a wreck from 100-150 feet or dri from 90 to 200 feet. Chum with live or dead pilchards, sh a kite and use 30-40 pound uorocarbon leaders.

Snook and cubera are searching for your pin sh in the inlets. Change to fresh baits frequently so they have the energy to swim to the bottom where the snook and cubera await them.

It is prime tarpon season. If your bait shop gets good sized shrimp, that’s great. But, if there are no shrimp, then sh live crabs for the tarpon. Remember neither of these baits swim upside, so you’ll have to oat them back with the tide and wind them up and do it again.

By the way, don’t be surprised if a nice permit grabs that live crab. It’s a good idea to carry a couple crabs everywhere you go through April and May as permit may show up on wrecks or weed lines anywhere.

If we get lucky there will be some king sh around in April. Live bait from 40 to 180 feet may score. Number 4 wire and a stinger hook near the tail of your bait may help with the hookups. King sh are always easiest to catch when you sh a very loose drag.

Trout have made a nice comeback around Miami. A rubber lure, like a Vudu shrimp or a DOA TerrorEyz under a oat is an easy way to catch trout and watch kids laugh.

Finally, April and May are great months for sail sh. Look for them to be anywhere from 60 feet out to 250. ese sh want to get south to spawn, so, if you have a strong northbound current the sails may move into some pretty dirty water to get out of the current.

I sure hope I see you out there.



Springtime is here! I’d say spring is my favorite time of year to sh Flamingo. For the next couple of months Flamingo has a lot to o er. In April you’ll nd me shing inshore around mangrove shorelines and islands on the higher stages of the tides using live shrimp under popping corks, working points and down tress. Another great option is running the near shore crab pots for tripletail. Once you’ve spotted your sh, a free lined live shrimp or shrimp pattern arti cials worked near the buoy will get the tripletails attention quick. While running the pots keep a look out for tarpon schools free jumping or rolling. April tends to hold a good body of tarpon around Cape Sable. A live mullet, pin sh or arti cial swim bait will work best. On at calm days running out into the Gulf and shing wrecks and other structures is very productive. We usually run into a good number of cobias and permit on most of our trips when we make the run out. A live half dollar size crab for the permit will work best and a live pin sh or bucktail jigs will work for the cobias.


amingo_charters @hooked_on_


If you have a passion for conservation as I do, and you want to see Florida’s natural resources protected as I do, consider supporting e Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida (FWFF). is group is a nonpro t 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to protect our outstanding animals and plants and the lands and waters they need to survive. e organization works closely with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and many other public and private partners. Since their founding in 1994, they have raised and donated more than $60 million for conservation and outdoor recreation, including youth outdoor education.

One of the cool ways that you can show your support is to purchase one of the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida’s license plates at https://wildlife buy-a-plate/ or at your local tax collector’s o ce. For every plate sold, $25 is donated to a cause of your choice. It’s not a small thing. ey receive more than $1 million each year from these donations, funds that they and their partners use via grants to conserve Florida black bears, wading birds, and many other species. ey also use these monies to protect and manage new wildlife lands and waters and provide kids with formative outdoor experiences. To learn more about e sh & Wildlife Foundation of Florida and their mission visit them on the web at wildlife oridaorg.

Publisher Coastal Angler Miami Edition Scott Goodman

Hey!As you visit or patronize any of our advertisers… please mention that you saw them in their local


Enganchado a FLAMINGO

¡Laprimavera ya está aquí! Y diría que es mi época favorita del año para pescar en Flamingo, pues durante los próximos dos meses tiene mucho que ofrecer.

En abril, me encontrarás pescando en la costa alrededor de los manglares y las islas en las etapas más altas de la marea, con camarones vivos bajo corchos otantes (conocido como popping corks en inglés), puntos de trabajo y trenzas; otra buena opción, son las nasas para cangrejos cerca de la costa. Una vez que hayas localizado tu pez, un camarón vivo con línea libre (o arti cial) con patrón de camarón, cerca de la boya, llamarán la atención de las dormilonas rápidamente. Mientras pescas con nasas, no pierdas de vista los bancos de sábalos que saltan o que se desplazan libremente por las aguas; este mes tiende a mantener un buen cuerpo de sábalos alrededor de Cabo Sable. Un salmonete vivo, un pin sh o un cebo arti cial funcionarán mejor para estos peces.

En los días de calma, salir al Golfo a pescar en pecios y en otras estructuras es muy productivo. Solemos encontrarnos con un buen número de cobias y palometas en la mayoría de nuestras salidas. Un cangrejo vivo del tamaño de medio dólar será ideal para la palometa y un pin sh vivo o jigs bucktail funcionarán para las cobias.



Hooked On Flamingo Charters


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Capitáns Tony Tojdowski

Llamada / Texto: 305-998-3375

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Abril toma su nombre de la palabra latina “aperine”, que signi ca “abrir”, igual que hacen en esta época del año las ores del mango y las bocas de los peces hambrientos. Los romanos bautizaron abril en honor a la diosa Afrodita, que nació de la espuma del mar. Si los romanos vivieran en el sur de Florida hoy en día, habrían llamado a este mes “piscari hic”, que en latín signi ca algo como “pescado aquí”. A menudo considerado como el mejor momento para pescar grandes pavones y otras especies exóticas de agua dulce, viajeros de todo Estados Unidos acuden al sur de Florida para escapar del frío del norte y tratar de conseguir su mejor pavón.

Todavía se pueden encontrar grandes pavones desovando cerca de la orilla, así que busque rocas de color más claro, pues los peces limpian estas rocas de cualquier alga o musgo que crece en ellos, en preparación para poner sus huevos. Una vez que la hembra ha esparcido los huevos uniformemente por la super cie de la roca, el sol los calienta suavemente hasta que están listos para eclosionar. Este ciclo dura entre dos y tres semanas. Hasta que los huevos eclosionan, el macho y la hembra los custodian como gladiadores romanos, atacando a cualquier pez que se acerque.

Mi señuelo favorito para lanzarles es una cabeza de jig con punta de pluma de colores brillantes. Intento capturar al mayor de los dos padres, asegurándome de dejar a uno de ellos custodiando los huevos. Si ambos padres son sacados de la guardería, los resultados pueden ser catastró cos para los huevos no desarrollados. A menudo, un rey midas (midas cichlid) estará observando y esperando cerca la oportunidad de comer algunos huevos frescos libres de jaula.

Usualmente pesco con clientes que dicen, después de un día de captura de múltiples peces de más de 20 pulgadas, lo especial que es la pesca aquí en el sur de Florida. Un típico charter de cuatro horas resultará en más de 30 peces, con 2 a 3 de ellos en la categoría de “montar de pared”. Abril es de hecho una época especial del año aquí en Miami y ningún pescador debe perdérsela, especialmente si nunca ha atrapado un pavón.



será tan maravilloso que le permitirá crear recuerdos que durarán por años.
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SZ Q2 HLF FN HALF PG CSTL ANGLR 3-11-22.indd 1 3/11/2022 12:54:30 PM
Orgulloso Patrocinador de la Sección Española.

El PescadorViajero

He estado teniendo algunos días de pesca muy buenos, alrededor de la Florida, el último par de semanas. Me detuve en Malabar y estuve pescando lobinas con Mike Arnoldy por un par de días; tuve mi mejor captura usando gusanos de goma. Me quedé en el campamento de peces de Anoldy por un par de noches y puedo decir qué gran lugar para alojarse. Si les interesa, aquí les dejo el dato:

Volviendo al recorrido, desde allí me trasladé a Miami para pescar con viejos clientes y con el capitán Abie Raymond, quien estaba capturando un buen número de platijas y yo esperaba ver la acción. Pescamos muchos pargos y roncadores, pero nalmente capturamos un par de pargos bermellón y una platija. Tuvimos la mala suerte de que la corriente, que era lo que hacía picar a la platija, había cesado. Así es la pesca. Por ello, nos fuimos a más profundidad y pescamos un buen pez real y un par de pargos criollos. Pueden encontrar al capitán como @abie_raymond en Instagram Pesqué también con el capitán Dennis Forgione, fuera de Haulover, en su barco Freespool. Pescamos un par de peces reales y una serviola en un medio día muy corto. Después salí a pescar con mis amigos Tom y Jimmy. Tom capturó un gran pargo rojo americano usando el jigging lento, así como un jurel almaco (jack almaco en inglés). Jimmy demostró su valía con un gran pez rey y un pargo. Un par de días más tarde volví con Abie, pero fuimos a pescar a la bahía en vista de los vientos de 2025 nudos que soplaban. Tuvimos un gran día con Van y George, con pargos grises realmente agradables y un montón de robalo. Posterior a un par de días de descanso, me reuní nuevamente con Tom y Jimmy, fue un día duro con un gran pargo y un gran jurel almaco. Aproveché también para pedirle a Abie Raymond que guie a Buddy, y a su nueva novia Laura, a su primer pez vela. Abie obtuvo un pez vela y 2 bonitos peces reales en medio día.

Veamos algunos datos de interés para abril: en primer lugar recuerda que un barco de pesca de 5 a 9 PM por lo general captura más peces en abril y mayo, que un barco de pesca de 8AM a 5 PM. El pez vela, el atún y los peces reales se encienden al nal de la tarde. Se puede fondear sobre un pecio desde 100-150 pies o a la deriva desde 90 a 200 pies. Pesca con sardinas vivas o muertas, con cometa y usa líderes de uorocarbono de 30-40 libras. Róbalos y cuberas estarán buscando tus pin sh en las ensenadas, así que cambia a cebos frescos con frecuencia para que tengan la energía de nadar hasta el fondo, donde estos peces esperan.

Este mes también es temporada de sábalos, así que si tu tienda de cebos tiene gambas de buen tamaño, estupendo; pero, si no hay camarones, entonces pesca cangrejos vivos para el sábalo. Recuerda que ninguno de estos cebos nadan hacia arriba, por lo que tendrán que otar de nuevo con la marea, enrollarlos y hacerlo de nuevo. Por cierto, no te sorprendas si una bonita palometa atrapa ese cangrejo vivo. Es una buena idea llevar un par de cangrejos allá donde vayas durante abril y mayo, ya que las palometas pueden aparecer en los pecios o en las líneas de maleza de cualquier lugar.

Si tenemos suerte, habrá algunos peces rey en abril. Un cebo vivo de 40 a 180 pies puede hacer la magia y un alambre del número 4, junto a un anzuelo con aguijón cerca de la cola del cebo, pueden ayudar con los enganches. Los peces rey son siempre más fáciles de capturar cuando se pesca con un arrastre muy ojo.

Las truchas han regresado a Miami, por lo que un señuelo de goma, como un camarón Vudu o un DOA TerrorEyz, bajo un otador, será una manera fácil de pescarlas y ver reír a los niños.

Por último, abril y mayo son grandes meses para el pez vela. Búscalos desde 60 pies hasta 250 pies. Estos peces quieren llegar al sur para desovar, por lo que, si tienes una fuerte corriente hacia el norte, las velas pueden moverse en un poco de agua muy sucia para salir de la corriente.

Espero verte por allí.

Capt Bouncer Smith



Let’s grow with Florida together.

$25,000 CASH PRIZE for the Angler who breaks the Dolphin State Record The Nick Sheahan Scholarship Fund for Graduating seniors at Coral Shores High School RULES MEETING & COOKOUT May 5th, 6-9PM at Tavernier Creek Marina Info: Brandy Smith at 407-223-5528 | Rebecca Bohnstedt at 305-393-4026 | Jaime Snyder at 305-587-9152 | Tom Sheahan at 305-393-3709 Entry forms available on website: Dinner at 6PM (Free to Anglers - Non-Anglers Welcome) Live Music • Cash, Gas & Other Prizes • Silent Auction Rules Meeting at 7:30PM Cash Prizes For Adults Entry Fee $200 Advance Trophy & Prizes For Junior Anglers Entry Fee $75 Advance Register Early for a DISCOUNT! F @nicksheahandolphinrodeo | | @ns_dolphin_rodeo d NICK SHEAHAN DOLPHIN RODEO PRESENTS THE 16TH ANNUAL All Proceeds Go To The Nick Sheahan Scholarship Fund For Graduating Seniors At CSHS & THE BOKOR FAMILY PRESENTS May 5th - 7th, 2023 May 5th - 7th, 2023 CREEK MARINATAVERNIERMARINA AV R IER DRAINBUSTERS™ PLUMBING SOLUTIONS CREATIVE THREADS South Florida


Iget the springtime bass itch when the azaleas bloom. It’s the time of year when largemouth bass spawn on Lake Santa Fe.

Bass spawn around the full moons of February and March on this 5,000-acre Alachua County reservoir. is year, I planned my annual Santa Fe trip for March 2-3, ahead of the March 7 full moon.

It was like entering another world that morning as my wife Kim and I motored onto the main lake. Mist rose through the lake’s ancient cypress trees. Wood ducks whistled and banked overhead. Ospreys squealed at us from nests high in the cypress, and loons serenaded us from open water.

Just being there made me feel so fortunate. I thought back to when I was 12 years old on my rst Santa Fe trip with my dad and brother. We stayed at Gri ns Lodge, which was a famous destination for speckled perch, bream and bass shermen in the 1960s and 70s. ey had small cottages for rent and a sh camp run by an old

man named Roy Gri n.

Ol’ Roy taught me to sh Santa Fe. Over the years, he kept telling me to get away from the shoreline and to slow troll. I never really understood why until sonar showed me the grasscovered humps and ledges holding congregations of bait and game sh.

On the lake, Kim and I slowed to trolling speed to get lines out. I sh 7-foot mediumaction rods with Ambassadeur 5500s loaded with 15-pound mono. e rig is simple, just a #2 wide-bend hook tied directly to the line. I hook wild-caught shiners through both lips from the bottom up.

We pull baits very slowly with a three-rod spread. Using level-wind reels, I let baits out 50 or 60 yards behind the boat. I leave the spool in cast mode and tighten the anti-backlash knob to provide enough tension to keep the baits from pulling line. You know you’ve got a bite when the line starts running out.

We only got two lines out before our rst

strike. When the middle rig started paying out line fast, I picked up the rod and pointed it at the sh. A er 20 seconds, I engaged the reel, took up the slack and set the hook hard with a sweeping motion. I reeled fast to keep pressure on the sh and kept the rod tip low to discourage the bass from jumping.

e rst sh was a fat 4-pound female that was full of eggs. Kim landed the second sh, a gorgeous 5-pounder. We caught several more in the 4-pound range before I landed a fat 8-pounder to nish an action-packed three-hour morning with eight total sh. We released them all safely a er admiring the beautiful dark coloration characteristic of Santa Fe bass. I believe this is caused by the clear but tannin-stained water.

We experienced a great nature show, and I told Kim the bass we caught were like a bonus.

Oh, how I love Ol’ Santa Fe!

Danny Patrick is co-publisher of the Northeast Florida edition of Coastal Angler Magazine. By Danny Patrick
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Ashore-based charter shing group intended to catch the largest shark they could from Pensacola Beach, Fla. on Feb. 12. ey did not, however, expect to crank in the estimated 13-foot great white that picked up their bait.

John McLean, of Big John Shark Fishing Adventures, runs shore-based charter trips for clients who want to catch the sh of lifetime. On this particular trip, his clients wanted to “go big, or go home,” so they used a huge yellow n tuna head for bait and enlisted the help of local charter captain, Capt. David Miller, who paddled a small kayak 900 yards o the beach in rough surf to deploy the bait.

Normally, McLean uses a remote-controlled boat to deploy his baits, but these baits were too large for the RC boat to handle. ey had a big sh on before Miller even made it back to shore.

“As soon as his kayak had hit the sand, we were hooked up to a massive shark,” said McLean in a YouTube video documenting the catch.

“I’ve never seen one that fast before,” he says in the video as line rips o the spool of an oversized big game reel.

All four of his clients took turns cranking the reel while everyone else gathered around to help secure the rod rack Mclean drives into the sand and uses to battle giant sharks. Even with heavy gear, the torque of the ght with heavy braided line loosened the reel from the reel seat.

“ is shark was the strongest sh I had ever had on the line. It took all four of my clients switching in and out to land this shark,” McLean said. “ is is the only time I’ve ever seen my shing gear pushed to the absolute limit.”

It took a little more than an hour to bring the giant shark into the surf, and as soon as McLean realized it was a great white, his attention turned to releasing it as quickly as possible. ey used a tail rope to control the giant white shark, and with the leader removed from its mouth, pulled it into deeper water to revive it before it swam away on its own.

White sharks are federally protected. ey must be released immediately when they are caught, so McLean did not take measurements. However, he has extensive experience with big sharks, and he estimated this one at about 13 feet. A 13-foot white shark can easily weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

Great whites are a rare catch in the Gulf of Mexico, and especially from shore. is was not McLean’s rst monster white shark, though. In early March of 2021, also on a shore-based charter in Pensacola Beach, McLean’s clients caught and released an estimated 12-footer.

Check out Big John Shark Fishing Adventures at bigjohnshark, and see the video at

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Famous for its incredible strength, the Palomar knot ties well in all line types. at’s a huge advantage, and few knots can equal it on that front. Tied properly, this knot won’t slip even on braid, making it a popular choice as an all-around knot for securing line to swivels, hooks and pretty much anything else where a snug connection is desired.

It’s also quite easy and fast to tie, though it can be a tricky choice for lures because it requires a large loop to be passed completely over and around your terminal tackle.

For more tips and tricks, check out

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THE ULTIMATE MIXED BAG in the Salmon Capital of the World

The wondrous world of summer shing in Alaska draws anglers from around the world who ock to these rich waters annually. Ketchikan, Alaska, nestled in the heart of the sprawling temperate rainforest known as Tongass National Forest boasts the title of “Salmon Capital of the World,” and for good reason.

But salmon are not all visitors can expect to catch in this world-renowned shery. As an experienced captain who runs daily charters out of Ketchikan during the season, I still nd myself surprised by the productivity of these waters. Along with ve species of salmon, we also land big halibut, giant lingcod, paci c cod and rock sh in our daily catch limits. e shing is superb, and so is the wildlife watching. Hit the water with us, and I will gladly hand over the binoculars when marauding pods of orcas show up on the surface or when magni cent humpback whales breach. We share these waters with eagles, sea lions and so much more. It makes a perfect shing getaway for the entire family.

e awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds Ketchikan is something that must be witnessed to understand. From the rugged terrain of old growth forest in Tongass down to the vibrantly rich waters, each day surprises visitors with landscapes and

wildlife that make Ketchikan a bucket-list destination.

Who doesn’t dream of giant halibut or monstrous king salmon on these scenic waters? Peak season runs from midJune through September, with the absolute best shing during the months of July and August. is occurs when we have an overlapping run of king salmon, silver salmon and pink salmon. All the while, big halibut will have moved in from deep water to feed on the abundance of food present. For these reasons, one can expect to catch all species with potential record catches of halibut, salmon, lingcod and rock sh hitting the docks by day’s end.

Here’s what you might expect on a good fullday charter. We start out bottom shing for halibut in 150 to 400 feet of water until we get a limit. Using deep-water jigging rods, you’ll be tasked with reeling in hard- ghting halibut from the depths. en we switch gears to trolling with electric downriggers, running four rods for all ve species of wild Paci c salmon. Whether or not we hit our limit of salmon, we usually end the day jigging with light tackle for giant lingcod and pelagic rock sh to top o the day’s catch. Why settle for one species

when you can sh for them all?

A processing service will llet, vacuum seal and box up your catch to be shipped home overnight or taken on your ight as a checked bag. Ketchikan is easily accessible with convenient commercial ights, just two-hours out of Seattle, and lodging accommodations are available for groups of all sizes.

Book your dream trip to Alaska with Capt. Lukas Brickweg, of Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters, at www.ketchikan, call (907) 6174717 or email at ketchikan



is federally imposed catch limit is the latest point of contention in a two-decade-long power struggle between the Gulf states and the federal bureaucracy over management of one of the region’s most iconic and economically important sheries. Recreational red snapper shing brings millions of tourism dollars to the Gulf Coast each summer. In Alabama, o cials say the quota cut will bring an early end to the season.

e cuts are the result of a complicated formula used by NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to assess red snapper stocks. Federal regulators and environmental groups are pointing to 2022’s reduced red snapper landings as evidence of a depleted shery. In 2020, recreational anglers o Alabama caught 1.1 million pounds of red snapper. In 2022, that gure dropped to less than 500,000 pounds. reported that Sean Powers, a leading researcher in the 2020 Great American Red Snapper Count, said the limited landings in 2022 were caused by reduced angler e ort because of high gas prices and poor weather. “ e number of days people went out was half and we caught half of the quota,” Powers told “ at’s straight forward. I don’t think it re ects on the health of the stock.”

It’s worth noting that the Great American Red Snapper Count is the study that showed there were more than three times as many red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico than the gures NMFS was previously using to set quotas. For years, sheries managers and politicians from all the Gulf states have been speaking out against NOAA’s “ awed science,” and the Snapper Count seemed to prove their argument. Since the study, NOAA has come up with a new system it says melds the Snapper Count with federal and state surveys. ere is plenty of skepticism over NOAA’s “calibration.”

“Red snapper shing is a huge part of Alabama’s Gulf Coast economy, which is why I’ll continue pushing back against the Department of Commerce’s disastrous proposal to decrease limits for red snapper anglers based on inaccurate data,” said U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R/Ala.) to

Frustration is again mounting over federal management of the red snapper shery in the Gulf of Mexico. is time, the uproar is coming from the Alabama coast, where NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) slashed the state’s 2023 recreational quota by more than 50 percent.

Alabama’s quota this year is 558,200 pounds, down from 1.1 million pounds in 2022. e Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meets in April, and there is a possibility Alabama’s quota could increase slightly.

See to read an excellent article on the issue by John Sharp.



The months of covering water with your favorite topwater are upon us, and what a wonderful time it is! In some parts of the country, bass are already done spawning. While in others, the move to the shallows has only just begun. No matter the circumstances of your sh, they are on the feed and will certainly bite your lure if the right situation presents itself.

Where I live in Florida, the bass have already nished with their spawn. ey are roaming and chasing food to replenish themselves a er a few hard weeks up in the shallows. One of my favorite ways to catch these sh is by covering water with a walk-the-dog style topwater. Not only is it just the coolest bite ever, but it is also a bait that can mimic a ton of di erent food options. is should be used to cover water at a fast pace. Once you locate groups of sh, slow down with something else. row topwater around anything the treble hooks won’t get hung up on, and remember to stay near areas where sh just nished spawning.

In many other parts of the country, bass might currently be up in the shallows spawning. is is another awesome time to throw a walking topwater. Use it to nd sh spawning, and then slow down and pick up a few more sh with a slower bait, if needed. e target options are endless. Grass ats, shallow banks, wood, points, anywhere bass might be spawning is the perfect place to throw a walking bait.

Up North, sh might be in the very early stages of prespawn or even still have ice over their heads. Whatever the case may be, sh will bite a walking bait when the time is right… or when the water is in a liquid form. I have been very successful, especially on smallmouths, throwing a spook-style bait around spawning ats and points for very aggressive sh that are preparing to spawn. Some of the greatest shing memories

The biggest and best fleet of towboats are on your waterways, ready to jump into action when you need help on the water. For peaceful, worry-free boating, be sure to get Unlimited towing from TowBoatU.S.

I have from those parts of the country are from the prespawn. row it over rocks or grass points where bass chase bait as they feed up ahead of the spawn. Walk it over open water or down the bank; they will bite it.

Topwater rod and reel setups can be fairly simple. I like a shorter rod, which makes it easier to walk the dog, with a moderate action, so you don’t rip the hooks out of the sh. e 13 Fishing 7’3” Medium Defy is an a ordable rod with the perfect action. I pair this up with a 7:5:1 Concept A2 spooled with 40-pound Seaguar Smackdown braid for long casts and minimal stretch. e 13 Fishing Power Slide is an awesome topwater for these situations, and I always stick to natural bait sh colors. Grab one of these, get out on your favorite body of water and have some fun!

Get Towing and Get Going! 800-395-2628
Details of services provided can be found online at TowBoatU.S. is not a rescue service. In an emergency situation, you must contact the Coast Guard or a government agency immediately. Tyler Woolcott is a professional tournament angler and guide. Check out his website at www.tylerwoolcott TYLER WOOLCOTT


Yamaha’s product line of 22 FT FSH boats has made quite the splash since hitting the water in August of 2022. Building upon the success of Yamaha’s versatile 21-foot center console line that it replaced, there are three separate 22-foot FSH® models that come with Yamaha’s best center console technology and features.

“Speci cally, the new models are 9 inches longer, with gunwales 2 inches higher at the helm and 4 inches higher at the bow than the previous 21-foot line,” said Jon Sutter, Yamaha Boats Product Planning Manager. “And the gunwales are thinner too, which adds to the roominess when passing by the center console.”

is series begins with the value-minded 220 FSH Sport powered by twin 1L TR-1 HO (High Output) engines. Moving up the line is the featurerich 222 FSH Sport, and the premium 222 FSH Sport E being the pinnacle of the series.

O ering sleek lines, agile handling, and superb performance, the new Yamaha 220 and 222 Series center console boats are big, with twin Yamaha marine engines generating up to 360 horsepower. Both 222 FSH models feature added performance delivered by twin 1.8L HO motors. All three models come with a fabric or berglass-molded T-Top with four “rocket launcher” rod holders.

e new 22-foot platform continues Yamaha’s trend toward contemporary design with its deep cockpit and great freeboard, enabling a spacious interior and large bow and cockpit areas.

e center console is nicely nished with plenty of room for Yamaha’s Connext® 5-inch touchscreen that controls the boat’s entertainment and vital system functions, a glass windshield, stainless steel steering wheel, a locking glove box, and a 9-inch Simrad® marine electronics system. And for the rst time on a Yamaha center console boat, all three models get a wirelesscharging phone mount.

ere’s nothing better than hanging out at a favorite cove listening to a great summer playlist. Yamaha has you covered here with its a Hertz® premium sound system that comes standard on the 222 FSH Sport E. is marine sound system comes with a Hertz® head unit, four deck speakers, and two speakers in the color-matched hardtop.

All three 22’ FSH models come standard with mounts for optional swimup seats. At anchor, two removable seats can be attached to the stern. ese seats sit just below the water’s surface, providing comfortable in-water seating facing the transom of the boat. And since the reboarding ladder is located between both seat positions, egress onto the swim platform is a breeze.

Fishing Amenities for Anglers

Understanding that fishing is the heart and soul of this product line, anglers around the globe have the below features to look forward to when purchasing a Yamaha 22FT FSH series boat:

• Storage for eight rods under the gunwales

• Storage for six rods on the side of the console

• Aerated 26-gal stern livewell

• Simrad® multi-function display

• Jet Wash® washdown system

Ultimately, Yamaha’s 22’ FSH models have set the standard in versatile luxury, while continuing to keep the end consumer in mind with its plethora of convenient amenities. Whether you’re enjoying its premium sound system or relaxing with the award-winning swim up stern seating, your days on the water can only be enhanced with Yamaha.

Learn more at

222 FSH Sport E

Doing Your Homework

Eat, sleep, sh, repeat. Although I would love to live this life, it is just not possible… yet. I recently saw a cartoon that listed things I like to do in my spare time. Go shing, buy shing tackle, research shing and talk about shing. is rang true to me since this sport consumes my thoughts as it does many of yours. Here are a few things that I do when I am not shing that help me when I do have the opportunity to go. With the high winds of spring upon us, we all might have a little more dock time than water time.

I’m fascinated with weather. Not only do I look at the current conditions and forecast where I am, but I also look at it in areas where I travel to sh. is does a couple of things for me. First, it allows me to see possible great weather opportunities when I might be able to plan ahead and sneak away. It also keeps me from going on a day when the weather might be great, but the previous several days featured winds blowing strong from an unfavorable direction. For example, here on the Texas coast, southwest is a detrimental direction for high winds. It muddies most bays on our coast. e previous days’ wind velocity and direction are good to know and determine where I head when I launch the boat.

I spend a lot of time on the road, and I like listening to shing podcasts. Some of these give general information, and some are weekly reports covering current conditions and activity. ese can be great to stay in tune with what is happening and to learn from new points of view on approaching certain situations. ey might also cover new products I want to try.

Di erent social media platforms also keep you in tune. Find reputable anglers or guides in your area or an area you plan to go. Some frequently post how-to or what’s been working for them. ey might also talk about how to approach a certain area. If you like to travel to new areas, which I do, knowing how to approach an area can be key. In my local waters, we might approach a spot one way, but if I go to another state they may do the opposite. Knowing the local game plan can save the day.

Last but not least, I look at satellite imagery very o en. One tip is to change the view and the year the image was taken for areas you sh. ese images can be dramatically di erent than the current images, and they might o er a much-improved view of bottom structure to point you to a spot you’ll want to try next time you are on the water.

e weather is warm, don’t forget to take a kid shing!

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How To Rock a Walking Stick

An essential part of a gentleman’s wardrobe

In the 17th century, the walking stick overtook the sword as an essential part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. Though it was primarily used as a decorative accessory, it could also function as a weapon if necessary. For men of the era, these walking sticks were a statement piece, and a way to communicate their wealth and refinement.


Today, walking sticks still represent status and prosperity –– a way to show off your deep pockets without being too flashy. In that vein, we present the Santa Fe Walking Stick. Made of eucalyptus wood painted a glossy black with an antiqued silverfinished sculpted handle, what gives this piece of finery a distinctive edge is an 18-carat turquoise inlay that’s been enhanced to bring out its best blues. Don’t be bashful about your affluence. See why the Santa Fe Walking Stick is the embodiment of sophisticated elegance for the modern gentleman.

Don’t delay: Our must-have Santa Fe Walking Stick was one of our best-selling items this past year. Because of this, we can only offer 723 walking sticks at this price with this ad! See why Stauer is becoming one of America’s fastest-growing sellers of walking sticks today!

Praise for Stauer Walking Sticks

“I recommend it without reservation and commend Stauer for offering quality at a fair price.” — Steven, Arlington, VA

“Dignified, well crafted and an extremely comfortable fit in your hand. Just MAGNIFICENT! Makes me feel years younger!”

— Chas, Placida, FL

Speci cations:

• 18 carats of enhanced turquoise. Antiqued silver-finished and sculpted brass handle. Eucalyptus wood. Rubber tip

• Supports up to 250 pounds

Santa Fe Walking Stick

36" Santa Fe Walking Stick $159 $79* + S&P Save $80

40" Santa Fe Walking Stick $179 $89* + S&P Save $90

*Special price only for customers using the offer code.


Your Insider Offer Code: FWS135-01

Stauer® | AFFORD THE EXTRAORDINARY ® Stauer, 14101 Southcross Drive W., Ste 155, Dept. FWS135-01, Burnsville, MN 55337
79 Stauer®Impossible Price Starting At
of enhanced turquoise inlay
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