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A National South-Asian Magazine for the Canadian Trucking Industry

How to Keep Drivers Healthy

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Vol. 10 - Issue 6 Nov / Dec 2019

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MY RIDE Page 36

FIND A JOB Page 30

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Editor’s Note / sMpwdkI

CHANGE IS HERE Time is one aspect of life that doesn’t stop, and if we look at 2019, it’s hard to believe that November is now upon us. It seems like just yesterday that summer was over and kids were back to school; however, when looking at my children, I cannot believe that two months of school have already passed.

Jag Dhatt

With Halloween now behind us, everyone is looking towards Christmas and the Winter Holiday Season. The spooky decorations have yet to come down, and retail stores have already begun to put the festive colours of Christmas. It’s important to remind everyone that it’s our trucking community that transports the Holiday Season goods to retail centres and it’s truckers who endure long hours on the road, sometimes through treacherous conditions, to make such deliveries happen. Last month, JGK Media Inc. was a member of an exclusive group of media companies invited to some impressive events. First, Volvo Trucks North America showcased new technologies and visions regarding emissions and safety during a press event in Puebla, Mexico. Next, there was the Safety Driven Speaker’s Series in Prince George, BC, where our editor, Jag Dhatt, was the emcee of the event. Both of these events provided exclusive information that can only be found in Desi Trucking Magazine and online at In this issue, we focus on Winter safety, from how to stay healthy on the road to the equipment a trucker should always have in his or her truck. We envision truckers to always be on the road, but there are many times that a trucker could get stuck, and during those times, it’s better to be prepared. From all of us at JGK Media Inc., we wish you and your families a joyous and lovefilled Holiday Season. Merry Christmas and the best to you all in the last months of 2019.

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Publisher JGK Media Inc. | 1-877-598-3374 (Desi)

Editor-In-Chief Jag Dhatt

Advertising & Sales Jag Dhatt (National / Western Canada) Stephen Alford (Eastern Canada)

Art Director Ranjit Singh

Creative Head Ranjit Singh

IT Manager Ranj Bhamra

Cover Design Harjinder Nagi

Contributing Writers

Pash Brar; Jag Dhatt; Ray Gompf; Ron Dhaliwal; Jasleen Dutt;

Translator Tirath S. Khabra

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G. Ray Gompf

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’is the season. Oh, not for the good will toward men. Well that too, but this other season is critical for drivers. Let’s try to stay healthy during the cold and flu season.

Some drivers have already suffered through a nasty bout, headache, chills, coughs, sick stomach, and nasal drip that’s more like the flow of the Mississippi River. No matter how sick a driver feels on the road, he or she still pushes through even though doing so may not be the best or safest choice. Some of the over-the-counter dications for cold and flu suppression may show up in drug testing as something else that may be prohibited, or even illegal, which could have devastating effects on a driving career. When treating yourself for these “simple” ailments, make sure you read the labels carefully or even better, consult the pharmacist for advice to avoid career threatening mistakes. Those are just the common sense things to do, but this is it. You, and only you, know how sick you feel and only you know how quickly you’ll bounce back. Drivers don’t have a nine to five job and the pressure felt to perform at all costs can be overwhelming. Would you rather stop for a day or two, regain some semblance of normality or continue despite being unwell and be involved in a situation you could have easily handled if you had been well? Some days, earning that day’s worth of productivity isn’t worth it. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. The driver’s job can be done in the course of one day, covering all four seasons. Just like the weather conditions, a driver’s wellness can run the gamut also in very short spaces of time. There’s a dearth of information available from a variety of sources on how to take care of your heart health, keeping the various systems working efficiently by diet, exercise, and good old common sense. Avail yourself to such information. Eat the best you can based on what’s readily available. Food services for truckers



has gone from greasy spoon restaurants with available parking, to the salad bar restaurant with adequate parking, to the fast food chains with limited parking and food that is actually healthy and delicious. Those issues dealing with serious illnesses, cancer, heart disease, diabetes is what most health-related people want to talk about and rightly so. Drivers lead a fairly sedentary life. Drivers get sick of these major illnesses too. But taking the right steps and dealing with issues as they arise when they do may lead to better outcomes of major illnesses. Diet is one way to keep the body fit enough to ward off these cold and flu bugs. Exercise is another way but should go hand in hand with diet. For drivers, this may be difficult to incorporate, but it’s not impossible. More and more rest stops are becoming equipped with some sort of fitness center. However, even getting out of the cab and going for a 10 minute walk is important. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – yes, it’s an old saying but I believe it carries a lot of merit. Prevention is a good method to keep from becoming sick in the first place. Many jurisdictions provide flu shots this time of year where the serum fights the predicted strain of flu, and it’s free. Inoculation is not for everyone, but it does work for the majority of those afflicted and it lessens the effect on another significant percentage of people who may become sick anyway. Using hand sanitizer often can also help reducing the intensity of these maladies. Staying clean, virus free, isn’t rocket science and it helps fight those two or three days when you feel like staying in bed and not doing a single thing. A driver mentioned this the other day. The driver was taking his “reset” just vegging, spending a little recreation time on social media in and around his truck. People who lived close by were trying to get the driver to come visit. In the past, this driver had taken the time and visited local friends and family, rather than enjoying his downtime. This time, however, the drive decided to rest and recharge the body’s batteries, and catch up with his own thoughts. The visiting “task” simply puts you back to work just as tired, or maybe even more tired, than before the mandatory reset. Remember, you need to take care of yourself before others. At the end of the day, it’s important to work with your carrier. Let your carrier know of your physical condition and your requirements to regain your physical stamina, in case you are sick. If that’s taking a few extra days to make that delivery, then so be it. Pushing the body into working when it needs some time to rest is not good for the health or the mind. Factually, a person usually gets sick two or three times a year. Do what you can to mitigate those sick days but when they hit, take the time to recover.



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Awpxy Awp nMU pùCo! qusIN qyl bwlx vwLy hItr qoN ibnW ikEN kMm krogy?


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WINTER Mental Driving Preparation

By: Safety Driving, Trucking Safety Council of BC


lthough autumn seems to have just begun, the dreaded “w word” is around the corner – winter. There is more to winter driving than preparing the vehicle and having all of the much-needed equipment in the vehicle. There’s also the very important mental preparation for winter driving. It almost seems as if we need to be psyching ourselves up to drive in the winter. With that being said, let’s ensure we’re mentally prepared to drive safely in winter weather. The first part of preparing ourselves for winter driving is realizing no matter what you do, the ugly weather will be upon us in no time and can last months. That’s okay, because we can deal with it. Slow and steady as the saying goes. Recognizing that even the slightest amount of snow on the road can seriously affect the traction of the mighty tractor trailer. This lessened traction affects your acceleration, braking and steering but why wait until you’re out there before you remind yourself how to safely drive in those conditions. Remembering that ahead of time can help you become mentally prepared to handle the worst of the winter weather.


Taking the acceleration as slow as needed is a big part of maneuvering on snowy roads. Knowing the roads provide less friction, especially when a sudden burst of power comes from the wheels, should always be on our mind. This will usually mean a larger gap in traffic before making a turn. In this case, it’s not just about having more time for you the driver to get through the gap in traffic. It’s also about providing oncoming traffic with enough time to adjust their speed to give you more space and time to complete the turn. Speaking of braking, as a mentally prepared driver for winter conditions, giving yourself enough time to stop is critical to keep you moving along smoothly. Looking well ahead of the traffic to anticipate the actions of the vehicles ahead of you can help to make the braking easier and smoother. Why wait until the driver directly in front of you begins to slow down before you do? Also, by slowing sooner, your brake lights are on sooner and you’ll be helping the drivers behind you to slow down smoothly, thus helping to avoid any potential rear end collisions, which seem to be heightened in winter conditions. Also, it’s important to make adjustments


at traffic lights so you don’t attempt to stop when the light changes to yellow if you have to apply the brakes hard. Performing the daily inspection and replacing or fixing anything that needs the attention is highly important to stay safe on the roads in winter weather. Ensuring the vehicle has the proper chains for those conditions is, in many areas of the country, required by law. It also makes good driving sense to ensure the truck make it up those steep hills, so ensure the chains are on before attempting to drive in these conditions. Probably the best mental preparation each driver can do it patience. Despite all that they can to arrive on time, there are other drivers they will have to deal with who may not be prepared for winter driving. Take a deep breath and move on. Avoid staying too close to other vehicles when the driver appears to be hesitant about their driving choices. A lot of brake lights from that driver may indicate they may make a sudden move, either braking or switching lanes, which may affect you. Why risk having them slam on their brakes or risking a slide into your vehicle if you can do something proactive about it.







riving on the road in winter conditions is never easy, and for truckers, it’s that much more difficult because of the amount of time spent on the road. Add on the fact that onhighway truckers have to go through a variety of terrain, it’s better to be prepared in case there is an issue. With the winter season just over the horizon, we’ve come up with some essential winter accessories that you a driver needs to keep in his or her truck. If you’re owner/operator, you will have to purchase these yourself and if you are a company driver, make sure you ask your manager to make such items readily available.

In addition, buy a portable battery pack as well in case you don’t want to run off your truck’s battery.

Extra Water and Food If you’re driving a truck, there will be times when you’re stuck in either a traffic jam, road closure due to weather, or a breakdown. In any of these cases, there’s a chance you may be stuck for a long time, even hours. For these times, carry extra food or water. Not only will you keep yourself hydrated, food will keep you energized and warm.

Proper Clothing

All-weather Mats Many people believe that truck cabs get dirty on a regular basis, but I don’t think that’s the case. One really good item to save your cab floor is all-weather mats. You can buy them from most stores and if you want a custom fit, they’re usually available online. Not only will all-weather mats save your cab floor, they are easy to clean.

This might seem like common sense, but you’d be amazed at the number of drivers who don’t carry adequate, or even a change of clothing. Bring layers for the winter months. Always bring an extra jacket, toque, socks and gloves. In addition, it’s a good idea to pack some hand and feet warmers, like HotHands. In addition, carry an extra blanket or two if you have to spend the night and cannot have your truck on for any reason.

Plug-in Heater

Tool/Emergency Kit

If you’re stuck on the side of the road, there’s a chance you may not have your truck started. If it’s cold, a simple plug-in heater will keep the cab warm. Make sure you buy one that requires low power, so you don’t drain your battery. In addition, if it’s ceramic, crack your window down just a touch to be safe.

Top Grade Insulated Stainless Steel Mug The last thing you want is your warm coffee getting cold fast. A good, insulated stainless steel mug will keep your coffee or other beverage warm for hours. In addition, you can use the same mug to keep your drinks cool during summer.

Windshield Cover This is one item that I think is overlooked many times. If your truck is parked overnight, invest in a windshield cover for the colder months. If it’s snowing or frosty, all you have to do is pull the cover off when you’re about to start driving. You’ll save the pain of scraping the windshield.

Cell Phone Charger This one is common sense. Yes, I agree that most people carry plug-in charging cables, but there are many who don’t. If your phone is running out of juice, a charging cable will be a life saver. 16


Carrying the right equipment means having an emergency kit because, as the name states, it’s for emergencies, which will arise. Some of the basics include bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, tensor bandages, and an emergency blanket. Your tool kit should include things like a hand-crank flashlight, collapsible shovel, flares, extra batteries, multi-bit screwdriver, wrench, and yes, even jumper cables.

Entertainment This one might not seem obvious, but trust me, it is important. If you’re stuck in an area that has no cell phone reception, then you’re going to need something to occupy your time. For many, digital is the way to go; however, I would argue that there’s nothing like a good book to read during your downtime, and yes, this can be done on an e-reader if you choose. If you want to stick with digital, a fully charged iPad with either some games, things to read, or even downloaded movies will help pass time. Driving in the winter is tough for even the average commuter, especially during times of heavy snowfall. Imagine how tough it must be for truck drivers who spend days on the road. The simple suggestions above will help alleviate some potential issues that may arise if you’re stuck for some time on the road. NATIONAL MAGAZINE




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Pash Brar

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by: Pash Brar

The Repo Man M

y previous job was in collections. I was responsible for foreclosures and repossessions, as well as legal matters pertaining to default. With a background in default, I exercise extreme caution when lending money, especially in such a downward economic time. With trucking being so slow, I am getting asked by driver’s, “What happens if I give back my truck to the bank and walk away?” In their eyes they think this is the simple solution to just walk away from your payments. It’s actually not so simple. They think because they voluntarily surrender the truck or trailer that it is ok and everything will be alright. That’s not the case. Whether voluntary or involuntary, when you decide to discontinue further payments on your equipment that you borrowed money for, your credit will reflect an I8. An I8 means repossession. An I8 mean that you broke your agreement to pay back the money you borrowed. It will show on your credit for the next seven years, making it nearly impossible for you to get a loan of any kind. So you handed back the equipment and now what? The financial institution will sell it. It is sold for market value in Canada and never for what is the remainder owing, which is a common misconception. If there is a loss and the financial institution did not get back all the money owed, then they will go after


the remaining amount from the person or company who originally borrowed the money. Common tactics are to sue and attach a judgment to the home of the borrower, attach a judgment to other equipment or cars in the borrower’s name or garnish wages. So remember, you can’t just walk away from payments and think everything will be fine. Being sued will also show on your credit report, virtually ruining all chances of obtaining future credit. A better tactic in cases where the borrower no longer wants to keep the equipment and discontinue payments, would be to work cooperatively with the lender and sell the item before default occurs. If you did your loan or lease correctly, then the equipment should be worth more than the remainder of the loan. If you did not put enough down at the time of the initial loan, you may end up still owing the bank. As a former collection person, I can say honesty is the best policy. If you are having issues making payments, then tell your lender and work together to come up with a solution. Non communication is the worst thing you can do. When the bank has lost contact with you because you are avoiding them, things can get very nasty very fast. I once foreclosed on a home and had new owners in the home in 41 days from start to finish. The borrower did not respond to my calls, mail or in person visit, so I commenced foreclosure,


repossessed the car and had a sheriff toss their things in the street. It may seem heartless, but money is money and if you cannot pay back what you borrowed it won’t be pleasant. As trucking has been the slowest I’ve seen it in the last ten years, I know that people will begin to default on payments very soon. Not just in trucking, but forestry and many other industries are experiencing a significant decline as well. The best way to avoid default is to prepare in advance with a large savings account balance. I tell clients to have at least six months worth of expenses saved at all time. If you know you’re struggling to make payments, then try to sell the equipment and make sure to be in touch with your bank so they know what your plans are or perhaps they can help find a buyer. With the holidays coming up, it is important to weigh your options and make decisions which you won’t regret. Do you buy so many Christmas gifts when you don’t have the money and then go on vacation, or do you cut back and continue making your existing payments? Weigh your options carefully in this slow market. Only you can decide what your payment priorities are. Be very careful with your money and save as much as you can, and hopefully you won’t have to face the repo man.


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by: Jag Dhatt

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BwvyN ik bulwirAW ny keI iviSAW bwry d`isAw, pr jo ivSw sB qoN v`D mh`qv vwLw irhw, auh sI iksy vI sMsQw nMU iks qrHW hor nroieAw bxwieAw jw skdw hY[ ies ‘c idmwgI ishq, kMm qy in`jI izMdgI ‘c sMquln kwiem krnw, ieMfstrI sroq ik`QoN imL skdy hn, GtnwvW dI jWc pVqwL, Anykqw, soSx, dbwA pwaux, Aqy sB qoN zrUrI kMm vwLI QW nMU hor sur`iKAq bxwaux vrgy ivSy Swml sn[ dunIAw dy cotI dy 60 pRBwvSwlI bulwirAW ‘c Swml ilMfw AỲjkONb, ijnHW ny Awpxw pySyvr sPr vI ipRMs jOrj qoN hI SurU kIqw sI, dy BwSn nwL spIkr sIrIz dI SurUAwq hoeI[ ilMfw ny Awpxy BwSn dI SurUAwq aus khwxI nwL SurU kIqI jdoN auh jhwz dy sPr dOrwn plyAboAwey dIAW mwflW nMU imLI[ qusIN AMdwzw lw hI skdy ho ik suxn vwiLAW dIAW A`KW qy kMn iks qrHW ieh nWA suxn swr hI KùlH gey hoxgy[ ilMfw ny Awpxy BwSx “hPVw dPVI ‘coN SWqI l`BxI”, jo ik aus dI ikqwb dw


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‘c kMm vwLI QW ‘qy hox vwLI pRySwnI qy D`kySwhI dy mùdy nMU sMboDn kIqw[ aunHW dw kihxw sI ik hux smW bdl cùkw hY qy ijs vqIry nMU A`j qoN qIh swl pihlW shI mMn ilAw jWdw sI A`j khwxI aus qoN v`K hY[ hr ie`k nMU skUl jW kMm vwLI QW ‘qy jwx dw qy sur`iKAq mihsUs krn dw h`k pRwpq hoxw cwhIdw hY, nw ik pRySwnI qy D`kySwhI dw swhmxw krnw pvy[ iksy nMU pRySwn krnw iblkùl vI sihx nhIN krnw cwhIdw qy kMpnIAW nMU cwhIdw hY ik auh ies bwry iblkùl sp`St qy Tos nIqIAW lwgU krn[pr jykr ies qrHW huMdw hY qW aus nwL ikvyN nij`Txw cwhIdw hY[ tr`ikMg AYc Awr knyfw dI CEO AYNjlw spilMtr jo ik AwKrI bulwrI sI, ny bdl rhI vrkPors bwry g`l kIqI[ spilMtr Anuswr knyfw ‘c frweIvrW dI Gwt sp`St rUp ‘c ivKweI dy rhI hY, pr kMpnIAW nMU Awpxy kwimAW nMU vDIAw kMm dw mwhOl pRdwn krn ‘qy iDAwn dyxw cwhIdw hY, qW ik auh Kud vI aùQy itky rihx Aqy hor lokW nMU vI aùQy kMm krn leI pRyirq krn[ A`gy c`l ky spilMtr ny ikhw ik quhwfy kMm vwLI QW ‘qy kMpnI dIAW AwsW nMU sp`St rUp ‘c d`sx dI zrUrq hY[ aunHW ikhw ik tRWsportySn ieMfstrI ‘c kMm krn leI AOrqW, nOjvwn lokW Aqy ies iK`qy nwL sbMiDq ipCokV vwLy lokW nMU AwkRiSq krn dI zrUrq hY[ syPtI firvn v`loN AwXoijq spIkr sIrIz ie`k mh`qvpurn slwnw eIvYNt hY jo ik ies ‘c ih`sw lYx vwiLAW nMU, tRWsportySn ieMfstrI nMU ibhqr bxwaux leI mh`qvpUrn jwxkwrI prdwn krn vwLw sRoq hY[ ies eIvYNt dI mùK AwXojk AnỲt f’kyAr dy kihxw hY, “ieh vyK ky bhuq KuSI huMdI hY ik ieh eIvYNt hr swl hor v`fw ho irhw hY Aqy AsIN bysbrI nwL 2020 dw ieMqzwr kr rhy hW” jy jI ky mIfIAw ieMk 2019 spIkr sIrIz dw mwxm`qw swQI qy spWsr sI, qy Agly swl dy eIvYNt dw bysbrI nwL ieMqzwr kr irhw hY[



I had planned a trip to Portland, Oregon for my friend’s birthday. I few months prior to our trip a different friend had mentioned how much he loved a steakhouse in Portland and makes it a must visit whenever he goes. I called him prior to booking my trip and he gave me the name RingSide. I googled it and the reviews were high and if James Beard proclaimed the onions rings “the best I’ve ever had.” Then I wasn’t going to miss out! I made reservations and during the drive down, I made sure not to snack much because I wanted to be good and hungry for our meal that night. Our hotel hailed us a cab and the cab driver advised it was the oldest steakhouse in the city and very well known. It was opened in 1944. He also warned that it was very dark inside and no windows. We were dropped off at the complimentary parking lot and the free valets ushered us to the front door of the brick building. First of all, nothing is free, but the parking and valet is FREE!!!! When we walked in, it was very dark inside. Apparently they like to keep a “Mad Men” era atmosphere. It smelled of cigars of the past. Good thing we had reservations, because it was packed with people waiting for a table. We were taken to our table right away. It was a relief that the seats were spread out a bit. I hate restaurants where you end up dining with strangers because the seating is so squashed. We ordered the half order of onion rings right away. Our wait staff warned us that the half order was very large and we wouldn’t be able to eat the full order. Some of the wait staff have worked there over 30 years so they do know best. We also got drinks. There’s an extensive and expensive drink list. Our onion rings arrived with a homemade sauce and ketchup. They’re made from local Walla Walla onions. The stringy membranes had been removed because each bite was good and crisp. When the membrane is not removed, often the whole onion slides out all slimy and you’re left with just the coating. So it was nice to have a delicious properly made onion ring. We were also



served some delicious homemade garlic toast and we were already starting to fill up. We decided to share a large rib eye steak with peppercorn sauce and some garlic mashed potatoes and sliced tomatoes. The steak was brought out nicely sliced out and was melt in your mouth delicious! It was also served with a natural tallow and beef jus glaze which was a bonus. I was shocked at the tomatoes. I have no idea where they found such delicious big red juicy tomatoes, because I’ve never seen this type of tomato sold in any supermarket. Because we were so far from home, we had to say goodbye to the bone, which we normally bring home to the family dog. Sorry Coco Bean. I ordered dessert, even though I was already stuffed, and it was a wise decision. I had seen a couple of kids devouring the root beer float and a crumble at the next table, so I knew I had to make room for it. I ordered the sour cream vanilla cheesecake. I already knew the pastry chef was talented because the garlic bread was so delicious, but the cheesecake was unlike any flavours I had ever had. It had a basil apple sorbet which was amazing! I wanted to lick the plate. The pastry chef is a major talent and I look forward to what they will achieve in the future. The restaurant got a renovation from July 4 – August 9th, so it should be interesting to see what the changes will bring. If you are ever in Portland, RingSide is a must stop. I hate to say that the town was overrun by drunken bums on every block, but it was true. I hated Portland, but I would brave the town again just to eat at RingSide. It’s one of the top steakhouses in the USA and they have excellent food. There was a birthday party celebrating 90 while we were there, so you know the place is just special.

RingSide Steakhouse 2165 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97210, USA


WIT Adds New Role - Vice President coming years. Sparks will assume her role as president in January of 2020. “Ellen Voie has such a remarkable passion for our mission,” said Laura Road Hays, WIT current board chairwoman. “It was a priority for the board to find a successor with that same level of commitment. Debbie Ruane Sparks is the perfect candidate. She was instrumental in helping to establish WIT in 2007 and served on the association’s original board of directors. We are thrilled that she is returning to help lead the organization and work with Ellen to ensure a seamless transition as the future face of the Women In Trucking Association.”

This week, the Women In Trucking Association announced their organization’s CEO succession plan. Deborah Ruane Sparks will take on a new role as vice president in anticipation of succeeding current WIT president and CEO, Ellen Voie, in the

Ellen Voie added, “We have supported WIT’s growth by expanding our team to include five employees in addition to our association management firm, MindShare Strategies. Now, with Debbie on board, we can further advance our mission and position Women In Trucking for continued growth. She will be an amazing asset in our efforts to increase gender diversity in the transportation industry.”

Source: Women In Trucking


If it says Howes on the label, you know it was meticulously engineered before enduring a battery of extreme tests to guarantee performance. This winter, stock up on the most trusted anti-gel and fuel conditioner: Howes Diesel Treat.

ROBERT HOWES II Chief Testing Officer








Peel Regional Police Charge Six Thieves

Photo Source:

Officers from the Central Robbery Bureau have made several arrests in an investigation of stolen cellular phones and tablets with a value of almost seven million dollars. In March 2019, a delivery truck loaded with $6.9 million dollars worth of cell phones and tablets, were hijacked by two suspects armed with a gun, from the area of Steeles Avenue East and Goreway Drive in Brampton. The victim and the loaded truck were transported by the suspects to an industrial plaza in the area of Clark Boulevard and Summerlea Road, Brampton. While at the location, the suspects transferred the load of electronics into a waiting truck and fled the area, at which point the victim was able to contact police. The victim did not suffer any physical injuries as a result of this incident. Investigators worked in partnership with members of the business community that were affected by this incident, and a group of suspects were identified. Working with bureaus within Peel Regional Police and agencies including Canada Border Services Agency, Halton Regional Police and Barrie Police Service, investigators arrested 6 men and charged them with a combined 63 charges. Garnett Ricketts, a 45-year-old man from Mississauga was charged with Robbery, Kidnapping and Use Imitation Firearm While Committing an Offence. Ian Mitchell, a 47-year-old man from Brampton was charged with 21 offences including Robbery, Kidnapping, Use Imitation Firearm While Committing Offence, Robbery With a Firearm x2, Theft of Motor Vehicle x5, Breach of Recognizance x4, Operate Motor Vehicle While Prohibited, Knowledge of Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Loaded Restricted Firearm, Occupant of a Motor Vehicle Knowing There was a Firearm, Tampering with Serial Number and Theft Under $5000 x2. Dexter Abrams, a 49-year-old man from Toronto was charged with Robbery with a Firearm, Knowledge of Unauthorized 26


Photo Source:

Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Loaded Restricted Firearm, Occupant of a Motor Vehicle Know There was a Firearm, Tampering with Serial Number and three counts of Theft of Motor Vehicle. Christopher Mornan, a 50-year-old man from Brampton was charged with Robbery, Kidnapping and Use Imitation Firearm While Committing an Offence. Kenrick Young, a 61-year-old man from Brampton was charged with 17 offences including Robbery, Kidnapping, Use Imitation Firearm While Committing Offence, Operate Motor Vehicle While Prohibited, Robbery With a Firearm x2, Theft of Motor Vehicle x5, Knowledge of Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Loaded Restricted Firearm, Occupant of a Motor Vehicle Knowing There was a Firearm, Tampering with Serial Number of Firearm and two counts of Theft Under $5000. Cecil Young, a 75-year-old man from Toronto was charged with Robbery with a Firearm, Knowledge of Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Loaded Restricted Firearm, Occupant of a Motor Vehicle Knowing there was a Firearm, Tampering with Serial Number of Firearm, Theft of Motor Vehicle x3, Theft Under $5000 x2 and Breach of Recognizance. The accused appeared at the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton on dates in August and September in answer to their charges. To view photos of the suspects, visit our website at PeelPolice. ca To view surveilance footage of one of the incident, visit our YouTube channel. Investigators believe that this group of individuals may have commited similar violent crimes in the past. The individuals have ties to communites throughout Eastern and Western Canada. Source: Peel Regional Police News Release NATIONAL MAGAZINE

Truck Driver Earns $10K Ticket near Saskatoon, Following GPS


asphalt ripple underneath its tires because, of course, the surface and subsurface aren’t engineered to carry that heavy weight,” he said.

A truck driver’s trip through a rural municipality in Saskatchewan came complete with a fine worth $10,187. Police in Corman Park pulled over a truck travelling in the R.M., located just outside Saskatoon, on Thursday.

The driver who received the hefty fine told police he was simply following the route his GPS provided him, but Gherasim said there were two nearby options that could carry the weight of the haul.

The officer on duty directed the truck to a weigh station and found the truck was grossed at 34 tonnes, according to the Corman Park Police Service. The truck was travelling on a road weighted for just 10 tonnes. Overweight vehicles can cause severe damage to the road ways and cost the province thousands of dollars in road repair, Corman Park police chief Warren Gherasim said. “If you observe a heavy truck over this roadway, you’ll see

“Really all that truck would have to do is go a mile and a half in either direction to avoid this road, so it’s not that big of an inconvenience,” he said Under Saskatchewan’s Highways and Transportation Act, each tonne over the limit nets a fine of $500.



AIR HEATERS: 2.0kw, 2.2 kw, 4kw & 5kw





514-303-3434 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2019




rince George, BC: For the fourth year in a row, Safety Driven brought together professionals for their annual Speaker Series to better the transportation industry. Attendees, most of whom were from around the region, had the opportunity to listen to renowned speakers, engage in activities, and take back things they learned to their workplaces. “The Speaker Series is an important program for Safety Driven,” says Philip Choi, Executive Director of Safety Driven, Trucking Safety Council of BC. “We are here to ensure that those in the transportation and related industries have the right tools to make their workplaces better and safer, and the Speaker Series give attendees such tools.” 28


by: Jag Dhatt

Although the speakers presented various topics, the common theme was how to improve the wellness of any organization. This includes mental wellness, finding a balance between work and personal lives, where to find industry resources, incident investigations, diversity, harassment, bullying, and of course, how to improve safety at the workplace. The Speaker Series began with Linda Edgecombe, rated as one of the top 60 motivational speakers in the world, and who incidentally began her career in Prince George. Linda opened her talk with a story about being on a plane with some Playboy bunnies; as you can tell, attendees’ eyes and ears opened to NATIONAL MAGAZINE

attention. Linda focused her talk about “Finding Peace in the Chaos”, also the title of her book. “Focus on a single task and make sure you finish it,” said Edgecombe. “People feel the need to always stay busy, and although it can seem to be good, in actual fact, it’s not.” Throughout her talk, Edgecombe provided immense amounts of information while always adding some humour. Cathy Cook, a mental health speaker, spoke about a problem that many of us have difficulty speaking of – recognizing and accepting mental health issues. As Cook pointed out, one in five people suffer from some form of mental illness, and employers and colleagues need to be aware of how to deal with such issues. Says Cook, “Don’t be afraid to have that conversation about mental illness; rather than beat around the bush, be blunt in asking if there is anything wrong.” And most importantly, never judge or look down upon a person who may be suffering from any form of mental illness.


Jaqueline Morrison, from WorkSafe BC, shared some important information about resources available for the transportation industry. What was alarming, according to Morrison, was that, “there are resources available for training that many companies do not know about.” She focused on ensuring that workers in the transportation industry should focus on proper techniques and a few extra seconds in order to avoid potential injuries and loss of income. Dave Earle, President of the BC Trucking Association, focused his talk to workplace harassment and bullying. “Times have changed and what was considered acceptable behaviour thirty years ago is no longer the case. Everyone needs to be able to go to school or work and feel safe, without the stress of being harassed or bullied,” said Earle. “Harassment is never acceptable and companies need to have clear guidelines on how to deal with such issues, should they arise.” The final speaker, Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada, spoke about the changing workforce. According to Splinter, “There is clear evidence of shortage of drivers in Canada. However, companies should focus on providing the best environment for employees so that not only do they stay, but encourage others to join.” In addition, Splinter spoke about how there needs to be clear expectations for your workplace. “There also needs to be more efforts to attract women, younger people, and those of indeginous backgrounds into the transportation industry,” said Splinter. The Speaker Series from Safety Driven is an important annual event that provides attendees with valuable information on how to improve the transportation workplace. “It’s nice to see that the event has grown year after year and we look forward to 2020,” said Annette DeCair, lead organizer of the event.

SafetyDrivenTM safety resources for trucking, moving and storage operations. Online. And FREE. • Up-to-Date Safety Courses & Training Videos • Tips, Tools & Templates • Certiicate of Recognition Program (COR) + more!

JGK Media Inc. was a proud partner and sponsor of the 2019 Speaker Series and looks forward to next year’s event. NATIONAL MAGAZINE




move forward with kindersley Siemens Transportation Group Inc.

Great Pay! Upgraded Fleet! Top Miles!

Join our team and step into a new truck today! Hiring Class 1A Drivers for our Open Dispatch Fleet Contact us at 1.888.878.9585 or

Contact: Jason

800-514-3350 604-850-3350

Company Drivers / Owner Operators Expedited Services in Reefer & Vans for Canada & USA

Our dedicated runs: AB - CA - AB, SK - CA - SK, BC - AB, BC - CA - AB - BC WE PROVIDE: • Year-Round Work • Courteous Dispatch • Extended Medical Benefits • Excellent Home Time • Safety Bonus

OUR REQUIREMENTS: • Positive Attitude • Responsible Individuals • 1 Year Experience LONG HAUL Single Driver (gross mile) = $0.45 - $0.52/mile Team Driver (gross mile) = $0.55 - $0.62/mile

Office: 1930 Queen St. Abbotsford BC V2T 6J1 Mailing: Box 502, STN A, Abbotsford BC V2T 6Z7 Yard: 1930 Queen St. Abbotsford BC V2T 6J1

E: F: 604-850-3370



Apply Now at:




Owner Operators HEADLINE Wanted

BUSINESS FLAYER Sign on Bonus No start up fee’s 6 months free prorate Health Benefits








Hourly Waiting Pay

Paid Meat Inspection

Calgary Single (AB to BC)..............$1.75

Canadian Singles (AB to BC Heavy Loads)....$1.90**

REQUIRES Company Drivers & Owner Operators

Paid Meat Inspection

Hourly Waiting Pay

LOCATED AT 80 DIAMOND AVENUE, SPRUCE GROVE, AB COMPANY DRIVERS: For late model Kenworth trucks. ** Heavy loads Gross Weight must Exceed 88000 Lbs

Canadian Singles (Open Board)....$0.50 Canadian Singles (Open Board)*....$1.45

122 Carmek Blvd, Rocky View AB T1X 1X1

Canadian Singles (AB to BC)........$0.59 Canadian Teams*..........................$1.55


Canadian Singles (AB to BC Heavy Loads)**....$1.98

Canadian Teams.........................$0.62 US Singles (Open Board)*..............$1.52


PREFERRED CARRIERS INC. A very busy flat and step deck carrier, running Canada to and from the U.S.A., are presently expanding the fleet in order to service our customers better.

*Rates are based on the current fuel surcharge.

US Teams...................................$0.66 US Singles (ON to Mid-West)*.........$1.59

US Singles (Open Board).............$0.54 US Teams (Open Board)*................$1.62

DARYL: 403-483-2802 BOB: 403-875-5152


JAGGI DHILLON: 403-208-5441

US Singles (ON to Mid-West).......$0.66 US Teams (ON to Mid-West)*..........$1.69



1-800-397-6009 (Press Option 3)



C A LG A R Y 403.279.8365

10 Full-time Permanent Positions Available $26.50 Per Hour ($60,000 and $75,000 Annually, Based on Mileage Rate) Medical Benefits Provided Minimum of 1 Year of OTR Experience is Required Fluency in English Valid Passport and Willingness to Travel to the USA is Required Valid Class 1 Licence Passing Drug Test is Required

OWNER OPERATORS: With or without own trailer, able to carry 45,000 lbs. pay load, better than Average Revenue. Contact SKEE or RAY for more information on these openings. 780-962-5801






Dedicated Runs From TORONTO to: Michigan Indiana Tennessee Alabama Kansas

Ohio Kentucky Georgia Missouri Texas



Dedicated Runs and Dedicated Trucks New Equipment Paid tolls Plates Insurance Weekend off

T: 905.678.8700

Toll Free: 1.800.505.6634

F: 905.678.6363

7040 Financial Drive Mississauga, ON, L5N 7H5 32




Company Drivers & Owner Operators ASL Global Logistics, The Cooler Carrier invites you to join our organization.

Apply Now at: New Competitive Pay Packages Comprehensive Company Packages Dedicated New Freightliners 3000 Desirable Miles Weekly

No Touch Freight Steady Work Year Round & Quality Home Time Pay up to $1.75/ mile to Owner Operators Pay up to $0.65/ mile to Company Drivers

“Our Commitment to our Company Drivers and Owner Operators is to Reward you for your Hard Work Dedication& Commitment to the Industry”

27 Automatic Road, Brampton, ON L6S 5N8 Sonny Singh

O: 416-243-3010 Ext 261

C: 647-980-1384






Navistar Launches New Business Unit, NEXT eMobility Solutions Navistar, a leading maker of commercial vehicles, has launched a new business unit, NEXT eMobility Solutions, to deliver customized electrification solutions in the truck and school bus markets using lean, agile practices.

"Companies interested in operating electric trucks have more questions than answers; they are looking for a partner who also brings clarity," said Persio Lisboa, Navistar executive vice president and Chief Operating Officer. "NEXT combines the technical expertise

required to develop leading electric vehicles with the industry experience to deliver custom solutions that go beyond the vehicle." NEXT eMobility Solutions is dedicating a world-class, lean engineering team to developing the best products in the electric vehicle space, using a unique consultative philosophy that embraces the full range of customers' needs. Vehicles developed by NEXT will be offered under the International Truck and IC Bus nameplates and will be sold and supported by International Truck and IC Bus dealers, respectively. Using NEXT as a catalyst for implementation, Navistar plans to have IC BusÂŽ electric school buses available at the end of 2020, while InternationalÂŽ medium-duty electric trucks will be introduced in early 2021. NEXT has established a comprehensive "four Cs" approach to developing eMobility solutions: Consulting, using experts in commercial truck engineering, charging infrastructure, telematics and more to craft a custom implementation plan for each customer's business, while optimizing each product for its usage and duty cycle. Constructing the vehicle, taking advantage of Navistar's world-class commercial vehicle manufacturing capability. Charging, with solutions





designed and delivered to each customer through new partnerships. Connecting, using advanced solutions including Navistar's OnCommand Connection telematics and remote diagnostics platform, to monitor vehicle performance and provide support through the International® and IC BusTM service networks, the most extensive in the North American commercial transportation industry.

Truck booth at the North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta, from October 28 to 31. The International eMV Series concept is based on the production version of the diesel-powered International MV Series. The truck features a redesigned aerodynamic hood for superior visibility and is powered by an electric motor with peak power of over 474 kW—or 645 HP—allowing it to be able to pull any load required. The continuous power is 300 kW, or more than 400 HP, which

The NEXT team will be led by Gary Horvat, Navistar's vice president for eMobility. He brings extensive electric vehicle experience from both the automotive and technology startup space. Horvat led technology development for the electric bus product line of Proterra, Inc., where his team set a world record for the longest range of any electric vehicle. He was also responsible for the development and application of powertrain and electrical components at Denso International, and before that, led improvements to Fisker Automotive's extended-range electric vehicle.

is available at all times. The system, exclusive to Navistar, enables peak efficiency across the entire operating range. The vehicle was designed to accommodate multiple battery capacity options that range from 107 to 321 kilowatt hours. Navistar believes customers operating a truck with a 321 kWh battery in typical pickup and delivery cycles should expect to be able to travel up to 250 miles on a single charge.

Since 1958 we have prided ourselves on being a family orientated company. Relationships with our drivers are built firmly on trust and honesty. Being understanding and respectful of their needs is one of the core foundations behind our success.

This business unit will be based in the Detroit area, and will assemble a world-class engineering team to develop the best electric solutions in commercial transportation. "NEXT will combine the lean and agile approach of a start-up with the proven engineering and manufacturing capabilities of Navistar," Lisboa said. "The team is well positioned to deliver rapid, customerfocused innovations in the eMobility space." NEXT eMobility Solutions will exhibit a prototype electric version of the International® MV™ Series mediumduty vehicle, the eMV, at the International NATIONAL MAGAZINE


HEAD OFFICE 739 Lagimodiere Blvd Winnipeg, Manitoba





ange Rover. The name elicits two trains of thought, one you picture a super luxury and performance based SUV, the mob or superstars are commonly seen in. The second train of thought imagines a super accomplished off road machine, capable of going places that most other factory vehicles can’t. What one does not imagine is a compact SUV or, dare I say it, girly vehicle. However, in 2010/2011 Range Rover threw convention to the wind and introduced the Evoque. A highly stylized compact SUV that looked sleek, with a swept back design and rounded edges. Over the past 10 years or so, the gamble proved extremely lucrative for Range Rover and introduced a whole new buying segment to the brand. Come 2020 and Range Rover brings us the all new Evoque. Over it’s life span, the Evoque received a refresh in or about 2015 that lasted until 2018/2019 and we are now introduced to the full second generation. Range Rover took a play from the Porsche play book when redesigning the Evoque. Many would be hard



pressed to say “what’s the difference?” The reality is that the 2020 Evoque shares no panels with the outgoing Evoque except the door hinges. Borrowing, from its bigger brother the Evoque incorporates flush mount retractable door handles, body contoured headlights and taillights. It also rides on a slightly longer wheel base although exterior dimensions are maintained. The result is increased rear leg room and rear storage. Overall the Evoque’s exterior feels cleaner and more flush. Inside, the Evoque again borrows from it’s bigger brother and presents a clutter free design, showcased by dual LCD touch displays, known as Touch Pro Duo. The system, after a slight learning curve, allows you to control all aspects of infotainment, climate and ride control. The optional Meridian Audio system offers Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The steering wheels receives similar touch responsive controls for audio, communication and driver assistance control. The seats are fully adjustable with heating and cooling options. To assist


with limited rear visibility, a problem plaguing the Evoque since day one, Range Rover has added the ClearSight interior rear view system, which converts the rear-view mirror into a full LCD display for the aft end of the Evoque, allowing for a complete view of the rear of the utilizing the rear camera system.

has 21cm of ground clearance and can hit departure angles greater than 30°. The wading capability is combined with an onboard sensor that will read the depth of the water you are traversing and graphically display this information for you, making sure you never get that plush leather interior wet.

Thrust is provided by with a 2.0L inline turbo 4 producing 246/269 bhp/lb-ft or 296/295 bhp/lb-ft. The as tested R-Dynamic HSE P300 uses the latter setup. It provides ample performance although with a noticeable level of turbo lag, although highway passing is mitigated with ease. Power is routed through a new 9 speed auto utilizing active torque vectoring (called Active Driveline) and Terrain Response 2. Range Rovers automatic terrain management system that allows you to handle nearly any road condition you can throw at the Evoque with ease and no training. The Evoque, unlike many of its competitors is a truly off-road capable machine. It can wade through two feet of water,

The Evoque was a forward thinking highly designed machine nearly 10 years ago. The fact that over this time frame a decade later, Range Rover has only had to massage its design speaks volumes about how advance the concept was. The redo for this year only enhances an highly attractive package, bringing it in line with Range Rover’s current design cues. The Evoque is a very capable fun to drive compact luxury SUV, that turns heads. With an as tested price of $61,500.00 in full spec and trim, the Evoque is not going to attract everyone. However, for young professionals wanting the versatility of a SUV in a compact luxurious package, the Evoque should be a serious consideration.





by: : Candy Chung

Wait, this is Mazda?

The first time I’ve seen the all-new Mazda3 was at the Vancouver Autoshow. After checking out numerous vehicles at the show (and some are very expensive), I still felt Mazda3 had a premium and high quality cabin to compete with the premium brands.


onths later I had a chance to spend a week with the Mazda3 Sport hatchback, and here’s what I think of it.


The all-new Mazda 3 Sport has a rather controversial look. The front is quite stylish and sharp-looking but the side profile and 38


back are harder to say. The C pillar above the rear wheels is thick; the rear windows are small and the back is just odd in my opinion. I’ve always been a fan of Mazda’s styles but not really this time. Mazda adapted their newest design theme to eliminate all harsh lines and body curves; as a result, the Mazda 3 looks like a pebble that has been washed by the waves for hundreds of years. NATIONAL MAGAZINE


Performance Equipped with Mazda Skyactiv-G 2.5L engine, the Mazda3 Sport produces 186 horsepower and 186 fb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a 6 speed automatic. New for this year is the available AWD but the independent rear suspension has been replaced with torsion beam. I’m thoroughly impressed by the handling and suspension. The Mazda3 now drives like a premium hatchback that is out of this league. Acceleration doesn’t blow my mind but it’s the handling that makes the drive fun and engaging. Cornering is sharp and suspension is compliant. Compared to other Mazda products, the Mazda3 actually has less road and tire noise and less vibration that is often felt inside the cabin. The Mazda3 is definitely a step above the previous generation and class-leading in terms of driving experience.

Infotainment Mazda decided to remove touch screen functionality, so the only way to interact with the infotainment is via the rotary knob and the several hard buttons. For safety reasons, I can understand why Mazda made this decision but as a consumer, I prefer the touch screen functionality – it makes entering addresses much faster and convenient. The rotary knob works and the infotainment system responds faster than previous generation. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are offered.


AWD GT is priced at $31,400. The Premium package which is available to the GT trim offers a wide array of premium features such as 18 alloy wheels, leather trimmed upholstery, 10-way

power adjustable driver’s seat with memory, color heads up display, rear parking sensors, keyless entry, navigation system, Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSR), HomeLink® wireless control system and auto-dimming exterior mirrors with memory seat link. The Acura ILX is priced similarly and has a bit more horsepower at 201hp. Comparing the Mazda3 Sport and Acura ILX, I think the Mazda feels more upscale and has a much better interior. Personally I would pick the Mazda over the competition simply because it offers a good driving experience and a wonderful interior. The exterior is a subjective matter and I think for once the sedan version looks better than the hatch. I’ll be reviewing the Mazda3 sedan in the coming months, stay tuned for an update!

The 2020 Mazda Sport starts at $21,300 and the fully loaded

CONDITIONS CHANGE. BE PREPARED AND PLAN AHEAD. The safety of your employees is your responsibility, including when they’re behind the wheel. Take steps to reduce the increased risks they face during winter conditions. Download our free winter driving safety toolkit at NATIONAL MAGAZINE

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s I look out my condo bedroom balcony window at Brasada Ranch down to the wide-open fields with lazily grazing horses lined with white picket fences and Western Junipers, I’m reminded that not only am I in the heart of horse country (quite obviously) but also in truck country. The sheer number of pickups on the road is almost shocking, but it’s not without reason.



Unlike the city folk I see at home rocking their single-cab, lifted, and often modified pickups that never fit in any parking spot or underground lot, the truck drivers out here need their vehicles for everyday life. They tow, haul, and live with and for their vehicle’s capabilities. And that’s precisely why Chevrolet made the improvements and changes they did to their all-new lineup of Silverado HD models. Everything about the new 2020 Silverado HD lineup is bigger. It’s 40 mm taller, 35 mm wider, and approximately 264 mm longer than



by: Miranda Lightstone

its predecessor. The wheelbase is longer by 132 mm, and even the 6.9- and 8-foot beds have more space to pack all the things in with 1,728 litres and 2,162 litres respectively. Because everything is about those capacity and performance numbers when it comes to heavy duty pickups; and Chevrolet is well aware of that, which is precisely why they made the improvements they did with this current lineup of HDs.

that (get ready for this oen) is good for 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to a super-precise 10-speed Allison transmission, the Duramax might just be the smoothest diesel I’ve driven to date. Even at elevation, and even while towing uphill at elevation. And all that good torque is available in 1st gear with all HD 3500 models.

Chevy R&D took the time to speak with a multitude of longtime Chevrolet owners to really find out what they were looking for the most, and it always came down to towing/hauling prowess and long-term comfort and durability overall.

Read that again. Especially if you tow regularly with your pickup. These things are meant to work, and work hard. And yet, when they are working you’d barely know it when you’re behind the wheel, and as a non-truck owner/driver that’s kind of a huge deal.

So, naturally, Chevrolet gave their Silverado HDs bigger, more powerful engines that have really upped the towing capabilities. There are two engines available on the 2020 Silverado HD trucks. The first is a gas-powered 6.6L V8 direct-injected mill that produces 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque. For those paying attention, that’s up 41 ponies from last generation and 81 lb-ft of torque. Then, there’s also a 6.6L Duramax turbodiesel V8


While in Oregon, Chevrolet smartly set up drive loops that not only had us experiencing the 2020 Silverado as a daily driver, but also as the workhorse it’s meant to be. So, that meant towing, and towing big. Real big. Like 35,500lbs big. That’s a 52% towing capacity increase over the previous model (with the same diesel engine). Yup.



With a 35,500lbs payload behind the bed of a 2020 Silverado HD 3500 Dually, it felt like child’s play. Full disclosure: In all my years as an auto journalist, I’ve never towed a single thing with a pickup. Sure, I’ve loaded the bed to the max, but hook something up to a trailer hitch and go? Nope. So, getting behind the wheel knowing there was that much weight behind was, shall we say, intimidating. But it didn’t need to be. The Silverado behaved as if it was just another drive to the grocery store. Sure, braking was a little bit more labored and had to be done a little sooner, but in all the Silverado HD 3500 with the Duramax diesel engine towed that massive load like it was absolutely nothing. And part of that ease of towing feeling comes with the optional 15-camera set-up Chevrolet now offers with their HD lineup. That means you have cameras literally everywhere. Even inside a closed trailer to check on your livestock or previous cargo (which happened to be an all-new Corvette in the trailer they had me do a slalom course with!), and also behind to offer up the “invisible trailer” look so you’re not totally blind out the back and have a rearview mirror still. The cameras and guidelines also make attaching a trailer (and for the first time) an absolute breeze. I felt like a truck pro almost immediately – and I always appreciate an ego boost. Another new feature on the Silverado HD trucks is an industry first: Engine After Run that comes standard straight from the factory on all diesel models. After a long drive or heavy tow, once you switch the Silverado off it will prompt you to leave your engine running to allow it to cool down. If you agree, your Chevy will leave your engine running for up to 15 min to properly bring the temperature down to keep your engine happy and healthy for the next big tow. There’s also an available 120-volt by the fob-controlled tailgate, that also has a convenient side step beside it (that will fit up to a size 13 boot and hold up to 500lbs, according to Chevrolet). And Canadians rejoice, you’ll no longer have to shove a wire through the front grille, all Silverado HDs now feature an integrated block-heater plug port in the front fascia, as well. It seems they really did think of everything. Including ride comfort and a quiet cabin. Whether it was in the gas or diesel, the level of interior space and comfort was definitely there. Through winding mountain roads, and all the way up to Mount Bachelor with a 13,500lb payload behind, the Silverado HD remained composed and well-behaved thanks in



part to the class-exclusive short/long arm suspension set-up. Of course, there’s integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, charging pad and plenty of USB ports and cupholders. There’s lots of interior cargo space and storage areas/nooks and crannies, and visibility is great, despite the size of the vehicle. Being on the smaller side at 5’2” didn’t hinder my ability to find a comfortable seating position that also kept me seeing all sides at all times with power-adjustable seats and thanks to the all-around camera options for towing. And that new front end; let’s talk about that for a moment. It’s hard to compliment a truck for its design. By nature, they kind of all have to look the same. And that’s kind of a shame as it limits the amount of “design” that can go into a pickup. And yet, somehow, Chevy designers managed to really elevate the look and feel of the Silverado HD with an uber manly new front end that proudly emblazons CHEVROLET across the front grille in big bold letters. A front I much prefer to the bowtie, if I’m honest. However, both are available, depending on your preference. Now, this is not a small truck, and I will also admit that without running boards, I struggled a little to get in and out of even the Silverado 1500 – thank goodness for grab handles. Popping the hood and seeing how high up it actually goes is nothing short of intimidating, and while I devised my own method to bring it back down (see photos for hilarity and ingenuity), a Chevrolet engineer was quick to point out there’s actually a much easier (and perhaps safer?!) way to bring the hood down if you’re vertically challenged, and it involves walking your hands up the hood from the windscreen on one side to bring it back down. Duh. Overall, the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD is one impressive truck. And not just because the diesel can tow over 35,000lbs, but because it’s built and bred to work, and work hard. Even the gas-powered version is a hard worker, and I think that’s brilliant. In a world of posers and fake exteriors, Chevrolet has released and honest-to-goodness truck that’s made to do just that: be a truck. They listened to their customers and gave them a pickup with capabilities (and comfort thrown in for good measure). Would I own one? Nope. And not because I didn’t like it or it’s poorly made, but because I don’t need a pickup truck; and that’s absolutely perfect. City-slicker truckers beware: this is way too much truck for you. Move along and let the big boys play with the big boy toys, properly.












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Multi-Play Wholesale Inc. celebrated their 20th anniversary in Brampton Multi-Play Wholesale Inc. welcomed customers and suppliers to celebrate their 20th anniversary BBQ in Brampton, Ontario. The company has exponentially grown in the last 20 years since Vinod Aggarwal started the business in 1999. His goal was to start a business to supply basics to stores and service stations, like batteries, film, air fresheners, etc. Filling up his car trunk with merchandise, he went from location to location on his weekends. With feedback from clients he realized that if he could add Oil to his portfolio so he started carrying oil as well. His full time job as a machine operator kept him busy during the week and he realized that he had to make a decision. With business looking good he took the leap and took a $20,000

line of credit, rented his first location, but continued to work at his full time job and the new business so he worked 7 days a week, many days for 16 hours. From the 2,000 sq. ft. first location, they have now grown to 25,000 sq. Ft. His son Arvind grew up in the business with his father and now they have a total of 9 employees and the first 20 years behind them, they are continuing to grow. Proud to be a successful Canadian business serving the Trucking industry, we congratulate them and wish them more success and growth in the futur


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CTA Repeats Calls for National Trucking Drug & Alcohol Testing Program On the one-year anniversary of cannabis legalization in Canada, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is once again urging the government to implement a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program for workers in safety sensitive positions like trucking. Today, edible cannabis also became legal (legalization for these substances was delayed for a year), which is all the more reason for government to support zero tolerance drug testing policies of industries which are dedicated to safety and protecting the public. While zero tolerance among carriers is already the industry norm, not all companies have the means or resources to go through a legal challenge when an employee refuses to take a drug or alcohol test. “The Government of Canada must make it mandatory for all commercial truck drivers to be in a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program. Based on the DriverCheck figures, people in our industry who never used marijuana before could now be consuming the legal product. The trucking industry does not

care if its legal or not, we want to make sure that our drivers are always operating their vehicles in a sober state. The Government of Canada must empower all trucking fleets to operate mandatory drug and alcohol programs to ensure our sector’s stellar safety record regarding sobriety is maintained,” said Jonathan Blackham, CTA’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs. Questions, however, still remain about the effectiveness of roadside testing for cannabis and CTA continues to urge government to work with industries and enforcement agencies on bolstering mobile testing resources and infrastructure.

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river turnover has been above 90 percent for more than nine consecutive quarters and shows little sign of slowing down. What’s more is that issues related to management and workplace policies and communication have caused 30 percent of drivers to leave their job. Keeping your drivers safe, recognizing them for doing the right thing, and offering a solid feedback loop are key to increasing driver engagement — and retention. If the people who drive your products from one place to another do not feel like you have taken extra measures to keep them safe, then they will leave for jobs that do. Where does this leave you? The more drivers you lose, the more difficult it will become to transport your products. This slows your operations, leading to monetary loss. Even worse, your organization will have a reputation for its low driver retention rate. Losing drivers also creates a need for new recruits. Unfortunately, the recruitment process is time-consuming and expensive. The cost of onboarding new drivers and getting them up to speed on the company culture and policies may not seem like a lot when it’s just one driver, but as you hire more drivers over time, these costs pile up. Poor driver safety affects the overall company culture, leading to a decrease in productivity, employee happiness, and the feel of the company. Poor employee morale is a leading cause of high turnover rates in any industry, so incorporating good safety practices into the foundation of your company is important.

Incorporating Driver Safety Although the current turnover rate is far from positive in most transportation segments, you can break the cycle by incorporating some simple features to make your drivers feel safe, secure and valued. If you don’t have a safety program in place, you may be thinking that starting one involves constantly monitoring your drivers. You may also be thinking about the time and money involved in monitoring the many drivers in your organization.


For a minute, let’s imagine what that would be like. You would probably have to use a manual video device to record your drivers’ every move, and then have people check hundreds of paid hours of recordings to look for common patterns. This is expensive, inefficient, and does not make your drivers feel safe; if anything, it accomplishes the opposite. Having someone breathing down their necks to monitor their driving habits takes away a driver’s autonomy and contributes to a feeling of insecurity. Constant monitoring would also cost any company a lot of money, and do nothing to stop turnover. A better way to ensure driver safety is to find a solution that focuses on keeping your drivers motivated, focused and recognized — while using technology to keep them safe. Motivation can be accomplished through rewards and other incentives, especially to those with an outstanding driving record after successful completion of numerous routes. Rating systems can be put in place to reward high-performing drivers and find out about the difficulties that lower-performing drivers face. This creates a focal point in any communication between drivers and management. Continuous communication is necessary for any organization to thrive, and it is no different when it comes to drivers. Ask yourself the following questions: How easily can your drivers voice complaints relating to their performance and safety? Is it normal at your company to subconsciously shut drivers down when they voice these complaints? Are there systems in place to swiftly address these complaints, or do drivers have to follow up several times before anything is done? These are important factors when creating a working environment in which drivers can safely carry out their jobs. Your company should make it an official policy to provide a direct channel of communication — this will encourage open dialogue and driver improvement. On the technological side of things, one way



to boost driver safety is to have a solid performance analytics system in place. Such a system would collect traffic and driving data during each driver’s typical workday. This can help companies to get a better view of how their drivers operate, what risks they may face, and how the changing road conditions affect their work. Based on this data, you can make informed decisions on how to improve the safety of your drivers. Drivers also need the right technological tools to perform their jobs. Such tools protect them from “grey area” situations in which other vision-based tools don’t accurately assess or capture the context of things. As far as safety goes, legacy systems have done the best they can; however, we believe that it is time to set them aside and implement better systems. The need for driver safety transcends the usual risk mitigation measures that have been employed in the past. Modern challenges call for smart systems that record and process data in real-time. These issues also call for a system that allows you to tackle both the human and technological aspects of driver safety on the same platform.

issue. The right technology ensures that the data speaks for itself no matter what a driver’s previous record is like. Data collection also leads to better risk management by helping you pinpoint the issues your fleet is facing. Here at Netradyne, we want technology to empower drivers to take more control of their safety. Your drivers must feel protected and valued as an employee. By providing a platform for voicing concerns, and showing that you care about how your drivers fare on the job, you are showing them that the work they do is important. You are also showing how important their safety is to you. This motivates them to keep working for your organization. When technology shows the full picture of each driver from start to finish, it can serve as a mediator during a conflict. Accusing a driver of being at fault, especially when they can’t prove their innocence, is a huge morale killer. You can avoid this by checking your safety system’s artificial intelligence-backed database to see where errors occurred. This way, allegations can be substantiated with proof and drivers will not feel like they have not been given the benefit of the doubt.

Technology to Keep Drivers Safe

A system like Driveri uses GreenZone — a score that highlights each person’s driving capabilities, allowing you to reward those who perform well and find out where others are lacking. It also sets the foundation for peer mentorship programs in which drivers can be paired with peers to learn new skills. It can also form the basis for rewards systems that make drivers feel more appreciated.

Our goal is simple: “Make bad drivers good, and good drivers outstanding in a supportive, collaborative environment that leads to improved yield in driver recruitment and retention.” More importantly, our goal is to keep drivers and by extension, other road users, safe.

Most importantly, you need technology that keeps drivers safe and protected against any issues, other drivers or accidents that may occur on the road. Letting them know that they have an extra layer of protection is a great way to keep drivers motivated and boost driver retention.

When choosing technology for your fleet, you’ll want to find a platform that combines the potential of artificial intelligence with advanced video technology to collect and analyze critical data points.

Final Thoughts

This offers the chance to save millions of dollars in overhead costs while ensuring that drivers stay safe enough to do their jobs. Driveri, our standout product, offers these benefits and more.

The importance of data collection in any transport cycle cannot be overstated. It is essential for the following reasons: There are many blind spots that drivers may miss on a daily basis. These could be anything from a misunderstood situation to minor performance issues that they only catch subconsciously. The right vision-based safety solution will pick up minute details that may escape the drivers in their work environment. Relating issues to managers can be difficult for drivers due to different things. Issues can be taken out of context, exaggerated or understated since there is no specific data to work with. When you’re able to see the entire picture, you can form an objective opinion. Transparent data cancels out any type of bias that may surface. For example, a driver who has made several mistakes in the past may be shut down due to biases even when pointing out a valid 52


The US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released a set of guidelines to keep employees safe on the road. Among these guidelines is the need to put a good driver safety system in place. Not only does this keep drivers safe and motivated enough to do their jobs, but it also saves companies millions in damages, training costs, and any other costs incurred. It also has the potential to improve driver retention. Driveri was created by Netradyne to serve as the type of safety system recommended by the government. Using HD video, artificial intelligence, a solid communication system, and WiFi, it works as an excellent safety companion for any fleet.

This article originally appeared on NATIONAL MAGAZINE

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Brookfield Institute Thinks Truck Driving May Disappear Due to Technology Source: Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship. add 396,000 over that same time frame. On a provincial basis, Ontario has the lowest proportion — 41.1 per cent — of jobs at high risk of automation, while P.E.I. has the highest with over 45 per cent of jobs at high risk of automation over the next 10 to 20 years. The institute also said workers in the jobs deemed at high risk in the study are disproportionately between 15 and 24 years, while workers in lower risk jobs tend to be “prime-aged workers,” between 25 and 54. “Canada’s younger and, to a lesser extent, older populations are more likely to be vulnerable to the effects of automation,” the study said.


he Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship at Toronto’s Ryerson University said in its report that automation previously has been restricted to routine, manual tasks. However, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and advanced robotics now means that automation is moving into “cognitive, non-routine tasks and occupations, such as driving and conducting job interviews.” The institute put a 70 per cent or higher probability that “high risk” jobs will be affected by automation over the next 10 to 20 years, and it said workers in the most susceptible jobs typically earn less and have lower education levels than the rest of the Canadian labour force.

“We hope these findings can help contribute to an important debate about how Canada should prepare for the effects of automation and computerization on our labour force,” Sean Mullin, executive director of the Brookfield Institute said. The institute suggested that more study is needed into high-risk occupations to determine their ability to withstand automation and technology-based restructuring. “We don’t believe that all of these jobs will be lost,” said Mullin, in a release. “Many will be restructured, and new jobs will be created as the nature of occupations change due to the impact of technology and computerization.”

The report said the top five occupations — in terms of number of people employed in them — facing a high risk of automation are: 1. Retail salesperson. 2. Administrative assistant. 3. Food counter attendant. 4. Cashier. 5. Transport truck driver. Jobs deemed to be at a low risk of being affected by automation — having a less than 30 per cent chance — are linked to high skill levels and higher earnings, such as management and jobs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The top five low risk occupation, by employment, are: 1. Retail and wholesale trade managers. 2. Registered nurses. 3. Elementary and kindergarten teacher. 4. Early childhood educators and assistant. 5. Secondary school teachers. The Brookfield Institute’s report said low-risk occupations are projected to produce nearly 712,000 new jobs, absent automation, between 2014 and 2024, while high-risk occupation are expected to

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Commercial Vehicle Markets Continue to Deteriorate


n the release of its Commercial Vehicle Dealer Digest, ACT Research noted that expectations for the Class 8 and trailer markets anticipate a pullback in build rates, as market conditions continue to deteriorate. While less cliff-like, MD market indicators continue to support a modest correction into 2020.

manufacturing sector is a critical source of freight generation. From raw materials to components to sub-assemblies and finally to the creation of complex machinery, there is much truck freight involved in the movement of small pieces to build large things.” He concluded, “The forward-looking Manufacturers’ New Orders, Nondefense

Capital Goods (ex aircraft), a look at demand for freight-intensive durable goods, shows durable goods orders have stagnated in 2019 and have been negative year-over-year for the past two months. The lack of traction on the front side does not speak well for a near-term recovery in industrial activity.”

The report, which combines ACT’s proprietary data analysis from a wide variety of industry sources, paints a comprehensive picture of trends impacting transportation and commercial vehicle markets. This monthly report includes a relevant but high-level forecast summary, complete with transportation insights for use by commercial vehicle dealer executives, reviewing top-level considerations such as for-hire indices, freight, heavy and medium duty segments, the total US trailer market, used truck sales information, and a review of the US macro economy. ACT Seminar_13“Since early 2018, ACT’s forecasts have called for the up-cycle in the Class 8 market to run out of steam around the third quarter of 2019. Over the past couple of quarters, we have been beating the drum loudly so that our customers could be as well positioned as possible for when the downturn in industry activity inevitably occurred,” said Steve Tam, ACT’s Vice President. He continued, “Starting around six weeks ago, we began to see announcements of staffing reductions and plant shutdowns from OEMs, as well as from major tier-one suppliers. Anecdotes suggest the lower tiers on the supply chain have experienced production volumes cuts since early in September.” Manufacturing Chart 10-28-19Tam added, “The NATIONAL MAGAZINE



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NANAIMO 861 Maughan Road Nanaimo, BC V9X 1J2 Toll Free: 1-877-878-5979 Phone: (250) 722-2073 Fax: (250) 722-2317


PRINCE RUPERT 1600 Prince Rupert Boulevard Prince Rupert, BC V8J 2Z3 Phone: (250) 627-1981 Fax: (250) 627-1982


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Great Dane Introduces New Innovations at NACV Show


reat Dane will be introducing two major innovations as well as highlighting several pieces of equipment at the 2019 North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV Show). The event is being held at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) in Atlanta, Georgia, from October 28-31. The company will officially introduce its smart trailer system, FleetPulse, at a press conference on Sunday, October 27 at 1:40 p.m. in room 304 of the GWCC. Great Dane will also be showcasing a new lightweight and fuel-efficient trailer aerodynamic system prototype in its booth at the show. The theme of Great Dane’s display in Booth #2013 is Great Doesn’t Stop, which highlights the company’s commitment to delivering premium value in its products, aftermarket services, and overall customer experience. Great Dane will feature six pieces of equipment in its booth and will highlight FleetPulse, its AdvantEDGE Aftermarket Parts and Service program, and Pre-Owned Trailers program. FleetPulse “At Great Dane, we’ve been advancing the trailer for decades,” said Mike Molitor, Great Dane’s Director of Business Development. “As an OEM with more than a century of experience, we have the trailer knowledge and customer insight to know exactly what fleets need from a telematics system to make them safer and more efficient. Which is why we are thrilled to bring FleetPulse to the market.” FleetPulse is a fully integrated, comprehensive solution for trailers, and is the first and only trailer telematics system developed by a trailer OEM. Great Dane teamed up with supply partners and customers to ensure that both the system and the data it provides are robust and capable of adapting to shifting needs and trends. “FleetPulse is laying the foundation for technologies beyond telematics,” Molitor said. “The transformational shifts that will occur in our industry, such as autonomy, electrification, and smart distribution centers, will require the trailer to be designed and wired differently than it is today. And we’ve built FleetPulse with these technological advances in mind.”



Beyond simply a GPS system, FleetPulse’s system of builtin sensors collects precise measurements from the trailer’s components, keeping watch over key indicators of a trailer’s health and status, such as tire inflation systems, open doors, cargo weight, burned-out lights, ABS fault codes and actual mileage. Great Dane recently announced a partnership with Coretex, a global provider of supply chain compliance and fleet management solutions, to offer customers a comprehensive solution for refrigerated trailers, including insight into critical refrigerated components such as the reefer unit and temperature controls. AdvantEDGE Program Visitors to Great Dane’s booth will have the opportunity to learn about and sign up for the company’s AdvantEDGE Aftermarket Parts and Service program. The AdvantEDGE program connects members to a nationwide network of authorized service locations. Members have access to 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, controlled ordering and invoicing, up-front estimates, competitive labor rates, and signature parts price protection. Pre-Owned Program Great Dane will also be highlighting its Pre-Owned Trailers program in the booth. In the past year, the company has bolstered its pre-owned trailer program as the dominating industry leader for dependable and cost-conscious solutions to pre-owned trailers. Visitors to Great Dane’s booth can learn more about how this program utilizes the company’s vast nationwide network of branches and dealerships to help customers quickly and easily expand or reduce their fleets to meet business demands. Equipment Finally, Great Dane will be displaying six pieces of equipment in its booth. The equipment will include a 53-foot Champion Composite dry van equipped with FleetPulse and Great Dane’s aerodynamic system prototype; a 53-foot Everest Single-Temp refrigerated trailer equipped with FleetPulse and Great Dane’s aerodynamic system prototype; a 48-foot Freedom LT steelaluminum combo flatbed trailer; a Sahara Sheet and Post dry freight truck body designed exclusively for Reyes Holdings, LLC; an Alpine refrigerated truck body designed exclusively for Performance Food Group; and a Johnson RSeries composite refrigerated truck body.


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because you can’t stop. vDIAw qknIk nUM cldw r`Kx leI Aqy murMmq dw kMm smyN isr mukwaux leI, quhwnUM loV hY vDIAw tYknISnW dI[ swfy Cummins dy PYktrI srtIPweIf tYknISIAn dIAW syvwvW, pUry au`qrI AmrIkw ‘c s`qy idn 24 GMty auplbD hn Aqy auh sdw hI quhwnUM bhuq hI vDIAw syvwvW Aqy shwieqw dyx leI vcnb`D hn[ sPr c`ldw r`Ko[ swfI vY`bsweIt ‘qy jwE jW swnMU 1-800-CUMMINS™ ‘qy &on kro[ NATIONAL MAGAZINE



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Profile for Creative Minds

Desi Trucking November - December 2019 (National Magazine)  

Desi Trucking November - December 2019 (National Magazine)