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Vol.11 - Issue 2 Mar/Apr 2020

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Since 1989

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2019-04-04 10:24 AM NATIONAL MAGAZINE





Pay & Benefits At Challenger, our drivers enjoy a new, leading pay package. We reward hard work with our higher First Class rates, safety bonuses and benefits (from day one for experienced drivers), employee assistance plan and employee discounts. We welcome quality drivers from all walks of life and experience levels. Drivers also get paid for the driving experience they have, even if they drove for someone else before Challenger. Want to join the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada? We cover the first year of membership for our female drivers. Simply, we offer a rounded First Class experience at Challenger – starting with leading pay and compensation.

Hiring Professional Drivers! We’re hiring AZ / Class 1 Drivers. Also seeking Owner Operators. Contact us today!

www.challenger.com/firstclass | recruiting@challenger.com | 1 800 334 5142 NATIONAL MAGAZINE





Ace Truck Repairs ............................ 41 ASL Global Logistics ......................... 31 CBS Parts Ltd .....................................15 Challenger ....................................... 03 Champion Towing .............................. 39 Cool Heat Truck Parts ...................... 45 Cool-it Hiway Services ....................... 13 Collins Truck Bodies ........................ 38 Cummins .......................................... 55 First Truck Centre ............................... 17 G & G Trucking Solutions ................... 40 Glasvan Great Dane .......................... 27 Howes Lubricators ........................... 19 Inland Kenworth .......................... 11& 39 JD Factors ..........................................02 Key West Express Ltd ....................... 28 Light Speed Logistics Inc ................. 29 Multi-play Wholesale ........................38 New Malwa Express .......................... 30 North Coast Trucking Ltd .................. 28 Ocean Trailer ............................. 39 & 53 Pacific Inland Powertrain...................41 Peterbilt .......................................... 56 Pike Enterprises Ltd .......................... 41 Safety Driven .................................... 47 Shadow Group of Companies ........ 29

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Shergill Transport Ltd ....................... 29 Shift to Winter ................................... 23 The Gear Centre ................................ 49 Titan Truck & Trailer Parts Ltd. ............ 40 Total Lubricants .............................. 51 Transam Carriers Inc. ....................... 12 Transcore ......................................... 05 TRP The Heavy Duty Truck Parts .... 43 Truckers Together ........................... 20 Watt & Stewart Commodities Inc ..... 28 XTCC (Kool Dudes) ............................. 27 4



Editor’s Note / sMpwdkI “IT’S AMAZING WHAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH IF YOU DON’T CARE WHO GETS THE CREDIT.” Harry Truman got it right with these words. Rather than working together in a joint effort, in today’s fast paced world, more and more people are falling into the dog eat dog world mentality. Yes, there may be a few who achieve success through this mindset, but such successes are usually short lived. Great teamwork accomplishes great results, and this is seen over and over again in so many facets of life and business. From fictional stories to factual documentaries, the common theme of the joys and successes brought about teamwork and partnerships is almost always evident. Jag Dhatt

A clear example of great teamwork and partnership happened when Volvo Trucks launched their new electric trucks, part of their LIGHTS project, with JGK Media Inc. being invited to Fontana, California to drive them. Volvo Trucks partnered with many organizations in an effort to improve the transport industry. Read about the LIGHTS project in this issue. Our cover article also touches on the importance of teamwork when recruiting new drivers. Rather than having a revolving door, Ray Gompf suggests it’s better to treat your fleet drivers like part of the team, and recognize their efforts, so that they are retained rather than replaced. Even in a small business, working together as a team to accomplish goals rather than focusing on individual successes will build not only a bigger and stronger business, but will most likely result in higher profits.

Publisher JGK Media Inc. | 1-877-598-3374 (Desi)

Editor-In-Chief Jag Dhatt

Advertising & Sales Jag Dhatt (National / Western Canada) Stephen Alford (Eastern Canada)

Art Director Ranjit Singh

Creative Head Ranjit Singh

IT Manager

My father gave me a very simple piece of advice on the importance of teamwork. He said that five individual fingers on your hand are easy to break separately; however, if they come together into a fist, then they are stronger.

Ranj Bhamra

Thus, build your company by encouraging teamwork; lead by example, but always focus on success rather than who should get the credit.

Harjinder Nagi

Cover Design

Contributing Writers

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Pash Brar; Jag Dhatt; Ray Gompf; Ron Dhaliwal; Staff Reporters

Translator Tirath S. Khabra

JAG DHATT Corporate VP, Marketing

National Accounts

Eastern Canada

Cell: 604-767-4433 E: jag@jgkmedia.ca

Cell: 416-875-3820 E: info@jgkmedia.ca

Address: #235 - 8138, 128 Street, Surrey BC V3W 1R1

Address: 2 Robert Speck Pkwy, Suite 750, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1H8 F: 604-598-9264

F: 604-598-9264

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Postmaster if undeliverable Canadian Address to #235-8138 128 St., Surrey BC V3W 1R1


Take the wheel Revolutionary control at your fingertips

Volvo Dynamic Steering makes driving easier. Driving strain is reduced because steering requires less effort. It compensates for sidewinds and removes vibrations from rough roads. Backing is simpler as well, thanks to the automatic return to center. With Dynamic Steering, it’s good to be in the driver’s seat. Learn more at volvotrucks.ca




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G. Ray Gompf


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he question on how to attract new drivers is a question that’s plagued the trucking industry since horses were the mode of power. The answer isn’t one that can be stated as an absolute. What works for one person will turn another running for the hills. To attract new drivers, carriers must treat their current drivers like gold. In fact, those current drivers are your gold. They are the face of your organization. They are often your one and only contact point for your customers. It is them who leave that lasting impression on your customers be it good or bad. Therefore, those current drivers must exude the message you, as the carrier, want to convey. Carriers spend copious amounts of money on logos, image consulting, ensuring vehicles are clean and neat, that equipment is up to snuff at all times, and that their names makes a good impression on those who see it. Some of these carriers then scrimp on the drivers that are left to their own devices. Carriers don’t seem to give a whit about chemistry, matching the right person to their values. There is very little time spent truly verifying driver qualifications, experience, deportment, even attitude. That driver who comes to you looking for a job, either as a company driver or as an owner operator, wearing boots that aren’t tied up laces, dragging enough to trip a person four feet away, jeans that needed a washing three months ago and his personal vehicle looks like the garbage receptacle at McDonalds when it is over flowing probably isn’t the image of your front line operator you need. Resumes can look good but never tell the whole story. Just as you, the carrier, have your standards that you should insist on full compliance, the driver pool has individual people with standards of their own which they will not compromise. The driver/carrier relationship isn’t like the normal employer/ employee relationship. The driver isn’t under the normal 10


scrutiny other types of employees are. The level of supervision must be totally remote; a level of trust has to be established in both directions. Without absolute trust, the relationship quickly devolves into a genuine hate relationship. Those drivers and, for the most part, the majority of carriers and drivers who have developed that trust factor truly enjoy their relationship and it can be long term, even an entire career in length. It takes only one trust breaking event to kill the carrier/driver relationship. If the driver is presenting the Carriers image well, the Carriers must be prepared to go to bat for drivers when those situations arise. There isn’t a carrier that hasn’t had a complaint about the way a driver drives. Usually, these complaints have little or no basis when investigated and can be written off as a “truck hater” situation. In this day and age of cameras in everyone’s cell phone, even photographic “evidence” can be easily manipulated to make it look as the complainer wants. Carriers need to install on board cameras with as close to 360-degree vision around the vehicle to protect that driver, protect themselves from frivolous law suits from those ever present “haters”. Now, one of the most critical issues and one that seems to cause the most consternation among drivers is “home time”. Home time should be sacred. When a driver is “off” on home time the carriers MUST never ever break that home time. Drivers put up with long periods of absence from their families so when they do have scheduled time with families it’s extremely critical they be left alone until the scheduled time off has expired. NATIONAL MAGAZINE


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started with another company two days later. I’d worked for the offending company for many years at this point.

I recall, I quit working for a company because they missed my twenty fifth wedding anniversary. I warned them six months in advance that this was going to be my twenty fifth anniversary and that my children were undoubtedly planning on something to mark the occasion. Every week or so, I would remind them to ensure I had this time at home. As the date approached, it wasn’t shaping up that I was going to be even close to home. I warned them again the need for me to be home. Two days before my anniversary, I was still under load almost 1800 miles from home. I dropped the under load wagon in their yard and bob tailed home arriving slightly late but at least on time for the suspected party. I took the plates off my truck and sent them back by courier and






The point is, don’t mess with home time; it is that critical. Pay is something else with which you don’t mess. For the most part, carriers seem to think that productivity is the only way to pay. If the wheels aren’t turning, the truck isn’t earning. So, carriers pay drivers based on the wheels turning and don’t pay (generally) for other duties required of the driver. Loading and unloading is a big one. Shippers and receivers alike abuse drivers constantly by demanding free labour. Government mandated vehicle inspections and paper work (now ELogs) often absorbing more than an hour per shift aren’t paid. The carriers that even acknowledge this free labour get respected. Carriers may not pay for it on payday but a yearly bonus to recognize free labour is welcome and goes a long way to maintaining a good U L relationship.




/ rriers.com transamca s


Please, contact James Taylor: 416-907-8101 x5 Toll-Free: 877-907-8101 Address: 205 Doney Crescent, Concord, ON L4K 1P6 Email: hr@transamcarriers.com NEW!






Exceed your potential. Let our fleet be your home.

To this point not one word has been written about “attracting new drivers”. The point is that truck drivers talk amongst themselves constantly. Drivers know those carriers for which they’d drive. They also know those carriers for which they wouldn’t even consider. It’s not all the large carriers that boost they are winners of some award or another. It doesn’t matter. What matters is home time when they need home time and proper pay when it’s been earned. Don’t let your recruiter even slightly exaggerate the actual ways and means. Under promise and over deliver. Good carrier reputations amongst the driver pool keeps carrier truck seats full. Freight to haul isn’t as hard to find as making sure you have the right people in those truck seats representing your reputation. NATIONAL MAGAZINE

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received an email from Old Surrey Restaurant describing their anniversary special menu and when I read the menu I got excited! Crab cakes, Caesar salad, a filet mignon with lobster tail and nitro ice cream made at the table for only $65! For value that’s great! I forwarded the email to my friend in Seattle, and when he came up to visit, I made a reservation. I made sure I ate a light lunch that day. As we pulled up I noticed they had advertised the special on the board outside. As we parked I remembered eating here previously and didn’t enjoy it. To get in the restaurant you climb a set of steep stairs to the heritage home that houses it. I had to climb the stairs with a broken ankle previously and was not happy at all and the food that time wasn’t very good. I don’t know if they have a ramp, but I didn’t see one. We were seated in a nice corner. There are photos of logging days from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The home was built in 1918 on an old logging camp and the restaurant is celebrating it’s 46th year in operation. I had come from a boxing session at the gym and was starving! I dove in the amuse bouche right away, which was a bit of flat bread garnished with roasted garlic and a balsamic reduction. I also enjoyed the warm bread and butter for the table. The crab cakes came next. They were small and served with some mango salsa.



They were ok but nothing spectacular and the mango was out of season. The next course of Ceasar Salad was nice. It was made at the table and a very generous portion was given. We learned about our waiter’s past life moving from Winnipeg as he made the salad. Freshly made dressing which isn’t too heavy and creamy was nice. I like a lighter dressing. Next melted butter was presented, which was a precursor to the main course; the lobster tail and filet mignon. I ate it because I was starving, but I will say this; It was NOT good. The worst steak I think I’ve ever had! The sauce was awful! It’s not hard to heat up a previously frozen lobster tail, so that was ok. The vegetables of bell pepper slices were bland and flavorless. The only good thing were the little potato coquettes. The final course was a nitro vanilla ice cream which is made at the table. That too was fun to watch being made and we were offered a choice of strawberry

or chocolate sauce. I took a bit of both sauces. The ice cream is good but I’ve had a lot better ice cream at Birchwood Dairy in Abbotsford and Edaleen Dairy in Washington State. Every other person dining in the restaurant had also ordered the anniversary special. One guy had set up a camera and filmed the whole experience. In Surrey there really isn’t a special occasion restaurant other than this Old Surrey Restaurant. It’s a nice experience, but the food just isn’t that great. In fact, I even cancelled my Valentine’s Day reservation. I don’t ever want to go back. My previous visit with the broken ankle had bad food and so did this experience. I can’t do bad food and I’m done with this restaurant unless they get a better chef!

13483 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2N7





You Finally Paid Your Equipment Off! A

s a leasing representative, it always brings me joy to see a trucking company or lease operator work hard and pay off the equipment they purchased. It takes years of dedicated payments and lots of hard work, but once it’s paid off, you must consider a few things. One thing I find very strange is when equipment is paid off, why the ownership title isn’t changed right away. I’ve bought lots of equipment where the insurance shows a leasing company or bank name on the insurance as owning the title. Later it’s frustrating to find out that the equipment was paid off months or even years earlier. The ownership was never changed at the time of the equipment being paid off, and now I get delayed because paperwork must be requested from a financial institution that no longer has any interest in the equipment. The bank was already paid in full, so now this piece of paid off equipment is not a priority. If you do payoff your equipment, change ownership right away and don’t leave the bank involved. If the equipment is in an accident or someone else is buying it, the bank will not be happy doing paperwork for equipment that was already paid off long ago. I had a lease operator pay off his truck 6 months prior and didn’t transfer the truck. The truck was written off in an accident and the leasing company had to spend literally thousands of dollars doing 16


insurance paperwork when they shouldn’t have. Don’t let your financial institution hold title on paid off equipment. When your equipment is paid off, it’s time to consider if it should be replaced. It may have been bought used or new, and now you used it for several years. Is it time to replace it? The time to replace is when the equipment still has some value in it. If you wait too long, it may lose value, become worthless or be in constant need of repair. Many use the existing equipment as a trade in lieu of a down payment for the purchase of some new equipment. Using a trade also has some tax saving incentives. If you were leasing your equipment, you would be using the payments as tax write offs. Now that the equipment is paid, is the loss of the tax write off going to impact your taxes? I often find that many accountants will recommend their client to either get a new piece of equipment to lease or do another lease for the equipment that was just paid off to receive a tax write off again. I think it’s ingrained into everyone’s minds to pay off things as soon as possible, but when running a business, that may not be an incentive because the tax write offs are needed to offset taxes owed. I find many clients want to lease back paid off equipment in order to gain some cash. Whether you want savings for

Pash Brar

emergencies, savings for future equipment repairs or savings to buy real estate, taking money from your paid off equipment gives many the cash they need in times of need. It gives you cash to buy a potentially appreciating asset like real estate and at the same time gives you tax write offs. I find the most common uses are to use the cash for some major repair work on a truck or to purchase a home. We all may look forward to the day when we no longer need to make payments toward our equipment, but other things need to be considered to help your business. Depreciating assets may become a hindrance if held too long and it might be time to replace it. Costly and continual repairs may impede work which can cost you money in downtime and decrease the value when it’s time to sell. So, when your payment is nearing the time to payoff, it’s a good idea to check how mechanically sound your equipment is and the current value of it. Check the cost of replacing it and do you need an emergency cash fund. It’s also time to discuss with your accountant about any possible tax repercussions. Regardless of what you decide, also make sure to work with your financial institution to get the equipment transferred to your name as soon as it’s paid off, so you have control over your equipment no matter what you decide. NATIONAL MAGAZINE




AKIr ‘c qusIN Awpxy aupkrn dw krzw cukw hI id`qw! by: Pash Brar

ie`k lIz pRqIinD hox dy nwqy jdoN mYN vyKdI hW ik iksy tr`ikMg kMpnI jW lIz Eprytr ny s^q imhnq krky, jo smwn aunHW ny KRIidAw sI aus dw, krzw auqwr id`qw hY, qW mYnMU bhuq hI KuSI huMdI hY[ krzw auqwrn leI swlW b`DI smyN isr ikSqW dyx dw sMklp Aqy bhuq izAwdw s^q imhnq krnI pYNdI hY[ pr jdoN ie`k vwr ieh krzw l`Q jWdw hY qW quhwnMU ku`J ie`k g`lW iDAwn ‘c r`KxIAW zrUrI hn[ ie`k g`l jo mYnMU bhuq hI AjIb lgdI hY auh ieh hY ik jdoN aupkrn dw swrw krzw l`Q jWdw hY qW aus dy tweItl ‘qy mwlk dw nWA aus vyly hI bdilAw ikEN nhIN jWdw[ mYN bhuq swrw smwn KRIidAw hY ijs dy ieMSorYNs pyprW ‘qy lIizMg kMpnI jW bYNk dw nWA mwlk vjoN iliKAw hoieAw huMdw hY[ bwAd ‘c ieh pqw l`gxw, ik aupkrn, Bwv smwn dw krzw keI mhIny jW ie`QoN q`k ik keI swl pihlW hI auqwr id`qw igAw sI, bhuq hI BMbl BUsy pYdw kr idMdw hY[ pr



glqI ieh hoeI ik jdoN swrw krzw lwh id`qw igAw sI audoN mwlkI Awpxy nWA nhIN krvweI geI[ pr hux aus ivqI Adwry qoN, ijs dI hux aupkrn ‘c koeI idlcspI nhIN hY, kwgz p`qr lYx leI bynqI krnI pYNdI hY qy ies ‘c kwPI smW Krwb ho jWdw hY[ bYNk jW pihly ivqI Adwry dw swrw krzw moV id`qw hox krky hux aunHW v`loN ies smwn ‘qy kMm krn nMU pihl nhIN id`qI jWdI[ qusIN jdoN vI Awpxy smwn dw krzw lwh idMdy ho qW aus smyN hI quhwnMU ies dI mlkIAq Awpxy nWA krvw lYxI cwhIdI hY qy bYNk dI koeI vI SmUlIAq ies ‘c nhIN rihx dyxI cwhIdI[ pr jd auh smwn jW aupkrn iksy AYksIfYNt ‘c nukswnI jwvy jW aus nUM koeI hor KRId irhw hovy qW bYNk vwLy auh smwn, ijsdw krzw bhuqw smW pihlW hI auqwr id`qw igAw huMdw hY, kwgzI kMm krn vyly bhuqI KuSI nwL iqAwr nhIN hoxgy[ myry koL vI ie`k ies qrHW dw kys AwieAw sI jdoN ie`k lIz Awprytr ny 6 mhIny pihlW swrw krzw qW moV id`qw


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Kate Rahn At the Reigns of Peterbilt Canada kyt rwhn bxI pItriblt knyfw dI muKI


hen Peterbilt Motor Company announced Kate Rahn as the head of Sales and Marketing for Canada in September, 2019, it was the voice of many that it was a well-deserved appointment, and we concur. Prior to her appointment with Peterbilt, Rahn spent the last two years as the Vice President of Sales for BlackBerry®. Before Blackberry, she worked with Shaw Communications for twenty years, as the National Director, Sales and Marketing and as Director, Business Operations & Marketing. In both of these positions, Rahn was invaluable in growing the brand into new sectors. “I am honored to join the Peterbilt team. Peterbilt is an iconic brand with a proud tradition of superior quality and durability,” said Kate Rahn, Peterbilt’s new Regional Sales & Marketing Manager for Canada. “Being a part of a company that focuses on putting the customer first and finding all the ways we can help drive uptime and efficiencies to support our customer’s profitability is truly an honour. My team and I will be working with every Peterbilt dealership in Canada to ensure we continue to build on this legacy.” Among her strong skill set, Rahn excels in growing brand reach by building strong relationships with not only her team, but with her client base. Many have commented on Rahn’s ability to connect and find the best solutions for every customer’s needs.

jdoN sqMbr 2019 ‘c pItriblt motr kMpnI ny kyt rwhn knyfw ‘c kMpnI dI sylz Aqy mwrkIitMg dI muKI bxwaux sbMDI AYlwn kIqw sI qW bhuq swry lokW ny ies nUM shI PYslw d`isAw sI Aqy auh ies ‘c kwmXwb vI rhI[ pItriblt dI inXukqI qoN pihlW auh do swl q`k blYkbyrI dI vweIs pRYzIfYNt rhI[ ies qoN pihlW aus ny SwA kimaunIkySnz nwl nYSnl fwierYktr, sylz Aqy mwrkIitMg fwierYktr vjoN Aqy ibzns AwprySnz Aqy mwrkIitMg ‘c 20 swl kMm kIqw[ ies smyN ‘c auh ies bRYNf nUM nvyN KyqrW ‘c phuMcwaux ‘c bhuq kwmXwb rhI[ knyfw ‘c pItriblt di nvIN bxI irjnl sylz Aqy mwrkIitMg mYnyjr kyt rwhn dw kihxw hY ik aus nUM ies kMpnI dI tIm ‘c Swml ho ky bhuq mwx mihsUs ho irhw hY[ aus dw ieh vI kihxw hY ik pItriblt AwpxI vDIAw iksm Aqy hMFxswrqw krky bhuq mShUr hY[aus dw mMnxw hY ik aus kMpnI nwL kMm krnw ijhVI ik gwhk dy ih`qW nUM mùK r`KdI Aqy ijhVI gwhk nUM lwB phuMcwaux dy audyS nUM vI swhmxy r`KdI hY, ie`k bhuq mwx vwLI g`l hY[ aus ny ieh zkIn duAwieAw hY ik auh Aqy aus dI tIm knyfw ‘c aunHW iprqW ‘qy kMm krdI rhygI ijhVIAW ik pItriblt ny pweIAW hn[ bRWf dI iv`krI nMU vDwaux leI rwhn AwpxI tIm nwL mzbUq sbMD sQwpq krn dy nwL nwL gwhkW nwL vI vDIAw sbMD sqwpq krn dyy mzbUq hunr dI mwlk hY[ bhuq lokW ny rwhn dy Awpxy gwhkW nwL juV ky aunHW dIAW loVHW muqwbk vDIAw h`l l`Bx dI Xogqw nMU bhuq srwihAw hY[

Not a stranger to long work days, Rahn ensures that she finds the time to answer inquiries and make calls even after the office has closed. “It’s not easy, but finding balance is key to ensuring success in all areas of work and life,” says Rahn. Rahn received her undergraduate degree from the University of Saskatchewan and her MBA from Queen’s University. She is based out of Peterbilt’s Mississauga office and manages the Canadian sales team, as well as works closely with the Peterbilt dealerships in Canada.

rwhn leI rozwnw keI GMty kMm krnw koeI AjIb g`l nhIN hY[ auh pùCy gey svwlW dy jvwb dyx leI smW zrUr k`FdI hY[ dPqr dw smW jy Kqm vI jwvy auh iPr vI sB svwlW dw jvwb idMdI hY[ aus dw kihxw hY ieh sB krnw ieMnw sOKw qW nhIN pr rozwnw jIvn Aqy kMm ‘c sMquln bxw ky kwmXwbI pRwpq krn leI ieh zrUurI hY[ rwhn ny AwpxI AMfrgRYjUeyt fI ifgrI sskYcvW XUnIvristI qoN Aqy AYm bI ey dI kueInz XUnIvristI qoN pRwpq kIqI hY[aus dw pItriblt dw ieh dPqr imsIswgw ‘c hY[ aus dI zuMmyvwrI knyfw dI ivkrI tIm dw kMmkwj vyKxw hY Aqy nwl hI auh knyfw iv`clIAW pItriblt dIAW fIlriSp kMpnIAW dw iDAwn vI r`KdI hY[

Peterbilt Motors Company, located in Denton, Texas, has a global reputation for superior quality, industry leading design, innovative engineering and fuel-efficient solutions, and is recognized as the “Class” of the industry.

jy g`l krIey knyfw dI pItriblt motrz kMpnI dIAW SwKwvW jo ik fYNtn Aqy tYkswz ‘c hn, ienHW dI vDIAw iksm dy vwhnW Aqy aus dy ifzwien dy nwL nwL ienHW dI qyl dI kPwieq Aqy ieMjnIAirMg dw kmwl ieMfstrI ‘c bhuq vDIAw sQwn ‘qy hY[




Works over 150 locations across Canada.

Whether you have a small or medium fleet, your company is eligible.


Truckers Together Fuel Services NATIONAL MAGAZINE

info@truckerstogether.ca MARCH - APRIL 2020


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Magnum Expands Warehouse & Launches Quick Ship Program


bbotsford, BC - Magnum Trailer & Equipment Inc, a manufacturer and service provider for the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry, has added an additional 7,300 ft² to their warehouse facility in Abbotsford. That expansion has enabled the launch of a new Quick Ship Program that will increase inventory levels and reduce lead times on shipping. David McLucas, VP of Truck Accessories for Magnum Trailer & Equipment said, “We have changed our manufacturing model to enable larger stocking of high moving products that will reduce delivery lead time for customers and make life easier for our dealers and distributors.”    The new program will allow dealers to minimize carrying large amounts of these products and practice just-in-time inventory management. The Quick Ship Program is designed for next day shipping and reduced lead times  on a wide selection of Magnum’s most popular Moose and Tube Bumpers, Chain Hangers and Cab Guards.  While the overall warehouse footprint has increased by 20% the inventory storage capacity has doubled.

CONDITIONS CHANGE. BE PREPARED AND PLAN AHEAD. The safety of your employees is your responsibility, including when they’re behind the wheel. Take steps to reduce the increased risks they face during winter conditions. Download our free winter driving safety toolkit at ShiftIntoWinter.ca.



DriveBC.ca MARCH - APRIL 2020






A National South-Asian Magazine for the Canadian Trucking Industry


Vol. 11 - Issue 1 JAN / FEB 2020



Being Alone on the Road


t takes a strong person to be independent. A self-starter, someone who is self-motivated tends to come to mind here. Being independent as a commercial driver also means someone who works alone and is often away from their family and friends. That can be a tough pill to swallow for some, but many people do it and many people do it successfully. Ever wonder how they cope and survive out there? Being alone is a physical thing but being lonely is an emotion. There is a difference with how you cope. Many of us work alone. It may be on an assembly line, in an office or out on the road. That’s okay because when you’re focused, you’ll get a lot of work accomplished. Some consider their vehicle as an office. Being lonely is a different matter and must be dealt with differently. Being distracted by your lonely thoughts can seriously affect your ability to safely operate your vehicle. It’s no secret that your mind must be on the driving task each time you hit the road, so what can you do if you’re feeling lonely? First, consider a job in an office or factory 26


would mean you would be away from your family for 8, 10 or 12 hours at a time as well, so consider driving a commercial vehicle similar. Recognize you have a job to do to support your family, but it’s the afterhours when you may miss them most. If you’re feeling lonely, one way to get your spirits up is to remember the fun and good times you’ve had with family and friends. Get your photos out from your phone. Photos help to bring back those fun memories of the times you’ve had with family and friends. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud. It’s good for your soul. Making regular phone calls home always seems to help keep up to date with family affairs. More than one call per day can make it seem like you’re with them. Everyone can update each other on their daily activities. Video calls such as Skype or Facetime during rest periods are even better. Make it fun, laugh and enjoy the time, just like when you’re all together. Seeing a smiling face always seems to bring relief to loneliness. It’s been known that time drags on when you’re not doing so much. Staying busy,

whether it’s work-related or otherwise can help keep your mind off the loneliness and being away from family. It’s often when you have time to yourself that loneliness sets in, especially during special days such as holidays, family day and birthdays. Staying busy with activities during time off helps to keep your mind away from family and being preoccupied helps to pass the time. Go to the movies, read that book you’ve been putting off, sight-seeing or hanging out with co-workers can pass the time away in a pleasant manner until you can return home. Remember that what you’re doing as a commercial driver is appreciated by many people; your employer, your customers and your family. Embrace the time you have as valuable. When you do get home, spend time with family as a continuation of the time you’ve spent talking to them online or the phone. You’ll enjoy it that much more.

Source: Safety Driven: Trucking Safety Council of BC




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2017 Utility 53’ Flat Floor Swing Door Reefer with Thermo King C600 5950 hours

2015 Manac 53’ Tridem Combo Stepdeck, low pro 22.5 tires

2017 Great Dane 53’ Swing Door Dry Van, Aluminum rims, Disc Brakes, Tire Inflation-Deflation, 3 rows of horizontal log track

2014 Great Dane 48’ Reefer, Carrier Dual Temp 10900 hours

2008 Great Dane 53’ Tridem Flat Floor Reefers with low hour Carrier 2100 units

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Company Drivers & Owner Operators ASL Global Logistics, The Cooler Carrier invites you to join our organization.

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The Volvo LIGHTS Program

(Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions)

A First Drive Experience in Volvo’s Electric Truck By: Jag Dhatt


ontana, CA: “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” These words, by Harry Truman, were used by Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO, Volvo Group, and they speak volumes of the values, philosophies, and visions of the truck manufacturer; to make a difference in the industry, all invested parties must work together, and this is what’s happening with Volvo LIGHTS. In February of 2020, JGK Media Inc. was invited to Fontana, California to be one of the first to drive Volvo’s new electric truck, which is being launched under the name “Volvo LIGHTS”. LIGHTS is short for Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions, and according to Lundstedt, it is a public and private partnership that will drive prosperity through transport solutions. What’s important to note is that Volvo LIGHTS is, “not a pilot program. It’s a solution to an energy issue that is being executed now,” said Peter Voorhoeve, President, Volvo Trucks North America. And executed it is for sure. 32


Volvo has partnered with TEC Equipment, which is proud to be part of the LIGHTS program. Dave Thompson, President, TEC Equipment, says that its new, state-of-the-art Fontana facility, which is the 2nd largest Volvo dealership in the world, is ready for electrification. “We are ready to support 15 Volvo electric trucks in this facility,” said Thompson. “In order to support the move towards electric trucks, we had to make sure that the support was there, and TEC Equipment is fully ready.” As we had reported earlier, the Volvo LIGHTS project will have a staggered approach for implementation. Initially, heavy-duty, battery electric trucks and equipment will reliably move freight between two major ports and inland warehouses with less noise and zero emissions. “There’s no tailpipe, no noise in and out of the truck,” said Brett Pope, Director of Electromobility, Volvo Trucks NA. “One of the biggest complaints of heavy trucks is the amount of noise pollution they put out. And with some of these trucks moving freight at both early and late hours, it affects the community NATIONAL MAGAZINE

in which they work. With the new Volvo electric truck, we’ve eliminated both noise and emissions pollution.” The move towards electrification in the automotive industry was prevalent many years ago, especially with Tesla taking the initial leading role; now, almost every manufacturer is doing their part to become part of the solution. For the heavy truck side, the surge is now, and it’s not only about concerns of fuel. By moving towards electric trucks, Volvo says it will cut air pollution, make quieter cities, and of course, meet societal demands on finding new energy sources for the transportation industry. And in order to experience all the Volvo electric truck has to offer, we had the opportunity to drive it on the track in Fontana. There were four electric trucks that we had the opportunity to test, and I chose the VNR electric, with no load. The interior of the Volvo VNR electric is familiar; there’s not much difference except for minor details that tell it’s electric. Of course, the gauges reflect the battery levels vs fuel levels. With electric trucks, there is only one gear and this technology works well. After turning on the electric VNR, I simply put it into Drive and began the path along the racetrack. The electric VNR proved


itself immediately, pulling fast from the start. My driving instructor told me that the trucks we were testing had the torque settings lowered for this drive route. It was more for us to get a feel of the truck than actually showing its real torque and power. Driving around the route on the racetrack was amazing – yes, I’ve driven regular diesel-powered trucks before, but this was a different experience all together. As Brett Pope had mentioned, there was no noise at all. It was quiet and in fact, the drone flying overhead capturing video was louder than the VNR electric. According to Volvo management, these test trucks were not prototypes but ones that will actually run on the roads in the greater Los Angeles district. Currently, in its initial phase, the LIGHTS project will run routes that range in distance from 120km to 280km. That’s impressive considering this is just the beginning. It was also made clear that this event in Fontana was not the actual commercial launch of LIGHTS – this was to showcase the technology and actual numbers for range, charging, battery capacities, and other specifics will be shared later in the year at a commercial launch event. Electrification for the transport industry is on the horizon, and Volvo LIGHTS is making a bold move in the right direction. With sustainability being an important buzz word in today’s world, Volvo trucks, along with their partnerships, is doing what they can to bring good solutions to the transport industry.



2020 GENESIS G90

by: : Jag Dhatt

Germans Better Keep Watch


hen it was announced in 2015 that Genesis Motor LLC would be an independent brand, there were a few sceptics (yours truly being one of them), especially since the brand wanted to compete with the established luxury giants. My eyes did rise when the brand unveiled its first car, the G90 in 2016. When the G80 was launched the year after, people began to take notice. And finally, little brother G70 made its debut and in 2019, won the title of North American Car of the Year. That’s a pretty impressive first five years for the brand, considering its aim is to only build luxury vehicles. The first G90s were already good cars, trying to rival the likes of the BMW 7-series and the Mercedes S-class; however, even though initial impressions were good, Genesis was not a comparative foe. But that didn’t stop Genesis; the brand spent time, energy, and money to make the 2020 G90 even better, and it is much much better. When first looking at the 2020 G90, your vision falls on those wheels, beautiful 19” G-matrix dish type wheels that Genesis says were inspired by light reflecting off an illuminated diamond. Yes, they look amazing, but trust me, they’ll be a pain to clean. The wheels pair nicely with the massive front grille, giving this luxury sedan presence on the road. The hood is lower and sleeker, matched nicely with quad lamp headlights. The wheelbase has been upped to 3, 160 mm, thanks to shorter front and rear overhangs. This allows more, much more, legroom for rear passengers. I’ve got a couple of friends who are over 6’2” and even they could stretch their legs. The overall look of the car is quite nice and appealing, with very few, if any, saying that it doesn’t have all the credentials of luxury look. Kudos to the design team for doing a fantastic job. Even the interior is on par with what you’d expect in a luxury sedan. The massive center console is angled, like what you’d 34


find in the Audi A8 and it’s a great look. There’s a beautiful combination of supple Nappa leather, suede, wood and brushed metal. The materials are soft to the touch and every aspect of them rival the German interiors, but at a much lower price. The seats are seriously chesterfield quality and comfort. The driver enjoys 22-way adjustable seats while the front passenger has, alas, only an 16-way adjustable seat. Sheesh, I’m thinking back to 10 years ago when 8-way adjustability was impressive. Since this is the G90, rear passengers also have reclining seats, and if you’re behind the front passenger, you have the ability to push the front seat further forward for even more of a recline. According to Genesis, the South Korean president’s daily drive is a G90 and it’s perfectly fitting. I had the opportunity to not only drive the G90 as a daily driver around the GVRD, I also took it to an event in Kamloops. Driving the Coquihalla was effortless, both on the G90 and on me. I simply enjoyed the comfort of the seats, the music from the sound system and the blur of the scenery passing me by. Writing that the ride is comfortable is an understatement; it’s soft, quiet, cushy, and reminded me of our 1978 Pontiac Parisienne. The base power plant is the naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 that puts out 420HP and 383 lb-ft of torque to an impressive all-wheel drive system. And let me tell you, this motor is butter smooth. While it may not pull as fast as the competition, drivers will not find the need for more power. Remember, this is a luxury sedan and not a race car. Yes, there is Sport mode and you can feel the difference in the steering, throttle response and even the exhaust note. I used the various modes, but in all honesty, kept it in Normal because it’s what the car is built for. Now, there is a factory order turbocharged 3.3L V6 that is available and although I didn’t have the chance to drive a G90 fitted with that configuration, I think it would also suffice for this car. The Genesis 3.3L is a gem of a motor, and costs about $3000 less than the less-efficient V8. You really can’t go wrong with either choice. NATIONAL MAGAZINE


The G90’s V8 is mated to a responsive 8-speed automatic transmission. Shifts are smooth and effortless, and you really can’t even feel them, unless pushing the car hard. If you put the car in Sport mode, use the paddle shifters to make the drive slightly more exhilarating. Even around town, the G90 proves to be a nimble car. Steering is light for every day driving and thus, turning it to park or get out of tight spots is quite easy. A really cool feature of the G90 (and other Genesis models) is the pop-up window between the gauge clusters in the dash that shows either the left or right side of the vehicle depending on which side turn signal is activated. Similar to the Honda Lanewatch, I find the Genesis system better because it offers views of both sides and the image is where the eyes naturally migrate to, rather than on the infotainment screen. Speaking of the infotainment system, Genesis engineers and designers did a fantastic job. Supported by a huge 12.9” center touchscreen, not only is the system intuitive, it’s easy enough for an newbie to use. What’s more is that the system is fast and glitch-free. Everything from pairing your phone to selecting favourite stations is a breeze. Voice control works well and Bluetooth reception is very good, as expected. One gripe that I should share is that the system is very similar to other Genesis, and…cough, dare I say, some Hyundai models. I would have


expected the interface to be slightly different considering the G90 is aimed at a different market. And yes, for you cell phone ecosystem fanatics, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are supported. One really cool feature that needs to be mentioned is the automatic driver seat programming. Rather than select the correct position manually and then set it as a favourite, Genesis allows you to input your height, weight, inseam and voila, the correct seating position is suggested for you. I did try it and honestly, it felt pretty good. The Genesis brand is fairly new to the world of luxury vehicles, and that’s never a bad thing. With a new brand comes new visions, ideas, and hopefully vehicles that are different than those we’ve been become accustomed. The 2020 G90 is a perfect example of Genesis taking on the established luxury brands, but at a much more attractive price. Will the G90 win over those considering buying a Mercedes S-class, BMW 7-series, or even an Audi A8? Immediately, maybe not; but I mean it’s also hard to have a diehard Ford F150 owner get into a GMC Sierra. But if buyers keep an open mind and focus on what the G90 offers, then it’s a viable option for sure. The G90 ticked off almost all elements for me for a large luxury sedan. The 2020 G90 starts at just under $90K.




by: Jag Dhatt

Man, it’s Fun


wenty-one years – that’s how long it had been for the Toyota Supra to make a return to the roads and boy, and for some, the wait was worth it. If any of you younger folks remember the 1998 Supra, you’ll remember an expensive import tuner car that had some nice curves and that high wing at the back. You’ll also remember it as THE car in the original Fast & Furious movie franchise. For 2020, the car is a joint effort of both BMW and Toyota and while some may find the marriage odd, the child it produced is fantastic. So, let’s get some basics out of the way. Yes, the 2020 Supra is similar, very similar, to the new BMW Z4 roadster. In fact, it’s got the same chassis, the same 3.0L turbocharged six-cylinder and the same ZF 8-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the rear wheels. Yes, I can already hear the groans and moans. What? No manual? Nope. Even the Supra’s sibling, the 86, has a manual; however, the collaboration produced only one transmission. But don’t fret as I’ll discuss later, it’s actually pretty darn good. Even in the cabin, there’s a strong BMW presence, but it had to be because of the engine. iDrive had to be used to manage 36


the software and hardwire handshake. Now for the differences. In terms of pure design and looks, this car can be polarizing. Personally, I loved the look and from my experiences on where I drove, so did most of the onlookers. In fact, when I dropped my girls off to school (one by one, of course), almost everyone did a double take. Even some teachers came out to look. And yes, the bright yellow paint helped make this sports coupe flashy. The 2020 Supra only comes as a coupe, separating itself from the convertible Z4. I can’t say it enough, but for me, every angle of this car is gorgeous. The interior of the new Supra is a nice mix of mostly BMW and some Toyota. A couple of my friends wished it was more Supra-ish, but they weren’t true Supra purists. This two-seater is definitely driver focused, and has some great features, like an 8” touchscreen, 14-way adjustable seats, heads-up display, carbon fibre inserts and a really nicely built and well-placed wireless charging dock. The only knock on the interior is its dark scheme; whereas the exterior is flashy and bright, the interior all black with white stitching. A matching colour scheme would have been better.



Where the Supra really shines is on the road, and we’re not talking about its looks alone. Even though this Toyota shares the same 3.0L turbocharged six as the Z4, the Supra feels faster because, according to Toyota brass, there’s more lower end torque. And trust me, it’s apparent. There’s 335 HP and 365 lb-ft of torque that all gets pumped to the rear wheels. Again, as alluded to before, the only gripe is the transmission and I wish there was a manual option. Nevertheless, the automatic is sweet and shifts through the gears quickly. Use the paddle shifters and now you’ve got a real sweet drive. Although I didn’t have the chance to take properly timed 0 – 100 km/h run times, I trust the official numbers at 4.3 seconds to be accurate. Steering is precise. Point the steering where you want to go and the Supra’s front wheels don’t disappoint. The rear wheel setup is perfect and provides the right amount of support for the car to deliver great performance on the road or on the track. I drove the Supra for a week and, as a daily driver, it felt great in Normal mode. When I needed to exhaust to be throatier and the car to provide more oomph, I just put it into Sport mode and away I went. In Sport, the active suspension is stiffer and the gear shifts are that much sharper. There is also Sport Individual mode that allows the setting to be customizable. And to stop, the Brembo brakes, although not cross-drilled, perform like Brembo brakes should – amazingly. The seating position in the Supra is perfect and although some may find it tight, it worked for me. The seats provided great support; I stayed firmly planted when taking some tight turns at higher speeds. Controls for infotainment and HVAC are well placed and again, they are, as expected, BMWish. As some of you may know, I’m an audiophile and love to listening to music while driving; it’s my alone time to enjoy cars, especially cars like the Supra. Toyota and Lexus have a great partnership with JBL and the Supra is fitted with a 500-watt, 12 speaker sound system that delivers some great listening experiences. I’ve got very few gripes with the 2020 Toyota Supra – yes, I wish the cabin had more of a Toyota feel, but it won’t be a deterrent to any buyer. Toyota made buying the Supra very simple – there’s only one package. So, choose your colour, sign the papers, and drive it away. Some have complained that the new Supra might be having an identity crisis, but I beg to differ. Rather than focusing on that aspect of the vehicle, I suggest that you get behind the wheel, buckle in and drive the car. Then you’ll realize that the 2020 Supra is worthy of the name. If the looks alone don’t get you, trust me, the driving will. Two thumbs up!!!





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bwkI swfy qy C`fo!


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Hydrogen Costs to Fall Sharply and Sooner than Expected Image: The Hydrogen Council - Path to Hydrogen Competitiveness report


new report published by the Hydrogen Council, Path to Hydrogen Competitiveness: A Cost Perspective, shows that the cost of hydrogen solutions will fall sharply within the next decade, sooner than previously expected. As scale up of hydrogen production, distribution, as well as of equipment and component manufacturing continues, cost is projected to decrease by up to 50% by 2030 for a wide range of applications, making hydrogen competitive with other low-carbon alternatives and, in some cases, even conventional options. The study is based on real industry data, with 25,000 data points gathered and analysed from 30 companies using a rigorous methodology. The data was collected and analytical support provided by McKinsey & Company and represents the entire hydrogen value chain across four key geographies (US, Europe, Japan/Korea, and China). It was also reviewed by an independent advisory group comprised of recognised hydrogen and energy transition experts. The report shows that significant cost reductions are expected across different hydrogen applications. For more than 20 of them, such as long-distance and heavy-duty transportation, industrial heating, and heavy industry feedstock, which together comprise roughly 15% of global energy consumption, the hydrogen route appears the decarbonisation option of choice – a material opportunity. According to the report, this cost trajectory can be attributed mainly to scale-up that positively impacts the three main cost drivers: 1. Strong fall in the cost of producing low carbon and renewable hydrogen; 2. Lower distribution and refueling costs thanks to higher load utilisation and scale effect on infrastructure utilisation; and 3. Dramatic drop in the cost of components for end-use equipment under scaling up of manufacturing. To deliver on this opportunity, supporting policies will be required in key geographies, together with investment support of around $70 billion in the lead up to 2030 in order to scale up and achieve hydrogen competitiveness. While this figure is sizable, it accounts for less than 5% of annual global spending on energy. For 42


comparison, support provided to renewables in Germany totalled roughly $30 billion in 2019. “2020 marks the beginning of a new era for energy: as the potential for hydrogen to become part of our global energy system becomes a reality, we can expect fewer emissions and improved security and flexibility. This announces the decade of hydrogen,” said Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide and Co-chair of the Hydrogen Council. “A clean energy future with hydrogen is closer than we think, because the industry has been working hard on addressing key technology challenges. This report shows the path forward to scale-up to fully achieve hydrogen competitiveness and deliver the decarbonisation we urgently need.” “The Hydrogen Council believes that the report’s findings will not only increase public awareness about the potential of hydrogen to power everyday lives, but also debunk the myth that a hydrogen economy is unattainable due to cost,” said Euisun Chung, Executive Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group and Co-chair of the Hydrogen Council. “If we are to reach our global climate goals by mid-century and reap the benefits of hydrogen, now is the time to act.” “Based on real cost data from the industry, the analysis shows that a number of hydrogen solutions can become competitive until 2030 already.” says Bernd Heid, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company. “Out of 35 use cases analysed, at-scale hydrogen can be the lowest cost low-carbon solution in 22 use cases – such as in the steel industry and heating for existing buildings. And it can beat fossil-based solutions at scale in 9 use cases – for example in heavy-duty transport and trains.” Today’s report was launched in the presence of more than 80 CEOs and other senior executives at the Hydrogen Council’s annual meeting, which this year takes place alongside the President of France, Emmanuel Macron’s Choose France! Summit and the World Economic Forum in Davos. The CEO event brought these industry leaders together to reiterate their commitment to hydrogen and set the path for scale up of hydrogen in the coming years. NATIONAL MAGAZINE


HEAVY DUTY TRUCK PARTS hYvI ifaUtI tr`k pwrts dI syl


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FMCSA’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Identifies Nearly 8,000 Substance Abuse Violations in First Weeks of Operation


he U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration today released data following the first weeks of operation of its Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. The information released showed that the clearinghouse has detected and identified nearly 8,000 positive substance abuse tests of commercial drivers since January 6, 2020. The clearinghouse now has more than 650,000 registrants.

The clearinghouse is aimed at improving road safety by providing FMCSA and employers with the necessary tools to identify drivers who have violated federal drug and alcohol testing program requirements and are prohibited from operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle. The goal of the clearinghouse is to ensure that such drivers receive the required evaluation and treatment before they have the opportunity to resume driving.

prospective or current employees have drug and alcohol program violations in their clearinghouse records. Employers must purchase a query plan before conducting queries in the clearinghouse – query plans must be purchased from the FMCSA clearinghouse website only; • Drivers who respond to employer consent requests or would like to view their clearinghouse record when applying for a job; and • Substance abuse professionals who report on the completion of driver initial assessments and driver eligibility for return-to-duty testing for violations committed on or after January 6, 2020. There is no cost for registration. Commercial drivers are not required to immediately register for the clearinghouse, but will need to register to respond to an employer’s request for consent prior to a pre-employment query or other full query being conducted. In addition, employers must be registered during the first year of implementation to ensure they are able to conduct the required annual query on all employed drivers.

“We’ve seen encouraging results from the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, but there’s still work to do to ensure we identify more drivers who should not be behind the wheel. The clearinghouse is a positive step, and the Agency continues to work closely with industry, law enforcement, and our state partners to ensure its implementation is effective,” said FMCSA Acting Administrator Jim Mullen.



Those required to register for the clearinghouse include: • Employers of commercial driver’s license (CDL) and commercial learner’s permit (CLP) holders, or their designated service agents, and medical review officers who report drug and alcohol program violations that occurred on or after January 6, 2020; • Employers or their designated service agents who conduct required queries which inform them whether

Combatting drug abuse has been a top priority of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Trump Administration. President Trump has brought attention to the nation’s opioid crisis by declaring it a nationwide public health emergency and has implemented critical federal initiatives to help reduce opioid abuse. FMCSA’s clearinghouse website contains important resources, including user brochures and instructional aids with step-by-step registration instructions for all users. Users can visit https:// clearinghouse.fmcsa.dot.gov to access these resources.


Warmth in Electric Vans Thanks to Environmentallyfriendly Eberspaecher Heating Solutions


or its new generation of electrically powered vans, StreetScooter GmbH – a subsidiary of Deutsche Post – relies on reliable heating solutions from Eberspaecher. Depending on the type of vehicle, electrical high-voltage heaters or ethanol heaters are used. The thermal management experts behind these innovations are thus making an important contribution to the quiet, environmentallyfriendly mobility of the future. This development underlines Eberspaecher’s competence in implementing efficient heating solutions for electric vehicles with various requirements. If parcel and delivery vehicle drivers are to focus on their work amongst hectic inner-city traffic, it’s important that their driver’s place is kept at a comfortable temperature. The new generation of the WORK XL, the largest electric transporter van to date in the StreetScooter portfolio, contains electrical high-voltage heaters or ethanol heaters that ensure pleasant temperatures. Depending on the requirements, the electric parcel vehicle is equipped with electric motors and lithium-ion batteries with varying performance levels. For the version with a double battery pack and thus a greater battery capacity an electrical highvoltage heater from Eberspaecher is used. This solution has been specially developed for hybrid and electric vehicles and impresses with its reliable, intrinsically safe heating using PTC technology. Eberspaecher has already manufactured around 1.5 million high-voltage heaters for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. Production of the complex PTC heaters started in 2010 in Herxheim in Southwest Germany. Since 2018 they have also been manufactured in the Chinese city of Tianjin. The WORK XL variant with a lower battery capacity is equipped with an Eberspaecher ethanol heater (2 kW) based on the Airtronic 2 NATIONAL MAGAZINE

air heater. It’s an ecological solution that does not affect the electric range of e-vehicles. Especially for this application, the Esslingen-based company developed a new generation of the ethanol heater; the control unit and tank have been completely

revised. Providing climate-neutral heating is nothing new for Eberspaecher: Already in 2011 the company’s first ethanol heater was introduced to the market. It also provides pleasant temperatures in the previous StreetScooter WORK XL model.

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Customizable platform enables integration of exclusive weather data for safety and efficiency

Baron Launches New API Website for Fleet Operations


untsville, AL – Baron, the worldwide provider of critical weather intelligence, announces the launch of the new Baron Weather API for Fleet website, now optimized for development. Baron Weather API for Fleet makes it easy to integrate quality-controlled, industry-leading weather data into fleet management tracking platforms, transportation management systems for pre-planning, and mobile driver applications. The new Baron Weather API for Fleet website offers customers an intuitive and customizable user experience, including a renovated documentation area with improved organization and faster access. With more customer dashboard features and convenient key display, customers can easily leverage Baron Weather API using any coding language, whether to track current conditions, view forecast conditions, or access historical data. Plus, new and improved use case ideas and descriptions for over 200 meteorological data products, including over 60 Baron exclusives, empower customers to develop creative solutions for their application. Global weather and Baron exclusive data power the products with real differentiators, helping keep customers and assets safe. With accurate weather data, fleet customers can plan routes ahead of time to avoid 46


inclement weather, get better situational awareness around storms, and reduce weather-related accidents. Patented technologies include real-time and forecast road conditions that identify dangerous roads before the delays begin; current road conditions weather to help track conditions experienced by fleet vehicles in real time; and Baron Storm Tracking, which provides storm arrival and location details. Other available data features include forecast precipitation, winds, snowfall, and extreme temperatures. This information is continually tracked over the next 60-hour period to show the potential impact on fleet operations and enable customers to plan before disruptions begin. The cloud-powered Baron Weather API scales with customer demand to deliver secure and reliable data on time, every time. For efficient integration into any application or GIS platform, Baron Weather API features a streamlined on-boarding process and includes numerous data formats, including JSON and TMS. It also features RESTful architecture to ensure a familiar development environment. All data in the Baron Weather API for Fleet is provided in a variety of different formats including ESRI and ArcGIS with the developer able to determine how to present the information. Additionally, data packages are fully customized, making integration easy and quick. NATIONAL MAGAZINE

Daimler Trucks North America Names Sean Waters VP of Product Compliance & Regulatory Affairs


n January 2020, Daimler Trucks North America LLC (DTNA) announced that Sean Waters has been promoted to the newly-created role of vice president of product compliance and regulatory affairs. Waters most recently performed as the director of product compliance and regulatory affairs for DTNA. In his new role, Waters will continue to work with regulatory agency leadership on standard-setting initiatives for commercial vehicles, including mediumand heavy-duty engine emission certification, vehicle greenhouse gas regulations and safety compliance. Waters will additionally oversee compliance and regulations related to DTNA’s portfolio of export products. “Sean has a wealth of experience and understanding of the complex regulatory framework under which we operate. His enthusiasm and his commitment to DTNA’s vision have proven invaluable,” said Roger Nielsen, president and CEO, Daimler Trucks North America. “His continued leadership will help drive us into a new era of mobility, further our environmental and safety initiatives and move our enterprise toward a more sustainable future.” Waters currently chairs the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association, where he advises on scientific and technical aspects of programs related to commercial truck emissions control strategies and safety technologies. He also serves on the Advisory Board for the University of California Davis STEPS (Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathway) program and is a member of the Oregon Department of Transportation Task Force on Autonomous Vehicles. Waters is a 14-year veteran of DTNA and has served as director of compliance and regulatory affairs since 2011. Prior to that, he served as general corporate counsel beginning in 2006. Waters earned a J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law in 2000. NATIONAL MAGAZINE




By: Ray Gompf

Alcoa Wheels XYpper.com XYpper.com is an application for your device that brings loads to you, even while you’re driving, rather than like the traditional load board where you have to go find what might or might not be available. XYpper does the search based on your criteria. All loads presented to you are available. Designed for all levels of the supply chain.

The strongest and lightest wheel has arrived and is now available at all OEMs. The NEW Alcoa Ultra ONE® 22.5” x 8.25” wheel is just 39 pounds proving it’s the lightest heavyweight. The new Hub Bore Technology is the latest wheel innovation from the market leader and inventor of the forged aluminum wheel. The Hub Bore Technology reduces hub-to-wheel contact area by up to 64% versus other aluminum wheels on the market, leaving less surface area for corrosion to form. Less corrosion means faster, easier and safer wheel maintenance that will keep your truck on the road and lower your total cost of ownership.

Shell Starship 2020 Mack Command Steer

Shell Starship 2020

Mack Command Steer Reduces your effort behind the wheel by up to 85%, improving safety and productivity as well as helping to protect the truck’s most valuable asset – you.

Did you know if all trucks in the U.S. reached the overall fuel economy and freight ton efficiency performance of Shell Starship, CO2 emissions from the U.S. truck fleet would be reduced by 60 percent. You think that’s good? Just wait for Shell Starship 2020.

EcoFin Vortex Generators (VGs) These are a smart designed low-cost trucking tool that meet 2 essential needs: safety and sustainability. Their shape captures the fast-moving airflow that shrouds truck and trailer and passively forces it into tight spirals that adhere tightly to entire vehicle. Drag and buffeting are significantly reduced, and handling becomes easier and less stressful especially in windy conditions. Moving easier through the air means reduced fuel consumption and happier drivers that have less “white knuckle” moments. EcoFin VGs offer safety and savings, together in one low cost zero maintenance product. It’s a smarter truck tool. 48



Bridgestone M713 Ecopia Bridgestone Americas Inc. recently announced the release of the all new Bridgestone M713 Ecopia tire, a SmartWay® verified and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant drive tire for tandem-axel applications in long-haul and regional service. Engineered with proprietary compounds and an innovative design, the Bridgestone M713 Ecopia tire offers fleets enhanced performance through an 8% improvement in rolling resistance and a 15% longer tread life. In addition, the tire casing is specifically designed to pair with a fuel-efficient Bandag FuelTech retread to help extend tire life and further lower the total cost of tire ownership.

Bendix Wingman Fusion Camera, radar and brakes working together as one. Enhanced collision mitigation. Multi-lane AEB, highway departure braking and alerts. The roadways can present dangerous conditions—weather, traffic, road status, and the driving behavior of others on the road. It’s a challenge to find a balance between safety, performance and your bottom line. Bendix can help.




Peterbilt Hires Tim Olson as New Public Relations Manager pItriblt vwiLAW ny itm Elsn nUM bxwieAw nvW pbilk irlyySnz mYnyjr ies swl dy SurU huMidAW hI pItriblt kMpnI ny itm Elsn nUM Awpxw nvW pbilk irlySnz mYnyjr bxwaux dw AYlwn kIqw sI[


arlier this year, Peterbilt announced the appointment of Tim Olson as Public Relations Manager.

Tim comes to Peterbilt from the automotive industry, where he spent the last few years as the product communication manager for Mazda and was responsible for launching their latest generation of vehicles. As a lover of anything with wheels, Tim has spent the better part of two decades working in either the public relations world for companies like Yamaha and Suzuki, or in the editorial space at one of the world’s most prominent motorcycle magazines. In his new position, Tim is responsible for managing day-to-day PR activities and storytelling at Peterbilt. He will report to Melissa Epping, Director of Marketing Communications, and will be based out of Peterbilt’s corporate headquarters in Denton, TX. JGK Media Inc. wishes Tim the very best in his new role at Peterbilt.



itm Awtomoitv ieMfstrI qoN pItriblt kMpnI ‘c AwieAw hY, ij`Qy aunHW ny ipCly kùJ swl mwzdw dy pRofkt kimaUnIkySn mYnyjr vjoN kMMm kIqw hY[ aunHW dI zuMmyvwrI nvIn iksm dy vhIkl nUM mwrikt ‘c ilAwaux dI sI[ aunHW nUM phIAW ‘qy c`lx vwLI hr cIz nwl moh hY[ ieh hI kwrn hY ik aunHW ny ipCly do dhwikAW dw smW jW qW Xwmwhw Aqy szUkI kMpnIAW nwL kMm krn ‘c qy jW aunHW leI dunIAW ‘c lokW nwL sMprk bxwaux ‘c bqIq kIqw hY qy jW iPr ies smyN ‘c aunHW ny ie`k mShUr motr sweIkl kMpnI dy mYgzIn AYfItrW vjoN vI kMm kIqw[ Awpxy nvyN ruqby ‘qy kMm krdy smyN itm dI zuMmyvwrI pItriblt ‘qy in`q pRqI idn dIAW lok sMprk gqIivDIAW qy aus sbMDI ivAwiKAw krnI hY[ aunHW nUM mwrkIitMg kimaUnIkySn dI fwierYktr mil`sw AYipMg nUM irport krnI hovygI[ aunHW dy dPqr dw bys pItriblt dy tYkss dw kwrporyt dPqr hovygw[ jy jI ky mIfIAw ieMk v`loN aunHW nUM pItriblt dI ies nvIN BUimkw inBwaux leI SuB ie`CwvW id`qIAW jWdIAWw hn Aqy Aws krdy hW ik ies kMm ‘c vI auh vDIAw pRdrSn krngy[











* Of those sold in Canada



• Your fuel consumption

• Efficiency in serving your customers

• Your maintenance and operating costs

• Performance of your vehicles

• Your vehicle downtime

• Protection of your vehicles

TotalCanada Total_Canada

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Energizing Performance. Every Day MARCH - APRIL 2020




t’s a commonly known fact that distracted driving vehicle crashes are passing alcohol related vehicle crashes as a cause of vehicle injuries and death. For many people, cell phone use is a major contributor to this data. But there’s more than just holding the cell phone to make a call or to text that contributes to being distracted while driving. You don’t always have to be looking down to be distracted while driving. You could have inattentive blindness.

Bluetooth device or just deep in thought. Any of these events can cause the driver to be lost in their thoughts. Although there are laws which help keep drivers in line to avoid distracted driving from electronic devices, other distractions can be just as dangerous. Since vision is one of the greatest tools a driver needs in order to keep the vehicle under control, the mind must also be locked into the task. We’ve all done this at some time in our life; daydreaming. There are signs drivers can recognize if they become less focused on the driving task. These would include reaching a destination in which you were unaware of how you got there. Once they’ve realized the signs, they need to take steps to reduce the risks and get their mind back into task of driving. Inattentive blindness essentially means the driver is looking but not seeing. Processing what you see is a huge part of driving. This inattentive blindness could last up to 10 to 15 seconds after hanging up your call or just refocusing on the driving task after losing focus because of previous thoughts. Imagine driving for 10 to 15 seconds essentially blind? Oh sure, drivers may follow the curve of the road out of habit but will not notice traffic lights changing or vehicles coming to a stop ahead of them. Now that the problem has been identified, what are the solutions? Although it may not be possible to avoid inattentive blindness entirely, it’s important for drivers to realize inattentive blindness is very common. This is more prevalent when you’re emotionally connected to an event or a person that you can’t seem to get out of your mind. For the most part, your brain is smart enough to help you identify the visual clues that it believes are distracting you from the driving task.

Inattentive blindness is a sensation which causes people to miss things that are directly in front of their eyes. Once your mind is focused on anything other than driving, you’re at risk. Oh, and you’re putting other road users at risk too. Inattentive blindness shows the driver may be looking ahead out the windshield, but their mind is elsewhere. They may be listening to the news on the radio, having a conversation on their phone using the

Before heading out in your vehicle, take a deep breath and clear your thoughts from things you can’t control while you’re driving. Events at work or home can only be taken care of while at work or home. Even if your work is driving, driving is the most important task at hand. Stress in our every day life can only be dealt with when your mind is fully on those tasks. If you’ve ever turned the radio volume lower while you’re looking for address, you’re doing the right thing to remove inattentive blindness from your driving task.

Source: Safety Driven: Trucking Safety Council of BC




NANAIMO 861 Maughan Road Nanaimo, BC V9X 1J2 Toll Free: 1-877-878-5979 Phone: (250) 722-2073 Fax: (250) 722-2317


PRINCE RUPERT 1600 Prince Rupert Boulevard Prince Rupert, BC V8J 2Z3 Phone: (250) 627-1981 Fax: (250) 627-1982


PRINCE GEORGE 9341 Rock Island Road Prince George, BC V2N 5T4 Phone: (250) 562-7422


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because you can’t stop. vDIAw qknIk nUM cldw r`Kx leI Aqy murMmq dw kMm smyN isr mukwaux leI, quhwnUM loV hY vDIAw tYknISnW dI[ swfy Cummins dy PYktrI srtIPweIf tYknISIAn dIAW syvwvW, pUry au`qrI AmrIkw ‘c s`qy idn 24 GMty auplbD hn Aqy auh sdw hI quhwnUM bhuq hI vDIAw syvwvW Aqy shwieqw dyx leI vcnb`D hn[ sPr c`ldw r`Ko[ swfI vY`bsweIt salesandservice.cummins.com ‘qy jwE jW swnMU 1-800-CUMMINS™ ‘qy &on kro[ NATIONAL MAGAZINE






Profile for Creative Minds

Desi Trucking March - April 2020 (National Magazine)  

Desi Trucking March - April 2020 (National Magazine)