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July 23, 2012 Welcome to Coach & Athlete in Education Magazine! Our readers are very important to us! Our audience is diverse. Our mission is to provide a professional resource for coaches in education that supports a positive experience for the student-athletes, school and community. The premier issue was personally published in spring, 2012 by two faculty members at Clemson who had a vision for this type of magazine serving coaches in education. Positive responses and inquiries for future issues come to us regularly. This 2012-13 year Clemson University Athletic Leadership faculty and students will collaborate to publish 4 issues of Coach & Athlete in Education magazine. Although we are not a research journal, research and current data are the basis of this publication. Our focus is creating a credible resource for coaches in education. The magazine is online free to the public. The premier issue can be found at by typing coach & athlete. The website advertised in the premier issue is no longer available. Please use the contact information below if you have any inquiries or topics of interest you would like us to research. Details regarding hard copy subscriptions will be posted in the magazine. We are very excited about serving coaches in education with this resource. There are numerous honorable traditions and actions that contribute to “One Ethical Voice� and we invite your professional contributions and testimony in serving this mission. Thank you. Sincerely, Deborah Cadorette Mike Godfrey Athletic Leadership Program 304E Tillman Hall Clemson, S.C 29634 864-656-0434

Athletic Leadership Program Eugene T. Moore School of Education 304E Tillman Hall Clemson, SC 29634 864-656-0434 FAX 864-656-1322

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Students at Clemson University work with athletic leadership program faculty to publish magazine Coach & Athlete in Education, a resource fo...