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CHANGING LIVES. 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 3


Inaugural Issue

The State of Healthcare in 2019................................ 8 Guide to Comfort Food.............................................10 All About Health Savings Accounts............................ 14 Leaders in Healthcare.................................................16 Hospitals of Greater Rochester................................34 Hospital Quality..........................................................42 Resource Directory.......................................................... 46 Advertising Index............................................................. 66

RESOURCE LOCATOR Acupuncture....................... 46 Agencies — Health / Human Services............. 47 Agencies / Adoption Services............................ 46 AIDS/HIV Services............ 50 Associations / Foundations.................... 50 Audiology............................ 46 Bereavement Support Groups............. 52 Brain Injuries...................... 52 Cancer Services................. 53 Children / Family Services............... 53 Chiropractic Care............. 54 Clinical Research............... 55 Dental Care........................ 55 Dialysis................................. 55 Disabilities........................... 55 Disabilities ­— Recreation....................... 55 Disabilities — Accessibility Modification.................... 55 Employment Assistance... 56 Education and Prevention....................... 55 Family Services................... 56

Free and Subsidized Health Clinics................. 48 Free and Subsidized Health Clinics ................ 56 Free Legal Aid/Advocacy.. 53 Hotlines............................... 56 Housing / Homeowner Assistance........................ 57 Housing / Shelter............... 58 Hypnosis.............................. 58 Literacy Resources........... 59 Nutritional Health/ Support............................ 59 Pregnancy Support/ Prevention....................... 64 Psychotherapy.................... 60 Senior Nutrition Services............................ 60 Senior Services.................. 60 Substance Abuse Support Groups............. 63 Substance Addiction......... 62 Support Groups................ 62 Transportation Services... 63 Vocational / Job Training... 63 Volunteering....................... 64 Women’s Breastfeeding Support Groups............. 65 Women’s Services............. 65

The 2019 Rochester / Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide is online @ 4 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide







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2019 Healthcare Guide

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6 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

She has one...

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and Hearing Solutions, LLC Batavia & Canandaigua 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 7

The State of

Healthcare in 2019 I

By George W. Chapman

can’t think of an industry or profession that is in more of a state of flux (confusion?) than healthcare. It’s the time of the year when I am asked to offer my prognostications for the new year. Rather than discuss what will be in store for 2019, I thought it would be more important and helpful to state where we are now (like it or not) in order to give readers some perspective and context to whatever may occur in 2019. How We Are Insured Of the approximate 320 million of us, 56 percent or close to 180 million are covered by their employer or a non- group plan like on the exchanges. The remaining 44 percent (or about 140 million) are covered by the taxpayer/ government. The breakdown of the 44 percent is: n Medicaid 20 percent (about 64 million);

ultimately paid for in higher premiums and taxes by all of us. Technically, only the VA is “government” healthcare because all staff are employees of the federal government. Medicare and Medicaid are technically a “single payer” system because all care is paid for by the government. Care is provided by private physicians and hospitals. Canada has a single payer system whereby all care is paid for by the federal government.

n Medicare 14 percent (about 45 million);

What It Costs the Government

n VA / federal employees 2 percent (about 6 million);

Healthcare is the No. 1 expense category in the federal budget. Using the 2017 budget of $3.65 trillion for example, healthcare accounted for 28 percent or $1.022 trillion. It was followed by pension, 25 percent; defense, 21 percent; welfare, 9 percent; interest, 7 percent; education, 3 percent,

n Uninsured 8 percent (about 25 million). I put the 8 percent uninsured into the taxpayer/government category because uncompensated care is

8 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

protection (secret service, embassies, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.); transportation, 2 percent; and general government, 1 percent. Yes, 1 percent. The $1.022 trillion spent on healthcare was spent as follows: hospitals, 32 percent; physicians, 16 percent; other personnel, 15 percent; drugs, 10 percent; subsidies, 7 percent (for qualified individuals on the insurance exchanges); nursing homes, 5 percent; investment, 5 percent (like EMR); clinical, 4 percent; home care, 3 percent; public health, 2 percent; administration, 1 percent. Yes, 1 percent. As of this writing in early December 2018, the federal deficit is over $21 trillion.

Commercial Insurance Premiums Unless subsidized by an employer, commercial premiums — not just the ones on the exchanges — are pretty much unaffordable for the average person or family. Individual premiums average $7,000 and family premiums average almost $20,000 for the standard silver plan. In the past 10 years, premiums have increased twice as fast as worker earnings and three times faster than inflation. Outof-pocket copays and deductibles have increased eight times faster than earnings. The end of the Affordable Care Act Program (ACA) individual mandate in 2019 will have a double

whammy on premiums. Many people, mostly younger, will choose to go without insurance. The removal of younger lives from risk pools will drive up rates for all insurances. Hospitals and physicians are preparing for more uninsured patients this year.

Advanced Practitioners (NPs, PAs) These professionals — NPs and PAs — have been assuming an increasing role in providing care for years. Over the next decade, APs will account for two thirds of new providers, including MDs, entering the workforce. The ratio of APs to MDs has been rapidly increasing since 2000 and will be 55/100 by 2030 or about 550,000 PAs to 1,000,000 MDs. The Association of American Medical Colleges continues to predict a shortage of 120,000 MDs by 2030. However, this gloomy prediction does not account for things like increased efficiencies in surgery, the number of advanced practitioners, technology, telehealth, super drugs and artificial

Hospitals and physicians are preparing for more uninsured patients this year as a result of the end of the Affordable Care Act Program’s individual mandate in 2019. It’s expected that many people, mostly younger, will choose to go without insurance. The removal of younger lives from risk pools may also drive up rates for all insurances. intelligence. The vast majority of hospital health systems, clinics and private practices employ advanced practitioners.

More Employed Physicians The ratio of private to employed physicians was 50/50 for the first time in 2017. The number of physicians in private practice is expected to continue to decrease as baby boomer physicians retire. The number of employed physicians will continue to increase as the majority of newly minted physicians fresh out of residency prefer employment to the rewards/hassles of private practice. The rate of practice purchases by hospital systems has slowed in the last couple of years, most likely because hospital systems are: cash strapped; getting a handle on the practices they already own; uncertain about the Affordable Care Act; uncertain about the direction of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Medicare

& Medicaid Services; experiencing a steady flow of unencumbered physicians seeking employment right out of residency; focused on hospital/ hospital mergers.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Ninety percent of physicians are using EMR. Most insurers won’t pay physicians if they don’t. There are a lot of critics as physicians and other professionals slowly adapt and acclimate. While no EMR system is perfect in the eyes of their users, the EMR is not going away. Instead of listing all the advantages of the EMR — like improved billing, security and privacy, provider-to-provider communications and timeliness, legibility, transferability and storage — it’s helpful to keep the EMR in perspective by recalling some nightmarish scenarios from the “golden age” of the paper record. Paper records could be misfiled because someone couldn’t grasp alphabetical order. Paper records could literally be removed from a facility, leaving those who need the record helpless. They were often illegible to anyone other than the author. Anyone without authority could open a record and peek into it. Many nosey staff were fired for breaching confidentiality. Paper records were rarely in real time (current). Reports from consultants, lab and X-ray, etc. were in paper so someone had to eventually attach them to the file. They became unwieldly and had to be “thinned out.” To save space, Inactive records were often sent to a remote storage facility. Retrieval was a pain and took a while. Finally, making a copy of your record was time consuming and costly. I hope this information gives readers a little more insight into healthcare and helps them navigate throughout our complicated and changing healthcare system. Whatever happens clinically, financially or politically in 2019, will happen within the context of the above.

George W. Chapman is a healthcare business consultant who works exclusively with physicians, hospitals and healthcare organizations. He operates GW Chapman Consulting based in Syracuse. Email him at

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 9

Guide to

Comfort Food

By Anne Palumbo

Satisfy comfort-food cravings with healthy makeovers


omfort food is food that soothes the soul and satisfies the appetite. Often, it’s food that’s associated with the security of childhood, like Mom’s grilled cheese, Grandma’s chicken potpies or Dad’s mashed potatoes — food that brings back a good memory, a warm feeling or a special relationship.

Stress sometimes triggers our hankering for certain comfort foods. Bad day at the office? Only pizza will do! A fight with your significant other? Bring on the ice cream! A stretch of dreary weather? More mac and cheese, please! And while there’s no requirement that these foods be rich, heavy or unhealthy, research shows that our go-to comfort foods tend to be. Perhaps we lean in this direction because our physical response to comfort foods is grounded in food science: many common comfort foods have a higher fat or sugar content, which in turn provides a short-term physiological boost. Comfort foods may help raise our body temperature, provide a burst of energy and even improve our moods. We all crave different comfort foods. When I’m feeling out of sorts, all I want is grilled cheese and Campbell’s tomato soup. My husband, on the other hand, longs for his mom’s beef stew. My sister pines for chocolate chip cookies. Plus, we seem to crave these foods more during the cold winter months.

months, we’re more inclined to reach for foods that also prompt the release of serotonin: carbohydrates. People who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons, are particularly vulnerable. Boredom, inactivity and being cooped up inside can all have a pronounced affect on what and how much we eat. When “cabin fever” strikes our house, we eat a lot more cheese-blanketed nachos — my kids’ favorite comfort food — than at any other time of year. Same goes for pizza, mashed potatoes and hot chocolate: They all just taste so darn good and comforting during the dark days of winter. Of course, there are consequences to an uptick in winter munchies, especially if your munchies involve comfort foods that run higher in calories, fats and carbs. According to studies at Johns Hopkins University, people tend to gain five to seven pounds on average during winter months. Weight gain aside, many comfort foods are simply not all that healthy to consume on a regular basis — from super-salty French fries to high-fat

Why does winter affect our cravings?

Some researchers suspect fewer daylight hours may play a significant role in why we crave for comfort food during the winter. Since sunlight is one of the factors that triggers the release of the hormone serotonin, a known mood booster, and we’re getting less of it during winter

10 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

ice cream to empty-calorie candy. What to do during the long winter months when our comfort-food cravings are besting our better judgment? Read on for some nutritious makeovers that may satisfy your longings without compromising your health.

Grilled Cheese

Ah, grilled cheese…nothing says “mom” quite like a grilled sandwich of white bread, slathered with butter on the outside and loaded with bland American cheese on the inside. But must you stick with those exact ingredients to conjure images of mom? Of course not! Try fiber-rich whole-grain bread instead of white; use a mix of cheeses that includes low-fat mozzarella and full-flavored cheddar, and substitute some of the

cheese with sliced tomatoes, salsa or whatever healthy ingredient your heart desires. To create a nice golden outer crust — without all the butter — try this: Heat one teaspoon canola oil in a medium nonstick skillet over medium heat. Roll it around to coat the pan and then cook your sandwich until golden, about two minutes per side, slightly depressing each side with a spatula.


Unless you make it yourself, it’s tough to eat pizza you feel good about. On average, one slice of pepperoni pizza serves up around 300 calories, 12 grams of fat, 30 grams of cholesterol and more sodium than four small bags of potato chips. Yikes! Fortunately, you can turn takeout pizza into a healthier pizza with just a few tweaks: Order a smaller size for fewer calories per slice; choose a thinner crust over a deep-dish or regular crust (and don’t get it stuffed!), request whole-wheat if it’s offered; ask for reduced cheese; skip the dipping sauce; and pile on the veggies.

Mashed Potatoes

Even though plain potatoes are low in calories, mashed potatoes — especially those made in restaurants — aren’t always healthy. Typically made with whole milk and butter, mashed potatoes run about 250 calories per serving; add gravy and your total intake could exceed 400 calories. Here are just a few tricks to make your mashed potatoes healthier: Mash your potatoes with Greek yogurt, low-fat sour cream, 1 percent milk or chicken stock; bump up the flavor with garlic, chives or spice of choice; and use olive oil (full of healthy monounsaturated fat) instead of butter (full of unhealthy saturated fat). Eating out? Order a plain baked potato and mash it with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

Anne Palumbo is a lifestyle

columnist, food guru, and seasoned cook, who has perfected the art of preparing nutritious, calorie-conscious dishes. She is hungry for your questions and comments about SmartBites, so be in touch with Anne at

Mac and Cheese

When prepared traditionally, mac and cheese is not so comforting. Low in nutrients and high in fat, mac and cheese dishes up about 400 calories per cup. And who eats just a cup? It’s easy, however, to turn this popular dish around. Use whole-wheat pasta for added fiber and lots of B vitamins; tuck in some roasted veggies; skip the buttery crumb topping or simply replace it with crunchy whole-wheat breadcrumbs; add flavor to the cheese sauce with fresh or dried herbs; use reduced-fat milk and cheese; and replace some of the cheese with plain Greek yogurt.

In Good Health PRICELESS

Meet Your Doctor


Chocolate Chip Cookies

While it seems sacrilege to even think about tampering with this classic cookie, it doesn’t take much to make it a tad healthier. Consider the following easy-to-implement changes: Replace some (or all) of the refined white flour with white whole-wheat flour; add oats and nuts; reduce the sugar and chocolate chips by half; and replace some (not all) of the butter with tahini — a sesame seed paste. More nutritious makeovers of favorite comfort foods abound on the internet. If, however, you must have the “real deal,” then do what the French do and practice portion control, limiting yourself to smaller servings and just one cookie not three.

OCTOBER 2018 • ISSUE 158


Podiatrist John Ellie developing new outpatient podiatry clinic at St. Ann’s Community


n App for preventing pregnancy. Is it reliable? n Sports concussions: Much worse for women n Vaginal rejuvenation: FDA cautions about procedure n How food can affect urinary tract infection PLUS: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Why some people catch a cold and others don’t n Related: Savvy Senior: Which flu shot is right for you



That’s the annual average salary for certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA). The job growth within the career is projected at 31 percent, nearly twice that of registered nurses

Obamacare Health insurance coverage rates have held steady in the U.S., despite continued commotion over the future of the Affordable Care Act, a new government report shows. n Related: Excellus reports Upstate’s uninsured rate remains at historic low

New Apps Pay You to Walk

Forget about bitcoins. The new thing now is ‘Sweatcoins’ — the more you walk, the more you earn

Acorn Squash Acorn squash, of all the winter squashes, has many of the most important vitamins we need. See SmartBites inside

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Handy Tool or Bacteria Haven? Tips on how to sanitize one of the filthiest spots in your home. Yes, the kitchen sponge.

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Had a Stroke. Back on Stage.


Central New York music legend Todd Hobin knew nothing about stroke — but he does now. That’s why he’s raising awareness about stroke risk factors and its signs and symptoms.



A. S.



Fact: Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death and a leading cause of disability in the U.S. Important to know: Stroke can happen to both men and women — at any age. Good news: Stroke is preventable by managing medical risk factors and healthy lifestyle choices. What to do: Time lost is brain lost. So it’s vital to know the signs of a stroke — F.A.S.T. Four words to live by: Call 911 and say, “Take me to Crouse.“ When it comes to stroke, every moment matters. As one of just 10 hospitals in New York State tohave earned Comprehensive Stroke Center status, and with the region’s newest ER and hybrid ORs, Crouse offers the most advanced technology for rapid stroke diagnosis and treatment

Read Todd’s story and learn more: 12 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide



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585.248.ENDO 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 13

Health Savings Accounts:

Not Just a Health Consideration By Maria Caton and Nancy Bowes


s the landscape of healthcare continues to change, with increasing costs leading the way, a variety of plans and strategies have emerged to help manage the expenses. One such example is a health savings account (HSA). An HSA is a savings vehicle that allows qualified individuals who have high deductible health plans to save money for healthcare expenses tax free.

A high-deductible health plan (HDHP) is “catastrophic” health coverage that pays benefits only after you’ve satisfied a high annual deductible. (Some preventive care, such as routine physicals, may be covered without being subject to this deductible). For 2019, the annual deductible for an HSA-qualified HDHP must be at least $1,350 for individual coverage and $2,700 for family coverage; however, your deductible may be higher, depending on the plan. Once you’ve satisfied your deductible, the HDHP will provide comprehensive coverage for your medical expenses (though you may continue to owe co-payments or coinsurance costs until you reach your plan’s annual outof-pocket limit). A qualifying HDHP must limit annual out-of-pocket expenses (including the deductible) to no more than $6,750 for individual coverage and $13,500 for family coverage in 2019). Once this limit is reached, the HDHP will cover 100 percent of your costs, as outlined in your policy. Because you’re shouldering a greater portion of your health-care costs, you’ll usually pay a much lower premium for an HDHP than for traditional health insurance, allowing you to contribute the premium dollars you’re saving to your HSA. Your employer may also contribute to your HSA, or pay part or all your HDHP premium. Then, when you need medical care, you can withdraw HSA funds to cover your expenses, or opt to pay your costs out-of-pocket as you want to save your account funds. An HSA can be a powerful savings tool. Because there is no “use it or lose it” provision, funds roll over from year

“An HSA can be a powerful savings tool. Because there is no ‘use it or lose it’ provision, funds roll over from year to year. And the account is yours, so you can keep it even if you change employers or lose your job.” to year. And the account is yours, so you can keep it even if you change employers or lose your job. If health expenses are low, you may be able to build up a significant balance in your HSA over time. You can even let your money grow until retirement, when your health expenses are likely to be substantial. The key is to contribute as much money as you can afford into your HSA each year. You can contribute up to $3,500 for individual coverage and $7,000 for families in 2019, which is slightly more than the 2018 limits. If you’re 55 or older anytime in 2019, you’ll continue to be able to contribute an extra $1,000. HSA’s offer several valuable tax benefits: • Contributions are tax-deductible and can decrease your taxable income • Contributions to your HSA, and any interest or earnings, grow tax deferred • Qualified distributions are tax-free HSAs typically offer several savings and investment options. These may include interest-earning savings, checking and money market accounts, or investments such as stocks, bonds,and mutual funds that offer the potential to earn higher returns but carry more risk. Some people are able to pay their health care bills without tapping their account balance. They may leave their HSA funds untouched in savings. Others choose to invest unused HSA money in investments and pay out-of-pocket expenses from other sources, allowing their HSA to grow. Setting a dollar limit for what you can pay out-of-pocket can be a helpful

14 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

guideline. For more substantial costs, such as surgery, it may be necessary to use some of an HSA to cover those expenses. Smaller expenses, such as a prescription cost may be something that can be covered by out-of-pocket, thus allowing more HSA to continue to grow. Lastly, you can use HSA funds for many types of health-care expenses, including prescription drugs, eyeglasses, deductibles and co-payments. You can also use funds for specialized types of insurance such as long-term care premiums or disability insurance. Expenses that are not defined as qualified expenses by Internal Revenue Code 213(d) do incur a 20 percent penalty, and income taxes will be owed as well. At age 65 the penalty is eliminated, however, income tax remains owed on any money withdrawn for a non-qualified medical expense. The HSA can serve a vital role in your overall retirement plan.

Maria Caton is a vice president, wealth adviser with CNB Wealth Management. She is a certified financial planner (CFP), and a chartered special needs consultant (ChSNC). Contact her at or 585-419-0670 Nancy Bowes joined CNB Wealth Management in 2013, bringing more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. She a certified financial planner (CFP). Contact her at or 585-419-0670

I’ve met so many of the staff and become friends with them. I get hugs and everything.

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A Hurlbut™ Hug Story

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 15



Michael Apostolakos Chief medical officer, Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital. With the organization since: July 1987 (internship in internal medicine). Since what year in the current position: 2017 Education: Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, University at Buffalo, 1983; medical degree, University at Buffalo, SUNY School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Medicine 1987. Career Highlights: Among several awards and accolades are: 2015: University of Rochester Medical Center Board Service Excellence Team Award, Adult Rapid Response Team; 2012: selected a top “I CARE” provider, University of Rochester Medical Center; 2017 – 2018: selected as one of the “Best Doctors in America;” 2011 – 2012: Arthur W. Bauman Teaching Award, department of medicine, University of Rochester; 2010: selected for inclusion in Who’s Who in America; 2010: Rochester Business Journal Health Care Achievement Award for Innovation; 2009 – 2010: selected as one of the “Best Doctors in America;” 2009: Selected for inclusion in: Who’s Who in America; 2009: Team Excellence Award, University of Rochester Medical Center board; 2008: selected as one of “America’s Top Physicians;” 2007 – 2008: selected for special commendation for third year Medical School Teaching during the academic year, University of Rochester Medical Center.

Current affiliations: Professor of medicine at University of Rochester Medical Center; chief medical officer at University of Rochester Medical Center; American Board of Internal Medicine certified in pulmonary disease and critical care medicine; member of the Society of Critical Care Medicine; course director for the Fundamentals of Critical Care Support Course; member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “I would describe my leadership style as servant leadership. I attempt to share power and strive to help others develop and perform as highly as possible.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I am trustworthy and a good communicator and motivator.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “A continued focus on value-based care for our patients.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I enjoy spending time with my family, watching sports and exercising.”

David E. Baum, MD Chief medical officer and senior VP of medical services, F.F. Thompson Hospital. With the organization since: 1987 Since what year in the current position: July 2014 Education: Albany Medical College, MD; University of Rochester Medical Center, internship and residency; Cornell Law School, JD. Career Highlights: “Becoming involved in the medical staff executive leadership at Thompson and working with the former

16 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

and current administrators to engage medical staff in a meaningful quality improvement process.” Current Affiliations: Attending emergency department physician, FF Thompson Hospital. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “I try to identify a few issues at a time where change might have a meaningful impact. Reach out to all the people who have an interest in seeing positive change occur. Try to keep the number of people involved to a minimum so the process of change can happen efficiently. Make sure to reach a consensus from all stakeholders who have been part of the process before any change is implemented. All disagreements are resolved through communication and compromise before moving forward. Once agreed upon, execution of the change is considered vital and processes for the implementation are put in place with audits to make sure the change is occurring in a smooth manner.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I am inclusive and believe in being open to other viewpoints. Recognize that a proposal that I may put forth is the starting point of a discussion, not the final product. Being an effective listener is probably the most important attribute of an effective leader. Being proactive and reaching out to others helps one to understand the day-to-day concerns of the organization.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Healthcare will improve over time as a result of affiliations that are occurring between small, community hospitals and the larger, tertiary care centers. The community hospitals will greatly benefit from resource allocation with greater availability of specialists. The development of accountable

When it comes to comprehensive financial services, Canandaigua National Bank & Trust is all you need. As the only local, full-service, community-owned financial institution in our area, Canandaigua National Bank & Trust is focused on understanding your financial needs and providing solutions to meet them with our comprehensive suite of services. We offer the best of today’s technology that lets you bank when and where you choose—including online, mobile, voice, and text banking services—but we still believe it’s just as important to make a personal connection. That’s why each of our 23 bank office locations is designed to deliver the banking services you need, when you need them—with weekend hours, including Sundays at select locations. Our experienced team will deliver the education and advice you need, and the personal attention you deserve. Investing in you, your business, and your community since 1887. Discover the CNB difference. Call or visit the bank office nearest you or visit | (585) 394-4260 • Deposit Products – Member FDIC • CNB Mortgage Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canandaigua National Bank & Trust. NMLS ID: 213408, Licensed Mortgage Banker, NYS Department of Financial Services. • Investments are not bank deposits, are not obligations of or guaranteed by Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, and are not FDIC-insured. Investments are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested.

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 17

care networks will permit a streamlining of care for patients and allow for greater communication and coordination of care for those patients.” „„ What do you do for fun? “Doing things outdoors with family— from hiking in the Adirondacks to skiing, golfing or sailing.”

Scott Berlucchi President and chief executive officer, Auburn Community Hospital. Withtheorganization since: 2007 Since what year in the current position: 2007 Education: Bachelor’s degree in finance and economics, Stonehill College, North Easton, Mass.; master’s degree in health service administration, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Career Highlights: Served as president and CEO of two regional health systems in Pennsylvania prior to working at Auburn Community Hospital; engineered and led a comprehensive operational and financial turnaround at Auburn Community Hospital and the Elk Regional Health System; served as the director of planning and licensure for the Hospital and Health Systems Association of Pennsylvania; more than 20 years of experience in healthcare systems management. Current affiliations: Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives; licensed nursing home administrator in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts; regional planning board member, American Hospital Association. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “Management is an exercise in team building. Senior leaders best lead when they coach all leaders in the organization to ‘excellence.’” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Interpersonal and communication skills that promote team building; successful experience and leadership in the management of rural health systems.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “By engaging all players

in ‘win-win’ partnerships.” „„ What do you do for fun? “Golfing, fishing and spending time with the family.”

Kevin Casey President, Rochester General Hospital, part of Rochester Regional Health. Withtheorganization since: 1996 Since what year in the current position: 2018 Education: Undergraduate degree in medical microbiology from Stanford University; medical degree (MD) from Case Western University’s School of Medicine; post-doctoral training (residency) at the University of Washington; fellowship in gastroenterology at Duke University Medical Center. Career Highlights: “During my career in medicine I have taught medical students, residents and fellows, done clinical and basic science research, cared for patients throughout my career — this opportunity to work for my colleagues and lead Rochester General Hospital is another distinct highlight.” Current affiliations: American Association for Physician Leadership; American Gastroenterology Association; Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America; American Liver Foundation. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “Leading by taking care of our team — making sure our team members know they are our most important asset will result in us delivering the best care to every patient.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I am a thoughtful listener, appreciate the value of humor and believe honesty is critical to being effective.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “We must continue to meet the unmet healthcare needs for our community and region — ensure that access and needs are met. We must continue to bring talented, compassionate providers to this community who can advance the care for our community and health of our community as a whole.”


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„„ What do you do for fun? “Bicycling, photography, skiing, reading.”

Karen Davis Associate vice president and chief nursing executive, Strong Memorial Hospital. Withtheorganization since: June 2018 Since what year in the current position: 2018 Education: Bachelor’s degree in n u r s i n g f ro m Towson University; master’s and Ph.D. in nursing from Johns Hopkins. Career Highlights: Davis joined the Johns Hopkins Health System in 1989 as a nurse on the neuro critical care unit and served in a variety of roles in subsequent years, including nurse manager and director of medical and radiology nursing. She was also a faculty associate at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing for 20 years. In 2014, she was named chief nursing officer at Howard County General Hospital, a Johns Hopkins Health System affiliate, where she led a staff of more than 1,200 nurses and techs to significant improvement in patient care. Throughout her tenure at Johns Hopkins, Davis focused on improving the patient experience. She was instrumental in designing and implementing throughput initiatives to help alleviate crowding in the emergency department and workflow throughout the hospital, and she has led the effort to reduce readmissions, a benefit for both patients and the hospital’s finances. She has been actively involved in the organization’s journey toward systemization. Current affiliations: Assistant dean for clinical practice, University of Rochester School of Nursing; board-certified as an advanced nurse executive. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “The key is to hire talented people and then invest in their development. I believe that the answers lie with the people that do the work, so I am very focused on getting input and feedback from stakeholders before making decisions or strategic plans.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Effective communication skills are the key to great leadership. I like to resolve conflict proactively, and help coach others on the importance of giving feedback. I enjoy teambuilding and helping groups and individuals reach their goals. My expe-

Treating you, not just your condition Get compassionate, expert dialysis care at every step of your journey.

East Rochester Dialysis 445 West Commercial Street East Rochester, NY 14445 (585) 218-0517

Seaway Dialysis 999 East Ridge Road Rochester, NY 14609 (585) 266-7348

Newark Wayne Dialysis 1120 South Main Street Newark, NY 14513 (315) 331-6958

Call (585) 218-0517 or visit © 2018 DaVita Inc.


• An estimated 1.7 million • An estimated 2.8people suffer a brain million people • 80,000-90,000 peoplesuffer experience the onset of a brain each year injury each • Ayear Brain Injury can be caused by a stroke, assau substance abuse, sporting • 3.1 million peopleinjury, etc..

live with life-long Bridges For aBrain Injury services prev disability as a result survivors and adults with disabilities fr of a Traumatic propriately placed Brain in nursing homes, i Injury (TBI), with tings or from becoming homeless and a many unable to the dignity of living more independent live independently

Expert Senior Move Managers n

Sorting & Downsizing


Move Coordination


Settling Your New Home


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Online Auction Service

We offer a wide range of programs and services DID YOU KNOW....??? Brain to meetBridges the needsFor of those affected by a without supports.

Injury services prevent brain injury survivors and with • An estimated 1.7 million suffer a brain injury each year brainpeople injury oradults physical disability. disabilities from being inappropriately placed in nursing • 80,000-90,000 people experience the onset of homes, long term disability To find out more, call us institutional settings or from becoming homeless and allows at each year 396-0070 or check us out survivors the dignity of living more independently. • A Brain Injury can be(585) caused by a stroke, assault, car accident, substance abuse, sporting injury, etc.. at Our Social Day Services, open Monday-Saturday, provide Serving the Rochester, Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions. For Brain Injury prevent brain injury respite and peace of mindBridges to caregivers, whileservices offering social and adults with disabilities from being inaprecreational opportunitiessurvivors to your and loved one. propriately placed in nursing homes, institutional set-

or from becoming homeless and allows survivors To find out more,tings call us at (585) 396-0070 the dignity of living more independently.

or check us out at

Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today!

(585) 334-3544

Fully Insured and Bonded Established 2003

We offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of those affected by a Bridges For Brain Injury, Inc. isbrain a New State injury York or physical disability. provider of home and community based services within find out more, us at the Rochester, Finger Lakes &ToSouthern Tiercall Regions. Services can be funded through NYS Medicaid Waiver (585) 396-0070 or check us out & Managed Care programs or at private pay.

Serving the Rochester, Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions.

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There’s no place like...

Thelma’s y Mastectom Boutique

rience with research and evidence-based practice serves me well as we create new care models for the future and manage challenging health care issues. I hope that my vision and passion for nursing and patient care is inspiring to others.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “We need to work together as systems of care and deliver the highest quality care at the lowest cost. This means creating new ways to optimize the roles of all disciplines on the healthcare team, and provide them with state-of-the-art technology and outcomes data they need to provide excellent care.” „„ What do you do for fun? “Since I moved to Rochester, I have been getting to know the city, exploring the restaurant scene, all the outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and soon skiing. I love the arts and there is great theater and art here! I have also tried to get to all of the festivals that Rochester has to offer!”

ance coverage with increased consumer exposure to our specialty.” „„ What do you do for fun? :Travel, skiing, play and watch ice hockey, and family trips.”

Bill Ferris

President and chief executive officer, Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief and New York Weight Loss. Bras & Prostheses Withtheorganization Swimwear since: 2005 Camisoles Since what year in Lymphedema Products the current position: 2005 Education: BachBoard Certified Staff elor’s degree in Available for Fittings biology; Bowling Green State UniFittings by versity; Doctorate Appointment Only degree from New York Chiropractic College. Tues/Wed/Fri 9:30-4:30 Career Highlights: Recipient of Top 10 ChiThursday 9:30-7:00 ropractor in New York State for Patient Satisfaction 2016, 2017 and 2018. Awarded Founder, Progressive Endodontics. 251 Park Ave. Rochester Withtheorganization by the American Institute of Chiropracsince: Founded in tors. This is a statewide award for the (585) 256-2460 ultimate criterion, which is patient sat2005 Since what year in isfaction. Recipient of a 2018 Top Doctor the current position: Award, which specializes in recognizing and commemorating the achievements 2005 Education: Doc- of today’s most influential and respected tor of General doctors in medicine and chiropractic. This Surgery (DDS) award celebrates the accomplishments, degree from the commitment to quality and high standard University of De- of patient care. It reassures prospective troit, School of patients that their doctor is one of the most Dentistry, 1994; experienced, skilled and trusted in the b Residency at the Genesee Hospital in field. Recipient of Distinguished Doctor Over the past decade, more and Rochester, 1995; accepted in 1999 into the Top 3 Percent Expert Network. This notice more seniors are using personal advanced graduate endodontic program is a designation conferred upon doctors emergency response systems at Harvard University School of Dental and other professionals who have conthefocus past andwhere moreheseniors are using personal emergency (PERS) ver as they ondecade, aging in more tributed meaningfully to their field and Medicine, earned a specialty can demonstrate a distinct perspective certificate in endodontics in 2002. place and staying independent response systems (PERS) Career as they focus on aging placeonand staying independent the future of their profession. Highlights: Graduate with a in Master for as long as possible.But Current Affiliations: International Chiroof Medicine Science degree from Harvard for as long as possible.But as seniors get rid of landline phones and travel more, as seniors get rid of landline School of Dental Medicine; established practors Association, Victor Chamber phones more, for theynew technologies theyand aretravel looking that give them more freedom and peace of of Commerce, Better Business Bureau. Progressive Endodontics of Pittsford. are looking for new technologies How do you describe your managerial phiCurrent affiliations: American Association mind. that give them more freedom of Endodontists, American Dental Asso- losophy or approach? “I approach each and peace of mind. ciation, Seventh District Dental Society, day as a servant leader with a focus on board-eligible diplomat of the American patient centric outcomes through team Belle+ and Belle help usershelp live users Belle+ and Belle live and stay preparation, mobile longer by offering development and advanced Board of independently Endodontics. independently and stay mobile longer „„ How do you describe your managerial technologies. My core principles include help with the both home and away. by offering help with thepress press ofof a a button, philosophy or approach? “Compassion- integrity and positive outcomes. Integrity ate, informative, gentle and, above all, means we only recommend to patients button, both home and away.  E what we ourselves would do or recomempathetic.” Quick Alert Safety „„ What type of skill set do you possess mend to a family member. Efficacy means Quick Alert Safety Solutions, LLC which makes you an effective leader? “Clear, we understand our patients want a posiSolutions, LLC direct communications with patient and tive outcome to their pain syndromes or 510 Clinton Clinton Square Square 510 weight loss needs to be delivered through referring doctors.” Rochester, Rochester,NY NY14604 14604 „„ How can the healthcare industry in the quality compassionate care. Our primary Phone: 585-690-2387 region be improved? “Better dental insur- goal is to deliver the successful outcomes Phone: 585-690-2387

Harp Deol


20 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

our patients desire through the quickest, most sustainable path. In a nutshell, my team and I strive to empower the patient to be self sufficient at the conclusion of finishing their treatment in our office.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I am an effective leader by putting assembling, innovative and cutting edge technologies into one location. This gives our patients the unique advantage of availing themselves to a wide spectrum of evidence-based breakthrough technologies. By leading in our region with top of the line and best-in-class modalities, we are able to deliver on our core values while allowing the patients to reap the benefits. I strive to be a straight shooter and deliver the technical jargon through communication that is presented in plain language and easy to understand. This allows patients to make educated and informed decisions.” „„ How can the healthcare region be improved? “We need to stop making patient care a ‘turf war’ between various ideologies emanating from the spectrum of different specialties. We need to recognize the legitimacy of each other’s areas of expertise and cooperate in a non-biased referral manner so the patients receive the ultimate benefit.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I’m an avid Cleveland Browns sports fan. I enjoy anything nature and have a boxer who is arguably the most handsome boxer in the world and is treated like a family member. Spending time with family and friends and creating meaningful memories is always important.”

Steven I. Goldstein Vice president, University of Rochester Medical Center; president and chief executive officer, Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital; president, long term care, University of Rochester Medical Center. Withtheorganization since: September 1996 Since what year in the current position: 1997 Education: Bachelor ’s degree, Utica College of Syracuse University; master’s degree, St. Louis University Graduate School of Hospital and Health Care Administration. Career Highlights: Named one of the smartest people in health care by Becker’s



Assisting Angels Senior Care offers seniors the option to remain in their beloved homes and enjoy familiar surroundings while improving upon their quality of life. With offices located in Buffalo, NY, and Rochester, NY, Assisting Angels Senior Care is Western New York’s in-home care specialists! DEMENTIA & ALZHEIMER CARE | MEAL PREPARATION | HOUSEHOLD CHORES | MEDICATION | IN-HOME COMPANION CARE | TRANSPORTATION AND ESCORTS | HOME MONITORING Contact us at our Buffalo, NY office: (716) 741-1330 or our Rochester, NY office: (585) 329-4476.

Health Services at The Arc of Monroe

The Arc of Monroe’s Arc Health Services has been providing therapeutic, habilitative and clinical services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community for more than 20 years. Our out-patient Article 16 Clinic certified by NYS OPWDD annually serves more than 700 people with varying needs from Western and Central New York.

Services include: » Occupational Therapy » Physical Therapy » Psychiatric Care » Speech Pathology » Social Work » Behavior Intervention » Nutrition

NEW in 2019! Offering ADOS™ Testing (The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule)

As a Certified ADOS™ provider, The Arc of Monroe now has the resources to accurately assess and diagnose autism spectrum disorders across age, developmental level, and language skills.

For more information about The Arc Health Services or ADOS™ testing, please contact the Treatment Coordinator at

(585) 271-0661 or visit

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Hospital Review; diplomate of the American College of Healthcare Executives; American Hospital Association (AHA) board of directors; also AHA Regional Policy Board 2 chairman, board liaison to the section for long-term care and rehabilitation, AHA committee on research and AHA committee on health reform; Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS), board chairman; previously served as president of Rochester General Hospital; acting president of The Children’s Medical Center, Dayton, Ohio; assistant administrator of the University of Nebraska Hospitals and Clinics; and administrator of the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute, Omaha, Neb. Current affiliations: Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) board executive committee; American Hospital Association, committee on clinical leadership; boards of directors for University of Rochester Medical Center, Highland Hospital of Rochester, UR Medicine Home Care, Pandion Optimization Alliance: Healthcare Education and Advocacy (formerly Rochester Regional Healthcare Association); professor of public health sciences, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry; professor of clinical nursing, University of Rochester School of Nursing.

„„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “Hire the most talented administrators, providers and staff members available, then empower them to do their jobs while remaining available to serve as a problem-solver.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Knowledge of healthcare financing and regulation, strategic decision-making ability, maintaining strong relationships with colleagues internally and at other institutions.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Expand care networks so that health systems can manage the transition to value-based payment models, increasing patient access to primary care and preventive services while providing high-quality clinical care as close to home as possible for upstate New Yorkers.” „„ What do you do for fun? “Spend time


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with friends and family, including my wife, Bonnie; children Brian, David and Rebecca; their spouses and our seven grandchildren.”

Sharon M. Grasta (Russo) Owner, Grasta’s Beauty & Wig Studio. Withtheorganization since: 1962 Education: Continental Beauty School, Chadwick of England Styling School, Alternative Hair Training Center. Career Highlights: For many years worked in beauty shops at Rochester General Hospital, Monroe Community Hospital (dealing with chronically ill patients), Highland Hospital and the former Genesee Hospital. Has also owned the Village of Park Ridge Beauty Shop for the Elders and the Grandville Senior Home Beauty Shop in the Rochester area. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “I will strive to give you the best service and products at the best price. I will never ‘sell’ you


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something you don’t need. I will give you as many choices as possible and explain the pros and cons of each, so you get the most value for your money. I will do my best to treat you the way I would want to be treated, with honesty and respect and a sense of humor when needed. I won’t stop until we are both satisfied that my service to you was right and to your satisfaction.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “The ability to be compassionate and kind all the while understanding the sensitive nature of each person. I treat every customer like my only customer. I want you to receive the undivided attention you deserve while selecting wigs and headpieces. My wig shop is open by individual appointment only, to ensure a personalized experience every time, and I welcome stylists and patients to call with questions about hair loss or to inquire about my many products, supplies, and wigs for cancer patients.” „„ What do you do for fun? “Deep sea fishing, bowling, crochet, playing free casino games on my computer.”

Sam Guarnieri Owner and founder, Pittsford Dental Excellence; Kois Center mentor and clinical instructor; founder of the Greater Rochester Airway Group. Withtheorganization since: Practicing dentistry since 1981 Education and professional development: Earned undergraduate degree from Niagara University; Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Howard University School of Dentistry in Washington, D.C.; completed his dental residency at Strong Memorial Hospital. Career highlights: Maintains the highest levels of accreditation. Maintains the highest levels of accreditation and pursues ongoing educational opportunities as part of professional growth. Has studied with Dr. Soroush Zaghi, a Stanford ENT and sleep specialist. In addition, he has completed a residency in sleep breathing disorders and trained with a number of specialists from Harvard to Stanford. Has completed programs at Misch Implant Institute, The Pankey Institute, The Dawson Academy, CAMBRA and

EWBC research shows

screening mammography is beneficial for older women. (585) 442-2190 Batavia







Sciatica n Back Pain n Plantar Fasciitis n Knee Pain Disc Herniation/Bulge n Neck Pain n Chronic Headaches Stenosis n Carpal Tunnel n Neuropathy


erris, D Dr. Bill F CLIENT

Lose 3 - 7 lbs PER WEEK! Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

311 West Main St. | Victor, NY | (585) 398-1201 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 23

Century Benefits Group INC

Employee Benefit Advisors

AA BBeetttteerr BBeenneeffiitts EExxppeerriieennccee

Confused about Medicare or other Benefits? We’ll help you choose the best plan! • Group • Individual • Medicare • Rx Plans • Dental We offer all available New York State Plans Group & Individual Health Plans

Call us (585) 224–8138 Michael King, rebc Employee Benefit Advisor

Piper Dental Clinic. He is one of the first dentists in the Rochester area to offer CariFree technology. He also attended the internationally renowned Kois Center for dental education. • Founded the Upstate New York Kois study group where, he is a graduate, mentor and clinical instructor. • In 2013, he founded the Upstate Kois Study Group to help dentists increase their level of competency and improve patient care. Current affiliations: American Dental Association; Wellness Dentistry Network; Kois Clinical Center; Founder of the Upstate New York Kois Study Group; American Academy of Oral Systemic Health; New York State Dental Association; Monroe County Dental Society; Seventh District Dental Society. „„ How do you describe your philosophy or approach? “At Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, we are committed to providing the highest quality dentistry and related health services. We believe in a comprehensive, holistic approach in treating every patient. I’m also dedicated to continuous improvement and life-long learning and always being technically and professionally prepared to exceed each patient’s expectations.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which

The Monroe Eye Center


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Now excepting United Healthcare Community Plan and United Healthcare Community Plan Dual Complete. other insurances excepted are: MedicareMedicaid-Blue Cross Blue Shield-Blue Choice OptionMarch Vision-Davis Vision-and many more - call today. To schedule an eye exam call


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585-442-1479 1644 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY 14618

Meet Your Doctor


Lead physician of Physician House Calls program at Jewish Senior Life, Brenda Baratta loves spending time with patients — at their homes

JANUARY 2019 • ISSUE 161


What to do during the long winter months when our comfort-food cravings are besting our better judgment? Check inside for some nutritious makeovers that may satisfy your longings without compromising your health.

Women’s Health

Milk: Are They All the Same? Oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk, hazelnut milk — alternative options for dairy milk have grown in popularity in the last two decades. But how do they compare to dairy milk? P. 13

• More women than men reporting higher levels of stress • You’re not alone: Half of older women suffer incontinence • C-sectionrates have nearly doubled since 2000 • Alcohol and breastfeeding: Do they go well together?

Fitness Trends for 2019 Find out what’s hot, according to local experts

Arugula Super low in calories and rich in fiber, this ‘carcinogen killer’ is a healthy choice for those looking to lose or maintain their weight.

page 12

Into Saunas? Love your time in the local sauna? Your heart may love it, too, according to a new study recently released.

page 2

Reach nearly 100,000 health consumers in the Greater Rochester area. Advertise with In Good Health — Rochester’s Healthcare Newspaper. 585-421-8109

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makes you an effective leader? “Participate in continuing education, leadership in business and dentistry, and mentoring others. Founding the KOIS Study Club in Rochester. Involvement with several wellness groups, and study clubs and other professionals who are at the top of their fields.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Improved collaboration with both medical and dental professionals to treat patients using allied and traditional medicine. Increased awareness of the importance of looking at at clients as a whole person. Using more research-based treatment.” „„ What do you do for fun? “Getting together with family and friends, cooking, traveling and reading. Dentistry is my advocation and I often can’t tell the difference between “working” and “fun.”

Paige M. Helfer President, Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solutions. Withtheorganization since: 25 years of experience. Education: Graduate of Syracuse University, Salus University. Current affiliations: American Academy of Audiology; Better Business B u r e a u ; Yo u r Hearing Network „„ How do you describe your philosophy or approach? “Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solutions offers complete hearing healthcare to our patients. We are located within Lakeside ENT and Allergy, LLC. Working closely with ear nose and throat specialists we are able to offer the most comprehensive care when it comes to hearing needs. This alliance allows us the unique capability to diagnose hearing loss and medical conditions related to hearing loss in a complete patient-centered practice. We utilize the most advanced audiological evaluation techniques, and offer a wide range of hearing devices to make a difference in hearing health and improve quality of life.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I am committed to educate myself, my staff and our patients about hearing loss, leading-edge hearing technology and appropriate choices to maximize our patient’s quality of life through healthy hearing.”

„„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “You don’t want to know my feelings on this, LOL.” „„ What do you do for fun? “Spend as much time as possible with my family and spending times outdoors.”

Robert W. Hurlbut President and chief executive officer, Hurlbut Care Communities. Withtheorganization since: 1984 Since what year in the current position: 1993 Education: A 1984 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology; Bachelor of Science degree in food, hotel and travel management. Career Highlights: Leading the family organization, he has developed collaborative partnerships with organizations such as Strong Memorial Hospital and Lifespan aimed at providing the highest quality of care and services to residents of 13 Hurlbut Care Communities. His focus on elevating nursing home care and rehabilitation services has led to meaningful advances in patient transportation, seven-day-a-week rehabilitation sessions at Hurlbut facilities, care for the elderly with severe behavioral disabilities, streamlining insurance-related paperwork and other notable improvements. Current affiliations: Current and past board service to the Memorial Art Gallery, The Strong Memorial board, University of Rochester Nursing advisory board, Public Health Planning Council, Eldersource, Lifespan, the R.I.T. advisory board, American Red Cross, and many others.” „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “I do not believe in micromanaging our administrators. They run each of their respective facilities and they are responsible for the day-today operations. Each one of our Hurlbut Care Communities is differentiated by its own name and distinctive personality and I want our administrators to feel as though they own each of their homes.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I try to listen to my employees and encourage the sharing of ideas with the end goal of making the lives of our residents better. I do believe that I am the one, at times, to make final decisions, but I also try to coach my administrators to reach the deci-

Rochester & Finger Lakes Region If you know someone who may have Alzheimer’s or another dementia, please call

24/7 HELPLINE 800.272.3900 Needs assessment | Advice on quality care Care planning | Home safety tips

MAKE A DIFFERENCE! If you have a desire to make a difference, possess excellent people skills, and work directly with individuals to help them gain and maintain independence in their lives, then Lifetime Assistance Inc. is the employer for you!

We Emphasize Strengths, Not Limitations!

Lifetime Assistance Inc. We are currently hiring for:

n Direct Care (Residential Programs & amp; Day Services) n Licensed Practical Nurses n Registered Nurses n Drivers (No CDL required for many positions)

Flexible schedules as well as full-time, part-time and relief positions available! With positions located all throughout the Rochester, Greece, Irondequoit, Gates, Chili, Churchville,LeRoy, Brockport, Hamlin, Ogden, and Henrietta Areas, chances are we have the right position for you!

For a full listing of openings, job descriptions/qualifications, and to apply, please visit our employment opportunity page at: Lifetime Assistance Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 25

sions themselves or else they don’t learn. I always keep in mind, and understand, that the world runs by numbers, and I try to never make an emotional decision.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “For one, Medicaid rates for nursing homes are too low to adequately care for our residents. Additionally, numerous regulations should be abolished that have nothing to do with taking care of residents.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I always have fun! Spending time with my family and friends is my favorite pastime.”

Daniel P. Ireland President, United Memorial Medical Center, part of Rochester Regional Health. With organization since: August 1990 Since what year in the current position: November 2013. Education: Associate of Applied Science degree, nursing, Genesee Community College, 1992; Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, SUNY Brockport, 1994; Master of Business Administration, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1997. Career Highlights: Emergency department nurse manager, chief operating officer — major construction projects; Jerome Center revitalization; $20 million surgical and front entrance addition at North Street Campus; expansion of access of care; acquiring and opening 12 clinics in the last seven years; merger with Rochester Regional Health in 2015. Current affiliations: American College of Healthcare Executives, fellow since June 2012; Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, board of directors; Lake Plains Community Care Network, board of directors; Batavia Housing Authority, board of directors; Western New York Healthcare Association, secretary of the board; Gillam Grant Community Center, board of directors, finance chairman; Genesee Orleans Regional Arts Council, board member. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “I believe in leadership through empowerment of my team, development of a thriving culture focused on safety, patient and team engagement and accountability at all levels of the team.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I am

a good listener, who can interpret what is heard and translate that information into actionable results. Through effective listening and appropriate translation I can motivate people to follow my lead to achieve positive outcomes.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Improvement with the payer models, with stabilization of revenue streams across all healthcare entities. Greater technology standardization, for improved interagency collaboration, resulting in smoother patient processes throughout the region. Reduction in unnecessary redundancy in the outpatient areas across the region.” „„ What do you do for fun? “Play volleyball, wood working, hiking and kayaking.”

Michael S. King President and chief executive officer, Jewish Senior Life. Withtheorganization since: 2005 Since what year in the current position: 2015 Education: Master of Public Administration degree with a healthcare emphasis from the SUNY Brockport; Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from SUNY Fredonia. Career Highlights: “We’ve recently opened nine new long-term care homes on our campus, called Green House Cottages. This was a key milestone in our ongoing $83 million campus transformation project, and sets an example of what the future of care can and should look like for our elders. We’ve adopted this new model of care so that we can serve the community better than ever before, providing high satisfaction for our staff and an even higher quality of life for residents, as well as peace of mind for their families.” Current affiliations: “I serve as board member for the Association of Jewish Aging Services, Mary Cariola Children’s Center and the Alzheimer’s Association of Rochester and Finger Lakes Region. I also serve as a committee member of the skilled nursing cabinet for LeadingAge New York.” „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “Management is about coping with complex issues. Leadership is about coping with change. More change requires more leadership.

26 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

Our healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic changes. I try to make sure that I always have a balance of strong leadership and strong management.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Leaders must be honest and hold high integrity standards for themselves and those they lead. Empathy and vulnerability also allow those I lead to see me as approachable. I care deeply about my organization and those we are privileged to serve.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Rochester has a great history of collaboration among healthcare providers. We need that to continue into the future.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I love to hike with my black Labrador, hunt and play a little golf.”

Pat Larrabee Founder and chief executive officer, Rochester Clinical Research. Withtheorganization since: 1994 Since what year in the current position: 1994 Education: Bachelor’s degree in nursing, SUNY Brockport; master ’s degree in nursing as adult nurse practitioner, University of Rochester. Career Highlights: “After working as a nurse practitioner in primary care with an interdisciplinary team at the Wilson Health Center, I was looking for something a bit less demanding as my husband and I started a family. I loved learning about clinical research. I started my research career as an NP at the URMC, working with a hypertension specialist and conducted clinical trials that profiled the hemodynamic profile of all antihypertensive therapies. This was fun and interesting. After eight years at UR I approached the Rochester Medical Group to start a research division. That was a successful adventure and then when the medical group dissolved, Dr. Mervyn Weerasinghe and I decided to work together and formed Rochester Clinical Research. Our mission has always been to conduct quality clinical trials advancing medicine and changing lives. We have been involved in the development of a wide variety of medications and vaccines. We have studied medications for diabetes, weight loss, high blood pressure

and arthritis, to name a few. We have also been involved with vaccines for flu, RSV, HPV, anthrax, avian flu as well as devices for home HIV testing, rapid flu tests and so on. We are fortunate to have a database of more than 35,000 people in the region who have expressed an interest in research trial participation. We have trials that range from one day to seven years in length. We honor our volunteers’ time when they come to the office and make the visits as pleasant an experience as possible. It is fun to get to know our study folks over the course of the trial. Most people participate for reasons that are altruistic and want to help future generations. Rochester has some pretty amazing folks.” Current affiliations: “We are active in the Society of Clinical Research Sites, the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, and have been active in the local chapters of the nurse practitioner group as well as on the national advisory board for the UR School of Nursing. I am also active with the Global Clinical Supply group and the Investigator Site Initiative Advisory Group, sponsored by Thermo Fisher. I also serve as the board chairman of Mary Cariola Children’s Center.” „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “Hire good people and let them fly. Give them the skills and

training needed and treat people well — our goal is to have RCR be a fun, friendly work environment that provides quality care to our study volunteers and quality data to our study sponsors.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Ability to see the big picture and think about possible alternative solutions to challenges and problems. Problem solving is an important skill to teach others as well as a leader — how else can we solve a problem? Is there more than one solution? Ask questions and provide the skills needed for staff to learn to answer. Share information related to company goals, progress and have a clear vision of who we are. People really like to know where we are and where we are going!” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Health insurance is one of the big challenges for employers and employees — keeping it affordable, perhaps enhancing the benefits that encourage healthy behaviors and keep costs down. Our healthcare is wonderful but access and affordability are not wonderful. We have high expectations as a country and have set up this system that is not serving all fairly and becoming out of reach for many.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I love to quilt, love time with my growing family of adult

children and amazing grandchildren. Love to spend time in the Adirondacks hiking and canoeing!”

Robert Mayo Chief medical officer, executive vice president, Rochester Regional Health. Withtheorganization since: 2002 Since what year in the current position: 2013 Education: University of Michigan Medical School 1990 Career Highlights: Inaugural recipient of the Father George Norton Physician Excellence Award 2005; president of the Rochester General Hospital medical and dental staff, 2010-2012; vice president of patient safety and quality 2009-2013. Current affiliations: Board of directors, United Way of Rochester. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “My managerial philosophy is primarily relationship based. Healthcare is so complex that improving | 585.697.6000

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 27

processes and practices requires a multidisciplinary and inter-professional team. Bringing people together to accomplish complex work requires a commitment to the people involved. Building trust, expressing appreciation and giving people needed resources can produce exceptional results.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Understanding human nature, effectively measuring data to drive performance, honesty and dependability.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Rochester Regional Health is far ahead of most health systems across the U.S. in the way we use data to drive performance, achieve quality, integrate care along the care continuum and save cost. The only way for healthcare organizations to succeed in this era of immense change is to know how to measure its performance and adapt quickly to new regulatory and economic pressures.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I enjoy all aspects of my life. I have a wonderful family with whom I enjoy time. Jogging, cooking and gardening are activities that help recharge my internal batteries.”

Michael E. McRae President and chief executive officer, St. Ann’s Community. Withtheorganization since: September 2010 Since what year in the current position: 2014 Education: Bachelor of Science degree in gerontology; Master of Science degree in human services administration. Career Highlights: “Starting out as an activities director I found a great deal of enjoyment interacting with residents early in my career. The experience of working one on one and in small and large groups with the seniors we serve continues to be foundational in the decisions I make in my role today. Part of my professional growth was assuming the challenging role as the continuous quality improvement (CQI) director for a hospital system. This responsibility afforded me the opportunity to transcend multiple healthcare service lines and have an exposure from newborn right through hospice/end-of- life care. Now as chief

executive officer, I have a unique view of how all of the moving parts within a health system interact.” Current affiliations: UR Homecare, board of directors; Brothers of Mercy, board of directors; Pandion Optimization Alliance, board of directors; legal services committee of LeadingAge New York. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “There is a difference between managing and leading. When I am leading, my focus is on building a high-performing and cohesive executive team, aligning our leaders’ focus and deliverables on our long-term direction and vision. When I am managing, my focus is on achieving our mission — what must be done to realize our vision, how we creatively and collaboratively achieve our strategic framework. “My management philosophy is to create an environment for success. I do this by setting high and challenging standards and goals for our leadership team, by engaging, empowering and supporting them, and unleashing ownership. I also encourage open debate and dialogue in the spirit of achieving clarity, prioritizing our resources and developing collaborative relationships. Our board of directors, our executive and leadership team and our associates are passionate about achieving goals that serve our residents — not just doing the right thing, but doing what is right for each of our stakeholders. The bottom line is providing excellent care and high-quality services.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Self-awareness, empathy, relationship building and passion for our mission are some skills that I leverage in my leadership role. Also being open to all ideas and suggestions that advance St. Ann’s Community as the provider and employer of choice for comprehensive care, housing and services for older adults. I am transparent and people with whom I interact know my passion for creating an environment of trust, respect, inclusion, fairness and consistency.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Identify opportunities for collaboration, interdependence and interconnectivity. Opportunities that bring stakeholders together to review best practices, cost of doing business, patient-centered care, quality and staffing are just some areas we should focus on for improved healthcare in our region. There are many opportunities for the sharing of resources to achieve mutual goals that address community health.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I see myself

28 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

first as a father and husband. I enjoy time with my family, especially traveling with them.”

Daniel Morris Certified sexual addiction therapistsupervisor (CSAT-S) and co-founder, Kavod Psychotherapy. Withtheorganization since: 1993 Education: Master of Social Work degree, SUNY Albany; Bachelor of Science degree in theater arts, SUNY Brockport. Career Highlights: “Over 35 years as a therapist helping people heal. An early proponent of treating addictive and compulsive behaviors around sexuality, I supervise professionals in New York state seeking certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT) credentials through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). I completed this extensive CSAT training program in 2011.” Current affiliations: National Association of Social Workers, IITAP. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “I help people with sex, relationship and pornography issues — especially couples suffering from the trauma of sexual indiscretions. Couples seeking to rebuild a relationship rooted in trust must face the cauldron of abandonment and betrayal and learn understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. I help them break through denial and create a safe space where they can slowly let down their defenses and open the lines of communication. Couples committed to each other and their work can transform this painful process into profound personal transformation and healing.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Internet addiction and excessive use of pornography is an epidemic hiding in plain sight. Healthcare providers need to recognize that problematic sexual behavior destroys relationships, alienates families, and ruins lives. Starting the conversation is not easy, but we must encourage people to seek help and begin the healing to rebuild their lives.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I love planning the next steps for Kavod to extend our reach in the community. I also enjoy cycling, cooking, and traveling.”

Kathy Parrinello Chief operating officer and executive vice president, Strong Memorial Hospital. Withtheorganization since: 1975 Since what year in the current position: 2000 Education: Bachelor’s degree in nursing, University of Rochester, 1975; master ’s degree in nursing, University of Rochester, 1983; Ph.D. in education, University of Rochester 1990. Career Highlights: Appointed board chairwoman for Finger Lakes Performing Provider System, 2014; awarded the David T. Kearns Medal of Distinction at the University of Rochester Simon Business School, 2013; named a “Most Influential Woman” by Rochester Business Journal, 2003; accepted the position of chief operating officer, Strong Memorial Hospital, 2000; selected as distinguished alumni at the University of Rochester School of Nursing, 1999; accepted the position of senior director for hospital operations at Strong Memorial Hospital, a key role on the hospital’s management team, 1995; helped put together one of the first hospital-based acute-care nurse practitioner positions in the nation at Strong Memorial Hospital, 1980s. Current affiliations: Associate professor in the school of nursing, University of Rochester Medical Center; clinical associate professor of community and preventive medicine in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester Medical Center; fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “The best leaders assemble a team of competent and talented people, create excitement about the work and a vision for success. Leaders need to remove barriers that inhibit best efforts of the team, strive to stimulate creativity within the group and be decisive when a decision needs to be made by the leader.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Knowledge of the healthcare industry and ability to work with people having a wide range of talents, capabilities and personal styles. Mentorship is important to me as I have had great mentors and strive to be one for new managers and leaders. In addition, I can be calm and decisive when needed, keeping the level of anxiety in check when

challenges are confronted.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Create and foster interprofessional, team-based approaches to addressing healthcare issues involving partners in all sectors of healthcare, business and human services.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I play tennis, paddle and golf with a great group of friends.”

Kim K. Petrone Medical director, St. Ann’s Community; medical director, Rochester Regional Wound Healing Center at St. Ann’s. Withtheorganization since: St Ann’s, 2005; Wound Center, 2013. Since what year in the current position: Medical director of St Ann’s, 2012; medical director of Wound Center, 2013. Education: “Earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Duke University; medical degree from the University of Rochester; completed residency training in internal medicine at the University of Rochester where I also spent a year serving as chief resident. Completed a fellowship in geriatrics from the University of Rochester prior to starting as a staff physician at St Ann’s Community. Earned the title of certified wound specialist and ostomy specialist.” Career Highlights: “I have been very fortunate to be mentored by exemplary physicians and leaders throughout my career. I am proud of the clinical work I have done for the residents of St Ann’s and have reveled in being a leader of a truly remarkable group of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants that provide care at St Ann’s Community. In 2013, St Ann’s and Rochester Regional Health opened a wound center that was the first of its kind in the nation as it represented a collaboration between a senior living community and an acute care hospital. I am very proud of the work I did to help this center come to fruition and the ongoing care that is delivered daily. As the medical director of the center, I am also very proud of the team of providers who work so hard in this venue as well.” Current affiliations: American Medical Directors Association, American College of Physicians, Monroe County Medical Society, American Geriatric Society, Un-

dersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society, American Board of Wound Management. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “My natural inclination is to adopt a servant management/leadership approach as this style most closely mirrors the requisite attributes of a good clinical relationship with patients. I favor shared leadership, prioritizing the needs of the team and collective decision making. However, as a physician one learns very early that one style of leadership is not effective in all situations. A physician must act in a very autocratic style, for example, when a patient is in extremis and quick decisions need to be made and orders carried out expeditiously. When a patient is more stable, a physician can employ a much more democratic approach, including the patient and other team members in the decisions. This ability to shift leadership or managerial styles to fit a situation is just as important in the administrative world and one that I continue to try to hone.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Medicine fosters some key attributes to successful leadership early on in training. It teaches the importance of active communication, assiduousness and careful analysis of complex situations. It also teaches the importance of prioritizing goals and being flexible when a plan does not execute exactly as planned. I have tried hard to apply all these skills as a leader.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Rochester has always been fortunate to have many skilled and passionate geriatricians, as well as senior living communities with long traditions of excellence in clinical care. While many other parts of the nation struggle to find providers and models that provide this care, our region has long implemented models that prioritize the desires and health priorities of our patients. As such, our region is challenged to continue the recruitment of passionate leaders and to work collaboratively across health care systems in an effort to continue to innovate. Our leaders need to look for new ways to fund geriatric care by collecting data on outcomes in various clinical venues and then working with insurers to develop alternate payment models. Medical training should focus more on the finance of healthcare to help prepare future clinicians for leadership roles in the development of alternate care and payment models.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I have a 17 year-old son who shares my passion for hockey. I enjoy watching him on the ice and watching hockey in general. Spend-

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 29

ing time with him, my husband, and my extended family, most of who live in Rochester, is a source of a lot of enjoyment. I am also an avid reader, gardener, and enjoy interior design.”

Dustin Riccio President, Eastern Region, Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic, Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, part of Rochester Regional Health. Withtheorganization since: 2008 Since what year in the current position: 2015 Education: Medical degree, Master of Business Administration degree. Career Highlights: “Being asked to move into my current role as Eastern Region president, which includes leading two hospitals that are integral to the health of our communities. Each hospital is a long-standing institution in our community and having the opportunity to enhance the quality of patient care and continue to bring jobs to

our community is a tremendous honor.” Current affiliations: American College of Emergency Physicians; American Board of Emergency Medicine. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “The Eastern Region leadership team aims to create an environment which fosters innovation and collaboration among team members who are all working toward the common goal of providing the region’s best health care to patients.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I am surrounded by an incredible team that consistently provides valuable responses and insights. I pride myself on my active listening skills to full engage in conversations and ensure open communication with my team.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Being part of a larger health system we are fortunate to have the opportunity to leverage knowledge from within our organization, but we are also fortunate to be able to learn from local industries outside of healthcare to innovate and continue to grow within our communities. Our goal of bringing new services to the regions allows patients access to quality healthcare, closer to home. „„ What do you do for fun? “Travel with

my family.”

Hazel Robertshaw Vice president of patient care services / chief nursing officer, F.F. Thompson Hospital. Withtheorganization since: 2007 Since what year in the current position: 2008 Education: Ph.D. in nursing, Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College, University of London; Bachelor of Science in nursing studies, University of Manchester. Career Highlights: “Working with Roberts Wesleyan College to bring a RN-to-BSN program to Thompson’s campus, and, in 2015, helping Thompson Hospital once again achieve magnet recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.” Current affiliations: Membership in the American Nurses Association and the American Organization of Nurse Executives. Member of the UR Home Care

Are you caring for a family member who has dementia? University of Rochester researchers are exploring ways to promote health and well-being for people caring for a family member who has demen%a. Available studies include parCcipaCon in a brief study program to determine benefits for stress, wellness, and immune health of the caregiver. CompensaCon for study parCcipaCon is provided.

You may be eligible for a study if you: Ø  Are at least 55 years of age and Ø  are caring for, and living with, a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease or other demen%a. We offer op+ons to afford caregivers the +me for par+cipa+on, including op+onal respite care and companionship for the loved one with demen+a. Travel may not be required, depending on study; please call to learn about available op+ons.

To learn more, call: (585) 275-6835,

or email: Visit our website at: 30 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

board and the UR School of Nursing advisory board. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “I would say my approach is facilitative — allowing individuals to grow, challenging them to achieve and be the best they can be.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Open, honest communication. Willingness to listen to others’ opinions. Willingness to face challenges. Tenacity and willingness to change.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Sharing best practices, learning from each other when things go wrong so we don’t all make the same mistakes. Improving the patient experience and developing the next generation of thought leaders in healthcare.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two Chesapeake Bay retrievers. I love to travel and experience different countries and cultures.”

Rekha Shrivastava Owner and founder, Blossom Hypnosis. Withtheorganization since: 2015 Since what year in the current position: 2015 Education: Master ’s degree in psychological development, University of Rochester; certified hypnotist (CH); certified rehabilitation counselor (CRC); and credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselor (CASAC). Career Highlights: “I worked as a psychotherapist for 20 years in an outpatient mental health clinic, treating a wide range of mental illnesses, facilitating group therapy sessions, conducting play therapy. I have successfully worked with clients in a variety of capacities from childhood to adulthood. I furthermore specialize in addiction therapy and virtual gastric band hypnosis, and maintain active certifications in all of these areas. I have presented my work at national conferences to colleagues, and have served as the vice president of the Finger Lakes chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). I take enormous pride in helping my clients, and believe that a multidisciplinary approach is the key to successful treatment of complex disorders. It is my life’s mission to make

a difference in clients’ lives every day.” Current affiliations: National Guild Of Hypnotists (NGH), vice president of the Finger Lakes chapter of NGH; UR Alumni Association; NYS Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Certification (OASAS); active practitioner of Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “I approach leadership and management the same way I look at problem solving for my clients. I listen more than I speak, and implement customized solutions. I truly believe that my clients hold the key to solving their problems, and it is my role to guide them to unlock their hidden potential. There

is rarely one solution to a problem. My extensive experience in multiple mental health arenas, in conjunction with advanced degrees and certifications, provide me with a unique vantage point to effectively find a personalized solution.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Effective leadership is based on empathy. My vast amount of experience in a variety of roles and clinical environments allows me the ability to understand multiple perspectives. At Blossom Hypnosis, this directly translates to a better client experience. Clients know that I understand their issues, and that I’ll be there for them throughout their sessions and

What’s come between you? Lack of trust? Loveless, sexless relationship? Excessive use of porn or social media? Call Kavod at 585.546.5180.


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well beyond. I check in with every client for months after they have completed their treatments. Empathy drives my mission, and my success rates with the most challenging situations is evidence that this works. A large proportion of my practice comes from referrals from my former clients- I take enormous pride in this fact, and my testimonials are evidence that our treatments are highly effective.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Quality over quantity. The healthcare industry can be improved if practitioners demonstrate compassion, and do not treat every person with the same approach. Failure of treatment isn’t always the patient’s fault — practitioners need to be accountable for delivering customized and high-quality healthcare that works for them. Every client is an individual, every treatment should be, too.” „„ What do you do for fun? “I love music, and play classical Indian percussion along with vocals with my husband in our community and beyond. Family time means the world to me. I believe in health of the mind and body. I spend countless hours in the gym every week, and meditate to maintain personal and professional focus. I gain an incredible amount of inner peace from service and charity, and have been volunteering with local and national organizations for my whole life.”

Michael F. Stapleton, Jr. President and chief executive officer, F.F. Thompson Hospital. With F.F. Thompson Hospital since: 2011 Since what year in the current position: 2012 Education: Master of Science degree in healthcare system leadership, University of Rochester; Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, St. John Fisher College; Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, SUNY Oswego. Career Highlights: Prior to being named Thompson Health’s president and CEO, Stapleton was executive vice president of Thompson Health and chief operating officer of F.F. Thompson Hospital. Previous leadership roles included being CEO of Lakeside Health System and president of Lakeside Memorial Hospital in Brockport, as well as chief operating officer, chief nursing officer and vice president

of patient care services at LHS. Prior to that, worked more than 13 years at the University of Rochester Medical Center in various capacities, including as nurse manager of the Kessler Family Burn/ Trauma ICU and the adult emergency department. Current affiliations: Healthcare affiliations include American College of Healthcare Executives; American Hospital Association; Healthcare Association of New York State; Rochester Regional Healthcare Association; community affiliations include member of boards of directors for Mercy Flight Central and School of the Holy Childhood. Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), American Hospital Association Region 2 Policy Board member, Hospital Association of New York State board member, Pandion Optimization Alliance board chairman. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “My approach is to motivate our associates and medical staff to do better in everything we do. Strive for perfection and you will find excellence in the journey. This works in every aspect of quality and customer service improvement.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I am very passionate about what I do and I believe it is a privilege for us to come to work every day and improve the lives of our community members. I believe my passion is contagious and inspires our associates to improve every day.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “We all need to move toward high reliability in health care, remove variation in care and improve the overall quality of health care we deliver to our patients.” „„ What do you do for fun?”I like to spend time with family, playing golf, softball and enjoy all types of live music.”

Douglas Stewart President, Unity Hospital, part of Rochester Regional Health. Withtheorganization since: 2005 Since what year in the current position: July 2014 Education: B–achelor of Arts degree in public policy, Stanford University; Doctor of Psychology degree (Psy.D), Ferkauf Graduate

32 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

School of Psychology. Career Highlights: Vice president for behavioral health of a large hospital in New Jersey, 2000-2005; vice president for behavioral health at Unity, 20052012; senior vice president for acute and ambulatory services at Unity, 2012-2013; president, health care services at Unity, until July 2014. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “Inclusive and collaborative.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “Good listener; open to ideas, especially from the frontline, learn from mistakes; trust; empower and support others.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “Reduce disparities in health care.” „„ What do you do for fun? “Spend time with family, cook, travel.”

Nate Zelesnikar Senior director of programs and services, Arc of Monroe. Withtheorganization since: 2015 Since what year in the current position: 2017 Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology, St. John Fisher College. Career Highlights: “I began my career in the human services field with Lifetime Assistance Inc. and worked there for more than 13 years in a variety of roles, including Medicaid service coordinator, senior residential manager, clinical coordinator and acting associate director of day services. I am currently the senior director of programs and services with the Arc of Monroe and oversee a number of clinical, residential and day habilitation programs.” Current affiliations: Arc of Monroe, Greece Central School District, St. John Fisher College. „„ How do you describe your managerial philosophy or approach? “I don’t have a ‘managerial philosophy’ because I don’t believe I manage people; I believe it is my responsibility to lead people. Trust and relationship building are everything. They are the essential building blocks to a strong foundation when leading or building a team. As a leader, your team has to trust that you are doing things ethically, honestly and transparently. I

RESPITE STAYS • ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING also encourage my team to have fun at work. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then chances are you aren’t going to do it very well. Have high performance expectations, treat people like family and be authentic. That’s my approach.” „„ What type of skill set do you possess which makes you an effective leader? “I’d like to think that I am a strong communicator. In general, I think my interpersonal skills are probably the main trait that has allowed me to be an effective leader. It’s also vital to support your team and to have their back. When people feel truly supported it shows in everything they do.” „„ How can the healthcare industry in the region be improved? “I think specific to people with ID/DD [intellectual disabilities / developmental disabilities], the state and federal government need to understand on a global level that this is not a population of people that you can continue to cut funding from. Staff in the human services field is insultingly underpaid. Our direct support professionals are supporting human beings with a wide range of physical and mental health diagnosis and are making near minimum wage. People are not a product; they are flesh and blood and are someone’s family. New York state needs to do a more effective

Caring for Individuals with Grief and Loss Anger Trauma Relationship Problems Borderline Personality Disorder Individual & Couples Counseling


job of providing a fair wage for such an important and difficult profession.” „„ What do you do for fun? “My fun is now whatever my kids do for fun. My son plays hockey and my daughter does gymnastics. Those alone are full-time jobs and I love watching them compete. I love to exercise and it’s a huge stress reliever for me. MyMEMORY wife and I also both• ASSISTED LIVING CARE coach high school sports in the Greece RESPITE STAYS • ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING Arcadia District. The Zelesnikar family never stops!”


For Active Baby Boomers ROC55.COM

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You Can Do This; I Can Help.

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socialization in a comfortable personal independence and setting. Families gain peace of setting. Families gain peace of “I see my mother thriving in your socialization in a comfortable mind Thomas, knowing their loved Call Jean mind knowing their ones loved ones areFamilies receiving quality care. setting. gain peace are receiving quality care. care... sheof feels comfortably Assisted Living Counselor mind knowing their loved ones at (585) or Call341-2307 Jean Thomas, Call Jean Thomas, in her new home.” at home are receiving quality care. Counselor AssistedAssisted Living Living Counselor

visit and – Family of Wolk resident at (585)at 341-2307 or member (585) 341-2307 or visit and visit and Call Jean Thomas, Assisted Living Counselor

4000 Summit Circle Drive Wolk and Lodge residents enjoy 4000Circle Summit Circle Drive 4000341-2307 Summit Drive at (585) or Rochester, NY 14618 Rochester, Rochester, NY 14618NY 14618

personal independenceand and visit socialization An in aaffiliate comfortable An affiliate of Jewish Senior Life Jewish Senior Life An affiliate ofofJewish Senior Life setting. Families gain peace of 4000 Summit Circle Drive mind knowing their loved ones Lakes Healthcare Guide - 33 Rochester, NY 14618 2019 Rochester/Finger are receiving quality care.

An affiliate of Jewish Senior Life

Hospitals of Greater Rochester Auburn Community Hospital Address

17 Lansing St. Auburn, NY 13021

General Information 315-255-7011


President and CEO

Scott A. Berlucchi

Medical Director or equivalent John Riccio, MD

Number of Employees 1220

Licensed Physicians 67

Number of Beds 99

Inpatient Visits in 2017 5.033

Outpatient Visits in 2017 27,132

Visits to Emergency Department in 2017 28,226

Number of Surgeries in 2017 7,841

n At the end of 2017, the hospital approved a partnership with St. Joseph’s Health in Syracuse and the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) in Rochester. The agreement enables the three health systems to jointly develop and share new programs and services to enhance care for Central New York. Under the agreement, ACH continues to operate as an independent, separately licensed community hospital and maintain its existing

board governance structure. The partnership is designed to improve community health and quality of care for Auburn-area residents by sharing information and resources across the three systems. Health professionals in Auburn will be able to more easily collaborate with those in Syracuse and Rochester, and patients will benefit from easier access to the services of the larger hospitals. Whether they receive care close to home or need more specialized care in Syracuse or Rochester, patients can find nearly any service they need within this collaborative network. n The hospital received a Blue Distinction Center+ designation in the area of maternity care and bariatric surgery. The Blue Distinction Centers+ recognition is awarded by BlueCross BlueShield and signifies that the hospital’s bariatric surgery and maternity programs met nationally established criteria.

Center for Living performed better than the state and national averages with high scores in areas evaluated for vaccinations and medications provided to patients, and better than state and national averages with low or 0 percent of patients showing negative symptoms.

Clifton Springs Hospital Address

2 Coulter Road Clifton Springs, NY 14432

General Information 315-462-9561

Website locations/hospitals/clifton-springs-hospital-clinic


Dustin Riccio, MD

Medical Director or equivalent

Pamela Polashenski, MD

n Since the summer of 2018 physician Tarun Bhalla, a faculty member in the departments of neurosurgery, neurology and imaging sciences and the director of stroke and cerebrovascular services at the University of Rochester Medical Center, started providing comprehensive stroke and cerebrovascular care at Auburn Community Hospital, (ACH).

Number of Employees

n Finger Lakes Center for Living, part of Auburn Community Hospital, in 2018 was awarded the top nursing homes in New York four-star rated recognition from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The overall four-star rating awarded to Finger Lakes Center for Living places it among the top nursing homes in New York. The award means Finger Lakes

Visits to Emergency Department in 2017

34 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

Not provided

Licensed Physicians

Not provided

Number of Beds

Not provided

Inpatient Visits in 2017 Not provided

Outpatient Visits in 2017 Not provided Not provided

Number of Surgeries in 2017 Not provided


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Rochester Ophthalmological Group P.C. is now conducting a clinical study for an investigational glaucoma and ocular hypertension treatment. During the study, there will be no cost for your visits, testing or treatment, and you will be compensated for your time and travel.

To learn more about this clinical study, please call the Study Department at 585-244-6011 X315 or email Rochester Ophthalmological Group P.C. 2100 Clinton Avenue South Rochester, NY 14618


A DePaul Senior Living Community

Discover what sets us apart... • Welcoming homelike environment with a feeling of community • Full range of amenities and services • Affordable rates; no entrance fee or long-term commitment required • Short- or long-term stays

Contact us today to tour our assisted living community.

—Vincent, CyberKnife cancer patient

Non-invasive and painfree Treatment typically completes in 1–5 sessions Minimal recovery time BLOG

50 Union Square Boulevard, North Chili, NY 14514 (585) 293-2060 •

Learn more at CyberKnife treats tumors in the brain, spine, lung, liver, prostate and more.

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 35

F.F. Thompson Hospital Address

350 Parrish St. Canandaigua, NY 14424

General Information 585-396-6000


President & CEO

Michael F. Stapleton, Jr.

Medical Director or equivalent David E. Baum, MD

Number of Employees 1,718

Licensed Physicians 473

Number of Beds 113

Inpatient Visits in 2017 5,647

Outpatient Visits in 2017 247,230

Visits to Emergency Department in 2017 28,175

Number of Surgeries in 2017 14,786

n With more than 80 staff members and nearly 30,000 patients, the Canandaigua Medical Group became part of F.F. Thompson Hospital in May 2018. Located across the street from the hospital, the medical group includes general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics and OB-GYN. Its new building, opened in December of 2018, includes a drive-thru pharmacy, on-site ultrasound for expectant mothers and a spacious lab draw station. n With a $11.5 million capital campaign, Thompson is planning to expand its ICU from seven beds to 12. Slated for completion in 2020, this project will not only allow the hospital to care for an additional 250 to 330 critically ill patients annually — instead of sending them to Rochester hospitals due to limited capacity — but will enable the hospital to hire fulltime intensivists (physicians specially trained in the management of critical care patients). A pulmonary clinic on the ground floor of the ICU will be three times the size of Thompson’s current pulmonary clinic, allowing pulmonologists and respiratory therapists to accommodate more patients with chronic lung conditions locally.

n The hospital’s birthing center in 2018 received Advanced Certification for Perinatal Care from The Joint Commission for the second time, as well as re-designation, from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, as a “Blue Distinction Center+ for Maternity Care.” n For the fourth year in a row, UR Medicine Thompson Health in 2018 was named to the Becker’s Hospital Review “150 Top Places to Work in Healthcare” list. n The hospital’s breast imaging center — located across the street from the hospital — began offering cancer genetic testing for eight different cancers. n The hospital’s rehabilitation services department began offering SPEAK OUT!, a therapeutic protocol developed by the Parkinson Voice Project to improve and preserve the voices of individuals with Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson-plus syndromes. n Previously honored by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation in 2014, 2016 and 2017, Thompson Health in 2018 earned the foundation’s “LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader” designation.

Finger Lakes Health ƒƒ Geneva General Hospital


196 North Street Geneva, NY 14456

ƒƒ Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital of Yates County, Inc.


418 North Main Street Penn Yan, NY 14527

General Information

315-787-4000 – GGH 315-531-2000 - SSMH


President and Chief Executive Officer Jose Acevedo

Medical Director or equivalent Jason Feinberg, MD

Number of Employees 1,770

Outpatient Visits in 2017 Not provided

Visits to Emergency Department in 2017 Not provided

Number of Surgeries in 2017 Not provided

n Geneva General Hospital in 2018 earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for chest pain certification. The Gold Seal of Approval is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective patient care. Geneva General Hospital underwent a rigorous on-site review in May 2018. Joint Commission experts evaluated compliance with national disease-specific care standards as well as with chest pain-specific requirements. Clinical practice guidelines and performance measures also were assessed. “Geneva General Hospital has thoroughly demonstrated a high level of care for patients with chest pain,” said Patrick Phelan, executive director, Hospital Business Development, The Joint Commission. “We commend Geneva General Hospital for becoming a leader in chest pain care, potentially providing a higher standard of service for Chest Pain patients in its community.” n FLH Medical, P.C. in September 2018 welcome internal medicine physician Sarah Mader to its Geneva Primary Care location. Mader attended medical school at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Biddeford, me. She completed her internal medicine residency at the Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown. She is a member of the American College of Physicians and the American Medical Association. n FLH Medical, P.C.’s Diabetes Care Center moved Oct. 1 to 158 North St. in Geneva and expanded services to offering nutritional counseling at Seneca Family Health Center, 367A E. Main St., Waterloo. The Diabetes Care Center has a team of medical professionals with advanced education and experience in the field of diabetes, metabolic disease and weight management

Licensed Physicians 223

Number of Beds 660

Inpatient Visits in 2017 Not provided

36 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide


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One place, total care

Ask us about any of our services, and visit our website to see our Service page to read more about:

General Dentistry for the entire family:

Drs. Emery & Scuro welcome you to our stateof-the-art dental practice where your oral health and comfort are our primary concern.

• • • • • • • •

Dental implants Periodontics Laser Gum Surgery (LANAP) Tooth colored fillings Porcelain veneers Crown and Bridge Childrens Dentistry Endodontics / Root Canal

• Orthodontic treatment for adults and children • Oral Sleep Apnea Appliance • Oral surgery • Teeth whitening • Preventive care • Full and partial dentures

Emery and Scuro DMD, PC | 2184 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY 14624 (585) 247-7110 | Emery & Scuro DMD, PC has been recognized as one of the top Rochester Dentistry practices. Verified by

Highland Hospital Address

1000 South Ave. Rochester, NY 14620

General Information 585-473-2200


President and Chief Executive Officer Steven Goldstein, MD

Medical Director or equivalent

Michael Apostolakos, MD

Number of Employees 2,933

Licensed Physicians 1,364

Number of Beds 261

Inpatient Visits in 2017 Not provided

Outpatient Visits in 2017 Not provided

Visits to Emergency Department in 2017 46,234

Number of Surgeries in 2017 12,616

n Highland Hospital received a $1.5 million donation from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies for a new nutrition research program. Led by physicians Thomas M. Campbell II and Erin Campbell, this significant research venture focuses on plant-based nutrition and is part of Highland’s new Weight Management & Lifestyle

Center. The Highland Weight Management & Lifestyle Center is a new program that builds on the regional leadership of Highland Hospital in weight loss treatment. Its clinical programs are a commitment to helping patients live more vibrant, sustainable lifestyles through weight loss, good nutrition and taking care of the whole person.  n Highland announced a hospital modernization plan in July 2018 with a goal for nearly all patients to benefit from private rooms. Part of the hospital’s master facility plan, the modernization project would add four levels to the hospital’s southeast wing, elevating the wing from its current three to seven floors total, the same floor count as the hospital’s East and West towers. Following rezoning and certificate of need approvals, the hospital expects to begin construction in spring 2020 and to complete the project in spring 2022.  n The University of Rochester/ Highland Hospital department of family medicine celebrated its 50-year anniversary in October 2018. The department is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the country, with a nationally recognized residency program that trains physicians in the medical, psychological, and social factors involved in caring for patients and families throughout their lifetimes. n Highland opened a new brachytherapy suite in radiation oncology in the summer of 2018 that is enhancing care for prostate cancer patients who qualify for high dose rate brachytherapy treatments in a streamlined OR-type environment.

n The latest renovations to Highland’s Family Maternity Center include an updated triage area and special care nursery to increase privacy, comfort, and safety for patients and families. Highland is the second Rochester-area hospital to offer private rooms for newborns requiring higher levels of care. n Highland’s gynecology program ranked 45th in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2018-19 rankings of American’s best hospitals. Highland was also spotlighted as a “Best Regional Hospital,” having achieved “High Performing” ratings in heart failure, hip replacement and knee replacement. Highland was also ranked No. 3 in the Rochester area and No. 16 out of 220 hospitals in New York state. n Highland Hospital’s Emergency Department became the first in Upstate New York to receive the silver standard — Level 2 geriatric emergency department accreditation (GEDA), which recognizes emergency departments that provide excellent care for older adults. The designation is granted by The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), with support from The Gary and Mary West Health Institute and John A. Hartford Foundation. n The nonprofit Leapfrog Group ranked Highland Hospital in the top percentile among 137 hospitals compared in New York. Highland finished among eight, or 5.84 percent of hospitals in the state that received “A” scores.  n Highland achieved three stars in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) hospital compare

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 37

overall rating. n The geriatric fracture center, gynecologic oncology, orthopaedic joint replacement hip and knee, and palliative care received Joint Commission disease-specific care recertifications. n Highland Hospital achieved Exemplar Status from Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) for the fifth consecutive year. n Highland’s Family Maternity Center earned Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Blue Distinction Specialty Care+ designation for maternity care, for its proven history of delivering exceptional care and results.   

Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Address

120 Driving Park Ave. Newark, NY 14513

General Information 315-332-2022

Website locations/hospitals/newark-wayne-community-hospital


Dustin Riccio, MD

Medical Director or equivalent

Pamela Polashenski, MD

Number of Employees Not provided

Licensed Physicians

Not provided

Number of Beds

Not provided

Inpatient Visits in 2017 Not provided

Outpatient Visits in 2017 Not provided

Visits to Emergency Department in 2017 Not provided

Number of Surgeries in 2017 Not provided

Rochester General Hospital Address

100 Kings Highway S. Rochester, NY 14617

General Information 585-922-4000



Kevin Casey, MD

Medical Director or equivalent Rob Mayo, MD

Number of Employees Not provided

Licensed Physicians

Not provided

Number of Beds 528

Inpatient Visits in 2017 157,557

Outpatient Visits in 2017 Visits to Emergency Department in 2017 128,287

Number of Surgeries in 2017 13,869

n For the third time, Rochester General Hospital received in 2018 accreditation from the Surgical Review Corporation as a center of excellence in minimally invasive gynecology (COEMIG). The hospital has consistently demonstrated that its surgeons provide exceptional minimally invasive gynecologic surgical care, focus on safety and best possible outcomes, track against national benchmarks, and offer procedures that lead to faster recovery time and less complications. “Earning the COEMIG designation for the third time shows that the Rochester Regional Health women’s surgery team continues our commitment to providing the safest, high-quality and consistent care to our communities and throughout Western and Central New York,” said Rochester Regional Health gynecologic surgeon Marc S. Greenstein. n Rochester Regional Health was named one of healthcare’s most wired hospitals in the nation for 2018, according to the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). The distinction is based on the system’s ability to adopt, implement and apply new technology to improve healthcare outcomes. The list of 254 health systems from around the world included 21 based in New York state. Rochester Regional Health is the only system based in Western New York to make the list. “We are pleased that Rochester Regional Health was selected as one of Healthcare’s Most Wired organizations, and we look forward to keeping pace with healthcare technology to ensure that we remain at the forefront of patient care,” said John Glynn, chief information officer for

38 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

Rochester Regional Health. n Rochester Regional Health in 2018 was the first in Western New York to be certified in Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery — a new option that will help women that need breast cancer surgery hide scars by minimizing their incisions. The procedure involves removing cancerous tissue through a single incision, in a discreet location such as under the breast or through the armpit, resulting in a hidden scar. Previously, mastectomies and lumpectomies would leave prominent scarring — a constant visual reminder of the cancer and surgery. With Hidden Scar surgeries, surgeons at the Rochester Regional Health Breast Center are using new advanced photonics devices to illuminate the path to the tumor. The surgery preserves the natural appearance of the breast, so patients will experience little difference in the size and shape of their breasts once healed from surgery. n Early in 2018, RRH celebrated its new Henrietta Medical Campus, a multi-specialty facility located at 50 Middle Road. The campus provides residents with easy access to: primary care physicians and holistic medicine for families; orthopedic care, including sports medicine, general injuries and fractures, arthritis, chronic conditions, pain management and joint, hip or knee replacement; Imaging services, including X-ray, ultrasound; and, mammography, 3-D mammography and 3-D automated breast ultrasound; and  Lab services in a large, comfortable space, with an additional area dedicated to pediatric patients  

Strong Memorial Hospital Address

601 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14642

General Information 585-275-8387

Website strong-memorial.aspx

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Goldstein

Medical Director or equivalent

Michael Apostolakos, MD

Number of Employees 11,136

Licensed Physicians 1,782

Number of Beds


Inpatient Visits in 2017 43,527

Outpatient Visits in 2017 1,500,998

Visits to Emergency Department in 2017 132,201

Number of Surgeries in 2017 37,202

n UR Medicine Heart & Vascular opened in October 2018 at Eastside Family YMCA expanding access to wellness programs and clinical services within YMCA of Greater Rochester. The new site brings the strength of UR Medicine’s Heart and Vascular care close to home for residents of eastern Monroe County and Wayne County. n The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) was selected as one of the first four institutions in the U.S. to participate in the SMA Care Center Network. The network is being created as new treatments and approaches to care are transforming how spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is treated. n The Center for Community Health and Prevention (CCHP), of the University of Rochester Medical Center, was awarded a $1.8 million grant by the New York State Department of Health that will expand its Cancer Services Program of Monroe County to the surrounding Seneca, Yates, Wayne, Ontario and Livingston counties, re-naming it the “Cancer Services Program of the Finger Lakes Region.” n In September 2018 URMC unveiled Upstate New York’s first mobile stroke unit, a high-tech ‘emergency room on wheels’ that is designed to provide life-saving care to stroke victims.  n Pluta Integrative Oncology & Wellness Center opened at Wilmot Cancer Institute. The new Pluta Integrative Oncology & Wellness Center will help patients incorporate complementary therapies and lifestyle modifications into their cancer treatment plans to address side effects such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain and nausea. n New UR Medicine Urgent Care site in Perinton/Victor at 1669 Pittsford Victor Road opened in June. n UR Medicine began using Upstate New York’s first digital PET/CT system which offers higher quality images

Is Your Medicine Safe at Home? Only YOU Can Secure Your Rx! Help us prevent addiction, accidental poisoning & protect the environment!

MONITOR– count your medication regularly

SECURE– lock up any medication you do not want anyone to access

DISPOSE– drop off any unwanted/unused and expired medication to your local disposal site

Medication Drop Box Locations: Bristol: Town Hall

Farmington: State Troopers

Canandaigua: FLCC (Keuka Wing) The Medicine Shoppe Ontario County DMV Office Canandaigua Police Dept. Thompson Hospital (lobby) Mental Health Clinic

Clifton Springs: Hospital (Lobby)

Geneva: Police Station North Street Pharmacy Richmond: Town Hall CVS Pharmacy

East Bloomfield: Town Hall Manchester/Shortsville: Red Jacket Pharmacy Naples: Village Hall Phelps: Community Center Rushville: Village Hall

Victor: Meade Square Pharmacy Questions, please call us at 585-396-4554.

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 39

Medical Director or equivalent


Number of Employees

Medical Director or equivalent

Licensed Physicians

Number of Employees

Number of Beds

Licensed Physicians

Outpatient Visits in 2017

Number of Beds

Visits to Emergency Department in 2017

Inpatient Visits in 2017

n St. James Mercy Hospital in Hornell became an UR Medicine Affiliate in March 2018.

Number of Surgeries in 2017

Outpatient Visits in 2017

The Unity Hospital of Rochester

United Memorial Medical Center Bank Street CampusÂ

faster and more safely and comfortably than ever before. The images allow physicians to make diagnosis and treatment evaluations with greater ease. n UR Medicine cardiac surgeons introduced a minimally invasive approach to implanting the newest heart pump available for people with congestive heart failure. This is believed to be the first in the nation, and potentially a game-changer for patients.


Manuel Matos, MD 3,085

Not provided 351

355,732 42,491 7,145

1555 Long Pond Road Rochester, NY 14626



General Information


General Information Website


DouglasR Stewart

16 Bank Street Batavia, NY 14020 585-343-6030

care. for you. At Trillium Health, we treat you as the individual that you are, always offering the personal respect you deserve. Visit us online, make an appointment, or stop by to learn more and see what we can do for you.

care. for you. | 585.545.7200

40 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

Dan Ireland, RN

Tara Gellasch, MD 741

Not provided 131



Visits to Emergency Department in 2017 22,528

Number of Surgeries in 2017 6,977


For Active Baby Boomers


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speakers for the monthly vegan meetings. They let me know who is speaking.” Ginnie Prince, Huntington “Covers a whole spectrum of health concerns pertinent to various age groups and populations.” Jean Dunne, Fairport “There is usually important and informative information for seniors over 65 years old. Thank you for your publication.” Gary Hopwood, Fairport

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“I like everything in In Good Health. Very Informative on a variety of subjects.” Sandra DeMay, Williamson “Everything! Also like the listings about the


r ur Docto


Meet Yo

loping Ellie deve clinic at t John Podiatris atient podiatry munity new outp ’s Com St. Ann




Meet Your Doctor

Francis Finneran, a new OB/GYN at Thompson Hospital, discusses why he moved from New Orleans to Canandaigua and what inspired him to become a doctor E 158 8 • ISSU R 201 OCTOBE


Meet Your Docto Trillium Health

agency’s effort to help those with substance • This is a great time to put your family’s health history together abuse disorders


• Six ways to go heartburn-free this season • How to pick healthful food gifts for college students, parents, seniors



Starts on 9 columnis andpage Thrive t spending her first Thanksgiving alone. She discusses her plans

Study: Dogs ProlongCBD Life Oil



Live a Long, Healthy Life


Highland Hospital geriatrician Susan who want to live Friedman offers 10 tips for those a longer and healthier life. See article on page 20

Safer Roads

page 9

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Find out why more people are using cannabid iol (CBD) oil

NY Ranks High in New Cases

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Dentist Visits

Study released by Excellus BlueCross BlueShie ld shows nearly 30 percent of adults in region skip annual regular visits

Fifty to 100 new cases per year are identified in the Rochester region alone

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Should you hire one? If it seems like everyone great, by they come They are you know isat trying a priceyoga or

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Kumquats Any one? Page 15

Campaign in Roch at reducing numb ester aims er and deaths invol of injuries ving vehicles and bicycmotor lists/ pedestrians


Check a list of free online resources that will understand your help you option. Savvy Senior. Page XX

“Practical health information.” Paul Davis, Churchville, NY

• ISSUE 159

101 Dog ownership can decrease a single adult’s risk of death by 33 percent

a cold le catch e peop t Why som others don’ Which and y Senior: ted: Savv for you n Rela is right flu shot



chief medical

officer Rob Biernbau If the holidays are the most joyous tie of the year, why do so m talks about many people get depressed? patientsthe stigma against HIV and the

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2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 41

Hospital Quality


uality in hospitals can be described as “doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way—and having the best possible results.” This report provides information on how well some of the hospitals in Upstate New York care for patients with a wide range of health problems. It can help you choose a hospital for yourself and provide useful information for your loved ones if they need hospital care. A particular hospital might do a very good job on some health problems and not such a good job on others. Whenever people go to the hospital, they risk getting a new health problem while get-

ting medical care for an existing problem. Hospitals vary in how well they protect patients from these risks. Your doctor, or the specialist or surgeon he or she recommends, may be highly skilled, but hospital quality also depends on how well all the hospital staff, such as the nurses, take care of you, and on how well the hospital is organized. A hospital’s overall quality cannot be expressed by its scores on these measures alone. Indicators do not currently exist to measure how well hospitals treat every type of illness or patient that they care for.


Auburn Community Hospital, Auburn

Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections — Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections — Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days

Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic, Clifton Springs Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections – Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections – Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmission Within 30 Days

0.77 per 100 28 mins  0.66  per 100 0.00  per 100 64%  17.30%

1.08 per 100 11 mins  1.54 per 100 N/A 70.50% 15.50%

F F Thompson Hospital, Canandaigua Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections — Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections — Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days 42 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

0.76 per 100 42 mins 0.68 per 100 0.68 per 100 69.17%  15.50%

Geneva General Hospital, Geneva

Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections – Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections – Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days

Highland Hospital, Rochester

Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections – Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections – Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days

Monroe Community Hospital, Rochester Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections – Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections – Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days

Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, Newark Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections – Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections – Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days

Rochester General Hospital, Rochester Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections – Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections – Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days

0.98 per 100 15 mins  0.38 per 100 1.13 per 100 69%  16.90% 

0.84 per 100 27 mins  0.12  1.14  69%  15.30%

1 per 100 N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A

0.89 per 100 18 mins 0.42 per 100 1.62 per 100 69.17%  16.60%

0.65 per 100 16 mins  1.02 per 100 1.08  per 100 67.33%  17.50% 

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 43

Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections – Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections – Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days

0.84 per 100 14 mins  0.95 per 100 0.98 per 100 69.50%  17.20%

United Memorial Medical Center North Street Campus, Batavia Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections – Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections – Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days

0.69 per 100 21 mins  0.00 per 100 1.84  69.67%  15.40% 

Unity Hospital of Rochester, Rochester Complications Emergency Department Timeliness Hospital-Acquired Infections – Bloodstream Hospital-Acquired Infections – Surgical Site Patient Satisfaction Readmissions Within 30 Days

0.71 21 mins  0.14  0.79  69.67%  17 % 

IN GOOD HEALTH — UPSTATE’S HEALTHCARE NEWSPAPER In Good Health publishes separate editions in 4 Upstate New York markets.



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Rochester area (Monroe County)

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Auburn area

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Oswego area

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Buffalo area

Herkimer area


(Erie County)

Niagara Falls area (Niagara County)

44 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide


(Herkimer County)

Rome, Utica area (Oneida County)

How to Find the Right Clinical Trial There are more than 100,000 clinical trials conducted in the U.S. every year. Some websites can help find the right one By Jim Miller


ach year, hundreds of thousands of Americans participate in clinical trials in hopes of gaining access to the latest, and possibly greatest, but not-yet-on-the market treatments for all types of illnesses. But, you need to be aware that clinical trials can vary greatly in what they’re designed to do, so be careful to choose one that can actually benefit you. Here’s what you should know along with some tips for locating one.

Clinical Trials A clinical trial is the scientific term for a test or research study of a drug, device or medical procedure using people. These trials — sponsored by drug companies, doctors, hospitals and the federal government — are conducted to learn whether a new treatment is safe and if it works. But keep in mind that these new treatments are also unproven, so there may be risks too. Also be aware that all clinical trials have certain eligibility criteria (age, gender, health status, etc.) that you must meet in order to be accepted. And before taking part in a trial, you’ll be asked to sign an informed consent agreement. You can also leave a study at any time. Find a Trial Every year, there are more than 100,000 clinical trials conducted in the U.S. You can find them by asking your doctor who may be monitoring trials in his or her specialty. Or, you can look for them on your own at This website, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, contains a comprehensive database of federally and privately supported clinical studies in the U.S. and abroad on a wide range of diseases and conditions, including information about each trial’s purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details. If you want some help finding the right trial, try ResearchMatch. org, a web-based resource created by

Vanderbilt University that connects willing patients with researchers of clinical trial. Or, use the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation at This is a nonprofit organization that will take your information online or over the phone and do a thorough clinical trials search for you, and mail or email you the results within a week or two. Call 877-633-4376 for assistance. Those with dementia and their caregivers can also locate clinical trials at the Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch at Things to Know Before deciding to participate in a trial, you need to first discuss it with your doctor to make sure it is appropriate for you. Then, schedule an appointment with the study’s medical team and ask lots of questions, such as: • What’s the purpose of the study and can it improve my condition? • What are the risks? • What kinds of tests and treatments does the study involve, and how often and where they are performed? • Is the experimental treatment in the study being compared with a standard treatment or a placebo? • Who’s paying for the study? Will I have any costs, and if so, will my insurance plan or Medicare cover the rest? • What if something goes wrong during or after the trial and I need extra medical care? Who pays? For more information on clinical trials visit the National Institute on Aging (, which has many informative articles including one on “questions to ask before participating in a clinical trial.” Jim Miller is the author of Savvy Senior, a column published monthly in In Good Health.

Building upon our affiliation with UR Medicine, Thompson Health continues to grow, investing in the technology and the people we need to meet every challenge and deliver the very best care to every patient and resident.

Our Specialties: Primary Care Diagnostic Imaging Breast Imaging/ Bone Density Birthing Center Emergency & Urgent Care Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Orthopaedics Surgical Services Cardiology & Pulmonology Senior Support Services Ferris Hills & Clark Meadows Senior Communities

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 45

Resource Directory Acupuncture Acu-Care Acupuncture Center ƒƒ Clinton Crossing Medical Center Building C, suite 5 919 Wet Falls Road Rochester, NY 14618 585-358-6186 ƒƒ Northeast Medical Center 4000 Medical Center Drive, suite 209 Fayetteville, NY 13066 315-329-7666, 315-378-5556

„„ This practice offers worry-free and painless acupuncture for a wide variety of health concerns including neuropathy and pain, sports medicine, surgical acupuncture care, women’s healthcare, cancer supportive care and prevention, autism care, ADHD treatment, neurodegenerative diseases, post-stroke rehabilitation care and mental health issues. Trained in Western medicine, Rui Wang is also a seventh-generation acupuncturist who began apprenticing with her father and grandfather in middle school. The practice’s mission is to provide personalized preventive and therapeutic healthcare; to enhance quality of life and healthcare and to integrate traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine.

Audiology Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solutions, LLC 585-412-6967- toll free- 1-844-226-4948

tions offers complete hearing healthcare to its patients. It is located within Lakeside ENT and Allergy, LLC. By working closely with ear, nose and throat specialists, the practice is able to offer the most comprehensive care when it comes to hearing needs. This alliance allows Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solutions the unique capability to diagnose hearing loss and medical conditions relating to hearing loss in a complete patient-centered practice. The practice utilizes the most advanced audiological evaluation techniques, and offers a wide range of hearing devices to make a difference in patients’ hearing health and quality of life.

Agencies­­­ — Adoption Services Adoption STAR

131 John Muir Drive Amherst, NY 14228 866-691-3300 716-639-3900

„„ Adoption STAR places children of all races, backgrounds, disabilities and circumstances, including those who are at risk of entering out-of-home placements. The nonprofit offers training, advocacy and resources for those it serves, along with comprehensive individual, couples, group and telephone counseling. There are also support groups for birth mothers, birth grandparents, adult adoptees and others who are touched by adoption.

ƒƒ Canandaigua Office 229 Parrish St., Suite 250 Canandaigua, NY, 14424 585-412-6967

Bethany in Rochester

ƒƒ Batavia Office 215 Summit St., Batavia, NY 14020 Phone: 1-585-412-6967

„„ Global nonprofit Christian organization that assists with US and international adoptions, helps foster parents give homes to children, provides pregnancy counseling, aids refugees and immigrants who are resettling in the U.S., and partners

„„ Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solu-

321 East Ave. Rochester, NY 14604 585-288-6760

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with other countries to help keep families together.

Catholic Family Center 87 N Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY 14604 585-546-7220

„„ The Catholic Family Center assists with domestic and international adoptions of infants, older children and those with special needs. It also makes comprehensive information available about all aspects of adoption, and conducts confidential interviews and home studies. In addition, the agency offers post-placement services, complete documentation for legalization as required by the court, and a host of other services. Depending on the type of adoption, home study and CFC placement fees are based on a sliding fee scale or a flat rate.

Hillside Children’s Center Scottsdale Road Rochester, NY 14623 585-350-2501

„„ The Hillside Children’s Center assists families that need international or domestic home studies, provides information on all aspects of adoption and foster care and offers referrals for services, trainings and informational classes. The nonprofit also offers pre-and-post-adoption parent support group and youth support groups.

Jewish Family Services of Rochester (JFS) 441 East Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 585-461-0110

„„ JFS provides in-depth, individualized consultations for families considering adoption, and pre-placement home studies for prospective adoptive parents that meet the standards of domestic, international and public placing agencies, and

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ARE YOU OR A LOVED ONE EXPERIENCING: • Change in health • Recent Hospitalization • Falls/fear of falling • Difficulty managing medication • Weight/nutrition issues • Pain issues • Joint replacement recovery • Decline in self-care ability • Mental status changes or depression • Caregiver issues


HCR provides personal and professional nursing, therapy, and aide services when a change in your health requires expert care.

CREATE YOUR MEMORIES AT THE LEGENDS! The Legends at Whitney Town Center is a brand new, state-of-the-art apartment community for active adults 55+ located in Fairport, N.Y Relaxed, Carefree Living

800-270-4904 | | those of private adoptions. The agency also conducts post-placement visits, and prepares reports that meet government requirements and those of placing entities. JFS offers regular informational meetings on all aspects of adoption that are free and open to the public, and its adoption staff are available via telephone and email to answer questions about its programs and services.

Agencies — Health / Human Services Action for a Better Community, Inc.

550 E. Main St. Rochester, NY 14604 585-325-5116

„„ Offers programs that give low-income individuals and families opportunities to become self-sufficient. These include educational programs, assistance for at-risk youth, Head Start, job placement assistance and coaching, weatherization and energy conservation assistance, and individual and group counseling for alcohol and substance abuse.

Easy Access to Activities


Anthony L. Jordan Health Corporation

„„ Offers a huge number of services, including family, adolescent and pediatric medical care, mammography, obstetrical and gynecological care, behavioral health, dental care and refugee health care. Jordan Health also offers HIV treatment and a support group for those in care.

Anthony L. Jordan Health Center ƒƒ 82 Holland St. Rochester, NY 14605 585-423-5800 ƒƒ Urgent Care 585-426-7425 ƒƒ Brown Square Center 322 Lake Ave. Rochester, NY 14608 585-254-6480 ƒƒ Woodward Center 480 Genesee St. Rochester, NY 14611 585-436-3040 ƒƒ Jordan Health at Andrews Terrace 125 St. Paul St. Rochester, NY 14604 585-423-5834 ƒƒ Jordan Health at CCIA


120 N. Main St., Suite 11 Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-396-0222 ƒƒ Jordan Health at Franklin Educational Campus

„„ Open only to registered students during school calendar. 950 Norton St. Rochester, NY 14621 585-324-3726 ƒƒ Jordan Health at Glenwood Gardens 41 Kestrel St. Rochester, NY 14613 585-423-5837 ƒƒ Jordan Health at Kennedy Tower 686 S. Plymouth Ave. Rochester, NY 14608 585-423-5836 ƒƒ Jordan Health at Community Place 151 Parsells Ave. Rochester, NY 14609 585-454-7530

American Red Cross, Greater Rochester Chapter

50 Prince St. Rochester, NY 14607 585-241-4400 western-central-new-york/chapters/ rochester

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 47

„„ Provides disaster aid, emergency health and safety services and programs for youth and young adults, and veterans and their families. Serves those living in Livingston, Monroe and Ontario counties, and sends teams out of the country.

Arc of Monroe

2060 Brighton Henrietta Townline Road Rochester, NY 585-271-0660

„„ The Arc of Monroe provides a range of programs for those in the Rochester area who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families. Those it supports can partake of day programs, job training and placement programs, supported employment, opportunities to volunteer in the community and other offerings. For those in need of appropriate places to stay, the agency has residential housing available.


855 Publishers Parkway Webster, NY 14580 585-248-9011

„„ AutismUp provides a great variety of services and supports to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families who live in and around Greater Rochester. It also assists professionals, businesses and schools that are involved with those individuals.  

Bridges for Brains

5760 Duke of Gloucester Way Farmington, NY 14425 585-396-0070

„„ Bridges for Brains was founded to guide individuals with a traumatic brain injury and physical disabilities and their families, by ‘bridging the gap’ between surviving and living lives of independence with dignity and hope.

Catholic Charities Community Services 1099 Jay St., Building J Rochester, NY 14611 585-339-9800

„„ Offers a wealth of programs for those who have developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) chronic illnesses and HIV/AIDS.

Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes ƒƒ Geneva Office 94 Exchange St. Geneva, NY 14456 315-789-2235 ƒƒ Canandaigua Office 120 North Main St., Suite 40 Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-394-0190

„„ Offers many services, including emergency assistance, help with applying for SSI, TANF and family case management, and assistance for the adoptive parents or guardians of children. Serves Ontario, Seneca, Yates, and Cayuga counties.

Catholic Charities of Livingston County

Mt. Morris, NY 14510 585-658-4466

„„ Provides a host of services for families, children and youth that includes family therapy, parenting classes, SSI/SSD case management, emergency housing and a food pantry.

Catholic Family Center (CFC) 585-546-7220

„„ CFC has 16 sites in Monroe County. Its programs include those that support seniors and families, assist with foster care and adoption, help with refugee resettlement, provide chemical dependency treatment, mental health services and crisis counseling; and supply emergency housing. The nonprofit also has an emergency food pantry. „„ CFC’s programs are site-specific. Call the main number to learn where to go for that which you need.

CDS Monarch

Main Office 860 Hard Road Webster NY 14580 585.341.4600

„„ CDS Monarch serves those who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing residential homes throughout Monroe and Wayne county, prevocational training, clinics that offer physical therapy and other treatments and other benefits.

34 E. State St.

Free and Subsidized Health Clinics Anthony L. Jordan Health Center See page 47

Finger Lakes Community Health See page 49

Family Counseling Service of the Finger Lakes, Inc. See page 49

Health Reach Healthcare for the Homeless Program

Health Care for the Homeless Health Reach Clinic 819 W. Main St. Rochester, NY, 14611-2334 585-368-3720

„„ The Healthcare for the Homeless Program (HCHP) provides comprehensive

medical and dental care for homeless individuals and families in Rochester and Monroe County, regardless of their ability to pay. Those it serves can obtain health assessments, mental health evaluations, dental exams, tests for tuberculosis, HIV and STDs; treatment of acute and chronic health conditions, dental exams and care, referrals for additional treatment and other benefits. „„ HCHP provides services at its West Main Street clinic, and through a Mobile Medical Unit .

Ontario County Mental Health Center See page 50

Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York See page 65

48 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

Trillium Health See page 50

St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center See page 50

Spiritus Christi Mental Health Center 121 N. Fitzhugh St. Rochester, NY 14614 Phone: 585-325-1180, x114

„„ Licensed mental health professionals provide free mental health care to uninsured or underinsured adults and youth.

Wayne Community Health Center 1519 Nye Road Lyons, NY 14489 Phone: 315-871-3178

„„ Offers discounted dental services to

Charles Settlement House, Inc. 71 Parkway Rochester, NY 14608 585-277-0810

„„ Serves families, individuals and children in northwest Rochester through providing emergency assistance, after-school activities and a day camp for kids, meals for seniors and other services.

CP Rochester

CP Rochester 3399 Winton Road South Rochester, New York 14623 585-334-6000

„„ CP Rochester supports individuals of all ages and abilities to determine their own pathway in life. It partners with the individual, their family and the community to fulfill the individual’s right to live a productive and rewarding life. CP Rochester provides a wide range of quality health, educational, and support services in the greater Rochester area to assist individuals in achieving their goals. The organization envisions a community where people of all abilities lead rewarding lives. Meaningful partnerships are nurtured to ensure all doors are open and opportunities are available for everyone.


1931 Buffalo Road Rochester, NY 14624 585-426-8000

„„ This nonprofit has addiction preven-

tion, affordable housing and vocational programs, senior living communities, residences for those have mental health issues, and provides other services as well.

Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc. 2 Townline Circle Rochester, NY 14623 585-442-6420

„„ Provides advocacy, training, educational opportunities, and tailored support solutions that meet the behavioral, physical and social needs of children, adults, and families affected by brain injury, epilepsy, or developmental disability. Serves the Finger Lakes, Central NY and the Southern Tier.

Finger Lakes Community Health Geneva Community Health 601-B Washington St. Geneva, NY 14456 315-781-8448

„„ Offers medical, dental and behavioral health care, reproductive health services and treatment for STDs.

Family Counseling Service of the Finger Lakes, Inc.

ƒƒ Main Office 671 South Exchange St. Geneva, NY 14456 315-789-2613 ƒƒ Ontario County Office 514 South Main St. Canandaigua, NY 14424


„„ Provides professional, confidential services that help individuals and families resolve parent-child conflicts and marital difficulties, and deal with low self-esteem, depression, communication issues, work-related stresses and family violence.

Hickok Center for Brain Injury 114 South Union St. Rochester, NY 14607 585-271-8640

„„ The Hickock Center for Brain Injury’s offerings include a 24/7 home care program, structured day and independent living skills programs and vocational services. All are provided in a safe, supportive environment in which people who have suffered brain injuries and other neurological challenges can design and direct their own life journeys.

Livingston County Department of Social Services 1 Murray Hill Drive Mt. Morris, NY 14510 585-243-7300

„„ Offers programs that provide financial assistance, help with utility costs, weatherization assistance and other forms of aid.

Monroe County Department of Human Services 111 Westfall Road Rochester, NY 14620 585-753-6000

Free and Subsidized Health Clinics those without insurance.

The Women’s Health Center at Clinton Family Health Center 309 Upper Falls Blvd (585) 922-0260

„„ Provides a wide variety of services for women of all ages, including adult and adolescent gynecological care, routine and high-risk obstetrical care, family planning services and prenatal care. The center has a special interest in serving those who speak Spanish. „„ A financial specialist is on hand to assist patients with insurance coverage, and fees are on a sliding scale based upon financial need.

URWell Student Outreach program URWell@Asbury 1040 East Avenue

Rochester, NY 14607 Church: 585-271-1050 All services free

„„ Volunteer University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry students provide high-quality preventative and health maintenance services to uninsured and under-served families at three Rochester clinics. URWell’s services include ongoing treatment for chronic conditions, preventative medical care, physical exams. Patients can also obtain hypertension and diabetes screenings, flu vaccinations, evaluations to determine eligibility for Medicaid and other programs and other services. First come, first served.

Walk-in clinic: Thursday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. (Signup starts at 5:30 p.m.)

„„ Physical Exams: first Tuesday of every month, 6 to 8 p.m. „„ Dermatology nights (treatment of skin diseases): third Thursday of every month, 6 to 8 p.m.

URWell @ St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center 417 South Avenue Rochester, NY 14620 585-325-5260

„„ Appointments are available Tuesdays, 6 to 7 p.m. Call-585-325-5260. „„ As of December of 2018, patients coming to the UR Well clinic at St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center must pay $30 for an initial physical exam, and the costs of tests. Co-pays are based upon income, the highest being $20.

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 49

„„ Offers a comprehensive list of services that promote a higher quality of life for Monroe County’s families, children, elderly and disadvantaged adults.

Ontario County Mental Health Center

„„ Provides evaluation, treatment and referral services to Ontario County residents aged five-years-old and above. ƒƒ Canandaigua Office 3019 County Complex Dive Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-393-4363 ƒƒ Geneva Office 83 Seneca St. Geneva, NY 14456 315-789-6706

Ontario County Social Services

3010 County Complex Drive Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-396-4060 877-814-6907

„„ Provides a wealth of services that support and protect families and individuals, and encourage personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.

Provides referrals to community resources for substance abuse treatment, domestic violence issues, post-traumatic stress disorders, parenting skills, and other programs.

Volunteers of America Upstate New York (VOA) 214 Lake Ave. Rochester, NY 14608 585-647-1150

„„ Helps those in local communities emerge from poverty, become more self-reliant and reach their full potential. To those ends, the VOA provides child care, housing and support services for the homeless, employment services, life skills training and other forms of assistance.

AIDS/HIV Services ABC/Action Front Center 33 Chestnut St., 2nd Floor Rochester, NY 14604 585-262-4330

„„ Provides testing, educational programs, case management and other services for those in the greater Rochester area who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Anthony L. Jordan Health Center See page 47

The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester

MOCHA Center

„„ Offers a great number of services, including emergency and family services, and after-school and summer programs for youth, and seasonal programs such as Project Bundle-Up, which supplies warm clothing to children, and Adopt-A-Family.

„„ A space in which LGBTQ people of color can socialize, network and address health issues. Provides free HIV testing and safer sex tools, along with sex education, free safer sex tools and other services. Focuses on LGBTQ communities of color, but all are welcome.

70 Liberty Pole Way, PO Box 41210 Rochester, NY 14604 585-987-9500

St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center 417 South Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 585-325-5260

„„ Provides comprehensive health care, social work services and counseling to uninsured or underinsured individuals and families.

Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. 447 South Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 585-546-1081

„„ Offers transitional housing, mental health services, educational and vocational training programs and other supportive services for veterans and their families.

189 N. Water St., Suite 1 Rochester, NY 14604 585-420-1400

Monroe County Department of Health Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic Bullshead Plaza 855 West Main St. Rochester, NY 14611 585-753-5481

„„ Offers STD/HIV care, educational information about STDs and HIV, and instruction in how to reduce risky sexual behavior and make healthier choices. No appointment is needed. All services are free and confidential, and those under the age of 18 need not have a parent’s consent to be seen.

Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York See page 65

50 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

Trillium Health

ƒƒ Main Office 259 Monroe Ave. at Monroe Square Rochester, NY 14607 585-545-7200 800-266-9292 ƒƒ Health Outreach Project 416 Central Ave. Rochester, NY 14605 585-454-5556

„„ Walk-in HIV and Hepatitis C testing one to four p.m. Monday through Friday English and Spanish spoken ƒƒ Finger Lakes Office  30 Elm St.  Geneva, NY 14456  315-781-6303

„„ Offers primary care for adults 18-yearsold and older, behavioral wellness, and healthcare programs for the LGBTQ and transgender populations and for women. The agency also provides testing and treatment for HIV and other illnesses, a support group for those dealing with HIV, substance abuse treatment, housing assistance and other services. Trillium Health serves several counties, including Monroe and Ontario county and part of Livingston County. „„ Call for Appointment 

Associations / Foundations Alzheimer’s Association, Rochester & Finger Lakes Region 435 E. Henrietta Rd. Rochester, NY 14620 24/7 Helpline 1-800-272-3900

„„ The leading voluntary health organization in dementia care, support and research, the Alzheimer’s Association, Rochester & Finger Lakes Region serves individuals who live with Alzheimer’s or another dementia and their caregivers in Chemung, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne and Yates counties. A team of professional care coordinators will help your family navigate the difficult decisions and uncertainties you face at every stage of the disease. To setup a care consultation, join a support group, or register for social activities and educational programs call 1-800-272-3900.

ALS Association Upstate New York Chapter 135 Old Cove Road, Suite 213 Liverpool, NY 13090 315-413-0121

866-499-7257 Covers Cayuga, Chemung, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Yates counties

„„ The ALS Association offers help and hope to those facing ALS and their families through supporting research into the disease and its treatment. In addition, the association helps individuals and families connect with chapter programs and services and resources that are available in New York State. The nationwide nonprofit also offers educational groups and materials, support groups, loans of medical equipment, grants to offset the cost of respite care, and grants to offset medical, transportation and home-modification costs that are disease -elated. Those grants can only cover expenses that are not covered by traditional funding streams.

American Diabetes Association

Rochester, NY 160 Allens Creek Road, Building 160, first floor Rochester, NY, 14618 585-458-3040

„„ Offers a variety of free programs, workshops and other services for those living with diabetes and their friends and families, including Camp Aspire, a summer camp for children.

American Heart Association 25 Circle St., Suite 102 Rochester, NY 14607-1007 585-371-3227

„„ This nonprofit offers a variety of services in a bid to create a world free of heart disease and stroke. These include classes in smoking cessation and CPR, advocating for the establishment of local walking and biking routes, seeking to make healthier food options available in neighborhoods and supporting efforts to give children opportunities to be more physically active while in school.

American Lung Association in New York, Rochester 1595 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 585-442-4260 1-800-LUNGUSA

„„ The American Lung Association supports research and educational efforts and engages in advocacy in order to improve lung health, prevent lung disease and save lives. It has four strategic imperatives: to defeat lung cancer, reduce the burdens of lung disease upon those affected by it and

their families, eliminate tobacco use and tobacco-related diseases, and improve the air we breathe overall.

The Autism Council of Rochester 1025 Commons Way Rochester, NY 14623 585-413-1681

„„ The Autism Council of Rochester’s mission is to serve children and adults 16-years-old and older who are living with Autism and other developmental disabilities, families that are supporting children or young adults who have those disorders, and the service providers, educators and others who are involved with those children and adults. To those ends, the nonprofit provides educational, community, family and transition to work programs, along with support groups.

Brain Injury Association of New York State

4 Pine West Plaza, Suite 402 Albany, NY 12205 518-459-7911 Family Helpline: 800-444-6443 Rochester chapter, contact Sharon Johnson at 315-516-8162

„„ The mission of this statewide non-profit is to minimize the incidence of brain injury, and to support, educate and advocate for adults and children who have suffered such injuries and their families. The Association offers prevention programs, professional development programs, a video and publications library and a toll-free family help line, and has chapters and support groups throughout New York State.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Western New York 100 College Parkway, Suite 280 Williamsville, NY 14221 716-204-2535 Serves the Rochester and Buffalo areas.

„„ The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis, and helping all who have the disease lead full, productive lives. To those ends, the nonprofit funds research into the disease and its treatment, promotes individualized treatment, and strives to ensure that those who have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis have access to high-quality, specialized care.

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Rochester/Central New York Chapter

Serves Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton and all surrounding counties.

„„ The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation is dedicated to finding cures for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improving the quality of life of children and adults who are affected by those diseases. To those ends, the nonprofit sponsors research, offers educational programs for patients and healthcare professionals and provides supportive services that can help people cope with the diseases. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are collectively known as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). For information on support groups, call the foundation.

Huntington’s Disease Society of America Greater New York/New Jersey Region 505 Eighth Ave. Suite 902 New York, NY 10018 212-242-1968 800-345-HDSA

„„ Provides community and educational services, advocacy and support for research in an effort to improve the lives of all affected by Huntington’s disease.

Lupus Alliance of Upstate New York Main-Court Building 438 Main St., Suite 203 Buffalo, NY 14202 800-300-4198

„„ Offers information and support to lupus patients, caregivers and families, and tries to raise awareness and understanding of lupus and related autoimmune diseases. The alliance also funds research that could lead to earlier diagnoses of these diseases, more effective treatments of them, and a cure. „„ Serves 33 counties, including Monroe, Ontario and Livingston.

March of Dimes

3445 Winton Place, Suite 121 Rochester, NY 14623 585-424-3250

„„ The March of Dimes is a nationwide nonprofit that seeks to improve the health of babies and reduce infant mortality through preventing premature birth and birth defects. Local chapters make available funds for projects that are designed to meet pregnant women’s perinatal needs.

2117 Buffalo Road #299 Rochester, NY, 14624 585-967-0266

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 51

Mental Health Association of Rochester/Monroe County, Inc. ƒƒ Main Office 320 N. Goodman St., Ste. 202 Rochester, NY 14607 585-325-3145 ƒƒ Self-Help Drop-In Support Services 539 South Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 585-454-3530 ƒƒ Life skills 344 N. Goodman St. Rochester, NY 14607 585-224-2005 ƒƒ Livingston County Zion Episcopal Church 10 Park Place/P.O. Box 206 Avon, NY 14414 585-226-3150 ƒƒ Ontario County 120 North Main St. Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-629-0386

„„ Provides creative wellness opportunities, a seven-day-a-week Self-Help Drop-In Service, employment support, life skills workshops and other services that promote mental wellness.

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) 1425 Jefferson Road 2nd Floor Rochester, NY 14623 585-424-6560

„„ MDA supports research into life-changing treatments for multiple neuromuscular diseases. Outside the US government, the nonprofit is the largest source of funding for such research.

National Kidney Foundation

1344 University Ave. Suite 270 Rochester, NY 14607 585-598-3963 Helpline, NKF Cares: 855-653-2273, or email

„„ The National Kidney Foundation is dedicated to preventing kidney disease, raising awareness of the illness and supporting its treatment. NKF Cares, the nonprofit’s helpline, gives those suffering from kidney disease, their family members and their caregivers access to some of the support they need, along with information on kidney disease, organ donation and organ transplantation.

National Stroke Association 9707 E. Easter Lane Centennial, CO 80112


„„ Strives to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke, and to meet the needs of stroke survivors, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals who are in the nationwide stroke community. To those ends, the National Stroke Association offers programs on stroke prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, supports for those impacted by stroke and other services.

Parkinson’s Foundation

1000 Elmwood Ave, Ste 1600 Rochester, NY 14620 585-234-5355 Helpline: 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636)

„„ The nonprofit Parkinson’s Foundation conducts research, education, and public advocacy related to Parkinson’s disease.

Rochester Area Community Foundation 500 East Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 585-271-4100

„„ The Community Foundation partners with generous philanthropists and community organizations to improve the quality of life for people who live and work in the eight-county region it serves, which includes Monroe, Ontario and Livingston counties. As a leading grantmaker, the nonprofit focuses upon two main goals: creating an equitable community, and strengthening the region’s vitality.

Bereavement Support Groups Livingston County

St Timothy Lutheran Church 5015 Lakeville Rd Geneseo, NY 14454 585-243-4490 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 6-7:30 p.m.

„„ Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00 p.m. (Call to verify schedules)

American Red Cross Clara Barton/ Livingston Chapter House 57 Elizabeth St. Dansville, NY 14437 585-335-3500 1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday of the month: 6:00 PM-7:30 PM. (Call to verify schedules)

Bereavement Group-Westside „„ Offers support and an educational component for those who have lost a loved

52 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

one from any relationship.

Gates Presbyterian Church

1049 Wegman Road, Gates, NY Second and fourth Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00 PM 585-475-8800

Open Drop-in Bereavement Group—Healing and Hope „„ Offers support and an educational component for those who have lost a loved one from any type of relationship.

Center for Compassion and Healing 3111 Winton Road South Rochester, NY 14623 Thursdays, 5:30-7:00 p.m. 585-475-8800

Open Drop-in Bereavement Group—Daytime/Westside „„ Offers support and an educational component for those who have lost a loved one from any relationship.

John Knox Presbyterian Church

3233 W. Ridge Road, Greece, NY Second and fourth Fridays, 1 to 2:30 p.m. 585-475-8800

Healing After Suicide Loss „„ For people who’ve lost a loved one due to suicide.

Center for Compassion and Healing

3111 Winton Road South, Rochester, NY First and third Tuesdays, 6:30-8 p.m. 585-475-8800

The Compassionate Friends Rochester Chapter „„ Nonprofit, self-help support organization for families who have experienced the death from any cause of a child, grandchild or sibling of any age. There are require-


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ments as to religious affiliation or membership. Meetings are held twice-monthly at the address below.

The First Unitarian Church 220 Winton Road South Rochester, NY 14620

„„ Check the website for meeting days and times.

Cancer Services Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester 1048 University Ave. Rochester NY 14607 585-473-8177

„„ Provides information and classes on breast and gynecological cancer, support groups, and other services for those who have been diagnosed with the diseases or have survived them

CURE Childhood Cancer Association 200 Westfall Road Rochester, NY 14620 585-473-0180

„„ Provides emotional, educational and financial support that can improve the lives of families coping with childhood cancer or a chronic blood disorder. CURE also offers a support group for those families.

Gilda’s Club Rochester

255 Alexander St. Rochester, NY 14607 585-423-9700

„„ A welcoming community of free support for the men, women, teens and children who are living with cancer, and for their families and friends.

Grasta’s Beauty & Wig Studio

409 Parma Center Rd., Hilton, NY 585-392-7823

„„ Grasta’s helps individuals with chemotherapy, radiation, psoriasis, alopecia, diabetes, menopause, lupus, & burn victims feel themselves again. Sharon Grasta provides professional & personal consultations, fittings, and wig care. She strongly believes privacy for her clients is #1 priority. High quality wigs & hairpieces in a variety of styles & blends are available.

New York State Department of Health Cancer Services Program

Free Legal Aid/Advocacy Lawyers Serving Warriors PO Box 65762 Washington, DC 20035 202-265-8305 Fax 202-328-0063

„„ The Lawyers Serving Warriors program offers pro bono legal help to veterans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. To be eligible, a veteran must be facing one or more of the following conditions: • an administrative separation • a mental evaluation board • a physical evaluation board • an inappropriate discharge characterization

The Legal Aid Society of Rochester One West Main St., Suite 800 Rochester, NY 14614 585-232-4090

„„ Not-for-profit organization that provides direct civil legal services, including lay advocacy and related human services, to adults and children. Seeks to make sure that those seeking justice receive full and fair hearings.

Monroe County Legal Assistance Center (MCLAC) 585-325-2520

„„ MCLAC offers free civil legal services to eligible Monroe County clients. The agency’s services cover cases involving housing law, employment rights, the rights of those who have criminal records, the denial of public benefits, „„ Free breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings for men and women who reside in New York State, lack health insurance or have health insurance that might make cancer screenings and diagnostic services unaffordable, and meet age and income requirements. Call 1-866-442-CANCER (2262) to find the cancer services provider nearest you.

13thirty Cancer Connect 1000 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 585-563-6221

„„ Offers the support, resources, advocacy services and recreational opportunities that help teens and young adults live with cancer.

the civil legal problems that those 60 years old and older can face, and other legal areas.

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

701 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 131 Washington, DC 20004 (202) 628-8164 Toll Free: (888) 838-7727

„„ This program offers the services of attorneys free of charge to veterans and their qualifying family members who have an appeal pending at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (Court). Appellants who have filed an appeal with the Court can request assistance from The Veterans Consortium.

Outreach and Education Components, National Veterans Legal Services Program 1600 K St., Suite 500 Washington, DC 20006 (202) 265-8305

Volunteer Legal Services Project of Monroe County, Inc. 1 West Main St. Rochester, NY 14614 585-232-3051

„„ Provides free legal help for low-income Monroe County residents who are facing non-criminal legal problems. About 1,600 attorneys volunteer their time in order to make sure that low-income people can access the legal system when serious issues arise. The attorneys handle cases involving family, consumer and health law.

Children / Family Services Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester 37 South Washington St. Rochester, NY 14608 585-442-2250

„„ Provides one-to-one mentoring for children 9 to 16 years old living in Monroe, Wayne, Ontario, Livingston, Genesee, Wyoming, Orleans, and Yates counties.

Bivona Child Advocacy Center

One Mount Hope Ave. - The Skalny Building Rochester, NY 14620 585-935-7800

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 53

„„ Offers children who have been sexually or physically abused a safe, welcoming setting in which they can begin the process of healing. Facilitates the collaboration of social service and legal agencies in order to protect, counsel and treat child victims and their families, and assist with the investigation and prosecution of abusers.

Children Awaiting Parents, Inc. 274 N. Goodman St., Suite D103 Rochester, NY 14607 585-232-5110

„„ This national nonprofit finds loving homes for American children who have been abused, abandoned and neglected, and are free for adoption.

Community Child Care Center

170 Troup St. Rochester, NY 14608 585-232-3250 communitychildcarecenter@frontiernet. net

„„ Not-for-profit childcare center.

CompassionNet-Lifetime Care 3111 Winton Road South Rochester, NY 14623 585-214-1068

„„ Reaches beyond the traditional medical model of care to help seriously ill children live as normally as possible, alleviate their suffering and keep them at home during the course of their disease.

CP Rochester

CP Rochester 3399 Winton Road South Rochester, New York 14623 585-334-6000

„„ CP Rochester supports individuals of all ages and abilities to determine their own pathway in life. It partners with the individual, their family and the community to fulfill the individual’s right to live a productive and rewarding life. CP Rochester provides a wide range of quality health, educational, and support services in the greater Rochester area to assist individuals in achieving their goals. The organization envisions a community where people of all abilities lead rewarding lives. Meaningful partnerships are nurtured to ensure all doors are open and opportunities are available for everyone.

The Crisis Nursery of Greater Rochester 905 Monroe Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 585-473-2464

„„ Provides temporary care for babies and children while their families are in crisis, and refers parents and caregivers for the assistance that can help them cope with and overcome difficult situations.

Daystar for Medically Fragile Children, Inc. 700 Lac De Ville Blvd. Rochester, NY 14618 585-385-6287 x23

„„ Pediatric day-respite center that helps a family successfully transition an infant or young child who has special health care needs from the hospital to home, and supports that child’s healthy development through to kindergarten enrollment.

Dream Factory of Rochester, Inc. PO Box 308 East Rochester, NY 14445 585-234-0740

„„ Fulfills the dreams of children aged 3 through 18 who have been diagnosed with critical or chronic illnesses.

Friendship Children’s Center, Inc. 310 Fernwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14609 585-342-7250

„„ Private, nonprofit childcare center that offers year-round care for children 12 months old to 12 years old.

Happiness House ƒƒ 731 Pre-Emption Road Geneva, NY 14456 315-789-6828 ƒƒ 5415 County Road 30 Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-394-9510 ƒƒ 4731 Maple Ave. Stanley, NY 14561 585-526-7023 ƒƒ 5415 Independence Lane Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-905-0107

„„ Happiness House is an educational, residential, health and human service organization that excels in providing the highest quality, innovative and cost effective services to children and adults with and without disabilities through collaboration with families and partners throughout the Finger Lakes community. Our belief in the principles of equal opportunity, independence and realization of individual potential is the cornerstone of who we are and what we do. We believe “What Happens Here Changes Lives Forever”.

54 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

Make-A-Wish Metro New York & Western New York 3025 Monroe Ave., Suite 200 Rochester, NY 14618 585-272-9474

„„ Dedicated to granting the wishes of children who have life-threatening medical conditions.

Oregon Leopold Child Care Center 316 Bay St. Rochester, NY 14605 585-288-0074

„„ Nonprofit childcare center that serves low-income children and families in the northeast quadrant of Rochester and in Rochester’s Children’s Zone.

Twelve Corners Day Care Center 585-272-0880

„„ Nonprofit day care organization with two sites. The Canal View site is for children from 6 weeks of age to 5 years old. Children 5through 12 years old go to the School Age location, 2131 Elmwood Ave., telephone no. 585-271-6830.

Villa of Hope

3300 Dewey Ave. Rochester, NY 14616 585-865-1550

„„ Provides residential, community-based, educational and behavioral health programs for youth affected by abuse, poverty and mental illness and drug problems at home, and assistance for their families.

Chiropractic Care Modern Chiropractic and Pain Relief & New York Weight Loss 311 W. Main St. Victor, NY 14564 585-398-1201

„„ Rochester’s leading innovative chiropractic office. Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief offers breakthrough FDA cleared advanced technologies for fast pain relief and optimal health. Modern Chiropractic specializes in full body pain relief and functional medicine serving Rochester with integrity and compassion. Breakthrough treatments include: CRYOFOS; non-surgical pain relief laser therapy, Class4: LiteCure LCT 1000; advanced spinal decompression, SpineMed; Active Release Techniques &

Chiropactic. Schedule a free consultation today. New York Weight Loss offers a medically designed, four-phase protocol that results in fat loss while sparing muscle mass. Lose three to seven pounds per week. This is a boutique-style setting with one-on-one weekly sessions to maintain client privacy and ensure success.

Clinical Research Rochester Clinical Research 500 Helendale Road, Suite L 20 Rochester, NY 14609 585-288-0890

„„ Rochester Clinical Research was founded in 1994 with the objective of providing the Greater Rochester area with access to a premier clinical research facility. The goal of the organization is to provide an additional care option for its volunteers, advance new medical treatments and improve the quality of life for individuals everywhere. Rochester Clinical Research puts great pride in the relationships it has with its sponsors, volunteers, and staff. The organization strives toward advancing new medicines and catching up with diseases before they become a problem. To become a volunteer in any of its studies studies, visit

Dental Care Emery & Scuro DMD, PC

2184 Chili Ave. Rochester, NY 14624 585-247-7110

„„ Doctors at Emery & Scuro DMD and staff are dedicated to the art and science of modern dentistry. They are continuously involved in continuing education and keeping up with the latest in dentistry and are able to meet a wide variety of their patients’ dental needs. The doctors strongly believe that an informed patient is an empowered one. That’s why the practice makes it a priority to educate patients on any conditions that may arise and the proposed treatments and procedures to remedy them.

Pittsford Dental Excellence Center 55 Sully’s Trail, Pittsford, NY 14534 585-248-2575

„„ Patients from throughout Rochester area seek the care of Dr. Sam Guarnieri for his outstanding treatment results, expertise, compassion, integrity, honesty and understanding. The practice is committed

to dental excellence and passionate about patients’ oral health care and well-being. At the Pittsford Dental Excellence Center, dentistry is elevated to an art form. The team is committed to excellence through professional development and continuous education. The Pittsford Dental Excellence Center team can improve and restore your smile and health to achieve the end results you desire.

Progressive Endodontics ƒƒ 151 Sully’s Trail, Suite 2 Pittsford, NY 14534 585-248-3636 ƒƒ 317 South Main Street Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-48-3636 ƒƒ 105 Canal Landing Blvd., Ste. 10 Rochester, NY 14626 585-723-3636 ƒƒ 4396 Lakeville Rd. Geneseo, NY 14454 585-243-1790

„„ Root canal specialists who provide endodontic treatment, endodontic surgery, and sedation dentistry. Providing exception care to the patients and referring general dentists.

Dialysis DaVita Kidney Care ƒƒ East Rochester Dialysis 445 West Commercial St. East Rochester, NY 14445 585-218-0517 ƒƒ Seaway Dialysis 999 East Ridge Road Rochester, NY 14609 585-266-7348 ƒƒ Newark Wayne Dialysis 1120 S. Main St. Newark, NY 14513 315-331-6958

„„ DaVita Kidney Care offers in-center and home-based dialysis options with three convenient locations across the Rochester-area. DaVita — which is Italian for “giving life” — is working to provide quality service to patients, partners and teammates. Call the center to schedule a personal tour.

Disabilities Lifetime Assistance Incorporated 425 Paul Road Rochester, NY 14624 585-426-4120

„„ Lifetime Assistance Incorporated offers a full spectrum of services to empower individuals with developmental disabilities. As a dedicated, hands-on partner Lifetime helps people with developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential and to be included in the community. Whether it’s getting a job in the career field of their choice, living as independently as possible or leading a healthy and happy life, these goals are reached because individuals and professionals at Lifetime reach them together. By combining its expertise and training with a deep understanding of each person’s specific desires, Lifetime can facilitate a person-centered plan that will best foster independence, dignity and success.

The Arc of Monroe Health Services 585-271-0660

„„ The Arc of Monroe’s Health Services offers occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech pathology, behavior intervention, nutrition, social work and psychiatric care to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Its out-patient Article 16 Clinic is certified by NYS OPWDD (Office for People With Developmental Disabilities) and annually serves more than 700 people in Western and Central New York with varying needs, providing top care for over 20 years.

Disabilities —

Accessibility Modification Bishop Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation, Inc. See page 57

Disabilities ­— Recreation Cobblestone Arts Center for Persons with Disabilities

1622 Route 332 Farmington, NY 14425 585-398-0220

„„ Dedicated to bringing the performing and visual arts to students with disabilities.

Education and Prevention Rochester OASIS

259 Monroe Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 585-730-8800

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 55

„„ OASIS is a national educational organization that was created to enrich the lives of mature adults by providing programs on the arts, humanities, selected technologies and health-oriented subjects and technologies, along with the opportunity to volunteer. One catalog included a course on the Bill of Rights, at least one book club, Pilates classes and instruction on using an iPhone or Android phone. OASIS membership is free, though you must pay a very small fee to take most classes.

Action for a Better Community, Inc. See pg. 47

Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. See page 64

Young Women’s College Prep, Inc. 16 Lakeview Park Rochester, NY 14613 585-445-3245

„„ Provides educational programs for young urban girls that are designed to increase their leadership skills, career awareness and college readiness.

Employment Assistance The Autism Council of Rochester 1025 Commons Way Rochester, NY 14623 585-413-1681

„„ The Autism Council of Rochester’s Transition To Work program helps prepare young adults who are on the Autism Spectrum for employment. To that end, the nonprofit helps those it serves create resumes and CVs, apply for jobs, prepare for job interviews and places those it serves in positions with local businesses. Those not ready for placement are placed in positions as volunteers, gaining the opportunity to develop the skills they need to enter the workforce.


„„ Offers career advisors, assistance with résumés, workshops, job listings, job fairs and a wide variety of tools that help job seekers secure positions.

Goodman Street Career Center 255 North Goodman St. Rochester, NY 14607 585-258-3500

St. Paul Career Center

Department of Social Services 691 St. Paul St. Rochester, NY 14605 585-753-6855

Waring Road Career Center NYS Department of Labor 276 Waring Road Rochester, NY 14609 585-266-7760

Family Services Partners in Caring Respite Program (Lifespan) 1900 S. Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY 14618 585-244-8400

„„ Gives breaks to the caregivers of those who have early stage dementia or are demonstrating noticeable forgetfulness, allowing the caregivers to take time for themselves or run errands.

Free and Subsidized Health Clinics St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center See page 50

Spiritus Christi Mental Health Center 121 N. Fitzhugh St. Rochester, NY 14614 585-325-1180

„„ Licensed mental health professionals provide free mental health care to uninsured or underinsured adults and youth.

Hotlines Alzheimer’s Association Helpline 800-272-3900

„„ Trained, knowledgeable staff are available any time of day or night to provide information on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, crisis assistance, referrals to local programs and services and emotional support.

City of Rochester Drug Hotline Dial 311 or 585-428-6000

„„ Accepts information on actual or perceived drug activity locations and dealers in Rochester. The information given is passed on to the police department’s narcotics unit for investigation. Callers can choose to remain anonymous, or to give their names and telephone numbers so that investigators can contact them

New York State Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-342-3720

Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-4453

56 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline English: 800-273-8255 Spanish: 888-628-9454 TTY: 800-799-4889

Livingston County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line 585-243-7581

„„ Call to report illegal activity occurring in Livingston County, giving as much precise information as possible. The information will remain confidential, and unavailable to anyone but Sheriff’s investigators. Reports can also be given at the Tip Line web page’s address.

National Call Center for Homeless Veterans 1-877-424-3838

„„ Trained counselors are available 24/7 to talk to homeless veterans, veterans who are at risk of becoming homeless, and their family members, friends and supporters. All conversations are confidential.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

„„ Those who are experiencing domestic violence, need information or resources regarding domestic violence, or are just questioning unhealthy aspects of their relationship can call 24/7. The service is free and confidential.

New York State Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-342-3720

New York Relay Service

„„ Connects deaf, hard-of-hearing, deafblind, speech-disabled or late-deaf TTY, (text telephone) VCO (voice carry-over) and HCO (hearing carry-over) telephone users with standard telephone users for communication purposes. Specially trained relay operators are available 24/7 to help callers located anywhere in the world conduct their conversations. All calls are completely confidential and handled with sensitivity.

Phone numbers:

For Users of Standard Telephones

ƒƒ Voice to TTY/VCO/HCO/STS 711 or 800-421-1220 ƒƒ Voice to CapTel 711 or 877-243-2823 ƒƒ Spanish 711 or 877-662-4886 For Deaf Callers ƒƒ VCO

711 or 877-826-6977 For Speech Disabled Callers ƒƒ HCO 711 or 800-662-1220 ƒƒ Speech-to-Speech 711 or 877-662-4234

NYS HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) hotline 1-800-342-3009

„„ Dial 211 24/7 for free and confidential assistance when you need food, clothing, shelter or other basic resources, or when you or someone else is in crisis. Serves Monroe, Wayne, Ontario, Livingston, Cayuga and Seneca counties.

Housing / Homeowner Assistance

„„ HEAP helps low-income people pay the cost of heating their homes, if they do so with. electricity, natural gas, oil, coal, propane, kerosene, corn, wood or wood pellets. Eligibility depends upon the size of the household and its income, and the residence’s primary heating source. At least one member of the household must be under 6 years old, 60 years old or older, or permanently disabled. Other conditions might also help qualify a household for HEAP.

Action for A Better Community


„„ Offers a home ownership program that includes housing, homebuyers and default counseling, foreclosure prevention and closing cost assistance. Provides financial assistance for home repairs, and to make owner-occupied homes more accessible to persons with disabilities and for elderly individuals who are frail. All services and programs are subject to the availability of funding.

„„ A free, 24/7 service that provides crisis intervention and support for sexual assault survivors and their loved ones. Restore is a program of Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York.

Hotlines: ƒƒ Monroe County 585-546-2777 ƒƒ Genesee, Livingston, Orleans & Wyoming Counties 1-800-527-1757 ƒƒ RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673 ƒƒ Rochester Mobile Integration Team (Rochester MIT) 24/7 crisis intervention service available in six counties. County numbers: ƒƒ Monroe County: dial 211 or 585-275-5151 ƒƒ Livingston County: dial 211 ƒƒ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Helpline Confidential treatment, referral and information service. 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

„„ Willow Domestic Violence Center Hotline Free and confidential service available 24/7. ƒƒ English: 585-222-SAFE (7233) TTY:585-207-2400 Finger Lakes Region

Energy Conservation Program Extensive list of services See page 47

Bishop Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation, Inc. 150 French Road Rochester, NY 14618 585-461-4263 Home Repairs: 585-657-4114

CP Rochester See page 49

Flower City Habitat for Humanity Inc. 755 Culver Road Rochester, NY 14609 585-546-1470

„„ Partners with low-income families to build or renovate houses. The houses are then sold to those people at no profit, and no interest. Individuals, churches and other organizations provide the materials.

Genesee Valley Rural Preservation Council, Inc. Route 63 Hampton Corners 5861 Groveland Station Road Mount Morris, NY 14510 585-658-4860

„„ Offers single-family homes, duplexes and apartments for low income families, home ownership programs and home repair programs for single family owner occupied homes. Operates apartments for the elderly and disabled, and has a program for seniors in need of emergency repairs.

Habitat for Humanity Livingston County

11 Franklin St. Geneseo, NY 14454 585-335-5634

Habitat for Humanity of Ontario County 3040 County Road 10 Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-396-3600

The Housing Council at PathStone, Inc. 75 College Ave., 4th Floor Rochester, NY 14607 585-546-3700

„„ Offers homeowner services for firsttime homebuyers and current homeowners, assistance with foreclosure prevention, information on homeowner repair grants information, educational materials for tenants and first-time homebuyers.

Monroe County Planning and Development Department 8100 City Place 50 W Main St. Rochester, NY 14614 585-753-2000

„„ Operates the Home Improvement Program, which provides grants and low interest loans for home repairs and improvements, and financial assistance to make owner-occupied homes more accessible for veterans with disabilities. The disabilities need not be service-related. All services and programs are subject to availability of funding.

Montgomery Neighborhood Center Housing Programs Southwest Area Neighborhood Association 275 Dr. Samuel McCree Way Southwest Community Center Rochester, NY 14611 585-436-3090

„„ Offers to perform minor repairs to the residences of qualified homeowners free of charge.

North East Area Development, Inc. 360 Webster Ave. Rochester, NY 14609 585-482-7320

„„ Offers information regarding home ownership, rentals and home improvement grants and appropriate referrals. Serves Rochester’s South Wedge neighborhood.

South Wedge Planning Committee (SWPC) 224 Mount Hope Ave. Rochester, NY 14620

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 57


„„ Neighborhood preservation company focuses upon improving the South Wedge neighborhood. SWPC offers a Housing Assistance Program and home repair grants to income-qualified home owners. Grants are awarded as funding is available.

Housing / Shelters Bishop Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation Inc. 935 East Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 585-461-4263

„„ This nonprofit offers decent, affordable safe housing to very low-income families, seniors, and people who have disabilities.

CDS Housing Office 860 Hard Road Webster NY 14580 585-341-4600

„„ CDS Housing offers affordable housing to people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, seniors, families and veterans. The apartments are safe, comfortable and offer residents independent living within an inclusive, community setting. Residents have opportunities for on-site socialization, entertainment and events.

Dimitri House

102 N. Union St. Rochester, NY 14607 585-325-1796 Open only from Nov. 4 to the end of April.

„„ Dimitry House offers an emergency men’s shelter, food cupboard and hot lunch program. In addition, The Dimitri Affordable Safe Housing Program places formerly homeless people in safe, longterm housing. All the nonprofit serves are treated with dignity and respect.

Harbor House of Rochester, Inc. 89 Rossiter Road Rochester, NY 14620 585-473-1779

„„ The Harbor House provides affordable, supportive temporary housing for adult critical care patients who have traveled 50 or more miles to the University of Rochester Medical Center or other area hospitals for treatment, and for their adult family members.

House of Mercy 285 Ormond St.

Rochester, NY 14605 585-546-2580

„„ The House of Mercy provides a wide range of services, including an overnight shelter for Rochester’s homeless, cooked meals, a food pantry, life skills classes, support groups, and transportation to medical appointments, job interviews and other important meetings. The nonprofit also refers those it serves for medical and mental health care, veterans’ benefits, substance abuse treatment other services, and advocates for them.

Monroe Housing Collaborative

1000 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 Janet Dreitlein Community Housing Liaison 585-445-5699

„„ Helps those who have disabilities locate housing that meets their specific needs.

Rochester McDonald House Charities (RMHC) „„ Offers lodging, emotional support and comfort to the families of children who are being treated at Rochester-area medical facilities. The nonprofit’s Rochester chapter has two main facilities.

Ronald McDonald House 333 Westmoreland Dr. Rochester, NY 14620 585-442-5437

House Within the Hospital

601 Elmwood Ave., Box Ronald McDonald Rochester, NY 14642 585-276-5437

St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality 402 South Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 585-232-3262

„„ St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality offers an emergency shelter, showers and free clothing for men. The nonprofit also advocates for the homeless and those about to be homeless, makes a washer and drier available to all, and serves lunch to those in need. All services are free of charge, but the shelter is open only from October 15 to April 15.

Sojourner House at PathStone 30 Millbank St. Rochester, NY 14619 585-436-7100

„„ Sojourner House at PathStone provides a number of services for homeless women

58 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

and their children, including transitional housing and supportive permanent housing programs, life skills training for women, and children’s programs.

Trillium Health See page 50

Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. „„ Offers transitional housing and other supportive services for veterans and their families. See page 64

Wilson Commencement Park 250 Joseph Ave. Rochester, NY 14605 585-263-7930

„„ Wilson Commencement Park provides quality housing and support services to help low-income single parents build stable, independent and productive lives.

Warrior Salute Veteran Services 441 Pembroke Drive, Suite 5 Penfield, NY 14526 585-364-3171

„„ Warrior Salute provides clinical therapies, case management services and transitional housing to veterans who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and military sexual trauma.

YWCA of Rochester and Monroe County See page 65

Hypnosis Blossom Hypnosis

Office Parkway, Suite 201 Pittsford, NY 14534 585-281-2988

„„ Blossom Hypnosis, founded by Rekha Shrivastava, is an outpatient facility that provides services to children and adults. She has treated patients with disorders ranging from mild anxiety to Severe phobias, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, depression, alcoholism and substance abuse. Shrivastava furthermore specializes in motivation enhancement as well as weight loss. She holds a master’s degree in psychological development from the University of Rochester, and specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy. She has multiple certifications as a rehabilitation counselor (CRC), virtual gastric band hypnotist for weight loss, and a credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselor (CASAC). Please check website and schedule a free consultation.

Literacy Resources Literacy Volunteers „„ The trained volunteers who give their time to Literacy Volunteers provide one-to-one tutoring and small group instruction to adults in reading, the English language, mathematics and digital literacy. The nonprofit also provides family literacy programs, as well. All services are free of charge.

Literacy Volunteers of Livingston County 3 Mt. Morris-Leicester Road Leicester, NY 14481 585-658-7970

Literacy Volunteers of Ontario County 208 S Main St. Canandaigua NY 14424 585-396-1686

Literacy Volunteers of Rochester, Inc. 1600 South Ave., Suite 100 Rochester, NY 14620 585-473-3030

Mercy Bridges

1437 Blossom Road Rochester, NY 14610 585-288-2710

„„ Mercy Bridges, a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy, offers basic literacy services and English as a Second Language instruction to adults who may not qualify for or have access to other literacy programs, or who may not have had success with those programs. The nonprofit’s trained tutors work one-on-one with their students for two hours a week for at least a year. There’s a $5 fee for testing materials at the time of a student’s initial assessment, but the rest of the nonprofit’s service are free of charge.

Nutritional Health/ Support A Meal and More, Inc. Christ Church 25 Broadway Rochester, NY 14607-1701 585-454-3878

„„ This soup kitchen offers nutritious midday meals and caring friendship to needy people in a safe environment. Call for days and times.

Community Food Cupboard of Rochester 11 Nester St. Rochester, NY 14621 585-325-4990

„„ Provides a monthly food service for qualified seniors. Families in need can obtain emergency provisions.

Greece Ecumenical Food Shelf, Inc. 500 Maiden Lane Rochester, NY 14616 585-277-5370

„„ The Greece Ecumenical Food Shelf distributes donated and purchased food to those in need who are living in Greece and Charlotte.

Hilton Parma Emergency Food Shelf 59 Henry St. Hilton, NY 14468 585-234-2090

„„ The Hilton Parma Emergency Food Shelf provides food, including fresh garden produce and bakery items, for Hilton School District residents who are in need due to an emergency. To be eligible, those hoping to receive food must not be covered by other services, and must present proof of residency—a bill with a current mailing address—and a picture ID. „„ Contact the food pantry to set up an appointment to obtain food.

Honeoye Lake Food Pantry UCC Church 8758 Main St. Honeoye, NY 14471 585-721-0009

„„ Serves residents of the Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District. Open alternate Saturday mornings from 9-10 a.m. Bring at least one reusable bag for groceries and a piece of mail—preferably a utility bill—to prove residency.

Irondequoit Community Cupboard 4275 Culver Road Rochester, NY 14622 585-336-9107

„„ The Irondequoit Community Cupboard offers food, toiletries, and taxable items to those living in the Town of Irondequoit. Children in seven elementary schools who qualify for free breakfasts and lunches can obtain the food they need to get through the weekend from the pantry, which also provides Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets as well. The nonprofit also sponsors

an annual Back to School supply night at which children in kindergarten through the 12th grade can obtain needed school supplies.

Life Solutions of Hamlin, Inc. PO Box160 - 1696 Lake Road Hamlin, NY 14464 585-964-7420

„„ Life Solutions of Hamlin offers a wealth of services to the community. The all-volunteer nonprofit provides free food to 50 families per month through its food pantry. It also supports the efforts of Foodlink’s Mobile Food Pantry to distribute food to another 125 families per month, and supplies backpacks to local school kids each year. In addition the organization provides Christmas presents and holiday food baskets to local families and children.

Loop Ministries Urban Food Pantry 111 North Chestnut St. Rochester, NY 14604 For information, call the Reformation Lutheran Church at 585-454-3367

„„ The Loop Ministries has a food pantry that distributes up to 300 bags of groceries each month, and a soup kitchen that serves the mentally challenged and the economically challenged. „„ The food pantry is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Its soup kitchen serves supper to the mentally challenged on the second Wednesday of the month and lunch to the economically challenged on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Meals on Wheels ƒƒ Monroe County 585-787-8397 ƒƒ Ontario County 585-396-4040 ƒƒ Livingston County 585-243-7520

„„ Home delivery of nutritional lunches to seniors who are unable to obtain meals for themselves, especially those who are convalescing.

Mission Share

10 Cedarfield Commons Rochester, NY 14612 585-368-0744

„„ Food pantry and clothing closet that provides monthly assistance to the residents of the 14468, 14612, 14615, 14616, and 14626 ZIP codes. Mission Share also offers Thanksgiving food baskets, an August backpack give-away, Christmas food

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 59

baskets, and a Christmas Hope meal/gift program. The center also provides pregnancy support and parenting classes to families throughout Monroe County, along with classes in cooking, gardening, budgeting resume writing, English as a Second Language, the Bible and other subjects.

Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf1618 Jackson Road

Penfield, NY 14526 585-234-0799

„„ Offers emergency food assistance to Penfield residents living in the 14625 and 14526 ZIP codes.

Phelps Community Food Cupboard

Phelps Community Center 8 Banta St., Suite 100 Phelps, NY 14532 315-548-8484 www.

„„ Open the fourth Tuesday of the month from 10:30 a.m. 12 p.m. and 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Salvation Army

41 North St. Geneva, NY 14456 315-789-1055 html

„„ Food pantry is open 9:30-11:30 a.m. Monday-Thursday

Spencerport Area Ecumenical Food Shelf 4997 Ridge Road West Spencerport, NY 14559 Contact: Dick Gallagher 585-277-4917

„„ Provides food and some paper supplies to those who are in need and living in the Spencerport Central School District. The food pantry is a project of Spencerport Ecumenical Ministries member churches. Call to access its services.

and medically or nutritionally at risk in order to qualify for the program. WIC supports breast feeding as the best way to feed a baby.

St. Peter’s Kitchen

681 Brown St. (PO Box 11031) Rochester, NY 14611 585-235-6511

„„ This soup kitchen provides hot meals to those on Rochester’s west side from noon to 1:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. Items are available at the Thrift Store during mealtimes.

SWEM Community Services 350 Chili Ave. Rochester, NY 14611-2569 585-235-4494 Contact: Karen Woodward

„„ Community food cupboard that serves those in the southwest region of Rochester and Monroe County.

Wellspring Church

22 Teft Ave. Clifton Springs, NY 14432 315-548-6292

„„ Open alternate Tuesdays, 5-7 p.m.

WIC Offices ƒƒ Finger Lakes WIC 79 S. Main St. Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-394-9240 ƒƒ Jordan Healthlink WIC 273 Upper Falls Boulevard Rochester, NY 14605 585-454-2630

St. Felix Community Food Cupboard

ƒƒ Monroe County WIC 691 St. Paul St., 4th Floor Rochester, NY 14432 14605-1798 585-753-4942 php

„„ Open Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please bring ID and proof of address—a utility bill would work.

ƒƒ Oak Orchard WIC 300 West Ave. Brockport, NY 14420 585-637-8809 family_wic01

12 Hibbard Ave. Clifton Springs, NY 14432 315-462-2961

„„ WIC provides information on proper nutrition and nutritious foods, such as eggs, milk, cheese, cereal, juice, legumes and iron-fortified infant formula, to women who are pregnant, lactating, and postpartum; and to young children up to the age of five. Applicants must be of low income

Psychotherapy Kavod Psychotherapy 25 Circle St. Rochester, NY 14607 585-546-5180

60 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

„„ Every relationship has its share of bumps in the road. Kavod Psychotherapy has compassionate therapists with decades of experience helping couples heal. Therapists treat a range of relationship, intimacy and sexuality issues and the trauma they can leave behind, including poor communication; lack of trust; loveless, sexless relationship; infidelity or betrayal; excessive use of porn or social media; emotional distance or indifference; work and money issues; love and relationship addiction; workplace sexual boundary violations; and anonymous or paid sexual hook-ups. To feel whole again, trust Kavod Psychotherapy to help you get past the struggle, and on to the healing.

Senior Nutrition Services A Meal and More, Inc. Christ Church 141 East Ave. Rochester, NY 14604 585-454-3878

„„ Soup kitchen that offers nutritious midday meals, caring friendship and a safe environment to those in need. Serves on Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m., and Sundays from 1:30- to 2:30 p.m.

Agape Faith Christian Center PO Box 64692 Rochester, NY 14624 585-978-0678 Contact: Pastor Loretta Rutledge

„„ Distributes nutritious foods to needy families, at-risk children and the elderly.

Catholic Family Center (CFC) See page 46

Lifespan of Greater Rochester See page 61

Senior Services Alzheimer’s Association, Rochester & Finger Lakes Region 435 E. Henrietta Rd. Rochester, NY 14620 24/7 Helpline 1-800-272-3900

„„ The leading voluntary health organization in dementia care, support and research, the Alzheimer’s Association, Rochester & Finger Lakes Region serves individuals who live with Alzheimer’s or another dementia and their caregivers in

Chemung, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne and Yates counties. A team of professional care coordinators will help your family navigate the difficult decisions and uncertainties you face at every stage of the disease. To setup a care consultation, join a support group, or register for social activities and educational programs call 1-800-272-3900.

Elderberry Express 3750 Monroe Ave. Pittsford, NY 14534 585-248-6237

„„ Free transportation service for senior citizens 55 and over who reside in Pittsford. Rides to appointments are available between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.


490 East Ridge Road Rochester, NY 14617 585-922-2843

„„ Managed long term care medical program that helps those who are 55 years old and older and frail live independently in whatever place they call home. Provides medical care, adult day care, home health care, rehabilitative therapies and other services.

Grandma’s Helpers, LLC 35 Colony Lane Rochester, NY 14623 585-334-3544

„„ Grandma’s Helpers, LLC is a 15-year member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. As senior move managers, Grandma’s Helpers is dedicated to reducing the stress of the physical, emotional and organizational aspects of home transition for older adults and their families. It provides the following services: develop a move plan, create a scale floor plan of the new home, get movers’ estimates and coordinate their services, help with sorting and downsizing, packing, unpacking, settling a new home, personal property liquidation thru online auctions, donation assistance and realtor recommendations. Grandma’s Helpers offers free consultation about a stress-free moves. 

Hurlbut Care Communities ROHM Services Corporation 740 East Ave Rochester, NY 14607 585-222-CARE

„„ Hurlbut Care Communities offers the highest quality long-term nursing and short-term rehabilitative care. Each member of the Hurlbut Care Communities team shares the same dedication and

commitment to caring as the Hurlbut family themselves. Today more than 2,000 caregivers and support staff directly work for the 13 Hurlbut Care Communities around the Greater Rochester area. There are no temporary or contract employees, therefore the staff at Hurlbut Care Communities maintains a level of care, compassion and commitment that’s unmatched in the nursing care industry. Each care community is differentiated by its own name and distinctive personality, while remaining part of the Hurlbut family of care.

Jewish Senior Life

2021 Winton Road S. Rochester, NY 14618 585-427-7760

„„ Serving people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds, Jewish Senior Life is a continuing care retirement community guided by the values of honoring family and aging in place. Jewish Senior Life offers all levels of care on a single campus, from independent living to skilled nursing care, and a variety of programs and services for people living outside its campus. Jewish Senior Life is CARF accredited and named a 2018 Top Workplace by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Jewish Senior Life is a member of the Alliance for Senior Care of Greater Rochester, Leading Age, Leading Age New York, and the Association of Jewish Aging Services.

The Legends at Whitney Town Center

100 Clear Spring Trail
Fairport, NY 14450 phone: 585-421-7321

„„ The Legends at Whitney Town Center is a brand new state-of-the-art independent senior apartment community for active adults 55-plus. It offers convenience, comfort, and active care-free living within walking distance to shopping, dining, and the historic village of Fairport.

Lifespan of Greater Rochester 1900 S. Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 585-244-8400 1-866-454-5110

„„ Older adults and their caregivers turn to Lifespan for assistance with the challenges and opportunities they encounter. The nonprofit provides a wide range of services, including assistance with care navigation and planning, respite for caregivers, support groups, classes on Medicare and assistance with in-home financial management. Lifespan can also help its charges obtain the transportation they need to attend doctor’s appointments, to shop, or

to just visit friends.

St. Ann’s Community

1500 Portland Ave. Rochester, NY 14621 585-697-6000

„„ St. Ann’s Community is Rochester’s leading senior housing and health services provider. With campuses in Irondequoit and Webster, St. Ann’s offers a continuum of care that includes independent retirement living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, transitional care/rehab, palliative care, and adult day programs. One of Greater Rochester’s largest private employers, St. Ann’s has more than 1,200 employees who are “Caring for the Most Important People on Earth.”

The Housing Council at PathStone, Inc. See page 57

Westwood Commons

50 Union Square Blvd. North Chili, NY 14514 585-293-2060

„„ Westwood Commons, a DePaul Senior Living Community in North Chili, offers more than assisted living services — it offers a lifestyle for your future. It strives to enhance each resident’s quality of life by providing interactive social activities, a supportive and caring staff and personal care services that promote independence and dignity. Westwood Commons offers a personalized approach to delivering support and services while encouraging family members to be actively involved in the care of their loved ones. Westwood Commons is licensed by the New York State Department of Health.

Substance Addiction CASA-Trinity of Livingston County „„ Offers substance use evaluations and individualized treatment to adolescents and adults. ƒƒ Geneseo Clinic 4612 Millennium Drive Geneseo, NY 14454. 585-991-5012 php?Geneseo-Clinic-NY-1 ƒƒ Dansville Clinic 141-143 Main St. Dansville, NY 14437 585-335-5052 php?Dansville-Clinic-NY-2

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 61

ƒƒ Delphi Rise 835 W. Main St. Rochester, NY 14611 585-467-2230

„„ Offers prevention services, counseling, treatment and educational opportunities to those in Rochester and the Finger Lakes who are recovering from alcohol and substance usage, and other services.

East House

259 Monroe Ave., Suite 200 Rochester, NY 14607 585-238-4800

„„ Helps those suffering from mental health and substance use disorders live independently through providing supported housing, care coordination and educational and employment programs.

Finger Lakes Addictions Counseling and Referral Agency (FLACRA) 28 East Main St. Clifton Springs, NY 14432 315- 462-9466

„„ Offers a long list of services for those suffering from alcohol or drug dependency, including addictions crisis counseling, outpatient treatment, a mental health clinic, community residences, supportive living residences, housing, and care management. Costs are based on a client’s ability to pay, or a sliding fee scale.

Addictions Crisis Center 28 East Main St. Clifton Springs, NY 14432 315-462-707

„„ The Addictions Crisis Center (ACC) is a 22-bed, short-term facility for those who suffer from substance abuse. Clients can undergo withdrawal and detox under medical supervision and obtain referrals for the other services they need, including residential treatment and transitional housing. Care is coordinated with medical and mental health providers, the relevant government agencies and the courts, where appropriate.

Outpatient Clinics ƒƒ Clifton Springs Clinic 28 East Main St. Clifton Springs, NY 14432 315-462-9161 ƒƒ Geneva Clinic 246 Castle St. Geneva, NY 14456 315-781-0771 ƒƒ Newark Clinic

310 West Union St. Newark, NY 14513 315-331-3862 ƒƒ Penn Yan Clinic 1 Keuka Business Park 2462 Route 54A Penn Yan, NY 14527 315-536-7751 ƒƒ Watkins Glen Clinic 106 South Perry St., Suite 3 Watkins Glen, NY 14891 607-535-8260 ƒƒ Farmington Clinic 1386 Hathaway Drive, Suite A Farmington, NY 14425 585-396-4190

„„ Offers drug and alcohol counseling based on the 12-Step Programs of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, general medical and health counseling, and programs for at-risk youth and children and for families that have been affected by abuse and addiction. Women in need of a safe haven can also turn to The Center for emergency and supportive housing.

Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. See page 64

Support Groups Alzheimer’s Disease Support Groups

Huther Doyle

„„ Call Alzheimer’s Association, 585-7605400 or 800-272-3900, for days and times of meetings.

„„ Provides outpatient counseling and medication-assisted treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders, assistance with employment and housing issues, and other services.

ƒƒ Church of the Assumption 20 East Ave Fairport, NY 14450

360 East Ave. Rocheser, NY 14604 585-325-5100

Lifespan of Greater Rochester

Substance Abuse Intervention for Older Adults 1900 S. Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 585-244-8400

„„ Lifespan’s Geriatric Addiction Program provides in-home assessments and interventions, counseling and care management for older adults who abuse alcohol and/or prescription or street drugs. The program focuses upon serving those for whom traditional measures—inpatient treatment, 12-step programs, etc.—have not worked.

Open Access Clinic

1350 University Ave. (Next to Syracuse Behavioral Health) Rochester, NY 14607 585-627-1777

„„ Assesses the needs of those suffering from alcohol or substance abuse or dependence, and then refers them for the treatment services that would benefit them most. Clinic staff will help patients obtain the insurance they require and transport them to treatment facilities, if necessary. Open 24/7.

Outreach Community Center Inc. 447 Genesee St. Rochester, NY 14611 585-328-0887

62 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

Caregiver Support Groups

ƒƒ Geneseo United Methodist Church 4520 Genesee St Geneseo, NY 14454 ƒƒ Irondequoit Public Library 1290 Titus Ave Rochester, NY 14617 ƒƒ Legacy At Parklands 2000 Park Creek Ln Churchville, NY 14428 ƒƒ Legacy At Willow Pond 40 Willow Pond Way Penfield, NY 14526 ƒƒ Lima Library 1872 Genesee St Lima, NY 14485 ƒƒ Monroe Community Hospital 435 E Henrietta Rd Rochester, NY 14620 ƒƒ Pieters Family Life Center 1025 Commons Way Rochester, NY 14623 ƒƒ Early Stage Support Groups ƒƒ Marian’s House 2980 Clinton Ave S Rochester, NY 14623 ƒƒ Monroe Community Hospital 435 E Henrietta Rd Rochester, NY 14620

CURE Childhood Cancer Association (cancer support groups) See page 53

Gilda’s Club Rochester (cancer support groups) See page 53

Roc City Sicklers Advocate Group 200 Westfall Road Rochester, NY 14620 585-473-0180, 275-0798

„„ Close-knit, family-oriented advocacy group for children and families living with sickle cell disease. Call or email for meeting times and places

Substance Abuse Support Groups Alcoholics Anonymous Rochester Area 585-232-6720 (24/7)

ƒƒ Alcoholics Anonymous of the Finger Lakes 315-789-5955 (24/7) ƒƒ Alcoholics Anonymous Livingston County Livingston Area Intergroup 585-245-4440 (24/7) ƒƒ Narcotics Anonymous Rochester Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous 585-235-7889 (24/7) ƒƒ Livingston County Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Only open meetings listed ƒƒ Noyes Memorial Hospital 44 Red Jacket St. Dansville, NY 14437 Sundays, 7 p.m. ƒƒ United Methodist Church 6 west Court St. Warsaw, NY 14569-1222 Mondays, 7 p.m.

Transportation Services FISH/RHAFT, Inc. (Rush-Henrietta) PO Box 302 Henrietta, NY 14467 585-453-2370

„„ FISH/RHAFT serves those living in the Rush-Henrietta School District whose circumstances might leave them unable to remain in their own homes. Its volunteers assist those in the district with certain transportation needs, and emergency food.

Give-A-Lift c/o Lifespan 1900 S. Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY 14618 585-244-8400

„„ Volunteer drivers take older adults grocery shopping, to medical appointments, to pick up prescriptions, to do their banking or on other necessary trips.

Honeoye Falls/Lima FISH 37 Cheese Factory Road Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 585-453-2370

„„ Offers free medical appointment transportation and grocery pickup services for shut-ins. Serves Honeoye Falls, Lima, Mendon, West Bloomfield. Call between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. the day before you want a ride.

Greece F.I.S.H. (Friends In Service Here) Rochester, NY 14615 585-453-2370 Contact: Cathy Armbruster

„„ Volunteers provide free transportation for the elderly and the ambulatory disabled to medical appointments.

SOFI Transportation/Elderbus 4646 Nine Mile Point Road Fairport, NY 14450 585-377-8117

„„ SOFI provides transportation for Perinton residents 60 years old and older to locations in the Town of Perinton and Village of Fairport for medical appointments and essential errands. The trips must take place between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Lifespan of Greater Rochester Transportation Access (TRAC) 585-244-8400

„„ Helps those living in Monroe County who are 60 years old or older arrange the transportation needed to attend doctor’s appointments, to shop, or just to visit friends. Door-to-door transportation is available, and there are wheelchair-accessible options. TRAC’s help is free, but those seeking the assistance should inquire about any ride fees.

Livingston County Medicaid Transportation

Call the Medical Answering Services 888-226-2219 RTS (Regional Transit Service) For bus schedules, call: Ontario County: 585-394-2250 Monroe County: 585-288-1700

„„ Seniors who are 65 years old and older, people with disabilities and those who have Medicare cards pay half-fare during

non-peak periods. Go to RTS’s website for the reduced fare schedule, and to apply for a reduced fare card. You can also obtain an application by calling the agency.

Vocational / Job Training Arc of Monroe See page 48

Finger Lakes Works Career Centers

ƒƒ Finger Lakes Works – Geneva 70 Elizabeth Blackwell St. Geneva, New York 14456 315-789-1771 ƒƒ Finger Lakes Works – Ontario 3010 County Complex Drive Canandaigua, New York 14424 585-396-4020

„„ The Finger Lakes Works Career Centers offer job seekers a chance to assess their skills, career counseling, job search assistance, computer and Internet access and information on available employment. Those unable to secure employment via the centers’ core services can obtain more intensive assistance, and there are training programs for dislocated workers and other eligible job seekers. The centers are also set up to serve the disabled.

New York State Education Department

Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) 109 South Union St. Rochester, NY 14607 585-238-2900 or 800-462-0178

„„ Serves Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, Yates counties.

Ontario County Veterans Service Agency 3010 County Complex Drive Canandaigua, NY14424 585-396-4185

„„ The Veterans Service Agency helps Ontario County’s veterans and their families to identify the benefits they are entitled to receive from local, state, and federal agencies, and apply for them. The agency’s accredited service officers will help veterans and their families file claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), enroll in VA healthcare, determine whether they are eligible for VA home loans and obtain education benefits and burial assistance.

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 63

Ontario County Workforce Development 3010 County Complex Drive Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-396-4020

„„ Provides a range of services that includes instruction in interviewing and job-search techniques, career counseling and planning and assistance with resumes. The agency also offers vocational training, job programs for designated groups, such as older and dislocated workers, and a resource room in which people can conduct their own job hunt.

Rochester Rehabilitation Center Employment Connection 1357 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 585-263-2690

„„ Employment Connection helps adults with disabilities and other disadvantages obtain work and keep their jobs. The program offers internships, job readiness training, direct placement services, retention support, supportive employment sites and other forms of assistance for those seeking work. Refugees can also obtain the knowledge, skills and support they need to obtain work, and remain self-sufficient.

Rochester Rehabilitation Center

Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI) 1357 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 585-263-2690

„„ SWFI partners with the area’s businesses, employers and community organizations to give parents who have dependent children access to educational and training institutions, and help them advance their careers in demand industries. An applicant must reside in Monroe County, be 18 years old or older, be the primary caregiver of a child who is 13 years old or younger, and meet other eligibility requirements to enter the program.

Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. See page 64

Volunteering Adding Candles

PO Box 10717 Rochester, NY 14610 585-797-3889 Contact: Lois Warlick-Jarvie

„„ Grassroots, volunteer nonprofit organization that raised funds to support brain cancer research. All proceeds from

its efforts go to support the brain cancer research performed at the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Wilmot Cancer Institute.

Agape Faith Christian Center PO Box 64692 Rochester, NY 14624 585-978-0678 Contact: Pastor Loretta Rutledge

„„ Distributes nutritious foods to needy families, at-risk children, needy families, and the elderly.

Al Sigl Community of Agencies 1000 Elmwood Ave., Suite 300 Rochester, NY 14620 585-442-4102

„„ Collaborative community network that fosters community awareness and philanthropic support for nonprofits that serve children and adults with special needs. In addition, Al Sigl provides high-quality, cost-effective real estate and business services.

support adults who are receiving mental health care, assist with their rehabilitation, and help them improve their lives. Volunteers are asked to give that assistance under circumstances that fit their schedules and lifestyles.

Give-A-Lift c/o Lifespan See page 63

Greece F.I.S.H. (Friends In Service Here) See page 63

RSVP of Monroe County — A Program of Lifespan 1900 S. Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY 14618 585-244-8400

ƒƒ RSVP Livingston county 585-369-4294

„„ Volunteers are needed to help with specific events.

„„ RSVP links those aged 55-or-older with local organizations to which they can give their time and energy as volunteers. Volunteers choose where they serve, how much time they want to give and when they want to give it. All who give of themselves are covered by supplemental accident and liability insurance policies while volunteering, at no cost to themselves.

Alzheimer’s Association

Home Start Hope

„„ Volunteers are needed to be drivers, shoppers and readers, and to function in other roles. They must be at least 18 years of age, and complete sensitivity to blindness training before starting their assignments.

Volunteers of America Upstate New York

See page 50

Caregiver Respite Program c/o Lifespan 1900 S. Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY 14618 585-244-8400

„„ Recruits and trains volunteers who give weekly respite to the caregivers of those who have early stage memory loss and are still living in their homes. „„ Volunteers must be at least 21 years old.

Compeer ƒƒ Compeer of Livingston County 1 Genesee St. Avon, NY 14414 585-226-8220 ƒƒ Compeer Rochester, Inc. 259 Monroe Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 585-546-8280 x214

„„ Compeer volunteers use friendship to

64 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

See page 65

See page 50

Pregnancy Support/ Prevention Focus Pregnancy Help Center MUST BE REWRITTEN 135 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14605 585-200-9477

„„ Provides compassionate, meaningful care for women who are facing unplanned pregnancies. Offers free pregnancy tests, literature and informative DVD’s, and connects clients to life-affirming support services.

Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York ƒƒ Canandaigua Health Center of Canandaigua 15 LaFayette Ave. Canandaigua, NY 14424 866-600-6886 ƒƒ Greece Health Center of Rochester 2824 W Ridge Road Rochester, NY 14626 866-600-6886

„„ Health centers offer women’s and men’s health care, pregnancy testing and services, birth control—including the morning-after pill—abortion services, HIV testing, STD testing, treatment and vaccines. All services are confidential and given to those who have or do not have insurance.

Rochester Health Center of Rochester

114 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14605 866-600-6886 Livingston County Reproductive Health Center

„„ Offers low cost reproductive health care to men, women, and teens, breast and cervical cancer screening and STD screening and treatment, including that for HIV. Appointments preferred. General numbers, all locations: 585-243-7540, 1-800-243-9240.

Avon Location

2077 Lakeville Road (Rt 15) Suite 3 Avon, NY 14414

ƒƒ Dansville Location 3 Chestnut Ave. Dansville, NY 14437 ƒƒ Mt. Morris Location 2 Murray Hill Drive Mt Morris, NY 24520

Women’s Services Angels of Mercy, Inc.

692 N. Winton Road Rochester, NY 14609 585-730-4556

„„ Angels of Mercy helps women who have been affected by such issues as addiction, physical abuse, mental abuse, unplanned pregnancies, depression, selfharm, and eating disorders change their lives and become productive citizens. The

organization also works to prevent Human Trafficking. „„ Volunteers needed. Women who like to sew, organize, and help other women are encouraged to apply.

Chances & Changes, Inc.


„„ Dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence in Livingston County through providing, a safe shelter, peer support groups, individual counseling, information and education, and other services. Clients can also obtain referrals for medical treatment, legal assistance, housing, counseling and social services. All services are confidential.

Domestic Violence Hotline 585-658-2660 or 1-888-252-9360 Home Start Hope PO Box 25653 Rochester, NY 14625 585-265-3383

„„ Offers new, essential household items to women and their children as they transition from emergency shelters in Rochester to independent living. Those it serves include veterans, survivors of domestic violence, women recovering from addiction and those who have experienced homelessness.

Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York See page 65

Willow Domestic Violence Center PO Box 39601 Rochester, NY 14604 585-232-5200 24/7 hotline: 585-222-SAFE (7233)

„„ Dedicated to preventing domestic violence and ensuring that every survivor has

access to the services and support needed to feel safe and empowered. To those ends, the nonprofit offers a safe emergency shelter for clients and their children, shortterm individual counseling and support, assistance with safety planning, support groups and other services.

YWCA of Rochester and Monroe County 40 Bittner St. (Mailing Address: 175 N. Clinton Ave.) Rochester, NY 14604 585-546-5820

„„ YWCA programs help women and girls who are facing homelessness, pregnancy and other crises, and their children. The nonprofit provides a continuum of housing for women of all ages and family situations who are in need, including emergency and long-term housing, a supportive living program for women in recovery and affordable apartments in the community.

Women’s Breastfeeding Support Groups UR Medicine Breastfeeding 500 Red Creek Drive Building 500, Suite 210 Rochester, NY 14623 585-276-MILK

„„ Offers classes in breastfeeding, ROCCity Baby Cafés at which parents can obtain guidance in breastfeeding, a breastfeeding support group and access to other resources. „„ An experienced nurse/lactation consultant facilitates the breastfeeding support group, which meets at UR Medicine Breastfeeding every Wednesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Refreshments are served, and older children are welcome.

2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide - 65



Healthcare Guide Listed Alphabetically

Acu-Care Acupuncture Center........................ 68

Lifetime Assistance......................................... 25

Alzheimer’s Association.................................. 25

Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief................. 23

ARC of Monroe............................................... 21

Monroe Eye Center........................................ 24

Assisting Angels Senior Care......................... 21

Nicki Ditch, Licensed Mental

BCCR ‘ Breast Cancer Coalition..................... 39

Health Counselor......................................... 33

Blossom Hypnosis.......................................... 13

Partnership for Ontario County....................... 39

Bridges for Brain Injury................................... 19

Pittsford Dental Excellence............................... 5

Canandaigua National Bank........................... 15

Progressive Endodontics................................ 13

Century Benefits............................................. 24

Quick Alert Safety Solution............................. 20

Crouse............................................................ 12

Rochester Clinical Research............................ 3

Davita Kidney Care......................................... 19

Rochester Lifestyle Medicine.......................... 67

Emery & Scuro, DMD..................................... 37

Rochester Ophthalmological Group............... 35

EWBC, Breast Imaging Excellence................ 23

St. Ann’s Community...................................... 27

Grandma’s Helpers......................................... 19

The Legends at Whitney Town Center........... 47

Grasta’s Beauty and Wig Studio....................... 6

Thelma’s Mastectomy Boutique..................... 20

HCR Home Health.......................................... 47

Thompson Health........................................... 45

Hematology/Oncology Associates of CNY..... 35

Trillium Health................................................. 40

Hurlbut Care Communities............................. 17

UR School of Nursing-Dementia.................... 30

Jewish Senior Life............................................ 2

WellNow Urgent Care..................................... 22

Kavod Psychotherapy..................................... 31

Westwood Commons..................................... 35

Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solutions...... 7

Wolk Manor & Lodge at Wolk Manor.............. 33

The 2019 Rochester / Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide is online @ 66 - 2019 Rochester/Finger Lakes Healthcare Guide

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Clinton Crossings Medical Center

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Rochester Healthcare Guide 2019  

Rochester Healthcare Guide 2019