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We eat food. We need food. We love food.

51 bites. All food. designed by andy carr

march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle


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51 ways to spice up your mealtimes, learn about dietary restrictions and explore a different side of food

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THOUGHT chef’s choice

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Sports Nutrition and Wellness classes offer students an opportunity to test their healthy cooking skills

feeling fishy

Once a world power in commercial fishing, America’s waters have become severely depleted in fish due to overfishing. See what the US is doing to save its fishing industry


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the food issue 4 0 recipe that could refresh your taste mango madness Trybudsoutwiththissome sweetness and spice ingredients:

1 mango

1 medium red bell pepper 1 medium jalapeno 1 small red onion 1-2 tbsp lemon/lime juice pinch of salt few springs of cilantro


got caffeine?

directions: dice the mango, red bell pepper, jalapeno, and red onion into small pieces add diced ingredients into medium bowl add in lime/lemon juice, salt, and cilantro mix together ingredients let bowl sit for 30 minutes

compiled by Umar Qureshi

drip coffee

mnt. dew

diet coke

lipton tea

snapple tea

If you’re looking for an extra kick throughout your day, here is the scaling of caffeine found in common drinks

what is caffeine? In plants, such as cocoa and coffee, caffeine occurs naturally. Caffeine is put into into other beverages, such as Coca Cola, using extract from the Kola nut.

compiled by bente bouthier

160 mg

soda stones


found out on my birthday. I had to go to the E.R. on my birthday, and I thought I had appendicitis, but they did an x-ray and saw them,” recalls North graduate Ashley Duncan, who has fought a battle against kidney stones. Her doctor says these stones were the result of her diet; more specifically, drinking soda. According to the National Kidney Foundation, kidney stones are made by excess chemicals in urine that form crystals, and that excess sugar can contribute. “I had three to six [Cokes] a day; big bottles, not cans,” Duncan said. This kind of diet would mean having 720 to 1440 calories per day from soda alone. Despite her risk, for Duncan, it was a shock. Her stones were too large to be passed naturally, so she was given a procedure called lithotripsy. According to the

115-175 mg 55.0 mg 45.6 mg 15mg 12.0 mg

Sugary drinks can pose health risks, such as kidney stones. North graduate Ashley Duncan tells about her struggle with the stones

National Institutes of Health, lithotripsy is a process that uses focused sound waves to break kidney stones down to a size that can be passed. Kidney stones were not the only issues that soda caused for Duncan. As advised by her doctor, she has removed soda entirely from her diet. “I had gallstones and was borderline diabetic. Not drinking soda anymore has helped a bunch,” Duncan said. “I’ve had no problems since.” These are not the only benefits that Duncan has seen since quitting soda. “I’ve dropped 25 pounds in one month,” she said. “I used to shake all the time.” Duncan added that eliminating soda from her diet has helped her overcome her continual tiredness. It was essential for Duncan to change her diet. “My doctor said if I continued on the same path, I would have had the risk for an early heart attack,” she said. For now, things are going smoothly. “I go in for appointments every three to six months to have everything checked,” Duncan said. When asked what she would advise for others, she replied, “Water, water, water. You might not like it, but you need it.”


ask the doctor Dr. Kelly Burse from the BCSC Health Clinic shares her thoughts

Q: Do you believe that there is any link between soda and the risk for kidney stones? A: “There is some relation to sodium intake, which soda can be high in. Soda specifically; I think it’s kind of up in the air to whether it causes kidney stones or not.” Q: Is there anything specific that can increase a person’s risk for kidney stones? A: “It tends to be a combination of genetics, diet, medications; things like that.” Q: Do you have any advice for people wanting to avoid or better deal with kidney stones? A: “If anyone has personal or family history of kidney stones, eating a generally healthy diet and drinking lots of fluids [can help.]” compiled and written by tim duckworth

are vitamins vital?

march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle designed by lillyanne pham


Supplements give the body necessary nutrients, but may not be beneficial for every person. It all depends on age, gender, and health and fitness levels. Read on to find out the effectiveness of certain vitamins itamins have long been used Calcium was linked with a lower risk and vitamin C affect the way as supplements to prevent of earlier death. This data may also adolescents perform on standard chronic disease and other have been questionable, however, physical fitness tests. Researchers illness, but the actual benefits of because it is unknown whether or concluded that their performance vitamins remain questionable. not the participants were taking was connected to blood levels of About 50 percent supplements for health problems. these nutrients. However, in recent of adults in the U.S. On a different point, vitamins can years there has been a decrease in take some kind of have an effect on the body despite the amount of teens supplement, but age and health“I take a multivitamin. taking some kind of recent studies show condition. supplement. This is It helps you give that there is no According dangerous because nutrients to your body,” evidence of disease to a study iron deficiency Bull Dogs prevention within a conducted by freshman Heather can affect mental share their “Teens should test group. the University Sturgill said. functions in teens. favorite foods take vitamins One study traced of Colorado Also, teens that do not and the secret the results over Anschutz Medical Campus, taking eat the required amounts of certain because recipes to them. years of 6,000 calcium and vitamin D prior to food groups may be at risk of not they provide twelve Scan here to men over the age exercise affects bone adaptation. getting proper nutrients. you with of 65 taking either Taking supplements before exercise On the other hand, too much of unlock these your daily a multivitamin or a showed less of a decrease in blood one supplement could be a sign of secret recipes. calcium than when no supplements trouble. Fat-soluble vitamins are not There are step by nutrition,” placebo each day. At the end of the were being taken. safe to have an excess of because Health experiment, there Other studies have shown that they only dissolve in fat. This means step directions teacher Kyle were no signs of to make these vitamins C and E can also affect the excess builds up and can workouts. Vitamin E reduces become toxic. These vitamins are A, tasty foods. Todd said. difference between the men who took the strain on skeletal muscle D, E and K. multivitamins and those who and decreases the rate of lipid Water-soluble vitamins are not as took placebos. However, the men peroxidation, which refers to the concerning. The buildup of these involved in the study had no health degradation of lipids. Vitamin C vitamins, which include C, B6, B12, problems, so the results may have was shown to donate electrons to Folate, Thiamine, Riboflavin and been different if some participants vitamin E, which lowered oxidative Niacin, just leaves the body. showed signs of decreased health. stress. Oxidative stress occurs when Vitamins a very important in Another study involving older there is an imbalance of oxygen and getting nutrients, but may not women showed more varied the bodily ability to repair damage be necessary if one is already results. Through the 22 year within reactive oxygen species. getting the proper amount of experiment, iron, Certain vitamins also have an nutrients through food. Whatever folic acid, copper, effect on teens and their workouts. supplement someone chooses, zinc, magnesium Studies published in the “Journal it should be the right amount of and multivitamins nutrient for their body and health “I take vitamins so I get of Applied were linked with the nutrients that I need Physiology” levels. an increased risk to run and live,” freshman show sources: of earlier death. that iron

check out web


Rachel Brougher said.

tweeaters elk

“I was in Canada. It tasted just like salami. I didn’t know it was elk but it didn’t matter. I’d eat it again if I had the chance,” freshman Kristen Rawlings said. compiled by lillyanne pham


compiled and written by allison coffey

first five followers from CNHS Media’s twitter account tweeted exotic foods they’ve eaten to receive a prize

“It was at a resturant in downtown Charleston. It was rubbery and really gross. It didn’t have much flavor except for the sauce I put it in. I would never eat it again,” freshman Emma Wilson said.


“It was really good and I would eat it all the time if I could because it tastes like chicken and I love chicken,” freshman Liz Elliot said.

cow tongue

“My dad tricked me into eating it. It wasn’t that bad it was chewy like steak but the texture I couldn’t get over and once I realized it was cow tongue I flipped out. I will never eat it again,” junior Alexis Goodin said.


“I ate it in Florida, I didn’t want to try it at first, but everyone convinced me. It honestly tasted like rough chicken, I think I would (eat it again) but it wouldn’t be my first choice,” junior Jade Reeves said.

the food issue 6 0


what’s cooking? Culinary Arts teacher Kay Eagleman discusses the benefits of taking Sports Nutrition


ports Nutrition can be useful to students who are involved with sports and want to improve their performance. Statistics show that an athlete could improve their performance by 10% by fueling properly. In class we discuss proper fueling and the importance of eating well. Physical activity is one aspect of proper conditioning and eating properly is the other piece to the puzzle. The benefits — I think that learning how to feed oneself well is paramount. Food is the fuel that runs our brains, body and psyche. In our society diets are really suffering. Never before have we had such a wide range of foods available to us yet people tend to eat the same 10 to 15 foods every week. People are eating fast food

like never before and suffering from that. Nowadays people tend to have diseases as a result of excesses (Type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity) whereas in the past people suffered from deficiencies (rickets, beriberi, scurvy, I bet you never even heard of these). Besides all that there is something really satisfying in making a great tasting meal for yourself and then sitting down and enjoying it. Today we are making cinnamon rolls and adding some whole wheat flour to amp up the nutritional value. Mmmm.”

meet molly and conner

open my own restaurant one day.” Furthermore, she joined Prostart Culinary Arts which has enhanced her skills and confidence. “We start practicing in October. We come up with three dishes: appetizer, main course,and dessert. We work all year on it. Perfect it and put little tweaks to it like the white chocolate avocado cheesecake tart is what I’m doing this year and we take it up to Indy and compete with other 20 groups and one of us goes to nationals each year” The C4 Culinary Arts program has guided and supported Henry’s determination to be a cook likewise for sophomore Connor Graburn. “It was pretty scary because I came in halfway through the first quarter so I didn’t know anyone in that class but once I got to know some people photo by lillyanne pham it got really fun,” Graburn said. In middle school, he took Family and ou kind of get into your own zone I Consumer Sciences which sparked his passion. guess and there’s nothing that really “I was just cooking one day and I realized how surrounds you I guess you just focus on much I liked it to do it,” he said.” I’m all focused in what you do. This whole get this (snap) this (snap) what I’m doing like it’s kind of blanked out almost this (snap) make it all perfect and add your own and I’m just focused on what’s going on and my tweaks to things it’s just like nothing matters I surroundings.” guess,” junior Molly Henry said. He advised to try new things because the Henry has made our C4 Culinary Arts program outcome will be a sight for sore eyes. her life and future by pursuing the big dream. ”Try it; you never know if you might like it and if “I think this is helping me prepare for college you can’t cook it’s great way to learn how to.” because I’m going to go to Johnson Wales and by lillyanne pham a lot of the skills in class you take like sanitation tests that’s required to get into college. I think it really helps me for the future because I want to


sophomore Kevin Morales


Why did you join? I figured that if I’m doing a sport then I might as well learn how to


π day

wo minutes after the final bell, a horde of students jostles for position in the line. Despite the long and dreary winter and the longing for spring break, all assembled are still anxious - to do a math test after school. This is the last Indiana Math League contest, which always occurs the second Tuesday in March. Since the date falls close to March 14, widely popularized as Pi Day, the math department provides individual pies of a selection of flavors for the dedicated math students. According to math department chair Dale Nowlin, this tradition began in the ‘90s, and has only expanded to the current extent of the celebration.

actually eat health and learn how to cook good recipes. Would you recommend this to anyone? I would actually because it is helpful in certain ways but it is more

photo by chandler steward

helpful if you do a sport and can actually make it useful.

Today we celebrate a little-known holiday that features a key value in geometry as well a favorite American dessert. At North, we take this opportunity to reward students for their Math League participation and give teachers a treat as well “Walmart donates the little pies to us. Last year it was 200 individual pies...Walmart does a special order and I go the night before and fill up the back of my Subaru with pies,” Mr. Nowlin said. This highly-visible and popular Pi Day tradition has a sister event for teachers. Principal David Clark and the main office staff purchase approximately 20 homemade pies of various flavors, including fruit and cream, and invite the teachers to the English and social studies department chair room for a slice of pie during lunch. Pulling off this sweet celebration requires significant preparation. The main office makes an effort to use local sources and this arrangement comes with

its own challenges. “Ahlemeyer’s has gone out of business so one year we did 7K farms; they had some pies, and we had to bake some of those. That was a little tricky. Then we went back to the lady who used to work at Ahlemeyer’s,” Mr. Clark said. Mr. Clark believes that ultimately this holiday is a treat for all. “I think for me the memorable things are that the teachers get to sit down and relax, enjoy in a nonstress environment, just company, and have a nice piece of pie.”

by eva yezerets

One of the hidden aspects of food’s effects of teen’s is their body image. We surveyed 100 students about their views on this health issue

How often do you weigh yourself? Monthly (58) Daily (26)


designed by eva yezerets


a bite into the future

Weekly (3) At the doctor’s office (7) Other (5) 1 Unknown

Besides being smushed between chocolate and graham crackers, marshmallows will provide an in-depth analysis of toddlers’ behavior


n place of looking into a crystal ball, presenting a toddler with a marshmallow could provide you with a wealth of knowledge about his or her future. In the early ‘70s at Stanford University, psychologist Walter Mischel undertook indepth observations on toddlers’ abilities to refrain from self-satisfaction. He gave each of 653 toddlers one marshmallow with the challenge to wait a full 15 to 20 minutes without eating it to receive a second marshmallow. Over the years, he discovered that those who waited the full 15 to 20 minutes had higher SAT scores and confidence with a lower chance of substance abuse and obesity. Is it reasonable for this spongy treat to decide their future before they learn the essence of patience? Luckily, in 2012, scientists from the University of Rochester took a slightly different approach. They started the observation by setting an environment for each toddler in separate rooms. To start off, they placed a cup of crayons on the table. Then, they offered the chance for better art supplies if they could resist the urge to not use the crayons. Lastly, they supplied one toddler while the other one was intentionally disappointed. Thus, when the disappointed toddler was presented with the marshmallow he ate it immediately because he thought the person was unreliable, vice versa. The scientists found that future selves are greatly influenced by one’s own environment.

Do you base your diet on your body image? Yes (24) No (50) Somewhat (25) 1 Unknown

Do you know anyone who monitors what he or she eats to what you consider an excessive degree? Yes (47) No (48)

written and designed by lillyanne pham

5 Unknown


when food fights back

Junior Micaela McDowell has an uncommon allergy to a common food: poultry. She details how she discovered her condition and how she deals with it on a daily basis


here are so many ways you can prepare chicken or turkey: fried, baked, sauteed, or filled with stuffing. Poultry is a main staple to the American diet; however, not for junior Micaela McDowell. At the age of 8, McDowell became allergic to poultry. “It just started bothering me,” McDowall said. When McDowall eats poultry she gets hives in her mouth and her throat closes. The first time she had a reaction, McDowall was confused. “I was really scared because I didn’t know what was happening and my mom didn’t believe me,”



best food forever

“I would never get tired of pizza.” freshman Nick Keltz

Sources and


weighing in on eating disorders

march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle

McDowall said. For years McDowall’s mother didn’t believe that McDowall had an allergy. If they had poultry at dinner then McDowall had to eat what she was given. When this would happen she would have to suffer through her reactions. “One day I finally told her I wasn’t going to get poultry anymore,” McDowall said. “That was it.” Besides just straight up chicken and turkey many different foods have poultry products in them, like hot dogs and lunch meat. McDowall says she misses

eating poultry. “It’s so hard when I go to a restaurant with friends and have to check to see if there is poultry as an ingredient in all the foods,” McDowall said. However, McDowall finds alternative foods to fill the void. “Instead of eating poultry at restaurants, I usually will eat cheeseburger or pizza,” McDowall said. by rachel evener

Last year, a woman from Washington ate only Starbucks (or related brands) food for the entirety of the year. We wanted to find out what our students could eat forever without getting tired of it. Pizza and candy topped the list. Check out what these students had to say about food they love to eat

“I love ice cream! And any Italian foods.” freshman Maddy Neal

“I love food and will never tire of its splendid, delicious, glory.” sophomore Briley Capps

“I can’t get tired of any foods.” sophomore Molly Sherman compiled by lauren jines

the food issue 8 0


it’s a matter of opinion...

“Labeling, for GM ingredients as well as other food ingredients, is already required by the FDA if there is a nutrition or safety concern. In the absence of such a difference, FDA has concluded there is no need to mandate labeling just because a product contains a GM ingredient. The American Medical Association supports this approach and has re-affirmed that there is no medical justification for special labeling foods that contain GM ingredients. The FDA has stated that such labeling would be inherently misleading to consumers. Proposals that would require labeling of GM ingredients where there is no meaningful difference in nutrition or safety risk misleading consumers into thinking products are not safe when in


genetically modified organisms

fact they are. Food manufacturers who believe their customers want such information can label their products if they choose to do so – voluntary food product labeling is permitted, so long as it is truthful and not misleading. The food companies are in the best position to understand and address the preferences of their customers. We support food manufacturers being able to label their products to meet the needs of their customers. What I believe high school students need to know about this and many other issues is that it takes an effort to get the facts.”

-Monsanto representative Tom Helscher

GMOs are great! They are the future of science and agriculture. GMOs are a good idea in theory but can we do more testing. It has potential and more studies should be done. GMOs are bad for our health. Let’s keep them labeled and out of our diets!

“A Genetically Modified Organism is a change in the DNA of an organism. It can either be naturally occurring like with UV rays or lots of our fruits and vegetables which scientists have gone in and artificially modified. We are starting to find out the effects on our health. There has been more of a push for organic vegetables and food. GMs and chemicals in food in general are not so good. There’s great potential for it, but it needs to be better regulated and controlled.”

-biology teacher Matthew Parker

“I think it is wrong that WE are the experiment because we do not get a choice and without labeling, it is impossible to tell whether we are eating GMO’s or not, so basically we are not able to decide whether or not to be part of the ongoing experiment. So that brings me to the labeling; products should be labeled so that we can have more of a choice to be eating genetically modified products or not. Along with labeling, I think we should be leaving options for those who choose not to buy GMO products because right now, nearly every product is genetically modified. For example, all corn is genetically modified and there are so many other products made using products with corn such as corn starch and corn flour.”

-senior Aly Bowman compiled by eva yezerets

n do yo

I don’t know




you’re bored? hen --- d w oy ck a ou sn

fift ee

you’re bored? hen w k ac sn

n you’re bored? --whe d o ack yo sn

by daniel larken

We surveyed 100 students, and we found that eating as a boredom buster is a common fix


While muscles can turn to fat cells to draw energy, the brain can not. It relies on these carbohydrates. As a result, a low carb diet can cause the brain to suffer, slowing down thinking. Low carb diets can also cause long term health issues. The liver becomes stressed over time, as it has to help out with making glucose from fat. The body will eventually lose the ability to produce glycoproteins, a compound vital to cellular functions. A low carb diet can be very dangerous if done incorrectly.The body and mind alike start to function at lower level due to less carbohydrates.

n you’re bored? --whe d oy ack sn o


razy weight loss diets and fads are popping up everywhere. One of the more dangerous options is the low carb diet. The reason this diet is popular is because a low carb diet has been proven to be more effective at losing weight then a low fat diet. So how does one work, and what are the dangers? The human body stores carbohydrates in the form of glycogen, which are usually the first molecules to be lost in any diet. When being active, energy is drawn from these the glycogen molecules, meaning 5-10 pounds can be lost quickly on a low carb diet. The main problem is, these glycogens are responsible for energy in the body. This means the body will turn to fat for energy. Intense exercise will become impossible, but that is not the worst of the risks.

boredom bites


no carbs allowed


compiled by sheana wasilewski

brown bagging it

march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle designed by marlee reisinger


We took to the cafeteria to find those who were bringing their lunch to find out what about it appeals to them. Here are some students with unique takes on lunch photo by sydney patberg

“[I packed] a sandwich, cheese and ham and also I have an orange. I pack because I don’t really like cafeteria food.” sophomore Camille Chevalier

Freshman Kana Kamegaki typically eats rice, spinach, and some sort of meat for lunch with chopsticks.

“I packed a turkey and cheese sandwich. And then potato chips, a peanut butter granola bar, cereal, an apple, and water. I bring my lunch because it’s easier.” freshman Cami Salo

“I packed pretzels and an apple, applesauce, a sandwich, and an orange. I pack because it’s healthy” freshman Eli Fischer compiled by marlee reisinger





We all know that fries are not the healthiest snack, but make sure you have all the nutritional facts before you make your fast food choice

photos by maya baker



gC Ie A Lo R

400 350 300


250 200 150 100 50 McDonald’s 2.5 ounces

Arby’s 4.5 ounces


Wendy’s 5 ounces

Burger King 4.5 ounce designed by maya baker


I’m (not) Lovins It

Learn about how sophomore Rachel Lovins overcomes the struggle of living with a food allergy


here are 15 million people who have a type of food allergy in America That is about how many people use twitter. One of those people is Sophomore Rachel Lovins. Lovins cannot eat anything with milk or egg products, and cannot have any melons. She has never had a large ice-cream cone on a hot summer day or a warm cup of hot chocolate in the dead cold of winter. “I have always wanted to try ice cream really bad and drink milk,” Lovins said. What is a food allergy? The job of the body’s immune system is to identify and destroy germs that make you sick. A food allergy results when the immune system mistakenly targets a harmless food protein as an allerger and as a threat then attacks it. Food allergies affect one in every thirteen children. Lovins found out about her right after she was born. Her parents tested her because her older brother Jared Lovins is also allergic to egg and milk products. He also is allergic to peanuts as well. All these products as well as tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish make up 90 percent of all reactions in America. Jared found out about his food allergy when he was not able to drink milk as a baby. Both Rachel and Jared have to adjust their diet to avoid these everyday foods. “You cannot eat what other people can eat and choices are limited. I also have to take supplements for calcium and iron,” said Rachel. Food allergies affect one in every thirteen children in the United States. All these people have to go through their everyday life being self-conscience about what they eat or they could have serious consequences.

by elizabeth kalil

the food issue 0 1 nineteen

midnight do not eat munchies

Eating before bed is heavenly -- especially a late night visit from Ben & Jerry. Unfortunately, there are many foods that can disturb one’s sleep pattern and cause restlessness. Here are a few bedtime food dos and don’ts

> high-fat foods - they can interrupt sleep patterns > caffeine > heavy meals - not within four hours before bed > spicy foods - they can lead to heartburn > protein - hard to digest > too many liquids

heavy on H2O

> tryptophan - warm milk, honey, nuts, seeds, bananas and eggs > carbs - to help the brain distribute serotonin

In recent years many people have began to carry around water bottles


n many backpacks around school there is one item that many people could not have found a few years ago. Water Bottles are becoming a staple item to carry at school for many students. There are multiple reasons that many students carry around water bottles. “I carry around a water bottle because it helps me stay hydrated plus I need it to drink creatine and protein shakes,” freshman Joseph Suverkrup said. Many athletes also carry around water bottles in order to help them with practices and games. “Drinking water throughout the day helps with me during games by performing better, giving more endurance, and staying hydrated,” Suverkrup said. With so many options of brands water bottle to carry, water bottles are starting to become a trend. Water bottles were made to help keep people hydrated throughout a day but now many students carry one because many of their peers around them do. “I find water bottles starting to become a trend because now almost everyone I see is carrying a water bottle even if they don’t drink it,” Suverkrup said. by umar qureshi


do eat



compiled by elizabeth andrews


Check out the top six food contests in Indiana

The Big Ten Pounder (10lb pizza)- Monroe County Pizza The Stadium Challenge - Man vs. Dog (6lb chili dog)- Stadium Sports Bar & Grill at Belterra Stack of Death (13 pancakes)- The Flop Junk Yard Dawg Challenge (5ft hot dog)- The Dawg House The Big Bite (8 scoop sundae)- Bits and Pieces Premium Ice Creams and Desserts The It (2lb cookie)- Baked! of Bloomington compiled by sarah tran


When free refills are offered at popular restaurants and the waitresses and waiters come over every few minutes to refill your glass, it can be tempting to order a sweet drink. It can be even harder to keep track of the amount consumed. According to, 21 percent of the average American’s calorie intake is from drinks. Ben Johnson, a nutrition intern at IUPUI clears up some common questions about drinks.

If people are going to drink sodas, which should they drink, diet or regular? As we all know, all of the calories from regular soda come from sugar, specifically high fructose corn syrup. This is a simple carbohydrate that is readily metabolized by the body. There is no nutritional value and is otherwise known as “empty calories.” If a person is going to choose to drink soda, it should therefore be diet soda. Diet soda uses artificial sweeteners, most popularly aspartame, to sweetener the drinks. These are calorie free and therefore diet sodas to not contain any calories or regular sugar. Long term, is drinking diet soda (instead of regular soda) beneficial to weight loss? If a person were to substitute diet soda for regular soda, this would be beneficial to weight loss. The reason is simple. Let’s say that a person drink only one can of soda a day. A can of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar which is the equivalent to 150 calories. A pound of body weight is roughly equivalent to 3500 calories. Therefore, if a person were to substitute diet soda for regular, they would theoretically lose a little over 15 pounds a year simply from substituting that one can of regular soda for a can of diet soda. How much does caffeine affect the average person/how does it affect the human brain and body? The only thing that I can say about caffeine is that it makes a person slightly dehydrated. Caffeine cause a person to produce more urine than they normally would and therefore dehydrates the body. How do artificial sweeteners (neotame, aspartame) affect us in comparison to sugar? In regards to aspartame, the most popular artificial sweetener in diet sodas, there has been a lot of controversy as to whether or not it is “healthy.” A ways back there were studies done on lab rats to see the harmful effects of aspartame on the body. When these rats were given extremely high doses (more than an human could possibly consume in a day) of aspartame, they developed cancer. This does not mean that aspartame causes cancer

and in fact there have been no documented cases of cancer development related to aspartame consumption. With that being said, people are still uncertain of other effects aspartame may have on the body. In regards to overall heath, sugar contains calories and when a person increases calorie consumption without using it for energy (i.e. exercise) a person will gain weight. If trying to eat healthier, which is better to drink; whole milk or skim milk? Skim milk is healthier to drink because skim milk contains no fat per serving whereas whole milk contains 8 grams of fat per 8 fluid ounce serving. Also, 5 of those 8 grams are saturated fat. Milk is a great animal source of protein and source of calcium so it is healthy in general. However, drinking whole milk is not necessary as we most likely get enough fat in our diet throughout the day from other food sources. Are soy milk or almond milk reasonable substitutes for milk? Contrary to popular belief, almond milk in particular is not comparable to regular milk except for the fact that it has “milk” in the name. If you look at the nutritional breakdown of almond “milk” it only has one gram of protein and is often sweetened with sugar (often disguised as cane juice). However I will say it has comparable calcium only because it is fortified with calcium carbonate (which is not the most bioavailable source of calcium). In regards to soy milk, it has more calcium but is still sweetened with added sugar (once again disguised as cane juice). Also, if you look at the ingredients for either product, the first ingredient is either soy milk (soybeans and water) or almond milk (almonds and water). Neither of these ingredients are in fact “milk” at all. The only good thing I can say about soy milk is that soy is a complete source of protein. by bente bouthier

march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle

bull dogs lend a paw On alternating Fridays the cafeteria now hosts the Bull Dog Pantry, a confidential food assistance service that welcomes all students, parents, and community members to come in and stock up on the essentials



our dad was laid off. You had two car wrecks in one month. Your older sister is going to college in a few months. All reasons for money to be tight. And when money’s tight, it’s harder to put food on the table. The Bull Dog Pantry is here to change that. “Anybody is eligible, we don’t check income guidelines,” social studies department chair Libby Arthur, one of three teacher-coordinators for the pantry, said. “Our main priority is the students.” Mrs. Arthur described the procedure for visiting the pantry. “It’s supposed to be a like a little grocery store. We have volunteer teachers who team up with a shopper. The first thing they do is fill out paper work. The federal government needs to know how many families we serve and what the makeup of that family looks like,” Mrs. Arthur said. If the family consists of one or two people, the family is given 20 food points; if it is three to four people, 25 points; and five or more is given 30 points. Everything is one point except the meat. Mrs. Arthur explained how we receive the donations. “I’m given a thousand dollar budget a month from Gleaner’s (Food Bank). Most of their food, even though it has been donated has to be dispersed evenly.” Gleaner’s also donates food to big soup kitchens and homeless shelters in Indianapolis to feed hundreds of people in need every day. The Bull Dog Pantry is located in the cafeteria. “[The pantry] had never been used before, it

superfoods Check out these seven foods that benefit the body in a healthful and nutritious way


It contains omega 3 fatty acids that prevent heart attack and stroke. It also contains minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and iodine.

was part of the new construction,” Mrs. Arthur said. It works as a miniature grocery store. “I’m just kind of getting the hang of it. I thought fruit would go well; it doesn’t. The things that are like the least healthy, unfortunately, like the vienna sausages, those were big.” Most of the food that is given to the Pantry is donated and leftover and typically that food is not particularly healthy. Last semester, Columbus East piloted the pantry. North’s pantry is held every other Friday, while East’s is open the remaining Fridays. “East suggested that we get a few snack because we are human beings. I tried to pick some healthier snacks and same with the cereals. There were sugar options and I tried to choose fewer of those. I did get some cookies, but their oatmeal versus regular cookies. I’ve been trying to be more conscious and getting more bang for my buck.” Mrs. Arthur mentioned that few parents came, and “most of the kids that came didn’t want anyone to see it,” but there were many students who waited until after school to attend. The Bull Dog Pantry will be open every other Friday until the end of the year and into the summer. Depending on the situation, a healthy and filling meal can be hard to come by. The Pantry is here to help those in need.

get the facts Location: southeast corner of the cafeteria Dates: every other Friday starting March 21 (will be open in June) Hours: 3-5:30 p.m. for students; open for community members at 3:30 p.m.

by elizabeth andrews and eva yezerets

Mangosteens The rind of this fruit contains xanthones, which fight cancer and inflammation.

Acai berries


Social studies departmenet chair Libby Arthur proudly displays the Bull Dog Pantry’s selection of supplies. She is one of three teacher-coordinators for our site, and she escorts clients as they “shop”


designed by allison coffey

This weight loss and anti-aging aid contains high levels of antioxidants and the heart healthy fat oleic acid. Be sure to avoid acai juices becaue they contain added sugars. Local reference- try the Acai Berry Boost smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

Gogi Berries

cocoa Powder

Black Garlic

chia seeds

These contain high amounts of vitamin C, have been used for centuries to aid the immune system and help with visual problems, and contain plant-based antioxidants. Local reference- try the Get up and Goji smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

This heart healthy food has anti-cancer benefits and is a source of probiotics that strengthen the immune system.

It contains flavonoids, which lower blood pressure and increae blood flow. There is almost no fat and about 15 calories per tablespoon. Be sure to choose the raw or non-alkalized version.

Chia seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and fiber. Local reference- look at our local GNC store. by allison coffey

the food issue 2 1



The future is now! Check out these innovations, which may arrive sooner than you expect


inosaur-shaped spinach. Potatoes growing upside down. Fruits that are modified to help cure cancer. The future is now, and you should be excited. 3D printing isn’t a new technology; it was invented in 1984, and now the health fields and food industry have really run with it. The health field has used it as of late to print out new skin cells, customize prosthetics, and create a functional rat heart. It has been used by the manufacturing companies to make super-

customizable products for consumers. But in food terms, food printers are just now hitting the market, but the price tag runs around 1,300 dollars for the basic Foodini or 10,000 dollars for the more advanced ChefJet Pro. But they could feasibly become part of the gourmet chef’s kitchen right now. They print uber detailed chocolate cars, sugar dodecahedrons, and butterfly-shaped spinach. How fun is that? Genetically modified foods have become a thing of controversy, but it is an

established practice that can lead to solving many food shortage problems. You may not even know it, but 90% of corn crops grown in the U.S. are genetically modified. The crops can be modified for pest resistance, disease resistance, and cold tolerance all which lead to higher yields. Also, emerging technology allows vaccines to infused into fruits or vegetables to send to third world countries who may not have access to the same immunizations as we do in the U.S. Scientists also

a diabetes diet


iabetes affects 8 percent of Americans; junior Meredith Hardy is one of these people. Hardy has had type one diabetes for nearly eight years. “Some kids are born with type one. With type two it usually happens with older people who are overweight and it is also hereditary. The main cause is overeating and wearing your pancreas out. With my diabetes, the cells that are supposed to kill off diseases in my body, the white blood cells, attacked my pancreas. It’s an autoimmune disorder. I make zero insulin, people with type two still make a little until it runs out,” Hardy said. For the most part she can eat similarly to one without diabetes. “I have to count carbs so I know


tasty tasty tunes tunes

Is your music library a little bland? Spice up your playlist with these sweet-sounding jams.

could insert vitamins and minerals into the plants to amp up their nutrition content as well. Many activists are pushing for labeling on GMOs and increased tests to see long term effects of GMOs on the body (see A Matter of Opinion: GMOs on page 8). Unconventional farming methods also have been on the rise. Aeroponics is a promising alternative to traditional farming (known as geoponics). Plants grow hanging in the air, and are sprayed with a mist infused with special nutrients to help them grow, and

Love You Madly by CAKE Eat That Up, It’s Good For You by Two Door Cinema Club

by marlee reisinger

Diabetes is a potentially life-threatening disease that requires a special eating regime

how much insulin to give myself to cover it,” Hardy said. “I tell my pump how many carbs I eat and it gives me the correct amount of insulin.” Insulin will bring blood sugar down, carbs bring it back up. “My blood sugar goes low if I do a lot of activity,” she said. “I just need to be careful when I exercise, but I can just eat something sweet and it’ll bring it up,” she said. She carries Smarties with her at all times, just to be safe. Hardy has never experienced ketoacidosis — a coma caused by a too-high blood sugar — but she has passed out from a too-low blood sugar. When this happens, an emergency shot of Glucagon has to be given. “I woke up soon enough that I didn’t have Chocolate by the 1975

added oxygen is added to these buildings where they are grown. They lead to faster growth times (NASA research says twice as fast). Flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables all have been grown this way, and are said to be more colorful, healthier, and just all around superior to plants grown the traditional route. So maybe we don’t have flying cars, but the food that we eat has changed so much over the years. And it’s only going up from here.


to get [the emergency shot]. After you wake up from the emergency shot you puke a lot because you are trying to get it out of your system. It makes you puke because your body rejects it. You are sick for 24 hours after that; it’s like constant puking.” Either situation, be it ketoacidosis or passing out, is scary. Whether it is stressed or not, diabetes can be a life-threatening disease. The best way to avoid a coma or passing out is to maintain a simple diet. People with diabetes have to stick to moderate portions of food and regulated meal times. In fact, a diabetic meal plan could be beneficial for just about anyone.

by elizabeth andrews

Avocado, Baby by Los Campesinos!

Fresh Strawberries by Franz Ferdinand

Favorite Food by Tokyo Police Club

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Lost in the Supermarket by The Clash

Evening Kitchen by Band of Horses

march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle designed by maya baker


twenty- eight my opinion:

emotional eaters junior Iris Thompson discusses her personal experience with emotional eating

ang! I slam the door behind me and possibly break the hinges. The day has been nothing but stress, anger and more stress. I fling my backpack into the chair nearest to be and head to the one place that has been on my mind—the kitchen. I grab a bag of pretzels and start to eat. And eat … And eat … I am an emotional eater. A study in “Psychosomatic Medicine” magazine confirmed that people tend to consume food in order to selfmedicate their feelings of stress or anxiety (www. When my day is stressful, I feel the overwhelming need to eat. It is similar to an itch that cannot be relieved.

It remains and annoys me. According to “The facts about emotional eating,” an article on CNN. com, psychologists say that eating food to numb feelings only increases stress levels while possibly raising blood pressure and weakening the immune system. Friday skating ends and my mood is lower than a snake’s underside. My heart feels like there is a dark shadow covering it, and I just want to curl up into a ball and sleep. The rustle of a foil bag raises my head. My tired eyes look up to find my best friend holding out a bag of popcorn. I give a weak smile and dig in. One handful. Then another. And another. And another.

“Donuts because there are many different types of donuts out there.” freshman Claire Risley


What’s your favorite food and why?

compiled by bente bouthier

“I like a bunch of pasta and ice cream. I like pasta because you can make like anything out of it. You can have fettucinni or any kind of pasta, and I just love ice cream. “ freshman Karli Reynolds


“My favorite food is probably a philly cheesesteak sandwich from Penn Station and one of their chocolate chip cookies because it’s delicious.” junior Andrew Gold

Pumpkin Soup by Kate Nash

Nighttiming by Coconut Records

Tapioca Tundra by The Monkees

Teenager in Love by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Glass Onion by The Beatles by maya baker and marlee reisinger

by iris thompson

Check out the sweet tooth craves of 85 students




9 Swedish Fish



18 M&M’s compiled by alison coffey, illustrations by maya baker

Raspberry by Grouplove

before a big test. Emotional eating isn’t solving any of problems. Each delicious morsel I place in my mouth does not fill the emptiness in my soul. It does nothing for my health considering most of the food I eat isn’t healthy. Even if I snacked on healthy stuff, my body doesn’t need all the extra calories. Eating is not the way to solve boredom of stress. There is a difference between eating because I need to and because I want to. Emotional eating isn’t eating because I need to. It is eating because I want to. Understanding this fact is the first step to overcoming emotional eating.

“Are you trying to eat away your feelings?” a concerned voice asks. I turn away from the only thing that is keeping me sane and nod at my boss. “You bet I am,” I reply. This is how I deal with my problems. Boredom is another cause of my emotional eating. As I lounge around on the couch in the middle of the day, boredom creeps up on me like a fox on a mouse. Finally, I can’t take the nagging voice in my head telling me t go eat something. I leap from the couch and am kitchen bound. Some people read, text, or browse social media when bored. I eat. This may be the reason I go straight for the refrigerator the day

no. thirty


5 Milky Way



Three Musketeers


5 Other





thirty one

tastefully healthy Special K red berry cereal bar

my opinion

Alex: The cereal bars were very sweet and tasty. I loved the strawberry flavor. Annie: This cereal bar is perfect to eat after school as a snack before practice or work. It is sweet, chewy and has a strong strawberry taste.

pine nuts finding time to eat healthy while you are constantly on the go is a tricky thing to do. There are many different health conscious snacks to choose from. We have taste-tested three popular snacks and given our opinion on their flavor


Alex: The pine nuts smelled weird and tasted like plastic. I do not recommend them. Annie: I did not like these at all. They were mushy and plastic tasting. They did not have much flavor and left a weird after-taste.

dark chocolate acai covered blueberries

cravin’ bacon

any fads last only a short time, but bacon has been around since 1500 B.C.. Bacon is full of fatty pork, however, it is sttill very popular in this day and age of health consciousness. According to, more men prefer bacon than woman. “I believe this is due to the fact that there are more men who are less worried about their health compared to women,” junior Peter Scott said. Each year in the United States, 1.7 billion pounds of bacon is consumed. That is equal to the weight of eight and a half aircraft carriers. With that much bacon consumed, there are many new creations made every year using it. Last year, As Seen On TV, began to market the bacon bowl. Bacon is wrapped around a bake-able bowl and it is cooked. Then, a bowl is made out bacon, and can be eaten or used however someone pleases. “The craziest bacon items I’ve ever had are bacon chocolate and a bacon cheeseburger,” Scott said. Bacon bowls are not the only crazy bacon product

Alex: These were sour and sweet at the same time. You can’t really taste the berry at first, but there is a berry after-taste. Annie: If you are looking for something to curb a chocolate craving, then these will be perfect. You can taste the chocolate, but the blueberry is prominent.

in a health conscious age, bacon still remains popular with the public. This popularity can be seen in the many new creative inventions made with out there. offers a variety of products that range from bacon-scented fragrances to bacon-flavored floss. Fanatics of this fatty pork can celebrate with International Bacon Day on Sept. 3. The whole day is dedicated to a celebration of bacon. People whom celebrate this unofficial holiday incorporate bacon into all of their meals. This holiday was started by three graduate students in Bedford, MA. The popularity of bacon could be contributed to the fact that it contains addictive additives. Bacon contains Umami, which is a meaty taste sensation. Umami causes a neurochemical response to occur in the brain, which triggers people to like the product. “I like bacon because it’s crispy and has a smoky flavor. I believe that this helps it to become addictive for people,” Scott said.

by umar qureshi and daniel larken


the food issue 4 1 gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal not have time to eat breakfast? Here are five reasons why skipping is not a good idea


Eating breakfast can help you to have a great day. Our bodies are not meant to run on empty until 11:06 or 11:57. When our bodies do not get the proper nutrition, we do not function properly.

2 Food makes energy; energy that our body needs to be able to walk through hallways or stay awake in class. If you do not eat breakfast, it is likely that you will feel sleepy through the rest of the day.

3 Concentration. Eating breakfast will prevent you from fuzzy or cloudy thoughts, daydreaming, and getting distracted. You will be able to get better grades and do better on tests.

4 Mood. Hunger can cause mood swings and irritability. It can cause you to snap at friends or a teacher which could cause trouble. Do yourself and your friends a favor and eat breakfast everyday.

5 Breakfast can be the perfect time to bond with family or friends. You can sit down and talk about your plans for the day. You can start your day off well if you have a chance to be with your family or friends.

compiled by rachel evener

one, two, three chomp

Onion Flavored Rings

Onion Flavored Rings


HARVEST CHEDDAR Great Multigrain Taste!




Great Multigrain Taste!

Great Multigrain Taste!





Bite e Siz







Bite e Siz


The Original







C hed dar & Sour Crea m

s ut Butter Pean CRUNCHY SHELL


Milk Chocolate


s s




m mm m m mm mmmmmm m m m m m mm mmmm mm mm m m m mm mm m mmmm m mm m m m mm m m m m mmmm m mmm mmm m m m m m m mm m m mm m mm m mm m m m m mm mm m m mm m m m m m m m mm m mm m m mm m m m m m m m mm mm mm mm m mm m m m m m m m m mmmm m m m mm m mm mm m m m m mm m mm m m m m



m mm mm m mmm mmm m m mmmmm m m m mmmm mmm mmm m m mm mm m m mm m m m m mmmm m m m m mmm mm m mm m mmm m m m mm m m m m m mm m mm m m m mm m mm mm m m m m m m m mm m m m mm mm m m m m m m m m mm m m mm m mm m m mm mm m mm m m m mm m mm m m m mm mm m m mm mm mm m mm m m m














Original M





s s

Sweet ‘n Salty Mix













of not having sufficient funds to afford a balanced meal (USDA). And basically, without a healthy balance of nutrients, food isn’t serving it’s purpose. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the CDC, under nutrition caused by an unhealthy diet can lead to lower performance in school and impaired cognitive development. This is why it concerns me that so many food pantries, including our own Bull Dog Pantry, receive donations composed widely of nutrient-barren foods. While the Bull Dog Pantry supplies its share of healthy foods, it also has its share of junk. This is because their inventory all relies on availability, and much of what’s available for them to use isn’t the healthiest. Pantries can provide food, but unless provided with healthier donations, low-income families will continue to go undernourished. And by eating food that isn’t doing its job, these people can’t do their job either.

purdue university

364 licks

according to students:

411 licks

freshman leah pawlus: 900 licks “I was doing it (licking the tootsie pop) in my CARSS class and I took the picture of it, then the flash went off during the movie and it was pretty embarassing,” Pawlus said. freshman maddie marks: 982 licks “I loved it, like seriously, it was fun. Everyone seemed to get involved in it. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” Marks said.

compiled and designed by lillyanne pham compiled by lillyanne pham,

check out the interactive vending machine which allows you to view nutritional information, play games, and see what’s going on with your friends at!

university of michigan

taken by pawlus

according to mechanical licking machines:

source htt p://w


how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie different people and machines have taken the challange but seem to pop? always conclude to different results

al_mach ine.php

maya baker

hunger is an internationally recognized problem, but it still affects us locally due to lack of access to affordable nutrientdense foods

mericans love food. We eat on dates, at parties, and on just about every occasion, but as much as we love food, it has a purpose- to fuel our bodies with nutrients. However, a lot of processed food fails to do that. And unfortunately, it also tends to be considerably cheaper than more nutritious items, so it’s no wonder lowincome families tend to reach for fatty foods that are high in sugars and low in nutrients. For some families, buying a gallon of milk for three dollars rather than a two-liter of soda for a third of the price just isn’t practical. So they are forced to choose the more affordable option. These families aren’t starving, but they are part of the 14.5% of Americans who fall into the USDA category of Low Food Security. According the the USDA, Low Food Security includes “reports of reduced quality, variety, or desirability of diet.” Almost 80% of people living within the Low Food Security category reported



my opinion


serving a purpose


march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle


wrapped up

many students eat in their car. Whether it is breakfast before school, lunch, or a snack after practice, it is bound to leave wrappers compiled by sheana wasilewski


n Sugar Cinnamon Brow


late Chip Choco

udge Hot F


RICE KRIS PIES the origin


15 granola bars 1 water bottle

4 Starbucks

15 fast food

7 chips/pretzels

2 variety

46 none

1 straw paper

1 gum

14 candy

the food issue 6 1

something fishy no. thirty seven


oday, the United States is considered something of a success story in the world of fishing. However, throughout the 20th century, fishing companies severely depleted the America’s coasts and waters of commercial fish. Since 1950, one in four of the world’s major fishing companies have closed due to the issue of overfishing; while the annual global catch has quadrupled. In 2006, Congress moved to increase authority of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. This act is the most prominent enforcer of U.S ocean regulations. However, the act was strengthened out of necessity rather than as a preventative measure. Along with improving the U.S’s own fishing habits, there will be a need to look globally, according to AP Environmental Science teacher John Murphy. “The United States is really good at following through with their fishing rules,” Mr. Murphy said. “As a general rule, it’s Scandinavian countries and

Oriental countries that are abusing their oceans.” 91 percent of America’s consumed fish last year were imported. Mr. Murphy credits this to irresponsible

or regulate fishing in their own waters. The greatest immediate effect of overfishing would be economic. Jobs based on the fishing business would be put in jeopardy if the fish in a specific area are overfished. Also, specific breeds of fish would become more expensive. Examples would be larger fish, such as tuna and salmon. “In the U.S., there are huge no-fish zones now. It’s my understanding that fish are coming back to fish zones,” Mr. Murphy said. The environmental impacts would also be tremendous. “There is a salmon fishing industry (in the Great Lakes). There are huge dead zones there now,” Mr. Murphy said. He added that over a decade can pass before overfished breeds, like widely-consumed tuna and salmon, make a comeback. The greatest cause of overfishing is that companies want to meet the public’s demand for seafood. “People love their seafood,” Mr. Murphy said. “It’s by bente bouthier a fact.”

“Fishing companies are trying to self promote by meeting public demand.”

teacher John Murphy

business practices. “[The U.S.] has totally overfished [its] waters. Now, we get a lot of our fish from the Pacific Canadian Coast and Maritime provinces in Canada,” he said. In addition, Southern Europe and China have made little attempt to slow

coffee craze

Check out the recipes for these creative drinks invented by Starbucks’ baristas across the country. See one you like? Just order it by recipe at the popular coffee shop

number thirty nine

Fish are a healthy source of protein and minerals. However, the little discussed issue of overfishing could affect the availability and consumption of fish over time

the nutella frappuccino

For those who love

caramel & chocolate-hazelnut yumminess whipped cream • coffee frappuccino hazelnut syrup

mocha syrup

coffee frappuccino

• •

the s’more frappuccino

For those who crave

these summer snacks all year long sprinkles & whipped cream • java chip frappuccino cinnamon dolce syrup • toffee nut syrup toffee nut syrup java chip frappuccino

• • •

caramel & whipped cream toffee nut syrup

• •

caramel syrup creme frappuccino

• • •

• • • • • •

Trying to save some money at lunch? Check out these deals Domino’s $5 made just for students at restaurants around here

medium one-topping pizza WARNING: Snappy Tomato Pizza $6 unlimited student lunch buffet Some restaurants require Pizza King $6 student I.D. to receive the personal cheese pizza & a drink Zwanzigs $5 student deal slice of one-topping pizza & two breadsticks & one sauce & drink Asbury United Methodist Church (Taco Church) $4 tacos & drink & chips & cookies (Thursdays only) Penn Station free drink for students



(1.5 pumps for venti, 1 for grande, 1/2 for tall) cinnamon dolce syrup (1.5 pumps for venti, 1 for grande, 1/2 for tall) whipped cream blended in topped with cinnamon dolce sprinkles and whipped cream

the butterbeer frappuccino

(with whole milk)

the lunch crunch

hazelnut syrup (1.5 pumps for venti, 1 for grande, 1/2 for tall) mocha syrup (3 pumps for venti, 2 for grande, 1 for tall) whipped cream blended in topped with caramel and whipped cream

For all the Harry Potter fans out there creme frappuccino toffee nut syrup (4 pumps for venti, 3 for grande, 2 for tall) caramel syrup (4 pumps for venti, 3 for grande, 2 for tall) whipped cream blended in topped with caramel and whipped cream

the Cadbury Creme Egg frappuccino For those who can’t

caramel & get enough of them at Easter whipped cream • java chip frappuccino expresso shots vanilla bean powder caramel syrup

• •

vanilla syrup java chip frappuccino

• • •

2 shots expresso for venti and grande, 1 for tall vanilla bean powder (4 scoops for venti, 3 for grande, 2 for tall) caramel syrup (1 pumps for venti, .5 for grande and tall) vanilla syrup (2 pumps for venti, 1.5 for grande, 1 for tall) topped with caramel and whipped cream

compiled by madi slack



Diet soda is commonly seen as healthier than regular soda. Read on to see how this is just a myth


t first glance, diet soda may seem like a perfect, healthy alternative to any regular soda. Due to the many myths surrounding diet sodas, many people fall for this misconception. The truth is, diet sodas are not that healthy and

do not assist in losing weight. One of the biggest myths surrounding diet soda is that since it is sweetened with zero-calorie sweeteners, it gives a nice sugar boost and no weight is gained in the process. This is, however, incorrect. The artificial sweeteners that go into diet soda have been linked to just as many health problems as sugar. An example of one of these sweeteners is aspartame, which has been linked to brain defects and addiction. Although the evidence is not 100% Junior Juan Sandoval enjoys conclusive, there is a the taste. of his diet coke. possibility diet soda “I find it to be a better alternacan be the cause of tive to coke and it doesn’t kill metabolic syndrome your body,” Sandoval said. This and osteoporosis. displays a common misconcepOne of the most tion of diet soda.

ironic negative effects of diet soda is it can actually lead to weight gain. Most people believe the opposite to be true. Since regular sugar contains a lot of calories, the sweeteners in diet soda trick the body into thinking it is absorbing more calories than it is. This can throw the diet off balance and cause people to want to eat more, thus aiding in weight gain. The myth of diet soda being a good sugar substitute for the body is false. Diet soda can actually be harmful to the body. Knowing the truth about diet soda, it would be wiser to stick to regular soda or to find a healthier alternative to soda in general.


by daniel larken



march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle

making the cut

Celebrities are constantly being stressed to be the best and many face problems with their diets in order to meet expectations


elebrities appear in magazines, have millions of twitter followers, are very influential, prominent in society. Many of these people face more problems than just dealing with paparazzi and the stress of making the right choices. Many celebrities face the reality of eating disorders in order to make them feel more appealable to the

ll of the proceeds go toward the Life Skills students for any educational materials or activities they need.

Life skills student senior Haylee Rollins moves to take money from junior Logan Debord. Debord bought a coffee and a chocolate chip muffin, the coffee cart’s best-selling item.

of males face eating disorders, but that does not leave out famous men from not going through eating disorders. Singer Elton John was also a victim of bulimia almost 15 years ago. He kept himself confided about it until he told Larry King in an interview he suffered from the disorder. Eating disorders affect almost 24 million people in the US alone. Many celebrities go through this in order to create a better self image for themselves, but in the end face many more problems. Eating disorders can eventually be treated and help can be given to those who need it. by umar qureshi

compiled by madi slack photos by hannah patton

Life Skills student junior Austin Witten hands senior Gary Drake his change for the coffee he is buying from the cart.

Life Skills student junior Austin Witten fills up a coffee cup for a customer. (left) After the business rush after first period, life skills students Witten and senior Haylee Rollins start their daily route with the cart. (right)


public. Recently the singer Ke$ha has been in the news for cancelling her tour in order to treat her eating disorder. She is just one of the many examples of celebrities who have faced eating disorders throughout their careers. Even a princess faced eating disorders in order to make her more appealable to the public. Diana, Princess of Wales faced bulimia, in which one binge eats and then purges up the food. Later in her life Diana fought to help the world realize the problems faced by people who have eating disorders. Only 10 to 15 percent

keeping up with the “cart-dashians”


offee was chosen as a fundraiser for the Life Skills program in 2009 by Amy London. Since then, the coffee cart has been ran by the Life Skills students and staff. According to Life Skills teacher Kolby Baty, the coffee cart is treated as a business. The students shop for and stock the cart, sell the items and clean the materials used such as the pots and machines. “With our coffee cart funding, we are able to better service our students and their unique educational needs. Students also gain invaluable vocational and social skills,” she said. The two carts start their route everyday in room 1606 at 8:30 a.m. (just before the end of first period.)


41 designed by madi slack


allying student business, the first stops are by the C4 entrance and the new Commons area. This is where they are during the passing period after first period. Most students that purchase from the cart do so during this time. Next, the coffee cart stops at the classrooms of teachers who have requested to have the coffee cart stop by. The coffee carts are usually back to room 1606 by the end of period two or beginning of period three.


Life Skills student junior Austin Witten puts junior Cody Ghuman’s money in the drawer. Ghuman bought a coffee and snack from the coffee cart.

eacher Kolby Baty shares her thoughts on students purchasing fro the coffee cart. “We truly do appreciate student business, but it is not our goal to disrupt education in any way. If you are a student and coffee cart patron, make sure that you make your purchases during passing period or have teacher permission.”

the food issue 8 1



eat your way across the u.s.a.

Check out these regional classics and where to find them locally


Cincinnati, Ohio: Chili served on top of spaghetti is a regional chili con carne style that was originated by Empress chili parlor Locally: Steak ‘n’ Shake

trials and tribulations of a man named mustard

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Philly cheese steak, a sub with thinly sliced pieces of steak and melted cheese Locally: Penn Station Louisville, Kentucky: The southern classic chicken ‘n’ waffles can be made with Kentucky Fried Chicken classic style fried chicken Locally: KFC San Francisco/Los Angeles, California: Fortune cookies are derived from a Japanese cookie called tsujiura senbei, there have been multiple claims of who invented the modern cookie in California at the turn of the 20th century. The Japanese tradition became associated with the Chinese during WWII Japanese internment Locally: Mark Pi’s China Gate, Tasty Express, Ru Yi New Orleans, Louisiana: Gumbo is the literal melting pot of the diverse Louisiana cultures, featuring scraps of any meat, rice, and Cajun spices Locally: Yats Chicago, Illinois: Chicago deep-dish pizza was developed by Chicagobased Pizzeria Uno during the 1940s. The pizza is classified by being made with a tall crust, with the pizza resembling a pie istead of being flat Locally: Chicago’s Pizza

Senior Adam LeClerc digs deeper into the life of senior Evan Mustard, whose condimentreminiscent has turned bullying into family pride

Maine: Clam chowder is a thick, milk-based chowder made with clams, potatoes, and onions. A 1939 bill passed in Maine made it illegal to add tomatoes Locally: Red Lobster photos fair use - google images

man, he strides through these halls alongside yourselves. He describes himself as “average” but I can assure you, he is far grander than “average.” Why? Because his name is Mustard. Evan Mustard is a fine and upstanding man that I have known since my youth, but contact between us has been limited to a shared comment or joke in the halls in recent years. Recently I had the monumental privilege of sitting down with Mr. Mustard, and chatting with him on the topic of his past escapades and adventures. Best we start at the beginning, the Mustards hail from Germany, or at least their family name is German. Mustard stated “I haven’t looked that far into it, because I’m terrified I’m going to find Heinz somewhere along the family tree.” However he later added that this revelation would make him “happy yet slightly afraid.” Now, to those not aware, every, and I mean every Halloween, Evan Mustard arrives at school in a mustard bottle outfit. He had

4 5 graze or gorge?

Health experts have debated for years whether eating three large meals or numerous small meals are better


utritionists have benefits of both grazing ( eating many small meals throughout the day) and eating three square meals. Studies have proven that eating multiple small meals (without increasing food intake) can help prevent snacking and also help to manage blood sugar levels. There is no conclusive evidence to whether eating six small meals or two to three larger meals is a better weight-loss plan. We asked 97 students how many meals they ate a day and what their snacking habits are and this is what they had to say.

how many meals do you eat a day? 6+meals: 7 5 meals: 4 4 meals: 15

compiled by leah hashagen

yes: 64%

1 meal: 2 2 meals: 16 3 meals: 53

no: 36%

do you snack often? compiled by lauren jines

this to say on his delicious attire: “I was going costume shopping with my brother at Walmart and I saw [the outfit] just hanging there for 10 bucks on the shelf.” And so he donned the physical mantel of Mustard. Unfortunately, having the name Mustard seems to make one a target for those who can’t appreciate the greatness of such a name. “The lamest jokes I’ve heard…” Mustard said, “they were funny the first 20,000 times or so.” Among these jokes were “It was Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen, with the lead pipe!”, or simply naming him after the great condiment maker himself, “Heinz”. The one joke that Mustard hasn’t heard to this date is, as he put it, “Breaking Mustard into mooseturd.” So how does Evan deal with it? How does he deal with the pressure of being called Mustard? How is he, if you will, Mustard Proud? He stated proudly “When I saw the mustard Halloween costume…It spoke to me in volumes. It came full circle.”


fast food frenzy Deciding where to go for lunch is a common conversation in the hallway. Every day students go off campus to eat. There are many options- some more healthy than others. Take a look at these lists of what are healthy and unhealthy options for lunch Restruants with the Healthy Choices: Tropical Smoothie, Panera, Subway, Chipotle, the cafeteria, or pack your lunch Restruants with the Unhealthy Choices: Zwanzigz, Mexico Viejo, Tasty’s Express, any fast food restaurant “I gave up fast food for Lent because I wanted to take fried and fattening foods out of my diet to kind of cleanse myself. I eat Tropical Smoothie, healthy choices from Panera, Subway, and pack my lunch. I feel that Bubba Blues, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Rally’s are probably some of the worst places that kids go to lunch.” senior Tessa Krempel “The healthiest place I go for lunch is Subway, the least healthy is Arby’s. But I have been just going to the cafeteria because it has been so cold.” senior Frank Juarez by annie day

march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle

make Easter snacks


what restaurant are you?

do you think you eat healthy?

Ingredients One 14-ounce bag sweetened coconut flakes 1/4 cup prepared lemon curd 4 large egg whites Pinch fine salt 15 small orange and/or yellow jelly beans 60 mini chocolate chips (about 2 tablespoons)

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Combine the coconut, lemon curd, egg whites and salt with a spatula in a medium bowl until a uniform consistency. Roll generous tablespoons of the mixture into egg shapes, setting them big-side down onto the prepared baking sheets. Repeat with the rest of the mix. Bake until the bottom and a few of the coconut frays turn deep golden brown, about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the jelly beans in half lengthwise and set aside. Remove the macaroons from the oven and let them cool enough to handle, but are still warm, about 5 minutes. Take one of the jelly bean halves and pinch an end to make a pointed beak. Hold the point, shiny-side up, and push the rounded end into the side of a macaroon. Push 2 mini chocolate chips, peak-side in, into the macaroon on either side of the beak for eyes. Repeat with the rest of the macaroons and serve. compiled by rachel evener




what’s healthy?

you would choose...

what sounds good right now?

what would you rather eat for breakfast?

chicken nuggets


fries bagel


cookies would you rather eat a...

would you rather receive

a toy in your kids meal

Big Mac

Meatball Marinara Sub

no toys with your meal

1 3 3 2 1

2 3

table top talk


compiled by sarah tran


Start with the outside utensil and work your way in

Red wine

compiled by leah hashagen and eva yezerets

Take this short quiz and find out which restaurant your eating habits reflect

Home of the bread and bagels. It says it in it’s name; healthy. The most selling bagel would be the cinnamon crunch. It may not be the healthiest, but hey, whatever taste good. It contains 370 Calories, 6g of total fat, 4g of Saturated Fat, and 67g of Carbohydrates. The healthiest is the Plain bagel. It only contains 290 Calories, 1.5 Total Fat, 0 Saturated Fat,and 59g of



A lot of commercials says that “Subway is the most healthy restaurant”. Well, it all depends on what you order. If you’re planning to go on a diet I suggest that you should NOT get the 6” Big Hot Pastrami. It contains 580 calories, 31g of Total Fat, 11g of Saturated Fat, and 47g Carbohydrates. If you want to eat healthy the Veggie Delite Mini Sub is the way to go. Containing only 150 calories, 1.5g of Total Fat, 0g of


Saturated Fat, and 29g of Carbohydrates.

Surprisingly, the famous Big Mac is not the worst thing on the McDonald’s menu when it comes to nutrition. For all you Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese fans… it is known to be one of the most unhealthy sandwich on the McDonald Menu. Containing a total of 750 Calories, 43g of Total Fat, 2.5g of Trans fat, 160g of Saturated Fat, and 42g of Carbohydrates. The 4 piece Chicken McNuggets containing; 190 Calories, 12g of Total Fat, 2g of Saturated Fat, 0g of Trans fat, and 12g of Carbohydrates is the healthiest food on the menu.


European Formal Dinner

Use the knife with the right hand and the fork in left hand holds the food. After a few pieces are cut, place knife on edge of plate, blade facing in. Switch fork into left hand to eat. An arm, elbow, or the left hand placed on the table is considered bad manners


Look like you know what you are doing during Prom dinner, a wedding or any formal gathering with these tips and explanations of table etiquette

American Formal Dinner Bread plate with butter knife

Least Healthy: McDonald’s Mid-Healthy: Subway Healthiest: Panera

forty-six lemon out these macaroon Try cute, delicious and easy to chicks

designed by leah hashagen

Dessert wine Water

White wine

The blade of the knife faces toward the plate

Coffee is served at the end of the meal

Utensils are placed facing down

Red wine

The knife is held in the right hand, the fork in the left throughout the meal, without switching hands. There are three plates stacked on top of one another. The first The blade course is fish, the main course, of the knife the salad, cheese course, faces toward and coffee is served the plate last as dessert

White wine

the food issue 0 2

49 appet-eye-te

Think you know your food brands? Test yourself with these nameless logos of various culinary companies and see if you know your stuff! Turn your answers in to room 1507 and you’ll receive an award if they’re all correct!

march 14, 2014 columbus north’s the triangle


designed by sheana wasilewski

Protein is a vital nutrient, but for some even a little can be dangerous. Take a look at this interestingly-named disorder: Maple Syrup Urine Disease


acon is a necessity, chips are a staple of life and what would we do without cupcakes? Think about a bag of potato chips- your absolute favorite kind. Crunchy, salty, delicious. Now think about this -- you can only eat five chips out of a bag. “Why?” you ask. Because eating more of what you crave could kill you. This is what it is like for people with Maple Syrup Urine Disease. They can not eat a lot of protein, because it could kill them. Eating too much could cause the blood to become toxic because the body has a deficiency of one of the six BCKD protein complexes. These complexes help the body to process proteins. This disease is defined as a metabolic disorder. It is hereditary, which means it can not be passed from person to person like the common cold or chicken pox. It is passed from parent to child in a recessive pattern. So don’t worry- you’re not going to wake up tomorrow morning unable

to eat that bacon you smell your mom making in the kitchen. Maple Syrup Urine Disease got its name because of the sweet smell the urine has from raised levels of amino acids caused after eating too much protein. MSUD is generally diagnosed within a few days after birth; a newborn may be fussy, have a loss of appetite and even have seizures within their first few months if they have the disorder. If MSUD is not treated in an infant, it can cause brain cell degeneration and possibly even death. Infants who do not receive treatment could die within the first few months of life. People with metabolic disorders and food allergies have to be careful of what they eat because if they aren’t, it could mean the terrifying swelling of the throat, to the point where they can’t breathe, or the potentially fatal shutdown of the body.

by sheana wasilewski


taking out the toxins The latest trend in healthy diets is the detox diet. But is a detox really good for you?


etox diets are a growing trend, and can be great for many things. It can help kick-start weight loss, increase energy throughout the day, etcetera, but the main goal of a detox is simply that, to rid the body of toxins. But you must keep in mind “the first day is the hardest, but after (the first day) I feel so much better,” senior Monica Gamez said. “It cleans out my body which makes me feel a whole lot better and healthier. I still get the nutrients I need so I don’t get sick, but just getting rid of the bad processed foods just makes you feel more awake and not sluggish.”

what not to eat avoid heavy foods like eggs and all dairy products wheat sweeteners gluten soy coffee decaffeinated beverages

what to eat fresh fruit natural fruit juices broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard greens brown rice wild rice oats lentils nuts: almonds cashews walnuts sunflower seeds sesame seeds chia seeds hemp seeds unsalted peanuts

Stop in for lunch or meet friends for dinner! Three convenient local locations: EAST

2353 Beam Road 372-2300


2451 Johnathan Moore Pike 372-9300


302 Washington Street 373-1000

by elizabeth andrews

50 metabolic mayhem

Make it your best PROM ever! Dresses -- Tuxes 544 Washington Street 375-2223


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