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1974 BLAZE


DEDICATION The Senior Class of 1974 is proud to dedicate this year's BLAZE to Miss Mary E. Howe, our school nurse. For the past ten years she has devoted her time to the health and well-being of all Cardigan students as well as faculty members and their children. Being available twenty-four hours each day, though neces足 sary, has made her job a most demanding one, but Miss Howe has shouldered this responsibility, giving her skilled attention, regardless of time or circum足 stances. Miss Howe, the 1974 Senior Class salutes you, thanks you, and all Cardigan appreciates you!


iJe u i)


M r. N onnan C. Wakely H eadm aster

Mr. Robert H. Abendroth Director of Reading;

B.S., University of Maine, M.A., Columbia

B.S., M. Ed., Towson

M rs. Elaine M . Abendroth Language Training;

Mr. Eric U. Anderson English, Summer Session Director, Director of Testing, R. Soccer, R. Hockey, Sailing;

B.S. in Ed., Eng. Lit., Towson

A.B., Tufts University; Graduate work (GSED, GCLA), Boston University

M r. Donald E. Blvint Science (Chairman); Work Detail; Trap-shooting Club;

B.S. in Ed., Bridgewater State College; M. Ed., Pennsylvania State University

Mr. R. Alden Burt Art (Chairman); Log Cabin Supt.;

B.A. in Ed., Plymouth State College; M.A.L.S., Dartmouth College (Also graduate of Vesper George School of Art

Mr. Joseph M. Collins Assistant Headmaster; Director of Studies, Dean of Students; Mathematics; V. Football, V. Baseball;

B.S. Ed., Boston University

Dr. I. A. Dinerman, M .D. School Physician;

University of Chicago Medical School

Mr. James W. Crowell Science; Rec. Soccer, Intramurals, Skiing, Sailing; Science and Rocket Club;

B.S. Yale University

Mr. George M. Dunn English, French; Rec. Soccer, Rec. Skiing, Rec. Tennis; Drama Club, Dining Hall Supervisor; Student Council Advisor;

B.A. University of Rhode Island

Mrs. Deborah M. Dunn Language Training;

Bradford }r. College

Mr. Robert B. Fahm er English (Chairm an); Director of Clubs, A .V ., Publications, Publicity; Blaze Advisor;

Roosevelt University; M.A.L.S., Dartmouth College

M r. D aniel J. Fedor M ath; Recreational Activities; Clark-M organ II Dorm-M aster

Mrs. Margaret A. Fedor, R.N. Language Training; School Nurse (Relief);

A.B. Math, King's College

General Hospital, Wilkes-Barre

M r. Harold Finkbeiner, Jr. Music (Chairm an), Glee Club, Choir Director, Chapel Organist, Senior Class Advisor;

Mr. Lawrence Goldthwait Life Science, Earth Science; Rec. Skiing;

B. Mus., M. Mus., Westminster College; Choir College; M. Div., McCormick Theological Seminary

Mrs. Charlotte S. Goldthwait Reading, Social Studies, English;

A.B., Wheaton College; M.Ed., Rhode Island College

A.B., Dartmouth; M.S.C., Brown University

M r. Thomas D. Goldthwait Mathematics; Intramurals, Rec. Skiing, Rec. Activities, Photo Club;

A.B., Dartmouth

Mr. Stephen L. Heath Earth Science, Biology; Res. Soccer, Cross Country Skiing, Lacrosse;

Miss Mary E. Howe, R.N . School Nurse;

Henry Heywood Memorial Hospital; Fitchburg State College

B.S. Ed., Plymouth State College

Mr. Jeffrey D. Hicks World History, American History; V. Soccer, Rec. Skiing, Rec. Tennis; Photo Club;

Mrs. Mary P. Hicks Language Training;

University of Aix-Marseille

B.A., Rollins College; M.A.,Trinity College; Certificate of French Studies, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Rev. Harry R. Mahoney School Chaplain; Religion; Fire Commissioner; Chairman of Advisor-Advisee Program; Magic Club; Harry's Ambulance Service;

B.S. Ed., Boston University; B.D., AndoverNewton Theological School

M r. James N. Marrion Director of Athletics; Mathematics; V. Football, Rec. Skiing, V. Baseball;

B. Ed., M. Ed., Keene State College; N.S.F., University of Maine (Graduate Study)

Mrs. Constance F. Marrion Language Training; B. Ed., K eene State College

Mr. Bruce Marshard '64 Shop, Football, V. Hockey, V. Lacrosse; Osu;e^o College

M r. J. Duncan M cN eish, III History, V. Soccer, R. Hockey, V. Baseball; B .A ., N orw ich U niversity; M .A ., Kent State University

Mrs. Deborah L. McNeish Developmental Reading, Reading Coordinator; Scribe Advisor; B.A ., University o f New Hampshire

Mr. Schuyler V. Peck '63 History, English, V. Football; V. Hockey, V. Tennis; Athletic Coordinator; B .A ., N ichols College

Mrs. Sandra J. Pregent Language Training, Rec. Skiing; B.A. in English, University o f New H ampshire

Mr. George R. Randall English, Intramurals, Nordic Ski Team; Rec. Activities, Auto Mechanics Club;

B.A., Norwich University; M.A., University of New Hampshire

Mrs. Eileen S. Rearick Language Training;

New York University

Mr. Richard R. Rearick Business Manager, Drama Club; Monthly Newsletter;

A.B., Dartmouth

Mr. John O. Rich Director of Admissions; Special Assistant to the Headmaster; Graduate Advisor;

B.A., Rollins College; M.A., M.Ed., Johns Hopkins University

Phillippe A. Rossy French Lab; Soccer, Skiing, Chess Club;

Exchange Student and Student Instructor

Mr. Bennett B. Rudd Mathematics, Intramurals, Rec. Hockey; Baseball, W aterfront, Astronomy Club; Brewster II Dorm Master;

M.A. Colby College; B.A., University of Hartford

M rs. G eri Schmanska Personal Typing;Assistant Librarian; Secretary to Assistant H eadmaster;

B.E., Plymouth State College

Mrs. Carol M. Shelton Librarian

B.A., Nasson College

Mr. David F. Shelton Social Studies (Chairman) V. Work Detail, Head of School Jobs;

B.A., Texas A&M; M.A., Columbia University

Mrs. Beverly B. Wakely Language Training; Head of Host Committee;

U.S., Bridgewater State College

Mr. Henry S. Woods Foreign Languages (Chairman); Ski Jumping;

A.B., Dartmouth; M.A., Middlebury College


Front — Melissa. R ear — Mr. Norman C. Wakely, Mrs. Wakely, Jonathan. Not pictured — Charles and Mary.


'ilm .


I Mr. Joseph M. Collins, Assistant Headmaster

Mr. John O. Rich, Director of Admissions


Mrs. Ruth Talbert Assistant to the Headmaster Mr. Warren Birch Kenerson Athletic Center Head

Mrs. Virginia Collins School Store Head Mrs. Marsha Bryson Alumni Office Mr. Herbert Randall Superintendent of Property

Mrs. Susan Larabee Assistant Bookkeeper

Mr. Richard Qancy Steward-Chef

Mrs. Jackie Lary Bookkeeper

Most Popular — Tony Santilli Class Brain — Chuck Chandler Most Respected — John Petraglia Best Dressed — Tony Santilli


First to Marry — Karl Peters Most Muscular — Rob Newberry Most Sarcastic — Rob Newberry Best Story Teller — Rob Newberry


Best Athlete — Joel Sorofman Most Likely to Succeed — Matt Bronfman Done Most for CMS — Geordie Cutting Ladies' Man — Andy Baxter

^- ,

Funniest — Scott Weiser Class Dingbat — Chris Potter Class Miser — Frank Hedges

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7 MAY ----f R XI >< >1 X K K ixi >;X X K X < "3


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hJhaM ' I f

JOHN HOOD ADAMS "Jo h n ' 410 Amalfi Drive Santa M onica, California Ski Team 9; Varsity Baseball 9.

CHRISTOPHER THOMAS BARNETT â&#x20AC;&#x153;Chris" 45 Brookside Road Asheville, North Carolina Football 8; Soccer 9; Rec. Skiing 8; Rec. Hockey 9; Baseball 8; Intramurals 9; Drama 8, 9; Glee Club 8, 9; A.V. 9.

KENDALL KING BANKS "K en" 937 Avondale Road San Marino, California Varsity Football 8,9 ; Ski Team 8,9; Baseball 8; Photography 9; Lacrosse 9; Floor Leader (French II) 9.

WILLIAM LAWRENCE BARRY "B ill" 10900 Snapper Creek Road Miami, Florida Varsity Soccer 8, 9; Rec. Skiing 8, 9; Saihng Team 8; Lacrosse 9; Drama 8, 9; Hoor Leader (Hayward) 9.

JOHN ANDREW BAXTER "A ndy" 110 Maple Valley Houston, Texas Varsity Soccer 9; Rec. Skimg 8, 9; Tennis Team 8, 9; Chess 8, 9.

KENNETH EDWARD BENTSEN "K e n " 2933 Del Monte Avenue Houston, Texas Reserve Soccer 9; Rec. Skiing 9; Rec. Tennis 9; Photography 9.

SCOTT CLAYBORN BENEDICT "S co tt" 275 Blue Trail Hamden, Connecticut Football 9; Ski Team 9; Baseball 9; Chess 9; Glee Club 9.

JONATHAN HENRY BIXBY '7 o h n " 17 Stinson Road Andover, Massachusetts Football 8 ,9 ; Ski Team 8 ,9 ; Baseball 8; Tennis Team 9; Glee Club 8; Floor Leader (French I) 9; School Council (Chairman 1st sem.) 9; Senior Class President 9.

EM M ET JOPLING BONDURANT, III 3630 Cloudland Drive Atlanta, Georgia Reserve Soccer 7, 8, 9; Rec. Skiing 7, 8; Rec. Hockey 9; Intramurals 7, 8, 9.

SCOTT D. BUSS P.O. Box 369 Ross, California Varsity Football 8, 9; Rec. 8, 9; Lacrosse 8.

MATTHEW BRONFMAN â&#x20AC;&#x153;Matt" 60 Lincoln Avenue Purchase, New York Reserve Soccer 8; Varsity Soccer 9; Rec. Skiing 8, 9; Tennis Team 8, 9; Glee Club 8, 9; Fire Marshall 8; Safety Commissioner 9.

CHARLES LYON CHANDLER ''Chuck" 1234 Fox Harbor Road Ridge, Maryland Football 8, 9; Rec. Hockey 8; Reserve Hockey 9; Sailing 8; Lacrosse 9; Floor Leader (Brewster 1) 9.

ÂŁ CHARLES ARTHUR CHIARA "Charlie" 60 Lincoln Avenue Purchase, New York Reserve Soccer 9; Rec. Skiing 9; Sailing Team 9; Glee Club 9; Host Con:\mittee 9.

NATHANIEL WOOD CHURCH "Thanny" Beaver Pond Road Lincoln, Massachusetts Varsity Soccer 8, 9; Varsity Hockey 8, 9; Lacrosse 8, 9; Fire Marshall 8; Hopkins I Cleaners Head 9.

JOSEPH MICHAEL COLLINS "Jody" Cardigan Mtn. School Canaan, New Hampshire Reserve Soccer 6, 7, 8; Varsity Soccer 9; Rec. Skiing 6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ; Rec. Tennis 6 ,8 ; Lacrosse 7,9 ; School Council 6, 7, 8, (Secretary) 9; Student Rec. Head 7; Co-monitor 8; Floor Leader (Clark Morgan 2) 9; Senior Class Vice President 9.

JEFFREY ARTHUR CORBETT "Jeff" 29 Point O'Woods Road Darien, Connecticut Intramurals 7, 8, 9; Reserve Hockey 7, 8, 9; Reserve Baseball 7; Varsity Sailing 8, 9; Glee Club 7 ,8 ; Eager Beavers 7; Drama 8 ,9 ; A. V. 8, 9; Floor Leader (Stow^ell House) 9.

THOM AS WHITTLESEY CROWELL "T o m " Back Bay Road Canaan, New Hampshire Archery 6 ,7 ; Intramurals8 ,9 ; Rec. Skiing?, 8, 9; Rec. Tennis 7, 8; Intramurals 9; Choir 6, 7, 8, 9; School Council 6; Public Relations Director 9.

THOMAS MONROE CULLISON "Tom' 2601S, Parkway Drive Muncie, Indiana Reserve Soccer 9; Rec. Hockey 8; Reserve Hockey 9; Cabin Crew 8; Rec. Tennis 9.

GEORGE WALFORD CUTTING, III "G eord ie" 33 Yellowcote Road Oyster Bay, New York Reserve Soccer 7, 8, 9; Rec. Skiing 7, 8,'9; Reserve Baseball 7, 8; Rec. Tennis 9; Science Club 7, 8, 9; Norpines 7; Models 8; Magic 9; A. V. Head 9; Fire Marshall 9; Blaze Layout Editor 9.

PETER CHARLES DOMAN "Pete" 255 Wesf End Avenue New York, New York Football 8, 9; Ski Team 8, 9; Rec. Tennis 8, 9; Chess 8, 9; Model Club 8; Electronics 8; Dining Room Assistant 9.

JAMES MILLIGAN DOUGLASS "Jim m y" 1645 S. E. 7th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida Rec. Tennis 7, 8; Reserve Soccer 8, 9; Rec. Skiing 1, 8, 9; Intramurals 7; Tennis Team 9; Dining Room Head 9.

GERALD DUNFEY "Je n y " 300 Main Street Concord, Massachusetts Outward Bovmd 9; Reserve Soccer 9; Rec. Skiing 8; Ski Team 9; Rec. Tennis 8; Baseball 9.

FRANK BURNS FALVEY, JR. "B iff" 21 Try sting Place Scituate, Massachusetts Football 9; Reserve Hockey 9; Varsity Baseball 9.

DAVID MORGAN FIRESTONE, JR. 'T)ave" 3649 Cherry Chase Houston, Texas Reserve Soccer 8; Varsity Soccer 9; Rec. Skiing 8; Ski Team 9; Tennis Team 8, 9; Glee Club 8; Magic 8; Photography 9; E oor Leader (Proctor House) 9.

CHARLES W OODW ORTH GALLAGHER "C hu ck " 82 Little Pond Road Concord, New Hampshire Sailing 6; Reserve Soccer 7, 8, 9; Reserve Hockey 6, 7; Varsity Hockey 8, 9; Reserve Baseball 6 , 7 , 8 ,9 ; M odel6; Lav^6; Fly tyingS; Head of Classroom Cleaners 9.

MARK GIBBS GOODWIN Western Promenade South Paris, Maine Football 8, 9; Rec. Skiing 8; Ski Team 9; Lacrosse 8, 9.

GREGORY BERNARD GOUCHOE "G reg' 8 Madison Street Concord, New Hampshire Football 8, 9; Ski Team 8, 9; Reserve Baseball 8; Varsity Baseball 9; Electronics 8; Auto Mechanics 9.

DAVID ALEXANDER GOULD "D ave" 32 Overlook Drive Weston, Massachusetts Football 8; Reserve Soccer 9; Ski Team 8, 9; Lacrosse 9; Magic 8; Chess 9.

JOHN CHARLES HARVEY, JR. 8 Louise Avenue Easthampton, Massachusetts Reserve Soccer 8, 9; Reserve Hockey 8, 9; Waterfront 8; Reserve Baseball 9; Magic 8, 9; Photography 9; Fire Marshall 8.

PATRICK LEE HARVEY “Pat" 1621 Rim Road El Paso, Texas Intramurals 9; Rec Skiing 9; Sailing Team 9.

FRANK BATTLES HEDGES, JR. 96 Tarbell Springs Road Concord, Massachusetts Outward Bound 8; Intramurals 9; Rec Skiing 8, 9; Reserve Baseball 8, 9.

WILLIAM HEARN JACOB "W ill” 40 C. B. G. Conakry, Guinea, Africa Reserve Soccer 8; Varsity Soccer 9; Reserve Hockey 8 ,9 ; Tennis Team 8 ,9 ; Glee Club 8 ,9 ; Floor Leader (Clark Morgan 3) 9.

RALEIGH WHITE JOHNSON, III 3642 Inverness Street Houston, Texas Reserve Soccer 9; Rec Skiing 9; Rec Tennis 9; Glee Club 9.

BRUCE DOUGLAS KELLY "Bruce" 509 Highland Street North Marshfield, Massachusetts Eager Beaver 7; Intramurals 8,9 ; Rec Skiing 7, 8; Ski Touring 9; Science Club 8.

JOHN ANDREW KNOBEL 105 Everit Avenue Hewlett, New York Soccer 7, 9; Rec Skiing 7; Baseball 7; Football 8; Hockey 8; V. Lacrosse 8, 9; Ski Team 9.

DAVID COFFIN MARKS "D ave" 201 Ocean Avenue Marblehead, Massachusetts Football 8 ,9 ; Rec Skiing 8; Ski Team 9; Tennis Team 8, 9.

MARK CARLILE MELVIN 225 Stanbery Street Columbus, Ohio Varsity Soccer 8; Reserve Soccer 9; Rec Skiing 8, 9; Sailing Team 8, 9.

SAUL BRECKENRIDGE MILLER "B re ck " 25 Bird Hill Avenue Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Reserve Soccer 8; Varsity Soccer 9; Rec Skiing 8, 9; Reserve Baseball 8, 9; Floor Leader (Hinman I) 9; Photography 8, 9; Magic 9.

CHARLES EDWARD METZ "C hu ck" RFD #2 Canaan, New Hampshire Football 6; Reserve Soccer 7, 8; Varsity Soccer 9; Varsity Hockey 6, 7, 8, 9; Reserve Baseball 6, 7; Varsity Baseball 8, 9; Model 6, 7; Hayv^ard Classroom Cleaner Head 9.

RAFAEL MINONDO 6fl Avenue 9-64 Zona 9 Guatemala City, Guatemala Varsity Soccer 9.

DAVID VIRDEN M ORSE "D aveâ&#x20AC;? 619 East Second Street Pass Christian, Mississippi Reserve Soccer 7, 8, 9; Rec Skiing 7, 8, 9; Varsity Baseball 7; Intramurals 8; Rec Tennis 9.

ROBERT HODGE NEWBERRY "R ob" Box 87 Church Hill, Maryland Football 8, 9; Reserve Hockey 8, 9; Varsity Baseball 8, 9; Auto Mechanics 8.

MARK CHRISTOPHER OWEN 10 Irving Court Orinda, California Football 8, 9; Rec Skiing 8; Rec Tennis 8; Intramurals 9; Chess 8; Glee Club 9; Auto Mechanics 9; Rocketry 9.

JOHN ALEXANDER PETRAGLIA "Pitt" 240 Bremen Street East Boston, Massachusetts Football 8, 9; Varsity Hockey 8, 9; Varsity Baseball 8, 9; Model 8; Drama 9; School Council 9; SCHOOL LEADER 9.

KARL ALLEN PETERS "Karl” 7F Floral Gardens Apartments Dover, New Hampshire Intramurals 7; Reserve Soccer 8, 9; Reserve Hockey 7, 8, 9; Lacrosse 7, 8, 9; Science Club 8, 9; Model 9; Fire Marshall 9.

ROBERT STAIR PULITZER "B ob " 333 Pendleton Lane Palm Beach, Florida Varsity Soccer 9; Rec Skiing 9; Tennis Team 9; Photography 9; Blaze Photography Head 9.


BRAM BLE POTTER “Chris" 3 Brunce Road Danvers, Massachusetts Football 8; Reserve Soccer 9; Reserve Hockey 8; Rec Hockey 9; Reserve Baseball 8; Intramurals 9; Chess 9.

THOMAS HOBEY RICE "T om " 387 Spring Street Portland, Maine Reserve Soccer 7; Varsity Soccer 8, 9; Varsity Hockey 7, 8, 9; Lacrosse 7, 8, 9; Chess 7, 8, 9.

JOHN M cC u l l o u g h R o w l a n d 1519 Arabella Street New Orleans, Louisiana Football 7, 8; Intramurals 9; Rec Skiing 7, 8; Rec Hockey 9; Reserve Baseball 7, 8; Varsity Baseball 9; Glee Club 7; Eager Beaver 7; Trap Shooting 8; Magic 9; Drama 9; Fire Marshall 7, 8; Head of Auditorium 9; Floor Leader (Newton House) 9.

AN TH ON Y LEO N A RD SA N T IL L I, JR . ''T ony" 173 Court Road Winthrop, Massachusetts Football 8, 9; Varsity Hockey 8 ,9 ; Lacrosse 8, 9; Fly Tying 8; Fire Marshall 8; Gym Cleaner Head 9; School Council 9.

JUAN CARLOS SAMAYOA 8 C alk 0-22 Zona 9 Guatemala City, Gautemala Varsity Soccer 9.

DAVID MALCOLM SEAGER "D ave" 14 Paisley Terrace Pittsfield, Massachusetts Reserve Soccer 7, 8; Varsity Soccer 9; Varsity Hockey 7, 8, 9; Reserve Baseball 7, 9; Rec Tennis 8; Model 8; Dining Room Attendant 9.

ALFRED ANTHONY SENESE "Fred" 1303 Brooklawn Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut Intramurals 7, 8, 9; Rec Skiing 7; Rec Hockey 8, 9; Baseball 8, 9; Magic 8, 9; Model 8.

CHARLES MARTIN SKILLAS "C harlie" 25 Swart Terrace Nashua, New Hampshire Reserve Soccer 7, 8; Varsity Soccer 9; Varsity Hockey 7, 8, 9; Lacrosse 7, 8, 9; Drama 8; Fire Marshall 7, 8; Hopkins Cleaner Head 8; Floor Leader (Hinman 2) 9; School Council 8, 9; (Chairman 2nd sem.) 9.

JOEL DAVID SOROFMAN "Jo e l" Long Sands Road Ossipee, New Hampshire Reserve Soccer 7 ,8 ; Varsity Soccer 9; Ski Team 7, 8, 9; Varsity Baseball 7, 8, 9; Dining Room Assistant 8; Hoor Leader (Brewster 2) 9.

PETER DOWLING STACKPOLE "P ete" Howerledge Littleton, New Hampshire Reserve Soccer 7, 8; Varsity Soccer 9; Ski Team 7, 8, 9; Reserve Baseball 7; Varsity Baseball 8; Tennis Team 9.

JOHN ARVID WAHLSTROM "John" Route 4 Grafton, New Hampshire Reserve Soccer 6, 7, 8; Reserve Hockey 6, 7; Rec Skiing 8; Intramurals 6, 7, 9.

SCOTT KEVIN WEISER "Scott" 6 Jordan Drive Great Neck, New York Intramurals 9; Rec Skiing 8; Varsity Hockey 9; Rec Tennis 7, 8, 9; Editor of Blaze 9; Dining Room Monitor 9; Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class 9.

FRANK PUTNAM WHITE, JR. "C hip" 74 Pearl Street Woburn, Massachusetts Football 6, 8; Sailing 7; Intramurals 9; Rec Skiing 6, 7, 8, 9; Sailing Team 6, 8 ,9 ; Reserve Baseball 7; Computer 6; Chess 6; Glee Club 6, 7, 8, 9; Model 6; Astronomy 7, 8, 9; Science Club 7 ,8 ; Magic 9; Fire Marshall 8; Chaplams Assistant 9.

JOHN FITZGERALD WYNNE "Whimpy" 230 Eghan Beach Drive Mantoloking, New Jersey Intramurals 6, 8; Eager Beavers 7; Reserve Soccer 9; Rec Skiing 6 , 7 ,8 ,9; Waterfront 6,7; Rec Tennis 8, 9; Model 6, 8, 9; Chess 6; Minibike 6.

o r


Jody Collins (vice-president), Jon Bixby (president), Scott Weiser (secretary-treasurer).


First row — Dunne, Niederhauser, Williams, R. Barry, Winters. Second row — Paskus, Reichert, Gilbert, Pearson. Third row — McKnight, Harrison, Lakeland.


First row — Mestres, B. Wallace, Kipp, Garwood, Blunt, Morrison, Hippie, Mackey. Second row — Leahy, DiAngelis, Hollowell, Covert, Bookmyer, Wright, A. White, Montana, Jackson, Zenie. Third row —Taliadoros, King, J. Cooper, Preletz, Erb, Rainville, Stark, Bailey. Behind post on right — Wakely.


First row — Mullin, Blake, Westlake, Hickox, Powers, Mitchell, Akeson, Whiton. Second row — Katz, Jangro, Hardy, Coffin, MacLeod, Scott, Lindstrom, Kempe:', Anable. Third row — M. Wallace, Ross, Wakely, Smith. Fourth row — Emerson, Holbrook, Pennington.

First row — Harmon, Campbell, Savard, Caspersen, Causey, Fairbanks, Christensen, P. Gould. Second row — Ackerman, Pusey, Duffy, Killary, Haupt, Yamashiro. Third row — C. Cooper, Munro, Tanner, McBain, Hollingsworth, C. Miller, Trayner. Fourth row — Clausen, Toms, G. Iverson, Bedinger, Franklin, Andrews.

/I w


First row — Paskus, MacLeod, Chandler, Bixby, Petraglia, Banks, Newberry, Munro, Marks, Benedict, Santilli, Blake, Mr. Marrion (coach). Second row — Franklin, W right, Jangro, Falvey, M. Wallace, Scott, Benedict, Toms, Powers, Goodwin, Gouchoe, Doman, Buss, Akerson, DiBenedetto. Third row — Mr. Marshard (coach), Mr. Collins (coach). King, D. Iverson, Pearson, Katz, Wickensimer, Owen, Christensen, C. Miller, Harrison, Mitchell, Tanner, Hickox, Leahy, Garwood, McKnight, S. Gallagher, Mr. Peck (coach).

Ife *


12 22 14 6 44 24 24 38 8 26 6

Plymouth 26 Plymouth 0 Eaglebrook 12 Plymouth 12 Hartford 8 Hartford 14 Lebanon 12 Bellows Falls 0 Hanover 0 Bellows Falls 8 Lebanon 14

Won 8 Lost 3


Team Captains — John Bixby and John Petraglia


First row — Baxter, R. Barry, Westlake, Smith, Pennington, Minondo, Samayoa. Second row — Wakely, Metz, Coffin, Sorofman, Springmuhl, Pulitzer, Stackpole, Bailey. Third row — Mr. McNeish (coach), Duffy, Collins, Firestone, B. Miller, W. Barry, Jacob, Bronfman, Church, Seager, Rossy, Mr. Hicks (coach).


3 2 3 4 2 4 4 3 0 5 1 4 1

Kimball Union Academy 0 Mascoma 0 Newfound 0 LaSalette 1 Eaglebrook 3 Concord 1 Mascoma 0 Newfound 0 Holderness 3 Vermont Academy 0 Holdeness 4 Vermont Academy 2 Kimball Union Academy 0

Won 10, Lost 3

Team Captains — Joel Sorofman and Willy Springmuhl

it 'f t

------------- ,

'» 'i#l




s ’!• ■'



First row — Mr. Anderson (coach), J. Harvey, Potter, Auer, Peters, C. Gallagher, Gastonguay, Stark, Emerson, Dunfey, G. Iverson, Mr. Heath (coach). Second row — DiAngelis, Cullison, Prelitz, Killary, Melvin, D. Gould, Cutting, Douglass, Hollingsworth, Barnett, Hardy, Andrews, Morse.



3 1

1 1

3 2 1 0

Won 5, Lost 4

Plainfield 4 Thetford 2 Hartland 2 Concord 0 Eaglebrook 2 Thetford 0 Holderness 1 Hartland 0 Holderness 1


^ v .r

■■k,- ■■,


-Jr First row — Covert, Kemper, J. Cooper, Erb, Bondurant, Clausen, Bookmyer, Anable, Starnes, Ross, Rossy (coach). Second row — Zenie, Harmon, Fairbanks, McClellan, Montana, Mackey, Mestres, Knobel, Winters, Haupt.


First row — P. Harvey, Casperson, P. Gould, Savard, Chiara, Reichert, M orrison, Causey, C. Cooper. Second row — Blunt, Mullin, Crowell, Corbett, Taliadoros, Traynor, Lindstrom , W hite, Rainville, Jackson, Wynne, H edges, Mr. Crowell (coach), Mr. T. Godthwait (coach). Third row — Mr. Randall (coach), Mr. Dunn (coach),

Cam pbell, N iederhauser, Hippie, Senese, Rowland, Kelly, Taylor, W illiam s, Hallowell, Mr. Rudd (coach).



First row — Franklin, M etz, C. Gallagher, Santilli, Seager, Akeson. Seco n d row — Mr. Marshard (coach), Leahy, Rice Powers, Peters, Church, Mr. Peck (coach). Third row — Jangro, M. Wallace, Skillas (manager), W eiser (manager).


3 5 4

Holderness 4 Brooks School 0 Eaglebrook 2

St. Paul's Tournam ent: CMS won second place (Won 2, Lost 1) CMS CMS CMS CMS

3 9 9 4

Holderness 3 New Hampton 0 Hanover 1 Kim ball Union Academy 3

W on 8 , Lost 2, Tied 1

Team Captains — John Petraglia and Scott Powers


First row — Duffy, Sm ith, Bailey, Tom s, King, B. Wallace, Corbett. Seco n d row — Mr. Anderson (coach), Cullison,

Hardy, Scott, J. Harvey, Chandler, Peters, Jacob, Falvey, W estlake (manager), Mr. M cNeish (coach).


3 7 2

W on 2 , Lost 1

Holderness 2 Eaglebrook 2 West Lebanon 5


First row — D. Gould, Gouchoe, Firestone, Stackpole, Coffin, Pennington, Sorofman (captain), Fairbanks. Seco nd row

— Mr. Blanker (coach), Christensen, Banks, Bixby, Marks.


First row — MacLeod (captain), Mr. Heath (coach), Mr. Cantlin (coach), W akely (captain). S eco n d row — Z enie, Morrison, W illiams, K nobel, DiA ngelils, Blunt, A nable, Bedinger, Dunfey. T hird row — M ontana, Hallowell,

Mackey, Benedict, H ollingsw orth, Adams, Munro, G. Iverson, Clausen.


W on 5 Won 2

Lost 1 Lost 1









First row — Akeson, Gouchoe, Jangro, MacLeod, Sorofman, M etz, Wakely, Benedict, Adams. Seco n d row — Mr.

Marrion (coach), Yam ashiro, Leahy, Falvey, Newberry, Rowland, Ross, Toms, Petraglia.


2 0 3 8 2 9 4 14 10 1

Holderness 11 Plainfield 5 Woodstock 14 Mascoma 5 W oodstock 13 LaSalette 14 Mascoma 1 Hartford 18 Hartford 2 Eaglebrook 7

Won 3, Lost 7

Team Captains — Joel Sorofman and Charles Metz


First row — Kipp, Bailey, DiBenedetto, R. Barry, Knobel, W illiams, D. Iverson, Gilbert. Second row — Church, Gastonguay, Mackey, Sm ith, Hardy, D. Gould, Collins, Powers, Coffin, M itchell, Pusey, Stark, Pennington. Third row — Mr. Marshard (coach), Santilli, Goodwin, Benedict, Peters, Rice, Banks, Chandler, Clausen, W. Barry, Munro.


8 1 0 3 1 3 2

Northfield-M ount Hermon 2 Pinkerton Academy 8 Holderness 3 Holderness 5 Proctor Academy 5 N orthfield-M ount Hermon 2 Eaglebrook 13

W on 2, Lost 5

Team Captains — Scott Powers, Chris Coffin,

and Jody Collins


First row — Hickox, C. MiUer, B. Miller, Scott, Seager, Duffy, Rainville, Bookmyer, Paskus. Second r o w — M r.

Collins (coach), W right, K ing, Pearson, Killary, C. Gallagher, J. Harvey, G. Iverson, Hedges, Holbrook, Franklin, Tanner, Mr. McNeish (coach).


5 5 6 4 5 2 4

Hartland 3 Plymouth 5 Plymouth 7 Woodstock 7 Plainfield 8 Lebanon 1 Eaglebrook 6

W on 2, Lost 4 , Tied 1


First row — Fairbanks, Firestone, Bronfm an, Jacob, Stackpole, Wallace. Seco n d row — Pulitzer, Marks, Baxter,

Douglass, Bixby, Mr. Peck (coach).

THE RECORD W on 6, Lost 2

Team Captain — Will Jacob


First row â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Andrews, Mr. Crowell (coach), M ullin, Savard, Covert, M estres, Harmor\, W hite, Melviri, P. Harvey, Em erson, Erb, Corbett, Chiara, Kem per, Blake. (Team Captains: Nelson Emerson and Jeff Corbett)

THE RECORD W on 1 , Lost 4


First row — Mr. Abendroth, DiAngelis, Z enie, Lakeland, Saulnier, Dunne, Hippie, P. Gould, Hollowell, Whiton, Niederhauser, Crowell, M cKnight, Mr. Fedor. Second row — Mr. Rudd, Lindstrom , O w en, Dunfey,

Potter, Wahlstrom, Hollingsworth, Kelly, Barnett, Prelitz, J. Cooper, Katz, Senese, Mr. Randall.


First row — M cBain, Reichert, Blunt, M orrison, Garw ood, H aupt, Casperson, M cClellan, Ackerm an, M orse, B. Wallace, M ontana, W inters. Seco n d row — Mr. H icks, C utting, Trayner, Taliadoros, Dom an, Causey, A nable,

Harrison, C hristensen, W jm ne, W eiser, Bentsen, C. Cooper, Johnson, Mr. Dunn.


cardic/\n mediterranean TOUR MARCH 11 - A P R IL





GREEN AND Green Team Wins!!!

Green Team 500 points White Team 495 points



,A ■.

. ;



First row — Cam pbell, M orrison, W iriters, M ontana, M estres, Crowell, Blunt, H aupt, Mr. Finkbeiner (director). Second row — Bailey, M cBain, W hite, Jacob, Anable, Paskus, Cullison, Chiara. Third row — Katz, P.

Gould, Benedict, Trayner, P. Harvey, Lindstrom, Barnett, Johnson, McClellan.


Scott, Mr. Randall, Hallowell, DiAngelis, Andrews, Winters.

A.V. BOYS I ';

»• *

\ f'.

First row — Killary, Katz. Second row — Hollingsworth (Assistant Head), Cutting (A.V. Head), Senese, Taliadoros. Third row Mr. Fahm er (Director), McBain, Bailey.


First row — C a s p e r s o n , W hite, Killary, W right, Senese, Rowland, H ickox, Toms. Seco n d r o w — M r M ahonev

Garw ood, D iBenedetto, Taliadoros, Prelitz, C. M iller, J. Harvey, Cutting.


W eiser (Editor), Skillas, Pulitzer, Cutting, Mr. Fahm er (Advisor).


First row — Prelitz, Paskus, Bailey, White. Seco n d row — W right, DiBenedetto, Katz, Causey.


First row — Barnett, Casperson, Savard, Corbett, Harmon. Seco n d row — M ullin, Mr. Rearick (Director), H aupt, Garwood, DiBenedetto, Niederhauser, Johnson, W. Barry, Blake, Hickox, McClellan. Third row — Mr. Dunn

(Director), Mrs. Rearick (Assistant Director), Hedges, Trayner, Petraglia, Rowland, Causey, P. Gould, C. Miller, Ackerman, W hite, Paskus, D. Iverson.


First row — Gilbert, D. Iverson, Paskus, Kipp, W inters, C utting, N iederhauser. S eco n d row — Pearson, Causey,

Hickox, Mr. Crowell, Blake, Lindstrom , P. Gould, P. Harvey.


First row — Bailey, (Fire extinguisher). Cutting. Seco n d row Taliadoros, Bronfman, W inters, Killary, Peters. Third row — Coffin, Mr. M ahoney (advisor), D. Gould, Hollingsworth, Wakely, Bedinger.


First row — Tom s, Cutting, W right, Bentsen, Firestone. Seco n d row — Mr. Hicks (advisor), A nable, Munro,

Gastonguay, Duffy, Banks, Hardy, J. Harvey, Mr. T. Goldthwait (advisor).


First row — Blake, Chiara, Niederhauser, W right, W inters. Second row — Crowell, Garw ood, D iBenedetto, Paskus, Montana.


First row — Mr. Dunn, Jangro, W illiams, Collins, D iA ngelis, Leahy. Seco n d row — Mr. Peck,

Coffin, Powers, Petraglia, Skillas, Bixby, Santilli, Mr. McNeish.

F irs t row - W ynne, C. W hite. Second row




George Cutting, Layout Editor "You Don't Think I Really Know What I'm D oing, Do You?"

Scott W eiser, Editor and Art Director " I Know There's A Paper Shortage,

S ir ."

P hillip M cB ain , Assistant Layout Editor

" G e e , Just T h in k ... If George C ut足 tin g D ie s, I'm T h e N ew Layout E d ito r."

Matt Bronfman, Photographer "W hat Does It Mean W hen T he Negative Is Blank, Sir?" Charles Skillas, Copy Editor "B u t W eiser Told M e I D idn't Have To Listen To You, S ir ."

Mr. Robert B. Fahm er, Advisor "N ow , If I Stand Here And Look Intelligent, T he K ids W on't Know I'm C on fu sed ."

Bob Pulizer, Photo Editor "N o w If He Ju st Puts H is Finger A Little Farther Into H is M outh, We Can Use Him In T he Lam poon Sec足 tio n ."



, o


MRS. CAROL MOSS SHELTON Because... 1. She is married to Mr. Shelton ... which is enough, but w e'll go on. 2. She has actually been known to sm ile; this is a direct violation of rule 19-1, chapter 7 of the National Librarian's Association Constitution. 3. She repairs A.V. equipm ent w ith hair pins, showing up the A.V. crew who can't repair equipm ent with tools. 4. Mr. Fahm er claims she can't read. 5. Her middle nam e is M OSS.

Now Some Good Things A bout Mrs. Shelton;

Lambs love her. (Note to her right: an unidentified friend.) She is popular and is often seen arou nd cam pu s w ith h er m any friends.

She is always decorating the dining room to make it a more interesting place in which to eat. No one knows when he will find a balloon in his soup.

W hat's a turkey, sir? G ee, the book was here ju st a m inute ago.

O h, did conference period begin, Mr. W akely? Sorry, Pusey, we always use a golf ball to test our new students.

O.K. W ynne, you've put Mr. Collins somewhere. Now, empty this locker!

Look Mr. Wakely is beating that child.


Come on fellas; let's get serious. It's time for your Graduation Photo! Baxter, M elvin, Collins, straighten up!

Now, that's better; look at the birdie. What do you m ean, "T h e camera w on't work ... O .K .? ... Fine, beautiful. N ow , hold it a 1 longer so the parents can take some pictures. Bronfm an, Rice, W ahlstrom, straighten u p...

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Plantation H ou se, C harlem ont, M assachu setts 01339 M r. and M rs. R aleigh W. Jo h n so n , Jr. Mr. and M rs. Trum an H. N ew berry, Jr. K ennersley M arina Joyce E. R eichert M r. and M rs. A lbert J. M itchell Mr. and M rs. Clive Runnells K enn eth W ynne, Jr. A nne and Jim P en nington Frank Falvey W alter Sm ith


Mr. and Mrs. Paskus Daniel O. Barry Mr. and Mrs. Hal Weiser

The Blaze - 1974