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What’s Next? The future of you

What’s Next

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Read this! This book holds the 10 steps for your next best move.

Do this! Make time then read on. Don’t miss a step. Each page has insights into what’s next.


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What is the future of you? We help make your future easier. By imagining what it could actually be like. Ask yourself. What’s Next for your business? Where are your great ideas? How will you create new demand? What will make you the thought leader? What is your Next?


What’s Next

Modern Brand Complexity

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ple x it y

New Next Scenarios

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More Brands

More market complexity

More Products


More Channels


Complexity is increasing We understand this and how it makes organisations suffer. Competition means more products. Brand management is now a global task. And an impatient public wants your message delivered consistently through multi channels - and they want it now!

So what’s the diagram? It’s the complexity every company must master. More brands, more products, more channels. More complexity? Yes, and also many opportunities to create new insights and business opportunities.

You just need to know where to look.


We all like apps. We have on average 50 apps on our phones. Are you one of them?

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The ‘Last Second’ Economy We didn’t coin this phrase, but the impact of a device always close to you will become a huge factor in how you make decisions about everything. And if the service is valuable enough, people will use it. It has been proven already. Can you offer something last minute that nobody else can?

Become last second, not last.

‘Last second’ is about the decisions we are making. Where to go? What to wear? How long does it take? Which is the nearest? Where do i download it? 9

What’s Next

How to create value?

A small company

A small company that runs smarter has greater value 10


We Like Small companies run by business owners, families, friends. The start up. Small teams with big ideas. They are the backbone of every old and new economy.

Lets Make Small Smarter and then bigger. Let’s discover new markets and match our work to the new opportunities. Let’s create a smarter company with more influence before adding more people or more resources.

Where can I add Smart?



What’s Next

How does it work? The What’s Next program: 1. Gather/Define Define the value points. Gather market insights.

2. Define the best case scenarios Formulate a scenario set.

3. Action plan and Action people Bring together the right people. Develop the plan of action.



We collaborate with you to design best case scenarios. We visualise them, and make their complexity easy to understand. We deliver a market-ready plan of action. And then we monitor its impact and market results.

4. From Strategy to delivery Communicate to the organisation. Put the services in place.

5. Feedback and re-strategy Launch to market. Monitor and plan.

Stay Agile! We use Agile as our collaborative and creation process.


What’s Next




One percent How much would you expect to spend to create your future? Start making the right decisions earlier and in time. 1% in time, money, resources. It starts with a belief to get ahead and a figure you can make happen.

Or less It takes 1% or less to know what your next best move will be. To be ahead of your business.

What’s 1% of infinite possibilities?


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You Are Not The First Join us as first among equals. Our focus lies here. Technology and Innovation What’s Next is where technology innovation, content innovation and business innovation blend, interact and become ubiquitous for all to experience. Fashion and Beauty Fashion’s new integrated concepts blend online and offline worlds, with new ways to brand the mulitichannel shopping experience. Lifestyle and Culture Lifestyles are changing. Connected, nomadic and urban. New engagements are being created through social content, media-driven participation and crossover events and gatherings.

What can I learn from the experiences of others?

What’s Next



We love the Independent We love smart, independent people whose talents complement our own. We’re building a network of specialists, creatives, developers, consultants. Always the best independents in their field.

Our guiding principle is simple: They must be independent. Independents are the people who get things done. Their hourly rate demands their best. They give it and they don’t stop until the project is done.

Want to join? 19

What’s Next

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What’s Next

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Know what your tomorrow is today. Start by reading this book again.

What’s Next

What's Next  
What's Next  

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