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Case Study: Background: Ferrari of Seattle needs an image of the new 2012 Ferrari FF to showcase in its brochure. The image will be entirely vector-based as opposed to a photograph so it will also not lose resolution when used at varying sizes. Also, creating a vector based image of the new Ferrari instead of rastor-based will result in a smaller file size, making it more applicable for web and mobile platforms. Target Audience: The target demographic for the image of the new Ferrari FF will be wealthy clients that can afford a very expensive vehicle. The image will be placed in a brochure forserious buyers only. Objective: After observing the lines and curves of the new FF, clients should be sold on its shear beauty and unique design. It has been expertly crafted to stand out among exotic vehicles and outperform its competitors. Obstacles: Since this will be a rastor-based image and not a photograph, the challenge will be to replicate every line, shade and feature of the car to make it appear as realisticas possible. Key Benefit: After seeing the image of the Ferrari designed and created in Illustrator, the audience will see a simplier rendering of the car. The highlights and key features of the vehicle will stand out and give the audience a better sense of the car’s design. Support Statement: The whole point of creating this image is to promote and sell the Ferrari FF. By creating a vector-based image of the car, it will be available for multiple platforms (print,web and mobile) without losing resolution or quality of the image. The car’s design will stand out and look beautiful, regardless of the size of the image. Buyers will be able to research and see the car in a magazine or on the web which will lead to more sales for Ferrari. Tone: The tone of this image is bold and sharp with an appreciation for ergonomics and design. Media: The rastor image of the Ferrari FF will be for a promotional brochure that will be offered in print and also displayed on Ferrari of Seattle’s website. Subsequently, it can be viewed onmobile devices as well to give the vehicle the most possible exposure. Creative Considerations: The image will appeal to anyone with an appreciation for industrial design, even though it is for a promotional brochure. The brochure itself should be printed in multiple languages to reach the widest audience possible.

2012 FF Ferrari  

Digital Illustration of 2012 Ferrari FF for a Ferrari dealership brochure

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