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If you’re not here yet, you should be; Creede and Mineral County is the place to be…

As the Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor Information Center we strive to offer the most up-to-date news and information

about our local area and the surrounding towns as well. We hike the trails and fish the rivers and lakes to provide most efficient insight. Our Chamber members believe in us enough to support us with monetary memberships and event sponsorships, and we like to give that effort back by showing you why we love Creede and Mineral County. Stop in for a day or a week, but when you do leave, it will be with a plans for your next visit.

In this guide we tempt you with three waterfall trips and entice you with the unexpected nightlife of this cozy mountain town. Take

the day trips for a better view of our neighbors and the exciting journeys they offer. Challenge yourself with the hikes or drives and find yourself wandering through some of the most beautiful country in Colorado! Stop into the shops for your piece of Creede to take home. Taste of the gourmet dinner or mid-day appetizers and drinks. Walk in the early morning quiet to hear the sounds of the mountains Font: ITC Giovanni

coming awake or stay up late attending the varied entertainment of the dark hours. It’s all here and so easy to grasp. All you have to do is reach for it.

Della Brown

Executive Director Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce

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The Town of Creede

Where Are We?

By highway, Creede is about 265 miles southwest of Denver and about 260 miles north of Albuquerque. Approaches from the north and south include US 285, I-25 (to the east), and US 550 (to the west). All three of these highways intersect US 160, the primary east-west route through our region.

Creede &

Mineral County

The Frontier Phoenix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Made in Creede . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Retail Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 In the Footsteps of History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 3 Waterfalls in 3 Days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Off the Eatin’ Path . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 The Spice of Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Headwaters of the Rio Grande . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Live it Up! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Area Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Happy Trails . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Day Trips from Creede . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Local Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 God’s Country . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 ‘Round the Fire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Out on the Town . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Workshops and Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Chamber Member Pages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Event Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Adventure in Every Season . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55

The Frontier Phoenix • sha r i n g i n the r ebi rth of cr eede •


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Creede and her community not only survived the West Fork Complex Fire, but they were reborn in the process. Banding together with the first responder team, the Creede community fought the fire’s physical, emotional, and economic dangers. But as devastating as the fire was to our wilderness and businesses, we must remember that Creede was founded with the grit of American Frontiersmen and has held strong since 1890 through other, more devastating fires, mine closures, the Great Depression and a myriad of economic setbacks. As we have seen, there remains much grit in our current community of mountain men and women. The West Fork Fire has given us yet another opportunity to dig down and show our grit to overcome adversity and come together as a community. In fact, the West Fork Complex Fire was a great reminder to our community that together, we can do almost anything. On June 5, 2013, a bolt of lightning touched ground in


the Weminuche Wilderness. A seemingly innocuous natural occurrence, that single bolt of lightning began the West Fork Fire. In the Weminuche Wilderness, northeast of Pagosa Springs, a huge column of smoke appeared over Snowshoe Mountain. As the ominous column rose, and the smoke settled over Creede, there was little to do but watch, wait, and speculate. Within two weeks, there were three columns of smoke surrounding Mineral County. Creede residents began to feel anxious. South Fork and Wagon Wheel Gap were evacuated. Colorado State Patrol closed Highway 160 and Highway 149 South. The only way in and out of Mineral County was through Lake City and Gunnison. But Creede residents have grit. Most stayed to help evacuate livestock and volunteer with the Sheriff ’s Department and firefighters. Hand painted banners appeared all over Creede thanking the firefighters, Sheriff ’s Department, EMTs, and other first responders.

Due to the large number of beetle-killed trees, wind, and dry conditions, the West Fork fire gained momentum and consumed the forest quickly. Creede residents watched the smoke column grow bigger. Shortly thereafter, two other bolts of lightning started the Papoose Fire (located south of Creede) and the Windy Pass fire (located near the Wolf Creek ski area.) The fire was renamed the West Fork Complex Fire to encompass them all. On July 8, 2013, the West Fork Complex Fire was still at 0% containment. It grew to destroy over 100,000 acres of wilderness. Firefighters struggled to protect Wolf Creek Ski Area and private property in South Fork. By July 19, the West Fork Complex Fire was considered 66% contained and described as “creeping and smoldering.” Even though the major fire danger had passed, small smoke columns could be seen in the burn zone. Firefighters, on the ground and in helicopters, worked around the clock to put them out. Filling tanks in the Rio Grande River, Creede residents watched them dump their loads on the smoldering fire. Having survived the multiple fires which threatened our tiny mountain town, the danger shifted from immediate physical danger to economic. By June, Creede would be filled with Summer visitors. But during the 2013 Summer, Main Street looked more like it does in February. Empty and somewhat desolate, small business owners missed our Summer visitors terribly. Already limited with a short summer season, Creede small business owners struggle yearly to keep their doors open. The West Fork Complex Fire discouraged our yearly visitors from coming to Creede, and by missing most of the 2013 retail season, small business owners worried about their winter survival. But once again, our community came together quickly to answer the need of our small businesses. Creede residents Caitlyn Jewell and Ginny Parham, concerned with the survival of local businesses, responded to the need immediately. Soon after the fire, the Creede Community Relief Fund was born. The Creede Community Relief Fund is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise and distribute funds to the hardest hit local businesses. The nonprofit organization will assist local businesses which are struggling to survive the Winter. But by Summer 2014, when our visitors return, the Creede Community Relief Fund will become the Creede Community Fund. It will continue to function as a business development and support organization. Much like our Creede residents, Colorado

wildlife and forests are quick to recover. According to the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Fort Collins, wildfires affect our wildlife mostly through the changes in their habitat. Forest fires change habitats dramatically, the habitat is not destroyed, but transformed. The fire-killed trees become food for insect larvae and provide perches for raptors. Decaying trees are the preferred nesting sites for woodpeckers and other cavity nesting species. Within 10-20 years, saplings, shrubs, and grasses will reoccupy the burned areas, and the forests will again provide cover for various species. Forest fires often increase herbivore populations because it opens up the forest floor for a wider variety of food sources. Larger carnivores are opportunistic and are easily able to temporarily relocate to a new home range if necessary. As they thrive in areas where prey is most plentiful, they often return to their original ranges that host the increased herbivore populations. To aid our forests in their natural recovery patterns, the community driven group, RWEACT, continues to volunteer in the burn areas. According to their Mission Statement, “RWEACT brings together local, state and federal agencies, organizations and individuals to develop an effective, coordinated approach for immediate actions addressing fire-caused hazards resulting in the protection of human life, property, and the natural health of the Rio Grande watershed and its environment.” By November 2013, RWEACT has completed installation of stream gauges to monitor water flow for sediment and predict Spring run-off, and a NOAA weather radio will be installed on Pool Table Road to increase the wattage from 100 to 300 watts. This will allow the Upper Rio Grande Valley to receive weather forecasts, alerts and updates. cont’d > > >


cont’d > > >

They have also secured a grant from the El Pomar Foundation to support our small business owners. A quick trip to view the burned areas will show that the forest is already recovering. But before our visitors hurry to inspect and explore the burned areas, there are important safety measures to know and follow. Spring and Summer 2014 will be susceptible to flash floods, and some areas that were previously stable are more likely to give-way under feet, hooves or tires. Below are some tips to keep you and your family safe. Like our little community in Creede, our big forest still offers many opportunities for wilderness exploration, recreation and fascination. Come and join us in rejoicing over every new green bud that develops, and become a part of the local organizations that are assisting our community and forest in their recovery. You’ll find that the West Fork Complex Fire has not destroyed our community or our wilderness. Instead, it has transformed and renewed both our residents and our wildlife. Come see the rebirth for yourself. y

staying safe { in burn areas }

Photo: A. Troy

Pay attention to the weather

The greatest flooding potential occurs during short duration, high intensity storms. These are common in the Spring and Summer, and can appear quickly.

Know your area

Know where you are relative to waterways, streams and creeks. Pay attention to rising water in ditches, streams, and the river.

Watch for water obstructions Debris may pile on obstructions in the river, particularly around bridges and culverts.

Move to higher ground

If a flash flood begins, get above waterways. Stay away from downed power lines and wires.

Watch the wind conditions High winds, common in the Spring, can fell burned trees and move sediment.



100% Local


Made in Creede

Just about every shop in Creede offers something made in Creede by a Creede resident. This inspiring form of income can be attributed to opportunity or necessity but overall it highlights the resiliency of the residents of Creede and Mineral County. While some of these creators have just begun their entrepreneurial careers others have been supporting themselves and others for many years! Jenny Inge’s Rare Things Gallery celebrates its 40th year in business in 2014. Jenny has created her very own jewelry line, especially her hand braided horse hair jewelry and has sold to people all around the world. The store has employed up to ten people in a summer season

and remains open all the year around. While Rare Things is just one of the many unique shops in town that carries Made in Creede items; Walk into Rare Things and you will also see wood workings by Jeff Henderson. Ooh La Spa & Boutique offers quality homemade salt and sugar scrubs. The Creede Soap and Candle Company boasts hand made soaps and natural candles. And what do all of these have in common? They are all made in Creede! Aside from the items named above, below you will find some of the other items that can be found in shops or available for private purchase. y

Willow Creek Apothecary Body Butter Where: Ooh La Spa & Boutique

Abra Jewelry & Hand-Knitted Dog Sweaters Where: Off Broadway

Karma Krunchy “Cheesy” Kale Chips Where: Call 971- 645-5022 or email

Downings’ Jewelry and Rockhound’s Guide to Creede & Mineral County Where: Call 719-658-2722 for jewelry, Rockhound’s Guide can be found throughout town shops

Hand-tied Fly fishing flies Where: Ramble House

Xylonix Lutherie Custom Guitars Where: Big River Music

Survival Bracelets Where: San Juan Sports

La Garita Soap and Candle Co. Where: Kentucky Belle Market

Custom Hand Made Signs Where: The Holy Moses Gift Shop

Ryan Prince Pottery Where: under RyanPrincePottery

Photo: M. McKean


Retail Therapy • S hops & G alle r ies •

Abbey Lane Gallery

719-658-2736 / 131 N. Main St., Creede

Antlers Rio Grande Lodge

719-658-2423 / 26222 Hwy 149, Creede

Artspaces by Angela

719-658-2787 / 23550 Hwy 149, Creede

Big River Music

719-658-2100 / 238 S. Main St., Creede

Bob Seago Photography

719-658-1140 / 619 Starlight Cir. #80, Creede

Bristol Yarnworks Studio

719-658-2455 / 39542 W. Hwy 149, Creede

Cottonwood Cove Lodge

719-658-2242 / 13046 Hwy 149, South Fork

Creede Olive Oil Co.

719-658-2443 / 104 N. Main St., Creede

Creede Soap & Candle Company

719-658-3130 / 103 N. Main St., Creede

Creede Trading Post

Freemon’s Guest Ranch & General Store

719-658-2454 / 39284 Hwy 149, Creede

The Holy Moses

719-658-2848 / 121 N. Main St., Creede

J Thompson Gallery

719-658-0880 / 111 N. Main St., Creede

Mines & Memories General Store

719-658-2370 / 708 S. Main St., Creede

Monte Vista Coop

719-852-5181 / 1901 E. Hwy 160, Monte Vista

Off Broadway

719-658-3050 / 129 N. Main St., Creede


719-658-3070 / 289 S. Main St., Creede

Quiller Gallery

719-658-2741 / 110 N. Main St., Creede

Rare Things Gallery of Treasures

719-658-2376 / 106 S. Main St., Creede

Rio Grande Angler

719-658-2955 / 13 S. Main St., Creede

San Juan Sports

719-658-2359 / 102 S. Main St., Creede

Slick Rock Studios

719-658-2434 / 39542 Hwy 149, Creede

The Blue Yak Salon & Boutique

719-658-2500 / 493 S. Main St., Creede

Tomkins Hardware & Lumber

719-658-2240 / 127 N. Main St., Creede

Underbrush Limited

Rainbow Lodge & Grocery

719-658-2455 / 39542 Hwy 149, Creede

Downstream Gas & Mercantile

719-873-5174 / 30359 W, Hwy 160, South Fork Underground Mining Museum

Ed Knight Photo

Ramble House and Creede Guide & Outfitters

719-658-0811 / #9 Forest Service Rd. 503, Creede /

719-658-0625 / 11 S. Main St., Creede 719-658-2480 / 117 E. 7th St., Creede

719-658-0182 / 635 Rainbow Ct., Creede


Frame Shop : Creede

719-588-8484 / 55 Silver Dr., Creede

719-658-2482 / 116 N. Main St., Creede


In the Footsteps Ove r n ight H ikes •••

to an open park that provides a great opportunity for a good night’s sleep before heading into the most difficult section. From here, get ready for a series of switchbacks resulting in almost 1,000 feet of elevation gain. Once at the top, you will find the terrain flattens out long enough for you to catch your breath before beginning the final ascent to Goose Lake. You’re almost there! Don’t give up because when you realize the climbing is over and you take in the beauty of Little Goose Lake looking down on Goose Lake, you will understand why you came. On the southern end of the lake is a great spot to set up a tent and stay for a while. From here enjoy a waterfall, day hike to the Continental Divide, or nap on a boulder in the sun. The hike to get to Goose Lake is not an easy one, but it is SO worth it.

Goose Lake via Ivy Creek Trailhead Length: 12 miles Difficulty: Intermediate to Difficult Elevation: 9,400-13,000 feet Open to: horse and foot traffic only. Directions: From Creede head west approximately seven miles on Highway 149 to Forest Road 523, also known as Middle Creek Road. Follow FR 523 for approximately four miles until the road forks at FR 528, where you will stay left onto FR 528 for about three miles until you find the intersection of Forest Roads 528 and 526. Continue south on FR 526 until you find Ivy Creek Campground approximately three miles down the road to the left. Park to the left just before the cattle grate. From the trailhead ascend Ivy Creek trail 805, keeping the creek to your right, for no more than a mile. Eventually, the trail descends into the creek bed. Take note of where the trail continues across the creek before descending into the creek bed as finding the trail on the other side can be tricky. Look for wooden steps built into the trail as it ascends on the other side. Ivy Creek will now be to your left. The trail stays parallel to the creek until it switches back sharply into tree cover of mixed conifers. Thus begins a long ascent out of the creek bed toward the rocky avalanche fields at the top. As the uphill climb flattens, you will have the much needed opportunity to cool your feet as you cross Ivy Creek one last time. Ivy Creek will now be to your right, and you will follow the tree line for approximately a half mile. At this point the trail will lead you


Wheeler Geologic Area via Hanson’s Mill Length: 8.9 miles Difficulty: Moderate Elevation: 10,800-12,700 feet Open to: Mountain bikers to East Bellows Creek; foot and horse traffic on the entire trail. Directions: From Creede head south on Highway 149 for seven miles to Pool Table Road/Forest Road 600. Enjoy a beautiful 9-mile drive up to Hanson’s Mill, where you will find East Bellows Trailhead #790. For approximately three miles, Trail #790 winds through fragrant tree cover and open rock fields. After two prominent switchbacks, you will come to East Bellows Creek. Aren’t your feet on fire? Good, because you will now cool them in the refreshing waters of the creek. Depending on the time of

of History the summer, a creative hiker could cross without getting wet as there are conveniently placed rocks and limbs. After crossing follow the trail, which will be on your right, out of the creek bed until you reach Silver Park. After approximately two miles Trail #790 merges with FR #600. Hikers and OHV traffic share the trail until reaching the entrance to Wheeler a few miles down. Beginning at the gate to Wheeler, traffic is now limited to hikers only. A short half-mile hike takes you immediately to the lower section of the geologic area. The trail to upper loop is difficult due to altitude gain, but the payoff is unbelievable. This former National Monument consists of volcanic tuff shaped into otherworldly spires, domes, and canyons. While Mineral County is blessed with the mountains we all see when we look out our window, nothing else in the area compares to the bizarre beauty of Wheeler Geologic Area.

Day H ikes •••

Turn on Miners Creek Road and continue about 1.5 miles to an intersection with a road that cuts left. This road goes across a bridge and up a small hill to the left into the trees (there is another cut, very 4wd that stays straight which leads to private property). Continue on the left for a half mile to a parking/ camping area. The trailhead is to the west of the parking area. This trail is well marked and can be shared with Fisher people as well. Grab your fishing rod and follow the trail over the creek a few times. The trail follows a narrow canyon but after about a half mile splits; The fisher person can follow the left fork to fish the creek and to the beaver ponds up a bit higher. The right fork will lead the hiker to the hillside where this side of the trail parallels the other but on a much dryer and more gentle slope. The right side continues west through treed areas and flowered fields. The “end” of the trail comes at a field of grasses, flowers and Willow bushes. While this trail does not offer dramatic far seeing vistas it is beautiful in spring, summer and autumn with quiet serenity and opportunity to find your secret getaway.

Inspiration Point/The Pinnacles Length: 3.5 miles Difficulty: Intermediate to Difficult Elevation: 8,900 feet to 11,200 feet Open to: Foot traffic. Directions: Beginning within Creede city limits, just east of

Shallow Creek Trail Length: 2.25 miles Difficulty: Moderate Elevation: 8,738 feet to 9,625 feet Open to: Mountain Bikes, foot traffic, and horse travel. Directions: From the Chamber of Commerce in Creede (904 S. Main St.) Follow Hwy. 149 southwest for approximately 3 miles to FS Road 507 (Miners Creek Road).

Downstream Gas And Mercantile, you’ll find the Inspiration Point trailhead. The Inspiration Point trail is a steep climb and gains almost 3,000 feet in the space of 3.5 miles. Referred to affectionately as “Perspiration Point,” this trail might be difficult to climb, but offers a great payoff. After many switchbacks and steady climbing, hikers will be rewarded with a truly inspirational view of the famous Creede cliffs and historic downtown Creede. There are no fishing opportunities, and camping is not recommended as water is not readily available. Despite the short length of the hike, the duration could be as long as 3 hours, depending on how often you stop to take in the views. We recommend beginning this hike early, as you will want to take your time when you reach the top. y

This is just a sample of the countless miles of breathtaking trails Creede & Mineral County have to offer. To find more, visit: Rio Grande National Forest Visitor Information Center at 3rd and Main Street in Creede, 719-658-2556.


3 Waterfalls in 3 Days


The waterfalls in and around Mineral County are plentiful, beautiful and require varying levels of outdoor skills to visit. If, like many of our visitors, you are seeking a waterfall experience, you have come to the right place! There are more than ten waterfalls within a 60-mile drive from Mineral County. Here, we will highlight three of them. Use our guidelines to see up to three waterfalls in three days. Many businesses in Creede offer a wide variety of outdoor gear and personal knowledge of the area. Keep in mind that some waterfall areas are easily accessible and others require a higher level of outdoor skills to visit. If you need maps, boots,

a new hat, or advice, local residents and owners of Freemon’s General Store, Ramble House and San Juan Sports know exactly how to help you! Don’t forget your camera! These waterfall experiences offer boundless opportunities for photographs of scenic vistas and wildlife. We recommend that for every waterfall experience you wear good walking/hiking shoes, bring plenty of water for yourself and pets, wear sunscreen, and gently pace yourself. Creede sits at almost 9,000 feet above sea level. All visitors will require time to acclimate before they participate in any strenuous activity.

Day O n e

Day T wo

North Clear Creek Falls


A 26-mile scenic drive from Creede, North Clear Creek Falls is easily accessible to most everyone. With a large observation area, plenty of parking for large vehicles, picnic tables, handicap accessibility and restrooms, North Clear Creek Falls are not to be missed when visiting Creede or traveling the Silver Thread Scenic Byway. They are a great final destination for those looking to take a short scenic drive from Creede or the perfect rest-stop when traveling to Lake City or beyond.

Phoenix Park Falls


8am - 9am: Breakfast

Head to town and enjoy a home-style breakfast.

A 2.2-mile hike, Phoenix Park Falls is considered an intermediate hike or a “more difficult” 4x4 road. With a few steep climbs, make sure and budget a full day for this experience. The Phoenix Park Road/trail follows an old stock driveway. This trail is an excellent cross country experience, with ample opportunities to view wildlife and wildflowers. The adventurous hiker can fish the creeks after about a mile of travel and there are plenty of areas for camping. Remember to bring your own water. Don’t forget to get a Bachelor Loop Book from the Chamber of Commerce for historic information on East Willow Creek.

10am - 11am: The Adventure Begins!

8am - 9am: Breakfast

12pm - 1pm: Stop at Freemon’s

You will need a good boost before starting out on your hike. Stop at one of the local eateries for breakfast and pick up a sack lunch to eat on the trail.

9am - 10am: Gear Update

Leave Creede and head West towards Lake City on Highway 149 (also called the Silver Thread Scenic Byway). On the right side of the highway, a few miles past the halfway point; stop at Freemon’s Ranch and General Store for lunch and maybe a chat.

1pm: You have arrived.

Take a right on Forest Service Road #510. Then, travel approximately one-half mile to the overlook. After you explore North Clear Creeks Falls, you can choose to continue on Highway 149 and visit Lake City. Filled with galleries, historic sites and beautiful vistas, Lake City offers a variety of activities for the adventurous traveler.

Before heading out, make a stop at the Rio Grande National Forest Ranger Station to pick up maps and ask advice. Visit the local suppliers for packs, emergency kits and sunscreen.

10am -12pm:

After a 4.5-mile drive on East Willow Creek Road, the Phoenix Park Road/Trail shoots off of the first switchback and is considered an intermediate hike. Take your time and enjoy the views. Stop and eat your sack lunch on the trail.

12pm - 2pm:

The last half mile of the Trail to the falls is open to foot traffic only (road stops at the cabin), so take your time. cont’d > > >


cont’d > > >

3pm - 7pm:

Assuming you took your time on your hike, you should be back in Creede in time for dinner. Take in your meal at one of the fine establishments in town or take a short drive to one of outlying restaurants. Every one of them is worth the visit!

Day T h r ee Copper Creek Falls


This trip is for four-wheel drive vehicles and/or those with high clearance. The higher the road travels closer to the falls viewing area, the more difficult the road becomes. For this day-long excursion in the mountains, stop by the Kentucky Belle grocery store to stock up on picnic supplies and fill your ice chest. With a great selection of deli meats and pre-prepared food items, there is no need for you to cook. But if you prefer to grill, there are small fire rings at Love Lake.

8am - 9am

Eat breakfast, update your gear, get picnic supplies and fill your gas tank.

9am - 10am

The drive to Copper Creek Falls is a little over 20 miles, 40 miles round trip. You will leave Creede, turning on CO 149N. After 7 miles, turn left onto Middle Creek Road, after a couple of miles stay right at the fork in the road. Continue past Love Lake on Co Rd 523 until it forks again. Then stay right onto Co Rd 524. During your drive, you will pass through historic Soward Ranch. Offering lodging, it is a beautiful and secluded area. This is private property; Please remain in your vehicle until you reach National Forest.

10am - 11am

You should reach Love Lake at approximately 10:30 or 11:00. Continue past Love Lake and watch out for moose! We highly recommend you explore the area past Love Lake, as there are multiple scenic view opportunities.

11am - 12pm

After you finish exploring, continue along the road to Copper Creek Falls on the right. Look for the small loop in the road. You could choose to enjoy your picnic lunch at the falls, or return to Love Lake. If you choose to return to Love Lake, there are great fishing and exploration opportunities. There is also a small picnic area with tables, fire rings, and benches. We recommend you enjoy the rest of your afternoon fishing and exploring the area. y

north clear creek falls Photo: C. Graeber


Off the Eatin’ Path • local eate r ies & Restau r a n ts • 4UR Ranch

Rich in history and tradition, 4UR Ranch has been welcoming families for over 120 years. Though a private resort, you’re invited to dine with us by reservation. $$$$ / Dinner 719-658-2202 / One Goose Creek Rd., Creede

Antler’s Riverside Restaurant & Lodge

Excellent dining on the banks of the Rio Grande. Choose between our heated riverside deck or our beautiful aspen wood dining room. Signature items include Lobster Bisque, Antler’s Filet Mignon, Oven-roasted Rack of Lamb, Ponzu Glazed Salmon, Creme Brulee-just to name a few! Serving Top Shelf Bar and Fine Wines. $$$$ / Dinner 719-658-2423 / 26222 Hwy 149, Creede

Blue Creek Lodge & Restaurant

Offers the utmost in fine vacationing. Enjoy our delicious home-cooked food. Hamburgers, chili, chicken fried steak and the best homemade pie ever. Reservations recommended for large groups. $$-$$$ / Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 719-658-2479 / 11682 Hwy. 149., South Fork

Broadacres Ranch Dining for Broadacres Ranch guests exclusively. 25671 W. Hwy 149, Creede Café Ole Creede’s hometown place to meet friends and neighbors for breakfast or lunch. Gourmet coffees and bakery goodies. Pizza night on Thursday. Excellent food, courteous service and reasonable prices. $$ / Breakfast, Lunch 719-658-2880 / 112 Main St., Creede


Cascada Bar & Grill

Find both traditional and specialty Mexican dishes on the menu as well as many American favorites. We feature warm handmade flour and corn tortillas, fresh ingredients, vegetarian and other special dietary selections. Authentic artifacts and art pieces decorate the dining area throughout. Cascada offers outdoor seating the largest outdoor deck in the area. $$-$$$ / Lunch, Dinner 719-658-1033 / 981 La Garita St., Creede

Cottonwood Cove Lodge

A family resort with cabins, RV sites, restaurant, horses, rafts, jeep rentals and gift store. The restaurant is casual, family style with American cuisine and serving hand-dipped Blue Bell ice cream. $$$ / Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 719-658-2242 / 13046 Hwy 149, South Fork

Creede Hotel & Restaurant

Enjoy fine dining in a casual atmosphere. Fresh seafood, steaks and local Colorado products for dinner. Lunchtime features sandwiches, salads and burgers. $$$-$$$$ / Lunch, Dinner 719-658-2608 / 120 N. Main St., Creede

Far Dog

Bar, Restaurant, Espresso,. Serving fresh quality food, Lavazza coffee and espresso, and a great selection of beer, wine and spirits. Open Lunch and Dinner. $$$ / Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 719-658-0685 / 115 N. Main St. Creede

Freemon’s Guest Ranch & General Store

Located on Clear Creek we offer clean rustic cabins for singles, couples or families. Horse rides,

great views, and mountain ranch atmosphere is what we specialize in. $-$$ / Lunch, Dinner 719-658-2454 / 39284 Hwy. 149, Creede

Kip’s Grill

2014 Silver Chef/Salsa/Chocloate Winner. Fresh Baja-style tacos, handmade salsa, cold beer and fresh juice margaritas! Great patio, live music and “Sky BAR”...highest in Creede. $$-$$$ / Lunch, Dinner 719-658-0220 / Fifth and Main St., Creede

MJ’s Café

Dine with the locals at MJ’s Café where the fresh made Chicken Fried Steaks, Chicken strips and homemade Green Chile are a constant. $$ / Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 719-658-0340 / 801 La Garita, Creede

The Old Firehouse Restaurant and bar

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, beginning June 1st. Delicious all-american food including omelets, burgers, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, homemade pastas and a full bar.. $$ / Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner 719-658-0212 / 30B Jackson St., South Fork

Tommyknocker Tavern & BBQ Bistro

Serving great food in the casual setting of a historic Creede building with a spacious back patio. Delicious sandwiches, fresh salads and our famous BBQ Ribs. Serving locally brewed beers. Lots of live music. Family friendly. $-$$ / Lunch, Dinner 719-658-0138 / 107 Wall St., Creede



Team Dentist

Official Medical Provider

Official Medical Provider

Clinical Instructor



The Spice of Life

• stayi n g fit a n d healthy i n mi n e r al cou n ty • If you want to get outside to explore and stay fit, look for your outdoor gear and survival supplies at The Freemon’s General Store, Ramble House and San Juan Sports; If you’re in Lake City stop in at Lake City Auto & Sports. In South Fork visit Rainbow Lodge and Grocery. The following businesses will help with your strive to stay fit and healthy during your visit!

Cr eede F it n ess ••• 719-588-8484 Classes are held at the Creede Elks’ Lodge (above Rare Things Gallery) Bring water! Mats provided or bring your own.

2014 Summer Schedule Core/Strength Training

Monday and Fridays, 8-9:30am, $10 Integrates free-weights and Pilates-based core work for improved strength, flexibility, and tone. Weights provided. Beginners through advanced welcome.

Hatha Yoga

Wednesdays, 4:15-6:15pm, $10 Classical hatha Yoga taught with an emphasis on calming the mind through easyto-achieve, although, challenging poses. A deep experience of being present-in-thebody through healthy stretching, flexibility, balance and strength training.

Hatha Yoga

Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm, $5 An easy beginner to intermediate class. Don’t be deceived, this class is still a workout! Come Stretch, smile, breathe and relax!

K a r ma H ealth & F it n ess ••• 971-645-5022 / Mike Milakovic: The Trainer, Lifelong Athlete, Olympic Hopeful, BS in Exercise Science, NSCA Cert. Strength & Conditioning Specialist Bootcamp and Personal Training Classes for Women, Men, Moms and Kids! Indoor/outdoor classes and training to fit you and your schedule! Also offering Holistic Self-Care Instruction and Nutritional Support. Home of THE BEST Krunchy Kale Chips snack in the country as well!

T u r n i n g A spe n s M assage & Z e r o B ala n ci n g ••• 719-480-2845 / Jo Johnson

Zero Balancing I

June 5th -8th / October 2nd -5th A Zero Balancer is taught to consciously use touch to engage both the energy body and the structural body. A Zero Balancer is taught to work with the denser tissues of the body, the bones and ligaments, allowing change to occur at a deep and meaningful level. A Zero Balancer is also taught to work with the body’s natural energy flows to establish clearer, stronger individuals through the implementation of clearer, stronger fields.

Fundamentals of Touch

June 9th / July 28th / September 1st Fundamentals of Touch introduces integration in theory and application for ANYONE! This fun, restorative day is taught at CRT’s Ruth Theatre from 9 to 5 with a break for lunch.


Cr eede Chi r op r actic a n d K i n esiology Cli n ic ••• 719-658-0526 / 31 Silver Dr., Creede Dr. Damian Richardson, DC, NMD, FIAMA, LAc, and Dr. Michelle Richardson, MSc., DC, CCCN offer a comprehensive, natural approach to healthcare and are dedicated to finding and correcting the underlying cause of illness, ailments and injuries by addressing the structural, biochemical and emotional components of health. They treat people, not symptoms and work from the principle that we are all unique, thus requiring different approaches to correct disease. Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Nutritional Counseling, CranioSacral Therapy and Functional Neurology are utilized to address a broader range of possible imbalances. All ages and ailments are welcome.

Cr eede Family P r actice / Rio G r a n de H ospital ••• 719-658-0929 / 802 Rio Grande Ave., Creede

H a r di n g D e n tal G r oup ••• 719-873-5846 / 138 Ponderosa Dr., South Fork A full service dental office offering all dental services including implants, dentures, cosmetic and emergency care.

M i n e r al Cou n ty P ublic H ealth ••• 719-658-2416 / 802 Rio Grande Ave., Creede Provides public health needs. Be sure to ask about our Drug Assistance Program, LEAP, and other assistance we can provide for you.

S acr ed S pace M assage T he r apy ••• 719-873-0044 / 205 County Rd. 19, South Fork Massage therapy for your well-being. Intuitive massage incorporating SwedishTherapeutic and Deep Tissue techniques for stress reduction, pain alleviation and overall mind-body-spirit connection. Hot Stone Massage for deeper states of relaxation and balance.

Photo: bob seago photography

“In the st ruggle fo r su rvival , the fittest wi n out at the e x pe n se of thei r r ivals because they succeed i n adapti n g themselves best to thei r e n vi r o n me n t. � Charles Darwin



Headwaters of the Rio Grande

Photo: jane nearing


• fishi n g i n cr eede & mi n e r al cou n ty •

By Cole Birdsey of Ramble House and Creede Guide & Outfitters

The Creede area has fishing opportunities for everyone, from a novice bait fisherman to the most experienced fly fisherman. The headwaters of the Rio Grande are located very near Creede and offer some of the best river fishing in the country. River regulations are strict though, and only allow artificial fly and lure. Early June through July is the best time to fish the Rio Grande because of a large stonefly hatch, but fishing on the river is still good all the way through September. The bag limits on the Rio Grande are 2 Browns under 12 inches, and catch and release on Rainbows. Stop in one of the local fly shops to get more info. For someone who just wants to cast out a worm and relax with friends and family, the reservoirs

suit your needs. Lures also work great on the reservoirs. Love Lake, Road Canyon Reservoir, and Browns Lake are just a few of the many reservoirs around. The regulations allow you to fish bait on the reservoirs and the bag limit is four trout a day, eight in possession. The small streams also offer some great fishing for everyone. Small Brook and Brown trout call these streams home and are generally easy to catch. The streams range from being very difficult to fish with dense willows and cover, to generally open streams that are much easier to fish. The local fishing shops can provide more information on specific streams. The bag limit on the streams is the same as the reservoirs. With all these great opportunities to fish in the Creede area, be sure to experience it with your family. y


Live It Up! • r ecr eatio n a n d e n te rtai n me n t • Big River Music

Creede WoodCarvers

Live music, lessons, equipment. 719-658-2100 / 238 S. Main St., Creede

For one full week, this year July 12th-18th, they offer classes, tutorials and fun for all ages. 303-940-3505 /

Cottonwood Cove Lodge

Freemon’s Guest Ranch & General Store

Raft rentals, horse rides, jeep rentals, fishing the Rio Grande. 719-658-2242 / 13046 Hwy 149, Creede

Creede/Mineral county Arts & Recreation

Visit the chamber for a calendar of events and classes. 719-658-2276 / 2223 N. Main St., Creede

Creede Arts Council

Provides numerous art shows and the Willow Creek Journal. 719-658-0312 / 103 N. Main St., Creede

creede community center

Horse rides for all ages and experience levels and fishing on Clear Creek. 719-658-2454 / 39284 Hwy 149, Creede


Entertains our ears at 96.5FM, 95.3FM and 1240AM. 719-852-3581 / 109 Adams St., Monte Vista

Last Chance Mine

Rods, flies, and guides, oh my! Plus supplies and gear for your day or night. 719-658-2955 / 13 S. Main St., Creede

Creede Historical Society

Drop camps, pack trips, horseback day rides, game packing, and back packing. 719-658-2454 / 39284 Hwy 149, Creede

Lost Ute Outfitters

Mineral County Fairgrounds

Forty-nine seasons of matinee, evening and late, late shows! The Theatre offers a show for each of us as well as back stage tours and theatre camps. 719-658-2540 / 124 N. Main St., Creede

Horsemanship classes, rodeos, bull riding, ATV safety and events. 719-658-2376 / Airport Rd. NE, Creede

Creede Snowshoe Lodge

Rafting and kayaking on the Rio Grande and outdoor adventures including Lake Fork trips and multi day trips in Labyrinth Canyon. 719-658-2663 / 702 S. Main St., Creede

ATV rentals; single and side by side. 719-658-2315 / 202 E. 8th St., Creede

Ramble House and Creede Guide & Outfitters

Lake City Auto & Sports

Rentals and sales of ATVs and snowmobiles of all shapes and sizes and the gear to go with it. 970-944-2311 / 809 N. Hwy 149, Lake City Mine tours, rockhounding and more! 719-238-7959 / 498 USFS Rd 504, Creede

Creede Repertory Theatre

Rainbow Lodge & Grocery

Sporting goods for your next outing including gear for archery, fishing and hiking, maps, food, and other supplies. 719-873-5174 / 30359 W Hwy 160, South Fork

Supplies, gear, and local expertise for your outdoor adventures. 719-658-2482 / 116 N. Main St., Creede

Community events and private parties with a full bar, table, chairs, and kitchen. 719-658-0811 / FS Road 503 #9, Creede Historical Library and Historical Museum. 719-658-2394 / Main Street, Creede

Mountaineer Movie Theatre

Modern cinema. Vintage setting. 970-944-2548 / 811 N. Gunnison Ave., Lake City /

Mountain Man Tours

Rio Grande Angler

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

Train rides offering specials with live music, beer tastings, and the T-Rex Express. 312-878-6652 / 610 State Ave., Alamosa

San Juan Sports

Clothing, gear and trail info and so much more. 719-658-2359 / 102 S. Main St., Creede

Silver Thread Quilt Guild

Quilts, quilting, by quilters from all across the states! Quilt Show September 21, 22 and 23.

Snow Country Explorers

Establishes and maintains trails for our snowmobiling fun. 719-658-2221 / Creede

underground mining museum

Twenty-two years entertaining locals and visitors with the rich history of the mining in Creede and Mineral County. 719-658-0811 / FS Road 503 #9, Creede

Upper Rio Grande Nordic Club

News and manpower to monitor and maintain the numerous trails for snowshoeing and crosscountry skiing in the Creede area. 719-658-2602 / PO Box 52, Creede




Creede & Mineral County Lake City

Colorado Trail Colorado Trail


FSR 50





Rito Hondo Reservoir


North Clear Creek Falls


Brown Lakes

Heart Lake R

Cre ek




2 Sha (McKellow Creek nzie S T tock D rail rive)



South Clear Creek Falls

6 51




Tra il


Santa Maria Reservoir


rv oir

Los t Rio








il Tra ek



Texa s



ree eC Ut

il Tra




Regan Lake

Ca ny on






rn Fe


il Tra ek

Middle C re ek

Bear Town Stony Pass




ad Peak

i ra kT

Br t o l is

e re sC






Continental Reservoir

Carson Ghost Town


Crystal Lake

1 18 Fe r


Cr ee



Ruby Lakes


eT rai l


Cr e

Love Lake



k Cree

T ro ut

ail Tr ek

l Trai

Copper Creek Waterfall




rail ek T Cre aw

Squaw Lake




We m


Rio Grande Pyramid

• area map and trails • Green numbered circles represent campgrounds. Find your ideal spot and match it with the campground on page 41.

San Luis Peak 14,014 ft

FSR 5 03

rado Colo













94 l7

kT rail 801

Fremont’s Camp



612 FSR

Tra il






0 Trail 7

rg o

Cr ee




l7 Trai



0 63

FSR 611

Wagon Wheel Gap

Cathedral Rock

12 SR 6 n-F mo Ra 5

FSR 613

Cre ek

Cathedral CG

a Agu

Hansen’s Mill Trailhead to Wheeler

Pool Table Rd



Tr ai


Far m


e Cre ers

Deep Creek Rd






Road 786



Pinnacles Trail


Wheeler Geologic Area il Tra

r Lo


East W illow


Trail 789


97 Rd ek re rC de Al 99 R7 FS


Coller State Wildlife Area

C reek Rd 2

k T rail

South Fork

re e

il Tra


1 83








ngs CG

Hwy Spri

Million Resvr

Upper & Lower Beaver Creek CG Beaver Creek Resvr



Trail 8 37

Trail 933


Trail 849

Hunter’s Lake Trail 835

34 il 8 Tra

WIl lo w Cr eek T ra i l


Tra il 8 33





ark/ ow P ak WIll orte Pe N Del



North Lim

Phoenix Park Waterfall

Car / Paved Road Jeep/4x4 Trail Mountain Bike / ATV Motorcycle Roads Hike / Horseback




Cross Creek CG

Trail 812 -




Happy Trails • p e ace , o f f -r oa d • Trail Name / no. elev. elev. elev. difficulty usage start end gain

Deep Creek Trail / 806 Farmers Creek Trail / 801 Heart Lake Trail / 823 Inspiration Point / 789 Ivy Creek Trail / 805 Miners Creek Trail / 803 Shallow Creek Trail / 897 Squaw Creek Trail / 814 Texas Creek Trail / 816 Ute Creek Trail / 819 Weminuche Creek Trail / 818 West Pole Creek Trail / 918

8900 10900 2000 Mod. - Diff. Mod. 8800 11300 2500 Moderate Light - Mod. 10400 11600 1200 Moderate Light - Mod. 8900 11200 2300 Difficult Light 9200 11800 2600 Easy - Mod. Mod. 9000 11500 2500 Moderate Mod. 8738 9625 887 Moderate Light - Mod. 9400 10800 1400 Easy Mod. - Heavy 9040 11640 2600 Most Diff. Light - Mod. 9600 11800 2200 Easy Heavy 9400 10600 1200 Easy Mod. - Heavy 11200 12600 1400 Moderate Very light

Photo: Koone

length usage one-way (miles)

9 9 1.9 3.5 8.1 7 2.25 9.9 12.9 12.1 5.5 3.5

foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse foot/horse

Fern Creek Trail / 815 9200 9800 600 Easy - Diff. Heavy OHV-4.7, Foot-15 Motorcycle/ATV under 50” Lost Creek Trail / 821 9750 12350 2600 Moderate Light to Mod. 11 Motorcycle/ATV under 50” Bachelor Road / 504 Heavy Bear Town / 506 10500 12100 1600 Mod. - Diff. Heavy Bristol Head Peak / 532 10030 12706 2676 Moderate Mod. Pool Table/Wheeler / 600 10800 11040 200 Difficult Heavy Regan Lake / 521 9530 10080 550 Easy Heavy Stony Pass / 520 9600 12588 2988 Moderate Extra Heavy

17 Jeep 5.9 Jeep 15.1 Jeep 13.7 Jeep 4.8 Jeep 14.6 Jeep

Provided courtesy of Rio Grande National Forest.


In the Neighborhood


• day t r i p s f r o m cr e e d e •

We know you will love traveling and exploring throughout our beautiful country, but we would like to share with you some of the other locations that we like to visit. These places offer variety to our wonderful area through uniqueness of location and adventure.

S ag uach e

••• Hwy 149 south to Hwy 160, left on Hwy 160 to Del Norte then left at the light onto Hwy 112. Follow Hwy 112 to Hwy 285 and turn left. This will take you directly to Saguache. Less than 75 miles and one hour and twenty minutes away will find you in Saguache, Colorado. The drive tours you through some the San Luis Valley’s prime farm and ranch land. Saguache is a Ute Indian name pronounced Sa-watch. It means “Water at the Blue Earth.” It was settled in 1867 by Otto Mears who started his fortune with the first toll road above Poncha Pass. Otto invested in railroads, mining, the Mack Truck Co. and is credited with the famous “Million Dollar Highway”. The Saguache County Museum is a pioneer museum with historic displays depicting the lifestyle of the area. The museum has seven rooms plus a 1908 jail which was used for 50 years. Alfred Packer, “The Maneater” had a private cell in the jail. Summer in Saguache County closes with numerous music festivals like the Crestone Music Festival in August and the Saguache Fall Festival in September, to name a few. Attractions to visit in the area include the Joyful Journey Hot Springs with 100% artesian mineral water pools, spa, and more. Don’t drive through and not visit the Old West restored Old Cow Town! Old Cow Town provides family adventures with a dance hall, lodging, dining, sports and outdoor activities all in the spirit of the old west!

Saguache information provided courtesy of

Al amosa

••• Hwy 149 South to Hwy 160, left on Hwy 160 and continue onto Alamosa. Alamosa sits as a middle point for valley residents and visitors. With the intersection of Hwy 160 and Hwy 285 south it serves as the biggest of the little cities of the San Luis Valley. It gives home to the majority of franchise strings in the valley as well as numerous small business entrepreneurs of art, dining, lodging, and entertainment. A large boost to the entertainment industry in the area would be credited to the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad where you can “See the Rockies on the longest and highest standard gauge railroad in the country!” The trail travels on a historic

route over La Veta Pass to the small mountain town of La Veta, Colorado. The railroad offers numerous concert rides with well-known artists and bands such as the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Michael Martin Murphy. It also has special event rides like the ever popular Rails & Ales, the T-Rex Express and the Trip with Santa train in December; A little something for every age in your family.

Alamosa information provided by and

T h e G r e at S a n d D u n e s N at i o n a l Pa r k

••• Hwy 149 south to Hwy 160 - turn left, continue to Del Norte - turn left at the light onto Hwy 112, continue on Hwy 112 28 miles to Hwy 17. At Hwy 17 turn right and continue 6 miles to Lane 6 North - turn left. Follow this road to Hwy 150 turn left and follow for 6 miles. “Nestled in southern Colorado, North America’s tallest dunes rise over 750 feet high against the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The wind-shaped dunes glow beneath the rugged backdrop of the mountains. This geologic wonderland, containing over 30 square miles of massive dunes, became a national monument in 1932. With the passage of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Act, resources now also include alpine lakes and tundra, six peaks over 13,000’ in elevation, ancient spruce and pine forests, large stands of aspen and cottonwood, grasslands, and wetlands--all habitat for diverse wildlife and plant species.” — Sandboarding and sand sledding, cooling off in Medano Creek, hiking and backpacking are just a few of the activities to be had at the Dunes. Exploring of the area continues year after year, season to season!

B lu e M e s a R e s e rvo i r

••• Two hours North on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway will find you and your family enjoying fantastic views and great weather at the Blue Mesa Reservoir. The Reservoir is located just 15 miles outside of Gunnison and offers lake, shore and river fishing, four boat ramps, two marinas, hiking, rafting and more. “The Gunnison River, Cebolla River and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison offer trophy fly-fishing.” Stretching about 18 miles “Blue Mesa Reservoir is Colorado’s largest body of water AND Colorado’s largest Kokanee salmon fishery in Colorado.” Visit Gunnison for your groceries, supplies and tackle or shop the unique stores of this old ranch town.

Blue Mesa information provided by


Our Region

Gunnison Blue Mesa Reservoir


Saguache Old Cow Town


Lake City

Slumgullion Pass

Lake San Cristobal


North Clear Creek Falls

✰ Creede Rio Grande Reservoir

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Center Wagon Wheel Gap

South Fork

Del Norte


Ln 6

✰ Monte Vista



Local Services

Blue Spruce Building Materials

970-944-2581 / 310 Bluff Street, Lake City

Go to Guide Telephone Directory


719-588-7876 / Gunnison

City of Creede

970-641-0920 / 212 Hwy 50, Gunnison

Creede/mineral Arts and Rec

719-852-3581 / 109 Adams St., Monte Vista

719-274-4437 / 18 S. Main St., Creede 719-658-2276 / 2223 N. Main St., Creede 719-658-2276 / 2223 N. Main St., Creede

Creede Community Fund

Monte Vista Coop

719-852-5181 / 1901 E. Hwy 160 , Monte Vista

O&V Printing

John Roberts Motor Works

719-589-9228 / 342 Santa Fe Ave., Alamosa


719-873-5174 / 30359 W Hwy 160, South Fork

Lake City - Hinsdale County Chamber

719-658-2020 / 1412 Rio Grande Ave., Creede

Lake City Auto & Sports

719-658-0374 / 28423 Hwy 149, Creede

Rainbow Lodge & Grocery Recycle Creede

Rio Grande Enterprises

Creede Early Learning Center

970-944-2527 / 800 N. Gunninson Ave. Lake City

Creede Elks Lodge BPOE #506

970-944-2311 / 809 N. Hwy 149, Lake City

Creede Historical Society

719-658-3060 /

970-641-3546 / 144 N. Main St., Gunnison

Creede School District

719-658-2331 / 1201 N. Main St., Creede

719-852-6630 / 3625 W Hwy 160, Monte Vista

Debbie Whitmore Computer & Consulting Services

719-658-2376 / Airport Rd NE, Creede

719-658-2090 / 19841 FS Rd 801A, Creede 719-658-2661 / 104 S. Main St., Creede

719-658-2394 / 719-658-2220 / 308 La Garita Ave., Creede 719-658-0888 / 103 W. Wall St. / Creede

Downstream Gas & Mercantile

MDS Solid Waste Removal Mineral County

Mineral County Fairgrounds Mineral County Miner/ Valley Publishing

719-852-3531 / Monte Vista

RoShamBo Marketing & Creative

SLV Rural Electric Cooperative South Fork Chamber of Commerce

719-873-5556 / 29803 W. Hwy 160, South Fork

Tomkins Hardware & Lumber

719-658-2240 / 127 N. Main St., Creede

719-658-2480 / 117 E. 7th St., Creede

The 100-year-old San Juan Ranch, originally San Juan City, between Creede and Lake City, offers 30 cabins surrounded by fine fishing, hunting and wholesome, scenic family recreation.

San Juan Ranch



1001 USFS 520 Creede, Colorado 81130 Ph. (719) 658-2214


Photo: avery augur

God’s Country • w o r s h i p s e rv i ce s • Baptist Church of Creede

Creede Community Church

719-658-2312 / La Garita Street

719-658-2209 Main St. and Fourth St.


Bible Study Worship Bible Study

Wednesday Dinner Bible Study


9:45am 11am 6pm

Sunday School 11am Worship 8am and 11am

6pm 7pm

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Church of Christ

719-852-2673 Main Street and Third St.

719-658-2300 / Airport Road





Sunday School 10am Service 11am Summer - 6pm

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church


719-658-2394 Main Street and Fifth St.

Bible study



Worship First Sundays Celtic evening prayer service





‘Round the Fire

• c a m p g r o u n d s a n d p i cn i c a r e a s • Our public lands are managed by the Rio Grande National Forest Service & San Luis Valley Bureau of Land Management Contact: 719-852-5941 / Bristol Head / South Clear Creek Ivy Creek Lost Trail Marshall Park North Clear Creek Palisade Rio Grande River Hill Road Canyon Reservoir Silver Thread / South Clear Creek Falls Thirty-Mile

6 9 1 10 7 11 8 3 4 5 2


Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Scenic, Trail to Clear Creek Waterfall, Fishing.

FREE FREE $18/36

Restroom, NO WATER, Fire Grate, Trailhead, Fishing. Restroom, NO WATER, Fire Grate, Fishing. *Reservation Required*, Restroom, NO WATER, Fishing.

$16/32 $18 FREE $18/36 FREE $16/32

Restroom, Water, Fire Grate. Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Fishing. Restroom, NO WATER, Fire Grate. *Reservation Required*, Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Fishing. Restroom, NO WATER, Wakes Not Allowed, Trolling Motors OK, Fire Ring. Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Scenic, Fishing, Trail to Clear Creek Waterfall


*Reservation Required*, Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Trailhead.

*Find campgrounds on Area Map, pages 28-29 To make a Reservation at Marshall Park, River Hill or Thirty-Mile: or 877-444-6777 PLEASE NOTE: After Labor Day most campgrounds are CLOSED, limited use allowed at some, no water or trash service.

{ preserving our wilderness } Camp at previously used dispersed camping sites. Camp at least 150 feet from water sources. Camping is limited to 14 days in a 30 day period on the Rio Grande National Forest. All vehicles must stay within 300 feet of a designated road. Pack out all of your trash and dispose of it properly. Obtain a motor vehicle use map from any office. Dig a pit for your toilet needs at least 200 feet from water and cover the pit before you leave. Always dump sewage from trailers and motorhomes at designated dump stations, not on the ground. Please do not leave campfires unattended and check with the local Forest Service office for current fire restrictions. Motorized travel is allowed only on authorized roads & trails. All hay must be certified weed free. Photo: Michael McNeil


A Roof and a Bed • acco m m o dat i o n s a n d l o d g i n g •

4UR Ranch

The 4UR Ranch is one of the outstanding guest ranches of the West. Known for “the softer side of roughing it” your all-inclusive vacation will include fly fishing 6 miles of private tailwater, natural horsemanship, mountain trail-riding, natural hot springs, a fitness center, fine dining, and gracious amenities. 719-658-2202 / 1 Goose Creek Rd., Creede

Antlers Lodge Antler’s historic resort sits on a secluded bend of the Rio Grande surrounded by national forest. Offering cabins, riverside motel, RV Park, gift shop and fine dining in our casual atmosphere. Start your family tradition now! 719-658-2423 / 26222 Hwy 149, Creede Blessings Inn Bed & Breakfast

A warm, cozy inn with bright rooms, private baths, and a delicious, full breakfast. Guests enjoy the rock garden with a waterfall and pond, expansive decks, and a gazebo-enclosed hot tub. 719-658-0215 / 466 S. Main St., Creede

Blue Creek Lodge Nestled in the heart of the Rio Grande National Forest, Blue Creek Lodge offers the utmost in fine vacationing. Cabins and rooms with private baths and soft mountain water. RV Park, gift shop and Thressia’s Beauty Salon. Enjoy our restaurant’s delicious home cooked food. 719-658-2479 / 11682 Hwy 149, Creede Broadacres Ranch An Orvis lodge offering world class fly fishing, luxurious accommodations, four-star dining at Glenmora, and seasonal outdoor excitement. So whether it’s food, fishing or fun, we promise an experience to judge other experiences by. 719-658-2291 / Broken Arrow Vacation Rentals

719-658-2533 /

Broken Arrow Ranch Cabins with one or two bedrooms. Challenge yourself to a rustic retreat with our semi-modern cabins. Available June thru September, monthly or seasonal rentals. 719-658-2533 / 32728 Hwy 149 Creede Cascada Cabins

Offers sleeping accommodations for up to six with a queen bed, twin bunk beds and a queen sleeper sofa. A complete kitchen as well as satellite TV, DVD player and complimentary Wi-Fi. 719-658-1033, 981 La Garita St., Creede


Club at the Cliffs Uniquely situated below Creede’s magnificent cliffs. Two cabins available daily and weekly. Breakfast basics included. Walk to shop, dine and theatre. Picnic under cliffs! 719-873-5266 / 206 & 208 Cliff St., Creede

Lost Trail Ranch The High Mountain Resort and Retreat, Six unique, private, and comfortable cabins provide a relaxing home-away-from-home in the heart of the Headwaters of the Rio Grande. 719-850-2525 / 18100 USFS Rd. 520, Creede

Colorado Lonesome Dove Furnished log cabins with complete kitchens. Large RV sites, store, laundry, showers, mini golf, licenses and ATM. 719-873-1072 / 180065 W. Hwy 160, South Fork

Matterhorn Mountain Motel & Cabins

Cottonwood Cove Cottonwood Cove is a family resort with cabins, RV sites, a restaurant, horses, rafts, Jeep rentals, gift store, and river and pond fishing on the beautiful Rio Grande. Cabins for sale. 719-658-2242 / 13046 Hwy. 149 Creede Creede Hotel

Creede’s most historic hotel, featuring four quaint guest rooms with a delightful breakfast included. 719-658-2608 / 120 N. Main St., Creede

Creede Snowshoe Lodge

Creede’s Adventure Motel. ATV rentals and local adventure information. 719-658-2315 / 202 E 8th St., Creede

Freemon’s Ranch

Located on Clear Creek, we offer clean, rustic cabins for singles, couples or families. Horse rides, great views, and mountain ranch atmosphere is what we specialize in. 719-658-2454 / 39284 Hwy 149, Creede

Last Chance Mine Historic mining site on Bachelor Loop, the Last Chance Mine allows you to experience 1890’s living, rock and mineral collecting, and even stay on site. They offer three guest cabins; one sleeps six, one sleeps four and one sleeps two. 719-658-1059 / 498 USFS Road 504 Bachelor Loop, Creede Little Squaw Resort

Nestled in a spruce and aspen forest at the confluence of the Little Squaw Creek and Rio Grande, this historic resort offers eight modernized log cabins for weekly rentals. Little Squaw provides a restful retreat for summer visitors to the Rio Grande National Forest. 719-658-2434 / 11401 USFS Rd 520, Creede

Welcoming Lake City visitors since 1949! Motel and Cabins updated, clean and comfortable accommodations. Center of town. Non-smoking property. Rates form $105, open all year. Reservations recommended. 970-944-2210 / 409 Bluff St., Lake City

Mountain Views at River’s Edge RV Resort

Colorado’s premier RV Resort located on the Rio Grande River. Daily/monthly rentals. Large, fully equipped spaces, laundry/bath facilities, two lodges, on-premises activities. Luxury RV Resort with custom long-term lease lots. Rental cabins available. 719-658-2710 / 539 Airport Road, Creede

Oleo Ranch

Seven individual log cabins ranging from 2-4 bedrooms. Hiking, fishing, horseback riding. Along the Silver Thread Byway towards Lake City, approximately 35 miles from Creede. 830-336-4370 / 1001 Hinsdale CR 017, Creede

Phipp’s La Garita Ranch

Great Accommodations from Deluxe Cabins to Lodge Rooms; Exceptional Fly-Fishing; Horseback-Riding; Hiking; Mountain-Biking; Heated Swimming Pool; Jacuzzi; Sauna; and More! 719-658-2239 / 14850 State Hwy, South Fork

Rainbow Lodge and Grocery Rainbow Lodge has been specializing in hospitality since 1946! Whether you choose to stay in our lodge, motel rooms, cabins or RV park, you are sure to find your stay a relaxing getaway in South Fork, Colorado. 719-873-5174 / 30359 W Hwy 160, South Fork RC Guest Ranch Comfortable, 1-3 bedroom cabins, all with kitchen and baths. RC Guest Ranch offers wilderness trips, day and hour horseback rides, pack trips, overnight camping, full service guided fishing and hunting. 719-658-2253 / 37531 Hwy 149, Creede Rincon Vacation Rentals

719-658-2900 /

Professional photographer E.F. Hilron wrote on the front of this photograph, “Jimtown, three months old…” The photo was probably taken in the spring of 1891. Note how large the business district is and that the residential district consists of mostly tents and shacks. Photo: creede historical society

Rio Grande Enterprises Year-round cabin rentals with full kitchens, 2 levels, surrounded by great scenery and USFS. Full service garage on site. 719-658-0374 / 24263 Hwy 149, Creede Rio Grande Vacation Rentals Vacation rentals at the River Club in South Fork are large, comfortable, fully furnished townhomes! These luxury two- to five-bedroom townhomes are situated on the Rio Grande Club Golf Course and along Gold Medal Waters of the Rio Grande. 877-873-5776 / 994 County Road 15, South Fork San Juan Ranch Originally San Juan City, we are located between Creede and Lake City. Twenty-eight cabins are surrounded by fine fishing, hunting and wholesome, scenic family recreation. 719-658-2214 / 1001 US FS 520, Creede

Soward’s Ranch

Wason Ranch Historic Ranch/Scenic Views. Excellent fishing on four miles of private upper Rio Grande. Considered by many superior to Colorado Gold Medal Water. Ranch House and three-bedroom riverside cottages with fireplaces/ satellite TV. Reservations required. 719-658-2413 / 19082 Hwy 149, Creede

The House on Old Mill Road

The Black Canoe Cabin Retreat. Enjoy your stay in Creede at this new house perched above townspectacular views & serenity, yet only a five minute walk to Main Street. 719-658-0392 / 401 Capital Ave Creede

Centennial cattle ranch and resort. Located in the beautiful and spacious upper Rio Grande Valley below towering mountain peaks. Bordered on two sides by National Forest. Ten clean, modern cabins, scattered over 1200 acres, allowing privacy and personal experience of magnificent country. Exclusive lake, river and stream fishing. Rec room. 719-658-2295 / 6164 Middle Creek Rd., Creede This newly remodeled private house offers a unique vacation option. With two bedrooms and a sleeping area off the living room, six guests can be comfortably accommodated. Includes a fully furnished kitchen, washer and dryer. 888-305-1233 / 602 Old Mill Rd., Creede

White Bear Company

Willow Creek Vacation Rentals

719-658-2262 /

The House on Old Mill Road in Creede vacation home

l o c a l fa m i l y- o wne d, ne wl y re mo de l e d & c l e a n sl e e p s u p t o 6 i nc re d i b l e vie ws wa l ki ng d i st a nc e t o e ve r yt h i ng f u l l ki t c he n , l a u ndr y, W i - F i & tv no p e t s, no smo ki ng

Happy Memories

Made Here!

(888)305-1233 | *shorter stay subject to availability ( 719) 658-2 3 6 8


Out on the Town • n i g h t l i f e i n cr e e d e •


While the mountains are always beckoning for you to join in another adventure, everyone needs a night off once in a while. Creede and Mineral County offer a plethora of opportunities to cut loose, dance, laugh and try something new. Find your niche! Also, take yourself out—not on the town, but out on the mountain—while you visit our area. Pack your dinner (hot dogs and s’more fixins), grab your jackets and folding chairs, and whisk yourself and your family away to the nearest campfire ring. Build your fire and settle down with your favorite drink and enjoy the nature that surrounds us! Count the squirrels, name the birds, fish the creek and listen for the woodpecker’s knock. Teach or learn the respect needed for living in these mountains. We all enjoy those activities that bring us indoors, but what makes us special is the way we enjoy and appreciate our outdoor time! Photo: john gary brown


Cr e e d e Ch u t e O u t

••• The newest adventure for Mineral County brings sweat, tears, and good old fashioned family fun! Wrangle up the kids for Wednesday evenings at the Mineral County Fairgrounds, beginning at 6pm. Burris and Sons will provide entertainment with Bull Riding, Open Barrel Racing, Sheep Chase, Calf Scramble, Mutton Busting and Trick Riders. The Chute Out is in late June and through July.

To m m y k n o ck e r Tav e r n

••• With live music every weekend in the summer, it doesn’t get much better than that! How about Open Mic Night every Wednesday? This is where you will find it! Bringing musicians and bands from numerous states and many different genres, Tommy’s is sure to provide a great time, great drinks, and awesome company. Tommyknocker Tavern offers over 50 nights of entertainment throughout the summer, some from as far away as the Mississippi River. Most bands begin at 9pm Fridays and Saturdays, but some weekends bring early performances so call or stop by for an entertainment schedule. Remember to stop in for their 15th anniversary celebration “Blues & Brews” from May 28th-31st , with live music, drink specials and specialty beer options! 719-658-0138 /

Elks Lodge a n d R a r e t h i n g s G a l l e ry

••• Creede’s Elk Lodge BPOE 506 was chartered in 1899. Today, the lodge is complete with a full bar, dining room, game room, office and a dance floor. The Elks regale visitors and townspeople alike with some of the larger entertainers. As always, they will treat us to live music to celebrate Independence Day. On July 12, 2014, they will host the 40th Anniversary Celebration for Rare Things Gallery.

Cr e e d e R e p e rto ry T h e at r e

••• Always a huge hit, CRT is certain to entertain with six different evening and late shows. Regular show times begin at 7:00, 7:30, or even 10:30 for their famous comedy improv show Boomtown. Whether you see a comedy, drama, or musical, prepare to be mesmerized by elaborate sets, stunning costumes, and superb acting. Reservations are suggested, but tickets are often available the day of a show, so call for availability. 719-658-2540 /

The Quieter Side... Cr e e d e H i sto r i c a l S o ci et y

••• Throughout most of the year, with a concentration in the Summer, the Creede Historical Society brings us full circle to learn about our history and why we love this beautiful area. With presentations on family histories, historic events, and more, Creede Historical Society offers a wide variety of presentations, often coupled with a dinner or auction. Thursday nights play host to most of these public gatherings at the Creede Community Church, with most starting at 7:00pm. For more information visit

Regular Summer Schedule


Cr e e d e R o ck & M i n e r a l Show Evening Progr ams

••• For the geologically curious folks out there, the Rock & Mineral Show offers presentations at the Underground Community Center. The rock or gem enthusiast will enjoy the program and information sharing! See our event calendar on page 52 for dates or visit y

See You at the Movies! 811 GUNNISON AVE, LAKE CITY | 970.944.2298 (JUST NORTH OF THE LAKE CITY POST OFFICE) 45

A Unique New Neighborhood in Creede World Headquarters 114 North Main St. Creede, CO 719.658.0223

Expand Your Horizons • w o r k s h o p s a n d cl a s s e s • Creede Repertory Theatre •••

Renee Stynchula / 719- 658-2540 x227 CReaTe Day Camps Story People (ages 5-7) / June 24 – June 28 Every good play starts with a good story. Join us for this collaborative story-making experience where we celebrate the brilliant ideas of kids! Dance! An Extraordinary Movement Experience (ages 8-12) / June 24 – June 28 This high-energy camp explores the power of storytelling through movement! Wolf! A Puppet Play (ages 8-12) July 22 – July 26 Let your imagination run wild! Work with CRT professionals to bring the extraordinary characters of Peter and the Wolf to life. Teen Scene (6th – 8th grade) Session 1:  July 22 – July 26 Circus Arts & Musical Improv Session 2:  July 29 – August 2 Playwriting & Zombie Combat Teen Scene (9th – 12th grade) Session 1: July 22 – July 26 Circus Arts & Musical Improv Session 2: July 29 – August 2 Playwriting & Zombie Combat The KID Show (ages 12+) Low-Flying Trapeze directed by John DiAntonio and Caitlyn Wise! Rehearsals begin July 1 Performances in The Ruth are July 17, 19, 22, and 25. Performances are FREE and ALL AGES are welcome! Actors’ Lab for Adults August 26-31 Work with CRT professionals on a Full-Length Play! Actors’ Lab is designed for beginners and amateur actors with various levels of experience. Risk-takers welcome! Fun guaranteed!

Quiller Gallery •••

Stephen Quiller / 719-658-2741 Working Sketches and Color Foundation May 31 - June 06 Color Foundation for the Painter August 10 - August 16 Water Media with Color Emphasis August 17 - August 23 Plein Air in the Autumn High Country September 20 - September 26

The Studios at Bristol •••

Bristol Yarnworks Studio Teri Inman / (719) 658-2455 39542 Highway 149 Bristol Yarnworks Studio offers the Heritage Workshops throughout the year. These art and craft workshops, reflecting our American heritage, are presented by fiber artist, Teri Inman, in her spacious, sunlit studio in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The gentle sounds of Clear Creek, and a magnificent view of Bristol Head Mountain serve as an inspirational backdrop. Workshop times are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for one ($75) to three days ($180). Materials are available at The Yarn Shoppe. Call to schedule a class. Heritage Workshops Fun with Fiber Spindle Spinning Spin a YarnSpinning Designer Yarns Creative FeltingFelt A Fabulous Hat or Purse Silk Fusion Knitting a Dream Wrap Yourself in Crochet Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom Log Cabin Table Runner/Placemats Weave a Danish Medallion and Leno Shrug Rigid Heddle Pick-up Patterns Sampler Rigid Heddle Times Two Rug Weaving Tapestry Weaving Techniques for Beginners ...and more, designed for your expertise! Visiting Artist Workshops Our Visiting Artist Workshops, focusing on a variety of arts and crafts, are offered to enhance your personal expression of creativity. Experience instruction from well known area artists who exhibit in The Loft Gallery at The Studios at Bristol. Photography / Bob Seago Needle Felting in Art Quilts / Vi Koch Paper Making / Darlene Danko Surface Design / Darlene Danko Marbling on Fabric & Paper / Darlene Danko Knit a Beaded Lace Scarf / Jill Frazior Socks on Two Circular Needles / Jill Frazior Underbrush Ltd. Studio Kathy Killip / (719) 658-0121 Paper Crafting & Stamping Gift Box Embellishing Paper Crafting Natural Wreath Making Flower Brooch & Earrings Felt Flower Bouquet Felt Jewelry Basic Jewelry: Treasure Necklace Basic Jewelry: Button Bracelet Kumihimo Braiding with Beads Bracelet Kathy gives workshops in basic jewelry beading/stringing; embellishment workshops

for felt and silk fusion; classes in scrap-booking, paper punching and stamping. She is well known for natural wreath making classes with willow from the banks of the creek and floral arranging classes. Kathy will create the workshop around your level of expertise and what you want to learn. Class size has ranged from one to twenty-four over the years. The cost of the workshop is $35 for half-day classes and $75 for full-day classes. Some basic materials are included. Extra materials will be an additional charge.

Creede/Mineral Arts & Recreation ••• Eloise / 719-658-2276

Youth Rafting Trip Early June / all ages Days of ’92 Vendors July 3-4 / all ages Trash – Treasures hike and crafts / all ages Movie Day for Kids Most Friday afternoons at the City meeting room / all ages Open Gym for Kids Most Monday and Wednesday afternoons all ages Youth Camps Art Camp Creative Writing Dance Camp Theatre Camp Music & Songwriting Tumbling Camp Woodcarving Summer Carnival Children’s activities at Taste of Creede and Salsa Fest Adult activities Outdoor Cooking Stage Combat How actors fight with fists and weapons on stage and on screen without getting injured

Creede Woodcarver’s Rendezvous •••

Diana Smith / 623-584- 3541 July 12-18 at the Creede Community Center. The Woodcarver’s Rendezvous offers various classes taught by experts who will teach you the basics of carving, burning, painting and choosing the right wood for your project. See the website to create your agenda,


“Green� Home on Top of Moonshine Mesa

Mountain home sitting on 1.82 acres. 3,190 sq ft, 3 bedrooms and 2 full and 2 half baths. Well and septic, and Road Maintenance Association. Decks and hot tub on back deck just perfect for having those summer get-togethers. Wood and storage shed. Mountain views from every window. Take a look at the inside of this amazing cabin at $499,500.

Willow Creek Realty Kiosk on S. Main St. Creede , CO 81130 (719)658-2262 ~ or (800) 984-6275 OWNER Call or come by for a visit and info on other properties



Member & Advertiser Pages 4UR Ranch One Goose Creek Rd., Creede 719-658-2202 / Abbey Lane Gallery Creede / 719-658-2736 Antlers Rio Grande Lodge 26222 Hwy 149, Creede / 719-658-2423 Artspaces by Angela 23550 Hwy 149, Creede / 719-658-2787 Avon, Scentsy, Pampered Chef 0283 CR 63, South Fork / 719-873-5466 Baptist Church of Creede 600 LaGarita St., Creede / 719-658-2312 Big River Music 238 S. Main St., Creede / 719-658-2100 Blessings Inn 466 S. Main, Creede / 719-658-0215 Blue Creek Lodge 11682 Hwy 149, South Fork / 719-658-2479 Blue Spruce Building Materials 310 Bluff Street, Lake City / 970-944-2581 Bob Seago Photography 619 Starlight Cir #80, Creede 719-658-1140 / Bristol Yarnworks Studio 39542 W Hwy 149, Creede / 719-658-2455

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Creede Trading Post 11 South Main St., Creede / 719-658-0625 Creede Wood Carvers 303-940-3505 / Debbie Whitmore Computer & Consulting Services 103 W. Wall St., Creede / 719-658-0888 Del Norte Bank 705 Grande Ave., Del Norte / 719-657-3376 Downstream Gas and Mercantile 117 E. 7th St., Creede / 719-658-2480 Ed Knight Photo 635 Rainbow Ct., Creede / 719-658-0182 Far Dog 115 N. Main St., Creede / 719-658-0685 Frame Shop:Creede 55 Silver Drive, Creede / 719-588-8484 Freemon’s Guest Ranch & General Store 39284 Hwy 149, Creede / 719-658-2454 Go to Guide Telephone Directory Gunnison / 719-588-7876 / Harding Dental Group 138 Ponderosa Drive, South Fork 719-873-5846 / The Holy Moses 121 N. Main St., Creede / 719-658-2848 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Third and Main St. Creede / 719-852-2673




ATV Rentals Full Service Adventure Motel LOVESNOWSHOELODGE@YAHOO.COM 202 EAST 8TH STREET, CREEDE | 719/658-2315



Member & Advertiser Pages J Thompson Gallery 111 N. Main St., Creede / 719-658-0880 John Roberts Motor Works 212 Hwy 50, Gunnison / 970-641-0920 Karma Fitness PO Box 653, Creede / 971-645-5022 Kentucky Belle Market Second & Main, Creede / 719-658-2526 Kip’s Grill 101 E. Fifth Street, Creede / 719-658-0220 KSLV-KYDN Radio 109 Adams St., Monte Vista / 719-852-3581 La Garita Mountain Nursery 0004 El Dorado Lane, South Fork 719-588-1380 Ladies Aid Society of Creede Creede Lake City - Hinsdale County Chamber 800 N Gunninson Ave., Lake City 970-944-2527 / Lake City Auto & Sports 809 N. Hwy 149, Lake City / 970-944-2311 Last Chance Mine 498 USFS Rd 504, Creede / 719-238-7959 Liquid Ambitions Liquors 21315 E US Hwy 149, Creede 719-658-2337 Little Squaw Resort 11401 USFS Rd 520, Creede 719-658-2434 / Lost Trail Ranch 18100 USFS Rd 520, Creede / 719-850-2525 Lost Ute Outfitters 39284 Hwy 149, Creede / 719-658-2454 Madlson Corp 0832 W. Hwy 149, South Fork 719-873-5417 / Matterhorn Mountain Motel & Cabins Lake City / 970-944-2210 MDS Solid Waste Removal 719-658-3060 / Mineral County 1201 N Main St., Creede / 719-658-2331

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South Fork Chamber of Commerce 29803 W. Hwy. 160, South Fork 719-873-5556 / Soward Ranch 6164 Middle Creek Rd., Creede 719-658-2295 St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church 502 S. Main St., Creede / 719-658-2394 Sweet Hope Inc 413 W. Pine, Creede / 719-480-1813 Team Murphy Realty 29919 W Hwy 160, South fork 970-944-5050 / The Blue Yak Salon & Boutique 493 S. Main St., Creede / 719-658-2500 The House on Old Mill Road 602 Old Mill Rd., Creede / 888-305-1233 The Old Firehouse B & B and Restaurant 30B Jackson St., South Fork / 719-658-0212 Tomkins Hardware & Lumber 127 N. Main St., Creede / 719-658-2240 Tommyknocker Tavern 107 Wall St., Creede / 719-658-0138 Turning Aspens Massage and Zero Balancing 152 Klondike Rd., Creede / 719-480-2845 Underbrush Limited 39542 Hwy. 149, Creede / 719-658-2455 Underground Mining Museum #9 Forest Service Rd 503, Creede 719-658-0811 Upper Rio Grande Nordic Club PO Box 52, Creede / 719-658-2602 Wason Ranch 19082 Hwy 149, Creede 719-658-2413 / White Bear Company, LLC 401 Capital Ave, Creede / 303-257-3734 Willow Creek Realty S. Main St., Creede / 719-658-2262


Event Calendar 2014 for Creede & Mineral County January 18-19


7th Annual “The Golden Pick” Tommyknocker Pond Hockey Tournament

2 Creede Chute Out!



4-5 Creede’s Annual July 4th Street Festival


Mother’s Day Breakfast

Rare Things Gallery 9 Creede Chute Out! Upper Rio Grande Events and Rec. Complex

May 11

by the Elks Lodge, BPOE #506

15 Dr. John Howard, History of the Santa Maria Reservoir 24-25 26th Anniversary of the Taste of Creede, A Festival of Fine Arts and Fine Dining CAC National Small Print Show Opening

Bake-Off Challenge, Silver Chef Competition Quick Draw Competition Art Auction

24 Pants on Fire Opens


30 Last Romance Opens

Creede Repertory Theatre

Memorial Day Ceremony Elk’s Lodge, BPOE #506

Creede Repertory Theatre


Trash to Treasures begins this month!

5-8 Zero Balancing Core 1 13 Annie Get Your Gun Opens

15 ATV Poker Run

Creede Repertory Theatre

Mineral County Fairgrounds

19 Echoes From The Mountains - Wildlife Officer Glen Hinshaw, CHS, CCChurch 25 Creede Chute Out!

Upper Rio Grande Events and Rec. Complex

27 The Liar Opens

Creede Repertory Theatre

July 4th Parade Street Vendors Children’s Activities Colorado State Mining Championship Days of ’92 Mining Events Elks Beer Garden Creede Chute Out! Special Show Elks Lodge Annual Dance Fireworks

40th Anniversary Celebration Week

10 Rare Things Gallery 40th Anniversary Celebration Soiree & Artist’s Open House

feat. Sam Keith, Michele Foster and more!

12 Children’s Summer Carnival

12 Frame Shop:Creede Gallery Show 12 Rare Things Gallery 40th Anniversary

12-18 Woodcarvers Rendezvous 13 ATV Rodeo

16 Creede Chute Out!

Creede/Mineral Arts and Recreation, Ball Park

Full Moon Dance featuring the Rifters Creede Elks’ Lodge, 8:30pm

Upper Rio Grande Events and Rec. Complex

Upper Rio Grande Events and Rec. Complex

17 17

Death and Dying in the San Luis Valley

Potluck, meeting, program, CHS, CCChurch

“Kid Show” Opens

Creede Repertory Theatre

17-18 Ladies Aid Bazaar, Bake Sale and Rummage Sale 23 Creede Chute Out!

Upper Rio Grande Events and Rec. Complex


Mining through Poetry, Stories, and Songs

Ruth Humphries Brown Theatre


1-3 Creede Rock & Mineral Show 1 The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Opens


Creede Repertory Theatre

Creede Repertory Theatre

April 4-6, 11-13 The Red Velvet Cake Wars by Creede Comique @ CRT’s The Ruth 24-25 4th Annual San Juan Mining Conference

Upper Rio Grande Events and Rec. Complex

Boomtown Opens

14-16 Creede’s Cabin Fever Daze

Creede Repertory Theatre

For event schedules, updates and more information visit 2 Annual Snowshoe Shuffle 16 SilverThread Studio Tour 21 100th Anniversary of the Rio Grande Reservoir Dam, CHS, CCChurch 22 Hope and Gravity Opens

Creede Repertory Theatre


30-Sep. 2 Labor Day Weekend Celebration

Upper Rio Grande Tour of Homes

Creede Early Learning Center

4th Annual Balloon Festival Creede Mountain Run, 28th Annual Salsa Fiesta 4th Annual Gravity Derby

Photo: C. Graeber


1 ATV Rodeo 18 Keepin’ the Peace

19-21 Cruisin’ the Canyon Car Show 19-21 Silver Threads Quilt Guild Quilt Show



TBA OktoberFeast


28-29 Chocolate Festival, Creede Scoop Chase



31 Rare Things Galley 40th Anniversary

Annual Christmas Tree Walk Community Christmas Dinner 3rd Annual Creede’s Christmas Child Vote New Year’s Eve Dance at the Elks Lodge

Photo: atwater


Adventure in Every Season

Photo: Caitlyn jewell


• Cr e e d e’s C a b i n F e v e r Da z e •

This year, the Winter Blues seemed to be creeping into Creede bones more than usual. By February, days of snow, nights of frigid temperatures and afternoons of overcast sky start to wear on us. In an effort to wake us up from the long Winter, the Chamber of Commerce, Creede Community Fund and the Quiller Gallery sponsored the resurgence of Cabin Fever Daze on February 14-16, 2014. Cabin Fever Daze is a local festival that allows Creede locals, visitors and friends to throw off the shadow of snow and get outside! Originally an unofficial tradition from the early 1970s, Cabin Fever Daze was local Creede residents’ opportunity to let loose, celebrate and encourage the arrival of Spring. Our current incarnation of Cabin Fever Daze is very family friendly and encourages everyone to get outside on Main Street and catch-up after the long winter. The warm weather drew out Creede residents and visitors alike. With most businesses facing a difficult Spring season, it was beneficial to have so many tourists in town. The warm weather drew many people to restaurants to enjoy summery beverages and tasty specials filled the tables and happy conversation was heard all over. Quiller Gallery offered a special art show for festival viewers. “Beauty in the Burn,” showcased artist Steven Quiller’s one-of-a-kind watercolors inspired by the forest fire of the Summer of 2013. While many of the paintings showed burned trees, Quiller’s characteristic hope showed through each of the paintings. On Valentine’s Day, Cabin Fever Daze offered romantic

activities for our festival goers. In addition to the ice carving, romantics could attend the group hike; “Sweetheart Sunset Moonrise Ski and Snowshoe,” held at Six-mile Flats trail. After the hike, the Elk’s Lodge hosted a special Valentine’s Day dance with live music by The Rifters. They played old favorites and new tunes for Creede residents and out-of-town friends. On Saturday, Cabin Fever Daze got revved up with a Snowmobile Poker run at Love Lake. Beautiful at this time of year, there were ample opportunities for wildlife viewing, scenic vistas, and shredding snow with your favorite snowmobile. For those that are snowmobiling shy, numerous craft vendors showed their wares at the Community Center, while at the ice ponds across the road, Creede Curling made its debut with five teams playing this modified (Creedified) winter sport. Silent auction items were donated by local businesses and artists to benefit the newly formed Creede Community Fund. We also enjoyed fireworks and a special performance of CRT’s Boomtown. At the end of the busy Saturday it was early-to-bed for most festival attendees, as Sunday, February 16 offered more activities to enjoy! The day began with an all church gathering at the base of the canyon and continued with a cross-country triathlon, award gatherings and live music. Who says Creede is empty during the Winter? Cabin Fever Daze gave restless locals and visitors the opportunity to stretch their winter muscles and enjoy community fun and outside entertainment. Come join us for our best kept secret at Cabin Fever Daze 2015! y


...Since 1892

We have everything you need to build but the Land!



Creede Floods • t h e f lu m e i s b o r n •

A relic of our mining past built to mitigate spring flood damage, the Creede flume runs right through the middle of town. It serves as a drainage canal for Willow Creek, which enters the Rio Grande

just below the City of Creede. The Willow Creek watershed, characterized by steep slopes in its drop to Creede (elev. 8870 feet), extends to the Continental Divide with a high point of 13895 feet.







1. The spring flood of 1892. This is a staged photograph: note the two men on the left with fishing poles adding a little humor to the situation! Note the mannequin and the boot on the left and the boardwalks keeping the men’s boots dry. Some of the signs read “Hot Baths”, “San Juan Lunch Counter Big Dinner 15¢”, “Albany Restaurant”, “Livery Feed”, and “Turkish Baths”.

4. A flood in North Creede (the original Creede town site on East Willow Creek) around 1900. This photo shows why building over East Willow Creek was not a good idea.

2. A flood in the southeast part of Creede around 1935.

6. The “Junction” in Jimtown (lower Creede) shortly after a flood in April of 1892. This was the original large wooden business district which would burn down about two months later. The fire was said to have started in the white building in the center of the photograph and spread mainly south, due to wind blowing down the canyon.

3. This photograph was taken around 1903 showing part of the original town site of Creede, in the lower right, on East Willow Creek; Humphreys Mill on West Willow Creek and the Commodore Mine levels, in the upper center of the photo.

5. Willow Creek flume just below the cliff around 1920. Note that the creek has not been cribbed or boarded just below the cliff.

Photos Courtesy Creede Historical Society

For information on the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee, or to donate or volunteer, visit

Creede and Mineral County Travel Guide 2014  
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