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MORGAN Greetings Brothers of the Third District, Congratulations to all the Brothers who have reached the Fraternity’s years of service milestone. We thank you for your stedfastness and commitment to It is with extreme enthusiasm I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to serve as the District Representative for this premier district in the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. The district continues to grow and exercise the Fraternity’s cardinal principles (Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift). I am excited to say we are represented by 43 chapters and 2100 Brothers living their creed and unselfishly providing support to our communities. Being “The Birthplace of Omega” and working together as noble Omega Men, we continue to strive and persevere through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus. We continue to make the difficult look easy, as demonstrated by our efforts and ingenuity to ensure we are continuing to meet the needs of the fraternity and community. Our use of innovation and technology is unmatched, as exhibited by our record-setting increased attendance at our events. Our 88th Annual District meeting was a huge success. We celebrated and honored our chapters, brothers, youth, and citizens for their outstanding service to the fraternity and humanity. Brothers, our district and chapters continue to be recognized on the Fraternity’s international level for our unwavering leadership and excellent service. We recorded the largest donation for St Jude, both district and chapter in the fraternity. Brothers and chapters were honored with the highest awards in various categories during the Fraternity’s international Achievement Week, Social Action, and Scholarship ceremony. Congratulations to all awardees, as you are truly deserving of all your accolades. We pray for your continued success, health, and strength as you continue to make sacrifices to provide ongoing unselfish service. May God continue to bless you, your families, the Third District, and the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. Our prayer is for all to be comforted, remain safe and healthy. The COVID virus may have impacted us all in one way or another. Please continue to be safe, especially with the onset of the new COVID Variants on the rise. Fraternally, Conrado B. Morgan Third District Representative


ANDREW CORLEY Current Chapter: Alpha Omega

XI PSI 1941


rother Andrew P. Corley Jr. is a proud product of Irmo, South Carolina. He was born on April 18, 1923. He is the son of Andrew and Lucille Corley. He started his life on a farm, just like many others in South Carolina. He was later blessed to attend the great South Carolina State University, where he pledged the illustrious the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated – Xi Psi Chapter. In 1941, he was drafted and served in the US Army. He served honorably in WWII. After leaving the military as a veteran, he joined the US Postal Service and became a leading supervisor for the service. In the 1950’s, he became one of the first black real estate brokers in Washington, DC. He later went on to serve under the Mayor Barry administration – Real Estate Commission, mentoring such notables like Mr. Donald Pebbles. Brother Corley, a community man and dedicated husband to the late Angie King Corley, has served the community well. He continues to love the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated and the mission that we faithfully are devoted to as men.


ROBERT L. DAVIS Current Chapter: Alpha Omega

NU PSI 1941


n July 25, 2021, the Brothers of Alpha Omega Chapter, Third District of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. in conjunction with Ms. Brenda Jones, the daughter of fraternity Brother Robert Davis celebrated with family, friends and men of the fraternity his 102nd birthday via Zoom! The event opened with prayer and greetings were extended from the Omega Leadership in attendance which included Grand Basileus-Dr. David Marion, 1st Vice Grand Basileus-Ricky Lewis, Grand KRS- Mark Jackson, Editor to the Oracle- Norman Senior, 3rd District RepresentativeConrado B. Morgan, International Protocol Chair- Gary C. Clark, and Walter Hill Jr., who co-hosted the event and represented the leadership of the Alpha Omega Chapter. So , let’s meet Bro. Davis a proud husband, father, scholar, veteran, teacher, trailblazer and Omega Man. Thus, here is a brief biography of his amazing life accomplishments:

• • • • • •

Born July 27, 1919 in Franklin, Virginia Attended Virginia State University 1938-1942, BA Pledged Nu Psi Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. in 1941 Joined U.S. Army, circa 1942-1945 Participated in the Landing at Normandy, Omaha Beach Graduated University of Wisconsin circa 1949, MA Landscape Architecture Coursework at University Iowa, Horticulture; Cornell University in Landscape Architecture and Modern City Planning • Taught Landscape Architecture at Prairie View University, circa 1951- 1956 • Landscape Architect, Assistant Director for Development, Washington, DC Public Housing Authority, circa 1956-1963 • Landscape Architect, Foreign Service Officer, U.S Department of State, circa 1964-1989, retired In addition, Brother Robert Davis was the first practicing African American landscape architect in the country. He traveled all over the world from 1984-1989 and retired from the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service. Brother Davis, is a lifetime member, and at 102 years old makes him the Oldest Omega Man in the world, according to the official records of the Fraternity. Currently, Brother Davis is a proud active member of the Alpha Omega Chapter of the fraternity’s 3rd District. The guest of honor closed the call by thanking everyone for celebrating him and stated we added years to his life! The Men of Omega Salute and honor this man of Omega Caliber today!


CHARLES W. HARGRAVE Initiation Chapter/Year: Rho Chapter 1946 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


rother Charles W. Hargrave was born and raised in Dandridge, Tennessee, but has been a Washingtonian since 1962. Since moving to Washington, D.C., Brother Hargrave has shown his commitment and enthusiasm for D.C. by lending his time and effort to his community in various leadership roles. Brother Hargrave has served as: President of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly; The Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for five terms; the Chairperson of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission for one term; the Chairperson of the 1st District Police Advisory Council; the Area Representative for the D.C. Board of Election; and the Treasurer and Executive Board Member of the Friends of Southwest, D.C. In 1969, Brother Hargrave married the love of his life, the beautiful Mrs. Iona (Taylor) Hargrave. The two celebrated 51 years of matrimony in 2020. Brother Charles W. Hargrave is a Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) alumnus, class of 1949, with a major in chemistry. While attending JCSU, Brother Hargrave became a dedicated member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. (Rho Chapter) in 1946. He also served as manager of the men’s basketball team and served on the student council for two years. In 1952, Brother Hargrave obtained a Master of Arts degree from the Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri). Brother Hargrave had many years of honorable service in the U.S. Military. He served from 1952 to 1954 in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. During his service in the U.S. Army, Brother Hargrave held the position of Health Physicist in the Army Chemical Center. From 1955 to 1989, Brother Hargrave served in the US Navy Reserve. During his tenure in the US Navy Reserve, Brother Hargrave served as Commanding Officer for two units and as the Historian for the National Naval Officers Association. After 34 years of service, Brother Hargrave retired as a Captain. In 1962, Brother Hargrave moved to Washington, D.C. Once there, he began working at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He retired from NASA in 1989 after 27 years of dedicated Federal Government service as a Technical Information Manager. Brother Hargrave has shown his dedication to his alma mater by holding the positions of President and Vice President of the Johnson C. Smith University D.C. Alumni Chapter. On the national JCSU alumni level, Brother Hargrave also served as 1st Vice President, Treasurer, and Chaplin. In addition, He has been a member of the Westminster Presbyterian Church of D.C. since 1968. Since becoming a member in 1968, he diligently served on three National Capital Presbytery committees as the Chair: the Committee on Representation, the Committee on Higher Education, and the Committee on Particular Constituencies. At the Senate Level, Brother Hargrave served as the Chair of the Committee on Representation. At the National Level, in 1987, he served as the Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, USA. Lastly, Brother Hargrave currently serves as the chairman for the Senior Brothers committee (composed of 100 brothers with 50 years or more of service) in the Alpha Omega chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.


CHARLES SMITH Initiation Chapter/Year: Xi Nu 1951 Current Chapter: Omicron Kappa Kappa


harles Vernon Smith is a dedicated Brother and has been selflessly serving the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity for 70 years. He is a Charter member of the Omicron Kappa Kappa in the Reston/Herndon area located in Fairfax County, Virginia. He has held several offices spanning from the first Keeper of Records and Seal, Vice Basileus, Chaplain, and he expertly chaired the first Social Action Committee of the Chapter. Brother Smith received the Chapter’s Founders and Citizen of the Year Awards, respectively in 2020. Brother Smith was also instrumental in founding the Xi Nu Chapter in San Jose, California and the Psi Nu Chapter in Alexandria, VA. He was initiated at Theta Sigma Chapter – Dillard University in Louisiana in the fall of 1951, while completing his undergraduate studies in Mathematics. He earned a Master’s Degree in Cybernetic Systems from San Jose State University, School of Engineering in 1968, where he served as an Assistant Professor for several years. He was induced into the U.S. Army in 1953 and served as a Fire Direction Specialist in Division Artillery, 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree, he worked for the Department of the Navy as a Research Mathematician for fifteen years. He transferred to the Office of Surfacing Mining, U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) as a Division Manager in 1970. While working at DOI, he was honored as the Lone Civilian Candidate to attend the U.S. Army War College at Fort McNair, Washington, DC where he completed the Army’s Advanced Management Program. His years of service as a Research Mathematician lead him to return to teaching as a visiting professor in the School of Engineering at Howard University. Following that assignment, he was asked to design and implement a Mathematics curriculum at the Integrated Design and Electronic Academy, Public Charter School (IDEA PCS) in Washington, DC. While there, he served as Head of the Math Department for 10 years. Brother Smith has received countless awards for his contributions in math, science, and teaching. His passion has always been to teach mathematics to students on all aptitude levels at the Academy he founded and operates at the Heritage United Fellowship Church of Christ in Reston, VA. A significant number of his students have benefitted from his unique teaching methods and have progressed to prosperous and viable professional careers. Brother Smith was a founding member of the Martin Luther Foundation, Vice President, and longstanding board member of the Reston Optimist Club and the American Legion, Post 125. He was also a County Commissioner from 1995-2020. Before changing his membership to the Heritage United Fellowship Church of Christ in Reston, VA. In 1998, he was a founding member and Deacon of the United Christian Parish in Reston, VA. Today, he’s semi-retired and is the President of a consulting firm licensed to do business in the Commonwealth called OverSmit, Inc. He still makes time to enjoy tennis, golf and boating. Joyce Overton Smith has been by his side as his beautiful and supportive spouse for 63 years, they had a son, who unfortunately passed away in 2020, two wonderful daughters and four bright and shining grandchildren.


PAUL HOLLAND Initiation Chapter/Year: Kappa Psi 1956 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


EDWARD JOYNER Initiation Chapter/Year: Pi 1951 Current Chapter: Zeta Iota


HERBERT CHAPPELLE Initiation Chapter/Year: Pi Sigma 1961 Current Chapter: Gamma Alpha


LEWIS FORREST Initiation Chapter/Year: Nu Psi 1961

Current Chapter: Pi Lambda Lambda


EARNEST GREEN Initiation Chapter/Year: Sigma 1961 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega



Initiation Chapter/Year: Beta Psi 1961 Current Chapter: Psi Nu


CHARLES JONES Initiation Chapter/Year: Zeta 1961 Current Chapter: Phi Phi


LEROY JONES Initiation Chapter/Year: Beta Sigma 1961 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


JAMES EARL ROUNTREE Initiation Chapter/Year: Delta Gamma 1961 Current Chapter: Tau Omicron



Initiation Chapter/Year: Lambda Omega 1961 Current Chapter: Lambda Omega


PERRY ANDERSON Initiation Chapter/Year: Kappa Psi 1966 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


DAVID BROWN Initiation Chapter/Year: Psi Rho 1966 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


HERBERT DIXON Initiation Chapter/Year: Alpha 1966 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


NATHANIEL ELLIOTT Initiation Chapter/Year: Delta Omega 1966 Current Chapter: Alpha Iota


CHARLES FOWLER Initiation Chapter/Year: Alpha 1966 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


WILLIAM R. HARVEY Initiation Chapter/Year: Beta Omicron 1966 Current Chapter: Alpha Alpha


GARFIELD JACKSON Initiation Chapter/Year: Delta Omega 1966 Current Chapter: Delta Omega


DONALD JONES Initiation Chapter/Year: Alpha Nu 1966 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


LEROY MCALLISTER Initiation Chapter/Year: Phi Phi 1966 Current Chapter: Phi Phi


LAWRENCE A. OWES Initiation Chapter/Year: Zeta 1966 Current Chapter: Zeta Iota


NAPOLEON PEOPLES Initiation Chapter/Year: Upsilon 1966 Current Chapter: Upsilon Nu


JOSEPH M. STILLS Initiation Chapter/Year: Upsilon Nu 1966 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


JAMES A. TINSLEY Initiation Chapter/Year: Psi Iota 1966 Current Chapter: Delta Omega


ROBERT TURNER, JR. Initiation Chapter/Year: Beta Gamma 1966 Current Chapter: Delta Omega


KENNETH A. BROWN Initiation Chapter/Year: Delta Theta 1971 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


GARY C. CLARK Initiation Chapter/Year: Nu Psi 1971 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


PHILLIP FERGUSON Initiation Chapter/Year: Phi Beta 1971 Current Chapter: Pi Lambda Lambda


ROBERT FULLERTON Initiation Chapter/Year: Kappa Psi 1971 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega



Initiation Chapter/Year: Epsilon Gamma 1971 Current Chapter: Rho Iota


HILARY JONES III Initiation Chapter/Year: Gamma Epsilon 1971 Current Chapter: Lambda Omega


WILLIAM KING I Initiation Chapter/Year: Beta 1971 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega



Initiation Chapter/Year: Alpha Omega 1971 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


BRENSON LONG Initiation Chapter/Year: Alpha Omega 1971 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


ROOSEVELT MILTON, JR. Initiation Chapter/Year: Kappa Psi 1971 Current Chapter: Alpha Omega


ZACKARY ROGERS Initiation Chapter/Year: Pi Gamma 1971

Current Chapter: Lambda Omega Omega



Initiation Chapter/Year: Upsilon Sigma 1971 Current Chapter: Pi Lambda Lambda



Initiation Chapter/Year: Delta Theta 1971 Current Chapter: Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Randy Adams Phi Phi

Brother William M. Howell Tau Omicron

Brother Marvin Brown Delta Omega

Brother Duane Keye Sigma Mu Mu

Brother Martin Burks III Xi Iota

Brother Linwood Lawton Alpha Omega

Brother Raymond Carey Xi Iota

Brother Alexander Pitcher, Jr. Alpha Omega

Brother Ralph Cooper, Jr. Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother E. David Samuel Alpha Omega

Brother Wilbert H. Curtis Upsilon Nu

Brother Stanley Sims Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Elbe Davis Alpha Omega

Brother Robert Sinclair Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Carlton E. Dean Lambda Omega

Brother David Stone Upsilon Nu

Brother Shelton Fisher Lambda Omega

Brother Phillip Thomas Alpha Omega

Brother Daryl Furman Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Algie Walker Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Brian Glover Sigma Kappa Kappa

Brother Theodore E. White Alpha Omega

Brother Warren Harris Zeta Iota

Brother Bernard Whitsett II Xi Iota

Brother Reginald Henry III Alpha Omega

Brother Harvey Woodson Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother George Bey Upsilon Nu

Brother James Medley Alpha Omega

Brother Stevenson Bolden Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Ervin Melton Zeta Omicron

Brother Michael Bouie Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Michael Miner Kappa Iota Iota

Brother Douthard Butler Psi Nu

Brother Harry Ravenel Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Willie Camp Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother James Richardson IV Gamma Omega

Brother Jeffrey A. Chandler Alpha Omega

Brother Scottie B. Rinehardt Kappa Iota Iota

Brother Duane Clark Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Leroy G. Ross Sigma Mu Mu

Brother Mitchell Colston Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Bobby Smith Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Van Corbin Sigma Mu Mu

Brother Tony Taylor Alpha Omega

Brother Warren Crummer Alpha Omega

Brother Gary Thornhill Delta Omega

Brother Brian Dowe Delta Omega

Brother Brian Tyler Zeta Omicron

Brother Craig Gordon Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Carl Valentine Kappa Iota Iota

Brother Boykin Jordan, Jr. Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Roderick Walker Upsilon Nu

Brother Stephen Leonard Alpha Omega

Brother Rodney Wyche Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Troy Littles Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother DeWayne K. Wynn Alpha Omega

Brother Leverne Marshall Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Norris Arceneaux II Tau Rho

Brother Jimmie Johnson, Jr. Alpha Omega

Brother Antonio Boston Delta Omega

Brother Douglas Knight Sigma Kappa Kappa

Brother John Bowman Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Drefus Lane Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother George Braxton II Phi Phi

Brother Ricky Lee Gamma Xi

Brother Edward Dixon, Jr. Pis Nu

Brother Robert Myles Simga Mu Mu

Brother Anthony Evans Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Joseph Neal Psi Nu

Brother Nicholas Evans Lambda Omega

Brother Barrye Price Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Herbert Gibbs Zeta Omicron

Brother Fred Riley Kappa Iota Iota

Brother Barry Hodges Kappa Iota Iota

Brother Ronald Tyler Kappa Iota Iota

Brother Charles Janifer Alpha Omega

Brother Derik Vance Phi Phi

Brother Shelton Johnson Tau Rho

Brother Frank Wright, Jr. Alpha Omega

Brother Howard Brown Phi Phi

Brother Jeffrey Owens Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Curtis Brumfield II Delta Omega

Brother George Parker Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Samuel Dunn, Jr. Upsilon Nu

Brother Craig Parsons Phi Phi

Brother Larnell Exum Alpha Omega

Brother Donald Prioleau Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Leonard Grant Psi Nu

Brother Tyrone Scott Phi Phi

Brother Roosevelt Green, Jr. Zeta Iota

Brother Kenyatta Uzzell Sigma Mu Mu

Brother Roger Hicks Psi Nu

Brother Lorenza A. Whitfield Sigma Mu Mu

Brother Reginal High Zeta Omicron

Brother Michael Williams Zeta Iota

Brother William Joe Zeta Iota

Brother Donald Wright Psi Nu

Brother Lindsey Merritt II Psi Nu

Brother Kenneth Younger Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Kelly Miller Simga Mu Mu

Brother Gregory Anderson Kappa Iota Iota

Brother Kevin McIntrye Sigma Mu Mu

Brother Jerome Bailey Alpha Omega

Brother Cory Plowden Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Michael D. Banks Gamma Xi

Brother Gary Powell Omicron Kappa Kappa

Brother Jason Barnwell Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Aaron E. Prince Psi Nu

Brother Craig Branch Delta Omega

Brother Thaddeus Richburg Alpha Omega

Brother Edward Elam, Jr. Delta Omega

Brother Devin M. Seth Kappa Psi

Brother Charles Fletcher Psi Alpha Alpha

Brother Kevin M. Seth Kappa Psi

Brother Rayfus Gary Sigma Mu Mu

Brother Kevin Shegog Pi Lambda Lambda

Brother Telly Green Alpha Iota

Brother Calvin Sydnor, III Kappa Iota Iota

Brother Leroy Hamilton, Jr. Sigma Kappa Kappa

Brother Rodney Wagner, Jr. Psi Nu

Brother Darrell Hill Phi Phi

Brother Jabari Yates Psi Nu

Brother Karl Kennedy Alpha Omega

Brother Glen Yonkers, Jr. Kappa Psi

Brother Lawrence McCarter Lambda Omega