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Rome CSD IT Department Newsletter

Issue #3 Spring

The Tech Integrator IT MINUTE with Pam Mazzaferro Director of Information Technology

Active Directory The Rome City School District Information Technology department is in the process of converting the district’s network operating system from Novell Directory Services to Microsoft Active Directory. Guiding factors for the network change are demand for updated 3rd party products and features, single-user authentication, Novell stability and challenges supporting a large school district, advanced technology issues, and budgetary implications. Microsoft Active Directory conversion will result in a more stable and robust learning environment while reducing long term cost.



Shout OUTS


This edition of the Tech Integrator is a little different than the first two editions. Inside this edition, you will see a lot of “Shout-Outs”. These shout-outs are just the IT Department’s way of recognizing teachers and staff who embraced technology in the district. So when you see a shout-out section, please take a look to see what your fellow co-workers have accomplished.

The conversion will occur in several phases. Phase 1 -Migration from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Outlook email system. (COMPLETED) Phase 2 -Converting all workstations and laptops to Microsoft network. This summer the IT Dept. will re-image every workstation and laptop in the district to connect to Microsoft network, plus install Outlook client and Office 2013. Phase 3 -Single-user authentications. Users will access Outlook, Microsoft network, SchoolTool, Web Help Desk, Lightspeed, and remote access through one user account information. Phase 4 -Virtual desktop for RFA students. Users will access Outlook, Microsoft network, SchoolTool, Web Help Desk, Lightspeed, and remote access through one user account information. Phase 5 -Microsoft Share Point cloud storage. Expands access to staff and students files anytime anywhere through Microsoft Share Point. The migration process started several months ago and will be completed this fall. There is additional information in the Newsletter on new login procedures and backing up your laptop data prior to it being re-imaged.


Kathy Bragan Gansevoort Principal Using

Data to drive decisions she supported Integrating technology Daily In every classroom with Teachers and students.

Mrs. Bragan

DID IT!!!!!!!


Brad’s Two Bits

What does Active Directory mean to you? Active Directory is going to be a change. That is going to be a fact. However, after the first initial wave of panic attacks, you will begin to see the advantages of having A.D. in the district. Teachers and students will benefit from Active Directory. Documents and Videos will be provided so this transition goes smoothly.


Bradley Barth



A user account represents you to Active Directory. Your user account is checked every time you type your user name and password to verify that you are who you say you are. Your user account is also checked every time you attempt to access a resource on RCSD network to verify that you are allowed to do what you are attempting to do.


A computer account represents your desktop or laptop computer to Active Directory. There is an account name associated with your computer account. Your computer account is checked every time you type your user name and password to verify that you are connecting to the RCSD network from an authorized computer.

! !


Active Directory can be used to control access to resources on the network. This includes computers, printers, devices, folders, files and other items on the network. AD also provides tools to help desktop computers stay protected from unknown users and to remain up-to-date on security patches.

Maura Tarbania PC SpecialistTechnology Integration Ridge, Stokes, Denti & Strough

A Loud Shout Out To Recognize Megan Frisch, 1st grade and Gretchen Costello 4th grade at Ridge Mills for always seeking out new ways to utilize technology across the curriculum.

SHOUT OUT TO: Mrs. Mattacola and her 3rd grade students at Denti. I am amazed how they can research using iPads and QR codes, organize the material and use Powerpoint Presentations and Microsoft Publisher for sharing. WAY TO GO CLASS!!

Roxanne Whipple MORIC FTE SchoolTools


Big SHOUT OUT to Deb Bartell at Ridge Mills. She regularly utilizes Schooltool reports to assist Mrs. Spencer with daily needs instead of doing it by hand.

3 NEEDHAM HELP? Do you have questions, we have the answers. You can use the Web Help Desk (Computer Help icon on your desktop) if you have questions. It is the quickest way to get a response. Question: How will I know what is going on with new technology? Check the RCSD Information Technology Web page for updated information as well as instructional materials. Also check your email. How do I get more information on the new Outlook email? Go to the RCSD Information Technology web page or, use Google to answer your Outlook questions. If you need to put in a work order because you really can’t get the answers you want, give us as much information as you can on what you’re trying to do. Will everyone in the district have Windows 7?

BIG I.T. SHOUT OUT TO Kris Brady and Shelly Schultheis For embracing the new WEB HELP DESK!! Great Job Ladies!!


Everyone using a Windows based computer or laptop will be using Win7. What version of Microsoft Office will we be using? Microsoft Office 2013 is the newest version and we will be moving to that with the update. Microsoft has tutorial Videos as well as documents. Go to Support/Free Training.

Susan alger- SYSOP

Denti- Big Shout out for all teachers who did a great job at

STOKES-Big Shout out for

all teachers who did a great job at

Jamie Lachaz- 3rd - who constantly doing especially Jennifer Harvey -1st with her kids and keeping

grade who consistently kept her students on

her students on task and focused.

task for the entire year.



This is how you can save your contacts from Groupwise by exporting them to your Home Folder. When you come back in September, you can import them from your Home Folder into Outlook Client.

Tech Tips & Tricks

Export your contacts into your Home Folder:

Sending your Groupwise emails to your Outlook account:

Import your contacts into Outlook: When you come back in September, log in to Outlook using your desktop icon

Open up Groupwise using the desktop icon and log in. (before the end of school year)

Using Groupwise, forward your emails to Outlook as attachments

1. Click File > Open > Import


2. Select “import from another program or file” and click next

1. Click on the contact tab 2. Under “Address Book”, right click on your name and select export

2. Highlight emails and right click

3. Select “Coma separated values (Windows) and click next

3. Select forward as an attachment

3. Save in your Home folder, file name Contacts, Save as type “coma separated (*.csv)”

4. Browse to your Home Folder and double click on the Contacts file

4. Click Save

5. Select next 6. For the destination folder select contacts and click next

For more instructions, please go to

7. Click Finish

Open Groupwise using your desktop icon

4. Send to your email address It may be beneficial to sort your emails by date, person or subject. Then after you select them, you can put what you would like to call this group in the subject line. It will put some organization to your emails once you’ve received them in Outlook


Featured Teacher App


Explain Everything $2.99


Explain Everything is an app that allows students to create, collaborate, communicate and critically think at any age. Explain Everything is an app with a whiteboard type

Margaret Voci RFA PC Specialist

Shout out to AJ Spado (9th grade earth science) For incorporating My Big Campus into his curriculum by using mobile technology. His teachings include students watching videos (lectures and related content), reviewing work & assignments all using MBC as a classwork and homework tool.

screen that allows users to record audio (and now video), write, and move objects all while


recording in real time. The end products can be pictures & videos. Explain Everything allows users to annotate any object on the iPad with the touch of their finger. It makes it easy for kids and adults to capture their screens and share it with virtually anyone. You can project it to your class just like a interactive whiteboard.


“Data Geek Shout Outs” to Kayla Foster (RFA Math teacher) and Nick Natishak (RFA Science teacher) for using their student data to drive decisions and instruction.


5 Staley Dimension U Tournament

On April 6th, Staley had their 3rd annual D.U. Tourney. Again, the tournament was a huge success and the competition was fierce as always. The 5th Grade Champion was Mr Rosato’s Bunsen Burners, who defeated Brement’s “We just Won”. In the 6th Grade competition, Trevett/Canarelli’s “We just Trevrellied you” defeated Guiliano’s “Chocolate Covered Pretzels” to win that title. To see videos from the both events, please scan the code below.

Dorothea Iselo, PC Specialist at Staley

“SHOUT OUT” to Cathy Woodruff our school Librarian, for always using technology

! How to use the iPad cart effectively

! ! ! ! ! !

The iPad cart is a great feature to use for your classes. It can be very useful in small groups and for students working on specific apps to increase math skills. The best use of the cart is for a class project where your students are creating and presenting. There are many apps that we have in Rome for creating projects (iMovie, animoto, & pic collage to name a few.) The key to a successful project is preparation and research. One way to ensure a successful project is to use the iPads for the completion process only. By doing this, your students will stay on task and appreciate using the iPads for this project. Using the iPads for too long will cause your students to lose focus. You also run the risk of losing your projects if you spend too much time on this project. Finally, this will free up another class to use the iPads for their class projects. The ideal time using the iPads for a project is 3-4 days.

Bradley Barth -MORIC Tech FTE

Staff member that I know has done something outstanding this year? The whole IT Staff at RFA. Donna Needham, Mike

with all her students. Cathy is always

Bates, Patricia Manti, and Pam Mazzaferro. It is

looking for fun projects to do with the

hard being new and these people went above and

IPADS, from creating book “movie trailers”,

beyond helping me feel comfortable and confident

to researching information, to utilizing My Big Campus. Mrs. Woodruff does it all! Thank You for educating our students with the use of technology

in the Rome District. I feel they gave me the tools I needed to succeed at my job and to be a better person.

8 Staley is #1 in the Nation for Dimension U

Students from Staley Upper Elementary School in Rome placed first in the 6th grade division of the 2014 Department of Defense Math Games on Monday, April 7th. The event, part of Dimension U, allowed students from Staley Upper Elementary School to compete against students teams from across the nation in virtual adventures to help reinforce math skills. In addition, Staley placed second in the 6th grade mixed division against six, seventh and eighth graders across the nation. Competing student teams were all affiliated with a branch of the military; Staley's team worked with the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI) and Griffiss Institute, both located in Rome. Other teams competing Monday were affiliated with the Army and Navy and hailed from South Carolina, Maryland, Illinois, Alabama and New Jersey. The local team that competed were Staley students: John Ashley, Ethan Wojdyla, Nicholas Impicciatore, Isaha Garner, Kevin Beach, Jamie Fleck, Kelsey Rabe, and Nicholas Wilcox accompanied by their teacher Courtney Huf. The tournament was hosted by Madison-Oneida BOCES in Verona. In the fall of 2011, Staley embarked on a collaborative STEM partnership with Griffiss Institute and Rome Air Force Research Lab. DimensionU, funded by the National Defense Education Program (NDEP), is a math gaming tool that enhances students’ skills in pre-algebra and algebra. Students engage in a series of first-person action adventure missions with three-dimensional graphics, sounds and animation similar to those in popular video games. Students, can customize their avatars and can go online to play individually or in teams, with classmates or with other students around the world. Staley has been involved since 2011. “Congratulations to the Staley Knights team for their hard work. The students should be proud of themselves for their accomplishment and teamwork. Thanks to 6th grade math teacher at Staley, Courtney Huf and Principal Karen Miller for leadership and support,” said Jeff DeMatteis, Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate. (article by Jill Pekarski)

Steve Motley MORIC FTE Tech

This is for Sarah Anderson. Bellamy K-4 music teacher. Continually incorporating creative use of the iPad (GarageBand ) into her music classes.

Lorayne Calicchia-



Big Bellamy Shout Out to all the Bellamy teachers for learning.Com especially Mary Ellen Utter (K) for keeping her class on focus all year.



Big Joy Shout Out to all the teachers especially Victoria Wasco. Who kept her class on task without technical support the entire year.


6 School Promotional Videos


What is the best way to promote your school building or an event that you are doing at your school? Videos!!!! Videos are what will people will focus on and spend more time viewing.


SO, if you are interested in promoting your building or a certain event at your school. Please send an email to:




If you have an idea for a video that you think will help you better understand anything involving technology. Please send me an email and see if we can’t put one on the website. Rome also has access to a video hosting solution called “Ensemble Video” and we can have any number of licensed users. This means that you can have your own “Channel”


in which you and your students can upload

Some guidelines to remember

videos. This way you are not using up all of

This is to be done prior to the event. We cannot film the actual event (way too many)


Your Opinion Matters

Videos should be 2-4 minutes in length

your memory with videos. In regards to students - this is a great way for students to create and save videos. When completed, we can post them on the website. This avoids

Please submit work orders at least TWO weeks in advance To see an example, please check out the RFA Video!

having to put them on YouTube and the whole filter issue. FYI - all videos you see on the website are on Ensemble.


Kathy Taraszkiewicz- SYSOP

“Shout Out” goes out to all Ridge Mills classroom teachers for their reliability and supporting their students in “Kudos” go out to the Kindergarten Teachers -Mrs Favata and Ms Viscelli whose students are able to log into computers independently.



Gansevoort “Shout Out” for all classroom teachers with


“Kudos” goes out to Mrs. Varano and her 4th Grade students for their keyboarding skills. Mrs. Varano’s students are able to keyboard 20 to 34 wpm with 93% accuracy. Great Job!!




The 4 C’s of Technology Integration

The easiest way to look at the role of technology is to understand that it is a tool that amplifies inherent abilities. Specifically, when integrating technology into the classroom it can amplify 4 student abilities. Those are the abilities to:


Critical Thinking Create Content Collaborate Communicate From a teaching perspective, technology can alter or change students abilities to do each of the 4 C’s. When presenting new tools, it is important to address which C’s the tool highlights or improves, and how it impacts the learning.


One tool you can incorporate all 4 of these into your classroom? Its easy, free, and you all have access to it every day. My Big Campus offers you tools to use the 4C’s with your students.


Critical Thinking - Schoolwork (Guided questions and activities done right on-line) Create Content - students can easily set up docs and pages on MBC that will allow them to create content Collaborate - MBC offers discussion forms and blogs to allow students to collaborate on projects Communication - students can communicate with teachers and their peers through posts and messaging

MaryAnn Urbanik PC SpecialistTechnology Integration Staley, Bellamy, Joy, & Ganse

Staley: Mrs Trnchik and Ms. Mason inquired about a project that could be completely done on the iPad. After being introduced to a variety of apps, students researched, organized, created and shared their final iMovie project. Sarah and Shelby, along with Eileen Banks, completed this project independently.

Rick Edmunds – SYSOP – Keyboarding and Word Processing. Rick introduced to the students and staff at Staley. He reinforced keyboarding skills and posture and monitored their progress.

9 Model Schools Workshops

What’s New on The Campus?

Don’t forget about all the great workshops available this summer through Model Schools!!

! ! !


Also, check out our Regional Professional Development Catalog - Coming out Soon!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

One option that MBC offers is a homework Dropbox option. You can have students download assignments and also upload their finished or unfinished work right to your group page. Now students can finish in-class assignments at home and even turn them in before the next day. To watch a video on how this all works, please scan the QR Code below or click on this link.


Get a complete list of all the workshops that the Mohawk Regional Information Center offers!


! !

Sign up for workshops at and click on the calendar.


All Rome teachers can attend any of these workshops & webinars !!

Joel Wyman PC Specialist Strough


I would like to shout out Kat Deming our school librarian at Strough for seamlessly integrating iPads and iPods in her library as an additional tool for student projects, information and app usage and making these devices a more popular and known resource for our students.


I would also like to shout out our science 7/8 team for an outstanding job implementing the NWEA testing for our Strough students this May. Those teachers would includeFrank Aurigema Megan Doyle David Mecca Brittany Pawelek Christina Steurrys Margaret Kemp Kristen Sciortino

Technology tip Common core and technology? I know, what does technology have to do with the Common Core? The truth is, the majority of the Common Core Standards are technology agnostic. They focus on what students need to be able to do by providing learning targets to help kids reach college and career readiness by grade 12. How teachers move their students toward these targets is left up to schools and the individual instructor, which is one of the strengths of the Common Core. As long as students are able to perform the standards, teachers can use any instructional method. So if you have used technology before the Common Core - keep using them the same way. Here are a few examples History and Social Studies- CCSS.ELA Literacy Integrate visual information (e.g., in charts, graphs, photographs, videos, or maps) with other information in print and digital texts. Writing Across Curriculum -CCSS.ELA-Literacy.WHST.6-8.8 Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, using search terms effectively; assess the credibility and accuracy of each source; and quote or paraphrase the data and conclusions of others while avoiding plagiarism and following a standard format for citation. Geometry - CCSS.Math.Content.7.G.A.2 Draw (freehand, with ruler and protractor, and with technology) geometric shapes with given conditions. Focus on constructing triangles from three measures of angles or sides, noticing when the conditions determine a unique triangle, more than one triangle, or no triangle.

For more uses of technology uses in the CCSS - 1-5el3aJjDd9j0WlJGA2gdtKQ8jwwuOCP98vx5zzJI6s/mobilebasic

Patty Manti

Rick Edmunds

Network Asst.

SYSOP Strough/Staley

Big Shout to Bellamy Teachers Lisa Monahan, Occupational Therapist, and Melissa Swistak Teacher Assistant. Their hard work with a student using the iPad has been instrumental in his improvement academically and socially.

Big Shout Out to Staley teachers who worked with their students all the time on Mr, Downs, Mrs. Lin & Mrs. Cook really were great to working with their students. Recognition also to Mrs Cignarale, Baker, Tuttle, Cianfrocco,Cehonski, Trevett, Kondella, DeFranco, and Guiliano


Need For any help in regards to technology - please submit a work order and it will be given to the appropriate person. From tech issues to integration help in your classroom. The fastest way to get something fixed is using our WEB HELP DESK icon right on your computers (or you can access it from the STAFF web page on the District website.)

Help is Just a Click Away!

Carl Manganaro Model Schools FTE


Big Shout out to Sarah Indermill - Asst. Principal at Bellamy. Since joining Rome this year she has embraced the use of technology with promoting iPads and running the building’s website




Shout out to Mark Benson - Principal at RFA for conquering the email conversion before everyone else and teaching the IT Dept a few things. Also for allowing me to make the RFA Video.


A Shout out to Brittany Lynch Music teacher at Strough. For her repeated use of iPads for her augmented Reality projects. Also for her use of technology directing the school play!




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