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Homecoming Issue,

December J985 •


Collins, '50

Daily, '36

Gjeisteen, '53

Lewis, '58

New Directors and ' Association Board Action

Unavailable Broaddus, '55 Butzer, '47 Peacock, '64

Alumni President Jim McGrath opened the fall meeting of the MSM-UMR Alumni Association on Friday, Oct. 18, i,n the Mark Twain Room of the University Center by welcoming the 32 members present. Matt Coco, secretary, reported that all those nominated for thre~- year terms on the BQard of Directors had been elected. They are: Thor Gjelsteen (re-elected) and S. Dale McHenry, directors at large; area directors--W.R . "Pat" Broaddus Jr. (re-elected); Harold G. Butzer (re-elected); James B. Chaney (re-elected); Eugene J. Daily (re-elected); B. Neil Lewis (re-elected); David N. Peacock ; and Roy A. Wilkens. He also announced that Bob Peppers and Carlos Tiernon had been appointed to the board for one-year terms to fill vacancies, and that Bill Collins had been appointed to the board as committee chairman and Armin Tucker is to continue on the board as a committee chairman . President McGrath congratulated the new board members and expressed his thanks to retiring board members Jim Gostin, Dave Kick , Ken Pohlig, Bob Ray and Walt Mulyca . Matt Coco then presented the minutes of the previous meeting, April 13, and they were accepted. The association financial report was presented by Jack Painter, treasurer, and the annual fund report was presented by AI Buescher, vice president. Details of these reports will appear in the February "Honor Roll" issue of the MSM Alumnus. During discussion of these funds, a suggestion was reported proposing that the association establish an emergency loan fund for new tenured track facul ty members who have just been hired and will not receive a pay check until the end of September. The issue was referred to the finance committee to study and report back at a later board meeting. A motion was passed to appoint Bill Collins


Homecoming '85 In addition to photos on the front and back covers, other Homecoming photos and information can be found on pages I through II. An account of the football game - which the Miners won - is on the sports page.

McHenry, '81


Peppers; '50

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of Missouri-Rolla Rolla, MO 65401-9990

December 1985

Vol. 59 No.6

Chaney, '48


Issued bi.monthly in. the interest of the graduates and former students of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy and the University of Missouri·Rolla. Entered as se· cond class matter October 27, 1926, at the Post Office at Rolla, Missouri 65401·9990, under the Act of March 3, 1897.

Tiernon, '54

Wilkens, '66 -

chairman of the finance committee and another motion was passed authorizing the finance committee to contract with an asset management firm to handle the association investments. President McGrath suggested that a committee comprised of AI Buescher, Art Baebler, himself and any other interested board member, be formed to discuss possible techniques for a major endowment campaign. Bob Wolf presented the proposed student financial aid budget for 1986-87. He pointed out that the 1985-86 budget had increased the amount of some scholarships and the number of scholarships awarded for a total of a 31 percent overall increase. (Don Brackhahn reported that 133 students recei ved checks for approximately $68 ,500 at the beginning of the fall semester and approximately the same amount would be available to the students at the beginning of -the spring semester. Payments were also being made for work being done by students on the Educational Assistants program--total budget for 1985-86--$142,750.) The Student Financial Aid Budget Committee recommended a budget for 1986-87 of $200,000, an increase of about 40 percent ($250 increase for 25 scholarships, the addition of 20 $1 ,250 scholarships, 12 $2,000 scholarships and the addition of $2,000 for educational assistants--about 400 hours). A motion ' was made to approve the proposed budget and was passed. Bob Klorer announced the names of those who would be honored at t-he Alumni Awards Banquet on the following day, (see pages 2 & 3 of this issue of the Alumnus), and Art Baebler reported on activities of the four campus University of Missouri Alumni Alliance. March 18, 1986 has been selected as Legislative Day in Jefferson City . Bob Berry reported on the activities of the Faculty and Program Planning Committee. Under sponsorship of that committee four $500 awards would be . made at the noon luncheon to facult y members (nominated by the departments and chosen by the committee) who would be designated I 985 -0utstanding Ad· visers. (See page 22 of this issue of the Alumnus.) Status reports ·were made to the board on the Jackling Fund, the Athletic Department, the Development Fund and the Alumni Directory . It was announced that the University was waiving out-of-state tuition fees for qualified children of alumni and that an endowed scholarship has been establish· ed within the association in the name of Joseph an9 Louise Marchello. The following dates for future events were announced: March 18. .................. . . Legislative Recognition Day April 12. ....... . . . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . . .. . .... Spring Board Meeting ......... . . ... . . . .. Fall Board Meeting Oct. 17 . . . Oct. 17-18. . . . . . ......... . .. . . . Homecoming 1986 Oct. 9-10 . . . ....................... . .... . Hor:necoming 1987

MSM Alumnus /1

Alumni Association Honorary Life Membership Honorary Life Membership is presented to an individual in recognition of his or her extraordinary association with alumni and students of UMR.

Nancy Cook Mackaman Rolla. Missouri As the wife of the MSM-UMR Alumni Association's executive vice president, Nancy Mackaman has been meeting with alumni for the past 17 years and welcoming them 'to campus at Homecoming and other alumni functions in Rolla. She has traveled more than 250,000 miles, accompanying Frank when they meet with Miners throughout the country, and she serves as a second representative of the Rolla campus on these occasions. Nancy is also active in many campus activities and activities for the Rolla community.

WilHam H. Gammon Principal, W.H. Gammon Inc. Consulting Engineer Sarasota, Florida Bill received a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from MSM in 1949 and the professional degree, chemical engineer, from UMR in 1968. He had a long and distinguished career with Ashland Oil Inc., retiring in 1981 as senior vice president and chief administrative officer of the company. Bill is a member of the 25路year club of the American Petroleum Institute and ' has been active in many other profes路 sional and civic groups. He is also a member of UMR's Development Coun路 cil.

2/ MSM Alumnu s

Alumni Achievement Awards The Alumni Achievement Award is presented for outstanding service in areas of business or academic accomplishments and for civic affairs achievement or recognition.

Allan H. LaPlante President, LAPCO Inc. Houston, Texas Al earned a B.S. degree in civil engineering from MSM in 1963, and was awarded the professional degree, civil engin~r, by UMR in 1972. After a number of years with Continental Pipe Line and Continental Oil Co., Al joined with Prentis Tomlinson to establish a partnership in Tomlinson Petroleum Inc. dealing with lease purchasing and crude oil and petroleum marketing and distribution. In 1981 , he started his own company, LAPCO Inc. , a holding company for LAPCO Oil and Gas Co., LAPCO Petroleum Co. and LAPCO Land and Cattle Co. Two other companieS, JAAL Corp. and Petrodyne (established in partnership with others) were added to LAPCO Inc. in 1982. AI is a former director of the MSM路 UMR Alumni Association and is a member of the UMR Order of the Golden Shillelagh.

Josepb G. Sevick Retired Senior Vice President St. Joe Minerals Corp. York, Maine Joe received his B.S. degree in metallurgical engineering from MSM in 1949, lmd the professional degree, metallurgical engineer, from UMR in 1973. Following graduation, Joe joined St. Joseph Lead Co. which later became St. Joe Minerals Corp. He retired in 1983 as senior vice president after 34 years of service to the company. He has been active in a number of civic and professional groups, serving as director and vice chairman of the International Lead- Zinc Research Organization. He is also a member of UMR's Order of the Golden Shillelagh.

Frederick M. Springer Vice President, Mobil Diversified Businesses A Division of Mobil Corp. Salado, Texas Fred received a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from MSM in 1949. He joined Mobil in Sundown, Texas, as a trainee with Magnolia Pipe Line Co. Later Fred became a member of Mobil's management team and in that capacity was, at one time, named a director and senior vice president of Montgomery Ward. He retires this fall after 36 years with the company. Fred is a member of a variety of professional organizations, is a registered professional engineer in three states, and belongs to several railroad historical associations.

Avvards Alumni Merit Awards The Alumni Merit Award is presented for outstanding service to UMR or the Alumni Association or for recognition of some outstanding achievement in academic or business pur;mits. -

PoweD A. Dennie Retired SbeD on Co. Houston,-Texas

Robert L. Hanna President Hanmar Corp. BatdeGround,In~

Powell received his B.S. degree in mining engineering with a petroleum option from MSM in 1940 and was awarded ttie professional degree, petroleum engineer, by UMR in 1971. He was with Shell Oil (and Royal DutchlShc:ll Group) for 40 years, serving the company in such capacities as production manager in Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain areas and department head in London, ' England. When he retired from Shell Oil in 1981, he was Alumni Service Awards head office manager, exploration and The Alumni.Service Award is presented to individuals for outstanding contribu· production safety, training and environmental conservation. tions to UMR through service to UMR or to t,he Alumni Association.

Bob received a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from MSM in 19,43 and was awarded the 'professional degree, electrical engineer, by UMR in 1974. Bob Hanna has a divided career. For 21 years he worked for General Electric Co. and Motorola Inc. and for 21 years he has hOOed his own companies first R.L. · Hanna Co., then Hanmar Corp., energy saving consultants. He is active in Rotaty International and is a member of Eta Kappa Nu and UMR's Academy of Electrical Engineering.

Frank C. Appleyard Retired Vice President, Raw Material Resources U.S. Gypsum Co. Tubac, Arizona

Joseph H. Senne Professor Emeritus' of GviI Engineering UDiversity of Missouri-RoUa

• ck B. Haydon President Reese ~nstruction Co.

O'Fallon, Illinois received his B.S. degree in civil Frank earned a B.S. degree in mining engineering in 1958 from MSM and was engineering at MSM in 1937. He was awarded the professional degree, civil awarded the professional degree, engineer, from UMR in May. engineer of mines, by UMR in 1968. After 10 years with the Illinois Before his retirement in 1981, Frank Department of Transportation, Jack had worked in mines or with some formed Haydon Construction Co. and aspect of mining for U.S. Gypsum Co. served as its president until 1980. In for 40 years. 1970 he also became president of Reese Construction Co., a position he conHe has been an active member of the tinues to' hold. Jack is an active member of a number American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, of professional organizations, especially serving that organization as chairman of contractors' groups in Southern Illinois. a number of committees. He is also a He is also a member of UMR's long-time member of the MSM-UMR Academy of Civil Engineers, the UMR Alumni Association Board of Directors Development Council and is a member and provided leadership in the Chicago of UMR's Order of the Golden Shillelagh. section before moving to Arizona. J.ac~

Joe earn~· his B.S. degree in civil engineering from Washington University in St. louis in 1948, and his Ph.D. degree from Iowa State University in 1961, but he received the M.S. degree in civil engineering from MSM in 1951. Joe began his academic career at MSM as an instructor While working on his M.S. degree. Afte~ receiving the degree he became an assistant professor and remained at MSM until 1954 when he moved to Iowa State to teach and work on hi~ Ph.D. He returned to MSM-UMR in 1963, became chairman of civil engineering in 1965 and remained in that positio-n until his retirement It was Joe's calculations, adaptations, innovations and designs that were used in creating · UMR's award-winning Stonehenge replica.

MSM Alumnus / 3

Homecoming 1985

50 Years and Before (left to right) Row 1: Louis Oberly, Virginia Oberly, John Miles, Robert Rhoades, Ragan Ford, Evelyn Ford Vera Baker, Donald Baker, Faye Moran, Ernest Moran. Row 2: Alfred Hesse, Emilie Hesse, Dorothy Pollak, John Pollak, Virginia Pace, George Pace, Leona Roberts, Gerald Roberts, Gill Montgomery, Elmer Gieseke, Mary Asher, Vernon Asher. Row 3: Bill Thias, Evelyn Thia , Carolyn Gammeter, Elmer Gammeter, Twidge Thomas, Katherine Zvanut, Frank Zvanut, Hazel Schweickhardt, G.R. Throgmorton, Gertrude Roemer, Elmer Roemer, Carl Heim, E.T. Regenhardt , Virginia Sperling, Elmer Sperling. Row 4: Mildred Gevecker, Vern Gevecker.

45 Year Class (left to right) Row 1: George Fort, Maxine Fort, Walter Baumstark, Mary Baumstark, Paul Dowling, Eleanor Dowling, Armin Tucker. Row 2: Harley Ladd, Laura Ladd, Pat Dennie, Powell Dennie, Nina Ridley, Bob Ridley, Lillian Heiss, Ed . Heiss, ~orothy Romine, Clarke Romine. Row 3: Lucille Brown , Gu Brown , Russell Gund, June Hall , Callie Sharp, Mary M. Row 4: Ollie Cottenll , Carl Cotterill, Mac Stewart , Ed Miller, Peg Miller, Ralph Hall, Connie Klug , Everett Sharp Fred M. Row 5: Ann Reed, John Reed , Ferd Machmer, Virgie Machmer, Lois Timberman , De Timberman , Bob Klug, I an Niedling. 40 Year Class - No one from the Class of ) 945 was present.

4 MSM Alumnu s

Honor Classes

35 Year Class (left to right) Row 1: Carl Zerweck, Clarence T!lnnicliff, Carol Turmicliff, Robert Strain, ~rry Spanier, Don Spackler, Alvera Strain, George Boje, Evelyn Boje. Row 2: Oliver Jorcke, Dorothy Jorcke, Sid Duerr, Joan Duerr, Linus Renner, Bernice Renner, Jack Brown, Dorothy Brown, Ralph Wolfram, Peggy Wolfram, Lorraine Spackler, Jean Zerweck. Row 3: Gerald Hammond, Kathleen Hammond, Lois Williams, Alden Williams, Jim Elliott, Mary Elliott, Betty Isbell, Clarence Isbell, Betty Miller, Les Miller, Betty Acheson, Ed Acheson, Lorraine Settgas, Bob Settgas, laVerne Yochum, Ken Yochum . Row 4: Bob Peppers, Peggy Peppers, Mary Hillhouse, Dave Hillhouse, Sybil Croner, Earl Reynolds, Dorothy Reynolds, Laurabel Severtson, Vernon Severtson, Irv Hawkins, Winona Roberts, Kent Roberts, Eileen Neely, Jim Neely, Ray Ruenheck. Row 5: Jack Guth, Barbara Barsachs, Ed Barsachs, Norman Schneider, Jeannette Schneider, Bunny Herrmann, Tom Herrmann, Mary Jane Buel, Bob Buel, Dottie Branson, Don Branson, Gloria Kunz, Charlie Kunz, Edna Scott. Row 6: Jean Fossi, Robert Fossi, Brenda Brinkmann, Charles Brinkmann, Doreen Davidson, Phil "YoYo" Davidson, laVerne Klemme, Al Klemme, Bill Collins, John Weingaertner, Richard Hunt, Shirley Hunt, Ruth Cady, Bill Cady, Chris Wagner, Bernie Wagner, Jim Scott.


Year Oass (left to .right) Row 1: ' Bill Hallett, Jane Hallett, John Miles, Jim Mullen, Sara Mullen & daughter Carol, Dixie Anderson, Jim Anderson, Art Baebler. Row 2: William Schuman, Evelyn Schuman, Bob Oetting, Tommie Ruth Oetting, Doris Barnds, Cam Barnds, Evelyn Baker, Chester Baker, Martha Taylor, Chuck Germer. Row 3: Sam Smart, Richard Johnson, Herman Ray, Margaret Ray, Joyce Krieg, Madin Krieg, R~y Pfaff, Jim Franklin, Richard Berg, Jan Weitzel, .Pete Weitzel. .

MSM Alumnus ! !?

25 Year Qus (left to right) Row 1: Karl Daubel, Shirley Daubel, Betty Dickens, Walter Dickens, Carl Vansant. Row 2: Kenneth Wood, Ramona Wood, Kent Howrey, Jane Savage, Wes Savage, Marita Ray, Ed Ray. Row 3: Harland Ellis, Freddie Ellis, Mary Lou Carver, Ron Carver, Robert Ward, John Irwin, Louise Schroer, Herb Schroer, Nancy Berthold, Jim Berthold.



20 Year Class Oeft to right) Row 1: Laura KadwelJ, Bob Kadwell, Diane Butler, Jim Butler. Row 2: Milton Bradley, Gayle Welsh, Dalton Welsh, David John.

6/ MSM Alumnus

15 Year Qass Oeft to right) Row 1: Joe Hahn, JoAnn Hahn, Brenda Schaeffer, Mike Schaeffer, Mike Yount, Kathy Yount. Row 2: Ken Metz, Kathy Metz, Sharon Leone, Jack Leone, Bobbie Wedge, Keith Wedge, Neil Portnoff, Susan Portnoff.



10 Year Class (rigbt to left) Row 1: Andrea Aronberg, Garry Aronberg, Rebecca Starke, Stephen Starke, Christina Erickson, Alan Erickson, Judy Branstetter, Jobn Branstetter, Jeffrey Susanj, Jeff Susanj, Connie Susanj, Mary Brake, Michael Brake. · Row 2: Nicholas Barrack, Charlotte Barrack, Claire Rollings, Bob Rollings, Kathy Parks, John Parks, Bert Maddox, Stan Weaver, Mary Lee Trnka, Chuck Trnka, Kathy laG reek , Joe LaGreek.

Classes 5 Year Class (left to right): Dave Schmitt, Kathy Schmitt, Tom Dittmaier

MSM Alumnus l7



Billy Key, Left, UMR athletic director, presents mementos to Tom Cooper, '60, co- Brad Haug, 14, gets good blocking from his line as he prepares to pass in the game with CMSU. captam of the '58-'59 football team at the '58-'59 athletes' reunion.

The UMR Band and members of UMR's new Ozark Highland Pipe Band keep up .The "Gold Miners," pom-pon dance group, perform with the UMR Marching spirits during the Homecoming game. Miners during Homecoming ceremonies.

Fourteen alumni band members¡ assisted the UMR Band at Homecoming.

8/ MSM Alumnus

Homecoming '85

Part of the trumpet secJion perf0':ffis during the band's rendition of "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

Interim ChanceUor John Park crowns Homecoming Queen Susan Piontek, junior in I Left to right, Queen Susan Piontek rides in the procession with candidates Sheila EE from Florissant. Otto, senior in ChE from Florissant, and Debbie Prince, junior in ME from St. Peters. .

Tom VanDoren, EE professor, conducts the course "An Introduction to Grounding Alumni attend a short course on "Oak Leaves and ShiUelaghs" taught by Lawrence and Shielding of Electronic Instrumentation" for alumni at Homecoming. . Christensen, standing, and Jack Ridley, second from right, UMR history professors.

MSM Alumnus / 9

lO / MSM Alumnu s

MSM Alumnus / 11

University of Missouri P'r ograms of-Eminence As part of the Board of Curators' long-range plan, eight University of Missouri programs will receive a boost toward reaching or maintaining international and national eminence. Recommended for eminence are UM-Rolla's intelligent industrial system-s program and matenals engineering and science program, UM-Kansas City's telecommunications and computer 'science program, UM-Columbijl's journalism, molecular biology and Fopd fm the 21st Century programs, UM-St. Louis' chemistry program"and UM Extension's commercial agriculture program. "Eminence designations in these areas, which were selected from among programs previously identified for enhancement as part of the curators' long-range plan, would focuS positive attention on the University and the state of which UM is a vital part," says UM president, C. Peter Magrath_ The attention would come not only from the academic community but from


business, industry and goyernment, Magrath points out. In developing the recommendations Magrath and his staff considered the . potential of programs to benefit the state as well as their appropriateness to the University'S overall mission. Also weighed were the relationship of each .program to others at the University, the likelihood of achieving national or international eminence and the possibilities for attracting additional revenue. The total amount of resources needed to help all of these programs attain or maintain. eminence has yet to be .determined. "I believe that the money spent. to achieve or maintain eminence in these eight programs will be among the best investments Missouri can make. The programs will be a foundation of quality on which we can build an even better University," Magrath says. A more detailed explanation of UM-Rolla's two projects follows:

UMR's Eminent Program in Intelligent Industrial Systems


A UMR student works with a computer numerically controlled milling machine.

12 / MSM Alumnu s

"American industry is poiSed at the brink of a major step in the development of industrial systems," says UM-Rolla Interim Chancellor John T. Park_ "This step features the integration' of the design and manufacturing production process in which the entire operation .from concept to finish, will be done interactively. with the computer_ . "UMR's program is helping to supply the new engineers and the research to 'advance the science and technology necessary to increase productivity in competition with the rest of th~ industrial world," he. added _ According to Dr. Robert L. Davis, dean of the UMR School of Engineering, the UMR Eminent Program in Intelligent Industrial Systems is interdisciplinary. Participants in the program include faculty and students from computer science, mechanical and aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, engineering management, metallurgical engineering,_psychology, and the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center. A wide variety of projects related to artificial intelligence and industrial automation are now in progress or have been completed recently on the UMR campus, according to Dr. Marvin W. Barker, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. "In the areas of artificial intelligence and exPert srstems, a current project is exploring the development of an expert system to encode variations in mine performance that will be useful in determining causes for reduced production. Another effort that is iri the planning stage deals with an artificial intelligence system for materials selection in the chemical processing industry," he says. Robotics area research includes the statistical reproducibility of robot positioning development of a control system for a miniature robot used with a machine vision-sorting system and a study of robot path control to optimize the machine motion. Materials processing and handling projects include gin examination of the use of water jets with abrasives to cut metals and a feasibility study using a . microcomputer. _ "These projects are just a start in the great potential for the program in intelligent industrial systems," Davis says_ "Reflecting the impact of compu'terized technology in this country's malmfacturing industries, UMR has made a major commitment to manufacturing automation-intelligent industrial systems. To Keep its graduates up-to-date, UMR is developing a fuliy integrated flexible manufacturing system on campus that amounts to a small automated factory for teaching and research . The curriculum has been modified to incorporate the integration of this technology into existing courses and the creation of sev.eral new ones." The program is supported by new computer systems, including a main frame computer, super minicomputers, an artificial intelligence computer, specialized


minicomputers, and a substantial number of microcomputers. There are interactive graphics terminals and suitable software for teaching computer-aided design (CAD) from the freshman level throughout the entire undergraduate program. Robotics has been introduced into both research and undergraduate programs. As a result, engineering students at UMR use equipment and facilities similar to those found in industry and gain hands-on experience in every phase of the modern manufacturing process. They design parts on UMR's computer graphics system, program industrial robots, shape parts with computer numerically con-

trolled machine tools, and use computers to monitor quality control, oversee production and assess statistical performance. "University programs to provide graduates in the field of intelligent indusyial systems are under intense pressure to develop both faculty and facilities rapIdly," Park says. "The UMR campus has a nucleus of capable and interested faculty currently working in many of these areas. UMR's interdisciplinary profam is one of the few in the nation with this breadth of activity in industri,al; mtomation."


UMR's Eminent Program in Materials Engineering and Science



The University of Missouri-Rolla's Eminent Prqgram in Materials Engineering and Science will concentrate on a small number of new materials topics in addition to UMR's established research areas in metallic, polymeric, ceramic and composite materials for "cutting edge" research for the future_



! I


Interim Chancellor Park says that the new materials topics will be selected from those compatible with UMR;s current educational program a'rid are expected to have special national importance for the foreseeable future. "Some of the areas being targeted for future growth are: high temperature composite materials (aircraft and ceramic engine applications), telecommunication and remote senSQr materials, and corrosion and wear-resistant coating materials. All of these are attracting national attention because of their technological importance," he ~ys. . Dr. Don L. Warner, dean of the UMR School of Mines and Metallurgy, pointed out that the eminent progtam to enhance the materials engineering and science program at UMR builds on more than a century of strength in these areas. - "The.education and research programs in materials engineering and science at UMR are unique in 'the state," Warner says. "Since it was founded in 1871 to eduCate engineers for Missouri's mining industry, UMR has developed strong engineering and science programs in materials engineering and science. The department of metallurgical engineering was added in 1890 and the ceramic engineering department in 1927. The Graduate Center for Materials Research was est<!blished in 1964." . Materials engineering and science research includes most of the science and engineering disciplines at UMR. Within the framework of the Graduat.e Center for Materials Research are the Institute for Chemical and Extractive Metallurgy, the Institute for Thin Film Proce~ing, and the Electronics Materials Processing and Characterization Institute. In these institutes, and in the Missouri Mining and Mineral Resources Research Institute and the General Mineral Technology Center Pyrometallurgy, is a large multidisciplinary research effort, which along with research in individual departments, will be brought together under the Eminent Program for Materials Engineering and Science. Researchers in materials engineering and science include faculty from the departments of ceramic, electrical, civil, metallurgical, geological, mining, nuclear, mechanical and aerospa(,:e... and chemical engineering, engineering mechanics, chemistry, geology, physics, and the Environmental Research Center and Graduate Centers for Cloud Physics Research and for Materials Research. Research at the Materials Research Center ranges from fundamental science to applied engineering and includes a large number of subjects dealing with the development, evaluation, application and understanding of the behavior of ceramics, metals, and polymers. Major research areas include corrosion; materials processing technology; biomaterials; materials development, characterization and property evaluation; magnetic materials; surface physics, modification and analysis; electrochemistry, mass transport in solids; and waste recovery/recycling. "UM-Rolla has a long tradition of working with private industry on materials research and development problems," Park says. Some of these are ion-implanted metals for improved wear and corrosion resistance; chemical durability and therma'l performance of refractory concretes used in coal gasifiers; evaluation and optimi0ition of metal electrolyte quality using cyclic voltammetry techniques; metal alloy coating of bearings; development of polymer membranes for separation processes and coating for corrosion protection and leakage; surface modification of polymers and polymeric water vapor barriers; and development of chemically durable oxynitride glasses. Park says that research in materials engineering and science has special relevance to Missouri's economy and industries. / "The field of materials is a major part of the economy of the state of Missouri since it includes not only those industries that produce materials such as iron, lead, steel, glass, cement and chemicals, but also those industries that use A UMR researcher studies a method of depositing a thin film of corrosion and wear materials in their manufacturing processes, such as automotive, ~ircniftand elecresistant coating material. tronics industries," _Park says. I. MSM Alumnus / 13

Alumni Section New$ Pacific -N orthwest Section Our annual potluck picnic was held at comments were interesting to us all. We the Kanaskat-Palmer State Park on expressed our appreciation for the Sept. 2,1. True to our tradition , we all establishment of the out-of-state scholarhad a good time. At least 48 people at- ship for sons and daughte~s of alumni. tended the picnic. The" potluck food was Following our feasting on great food, delicious, especially the salmon that President David Winter conducted our Stephen Wright barbecued at the picnic. annual business meeting. The following We want to thank Frank and Nancy alumni were nominated and elected to Mackaman along with Don and Pat office: president, john Adams, '59; viceWarner for coming out to visit the president, Tom Doering, '78; and Pacific North\yest. Current news from secretary-treasurer, Stephen Wright, '68 the campus is alway welcome, Their and '70.

The new officers decided to hold our '78 Tilman; Ray Lasmanis, '63; Tom annual winter dinner/dance at the Elk's and Maxine Doering, '78; Mark and Lodge in Auburn where Vic and Rosey Lyn Marienfeld, '73: Robert Gray, '67 Hoffmann are members. The Wrights and Karen Cermak; Itsu and Nancy suggested a one-day cruise near' the San Arimura, '59; Gerry and Kathleen Hamjuan Islands aboard the historic ' "tall" mond, '50; john and Sandie Keibe1. '66; sailing ship "Sylvia" as a spring activity . Pat, '62, Kay, Kristin and Kim Duvall: Those in attendance included: Harold, '76 , '77 , d'Arcy, Sarah and Stephen and ,Susan Wright, '68, and , Christopher Harder: john and Betty family; Mike and Trish Warfel, '75 and Adams, '59 . kids; Vic and Rosey Hoffmann, '60; Stephen A. Wright Dave Winter, '78; Erik, '77 and Robin, Secretary-Treasurer

t -

Cape Girardeau The Cape Girardeau alumni section held another successful brunch in connection with the UMR/Southeast Missouri State University football game on Oct. 5; at the Cape Girardeau Holiday Inn _ Max and jo Burgett served as the host and hostess for the event. jo pro-

14 MSM A lum n us

vided outstanding decorations for the activities. The silver and gold balloons used were carried to the football game by the alumni in attendance and a special drawing was held for the magnificent centerpiece. Ann Edwards, the fortunate one to receive it, took it back to Paducah, Ky. with her.

The Miners won the football game and all returned to the Holiday Inn for a post game reception. joining the alumni for the day's activities were the football coaches and cheerleaders. Those in attendance included: Billy and Naomi Key; Don and Nancy Brackhahn; jack and jo Painter, '50; Gene and Ann Ed-

wards, '53; Don and jenny Fuller, '66; Punch and jan Bennett, '54; Bob and Dorothy Williams, '57; Dixie Finley, '68; Frank Conci, '54; -Pete and jan Weitzel, '55 ; jack and Bobby Harper, '51 ; Floyd and Denise Harris, '74, and Leona Munoz.

Mining Congress During the American Mining Congress meeting in San Francisco on Sept. , 24, the Missouri Miners met for a reception at the Ramada Renaissance. Jerry Littlefield and Dave Peacock were the on-site organizers. Dean Don Warner, his _wife Pat, and Nancy and Frank

Mackaman represented the campus. The following people signed the register: Nancy and Frank Mackaman, Rolla; Jerry and Kay Littlefield, '58, San Francisco, Calif.; Jon Langstaff, '59, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; Dan and Shirley Martin, '52, Lakewood, Colo.; Dick

San Franc-isco

Bullock, '51, Houston, Texas; ' Rich Reyburn, '64, Carson City, Nev.; Henry and Pat Whaley, '48, Broadview Heights, Ohio; Ernie and Mollie Achterberg, '53, Tulsa, Okla.; Joe and Charlotte Quinn, '49, Hartland, Wis.; Chuck Travelstead, '74, Gillete, Wis.;

Gary and Rebecca Perrey, '78, Lancaster, Calif.; Gene and Rose Lang, '53, Arv ada , Colo.; Dave and Laura Peacock, '64, Oakland, Calif.; Kay Webb, Tulsa, Okla.; Kenneth and' Colleen Clifford, '70, Sunnyvafe, Calif.; Don Lee lilian, '72, San Bruno, Calif.; Don and Pat Warner, Rolla.

Society of Petroleum Engineers ...;..-. Las Vegas It was the UMR Miners versus the LSU Tigers at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the Miners came out on top.

school how to have a good time. By the end of the even'ing, quite a few Tigers seemed to have forgotten on which side of the hallway their own party was being held as they joined the Miners to have fun Rolla style.

Little did the convention center management know what they were getting into when they scheduled parties for the two schools directly across from A total of 69 alumni, faculty each other at the Society of Petroleum members, spouses, students and guests Engineers' Convention held Sept. 24. showed up for the event, a very good The Miners and the Tigers arrived at the turn out indeed. Among those attending ' same time, but the Rolla grads quickly were: Scott C. and Traci Wehner, '80; sho~ed the grads of the Lou'isiana Dan J. Arthur, '86; Gary L. Misak, '78 ;

Gary D_ Achenbach, '63 ; Paul M. Walker, '60; Bradley Aman, '79; L.D. ' Witt, '79; Mike Fugate, '76; Lloyd Lewis, '79; Jim Waechter, '76; Larry and Charlene Britt,'79; Cindy Crow, '82; Roger Horton, '73; Edwin H . Barsachs, '50; Jim and Mary ' Bush, '79; Gary Jones, '76; Jim Honefenger, '72; Tom Bendist, '83; Joe Green, '55; Karen Rakop, '81 ; Susan Remley Beckerle, '81 ; Bill and Shirley Givens, '51; Roger Schoeppel, '52; Bill De Graeve, '79 ; Vickie Freise, '8 2; Jeff and Ann (Kristof) Smith, '79¡; Joe and Betty Mar-

tin , '76; Rod Kirkpatrick, '77; Sam Blackburn, '79; Bob and Charlotte Carlile; Marion and Carolyn Arnold; Jim and Sandy Baird; Craig Payken, '74; Steve Ohnimus, '68; Don Henderson, '71; Lloyd R. Heinze; Jeffrey Joseph; John Counsil; '71; Richard E. Beecher, '83 ; Steven P_ Rivers, '84; Mark E. Eck, '80; John R. Amerman, '84; Ron Fisher, '8 1; Bob Chambers, '83; S. Eltomi, '83; David Gresko, '8 1; A. Herbert Harvey; W.E. (Bill) Frank , '80; Sean Pr(ce, '77; Jose M. Oonoso, '80; Elmer Hill, '69; Joe Lillard, '71 ; and Larry Allen.

MSM Alumnus / 15

Alumni Section News ContinuecJ _______________ SPE -


Las Vegas continued


i, "-

SME·AIME The balloon festival had just ended and the Arabian Horse Show was still going on a~ a smail but enthusiastic crowd of Rolla Miners turned.--Out for the SME-AIME Fall Meeting held ad 17. in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Convention attendance was down in general with a number 9f. schools cancelling their own receptions because '


of the low numbers of their alumni at- A.E. and Marjorie Rhodes,· '39, tending. That didn't affect the Rolla . graciously acted as 'Iocal host and alumni, however, and the convention hostess and welcomed the other guests center staff did a great job wi th the hors who included: Gerald C. Shelton, '50; d'oeuvres. The Miners quickly located Dave and Gerry Stritzel, '73: Harlan the liquid refreshments. and Marcia Kebel , '56 ; Roger and Cyndi A total of 32 alumni, faculty and staff Dewey, '69 ; Bob and Chris l:leins, '49; members turned out for the event, many Richard Terry, '65; Bill and Nancy from the local Albuq\Jerque community. Shepard, '51; Karl E. Burgher, '8 5; Steve

Lang, '79; Carlos and Joan Tiernon, '54: Thomas and Margaret Farrell, '58: Jim and Rita Jahagirdar, '7 L George F . Wright , '58; Neils and Peggy Hau~old , '57; Roland and Elizabeth Freidank, '38 ; Jung and Mary Mok , '60: Kenneth L. Clifford; A.E. and Marjorie Rhedes, '39: David A. Summers and Larry Allen.

Chicago Area Section Bob M . Saxer, '61 , '62 (CE), is a Miner with an abundance of Miner spirit! He's proud of his alma mater and his enthusiasm has taken the form of recruiting prospective students in the Chicago area. After talking with Don Brackhahn of the alumni office, and Bob Lewis of the admissions office at UMR, he collected some recruiting materials--UMR signs,

brochures; catalogs, view books and appliGations . . From a list of Chicago area ' alumni, Bob picked a couple of fellow alumni, Dennis Hilgenberg, '67, and Jeff McGee, '84, .to be c; part of the team. Armed with th( r enthusiasm and .materials, the team ,t up a recruiting booth at two sel-- . dte malls in the Chicago area, on two separate days-Tuesday, Oct. 15, and Wednesday, Oct.

Bob Saxer, '61 and Dennis Hilgenberg, '67 with student.

16/ MSM Alumnus

16. (UMR had been invited by the malls attend . If you haven't received an invita· to provide a booth.) tion with all the details, call or write Bob The results were terrific! Saxer, Saxer, 704 E . Cedar Ave. , St. Charles, McGee and Hilgenberg sent the admis- IL 60174, phone: 312-584-0548 . sions office between 60 and 70 cards fillFor those of you' who haven't met ed out by students who wanted further him or talked with him, Bob is sales information about enrolling at UMR. - marketing engineer for AMCEC Corp. , Another result of.all this activity is a Oakbrook, IlL The firm does engineer. sch~duled meeting of Chicago alumni ing design/construction for chemical on Saturday, Jan , 25 , process .industries, and specializes in All Chicago area alumni are urged to vapor phase carbon adsorption,

Hilgenberg, Jeff McGee, '84 and Saxer at another mall.

Los Angeles Section Editors Note: John Wilms sent us a group photo of those who attended the summer meeting. Unfortunately it has disappeared. The editor regrets this error and extends sincere apologies to the Los Angeles Section Alumni.

Summer Meeting

The Southern California Alumni mid- kids. Fred Todd walked off with the summer picnic was held at George and horseshoe championship, but maybe it Miriam Nations' home in Apple Valley, was because he brought his own shoes. in the Hi Desert east of Los Angeles, on George Nations took pictures of every June 1st. family group as well as the group picture Early summer in the desert was ab- in this article. solutely delightful. A hot sun a'nd a cool Since this event was "potluck", we breeze made the pool irresistible to the ended up with far more food than we

could eat in a week: In fact, it was im- . possible to taste even small samples of each delicacy on the tableS. Don't forget about the Homecoming Meeting on Oct. 26th at the new "over the water" banquet room at the Ports of Call in Los Angeles Harbor. John O. Wilms, '43

Los Angeles Section . Those attending the Los Angeles Gostin, '44; Eugene and Phyllis Hill, Area Alumni Homecoming Meeting '64; Welby and Dorothy King, '42; held at the Ports of Call Restaurant in George and Nancy Stevens, '52; Don and Nancy Brackhan (Director of Alumthe L.A. Harbor on Oct. 25 were: Dean and Carol Moss, '62; Rene and ni Relations visiting from Rolla), Sharon Laverne Rasmussen, '43; Fred and Clinch, '84; Tim and Wendy Adrian, Marilyn Todd, '48; Floyd and Ellen '83, '84, Jeff Bacon, '83, Leslie Drum, Smith, '41; Don and Linda Moyer, '68; '85; and John and Phyllis Wilms, '43; (a George and Miriam Nations, '36; Don total of 31 in attendance). and Dee Crapnell, '59; Jim and Theda This meeting was held in a new ban- -

Fall Meeting

quet room with a window wall which borders the water's edge. We could almost touch the ships as they passed by. And, when one was the "Love Boat", it was quite a thrill. The full moon provided a backdrop to ' the dynamic parade of entertainment, but of course that is the way it was planned! The meeting took on added significance with the presence of Don

and Nancy Brackhahn. Many constructive comments were made relative to the. improvement of alumni relations and activities. The mid-summer picnic at the Nation's residence in Apple Valley was so much a success that it is tentatively planned for next year. John O. Wilms


MSM Alumnu s / 17

Alumni Section News -

Continued San Diego Section

The San Diego Section of the MSM- 'University and it was a good match_ UMR Alumni Association met with Marilyn also noted that there were wives and friends at the Kona Kai Club more pictures qf the cheerleaders than on Shelter Island in . San Diego Bay of the football plays. Al said that foot ball is not the only point of interest at Saturday night, Oct. 26_ Al Keevil presented color slides of the the game. highlights of the homecoming football The Ozark Highland band and the game and points of interest in the Miner band were featured in the presenMissouri mineral area. Marilyn Keevil tation _ Shots of Bollinger Mill State said it was the most exciting football - Park, the dam, horizontal water turbine, game she has ever seen. The Miners and' a covered bridge with modified won over Central Missouri State Howe Trusses using iron hangers also

,/Meeting Data EventlSite Date Florida West Coast Section Meeting Tampa, Fla •. .. . . .... .. .... . ........... .. .......... . .. Jan. 19 Chicago Section Meeting

SME~~I~~r~nI~~1 M~~;i~~ ' ........ ~ ................. . .. . . Jan. 25 Alumni Reception New Orleans, La .. .. .... . ......... . . _..... .. ..... . _... March 3 Bay Area Section St. Pat's Party San Francisco, Calif. .. . .. .. .. . . . . .. . . .. ...... ...... .. March 15 Class of 1936 50th Reunion . Rolla . .............. . .. ....... . .. .. .... . .. . ... . . May 9, 10, II Washington, D.C. Section Meeting ... . . ... .. ... ... .. . . . . ... . .. Sept. 7

were featured . The new St. Joe State Park built since 1976 over the old lead mining ,area south of Flat River and West of Farm· ington, Mo. presented a study in tree colors with red, yellow, and maroon. Later the alumni danced to a fourpiece band and judged a Halloween costume competition at the Kona Kai . The attendees were La Nelle and John Gardner '51, La Mesa; Skip and Bill

Thomas '44, Oc.eanside; Virginia and Max Smith '59, China Lake; Jo Ann Wendorf and Hank Fletcher '53, Terrasanta; Marilyn and Al Keevil '43, Pacific Beach. Guests were Doris and Howard Hoover, and Inga and Jim ' Davidson , a Kona Kai Club member. Halloween left all the attendees in ex· cellent "spirits". Al Keevil

Jobs . The services of UMR's Career Development and Placement Center are available to alumni as well as students. To obtain information about the current job listings, alumni need to send an up-to-date resume to the Career Development and Placement Office. The placement staff will make

the resume available to companies looking for people with experience, and will send the alumnus a copy of the latest job listings. If you wish to use this service, contact: assistant director-placement. Career Development and Placement Office, UMR, Rolla, MO 65401 (phone: 314/341-4288).




St. Pat's Green Some St. Pat's Green makes ideal Christmas gifts for that person who has everything. In any event, it's time to order your 1986 St. Pat's Green to be sure you will be ready for the big celebration. -


SME "Joe Miner"

B~lt Buckle. and Hard Hat Stickers

The UMR Student Chapter of the Society of Mining Engineers is offering for sale to alumni our belt buckle and hard hat sticker. Proceeds from these sales will enable SME to participate in a variety of activities including field trips, honor banquets, special projects and our bi-annual outing. Orders and checks should be made out to the Society of Mining Engineers and should be mailed to Roger Boswell, 110 Mining Building, UMR, Rolla, MO 65401. Please ship buckles at $6.50 each and hard hat stickers at $1.25 each. Enclosed please find a check for $_ _ __ Name Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

18; MSM Alumnus

Green items for 1986 include: Sweatshirts (XS, S,,-M, L, XL) $11 .50 Sweatpants (XS, S, M, L, XL) $11.50 Junior Sweatshirts (S 8-10, M 10-12)$ 9.50 $ 2.50 Tumblers (11 oz.) $ 2.50 Beverage (Beer) Glasses (12 oz.) Shot Glass $ 1.50 Can Huggers $ 2.00 Beer Buckets $ 2.50 Baseball Cap $ 3.50 Garter $ 1.00 Buttons (two types) $ 1.00








ar Orders $10 and under, please include $2.25 for postage. Orders more than $10, please include $3 for postage_ Please order by March 1. Send your orders to: Alumni Sales Chairman, St. Pat's Board, University Center, University of Missouri-Rolla, MO 65401.

Se So

cH fo

Warner To Lead NWWA Seminar Dr. Don L. Warner. dean of UM · Rolla's School of Mines and Metallurgy, has been selected to lead one of the Na· tional \\'ater Well Association's Distinguished Seminars on Ground Water Science 'for 1986. Warner's seminar, which will be held on th<;! UM ' Rolia campus June 17-18, 1986, will be on "Well Hydraulics and Injection Wells," The seminars will be presented monthly at different locations across the country, The series will feature interna· tional experts who will present two-day in-depth ,seminars in their fields of expertise. Warner is co-author of" An Introduction to the Technology .of Subsurface Wastewater Injection," a book widely used by regulatory and industry professionals. He has taught subsurface hydrology and advanced subsurface fluids engineering af'UMR since 1969 and has been a frequent lecture'r in' short courses and symposia. Warner has been consultant to numerous industries and governmental agencies in his area of expertise, induding injection well technology, land disposal of liquid and solid wastes, ground water contamination evaluation and aquifer restoration.

Knight Invited To WQr,ld Conference Dr. Nicholas Knight, professor of English at UM-Rolla, has been invited to participate in the 1986 World Shakespeare Conference. Knight will participate in a seminar at the conference titled "New Approaches to Shakespearean Comedy," which will focus on current approaches to reading Shakespearean comedy and the significance of changing interpretations of the unchanging texts. The conference, to be conducted in West Berlin, is sponsored by the Internatie nal Shakespeare Association and the Shakespeare Association of America.

Sigma Chi Awards The UMR chapter of Sigma Chi fraternity recently received .two of the national organization's honors at a leadership training workshop held at Bow'ling Green State U~iversity, Ohio. The Peterson Award is the highest honor an undergraduate chapter can achieve and recognizes outstanding performance in all major fields of operations, programs and activities. Seventyfive of the fraternity's 192 chapters received this distinction for the 1984-85 academic year. The Legion of Honor Award is given annually to those campus chapters selected as having commendable scholarship programs. Sixty-nine chapters were honored with the award for the 1984-85 School year.

Recording Available

UMR Army ROTC Wins National Award

Recordings of UM R's alma mater and fight song are on sale at the UMR Bookstore in the University CenterWest. The recordings are part of the album of highlights of the 1984-85 musical season at UMR . The album also includes performances by the University Band, Choir, Orchestra and Collegium Musicum and features additional selections written by Glenn Miller, Gustav Holst, Carl Orff, George Frederic Handel and Ludwig van,.Beethoven, as well as traditional madrigals, The recording is available as either a record album or cassette tape, and the cost of each is $5, According to Dr. -David Oakley, chairman of the applied arts and cultural studies department, part of the proceeds from the sale of the recordings will be' used to help support the music program at UMR . . Sheet music of the alma mater, writt~n by Nancy Cook Mackaman and titled "Alma Mater Hymn," and the fight song, written by Harold W. Cleveland arid titled "Fight . Miners," also is available at the UMR Bookstore. The cost is $1 a copy for each . .

The Association of the United States Army (A USA) has named _the Capt. Sylvan K. Bradley Memorial Company (Army ROTC) at UMR the winner of its national competition for "Best Overall Meetings" among ROTC units at colleges and universities throughout the United States. According to AUSA, "The ambitious guest speaker programs presented by the company not only supported the profes·

Oakley Wins Kappa Kappa P~I Award The award was presented at the naDr. David L. Oakley, chairman of the department of applied arts and cultural tional Tau Beta Sigma Convention held studies and professor of music at UM- recently at the University of Kansas at Rolla, has been awarded the Bohumil Lawrence. Members of the UMR Makovsky Memorial Award by Kappa chapter-of Kappa Kappa Psi also attendKappa Psi, national honorary music ed the conference. society. Oakley joined the UMR faculty in 1960. Since that time, he has developed more than eight band programs at The award is presented biennially to UMR, including concert band, marindividuals who have contributed ching band, jazz band, pep ' bands, significantly to .cOllege bands and have chamber bands, orchestral ensembles, made outstanding achievements as band and most recently the UMR Highland directors. Pipe Band.

Munger Lectures In Argentina According to Dr. Paul R. Munger, ,director of the Institute of River Studies at UMR, studies of the Mississippi River may help Argentina enhance its river navigation system. Munger, who also is professor of civil engineering at UMR, made his remarks in a series of lectures presented at a recent '\Navigation of Alluvial Rivers in Argentina" symposium in Santa Fe, Argentina. The, symposium included visits to several areas of the Parana River and interviews and meetings with Argentinean pUblic . officials and representatives of science and industry , "The focus of the symposium centered on maintaining the Parana River's depth for general development and suitable navigation," Munger said. "The Parana River is similar to the Mississippi River and it may be possible to use the Mississippi River as an exampie to. help , Argentina dfvelop _ the Parana River ~saj 10ng-(teWu"navigab'le" waterway." . Munger added that UMR's Institute of River. Studies will be working with the International Institute of River and Lake Systems to assist Argentina with its immediate problems related to water navigation. The Institute of River and Lake Systems was established at UM-Rolla in ' 1984 to provide a worldwide information and professional resource data base for use by countries in planning .the future use of their water resources, Munger explained.

sional grow,th of the cadets, but also afforded many non-member cadets the opportunity to participate in career development sessions." In addition, UMR's company received an honorable mention rating from AUSA for "Largest Company" and commendable performance ratings for "Most Active Company" and "Best Activities to Improve Members' Military Qualifications. "

Wixson Edits Jack Conroy Stories "The Weed King and Other Stories by Jack Conroy," which was edited by Dr. Douglas Wixson, associate professor of English at UMR, was published recently by Lawrence Hill & Co. (Conroy, who is a resident of MoberJy, is perhaps best known as the author of the novel "The Disinherited.") The book, including a foreword by Conroy, contains 32 stories which , according to ' Wixson, "span Conroy's career and show the uniqueness that he possesses as a writer." . The book is divided into four sections: "Uncle Ollie Stories," underscoring the enduring characteristics of rural folk c'ulture in northeast Missouri while addressing social and political issues; "Folk Narratives," based on oni! narratives



Conroy heard and collected throughout his life; "Tales from Monkey Nest ," containing autobiographicai sketches drawn from the mining camp area near Moberly where Conroy grew up; and "Tales of Workers," dealing with the social circumstances of workers and farmers. "Several of the stories in the book had disappeared from print," Wixson explained. "As a result, I spent innumerable hours in libraries and archives searching out manuscripts, often Wixson is currentl y working on another book dealing with Conroy's ' writing that will be titled "Exiles at Home: A Critical Study of Jack Conroy and Other Midwestern Literary Radicals." r



UMR $tu ents Start I m Driving Club . -_ ~ _ , . As part or' N'a~ ional coll~Jilte '; the ~ampus groups tllat is spdnsoring Alcohol Awareness Week, Oct. 21 -28, the membership drive. UM -Rolla students conducted a Bryan Wallner , UMR housing membership drive for the ''I'm Driving" manager, explained that membership in club, a nationwide alcohol education the club involv~ a two-fold responsibiliprogram that is being implemented on ty. campus. "Club members present membership ' "The I'm Driving' cluli is designed to cards designating them as non-drinking promote sensible alternatives to drink- drivers for a group of two or more pering and driving by encouraging personal sons in local, participating restaurants responsibility and campus-community and bars. In return, the establishments cooperation ," according to Tim · provide the drivers with free soft drinks Venverloh , a concerned UMR senior in throughout the evening," he said. cbemical engineering and member of the Club membership is open to campus inter~ Residence Council (lRC), one of and community members for $1.


MSM Alumnu s 19


Gene Green, Editor Coach Billy Key To Head NABC

Basketball Miners Return Many V~terans The University of Missouri-Rolla men's basketball team will ret urn four starters from last year's sq uad, but must face the problem of filling the scoring and rebounding void left by the graduation of all-time leading scorer Curtis Gibson. . Returning for the 1985-86 season are seniors Mark Zarr (6-6), Kris Stange (6-7), Dave Moellenhoff (6-8) and Joe Cunningham (5 -11), along with juniors Bill Walker (6-3), Stu O'Kraski (6-2) and sophomores Duane Huddleston (6-4) and Mark Givens (6-4) . I'm looking fo rward to the season, and realize once again that we have continued to upgrade our schedule and that it will be quite a challenge," said Miner head coach Billy Key. "We are facing very tough non-league competition, playing teams like Arkansas State, Abilene Ch ristian and, tournaments at Quincy College and Northeastern State in Oklahoma ,"

Miner Center Dave MoeUenboff will be counted on for some added scoring pulicb in '85-'86.

Top newcomers on the sq uad include Iowa all-stater Adrian Davis (5 -8), and junior college standout Julius Lewis (6-3). The most obvious problem for this year's group will be to fi ll the void left by Gibson , a 6-5 forward who gained All-American status for the Miners last year.

"Za rr, Moellenhoff and Stange have the ability to improve on their scori ng and rebounding totals of a year ago," Key noted. "A nd . Huddleston has show n us the ski lls needed to be a dominant player in the MIAA." Key also looks for veterans such as O'Kraski, Walker and Cunningham to be a factor, with newcomers like Lewis and Davis stepping in and giving the squad an immediate lift. Good shooting has bee"n a Miner mainstay the past few years, as UMR has paced the MIAA in shooting percentage three straight seasons. Last year the team con nected on 746 of 1,472 shots, good for a .507 mark , It also made 71 percent of its free throws, making its 13· 13 season one highlighted by tremendous shooting. Key thinks the team can improve on last year's 4-8 mark in the league , as UM- Rolla lost three MIAA games by ten points or less and two contests by only one point. "Southeast Missouri and Central Missouri are no doubt the teams to beat once again ," he said of the league race, " But this conference really features teams that can whip each other on any given night. I do think we'll be competitive and hope to be right in the thick of the race,"

In his 27 years of collegiate coaching, Key has entered some of the select circles of the basketball world. He has won 363 games, well over 500 counting prep wins, and is among the top 10 winningest coaches active in the NCAA II. Soon, however, he will be at the top of his profession when he is sworn in as the president of the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC). At the Final Four Tournaments in Dallas next spring, Ke y will take over the s lot from - Georgetown University's John Thompson. He will then serve as NABC President fO'r 1986-87, before turning the duty over to Indiana University head coa~h Bobby Knight.

''I'm looking forward to serving as NABC President." Key said. "I ha ve spent man y years with the organiza· tion , and have a great deal of respect for what it stands f9r. I'll tr) to do my best to represent the office in fine fashion ."

Alumni Invited To Nominate Individuals for MSM-UMR Athletic Hall of Fame Past Miner athletic standouts wi ll soon be honored for their accomplishments, when the "MSMUM R Athletic Hall of Fame" opens next fall at the Uni versity of Missouri-Rolla. "We have been consideririg this type of tribute for some time," said UM R athletic director Billy Key. "This Hall of Fame will pay tribute and give recognition to forme r at hletic letter-winners, coaches and others who have made exceptional contributions to this athletic program over the years." The Hall of Fame Selection Committee recently met to finali ze proced ures for selection, by-laws and other aspects of the Hall of Fame. "We invite our alumni to contact us regarding any nominations they may have, or any in-put they wish to

20 , M SM Alumnu s

share with us," Key said. "We welcome any responses concerning this new salute to our former standouts." The MSM-UMR Hall of Fame ByLaws break the selection process down into several groups. To be selected as an athletic letter member, the recipient must have been an athletic letter winner at MSM-UMR and must have played at least 15 years ago. The candidate shall have displayed fine character and idea ls while at MSM-UMR can the candidate ' s ath let ic· re la t ed ac complishments after leaving MSM · UMR may also be considered . (Alumni athletes are not considered for induction while they serve on the Hall of Fame selection com mittee.) To be selected as a coach, five

years must elapse after active coacAing service at MSM -U MR is completed. Former coaches may not be considered while serving on the selection committee, and considera· tions for selection include: Al Recognition as an authority/leader in the sport area involved; B) Length and qualit y of the coaChing' record a nd program growth : a nd Cl Achievement of the individual after leaving active coaching service at MSM-UMR . Others may be selected who have made exceptional contributions to the athletic program. Again, five years shall have elapsed since the can· didate was affiliated with MSM · UMR. Unless ph ysically ineapacitated , or a posthumous award is given, all can-

didates for induction must be present at the induction ceremony. "We hope our alumni friends will review the material listed above and let us hear from them on any nominations," Key said. "All nominations should be sent to me, and i will forward them to the selection committee. A unanimous vote of all selection committee members is required to elect a candidate." Key added that plans call fm the initial induction ceremonies to take place prior to a selected UMR varsity football game in the fall of 1986. All nominations and inquiries rega rding' the MSM -UMR Athletic Hall of Fame should be directed to Ke y at the UMR Athletic Depart · ment. Ga le Bullman Multi-Purpose Building, Rolla. Mo. 65401.

All Five Starters Return For Basketball Lady Miners Vaughn (5 -9). Center Stacey Stover (6-1) , also returns (or her senior season. Top newcomers include guards Mary Pudlowski (5-6), and Susan Housh (5-5) , with Tonya Clemons (6-4) adding some depth at center this season. "We will have to be on the attack a lot more this season," Ortelee said. "We can't be passive and win very often. We should be able to run the fast break a great deal, and that is the type of basketball I like to play." The Lady Miners have an upgraded schedule in 1985-86, battling in some tough tournaments before the rugged

With eight players returning from last year's 9-12 squad, including all five starters, University of Missouri-Rolla women's basketball coach Mary Ortelee looks for the Lady Miners to be very competitive in MIAA action _ UM-Rolla finished 3-9 in league action last year, but did pull off a 72-69 upset qver Southeast Missouri for its first MJAA win of the season_ . Returnees include guards Liz Haning • (5-6), ' Missy Warfield (5-5), Kelly Stewart (5-4) , along with forwards Terri Newton (5-9), Tanya Hough (5 -10), Susan Mullins (5-11), and Sandra

MIAA portion of the season.

"Hough averaged 10.6 rebounds as a freshman, Vaughn and Stover added six "Our players now know they can win each, so I look for this production to some games in this league, and that will continue." help us a great deal this season," she And last year's top scorers are also said. "We have some excellent players ready to go again, as Mullins (13.8), back, and I'm looking forward to getting Hough (10.2) and Vaughn (10.2) all prothings underway ." duced double figure averages for the Though outscored by their opponents Miners in 1984-85. by almost seven points a game last season, the Lady Miners did hold an adOrtelee begins her second season as vantage on the boards. With her entire head coach of the UMR women's front -line returning, Ortelee feels this basketball team. She came to the Miners may be a strong part of the squad's following three seasons as an assistant game. coach at Lamar University.

Cross Country Teams Enioy Strong Seasons The UMR men and women's cross conference spot, finishing II th with a in the year and finished in 26th place in country teams enjoyed solid seasons in time of 25:43. Kurt Whittett was 15th the MIAA action with a time of 26:39. 1985 , with the men's team featuring at 26:03, with Jeff Balmer finishing 20th . Women Feature AII-MIAA Board The Lady Miners finished the season more depth and talent than any recent at 26:15.5. Head Coach Dewey Allgood loses on- with some key injuries, and did not have squad has had. The men finished third in the 1985 ly one senior from .the top MIAA enough runners to perform as a team at MIAA Chapionships held at Southeast finishers. Curt ' Elmore, the MIAA's top the MIAA Championships_ Julie Board, Missouri State on Oct. 28 , with three All-Academic athlete graduates this however, gained all-conference honors runners among the top 20 performers. year. Elmore, a senior from Warsaw , by placing fourth in the 35-woman Tim Swinford narrowly missed an all- Mo., won the UMR Invitational earlier event with a time of '18:52.

Other Miners logging times were Janet· Olson (21:0 I). Elizabeth Mueller (22:29) and Samantha Moss (25 :21). Board, a sophmore from Independence, Mo_, won virtually every Lady Miner event this year, and placed as the top meet performer at various races. Head coach Sarah Preston has all her runners back next season.

Football Miners Make 1985 A Season To Remember


It was only appropriate that Jim Zac- Frerking left Missouri Valley listless on ny's last second, 44-yard field goal pro- offense. duced a 17-15 win for the University of GAME THREE··Sept. 21, 1985, Missouri-Rolla in the Miners' final foot- UMR at Pittsburg State. UMR fell to ball game of the season _ 1·2 on the season, losing a 14-13 contest When the freshman kicker's kick sail- to the Gorillas. The Miners jumped off ed through the uprights, UMR defeated to a 10·0 halftime lead, before a pair of Michigan's Grand Valley State on a Bruce Stancell touchdowns proved to be cold, Nov. 16 afternoon and ended the their downfall. The loss spoiled an exseason with a 7-3 overall record and a cellent offensive performance by 4-1 record in the MIAA. fullback Tom Mueller, who rushed for The nail-biting victory was typical of 110 years. the UMR season, as many of the games were highlighted by close and crucial GAME FOUR-·Oct. 5, 1985, UMR at plays. Southeast Missouri. The Miners got off Here is a quick review of the 1985 to a fine start in MIAA play with a 20-3 UMR football season: win over the Indians. Zacny hit a pair of GAME ONE..Sept. 4,1985, UMR at 42-yard field goals and missed an atMissouri Western. UMR lost the tempt from 57-yards by only a few feet. season opener 24-15 in a game featuring Schnefke caught a touchdown pass and seven Miner turnovers and an oppor- Haug scored on a short run to jump the tunistic Missouri Western offense. The UMR record to 2-2 overall and 1-0 in Miners actually had ten more total net the MIAA. Cape Girardeau native yards than the Griffons, but five Glenn Wilhelm paced the defense, makfumbles lost and two interceptions prov- ing 13 tackles against his hometown ed to be too much. John Gregorich and squad from his linebacker position. Joe Schnefke each caught a touchdown GAME FIVE--Oct. 12, 1985, Northpass from quarterback Brad Haug to east Missouri at UMR. In the hardestluck game of 1985 , the Miners lost to of-highlight the offense. GAME TWO .. Sept. 8, 1985, fensive power Northeast Missouri Missouri Valley at UMR. The Miners 21 -20. The Miners led the Bulldogs 20-0 evened their record at I-I with a 35-6 entering the final quarter, before the win over the Vikings. Haug again had a NCAA II's top-ranked passer Chris good day, firing touchdown passes to Hegg took c; ntrol of the game. Hegg hit Gregorich and Ron Hutchcraft, while Russell Evans for a pair of fourth three quarterback sacks and a blocked quarter touchdown passes and later ran punt for a safety by defensive end John \ for a crucial two-point conversion

himself as th~ Miners fell to 2-3 overall and I-I in the league_Mueller again had a fine day, gaining 97 yards for UMR. GAME SIX--Oct. 19, 1985, Central Missouri at UMR. The Miners made the 1985 Homecoming celebration a good one, as they upended the Mules 14-9. Tom Reed scored on a one-yard run for the first score, and then Mueller scored on a short run in the second quarter to give the Miners all the scoring they needed. Wilhelm again had 13 tackles for UMR, as the Miners raised their record to 3-3 overall and 2-1 in the MIAA. GAME SEVEN--Oct. 26, 1985, UMR at Lincoln University. The Miners romped over the Blue Tigers 34-3, as Zacny connected on field goals of 38 and 33 yards, and Mueller scored two touchdowns . Back-Up fullback Lafayette Gatewood also scored a touchdown , as the Miner fullbacks combined for I 18 yards rushing and three touchdowns. Wilhelm had 15 tackles for the Miners, while Dan Carmody and Scott Finke each picked off a Lincoln pass. The win upped UMR to 4-3 overall and 3-1 in league play. GAME EIGHT·Nov. 2, 1985, UMR at Evangel College. The Miners played comeback this time, falling behind 19-0 in the second quarter before rebounding for a 28-19 win . Tony Dollinger ran wild against UMR in the first half, scoring three touchdowns and gaining 95 yards


. ••• in the first two quarters. A major adjustment in the second half produced amazing results_ .. Dollinger ended the entire game with 94 net y.,ards rushing! Schnefke and Hutch~raft caught touchdown passes to lead the UMR comeback, as Haug threw for a career high 255 yards. UMR's victory left the Miners 5-3 overall and still 3-1 in the MIAA following the non-conference win . GAME NINE--Nov. 9, 1985, North· west Missouri at UMR. The Miners ended their 1985 conference season on a high note, blasting Northwest Missouri 44-6. UMR built up a 44-0 lead late in the game before the Bearcats could get on the scoreboard. Zacny had field goals of 49, 29 and 25 yards, while a balanced scoring attack and 16 tackles by Wilhelm held off Northwesi Missouri. The win gave the Miners a 6-3 overall record and a final 4-1 mark in the MIAA _ _ GAME TEN .. Nov. 16, 1985, UMR at Grand Valley State. As mentioned earlier, Zacny's 44-yard kick gave the Miners a 17-15 win and ended their season with a 7-3 record _ Mueller and Robert Kindred scored on first quarter runs to give the Miners a 14-0 lead before the Lakers charged back with 15 fourth quarter points to overtake the visitors. Zacny's kick was his 12th of the season, tying a school single-season record; and ending an exciting 1985 season with celebration in the air. .

MSM Alumnu s 21 ,.\.


_., t


Amoco Foundation Outstanding Teaching Awards Established in 1966, this award is to recognize excellence in the teaching of undergraduates by senior staff members.

( . /i Wayne M. Bledsoe ~ Professor of History and Archivist

University of Missouri·RoUa Wayne M. Bledsoe received his B.S. degree from Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga in 1963, and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Michigan State University in 1965 and 1969. He joined the UMR history faculty as an assistant professor of history in 1968 and became a full professor in 1982. He has been the UMR Archivist since 1969. Wayne received UMR outstanding teacher awards in 1980-81 and 1981-82.

Jobn B. Kincaid Lecturer in Civil Engineering University of Missouri-RoUa John B. Kincaid received his B.S. degree in civil engineering from MSM in 1961 and his M.S. degree in the same field from UMR in 1972. He was an associate professor of military science with UMR's ROTC program from 1970 to 1973, and has ~en a·lecturer on the ciyil engineering faculty from 1982 to the present date. John received UMR outstanding teacher awards in 1982-83 and 1983-84.

Alumni Association Outstanding Adviser Awards

Four University of Missouri-Rolla faculty members received St~dent Adviser Awards at the MSM-UMR Alumni Association Board of Directors' lUncheon. This was the first year that the awards have been presented. Those receiving awards are: Donald R. Askeland, professor of metallurgical eilgineering; Leonard F. Koederitz, professor of petroleum engineering; David B. Oglesby, associate professor of engineering mechanics; and F. Garnett Walters, associate professor of computer science. The awards recognize efforts made by the advisers in assisting studen!& with academic and·career decisions. The advisers were nominated by their departments and selected by a committee of alumni. Chairman of the committee is Director Bob Berry, '72. 1985 Adviser Awardees are, left to rigbt, David B. Oglesby, Donald R. Askeland, Leonard F. Koederitz and F. Garnett Walters. .

22/ MSM Al umnu s




Bin Atchley, '57, To_New Position Bill Atch'ley, '57, '59, has accepted the post of p,resident and chief executive officer of the National Science Center for Communications & Electronics Foundation Inc. headquartered at 5641 Burke Center Parkway; Burke, VA 20015 (pl]one: 703-425-8517). He and Pat have moved to The Regency Slt McLean , Suite 1410, 1800 Old Meadow Road, McLean , . VA 22102 . -' Bill served on the UMRJ ac utty and as associate dean of engineering at UMR before becoming dean of engll;l'~ering at West Virginia. He then became president of Clemson lj . University, and served In that post for six years before resigning in July . Of his new position , he writes: " Th e job I have taken is on e that presents many challenges . Primarily, the Foundation w as establish ed to promote sc ien ce and t echnology across the United States and to educa'te and train in th e fi elds of communications and electronics . It will be n ecessary for us to be su ccessful if w e are to r em ain competitiv e in th e world marketpla ce and be assured of having a sound d ef en se sy st em . " Since BiI/ 's new organization h as th e poten{ial to affect engin eer s 'and engin eerin g edu cation of th e future throughout thi s co untry, w e in clude a d escription of th e NSCE.E. and it s goal s . .'

National Science Center for Com m unication s and Electronics Foundat ion A National Imperative .For the past 20 y«ars, the U.S. has permitted a stelldy , serious decline of its citizens' science and math competence. .Over the same period, every other developed nation has made a major, sustained commitment to increased science and math education. .• Result? According to the National Science Board: " ...Already the quality of our manufactured products, the viability of our trade, our leadership in research and development, and other standards of living are strongly challenged. Our childre'n could be stragglers in a world of .technology... We must not let this happen." A National Response .The National Science Center for Communications and Electronics (NSCCE) will be a uniquely American answer to the stiffeSt educational and economic challenges we face abroad: stimulating renewed emphasis on quality science education in a way that draws upon--and enhances--the energetic diversity of our educational institu·tions. • A "Center without walls," the NSCCE will affect millions of Americans directly--students, teachers, parents, employers, and employees in all walks of life.

• Key elements of the Center include: (a) a Learning and Information Network Center (LINe) to produce, acquire, and distribute improved science and education materials nationwide; (b) a Technology Demonstration Center to help visitors trace past, present, and future challenges in communications and electronics; and (c) a Research Program to support development of more effective interactive learning strategies, and to help educators stay abreast of these new strategies. A National Commitment • Building the NSCCE will take a truly national commitment from both the public and private sectors. .Congress has taken the first step by overwhelmingly endorsing the project in a· joint resolution'. The U.S. Army has agreed to provide a site for the NSCCE at Fort Gordon, Georgia and to assume responsiblility for maintenance and operation costs once the Center is completed. • It is now up to the private sector to raise the funds needed to build the Center. The National Science Center for Communications and Electronics Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, is working to achieve this goal.

"JOE MINER" LIMITED EOITION PRINTS A new series of "Joe Miner " lithographs has just been completed by UM·Rolla·s centralized printing department The prints are 16" x 20". full·color-with particular fidelity in the color printing-and were produced on heavy·weight neutral pH paper made from 100 percent cotton fiber. Each print is numbered and there are only 1.000 available. The artist is Harry Sparling who was employed by UMR in 1969. Cost of each print is $75. All profits from the Limited Edition Series will be used to establish a campus scholarship fund. The standard "Joe Min er" print-8" x 10" in color-is available also at a cost of $1250 each . Order forms are below. ORDER FORM Shipping Address

(Pl ; a se print o r type) Amounl Enclosed



Name ,



" Joe Miner" Limit ed Edition Pri nts at $75 eac h Su eel Adeh e n .

a.o. Of Aou l.

Shipping and handling at $ 5 per print " Joe Miner" print(s) 8 " x 10" at $12.50 each

M ay be pa id by Check. Ma sterCa rd or VISA.


C" Y

(This olleri ng is nOI pin ol lhe Umill'd edilion series. Price includes shipping So handl ing.)

Phone (


Tota l

Ma ke chec ks payable to UMR.


Credit Card Name Credil Card Holder Credit Card Number _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ Bank No. _ __ _ Expirat ion Dale

Address order s to : University of Missouri-Rolla Office of Centralized Printing

Bldg . T· 11 West Rolla. MO 65401 ·0249



Check Enclosed 0

Date Shipped _

_ ._ _ . _ _

Sign at ure (For Cr edit Ca rd Orders)

Terms and Condit ions Rem ember, 860 per limited ed ition pr i nt sold w ill be used in a sch olarsh ip ! und to aid meri toriou s students !n achievi ng the i r education al goals, and is tax daductlble. Si nce th e tota l n umber of pri nts in the li mited edit ion seri es is on e thou sand it i s re commended that orders be placed without delav. All orders w ill be num ber ed sequ entially in the ord er received and wi ll be filled on a fi rSI -come fi rst -ser ved basi s. Order s will be fi lled com m en ci ng wi th the sma llest number available. No request f or a part icular number will be con sidered. All orde ,.. ate subject to availability and a ny cl aims resu l1ing trom shippi ng error. m isu nders tand ing or other cause i ncidental to en ord er will be l im ited to t he i nitial pu rc.has8 pri ce. Please allow 4 · 6 weeks tor delivery.

MSM Alumnu s 23



M so 01

Miners Assume Leadership Roles in American S9ciety of Civil Engineers Bob Bay '49

Robert D. Bay, '49, '69, was installed as president, and Paul R. Munger, '58, '61 , was installed as a vice president of the 100,000·member American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) during that organization's annual Convention and Transporta· tion Conference Oct. 23 in Detroit. Bob Bay is engineering manager of the Civil-Environmental Division at Black & Veatch, Kansas City, Mo., and is responsible for the assignment, standardization, production and quality control of engineering. Prior to joining the firm , he herd various positions during a 20-year career with Laclede Steel Co. In addition, he has been a consultant and a manager for major quality control programs in the steel industry, particularly in steel products for nuclear plant construction. Bob is widely known within the steel industry for his research and development of a steel placement system for continuously-reinforced pavement using patented deformed wire. Other technical achievements include his design ef the composite two-way slab floor system for the World Trade Center, New York City. He directed research which resulted in the application of deformed wire to concrete pipe as a sl:lbs~itute for reinforcing bars. He also was responsible for designing, researching and developing a complete line of open-web steel joists.

Paul Munger '58

A retired Major General, U.S. Army Reserve, Bob commanded the 416th Engineer Command, the largest engineering unit in the Reserve structure, from 1977 to 1981 Bay has long been an active member of the MSM-UMR Alumni Association and is a past president of the association . He also has been active in both local and national levels of ASCE and is a Fellow of the society. Paul Munger is a professor of civil engineering at UMR and director of UMR's lnstitute of River Studies/and the International Institute of River Lake Systems. Paul joined the UMR faculty in 1958 and received his Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Arkansas in 1972. He is a former director of the MSM -UMR Alumni Association and a long-time member of the UMR Homecoming Committee. He has served as president of Chi Epsilon and the Council of Engineering Ex" aminers. He served 10 years on the Missouri licensing board for engineers, six years as its chairman. Paul also has served on numerous ASCE committees on both the local and na· tionallevels. As vice president of ASCE, he will represent Zone III which consists of the middle United States, on the Board of Direction. .

Chemistry Award

Dr. Melvin Rueppel

24 / MSM Alumnu s

Dr. Melvin L. Rueppel, research director, phlnt protection, Monsanto Co'mpany, St. Louis" was awarded the UM-Rolla department of chemistry'S first Distinguished Alumni A ward Thursday before Homecoming. The award is presented to a UMR chemistry alumnus who has attained "outStanding advancement and recognition in the vocational field and (made) meritorious contributions to the UMR chemistry department." Rueppel, a graduate of Rolla High School, received a B.S. degree in chemistry from UMR in 1966. He holds a Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and was a post-doctoral fellow at Cornell University. Rueppel joined Monsanto in 1971 as a senior research chemist, Environmental Science-Metabolism. Since then he has served as a research specialist (1974-75); senior research group leader (1975 -77); research manager, process environmental (1977 -80); research director, synthesis (1980,82); and research director, process technology (1982-85). He was named to his present position with the company earlier this year. In addition, he has served as a lecturer in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. ' Rueppel also has received Monsanto's 1985 Thomas Hochwalt Award. The award, which is Monsanto's highest technical award, is presented in recognition of "fundamental, basic and applied research that improved Monsanto's technological leadership and enhanced its reputation in the scientific community." Rueppel was honored for his pioneering research in the use of carbon isotopes, nuclear magnetic 'resonance spectrometry and mass spectrometry to advance pesticide metabolism technology. • Rueppel holds several patents and has published numerous technical and scientific papers.

e( rf


o fI







y, d


y ·








Muir L. Frey is retired. He and Harriett Notice was received by the alumni office live at 300 S. II th, Leesburg, FL 32748. in September of the death of Russell Simon Dittmer, Box 56, Coatsburg, II!. Guy V. Martin died Oct. 19, 1985 , ac- 62325. At MSM Russell was presidenJ cording to a call from his daughter, and secretary-treasurer of Bonanza, Marguerite Bennett. He had been ill for president of Quo Vadis, president of the Senior Council, president of the junior some time. At MSM Guy was a member of Theta Tau, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi class, vice president of the MSM and AIMME. He received his B.S. players, played fo.otball , was president of , .,. the Athletic Association and was a engineering and mem ber 0 f Th eta T au. H e receive ' d h'IS degree In metallurgical . . . an M.S. degree In the same field In 1931. , B S d "'1 . . Af . , M .- L b ' .. egree In CIVI engineering. ter Before establishing artln a ora tones 'd . . 'h h d . b . h h C&E . 'f" ) . Alb gra uatlon e a jO s Wit t e (sClentl IC Instruments In uquerque, IRR C S & W b ( k d 0. , tone ester wor e on N.M. during the mid-1930s, Guy had CHI the Bagnell Dam project) and the U.S. ' C wor ked for Ch InO opper 0., ur ey. D . fl ' f . . II a department 0 ntenor be ore he jOined ' h B fM" R N . M ., t e ureau 0 Ines In 0 a n TVA H . d ' 1970 f 33 American Metal Co. of New Mexico in , . . e retire In a ter years . t a. Dunng ' th e Ia te 1940s, he ser,,' with TV A In Chattanooga, Tenn. GI one ed as technical coordinator for the Charles H. Dresbach writes: "Nearing research and development division of that 80 milestone, but still going strong the New Mexico School of Mines at Socorro, near Albuquerque. The alumni though it takes a little longer and the hills are steeper, etc. Still warmly recall office has no record of his retirement old friends!" Charles is retired from Gulf from Martin Labs. Oil and is a petroleum consultant. He and Mary live at 5 Puckett Road, Rogers, AR 72756. Notice has been received of the del\th, in August, of Louis Henry Schutte, Tuc1925 son, Ariz. At MSM Louis was a member William Godwin has moved from of Prospectors and Satyrs. He received Chicago, Ill. to 3121 S. Ocean Drive, his B.S. degree in electrical engineering and a professional degree, electrical Hallandale, FL 33009. engineer, in 1967. After working for Word has been received of the death of Northern Indiana Light & Power' Co. Donald P. Pray of SpFingfield, Mo. At and Underwriters Laboratories, he joinMSM he was a member of L~mbda Chi ed Sunstrand Machine Tool Co. of Rockford, IU. and served that company Alpha. in such capacities as senior executive vice president, chairman of the Executive Committee and Vice Chairman of the Board. He retired in November 1972 and moved to Tucson.

1926 Harold A. Murphy died Aug. 22, 1985, according to a notice received by the alumni office. At MSM Harold was a 1931 member of Bonanza, Theta Tau, Senior The death on Oct. 25, 1985, of Henry Council, ASCE, was treasurer of the Wilson, who attended MSM during the junior class and was captain of the basketball team. He received his B.S. late 1920s and early I 930s, has been degree . in civil engineering and his reported by his brother, F.G. Wilson, business career was in the construction Box 97, Meadview, AZ 86444. business. l:Ie is'survived by his wife, who lives at 3009 Fillmore, Alameda, CA 9450 I, one son, five grandchildren and one great grandson.


1927 Edwin R. Sievers has moved to 5628 E. Decatur St., Mesa, AZ 85205\ from Polson, Mont.

O.M. Andres is retired. He writes: "Mrs. Andres and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary Oct. 10, 1985. I am still president of Tri-State Construction Co. Inc. in Benton, Ill. However, our son Terry is vice president and general manager in charge of business operations." The Andres' borne address is 5034 Boca Chica Blvd., No. 65, Brownsville, TX 78521.

Floyd Birt writes: "Glad to be back in ·1935 my home town and am enjoying my retirement." He Jives at 28 Circle, Howard T. Gibbons died May 27 , 1985, after a three-month bout with cancer. Decatur, IL 62521. At MSM Howard was a member of Homer Thompson writes: "We are Senior Council, was vice president of Incelebrating our golden wedding anniver- dependents, vice president of his class in sary on Oct. 29, 1985 , by enjoying a trip 1932, and played football. He received to HawaiI and will not be able to attend . his B.S. degree in ci~il engineering. homecoming this year." Homer has Following graduation he became the'cibeen retired since 1974. He and Agatha ty engineer for the city of Canton, III (Auttie) live at 4101 Lochridge Road, and retained that position until retire.North Little Rock , AR 72116. ment.



Notice has been received of the death, Vernon L. Asher writes: "I have retired on Feb. 19, 1985, of Antbony Vincent again! I served half-time as property Massaro. A transfer to MSM from Sprmanager of Kirkwood United Methodist ingtield (ID.) Junior College, Anthony Church for nine years after retirement received his B.S. degree in electrical from Southwestern Bel!." He resides at . engineering. Following graduation, he 1350 Craig Drive, Kirkwood, MO . worked for Emerson Electric in St. Louis and later became an electrical 63122. engineer for City Water Light & Power E. W. Gieseke writes: "Still consulting as in Springfield, m., a position he held undirector and metallurgical consultant, til his retirement during the 1970s. Kyanite Mining Corp., Dillwyn, V A 23936." He attended Homecoming George O. Nations writes: "I'm .still· doing some consulting engineering in the 1985. steel industry, mostly in the western Homer Krattly reports that he was sorry states. My other activities include real to miss ·Homecoming but is looking for- estate development in California, On ward to reading all about it in the Alum- Aug. 23,1985, I observed my 71st birthnus. Homer is retired and lives at 5617 day with my son, George Jr., by climbing to the summit of Mt. Whitney, Reber Place, St. Louis, MO 63139. (14,500 ft.) the highest point in the conRex E. Pinkley writes: "Decided to tinental 48 States. On Sept. 22, 1985 , I move to be close to my daughter." He placed second in the over-50 class in a and Aileen now live at 7975 Montecello five kilometer run. Other' than that, Drive, Dunwood, GA 30338. He is Miriam and I are enjoying semiretired. retirement." George and Miriam live at 14695 Tiger Tail Road, Apple Valley, The death of Bernard Sidney Lee, on CA 92307. Aug. 15, 1985, has been reported by his wife, Minna Lee, 151 Woodland Manor, Eatontown, NJ 07724. At A.E. Woerbeide Jr. writes: "Three MSM Bern was a member of Tau Beta generations of Miners: Son-Edward, Pi and was on the tennis team. He Grandson-Arthur enrolled 1985." A.E. received his B.S. degree in mechanical is a senior engineer for H.1. Gruy & engineering. During his career, he had Associates in Houston. He: and Winston served as a biomedical engineer on the live at 600 Wilcrest, No. i8, Houston, faculty of Rutgers State University in TX 77042. New Brunswick, N.1., and had been selfemployed before his retirement.


Josepb W. Howerton sends a new address: 12736-6 Camino de La Breccia, San Diego, CA 92128.

1934 The alumni office has received notice of the death, in September, of Charles Joseph Murphy. At MSM , Charles was a member of the Mercier Club, serving as its president in 1933, was on the track team and was a member of the Rollamo Board. He received his B.S. degree in civil engineering. Brother of James J. Murphy, '35, who died in January, 1982, Charles was a manufacturer's representative in Atlanta, Ga.

1939 A.E. Rhodes- writes: "Since retiring in 1978 as president of Western Coal Co., I continue to consult in the fields of coal surface mining 'and electric power generation engineering, construction and operation. Also manage a little fly fishing and bird hunting. Retirement is great." He resides at 1505 Dartmouth, N .E., Albuquerque, NM 87106.

MSM Alumnus 125

'Alumni Personals----~------------------------------------------------------1939 Continued William H. Webb writes: "We plan to attend Homecoming this year and are looking forward to our visit." He is emeritus professor of chemistry at UMR . Bill and Ruby live at 203 N. Jones Ave., Louisville, MS 39339.

Charles C. Ward retired from Ralston Purina in St. Louis three years ago. Mailing address for Charles and Gerry is P.O. Box 4001 , Jackson, WY 83001.

Horace L. Magee is now a chief engineer of the Fairfax. (Va .) office for Sverdrup & Parcel. He lives at 6163 Martins Landing Court , Burke. V A 22015.

Class coordinator Hans "Dutch" Schmoldt writes that he still has two "MSM-1944" silver and gold class-year hats left from those that he special ordered for Homecoming. Anyone interested in having one for $9.45 should contact him at 526 Seminole, Bartlesville, OK 74003, or call him at his office 918-336-1221.

1941 1940 Rex Alford writes: "St ill at work! Will probably ret ire spring of '86." He is now manager of industry affairs for Conoco Inc. He and June live at 5743 Jason, Houston, TX 77096. Vernon N. Cox "is semi-retired (and) does some consulting work when the spirit moves him. You can reach him at 5615 Whispering Hills Blvd., Louisville, KY 40219." (Information from Dennis A. aark, '40). B.A. Dennis Jr. writes: '~ Unfortunately , unable to attend Homecoming for Class of '40. My wife (Mildred) had total knee implant Aug. 26 and will be slow in recovering--they say three months." Home address is Six Lakes Country Club, 305- Crampton, North Fort Myers, FL 33903. Frazier M. Stewart writes: "The view is great (from the 20th floor) of both the beach at Daytona and the Halifax River. Company name changed earlier this year." Mac is president of Norfolk Petroleum Ltd. of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Home address is No. I Oceans West Blvd., No. 2084, Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32018.

Jennings R. Lambeth is now sole proprietor of 1.R.L. Associates. He and Josephine live at Gateway Towers, 20-J, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Robert H. Meyer writes: "Have been retired six years from Dow Chemical Co." He and Ethel live at 1687 Garnet Lane, Concord, CA 94519. Clinton V. Newman is now special alloys manager with Noranda Metal Industries Inc. in Southbury Conn. He and Mary live at 266 Lanyon Drive, Cheshire, CT 06410.

1942 W.E. Hill Jr.'s winter address is Apt. 302, 1770 Ben Franklin Drive, Sarasota, FL 33577. Joseph T. Karbosky is retired from Phillips Petroleum Co. He and Geneva live at 4419 Grandview Place , Bartlesville, OK 74006.

1943 Edward E. Gygax writes: "E. Gent Johannes, '43, passed on about a year ago. Have not seen anyth ing to indicate you are aware of same. We never were able to get details, date, etc. Work continues at Gyga'X Engineerin'g & Equip· ment Co. in St. Louis." Ed and Marguerite live at Lake Wauwanoka, 139 South Lake Place, Hillsboro, MO 63050. E. Gent Johannes died during 1984 according to a notice from Edward E. Gygax, '43. At MSM Gent had been a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Triangle and ASME. He received his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering. He served as a mechanical engineer throughout his career until he established Johannes 1985 Rollamo Realty Co. in St. Louis in 1976.

26/ MSM Alumnus

Tom Mazzone writes: "I've retired from engineering and I am embarking on a second career with Century 21 Real Estate. All my fnends and brothers are invited to visit me and my wife, Milly, at 4016 Audubon Drive, Largo, FL 33541.





Herbert S. Kalish Herbert S. Kalish, vice president , technical and international director for Adamas Carbide Corp., has been install· ed as a trustee of The American Society for Metals (ASM). He will serve a three· year term . Herb has performed original work on powder metallurgy of zir· conium and stainless steel, and first use of electron beam welding. A pioneer in hot isostatic pressing, he was responsible for the development of modern engineering processes for producing cemented carbide, grade development, and coating development. He holds five patents concerning alloys, brazing, plating and surface hardening. Prior to joining Adamas Carbide in 1965 , he held positions as commercial fuel manager at United Nuclear Corp., manager of materials research at Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. , engineering manager at Sylvania Electric, and research metallurgi st at Batt e lle Memorial Institute. He is a Fellow of ASM , has served as chairman of the Long Island and New Jersey Chapters, and has served on the executive commit· tees of the New York and Connecticut Chapters. In addition , he has three times been the key note speaker at the Interna· tiona l Carbide Conference, ha been an official conferee at the Second World Meta llur gical Cong ress a nd has represented the United States at the International Organiza tion for Standiza· tion meeting on hard me tals. He resides at 65 Falmouth SI. Short Hills, NJ 07078 .

1946 Notice has been received of the death of Robert Linders Heineck. At MSM Robert was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, the Engineers Club, Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I.Ch.E., the St. Pat's Board and served as a student assistant in chemistry. He received his B.S. degree in chemical .engineering. Following graduation he joined Seismograph Service Corp. and according to alumni records was still an exploration geophysicist with the same company.

1948 Ralph Banks writes: "Retired from Inland Steel Coal Co. after 37 years of continuous service. My last title was manager, regulatory affairs." Ralph and Mary Carol live at 1807 Briarwood Drive, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864. R.F. Doelling is now an executive vice president for Witt Co. in Cincinnati. He and Beverly live at 822 Myrtle Ave. , Terrace Park, Ohio 45174. Elliot and Mary Dressner have moved to 1025 Akin Drive, Longview, TX 75601 , from Houston .

John L. Wiedey sends a new address: 5320D Tara Court North, Indianapolis, IN 46224.

Morris M. Fine has retired. He and Mae live at 1405 Liberty Drive, Rolla, MO 65401.







Alurnn;Personals.----------____________________________----~~----~~~--__~ 1948 Continued h"




ACCQrding to notice received by ttie alumni office K~y K. Huffstutler died in 1974. At MSM he had been amemb«r of Sigma Pi and received his B.S. degree . in chemical eng!neering.

as Id at

m· ng

.. , Eugene F. Jones. is retired and receives mail at He-I Box 683 , Blue Eye, MO 65611.

from ase· Real s are IY,at 541.


Gilbert S. Keeley writes: "Moved -to 1212 Gonzales Drive, Mesquite, TX 75150. Employed with TUGCO (Texas Utilities & Gas Co.) in Dallas. Retired from Consumer Power Co., Jackson, Mich., in 1983." Harvey B. Leaver has moved from Chesterfield, Mo. to 11491 Tradewinds Blvd., Largo, FL 33543. He is president of BBC Manufactured Buildings, Inc. in Clearwater, Fla.

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hi .hi rd \\\

Winston C. Moss writes: "Retired at age '57 from Aerospace Industry. Con· tinued as part· time consultant until recently while personally building home in avocado grove in Fallbrook, Calif. Plan to continue hobbies of travel, ten· nis, writing and building musical in· struments." Home base for Winston and Mary is 1113 Big Oak Ranch Road: Fallbrook, CA 92028. .

-rein ving

.Notice has been received of the deatn' of Raymond Harold Russell of Little Rock, Ark. At MSM Ray.was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, ASCE, and Phi Kappa Phi. He received his B.S. degree in civil engineering. Following graduation he worked for a time for the Frisco Railway Co., became a member of a consulting engineering ~iim in Little Rock, a partner in Smith, Russell & Grayson Consulting Engineers, then owner of his own .Consulting Engineer· ing firm in Little Rock. Landon C. Viles has retired from Wright· Patterson Air Force Base. Virginia writes: "We moved to 'Williamsburg' in Orlando in late September. Hope to enjoy our second childhood at Epeot and the Justus Athletic Club, both within a few miles of our retirement home." New address for the Vileses is 10128 Matchlock Drive, Orlando, FL 32821. Arthur H. Weber, manager of estimating with Payne & Keller Co. in Houston, received a Fellow Award from the American . Association of Cost Engineers at their annual convention last June in Denver, Colo. He notes: "BiII Hogan, '48, '50 his wife, Edna, and John Brockett (MSM, transferred to Kansas State, '49) and his wife, Lorraine, met with me and my wife, Pat, for our first combined reunion since 1948." . The Webers live at 10402 Bob White Drive, Houston, TX 77096.



Fre~ Winters and· wife Ruby are now making . their home at Route I, Box 56Y, Doniphan , MO 63935. Fred is retired from Fruin-Colnon.


1949 Ed Aubuchon writes: "Just reached that 'magic age·-65'. Having too much fun . metallurging in the beautiful Berkshires to retire. Maybe I'll get there in '89." Ed makes his home at 24 Pine Grove Drive, Pittsfield, MA 0120 I.

oIn· rs of was



vice Io.. He Ave.,

and oUa,

Donald E. Eason has recently retired after 33 years with McDonnell Aircraft in St. Louis. Donald and Florence make their home at 711 Chippendale, Kirkwood, MO 63122. Robert C. Perry writes: "I now live in Paris, France (and) drive the only Renault 25 with a Missouri Miner sticker on the side window." He is presi· dent of PPG Industries/Europe. Mailing address for Bob and Betty is do PPG In· dustries, One PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15272. Frank N. Pomeroy is with Roper Elec· tric Co. in Springfield, Mo. He and Ruth live on Route 3, Box 235, Fairgrove, MO 65648.

William A. Wundrack, a vice president of Sverdrup Corp., is director of a new company office specializing in strategic defense initiative,' or "star wars," pro· jects. Bill and Mary Ann live at 24 Black Oak Drive, St. Louis, MO 63127.


1985 Rollamo

E.H. Barsachs is senior engineering con· Carl K. Mann has been appointed sultant with Sun Exploration and Pro· manager·subcontracts for Nooter Corp. duction of Dallas. Ed and Barbara live in St. Louis. He resides at 5115 Towne at 3755 Northview Lane, Dallas, TX S. Road, St. Louis, MO 63128. 75229. A.M. Petska is president of AMPCO Engineers, Inc. His mailing address is 831 Meadowlawn Drive S.E., Salem, D.W. Breuer writes: "I still teach about OR 97301. two graduate courses per year for the Air Force Institute of Technology (in Robert K. Preiss sends a new home ad· Dayton). Teaching plus church and dress: Rt. 2, Box 181 , Sheffield, AL volunteer activities keep me busy. 35661. Retirement is very enjoyable." Wallace's home address is 5539 Oakshire Circle, John Joseph Sakon yi died in Dayton, OH 45440. September, according to a notice receiv· ed by the alumni office. At MSM John played basketball and was a member of Independents., He receiyed his B.S. Melih S. Durusan is operations manager degree in electrical engineering and for Mobil Oil Turk in Istanbul, Turkey. throughout most of his career had been His mailing address is Mor Karaufil Sok associated with the construction 7, Levent, Istanbul, Turkey. business in the Chicago area. However, the last alumni office record lists him as electrical superintendent of the Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant. Gerald L. Hammond writes: "Am now semi· retired and doing consulting work. James C. Yeager is now retired from Also working on hobby of restoring old Texaco USA. He has moved to 14411 cars and traveling." He and Kathleen Still' Meadow Drive, Houston, TX make their home at 14722 260th Ave. 77079, from Bellaire, Texas. S.E., Issaquah, WA 98027.

Wayne D. Hart is now retired from Phillips Petroleum Co. He and Eleanor reside at 4645 Barlow Drive, Bartlesville, OK 74006.

Eugene A. Bartels, district supervisor and plans engineer for the Missouri Highway and Transportation Depart· ment, has retired as of Sept. I, 1985, after 35 years and seven-months' ser· vice. His employment with the Missouri Donald L. Heath sends a new address: Highway and Transportation Depart· 10062 Bell Canyon Circle, Sandy, UT ment began in June 1947 at Joplin as an 84092. instrument man on a survey crew. He has also served as plans designer, plans Chester J. Lapinski writes: "Accepted processor in Hannibal and Jefferson Ci· an early retirement offer from ty, and chief designer in St. Joseph Milwaukee Road Inc. last June and am before being promoted to surveys and currently enjoying my leisure time ac· plans engineer in St. Joseph in 1967. He tivities." His mailing address is W222 and Marilyn live at 3821 Mitchell, St. N8135 Plainview Parkway, S.ussex, WI 53089. Joseph, MO 64507.

1951 W.E. Brakensiek writes: "Have com· pleted 33 years with Missouri Pacific Railroad Co. Presently am assistant chief engineer/structures, responsible for design, construction and maintenance of bridges for the railroad." Home address is 10143 Farrington Drive, St. Louis, MO 63137.

MSM Al u mnus 27

Alumni Personals----------------------------------------~------------------~ 1951 Continued William A. Givens is assistant vice president and manager of drilling and production with Woods Petroleum Corp. in Oklahoma City. Bill and Shirley live at 13901 Westcreek Road, Piedmont, OK 73078. Harry E. "Gene" Kennedy has been transferred from ADM Feed Corp. Oelwein, Iowa, to ADM Feed Corp., Box 81308, 540 South St., Lincoln, NE 68501 . Charles R. Kline was promoted to department manager of electro-optical systems development with the defense and electronics center at Westinghouse in Baltimore. Home address is 3926 Hawthorn Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043. Charles A. Rice sends a new mailing address: do First ,Baptist Church of Bathell, P.O. Box 400, Bathell, WA 98041.

Robert E. Vansant died Nov. 2, 1985. At MSM he was a member of Tech Club, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, a charter member of Chi Epsilon. was president of the Wesley Foundation, member of Pershing Rifles, Theta Tau and Blue Key. He served as commanding officer of Detonators, and president of American Road Builders Association and was a Distinguished Military Graduate. He received his B.S. degree in civil engineering and later ear~ed a law degree at UMKC. He . received the professional degree, civil engineer, from UMR in 1978. Following graduation he worked for McDonnell Aircraft, served with the U.S. Army, and then joined Black· & Veatch Consulting Engineers in Kansas City. He became a partner ·in the firm in 1979. Bob also served many years in the U.S. Army Reserve and retired as a colonel in 1981. He was a member of the UMR Academy of Civil Engineers' and a longtime member of the MSM/UMR Alumtli=ASSOCiation Board of Directors. He wrote a column, "Vansant's Law" for the engineering publication "NE Concepts in Wood Design" and was a regular contributor to the engineering periodical "Construction Specifier." He is survived by his wife, Pat Vansant, 435 E. 55th St., Kansas City, MO 64114, a son, five daughters, three gran9children and a brother, Carl Vansant, '60.

1953 Ralph L. Kuster Jr. sends a new ad· dress: 5 Summit Circle, Stillwater, OK 74075. Walter Lee is now operations manager with Koppers Co. He and Betty Lou live at 1146 Pennsbury Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

Norman Walker is a senior design engineer for Teledyne-Kinetics in Solana Beach. Calif. He lives at 928 Seph Way. Escondido. CA 92027. In September he brought Linda Walker. a student at San Pasqual High School in Escondido, to campus. Linda is interested in majoring in chemistry or materials science at UMR .


1957 1954 Dale H. Emling's business firm, with his staff of mining engineers and geologists, has a new mailing address: D.H.. Emling Co., 4285 S. Alton St., Englewood, CO 80 Ill. . Dale still resides at 7800 E. Union Ave., Denver, CO 80237. Robert B. ~opler Jr. ·moved from the state of Delaware to 6450 Canyon Crest Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84121, 6n Nov. I.

A report has been received of the death , in September, of Robert F. Bridger. At MSM he was a member of AIChE, the Shamrock Club, Independents, Alpha Chi Sigma, Tech Club, Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Xi, and Tau Beta Pi. he received his B.S. degree in chemical engineering and an M..S. degree in chemistry in 1960. At the time of his death he was senior research chemist for the Central Research Division of Mobil Oil Corp. in Princeton, N.J. Walter H. Ellis has moved to 115 Tudor Drive, St. Clairsville, Ohio 43590, from Wescosville, Pa.

1955 Joseph P. Green is an area engineer with ARCO Alaska. Joe and Jeanne live at 13800 Venus ' Way, Anchorage, AK 99515.

Robert V. Wolf Robert v. Wolf has been named winner of the Pi Kappa Alpha Loyalty Award for 1985 by the national fratern ity. The award is presented annually to one of the nearly 140,000 members of PiKA in recognition of outstanding service and loyalty to the ideals and principles of the fraternity. Bob, who is assistant dean of • UMR's School of Mines and Metallurgy and professor of metallurgical engineering, was initiated by the Rolla chapter of PiKA in 1948 and has served as chapter adviser since his graduation--30 years, now. Bob says he figures he has sat through more than 800 initiations and has attended as many chapter meetings as any other member of the fraternity-anywhere! Bob is not only a loyal PiKA, but also is a loyal Miner. He has served many years as secretary-treasurer of the MSM-UMR Alumni Association and is now vice president of the association . He is also a long-time member of the Homecoming Committee. Bob and Dottye live at 1504 Scenic Drive, Rolla, MO 6540 I.

28/ MSM Alumn us

1952 Leslie F. Holdman writes: "Will retire Dec. 31 , 1985, after 34 years with Schlumberger Well Service. Plan to be a consultant in oil and gas log analysis and completion." Leslie's new address is 1408 Oakhill Lane, Oklahoma City, OK 731 27. Don Quinn is a geologist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mailing address for Don and Myrna is Box 15 , Site 2/553 , Calgary, Alberta T2POM2, Canada. Robert P. Schaefer, '52, '53 with laRue, Moore & Schafer, Inc. of Dallas relocated offices from Suite 33 18 to Suite 3820 in 200 I Bryan Tower. Bob and Margaret reside at 4426 Mill Creek Road, Dallas, TX 75234. Leonard H. Wolfberg is vice president for Linrose Corp. in Marina Del Rey, Calif. He and Donna live at 18324 Clark St., No. 308, Tarzana, CA 91356.

V. Lee Powell, president and chief executive officer of Woods Petroleum Corp. in Oklahoma City, has been elected chairman of the board. Lee lives at 4709 Doral Court, Oklahoma City, OK 7313 2.

Larry D. Oppliger 1956 Ro bert Edward McCreary died Aug. 8. 1985 . At MSM he was a mem.ber of Sigma Nu, AIME, Glee Club, Tech Club, ASCE, Pershing Rifles, Student Council and the Engineers Cl ub. He received his B.S. degree in civi l engineer' ing. Formerly a city engineer at St. Joseph, Bob was a civil engineer wi th the SI. Louis Count y Highway Depart· ment at the time of his dea th . He is sur· vived by his wife Marian, 815 W. Kelley, DeSoto, MO 63020, two sons, three daughters and three grand· children .

Larry D. Oppliger, professor of physics at Western Michigan State Uni versit y, received a teaching excellence award for 1985 from the WMU Alu mni Association. A forme r chai rperson of the WMU department of physics, Larry pursues current in terests in energy use and energy reserves, weapon systems and arms control, science ed ucation and wear measurement. He has several publicat ions and presentation to his credit and has directed nine master's degree theses. He has been a member of the Facult y Senate and served on a number of Universit y committees and councils. Larry and Kay live at 1214 Boswell Circle, Kalamazoo, MI 49007 .


,ign in

928 In

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Alumni Personals ______~--------------~--------------------------__~-------1957 Continued Robert N. Wan:en's mailing address is now P.O. Box 186, Clovis, NM 88101.




Information from- the civil engineering department indicates that Forrest Dale Worman died sometime in 1981 or 1982. At MSM Forrest was a member of ASCE, the Prospectors'Club, Chi Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi . He received his B.S. degree in civil engineering.



At the 9ha

A report has been received of the death of J. James Carr in 1982. At MSM he was a member of Alpha Chi Sigma, Tech Club and AIChE. He received a B.S. degree in 'chemical engineering and an M.S. (in 1963 and Ph.D. (in 1971) in th~ same field.

)h i '



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1al in



Marion W. Lenox Jr. died in January, 1985. A native of Rolla, he received his B.S. degre~ in civil engineering from MSM . He was employed by the U.S. Geological Survey throughout his . career, Serving that organization in Rolla, Denver, and Reston, Va. At the time of his death, he was a supervisor of Cartography for USGS in Reston, and lived at ISO 12 Old Da\e Road, Centerville; VA 22020. John Joseph Scfiiermeier died in October according to a report received by the alumni office. At MSM John was a

Orvine Hunter Jr. was promoted to vice H arold L. Burke, ' 62, '73, known as president of A.P. Green Refractories "Spider," was featured in the Sept. 17 Co. where he will supervise research per- issue of the UMC "Maneater." Spider sonnel in Mexico, Mo. and -Pryor, Okla. was a UMC cheerleader from 1951 to Home address is 816 Bucks Run, Col- 1954 when he received his first degree umbia, MO 6520 I. from Mizzou in economics. ' Several years ago he was asked to lead cheers for Eugene E. Mertl writes: "Alone at last. Mizzou alumni at a pre-game brunch Son married Jul y 27 , 1985, and will at- 'and that led to a request to lead cheers tend graduate school at MSM spring of on the gene'ral public side of the stadium 1986. He graduated from University of during home games. His efforts proved Nebraska fall of 1985. Daughter blessed to be successful and he is now a permaus with two granddaughters, 'George' nent senior member of the MiZzou and 'Sam'." Gene is now a maintenance cheer leading squad at home football manager for Northern Gas Products Co. games. He leads cheers half the game on He and Joan live at 20i W. 4th Street, the general public side and half on the student side. Off the field Spider is an Ellinwood, KS 67526 . • engineer with the Bi-State Development Agency, the St. Louis public transportaJames W. Poarch writes: "After more tion system. The Burkes live at 7259A than 20 years of technical management Delmar, St. Louis, MO 63130. in Polyvinyl Chloride manufacturing Robert Herchenroeder plants I decided to commit'myselt,to getDavid C. Girardot has been named Robert B. Herchenroeder recently ting a Ph.D. in my favorite subject director of the physical/ plant at Ohio ' -chemistry. I'm presently in my second received the Thomas D. Cabot Northern University. He tomes to the Distinguished Inventor A ward from year of graduate school at the Universiuniversity from a position in waterways Cabot Corp. of Kokomo, Ind. Robert ty of Virginia. My wife, Liz (the main research and management in Vicksburg, joined the company in 1959 and has moving force in this big change), and my Miss. David and his family will reside in held a number of research and develop- two sons - Bill, 20, and Daniel, 12, are all Ada. ment positions. His work has encom- enjoying. life in the academic world livpassed development of nickel, cobalt, tng in Mr. Jefferson's town - Charlot'and iron-base alloys, with emphasis on tesville, Va." The Poarch family resides Anthony Keith Martigon is now' partner materials for high~ temperature applica- at 132 Scarborough Place, Charlot- and president of VR Business Brokers in St. Charles, Mo. Anthony lIves at 1814 tions for gas turbine engines and space tesville, VA 2290 I. Oak Tree Drive, St. Charles, MO 63303. vehicles. He has been the recipient of 26 patents for both alloy and processing Gene L. Scofield ,is . now a managerdevelopment. Many of his electrical systems-for Chevrolet-Pontiac- Dinesh Shah writes: "Our daughter developments are now bywords in the Canada Engineering. He and Dixie live Natasha is in high school an.d, after a 10 specialty metals industry--HA YNES at 24759 Cunningham, Warren, MI year break, her mother Sumitra started her Ph.D. in economics at U.C.-Irvine." alloys No. 188 and 556, HASTELLOY 48091. Dinesh is director of manfuacturing alloys, and more recently CABOT alloy with Morton-Th'iokol Inc. in -Irvine. The No. 214. :rhe Distinguished Inventor , Richart E. Slusher lectured Oct. 17 and live at 402 1 N. Park Circle, IrShahs A ward is given to an employee whose 18 on campus as part of UMR's physics technical creativity has contributed colloquium series. He heads the solid vine, CA 927 14.

member of the Newman Club, AIEE, Eta Kappa Nu, and Tau Beta Pi. He received his B.S. degree in electrical significantly to the profitability of the

engineering. Following his graduation ~~~~~~:~;~~a~~!~~ ~~t~~~s:;~~ :;e~~~~~ from MSM, he worked briefly for Emer. h d ' h USA operations. Robert is only the fourth son EI ectnc, t en serve In t e .. r - · . . . ' 9 th h h I 1980 my from 195 roug t e ear y S. reclpent , Rof thIS .award III ItS ten-year · f h' d th h hIstory. obert lIves at 609 N. -Korby , At the t tme 0 IS ea e was a pro- Kokomo, IN 4690 I. gram engineer for Tracor Inc. in O'Fallon, III. R. Thomas Smith has moved to 6119 Concord CQurt, Solon. Ohio 44139, from Moraga, Calif.


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Walter H. Dickens writes: "Traveling, teaching part-time for Park College and helping manage Cache Beauty Supply Store . in Rolla. Welcome visits from classmates and friends." Walter and Betty are located on Hayden Route, Box 38, Dixon, MO 65459.

state and quantum physics research department at AT&T Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ. Home address is Mountainville, Route 2, Box 202, Lebanon, NJ 08833.

Chester W. Sturgeon Jr. writes: "I am assigned to the Manassas, Va. , facility of IBM now. My new title is director of SUBACS development. I completed 25 years with IBM in February of tbis year." Chester lives at 3184 Cantrell Lane, Fairfax, VA 2203 1.

James E. Bradley is president of Bently Construction in Oldsmar, Fla. He and Judie live at 2865 Fair Green Drive, Clearwater, FL 33519. Don J. Gunther has been elected a director of · both operating companies of Donald R. Feaster sends a new address: Bechtel Group, Inc. in San Francisco. P.O. Box 7900, St. Petersburg, FL He also serves as general manager of two divisions at Bechtel, Western 1962 33734. Petroleum and Mining and Metals. Don Morris L. Gardner is ret ired and li ves at Robert W. Kassay now lives at 2914 and Mosey live at 40 Orange Court , 5394 Pershing Ave., IE, St. Louis, MO Hillsborough. CA 94010. Marx. San Angelo. TX 76903 . 6311 2.

1963 Gary David Achenbach is general manager of engineering with Conoco (U K) Ltd. in London. Home address for Gary and Carolyn is 1304 Pecan Road, Ponca City, OK 74604. Robert H. Gardner has been named general sales manager-field construction for Nooter Corp. in St. Louis. He resides at 14 Elderwood Court, Fenton, MO 63026 . . J:ijchard O. Rintoul, '63, '66 is employed by McDonnell Douglas. Richard and wife Jeanette live at 5215 Dover Drive, Godfrey, IL 62035. R.H. Sieckhaus is a vice president with Strange and Coleman. Bob and Judith have moved to 'No.9 Grimsley Station Bluffs Court, St. Louis, MO 63129.

MSM Alum n us!29

Alumni Personals----------~--------------------------------------__________ 1964

Paul J. Bass reports a new address. He and Janeth live at 405 Chateau Drive, Frazier L. Bronson made an intracity . No.6, Bellevue, NE 68005. Paul is now move to II Orchard Hill Lane, Midgeneral manager with Council Bluffs dletown Heights, CT 06457 . Water Works across the river in Iowa.

Edward L. Tharp is now ~ssociated with Havens and Emerson Inc., consulting engineers, in St. Louis. He still resides at 826 Nykeil Court, Manchester, MO 630 II.

Larry L. Rushing, '66, '74, '79, received the 1985 MSPE Professional Engineers in Industry Distinguished Service Award at ceremonies June 21 in Springfield, Mo. Larry is manager of the capital district of Union Electric Co. Home address is 1809 Tower Drive, Jefferson City, MO 6510 I.

Paul DeMay recently celebrated his 10th anniversary as president of Paul DeMay and Associates Inc. in St. Louis. The firm is a sales engineering company selling chemical process equipment to the food and chemical industries. Paul and his wife Marty have,three children, one a sophomore at UMR. The DeMays reside at 1726 Horseshoe Ridge, Chesterfield, MO 63017. Jack H. Green is now director of engineering and maintenance with River Cement Co. in Festus, Mo. He and Carolyn have moved to 12 River Bluff Drive, Crystal City, MO 63019.

Gary R. Holland has been elected chairman of the American Electronics Association--Minnesota Chapter and Thomas W. Cook elected to the National Board of Directors of the AEA. Gary and Gretchen Thomas W. Cook has' been appointed live at 6312 Indian Hills Road , Edina, president of ITT Grinnell , Providence, MN 55435. He is president of Data R.I. Tom joined ITT Grinnell in 1967 at the Columbia, Pa . plant and became Card Corp. in Minneapolis. manager of the plant in 1971. After David J. Michel is a research several promotions, he became president metallurgist for the U.S. Naval Research of Grinnell's manufacturing and supply Lab. in Washington, D.C. He has mov- division--the position he held prior to ed to 5828 Fifer Drive, Alexandria, V A this promotion . ITT - Grinnell, is a manufacturer of pipe fittings, va lves, 22303 . pipe hangers and other piping products. It has six manufacturing plants and 42 Donald G. Peters writes: "Being distribution branches in the U.S. and reassigned to the 193rd Infantry Brigade Canada. To_m, Jan and their two (Panama) as of7 Nov . 1985. I'm looking children, Bryan and Leslie, live at 3 Holforward to being an engineer again after ly Lane, Barrington, RI 02806. three years as an army inspector general." New address for him and Sue Larry Cooper writes: "After getting is pending. MSME from Caltech and Ph.D. from I Washington University, worked in aerospace, energy and environmental, nuclear, and computer industries in Silicon Valley. Am currently president of small 3-D engineering software company. Enjoying San Francisco Bay area with wife, Roberta, and children, Derek and Elisa." Larry and family live at 1337 Cerro Verde, San Jose, CA 95120. Garry W. Grimes does civil engineering work for the city of Searcy. He and Cliuamay Iive · at 113 Jawanda Lane, Tile death, several months ago, of Larry Searcy, AR 72143. Frank Barlick, has been reported by his wife, Carol Barlick, 7140 Galli Drive, Richald D. Skinner is with Integrated San Jose, CA 95129. At UMR Larry Circuit Engineering Corp. He lives at was a member of Tech Club, In4630 E. Thomas Road, E9, Phoenix, dependents and IEEE. He received his AZ 85018. B.S. degree in electrical engineering. Following graduation he worked for McDonnel Aircraft Corp., became a Edward E. Stepp is professor and head graduate student at UMR, then was of the physics department at Frostburg employed by Lockheed in Sunnyvale, State College in Maryland. Ed and Nan· Cahf., where he was electrical research cy's mailing address is Route 2, Box 316, Frostburg, MD 21532. engineer.


30/ MSM Alumnu s

Robert J. Lop-ez is now associate professor of mathematics at Rose·Hulman Institute of Technology, 5500 Wabash Ave., Terre Haute, IN 47803 .

1966 Raymond R. Betz is in business for himself at 610 W. Greens Road, Houston, TX 77067 . He and Judith live at 5502 Boyce Springs, Houston, TX 77066.

Frank A. Buchmeier Jr., '66, '74, is now a manager for Union Electric in St. Louis. He and Carol reside at 50-50 Ken· nelwood Drive, St. Louis, MO 63129.

David L. Smith writes: "Am now principal engineer with Smith & Associates, engineering consultants, Springfield , Mo. The firm specializes in mechanical and electrical engineering. Linda and I have two daughters, and are bUIlding a new home at Route 2, Box 85-S, Nixa, MO 65714." James E. Stangel writes: "Lieutenant Colonel, USAF. Stationed with the Air Force Technical Applications Center, Patrick AFB, Fla. Program manager for acquisition and development' of $35 million satellite data processing system." Jim's home address is 2210 Queen Ann, Merritt Island, FL 32952. 4

Ronald W. Umphrey has transferred to 'polymer process research for the adoptive parent company, E.I. Dupont in Circleville, Ohio, after more than 14 years in coal mining research with Conoco. Ron, Marilyn and the four youngsters are now at home at 6182 Robert Garth Gladden died in 1974, ac- Apache Way, Grove City, OH 43123 . cording to information submitted by David L. Smith, '66, Route 2, Nixa, MO 65714. At UMR Robert was a member of the Baptist Student Ullien and SAE. He received his degree in mechanical engineering. Following graduation, he worked for Bendix Corp. in Kansas City, Dayco Corp. in Springfield, and according to Smith was with Lily·Tulip in Springfield at the time of his death.

Jon A. Crabtree is currently employed by Caterpillar Tractor Co. in Peoria, Ill. Jon receives mail at Route I, Box 234, Tremont , IL 61568.

John D. Howell has moved to 20321 Bancroft Cirde, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, from Chicago, 111.

James A. Huddleston is a development programmer and manager with IBM Corp. in Rochester, Minn . New mailing address for Jim and Judy is Route I, Box 798 , Oronoco, MN 55960-9618. Arjan S. Jagtiani writes : "Since graduating from UMR, I have completed an M.S. in ! civil engineering at New York University and an M.B.A. at University of Dayton. Am presently employed as a senior engineer in the transmission section, electrical engineering division of American Eleetric Power Co. in Columbus, Ohio." Home address is 6981 Bucktrout Place, Worthington, OH 43085.

1967 Richard L. Kastel, '67, has joined Guarantee Instrument Systems of Missouri (GISMO) in St. Louis. Rich and Karen live at 21 Shamblin, Florissant, MO 63034. Randy King writes: "Staff member, Sandia National Labs--alive and well--would like to hear from old friends--Box 5800, Albuquerque, NM 87185." Lloyd Langsdorf writes: "Joined Hekimian Laboratories Inc., Gaithersburg, Md., in June 1985 as a project manager. Current address: 435 Westside Drive No. 104, Gaithersburg, MD 20878: Family remains in Austin, Texas, attempting to sell home."

c (

I3 7

Alumni Personols------------------------------------------------------________ 1967 Continued


John w. Peery is customer support manager with Intergraph in Huntsville, Ala. He and Sondra live at 578 G illespie Road, Madison, AL 35758.

James L. Baird is chief engineer with Celsius Energy Co. in Salt Lake City. He and Sand y live at 1730 Ensign Ba y, Salt Lake City, UT 84121.

Hamilton Cooke Timbrell is director of construction services for DufresneHenry Inc. in Manchester, NH. Hamilton receives mail at Route 13 Box 263, Loudon, NH 03301. '

Max M. Ethridge writes: "Was recently . promoted to the rank of commander in the NOAA Corps and was assigned to . the position of deputy chief, National Geodetic Survey." Max lives at 17504 Ira Court, Derwood, MD 20855.

1968 Jim A. DoOar is an electrical engineer for Sperry Co. He and Lynne reside at 5647 Bayview Drive, Seminole, FI 33542. Ricbard H. Engel sends a new address: 2507 Ridgewood Lane, Nederland, TX 77627. 1985 Rollamo Ronald W. HaU, '68, '72, is now a' plant manager for Gold Bond Ice Cream, a Steve C. Mueller is general manager for manufacturer of novelty ice cream bars. AMAX Zinc in Sauget, Ill. Home adHe and Judy and their three children .dress for Steve and Ernestine is 13344 live at 113 Link Drive, Sikeston, MO W. Watson, St. Louis, MO 63127. 63801.

David Allen Eyler- has moved to 5222 Nottingham, St. Louis, MO 63109, from Midwest City, Okla.

1971 Jerrey Finnegan, '70, '71, writes: "Am Gary R: Bartlett is now assistant vice currently section manager of process president, planning, for Natural Gas engineering for Abbot Labs, chemical Pipeline Co. of America in Lombard, Ill. and agricultural products division. Wife He and Margaret make their home at Barbara and sons Patrick and Matthew 809 Ramsgate Court, Naperville, IL say 'hi' to all' ChE and UMR band alum- 60540. ni." The Finnegans' address is 9 Greenvale Road, Vernon Hills, IL 60061. Vincent J. Budd writes: "Appointed chairman of Systems Operation ComMicbael L. Gill is secretary-treasurer for mittee of the Pennsylvania Electric Lamac Engineering Co. He lives at 1016 Association for two years. Tina and I Cherry St., Mt. Carmel, IL 62863 . still reside in Middletown with our three daughters, Rebecca, Julia and Melissa." Wesley M. Huskisson writes: "I work the Budd family's address is 58 Wallkill for the Kansas City Star and Times as Ave., Middletown, NY 10940, an electrical technicia.n. My responsibilities cover everything from power Robert G. Butchko is director of substations to computer terminals and engineering with Metropolitan St. Louis printers. I'm now in my fourth year with Sewer District. He and Sharon have the paper." He lives at 3008 E. 107th moved to 2442 Cripple Creek Drive, St. Louis, MO 63129. Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64137.

Richard E. Moore, M.D. is an anes- Barry C. Nudd has moved to 1555 thesiologist with Anesthesia Associates Ridgeview Drive, No. 84, Reno, NY of Cape Girardeau. He and Sandy live at . 89509, from Burlington, Iowa, last 1581 Lexington, Cape Girardeau, MO September. 6370 I. Larry J. Oliver writes: "Second knee Josepb D. Moyer Jr. sends a new ad- operation in five years-:one soccer, one dress: 13447 Shawnee Road, Apple softball. It's time to take up golf." Larry Valle)" CA 92308. and Carole live at 1536 Pheasant Ridge, Natbaniel D. McClure has been proEllisville, MO 63011. He is a project moted to general supervisor with Steven W. Obnimus is regional manager engineer for Sverdrup & Parcel in St. General Motors' Delco Electronics Diviof' planning and valuation with Union Louis. sion. He and Annette live at 865 S. 450 Oil of California (l,JNOCAL) in E., Kokomo, IN 46902. Houston, Texas. Steve and Daisy live at Ralpb L. Ozorkiewicz has been pro3534 Ashfield Drive, Houston, TX moted to president of Wyle Laboratories' largest operation, The James L. Morris sends a new address: 77082. Electronics Marketing Group, in Irvine, II Price Drive, Troy, IL 62294. Calif. He was also elected a vice president of the corporation. Prior to joining Tom and Sue Nebel are busy as their Wyle Laboratories in April, Ralph had three children, Matt, 12, Livi, 9, and been with Kierulff Electronics and Beth, 5, are involved in football, soccer, Texas Instruments. Ralph and Marie piano lessons, baseball and swimming. live with their four children at 11912 Sue keeps the home front on track and Skyline, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Tom is a district sales manager for Hewlett-Packard with a primary respon1969 Robert L. , Seaman is recipient of the sibility for major acCounts in the Michael E. Anderson writes: "I joined 1984 Arch T. Coldwell M.eri_tj A ward fo~ Dayton area. The Nebel family resides American Supercomputers Inc. (a start- his co-authorship of "Component Iner- - at 1514 North Marshall Middletown up) in March of 1985 as manager of tial Effects on Transmission Design ," a OH 45042. ' , memory systems design. If all goes as paper presented to the Society of planned , we will hav~ a Cray-compatible Automotive Engineers. He is a vice supercomputer on the market in 1986." president 'of Borg-Warner Automotive - Dennis L. Stack writes: "After six years His home address is 1614 Longspur Transmission Systems. Bob and Nancy with Anheuser-Busch Co. as a manager A ve., Sunny vale, CA 94087. li ve at 8305 N. Yellowstone, Route 7, of environmental engineering, I founded a consulting and services company on Glenn R. Case moved to 10316 Ellen Muncie,. IN 47302. July 13 , 1984. The company name is Court N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87112, Thomas M Wilcox writes: "Presently ci- 'Effluent Management Systems Inc.' from Sunnyvale, Calif. !n September. ty,engineer for Fulton, Mo. Wife JoAnn with primary services in the area of land Donald D. Lambert no longer receives (Schwab) and I have three sons: Tom, treatment of industry wastewaters. We mail in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 15; Paul, 13 ; Ryan, 7." The Schwabs design, build and operate land treatment His new address is P.O. Box 434, Mar¡ live at 1414 Colonial Drive, Fulton, MO sites." He. lives at 8 18 E. Essex , Glen65251. shalltown, IA 50158 . dale, MO 63122 ..

Larry W. CampbeU writes: "Was promoted to head up the quality control department and lab at General Magnaplate Corp. last September. Still working toward being a vice president. Connie has one more year before I send her back to work. Kevin is 7 and Kristen is 4 now." The Campbells live at 22 Appletree Drive, Matawan, NJ 07747. Jerry D. Cook is now an instrument section manager for Davy McKee Corp. in Houston. He and Anita have moved to 13127 Chriswood Drive, Cypress, TX 77429. John Counsil is an engineering consultant with Aminoil in Santa Rosa, Calif. He and Kathleen live at 1'148 Shady oak Place, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. Robert M Cranmer is recipient of the 1985 Silver Beaver Award, Boy Scout's highest honor for an adult volunteer. Under his 14-year leadership, Troop 311 of Jackson, Mo. , grew from five members to more than 100. Bob is supervisor of planning at Procter & Gamble Paper Products Co. in Cape Girardeau. He and Gail live at Route 4, Greensferry Hills, Jackson, MO 63755. This information was sent to the Alumnus by Eric D. Dunning, '70, '72, resident engineer at Proctor & Gamble.

MSM A lumnus . 31

·- - - - - -

Alumni Personols ______________________________~----------------------------1971 Continued Richard A. Dumay, '71, ' 72 is currently a general engineer--specifications--at the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in Charleston, S.c. Richard has a new address: 1865A Montclair Drive, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464. Homer W. Fannin, Jr. sends a new address: 15 Pilot Hill Drive, St. Peters, MO 63376. Donald D. Henderson is a lecturer in petroleum engineering at UMR. Home address for Don and Cynthia is Route 3, Box 53, Rolla, MO 65401. Joseph D. Lillard is vice president of sales and marketing with Energy Systems Technology Inc. in Englewood, Colo. He and Barbara live at 7793 S. Nevada Drive, Littleton , CO 80120.

Thomas F. DeClue Jr. has a new mail-' 1973 ing address: G .R.P. Company Inc., 308 Kent D. Gastreich is now manager of E. St. Louis Ave., East Alton , IL 62024. mineral leasing with Peabody Development Co. He and Linda live at 4103 UpGary Edwards writes: "Now working ton Court, St. Louis, MO 63116. for Systemaire Inc., mechanical contrac· tors, as a special projects engineer." Tom Grayes sends a new address: 308 Home ' address is 1216 . Forest Trails, Rosehaven Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609. Fenton, MO 63026. David L. Halsted is employed by Mon1974 James A. Finazzo is now an operating santo in St. Louis, Mo, David makes his supervisor for Monsanto Co, in St. home at II 029-C Oak Forest Parkway, Bruce S. Bonczyk writes: "Graduated Peters. He and Betty live at 737 Mont· St. Louis, MO 63146. from Southern Illinois University Law brook , O'Fallon, MO 63366, School in May. Blending my engineering and construction experience by pracRobert E. Klein is now a civil engineer Philip R. Harris is attending the U.S Ar- ticing construction law, dealing with with the U.S. Army at Jefferson Proving my War College at Carlisle Barracks, design and construction defects litigaGround, He lives at 2554 Franks Drive, Pa. Philip and Pamela live at 545 Per- tion. Look forward to hearing from old shing Road, Carlisle, PA 17013. friends at my new address-2402 Austin Madison, IN 47250. Drive, Springfield, IL 62704, John Kuspa, '72, '75, '76, is battali<;>n commander (920 men and 350 vehicles) Gary R. Henderson, '73, '81, U.S. Navy · Bohn A. Frazer is manager of with the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Divi~ lieutenant commander, is now serving underground operations with Black sion in Kitzingen, West Germany . Mail- as an operaticlOs officer. Mailing address River Lime Co, in Butler, Ky . He and ing address for John and Linda is HHC, is NMCB-133/S-3, FPO Miami, FL Linda live at 504, Downing St., Cold 10th Engr. Bn (CBn, ~PO NY 09701. . 34099. Spring, KY 41076,

Joseph M. Martin is a district reservoir engineer with Sun Exploration and Production of Midland. Joe and Betty live at 1611 Wildwood, Midland, MI 48640. James A. Mulligan III with LaRue, Moore & Schafer, Inc. of Dallas, relocated offices from Suite 3318 to Jerald L. Whitford writes: ' "Present Suite 3820 in 2001 Bryan Tower. Jim employment is as chief of construction and Gini reside at 1902 Columbia Drive, management with the U.S. Air Force at Richardson, TX 75081 . Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo." He and Lanette live at 402 8th Street Terrace, Dean A. Park writes:. " Vicki and land Warrensburg, MO 64093. the kids recently moved to 1958 Pepper-

Alan R. Mauzy, '73, '79 is a senior civil engineer with Boyle Engineering in Lakewood , Colo. He and Doris live at 18960 E. Loyola Circle, Aurora, CO 80013,

Donald and Debbie Hall and their four girls have moved to 2672 Enid St., Ft. Smith, AR 7290 I. Don is a manager of systems analysts/programmers at DataTronies.

Richard R. Larkins, '74, '76, writes to 'Kindall W. Moore writes: "After three announce the birth of a daughter, Jacquelyn Margaret, on Oct. 14, 1985 , <\1 rell Drive, Creve Coeur, MO 63146 , I years in plans fpr United States Air 5:08 p.m., weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces, remain busy with The Park Co., Con- Force Southern Air Division (Panama), "our first. " He, Linda and baby live at I have returned to fl ying the C-141 at . Richard S. H. Wu has had an article, SUlting Engineers (owner) ." 10311 Longmeadow, Dallas,TX 75 238, McGuire Air Force Base, N.J , Promo" Computer -Aided Engineer ing : Dynamic Thermal Analyzer For Richard L. Rothermich sends a new ad- tion to major effective Nov, I, 1985 c" Craig L. Payken is an area engineer Monitoring Batch Processes" published dress: 12 Huntleigh Court, St. Charles, Kindall and Barbara now reside at 114 with ARCO Inc. He and Mary Ellen • Oak Pines Blvd., Pemberton, NJ 08068. live at 4729 Ric Drive, Midland , TX in the September issue of Chemical MO 63301. Engineering Progress (pp 57-61) . 79703, Richard is a senior engineer for the James and Betty Sears have moved to Dana V. Reel manages the Las Vegas research division of . Rohm and Haas 2867 Hamden Drive, Xenia, OH 45385, regional office with Black & Veatch. He Rolland J. Ponzer moved last Co., Bristol, Pa. He'lives at 817 Pulaski from Omaha, Neb. and Nancy live at 4218 Candleberry September to 5601 E. Orange Thorpe, Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446. Court, Las Vegas, NV 89103. They Apt. E-I06, Anaheim, C'\, 92807. report a new son, Brian, born July 31 , 1985. David J. Sheahen is an engineer for Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Inc., in Richard A. Smith, '73, '74, '76, is now Northbrook, III. He and Dana now live an associate professor of electrical at 1454 Woodland Drive, Deerfield, IL engineering at ' the University of 60015 . Wisconsin-Platteville. He lives at 880 Freemont St., Platteville, WI 53818 , Ronald K. Spalding recently moved to 4012 Merriman Drive, Plano, TX Jerry L. Willmore writes: " I work for 75074 , ARCO Alaska Inc. on the north slope at the Kuparuk Ri ver Unit." Jerry and Hazel, along with Heather, 10, Amanda, 6, and Ky le, 4, are at P,O , Box 1862, Kenai, AK 996 1 I ,

1972 J ohn R. Anderson, '72, ' 73, is now operations engineering manager with Ralston Purina Co. He and Susan live at 5218 Miami, St. Louis, MO 63 139, David and Gail Bachmann have a new home address--43 Westport, Irvine, CA 92714. David is currently a supervisor, process design, for Atlantic Richfield in Long Beach, Calif.

32/ MSM Alumnus

1985 Rollamo

Randall G. Thompson is a project engineer with Phillips Petroleum Co. He and Sharon live at 4686 Clearview Drive, Bartlesville, OK 74006,

Michael E. Whitson writes: "I have J ohn R. (Bob) Wilson was recently nam- transferred through ARMCO from ed to the board of directors of Central Butler (pa,) plant to Zanesville, Ohio, Federal Savings & Loan Association in where I am a senior mechanical ' Rolla. Bob is vice president and manager engineer. We're going through ' the exof Verkamp Lumber Co. in St. James, perience of building a house, My wife Mo, Mailing address for Bob and Amy and two children , Craig and Chris, Sharon is P.O. Box 374, St. James, MO are currently at 1135C Brandywine Blvd., Zanesville, OH 43701." 65559.


E n n





S 3 2

S E a:




p gr

Se C(

R( sic an all


r -

Alumni Personals ____________________________________________________________ Robert E. (Bob) Burton writes: "Life goes on in Wisconsin! I got married on Garry Aronberg, '75, '77, writes: "I was April 20. My bride's name is Carol, so recently married. Andrea and I live at we get a lot 'of jokes about Ted and 8651 Barby, University City, MO Alice. Eastman Chemical has given me a 63124 . Also changed jobs recently. Am new assignment. I've gone from selling manager, environmental engineering, plastics to animal nutritional supfor Kuhlmann Design Group Inc., plements. It's a brand·new business for Maryland Heights, Mo." Kodak ,_so it's a terrific opportunity. It's exciting to launch a new product. And Donald L. Marlen writes: " I am working fun! Current hobbies: fishing, sports for the U.S. Air Force at Scott Air Force cars, motorcycle road racing, PRO Base, l\l. I ha ve been working there for rallies, camping." The newlyweds [eside three years. On Sept. 7, 1985 , I married at 130 I S. Memorial Dri ve; Appleton, . Nancy Russell of Granite City, III." WI 54915 . Donald and Nancy live on Route I, East Carondelet, IL 62240. George E. Cannon Jr. writes: "Am a


David Kevin Muckerman, '75, '79 is manager environmental services department, for Winslow and Associates Inc. in Houston, Texas. David lives at 13810 Addicks-Fairbanks, Houston, tx 77070. Ronald Pinaire moved I~t September to 1129 Valleyview, Wichita, KS 67212, from Park F9r~t, lli. Steven and Carol Stearns moved to 3939 Appleton Way, Wilmington, NC 28403, from Houston, Texas.

student at Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C. , and I am a colonel in the U.S. Air Force." George and Sandy live at 4624 Tara Drive, Fairfax, VA 22032. Stephen .G. Eckert has been promoted to construction superintendent, engineering and services, from project engineer for Dow Coming's Carrollton Plant in Kentucky. His mailing address is Kings Road, Route I, Carrollton, KY 41008.

, 1985 Rollamo

1977 JameS BextermueUer chaired this year's United Way campaign in the Cape Girardeau area. This is his fifth year as a United Way volunteer. Jim is operating department manager with Procter & Gamble faper Products Co. He and Beth (Veissman, '78) live at 1573 Parsite, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701.

Michael W. Fugate is operations engineer with Nicor Exploration Co. in Keith L. Bockelman, ' 77, '78, is proud Goiden, Colo. Mike and Tina live at 541 to announce that he and his wife are ' parents of a baby boy. He is a mining S. Simms St. , Lakewood, CO 80228. engineer for Colowyo Coal Co. in Meeker., Colo. He and his family live at Bruce W. H aigh is now a deputy district David Thatcher writes: "We were pleas- commander for the U.S. Arm y Corps of 3828 Exmoor Road, Craig, CO 8 1625. ed to have Sarah Elaine join us on April Engineers in Buffalo, N.Y. He lives at David F. Brockman writes: "The last 16, 1984. Her brothers Aaron and Jared 88 Greengage Circle, East A mherst, NY few months have been very dynamic. I enjoy her. We moved last week and are 14051. accepted an offer from Southwestern busy getting settled." David is with Bell Telephone Co. to start July I as a General Motors, Advanced Engineer Gary L. Jones is senior operations network services supervisor in Dallas, Staff. David and family make their engineer with Reliance Pipeline in Texas. I will be marrying Patti Brown home at 37382 Catherine Marie, Sterl· Gorden, Colo. He and Gina live at 3268 on Oct. 12, 1985, and plan to see the fall ing Heights, MI 48077. S. Dudley Court, Lakewood, CO 80227. foliage in New Hampshire and Vermont for our honeymoon." David and Patti's John Lees is now a prograqtmer analyst address is 13139 Chandler Drive, Dallas, with Animal Health Diagnostic Lab at TX 75243, Shou-Min Tang is with the Ret-Ser Engineering Agency in Taiwan. He lives at 40-4 Ln 47 Cheng Kung Rd. Sec I, Y ung-Ho Taipei, Taiwan.

Michigan State University. He writes: "I am also beginning work on my Ph.D. in . " . co~put~r scIence at MSU . He ~nd Michael Lewis Boothby, died Sept. I, Antta hve at 858 Armstrong, Lansmg, 1985, when two planes collided over MI 48910. southeast Dallas, Texas. At UMR, Michael received his B.S. degree in Michael J. Lueckenhoff writes: "Am petroleum engineering. Following manager of the Beaumont office of graduation he worked for Joseph E. Southwestern Laboratories." Mike and S~agram's Texas Pacific Oil, R.L. Burns Kelly live at 6990 Glen Willow, BeauCorp. and in January, 1984, he joined mont, TX 77706. Rosewood Resources, the energy division of Rosewood Corp. of Dallas, as oil Matthew E. Nail is now a project and gas production engineer. Three manager for Pri me Builders in Atlanta, other Rosewood employees were with G a. He lives at 21 67 Heritage Trace Michael in the compan y plane at the Lane, Marietta, GA 30062. time of _the accident. None survived. Michae! is sur vived by his mot her, Rita James B. Nischwitz, '76, '77, and wife Booth by of Hazelwood, Mo., and two Maria recently moved to 33 Legran sisters. Road, Rochester, NY 1461 7.


Mark W. Brown is a production super· James A. Waechter is now president of visor with Sabine Mining Co. in James Engineering in Denver, Colo. Jim Hallsville, Texas. He and Terri live. at and · Ro xanne live at 16003 E. Loyola No. 6 Lookout, Longview, TX 75604. Drive in Aurora,'CO 800 13.


d A Ehrh d' t1 . ymOD tal" . ar lS..currAmen y anZ~nVlTonmen engmeer lor ax mc Co. in East St. Louis lli. Raymond lives ? ~~g~~ Preakness Dnve, Flonssant, MO . Alan J. Esker sends a new address: 3900 Woodcrest Drive, F lorissant, MO 63033.

John E. Heidbreder is a project engineer with McCarthy in Phoenix, Ariz. He and Pat have moved to 538 W. EI Alba Way, Chandler, AZ 85224. Dennis R. Keats is president of Com· puter Array Developtnent Inc. in Costa Mesa, Calif. He and Donna live at 7881 Wopdlake, No. 70, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. '

Rod Kirkpatrick is a senior EOR engineer for HNG F ossil Fuels Co. He lives at 12978A Trail Hollow, Houston, TX 77079. Roy J ohn Mattes J r. is an environmental engineer II for Missouri Department of Natural Resources in Macon, Mo. His mailing address is now Triangle Trailer Park, Lot 5, Macon, MO 63552.

Douglas F. MoeUering is now an engineering manager with Tracor Aerospace in Austin, Texas. He and Laura live at 14413 Celestial Lane, Pflugerville, TX 78660. Robert J. Roewe is now branch marketing support manager for PRIME Computer Inc. of St. Louis. His home address is 10 Freedom Way, St. Charles, MO 63301 .

David Fronick, his wife Karen, and Bruck Schaller writes: "Moved to San daughter B" rbara have returned to St. Diego in March and am newly Lbuis,and now reside at 5756 Tholozan, employed with Pyropower Corp. Josie St. Louis, MO 63109. "Dave has taken a gave birth to a girl Diane Emily, in July. position with The Mississippi River Entire family doing fine and enjoying Transmission Corp. as an electrical life in San Diego!" Bruce, Josie and engineer. Dave and Karen enjoyed liv- Diane now live at 13849 Paseo Aldabra, ing in Detroit, Michigan, for the past San Diego, CA 92129. seven years but are glad to be back in St. Lou is with their family and friends." Jeff and Susan Stevenson are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Jon A. Graham is an engineering super- Katherine Marie. He is still employed by visor with Santa Fe Minerals in Dallas. Van Briggle Art Pottery. He and Susan He and Connie live at 2212 Morning and Katherine live at 505 W. Jefferson, G lory, Richardson, TX 7508 1. Colorado Springs, CO 80907.

MSM A lumnus / 33 zunmulA MGM \ ~C

Alutnni Personals------------------------------------------------------------1979

1985 Rollamo

1977 Continued Dave Thorn writes: "Bought a new house in Waterford, 15 miles from the Silverdome. Four UMR grads work here in Southfield at Ingersoll Rand' (IR): Earl Neubauer, '64; Charlie Moore, '62; Tom Mitchell, '84; and myself." Dave -is regional sales manager with IR in Southfield, Mich. He and Dallas, '79, live at 1085 Meadowcrest Drive, Pontiac, MI 48054.

Brian and Sue, '79, Kavanaugh iive at 2231 Big Bend Drive, Carrollton, TX 75006. Harry Laswell writes: "Had OUf, first child, Ariana Lauren, on June 26. Enjoying our new home in Sacramento." Harry is now marketing managet with Intel Corp. in Folsom, Calif. He and Stacey (Jostad) live at 861 41st. St., Sacramento, CA 95819.

Bradley Aman is a petroleum engineer with Farrar Oil Co. in Mt. Vernon, III. He and Sue Ann live at 409 Wren, Mt. Craig A. Meese is a petroleum engineer Vernon, IL 62864. with Marathon Oil Co. He has moved to 316 Wilcrest, Houston, TX 77042. Chris A. Baugh ' writes: "I am married, wife's name is Linda. We have four Craig S. O'Dear is an attorney at law children, 8 years, 6 years, 2 Y2 years and with Stinson, Mag & Fizzell. He receiv14 months. The weather here in es mail at the firm's address: P.O. Box Arizona is great. Right now it is in the 19251 , Kansas City, MO 64141. low 80's. It very selqon ever freezes in Phoenix." Chris is a civil engineer-- . . . , swimming pools--for Maricopa County ~urray L. Rose IS an electncal engmeer Health Department in Phbenix, Ariz. - With PPG. He and Deborah live at 2806 Chris and family make their home at Delta Dnve, Wichita Falls, TX 76308 . . 6943 W. Polk, Phoenix, AZ 85043. Kim (Fleddetmann) Rydzak is with Dan and Susan (Remley, '81) BerkerIe GM~s Packard electric division. She and live at 910 Oxborough, Katy, TX Daniel live at 3794 Cadwallader Sonk 77450. Susan reports that she is a reser- Road, Cortland, OH 44410. voir engineer with-Natural Gas Pipeline Jeff and Ann (Kristof) Smith, both '79 in Houston. are reliervoir engineers with Sun and James Bush is acqUISitIOns manager ARCO respectively_ They live at 3924 with Indian Wells Oil Co. He lives at Hatherly Drive,Plano, TX 75023. 5422 S. 68th E. Place, Tulsa, OK 74145. James E. Starling Jr. is plant manager Emil Delgado is a senior development with Archer Daniel Midland in chemist with Milliken Chemical. He and Fostoria, Ohio. He and Vicky live at Nancy Ann live at 159 Walden Circle, 2600 N. Ridge Road, Findlay, OH 45840. Spartanburg, SC 29301.

John B• .Haug writes: "A,m presently a Larry D. McAllister (Capt.) ' 78, '79, division engineer for' Panhandle Eastern Ronald J. Williams moved to 1115 E. writes: "I am currently stationed in Pipeline Co. in Kansas City, Mo., work1st. St., Washington, MO 63090, from South Korea with the U.S. Army. Lynn ing with the testing group. Have comKansas City, Kan. is holding down the fort in Texas while pleted more than 50 percent of MBA working on her Ph.D. Would be glad to degree at UMKC. Recently earned my Kathleen and James, '78, Wright ha ve hear from you." Larry receives mail c/o professional engineer's registration in moved from Bear, Del. to 2813 Bodine U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 44th Missouri." John's home address is. 6440 Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810. Eng. Bn. (CBn (HUy) , APO San Fran- Bennington, Kansas City, MO 64133. cisco 96483. Robert E. Hodgson writes: "Married Gary Misak is a petroleum engineer Loretta in New Orleans last February. with BHP Petroleum (Americus) in Still working for Manville Corp. in Great Bend, Kan. His and Phyllis' ad- Denver as a project engineer. Loretta is dress is Route 3, Box 148C, Great Bend, working on her business degree at the University of Colorado-Denver while KS 67530. working for Translogic as an executive 1978 secretary. We can be contacted at 5967 Michael Anthony Brugnara, '78, '83 is Stephen A. Olson has moved to 3940 S. Gallup St., Apt. 212, Littleton, CO currently a civil engineer for Union Russell, St. Louis, MO 63110. 80120." Electric Company in St. Louis. Michael Kevin James Humphrey is a materials lives at 1427 Summergate Parkway, St. Benjamin A. Smith's new address is 110 handling engineer with Utility Fuels, Charles, MO 63303. S. Gardenia, Celste, TX 75423. Inc. He and Elizabeth live at 6555 Harbortown , No. 2608, Houston, TX James E. Colliton has moved from Bakersfield, Calif. to 7520 Brompton Brian D. Walker writes: "As of July 1, 77036. 1985, I accepted a promotion to general No. 712, Houston, TX 77025. super-visor over the divisional order Edward C. Jantosik Jr. is an engineerKim R. Fowler's new address is 5752 department at Delco Electronics, ing specialist with Emerson Electric Co. Thunderhill Road, Columbia, MD General Motors Corp., assuming the He ¡and Dorothy live at 2702 China 21045. responsibilities for orders and customer Lake Drive, St. Louis, MO 63129. service to Delco's customers worldwide. Dayna Justus is now a project coorNancy E. Harrington is currently a civil Previous assignments have been in pro- dinator for Armco-Burns & McDonnell. engineer/associate engineer for Charles duction control supervision, purchasing She resides at 5604 E. 84th Terrace, R. Ve~ Associates Inc. in Carle Place, and transportation." Brian, Kathy and Apt. D, Kansas City, MO 64132. N.Y. Nancy makes her home at 8 Laura Breann make their home at 2305 Delon Sue M. Kavanaugh writes: "Brian, '78, Ave. , Kokomo, IN 46901. Drive, Centereach, NY 11720. and 1 are doing fine. We still live in Dallas. Brian now works for Intersil as a Robert M. Jobes is now plant manager with Pioneer Aggregates-Texaline. He James and Kathleen, '77, Wright have field application engineer and enjoys it." lives at 1510 Madison, Weatherford, moved from Bear, Del. to 2813 Bondine The Kavanaughs home address is 2231 Big Bend Drive, Carrollton, TX 75006. Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810. TX 76086.

34 / MSM Alumnus

Vincent G. and Marilyn Mattione, '81, moved to 9006 E. 31st. St., Kansas City, MO 64129, from St. Louis.

William J. Stein writes: "I have a ne~ job doing the design review and on site inspection of a $9.1 million contract of . an automated storage and retrieval system at Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, Pa." He and Catherine reside at . 165 E. Catherine St. , Chambersburg, P A 17201 . Dallas (Kirk) Thorn has a new address. She and Dave, '77, live at 1085 Meadowcrest Drive, Pontiac, MI 48054. Dave is regional sales manager for Ingersoll Rand. L.D. Witt is a production engineer with Sun E&P.in Midland, Texas. He lives at 4918 Brownwood, Midland, TX 79703.


n, Ci N!


tee era 71. Ca.

Bal Ian Cal



Che at ' 15,

1980 The death of Mohammad Syed Abtahi on June 2, 1980, has been reported by Lou Moss, international student adviser at UMR. Mohammad Abtahi had received his B.S. degree in civil engineering only two or three weeks before his death .

keit emp




M,A sian

Aug; empl

Bruce L. Bartlett is now resident reactor in spector with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Burlington, Kan. Bruce and Susan live at 1814 Holida y Drive, Emporia, KS 6680 I.

ther; . WeI! Illair






h d k


1980 Conti nued

Dennis J. Struemph is a materials engineer with Westinghouse. He and Linda live at 3023 Hogan, Jefferso n City, MO 65101.

.h at


David E. Schlarman writes: "I graduated from St. Louis University School of Medicine in May, 1985, and am now employed as a resident in general surgery at S1. Louis Univesi ty Hospitals." He is living at 6126 Eveline, St. Louis, MO 63139.

Carol R. Blumeustein writes: "Am presently a graduate teaching assistant in the educational and counseling psychology department at the Universi- Todd VierlieUer has moved to 3833 N. Roger Dean Hirschm an writes: "Recently promoted to senior engineer ty of Tennessee." She lives at 3700 Overlook Blvd., Portland, OR 97227. for Martin Marietta, Denver Aerospace. Sutherland Ave., C-7, Knoxville, TN Scott Love C. Wehner the Rocky Mountains, especially is district reservoir 37919. Billi'.! F. Spencer Jr. has been appointed engineer, C02 group, with Texaco-USA the snow skiing. It's the best!" He lives assistant professor in ,the department of in Hobbs, N.M. He and Traci live at at 400 Zang St., 207, Lakewood, CO enginee ring at the University of Notre Thomas L. Crump is currently a civil 2115 N. Cielo, Hobbs, NM 88240. 80228. Dame. He has been appointed to the engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Robert G. Howell, lieutenant in the U.S. American Society of Civil Engineering's Engine ers in Bunde srepub lik Navy, is on duty with the fleet ballistic Committee on Fatigue and Fracture Deutschland. Tom receives his mail at missile submari ne precommissioning Reliability. He lives at 2523 Royal Vista USA EDE, EUDED-F, APO NY Terrace, South Bend, IN 46637. unit, Nevada, based at Groton, Conn. 09757. James A. Dyer is now a maintenance engineer for No.7 Blast Furnanc e at Inland Steel in East Chicago, Ind. He and Martha live at 318 N. Rensselaer, Griffith, IN 46319.


Susan (Remley) Beckerle is a reservoi r Mark E. Eck is coordinator of engineer- engineer with Natural Gas Pipeline in ingrecf uiting and development with Houston. She and .Dan, ' 79, live at 910 ARCO in Dallas. He lives at 1728 Oxborough, Katy, TX 77450. Sacrame nto Terrace , Plano, TX 75075. . . William E. Frank writes: "Accepted Alok K. Berry has joined the faculty of new assignment with Chevron in Lon- George Mason University in Virginia. _ don', England , starting mid-November. His mailing address for ' all corFirst child Nicholas is two months old." respondence to be sent to him is elecNew address for Bill and Marcia is do ttonics and comp'u ter enginee ring Chevron Ltd., 93 Wigmore St., London department, George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, V A WI H. 9 AA England. 22030.

5 II


Ronald J. Fisher is operations engineer with ARCO in Bakersfield, Calif. Ron live s at 7112 Hanov er Circ le , Bakersfield, CA 93309.

Sam and Debbie Miller have moved to a Bill Boyle has recently been transferred new home. Their new address is 5516 and promoted to maintenance engineer, Camino Sandia N.E., Albu$1uerque, Amoco Oil Co., Yorktown, Virginia Refinery. Bill's new address is 363 Split NM 87111. Rail Circle, Newport News, V A 23602. Terry O'Laug hlin is on the technical/electrical staff of Hughes Air- Joe F. Cox, '81, '83 writes: "Was marcraft in Fullerton, Calif. He lives at ried to the former Susan Vlcek of Lans7131 Owensmouth Ave. No. G-I06, ing, Mich., in January. In Februar y was Canoga Park, CA 91303 . transferred with Continental Pipe Line ! from Tulsa, Okla. to Houston, Texas. In May was transferred to Chattanooga, Barry E. Sage is an independent consul- Tenn., where I now hold the position of tant in software with Digital Systems coordinating engineer j n the technical Consultants in St. Louis. Mailing ad- services department of Conoco Inc.'s dress for Barry and Clarice is P.O. Box retail marketing subsidiary Koyo Oil Co. 331, Warrenton, MO 63383 . We bought a home here and love Tennessee." Joe and Susan live at 117 La Cheryl M. Seeger is a graduate student Park Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37415. at UMR. She lives at 825 S. Bishop, No. 15 , Rolla, MO 65401. Gerald J. Dolan, '81, '84, is production control supervisor with General Electric Keith S. Smith writes: "I'm presently in Wilmington, Mass. He and Elizabeth empioyed as manager of engineering Anne live at 274 E. Haverhill St., No.6, and operations at SuSsex Rural Electric Lawrence. MA 01841. f' Coop. I received my P.E. license in August. I am currently working on my Ronald J. Fey, '81, '84, writes: "I was M.A. at Fairleigh Dickinson in Madi- married Aug. 17, 1984. My wife Nancy sion, N.J., and plan to graduate in and I are enjoying our new Oklahoma August 1986. My wife Elizibeth is home. We are looking forward to employed as a consultant in recreation homecoming '85 ." Ron is now a therapy with the Sussex County petroleum engineer for BHP Petroleum Welfare Board." Keith and Elizibeth's (Americas) Inc., in Oklahoma City. He mailing address is Route 5, 26 Tallahat- and Nancy live at 10613 Blue Fox chie I)ri.ve, Sussex, NJ 07461. Drive, Edmond , OK 73034.

Ronald G. Jones is a maintenance engineer with Mallinckrodt Inc. in St. Louis. He lives at 251 Olive V\ew Court, Manchester, MO 63021.

Dennis J osepb Thebeau is a district manager for Williams Pipeline Co. He now lives at 3108 Dudley Lane, Sioux Falls, SD 57103.

Lori (Robertson) Kipp is a senior product engineer with Ericsson in Richardso n, . Texas. She lives ' at 1404 <L:umber land Trail, Plano, TX 75023.

Michael W. Wallis is with Monsanto in S1. Louis. He Ii.ves . at 10296 Meadowood, Overland, MO 63114.

Michael A. Walvootd is operations Marilyn J. and Vincent G. M~ttione, . manager with American Cynamid. He ' 79, have moved ·to 9006 E. 31st. St., and Sandra live at 5266 N. Loop 250, ~ Kansas City, MO 64129, from St. LOuis. No. 303, Midland, TX 79707. Ray T. Oxley is project engineer with GenCor p in Wabash , Ind. He and Elaine look forward to the birth of a baby in March. The Oxleys live at 860 Cambridge. Drive, Wabash, IN 46992. Karen Rakop writes: "Only female engineer of 220." She is a project engineer with Terra Tek Research in Salt Lake City. Her address is 2367S 1360W, Salt Lake City, UT 84119. Robert M. Schaefer has relocated within Kansas City. He and Patricia now live at 10662 Bellefontaine, Kansas City, MO 64137.

1982 Micbael R. Avery writes: "I finally escaped from Houston , Texas! I am currently employed by Pfizer Oil Field Products ' Group as a reservoir engineer in Groton, Conn. New England's got it hands down over Texas. My new address is: 40 Boston Post Road, Apt. D, East Lyme, CT 06333. Betty (Weinh old) Bagget t writes: "Recently married Bobby Baggett from Alabama and moved, to 100 Revere Drive, Columbia, TN 38401."


Mark and Mary (James, '84) BaUard have a new address. They live at 10874-A Verhaven, St. Louis, MO ·i 63114'. . JI Tom Blackburn, '82, '84 writes: "I am opening a new office for Alpha Testing in Ft. Worth, Texas." Tom has moved to 5729 Oakleaf Drive, Ft. Worth, TX 76132.

1985 Rollamo

Steve and Donna Block announce the birth of a son, Neil, March 28, 1985, and the acceptance of a production supervision position with Dow Corning in Elizabethtown, Ky., in ,August, 1985 . The Block family's new address is 433 College St., Elizabethtown, KY 42701.

MSM Alumnus / 35

Alumni Personals --------------------------------------------------__~---------1982 Continued Morris Buenemann J r. lives at 11035 Huson Valley, St. Louis, MO 63 138.

Brenda L. Horak has made an intras tate move from Houston to 5303 Ca nadian, Midland, TX 79707.

Lewis D. Israel is a geotechnical engineer with Sverdrup & Parcel. He and Caroline live at 101 9 N. II th , ApI. E, SI. Louis, MO 63 10 I.

James R. Holman III is a construction coordinator for Tempel-Callison Com- 1983 Tammie Lynn (Parrish) Buschling is a pany. He lives at 2305 South Kentucky, Mark F. Kamphoefner has moved to Lauren H. Ainley is an environmen ta l design engineer for McDonnell Aircraft Sedalia, MO 65301. 3440 Tedmar, St. Louis, MO 63 139. engineer with EPA in Dallas. She lives in Sl. Louis. Tammie lives at 1529 Dartat 11 929 Leisure Drive, Dallas, TX Steven V. Kiser writes: "\ have accepted mouth , Sl. Charles, MO 63303. Steve and Sue Klich have moved to 75243. a transfer to the DuPont DeLisle plant 9808 La keford Street, SI. Louis, MO 63 123. As of Aug. I, Steve is a chemical Kurt D. Baker moved to 1441 Oliveto, where I" will be a process engineer in Wayne Carson writes: "Recently began technician with Chev ron Chemica l research and development. My wife ColHazelwood, MO 63042 on October I, leen and I will be replacing the white master's degree in social work program Corp. 1985. at University of Texas-Arlington. Am snow of Kansas Ci ty this winter with attending school full -time and counsel- Fredrick Lamar sends a new address: Richard ' E. Beecher is a reservoir the beaches of Gulfport , Miss." The ing emotionally disturbed children on a 526 E. Polk , Richardson, TX 75081. engineer with ARCO Alaska Inc. He Kisers new address is 73 11 Anela Drive, part-time basis." Wayne lives at 2602 and Terry li ve at 81 31 Fairwood Circle, Diamondhead, Bav St. Louis, MS Worth Forest, Arlington, TX 7601 6. 39520. Michael D. Moline, '82, '84, is a Anchorage, AK 995 18. man ufacturing engineer with Texas InDarreU Roy Case sends a new address: struments Equipment Group. He li ves Ste ph en Paul Clark is now a Stephanie Kutterer writes: "Moved 983 Piedras Parkway, Fenton, MO at 7920 Skillman, No. 130, Da llas, TX maintenance superintendent trainee for ' from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Chicago, III. 7523 1. 63026. the Missouri Highway and Transporta- I'm in Ford Motor's Management tion Department in Kansas City. He Training Program--thought I'd never get Douglas E. Clamors has moved from Joseph A. Puhl writes: " Recentl y pro- lives at 4137 N.E. Davidson Road, No. out of school. Are there any Miners in the Chicago area? My new address is Day ton, Oh io to 11300 Dixon Road, moted to senior associate engineer here 271 , Kansas City, MO 64116. 15044 Dobson, Apt. IN , Dblton, IL at IBM -Rochester. Ex pecting fi rst child Rives Junction, MI 49277 . 60419." She is now a manufacturing in January 1986." ' The Puhls live at Wayne G. Diebold married alumna engineer for Ford Motor Co., in the James Coli has moved from Sl. Louis to 2007 42nd Street, NW, Rochester, MN Diane K. Huering, '85 June I at St. Chicago Assembly Plant. 3420 Edenborn Ave., No. 104, 5590 I. Augustine Catholic Church in Kelso, Mo. The groom is with Rozell EngineerMetairie, LA 70002. He is an ening and the bride with Continental Michael J. Lally is a geotechnical vironmental project engineer with SverKarl Schmerbauch sends a new address. Telephone Co., both located in Branson, engineer with Black & Veatch. He lives drup & Parcel in Harahan, La. He and Susan now live at 6737 Weber Mo. Following a wedding trip to at 5065 Lamar, No. I, Mission, KS Road , Affton, MO 63123. Karl is an 66202. Cindy Crow is an EOR specialist with engineer with McDonnell Aircraft Co. Hawaii, the couple lives at 106 V2 S. Commercial, Branson, MO 65616. Petrolite Corp. She lives at 11980 OverJohn W. Leibold has moved to 213 S. brook, No. 1009, Houston , TX 77077. Jeffery L. Smith writes: "Took a job Burr Blvd., Kewanee, IL 61443. transfer with Mansville to their plant in Sameh Eltomi is an engineer with TEC Berlin , N.J . I am the ceramic process in Overland Park , Kan . He lives at 8705 Richard K. Maguire is now manager of Kimberly K. Denney writes: "Houston engineer responsible for the operation of W. 106th, No.6, Overland Park, KS cost reduction with Procter & Gamble. life is still great. I spent this spring in three small glass fumances , raw 66212. He lives at 618 Sycamore, Cape West Virginia on temporary assignment. materials and their batching, and the Girardeau, MO 63701. I was recently promoted to process rotary fiberi zation process involved in Rod Erickson is now a scientific proengineer and am very pleased with my making fiberglass building insulation . gramming supervisor for Sperry Corp. in career at DuPont." Kimberly and The location is about 25 miles southeast Trevose, Pa. He and Dale Ann live at Mahesh H. Mehta writes: "I got marMichael live at 251 9 Corral Trail, of Philadelphia." He and Lori (King, 1500 Foster Road, Warminster, PA ried to a girl named Chhaya. I also have Friendswood, TX 77546. moved to Detroit area and am working '84) live at II Juniper Lane, Sicklerville, 18974. NJ 08081. with EDS on a challenging project! My Vickie Freise is a gas engineer with AR-. Ardekani Mohamad Fotouhi lives at title is 'systems engineer'." He now lives CO Oil and Gas Co. She and Tim live at Sandra J . Wagner has made an in-town 220 Middle Blvd., Salisbury, MD 2180 I. at 3330 Greenfield, No. R7, Royal Oak, 12639 Ashford Pine, Houston, TX move to 1509 Holloway, Rolla, MO M158072. 77082. 6540 I. Mark Harbison has been appointed a sales representative for the northeast Carolyn L. Muret is now with Campbell district by Oil Field Chemicals Division Design Group in St. Louis. Her home of Chem-Link Petroleum, a subsidiary address is 12471 -F Horizon Village of Atlantic Richfield. Mark lives at 915 Drive, SI. Louis, MO 63138. West Mefford St. l Apt. 21, Robinson, Joan Pohorsky sends a new mailing adIL 62454. dress: 318 N. Jackson, Joplin, MO 64801 . Paul E. Hartmeister ha a new addre 1600 Almond, Mansfield, TX 76063. Kevin John Reinhard i a constructiGn Dennis W. Hinnah wri tes: "Enjoy work- materials technicia n 'wi th Southwestern ing at the world's only know n heliu m Labora torie in Shreveport , La. He and gas torage fie ld. Major project has been Beth An n li ve at 5 102 N. Sta teline, Texautomating the helium torage field and arka na, AR 75502. a 350 mile helium ga thering pipeline. The demand for helium i increasing Kevin Roney (2nd Lt.) is now project ofbecause of new technologies requiring ficer in the explosive ordinance disposal this rare gas." He is now a petroleum section at U.S. Army Armament engineer for U.S. Bureau of Mines in Research and Development Center, Texas. Dennis and Deborah live at 700 I Dover, N.J . His mailing address is P.O. 1985 Rollamo Wolflin , No. 2046, Amarillo, TX 79106. Box 850, Wharton. NJ 07885 .

36 / M SM Al umn u s


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Alumni Personals ______________________________________________________________




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pted plant er in

with The Drive,


ment !r get !rs in ess is n, IL uring 1 the

mical JIves


mar· have

rking ! My lives

Oak, Ipbell ome 'il!age

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Tex' ct of· pOsa l

ment :nter, p.O.

Ann M. Carter has been commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air D. Renee Sargent is a construction Force upon .graduation from Officer engineer with The Ceco Corp. in St. Training School at Lackland Air Force Louis. Renee lives at 7772 Reswick Base, Texas. She will now be assigned at . Keesler Air Force Base, MS 39534. Place, St. Louis, MO 63119.

1983 Continued

Kent D. Steffens sends a new address: Gee Tai Chang recently moved to 1865 5257 Balboa Arms Drive, No. 228, San Calamaide Drive, Maryland Heights, MO 63043 . Diego, CA 92117. Jeffrey W. Church is a resident engineer with the Illinois Department of Transporation in Fairview Heigh~s, Ill. His home address is 882 Lester, Col' Timothy L. White writes: "I'm still linsville, IL 62234. designing helicopter turbine engines at Allison. Also singing with the Indy SymCharles B. Derbak writes: "I am work· phonic Choir for second year. Traveled to Switzerland and Austria this summer ing in the guidance and control area at singing with tl).e chorus." Tim is a design McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co. engineer fOJ Allison Gas Turbines. He and am currently enrolled in 1985 Rollamo now resides at 775 Blackbird Lane, Washington University's systems science and mathematics program as ,a Gregory Glen Harvey is a data processMami Nakamura is now a graduate stuGreenwood, IN 46142. part-tll~e student purSUIng a master Sing technician with State Farm In- dent at the State University of New He lIves at 10044 Eastbrook . . Robert G. Zi~rvogel has moved to degree. D' S L . MO 63114 . surance. He lIves at 1634 Towne Dflve, York-Buffalo. Her .home address is 22 five , t. OUlS, . Apt. 2B; Columbia, MO 65202. Candlewood Lane, Williamsville, Ny 12148 Royalwood Court, Creve Coeur, 14221. MO 63141, from Houston, Texas last Mark E. Donley writes: "Our first baby May. is due anytime. Hope he gets here in Jeffrey Joseph is a development - Paul E. Nandico Jr. writes: "Am now time for me to go pheasant and duck engineer with Flopetrol in France. His hunting! Still working as an engineer in mailing address is clo Flopetrol BP 592, attending graduate school in . counseling/pre-clinical psychology at EG&G's Power Management Branch. Melun Cedex 31, France. Abilene Christian University. Also have Megawatts!" The Donleys live at 2380 a graduate assistantship with the S. Lee Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83401. Phillip A. Koehr writes: "Working psychology department here. Last but towards computer science degree at not'least, I have wedding plans for July Woody Eldred writes: "I've taken a job University of Missouri-St. Louis." He '86." Paul lives at 500 N. Judge Ely with the U.S Patent Office in Arlington , lives at 3892A Humphrey:, St. Louis, Blvd., Bldg. II, Apt. 106, Abilene, TX Va., as a patent examiner in the Security MO 63116. 79601. Group. I've been assigned some applica1984 tions involving telemetry systems. I John R. Amerman is project manager believe its going to be interesting and I'll Richard C. Lamb J r. sends a new adwith Jone Blair Energy in Richards, Mo. be seeing some of the latest in dress: 719-A Cynthia Street, Poplar John S. Nealon is a hydrology assistant with Illinois State Water Survey. He and Be and Shelly live at 326 N. Ash , technology . The lifestyle here is certain- Bluff, MO 6390 I. Kimberly live at 1003 Frances Drive, Nevada, MO 64772. ly a lot different than Rolla or No. 2, Champaign, IL 61821 . Springfield. The traffic is terrible but Mary (James) and Mark, '82, Ballard th~re are a lot of interesting places to go. J effrey D. Leibold has a new address: have a new address. Tbey live at I could spend weeks just going through 105 West 700 South·Apt. 3, Brigham Thomas E. Orscheln is a field engineer with General Electric in Overland Park, 10874·A Verhaven. St. Louis, MO the Smithsonian! I have no idea of when City, UT 84302 . Ka n. He and Cindy live at 11911 6311-4. I'll be back in Missouri, but if I should Robert Eric Leimberg has moved from Newton , Apt. 73, Grandview, MO Mark E. Bauer, '84, '85, is a salaried fly in to St. Louis, I'll be sure to stop in St. Louis to 1452F Village Green Dri ve, 64030. employee in training with . General Rolla on the way home and say 'Hi'." College Park ,G A 30349. He is a project lives at 25 W. Glebe Road, Woody Motors, Central Foundry. He and A-II, Alexandria, VA 22305 . engineer with Hospital Building & Kent Brian Pemberton has moved to Monica live at 5684 Lessandro St., 6300 Old Canton Road, Apt. 6-203, Equipment Co. in East Point, Ga. Saginaw , MI 48603. The death of Gregory W. Filla, Jackson, MS 39211 , from Columbia, sometime in 1984, has been reported to Mo. David H. Bollinger has moved to 2727 the alumni office. Greg received his B.S. Douglas A. Lowe is a supervisor with Duke St., No. 810, Alexandria, VA degree in electrical engineering from AT&T Technologies in Lee's Summit. Gregory James Ralphe is an engineer 22314. He is patent examiner with the UMR in May 1984. He had been a He lives at 9803 Willow Ave., 18, Kanfor Friendswood Development Co. in sas City, MO 64134. U.S. Patent and trademark Office in member of the St. Pat's Board. Houston, Texas. Gregory lives at 4 Washington, D.C. Dellforest Court, Woodlands, TX Laura A. Ford is a graduate student-at Steven c. Meyer writes: "I am a lieute- 77381. Patricia A. Brandt is a design engineer the University of Louisville. She lives at nant in the U.S. Army, currently stawith McDonnell Douglas. She lives at 927 Audubon, Louisville, KY 40213 . tioned at /Ft. Bliss, Texas, after com- Steven P. Rivers is Pacific Coast district 1826 Cullera. St. Louis, MO 63138 . pleting airborne training. Current job is engineer with Baker Production Todd Alan Grounds is assistant to the maintenance control officer and XO. Technology in Ventura, Calif. He and Ann L. Brandel is an engineer for IBM. superintendent with Freeman United Lori live at 147 Harding, Ventura, CA She now lives at 3912 19th Ave., N.W., Coal Mining Co. in Farmersville, Ill. He Also, I am enrolled in Webster University's Graduate~chool." Steven's mailing 93003. and Elizabeth live at 213 N. Church St., No. 207, Rochester, MN 55901. address is 1501 Lomaland Drive, No. No.2, Virden, IL 62690. Paul L. Schattgen was commissioned in 243, EI Paso, TX 79935. Ishmael H. Buyco is a lead electrical Gregory W. Harrison is an engineer the National Oceanic and Atmospheric engineer with ARAMCO. Mai li ng ad- trainee with Union Oil Co. of California Karen Sue MoeDer writes: "I have been Administration Corps in January of dress fo r him and Nene is clo ARAM - in Casper, Wyo. He and Donna live at transferred to Black & Veatch in St. 1985. His mailing address is N.O.A.A. CO, Box 1136. Ras Tanura 313 11. 55 1 Andrea Lane, Apt. 2, Casper, WY Louis. My new address is: 12673-0 Ship Mt. Mitchell, 439 W. York Street, Saudi Arabia. 82609. Sauterne, St. Louis, MO 63146." Norfolk, VA 23510. David C. Wagner sends a new address: 11900 Barryknoll, Houston, TX 77024.

MSM Alumnu s: 37

. , . ., ..... .. ..:,_e_ ....

. ~


...... I

JJ.t ' .



,_ • •••

Alumni ·Personals _______________________________ 1984 Continued Sandor K. Senik is an information systems officer with the ·U.S. Air Force in Italy. Mailing address for Sandor and Anna is P.O. Box 1001 , APO NY 09293.

Roberta S. Grannemann is an electrical engineer with Kansas City Power & Light. She and Gary, also '85, live at 4402 NW D'Mons, No. C, Riverside, MO 64150.

Jeff and Sharri L. (Riggs) Hiller, (both '85) write: "We were married June 8, Gilbert Edwin Sewing Jr. is now with 1985, in Lee's Summit. We started Zurh\!ide-Herrmann , Inc. in St. Louis, working 'for the Oklahoma Department Mo. Gilbert lives at 135 Asilomar of Transportation June II. We are in 1985 Court, Ballwin, MO 63021. the department's 'EIT' program which Hisham Husni AI-Far now lives at No. will take us one year to complete. The 15 Van Mark Way, Brentwood, MO Lori (King) and Jeff Smith, '82 write: program allows us to view all branches 63144. He says he is working on an "We have moved from Colorado to II of the _department and then decide management. Juniper Lane, Sicklerville, NJ 08081. M.S. in engineering ,where we, want to work ." Jeff and Sharri . , ' Jeff has been promoted t6 process live· at 7000 Lyrewood Lane, Apt. 188, engineer with Manville Service Corp. I Kenneth J. Altnether is now a facilities Oklahoma City, OK 73132. completed my B.A. in mathematics with engineer with Texas Instruments Inc. a computer science option at the Univer- He lives at 8505 Thousand Oaks, No. sity of Colorado at Denver." Timothy Paul Hines is now a produc307, Fort Worth, TX 76118. tion superintendent with Feldspar Corp. in Middletown, Conn . Home address for Laura C. Stubbs is a programmer with John M. Ay is a graduate student and Tim and Gail is Bow Lane, Middletown, the technical staff of Hughes Aircraft in teaching assistant at Northeastern CT 06457. EI Segundo, Calif. She lives at 1718 Dix· University, Boston, Mass. He receives on, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. mail at 1711 River Road, Annapolis, Diane K. Huering married fellow alum MD 21401. Wayne G. Diebold, '83 June I at St. Vi-Xing Sung sends a new address: 5290 Augustine Catholic Church in Kelso, Broadway Terrance, No. 101', Oakland, Mo. The bride is an associate engineer CA 94618. Christine L. Karl has graduated from with Continental Telephone Co. in the U.S. Air Force personnel specialist BransOn, and the groom is with Rozell course at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss. Engineering, in Branson. After a honey· Janardanan Ondan 'Uppot, associate Karl is scheduled to serve with the mO<?n in Hawaii, the newlyweds are livprofessor of civil engineering at the 375th Air Base Group at Scott Air ing at 106 Y2 S. Commercial, Branson, University of New Haven, writes: "I Force Base, 11\. MO 65616. was guest lecturer at UMR during the summer, teaching a short course on William S. Kolnik is now plant quality geotechnical laboratory testing, and was happy to meet friends and Yih-Wen Judy Chou's address is 1944 metallurgist with Fruehauf in Decatur, Ala. He lives at 324 Cardinal Drive former professors. Good luck, Dr. Jackson St. , Long Beach, CA 90805. S.W., Apt. 60, Decatur, AL 35601. Senne! Congrat ul at ions , Professor Bayless! My family, consisting of wife Ervan Darnell is a graduate student at Vijay Laxmi Uppot and sons Raul and Rice University. His address is Graduate Michael G. Lewis is a graduate student Bobby, are fine. Anyone visiting New House, 6500 S. Main, No. 229, at the University of Texas. He lives at 7117 Woodhollow Drive, Apt. 613 , England is welcome to stop by our Houston, TX 77030. Austin, TX 78731. house." The Uppots live at 1121-2E Waterbury Road, Cheshire, CT 06410. Daniel J. Florian has been commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air J. Kenneth Ludwig is sales engineer Force upon graduation from Officer with Greif Brothers Corp. in Fort Douglas L. Victor has completed basic Training School at Lackland Air Force Worth. He lives at 1904 Bonaparte, training at Fort Leonard Wood. His per- Base, Texas. He is scheduled to serve at Apt. 333, Arlington, TX 76006. His manent address is 711 S. Pershing, Langley Air Force Ba!\e, V A 23665. Ac· company makes industrial packaging. companying him is his wife, Kathleen. Salem"MO 65560.

James S. Marr sends a new address: 2328 Richland Prairie, Belleville, IL 62221 . Leonard Marks has a new address: 3751 Appian Way, No. 40, Lexington, KY 40502. Scott D. McCormack is an engineer with Shell Offshore Inc. He lives at 5837 S. Claiborne, New Orleans, LA 70125. ~ames Brian Nicholson is a project engineer with Consolidation Coal Co. in Pinckneyville, III. He lives at Twin Oaks Estate, Apt. B, Route I, DuQuoin , IL 62832.

Hoa Tri Nguyen writes: "Glidden, a division of S.C.M., gave me an offer for quality control job in their paint and varnish manufacturing area. I accepted it and began working on Aug. 26. The work is O.K. with me." He lives at 816 Gilchrist No. I, San Jose, CA 95133.

Jerome B. Sanderson is a programmer with Champlin Petroleum Co. in Fort Worth. His home addreSs is 7682 Courtney Oaks, Apt. 3081 , Fort Worth , TX 76112.

Erin Scites has recently accepted employment with Industrial Risk In· surers as a chemical loss prevention associate in St. Louis. Erin lives at 120 1 Greeley, Florissant, MO 63031 .

Michael T. Steiniger is a civil engineer with Hamilton & Associates. He and Dottie live at 804 Kings Court , Apt. D, Kirksville, MO 63501. Bary Warren is a commerioaVindustrial sales engineer with Public Service Co. of Oklahoma. He and Penny live at 1933 S. Santa Fe, Bartlesville, OK 74003.

Todd Welz is a ciyil engineer with the Il- Kevin Fritzmeyer is production superlinois Department of Transportation in visor with Coca-Cola Bottling Co. in Schaumburg. He lives at.415 Gregory, Maryland Heights, Mo. He lives at No. 2B, Glendale Heights, IL 60139. 12467 Oberlin Court, Apt. I, St. Louis, MO 63146. 1, , Karen (Penney) and Scott White live at Timothy J. Fusselman is a law student 7737 Brookline Terrace, Richmond at the University of Texas. His address Heights, MO 63117. is 3001 Medical Arts Building, Apt. 233 , Austin, TX 78705 . Linda Whitworth is living at 406 Burnside, Washington, MO 63090. Lin- Rebecca Jean Glauz is an engineer in da is employed by McDonnell Douglas station design with Northern Illinois in St. Louis. Gas Co. Her home address is 1330 ,S. Finley, No. 3E, Lombard, IL 60148. J. Bruce Woody is now a 'construction inspector with the Missouri Highway James C. Graham is an environmental and Transportation Department. He engineer with G. Butler Associates Inc. and Kristina live at 613 NE I I 3th Ter- in Lenexa, Kan. He and Renee live at 12 W. 12th St., Higginsville, MO 64037 . rance, Kansas City, MO 64155 .


38/ MSM Alumnus

1985 Rollamo


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Telephone {3141 341-4171; {3141 341-4172 OFF ICE R S Term Expires President . .. . . ..... . .... James B. McGrath, '49 . .. .. . ..... . .. 12425 Balwyck Lane ........ 1986 St. Louis, MO 63131 President Elect". ...... ... . Arthur G. Baebler, '55 .. .... . . . . ..... 17 Zinger Court .... . .... ... 1986 . St. Louis, MO 63123 Vice President ......... . . Alfred J. Buescher, '64 ... . ... . ..... .. 624 Golfview Drive . ; ....... 1986 Ballwin, MO 63011 Vice President.' .. .. ...... J. Robert Patterson, '54 . ......... . ... P.O. Box 573, N. Ridge Rd . . . 1986 Sikeston,MO 6380 I Vice President .. . . ... . . . . John B. Toomey, '49 . .. . ........ .... VSE Corp ............ . . ... 1986 2550 Hungtinton Ave., Alexandria, V A 22303 Vice President ...... . .... Ernst A. Weinel, '44 .. ................ 1502 West 50 ............ . 19815 O'Fallon, IL 62269 Vice President ......... .. Robert V. Wolf, '51 . ... . . .. . . .. ..... Metallurgical Engineering ... 1986 UMR, Rolla, MO 65401 ~cretary .. . .. ...... .... Matteo A. Coco, '66 ..... .. ...... .. . . 7115 Aliceton Ave .. . ....... 1986 St. Louis, MO 63123 Treasurer .. . ... .. . ...... J .L. "Jack" Painter, '50 ... . . .. .• ..... 1610 Wilson Circle ......... 1986 Rolla, MO 6540 I DIRECTORS AT LARGE Term Expires Thor Gjelsteen, '53 ............. 7300 W. Stetson Place, No. 41, Littleton , CO 80123 ........... 1988 Paula Hudson, '73 .... ... ... .... 5910 Charlotte, Houston, TX 77005 ......... . ............. 1986 S. Dale McHenry, '81 .... . ... ... 6617 HaskiQs, Shawnee, KS 66216 ........................ 1988 Gerald L. Stevenson, '59 ......... Jacobs EngIneering Group Inc., P.O. Box 2008 .. \. . ... ....... 1987 Lakeland, FL 33806 Ronald A. Tappmeyer, '47 .. .. ... 2226 Country Club Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77478 .. ....... . . . 1987 Carlos Tiernon, '54 ............. 61 Berkshire Lane, Lincolnshire, IL 60015 ..... ...... ....... 1986

Area Zip Code Numbers AREA DIRECTORS Term Expires 00-14 David J. Blume, '65 .... . . .. II Musket Trail, Simsbury, CT 06070 ....... . .. .. .......... 1986 I 5-26 ' Robert C. Perry, '49 ....... PPG Industries, Inc., I PPGPlace, Pittsburgh, PA 15272 ..... . 1986 27-36 Wayne R. Broaddus, Jr., '55 . AAI, P.O. Box 2545, Dalton, GA 30720 .. . ................. 1988 37-45 Russell A. Kamper, '67 . . . . '.5674 Shadow Oaks Place, Dayton, OH 45440 ........ ..... ... 1986 46-52 Robert L. Seaman, '69 ...... 8305 N. Yellowstone, Route 7, Muncie, IN 47302 ............ 1987 53-6r'Eugene J. Daily':36 .... ~ailY & Associates, 816 Dennison Dr., Champaign, IL 61820 ... 1988 ·62-62 Max A. Burgett, 54 ........ 221·9 Dewey St., Murphysboro, IL 62966 . .......... ..... ... 1987 63-65 Jerome T. Berry';':4<r: ...... Route 4, Box 419, Rolla, MO 65401 .... ... ........ . ....... 1987 63-65 Robert T. &r-ry, 72 ....... 12716 E. 63rd, Kansas City, MO 64133 .. ..... ...... . .. . ... 1987 63-65 Harold G . Butzer, '47 ...... 730 Wicker Lane, Jefferson City, MO 65101 ................. 1988 63-65 ·Harold R. Crane, '53 ... .. .. 480 C:ountry Club Drive, Hannibal, MO 6340 I . . . . . .. 1986 63-65 Mary S. Klorer, '81 ..... . .. 9165 Robin Court, Brehtwood, MO 63144 ..... .. ........... 1987 . . 1988 63-65 B. Neil Lewis, '58 . . ....... . 115 College St.. P.O. Box 627, Kennett, MO 63857 . . . 1986 63-65 Robert E. Peppers ..... .. .. P.O. Box 177, Herculaneum , MO 63048. . . . . . . . . . . . 66-72 Peter E. Desjardins, '44 .... 308 Bacque Crescent, Lafayette, LA 70503 : . ... ............. 1987 73-75 Roy A. Wilkins, '66 .. ...... Williams Pipeline Co., P.O. Box 3448, Tulsa, OK 74101 . .. .. .. 198'8 76-77 James B. Chaney, '48 .. .... 16218 Chipstead Drive, Spring, TX 77379 .. . . ... ........ 1988 78-84 J. Richard Hunt, '50 . ... . .. 14913 Highway 82, Carbondale, CO 81623. . ......... .. ... 1986 85-92 Albert S. Keevil, '43 ..... . . 1442 Yost Drive, San Diego, CA 92109 . . ..... . _.. . . ... ..... 1987 93-99 David N . Peacock, '64 ... '... 3515 Brunell Drive, Oakland, CA 94602 ...... . . ....... ... .. 1988 COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN William W. Collins, '50 ... ....... 1608 Wilson Circle, Rolla, MO 65401 Robert W. Klorer, '44 ... ..... .. . 12131 Dorsett Road, Suite 130, Maryland Heights, MO 63043 . Joel F . Loveridge, '39 . . . ........ 739 Country Manor Lane, Creve Coeur, MO 63141 Armin J. Tucker, '40 ........... . 6464 Overlook Drive, Alexandria, V A 22312 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Term Expires Robert D. Bay, '49 ... .. ... ..... . Black & Veatch, 1500 Meadow Lake Parkway .... .. ......... 1988 Kansas City, MO 64114 Joseph W. Mooney,'39 .......... 7383 Westmoreland, University City, MO 63130 ...... . ...... 1986 Lawrence A. Spanier. '50 ... . ~ ... 5 Pettit Drive. Dix Hills, NY 11746. . . . . 1990 EX-OFFICIO DIRECTORS '52 . .. . . . ~ ' .' .. Missouri Electrochem Inc., 10958 Lin-yalle Drive St. Louis, MO 63123 Robert M. Brackbill, '42 .. . ...... 9148 Clearlake Drive, Dallas, TX 75225 Paul T. Dowling, '40 .. .. . . ..... . 10144 Winding Ridge Road, St. Louis. MO 63124 R.O. Kasten , '43 ... ... ... .. .. .. 901 West 114th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64114 Peter F. Mattei, '37 ....... . _. ... 9954 Holliston Court, St. Louis, MO 63124 Melvin E. Nickel, '38 .... ...... . 10601 South Hamilton Ave. , C hicago, IL 60643 F.C. Schneeberger, '25 " . ... . . .. . One Briar Oak, St. Louis, MO 63132 James W. Stephens, '47 ..... . .. .. 406 E. Third, Lee's Summit, MO 64063

Richard H.


STAFF Frank H. Mackaman ... .. : .... . Executive Vice-President, MSM-UMR Alumni Association and Vice Chancellor, Office of AlumnilDevelopment Affairs, UM-Rolla Don Brackhahn ... . . ........... Executive Director for Alumni and Constituent Relations Larry Allen .. . ... ... .. ........ Assistant Director, Alumni Activities Louise Wilson ........... . ... . . Admin. Secretary, AlumnilDevelopment Sally White .. . .......... . .. . .. Editor, MSM ALUMNUS MSM-UMR Alumni Association, Harris Hall , UMR, Rolla, MO 65401-9990

MSM-UMR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Unive r sity of Mi ss ouri -Rollo ROllA , MISSOURI 65401 -9990


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