Missouri S&T Magazine, October 1983

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University of Missouri-Rolla

October, J 983

[jj] Alumnus Vol. 57, No.5

University of Missouri-Rolla

October 1983

Rolla, Mo. 65401·9990

Dea r Alumnae and A lu mni , The material in this month 's issue of the MSM Alumnu s was prepared and edited for prospec tiv e student s by UMR 's Admissions Office and th e Office of Public Information. At the A lumni Office, we thou ght you might be interested in seeing this comprehensive picture of the ca mpus toda y, comparing it with the ca mpus when you were in school , or even keeping this issue as a reference. A lso , we th ought you might enjoy th e 54 color pictures taken by UMR photographer Ernes t G utierrez. There is another motive, too. All predictions tell us that each year there will be fewer high school grad uates during the next decade. At UMR we want to continue to attract highly qualified students and maintain our present enrollment level. W e think our programs compare favorably w ith others in terms of quality and cost and , in fact , are superior to most. We hope you will help us by sp reading the word to bright young high school students you know. This publication should give you most of the fa cts and figures you need. If you want more specific in· formation, or want us to send this publica tion or other material to a specific student , send your request to Bob Lewis, Admissions Office, Park er Hall, UM -Rolla , Rolla , Mo. 6540 I. Sally Whit e, Editor MSM A lumnus

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MSM ALUMNUS (USPS·323·500) Iss ued bi-monthly in the interest of the grad uates and for mer students of the M issouri School of Mines and Metallurgy and the Unive rsity of Missouri-Rolla. Entered as second class matter October 27, 1926, at Post Office at Rolla, Miss ouri 65401 ·9990, under th e Act of Ma rch 3, 1897.

UM R Co teri e now offers pri nts of fo ur of th e original MSM -U MR Buildings in seve ral form s. The pri nts we re made from pencil ske tches by U M R designe r Dick H a tfi eld. They inclu de th e Rolla Bui lding (1871) , Chancellor's Residence ( 1889)' Norw ood Ha ll ( 1903) and Parker Hall (19 12). A ll proceeds will go to th e Co terie of U MR Facu lt y Wi ve Scho lars hip Fund . 8 x 10 Prints suitable for framing--Se t of 4 . . . . . . . . . . . $ 12 otepaper--on an tiqu e wh ite w ith enve lopes (three of each of th efour bu ilding ), Se t of 12 . . . . ......... ' . $ 4 Christm a Cards--on an tiqu e wh ite wii h envelopes and " Seasons Greeti ngs" inside, (two of each building) , Set of 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 3 Add $ 1 to al l orde rs to cover the co t of mailing and allow tw o week fo r del ivery . Mak e checks pa yab le to U MR Co teri e Scholarship Fund. Send orders to: Co teri e Scho larship Fund P O. Box 1638, Rolla, MO 6540 I



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University of Missouri-Rolla

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UM-Rolla The University of Missouri-Rolla was founded in 1870 as the University of Missouri School of Mines and Metall urgy.

There's no place like the University of MissouriRolla. It 's a combination of things: engineering, science and liberal arts degrees .. .international stature ... national ranking of eighth in B.S. engineering degrees granted ... medium-sized campus .. .individual attention ... 7,100 students ... 5,600 men and 1,500 women ... south central Missouri location ... Rolla, Mo. has a population of approximately 15,000 ... beautifulOzarks surroundings ... reasonable cost. .. career placement opportunities. AT UMR, you will be involved. Classes encourage individual participation and exploration into that part of the subject that interests you most. Laboratories will give you the opportunity to see what you have learned in the classroom. Your professors and advisers wi ll help you tailor your academic program to make it the most stimulating. Your after-class hours are yours to develop leadership skills and expand your social and cultural horizons. Extracurricular activities on campus are unlimited. You also can explore the recreational spots of the nearby Missouri Ozarks and enjoy St. Louis and Springfield, each within 100 miles of UMR. UMR is relatively inexpensive. It offers ways to help you ease your educational finances. The cooperative training program allows you to alternate work in industry with semesters of study on campus. There also are scholarships and work opportunities. UMR will prepare you for a career and for graduate study. The campus placement service will help you find the job that is right for you. The University of Missouri-Roll a can be whatever you choose to make it. It has a world to offer you. 1



AREAS OF STUDY UMR offe rs bachelor of sc ie nce . bac helor of a rts , ma ste r of scie nce , d oc tor of ph iloso ph y , doc to r of e ngin ee rin g, a nd profess iona l deve lop me nt deg rees . Yo u ca n ma jor in e nginee rin g, sc ie nce. o r the libe ra l art s . You ca n ge t a bac kgrou nd fo r law or med icin e or oth e r di sc ip lin es . In ma ny e ngin ee rin g a nd sc ie nce d iscip lin es th e re a re e m p has is a reas w hi c h a re areas of co nce nt ra ti o n w ithi n a deg ree progra m. If you c hoose a n e m ph as is a rea. you w ill ta ke som e of yo u r e lec ti ve ho urs in s pec if ied cou rses in tha t a rea . You r ad vise r ca n gu ide you towa rd the se lecti o n of co urses yo u s ho uld ta ke if you choose a n e m phas is a rea. • If yo u d ec ide o n e nginee rin g yo u ca n ge t a bac helor's degree in one of 13 fie lds : aerospace enginee ring ceramic engineering chemical engineering civil engineering (e m phas is areas in co nstru c ti o n . flui d mec ha ni cs a nd h ydra ul ics . e n v ir o nm e n ta l and sa n ita ry e nginee ri ng. geo tec hn ica l e ngi nee ring. stru c t ura I a na lys is a nd des ig n a nd tra ns por ta ti o n an d p la nnin g) electrical engineering (e mphas is areas in co mmuni ca t io ns-signa l processin g. co ntro l. phys ica l e lec troni cs . po we r. com put e r e ngin ee rin g. e lectro mag ne ti cs a nd c irc uit s-e lec tro nics ) en gin eering mana gement engineering mechanics geological engineering mec hanical en gineering (e m phas is areas in e nergy co n ve rs io n . co ntro l sys te ms . e nviro nm e nt a l sys te ms . in stru me nt a tio n . mec ha ni ca l des ign a nd a na lys is . ma te ri a ls sc ie nce . ma nufac turin g p rocesses a nd th e rma l sc ie nce ) metallurgical e ngineering (e m phas is a reas in e xtrac ti ve me ta llurgv. me ta ls process in g a nd phys ica l me ta llurgy) mining en gin ee ring nuclea r e ngineering petroleum e ngin ee rin g • If yo u go th e scie nce ro ute vo u ca n ma jo r in : c he mi s try (e mp has is a rea in bioc he m is trv) compute r scie nce

The areas of



Bochel o Mosler c professir


In , apply Ih ics 10 pre vehicles adjoinin You spaceen ally tow aerospae missiles phasis 0 aerospac your goa mechani propulsi stud ies i engineer eral arts aerospac engineer oftechn i area sue flight dy combust


Bachelor Moster 0 Doctor o' Doclor 0'



geology and geophysics (emphas is areas in ex ploration geophysics and ex plora tion geoch emi stry) life sciences mathematics-a ppli e d (e mph as is ar eas in a ppli ed anal ys is , a lgebra, s ta ti sti cs and computa tion al m a th ema ti cs ) physics (e m phas is a reas in a pplied ph ys ics, bi oph ysics , geop h ys ics , reac tor p hysics , techni ca l admini s trati o n , e nviro nm ental admini s tra ti o n and e n viro nm e nta l ph ys ics) • In lib era l arts yo u ca n maj o r in: economics (e mph as is area in economicslb us in ess)


education (cooperative teacher-educa ti on program with U niv ~rs it y of Mi ssouri-Columbia) English history philosophy psychology Other courses of stud y whi c h you ca n ta ke include art , foreign languages , s peech and m edi a s tudi es , fin e arts, ph ys ical edu ca tion , politi cal science, socio logyl anthropology, Arm y and Air Force ROTC and engin ee ring graphics . En ergy s tudi es are in clud ed in all engin eerin g and science di sc iplines.

If )'0 ior of m, reactast l will inte; Cera to those finding p sciences. atomic 0 materials depart mE fields of refractori Asa With inc which ar perform Will app deSign of Processe~

conduct between chemistn Iliateria\.·

The fo ll owing is a d esc ripti on of th e areas of s tud y that UM-Roll a offe rs.

Aerospace Engineering Ba chelor of Scien ce Ma s ter of Scien ce


Chemical Engineering Bac helor of Sc ie nce Ma s ter of Scien ce Doc tor of Philo sop hy Doc tor of Engineering Profess ion al Deve lopm ent Degree

Professional Developm ent Degree In aero space engineering yo u wi ll a ppl y the laws of ph ys ics and mathema tics to problems of aircraft flight a nd s pace ve hicl es in planetary a tm osp heres a nd adjoining regions of space. Yo ur professiona l trainin g in aerospace eng in eer ing will be direc ted ge nerall y toward the ana lys is and d es ign of ae ros pace vehicles , inc luding a ircra ft , mi ss il es and s pacec raft wi th specia l em phasis on th e fundamental trea tm ent of aerospace sc ience. You w ill accompli s h yo ur goa ls through basic tra ining in fluid mec hanics , thermod ynami cs, struc tures , propulsion , a nd a e rod y nami cs. Your s tudi es at UMR will in clude basic a nd engin ee rin g science, ma th e mati cs a nd liberal arts cou rses , as we ll as adva nced ae ros pace engineerin g. W ithin aeros pace engineering, you can choo se nin e hours of technica l electives in a s pec ia l int e res t area s uch as aerod y namics , s tru c tures, fli ght d ynami cs and contro ls propu ls ion. co mbustion and a ir po ll uti o n co ntrol.

Chem ica l e ngin ee rin g is that branch of en gineeri ng whi ch d ea ls with changing th e composi ti on , e ne rgy co nte nt , or state of aggrega ti on of material s. As a chem ica l e ngin ee r you wi ll consid er th e fundam ental p rope rti es a nd n a tur e o f matter (c hemi s try), th e forces tha t ac t o n ma tt er (p h ys ics ) a nd th e prec ise exp ress ions of the re lati o ns hips betwee n th em (mathemati cs). In your profess ion as a c hemical engineer , yo u ma y s tud y ways in w hi c h pure wat er ca n be s uppli ed from the sea; d es ign petroc h em ica l pro cesses to pro-

Ceramic Engineering Bachelor of Science Moster of Sc ience Doc tor of Philosop hy Doc tor of Engineering Profess ional Developm ent Degree

ter¡edu¡ ;rsityof



loUageS ,

s~pbysi¡ ,ciologyl ;e ROTC I studies and sci,

If you like to know about th e be havior of matter an d w h y ma te ri a ls act and reac t as th ey do. th e n ceramic e nginee ring w ill int e res t you. Ceramic engineerin g usua ll y appeals to those w ho have a stron g int e res t in finding prac ti ca l applicat ions of th e bas ic sc ie nces. Th e d es ign co nce pt is a t th e atomi c or mi crostru ctura l leve l of so lid mater ia ls. Th e UMR ce rami c en gin ee rin g department s pec ializes in th e product fie ld s of glass, e lectroni c ma teri a ls a nd refrac tor ies. As a ce ram ic engin ee r, yo u wi II wo rk w ith inorga ni c non-m e ta lli c mat eria ls wh ich are often th erm a ll y pro cessed to perform at e levated te mp eratures . You wi ll app ly sc ientifi c prin c ipl es to th e des ign of new formulation s and to d es ign processes for th e ir manufac ture . You will conduct resea rch o n th e re la tion s hi ps betwee n e ngineer in g prope rti es a nd th e chemi stry a nd st ru cture of eac h ce ra mi c materi a l.


vid e sy n th etic fer til ize rs , rubb er, fibe rs a nd fu e ls; or tea m up wi th oth er engin eers a nd scie nti sts in biomed ica l engi neerin g to deve lop s pecia li ze d po lymeri c ma teria ls for us e in a rtifi c ial arms, legs a nd ot her hum an o rga ns . You may be ins trum ent a l in find in g s uppl e m e nt a l food so urces for ma n-suc h as prote in from petrol e um , wood or th e sea . You mi ght he lp deve lo p new processes for ene rgy cons e rva tion or e n vironm enta l co ntrolsuc h as re du c ing undes irabl e s ubstances in th e a ir. Or, yo u mi ght hav e a hand in th e crea tion of new li ghtwei ght mate ri a ls to be use d in housing cons truc tion . Your op portuniti es w ill be unlimi ted. Your studi es wi ll give you a broad tec hni ca l bas is w ith an emph asis on materia l ba lan ces, energy bala n ces, eq uilibrium stages, rat e processes, unit op era tion s an d pro cess eco nom ics and eva lu ati on.

Chemistry Bachelor of Science Master of Sc ie nce Master of Science for Teac he rs Doctor of Philosophy (E mphasis area a t bache lor of sc ie nce le ve l in biochemis try.) Ch em istry is the sc ience of th e ch anges of matter.lt serves as th e fo und ation for m a n y ot he r d isc iplin es suc h as medi c in e , bio m ed ica l tec hn o logy, ce ram ics, po lym ers, m eta llurgy , m ate ri a ls and e nvironm ental and eco log ica l sc ien ces. In your c h em istry education , yo u wi ll ob ta in a foundation in th e sub jec t and yo u a lso might e lec t a specia l int erest su ch as ana lyt ica l chemistry , biochemistry , inorgani c c h em istry, nuclear and radioch emi stry, orga ni c c h emi st ry , p h ys ica l ch em istry, co lloid and surface c h emi s try , pol ym er ch em is try or li fe sc iences . If yo u are int eres ted in c h emistry , yo u sh o uld have a st rong background in sc ience and math ematics . You must be abl e to read , und erstand and co mmunicate ideas. Becaus e from c h emi ca l resea rch w ill come man y an swe rs to c h a llenges in te chni ca l d eve lop me nt and env ironmental prot ecti on , it is esse nti a l tha t yo u h ave an open mind a nd th e ab ilit y to ana lyze a problem .

Civil Engineering Ba chelor of Science Master of Science Do cto r of Phi losophy Doctor of Engineering Professio nal Developm ent Degree (Emp ha sis areas at all levels in construction, flu id mechanics and hydrou li cs , environm en tal and san itary e ngineering. geotech n ica l e ng i neeri ng , struc t u rol ono ly sis and design ond tran spo rta tion ond planning. Th ere is a public works emphosis oren at th e master of sc ie nce level. A moster 's is offe red in env ironm ental and planning eng in ee rin g .) W h en yo u 're a c ivi l e ng in ee r. yo u wil l be in vo lved in a profess ion w hi c h dates back to the buildin gof the pyramids. Because yo u w ill prac ti ce in a broad fi e ld a n d dea l wit h a w ide ra nge of pro jec ts , th e res ult s of you r c ivil e ngin ee rin g labo rs w ill be see n eve ryw h ere . Transportation e ngin eer ing in vo lves the m ovement of cargo and people from p lace to p lace . Hy dra u Iic e ngi neer i ng and wa te r resources engi neeri nga re conce rn ed wit h th e con tro l and transpo rtation of fluids , usua ll y water. Sani ta ry engi n eer-

in g d ea ls wi th problems of prov idin g a safe and adeq uate wa te r s uppl y for dom esti c and indus tri a l u se, co ntro llin g a nd preventing a ir a nd wa ter pollution , sa fe ly disposing of a ll ty pes of domest ic an d indust ri a l was tes a nd ca rry in g out publi c h ea lth m eas ures . S tru ctura l e ngin eer ing includ es the ana lys is and desi gn of a ll ty pes of s tru ctures s u c h as brid ges, buildin gs, d a m s, sto rage tanks, cana l locks and towers for power transmission and laun ching of space ve hi c les . In geo tec hni ca l e ngin eering , the s tud y of so il m ec ha ni cs and its a ppli ca ti on to eng in eer in g proble m s is und erta ke n . Co n s tru c ti o n managem ent co n ce rn s th e process of d eve lop in g effi c ien t a nd eco nomi ca l methods , s up ervis ion of va riou s const ru ct ion ope ratio ns such as ea rth moving and e rec tion procedures, con tra ct ad mini s trat ion , cos t es timating and m ainta inin g qualit y co ntrol for a w id e va ri ety of projects. C iv il en gin ee rin g, by its very nature , is direc tl y in vo lved in so lving en v ironm enta l p roble m s. Pollution , urban re n ewal, trans p ort at ion , and wa ter reso urces problems a ll fall w ithin th e sp h e re of th e civ il engin ee r.

Computer Science Bachelor of Science Master of Science Doctor of Philosoph y (Emphas is areas at the maste r of science leve l in operat ions researc h , co mput er systems and lan guage, numerical analys is, com puter organ ization and information systems .) With a major in co mput er sc ience, yo u w ill be up on co mmuni cat ion between man and compu ters and th e stud y of da ta represe ntation and s torage a n d sy m bo l-mani pu la tin g m ac hin es . Besides th e bas ics , yo u'll s tu dy five major are as of co m p ut er sc ienc e: co mput er orga ni za tion , co m p ut er sys tem s and lang uages , inform at io n systems, num er ica l anal ys is and opera ti ons resea rch. You ' ll m aster seve ra l co mput e r lang u ages like FORTRAN , ASSEMBLER, COBO L a n d PLi l. So m e of th e co mput er sc ie n ce areas are interdi sc i p lin ary in n a ture, a n d you w ill be involv ed in co urses from oth e r d e partm e nts. Fo r instance , in comp ut e r organ izat ion, you w ill need co urses in ele ctri ca l e ngin ee rin g; w hil e in num er ica l an a lys is, yo u m ay h ave req u i red courses in th e math e m a ti cs depar tm e nt. Th e depa rtm ent s of eng in eerin g mana ge ment and m at h ematics augment th e prog rams in info rm a ti o n syste m s a n d ope rat io n s resea rc h.


Economics Ba chelor of Sc ien ce Ba chelor of A rts (Emp ha sis a rea in eco n om ics/business at th e bochelor of sc ience level. ) Economi cs is th e stud y of ho w man a llo ca tes resources for p rod u ct ion in order to sa ti sfy hum an wan ts. As a n econom ist , yo u w ill s tud y among ot her things : investment in stoc ks and bonds , labo r union s , un emp lo ym ent , povert y, inflation , ba nkin g, balance of pa y m e nt s, und e rde ve lop e d co untri es, taxa tion , public debt and techno logy. Your st udi es w ill be var ied , an d th e m e thod s yo u w ill use for problem so lv in g w ill be m a ny. This var ie ty of sub ject m a tt er may be on e reason you choose eco nomi cs .


If )'1 high scf tive teae and the I The the first. program bachelor bachelor from U~ ~Iissour

lor of s appro vel Accredit option fE of your session, The receive, science, tion to schools. spend or practice


chemist English, ics and!


Bachelor ,\faster 0 Doctor OJ Doctor OJ Professio


(Emphas elect rani cessin o electro%( POwer. t energl'.)

Elect channeliJ man suc appliane mUnieatil eerned IV IIansmiss utilizatio lneir the appli ments_e tors, cap, -as the\ operatio~

. Thee Ingarea IV on the IT Signals. n tion teehr If 1'01 engineeriJ




Oll'man 'n in or.

II study n stocks oyment, ance of ,untries, °V. Your nethods ; will be tter ma), 'mics.


Education If yo u are interes ted in teac hin g in high sc hoo l, you can enter th e cooperati ve teac her edu ca ti on program of UM R and the Uni ve rsity of Misso uri-Co lum bia. There are two opti ons ava il ab le. [n the first , yo u can fol low a doub le-degree progra m lead ing to a bach elor of art s or bac helor of sc ien ce degree fro m UM R, a bac helor of science in ed ucat ion degree from UMC and cer tifi cat ion to tea ch in Misso uri seco n da ry sc hoo ls . Th e bac helor of science in education degree is approved by th e National Counci l for th e Acc red itati on of Teac her Education. Thi s op ti on requires yo u to spend eight wee ks of yo ur se ni or yea r and on e su mm er sess ion at UMC. The second option al lows you to receive a bache lor of art s or bac he lor of science degree from UM R and ce rtif ica tion to teach in Misso uri seco nd a ry sc hoo ls. Thi s opt ion requires you to spend one se mes ter enro lled a t UMC for practice teaching block. Areas of stud y in the program incl ude: ch emi stry. ea rth sc ience, eco n omics , Englis h. history. life sc iences. math ematics and ph ys ics.

Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Scien ce Master of Science Doctor of Phil osop hy Docto r of Engin ee rin g Professio nal Deve lopm ent Degree (Emp ha sis oreos a t 011 leve ls in c ircu itselectron ics. co mm un ica t ion s-signo l process ing, co mput er engin eerin g. co ntrol, electromagne ti cs. ph vs ical electronics and power. A most er's is offered in solar energy .) El ec trica l engin ee rs are in vo lve d in chan neling natural resources into us es for man suc h as hea tin g, lighting , hom e app li a nces , tran s porta tion , and com muni ca ti on s. They are pri maril y co nce rn ed with th e processes of ge nerat ion , tran smiss ion , transformation , co nt rol , and util izat io n of energy or information . In ci rcu its- e lec tron ics . you w i II stud y the app lication s of bas ic electrica l elements-e nergy sou rces . re sistors, indu ctors. capac it ors, dio des. tra nsistors , etc. - as they are found int erconn ec ted in operat iona l e lect ri ca l networ ks. Th e co mmuni cat ion s-signa l processi ng area w i II i nc l ud e suc h stu di es as those on th e make up of in formation-bea rin g signa ls . modulat ion sys tems and dete ction te chniqu es . If you wa nt to stress the comp uter enginee rin g area . yo u wi ll stud y the de -

s ign and/or a ppl ications of mi croprocesso r sys tems , d igital logic , d igi tal logic dev ices, di gital des ign and auto mat ion , large co mp uter sys tems a nd di strib uted process in g. Th e contro l emp has is area provid es co urse wor k in th e des ign and app li cat ion of circuits and sys tems used to autom atica lly monitor and regulat e dev ices, machines an d sys tem s for op tim a l perfor manc e in a variety of opera tion s . In e lec troma gneti cs , you w il l stud y radio waves , ant ennas and microwave sys tems of vario us types for propagat ion an d transmi ss ion of electrica l s igna ls throu gh space or co nd uctors. Th e physica l e lec troni cs area focuses on th e operat ion of tran s istors, so lidstate dev ices and in tegrated c ircuit s as used in lin ea r, d igital and waves haping ci rc u its. In power. you w ill dea l w ith th e des ign and a ppli cati on of motors, ge nerators, tran s formers, di stributi on sys tems and th e eco nomic tran smi ss ion of energy. Stud y in solar e nergy emp has izes photovolt aics, thermo elec tr ic co nve rt ers, co nce ntratin g dev ices and systems .

Engineering Management Ba che lor of Science tv/aster of Sc ience Doctor of Phil osop hy Professiona l Developm ent Deg re e As an e ngin eerin g mana ge men t grad uate you will find yourse lf we ll -prepared fo r ma ny corpo rate pos iti ons that req uire kn owi ng about orga ni za ti ons and peop le, as we ll as tec hn o logy. Some of th ese jobs are plant sup ervision , pro jec t enginee ring,


industria l e ngin ee rin g, qualit y co nt rol , plan ning. sc hed u lin g, purchas ing, perso nn e l ma nage me nt , mar ket deve lopment a nd se lli ng engin ee red produ cts. In yo ur engi nee ri ng manage ment curricu lum yo u w ill take th e sa me bas ic chemis try, ph ys ics, math e mat ics and statics courses dur in g yo ur fi rst two years as all ot her engin eer ing stu dent s. You w ill have additi ona l co urse \Nork in engin eering sc ience, libera l art s , co mputer sc ience, eco nomi cs and stati sti cs . Yo ur ju n ior a nd se n ior years b lend two seque nces of stu dy. You 'll pic k a n engin ee ring di sc ip lin e of int eres t to you (suc h as chemi ca l, c ivil, electrical , mechani ca l or pe trole um engin ee rin g) and stud y it for the equival ent of one and a ha lf se mes ters. Co ncurre ntl y, yo u wi ll s tu dy management top ics such as orga niza ti on th eo ry, acco untin g, finan ce, marketin g, person ne l a nd prod ucti on.

Engineering Graphics

Fine Arts

No matter w ha t fi e ld of engin ee rin g you choose, you ' ll hav e co urses in en gin ee rin g graphic s at UMR. In labora tori es in th e Mining Building , you w ill probabl y take su ch s ubj ects as en gineer in g dra w in g, d escr ipti ve geo m etry, ma c hin e dra w in g, grap hi ca l d es ign , architectural drawi n g, en gin eering graphi cs and co mput er-aid ed draftin g.

Whatever your int erest , music , art and dram a ca n be va lu ab le for your re lax ation or c ultural d eve lopm ent. At UMR , mu s ic offerings includ e jazz en se mbl es, string en sembl e , orc h es tras, chamber w ind ba nd , brass choir, concert bands , Miner football ba nd , pep band , chamb er si n ge rs , Collegium Musicum , po p s vocal ens em ble and barbershop quartet. Credit ma y be ea rne d by participating in most of th ese group s. Students presen t mu sica l and th ea trica l productions on campus. There are co urses in su c h areas as mu sic and art in th e wes tern w orld , musi c in the United States , jazz , mu sic th eo ry, piano and voice . Studio art emphas izes dra w ing and paintin g.

English Ba ch elor of Arts

Engineering Mechanics Bach elor of Science Most er of Science Doc tor of Philo sop hy Professio nal De ve lopm ent Degree If you wa nt to lea rn all about the fundam ental s of e ngin ee rin g rather than specia lize in on e ce rta in e ngineering field , you should go into engin eerin g me ch ani cs . As a m ec h ani cs eng ineer yo u w ill be co nce rn ed w ith probl em s in vol vin g stress , strain and m otion. Yo u w ill d etermin e th e res ponse of mat erials a nd systems s ubj ec ted to m ec ha ni ca l e n ergy in th e form of lo ads, both stat ic a nd d y n ami c. You w ill be in vo lved w ith th e vibra tion a l a nd stru ctura l d es ign of rotating m ac hin ery and m ec h a ni ca l sys tems and th e s tabilit y of sys tem s and s tru ctures . In e ngin eer in g m ec h ani cs , you w ill parti c ipate in a n ex te n s ive tra inin g program in th e basic principl es of e ngin ee rin g and sc ien ce w hi c h w ill enab le yo u to so lve a broad ra nge of en gin ee rin g proble m s. Because of thi s fl ex ibl e ye t th o roug h edu ca tion. yo u , as a n e ngin ee rin g m ec ha ni cs gradu ate, w ill be qu a li fied to gu ide a ll ty pes of e ngin ee rs in th e a n a lytica l and pract ica l eva lu ati o n of m any kinds of st ru ct ura I and mac h in e des ign prob lems. You w ill be in vo lve d in th e d eve lopmen t o f improve d ex pe rim e nt a l, a na lyti ca l a nd e ngin ee rin g me th od s a nd th e deve lop m ent of n ew m a te ri a ls. Ve ry ofte n m ec h an ics e ngin ee rs w ill be em plo ye d in positions w h ere th ey can, throu gh researc h a n d tes tin g, deve lop new formu las a nd method s of a na lys is for trea tin g unu s ua l adva nce d d es ign problems in e ngin ee rin g. In th is capac it y th ey se rve as a brid ge o r link betw ee n th e sc ien ces a nd o lh e r kind s of e ng in ee ri ng.

The program for Engli s h majors em phasizes a broad curri culum by including both English and American literature as we ll as lin guisti cs . In addition , elec ti ve hours a llow a minor in writing. English majors examine lit erary trends and move m ents , stud y a va ri ety of lit erary forms s uch as th e no ve l, drama , po etry a nd short story . and en gage in d etailed studies of indi v idu a l lit erary figures , such as Chaucer, Shakespeare , Milton , Dickens , Poe, T wa in and Fa ulkn er. Special cou rses are available in s ubj ec ts s u ch as th e Faust m yth in its Renaissan ce and modern for m , medieval litera ture a nd 20th-century w riters. English majors also ma y ta ke courses in th e hi story a nd structure of th e En glish language. A bas ic goa l of th e En glish program is to h e lp impro ve th e student's abilit y to w rite clear, for ceful and arti c ul ate Engli s h.

Foreign Languages UMR offers co urs es in Spanish , German , Russian , and French . Previous training is not required for langu age s tudy at UMR. After two sem es ters of for eign language stud y o n campu s , yo u s hould be abl e to converse on an e le m entary leve l. You w ill be introdu ce d to for e ign literature in the seco nd or third se m es ter.



Bachelor Mosler oj Doclor oj Doclor oj profes sio


Geol' lion of II problems lion and r menl As work wil delermin, under na lions. YOI


excavatio canals. Y searching developrr minerals ral gas an In ge probably laboralofl you migh propert i e~

exposed samples f, porosily, you coull testing. In form or d programs. assemblin ing techn partici pat executing


Bachelor, Mosler of Doctor of



lion geop chemislrv degree off,

Geolo an d plain basins and It is the sll rocks, and the racksa In geolo o\, sils and"ih eXisted in I lhe proces Earth. nloe . Geoph pnnciples geology to 6

Geological Engineering

;, art ·elax.

ejazz stras, ncert land, cum, 'shop rtici·


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Ian· Id be level. item· ,r.


Bachelor of Sci ence Master of Sci ence Doclor of Philosoph y Doctor of Eng in eering Professional De velopm ent Deg ree Geological engin ee rin g is th e appli cation of th e principles of geo logy to the problems of engineering design. co nstruction and mineral exp loration and deve lopment. As a geo logica l engin ee r, you w ill work wi th rock, so il and wa ter. You w ill determine th e behavior of th ese mat eri als und er nat ura l and man-induced co nditi ons. Yo u mi ght be in vo lved in locat ing. designing and speC ifying foundations. excava tion s, tunn els, dams , reservo irs and ca na ls. Yo u might be concern ed with searc hing for and co ntributin g to th e deve lopment of metallic ores , industrial min eral s and rocks , petroleum and natural gas and gro und water su pp li es . In geo logica l enginee rin g, you w ill probably di vid e your tim e be tween fi e ld . laboratory and office wo rk . In th e field, you mi gh t exam in e and map the p hysica l properties and stru ctura l features of rocks exposed or drilled. Yo u co uld co ll ect samp les for tes tin g of st rength , e las ti c ity. porosit y, permeability or corrosio n, or you cou ld set up programs for on-sit e tes tin g. In th e labo ratory, you might perform or direct tes tin g or set up researc h programs. Office work wo uld in clude th e asse mblin g and co rrelati ng of data. w riting tec hni ca l and sc ientifi c reports and participating in planning, des igning and exec uting engineering proj ec ts.

and to extrate rres tri a l bodi es and space. In geop hysics . your stud ies can cent er on seismology. volca nology. oceanograph v. met eoro logy. hydrology . tectonop hysics. geomagnetism. glaciology and geodesy.

History Bac helor of Art s

Geology and Geophysics Bach elor of Scien ce Mas ter of Scien ce Doclor of Philosoph y (Emphasi s a rea s at all levels in exploration geoph ys ics and explorali on geochem istry. Mosl er of sc ienc e for lea chers degree offered in earth sci ences .) Geo logy is the stu dy of mou ntain s and plains , the cont inents and ocean basins and rivers and und erground water. It is th e stud y of minerals , va luab le ores . rocks, and energy and fu els contain ed in the rocks and meth od s of searc h for th em. In geo logy, you will be con ce rned with fossil s and th e cond iti ons und er whi ch life ex isted in th e pas t, and yo u w ill look int o th e processes that alter the fa ce of th e Eart h, moon and p lan ets. Geop hys ics is th e app li cat ion of th e principles of math ematics , phys ics and geo logy to th e p lanet on wh ic h we li ve

Hi stor v is a res ponse to th e etern a l des ire of I~ uman beings to kno w more about th emse lves . For thi s reason. hi story stud ents ex peri enc e a va ri etv of courses whi ch emphas ize th e importance of peop le . th eir indi vidLi al choices. th e ir va lu es and th eir ways of see in g th emse lves and th eir world. Hi storv majors stud y man' s acc umulat ed herit age from th e (oss il pas t to th e nu clea r prese nt. As a hi storv major vo u lea rn to anaIvze inform a tiol~. c omm~lllic a t e effec ti ve I ~' and engage in resea rch. Such skill s are use ful for caree rs in gove rnm en t se rvice . bu s in ess . indu str y and soc ia l se rvice in stituti ons . as w~ ll as being th e fund ament a l requ is it es for gradu ate and professional stud ies beyo nd th e und ergradu ate degree . In s hort . w hen vo u stud y hi stor y vo u not onl v lea rn imp o'rt ant inf; rm ation and s kill s b'ut vou a lso acq u ire the ab ili tv to thi nk. to c'o mmun ica te and to cop e w ith compl ex it v. 7

Life Sciences Ba chelor of Science Life sciences . or biology. is the stud y of livin g th ings . It includ es all areas of sc ience in wh ich th e subj ec t bein g inves ti ga ted was or is li vin g. Life sc iences draws on th e phys ica l sc iences (che mi strv. ph ys ics . math ematics and earth sc ience) for an a lvs is and interpretat ion of li fe 's p rocesses . Li fe sc iences is a found ati on for many profess ions a nd pos tgradu ate opportun ities in th e fi e ld s s uch as medi c in e. nursing. denti st ry. biochemis tr y. pharmacy . ag ri culture. foo d pm d ucti on and process in g, p harma ce uti ca l produ cti on an d tes ti ng. bi omed ica I engi nee ri ng. co nse rva t ion and en viron men ta I protec t ion. Li fe sc iences s ub jec ts ex tend fr om th e deta i Is of sub ce llul ar or mo lec ul ar bi ol ogv thr ough ce llular leve ls of orga ni za ti ons . ti ssues and orga ns and o rga n svs tems . a nd on through th e stud y of who le m u lti ce llul ar pl ants and anim a ls. popul ati ons . co mmuniti es and ecosys tems to th e en t ire bi os ph ere. When VO ~I major in life sc iences . vo u w ill appl v prin c ipl es of ph vs ical sc iences tolVa rd Yo ur u nde rstan d in g of bi olog ica l ph eno;ll ena at th e ce llul ar and mo lec ul ar leve ls of orga ni zati on. Th e ex tent of yo ur cou rse wo rk in oth er areas lV ili depe nd on vour goa ls.



Mathematics and Statistics Ba chelor of Sc ien ce (app li e d ma th e mat ics ) Mo ster of Sc ie n ce (appli ed ma th emati cs] Mo ster of Sc ie nce fo r Teoc he rs Do c to r of Phil osophy (Emphas is oreas ot th e bOc/l e/or of sc ience and ma ster of sc ien ce levels of appl ied mot he mot ics in opp/i ed ana lys is, alge bra. stoti sti cs ond computat ional

mot hemoti cs .) (E mpho s is areas at th e doc tor of philo sophy leve l of math ematics in ana lys is, d iffe rent ied and f u nct ionol equat ions and stoti st ics .) Ma th e mati cs is a uni ve rsa l la ngu age. it is o ne w hi c h sc ie nt ists u se to con c ise ly ex press id eas and re lati o n s hip s . A nd , it is a too l w hi ch th ey use to in ves ti ga te proble m s . As a m ath e ma tic ia n. yo u w ill se t up a nd ana lyze m od e ls of ph ys ica l s itu a ti ons in o rder to d edu ce new info rmat io n a nd to pre di ct res ul ts. Most s tud e nt s purs u e math e m at ics thro ugh diffe re nti a l eq uations and th e n e lec t co urses in s pec ia li ze d a reas suc h as a lgebra. a n a lys is . geo m e trv, topo logy a n d s ta ti s ti cs . Su p po rting s tud y in tec hni cal e lec tives is re quired fr o m o th e r d e partm e n ts. S u c h s tud y in c lu d es ana lyti ca l mec h a n ics. co mmuni ca ti o n th eo ry. co ntro l th eo ry a n d ot he rs . Yo u w ill fin d th a t ma th e m ati cs co ntri but es to th e gro w th in kn ow led ge in m os t areas. Your progra m at UM R w ill e m p has ize bread th in ma th e m a ti cs a nd dept h in a n associa ted a rea of a ppl ica t io n .

tion of a ll ty pes of mac hi n es; a n d w ith th e se lec ti o n a nd d es ign of in s trumentation a nd sys te ms for th e con tro l o f a ll types of p h ys ica l a n d e n v iron m e ntal co ntrol system s . Yo u m ay d es ign p roduc ts a nd m an ufac t u rin g pro cesses, s u p er vise prod u ctio n m et h ods and op e rat io ns, d es ign and s u perv ise fa bri ca ti on a nd tes tin g of ind ividu a l m ac hines a nd co mpl e te p la nt s or be in vo lved in app li ed 0 1' bas ic resea rc h.

co nc e rn ed w ith th e processes by which m eta lli c mat e ri a ls a re s hape d a nd join ed into u sefu l fo rm s . Thi s a rea in vo lves th e m eta llurgica l as pec ts of cas tin g, w e ld in g a nd m eta l workin g. Ph YS ica l m e ta llurgy is co ncerne d w ith co rre la tin g th e im portant prope rti es of m eta ls a nd a ll oys w ith th e ir co mpos ition a n d bo th mi croscop ic and s ubmi cro scopic stru ct ure.

Bachelor of Scie n ce fvlos ter of Scie n ce Do ctor of P hil osoph y Profess ioncd Develo pmen t Deg ree (Empho s is areos at th e bOc/l e/or of sc ie nce level in ex tra cti ve m etallurgy , m eto/ s p rocessing ond ph ys ica l m etollurgy.) in me ta ll urgica l e ngin ee rin g, you w ill wo rk w ith th e man y s u bs tanc es in vo lved in produ c in g the m eta ll ic objects esse ntia l to m od ern civi li za tion. You w ill be in vo lve d w ith the pro cess in g of me talli c o res . th e ex tracti on of m eta ls from th ese ores. th e co mbination of th ese m eta ls int o us eful a ll oys a nd th e trea tm e nt a n d s bapin g o f m e tal s for purp oses use ful to m a n. O f th e em phas is areas yo u may ch oose in me ta llu rg ica l e ngin ee rin g. ex tract ive me tallurgy dea ls w ith th e se p ara ti o n of useful me ta II ic com pou nd s from ve ry dilut e mi xtures . e ith er na tura l a re or processed ma terial. a nd w ith th e processes in vo lved in ex tra ctin g e leme nt a l m e ta l co m pou n ds. Me ta ls process in g co uld be ca ll e d man u fac t uri ng m e ta llu rgy because it is

Mechanical Engineering Ba chelor of Scien ce Mo ster or Sc ience Do ctor of Phi losophy Do c to r of Eng in ee rin g Profess ional Deve lop m e nt Degree (Emphas is meos at 011 levels in ene rgy ca n vers ion. ca nt ro l sys tems. e nvi ron m e nted sys tems. in s trum e ntoti o n. mec h a nica l d es ign ond ollolvsis. moteri o/s sc ie nce. monufo cturin g proc esses and th erm ol sc ie nce . Th e re is on oerospClce e ng in ee ri ng e mpho s is o reo ot t he doc tor of p h i1 0SCl p hy ond doc tor of e ng inee rin g leve ls.) Mec ha n ica I e ngi nee ri ng has broa d app lica ti ons a nd is o n e of th e mo s t bas ic o f a ll b l'a nc hcs o f e ng inee rin g. As a me c ha n ica l e ng in ee r you w ill be co ncc rn ed \V ith th e co n vc rs io n a nd tra nsfc r of cne rgy fro m o nc fo rm to anot h cr: wi th thc d es ign. co ns tru c ti o n a nd opc ra-



As concerr environ YOI

Mining Engineering Metallurgical Engineering

Bache/( Master Doctor Doclor profes si

Bachelor of Scie nce Mo s ter of Scie n ce Doc tor of Phil oso ph y Do c tor of Eng in eering Professi onal Deve lopm ent Deg ree Minin g e ngin eer in g is th e pro fess ion concern ed wi th ex tractin g th e Eart h 's min era l reso urces. Min in g of th e ocea n is ex p ec ted to be th e n ew fron ti e r. Th e minin g e ngin ee r is co n ce rn ed w ith a ll p h ases of mining, in c ludin g th e p rospec tin g, ex plorat io n , eva lu atio n , d evelo pm e nt , ex ploita ti on a nd m a rketing of m in era ls. In ad dit ion to yo ur e ngin ee rin g, sc ie nce a nd lib era l arts ba c kgrou n d. you w ill be kn ow le d geab le in ex p los ives en gin eer in g, ge o logy, min e ra l be n efi c iation , bulk m a ter ia ls ha ndlin g, m in e syste m s d es ign , m ini ng econom ics and law , min e h ygie n e a nd safe ty, m in e man agem ent , min e ve ntil a ti on a n d ro c k m ec h a nics . Inclu ded und e r rock m ec h ani cs wo uld be ro c k fr acturin g, s lop e s tabi lit y . a nd ground supp ort. Th e mining e ngineer re li es upon geologic kno w led ge a n d hi ghl y se ns it ive ins trum en ts for th e loca tin g and eva luation of a n ew min e ra l d e posit.


energy I estswill the mar tion of reactors isotope~

develop cation. I edge of familiar nuclear sure mer sis.

hieh lined s the ding

rned :rties posi·




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ngof ring.


lives icia·

svs· law, lage.han· ould and

Nuclear Engineering

Petroleum Engineering


Bachelor of Science Master of Science Do ctor of Phil osop hy Doc tor of Engineering

Bachelor of Science Moster of Science Doctor of Phil osop hy Doctor of Engineering

Bochelor of Arts

Profess ional Developm ent Degree

Professional Develop men t Degree

As a nucl ea r eng in eer, yo u w ill be concerned w ith th e overall en ergy and environmental n eeds of the co untry . Your work will involve th e re lease, control and utili za tion of all types of energy from nuclear so urces. Your int erests will center around reactor tec hnol ogy, the manufacture of nucl ear fuels , generation of e lectri c it y by nuclear power reactors, production a nd u se of radi oisotop es, rad iation damage and protection , de ve lopm ent of nucl ear fu s ion a nd education. In addition to your ge n era l kno w ledge of nucl ear en gin ee ring , yo u wi ll be familiar w ith reac tor physics and design, nuclear ch emistry, nucl ea r radiation measurements and nucl ear engin eer ing a na lysis.

In petroleum engin eer in g, yo u w ill be co n ce rn e d w ith the prediction of th e effects of temp era ture and pressure w ithin oil rese rvo irs, the es tim ation of stresses on drilling a nd producing equipm ent a nd the eva lu ation of va riou s recove ry tec hniqu es . You w ill be int eres ted in the econo mi c fac tors of oil production s u ch as drilling costs, operati ng expe nses, taxation a nd present wo rth a nd ra te of ret urn. You w ill kn ow about we ll logging, petro leum a nd s tru c tura l geo logy, p etrol e um dril linga nd product ion pract ices, petroleum rese rvoir engineering, we ll testing and mathematica l mod e lin g of p etrol eum reservo ir performance . Th e d eve lopm e nt of so l u tion s to tec hnical probl em s w hi c h w ill co nfront yo u as a petroleum eng in eer req uires a basic kno w ledge of mathematics, ch emi stry , ph ys ics and geo logy in add ition to re lated areas of engineering. Your know le dge of th ese s ubj ec ts must be applied to the co mplex co nditions w hi ch are encountered beneath th e s urfac e of th e Earth.

geoe in·



You wi ll find that in th e s tud y of ph il osophy, th e und e rs ta ndin g of id eas, prob lem s and ass umpti ons is emph as ized . Centra l to philosop h y, th e n , is the app li cation of ri go rou s thinking to fund a menta l iss u es such as rea lit y, kno w ledge a nd va lu e. You w ill rea li ze that it is more imp ortant to und ersta nd th e id eas fundam enta l to th eo ri es of va lu e, reality and knowledge than it is to know that Plato expressed th e m. You w ill see that because id eas , problems and ass umpti on s are n ot res tri cted to anyo ne academ ic area , phi 10sop hi ca l interests h ave a w id e range. You w ill con s id er a ll ty p es of questions. Beca use philosophy tou c hes on nea rly a ll fi e lds of e nd eavo r, yo ur philosophica l ed u cat ion is flexible. With the h e lp of yo ur adv ise rs, you ca n design your own curri culum to ma tch your specia l interests. Philosophy ca n co mbin e w ith nearly any preprofessional s tud y to round out yo ur background.

Physics Bachelor of Sc ien ce Mo s ter of Sc ie nce Mo s ter of Science fo r Teac hers Do c tor of Philoso ph y (Emphasisareos atth e bache lorof sc ien ce leve l in applied physics , bioph ys ics, geop hys ics, reoc to r phys ics, tec hn ica l adm inis tmli on and e nvironm e ntal adminis trat ion.) Nuc lea r pow e r, th e lase r, ho logra ph y and so lid-s ta te e lec tron ics a re a fe w of th e tec hni ca l be nef its to man whi c h h ave co me abo ut in pa rt from th e s tud y of ph ys ics. Quasa rs; pu lsa rs; e lementa ry pa rti c les : th e age, s ize a nd expa ns io n of our uni ve rse : and th e very nat ure of s pa ce a nd tim e a re among top ics now und e r int e ns ive stud y by ph ys ic ists. Whil e y ou purs u e yo ur ph ys ics s tudi es, yo u ca n beco m e in volved in ph ys ics resea rc h. Amo ng th ese in ves tigation s are those co n ce rn ing the prop e rti es of so li d s urfaces, m a teria ls researc h , ato mic a nd m o lec ul ar ph ysics a nd cloud and a tm ospheric sc ie nce . A n u n d e rgraduat e degree in ph ys ics provid es th e background for a wide range of ca ree rs. UMR p h ys ics graduates are worki ng in a reas ra ng in g from law a nd m ed ic i n e to ecoph ys ics and as troph ys ics.

Psychology Bo chelor of Sc ien ce Ba chelor of Art s

Political Science Politi ca l sc ie nce ex p lores th e wo rld o f po liti cs: th e prin c ip les . tec hniqu es and in s tituti o ns throu gh w hi c h we m ake co llec ti ve d ec is io ns an d res o lve gro up co nfli c ts. A n und e rs ta n d in g o f politi cs is a n es pec ia ll y useful s ki ll fo ran yo nee nt e rin g a tec hni ca l ca ree r. beca u se so mu c h o f mod e rn sc ie nce a nd tec hn o logy is embro il ed in pol iti ca l co ntroversy. At UM R. a w id e varie ty of po liti ca l sc ie nce co u rses a re ava i lab le, fr o m A me rica n Po lit ics to int ern a tiona l Re la ti o ns to th e Po liti cs o f Ene rgy a nd Na tura l Reso urces. If yo u w is h to p urs u e a more th oroug h in ves ti ga ti o n o f po liti cs, a minor in po liti ca l sc ie nce is ava ilab le.

Psyc hology is th e scie ntifi c s tu d y of human and anima l be hav ior. Psyc h o logy is both a na tura l sc ie nce, w hi c h s tresses the ph ys iol og ical ca u ses of be hav ior, and a soc ia l sc ie nce, w hi c h is direc ted at und ers ta ndin g how human beh av ior is a ffecte d by socia l facto rs . As a psyc h o logy major at UMR, you w ill be ex pose d to bas ic th eorie s and app li ed resea rc h findin gs in th e man y d ive rse a reas of psyc h o logy.

Sociology/Anthropology Soc io logy is th e s tud y of int erp e rso na l re lation s hip s. Th e soc io log ist see ks a n und e rs ta nd ing of th e d eve lo pm e nt a nd function in g of h uman soc ie ty. A nth ropo logy is th e s tud y of hum a nit y. In yo ur soc io logy s tud ies, yo u w ill ta ke co urses w hi c h d ea l w ith s u c h s ubjec ts as th e soc ia l bases o f povert y , race conf lic t. culture c h a nge. urba n-rura l differe nces in va lu es a nd a ttitud es . pop ul ati o n grow th . e thni c prid e a nd na ti o na lit y. co mmunit y di so rga ni za ti o n , fa mil y in-


stabi li ty . social co nflict in schoo ls, c h a nges in work ex p ec tation s a nd d ev iant be hav ior. In yo ur cu lt ural a nthrop o logy s tudi es, yo u w ill be co ncern ed with th e s imi larities and d iffe re n ces among hum an soc ieti es and w ith th e doc um e nt a tion a nd ex p li cat ion of soc io cu ltura l variati o n in ma n. You wil l formu la te sc ie ntifi ca ll y va li d ge ne ra li za tion s re latin g to th e nature of man and soc ie ty base d on th e a ppli ca tion o f a co mparati ve (c ross-cultura l) and ho li s ti c (tota li s ti c) p e rs pecti ve .

Speech and Media Studies Wh ereve r hum a n co m muni ca tion is a matter of conce rn , th e stu dent of s peech a nd me di a s tudi es has so ught- a ft e r know led ge . Cou rses in s p eec h and m e d ia studies h e lp yo u lea rn to ana lyze, c larify, d e ve lop a nd sy nth es ize id eas a nd informati on for a var iety of a udi e n ces wit h w ho m yo u may co mmuni ca te. To he lp you becom e a more e ffec ti ve co mmuni ca tor. a m in or in co mmun icati o ns is off e red in speec h a nd me d ia s tudi es. in s tud y ing for th e minor , yo u m ay e lec t co urses in s p ea kin g, writ in g, grap hi cs. p h otog ra ph y, co mmunication th eo ry and mass commu n.ica ti o n.

:hang· evianl

udies, nilari· socie· ] and ion in fically Je na· m Ihe ,s·cul· )clive.


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SPECIAL PROGRAMS Honors Program Th e UMR honors program furth e r e n co urages aca d e mi c ac hi eve m e nt a nd provid es a n opportuni ty for you to s tud y your m a jor di sc iplin e in grea te r d e p th . De part m e nt s o ffe r s pec ia l h onors secti on s of so m e co urses to fr es hm e n a nd so phomores . Juni o rs a nd se ni o rs may follo w stru c tured programs d es igned by eac h sc hoo l o r co ll ege to ga in more know ledge in th e ir m a jors a nd to progress more rap idl y int o graduat e- leve l studi es. Pro pose d c ha nges a re be in g co n s id e red in th e ge n e ra l hon ors pro gra m a nd yo u ca n co ns ult th e d ea n of th e di v ision for furth e r d e ta il s. Admi ss ion fro m hi gh sc h oo l into th e ho nors sec tion s requires gra du a ti o n in the upp e r 10 p erce nt of yo ur hi gh sc hoo l c lass o r sco res on s ta nd a rd ize d tes ts (ACT , SAT. SCAT ) of no less than th e 95 th pe rce ntil e . S tud ent s . in c lu d ing tra n s fe r s tud e n ts. int e res ted in a d ivis io n a l h o no rs pro gram s hould co ns ult th e d ea n of th e di v is io n.

Minority and Women In Engineering Programs UM -R o ll a. in coo pe rat ion w ith va ri o u s indu s tri a l co r p o ra tio ns, has d eve loped two progra m s to e ncou rage a nd ass is t minorit ies* a nd wome n in th e e nginee rin g profess ion. Minority En gineerin g Program: T h e re are three m a jor co m pon e nt s to th e prog ram. 1 . A sc hol a rs hip pac kage th at cove rs a ll ex pen ses durin g the fres hm a n yea r. 2. A seve n- wee k e nri c hm e nt p rogra m th a t is des ign ed to s tre ngth e n th e s tud e nt' s bac kgro und in ma th e mati cs, ch e mi s try. Engli s h a nd s tud y s kill s d eve lop m e nt. 3. Moti va tion a l wor ks hops a nd tut orial. co un se lin g a nd e m p loy m e nt se rv ices a re ava il ab le to th e s tu d e nt w hil e e nro ll ed a t UMR. Twe nt y to 30 sc ho la rs h ip s a re avai lab le eac h yea r. Th e app li ca tion d ea d li n e is Dec. 31.

*Mi n o rit v s tu de nt s in thi s p rogram a rc defi ne d as those m e mbe rs of e thni c min or it y g ro u ps w h o arc A m er ica n c itizens a n d u nder represen ted in the e n g in ee ring p rofessio n- Blac ks . Hispani cs a nd Ameri can Ind ians.



Minor it y Eng in ee rin g Program s tu d e n ts a re co n s idered for and a n e ffort is mad e to sec ure ot h e r sc ho la rs hip s a nd form s of a id for th em beyo nd th e fir s t yea r o f th e progra m. Women in Engin eer in g Program : A ll wo me n w ho are e nt erin g a n e ngin ee rin g curri cu lu m a l UMR as fr es hm e n or tra n sfers mav a ppl v for $5 00 non-re n ewa b le sc h o lars hi ps. Rec ipi e nt s w ill be se lec ted o n th e ba s is o f acade mi c s uccess . in te res l in e ng in ee rin g. reco mm e nd a ti on s fr om co un se lo rs. s ta n da rdi ze d tes t sco res a nd fin a nc ia l nee d. Recip ie n ts m u st atte n d UMR. In addil io n . s upporti ve se rv ices ava il abl e thro ugh thi s progra m in c lud e lul o r ia l. co un se lin g a nd e mp loy m e nt p laceme nt se r vices. T we nt v 10 30 sc h o la rs hi ps a re avai lab le eac h y~a r. Th e app li ca tio n deadline is Dec. 31. Fo r fu rlh e r info rma ti o n or to a pp ly. see yo ur hi gh sc hoo l co un se lo r or wr it e to th e Wo m e n in En g in ee rin g Program or th e Minor ity Eng in ee rin g Program. Uni ve rs ity of Misso u ri-Ro ll a. 302 Ro ll a Bu il d in g. Ro ll a, MO 65401.


Army and Air Force ROTC Th e Army a nd A ir Force ROTC programs offe r co ll ege m en a nd wom e n sc ho lars hip s w hil e in sc hoo l and co mmi ss io ns in th e se rv ice a ft er gradu alio n. Army ROTC. adm ini s tere d by th e mil it ary sc ie nce d e partm ent. offe rs twoa nd four- yea r programs . f\ s tud e nt w ho is an Arm y ROTC ca d e t und er e ith e r of th ese opt io ns is no l a m emb e r of th e Un it e d Stat es A rm y . a nd do es n ot in c ur a n y o bli ga ti on untilth e s tud e nt e nt e rs th e ad va n ced co urse. Formore in form a ti on abo ut th e Armv ROTC progra m. w rit e A rm y ROTC. Bui ldin g T-2. Uni ve rs it y of M isso uri -Ro ll a. Ro ll a, MO 65401. A ir Force ROTC. ad mini s te red by th e aerospace s tudi es d e partm e nt. offers tw oand four- veal' program s. Enroll ed fr es hman a nd sophomore s tuden ts in c ur n o ob li gali on for se rv ice in th e A ir Force unl ess th ey have accep led a n AFROTC sc ho lars hip. For mo re info rm atio n about th e Air Fo rce ROTC program . write A ir Force ROTC. Bu ild in g T-7. Uni ve rs it v of M isso uri-R o ll a . Ro ll a . MO 654 01 ..

The I is availat personal, ment wh consult a issue that planning, proving sl problems The ( variety of shops an inleresl t CounselOi halls and I through H or the res The: 1I'0rkscio services c IVhen nec you in IT SOurce PE needs.

Office Devel( U~IR

dentsin fu tion and E reer Devel sentalives ness and o( ule in ler;i prOvide 0 . 0 Iller Job IUnilies. The C allows .vo l




Industrv. lra inin~


in sec urin g a job upon gradu a ti o n. W he n yo u part ic ipate in th e Coope ra ti ve T ra inin g Program th e yea r round , it u s uall y takes fi ve yea rs to co mpl ete a degree program . For more information on job oppo rtuniti es , co nt act th e Offi ce of Career Deve lopm ent , Bue hl er Bu ild ing , Uni ve rs it y of Misso uri -Ro ll a, Ro ll a, MO 65401.

Credit by Examination

Counseling and Testing Center


: pro;chol:sions

v the : two-

The Counse lin g and Tes ting Serv ice is ava ilabl e to he lp stud e nt s w ith th e ir person a l, soc ia l and aca d emi c deve lopm ent w hil e attendin g UM R. You ma y co n s ult a co u nse lor for he lp wi th a n y iss u e that concerns yo u , lik e ed ucational planning, ch oosing a vocat ional goa l, improv ing stud y skill s or reso lv ing persona l probl em s. Th e Cou nse lin g Cente r offe rs a w id e va ri ety of oth er serv ices , including wo rksh ops and prese nta ti on s o n topi cs of int eres t to stu de nt s, fac ult y and s ta ff. Co un se lors are ava il abl e in th e res id ence h a ll s and ca n be co nta cte d in em e rge nc ies through Hea lth Service , Uni ve rs it y Po li ce or th e res id en ce hall staff. Th e staff of th e Co un se lin g Center works close ly w ith a ll secti ons of st ud ent se rvices an d th e acade mi c co mmunit y. When n ecessary, th e co un se lor w ill ass is t you in ma kin g co nta c t w ith ot h er reso urc e peop le to m eet your parti c ul ar needs .

If you are a reg is te re d UMR stu den t and have lea rn ed e n ough about a s ubject , yo u ma y be ab le to ge t co ll ege cre di t for yo ur kn ow ledge. Th e re a re five different programs includ ed in UMR's Cred it by Exam in ation Progra m. These programs includ e th e Ad va nced Placem ent Pro gra m , College-Leve l Exam ination Program , UMR Placement Testin g Progra m , milit ary ex perienc es an d departmental exa min ation s. Th e Advanced Placement Program pro vid es for certain co ll ege-l eve l co urses

I,ho is

ler of If the

incur Irs the Arnll'



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s tll'O:hm an IbligaJilles s hola r-

1e Air Force f ~Iis-

Office of Career Development UMR prov ides assistance to a ll stud ents in furnishing occ upation a l inform ation and emp loyer data thro ugh the Career Deve lopmen t Offi ce. Each yea r rep rese nta ti ves from approx im ate ly 500 bu si ness a nd governm en t orga ni zat ions sc hedule in terv iew dates on th e ca mpu s w hi ch pro vide grad uat ing s tud e nt s and sum mer job ca ndida tes exce ll ent job opp ortunit ies . The Cooperative Training Program a ll ows you to a lterna te periods of sc h oo l at UM R wit h periods o f tra inin g in indust ry. T hi s he lp s you ga in va lu ab le tra inin g expe ri en ce w hi ch wi II ass ist you


to be offe red in se lec ted hi gh sc h oo ls w hi c h prepare s tud ent s fo r exa min a tion s ad mini s tere d th roug ho ut th e co untry. In th e College-Level Examination Program, yo u m ay obta in cre dit for spec ific co urses through s ubj ec t exa mination s. Th e Placement Testing Program allows hi gh sc h oo l s tud e nt s to rece ive credit fo r certain s ubj ec t areas and to be p lace d in a d va n ced classes. UMR w ill gra nt credi t for ex peri en ce ga i n ed throu gh th e armed se rvices acco rding to th e reco mm e nd a ti ons of th e Co m mission of Accredi tat ion of Serv ices Experi e n ces o f th e A m e rican Co un c i I o n Educat ion. Man y of th e academ ic d epa rtm ent s offer d e partm ental exam in a ti ons if yo u feel you ca n qui z ou t of se lec ted co urses . CLEP and place ment exa mination s are give n by th e Co un se lin g and Test in g Ce n te r. Departmental exa ms a re give n by the departments. The adm iss ions office w ill pro v id e further inform a ti on on th ese programs.

AalVITIES Intercollegiate Athletics

Student Government

You can be invo lve d in interco ll egia te a th le ti cs at UM R. Th e m e n 's and wom e n 's program s are m e mbe rs of the Na tion a l Collegiate Ath le ti c Assoc iati o n a nd the Missouri Int e rco ll eg iate Athletic Associa tion. The m e n co mp ete in co nfe ren ce and non- co nfe rence ac ti viti es in footb a ll , cross co untry , socce r , bas ketba ll , sw immin g, go lf. w restl in g, rifle , tennis , baseba ll a nd tra ck. Th e women co mp e te in fiv e s ports: bas ke tba ll , so ftba ll , te nni s, socce r a nd cross co u n try.

Th e re are many stud e nt gove rnin g o rga ni za tions on th e cam pu s. You ca n put you r lea d ersh ip ta le n ts to use on th e Student Council , th e s tud e nt gove rnm e nt organ iza tion , o r th e S tud e nt Un ion Board , which pro vid es rec rea tion a l a nd c ultura l activities fo r th e s tudent bod y. If yo u a re a m e mbe r of a fra ternit y or so rorit y , yo u may be e lected to serve o n the Inte rfratern ity Counci l or th e UM R Panhellenic Counci l, resp ec ti ve ly. T h e re a lso is th e op portun ity to participate in housin g associat io ns or be elec ted to th e St. Pat's Board , the gove rnin g bod y th a t p lan s th e a n nual St. Patri c k's ce lebration.

Intramural Sports Men's an d wo m en 's intramura l sports pla ya major rol e in the rec rea tional and p h ys ica l edu ca ti on program at UMR. You a re give n th e c h a nce to parti c ipa te in so m e fo rm of organized spo rt , w h et h e r yo u are affi li ated wi th a n y spec ial gro up or not. Th ere are more th an '1 ,800 intramura l co nt es ts of a ll kind s sc h e du led eac h yea r. a n d 60 percent o f the s tud ent s a re direc t pa rti c ip a nt s. Twenty-four spo rts a re offered in the in tra mural program.

Student Media You won 't be o n ca mpu s lon g before yo u bec ome acq ua int ed wit h th e M isso uri Min e r , UMR 's s tud e nt n ew s pape r. T h e we e kl y publication is wr itt e n , ed ite d a nd pub l is h ed by s tud ent s se lect ed from th e s tud e nt body at la rge . S tu d e nt s also h andl e th e produ c tion of th e Ro ll a m o , th e s tud e nt a nnu a l. a nd the op e ra ti o n of ra d io s tation KMN R-FM , w hi c h broadcas ts to th e camp us com munit y.

Music, Concerts, Theater Music and fine art s a re abund a nt at UM-Ro ll a. Th e S tu dent Un ion Board s pon so rs p lays , lectures, fi Im s , dances , coffee hou ses a nd co n ce rt s. The mu sic! theater!art program sc h ed ul es more than 50 act iv ities eac h yea r , in c ludin g th e Campus Performing Art s Series and th e UMR Film Series. Th e Re mm e rs Special Artist!Lecture Series h as brought former Pres id en t Gera ld Ford , p ianist Leo n a rd Pennario , former Sec re ta ry of S tate H e nry Kis s inger. business journalist Lo ui s Ruke yser a nd vio lini st Shlo m o Mintz to ca mpu s. Th ere are seve ra l musica l groups ope n to st ud e nt partic ipation and yo u a re in vi ted to become invo lve d in dramatic productions ei th er as performers or ob serve rs.

Clubs Th e re a re num e rou s extracurri c ular acti viti es for you to e njo y. Th ey includ e h onor soc ie ti es, se rvice group s , soc ia l orga ni za tion s . mu s ic a c tiviti es, int ercultura l group s . pr ofess ional fr a te rniti es, s tud e nt c ha pt e rs of e ngi nee ri ng and sc ie ntific orga nization s an d s pec ial interes t group s . More information on th ese ac ti viti es may be obt a in ed from th e Stud e nt Ac ti v iti es Offi ce, 20 2 Roll a Building.




establish ual schOI requirem some sci the tram school, e concern i

1. A

el CI

Freshman applicants

High School Preparation

Appli ca tions for th e fa ll se mester should be submi tt ed by Jul y 1 , for the sp ri ng se mes ter by Dec . 1 and for th e s umm er sess ion by May 1. An app li cation , inciden ta l fee prepay ment , high school transc ript and one appropriate tes t score (ACT-preferr ed, SAT , SCAT) must be submitt ed. If yo u are a Misso uri resident in th e upper one-fo urth of your hi gh sc hool gra duat ing class, yo u wi ll be acce pted for admi ss ion rega rdl ess of your test sco re. Some de partments ma y have hi gher ad mission req ui re ments. Offi cial de termin atio n of e ligibility for admission is mad e by th e Direc tor of Admission s. Yo u should not att empt to determin e ful ly fo r yourself your eli gibility for admiss ion fro m the material conta ined in thi s bookl et. Additional information may be obta in ed by w riting th e Direc tor of Ad mi ss ions. An app li cat ion form is on pages 27-28 of th is bookl et.

If yo u are plan ning to major in enginee ring or science di sc iplines, yo u should not e th e fo ll ow ing requ ired and re co mm end ed hi gh sc ho ol prog ram s. Required 1 un it of algeb ra 1 1 unit of geom etry 3 units of Engli sh 1 unit of science 2 un its of social sciences or fore ign language Recommended 4 units of Englis h 4 units of math emati cs 1 uni t of ph ys ics 1 unit of chemi stry 1 unit of mec hani ca l draw ing 1 unit of typing 1 unit of computer scienc e If yo u are planning to major in th e humanities or social sciences, yo u should no te th e foll ow ing requi re d and reco mmend ed high sc hoo l programs. Required 3 uni ts of Engli sh 8 units of mat hemati cs , social scie nces , natura l sc iences and fore ign languages Recommend ed 4 units of Engli sh 2 units of foreign language 3 units of math e mati cs 2 un i ts of sc ience 3 units of socia l sciences

Importance of Math Because of th e mathemat ica l apti tud e and training required by th e curri cula in engin eering and sc ience at UM R, all new fre shm en w ill be required to take placement tes ts in alge bra and trigonometry. These tes ts will be give n during th e summ er ori en tati on a nd reg istration session s or dur ing th e fa ll regis tration (for those who do not regis ter d urin g the summ er). A h ig h leve l of perfo rmance is requi red on bot h of th ese tes ts in order for vou to be placed in Calcu lus wi th Ana lytic Geometry I th e fir st semester. It is stron gly reco mm end ed that yo u ha ve a min imu m of three yea rs of hi gh sc hoo l mat he matics co urses (fo ur years preferred) and th at you th oroug hl y rev iew a lge bra and tr igo nometry before you take these tes ts. The Ma th emat ica l Associat ion of America pa mph let. "'Th e Mat h in Hi gh Schoo l. .. You ' li Need for Col lege ," is a good guid e for you and should be ava il abl e from you r hi gh sc hool co un se lor , teac her or the ad mi ss ions office (u po n wr itten request ).

High School Preparation (effective Fall 1987) The fo llo w in g minima l req uireme nts are es tab li shed for ge nera l admi ss io n of und ergraduate stu de nts. Ce rtain s pec ialized and profess ional und ergrad uat e program s acce pt a lim ited numbe r of students or have uniqu e require ment s for admi ss ion. Admiss ion to one of th e ca mpu ses of th e Uni versity does not gua rantee accep ta nce to th ese p rog ra ms. Admission to th e Freshman Class Any hi gh sc hoo l gradu ate is adm iss ible w ithout furth er data up on submi ssio n of a transcr ipt o r oth er ev id ence in dicating th e st ud ent meets both of th e foll owing req uirement s: 1. At leas t 14 un its of credit as fo llows: 16

4 units of Eng lish, one of w hi ch

may be in speec h or deba te. Two units emp hasizing co mposit ion or writin g skills are required. 3 units of mat hematics (a lgebra 1 and hi gher) 2 uni ts of sc ience (not incl udin g ge nera l sc ience), one of whi ch must be a laboratory co urse 2 units of social stud ies 3 additi onal units se lected fr om foreign language, Eng lish, math ema ti cs (a lgebra 1 and hi gher), science or socia l st ud ies . Among these options, two units of foreign language are strong ly re commend ed. 2. The sum of the studen t's hi gh sc hool class rank perce ntil e and aptitu de exa mination percentile must be 75 or grea ter. (This measure of perfo rm ance is a lread y in effec t, but by Jan . 1 , 1985 , each ca mpu s fac ult y govern ing group shall rev iew and ma y reco mm end oth er meas ures of perform ance wh ich w il l indi ca te a reasonab le chance of mak ing a 2.0 grade point ave rage.) App li ca nts who do not mee t th e above req ui rements wil l be co nsid ered for admi ss ion and are enco urage d to appl y to th e Direc tor of Adm iss ions, who may later requ est addit iona l data. A Ca mpus Fac ulty Adm iss ion s Committee will es tabli sh necessary poli cies for and ove rsee th e admini stration of th ese regul ation s. The Com mittee , or th e Director of Adm iss ions act ing und er it s direc ti on , will dete rm ine whic h ap pli ca nts will be admitt ed. Th e Comm ittee ha s th e au th orit y to es tabli s h stand ard appl ica tion forms. to requ es t interv iews from an y appl ica nt , and to es tabl ish proced ures for admiss ion durin g th e se ni or yea r whil e requi red cou rses are being co m pleted. The Co mmitt ee has th e autho rit y to es tab lish proced ures for early ad mi ss ion fr om hi gh sc hoo l, dual hi gh schoo l- Uni ve rs it y enro ll men t, tri al admiss ion,and GED h igh sc hoo l eq uiva lency. Ad mission of Transfer Students Th e foll owing minim a l req uirements are es tab li shed for ge nera l admi ss ion of transfer stu dents. They do not inc lud e more strin ge nt requirement s that may be

d, te h. c(


ta b: 01

2. A 2'

ce a( st al 2

Ie 01

e, gr of or pI ca in

UI 3. A:

th m AI as pr Oi de w


You ~ American -preferre (SAT) or Test [SCp ad misSion and rank i e1ass,a tes it is desif( Ivill be giv or regular elude ver mathemat engineerin and calcu scheduled ment may CLEP subj

"hich ~bate.


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from nath· lher),


If for· : rec·

high and mtile mea· d\' in each :roup nend lance nable point ~

t the lered a ap' II'ho


!icies m of Ir the er its Ippli· littee Idard :iell's IfOce' enior being e au'

earl\' high I ad· enCl'·

nen ts

on of elude al' be

es tablish ed by th e fa culti es of th e indi vidual sc ho ols , co ll eges or ca mpu ses, or th e requireme nt s of spec ial prog rams w ithin so me sc hool s. It is th e res ponsib ilit y of the tran sfer stud ent to chec k with th e sc hool , co llege, depa rt ment , or prog ram co nce rnin g more s pecifi c requirement s. 1. A stud ent who ha s comp leted fewer than 24 se mes te r hours of co ll ege-l eve l work mu st appl y under th e procedures for admi ss ion to th e fr es hm an c lass and mu st ha ve at least a 2 .0 overa ll grad e point ave ra ge (4 .0 sys tem) in all coll ege-l eve l co urses att empt ed at prev ious instituti ons . (Eac h ca mpu s fa cult y gove rnin g grou p reta in s th e option of recom mendin g, by Jan. 1. 1985, 12 se mes ter hours or so me numb er ot her tha n 24.) 2. An appl icant w ho has co mpl eted 24 or more se mester hours of co ll ege- leve l wor k is e ligible for ad mi ss ion if he or she is in good standi ng and ha s attain ed an ove rall grad e point average of at leas t 2.0 (4.0 sys tem) in a ll co ll egeleve l co urses att empt ed at prev ious in stitution s. [By Jan. 1 , 198 5, eac h ca mpu s facult y gove rn in g gro u p sha ll rev ie w the performa nce of tran sfer students and ma y recomm e nd at that tim e a meas ure of perfo rm ance wh ich would ind icate a reasonab le chan ce of making a 2. 0 grade poi nt ave rage at th e Unive rs it y.) 3. An app li ca nt w ho does no t meet these standards ma y app ly by submitti ng to the Campu s Fa cult y Ad mi ss ions Committee such da ta as the Co mmittee co ns id ers approp ri ate. Th e Committee, or the Direc tor of Admi ss ion s ac tin g un der it s direc tion, may determine who sha ll be ad mitt ed.

Examinations You should submi t res ult s from th e Ameri can Co ll ege Tes tin g Prog ram [ACT) - preferr ed , Scholas ti c Ap titud e Tes t (SAT) or th e Schoo l and College Abilit y Tes t (SCA T) wit h your app li ca ti on for adm iss ion. [If you are a Mi ssouri res id ent and rank in th e upp er one-fou rth of your cl ass , a tes t sco re is not requ ired. however. it is des irabl e.) Pl aceme nt exa mination s will be give n durin g summ er registrat ion or regular registrati on. Exa min atio ns include ve rbal an d quantitati ve skill s and mathem ati cs. An opti ona l exa min atio n in engin ee rin g draw ing, a nalyti cal geo metry and ca lculu s also may be ta ken at oth er sc hedul ed tim es. Credit and /or placement may be grant ed for AP tes ts and CLEP subj ec t exam in at ions. A broc hu re

on UMR 's Credit by Exam in ati on Progra mm ay be obtained fro m th e Direc tor of Admi ss ions. Credi t ea rn ed throu gh the 1818 program in St. Loui s and ot her co ll ege wo rk ea rn ed as a dua ll y e nrolled hi gh sc ho ol/co ll ege st ud ent a lso may be acce pt ed.

Transfer Applicants It is recom mended that app li catio ns for th e fall se mes ter be sub mitt ed by March 1 . fo r the s pring semes ter by Oct. 1 and for th e summer sess ion by March 1. An appli ca ti on. offi cial transcrip ts of a ll co ll ege wo rk and a li st of co u rses in progress d u ri ng th e curren t se mester mu st be submitted . A fi nal official tran scr ipt a lso should be se nt upon comp leti on of wor k. If you are interes ted in ent erin g in th e fa ll yo u sho u ld plan to att end th e summ er reg istrat ion program. Officia l determi nat ion of eli gibilit y for adm iss ion is mad e by the Direc tor of Ad mi ss ion s. You shou ld not at tempt to deter min e fu ll y fo r yourself yo ur e li gibilit y for admiss ion fr om th e mater ia l co ntain ed in thi s bookl et. Additional information ma y be ob ta in ed by wr iting th e Direc tor of Ad mi ss ions. An app li cat ion form is on pages 27-28 of thi s book let.

Visiting the Campus Th ere are a few s pecia l da ys when th e ca mpu s ho lds ope n hou se and facu lt y,


staff a nd stud ents are on ha nd to answer qu est ions and sho w visito rs advantages of the ca mpu s in detai l [see ca lendar of eve nts on page 23). Th e admi ss ion s office is ope n from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Mo nda y through Friday throughout th e yea r. exce pt on legal holi days . Yo u are invited to stop by th e ad mi ss io ns office in 10 2 Par ker Ha ll . For more information yo u may ca ll 3 14- 341-4164.

Computer Facilities The co mput er facilities at UM -Rolla co nsist of an IBM Di gita l Co mputer sys tem. a co m puter ed uca ti ona l serv ices labo ratory, graph ics sys tems and a mini co mputer networ k. Com pu ter graphics equipm ent availab le to stud ent s and facult y co ns ists of 27 Tektronix 4014 Graphi cs Termina ls eac h w ith di giti zin g tab let a nd ha rd copy ca pability, three Tektronix plotters. four Hew lett Pac kard graphic s termin als. three RAM TEK co lor grap h ics termin als. Calco m p 10 51 p lot ter, two com mu n ica tions co nt roll ers and a va ri ety of ge neral PU I' pose a nd co mput er-aided drafti ng/des ign and manufacturin g (CAD/CAM) softwa re. Oth er co mput er and data processing eq uipm ent inc lu des dial-up co mmuni cation s termin als for interac ti ve co mp ut in g with the Co mput er Ne twork and UMR co m puter sys tems and key pun c hes . The equipm en t is ava il abl e fo r c lass roo m and labo ratory use by stud ents .

ACCOMMODATIONS Student Housing Single Students-UM -Rolla is a res idential uni vers it y. Freshmen (3 0 hours or less) are required to res id e in Uni ve rsit y hoU Sin g, or in University-recognized fraterniti es or sororiti es. Exceptions may be grant ed for married st ud ent s, stud ent s w ho se h omes are in th e imm e diate area, vete ran s , tho se over 21 years of age a nd other just ifi ed s pec ial cases. This li v in g ex peri ence is an important dimension of the total fres hm an lea rnin g en v iro nm ent a t UM R. Learning to li ve w ith others w ho a re not "famil y" and joining in discussions about classwork, current ev ent s or a recent lec ture a nd con cert h e lp yo u to defend yo ur own id eas a nd provide val uabl e ex peri ence in wo rking out rela tion s hip s. T he res id enc e ha lls at UM-Rolla offer yo u a rich , we llround ed life o n the ca mpu s. Th e overall program is conduc ive to good sc hol a rship and opportunities for organi zed and s upervised socia l act iviti es , d e mo crati c se lf- gove rnm en t , sports and hobbi es . Un ivers it y hous in g is co mpo se d of the Quad ra ngle (Quad) and Thomas jefferson (TJ) co mpl exes. Most stud e nt rooms a re doub les (two persons s harin g th e ro om ), bu t some s i ngle rooms are ava il abl e at a so mew hat hi gher rate. The Quad co ns ists of three m en 's ha ll s (A ltman , Ho ltm a n and Kell y) a nd two wo men 's ha lls (McAnerne y a nd Fa rra r) w ith a max imum occupa ncy of 617 s tud e nt s. Tj co ns ists o f two buildings (th e No rth a nd So uth Towers) w ith a maxi mum occ up a nc y of 939 me n a nd wo me n students. Uni vers it y-recog ni ze d frat e rni-

ti es a nd sororiti es can currentl y hou se an a dditional 1,200 s tud ent s . Most stud e nt rooms a re doubles (two persons s harin g the room), but so me s ingle rooms are available at a so mew hat high er rate . The res id e nc e hall s are supervised by housing man agers with th e he lp of stud en t res id e nt assistants. The manage rs ha ve th e res ponsibility for encouraging and fo stering the soc ial activities in the ha ll s, for ass isting th e students in th e solution of personal problem s and for maintaining prop er study conditions in th e halls. Meals are served cafeteria style in Rayl Dining Hall (for thos e who resid e in th e Quadrangle) and Thomas jeffer so n. The cafe terias serve mea ls dail y, 20 m ea ls per wee k, and are closed Sunday evenings. How to apply-Students who desire accommodations in the res id ence halls s hould obta in applications by contacting the University Housing Office , 212 Univers ity Ce nt er-W es t, University of Misso uri-Rolla , Roll a, MO 65401. Applications are ava ilable all year. Students should return th e a ppli ca tion w ith a $50 deposit to th e hou s in g office. UMR w ill retain $25 as a process ing fee if thi s applica tion is ca nce led prior to th e ca nce llation date. Up on rece ip t of the hou s ing a pplication , th e hou s ing office w ill return an acknowledgment th at th e material ha s bee n rece ive d. At a later da te a contract w ill be sent. It is up to th e stud ent to ret urn thi s co n trac t a lon g w ith th e firs t hous in g pa y me nt. This payment mu s t be mad e before jun e 1, for th e fa ll sem es ter.

Res id en ce hall priority assignments are mad e by a pplication dates and an effort is mad e to honor roommate requ es ts. CANCELLATION OF APPLICATIONCONTRACT BY THE UNIVERSITY WILL OCCUR IF PAYMENT DEADLINE DATE OF JUNE 1 , 1984 (DEC. 31, 1984, FOR SECO ND SEMESTER), IS NOT MET. It is understood th at $25 of the hou sing depo sit w ill be retained by UMR as a processing fee if the application is canceled for non-pa yment. Upon rece ipt of the first pa ym ent , room ass ignm ents for fall semester w ill be se nt out around july 15 . No further noti ce w ill be sent by the hou sing offi ce unl ess requ es ted. The attention of all prosp ecti ve students is ca ll ed to th e co ntract w hich sta tes, " I AGREE THAT IF I HAVE NOT REQUESTED CANCELL ATION OF THE CONTRACT ON OR BEFORE JU NE 30 (DEC. 31 , IF APPLICATION IS FOR SECOND SEMESTER ONLY), AND IF I ATTEND THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURIROLL A, I WILL LIVE IN THE UNIVERSITY RESIDE NCE H ALLS DURING THE ENTIRE PERIOD FOR WHICH THIS APPLIC ATION-CO NTRACT IS MADE. " A ppli ca nt s w ho ha ve contracts in effec t on june 30 , mus t li ve in the residence h a ll s during th e academic year. Checks should be m ad e payable to " Univers ity of Missouri-Rolla" a nd forwarded to University hou sin g w ith the completed app li ca tion-co ntract. Married Students-Marri ed stud ents d es iring additional information on UMRowned marri e d stud ent hou s ing should co mpl ete the fo rm be low.

HOUSING INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SENT UNLESS A REQUEST IS SENT TO THE HOUSING OFFICE REQUEST FOR UNIVERSITY HOUSING INFORMATION Pl ease se nd in fo rm ati o n as requ es ted be lo w : Please pr in t o r ty pe : S in g le Wom e n _ _ __

Soror iti es _ _ __

S ing le Me n _ _ __

Fra te rniti es _ _ __

Na me St reet and Add ress

Ma rrie d Stud e nt _ _ _ _

C it y , S ta te, Z ip Code

_ _ _ _ Academ ic Yea r or Second Se mes te r 1984 -85 _ _ _ _ Summ e r Sess io n 1984


(Cross o ut year and ins ert des ire d yea r if ot he r th a n that indi cate d ) Ma il to : Hou s ing Offi ce 212 Uni ve rs ity Ce n ter-W es t Un ivers it y of M issour i-Ro ll a Roll a . M isso uri 65401


Uni ve rs ity of Missouri-Ro ll a

"nts an "sts. ON·


!tis pas· sing for first nes· No sing

stu· lich ~OT

fHE ~






s in resi· lear. Uni· rded eted ents MR·



EXPENSES Expenses '84-'85

Incidental Fee Prepayment

(Undergraduate only) Th e cos t of eac h se mes ter of allenda ll cc lit UMR m<l y be es tim ated w ith reaso nab le acc ul'acy, but w ill va ry w ith the i ndividu al stud en t beyond the bas ic ob jec ts li sted be l ow , /\11 statern ent s as to fees are by way of ilnn o un ce m ent o nl y, and arc not to be rega rd ed as offers to co ntrac t.


$2,480 (year)

A ll new app li ca nts are req uired to pay an ad mi ss io ns prepaYlll ent on th e in c id ent al fcc: $20 Mi sso uri res i dent /$40 non-res id ent. Thi s prepaY lll ent is nonrefundab le and wi ll be appli ed towa rd pa y ment of yo ur in cid ental fee upo n enroll m ent.

$'t .'t 47,:-;0 to be pilid eilc h se mes ter w ith pay ment p lans ava i Inb le,

Fl'atern i tics

Refund Policy


$2,295 (year) $2,000 (year)

(/\ pp rox im ate cos t) Th e cos t is app rox im ately $1 ,000 eac h se ill es ter,


$1,800 (year)

(/\p prox im ate cos t) You I <l y app rox i mately $900 per se mes tcl', (O ff-carnpu s U ni ve rsit y ho using is also avai lab Ie.)

Incidental , Activity $1,511.60 and Health Service (year) l'ees $75~1.55 is paid in th e fal l se mes ter and $752 ,0 5 in th e sprin g,

Engineering Supplemental Fcc

Th e four nati onal sorori ti es and 21 nati ona I frat ern i ti es h ouse approx i m ately 1,200 stud ents, Coo rd in ati on of fraternit y po li ci es is th e res pon sibilit y of th e Int erfraternit y Co unc il , w hil e th e UMR Panhell eni c Co un cil is in c harge of sororit y ac ti v iti es,

Eating Clubs

Income Tax If yo u are a non-res id ent stud ent yo u may offse t aga i nst yo u I' ou t-o f-s tate tu i ti on an y in co me tax t hat yo u or yo ur parent s pa y to t he state o f Mi sso uri, For co m p lete de tail s pl ease sec page 64 of th e UMR 8284 Bull etin,

$'t ,24 0 to be paid eac h se mes ter w ith pay ment p lans Clva ilabl ,

Fraternities and Sororities

I I' yo u ca nce l yo ur en ro ll ment pr ior to th e first da y of c l ass, yo u mu st pa y a $20 ca nce ll nti on charge, If yo u w ith draw during th e firs t throu gh th e fifth day, yo u w ill rece i ve a 90 perce nt refund, If yo u w ithd rilw from th e six th through th e '10th day, yo u wi ll rece i ve a 70 pe rce nt refu nd, Fro m th e 11th through th e 25 th day of c lasses, yo u wi ll rece i ve a 50 perce nt I'dund, and aft er th e 25 th da y, no refund is gi ve n,

Th ere are two ea tin g c lu bs on ca mpus wh ere members share cos ts and wo rk, M embers also take pa rt ill ca mpu s ac tiviti es,



Out-of-State Tuition Out -o f-s tat e stud ent s pa y 811 ad di ti onal $ 1 ,2813 fo r tuiti on per se mes ter,

A $ tt I eI' c redit hour fcc w ill be assesse d to th ose stud elil s tll k in g enginee rill g co urses (w ith th e exce pti on o f geo logy iliid geo ph ys ics), Thi s fee w ill be sllb jec t to th e regul il r f' e ref lln d pol icy ,



Thi s is : 111 es tilll Ci ted cos t of necessa ry book s fo r th e sc hoo l ye al',

Miscellaneous and Travel



Stuci Clit ill sllrnn c:e is av ai lab le li nd YO Il mH.v usc Mastc rC:1I'C 1il ll e! V I ' /\ for fcc paynl Dllt s, I"ccs fur th e SUllllll er sess iu n [1 1'{ : app rox ilil iit ely h:II f of th e lI lll o unt for a r(:glll ll r S() llI es tor, Co-op stud ent s spe ncl i llg :1 wo rk sc mcs tc r off ca m p us are requirncl to reg ister for and pll y th e inc ide nt il l fcc for (Jll e hour of c lii sses for t he se mes ter ($4 :t) ,




Id 21

lately Itnity InterPanrarity

RETURN THIS FORM TO: Student Financial Aid University of Missouri -Rolla 106 Parker Hall Rolla, MO 65401 314-341 -4282


See reverse side for further information on financial aid


NAME ____~~------~~~------~~--------~~~~~------~~~~~~~~~--Print (Last) (First) (Middle Initial ) (Social Security Number) EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION:

camwork. ctivi-

Name of Col leges Previously Attended :

Date of Attendance


(S FA must have F.A. transcript from all postsecondary institutions previous ly attended.) Year in School during 1984-85 (Ci rcle One) 1 2 3



IMPORTANT: MUST BE COMPLETED AND SIGNED BY ALL STUDENTS STATEMENT OF EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE I certify that I will use any money I receive under the Title IV student financial aid programs only for expenses related to attendance at the University of Missouri-Rolla.









The aHidavit of selective service reg istration compliance is required for financial aid consideration for 1984-85 and should be completed. 1. ____ I certify that I am not required to be registered with Selective Service , because-(check one reason below) ____ I am a female. ____ I am in the armed services on active duty (note : Members of the Reserves and National Guard are not considered on active duty). ____ I have not reached my 18th birthday. ____ I was born before 1960. ____ I am a permanent resident of the Trust Territory of the Paci fic Islands or the Northern Mariana Islands. 2. ____ I certify that I am registered with Selective Service.

NOTICE: You will not receive Title IV financial aid unless you complete this statement.







Student Financial Aid Information




( HE




ADM I: studer. A DMI~



~C_O_M_P_L_E_T_E_T_H__E==-~ --~"' r-________~ ACT FAMILY






Scholarship ONLY Applicants 1. A ll scholarship rec ipi ents are se lecte d on th e basis of th eir ADMISSION a ppli cation . 2. You do not have to submit the Famil y Fin an c ial Sta tem ent. 3 . Fres hmen appl y in g for schol arshi ps M U ST be in th e u p p er 10 p erce nt of th e ir high sch ool graduating class and h ave comparabl e tes t scores (A CT a nd SAT ) of 90 p erce nt or better. 4 . Uppercl ass m en or tra n s fer stud e nts a ppl yin g for sc h o lars hip s MUST h ave at leas t a 3.50 cumul ativ e grad e po int w ith no les s th an a 3.00 grad e point fo r th e prev ious se m es te r. Applicants for Grants, Loans and Work Programs 1 . Co mpl ete th e Fa mil y F in a n c ia l S ta tem ent (FFS) from th e A m eri ca n Co ll ege T es tin g Serv ice a nd se nd to th at orga niza ti on in Iowa Cit y w ith th e a p pro pria te fee. Do n ot s u bmit before Ja nu a ry 1. 3. If yo u a uth o ri ze d (o n th e FFS ) processin g to the M isso u ri Gra nt eva lu ati on (M isso uri ' gra nt is ava il a bl e to M isso uri res id ents o nl y) and th e Pe ll Grant , yo u w ill rece ive a S tud ent A id Rep o rt (SAR) fro m ACT. a. If yo u are e lig ib le to rece ive th e Pe ll Gra nt- forwa rd a ll o ri gin a l copies of the SA R to th e UMR S tud e nt Fin an c ia l A id Offi ce. Th ese SA R' s mu st be s igned. 4. P re ference is'give n to app lica nts w hose Fam il y Financial State m e nt has bee n processe d p ri o r to Apr il 30 .

5. All corres ponden ce w ill be sent to your hom e addres s unl ess you requ es t it to be se nt to a different addres s . 6. For furth er informati on write to th e Student F inancial Aid Offi ce, 106 Pa rker Hall , Uni vers ity of Mi ss ouri-Rolla , Roll a, MO 65401 . " Finan cia l A id s For You " bro chure is avail abl e on requ es t. General Information 1. A fin an cia l a id tran sc ri pt is require d of all a ppli ca nts w ho h ave attend e d a post-second ary in stitut io n oth er th an UMR-w h eth er you rece ive d an y finan c ia l aid or not. For d etail s of thi s require m e nt , contac t th e UMR S tu d ent Fin a n c ial A id O ff ice. 2. If yo u w is h to be co n s idered for s umm er a id , contac t th e S tud en t Fina n c ia l A id Offi ce a pprox im a te ly on e month before th e s umm er sess io n begin s . 3. If yo u have rece ive d a sc holars hi p, loa n or gra nt in excess o f $1 00 from a loca l s po n sor, thi s ty pe o f a id a nd th e do ll a r a m o unt s h o ul d be reported to th e S FA Offi ce . 4. If yo u s h o uld be d e ni ed a id throu gh th e " nee d a n a lys is " ty p e progra m , yo u mi ght wa nt to c heck w ith a pri va te le nd er abo u t th e p oss ibil ity of obta in in g a Guaran tee d S tu de nt Loa n .

books, room and board , tran s porta tion allowance and p ersonal exp en ses). Non-Missouri residents add $2 ,576

Guaranteed Student Loan Information Yo u mu st compl ete : 1. The Gu ara ntee d Student Lo an applica tion w hi c h yo u ca n ge t fro m a local lendin g in s titution or th e UMR Stud ent Fina n c ia l A id Offi ce. 2 . GS Ls uppl e m en tal form - mu s t recei v e this fr om th e UMR Stud ent Fin an cial Aid Offi ce . 3. Mu s t have a cop y of yo ur a nd/or your pare nt s' 1983 in com e tax fo rm s attac h e d .




a Spri!

Scho w,

ing Ce

(phone dents If sions C (phone

Cost of Attendance (Estimated) For a s ing le de pe n de nt s tu den t $5 ,500 Thi s is th e cost to a tt e n d UMR fo r th e 1984 -85 academ ic year (i n cl ud es fees,

line fa Apply Jan. 1 i 1 and I line fa tions transfE membl lion, 1'1 cation O ForFll arship: 15 (by Finane line da other t for cal for adr You an appliCi dents e housin March ments which tice of lions" pendin ment i1 onorbl room a July 15 Freshrr encour mer pr will re gram II

Th. MIn.,




CHECKLIST o Freshm e n a re e ncourage d to a pp ly for



Ition ,576


liea路 oeal


:eive Kial


; at路


ADMISSIO N after Octob er. Transfer stud ent s are enco uraged to ap p ly for A DMISSIO N after Janu ary. The d ea dlin e for a ppl ying is Ju ly. Appl y for SCHOLARSHIPS be twee n Jan. 1 and Ma rch 1 (freshmen) and Ja n. 1 and April 1 (transfer students) . Dead lin e for freshman schol ars hip application s is March 1. It is Apri l 1 for transfer and u pperclass s tudents . Remember-to be eli gib le for cons ideration, you mu st ha ve mad e forma l applica tion for admi ss ion. For FIN ANCI A L AID other than sc holarships apply bet wee n Ja n. 1 and April 15 (by completing th e ACT Fam il y Finan cial State me nt). There is no dead line da te for a pp lying for financial aid other th an sc holarships. To be eligible for co nsid era tion , forma l application for admission must be made. You are encouraged to return HO USING app lic ations prior to March 15. Stu dents curre nt ly enro ll ed and renew in g hou sing w ill ha ve first priority until March 15. After March 15 , assign ments wi ll be mad e in th e order in w hi ch applications were rece ive d. No ti ce of "Assignm ent of Acc ommod ations" wi ll be sen t about May 1. Depending on th e pl an by w hich pa ym ent is made, th e first pay m ent is du e on or befo re Jun e 1. After fir st paym ent, room assignments w ill be sent about Ju ly 15. Fres hm en and transfer s tud ents are enco urage d to register during th e summ er program held in Jun e. Freshmen wi ll receive informati on on thi s progra m w ith th e lett er of acceptance or in a spri ng ma iling from Dr. George Sc ho wenge rdt , Coun se lin g and Tes ting Center, UM R, Ro lla, MO 55401 (phon e: 314 -34 1-4 211). Transfer stu de nts ma y co ntact Dav id All en , Admi ssions Offi ce, UMR , Rolla , MO 554 01 (phone: 314-341-4154).

CALENDAR OF EVENTS Fall Semester 1983 Fres hman orientation (for those w ho ha ve not already reg iste red) ... .. .Tu es. , Aug. 15 New student orientation. . ...... ... ........... Wed. , Aug. 17 Regu lar registration begins 8:15 a.m .. Thurs ., Aug. 18 . ... ....... Fri ., Aug. 19 Reg istra tion e nd s 3 p.m. ............................ . Classes beg in 7:30 a.m. . ............................. .. .. Mon. , Aug. 22 Official Un iversity holida y, Labor Da y .... ..Mon. , Sept. 5 . .. ... ................ .. ........................ Sat. , Oct. 8 Parents ' Da y .. Studen t Counc il Free Da y (no classes) ............. .. ........... .. Fri. , Oct. 14 Homecoming. ...... Fri.-Sa t. , Oct. 21-22 High School Marching Band Fes tiva l ....Sat. , Oct. 15 Nationa l Merit Da y.. ... ...... . . . ...... ... ... ..... ...... ... . ......... Fri. , Oct. 28 Univers ity Da y (Open house-good tim e to visit) . . ... ..Sat. , Oct. 29 Thanksgiving vacation (stud ents-no classes) .. .. .. ....... .. ....... .We d.-Mo n. , Nov . 23-28 Last day of classes ..................................................... .. .. .. ... ....................... .... .. .. .... Fri. , Dec. 9 . ..... Sat. , Dec. 17 Fall semester closes.. ..... . . ......... Ann ual Commencement .... Sun. , Dec. 18 Spring Sem ester 1984 Regular registration begins 8:15 a.m. ................ Mon. , Ja n. 9 Regi stration ends 3 p.m.. . ................... .......... .. ........ Tues., Jan. 10 Classes begin 7:30 a.m.. . ....... ..... .. .... ............. ............. Thurs. , Jan. 12 15th annua l Foreign Language Fair ............................. Fri. , March 9 Spring recess (students). .................... ... .......... Thurs. -Sun. , March 15 -18 South Centra l District Sp eech Festiva l . . ...... ... ...... ..Fri. -Sat., March 15-1 7 South Centra l Science 路and Engineering Fair ..... ....Fri.-Sat. , March 23-24 Spring break (students) ....................... . .... .... .Sat.-Mon. , March 31-April 9 .......... ........... ... ....... ... Fri. , Ma y 4 Last da y of classes ........... ... Spring semester closes ..... ... ..Sal. , Ma y 12 ...... Sun. , May 13 Annu al Commencement Su mmer Session 1984 *S umm er sess ion s beg in .... .. ..... ..... .. .......... ... ... Mon ., May 14 Offi cial Uni versity ho liday, Memorial Day. . .... ... Mon ., May 28 Offi cia l Uni ve rsit y holida y, Ind e pend e nce Da y . ....... .. Wed. , Ju ly 4 Summer Open Ho use. . . . ..... ... ... ........ Fri. , Jul y 13 *S umm er sessions end ................. ..... .... ........ ............................... ...... ......... ...... .Sal. , Aug. 11 *Th e summer sessions are of variab le length. Registrati on times a nd dates fo r specifi c sections to be announced. Beginning of Fall Semester 1984 Freshman orientation ................ ... ......... .. New stu dent orienta tion .................................. . Regu lar registratio n beg ins 8:15 a .m Reg istra tion end s 3 p.m . ............................... .. Classes begin 7:3 0 a .m.

J 23

........ ...... Tu es., ............... Wed. , ........ ... ... T hurs. , ................... Fri. , .............. Mon. ,

Aug. Aug. Aug. Aug. Aug.

14 15 15 17 20

MORE INFORMATiON If yo u ha ve additional questions , write or ca ll R. B. Lewis, Director of Admissions, University of Mi sso uriRolla, Rolla , MO 65401 (phon e: 314-3414164). You may wish to contact one of th e followin g perso ns for spec ifi c information. Bob Whites , Directo r, Stu dent Financial Aid-3 14-341-4282 Jess Zi nk , Hous in g Offi ce-314-34 1-4218 or 314-34 1-4 295 Cha rl es Re min gto n , Office of Ca ree r Deve lop ment-3 14-341-4309 Floyd Harris , Minorit y Enginee rin g and Wom en in Engin eerin g Programs314 -341-4 212 Bill y Key, Direc tor of Athleti cs-31 4341-41 75 B. Ken Rob ert so n , Dea n of Students314-341 -4292 Marvin W. Barker, Dea n of th e Co ll ege of Arts a nd Sc iences-3 14-341-4127 Robert L. Dav is, Dea n of th e Schoo l of Engin eeri ng-3 14-341-4151 Do n L. Warner, Dea n of th e Sc hoo l of Mines a nd Metallurgy-314 -341-4153 Myron Parry, Reg istrar-31 4-34 1-4 161 David L. Oak ley, Music , Ar t, Th ea ter-3 14- 341-4185

DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Aerospa ce Studi es (Air Force ROTCl-Lt . Co l. Lynn B. Ra lsto n App li ed Arts and Cultural Studies-David L. Oakl ey Ceramic Engin ee ring- Rob ert E. Moore Chemical Engineerin g-Jam es W. Jo hn son Chemistry-Oliver K. Manu el Ci vil Engineering-Jo se ph Senne Computer Sc ien ce-A rl an DeKock Economics-David Hent ze l El ectrical Engineering-J. Derald Morgan En gin eering Management-He nry Si nea th En gin eerin g Mec hani cs-Peter G. Hans en English-Jam es N. Wi se Geologi ca l Engineering-John D. Rockawa y Geo lo gy and Geoph ys ics-Gerald B. Rup ert Hi story and Politica l Sc ience-Harry J. Eise nm an Life Sciences-Nord L. Ga le Mathematics and Statistics- Loui s Grimm Mec hanical and Ae ros pace Enginee rin g-Wa lter Eversman Metallurgical Enginee ring- Harry W. Wea rt Military Science (Arm y ROTCl- Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bryso n Mining Engin ee ring- Char les A. Beas ley Nuc lear Engineering-N icho las Tso ulfanidi s Petrol eum Enginee rin g-A . Herber t Harvey Philosoph y-Wa yne Coge ll Ph ys ics-Ralph Alexa nd er Jr. Psyc ho logy-John L. Fl etcher For more information on curri cu la and co urse informati o n, con tac t th e ap propria te de partment chairman above. For a copy of th e UM R undergraduate ca ta log con tac t th e Adm iss ion s Offi ce .

L -

O'l'Ob' A~


"""i """i

0 ~I








til til



All statements in thi s publication are ann ou nce ments of prese nt polici es on ly and are subj ec t to change at any tim e w ith o ut pri or not ice. The y are no t to be rega rded as off ers to co n tra ct. An equa l op port unity institution. The Un ive rsity of Missouri-Ro ll a does not discr iminat e on th e bas is of hand icap in th e rec ruitm ent or ad mi ss ion of stu dents or access to its program s. UMR co m pli es wi th Secti on 504 of th e Rehabi litati on Ac t of 1973. If yo u need s pec ia l se rvic es beca use of pe rm a nent o r temporary ha ndi ca p , please id entify yo urse lf to th e dea n of stud ents. 24





~ . .,




















OJ-o 9


5-- S'




University of Missouri-Rolla


16TH 5 1>'!!: !:1

Alphabetical Listing of Buildings

I :~~~CK




Building "0"

Geo logic,ll Engi ll ucr i ng ]Jet ro le ulll Engil1t~t: r ill g ivlinin g Engillt-:ering Butl e r- Ca rlton C ivil En ginee rin g

Cha ncellor's Resi d ence C h e mis try-Ch e mi ca l Eng in eering (S c hrenk Hall) Lift~ Scitm ct-!s

Electri ca l Engineer in g Engineering Mechani cs Engineering Re search La b Ce nter for Inlt"! r1lC1tiotwl ProWilllls £Inri Studi es Institut e of Ri ver St udi es CROW School of Engi llt~ er i ng Engi neeri ng Co nt inui ng Edu ca tion

Env iro lllll e nt al Rt·:St:i1fC h CI-: l1h:r Rencwable Reso urces Rt-:sua rch Celllt~r Transportiltio n Itl s t ilutl~

N U1

Fulton Hall Ccram it: En gi neer ing Metallurgica l E ng illcl:ri tl g

Harris Ha ll Engi neerin g Mallagcmcll l

Alumn ilDeve loJJmclll Music/Art Office Ce nt e r for Applied Engineering

Huma niti es a nd Socia l Sciences Co ll ege of Arts a nd Sc ie nces Arts and Sc iences Co ntinuing Ed u c<l ti o ll Infirmary Library

KUMR Racli o Math and Comp ut er Science Computer Ce nt e r

Mechanica l a nd Aerospace Enginee rin g Mi li ta ry Science f\rm v ROTC

Mining Engineerin g

Geological Engineering Petroleulll Engineer in g Mining Engineering Engineer i ng Grap hi cs

Mines a nd Meta llu rgy Co ntinuing Education

School of Mines and Metallurgy

Norwood I-Iall

Geo logy a nd


G eo ph~' s i cs

Mi ll era i M useu1ll CC lll er for Cloud Ph ,v sics Rcsenrch

Nuclea r Enginee rin g Nuclear Reac to r O ld Ca feteri a Parker I-Ia ll Adm iss ions Office Reg istrar Grilduate S tud " Office




Finan c ial A iel . C ha ll ce l lor's Off ice O th er admi ni strative offices Physics


Rolla Building

Co uns eling and T e~ t i n g Ce nt er Dea n of Studen ts Mine r Newsp<lpe r OffiCt! ivlino rit v a nd Wome n ill Engin"ee ring Programs Strau man is Hall Graduat e Cc nt er for Ma terials H.ese<lrch Milling and Mineral Resources In s tit ut e Instit u te of Chemica! ,llld Ex trac ti ve Me t <Jl lllr g~' Temporary Buildings T- 1 (Stucien t Offices) T-7 (A ir Force I{ 01'C) 1'-10 (Ma il Room) T-l1 (Public Information .

Ce ntra lized Printing) 1'-23 (O ffi ces) 1'-26 (Safetv Off ice)

Uni versity Ce nter·East Cafeter ia Min er C<ln teell Min er Lo un ge Uni ve rs it y Center· Wes t Auxi liarv Services Books to~e Food Service Office Housing Office Stud e nt Council U ni vers it ~1 Ce nt er Progra m Coullcil Universit y Police

~ n








r::;2'AR FULTO N









RVW 76



.'" In




















W +E s

Des Momes Chicago •

• Davenport .

Omaha .

" E"

• Decatur

13th St.






<:t: D-



.c (j)










Oklahoma City

Fort Smith • •

~ ~

~O~~~I .:;: ;;:~

!" z~ rzo


~~/'I ~

0 2 0 1?



,~ ,'"~

f ~






~ ~




- ,.= ~





,. ,. ,.






,. ;;.9

o~ f ~

\ 0;::


M emphiS

Little Rock

i \ t ! t l\J ~\ 0~ ~









102 Parker Hall Roll a, Mo. 65401


Telephon e 31 4-341-4 164

•• NO TE : Req u ired ad mi ss ions app l icat ion fee deposit: $20.00 Missour i res ident--$40.00 non-resident. T his fee is non- refun dab le and w ill be app li ed toward f ee payme nt upon enro ll ment. 1. L EG AL NAME IN FULL













090 REPE A T 4· 12



(M i ddle)

(F irst )



3. Th is a ppl icat io n fo r ad m ission is b e ing m ade to:

4. D o yo u intend to app ly fo r F inancia l A id?

o Rolla Campus (check depa rt m ent i n wh ich y ou p lan to major b elow!' o Dual Enrollment on R olla Campus (check graduate depa rt ment be l ow ).


b l M I D





1S 1



5. S pec ify year and t e rm in w h ich you p lan to firs t e nr o ll ( check one)

o Fall


(Aug.- De c .)


6. A re yo u a vetera n of t he A rmed Fo rces?


(Jan .-May)









o B.S. 104 1 OB.A. 103 1 D Profess iona l Development Deg ree (79) o M.S . 1621 o Ph . D .19 11 o Doctor of Eng ineering (92 ) o N one 149 /99)

11 1 I I


o Aerospace Eng i neer i ng 20-0340 o SA o r 0 as Econom ics 06-1850 o SA Engl ish 07 -2 11 0 O



SA o r


Cera m ic Engi neer i ng 43-1220

and yo ur department of interest)

o Geo log ica l Eng i nee ri ng 45·2700 o Geol ogy 46·27' 0 o Geo logy-Geophys ics

SA Hi sto ry 11 ·3060

OP ti on 46 -2 715

8S Psychology 16-7060


o Chem ical Eng ineer i ng 22·1230 o Chem istry 03-1240 o

life Sc iences 13-37 10 Ma themat ics 12·0590·3840 Mechan ical Eng ineer i ng 38·38 60


Meta l lurgi ca l Eng i neer i ng 47·3940


M ini ng Engi neenng 49·4030


Compute r Sc ience 0 4 · 14 30

o o o

Electrica l Eng i nee ri ng 28·1970


Engi neeri ng Management 30·2070


En gi neer i ng Mechan ics 32·2080





Educat ion 02 -6050


0 0 0

Law 02·6070



Medi ci ne 02·6080


Pharmacy 02·9001


of interest)









030 REPE A T 4· 16

Arts and SC iences


Eng ineeri ng (majo r undec ided) 18·90 17

0 OFal1


1J 2

Cooperative Teache r- Education

(majo r undeC ided) 02·9001





Not cand idate for degree


fr om UMR . 02·9001

9. Ter m you expec t to co mplete yo ur degree.




Program (Also check department

Nuclea r Eng ine eri n g 51 ·4360

Phys i cs 15· 5000



060 R EPEA T 4· 16


Nursing 02-6080



Dent istry 02-9001


Petroleum Eng ineer i ng 53·4860









Ci vil Eng ineeri ng 24 · 1310


Pre (check one of the following

Env i ronmen t al and Plann ing Eng inee ri ng ( MS only) 34-2150

o SA Ph il osophy 14-4920 0




7. For w hat degree wi ll you be a ca nd idate?

S. C heck depa rtm e n t in w hic h yo u pl a n to m ajor:


D Spr ing



D Summer

100 R EPE AT 4 · 12 10. H ave yo u p r evious ly ap p l ied for admission to this camp u s?

D Y es

DN a

H ave you p reviou sly been enro ll ed at this campus? DYes


[f y es, when ?

UMR St u de n t















I f yes, w he n?









ls 1
















1 1 1























Complete reverse side





1 1 I I



3 UMR Rev . 7·83

Inform at ion on r ace, sex and rel ig ion is important in d ete rm i nin g the effectiveness o f effo r ts re lated t o the pr ov isi on o f equa l educationa l oppor tun ity. F or this reason it is requ ested on this app li ca tion form . The provision of this information is optional.




Mal e

Relig iou s Pref er ence :

Femal e

Predom ina nt ethnic ba ckg ro u nd :

D Asian or Pacific Islander (Amer ican)

3. D 4.


Amer ican Indian / Alaskan Indian, please specify tribe:

1. D



7. D

Slack-Nan-Hispanic (American)

D Hispanic (American)


12 . Your H o m e Address (Legal):


o Guardian or

Parent (s)

Non-Resident Alien (Foreign) Refuse to indica t e N ot avai lab le



Z,p Code



Z,p Code


Stree r Address



White-Nan-Hispanic (Ame r ican)

jMI L l p l G I SI S I

Srree r Address

13. Current Mailing Address .

o o

o Spouse (check one)

N ame and Current Addr ess

.1 (Last Name )

(First Name)

(Middle /fJlltafJ

Street Address





Alumn; of UM R ? Yes O NoD

Z,p Code

15. Your telephone number : DO NOT WRITE IN TH I S SPACE Area Code

16. Are you a Missouri resi dent ?



D No 110 REPEAT 4 · 12

I I yes, have b ee n a c o ntinuous reSident Sin ce



o City 01 51. LO UIS

County, Sp ecliv

Month Year

17 . D ate of Birth : Month


Place of B i rth : Year


18 . Are you a United States citi zen ?




D No

I f no. give country of clttl.enshlp


D"J-l" D"J-2" E xchange Visitor


O "F-2" Student

D "A-2" Diplomatic












OOth e,





I I I I I 2






DY es

D No 170 REPEAT 4 - 12

21 . N am e & l oca tion of H igh School Attended?

T y pe of School Attended :


o Pub liC


o Pa roc hial

o Priva te

130 REPEAT 4 · 12

D at e of Gr aduation (or wi ll graduate) Rank

Numb er In Class

Seme Ster

TYPE OF EX If you earned H .S . G. E.D. Equivalency, IndiCa t e dal e re ce ived :


Counselors Sign atu re Are you applyi n g for



N ame of Schaal


R egul ar Adm iSSion


Early Adm iSSio n


PERCENT I LE Dua l EnrOllment



29 0 REPEAT 4 · 12 Cumu lative grade pOint avera ge on fo u r p Oi nt system R an k


graduating class

Your p ro p osed field 01 study In the d eparment










Indicated o n reverse Side Please fist brtefly on an attached sh eet your practical experie n ce, If any, In th is field .

Numb er i n Class

2 I 6


Applicants Signature. An Equ al Opportunity Institutio n







SI. Pa presents everythi In an 1984 St be read) Greer

Sweatsh (XS. ~


Sweatpa (XS, ~

Youlh 1 S(24·2

UM-Rolla Areas of Study Special Programs Activities College Preparation Accommodations Expenses Financial Aid Calendar of Events Department Chairmen Campus Map 26 City and State Maps 27 Admission Application

1 2 12 14 16 18 20 21 23 24 25

Hiball (


Can wra


Engineer Ganer

Large bu


Orders ' S22S r SID, plea

Send Alu


:1:. Un i vers i ty of M isso ur i- Rol l a

Uni Uni ROi

MSM·UMR Alumni Association Telephone (3 141 341AI 71. (3 141 34 1A I72


OFF IC ERS Presidelll . Presidenl Elec!. Vice President Vice Pres idelli . Vice Preside nl . Vice Preside nl . Secretary. Treasure r

St. Pat's Green makes ideal Christmas presents for that person who has everything. In any event, it's time to order yo ur 1984 St. Pat's Green to be sure you will be ready for the big celebration. Green items for 1984 inclu de: Sweatshirts (XS, S, M , L, XL)


Swea tpants (XS, S, M , L, XL)

10 .00

Youth T-shirts S(24-26), M(28- 30)


Hi-ball Glasses

2. 50

Bar Glasses


Ca n wrappers


Baseball cap


Engineer's cap


Ga rter


Large button


Stocking cap


Orde rs $ 10 and unde r, please in clude $2.2 5 for postage. Orders more than $ 10, please include $3 for postage. Send your orders to: Alumni Sales Chairman St. Pat's Board Universit y Ce nter University of Missouri-Rolla Rolla, Mo. 65401

Term Expires

....... Lawrence A. Spa nier. '50 . .

. .... 5 Pell il Dri ve . . ... 198 4 Dix Hills. N.Y. 11746 ............. James B. McGralh. '49 . . . . 12425 Balwyck Lane . . 1984 51. Louis. MO 63 131 · .. An hur G. Baebler. '55 .. . .. 20 Fox Meadows . · .. 198 4 Sunse l Hills. MO 63 127 · Alfred J. Buescher. '64 ........... 624 Golfv iew Drive .......... 1984 lJa liwin . MO 63011 .... John B. Toomey. '49 . . ... 741 2 Ad mi ral Dri ve . · .. 1984 Alexa ndr ia. VA 22307 · . Rabe n V. Wolf. '5 I . Melallurgica l Engineering . ..... 1984 Depa n ment . MR . Rolla. MO 65 401 · .. Manha Gerig. '69 . 9926 Gu lf Hills Drive ........ 1984 Sun CiI Y. AZ 85351 · J.L. "Jac k" Painler. '50 16 10 Wi lson Circle . 198 4 Rolla. MO 65 40 I

Term Ex pires DIR ECTOR S AT LARG E T hor Gj elsleen. '53. . . 73 00 W. Sieison Place, No. 4 1. Lili leion. CO 80 123 · . 1985 James D. Gostin. '44 . . .... 180 MI. Olive Drive. Bradbury. CA 9 101 0 . 198 5 . 1983 Raben P. Schafer. '52 ........... 4426 Mi ll Creek Road. Dallas. TX 75234 . Gera ld L. Stevenson. '59 . . .... 5 11 N. Ma in 51. . Chagrin Falls. OH 440 22 ............. . · . 1984 Ronald A. Tappmeyer. '47 ........ 2226 Coulliry Clu b Dri ve, Suga r Land. T X 77 478 . · .. 1984 Armi n J. Tucker. '40 ............. 6464 Ove rlook Drive. Alexa ndria. VA 223 12 · .. 1985 Area Zip Term Expires Code Numbers AREA DIRECTO RS 00- 14 Raymond T. Ruenheck. '50 ... 7 Montv iew. Chelmsfo rd. MA 0 1824 .......... . . . . . · . 1983 15·2 1 Raben e. Perry. '49 .. .. .... 302 Fox Chapel Road. Pillsburgh, PA 15238 . · 1983 22·34 Wayne R. Broaddus, Jr. . '55 ... P.O. Box 2545. Dalton. GA 30720 . · 1985 35 A 5 William D. Busch, '42 .... . .. 2000 I Idlewood Trai l. Cleve la nd, OH 44 136 . 1983 . ... 1984 46·59 George Baumganner. '56 ... . 2120 Syracuse. Dearborn . MI 48124 . . .. 816 Dennison Dri ve. Champaign. IL 6182 0. 60-6 1 Eugene J. Daily, '36 . · .. 1985 62·62 Ernst Wei nel, '44 . . .. 1502 West 50. O'Fallon, IL 62 269 . · .. 1984 63·65 Jerome T. Berry. ·49 ......... RI. 4. Box 32 1. Rolla. M06540 1. ... 1984 63·65 Harold G. Bu tzer. '47 ........ 4 11 Schellridge. Jefferson City. MO 65 10 I . · . 1985 63-65 Malleo A. Coco. ·66 ......... 711 5 Aliceton Ave .. SI. Louis. MO 63 123 . .. .. 1984 63·65 Harold R. Cra ne. '53 ...... ... 480 Country Club Dri ve. Hannibal. MO 6340 I . · . 1983 63·65 B. Nei l Lewis. '58. 11 5 College SI.. P.O. Box 627. Kennelt. MO 63857 . · . 1985 . Director Institute of River Studies. UMR. Rolla. MO 6540 I . . . . . . . . . 1984 63·65 Paul R. Munger. '58 63·65 1. Robert Pallerson, '54 ....... Show Me. Inc.. P.O. Box 573. Sikeston, MO 6380 I . 1984 63·65 Kennelh D. Pohlig. '64 ...... 2 Vienne Court, Lake 51. Louis. MO 63367 . 1983 63 65 Robert E. Vansant. '5 I . . . 435 E. 55 51.. Kansas City. MO 64 I 10 . 1983 1984 63·65 e. M. Wallenbarger, '4 I ... ... 205 W. First 51. Terrace. Lamar. MO 64759 . 66·74 David D. Kick. '57 .......... 4915 S. Lakewood Drive. Tulsa. OK 741 35 . . .... 1985 75· 79 James B. Chaney. '48 . . .. 162 18 Chipstead Drive. Spring. TX 77373 . · 1985 80-89 & 96·99 Viclor 1. Hoffmann. ·60 ...... ... .... 31057 E. Lake Morton Dri ve. S.E. Kenl. WA 98031 . 1983 . ... 604 5 Esta les Drive. Oakland. CA 946 11 . 90-95 Robert L. Ray. '47 . · 1985 Fra nk Appleya rd. '37 . Robert W. Klorer. '44 . Joel F. Loveridge. '39 . Walter e. Mulyca. '65 .

COMMITTEE CHAIR ME N · . PO Box 1991, Tubac. AZ 85640 . .. 7500 Na tural Bridge Road . 51. Louis, MO 63 123 . 739 Country Manor La ne. Creve Coeur. MO 63 14 1 · RI. I, No. 16 Southfield La ne. Marshall . T X 75670

EXECUTIVE COM MITTEE . Missouri Elec lrochem Inc.. 10958 Lin·Va lle Drive . 51. Louis. MO 63 123 Robert D. Ba y. '49 . . .......... Black & Vea tch. 1500 Meadow Lake Parkwa y. Ka nsas Cit y. MO 641 14 Joseph W. Mooney. '39 ........... 7383 Westmorela nd. Uni versil y CiI Y. MO 63 130 . Richa rd H. Bauer. '52 .

Term Expire• . 1984

Robert M. Brackbil l. '42 .. Paul T. DoWling. '40 . R.O. Kasten. '43. Peter F. Maltei. '37 . Melvin E. Nickel. '38 . F.e. Schneeberger, '25 . James W. Stephens. '47 .

EX·OFFICIO DIR ECTO RS · .. 9 148 Clea rlake Drive. Dallas. TX 75225 · . 10 144 Winding Ridge Road. SI. Louis. MO 63 124 · . 90 I Wesl 11 41h Terrace. Kansas CiI Y. MO 641 14 . 9954 Holliston Court. SI. Louis. MO 63 124 . 1060 1 South Hamilton Ave .. Chic.1go. IL 60643 · .. One Briar Oak. St. Louis, MO 63 132 · Missouri Public Scrvice Co .. P.O. Box 11739 Kansas CiIY. MO 64138

Frank H. Mackama n .

STAFF · .. Executive Vice· President. MSM·UMR Alum ni Associat ion and Director. Office of Alumn i/Developmen t. UMRolia

Larry Allen . Louise Wilson . Sa lly Wh ite .

............. Assista nt Director. Alumni Ac tivit ies

· Admin. Secretary. Alumn i/Developmenl · .. Editor. MSM ALUMN US MSM·UMR Alum ni Associalion. Harris Hall. UMR. Rolla. MO 654019990

. 1988 . .. 1986

MSM-UMR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Uni v ersity of Missouri -Rolla Ro lla , Mi ss ouri 65401 -9990

2nd Cla ss Po stag e Paid at Rolla , Mo . 65401 -9990