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University of Missouri-Rolla

June, 1982

(jj](jj] Alumnus MSM-UMR Alumni Association University of Missouri-Rolla Rolla, Missouri

Volume 56 Number 3 June, 1982

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Highlight of the 50th anniversary weekend was participation in the 109th Annual Commencement by 1932 graduates. Thirty-one of these graduates attended all the festivities. However, Willard A. Gallemore, seventh from the right in the back row, was able to be there for only the Sunday ceremonies. Willard, a retired military man, is from Richmond, Va., and has served as an environmental engineer for Philip Morris.

MSM ALUMNUS (USPS-323-500) Issued bi-monthly in the interest of the graduates and former students of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy and the University of Missouri-Rolla. Entered as second class matter October 27, 1926, at Post Office at Rolla, Missouri 65401-9990, under the Act of March 3, 1897_

MSM -UMR Alumni Association Telephone (314) 341-4171; (314) 341-4172 OFFICERS Term Expires Robert D. Bay, '49 ... . ...... . . . . Black & Veatch ; 1500 Meadow Lake Parkway . 1982 Kansas City, MO 64114 Lawrence A. Spanier, '50 . . . . . 5 Pettit Drive . .... . ... . . . . ... 1982 President Elect. Dix Hills , NY 11746 · Frank C. Appleyard , '37 . . P.O. Box 1991 .......... . Vice Presiden t . . .... . 1982 Tubac, AZ 85640 .20 Fox Meadows. Vice President ... . . . Arthur G. Baebler, '55 . .. 1982 Sunset Hills, MO 63127 .624 Golfview Dr. Vice Presiden t · Alfred J. Buescher, '64 .. 1982 Ballwin, MO 630 II Vice President ... . .. . James B. McGrath , '49. . . . . 12425 Balwyck Lane ...... . . . . . .. . .. 1982 SI. Louis, MO 63131 . . . . Robert V. Wolf, '51 . . . . . . Depl. of Metallurgical & Nuclear Engr. . . 1982 Secretary. UMR , Rolla , MO 65401 President .


· Vernon T. Loesing '42 . . . . . . . . . . . Dept. of Civil Engr.. UMR , Rolla , MO 65401

DIRECTORS AT LARGE .180 MI. Olive Drive, Bradbury, CA 91010. James D. Gostin, '44. Robert P. Schafer, '52. .4426 Mill Creek Road, Dallas, TX 75234. .511 N. Main SI., Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 Gerald L. Stevenson, 59. Ronald A. Tappmeyer, '47 ....... 2226 Country Club Drive, Sugar Land , TX 77478 John B. Toomey, '49. .7412 Admiral Dr., Alexandria , VA 22307 Armin J. Tucker, '40 ..... . ...... 6464 Overlook Drive, Alexandria , VA 22312.

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Area Zip Code Numbers AREA DIRECTORS Term Expires 00-14 Raymond T. Ruenheck , '50.7 Monteview, Chelmsford, MA 01824. 1983 15·21 Robert C. Perry, '49. .302 Fox Chapel Road , Pittsburgh, PA 15238. 198 3 22·34 Wayne R. Broaddus, Jr. '55.405 Esther Drive, Dalton, GA 30720. 1982 35·45 William D. Busch , '42 .... . . 2000 I Idlewood Trail, Cleveland, OH 44136. 1983 46·59 George Baumgartner, '56. .2120 Syracuse, Dearborn, MI 48124 .. .. . . . ... .. 1984 60·61 Allen G. Behring, '66 ...... 121 E. Witchwood Lane, Lake Bluff, IL 60044 . .. .... ... . . . 1982 62·62 Ernst Weinel , '44. . ...... 1502 West 50, O'Fallon, IL 62269 .. .... ... . .. 1984 63·65 Matteo A. Coco, '66 ....... 7115 Aliceton Ave. , SI. Louis, MO 63123 1984 63-65 Harold R. Crane, '53. . .. 480 Country Club Drive, Hannibal, MO 63401. 1983 63-65 Martha Gerig, '69. . 801 Fairground Road, Rolla, MO 65401. 1984 .63·65 Harold A. Krueger, '42. . Kennecott-Ozark Lead, P.O. Box 11248, Salt Lake City, UT 841471982 63·65 Paul R. Munger, '58 ..... . . Director Institute of River Studies, UMR , Rolla, MO 65401. . 1984 63-65 J.L. "Jack" Painter, '50 . . 2123 Sunset Drive, Poplar Bluff, MO 6390 I . 1982 63-65 J. Robert Patterson, '54 ..... Show· Me, Inc. , P.O. Box 573 , Sikeston , MO 63367. 1984 63·65 Kenneth D. Pohlig, '64 ... . . 2 Vienne Court, Lake SI. Louis, MO 63367 . 1983 63·65 Robert E. Vansant , '51 . ... . 435 E. 55 Street, Kansas City, M064110 . 1983 63·65 C. M. Wattenbarger, '41 .... 205 W. First SI. Terrace, Lamar, MO 64759 . 1984 66·74 David D. Kick , '57 .4915 S. Lakewood Dr. , Tulsa, OK 74135 1982 75-79 Rex Alford, '40. .5743 Jason , Houston, TX 77096. .. . .. .. . ... 1982 80·89 & 96·99 Victor 1. Hoffmann , 1983 '60 . . . 31057 E. Lake Morton Dr. , S.E. Kent , WA 98031 1982 90-95 Robert L. Ray, '47 . . . . 6045 Estates Drive, Oakland, CA 94611 . . . . ..... . .. . COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN DIRECTORS .7500 Natural Bridge Road , SI. Louis , MO 63123 739 Country Manor Lane , Creve Coeur, MO 63141 No. 16 Southfield Lane, Marshall , TX 75670 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Richard H. Bauer, '52 . . ......... Missouri Electrochem Inc. , 10958 Lin-Valle Dr. . SI. Louis, MO 63123 Robert M. Brackbill , '42 . Texas Pacific Oil Co. , 800 Glen Lakes Tower, 101 . 9400 N. Central Expressway, Dallas TX 75231 Joseph W. Mooney , '39 7383 Westmoreland , University City, Mo. 63130 . Robert W. Klorer, '44. Joel F. Loveridge, '39. Walter C. Mulyca , '65 .

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EX·OFFICIO DIRECTORS . ... 10144 Winding Ridge Rd. , SI. Louis , MO 63124 Paul T. Dowling, '40. R. O. Kasten , '43. 90 I West 114th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64114 Peter F. Mattei, '37 . .. 9954 Holliston Court, SI. Louis, MO 63124 . ... 10601 South Hamilton Ave. , Chicago, IL 60643 Melvin E. Nickel , '38 . F. C. Schneeberger, '25 . . . One Briar Oak, SI. Louis , MO 63132 Missouri Public Service Co., P.O. Box 11739 James W. Stephens, '47. Kansas City, MO 64138 STAFF Frank H. Mackaman . ... . ..... . Executive Vice· President, MSM-UMR Alumni Association and Director, Office of AlumnilDevelopment , University of Missouri·Rolia Assistant Director, Alumni Activities Larry Allen . Staff Assistant , MSM·UMR Alumni Association and Admin. Barbara Petrovic . Secretary , Alumni/Developm ent , University of Missouri·Rolia . Editor, MSM ALUMNUS Sally White MSM ·UMR Alumni Association, Harris Hall , UMR, Rolla, MO 65401 ·9990

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~-~ Class of 1932, 50-Year Anniversary Reunion A record number (32) alumni and their wives and families returned to campus May 15-16 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation. Festivities began Friday evening with a buffet at the Chancellor's Residence, hosted by Joseph and Louise Marchello. On Saturday morning, two bus loads of the honorees were given a short tour of Rolla to see which familiar haunts of their school days were still intact and what changes had taken place during the years. Lunch on Saturday was held at the Pub Mobile and was followed by a look at the exhibit of restored antique cars, a Rolla tourist attraction on the premises. Interested alumni

spent some time on the campus Saturday afternoon. That night the Golden Alumni Banquet took place in the University Center. Sunday morning began with a brunch at Zeno's Motel where most of the honored guests were housed. Highlight of the weekend was participation in the I09th Annual Commencement where the 50-year group donned caps and gowns, marched in the academic procession and were honored during the ceremonies. Throughout the weekend, informal gatherings were held at "Club 32," the group's own suitably furhished room at Zeno's.

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.dm ln. olla MSM A1umnu sll

Floyd D. Birt St. Louis, Mo. At MSM--Independent, ASCE Career--Owner, Birt Construction and Edinburg Quarries, Decatur, l1l.

Harold J. Bruegging Jefferson City, Mo. At MSM--Mercier, Theta Tau, Rollamo, St. Pat's Board Career--Missouri Power & Light Co.

Otto M. Andres Belleville, 111. At MSM--Lambda Chi, Football, Track and Band Career--Owner, Tri-State Engineering

Edwin O. Crawford Dallas, Texas At MSM--Kappa Sig, Satyrs, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Miner Career--A .E. Staley Mfg. Co., then-owner, Ben Franklin Store

Carl A. Elsea Prescott, Ariz. At UMR--Independent, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi Career--Army engineer, then U.S. Soil Conservation Service

Stuart L. Davis (Col. USAF Ret.) Cocoa Beach, Fla. At MSM--Lambda Chi, Satyrs, Track, Glee Club Career--Air Force, then instructor at Ft. Belvoir

AtMS! pa Phi,


(A. P. (

At MS~ Career·


dry Sale

Edward "Darbey" Hale Wadsworth, Ohio At MSM--Lambda Chi , Football Career -- Metallurgist, Babcock Wilcox, then math teacher

2/ MSM Alumnus


Robert F. Hippler Bend, Ore. At MSM-- PiKA, Satyrs, Track Career--Mining engineer in Colo., N.J., South America, Ca lif. , Pa. , Ore.--consultant

Charles M. Hess Mobile, Ala. At MSM--Rolla native, Lambda Chi Career--Corps of Engineers construction management engineer


Beta Pi

Career··S '


I, Track


Ret.) ;, Track,

or at FI.


structio n

William T. Kay Mesa, Ariz. At MSM--PiKA, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Glee Club, Miner, Rollamo Career--Vice president, E.1. Bartells Co., (A. P. Green subsidiary)

Rex T. Horn St. Joseph, Mo. At MSM--Independent, Track L Career--St. Joseph Power & Light, then sales, then state auditor

George L. Leisher Brownsville, Texas At MSM--Mercier, Satyrs, Theta Tau, AlEE, iFC, Senior Council Career--Communication transmission supervisor, Southwestern Bell

Henry William Meyer Cherokee Village, Ark. At MSM-- independent Career- -Ceramic Engineer , (Sa nd Technician) Consultant, Meyer Foundry Sales Tech Service

Arthur S. Macke Marissa, III. At MSM--Lambda Chi, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Athletic Assn. , St. Pat's Board, IFC, Senior Council Career--Vice president, Peabody Coal

William R. "Jack" Mays Kilgore, Texas At MSM--independent, Band, Senior Council Miner Career--Oi l Refineries. then instructor Kilgore Junior College

Rex Monroe Arcadia, Calif. At MSM -- Lambda Chi, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Track Career--Self employed manufacturer's represen ta ti ve MSM Alu mnus / 3

Richard F. (Dick) Payne (1930) San Miguel, Mexico At MSM--Kappa Sig, Mines & Met Career--Worked in Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Equador, Peru and Mexico, now consultant

Huel E. Perrey Largo, Fla. At MSM--Independent, AlEE Career-oR & D electronics engineer, retired from McDonnell Douglas

John A. Pollak Kirkwood, Mo. At MSM--Mercier, Quo Vadis, Satyrs Career--Corps of Engineers, then public service work in Tenn. and Mo.

Robert J. Roesser Lancaster, N.Y. At MSM--Independent, Swim Team, Wrestling Career--Marine engineering, park engineer, then Erie County (N.Y.j Health Department

Robert P. "Dusty" Rhoades Carson City, Nev. At MSM--Independent, Band, Glee Club, Miner Career--Corps of Engineers, then Bureau of Reclamation

James K. Richardson Silver City, N.M. At MSM--Kappa Sig, Theta Tau, Football, Mining & Met Assn., St. Pat (1929) Career--Mining engineer, President Arizona Mining Assoc. and past president, Mining & Met Society of America

W. Robert (Bob) Riggs Osage Beach, Mo. At MSM--Triangle, Ira Remson Society Career--Engineer and manager, petroleum refining and research, Harvey Technical Center, Harvey, III.

John T. Sturm St. James, Mo. At MSM--Sigma Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Theta Tau, Football Career--Corps of Engineers, then owner Sturm ville Lumber Co. , Arnold, Mo.

Joseph E. Stevens Washington, Utah At MSM--PiKA , Football, Miner, Rollamo, Orton Society, Boxing Career--Engineering, plant construction management, Gladden-McBean & Co. and Dresser Industries 4/ MSM Alumnus


ball, S Career A.E. S


At MS Rollam Career¡

;atyrs public


, Foot· (1929)

:sident t presi·


Elmer M. Tomlinson St. Petersburg, Fla. At MSM--Bonanza, Satyrs, Track, FootbaU, St. Pat's Board, IFC, ASCE Career--Civil engineer for lllinois, then A.E. Staley Mfg. Co.

Homer F. Thompson North Little Rock, Ark. At MSM--Independent, Tau Beta Pi, Rollamo, Ira Remson Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Chi Epsilon Career--Education and Corps of Engineers

Charles S. White Metarie, La. At MSM--Kappa Alpha, Glee Club, IFC, ASCE Career-Hydraulic dredging, Mississippi, and U.S. Navy (Pacific)

RusseU H. "Russ" Wiethop Omaha, Neb. At MSM--Prospectors, Athletic Assn., Rollamo, ASCE Career--U.S. Corps of Engineers

Arthur J. Williams Waco, Texas At MSM--Independent, Satyrs, Theta Tau, ASCE, Senior Council, Football Career--Corps of Engineers then designer, operator and owner of cemeteries Memorial Park)

Frank J. Zvanut Tyler, Texas At MSM--Independent, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Chi Sigma Career--Research and sales (Ferro Corp. and Cabot Corp.) manufacturers rep in Mexico

Pi, Phi

MSM Alumnus / 5


109th Annual Commencement

Doctor of Engineering (Honoris Causa) John H. Lyons,

Doctor of Engineering (Honoris Causa) E. Jefferson Crum,

Potomac, Md ., General president, International Association of Bridge, Structural, and Ornamental Iron Workers

Arnold, Md., Consultant metallurgical engineer




Honorary And Professional Degrees

6 MSM Alumnus


Petroleum Engineer

Metallurgical Engineer

James W. Collins, '64, Tulsa, Okla. Manager, Ci ties Service's Energy Resou rces.

Gerald W. Bersett, '65, Florissa nt , Mo. DIrector, Mill Products Mfg., Olin Brass.

Chemical Engineer

Ceramic Engineer

Risdon Will iam Ha nkinson , '60, '62, Bartles ville. Prin ci pal Process Engineer, Philli ps Pet roleum.

James L. Hill , '64. Mex ico, Mo. Associate Director of Resea rch , A. P. G ree n Co.

Civil Engineer Richard B. Heagler, '57, '62 , Westfield, N.J . Director of Engineering, N.J. Bouras Inc.

n Crum,

Engineer of Mines Fred Scharf, '53. Tulsa. Okla . President. Feni x & Scisson Inc.

Metallurgical Engineer Gary E. Welch, '62, '63, Ballwi n, Mo. Vi ce Pres iden t. St. Joe Lead Co.

Management Engineer


I, Mo.


Mechanical Engineer Thomas E. Kalin , '5 7, Shawnee, Ka ns. Partner, Black & Vealch Consul ting Engi neers.


Peler F. Ma ttei, '37, St. Louis, Mo. Founder, Pe ler F. Mattei and Associates.

Electrical Engineer Hu es ton M. Smith , '38. St. Lou is. Mo. President. Hues lon M. Smith and Assoc iates Inc. MSM Al u mnus 17

Thomas Jefferson Award To UMR's Douglas Wixson Although Thomas Jefferson himself wasn't present, his spirit was greatly in evidence when UMR's Dr. Douglas C. Wixson was formally presented the University of Missouri's Thomas Jefferson Award for 1982. UM President James C. Olson presented the award in May to Dr. Wixson, a UMR associate professor of English. The award, which is funded through a grant from the Robert Earll McConnell Foundation, consists of a citation and a monetary award. The award is presented annually to that "member of the University of Missouri community, active or emeritus, associated with one of the four campuses, who 'through personal influence and performance of duty in teaching, writing and scholarship; character and influence; devotion and loyalty to the University best exemplifies the principles and ideals of Thomas Jefferson.' " "Being chosen to receive this award is a great honor for me," said Wixson, who is the first member of the UMR community to be so honored. "It's a tremendous compli¡ ment to be compared favorably with a man such as Thomas Jefferson. Such recognition also carries with it a responsibil-¡ ity to be aware of and live up to the example that Jefferson has set for us." Wixson's education embodies the breadth of experience that Jefferson thought most useful and beneficial. Wixson received a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1955; an M.S. in 8/ MSM Alumnus

Wixson mechanical and aerospace engineering from Stanford University in 1960; and a Ph.D. in English literature from the University of North Carolina in 1971. In addition, he has studied at the Universitat Gottingen, West Germany; the Universite de Poitiers, France; and the Universidad de Navarra, Spain. This education has led to his participation in diverse projects. He has been a member of an engineering research team working on the development of a supersonic transport aircraft, has done research on drama at the Institut fur Theaterwissenschaft in Cologne, has researched Shakespeare at the Folger Library, has studied and written about German church architecture in central Missouri and has published translations in quantum theory. "To be most effective, education must be directed at the whole person," Wixson said. "That means it must be a blend of the sciences, technology and the humanities. We must address ourselves to the cohesion of human experience rather than its differences." To this end, Wixson has developed a course at UMR to help teach engineers and humanists about the perspective that they share. The course, which is titled "The Engineer As Writer," features readings in classical (Vitruvius and Frontinus) and medieval (Abbot Suger) texts, as well as books about Renaissance (da Vinci) and Victorian (Eads) men and experiences. Wixson's teaching experience, both here and abroad, has


ranged writing addi!ior ty since sity of I Univers professc SWitzerl

Asa scholast student! are to t ti,;I,[S(

"I'm shOUld "and to suit to For V and his people a to learn In pa MOberly

Wixson, UMR associate professor of English, has a multi-faceted background in engineering, writing, literature and music. ,

: from

tingen, !Od the pro.rch ansport



;espeare Ger¡ at the :a 5. We perience

MR to ~tive


texts, /icto rian )lid, has

ranged from mathematics to American studies and technical writing to the works of James Joyce and Samual Beckett. In addition to UMR where he has been a member of the faculty since 1976, he has served on the faculties of the University of North Carolina; Universite de Savoie, France; Universite de St. Etienne, France, where he was a Fulbright professor; University of Colorado; and Institut Montana, Switzerland. As a teacher, Wixson seeks to impart an attitude of scholastic self-reliance in his students. "As far as my students are concerned," he said, "my most important jobs are to teach them how to learn and to enjoy learning. In ti ..;<;, I see my role as being that of a guide. "I'm there to help my students get started on what should be a life-long acquaintance with learning," he added, "and to help them discover where to go and whom to consult to learn the things they want to know." For Wixson himself learning has been a life-long pursuit, and his quest has taken him both here and abroad and to people as well as books. "One goes where one must in order to learn from those who know it best," he explained. In particular his quest for knowledge has led him to the Moberly home of Missouri writer Jack Conroy. "I've

learned more from visiting with Jack Conroy than from all the hours I have spent as a student in classrooms," he said. "Yet I needed to spend those hours in classrooms as preparation--Conroy puts everything I have learned on the line . "He is both an example of knowledge and a living library--knowledge is a living thing and the payoff may be observed in a man's own life," he added. With the help of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Wixson will spend the next academic year completing a book about his friend and teacher, Conroy, and other radical writers of the 1930's. Wixson's concern for education and the individual student also has taken him beyond the University. As a member of the National Humanities Faculty, he has served as a consultant to high schools that are having difficulty retaining students. He has helped these schools develop alternative curricula that will interest students sufficiently to persuade them to stay in school and still allow them to acquire a complete and functional education. Non-academic interests, however, also occupy a good portion of his time. A banjo picker, Wixson has made programs of traditional Ozark music available to numerous groups in the Rolla area. MSM Alu mnus / 9

the he< other a childre tional ( for hor Both found i "OOf

becaUSl import commu Iy, not educati Arlin hometc "One survey looking easier b wayan For I ing at t band, (


To C

Dr. T Nursing students doing their clinical work in community health nursing at the Phelps County Health Department get an overview of the department's work . From left to right are Tricia Haston and Arline Wade of Rolla, and Ron Barnes, administrator, Phelps Coun ty Health Department.

N ursing Students Do Public Health Training in Rolla There's a special in terest in community health for two students in the Uni versity of Missouri-Columbia and University of M issouri-Rolla (UMC-UMR) Cooperative Nursing Program. T he two, Arline Wade and Tricia Haston, both of Rolla, did their clinical work in community health nursing this pas t semester at the Phelps County Health Department. T hey are the first nursing students in the UMC-UMR program to take part of their clinical training in Rolla. In the program, which bega n in 1978, students take their first two years on the Rolla campus and complete the course work at Columbia, with the possibility of returning to this area for some of their clinical training. Donna Bond, UMC nursing instructor, is field project manager of the cooperative nursing program. Says Bond, "We're delighted that two of our cooperative nursing students cou ld receive this learning opportunity. It fits our program's foc us--to provide closer-to-home experiences for South Centra l M issourians who seek professional nursing education." l O/ MSM Alumnu s

At the Phelps County Health Department, the students got a taste of what it means to be a public health nurse. Ron Barnes, administrator of the department, says that he and the nurses who work with the students involved them in as many activities as possible_ " We tried to help them get a view of community hea lth; we wanted it to be a positive experience. On the other hand , there were benefits for the department, too. Arline and Tricia helped with clinics, did some home visits which freed our staff for other duties. I can see having nursing students here as a real potential for the future in promoting community health nursing and also in promoting nursing in this area. When student nurses can get some of their trai ning locally, it tends to bring them back to practice after they graduate." The students' two-day assignment to Phelps County Health Department included spending a day each week at Mark Twain School. There they observed health education in the classroom, assisted in scoliosis screening and in hearing and vision tests, and did immunizations as needed. At

vost, ha of the ( Obispo, UMR Dr. For I wish h nia. Cal wide va challeng He is ce Cal Poll Befon Chancel of the C Fort \ andche fall seme Universi head of He ho Georgia fromthe dOCtoral also hol Manage His r~ SOrption papers i

the health department they assisted in health clinics and in other activities such as working with women, infants and children who had been referred by doctors because of nutritional deficiencies, In addition, they each had two patients for home visits. Both feel that they learned a lot about public health and found it a challenge. "One of the reasons I like the baccalaureate program is because it includes community health, which I think is very important," said Arline. "It's different from a hospitaL In community health, the focus is on treating the whole family, not just the patient. I've found that a lot of the work is educational and supportive in nature." Arline and Tricia expecially liked working in their hometown. "One of the requirements for the course is making a survey of community health resources. It's really different looking at your hometown from a public angle, but it's easier because you know the community and know your way around," Tricia said. For Arline, the biggest plus in working in Rolla was being at home an extra two days each week. She and her husband, Clyde, a UMR faculty member, still have three

UMR Provost To California Polytech

'erview Phelps

lIa lents

se, that ed

ealth; r

line Ihich ing noting sing in train' er y ~k at :;ation hear'

Dr. Tomlinson Fort, Jr., University of Missouri-Rolla provost, has been appointed vice president for academic affairs of the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Calif. The appointment is effective Sept. I, UMR Chancellor Joseph M. Marchello said, "I appreciate Dr. Fort's service to UM-Rolla over the past two years and I wish him continued success in the new position in California. Cal Poly has an enrollment of over 15,000 and offers a wide variety of academic programs. It will be an exciting challenge for Dr. Fort and one I'm sure he can well meet. He is certainly qualified and will do an outstanding job at Cal Poly as chief academic officer." Before proceeding to seek a replacement for Fort, Chancellor Marchello will review the academic services area of the campus during the next few weeks. Fort was appointed provost and professor of chemistry and chemical engineering at UMR beginning with the 1980 fall semester. He came to UM-Rolla from Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pa., where he was professor and head of the department of chemical engineering, He holds a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Georgia and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physical chemistry from the University of Tennessee and completed postdoctoral work at the University of Sydney, Australia. He also holds a diploma from the Institute for Educational Management at Harvard University. His research interests are surface phenomena and/or adsorption, and he has published more than 60 technical papers in these areas.

school-age children at home. She said that the UMC-UMR program was the "only way" she could fulfill a longtime dream of being a professional nurse. "I was able to take two years and a summer at UMR, and this was my third semester at Columbia , With a lot of help and support from my family, I'm on my way to a new career," she said. Both Tricia and Arline will receive their bachelor of science in nursing degrees from UMC next December in the first group to complete the UMC-UMR program. Both hope to be back in Rolla for clinical training during their final semester next fall. Neither has decided what direction her nursing career will take. The two also took clinical work in mental health nursing during the semester in their three days a week on the Columbia campus. The problem with choosing a speciality, said Tricia, is that she likes everything she takes. Arline wants to look at all types of nursing before she makes up her mind. Whatever their specialities, the two Rolla women agree that doing clinical work in Rolla has given them a new perspective on the prospect of coming back here for their professional practice.

1982 Homecoming Oct. 1¡2 Alumni needing assistance in securing motel reservations are invited to contact Larry Allen, Assistant Director of Alumni Activities, MSM-UMR Alumni Association, 10 I Harris Hall, Rolla, MO 6540 I (Phone: 314-341-4171).

Meeting Data EVENT/SITE DA TE SAN FRANCISCO SECTION . , . , , ..... , , . Sept. II MSM-UMR BOARD MEETING , , . . . . .. . . .. Oct. I Rolla HOMECOMING . .... ,.,., . . . . , . . . . . .. ,Oct. 1-2 Rolla MSM-UMR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING . .. . . . .. .. " . . . . . . . , . . . .. . . ,' . Oct. 2 Rolla ROCKY MOUNTAIN LUNCH . .. , . , . First Tuesday Denver Petroleum Club

I. At MSM Alumnus ! ll

Alumni Section Nevvs San Diego Section Thirty-two alumni and spouses braved a heavy rainstorm to celebrate St. Pat's Day and make the first meeting of the San Diego County Section a success. The meeting was held March 17 at the EI Crab Catcher restaurant in La Jolla. Highlights of the evening included a description of student life in Rolla dur-

ing the late 1920's as Phil Boyer, 1928, recalled his student activities. Steve Nichols, 1968, then offered his memories of a much larger UMR complete with coeds. A letter from Frank Mackaman, executive vice president of the MSM-UMR Alumni Association, was read by Al Keevil to bring the sec-

tion Up to date on the current growth plans for the campus. Six members of the new section volunteered to serve on the "Goals and Program Committee." They will be responsible for section activities for the remainder of the yea r.

On Ark¡L< Galley arrang Flesh, Mulyc handle Mosca meetin Dave I

Tulsa Section The Tulsa Section spring party was held May I, at Utica Club 21 , and the room was overflowing. George Leck, as usual, was the most popular man before dinner, for he held the ' ticket roll. A bountiful board was set and the chef outdid himself: Fritschen, apparently out of chicken stories, allowed Dave Kick to preside. Out-of-towners were especially recognized and welcomed. The program was given by Frank Mackaman in the absence of a respected, big name draw.

He was questioned closely after his remarks. On display were the drawings of the proposed Mineral Engineering Building, the Engineering Management Building and the Alumni-MusicAuditorium facility. All of these projects have been approved and await action from the General Assembly of the State of Missouri. Present were: Dave and Gayle Kick; George and Barbara Leck; Faye and Ernie Moran; Herman and Arlene

Fritschen; Hans and Jimmie Schmoldt; Ernie and Molli Achterberg; Joe and Sue Cowen; Robert Olson; Bob and Haroldine Hinds; Fred and Mary Lou Scharf; Ed and Susan Schmidt; Bill and Ann Vark; Vern and Betty McGhee; Pat and Keith Bailey; Bob and B.1. Ponder; Jack and Margaret Conley; Terry and Pat Ridenhour; Bill and Shirley Givens; Vic and Fran Spalding; Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wanenmacher; and Frank and Nancy Mackaman.

The ~



has a fU the year The I and Spri both pO day, Jun 109 hel Valley reminde( some te friends


12/ MSM Alumnus

Ark-La- rex Section


section lals and will be for the

On May 22, alumni from the Ark-La-Tex Section gathered at T he Galley Pub in Jefferson, Texas. Local arrangements were handled by Florence Flesh, hostess " par excellence." Walt Mulyca, substituting for someone, handled the money, freq uently. John Moscari presided. John opened the meeting with a very touching tribute to Dave Flesh, '23, a charter member of

the section who died on May I. The program was presented by Frank Mackaman who gave a brief resume of the past year on campus and an explanation of campus buildings which could be financed if Constitutional Amendment I is passed by Missouri voters in a special election June 8. In addition to Stefan Mulyca, Class of 2003 , others present were: Florence

Flesh; Walt and Anne Mulyca; Kevi l and Helen Crider; John and Eilyeen Livingston; Jack and Elizabeth Mays; Tom and Mildred English; Homer and "Auttie" Thompson; Basil and Clydelle Compton, Mark and Rose Herzog; Ragan' and Evelyn Ford; John and Loretta Moscari; Gerald and Leona Roberts; and Frank and Nancy Mackaman.

hmoldt; oe and ob and

try Lou

Bill and IcOhee; nd B.J. Conley; :ill and palding; er; and

St. Louis Section The St. Louis Section of the MSM-

UMR Alumni Association once again has a full schedule of events planned for the year. The 14th Annual Golf Tournament and Spring Stag leads off the schedule, both popular events being set for Saturday, June 26 . This year's events are being held at the Lockmoor/Paradise Valley Country Club. Members are reminded that they don't need a foursome to play, that they can bring friends, handicaps are figured using the Blind Bogey System and that tee-off times

will be assigned in order of reservations. Trophies will be awarded for low gross, 1st and 2nd low net. The fifth annual summer baseball game is set for July 17 this year. As many members as possible are asked to come out and cheer the Cardinals to victory over the Cincinnati Reds. Reserved seats cost $5.50 each and guests are invited. Members are reminded that Homecoming 1982 is scheduled for October 1 and 2. The St. Louis Section is always a strong supporter of this annual

event and an even better turn out is expected this year. Other fall events are still in the planning stage and will be announced when they are completed. Howard Stine, president, Bob Bruce, treasurer, and Roy Van Hee, secretary, are all pleased to note that the section operated in the black last year and that no increase is being made in the $5 minimum contribution for this year's dues. A total of 130 members belonged to the St. Louis Section last year.

MSM Alumnus / 13

MINER SPORTS Gene Green, Editor

engineering; footbaLl-- Paul SueLlentrop, junior in civil engineering (defense), and Brian Paris, junior in mechanical engineering (offense); swimming--Paul Stricker, senior in life science; wrestling-Scott Chalmers, senior in engineering management; rifle--Steve Herzog, senior in applied mathematics; women's basketball--Laurie Behm, sophomore in pre-med; men's basketbaLl--Rickie Cannon, junior in economics; baseball-Craig W. Thomas, sophomore in engineering management; softball-Cecilia Gutierrez, freshman in English; golf--Kent Dinsdale, sophomore in economics; and men's tennis--Chris Butta, junior in petroleum engineering. The Burr Van Nostrand Award, given to the top male and female intramural athletes of the year, went to Rich Henry, junior in civil engineering, and Sue Robbins, senior in chemical engineering. The banquet is sponsored each year by The UMR Booster Club and the M-Club. Kansas City Chiefs' defensive end, Dave Lindstrom, was the banquet speaker.

Bullman award winner David Fischer (30) during action last season.

14 / MSM Alumnus

UMR," Fischer said. "This award is as much for the coaches, instructors and teammates as it is for me." A native of Mayfield, Ky. , Fischer established himself as one of the most durable backs in Miner football history. But the Bullman Award was presented as much for his off-field performance as his glory on the gridiron . Other awards presented at the banquet were as follows : Cross Country-Mark Stuckey, sen ior in geological engineering; track and field--Rick Welsh, junior in aerospace engineering; soccer--Pat Becker, senior in civil engineering; women's tennis--Lorna Platt, sophomore in metallurgical

able Me The I the elite of 80 pa Division Lakelan

76¡79-7: Vic Wi!: capturec par 288. UMR

recently swimme gram. Pease wiU help that hal America The n

Sam n

School, I al calibel time is, UMR va talented freestyle said.

The basketba its recrui six new paign. The g Louis are Miners a COrding t MadiS(

Bullman Award to Fischer David Fischer came to the University of Missouri-Rolla a.s a winner, epitimized that attribute while he was a student, and was an example to all the people around him. It was on ly fitting that he exited UMR as a recipient of the highest award given to a Miner student-athlete. In ceremonies May 3, the former UMR star fullback was presented the 1982 Gale Bullman Award, signifying the top "gentleman-athlete" on the UMR campus. Last year's team captain was honored and humble. "I really don't know what to say, except a big thank you to everyone at


to the I

Zan, a

UMR women's tennis team MVP Lorna Platt takes a practice swing.

on one ( averaged game. Parkw Stange, a pOints an leading h regional ROund

lien trap, lse), and :hanical ng··Paul :estling.. meering ~, senior 10m en's more in je Can aseball· lore in Dftball· English; lore in Iris But· ing. Award, nale in· went to neering, ;hemical

.ch year and the efensive banquet


Dinsdale Named to All-American Golf Squad UMR's Kent Dinsdale has been narned to the 1982 NCAA Division II Honorable Mention All-American Golf Team . The UMR sophomore was named to the elite squad after finishing 36th out of 80 participants in this spring's NCAA Division II National Tournament in Lakeland, Fla. Dinsdale fired rounds of 76-79-72-77 for a four-day total of 304. Vic Wilk of California State-Northridge captured medalist honors with an evenpar 288.

Dinsdale finished 66th in the nationals last year. "This was an excellent showing for him," said head coach Bud Mercier. "His 72 on the third day was even par and tied him with the eventual winner for the second-best score of the day. "To be named to the All-American team when you are only a sophomore is quite an honor. More than 15,600 golfers are in Division II, and only 38 of them made All-American. He was a

class player who came through in a pressure-filled tournament." Dinsdale bested all area competitors, as Central Missouri's Dean Barrie was the closest Missouri golfer with a 306. Russ Oldham of Southwest Missouri finished at 310, with MIAA three-time medalist Jim Clevenger right behind at 311. Barrie also gained All-American honors. Dinsdale is also a member of the UMR basketball team.

Miner Swimmers Get Boost UMR swimming coach Bob Pease recently announced the signing of five swimmers for the Miner varsity program . Pease feels these incoming freshmen will help bolster a talented Miner squad that had seven swimmers earn AllAmerican honors last season. The new Miners are: Sam Millikin, Peters Township High School, McMurray, Pa.--"Sam is national caliber in the 50 freestyle, as his best time is already faster than the current UMR varsity record. He was also a very talented prep performer in the 100 freestyle and 100 backstroke," Pease said.

Derek Coon, Carmel High School, Carlrnel, Ind.--"Derek is the fastest breaststroker we have ever recruited. He is a Junior National Qualifier and was captain of his high school's team. His times in the 100 and 200 breaststrokes are virtually identical to our own varsity records, and I look for him to be a twoevent All-American as a freshman." Woodson Smith, Scottsboro High School, Scottsboro, Ala.--"Woodson is the fastest 100 freestyle man we have ever recruited. I also look for him to make national cuts in the 200 and 500 freestyle races. He also is a Junior National Qualifier." Blake Rowe, Belleville High School,

Belleville, Ill.--"Blake has already broken national cuts in the 200 breaststroke and is only I 0 seconds off national cuts in 1650 freestyle. I look for him to be a multiple All-American as a freshman . He is a Junior National Qualifier." Paul Pericich, Mehlville High School, Mehlville, Mo.--"He is the brother of current UMR varsity swimmer Joe Pericich. Paul has already made national cuts in the 100 backstroke and is less than a second away from the cutoff time for the 200 individual medley. He was a Junior National Qualifier, and I look for him to be a multiple All-American as a freshman. "

Basketball Miners Recruit Four Freshmen--Two Transfers The University of Missouri-Rolla basketball team has finished the bulk of its recruiting chores with the addition of six new players for the 1982-83 cam· paign . The group is headed by three St. Louis area prepsters who should give the Miners a young nucleus to build on, according to Miner head coach Billy Key. Madison (Ill.) High School's Mark Zarr, a 6-6, 200 pounder, who played on one of Illinois' top prep programs, averaged 12.6 points and 9.6 rebounds a game. Parkway West High School's Kris Stange, a 6-7,180 pounder, averaged 16 points and II rebounds last year while leading his team to the finals of the 4A regional tournament. Rounding out the trio is Lutheran

South High School's Dave Moellenhoff, a 6-6, 195 pounder who averaged 15 points and 12 rebounds last season. He was a member of the St. Louis GlobeDemocrat's small school all-metro team . UMR also signed a fourth freshman late in April, as Centralia (111.) High School's John Collins announced his intentions to attend the university . The 6-5 forward averaged nine points and II rebounds on one of the best high school teams in Illinois. The Miners added two junior college transfers to their roster, signing Stan Shuemaker out of Paducah Community College and John Pfankuch from Penn Valley Junior College. Shuemaker, a 6-0 guard who averaged 12.9 points and 7.3 assists per game in 1981-82, led Paducah to a 20-10 record.

He will bolster the squad at point guard, left vacant by the graduation of flashy play-maker Leonardo Lucas. Pfankuch averaged 12 points and eight rebounds last season, and paced the Great Kansas City JUCO Con· ference in free throws attempted. "I think we have really helped ourselves in some areas that are crucial to our program," Key said . "Zarr, Stange and Moellenhoff come from very respected programs in the St. Louis area, and Collins played for an always-tough Centralia squad. "Shuemaker looks like a leader to us at guard, and Pfankuch is a tough, physical kid who will playa role on our team." The Miners return starters Zol Singleton, Rickie Cannon and Curtis Gibson from last year's squad . MSM Alumnus / IS

UMR's Mini-Baja Car Places 8 in 28 A two-wheel drive desert-type vehicle, designed and built by a team of five UMR mechanical engineering students, placed eighth in a field of 28 similar vehicles entered in the annual Mini Baja competition held recently in Lubbock , Texas. Teams from 23 universities across the country put their own cars through the paces of five separate competitions to measure such qualities as endurance (four hours over a rough two-mile course), drag race (acceleration), tire pull (pulling weights from 600 pounds up), maneuverability and static judging (mechanical design, consumer appeal and cost evaluation). The design and construction of a Mini Baja vehicle is an annual semester-long project in UMR's Mechanical Engineering 261 (Analysis and Synthesis in Engineering Design) class. Dr. David Ardayfio, UMR assistant professor of mechanical engineering, was the faculty adviser for the project and accompanied the team to the Texas Tech University campus in Lubbock . Members of the UMR team, all seniors in mechanical engineering, were: John Hodgson, Washington; Greg Pannone, Bradley, S.c.; Dave Stockdale, Des Peres; Harry Syers, High Ridge; and Del Winn, Manchester.

Kappa Mu Epsilon Winners Denise Rost, sophomore in mathematics from Chamois, and Trent Eggleston, junior in mathematics from Memphis, Mo., won first and second place, respectively, in the paper presentation competition at the Kappa Mu Epsilon (mathematics honor society) Region IV Convention held recently at Kearney State College in Kearney, Neb. The title of Rost's paper was "Mathematics' Role in Telepathy--The Ouija Board Curve," while Eggleston's paper dealt with the "Consequences of Rolle's Theorem." Region IV of Kappa Mu Epsilon includes colleges and universities from Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Ka nsas, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin . 16/ MSM Alumnus

B. R NarY


Berm en~nee

Charles Lipscomb (left) of Springfield, and Kathryn A. Bushur of Raytown, hold the first-place award they won in Missouri Academy of Science competition. Dr. Nancy Marlin, (right) UMR assistant professor of psychology and director of their project, holds one of their research subjects.

Missouri Academy of Science Awards UMR students took first place in the behavorial science paper competition of the Missouri Academy of Science's collegiate division for the third consecutive year and brought home the traveling trophy permanently. Kathryn A. Bushur and Charles H. Lipscomb co-authored the winning paper, "Contextual Association in Conditioned Fear Responses in Rats" which was presented at the academy's recent annual meeting. Kathryn, Raytown, expects to receive two degrees, a B.S. in psychology and a B.A. in English, in May 1983. Charles, Springfield, is a junior with a major in economics and a minor in psychology. The paper was based on undergraduate re~;earch done under the direction of Dr. Nancy Marlin, UMR assis-

tant professor of psychology. Dr. Marlin also supervised the research for the previous two winning papers presented in 1980 and 1981 by Theresa Cunningham, Rolla, who received her B.A. degree in psychology in December. Kathryn and Theresa both have participated in the psychology honors program. Two electrical engineering students received awards in the mathematics, physics and engineering division. Steven Watkins, Salem, received a second-place award for his paper, "Feasibility of a Fiber Optic Magnetic Field Sensor Using Intensity Modulation." Bruce McCoy, Chillicothe, won third on his paper, "Thermal Decomposition Studies of Iodine Doped Polyacetylene."

Tammie Parrish Wins ASCE Award Tammie L. Parrish, Springfield, a senior in civil engineering, has been selected by the Mid-Missouri Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers to receive the group's annual Outstanding Senior Award for 1982. She will receive a plaque and her first year's dues in the American Society of Civil Engineers. She was graduated with a B.S. degree in civil engineering in May.

Miss Parrish transferred to UMR in 1979 after a year at Drury College, Springfield. An honor student she received the Curator's Scholarship for Transfer Students, the Continental Pipeline Scholarship, and the Need les Scholarship at UMR. She is president of Chi Epsilon, civil engineering honor fraternity , and a member of Tau Beta Pi, engineering honor fraternity.

chosen; Profess( accordir departii The I establist Harold vides a regular departm men!. Sineal chet be fessorshi served b as four manager many at manager said. Sarch( 1967 as I man and return research. more the in engi granted. Sarche chemical State Un Delawar pany In( managerr


Sarche first nati( SOCiety an hono Academy and Was the Engi oftheAr Educatio

Faculty Activities _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ B. R. Sarchet Named First Koppler Professor

,hold the k Nancy ir project,

:n. Marlin

, for the presented :sa Cunn· her B.A. :>ecernber. have par· mars pro-

students :hernatics, m. Steven vnd·place ,ility of a ensor Us· :ruce Me· 1 on his )n Studies e. "

UMR in College, lent she ,rship for ntal Pipe' Needles esident of 19 honor Tau Beta :y.

Bernard R. Sarchet, professor of engineering management, has been chosen as UMR's first Robert B. Koplar Professor in Engineering Management, according to Dr. Henry H. Sineath, department chairman. The Robert B. Koplar professorship, established by St. Louis businessman Harold Koplar in honor of his son, pro· vides an annual supplement to the regular salary of a professor in the department of engineering management. Sineath said that it is fitting that Sarchet be the first recipient of the pro· fessorship. "The award is greatly deserved by Professor Sarchet for his role as founder of UMR's engineering management department and for his many other contributions to engineering management during the past years," he said. Sarchet joined the UMR faculty in 1967 as professor and department chairman and retired as chairman in 1981 to return to full-time teaching and research. During his tenure as chairman, more than 1,700 B.S. and M.S . degrees in engineering management were granted. Sarchet holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering from The Ohio State University and the University of Delaware. He was with Koppers Company Inc. for 26 years in numerous management positions before coming to UMR. Sarchet is a founding member and first national president of the American Society for Engineering Management, an honorary member of the UMR Academy for Engineering Managers, and was the first national chairman of the Engineering Management Division of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Drs. look and Sauer Publish Textbook

Knight Wins NEH Award

Drs. Dwight C. Look Jr. and Harry 1. Sauer Jr., both professors of mechanical engineering at UMR, are authors of a textbook "Thermodynamics" published in March by Brooks/Cole of Monterey, Calif. Dr. Sauer has been a member of the mechanical aerospace faculty at UMR since 1957. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from UMR and his Ph.D. from Kansas State University. Dr. Look earned his B.S. degree at Central Methodist College, his M.S degree at the University of Nebraska and his Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma. He has been a member of the UMR faculty since 1969.

Dr. W. Nicholas Knight, professor of English and director of the UMR Center for Aging Studies, has been awarded a $2,500 summer grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The award will allow Knight to participate in an NEH summer seminar on "Freedom and Rule of the Law: The English Foundations, 1300-1700" June 13-Aug. 6 at the University of Iowa. His work in the seminar will focus on "Equity in Shakespeare for King James." Knight was one of 12 university professors selected nationwide to participate in the seminar.

Summers Receives British Honor

The noon-hour Women-at-Work series at UMR has been chosen for a second-place Creative Programming Award in the National University Continuing Education Association's Division of Women's Education. UMR's award is for the fall series, "Women at Work: Research and Experience." Judges cited the program for its "creativity and innovation." The series was developed by Martha K. Fort, coordinator, continuing education; Dr. Catherine Riordan, assistant professor of psychology; and Elizabeth Cogell, instructor in humanities. "We had thought- we might have about 30 enrolled; instead, we had 130 registrants, with an average attendance of abuut 100. The series was so popular that we continued into the spring," she added. "Interest in the program in all levels of the community has been truly gratifying. The audience has included University professors, housewives, a physician, county and community officials, librarians, research scientists, hospital personnel, secretaries, business people, educators, and students.

Dr. David Summers, Curators' Professor of Mining and director of the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center, has been elected an honorary member of the British Hydromechanics Research Association (BHRA). BHRA is an international center of expertise in fluid engineering. It is an independent, non· profit contract research association providing distribution of information, consultation and laboratory services to a wide range of industries throughout the world. Its current research and development activities are concentrated on physical and mathematical modeling of flow problems; high-pressure technology, including oil hydraulics, pumps and the transport of solids by pipeline; and sealing technology. The honorary membership was bestowed on Dr. Summers for his "cooperation, effort and contributions made to the organization of the jetcutting series of conferences."

Noon Program Wins National Award

MSM Alumnus / 17

Alumni Personals _ _ _ _ _ __ 1920



Word has been received that John Russell Stubbins died of pneumonia in Miami , Fla. , at age 83. John attended MSM where he was a member of Kappa Sigma, but completed his degree in civil engineering at the University of Illinois in 1921. He made his home in Caracas, Venezuela, forming his own company, Oficinia Teccnica C.A. His firm acted as a representative for foreign firms doing business in Venezuela. In 1965 , he formed the John Russell Stubbins Foundation and created a Student Loan Fund for Venezuelan students at UMR. He had visited the Student Financial Aid office at UMR several times within the past few years. He was buried in his home town, Paris, Mo.

Walter E. Casey writes that his wife of 53 years, Mary Ruth, suffered a heart attack and passed away October I, 1976. Walter lives at 2501 Westerland Drive, Apt. B303, Houston, TX 77063 and is retired.

Notice of the death of Karl William Kaveler on Dec. 20, 1980, has been received from his wife, Helen (Petri) Kaveler, 914 McPherson, Alton, IL 62002.

1921 Notice of the death of Anvil Oark Williams in April, 1981, has been received from his wife, Rose Williams, 55 Chapel Hills, Vicksburg, MS 39180.

1922 Notice received by the association indicates that Walter E. Case, St. Louis, died April 5. He is survived by his wife, Ann, a daughter and two grandchildren.

1923 David James Flesb died May I following a sudden illness. He was a selfemployed consulting geologist, active in professional and civic organizations and a long-time active member of the ArkLa-Tex section of the MSM-UMR Alumni Association. He received the Alumni Service Award in 1969. He is survived by his wife, Florence, P.O. Box 491, Jefferson, TX 75657 , a daughter and three grandsons. Paula Zoller, wife of the late Henry E. Zoller, San Antonio, Texas, died in April according to notice received by the association . Both had been members of UMR's Order of the Golden Shillelagh. 18/ MSM Alumnus

1925 Cyrus W. (Tex) Magalis, retired geologist active in oil and gas drilling in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, died Feb. 15, according to a notice in the March 8 issue of Oil & Gas Journal forwarded to us by C. N. Valerius, '25.

1926 Harry C. Bircbard writes: "I would like to make my 56th this fall - am working on it. All is well here and am enjoying Florida instead of the Michigan winter." Harry and Luella live at 3811 Royal Palm Drive, Bradenton, FL 33507. Harry is retired.

1928 Elmer Gammeter was formerly chief metallurgist with Babcock & Wilcox Co., but is now retired. Elmer and Carolyn live at 118 Duncan Circle, Beaver, PA 15009. Elmer writes that he hopes to make it for Homecoming. Henry Emmett "Red" Gross died April 3 of an apparent heart attack. Following an early career as educator and petroleum engineer, he became a conSUlting engineer, cartographer and map publisher in St. Louis in 1946. In 1973 he sold his business, Gross Maps Co., and retired. "Red," who also patented several inventions, was accepted into the internationally known Explorers Club in 1980. His inventions include a marine foundation used to drill oil from the ocean floor and deep-sea salvage equipment for raising sunken ships. He is survived by his wife, Margrete Gross, 1141 South Elm Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. 63119 . According to Bill Scbweickbardt, '28, "Henry had quite a career and was one of the most knowledgeable persons I ever knew."

AIL 1932

Alber miss t but w iog in

Place, retiree

Henry and Helen Scbeer live at 2005 Dial Court, Springfield, lL 62704. Henry is retired. He reports, "No change from last year except a year older."

1932 and Before Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinators: Elmer Gammeter, '26 118 Duncan Circle- Windemere Beaver, PA 15009 Charles A. Freeman, '28 5 Via Delizia Hillsborough, CA 94010 William K. Schweickhardt, '28 417 N. Woodlawn Ave. Kirkwood, MO 63122 Thomas O. English, '29 605 Bergstrom Place Marshall, TX 75670 C. James Grimm, '30 Box 105 Rolla, MO 65401 S. Allan Stone, '30 1405 Three Rivers East Ft. Wayne, IN 46802 William Brewer, '32 6799 Wetheridge Cincinnati, OH 45230 Stuart L. Davis writes: ''I'll be among the 29 Alumni to receive our 50 year pin, on May 16. Looking forward to a great reunion with my classmates." Stuart and Lorraine live at 332 Kent Drive, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931. Stuart is a realtor associate with American Realty.




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at 2005 62704. ts, "No . a year








e among 50 year lard to a ;smates."

32 Kent J. Stuart vn erican

Alumni Personals _____ _________________ 1932 (Cont.)

J. K. Richardson has been appointed treasurer of the Western New Mexico University Foundation and vice chairman of the Silver City (NM) Museum. J. K. and Wilma's address is Box 1316, Cold Springs Park, Silver City, NM 88067. 1. K. is retired.

Albert Jenczewski is sorry that he must miss the 50 year reunion at graduation but will now plan to attend Homecoming in October. Al lives at 153 Willow Place, Sherrill, NY 13461, and has been retired 9 years.

Frank J. Zvanut reports that he is a selfemployed sales representative for several companies selling materials and equipment to ceramic and glass companies in Mexico. Frank and Katherine live at 1024 Hansford, Tyler, TX 75701.

Old Norwood Hall She still stands, my favorite landmark, Recognizable as is a State Park. Norwood Hall with her polished wood floors, Had treasure stored behind all her doors. There were displays of Nature's creations; Basalts, gems, and rock formations. The lecture hall with seats to the ceiling, Was a theater. I had that feeling. Whether Mesozoic or Pleistocene, Each was dissected and shown on a screen. Here is where we learned about 'ology', Excepting zoo, bio, and psych-ology. Rock courses were made easy to take, By Doctors Grawe, Muilenburg, and Dake. She is old, stately, covered with vine, Some grads may even deem her a shrine. To me, she was more like a library, Offering lore of Physical History. Earth was created with a Master Plan, Stockpiled for the needs of Future Man. The entire past is exposed to view, For the benefit of all, Me and You. The labs in the basement come to mind, The crystals, and minerals of every kind, Gave me pleasure in many a way, As I think about them today. I love Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, I remember and love OLD NOR WOOD HALL! Sam A. Bermi, '34 Jan . '82 Sam Bermi, Class of '34, died of a heart attack March 10. Sam was born in Poland and came to this country after having been a refugee during World War I. He attended Soldan High School School in St. Louis, and after a year at Washington University, came to MSM. He earned his degree in mining engineer-

ing (metal option) , but the latter portion of his career was in the insurance field. Sam's hobby was writing poetry (one of his poems about Homecoming was published in the Homecoming issue of Alumnus in 1979). He had developed a lively correspondence about his poetry with Chancellor Joseph M. Marchello,

and a collection of his works is now housed in UMR's Wilson Library. The Alumnus had commissioned Sam to provide a special collection of his poems for his 50th year reunion . The above poem on Norwood Hall is one of the poems. Others, completed before his death, will be published as scheduled.

MSM Alumnus / 19

Alumni Personals -------------------------------------------------------------1933 Vernon and Mary Asher live at 1350 Craig Drive, Kirkwood, MO 63122. Vernon writes: "I will be attending the meeting of State Council Presidents of the Retired Officers Association as President of The Missouri Council of Chapters on May 13. My rank is Col¡ onel, A.U .S. Retired." William H. Lenz writes: "Am still active playing and teaching tennis, gardening and playing the piano. I was pianist for a dance band and for the MSM Glee Club while at Rolla. Great weather here at Los Alamos - moderate winters, cool summers." Bill and Ethel live at 127 Aztec, Los Alamos, NM 87544. Bill is retired.

1934 Robert L. Cunningham ('34 & '37) writes: "I am preparing to make a cassette of 'Life at MSM' for your 'Archives.' Should be soon - just been adjusting to retirement. Hope to see you soon." Bob lives at 6123 Kingsbury Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63122, and is retired. James W. Darling sends this note: " Am holding on for the reunion in October, 1984. Everything else being equal, I shall make it." Jim and Ruth live at 4120 N.W. 79th Ave. , 2-0, Miami, FL 33166. Jim is retired.

Max E. Edgar writes: "In July '8 1, I had open heart surgery with triple bypass, plus a ream job on my left carotid artery. I made an excellent recovery. Recently elected president of Flathead County Park Board, and continue to serve on local hospital board." Max and Carol live at 10 Edgar Lane, West Glacier, MT 59936. Max is a retired park engineer.

1936 Robert T. Chapman sends this: "My beloved wife, Edna Mae Chapman, died April 4, from the effects of Alzheimer's disease, after 44V:! years of marriage." Bob is a self-employed mining consultant and lives at 265 W. Rosa, Green Valley, AZ 85614. Don and Norma Jeanne Grimm live at 862 Cernicek Lane, Ferguson, MO 63135. Don is retired and work ing part time as city engineer for the city of Ferguson.

1937 Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinator Frank C. Appleyard P.O. Box 1991 Tubac, AZ 85640 Kenneth T. Wilhite sends us this note: "Visited alumnus Ted Roes, '36, in Cody, Wy. , last August. I am retired from Detroit Diesel Allison Div ision of G.M . and USAF Reserve." Kenneth and Helen live at 402 Ben Ave., Lilburn GA 30247 , which is outside of Atlanta.

J. Craig Ellis sends the following note: "Recently passed state real estate exam and may get into commercial real estate on limited basis. Saw old '38 classmatesRoy Matthews and Joe Murphy last month in California. Both enjoy retirement and look great." Craig and Joan live at 10524 E. Sahuaro Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85259.

Warren and Katherine Danforth live at 816 7th St., Oakmont, PA 15139, May through October, and at No. 92 Ridge Manor Drive, Haines, FL 33844, November through April. Warren is retired. 20/ M SM A lumnu s

1938 Robert P. Agler was given the Gold Medal Award for contributions to Formation Evaluation by Well Logging at the annual International Symposium of the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts, held in Mexico City last June. Bob and Louisa's address is P.O. Box 3, Buchanan Dam, TX 78609.

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large war\! war\! CaUl

Joel Co. I Charles V. Cameron writes that he has retired from Shell Oil Company after almost 43 years of service. Charles and Ann live at 2354 Timberlane, Houston, TX 77027. Fred M. Mueller reports: "I retired June I , 1981 , after 47 years with Westinghouse Electric, the latter 25 years in Naval Reactors, nuclear propulsion; on thermal central stations, and electrical construction technology. This included two years in Bokaro India. I've had the extremely good fortune to have traveled 'round the world four times, went five times to Africa, have a smattering of six languages, and have been on construction jobs of immense magnitude and urgency. Though retired I keep in close touch with the National Council of Engineering Examiners and am listed in the United Nations Roster of Experts, American Men of Science, Who's Who in Technology Today." Fred is a recent initiate into UMR's Academy of Electrical Engineers. His address is 336 Y, West 18th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

1939 C. E. Boulson sends the following note:



"April 16, 1981, I was inducted into UMR's Academy of Electrical Engineers. Jan. 25, 1982, I was named "Marshfieldian of the Year-1981," by Marshfield Chamber of Commerce. Oct. 28, 1981 , I was awarded Certificate of Appreciation by Missouri Municipal League for local civic leadership." C. E. and Inez's address is P.O. Box 3, Marshfield, MO 65706. C. E. is retired.

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Alumni Personals _ _______________________ 1939 Joel F. LOl'eridge reports that he has been elected president of Safari Club International Conservation Fund, the largest hunting organization in the world with 60 chapters around the world. Joel and Pauline live at 739 Country Manor, St. Louis, MO 63141. Joel owns Loveridge Engineering Sales Co. Inc. Edgar F. Pohlmann writes that he is "still enjoying retirement very much." He is keeping busy with volunteer work, flying and trailering. Edgar and Hazel live at 5805 Goucher Drive, College Park, MD 20740. Leroy E. Smith writes that he has been doing consulting work, the last being for the Electric Power System in Ecuador. He now intends to enjoy retirement for a while. Leroy lives at 12534 Limewood Drive, Sun City, AZ 85375.


A. James Kiesler reports that he has completed a two year assignment as director of the General Electric Research Lab in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and will retire (again) June I, 1982. Jim and Ruth now live at 1365 Van Antwerp Road, Apt. F-55, Schenectady, NY 12309. Eugene and Margaret Olcott's address is Route I, Box 44, Shepherdstown, WV 25443. Eugene is a self-employed farmer. He reports: "This year 1 am president of Jefferson County Taxpayers Association (the local civic group) and so am involved in political type activities." Edward and Mabel RueWs new address is 7088 East St. , Ocala, FL 37672. Ed has recently retired.

1941 Andreas A. Andreae reports that he "enjoyed the 40th reunion with so many of the Class of 1941." Andreas and Jean's address is P.O. Box 423, Portsmouth, NH 0380 I. He is retired.

1981 Hollamo

The association has been notified of the death of Robert Ahin Smith. Kenneth A. Schowalter sends the following note: "I plan to retire June 30, 1982 after 31 years of service with U.S. Steel-Research. Betty and I plan to stay in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area. We plan to attend the 40th reunion in October." Kenneth and Betty's address is 1261 Catalina Drive, Monroeville, P A 15146.


lers and ; Roster Science, Today." UMR's :rs. His ., Idaho

19 note:

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81," by ·ce. Oct. ica te of unicipal

C. E. , Marsh'



Joseph E. Spafford, administrative engineer of Swarthmore College (Pa.) collapsed and died of a stroke Jan. 15, while jogging on the college's indoor track. An avid traveler, fluent in Spanish, he was an authority on the Mayan Indian civilization of Central and South America and was chaim1an of the Philadelphia chapter of the Explorers Club. Before joining the staff of Swarthmore College in 1964, he had been with Bethlehem Steel, Standard Fruit Company of Honduras and the University of West Virginia. As administrative engineer for Swarthmore, he helped guide the construction of eight facilities on campus. He is survived by his wife, Audrey Spafford, 304 Park A ve., Swarthmore, PA 19081, two sons, a daughter and a granddaughter. Mrs. Spafford said, "He was very proud that he had earned his engineering degree at the University of Missouri-Rolla.


1943 Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinators

Robert M. Brackbill 800 Glen Lakes Tower 9400 North Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75231 William D. Busch 20001 Idlewood Trail Clel'eland, OH 44136 John H. Lyons 9012 Congressional Court Pot()mac, MD 20854 John H. and Margaret M. Castleman live at 15227 Badlona Drive, La Mirada, CA 90638. John is retired from Bechtel Power Corp. John writes that he plans to attend his fortieth reunion this fall.

Howard and Mary Durham have moved to 1107 Plantation Drive, Deerfield Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. Howard is retired. Fred George Fleschner, 5244 Abington Road, Florissant, MO 63033, died March 24, according to a notice forwarded by Robert V. WoH, association secretary. Fred is survived by his wife, a son, Rich Fleschner, '76, and a daughter, Linda Fleschner currently a senior at UMR. Edward T. Kendall, Jr. writes: "My beloved wife, Frances, passed away this April 18. We enjoyed many trips in our '23 "T" Ford and '45 J-3 Piper Cub. After my retirement 1 plan to stay in Charlotte, NC." Ed lives at 4829 Currituck Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210. MSM Alumnus 12 1

Alumni Personals ______________________ _ 1943 (Cont.) Jim and Lou Paul live at Kneibrecheweg 5, Horgen, (Zurich) Switzerland 8810. Jim is a development manager with Dow Chemical Europe. Jim says that he couldn't find any green beer in Zurich at St. Pat's this year.

1947 Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinators Elmer W. Belew 11614 Norgate Drive St. Louis, MO 63138 Rodney A. Schaefer University of Missouri-Rolla 204 Engineering Mechanics Bldg. Rolla, MO 65401 James W_ Stephens Missouri Public Service Company P.O. Box 11739 Kansas City, MO 64138 Ronald A. Tappmeyer 2226 Country Club Drive Sugarland TX 77478

Richard E. Cole retired from Reynolds Metals Co., in 1980. Richard and Beverly live at 10 Roslyn Hills Drive, Richmond, VA 23229. Phillip D. Johnson reports that he retired Feb. 28, after 25 years with Stevens County Road Department. He was director of public works and county road engineer for the past nine years. He is now enjoying retirement on the ranch he has lived on, owned and operated the past 27 years. Phillip and Louise's ad· dress is Rural Route, Rice, WA 99167.

Nels A. Anderson now lives at 2565 Boyd Circle, Springfield, MO 65804. Nels is retired. Wilbert F. (Will) Stoecker reports that he has written the 2nd edition of "Refrigeration and Air Conditioning" published by McGraw Hill. Will is a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois. Will and Pat live at 1506 S. Maple, Urbana, 1L 61801.

1949 J. Russell Snowden has recently retired after a 30 year teaching career in civil engineering at the University of Louisville. Russell and Betty Jo live at 3314 Furman Blvd., Louisville, KY 40220.

1948 Lawrence F. O'Neill reports that he is president of the St. Louis Chapter of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers. Lawrence is administrator of physical facilities at Washington University. Lawrence and Becky live at 448 Wildwood Parkway, Ballwin, MO 630 II.

John and Susan Bauer's address is Route I, Box 139A, Wentzville, MO 63385. John is supervisor of aeronautical engineering at the U.S. Ar· my TSAR COM in St. Louis. Oarence H. Hudson lives at 6123 Covington Drive, Columbia, MD 21044. Clarence is commercial development manager with Rixon in Silver Spring, Md. John and Regina Shute's new address is Tetra Technical Institute Inc., 1911 Fort Myer Drive, Arlington, V A 22209. John has a new position as geologic advisor to the Ministry of Petroleum, Sultanate of Oman.

Otto 1. VanMaerssen has been transferred within LTV Corp. from Vought to Kentron International where he is plans and controls manager (ACn. He reports: "we have a contract with Sohio for telecommunications work on Alaska's north slope, with the engineer· ing done in the San Francisco area. Made trip to Prudhoe Bay in March." Otto and Hortensia now live at 370 N. Civic Drive (313), Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

1981 Rollamo 22 / MSM Alumnu s

Leonard Nelson and Rita Wicks-Nelson iive at 320 5th Ave., Montgomery, WV 25136. Leonard is president of the West Virginia Institute of Technology.


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Alumni Personals _____________ _________ 1950

Eugene J. Poscbel is an electronic engineer in the armament division of the U.S. Air Force Civil Service at Elgin Air Force Base, Fla. Eugene and Virginia live at 594 L'Ombre Court, N .E., Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548. Eugene and Virginia write that they have two mar· ried children, two grandchildren , four college graduates and one daughter in nursing school at the University of Southern Alabama.

Donald P. Dampf reports that he has a new job and venture after 29 years and early retirement from Tenneco. He is now president of Guardian Oil Co. Don and Millie live at 5686 Bayou Glen, Houston, TX 77056. Herbert A. Gensman died in August, 1979, according to a notice received by the association.

William and Carol Weber have moved to 12619 Hay Meadow Place, Herndon, V A 22071. Bill is a supervisory petroleum engineer with the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, Va.

Warren and Betty Hagan have moved to 2355 Jenson Court, Fort Worth, TX 76112. Warren is now manager of Huitt-Zollars. William Hollis writes that he and Charlotte keep active in their retirement and send their best to all their MSM friends. Bill and Charlotte live at 20 Cannon Hill Ave., Groveland, MA 01834.

1951 Jobn E. Smith was recently recognized for his 30 years of service with the U.S Geological Survey. He is now a supervisory cartographer and is currently directing the photo control requirements unit, technical planning section, branch of photogrammetry, as its chief. Joh n's address is P.O. Box 285, Rolla, MO ,65401.

1). He



Peter J. Lucido has been appointed vice president of sales by KSR-AMTEC Inc. of Youngstown, Ohio, a new manufacturer of specialized refractory products for industry. He was formerly associated with Kaiser Refractories, Division of Kaiser Aluminum, and Foote Mineral Co. Peter and Marilyn live at 813 Squir· reI Hill Drive, Boardman, OH 44512. Ricbard and Louise Dever live at 1108 Ermine A ve., Winter Springs, FL 32708. Richard is a technical staff engineer with Stromberg-Carlson in Longwood, Fla. Guy C. Ellison Sr. is president of Ellison Oil Co. He and Beverly live at 113 feche Drive, Lafayette, LA 70503.

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area· larch." l70 N.



1952 Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinators

.k, CA Frederick S. Kummer 11 Squires Lane Huntleigh, MO 63131




Dan W. Martin P.O. Box B Virginia City, NV 89440

Burton and Dorothy McB Duchek live at 1654 Sheldon Drive, Clearwater, FL 33516. Burton is president of Ducar Inc., in Largo, Fla. Bob and Jo Paulsell have moved to 807 Bonfouca Lane, Mandeville, LA 70448. Bob is assistant manager of drilling and production with Texaco USA, in New Orleans, La.

SIDNEY J. COLE Sidney J. Cole has been named vice president and general manager of Landis & Gyr's Moore Systems group. Moore manufactures and designs a wide variety of remote control telemetering and data acquisition systems for utility and in· dustrial applications. Sidney was previously general manager for Rockwell International's E nergy Management Systems. He and his fam· ily plan to relocate to the San Jose area. MSM Alumnus123 •

Alumni Personals _______________________





Carl and Brenda Glaser live at 17107 Wild Horse Creek Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017. Carl is president and owner of Engineered Energy Management Inc., in St. Louis.

1957 Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinators Bill Atchley Clemson University P.O. Box 992 Clemson, SC 29631 Roger L. Feaster 401 Landings Drive Lees Summit, MO 64063 James W. Johnson University of Missouri¡Rolla 143 Chemical Engineering Bldg. Rolla, MO 65401 Clifford C. Tanquary 14219 Denver Ave. Grandview, MO 64030 Jack E. Toliver 17580 Bending Oaks Court Granger, IN 46530

w. C. and Shirley Bohling are moving to 1801 Kalakaua Rise, Ridge Wood, Singapore 1027 . W. C. is now group personnel director with McDermott Southeast Asia. He says: "McDermott is the parent company of Babcock & Wilcox with whom I have been associated since graduation. We are building offshore platforms in Southeast Asia, a new experience for a ceramic engineer."

Please send photos with personals

24 / MSM Alumnu s

Jen plet

Robert W. Sucher writes: "For all you miners, 'This Bud's for you.' Twenty four years since sitting in class at MSM. Currently have two children at UMR. Mary Anne is a sophomore in geology and Robert Jr. a freshman in electrical engineering. From the sounds of things, not much has changed, physics is still physics." Bob is now director of allied products energy and environment with Anheuser Busch Inc. He and Cecilia live at 4597 Towne Centre, St. Louis, MO 63128.

John O. Buchanan is "the field engineer in charge of construction of a new power plant at Plant "A" Dow Chemical Co., Freeport, Texas. This plant will have two gas turbines using gas converted from coal which is mined from Dow's own coal mine in central Texas." John and Helen live at 125 Clover, Lake Jackson, IX 77566.

Marangin Simatupand is director of the Indonesian State Tin Corp. (P.T. Rimah) with responsibility for 22,000 employees. He is in charge of planning and development of the mining e~ter­ prise. In 1976 he was instrumental in the transition of the company from P.N . (state run) to P.T. (private). Marangin is also vice chairman of the newly formed organization EADA which completes the worldwide network of dredging organizations under the umbrella group WODA (World Dredging Association). The other two in the group are CEDA (Central Dredging Association) representing Europe, North Africa and the Near East, and WEDA (Western Dredging Association) representing North, Central and South America. Marangin's address is Director, Indonesian State Tin Corp. (P.T. Timah), 11. lenderal Gatot, Soebroto-lakarta, Indonesia.

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He tivit Mid 1981 Rollamo

Paul R. McGinnis' new address is Box 477, Dixon, MO 65459. Paul is now a partner in BeamCo.

Wal vice part sulta Wall

Rou Richard K, Vitek is president of Fotodyne Inc., in New Berlin, Wis. Richard and Marilyn's address is 3367 S. l22nd St., P.O. Box 27312, West Allis, WI 53227.

Gem St., ~




1959 Robert L. Boxdorfer sends the following note: "Finishing 23 years with City of St. Louis as fITe alarm manager. Rita and I have two grandchildren. Our youngest son is graduating from St. Marys High this year. Another son is still at home. The other three are married and live in St. Louis area. Bob and Rita live at 3547 Halliday, St. Louis, M063118. Ronald L. Mueller has moved to 431 14th Ave. , San Francisco, CA 94118. Francis and Yvette Saupe now live at Fallee Alexis Carrel Mereville, 54850 Messein, France. Francis is a chercheur scientifique with C.R.P.G. in Vandoeuvre, France.

Alumni Personals ______________________ 1960 Jerrold M. Alyea is president of Complete Building Center. He and Judith live at 1009 44th St. , Blue Springs, MO 64015. Jerrold is currently serving on the Blue Springs Industrial Revenue Bonding Authority. Paul W. Benz sends a note telling us that he retired Feb. 6; 1980, after selling his business. He spent 1980 and 1981 working for the volunteer organization, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and traveling. He is now looking for new business activity. Paul lives at 115 Holland Road, Middletown, NJ 07748.



ow a

Walter H. Dickens retired from civil service in December, 1981. He now works part time as a facilities maintenance consultant with Texas Refinery Corp. Walter and Betty's address is Hayden Route, Box 38, Dixon, MO 65459.

t of


67 S. Allis,

Gene and Edna Rizer live at 7324 Bath St., Springfield, V A 22150. Gene is an engineer staff officer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Washington , D.C.

Lee and Janean Etnyre now live at 11886 W. Radcliff Ave., Morrison, CO 80465. Lee is a well log analyst with Cities Service Co. , in Denver, Colo.

1961 Notice has been received of the death of Joseph Conrad Gay. Wayne C. Horton, '61 & '62, has accepted the position of vice president of exploration for I.T.T. Eason Oil. For the past year he has served as vice president of exploration with Woods Petroleum. Wayne and Joan live at 9216 Candlewood, Oklahoma City , OK 73132. A note from A. Dale Mears reports: "Dale, wife Mary , and family are now living in Monterrey , Mexico, where Dale is vice president and general manager of the General Electric Company of Mexico-lamp operation." Their address is: % General Electric Co. , A.P . Postal 961 , Monterrey , Mexico. David and Patricia Owsley have moved to 6008 85th St. , Overland Park, KS 66207 . David is a partner in Carter & Associates in Kansas City, Mo.

Dennis and Judi Redington now live at 12879 White Rock Court, Des Peres, MO 63131. Dennis is a quality assurance manager with Monsanto Co., in Creve Coeur, Mo.

1962 Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinators H. Pat Duvall 11100 30th Place SW Seattle, W A 98146 James W. Joiner University of Missouri-Rolla 320 Math-Computer Science Bldg. Rolla, MO 65401 Richard O. Rouse General Dynamics-Freeman Coal P.O. Box 100 West Frankfort, IL 62896 Aylmer P. Cheng has accepted a position as a project manager with Amoco (UK) Exploration Co., in London , United Kingdom. Aylmer and Mary Jo's new address is Amoco Expatriate Service, P.O. Box 35830, Houston , TX 77088.

Uow¡ City

Rita Our ) St.

William and Helen Donald have moved to 1621 Ridgeway Drive, Morgan City , LA 70380. Bill is a district manager with Schlumberger Well Services .

on is





Roy B. Smith is now a project manager for the U.S. Navy Trident at the Naval Submarine Base in Kings Bay, Ga. Roy and Barbara live at IIII Live Oak Lane, St. Marys, GA 31558.

Daryl C. Hatfield lives at 695 Anacapa Drive, Camarillo, CA 930 I O. He is an electronics engineer with Pacific Missile Test Range at Point Mugu, Calif.


.18. ve at i4850 cheur Van¡ 1981 Rollamo

Calvin and Sheron Huston live at 6566 Via Arroyo Drive, Buena Park, CA 90620. Calvin is a project engineer with Rockwell International in Anaheim, Calif. MSM Alumnu s125

Alumni Personals _______________________ 1963 Ronald E. Ragland is vice president and general manager of K W Engineering in San Diego, Calif. Ron's home address is Box A, Building 2, Room 35, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Natver T. Zinzuwadia has a new position as assistant civil engineer with the New York City Transit Authority. Natver and Sari have moved to 145 Belmont Ave., No. 41, Jersey City, NJ 07304.

Matthew and Judith Burkart's new address is P.O. Box 532,1369 Provident Road, Southampton, PA 18966. Matthew is president of Aegis Corp.

Jerry F. Cebe has been promoted to brewing manager with Miller Brewing Co. Jerry and Patricia now live at 3513 Royal Scot Road, Albany , OA 31707.

Leo and Orletta Hogard have moved to 1625 Meadow Brook, Ponca City, OK 7460 I. Leo is now a project engineer with Conoco Inc.


196 Cbar

EngiJ Irvin E. Bergsagel is now director of planning and administrative services with St. Louis Park Public Schools in St. Louis Park, Minn. Irvin and Kay have moved to 15615 6th Ave. N., Plymouth, MN 55447. '

chair Co., '

R.D presi( Ovie< 1218

3270: Harry L. Creech has accepted a position as a management analyst programmer III with Eastern Illinois University. Harry has moved to 1409 9th St., Charleston, IL 61920.

Thomas W. Gardner has been promoted to manager of marketing services with Cooper Industries. Tom and Sheila now live at 402 Hillcrest Drive, Mt. Vernon, OH 43050.




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addre Vienr Moto Detro


Neil C. Hertenstein has been named president of Public Capital Corp., in Chicago. Neil was recently married to M. Cheryl McKinley and the couple now lives at 1335 N. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60610_

have born , Dye I presid Co.¡D

James D. MurreU has moved to 339 E. 7th Ave., Denver, CO 80303. Jim is now a broker associate with Relmax of Cherry Creek.

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Lt. C.


CHARLES E. CAMPBELL Charles E. CampbeU has been named president of Ora-iron Foundry in Tulsa and Ora-Iron Foundry-Teetor Division, a newly acquired facility in Dekalb, Ill. Ora-Iron produces gray and ductile iron castings and is a subsidiary of Meehanite Metal Corp. in St. Louis. Charles lives at 12727 E. 137th St., Broken Arrow, OK 74012. 26/ MSM Alumnu s

Calvin B. Cobb, '64, '65 & '67, has joined Wright, Killen and Feldman Inc_, Houston, Texas, as president. Calvin began his career with Monsanto but for the past eight years has been vice president of the Pace Company Consultants & Engineers, Inc. Wright, Killen & Feldman, Inc. , is a professional consulting firm that provides engineering and planning services to the refining, petrochemical/chemical, and allied energy industries_ He and Nancy live at 12726 DowdeU, Cypress, TX 77429.

Frederick and Sarah Schmidt now reside at 1063 Prospect Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103. Fred is an engineering supervisor with Celanese.

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uveat 85364

1967 Michael D. Smith writes: "After 17 years in the parts/sales department, I have just moved to the service department as manager of the central division of Caterpillar Tractor Co., D.S. Commercial Division. I'm looking forward to the new learning experience." Mike and Alpha live at 5926 N. Sherwood Drive, Peoria, IL 61614.

Alumni Personals ______________________ 1965 (Cont.)

)r of






Charles Allen Thomas (Doctor of Engineering Honoris Causa) former chairman of the Board of Monsanto Co., died March 29, in Georgia. R. Dalton WeIsh has been named vice president of Conley and Associates in Oviedo, Fla. Dalton and Gayle live at 1218 Cheetah Trail, Winter Springs, FL 32708.

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1966 Terrell Carlson is now a general super· visor with General Motors-Austria. Terry and Patricia write that their mail must be sent to Terry's employment address. It is then forwarded to them in Vienna, Austria. The address is General Motors, W. Grand Blvd., Room 3·220, Detroit, MI 48202 .

Lt. Col. John W. Mohr was recently selected to attend the Industrial College of the Armed Forces during the 1983-84 academic year at Fort McNair, Washington, D.C. John is commanding officer of Marine Air Control Squadron-7 at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Ariz. John and Wilma live at 1161 S. Brangus Ave., Yuma, AZ 85364.


lnt, I epar!' vision Com'

lrd to eand )rive,

Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinators Alfred J. Ponnwitz 701 McDec Quantico, VA 22134 Gary F. Sievert 6609 E. 104th St. Tulsa, OK 74133

William W. Dufresne has accepted a position as manager of manufacturing technology with Northrop Corp., in Hawthorne, Calif. Bill and Barbara have moved to 227 W. Palm Ave. , No. 2, Elsegundo, CA 90245. John Gass earned an M.B.A. from the University of Iowa. He is a senior project engineer with 11 Case. John and Sandra live at 1034 Willow Ave., Bur· lington, IA 52601. Michael and Chan Hallett now make their home at 17601 Preston Road, Apt. 272, Dallas, TX 75252. Michael is with Forney Engineering Co. , in Addison, Texas. Benny J. Heuiser has a new position as a project manager with Fegles Power Service Corp., in Minneapolis, Minn. Benny and Susan have moved to 13840 Sunny slope Drive, Maple Grove, MN 55369.

James M. Higbee says: "Micki and I have a new son-Kevin James Higbee, born April 13. The family lives at 7 105 Dye Drive, Dallas, TX 75248. Jim is president of Arthur J. Gallagher & CO.·Dallas.


:r 17

Michael J. Browne received his M.B.A. from Wright State University in December and is currently the Inland sales representative to the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors Co. and market study coordinator at the In· land Division of GM. Billie is teaching art at Murlin Heights Elementary School in Vandalia, Ohio. Mike and Billie live at 7150 Keeneland Drive, Dayton, OH 45414. George and Sharon Bullman have moved to 47070 Ben Franklin, Utica, MI 48087 . George is now base civil engineer with the Michigan Air National Guard at Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

FRED W. ERDMANN Fred W. Erdmann, '67 and '71, has been named an associate of the firm of Dames & Moore, engineering and environmental consultants. Assigned to the Cincinnati office, Fred specializes in ground water hydrology, mineral exploration and engineering geology. He has been with the firm since 1967. In recent years, he has managed a large number of ground water contamination assessments and water supply developments for local government and industrial clients. Fred, Nancy and sons Timothy , 9, and Jonathan, 7, live at 4242 Champdale, Cincinnati, OH 45238 .

Wayne J. Hopkins has been selected by the Navy to attend the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterray, Calif., for additional post graduate work leading to greater responsibility. Wayne is an operations research analyst at the Naval Surface Weapons Center in White Oak, Md . He lives at 9348 Cherry Hill, No. 108, College Park, MD 20740.

Will.iam E. Sykes has been promoted to manager of Union Carbide's Cascade Operations Division. He will have the responsibility of the plant's enrichment operation along with engineering and production planning groups related to the production process. Bill joined Union Carbide after receiving his degree in chemical engineering. He is also a veteran of three years' service as a lieute· nant in the U.S. Navy . He and Jane and sons Jason , 5 V2, and Brian, I V2, live at 341 Rushing Road, Paducah , KY 42001. MSM Alumnus /2 7

Alumni Personals _______________________ 1967 Paul and Sandra Shramovich now live at 17 Gloucester Court, E. Brunswick, NJ 08816. Paul is a senior staff engineer with Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, N.J.

1968 Scott Abel has been named vice president of L & A Energy Inc., in Woodlands, Texas. Scott and Carolyn have moved to 6310 Jadecrest, Spring, TX 77379. George A. Gasper, Jr. has been promoted to division engineer with Aluminum Company of Americ~ in Alcoa, Tenn . George and Glenda have moved to 2105 Buckingham Circle, Maryville, TN 37801. Arthur E. (Gene) Doerflinger says that his daughter, Cindy, has returned to Rolla as a freshman. She was four years old when Gene graduated . He is a senior engineer with Hallmark Cards. Gene and Marlys live at 10226 Lane, Kansas City, MO 64134.

Tom and Mary BeU now live at 809 S. McDonald, Stillwater, OK 74074.

Ira P. Hochman now lives at 1034 Murrayhill Ave., Pittsburgh, P A 15217 .

William and Sandy Knaufs new address is Route 9, Box 67, Morgantown, WV 26505 . Bill is now a store manager for Montgomery Ward.

Charles J. Rhea has been named production manager with FMC's Northern Ordnance Division in Minnneapolis, Minn. Charles and Ann live at 2900 Urbandale Lane, Plymouth, MN 55447.

Asaad S. Shini sends the following note: "In September 1979, I started a private consulting company in Houston, Texas, called Citadel Engineering and Construction Ent. Inc., providing technical and construction services to Saudi Arabia. In June 1981 we had an addition to the family, a baby girl named Lisa. My son, Simaan is now 6 years old." Asaad and Marianna live at 16510 Squires Road, Spring, TX 77373.

J. Q. "Jack" Sims has been named director of construction for the Kiawah Island Co. at Kiawah Island, S.c. He will be responsible for all vertical construction for the company and for the coordination of construction personnel. Jack was formerly with Southern Construction Co. in Chicago and with Diversified Contractors in Southern Illinois.

AIL 197( CUrID tion a Cities and} Quine

Theodore J. Spalding has been promoted to senior staff reservoir engineer with Arco Oil & Gas Co., in Dallas, Texas. Theodore and Rita's new address is Route 2, No. 8 Crestview Circle, Rockwall, TX 75087 . Clifton and Patty Steed have moved to 1921 E. Rua Branco Drive, Sandy, UT 84092. Clifton has accepted a position as manager of telecommunications with Northwest Energy Co., in Salt Lake City. Patrick and Jacqueline Wilson would like to announce the birth of their daughter, Nicole Rene, on March 5. Patrick is a senior consultant with McDonnell Douglas Automation Co. Patrick, Jacqueline and Nicole live at 4345 Honeydew Lane, St. Louis, MO 63128.



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Michael A. Nawrocki has a new position as chief of the environmental division with Skelly and Loy. Mike and Sharon now live at 1305 Upton Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17110.

1981 a head, equiprr:



View 1

Eric ('68 & '70) and Irene Rapp have a new address--248 Hoxie Court, P.O. Box 164, Spring Green, WI 53588. Eric is an operations manager with Cardinal IG.

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Maurice and Nita Baylor have moved to 2704 Muse, Ft. Worth, TX 76112. Maurice is retired.

child, ( Gene, 125 K 76126. analyst

28 / MSM Alumnus

1981 Rollamo


lamed iawah C. He II can· or the anne!. I Can· with

Alumni Personals _ _ _____________________ 1970

Jerry Milligan has accepted the position of superintendent of schools for the Southern Reynolds County R-2 District. He comes to his new job after eight years as assistant superintendent of the Arcadia Valley School System. Jerry, his wife, Patricia, and their two daughters, Alice, 13, and Connie, 18 , will move to Ellington in mid·June .

Curtis B. Abshier has accepted a position as senior research geophysicist with Cities Service Co., in Tulsa, Okla. Curtis and Alice have moved to 2308 West Quincy St., Broken Arrow, OK 44012.

:rn 1I.

progineer Dallas, ddress Circle,

In December, James J. Rechner was promoted to electric division manager with Springfield City Water Light & Power Co. Jim and Suzanne live at 1924 S. Glenwood, Springfield, IL 62704.

ved to y, UT )sition s with Ike Ci·

Edward B. Tenes sends this note : "I am no longer an education and training supervisor with Loffland Brother (Oil & Gas Drilling Contractor) in Oklahoma City, Okla. I am now the owner of Ace Termite and Pest Control in Rolla, Mo. My address is Edgar Star Route, Box 33, Rolla, MO 65401."


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DONALD J. BEACH Donald J. Beach has been named manager of manufacturing engineering with E-System Inc., ECI Division, in St. Petersburg, Fla. Don joined ECI in 1981 and served the company as section head, manufacturing processes and equipment. He had been with B. W. Electronics in Clearwater prior to his move to ECI. He lives at 309 Harbor View Lane, Harbour Bluffs, FL 33540. Daryl and Barri Breeden have a new daughter, Danielle Patricia, born Jan. 21. The family lives at 225 Brailsford, Summerville, SC 29483. Daryl has a new position as director of operations with Teledyne Waterboro. Gene and Martha Dawson are very happy to announce the birth of their first child, Gene Douglas, on Aug. 27, 1981 . Gene, Martha and their new son live at 125 Kenshire Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76126 . Gene is a senior operations analyst with General Dynamics.

Jeffrey I. Cohen has been promoted to director of international marketing with Killark Electric Manufacturing Co., in St. Louis. Jeff joined the company in 1971 and will be responsible for implementing Killark's long range plans to market its electrical construction products worldwide. He was previously manager, marketing and communica· tions. Jeff and Joann live at 584 Fieldstone Lane, Ballwin, MO 630 II. On Feb. I, after 12 years with Placid Oil Co., G. D. (Jay) Degen, Jr. joined his brother·in·law's (Bill Jones) company, Eagle Production and Drilling Services in Dallas as operations engineer. Jay and Ellen live at 370 I Leathertop Drive, Plano, TX 75075 . Jay writes that the twins are in their terrible twos and now keep Ellen fully occupied.

Michael and Mary McGath live at 37124 San Bruno Ave., Barstow, CA 92311. Mike is manager of Newberry/Hector mine and processing facilities for NL Industries Inc. Mike writes: "NL Chemicals (NL Industries) Newberry/Hector mine and processing facilities completed four years without a lost-time accident on March 7, 1982."

James and Jacque Vincent have moved to 15491 Dayton Road, Monroe, MI 48161. Jim has accepted a position as staff engineer with A. G. & Associates in Southfield, Mich.

1971 David Bondurant has been promoted to CMOS design manager with Honeywell Solid State Electronics Division . He is responsible for design of a single chip microcomputer. David and Judy live at 9285 Garrison Way , Eden Prairie, MN 55344. James (Andy) Butler has been named director of engineering for Doubleday Broadcasting (Media Division of Doubleday Publishing) with responsibility for overseeing technical operations in St. Louis, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York and Washington. Jim and Carol ('70) live at 47 W. Pacific Ave., Webster Groves, MO 63119. MSM Alumnus / 29

Alumni Personals _______________________ 1971 (Cont.) Timothy and Janet Epresi now live at 136 Deer Run, Pleasenton, TX 78064. Tim has been promoted to district manager with Schlumberger Well Services.

Ryan Forrest has been promoted dustrial products area manager Texaco USA in oak Brook, Ill. and Lou Ellen have moved to Killdeer, Naperville, IL 60565.

to inwith Ryan 1817

Charles W. Foster was promoted to Major in the Army Corps of Engineers and is expecting to go to Germany in July 1983 . Presently Charles is an assistant professor of military science at the Colorado School of Mines in Goiden. Charles and Londa live at 13570 W. Dako ta Place, Lakewood , CO 80228 .

Stephen Franklin has accepted a position as a project engineer with Booker Associates Inc., in St. Louis. Stephen li ves at 14827 Woodford Way, Bridgeton, MO 63044.

Wayne J. GaUer recently joined the brass group of Olin Corp. in East Alton , Ill . as a senior energy & environmental engineer. Wayne lives at 12552 Bennington Place, St. Louis, MO 63141. Carl W. Intag, '71 & ' 73, has been promoted to district manager with Carrier Corp., in Richardson, Texas. Carl and Deborah have moved to 3800 Portsmouth, Plano, TX 75023. Tom and Suzie Kerscher moved to 1045 S. Ouray St., Aurora, CO 80217 , in August, 1980. Tom is director of facilities engineering at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center where he is responsi¡ ble for the maintenance and repair of a nine-story, 570-bed hospital and 576 acres of grounds with associated buildings. Tony and Anita Krause are proud parents of Richard William, born Ma rch 20. Richard, Sheree, Jeffrey, Anita and Tony still live at 3429 Coolidge, Lake Charles, LA 70605 . Gary Lee, ' 71 & ' 74, has been awarded the "Young Engineer of the Year" award by the Western Missouri chapter of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers. He was selected for his contribu tions in ci vii-en vironmen tal engineering, public service and civic endeavors. Ga ry is vice president and general manager of E. T. Archer and Co. and lives at 401 W. Olive, Box 244, Raymore, MO 64083. During April Gary visited Sweden for six weeks as a member of a Rotary International Exchange Team. Dennis L. Schmickley is a consultant engineer with Essex Corp., in Warminster, Pa. Dennis lives at 801 S. Fairway Road, Glenside, PA 19038.

1981 Rollamo 30/ MSM Alumnu s

A note from Barry and Sue (Jaggi, '72) Winscher reports: "We have moved from the frozen wastelands of Michigan to thaw out in Tennessee. Barry is now an assistant manager with N issan Motor Manufacturing Corp. Our new address is 1422 Arrowhead, Murfreesboro, TN 37130."

1972 Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinators Robert T. Berry 8205 Harris St. Raytown, MO 64138

Robert are aWl in May ing en,

Santiago Ibarra, Jr. 3466 Burnett Murrysville, PA 15668

first ch live at IL 6271

Ayers H. Blocher III, is a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy. Ayers and Karen live at 1265 Leahy, Monterey, CA 93940. William and Dawn Brockmeier live at 7465 Hollister Ave., No. 317, Goleta, CA 93117. BiD is a supervisor with Santa Barbara Research Center. Robert L. Burnett has accepted a position as district sales representative with Sperry-New Holland in Joliet, Ill. Bob and Marsha's (Karhoff) new address is Route 2, 39 Idlewood Drive, Bloomington, IL 6170 I. Carl and Judy Castrianni have moved to 1900 Ports O'Call, Plano, TX 75075. Carl has accepted a position as a data base supervisor with Phillips Coal Co., in Richardson , Texas. William B. Gordon has accepted a position as a senior fire protection engineer with Protection Mutual Insurance Co., in Park Ridge, Ill. Bill now lives at 6625 N. Oliphant, Chicago, IL 60631. James Lyon writes: "Since Jan. I , I have been in charge of applications programming for Pet Inc.'s retail divisions. Most of my present work is with the 905 Stores as they implement a point-of-sale terminal system ." Jim lives at 6980 Middle Valley Walk, St. Louis, MO 63123. Karl Schoenefeld writes: "I was married on June 20,1981, to Diane Kaltenbach and think married life is just great! My wedding party included fellow alumni, Larry Schulze, Forrest Swafford and Jeff Halbert." Karl and Diane's address is Route I, Box 1465, Glencoe, MO 63038. Karl is a data processing specialist with Typographic Sales Inc., in St. Louis.


David Zortma geologi! dress is 85358.

Terry a now liv OK 741 En~net


James E ing thos mone I Wire R( at 382: 64507.

Carol (1 nounce March i research at Dow Carol a

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Steven E with the Steve an L1wn, S

Arthur tion as division at 2910 MO 651

Gary R 50, Box arctica Gary



Alumni Personals ______________________ 1972 (Cont.)

tenant Ayers "eahy,

live at loleta, hSan·

a posi· e with 1. Bob lress is lloom·

noved 15075. a data li Co.,

a posi· gineer I! Co., t 6625 I have

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Robert and Kathy Moody tell us they are awaiting arrival of their second child in May. Bob was promoted to supervis· ing engineer with Panhand le Eastern Pipeline last fall. Bob, Kathy, and their first child, Jennifer, now 16 months old, live at 816 Rickard Road , Springfield , IL 62704. David C. Smith is now employed by ZortmanfLaudusky Mining Co., as a geologist. David and Marcia's new address is P.O. Box 1904, Wickenburg, AZ 85358. Terry and Martha (Whitaker) Twichell now live at 3310 S. 139 E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74134. Terry is working for Arrow Engineering.

1973 James Brychta writes that he is still racing those "unsafe" Corvairs, and is still in one piece. Jim is a metallurgist with Wire Rope Corp. of America and lives at 3825 Patee St. , St. Joseph, MO 64507. Carol (Langemach) and Don Davies an· nounce the birth of Sara Catharine on March 7. Carol was promoted to senior research chemist last year and still works at Dow Chemical in Midland, Mich. Carol and John live at 8511 Pierce Road, Freeland, MI 48623.

e 905 of·sal e aMid· ;3121

Steven B. Dierker is now a civil engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Steve and Polly have moved to 2841 W. Lawn, St. Louis, MO 63125.

larried :nbach

Arthur Hartle Jr. has accepted a posi· tion as head of the city sewer utilities division for Columbia, Mo. Arthur lives at 2910 Kenbarg Hill, Jefferson City, M065101.

It! My lum ni , d and .ddress

:, MO



Gary R. Henderson's address is Code 50, Box 100, Naval Support Force, Ant· arctica, FPO San Francisco 9660 I. Gary is a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy.

1981 Rollamo

John M. Keating tells us he has been promoted to senior metallurgist , minerals division , Florida fertilizer group, of International Minerals and Chemical Corp. " IMC is the world's largest privately owned producer of agriculture chemicals," he says. John previously served as plant metallurgist at each of IMC's three phosphate benefication plants in Florida. John and Nancy live a't 6203 Ivanhoe, Lakeland , FL 33803. John C. Killinger, '73 & '80, reports he has accepted a new position in financial planning (formerly in operations research) with Getty Oil Company's southern E. & P. Division. He and Mary Beth moved into a house over Christmas (2003 Bethlehem, Houston, T X 77018) and "are glad to finally get unpacked! " Rolland H . Kluge writes that his wife, Rosemary, passed away Feb. 22. Rolland's address is Route 1, Box 227, Leslie, MO 63056 . He is retired. Marilyn Moehlenkamp, '73 & '81, now lives at 1820 N. E. 104th, Apt. 42 , Portland, OR 97220. Marilyn is an assis· tant professor of chemistry at Concordia College.

Gary M aggert is presently a project manager with Bums & McDonnel Engineering Co. , in Kansas City, Mo. Gary recently completed design of "Oceans of Fun ," an aquatic amuse· ment park adjacent to "Worlds of Fun." The park opened in May 1982 afte r a fast track design and construction schedule. Gary's address is Route I, Box 54, Concordia, MO 64020. John and Linda Schilling report: "We' re expecting our 3rd child in No vember. Joe will be 6 in September and Tom will be 3 in June." John and Linda live at 303 Morewood , Manchester, MO 63011. John is a civil engineer with Black & Veatch Consulting Engineers in Chesterfield, Mo. Charles R. Taylor is now an instructor at Southwest Missouri State University. Charles and Judy's address is Route 6, Box 54 1A, Springfield, MO 65803 .

Richard and Roslyn Taylor have moved to 360 Fountain, Dayton, OH 45405 . Richard is a capta in in the U.S Air Force and a project engineer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. MS M Alumnu s / 3 1

Alumni Personals _____________________ _ _


1973 (Cont.)


Janet and David Tbompson have moved to 7247 S. Spruce, Englewood, CO 80112. Janet is a homemaker. Suresb and Sbalini Tolani have moved to 19·15 Nampeidal, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo· I 50 Japan. Suresh is now general manager of G.E.·CAE International.

1974 Karen J. Bieser has moved to 11200 We Ave., Apt. P, St. Ann , MO 63074. Karen is now a test development technologist with Smith Kline Clinical Lab in Creve Coeur. Jobn and Sbaron (Reser) Campbell have moved to 4245 5th Ave., Apt. E7 , Lake Charles, LA 70605. John has been promoted to project engineer, instrumentation, with Conoco Inc., in Ponca City, Okla. James J. Cook has accepted a position as regional marketing manager with Monroe Systems for Business. Jim has moved to 15905 Bent Tree Forest Cir· cle, No. 2054, Dallas, TX 75248.

James M. Entwistle, Jr. writes that he is looking forward to seeing the "Pine Street gang" 4th of July weekend in St. Louis. Jim is an associate reservoir engineer with Phillips Petroleum Co. Jim and Siv Beit (Saetre) live at 2545 N.W. 26th, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.

T. G. thet

Jean I Thet Dalla duct Coml

Allen Fails has accepted a position as a production engineer with the packaging products division of Realex Corp., in Lee's Summit, Mo. Allen writes: "Things got too tough in the auto in· dustry so I've moved on~ Plastics is where it's at. Congratulations to the swim team and 'Hi' to the team of '74." Allen and Martha live at 205 E. Moore Court, Blue Springs, MO 64015. James Foil, '74 & '75, sends us a note saying: "We've had a lot of changes late· ly. I joined Burns & McDonnell last November. Ann and I added a second child to the family. Jason Eugene was born April 21, one-half hour after we got to the hospital! " Jim , Ann and fami· Iy live at 104 S. Crescent, Lee's Summit, MO 64063. Jim's title is coordinator of project development. James (M.D.) and Deanna Kauten live at 2533 Selkirk, Springfield, IL 62702. Jim is a surgical resident at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

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was b THOMAS P. KIEFFER Thomas P. Kieffer has been promoted to the position of program manager, new business development, at the Babcock & Wilcox Company's Alliance, Ohio Research Center. As program manager, Tom is responsible for coordinating all phases of major R&D division new product development programs for the company's operating divisions. He is involved in such activities as market assessment, concept generation, product development, and product commercialization. He joined the research center in 1975. He has a master's degree from the University of Illinois and is currently enrolled in the M.B.A. pro· gram at Kent State University. Tom lives at 3474 Baldwin, Alliance, OH 44601 . Dennis and Valerie Meier have moved to 1706 S. Olive, Pittsburg, KS 66762. Dennis is now a chief engineer with Cherokee Coal Co.

1981 Rollamo 32/ MSM Alumnus

David A. Sager and Cheryl L. Friedricb were married Feb. 13. They live at 15 Mary Ann Court, Florissant, MO 63031. David is an assistant works engineer with American Steel Foundries in Granite City, Ill.

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15237 plicati( Inc.

The fo Yo\\, J Ph.D. Berkel


Dorca reside 94550


Alumni Personals ______________________ 1974 (Cont.)


T. G. and Barbara Rebkop welcomed the hirth of their first child, Rebecca Jean (8 Ibs. 10 oz.), on October 29, 1981. The family's address is P.O. Box 45101, Dallas, TX 75245. T. G. is now a product design analyst with University Computing Co.

Josepb and Tina Adrian now live at 649 Homestead Drive, Moberly, MO 65270. Joe is now safety director at Neamo Coal.

Donald and Rita Stein nerd now live at 4012 Fiesta, Hobbs, NM 88240. Don is an area engineer with Getty Oil Co.

oted to

r, new ::ock& Ohio mager, :ing all n new 'or the e is in¡ llarket

Andrew and Nicolette Schwartz send the following note: "A lot has been happening for us these last few years. I passed my P.E. Exam in April 1981. On July I, 1981, our daughter Julie Ann was born. We've lived in our new house almost a year now. We are expecting our second child in early October, 1982." Andrew, Nicolette and Julie live at 3704 East I I 3th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64137. Andrew is a civil engineer with Black & Veatch Consulting Engineers. Derrell Triplett has been promoted to senior process engineer with Davy McKee Corp. Derrell and Barbara (Stonner) live at 7678 Treelawn Drive, Independence, OH 44141.

Artbur H. Bell has been named senior technical sales representative for the film division of Exxon Chemical Americas' fabricated products department. He will be working with the division's shrink and stretch film group, seeking to expand the company's shrink film market throughout the Midwest. Arthur lives at 794 Picket Way, Cincinnati, OH 45245. Barbara and Ken Clayton have moved to 2111 E. Regency Place, Springfield, MO 65807. Barbara is retired. Norvel M. Derickson Jr. has a new position as a construction manager with Combustion Engineering of Windsor, Conn. Norvel and Sandra have moved to 3037 Ontario Lane, Bismarck, ND 5850 I. Claude and Winona Francis have moved to 15355 Meadow Village Drive, Houston, TX 77095. Claude is now division vice president of landfill operations with Browning-Ferris Industries Inc.





and is I. pro-

. Tom ;, OH

moved 66762. r with

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Cbarles and Lynn Yocom now live at 7939 Forest Flame, San Antonio, TX 78239. Charles is a captain in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and is a National Guard adviser. Larry and Vicky York have moved to 1011 Valley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Larry is now supervisor of applications support with PPG Industries Inc. The following note comes from Jesse L. Yow Jr.: "Jesse is working towards a Ph.D. at the University of CaliforniaBerkeley, while working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory . He and Dorcas and children, David and Rachel, reside at 761 Pine Street, Livermore, CA 94550."

Mark Giulvezan reports: "It has been a year since we moved to St. Louis. We are adapting well. Unfortunately, work has been interfereing with golf and fishing." Mark and Nancy live at 14311 Aitken Hill Court, Chesterfield, MO 63017. Mark is manager of a construction equipment group with IngersollRand Co.

1981 Rollamo

Mike Joshua, captain of UMR 's foot ¡ ball team in 1975 , visited the campus March 24th , with his brother. Christopher Joshua, who will be a new freshman in the fall of 1982. Mike lives at 7 Newbury Lane, Jacksonville, AR 77076. Mike is general manager of J. M. & Co., in Little Rock, Ark.

Steve Kambol reports: "I obtained my professional registration as a civil engineer in California in 1981 and am currently on a temporary assignment in Cincinnati at the Zimmer Nuclear Power Plant for Kaiser Engineers working on structural steel installation. I can be reached via my California address." Steve's address is 915 Shorepoint Court, E 219, Alemeda, CA 94501.

Stanley and Joan Elizabeth Harmon's address is Route I, Box 56D, Portageville, MO 63873. Stanley is a supervisor with Noranda Aluminum in New Madrid.

Cbristine M. Lytle is now a civil engineer with Solar Country in Silt, Colo. Christine and Patrick's new address is P.O. Box 764, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602.

Steve and Sue Holcomb and family have moved to a new home at 14008 Tomahawk Drive, Olathe, KS' 66062. Steve is district department superintendent with Gas Service Co., in Kansas City, Mo.

James and Cat by Scbaefer live at 390 I S. Morrow, Sioux Falls, SD 57106. Jim is a lieutenant in the U.S Navy and commanding officer of the Navy Reserve Center in Sioux Falls. MSM A lum nus / 33

Alumni Personals -------------------------------------------------------------1975 (Cont.) Edwin D. Settle has a new position as chief engineer with Inland Steel Coa l Co., in Sesser, III. Ed and Linda's new address is Route 3, Benton , IL 62812. Michael A. Stevens has accepted a posi¡ tion as a senior mining engineer with Luscar Ltd. in Canada. Mike and Terry's new address is Box 8, Site 389, Route 3, Sherwood Park , Alberta, Canada T8A 3K3 . Dennis Stuart has been promoted and transferred to assistant manager of engineering with Conoco's natural gas products department. Dennis has been with Conoco's subsidiary , Continental Pipe Line, for the last six years. He and his fami ly now reside at 22307 N. Rebecca Burwell, Kat y, TX 77449. Dale L. Walling is a control engineer with Black & Veatch Consulting Engineers. He is on assignment on the Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station at Glenrose, Texas for Texas Utilities Services inc. Dale and Lucille's first child , Eric Tyler, was born Oct. 20, 1981 , weighing a hefty 9 pounds. The family lives at 1805 Priner Drive, Benbrook , TX 76126.

1981 RoUamo

34 / MSM Alumnu s

Thomas and Gale Zgraggen have moved to 2710 Centennial Drive, Garland, TX 75042. Tom has a new position as general manager of on-line engineering in Richardson, Texas.

1976 Paul A. Abney sends the following note: "I have been promoted to manager of customer service in charge of all field service, national and international, system installation and training." Paul is employed by Micro Dynamics Inc. He and Vicky live at 3542 Jubilee Trail, Dallas, TX 75229. Yu Tzun and Shan Chu Chen's address is 11-2 Pa-Tai Road, Cha-Ann Village, Lung-Tan, Taoyuan, Tiawan ROC, 325. Yu Tzun is an associate engineer with Chung Shan Institute of Science & Technology. Don Chronister writes: " I taught a course at University of Dayton this spri ng "Industrial Materials & Processes" (like ME 53 and Met. 121 combined). I like being on the other side of the podium for a change, but it surely isn't easy-especially the first time." Don is a sen ior engineer with The Duriron Co. Inc. He and Nancy li ve a~ 6917 Eas tpoint Co urt, Centerville, OH 45459. Bob and LaWanda DeWitt will remember 198 1 as a "red letter year." In May, LaWanda finished her training to become a licensed practical nurse and subsequently passed her Illinois state board examinations in October. On July 6, their first child , Amanda Joy , was born. She weighed 7 pounds, II Vz ounces, and was 21 Y2 inches in length . In December, Bob finished work on his Ph.D. in physics at the University of illinois, Urbana-Champaign , and accepted a job as assistant professor of physics at Southern Arka nsas Universi ¡ ty. Bob, LaWanda and Amanda's new address is SAU Box 132 1, Magnolia, AR7 1753.

Pamela R. (Clarke) Edwards sends the following note: "Our second son, Dustin Andrew , was born March II , 1981. He has mommy's red hair and his daddy's good looks! He and his 3-year-01d brother, Scott, are trying to master the Atari Pac-Man by summer (I think!)." Pamela is an engineer with Boeing Computer Services in Wichita, Kan. The familY's address is Route I, Box 87, Derby, KS 67037. Edward L. Foster lives at 4402 Ginny Drive, Lakeland, FL 33803. Ed is an engineer with International Minerals & Chemicals in Barton, Fla. Dwight and Rita Gookin live at 7028 S. Lewis Court, Littleton , CO 80127. Dwight is a reservoir engineer with Total Petroleum Inc. , in Denver, Colo. Richard A. Harmon has a new position as manager, digital systems, with Powers Process Controls in Skokie, III. Richard and Cindy have moved to 273 Lincolnwood Road , Highland Park , IL 60035 . Robert and Susan Helmkamp now live at 4711 Whispering Falls Drive, Houston , TX 77084. Bob is a senior production engineer with Shell Oil Co. Lindsay E. Lomax reports that she has just completed a computer programming course at Rollins, and will be starting a new career in data processing. Lindsay is now a customer service supervisor with Rollins Inc. She li ves at 783 San Antonio Drive, N.E. , Atlanta , GA 30306. John A. Moritz Jr. has accepted a position as supervisor of industrial engineering with Olin Corp.'s Brass Division in East Alton , III. John and Vicki have moved to 12820 Ellsinore, Bridgeton, MO 63044. John Morrissey has been promoted to chief of the hospital support branch for the Directorate of Facilit y Engineers at Fort Leonard Wood , Mo. John and Chris's address is Route I, Old Farm Estates, Waynesville, MO 65583.


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Alumni Personals _ ______ ________________ 1976 (Cont.) Larry and Phyllis Schwab are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Alan Richard, on May 3. Larry, Phyllis and Alan live at 1717 Arcadia Drive, Lafayette, IN 47905. Larry is a chemical engineer with A. E. Staley Manufac turing Co. Victoria K. (Headrick) Sweetser is a design engineer with Hewlett Packard in Loveland, Colo. Victoria and Dave live at 8135 Turman Court, Ft. Collins, CO 80525. Dave is also an engineer with Hewlett Packard.

80m er with r, Colo.

Michael and Laurie (Kelchner) Tackett have moved to 7488 Mallard Court, Indianapolis, IN 46260. Mike is now a preparation engineer with AMAX Coal Co.

position i, with )kie, III. I to 273 Jark, IL

Daniel H. Underwood may be reached by writing c/o S. Cole, 3114-B Honeywood Lane, S.W., Roanoke, Va 24014.

7028 S,

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she has 19ramm· starting Lindsay perviso r 783 San ta, GA

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ngineer' lision in :ki have idgeto n• loted to lnch for neers at ,hn and d Farm 3.

198 1 Rotlamo

1977 Reunion at Homecoming Class Coordinators Michael Lackner 804 S. Western Mexico, MO 65265 Sean E. Price 7408 Prestbury Shreveport, LA 71129 Kenneth and Terry Gibson have moved to 4105 Lara Drive N.E., Alburquerque, NM 87111. Kenneth is now a member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories. Emile and Gail herstine have moved to 807 St. Pierre Cove, Niceville, FL 32578. Emile is a captain in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Elgin Air Force Base. Louis G. Loos II is now a graduate student here at UMR and hopes to complete his studies by December. His address is P.O. Box 761, Rolla, MO 6540 I.

Michael D. McDowell has a new position as an engineer with Mississippi Power & Light Co., in Port Gibson, Miss. Mike has moved to 60 I Highway 61 N. Bypass, Apt. 22H, Vicksburg, MS 39180. James R. McKenzie has accepted a position as a drilling and completion engineer with OFS Tulsa Corp., in Tulsa, Okla. Jim lives at 6013 Broadmoor, Oklahoma City, OK 73132.

Steven Richards, '77 & '80, has accepted a position as a field engineer with General Electric Co., in Evansville, Ind. Steve and Clare live at 67 S. Quail Run, Henderson, KY 42420. Danny and Donna Roper have moved to 9716 Harvest Court, Wichita , KS 67212. Danny is now manager of comptrollers operations with Southwestern Bell. Thomas C. Ryan has accepted a position as a drilling engineer with Petrus Operating Co. Inc. , in Dallas, Texas. Tom and Billie Rose have moved to 653 Harvest Glen, Richardson, TX 75081.

David and Dallas ('79) Thorn are proue! to announce the birth of their son. An · drew Robert, on Feb. 4. David is presently employed by McCartne y Manufacturing, Baxter Springs. Kam .. as a sales engineer. David and Da llas have moved to 1912 Connor, Joplin. MO 64801. Fara Vazinpour has accepted a position as an engineer with Getty Refining & Marketing Co. Fara and Paulette now live at 5300 Gorham Way, No. I, Bakersfield, CA 93309. John and Rhonda (both '77) Walker proudly announce the birth of their son, Ivan Skai, on Oct. 15, 198 1. The family's address is Route II. Box 318. Brazil, IN 47834. Rhonda is now a systems project manager with Reuben H. Donnelley in Terre Haute, Ind . Brad and Pam Wyatt announce the birth of their first child, Justin Bradley, on Dec. 30, 1981 . He weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and measures 21 inches. Brad , Pam and Justin live at 1809 Northwood Court, Longview, TX 75605. Brad is a chemical engineer with Texas Eastman Co. MSM Alumnus 35

Alumni Personals -----------------------------------------------------




Stephen L. Allen writes: "I have been promoted to sales engineer with Schlumberger Well Services in the Dallas office. Also a July 3rd wedding is planned in St. Louis to Judy Luechtefeld. Our new address will be 2922 Red Gum Road , Garland, TX 75042, a Dallas suburb." Kevin Bodenhamer and Mary Atkins were married on April 24, and now reside at 2235 S. I I 8th East Ave. , Tulsa, OK 74129. Kevin is a lead engineer with Cities Ser vice Co. Thomas W. Briscoe has moved to 16102 E. 35th, Independence, MO 64055. Tom is a junior attorney with Hallmark Card Inc., in Kansas City, Mo. Larry Buschling has accepted a position as a project manager with Grove Manufacturing Co. , in Conway, S.c. Larry and Pam ha ve moved to II I Pinecrest, Myrtle Beach SC 29577. Michael L. Coldiron now lives at 4800 Paluxy, Apt. 108, Tyler, TX 75703. Mike is a field engineer with Sch lumberger Well Services.

Laurey Ann Costich has moved back home to 145 Comfort St., Rochester, NY 14609. Laurey is now a geologist with Penerex Corp. She reports she is working in exploration, due diligence and development of oil and gas stripper wells in the Appalachian area and New York. Gary W. Davidson, '78 & '80, is a member of the technical staff at Bell Laboratories in Naperville, Ill. Gary and Edna live at 3 S. 612 Virginia Ave., Warrenville, IL 60555. Keitb Duncan is now an ensign in the U.S. Navy at Newport, R.I. Keith and Nancy may be reached by writing clo Alice Duncan, Route 5, Box 382, Rolla, MO 65401. Joseph W. Faber now lives at 476 Lafayette, Denver, CO 80218. He is division planning analyst with Mobil , Mining & Coal Division. Joe writes that all friends are welcome to come out to Denver for a visit and some skiing. Richard mont , Richard General

R. Lind lives at 51890 RoseMadisonville, KY 42431. is a production engineer with Electric.

Thomas E. Helper married the former Miss Kathy Owens last July. The Helper's spent their honeymoon in Hawaii. Tom and Kathy live at 380 Gray St., Lakewood, CO 80226. Tom is a civil engineer with the Bureau of Reclamation in Denver. Gordon and Karen Matbeson live at 264 Flora Way, Golden, CO 80401. Gordon is a project engineer with Dames and Moore.

1981 Rollamo

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Texas, see Ro~ rugby f Iy wen

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namenl William P. O'Brien's new address is VA-56 FPO, San Francisco, CA 96601. Bill is an avaiator with the U.S_ Navy. Mark K. Post has been promoted to programmer/systems analyst with General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford, Mich. Mark lives at 2366 Ellington, Walled Lake, MI 48088.


Terry and Sandy Scbeihing have bought a home at 5935 Clifton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63109. Terry is a civil engineer with the SI. Louis City Water Division.

Fred ar 14332 Kirklao geologi Associa

Steven and Joyce Serniak have moved to 646 Towerwood Drive, Ballwin, MO 630 II. Steve is a planning engineer with Western Electric Co.

Camptx 85719.

Michael and Linda Siegrist now live at 1525 Berkeley, Lansing, MI 48910. Mike is a project engineer with General Motors-Oldsmobile. Robert M. Smitb Jr. has accepted a position as a technology engineer with McDonnell Douglas Corp., in SI. Louis. Bob and Julie (Atchley) have moved to 335 Chez Paree Drive, Hazelwood, MO 63042. Michael D. Stump, P.E. has been named assistant professor of electrical engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Mike and Nancy live at 5535 Gander Road, South, Dayton, OH 45424.


Dan C area e Corp. Houstc

Edward P. Webster now lives at 390 Roxalana Hills Drive, Dunbar, WV 25064. Ed is an advanced production engineer with Union Carbide Corp., in S_ Charleston, W.V_




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Kathleel Anderse 1981. T Route 2 Kathleel engineer

James a 5422 S. Jim is a


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36/ MSM Alumnu s


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1978 (Cont.) Dan C. Vance has a new position as an area engineer with Con Vest Energy Corp. Dan lives at 807 Nashua, Houston, TX 77008. He writes: "While based in Houston, I work a lot in West Texas, New Mexico and Wyoming, and see Rolla grads everywhere. I'm playing rugby for the Houston RFC and recently went to Jamaica with the team. We also won the Astrodome 7-A-Side tournament."

1979 Fred and Susan Bauhof have moved to 14332 126th Ave., N .E., BI04, Kirkland, W A 98033. Fred is a geological engineer with Golder Associates in Bellevue, Wash. Hassen Beshir has moved to 3700 N. Campbell Ave., No. 703, Tucson, AZ 85719. Hassen is an engineer with Magma Copper in San Manuel, Ariz.

live at

48910. Jeneral !pted a er with . UJuis. )ved to Jd,MO

; been ectrical ituteO f

on Air lCY live )ayton,

at 390 r, WV juction orp., in

Thomas F. Brandlein has a new address, 985 Vine St., Winnetka, IL 60093. Tom is employed by Roberts & Schaefer Co., of Chicago, 111. Kathleen Bryan was married to Erik L Andersen of Kankakee, IlL on Oct. 3, 1981. The Anderson's new address is Route 2, Box 342, Kankakee, IL 6090 I. Kathleen is now an associate chemical engineer with General Foods Corp.

Dennis T. Dressel has moved to No. II Short St., Bethalto, IL 62010. Dennis is an engineer with Shell Oil Co., in Wood River, IlL Ed Englehart reports he has a two路 year assignment as a construction engineer with the Corps of Engineers in the AI Batin District, Saudi Arabia. Ed, Don路 na, and Katie's address is P.O. Box 3375, APO New York 09615. Paul Fitzgerald has been promoted to design engineer with McDonnell Douglas Astronautics in St. Louis. Paul's job responsibility now includes design and analysis of switching power supplies for missile/satellite application. Paul lives at 294-C Bolton Drive, Ballwin, MO 63011. 1981 Rollamo

Stephen P. Ford reports: "I have been moved back to Kansas City, Mo., to work in the home office of Garney Companies, and will be responsible for the management and contract administration of 2-4 projects in the areas of water distribution, sanitary and storm sewer collection and site work." Steve now lives at 15400 E. 33rd St., Independence, MO 64055.

Milo G. Foster writes: "I have returned to the academic life for a couple of years at the bastion of capitalism, Harvard Business SchooL Soon I'll have some company from UMR here in the Northeast. On June 12, Terry Lee Bachman (Spring '82) and I will be married in St. Louis!" Milo's address is Morris B-II, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA 02163.

James and Mary Pat Bush now live at 5422 S. 68th E. Place, Tulsa, OK 74145. Jim is a petroleum engineer with Indian Wells Oil Co.

R. F. Humphreys now lives at 12219 Winrock, Creve Coeur, MO 63141.

Charles and Renda Clark have moved to 2448 Regency Place, Gretna, LA 70053. Charles has been promoted to senior engineer with Exxon Co., U.S.A., in New Orleans.

Ronald and Karen Jansen have moved to 2532 Braintree, High Ridge, MO 63049. Ronald has a new position as a senior account associate with Foxboro in St. Louis.

Frank J. Jost has a new position as a metallurgical engineer with Reed Tubular Production Co., in Sugarland, Texas. Frank now lives at 10826 Sand路 piper, Houston, TX 77096.

Prasert Kitipitayangkul has accepted a position as senior design engineer with Derrick Service InternationaL Prasert and Cheryl have moved to 1515 Wilson Road, No. 124, Conroe, TX 77304. Ronald Krusie reports, "Still working for Black & Veatch in the St. Louis of. fice. I live, with my wife Cindy, at 2091-A Travel Court, St. Louis, MO 63141. Guillermo A. Maldonado's new address is AX: 8 ElC 9Y I 0 Edif: Chiguara No. 6; EI Vigia Edo Merida, Venezuela. Guillermo is a gerente general with Plastics EI Vigia, CA., ("Plastivica"). Richard and Cheryl McFall now live at 15935 Bent Tree Forest Circle, Apt. 2061, Dallas, TX 75248. Richard is now a structural engineer with Central Data Corp. MSM Alumnus / 37

Alumni Personals ______________________


1979 (Cont.)


James and Lisa McSherry live at 1507 Hickory Valley Road, G-46, Chattanooga, TN 37421. Jim is a mining engineer with Nerco Inc. Craig S. O'Dear writes that he graduated from Vanderbilt Law School in May and will join the Kansas City law firm of Stinson, Mag and Fizzell in June. Craig now lives at 609 W. 46th St., Apt. 505, Kansas City, MO 64112. Randall L. Schlake is now a computer engineer with Kuhlman Electric Corp., in Versailles, Ky. Randy and Faith Lynn have moved to 480 Lamont Drive, Lexington, KY 40503. Eugene and Rita Schubel now live at 2016 Cornelia Court, Galesburg, IL 6140 I. Eugene is now an area engineer with Burlington Northern Railroad in Aurora, Ill. James E. Spencer has moved to 4825 70th St , Apt 8. San Diego, CA 92115. Jim is a student at San Diego State Uni ve rsit y.

James R. Snyder is now a project engineer with the Parker Pen Co., in Janesville, Wis. Jim and Suzanne's new address is Box 109A, Route 4, Edgerton, WI 53534. Douglas F. Torr has accepted a position as a field engineer with Hunt Oil Co. in Cotton Valley , La. Doug has moved to 140 I Lewisville Road, No. 252, Minden, LA 71055. Clare A. Welch has moved to 160 I Hillcrest Road , No . 54, Mobile, AL 36609. Clare is now an engineer with Scott Paper.

1980 A report has been received of the death of Lawrence Wayne Bell in a plane crash in April. Barry Beresik has accepted a posi tion as a senior grade plant engineer with Amoco Production Co., in Houston, Texas. Barry lives at 6 Pinewood Forest Co urt , The Woodlands, TX 7738 1.

Chris and Mariann Edwall now live at 50 S.E. 12th St , No. 266, Boca Raton, FL 33432. Chris has accepted a position with IBM as an associate engineer. Paul and Cindy Hartwig have moved to 4528 Sunhill Drive, St. Louis, MO 63128. Paul is a project engineer with McCarthy Brothers Construction Co.

38 / MSM Alumnus

Susan A. Leach has been promoted to petroleum engineer with Gulf Oil in Odessa, Texas. Susan has moved to 5200 Storey, Midland, TX 79703. She reports that she has been appointed the Rolla recruiter for Gulf Oil. Terry O'Laughlin has moved to 1200A Cabrillo Park Drive, Santa Ana, CA 9270 I. Terry is a member of the technical staff, electrical, at Hughes Aircraft in Fullerton, Calif.

Micb from PrOCt Tulsa same (Gulf 26th

Davie to 7: 801 I: with

198' Teres

Michael E. Eckardt has been promoted to engineer platoon leader with the U.S. Army. Mike's address is A Company, 8th Engi neer Battalion, lCD, Fort Hood , TX 76541.

1981 Rollamo

Timothy L. Hildenbrand has moved to 11215 Lago Vista Drive, Helotes, TX 78023. Tim is now a geological engineer with Tenneco Oil Exploration & Production Inc., in San Antonio, Texas.

Tammy L. Hickman has moved to 10356 No.4 Oxford Hill Drive, Creve Coeur, MO 63141. Tammy is a process design engineer with Monsanto.

William C. Paone has accepted a position as an electronics engineer with Emerson Electric Co., in St. Louis. BiU and Robin now live at 1016 Active Drive, Creve Coeur, MO 63141.

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John J. Ronan reports that he has taken a position with Old Ben Coal Co., in Benton, Ill., as an underground project engineer. John now lives at 607 N. Chesterfield Commons, Apt. D, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864. Brian G. Sherry, whose permanent address is Country Kildare, Ireland, can now be reached at Franklin Chemicals, P.O. Box 595152, Miami, FL 33159. He is currently with the company in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Ronald L. Smith has moved to 6363 N.W. 63rd, Apt. 256, Oklahoma City, OK 73132. Ron is now a reservoir engineer with Gulf Oil Exploration and Production Co. Paul and Elizabeth Snipes have moved to 555 E. Navilla Place, Covi na , CA 91723. Paul is now a project manager in the engineering division of the U.S Army Corps of Engi neers, Los Angeles, Ca lif.


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Alumni Personals ______________________ 1980 (Cont.) Michael J. Stafford has been transferred from plant engineer at Gladewater Gas Processing Plant to process engineer, Tulsa Engineering Department with the same company, Warren Petroleum (Gulf Oil Corp.). Mike lives at 4929 E. 26th Place, Tulsa, OK 74114. David and Janet Thompson have moved to 7247 S. Spruce, Englewood, CO 80112. David is now staff hydrologist with Law Engineering Testing Co.

1981 Teresa (Gaddy) and Stephen Adams have moved to 964 Arlington Terrace, Fayetteville, AR 72701. Teresa is a law student. James F. Alberico has been promoted to engineer of technology with McDonnell Aircraft Co., in St. Louis. Jim and Vicky now live at 1632 Christy Court, St. Charles, MO 63001. Brian and April Bradway now live at 1819 Elizabeth, Wichita Falls, TX 7630 I. Brian is a field service engineer with Welex, a Halliburton Co.

1981 Rollamo

Thomas Michael Cole lives at 1062 E. 57th Place, Apt. C, Tulsa, OK 74105. Tom is a systems engineer with Burtek Inc. Madison M. Daily Jr., has accepted a position as an operations engineer with Mobil Oil Co. He now lives at 700 E. 37th St., No. 113, Snyder, TX 79549.

Denise A. Ford has accepted a position as a production engineer with Gulf Oil Exploration and Production Co. Denise lives at 4100 Tanglewood, Apt. 128 , Odessa, TX 79762. James C. Hafner has accepted a position as a service engineer with 10hnstonMaceo. Jim's new address is P.O. Box 213, Snyder, TX 79549.

Gholamhossein Dashti has accepted a position as a soils laboratory technician with McBride-Ratcliff & Associates. Gholamhossein and Christine have moved to 5505 Pine, Apt. 118 , Houston, TX 77081.

Randal L. Hoyt is now an engineer with John Deere Harvester Works. Randy has moved to 4528 7th St., Apt. 2240, East Moline, IL 61244.

Robert and Margaret Davis have moved to 12012 S.W. 25th , Yukon, OK 73099. Bob is now a petroleum engineer with Cotton Petroleum Corp. , in EI Reno, Okla.

Michael J. Johnson has been promoted to captain in the U.S. Army. Mike and Lynn's address is 3394 E. Kimberly, No. 165, Davenport, IA 52807.

Enrique M. Calmet lives at Calle 5 No . 243 Corpac, Lima, 27, Peru, South America. Enrique is a civil engineer with Calmet Ingenieros, S.A.

Biprodas Dutta is director of Bengal Refactories P Limited. His home address is Natanganj; Burdwan, West Bengal, India 713102.

Vincent S. Journey has accepted a position as an associate reservoir engineer with Southern California Gas Co. Vincent has moved to 411 S. Virgil, No. 111, Los Angeles, CA 90020.

Bryan and Dianna (Wideman) Clayton live at 6602 Everhart, No. 45, Corpus Christi, TX 78413. Bryan is a reservoir engineer with Exxon USA.

Mary Essner has accepted a position as field engineer with Schlumberger Well Service. Mary's new address is Route I, Box 175, Magnolia, AR 71753.

Paul David Kreader has moved to 121 Noel Ann Court, Cary, NC 27511. Paul is now a product assurance engineer with IBM.

Donald C. Bisesi has accepted a position as a field engineer with Schlumberger Well Services. Don's new address is P.O. Box 312, Opelousas, LA 70570. Deborah D. Brown has accepted a position as an electrical engineer with IBM. Debbie now lives at 9220 Singing Quail, Austin, TX 78758.

MSM Alumnu s/ 39

Alumni Pe rsonals ______________________ 1981 (Cont. ) John M . Lovejoy has been promoted to captai n in the U.S. Army and is assigned to Company C. 3d Battalion, E ngineer T rain ing Brigade, Fort Belvoir, Va. John's home address is P.O. Box 276, Fort Belvoir, V A 22060. Marilyn and Vincent Mattione have moved to 102 16 Marble Arch Lane, St. Lou is, MO 63 123. Marilyn is now a graduate student at Washington Un iversity . W ade Wesley M cLain now lives at 106 (Rear) W. 3rd St. , Rolla, MO 65401. He is a graduate teaching assistant in the mechanical engineering department at UMR. W alter J . Morgan has moved to 2300 Buchta Road , Apt. 908 , Angleton, TX 77 5 15. Walter is now an assistant roadmas ter wi th Missouri Pacific Railroad. Stanford Oliver is a second lieutenant in U.S. Army Air Defense at Fort Bliss, Texas. Stan's address is 4662 Page, St. Louis, MO 631 13. Ronald G. Prichard has been promoted to captain in the U.S Arm y. Ronald li ves at 8400 Blankship St. , No . 60 I, Alexandria, V A 22 309.

J. Barry Shelden has a new position as an engineer with Arco Oil and Gas Co. Barry and Kathleen have moved to 14702 Payette, Houston, TX 77040. Anmin Shen is a system engineer with Singer Company's link division in Silver Spring, Md. Anmin lives at 770 I Sargent Court, Potomac, MD 30854. Billy and Christine Townsend's address is Route I, Box 311, Riddleton, TN 37151 . Billy is a mining engineer with Jersey Miniere Zinc Co., in Gordonsville, Tenn. Robert J. Tragesser is now a software engineer with Motorola Inc., in Fort Worth, Texas. Bob lives at 2104 Bluebonnet Drive, No. 311-D, Hurst, TX 76053. Tad M. Tucker has accepted a position as geologist with Farrar Oil Co. Tad has moved to 2020 Broadway, Apt. 13, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864. Gary R. and Diane (Herbstreith) Ward live at 8700 Gustine, No. 3214, Houston, TX 77031. Gary is an engineer with Phillips Petroleum Co.

Chuck Williams has been transferred by his company , Petro-Lewis Corp. , to their Gulf Coast region in Houston , Texas. Chuck is a develo pment geologist. Chuck and Patty now live at 16900 Northchase, No. 111 6, Houston , TX 77060. Cheryl E. Youngblood now lives at 5811 N .W. 34th St. , Apt. 23, Oklahoma City , OK 73122. Cheryl is a development geologist with Petro-Lewis Corp. Robert P. Zipp has accepted a position with Texaco Oil as a research engineer. Bob now lives at 3611 75 th St. , Port Arthur, TX 77640.

1982 Karl Schmerbauch has accepted a position as a structural dynamicist with McDonnell Douglas Astronautics in St. Louis. Karl and Susan have moved to 8351 Eton Place, Jennings, MO 63136. Roberta M. Scroggins has accepted a position as a geological engineer with Tenneco Oil Exploration & Production Co. Roberta has moved to 30 I ¡ Rayburn, No. 654, Lafayette, LA 70506.

John and Shirley Queern live at 615 S. Jackson, Belleville, IL 6222 1. John is a captain in the U.S. Air Force and is now ass igned to He adqu a rters , MAC/DOOA, Scott Air Force Base, Ill. , as an airlift operations analyst. Kevin L. Ray's address is Box 431 , Amoret , MO 64722. David A. Roberts lives at 5005 Meadow Dri ve, Imperial, MO 63052. David tells us he is presently unemployed. Robert M . Schaefer has accepted a position as an engineer with Bendix. Bob and Patricia Elizabeth have moved to 11609 Holiday, No. A- 3, Kansas City, MO 64134. 40/ MSM A lumnu s

1981 Rollamo


ferred by :orp., to Houston ]opmen; wlive at iouston,

lives at klahoma develop· is Corp.

position ;ngineer. PortAr-

d a posi:ist with ics in St. lOVed to ) 63136.

;epted a ;er with :xIuction to 301 te, LA






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