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August 1973




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MSM-UMR Alumni A ssociation University of M issou ri - Rolla Rolla, Missouri 65401

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Term Expires DIRECTORS AT LARGE 1974 Jose ph W . Mooney '39 . . ... 7383 Westmoreland, University City, Missouri 63130 ...... , .. ... . 1975 James B. McGrath '49 ............. Fruin-Colnon Corp ., 1706 Olive St., St. Louis, Missouri 63103 ..... .. . 1974 Ge neral Manager, Port of Tacoma , Tacoma , Washington 98401 E. l. Pe rry '40 . 1975 Hans E. Schmoldt '44 . 3305 Woodland Road, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74003 . 1973 Lawrence A. Spani e r '50 ...... __ ... 55 We stwood Drive, Westbury, New York 11590 _ 1973 John O . Wilms '43 .825 Ardmore, Los Angele s, California 90005 .

Area Zip Term Expires Code Numbers AREA DIRECTORS 1974 00-14 H. W . Flood '43 . 183 Main St reet, Acton, MassochuseHs 01720 . 1973 15-21 O . W . Kam per '35 . . 5 Woodland Drive, PiHsb0Jf9h, Pennsy lvania 15228 . 1973 22· 33 J oh n B. Toomey '49 . 2550 Huntin gton Aven ue, Alexa ndria, Virgi n ia 22304 1974 35-45 Harold Ko ste n '60 11 566 Plumhill Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 . 1975 46-59 Eugene C. Fadler '62 .. 19716 Coachwood , Rivervi e w, Michigan 4 8 192 1973 60-6 1 Fronk C. Appleyard '3 7 ...... 808 Solar, Glenvi ew, Illinois 60025 1975 62-62 C. Stuart Fe rrell '6 4 ...... 219 Timoth y Lone, Carte rville, Illinois 62918 . 1973 63-65 Arthur G. Ba e bler '55 20 Fo x Me adows, Sun .et Hi.ls , Missouri 63127 1974 63 -65 Robert D. Bay '49 . . ..... 222 Magna Carta Drive, St. louis, Missouri 6314 1 1975 63 -65 Alfre d J . Buescher '64 .......... 171 0 Third Parkway, Washing ton , Missouri 63090 1974 63 · 65 J . R. Pa"e rson '54 P. O . Box 573 , Sikeston, Missouri 6380 1 1975 63 -65 Cliffo rd C. Ta nqu ar y '57 14219 Denver Ave nu e, Grandview , Missouri 64030 . 1975 Bruce E. Tarantola '5 1 9 000 Sky ere st Drive, St. Loui s, Misso u ri 63126 . 6 3-65 197 5 63-65 George D. Tome zi '5 8 . . .... 12723 Stoneridge Drive, Flo riss ont , Missouri 6303 3 . 1975 63-65 R. Micha e l Salmon '6 3 . . ..... 2310 Texas, Joplin , Mi ssouri 6480 1 1974 63 · 65 Rob ert P. Vi e nhag e '53 . Rte. # 2, Bo x 327B, Springfi e ld, Missouri 65802 1974 63·65 Edwin J . Werner '49 . . .. Suite # 23, 11015 E. 39th St."lndapendence, Missouri 64052 1973 66-74 He rmon Fritsehen " 51 . 5249 S. 68th East Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145 . 1973 75-79 Rex Alford '40 . . ..... 5743 Jason , Houston , Texas 77035 1974 80-90 Thor Gjelsteen '53 3065 South Ingal's Way, De nver, Co'orado 8!l227 and 96-99 90-95 E. Murray Schmidt '49 .. 1705 Shoreline Drive , Apt . 202 , Alameda, California 94501 1973

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Issued bi-monthly in the interest of the graduates and former sJudents of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy and the Universi ty of Missouri - Rolla . Entered a s second class mailer Octo b e r 27, 1926, a t Po st Offi ce at Ro llo, Mi ssou ri 6540 1, u nder the Act o f March 3, 1897.


STAFF .. __ .... Director, Alumni Activiti es ..... MSM-UMR Alumni Association Harris Hall Rolla, Missouri 65401

James J . Murphy '35

Eight oj the 989 jreshmen enrolled at UMR this jall. Yes, they surely are young.

. Department of Metallurgical . ..... . and Nuclear Engineering, UMR, Rol:a , Miuouri 65401

.................... Thomas R. Beveridge '42 ....... Department of Geology and . Geophysics, UMR, Rolla , Missouri 65401

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August 1973

.. Executive Director, _______ .. 1974 Metropolitan Sewer District, 2000 Hampton, St. louis, Mo . 63139

Dr. Karl F. Hasselmann '25 . F. C. Schneeberger '25 Ii. H. Hartzell '06

Rich ard H. Bauer '52

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President, Murphy Company, 1340 North Price Road, . St . Louis, Missouri 63132 .. 901 West 114th Terrace, Kansas City , Missouri 64114 Missouri Public Service Company , 10700 E. Highway 50 Kansas City , Missouri 64138

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The \'ane rr ard ]. Keller [n a

l11ag azil Ihis 111, abstraC'

This el'eryth station, lately \\' hen compre! uses fo knows


operatil its con! a squa two el challenl cavity parts I rugged,


gas. It be driv or vapl positivf lends system.

Kellt at first and-me some n two di cells pf the to over a normal rolatiG denser


EX-OFFICIO DIRECTORS President, Nooter Corporation , 1400 South Third Street, St . Louis, Missouri 63166 .. 10601 South Hamilton Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 61643 .... 3100 W . Alabama, Suite 207, Houston, Texas 77006

. # 1 Briar Oak, St. louis, Missouri 63132


Onc and'ro The ( as,emb pin is


1310 Cleveland , Baxter Springs, Kansas 66713 DIRECTOR, CHAI RMA N LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE 5 Sappington Acre. Drive, St . loui., Missouri 63126

August 1973

with olher crank flange


Ter", Q~", ............ - 197~

Leonard J. Keller '55 Invents Roto-Oscillating • Vane Machine • • •


The KROV-Keller Roto-Oscillating Vane mac hi ne is the inventi on of Leo nard J K ell er '55 , P resid ent of the Kell er Corporation , Sa rasota , F lorida.

on the output sha ft. The va nes have no direct power-transmi ssion duties .

········· .... 1914

In a recent issue of " Popular Science" magazine there was a feature article on th is machine and the followin g is an abs tract.

Term Qpilll ..... ....... 197~ 1975

Th is new no vel machine will run every thing fro m cars to industrial power stations. Keller is no Johnny -comelately to ex ternal-combustion power. When he ta lks abo ut prime movers, compressors and power -tr ansmiss ion uses for the KROV , you will find he knows his s tuff. Then you look a t the KROV unit and see th e logic of its opera tion a nd the stark simplici ty of its const ru ction; a round hol e bored in a sq uare block and clamped between two end plates. Se rious mac hi ning challenges such as th e Wankel 's trochoid cavity are eliminated. KROV 's inner parts rotate; all are s traightforward , rugged , inexpensive .

You need maximum mass flow. Steam turbin es have high mass, but need s uperhea ted steam to avoid blade damage. Piston-type expand ers give positive displacement and can work at low speed, but are limited in mass flow and expansion volume. This is where th e KROV comes in: It combin es the positive displacement of a piston -type expander with the mass flow of a turbine. It can run on saturated steam ; the turbine cannot.

......... -.-


75240 ······· ... 1974



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...._.. __ 1973 1973 1974

94501 1971


197' 1976

Keller concedes that his engine looks, at first gla nce, li ke a lot of oth er va neand-motor pumps. But the KROV ha s some novel featur es : Cell s expa nd in two directions. Total expansion of all cells per revolutio n can be greater tha n th e total cavity volume . It 's efficient over a full ran ge from stall to peak normal output. It runs at fairly low rotational speeds . It exhausts at condenser pressure .


How Can It Produce Torque? Once yo u grasp th e idea of vanea nd-roll er interaction , the rest is easy . The centers of the va ne and roll er assembli es are offset , much as a crankpin is offset from a crankshaft 's mai n bearing. The vanes carry the rollers with th em but eccentrically . In other words, y ou ge t the effect of a crank throw without a crank. The fl ange that carries the rollers is mounted




KROV wi ll ha ndl e ei ther liquids or gas . It can pump or compress, drive or be driven. Supplied with external fluid or vapor pressure, it can fun ction as a positive -d isplacement prim e mover. It lends itself well to a s team-power system.


MSM Alumnus

Getting the Most From Steam

Keller emphasizes that the KROV's expandabi lity makes it a match for larger, heavier engines. He sees his passenger car version delivering the same power as a 350 cubic inch V-8 with abo ut a quarter of the bulk . Of course, the KROV expander also needs a burner, steam generator and condenser. What About Fuel Economy? Keller feel s the basic power system would ha ve a 7'3 advantage over internal-combustion engines, with a bonus from lower transmission losses. These numbers aren't pulled out of the a ir. Any Rankine-cycle system with an inl et pressure of 1000-1500 psi a and condenser p ress ures of 5-45 psia can give 30-percent efficiency. Allow for a 20-percent loss in the steam generator , 20-percen t leakage, and 20-percen t for mechanical losses, including feed-water pump and au xiliary drives; yo u get a net efficiency of 14 percent. A Detroit so urce says the average car gives only seven teen percent efficiency. K eller points out that a SO-percent rise in effici ency give SO-percent more mpg equal to 7'3 cut in fuel. Tolerance for Saturated Steam Thi s is possibl y the KROV's greatest a ttract ion. In stea m language, "satura ted " refers to steam sti ll in interface contact wi th its so urce wa ter. Superheated s team has been removed fr om contact with the wate r a nd heated furth er. In prac tice, superheated stea m may not be hotter than sa tura ted steam.

But a car accident that bl ows off sa turated steam will be a smaller haza rd tha n one in which s uperheated steam is released. Superheated steam ca n jet from a leak as a deadly hot, invisible steam . But sa turated steam reduces almost instantly to water droplets. Also, saturated steam allows a smaller , less easily damaged boiler and is adap table to adding lubrica nt. Sa turated s tea m, in vehicl e or gene rator drive, is more convenient fo r simple control of power-d emand transitions. For Rankine-cycle expanders, control by throttl e red uction of inlet pressure has been a roadblock to efficiency. Keller claims that his valving and portin g design wi ll reduce throttling losses to " insignificance." Actually, both inlet and exhaust are controlled. Exhaust pressure is held near condenser pressure to reduce losses from over or under expansion. In a car , yo u 'll need instant power boosts for sor t periods to cope with traffic conditions. Keller provides a means of exhausting above condenser pressure to produce a big increase in inlet volume, a trick that compares with supercharging. Efficiency will drop, but the response will be there . KROV can handle changes in torque demands by turning a torque sleeve inserted in the port areas of the housing. Where Does the KROV Stand? It's still in the experimental stage too earl y to talk a bout prototypes. B ut right now, L eonard Keller has the interest of some important organizations to help finance the research and development.


26 & 27 3

R/x for Engineering Jobs "The familiar term, 'Just What the Doctor Ordered, ' can well be used to describe today 's job market fo r students at UMR," says L. R. Nuss, director of placement a nd industry relations at UMR. "After a hectic season of campus interviews and visits by students to prospective employer 's faci lities," he continues, " more job offers were produced for stud ents than we have seen in the past four years. Most of our December and May degree candidates have found themselves in the fortunate position of having to make a choice from several attrac tive job oppor tunities. The record for this year 's class was 16 offers to one highly quali fied engineering graduate. Al ong with the upsurge in job opportuniti es , the placement office records a marked increase in starting salaries . By last March there was a five percent raise in doll ar averages for offers to current graduates over May 1, 19 72 . Alth ough final figures are not yet available for this May 's class , N uss estimates an overall increase of eight percent in starting salaries from May 1972 to May 1973 . Nu ss feels many employers have not yet fill ed their new graduate hiring quotas for 1973. " We judge thi s from the large volume of calls the UMR Placement Center is receiving from employers asking for referral of new gradua tes or a lumni candidates," he says. Although th e summer months are norm ally off-season fo r campus job interviews , we have arranged several recruiting visits in June and Jul y for employers who have insisted on making contacts with a minimal number of available candidates." A sid elight to the improvement in the job marke t is an increase in the number of job inquiri es from forme r grad uates. These are alum ni who have previously been reluctant to jeopardize their current employment in a tight market, but are now looking for a better position in the face of broader job opportunities. The UM R Placement Cen ter keeps job listings on file from a large num-


ber of employers who are not only looking for graduates but experienced engineers. In most cases they are able to screen out several of these possibiliti es for alumni. "All indications point to an increasing nationwide demand for technical col lege gradu ates during the balance of this decade," says N uss. "Most reliable estimates show that by 1980, based on current enrollments, the supply of new engineering graduates will fall short by 40 percent in meeting the demand from business, industry and government employers. "What we need now," he concludes, is a new prescription from the doctor to meet thi$ crisis! "

Ark-La- Tex Section Meets at Moscari's Home The Ark-La-Tex Section of the MSM-UMR Alumni Association held its Spring Meeting at the home of Mr. and M rs. John Mascari, Jr. , in Longview, Texas, on May 19, 1973 . Following the happy hour and a barbecue dinner prepared by the host, the meeting was called to order by the President W. C. Mulyca '65 . The minutes of the previous three meetings were read and approved . A discussion then followed relative te improving attendance, with the conclusions being that notice of the subsequent mee tings be mailed out to those that an swer the previous notices or show signs of interest in the Association. The second item of new business was scheduling of the next meeting. The date, in August; location , Shreveport, La. T he members presen t at the meeting were : Mr. a nd Mrs. George Comanich ' 51 , Mr. and Mrs. Kevil Crider ' 28, Dr. and Mrs. Tom English '29 , Mr . and Mrs . David F lesh ' 23, Mr. and Mrs . Ragan Ford '23 , Mr. and Mrs. Michael Friese '70, Mr. and M rs . John Livingston '39 , M r. and Mrs. William Mays '32, M r. and Mrs. Jack McBrayer '5 2,

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGaughey Mr. and Mrs. John Mascari '51, and Mrs . Walter M d yca ' 65 , Mr. Mrs. Gerald Roberts '28 , and Mr . Mrs. Homer Thompson '3 2.

'50, Mr. and and


o. N ed Pre Solar I vester

UMR Fall Enrollment Is 4,017 A total of 4,0 17 stud ents were en rolled a t the Un iversity of MissouriRolla a t the close of regular registration Friday, August 24. This is an unoffi cial total since la te registration was still underway when classes began Monday, August 27 .

tive vi: duces I

As I

respons activiti, overall admini~

engine e machiw activitil

This figure compa res to an enrollment of 4,26 1 at the close of regular registration last fall , a reduction of 244 students. This fall 's total includes 989 freshmen , 715 sophomores, 766 juniors, 1,036 seniors and 511 graduate students (362 M. S. and 149 Ph. D .) There a re 1,210 students in the School of Arts a nd Sciences - compared to 1,236 last fall ; 2,294 in the School of E ngineering - compared to 2,540 in 19 72; 470 in the School of Mines and Metallurgy - compared to 461 last fall , and 42 special or unclassified students - compared to 24 last fall. 469 of these students are women . Not included in the count, however, are students at the UMR Graduate Engineering Center in . St. Loui s, tho;;e enrolled in out-state credit courses and those students in the cooperative tra ining program who are now in their work semester .



$25¡mil sor set, gas pip

SievE assistar was ap in 196t executi

SieV( and rai bachelo



fession the boc Chamb the arE of the Engine fratern


August 1973

Sieoert, President of Solar Dioision

lent were en. Jli ouri . r regi tra. his is an ei!istration , es began

O. M. Sievert '44, has been appoi nted President of the San Diego-based Solar Division of International Harvester Company. He has been executive vice president of Solar, which produces industrial gas turbine equipment. As president, Sievert will assume responsibiliity for all of the division 's activities. He has been in charge of overall factory operations, including administration of product management, engineering and research, and the turbomachinery sales, service and marketing activities of Solar.

enrollment Ir re£istra. i 244 stu. 56 juniors , students' Ie

; - com· 194 in the mpared to chool of Impared to Ir unclassi· to 24 last 'e women.


gust 1973

His address is 365 2 Carleton , San Diego, California.

Alumnus Receioes Reco9n it ion Dr. Archi e G. Lambert '72, received his Ph. D. degree in E lectrical E ngin eering from UMR in D ecember 1972.

" Dr. Lambert joined our departme nt last year as a n assista nt professor and applied him elf most diligentl y to hi s new assignment. At the end of the yea r our stud ent body held its annual election to choose the Outstanding Teacher of the Year, and Dr. Lambert won , hands down!

ts in the


Sievert is listed in " World 's Who 's Who in Commerce and Industry ," "Who's Who in the West. "

The followin g was received from John E. Lagerstrom, Chairma n of the D epartment of E lectrical Engineerin g, U niversity of Nebraska , Lincoln .

~ude 989

:, however, Graduate ouis, those ourses and ltil'e train· their work

him a Professional Degree, Mechanical Engineer, in 1970.

He played a key role in the recent $25-million sale of gas turbine compressor sets to the U. S. S. R . for its natural gas pipe line system.

" It is my opinion he deserves the honor, and I feel that those of your staff who helped in hi s professional development can be proud of him . In additi on to his teaching duties which brought him this awa rd , he has been very active in crea tin g a new laboratory for the preparati on of thi ck film electronic devices, and he is about to submit his firs t proposal for a resea rch project. "

Sievert joined Solar in 1957 as assistant manager of turbine sales. H e was appointed vice president for sales in 1966 and was named the firm 's first executive vice president four years ago.

Arnold, Author of ttGold-Camp Drifter"

O. M. Sievert

Sievert was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and raised in Missouri. He received his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering at UMR. He is active in both civic and professional organizations. He serves on the board of directors of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, is a director of the area's United Way, and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Blue Key and Theta Tau fraternity . His alma mater awarded

MSM Alumnus

" I ca me alon g in tim e to see the W est die. " So writes a uth or Emmett Arnold ' 17 , in " GOLD -CAMP DRIFTER , 19061910 ," a rare, un va rni shed account of the experiences of a boy who ran a way to _ evada 's roarin g mining camps a t age 14 . Once a pro totype for 'the wes tern adventurer, th e author had littl e formal education , went on to graduate from th e U niversity of Mis ouri-

Roll a with a Bachelor of Science degree in M ining and received a professional degree, E ngin eer of M in es, and make hi s ma rk in t he oil fields of the Wes t. Th e book is a firstha nd account of the rowdy and boisterous, the humoro us, th e fl amboyant, and somet im es tragic 1 anorama which was reflected in the num erous mining camps which sprang up throughout Nevada at the turn of the century. As a yo uth just out of Colorado, author Emmett Arn old, made a sweep of the then-thriving gold and silver booms, includ ing Tonopah, Gold field, H am ilton and others in a jac k-of-all-trades capacity , from messenger boy to mu le skinner and ha rd rock miner. The reader is offered a uni q ue insight into the characters who peopled the raw, ru gged desert mining camps . Mr. Arnold now li ves in McAll en, Texas , where he raises citrus fruit s, owns rental properti e , and is engaged in a modes t oi l operation . This is the firs t book to be published in th e Bristlecone Paperback se ri es of the U niversity of Tevada Press , R eno , Nevada . The GOLD CAMP DRIFTER se ts the tone for a new coll ection of firstperson nar ratives that will tell what life was really like in the early days of N evada and the West.



Louis Schuette '29 Retires Louis H. the Board Corporation Board at its 1973.

Schuette '29, member of of Directors, Sunstrand was retired from the annual meeting April 19 ,

Mr. Schuette, in accordance with Sunstrand policy requiring employee directors to retire from the Board after reaching the age of 65, requested that he not be included as a nominee for director at the annual meeting. Bruce F. Olson, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Sunstrand Corporation, expressed the Company's appreciation for the many contributions made by Mr. Schuet·t e to the growth of Sun strand since joining the Company in 1941. Mr. Schuette is a native of Southern Illinois, a graduate of Western Military Academy , Alton , Ill. , and UMR, then MSM, receiving a degree in Electrical Engineering and a professional degree "Electrical Engineer" in June 196 7.

After graduation in 1929, he joined Underwriter's Laboratories, Chicago, as an assistant engineer, remaining there for six years before becoming a sales engineer with the Detroit Controls Division , of American Standard Corporation. He joined the Sundstrand Corporation as an engineer in 1941. In 1947, he was named Chief Engineer of the Sundstrand Aviation division and two years later became Division Manager. He was named Vice President of the Company in 1950, elected to the Board of Directors in 1953 and to the position of Executive Vice President in 1961. In 1965 , he was named Senior Executive Vice President a nd in 1968 Vice Chairman of the Board . Schuette has directed the diver s ifica~ tion activities of Sun strand by establishing the H ydra uli cs D ivision which is the world 's leading supplier of oil burning pum ps. H e was ins tr umental in direc ting the success ful growth of the Sun ds trand Aviation Division, whi ch is now recogn ized as the leadi ng man ufacturer of seco ndary power systems for most mi li tary and commercial aircraf t. S un d s t I' and H yd ro-transmission was also establi shed un der hi s di rection to


• • • •

produce sydrostatic transmi ssions for working vehicl es. During M r. Schu ette 's tenure with Sundstra nd , the Compa ny has grown to well ove r 30,000 employees a nd annual sales in excess of $300 million. In recent years , he has directed the long range pl a nning o f the Com pa ny, which includes the merger and acquisition program. During hi s 32 years as a Rockford , Ill. , resident , he served on th e Board of Directors of th e City Na ti onal Ba nk and th e Swed ish Am eri can H ospital. H e served as Cba irma n 0 f the Community H ospital Co un cil of Rockford, which was instrum ent al in esta bli shin g a medical edu cation program in Rockford. MI'. Schu ette also parti cipa ted in industry activiti es such as the N ational Coun cil of Indu strial H yd raulics, the Aircraf t I ndustri es Association , Machinery and Alli ed P rod ucts Institute, Oil H eat In stitute, Am eri can Management Associa tion and the N ational Fluid Power Association. H e was elected to the Boa rd of Governors of the State Coll eges and Universities. Schu ette has joined the faculty of the Univer.;ity of Arizona as a n Adjunct P rofessor of Managemen t in the School of Business. Lou and his wife, Dorothy, have two children , and their residence is now a t 6900 St. Andrews Drive , Tu cs on , Arizona.

Belew, who has worked at the Marshall Center since July 1960, graciuated at UMR in mechanical engineering. Skylab , which weighs about 100 tons, is America's first ma nn ed space sta tion and was launched in to ea rth orbit by a giant Sa turn V rocket on May 14, from the N ASA-Kenn edy Space Center, Flori da . The first three-ma n crew in a n Apollo co mma nd a nd service m od ul e w as la un ched May 25 by a Sa turn IB , about two "leeks late r tha n ori gin all y plann ed. Astrona uts moved into the space station an d erected an improvi sed sol ar shi eld , overcoming an internal heat probl em th a t had developed , a nd set about performing scientifi c experim ents. After that crew returned to earth , two other three-man crews will spend up to 56 days each working aboard Skylab.



B. J Operat SEDCi subject in the Engine

Jom the p( ized in

Exp. for oil States


but th

may bl

Skylab , about the size of a small three bedroom house, is in orbit 270 miles up . Some 90 different experiments are being conducted in our first manned orbital research facility ; th e emphasis is on the practical benefits that space research can bring to man. The Sa turn family of launch vehicles was developed und er direction of Marshall Center where several other major space obj ects are under way , including the reusable Space Shuttle schedule to be operational before the end of the decade.


Belew Aids in Deoelopment of Skylab


Leland F . Belew 'SO, had a major role in the development of the skylab space station , which was launched M ay 14 , by the National Aeronautics a nd Space Administration . Belew is the manage r of the Skylab Program Office a t the N ASA-Marsha ll Space F light Center, Alabama , the organi zation responsible for the cfevelopment of the Skylab . H e was p reviously manager of the E ngin e P rog ram Office for Saturn launch vehicles.

Classes of '28, '33, '38, '43, '48, '53, '58, '63, '68 and 50 years and earlier.

August 1973

This who u: for son drillin! North a pres enginel well tr

"I (



apport next c ular. mUst I and r assign'

the Alar. graduated leering. 100 tons


Jones Inuolued in the Miracle Deuelopment In the Petroleum Industry


orbit by i\ lay 14 ce Center',


an Apollo lule was IB, about )' planned.

the space vised solar

'mal heat

I, and set

:periments. eartb, lIvo lend up to Skylab.

B. R. J ones '56, Vice-President for Operations, Europe and Africa , of SED CO, Inc., Dallas, Texas, was the subject of "Petroleum Profi les " featured in the June 1973 issue of " Petroleum Engineer " magazine. Jones , with a 20-plus years career in the petroleum industry, was summarized in the magazine as follows: Expansion in recent yea rs of the hunt for oil and gas outside of the United States has been one of the miracle developments of the petroleum industry, but the biggest international expansion may be just ahead.

small three 270 miles iments are st manned ~ empbasis tbat space

B. R. Jones


I, '38, 3, '68 ~nd

~g~sf 1973

In the mid-50's, Jones was a to01pusher at Lake Maracaibo, one of the most advanced and active offshore areas in the world at that time. Back on land later in Southern Argentina, he was superintendent of six land completion rigs when SEDCO drilled 1000 wells for the Argentina YPE oil company. He personally supervised the completion of 735 of these wells. After Argentina, Jones was one of the first SEDCO engineers assigned to and develop SED CO's famed •135 desian b series which thrust the company mto the offshore business in a big way.

cb vehicles m of Mar¡ ,ilier major , including ichedule to !nd of the


Jones with more than two decades in the oilfields spans about every job in the drilling industry. He has been active in international offshore operations over 15 years. International assignments carried him and his family to Venezuela , Argentina, England and Holland .

This is the opinion of B. R. Jones who ultimately wi ll have responsibility for some $250,000,000 worth of SED CO drill ing equipment, most of it in the North Sea, views this big expansion as a pressure packed challenge for better engineering, more efficient drilling and well trained manpower. "I dbn 't believe we've scratched the surface in drilling the con tin e n t a I shelves of the wo rld ," Jones says. "The opportunities and responsibilities of the next couple of decades will be spectacular. The offshore drilling industry must be prepared technically, materially and personnel-wise to handle the big assignments of the future."

MSM Alumnus

After that he was off to the North Sea from 1964 until late 1969. Jones supervised SEDCO's first North Sea well. Jones was the first general manager of SEDNETH, a joint venture between SEDCO and fi ve Dutch contractors who specialized in general contracting and dredging services. SEDNETH stands for Sea Drilling Netherlands. Jones put the venture together as a working company with long-term offshore drilling contracts for its two drilling units and a solid complement of Dutch and American personnel. This fini shed, Jones was reassigned to SED CO's head office in Dallas , Texas , and in early 1969 he became vice president of operations, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. By mid-1972 , the North Sea boom was in high gear and SEDCO in six months was awarded contracts for six large semi-submersible drilling uni ts to operate in the North Sea area, meant SEDCO 's equipment commitment in the North Sea wo uld be approximately $200 million. Jones was assigned fulltime to this expansion program dropping the M iddle East as an operational function. Currently, Jones has 11 land rigs and 10 offshore rigs under his supervision .

Prior to SEDCO, Jones worked for Esso and Conoco. Jones and his family are a typical international oilfield family. His wife went to Venezuela when she was three years old and spent the next 20 years there with her family. Her father worked for Creole Petroleum Corp. The three Jones children have started out in a similar manner . Their eight-year-old son was born in London, a six-year-old son was born in The Hague, Holland, and their four-yearold girl was born in Holland. The 42 year-old Jones graduated from UMR in 195 6 with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering.

Roberts, North Central Region V.P. of NSPE J. K ent Rober ts ' 50, assistant dean of engineering and professor of civil engineering, UMR , has been elected North Central Regional vice president of the 68 ,000-member N ational Society of Professional Engineers. He assumed this position in July a t the NSPE 's 39th Annual Meeting in Chicago , Ill. Mr. Roberts began his teaching career as an instructor in civil engineering at UMR, in 194 7. A leading spokesman for engineering education, Mr. Roberts is former chairman of NSPE'S Professional Engineers in Education practice section. He also served as t::hairman of the 1972 Seventh Annual Journalism Awards program . He is past president of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers. Mr. Roberts is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and served as president of its Mid-Missouri Section. He is a member of the Missouri Board of Architects, Professional Engnieers, and Land Surveyors, and a past president of the Missouri Association of Registered Land Surveyors. He is also a member of the American Association for Engineering Education , the National Council of Engineering Examiners , and the Missouri Water and Sewage Conference. He has been elected to the honorary societies of Tau Beta Pi , Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, and the Society of Sigma Xi. He is a past president of the Rotary Club of Rolla.


UMR UMR Alumni Luncheon During

Alumni Luncheon During


Here's sioi,. , Coo rdi Unive r




( In·ho~


American Society

(In· ho ~

Society of Petroleum (Tentative Schedule)

for Metals National Convention in Chicago Tuesday, October 2

Engineers of AIME


1973 Fall Meeting

8:00 a. m. Board of Directors Meeting, MSM~UMR Alumni Association

Las Vegas, Nevada Wednesday, Oct. 3 at Noon

11 :00 a. m. Alumni Registration to Student Union & 5 .00 p . m . Manor Inn 7:00 p. m . Early Arrivals' Dinner, Manor Inn

at Noon Essex Inn


Make Arrangements to Attend

Contact Frank Appleyard '37 Ph. 312/321-4000


28th F Where

23rd /J



Mgt. 'Ii


2nd AI 2nd


5, PERe

Sahara Hotel Space Center, Room 7

Next to the Conrad Hilton


Tickets Available at the Member-Services Booth


9:00 a. m. Alumni to Registration Noon Manor Inn 12:00 Noon Class Reunions for 1923 and earlier, 1928, 1933, 1938, 1943, 1948, 1953, 1958, 1963, 1968 classes. 12:00 Noon St. louis Section to Hospitality Room, 1 :30 p. m . Pu b Mobile

UMR ALUMNI DINNER Before the MINER - U. OF WISCONSIN MILWAUKEE FOOTBALL GAME October 6, 1973 Dinner Will Be at 4:30 p. m. Game at 7:30 p. m. Marquette U. Stadium For time, place and d inner reservations contact: W. Wayne Siesennop 4344 North Wildwood Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Phone 414/964-7589

2:00 p . m. Football - Miners vs. Maryville Bearcats 6:30 p. m. Awards Banquet Crystal Room Manor Inn 9:30 p . m. Annual Meeting MSM-UMR Alumni Association Banquet tickets availa ble at Registration Desks.

August 1973





15th A

4th An



Dr. Smithsi now I Earth Nation Smiths,


For involve SUperv Bellcor atories

In h duct a tific r( sions and pi


He re's a list of some of the extension short courses and conferences scheduled by UMR faculty and the extension division. Where titles are not self explanatory you may call for more detailed information including costs. Call "Extension Coordinator/' 314/ 341-4201 or (4202) . Written requests should be addressed to Walter Ries, UMR Extension Division, University of Missouri, Rolla, Mo. 65401. PROGRAM NAME



Nuclear Engineering II (In-house training for Union Elec.)

St. Louis, Mo.

September 1973

Engineering Economics (In-house training for Union Elec.)

St. Louis, Mo.

September 1973

Noise Effects in Communications and Radar

St. Louis, Mo.

September 17, 18, 19, 1973

28th Fundamental Paint Short Course

Rolla, Mo.

September 17-21, 1973


Where Have My Land Rights Gone?

Rolla, Mo.

September 22, 1973


23rd Advanced Chemical Coatings Refresher Course

Rolla, Mo.

September 24-28, 1973

Failure Analysis and Product Liability

St. Louis, Mo.

September 28-29, 1973

Investment and Financial Services

Rolla, Mo.

Oct. 1,73 - Dec. 10,73

Mgt. Workshop on Construction Accident Prevention

Rolla, Mo.

October 4, 5, 1973

College Government Conference

Rolla, Mo.

October 19, 1973

2nd An nual Choral Literature Clinic

Rolla, Mo.

October 20, 1973

2nd Soecial ity Conference on Cold-Formed Steel Stru ctures

St. Louis, Mo.

October 22-24, 1973

P E Review

St. Louis, Mo.

October 1973

E I T Review

St. Louis, Mo.

Octobe r 1973

Single Phase Induction Motor Design Short Course

Rolla, Mo.

October 24-26, 1973

XIII International Conference on Thermal Conductivity

Lake Ozarks, Mo.

November 5-7, 1973

15th Annual Mo. Asphalt Conference

Rolla, Mo.

November 15, 16, 1973

4th Annual Power Apparatus Testing Techniques

Centralia, Mo.

April 30 - May 3, 1974


:iation .tration n&


Jr Inn


ns for Irl ier,

1938, 1953, 1968

tion oom,



Dr. EI-Baz is a native of Egypt and received his Masters degree in 1961 , and his Ph. D. degree in 1964, both in geology, and at UMR. He also was at Mineralog Petroraphisches Ins ti t u te, Heidelberg, Germany.

Dr. F arouk EI-Baz '61 , joined the Smithsonian Institution in Ju ly. H e is now Research Director , Center fo r Earth and Plan etary St udies of the National Air and Sp a c e lVlu se um , Smithsonian Institution , Washington , D.C.

Farouk was on the campus during the 1972 Homecoming to receive the Alumni Achievement Award . He and his wife, Pat, and four daughters, live at 1606 N. Wakefield Street, Arlington, Virginia.

For the past six years he was heavily involved in the Apollo Program as Supervisor of Lunar Exploration for Bellcomm and Bell Telephone Laboratories .


lul11 ni

UgUS t

E1-Baz Now With Sm ithsoni an Institution

In his new assignment, he will conduct and direct research in the scientific results of the Appollo lunar missions, and application thereof to earth and planetary studies.


MSM Alumnus



& 27 9

U-Wide Office of Deuelopment Closed C. Brice Ratchford, President of the University of Missouri, has announced that the present University wide Office of Development and its personnel wiII be relocated on the Columbia campus at the request of Guy H. Entsminger, vice president for development. He recommended the move because the original objectives of the Universitywide office have been completed. Entsminger will assume the title of vice chancellor for alumni relations and development on the Columbia campus.

Science Teachers Attend Institute More than 40 teachers of chemistry, mathematics and physics from Missouri, 11 other states and one foreign country pa rti cipated in a National Science Fo undation (NSF) Summer Institute a t UMR this summer. Funded by NSF , the institute provides support for UM R 's graduate level courses and stipends for teachers and their families during the time they are on campus. Dr . Harold Q Fuller, dean emeritus of UMR's College of Arts and Sciences , was director of the institute for the 16th consecutive year. In ceremonies held at the close of the program, 21 of these teachers were awarded the master of science teachers degree. D r. William J. James, professor of chemistry and director of the UMR Grad uate Center for Materials '. Research , addressed the group at their closing session.

St udents Win National Awards UllR Stud en ts wo n two of the prizes awa rded to entries in a contest sponsored by the engineering design graphics divi sion of th e Ameri can Society for Engineering E ducation (ASEE ). Philip W. McNeal , 4400 Lindell , St. 10

Louis, won second place in the sophomore division for the design of a steering and throttle (joy stick) system for a mid-size boat. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D . McNeal. A child's toy - a school bus design to be taken apart and put back together won an honorable mention award in the junior division for Steven E. Huck, 7418 Cheshire Lane, Affton, Mo. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Huck. Engineering designs were submitted in the national contest by students from some 67 colleges and universities throughout the country. Awards. were announced at the Annual ASEE Conference held this summer at Iowa State University, Ames. Both students were members of classes taught by Robert A. Britton, associa te professor of engineering technology at UMR.

Clark Named Associate

Graduate Dean

Later he was in the lumber business and farming. For the past few years he has been a mathematics and science teacher in the Caruthersville, Missouri High School giving the basic fundamentals to students preparing them for professional careers in science and engineering. Many of his proteges came to UMR . He held his alma mater in very high esteem and always rendering service when possible. At the Alumni Association 's Awards Banquet, in 1972 , he was honored as a recipient of the Alumni Service Award. He had established the Herbert Prange Scholarship at UMR. Surviving is his widow whose address is P. O. Box 166 , Caruthersville, Mo.

Band Wins National Honors Members of Kappa Kappa Psi (honorary band fraternity) at UMR, walked off with top honors this summer at the fraternity 's national convention held in Storrs, Connecticut.

J. Beverly Clark, professor of metallurgical engineering became UMR's new associate dean of the Graduate School. September 1. '

The UMR chapter received the .Founder 's Award for the ,' best chapter" in the nation .

Dr. Clark spent the past academic year on special assignment with the National Science Foundation 's Division of Materials Research in Washington, D.C.

In addition, Glenn Anderson, Waukegan , 111. , president of the UMR chapter , was elected Member-at-Large on the organization 's Grand Council. Member-at-Large is the only student representative on the council.

Dean Robert McFarland explains that a major objective behind this appointment is that of integrating research administration more fully into the graduat e office. Dr. Clark al so expects to continue his own resea rch and limited teaching facilities. Dr. Russell A. Primrose, who spen t half of his time as research coordinator , is returning to full-time teaching and research in the -department of chemical engin eering. William W. Stevens left hi s half-time position in this office last yea r to devote full-time to the UM R development office.

Herb Pr ange '38 , Dies Herbert Louis P range '3 8, age 59, di ed on Jun e 29,1973 , following heart survery . H erb graduated in civil engineering and worked for the Cotton Belt Railway. He was a veteran of World War II serving in the European theater.

The purpose of each of the 160 chapters of Kappa Kappa Psi is to give support to the musical organizations on its individual campus. And the UMR chapter, along with Tau Betit Sigma (honorary band sorori ty) fulfills this l'urpose. Some of the activities undertaken last year were: co-sponsor of a junior high band clinic attended by more than 600 students, furnishing members to make up the pep band which played at all UMR basketball games, packing instruments in the bus for all trips made by the band , hosting a fall float trip and spring picnic for the entire music department, and sponsoring a watermelon feed, a Halloween scavenger hunt, and two award banquets for members of the band and the music department. Faculty adviser for the group is Joel Kramme, instructor of music at UMR. August 1973

A~ be


the U

were depart

Eve her b:


be wo Sprini beginr she i~ hired steel brewe ing C2 ing al Mr. a

Caro gree tb enee d Carol's lurgica neerin~

and h Texas, in the the dar Onstad City.


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her fir alangk Bangk this c degree Lawre tawan at UN


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tUrnin tific I Nuss , ' IUdust girls s


avail a ales," made rePOrt

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business years d science Missouri : funda. them for jnd en~. came to

Can Engineers Be Pretty?


lery high ; service Associa. [972, he of the ld e tab. holarship

e address lie, Mo.

lsi (han. ., walked :r at the I held in

ved the

5t chap·

,n, Wau· fR chap· Jarge on

:il. ~lem·

nt repre·

.60 chap· to give ations on

be UMR ta Sigma !fills this

aken last

mior high

than 600 to make Ted at all eking in· ips ma~e float triP ire mu~c a water' scavenger

for memo



p is Joel at UMR.

ust 1973

A growing number of engineers can be considered pretty. This summer at the University of Missouri - Rolla there in only one were at least three department. Evelyn Gayer of Ash Grove received her bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering this July. She will be working for the Paul Mueller Co . of Springfield, not far from her home , beginning in September. Evelyn thinks she is the first woman engi neer ever hired by the firm which makes stainless steel tanks for milk companies and breweries. She will begin her engi neering career in the department of drafting and design. Evelyn's parents a re Mr. and Mrs . John Huebner of Belle. Carol Warren also received her degree this July. It was a master of science degree in mechanical engineering. Carol's bachelor's degree was in metallurgical engineering - the nuclear engineering option. Early in August Carol and her husband moved to Orange, Texas, where she will be plant engineer in the Dupont facility there . She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen V. Onstad, 908 W. 90th Terrace, Kansas City.

"We have usually had a few women studen ts in the department," he says. " But most of them have limited their education to the B. S. degree level. These days, with a hi gher accep tance of women in the field and the desire of the women , themselves, to compete more fully with their male counterparts, more women students are consid ering developing their education to the fullest degree." All three of the engineers featured have been working in the field of heat transfer. This field encompasses a wid e range of problems and is closely tied in with the energy crisis. Everything using energy either gets hotter or colder. Efficient use of the energy being transferred from one stage to another is of just as much interest to women as it is to men. " Designing refrigerators, air conditioners , ovens and even small appliarices that will use less energy more efficiently to prod uce the same results are just a few of the problems in which women

might have a particular interest," explains Faucett. "Engineers bel ieve the greatest strides made toward solving environmenta l and energy problems that have captured the public's interest will have to be made by technologists. Women with concerns abo ut solving ecology problems are in great demand. "We need more, of them," he co ncludes. "Besides, it 's nice to be wo rking with a gro up of pretty engineers." "According to the repo rt, the average starting salary for women engineers with a B. S. degree rose to $936 a month which was actually slightly higher than the $929 man 's average for all engi neering disciplines. " Dr. Thomas R. Faucett, chairman of UMR's department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, says this is the first time the department has had women students at all three levels of engineering education at once.

Third in this trio of pretty engineers is Somsri Chongrungreong who received her first engineering degree from Chulalongkorn University at her home in Bangkok, Thailand. After coming to this country she earned her master's degree at the Universi ty of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan., and is now working toward her doctor of philosophy degree at UMR in the field of heat transfer. These are just three of UMR's growing number of women students who a re turning to the technological and scientific fields. And according to L .R. Nuss, UMR's director of placement and. industry relations, more high school girls should give it a lot of thought. "This year there were more jobs available to women engineering graduates," said N uss. "Nationwide studies made by the College Placement Council reported increased activity in job offerings to women, particularly in the high demand categories such as engineering.

MSM Alumnus

Carol Warr en (left ) who received an M . A. degree. Somari Chongrungreong (center) working on Iter Ph. D . degree and E velyn Gayer, received her B . S. degree. 11

Honor Roll 1973 Annual Alumni Fund Roster of Contributors Recorded as of August 31, 1973


Flauenstci cLASS

1972 Fund 3,575 Donors of $51,801.70 and 132 Century Club Members 1973 Fund 3,275 Donors of $54,740.60 and 16.2 Century Club Members

Williams, CLASS

Hartzell, CLASS

Century Club

FellowS, Perkins, I Phillips, I j

The following alumni and friends have given $100 or mote to Annual Alumni Fund:


Adamick, Henry S. '44 Adams, B. W. '16 Alford, Rex '40 Arthur, J. B. '58 Atchley, Bill L. '57 Badollet, M. S. '21 Baker, Merl '63 Barger, H. S. '39 Batubara, Kasmir A. '60 Bauder, Clarence H. '70 Bay, Robert D. '49 Bennetsen, Wayne J. '41 Bertorello, Michael J. '60 Blair, Norman D. '41 Blake, Philip L. }24 Bodman, J. W. '10 Bo:on, Lucien M., Jr. '59 Boorky, Morris '39 Bowers, Carlos G. '24 Brackbill, R. M. '42 Brown, Phillip L. '72 Brslik, William A. '70 Busch, William D. '42 Coben, Donald A. '51 Comanich, George W. '51 Coolidge, D. J. '43 Couch, G. R. '41 Crecelius, Donald G. '41 Crum, E. Jefferson '29 Dennis, W. E. '36 Dittmer, Russell S. '29 Dowling, Paul T. '40 Drake, Wm . L. '29 Durning, W. C. '19 Ecoff, Ralph A., J r. '68 Edwards, Francis C. '69 Ellis, William Ashley '47 Emery, John R. '57 English, Thomas O. '29 Fagan, Durward E. '34 Falkingham, D. H. '41 Ferrell, J. O. '40 Finley, Carl E.-'45

Finley, Fred W.-'41 Fischer, Paul E.-'23 Flanigan, Virgil J. '60 Ford, Ragan '23 Fort, George E.-'40 Fowler, Thomas R. '54 Gardner, J. W. II '41 Gerig, Martha M. '69 Gulick, Gary M. '69 Hacker, Alden G. '41 Hanna, Robert L. '43 Hannum, Richard W. '66 Hartman, W. V. '48 Hasselmann, Karl F. '25 Heilig, E. Warren '31 Heim, Carl J. '25 Hicks, Ronald R. '67 Hoffman, Glenn W. '59 Holloway, Nick, Jr. '49 Hoover, B. F. '23 Howell, Richard B. '48 Hudgens, Lowell L. '59 Jenczewski, Albert C. '32 Johnson, Gordon E. '59 Jones, Walter T. '37 Kamper, O. W. '35 Kassey, Andrew W. '32 Kasten, Raymond O. '43 Kaveler, Karl W. '30 Keller, Russell M. '51 Kent, W. D. '43 Kentnor, Charles B. '24 Kessler, Harry H. '24 Kieffer, Alonzo R. III '5 9 Kovack, John J. '50 Kummer, Fred S. '55 Kwadas,_E. J. '51 Krueger, Harold A. '42 LaPlante, A. H. '63 Leaver, Harvey B. '48 Lehmann, Charles F. '50 Lipensky, Milan '53 Lusk, Robert Ralph '27

Mackaman, Frank H. Marosek, C. F. '61 Matlack, Fred P. '25 McBride, Mrs. Roy N. in memory of Roy N. McBride '14 McKee, Jack B. '41 McKelv~y, Ralph '48 McNutt, Mrs. V. H. '67 Mendell, Robert H. '50 Monsch, Henry D. '29 Mooney, Edwa.rd W. '50 Mooney, Joseph W. '39 Moran, Ernest '27 Mueller, George E. '39 Mueller, Joseph L. '68 Munger, Paul R. '58 Murdock, Ken '62 Murphy, James J. '35 Neri, Lewis '70 Neustaedter, James A. '43 Nevin, James R. '42 Nevins, M. E. '4 1 Page, C. F. '31 Palmer, Clarcene C. '40 Perry, Ernest L. '40 Planje, T. J . '40 Potter, C. J. '29 * Prange, Herbert L. '38 Pratt, Clara Mott in memory of Geo rge H. Pratt '10 Reese, Tho mas H. J r. '34 Reisbig, Ronald L. Rie~e~ V. W. '40 Riggs, W. R. '32 Robbins, Irvin D. '48 Ruppe rt, Theodo re A. '53 Ruenheck, R. T. ' 50 Scarpero, Donald C. '67 Schmo ldt, Hans '44 Schork, John E. '47 Schuette, Louis H. '29

Schuler, Leonard L., Jr. '49 Schwarz, Arthur S. '32 Scott, J. Walter '19 Sedivy, Miles '08 Senne, Joseph H., Jr. '51 Sevick, Joseph G. '49 Smith, E. A. '24 Smith, Harlan D. '48 Soult, John P. '39 Spanier, Lawrence '50 Sparks, Charles H. '44 Sperling, Elmer J. '31 Spittler, Herbert L. '57 Springer, Fred M. '49 Stephens, James W. '47 Stueck, C. F. P. '43 Ten Eyck, Warren E. '23 Thomas, George H. '43 Thompson, Jack H. '52 Toliver, Jack E. '57 Toomey, John B. '49 Tucker, Armin J. '40 Tuttle, Joey K. '64 Vienhage, Robert P. '53 Walters, James T. '60 Walz, R. L. '52 Warren, Robert N. '57 Wattenbarger, C. M. '41 Werner, Edwin J. '49 Wicker, David A. '44 Wilhelms, Kenneth M. '46 Wilkerson, A. B. '23 Wilso n, J oseph M. '21 Wolf, Robert V. '51 Zimmerman, M. Jordan '55 Zoller, H. E. '23 Zoller, Victor H. '43

*Deceased Th e Century Club Certificate reads : "An organization of alum ni fou nded on May 2 7, 1967 to aid and support the Univ ersity of Missouri - Rolla t hrough substantial gifts to the Alumni Association Annual Alumni Fund ."

Sedivy, ! CLASS

Barrett, I CLASS

Bodman, Harlan, ] Kiede, Fr Minor H


Cody, Be Detll'eil" Townsem CLASS

Coaske, I Ford, Ha Grosberg, Lynton, I Willmott,



Knappen Murpby,


Hall, CI) McBride in mel Roy ~ Metz, G' Rice, HI Simrall, Webster,


Hatch, ~


Adams . ]obnS<l~ MCCart: ~)iller, ] Neusta" Udc, Gc Vogel, F IVOOlryc

CLAS! Brown Horne:· POrter '( Reilly:]

Teas, HI tDecea


August 1973



Hauenstei n, Fred CLASS OF 1905

Williams, Bruce


Doennecke, H . w. Schellrer, Leroy R. Weiser, Han ley H. *Zoller, Lawrence J. CLASS OF 1919

CLASS OF 1906 Durning, \ .v. C.

Hartzell , Henry CLASS OF 1907

Fellows, Aubrey Perkins, William C. Phillips, Walter 1. CLASS OF 1908

Jr. '49 '32

Sed ivy, Miles CLASS OF 1909

Barrett, Edward P.

r. '51 19


Bodma n, J. W. H arlan , J . D . Kiede, Frederick E. Minor, H. E.

'50 '44 11 57 9 '47

. '23 '43 '52


Cod , Ben H . Detweiler , Mi lan H. Townsend, Frank E. CLASS OF 1912

Coaske, Paul E. Ford , Harold P. Grosberg, Alex Lynton, Edward D. Willmott, M. E. CLASS OF 1913

Hollister, S. E. Knappenberger, Wm. R. Murphy, John A.



'57 \. '41


4 M. '46


'21 I

rdan '55

ust 1973


Hall, Clyde W. McBride, Mrs. Roy N. in memory of

Roy N. McBride Metz, Gilbert F . Rice, Hugb P. Simrall , Riley M. Webster, John N. CLASS OF 1915

Hatch , S. R. CLASS OF 1916

Adams, B. W. Johnson, Gunnard E. McCartney, William H. Miller, John C. Neustaedter , Harold A. Ude, George E. Vogel, Herman H. Woolrych, E. H. CLASS OF 191 7

Brown, John S. Horner, H. A. Porter, George S. Reilly, J. H. G. Teas, Howard J. * Deceosed

MSM Alumnus

Loll n""l. \\"al trr F. Sco tt , J. \·\"a lter Wilkinson, r. D. CLASS OF 1920

Allison, H. F. Bash , David A. Burnel, George, Sr.

Hoppock, H. H. Howard , Arthur M . Pietsch , Peter H. Schuman , Edwin K. Slover, E. A. Swayze, Ronald O. Terry, Mark L. Uthof[, F red W. Zieseniss, Harry W. CLASS OF 1921

Bardollet, M. S. Colbert, J. P. H urd, Harold Needham, Albert B. Miller, E . L. , Jr. Rohloff, Joseph H. Taylor, F. H. Williams, A. C. Wilson, Joseph M. CLASS OF 1922

Ackers, A. L. Case, Walker E. Christner, Glen J. DeCousser, Kurt H. Diers, Harry E . Forgotson, J ames M. Halasey, Francis R. Harbison , Lynn Huffman , Daniel E. Leonard, Homer Long, Albert E. Machin , Edwin G. Scru by, H. D. Smith , Charles L. Wheeler, Ernest Wheeler , Jennie White, F. P. Wyman , G. S. CLASS OF 1923

Brandenburger, O. L. Campbell , E. Taylor Chomeau, H enri Dorris, M . L. Fischer, Pau l E. F lesh, David J. Ford , Ragan Frame, Wayne S. Gatts, W. P. Gibson, Doddridge G. Hoover, B. F. J ewell , A. B. Lindgren , Roy A. McAlpine, Earl H. Moore, B. Hamilton M urphy , Raymond E. Pesout, Edward Ridd le, John H. Rixleben, Bruno Rucker, Ambrose C. Teis, K. R.

T en Eyke, Warren E . *Tragitt , E. Rowland Wanenmacher, J. M. Webster, Vance Weigel, M. P. Werner, Walter A. Wilkerson, A. B. Zoller, H. E. CLASS OF 1924

Blake, Ph ilip L. Bowers, Carlos G. Courtney, Robe'rt M. Durking, G. T. Kemper, Claude Kentnor, Cha rles B., Jr. Kessler, Harry H . Knight, William E. H. Lovett, 1. H. McBrian, Ray Scott, Guy R. Smith, E. A. Weimer, W. Henry Wright, Wilford CLASS OF 1925

Atkinson, M. L. Baker, Donald R. Berry, Hugh R. Burnet, Leo L. Eagan, Thomas E . Gaines, George D. Godwin, William Hasselmann, Karl F. Hauck , W illiam F. Heim , Carl J . Heitmann , Albert L. Horrom , O. J. Irving, Charles C. *Knoebel , Irvin G. Knox , Richard H. Kuechler, Adolph Lyo n, E. J. Martyn , Phi l F. Matiack, Fred P., Sr. Pasley, James L. Schneeberger , F. C. Valerius, C. N. Ward , Ronald D . CLASS OF 1926

Birchard , Harry C. Craig, Charles D. Cra ig, Samuel E. Gammeter, Elmer Kennedy, Da niel Kitchen, Charles L. Koll ar, Ray E. Lin deneall, Edward M. Rood , J. A. Short, W. Irwin Smith , C. Cabanne Tyrrell , Morris L. Walker , J ule H. Wil son, Joseph M.

Baumgartner, R. P.

Boyer, Phili p J. Cord ry , Cletus Cr umbaugh , Daniel H. Donaldson, James G. Fau lkner, E. C. Freeman , Char les A. Gross, H en ry Emme tt

Gross, Howard H. Hill , Albert L. Bisted, Howard Hodgdon, Sam D. Kilpatrick , H. R . Layne, Mark B. Moreland, H oward B. M urphy, Tom Newcombe, H. H. Schweickhardt, William K. Smith, J. Warren Waltber, J ohn R. CLASS OF 1929

Coil , Benjamin R. Crawford , E. A. Crays, Glenn E. Crum, E. J efferson Dittmer, Russell S. Drake, William L. Dresbach , Charles H . English, Thomas O. Frotscher , Gunther Jon es, Harlow G. Kemp , Arthhur H . Kirn, Emmet R. Letts, Mrs . James in memory of James Letts Monsch, H enry D. Morris, Orville W. Potter, Charles ]. Schuette, Louis H . Talley, George W. Weigel , W. W. Williamson, Joe, Jr. CLASS OF 1930

Alexander, Verne Cirkal, Elmer F. Dillingham , Marion A. Grimm, C. James Harvey, Edwin T Heath, George Hoeman , Erwin G. J ennings, Charles H. Kaveler, Karl W. Keller, Walter D. Kirkpatrick, Col. Harry F. Meeka, Edward Moore, Percy E. Neal, K. R. Osterwald , Herbert R. Payne, Richard F. Rollman, W. H. Scheer, H enry O. Stone, S. A. Thomas, Myron CLASS OF 1931


Barnard , Albert E. Griffith , H. M. Kraft , Ned O. Lusk, Robert R . Moran , Ernest Parsons, Edward W. Paul , Murray J. Rankin , Rolfe M. Sievers, Edwin R. Smith , James F. Weber, Paul Weiss, C. B. CLASS OF 1928

Ancell , Virgil F. Baron , A. R. Donaldson, W. E. Donlon , Thomas F . Followill , B. S. Gevecker, V. A. C. Harrison, Albert Heilig, E. Warren Herrell, R. R. Herron, H. R. Kaczmarek , T. B. Kirkpatrick , R. L . McCaw, C. W. Mitchell , Alfred A. Murphey, Maurice F.

Page, C. F. Park, Ralph E. Ross, Charles E. Sperling, Elmer ]. Stokes, James E. Wade , Rolla T. Walter, Edwin G. Wenger, F. E. Wilhi te, Clyde E. Williams, Rex Z. CLASS OF 1932

Andres, O. M. Bertram, R. A. Davi s, Stuart L. Elsea, Carl A. Ga ll emo re, W. A. Gibbs , Harold L. Hoema n, Arthur J . Horn, Rex T J enczewski , Albert C. J ohnson , Leon K . Karraker, E . L. Kassay, Andrew W. Kay, W. T. Macklin, F loyd S. Mays, W. R. McCreight, R. L. Meyer, Henry W. Monroe, Rex

Pollak, J ohn A. Reid, Allen J. Rhoades, Robert P . Richardson , J ames K. Riggs, W. R. Schwarz, Arthur S. Thompson, Homer Victor, R. J. Wiethop, R ussell H. CLASS OF 1933

Asher, Vernon L. Beardsley, C. H. Beinlich , A. W., Jr. Berthold, C. F . Borchers, Raymond W. Coghill , W. W. Doll , Mrs. W. L. Edgar, M. R. Gross, B. J. Harris, Gene L. Hibbits, Lowell A. Jabsen, Wi lliam ]. Koop mann, Wm. Jr. Krattly, Homer W. Lambur , C. H. Lenz, William H. McDonald, James F. Merchie, Leo H. Musson , George H . Pinkley, Rex E . Richardson, George S. Seiberl ing, T . O. Spotte, Irvin C. Wehrman , A. A. Williams, Arthur J. CLASS OF 1934

Absher, Harold R. Brasaemle, Ray 1. Bruen ing, W. H. Cunningham , Robert L.

Cutier, David Darling, James W. Faga n, Durwa rd E . Fletcher, W. B. Ford , Hamor T, Jr. Hedges, William E. Hein , Edw in A. J ac kson, LeRoy H. J oslin , LeCompte Krattler, G. L.


1973 ALUMN I FUND CONTR I B UTORS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Kruse, Cornelius W. Larwood , Mason B. Maise, Clemens R. McKinley, John H. McReynolds, E . L. Reese, Thomas H., Jr. Sackewitz, R. A. Stewart, T. ]. Springer, W. R. Sullentrup, Leo ]. Swift, Roy E. Weigel , Robert C. Westerfeld , W. W. CLASS OF 1935

Borgstede, George J . Buck, Robert H. Burgoyne, Margaret Campbell , W. J. Colman, Howard B. Danforth , Warren B. .Doan, Donald ]. Dutton , Donnell W. Edgar, Max E. Haffner, H. ]. Harrod , John E . Hoffman , Emil D. Holtman, Louis W. Hoyt, Harlan K. Kamper, Oliver W. Kay , W. W. Knoll , Rudolph ]. McDill, William H. McDonald, Collin s H . Montgomery, Robert G. Murphy, James J. Nickel, E lmer ]. Solomon, R. C. CLASS OF 1936

Barrow, Carlton W. Beard, Reade M. Chapman, R. T. Daily, Eugene ]. Dennis, W. E. Fisher, Robert L. Fiss, Ed Hoener, Alan ]. Hoffman, Richard Houseknecht , Paul D. K irchoff, Elmer Menefee, James H. Michel, Hilbert F. Millice, Carl T. , Jr. Nations, George O. Pfeifer, Herman ]. Rasor, Jobn P. Rodman, W. K. Roy, Edward A. Schaumburg, Grant W. Schwalbert, W. H. Simmons, Robert W. T hompson , Hoyt G. Ty rrell , M. E. Walker, W. Ernie CLASS OF 1937

Appleyard, Frank C. Benner, Charles F . Cardetti , Rifhard J. Carroll a, Ross R. Donnelly, W. L. Grewis, Oscar E. Grimm, Don Grimm, R. D. Holz, W. L. Jarrett, W. R. Jones, Walter T. Lange , Robert C. Logan, E. W. Mattei , Peter F.


Millard , F. Stutzman O'Neal, ]. W. Post, Col. S. S. Sheppard , John J . Silver, P. E., Jr. Taylor, Marshall W. II Wommack, T. W. CLASS OF 1938

Ballman , E. A. Bircher, ]. Russell Bliss, Allen D. Bowman, Don C., Jr. Cameron, C. V. Carpenter, F . L. Clayton, Charles L. Ellis, ]. Craig Fernandez, Horacio A. Goodrich, F. N.. Hill , Eugene F. Hoffman , Charles R. Howerton , Joseph W. Kuhlmann, Henry W. J arboe, R. A. Jones, Robert V. Morrison , Fred Mueller, Fred M. Nickel, Melvin E. Peukert, Norman L. J,>range, Herbert L. Prough, Richhard G. Rogers, Raymond H. Short, J ohn A. Smith, Hueston M. CLASS Of 1939

Barger, H. S. Boorky, Morris BOlllson, C. E . Brown, Roy G. Carter. Robert A. Claridge, Elmond L. Crecelius, Col. H. F. Dieffenbach, Robert P. Elliott: Edward E. Elliott, Lewis C. Finley, Thomas ]. Gammeter, Walter, Jr. Harsell , T. L., Jr. Heiser, F. W. Hoffman , Ray E., Jr. Jamison, Marshall V. Johnson, E. Herbert Kidd , Harold S. Livingston, John H. McCaw, Jack Mooney, Joseph W. Moore, J ack W. Mueller, George E. Mussell , W. E. . 'Parker, ]. ]. Pohlmann , Edgar F. Rhodes, A. E. Roarig, Wi lbert A. Roe, Lawrence A. Runyan , J. R. Siegrist, K. A. Smith, Leroy E. Soult , John P. Spalding, ]. V. Stojeba, Thaddeus Tetley , Albert L. Vandergriff , W. C. Von Wehrden , Carl Waters, Wade D. CLAS.s OF 1940

Alexander, William C. Alford , Rex Baumstark , W. A. Braun, Steven S. Brown, Guy, Jr.

Carr, W. J., Jr. Clarkson, Charles F . Carl H. Cotterill Dennie, P . A. Dennis, B. A. Donahue, James B. Dowling, Paul T. Enderson, W. A. Ferrell , ]. O. Fort, George E. Griffeth , T. J. Gund, Russell A. Hall , Charles E . Henson, Leon~rd E. Herzog, A. R': J acobs, James H . Kamper, H. G. Kelley, Ralph E., Jr. Kent, W. D. Kidwell, Albert L. Kiesler, A. ]. Klub, Robert Ladd, Herley W . Leber, Wal ter P. Lesli e, ]. C. Loveridge, Joel F. Machmer, F . G. Markley, J. S. Miller, E . S. Mitsch, George Niedling, Ivan M. Olcott, Eugene L. O'Neill, John ]., Jr. Palmer, Clarence C. Parish, G. A. Perry, Ernest L. Planje, T. ]. Reed , John F. Ridley, Robert R. Riege, Lynn ]. Rieke, V. W. Rose, Colin G. Ross, Paul F. Rueff, Edward Schrader, Ralph E . Sharp, E . W. Smothers, W. ]. Sturges, Herbert D. Summers, Huey T ucker, Armin J . Weber, Arthhur, Jr. Wilson, James C. Young, William P . CLASS Of 1941

Adams, Wash Andrea, Andreas A. Ben netsen, Wayne Beveridge, Thomas R. Blair, orman D . Bottcher, H . F. Bourne, W. H. Boyd, Robert K. Boyt, E ugene P. Butch , Edmund R. Couch, G. R. Crecelius, Donald G. Crockett, W. E. Dreste, Jerome P. Elliott, Floyd R. Falkingham, D. H. Farrell , Edward C. Fick" Armin F. Finley, Fred W. Francis, Merritt M. Gardner, J . W. Grisham , Marvin C. Hacker, Alden G. Hoener, Fred H . Jaffe, N. D. J ensen, James W. Kind, Carl G. Lambert, Chris Jr.

Lambeth, ]. R. Loveridge, Warren L. McKee, Jack B. Mentz, Frank H . Meyer, Robert H. Morris, William 1. Nevins, M. E. . Pace, George M. Pautler, Anthony C. Puetz, William M. Rhodes, Col. Richard G. Rogers, Frank "B uck" Roux, James R. Schoenthaler, Robert Shankland, J ohn H. Smith , Floyd P . Sp ringer, James ]. Stevens, Harvey C. Stewart, Daniel R. Stockton , H erbert R. Strawhu rt , J . O. Topper, Robert L. Wattenbarger, C. M. Wea ver, Richa rd T. Westwater, Robert CLASS OF 1942

Adler, Arthur G. Allen , John C. Axmacher, George Brackbill, R. M. Buckner, H . W. Busch, William D. Castleman, John H . Clark , Hugh M . Crookston, ]. A. Cunningham, R . ]. Dunham , Robert M. Fuller, Julian A. Guilfoy, Robert F. , J r. Hagar, Bai ley W. Hillery, Charles Hughes, Thomas A. Karbosky, Joseph T. Kelly, Raymond A. King, Welby M. Kloeris, Paul W., Jr. Kr.ueger, Harold A. Maher, Lesli e J . Martin, Kent W. McGhee, Vernon T. Mitchell , Jim L. Muskopf, O. M. Neubert, Ralph L. Nelson, Paul C. Nevin, James R. Nevin, John W. (Jack ) Olde, Fred W. Olsen, John K . Pagel, Herbert E. Paul, Frederick P . Pewitt , Bion D . Pohl, Robert A. Rassinier, Ed Sandhaus, Elmer H . Schmitt, J oseph P. Schowalter, K. A. Schuman, Austin E. Shaffer, J ames W. Shockley, Gilbert R. Smith, John, Jr. Taylor, Otis H . Trotter, Charles R. Van Nostrand, Robert Wade, Dell C. Wolff, Leonard C. Zanzie, Charles E . Zoller, Jacques W. CLASS C;>F 1943

Adams, Joseph T . Am Ii , Harold E .

Ballinger, Hamer Bellis, Maurice O. Berndt, Joseph P . Bierrna.nn, Earl E. Carroll, James V. Christensen, Douglas N. Comann , R. Kent Coolidge, D. ]. DeValve, Albert S. Dreste, Fred E. Durham, Howard W: Ehrlich , R. L. Fleischli, J ack E . Flood, H. W. Fris, E. S. Gimson, William H., Jr. Glover, James Hanna, Robert L. Johnson, James C. Kasten, Raymond O. Kendall, Edward T. Kent , W. D . Karper, M. J . Key, Enos L. Krill, F. M . Krummel, Clyde H . Lambelet, Clarence A. Landis, Bruce R. Larson , Leonard N. Leming, John G. Martin, Gene S. McCormick, Charles S. Meyer, Orviille L. Morris, James H . Neustaedter, J ames A. Paul , James K. Pracht, H. W. Quinn , Pat Rasmussen , R. K. Sanders, Mrs. Cynthia Schumann, L. C. Shafer, ]. L. Short, Donald H. Skitek, G. G. Studebaker, D . J . Stueck, Neil Thomas, George H. Weis, Carl ]., Jr. Wilson, William Wright, Clarence J. Zoller, Victor H . CLASS Of 1944

Adamick, Henry S. Barnhart, Herbert D . Blase, Edwin W. Brinkmann, Herman Brodhacker, ]. W. Carmichael , Ronald L. Clark, Willis H . Dick, Alfred Dietz, R. O. Goetemann, Edwin C. Griffiths, John W. Hansen, J . Richard Heindenreich, Roger H. Helberg, Warren Hubbard, Wm. A. Isenmann , E . S. Klor.;r, Bob Kozeni ,_Don Lnson , Warren Liley, James A. Murphy, Robert E. M ushovic, Peter Ploesser, Alan P . Rudisaile, H. ]. Sanders, Lincoln A. Schmoldt, Hans Schoeneberg, Kenneth W. Sievert, O. Morris Simons, Sanford L. Smith , P. Gene

August 1973

Sparks, I s(aiey, ( summer; \Vicker,


Boyd, R. Feldbaur Finley, ( Kas len, ' Kawa."ll( McKel vf Millon, I Murray,. Ozawa, J Schmidt, Sbank, I CLASS

Burke, ( Oayton, Connett, Danie~,

Daisy, R Machad( Mann, R Meyer, J Olsen, C Wilbel,",


Adrian, AndersOi Belew, E Brixiu~)

Brown) : Bruns, F Bruzews: Caraliol, Carlton,


Cole, Ri DamerOi Dunham ElIerrnaI Ems, W Faser, ) Feldhha Fogarty, Fritz, G Goodwir Goodwir Harville Henke, Henry,

Johnson KaUrney Lavat, I Lewis, I Little, ) Mansfit MeRinn

~liller , J

Mitchell Perryfl1l Pletz, R Pornero) Purdy, Ray, R, Scheiner Schmitz Schork SelJeck' Shepp;r Smith Snowde; Stephen Stewart Tapprn, Terrassr WYlie, .


Sparks, Charles H. Staley, Glen L., Jr. Summers, Robert F. Wicker, David A. CLASS OF 1945

Boyd, Roy H. Feldbaum, David M. Finley, Carl .E Kasten , Vernon Kawaguche, Makoto J. McKelvey, James M . Milton, Osborne Murray, Robert E. Ozawa, J. K. Schmidt, Robert F. Shank, Earl M . CLASS OF 1946

B ~rke, George E. Clayton , Austin B. Connett, R. P. Daniels, T. D. Doisy, R . J. Machado, Jose A. Mann , Robert L. Meyer, Donald 1. Olsen, Oscar M. Wilhelms, Kenneth M. CLASS OF 1947

Adrian, Kenneth Anderson, Fred L. Belew, Elmer W. Brixiu;, John L. Brown, Dale J. Bruns, Robert F. Bruzewski, Robert F. Carafiol , Gil Carlton, Paul F. Christiansen, Carl R. Cole, Richard Dameron, H . c., Jr. Dunham, Roy H. Ellerman, William Ellis, William Ashley Faser, Jack Feldhhaus, Ralph J. Fogarty, E . R . Fritz, Glen H . Goodwin , Reo E. Goodwin, William J. Harville, Bill Henke, Edwin A. Henry, George E.



ust 197 3

Johnson, Philip D. Kallmeyer, M. F. Lavat, Eugene W. Lewis, Dwight Little, J. Edward Mansfield, Herman McKinnis, Charles L. Miller, Eberhard H . Mitchell, Richard K. Perryman, George 1. Pletz, Robert C. Pomeroy, Chester M. Purdy, George< E. Ray, Robert L. Scheineman, J. A. Schmitz, Richard L. Schork, John E. Selleck, Loren H. Sheppard, Kieth D . Smith, James A. Snowden, J. R. Stephens, James W. Stewart, Alexander L. Tappmeyer, Ron Terrasson, P. L. Wylie, James E.

MSM Al u mnus

Wegener, Wilbert F. CLASS OF 1948

Anderson , Walter F. Armstrong, Robert J. Aubuchon, Pierre M. Baerveldt, Robert F. Balmat, Jack S. Bermel, Peter F. Billy, Joseph H. Bradford , Victor L. Brassfield, H. C. Browning, Charles M. Browning, Phil A. Chaney, James B. Copeland, A. Eugene Crosby, R. A. DeLaney, Michael J. Doelling, R. F. Ellis, Maurice H. Ellis, William A. Fields, Lester E. Fisher, James R. Flynn, Robert H. Fuller , Leroy W. Gauerke, R. C. Glasgow, Lawrence G. Grady, William J ., Jr. Griessen, John Grigsby, Harry G. Gurnea, Elven M. Hagan, M . A. Haley, Comer C. Hammann, John W. Harter , Warren F. ' Hartman , W. V. , Jr. Hasko, Stephen Held, Robert E . Hequembourg, Frank D . Hoelscher, James W. Hoey, Paul E. Howell , Richard B. Howell, Ted R . Jackson, Jorge Johnson, Charles C. Keeley, Gilbert S. Kreutzer , Robert C. Lawson, Vernon

Leaver, Harvey B. Marchal , J. H. Mathews, Donald J. McCormack , George

McKelvey, Ralph Miller, William J . Moe, Harold J. Moline, Gordon H. Mueller, Edward E. O'Neill, L. F. Procton , Albert W. Ramsey. George H. Robbins, Irvin D. Schaeffer , W. A. III Schmidt. Donald G. Scholz , Arthur E. Smith . David G. Smith, Harla n D. Spinzig, E. W .. Jr. Stauffer, Clyde M. Stoecker. W. F. (Will ) Thurman. William H. Todd , Fred A. Van Eaton. C. W. Vogt, ]. C. Volz, Robert A. Whanger, J. R. Wolfarth , T. R. CLASS OF 1949

Anderson, Douglas Anderson , George M. Aubuchon , Edward L. Bauman , Harry C.

Bay, Robert D. Bell, James E. Berry , Jerome T. Blankenmeis ter, Erwin

Boyer, Alexander A. Breitwieser, R. H. Carney, W. Dale Carter, Wi lliam D. Chang, Jobn W. Chapman, Vernon A. Cizek, F. J. Clifton , James G. Comstock , Elbert E. Coolidge, W. H. Copeland , Roy E. Crossman, Frederick T. Dalpin, David Daly, T. E. Daniells, Charles P. Davidson, Charles C. DeBolt, Donald G. Eichelberger, Charles E. Fentzke, A. Daniel Foster, Jack D. Gambill, James W. Gammon, William H. Guth, Kenneth A. Holloway, Nick Hubbard, William F . Jones, Oliver W. Jones, Sam P. Kelahan, R. C. Kemper, Robert J. Kimmick , Edward J. Knecht, Walter S. Knutson , E lmo G. Komoto, Frank K. Lemaster, Chesley C. Line, M. K. Linn , Laurel G. Magruder, William H. Martin , Robert L. McCallister, Adis L., Jr. McDonald , John E. Mengel, E . L. Milburn, James K. Mulligan, John Norman , Amos

Otto, Richard M. Padfield , Ralph Perry, Robe rt C. Puffett, Bettjeanne McNeil Reilly, John G. , Jr. Reinkensmeyer, Norman W. Reiss, Joseph J. Remington , C. R. Roark, Bill R. Root, Robert L. Ross, Charles J. Ross, Harvey Rowley, Kermit G. Sakonyi , Frank W. Sarzin, J. L. Scbmidt, Murray Schmitt, James C. Schowalter, Ralph E. Schuler, Leonard L., Jr. Schweder, H. P. Seeleg, Albert F. , Jr. Sevick, Joseph G. Sbute, John W. Slaght, Frederick W. Springer, Fred M. Starkweather, Reuben H . Sutton , Glen W. Telthorst, Edgar J. Teltborst, Harold M. Timm er, Donald H. Tindall, Robert F ., Jr. Toomey, John B. Trotter, Jack K. Tucker, Arthur L. Twombley, R . C. Van Maerssen, Otto L.

Viles, Landon C. Werner, Edwin J . Wilks, R. W. Wissel, Charles It. Wood , James E. Wunnenberg, Edward C. Yochum, Robert J. CLASS OF 1950

Agnew" Lewis Atchison, Daniel R. Auld , Tbomas Bach, W. E. Barsachs, Edwin H. Bartels, Eugene A. Boline, Jack Bowling, Charles P. Bradley, Kenneth Breit, Karl K. Brinkmann, Charles E . Brown , Robert N. Buel, Robert W. Burke , Robert F. Byrd , Herman C. Cantwell , L. W . Carl , Louis H . Castelli , August V. Chambers, Frank T. Chen , W. Y . Collins, William Craig, Curtis L. Dampf, D. P. da Silva, Anibal Jose Davidson, Edwin A. Drake, Avery A. Jr. Eck, Bernard J. E lliott, James O. Eissinger, Karl Erb , R. D. Etz, Carl E., Jr. Evans, James L. Eyberg, W. P. Fahien, Raymond W. Farrey, Henry B. Ferrero, Dominic

Finch , Frank Fossi, Robert L. Gabelmann, Bill George, Kenneth Graves, C. Tad Green, Paul W ., Jr. Greenberg, Aaron Gregory, Scott H. Griffin , Donald C. Gurnea, Robert F. Haas, Paul Hart, Wayne D. Harris, William M . Hauser, Maximilian E. Haymes, William G. Heisler, William B. Heller, Enrique Helwig, A. W. Hillhouse, David L. Hollis, William Holme, R. Norman Howell , Bennett D. Hunt, J. Richard Hyde, James C., Jr. Isbell , Clarence A., Jr. Iverson, Reid E. Jami eson, George W. Jerman , Theodore 1. J ohnson, Edward L. Johnson, Ray B. Johnson, Warren H. Jorcke, Oliver A. Judah, Russell J. Kerr, R. H. Kinder, D. C. King, Donald T. Klaus, Irving Knowles, Carl M .

Kovach, John J. Krainess, Nbert M. Kraus, Karl L. Kunz, Charles O. Laird, Harry W. Lanham , Thomas G. Lasko , Edward P. Lay, George R. Lockett, Donald N. Mabie, Edward L. Mabi e, George W. Mann , Carl K. Marshall , Capt. Donald W. Marting, Richard E. Mason, E. V. Maltlage, Raymond F. McGaughey, C. E. McNichols, John R. McVey, Joseph S., Jr. Mendell , Robert H. Mengel, W. K. Middleton, Douglas F. Miller, George P. Mi ller , James E. Mooney, Edward W. Muehring, John E. Mueller , Harold E. Murphy, William L. Nagel, Lawrence J. Neidel , Roger A. Neustaedter, R. H. Nichols, John W . Niederstadt, R. J. Nolan, Paul B. North , Oliver S. Novotnak, Frank Owens, Robert L. , Sr. Painter, John L. Parker, R. C. Patten, Robert 1. Paulsell , W . G. Peppers, Robert E . Pering, Claude 0. , Jr. Ph illips, Harvey 1. Preiss, Robert K . Reynolds, Earl G. Robison, L. B. Rose, Robert T. Ruenheck , Raymond Sakonyi , John J. Schmidt , Robert N. Scott, James 'J. Sereno, L. F. Severtson , Vernon S. Shourd , Roy R. Sims, Dale E. Swinner , M. R. Slack, Clay ton F : SIusher, Robert C. Smith, George R. Smith , Marvin Smith , Robert E. Spanier, Lawrence A. Spindle, Sharley S. Starke, R. E. Stevens, Billy Strain, Robert A. Strauss, Ervin J. Szumachowski E. R. Tate, David E. Th eerman , Harold B. Tibbs, Harold E. T rianda , John Tunnicliff, Clarence J. Under wood, Clifford B. Unsell , Vest er B. Van Nort, J. R. Vigier, Geo rges Vogler, August]., Jr. Walker, Walter W. Wehling, H. C. Weidman , Thomas H. Weingaer ther, Jobn W. White, Thomas W., Jr.



Wil son, A. Wilson, Glenn E. Wilfram , Ralph E . Wood, Robert C. Wright, Harold R . Wunn enberg, Donald A. Yeager, J. C. Yochu m, Kenn eth H . Zvanut, Albert J. CLAS S OF 1951

Ande rhub , A. P. Arnold, John M. Aul d, Robert Baldwi n, Wi ll iam M. Ba ll estero, Anton io P ., Jr. Ba ngha rl , Roge r C. Barrow, Robert B. Bla ncke, C. D . Blende rman , .Gene R. Boscia, Frank J. Bowkley , H erbert L. Brillos, John Brown e, Thomas C. Brunkhorst , Ea rl R. Buettner, Melvi n A. Co ben, D onald A. Comanich, Geo rge W. Comm erford , George E. D asenbrock, Art hur A. Dickens, Ri cha rd L. Dryden, Joe D ulberg, Irving Dun~ , E. E. Dur renberger, J. W . E lba um , J . K. E lwood, William H . Fahs, Dona ld G. F ritschen, H erman A., Jr. Gabri else, Ri'c hard S. Gill en, David U. Givens, William A. Glenn , David E. Grotha us, J. V. Hargus, Loren, Jr . Harper, Willi am S. Harris, H enry C. H erley, David F . H es tetune, D. G. Himer, J ohn A. H olcomb, Lester W. Horst, Wi ll iam E. Hubbard , Jack L . Huber, Richard G. Huff, Wayne F. J ac kson, E arl E. J ohann esmeyer, H . M . Kaplan , Newton H . Kell er, Gera ld N. Kell er, Russell M. Ke nt, H erber t E. Ketter, Richard P . Ki lda hl , H owa rd V. Ki nan e, Cy ril M . K line, C. R . K night, George Kolb, E ugene F. Kwadas, E . J. La tten , Judson M . Lehma nn , Charles F. Longerich, E. P . Lynch, John F. Llewellyn, H enry McEvilly, Willi am G. McGovern , David E . Mc Gugh, J ames J. P . lIIellott , R . N. M illiga n, E dward J. Mon tgomery , D. D. M urray, Richard Myslinski , Frank J. Napp, Gordon E. Oldenburg, T. J.


Owens, Frank W. Packheiser, Elmer D. Pencler, Pau I Perryman , J. E. Phelps, R. C. Rieder, Robert J . Rober, Donald L. *Roetzel , J . D . Roller, Raymond F. Roloff, Don V. Schm idt, Vernon E. P. Seip, R. H . Senne, J oseph H. , Jr. Shi elds, Robert W. Shopher, S. Dean Sieck, E . H. Simpson, T homas A. Sm ith, Robert J. Smith , Thomas E. Spindle, Harvey E. Tarantola, Bruce E. Tatosian, V. Tester, Hu bert G. Theerman , W . K. Thompson, Owen E. T sa i, Will iam W. L . Van Bramer , Wi lli am G. Vansant, Robert E. Venarde, Jac k H. Vase, Willi am B. Wallace, Edwin R . Wa ters, C. R. Watson , Harry G. Wile, Larson E. Winters, John F. Wiseman , Do nald E. Wolf , Robert V. Woodle, Roy G. Zeid, Ma rvi n C. Zim merman , Donald G. CLASS OF 1952

Alvarado, Frank T . Basler, Francis Ba uer, Richard H. Belew, James A. Bi lheimer, Lee Birk , Kenneth L. Boyle, James R . Ca lcater ra, Edward L. Chorney, Peter L. Coonce, Homer. E. Cox, Wi llard E. Cramer, K enneth L. D av is, G. D . D eLu cca, M ichael Dye, Robert A. Ferguso n, Wal lace Finklang, Joh n W. Freiberger, Harold Geers, Joseph H . H acker, Jean E. H ampel, Richard J. Hausma nn , Pau l Hausner , Paul H. H eilich, Ray mond P . Hewett, Charl es A. H ockenbury , Melvin C. Hydinger, Paul L. Jackson, W. D . J ensen, G. T. Justus, Richha rd F ., J r. Kei l, Byron L. Ker r, H. Calmers, Jr. Knoebel, Ri chard H . K ro nst, Edwi n F . Lucido , P. J. Maday, Donald S. Martin, Dan W . Malson, Don D. McB rayer, J ack R. McClure, R. Max McInty re, J ohn, J r.

Meskan, David Michelotti, Joseph E. Miller , Herbert E . Moore, Franklin L. Newkirk , T. F. Nolan, Jo hn B. Pape, E arl E. Potter , Vernon C. Priest, J ohn E . Reeves, Ernst J. Richards, Turner W. Roster , Edward L. Scha fer, Robert P. Schmitt, Do nald E. Scrivner, J . Roger Steadman, M. W. Stickle, Dirch B. Strite, Russell R . Stopkey, W. D. Sweeney, J. R. Thompson, Jac k H . Unger, Wa lter Uthoff, Robert F. Van Buskirk, Lyman F . Vanderheyden , E ugene T . Varanouskas , J. P. Wakefield , Roger E . . Wal z, R . L . Weeks, Cha rl es A. V\Tes t erm a n , Howard \V . V\/ illiams, D ean N. Wolfberg, Leo nard H . Yage r, O. Timk cll , J r. Zeda li s, John P CLAS S OF 1953

Barton. C. D . Bender , John H . Berry, Cha rl es A. Blackwell , Wi ll ialll C. Boyd, 1\1. W. Callaway, ha rl es H . Ca rver, E obert E. Ch ri st ia n. Charl es E . Crane. Harold R. Cream er. Edward L. Di ll , Ea rl R . Eason. Jack L. Edwards, Gene W . Freebersyse r, Georg J . Gj elsteen , Thor I-Ja nsen, Peter G. H ayn es, 1\,J yron 13. H eeger, Cha rl es H . H eimbaug h, K enn eth H eineek, Dale W. Jenki ns, Robert D . Jost, Robert D. Katz, Manfred Kent , . A. K nea rem, James L . Knobel, Elwood K. Kronlllu eller , Wm . W. Kuster, Ra lph L. LaBouff , Gerald J . Lee, Wa lter Lipensky, Milan McBeth, J . D . Oberschelp, Will iam F . Owens, Robe rt J. Park Will iam R Patt ~rson , Will ia;" E. Poschel, Eugene ] . R uppert, Theodore A. Smith , Bert L . Strohbeck, E. E . Thompson, J. E. T opel, Ma urice R. Quatraro, Wi llia m Vi enhage, Robert P. Wag ner, F. R. Wein land , Harold A. Yo ung, J ohn C.


Alburt is, C. L. Ande rson , Robert W. Burge tt, Max A. Ca mpen, Fred ]. t;:ole, K ennethh D . Conci, Fra nk B. Custead, J erry R. Fouler, Thomas R. Fu ll er, Thomas R. Gerard , J ames A. Gotsch, Ri charr! ill Gray, Joe E. Groteke, D . E. Horine , Robert A. Hu beli , J ames A. Hughes, Judson A. , J r. J uskie, B. R . J ohn son, C. Scott Kemp , Arthur H . III Krieg, Marlin F. Lincoln , H erbert E . La, W. C. Morr is, Buddie R . N iemeyer, No rman No rd ling, Walter K., Jr. Patterson, James R. P illisch, H erbert P . Plache, Kurt O. Ri emenschmitter, D . L. Schejbal, John W. Schmidt, Mi lton E. Schneider , Donald O. Stewart, William H . To ulz, ]an1es Watkins, Joe Williamson , Rayburn Zachelmeyer, Norman P. CLASS OF 1955

Baebler , Arthur G. Baker , Chester H. Bar nds, C. C. Berg, Richard O. Boze, Ralph Broaddus, W. R ., J r. Corcoran, T. A., J r. Cowan, Harry D . Cruse, Richard L. Fink, Arthur C. , Jr. Franklin , James M. Gessley, Dona ld Gi lli am, Dale D. Godsey, Terry L . Goller, C. H ., J r. Hallet t, W. M . Hau bold, R. G. Heavlin , Harold Jones, Richard L. Keller , Leonard J . Kickham" L . T., Jr . Kummer , Fred S. Lu ehring, E lmer L. Ma rtin , R . J . McCart hy , John M. McMorris, W. L . III Mi les, John B. Miller, Charles E. Newcomer, Robert E . Padan , John W. Ray, Herman A. Roberts, J oe B. SCOlt , Ju lius N. Stanhope , R . D . Stimson, Robert Tucker, Paul B. VanBuskirk, John R. Walther, George C. Zimmerman , M. Jordon CLASS OF 1956

Altheide, Charles R .

Baumgart ner, George R. Bentill a, Kenneth R. Brawley, J . M . DeWitt , Carl L. Doe, Bruce R. Grinstead, Willis G. Hardy , R. L . H art, Norman E. Herndon , Richard S. Hughes, R. A. Lieberman , Warren McClure, R. Max McCoy, C. J . Mill er, Raymond E. Morales, Vi ctor H . Remmers, E . Pa ul Reser, Donald E . Sa uer, Harry J ., Jr. Schmi dt , H arold A . chmitto n, Clay J. Schramm , Wi ll iam W. Shildmyer, James A. Steffan, Ken F. Suhre, Maurice E. , Jr. Tauser, R . H. Thompson , David E . Thompson , LeRoy E . Unne rstall , James A. Vallez , M ichael H . Vitali , Joseph D . Walker , No rman L. Weiss, N icholas M. Weiss, Nicholas M. Yiannos, Peter l\. CLA SS OF 1957

Alexander , Wm . An derson, John R. Astroth . Louis E. Baechle, August A. Baker, Donald D. Bardelmeier, A. R. Bates, David W. Beckemeyer , Ed ward J. Berg, D avid W . Bowers, D. R . Clodfelter , Gene C. Coleman, Fred J . Conlee, Jack L. Cooksey, Joel "N ick ", Jr Cowan, Robert W., Jr. Davis, Gary W. Ellis, Walter H. Ferguson, Donald ]. II Fied ler, Edgar F uller, Robert G. Guyot, Roger L. Hilmes, Ralph C. Humphrey, Richard L . Hussey , Raymo nd Jackson , Robert A. Johnson, Norman C. Jones, F loyd C. Kalin, Thomas E . Kick, David D . King, Vernon P. Kozeny, Donald Leming, Pa ul W. Louvar, Joseph F . Matz, Alexander Metz, Gilber t F ., Jr. Mitchell , J ames L. Nelson , William D. Pyle, E lmer G. Reuss, Lloyd Schaedler , Ken neth D. Schneider, Robe rt Segelhorst, A. E. Spilller, H erbert L. Tanqua ry , Clifford Toliver, J ack E. Troutner, John R . Venable. Wilford G.

August 1973

Vetter, C

Warren, I Watwood Webb, Je Webb, Rr Wentz,C Williams, Wright, I


Allmon, ( Andreas, Anspach, Arthur, J. Atha, Lar Brill, Wa Buchanan Capps, R, Correll, r Cullen, ~' Cumming Dally, Ga Davila, 0 Day, D.I Dull, ~I el Ege, DOni Garrett, J Grant, \V Grebing, I Gregory, Hackett, . Hardebecl Hardebecl Harris, B Haydon, . Head, Elr Heltibran, Herforth, Hofstetter Lewis, B. Littlelield )fason, D McConnel Mettenbu Micka, D Miller, G, Miller, R. Modesitt, Morgenst, Myers, CI Nolan, Ja O'Keele, ' Okenfu5S Owens, II

Phillips, F Rasche, J Rathgeb, Schiermeir Schmidt Schrenk; Sireddo, 'f Smith, R. StarkWeati Storment SUcher R" Unner;tall Vakil, Sad Vetter, Rc V'tek, R. Wallace I West, B. I Williams 'Yinter, loung, Ra


CLAss t

Adams, Jo Adams K Ahlert: R~ AUberry, \ BaYless J




us t 1973

Vetter, Clarence J ., Jr. Warren , Robert N. Watwood , James E ., Jr. Webb, J erry J . Webb, Robert B. Wentz, C. A. Williams, Russell E . Wright, Robert L. CLASS OF 1958

Allmon , Gerald W. And reas, W . T. Anspach , Earl E. Artbur , J . B. Atha, Larry C. Brill , Walter C. Buchanan , John O. Capps, Robert O. Correll , H oward D. Cullen , Mi ke Cummings, Bradford D all y , Gary Davila , Oscar M. Day, D. E. Dull , M elvin J. Ege, Donald L. Garrett , J. Hardy Grant , W. H. Grebing, Ronald Gregory, Donald B. H acke tt, J a mes L. Hardebeck, E lizabeth Hardebeck , Harry E . H arris, B. V. Haydon, Jack B. Head , E ldon W. H eltibrand , D. W. Herforth , Donald J . Hofstetter, J. F . Lewis, B . Neil Littlefield , Jerold K . Mason , Dennis E . McConnell , B . J. Mettenburg, C. W. M icka , Donald C. Miller, George T. i" li11er , R. Lary Modesitt, Donald E. Morgenstern , R. A. Myers, Charles C. Nolan , James R . O 'Keefe, Tom Okenfuss, R. H . Owens, Willard G. Phillips, Ray Rasche, John F. Rath geb, Lawrence J. Schier meier , John J. Schmidt, E . Robert Schrenke, Walter Sfreddo, Humbert E. Smith, R. Thomas Sta rkweather, Gilber t Storment , Don Sucher, Robert W. U nnerstall , L es Vakil , Sadegh M . Vetter, Ronald F. Vitek , R . K. Wallace, Norval D. West, B. B. Williams, D. Warren Winter , Lester H. Youn g, Ralph O. CLASS OF 1959

Adams, J ohn C., Jr. Adams, K. C. Ablert , Robert J. Auberry, William H . Bayless, J erry R. Bellchamber, Donald K .

MSM A lu m n us

Bierbaum , C. E. Bitzer, David B. Bolon , Lucien M ., Jr. Boxdorfer, Robert L. Braman , Gerald Branjes, Bill Cain , Clarence, Jr. Cawns, A. E . Corey, Clyde C. Cou rson , Lee R ., Jr. Crapnell, Don W. DesCa mp, Victor A. Edwards, D. Ray E mery, J ohn R. Feaster , Donald R . Fritchey , Meril B. Fuller, John E. Gilmore, Rex Goldin , H erbert A. Green, Sidney H a ubold , Niels B. Henderson, Don E. H ess , Robert M . Hoffman , Anthony E. Hoffman , Glenn W. Hornsey , Edward E. Hradsky, J oe Hudgens, Lowell I tschner, E . C. Janes, Fra nk E . J ohnson, Gordo n E. J ohnson , Phi lip R. Kieffer, Alonzo R. III Kru ger, W illiam A. Lawson , Neal L. Lemberger, Robert Lindsey, Kenneth R. Long, Floyd c., J r. Lum , Harry K. W. Lutz, H. John Madigan , Dennis Ma rchba nks, M a rtin Mattingly, R. C. McH affie, Gera ld T. M itc hell , J ohn F. l\1orga o, George H. Mou ser, Ronald D. Na ue rt , James P. Neu meier, Lea nder A. Pugh, J a mes E . Putney , A. W. Ratcliff , J ohn J . Reichert. J oseph F. Roberts, Pau l H. Ruggeri , C. E . Sa nde r, Rona ld E . Scharf, Joel S. Schn eider, C. S. Schu macher, Ca rl R . Selle , Gera ld O. Shoema ker, J a mes L. Shalton , Lonnie Shell , L ee, J r. Simpso n, Charles R. Smith , Gaylon G. Stalling, Paul D. Stelloh , Rober t T. Stevenson, G. L . Stuck enschneider, Ke nneth L. Tackett , Charl es E . Tal iaferro , J. Dale Thom pson, B. J. T ho rn ton, R . C. Uding, George E. Volke r, Ronald E. Wa xma n, Stan W einrich , Albert Wieker, Richard Wilson , Hugh W . CLASS OF 1960

Alyea, J errold M. Anderson, F. D.

Bartlett , Sylvan Ba rrand , K. \V. Ba tubara, Kasmir A. Benz, Pau l W . Bertorello , Mike Blevins, Howard L. Boston , L. A. Bra mfitt , Bruce L. Chen, D av id Claypool, J ohn W. Coffma n, J ames D. Cooper, Lloyd E. Corbin. Kenneth D . Cox , K enneth R. Daubel, Karl J. Dickens, Walter H . Douglas, H enry 1. Dunnavant , A. A. Ebmeyer, G. E . Englert, Tom Fike , R. Albert Fla nigan, Virgil J. Fulton, Frank W. Gilmore, J erry L. Graves, George H . Gustafson, George R. Hawk , Ralph L. Hawkins, R ussell 0. , Jr . H o ffm a nn , Victor J. H ollenberg, Robert Holma n , Glen Wayne Huffma n, J ohn M . Husma n, David N. Hyatt, Gordon R. J ames, Ronald J ones, Robert G. Kelsick , Robert Kemper , J. Paul Kie ffer , R. C. Killian , Donald R . Klebba , Kenneth T. Kosten , Harold Lawhon , Ri cha rd A. Loebs, Herbert A. LUkowitz, Gregory J . Ly nch , Art Manley, William H., J r. Maxton , Ra lph C. McDaniels, J ohn L. McNeely , D a vid C. Me rtl , E. E. 1'1'liller, John H . Moll enbeck , Albert J . Moit , Daniel D. Moye rs, Gerald E. l'l'l unsell , D ouglas Nenninger, Donald A. Patterson, Gary K. Pa tterson, Robert V. Penning, Tom P helps, Weldon L. Price, D a vid E. Rahimi-Kesha ri, Hossein Raney , Edward M. Ray, Rugene E. Reilly, William J. Rephlo, Louis C. Reynolds, Ma urice M . Rizer, Gene C. Roseberry, Ben E . Siron , Robert E. Springer, H. Robert Steinma nn, Walter D. Tayloe, Leo F. Testerman , Roy L. Tharp, Cha rles E. Vacca , Herman Wagenheim, Neil Walters, James T. Watson, Frank Wood, K. W. CLASS OF 1961 Amsler, Larry C.

Avery , Ma~io~ 1 R . " Besleme, JIm Tex Blake, Charles A. Bolon , Albert E. Brenning, Eugene D. Brunkhart , Gerald Burla ge, Donald W. Chao, Hung-Chi Crain , Charles D uli n , Thomas E. E I-Baz, Farouk Fa rmer, La rry E. Fea therston , Charles R. F loo d, Thaddeus F. Fowler , Martha Shultz Garvey, R ohert A. Glaser, Gene Grannemann , H . N. Grechus, Garland K . Grindon , John K. H eglin , Russell S. H enning, Wm. A. Huff , Fred V. Ingram, Melvin A. J acks, Frank E . J am ieson, J erry W. Kinder, John B. Kli pp, Jim Kurtzhals, J ames D. Latzer , John C. Lawler , Willis D . Leck , George W. III Leu , Juan Lewis, David M. L1ao, Juan L . Logan , Robert M. Lortz, Francis E. Lucas, Wayne L. Mansbridge, Herbert L . Marble, J ames B. Marosek, Charles F . Martin, Roger T . Mathews, William E. May, William L. McGillan , Cecil E . McLaughlin , E . J. Mc Nabb, J esse E. Merritt, J ohn Moore, Kenneth D. Mungle, Burlin D . Nix , J ames L. Noell , Nelson H. Odom, J ames T. Ogle, James R. Ostman n , Dona ld A. Patterson , Barbara R. Patterson , J erome D. Peterson, Jay A. Pfeuffer, Ronald R. Pike, William H. II Redline, Richard Rey , Carlos J. Roberts, Larry A. Robinson, Richard Rueh , Donald L. Sha h, Ramesh C. Siesennop, W . Wayne Spanski , Gregory T . Stidham, James A. Swier, George T oep fer, Louis E. Walker, Harvey J ., Jr. Walton , John W . Weber, Roger C. Wiethop, R. H a rve Worley, Mo rris T. Wright, George F. CLASS OF 1962

Affolter, Allen L. Al y ward , Andrew T. Bearce, Denny N. Boschert , Robert F .

Bowers, S. Mitchell Bra ndy , Francis J. Buckrod , Gary J. C hen, Gary C ul nan , Patrick D. Diel, Robert lIf. Dischner, Ed Donald , W ill iam Da re, John A. Doshi , Bip in N . Dunn , S. T homas Einsel, Mill er Elfrink , Linde lJ H . Fa dler, Eugene C. Farnham , Arthur H. Gaer tne r, D ouglas A. Goe, La rry D. Gorm ley, J ames Gra ham, J ohn R . Haas, D onald W . Hall erbe rg, Wm. L. Ha mm ond , Michael W. Ha tfield , D a ry l Ha tfi eld , David C. Haushalters, Fred W. H avener, Ga ry H elgeson , Gerald R. H erzog, M. S. Hooper, Ric hard A. H orel, Edward T . J oh nson , R. T. J ones, J ack H . Kallemeier, Robert Kam per , Russell A. Korn , Robert A. Krone, J ac k B. Law rence, ,"Varreo Ma is, Ray mo nd A. Maisch , Peter H . F. McCaw, Cha rles K. McLain , Jim H . Mcll!urtrey, Gerald D. Moss, Robert D. Murdock , K en Neel, William D . N owinski , Stanley Obermark , J a mes Olten, Peter Pa tel, J ayanti S. Persson , F. M. Phill ips, Ruby Plassman , J. Frederick Ploeger, Ri chard A. Quinn, Mathew J ., Jr. Reybu rn , M ichael K. Roussin, Robert W. Rullkoett er, G. W. Schae fer , Ro bert L. Seymour, David J. Sha h, Bansi M . Shah , Dinesh K . Siebels, J ames E. Smith , Menard 0 ., Jr. Sousa-Poza, Ave1in9 Speckbart, Frank H . Stairs , Curtis, Jr. Staley, J erry Stearns, Jerry D. Stieall , Paul D . Swanson , Ken Teske, J ames E. Tidmore, Robert L. Twednell , Richard N . Uhe, Gerald Van Doren , Tom Waters, O . Jerry Weber, William G. Weyhreter, Alfred F. Wilbanks, Bill O . Willyard , Don L. Wilson , Robert J. Wuerz, Donald E . Zychinski , James A.




Alexander, George D. An do e, W. V. Arms, Robert L. Ba rtlin g, D onald L. Bassin , Ronald L. B enn , Edward Brown , Dallas L. Brown , Dewey F. , Jr. Brunges, Frankl in E. Buck , Ri chard L. Burton , Rober t R. Cla rk , D ennis A. C lements, J ohn L. David , Edward G. D enzel, J erry A. Dodd , Curti s W. E rten , Frank O. F ehsenfeld , Gary D. F enton , David L. F razer, James Fritsch , William R. Garri gue, Pierr e Gunn , James A. H erro n, G. F. Holt , James L. H owell , Robert C. J aeger, Benj a min W. H. J arm a n , R. D ean Kli er , Jerome M . Kno x, J. R. K oes ter , R. D. Lago, Ca rlos M. La Plante, A. H. Lasma ni s , Ra ymond Ligo n, William R. M acCrindl e , Coli n C. M a chmeier , Paul Ma rk la nd , R obert E. Mar tin , Rich a rd L. M ar ti n , Wade A. McC ra ry , Charles E. McC ull o ugh , Lane A. , Jr. Melzer , John L. M itc hell , R onald D.

i\1organJ Harry B . N aiknimbalkar, N . M. N oble, J ames L. O 'Br ien , G. M ichael P ac kwoo d , D onald L. P eterson , Donald L. Pous h , K enneth Reu ling, D ona ld Robbins, Do uglas R oberts , Ca rl J. Rober tson, R on S. Robinson , J. Winfred R ob ison, J a mes B. R om melma n, Robert V. Schae fer , Se th C. Schwa ll er , D av id L. Sehl , Gene Shod ha n , R. P . Siec kh au s, R . H. Smi th, Sam L. Solomon , Russell III S utto n, William R. T ay lor , Glenn R. Thompson, Larry D. Thur ma n, Lowell E. Trau tman, D ennis Williams, R ona ld R. Zink , Ri char d C. CLASS OF 1964

Alexa nd er, Cha rl es F . Ba ls ma n, W ay ne F. Bar tel, D o na ld S. Basler , Thomas J. B ierm a n, Sheldo n L. B uescher, Alfred Campbell , Cha rl es E.


C hen, T en-Hsi Chervitz, J errold I. Chopin , La my J. Chronister , Thomas G. Cobb , Ca lvin B. Cook , Thomas W. Corwin , Robert F. Cutts, J a mes F. D owney, Rober t E. E dwards, Harry K. E ppelsheimer, Daniel S. Ferr ell , C. Stuart Floyd , D av id A. Fourn ell e, Ray mond A. Freese , Don R. Greer , Gl en M . H a rper, Ala n S. Harrison , C . R. H enry, J a mes M . Hill , J a mes L. H oepker , E lmer C. H olk enb rink , lVlichaei H olland , Gary H oll ey, Robert G. Hudelson , J. R. Jon es, D a ve J ones, D o n W . Kin g, F rank Kirchoff , Bill Kopaski e , B. Edward Kra us, R onald W . Kuh lma n, William H. LaRose, Treva H. , J r. M a rtin , R icha rd A. M ee han , M ichael E . M errell , David L. M ichel, D avid ]. Mill er , Karl D. Mochel. Will i,m R M uns, Bennett L. Ne umeyer, W. D . Norman, Eric ]. Pa ppas, James M. Parkinson, Larry L. P resser , J ohn R. Pri ce, Cha rl es E. R a id t , P au l B. R einheimer , Charl es J. Reybur n, Rich a rd L. Schellma n, G. Dou glas Schmid t , Ri cha rd Sedeora , Ted Shewchuk , J ohn Sowell , L ew is c., J r. Ste inkam p, W . E. Suetterlin , Jack F . Tallon , Ri chard J. T ay lor , Geo rge H. Treffinger, Davis J. T uttl e, J oel' K. Voorhi s, Ga ry L. Wedeking, M ilton J. Wil son, Clyde W . Wu , Cha ng-Y u Zi mni ck , H a rold E ., Jr. Zu nke l, Alan D. CLASS OF 1965

Alonge, N icholas J. Arn old , R icha rd I. At kinson , C. H. Aus t in , T homas E . III Barr , Ralph S. Bass, Pa ul J. Behnke, Robert E. Bennett, Gary Bersett , G. W . Bi ckel, Ga ry D. Bickn ell , H ilton B. B icun as, Joseph D. Bitting, James Boaz, James K. Branum , Wm. H.

Brune , Peter A. Brunner, Gary Bugg, D onald A. Bugg, Step hen F. Butl er , James L. Cassimati s , Peter N . Chiang, Chi en-Ping Chri sten , J. D . Cli ne , John L. Co pe, Wi lli am R.

Dabllcr, Kim D av id , D enzil D. , Jr. D eegan, W. C. Deken, Lou is Dilli on , R onald K. D oll , Warwick W. D orf, Roger A. Franklin , W. L. , Jr. Gay lord , Thomas K. Goldstein , Ma rtin P. Good ma n, D a niel K. Gord on, Cla rk Griffin , Paul D. Haag, Wm. 0. , Jr. H a feli. Dwight Tobin H a benicht , H elmut W . H of fma n, D a vid H ohma n, Joe Hol en, Doug H ras tich , T ho mas A. J ersa , Michael Junge, Gregg K allor , ]. S. Kapad ia , Ma hendra A. K empe, Allen C. K ett ler , Gerald J . Kiefer , Dale F. Koebbe, Eugene R. Ko rnfeld , D a le i'd . La Pres ta , Sam Lasker, M . Owen Lassley , Richard H. Lee. Step hen K. Lewis, C. T. Li u, Wa n-Cheng Lower , La rr y M . Madd ing, R ober t P. IVIagurk , David \ V. Ma rl ow, Charles F. M ars hall , C . D a le M a rt in , Cha rl es R. lVIartin , T erence N . i\!Jorgan, Grover D. , Jr. M yr ick, Bob N ickles , Arthur L. Ot to , Rob ert L. Pa rikh , N . S. Pick er , Melvin L. Porter , J oh n R. P rice, William ]. Province , E. E . R iney , Charl es W. R obb , Kenn eth A. Robertson, Alvis "Ted " Rud e, O we n D. Russell , J ack E . Schmitt , Karl J. Schroer, Wilbert F. Seifer t , H aro ld W . Shaw, Na ncy Sil ve r , Paul L. , Jr. Smith , J ohn W . Smith , M ichael D . Snyde r, Thomas E . Spi vy, Pa ul L. Step p, Edward Sti ckl er , R oger H. Sun dermeyer, R obert W. Sunkel, Thomas M. Suth ipasna ru pon , Ana nt T erry , R icha rd L. Tharp , Edward L. Thiede , Alf red J. Tho mason, J. c., Jr.

Thompson . Jam es W. Toedtm a n , Charl es H. Towers, T erence G. T owne , Robert G . Tura ll , Tr uma n W . Va nce M W Vyvas: Shya ~ S. W a hler , Vincent C. \Vang , Lawrence K. Wa ng, Wen-Li Wells, William L . W hi tten , Trav ice W. , Jr. W ilson, Clyde W. Ya ng, Hsun-Kuang CLASS OF 1966

All en, J erry D. An neaux , Dwight J. Bachman) D av id Baumann , Thomas Beger ) \Villiam K. Behrin g, All en G. Bertelsmeyer , J a mes E . Bi umfelde r , Willi am O . Brady , D a le E . Bry nae, M ichae l J. B uc hm eier , F ra nk A. , J r. B uck ley , S. P. Bu fa lo, David ]. Busch ke, Thomas H. Cochran , Ge ne A. Coco , Ma tteo A. D av is, W illia m F. D eClue , Du a ne, H. D unn , H a rry E. Ell io tt , D av id A. Ellison , Don Fiebelman , Harold E. F ord, Lloyd L . F ox, Edwin K. Ga lbra ith , J a mes V. Gha diali , J affer T. Gress , George Gro nlund , F rederi ck H a milton , James F. H a nn um , Richard W. Hayes, E. D. H ea ter , Charles L. H eider , Rob ert L. H ensley, Bob H offee , Andrew E. Hog ue, R obert W. Holt , Thomas B. H owell , John D. Hughlett , Michael L. Jen nings, Donithan R , Johnson , D ennis Jong, Bin g Wen J ozwiak , Phili p A. Klu g, A. E. Klug, J ohn R. Kra mer , Ra lph H. .Kr ueger , W a rren E . L uke, Chari G. L und , Carl M. L y tl e, Glenn A. IVl arshall , Steve n R. M aso n , J ohn T. III M ay , Thomas ]. McG innis, Mike Mc Ki n nis, La rry N. Meier, T . O. M eyer, Robert W . M ichael, La rry A. M iller , Charles C. M ill er , John N . Mo hr , John W. M olkenbur , R. A. M orris, Gerald P. Munn , Dale A. Ogle, Herbert F. P a rks, Rob ert A . Paul, Richard

Phelps, Wi lliam L. , Jr . P ollack , Leslie A. Ragsdell , K ennet h M . R eed , D a vid F. Rich , La rry M. Rob erts, Loy D. Scheer. Samuel A. Schroer , J. B. Schuch , J oseph G. Scott , Aldrew L. Scott, Ke nneth R . Seitz , Stephen Sha ffer , Al a n D . Shi ell s, James Simmons , F. Arthur Smith , Gerald W . Solook , John T. Steele , James D. Stewa rt , L. D ., Jr. Stockh aven , Wm . Thi em e, iVl a rti n A. Thompson , Stanley D . Ti bbs, !\icholas H . Uthe, Floyd H. ,,'a lters, R onald Wehmeyer , David P . Wesley, D a rrell Wes ten berg, C. H. W eyand , Thomas E. Will iams, Charles R . Willia ms, Maurice W illi ams , Will iam S. Y uh , E uge ne Y . CLASS OF 1967

Ake rs, Dennis All mon , James A. Altma n , Barba ra H . Altma n , Ronald L. Batteen , E. R. Bauer , William C. Beeson , J a mes J . Beuel, J erry Bodell , Timothy J. Brow ne , Michael J. Burd ick , V. L. Burkha lt er , Richard L. Carter , Ruben L. Cook , D av id L. C ummin s, Robert W . Darnell , Paul E. D avis, Ron D. D eelo , Michael L. D ege nhardt , E ugene A. D eLaschmit , W illiam E. D eLong, Carl E. Dob berpuhl , D . A. D ye r , Garvin H. E va ns , Ron ald E. F erretti, M ichael F ranke, Ri chard 111. Fri tschel, Larry E. Fri tzinger, T homas J. Gass, John Wm. Graham , Wm . J . H a llett , M ichael D. H ard y , M ichael E. H erbo ld , August E . Hi ckenbot ham , H a rl ey Hicks, R o nald R . H ill , R oland H odges, P hillip F. H opkins, Way ne J. Hu ng, Ming H. I ve rs, Anthony J ohler , Cra ig Jones, D av id Lloyd Kas ten , D ona ld G. K ehrma n , Rob ert F. Ki ef fe r , John Ki ze r , Thomas L. Kn epler , John L a ngsdorf, Lloyd

Le, Ngoc¡

Lebo, Jer, Leslie, 11 LyonS, H llcCaw, J McCoy, I , lcNutt, ifedlin, J \Iikelioni! ~Iiller, E{ llunsey, . llrers, H lieagle, }

lielsoo , D

Olney, Ge Owens, G:

0L50~" M~

Perkins, ' Perkins, I Pon~tingl

powell, D,

Prater, N

Rao, Babt Rathbun,

J. D. "Da

Rueb, K. Rymer, RI Sadowski, Sartore, EI Scanlan, J Srarpero, : Srbilling, I Schloman, Schoep, GI Scott, Larl Sears, Tho Sievert, G: Simm6ns, Skilek, Da Smilh, Rol Stewart, B Su, Yu Mi Sullivan, ! Tate, G. J

Turner, RI Ulrich, Ke

Van Dover Vedder R

Vrhige,' L~

Vogelpohl, Vogt, Fre<:

Wagner, R

Webb, Wil Weber, Ea Weinel, ]. Wittenauer 11'105, Paul Young, La


Albrecbt. ( Andjelich Aslrack, R


Ara~, R~i

Bell, G. \\ Bennell, J:

Benningtor Benlon C


Bergt, Da\

BlackWOOd Bono, Tho BonsOl" . Brand, J~I Brown, JOI Browne R Burke, eh:

B urr~, T~ ChadWick Chapman' ~hen, Ju;

hi, Tsun,

August 1973


lusl 197 3

19 73 A L U M N I FU N D C ONTR I B U TORS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Le , N goc-Boi Lebo, J erome M. Leslie, Thomas J. L yons, H elen McCaw, D . W. M cCoy, Robert J., Jr. M cNutt , Mrs. V. H . M edlin , James M. Mikelionis, La wrence J. Miller, E dward D. Munsey, J ohn E. ~I yers, Howard W. Neagle, John W. Nelson , David A. Oln ey , Gerald E. Owens, Gary S. Ozsoy, M. Uran Perkins, Mi chael A. P erkins, Ri chard Pontstingl, Augus t J. Powell , Doyle W. Pra ter, N . L. Ra o, Bab u Y. Ra thbun , D onald G. J. D. " D a ve " Riley Ru eh , K . W. Ry mer, Russell S. Sadowsk i , John M. Sa rtore, E dward L. Sca nla n, James W. Sca rp ero, Donald C. Schilling, Donald G. Schloman , Alan Schoep , Gerald M. Scott, Larry W. Sears, Thomas J. Sievert, Gary F. Simm6n s, John L. Skit ek , Da vid G. Smith, R obert T . Stewa rt , Ben Su, Yu Ming Sulli va n , Edward J. Tate, G. J. Turner, R obert E. Ulrich , K ent L. Va n D over, R. Bruce Vedder, R . C. Vehige J Lemoin e A. Vogelpohl , R ichard P. Vogt, Fred K. Wagne r, Richard V. Webb , William D. Weber, E arl K. Weinel, ]. P. Witt ena uer, Gerald R. Wlos, Paul

Young, Lawrence CLASS OF 1968

Albrecht. Gene W . Andje lich, D avid N . As track , Ri chard F. Arm st ro ng , Roy


Ayars, Robert Bell , G. W . Benn ett , Jane

Bennington, Les Benton, C. R. Berge r, J ohn Bergt, D avid Bla ckwood, J a mes D. Bono, Thomas L. Bonsman , W. T .. Jr. Brand , J ohn R. Brown , J oe R. Brown e, Ri chard Burke, C ha rl es E.

Burris, T erry Chadwick, Jack L. Chapman , K. Ronald Chen, Jun C hill Chi , T sun g, Yoan

MSM Alumnus

Choa te, Larry C lay ton , Michael S. Cochran . Lincoln Collins, 'W a lter K . Combs. Elton D eS pa in , D av id R . D a vis, Roy G. D ill on , Pa ul H . D ebner, D av id E. Doerflin ger , A. E. Dorrell , Edward W ., Jr. Ecof f. Ra lph A. Jr. Egge rs, Steve E ll iott , Rod ger F a intich, D avid M. F euga le, R. ]., Jr. Finley, Di xie Lee Bird Furst , D avid L. Gordon, J a mes R. Grady . R obert Lee H a lte rman, L eroy H ami lton , Ja mes L. H ay nes, Alan D. H eitz man n, J ohn E . H icka m, ~ I ic h ael ]. Hua nge, J a mes C. H ummel, Art hur R. H yde, 1\oel c., Jr. Tyer, Sun da reswaran P. J ac kson, J ohn T. J acobs, J oseph W . J ohnson , Stephen S. K assing, D avid D. K oederi tz, Leonard Ko egel, Fra nk R . Korb, Michael C. Lehma n, A. R ., Jr. Lewis, L ela nd Long, J oseph J. Luebbert , L. H ., Jr. Lueck, Ra lph H . Lyons, Gera ld ]. M a nn , Ga ry L. lI a nson, D onald A. M cCrae, R obert F. Mcll nay, James S. M eeker, Willia m K. Miltenberger, James L. Muell er, Joseph L. Mulleni x, Paul Munns, John A. Obra douits, Fra nk C. Olsen , Ri chard G. Ornes, Mar vin E . Pais, J erom e A. Pi epho, Lori s L . Pitt, J ohn M . Pogue, J erry G. Pokre fk e, Thoma s ]., Jr. Qu ick, E dga r A. R obl , E uge ne Anthony Rosenba um , David E. Rol old , Carl Ru eter, Ri cha rd E . Schaefer, M a rtin P. Scha rd le, J oseph M ., Jr. Scheibel , Larry Schowengerdt, Robert Sidlowski , Ron Snyder, Ga ry Sommer, D onald L. Storck , Rob ert K. Storr, Stuart M . Stra uss, Stephen R. Towne, Rob ert G. Tulloch , Michael V. Unternaehrer, William E. Virtue, Richard P. Wagner, Harold W. , Jr . Ward, Daniel K. Williams, Roger L. WI os, Paul Yost, Kenneth D. Youngman , ]. A.

Za uner , Rona ld F ra nk Ziegler, K a rl F. Zoeliner, Lynn E. CLASS OF 1969

Andreae, Robert A. Andrew , Willia m K . Ascoli , D on M . Berry , John ]. Bes ter feldt , D a ni el E . Bishop, D av id K. Bondu ra nt, Fred N . Boring, Willia m )3ourne, Donald W. Brandhors t, Ly nn D. Brendle, Stephen ]. Brewer, D av id W. Brinker, Cla rk Bruzewski , J a mes R . Buerke, Euge ne Burns, Rand all K. Bush, D onald R, Cable, J ohn W . Caha la n, J ames E . Cas tle , W. C. Cha ng, J a mes C hi , Chen H . Chow, Y ung-Chung Chua ng, Cheng-Yeh Cob b, Al an R. Co ulter, Stephen Cowen, J oseph E. Craig, Charles M. C retin , P a ul F. Danes hy , Abbas Ali Dau derm a n, Norman M. D avidson, William D eem, J ake O. D enham, D onald C. Dietrich , Wa lter D . Eastep, Lawrence W. Ebling, J ohn Ey dma nn , Philip S. F ar rar, Bi ll y F ., Jr. F eatherl y , J ohn R . Fi elding, D onald H . Fi scher, J ames E. Fisher, M elvin ]. Fitzgerald , H a rold Franke, Rich ard E . Freeman , G. David Fridley, Michael C. Fung, Shili Yin Gerig, Mrs. M a rtha M . Gentzler, E dwa rd C. Graha m, War ren Dean Guli ck , Ga ry M . Gullic, R obert C. H a ll , Leon M ., J r. Harmon , J a mes L. Haseltone, D ouglas M. Haseltine, Gregory K. Hawkins, R odn ey B. H ensley, Daniel L. Hohma n , Ge ra ld M. Holland , Theodore W. Hollowell , Will iam M. Hopkins, David L. Huck , J a mes W. Hughes, George W . Hunt , J erry D. Johnso n, J errold L. Kerns, Way ne L. Km ecz, Glenn M. Koeni g, Ga ry R . Koes ter, Ri chard W. Knauf, William R. Krausch . David L . Labit , James R. Lloyd , G. Wesley Lomax , Gary L. Long , John Roger Lowe, W ill iam S.

McMurtrey , Dan M ertens, Mi chael L. Millma n, Roher t ]. Mintner, D av id C. M orrisey, John C. Mueller, Steve C. M un oz, J oseph H . Nieha us, R obert L. Nieus, Steven G. N oggle, Michael O . Olrlham , D ouglas G. O 'Neill , James A. Otto , Conrad G. Pierce , Stephen R ay, Billy G. Reed, Wa lter G. Rh ea , Cha rles ]. Roa m, John H. Rob erts, S. Kent Ry tter, N oel Sa ller, J ohn D . Salomon , H a rry , Jr. Sauer , Thomas V. Schmidt , Lonnie D. Schnurbusch, Lar ry ]. Shaefer, Raymo nd Shepherd , Loren G. Shih , W en-Shihong Shini , Asa ad S. Smith , Ala n Wayne Spa lding, Ted ]. Stahl , Joseph W. Steck el, F. Merle Steed , F. Clifton , Jr. Steele, R obert 1. Steffan , Cheryl Ann Ste vens , Robert W. Study vin , William Sturgeon, ~'li cha el C. Tha lhammer , E. Don Thomas, W a rren H . Vance, J oe N. Vaughan , Gerald W. Voss, J erome J. Voss , Thomas R. Wa llace, Charles E. Wansing, Al vin D. Webs ter, David W. Wiesen meyer, John C. Williams, Douglas R. Wilson , Pat Wissel , Fred O. Zenge, Tom Zimmer , John Jay CLASS OF 1970

Addington , Larry Adkins, William S. Adler, Robert B. Aimerito, Mi chael R. Al exander, Harold R. Al exander , William D . Allison , M elvin Andreae , Vicki M . Archer, J. Fred Ashar , N. T. Baker, W. A. Balaban , Theodore S. Barker, Ronald Bauder , Clarence H. Bausell , Richard A. Beach , Donald Beardsley, David D. Beirne, John M . Birk , Douglas G. Bi schoff , Robert F . Bockman, Gary J. Bohanon, Joseph T . Bosse, James P . Branham, John E. Bray, Kenneth W. Breeden , Daryl Brown , Robert G.

Brslik , William A. Bryant , D avid Bryant, Richard O. Bryso n, Dale Butier, Carol J. S. Butl er, James R. By bee, Euge ne Calton , Ly nn B. Cannon , William C. Carl , D. E. Carron, Mark K . Case, James D ., Jr. Chapman, Rich a rd G. Cheek , Michael R. Chen, Chiu-La Chen , Yeou-San Chenowith, Harold E . Cherng, Shyh-Horng Chiang, J a mes H siao-Hsin Chiu , Philip L . Clark , Robert E. Conger, Glenn J. Corbett, Timothy P . Couture, Daniel Dalton, Robert H. Davidson, Patrick Degen, G. D ., Jr . D ejohn , A. F. Denny , K. L. Di lthey , M. Lee Doering , Frank . Dolata , Edward W. Dorroh , Robert F. III Downey, James C. Durham, Terry E. Eaton , Thomas E . Enke, Daryl D . Erlbacher, Robert W. II Estabrooks, Burt Ethridge, Max M. Evans, James J. Favigna no, Manuel , Jr.

Feager, Joe A. Finkels tein , Michael

Fin negan, Jerrey D . Ford , James A. Fos ter, Charles W. Fox, James L. Fox , Ray mond L. Friese , Mike Furry , James L. Garrett , Jack Gibbins, Donald E. Gill , Michael L. Givan , Guy V. Gl ynn, Michael G. Hamner, P. Gary Hankins, David R . Hardwick , J. Robert Harris, Michael D. Hartwig, Leonard E . Heien , Richard H eine, Bernard ]. Henson , Phillip L. H erbison , Robert G. Herman , Stephen J. Hoeckelman, L. A. Holland , Way ne E. Holliday, James A. Houser, Henry F. H sieh , Show Y. Hua ng, Ju Cbrong Huskey , Miles R. Huskisson, Wesley M. Hutcherson , D a no C. llavia , P. E . Jan , D er-Wa ng J ensen, R . Gene Jones, David B. JussYP, Juri Kalbac, Raymond L. Kalia , H. N . Keeling, Billy F. Keller, Gary W.



Kelly, David P. Kemp, Linda L. Glick Kemp, Wayne R. Killgore, Ross Kline, Gary L. Kone, F. W . Kossman, Harold Koziol, Lawrence R. Kramer, John L. Kruep, Dennis M. Krun'lick, Carey Kuenz, James M. Kuss, Joe K. LaBoube, Roger A. Landreth, E. W. Landreth, R. K. Tucker Latty, Charles c., Jr. Lee, Chin-Ming Lehman, Thomas W. Leigh, Terrance A. Lewellen, Frank Liao, Cheng Sun Lin, C. T. Litteken, Kenneth W. Loesch, Gerald W. Lueddecke, D. E. Mahanna, S. Albert Mahlandt, Joseph N . Mangan, Larry Marchiando, Anthony Mastalio, Kim I. Masters, Robert S. Matoesian, David H. McCormick, Carl H. McFarland, Gene Mechlin , Michael E. Midden, Leo W. Mikkelsen, Clark D. Miller, Roger A. Mirly, Kenneth A. Moehle, Carm R. Monsees, Robert L. Morgan, Mark D. Morris, Albert G. Moss, Kenneth E. Mouser, Gerald F . Muir, Steven J. Murray, Charles J. Neri , Lewis Newcomb, Gary L. Niesen, Richard E. Noedel, Gary Onstott, Larry Oppenheim, Morry Owens, Edmund W. Parikb, Lipendra J . Patel, Rajni B. Pierce, James R. Polcyn , Andrew J. Prazink, Greg Pursley, Terry C. Quayle, Wayne Leo Rauls, Gary Ray, James A. Ray, Steven L. Rechner, James J. Reed, Michael L . Reed, Rohert L. Reineke, Harry F . Reynolds, Joseph C. Ricono, Marion P. Rodebush, Rex Roubidoux, Earl J. Roman, Ronald J. Rosenkoetter, Arthur Ross, Leona rd H. Rupp, Matthew W. Scbaeffer, Michael J. Schellman, Leon H. Schiffner, Larry L. Schilling, Kennetb L. Schmelzel, Randolph W. Schmidt, Michael G. Schmidt, Thomas E.


Scbmierbach, M. Paul Scbnake, Alvin Schroeder, Richard A. Schroll, Dennis W. Schwager, John L. Schweizer, Arthur A. Scott, Dan Scott, Maurice III Selden, Thomas A. Shanley, Patrick M . Shen, William C. Shepherd, Charles Shinn, William K. Siegel, Robert J. Sizemore, LaMar T. Snow, Marlin R. Springer, Mrs. Anne M. Stephenson, Michael W. Stoll , Thomas M. Strong, William P. St uckemeyer, Randy L. Summers, J . B. Swinny, David W. Swyers, Don R. Tang, Yeo-Ping Taylor, Ceci l R. Tenes, Edward B. Thomas, James P. Thompson , Earl A. Tiemann, Dale A. Tijan, Frederick A. Tolle, William L. Toth , Louis, Jr. Tung, Chung-Yuan P. Turner, Thomas W. Tyler, J. Joseph Umphenour, Charles Vachalek, Robert Vincente, Timothy M. Wallgren, Edward c., Jr. Wang, Fu Yuan Ward, Terrence R. Warner, Jobn R. Weatherly, Stephen M. Webb, Quentin R. Webb, Robert J. Wellingboff, Eugene F. Wiegele, George L. Williams, Daniel Williams, Richard K. Windish, Michael W. Winkler, Tbomas E. Wolf, Donald R. Wolff, Thomas F. Wortman, Darrel E. Younker, Forrest A. Zaborac, Alan Zelmes, J. L. Ziegler, James B., Jr. Zylicb, Ronald G. CLASS OF 1971 Abernathy, Eugene Alexander, Mary C. Allen, John E. Baldwin, Danny C. Barker, T . James, Jr. Barnes, W. M . Bartlett, Gary R. Bartley, William H., Jr. Becker, Kenneth J. Belgeri , James J. Bell, James A. Bennett, Billy E. Berek, Henry E. Berghaus, Stephen W. Blakenship, Larry W. Blakenship, William J. Bogue, Janet L. Bowen, Wi lliam W. Braaf, John H. Brunkhorst, Robert W. Bryan, David O.

Buch, Yogendra P. Budd, Vincent J. Burt, William Butchko, Robert G. Butler, James A. Ca mpbell , Larry W. Cannon , Jobn Carlson, Donald D. Chiang, Joseph S. Chouarain , Michael L. Choura, Ronald G. Clark , Bruce B. Conner, Dannl Ray Conrad, Charles P. Creason, Gary Deaver, Randy Cooper, Cbarles J. DeLargy, James J. DeVries, Wayne J. DeWald, Leonard Diepenhrock, James L., Jr. DiPaola, Joseph F. Dippold, Jack Donze, Terry W. Dostal, Gregory G. Dougherty, George J. Downing, Kenneth Dufner, Carl D. Dulatt, Patrick M. Durand, Gayle Eimer, Richard W., Jr. Eklermanis, J. A. Erickson, Gordon Etwert, Charles M . Farrell, John S. Feldman , Cbarles Flotron , Gary Forrest, Ryan Frankforther, D. E. Friedman, Kerry S. Fuhrmann, James C. Gallaher, Harold D. Gallup, Archibald M. Garrett, Dee Ann Gayer, John Getz, William C. Gibbons, Cheryl A. Gladish , Lee A. Grabski, Stanley E. Graham, John T. Graham, Richard H. Graves, Michael C. Gucciardo, Terry A. Gunter, James Dale Gutzler, Brett Haberl, Eugene Haiducek, Robert C. Hanger, Steven Hardwick, Cheryl Hart, Gerard J. Hayden, T bomas M. Heady, J. Wendell Heath, Kenneth A. Herbey, Dennis J. Hermesmeyer, Mike Hill , Randall S. Hill, Richard F. Ho, Kuang Cbing Hoehn, Charles A. Hoel , Robert F., Jr. Huber, Richard A. Israel, John I. Jacks, Robert W. , Jr. Janowski, G. A. Jensen, Glenn A. Jones, David R. Jones, James H. Karras, Peter C. Keller, Don Kelling, Mike Kelly, Kenton D. Kercher, Robert Kerscher, Thomas E. Khalil, Hakim K.

Klotz, James A. Kraus , Norman V. Krause, Antbony Kroeter, Donald L. Kumar, Anil Lajeunesse, Charles Lakie, Leslie A. Lammi, Alan Leonard , Rene Little, Murvel M ., Jr. Llewellyn, Daniel J. Lutz, Dale R. Maher, Gerald F. Martin, Kenneth E., Jr. McCormick, Larry L. McCu llum , Richard W. McMurphy, Danny J. McQUitty, William Meng, James C. Merwin , James R. Meyer, William D. Moline, Daniel D. Montgomery, Dale Montgomery, Timothy E. Moore, Ronald T. Morrison , R. R., Jr. Nolan, Lawrence E. Osseck , Patrick Overal , Harry Pagan, Ronald Parkes, Roger D. Pearce, Paul E., Jr. Peterson, Ronald A. Pfeifer, James W. Pincince, G. S. Pittman, Larry P. Polich, Victor J. Raithel, James F . Rasch, David R. Redington, Stephen L. Robinson, Gordon D. Roe, Linas A. Roush, Ronald L. Sandell a, Michael S. Schaefer, Daniel T. Schaefer, David D . Scherrer, Paul K. Schnyder, Herbert J., Jr. Seabaugb, Allen W. Sherwood, Robert Simon , David M. Slebnda, David S

Smith, Gregory D. Spence, Hugh F. Stanfiel<t, Dennis Steinkoetter, E . W. Stotler, Denis L. Struckhoff, Bob, Jr. Talbert, Keith Taleb, T. M. Tansu, John Tayloe, Charles H. Tbeilmann, John M. Treadwell , J obn Tricamo , Victor Trnka, Walter C. Vandergri ff, Leland E. Varrone, Nicholas J. VonKaenel, Fred Wade, Philip J. Wafer, William J. Wa"oner, Terry L. Walls, Robert D. Weible, Jerry L. White, Charles A. III Whitford, Jerald L. Widner, Gary W. Wiechens, Steve Williams, Raymond R. Winscher, Barry Wolff, Alan M. Woodington, David K. Wrinkle, Larry D. Wulff, Stephen C. Wussler, Alfred J. Yen, Jackson K. Zambon , Elaine Zlatic, Milton T. Zogg, William D. CLASS OF 1972 Bender, Victor W. Brown, Phillip L. Dunkmann, Steve Francis, James Freiert, Richard A. Goldstein, Lewis Hao, Wuu LaPlante, Richard T. Mueller, Kent W. Mueller, Roy E. Pratt, George Rothermich, Thomas

It is d

curren has re

below UMR,

The fo

(1) .... (2) (3)



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I atten


-For ir listed bl

Nuss, I Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Creager in memory of

Lawrence J. Zoller '18 Mrs. R. F. Davidson Heideman, Elaine in memory of

E. Rowland Tragitt Hinchey, Norman S.

Mrs. Estelle Nuell Mackaman, Frank Reisbig, Ronald Sawyer, Robert N. Sullivan, William

dustry SOuri 6. of the p ciplioe . graduatj'

in memory of

Harry Pence '23

in tribute to

Harry Pence '23

August 1973

Regar During eillployn be filled



Who Were Your Favorites? It is d ifficu lt to judge the q ua lity of teaching, to name those who are the most effective teachers, to be certain that cu rrent jud gment will stand the test of time . A committee of the faculty, formed to evaluate outstanding teachers, has recognized the vital impo rtance of alumni opinion and asks your help in this project . Please complete the form belo w. We hope you will enjoy this exercise and know that you are helping to strengthen the teaching function at UMR.

The foll o wing individuals are remembered as outstanding teachers during my years at MSM-UMR: (1) .............................................................. ... ................... .... ............ .... . . Department (2) ........................................ ....................................... ...... ... .. ......... ...... . Department (3) ............................................... ... .. ........... ............. ................ .... ......... . Department

Please rate on a scale of 1-5 any of the following factors which you believe importâ‚Źlnt in a good teacher (l, most important; 5, least important):


Subject knowledge

0 0 0 0 0

Course organization

Practical experience

Ability to motivate

0 0 0 0

Communication skills


Ability to design tests

Personality or style



Concern for students

Academic experiences Attitude toward profession Fairness in student evaluation

I attended MSM-UMR from .............. ...... until ........ ............ in the .. ............ ............... ............... .... ........ ....... ~.. department. PLEASE MAIL COMPLETED FORM TO: TEACHING EVALUATION PROJECT ALUMNI OFFICE, HARRIS HALL UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - ROLLA ROLLA, MO. 65401

Job Opportunities



For information concerning positions listed below, please contact Mr. Larry Nuss, Director of Placement and Industry Relations, UMR, Rolla, Missouri 65401, giving the File Number of the position, state your degree, discipline a nd month and year of your graduation . Regarding the listings that follow. During times of high activity in the employment market, some posi tions will be filled before they are published. The MSM Alumnus

Placement Office will make a search for similar positions that may be open if you enclose your resume with your inquiry. ENGINEERS - Minimum 3 years recent experience in satellite telecommynication system design. Excellent salary and career opportunity. Washington, D. C. area. Refer File No. 134. E. E. - In public service company 's Systems-Planning Department. 2 years utility experience. Refer File No. 135 .

systems and thermodynamica and structures. Most of contracts with NASA . Refer File No . 136. ENGINEERS - Many disciplines . With and without experience. Large shipbuilding company. East coast. Refer File No. 138 . ENGINEERS - Mechanical, Process Instrumentation, Electrical, Structural, Geotechnical, Architects, Civil, Hydrologist, St. Louis based consulting engineers. Refer File No. 139.

ENGINEER-Industrial. Interested M . S./Ph. D. - M. E . - A. E. - C. E .. - Small research center specilaizing in in recruiting minority and female apaero-mechanics, fluid mechanica, laser plicants. Refer File No. 140.


CHEMIST Waste water treatment facility. Control to meet state and federal regulations. Refer File No. 14I. AIRCRAFT COMPANY - Needs Analyst/Programmer; E ngineers; Industrial; Design, Human Factors: Design, Propulsion and Power Plant ; Text ; Electrical and Aerodynamicist. Refer File No. 142. I D. E. - In company's Inherently Safe Mining Systems Program. Must live in a coal mining community. Refer File No. 143. MINING ENG. - Pit a nd stri p mining. Need two. One 6 to 8 years experience. One 1 to 2 years experience. South central U. S. Refer F ile No. 144. ENGINEERS Large machinery mfg. F ield Service - Mining Machinery. Sales Application Grinding M ills. Chief Engineer - Agg. Equipment Div. also Project Design. R&D Special Machinery. Supervisor of Methods Engineering. Refer File No. 147. M. E. - Machine design , hydraulics and strength of materials for Dev. Gp. at company 's research center. Refer File No. 148. Ch. E. or Petroleum E. 2 to 5 years of reservoir engineering experience. In Southwest U. S. Refer File No. lSI. ENGINEER - Process-sanitary design water resources division, product development department. Refer File No. 153.



Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct.

15 22 29 6 13

Oct. Oct.

20 27

Nov. 3 Nov. 10 Nov . 17 Nov. 22


Wayne State College at Wayne, Neb ......... .............. 1 :30 Henderson State College at Ro ll a ........ ............. .. ......... 2:00 Missouri Southern College at Rolla ... ... ... ...... ............. 2 :00 University of Wiscons in at Milw au kee ....... .. ............. 7:30 * Northwest Missouri State - Ma ryv ille a t Rolla ... ......... 2 :00 (Parents Day) * Southwest Missouri State at Springf iel d .................... 7:30 * Central Missouri State路 Wa rrensburg at Rolla ............ 2 :00 (Homecoming ) Washington University at St. Louis ........ .................... 1 :30 * Southeast Missouri State at Cape Gi rardeau ............ 1 :30 * Northeast Missouri State路 Kirksville at Rolla ............ 1 :30 .* Lincoln University at Jefferson City .... ...... ....... ........... 11 :00

p. p. p. p. p.

m. m. m. m. m.

p. m. p. m. p. p. p. a.

m. m. m. m.


Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec . Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan . Jan. Feb . Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar.


Memphis State University ....... ..... ........... .... ......... Memphis, Tenn. University of Wisconsin - Parkside ................ .. .. ......... .. ......... Rolla 4 Peru State (Nebraska) ..... ............ ...... ................................. .. Rolla Kansas State College of Pittsburg ............................ Pittsburg, Ks. 5 Southern Illinois Univers ity ................................ Carbondale, III. 8 28, 29 Sentry Classic Tournament .......... .... ...... .. .. Stevens Point, Wisc . MIAA CONFERENCE TOURNAME NT .............. .......... .. Springf ield 3, 4 Westminster College ............................... ..... ................... .. .. .. . Rolla 9 12 * Northwest Missouri State University ......... .. .... ..... .......... Maryville 14 * Northeast Missouri State University ...... ....................... . Kirksville 19 * Central Missouri State University ........................................ Rolla 21 * Southwest Missouri State University ..... .. .... ........................ . Rolla * Southeast Missouri State University ............ ...... Cape Girardeau 26 * Southeast Missouri State University ....... .......... ........ ...... ..... .. Rolla 2 * Lincoln University .................................................. Jefferson City 6 9 .. ~ortheast Missouri State Uni versity ............ .......................... Rolla * Northwest Missouri State University .... .... ...... .............. ........ Rolla 11 14 Westminster College ..... ....................... .... ..................... ....... Fulton * Lincoln University ............ .......... ............................................ Rolla 16 * Central Missour i State Uni .... ersity ............... ............. Warrensburg 23 * Southwest Missouri State University ........... ....... ... ..... Springfield 25 Eastern Illinois Universi ty ...................................... Charleston, III. 2 * MIAA CONFERENCE GAMES 1

ENGINEERS - Project and Process with two or more years of petroleum and petro-chemical experience. Midwest location. Refer File No. 152. ENGINEER Sales. Electric motors to original equipment mfgs. and distributors from Indiana to Alabama. Work out of Indianapolis. Overnight travel 8 to 10 nights per month. Refer File No. 154. ENGINEERS - Two needed. One Specification Writer. Other HVAC Engineer. Consulting Engineer firm southeast. Refer File No. 155. MINI G - B. S. Geology or Mining. Prefer 1 to 2 years experience in exploration or production. F ield Engineer. Wi lling to travel. Refer File N(). 156. 22


ence U place. : locatiO

I.E. ~neen

~f stan 1/2.

)U to the partme culate ing, Stl als of I i3.

RES E. E., I Lab a~ rolving Refer I


electro路 ponent:

CH. ence. I beneh : pare n, File Xc CH.

1路2 ye,

gram a and Me

Xo. 17


above a neer to neer. So 1 ~line )

E GI EERS - Experienced design and product engineers. Or. M. E.'s with 3 to 5 years experience in construction equipment or large mobile equipment design . Refer F il e N o. 15 8 . Supervi so ry - SR. ENGINEER capabili ty and poten tial. Engineering experience (appli ed type) with strong math or statistical background . Refer File No. 163 . MAl AGEME T - I. E . grad . with 1-2 years experience. Routine time. study, production efficiency and cost operations. Refer File TO. 164. ENGI EER -

Sanitary for project

engineer, design, repo rts, studi es from concep tion to fi nal design. Midwest location. St. Louis area . Refer File No. 165. EXECUTIVES - Two. Vice President of Productio n and Gen. Mgr. of Plastics Operations. Three plants produce particles of alu minum and copper tha t are called " nuggets." Refer File No. 166. Product Design/ E GINEER Cost Estimator. With background in product design ceramics, metal casting or similar field plus experience in cost estimating and/ or value a nalysis. Refer File No . 167. August 1973

Chemic< refining


limeston a gener File \0


JI. E.. I supervis


provide routes I eluding pilot pr veloPJn{ Enginee


30 P. 111 )0 P.I11: )0 P.I11. 30 P. I11.

)0 P.I11.

30 P. I11. 00 P.I11.

30 P. I11. 30 P. I11. 30 p.l11. 00 0.111 .

is, Tenn. .... Rollo " Rolla )urg, Ks. do le, II I. 1t, Wise. ringfi eld __ __ Rolla Aoryville <irksville __ Rolla __ . Rollo irardeau ____ Rolla 'son City __ __ . Rolla ____ Rolla __ . Fulton . Rolla rensburg .ringfield eston, III.

dies from ~lidwest

~efer File

{ice Pres¡ . Mgr. of lants pro¡ nd copper Zefer File Design! ]round in ~I casting ce in cost sis. Refer us t 1973

M. E.-Maintenance supervisor 3 to 5 years experience. Refer File No. 168. MINING - With 3 years of experience und erground. Also Met. E. to replace retiring mill staff. New Mexico location. Refer File No. 170.

1. E. - Full range of industrial engineerin g activities . Prefer knowled ge of sta ndard cost sys tems. R efer F ile No. 172. 1\1. E . Designer will be assigned to the Kew Prod uct D evelopment Department at O hio loca ti on . Able to calcu la te bending moment s, column loading, s tress, shear and o ther fundamentals of machin e design. R efer File N o. 173 . RESEA R CH Technicians . B. S . E. E. , Physica of Phy. Chem . In R&D L ab ass istin g scient ists in projects involving solid state ma terials or lase rs. R efer File No. 175 . l\lECHANICAL-Product desi gn of elec tro-mechanical devices a nd components. Refer File No. 176. CH. E. - Research. 2 years experience. Plan a nd direct Pilot P lant a nd bench scale experimental runs to prepare new polyolefin poly mers. Refer File No. 1 77. CH . E . - Soybean P rocessing P lant. 1- 2 years expe ri ence for training p rogram a s Superv isor over Maintena nce a nd Ma nagement ac tivities . Refer File No . 178 . ENGINEE R S - Project expe ri ence above and below mini ng . Plant E ngineer to develop or a ssis t project engineer , sa me ex perien ce . Pro d uction (l\1in e) En gin ee rin g. Supervisor, B. S. Chemi cal so me experi ence in petroleum refining . R e fer Fi le Ko. 17 9. EKGIKEER - C. E . or M ining fo r limes ton e plant for li mestone pla nt for a genera l engin eeri ng positi on. R e fer F il e No. 180 . EKGR. :\I GT . - Wi th pre ference in 11. E. , E. E. or M et. E . fo r prod uct ion supervision. R e fer File ~ n. 18 1. EKG I l\EER I l\G Speciali st to provid e engin eer in g and manufacturin g routes for new vent ure prod uction in cludi ng plann in g and im plementation o f pilot p roduc tion prog ram . Ma rket Development Specialist. Specia l P roj ects E nginee r. Refe r File No. 18 2. MSM Alumnus

ENGINEERS Several openings with the State of Indiana. Hydraulic, Small Watershed Speciali st and Engineerin g Assistant. Refer Fi le No . 183. ENGINEER - R eservoir. 3 years experience. B. S. M. E., Ch . E. or Petro. E. plus working knowledge and aptitude for hyd ra ulics; fluid flow mechanics, pumping equ ip ment and misc . rotating machinery. Refer F ile No. 184.

Marriages Weinel - Sigurdardottir

]. P. Weinel '67 a nd Miss Solveig Sigurdardottir , fo rm erly a resident of Iceland (Irela nd would have been more appropriate, but tha t 's the way the iceberg crumbl es ! ) were married Ma rch 17, 1973. Jim is a p la nning engi neer for 'W es tern Electric Company, Inc ., and has been reassigned from NATO Base, Keflavi k , Iceland to U. S. Naval Base, Norfolk , Va. , as resident engineer, representing Western E lectric . Strattman - Carr

Douglas H . Strattman ' 72 and M iss Brenda Carr , of Knoxville, Tennessee, we re married April 14 1973 a t the Hol y Ghost Ca tholic Church i'n Knox~ille . The groom is a design engineer In the N ucl ear Power Division of the Tennessee Vall ey Autho rity, Knoxville and the bride is a personal secretary at the Fidelity Bank and Trust Co. , Knoxville. Following a hon eymoon in the Great Smokey Mo unta ins the co uple is residing in Knoxville. Link - Mensing

J ohn Ken neth Link '68 and Mi ss Margaret Mensing were married Jun e 9 , 197 3 at St. Piu s V Cathol ic Church , Can non Falls, Mi nnesota. T he b ride has a B. A. degree from Stephens College, Columbia, Mo ., and is empl oyed as associate director o f ad mi ssions in Pennsylvan ia , Maryland , New J ersey and Delaware for Stephens Coll ege. The groom is employed with NOPCO Division of Diamond Shamrock Chem ical Co., Mo rristown , . ]. , as assistan t purchasing agent.

June 16, 1973, a t the U nited Methodist Church in Rolla. The groom is a research engineer for Gulf Research and Development, P ittsbur g h , Pa. The bride holds a Mas ter's degree in applied mathema tics from UM R and d id part time teaching while working on her Ph. D. degree . The newly-weds a re a t home, 21-D M urray Court, P ittsburgh , Pa. Smith - Meintrup

Peter C. Smith ' 71 and M iss E lizabeth Meintrup, were married June 2, 1973 , at the Star of the Sea Catholic Church , York Beach, Maine. The bride is a gra duate of the U. of Mo. - Columbia , School of N ursing a nd has a Mas te r 's degree from Yale U ni ve rsity. The groom received hi s B. S. degree in ceramics from Alfred U. a nd his M . S. from UMR. The couple are at home in Schenectady, N. Y. , where Peter is with Genera l E lectric in R&D Metal and Ceramics Laboratory.

Ki rchoff - Bergsieker

Mr. Terry P. Kirchoff '73 and M iss Carol Bergsieker, were married in Higginsville, Mo. , Jun e 2, 1973 , at the Salem U ni ted Church of Christ. The b ri de is a 1973 graduate of Central M issouri State U ni ve rsity , Warrensburg, and the gro om is employed by Quinn Construction Co. Their new address is 306 W. 20th St., Higginsville. Young - Marbut

Charl es M ichael Young ' 73 and Miss Concha Nad ine Marbu t, of Verona, Missouri , were ma rried Jun e 16, 1973. T he groom is a field service engineer with General Electric Co. Finn - Garton

Gerald W . F inn ' 72 a nd M iss Ann Lee Garton , of Republic, Mo. , were ma rri ed M ay 26 , 19 73 at the First Bapt ist C hurch, Monett, Mo. The groom is associated with Wi lson and Company Engineers and Architects, Salina , Kansa s.

Ibarra - Gibbons

Herrmann - Pfieffer

Dr. Santiago Ibarra, Jr. ' 72 and Miss Cheryl Ardis Gibbons '7 1, were married

J ames R. Herrmann ' 72 and Miss Janice Pfieffer , of St. Louis , Mo. , were


married July 7, 1973, at the St. Luke th~ Evangelist Catholic Church, St. Louis. The groom is employed with the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S. a nd the newly-weds will reside at 214 W . Atchison St., Jefferson City, Mo. Park - Gardner

Dean Alan Park ' 72 and Miss Vicki Louise Ga rdner , of Florissant, Mo. , were married April 28, 1973. The bride is a graduate of St. Luke's School of N ursing, and is a registered nurse at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Belleville, Ill. The groom is an electri cal engineer with the Illinois Power Company, Belleville. Their address is 530 N. 40th St., Apt. 6, Belleville. Higdon - Smith

William D . Higdon ' 71 and Miss Annette Fay Smith were married June 23 , 1973, at the First United Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City, Mo . The bride is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University and has been teaching at Owensville Junior High School. The groom is a project with School. The groom is a project engineer with Delco Electronics, Kokomo, Ind.

Births Mr. and Mrs. James L. Harmon '69 , are proud parents of their first child, James, Jr., born April 27, 1973. James Sr. is with the Caterpillar Tractor Co., hydraulic plant in Joliet, Ill., as a design engineer in hydraulic controls and implements for Caterpillar machines. The Harmon's new address is 816 Baskin Drive, Joliet, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kercher '71 , welcomed Robert Joseph Jr., on May 31, 1973 . The father is employed by the Chemico Metals Co. , of Granite City , Ill., as an electrical engineer. The Kerchers live in the Town & Country Estates, R. R. 1, Godfrey, Ill. Mr. and Mrs . Richard L. Burkhalter '67, have a son, Jeffrey Allen, born February 21, 1973. They live in Jacksonville, Ill., 9B Gardendale Drive, where Richard is staff engineer for Anderson Clayton Foods. M r. and Mrs. Michael Finkelstein ' 70, 2207 Wade Hampton , B-201,


Greenville, S. c., announce the arrival of Adam Scott, on February 19, 1973 . The father is with General Electric Co. , as supervisor - storerooms . Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Shepherd '70, announce the birth of Kellee Sue, June 10, 1973 . Her brother, Kevin Michael is 2 years old. Chuck is a field engineer with the Shell Oil Company and th e Shepherds reside at 6948 137th Court, Apple Valley , Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Munn '66, announce the birth of their secon d son , D aniel Dale, who arrived July 21, 1973, a t F t. Huachuca, Ariz. His brother Michael Craig is 3 years old . His father will be released from the U. S. Army in September and the famil y will move to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where Dale has accepted employment with Applied Automation , Inc.

Deaths Dr. Kulwant Sigh Sabharwal '70

Dr. Kulwant Sigh Sabharwal ' 70 drowned July 4, 1973, while swimming in the Big Piney River. He came to UMR as a Rotary Fellow in 1970 and received his Ph. D. degree in Metallurgical Engineeripg. Surviving is his widow.

Pao Jen Chao '55

Pao Jen Chao '55, died in -J anuary 1973. He was with General Electric Company in Evandale, Ohio. Surviving are his widow and four children. H er address is 8578 Brookridge Drive, Evendale. Lawrence J. Zoller '18

Lawrence J. Zoller ' 18, died July 12 ,. 1973 in a T ulsa, Okllilioma, hospital after a long illness. He founded Commercial Minerals after retiring in 1960 as a vice president and director of the Central Commerical Oil Co., a division of P ure Oil Co. He came to Tulsa, from Sapulpa, Oklahoma, in 1913 . H e was born in P ine Blu ff , Arkansas . and moved to Guthrie, Oklahoma, during boyhood . H e is an Army veteran of World War I, serving in France. Mr. Zollar was past president of the Petroleum Club of Tulsa and was a member of the Christ the King Parish, the Tulsa Geological Society, American Society of Petroleum Geologists and the CarsonWilson American Legion Post No. 1. Surviving are his widow, Hise; two sons, Jacques '42 , of Denver and Victor '43, Midland, Texas, both Rolla graduates ; a daughter, Mrs. Clair O'Tain, of Greenwood, Ind.; three brothers, John '27 , of Tulsa ; Henry E. '23, of San Antonio, Texas ; M. E., of Kilgore, Texas, and 10 grandchildren. Mr. Zoller 's address in Tulsa was 2806 E. 26th St.

Karpurapu V. Apparao '60

Karpurapu V. Apparao '60, The Alumni Office has been informed. of his death May 15, 1973. Mrs. May Elizabeth Powell Eyberg '32

Mrs. May Elizabeth Powell Eyberg '32, age 65 , died August 2, 1973 following a lengthy illness. She was the widow of Carl J. Eyberg who preceeded her in death . At the time of her death she was president of the W. H. Powell Lumber Company, St. James, Mo. An accomplished musician, she has taught piano in St. James and Rolla and was organist at the Christ Church Episcopal in Rolla for many years. After graduation from MSM, she taught school in the St. James Public Schools in the early '30's. Survivors include one son Walbridge Powell Eyberg '50 ; seven grandchildren; one great grandchild and a sister.

William Robert Brannock '39

William Robert Brannock '39, died March 29 , 1973. He was retired and living at Salt Lake City, Utah, at the time of his death . Surviving are his widow, Sue, 984 Denmark, Wichita, Kansas; three daughters, Mary Lee Lunde, Dunkirk, N. Y.; Sue Hunt and Sylvia Brannock, both of Anchorage, Alaska. His mother also survives.

Walter A. Shulaw '50

Walter A. Shulaw '50, died unexpectedly from a heart ¡ attack at his home in Robinson, Illinois, January 17, 1973. He was a mathematics teacher in the Palestine High School. Surviving are his widow, Betty Jean, a daughter, Cinthy Harrison and a son, Danny, at home. August 1973


Willi, 66 die' 29: 19 Pauline ling, G and a b


Chari June 21 souri. I past fe' in To~ moved Laredo year an Irorld Rolla, I in the I from tb Bonne' that til own sur Survivil daughtf brother

AI Paul Avenue us a bi getting matter, matter.

1. O.

of AIUir

been a1Y Medal, Purchas cited j "whose persiste of purcl and oui ifie/hi Our po, at Mar:

1933 _ Don


Bureau he has


William Raymond Powell '30

'January Electric

SUrviv. children. ge Drive, 8

: july 12,. , hospital

jed Com. ~ in 1960

or of the a division to Tulsa 1913. H~ lQsas and a, during 'eteran of iUee. Mr. he Petrol路 a member the Tulsa Society of e Carson路

st No. L

William Raymond Powell '3 0, age 66 , died in Columbia, Missouri, July 29 , 1973. Surviving are his widow, Pauline, a daughter, Miss Diane Delling, Green River, Wyo., two sisters, and a brother, Jeptha '30, of Columbia. Charles Dewey Craig '26

Charles Dewey Craig '26, age 74, died June 29, 1973 , in Bonne Terre, Missouri. He had been in failing health the past few months. Mr. Craig was born in Topeka, Kansas, and his family moved to Texas and he graduated from Laredo High SchooL He taught one year and enlisted in the U. S. Navy in World War I. After graduating from Rolla, he worked as a mining engineer in the U. S. and Mexico until he retired from the St. Joseph Lead Company at Bonne Terre about ten years ago. Since that time, he has been operating his own surveying company in Bonne Terre. Surviving are his widow, Blanche, three daughters, eight grandchildren , a brother and four sisters.

lise; two

Uld Victor alia grad路

ir O'Tain, brothers, E. '23, of )f Kilgore, reno MT. s 2806 E.

k '39

'39, died !tired and ill, at the. g are blS Wicbita, o1ary Lee Hunt and wcborage, ives.


I unexpect路 his home r 17, 1913. her in the viving are daughter, DanDY, at

Alumni Personals

37 yea rs. The . Division 's personnel honored him at a FWLln luncheon May 30th. In 1936 , he . went to Jefferson City to establish the chemistry section of the state laboratory . D uring his time with the laboratory, he has been the chemistry department's service to the public multiply manyfold. The four chemists presently employed analyze virtually any material relevant to public health. The Lon gs are parents of two grown children. The daughter, Janice , is the wife of Eugene Bushman, an attorney in Jefferson City and the son, Dr. Don J r., left the faculty of the University of Minnesota's School of Medicine to go to Johns Hopkins University School of M edicine as head of the Neurosurgery Department. Don is a member of the First Baptist Church, Jefferson City, and the Masonic Lodge. Their address is 1708 Thompson Street, Jefferson City, Mo.

N ate Jaffe was an alumni office visitor in Ju ly. His last visit on the campus was in 1949. He is living in North Hollywood , California, 12814 Collins, and is Vice President and Manager of the Corrosion Division , Williams Waterproofing Co., Los Angeles. Nate and his wife, Bena, have a son, Gilbert.

James W. Jensen, supervisory rePau l E. Coaske, 221 1 Massachusetts search physicist at the U . S. Bureau of Avenue, Lemon Grove, California, sends Mines Metallurgy Research Ce n ter, us a bit of philosophy , " The process of Rolla, Mo. , has received the Departgetting old is a question of mind over ment of the Interior Meritorous Service matter, if you don't mind it doesn't Award. Jensen was cited for his superior matter. " accomplishments in the field of mineral technology incl uding physics of mate1 929 rials , physical metallurgy, vapor presT. O. English, retired vice rresident sure and utilization of radioisotopes in of Aluminum Company of Amer ica, has metallurgy. Particularly noteworthy been awarded the 19 73 ]. Shipman Gold was his recent direction of the project Medal of the Kational Association of entitled , "Abatement of Noise From Purchasing Management. The NAPM Pneumatic Rock Drills" that resulted cited Mr'. En ali ~ h as an individual in the successful construction of a pro"whose modest~ unselfish sincere and totype "quiet" rock drill containing a persistent efforts for the ' advancement _combination of in.novative features to of purchasing , and whose able assistance reduce ex.haust nOI se, ~mpact and resoand guida nce to people, eminently qual - nance nOI se. J ensen. IS the aut?or.?f ified him for thi s hiah est award within more than 25 techl1lcal and sCientifIc our power to confe;" Tom now lives publi cations . at Marshall, Texas. 1 9 4 2

Don Long retired May 31 from the Missouri State Division of Health 's Bureau of Laboratory Services where he has been chief chemist for the past

MSM Alumnus

IS 301-247~0900 .

1 944

James D . Dowd has been named assistant director for alloys and engineering properties , Aluminum Company of America Laboratories . He will direct all research and development activities for physical metallurgy and engineering properties and testing. He j 0 i ned

James D. Dowd

1 9 4

191 2


phone number

Otis H. Taylor , who is with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. , has been moved to a much la rger district as District Manager. Hi s new address is P. O. Box 1371 , Baltimore, Md. , and tele-

ALCOA in 1944 as a research engineer, and he was named assistant chief of the process metallurgy division in 1953. He moved to the lubricants division in 1961 as assistant chief and was transferred to Warrick Operations at Evansville, Indiana , in 1964 to become rolling specialist in the fabricating division. In 1967 , he moved to the Pittsburgh office as rolling specialist and was named division chief of the fabricating metallurgy division at Alcoa Technical Center in 1970. He is married and the Dowd's have a daughter, Susan Jane, a senior at Carlow College; and two sons, Mark c., a junior of The Pennsylvania State University and Donald Q., a senior at Riverview High School, Oakmont. The family lives at 825 Fifteenth St., Oakmont, Pa. Kenneth W. Schoeneberg was a campus and alumni office visitor in July. Ken gets to Rolla every summer, he married a Rolla girl. Ken is Executive Research Engineer, Association of American Rai lroads Research Center, Chicago, Ill. His position took him to England last summer where he presented a paper and he also visited railroads on the continent. Of course his wife accompanied him . Their address is 1440 Sherwin, Chicago.


A L U M N I P E R SON A L 5 _________________________________________________________________________


1 9 5 0

Irvin D. Robbins is back in the United States again after 16 years in Latin America. He is project manager for J. A. Jones Construction Co:' and presently he is on the constructIOn. of a $120 million p umped storage project for New England Power Company near Rowe, Mass. His address is in care of J. A. J ones Construction Co. , Rowe, Mass .

Richard N. Harrison , P. E ., President of Tri- County E ngineering, Hackettestown , N .]., has been appointed Vice Chairman of the 1974 Annual Meeting of the National Society of Professional Engineers and the Fiftieth Annual Conferen ce of the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers.

William J. Miller recentl y left Cabot Corporation, Machinery Division, Pan.1pa , Texas, to join Simonds Steel 111 techni ca l sa les of hi gh tem perature a ll oys, espec ia lly for nucl ea r applicati ons . His address is 57 82 Susa nne Drive, Lockport , N. Y.

Denni s L. IVlcColgin , assistant manage r, sales, U nion lVlechlin g Co rporation will be based in Hous ton , Texas. T he' firm was form ed earli er th is mo nth throu ah the consoli dat ion of U nion Barge" Line Co rp . a nd A. L. Mechli ng Ba rge Lin es, Inc. A Subsidiary of Drave Corp. , it provides barge transportation servi ces on the M ississippi River System and Gulf Intercoastal Waterway and to Tampa . Dennis joined U ni on Barge Line in 195 8 a nd has been general agent for the past te n years. He is a member of th e Traffic Clubs of H ouston and Tul sa.

Charles A. Ecklund , supervisi ng engineer elec tric di s tribution , celebrated a quarter of a cent ury servi ce with the Misso uri Power & Light Co mpa ny, J efferson City , Mo. EcI~ lund ?ega n ~ith MPL as a dis tri ct engll1 eer 111 MeXICO, Mo. in 1948 . In 1951, he was na med general office engin eer in J e ff~r so n City and in 1966 was named to hiS present positi on. Charles and his wife, Mary Ann , live at 209 Jordan St. T hey have a daugter, H elen Carol. Dr. James W. Stephens, Vic~ P r esi~ dent - Community Services, M ISSO Uri P ublic Se rvi ce Co ., Ka nsas City, Mo., is the retiring president o f the American Indu strial Development Co uncil of the United States, Canada and Mexico.


tute an organization made up of appro;imately 11 ,000 engineers, architects specification writers, contractors and ' industry representatives. He ass umed the office July 1. Vansant is currentl y National Vice President of the oraanization and was a charter membe~ of the Kansas Ci ty Chapter. He was designated a Fellow of the Ins titute in 1970. In 1971 and 1972 Van sa nt received the President's Plaque for outstanding contributions to the organization 's technical document program . H e is a civil engineer and attorney and has been associated with Black & Veatch since 1953.

H arold R. Wright

195 1

Thoma s E . Sm ith , a patent a ttorney (paten ts, tradema rks a l?d copy righ.ts) adv ises th at hi s son, B ri a n, IS entering UM R thi s fall. T om li ves at 306 Crabtree Lane , Glenvi ew, III. Robert E . Va nsa nt, 435 East 55th St. , Kan sas City , 1[0 ., assistant department head civi l- e nvironmental divi s ion, Blaclz & Veatch Cons ulting Engineers, has been elected National President of the Cons truction Specifications Insti-

Rich, duct ion of Alu Plant a and his at 912 Indiana

Waitt Doctor Theolog at thesl tor at Louis.

R obert E. Vansant H arold R . Wright has been named resident ma nager of American Met~l s Climax, Inc. molybdenum properties n ear Berthoud Pass in Colorado. He will be responsible for opera tions at AMAX's U rad Mine and the Henderson Mine which is under development in the same vicinity . Since 1972, W ri gh t has been general superintendent of the U rad a nd H enderson activities . H e joined Climax Molybdenum Co m~an y , a division of AMAX, at the Climax Mine in 1952 in the engineering department. He later transferred to the mine department and was moved to the U RAD M in e in 1964 as mine superintendent to direc t reopening of that min e. Hi s office will be at the mine site and he a nd hi s family resid e at 6504 W elch St. , Arvada, Colorado.

ida, Ge Penney c.S. ~ he join with H chitecls have f( Korth

Augu J oh n Robert (Bob) Neely recen~ly was appointed General Manager, City Ut ili ties, Sp ringfield, Mo . He has been with the engineering staff for a number of yea rs and was Assistant General Manager of the City Utilities prior to his recent promotion . The Neelys have three chil dren , Linda, Julie and Nancy and reside at 1017 E. Stanford, Springfi eld.

195 2 William Merchant Penney, Jr. , has joined the Sea Pines Plant~t!o.n Compa ny Residential and FaCIlities ~ e­ velopment Department as an assoCiate development manager. In this position Penney wi ll be responsibl e for construction coordination of development team projects. Sea Pines Plantation Company is based on Hilton Head I sland, S. c., with its parent company the Sea Pines Company . Sea Pines Company is one of the leading resort and recreational community developers in the United States and has communities in So uth Carolina , North Carolina, Flor-

August 1973

en~neel Flight I

the del station by the Admini: Marsha

C. R( Controll en'ices Glensha after fi John S. distribu perienc( for Spa netring




Ip of ap.

s, archi. Jntractors Be as. ansant is lIdent of t charter Chapter. )f the In. 972 Van. llaqlle for he organ. program. lrney and Black &

recently .ger, City has been a number General ; prior to :elys have ld Nancy :I, Spring·

, Jr., has

ion Com' ities De· associate s position construe· lent team ion Com' Id Island, y the s~a Jmpany IS Id rec rea·

s in t~e

unities Ifl ina, Flor·

~ust 1973

ida, Georgia, Virgi ni a and Puerto Rico. Penney served as a line officer in the U. S. Navy from 1954 to 1956 . Before he joined the Sea Pines, he worked with Hellmuth-Obata-Kassabaum, Architects, of St. Louis, Mo. The Penneys have four children and reside as 536 North Mosley , St. Louis.

195 4 Richard M . Pracht is the new Production Manager of the East Sid e P lant of Aluminum Company of America Plant at Layfayette, Indiana. Richard , and his wi fe and three children reside at 9 12 Lingberg Road , W. Layfayette, Indiana.

195 5

1 957 Roger L . Feaster has been employed by R. B. Jones, Inc., insurance brokerage and agency, as associate manager of its branch office in Jefferson City, Mo. Roger, a form er senior construction engineer with Mobi l Oil Corp., will move his fami ly to Jefferson City soon and will become R. B. Jones' Jefferson City branch manager in the fall. He is a member of National and Missouri Societies of Professional Engineers. Donald S. Ballard has been named Manager of Steel Marketing for Armco's Kansas City products, Armco Steel Corporation. He joined Armco in 1964 as a product engineer. In 1968, he was promoted to supervisor of application engineering for work on construction products.

Walter W. Grueninger received the Doctor of Ministry degree at the Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Mo., at the spring commencement. He is pastor at the Grace United Church , St. Louis.

1 9 5 6 August Weisler , Jr. , an aerospace engineer at the NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center , Alabama, had a role in the development of the Skylab space station which was launched May 14, by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He has worked at the Marshall Cen ter since November 1958 . C. Robert Custer has been appointed Controller and Manager of Marketing Services, Thermo-Lab Instruments, Inc. , Glenshaw , Pa. H e joined the Company after five years as vice president of John S. Hefferman & Co. , Inc. , food distributors . Mr. C uster has earlier experience as Marketing Service Manager for Spang & Co. and in research engineering with U. S. Steel Corp.


& 27

invention award programs plan ned by Batelle Development Corporation in recognition of inventors at Batelle's research laboratories in Columbus, Ohio; Rich land , Washington ; Geneva, Switzerland and Frankfort , Germany. Speidel received his patent for a porous fuel element for a nuclear reactor. Donald G. Cooper has been promoted to senior research engineer at Bay State Abrasive Division of Dresser Industries, Inc. , Westboro, Mass. He is a member of the division 's research and development staff assigned to their inorganic section. Cooper joined Bay State in 1964. He is a charter member of the American Powder Metallurgy Institute and is a past secretary of the Penn-York section. He is also a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and is a frequent speaker before technical societies on developments in the field of diamond cut-off blades . The Cooper's live at 15 High Street, Westboro. They have three daughters. John H. Miller grad uated from George Washington U. Law School in 1971. He became a member of the Virginia Bar in 1972 . After 5 years as an examiner in the U . S. Patent Office , he joined Johns-Manville as Patent Attorney. The Millers reside at 6674 W . Roxbury Place, Littleton, Colorado.

Donald S . Ballard

1958 - REUNION AT HOMECOMING W. T. Andreas , senior project engineer , Esso Research and Engi neer ing Co ., Florham Park, N. J. just returned from a 4-month assignment in Singapore. His address is 8 Freema n Ave. , Denville, N. J. John R. Emery has a new position as Assistant Manager, Halliburton , Argen tina, S. A. , located at Viamonte 11 33, Piso 3, Buenos Aires , Argentina. 1 960 Edward O . Speidel was among the 70 inventors who were honored recently for patents they received dur ing 1972 as staff members of the Columbus Laboratories of Battelle Memorial Institute . Th is was the first of an ann ual seri es of

196 1 John Merritt was recently promoted to Assistant Chief of the Relocations Branch , Engineering D ivision, with the . Corps of Engineers at Rock Island, Ill. His address is 1724 Fairmeadows Drive, Bettendorf, Ia. J. D. Patterson has joined HarbisonWalker Refractories , Division of Dresser Ind ustries, Inc. , as Manager - Product Development and Planning. His industrial experience includes research on diversified ceramic products, staff ceramic engineering work with a NASA aaency service as chief ceramic engineer b , , for a manufacturer of hi gh tension electrical porcelain and plant manager of a hi ahly automated ceramic tile plant. He cO;les to H-W from Southern Illinois Un iversity's School of Business, where he served as a finance instructor .



a N A L 5 ________________________________________________________________________

Kenneth C ra ig has been appointed ass istant manager of the City U tilities gas department , Springfi eld , Mo. He join ed the C ity Utiliti es gas depa rtment as maintenance engin eer in 1969 .

1 962 Ga rv Havener a nd two other partners ha ve (ormed the DHV Corpo rati on that ha ve purchased All P rod ucts Co., Minera i \r eJl s: Texa s, a nd Antenna P roducts Co., of Aus tin, Texas , from APC In dus tri es . H ave ner is ma nager of All Product s in l\lineral Wells. Both compan ies will be consolidated in Mineral W eJl s. The primary prod uct o f Antenna Products is in strument landing system loca li zer a ntennas and long-range communicatio n a nt enna s. The Antenna Divi s ion has sa les offices in Washington, D. c. , England , Singa pore , South Africa a nd Australia . The major product of All Products Co. is building supplies and the fence indus try. The firm employ s approximately 75 people in its two division s. Yadvendra V. Desai is production control manage r L &. S Bearing Company, P. O. Box 15 3 7, Oklahoma City, Okla. He was promoted from manufacturin g manager to his present position la st Sep tember. He is responsible for th e entire produ ction materials control scheduling. He now has 10 years expe ri ence in the bearing industry and has been wi th L & S since 1970. Dr. C harles C. "Chad " Limbaugh delivered the commencement address at the Jackson (Mo .) High School May 25th. Limbaugh was a 1957 graduate of the school. He is a research engineer at ARO, Inc. , a contact operator of Arnold Engineering Development Center, Tullahoma, Tennessee. Chad , his wife, Jean and two children , Brent and Maria, reside at 1210 Fawn St. , TuLlahoma. 1963 - REUNION AT HOMECOMING Harry B . Morgan recently changed career field s . H e now man ages a new art ga llery, The Loft Gallery, near Harri sburg, Pa. H e resides in Mechanicsb urg, Pa., R. D. 1. D ewa lt Drive. Douglas K . Pinn er has been na med to the new Position of Ad ministra tive


Assistant to th e C hi ef Operating Officer of the Sharon Steel Co rporation , Sharon , Pa. Pinner was form erly genera l ma nager of Macomber, Inc. , a Sha ron Steel subsidiary at Ca nton, Ohio. Previously , he was a sen ior consultant for Middlcwest Service Company, a ma nageme nt co ns ulting firm on assignm ent in C hile , So uth Amer ica . He bega n his professional caree r in meta llurgical engin eerin g with Bethlehem Steel Corpora tion and lat er was associated with the U . S. Steel Co rporation as an operations engineer. He al so served with the U . S. Army Combat E ng ineers fr om 1964 to 1966 . He is a member of the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers and the American Ins titute of Mini~g and Me tallurgica l Engineers, and the America n Iron and Steel Ins titute. The P inners plan to relocate their Ca nton home to the Shenango Valley area,

McDonnell - Douglas Corporation. He is married to the former Mary Scheffer, who se rves as an instructor in philosophy at the adult education divi sion of Glenbrook South Hi gh School. They reside at 672 Madelyn Dri ve, Des Plaines , III., with their three children, Scott 6, Stephen 4, and Jocely n 10 .

Captain Donald Glenn Peters has entered Texas A & M for graduate study in civil engineering. He has been Ass is tant Professor of Military Science in the ROTC Department at the Colorado School of Mines, Golden , since returning from his second tour of duty in Vietnam. Don , his wife, Sue and children Peaai and Daniel have moved to Coll~ge St~tion , Texas, 1219 Boswell St. Robert F . Corwin has received his Ph. D. in Engineering Geosc ience and Ocean Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. His address is 117 Pomona Ave ., EI Cerrito, Calif. Georae W. Christensen has been promoted to the newly-created position of executive vice president of Advance Schools, Inc. He will serve as the national home study school's chief operations officer and will continue as a member of the board of directors. Since joining the ASI in February 1971 , he has served as vice president of education. Prior to joining Advance Schools, be held sales engineering positions in St. Louis with Cutler Hammer and the

Semina dil'i nit)

degree attende Fort \


Bert of Eng as Prin

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George W. Christens en


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Adams and V

Motors Engine, tics an

1 964 Joey K . Tuttle , his wife and two daughters mo ved from Colora do to Pennsylvania where Joey is working on the developm ent of A Programming Language at the IBM Philadelphia Scientific Center. Their address is 1430 Cider Knoll Way, West Chester , Pa.

Paul from (

196 5 David W. Magurk has purchased the vVhiteface Cha let , a ski resort next to the \Vhiteface mountains in the Adirondack mo un tain s of New York State. His address is Springfield Road , P. O. Box 68, Wilmington, N. Y. Thomas H . Dunning, Jr. , has recently joined the staff of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. He has been an instructor and research fellow at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. He has a Ph. D. degree in theoretical chemistry from Cal. Tech . In 1965-66 he received the Woodrow Wilso n 'Foundation Fellowship and in 1966-69 he received a National Science Foundation Fellowship. He is a member of the American Physical Society. Tom and his wife, Sandra, have two daughters, AngeJique and Nicole.

Missile bsAin


based BalJwir

Steve new pc

with thl Mines I

in Beth two ye superinl for Cor are no

Road, (

Glen degree Univers spring employ, E. L D ton, D(

Alan Roger A. Dorf was recently promoted to Assistant for Technical Programs, International Business Machines, reporting to the director of manufacturing support staff at IBM General Systems Division Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. He and his wife , Sandy, with their children, Scott 11 , Michelle 9, and Tracy 6, reside at 4221 Bushton Court, Clarkston, Ga,

Aug ust 1973

chasina " hemou0 aWare. girls al address mingtol and ]el tUre SI king a and on

ation. He , Scheffer in philos~ Ii vision of 101. They nve, Des , children In 1 ~ . '

:hased the rt next to 1e Adiron· )rk State. oad, P. O.

recently Alamos S been an )w at the Ilogy, Pas· ~e in theo· Tech In IV oodro lV ip and in 1al Science is a memo al Society. have two :ole.



promoted ProgramS, hines, reo ufacturing d Systems nta, Geo r' with theIr e 9, and ton Court,

gust 197 3



1 966

196 7

Paul Wesley Starkweather graduated from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, June 8, with the master of divinity degree. He earned his B. S. degree at UMR in civil engineering and attended Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth , Texas before entering Golden Gate.

Thomas Lee Kizer, Product Design Engineer , Ford Motor Co ., Dearborn, Michigan , received his Professional Engineer 's license in October. His address is 29630 Richland , Livonia, Michigan.

Bert B. Adams has joined the sta ff of Engineering Dynamics International as Principal Projects Engineer. His responsibilities will lie in the pre-pr6duction engineering and development work on projects EDI has undertaken to assist clients in developin g quieter products. H e will also assume responsibility for product noi se emission testing for clients to meet the requirements of the Noise Control Act of 1972. Adams was previously with the Noise and Vibration Laboratory of General Motors , Milford, Michigan , as Project Engineer. He has a lso worked in acoustics and noise control with Lockheed Missil es and Space Company and Douglas Aircraft Compa ny (now McDon nellDouglas Corp. ) ED T is a St. Louis based firm and the Ada ms ' reside !11 Ballwin, Mo. Steven R. Ma rshall has accepted a new position as :Mine Superintendent with the Rayford Di vision of Bethl ehem Mines Co rpora tion. H e was previously in Bethlehem 's Cambri a Division until two yea rs ago when he became the superintend ent of Hon eywell Operation for Consolidated Coa l. The 1\1 arsha lls are now residing at 504 Spo tswood Road , Charleston , W . Va. Glen E. Miller received his Ph. D. degree in mechanical engineering at the University of T exas - Austin , at their spring commencement. Dr. Miller is employed as a research engineer with E. r. Dupont de Nemours Co. , Wilmington, Delaware. Alan D. Shaffer is now Assistant Purchasing Agent with E. 1. duPont de Nemours & Co., Inc. , Wilmington , Delaware. Sue , his wife, AI and all the girls are adjusting fine at their new a~dress, 3111 Albemarle Road , Wilmlllgton. The girls are Carrie, Becky and J enny and also Holly, their miniature Schnauzer. This makes Alan the king around the house being the one and only male.

MSM Alumnus

Ed Kettenbrink , Jr. and Mrs. Ed, Gail Davidge Kettenbrink '67, recently moved to Odessa, Texas , where they are li ving at 3805 Englewood Circle, Briarwood Vi llage, Odessa. Ed compl eted hi s Ph. D. in geology at the U. of Iowa, in May, and has accepted a faculty position a t the U. of Texas of the Permian Basin , in Odessa. Gail has an M. S. degree in science education a nd is teaching eighth grade in earth science at Blackshear J r. High in Odessa. They would like any alumni who knew them in Rolla to stop by and give them a call. D. A. Dobberpuhl last yea r received a Naval W eapo ns Ce nte r Fellowship to atte nd g rad ua te school at the U . of Arizona for a yea r. H e has just completed th e cou rse requirement s for an optical specia li st deg ree. H e returned to the U . S. Kava l \\'eapo ns Center , China Lake , Cai.ifornia , where he is a physicist. Gary F. Harri s has been appointed deputy surveyo r for Pike Co un ty , Missouri. H e has been with the Construction Di vision of the Missouri State High way Department.

1968 - REUNION AT HOMECOMING F loy d M itchell , Staff E ngineer at Misso uri Public Service Compa ny's Sibley Generating Station , has been promoted to R a lph Green Station Superintendent at Pleasant Hill , Mo. Mitchell served a two-yea r term of duty with the Army , first as a project engineer with the Kansas City District Corps of Engi neers, then as post engin eer for the eastern half of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. While in Vietnam , Mitchell met and m3.rried his wife, To Nga (pronounced toe nah) . After his separati on from the Army , Mitchell returned to . Rolla and finished a Master 's Degree in Engineering Management. H e was named a Registered Professional E ngineer in the State of ,Missouri, and

came to MPS as a Sta ff E ngineer in August 1971. Floyd a nd hi s wife, To Nga will be moving to P leasant HilI as soon as they can obtain housing. Jim A. Dollar, 877 2 Garfield, Riverside, California , received an M . S. degree at the University of Redlands at the spring commencement. Richard S. Browne has been appointed to the facu lty of So uthwestern Medical School, Uni ve rsity of Texas in Dallas , as a n Assistant P rofessor of Biostatistics. H e will consult with medical researchers on the design and analysis of experiments, establishmen t of a statistical program library , and prese nt seminars to the students and faculty. Dr. Browne recently received hi s Ph. D . in statistics from Oklahoma State University . H e will be residing in Dallas with hi s wife , Dennise, at 2516 New Orleans , Apt. 136 . Michael V. Tulloch received a P h. D. in Experimental Psychology from the U niversity of Tennessee. He held a 4year National Science Foundation Traineeship . He now is a senior human factors engineer, General Dynamics, Pomona Division. Mrs. Tulloch is the former Judith Brown of Huntsville, Ala. They have a year-old son, Michael , and reside at 235 W . Grove St. , Apt. D-S, Pomona, California . Stanley Wagher has been appointed to the newly created post of City Sanitary E ngin ee r, St. Joseph , Mo. H e has und er hi s control the city prim a ry trea tmel?t plant, va ri ous pumpin g stat ions , ma in sewers a nd interceptors sewers, worth some $ 12 ,000 ,000 . Wagher has held a public wo rks post in Nort h Au~u s ta , S. C. He also had sewage project experience serving in the armed for ces . Mark Botkin , who received a Ph. D. deg ree in June a t UM R , has accepted a position with Ford Motor Company in Detroit, M ichigan. He will be employed in the adva nced analytical technology department of the company.

1 969 David W . Brewer , 219 E lm Street, Ithaca , N . Y. has a new job position with the National Cash Register Co. He is now mana ge r , information systems.




David A. Pfefferkorn received his Doctor of Medicine .degree at St. Louis University at the Sp rin g Comm encement. Dr. Pfefferko rn will be taking a strai ght surge ry internship at the St. Lo ui s U ni versity Gro u p Hospitals. He is a member of the Phi Ch i medical frat ernity. Hi s address is 3315 Russell Bl vd ., St. Louis , Mo. C ha rl es V. All en, project engin eer at th e General 1\1otors P rov ing Grounds at 1\1ilford , Michi ga n, workin g in vehicle dyna mi cs , has been cred ited as co-in\'entor of a new " GM Specification Radial T ir e. " Fred D . Smithson, head of Tire and " -heel Developm ent Engineerin g cited All en, a long with three co-inventor say ing, " W e feel these people ha ve mad e s ignificant co nt ribution to the new tire design. " 1974 models of GM cars will be equ ipped with the new tire. Lawrence A. D ecker received his M. S. degree at Wayne State Universit y , Detroit , M ichi gan , June 19. Larry has bee n with Ford 1\1otor Co . in the Research and Prod uct Development Ce nter for the pas t four yea rs and is a supervisor in the experimental department. T he D eck.er 's address is 951 N orth Highland Aven ue, Dearborn , M ichiga n.

1 970 1s t Lt . Mi chael L. Bu ck has received the Di stingui heel Fl y ing C ross for a eri a l achi evement in Vietnam in Apr il 19 72. Bu ck earn ed th e decoration as an 0-2 forward a ir co ntroll er near Kontum , in SUPI art o f a friend ly unit which had been ove rrun a nd was a tt emp tin g to rea ch safety . D espite hazardou s wea th er a nd th e threat of enemy ground fire, he d irec ted ta cti ca l st rikes aga in st host ile p ositi ons, en a bling the alli ed unit to withdraw success full y . H e wa s honored at Bly th ev ill e AfB , Ark. , where he now serves as a B- 52 pil ot with a unit of the Stra tegic Air Command. He was co mmissioned in 19 70 upon graduation from OT S a t Lackla nd AfB , Texas. 2nd Lt. James J. Ranieri has completed th e U . S. Air Fo rce navi gato rbomba rdi er co urse at Math er AFB , Ca li fornia. H e is being assigned to Lorin g AFB , Main e, for duty wit h a uni t of th e trategic Air Command . 30

Albert G. Morris was recently promoted to the position of Assistant Area Engineer for Peabody Coal Co . In his new positi on he is in charge of all undergro und engi nee ring for Pe8.body ' s Baldw in a nd River King Mines . His address is R. R. 2, Box 18, Freeburg,

2nd Lt. Lynn O. Shafer has been awarded silver wings upon gradua tion from th e U. S. Air Force navigator train ing at Mather AFB , California. H e is being assigned to McChord AFB, Washington, for fl ying duty with a unit of the Mi litary Airlift Com mand.

As a for .


the at C Fore supp out

III. D en nis W. Schroll , aerospace engineer, Wri ght Patterso n AFB, Ohio, is presently on a project engin eerin g task involving the design a nd make-u p const ru ction o f 12G reclinin g seat back centrifu ge sea t to be used for aerospace m ed icine human " G" tolera nce research. His add ress is 6896-B Brandt P ike, Dayton, Ohio. J ohn E. Bran ham recen tl y accepted the position of exec uti ve vice president with Branham Bros. Const ruction Co. , Inc. He formerly was a fi eld engin eer with Mob il Oil Corporation in St. Louis , Mo. His add ress is 11 10 Cash, Neosho, Mo. Frederic Schi ll er received a Juris Doctor degree at the Un ive rsity of Miami , Coral Gables, F lori da , at the Sprina Commencement. His add ress is 11233 N. Kendall Drive, Miami, F la. 1st Lt. T homas C. Nebel has received t he Air Medal at Clark Air Base , P hilip pi nes. He is a CH-3 helicopter pi lot and was cited for his aeria l achi evement durin g the flood of the Phi li ppine region durin g the summer of 1972. He is assigned at Clark with a unit of the Paci fi c Air Forces wh ich provides tactical air power supporting the U. S. a nd i ts a llies in So utheast Asia and the Far East.

2nd Lt. Lynn O. Shafer

P hilli p L. H enso n, af ter comple ting 4 yea rs of military service with the U. S. Army Computer Service Command, Fort Belvoir , Va ., as a computer speciali st , he has been assigned the positi on of Systems Ana lyst with the Ford :Motor Company 's F ina nce Sta ff , Overseas Operations Divisions . His add ress is 9210 P ickwick Circle East, Taylor, M ichi gan .

Ri Cop~

mote s),ste putel Texa


Cons Jack G. Benoi st has completed his tra ining with the 932 Ae romedical Aircreft Group , a reserve uni t at Scott AFB , Ill ., and is flyin g the C-9A partt im e as well as working for W. E. O 'N ei l Constr uction Company as a field eng ineer. His addre s is 2575 S. Calhoun Road , No . 6108, New Berlin , Wisconsin.


ant r motel respo area rates, quem puter gas r. be at

ing, j

Ga ry W. Kell er has been trans ferred from Muskegon to the home office of Consum ers Power Co . in Jackson , M ichigan . He is working on development of comp uter control of major steam generators. H e a nd his wife, Pat , reside at 3856 Mayfield Drive ,. J ackson.

Ga ry D. McG rew has been named p rod uction con t rol superintendent at Ge neral Cable Corpo r atio n ' s Hot Springs , Ark an sas plant. He has been employed, the last t hree yea rs , at the compa ny 's E lkton, Ma ryland plant as p rod uct engineer and material s manager. He joined GC a ft er gra dua tion. In hi s new pos ition he will be in charge of a ll production schedu ling, cus tomer service a nd in ve ntory control for the plant, which manufactures high voltage a luminum power cable.

1st Lt. Thomas C. Nebel has received th e Air Medal at Cla rk AB, P hilippi nes.

August 1973

Chari }l. S. Their Parm;

Sta ed Si 6, III. tion. ing fo


Don mOved Tenn



Holl ol nessee

Pau plOYil

sion o of En tratio Contra


has been raduation navigator ornia. Be rd AFB ith a unit nd.



As a CH-3 helicopter pi lot, he was cited for his aerial achievements during the f1 0eJd of the Philippine region during the summer of 1972 . He is assigned at Clark with a unit of the Pacific Air Forces which provides tac tical air power supporting the U. S. and its alli es in Southeast Asia and the Far East.

BUSINESS REPLY CARD First Class Permit 1\'0 . 18, Sec . 34.9, P . L. & R ., Roll a,

ompletin a . S~ ommand Juter spe~ the posi. the Ford aff, Over. is address t, Taylor,

1 the

lleted his ¡dical Airat Scott :-9A part'or W. E. as a field 5 S. Cal~rlin , Wis-

ransferred office of ;on, MichJpment of am generreside at I.

en named 'ndent at :n 's Hot has been rs, at the I plant as 'ials manraduatio n. . in charge . customer II for the gh voltage

s received hilippines. lust 1973

197 1

Richard F. Hill , 2116 Urbante Lane, Copperas Cove, Texas, has been promoted to Major U . S. Army. H e is sys tems analyst for the Army 's Computer Systems Command , Ft. Hood , Texas. Charles D. Laderoute is with the Consumers Power Company, Jackson, Michigan. H e joined them as an assistant rate analyst and was recentl y promoted to associate ra te analyst. His responsibilities mainly are in the gas area which includes design of gas rates, cost of service studies , bill frequency distribution an alysis and comp uterizat ion of various components of gas rate design. His wife, Colleen will be attending the Foot School of N ursing, in Jackson, beginning September 1. Charles ho pes to do work toward an M. S. deg ree at \Vestern Michigan U. T heir address is 7844 N . Ci rcle Drive, Parma, Mich igan.

~lo .

!VISM-UMR Alumni Association University of Missouri - Rolla Rolla, Missouri 65401


---------------------------------------------------: W01 ~

Stanley E. Grabski has been appointed Signboard Coordinator for District 6, Ill. State Department of Transportation. He handles the outdoor advertising for the district. Hi s address is 1780 Greenside, Springfield . Donald E . Frankforther has been moved from Dallas, Tex. , to Memphis, Tenn ., and promoted to Resident Sales Engineer with Powers Regulator Co. Their new address is 3336 Hickory Hollow Lane, # 1, Germantown , Tennessee.

of the Corps . H e tran sferred from the Operations Division of the Co rps in St. Loui s to accept the position . H e and his wife , the fonner Beverl y Wise , wi ll live at 5050 South 86th Parkway, Apt. 10, Omaha , Ne braska .

Ronald D. Rains, formerly with the Paul W. Schmidt has accepted em- City of Bloomington , IlL, has accepted ployment with the Construction D ivi- a n engineering position with Nichols sion of the Omaha District , Army Corps E ngineerin g Service of Union Ci'ty , of Engineers. He will work in adm in is- T enn essee. T he Rain s have a daugh ter, tra tion and negotiation of construction Jenifer , 9 months old. T heir new adcontracts in the Indiana-M ichigan area dress is 1215 Edwards, U nion City. MSM Alumnus

2nd L t. D en ni s Fi ebelman repo rted for ac tive duty with the U . S. Arm y, lVlay 16, a t Fort Bliss, Texas, in the Air Defense Artillery. Prior to entering the Army he was employed as a teacher in the Salem (Mo .) Juni or High School. J ac k Jolly, recentl y with the Cities Service Gas Co. , has been employed by th e Riddl e E ngineering, Inc., Consul tin g E ngineers , Kansas City , Mo. He and his wife, Kr isten reside in Shawnee Mission, Kansas .


197 2

Class .....

Nam e


Stree t


$500.00 $250.00

Sta te



Date 1974 Annual Alumni Fund


2nd Lt. Robert A. Vunesky has been awarded silver wings upon graduation from the U . S. Air Force navi gator school at Mather AFB, California. He will remain at Mather for specialized aircrew training before reporting to his first permanent unit for fl y ing duty.


l\Iy co ntributi on to the MSM-UMR Alumni Association



is in dica ted a nd $ ..


is enclosed

$20 00

( ) Matching gift form attached.


$ 15 .00


$ 10.00

( ) Above is new adoress .


2nd Lt. Rob ert A.




Emp loyment (Name of Company , Ow n Co mpan y , Self Employed Retireo)



( ) New


Employ ment (Tit l> or Positi on) .... ... .. . .... .. .. . Employ ment Add ress .... .... .... . .. ... . ... .... .

1 9 7 4

... ~


( ) Same .. .

. . . .. . .... ...... ....

......... .. . .. ..... . .............. Zip Code .. .................... . N ews fo r the MS1\1 Alumnus



M ichael S. Krysa, Assistant District Manager, Missouri Public Service Company in their Richmond office, has been promoted to District Manager for the Compan y's Clinton District. He joined Missouri Public Se rvice Co. after graduation. He is a member of the Institute of Electronic and E lectrical Engineers and the Richmond Kiwanis Club. He is also an Engineer in Training for the National and M issouri Societies of Professional Engineers.

Airman Dennis L. Scholl as graduated from the Air Training Command 's basic course for electronics specialists. The airman who received instruction in communications and electronics systems principles , is remaining at Kessler AFB for advanced training as a ground radio repairman.

University of Missouri - Rolla ROLLA, MISSOURI 65401 TO

Guy Horton Dir 2 c~or of Jn ~vers!~y : nfo . 400 Lewis Columb ia MD. 65 201


Captain James Sears has been assigned for duty at Osan AB, Korea. He is a senior pilot assigned to a unit of the Pacific Air Forces.

Ser v ~ce

Alan Naas has joined Riddle Engineering, Inc. , Consulting Engineers , Kansas City , Mo. As an undergraduate he was a research assistant in environmental studies and in the formulation of Glasphalt, a road surfacing material combining glass granuals and asphalt. August 1973