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ON THE COVER : An illu stri o us UMR al umnus, Dr. George E. Mueller, played a maj or role in the 1969 space flj ght program which landed three United States astron auts o n the m oon.

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MSM Alumni Association Univ e r sit y of Missouri - Rolla Rolla , Missouri 65401

Volume 43

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"This is a time for decision. This is a tinte for rededi cation to the spirit of our forefathers. A time for Inen to move forward. The organization that brought men to the moon stands ready for the next step. " Dr. George E. Mueller

Dr. George E. Mueller, an illustriou s alumnus , is a top official in the program which landed astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin on the moon accompanied by Michael Collins. Dr. Mueller (pronounced Miller) since 1963, has been Associate Administrator for Manned Space Flight , National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In this capacity he has been responsible for the planning, direcIn the Moon tion, execution and evaluation of NASA 's overall man ned space flight program .

pointed professor of electrical engineering. His research at OSU included the study and design of broadside and end-fire diel ectric antennas, ca tho d e emission , low-field magnetrons, and traveling wave tubes. He d es igned and developed one of the first six- millimeter traveling wave tubes and scanning scintillometer for map pin g radioactive iodine.


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tional Academy of Engineering; a fellow of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers; a fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; a fellow of the American Physical Society; a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society; and Honorary Fellow , Britis h Interplanetary SOCiety. On the 25th Anniversary of his graduation, he returned to the campus, and was the speaker at his alma mater's 91st Commencement in 1964. At that time, he stated, " In our efforts in maned spate flight, our primary objectives are to explore man's competence in space, to develop national capabilities in space flight, to explore space, and to preserve United States leadership in space.

UMR Alumnus Plays Maior Role

These functions include the management au thority over the George c. Marshall Space Flight Center, Manne;:! Space Center, and the John F. Kennedy Space Center. Dr. Mueller, 51, was born in St. Loui s, Misso uri. He entered the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy in 1935 , and received his Bachelor of Science d egree in electrical engineering in 19 39. In 1940 , he earned his Mastel" S degr ee at Purdue University and was awarded a Ph .D. degree in physics at Ohio State U niversity in 1951.

Conducted Various Experiments Following graduation from Purdue , Dr. Mueller joined the Bell Tel ephone Laboratories where he conducted televis ion and microwave measuring exp eriments. H e pioneered there in the measurement of radio energy from the sun, in microwave propagation , and in the design of low-field magnetrons. While employed in Holmdel h e continued graduate studies at Princeton University. In 1946 , Dr. Mueller became a member of the faculty of Ohio State UniverSity as assistant professor of electrical engineering. In 1952, he was apAugust 1969

Before joining NASA, Dr. Mueller spent five years with Space Technology Laboratories Inc. , Redondo Beach, California , serving successively as Director of the Electronics Laboratories, Program Director of the "Able" Space Program, Vice President of Space Systems Management, and Vice President for Research and Development.

In Various Space Programs He had the overall responsibility for the design, development, and testing of the systems and COITlpOnents basic to the Atlas, Titan , Minuteman , and Thor ballistic missile program; for the development of the United States ' first successful space probe, Pioneer I; for several other space projects including Explorer VI and Pioneer V, and for the establishment of the U.S. Air Force SPAN satellite tracking network. Dr. Mueller was one of the originators of the concept and design of the Telebit digital telemetry system. He holds seven patents in electrical engineering and is the author of more than 20 technical papers. With E.R . Spangler, he is the co-author of a book , "Communications Satellites . " Dr. Mueller is a memb er of the Na-

But the totality of t his effort is far greater than the sum of these parts. In breaking the bonds of gravity that have tied man to this planet, we are moving into a new era of history, in which civilization itself will be transformed in ways that we cannot possibly foresee. The explorations of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries were the prologue to the scientific and industrial revolutions. New Age of Exploration " Now we have entered a new age of exploration which may well portend a new renaissance. On the cosmic scale, exploring the mo on is but a beginning of our ventures into the depths of space . Larger step s will follow in due course. We live in an exciting time." Dr. Mueller was awarded a Doctor of Engin eering degr ee at this occas ion in recognition of hi s profeSSional accomplishments. Dr. Mueller as associate administrator of NASA's entire manned space


projects might have been expected to be too busy with the vast administrative and planning duties to be ab le to take on an extra assigement. However important , he fo und time to solve the dizzying complex of computer programs for th e rockets , the spacecraft and the ground support network. The director of the Apollo Project stated , " The computer programming was the biggest job of its kind anybody has ever attempted." Too, Dr. Mueller , introduced t h e tim e-saving technique known as "all-up testing" in which all three rocket stages were tested together. After Apollo 11 had successfu ll y completed its mission to land m en on the m o on and return them to earth, Dr. Mueller made th e follow ing statement at the time of sp lashd own.

Praises Colleagues " I kn ow that my colleagu es Bob Gilruth , \X:Te rnh er von Braun and Kuet D eb ys join me in expressing our deep a ppreciation and great admiration for the work that the teams led by General Phillips, Dr. Low , Colonel James and Admiral Middleton did to make this mis sion b y the teams of George H ag e, Davy J ones , Chris Kraft and R occo Petrone. Perhaps the greatest praise I can give them all is to say that th ey have proved with the ease that comes of long, hard work what we

all instinctively knew; that m en could su ccessfull y travel another planet and return. And b ecause they have proved it, we now stand at what is undoubtedly the greatest d ecis ion point in the history of this p lanet. Four billion year s ago the earth was formed. Four hundred million yea r s ago life moved to the land. Four million yea rs ago man appeared to the earth . One hundred years ago the technol ogical revol ution that led to this day began. All events were important. Yet in none of them did man make a consciou s decision to fo llow a path that would change the future of all mankind.

No Longer Limited to Earth " We have that opportun ity and that challenge today. For today, at 11 :49 a.m . Houston time in. the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we conclusively proved that man is no longer bound to the limits of the p lanet on w hich for so long he has lived . \YJe will return to the moon, first in November , and then at r egular intervals in the coming year s . But these trips are only the first steps. Ther e remains for mankind the task of deciding the next step. Will we press forward to explore other planets, or w ill we deny the o pp ortunities of the fu ture. To me the ch oice is clear. We must take the next step . Should we hesitate to exploit the lilJ! step. Should

T. J. Stewart Heads Pfizer Division T.


Stew art ' 34 , has b een ap p ointed Pr esid ent of the Pfize r Minerals, Pigm ents an d Mine rals Division , Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc. fr o m h is fo r m er p OSition of vice pres id ent of production and marketing . Mr. Stewart joined C. K. William s & C o. , now par t o f Pfize r , in 1937 , as a process engineer at East St. Loui s, Illinois, and later served as vice presid ent o f production and as a director of c.K. Williams . H e was appointed directo r of prod uction and marketing fo r MPM Division in 1967 , and vice president early this year. A native o f Flat Ri ver , Mi ssouri, Mr. Stewart n ow r es ides in Darien , Co nn. He served as presid ent of the East Side Associated Industries, East St. Lo uis ; 4

chairman of the St. Louis Section , American Institute of Ch emical Engi-

T. J. Stewart

we withd raw in fear of the next step. Should we substitute temporary material welfare for spir itual adventure , and long term accomplishment. T hen will man fall back from his des tiny. The mighty surge of his achievement will be lost , an d the confines of this planet w ill destroy him. " This is a time for decision . Thi s is a time for red edication to the spirit of our forefathers . A time for men to move forward together. The organization that brought men to the moon stands ready for the next step. "The knowledge possessed by men is sufficient. The resour ces of this na tion are adeq uate for the task of carry ing o ut this next step. The will of the people of this nation and the world w ill determine whether mankind will make the " Great Leap" to the planets. In this moment of man's grea test achievement - it is timely for us to dedicate ourselves to the unfinished work so nobly begun by three of us to resolve that this nation, und er God , will join with all men in the p ursuit of the destiny of m?nkind, wi ll lead the way t o the planets."

Gets Alumni's Highest Acclaim Dr. Mueller, you have our highest acclaim as Associa te Administrator in a project that m ank ind has had d ream s for centuries, and yo u as a top official , have accomplish ed the heretofore impossible. Dr. Muelle r. and his w ife, the former Ma ude E. Rosenbaum , o f St. Lo ui s, Missouri , live in an attractive townhouse in G eorgetown , section of \Vashington , D .C. with one of their two daughter s, J ean. The other d aughter , Kar en Hyvonen, is married wh os e husband is studying for th e ministry.

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and of th e St. Lo uis Society o f Pa int T echnolo gi sts.

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neers , and is a former member of the East St. Louis Chamber of Commerce


MSM Alumnus




lnd long viII man , migh~, be los; will de:

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by men this na. of CJny. I! of the ~ world ind will planets. greatest r us to finished of us er God, pursuit IiI! lead


highest rator in dreams official, ore im¡

the for¡ t. Louis, Iflhouse lington, 19hters, fen Hy' band is

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O. H. Li llard Su mmer Commencement Speaker Iy en g ineers an d scientis ts) to fulfill a uni q ue o p portunity to se rve m anki n d. " As a p rofeSS ion al p er son , yo u ar e com.mitted to a car eer of human significan ce and m ust make available yo ur talents, yo ur time and yo u r en er gy , wh er ever they may b e effectively applied to the s olution of problem s . Thi s w ill m ean involve m en t in yo u r co mmunity thr o ugh church and civic o rganizations, thr ough g overnm ent and p olitics , and th rou g h service on park b oards, planni n g com m iss ions and s p ecial study committees.

David H. Lillard , office enginee r with Black & Veatch , Kansas City, and current pres ident of th e Missouri Society of Profess ion al Engineers , told some 170 U MR graduates that ma n kind faces a future of unp arall eled challen ge and uncertai nty. Lillard sp oke at the su mmer commencement exer cises whi ch were h eld in the Student U ni on. B .S., B .A., M. S. and Ph.D . degr ees in engin eering, science and the lib eral arts were conferred upon the g raduates. Lillard told th e graduates to consider the current social unrest and econ omic press ures , the environ mental an d h eal th problems, urban growth an d r es ulting hOUSing and tra n s p o r ta tion dilemmas , p oll ution and d epletio n of nat ural resou rces , d estru ctive fo r ces of n ature and m an 's tra d itional inab ility to communicate with h is fellow man.

" The engineer and scientist knows his w ork will directly affect the human en viro nment w ith all its co n sequences , and that in many instances he must accept pr ofeSSional res ponsibility for the h ealth , safety, and welfare of p eopie," h e said. Lillard h as b een continuously associated with Black & Veatch s ince 1955. In his current position , he has prime resp o n sibility for p ersonnel admini stration. H e is a d irector of the National Society of Profess ional Engineers and a r eg is tered pr ofess ional engineer in Missour i. H e hold s a B.S. degree in civil engineering from the Univers ity of Missour i - Columbia .

"Non e of us can d eal effectively with all of these p r oblems, b ut each of us can cont r ibute immeas ur ea bly t o the solution of o ne or more of them , and if we don 't, we w ill h ave fa iled to forge a career of h u man s ignifi cance ," h e said . Lillard called on the g r aduates (most-

1969 UMR Football Schedule SI. Louis - 1:30 p. m .

So!., Sept. 20

Washington University

Sa t. , Sep t. 27

Missour i Valle y College

Rolla - 2:00 p . m.

Brad le y Uni v e rs ity * .

Rolla - 2 :00 p . m.


Sa t ., Oct. O ct.


Uni v ersit y of Illinois (Chicago Circle) .. Chicago - 8:00 p. m.

Sa t., Oct.


Ce nt ral Mo. State College ...... ... . W a rrensburg - 2:00 p. m .

So !., Oc!.


S. E. Mo . State College *-*..

Fr i.,

N . E. Mo . State College

Sa t. , No v. Sa!. , No v .


So !., No v. 15


N. W. Mo. State College . .... .... ... .... . S. W . Mo . State College

*Parents Day August 1969

. .. Rolla - 2:00 p . m.

** Homecoming

HOMECOMING 1969 (Tentative Schedule) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24

8:00 a. m .

*9:00 a. m.' 5:00 p. m . 2:00 p. m. 4:00 p. m.6:00 p. m. 6:00 p. m. 7:00 p. m.

Board of Directors Meeting, MSM Alumni Association Registration - Student Union & Carney Manor Inn Dedication of the Mu ltiPurpose Building Alumni Hospitality Room - Carney Manor Inn Homecoming Parade Pine Street Welcoming and Early Arrivals' Dinner Crystal Ballroom, Carney Manor Inn


*9:00 a. m. - Registration - Student 1:30 p . m. Union & Corney Manor Inn 10:00 o. m. - Alumni Hospitality 12:00 Noon Room - Carney Manor Inn 12:00 Noon Class Reunion luncheons - Classes of 1924, 1929, 1934, 1939, 1944, 1949, 1954, 1959 and 1964 12:00 Noon- St. louis Section - Hos1:30 p.m. pitality Room Carney Manor Inn 2:00 p . m. Football Game Miners vs. Cope Indians - New Jackling Field 5:00 p. m.- Alumni Hospitality 6:00 p. m. Room - Carney Manor Inn 6:30 p . m. Awards Banquet Crystal Ballroom Carney Manor Inn 9:30 p. m. Annual Meeting of the MSM Alumni Association - Crystal Ba ll room - Carney Manor Inn 8:00 p , m. Homecoming Dance 9:00 p . m. Presentation of Homecom ing Q ueen

Kirksville - 1 :30 p. m. Maryville -

1 :30 p . m.

Rolla - 2:00 p. m .

* BE SURE AND REGISTER, i n order that your name w ill be on the ottendance li s t thot will be p u blished Fr i-

day and Saturday. You will know who has retu rned and others will know y ou are on the comp us. Sove time b y p u rchasing y our footba ll ticke ts at the Registration Desks. There w ill be lines at th e stadium ticket windows Saturda y.


Centennial Priority Program Progresses Chancellor Mer! Baker todayannounced that F . Stillman Elfred of St. Louis has agreed to aS SUll"le the top volunteer positi oll in the Centennia l Priority Camp aign fo r the Un iversity Center. Mr. Elfred is a 1917 graduate of the Unive rsity of Mis souri School of !\lines and Metallurgy (now UM R ) and has retired after a disting ui sh ed career in the chemical and mining ind ustries . Prior industrial respons ibili-

F Stillman Elfred ties for Mr. Elfre'd includ e pos ItIOns as chairma n of the board of Peabody Coal Co mpany, executive vice presi dent and di recto r of O lin-Mathieson Chemical Company and as an executive officer of the \V'estern Cartridge Company. "Stilly," as he is known to hun dreds of MSM r\lumni, was honored by the university in 1955 when he was awarded the D octor of En g ineering degree . James J. Murphy, Pres id ent of the Na tional Alu mni Associati on , who has been acting as Interim Chairman of the Pri o rity Campaign, will devote m os t of h is attenti on to the I'vIS M Alumni Association although h e will contin ue to serve on the Chancell o r 's Task Force. Mr. Elfred responded to his appoi ntment wit h these comments: "I have for some mont hs been working at secu ring the n eces sary funds for the buildin g of a University Center. Thi s has taken me to the East Coast and p oi nts in between . Jam es Mu rphy and Chan6

cell o r Baker have convinced m e that ca n bring so m e talents to the tas k that remains. 1 have in tu r n d o ne so me convincing . My fir st anno unceme nt as yo ur n ew National Chairman is that Aa ron Miles, Dean Eme ritus, w ill devote full tim e and h is cons id era bl e abi lities to aSS istin g me - and you in securing the $ 1 .3 m illion needed to complete the first phase of th e U niversity Center. D ean Miles and I agree tha t we are neith er professional nor experienced fund-rais ers. Some wh o know us have b een kind enough to say that devotion to our sch ool and our convicti on that the University Center must be built wi ll overcome these deficiences. Only you will b e able to answer wheth er this is true." First priority for Elfred, Miles and those presently active in th e Centennial Pri ority Campaign will be to recru it nationwide alumni representation. Forecasts of the size of gifts needed to complete the $ 1. 3 mill ion ind icate that a $5 00,000 gift must be secur ed as well as one of $ 250 ,00 0 and several in the $ 100 ,000 range . The next few months will tell whether the al umni p o rtion of the Program will in fact be accomplished during the 1970 Ce ntenn ial. Mr. Elfred's official address is Fairmoun t Editi o n , Alton, Illi nois 62002, but he al so maintain s an apartment at 4501 Lindell Boulevard , St. Louis, Missouri 63108 .

J. Walter Scott Honored f\ stud y in the new Un iversity Center will be named the "J. \V'alter Scott Study" as a result o f a g ift from an-

o ther al umnu s who wishes to remai n anon ymous .


?I ll'. Scott, when notified of the hono r by Chancellor ?lIe rl Baker, replied I am ind eed honored to ha ve a Study in the new Univers ity Center given with my name . W hy anyone should do it for me, I d o n ot know but my ign orance does not detract from my gratefulness." Mr. Scott was hon o red at his 50th graduation annive rsa ry at the l\ lay Commencement.

Research Lab Plans OK 'd Final plans for constructing a new Engineering Sciences Research Laboratory build in g at U MR have been approved today by the Boa rd of Curators. The st ructure, measu r ing 86 by 128 feet , will contain three sto ries and a basement. It will be built on the north edge of the drill fi eld along 16th Street. It is ex pected that bid s on the pr oject will be asked within the next several weeks . Cons tructi o n w,ll take about 1R months once contracts have been awarded . The building will house lab orator ies, sh o ps, offices and o ther facilities which will be devoted entirely to interdi scipi inary type research focused hea vily toward environmental pr ob lems . The research will includ e wor k by m ost of the departme nts of th e Sch ool of Engineering. T ota l estimated cost of the air-conditioned building is 51.700,000. It is being financed with 5 1,3 00 ,000 in state appropriatio ns and $4 00,000 in anticipated federal fund s .



Gov for a ql

Saig sign offiCi the ( ingtc


~[ ~



(Campaign Progress R eport to September 1,1 969)

a !wI in Ii

Corporate and other Private Gifts ............ . ... . .. $257 ,710. 00 (Number of Alumni Donors --- 257) Total Al umni Gifts and Pledges ... . . ...... ........... . 369 ,530.31 Needed to Assure Construction ... . . .... ....... .. . 1,372,759.69 Honor Roll of Centennial Donors -- 1st Edition , December Alumnus







o MSM Alum nus


he han.

replied ) hal'e a er gil'en auld do t Ill\' ig. nygrale.

UMR Teams With Government to Develop Engineering School In Vietnam

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ay (0111.


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Labor. leen ap. uralOrs.

) bl' 1~b and a he north :h Slrtt!.


he prai' Isel'ml bOUl IR 11 award· ralories. which llerdisci· . heal'ilr TIS. The moslof of Engi·


air·con· 00. It is ) in Stale in anli·


.31 .69

Left to right: The Honorable Stuart Symington, U S. Senator; Dr. John Hanna, Director, Agency fo r In ternational Development; The Honorable R ichard H. Ichord, Member of Congress, 8th Missouri District; Th e Honorable Thomas F. Eagleton, U S. Senator; Dr. Merl Baker, Chancellor, UMR . Officials of the University of Missou ri - Rolla and the United States Government, have signed a contract for a long term project of developing a quality engineering univer si ty in Saigon , South Vietna m . The formal signing ceremony took place in the office of Senator Stuart Symington in the Old Senate Office Building, Washington, D. C. UMR faculty members , Dr. Ernest tvl. Spokes and Dr. Marshall E. Findley attended the signing and started a two-week orientation training session in Washington , D.C. August 12 , before leavin g the end of August for a two-year stay in Saigon to set up the program. Representing UMR at the signing were Chancell or Merl Baker, Dr. Robert Carlile, and Dr. Lynn W. Ma r tin. Others attending the signing inel ud-

durnnu s

Augu st '1969

ed besides Sen. Symington , Senator Tho mas Eagleton and Congressman Richard Ichord; a representative for his Excellency Bui Dim, Vietnam ambassador to the U.S .; and Dr. John Hanna , director Agency for International Development, William Sch umate and Dr. Paul Jones of AID 's Vietnam Educatio n Bureau . The draft contract was recently ~p­ proved by the University of Missouri Board of Curators. Under the provisio ns, Dr. Spokes and Dr. Findley, along with Miss Lera E. Stewart, American secretary from Denver , Colo., will arrive in Saigon abo ut Sept. 1 3. In January, they will be joined by anothe r UMR fac ul ty member, Dr. Myrne Riley. Dr. Spokes is chief of party . The team will make a complete study of the Phu Tho College of Engineering presently located at the Na-

tional Technical Center , Sa igon. Based on the find ings of the study, the team will develop a master plan for the orderly expansion of engineering ed ucation for the contract period s. They will assist in developing the policies and procedures of efficient use of ex isting engineer ing training facilit ies in Saigon in order tl: > pr ogress toward the goa l of increasing the n umber , type and q uality of train ed engineers need ed in Vietnam. They will also assist in the development of facu lty, and improvement of llls lruction in the four existing fields of study , namely electrical, chemical, civil and mechanical engineering to the extent possible u nder the limitati o ns of the number of team members imposea under ,the contract . Acco'rding to Dr. Carli le, who is director of the UMR International Cen7

ter, as the local conditions and the stability of the economy and manpower availability improve in South Vi etnam, th e contract provides for additional staff as is d eemed prudent to the achievement of the goals of the contract. Future plans propose the training of Vietna mese faculty and students in the United States. A three-member team from UMR, consisting of Dr. Carlile, Dr. Martin, and Dr. Aaron]. Miles , has already made a preliminary s urvey of engineering ed ucation in Saigon under a us pices of AID. Chancellor Merl Baker says that engineering education is recognized by both th e government and the people of Vietnam as one of the most vital components of post war redevelopment. H e says that locally, UMR will benefit directly from the activity by the ex-

posure to the exchange students, by a broadened awareness of the ethniC, religious, historical and political motivations of this region of our g lobe; and by the broadening of ou r faculty'S and students' base of understanding and awareness of the technological problems of Vietnam and of Asia. Accompanying Dr. Spokes on the mission will be his wife, June. Dr. Findley's family, Susan, his wife; James , age 12, and Thomas, age 9, will accompany him. Both families will reside in Duala Lumpur, Malaysia, while Dr. Spokes and Dr. Findley are in Saigon. At UMR, Dr. Spokes is chairman of the department of mining and petr o leum engineering and Dr. Findley is associate professor of chemical engineering. Dr. Riley, who will later join the team , is assistant professor of mechanical engineering.

Urban Transportation Study Gets U. S. Grant The United States Department of Transportation has awarded a study grant of $7 5,000 to support UMR's program in urban transportation. Under the grant, the UMR Interdisciplinary Transportation Institute will be set up to analyze and quantify forces which create trans portation related urban probl e m s. Such transportation prob lems which might be affected by the study includ e congested air traffic, highway overcrowding and safety hazards, and city traffic congestion. According to Dr. Frank A. Gerig, Jr. , UMR civil engineering professor and coordinator of the stud y team, engineering principles wil l be used to so l v e transportation problems . "Al l problems of society which affect the trans portation iss ues, will be considered ," says Gerig. Under the grant, UMR will set up a team of staff members, wi ll establish add iti onal courses in transportation and related urban problems and will provid e st udent fellowships in this ar ea. The UMR Comp uter Center facilities will be used in the study. Members of the tea m w ill includ e 8

besides Ge rig: Dr. Robert S. Barefield , Dr. John L. Best , Dr. Ronald L. Carmichael, Dr. Don Ham, Professor John B. HeagleI' , Jr., Dr. Lawrence Sieck , Dr. Gordon Weiss, Dr. Bobby Wixson , all of the faculty, Fred Lamar, camp us minister, and Charles Miller, graduate stud ent from St. James .

STEEL COMPANY - Mining, Metallurgy, Chemical, Geologist and Ore DreSSing. Company's iron ore mine in Southern California. Refer File No. 137 thru 140.

[ior to l

E.; Pau

DATA PROCESSING - Associate consultant. Internati onal public account ing firm. Pos ition in New Orleans, La. , or Dallas, Tex. Refer File No. 142.


M.E .-E .E. - Maintenance Foreman, Applications Engineer, Mechanical Engineer , Regional Sales Manager. Manufacturer of electrical equipment. Refer Files No . 145-146 .


Ven gint

ALL DISCIPLINES - Engineers and scientists. La I' g e research lab orator y. Midwest. Refer Files No . 147 thru 162 .

iry; Stue East fer!

MET. E. - Large aluminum company producing sheet, pipe , rod and bar, foil and plate. West coast. Refer Fil e No. 1 63 . M.E . - 5 years experience packaging or packaging supervision. Maintenance Supervisor brewery on east coast. Refer File No . 164.

buS Pro

sulti fer!


labo char


204 M.E. - Mining engineer. Surveying in a large undergr ound limestone roomand-pillar mine , engineering ventilation req uirements, raw material pile building . Cement company. West coast. Refer File No. 165. Ch.E. - Opening in Louisville , Kentucky plant. Prefer experience but not necessary. Refer File No. 166.

E pute men Ph.I [

[iom ior



ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS WANTED For information concerning the positions listed below, please contact L. R. Nuss , Director of Placement and Industry Relations, iuMR, Rolla, Missouri, 65401, and give thr File Number of the pOSition. MINING - M.E.-C.E. - Materials company in Chicago area. Project work associated with construction ofnew production facilities, modification and rearrangement of existing facilities. Refer Files No. 133-134-135. CERAMIC - Major producer ofhigh temperature refractories. Managing the complete quality control program. Refer File No. 136.

MET. E. - Creative process development in powder metallurgy , metal fini shing and other metal process. Ca pa ble of initiating and assuming complete responsib ility for projects. Refer File No . 167 . MET.E. - Aluminum and aluminum alloys research and development , 3 or 4 years experience required, wire and ' cable experience desired. Refer File No. 168 . M .E. - Engineering assistant in manufacturing and service area , midwestern tool works. Refer File No . 169.

ALE. agerr meth Refel

E. hasp 214¡



tion fer F

ENG INEERS - All disciplines. lArge corporation. Locations in midwest and south. Refer Files No. 170 thru 177. 11A TH. - M.S. degree. In midwest private junior college. Refer File No. 178. MSM A lumnus

Pa Ann

Metal. i Ore

mine Ie No.

SClCiate :COUnt. rleans,



reman .I Engi: ~!anu·


~rs and ratory.

u 162.

mpany d bar, ~r File

GEOLOGISTS - Bauxite exploration in Australia. Tenure six months to 2 years. Refer File No. 178A. ENGR-SCI- ADM - M.E.; E.E.; Ch . E.; Cer.; Met.; Chem.; Math. Large St. Paul, Minn. based company. Good salaries . Refer Files 179 thru 180. STEEL COMPANY -Midwest. Combustion; Plant Mechanical Supervisor; Production Supervisor Trainee; Sales Engineer; Product Engineer; Heating, Ventialating and Air Conditioning Engineer. Refer . File No. 195 thru 198. ENGINEERS - Development; Quality; R&D; Mgr., Manufacturing Studies. Chemical, M.E. or E.E. MBE . East coast locations . Experienced. Refer Files No. 199 thru 202. E.E. - 3 to 5 years experience. Consulting engineers , midwest location. Refer File No. 203.

In east

ASS'T SUPERVISOR - Engineering laboratory. Instrumentation and mechanical engineering technology. St. Louis, Missouri firm. Refer Files No. 204-205.

rveying eroom· Itilation ~ build· asi. Re·

E.E.; M.E: - Experienced in computer circuit design, hardware devel opment, on line systems, etc. B.S. to Ph .D's. Refer Files No. 205A-206.

lackag. ~ !ain·

e, Ken· but not

evelop· ifinish· ::apable )iete reo :iie ~o.

minurn It 3 or i;e and

:i1e ;-Jo.


DA T A PROCESSING - Instructional Program Director. Midwest Junior College. 12 months position. Refer File No. 207. STEEL COMPANY - Ind. Engr. M.E . with I.E. option . IndustrIal Management or Math with exposure to methods. Illinois location St. Louis area. Refer Files No . 209 and 21l. E.E. or M.E. Ass't Chief Engr for hospital in Wisconsin. Refer Files No. 214-215. CER. E. - Research department steel company. Midwest. Refractory inspection and develop quality controL Refer File No. 219.


s. j;Jrge lest and ru 177 nidw est :i1e :-;0.

MARRIAGES Sobczak-Gilbert

Paul Sobczak '68 and Miss Jane Ann Gilbert, were married August 3, August 1969

1968, and are residing at 416 Cornelia Street, Joliet, IlL Paul is an engineer with the Northern Illinois Gas Company, Aurora. Turner- Nocton

Gary M. Turner '66 and Miss Patricia K . Nocton, Kirkwood, Mo., were married June 14, 1969, in the Kirkwood Methodist Church. G~ry was formerly with Campbell & Wieland, consulting engineers, and is now in the U .S. Army attending Officer Candidate School, Ft. Belvoir, Va. His permanent address is 4515 Mooncrest, St. Louis, Mo.

BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hodges '61 , welcomed their first son, Eric, born April 16, 1969 . Eric has three sisters, Michele, age 10, Robin, 6 and J ohnna, 5 years. The Hodges live in Alton, IlL, 3 0 Frontenac Place. John is a project manager at Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Mr. and Mrs. David A. Yoest '66 are proud to announce the birth of their second child, Stephen Trent, born November 19, 1968. David is a civil engineering assistant sewer design division, City of Los Angeles and the Yoests reside at 6031 Fountain Park, Lane No. 12, Woodland Hills, California . Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kearman '67, 4444 Normandy D rive, Fort Worth, Texas, announce' the birth of Robert Michael, on July 1, 1969. Robert is a geophysics with Pan American Petroleum. Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Means '65 , now have a son, Bradley Wayne, born July 22, 1969. They have a daughter, 2~ years old . They are living at 20 Carriage Drive, North, St. Joseph,Mo., and the father is a wire rope engineer with Wire Rope Corporation of America, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Hanlon '68, advise that Jeffrey Burke arrived June 7, 1969. The father has been assistant

sales representative for the Koppers Co. , Inc., and is scheduled to report for active duty as a 2nd. Lt., Chemical Corps , U.S . Army June 15, 1970 . The HanIons reside at 980 Chatham Park Drive , Pittsburgh, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Cawns ' 59 are parents of a daughter, Jennifer Kathryn, who arrived March 18, 1969. They live in St. Louis, Missouri, 7391 Stratford and Albert is a sales engineer for Thomas, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James H . Butler '68, have a daughter, Beth Marie, born June 4 , 1969. They are living at 9378 Golden Valley Drive, Norwalk, Iowa. James is a plant engineer for Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Waxman '59 proudly announce the arrival of Eugene Scott, born March 20, 1969. He joins a sister, Madelyn, 7, and Deborah , age 5. Stanley is project engineer, Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, N.]. and they reside in Livingston, 4 Garnet Terrace. Mr. and Mrs . Timothy H. Neet '68, 17012 Dover Lane, Independence, Mo ., now have Julie Christine, born May 28, 1969. Timothy is plant supervisor, American Tel e p h 0 n e and Telegraph Long Lines. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rore '62 added to their fami ly, May 28, 1969, when Kevin Wayne arrived at the Good Samaritan Hospital, West Palm Beach, Florida. John is with Pratt & Whitney Aircraft as a senior experimental engineer. They live in Jupiter, 949 North Dolphin Drive. Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Larson '44 , have a new baby, Karen A., who arrived on Patriot's Day, April 19, 1969. They reside in Lexington, Mass., 117 Lincoln St. The father is production manager for the Supercon Division, Norton Company. 1st. Lt. and Mrs. Richard]. Kasten '66 are parents of a son, Garrett John, born August 2, 1969. He was named for his great-grandfather. Lt. Kasten is presently with the 7th Ordnance Company, in Korea, and Mrs. Kasten is reSiding with her parents in Kansas City, Missouri. 9

DEATHS Robert E. Presnell '50

Robert Eugene Presnell, ' 50, age 47 lost his life in a fire at Thurber Towers Apartments, Columbus , Ohio, June 12, 1969. He was a native of St. Joseph, Missouri. After graduation he joined a St. Louis firm as supervisor of a logistics analysis project for the Corps of Engineers. Since 1955, he had been a metallurgist for the Battelle Memorial Institute of Technology, Columbus. The Battelle Technical Review, in 1966 , described the contribution he had made to economic development in the reduction and processing of iron, chromium and manganese ores. The publication stated that he was closely involved with studies in many parts of the world and had written several articles on the technical and economic considerations of making iron and steel. His survivors are: his widow; children, Robert, Jr., and Vicki; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Presnell and a sister. Steven L. Feder

Steven L. Feder '69, died May 30, 1969. He was employed by the New Jersey Zinc Company as a mining engineer. He was injured in a mine accident in Wisconsin, May 23, and was recovering but contracted pneumonia and died on the 30th.

ceived a Ford Motor Company Scholarship Award; Phi Kappa Phi Bookplate; Gold Key Award and was on the Dean's Honor List while attending school. Surviving are his widow, Harriett, and daughter , J ennifer, 2 years old. Roy N. McBride '14

James R. Langton '64

James Robert Langton '64, died July 1 3, 1969. He was a physicist with Douglas United Nuclear in Richland, Washington. His work . involved reactor safety and design, and had been in this employment for the past five years. He was a member of ALP; Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi , and re10


tion neW rning

Dr Roy N. McBride '14, retired chief appraisal engineer in the oil department of the First National Bank , Dallas, Texas, died July 24 , 1969. A native of Cambridge, Ohio, he moved to Dallas in 1937. He was with the bank until his retirement in 1954. He served overseas in W orld War II as an engineer officer. He was a member of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, the Dallas Geological Society and the Dallas Athletic Club. He is survived by his widow and two sisters, Miss Felma McBride and Mrs. R. T. McCracken of Cambridge, Ohio. Albert L. Bradt '26

Albert Leonard Bradt ' 26, age 80 years, died August 3, 1969, and was interred in Johannesburgh , California. He is survived by his widow Florence. J. L. Howendobler

John Leslie Howendobler '20, died August 5, 1969, in Inglewood, California.

Alumni Personals

William A. Ross '40

William Arthur Ross '40, died June 13, 1969, of cancer. He was a senior construction engineer with Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation, Alton, Illinois. He was a member of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers , the Engineers ' Club of St. Louis and the Sigma Nu fraternity.

stitute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers. He also was elected to the board of governors of the Mining Club in New York. Since 1963 , h e has been associated with Copper Range, the nation's fifth largest producer of primary copper and fabricated copper products.


E. J efferson Crum recently concluded a contract with Mitsui, of Japan, for technology for the continuous wire pretreatment process system for manufacturing steel, aluminum and copper wire with a maximum diameter of 0.5 inch. The system , known as "Loopro," will be manufactured by Nippon Dentro Mfg. Co. , a producer of wire treatment machinery.

In past years, he has occupied executive positions with a number of mining concerns, including Kennecott Copper Corp., U.S. Potash Co. , and Climax Molybdenum Company. He has also served as a consultant fo various governmental agencies on workman's compensation and accident prevention programs , as well as the procurement of mineral needs. During World War II, he was an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Act i vein mining industry affairs throughout his career, he is a member of the American Mining Congress Mobilization Readiness Committee and vice chairman of the Congress ' Non-Coal Safety Committee; and American Society of Safety Engineers. He and Mrs. Richardson have two children and reside in Stamford, Connecticut. 1 938

S.E. ~

wife, thro u weeds cal er his B best ; of wb two b la. OJ



Maget sissip will b bile,

Dr been;

ing, (

Hueston M. Smith has organized his own firm, Hueston M. Smith & Associates, Inc., Consulting Engineers , 187 Baker Avenue, Suite 301, St. Loui s, Missouri.

Condl viousl, orator and d cal am


Col new I

J. C. Leslie, Vice President Tnemec Compar;.y, Inc., 123 West 2 3rd Avenue , North Kansas City, Missouri, was on the campus the last of July participating as lecturer in the fifteenth "Coatings Course for Painting Contractors , Maintenance Engineers and Architects." He discussed "Prepare and Paint - or Repair." This is the third time he has been a participant in the paint courses directed by Dr. Wouter Bosch.

Col. Willit McM

9 3 2 James K. Richardson, vice president of Copper Range Company, has been elected a vice president of the Mining and Metallurgical Society, one of three constituent groups of the American In-

1 943

James Glover has been transferred from Montreal, Canada, to Los Angeles , California, by the Shell Oil Company, where he is superintendent of construcMSM Alumnus

rology Army senal, ,



and !le. elected Ie Min. . 1963,



St pro. fabri.




tion at the Wilmington Refinery. His new address is P.O. Box 728, Wilmington .


'ied ex.

of min. lttCopnd Cli. He has various kman's vention Iremem ld War i. Army

Dr. Charles H . Sparks, M.D. , 3725 S.E. Martins, Portland , Oregon, and his wife, have five children, ages 4 years through 1 3, and they are growing like weeds. Dr. Sparks advises that chemical engineering, in which he received his B .S. degree from Rolla, is the very b est pre-med course, and , regardless of what they may wind up d oing, his two boys will first graduate from Rolla. Dr. Sparks is a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon. 1947

, aflairs nember ess ~[o­ and vice In·Coal :an Sold Mrs. and reo

ganized mith & gineers, t. Louis,

Willis H. Harville is pastor of the Magee Presbyterian Church , Magee, MisSissipp i. The Harvilles ' daughter , Susan, will be entering South Alabama, at Mobile, as a fr eshman this September.

1 948 Dr. John William Buttrey, Jr. has been appointed Director of Engineering , Cond uctron-Missouri Division of Conductron Corporation. He was previo usly manager of the engineering laboratories and has over 15 years research and development experience in chemical and solid state physics. Colonel William C. McMillan is the new Director of the U.S. Army M:!t-

Tnemec Avenue, was on rticipat· "Coat· ractOrS, utects." nt - or be has courses

nsferred Angeles, ompaoy, ons trUc·


William C. McMillan

rology and Calibration Center at the Army Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Col. McMillan has been serving as Assistant Chief of Staff, MainAu gust 19 6 9

tenance, at Headquarters, 1 st Logistics Command, Vietnam. During the Vietnam assignment, he earned the Legi on of Merit medal. During World War II, he was in Europe and has spent three years in Korea and Japan. In the United States he has worked with the Atomic Energy Commission in Washington , D.C. , with special weapons at Sandia Base, New Mexico, with miss iles a t Ft. BUss and White Sands Missile Range, and in the laboratory at Rock Island Arsenal. In his present position he heads the Army-wide Metrology and Calibration program. John F. McCarthy is the presidentelect of the St. Louis Chapter of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers. He is Superintendent of the Bissell Treatment Plant of the Metropolitan Sewer District. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and President of the St. Louis section. He was formerly Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering at St. Louis University. He is a special consultant for the Monsanto Company and the Structural Bureau of the Building Officials conference of America. He is a member of the state and national MSPE, the Engineer's Club of St. Louis and past chairman of the midwest section of ASEE. A. E. Cope~and has been promoted to manager of mines and the Southern Division of Pocahontas Fuel Company. After grad uation he joined the Clinchfield Coal Company, Dante, Virginia, as a preparation engineer from 1948 to 1951. He was with Buckeye Coa l Company in Pennsylvania from 1951 to 1955 as preparation plant superintendent. In 1955 , he joined Pocahontas Fuel as assistant chief engineer; before his recent promotion h e was assistant to the president. The Copelands have four sons, Steven, 23, a graduate of West Virginia University; Jimmy 21, a 1969 graduate of Wharton Sch ool of Finance, U. of Penn.; Michael, 14, and Kirt, 6. The family lives in fi3l uefield , West Virginia. Mr. Copeland is a member of the AIME; president of the Pocah o ntas

Electrical-Mechanical Institute, and is a past president of the Southeastern Chapter of the West Virginia Society of Professional Engineers. ]. Walter Wallace joined SmeethHarwood Co., 2700 N. Campb ell Ave., Ch icago, Ill., in June 196 8, as President and part owner. They produce high conductivity copper castings for the steel industry. The Wallaces' address is 536 W. Bonnie Brae, Hinsdale, Ill. 194 9 - REUNION AT HOMECOMING

Daniel H. Miller, Jr., Ch airman of the Department of Geology, Southern Illinois Un ivers ity, has resigned to accept the position of Wyoming State Geologist. He h as been department chairman since 196 7, and was a senior

Daniel H. Miller

petroleum geologist for major oil companies before joining the SIU faculty in 196 3. His new pOSition will include direction of the Wyoming Geological Survey. His B.S. and M.S. degrees are from Rolla and h is doctorate from the University of Texas. Ernest]. Siracusa, senior quality engineers , Lockheed Georgia Co., was named "Quality Engineer of the Year" for 1968 by Lockheed Georgia Aircraft, Marietta, Georgia. His address is 2476 Powers Ferry Drive. Elbert A. Grimsley, formerly with Pan American Petroleum Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is n ow wi th Pan American Libya O il Company, Trip11




oli, Libya, where he is in charge of all Libyan geop hysical activities for his company. His address is in care of Pan American Libya Oil Company, P.O. Box 982, Tripoli, Libya. 1950

William Weinstein is now senior vice president , Foundation of Canada Engineering Corporation Limited, cons ulting engineers , Toronto, Ontario , Canada. His address is 30 Whittaker Cres., Willowdale , Ontario. Commander Jack E. Guth, U.S. Environmental Science Services Administration - Coast and Geodetic Survey, has been appointed Chief, Ship Construction. His address is 14715 Myel' Terrace, Rockville, Maryland. George Slocum has recently been pr o moted to Project Manager for Levitt and Sons, Harpers Glen Development in Columbia , Maryland. Prior to his promotion, Mr. Slocum had been


Thomas A . Herrm.ann, staff engineer with the firm Zurheide-Herrmann, Inc. , is the 1969-70 President of the St. Louis Chapter of Missouri Society of Professional Engineers . He has served as president-elect and vice president of the St. Louis Chapter, as well as chairman of numerous chapter and state society committees and was elected , in 1963, as " Young Engineer of the Year. " He is listed in "Wh o's Who in Missouri" and belongs to NSPE, ASCE , A WW A and MW & S C. Roland J. Niederstadt has been appointed manager of the Torrance refinery of Mobil Oil Corporation. Mobil 's second largest U.S. refinery. He has been manager of the Technical Division at the plant since 1968. He joined Mobil in 1952 as a junior engineer at the East St. Louis, Illinois, refinery. After several years as a process engineer, he became operating night s uperintendent in 1962. Foll owing other assignments in E. St. Louis, Neiderstadt moved to Mobil 's Eas t Chicago, Indiana, refinery in 1966 as s upervisor of economics and planning. In 1967, he became manager of the Engineering D epartment at the Woodhaven , Michigan, refinery. The leiderstadts presently reside at 29453 Whitley Collins Drive, Palo Verdes Penin sula, California.

engineering departments at Denton and Galveston, Texas prior to hi s transfer to Chicago in 1964. Mr s . Cantwell is the former Josephine Tyl er, of Rolla. They have a dau g hter, Kris.


F E. Z Wise ingS ~lain

1 952


John E. Priest, head of Water planning department, Harza Engineering Company, Chicago, IllinOiS, his wife Pamela and their two children , Lesley, 5, and Beverly, 2 have returned after an absence of 12 years o n water resources projects in the Middle East , Iraq, Pakistan and Iran . They now resid e at 2914 Orchard Lane, Wilmette ,


1st. "Pai: ~Iing



tion Phila of Pi

Emp 1 953

Marvin W. Boyd has been named Seni o r Staff Gas Agent in the Na tural Gas Sales organization of Shell Oil Company's Southeastern Exploration




Marvin W. Boyd


Manager of Commercial Cons tructi o n of Lev itt 's new Southern Zone offices in Hya ttsville , Maryland. Before jo ining the Levitt organization as Pro~ect Engineer for Commercial Co nstructio n , in 1967, he was Chief Engineer wi th the Uman-Parente Construction Company of Long Island , New York . He is a native of Long Island. Mr. Slocum, his wife, Mapel, and their 9 children , resi de in Levitt 's Strathmore at Bel Pre community in Montgomery County, Maryland. 12

Laurence W. Cantwell, assistant engineer for the Santa Fe Railroad , in thei r Chicago, Illin o is office, has been selected to atten d a six-weeks Institute of Business Econom ics at the UniverSity of Southern Californ ia, Los Angeles , und er rail way spon sorship. He is one of 24 Santa Fe management pers onnel from throughout the Uni ted States attendin g the seminar. Under the di rection of seven professo rs from the USC School of Commerce , the rai lr oaders wi ll discuss economic, socia l and pol itical as pects and con cepts of the Ame rican free enterprise system and o ther s ubjects. Thi s is s upplemented by training in public speaking and conference leadership. Cantwell has been w ith the Santa Fe s ince grad uati on and was with their

and Prod uction Region Production Department. Mr. Boyd has been Staff Gas Age nt in the Natural Gas Sales of Shell's head office in New York, N.Y. He joined Shell in 1953 as a mechanical engineer in Houston, Texas. In 1956 , fo llOWing two years in the military, he was named Gas Engineer working at Tulsa, D enver and Elk City, Ok lah oma, returning to Houston in 1964 as a Senior Gas Engineer. The fo ll owing year he became a Staff Gas Engineer and in 19 66 moved to lew York as Assistant Manager of C rude Oil and Volatiles Supply . In 1968, he joined the New York staff of the Natural Gas Sa les group . MSM Alumnu s

Atlar at th quar lIlint Strea


at tf 1955 the as a engil


sian '

-tOn and ; trans. Cant. yler, of Kris.

~r plan. neering lis wife Lesley, ed after ater reo Ie East, l OW reo ilrnette,

named Natural lell Oil oration




F. B. Burns, Vice President-Research, E. Z. Paint Corp oration , Milwa ukee , Wisconsin, was a lecturer in the "Coatings Course for Painting Contractors, Maintenance Engineers and Architects, " held on the campus July 28 - August 1 st. The topics he discussed were, "Paint Roller Fundamentals ," " SpecifYing Paint Rollers, " and "New Developments in Paint Application. "

1956 Peter N. Yiannos has a new position with the Scott Paper Company , Philadelphia, Pa. He is now Manager of Paper Research. He resides at 2304 Empire Drive, Wilmington , Delaware.

Richard A. Hughes has b een promoted to Manager of the Owens -Illinois , Inc., g lass container p I ant at Brockport, N.Y. Mr. Hughes has been


Richard A . Hughes


ion De· taff Gas )ales of

k, N.Y

lechani· xas. In he mili·

r work·

Ik Cil\',

ston in ~er. The


Atlantic Region engineering manager at the region 's Scarsdale, N.Y. , headquarters since 1964. He joined OwensIll inois as an industrial engineer at its Streator, IlL , glass container plant in 1966 and became planning engineer at the Huntington , W. Va ., plant in 1959 . Two years later he moved to the general offices in Toledo , Ohio , as a mechanization engineer. He was engineering and production coordinator for the Glass Container Divisio n 's Central Region in 1962-64 .

taff Gas

to ~eW

, Crude 968 , he ~ Natu r·

lu rn nUI

He served with the Air Force in K orea as a staff sergeant during the Korean War. After discharge from the Augu st 1969

service he returned to Rolla and received a B.S. degree in civil engineering. Richard , with his wife, Alice and three daughters reside at 3 Mortimer Drive, O ld Greenwich , Connecticut. 1957

Waymon 1. J o hnston received his Ph.D. degree, in June, from Texas Tech. UniverSity, in industrial engineering, and has accepted a p osition as assistant professor of industrial engineering at Texas Tech 's Grad uate Extension at Texarkana, Texas . The J ohnstons . and their three child ren reside at 3 Stanford Drive, Texarkana.

Mr. Tharp will serve Carter represe ntatives in Illino is, Indiana, Ka nsas, K entucky , Michigan, Missouri , Nebras ka , Ohio, West Virginia and eastern Wisconsin. T h e company 's headquarters is located at 192 Atlantic Street , Hackensack, N.]. Kenneth T. K lebba is a technical consultant for the Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. His work is mainly as a soils and founda ti o n cons ultant. He spent a ver y int eresting summer , in 1968 , in Alaska putting a dock and off-shore drilling platform in the Cook Inlet for Phillips . H is responsibility includ ed determining adeq uacy of pil ing to withstand ice load s .


Dr. G .A. Chappell is a senior chemical programmer, Hooker Chemical Research Center , iagara Falls , N.Y. H e received his Ph.D. deg ree in chemistry from th e State University of New YorkBuffalo in 1968 and resides at 70 Victoria Blvd. , Kenmore, N.Y. James E. Shepard , 1209 Briar Hollow Trail, Huntsville, Alabama is a general engineer with the U.S. Army, Safeguard. The Shepards h a v e two children , a boy, age 6 and a girl 8 years . H. John Meyer III, recently was appointed to th e position of application engineer at Alabama Oxygen Company, Inc. He has been with Alabama Oxygen since March 1969. He , and his wife, Judith , and four children reside at 570 Forrest Drive , Birming ham . Charles E. Tharp has been appointed Midwestern Regional Manager for Ral ph B . Carter Company, specialists in the design , manufact urin g and servicing of wastewater and water treatment equipment , plants and systems . Mr. Tharp brings to his new post an extens ive experience in the wa ter and wastewater equipment fie ld . He has worked in a numb er of assignments with the U.S. Public Health Service , including a tour of duty in the Chicago area, and has served as a regional sales engineer on the West Coast for anoth er concern.


Lt. Colonel Kay D . Gall iher is Action Officer , Aviation Facilities, Office of Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development, D epartment of the Ar my , Pentagon , Was h in gton , D .C. His address is P.O. Box 6 33 3, Alexandria, Va. Juan Leu is plant engineer, Nes tle 's Group, c/ o PROLACSA, Ma tagalpa, Central America. After a year ass isting in the project of a new milk plant in icaragua , he has been transferred to assist in the election of a plant at hi s present locatio n. He will remain at this location after production starts. 1962

Gera ld E. Huck recently was pr omoted to Chief Systems Planning Engineer, Illinois Power Company, Decatur , IlL He joined IP as assistant electrical engineer after grad uation. H e has been assistant p lanning engineer. Gera ld and his wife, Rita , have four chi ldren , Mark 11; Julie, 9, and the twins G reg and Jeff, age 6 . 1963

J ames R. Frazer, process engineer , A.P. Green Refractories, Mexico, Missou ri received a Master 's degree in Bu s iness Administration fr o m U. of Mo. Columbia in January . The Frazers ha ve one daughter , Michelle, 7 month s old . 13





Lt. Elmer C. Hoepker has recently been assigned to 34th Ord . Co . (SAS) as storage and issue platoon leader, Ft. Lewis , Washington .

with Laclede, in 1965, after graduation, as a design engineer in the maintenance engineering at the Alton works. He has been assistant superintendent of the blooming mill since June 24, 1968. He and his wife, Sandy, and the 15-month old son, Jeffrey, reside at 4915 Pierce Lane , Godfrey, Ill.

lives at 421 Shady Lane Drive, Kansas City, Mo.

Alan E. Stricker, analyst with General Refractories Co., Philadelphia, Pa. has comp leted a two-year bus ines s course sponsored by the Alexander Hamilton Institute, ew York. The Strickers are in Amb ler, Fa. , residing at 422 Ellerslie.


1 967

Robert W. Hogue, J r. has been discharged from the Army. 1st Lt. Hogue received the purple heart and bronze star decorations while on duty in Vietnam. He is now doing graduate work in engineering management at the University of Tulsa, while serving as a civil engineer in the Office of the City Engineer, Tulsa. His address is 2426 South 107 E. Ave. 2nd. Lt. Donald R. Oppliger received his commission in the U.S. Air

Jimmie Lyle Fisher, 4511 ~ Queens Avenue, Biloxi , Mississippi , is on military leave from Collins Radio Company, and is with the U.S. Air Force at Keesler AFB. He is teaching Burroughs D-825 computer. Randall K . King is a staff member engineer at Sandia Corporation, AJbuquerque , New Mexico. He has become interested in the hobby of motorcycle r acing and enjoying it. He has been victorious several time in his cla ss of cycling. His add ress is 12934 Skyv iew Ave., N.E. 1 st. Lt. Michael D. Hallett just turned from the 8th Psyop B , Trang, Vietnam , and aSSigned to "E," 1 st Bn. School Bde, ESS, Gordon , Georgia.

1965 1st Lt. Edward" ick" Henery, U.S. Army, is now stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado, with residence at 711 Tia Juana , Apt. No. 13, Colorado Springs.


John "Jack" Law'rence has been transferred to Toledo as an industrial engineer for the Plastics Division of OwensIllin ois serving their 14 plants. Hi address is 2462 Beaufort Ave., Toledo.


Lt. Elmer C Hoepker

!!lissi' ation

reha o.


2nd Lt. Donald R. Oppliger

If, it i




Joel H . McKell has been appointed to a new management position , Super-


Joel H. McKell

intendent of the blooming mill, laclede Steel Co., Alton, Ill. He started 14



2nd Lt. Samuel P. Miller

Force up 0 n grad uation at Lackland AFB , Texas and has been assigned to Keesler AFB , Mississippi, fo r training as a communications electronics staff officer.

1 st. Lt. Richard]. Kasten was promoted to his present rank in April. He is serv ing in the eighth Field Army Support Command in Korea. He is assistant o perations officer in the 7th Ordnance Company. His wife , Sheliah,

2nd Lt. Samuel P. Miller , AF , received his commission at Lackl and AFB, Texas and a signed to Vance AFB, Oklahoma. Victor H . Simon III , has been com-


MSM A lumnus



'ntrans. :al engi. Owens. His ad. Toledo.



missioned a 2nd Lt. ASAF, upon graduation from OTS at Lackland AFB Texas and has been assigned to Wri~ht-Pat~

terson AFB, Ohio for training as a base civil en gineer. 2nd. Lt. Walter T. Jarrett received

2nd Lt. Walter T. Ja"ett

2nd Lt. Victor

Queens 10 mili. mpany, Jrce at roughs

Simon III


nember , A1bu¡ Jecome :orcycle .s been ~Iass of ;kyview

just reo 3, Nha to Co, SS, Ft.


his commission on graduationfrom OTS at Lackland AFB, Texas. His aSSignment is Edwards AFB, California, with duty as an aeronautical engineer with a unit of the Air Force Systems Command . 1 st Lt. James W. Cu mper, Jr. , was promoted to his present rank at Ft. Stewart, Georgia, June 17 . At that time he was serving as Commanding Officer of Company "C" 5 7 5th Engineer Battalion (Constr.). He and his wife, Janet , reside at Route 1, Hinesville, Ga. David G. Skitek was awarded a master 's degree at Arizona State University, Tempe, at the Spring Commencement. Army Captain Gerald E. O lney received the award for meritorious service while serving as a protocol officer in the U.S. Army Regional Communications Group in Vietnam.

HElP US KEEP YOUR ADDRESS CURRENT If y our address has chang e d, compl ete and tear out this slip and mail it immediately to MSM Alumni Association , Rolla , Mo. Than ks.

Name ............................. .................................................................................... .. My new address is ........................................................................................... .

2nd Lt. Leroy E. Kraske

My Company or Business Is ......................................................................... .

And My Title Is ............................................................................................. .

Here's Some News for the MSM


Leroy E. Kraske has been commissioned a 2nd Lt. USAF upon graduation from Officer Training School, Lackland AFB, Texas . He is assigned to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, as a member of the Air Force Logistics Command . 1968

William E. Unternaehrer received his commission as 2nd Lt. USAF, ongraduation from Officers Training School , Lackland AFB , Texas . His assignment is duty at Hill AFB , Utah, as an electrical engineer.

usAF, ckland Vance

:n corn'

August 1969


1969 Annual Alumni Fund Roster of Contri butors Recorded as of August 31, 1969 The 1969 ANNUAL ALUMNI FUND set n ew records for the MSM Alumni Association. There were more donors an d more dollars than ever before. We thank yo u for your participa tion . The ROSTER OF CONTRIBUTORS was prepared with care but we are certain there will be errors and

CLASS OF 1901 Hanley, H. R.

omlsslOns. Please let u s know of any that come to your attention . Some of you reading the ROSTER will be quite surprised to find your name is not listed. It happens every year but 25 per cent of you who gave in 1968 did not give in 1969 . Most of you probably planned to give, even thought that you had, and yet the check

Conway, Clifford L. Coover, Louis L.

Ford, Harold P. Grosberg, Alex

didn't get written. Why not write your check today - put it in the "cut-out" form at the end of the list - and you will h ave done what you intended to do last year - sent a gift to the Annual Alumni Fund. The Annual Alumni Fund Committee

Irwin, Joseph S. Keelyn, James L.



Century Club

Hauenstein, Fred CLASS OF 1904 Thompson, Robert C. CLASS OF 1905 Williams, Bruce CLASS OF 1907 Fellows, Aubrey Perkins, W. C. Phillips, Walter I. Seltzer, Andrew Jackson CLASS OF 1908' French, C. L. Hynes, Dibrell P. Sedivy , Miles Wood, Clyde R. CLASS OF 1909 Barrett, Edward P. Loveridge, F. R. McCrae, Rowe CLASS OF 1910 Blake, Frank O. Bodman, John W. Bryant, A. D. Harlan, J. D. Riede, Frederick E. Vogt , George C. CLASS OF 1911 Cody, Ben H. Detweiler, Milan H. Greene, Eva Hirdler Townsend, Frank E. CLASS OF 1912 Coaske, Paul E.


Lynto n, Edward D. Thomas, George S. Willmott , M. E.

Listed for the first time in this Roster of Contributors are the members of the CENTURY CLUB. These alumni and friends of the School have given $100 or more to the Annual Alumni Fund of 1969. A special thanks to these people. The Century Club Certificate reads: "An organization of alumni founded on May 27, 1967 to aid and support the Univer.sity of Missouri - Rolla through substantial gifts to the MSM Alumni Association Annual Alumni Fund ." We hope there will be 100 or more members in the S 100 or more CENTURY CLUB during the 100th ANNIVERSARY - 1970. John L. Andrews '24 Jean Lloyd Arras '44 Hugh Barger '39 Mrs. Charles R. Barnard, Jr. ([n memory of the late Charles R. Barnard, Jr. '56) Charles R. Barnard , Sr. '20 Richard H. Bauer ' 52 Morris Boorky '39 Ivan Bounds '50 Carlos G. Bowers '24 * Alfred A. Boyle '25 Robert M. Brackbill '42 Will Brewer '32 Paul T. Dowling '40 Fred W. Finley '4 1 George E. Fort '40 Russell R. Frame '46 Franklin D. Gastineau '63 Frederick J. Gorczyca '61 James L. Gregg '23 Dr. Karl F. Hasselmann '25 B. F. Hoover '23 Charles H. Jennings '30 Nevada A. Kent '53 Dr. Charles B. Kentnor , Jr. '24



Dr. Harry H. Kessler '24 Daniel A. Kind '42 Paul J. Koehler ' 66 David L. Krasser '61 Joseph J. Krebs ' 16 Donald R. Mason '63 Edward C. Miller" 28 Henry D. Monsch '29 Joseph W. Mooney '39 James J. Murphy '35 Dr. Enoch R. Needles ' 14 James R. Patterson ' 54 Dr. Charles J. Potter '29 Herbert L. Prange '38 Thomas H. Reese , Jr. '34 Joseph Reid '27 Hans E. Schmoldt '44 Fred C. Schneeberger '25 John C. Schork '47 Louis H. Schuette '29 Miles Sedivy '08 Ed A. Smith '24 John P. Soult '39 Lawrence A. Spanier ' 50 John R. Stubbins '20 General Leif J. Sverdrup '52 John A. Walker ' 50

Ehlers, Wm., Jr. Hollister, S. E. Knappenberger, Wm. R. CLASS OF 1914 Finagin , Joseph C., J r. Hall, Clyde W. Kelly, Mervin J . McBride, Ro y N. Metz, G. F . Needles, E. R. Rice, Hugh P. Simrall, Riley M. Web ster, John N. CLASS OF 1915 Hatch, S. R. Morri s, Olive S. Smith, V. X. CLASS OF 1916 Adams, Bernard W. Deutman, E. G. Grotts, Fred Johnson, Gunnard E. Krebs, J. J. Lumaghi , O. L. McCartn ey, Wm . H. Neustaeder, H. A. Ude, George E. Vogel, H. H. CLASS OF 1917 Horn er, Howard A. Kamp, William H. Mellow, R. Wesley Port er, George S. Shipley, John J. Shriver, R. O. Teas, Howard J.


Chave, Doen n Scheui Weiser Zoller,


Lottm; Scott, WiJkin: CLl

Ashioc Barnar Bash, [ Burnet Ebmey Finlay, Hoppo Hawaii Nolte, Petsch, Pietsch Racket Slover, StubbiJ Swayzr Terry, Uthoff


Badolle Colbert Forman Hamme Hurd, H Lioyd,! Miller, I Needhal Nitzeba Rohloff Taylor, Wilson,

Alcorn Case, Ii Christn deCou: Diers, I Huffm, Leo nar


Salmon Scruby Weir, T Wyman


DeBell Buser,'

MSM Alumnus




rite YOUr cut'OUt" and you nded to the An.







.Iurn nus

Chavez, Raul Doennecke, W. H. Scheuaer, LeRoy R. Weiser, H. H. Zoller, Lawrence J. CLASS OF 1919 Lottman, Walter F. Scott, J. Walter Wilkinson, Paul D. CLASS OF 1920 Ashlo ck, E. E. Barnard, Charles R. , Sf. Bash, David A. Burnet, George, Sf. Ebmeyer, G. E. Finlay, William J . Hoppock, Harland H. Howald, Arthur M. Nolte, William J. Petsch, Arthur H. Pietsch, Peter H. Rackett, Gerald F. Slover, Edwin A. Stubbins, Jolm R. Swayze, Ronald O. Terry, Mark L. Uthoff, Frederick W. CLASS OF 1921 Badollet, M. S. Colbert, J . P. Forman, P. Grant Hammer, B. E. Hurd, H. W. Lloyd, Samuel Horace Miller, E. L. Needham, A. B. Nitzeband, W. F. Rohloff, Joseph H. Taylor, F. Huston Wilson , Joseph M. CLASS OF 1922 Alcorn, Irwin W. Case, Walker E. Christner, Glen J. de Cousser, Kurt H. Diers, Henry E. Huffman, Daniel E ., Jr. Leonard, Homer L. Machin, Edwin G. Salmon, J. C. Scruby, H. D. Weir, Thomas G. Wyman , Glen S. CLASS OF 1923 DeBell, M. N. Buser, Henry C.

August 1969

Campbell, E. Taylor Chapin, Elmer F. Chomeau, Henri Fischer, Paul E. Flesh, David J. Ford, Ragan Gatts, W. P. Gregg, James L. Hoover, B. F . Jewell, A. B. McAlpine, Earl H. Moore, B. Hamilton Murphy, Raymond E. Pence, Henry S. Pesout, Edward Powers, H. R. Riddle, Jolm H. Rixleben, B. Teis, Kenneth R. Ten Eyck, Warren E . Tragitt, E. Rowland Wanenmacher, J. M. Weigel , M. P. Werner, Walter A. Whitworth, Virgil L. Zoller, H. E. CLASS OF 1924 Andrews, J. Lewis Blake, Philip L. Bowers , Carlos G. Bowers, C. G. Courtney, Robert M. Devereux, Andrew Dierking, G. T. Gabler, Geo. C. Jett, James E. Kemper , C. L. Kentnor , Charles B. Kessler , Harry Knight , W. E. H. Lovett, I. H. McBrian, Ray Matlack, Fred P., Sf. Scott , Guy R. Smith, E. A. Weimer, W. Henry Whittelsey , C. C. Wright, Wilford S. CLASS OF 1925 Atkinson, M. L. Baker, Donald R . Berry, Hugh R . Boyle, Alfred A. Browning, Bertie L. Eagan , T. E. Gaines, George D. Godwin, William Hasselman n, K. F. Hauck, W. F. Heitmann , Albert L. Herder, Howard A. Horrom, Orman J.

Irving, Charles C. Lyon, E. J. Schneeberger, F. C. Schramm, Herbert O. Valerius, Claude N. Ward, Ronald D. CLASS OF 1926 Belmke, James D. Birchard, Harry C. Butts, R. H. Costello, Bernard M. Craig, Samuel E. Gammeter, Erwin Griffm, Donald N. Griswold, E. H. Kennedy, Daniel Kitchen, Charles L. Kollar, Ray E. Moore, James P. Rood, J . A. Short, W. Irwin Smith, C. Cabanne Tyrrell, Morril L. Wilson , J. M. CLASS OF 1927 Ab bett, Robert W. Barnard, A. E. Cook, Edward H. Cutter, L. A. Hallows, Raymond L. Kraft, Ned O. Lusk, R. Ralph McCaw, R. F . Parsons, Edward W. Paul , Murray J. Rankin , R. M. Reid, Joseph H. Sievers , Edwin R. Smith, Alfred T. Smith, James F. Weber , Paul Weiss , Clarence B. Wightman, Randall H. CLASS OF 1928 Baumgartner, R. P. Boyer, Philip J. Burg, Louis J. Cordry , C. D. Crumbaugh, D. H. Faulkner, E. C. Freeman, Charles A. Gross, Henry E. Gross , Howard H. Herbert C. F. Hill, Albert L. Histed, Howard Hodgdon, Sam D. Kilpatrick , H. R. Layne, Mark B. Miller, Edward C .

Moreland, Howard B. Murphy, Thomas D. Newcombe, H. H. Roberts, Gerald A. Schweickhardt, W. K. Slates, Burl Y. Smith, J. Warren Thomas, H. D. Walther, John R. CLASS OF 1929 Bolon, Harry C. Coil,B.R. Crum, E. Jefferson Dittmer, Russell S: Drake, William L. Dresbach, Charles H. English, T. O. F rotscher, Guen ther Hueter, C. G. Jolmson, Charles W. Jones, Harlow G. Kemp, Arthur H. Kim, Emmet R. Monsch, Henry D. Potter, C. J. Schuette, Louis H. Thompson, Mercer Williamson, Joe J r. CLASS OF 1930 Alexander, Verne Cirkal, Elmer F. Davis, Willard E. Dillingham, Marion A . . Graybeal, J. W. Grimm, C. James Harvey, Edwin T. Heath, Geo. F . Hoeman, Erwin C. Jennings, Charles H. Juhre, C. C. Kaveler , Kul W. Kirkpatrick, H. F. Maune, A. R. Meeka, Edward Miles, Aaron J. Miller, D. H. Moore, Percy E. Neal, K. R. Osterwald, Herbert R. Payne, Richard F . Rollman, W. H. Roy, John G. Scheer, Henry O. Shearer, Andrew C. Stone, S. A. Thomas, Myron

Donlon, Thomas F. Epperson, E. R. F ollowill, Bemis S. Gevecker, V. A. C. Graham, R. C. Haffner, Ray J. Harrison, Albert Herrell, R. R . Herron , H. R. Kirkpatrick, Ruel L. McCaw, Charles W. Miles, John C. Mitchell, Alfred A. Murphey, Maurice F. Ross, Charles E. Sperling, Elmer J. Stokes, James E. Wade , Rolla T . Ware, Walter J. Wenger, F. E. Wilhite, Clyde E. Williams, Rex Z. CLASS OF 1932 Bertram, R. A. Brewer , Will Bruegging, Harold J. Davis , Stuart L. Delaney, James H. Friedman, I. W. Gibbs, Harold L. Hoeman , Arthur J. Hippler, R. F. Horn, Rex T . Jolmson, Leon K. Karraker, Ed L. Kassay , Andrew W. Kay, W. T. Macklin , F loyd S. Matsek, John Mays, W. R. McClusky , Rodney W. McCreight, R. L. Meyer, Henry W. Monroe, Rex Offnut , J. J. Pollak, John A. Reid , Allen J. Rhoades, Robert P. Richardson, J. K. Riggs , W. R. Ro esser, Robert P. Rydstrom , Richard Schwarz, Arthur S. Thompson , Homer F. Tomlinson, Elmer M. Wiethop, Russell H. Zvanut, Frank CLASS OF 1933

CLASS OF 1931 Baron, A. R. Conley, Jack N. Donaldson, William E.

Asher, Vernon Beardsley , Coleman H. Beinlich, A. W. , Jr. Berthold , C. F.


19 69


Borchers, Raymond W. Coghill, W. W. Dodson, Virgil 1. Doll, Warwick L. (Mrs.) Edgar, M. Russell Farmer, John O. Ferbrache, C. P. Gieseke, Elmer Gross , Bernard J. Harmon, J. J . Harris, Gene L. Helmkamp, Arthur R. Herzog, Milton L. Hibbits, Lowell A. Jabsen, Wm. J. Kaczmarek, Theo. B. Kay, William W. Krattly , Homer W. Lambur, Charles H. Lanz, Fred M., Sr. McDonald, James F. Merchie , Leo H. Musson, George H. Parker, Richard A. (Mrs.) Pinkley, Rex E. Roemer , Elmer A. Seiberling, T. O. Spotte, Irvin C. Wehrman , Alvin A. Williams, Arthur J. , J r.

CLASS OF 1934 Absher , Harold R. Bermi, Sam A. Cole, Ralph C. Cunningham, Robert L. Cutler, Davi d Darling, James W. Dobson, Richard J. Fagan, Durward Fletcher, W. B. Ford , Homer T., Jr. Gaston, Jack E. Gillis, Gordon H. Hale, George A. Hedges, William E. Hein, Edwin A. Hudson, R. G. Jackson, LeRoy H. Jo slin , LeCompte Kruse, Cornelius W. McKinley, John H. McReynolds, E. L. Poese, Lester E. Power, William R. Ree se, Thomas H. , Jr. Springer, W. R. Stewart, T . J. Stolle, E. B. Sullentrup, Leo J. Taylor, Richard E. Weigel, R . C.


CLASS OF 1935 Borgstede, George J. Buck, Robert H. Campbell, W. J. Colman, Howard B. Cooke, W. F., Jr. Danforth, Warren B. Doan, Donald J . Dutton, Donnell W. Edgar, Max E. Haffner, H. J. Harrod, John E. Hoffman, Emil D. Holtman, L. W. Hoyt, Harlan K. Johnson, Robert W. Kamper , Oliver W. Lange, Howard F. McDill, William H. McDonald, Collins H. Montgomery, Robert Gill Nickel, Elmer J. Nixon , E. W. Nolde, George T . Peters, W. A. Royer, T. W. Sloss, James P. Solomon, R. C. CLASS OF 1936 Adams, Nyle M. Barrow, Carlton W. Beard, Reade M. Chapman, Robert T. Daily, Eugene J . Dennis, W. E. Fiss, Edward C. Harr, Geraldine Grim Hoffman, Richard H. Kirchoff, Elmer Menefee, James H. Nations, George O. Nicholson, Harvey L. Pfeifer, Herman J . Prange, R. L. Ra sor, John P. Roy, Edward A. Ruwwe , John W. Schwalbert, W. H. Sinunons, Robert W. Thompson, Hoyt G. Walker, W. Ernie Woekheide, Arthur E., Jr. CLASS OF 1937 Appleyard , Frank C. Benner , Cha rles F. Bommer, Theodore J. Breuer, Walter F. Busch, William C. Cardetti, R . J. Carrolla, Ross L. Donnelly, W. L.

Holz, Walter L. Jarrett, Walter R. Jones, Walter T. Lange, R. C. Logan, Edwin W. Mattei, Peter F. McClanahan, Arthur L. Post, S. S. Schaumburg, Grant W. Sheppard, John J. Tyrrell, M. E. Vincent, James A. Vogt , Fred K. CLASS OF 1938 Ballman, E. A. Bircher, J. Russell Bliss, Allen D. Bowman, Don C., Jr. Cameron, Charles V. Carpenter, Forrest L. Clayton, Charles L. Cornett, Roy C. Evans, James D. F. II Fernandez, Horacio A. Ford, Wm. A. Goodrich, Frank N. Hill, Eugene F. Howerton, J. W. Jarboe, R. A. Jones, Robert V. LeGrand, Jesse S. Lewis, Bram J. Medley, R. R. Morrison, Frederick Mueller, Fred M. Nickel, Melvin E. Pittenger, F. H. Prange, Herbert L. Ruemmler, W. P. Short, John A. Stokes, Homer B. CLASS OF 1939 Barger , Hubert S. Beach, John G. Boorky , Morris Boulson, Charles E. Brand, Glenn E. Brown , R. G. Carter, Ro bert A. Claridge, Elmond L. Crecelius, Herb ert E. Decker, George J. Dieffenbach, Robert P. Elliott, Edward E. Elliott, Lewis C. Fillmer, Howard H. Finley, Thomas J. Glatthaar, J. R . Harsell, Thomas L., Jr. Haviland, R. P. Heiser, F. W.

Hoffman, Ray E ., Jr. Jacobs, James H. Jamison, Marshall V. Jeffers , Marshall A. Johnson, E. Herbert Kenyon , Robert R. Kidd , Harold S. Lintner, Carl W. Livingston, John H. McCaw, Jack Mooney, Joseph W. Moore, Jack W. Mueller, George E. Mussell, W. E. Pohlmann, Edgar F. Rhodes, A. E. Roaring, Wilbert A. Roe, Lawrence A. Runyan , J. R. Siegrist, Kermit A. Smith, LeRoy E. Soult, John P. Spalding, J. V. Sullivan, William L. Taylor, Fred N. Tetley, Albert L. Vandergriff, W. C. CLASS OF 1940 Alexander, William C. Alford, T . Rex Barclay, James Baumstark, Walter A. Brown , Guy, Jr. Burns, R . E. Capp, Sidney Carr, W. J ., JI. Cotterill, Carl H. Cox, Vernon N. Dennie, Powell A. Dennis , B. A., Jr. Donahue , J. B. Dowling, Paul T. Ferrell, J. O. Fort, George E. Griffet h, T. J . Gund, Russell A. Hall, Charles E. Heiss, Edward W. Henson, Leonard E. Herzog, A. R. Kamper , Herb ert G. Kelley , Ralph E., Jr. Kidwell , Albert L. Klug, Rob ert John Ladd, Harley W. Leber, W. P. Leslie, J. C. Loveridge, Joel Machmer, F. G. Markley, J. S. Martin, Ben H. Miller, Edgar S. Mitsch, George L.

Niedling, Ivan M. Olcott, Eugene L. Palmer, Clarence C. Parish, G. A. Perry, E. L. Plenge W., C. H. Planje, Theodore J. Reed, John F. Ridley, Robert P. Riege , Lynn J. Rieke , V. W. Rose , Colin G. Ross, Paul F. Rueff, Edward L. Schrader, R. E. Sharp, Everett W. Smothers, W. J. Sturges, H. D. Summers , Huey Tucker, Armin J. Wallace, Gerald E. Weber, Arthur Wilson , James C. Young, W. P. CLASS OF 1941 Adams, Wash Andreae, Andreas A. Bennetsen, Wayne J. Bottcher, H. F. Bourne, William H. Boyd , Robert K. Boyt, Gene Butch, Edmund R. Cochran, Andrew A. Comeau, Clifford A. Couch, G. R. Crecelius, Donald G. Crockett, W. E. Davidson, R. F. Dreste , Jerome P. Farrell, Edward C. Fick, Armin F. Fields, R. E. Finley, Fred W. Francis, Merritt M. Gebhardt, Adolph Grisham, Marvin C. Hacker, Alden G. Hall, Jane C. Hardine, Kenneth L. , Jr. Hoener, Fred H. Jaffe , Nathan D. Kerr, James W. Lambert, Chris, J r. Lambeth, Jen nin gs R. Loveridge, Warren Lynch, Daniel S. Mack, James 0., Jr. McKee, Jack B. Mentz, Frank H. Meyer, Robert H. Pace , George M. Pautler, Anthony C.

MSM Alumnus

Puetz, V Reagan, RouX, J SchOent Schweit ShanJda Smith, I Smoot, Springe! Stevens, Stewart Stockto Topper, Volz, H Wample Wattent Wyatt, l


Adler, A Allen,!1 Axmach Beverid[ Blanken Blackbil Brouk, I Burberfl Busch, V Castlem: Clalk, H Crookst, Cunning Eisman, Flint, M, Fuller,! Hagar, B Heuer, ( Hillery, Jacoby, Jones, T Karbosk Kind, D Kissling( \(]oeris, Krueger Lyons, J Maltin, McConn McCullo MCGhee


NeUbert NeVin, J Nicola, aide, Fr Olsen, J Pagel, H PeWitt, RaSSinie Sandhau Schmitt Schow~ Schuma SchWab





Puetz, William M. Reagan, A. Noel Roux, James Ramee Schoenthaler, Robert Schweitzer, R. E. Shankland, John Smith, Floyd P. Smoot, Earl L. Springer, James J. Stevens, Harvey C. Stewart, Daniel R. Stockton, Herbert R. Topper, Robert L. Volz, H. A. Wampler, Harold R. Wattenbarger, C. M. Wyatt, DeMarquis D..

CLASS OF 1943 Adams, Joseph T. Amli, Harold E. Ascluneyer, E.F. CLASS OF 1942 Ballinger, Homer J. Adler, A. G. Bassett, William H. Allen, John C. Bellis, Maurice O. Axmacher, Geo. W. Berndt , Joseph P. Jr. Beveridge, Thomas R. Biermann, Earl E. Blankenship, Gilbert H. , Jr. Bottom, James H. Brackbill, R. M. Carroll, James V. Brouk, Ralph H. Christensen, Douglas N. Burberry, R. Sidney Comann, R. Kent Coolidge, Don Busch, William D. Davis, Claude E. Castleman, John H. Davis, James Warren Clark, Hugh M. Dreste, Fred E. Crookston , J. A. Durphy , Clyde A. Cunningham, R. J. Eisman, Wm. J. Ehrlich, Robert L. Flint, Melvin C. Flessa, Vernon E. Fuller, Julian A. Flood, H. W. Hagar, Bailey W. Fris, E.S. Heuer, Charles A. Gimson , William H.,Jr. Hillery, Charles Glover, James Jacoby, Charles H. Hanna, R.L. Jones, Thomas A. Hoffmann, W.G. Karbosky , Joseph T. Huseman, Don J. Kind , Daniel A. Jollison, J.C. Kisslinger, Fred Joynt, K.R. Kloeris, Paul W. , Jr. Kalish, Herbert S. Krueger , Harold A. Kasten, R .O. Lyons, John H. Key , Enos L. Martin, Kent W. Kratz, Jerrold K. McConnell, W. F. Krill , Francis M. McCullough, H. A. Krummel, Clyde H. McGhee, Vernon T. Lambelet , Clarence A. Mi tchell, J in L. Landis, Bruce R . Neubert, Ralph L. Larson, Leonard N. Nevin, James R. Leming, John G. Nicola, Nicholas Martin, Gene S. McCormick, Charles S. Olde, Fred W. Olsen, John K. McMath, Robert P. Meyer, Orville L. Pagel, Herbert Neustaedter, James A. Pewitt, Bion D. Rassinier, Ed Paul, James R. Rasmussen, R.K. Sandhaus, Elmer H. Sanders, Cythiaron Irene Schmitt, Joseph B. Schmitz, Joseph K. Schowalter, K. A. Schuman, Austin E. Schumann, Lloyd C. Short, Donald H. Schwab, Carl F., Jr.

A ugu st 1969


Shockley, Gilbert R. Sindel, A. T. Smith, John Jr. Stewart, Alex Lawrence Taylor, Otis H. Trotter, C. R. Van Nostrand, Robert Wade, Dell C. Weidle , Ben E. Witt, Jack Wolfe, Leonard C. Woodworth, Lee R. Zanzie, C. E. Zoller, J. W.

Skitek, G.G. Smith, Donald J. Strickler, H.O. Studebaker, D.J. Weis, Carl J. Werner, Roy Wilms, John O. Wilson , William Jr. Wright, Clarence J. Zoller, Vict ")r H.

Daniels, Thomas D. Doisy, Richard J. Frame, R.E. Meyer, Donald L. Olsen, O. M. Pagano , S.J. Rutledge, Wm. A. Smith, Robert H. Wilhelms, K.M.

CLASS 01 1944


Arras, Jean Lloyd Allen, Eugene K. Barnett, William J . Brinkmann , Herman Brodhacker, John W. Carmichael, Ronald L. Dampf, Philip M., Jr. Dick , C. Alfred Dietz, R.O. Dowd, James D. Goetemann, Edwin C. Griffiths, John W. Hansen, J. Richard Heidenreich, Roger H. Hubbard, William Isenmann, Edward S. Kasten, Paul R. KIorer , Robert W. Kozeni, Donald Larson, Warren Magill, W.H. Murphy , Robert E. Nevin, Frederick E. Ploesser, Alan P. Rudisaile, H.J. Sanders, Lincoln A. Scrunoldt, Hans Scott, Harry S. Simons, Sanford L. Smith, P. Gene Sparks, Charles H. Staley, Glen L., Jr. Summers, Robert F. Weinel, E.A. Westwater, Robert S. CLASS OF 1945 Blase, Edwin W. Boyd, Roy H. Kasten, Vernon L. Kawaguchi, Makota J. Milton, Osborne Murray, Robert E. Ozawa, J.K. Schmidt, Robert F. Shank, EarlM. West, Amy G. CLASS OF 1946 Burke, George E. Connett,R.P.

Adrian, Kenneth G. Andersen, Fred L. Bailie, Cecil C. Brixius, John L. Bruns, Robert F. Bruzewski, R.F. Carafiol, Gilbert Carlton, Paul F. Cole, Richard E. Dameron, H.C., Jr. Dunham, Roy H. Einspanier, B.J. Ellerman, Wm. E. Ellis, William Ashley Feldhaus, Ralph J. Fogarty, Edwin R. Fowler, Howard M. Ginzberg, M. Gerson Goodwin, ~eo E. Goodwin, William J . Hammann, Eugene E. Harville, Willis H. "Bill" Hayes, William C. Henke, Elvin A. Henry, G.E. Johnson, Philip D. Kerr , Frank F. LaPiere, Gilbert H. Little, J. Edward Martin, Arliss V. McDonald, Malcolm H. McKinnis, Charles L. Perryman , George L. Pierce, Thomas R. Pomeroy, Chester M. Ray, Robert L. Scheineman, J.A. Schmitz, Richard L. Schork, John E. Sheppard, Keith D. Sinnott, Robert T. Smith, J.A. Snider, J.W. Snowden , J. Russell Stephens, James W. Strunk, M.R. Tappmeyer, R.A. Wegener, Wilbert F. White, Robert L. Wylie, James E. Vee , Bing Q.

CLASS OF 1948 Ackermann, K.G. Anderson, Walter F. Aubuchon, Pierre M. Baerveldt, R.F. Balmat, J .S. Banks, Ralph Benn, Edward Bermel, Peter F. Billy, Joseph H. Bradford, Victor L. Brassfield, H.C. Brown, W.R. Browning, Phil A. Canning, Fred H., Jr. Chaney, James B. Crosby, R. Allen Delany, Michael J. Doelling, Robert F . Dziemianowicz, Theodore Q. Ellis, Maurice H. Ellis, William F. Enochs, Richard C. Fields , L.E. Fisher, James R. Fitzpatrick, Joseph W. Flynn, R.H. Fuller, L.W. Gager, Lem Nicholas Gauerke, Reinhart C. Grady, Wm.J., Jr. Griessen, John Grigsby, Harry G. Gurney Gurnea, Elvin M. Hagan, M.A. Haley, Comer C. Hammann, John W. Hartman, W.V. Hasko, Stephen Held, Robert E. Hepp, Joseph T. Hoelscher, James W. Hoey, Paul E. Howell, Richard B. Howell, Ted R. Hudgens, E.W. Hudson, C.N. Jackson, Jorge Johnson , Charles C. Kaempf, Leo R. Keeley, Gilbert S. Kreutzer, Robert C. Lawson, Vernon R. Lewis, Robert T. (Mrs.) McCormack, Geo. E. Marchal, J.H. McGovern, James Mathews, Donald J. Miller, Wm. J. Moline, Gordon H. Mueller, Edward E. Nease, Robert J. Procton, Albert W. Ramsey, George H.



Robbins, Irvin D. Rolaff, Erich Schaeffe r, W.A. III Schmidt, Donald G. Sheth, P.G. Smi th, David G. Smith, Harlan D. Smith, Hubert R. Spinzig, E.W., Jr. Stoecker, W.F. Terrasson, P.L. Thurman, William H. VanEaton, C.W., III Wallace, J. Walter Warren, G. Windsor Weddle, Wilbern L. Westmoreland , E.S. Whaley, Henry P. Whanger, J.R. Wolfa rth, T.R. CLASS OF 1949 Anderson, Douglas Anderson, George M. AuBuchon, Edward L. Baily, Walter E. Barkley , J . E. Bay, Robert D. Berry, Jerome T. Birch, Bettij eanne Blankenmeister, Erwin Boyer, Alexa nder A. Breitwieser, Robert H. Carney, W. Dale Carroll, John T. Carter, William D. Chang, John W. Cizek, Frank J. Cli fton , James G. Comerer, E.D. "Ed" Coolidge, William H. Cox, Delbert R. Cromer, Charles F. Cull om, JOrul T. Dalpini, David Daly, T.E. Daniells, Charles P. Davidso n, Charles C. Davi dson, Geo. H., Jr. DeBolt , Donald G. Duncan, Richard H. Easo n, Donald E. Ehrler, John W. Eichelberger, Chas. E. Eva ns, William W. Fentzke, A. Daniel FlielUllan, Mauri ce H. Foster, Jack D. Frank , Louis E. Fuqua, John H. French, Robert G. Gambill, James W. GanUllon, William H. Geo rger, Lester J. Goller, C. H., Jr.


Gree r, Paul H. Greig, Jose ph E. Grimsley, Elbert A. Hubbard , William F. Jones, Oliver W. Kelahan, R.C. Kimmick, Edward J. Knecht, Walter S. Kn opp, Roger Knutso n, Elmo G. Koenig, Fred G. Komoto, Frank K. Line, Myrl K. Linn , Laurel G. Magruder, William H. Martin , Rob ert L. McCallister, O.L. , Jr. McDonald , John E. McGrath, James B. Mengel, E.L. Meyer, Harlan L. Mulligan , John Norman, Amos Ostmann, Robert F. Otto, R.M. Padfield , Ralph C. Perry, Robert C. Penman, Robert R. Pollish, L. Quinn, Joseph S. Ratcliff, John J. Reilly, John Gay, Jr. Reinkensmeyer, Norman W. Reiss, Joseph J . Remingto n, C.R. Rice , Daniel P. Root, Robert L. Ross, C.J. Ross, Harvey D. Rowley , Kermit G. Russell , Ray H. Schirmer, W.A. Schmidt, Murray Schowalter, Ralph E. Schuler, Leo nard L. , Jr. Schweder, H.P. Sco field, G.L. Seelig, Albert F., J r. Sevick , Joseph G. Shute, JolUl W. Sieger, Wm. A. , Jr. Siracusa , Ern est J. Springe r, Fred M. Smi th, W.E. Stadelhofer, Jack Starkweather, Reub en H. Stein , J olUl E. Sutto n, GlerUl W. Telthorst, Edgar J. Telthorst, Harold M. Timmer, Donald H. Tindall , Robert ,Ir. Toomey, John B. Trotter, Jack K. Tucker, Art hur L.

1969 I

VanMaerssen , Otto L. Wissel, Charles K. Werner , E.J. Withrow, Harold J . Yochum, Robert J . CLASS OF 1950 Agnew, Lewis E. Amsler, John O. Atchiso n, Daniel R. Back, Wilbert E. Jr. Bachman, William G. Bage, Earl A. Barcroft, John R. Barsachs, Edwin H. Bartels, Euge ne A. Belew, Leland F. Benson, Clark H. Bowling, Charles P. Bounds, Iva n Bradley, Kenneth R. Breuer, D. W. Breit, Karl K. Brinkmann , Charles E. Brown , Carleto n A. Brownga rd, Billy Rex Buel, Robert W. Byrd, Herman C. Cantwell, L. W. Campbell , Earl Donald Carl, Louis H. Chambers, Frank T. Chapman, Harriso n E. Chen, Willie Y. Choate, Robert L. Clifford , Richard E. Cochran, Fred D. Coleman , Elbert H. Jr. Collins, William W. Dampf, Donald P. Dare , Wilbert L. Davidson, Edwin A. Del Porte, Karl H. Deppe, Eugene Dierin ger, Donald Drake, Avery A. J r. Eissinger, Karlheinz Elliott, James O. Erb, R. D. Etz, Ca rl E. J r. Evans, James L. Eyberg, W. P. Fahien, Ray Faith, R. V. Farrey, Henry B. Feltz, W. R. Ferrero, Dominic Ferry, Robert S. Finch, Frank Fossi, Robert L. Gabelmann , W. L. " Bill" Gallimore, Hal G. George, Kenneth George, R. J. Gilmore, JolUl W.

Graves, C. Tad Gray, [van L. Greenberg, Aaro n J. Grego ry, Scott H. Griffin , Donald C. Grimm, David C. Guth, Jack E. Haas, Paul A. Hallemann , Jose ph E. Ham, Horace B. Hardy, Rolland L. Harris, William M. Harrison, Ri chard N. Haymes, William G. Heller, Enrique Helwig, Arthur W. Henry, Ellis C. Jr. Hillhouse, David L. Hobelman, M. G. Hockett , Donald D. Hollenbach, B. D. Hollis, William Holme, R. Norman Houk, Clarence C. Howell , Bennett D. Howard, Hildon Dean Humphrey, W. D. Hun t, J . Richard Hu tchison, Alden C. Hyde, James C. Jr. Hymes, Charles R. Isbell , Clarence A. Jr. lten, H. Clay Iversen , Reid E. Jadwick, John E. Jamieson, Geo rge W. Jerman , Theodore 1. Johnson , Edward L. Johnson, Warren H. Jorcke , Oliver A. Judah, Ru ssell J . Kell y, Peter B. Kerr, R. H. Kind er, David C. King, Donald T. Klaus, Irving Kn owles, Carl M. Kovach, J . J . Kraus, Karl L. Kunz, Charl es O. Kyburz, E. P. Laird, Harry W. Lanham, Thomas G. Las ko, Edward P. Lay , George R. Lockett, D. N. Longo li us, Wal ter C. Lowe, Gerald E. Lukrofka, L. J. Lyons, F. D. Mann , Carl K. Marink ovic, Sergio F. Marshall , Donald W. Marting, Richard E. Maso n, Ernie V.

Matt hews,Paul A. Mattlage, Ray mond F. McDonald , James E. McGa ughey, C. E. McG owan, John P. Mc ichols, John R. Mege ff, Seymour Meier, Harvey W. Mendell , Robert H. Middleton, Douglas F. Miller, Chester E. Moo ney, Edward W. Mueluing, John E. Mueller, Harold E. Murphy, William L. Nagel, Lawrence J. Neidel, Roger A. Nelso n, Harve P. Nichols, John W. Niederstadt , R. J . North, Oliver S. Parker, R. C. Patrick, D. J. Patten, Robert 1. Paulsell, W. G. Pennington , Robert J. Poliquin , Tho mas E. Ponder, Robert Preiss, Robert K. Rausch, M. K. Renner, Linus J. P.eynolds, Earl G. Ries, F. W. Roach, Kenn eth C. Roberts, J. Kent Robiso n, Leslie Brant Rowe, Robert Ruenheck , R. T. Sakonyi, John J. Scrulaedelbach, Gerald Scofield, G. L. Scott, James J . Sereno, Leroy F. Settgas, Robert C. Severtso n, Vern on S. Sewell , Do nald C. Shu kers, Charles F. Sims, Dale E. Sliger, A. G. Smi th, Geo rge R. Smith, Marvin E. Smith, Robert E. Sr. Spanier, La wrence A. Spin dle, H. E. Spr inge r, Evere tt W. Stark e, Robert E. Stevens, Billy Stevens, Jose ph W. Strain , Robert A. Stra uss, Ervi n J . Szu machowski , E. R. Tate, David E. Tennill , Jack R. Thee rman, Harold B. Tibbs, Harold E. MSM Alumnu s

Trianda , Tunnicli UJ11ll1el, Unsell, \ VanNOI Vo~er,

Walker, Wargo, I W arren, W ebsler Wehling Weingae \\'einsl ei Whitney Winter, W olfram Wood, F Wright, I Wunnen Zvanutt,


Anderhl Anderso Arnold, Baldwin Ballass, . Balleslel Barrow, Beaver, I Blanke, ' Blenden Bodine, Boscia, I BowkJe) Boyd, C Brillos, J BlOwn, I BlOwne, Brunkhc BUlstein Carthew Cohen, [ Comanic Com mer Dasenbn Dickens, Dieckgra DoW ling DoW ling Dryden, Dullberg Dunn, E Durrenbl Elliott, E Elwood Fahs, D~ Frilschel Gabrielsi Gaillard Ganley,'] Glacoma Gillen, D Givens, \





1. as F.

W. L. J.


Trianda, John Tunnicliff, Clarence Ummel, Otis R. Unsell, Vester B. Van Nort, J. R. Vogler, August J. Jr. Walker, John A. Wargo, Lewis L. Warren, E. W. Webster, James P. Wehling, Howard C. Weingaertner, John W. Weinstein , W. Whitney, Richard D. Winter, E. F . Wolfram, Ralph E. Wood , Robert C. Wrigi1t, Harold R. Wunnenb erg, Donald A. Zvanu tt , Albert J.


,rl l.





nS. F.

Sr. :eA.







Anderhub , Anthony P. Anderson, David K. Arnold, John Baldwin, William M. Ballass, Joan T. Ballestero, Antonio P. Jr. Barrow, Robert B. Beaver, M. H. Blanke, C. D. Blendermann , Gene R. Bodine, Jack Boscia, Frank J. Bowkley, Herbert L. Boyd, Charles L. Brillos, John W. Brown, Donald R. Browne , Thomas C. BrunkllOrst, Earl R. Burstein, Murray Carthew, Doug Cohen, Bernard Comanich, George W. Commerford, George E. Dasenbrock, Arthur A. Dickens, R. L. Dieckgrafe, Robert E. Dowling, Donald J . Jr. Dowling, Neal B. Dryden , Joe Dullberg, I. Dunn, E. E. Durrenberger, J. W. Elliott, Edwin G. Elwood, William H. Fahs, Donald G. Fritschen, Herman A. Jr. Gabrielse, R. S. Gaillard, Luciano Ganley, Robert J . Giacoma, Frederick A. Gillen, David U. Givens, William A. A ugu st 1969

Glenn, David E. Greer, Rex E. Griffith, John B. Grothaus, J . V. Harper, William S. Harris, Henry C. Hawker, Gene Heagler, John B. Jr. Hee tfield, Robert D. Henson, G. L. Herley, David F. Heste tling, D. G. Hirner, John A. Horst, William E. Houf, Will H. Hubbard, Jack L. Huff, Wayne F. Irwin, David McRae Jackson , Earl E. Jerome, Gerhart D. Johannesmeyer, H. M. Kaplan, Newton Keller, Gerald N. Keller , Ru ssell M. Kennedy, H. E. Ketter , Richard P. Kinane , Cyril M. Kleinkopf, Dr. M. Dean Kline, Charles R. Kline, Raymond M. Knigi1t, George L. Jr. Kramer , Frank A. Lattin, Judson M. Lehmann, Charles F. Llewellyn, Henry O. MacDonald, Jo1m B. McDaniel, Hulon D. McEvilly, William G. McHugi1, James J. P. McKee, W. D. Mellott, R. N. Middour, E. S. Milligan, Edward J. Morris, Robert J. Murray, Richard W. Myslinski, Frank J. Napp, G. E. Oldenburg, Ted Owens, Frank W. Payne, G. C. Pearson, Walter O. Phelps, R. C. Plate, J. B. Plummer, William B. Rieder, Charles M. Rieder , Robert J. Rober , Donald L. Robotti , Richard R. Roemerman, Richard J . Roetzel, J. D. Ruhl, Wiley T. (Bud) Salmas, James Sarapuu, Erich Schmidt, Vernon E. P. Schweizer, Charles

Shepard, William M. Shields, Robert W. Shopher, S. Dean Short, Wallace W. Sieck, Ervin H. Silver, Mil ton Simpson, Thomas A. Skiles, James J. Smith, Gerald D. Smith, John E. Smith, Ro bert J. Spindle, H. E. Tatosian, Vanagan Taylor, Donald Trieste , Mario R. Van Bramer, William G. Vansant, Robert E. Venarde, Jack H. Vose, William B. Wallace, Edwin R. Watson, H. G. Wenneborg, William Z. Wees, Francis E. Wheatley, Elmer G. Whitson, Harold E. Wick, Keith E. Wile, Larson E. Wilson , Gerald M. Wiseman, Donald E. Wolf, Robert V. Woodle, Roy G. Zane, R. I. Zeid, Marvin CLASS OF 1952 Akins, H. G. Alvarado, Frank T. Basler, Francis Bauer, Richard H. Belew, James A. Bilheimer, Lee Birch, Frank Bosse, Richard M. Bowlin, William H. Chorney, Peter L. Coonce , Homer E. Cooper, Richard C. Cox, Willard E. Cramer, Kenneth L. Davis, G. D. DeLap, Kenneth L. DeLucca, Michael Drummond, Floyd M. Dye , Robert A. Evans, John E. Ferguson, Wallace Fink, Clyde Finklang, John W. Flore, Robert E. Freiberge r, Harold C . Geers, Joseph H. Gegg, Edgar J. Gleiser, Marcos Guinn, William B. Hacker, J. E.

Hausmann , Paul L. Hausner, Paul H. Heilich, Ray mond P. Hewett, Dr. Charles A. Hockenbury , Melvin C. Hubbard , James R. Hydin ger, Paul L. Jackson, Wayne D. Jensen, Gunther T . Justus, Richard F. J r. Keil , Byron L. Kerr, H. Chalmers, Jr. King, Gerald S. Klob e, Jerry S. Knoebel, Richard H. Kron st, E. F. Lewis, Arthur O. Ligi1t, Richard L. Lucido, P. J . Maday, Donald S. Martin , Dan W. Matson, Don McIntyre, John McLeane, Robert N. Meskan, David A. Michelotti, Joseph E. Moy , Hong S. Mulholland, John E. Jr. Newkirk, Thomas F . Nolan, John B. Pape, Earl E. Priest , John E. Roster, E. L. Schmitt, Donald Schoeppel, R. J. Scrivner, Roger Steadman , M. W. Stinebaugi1, Thomas E. Stopkey, W. D. Strite, Russell R . Sverdrup, Gen. L. J. Sweeney, James R . Thompson, Jack H. Unger, Walter H. Uthoff, Robert F . Van Buskirk, Lyman F. Vanderheyden, E. T. Vance , James F. Vananouskas, Joseph P. Wakefield , Roger E. Walz, R. L. Westerman, Howard Westmoreland, D. S. Jr. Wheelock, Leroy K. Williams, Dean N. Winton , Mark F. Wolfberg, Leonard H. Zachelmeyer, Norman P. Zedalis, John P. CLASS OF 1953 Abendroth, R. P. Akin, W. M. Algermissen, S. T.

Almeter, Dr. Frank M. Augustson, L. B. Bender, John H. Berry, Charles A. Boyd, Marvin W. Buescher, Romuald L. Crane, Harold R. Creamer, Edward L. Dill, Earl R. Eason, Jack L. Edwards, Gene W. Englund, John O. Freebersyser, George J. Gegel, Donald L. Gjelsteen, Thor Hansen, Peter G. Harper, Wallace T . Haynes, Myron B. Heeger, Charles H. Heineck, Dale W. Holland, Richard O. Jenkins, Robert D. Jost, Robert D. Katz, Manfred Kent, N. A. Knearem, James L. Knobel, Elwood L. Kronmueller, William W. LaBouff, Gerald J . Lee, Walker Iipensky, Milan Iischer, Harry R. J r. McBeth, J. D. Oberschelp, William F. Patterson, William E. Quatraro, William Robbins, Clay Schlesing, Darwin B. Smith, Bert L. Strohbeck, E. E. Topel, Maurice R. Tuck, E. F. Vienhage, Robe rt P. Wagner, F. R. Weber, William James Weinland, Harold A. CLASS OF 1954 Aceto, Wayne M. Alburtis, Clarence L. Andersen, Robert W. Burgett, Max A. Cole, Joseph B. Cole, Kenn eth D. Conci, Frank B. Custead, J. R. Dowell, Ja ck B. Egan , Paul J. Fieldmiller, William H. Fuller, Thomas R. Gerard, James A. Gotsch, Richard W. Gray, Joe E. Groteke, D. E. Horine, Robert A. 21

1969 ALU M N I FUN D C ONT R I B UTORS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Hubeli, James A. Hughes, Judson A. JI. Johnson, C. Scott Jones, James Carl Juskie, Bernard R. Lincoln, Herbert E. La, Wing C. McMullin, James M. Moeller, AI fred F. J I. Niemeyer, orman Patterson , James R. Phillips, William R. SI. Piletic, Robert F. Pillisch, Herbert P. Poe, Harry E. Pracht, R. M. Reavis, Richard Schneider, Donald O. Sipe, William E. Stewart, William H. Toutz, James Otto Volker, Vernon D. Watkin s, J. S. Wick, Clyde E. Williamson, Rayburn L. CLASS OF 1955 Baebler, Arthur G. Baker, Chester H. Barnds , Cam pbell C. Berg, Richard O. Boze, Ralph Corcoran, T. A. J I. Cowan, Harry D. Cru se, Richard L. Davis, Ralph T. JI. Fink, Arthur C. JI. Fitzwater, Arthur Vogel Franklin, James M. Friede ri ch, Garland C. Gess ley, Donald Gockenbach, Leroy Godsey, Terr y L. Hallett, William M. Hannover, Joseph O. I-I aubold, R. G. Jones, R. L. Kaiser, R. L. Kickham, Lawrence T. JI. Kingsbury, Ronald M. Krieg, Marlin F. Kummer , Fred S. Kummer , Donald L. Lane, T. F. Luehring, Elmer L. Martin, Robert J . M~Carthy, John M. McMorris, Willi am L. III Miles, J olUl B. Miller, Charles E. Oetting, Robert B. 0 ' eil , Willi am J . Padan, John W. Parker, Perry L. J I.


Plache, Kurt O. Ray, Herman A. Reitsma, Louis J . JI. Roberts, Joe B. Schlensker, John A. Scott, J . N . Smart, Sam Smith, Ellis J. Smith, Glen A. Stimson, William Robert Summers, J olUl W. Tucker, Paul B. Van Buskirk , John R. Walther , George C. Zala , Laszlo F. Zimmerman, M. Jorda n CLASS OF 1956 Altheide, Charles R. Barnard, C. R. J I. Baumgartner, George R. Bentill a, Kenneth R . Borgerding, James H. Boyd, Virgil C. Jr. Brawley, J. M. Doe, Bruce R. Gillham, Ron Hart, Norman E. Haub ein , Wendell L. Hernd on , Richard S. Liberman , Warren McClure, Randall Max McCoy, Cha rles J. Martinez, Evaristo Miller, R. E . Mills, Edward L. Moral es-Aguilar, Victor M. Muhlbauer, Karlheinz C. Ogle, Herber t F. Overton, Jerry B. Passley , Paul L. Phillips, Robert L. Rayyis, Awni S. Reetz , Arthur J I. Remmers, E. P. Reser, Donald E. Ri ckey, Robert B. Sauer, Harry J I. ScJUludt, Harold A. SciUluttou, Clay J. Schramm, William W. Senior, G. L. Statler, Ken ny n Don Staves , Haro ld T. Steffan , Kenneth F. Suhre, Maurice E. JI. Tauser, Raymond H. Thompson, Leroy E. Unnerstall , James A. Vallez, Mi chael 1-1. Walker, orman L. Weiss, Nicho las M. Williams , Don E. Wofford , James J . Yiannos, Peter N.

CLASS OF 1957 Anderson, JolUl R. Alexander, William Arnesen, Kjell Atchley , Bill L. Baechle, August A. Baker, Donald Dean Ball ard, Darrell D. Bardelmeier, August R. Bates, David W. Beckemeyer, Edward J. Bowers, Donald R. Ca mpen , Edward B. Clodfe lter, Gene C. Coleman, Fred J. Collins, Tho ma s J. J I. Cooksey, Joel . J r. Coonce, James M. Co uch, Patrick S. Cowan, Robert W. J I. Davis, Gary W. Ellis, Walter H. Emery, John R . Feaster, Roger L. Ferguson , Donald J. 11 Fuller, Robert G. Gavan , John Grantham, D. C. Guyat, Roger L. Heagler, Richard Henninger, Frank Hilmes, Ralph C. Humphrey, Ri chard L. Hussey, Raym ond Illert, Harry W. Jackson, Robert A. JoiU1ston , Waym on L. Jones, Floyd Carl Kalin , Thomas E. Kick, David D. Kinstry, D. G. Koelling, Arthur J . Kosfeld, Wayne H. Kozeny, Donald J. Kreder , Kermi t R . Kuhn e, J . Lange, R. C. Lauvar, Joseph F. Marsh , Norman L. Ma so n, Robert E. Matz, Alexander H. Metz, Gilbert F. JI. Moore, J ohn W. Mothersh ead, J ohn L. JI. Nelson, William D. Pyle, Elmer Reuss, Ll oyd Ro th, D. J . Schaedler, Kenneth D. Schneider, Robert W. Schrumpf, Dale Smith, James G. Soper, Willi am Stevens, D. Jeanne Stoll , Joe A.

Tanquary, Cliff T routn er, John R. Venab le, Wilford G. Vetter, Clarence J. JI. Warren, R. N. Watwood, James E . JI. Webb, Robert B. Weldy , Ch arles R. Wentz, C. A. Williams, Russell E. Wright , Robert L. CLASS OF 1958 Allmon, Gerald W. Andreas, Wayne T . Anspach, E. E. Arthur, J. B. Bauer, Raymond , Bertorello, Thomas A. Brill , Walter C. Buchanan , John O. Capps, Bob Co bb , Robert H. Correll , Howard D. Cox, L. Fred Crowe, Joseph E. Cull en , Mik e Cummin gs, Bradford Daniels, L. C. Davila , Oscar M. Day, Delbert E. Dull, Melvin J. E nnis, Jerry R . Furrell, Richard R . Garrett, James H. Jr. Grant, W. H. Grebing, Ronald Gregory, Donald B. Guinan , Tom J. Hackett, James L. Hard ebeck, Elizabeth M. Hardebeck, Harry E. Harris, Bobby V. Haubold, iels B. Haydon , Jack B. Head, Eldon W. Heltibrand , D. W. Herforth, Donald J . Herren , Carl M. HerrmaIUl , Paul Hud son, Melvin C. Humphrey, Do nald D. Jones, Clintford R .. Kirse, John F. JI. Kisvarsanyi, Eva B. Konrad, Ri chard J. Lager, Gervase, J . Lewis, B. Neil Ligllt, Thomas E. Luebbert, William J. Mason , Dennis E. Metcalf, Thomas C. J r. . Metten burg, Clarence W. Miller, George T. Mill er, R. La ry

Mo desitt, Donald E. Morgenstern , R. A. Mosby, Freddy L. Mun ger, Paul R. Niede rmeyer, O. David , JI. Northup, Wallace E . Okenfuss, Richard H. Opperman, R. Owens, Willard G. PI1illips, Raymond E. Rasche,IJolUl F . Ri chey, JolUl O. Schaefer, Orville L. Schiermeier, John J. Schmidt, E. Robert Schrenk, Walter Sfreddo , Humbert E. Siraka, Murray Smith, R. Thomas Smuland, Robert J. Som a, J. L. Starkweather, Gilbert Stevens, D'Jeanne Stevens, Robert P. Strieder, Henry L. Sucher, Robert W. Suddath, James N. Sullivan, Cha rl es H. Tay lor, Paul W. Thomas, Rex D. Unnerstall, Les Vie, Jerry D. Vitek , Richard K. Wee ms, JolU1 C. Welch, Charles " Ron" West, B. B. Wetten burg, G. W. Wilki so n, Kermi t L. Win ter, Lester H. Withrow, K. R. Wo ll gast, Roy C. Wrigllt , George F. Yo un g, Ral ph O. CLASS OF 1959 Adam, K. C. Adams, Jo hn C. JI. Asher, Charles E. Auberry, William D. Bara, Andrew S. Basden , Jo hn Gary Bayless, Jerry R. Bell chamb er, Donald K. Bitze r, David B. Bolon , Lu cien M. JI. Bra mon , Gerald Brown , Donald E. Brow n, GiJbert N. Brunjes, William S. Carpenter, Lloyd W. Cavalier, Frank D. Cawns, Alb ert E. Chico, R. J . Corey , Clyde C. MSM Alumnus

[ours l (rapn' I)1sCa Diebol Drulll, Edwar Feas le Fuller, GiIIllO: Goldin Green, Hadler Handk Hende He;s. f Hoifm Hord. I Horky. Iiornse HU~le~

Huseill lio.lIa hnes, lohnso lohnso Kelly, I Kieifcr Killckn Kruger, Kuchar Kurz. ( Lashle) Lalham Law. D Lawson Lum. H



l]anin! IlcHa!"f Ilelealf llilchel I!organ \eumei


Rllh. R Reclor. Reicher Roberl Ruesle harf, SChneid Schrieb Schuma So:hwen Simpso Shoem Sllok). Smith, Spane!, Spruill Sleven SUlnn, Tacken Thomp




,aVid, lr.









Courson, L. R. Jr. Crapnell , Don W. DesCa mp, Victo r A. Diebold , Morrell C. Drum, D. D. Edwards, Doyle Ray Feaste r, Donald R. Fuller, John E. Gilmore, Rex Goldin, Herbert A. Green , Sidney Hadler, Palmer H. Handkins, Robert Henderson, Don E. Hess, Robert M. Hoffman , Anthony E. Hord, William E. Horky, Will iam F. Hornsey, Edward E. Huglles, Robert G. Huse mann , Ronald B. Ito , Naomichi Janes, Fran k E. Jolmson, Gordon E. Johnson, Ph.ilip R. Kell y, Paul R. Kieffer, Al onzo R. Il Kn ickma n, Terrance M. Kruger , Wi lliam A. Kucharski , Edward A. Kurz , Caryl M. Lashley, R. L. Latham, James Law, David C. Lawson, Neal L. Lum, Harry K. W. Lutz, Ja ck Marchbanks, Mintin F. Ma tti ngly, R. C. McHaffie, Gerald T. Metcalf, Gerald L. Mitchell, John F. Morgan , George H. Neumeier, Leander A. PUgll, James E. Rath , Ronald H. Rector, Adrian Reicher t, Joseph F. Roberts, Paul H. Ru es ter. Jolm T. Scharf, Joel S. Schneider, Charl es S. Schrieber, F. W. Schu macher, Ca rI R. Schwen k, Walter Simpson, Charles Robert Shoemaker , Jam es L. Siro ky, E. Ke nn eth Smith , Gayl on G. Spanel, Leslie E. Spruill , Vi ctor F. Stevenson , Gerald L. Sutfin , Carl D. Tackett , Charles E. Thompso n, B. J.

August 1969


Volker, Ronald E. Wallace, Charles E. Wallace , Norval Wax man , Stanley Weim.holt , J. E. Weinrich, Albert Wieker, Richard H. Wilso n, Donald P. Wil so n, HUgll W. Wya nt, Avery K. Ziegler, Larry N. CLASS OF 1960 Adams, Hubert L. Akmakjian , Charles Aly ea, Jerrold M. Ban'and , Kerwood W. Bartlet t, Sylvan Basinger, Richard C. Bausch, Ru ssell L. Belew, Robert R. Bertorello, Mi chael J. Boston, L. A. Bramfitt, B. L. Burke, Thomas D. Carver, Ronald P. ChappeU , G. A. Chen, David Claypool, John W. Co ffman , J. D. Cook , Marvi n D. Cooper, Lloyd E. Corbin , Ken neth D. Cox, Kenneth R. Dallmer, Douglas A. Daubel, Karl J . Dicke ns, Walter H. Echelmeier, Roger L. Fike, R. Alb ert Fink , Gerald Allen Fisher, Melvin J. Gilbert , William J. Gomez, Jesus M. Graves, George H. Hankin so n, Ri sdon Hanquist , R. Gene Haw k, Ralph L. Hawki ns, R. O. Hoffmann, Victor J. Holma n, Glenn W. Huffma n. John M. Hyatt , Gordon R. James, Rona ld Jones, Robe rt G. Jord on, Paul R. Jordon, Tho mas M. Kellerman. Roge ne A. Kelsick , Robert Keshar i, Hossein R. Ki effer, Robert C. Killian , Donald R. King, Glen W. Kl ebba, Kenneth T. Kosten, Harold W.

Lawhon, Richard A. Lawrence, Ronald C. Loebs, Herbert A. Loeffler , Keith R. Loos, Jack H. Lovelace , James R. Lukowitz, Gregory J . Maisak, Albert L. Maxton , Ralph C. McDaniels, John L. McNutt , V. H. (Mrs.) Medley , Paul B. Mertl , Eugene E. Meye r, H. Jolm III Miller , R. Lee Moit , Daniel D. Moye rs , Gerald E. Munsell , Douglas Nenninger, Donald O'Neil , W. F. Papin , Thomas A. Patterso n, G. K. Pendlet on , Kenneth l. Pennin g, Thomas F. Phelps , Weldon L. Price, David E. Ray , Ru gene E. Reilly. William J. Rephlo , Louis C. Reynolds, Maurice M. Rizer, Gene C. Rosebe rry, Ben Sargent, Josep h G. Savage, W. A. Shadwell, Franklin W. Shepard, James E. Siron, Rob ert E. Smyth, Jimmi e L. Snowden, James C. Speidel, Edward O. Steinman , Walter D. Stern , Pete r G. Stone , Jerry L. Stourton , Geo rge E. " Rock" Sturgeon, Cheste r W. Tayloe, Leo F. Tes terman, Roy L. Th arp. Charles E. Thompson , Lelia M. Vacca , Herman L. Villegas. James C. Walker , Pau l M. Walters, James T. Walton , Edward E. Wh elan, Ray mon d A. Wind eknecht. Burto n D. Wood, Kenn eth W. Woods. Al vin 1-1. Woodward , John W. Zacheis, Paul R. CLASS OF 1961 Amsler, Larry C. Benner , Robert L. Besleme, James H. (Tex)

Biermann , Robert G. Blake, Charles A. Bohlmann , Raymond E. Bolander, Ri chard Wayn e Bolon, AI bert E. Bosse, William R. Brenning, Euge ne D. Brinkman, Glen A. BrunkJlOrst , Lloyd Burlage, Donald W. Chao, Hing-Chi Cholerton, E. M. Crain, Charles Curso n, William N. Deppon g, Frank A. Dewing, H. Harvey EI-Ba z, Farouk Far mer, Larry E. Fisc her, Dave Flood, Thaddeus F. Fowler, Martha S. Galliher, Ka y D. Gardner, Earl Roge r Gates, Jack C. Glaser, Gene Gorczy ca , Freder ick J. Gran nemann , Harry N. Gr ec hus, Garland K. Grindon, John R. Hen nin g, William A. Henry , Kenneth W. Hodges, John L. Holl en beck , Charles F. Huff, Fred V. Huglles, J ohn T. In gram, Melvin A. Jacob, Anthony J. Johner. A. Wayne Jolmso n, Harold E. Ki efer , Charles A. Kinder, John B. Klin e, Douglas R. Kok e, Robert J. Krasse r, David L. Kur tz hals, Jam es D. La tzer, John C. La wler, Willi s D. Leo nard , Rene J. Leu, Juan Lewis, David M. Lewis, Robert L. Lit zler, Ronald J. Lla o, J uan L. Loga n. Rob en M. Long. Jack R. Lort z, Francis E. Lynch. James F. Marose k. Charl es F. Mathews, William E. Marble , James B. May , Wi ll iam L. McGillan , Cecil E. McLauglliin , Euge ne J. Jr. McNabb, Jesse E. Merritt , John

Mill s, Terry Mungle, Burlin D. Myers, Donald D. Nickerson, T. J . Noell, Nelso n H. Nolfo, L. James Odom, James T. Peterso n, Ja y A. Pezza, Antonio D. Pfeuffer, Ronald R. Pickett , Robe rt C. Prives, Charl es M. Rose , Robert M. Ru eh, Don Siesennop, W. Wayne Sievers, Wa yne L. Smith , R. B. Spanski , Gre go ry T. Spencer , Kenneth E. Staats, Gary E. Stidham, James A. Stovesa nd , James H. Swier, Geo rge Theobald , Thoma s A. True , Daniel W. Walk er, Harvey J. Jr. Walton , John W. Weber, Roger C. Wee tm an, Bruce G. White, Charl es M. Jr. Wiethop, R. Harve Worle y, Morri s T . Wuenscher, Martin E. CLASS OF 1962 Bauer , Larry G. Baumgartner , Willi am L. Bearce , Denny Bhatia , K. L. Binz, Don Blumb erg, Leslie Boschert, Robert F. Brad y, Francis Jr. Brockhau s, Robert H. Brockman, Richard K. Brown , Donald L. Bruns, Myron D. Buck rod, Gary J. Bu erki , Roge r Burris, Elmer L. Busch, Ray Casperson , Leon J . Chang, Yu an-Kai (Dick) Cheng, Aylmer P. Cl ick, James N. Cline, Lar ry D. Cole , Fred V. Culn an, P. D. Jr. Dawson , Ri chard 1-1. Dell , Jack H. Donald , Bill Dore, John A. Dos hi , Bipin N. Dunn , S. Thomas


196 9


Duva ll , Henry P. Ein sel, Miller D. Elfrink, Lindell H. Fa rnham, Arthur H. Ferguso n, Gary L. Frauen hoffer, John M. Fun sch, O. B. Gaer tn er, Douglas A. GoW10fer, Robert D. Gorml ey, James Graham, John R. Grate , Geo rge R. Gray , Robert L. Gres ham, Thomas G. Guest, James O. Hake , Leroy W. Hallahan, Richard A. Jr. Hallerb erg, W. L. Harrill , Bill Harris, William T. Jr . Harvey, L. E. Haas, Donald Walter Hatfie ld , David C. Hatfield , Daryl Haushalte r, Fred W. Helgeso n, Gerald R. Henso n, Lowell Lee Holze m, James A. Hopper, Richard A. Horel, Edward T. Huff, Billy M. Jacobs, David Johnson , Richard T. Jones, Charl es B. Kadakia, Jay an t S. Kamper, Ru ssell A. Kelley, Ronald R. Korn , Robert A. Kro ne, J. B. Kuhn, Harold L. Kur z, Frederic L. Lamber, C. Kurt Lawre nce, Warren G. Laza ras, Paul V. Long, Thomas J . Mais, Raymond A. Maisch, Peter H. F. Marke l, David F. Marsin kavage, Donald M. McCaw, Charl es K. McCormack, Steven D. McLain , Jimmie H. McMu rt rey, Gerald D. Morga n, Donald E. Morto n, Donald E. Nelso n, Max A. Nowinski , Sta nl ey W. Overall , Donald N. Patel, Jaya nti S. Perr y, Mike M. Persso n, Michael Plass man, Fred Plavnick , Pa ul D. Ploeger, Richar d A. Quin n, Mathew J. J r.


Rencehause n, Ge rald P. Reuck, Aaro n M. Richard , Russ R. Rouse, Richard Roussin , Robert W. Rowley, Blair A. RuUkoe tter, G. W. Schaefe r, Ruston R. Siebels, James E. Smith, Memphord L. Smith, Menard O. Jr. Snow, James W. Souza-Poza , A. Speckhart, F. H. Staley, Jerry Stearns, Jerry D. Ste ffens, Eugene W. Stigall , Paul D. Stokely, W. S. Sullivan , W. L. III Swaw , Brya n F. Teske, James E. Theilmann , V. E. Twedell , Richard N. Uhe, Gerald Valentine, Craig A. Van Doren, Thomas Wagner, Charl es E. Waters, O. J. Weber, William G. Welch, Gary E. Will yard , Don L. Wilso n, Ca rl Robert Wilso n, Rob ert J. Yates, Donald V. CLASS OF 1963 Achenbach, Gary D. Alexander, George D. Anderso n, John H. Arms, Rober t L. Baker, Merl Bartling, Donal d Bascue, Errol Andri Benn , Edward Bowman, Michael W. Brock , Van W. Bro wn , Dallas M. Brown, Dewey F. J r. Brown, Glenn M. Brown, John W. Brunjes, Fra nkli n E. Bruns, Martin T. Buaprase rt, Boonchu ay Buck, Richard L. Burto n, Robert R. Clark , Denilis A. Clements, John L. Clippard , Fred B. Jr. Close, Maxwell L. . David , Edwa rd G. Denzel, J. A. Dodd, Curtis W. Dressel, Theodore H. J r.

Eirten, Fran k O. Fehsenfeld, Ga ry D. Fraze r, James R. Frierdich, Donald Fritsch, William R. Gastin eau, Frank D. Glassel, Cliffor d L. Gunn , James A. Haffner, James D. Henderson , F. D. Herb st, Jeffr ey R. Herron , G. F . Holt , James Lee Howell , Robert C. Huston, Robert F. Jabas, Stephen D. Jaeger, Benj amin W. H. Jaqua y, Richard L. Jarman , R. Dea n Johnston , Dale A. Johnston, Lyle Jolly, R. D. Kahl, Richard A. Kinney , J. Philip

Schwenke r, Robert O. Sehl , Eugene Jr. Seymour , David J. Shalto n, Lonnie Silverb erg, Carl G. J r. Smashey, Ru ssell W. Smith, James R. Smith, Sam L. Sta ley, Jose ph E. Taylor, Glenn R. Thompson , Larry D. Thurman, Lowell E. Tira, James S. Tolen, Ga ry W. Trautman, Denn is R. Vandergriff, Way ne L. Vaninger, J . L. Watke , Walter W. Jr. Williams, Don L. Williams, Ronald R. Zi nk, Richar d C.

Kn ox, James Jr. Koch, Edmund O. Koester, Robert D. Lago , Carlos M. Lasminis, Raymond Ligon , William R. MacCrindle, Coli n C. Macluneier, Paul M. Markland, Robert E. Martin , Richard L. Mason, Donald R. McCrary, Charl es E. Mehta, M. K. Melzer, John L. Mitchell , Ronald D. Morgan , Ha rry Byron Mueller, Walter Jr. Naiknimbalkar, N. M. Nai ye r, Shafique No rthcutt, M. L. Oberhaus, Thomas K. O' Brien , Michael G. Palma, Oscar M. Popp, Ra ymond H. Purcell, Gerald G. Purmort, A. Robert Ray, Paul A. Redd y, Nallapu N. Robbins, Douglas A. Roberts, Ca rl J. Robertso n, Ronald S. Robison , James B. Rolunaller, Paul Roth, Brian J . Rydlun d, Pau l H. Salmon, R. M. Scha efer, Seth C. Scha nbacher, William Scholle, Willia m A. Schu ermeyer. William F. Schwa ller, David L.

Adams, James E. Alexa nd er, Charles F. Bartel, Donald S. Basler, Thomas J. Bauer, Kendall R. Bierman, Sheldon L. Bridegroom, William E. Britto n, Jerry A. Broeking, Kenn eth W. Bronson, Frazier Buescher, Alfred J. Jr. Buescher, Gene E. Campb ell, Charles E. Cassell , Ralph M. Chen, Ten-Hsi Chervitz, Jerrold l. Chew, Terry O. Coa tes, Keith H. Co burn , Virgil C. Jr. Corwin, Robert Craig, Thomas A. Cutts, James F. Dodso n, Ri chard M. Dudenh oeffe r, Paul A. Dyhouse , Ga ry R. Eagleman, Donald R. Eppelsheimer, Dani el S. Ferrell , C. Stuart Fin k, W. M. Fischer, Henry E. Folk , James L. Ga rret t, Theodore J . J r. Greer, Glen M. Gudermu th, Clyde S. J r. Hallman, Felix E. Harper , Alan S. Henry, James M. Henso n, Ronald P. Hill , James L. Hoepker , Elmer C. Hoge, Philip R.


Holland, Ga ry Holley, Robert G. Hoppe, Ge rald P. Hornb eak, Fred A. Hudelson, J . R. Huff, Phil ip A. Jacobs, William A. Jones, Dave Jones, Don W. Kamp, Al an A. Kelt y, Thomas M. Kerr, Albert L. Kin g, Frank W. III Kirchoff, Bill Kirkpatrick, Robert E. Kopaskie, Bern ard E. Kraus, Ronald W. Kuhlm an, William H. Lammers, James H. Land , Donald W. Langton , James R. Lindhorst , Alan J. Loeschn er, Arthur H. Martin , Ri chard A. McBride, Curtis W. McCa ul ey, Ronald A. Meehan, Michael E. Michel, David J . Mills, Charl es S. Jr. Mochel, William R. Morris , Mark W. Morrison, Donald Joe Mroch, Ala n Murry, Milton J. Needl es, W. R. Norman, Eric J. Ombalski, Stephen Ove rleas, Gary L. Pappas, James M. Parki nson, Larry L. Parr , Richard A. Patel, Ghanshyam C. Patel, Manubh ai M. Peacock, David Perl , Rodger J . Price, Charles E. Pu tz, Robe rt C. Raidt , Paul B. Raney, Edwa rd M. Reinheimer, Charles J. Rein inger , Robert Lee Jr. Reulin g, Donald Rey nolds, Charles L. Sagram oso , Daniel E. Sand ers, Laurence Schmidt, Richard L. Schoeffel, Way ne Scott , Forres t Lindsey Shah, RasikJa l l ethalal Shewchuk, John P. Simmons, Mi chael F. Smith . H. S. Sta pleto n, Leslie D. Steinka mp, William E. Stricke r, Alan E. MSM A lumnus

St[lleb Tallon Taylor Terry, Voorh Wang, IVedek \Voefll l Wolf, J Wu, ct Zimnic Zunkel


Alonge Arnold Ascensi Alkins( Aubrec Balser, Barr, R Bass, p, Behnke Bergl, [ Bickel, Bicunas Billing, Blume, Bradley Branum Braschlr Brunner Bugg, [ Bugg, S Butler, . Carr,G, Carter, I Chen. P Chiang. Christel' Cleve, R Clifton, Cline. J( Cline, L Cope, II' Corrigar Creech, DaVid, [ Dillion, DOiron, DoU, W. DOrf, R( Duke,R Envin, L FarreU, \ Franklin Gaylord Giger,D: Goldsteil ~oodma vOos, G( Gordon Graham' Griffin,




t E.






·sl. Lee Jr. L.


sey alai


IE. illurT1 nus


Struebing, Rolland C. Tallon, Richard J. Taylor, Geo rge H. Terry, J. W. Voo rhi s, Gary L. Wang, Yun Wedeking, Milton Woerner , Fred N. Wolf, John H. Wu, Chang·Yu Zimnick , Harold E. J r. Zu nkel, Allan D.

Grimes, Gary W. Haag, William O. Habenicht, Helmut W. Hafeli, D. T. Halbach, Ronald E. Hanna , C. K. Hansen , Ronald A. Henery , Edwa rd "N ick" Henry, Daniel T. Hinz, Gary A. Hoffman, David Hohman, J. A. Holen, Do uglas E. Holt , H. Edward CLASS OF 1965 Howard, C. Martin Jr. Hrastich, Thomas A. Alonge, Nicholas J. Huang, Hao-Yang Arno ld, Richard I. Huckabee, JOl1l1 Wayne Ascensio, Ca rl os A. Huellewig, James S. Atkinson, Charles H. Hurst, Do nald W. Aubrecht, Ladimir J. Jersa, Michael J. Balse r, Peter A. Kalbfl eisch, Charles E. Barr, Ralph S. Kallor, Ja y S. Bass, Paul J. Kempe , Allen C. Belll1ke, Robert E. Ketter, Gerald J. Bergt, David E. Kirkpatrick, Clifford Jr. Bickel, Gary Dale Kornfeld, Anita L. Bicunas, Jose ph D. Bitting, James L. Kornfeld, Dale M. Blume, Davi d J. Kovel, Steven M. Bradley, Milton F. LaPresta , Samuel J. Branum, William H. Lassley, Richard H. Braschler, Ron ald F. Liu , Wan·Cheng Brunner, Gary Lower , L1rry M. Lu , James W. B. Bugg, Donald A. Marks, Clark Bugg, Stephe n F. Marlow, Cha rles F. Butler, James L. Marshall, Dale Carr, Geo rge H. Marshall, Ron ald C. Carter, Donald L. Martin , Charles R. Chen, Philip L. Martin , Terance N. Chiang, Chien-Ping Mathews, Richard F. Christen, Jimmie Duane McKell, Jo el H. Cleve, Richard C. Mehta , Kashyap R. Clifto n, William A. II Meyers, Dennis M. Cline, John Milker t, Glenn E. Clin e, Larry G. Miller, David A. Co pe, WiIl.iam R. Mit chell, Robert F. Corriga n, Jolm D. Moore , Jim H. Creech, Harry L. David , Denzel D. Jr. Moreland, WiIl.iam C. Morga n, Grover D. Jr. Dillion , Ronald K. Doiron , Donald G. NickJess, Arthur L. DoU, W.W. Nielsen, Darrell M. Dorf, Roger A. Nute , Alto n John Duke, Rache l A. Thompson Otto, Robert L. Erwin , Larry L. Palmer, Lee T. Farrell, William M. Jr. ParikJl, Narendra S. FrankJin, WiIl.ie L. Jr. Patel, Mukesh M. Gaylord, Thomas K. Peirson, Robert C. Gi ger, D. Franklin Picker, Melvin L. Powell , John K. Goldstein, Ma rtin P. Price, William J. Goodman, Daniel K. Goos, Gerald D. Reichert , Carl T. Rin ey, Charles W. Gordo n, Clark G. Graham, Thomas D. Robb, Kenneth A. Griffin, Paul D. Rochester, Harold August 1969

Rude , Owen D. Russell , Jack E. Schmidt , David L. Seger, Charl es F. III Siapak, Michael J. Smith, Frederick J. Smith, Michael D. Smith, Rob ert S. Spivy, Paul Steimley, John F. Stepp, Edward E. Stuart, Robert L. Sunda , Laxman S. Sundermeyer, Robert W. Suthipasnarupon , Anant Thiede , A. J. Thomas, Donald O. J r. Thomaso n, Jun e C. Jr. Thompson, James W. Towers, Terence G. Turall , Truman W. Van Ramshorst, Lee Brian Wan g, Wen-Li Wells, William L. Welsh, R. D. Wilson, Clyde W. Yang, Hsun-Kuang CLASS OF 1966 Abbott , Rohn Adams, Bert B. Adams, Frank S. Allen, Jerry D. Anneaux, Dwigl1t J. Bachman, David A. Bader, Frank S. Jr. Ballman, E. A. Jr. Behring, Allen G. Bennish, Don Bertelsmeyer, James E. Betz, Raymond R. Bland, William F. Blumfelder, William O. Boeillner , J errol L. Book, Bill Bowron , Gary G. Brady, Dale E. Bray , Robert W. Jr Bridges, R. Bruce Bryant , Charles T. Brynac , Michael J. Bucluneier, Frank A. Jr. Bufalo , David J. Buschke, Thomas H. Carstens, J olm C. Chaffin , Glen N. Chambers, David L. Chul, Richard S. Coco, Matteo Coleman, Gerald B. Copenhaver, Roger L. Crow, John W. Damotte, Emile Edward Daniel, Robert A.

Davis, William F. DeClue, Duane H. Doyle, Perry A. Jr. Dunn , Harry E. Dumoulin , David L. Duree, David M. Elliso n, Donald Fiebelman , Harold E. Ford , Lloyd L. Ford, William C. Fox , Edwin K. Galbraith, James V. Gardn er, Donald Gerge ni , Rodge r J. Good , James H. Gray,J.C . Greer, Ronald E. Grimm, Arthur F. Halpern, Jack A. Hamby, Den zil D. Han kins, James L. Harpole, Jerry R. Hartman , Don Ha yes, Edward David Hea ter, Charles L. Heider, Robert Heisler, Eugene V. Hogue, Robert W. Jr. Howell , Jolm D. Hudson, Thomas Harry HughJett, Michael !raola, Gustavo L. Jagtiani, Arjan S. James, David M. Jennings, Donithan R. Jolmson, Dennis C. Jozwiak , Philip A. Kibb ey, Eldon E. Klug, Alfred E. J r. Koch , Gary C. KoehJ er, Paul J. Krueger, Warren Earl Lawrence , John " Jack" Littlefield, Larry W. Lund , Carl M. Lytle, Glenn A. Marriott, Dale Marshall, Steve n R. Maso n, Jo lm T. III May , T. J. McKinnis, Larry N. McMahan, Jose ph L. Jr. Merr itt, Richard W. Mill er, Charles C. Mohr , John W. Molkenbur, Richard A. Moran , M. D. Moran, Rob ert W. Morris , Gerald P. Munn , Dale A. Nelso n, Nicola Ann Parks, Robert A. Payne, Ronald J. Pollack, Leslie A. Quiros, J. F. Alvarado

Ragsdell , Kenneth Rainey , Ru ssell E. Rauer, James M. Redford , Jose ph E. Sr. Reed, David F. Reinsch, Lawrence J r. Rich, Larry M. Roman o, Anthony M. Rose nberger, Frank E. Jr. Ross , Anthony O. Saranita , Thomas V. Schee r, Samuel Alan Schoeffel , James A. Schu ch, Jose ph G. Scott , Andrew Lee J r. Segasture , Robert G. Shaffer , Alan D. Sherrick , Bobby J. Shields, Charles J. Smith , All en Thomas Smith , Vern elle T. Solook , J olm T. Spence, HUgl1 F. Stangel , James E. Steele , James D. Stewart , L. D. Jr. StockJ1ausell , William T. Stover, Den nis W. Strickland, Thomas H. Stuart , Jimmy E. Sudduth , Willard T. Thieme, Martin A. Thomes, C. E. Thompson , Stanley D. Tibbs, Nicholas H. Tucker, Ralph W. Umphrey, Rona ld W. Uthe, Flo yd H. Wehmeye r, David P. Wesle y, Darrell West , Jam es E. Wideman, Lawson G. Wilkins, Roy A. Williams, Charles R. Williams, Maurice A. Williams, William S. Woodbury, Franklin Woodfield , R. A. Woodward , Charl es D. Woolery , Billy Joe Yoest, Dav id A. Yuh, Euge ne Y. J. Young, Shu Chien CLASS OF 1967 Allmon , James A. Altman , Barbara Altman, Ronald Anderson, Walter F. Ata -Abadi , Paruiz Barh orst, AJ an H. Batteen, Earl Jr. Bauer , William Charl es Botkin , Morris N. Braun , James L.


1969 A L U M N I FUN 0 CONT R I B UTORS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Browne, Micheal J. Burkhalter, R. L. Calhoun , William Lee Capages, Martin Jr. Ca rl , James W. Ca rmack, Larry Carter, Ronald W. Carte r, Robert Carte r, Rubin L. Chouda ry, Narendra Clynes, Robert J. Cook, Dav id L. Cox, William E. IV Cum mi ns, Robe rt W. Davis, Ron D. Deelo, Michae l L. Dege nhardt , Euge ne A. Delas hmit, Willia m E. DeLu rgio , Stephen A. Din ke l, Ted R. Dobberpuhl , D. A. Dye r, Ga rvin H. Eades, Donald L. Ecks tei n, Vern on G. Erdmann , Fred William Eva ns, Ronald E. Falkler, Arthur C. Field, Cyrus W. J r. Flanaga n, Dave Fletcher, William H. 1I Fos ter , Kevi n C. Fouts, Gary L. Fricke, Bernhard D. Gass, John William Gilstrap , James W. Gittemeier, Jose ph F. Gorman , Mario n W. Hallett , Michael D. Hanse n, Stanley S. Har mon, Larry Gene Harris, Ga ry F. Helmkamp, Lynde l L. Herold , David A. Hickenbotham, Harl ey D. Hill, Roland M. Hofmeiste r, Harry Robert Holl ander, William D. Hollenbeck, Robe rt L. Hopkin s, Way ne J . Horn buck le, Jack C. Inman, Paul L. Jenni ngs, Floyd W. II Johler, Craig B. Kamman, James H. Ka o, Chih Yuan Kastel, Ri chard L. Kaste n. Donald G. Kauffman, Jimmie L. Keluman, Robert F. Kessler, Steve n E. Jr. Ketten brink , Edwin C. Kette nbri nk , Ga il Davidge Ki st ner, Michael R. Kraske, Leroy E. La i, Sa n- Cheng


Perkin s, Michael A. Perkins, Terry E. Petry, Thomas M. Pfeuffer, Allen F. Ponn witz, A. J . Ponstin gl, August J . Pra ter, Ni ckey L. Pridgeo n, Joseph Downin g Rathbun , Donald G. Redfi eld, James Rey nolds, David W. Ri ggs, James E. Ril ey, Jolm David Robertso n, Don ald G_ RollZo, Robert J . Sadowski , Jolm M. Sartore, Edward L. Sca nl an, James W. Schillin g, Donald G. Schloman, Alan Sco tt , Larr y Wallen Sears, Thomas Joe Shank , Donald R. Shepard, Thomas M. Shepard so n, James D.

Lauletta, John F. Le bo, Jero me M. Ledbetter, Ronald M. Leslie, Thomas J. Ll oyd-J ones, David Lyo ns, Helen Mampill y, Cherian T. Matthes, Haro ld D. May , Jose ph A. McCaw, Donald Wm. Jr. McCoy, Robert J. J r. McMili en, T. Micheal McWilliams, Daniel N. Medlin , James M. Mei nershage n, Lynn E. Moore, James W. Munsey , Jolm E. Myers, Howard Wm. Neagle, Jolm W. Ne lso n, David A. Netzer, James T. Oliver, Kevin F. Owe.1s, Gary S. Palmer, James E. Patel, Kirit Patterso n, Charl es L.


Shimamoto, Edwin T. Sievert , Gary F. Simmons, JOM L. Smith , Geo rge A. Jr. Smith, James Wm . Smi th, Robert Travis Soros, Attila F. Spencer, Jolm D. Stirrat, Brya n A. St oll, William A. Stra ndb erg, R. M. Jr. Su , Yu Mi ng Sulze r, Donald F. Sza bo, Willia m L. Tamakuwa la, M. R. Tate, G. L. Va n Dover, R. Bruce Vedder, Richar d C. Vehi ge, LeMoi ne A. Vogelpohle , Rich ard P. Wagner, Ri chard V. Weinel, James P. Wei nri ch, David W. Weise , Theodo re L. Weissflu g, Van A. Whi tco mb , Bruce

*0« rtu 1~ , ,




All for You at HOMECOMING 1969 ' 24 -

' 29 - ' 34 - ' 39 - ' 44 ' 59 -

' 49 - ' 54 -




Witmer, James Youn g, La wrence M. Zackri so n, Arthur E. Zwiener, James M. CLASS OF 1968 Astrack, Richard F. Aya rs, Rober t S. Benni ngto n, Leslie O. J r. Blackwoo d, James D. Cadwe ll , Tommy L. Chi , Tsun g-Yuan Davis, Roy G. Deatherage, Donald R. Debner, Davi d E. Doe rflin ger, A. E. Durand , Don Ecoff, Ralph A. Jr. Faes, Jolm G. Ferr etti , Michae l E. Fowler, Ri chard W. Gi usti, Leonard A. Gossett , Charl es B. II Gun zel, James M. Haag, Alan L. Hamilton, James L. Hennecke , Edwa rd W. Henrickso n, Ralph L. Huang, Audrey Liu-Mei Johnso n, Ste phen S. Li , Shu-M ei W. Liu , Tieh Feng Long, Jose ph J. Lyo ns, Gerald J. Mank, James F. Man n, Gary L. McC rae, Robert F. Meeker, William K. Mil tenberger, James L. Munns, John A. Nagel, Terry L. O' Bradovi ts, Frank Craig Otto , David Pais , Jero me A. Per ry, Norris W. Petry, James C. Pogue, Jerry G. Porte r, Clay ton G. Schopfe r, Ca rl A. Showmaker, Harry Lee J r. Sid lowski , Ronald E. Steve ns, Edwin E. St orrs, Stuart M. Strauss, Ste phen R. Ta ll ey, Jesse H. Wagne r, Haro ld W. Jr. Wa rd , Dani el K. Wi se man, James L. Youn gman, James A. Za un er, Ronald F. Wristen, David B. CLASS OF 1969 Chu , Go rdo n P. K. MS M Alumnus



1970 Annual Alumni Fund


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