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Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy ROLLA. MO. V OLUME 26





At Spring Commencement, May 26, 1952

University of Missouri officials present for the commencement. Left to right D ean Curtis L. Wil son; J. A. Da ,:rgs, Member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Curators; General Leif J. Sverdrup, who gave the address; President Frederick A. Middlebush; James S. Bush, Chairman of the Board of the Execu tive Committee, and Lester Cox, member of the Exe cutive Committee.



Big Opportunities for Engineers in Atomic Degrees to 339 at 79th Commencement Age, Gen. Leif Sverdrup Tells Graduates Th e sc vc nty - ninth annua l com m c nc e m e nt was he ld on May 26, J 95 2. Th e r e w e r e 339 d egr ees con fe rr d , 31 of wh ic h we r e M as te r of S c ic nc e d eg r ces. An ov dlow c r owd in th e a uditorium f orc e d th facul ty out f r om th ba ccal a ur e ate a d d r ss, a nd a simil a r cr o wd p r · v nted th e fa c ulty fr o m b e in g presnt at th e Upto w n Th e a ter for th comm e nc e m e nt addr ess a nd th e confc rrin g of t h e degr ees. Presid e n t MiddJ e b us h confe rred th e d eg r es on th e 339 g raduates, a nd o ne En g in ee r of Min es d e gree to Ca rl Rob e rt Ch ri ·t ian se n , '47. Th e ntir · Ex ecutive C o mmi t te e of th e Bo a rd of Curators of t h Missour i Sc hool of Min es, con sis tin g of J a m es S. Bu s h , L es te r E. Cox , and J . A . D aggs, w e r e prese nt f o r th e occas ion. L e if J. Sve rdrup d eliv er e d th e comm e nc e m e nt address and wa s la te l' honore d w i th a d e·g ree of Doctor of En ' in ee rin g (Honori s Cau sa ) . Announc e m e nt of s tu de n t prizes a nd honors w r e m a d e by D ea n C urti L. Wil son, and a nnounce- of m c mb e r hips in th e MSM Alumni Association w e r e ma d e by Harry S. P nce , ' 23, Are a Director. R ecog nition w as a l so m a d e of li v in g a lu mni who graduate d from th e sc hoo l f i fty yea r s a go . Fi fty yea r a lum ni w e r e C a rol o Efre n Martin e z, B e nj a min N. Norton , John Loui s P ickl es, Fra nc is H e nry Wal s h , Albe rt Dyke Wil son , and amu el M a r s h all Gree nid ge . Howev r , on ly P ic kl es a n d G r ee nid ge we r e prese nt f or th e occ a ion.

P. B. McHaney Reelected President of Curators Powell B. McHa n e y of Cl a y ton w as r e-el e cte d presid e nt of th e Un i ve r sity of Mi ssouri Board of Curators and Dr. G l e nn W . H e ndr c n of Libe rty wa s r e name d vicep res id nt at th Boa rd m ee t in g he ld durin g Comm e nc e m e nt w ee k . Ren a m e d to the Ex e cut ive Board of Columb ia w e r e W. P . Elm er of Sa l e m, Frank Sto nn e r of Ch a moi s , and J a m e s A . Fin c h , Jr ., oI C a pe G ira rd e a u. Th e m e mber s of th e Ex ecutive Comm ittee a t Rolla we r e also r e-e l e ct · d . Th e y a r e : Jam es S . Bu s h of S1. L o ui s, L es te r E . Cox

"Th e a tom ic bombs that w e re droppe d on Hiros him a a nd N a gasa ki us he r ed in a n e w era. Ju s t a s s ur el y a s th e ag e f rom th e turn of th e ce ntury up until th e n h ad b een known a s th e M a ch in e A ge, w e on tha t da y, e nte r e d in to th e Atomic A 'e ," L eif J. Sverdup , Con s ult in ",; En g in ee rin.g of S1. Louis, t ol d t h e g raduatin g class of the School of Min es and M e tallur gy in th e Comm e n ce m nt addr ess at t he se venty ninth a nnu al Comm e nc e m e nt h er o n May 26, s peakin g on th e s u bj ect , "Th e En g in eer' s T a sk ." " R i g h t h e r e I would like to sound a w arn i ng " , G e n eral Sver d r up conti nu ed , " th at unl ess w e r eali ze a n d beli e v e th a t th e chai n r eaction of s pirit a nd e nte rprize is eve n gr eate r than th e chain r eacti on w e a r e findin g in t h e atomic world, w e wo uld ind eed h av e tittl e to loo lc forward to. I consid er it tr agic that th e atom ic a ge h ad to b e i na u"urate d t hr ough the d e velopment of a n atomic bomb, that it had to be ushe r ct in by d eath a nd d e str uction. On I-h c oth e r hand, undoubte dl y th e at om ic ag e would have b ee n very mu c h sl ower in arrivin g had it not bee n for th e urge n cy o·f war , and w e ca n onl y h ope t h at t h e fi n al I I u it w ill be a blessing to mankind and th a t th ey will live to ben efi t by it. Th e futur e possibilities in a tom ic r esearc h are tr e mendou s bot h in t he medical field and t h e in du s trial field . H er e , th e e n gin eers a n d sc ie nti s ts ha ve truly a g r eat task a nd a tre m e ndou s h orizo n to l ook toward s . " Wh e n a n engi n ee r co nceived a nd produce d t h e rad io during the m a c hi n e age, it wa s a g reat thing", G e ne ral Sv erdrup sa id . "Today , w e ar t ur n i ntj to t el ev isio n more and more . D i ta nces will be add ed , color w ill b e a cce pted and e xp ecte d. O ur s te ps forward in radar and el ecof Sprin gf ie ld , and J . A. Da ggs of Memphi s . L esli c Cowan, Univer s ity vicepresid c nt , con tinu es a s secre tary of th e Board . Also r e-el ected w ere th e trea s ur e rs , R. B. Price for Colu mb ia and F . A. G e rmann for th e Sc hool of Min es a nd M e tallur gy a t Roll a . All nin e m e mb r s of th e Bo a rd w r e pre e nt.

tronics have b e en amazin g a nd will co ntinu e to be so. A s for th ose hi gh ways w e built som e 30 y ears ago, it is now th e e nginee r' s task to r eplan th e m and rebuild th e m . After a ll , w e ha ve today som e 60 mill ion li cen sed drivers a nd 52 million r e gis ter ed vehicl es in thi s gr eat co u n try of o urs . As a r esu lt of thi s, Am e ri cans move a million miles ev e ry minute over their hi g hwa ys, a n d y e t t h ey a r e crowded , and particularly , in th e cities. Tra ffic proble m s are tre m e ndou s . Th e r e, in d ee d , th e engin eer still faces a tremendous task; hi g hw ay transporta ho n , hi g hw ay construction and , above a ll, hi g h way sa fety . W'e' cannot, w e must not continu e to kill p eopl e on our hi g hwa ys at a gr e at er rate than we are h a vin g them killed in Kor ea .. T h e e n g in ee r must plan a n d co n s tru ct for greater safety , and th e people mu s t pay for it. Afte r all, of ea c h d ollar th e mo tor is t sp e nd s fo r hig h way tran sportation 90c to 95c covers th e cos t of car, gasolin e oil , tires, mainte nance , and insurance. On l y th e r e ma i nin g 5c to 10c is spe nt for th e r oad bed on which th e ca r travel s . I mainta in we ca n afford to sp e n d m or e , and mu st spe nd more, if not for conv e ni e nc e and comfo r t , certain l y for safety. "Now what is "th e e nginee r' s tas k " in t he fut ur e going to b e ? As far as I can vi sion, h is task must be to go forward a n d onward. Th er e is no s Llc h thin g as sittin g qui e tly in ~h e middle of t h e s tre a m. Ju s t a s su r e l y a s w e are in an arman, e nt ra ce w ith the co untri es of th e j o n cu r ta in w e are a l so in a te c hn ol ogical race. It isn't m erel y producin g weapo n s of destruction to cO llil t e r ac t w e ap o ns pro uced by th e m to e ith e r pre v e nt or win wars . Your task is to produce thin gs for l he ben f it 0.E mankind; it is to im pr ove th l ot of eve ryone to m ake it a b e tter world to live in , a b e tte r worl d than that which t h e iron c urta in cou n tr ies ca n create, so I.hat p e ople them selv es cari eas ily a nd cl ea rl y jud ge as to th e ben efit of a de mocra cy of th e pe'opl e a s compared with a totalitarian r egim e . '''Undo ubte dly in thi s future , the de v e l opm e nt of atom ic powe r is go in g to playa tr e m e n dous r ole . So




Receive 50-Year Medals

Two members of the class of '02-John Louis Pickles and Samuel Marshall Greenidge-receIving their 50-year medals from Dean Curtis L. Wilson. At left of the picture is General Leif J. Sverdrup and extreme right is J. A. Daggs, memb er of the executive committee of the Board of Curators. is the development of our chemical industry . Synthetics are coming more and more to the fore front; re~ earc h and development are continua lly adding new products. As an example of th is, during the depre ~ sion of the 30's the Dupont Company, while cutting th eir budget on all other items , did not cut the budget for r esearch and development. It is rather interestin g to note that today 85 percent of the products manufactured and sold by the Dupont Compan y were not in ex istence at that time . " That brings up the point that one of the great tasks that engineers and scientists have in this country in the future is r esearch. Up until World War II the basic r esearc h o f this country was, frankly, not impressi ve compared with that of certain countries in E ur op e . W e were ma sters of adaptation manufacturing and mass pro d uc tion, but a gr ea t change along this line, and it must continue and ¡grow . The important of long and te dious basic research and original t hinking cannot be overemphasized , a nd I certainly hope that some of you will continue with your stu di es because as tim e goes on an ever-lar ger percentage of our e n gi n eerin g graduates must continue to work for th eir Master's and Doctor's degrees, if WE' are to k ee p up with a nd forge

ahead of the rest of the world. This is particularly important if we intend to stay ahead in the race we now are ' in the middle of. "As engineers we must also remember our ¡gr eat r esponsibility as citizens. It h as become so popular to demand rights , security and privileges that v ery little thought has been given responsibility. Surely ,

they must go hand in hand , and the e n gineer must never forget this , nor his duties as a citizen. It must be r em embered that the engineer's ta sks also includes a great many thin gs not t ech nical. It includes hi s responsibility as a member of his community, his state, and his nation. " During World War II in the Pacific the contributions of the engineer were gr eat. His sweat, blood , and toil built the bases from Australia to Tokyo an d when that great soldier, G en era l Douglas MacArthur sa id, " This is an engineer's war ," h e paid them a tremendous compliment. By that he did not m ea n that the infan tr y , the artillery, the air and the navy were not needed nor important. h e meant that it was one war which could not have b een won w ithout en gi neers who had to build one base after another as the battle surged forward to its victorious conclusion. And so I say that our civilization cannot be maintained nor even go forward without th e e ngin eer. It would rapidly and certainly grind to a shocking halt. " At the close of the address D ea n Curtis L. Wilson presented G ener a l Sverdrup to President Frederick A. Mid cJ l ebush , of the Univer s ity of Misso uri , for the awarding of th e degree of Do ctor of Engineerin g (Honoris Causa ). Have you attended your local section meetings?

Alumni and school officials with the two 50-year alumni who were present to receive their 50 year m eda ls. Left to rig-ht. James L. H ead, President of the Alurimi Association; John Louis Pickles; Samuel Marshall Greenidge; Harry Pence, Area Director of the Alumni Association, and Dean Wilr.on.




Harry Kessler, Successful Engineer, Follows Hobby As Referee in Boxing H a rr y K essle r , '24 w as fea tured in a f r ont page ar ticle o n th e Sun day Eve r y d ay Magazin e of th e St. L ou is P ost-Di s patc h f or A p ril 27, 1952, th e a r ticl e bein g writle n by Di c k so n T e rry of lh e Post- D is pa lc h sta ff. T he ar ti cle s la tes l hal H a rry ha s ga in ed w ea lth a nd f a m e in t h fi eld of M e ta llurg ica l En g in eerin g but co ntinu es lo follow hi s l on g tim e h obby as a f i'ght r f e r ee b y a vocali o n. and gi ves all of hi s f ees for r efe r ee in g to ch a rity. The a rticle

a nd who box e d in Jack lin g G y m na sium on s v r al occasion s. After leavin g school , Harry b eca m e inte r ested in foundry m e ta lll' r gy a nd late r d velop d th e f a m ed S orb o- Ma l Process that has br oug h t h im b oth fam e a nd f ortun e in th e m e ta ll ur g ical fi eld. H a rry is m ar ri e d a n d li ves with M r s . K essl er in th e ir h om e on W estwood Drive in SI. L o ui s . H e and M r s . K cssl [' ha ve three chi l r e n , J o hn D a vid. six m o nth s ol d; Ja y S le v e n 2; a n d Sh ei la B abs , 13. Harr y has been a n a c tive s upp or ter o [ th e A l umn i A ssoc iation for m a ny yeal s a n d h as alwa ys m a inta in ed h !s me mb er hip . Those h a vin g an opportunity w ill n j oy r ea din g th a rti cl e in lh e Pos t-Dis p a tch .

New Social Fraternity Formed on Campus


goes o n to r ela te h o w H a rry, who gr ad u a ted f r om M SM in IVl e ta llurg ica l E ng in ee rin g, has b ee n r ef e r eein g fi g h ts fo r th e fun of it since h e left R olla. L ast year h e star te d b r a kin g in to t he bi g tim e by prac lic ing hi s hobby in New Y ork in Mad iso n Squ a r e G a r de n. Thi s pu t H a rr y o n a na ti on -wid e t ele v isio n h oo k -up , on w hich he is see n e ve r y fe w w eek s b y se ver a l milli o n p eopl e . H arry lists as hi s big a mbition lh e refer ee in g of a wo rl d ch a mpion fi g ht in Mad iso n Squ ar G a r de n , a n d t h e write r predicts t h at H a rr y will do jus t th a t in lim e. H a rry while in sch ool w as activ e in hi s principa l s port a nd serv e d as ca pta in of th e b oxin g tea m in 1923. Th ose in sc hool at th a t tim e w ill r e m e mber exhibition s by h im self a n d hi s broth er , S olli e K essler , for m e r Gold e n Glo ves c hampi on ,

A n e w soc ia l fr a te rnity, B e ta Sig m a P si , ha s bee n establi sh e d on th e campu s by faculty actio n du r in g the s pring sem ester of 1952. Th e Gree k le tter frat ernity of B e ta Sig ma P si is a g ro u p of Luth er a n college m e n joined to ge the r by t h eir r elig ious bonds. On ly L uth er a n me mbers a r e sele cte d . A side fr om r eli g io n , selection inclu des p er so n al likin g, con'genial t a stes, a nd prin ciples an d id ea ls of th e indivi d u a l. B eta S ig is a so ci al fr a tern i ty w hc h fo ste s sp iritua l w elfare, in s pires goo d f ellowship , whol esom e surroundin gs, hig h schola r h ip a nd a ste rlin g cod e of m or a ls a mon g its m emb er sh ip. B e ta Si gm a P si was organize d a n d establ is h ed a t th e U ni v e r s i ~ y of Illin ois in 1920. Upon l earn in g of th e pr ese n c of s im il a r or ga n i7atio!l s at Pur d u e University and at th e Univer s ity of Mi chigan , it was dee m ecl advi sab le to form a a t ion a l Fratern ity. The Nationa l Fra tern ity w as esta bl ish ed on April 17, 19 25.

The Eta Chapter w a s install e d on th e ca mpus of th e Missouri School of Min es , April 5, 1952. Althou'gh B e ta Sig is n e w to th e camp u s, th Ch a pter hou se ha s bee n in op era tion sin ce th e fa ll of 1946 as Gamm a D elta. A s G a mm a D elta , the m e mber have b ee n ac tive in all cam pus activiti es. Th ey have a n excelle nt scholas ti c r eco.rd , and all its m em b e r s are active in a t l east two othe r ca mpu s organiza tion s.



D. R. Schooler Dies

After Auto Accident Professor D. R. Schooler, ' 26 , d ie d at th e Ph elps County Hosp ital in R oll a, M issouri , Ma y 30 . 1952 D ea th was a tt ributed to pn e umonia a nd compl ication s fo ll owin g an au tomo b il e a c c id e n t. Professor Sc h ool er h a d bee n associated wit h th Sch ool of Min es since 1942. w h e n he left his e mploym e nt in Ill inoi s to becom e a m em ber of th e teac h in g staff at MSM. H e received hi s d e'gr ee of Engin eer of Mines from MSM in 1944 , a n d was a popular a nd effe ct iv e m ember o f th e staff of th e M inin g Enginee ring D ep a I' t m e nt at the time of , hi s d eath, Durin g th e time h e w as a stud e nt at MSM. he wa s a mcm be r of Th eta T au, R a IIa m a Doa r d, and M is- D, R . SC H OO L E R so ur i Mining and Met, Association , B u r ia l w as made in th e Oza rk Me m ori a l Ga r de n s !lea:- Rolla Missouri. H e is surv iv ed b y h is 'wi fe , Mrs, M erl e E . Sch ooler , a nd a c'a u g h tc r , Mrs, Jam es O'Nea l of In d ia na pol is, I nd. Parents of Son Jam es R. Bak er, '50 and Mrs, Baker a r e th e parents of a son b orn Nove mb er 9, 1951. Th e baby w ei'gh ed 8 poun ds a n d h as b een n am ed Ti m oth y L ee. Th e fami ly m a k es th eir ho m e a t 385 E ast Mo nr oe . Mexi co, M issour i, wh er e Jim is e mployed with the A . P. Green F ir e Bri ck Compan y in th e P l ant En gin eer i ng Departme nt. 11111111 111111111111 111111111111111111111111111 111111 111111111111 111111111111


I ss u ed b i-mo nthly in th e inter esl of the gra duates and form e r stu d e n ts of the School of Min es and M e ta llurgy . Subscription pri ce $1.50, included in A lu mni Du es, Ente r e d as second- class matte r Oct. 27, 1926 , a t Post Office at Rolla , Mo " und er t he Act of M arch 3, 1879 .




St. Joseph Lead Compan y Scholarship Awarded To Bonne Terre Student

class , was chosen as alternate for the scholarship . One scholarship is made available each year by the St. Joseph L ead Company and carries a stipend of $600.00 annually and runs

El mer Lee Roy Black , son of Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Yoder , Bonne Ter , e . Mo. , has been awarded the St. Joseph Lead Company scholarship at Missouri School of Mines a nd M e tallurgy, Rolla , with a s tip end of $600.00 a year f or four yea rs, b eginning with the aca dem i ~ year of 1952-53. B. F. Murphy , 40 , Ge n er al Manager of the S1. Joseph Lead Company , Bonne Terre, M is souri , was notified of the selection by Dean Cur tis L. Wilson of the M issouri School of Mines and M 2tallurgy . The selection was made b y a school committee appointed by Dean Wilson and headed by Noel Hubbard the Regis tr a r , and ha s been app;oved by the Board 0 1 Curators of the University of Missouri. Hubbard, accompanied b y Prof essor S. H. Lloyd , head of the Humanities Department of the school , came to Flat Rive r on April 3, and administered certain tests to 12 boys who had been nom inated f or the award b y the principals of th e h ;·o'h schools in S1. Fra ncois C ounty'" and th e town of Herculan eum , Missouri . Black has also been awarded the Curators Scholarship from the Bonne Terre High School which C31 r ies a stipend of $100 .00 for the freshman year. In these tests, Black , who was nominate d by Wayne Wood , principal of the Bonne Terre High School, rated at the top 90th percentile in both mathematics and scien ce on the Iowa High School r cn tent Tests . On the American ro tl ncil on Education Test, he was in t he top 100th percentile, as h e n nked also on the Ohio Psy chological T est. On one o f the national college entrance t ests, which Black h ad taken on his own initiative, h e rated in th e 98th p er centile in the fi eld of mathematics among the national average. On the Kuder P r eference Test, Black rated amon g the 97th p ercentile on scientific int erest . Ga ry Lindell White of Flat River, Missouri , and a member of the Fl at River High School graduatll1g


Keil - Dail Miss Mary Ann Dail became the bride of Byron Lee Keil , '52, May 24 1952 at Graham Memoria l CI~apel ~t Washington Univer sity in St. Louis , Missouri . The b r ide is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward DeWitt Dail of Kirkwood, Missouri. During the time he was at MSM, Byron was a m e mber of Pi Kappa Alpha , Theta Tau and B lue Key . He served as presiden t! of Pi Kappa Alpha , business manager of the yearbook and vice president of the S1. Pat's Board . After a honeymoon in New Orleans and resort areas in the Southeast, the couple will make their home in Odessa , Texas, where the ·groom is empl oyed with Cities S ervice Oil Company. Il iilll lll lllll lll llll ll lllllillllll lll llli ll lll llllll lllllllllIII !II IIIIIII II

St. Louis Section 1111111111 111 111111111111 1111111111111 1111111 1111111 1111 1111111111111111111111



for four academic years. In commenting upon the award , Dean Curtis L. W ilson said that the '2r a nt would make it possible for the recipi'ent, with what he could earn during the summer and on the cam pus to pay the entire exp elEes for his college education. Shepard - Greig Miss Shirl ey Eileen Gre ig , daugh ter of Mrs. E. L. Grej·g, Roll a Mis souri , became the bride of William M. Shepard , '51, M.S. '52, May 17 , 1952. The bride was given in marriage by her brother , G ene Greig, ' 49. Sh e is a lso the sister of H erb Greig, '51, a Naval Cadet statione d at P en sa col a, Flori:la , who was unable to attend the w ed din g. Ralph Schowalter, ' 49 , of Rolla and K chard Roemerman , '51 , of S1. Louis , Mo ., ser v ed as ushers. Bill is employe d with Kennecott Copp er Corp ora t ion and will start work f or this company Jul y 1. M a il addressed to 5540 Park S tr eet , Upp er Mont.clair, N.J. , will reach th e couple until that time. While in sch ool B ill was a mem b er of Tau B eta Pi , Phi Kapp a Phi , Blue K e y, Theta Tau , and Sigma Phi Epsilon social frat ernity. The b ri de attended MSM and was employed in the R egistrar's Office there at the tim e of h er m a rria ge.

The annual meeting of the S1. Louis Section of the Am erican Welding Society featured the installa tion of Mel Lischer, MSM ex '34. of the Noo te r Cor poration , as Chairma n for the coming year. Mel's el ection to the organization 's top position is a fitting tribute to h is uns ti nting work and efforts in the section's b ehalf d uring the pa st four or fi v e y ears. Mel has previOl:sl y served on the Board of DiI ecters an d as Vice-Chairman of the S1. Louis Section. Artlna'



Sclnvarz MSM '32 an d also with t h ~'! Nooter Corporation , served the· local section as Chairman in yea r s past. Since leaving the Missouri School of Mines , Lisch has gained most of his industrial experience in the metals field with some time spent in equipment design work. H e came to Noote r seven yea r s ago and h as worked with the ir Sales Engin eerin g group .




E. E. Department Given

Walter S. Schamel, Jr.,

Alloys Divi sion of Union

Ten Induction Motors

Receives Promotion

Ca rbide g Carbon Corp.

The electrical e n gineerin g departm e n t is th e fortunate r e cipient o f a gr oup of 10 ind uction motors rangin g from 3 HP to 'i4 HP in size. Th e Hoov er Company of North Plainfi e ld , N . J . v ery generously shipped th e above motors on indefin ite con signm e nt ( which virtuall y amounts to the ir bei n g a gift ) to b e used in th e Elec trica l Engin eer in g l aboratories. Th ey furth ermore agr eed to maintain th e m achines on a no-charge basis as long a s t h ey a r e k e pt by the E. E . De p a rtm e nt. These motors fill a need of long standing since th ey r eprese nt the first sizea b le gr ou p of fraction al HP sin'gle phase ma chines (only two of t h e 10 motors are for 3 p hase operation) w h ich the d epar tmen t has ever had . They, coupl ed with the recently -procure d fractiona l HP dynam om eter, will open up a comple t e n e w f ield of und er grad uate and graduate experime nta tion in t h e E lec trica l M achin er y Labora t ori es. All of the motors have ball b ear ings a nd th ey prov ide at l east one of every type of single pha se i nduction motor exce pt the r e pulsion induction v a ri e ty. Thi s ge n erosity of th e Hoover Company is another e vid e nce of th e close coop er ation that is d ev el opin g be tween indu stry and ed u cation in our constant b a ttl e a g ainst the shorta ge of e n gin eer s . The use of these motors in our ele ctrical machinery laboratories will co ntribute to b e tter train i ng for our electrical e n g in eerin g -g r a du ates.

Wa lter S. S cham el , Jr. , '34, fo r merl y Sales Man age r with the American Wheelabrator & Equ ipment Corporation, Mishawaka, Indian a, h as b ee n promoted to A ssistan t

Remmers New

V.-P. of

W a lter E. R e mmers, '2 3, has r ece ntl y bee n el ected Vice -Presi dent, Alloys Division , Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation, accordin g to nn a nnounce m e nt from Fr ed H .




Ha g'ge r son , Ch a irman of th e Board of Union Carbid e and Ca rbon Corpor a tion. Wall y joine d Union Ca rbid e in 1[136. H e h as bee n Pres id e nt of Electro M e ta ll urg ical Company sinc e 1948 , and Presid e nt of Uni ted States Vanadium Company since 195 0. Both compan ies are Divi sion s of Union Carbide a nd Carbon Corporation. When h e w as at MSM , Wally was a m e mber of K ap pa A lph a, Sig m a Gamma Epsilon . an d Missouri Min in g & Metallurgy A ssociation. 'Twas a Gi rl , Not a Boy Th e l as t iss u e of th e Alumnu s r e ported th a t a so n was born o n F ebr ua r y 3rd to Ha ro ld W . Flood '43 Clnd Mrs. Fl ood. H a r old w ri tes t h a t I"his was a bi g ITO I', th at t h e n ew a rr iv a l wa s a d a u gh te r , D ona Colvin Flood , which brin e s th e Flood scor e up to on e son a nd three daug hters. Harol d is now A ss istant Factory S up erintend ent in Ch arge of Main fe na nce with th e D ewey a n d Alm y C he mical Comp a n y , A c tion , Masac hu se tts, which is abo ut 25 mil es we t of Bo ston . Th ey have b o u,g ht t h e m a n ew hom e in S outh A c ton with two ac r es of ground . inclu din g a small or c ha rd a nd a pin e woods. Th e ir n e w a ddr ess is 183 Main Street, So uth Acton , M ass .

Robe r t K. Miller, '26 Rob ert Karl Miller. '26, dil~ d un e 'pectedl y in h is slee p Au g ust 11, 1951. At th e tim e of his d ea th h e wa s e mplo yed as a ch e mical e n g in eer w ith Potas h Co mpan y of Am eric a in Carlsbad , New Mexico, in the R e ea rch D ep a rtm e nt. Prior to 1944, when h e b ega n his em p loy m e nt with P otash Comp a n y ot Amer ica , h e h ad wor k ed as a ch e m ist, m eta llurg ist , a n d e n g in ee r a t a numbe r of pl aces in thi s country and M ex ico. Whi le in sc h ool h e was a m e mbe r of Prospector , and Misso uri Minin g a nd M eta llurgy A ssociation .


S .


J R.

T echnica l Direc tor of the above company according to an a nnouncem e nt r e ce ive d from the org an ization . Walt, on th e campus , wa s a member of Trian gl e Fraternity , hav ing served as Presid e nt of that organization . H e was al so a m e m be r of Blue K ey, Editor of the Missouri Miner , Vice-Preside nt of the St. P at's Boa rd of Control , VicePreside nt of the Inte r -Fraternity Council , Vi ce-Pres id e n t of th e Glee Cl ub , a nd Secr etar y of th e Officer s Club . Walt's hom e a ddr ess is 537 Edgewate r Drive, Sou t h B e nd , Indian a.

Weddings S p ence r - Scow n Miss J an Ka y Scown of S t. Loui s , a nd Willi am A. Spe n cer , '50 , we r e marri ed r ece ntl y. T h e bride is the sister of Ro y Sc ow n , '50 , who was Willia m 's acrobatic partn er while they were h ere in school. Bill is empl oyed with t h e Lock h eed Aircraft Corp or atio n as a Juni or En g in eer , Draft sm a n , a n d is livin g at 3809 Co gswe ll , El M onte , Ca liforni a .



MSM Alumni Association Aids in Birth Rate Survey


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According to the survey made by the Population Reference Bureau of Washington, D. C., this year, the birth rate is steadily increasing for college graduates. The Missouri School of Mines participated in this survey. The study was made from the classes of 1942 and 1927. A survey of over 16,000 college alumni from colleges all over the United States who 'graduated in ' 1942 show a new trend in college fertility. This group may be the first in the recent history of American colleges to produce enough children to replace themselves. In the ten years since leaving college the 1942 graduates have almost equalled the reproduction record found for the class of 1927, 25 years after graduation. MSM graduates averaged 1.85 children per parent who reported in the class of '42, but fell short of many oi the other colleges as MSM only averaged 1.57 children per married 'graduate who reported. This is not too discouraging however in contrast with the above mentioned fact that we have almost equaled the figure for 1927 which was 2.10 children per graduate who reported and 1.69 per married graduate who reported. The MSM Alumni Association will participate in this survey again next year.


Alumni Personals I11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

1908 Jesse Boyer, ex '08, is living at Evanston Apartments. 630 Kenmore , Los Angeles, California. 1909 J. S. Seward is living at 5421 Loughborough Avenue, St. Louis 9, Mo. 1910 Howard K. Peterson makes his home at 807 E. 93rd Street, Los Angeles, Calif. J. D. Harlan is living at 6037 44th Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash. 1911 Milan H. Detweiler is living at 6706 N. Longview Ave., Phoenix , Ariz. 1912 James L. Keelyn gives his address as Box 2371, La'guna Beach, Calif . 1913 James Hassett, ex '13 , is living at 225 Camino Real, Redondo Beach, Calif. J. E. Leavitt, ex '13, has purchased a farm near Rolla and is going to make his home here. 1914 Riley M. Simrall gives his address as Box 153, Liberty, Mo . 1922 T. G. Weir writes that on April 15 he moved from Seattle, Washington , to Los Angeles, California, as District Manager for Joy Manufacturing Company where' his address is 5426 E. Washington, Los Walter A. Brewster, '33 Angeles, Calif. Walter Alando Brewster, '33 , was D. E. Huffman is living at 1020 killed in January of 1951 in an explosion. While he was in school, W. Hadley, Whittier, Calif. W. R. Gettler is an engineer with Walter was a member of the track team. He is survived by his wife Bechtel Corp. , and ,gives his address and children who are living in Pine as 3878 Clay Street, San Francisco , Calif. Bluff, Ark. B. E. Charles gives his address as c/ o Nevada Scheelite Mine, RawWally Ruemmler, '38, and Mrs. hide, via Fallon , Nevada. Ruemmler are the parents of a 1923 daughter, Kathleen Gertrude, born Virgil Whitworth, who' has been May 9, 1952. Walley is employed . with Eagle Picher Company , 151st very prominent in Aerial Geology and McCook Avenues, E. Chicago , Reconnaisance, is now engaged in Ind. He is Area Director for Area 4. Paul A. Huber, ' 50, and Mrs. Huber have announced the arrival of Marvin E. Nevins, Jr., '41, and a daughter , Ann Lorraine, who arMrs. Nevins are the proud parents rived March 2, 1952. The baby of a daughter, Barbara Anne, born weighed 7 pounds and 11 lj2 ounces. March 24, 1952. The Nevins' have Paul is employed as Assistant Mefour other children. Their new adchanical Engineer with Mississippi dress is 329 Windsor Dr., WaukeLime Company, Ste. Genevieve , sha , Wisc. Missouri.

extensive work of this nature in the oil fields of Texas. He is a general consultant in this field with an office in Washington , D . C. His address is 835 The Quebec House , South, 2800 Quebec St., N. W. , Washington, D. C. 1924 Jack P. Campbell is now a Colonel, Chicago district Engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers and has recently been assigned to the Mediterranean Division , French Morocco. 1925 Tom Ea'gan was on the campus on March 12th as a speaker at the AFS meeting. Tom is a national director of the AFS and is Research Metallurgist for Cooper Bessemer Corp. He spoke on the subject of nodular cast iron . It was his first visit back to Rolla since he graduated in 1925. James Stogsdill will receive mail addressed to 9416 Inglewood Redondo Road, Los Angeles 45 , Calif. Guy Clement Cunningham was a campus visitor on Ma-rch 27 . Clem is Supt. of Operations for the Shell Oil Company, Wood River Refinery, Box 262, Wood River, Ill. He was here interviewing for Shell Oil Company. 1926 Allen V. Doster's most recent address is 424 32nd St., Manhattan Beach, California. 1927 E. W. Parsons was a campus visitor on March 22, "Swede" is wiJh the U . S . Bureau of Mines at Bauxite, Arkansas. 1928 Karl Allebach was a campus visitor during early March. Karl gives his home address as 1301 Chaney Ravine Ad., Los Angeles, Cam. Irwin St. Jean Sturgis gives his home address as 1703 Everett Street, Lafayette, Indiana. T. C. Gerber's new address is c/ o Liberty Powder Co. , Newport, Indiana. Howard B. Moreland is living at 303 St. Petersburg Street, Robinson , Illinois . O. D. Niedermeyer's new address is Nickel Processing Corporation , Nicaro, Oriente, Cuba. 1929 Charles J. Potter gives his address as 330 North Carpenter Ave ., Indiana, Pa. Robert L. Kidd is living at 7007 C. Mountain View , Huntington Park, California. Wm . Lee Couch is living at 709




East 11th Street, Winfi eld , Kansas. 1930 H erbert R. Osterwal d is with th e U . S . Atomic En ergy Commission, Bremen Station, St. Louis, Missouri. Hi s residence is at 216 Gi lbert Street, Kirkwood , 22 , M isso uri. 1931 B oris N . Daliloff is l ivin g at 426 Castenada Ave., Sa n Fran cisco, California. 1932 H o m er F . Thompson g ives his h ome address as Rte . 2, Rolla , Missou ri. Home r received his Master of Scie nce D eg r ee in Civil En gineerin g on May 26 , 1952. H e i s with the Drawing D e p ar tm ent of M.S.M. J o hn I. Moore , Jr. , who is a patro l e um Engineer with She ll Oil Company , 4th & Bould er , Tul sa , Okla. , can b e r each ed a t 3811 South St. L oui s, Tulsa , 5, Okl a. 1933 Charles H . Lamb u r is President of th e TEKERA CORPORATION, 274 Madison Aven u e, New York 16, New York. Earl Richard M ertz gives his add r ess as 6837 A gn es Ave nu e, North H ollywoo d , Calif. Alfred H. H esse has b eco m e vice preside n t a nd ge n er a l m a na ge r of Stemac, Inc , 5247 South K eel er A ve nu e, Chi cago 32, Illinois. Thi s co mpany produces el ectrica l p a rts :J nd assemblies and oper ates a jobbin g a l um inu m and br a ss sand fo un dry. Alfred is r e tain e d as a co n s ult ant by R . L avi n a nd Son s, In c. w ith w h om h e was a ssoc iated for six years as director of r esea r ch and advertisin g m a n ager. Hi s home add r ess is 604 so uth lOth Ave. , La Gra n ge, Illin ois. 1934 Th omas H . Rees e , Jr. , is livin g at 9600 W . Main Street, B ellev ille , Ill . H e g i ves his busin ess add r ess a s c/ o South ern Illinois Constru ction Company , 304 Illin ois Av e nu e , E as t SL Loui s, Illin oi s. 1935 W arren B. Danforth is now li v ing a t 121 Ma y wood Driv e , Youngstown J2 , Ohio. 19 36 E l m er Kirchoff is w ith th e Auto Spe cialti es Mfg . Co. , 643 Graves Street , St. J oseph , Michi路ga n. Elm e r 's hom e a dd r es is 2015 Morton Ave. , St. Joseph, Mich igan. Jam es H . M e n ef ee and hi s wife w er e campu s vi si tors in th e latter part of Ma y. Jim is with th e R e路

111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111

Alumni Personals 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111 111111111

pairs and Utilities Division , Chief of Engineers, W as hin gto n 25 , D . C. His home add r ess is 3405 Tu lane Dri ve , Unive r sity Hills, W est H yattsv ille , Maryland. 1937 J. W . McLaughlin g ives hi s ho me address as 1330 Ea st Third St. , Wa shington , Misso uri . W. R. Jarre tt was a campus visitor on Ma y 5. W a lte r is Di strict Manager for St. Loui s for th e Bin gham Pump Co. Hi s home address is 2533 Sa lem Ave ., Brentwood 17, Missouri. John P . B al k e is a Fi el d S al es Engineer for E lliott Comp a n y, 43 8 Lathrop Bld g. , Kan sas City , Mo . John is livin g at 1505 Sh eley Road , Ind ep end ence, Mo. 1938 John R. McCloskey is l iving at 708 Donn elly, Columb ia , Missouri. Ro y C. Corn ett is in Kor ea as an Assista nt G-1 working on p er so nn el matter s f or the 2nd Logi stical Command . Mai l should b e addressed to Lt. Col. Roy C. Cornett, 0 363 46 2 G-1 Se c. Hq. 2nd Log Comd , APO 59 . c/ o PM , San Fra nc isco , Ca l ifornia. 1939 John P. Soult w ho is Vi ce-Pr esident of Fruin -Col n o n Contracting Company, S t. Louis , Mo. , writes, " I a gr ee that our Alumni Association shou l d b e s tr on路g a n d ha ve b ee n trying to do m y small part h er e in' St. Loui s to k ee p a li ve the Alumni Chapter." 1940 L. E. Hanson g iv es his address as 725 N. 75th Street, E. St. Loui s, Ill i noi s. Willi am H. Burg in's new address is 1219 Californ ia str eet, D enver 4, Colorado. Colin G. Rose was a campus visito r on April lith inte r viewin路g prospe ctive graduates for his co mpany, Bixby-Zimm er Engineerin g Company of Gal es burg, Illin ois. Col in 'S hom e ad dr ess is 1587 E. Main , Gal esburg , Illin ois . J a m es O. F errell is with Kaiser St eel Co ., Fontana , California . Jam es' ho me addre ss is 642 W es t H . Stree t, Ontar io, Ca lifornia. Eu ge ne L. Olcott is w i th th e Bureau of Ships, Nav y D ept. , Room 3712, W as hin g ton 25, D. C . Eu ge n e is li ving at 4403 Woodland T errace, R. R. 2, Fall s Church , Virg inia , and

wishes a ll correspondence to b e sent to that address. H erb ert O. Kimmel is now witl) the Imperia l Oil Co . of Canada . 8536 109th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Cana da. H erb ert was a campu s visitor on May 2l. His hom e ad dress is 6822 112 A Street , Ed monton , Alberta , Can ada . Pau l F . Ross is now station ed at Donald son Air Force B ase , S . Carolin a. Hi s mailing address is 18 Crestfield Ro ad, W oodfields, Greenville , S. Carolina. Edwin H. Borg man is em ployed w ith Phillips P e tr ole um Company . Bartlesville, Oklahoma. E dw in will r e ce ive mail add r esse d to his hom e address at 26 Seaton Road, Rt. I , B a rtl esv ill e , Oklahoma. 1941 Jam es W. K err gives hi s m a il in g addre ss as H aviland Road, Pough k eep sie , New Yo r k. E uge n e P. Boyt wis h es corresp ond e nce to be sent to B ox 764', D a vi s D a m , Ari zona. P a ul Elliott is e mployed b y th e Mc Q ua y Norris Sma ll Arm s Divi sio n of th e St. Loui s Core P lant, 4014 Sie m er s Lan e, St. Loui s . Mi ssou ri. Paul was a camp u s visitor on M arc h 13. Jo e Wink is livin g at 1145 Rose A ve. , Lo s An gel es, Cal iforn ia. J ames R. Roux gives ni s address as Lincol n Ro ad , Sappin gto n , Misso uri . Ca I F. Schwa b 's n ew a ddress is J 10 E. M,aple , Mt. Pl easa nt, M ichi ga n. Willi a m L . Nesley's milita r y ad d r ess is Maj. Wm. L . N esley, Hq . 210 2d Air Weath er Gp ., Langl e AFB , Virgini a. Bill 's hom e a d d r ess is 832 Todd s Lane, R. R. No . 2, H amp t on . Virgi nia. J. M. Patrick writes "At the prese nt time I a m atte nding sc hool a l R e n sselaer P olyte chni c In stitu te a a Navy Civil En gi nee r Corps offi cer and wi ll r e ceive my C . E. degr ee in Se pte mb er. " Jaso n 's mailing address is 13- 1 Blatch ford Dri v e, Troy , N e w York. Wm. H. Bourn e gives hi s mailin g add r ess as LCDR Wm. H . Bourn e CEC USNR, Publ ic W ork s Off icer , U . S. Nava l Hos pita l , Ocean id e , Ca l ifo rn ia. Adolph A. G e bh a rdt is w it h th e Si nger M a n u fa ct u rin g Co ., 915 P e m br oke Stre t, B r id ge po r t , Connecticut. H e is livin g a t 317 D avi s Road Fa i rfi el cl , Con nectcu t. Paul Elliott i now e mplo yed ' b. th e St. Loui s Core Plant , McQua y -



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MAY -JUNE ' ..

" 952 '

dress is 4288 Kosouth Avenue, St. Louis 15, Missouri. Lloyd .E."'B yrd received his JYIas- tel'S degree in Mechanical Engineering here on May 26th. Lloyd's mailing address is Box 202, Rolla, Missouri . Pijush K. Roy 's new address is P. O. Box 72 , Frostburg , Maryland, Pijush has completed his work for his Masters degree at Alfred University at Alfred, New York, and is at present employed with Big Savage Refractories Corp. at Frostbur-g , Maryland. Eugene F . Stifel is now l iving at Franc is Drive, Godfrey, Illinois. R. T . Rose resides at 1605 S. 4th Ave. , Maywood, Illinois . Chester E. Miller has been recalled to active duty with th e USAF . Mail addre ssed to 1374 Laketon Road , Pitt sburgh , Pennsylvania. will reach him. Wesley B . Koenig is l iving at 1501 Pine Chase Dr ive, Houston , Texa s . Wil bert . L. Dare now lives at 220 So. Gilpi n , Denver , Colorado. B er y l B .. Corrie lives at 301 East 3rd Street, Flor a, Illinois. William W. Cl ark is wi th the J. F. Pritch a rd Constr . Co. , 908 Grand Ave. , Kansas City , Missouri . Bill resi des at 8000 Wash ington , K ansas City 5, Missouri. Raymond W. D avis is working as an application Engineer in the Substation Section of Allis Chalmers Mfg . Company. Raymond wishes any correspon dence to be sent to 7925 West Rogers Street, West A llis, Wisconsin. Francis L. Lyons is employed as a str ess ana lyst by North American Aviation Corp. of D owney, California. Francis lives at ' 327 East 22'9th P l ace, Wilmi n g ton, California. Roger E . McCombs is with D el co Products Division, G e neral Motors Corp. , Dayton , Ohio . Ro'ger is living at 248 Moss Oak Drive, Dayton 9, Ohio. Jo h n L. Painter's n e w addr:ess is LTJG J. L. Painter, F AWTUPAC , Box "V" , c / o F.P.O. San Francisco, California. Roy E. Ha ll is working for General Motors at th eir Kansas City Pla~'t 路which will assemble the Republic F84F. Roy's home and mail ing address is 7104 Walrond , Kansas City , Mo. Willie , Y. Chen is in the U. S . Army; his address being Batte ry D, 459 th AAA A W BW (SMB4) Fort Crank h ite, California . Gene Warren is employ ed with

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Alumni Personals 1111 1111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111

the Gulf Oil Company, Houston , Texas. James R. Baker is living a t 305 E. Monroe, Mexico , Missouri. E. H . Dee ken is with G e neral EleGttic ' Co., 23 Japhet Street, Houston, Texas . El mer is l iving at 813 Anderson St. B ellaire, Texas. " R" " J " George is Maintainence F oreman with the Texas Ill. Nat. Gas Pipeline Co. , Route No.2 , Malvern , Arkansas. James O. Hilburn is with th e Stanoli nd Oil and Gas Co ., Box 268, Lubbock , Texas . Jam es' home add ress is 517 B Nor t h Ave . V. , Lubbock , T exas . Hal Gallimore's mailing a ddr ess is B a ileys Harbor, Wi sconsin. Warren E. Hagan is living at 116 Carroll Ave., Foresdale Sub D ivision , Kevil, Kentucky. William Wilkins' home address is 840 Hillcrest, EI Sec undo , Cal ifornia. John J. Kovach is living at 544 Leslie Ave., Wood Riv e r , Illinois. John is with Westinghouse Electric

Corp., Southwestern District, St. Louis, Missouri , as one of their fi eld engineers in the District En gl'. and Service Departme nt . Ivan L. Gray is with the General E lectric company, Knolls Atomic Power Lab. , Schenectady, N e w York. Kvan r esides at 106 Root Ave nue, Scotia, New York. Charles H. Church is in the U . S. Air Force and wishes all correspondence sent to 745 Terrace 49, Los An geles, Ca lifornia. Ro bert E. Smith is with th e Illin ois Hig hway Dept.. Carbon d ale , Illin ois. Rob e rt is living at 503 W . College, Car bondale, Illinois. George W. Mabie's n ew mailin g a dd r ess is S gt. G. W . Mabie , Hq. and Hq. Sq. ARDC , 5 W est Balti more, Baltimore, Mary l a nd . 1951 Cyril Kinane who was f or me rl y employed b y P icka n ds Mathe r and Company, is now in th e U. S. Army . H e w ishes all ma il to be sent to 414 E. Chapman, E ly, Minnesota. Bernard Coh e n rec eived his Master of Scie nce Deg r ee in Phys ic s May 26, 1952. Bernard is livin g at 129"\ Ea st 7 Street, Brooklyn, New York.

When 01' Grads Meet

A get togeth er at t h e h ome of Joel Loveridge, '40, 1008 Grandview Dr., Kirkwood, Mo. Those p r esent w ere Ray David DaHmeye r, ' 39; James R. Rouz, ' 41 ; Jack Emery, ' 40; John Kiser, ' 39; John Griffiths, ' 44; Chares Ward, '39; Joe l Loveridg'e, '40; Warren Loveridge, '41; and Otis H. Taylor, '42 ; who reported the meeting'.



Donald A. Nelson is living at 1802 Washington , Alton , Illinois . G . W. Sullivan' s new address Is J Atlantic Avenu e, Nanue t, New York . He is now empl oye d as a proj ect e n g in eer in the Experimental Foundry of the M e tallurgical Lab. of the Am erican Brake Shoe Company , Mahwah , N e w Jersey . Marion J. Norton is wor kin g for th e F. H. McGraw Construction Company in Paducah , K e ntucky . His new home address is c/ o M. T . Warford , Kevil , K e ntucky. William R. Griffin is with the G ladding McBean Co. , 2901 Los F e li z Blvd. , Los Angeles , 39, California. Joe DeWitt is with the Standard Oil Co ., of Californ ia . His mailing a ddress is 4605 Carondel e t, New Orleans, Louisiana . Stan Altman is now in the army s tationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Stan is assigne d to th e Headquarter s Company , 1st School Battalion in the T opographic Department, Photomapping Branch, the O.C.S. se ction . H e is teaching map a nd a e rial photo r e ading to Engineer Officer Candidates. Hi s home ad dr ess is Pfc . Stan Altman, 129 North Fairfax, Carlyle Apt. Apt. 31 , Alexa ndria , Virginia . Ross F. Crow was here on vacation on May 15 , 1952. Ross is with th e Kobuta Plant of Koppers Company , and is livi n g at 575 Spring L a n e , Beaver , Pennsy lvania. Dwight T eagard en was in Rolla on April 19, 1952 . D wi ght is w ith the Carter Carbuerator Corporation ig St. Louis, Missouri, a nd lives a t 35 06 St. Louis , St. Louis, Mo. V,magan T a tosian is with Vicke rs Electric Division , 1815 Locust Street, St. Louis , Mo. His home address is 1708 Cedar Street, Granite Ci ty , Illi nois . F erd Mullersman rece ive d his master of Science Degree in E l ectrical Engineering on May 26, 1952 . Ferd i s with Genera l Electric at Pittsfield , Massachuse tts . His home address is 4 Norwin e Street, Flat Riv er , Missouri . Elden Sigurdson 's n ew address is 324 No. Logan , Lyons, Kansas . David D. Parrish h as notified u s that he is changing position s and his new business address will b e, Engineer Train ee, E. 1. DuPont Company , Savannah Rive r Proj ect, Augusta , Georgia . Roger J . Hull is empl oy ed with

11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111

At Foundry Meeting

Alumni Personals 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

the Ozark-Mahoning Company , Mahoning Mining Divi sion. His h ome address is Box 326, Rosiclare, Illino is. Thomas L. Hanson is with Fairbanks, Morse and Co., Locomotive Service Dept., Beloit, Wisc. His h ome address is 668 Broadway , J oli et, Illino is . Thomas R. Evans' new add r ess is R. R. 6, Ayersville, D efiance, Ohio. He has been tra nsferred to General Motors Foundry at D efiance, Ohio as a metallurgist, working on special assignme nts i n productdev elopm e nt. Homer Steuck states that his address has changed from General D eliv ery , Chattahoochee , F lorida to 2185 South 77th Street, West Allis 14, Wisconsin. Homer is wo rkin g for the Mil waukee District of the Corp of Engineers. The work consists of taking soundings of H a r bors on t h e east shor e of Lake M ichigan. Bob Becker w rites that he has received one of the National Science Foundation fellowsh ips for 19521953. He has comple ted his Master's de gree in Phy sics, at the University of Wisconsin , and is continuing his work for a Ph.D. d e¡gree at the same unversity. At the University of Wisconsin he is working in t h e f ield nuclear physics and is work ing with th e r esea r ch group upon the van D e Graaff generator. There seems to b e a good possibility that he w ill spend the summer work ing at L os Alamos. Wiley T. Ruhl received his Masters degree in Electrical En gineering h er e on May 26, 1952. Wiley 's home address is 1307 N. J effer son , Springfield , Missouri. Eugene P . Watson is living at 4922 Kemper Avenue , St. Loui s, M issouri. Arthur Sundholm's new address is 1616 S. Cincinnati, Tulsa, Okl ahoma. Artie is with Pure Oil in Tulsa. Robert E. Riley is Assistant Meta llurgist und er the supervision of Dr. Max Hanson , Chairman of the Metals Dept. of the Armour Research Foundation of the Illinois I nstitute of Technology. Bob was visiting Rolla w ith Dr . Hansen on April 17. Donald A. Nelson is livin g at 1902 Washington , Alton , Illinois.

Henry William Meyer, '32, General Steel Castings Co., Granite City , Il li nois, Dr. A. J . Miles, Hea d of Mec h an ical Engineering Departm ent. MSM. an d George E. Mellow, ' 18, Lib ert y Foundry Compan y, St. Lou is, Mo., taken at a meeting of th e Ame rican Foundry Society held in - Rolla r ecentl y. Truman E . McCl a rd is living at 1012 Chestnu t Stree t. Indep endence , Kansas . Robin Lillibridge's home address is 2801 Ma r sh a ll, Granite City , Illi nois . J o hn M. Ketter lives at 722 Elm Street , Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Rollin H . Koontz' home address is 8714 Mesa Li nda , A lbuquerque , New Mexico. George H . Greig's maili ng address is Nav . Cadet G eoI'ge H . Greig, USN , Class 16-52, Batt. 3, U. S . Naval School , Pre -Flight, N.A .S ., P ensacola , Florida . Walter Liddell , 5112 Vernon Ave., St. Louis, Missouri, Sa les R epr esentative of the John s-Manv ille Industrial Products Division, S t. Louis, was gr aduated March 28 at. th e J ohns-Manville Tra ining Center from an advanced training course in modern sales techniques. Frank J. Myslinski 's home ad dress is Austenville, Virginia. Frank is w ith B ertha M ineral Di vision of the New J er sey Zinc Com pany at Austenville. Joseph Edward Perryman is with the Caterpillar Tractor Co., Peoria Proving Grounds , P eoria, Illinois. His home address is 1115 India n a Ave. , Peoria , Illinois.



William M. Shepard received his Masters degree in Mining Geology on May 26. Bill is with the Expora¡ . t..ion. Dept. of Kennecott Copper Corp. and mail should be sent to him at 100 E. 16th Rolla , Missouri. ,Owen E. Thompson is with the St. Louis San Francisco Ry., Frisco Bldg. , Rm. 306 , Springfield, Missouri. His home address is 509 W. Grand Street, Springfield , Missouri. William D. Burch received his Masters degree in Chemical Engi nee ring here on May 26. Bill is with Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Co. at Oak Ridge , Tennessee. John T. Ballass received his Masters degree in Metallurgy. He is Metallurgical Engr. for Whitlock Manufacturing Co. , Hartford , Connecticut, and lives at 63 Woodlawn Rd. , New London, Connecticut. George D. Miller is employed a s Sales Engineer with Jo y Mfg. Co. , 4235 Clayton Ave. St. Louis, Missouri. His home address is 4465 West Pine, St. Louis, Missouri. Tom L. Br own is with Halliburton Oil W ell Cementing Company at Duncan, Oklahoma. He is living at 608 N. 13th Street, Duncan , Oklahoma. Donald J . Dow ling is on military leave from the Buckeye Cotton Oil Company in Memphis, Tennessee , and wishes all correspondence to him to be sent to 9523 Park Lane , St. Louis 17 , Missouri. Ralph A. Tuepke r 's new address is 11230 S. Indiana, Chica go 28, Illinois. George L. Knight is living at 2102 S. Wesley Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois. Manu G. Amin resides at 2944a Greer , St. Louis , Missouri. William R. Griffin's address is 2624 Claremont Avenue, Los Angel es, California. Theodore Gosen is living at 2222 Eucalyptus, Long Beach, California. David K. Anderson's home address is 421 Drana Place , Fullerton, California. John F. Lynch is with Knox Porcelain Corporation , Knoxville , Tennessee , John Lives at 15 Maplehurst Park , Knoxville, Tennessee. . 19 52

Thomas S. Abernathy's mailing address is 1505 Bessie Street, Cape Girardeau , Missouri. Frank Alvarado is living at 3495 Broadway, New York , New York. George V. Anderson's home address is 504 East Broadway, Medford , Wisconsin. H e is employed



Alumni Personals 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

by Victor Greiman , Dayton, Ohio. Joe F. Andrews' mailing address is 119 Summit St., West Plains, Missouri. Richard Lee Armstrong's mailing


add ress is R. R. No . 3, Doniphan , Missouri. William J. Arnold is with the Bureau of Reclamation at Billings , Montana. His home address is 551 New Street, Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. Glenn L. Audsley's ' mailing address is D eWitt, Missouri. Glenn is


MSM Alumni Association '11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

Term Exp.



James L. Head

....... 25 Broadway , .......... New York 4, N. Y . Execu tive A. E. Barnard ..... .. ... .. 613 S. Central , ........ Vice-Pres. Clayton 5, Mo. Vice-Pres .. .. . Horace H . Clark ........... 7202 S. Shore Dr ., .. Chicago 49, Ill. Sec.-Treas. H . R. Hanley ...... 606 W . 8th St. , ....... Rolla , Missouri

Nov. 1, 1953 Nov. 1, 1953 Nov. 1, 1953 Nov. 1, 1953


Mervin J. Kelly , '14 Charles J. Potter , ' 29 . Melvin E. Nickel , ' 38 . .

(Three-Year Terms ) ....... 463 West Street, ....... New York 14 , N. Y . .... .. 619 Oak Street ....................... Indiana, Pa. .......... 7020 Creigie r Street .......... ..... Chicago, Ill . AREA DIRECTORS

Area No. Area Director 1 ...... ......... E. A. Crawford, ' 29 . 213 Walthery Ave ., Ridgewood , N. Y. 2 ............... Theodore C. Gerber, '28 La. Ordinance Plant, Shreveport, La. 3 ....... ..

Donald N. Griffin, '26 1073 Hawthorne Rd. Fo r t Wayne , Ind.

States Embraced Term Exp. .... Maine, New Hampshire, 1952 Vermont, R. L, Conn. , Mass. , New York Philadelphia, Washing- ........ 1954 ton, D. C., Va., W. Va., Ky. , Tenn ., N . C. , S . C. , La. , Miss., Ala. , Ga., Fla. ... W. Penn. , Ohio, Indiana

4 ................ W . P. Ruemmler , ' 38 ..... N. IlL , Chicago , Wisc ., Eagle Picher Co. , Box 540 Minn. East Chicago , Ind. 5.


...... 1954

.. ... . Harry S. Pence, '23 .... ....... .. . S. Ill. , E. Mo., Ark .............. 1952 118 Syndicate Bldg. St. Louis, Mo.


H. E. Zoller , '23 3900 E. First St. Wichita , Kans.


J . V. Spalding, '39 Bethlehem Supply Co., Box 3008, Houston, Tex.


.... Dave P. Hale , '34 . 960 L eyden Dr . Denver, Colo


.. ...... Barney Nuell, '21 530 W. 6th St. Los Angeles, Calif.

Iowa , W. Mo. , Okla., ............ 1953 Kans. Texas


' .. Idaho , Mont., N . & S. Dak. , .. 1954 Wyo. , Nev., Utah, Colo. , Ariz. , New Mex. Wash. , Ore., Calif.

.. .. 1952




with the U . S. Army . Fre d W. Ayers is living at 415 Roosevel t Avenue, Eau Claire, Wisconsin . He is employe d by the Eau Cla ire Sand a nd Gravel Co. J. A . Bara 's home address is 42 Rariton Avenue, South R iv e r , N ew J er sey. James R. Borbe ry is living at 1604 Poplar S t. , L ex in gto n , Missouri. Paul G. Barnard 's home address is 1470 North Edward St .. D eca tur, fllinois . He is e mployed by the International Nickel Co. , Huntington , West Virginia . Fra ncis Basler's mailing address is 707 State Street , Rolla , Mi sso uri. L ee Bil h e imer is e mploye d by the St. Joseph Lead Company , Edwards, N ew York . Kenneth L. Birk is living at 616 Locust, Cape Girardeau . Missouri . James A . B el ew is with the Ralsto n Purina Company in Kansas Ci ty , Missouri. J ames A. Bottorff's m a iling ad dress is Salem, Missouri . H e plan s to a ttend Purdue in September. William Bowlin 's mail in g add ress is Worth , Missou ri. James Boyle' s home address is 165 Walter Street, Rahway , N ew J er sey. He is wi t h the T en n essee Coal Iron and Rail road Company, Birmingham . Alabama. Bill Bradley's mailing address is Apt. R-4 , M.S .M . Apa rtm ents , Rolla , Missouri. John F. Bru skotter 's address is 134 Cox Street , Ottawa, Ohio . Thomas E. Buder is living at 3518 . Wickenhouse, Alton, Illinois . Cornel ius H. Bu ersmeyer 's mailin g address is 610 Broadway, J eff erson City , Missouri. Frederick R. Bullivant is living at 72-10 34th Ave ., Jackson H e ights , New York . Richard L . Burdick' s mailing add r ess is 1306 W . Dau gh erty St. , Webb City , Missouri. H e is with the DuPont Compan y at LaPo r t e, T exas. Ed Calcaterra's m a ilin g address is 100 South 9th , Herrin , Illinois. Robert E. Campbell is e mployed by G e neral Motors. His home address is 1504 Byer s Av e., J oplin , Missouri . Raymond Campos N e tto's add r ess is Ave. M araca u a, 1461 , Rio , Brazil. Hom er E. Coonce is employed by B ell T ele phon e Laboratories . Hi s mailing address is Spok a n e, Misso uri . J a m es J . Cooper's hom e a ddr ess

111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111IIIII III IIIII tlllll lili

Class of 1952 11111, '11111111111111111 1111 1111111111 1111 11111111 1111 111 11111111111111 111 11

is 140 N . Rock Hill, W e bster Groves , Misso uri. H e is with t h e U.S.G.::; ., Rolla, Missouri. Burne tt O . Crabtree's mailing ad dress is Box 104, lVIt . Sterling, lllinois . Kenneth L . Cramer is with the Catel pillar Co. His mail ing addre ~ s is 301 East First Street, Dixon , 111inois. Duane A . Crawford is living a t 12 N. 36th Street, T err e Haute, 1ndiana. H e is e mployed b y the Ohio Oil Company. Archie W . Culp 's mailing address is 308 W. Ninth Street, Rolla, Missouri . Richard Danzer's home address is 6027 Eitman , St. Louis, Missouri. H e is with t h e T exas Company. Norman D eering is with the American Emelting and Refining Company . His mailing a idr ess is 203 South Union Street, Shawano , Wisconsin. Robert J . D eHekker is living at 40 15 McDonal d St., St. Louis, Missouri . He is with the Cities S ervice Oil Company . K e nn eth Lan e DeLap is empl oyed by the Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. His mailing address is 410 W . St. Louist Stree t , W . Frankf ort, Illinois. Micha el D eLucca 's home address is 216 N e therwood Avenue , Plainfie l d , New J er sey. He is withe the U. S. Steel Company , Morrisville, P Ennsylva n ia. Warren V. D elVIier is employed by the G . E . Hanfo rd Works, Richland, Washington . Warren 's mailing a dd r e5s is 1005 Hun t Stree t , Leadwood , Missou ri. Harry L. D e nt's home a ddress is 2300 Union St. St. Louis, Missouri. H e is with W estern Union T el. Geor ge J. Dillender is with Standard Oil Co . (Ind. ), and is living at 217 Michigan Ave nu e, Alton, lllinoi s . J erry D . Doane's (nailing address is 686 S al e m Ave ., Rolla , Missouri. Theodore E . Dobso n is living at 6028 Binn ey Street, Omaha , Nebraska. B erna r d D owel's m a ilin g add r ess is L eadwood , Missouri. B ernard is w ith the Alcoa Compa n y, Alcoa; T e nn essee. Billy Drewel 's mail in g address is 40 1 Eas t Sta te Street Vandalia ,


Missouri. He is with the Illinois Highway Department, Springfield, lllinois. Donald Drewel 's mailing address is R. R. 1, Cuba , Missouri. D onal d L. Duncan is employed by the Carbide and Carbon Chem . Co ., Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Donald s mailing address is Box 63, Ca ntwell , Missouri. Rob ert A. D ye's home address is 217 Greer, Sikeston , Missouri. Murray N. Engl and 's mailing addr e ss is 413 Mapl e, N eosho , Missouri. Roy W. Nutter is living at 167 Church Street. Putnam, Connecticut. John Evans is l iving at 511 Brook s Street , Laguna Beach , Cal ifornia. James R. Faulkner's mailing address is 713 W. 11th Rolla , MisSOU l i . He is employed by the Texas Oil Company. Wallace Fergusen's hom e address is 833 VanKirk, Clairton , P ennsylvania. C. Kipp Ferns is with th e U. S . G. S. , Rolla , Missouri. His home address is 247 Engle Street, TenaflY ,N e w Jersey. William A . Finegar is li vi n g at 136 ShefEi eld Ave ., Buffalo , New York. Clyde H. Fink's ma il ing ad dr ess I s R. 1, Rolla. Missouri. John W. Finkl ang is wi th th e Anaconda Copper Company , Butte , Montana. H . W. Firman's mailing add ress is 209 Comly St., Philadelphia, P e nnsylvania. George Fish is with Pure Oil Company. His home address is 519 Short Street Tallahassee, Florida . H aro l d C . Freiberger's home a ddress is R. R. 1, Union , Missouri. He is em pl oyed by the Wag n er Electric Corp. E dgar J . Gegg's mailin g address is Star Route One, Ste . G en evi eve, Missol1ri. Nicholas J . Giose ff i is with the Am erica n Brake Shoe Co ., Chicag o H e ights, Illinois . His home a ddress is 33 Purdy S treet, Harrison , New York . Rob ert F . Grady is livin g at 144 lOth Street, N . W ., Ma son City , Iowa . Joe W . Grant is wi th G en er a l Electri c at Richland . W a ; h ~ n gton . His hom e address is Morrisville, Missouri. Cly d e R. Greenwalt's' hom e a 1dress is 1150 L y nwo od Dr., Rolla Mi sso uri. He is employed by the























195 2

Greenwalt Studio in Rolla , Mo. W. B. Guinn's mailing address is MSM Apt. E-2, Rolla, Missouri. He is with General Electric. Jean E. Hacker's home address is 301 N. Hope Street, Jackson, Missouri. Jean is with Shell Oil Company. Wayne A. Hahne is employed by General Motors, Danville, Illinois. His home addr ess is 10057 Grosvenor Drive, St. Louis, Missouri. James C . Hall is living at 1722 E. 5th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas. Raymond L. Hallows is with R.C .A . Victor. His home address is 1205 Edward Rd., CinCinnati , Ohio. William H. Harris is employed by McDonnell Aircraft Corp. , St. Louis, Missouri, William's home address is 3572 Ashby Rd., St. Ann 14, Missouri. Paul L. Hausmann is with Buckeye Cotton Oil Co., Memphis, Tennessee . Paul's home address is 1620 • E. 5th Street, Washington, Missouri. Paul H. Hausner's home address is 1311 E . 18th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. He is with Picatinny Alsenal, Dover, New Jersey. Charles M. Heimbach is living at 202 S. Oak Street, Sparta , Illinois. R. T. Henslee is emplo yed by the Missouri Conservation Commission . Francis P. Herr'gesell's home address is R. F . D. Tivoli, New York. Charles A. Hewett's mailing address is 468 Riverside Dr., Johnson City , N e w York. D a vid L, Hillhouse's address is Branson , Missouri. Robert L. Hirsch is living at 5200 L a n sd owne, St. Louis, Missouri. Melvin C. Hockenbury is with P ica tinny Arse nal, Dover, New . J e rsey , and lives at 1304 Langford , As bu ry Park, N e w Jersey . Leslie Holdman is with the Schlumberger Well Surveying Corp. , and is living at 320 N. Topeka, W ichita, Kansas. Wallace Harold Holmes' home a dd r ess is 11 E. Elm Street, Chicago , Illinois. Henry F. Honigfort is with Wagner Electric Corp., 6400 Plymouth Ave. , St. Louis, Missouri. Gle nn Hook is empl oyed by Socony Vacuum , East St. Louis, Illinois . His home address is Imp e rial. Missouri. E m il C. Hrba:cek is living at 1833 Dolman St., St. Louis, Missouri. James R. Hubbard is with the U. S: Forest S ervice , Rolla, Missouri. LEiigh 'Hutchinson's mailing ad-


Class of 1952 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

dress is 1413 State, Rolla, Missouri . He is with the U.S.G.S ., Water Resources Rolla, Missouri. Don Huey's -mailing address is 4951 Statel~ne , Kansas City, Missouri. Gene Huffman is with the Gulf Oil Co., Centralia, Illinois. Irving J. Hutkin 's home address is 74 Cerenzia Blvd., Elmont, New Yo r k. He is employed by Picatinny Arse nal, Dover, New Jersey. Donald E. Jones is living at 398 Oak St., Windber, Jennsylvania, and is with Berwind White Coal Co. , Windber , . Pennsylvania. Jacob Kadnar is living at 5983 North Pointe, St. Louis, Missouri. R. E. Kelly ' s home address is 1513 Themis , Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Byron Keil is living at 2336 So. 4th, Springfield, Illinois. Homer C. Kerr is with the Navy Electronics Lab., San Diego, California . William C. Kimker's home addre.ss is R. R. 12, Box 155, Kirkwood, Missouri. William is with G e neral Electric. Gerald S. King's mailing address is 611 N. Kickapoo St. , Lincoln, Illinois. Jerry Klobe's mailing address is Seventy-Six, Missouri. He is with the Carbide Carbon Chemical Co., Oak Ridge , Tennessee. Daniel C. Knock is with the Illinois Highway DivIsion , Springfield , Illinois. Eldo Koppelman's mailing address is Union, Missouri"" Pete r Kurtz is living at 685 Oakwood Avenue , Webster Groves, Missouri. Eugene M. Laubach home address is 2504 Izard , Little Rock , Arkansas . He is employed by Bailey Meter Co. , Cleveland, Oh io. Eugene M. Laytham is in the U. S. Ar)TIY. His home address is 8917 Li tzsinger Road , Brentwood, Missouri. John W. Laytham is with the Corps of Engineers. His home ad- ' dress is 8917 Litzsinger Road, Brentwood, Missouri. Roy E. Lee 's home a d dress is 105 E. Main, Flat River , Missouri. He is employed by Schlumberger Oil Surveying Company. Thomas H. Lentz is employed by G en eral Mills , Minneapolis, Minne-


sota. Tom's home address is 620 Tillotson , Collinsville, Illinois. Jack Licata ' s mailing address is Linden Street, DuQuoin , Illinois . Richard L. Light is with the Corps . of Engineers. His home address is 104 E. 5th Street, Rolla, Missouri. Joseph Linneman is living at 1130 West 7th Ave nue, Gary , Indiana, and is with the U. S. Steel Company in Gary. Peter J. Luci do is living at 6357 Stratford, St. Louis, Missouri. Rolla S. Lush is living at 6512 Maple Street. , Omaha, Nebraska. Norman R. Lutz is with the Kenne cott Coppe r Company. and is living at 35 South Clifton , Aldan, Pennsylvania. Bob Lynch is with the Bailey Mete r Company , Alton , Illinois. Jack R. McBrayer is living at 211 West Reed Street, Benton, Illinois. John McIntyre's mailing address is Washington, Missouri. John is employed by the Lago Oil Company. William D McKee' s mailing address is MSM Apt. Q-7, Rolla , Missouri. Robert W. McLeane lives at 1426 Hawthorne PI. , Richmond Heights 17. Missouri. George MacZura' s home address is 5118 Highland Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri. George is with the ALCOA Research Lab., East St. Louis , Illinois. John G. Macke is living at 5237 Winona, St. Lou is 9, Missouri. Lewis E. Martin's mailing address is Box 48, Rolla, Mi ssouri. Lewis is with the U. S. G. S., Rolla, Missouri. Donald D. Matson is employed by Ma gnol ia Petroleum Company. Fiis home ad d ress is 4338a Forest Park Ave. , St. Louis, Missouri. He r bert E. Miller's mailing ad(' r ess is L awrenceville, Illinois. Herbert is with the Tennessee Coal a n d Iron Co. , Birmingham, Alabama. Franklin F. Moore's mailing address is 606 E. 7th Street, Rolla , Misso u ri. Hong Shu Moy is living at 78-80 Mulberry St. .. New York , 13 , New York. John E. Mulholland's mailing address is Box 342 , Sparta, Illinois. Joe Murphy is living a t 24 Wallace Ave nue , Baldwin , N e w Jersey. Norbert F. Neumann lives a t 4348 Virginia Ave ., St. Louis, Misso uri . John B. Nolan is employe d b y the (Continued on N ext P age )


Eta Kappa Nu, New E. E. Group, Installed A local chapter of the national el ectrical e ngineerin g honor society , Eta Kappa Nu , was installed recently at the Electrical Eng ineering D e partme nt of Missouri School of Mines . The charter for the n e w School of Mines Chapter, named Gamma Theta, was' presented to Home r E. Coonce, of Spokane , Missouri , who is presi dent of th e local cha pter, b y Ovid Walla ce Eshbach , Dean of Enginee ring at Northwest e rn Unive r sity and Presid e nt of t h e N a- . tional A ssoci a tion, at a dinner following th e installation pro gram. Alton B. Z e rb y, National Secretary of th e society ; D ea n Curtis L. Wilson ; and Dr. Mervin J . Kelly , '14, of Bell T elephone Laboratories in N ew York, were also present. Dr. Kelly was inducted into the local chapter a s a professional member. Eta Kappa Nu is an electrical e ngineering honor society with local chapters in 54 engin eerin g schools. Members for the society are c hosen from t h e upper third of the se nior class and upper quarter of the junior class of el ectrical engineering students . G. G. Skitek , ' 43 ; John Zarbor¡ s k y ; and Profess or 1. H. Lovett, '24 ; all m e mbers of the Electrical Engi-




Class of 1952 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111I

(Continued from P age 17) Illinois Highwa y Departme nt, Springfi eld , Illinois. John 's home address is 2617 Battery Street. , Little Rock , Arkansas. E d,gar Oliphant' s home address is 421 S. Shaw , Richmond, Missouri. He is with Standard Oil of Indiana . R. J. Owe ns is with G .M .C. , Dayton, Ohio. William A. Paar' s home a ddr ess is 217 E. Jeffe r son , Ja ckson, Misso uri. William is now doing graduate work here . George T. P a lme r is e mplo ye d by Phillips Che mical Compan y. His home addr ess is 8505 Highland , Kan sas City, Missouri. Earl Edward P a p e's home address is 3949 D elor, St. Loui s, Missouri. He is with Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Co. , Duncan , Oklahoma. Denver S. Patton's mailing address is Box 433, Seymour , Indiana. He is employed b y Texas E as tern Transmission Corp ., P. O. Box 1612 , Shreveport , Louisiana. Wm. M. Penn ey is with Gulf Refining Co .. Tulsa, Oklahoma. His home add r ess is 822 Audubon , Clayton , Missouri. neering D e partment at MSM , are also profession a l members.

Robert W. Phillips's home address is 3736 Cleveland , Kansas City, Misso uri. He is with the Bureau of Mines, Syns Fuels Plant, Louisiana , Missouri. Robert M. Ponder's mailing address is Blue Island, Illinois . Vernon C. Potter is with th e Aluminum Company of America. His ma iling address is 308 S . Main , E u reka , California . John E. Priest's home address is 13 20 Russell St. , Hannibal, Missouri. John is with the Illinoi s State Highway D e par tment. Wm. Pulford is living at 5227 Minerva Ave. , St. Louis, Missouri. Thomas E. Q uick lives at 661 5 Sacramento , St. Louis, Missouri. Donald J. Quinn's mailing address is 29 09 Dick e r Rd. , East Chi cago , In d iana. Cheste r D . Rho des is with Monsanto Chemical Company , Texas City, T exas. His mailing address is: R. F. D. , Millersville , Misso uri. Clarence E. Richey is living at 1702 Harris, Independence, Missouri. He is with Service Foundry in Kan sas City , Missouri. John Robertson' s mailing address is 7515 Rosedale Drive, St. Louis,. Missouri. He is wi th the AmericanStandard Co. , Louisville , K e ntucky . Michael S . Rodolakis is with Allis-Chalmers, Milwaukee, Wiscon sin . His mailing address is 897 Liberty, Springfield, Massachusetts. C. E. Rothweiler is with Kaiser

Facing Camer.a: Dean Curtis L. Wilson; A. B. Zerby, executive secretary of the national group; Dr. MerJ. Kelly, p~esldent of Bell Telephone Laboratories; Homer Coonce, president of th e new cha p ter of Eta Kap.pa Nu; O':ld. Wallace Eshbac h, Dea n of Engineel"ing at Northwestern University and President of the Nat.lOnal AssoClatlOn; and Prof. I. H. Lovett, chairman of the Electrical Engineeling' Department at 1\1S1\1. Opr po.sl~e Side of .table: Robert J. Owens, secretary of local chapter; Mrs. I. H. Lovett; Mrs. Robert J . Owens; a nd: Wilham P . Kimper, treasurer of local chapter. VIn


ss s路 of

a, l路

Ie a. n,

is 1-

17 'i. 15












a e



Aluminum, Newark, Ohio. His home address is 6922 Jamieson Ave" St. Louis, Missouri. James F. Ruhl is with General Electric. His mailing address is 1307 N . Jefferson , Springfield, Missouri. Donald Rumsey is living at 11 Elmwood Street, Albany, New York. Virginia F. Sabo's mailing add r ess is P.O. Box 444, Rolla , Missouri. She is with : Ile IT.S.G.S. Keyhan M, Samimi is with the Bl idge Design Office of the Missouri Highway Department, and is living at 309 W. McCarty , Jefferson City , Missouri. Robe rt P. Schafer is living at 216 McKin ley Ave ., Edwardsville , Illinois. Tom Scheffler's mailing address is Riverton , Illinois . Quentin J . Schiene lives at 5052 Geraldine, St. Louis, Missouri. Samuel J . Schneider is with the Lacled e-Christy Refractories Co., St. Louis , Missouri. He is living at 6926 Normandale, St. Louis, Missouri. Ro ger J. Schoeppel is in the Army. His mailing addr ess is 600 N. Vine , Sparta , Illinois. Robert Schon beck's address is Page Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin. Vernon R. Scott is with the Ames Laboratory U.S.E.A.C., Ames, Iowa. His home address is Box 2, Poplar B l uff, Missouri. Raymond E. Segelhorst' s address is Beaufort, Missouri. He ,is ~ith Sege lhor st Bros. Co ., B eaufort, Missouri. Donald Shaner is with Carbide and Carbon Chem. Co. D onald' s mailing addr ess is 5382 Claxton A v e. , St. Louis, Misso uri. Hugh F. Smith's home address is Palestine , Illinois . He is with the Ame rican Republics Corporation . Ri c hard Soehlke's mailing address is. 326 Dry Street, Alton , Illino is . Ri chard is employed by the S inclair Research Labs. Morris W. Steadman is living at 25 20 K e nway Dr ., Des Moines, Iowa. J ohn O . Steele' s mailing address is 1306 Peyton Rd. , Jefferson City, M issouri. George L . Stegemeier's home address is 969 Wood River Ave ., Wood River, Illinois. George is working for Ohio Oil Co. this summer, and plan s to attend th e University of T e x as in the fall. Jay Ste phens lives at 5081 D e l mar Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri. Ja y is with General Electric.

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Class of 1952 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

Dirck B . Stickle is with International Petroleum Co., Ltd . His h ome address is 97 Montgomery Street , Rhinebeck, New York. Wilbur Stites is with the Western Corp., Midland, T exas. Merril L. Sto't is living at Apt.. 249 , Philrich Branch , Borger, T exas . He is with Phillips Chemical Co. Johnnie N. Stovall's mailing ad dress is R. R. No.1 , Independance, Missouri. Ru ssell Strite is with the I nternational Smelting and Refining Company at Toole, Utah. Russell's home address is 217 W. 4th Street, Waynesboro , Pennsylvania, Robert G. Sutherland is living at 511 Spring Street, Sparta , Wisconsin. James R. Sweeney is with the Bixby-Zimmer Engineering Co ., 961 Abingdon Street, Galesburg, Illinois . His home address is 412 W. 6th Street, Staunton , Illinois. K. Tangri's mailing address is Box 11 , Rolla , Missouri. He is now working t oward his Dr's. D egree . C. Michael Tarr' s address is 459 W. Cook, Springfield, Illiriois. Mike is employed by U . S. Stee l. Eugene Taylor's mailing address i 3 Shipland , Illinois , He is with the Illinois State Highway Department. Jack Thompson is livin g at 3807 Lawler Drive, Normandy . Missouri. H e is with East St. Louis Casting, East St. Louis, Illinois. Ja mes M . Thompson is employed by B.O.P. G e neral Motors, Kansas City , Missouri. Denvel L. Tippit is living at 720 Picher , Joplin, Missouri. Bill Ulz's home address is 304 H e nry , Gillespie , Illinois. Rob er t F. Uthoff is living at 115 Loral Ave. , Jolie t ,Illinois. J ames A. Van B e bber 'S home address is R. F . D. No . 1, Rayville , Missouri. James is emplo yed ' by Gene ral Motors, Kansas City , Kansas. J. P. Varanouskas' mailing address is 350 Richard Ave ., S. 1., New York. Edward L. Vickers is living at Indian Springs, Tennessee. Ward B. Wahl's home address is 92 Hopkins Pl. , Long meadow , Massachusetts. Ward is with the Elliott Company, Jeannette, P e nnsylvania. Roger E. Wakefield is livin g at

7415 Nottingham Ave. , W ebster Groves, Missouri. He is with th e New Jerse y Zinc Company. Robert Walz is employed by Shell O il Company , Houston , T e xas. His home address is Quincy, Illinois. Joseph G . Wargo is with Kennecott Copper. His mailing address is Rt. 1, Loami, Ill. Albert II. Welke is with the California Compa ny in N e w Orleans, Louisiana . His home address is 458 N. St. , Burlington , Wisconsin. Robert O. Wickey is living at 4926 Lise tte, St. Louis, Missouri. Chester L. Williams lives at 4131 Magnolia , St. Louis, Missouri. Leonard H W.olfberg' s home add ress is 328 H e rkimer, Jolie t, Illinois. L eonard is w ith the Caterpiller Tractor Company. Arthur S. Wong is li ving at 4503 New Utrecht Ave., Brooklin 19 , ,New Yo r k. Wm. A . Wood's home address i ~ R. R. No . 2, Salem . Illi nois. William is with McDonnell Aircraft. Raymond J. Vl orkman ' s home address is 333 S. Washington Ave., Moorestown, New Jersey. O. Timken Yager is employe d by U. S. Steel, Morrisville, Pennsylvania . His hom e address is Rhinebeck, New York . M ila n Zupan is with Westinghouse Electric. His home address is 5907 Walnut, K. C., Mo. Willard E . Cox' s mailing address is Lt. W. E. Cox 0-2208-378 , Co. B. 973rd Eng r . Constr. Bn. , A.P.O. 864 , N ew York, New York. Cha r l es William Harman , who completed work for his degree in January has b ee n commissione d an ensig n in th e Naval Rese rve ac cord ing to an announcement from the U. S. Naval School, Officer Candidate Newport, Rhode I sland . Waldema r D. Stopkevy c is now living at 6238 S. Blackstone Ave. , Chicago, Ill. H e is an In sp ector Enginee r w ith Standard Oil Co. at the W h iting Refinery in Whiting , Indiana. Paul Timbrook ' s home address is 912 McHenry , Malvern, Arkansas . M erril L. Scott is with Phillips Chemica n Co. , Borger, T e xas. Merr il is li ving at Ap t. 248, Bonavista , . Phil rich Bran ch , Borger , T exas. James J. D eGan is in t.h e Navy e n route to North Afr ica. His home a 路~ dres s is 4600 Jeff e rson Place , Gary , I ndiana. Thoma s Stinebaugh's new a ddress is 2329 Montrose St., O x nard , C a li fornia.




Pittsburgh Section 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

On October 16, 1951, the Pittsburgh Section met in the Faculty Club of the University of Pittsburgh with James L. " Babe" Head, 16, president of the MSM Alumni Association , as their principal speaker. Babe briefe d the group on the aims and activities of The Alumni A ssociation and a lso h e aded up a li v ely discussion (bull session ) in b e tween mouthfuls of a buffet lun ch eon, the tab for which was picke d up b y Dr . C. J . Potter , '29 , with an assist from E. S. /'Bu gs" Wheeler, ' 22. Those attending the meeting were as follows: G. F. M etz, ' 14 , Hardings Co ., Inc . C . E. Prouty. '3 8, D ept. G eology , Univ. P ittsbu r'g h . T r uma n Kennedy , '26 , National T ube Company. Joseph B . Schmitt, '42 , Koppers Company , Inc . John F. Winters, '51 , St. Joe L ead Company.

Joseph G . Sevick, ' 49, St. Joe Lead Company. Eugene Ruttle , ' 42, Pittsburgh Coal Company. Robert Doelling , ' 48 , St. J oe L ead Company. Thomas L. B axter, '37 , Aluminum Compa n y of America. Thomas O. English, '29 , Alumin um Company of Ame rica . Stuart S . Brown, '50, Gulf Researc h & Development Co . C . J. - Potter, '29 , Rochester & Pittsbur gh Coal Co. W. Irvi n Short, ' 26 , Unive rsity of Pittsburgh. R. P. Baumgartner, ' 28 , W e stinghouse Electric Corp. E. S. Wheeler, '22, Climax Welding Company.

William J. Jensen Honored By Phi Kappa Phi William J . Jensen, Associate Profe ssor of Physics at MSM , was el ected P r ovincial Secretary of Phi Kappa Phi , a n ational scholastic honor society, it was a nnoun ced b y

Julian C . Miller of Baton Rouge, Louisiana , who is the Nationa l Re ge nt of Phi Kappa Phi. Phi K a ppa Phi is an organization establish ed to provide an honor society open to honor students from a ll d ep artmen t s of American universities and colleges. Its main objective is to emphasize scholarship and character in the thought of college students. to foster the si gnificant purposes for which institutions of higher learning h av e been founded , and to stimul a te Mental ac h ievement by r ecognition through el ection to membership. In the national organization of Phi Ka ppa Phi. the country is divided into six provinces, each province consisting of eight states with a Provincial S ecretary for e a ch province who wo r ks un der the direction and supervision of the national R egent. Prof . J ensen is th 2 Provincia l S ecr eta r y of the South Central Provin ce, wh i ~ h includes Kansas, Oklahoma, T exas, New M ex ico. Colorado , Arkan sas, Missouri, and Louisiana.

Honor of Being I,OOOth MSM Graduate Goes to Woman

Mrs. Virginia Sabo, the 1000th p erson to receive a d egree in Civil Engineering a t the School of Mines, who received her degree at the May 26 commencement. Left to right: Dean Wilson; President Middlebush ; Mrs. Sabo, who is emplo yed as a civil engineer at the United States Geological Su r ve y, Rolla; Dr . S v er drup ; Professor E. W. Carlton; John B. Nolan , who r ece ived a junior memb ership in the American Society of Civil Engi neers awarded b y the Mid-Missouri Section on th e basis of character, general scholarship and s tudent activity; and Dr. Daniel Kennedy, Regional En gineer in charge of the United States Geological Survey Topogr aphic Branch , who has emplo yed Mrs. Sabo.