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MSM ALUM NUS Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy ROLLA. MO . V OL. 24

M ARC H ·A P R IL :: 1950

President Middlebush Reports


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Largest Graduating Class In History to Get Degrees at Jackling Field Cerem onies Th e l ar gest grad u a tin g cl ass in MSM hi st or y by f ar w ill r e ceive th eir degrees on May 29 , 1950 at a ceremon y to b e h eld on Jackling F iel d begi nnin g a t 9:30 a. m. Th e ex rci ses w ill b e h eld in t he op ::m e ntirely this yea r due t o th 2 la r ge numb ~ r i nvol ved . Ther e w ill b e b 2twee n sev n hun dr ed a nd fift y a nd eig ht hun dr e d degr es co nfer red at t he May com m ence m e n t wh ich, when coupled w ith the sum me r term , w ill m ak e a r o u nd ni ne h un dred r eceiv ing d egr ees durin g th calendar yea r of 1 950 . This will in cr ca s t h e numbe r of livin g gr a d u a tA.S by a lmost twenty - five p ::!r ce n t. D r. C. J. Potte r , MSM '2 9, Pres ident of the R och ester & P i ttsburgh Coa l Company, will d eliv er the comm n cem e nt a d d r ess . Dr. Potter won o utstand ing d istinc tion durin g th e war as Solid F ue l s Admi n istra t or fo r t h e U nited States Go-,, crnme nt. Th e B8ccal a ur eate w ill b 2 h el d Su n _ay, May 28, 1950 at 8 :00 p. m. with the R ever e d Dr. William B . Lampe , Pastor of the W est Pre s b jt Cl' ian Church in St. Lou is officia >

1950 Enrollment Is Ten Per Cent Below 1949 Th e cum ul a tive en r ollme n t f or the cal enda r y e ar end ing June 1, 1950 shows a d e cline o f a prox i mately t e n per cent over the com p;:ll~able year en di ng ' Jun e 1, 1949. Accordi ng to figur es in the R e g istrar's Office, th 2r e wa s a tota l of 3,02 7 individua l stu d e nts on th ::! camp us du r in g the year ending on Jun e 1, 1949; and , f or the sam e peri od endi ng Ju ne 1, 195 0, th ere w e re 2,721 indi v idu a l stu ::len ts 0 the campL~S. The Minin D e pa rtment h ad th = larges t e nrollment of th e v a riou s d epar tments, fo llowed b y M -chan ical E ngine r ino- with Civil E:lg in eering as third. Wit h the l ar gest gr ad ua ting class going out this yea r , th e en r ollm.ent n ex t yea r will probably drop abo u t twe n ty P CI' cent. Thi s r eprese n ts the gradu ation of th e large nu mber of v e ter a n st ud ents w h came t o th e sch ool in 1946.

i n g . Thi s , too , is goin g to b e h eld o n Jacklin g Field. Th e Co mm e n ce m e n t Committee, und e r th e spon sor sh ip of Prof. V. A. G ev eck er, '3 1, is f ace d with th e problem of what to do in case of r - in. I n ev ent of r a in, th e bacc3la l' r eate ex erci ses w ill b e h eld in P8rker H a ll , w ith o nl y th e actua l gra du a tin g cla ss adm itte d. Th e au ditorium of Parker Hall sea ts a little over fiv e hundre d. Th e Com m e ncement exercises will b h eld in two shifts and poss ibly three, in case of rain on that d ay, in ord er tha t all m ember s of th e class m ay h ave th eir d egr ees conferr e d Up O:l th e m an d h e ar the comm e nce m e nt add r ess . The po ssibility of holding the x ercises in th e gy mn asi um a nd excluding p r actically all but the gr a duatin g cla ss is also und er conside r a ti on .

MSM Grad Succeeds As Photo Geologist By H . R. Han ley, '0 1 M a ny p eo ple on the ca mpu s e n joyee! a wide ly tra v elle d v is itor t he week of Ap r il 3- Virg il L. Whitworth ' 23 , on e of th e top fli g ht Photo G e olo g is ts of the U. S. H e w as b or n on a Missouri farm at N e v ad a, lVIisso u r i. After g radua tin g with sch olars hip honors from

"Old Tim e rs" to Ma ke Undergra d uate Award The Ol d Tim er s Club , m ember ship of w hich con sists of m e n p r omine nt in the coal indu stry, has es tablish e d a form of r e cogn itio n fo r outstandin g s tud ents at t h S c hool of Min es and M etallurgy in th e f orm of a prese ntation of a pock et w atch o n th e b a ck of wh ich will b e en graved a su itabl e citation . Th e award will go to the ou tstand in g stud e nt in minin g e l gin erin g who inte nd s to make co 1 h is l ife's w ork. T h e sel ection of the student is to be made b y a faculty committee a ppointe d by th e D ea n , a nd th ~ award w ill b e m a de by some n"lember of the Ol d Tim er s Cl ub at an 2ss2mbly of the stud ents of lVISlVL Th e offer of th e a ward came f r om P a ul W e ir, cha irm an of th e sc h ol a r ship comm ittee of th e Ol d Timers Club, who is pI' side nt of the Paul W eir Compa n y , Inc. , m i nin g engi neer in g geol ogists, 20 Ncr' h Wacke r D r ive , Ch icago, Illi 1'ois. Or ig in al n gotia tions for the a ward were ca rri e d on t hro ug h D. R. Sch ooler ' 26 , a n in stru cto r i n th e MSM minin g depa rlmc It.

V irgi l L. Wh i tworth

Nevada H ig h S ch ool he en t er ed the Missouri S ch ool of Min es a nd lVIetallurgy in th e fall of 1916 . Ea rly in hi s sophomore yea r h e enter ed W orld W ar I (October, 1917 ) for its durat ion. H e h ad two yea r s of Army ser vice ane! in 1920 re-entered the Sch ool of Min es, g r aduatin g with a m a j or in geol ogy a nd a minor i n me t all urgy. A m e mber of PiKA, Virgil w as a lso ac tive in the mu s ic activ it ie on th e campus and was f ea tured at v ari ou s p u¡blic occa sion s as " Virg il Whi tw o r th and His W ooden Piano ". Virg il was a n artist with th e xylophone (ma rimba), and fo llow in g gra du a tion h e continu ed his hobby in b r oadca s ts over th e radio network s in T exas. B eing interested in pe trole um tec hn ology , he j oi ne d th e Rox a n a Petrole um Comp any i n Tulsa , Okba hom a, in f ield s ur vey in g divi sion. A s the yea r s went by h e did a l ot of "crop-w alkin g" and served in xpa nding capac iti es w ith ( CO NTIN UE D O N PA GE 4 )


MARCH·APRI L : : 1 9 50


President Middlebush Gives O bjectives

of expansion a l ready discussed and projected.

For Future Progress at School of Mines

But le t me offer here, as is my duty, a caution that the University is not seeking mere size as an end in itself in any division. We hope to achieve, in all ou r departments, an institut ion of highest quality that wi ll retain the worl d-wide respect and renown that the School of Mines and Metall urgy and other divisions of the University have so gloriousl y achieved in the past. Adequate faculty , facilit ies and equipment are absolute essentials for the high quality of work that we want to offer in every part of th e Univers ity of Missouri.

It is a p leasure to outline briefly the plans and program of d e velopment for the f u ture of the School of Mines and Metallurgy upon which we · have been working. There has been a rap id increase of enrollment in a ll colleges and universities during the past few years . At the School of Mines and Meta ll urgy , these years have brought an increase of t h ree times the prewar enrollment of the School, a very remarkable expans ion indeed. T he sudden increase in our enrollment has not been ac companied by an equa l expansion of spate and facilities to serve the large numbe r s in t h e way we sho ul d like. B ut we have found various mea:1S of stretching our present faci li ties and, by adding some temporary and some perman-ent quarters we have taken care of the peak load in fair l y satisfactory fas hi o n b u t on a temporary basis. We feel t hat we are j u stified in assuming that the School of Mines -and Metall urgy will continue to have a fair l y l arge e n ro ll ment. Present estimates are that its en rollment may drop to 1800 or thereabo u ts in the nea r f u ture but will increase considerabl y beyond that figure by the end of the


MSM ALUMNUS Issued bi-monthly in the interest of the g r aduates and former stu'dents of the School of M ines and Metallu rgy. S ubscription pI' ice $1.50 , incl u ded in A l umni Dues. Entered as second-class matter Oct. 27 , 1926, at P ost Office at Rolla, Mo., under the Act of March 3 , 1879.

Office r s of the Associa tioil Mervih J. Ke lly , ' 14 ...... ... President James L. H ead, '16 ........... Vice-Pres. C. A. Freeman, '28 ............ Vice-Pres. H . R . Hanley , 'Ol.. ........ Secy.-T reas. Board of Directors Karl F . H assel mann , ' 25 Enoch R. Needles, , 14 Gunna r d E. J ohnso n , ' 16 Barney N u ell, '21 Fred C. S c h neeberge r , ' 25 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII11111111111111111111111

decade. Our plans, then, must provide for taking care of a ll the curricu la and departments as adequate ly as this can ,be done, on th e basis of needs that can be foreseen. The dormitory deve lopment will 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

President's Column By Me r v in J . K e ll y, '14

The ALUMNUS is most fortunate in having Pres ident Middlebush of our Un iversity as its guest writer for this issue. President Middlebush is introducing a new series of guest w r iters for this col umn. He will be followed in later issues by Dean Wi lson and the heads of the departments of our School'. We now plan to have a guest writer for this col umn in at least half of our issues. In i nviting members of our School's administration and fa,c ulty to contri·bute , we are not restricting the subject matter for we are su r e that anything they wish to say will be of interest to the a l umni. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

be of permanent value in solving our residentia l and messing problem, though we s h a ll probably a lways need as much living space in Rolla as the town can supply. Our present construction program and pl ans for the near future provide for adeq u ate quarters for C h emical and Mechanical E ngineer ing in new buildings and also fo r Mining and Metallurgy in our remode l ing program to be carried out during this biennium. This p r ogram a lso provides for extensive repairs incl ud ing construction of steel, fireproof stairways in older structures notab ly Norwood and O ld Chemistry. P l an s call for earl y extension of the new Laboratory development to take care of Electrical Engineering and Mechanics and a lso, eventually , new faci l ities for Geol ogy and Physics. A new and enl arged l ibrary and an auditorium are also envisaged and wi ll ,be of great assistance to the program in Social Studies and Humanities. This b u ilding program is not a dream I::mt a determ ined p l an

We recognize the concern already finding expression that too many men are now be ing trained in engineering and technology and s ome of the other professions. I do not have th is view . Our major concern however sho uld be that our graduates have such excellent educa t ion that they will succeed where others may fail. We note that new avenues for placement are constantly opening i n many of the professional fie lds. B ut regardless of size, our Un iversity which became w e E'- known as a small institi u tion , must still p r oduce the best in quality no matter what its size may be in the future. This is our firm objective for the School of Mines and Meta ll urgy. Frederick A. Midd lebush, Pres ident, University of Mo .

School to Get Books of the Late N. J. Gilsdorf Mrs. Nicholas J. Gilsdorf, wife of N. J. Gilsdorf '35 , has written to Dean Wilson offering to present the l ibrary ot'her late husband to MSM for use in the li brary or for the use of needy students in the case of textbooks. Dean Wi lson has written Mrs. Gilsdorf accepting her offer of the books as a memorial to her hus·b and. Nick was kill'ed in the military o:ervice during the l ate war in an airp lane accident near Hamilton Field , California on October 10 , ) 944. H e was then serving as a Captain in the Med ical Corps. He was an o u tstanding student on the ·c ampus and one of the student le3ders .



¡Daughter of St. Pat's Founder Is Honored

was no S1. Pat's Q u een. Th e second year William " Windy" H ol m 'ex 09 was S1. Pal, a nd both , acco r d in g

An interested sp ec tator at S1. Pat's celebration on March 17 was John Bowles '08. John was one of th ose who organized t he f ir st St. P a t 's in Rolla in 1908 and was the offici:ll delega te t o the Unive r sity of Misso ur i to a ttend the S1. Pat's celebration there that yea r . The 1950 celebra ti on wa s th e t h ird one J oh n h a d seen in hi s time. He saw the celebr at ion in 1909 a n d aga in in 1916. H e did not see th e firs t one a lth o ugh he was one of the prime mov ers in organ izing th e celebra tion , s in ~e h e was the offi cia l delega te from the School of Mines to th e University of Mi sso uri to help th e m in their S1. Pat' s ce lebration, J ohn W3S much impresse:! with the prog r ess S1. Pat's ha s made in lh e p as t f orty-two years , a nd p arti cul arly w i th r eference to the cost. H e rna intain s tha t th e first celebr at ion he ( e cost $12. 00 , which was coll ected by the student organizers at what was th e n a commo n rendezvo us as now. Th at was S cott 's Drug Stor e at the corne r of Eig hth an d Fine Street. This m oney was u ~ e d to pa y J ohn 's ex pen ses t o Col umbia. J ohn con tra ste:! thi s $6 ,00 with the $5,000 ,00 wh ich S 1. P a t' s B oard spent on the 19 50 celebration, and he main bins that everyone h ad a good t im e in 1908 even with t h is l imited expenditu re . George Menefee 'ex 07 was th e first St. Pat, J ohn says, and there

Ruth Bowl es

John Bowles

to J oe Bowles, ' 10 , came in on the trad iti onal h and-car even as St. Pat does today. One of th e main re asons Jo hn was interested in th e 19 50 S1. Pat's was th e fact that hi s daughter , Ruth , a sen ior at the Rolla High S ch ool , was the ma id of honor for Sigma Pi fratern ity. J ohn watched w ith pride his ow n offspri n g paTticipate in the celebr ation which he was instrumental in organizing forty-two yea r s before.


th is an d other companies includin g Sun set Oil Co ., D a llas; Contin en ta l Oil Co" Fort W orth; and the Deep R ock Oil Co, For the l a tter Compan y h e wa s chie f geolog ist :fo r the Tex as Sta te Di v ision. Durin g thi s association, he became interes ted in what was to become "Pho to Ge ology"-aerial survey ing of structures-and dir ected these stUdies for the F a irch ild Aerial Survey . Wh e n World Wa r II began h e a ppl ied for a Commission in the U. S. Army Air Corps in Photographic Inte:'li gence - a field which provi de d g reat opportunity for a eri al studies in mi li tary op era tion s and Which became the ba sis for a civili an professional career. Upon enter ing th e Air Corps he had 18 wee k s in te n sive schooling: Miami B eac h , Arm y Air Force' 1n-

te ll igence Headquarters, H arrisburg, Pa ., and t he Pentagon in Wa shin g t on , D . C.-all in Air Force Ph ot ogra phic Intelligence . Immediately fo llow ing th is schooling in J anuary , 1943, h e found himself in N ew D el hi , Indi a, h av ing fl own fr om M iam i thru the Carib bean , Brazi l , Ascension Isla nd across Centra I Africa and a J' o~nd Arabia. H e s pent 2 V2 yea r s in the China Burm a- Indi a the3 tre helping run the J a ps out of Bu rma; ser v ing in Karch i, Lahore, New D elhi, Cami l la and Ca lc utta . Whi le o n th e front in Cam ill a, he was Photographic spec ia li st in ckll'ge of ta r get photog r aph y fo r Sir J ohn Ba ldwin 's 3rd T act ical Ai r Forc e a nd la t er hel'd thi s respon sib ility for the b ig bombers of Brig. Genera l Stratemeyer in Ca l. cutta. At the end of th e war he joined lhe Drillin g and Exp lora tion Company , In c. , of D a ll as and L os Ange les in its Brazi lia n con ti ngent an d left for S a l vador B ohia on the east coast of Braz il. H e ser ve:! fo r three yea r s in th e c apacity of Photo- G eo logist an d co n sultant to lhe Braz ili an Gove r n m en t , where he in troduced and incorporated the Photo Geologi ca l Dep artment into the work of oi l ex pl oitat ion. After comp leting thi s work. his com p 3ny a ~ k ed him to r e turn ' to t h e States a nd appraise a p ortion of an are3 known as Ce ntra l West T exas thru the medium of Photo-Geology. Th is r econna isa nce bein g completed a nd a lt ho ugh another similar st u dy in a fore ig n countr y be ckon s, he wishes to t ak e ti me out to do a li ttle "ca t ching u p" on some school work he h 3s fe lt is l ong overd ue. He is en til'led to fo u r yea r s of g r adua te wo rk u nder the G. 1. school' progra m. Th u s he is ser iou sly think ing of a bandon ing " lati tudes and longitu des" for the time be in g to d o initia l wor k toward a Fh. D . d eg re e in hi s field of interest (oil or m inera l geol ogy) and it is probable hi s in iti al g raduate work w ill be don e at MSM. H e li k es Brazil best of any country i!1 which h e h as wo rk ed outs id e the United St3tes and has become profic ient in both writing and , p e1 kin g the Po rt u g uese l ang ua ge. This inter preta tive work in the oil world is mee ting w ith considera b le success and h as encou r aged him to per "evere in a "new science" abou t which in the commerc ial wo rld not too much 11as tee n here-to-fore known.


MARCH-A PRIL :: 1.950

ForrnerFaculty Member Predicts Need for More Graduates in Field of Engineering B el ow is r epri n ted a n article by H enry H. Armsby , Associate C hief for Engin eering Education , w hi ch app eare d in " Higher Ed u cation," published by the F ed e ral Sec urity Age n cy, Office of Education in W ashington, D . C. for April , 1950 and dea ling w ith the futur e of engineering e ducation in this countr y . " Doc" Armsb y was for m a n y yea r s on the F a culty of lVISlVI a nd is known to most alum ni of the school. His co n clu sions with r efer e nce to t he future demand fo r engineerÂŁ is of in terest to a ll .

Unless t h e p ercentage of high school gr ad uates e ntering engineeri n g college is increased , ther e is a stron g probability th at in stead of a l arge surplus of en gin eerin g g r ad uates, w hich has b een prophesied rathe r widely , the r e w ill soon be fewer e n gi n eering gr ad u ates ava ilable t h an are n eed e d annuall y by our nationa l eco nom y . The disturbances of the ear l y wa r years caused a serious shortage of enginee rs, which was w idely p ub lic ized. This publicity, coupled w ith war experie nces of indiv idual s, was und oub ted ly a stron g facto r lea din g a n unprecedented num b er of students, veteran s and non veterans, to e n ter engineerin g col l eges in 1946 . Freshmen in tha t fa ll number ed abo ut 93 ,000 in a ll United States engineering colleges li sted by the F eder a l Sec ur ity Agency , Office of Education a nd constituted 8.6 p er cen t of high school gradu ates of t h e preced in g Jun e, compared to a prewar ave r age of about 3.2 per cent. Upper classes wer _ a lso la r ge , and pred ictions of an oversupply of engin eers b eca m e n umerous. Fresh man Em-()Ilment D ecli nes Such pred ic tions h ave probably con1ributed to the ste ady decline of freshmen engin eerin g en r ollm e nts sin ce 1946 , to abo u t 64 ,000 in 1947 , 48 ,000 in 1948, and 42 ,000 in 1 949 . The present fres hman e n g ineer in g cl ass co nsti tutes only 3 per cent of l ast Ju ne's high sch ool gr a duates . In other words, it is slightl y sm aller tha n it wo ul d h a v e ¡b een had p r ewar tre n ds continu ed

undisturbed through t h e war yea r s. Of th e 93 ,000 fr eshm a n e n g ineerm g stud e nts of HJ40 , abo ut :5 1 ,UO O are now se niors in colleges accre dite d by t h e Engineer s' Council for Professional D ev elopme n t ( the officiCl l acc r editin g age n cy for e n g ineering sc hool s) acco rdin g to statistics assemble d jointly by the erican Soci e ty for Engin eerin g Education a nd t h e Office of Edu ca ti on. If t h e "s urvival ratio" of last yea r hold s good t his yea r , these institution s w ill gr ad ua te abo ut 47 ,000 e ng ineers in 1 950. I n add ition. a bout 4 ,000 e n g ineerin g degrees w ill be conferred in 1950 b y colleges not accred ited by ECPD . If there is a gr ad ual retu r n over t h e next 3 years to prewar "survi val r atios," both groups of in stitutio n s combin e d w ill confer a bout 35 ,000 e ngineerin g degrees in 1 951 , a bo u t 25 ,000 in 1952, and about 19 ,000 in 1953. Prewar r atios applied to Office of Education estim ates of futur e hi gh school sen iors indicate a steady decline in to ta l a nnu a l e n gineering gr aduates b eyo nd 1 953 to a low po in t of about 15 ,000 in 1957, fo llo wed ' b y a slow ri se to a bo ut 2 1,000 in 196 5. Expansion Anticipated A w idely publicized r epor t of t h e Bureau of L abor Statistics estimates a n ave rage an nual n eed f or engi n eerin g grad u ates of b etween 17,000 and 18,000 p er yea r du rin g t h e earl y part cif t h e 1950 60 decade , risin g to a n ave ra ge annua l dema nd of about 22 ,000 p er yea r b y 1960. This estim a te is base d on the number of e n g in eers n eed ed for ac tua l e n g ineering jobs, including a nticipa ted ex pansion an d t h e needs for repl ac in g engineer s w h o di e, r e tire, or leave the p r ofession. H owever, a r e cent survey by the Engin eers' J oin t Coun cil of t h e actual p lacement results in en gineering colleges indicates that about 35 ,000 graduat es of last yea r 's class have actuall y b een p laced in jobs wh ich utilize their e n gin eeri ng t r aining, a figure a lmost t w ice as l a rge as t h e estimate of the Burea u of Labor Statis tics. About 3 ,000 e n t er ed gr a du ate sc h ools, and tne employ m ent stat u s of about 7 ,00 0 is unkn own. R e ports of t he lVIanpower ' Committee of t h e American Soci ety of

En g in eering Edu cation for t h e past sever a l years h ave emphasized the fact that engin eerin g is still a gr owing and expa nding profess ion ; t h at not only the total number of e n g ineers, b u t al so the ratio of engin eer s to total employment, h ave been steadil y rising ever since empl oyment sta tistics have b ee n asse mble d. lVIa n y fac tors ope r ate toward a co ntinu ation of th is increase in t h e ratio of ' engineers to total employment. Among these are: The continuall y increasing n e ed for engin eerin g a nd research in indu stry a nd Government; t h e tende n cy for e n g in eer s to de ve lop new processes a n d ser v ices w hich create n eed s for n ew kinds of engi neer s a nd technicians ; and the gro w ing tendency of employer s to recruit m en w ith en g ineerin g t r a inin g for j obs which h ave not in t h e past been consid er ed eng ineerin g j obs, but for which an e n gi neeri ng back ground is becomin g more a n d more useful. Th e small xcess of e n gineerin-g graduates over e n g ineerin g e m p loyment in 1950 and 1951 will und oubtedly b e abso rb ed in n one n gi n eeri ng work, espec iaily a d m inistrative, a pplication , a nd tech nical sal es posit ions, for w hi ch, e ng in eerin g tra inin g h as b en fO Lind 1:0 be an excelle nt prep a r ation. S h ortage b y 195 4 The indica "e d number of e n gineerin g gr a du ates in 1 952 w ill b e mu ch smalle r than the number actua ll y pla ced in 1949, a nd b y 1953 eng inee rin g gr ad uates a r e ex p ected to b e fewer in number than the Burea u of Labor Statistics est imates w ill b e n eed ed for act u a l en g ineerin g jobs . From 1 95 4 to 1965 or later t h e r e w ill develop a serious shorta ge of engin eer s, unl ess ' t h e r a tio of fr eshma n e n g in eer s to hi g h school grad uates is increased . The indica te d n eed for more engin eers can be fill ed, as su ggested above, eith er b y an increase 1n t he p e rce ntage of college fres h m en w ho en r oll in en ginee rin g, or by a n inc r ease in the r atio - of hi gh -sch ool gradu a tes w h o go to coll ege, with little or no change in t il e p erce ntage of college fres h men enrolle d in en g ineerin g. In view of t h e incl'easing opportuniti es for college gr a du ates in a ll f iel ds, a nd af the sm a ll p ercentage of well -qualif ied high -sc h ool gra d uates who now e n ter college , t h e l a tter see m s the more promising.



Articles Published on Research Projects The various research progr ams sponsored by the Metallurgy D epartment have resulte d in a number of r ecent publications by '(he staff of that department. Professor H. R. Hanle y, ' 01 , h as just completed a review of r ecent advances in the metallurgy o~ zinc which w ill b e published in the Journa l of Metals. This r e view is very compre h e n sive a nd dis c us3es changes in plant pract ice s both in th e United States and abr oa :1. For th e past two yea r s Dr. Ep pelsheimer has directed the r esearch conducted unde r th e Ludlow-Saylor F ello wship. In th 2 course of this work W alston Chubb , ' 48 , dev ised a mechanica l test to m eas ure th 2 wo rk abil ity of wi r e, and this t est h as b ee n described in an article writte n b y Chubb and Dr. Eppel sh e imer and published in Wire and Wire Prod uc i¡s. A comple te description of the r ese arch comple te d und e r th .c Ludlow-Sa y l or Fellowship w ill b e publis hed in a n e arl y issu e of the same magazine . Dr. Epp els he ime r and Dr. F. A. H ames, a former stude nt in th e D epartment, h ave published an article in a r e ce n : iss u e of the Journal of Metals e n titled " Ferro Magnetic Allo ys in the S ystems Cu-Mn-In and CuMn-Ga ." T. M . Morris, previously Instructor in Mineral Dre ssin.g and now a gra :J uate student in this D epartment, h as collaborated wit h another gradu ate student, P. Z . Wu , in writing " The Effect of Silica te Ion and H y droxyl Io n on the Abstr ac tion of Potassium Eth y l Xanthate b y Gale na ," publishe d as a bulletin by the School of Min es and Metailurgy. Morris ' ha s al so written a n article e ntitled "Measurem ent of Equilibrium Forces b etween an Air Bubble a n d an Attached Solid in Water" which ha s b ee n publishe d in Volume 187 of the Tra nsactions of the A. 1. M. E. Dr. A . W. Schle chten and C, H. Shih , ' 49 , a r e th e a uthors of an article , "A B e tter Way to Treat Parkes' Process Cru s:s," publish e d in the Enginee rin g a nd Minin g Journal. Dr. Schlechte n h as again b ee n aske d to write the annual

Dr. E. R. Needles is shown here presenting the Upham Award to ARBA. Left to right, Dr. Needles, Prof. J. B . Butler, and Donald Fahs, • president of the student chapter of ARBA.

Dr. Needles Tells Student Road Builder Chapter of Twin Pikes Being Constructed in Eastern States Th e En och R. N eedl es Chapte r of the Ame r ican Road Builders A ss:; cia ti on r ecen tly organ ized o n the MSM ca mpu s has attracted inte rn a tional attention. In th e F e bruary , 1950 issu e of " Ro a d s And Road Com truction " published in En gl and , the r e is an articl e ca lling atte ntion to this new or ga nization on the MSM campu s, and it presen t ed so me d e tails con ce rnin g the n e w orga nization. It p Din ts o ut th a t the ch a pter was l1 a m ed f or Enoch R, Need les ' 14

a nd that Prof esso r J. B. Butle r '2 2 was th e f ac ulty a dvise r. Dr. Ne ed les wa s a campus vis itor on March 14, and presen t ed tel the n e wly f orm ed chapte r the Char1 2s M . Uph a m aw a rd as the o uts t a nding ch a pter of t h e ARB A f o r 1949. At a jo int m eeting of th e s tud e nt ch ap t e r s. of ARBA and ASCE, Dr. N eedles add resse d the two g r c up .3 on th e M ai m~ and the New J e r sey Tur n Pikes f Dr w hich hi s o r ganiza ti on is th e s up e rvi sin g, comul ting engin ee r in g firm.

r -s v:ew of nO I1~e rrous m etacl ur gy w hich w ill a p pea r in the F e bruary iss ue of the Engineerin g and Mining Journ al. U . S. Pate nt No. 2482 127 , An Appa ratus for R efinin g M etals . was r ecently iss u ed to A. W. S c hlechte n , W. J . Kroll, and L . A. Y e rk es . Dr. M. E. Straumanis, R esearch Profess or ot Me tallurgy , ha s h a d a numb 2r of a rticle s published in the la st f ew months a m ong w hi c:1. h a ve b2en a seri es of three art icles on th e corrosion of a lu m inum and a luminum alloys ' in v ario u s b asic solutions; th ese were publi shed' in

the Jour na l of th 2 Ele c tr och e mical S ociety . A se ri es of two articles on the prope rties of sod ium tu n gste n bron zes was publishe d by the Ame rican Che m ical Socie t y . An a r ticle on th e x-n y de te rm hation of the so undn ess of cry stals h as bee n p ublis h e d in the Ac ta Crystallogra ph icCl . A descrip tion of th e m e thods f or th e p rec is2 de t e r mina tion of lattice cons ta n t s b y Dr. Str;W ;T.an is ap;Jeare d in the Journ a l of Applie d P ilysics. Dr. Straumani s is a l so th e co-author of Cl book on collo id che mistr y publish e d dur in g 1 9 49.


MARCH-APRIL :: 1950 "


Four Good Home Games on 1950 MSM Football Schedule The 1950 football schedule for MSM reveals four good home games scheduled for this fall. As defending champions of the MIAA, Coach Bullman 's Miners will have

a decided advantage in being able to play their three toughest opponents at home. For spring football practice , 18 of the ~3 letterm an from la st

year's team showed up for workouts . Seven le tter winners graduated and e ight have flunked out so far. Coach Bullman was aided this sprin g by P e rcy Gill, former Miner coach who has been on the coaching staff at North Carolina U. for several years. Gill is changing over to North Carolina State this coming season. Coach Ben Dougla s, who wa s the basketball coach and assistant football coach here at MSM the past year, is leaving to take a coaching job at Iowa University. H e will be h ead basketball coach and will assist in football there. Coach Bullman has not as yet selected a succes¡s or to replace Douglas, who equalled the Miners' best previous mark by winning two confe r e nce basketball games.

School of Mines 1950 Grid Schedule PENNSYLVANIA

Sugg'sted Pennsylvania



S eptember 15 - Friday - Pittsburg, Kansas, T each e rs-th ere. Septembe r 23 Saturda y Washington University-th ere. S eptem ber 30-Saturdny-Murray , Ky. , Teachers-Rolla. October 7 - Saturday-Mary ville-Rolla. October 13-Friday-Warrensburg-there. October 21-Saturday - Kirksville-Rolla . October 28-Saturday-Springfield-Rolla. November 4 - Saturday - Cape Girardeau-there.

MSM Junior Sets New Record in Shotput

The New Jersey Turn Pikes (See Story on Page 6)

In the recent indoor MIAA track meet, Warren Roach, a junior at MSM, esta blished a new shotput record of 46' 6 1/2" . The previous indoor record h eld by Geo. Bock , also of MSM, was 46 ' 1" . Roach, in setting his indoor record, came within 1/2 inch of eq ualling the outdoor record for th e MIAA. Barring accidents , Roach will be the first Miner to hold an MIA A outdoor track record since Bob Lange turned the trick in the high jump a " few " years ago . Lange, incidentally, still lives here in "Rolla , a member of the Powell Lumber Comnan y.



St. Patrick Arrives Again, March 17, 1950

C OURT OF LOVE AND BEAUTY-This royal court of St. Patrick for 1950 was chosen to pay tr ibute to the patron saint of the engineer. Such beauty and grace as is found here is surely fitting to pay honor to such a gentleman .

5t. Pat Makes Entry, Follows Tradition in Knighting Ceremony, Masque Party, Ball St. P a trick , on his annual visit to MSM, found several situations this y ear that prese nted new problems ';:01' th e Patron Saint of the Engi ne ers on his 42nd annual visit to MSM on March 17. St. Pat arrived in Rolla on th 2 tradition a l handcar , jus t as h e did forty- two years ago , and found the usual lusty group of Mine rs w a itin ~ a t th e Frisco de pot to w e lcome , the main differ enc e b e ing that th er e we r e about eleve n Mine rs this year t o whe r e the r e was on e in 1908. The Mine rs had b ee n busy since Wednesda y night pre paring for th e annual visit. The frate rnitie s had op e n house on W e dn esda y nig ht. Thursda y w a s sp e nt in pre parin::; floats and ge tting r e ad y for his a r rival on Frida y. Thurs::!ay e v e nin.5 sa w more parties in the social fr ate rnitie s and Friday mornin g th 2 fi nal touches w e r e put up o n the various floats for the para d e , handicapp e d b y a strong wind. St. P a t 's chariot w as waitin g for him a t th e Frisco d e pot on Frida y

at 1 :00 p. m. There was some criticism of the chariot in that it was a spanking new one from one of th e local farm implement cle al e rs and did not show the usual w ear a nd t e ar of the S1. Pat's chariots of past y ears. N e v e rth e l es's, he made his triumphal march up Pine Street a nd on to Parker Hall, followe d b y bands , floats and his cheering subj e cts . The Lambda Chi Alpha w o n fi r st prize with the best float in th e p a rad e f ollowe d b y Kappa Alph a se cond a nd Theta Kappa Phi third. In P a rk e r Hall St. Patrick gave his usual speech with th e usual -in t e rruption s, and the usual difficulty for th e gu a rds who were for ce d on sev e ral occasions to expel unruly s ub jects . H e r e , St. Pat was prese nte d with on e of th e main riddles of his visit, and that was how in th e tim e a llotted to him to ge t b efo r e him nine hundr e d se niors e lig ible for th e ir St. Pat' s shingle, to give th e m th e prope r inte rro gatio;l. a nd ge t through in time for the mas k e d b a ll startin g at 10:00 that

ni g ht. S1. Pat w as prac tic a l ;111 [1 a nticipate d the census procedur e b y u s ing th e "samplil1g t e chniqu e," calling b efor e him certain seniors in th e audi e nc e with whom. h thought h e should have c onve rsation , r eciting their shortcomings and dubbing th e m Kni g ht of St. Patrick. Among othe r thin gs , St. Patrick took time out to award a ppropriate pri zes in the form of b ee r mu gs to th e Min e rs who had grown th e b est b e ard durin g th e year. Th ese prizes w e nt to Andy Taylor , Loui e Paulsell , Dite Konvis e r, Bill Griffin , Dick Ste vens and Bill Brya nt. Frida y night in Jacleling G y mnas ium was th e annual maske d ball with Lawre nce Welle and his orch es tra furnishing th e mu s ic . Miss Marilee Drake , daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Drake of Rolla , was crown e d the Quee n of Love and Be auty of 1950. Dick Mo elle r a nd Joan Cra n e w e r e d e clare d champion s of th e costum e contest. The n e xt da y, followin g a 1:racli tion of lon g sta ndin g, th e Sig ma Nu T ea D a nce wa s h e ld in th e a ft Pictures on these two pages ar~ throug'h the courtesy of the Miswllri Miner.



,~ AGt:



THE WINNING FLOAT The boys " Little Red


th e


arc establishing' a reput a tion for th emselves as builders of bigg-er and bet t e r floats.

Tak in g

their third prize in as many



Chi A I]}ha has shown a special



imag'ination in this hig'h ly competitive evcnt.

ernoon and th e f es tivities were cl imaxe d by th e ferm al ball Saturd ay night. Rob e rt E. Schu chardt, cla ss o:f 1950 , member of Pi Kappa A lpha fraternity, served as St. P at.

Reid Made Director of National Lead Company Joseph H. Reid '2 7, who for the p ast several years h as been mana ger of the Titanium Divi s ion of N a tional Lea d Company , has been -e:'e cted a director a nd member o f the Company 's execut ive comm it¡'ee . Joe s t a rted with the N a tional L ead Company in 1927 follow in g Joe's gra du a tion here , s tarting- with the St. Louis Sm elti ng and Refinin g Division and later t r ansfe rrin g ~' o th e Baroid S ales Divis ion. In ,1941 he was transferred to th e New York Offi ce a nd in 1947 , h e was mad e chairman of the mining committee . Later h e be ca me assista nt manager of th e Titanilu11 Divi sion , and wa s appointed manager of th e Titanium Divis ion l as t year . H e is a director of th e Tita nium Pigmen t Corporation. In school J oe wa s a m ember of th e L a mbda Chi Alph a f r a t ern ity, th e Theta Tau , a socb l fraternity , the D yna miters, edito r of the Mine r , a m e mber of the MSM pla yers a nd was on t h e se nior co uncil.

THE NEW QUEEN-Miss Marilee Drake, 1950 Queen of St. Pa trick, walks to her coronation on the arm !>f p:ltron Saint P a trick .



M iners attend ing A.I.M.E. meet ing in New York City, February 14

Chicago Section One of the finest and best attended Alumni meetings in the past yea r was held Tuesday night, Janu ary 24 , 1950, in the Walnut Room of the Midland Hotel in the Loop of Chicago. This smoker meeting was preceded by an impromptu dinner held at the B er ghoff Restaurant in Chicago , which was attended by approx imately twenty-five alumni. An e lectio n of officers was held , a nd we are pleased to announce the following alumni as the new officers of the Chicago Section for the en suing term, 1950-52: Edward T. Regenhardt '30, Chairman; Horace W. Clark Ex '07, Class of '15, Vice-Chairman; Joe W. Howerton '3 8, Vice Chairman; W. P. Ruemmler '38 , Secretary-Treasurer . The fo llowing members were appointed to the Board of Directors: Al S. Itterman ' 44 ; Andrew R. De ve reux 24 ; John R. Kenney '12; John R. Post '39; W. K. Schweickhardt '28. In addition to the election of officers, fina l p l a n s were made for t he Chicago Section's annual St. Patrick's Party to be held at the Chicago Engineers Club, Chicago , Ill'in o is, March 18, 1950. After the business mee ting a ge n e ral bu ll session began , which lasted until the l a te hours of the evening. W e li st herewith the alumni in

attendance at this splendid meeting: H. H . Clark ex ' 07 , Class of ' 15 Andrew Devere ux , ' 24 Wm. Godwin , '25 Edwin Gammeter '26 C . L . Kitchens 'X -26 W. K. Schweickhardt '28 Russ Miller ' 29 T. J. Dever '30 Edward Regenhardt '30 H. K. Hoyt '35 Herman Pfeifer '36 Dick Thornton ' 36 C. Gayle Heslet '3 7 W. P. Young '39 H . C. Miller '39 John Post '39 W . F . McConnell ' 42 J. Smith ' 42 Robert L. Hann a ' 43 Robert Schmidt '45 Gene RLlssell ' 47 D. G. Schmidt ' 48 ~T. Walter Walla¡ce '48 Stanley Johnsen '48 G . Gammon ' 49 J ohn Rice '49 Martin Schuster '49 Murray Schmidt ' 49 B . M. Enfield ' 50 Should anyone in the Chicago area not be recelvll1g our announcements of me tings, will you p lease contact Mr . W. P. Ruemmler , our new Secr e tary, at Eagle Pich e r L ead Company, 420 Ea st

151st Street, East Chicago, Ind . Announcements will be sent out in due time for our spring meeting. The Chicago Section of the M . S. M. Alumni A~sociation held a St. Pat's dinner dance at the Chicago Engineer's Club on Saturday, March 18th. The following people were in attendance: Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Regenhardt '30 H. H . Clark ' 15 H. C . Miller '39 Mr . and Mrs. C. E. Gutke ' 29 Mr. and Mrs. W. K . Schwickhardt ' 28 Mr. and Mrs. H . R. Thornton '36 Mr . and Mrs. M. E. Nickel '38 Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Heslet '37 Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Kitchen ex ' 26 Mr . and Mrs . ~T. R. K enney ' 12 Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Kresler Mr . and Mrs. Harold Vogt '47 Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Hoyt '35 Mr. a nd Mrs. H. G. Pfeifer '36 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. H arrod '35 Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Ruemmler '38 Mr and Mrs. W . P. Young ' 40 Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Bradford ' 48 Mr. and Mrs. Goodhue Mr. Schuster and Partner '49 Mr. Smith and Partner ' 42 Mr. and Mrs. E. G ammete r ' 26 R. C. Miller ' 29 Festivities included music by a f in e three-piece orc11estra consisting of ac¡cordion , bass viol and electric g uitar, and the awarding of the fur- lin " P. P. " to Phil Young, Chairman of the committee which arranged the dance. Needless to say, ever yone h ad a good time .




Los Angeles Section By Barney Nuell, '2 1

One of the best of the m an y successful mee t ings h eld by th e h onor of St. Pat on Frida y even~ Thanks to th e courtesy of the Eastside Brewery, all lo yal Knights of St. P a trick and their L adie s, living in and aro und Los Angeles, enjoyed some fin e "elbow-bending" at the Brewery's Pla y Room. The chairman r ead the resignaLon of Eva H. Gree n e as VicePre3iden t of the chapter. This resignation was accepted reluctantly, inasmuch 'a s Eva will b e out of the city for an ind efinite l e n g th of time , and with sincere appreciation for the fine work she has done in reviving the local chapter a nd keeping it humming during th e p as t five or six years. The members st oo d in sil ent tribute to th e memory of Prof. C. R Forbe s, who re cently passed a way , as announced in the last issue of the alumnu s. "Prof" was very faithful in atte ndance of all meetngs in the local chapte r since h e moved to California and we will miss him -,-ery much. The chairman then introduced St. Patrick , in the p e rson of Cy . Young, who has been on of the most faithful of our faithful " oldtimers" in Southern California . Cy h ad everyone preoent get on their feet and tell something of what they have been doing since leaving Rolla. It is amazing the amo unt of territory our graduates have covered, and the experiences they have had w ould fill a co uple of good size d books. Everyone had

somethin g interesting to. contribute , and of particular inte rest we re th e r e marks of Lydia and Dan Huffman, who recently returned from a six month s tint in Honduras. Th ose' p resen t were: Mr. a nd lVIrs. H ug h IVIa rc ley '37, Mark Bear d ' 42, Mr. and Mrs. William Coleman ,4 9 , Mr. and Mrs . Jo e Cowan ' 46 , Mr. a nd Mrs. Ed Elli ott '3 9 , Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Elliott '4 1, Mr. a nd Mrs. Scoville H olli ster ' 13 , Mr. a nd Mrs. Paul Halasey ' 28, Mr. an d Mrs . Dan Huffma n ' 22 , Mr. an d Mrs. Don Huseman '43 , Mr. a nd lVII's . Don J ae necke ' 38, Mr. and Mrs. Nat J affee ' 41, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fris '43, Mr. and Mrs. Ro be rt Massey, ex . ' 19 , Mr. and Mrs. Rex Monroe ' 32 , lVIr. and Mrs. B arney Nuell ' 21 , Mr. Ken Peter::on ' 49 , Mrs. F. B. Powell , Mr. a n d Mrs . Linc Sand ers ' 44 Mr and Mrs. Bud Self ' 43 Mr' a nd Mrs . R K. Rasmussen' ' 43 ,' lVIr. Zlnd Mrs. Ken Sh eckler ' 37 , lVIr. a nd lVII's . Duncan Smith ' 11 IV1r R eg Whitloc k '49, Mr. and ' lVII'S: C y Young. ex . ' 17 .

Carl M. Krog-, '48, Weds IVHss Noonan at Houston lVIiss Irene lVIay N o~n a n , dau ghter of lVIr. and lVI.l's. R aynlOnd Mal,one, became the .b ride of Ca rl IVI. Krog, '48 , at the Park Pa].ace Lut hera n Church in Hou ston , Tex as, Friday , lVIarch 3. Ca rl was a member of A.I.M.E. while in school and is now employed at the Pan American Produ ction Company in Hou ston , Texas , where they will make their home.


Arnold J. Baker Arnold J. Baker, '07 , died December 3 , 19 4 9 in a Tulsa , Oklahom a hospital of a hea r t attack. H e was 65 yea rs old. H e had been in th e e mploymen t of Car t er Oil Company in T ulsa for 25 ye a rs an d was retired only l ast lVI ay . H e h ad been a citi zen of Tulsa f or the p ast 24 ye ars. While a t lVISM h e was a membe r of Sigma N u f r a t e r nity a nd thE;! footb all team.

James O. Letts J a mes O. L e tts, ' 29, died suddenly of a h eart a tta ck Mond ay, Mar. 6, 1950 in Ames, Iowa. H e was 45 years ol'd. H e was in Ames o n a f ield trip for Rock Island district office of the United Sta tes Enginee r s. He had resi ded in R ock I sl an d , Illi nois sin ce 1934 when h e first beca m e af fili ate:1 w ith 'the d istric t e ng ineers. lVIr. Letts was <J. member of the Civil Engineering Society , Quo V a dis, a nd was a Second Lie u tenent in the RO.T.C. whil e a tten d ing lVISM.


o. I-Iuni

Joseph O. Hun t, '25, passed a w ay suddenly a t his h ome n ear C rown Point, I n d. , on M on day, J a nu ary 23 . He was 50 years old. H e was G ener a l F orem a n for the Unive rsa l Atlas Cemen t Pl a nt at Gary, I n d. , and was former ly with that company's pla nt at Ilasco. While a t lVISlVI he became a member of Lambda Chi Alph) , Theta T a u , Squa re a nd C o mp 3~s, Senior Counci, P an-Helle ni c Council a nd Rol :'a mo Boa rd .

Scenes from the dinner m eeting of the Los Angeles Section on St. Pat's.



MSM Facu lty Members and H igh Sch ool Students meet with St. Louis Section.

St. Louis Section Th e St. Loui s Section h eld its r eg ular m o nthly m eeting March 24th a t th e M isso uri Athletic C lu b an d it was 'MSM N i¡ght' . W e h ad as ou r g u ests D e an Wil son, Assistant D e a n R. Z. Willia m s, Prof. J. B. Butle r , Dr. J . D . Forreste r , Dr. H _ Q. Fulle r , Dr. O. R. Grawe , Dr. P. G. H e rold , Prof. S. H. Llo yd, Prof. 1. H. Love tt, Dr. A. J. Mil es , Prof. R. M. R r. nkin , Dr . A. W. Schl echte n , Dr. W. T. Schre nk , a nd Noe l Hubbard. In add ition to these ge ntl emen from Rolla we a l so had as o ur g u ests 16 hi g h school sen ior s fr om the var iou s high schools i n an d a round St. L ou is . W e h ad a total atte n dance of 103 p e r so n s fo r din ner. D ean Wilson gave a brief tal k w hich gave our yo un g hi g h school g ues ts a n ex ce lle nt outline of th e phases of engi n ee ri ng wh ich are being t aught at MSM and in a ddition, gave we of the a lumni a b r ief res um e of condi t ion s at MSNI. A fter t h e D ea n 's ta lk, t he m eetin g ad j o ur ned to a n informa l gro u p to p e rmi t our yo un g hi gh school g uests to s ing le out the departme nt ch a irmen from w hom they desired to obtain more d etailed informa tion on a specific phase of e n g in e ring. This i nfo rm a l hour a lso p e rm itted th e a lumni to vi sit with o ur g u ests from Roll a and a lso to v isit amo ng t h emsel ves. B y all repo r ts e veryon e h ad a

most e nj oya ble even in g and it is f elt MSM Ni'ght w ill b ecom e an an n u a l affa ir with th e St. Louis S ection. The n ext r eg ul a rly sc h e d ule d m ee tin g of th e S1. Louis S ectio n -N ill b e on Ma y 20th and w ill b e a p LTel y i nformal soc ia l a ffair . d esign e d to g ive th e l ad ies a pleasant e v e nin g o ut. It is s in ce I' l y hop e d th at ail those prese nt at Miss ouri Athletic Club and man y oth ers will j o in u s for w hat is a l wa ys an e xtre mel y e njo ya ble tim e a t th e St. Louis Sectio n 's mixe d m ee tin gs . D on't fo r get May 20th . Place to be an n o un ced la t e r b y mail. K. O. H anso n , Pres ide n t St. Loui s S ection. BIRTHS Lie ut ena nt Jonn C. A :'len, ' 42, an d Mrs . All en are th e parents of a d a ughter , Lu cin da H a ll Allen, born Ja n u ary 31, 1950. She we ighe d s ix po u nds a nd tw e lve ounces. J ohn is w i th th U . S. N avy, Amer'can Mission to Turk ey , Naval Gr :J up, An k ara, Turkey . Ke n ne~h N. W yga n t ' 44 , and Mrs. Wy ga nt h a v e announced that they are the p a rents o[ a g irl. W endy Ma u reen, born D cem be r 8, 1949. K en is no w in th e Perso na l D ep a rtment of th L ong Li nes D ep ar tme nt, Amer iCZl n Tel ephon e and T e legra ph Company, New York , N. Y.

Faculty Me mbers A ctive In EC PD Examinati ons M emb e r s of the Faculty of MSM h ave been act iv e in th e E CPD e xam in ations for acc r editation of the engi n ee ring curricula in th e Uni1-eel S ta tes . D ean Curtis L. Wilso n was a t th e Unive rsity of Minn eso t a on J anuary 20 in specting t h e M in in g, M e ta llurg ica l an d Geological c urr ic ul a for accr e ditation th e r e He wa s at th e Un iv e r si ty of Illino is o n April 20 in spec tin g th e ir Minin g a nd G ene ral En gineeri n g curricu la. Earl y in Ma y, h e w ill go to th e Unive rsity of Ari zon a , th e N e w M ex ico School of Mi nes, a n el T ex a s Western College to in spect t h e Metallurg ica l c urric ulum at these t h ree sc hools. D ea n Wilson is Chairman of t h e R egion a l Committee for th e in spection at the e n gin ee rin g curri c ul a of t h e W estern States. D ean H. O . Croft, of th e School of E n g in ee rin g at Columbi a, is C h a irm a n of th e R egiona l C on:.mi ttee for M inn eso ta, Mich iga n , a nd Illinoi s and D ea n Croft has arranged for D r . J . D . Forrester, Professor of M ining at lVI SM, to go to the M ichigan Co ll ege of lVIines and T e chnology on May 5, 1 95 to in spect t h e ir Min ing curr icu lu m, an d h e w ill th e n go to th University of Wisconsi n to in spect the Minin g En gineeri n g c ur ricu l um a t t hat sc h ool.

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Lee R. Grabill is living at 16 N . Y. Ave., Takoma Park, Md.


Alumni Personals


111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

MerrittW. Yeater gives his mailing address as P. O. Box 40.3 , Sedalia , Mo. He is retired .

his new mailing address. Walter I. Phillips is living at 1254 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles, Calif. Ira L . Wright gives his address as Box 231, Silver City, N. M.

Joseph C. Barton g ives hi s ad dress as 245 Monte Athos, Lomas de Chap ultepec, M e xi,c o, D. F. , Mexico. J ,ohn J . Shipley is liv ing at 1444 Beverwil Drive, L os Angeles 35 , Calif.

1892 Edward M. Johnson is retired and gives his address as Box 514 , Henryetta, Okla.

1893 John C. Reid is retired and is living at 40.8 Main, Osawatomie, Kansas.

1910 J. E. Schultz gives his address as 3617 Hanover, Dallas , Texas,



Perry B. Anderson gives his address as 39 Orchard Lane, Kirkwood 22 , Mo.

True W . Blake gives his addcr-ess as 10.22 Ridge Road , Lewiston, N . Y.



Edwin T. P erkins is Plant Engineer, Eagle Picher Co., . Galena , Kansas. He lives at ' 1723' Jac:cson Ave ., Joplin , Mo.

1901 William H. Powell is living in St. James, Mo. James C. Draper gives his m.ail · ing address as 150.1 Topeka Blvd ., Topeka , Kansas. '

1902 Lawrence May gives hi s address as 325 East 79th St., New York 21, N. Y. . Samuel M. Greenidge is livin g at 1920. Ashland Ave., Fort Worth 7, Texas :


Alex Grosberg is President, Velner Freeze Inc. , 3230. Gravois Blvd. , St. Louis Mo. He lives at 70.40. Waterman Ave. , St. Louis , Mo. M. E. Willmott can be reached at 532 Hamilton Ave. , Iron Mountain , Mich . . Paul E. Coaske is living at 7641 Boeing Ave ., Los Angeles 45 , Calif.

1913 W. R. Knappenberger is living at .410. North Ashland Ave., South Grange, Ill.


Bruce Williams gives his addresJ as 615 Islington , Joplin , Mo.

HOl'ace H. Clark gives his address as Consulting Engineer, 720..2 'South Shore Drive, Chicago, Ill.



Leo J. Foster is Consulting Engineer, U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver Federal Center, Denver, Colo. His ' home address is 831 Cherry, Denver. John T. Rice is living at 1122 State St. , El Centro, Calif.

1905 Ray E. Hoffman is retired and living at 50.0. North Street, Hannibal, Mo . Clifford R. Wilfrey lives at 2233 Grape Street, Denver 7, Colo.

1906 William T. Griffith gives his address as Sand Coulee, Mont. William is retired. Thomas D. Samuel , Jr. , ex '0.6, is living at 442 W. 68th St. , Ka!'lsas City 5, Mo .

1907 Paul R. Cook gi.ves 20.6 St. John's Place, Brooklyn 17, New York a s

John J. Doyle, ex '16, is the fiftyseventh life member of the MSM Alumni Association. John has been for many years an important figure in the Oil' industry in Louisi,ma and Arkanoas and Texas and is at the present time an independ ent oil operator with offices in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he is dealing in oil and gas leases and royalties. His address is Box 844, Lake Charles, Louisiana. Gunnard E. Johnson is living at 10.20. Palmetto Street, Davenport, Fla. Fred Grotts gives his address as 2221 Bushwood Ave. , Wilmette, Ill. Harold A. N eustaedter has just returned from a visit to several foreign countries. He was on the campus on March 4, 1950. visiting his son who is ill school'.

1920 R E. V e la sco g ives his address as 310.-12-14 Buena Antonio , T exas.

Vista ,


1922 Daniel E. Huffma n writes that his new address is 6321 A. Seville Ave ., Huntington Park, Calif. A. L. Ackers is living at 1714 S . .Evan st on , Tulsa 4, Okla .

1923 Elmer F. Chapin gives his address as ESS-IND GHQ SCAP , AJPO 50.0., c-o Postma ster San Francisco, Calif, B. Hamilton Moore, ex 23 , writes that his address is Box 1441 , Honolulu , T. H. 5241 Makalena St. , H onolulu , T . H. is his home address.

1924 C. L. Kemper is General Repr~­ sentative, Compagnie Arama yo DeMines en Bolivia , 120. Broadway, New York , N. Y. George C. Gabler has recently transfened to General Ele ctric Co. , Richland, Washington.

1926 Edward M. Linde na u gives his address as Thunderbird Ranch, Rt. 5, Box 20.0., Tucson , Arizona , where he is living while his daughter is a ttending the University of Arizona. Dr. D a niel Kennedy has been e lected Pre ~ ident ·of th e RoNa Chapter of the Missouri Society of Profess ional Engineers for the co-ming y ear. W. Irwin Short is living at 2329 McNary Blvd. , Pittsbu.rgh 21, Fa.

1927 R F. McCaw writes that his address is 20.5 Windsor Ave. , Hadd onfield , N. 'J. 1928 Karl A. Allebach lives' at 130.1 Chaney R av ine Ad., Los Angeles 26, Calif. Ch arles A. Freeman gives his address as P. O. Box 60.6 , Canon City, Colo. E. C. Faulkner gives his a ddress as 1611 York shire, Birmingham, Mich .



1929 Guenther W. Frotscher is foreman at the ooal mine Victoria in Westfalen , Germany. His home address is Lunen Westfa len , Heim Barbara, Germany. John H. Hahn gives his address as TL & VA, Fort Ril ey, Kansas. ÂŁ.. H . Parker is operating h is own business at 2312 Fifth Ave. , Los Angeles 16, Cal if .

193 0 Henry O. Scheer gives his add r ess as 128 V2 N. 24 , Quincy , I N.

1931 Milburn Hassl er is hydrau l ic engineer with the U. S. G. S. , 442 Post Office B ldg ., Chattanooga , Tenn . William E. Donaldson has been promoted to Senior Proj ect E ng ineer with the Rocket Design Branch , Naval Ordnance Test Station , China Lake , Ca lif . His new address is 50B R ingold, China Lake, Cal if. Jack N. Conl ey is living at 1025 Washington B l vd., Abilene, Texa s.

1932 Millard H. Murray gives his address as 10 Sandset Ave., North Haven, Conn. Ray Gast has been elected Vice President of the Associated Genera l Contractors of Missouri at the 24th annua l convention he ld in St. Louis on January 11 and 12. Ray is a member of the firm of Gast and Ray Contracting Co. , of Louisiana, Mo. Arthur S. Schwarz is living at 340 Gi ll Avenue, Kirkwood 22 , Mo. Edward D. Ha le is employed with Babcock and Wilcox Co. , Barbe rton , Ohio . His mail ing address is Reimer Road , R. D . 2, Wadsworth , Ohio .

1933 Charles R. Hubbard gives hi s new address as 1742 Tutwi ler St., Memphis, Tenn. Charles is with Buckman Laboratories, Inc .,. 1256 N. McLean , Memphis 8 , Tenn. Charles R. Rosenbaum 's address is HQ 803 Engl' . Avn. BN ., McChord Air Force Base , Washington. Walter H. Braun gives his address as 6809 Riggs Road , Hyattsville, Md . Virgi l' 1. Dodson is living on Wes tern Avenu e Road , Mattoon , Ill. Arthur R. H e l mkamp writes that his address is P . O. Box 204 , ColLlsa , Calif.


Alumni Personals 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

B. J. Gross is living at 7164 Washington Ave., St. Louis 5, Mo . He is President, Key Co. , East St. Lou is, Ill.

1934 Millard H. Murray is Office Rep resentative of Western Brass Mills, 125 Mun s on Street, New Haven 4 , Conn. Clemens R. Maise lives at 6125 Mar inette Ave. , St. Louis 16 , Mo.

1935 William F. Cooke, Jr. , is living at 2621 Sunset B lVd. , Houston, Tex. W ill iam Neel is now at Santa Rosa J u n ior College , Santa Rosa, Calif. J ohn E. H arrod is now l iving at 7808 Ph illips Ave ., C h icago 49 , Ill. Colli ns H . Mc D onald gives h is address as 5204 Varn um Street, Hyattsvill e, Md. Joe W. R ibotto can be reached at 2854 S . 86 S. W., Magna, Utah. Ol iver W. Kamper is w ith Harbison -Wa l'ker Refractory, 1800 Farmers B ank Bu ild i ng, Pittsbur gh 22 , Pa. His home address is 608 Valle vi sta Ave ., Pittsburgh 1 ~, Pa .

1936 Harvey L. Nicholson gives his address as Shelley, O hio. E l mer Kirchoff is living at 1926 Forres Avenue, St. J oseph, Mich.

1937 M. W . Taylor II lives at 204 Transit Tower, San Antonio, Texas. Ro ss R. Can'oHa can be reach ed by wr iting c-o International Bechtel Innc. , Dhahran, Saudi , Arabia. Frank C. Appleyard is Quarry Superintendent at the U . S. Gypsum Co., i n A labaster, Mich. , wr ;tes " I think congratulations are in ¡order to you and the other office r s fo r the b ig steps forward our Association has taken these past f e w improved y ears -including the 'MSM A ~unll1us ' . "

1938 Shiou-C hu an Sun is with Dept. of Mineral ' Engineering, Penn State College, State College, Pa. Fred Morrison is empl oyed w ith Socony-V.acuum Oi l Co., East St. Louis, Ill. Fred lives at 6173 Westminister P lace, St. Louis, 12, Mo.

C . V. Cameron gives his address as 620 E. 6th Street, Centralia , Ill. He is w ith Shell on Co., Centralia, Ill . Melvin E. N ickel has just moved into a new home. He g ives his new address as 10.601 S. Leav itt Ave. , Chicago 43 , Ill. James D. F. Evans can be reached by writing 309 S . 11th Street, Bessemer, Ala. Belding H. McCurdy is now De-. velopment Engineer for H ancock Manufacturing Company. He writes, "This incl u des research and testing and is the type of work I like, p r epared for at Rolla and d id for the Army dUr ing a l arge part of the w.ar ." BeVding' s home address is 909 South West Avenue, Jackson , M ichigan. H ueston M. Smith is Industrial Engineer, Union E lectric Company of Missour i, 315 . North Twelfth Blvd. , St. Louis, Md.

1939 Richard F. Dona ldson is l iving at 16 Tyndal D r. , Berkeley 2, Mo. Phi l Blazonic, Jr., gives his address as Natura l B ridge, N . Y . A. E. Rhodes can be reach ed by w.riting 305 George Washington Way, Rich land , W ashington. T . L. H arse ll , J r., gives his ad dress as 718 Strand , Hermosa Beach , Calif. Robert P. Diefienbach writes that h is address is 24629 D etroit Rd., Westlake , Ohio. James F. Rushing gives his address as Research & D evelopment Eng inee r , Granite City Steel Co. , Granite C ity , I ll .

194 0 H e rbert O . Kimmel writes that his mailing address is Creole Pet. Corp., Apartado No. 1329, Cara cas, Venezuela , S. A. . Ra l ph E. Kelly l ives at 69 E ly Ave. , West Springfie l d, Mass . A. R. H erzog can ,be reached at 2320 Cleveland St. , Granite City, Ill. L. E. Lambel'et has been e lected Secretary-Treasw'er of the Rolla Chapter of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers for the com ing year. R. K . Ca r pender, who is with the Amer ican Z inc Company, was on the campus February 16. Robert gives his mail ing address as Rt. 1, Kimmswick, Mo . R. W. Burnett gives his address as 1138 Moorlands Drive, Richmond Heights, Missouri.


19 50

Walter J . Carr is with W estingho use Research La bora tory, Ea st Pitts burg, Pa . Walter lives at 5801 Ayles boro , Pittsburg 17, P a_ Edward L. Rueff is now living at 109 Handla Court, Kirkwood 22, Mo.

1941 Harold J. Sch.roeder is employed with Baroid Sales Divi sion of National Lead Company. He gives his home address as 1017 N. Main Street, Ma lvern , Ark. Charlotte Hall gives h er a ddr ess as 444 S. Kingsle y Drive, Lo s Angeles, Calif. J . L. Lessman has recently written us that his new a ddress is 33 South Munn Ave., Apt. 2B, E ast Orange, N. J. G . Robert Couch is with National Lead Co., South Ambo y, N. J. H e l'ives at 32 Highland Ave ., Metuchen, N. J. Herman F. Bottcher writes that h is address is 75 Fairview Ave., North Plainfield , N . J. Allen J. Summers is em ployed with McDonnell Air cr aft Corp. , St. Louis, Mo . Allen lives at 3422 E astridge Lane, St. Louis 14, Mo. Earl L . Smoot writes that his new address is 100 Martinsburg Road , Mt. Vernon , Ohio .

1942 Dea C. Wade writes that his business address isc-o Stano lind Oil and Gas Co ., P. O. Box 316, Woodsboro, Texas. D ell lives in Refugio , Texas_ George R . Leland ca n be reached by writing Apartado , Aereo 817 Medellin, Colombia . Otis H . Taylor, who resides at 6135 S. 13th Street, Herrin , Ill. , has recently taken a job as sales engineer with Goodyea r Tire and Rubbe r Co . For the past several years he has been with E ell and Zo:'ler Coal Mining Co. A. F. Guernsey gives hi s new address as Box 1509, Prod. Dept., 'Midland, Texas. Paul C. Nelson writes that he has recently moved to 118 Penn , Vista Dr. , Pittsburgh , Pa. Paul is with Westinghouse, T&G Division, East Fittsburgh, Pa. Irwin L. Cherrick writes that his m a iling address is 1336 Missouri Ave., N. W., Apt. 410, Wa sh in gto n, D. C. Major Vernon T. Loes ing c.an be reached ¡by writing Hq Philcom, APO 207 , c-o Postma st e r , S an Fran-


PA GE 15

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Alumni Personals 11 111 11 1111111111111111111 11111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111

cisco , CaliL H. A. Kru ege r is living at 400 Washington , Baxter Springs, Kansas .

1943 Bruce R. Landi s is studying law in K ansas City wh ile working with Stratford En gineering Corp . Bruce gives his mailing address as 1401 South Liberty, Ind epend ence, Mo. William Wilso n , Jr. is a r esea rch metallurgist with the Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of T echnology. He ma y b e a ddr es:;ed at the above organization , T echnolog y Cente r , Chicago, Ill. Willia m recently wrote to us a b out some young engineers for the Found a tion. He has ea rned and received a Ph . D. from Ill. Tech. Glendon D. J ett writes that his business address is Century Geoph ys ical Corp ., P . O. Box 363, W aco, T exas . J. G. H e nd erse n w as a recent campus visitor. His home address is 2510 N. Ramport Stre et , New Orleans, La . W. M. ployment of Mines 17 Rolla

Dressel has t a ken emwith the U. S. Bureau in Rolla and is living at Gardens, Roll a, Mo.

Robert P. McMath is now in th e regular Arm y after completing one year of Competitive Tour at Ft . Lewis, Washington. His mailing address is Lt. Robert P . McMath 060603, 802nd Engr. Avn . Bn ., A. P. O. 239-1 c lo Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.

1944 Rob ert S . Westwater gives his add r ess as 18 Merrick St. , Rumford 16, R. 1. Willi am A. Hubbard 's correct a ddre :;s is 233-15 131st Street, L awrelton , L. 1. N ew York. Mrs. Rob e rt Arra s (Jean M cCaw Llo yd) with her husband is livin g in Caracas, Ven ezu ela , where h e is e mployed by the G eneral Motors Interamerica Corp . H er add ress is Sucursa l Caracas, Apartado 666 , Caracas, V en ezu ela. They have two children, Robin and Ann Christie. Jean writes tha t she would be h appy to see a nyon e from MSM living in that vicinity.

Glenn L. Sta ley, Jr., writes that his a ddress is 4434 S . 37th Street, St. Louis, Mo . Edward M. Schultz g ives his mailing add r ess as Rt. 10, Box 476 , F er g uson 21, Mo.

1945 Jose G . McClinton is livin g at 1008 Vermo nt Ave. , Pittsbur g 28 , Pa. R ichard A. W a lke r is em ployed with the Bea rdsley & Piper Co. as Sal es and Service Manager. Hi s home a ddress is 328 S . Lombard, Oa k Park , Ill. Gl enn E . D ea n ca n b e reached by writing 1933 S. Harding Ave ., Chica go 23 , Ill. H e is em ployed as a M eta llurgist with Lindberg Steel-Treating Co. , 200 N . Laflin , Chicago 7, Ill. William L . Break is now with Pan Amer ican Southern Co. of¡ E ldorado , Ark . This company was formerly the Root Refinery. Wil liam lives at 427 East Faulkne r , El Dorado, Ark .

194G Wilbert F. Stoecker can be r ea ched at 426 Swan Street, Dunkirk, New York. Howard M . Fowler gives his new business address as Associate Mining Engineer, Territoria l Dept. of Mines , Juneau , Ala ska. Howard's mailing address is Box 517, Juneau , Ala ska. Kay K. Ikeuye writes that his address is 5483 South Ellis, Chicago 15 , Ill.

1947 William B . Distler is employed with Phelps Dodge Corp. , More nci, Ariz. His mailing address is Rt. 1, Box 794, Morenci, Ariz . Arthur H. Fuldner, Jr. is with General Electric. Arthur is living at 119 West Ba ltimore Avenue , Lansdowne, Pennsylvania . Eugene Lavat was recently employed in the engineering section of Libby, McNeil & L ibby at their Chicago p lant. He lives at 259 Home Ave. , Oak Park , Ill. Wm. C. Wunnicke is with Stanolin Oil a nd Gas Co. , Brownfield , T exas. H e gives his mailing addr e:;s as Box 18, Brownfield , T exas. Samu el H. Lloyd , III gives his hom e address as 1243 Overhill Drive , Hou ston 18, T exas. Alanson D ale Topping is now a n In structor, Univer sity of Illin ois, Urbana , 'Ill.

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1948 Eu gen e Monia k is living at 1907 Bay Rid ge P a rkway, Brooklyn, New York. Joseph W a r e Fitzpa trick is with Public H a1th S ervice , Reg . 3, Wash in g t on , D. C. H e lives at 55 13 Parkland St., S. E ., Apt. 203, Wa shi ngton, 19 D. C. Irving C . F a lk h as return e d to Rolla a nd e nrolJ ed in the gradu a te divisio n work in g tow a rd s a Master's D egree in Minin g En gineeTin g . He is livin g a t 102 Ea s t 12th S tr eet , Rolla, Mo. Fred H . Ca nnin g Jr . is livin g at 403 0 C h o utea u Ave ., St. Louis, Mo. Wilbe rt F. Sto ecker g ives his h om a dd ess 路 as 462 Sw an Stree t , Dunkirk, N e w York. W.ill is with Locomotive D e v el opm e n t Committee Am e rican Locomotive Co. , D u~kirk , N e w York. W illa r d S ch aeffe r III wa s a ca mpu s v isitor durin g St. Pats. Willa rd is n ow in Snyder, T exas . Le tel' E. Field s, who is with A m e rican Zinc Co. , vi sited th e camp us on F e bru ary 16. H e gives his ad dr ess as 4822 Greer , St. Loui s, Mo. Elli ott F. a nd Mary H el e n Dressncr h a ve r ecently writ te n that th ei r n ew add ress is City Route No . 12, Orch a rd M esa , Grand J u nctio n , Colo. At present Elliott i e mplo ye d by U. S. Atomic Energy C ommissio n , Gran d Junction, Col o . a a G e ologi st . L e m G ager is li vin g a t 105 No rth V e nuay, Casp r , W yoming. Ra lp h E. McKelvey is livin g a t 287 7 6 t b ' Stree t N . W. , Ca nton , Ohi o. A. B. Watt is w ith t h e U. S. Engineer s, St Loui , M o. H e i livin" at 11 07 North 18th Stree t , Eas t S t. Loui s, I ll. Robe rt C. Kreu tze r write th at his add r ess is 6504 W e be r Ro a d , Affton 23, Mo . Harry G . Gl路i gs by is mplo yed w Hh Ida r ado Mi ning Co. , Ouray, Col o. C. W . Spha r give his n e w address as 536 So uth Giranada , El IV10nte, Calif. Dale Keit h Ru s 11 w rite t h a t hi add r es i U . S . G y p um Co ., Genoa, Obio. . W i nsto n F. Bott writes th at his n w add r e~ is P. O. Box 486 , . Seminol e, T exas .

1949 Audie V . Cardin' s a ddress is Rt.

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Alumni Personals 11111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111

8, Box 284 , Tulsa , Oklahoma . was recently J ohn T. Mora n e mployed by Consolidated Coal Company at their Macoupin Count y, Illinois prope rty. H e is living at 408 Firs t South Stree t, Carlinville, Ill. Fred M . Sprin ge r writes , " I am still an engll1eer tra inee for th e Ma g nolia Pip e Lin e Company, but am n ow in a pipe lin er gang at S e minoli'!, wh e r e I was in a machinis t ga n g wh e n I was station ed at Sundown. " Fred's mailing address is P. O. Box 812, Se minole, T exa's. G eor ge M. And e rson lives a t Court Street , Fulton, Missouri. G e orge is with Harbison-Walker R efractori es Company. 80~

H erb e rt S. Stein is working in th e l aboratories of th e Los An gel es County Road Department, 1636 Eastlake, Los Angel es, California. Hi s 路home address is 1319 South Hoover, Lo s Angeles, California. A. D. F e ntzk e h as r e cently acce pted a positi on on the concre te r sea r c h s taff of th e H y dro-Electric Power Commission of On tario, a t 620 University Avenue, Toronto 2, Ontario , Canada . Reg in a ld R. Whi tlock is workin g for th e Baroid S al es Division of N a tional L ead Company, P. O. B ox 2558 T e rmin al Ann ex, Los An geles 4, Ca lifornia. His hom e a ddress is 3912 Rosemo nt Avenue, Montro e, Ca lifornia . William G. Col e man is e mploy ed by Am e ri ca n Pip e and Con s truction Compan y, 4635 Fires ton e Boul e va rd , Sou th ga te, California. Hi s h om e ad dr ess is 9409 B owman , ~ ou th ga t , Ca lif. Raymond L. Martin is livin g in D e troit. Hi hom e a ddr ess is 18064 Birch cr e t Drive, D e tr oit 21, Mich. Rob e rt IV1. Mill 路 r in B oli vi a, S. A. H e dressed as In g . R. M. M. B. , Ca sllla 674, L a S. A.

is e mployed may be ad Mill e r , C . A. Pa z, Bolivia ,

Rola nd H. McClella nd is with the Globe Union Company at Milwaukee, Wi . as

G eorge P. M ssn e r i Junior El ctrical

e mploy ed Engineer

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B er t May is livin g at 4333 Neosho, St. Loui s 16, Mo . A r th ur L ee Schmidt is livi ng at 461 Oak St. , W e b s te r Groves, Mo . Elbe rt H . Col e man , Jr. is e mployed by the Topog raphical Branch of th e U. S. G. S. in Rolla. Hi s home address is 106 South Walke r , Rolla , Missouri.