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A 'H appy New Year Is the wish of t]~e officers of . the association and the Staff of the Ahimnus. ( May the New Year and the New Deal bring you a return of the good things of Iif e to which 'you have b een accust01ned. This issue of the Alumnus reviews the First Semester Campus News as found in the issues of the MINER.

Volume E ight

January 15, 1934.

Nllmber Two

Faculty Director:y • •• CHARLES HERMAN FULTO:\T, E. i\L, D. Sc. , Director. ELMO GOLIGHTLY HARRIS, C. E., Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering. GEORGE REINALD DEAN, B. S., C. E., Professor of Mathematics. CARROLL RALPH FORBES, B. S., E. M., Professor of Mining, leave of a bsence with o ut pay con tinu ed throngh 1933-34. ,JOSEPH WAYNE BARLEY, A. B., A. M., Ph. D., Pro~essor of English. LEON ELMER WOODMAN, A. B ., A. i\L, Ph. D., Professor of Physics. CHARLE S YANCEY CLAYTON, B. S., Met. E., Professor of Metallurgy anel Ore Dressing. LEON ELLIS GARRE'!''!', B. S., Professor of Mechanics. CHARLES LAURENCE DAKE, A. B., A. M., Ph . D., Professor of Geology. R. O. JACKSON, B. S., M. E., Professor of Mechanical Engineering. CLAIR VICTOR MANN, B. S., C. E., Ph. D., Professor of Engineering Drawing &. Descriptive Geometry. FLOYD HILL FRAME, A. B., E. E., Professor of Electrical Engineering. STUARlr LEE BAYSINGER, M. D., Professor of Hygiene and Student Health Director. i\IAJOR EDWARD HOLMES, A. B., A. M., Ph. D., Professor of Ceramic Engineering, leave of absence without pay continu ed through 1933-34. WALTER ,['HEODORE SCHRENK, B. S., M. S., Ph. D., Professor of Ch emistry. HENRY HORTON AR~ISBY, B. S., C. E., Registrar and Student Advisor. HERBERT RUSSEL HANLEY, B. S., Met. E., Professor of Metallurgy. KARL KENNETH KERSH NER, B . S., M. S., Professor of Chemistr y . GARRET,[' A. MUILENBURG, M. S., E. lVI., Ph. D., Professor of Economic Geology. JOHN RAY HARDIN, B. S., First Lieutenant Co rps of Engineers, U. S. A., Professor of Military Science and '['actics. EUGENE A. STEPHENSON, B. S., Ph. D., Professor of Petroleum Engineering. JOE BEATY BU'['LER, B. S., C. E., M. S., Professor of Civil Engineering. VAN BUREN HINSCH, B. S., E. M., Professor of Mathematics. EUGENE LEE JOHN SON, Ph. B., LL. B., A. M., Professor of English. CLA REN CE EDWARD BARDSLEY, B. S., C. E., i\I. S. , Sc. D. Professor of Hydraulic Eng-ineering. J-IOWAHl) LEROY DUNLAP, B. S. , A. i\I. , Ph. D. , Professor of Chemica l Engineering. OSCAR ADAM HENNING, A. B., A. M., Professor of Modern Languages. 1. HERRICK LOVETT, S. B., E. E., M. S. E., Professor of Electrical Engineering a nd Secr eta r y to the Faculty. JESSE HERMAN STEIN MESCH, B. S., E. i\L, Professor of Mining. RYLAND FLETCHER RA'['Ll1!~F, A. B., A. i\I. , Assoc iate Professor of Phys ics. MAURICE D. ORTEN, M. A., A. ·socia te Professo r of Economi cs. SAMUEL HORACE LLOYD, JR., A. B., lVI. S., Associate Professor of P sychology. GEORGE OTTIS RANES, B. S., Associate Professo r of Electrical Engin eerin g. ROLFE M. RANKIN, A. B. , A. lVI., Associate Pl'ofessor of ~rathematics,


,T. JENSEN, A. B., A. M., Associate Professo r of Ph~' s i cs , on sabba ti ca l lea ve el u ring 1933-34. ERNEST WILSON CARLTON, B. S., i\L S., Associate Profe ssor of Civil Engineering. FRANK EDWARD DENNIE, B. S., C. E., Associate Professor of Mathematics. CHARLES MITCHENER DODD, B. Ce r. E., Associate Professor of Cerami c Engineering. A. VERN KILPATRICK , B. S., M. E ., Associate Professor of Mechanica l Engineering. CHARLES J. MILLAR, B. S., M. S., ASRociate Professo r of Biology . W A L,['ER CHARLES ZE UCH , B. S., C. E., , Associate Professor of Engineering Drawing and Descriptive Geometry, on three-quarters time for the r est of the biennium. REAGAN HARRIS YOUNG, B. S., Associate Professo r of Engineering Drawing and Descriptive Geometry, on three-quarters time for the r est of the biennium. CLARENCE JOHN MONROE, B. S., Ph. D ., Associate Professor of Physical Chemi stry. PAUL HO'VARD, A. B., B . S. in Library Science, Acting Librarian and Associa te Professor of Lihrary . Science. J AMES HENRY UNDERWOOD, Assistant Professor of Shop. S,['ERLING PRICE BRADLEY, B. S., Assistant Professo r of English. OLIVER RUDOLPH GRAWE, Ph . D., Assistant Professor of Mineralogy . DA VID FRANCIS WALSH , B. S., lVL S., Assistant Professo r of Metallurgy. ELBRIDGE ALVAH GOODHUE, A. B., B. S., i\L S., Assistant Professo r of Mathematics. HERBERT EMMET AHRENS, B. S., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, on indefinite leaye of absence without pay. MILES HERBER,[' CAGG, A. B., M . A., Assistant Professor of English. EMERSON C. l'['SCHNER, C. E., First Lieutenant, -Co rps of Engineers, U . S. A. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics. AUSTIN JOSEPH PAUL, B. S., Assistant Professo r ' of Cera mi c Engineering, on indefinite leave of ' libsence without pay. HAROLD GRANT, A. B., Director of Athletics anel . Heael Coach . J UNIOR BRO"\VN, A. B ., In stru ctor in Physical Eelncation and Football Coach. WILLIAM B. BER'l'l,{AM, LL. B ., Sergeant, U. S. A., Instructor in Military Science and '['actics . . RICHARD DWIGHT DUFF, B. S., M. S., lnstrncto r in Chemi str y, on left\' e without pll)'. AARON JEFFERSON MILES, B. S., lVL S., Instructor in lVIathematics, on leave of absence without pay. JOH:\T MILTON WILLSON, B. S. , lVI. S., Instructor in PhySics. CLARENCE DELMAR THOMA S, B. S., A. M. , In stru ctor in Physics. JAMES SHELLEY. CULLISON, A. B., M. S., Instructor in Geology. REX ZADOK WILLIAMS, B. S., Instrllctol' in Mechanics, on half time for the r est of t he biennium. NADINE i\IA,['LOCK SEASE, B. S., i\I. S., Iustructor in English. ERNEST ETHRIDGE DECKER, B. S., Instructor in Cb'U Engineering.

\'oluJIle . ~

u. S. As a pa

Projects. Ii ~h ed an ing on th, direction "ineeriUg ~ontrol


consist 01 iug aecur nently Ill: roads. '1: and nlflpr and reclf rariouS0 ed"e of tl meuts al ~ are accUi 'l'riftngul:

U. S. Co detic COl re),s of t ice, Ws, j[jssouri Buehler marks t< C. & G.

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extensiOl a demou poraril), strumenl light. 0 St. Jum{ monumeJ engineer cnrate r Courses.

Perso[ completE Works! ting wit the sun tricl Su ilia, Ind sists of and the It. is u Alumni C. R ;

L. E.;

'r. W'

Brow;i Charles


until F sUfficie be llro\ engage tures U hUl'e g thereby



Yolume Eight

J ANU ARY 15, 1934.

s" E., ering.

u. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey in Missouri

Federal Government C. W . A. Improves Campus

Establishes Headquarters on M. S. M. Campus

'Vork is progressing toward making the school an athletic field whi ch stud ents at la st may feel una sh a mecL Between thirty-fi\"e and fifty men are '"orking-, . hired b~T the f ederal government as one of th e local C. W. A. projects. on sch edul es of six hours a da~T, fiv e day s a week. Seve ral student civil engin eers h a ye founel some employment as helper s to C. E. Bard sley, chi ef eng ineer of t he project, anel possibly more may he used later in surv eying the drain s a nd fi1-\urin g the grades and fill s. Work will proba bly la st fr om two to three month s. According to Coach Harold Grant, a new and much improved football fi elel will be ready for u se by the tim e the f ootball seaso n open s n ext fall. Next season 's h ome games will be few, so t h ere will be a good chan ce for t urf to g row. 'l'he fi eld which is now being built directly n orth of the present sta dium will handle all football practices, outdoor gym classes, military drills and ba seball ga mes. A permanent ba seball diamond will become a part of thi s fi eld. If mor e f ederal funds will be mad e llYailabl e. there will a lso be constru cted tennis co urts and a 220-yarel straightway run for track meets. 'l' he new field will be s urfa cecl with durable Bermuda grass a nd will have a 1 pel' cent grade for drainage. 'l'he present fi eld is to be plowed np and a crown form ed in the center with the present soil on the fi eld . Then 2000 cubic yard s of material will be hauled in to le\"el off the field after the til e drainage system is laid down : The . centel' of the renovated fie ld will be twel\"e inches hi gh er than at th e sides for the length of th e fi eld , copyiJrg' after th e surface drainage of several la rge stadium s. Tile drain s will be laiel laterally at thirt~' -foot interval s leadin g outward toward the edge from two lengthwise drains. Water openings in the tile will be placed every two feet. Drainage will be directed to three low spots; behind the gym, into State Street to the west, and so uth, oyer the clump. The present c inder~ , track will be improved by having a , , ret.a ining wall built along the west side, and a barrier at the ea st end of th'e concr ete bleachers wil.! pr~"ent ca r s from drivin g on the track. ' Later a tall fen ce ma y be built around the entire pl.J)ying fi eld and t hree entran ces, on e for ca r s, in stalled in " order that the athletic commission ma y capture more admissions that at present. The lights on the old field have been taken down and will be erected o\"er the practice fi eld, as they are used a lmost excl usively for night football practices. 'l'he City of Holla ha s built a road along th e n orth s ide of. th e n ew fi eld and ha s improved State Street, so that \"i sitors to the ca mpu s ca n n ow dri\" e co mpletely around it on good road s. 'l'he e ntil~e labor bill for the present work is being paid by t.he federal relief work f und which is about $5500 for this project. The sch ool is furnishing water , water pipe, som e tools, tile and one truck. 'l' h e City of Rolla is furni;:;hing another truck. Cos t to the School of Mines may not exceecl $500, a cco rllin g to Coach Grant.-1lJiner.


I\ying and tillle fo r


lwing find ; time for J, itry.

SCience, or of

8., )1. S.,

;, on in·

utena nt,

and Tactics,

ring, on

Jotball Coacb. U, S, L\.,


ll t pay,


or the

As a part of the nation wid e Civil Work s Administration Projects. the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Suney ha s established an org-ani7.ation with h eadquarter s in the Rolla Building on the M. S. M. CfIlnpu s. '1'his organization, und er the direction of Dr. C. E . Bard sley, of the M. S. M. Civil Engineering Department will ca rryon supplemental geodetic control sun-ey s for the State of Misso uri. These surveys con sist of 'l'riangulation, Priman' Traver se ami Le\"els giving a cc urate di stances, directions, and elevati on s of perman ently marked points establishecl along highways and railroad s. This information is not only essential to charting and mapping but is of fundam ental 'importance in irrigation and reclamation , fl ood control, highwa y construction, and \"ariou s other eng-ineerin g projects r equiring accurate knowledge of the ea rth 's s urface. The permanent pOints or monuments also se n e as sta rting points for local surveys as they are accurately described with r efer ence to the First Order Triangulation and Leveling n ets alrea dy established by the U. S. Coa st ancl Geodetic Survey. 'l'he suppl emental Geod etic Control Surveys are also being coo rclinated with sur\"eys of th e U. S. Geological Survey, Federal Forestry Service, Missouri Highwa y Department, various railroad s and Missouri C. W. A. Project No.1 in charge of Chief H. A. Buehler and involving the tieing in of State Highway bench marks to those establi sh ed by the U. S. G. S. and U. S. C. & G. S. It is of interest to note that a s a part of the continuous extension of th e First Order Triangulation and Level nets a demountable steel tower over 100 feet high is now temporaril y located on th e campus. It contains a separate instrum ent support, a platform for an observer and a Signal light. Observations on similar towers in the vicinity of St. James and Salem are being taken nightly. P ermanent monuments establishing an a7.imuth are planned for each engin eering coll ege ca mpus wh ere they will serve as occurate refer ences for the work of the various Surveying courses.

Personnel of the Missouri organizatiou is now practically completed and wa s secUl'ed through the Missouri Civil 'Yorks Administration and R eemployment Service cooperating with their local offices in the di stricts where mos t of th e surveys will be mad e. Field parties in charge of a di strict Super,isor ha\"e establish ed h eadquarter s at Columbia Independence, and Springfield. The R olla force consists of engin eer s, computers, accounting and clerical force and the parties operating in Phelps and adjoining co unti es. It is a pleasure to note the following nam es of M. S. M. Alumni on th e per so nn el list. Brannock, "\Tm. R. ; Cannad y, C. R. ; Davis, ' V. E.; Dooley, G. A. ; Dumm, Lee D . ; Grafft, L. E.; Hurd, F. Vi' . ; Krattl er , G. L. ; Parker, R. H. ; Hunt, T. W .; Kell~' , R. A.; Lentz, F. C. ; Schuchmann, Phillip; Brown, R. "\T. ; Casselman , O. L.; Grimm, C. J. ; Hunter, Charles; Ma ssie, C. C.; and Nawn, G. F. Sufficient ftUlds ha,'e been allotted to carryon the work until Feb. 15th., and it is expected that additional amounts suffici ent to prolo'n g t.he work into Ma yo r even later will be provided . While the sa laries of the engin ee rs and others engaged in the work are n ot hi gh pra cti cally all expenditures are for that purpose. Railroads, colleges, and oth ers have generously loaned instruments and other equipment thereby relea sing morc fl1ll cls for willer (li stributioll to worl,cl's,

• ••

Curator Praised by London Magazine In a r ecent issue of "The Town and Co untry R eview",

cif London , a di stingui shed member of our B on rd of Cura to r s, Mr. Alfred A. Speer, wa s giYen a prominent and complimentary biographical sketch. iHr. Speer has also given able direction to several bankin;,: euterprises in this State, nnd wa s elected to th e Re-

!1I1blican ;\'ationul COIlYention in lDl2,




iVISiVI AL UiVIN( S I ss ued q ua rte rl y, in the in te r est of t h e g radu ates a nd former st ud en ts of t he Sch ool of Mines and Metallu rgy. Subsc ri ption pri ce 50 cents, in clu d ed in Alumni rlu es. E n t e r ed as econd-c la ss m atte r Oc tober 7. 1926, at Pos t Office at R oll a, Mi 'souri , und e r th e Ac t of ?l1arch 3, 1879.

R. r. B. F.

Ch a s. X . K. M. H.

O ffi c ers o f the Asso c iati o n C' um m in .·. '05.... ............ .. . ...Pr es id ent ~1lll' p h y, '10... ....... .. ... Vice-P resirl en t Y . Cla y ton , '13 .. .. .... .. .. .. ...... .. ............ ...... .. .. .. .. ....... Trea ure r K e r s hn.e r , '20................ .. .. .. .. . .. ... ........... .. .. .. .. .... Secreta ry Thornb erry, '12 .. ............. ...... .. ... ... ............. . ... ..... R eco rde r S taff

Ch as. Y . Clayton , '13...... .. .. .............. .. .... ..Editor in -,Chief David F. W a lsh , '23.... .. ............. Ass ista n t to t h e Editor A. L. Ca il'll s, '20 ...... .. ...... .. .. .. ...... .. .. .. .. .. .... ... Circ lll a tion Manage r Associa t e Edi t ors V. B . Hinsch, '09

:i\I. H. Thornb e rry, '12 W. C. Zeuch , '18 C. E . Bardsle y, '~O K . K. K er shn er , '20 I-I. E. Ahrens, '28 R ex 'W illi a m s, '31



Spotti will Lead Miners

E lm e r ~ p otti. 200 po und Min er cen t e r of Rta un ton. Ill., lya S'"(j lecf'ec1 capt nin of t h e '1 9:14' Min er foo t ball t e a m a t the nnnual' foothaJl bnnqne t h eld' in th e Coll eg e Inn of the H ot e l Ed lyin L on g- Ins t Thur.·c1 hy' ni ght. T ly enty-th r ee m en we r e a Iy it rd ccl le tte r s fo r th e pa s t season. " After a ye r y fin e tu rk ey dinn e r , Toa s tmn s te r L eo Higley ~ta rted th e 1)rOgram o ff 11, le ad ing- th e g-r o u p in to Sin gin g th e " Mining E ngin ee r ." E lm e r Kirchof f, r e tirin g capta in , wn !'; t hen ca ll ed upon fo r a s peech , afte r w hi c h h e wa s p r e, e n ted with a r em em/) r an ce fr om his man~' f ri end s . Coa cb Harold G r an t and P r of. " Boots" Cla,ton r ece il' ed 10 1' in "'c llpsfo r t yin g f o r fir s t pl::\ ce in t he 1'nll Golf To urn ey. A~te r ,thi:s p r esen tation , t h e n e wly elect ed captain , Spotti , wa s ca ll ed on 1'01' a 'peech and ro se to t h e occns ion a s he d oes on th e g ri d iron . Coa ch G,yynn H enry of: th e Rt. Lo uis G unn e r s. t h e main s penker of: th e e l' enin g ga I'e a ye ry in t e r es tin g ta lk on the coa chin g of' t eam .. , th e m en t h at pIny a nd what footba ll s h o nl LI (1 0 f or th e play e r. T hi s tal k Iya .. a ye r y good oll e n ll(1 w ill long be r e memher ed by tho;;e prese n t. Coa eh (;I'nn t n nd H e l·. O. V . .Ta ck ;;on . Chri s t C hill' h . nlso s poke. Crant. ta lk ed on t he pn s t sea s on n ncl wllll t we ('x pec t to (10 ill tilL' 19:~4 senson . . 'L'lw ;;qn ild will n ot be mntcri>l lly r e(lu ced f r om t'hi s ~' e 'nt" s a .. only t hree' m .()n wi ll he lo::;t by g r ad uati on 01' in eli;;ibili ty dn e to full n umb er oI ye a r s in compe titi on. 1'h e fo l1 o l\'in g ' are t'h e m en to r ece il'e le tter s fo r th e pas t footbn ll ·;'e>l son: Appl eya rd. F.: D nd ley, Fl.: II olmnn , 0.; I1u b h;1rd . .T.; Ki rch off. E. ; McD ol1nld. P. C. ; ~1 c G r ego r , .T. ; ~I ntte i. P.: Moo r e, R..; i\I a .. e r o; N ic kel , F.. ; Keel, W . 0 . ; P lumm c r . N . : P e n zell. G.: Suh r e. A . ' Y.: ~ c hl\'flb , F .: ~p o tti , E. ; Th oe le. '\1' . N . ; T t ie.". C. L .; Va hl e, .T. ]<' .: WOlllmH ck , '\\'. ; Ze ll . .T.: ~[llr phr , .T. J. A s tate me nt. a s fo ll o \\' ~ . I\'a s a lso iSS lH'd h~' th e B oa r d of' Control. nC'compn n,l"ing thC' Ji ~ t o f lettenll n: " U pon recolllm e ndnti on o f t he Coa ch le tter s n re Hwnrd ed in f oo tha ll t o t'l1C Hhol'C' me n . s uhj ec t. t o >I s >lti s fn c to r .l· (;O ll1pl et ion oI t he ir fir s t spm es t er' s \\' o rk . (sign ed ) Cha ·. Y. Clayton , Chairm a n , Boa r d of Con troL"


Football 1933 Dave Hale,'34 Oct. 6t h- Arknn s a s T ech 26-~lin e r .. O. Oc t. 14th- Min e r s 7-i\l eK endr ee 6. Oc t. 27t h- Min e r s 40-Spr in gfi e ld T eacl1er s 6. :\oY. 4th- Ottn"'a Un iy e rsit." 0-i\Iin e r s ]3. ~oY . 10th- St. Loui s U nil"e r .. it~· 26- i\Iin e r s O. NOI·. 17th- Kirk s l'ill e 'l'e a ch e r s 18-Mi ners O. Nov. 24th- i\1 a r Yl'ill e 'l'ea ch er s 6- Min e r 33. Rit i i ng in on t he openin g of t il e ~Iin e r s footbn ll sea s on \\'a s ha reI lu c k itself, manifes ting its prese nce by t he loss of Hoy T owse, Yet e ran quar terha ck, t he dn~' before th e openin g g a me . Kot to be claun ted s o e n:-; ily. h Ol\'e l'e r , Conch G r a nt shi fted Capta in Kirch off' t o th e ha ck fi eld position fr om e nd and the S ily e r and Golel ele l'E' n open ed t he season ilt Hussell' ill e, A rkan s a .. , wi t h a 26-0 loss to t he Arkan sas T ec h 'Vonder Bo~'s . Pla~'ing- agn in st an ngg r eg:ation t hn t boa s t ed th r ee All- State back .. an d a fo rmi clable lin e the Min e r s w e r e llnnble to hi t t h e ir strid e. In th e s econd gam e of t h e se il s on ~1 c K e ndr e e Coll ege of 1Ilin oh; j ourne yed clown to Rolla and took a 7- 0 laci ng at t he h a nd s of th e Miners, t he scor e com ing: ns th e r e. ult of a b rilliant 52 ya rd run b y McGreg o r nnd a perfect placem e nt ki c k b~~ Capta in Kirch off. Th e t hird game found the Min e r e le l'e n in fin e micl-.. e a~ o n f orm a ncl the Sp rin gfield 'J.'e nch e r s f e ll befo r e a n ilYa l a nche of g r ound ga inin g by the on e -s id ecl sco r e of 40-6 with Mc G r ego r again starrin g with two fi fty yard cla s h es fo r ·cor es. · ~l.'b e third s u C'ce ... iye h om e gam e of th e sea s on , ,'v hicb ,yns al so H om ecomin g , fou nd t h e Min e r s on ,t h e long end of fill 18-0 scor e aga in s t Ottalya U nil' e rsit~, of K an s as, a n e lycom e r on t h e Min e r gricl sch eclul e. Th e ga m e, h o \\' el'e r, ,ya s agai n attend ed by h arc1 lu c k a nd th e t eam los t i ts second quarte rba ck of th e ~e a s o n wh e n Capta in Kirch o ff s ufl'e r ed a wrench ecl ba ck. Afte l' a Iny o tf of one year t he ~1in e r s ngain e ncounte r ed S t. LOlli s U IIl\· e r s it .l' an d , w ea ken ed by t he loss of playe r s, \I'a s lin n hi e to stop t he B iliken on .. laug ll t which piled up n 26- 0 ;:co r ('. '.l.'h e St. Loui ' t ea m sco r ed on t he openin g ki c ko ff a nel ap pea r ed in top form. B e hind pe rfect in ter f e r ence t he .. peerl .y Billike n ba ck s broke loose time ·a nd aga in fo r lo ng run s. l.'h e St. Loui s gnm e a Iso brought the loss of t he t hird qml r t erba ck d urin g th e senSOl1 wh en Billy :\ee l b r ok e hi s an kl e. It Wll S a bndly d eple t ed and ti r ed Min e r t eam t b at took t h e fi e ld i1gil in s t th e Kirk ~ l'ill e ' r ench e r s t he n ext w eek end but e l'e n t he n, if t h e ~' ha d been abl e to ta ke acll'nnta ge of t he bre nk s, a differ en t I'i c t or wo uld p r obabl.v IUl\'e hee n t he r es ult. Kirk s l'iIle cnm e to R oli n und ef e ated fl ncl clnim ing: th E' s tate <: h ampi ons hip nnd uph e lcl their claim by an 18-0 l'i c to r.l· in 11 slngg-is h co n tes t. 'l'he Min e r s en t e r ed t'LIE' C'o llt' e ~t with fh e r eg ul n r s on t he injured li s t ilml (' I'e n tlwn fo nght on nlm o;; t eH' n t e r ms through out t h e fi r . t h a l f. D uring' th e Ill s t half. h o we l· e r. t he r eser ve s treng t h of th e yi s it or s took its to ll a s t he worn out Min er s w er e p layed off t h e i l' f eet. ) ;.\ . ~, .. . . "":" ~ ." Co millg ba ck t he next ~~, C ~tk e nd ~\: i tb> a pow e rb ouse atta ck thilt ;:cored at will. t he Min e r s c lo ed t he iJ.:.. 1933 footba ll sea so n iJy a s ma s hin g- 33-6 Yi c to r ~' oy e r t h i\1nryl'i lle T ea c he r s, tw ice t h e ,,,inning mnrgin ga in ed on i\HIt'yv ill e by Kirk s yill e.·s e le l' e n . In ;;pite of t h e in j l1l'ed Ii :t , t he l\Iin e r :' pla.l·ed a g reat g am e of f oo tba ll with e nd run s and pas. es c li ckin g p e rfec tl y. A .. til e sea .. o n closes it ca nn ot be ca lled un . uccessfu l in sp ite of th e r e l-e r ses s ufi: recl. A tou g h 'ch edule coupled ,yi th b arel luc k I\'a ' partly r e .. po ns ibl e. Ne xt . ea son , b owe H'1". on 1.1 ' three of th e t\l'en t y-three letterm en will be los t to t he. q uad and so a g r eat 'enso n is pred ic ted . Th e letter me n wh o ha I'e fini s hed th e ir career s are 'aptaill Kirchof f, 1'. U. ~l c Dona ld , a nll J a ck Ze lJ, E lme r Spotti, of Sta unton, Illi no is, was chosen to lead t h e 1934 t eam ,) t t h e a nnu al

football banquet.

Prof. JJ ('hn r~e of

He e~lll and idea]; Lnter. tl~E ~Htioll. Sl for last SI ael H. Or a rera~e d

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Cam pus Organizations A. S. C E.

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Pro f. n a y

ers 6. 13.

ers O. rs O. s 33. ootball sea'on ~e b)' the I' , a'S .'fo' . Ie the open. :\\ ereI', Coach .fielc1 Ilos·t· .1 Ion Iec1 the season the Arkansas :rega tion that able line the

:ee College of r--() lacing at the result of perfect placeme found the Ie Springfielc1 aining by the staning with

eason, which .the long enc1 of Kansas. a .me. bO\l'el:er :eatn lost i t~ :ain Kirchoff

encounterec1 ;s of players. .icb piled up the opening lerfect in ter· se time 'and brought the J I,hen Bill)' 1m that took ext Iwekcnd ld,antage of r bH l'e been d and claim' claim h)' an ners entered ist and el'Cll be first hal f. "ngth of the :e played all' bouse attack 933 football .~ filar)'rille )Lar),l'ili e by ; the ~Jiners

:' and passes ucces fu l in lule coupled ;easou, hOII" will be lost The letter' in KirChoff, If SlUu utou , tbe auuual

'\' al~h. r e prcsentin;::- Tau Bcta . Pi. \ya f' in

c h~lr),!:e of th e ma ss m cet ing h eld FridH~· . X OY . :1.

H e ex plained th e n ature of t h e o r),!:a nizati on . i ts purposes and idea l,', and h o\y one heco nll's Cli g ilJl e for m cmh ership. Later. th e a\y a l'd of th e 'J'roph~' (' uP to th e soc ial organization. S i),!:ma Pi. whi ch had the hidl est sc h olastic a\'e rar:e for last sem e~ te r. A slid e rnl e \\'ns a lso n\yard ed to ?lIi ch[l e i H. G r ee n f o r h[lYinl!: mainta in ed th e hi gh est ,'ch olns tic a ypr age during t hc fr eshmfln yea r. F or th e fflll se mester's pl edging. 'ran B eta Pi ha s cb osen th e following m en: Seni or engin ee rinr: stud ents H. E. Bo~' d. C. L. Bur.v. E. Fort. 'V. H. B r eunin g', 'r. R. GraIlfll1l ..J. E. Gast on, D. J. P ean-: h on or Juni or pl edge, 'V. H . Coddin gt on.


• ••

Blue Key Th e }Ii sso uri Min es chapter of Bl ue K e? fo rm fl ll~' indu ct e(l it>: ~ ix pl ed),!:es fi nd ne\\" h onorflr ~' m ember s in to the chapte r at fi n initi at ion ba nqu et held at th e Sin clflir TflYem l ast 'Y e dn es(l a~' ni;::-ht. 'l' be n e\y m en \yh o \y er e ini t ifl teel fire Hflrmon . Hflines, Fisch el'. Xold e. G il sdorf. ~la sh e k and Prof. . tpinll1 e;;ch. The,'e und ergr[lcl uates \yer e ch osen fr om th e Junior Gla ss fl S ollt>:tanc1ing in Sen'i ce and >:c holastics [lnd fl S ·m en best fitt ed to ca rn' on th e \\'ork sta r ted h~' th e fratel'llit~' . At th e ba nqu et. tho se prese nt wer e fir st addres,'ed by tb e t oa stmaste r. Bill P ower . tb e presiel ent of Blue K e~·. who introdu ced th e spea k er s for th e eyening. Ir\\"in. Ab shi er and Sch a mel spoke on th e hi~to n'. constit uti on and purpose of B lue K e.y, and after >:h o rt talk s fr om t he n e \y ini t iates. lUI'. Hubbard and Pro f. .'teinmesch find Prof. Clfl~· toil spoJ'{e on whflt t he frate l'llit~' sh ould d o t o r emain a s a va luabl e 01' ga ni 7.ation on ou r Cflmpu s. Th e banquet \yas \yell-attend ed and t h e or ganization i s ]l l a nnin ~ se \'(~ r al tbillg's for th e (,o lllill ~ >'Pllleste r .

At a j oin t mee ting \\' ith tb e ~[ cc hflni ca l ;; . ~[r. W. ~I alcolm Lo\\"r.\-. Con sulting Engin eer f r om Kfln SflS (' it~·. ~fI\'e a fin e info rmal t a lk on "Engin ce rin g find Generfll Conditi on s in Ru ssia" . Mr. Lown' was empl QYE'c1 b~' t h e U. S . S. R. to m fl k e fI snn e.v of th e Textile i\lill s . On October th e 18th. th e Chflllte r attend ed an open m eeting in th e ~1e ta llurg.\· Building fit wh ich tb e H a n. J. C. Coll et. Chairmflll of th e ~li sso uri P nhli e Sen'ice Commi ssion. gaye fi n in ter estin g tfl lk on " Yalnflti on" . Tb e Seni or s flnel .J uni or s of the (' hflpter fl ttend erl a m eetin g ~h' e n h~' the St. Loni s Profe. s iona l Engin ee r s Club. on i\"o\·.e mb er t h e 2(;th . 'rhi s m eetin g \Yfl S fl lso flttend ed by ' t h e Se11l 0r s find .Juniors in e n~in ee rin ~ f r om t h e U niy er s ity a nd fr om 'Va s hin gton U niY er s i t~· . · A " er y successfu l m eeting r e;< ulted a s th e ~Iin e r s cfl l'1'i ed off. t he a ttenc1 f1 nce r eco rd . ~lr. E. B. Blnck , D irector of t he Xati onal Society , will nddre;;s th e stncl en t chap ter in th e n ea r futur e. L. P. Tuttl e is Sec. -Trea s. of th e loca l or ganization .

• ••

Mining and Metallurgy

At t he he.g inning of th e scb ool yefl r. E. R. McR e\'Jlolds. spnio r in ~Ieta llnrg,\' . \" as elec ted trensurer , find Prof.' Stein m e ~ c: h \"fl S electecl Yice-pres icl ent. . The orga ni ll flti on ha s joined in s pons orin g t hree m eeting. t hi s ~' ear: talk h~' i\Ir. J. H . Coll et. Chairmfln of t he Mi s;<o nl'i Stflte Pnhli c Co mmi ssion ; ta lk h~' B. ,17. Adam s. Hig h -Temper atnr e In s ula ti on Rxpe rt 01' Arm strong In sulation C?: : and th e talk b~' D un cfl n S mith. Co ns ulting Enginee r. ot Bru ssels. B e l ~ium . Ea rly dnring t he coming sem es ter. ~Il'. J ohn K. 'V a l ~ h. St. Louis Ma nflger fo r H er cul es Po\yder Company, \yill aadress on th e s nhj ect, " ~lan ll factul'e and u se of Explosi\·es·' . 'rhe Mining find Metallurgi cfl l Soci e t~' will at th is meeting],o3 host to a ll st ud ents inter ested in th e m a nufact ure or U . e of explosi\·ps. • • 0

• ••

Phi Kappa Phi Pl edges to Phi K appa Phi. Clfl ss of '3,1. \\'ere in t r odu ced in th e Frida~' m orning a sse mbly b~' Prof. L. E. Garrett. ~lember. of thi s frate l'l1it~· fi r e elected from t h e Senior Cla ss wi t h th e hig-h est scholastic >: tandim;. 'J'h e m emher s of tb e Cl a ss of '3,1 pl ed~ing a r e : H. E. Boyd. C. L. Bury, J. h Ga ston. ] i'. ,V. Hurel. L. H ..Ja ckson. E . C. K ozeny. G. L. Krattler. E. L. McR e ~·nold s . D . .T. P eery. H. L. Ston e, and ,V. 'V. " 'ester felel. The fa c u l t~· a c1Yi se r ~ a r e ?II. H. Cag" a nd E. A. Stephenson .



Ira R emsen At the fi r st bu s in ess m eeting of tlI e Ira R emsen Society on Sept. 27th. 1933. cfl lled b~' act in ),!: presicl ent. ' V. W. " rester feld . oilicer s fo r t h e en suin g ~'eflr '\'e r e elected. Pres iden t............... ...... .. .. .. .... .. .... L. E. P oe e Yice-presid ent.... .. .. .. H . D. Dflllm e ~'e r Sec r e tat.~· -'l ' r cfls ur e l'.. ............ .......... ... H. F. Lfll1 ge During ·tbe sem ester seyer al yel',\' prominent s pea k ers \yer e in fl tte nd fl nce. Am on g tb ese \y er e Dr. Ritcbi e of ~Ii s­ sou ri U ni\' er~i t~' ;;peak in g on "'Th e Oppo r tunit ies of th e Cbemi st in the Agri cultul'fll Field" : Dr. Brec kenridge of i\li. 'so url U niy e r s i t~· on "Rfldi oflct h 'e Indicato r s" : D r. Ripp ie of th e Shell P et r olenm Co rpor ation of 'Yooe]' Riyer. IlIilIois on "Produ ct ion allCI R e fi nin),!: of P et r oleum" ; Dr. R. C. ::;hu e~' of th e Bakel ite Co m)lan~' of :\, e\\' J er sey on "'rhe P r odu ction fi nd Uscs o f Bak eli te": Dr. ,Yi ed ermnn. ' cons ultin~ ch emist of St. Loui s on "F ire -c: hl~' R efrfl cto'r ies"; find Dr. Do i s~' of St. Loui s U nh'cr ::;ity on "Recent Deyelopment s on the Female Sex H orm one."



3 Socities H ear Talk by ~r. Adams the j oint m eet ing of t h e Orton , A. S. ~I. R;

a nd A.

I. i\1. E. Societies in the i\l e t a nlll'g ~' 'Bui ldin g la st 'Frida y

e \·ening. Mr. Adflms of tbe ·Arm sti'ong Co rk and In sulation Co., gaye a ta lk OI1' ''Indu strial Itls ul ation. " ' ~lr. Adam s explain ed th e "ari ou s m ethod ' b~' wbi ch t he best possibl e in sulati on co uld ·' be obtained. H e spoke of t lI e r ecen t de \'el opm ents of in s ulfl tion bein r: used 'in t b e fur- ' n aces in the s teel indu stry, as t h e bla st ~a nd open h ea rth furnac es, and a lso of t he continu ous tunnel kiln in th e ceramic industry. Alon ~ \yith hi s ta lk. i\1r. Adams di splayed se yel'a l in s u lating brick m fl de b~' bi s co mpany, ex) ai ning th e t cmperfltU l'e to wbi cb ea ch co uld be h ea ted. /. ..tileth oc1 of cfl lcul atin g h eat tran smission was al so Sh O\T Il y th e spea k er. The fld clress wa s mu ch enjoy ed by t h e aud ien ce w h o seem ed quite in te r ested , [lnel afte r hi s ta ll" Mr: Adams h ad to an swer mflny qu estion s. Tbe spea k er wa s n one othe r tban "Bottom" Adams of th e class of '16. H e bas r ecently been t r a n s ferred from Bt. Louis to Cin cinn a tti. Hi s adc1ress is 232 W est 7tb St. --Ui.ll er. o ••

Sigma Xi Meeting Sigma Xi m et in tbe ~Ie tal lul'g~- Building on th e eYening of D ecemb er 12th a s th e g uests of th e Department of Meta llurgy Hnd Or e Dre ·sin g. and th e Burea u of Min e . Tfl lk s \y er e m a d e b y i\Iess l's. D oa n , Clayton a nd Clemm er. Ofticer s of Si~ma -Xi this yefl r fir e : Dr. K A. Stepben son , Presid en t : F. H. Fram e: Yi ce-Pres ident; and Dr. C. J . ~l o nr oe, Secr etnry and 'Trea ur er.

U S 1\1

A L U 1\1 NUS

HOMECOMING - Saturday, November 4th 4 Visitors Present Large Crowd Attends Sixty-Second Annual Hom ecoming Observance; W. M . T aggart, Jr. , St. Louis, '20, is T oastmaster. Tb l' A llI ll1l1i Associati on b e ld it s s ix t y ,sl'co lHl ;Inllual H Oll1 eeom ill;': Hanq ll et lit t he Si ne-lair 'J'lIyc' rll ln st .'uhlrdn\' PH'ning-. Ko \·. 4. '.I' he hanqn f't \\"n s one of t he most >' lI c'e-es>, fnl e \'e r he ld and a la r;.:e num he r of th e n lumni \\" e re prese n t. IVilli um]\1. 'L'a g-g-a r t. Jr.. of .'t. L o ui s. C l a .·~ of 1920. 11res id ed a s toa t m aste r . D urin g t he e \·enin g-..: h or t ta lks \\" e r e ;.:i \'e n b.Y th e fo ll owin g-: Se nato r G. D. C l a ~· t o n: ,J. K. W a ls h o f tb e B oa rd of C urators: 1\1. H. T h o rnb e n·~·. directo r o f t he e xpe rim e nt s tation , C. Y. C l a ~·to n , t r ea. ·ure r of th e Alumni Assoc inti on : ,,'. 'IV . 'IVe i .... e l: D. B. Foll o \yill , c hnirmnn o f t he R oli n secti on of t be A lumni Assoc iat ion ; K . K. K e r s b ne r . sec r eta r~' of tb e Alum ni As. oc iation: E . A. Steph e nso n. a nd E. 1\1. ~l urp h.\'.

A t e leg ram wa s .·en t to ~rr . Jac klin g- b.\- t he Assoc iati on e xpress in " th e app r ec iati on of th e Assoc ia ti on f o r th e se n ' ices r e nd e r ed by 1\11'. ,Jacklin g dur in g hi s t e rm in o fli ce H. ' pr e~ id e n t.

T he f oll owing- m e n, n ot h a dng- g r fHlll a t ed from ]\1. S. 1\1., \\" ere prese n t a s gu es t s t o t he hllnq uet: C. ,J . ~I o nr oe. ]\1. II . Cng-g. H. n . Yo un g lind E. A. Stephen .·on. ~[u c h c r edit i s dn e D. F. Wal s h li nd ,,'a lte r Ze uch fo r t he ir se ni ces in IllTan"ing fo r th e bll nQu e t. T b e fo llowin g i s a Ii. t of t he nlumni p r esent at t h e bll nq ue t: D. B. Fo ll owill , '06. R oll a: 1\1. H. Tbornbe rry, '12, R olla; E. A. Stepb en so n, '12, Ro lla : R. Z. ~\villiam s . '31, R oll a : E. S. G ladd ell , '28, Tu ri ey . ~l o . : V. X . Sm itb . 'lG, RolI lI: A . E. Ba rnard . '27, St. Lo ui s : S . H . L l o ~·d . '21, Rolla; H. S . Spence. '23. R o lla : 'I:. G. " ·eir. '22, W ebste r Groves; E. J . " ·e nd e ll. '2::l. P eo ria , 111. ; Ken l H am , '2X, St. L ouis; A. L. Cai rn >', '21, H o ll a. I". S. B lfred, Jr., ' 17, Baxter Sprill!!,s. KalJ. : l{,. ,1<', HIIl'k e r . '0(;. gast .'t" Loui>,. til.: ]i). G, ]\la ('hi ll . '22, H ocb ester, lllli .; K ' V. Ca rltoll , '2(i. ~H.o ll a: C, L. Kit-c he n. '2(;. C bi cHg'U. 111.: '1', H . Th o lll a>', 'J.!. Rulla : J, 1-1 , ~h'Ca rth ,\ '. 'U5, f'lt . LUlli,,: K , K, K e r sh ll l' r . '20, Hull a: C, L. Hllnzl'. · x :~ . Capt' Girard ea u. i\l o, : 1<'rank h\'a hll t. St. L Ollis; 'Y . B. ~li x , '0 , H olla : 1". E, T o w nse nd . '11. Bart lesdll e, O lda.; Barll ey N ud e lman, '21, St. Lou i ' : J, B. B u t le r , '22, H o ll a; H. 1\f. Ka tz, ' lD , H o lla; J. 'V, Step be nso n, '06, R o ll a; W, 1\1. \\·eige l. '00, st. L ou is: J , K . ' Va lsh, '17, I\' e bste r G r oves, M o,: G, D . C layton. Jr" '20, H an nibal , 1\10. ; IV . 1\1. 'l'agga rt, '20, St. L oui s; W . C. Durn in g, St. Loui '; D. 1!"', W a ls b , '23, H o ll a; 1'"'. A. C rippen , 'W e bs t e r G r o \'es, M o.; B en N icb ols, '33, St. L oui s. A. E. K ocb , ex '30, R olla ; C. J . Grimm , '30, R olla ; J. i V. , cott , ' 9 , R oll a; L . L . Lodwick, '14, U niye r s itr City. Mo , ; ~1. P . W eige l, '23, St. L o ui s; L , E , Garre tt, '01, R olla ; H. F, '1'bomp so n, '32, R oll a; E. B. O'B rien , '27, Camd e nton. Mo,; J . T. Stu rm , Jr. , '32, St. Louis; lII. P. Braz ill, '20, St, Lou i ' : E , 1\L Murpb y, '20, K eo oqua, La.; W. H, K e lle r , '30, St. Louis; R. A. Scb eer , '27, St. L oui s; E. R. Tragi tt, '23, D e 'loge, M o,; W . W . W e ige l, '20, L eadwood , Mo. ; R. J , Gu ntb er , '27, ' t. L oui s; J. E. Sca ll~', '31, St. L o ui s; A, J. T ie fenbrun , '31, St. L o ui s; K . W . K lne le r , 'DO. t. bnrl es, lIl 0. }'~ \'e ll tbo ug b t il footba ll team d id 1][I\'e to s \\' im t o a \'idor.\' S a tu rd a ~' :I ft e rn ooll tb e o ld g rad~ , uucl e r .... ra<l s. to \\' nspeop lc, a!l(l \' i:,:it or s did not b a ye to be (lu c ks to enj o,\' tbe bi g dan ce b e ld in J uck liu g Gym Sutur<l a y ni g b t. An unu~ua ll ,\' large c rO\\'d to mpeel a ll J r o m ped to the t un es ;; r OUlld o u t by t ll e tac ki l,\' attired me m be rs of tbe Yars ity O rcbe;;t ra, Th e dance 111 0 \'e<l a l(lIl!!, ge nti ,\' b u t fi rml ,\' unt il mid lli g b t \\' he n the fo rma I ('I'()wn i nl! of the J Io mec:o m i II g q lI ee n took p la c '. -'Ii ::;, ' :;U>'311 Ell is wa ,' the r eC ipi e n t of t h is ;; iu .... u lnr

h ono l·. hilt it is e urre ll t rllm Or t~ h at b e l' winnin g' m a rg in wn , \'E' r ,\' lit t lc O\'c r th e po ll r eee h 'ed h.\· one of tb e fa ult.\·. l~() ll o winl! t be c r o wnin g of th e qn ee n en me whn t cO lild h R\'(' heen - a pe ri od o f excell e nt nnd a lllu s inl! e nte rt n in me n t h acl it not been fo r Ol e mnli c iou;; mi sc hi \ '0 11. ness o f >:o me imbec ili C' medd le r wh o put tb e pub li c aeld r e. s ,\'s· t e m ou t o f co mmi s,'ion, E \'en so. tb e fl oo r >:bo w w ent on. ami th a t pa r t of it t ba t co uld be hen rd wns good, '1'he p>'e ud o B in I! (' r o>,h,\' s h oul d rate fo ur , tar;; fo r hi s pe r · 1'o rlllan ee. A nllmbe r o f cle \'e r a c t s h ad to he o mitted be· ca ll >'e t he,\' co uldn't he h ell rd nho \'e t he n o i;;;e, O n tb e lip fi nd up and al l in a ll. tb e \\'h o le e ye llin ),! 's nfrair ~l' OI'ed we ll w ith a ll wb o atte nd ed, ~Iu c h h a nd>,h a kin g alHl rl'ne wing' o f fri e nd s hi]l ~ marl; ed tb e occa~ i o n a s a happ,\' and we ll ·to·be· r e membe r ed one.-Mincr.

•• •

New York Alumni will Meet Th e A lllmni in );e w Yo rk Il nd yi c ini t .\' ~\'i ll h old t he ir a nnual I!e t-to-I!e tb e r at t he t im e of th e F e brunry m eet ing of t he Ame ri can In s t itute of ~linin g and ~I e ta ll u r g i ca l Eng in eer s. 'l'he m eet in l! will be b eld at th e s m ok e r -d inn e r wbi ch i. t.o be he lel Monela y e \' nin l!, F e hrll n ry t be 19t h . in tb e G r and Ba llroom of th e Co mm od or e H ote l. '.I' he pri ce of t icke t will be $2,50. Se nd ~'o nr c beck to E. '. To m pk in s, 30 hure h Str ee t, ::\e w Yo rk C it~· fo r ,\'o nr r ese na t ion . Accorclin g to Ilch n nce in fo rm a ti on th e fo ll o win l! Alu mni a nd ~I S ~r Fllc ul t .\' m e mhe r >: a l'e plannin g t o he presen t : II, '.I' , Mann , 'OS. E lI l!e ne ~l c Alilitl'E' '27, H, A. B ue bl e r '25. (' has. Y. Clny ton '13. J , I.. , H ead '16. E. S, To mpkin 'lG, Director Cll a s , I-I. F ul ton. C. L, na ke of t he Geo logy D epartme n t , E. A, Ste \' e nson o f t be P et r o le ulll E ng in ee rin g D epn r t m en t. ~Illk e e \'e r y e ffo r t to ntte nd t bi :' lll E'e tiw'. heen wo r t b whi le i n t h e past.

It h il S a lwn ys

M,S,M. Freshme1 Witb f \Iis,ouri ~f (]ec ren compiled ~r.

R, )

cent. In; \ (iSSOUrl

ibe great. this )'ca r ~!. f;, ~!. All in I husiness schools i~ FoIlO\\'! B(!hoo ls : ~'resllll'

totlll 226 f;opbon total 228 Junior! totn l 230 Renior! tota l 207 Grndu i ).I .. 11. t 'I'otal

319: )1. Percen 89 per cc ~'or

\\'a ;

iors, m~!

• ••



Alumni Elect New Officers Pr e~ ifl e n t- H . l )e part:III ~' lIt .


(' IIIUIUill ~ '(),,- ~Ji >'>'() lIri

J pfr(' r ~() 11

St a t e Hi g h\\·a.\· ('it,\'. ~ I fI , 1<', ~I ur[lh.\· ., O- ~ t, ./t.l' L ead C UlII -

\' il'e· Pre>, ili e ll t- H, pall Y, Hin'r '\Iill e~ . ~ I o . ~ ~'l' ret ar ,\ '- K, K , K l' r ~ hll l'r '20- H o lla , M o. 'l'n'a::mre r-Ch a .'. Y. C la ,\' to ll ' l:~- H o lla , Alo, Ailimni H eco nl e r - :\I, 1-1. 'l 'h ol'll be rr.\· 'l 2-H o lla , Mo ,

.1 .

The I

oyer thl offices, \ and sen



'rhe ,

In Public Life


Th e Boa rd of Pub li c W ork s of t be City of E li zu b t h, ::\e w J e r se.\·, r eappointed E noc b R. eed les to a fou r -year t e rm on tb e n e wly c r ea t ed Board of Sta ndard s and Appea l. whi c b "'a, nam ed la st wee k by tb e ou tgo in g w o rk. hoa r eI. Mr. ::\eed les wa s appointed to t be term wbi ch ex· vired la t Su nda~' at ~Iidni gbt. All', ::\eed les, wb o w as r enam ed to t he four-y ea r term as a m e mbe r of t be ne \\' B oa rd of 'tanclard a nd Appea l ', i ' a me llihe r of t he e ng in ee ri ng' firm of A b, H owa rd. 'e ell s & Tllmme n o f 55 Li be r t ,\' .'treet, ;'\e \y Yo rk City , 'l'h e fi rm huil t t be li e \\' Slimm e r st r ee t bri dge O\'e r t il e E li zabet b Bi n' r . cO lllpl eted ahout~ a ~'ell r ago for 111 0 11 o ll nty , and al so co n ::;t ru ·ted t he Burlilll!tu n·B ri ::; to l lI ri dge acro;,;' th J)e le \\' Hr e. \\' h id l is th e largest ::;in g le \'l' r ti cal lift s pall in t he wurld , :Ill'. :\'eedl L':S ;':l' I'\'eei ill au a<I\'i,'o Q' e n!!,ill ee rill ;'; C;llJa 'ity fo r t he I'IIIH " ki ~); ,\'\\,;I,\' . th e L' IL'\'u tl'd me ad o\\' r o ut c het\\' el'1I :\' e \\'a rk NIHI .)(' I'>'L',\' (' it,\·. O il t he H o ll alld Tllnll e l a pproa c h, ]11 :\' e \\' Yo rk C it\' he is (' ilail'lllllil o f t h l' l'1Ig'ill el' r:i' a tl\' iso r.\' ('o ll1mittee fo r t h ~ C h ' il 'Y o r); :; Admi lii st rHti on. und e r Mayor LIl -G ulIl'Cli n, IIi s home i ~ at 40 llill side H oo d . - J!J li z(lu elh Daily

J Ol/ I'l /(/{ .

]lhy, 43 E, 0, H yotes (

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24 yote \y,


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Pres 22 Yote B. E, (elect) 23 Yot

Pres -a Yot IV, W (elect

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ner, 2

MSM Enrollments Show Decline

St. Pats Celebration

More Students Here

M. H. Murray, '34

M. S. M. Registration Drops Freshmen Fall

.I hold their

wry meetiu" liurgical Eu~

ler which is u the Grand :e of tickets ompkins, 30 ·ations. .ing Alumni ~ present:Buehler '25, Jmpkins '16. Geolog.• De. Ellgilleering has ah,ays


Per Cent, While M. U. Lower; Others Correspond Favorably 29.2

With the larg-est eng ineering enrollment in th e state, Missouri School of Min es lU1 S sh own the la rg-est per centage of d ecr ea se this ~'en r iII enrollment, according to figures compil ed hy H. H. Armsby, r egistr a r. M. R. M. ha s fnllen off in attendance this fall 29.2 per cent, 'W a shin g-ton U. is off 23.S per cent. a nd U nh'er sity of Misso uri i s off 12.5 per cent. Mi sso uri U., h owever, shows the g reatest d ecr eflse in fr eshm en , haying 40.2 per cent less t.his ~'enr, with 'Va shing-toll U. off only 21 per cent, and M. S. M. off 35.7 per cent. All in a ll. the school ha s suffer ed from the effects of t h e business d oldrums in attendance m or e than the oth er two sch ools in the state which furnished fi g ures. Followin g are the comparatiye class enrollm en ts in the sch ools : Freshmen: :\1. U., 53; Washington U. , 106; M. S. M., 67, total 226. Sophomores: M. U., 79 ; Washington U ., 76 ; 1\1. S. M., 73; total 228. Juuior s: 1\1. U., 67, Vi' ashington U ., 73; 1\1. S. M., 90, t otal 230. Seniors: 1\1. U ., 57 ; W a shin gton U. , 53; 1\1. S. 1\1., 97, total 207. Graduate stud ents: M. U " 12; " ' nshington U., 1; 1\1. S. 1\1., 11, total 24. Total bIking engineering- : 1\1. U., 2G8; Washington U., 319: M. S. 1\'1. , 341, total 928. P er centa ges of stud ents r eturning to sch ool sh ow: 1\1. U., 89 per cent soph s, 100 per cent junior s, 82.5 per cent seni or s. For " ' ashin gton U., 56.8 per cent soph s, 80.3 per cent juniors, and 56.3 p er cent senior s . F or 1\1. S. 1\1.: 70 per cent soph s, 72.5 per cent juni or s and 77 .:! per cent seniors. -M'iner.

•• •

te Higbll-a)" Lead

CUUl '

,lin, JJo.

Eli zabetb, a four·year Is and Ap· oing Iyorks which ex·

ar term as

APpeals, is rd, ;\eedles

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" CHpacity


approach, s· adrisor)'

Ider Mayor


The 27th a nnu a l yi sitation of t h e Patron, St. Patrick, to M. S. 1\£., will be on Ma r ch 16th and 17th. H e will arrh'e, a s Ils ua I, sometim e Friclay in hi s palatial coach via Frisco to fo rm a lly open the fe stivities. Due to the fact t h at th is iss ue of t h e ALUMNUS goes to pre.·s ea rly it is imp os~ ihl e at this time to inform yo u as to what or ch estra will be engnged for this occasion . 'l'he St. Pats Board i s at present con tacting leacl inO' r ad io orch estra s and it is t he Board's dllty to see th:t the best mil sic possible will be filling Ja cklin g Gymnasium on this occasion . The financial statlls of t he Board is exceptionall y higher tban it wa s last year at this t ime. 'l'bis a lone indica tes tbat the celebration will be held on a la r ger sca le thnn t~ at of the pa st ~' ea r. Proper negotiations a r e being ca rn ed out at pr esent for decor ations and a public acld r ess syste m. 'l'here .a r e only tlYo even ts (luring- th e school yea r tbat offer an lIldu cement to t h e entire Alumni of M. S. 1\1. to r e~~rn ~ to the campu s ~f t hi s Alma Mater, Homecoming and ::it. I ats. In compa rlIl g the two e vents in regard to their r ~spect iy e m erits, St. Pats sta nd s out as tbe most d esira ble tIl.ne to r eturn to R oll a, wh er e old friencl s and n ew friends Will a lwa ys greet you. All arrangem ents will be completed in t he ea rl y part of February. The price of admis sion to the Masque Ball and t be l!'orma l will in a ll probabilities be the same as last year $4.40, including tax. Those desiring complete inform a tion may obta in sa me by writing to t h e cha irma n of the F inance C~ mmi ttee ~f the St. Pats B oa rd , 1\11'. J. C. Settle, Sigma PI, Ro lla, Mlssonri. He will be in a position to inform you by the 7th Of February. Ma ke preparations n ow to attend St. Pats; come back to Rolla and spend a w or t hwhil e week end.

• ••

Miner Basket Ball Schedule for '33.'34

Independents Gain Edge at Election The Independent ticket h old s a s lig h t margin of victo r y over th e Fraterni ty tick et by electin g- ten m en to class office s, while the Fraternity ticket elected six. All junior and seni or offi cer s were on t h e Independ ent ticket but the F ra ternity soph om or es and freshmen placed ever ything but secretary of both classes in ·o(li ce. ' The vote was as' 'follows : SENIOR S President, A. W. R. Oswald. 48 votes (elect): C. J. Murphy, 43 yotes. Vice-president, E. C. K ozeny, 48 votes (elect); H. O. H endrickson , 43 votes. Secretary, K. H. Sievers, 49 votes (elect); W. R. P ower , 42 yotes. Treasurer, T. J. Stewart, 49 yotes (elect ); E. L. McReynolds, 42 yotes. J UNIORS President, O. ·W. Kamper, 44 votes (elect); G. A. Pen7.el, 24 votes. Vice-president, C. W. Snycl er , 42 votes (elect); " ' . A. H owe, 26 yotes. Secr etary, H . 1\1. Fish er , 44 yotes (elect) ; H. J. H affner , 24 yotes. Treasurer, C. T. Nolde, 44 votes (elect); B. A. Menke, 24 yotes. SOPHOMORES President, D on GrilllID, 23 votes (elect); J . W. Ruwwe, 22 votes. Vice-president, D. F. McCa rron , 24 votes, (elect) ; B . E. P eebles, 21 yotes. Secretan', J . 'V. Wright, 23 yotes (elect) ; E. H . R eed, 22 Yotes. Treasurer, J. R. Clanton , 23 yotes (e lect); W. H. Schw a lbert, 22 yotes. FHESH~lEN

President, R. R. K aye\, 32 yotes (elect) : R. D. Grimm, 25 votes. Vice-president, G. W . Schaumberg, 32 votes (elect) ; W. 'V. Elbertson, 25 votes, Secr etary, 'V. L. H olz, 31 yotes (elect); S. E. Lemons, 2-1 yotes. Treasurer , R. H. Gardner, 28 yotes (elect); J. B. Deaderick, 27 yotes.

- jJf'inel'.

JO/l r lllll ,



Dec. I 3-Central 'W esleyan at Rolla. .Jan. 9-Springfield Teachers at Sp rin gfielcl. J an . 12-Westminster at R oll a. .Jan. 24-Cape Girarcleau at Cape Girardea u (ten tative) . J a n. 30--Drun' at Sprin gfie ld. Feb. 5-Cen t ral at Rolin. ]'eb. 8-Missouri Va lley at Holla. Feb. 10--Springfi eld Teachers at R o\.la. Feb. 15- William .Jewell at Rolla. Feb. 17-St. Louis Univers ity at St. Louis. Feb. 22-William J ewell at Liberty. F eb. 23-Missouri Vall ey at Marshall. F eb. 28-Drury at Rolla. March 2-W estmin ster at Fulton.

• ••

The "Chief" Leaves Rolla Dr. H. A. Buehler , familiarly Imown as the Chief to hi s h ost of fri end s, ha s after some twenty years left Rolla to take oyer the job of State C W' A Engineer. The announcement of this appo intmen t wa s m a de by 'Vallace Crossley State CWA Admin istr ato r. The Chief h as secured f r om Govern or Park permiSSion to take a lea ve of absence from hi s duties a s State Geologist. It is a ssum ed that H. S. McQneen, the Chi ef's able a ssi"tflnt. will keep th e good work of t h e Suney go in g until the CW A work is don e.


1\1:S1\1: ALUMNUS Dr, Fulton Addresses Student Mass Meet

At t h e m as" m ee t'ill g, h elrl in th e n nrli tori lllll of P arke r Hall last F rida o', Dr, F nlton , Director of' I"lw Sc h oo l 01' Mill es, nelclressecl th e s tnd ent's, hrin gi n g- hel'o r e th em t'he ac, t ion tnken ' hy the fac nl ty co nce l'lling- t he Senior Co nn cil. A ll ca mpll s o r g-a lli 7.i1t ion s ill\'e,;!:ig'lIteel ho' th e non-pa rtisa n f a c nl t\' comillit tee on St llf] l' n t ActiYiti es ha\'e hee n ill\'esti,!:!;atecl 'a n<1 , with t'lw excepti o11 o f ' Ol1 l', we rc fo nnd to be of' n nature \\'a rrnntill ,:t: cO ll t innan ce on o nr CIIIIl]Jn f< , Th e oll e fO llnel to he d e fil'il'nt \H1 S tbe Se nior Conn cil. an<1 was abolis he<1 as t he ,stn<ll' nt ,c:'o\'el'nin g- hody of tile sch oo l nn<l lell \'in g- t he students w it ho n t n gover n in ,!:!; hod o' f ro m t h e ir ow n g' r onp , Th e n eccss ity of' a hody of thi s type is ,een hy t il e facu lty anel two ' proposa l" wer c mad e to the st ud e n ts co ncernin g the fo r mllt ion of a n ew boely for st uele ll t go \' ern m e n t hy . th e faG ulty , Th ese t \y O propos a ls li r e :I S fo ll o\\' s: P ln ll s fo r a !';tudent go ve rnin g boel y 11'lHe been r]l'Il\\'1I np by th e fa c nl t,v a nd t hi. ' will become the nc\\' Co u nc il nnl ess t he st ll elen ts t h em sel\'es elraw uP ' an d present il p la n t h at i ' agr eea hle a nd sa ti sfacto r y to bot h th e stu el c n t,; and the facnlty hy the mielell e of t he second scmester as the n e w Coun Cil, \\,hate \'e r i t may be, \\'ill " office at the mid e]l e of next sem es ter. The fac ulto"s 1'. '''osnl f o r il Counc il is a s fo ll ows : The Co un cil s hall be coml_'sed of ele \' en men c ho:;en from t h e m embe r ,' of the Seni or Class. T h e:;e men a r e to be pick ed fr om th osE- e ' nel en t,s ha \'in g t he highest sc ho ln sti0 1ayer ag'e. Limi tatiol ~ li gi b il ity of these m en are a s fo ll ows : '1'0 be a mem , ~ Co nneil. t h e man I11U ::;t ha ye c0l11 11letee! at least ii " ,-,s in sc hoo l nnd be ag r eeable to bein g a m ember '01 ·l ne il. A maximum of t hree trnnsfe r stud en ts ' a r e n lll I n ' the Co un Cil , t hese m en to hav e com pleted three se._ "er s ' \york in this sch ool. The C,O un c il is to be lJick eel ))0' t he fHc ul ty and in t r od uced to t he stude nt body by th e D iI:ec:to r at il m ilSS m eeting in t he mi e]ell e of t h e seco nd :;e me;: te r , T ll e~e men to s it n·ith t h e p r eced in 0 ' Co un c il \yith oll t t h e po\\'e r of vote or debate nne! ta k e o ver the Cou ncil at th e end of t he sch ool ~'ea r, Co nsti t uti on: 'I.'h e Co un cil i s to m ee t wi th the facu l ty committee a ne! draw up th e ir constit n t ion, O fti cc;; : Th e,\' (the CO lln e il ) s ha ll d ec id e what o tli ce r s tlll'y II ce d , e;;talJ li s h th ese o tlke r ::; alld_ l' leet the llle u to h o ld t he ill. Tha t is a Ilri ef ::;ta tl' IIl C]] t o r t he flll:lI lty provosal for st udellt gO\'e rllm l' lJt. If it is not \\' h at t h e st ncl e n t>; \\'all t , t h e.\' IU1\'e nn t il t he lIliddl e of !l ext selli este r to present th e ir ( t he students) plan s fo r a Cou nc il and pro vi el ill g :,lihal ' their plan ~, a r e agreeab le a nd sa tisfac: to ry to t h e st ud en t bod y a nd facu lty, w ill be a ccep ted, Othe r wise the above outlined proposa l becomes ou r st uel ent, goyel'l1ing 'body.-llIiner.



Dr, Stephensdn Has < Arfic~e , fii,.Magazin~ D r, Stephenson , h ead of t h e P etroleum c]epartm'e nt, h as an artic le in the Bulletin of t h e Am e r icill1 Association of Petroleum Geolog ists for Septemb e r, i933, \'\'h 'i ch " in :\'oh' es a c ritici sm of a publi cation by , Glen B.Bartle " Geology ' of B lu e Sp rin gs Gas Field, Jack son Coun t,\', Mo." Bartle mad e u se of the well p r ess ure a nd produ c t ion hi sto r y of the gas wells in attemptin g to estimate ga" r ese n-es of t he field, B u t hi s ina el eq u nte conception of t he p r opel' u ::;e of pre:;w r es in e]ete rminin g t he average fi eld p r e:;,; ure led to ,;e ri o us e rror s . Dr. Steph en so n c riti cises hi s fa ilure to IIncl e r sta nel til e u;;e of.,\\'ei-g h ~~t1'Fe r~~gc. pres::; lIre:;, the .. fact thn t h e ,''over - ' loo ked , U~e ::s i:g~ iJi ~~I ,n ce 'of ,:, sm ull e1'1'o r s i!l p.l'e::;::;ure dete rlllilm.t~~!" ..,:h:i '? In.c_o mp,~te, , ::;,u L\:Jj ~'' of t h e li te ruture, amI hi ::; u n \\'al'raatgsl .:cqi1 ~ ln ,;ion s. ]) 1' . f-itep h en ,;o n too k th e sa m e d ata ' \\'lli ch Bn r t le hn s used and in te rpretC'd t he sam e [lr 01W r,lo' , ) 111(1 ,; !lO\v cd how th e n eCl'SSal',V co nClus ion s \\'ere a lm o,;t elirectl,\: COll t'1'I)ry to Bartle. ,] )r. f-itephen so n ha :; r ece h 'ed a nllmb e r ,of h ighl y com plim e ntur y lette r s .f' r om oth e r en g in ee r ,; a bo u t hi s wo rk.

- M in er.

Extra Curricular Activities 1933 Campus Organizations 'l'h eta 'I.'a u ( Pl'ofess iona I F r a t el'l1i ty) 'l.'flll R etil P i (Honor E n g- in ce rin g Fratel'l1i t o' ) Quo ,Vacli s ( H on or Society) Hln e K ey ( H on or ary) Phi K appa Phi ( H on or Society) Rpsil on O mi c r on (Chem ica I ) K appa Alph a ('Nationa l ) Ka ppa R i ,~ llIa (National ) Sigma Pi (Nat ion a l ) Lnmhda C hi Alph a ( ;'\Tatiuna l ) S igma N u (Nation a l ) 'J'l'i nn;,: le (Nati onal ) Pi Kappa Alph il (National ) Me r cie r Clnb (L ocal ) ;'\T ug-gets Club (Loca l ) :\Ii SSOUl'i Min er R olla m o Boa rd Glee Club P laye r s (D r a matic) Ba n e] Office r s C lub ( Milita ry ) Athl e ti c B oa rd of Control St. P ats Boa r d Tnterf ratel'l1ity Co un c il Seni or Council ':' Footba II Squael Basketba ll T ea m Swimming T ea m T enni s T ea m '1 'rac]( T eam Go lf T ea m G lid e r Club (A vi ation) Hifle Cl ub ( Ma rk s m a n shi p) Min, &. Met. 'Assoc. (Depa rtm ent a l ) Ira Remsen Soc. (C hem, Departmenta l ) Or ton Soc, (Ce rami c D epartmental ) Mech, 'Engr, Soc, (Depa r tmenta l ) A , I. E. E. Sec. ( D el1a r tmen ta I ) A .. S, C. 1D. Sec, (D~'pa rtme n ta I) Geo log- ists C luh (})epartlll en ta l ) " Abo li s hed by a ction of t il e Fa c ul ty, D ec, llJ33.

• ••

\\,hen t


)lui ten ,enlO l

emburKed nwtn Ihu':2 Hllndn)'


trips on On the nntionnl refining v employed In ndditi, the "inC purt)' th£ pan)', \l'b plunt a !

obtained, 'l'uesda attempt

\YorKS 0 The plan in the co and amo and Oper

tbe rollil productie tbrough bu,ing h bus frOiI through The tb the InIal the gron noon wu On Tb Rerere (

and CII]!1 sent to t

)luny, i, llIainder ~te\\'art

French Engineer Visits Rolla

.. , i.f ~

Hoger Barth ele my, m etallurgica l engin eer , empl oyed by t h e P en a-rroy a Comp a ny, em'oute to Ind o43hin a, -dropped do\\'n to Rolla to visit with M r. CoghUI, ' Mr. Walsh and oth er s. Barthelemy h as ju s t ', r eturn,ed from a two yea r stay in Katanga , B elg ia n K on g-o, wh e,r e h e was employeel as a r esear ch m e tallurgi 'ft,,;experimenting with ore dressin g m ethod s ,on -the coPPEtli; ·sulph.ide or e of the ,Prine L eopold Min e, In In cro - Chi n'~ ~ J3,arth e le m y will cO.llc'e ntrate his attention on, the )llining- '!I,nd milling of t h e .. Un" d epOSits. Som e of th e-, oIdel' students and m a ny of the fac ulty will r eca lLNIt;. I?a rth elem y as h a Yin g been a g r a duate stud ent h e rl{'th 1929, h aYi n g cJ'> m e to t hi s co un t r y a s a R esearch Fellow" , H e com plet ed hi s und e r-g r a eluate work at Ecole d es Min es, Paris in 1925.


Gill Talks in St. Louis ,J, p, 'G ill, '1$; t(tlk ed befo r e t h e St. Loui sSectiou' of'li':le lUll eri c~ill Sod&b;"fo r ~tee l 'l):ehlillg at th e -i-Iote l Stra f fo rd; Alton , 'i llin oi:;, on t he e venin g of' D ecemb er t h e 15th'. His " s u bject \HI ::; " H ecen t AelHlllces 'in l\l eta llurgy of "SpeCia l Steels a nd C n tting M ateria Is." ' Jim is Chi ef l\l etallurgis t fo r t h e Vanadi ulll-AII OYs Steel Compa n y ~ind th e Ci:ll\'!ln ia l ", Steel COlilpan y of La tt'tJ!iep I'a , ! ' 1\1. S. ?\1. \\: a 8 ,yell r ep l' e~~e n te cl · by .A l Boyle; T ed 'Ob n~ o l" g . -"t a nd Ski ppetI.BeDe!lt.. i)f La c led e Steel ; Gene StewHrf of Cen/J:,<, I t u!:y E lectri c Co .. , ,\ ':1rtel'J Bi'o \Yl1 ' of W estern Cn rtriclge Co':, ".. ' B ill DUl'I1 ill g of Lesche n R ope, nnd Ch as. Y. Clayton.

castings another The fil llangaU! castings,

lunch \Y of makil ing to II steel in

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land Sl '16, ;\Jet Secreta

Those were:

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, Angn 23, \\' Distl'ic

Halse\" ll. RI;u




Inspection Trips Metallurgy lIit,\") " ' hen th e Frisco's S :30 train. \yh ich a rri\' es ill R olla nt :15. pnll ed into th e statio n on F riela~' nig·ht. Oc t. G, th e ten senior m e tallurg is t s . c hap e ron ecl b~' Prof. Boots C lnvtol1 . embarked for a \y eek in Chi cago in sea r ch of' pra cticn I metallnrg'ical kno\Tl edge . 'i'h e 11a r t.l' spent Sat nr(la~' anel Snnda~' in seein g th e 'I'orl el' s Pail' nnel began th e inelustrial trips on i\Ionday. On the fir st day of th e trip a Yi ~ i t \ya s pai el t o Inte rna tional L ead in Eas t Chi cago, Ind .. anel all phases of lead r efining .w er e inYestig;nted. Three B olla (!:radna tes are n ow employediH lhe plant anel th e trip wa s conclucted by them. In adcUtion to lea d r efi nin g , som e time was s pent in see ing the :diic oxide plant.. ' After h a Yin g lun ch at th e plant. th e party th en proceed ed to yi s i t t h e Hnbbard Fonnel]'v Com pan~'. wher e anoth er ~I. S. !II. man is emplo ~·ed. At thi s plant a good l,no\yleelge of h ow m e tal r oll s are mad e \Ya s obta in ed. Tu eselay d e 'l'eloped into a elay of r eal work in that a n attempt \" as mad e to ~ee th e entire plant of th e So uth 'Y ork s of the Illin ois :-;teel Company in So uth Chi cago. 'i'he plal1t cover s an il11lll e n ~e a r ea and is on e of th e la rg-es t in the country. Vi s i ts \ye r e mad e to all parts of t h e plant anel amoug the m ost inte r esting Sights w er e t h e B essem er and Open H ea rth f urna ces. \yhi ch th e boys s a IT tapp eel. In th e rolling mill and s trn ctnrnl s t eel mi ll som e id ea of mass production was obtain eel nne! th e processes were followed t hrough from the furnac es to t h e finished produ cts. Afte r haying lunch at the So u t h " 'ork s th e party \ya s m et by a bus from the In te rn ational Han- ester Co mpan~' and tak en through their plant a nel a ssembl y lin e. Th e third d a y of th e t rip \I'a s aga in cleyoted to steel and th e Inland Steel Co mpall~' in Indian a Harbor entertain ed th e group \yith a n in ::;pecti on trip and l un ch. Th e afte rn oon \ya s spent at th e Ame ri can Forgings Co mpan~'. On Thursday a trip \y as mad e to the Da llas P lant of the R e yere Copp er anel Bra::;::; Co mpany wh e r e all types o f hrH s ~ ane! copper fo r .dng;s a r e pr odn cecl. An exhibit, w hid1 wu s sent to the l\letallurgy D epa rtment la "t w ee k lJy t h e C() Illpan~' , i::; on cli:;pla y in the M etallurgy Builelin g. 'l 'h e l'ell1aine!e r of 'l'hur::;cla )< ni ol'l1ing was deyotee! to a trip to the Stewart D ie Ca s ting C oii1pany wh er e a luminum allli all oy castings are mael e . Thursda y aftern oon \"a s giY en O\'er to another trip to th e F a ir. The final d ay of th e trip found th e g r o up at th e Ame rican Manganese Steel Company. At th is p lant e xt reme l~' tongh cas tings, s uch as cr u sh er p ia t es, a r e mae! e. After h a \'in g lunch \"ith the Columbia '1'001 Steel Company , the practice of m a king high g racIe , t.ool s t eel wa s seen . It was in ter esting to note the exti'eirie\:51tin s that must be taken with s uch steel in order to insure satisfaction. On ;Wednesday night, Oct. 11, the Chi cago Alumni h elcl a m eEW.i1 g 3.net ·biuiql1et at th e Engin eer s Club in h ono r of the Y.i siting:. S e'1ior· M etallurgi ·ts, 11. H. l\layeety, '12, Chairman ;·: 'a~cteet' 'as T oastm aster. "" . !>. At this m eeting, A. F. Mohri, ' 23, Metallurg ist with Inlanel Steel Co mpa n y, \I'as elect ed Chairman , Frecl Grotts, '16, l\Ietallurgis t with Hubbard Steel Company , wa s elected Secreta;]:y. Those.. present .at t h e m ee ting and t h eir present p ositi on s \I'er e : R. H . l\la'l' eet~- , '12, Chi cago lfire Brick Co. ; B. L. Chan ey , ':n, Illin oi s High\l' ay ; C. C. IrYing, '25 ; C. L. Ki tch e ll , ex '2G, Inte r state 'Cok e: r & ' Iroll '.Do-. ; C . A. Walls , ex 'U. Illin ois State Hi g h\nl~'; E. l\1. GllY , '2::1, Illin oi s State Highwa y; l\1. J. "Rwnl ," ' 27, :\atunll Ga::; Pipe Lill e Co . ; H. E. Hilp ert, '27; RoS's 'cA.: Ballinger, ex , '24, Illin o is Stee l Co. August ' F. l\fohri, '23, Inlane! Steel Co . ; R ..A. Linelgr ell , '23, Wi scqils in Steel W or k s; F. A. Gerard, '27, Sa nitary Distrid,i:r>f " Chicago; H e rman Blic ken sd erfe r , '27 ; H. G . Halsey; " 114; R.eal E state ' D e pt. , U niv er s ity o f Chi cago: W. R. Kn a ppenberger, '13, Elec tric Stora ge Batte r y Co.; L. A.



a " i i'

. emplo)'ed by ~hina. ,dropped [r. Walsh and u a 111"0 .rear Iras employed iih ore dress, the .Prine Leo· !oncentrate his > tin deposits.

:e faculty


Iduate studeut ~s a Research :rork at Ecole

Section o(l h~ orel Strafford: h 15th. HI'

t~ye 0f "S )eCial .[ . f" lIetaIlu rg~st , I the OJIOll WI

ed Ohusorg . .'elT rt of Ceu,:" ..." . rS 'Cart ridge Co., Clayton.

Oberl~·. '25, Pnre O il Pr ocln c ts Co. ; B en H . Cod.l'. '11 , International L ead Co. : Joh n P. 'Valke r , '11, In te rn at io nal L ead Co .: F r a nk ,V . Co el~' . 'l B. Inte rnational L ead Co. l\I~T o n Thoma s. '30. Illin oi s ~tee l Co . ; R. L . KiI'kpatri ck , ':i1: L eo ~ c hapir o, '24, Illin ois Steel Co.; 'Vm. Godwin , ' 25, Co mmonwea lth- Ed ison Co.: B emi s S . Followi11. ':i1. Gra sselli Ch emica l Co.: C. W. Bo\ye r . ex '16, Gra sselli Ch emical Co. : A. :\. D e tweil er , '10, Gold s mith Bros. ~. & 11. Co.: J. W a lter ~cott. '19, ,Vest e rn El ectri c Co.: G. E. John son , '16, Inte rn atIO nal L ead B efinin g Co .-Miner. o ••

Electrical and Mechanical A s hort tim e a.~o ahout s ixt~'- fi\'e s tud en ts and fac ulty 1.nell1herS of th e El ec tri cal a nd Mechani cal D epartments Jo.ul'lJ e ~· e d to the Lak e of th e Ozarks for a da~" s in spec t ion of Bag-nell D am. T r an sp ortation \ya s fUl'l1i s h ed bv th e professo r s and s tnd ents with e xpen ses bourn e by t h e pa s -

sengers. E. C. I(oze.\'. stuel ent presiel e nt of th e A . I. E . E. and K en S ie ye r s arrangecl for th e trip \yith th e co -ope rati on of 'W ayn e S . Prame '23, who is an e lec tri ca l en gin eer at the elam. •• 0

Petroleum 'i'he s t u dents in Pet.roleum Engin eering took th e ir a nnual senior t rip to the Oklahoma Oil fi elds Noye mb er 22 to 2G. The fir s t elay th e c la::;s m emlJe r s w er e gn e" t s of th e Indi a n T e rriton' Illuminat.in g Oil Company, a nd th e tim e wa s spent in th e s tud~' of g;as \Ye ll s in t h e Osage Nat ion. T ests w er e m a d e for c riti cal f1 o\l' conditi on s through n ozz les, fo r minute p r ess ur e ri se again st lin e p r ess ure, for th e m ea s ure m ent of the r ate of flo\Y through yario u s s izeel orifi ces. anel ela ta wa s a cquireel through a :;eries of back press ure ' t ests \\'hich enabled th e s tud ents to compute th e funelam ental eq uation for th e open flow of n gas \yell , \Yithout wastin g 1arge YOlll lll es of gas.

Another day wa s spent a s g-u es ts of t. h e O kl<llt<!lll>l :\atllral Ga s Co rp oration Yisiting Oll e of their lar~ e c:o mpressor station s, anel an ahs orptioll ga soline plant. 'l'lt e last clay \\'as spen t in the O ldnh oma City li elel \\'h e r e '1'. A. Ste yen s. ex ' 21, co neln cted th e part~· through th e field and ex pla in ed in detail m ethod s of drillin g antI controllin g th e high p r es::; m e oil a nd gas ,Yells.


Mining 'l'hirteen min er s anel geo logi st s, accompani ed by Profes sors Muilenburg and Steinmesch. made a one -day trip to So utheast Missouri, D ecember 12. Arriving at D esloge at 7 :30 A . Mr, they w er e m et by :\lessrs . Bilheim er and J on es, and also by Tragitt of th e cla ss of 1920, and taken for a n e xtend ed trip und e r ground. Th e principa l inte r es t was prqbably in the thr ee types of loading machin es, the Con w eigh , a track m o unted machin e suitable for drift or tunn el cleaning, the The\,', a r e \'ol ving type eleCtric s ho'l'e l r equiring 25 feet pillar sp acin g and 15 f oot h eight, and th e type S , \I'hi ch ha s been d e l' elopeel in th e St. Joe L e ae! Co mpan~" s min es and is of gen eral application. ·Th e ' St. Joe sh o \-el will \Tork in 7 fo ot grounel , loaels 'l'ery r ap idl~', \y ill 1110ye on i ts O\\'n caterpilla r s ve ry qui cld~' f or mod e r ate elis tances, and can be t ran ::;ported lon g elistances by c li mbin g on a low truck whi c h is pull ecl b~7 locom oti ye to d e::; ti na t ion. Its flexibility i s s ueh that load in g is almos t wholly m echanized l nnd ·certilinly a ppears rapid and econ omi cal. Th e tran sportation system is all electric with 56 po ullli rail on the main lin e, automatic cagin g d e Yi ces, an d on e man 011erfltion of th e main lin e locom otiy es. Th e h ea d fram e anel oy e r turning cages are of All en and fCont'inu ed on Pag e 10)




Seismograph Charts Showed Existence of New Oil Field In Anderson Months Before

(Con t i l/u ed trom Page 9)

T-T O I1 ~tn ll . Oct. 10 (TT. P.)-'l'hin \lI Rck lin es ;;kitte rin ~ 111'1'OSS 1'111 e(1 \y h ite pilper- l1s if t h e h flnrl s thnt h eld th e pen s \\'C're st ru e];: s mlfl en . sh il 1']1 hl o\\' s- m onth s ngo prerli cted "'hat th e drill hit h ils p r ov('(1. a new T e xa s oil fi eld nea l' I'alC',tin e . The pel1~ thn t' t" nced thC' lin es indeed r eceived s mW en. "ha r p hlo\ys-hnllflred s of them from dynamite expl osion s lIIHlergTO IllHl. 'I' he pell s \\' ere in t he seism ograph r eco rd of K . A. Schmirlt, g·eo log-lst. As a r es ul t of Sch midt' s seis m og r nph C'xplorn t ion s. hi s rmp lo;l'el'. t h e Tirle\ynter Oil Company , nn d its nssociated, t h e 'l'exas Seaboa r d Oil Co mn n n~'. wer e ahle to seize virtu a l co ntrol of t h e flC r enf!'e in the vi c init~, of Lon g Lake Plantat ion. site of th e 'l' irl e\\' rte r- Sea hoard test. For months Sch mid t I1ml other Tide \Yate r g-eo l o~i sts \vad ed t hroll.gh t h e lo \y. s\\,l1 mm' co untry of t h e Enst 'l.'exa s has in , fo r ding t he Trinit~' rh'e r ll1 i1 ny ti mes, s kirtin g small lakes, battling m osq ui toes.

MAXY CHA XGE S FIND Schmi dt's m en set up th e ir r ecord er s on lin es that crisscrossed th e a r ea east-\v e,t. I~o r t h- so u t h. and dia gon a ll~' , R lnst ntter hlast of d~' n a mite wns set off', a nd t h e n eedles d l1 nced I1c r oss th e g- rl1ph s, w ri ting- th e story of what th e el1tth lool, ed like a eon s ago, ;'\ot e \'e n 'on e could h a ve r elHl th e sto ry co rrectl.v. Geo10'\ists of rj ,'a l co mpnnies-one in pa r t icul a r whi ch mad e a fi une.\' of it:; o\\' n- fa iled to see whn t Schmid t had seen nnd "ttemp ted to di ssa ud e him. Schmkl t and hi s men \\'ent ri g-h t a head , stud yi ng t h e seism og rflph r eco r d s, g-rfldul1ll y fi lling in deta ilS, drawin g a p ictu r e of the t l1mbl ed l a ~'e r s of sn nd and sh a le li nd cha lk tho l1 sal1(1;; of fcet und er t he g-l'ound. The scis m ogr aph h a d IH'Ovecl t hese st r ll til to be there. TIll' pi C't \ll'e loo kecl g-oocl to Sch llIid t. Jt ,tr eng th en ed hi s hel ief that d eH' lop lll ell t of the area wO \lld prove profitalJl e. A bout nill e lIIi lt'~ sU ll th "'es!: of l'al estill t,. ill t he cr oo k of " hig' IWllrl ()f t he T rilli ty. tlw "\I" - ~ \Irfac e lII a ~' showed a 7U()-l'oot hi ." h ~t rl1 ct llr e, whi ch , of cO \lr ~e . was t ho \l:;a llds of f eet nnd erg r oll l!(l. SHOWS W OODB IX E SA :\ D \ VI1(' l'e t he "cl ome" h ad been pu sh ed up by t he t r emendOll S nat nra l fo r ces of a f orgotten da~', t h e oth er s ub-su rf ace fo rma t ions " 'e r e. uplifted w it h it. One of these fo r mat ions i::; kn o\\'n a s t he ~\Vo o dhin e sa nd. That is t h e sa nd frulIl whi ch t he East 'l.'exa .-· fi eld produ ces. Schm idt to ld hi s superi o rs of th e existence of t he fo rmat ion and r ecomm ended th e enti r e \\'ild cat area be exploiteel. Hi s ,,'ord \va .. good en oug h fo r tl'\e officia ls. They wen t a h ead w it h t h e lea sin g. T hi s work was entru sted to R S. McFarland of Da llas, Seaboa rd 's T exa s m a na ger. An almost solid block of 25,000 acr es ,,'as leased by T ide wate r and Seaboa r d hefo r e other m a j o r compa ni es a woke to th e fact a ma r ch h ad been s to len on t h em. Th e test \\' e ll, T icle\ya ter -Texas Seaboa rd' s l\ o. 1 L on g La ke P in n ta t ion , wa s beg un . As t he hi t wen t lowe r , it beca m e in cr easin g ly apparen t t hat Sch midt's s ub-s urfa ce pictu r e " 'as a m a n 'el of a cc ur ac ~' . R eprint ed t r om a HOll ston, 'l'exas . pap er.

"Gns" ,' chmiel t g r aduated in m inin g in ]023. m em bel' of t h e S igma N u.

H e wa s



M. S. M. Engineers Leave for Chili, S. America Pat He ll , '33. \\'ho lUIS lJee n empl oyed in t he qllic l, silve r r egion n ea l' 'l.'·e rlin g ua, Texa s. a nd H. I V, Hi chm o nd , '33, \\'ho ha, been " 'o rkin g- at p Ince r minin g- neal' Go ld en, New Mex ico, h ave accepted three -~'e n r contracts wi t h t he Brad cn ('o ppe l' Co .. nt U il1 ca ugfl . Chili. So ut h Am eri ca . R ichm ond sailed Dcc:. ;)Oth , a lld H e ll depa rts on Ja n . 13th.

Ga r cia (G arCia 'OG). d esig n , a nd appa r e n tl~' a r e a s rapi(l and ge n e r a ll~' satisfacto r y ns s kip-h oistin g, The dry cru s hin g p la n t a nd mill wer e gone t hro ugh in co mpan~' with H, R. Stahl of th e class of 1018 a nd Mr. G. G. G ri gshy, T he milling- p la nt i .. quite m ode rn , havin g been el;tirely r econ stru cted wi t hin th e pa st 10 yea r s, A power plant is a rranged to mak e steam eit her wi t h nntural gas or oil. and \\'i th po wd er ed coa l by co mparatively easy m odifi cation . Th e plant at Desloge wa s ver y large l~' d esigned and laid ou t h~' M , S, )1. eng ineer s a nel num er ou s parts of th e constr uction have heen d esc ri bed in the "Engin eerin g a nd Mining J ourn a l" during th e pa st ~'ea r by H. A. Ne ustaedter , '16. Professo r Steinmesch ha d ch arge of operation s of this plant for a number of yea r s prior to its purch ase by the St. .Joe ead Co mp a n~' in 1029. After lun ch at D eslog-e, t he plant of the National Chemical a nd Pkments Company, sub sidiary of National Lead Co mpany, at Founta in Fa rm in IVashington Co unty, wa s vi s ited . The open p it was 1I 0t in oper ation , but th e lay-ou t wa s e a s il~' co mpreh ended , and a very inter esting preliminary wash e1' of la r ge c'lpacity wa s exa min ed. 'l.'he wa sh er ha s ~o m e wha t t he appeara n ce of a giant concrete mix er and co n sists of a large (louhl e cone \yith in tern a l t hread s graduIdl y co nvey in g I'n ateri a l aga in st a s tren m of water to th e di sch a r ge pOint on one end , whil e the mudd." \Yater and sD ncl o yer-tlow at th e oppo~ite end. 'J'his wa sh er dispo ses of 2/3 to :Jlb of t h e tota l m aterial so t h at th e haulin g and milling operati on s d ea l \vi t h n rath er hi g h g r ade product, The principa l hu sin ess at this time is th e grinding and p re pa r ation of ba rite fr om hand-min ed o r e purch ased f. 0 .. h. t he t r eatm ent p lnnt. This plant appea r ed to he busy With ol:d er s and a vi ew of t h e g-rinding, leaching, drying, a nd g-rading- equipm ent u sed in prepa r ation was ve r y inter esting. The prod lids illclnde hl eac hed ha rite fo r pape r, pain t, etc .. :.lIId "Baroici", a high specitic g r avit~' mixture nsed in oil \\' ell cirilling, :\011 lIletalli cs are lI ut floillg so h acl l~'. Tillie wa s tak en west of Po tos i to luok in to u co uple of typ ica l barite pit::; \\'hi ch illn st ra ~ed the m e.thod of ,hUIId mining. At present mill s are bUY ll1g h and-m illed b.al'lte to di stri bute the m oney m or e wide ly. Stea m sh ovel P1ts have temporaril y been di scontinu ed.

• ••

Carl G. Stifel Heads Mines School Alumni Re-Elected President of St. Louis Chapter of Rolla Graduates. Ca rl G, Stifel , presiden t of t h e r ea lty company bea rin g hi s nam e last ni ght was r e-elec ted presiden t of th e St, Loui s Ch~pter of t h e Misso uri School of Mines A lumni Association at a m eeting in the Co r ona d o H oteL D. L, Moodi e w as r e-elected sec r eta r y-t r easurer . D isc ussion at t h e m ee tin g concern ed pr esent attendan ce, curri cula a nd managem en t of t he sch ool at R olla. Speake rs comm ented on t h e e ffo r t s exten eled in t h e inter est of the sch ool by Ba rn ey ~ud e ll1l a n , ,,'h o r ece ntl~' m oved t o Alban y, N, Y.-Glob e D emocmt, • • II

M. S. M. Engineer Heads Research Department J oseph I\'o rl ey, ':?3, ha s r ecen t l.\' bee n placed in c b a r~e o f t he H esea r ch D epartm en t of t h e Emmerson lD.l ect n c Co mpany of St, Lou is, Mo. ~ ot long ago J oe r ece1ved a Cer t ificate of Awn rd fo r r esea r ch de velopment togeth er \\'ith a (i\'C' hundred do ll ar prize f r om th e ElIlIne r SO!l Electri c Co. Hi s r ece n t r esearch ac hi evem ent d ea ls With the Li e vclop men t of a d yn a m ote r for automobile radi o se ts,

Ca rd , inCAnn ilt. the : I\'edncs tire <la waS ref schOOl. position :'11'. )

of )Iin' 'rhe )'01 Theil' h

:.liss powell manie! COpfil. ReI'. O.

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"T.n. llushmor e ami Mi ss Dorothy Ki esler we re married at J efferson City. Mo., 011 October the 17th. Mrs. Rushmore

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gone tb 1918 rongh iu Ilnd Mr G Ili0dern h '. . 10 •yna' al'lUg c rs. . wit'-'aln eltber ) 1' CO UI . paratiyel)'U ,signed and laid

':ert~ of tbe cou-

.A. ring and I~I'InN . I eustaedt Jerations of t~r; lllrcbase by the !'I'a.tional Cbemi. :'i atlOnal Lead In Count" was

~be laY'out was lUg preliminal'l' rbe washer ha's rete mixer and . threads gradu. )f water to the (Id)' wa ter and .'asher disposes he hauling and grade product. .e ~rind ing nnll Jrchased f. o. h. ;0 he busy with Ig. drying, and -ery interesting. per. paint, etc., li re lI ~ed in oil

Ito II couple uf lethod of hand !lined barite to horel pits hare


McCARTI-n:-ELLI S Cards are out announcin;.r t he m :H' ri a~e of Mi ss Josephin e Aune Ellis to F elix Powers McCa rth y. whi ch took pla ce at the r ecton ' of St. .John 's Church in St. Louis, at noon W edn esday, December 27, 1933. Miss Elli s is the attra cth'e da ughter of Mrs. Josephine Ellis of Et. Loui s. She was rea red in Rolla a nd is II graduate of t he Rolla high school. For the past few years she has held a secreta rial position in St. Louis. Mr. McCarthy is a former student of t he Missouri School of Mines a nd a member of t he Kal)pa Alpha fraternity. The )'Ollllg couple are spendin g their honey moon in Chicago. Their home will be in St. Louis for the present. STU RM-POWELL )Ii ss Frances Po,yell. dau ;.:-hter of Mr. a nd Mrs. W . H . Powell of St. J a mes, and John '1'. Sturm, i\I. S. M. '31, were married Friday afteruoon at 5 :30 at Trinity Church, Epi scopal, in St. J a mes. The rites wer e solemnized by the Re\'. O. V. J ackso n of R olla. Mrs Sturm attended Stephens Colle;.re, M. S. M., Ilnd the rniY ersity of Misso uri nt Columbia . Sturm WIl S g rndullted here in C. E.: pl a )'ed Va rsity football f o!' three years, and is a member of Sig ma Nu and 'rau B eta Pi. H e, at present. is empl o)'ed with the Upper Mississippi Ri\'er di\'ision of Army engin eer s. A. W. R. Oswald a nd Rease Simpson, M. S. i\I. seni or s amI fraternity brothers of Sturm, were usher s Ilt the wedtling. COOKE- CAHILL Dr. ~. R. B. Coo ke '31. s urprised his brothers at Kappa Sigma h o u ~e on h is a rri\'al Monda y mornin g with news of hi ~ marriage tu i\Iif':; Helen Ruth Ca hill while in Pittsburgh, Pa ., la st week. The ce remon)' too k place October 14 at the r esidence of Re\,. William J . R eid of the First United Pres byterian Church in Pittsburgh. Mrs. Cooke, wh o is a gr ad uate of Carn eg-ie In stitute of T echn olog)', will rema in for the present in the hume of her mother , Mrs. A. i\l. Ca hill, at Ben Avon, Pa. CRA 'YFORD-CLOUD


mpnn)' bearing ent of the St. )Jines Alulll lJI Hotel. D. L.

nt attendance, ·Rolla. Speakinterest of tb~ Ired to Alban) ,


ced in cbar~e ~'I ectnc ertiun ' Joe recei red a to"etbe r ment " Elec,

UlIIICrSO!;b tbe

leals WI radio sets.

Edwin O. of Decatur, with the U. is 58 South

Crawford '32, wa s married to Miss Ruth Cloud Illinois, on December 25, 1933. Crawford is S. Engineers, St. L oui s Di stri ct. His address Main Street, Ste. Genevieye, Missouri. McCRE IGHT-RICHARDSO N

Mrs. Maude McCr eight of East Ca pitol Avenue has announ ced the marriage of her son , Mr. Richard McC reight, to Miss Pauline Ri cha rd son , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Denni s Ri chardson of Sta nberry, which too k place at St. Joseph . Mrs. McCreight is a graduate of the Stanberry schools . and attended the North"'est State Tea chers College at Mary,-ille. Mr. McCreight wa s gradua ted ,from the Missouri School of Mines at Rolla. H e is a member of th e Sigmll Nn fraternit)·. ~lr. and Mrs. "lcCreight "'ill mak e their h ome in Iudepend ence, Mo. PESSIN-"lONETER Albert L. Pessin flI1cl Mi s' Ruth Moneter of St. Louis, were marriecl Septemher the 11th. Mr. and Mrs. P essin are at home at 1482 Blackstone, St. Loui s, i\10.

IlttelJ(led the Univer s ity of Mi ssouri and worked in Presid ent Williams' offi ce befo re co ming to the School of Mines a s secretllry to Dr. Fulton. She is a member of the Deltn Delta Delta Sorority at Columbia and wa s the St. Patrick' s qu een at the School of Mines in 1926. The cou rts hip gr ew out of acquaintnnces while Ru shmore wa s a stud ent her e. Ru shmore was graduated from the School of Mines in 1927. He is a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. He has been employed since graduation by t he Gypsy Oil Compa n y. After a brief honeymoon, the young co uple will make their h ome at Crescent, Okla.

~MEMORrEslt ~


Randull A. Scheer , a n alumnus of the School of Mines, and hea d of the wate r loss dh'i sion of the St. Loui s City Water Depar tment, was fatall y injured Saturday night when the automohile in whi ch he was riding collid ed with II truck on Highway 66 two miles east of R olla . Accompanied by 'W illiam Kelle r, '31, also u water department employee, Scheer had attended the H omecomin g banquet, und was returning to St. Louis when the accident occurred. Keller was not seri ously injured , but '.... as ver y puinfull y cut and bruised. Scheer \Vu s a gracluate of the Cla ss of '27, und a member of the loca l chapte r of Kappu Alpha . H e is survi ved b)' hi s wid ow, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scheer , and two sister s. Miss Marie and Mi ss Marga r et Scheer. 'rhe funeral was held at 9 o'clock Wednesda y morning Ilt St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, with burial in Cal\,ary Cemeten '. Ten minutes after Scheer and Kpller left the a lUllIni hanquet at the P ennant Ta\'ern , word returtlPd of the accident. Profe;;sors Zeuch and Wal sh hurri ed to the ~ce l1 p. and a Htate highwa~r patrolmall arrived SOOll afterwards. The entire left ~ide of the car wu;,; c rn ~ h ed by the il1lpact ,,,i t h the truck. News wa s r eceived here this week of the death of ' V. Y. Beall, la st week at his home in Springfield, Mo. Mr. Bean was the oldest living graduate of the Missouri School of .Mines, and r eceived his degree here in 1878 in civil engineering. Ifo r some 'years he has acted as Grand Inspector , Misso uri Grand Commandry, Knights T emplar. H e is survived by his wife. D . D. Dunkin, '06, died September 13th, at Morning Side Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma . Funeral services were h eld at Tulsa , and burial was in th e hom e cemeter y at Guthrie, Oklahoma. At the time of hi s death the d eceased wa s President of the Silica Produ cts Co mpan y of H a rri son, Arkansas.

• ••

Mr. and lIIrs. H . R Kilpatri ck Ilnnounce the arriYIII of a son, J oseph Edward, 011 January the 3rd at St. Louis , Mo. "Kil" is with Laclede Steel Co mpall~' . Mr. and Mrs. Adolph K euchler ann oun ce th e arrivnl of a danghter, Marion B ehell, on Jnnuary 7th, nt Butte, Mont. K euchl er is with the Montana School of Mines.




"coml nn nrlil

General Alumni News ·~ V

A . C, Kro ll , ' :~ :!, i s w i th t h e ] , ri sco lit Tul slI , Oklah oma. Kro ll l'l'(·(,II I'!..V sulTe.n'd H iJ l' oken Hrill whi 'h w ill in 'apnc it il 1'(' hinl lIlll' il JJp(:C' llI iJ('1' 1st.

H. g. \llIl'ph.I·, ' 2:-:. A ss i si li n t J'l'of'pssll r o f'·,l D qll om i· O eo.'!: l'ilph .l · 01' l'('llI l s,I' ll"Illli n !'ilntc' ('o ll rg;r, SPOh l .; he f o l'e t il e 1'(' 1111 ~In l (' i'l lillillg; ~()C' i l'l' ,\', NO I'c' m llC' 1' 21" t:. ·..,:iJ:J:i.· sllhj ec t \\';l S

• • ~,--:

"l{lI ss i i l. l l

])nn ('" n Smith. 'lI , of Hl'll sse l s, ha .· co m e to t h e U nited Si'l lh;'s for aninddiuil'c' st a,l'. n e will vi.·it min es in B riti sh C() lllm l>in 1111(1 rIlS ('(' 1'11 ClIllad fl fl .' w ell flS i n th e U ni ted ~tlltr ,; . Hi s New Yo rk acJdre ss i s in CH l'e of t h e G u aranty '1' 1'11 51: CO" I.JO BrOIl((II'II Y. Dll lI C vi si t ed th e cn mpu.· in ] )('('rml>l' l' nlld .~III·e t il e iJ O,l'S ft t llik c1 e.·c riiJin o· hi. work in SO ll t h Al'r i ·,1,

A II .C' I' 1. IT. I,'n l'. '02. w ll o i s rl'ol'rs~o l' ill tll r i'l1i nin ~ En g'ill('Nili g' 1)p(lI II:IIIH'IIi' of' LIlf'n.I·(' I·I·C' Col I (;g-r, 1111 .' I>re n r 'I ec l're1 (; hilil'lll l llI or 111(' L('lwi g;h \ ' nll e,\' ~r('(- i o ll of: I ll e A. 1. M.1\!. JD. 1" H . HI1(l 1'011'. ('X '02, ('o ll snli'ill g- en .:.:-i nrN nne1 · Yi C'('-p l'esi \l('111. or I h r 1.lI c·k.1' ' I' ig'r l' COll1 hill l ll' i o ll Go1(1 Milling- Co .. hil s I'r(·(' IIII .I' h('r ll "I' Gl'n s;:; Yr1l r,l', C1l1il'.. 'i ll sprc l' ing; t h r OP('l' il li o ns o f' 1'11 r 1" "IPI'('SS G o l(1 Mi llin .c:: Co., 1,('(1., li t t h e EmPI'C'S;; l\ 1ill r. () (, I·(' IOPlII (, III·. w hi ch h ns ill 11n r t h('('n (jn nll 'cel h.I' Ill r 1.n(' k.1' ' l' ig;N ( '0 1111'11 11.1'. i s l'('por te(l to he r n 'ollrn gill .'!: . .A 200-10 11 lIIill 11111.1' 1.(, c·o nsll'l1 c t e(l .

Johll SlI'lI l1 c',\', 'BB, i s \\'o l'kin !!; fo r th e Engl e-P i ch er L eflel COlll(lHllY in l'lw ir ('(' n t rlll Mill at P i c h er , O klnhOIl.lIl. I -Ie i s l iI' in ;,:' li t B ll x l'er Sp rin gs, Klln sfl S,

,Yo H.. MIl."s i s lI'i t h t h e Ea.'!: 'l'exns R efinin g- CO ll.ll)llny li t LOII g I' i ell', '.I'ex lls. Hi s h om e fl(lcJ r e,;s i s 40G Nor t h Ma rsh ll il S t. , H ell d el'son , ' l'cxlI ';.

.(l11n (';:; L. (ll'rg-.'!:. ' ~:-:. hil s h('r n cl<'sig- lI n1'ec1 hy n. ·W. G ill ett , (li l'C'(' t o l' o f' Hlill l' lI e M('lI l o l'i ll l ln sl'it'IIi'.r, t o \VOl'k o n f 1 ]'rs(, lIl'c' h Pl'og- 1'1l1l1 SPO II SO I'('(i h.I' Ih r JDIg-i n N llt ionrt'l ' Vil l'ch Co. 'I' hr ilim s 1I1'l' i mpI'O\' (, II ](' III' 11l1l1 stll nc1n1'(li zlltion of the 1I1 (' lnl w .;r(l ill mnkill g' 11'111 ell plIl'l·;;. ' I'h c 1I11 0.I'S u seel n l'e sni(l 10 hil \'(' 1'1'111i1 i Il C'(I 1i1I'p' l y Iln (' hll nge(l ill Y(,lI r s.

n, ,J. Lnp('r. ' 22. is cO-Il11t h or of n, pnper " Notes on Pll riri c'ntion of g lrcl' r o l.I' t·c's in UO(lper Hcf'i nin g " lI' hi ch 11a .· heen ]lllilli sh ec1 liS II T('C'hni C'fl l 1'11PCl' o f' t b e A J 1\1 M:m. Tlli' 1l1l(lC' 1' \\' ill he 1'('1.1(1 Ill' I' h c F ehl'llllr.l' m eetin g of th e in st itu te i n New 'fo rk , LII(1 er i s ,' Il(lel'inl'end ent of t h e E l ec t ro l~' t i c , Co pp er H rf'iJ)(' r ,l' of' t il(' A II lI concla Copp er Minin g Co mpany lit; G r ent Fn 1l s, l\Ioni'lln fl .

Dll lli l' l '1'1. llll lT llInll. '22. i s 11 011' w ilh th e ]]111 0 1'flelO Bo ul« (' I' 'Iill(' li t Selll'c' hl ig;hl , Nl'\'n(l n . ()I'. (' . '01'. n ll(( f'O I'(' 11](' 'f M K

·L. ])lIkr. ])r . (' hil S. ] f. l<'niton , 1)1', n . T. Mfl nn , DI'. IDng'e li e l\ (C' A llliITC' , '27. w ill (1('1i n ' ]' paper s beMi 1I ('I'IJi I ncJ ll sll',\'. 1')('( ncn I' i o ll H i \'i sion oC t he A I nl' Ih r I" l' hrnnl'.\' 1Il('I' I' in g; in ]\'ew Y Ol'k.

i'lI. n. M c '1 ('II 11n, ' 28, 11' 11 0 spec inl b:es in o il r oya l t i es. IlIlIin tll in s lin oflke fll' n02 , 'o l1 t h ' hi l ton Str eet , ~r.l'[e r , T exliS. IIn(] GOG No r th Ki cka c h oo , S h a lvn ee, Okl fl h o mA.


ilL ' 1'1I .vlol', 'OG. i s 110 11' l oCIII'c(l ~ 1l'l' l' I: , ' (''i) ol' lIix , Ar i zo lla.

'~ I ,

i s Ih e l'I' I'II1' i llll

1'(,prc s<'r1bi't' i io, i'lI

1). 1. 1I1l,\'es, '12. i s millillg c ng;in ee r Jo r t h e Amer i can Z in c. L ca d &. SllI elting CO lllpnny, with o f'li ces in t h e Pllul B l'oll'll B uildin g;, ~t. L Olli s, ]\[0 .

Lh e

.T. C . Ha lto n, ' 17. fo rm c rl .I' \I' i t h t he St. J oe L eAcl C0 111]lllll,\', j,; 11 011' locliI'c(l a t XO B r ollcJlI'ay, New Yo rk C i t,\' .

1'(,1'11. .!tieIHI I'(i 1'1I .\'11 C'. ' :~ 1 , i s lI'i I' h Ihr . 1); , m elti ';l~, R (, (jl)in i IllId ?l l i llill g (' 0 111(11111.1' 111 Hi ll ;,:'Il IIIIl " Cllll yon, '0 1'1111. IU s 'I,d(l1' (,ss i s ill CII I'C' o f' I' h(' U. ~ . ]l o t(' !. n Oll K c: I'i fii ll , ·~( i . l '~ II g' i lI el' r lI' il' ll I' h De i ;;ter on ce ntl'il'10 1' CO IIlPIIII .\· III 1<'0 1' 1. \\'11 ,1' 11 l', I II(( i ll lll1 , s toPPC' d o l'f"j'o r !'~ rl!( :.> sh Ol'l I·i si l. OIl l li s II'II ,Y I i) til(' ' l \ i - fit/II'e D i ·t ri c l·. ' .,. ,-. :'; ~ I·, '









Hill .(nils(, ll . ' :3 :~, wll O i s w il ll Ih e ' Cllterpilllll' ' l'l'llcl'o r Co:. l'c'o l'i ll . Illill ois. hil S 1>('(' 11 11'1I11 SI'\' I'I'(,« 10 I' h e Jl) ei:lJlI\ll'g i cn t 111 i> () 1'1I I 0 1'.1' o f' tl1 1l L ('0 111(111 11 .1'.

H. 1 f. ":\l oo l'l" rx '2:1. i s r(' l))'l'~ l' n t ill ;,:' th e Mex i '0 H ef r ac-'· Lo ri es ( 'o nl(lIIllY ill :\('\\' O rl elllls, L Olli si a llll.

.\ . I '~. ({1I1'11111'l1. '~'7. i s 1'l lI ll l ;\lllillll'1I 11l1 C'l' J') II '!:illl'l' l' lI' ilh \\' I' il &. 1 ~,JiI I' 1' (' 0 1111 11111.1'. "I -l OS (,oc'II,,1 SI·., SI. L O\ li s. ?l l o. ' 1' 1'111111111 C . SI1I1 I(1Il'. I'X i(' III Ill .llll l ' ' 1'(' 1'1'(', \ I o.

( :. C. \\' hiltl psp,\' , ex ·~ G. i s lI'it h th e Fo rci Ba co n alld I llI I' i s COll slrn c:l' i oll CO IIlI >lIIl,\' lit' M Oil r oe, L Olli ;;i n ll ll .


·~:3 .

i s '1\1 11 11 II g'I' l' 0 1' Ih e H o l'el B OII "1 C lr .'


.Tohn Bri c kn er. ' Bl, h ns IIcceptcc1 fl :j ol) w i t h th e Illino i s State Jli;;hwfl ,\'. li e r eportel1 to t he headq nar t er s at Spl'in gli c lc1 1'0.1' n n Il ssi "· Il111 cn t.

])\\' ig;h t L. Moo(i il'. '24, glll'e 11 tll lk to t h e O r e D r ess in g ' l as:; 011 OC'l'obl' r 25t h on th e sll b:j c·t : "A il' Co n c1 i tionin g lind A i.1'., (: III Ssili l'r,," . Mood i e i s with t'h e A, K. lIQwell ('O lllllllJl,i:. ·,.ii l' . .!'it. LOll i :,;. Geo r ;,:'\' T. D i el'ldn"', '2-:1:, nCCOJ11plln i e<l . .~ [ oi)(l i.C o n J1 i s !'t'il1 1'0 H o ll n .

H it- hlll'l l ( 'I1I'l1ll1ll1g' 1. ('X ' ~'''. i s l' lll(ll o,l'l'(l ill tlI C- "U: S. ]<]11 ;,:' illl'I'I'S Ofli{'(' lIL ('11111011. i\ l o.


'Vm. JH iJ se n. 'XB, ,is . with t h e Cllterpill a r l.' r Hctor Co mPIIIlY, P eo ri a, lilill o i ;;. IIi ,' adcJress i s : 413 D ecbman A \' enn c, P eo r ia , 111.

]) 1'. n. A . Bn chl er ('.l'h e C hi cf) \I'n s g n est oE h on or Ilt a dillll er dllll cC g-il'l' n b y t h e " ' i s 'o n sin A lu mni A ssociati on 011 0 'I'ol>er 28t h lit t h e '1 . A. \. in ~t. Loni s.

1') 011'11 1'(( H . G ri s\\'o l« . ·:!(i. 11'110 C' III1l C' f r o m 'I'nl sll 1'0 t he :-.iP\\' Y OI'I; o llkl' o f til(' ('o lll ill (' lll 11 I O il Co .. 1I1l0 n t 11 ,I'rtt-I- H'g'O liS I l'(' hlli ('11 1 II sf< i sllllll 10 Ill(' pl'l' " id l' lll . h il S " ('I'll tJ' <'L1~~~"'I' d III 1<'(11'1 \\'01'11 1. ' I'<'XII S. II' hl' l'I' Ill' \I' ill I> e II ss i sl·lIlli;::·''!:e ll erlll SIIP(' l' i lll l'II(i(' 11i O I~lJ h ~' '1'('xl1s-.\'c'\\, '[('x i '0 ·()i\'i si on . ·


Ht 1 :~ ~ No r t h F ir,'t

1,. If. 1)(o\\'a ld , ':n. i s \\' il' ll Gol (( ;;nlilh Hws .. H.l'fill en; alld PlliJril'lIlor s o f' l'I'Pc: i o ll s i\ll'i'lJis, C hi C:II.'!:o. His aclclres>s i s : 1710 ~('(] g'\\' i c k St r ee t , C hi ellgo, Illin o i s.

~1I1'(' 1 .1' I" irsl IkplIl'llll (' II i: of' (, C' I'I'O cl 6n l\'; ~C() " lI t LII 'O I"nYII ,

t -

1-' . . \ . ('l'ip Pl'n .. :~ :-:. i s lI' ilh I-] (' I'lli t l\ l i ll s. It slIll si<li ll l'.\' 0[. ,\ Ihl' UIII,il' l'i o(1 ('O JnpHJ1 ,1', !}~1:'i l<'n i rviell' ()I'i \' e, ,'t. Lon i s, M o.

B K }I exico,

el resS is .r. H. he is 0 Lient,

Inr), '1'n

where I issippi.

T. K

His olli

IIi s HCl clres:; i :; Lak e\'i ew ll otel , ]\'ew Roaels, LO lli si nn fl .


\\'orth .

Phil Ma rt yn. '2G, (rf' t h e ITou ,'(:o n O il Co mpany of 'l'exlls, '~5. jlfli<1 Holla 11 sh o r t "i ,' i t I'ece ntl.\', enro u t e to WlI shi ng;ton . D . C. Phil i s now Jocatec1 in H Oll st on. \\' Ill . R lTcd grs. 'B:~ . i s lI' il' h t h e Go\'el'llment in Lou i ,' ianll.

' I' ll(' !'iPIII .I ' "11111'(,s;,; ('0. o f " i ssol1l'i . 10clltec1 fo r th JIl St sr l'l' l'lIl .I·('III'S 111 '121 ~o \l l. h l\ l lIill " 1'l'\,C't, hil S 1efl srcl t h e hllild ill .C: 11 1 ~ 7~!) l'lIpill sll'('('t 11 11<1 wi ll 1H0 I'c in to i t th i s \\·('I,k . AI 1IIe' I Ie' \\. IO('lIli oll I'h (' ('0 1111'1111.1' lI'i ll occ upy 11(1PI'C> Xi 1111111'1.1 ' ~:! . OOO Sqlllll'P f'I'PI. o f' II {)O l" SPII ('C w ilh tl'lI(' kll g;C fil (' il i l i (,s. ' 1 11t, 111(1\' (' til Iil r g"(' }' q ll H l'il ' l' s \\' (I ~ Hl'r'Clli .~l'cl hl orciN Ih llL IlIl'g'(, 1' \\'II I'('I)(>lI Sl' I'II C' ili til'S C'0 111(1 he "h hl lli n C'(l. 'I' hl' 1'1I(1ill sll'('l'l I>lI i l«i ll g; fs o \\' lI e(1 h,Y I' he L eSSl' 1'-G01d1ll1111 ( '0 . L . I r. (:o ldlllllll . ':!(), i s nlllllll .'!:el' 01' I' he JllIlt t r css esIII h i i sh 111 ('111' 0 1' ~1. LO lli s. • .';11': ,""r ~ ~'l ,r

John tions in of Chici Georg Constl'll Osher Grenk J spenel i


M. S. ?l l.

York lll !'<'i' ill .'!: i ll l "CIl 1'1I:Ir)·.

Cit)', ~e IW'rl lnspect(

\,irginil ll.\\' Hi s nel( West 7

'V. C, Lny, '2B. IYfl S in H oll n for a sh or t \'i si t on ] )r('r mll er 3, 103B.

A 1>11 1)('1'- " Hn 11 M i II i II .,!:' ·- hy A Irxn llc1 r J' i'lL Gow, M. G ng;,:'(, lIh l' illl . •\ . 1-:. ClIlllpl>('1I nll e1 '\vill Jf. Cog;h ill of t h e JO'1I1 Hil1'(' iIII 0 1' ;'l iill c's , ' i'liI' i o ll , lI' ili hC (ic'liI'('1' ('(l h r f'o l' e I'h e M il'I i n.'!: ?l 1(' II1()(l s ('O llllllil'I ('r of' Il l(' A I M l\[ E, n t I'h e ell'

I" . 'I: . 0 1'('.

'Io\,p\llh :9' ",h( , D, 1

,(ose ph l' iC'C'o. ':-::3. i s cJ o in ;,:' g;1'lH] UlltC' 1I' 0r k At t h e U ni\'ersi I I' of' III ill o i s. II i s lI'ork i s ill I' il l' ])r pllrtlll c n t of' h emi sl;·.\, li S 11 '(" pli oII' or C0Jl111I () Il\\'l'lIlt h -l<Jd i sOIl . lIe Ji\'es nt GOG SO. Mat h ell' s.

L. A.

Han work.

Bnildin Dnril of the

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W. Clnss )lines ~lnl i O

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lIsa, Okl I "'ilJ . a 10Ula. lncallaci.



to th uiu . e United . es In British IU the U . f th ' lllted th e Guaraut, e canliJUs in ng his work in !Ie· Picher L

Ib end a Ollla. Be is

'Xotes on Puri. iYbich has been ~~ AI E. This of the institute be Electrolytic iUUIg Comp~u)'

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pan.\' of Texas, tI)·. enroute to Bouston. t in Louisiana. Louisiana.

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Ore Dre sing conditioning A, K. Howell g, '24, accom·

"Combatin g W ea l' in M ili tan' Equ ipment", is the title of nn art icle appearing in th e MILITARY ENGINEER for Nov embe r-Decembe r 1933. T h e a uthor is Roge l' O. Day, '25, who is with the Un ion Ca r bid e Co mp a n~' , 'Long I sl and City, Ne\,I' York. ' Harry P en ce, '23, h as joined th e U . S. Eng in eer s as a n In specto r on riY e r \york at \ Va s hin gton . 1\Iisso uri. John Bo\yles, 'OS, who ha s been makin g mine inv es t igation s in Cali forn ia for H. L . Holli s. Con s ulting Engin eer of Chicago, h as r e t urn ed to Lnk e Sp rin g s for th e w in te r. Geo r ge '1'. Die rkin g, '24, is \vith the Ford, Macon & Davis Con str uction Co mpan y at St. l!~r anci s \'ill e , Loui s iana. Osh el' Gold s m ith. '20, h as r esigned hi s pOSitio n with t h e G r ea k Lak es Pipe Lin e Co r J'lo,ration in Chi cago. Oshel' \" iIl spend a s h or t t im e vis iting" r e lati\'es in Da ll as anel Ft. \" orth. His mail ad~}l'ess is '2132'.;Tennin gs Ave. , ' Ft. Wo r t h. B. E. Ch a rl es, '22, ' of Sn lin a. Kan sas. ha s r e t urn eel to 1\Iexico, wh er e h e was fo rm e d .v emplo)·ec1. Hi. preSet1t address i s in ca r e bf Enriqu e Figue r oa, Mad e ra, Chihuahu a. .J. H. Hahn, '29, is l oca ted at S he ridan , M issou ri , wh e r e h e is oper atin g a mo\'ing p icture th e atr e. Lie utenant ' Vm. \ Van enma ch e r , former Professo r of Milita ry ~'a c tic s at i\1. S. M ., i s now located at Alton , 'I llin oi s, wh e r e t h e Go\' ernm ent is building a dam across t h e 'Mississippi. His aeldress is 100S State Str eet, Al ton. ~'. E. Eagan , '25-H1S 15th Str ee t, Huntin gton, 'W est Yil'g inia . B. 'IV. Ad ams , ' 16. h as been tran sferr ed to C in cinna.ti. Hi s ad dress i s Arm stro ng Co rk & In s ul ation Co mpany, 232 W est ·7th Street, Cin cinn ati, Ohio , L. A , TUl'I1bull, '22, is work in g for t he Cit~· hfSt,: )',~ ui s. His office is located at 2322 Cla rk Ay e., St. Louis. " Harry K ess le r , '24. is doing cons ultin g meta llurgica l \York . His office is on t h e 13t h tloor of th e Sy ndi cate Trus t Building, St. Loui s, Mo. . Da\'id Greenue r g, '17, i s in the E ng ineerin g D epartmen t of th e :'I1issouri-Pacific Lin es, St. Loui s, Mo , ' P. G. Fo rma n , '21, is \yi t h t h e Inclu s t rial S ili ca Co rporat ion , Youngsto wn . Ohio. M. E. ( Gen e) Stewar t , '33, is in t h e :'IIeta llurg ical Labor ato ries of t he Century E lectric Company ' in St. Lo uis . W alter H. B r own , '33, is in the Phys ical T esti n g Lauor ato r y of the \~~es tel'l1 Ca rtridge Co mpany at A lton , Illinois. H e rb Mundt, '21, and F. 'iV. Irber tel, '29, a r e w i t h th e City T esting Lab oratory , City ]in-t il , St. Loui s, Mo. 'IYalter R emm e r s, '24, Metallurgis t \yith ' Ves t e rn E lectri c Hawth ol'l1 e Work s, Chi cago, yi s ited the ca mpu s in Octoher . Remme r s m ade t\\'o interesting- talk s to th e s tudents in m eta llurgy: Fire Refining of Copper a n d Magn e t ic All oys. '''h e class in Physica l Cheriiistr y join ed t he meta llurg ists on th e occasio n of the secO]1d talk. L. A. Hibbits. '33. \yho i s employed by th e Tim ken Roll er B e m' ing Company of St. Lou) s, 1\10., was sli ghtl~' injured in an nnto nccid en t \yh ile el1.route f r om St. Lou is to I-lal1nihnl , 1\10. Al Buck . ':24, \\'h o is employed by t h e Sh effielcl Steel Company of Kan sas Cit)', Mo., and' located at Alb uq'iiei'Cju e, New Mexico, wa s in Roll a during the holiel ays. Al is the proud fat he r of two li ttle g irls, t hree and seven yea r s of age. G, A. H e ll s trand , 'H. h a s r eturn ee! to the Uniteel States, after e ighteen months in Au s tralia as consultant in mining operations to Mo un t I sa Min es, Ltc!. ' V. H. Lenz, E. \V , Gieseke, and E. YV. McClure, of t h e

lexico Re!rac, .

'd Bacon and uisiaua . tbe Unirer· lt f CheW' lent 0 t

He !ires a

Class of '33, ha\'e been empl oyee! b., the U. S . Bureau of :'Irin es a nd are located at the l\Iiss issippi Va lley Expe ri ment Station at Rolla. Thorpe Dresse l', '33, is attend il,g R en sselaer Polytechnic Institute as a graduate s tud ent in Ch em ical Engin eering. William M. K eelin g , :2;(.":a i1cl , :i~llnilY are in Fa lls Ci ty, Neb. Bill i s in ch a r ge of di s tribution for a large d a iry pI'oducts ho~se. " ...

'W illiam :'IL K a y., ' ~3, is e mpl o,'ed with th e P ittsbn rg-h Coal Co mp flny flt Ho u ~ ton. P e nn. Address p, O. Box 202. On Decemhe r 11, Profes ~o r E n g-en e A. Step h en son ne!cl n 'ssed th e Tnl sa section of th e Am eri ca n In s titute of 1\1ini n.~ and Metn llurgica l Enginee r s on th e fo ll owin g s ubj ec t: "H esearch of Signifi can ce t o th,e P et r ole um Eng-in ee!'.·' :\11'. and Mr s. R L. :'IIu rston" " :W, \\'i t h t hree dau .d 1tcr s, r es iele in McA llen. Texas, "Boh " went with th e S un P e t r ole um Com pany np on grad ml thll1 . After se\'e r al )'ea r s ~pe n t in Yen ezu e la, i\Iars ton rctu rlJ:ed to th e 'l'exas fi eld a nd now i" in charge of d e \'e lopll1l'n t in a nd a r o und Sta rr Co unty,

I-lom e r L. L eonard. ':!:~ . l'i s ited Rol la la s t ),"o \'emhe r. is n o\\' editor ;1I1d publi sh er of th e i\Ic,A:llen :'IIoni tor. :'IIcAll e n, T e xas , ,H e is :o;e ning hi s second ' t e r m in th e 8ta te L eg i SIH ture, In th e fa 11 e lect ion of 1932, Leona I'd re ce i\' ecl n94 Yotes f r om \'ote r s \\'ho wrote hi s nam e in on th e ba ll ot, \\'h e l; ea~ the opponent. \Th ose name wa s p rin ted on t h e .hallot. r ece iY ed on ly 65GS votes. Some sa)' "Shuck s" r E'ceh 'ecl co nside r ab le train in g' in politics \\'hil e on th e ca mpus of 1\1. S. 1\1. H enr,\' Bu ser. ·2~. \yife nnel bab.\' pa ssell through Rolin on Octobe r 20th, (,Broute f rom Bagn e ll Dlim to 'W ehs ter G r o\' es. "~huck s "

J. D0l1~ln :~ " i\.[al'tin. ' ~3. and William \Y . Coghill, '~~ are continu in g t heil" s ti,)di es at M , S. :'II. a s ):!;radua te s tud e nts, i\Iartin in e l ect]'icit~·, and Cogbill in ch emi s try. Kicola s L. K oz lin sk)'. '2S. r eturned to Rolla r ecentl)' to ta l,e a pos iti on ,W,i.tl1 ·th e ' U . S. Fores tl')' 8en ice. ":\,i ck " had been down in t h e So u th\\' est du rin g th e pa s t s ix month s p r ospecting f or ) he ,"yellOW m eta l". Clifton Sm ith. '32, spent th e latte r pa r t of t he Chri s tma s Holid ays 'l' isitiI) g ' in ,R oll a. " Sm itty" also had been out W est "pil illiing ont a "fe \,' s hin es" . ," ; . >. : ~


: -.

, ·f .

Glenn A . Doole)-; '23, r ecentl y r eceiY ed appointm ent \Yith t he U . S. Reforestation D epartment, ope ratin g in South ern Mi sso uri with h ea dC'juarte r s at Holl a. .. , . :j :) n rin g , Ul ~ Cb ~:i stlna's . holiel a,'s P r ofesso r Eugen e A. Steph en son mad e a t rip t hrongh \' a ri ous oil fi e ld s on t h e g ulf coa s t of T exas. H e a lso spent two cl ays as a g uest of Professor ~'. B. Plumme r. of the uniYer s it )· of Texas at Austin . wh e r e h e ael dressecl stucl ents in P etro leum Eng ineerin g and disc ussed th e Hl lu e of the American In s titute of M inin g find MetaLlurgica l E n gin ee r s to engin ee ring ~t uelent s. ",);,;, . R. W. Abbe tt, fo~:n;~~' "ri~;l['~{ Kapp a Sigma, who ha s been fo r some t ime , in the ci l' il ' en gin eer ing department of t he Sh effi eld 'Scientine Sc hoo l of Yale Un il'er s ity , h as accepted th e position ()f' tlie ' eri'h()\\'ed professo r s hip, kn own a s the Thompsol1-Stan" l:! tt c. ?~$§9f~hlr~ ' ,.,professor of Build in g Con~t ruction , at un ion Co ll ege in Sch en ec tael)", N , Y. Lt. Geo r ge A. Zell el', '23, "Vater to\'i' n Arsenal, Water town, i\I a ssach usetts. \\' . " -. Kay, '33, Gel1 e ra l 'Deli\'ery , Hou ston , P e nn syl \-nn ia . .


• . .;, !

Ecl\YHrd ( Co rn falke s) , C. i\Iiller , '2S, 410 Eas t End Av enue, Bea l' er , Pa. ;.e{'

y, K, F isch el', '21, is' n ow \Yith '<fhe T exas Compan y .


nddress i's 2219A So u th T y le r Str eet, Ama r illo, T e x as. Fus z Tha tche r , '2S, is Eng inE\e.r of T est s of St. Loui s Co unty. B ill

~'e mp l es,

'28, i s in A.111a rillo,

~'exa s .

J, F. Sewa rd is with the Valuation D epartment of the i\Ii ssouri -Pfl cifi c; located at Da lla s, T ex as .

r. w. · F~'i~dma~':' '3~. i s Ch emist at the W es t Pullman Wo rk s of the In tel'l1 ationa l Han- ester Compan)-. H e lh'es at 12202 So uth Wallace Str ee t, Chicago , Illin oi s, John D. Hal'lan , '10, of Nome, Ala ska ; George Vogt, '10, Wm. A. Baueris, '09, of Seattle; a nd Du ncan S. Smith , '11, of Brussels, Belgium; h eld an Alumni r e union in Seattle late in Decembel'. ' ",S,



Do You Know Where These Men Are?

Ch<l pin , K

]i"' • •

17 :J6 Norl h 10th St. , Ea st St. Loui s, In.

' 23

8 '1<1 A in sll e. Chi ca go. lli. 1003 Ea st Locust St.. Sp r in g fi eld. Coffm an n each. R ocky Mount . )Io.

Clark , H . H ., '15 Cli ck . 1'. A., '33

Mail is returned from the address given Wright Ci ty. )[0. Box 14, T ay lorvlll e. 111. Fr ederi ckt own. )1 0. Aej:!erter & Bailey, SL Lout s. ~f o. 35 Ca nal St. , Gr een e. ?-; ew York. \V est lnghou se El ec. Co. , K Pi t tsbul'gh. W estin ghouse )O::lec. Co .. Chicago. ]11 . 5 12 Greendale A . . e .. Edgewood, Pa . East R och ester, 1'\. Y. 3144 Wya ndott e. Kan sas City. ~I o.

John F. Case ]... O. Cas;s elm nll )f.


C lark

I ,eo Burnet V. 1. Dodson G . \ V. Dougla s W. L. Drake C. H. Dresba ch B oyd Dud ley W. G. F ish D. L . :F 'orrestcr H . O. Gllrst .1. \V. Graybeal O. H. Gtoscil H arry Jon es T . I). Ko hlbry C. W . )I aga lli s I). K . M eng H . E. )fcCormick '1'. S. \Vol\'crlOTl H cnry \V. )I eyel' D. \\". )[osi)y C. }:. P cter son L. \V. Pick les J . S. R ege r

Con'man . \V . .A .. ' 25 Cog hill. W. H., ' 33 Conn elly. H . \V .. '10 Conway, C. I.., ] 2 Cook. Pau l R., '07


Box 106. St ate Coll ege. N ew )l e1:ico Box 373 . I raan, Texa s 3031 A ~ hland Aye.. SL. L outs . M o. ,1 101 Catherin e St.. Phil ade lphi a.. Pa . 8 North Wi sner. Park Ridge, Ill. Llano Oil Co .. Burnett Bldg ., Ft. \Vorth, T exas .-\lIl cri c.m Rank Rld g-., Pittsburg h. Pa . U . S. }<-; n~ln ee r s Onlce, H a mbur g. )£0. Box 383. Palisade. Colo. '1.:-)3 7 )I c]:> her soll. St. Loui s. M o. C inc lnnat.i. Ohi o 90 \ Ves t S t.. , New York Cit y .Eldon. :i\l o. .\1 0. T ext. Ut ili t ies, l"erkln s-Snld er Bldg .. Wi chi ta Falls. T exa s W est ing house X-ray Co .. 4360 Lindell. St. I .o ui s Seneca StaLe Bank , Seneca. Nebra ska Hout e No.1. L i beral , K a nsa s 213 I.")Lh St.. MilwKuk ee, \Vi sc.


C. Schn ecbergcr P. C. Shcokl cy E. n. Sl e\'er s C . \V . Talley

• ••

Alumni Directory Changes in addresses Aciluff. C. A.. '33

1SO l \Va goner P lace, St. L ou is. :\fo. (P rotect iv e Mat erial s Co., 3556 Olive St., St. Loui s. )

Ahrens . .1-£ . E.. '28

Engineer. Apprai sers OtHce. St. Louis Divis ion. U. S. Land Bank of St.. Lollis. 4203 Cast leman .-\\-'C . St. I .. ouls

..\ li en . R. R.. cx '31 Andr cs . Otto )r.. '32

Auburn. Nebrask a. Home Addr ess . 506 Bornman St . . Belleville. Ill., with U. S. Engineers. 2nd New Orleans Dlst., Natchez. Mis s. HOllle Address, 801 S tate St., Rolla, 'M o. Sun-cyin g In Ozarks Forest. Ar ea, ~f o .. U. S. For est OtHce. Holla , Mo.

.", sher. V er non I.., '33

2623 R oselan.d Terrace. St. Loui s. Mo.

Ashlock . E. E .. '20 Atkin son. i\L L .. ' 25 Bail e}', F. \Y ., ' 30 Hake!". D. It.. '25 Ba rnw el l. Geo. It..... ' 22

W ebh C~ty' • .Oklah ~ll1a.

U. S. Engineers Onlce. C.pe Girardeau . ?tIo. n . F. D .. ' n)u e Spri ngs. 'Mo. c / o Nederlan !iche K olonial e. P et roleum :\[aatschapping Pa le mban g, SUlIlulrs. Dutch East Indie s. B eard sley. Colcman .Fr. , '33 Hom e Ad dress, i45 So. Green wood _·h e. , K ank akee, JII ., ...~ mpl oyment status not kn own. B e inli ch . . :\. I frcd . .11' . . ' 33 6041 \Va rida A \'C . , SL. J...oui s, Mo. g cnn ctl. A. ll .. '32 137 No. Lincoln '-\\·e .. Springfield. Ill. (Filter Plant City W ater. Li ght & Pro Dept. .. Springfield, ]11 .) Rom e: Address . 368 1 St. L oui s Ave .. SL. L oui s, "Mo. , B crk enbosch . .1 01111 C . . ' 32 WILll Water U esources Brunch . U. S. Geolog ica l S ur\·CY. Holla . ).to . 3 16 N o. OKk St .. B ell e\' i1l c. 111. (Sa les Department n enram. R . 1\ . . '3 2 Key Boiler Equipment Co .. 'E ast St. J~o ui s, 111 .) 1028 Cook A \' C.. D em·er. Co lo. n ellreg-:ud. R os s. '82 1213 So. A vel' S .\.\'e., Chi cago. "111. I: iCl"Illan. ]Jym cn. '3 3 H ome Addrcss . :j~ 2 ,j Hi ghl and Ave .. St. I .oui s. :\£0. Bi gg:.; . G er a ld Fl':l nk . '32 Wi t h 11. S. );:nIO·s. , c/ o Ar ea En gr· s. Ot'ftce, F lor ence, ~ebr ask a .

Hil' t . F lOyd D., '32 I ~ol s m c nu e ,

C. F., '21 Boll,. \ Vm. M .. '22 I:orchers , R. W ., '33 1:l' cwcr. William. ' 32

Crawford . Bdwin 0. , ' 32

Crlnn en , 1'. A . Jr .. ' 33

Broughton. K H., '12 Hrown . Wil liam A .. ' 33

D.,· is. S tun,... L .. '32

H orn e Address . 89 47 Bri stol Ave .. St. L oui s. M o. W lt.h I T. S. Engin eer s )I eyer s Hote l. 8t e. Gene,·l cve. ~ I o., Sl. LOlli s Ar ea. 63:N Sout h Art.es ian A" enue, Chi cago, J lIinois. I·Lome Addrc ss . Newark , ra il ey. 1\. Y.. E mpl oy mcnt stat us not know n. 352·1 Cabrill o St.. Sa n Francisco. Ca lif. I-l ome Address . 4020 \V al'wlrk B lvd .. Kan sas City. )[0. \nth W a ter H esources Branch. U. S. C. S " R oli a. )10. 320 So. Vine .:\\' e.. Ont.a ri o. Ca li f.

D onald son. W. K. ' 31 n os ter. V. A., '26 Du encke l. WilmaI' . '32 Dumm, L ee D .. '33

Durning, W. C., ex ' 19 }O:lsea, C, A .• ' 32 Eva ns. n. F. ., '32 Bvcrett. K r-;. . ' 33 ...... a ulkn er, E. C.. '28

j.'orrester, D. L .. '11 Ga ll emore. \V . A.. '32 Go ldma n, L . H .. '20


Bruegg in g . H arold J .. ' 32

H a ll . Harold )L . ' 33 Hal sey, H. G., '14

H appy, Alb crt W .. '32 Har mon . .l ames .J ., '33

Camma ck . K . Y . . ':!G Cam pbe ll. I~. T aylor , ' 23

lIa ss ler. ~lllburll. '3 1 Hayes. S. ~L . '2 2 lI edges. I-fa l"l'), K .. ' 33

lI ome Addre ss. Sa lem Av e .. R olla . ) [ 0 . Wi Lh En g- in eers . SI. L ou is. )1"0 . . 45G7 \V ashinglOn St. , S t. L oui s. :\to.

II elm eri chs. J . F .. ' 22



S L. Ellen Min e. O'Fallon, Illin ois. R out e 1' 0. 5. S eda li H. ":\1 0. I-Lom e Addr ess . ~h, }'fie ld . K en tucky. \Vltll U . S . Eng in ee r s. 428 C ustomhouse, St. L oui s , ·M o.

lI ick",an, lI enry S . . ' ;]3

'3 ~

W aukee. Joy, a. W i ll ow Sp rin gs . )1 0. I-l ome Alldrt ss . c/ o ~1 8lli so n H Olel, Jetr ersoD Ci ty. Mo. With R , N ewton ~l c O owe ll , In c. , Contractor on ft . n ck PMIII, S aco, Nomono,

85 1, J un ea u, A las ka. 5603 W aterm a n Avc. , St. L oui s. M o .

Romc Addr ess . 416 Oaklcy D ri ve. C layto n . ~\I"o .. Sur· \·e.yi ng with ~t. onsal1Lo Chemi ca l Co., Ea st 'I,. Loui s. 111. i-lome Addr css, 3 10 1h P earl St .. Joplin. ")fo. \Y ith Labell e Count.y Highway D ept . . Oswego. Kan sas. f! / o )h·s . Wu est, Hobertson. )10. W e ll s\" i ll e. )£0 .

H . rrl s . Gen e L . , ' 33

L .. '33

Hesse. ,\ . H . . '33


:1848 Frcn ch Co urt. St. Loui s . Mo. I-Lome Addr ess, ~I o l'o . 11 1. E ngi neer· npprni sel'. F ederal Land Hunk of St. Lou is, 322 3a Un ivers i l,y St .. SL. J...oui s. 4630 Quinc'\" St .. SL. L oui s. MO. (H es earch Chem isL Cellul ose TI ese,lrch Corporat ion , Ea st A llon. 111. ) 72 1 1'\ ewporL A ,·e. . \\" eb st cr Groves. )[0. (Slandlll'd O il COlllllany of 1ndi an a.) ilome Address . S hel b:y" ill e, )10. , \V it h Mo. Stat e 11 1g-hw ay D ept.. S helbY,TlIl c. M o. I-lome Address. 41;:; 2 Ar senal St .. St. L Olli s . :\.fo. \ Vith C S . "'; ng in eers . 302 K Comm ercial St.. Charl eston . Cape G irardCilu ar ea. 4462 Far lin :\\"c .. . 't. Loui s. Mo. ~I o ..

II il>pl el'. n. F .. '32 Hodg es . H . "'. , '2::' Hogo!Joolil. Wm. C .. '.14 Jl o l d e rb~ um . Charl es \\ .. '33 11 0m. Hex T . . ' 32 Hubbard. 11. G . , '23 Ii UIlL, Th eodor e w .. '33

UUII! , 011"01' 1'., '32

Krall !}'. 110m


G l'Or~(

Kohlmelz. F.

Koopman, W Kroll . .\r!hu· Lamers. Clar

Lathalil. R.


)f .


Lelsher. Geo

Letts. J. 0. ,

!.tnt, W. H LII'\ngs!on, ~

~l ox

H ome Addre ss , ]906 \Ves t Ualn St . . B ell evi ll e, 111. . Wi t h Groom Coa l Co., Bell ev ill e, III. !Lome Address . St. F ra ncis" ill e. 11 1. E mploym cnt statu s not known. 1433 Ea st 60th St .. Jackson l~ ar k Station. Chi ca go. 111. H ome Address . 11 3 Swifts Hi ghw ay, J eff erson C ity. )[0. Wi t h )1 0. St il te H ighway D ept . . S h elbyv ill e. "Mo.

n ..

Kle5a!h. \'.

Lay. O. K.,

Groom. R obert I. .. '33

Hinchma n , .l am cs

Keenan, J. 1 Kenlllor, C. .

314 Schan tz Ave .. Dayton . Ohio. 1·lome Address. P acific, !\Co .. WiLh Sti er s Bros. Co n st rLl cLi on Co. , Pa cific, Mo.

St. J ames, )[0. (Amer ica n Pa cking Co. St. Loui s . ~ r o .) Box 156 . B remen. l(entu cky. 1601 McCa usl and Ave .. St. L oui s. )(0. (1:lurchas in g Ag ent Citizens' s Committce on Reli ef & Em l)lo)'ment-Unit "B " 2331 Mul1anphy St .. St. I...oui s. Mo.)


. eelyn, J. L

I.angehennl g. l.anz. Fred 1

Grate. C. \V.. '32 Gregory, E. J., ' 30 Oross. Benny. '3 3

n. .

I\ e!lr. Willl a,

29 12 "~l1endale A'·e .. St, Loui s . Mo. H Ollle Addr ess. 108 Clay St .. H unt svill e, ~f o. In st rllmemlllan, U. S. Coa sL &.. G eod etic S Uf\·CY. Holla. )1 0. ;)707 ) fcPherson Ave. , SL L oui s. ?\fo. Houte 1\0. ] . Sweet Spr in gs . )[0.

13421 Win t h rop .·hc., D etroi t , M ichi gan. Hom e Address. 1334 S. :F'remo nt AY c.. Spr in gfield . )fo. With U. S. Engincer office, 2nd area, Baton Houge. La. 835 Garfield A.\'e., So. l:la sadena, Ca Jif.

Ferbra chc. Charl es P .. '33

H e lmk a nlll . Arthur



·124 32nd St .. M an hattan B en c1l , Ca li f.

Homc .-\dclress. 1639 East ~laln St.. Decatur. 111., With pavin g contra ctor. Decatur. ]11 . 4:! 6 Surf St.. Lake \ ' Iew • tatlo n. Chi ca go. JII.

1020 Olm st ed Dr h'e. Glenda le, Ca lif. H ome Address . (~ ee employme nt address) \VUh Midw es t Air Condi lionin g Co rporati on , 1919·]92 1 W gshin gt on A\"e .. St. L ou is. )1 0. H ome Addres s, 225 Dunklin St., J etrerso n C iI Y. M o., With U. S . }:ngln ecl' s. J etTerson CHy. Mo.


H ome Addr ess , Box 8G8. Bi smarck, ).10. \VI Lh U. S. Eng in eer s. c/ o Kan sas City Br idge Co. POintrest , )[0. Cape Girard eau Area.

D olman. P. n. noll. Warwi ck L.. '33

W. n l\uraker, }:.

Li VClOs!lny. Mockba ,. C. C. C. P. , Ru ssia . 3441 Gera ldin e A\"e .. ~M ap l ewoo d, Mo. Home Address. 14 88 \V . Decatur St.. Decatur. ]11 .. With U. S. E ng in eers St. Loui s Ar ea, 58 S . :Ma in St. Ste. Genevic" e, )(0. 538 Su nn ys id e A \"e.. \V eb ster Croves . Mo. (Physica l Testing Laboratory. Eternit )Iill s, Huberold Compa ny)

Da r nell. Willi am F:.. '32


• •leY, C. B. }\ aJlIP,

?\I. . Topograph ic mappin g near

DeWald. L . If. , ' 33 Dodson. Virg l ll 1. .

John~on, I,.

638 Sa lem .A.\" e .. R oll a. )fo. 209 North lOth SL .. ]ndependc nce. Kan sas. 2,j1 :Melros e ..:.\ ye .. )(onroY ia, CaliL

Permanent Address, U . S . Geologi ca l S urvey. R oll a, ~It. Ster lin g. M o.

C ummins. Thomas V .. '33

14 16 Cherry St .. Pin e BlutT , Arkan sas. (Slanda rd Urok e S hoe & j."dry. Co .. Pi ne BlutT'. Ark .)

B rewster , \ V. A . . ' 33

Call1p be ll , R obert L .,

r ook, E. R ., '27


nur". u. \1'. Jenkin;. t:. J

1·11:' Carl.ar ct St. . Pu e blo. Co lor ado. 61 8 j'\'or t h Hayworth Av e .. L os .A n ge les, Calif. H ome Address . 1521 W esL 21 st SL. , Li t t le R ock . Ark , Wllh Arkan sas J-1l g hwny D ept .. POCO hOntH S, J:.\ rk . Hushr ill ec. Mo. fi t :;!) Clirtwrh:- ht A\·c . . :'\0. H oll ywood. Calif. H Olli e Ad d ress . Ea st Grecnhu sh , )'L Y .. With U. S . En g ill cc l'S , 520 Th emis S t .. Cape Girard eau , Mo. 11oll1 e Adllr ess. 23 Hud son A ve ., Troy, N . Y. , WlLh V. is· t;/l~ i/l "C r S , c/ o U, . l;n~ ln eers, Uelena, Ark,

Lodll"lrk , L. I~nde,

J. \1

Lucky, II. (

Lundius. Ro

Lynton. E. ~I acke ..-\rlil ~I a nwaring, ~ I a rti n.


~ I asser.

H. Joh

~I a! sek .

~laul'h er ,


~l aH.


~lalik ,


)lc·Grath. J ~ I r('rel~h!.

~l cFaliden .

l lcKinl.I',

~I ertz. Ear

111115. A. )1I1es. Guy

~lll1er. E.

1101101. S. ~Iorgan, D

llUlnh)', E ~I uther, W

~eil, C. B ~ icl"ols, B O~utt, Ja

Oster, R. i" ;er'kl ,

,'m'l', II



LoUis, III. Hurd. H. ' V.. '21 Jenkin s, K ll.. ' 33

d, Jlo. 10.

John son. L. K .. '32 Kaley , C. B .. '23

e, l\ansas. Iif.

Kamp. 'V. H .. ' 17 K l.lI'rak er. K J... .lr .. '32

P., RUSSia ~Io.


KIlY. Will . T .. '32

r St., Decatur Ar.. , 58 S ,HI.. , ~raIn St.

Ka cz mar ek. T . B .. ' 33

ro''', Jlo. IPhys

;, RUberold C



K ehr . WiJlillm Q .. '33

lElcal Suner R It. Sterling, '1I0~lJa, : :'

~Io. With U. S. Co. Polntre5t, ),10.

. , SI. LoUis. llo

lotel, Stl'. G enHie~e. ie-ago. Illinoi~

X. Y..



:d" Kansas City. ~[o. . S. G. S., Rolla, 110. if.

Calif. Mo.

!ntsn lie, liD. InstTu , c Surrey. Rolla, )10. Mo.

~h Stiers Bros. Con.


\l'e.• Springfield, )10.

'ea, Baton Ruuge, La.



: Co. SI. Louis, 110.)

l, Yo. (Pulthasing lief & Employment·· I. Loui s, 110.)

St.. Bellerille, 111. , IiI. IJI. Employment Stallon, Chicago, lII.

S. JelTersonCity. )10.

Sbelby,lIIe, ~I o. Clayton. ,\10., Sur" East SI, Louis, Ill. Joplin, )[0. With hwego, Kansas.

110. With Engint"t'TS. St., 81. Louis. )10.


lr_appraiser. Federal ersity St., SI. Louis. (Research CMml st sl Alton. 111.)

K ee lyn . J. .L .. '12 K eenan •.1. T .. '17 Kentnor. C. B .. '2-1 Kl es ath. " . L .. '32

Kratt!,.. H omer W .. '33

Koch. George J .. '32 Kohlm et.z. F. C.. ' 33 Koollman . ,Yilliam, '33 T(roll. Arthur C .. '33 Lam er s. Clar ence W .. '3 3 Lang ehennig . n.. G . . '33 Lan z. Fred ~r.. '33 Latham. R. H. Jr.. '33 Lay. O. K .. '32 I.ayne. M. B .. '28 Lelsher . George L ., '32 L ett s. J. 0 .. '29 Lenz , W. R .. ' 33 Lh·lngston. John ,J., '3 2 Lodwi ck. L. L., '14 Londe, J . ~r.. '33 Lucky. :;\1. C. . '20 Lundius, R oy H. . '32 Lynt.on. E. D .• Macke, Ar t.hur Manwaring . E. ) Iartin . R. S .. ~[ assey, R. L ..

' 12 S., '32 G. R .. ' 05 '30 ex '1 9

:\I :ll sek. J ohn. '32

)[aucher. H ens, ' 31 )Iays. W. R .. '32 )Ialik. F rank J. , '32 )rcGrat h . .Jam es J .. '32 )l cCr elght.. Ri chard I.... '32

'M cFadd en , E, C. , ex '13 )l cKinl ey. John H ., '34

Wjlb l!O. State

)I ertz. Earl R ., '33 ~[JI es. A. J .. '30 ~lIl es, Guy R. Jr .. '34

( Louis. )10. With i~ 1 St., Charl eston,

Mill er, E. C .• ' 28 Moll oy , S . ~I., ' 32


Morgan. D. H ., ' 16 Murphy, E. N .• '20 )lu t her, \V. R., ' 32

;, llo.


geles, Calif. Little Rock...\rk. ~hOntas. Mk.

Ke il . C. n. , '25 Nichols, B. G., '19 Oft'utt, Jam es. '32 Oster , It. R.. ' 27 Paj er sk1. H enry T. , '32 r~rrey,

ll, 1; ..


c/ o Middl e Rio Grand e Dlst., nelen. New M ex i co. 101 5 'V est H igh St .. ,J eff er son City. Mo. (Care of Mi ssouri State Highway) n. F. D. No. 1, May sv ill e. Mo. )Ielones. California. 5039 ,\,yandoUe St., I{a nsas City. ,)fo. E ng in eeri ng SU J) en ' isor D epilrt.mcnt Forestry. :l onesboro. Illin ois. 712 Sout.h Clark St .. Mexico, Mo. (A. P. Green Fire Uri ck Co .. M exi co, Mo.) 4029 No. Kilpatri ck. Chicago. (B ul'll stin e Motor Sales C hry s ler Automobiles. 2524 - 28 "Milwauk ee Avc .. Chi cago. J II. ) Home Address, 816 So uth National BinI., S prin gfield, :\10 .. San it.ary eng in ee r ing with Sil rin gfieid Cit y Health Dept... Sprin gficld, )10. 129 1 Cli ff DriYe. Laguna Beach, Ca liforn ia. 2440 16th St.. \Va shin gton. D. C. ,)02 Gl'O\'e St.. Strat.fo rd. Conn ect icut. Local Superintendcnt, )li sso uri Gener a l Ut ili t ies Co SI. Jam es, :Mo. l'lome Address. 5625 Heber Plilce. St. I...oui s, Mo .. W it.h U. S. Geo logica l S un·ey. Topog raphic survey !larty. Box U., .:.\ va , ~Io . Box 222. ]" Iat Hiv eI' . :tUo. 23 Orchard .AYe .. Ang:ola, New York. HOlli e Adcll'ess . 549 P urd ue, Uni versit,y Cit y. Mo .. Junior En g in eer. Federal Land Bank of St.. L oui s. 2(j24 Ea st, 5th P lllce. T ul sa. Okla. (Fr isco) H ome Address. 2643 Gra\'los .-\\'c .. St. L ouis . )10 .. With U. S. Engineers . S t. Loui s . Mo. 925 Dover Place. St. Louis. Mo. llome Address. 388 1 Holly Hills B lvd .. St. J...olli s. )fo. Drafts man with Dso na Mfg. Co., S t. LOlli s. Mo. Ca lifornia, Mo. (Attend in g school at P urdu e. 129 Andrew I:llace. Lafa yette, In d ian a. 45 13 South Grand. St. L oui s. :,\10. c/ o .T. W. Shikles &. Co .. Hi gg in sv ill e. !\lo. .131 . Not.t.ingham. St. L oui s . )[0. (lo';lectr ica l In spector C:l rlet.on B. Fox &. Co .. 326 R ooseve lt Bldg .. St.. Loui s) Hamilton. Il linois. Concordia. Mo. H ome Address, Ccclar Hill. Mo,. \Vitll U . S . En g ineCl'S, St.. Louis. District. 800 L ela nd Ave .. Un ivers it.y City , Mo. 4748 Vernon. St. LOlli s, )[0. Tyler . T exas. H ome Ad dr ess, 3555 :\lIl1's ha1l .Ave., St. Loui s. )[0., \Vit.h U. S. }~ngineers. Boulton Hote l, Gorhalll, Ill. c/o Stn nd<lrd Oil Co .. Draw er Y. Whit.ti cr , Calif. 2010 W est l\Iain St.. Bell evi ll e, ]11. 643 W es t Arden St. . . G lend ale , Calif. c/ o :\[:lss man Const.r uction Co., Forbes, Mo. 952 South 'V est.mor ela nd. L os Angeles, Ca lif. Ilome Address. 413 Pine St.. , R ese ll e, N. J . , , Vith U. S. E ng in eers. c/ o U nion Bridge &. Constructi on Co .. Gorham, III. Feit.al i Sa , Germa ny, \Veissiger Str. 73. '106 N o. Marsha ll • t .. Henderson. T exas. Home Address, 154 Woodford Ave" E lyr ia , Ohio. Wi t.h U. S. }:;ngineers, Rulo, N eb r aska . H Olll e Address. 3465a G il es A.ve .• St, Loui s, Mo., Wi t h U. S. Eng in eer s Ca pe Girardeau. _>\ r ea. H omc Addr ess. 309 Monroe St. , J ett'er son Cit yy. "Mo., Wl t.h Mo. St.at.e Hi ghway Dept., 418 North Hi veI' B lvd. Independence. )ro. 9il 09 Hamilton Avc., Wa sh ing ton Heights Station, Chi cago , Ill. H ome Addr ess. R olla. Mo., Surveyi ng in Ozark For est Area. )10 .. U. S. For est Office, R oli a, Mo.

P ess in. Alb ert L., / 32 Pick les, \V. M . JI'. . ' 32

Pinkl ey. R ex E .. '33

P oll ock . .-\ . A .. '33 Pollak . .John A .. '32 Pumm el!. L. F .. '32 Putnam, .]o hn S .. '33 n adcll tfe. D. H. '1 3 Iti ggs . w . R. , '33

Hoerner. E lmer A .. '33 Hosc nhaulll, C. R .. '33 Hoesser, Hoh ert .1" '32 Ro ss man. K. V . B .. ex '1 7 n undel' . R ay H .. '32 Ry(\:;t.rolll. Ri c:hard . '32 Sc hmit.t. Fl'cel J .. ' 32 Srhultz. C . .T.. '32 Sch we ickhard t., W. K .. '28 Seib er lin g, T . 0 .. ' 33 S hort. \\'. I. , '26 Shrub sa ll , A. E ., ' 33

1482 H la ckstollc, St. Loui s. Mo. 3526 Tu\arosa St .. E l Paso, T exas. (Electr ical En g ineer in char ge of Construction. D uMond's ll csea l'ch, c/ o Phys iCS DCIl t., Califol'l1ia ]nstlt.ute T cchnology. Pasadena. Ca li fOI'nia.) Hom e Address. 728 \Vest Centr al .i.. ve . . Carthage. i\fo., Wi th 1.). S. Engi necrs . 658 N. :M al'k et St. , Opel oll sas. L a. 626 West F ront St., Plai nfi eld . N. J. 1035 Cherry St.. Sp ringfield, -:\(0. (c / o 11. S. l';ng in eers . Cap e GIrard eau, :\[0.) Box 296, Crock el', Mo. H ome Addre ss. 4014 Donovan Ave .. ]~a s t St. Loui s, Il l.. Wi t.h i'llon s:1 nto Chemica l Work s, East St. L oui s. 1400 % Nort.h Hav enhul'st, L os Angeles . Cali f. 1640 Sta nt.on Ave .. Whiting. Indiana. (Tec hni cal As sist ant. in De\·oj). Dcpt., S illcla il' ll cfining Co .. Ea st. Chi cago. ]ndia na.) H ome Addr ess. Locli Box 232. Pac ifi c. ~[o., With Watcr Rcsour ces B ran ch , U. S. G. S .. llolla, Mo . 6£127 .A~n es Ave .. Kan sas City. Mo. H ome Addr ess . 179 O' Co nnel l Av e.. Buffalo. N. y" With U. S. 1·;n~ in ecl' s. B uf1'a lo. N. Y. , D istri ct. .) Cadwallad er Dril'e, Tr ent.on. New .Jersey. 2328 Bell evu e Ave .. St. Loui s. ?lro. (l!"ederal Barge L in es. F oot N Ol'lh ,) Iarke t St... St. L oui s. ?lIo.) Home Address. 933 Bcach A.\'C .. St. Louis. ?l ro .. \Vith D. S. }'; ng in eers. 11 0 Thcmi s St. Ca pe G ir al'c1eall.~ l o . 301 Seco llllJ c Apartm ent.s, SOli Oal{ Gro\'e SL, i\linn eapo li s, ::t\linl1. 4112 Smith .A.\'e .. Clc\'eland, Ohi o. 24 Ea st 32nd Street, Indianapoli s. l ndiana. ' Vest Pl ai ns. Mo. Pit.t Stad ium . Pt.tl siJurgh . Pa. 24 32 1.. :1 Sa ll c .,h e .. N ia ga ra ]i'all s , N. Y. (Ji'; lect ro Meta llurg ica l Co., N ia gara 1i'a ll s. K. Y.)

S mith, Alb er t B .. '32

Home Add ress. [)!)54 Hamilton T err ace. St. L oui s , 1\[0. Student En gineer. Bell 'l'el ephone Co .. St. Loui s. Mo.

Sm ith . .:..\ lber t Y., '32

5954 Hamilton Terrace, St. LOlli s . ')10.

S mith . C. Ca bann e, '26

P. O. Box 278. Kilgore, Texa s.

SLeen. George Perry. '33

HOllle Address. 1229 \~'as hin gto ll Ave., Springficld. i\I o .. S Ul'veyng in Ozark ]i'OI'est .~ rc a , 0.10.). U. S. For est Offi ce, Roll a. Mo.

Stevens. J. E., '32

905 SO llth Clark A"e. , ::\1cxico . Mo.

Stogsdill, J. E . . '25

3530 Harri s A \'C.. St.. Lou is, 1\Jo. ( A.. P. Green }"'ire Brick Co., :\l cx ico, ?lIo.)

Sturm. J ohn T., '32

Ho rn e Addrcss. 29 19 \Vyorn in g St .. SI.. L oui s, 1\10. , W ith U. S. J~ngineers. 428 C ustomhou se, St. Louis, )[0.

'J'hil en iu s, H erb er t E.. '33

238 No. Pacifi c St .. Cape Girardeau, Mo. (In spcctor.

Thomson, I. L ., '25

Tonk awa. Ok la. 1st Corll Area, U . S. Engin ecr s, Cape Girar deau, "?I ro. )

71'1 R oma St .. Albuqucrqu c, New :1\[ex ico. Thomp so n, B. n .. '26 Thoroughm3 n. Fra nk "1[ ., 32 HOllie Adell'ess, 3731 Oli ve St., St. L oui s. ?I[o .. Wit.h U. S. EIlg:i neer s, 1706 Olive S t .. St.. Loui s, ?lIo. Tittel, H erbert 0., '32

H ome Address. E\'ans\'ill e. ]11 .• W it.h U. S. En gineers, 658 Kort.h :\I:ll'ket. Opelousas. La .

Tomlinson, Elm er ')r.. '32

H Ollie Add ress. 2730 So uth west Grand Ave .. Spri ngfie ld, Ill., With Cou nts Highway D eDt. .. S pri ng fi eld.

Towell. A. P., '33

Sl. ;Jame s. Mo, (c / o Shell Petro leulll Co., SuI Lor ena A\·e. , Wooel Ri rel'. 111. )

Uthott' , F.

" r., '20

i\.lorr is Cits. Ill.

l it.hoff, II'. ' V. , '20

Wilmin g t.on. Illin ois.

Y:lI ent in e, H. F., '23

.J005 l"ift.h A"e .. Los A ngeles. Calif.

\'i etOl'. R. J. , '32

Company 72fj. C C C Call1ll, R cfol' lll , .-\ I'knn sa s.

W:tIl S. . \. n., ex '2 3

.F reder icktown. :Mo.

W ellb. Clemcnt H ., ' 32

Ho me Addl'css . Oak Gro\·e. Mo" not. kn ow n.

Employment statu s

W ehrm an, Al vin A., ' 33

Homc Add ress. n igg ins\' ill e, "!\fo .. Wi t.h U. S. EngineCl'S, 20 7 Com t. St.., Plaqu emin e. La.

R. F . D. NO.3. Box 604, Clayton, Mo.

W eige l, :\1. P., '23

39 11 Eva ns Av e., St. L ou is, :Mo.

80 1 Pau lin e St., An n Arbor, Michigan . Homc Address. Gray Su III III it , Uo ., ' Vith U. S . E ng in eers. 658 Market St. .. Opelousas , L a. ('/0 St.. Josenh Lcad Co., Monaca, Pa. 62 0 )la in St., J op lin , :Mo. 53 46 Land sdowne A "e., St. Loui s, Mo. c/o H. B. Sherod , R . F . D. , ' Veosauqua, ] o\\'a. 326 Bompart Avc .. 'W ebster Gro"es, Mo.

W eiss. C. B .. '27


W enger, Ii'. E. Jr., '31

7249 Bruno .-\\"6., St. I .. oui s, Mo.

Whit e, Charl es S,. '32

liome Address . 7 Moreland Ave., Kirkwood , :Mo. , Wi t h Cla yton General Tire Co mpnany.

\\,i etholl. Ru ssell H. , '32

HOllie Add l'css, 618 Dover P la ce, St. L ouis, Mo., With U. :S . En g ineer s, Box 246, Du ndee, Mi ss.

Wil ey , Max R .. '33

H ome Address . 1500 Broadway, Pa r sons, K<lns., Wi t.h U. S. };ng in eers, CU ll e Girardeau. Mo.

2820 Front SL, .:.\ Ih a mbra, California. ]02 Bart.on A\'c., St. L oui s, l\Io. 706 East Promenad e, M exi co, Mo. (A. P. P. Green ,11" 11'0 Brick Co., M exi co, Mo.) 11 32 1 East 15t h St. , Independ ence, Mo. S83 York s ton St., Sch enecta dY, N. Y. j.lo~ 206, ChRm ol "


No. Aubu rn dale . Aplll'tm ent 16. )Iemph is. 'T enn.

lVillhil c, J . M .. '33

6002 CIelllens Are .. St. Louis, Mo. (c/ o Shell Petroleum Corp. , Co nst.ruction Dept., St. Loui s, 1\10.)

William s, A r t.hur J., '33

H Ollle Ad dr ess, 2454 Illinois .Ave. , Gra ni t.e City, ]11.. With U. S. };ngi ncers. Labadie, :Mo.

Yea ger. R . L., '22

132 L ockwood ..d\' e., Saginaw , Michi gan.

l ou n~ ,

As sistant. Chemi st, Amori ca n Smelting & R efi nin g Co. , Aparta<lo 63, Chihuahua, Mexico,



iii"""""""'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''" """""""''',,'''''''''''''''''',,''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''""'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''1

SCHOOL of MINES and METALLURGY University of Missouri ROLLA, MISSOURI ... ' I.·



Graduate courses leading to the degree of Master of Science are also offered, in these curri<;:ula FOR INFORMATION, ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR


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Missouri S&T Magazine, January 15, 1934  

Copyright is held by the University of Missouri. The Missouri S&T Magazine is available for free personal, non-commercial and educational us...

Missouri S&T Magazine, January 15, 1934  

Copyright is held by the University of Missouri. The Missouri S&T Magazine is available for free personal, non-commercial and educational us...