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years t two the s a p the rt of Over een a pa d a e ha ’ve b that I am I hav y new e n t CH e ma CLUT xperienc Bookings f e o ce to rting as a the role lot of us n chan o a t t n s i r m Fo a ming to a ay o s. Fro ing my w te a ride. c g s s n i i e h i v t work urney our li en qu tor, to it has be college jo hapter of c e r i D hief, eam, our t a new c n t r lectio r-in-C a col Edito CLUTCH out to sta s d l o e ab that h on th d we are o urnal n o j a ling t a d en trave sue r rnal— o u o y j t his is ew ci like a big n we hope t go most l a a n i e b , to p how rnshi globe n inte cross the advice on s. For the a e v a t e rvi to su locations th the bes experienc idn’t just i d n w w g e i e u n ra rw yo fore r own semeste g togethe vide u o r o p y l s g n i i le t n h i wil t t t b u of p TCH ere a t crea abou ng of CLU e motions ster we w rney maki hrough th his seme ttable jou CH T e at UT go t nforg zine. lad th e CL est maga reate an u f us on th . I’m so g e of the b ould have r c o c e m h 4 o o t t s ge ll 2 am I de to away with reatest te ew page ut that a a m n ,b team t to walk the g n to a nown s with or. So tur r the unk I ge e i . r t i o mem r asked f don’t fea embrace o eve s and ady t with u ead get re s, wishe inst Best


Garb n i l Cait








A Addss D Dir irec ecto tors rs::

1. Brooke Radish 2. Brianna Yesford 3. Stephanie Calderon 4. Katie Cook

B Bea eauuty ty D Dir irec ecto tor:r: 5. Gary Wong


M Maannaagi ginngg D Dir irec ecto tor:r: 6. Chelsea Wolkove

A Accccou ounnts ts D Dir irec ecto tor:r: 7. Lauren Lipschutz

Photo Director: 8. Julie Weintraub



Assistant Photo Director:


9. Kelli Fontana

Bookings Directors:

11. 12.

10. Ashley Cook 11. Megan Allen


Content Directors: 12. Bailey Brown 13. Nicola Wood


Art Directors:

14. Kelly Greenwood 15. Amanda Wasserman








22. 23.


Editor in Ch ief: 16. Caitlin G


PR Directo r: 17. Kayla Park


Styling Di rectors: 18. Madeline Smith 19. Naomi Eli zée

Fashion Di rectors: 20. Alexis Ru derman 21. Sarah Go nzalez

Menswear D irector: 22 . Jordan Dixo


Blog Direct ors: 23. Laura Ha cker 24. Kelsey O’B rian


Clutch: in the Making



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Attention to Detail: Fragrance


Top 5 Makeup Tips for A-List Interns By: Gary Wong

Intern Beauty Advice

As we all know, leaving a great impression is vital to any young intern navigating the real world. In a world of competition, clothes matter. Shoes matter. Hair matters. A fresh face with clean, simple makeup? You guessed it, it matters. Take a look at our top five beauty tips that are sure to make you unforgettable. 1. Good skincare. Removing your makeup daily and addressing skin concerns keeps your face happy and healthy. 2. Think simple. Neutral colors, clean lines, and fresh finishes are appropriate for all settings.

3. In a rush? Lips, cheeks, mascara, and a clean under-eye are the bare minimum to get you through the morning until you can touch up on your lunch break. 4. Primers for your face and eyes will keep shine away, give you a polished look, and, most importantly, keep your makeup in place all day. 5. Choosing the right foundation for your skin type and tone will keep you looking fresh, gorgeous, and naturally flawless.


Trending Now:

Glitter Nail Art

A DIY guide to this season’s pretty polish trend By: Ashley Cook

Nail art is a hot trend both on and off the runway, but trips to the salon and special kits can be expensive. Luckily, there’s an easy and inexpensive DIY alternative!

16. nail trend

Supplies: A base coat, nail polish in the color of your choice, fine glitter (we bought ours at Michael’s for $1!), and a topcoat.

Step 1: Start with clean nails and a paper

towel under your hands to contain the mess. Apply the base coat to help polish last longer and make it easier to remove.

Step 2: On one hand, paint a single coat of nail polish—enough so it isn’t opaque, but not so much that it’s goopy either. Step 3: On the same hand, paint a second coat of polish. While the polish is still wet, pour the glitter on top and gently pat into place. Repeat on each nail until the desired look is achieved. Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 & 3 on your other


Step 5: To help your glittertastic look last its longest, be sure to apply a topcoat only on the top half of your nail to avoid brushing off the glitter.



aphed b

y: Adam



The goddess of femininity glows with a natural beauty. Soft, nude, and natural is how she reveals herself to those of mortal spirit.


A forlorn gaze framed by an iconic brow, despite a heavy past, our artist remains a striking beauty.


Sultry, smoky, yet vulnerable, our dame of Film Noir beholds drama in her soft pout and a ferocious innocence behind darkened eyes.


Editorial vs. Everyday 5 Makeup trends that should stay in the magazines By: Gary Wong


Attention to Detail: Fragrance A guide to picking a signature scent

By: Gary Wong Fragrances are unique to each individual, and choosing the right one takes both time




Ingredients ·4 eggs ·2 cups granulated sug ar ·1 cup canola oil ·1 can pumpkin (15 oz. ) ·2 tsp. baking powder ·2 tsp. ground cinnam on ·1 tsp. salt ·1 tsp. baking soda

Preheat oven to 350 deg rees. Using an electric mixer at medium speed, combine eggs, sugar, oil and pumpkin until

the pumpkin mixture and mix at low speed until batter is smooth. Pour the batter into a 13x10 inch

By: Brooke Radish


ook our l on y t s fro as to de inter se w o w H cold ry Wong e h t a n i By: G

1. Bronz er: Powd er bronz bronzer er, c will give y ou a glow ream bronzer, o when the r ev str weather outside is aight from the tr en gel opics, ev closer to en the arctic 2. Highli s. ghter: Als o found in powde rs, cream colors to s and liq battle du uids, ll, dry sk in. 3. Cranb erry Cog nac: No, come in it’s not a an equa beverag lly succu fabulous e, but le nt warm an d smoke color that can cre it does y eye. ate a 4. Lipstic k: Kiss y our winte of raspb r blues a erry, ros way with e, classic sophistic shad re d or wine ated, the se shade . Timeles es s can ev s and en doub le as a c ream 5. Spark le: Who s a ys fall ne a high sh eds to be im drab? Sw your look mer lip gloss or s ip ome glitt in time fo er liner to e on r the new jazz up year!


Bras, Lingerie, and Loungewear now offered at

Your Premier Beauty Destination & Midtown Oasis . Panache . The Little Bra Company . Cosabella . Hanro . Simone Perele . Bands starting at 30 . Cup sizes from AA-G

823 Thomasville Rd

(Midtown across from Tropical Smoothie)


25 Massage Lic. #MM20936


Women’s fashion blogs with a style all their own By: Lauren Lipschutz

Song of Style Aimee Song can do no wrong. An interior designer by day, Song isn’t afraid to take fashion risks. She can often be spotted sporting edgy skirts and lust-worthy shoes combined with dainty jewelry and intricate details to create a look that is all her own. You’ll also love: Fashion Hippie Loves

Pink Peonies

Blog maven Rachel Parcell loves a classic combination with an unexpected twist. Parcell’s signature look involves a paired with a hot pink purse—interesting details—like a midi dress with leather sleeves—and chic sunglasses to maintain an air of mystery. You’ll also love: Ivory Lane (written by Parcell’s sister)

Atlantic Pacific

Fashionista Blair Eadie’s blog is a perfect blend of preppy and girlie. Voluminous dresses and gingham patterns show off her glamorous side, while interesting shapes Although her style is preppy, she likes to show bit of edge. Unafraid to rock a leather vest or pair of black booties, Eadie’s versatile style is interesting and inspiring. You’ll also love: The Blonde Salad


Tips for

surviving a pricey internship on limited funds

Landing your dream internship is an amazing accomplishment, but it can come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, whether you’re in New York, LA or Miami, there are plenty of ways to budget your money and still have the time of your life. 1. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Be conscious of the money in your bank account and don’t splurge on things you don’t need. 2. Anticipate how much necessities will cost. Break down your monthly expenses (i.e. rent, utilities, food) so that you’ll know how much you can spend on entertainment. 3. Look for deals and free activities. Consider Groupon and Living events in your city, like concerts and museums. 4. Eat smart. Try not to eat out, but if you do, be sure to save your leftovers. And if you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen, USE IT! Buying food at the grocery store will keep your fridge stocked longer and save you money in the end. 5. Shop sample sales and thrift stores. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t shop, but do yourself a favor and shop from the sale racks. Sample sales offer big designer pieces at a low price, and local thrift shops have a great selection of vintage clothes.


By: Julie Weintraub

and The Dos pus m a C f o D o n’t s tions i s o P r o ad Ambass

d o r is s a m b a s s a to g e t u p m a c a s t Cook A p o s it io n ae s t w a y s fo r a s tu d e nn d o n B y : K a ti e b ra e b th a ti n g one of it y to y re p re s e n in v o lv e d . B ’s h a v e th e o p p o rt u ne tw o rk A n Do campus, C a ti o n s a n d - Set aside time every v is it n a ti o n a l o rg a n iz b e fo re g ra d u a ti n g u s tr y - a ll e . week to complete in th e ir in d c o ll e g your tasks, just like to you would in a s e n ti a l ti p s n c e . s e e m o s t a e traditional internship Ta k e a lo o k o s t o u t o f y o u r e x p e ri m e or job position. g e tt in g th



- Ask if you can get college credit. Most of the time, the answer is yes!


- Submit your work on time. Campus ambassador programs can be huge (some companies have 800+ representatives nation wide), so punctuality will set you apart from your peers.

to get Want d? ve i n v o l ambassador

t Curren s at FSU m a r g o r t hpa lu d e : R e n t t h e ’s r ia in cn k yy, Vic t,oH a n k y Runwa ou t P I N K o la , Secre -C , Coca , Southern Panky le b b , Bo n ASOS Kotex, Inter ve a , r e . p p le H t Prop and A a , h t n e d e m in Qu in y n o a t p a c o m a d e it s w a y m h a s n ’t pose a fect r s? Pro c a m p u h ip ! Yo u r p e s r n e io n t it par pos the sador a m b a s r ig h t a r o u n d e may b . corner


- Help create partnerships for the brand by visiting clubs, organizations, and local businesses. If nothing else, it’ll help spread the word about your company.


- Miss a meeting or conference call because you “have too much homework,” especially if you end up Instagramming a picture of yourself at the bar that night. Prioritize. - Be afraid to share your ideas and opinions with the company. They hired you for a reason. Who knows, you may end up providing the inspiration for their next big campaign. - Take the position for granted. Working with corporate executives before you’ve earned a degree is a privilege. - Forget to keep in touch after your ambassador program comes to an end. Handwritten thank you’s and semester recap emails can lead to a job in the long run.

. . .




Jewelry-maker Jenna Jackson sparkles in Tallahassee By: Kelsey O’Brian

At age 12, Jenna Jackson began making jewelry. It started one weekend when she visited a small bead shop with her mom and sister, where they learned the basics of jewelry-making. From that moment on, Jenna was hooked. later, she owns her very own Eight years late jewelry company, aptly named Just Jems Beading Company. Though her passion for jewelry was undeniable from an early age, she would have never guessed that she would one day be the owner of a business. “Just Jems was never something I set out to do,” she said. “It was an opportunity that presented itself, and I took it!” Now, it’s easy to spot students donning No Jenna’s jewelry on campus every day. Not long ago, Jenna was a freshman herself, and was faced with jewelry-making obstacles because of the size of her dorm. But in the summer of 2012, she got her big break.




“Everything is inspirational and beautiful” Jenna made Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote her business, and officially began crafting in Tallahassee. Her business took off; suddenly, she was making jewelry not only for Tallahassee customers, but for boutiques in Orlando and wedding parties as well. When asked where she finds inspiration for her pieces, Jenna responds like a true artist. “I think that’s what’s so cool about being creative and being artistic: everything is inspirational and beautiful, whether it’s colors I see together, or a style, or even a phrase I hear. If you have the ability to turn anything into something creative and inspiring, that’s a beautiful thing.”


New York Fashion Week: A D ay in th e L if e By Sarah Gonzalez

the Clutch Magazine’s very own fashion director, Sarah Gonzalez, had Week. Fashion York New exciting opportunity to intern at this year’s This is her story. Manhattan on my own, and I was ready to take the industry by storm.


black with coffee in hand. and I was assigned to the gifting suite. There I photographed clothes, s. casting their after other gift items that would be given to the models the of track keep I’d and s, freebie They would come to me to select their d receive also editors ne magazi and s clothes they took. Big name blogger iation. apprec of token a in our The day of the show: We had an early call time to start setting up ge backsta the out giving of charge in were We Center Lincoln tent at the passes for all stylists and make-up artists. were fell silence rk, clockwo like everywhere and the press was insane, but awe of the beautiful collection and before we knew it the crowd was madly the Herve Leger show. experiences. But despite the sleepless nights and early morning chaos, this it was the experience of a lifetime. I feel more prepared for life in this from much so learned industry than I ever could have imagined. I Photos by: Kelly G reenwo od

d to meet deadlines to expressing your excitement in becoming involve from hard and long work to ready Be grow. and willingness to learn and ber: of your experience. And one of the most important things to remem to journey your of end the at note you thank ritten hand-w a be sure send . those who helped shape your week in fashion heaven



Catwalk to Closet By: Madeline Smith

1. Plaid to the Bone: Calling all ex-Catholic school girls (or anyone that owns a checked throw blanket, really)! Time to break out those tartans of your yesteryear and channel the bad-gal runways of Stella McCartney and Givenchy in this standout trend. If you don’t have the wherewithal to go head-to-toe checked, Clueless-style, try tossing on a silky printed shirtdress or punk out all the wa way, sporting it with mixed-print sweaters and eccentric boots. 2. 40’s & 50’s Fits: It worked wonders for your grandma way back when, so you know this trend is a lasting classic. Take a minute to study her elegant vintage ways, because we’ve happened upon the modern Renaissance woman in tailoring and silhouette—Celine, Marc Jacobs, and Bottega Veneta did a striking job of showing us in their retro presentations—and decade essentials like fit ‘n’ flare dresses, menswear-inspired culottes, and super-structured jackets will be the perfect additions to your fall and winter wardrobes. Dig up some skirts of the pencil or skater variety and pair them with a bowling bag or chic waistbelt to mix your eras and glitz up your everyday looks. 3. Fur Sure: The fur faction delivered the most overwhelmingly fierce trend this fashion period. Through patchwork, patterns and manual stripes, the pelts in different arrangements, colors and cuts made for a most opulent display. So what if you can’t shell out stacks for Altuzarra and Fendi’s feel-good fuzzies? Go faux (cozy up to designer favorites without pissing PE PETA off) and sport the layers ‘o’ hair in any way you can—fur gilets on jackets on hats are just right, topped off with pendant necklaces and some barely-there tights. LOOK 1: BCBGeneration romper, $118.00, Cole Couture; Belt, $16.00, Avant Garb; Jacket, cuff, clutch, boots, stylist’s own. LOOK 2: Blouse, $29.00, Avant Garb; Sunglasses, $10.00, Avant Garb; Bangles, $16, Cole Couture; Skirt, shoes, bracelet, stylist’s own. LOOK 3: French Connection dress, $298.00, Cole Couture; Fur cape, $250.00, Cole Couture; Purse, $24.00, Avant Garb; Necklace, $15.00, Avant Garb; Shoes, stylist’s own.



ON HEIDI: Karlie shirt, $42.00, Cole Couture; Hudson vest, $158.00, Cole Couture; Citizens of Humanity pants, $208.00, Cole Couture; Beanie, $4.00, Avant Garb; jewelry, shoes, stylist’s own ON MADISON:, ASOS shirt, $13.25,; Levi’s shorts, $20.00, Avant Garb; Just a Chicago Shirt button down, $49.00, Spriggs; Sunglasses, $10.00, Avant Garb; Lizzy J’s earrings, $25.00, Way Out West; Vest, shoes, stylist’s own. ON BOB: Levi’s jeans, $39.99, Dillard’s; Daniel Cremieux shirt, $59.50, Dillard’s; Shirt, $15.00, Olde Field’s Clothing; Shoes, stylist’s own

Fashion Trends Photographed by: Daniel Shippey

Sweater Movement

ON JOLLY: French Connection sweater, $86.00, Cole Couture; ASOS skort, $42.19,; Handbag, $68.00, Cole Couture; Necklace, $41.00, Spriggs Accessories; Shoes, stylist’s own. ON LIZA: Gianni Bini sweater, $99.00, Dillard’s; FC Jeans skirt, $118.00, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own.

On The Prowl

ON MADISON: Karlie sweater, $86.00, Cole Couture; Citizens of humanity pants, $208.00, Cole Couture; Dainty gold necklace, $19.00, Spriggs; Long gold necklace, $40.00, Spriggs; Handbag, $89.00, Spriggs; Shirt, shoes, stylist’s own. ON HEIDI: Eci dress, $69.00, Dillard’s; Necessary Objects sweater, $15.00, Avant Garb; Necklace, $26.00, Spriggs Accessories; Ring, $19.00, Spriggs Accessories; Urban Expressions clutch, $59.00, Spriggs Accessories; Shoes, Stylist’s own.

Blue Period

ON LIZA: Dylmar jumpsuit, $59.00, Spriggs Accessories, Belt, $19.00, Spriggs Accessories; Necklace, $22.00, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own ON JOLLY: French Connection dress, $136.00, Cole Couture; Gibson Latimer sweater, $69.00, Dillard’s; Necklace, $42.00, Spriggs; Shoes, stylist’s own

Fashion Face-Off British vs. American fashion trends By: Kelsey O’Brian

The United States and Great Britain may be separated by an ocean, but fashion trends in the two countries are more connected than you’d think. U.S. and British

nation from the other. In the U.S., printed pants were on the hips and had a skinny cut.

that brought back the 1960s with their high-waisted cuts


.COM S T R IMPO N O MO TER o R A ssee t U a h Q a . l l a o in T ith a WWW ce to g or all w

c pla e in me dé o is the h n cottag d o n o e a n M o s r t e e s i ’s ed ssor Quart d-pick a 1940 n , acce l o a t e h n r i a h t d p wi rice cke find ap ndly p It is tu is filled e . i d r r i f n a t l a f e r ian Ella udg Quarte mix, b bohem t Lake t s a c e s u k e d a g pro tta em on. nique the Co handis u c r r i e e occasi h m y T f n . o a s s e r l r fo va treasu ily arri p-shop a w! o d t s d n e on at’s ne t h c w e point a f e r e to s the pe today Moon y b g Swin


222-2 (850)


E S T. O R N N. MO 1641 M 6:30P M A 10 S A T: -5PM N N O O M O N SUN:


Accessories Trends:

Started by Florida State alum Carley Ochs, this fashionable brand of arm candy has absolutely taken off in the market! These bracelets have been spotted on the arms of celebs and featured on the cover of PEOPLE magazine. Tallahassee locals can pick out their own handmade gems exclusively at Cole Couture boutique.

By: Caitlin G









available exclusively a Cole Couture t

Your go-to re ca

p for all things


By: Bailey Bro Fashion We wn ek, perhaps the most an what was o tic ip a ted fashion nce a small event of the New York C season beg year, has g ity show into ins in NYC, rown from a n o w fo global bian llo wed by sho holds two fa n ual celebra ws in Londo shion weeks tion. The n, Milan an per year, allo set the late d Paris. Ea wing design st fashion a ch destinatio e rs nd beauty tr to showcase n ends for the their collect upcoming se ions and ason. Each and fashion fashion wee climate. Sm k aller but eq world from ually excitin Miami to Sã g fa sh ion weeks a o Paulo to To re held all a kyo. round the Mercedes-B enz Fashio n Week, Ne and most co w York: Held mmercial o at Lincoln C f the fashio enter, NYFW fashion wee n weeks. Leg is the large k veterans— e ndary Ameri st lik e D can design iane Von Fu Calvin Klein ers—and rstenburg, M top the oh-s ic o h -e ael Kors, M xclusive list, talents as w arc Jacobs but NYFW ell. The stre and is no strang ets outside buzzing with e r to a re u p-and-comin a s much a fash celebrities, g ion show as editors, styl ists and blo inside the te ggers alike n ts, . London Fash ion Week: L FW is a reb about the b el without a usiness of fa cause. While sh ion as the fa NYFW is as behind the shion itself, clothes. Yo much London’s ve u’ll see edg McQueen a rsion focuse y fa shion house nd Christop s on the art s like Vivien her Kane b ne Westwo alanced de o d , Alexander licately with old timers lik e Mulberry and Milan Fash ion Week: and ready-to -wear piece s, with desi Gabbana, to gner royalty Gucci and M like Roberto issoni. Mila Cavalli and cuts separa n Fashion W Dolce & te it from th eek’s well kn e pack. own labels and quality Paris Fashio n Week: Pa ris Fashion and elegan Week is sim t. Expect big ply trés chic n ames in Fra . Think twe Christian D nce, like Lo ed, tailored ior, Balenci uis Vuitton, aga and Ch Comme de anel. Je t’a s Garçons, ime!


Rags to Riches

How to sell your clothes online without using eBay By: Naomi Elizée With spring right around the corner, it’s almost time to start the dreaded task of cleaning out your closet. We know what you’re thinking: what a drag. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. With the growing number of people selling used clothes online, websites have made it simple to make some cash without leaving the comfort of your bed. Check out some of our favorite sites.

1. Threadflip

This mobile marketplace is designed to appeal to users savvy in social media. Simply upload photos of the clothes, and once an item sells, the company sends a prepaid shipping label. On regular items, the company receives 20% of the profits.

2. Copius

In this online marketplace, all buyers and sellers fill out the site’s one page upload and description form. Once an item sells, Copius takes a marketplace fee of 6%.

3. Bib



This members-only marketplace allows users to swap clothing with one another. If another member purchases your item, you’ll automatically receive “bucks” to be used on the site once you ship your item using a prepaid shipping label.

4. Material Wrld

Material Wrld is an international online fashion community where you can buy and sell clothing to people around the world. Material Wrld charges a 15% transaction fee for all sold items.

5. Poshmark

This Pinterest-esque site serves as a platform to create a virtual “closet” that people can shop in. Poshmark provides the shipping label and you keep 80% of the selling price.


A Modern Memoir Photographed by: Adam Taylor Timeless

ON LAUREN: Ella Moss dress, $218.00, Cole Couture; Fur cape, $250.00, Cole Couture; Head piece, shoes, stylist’s own. ON CASEY: LLove dress, $58.00, Spriggs; Handbag, $18.00, Avant Garb; Shoes, belt, turban, stylist’s own.

ON OLIVIA F: FC Jeans skirt, $118.00, Cole Couture; Sondra Roberts clutch, $139.00, Spriggs Accessories; Jacket, blouse, shoes, stylist’s own. ON OLIVIA L: BCBGMAXAZRIA blouse, $138.00, Narcissus; David Khan jeans, $150.00, Narcissus; Jealous Tomato jacket, $54.00, Narcissus; Bracelet, $19.00, Spriggs Accessories; Shoes, earrings, stylist’s own.


ON LAUREN: Bailey 44 top, $172.00, Narcissus; French Connection skirt, $98.00, Dillard’s; Champagne & Strawberry coat, $122.00, Narcissus; Belt, headband, shoes, stylist’s own. ON CASEY: 5th Culture dress, $45.00, Narcissus; Handbag, $89.00, Spriggs; Scarf, shoes, stylist’s own.


ON OLIVIA L: BCBGMAXAZRIA sweater, $198.00, Narcissus; Aryn K. skirt, $79.00, Dillard’s; Ring, $19.00, Spriggs; Shoes, belt, stylist’s own. ON AMANDA: Bailey 44 dress, $172.00, Narcissus; Ring, $19.00, Spriggs Accessories; Sunglasses, $10.00, Avant Garb; Coat, necklace, shoes, stylist’s own.


ON CASEY: Free People dress, $168, Cole Couture; belt, necklace, shoes, stylist’s own.

ON OLIVIA F: BCBGeneration dress, $128.00, Cole Couture; Belt, $19.00, Spriggs; Ornamental Things bracelet, $45.00, Spriggs; Jacket, shoes, stylist’s own.


ON AMANDA: Necklace, $32.00, Spriggs; Mezzanine pants, $29.00, Spriggs Accessories; Jacket, shirt, shoes, stylist’s own. ON OLIVIA F: Jealous Tomato jacket, $54.00, Narcissus; bobi dress, $95.00, Narcissus; Necklace, shoes, stylist’s own.


ON OLIVIA L: Nicole Miller dress, $400.00, Narcissus; Bangle, $22.00, Narcissus; Sunglasses, $10.00, Avant Garb; BB Dakota vest, $89.00, Dillard’s; Shoes, stylist’s own.ON LAUREN: Sunglasses, $10.00, Avant Garb; Bracelet, $18.00, Cole Couture; Handbag, $68.00, Cole Couture; Double Zero Dress, $42.00, Narcissus; Cape, stylist’s own. ON CASEY: Tulle jacket, $94.00, Cole Couture; BCBGMAXAZRIA blouse, $198.00, Narcissus; Necklace, $24.00, Spriggs; Pink Owl Apparel dress, $55.00, Spriggs; Belt, ring, shoes, stylist’s own.


ON CASEY: French Connection top, $118.00, Cole Couture; Cremieux pants, $89.00, Dillard’s; Broach, $14.00, Cole Couture; Sweater, $200.00, Cole Couture; Shoes, stylist’s own. ON LAUREN: Diosa dress, $59.00, Spriggs; Fur cape, $250.00, Cole Couture; Anne Michelle shoes, $39.00, Spriggs Accessories; Necklace, $40.00, Spriggs; Necklace, $10.00, Way Out West.


ON AMANDA: Ecru sweater, $110.00, Narcissus; Necklace, $29.00, Spriggs Accessories; Leggings, handbag, shoes, stylist’s own.

tch Mix + Ma

nim jacket d a versatile de an Three tops: ng ili ta de r with leathe m and a A utility jacket ssed gray deni re st di , Two jackets: nt pa g printed widrfeorleated black leather skirt A statement-w s: pe m o ed tt st o ai b e high Thre k metallic One dress: jewels, a sleecessory t an gi ith w etal basic ac ent necklace es: A statemne and a mixed-m ce la k boot ck r Three necklac lla co ld-buckled blac go d an rd fo acked-heel ox ime sandal, st yt da A : es o Three sh enwood By: Kelly Gre


Pack List: The Weeke n Getaw d ay 58

Let’s Get Graphic!

How to transform a basic tee into a stylish top this fall By: Naomi Elizée There isn’t a single piece of clothing more perfect than the graphic tee. Unfortunately, our bank accounts can’t always handle the tremendous amount of tees we’d like to own. Left with two options—eating ramen for dinner every night or going to rehab for graphic tee addiction—we’ve discovered the best way to satisfy the craving: a DIY graphic tee.

This graphic tee was inspired by Marc Jacobs’ “Parallel Lines” printed tee. You will need: · T-shirt · Fabric Paint · Masking Tape · Pencil · Brush · Ruler · Sheet of paper (placed inside the shirt to prevent paint from soaking through)

First, lay the T-shirt flat, and place a 12 inch strip of tape one inch below the collar. Using the ruler to measure the distance, place another 12 inch strip of tape parallel to the first strip of tape. Fold the T-shirt in half and crease the tape to mark the center.


Working from the center, grab your pencil and mark a dot on either side of your ruler. Stick strips of tape at the dots to make stripes, using the width of the ruler to measure the distance between them. Dab fabric paint into the gaps in the fabric with a brush.

After drying for 4 hours, peel off the tape to reveal your print, and voila! You have a one-of-a-kind graphic tee.

1. Hand Sanitizer

6. Body Mist

2. Oil Absorbing Towelettes

7. Lip Balm Rosebud Salve, Sephora $6

3. Fall Sunnies TOMS, Cole Couture $88

8. Face powder NARS, Sephora $33

4. iPhone to capture the ultimate 9. Garnet Statement Necklace gameday Instagrams Cole Couture $18 5. Coozie Y’all Coozie, Cole Couture $4 10. Your FSUID with your ticket

10 must-have items to bring to the stadium From hand sanitizer to the perfect fall sunnies, every fashionista should have these essentials on hand while they cheer on the ’Noles at Doak. By Alexis Ruderman


By: Kelly Greenwood DESTINED FOR: REVIVAL + RELAXATION Take a moment to unplug and unwind at this lush local park. Filled with trails, activities and even a dog park, this peaceful spot will certainly put your mind at ease. Pack your tote with refreshing snacks, an endless supply of water and the sweetest tunes and head on over to get some exercise outside the Leach! DON’T MISS OUT: Take your furry four-legged companion with you to the dog park, or hop on a bike and pedal away on your journey to a fresh mindset in the fresh air. For a more mellow time, grab lunch on the go and pack a picnic to enjoy on a trail.


DESTINED FOR: ADVENTURE + ENTERTAINMENT Spend the day whisked away to a resort-style spot complete with shopping, dining and nightlife—all on the water. Bundle up in blankets and take a sandy stroll to see the sunset on the shore after a day of exploration. Feeling like a real daredevil? Send yourself into the sky with their 300-foot giant slingshot attraction, or take the relaxed route and browse through their shopping and catch a movie after a tasty bite to eat. DON’T MISS OUT: From local boutiques to familiar stores, they have quite the array of amazing places to stop and shop in Pier Park. Head on over to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville for a tropical bite to soothe your appetite, and top it all off with a stunning sunset— keep you eyes peeled for a dolphin sighting!


DESTINED FOR: EXPLORATION + INSPIRATION on campus, you could be arriving to this quaint Georgia city. Stroll up and down Main Street and you will be taken back to a simpler mind set. Pop into specialty shops and boutiques

prepared to meet some truly sweet souls ready to show you around their town. DON’T MISS OUT: Photo opportunities are left and right. Bring your fullycharged iPhone for the ultimate Instagram masterpieces in Historic Downtown Thomasville. Sip on a locally roasted and toasty warm brewed afternoon pick-me-up at Grassroots Coffee Company or cater to your sweet tooth with a handmade treat at the infamous Dillon Candy Company. Bundle up and make the short drive to see their holiday spirit in action—the décor is stunning!



2 4




d Where’ et You G ? uch o C t a h T

1. HomeGoods

CLUTCH reveals the top 5 home decor shops for recent grads By: Nicola Wood

Whether you’re settling into a studio apartment after graduation or moving out of the dorm into a two-story townhouse, these home decor shops will take your new abode from plain Jane to Pinterest-worthy.

Ah, the dilemma: you want the chicest furniture in town, but you also need enough money to, you know, eat dinner. The answer? HomeGoods.

2. Target

After four years at FSU, Target has become your best friend. Why cut ties now? With ongoing high-end collaborations—we’re still dying over the metallic/straw/chevron perfection that is the Nate Berkus Collection—you’re bound to find gorgeous pieces at the prices you already love.

3. Ikea

The closest Ikea is about 4 hours outside of Tallahassee, but a visit to the Swedish retailer is well worth the drive. With unbeatable prices and contemporary styles, Ikea is a great shop for bedding and kitchen utensils alike.

4. Overstock

Overstock’s modern furniture and affordable accent pieces have been dubbed fashionable by popular magazines like Redbook and Lucky. The retailer also offers a Worldstock Fair Trade program, which buys and sells creations handmade by people across the world, and gives back 60-70% of the profit. So, buying that adorable toss pillow that you just had to have won’t just help your living room, it will help a family in need.

5. Etsy

Etsy isn’t just great for midi rings and iPhone cases; they have some stunning home essentials, too. The online store offers one of a kind pieces that are sure to start conversations.


Glamorous plastic silverware: Chocolate + Vanilla Macaroons: Orchid: Trader Joe’s Party City Trader Joe’s Volcano Candle: Cole Couture

how to make every day By: Kelly Greenwood

atmosphere. Start with your guest list, then choose a creative theme that suits the style

Veggie Chips + Cheese Slices: Whole Foods

Perrier Soda: Publix Striped Straws: Michael’s

Pesto Tortellini + Kale Salad: Whole Foods


Un-junk Your Junk Food How to swap your Snickers for a healthier snack By: Naomi Elizee

No matter how hard we try, it’s almost impossible to avoid junk food. Going cold turkey seems to be the best solution, but it leaves us depressed, unsatisfied, and craving an entire chocolate cake. Luckily, there is a way to satisfy sweet-tooth cravings by replacing junk foods with a healthier snack. Check out some tasty alternatives for common culprits that will make your heart—and your taste buds—happy.





Dried peaches, cranberries, or bananas.

Chocolate bars

Organic dark chocolate. It’s high in cocoa content and free of unhealthy additives.

Banana-split sundae

Greek yogurt, sliced bananas, and sliced almonds make for a healthy sundae packed with protein.

Chips & salsa

Eat that salsa with crispy strips of baked whole wheat tortilla.

Salty mixed nuts

One word: pistachios. But remember, it’s easy to eat a whole bag in one sitting. Moderation is key.

Potato chips and dip

Multigrain pita bread and your choice of hummus.

Bagel with cream cheese

Two slices of smoked salmon on 5 multigrain Wheat Thins make a quick and yummy 100-calorie snack.

French Fries

Baked sweet potato fries with a dash of brown sugar.

Name: Johnathan Shuler

Major: RMPD

Wearing: Polka dotted ball cap, round sunnies, striped baseball inspired T-shirt, bright orange chinos, and black low cut kicks

“bold, and even a little outside the box.� 69

Man of Style

By: Jordan Dixon

Let’s face it: waking up for an 8 am lecture is a struggle. Getting up on time and dressing to the nines? Almost unheard of. That’s why fashionisto Johnathan Shuler is this issue’s Man of Style. On the topic of his own personal style, Johnathan says he’s attracted to pieces that are “bold, and even a little outside the box.” Mixing patterns, a fashion challenge, cannot always be pulled off well. Johnathan is the exception; he expertly combines his spotted cap with a tribal print backpack, and adds a pair of bright orange chinos for an appealing pop of color. His round sunnies pull the outfit together. Between his tangerine pants and his sublime mixture of patterns, it’s obvious that Johnathan knows how to make a statement. His personal flare shines through even as he plays it cool with minimal accessories. An oversized gold watch and sporty lace-up kicks make his ensemble school appropriate. When asked about his style inspiration, Johnathan says that he takes advice from his favorite magazine, GQ. He’s also influenced by runway shows, where bold prints from different designers encourage him to incorporate eclectic patterns into his everyday style.


Modern Classical

ON AUSTIN: Cremieux pants, $69.50, Dillard’s; GAP coat, $98.00, GAP; Scarf, $10.00, Avant Garb. ON MICAH: Old Navy pants, $12.00, Avant Garb; Perry Ellis shirt, $54.50, Dillard’s; Perry Ellis sweater, $69.50, Dillard’s; Tie, $8.00, Avant Garb. ON CAMERON: GAP pants, $59.95, GAP; David Taylor shirt, $15.00, Avant Garb; GAP coat, $98.00, GAP; bowtie, $15.00, Avant Garb.

Century Romance

The retrospective of a British inspired era that revolves around craftsmanship, luxury and beauty with a contemporary twist. Photographed by: Daniel Shippey

Shades of Blue

ON CAMERON: Calvin Klein pants, $79.50, Dillard’s; Cremieux jacket, $150.00, Dillard’s; Boss shirt, $165.00, Dillard’s; Murano tie, $49.50, Dillard’s; Suitcase, $18.00, Avant Garb.


ON AUSTIN: Perry Ellis shirt, $69.50, Dillard’s; Perry Ellis sweater, $89.50, Dillard’s; GAP jeans, $59.95, GAP; Glasses, $10.00, Avant Garb; Suitcase, $20.00; Avant Garb


ON MICAH: Old Navy pants, $12.00, Avant Garb; GAP cardigan, $59.95, GAP; Lacrosse Clothes jacket, $27.00, Avant Garb; Suitcase, $18.00, Avant Garb; Shirt, stylist’s own. ON MICAH: GAP pants, $59.95, GAP; Polo Ralph Lauren pullover, $125.00, Dillard’s; Diamond Leather Collection leather jacket, $125.00, Avant Garb; Glasses, $10.00, Avant Garb.


ON MICAH: Vintage Italia shirt, $98.00, Dillard’s; Jacket, $35.00, Avant Garb; GAP pants, $59.95, GAP; Bowtie, $15.00, Avant Garb. ON AUSTIN: Haggar shirt, $12.00, Avant Garb; GAP cardigan, $64.95, GAP; Johnny Carson jacket, $37.00, Avant Garb; GAP jeans, $59.95, GAP; Roundtree & Yorke tie, $39.50, Dillard’s

Reflective in Green

ON CAMERON: Calvin Klein pants, $79.50, Dillard’s; Thomas Dean shirt, $110.00, Dillard’s; Haggar jacket, $25.00, Avant Garb; Bowtie, $15.00, Avant Garb; Glasses, $10.00, Avant Garb.

Dark Mood

ON CAMERON: Refuge shirt, $15.00, Avant Garb; GAP sweater, $39.95, GAP; GAP jeans, $59.95, GAP; Bowtie, $15.00, Avant Garb; Suitcase, $18.00, Avant Garb.

Sooty and Well-Worn

ON AUSTIN: Perry Ellis shirt, $69.50, Dillard’s; Cremieux pants, $69.50, Dillard’s; Emilio Romano tie, $8.00, Avant Garb. ON MICAH: GAP pants, $59.95, GAP; El Cid shirt, $16.00, Avant Garb; Vest, $12.00, Avant Garb; Tie, $8.00, Avant Garb.

1. Denim Shirt: This classic staple can be paired with just about anything to give an instant stylish appeal.

2. Loafers: Bring the pennies back out this fall. They’re everywhere, and we’re loving it! Extra points for tassel loafers.

3. Frame-fitting Wayfarers: Sunnies are always a must in Florida, but wayfarers are a classic shape that can make any outfit chic.

4. Statement Scarves: Dressing up a basic tee with a fun printed scarf can add interest to a casual everyday look.

5. Camo Print: This trend isn’t going anywhere just yet! Throw on a button down camo shirt or rock a cool pair of camo printed pants for a bold look this fall.


Men’s Must-Haves How to get the most out of staple pieces By: Jordan Dixon

Everyone striv build a wardro es for variety in their clos foremost, eve be without a few essentiaet, but it can be hard to versatility, the ry man needs a crisp whit l pieces. First and jeans, or dres tee can be dressed downe tee. Thanks to its are effortless sed up with a button-down with a pair of blue ly stylish. or blazer. Both looks The second s every man’s wtaple is a timeless textile th investment, s ardrobe: denim. Denim s at plays a large role in starting to seeince pieces can be expenshould be considered an shirt, which a a rise in the popularity of ive. Men’s fashion is silhouette. Thdds an offbeat and rugged the denim button-down perfect way toe denim shirt looks great o appeal to a classic ve achieve a laid -back look. r patterns, and is the



Shop Local: # trendingnow What are your hours of operation? Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm Sunday 12pm - 4pm

What is the story behind how your business got started? Being a local business owner I saw a need for a Campus Boutique located in the heart of FSU and a place where girls could walk to get all their fashion needs at an affordable price.

What is your favorite thing about owning the store? Meeting all the sweet FSU students and seeing their smiling faces when they walk through the door!

How did you come up with the name? Three friends having a spend the night party and good time picking each other’s brains!

What is your favorite piece in the store right now? All the new fall sweaters and dresses!

Where do you get your inspiration from when deciding which items to offer to your customers? I love to get feedback from the customers on what they want to see in the store!


Meetings and Deadlines, Who Has the Time? How (and why) to get involved on campus By: Stephanie Calderon

Collegiate Merchandising Association networking social @ 7pm - bring questions

Meet with professor about volunteering @ 3:30pm

*Clutch Director’s Meeting @ 8pm

Time and time again, we’ve been told that a degree alone won’t land us a dream job. Lately, it seems that involvement and extra curricular activities can be just as important as an

to utilize the skills you’ve learned in your classes at the same time.

your email


It’s cliché, but it’s the truth: . You may even , check .

Oh, the Places You’ll Go 5 little-known study spots that will change your life By: Stephanie Calderon

If you’re anything like us, you’re sick of the stark white walls and mile-long Starbucks lines at Strozier Library. FSU draws many students from out of town, which is why Club Stroz may seem like the only place to hit the books. Take a look at five go-to quiet places to hit the books. One may just be the study spot of your dreams.

Lake Ella:

Just a short drive from campus, Lake Ella is a serene study-heaven. With Black Dog Café along the water’s edge, you can get your caffeine fix, too.

Crepe Vine:

What better incentive to study than a delicious snack? The new Crepe Vine on the corner of Gaines and Railroad provides spacious booths to eat and get your work done.

The Union:

The hidden upstairs area within the union welcomes all students with an endless amount of computers, tables and sofas.

Red Eye:

If you love a coffee shop atmosphere, but hate a huge crowd, try Red Eye Coffee, located in the heart of Midtown.

Random Classrooms:

A surprising number of classrooms are open for students at late hours of the night. Sneak a peek into your favorite building to find a study room for you and your friends.



at Midtown

at Midtown

Want to get involved with

CLUTCH? Contact our new editor! 93

Avant Garb

522 West Gaines Street 850.514.4272 Heather Wade

Cole Couture

1240 Thomasville Road #102 850.553.3327 Carrie McNeill Courtney Dunham


1350 Market Street 850.668.4807 Juli Downs

Olde Fields

519 West Gaines Street 850.425.2785 Jeremy Matlow Josh Williams

Spriggs Laid Back Luxe and Spriggs Dillard’s 1500 Apalachee Parkway Accessories Store 850.877.8106 Allen D. Gustason Denise McCullough


1500 Apalachee Parkway 850.878.8143 Britain Dwyre

6800 Thomasville Road 850.894.2630 1433 Market Street 850.222.0687 David and LeeAnn Spriggs Megan Wadsworth

Way Out West 1212 North Monroe 850.727.8460 Whitney Anders


“in order to lead a fascinating life—

one brimming with art, music, intrigue and romance

—you must surround yourself with precisely those things.” 95






















xoxo, clutch 96

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Profile for Clutch Magazine

Clutch Magazine- Fall 2013  

CLUTCH Magazine: your essential accessory! Brought to you by Florida State University's Collegiate Merchandising Association.

Clutch Magazine- Fall 2013  

CLUTCH Magazine: your essential accessory! Brought to you by Florida State University's Collegiate Merchandising Association.