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Member Orientation Packet


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What Activities Happen Beyond CHS? How Are Our Meetings Run? How Do We Keep Our Members Informed? What Are The Benefits of Being in Key Club? leadership


caring Key Club is about serving the world; sometimes that’s done locally. Sometimes it’s helping teens on the streets of Uruguay have a school to go to; or it’s writing letters to soldiers overseas; or making beaded gifts for children in hospitals; or working to save our environment; or helping the disabled; or helping to pay for the training of doctors so they can handle pediatric trauma cases; or sometimes it’s even saving the lives of unborn children in Africa by giving their mothers $1.80 worth of tetanus shots! It’s easy to get “hooked on service” when you join Key Club.

character building

KEY CLUB What Are The Benefits of Being In Key Club? Service Record – Easy to get in your required hours + more! Key Clubbers find it easy to get in their required service, and they come to realize how much fun service can be, and how great it feels to do good things for those in need.

College Applications – Stand out from the crowd Key Club is the largest student service organization in the world, and is easily recognized by college entrance boards.

Scholarships – Kiwanis + others Key Clubbers tend to have the best service records in the school, so they are more likely to win a Kiwanis scholarship, as well as other scholarships given to CHS graduates.

Senior Recognition – Medals and sashes Key Clubbers who spend at least 15 hours in Key Club service during their senior year are given a medal to wear on graduation night. The most outstanding senior wears a special sash.

Member Recognition – From local to international Key Club gives out about $600 in local awards at the end of the year. There are division, district and international levels of awards, too.

District Convention 2018

Experiences – Sense of family and lots of fun Key Clubbers share so many great experiences with each other that they develop a sense of family. It’s easy to have fun, because you begin to feel like you and your friends can really make a difference.

Fall Rally at Six Flags Key Club combines service with fun

KEY CLUB How Are Our Meetings Run?

Meetings Are Every Tuesday Call to Order – 12:55 p.m. in Room 23 You should always make sure to sign in on the roll call sheet. Try to show by 12:50 in order to sign-in before the meeting starts.

Pledges – We do both the American and Key Club We start the meeting with both pledges, and provide “cheat sheets” for saying the Key Club Pledge.

Business – We spend a lot of our time describing & signing up for up for service activities Our business will usually include the minutes from the previous meeting and a treasurer’s report for approval. We use parliamentary procedure for motions regarding expenditures and other important issues. At the first meeting of every month, a calendar of activities for the month will be distributed. At every meeting we describe upcoming service projects and then pass around clipboards with sign-up sheets. If you are interested in doing a particular activity, be sure to sign up for it before you leave the room. In addition, you’ll need to sign up online on our website. You can do that during the meeting, using your cell phone.

Committees – Here’s when you get to help plan things We hold many committee meetings during lunchtimes, and sometimes a committee will even meet in the evening. Here’s where the real planning for our major projects takes place.

KEY CLUB How Do We Keep Our Members Informed? Meeting Attendance – Vital This is the best way to get information about what activities are happening in the club. It is also the easiest way to sign up to participate in projects.

Monthly Calendars – Distributed at the first meeting of every month Once a month, a calendar is released which labels all known activities at that time. You will be able to find the calendar on our club website.

Newsletters – Once a month An officer produces a monthly newsletter which will be e-mailed to members, as well as distributed at a weekly meeting, and made available on our website.

Website – You can also find the site by typing in “Cloverdale Key Club” on Google. You can find pictures from past activities; and a lot of useful information. You can sign-up for upcoming activities, check your service hours, etc. The site will be available for connecting on your phone!

Facebook – “Like” our Cloverdale High School Key Club page Updates with pictures and messages are placed on there, almost daily!

E-mail, Instagrams and Text Messages – Reminders These will come out only when needed, but remember that e-mail will be one important method of communication!

Messages Delivered In Class – Usually first period This is done only when necessary, and is usually a personal reminder about something you agreed to do.

Bulletin Board In Hallway – Between Rooms 7 & 8 This will be changed when needed. Sometimes it will include pictures and updates.

Signs In Hallways – As needed Some signs will stay up all year. Others will go up as reminders of special events.

Bulletin Announcements – When needed We will use announcements to remind you about specific events, with information about details that you should know.

KEY CLUB What Activities Happen Beyond CHS? DCMs – Division Council Meetings Members from eleven schools meet once a month.

RTC – Region Training Conference This event happens once a year. It’s a get together of members from a larger geographic area, on September 22nd this year. The training is for members and officers.

2017 Region Training Conference

Fall Rally – This is another once-a-year event. It’s held at Six Flags in Vallejo. Members raise money for several months in advance to use in a “Lt. Governor Slave Auction”. All funds raised go to support the cause of the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Program. This year’s Fall Rally is October 20th.

Division Conclave – Once a year on the second Saturday in January, members from all clubs in the division meet to elect the next year’s Lt. Governor.


District Convention – California, Nevada & Hawaii Approximately 3000 members gather to celebrate a year’s work. and to train for the next year of service. This year’s convention is being held in Ontario, April 12-14. 2019.

At 2018 DCON

Key Leader – This is a Kiwanis sponsored leadership camp. It lasts from a Friday evening to a Sunday morning.

ICON – International Convention This is a summer-time event, and anyone wanting to attend will need to start serious fundraising early in the year. It’s almost always out-of-state.

Key Leader 2018

OTC – Officer Training Conference This will be held in the late Spring and will include training for all officers elected to serve the next year.

Member orientation packet 2018  

Member Orientation 2018

Member orientation packet 2018  

Member Orientation 2018