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Soaring with Service

CNH I K E Y C L U B Cloverdale Key Club | Issue 2 | June 2019 | kaylagallego17@icloud. com

Let Us Take Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

Inside: - March for Babies -Kiwanis Governor’s Visit - ICON Here We Come! Cloverdale High School | 509 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, CA, 95425

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By Danielle Neustadt The Key Club Awards Night was a great way to end our school year! We had a lot of fun and the food was really good! It was very nice to recognize all the things that we accomplished this past year, to congratulate ourselves, and to acknowledge new members in the club. We could not have done it without the help of Sue, Stephen and our amazing Kiwanis Club. My first year in Key Club was a success and it helped me grow as a leader. I am glad that I went to the Awards Night to be reminded of that fact!

Did you know?

We volunteered 1836 service hours & donated $8,400 to those in need during the 2018-19 year


Presidents Message By Lilly Duran

Now that this school year is finally over, we can all relax and have a fun time. But, that doesn't mean Key Club is done for the summer! We will be planning many service projects over the next six weeks! Some of these include: a bake sale at Ray’s for PTP; going to the Redwood Empire Food Bank; helping at the Cloverdale Library; working on plans for the upcoming HUGS Project year; and more! If there is anyone out there who is artistic and wants to paint a bench or table at CHS, let me know. There are a couple that we decorated a few years back; and they need new paint jobs! Have a great summer, and keep up the hard work! Don’t forget to check out the July calendar on page 17. One of my personal favorite service projects is helping out at the town’s Drive-In Movie Nights. There is one on July 20th. It’s Ghostbusters! If you want to help, you have to signup by July 5th. Check out the details on Page 20!


Summer Involvement By Lizet Barrera The importance of staying involved with Key Club over the summer is to help your community with anything and everything! Key Club members should be doing their 50 hours a year, but during the school year that tends to be hard. Many Key Club members are either too busy with homework or extra-curricular activities. The summertime is when members should be most active, because of the long days that many have off from school! Now that could be tricky for some, because they are either on vacation, or have made commitments to other programs. But I am sure that there is some room for all of us to get a few hours in for Key Club, especially because of all the events that are set up at different times throughout the whole summer. In conclusion, in the next six weeks all members should attend as many events as possible! You won’t regret it, and you’ll have a great time, too!

Check out the regular summer service project that you could do at our very own Cloverdale Library. Stop by the Library and sign-up to help!


Member of the Month 6

Our Member of the Month was Vanessa Martinez. She attended all four lunch meetings. She was a participant at the club Awards Night. She helped make beaded bracelets by attending our Focus Fridays. She was also there for the monthly Shine Day with the Special Day Class. The bracelets we made at both the Focus Fridays and the Shine Day will be sold to raise funds for the Eliminate Project. She also participated in our E-Lemon-Ate fundraiser during Key Club Eliminate Week.

Officer of the Month

Our Officer of the Month was Kayla Gallego. She was there for both the yarn chandeliers and the decorating mugs activities held at the convalescent hospital. She helped make MNT bracelets at both our Focus Fridays and our Shine Day with the Special Day Class. She provided child care for a PTA meeting, helped at the Kiwanis Governor’s Visit, and bussed tables and made pancakes at the Kiwanis Mother’s Day Breakfast.


By Kayla Gallego We celebrated Eliminate Week, which is the week right before Mother’s Day. At our meeting that week, we asked each member to bring in $2 to save a child’s life. This was “The E-Lemon-Ate Challenge. As a reward, we ate lemon meringue pie at the meeting! That day we made $60 for the cause! That week, we also started the project of making graduation leis in the school colors of blue and gold. Members then sold the leis to seniors to wear at graduation; and we made another $160!


By Alexis Sanchez The March for Babies was an event where we got to set up and help with simple tasks. There was only our Key Club from the division that showed up; and it was Miguel and I who went. They changed the balloon arc to now be an inflatable one, so we didn’t have to do all the work of blowing up the balloons and tying them to the arc. There was a church there helping us. The March for Babies is a fundraiser to help fight the threat of prematurity and birth defects. The week before going, some of us set up a table at Ray’s to fundraise for the cause. Because of this, we were able to take $200 with us that day; and we donated it to the March of Dimes. It was such a fun day, and I’m glad I went.

People fundraise for the March for Babies in order to help expand programs, and to prioritize the health of mothers and their babies! They fundraise in order to help find solutions to big health problems and help mothers through the stages of pregnancy.


Kiwanis Mother’s Day Breakfast By Alyssa Arrington On May 12th, Kayla and I worked with our Kiwanis at their annual Mother’s Day Breakfast. We spent six hours helping with set-up, making pancakes, re-setting and bussing tables, as well as doing clean-up and tear-down afterwards. We had a great time bonding with our Kiwanis family; and I can’t wait to work the Breakfast again next year!

Fun Fact: This event was set up in order to support scholarships for deserving CHS seniors!


Our Kiwanis made sure that CHS seniors have a “rosy” future!

Kiwanis Governor’s Visit By Kayla Gallego Attending the Governor’s Visit to our Kiwanis Division 32 was a great experience! Miguel and I went to a very beautiful winery where the event was held. I got to meet many new Kiwanis members who were all so very kind! After we got there, I was introduced to the Kiwanis Governor, Rocci Barsotti! It was a pleasure to meet him and he even gave me a special job to do. He asked me to sell “The Heart of a Hero” pins, and to ask any Kiwanis members where their “swagiwanis” was, (if they weren’t wearing something to show off their Kiwanis spirit)! I was too shy to ask anyone that, but I did my best to sell as many pins as I could. I also enjoyed my time outside at the drinks table with the members from our own Cloverdale Kiwanis family. When everyone went inside to eat, the Governor gave his speech, and in the middle of it, he told everyone about how I had helped him with selling pins! Overall, I really enjoyed going to this event and I look forward to going to future fun events like this!

Oh! There was also a brown alpaca there, and it was so beautiful!!


By Kayla Gallego Every Friday in the month of May, we had members show up at lunchtime and make bracelets, which we are going to sell for the Eliminate Project! On one Friday, we also had students from the Special Day Class join us for the same project. It was actually fun! There were many smiling faces and amazing bracelets made!


By Rowan Addison During phonebook deliveries, we first go pick up stacks of phone books from the newspaper office and then we drive around town, delivering them. We split up to go down the streets, placing a phonebook on each doorstep. Our club gets a donation from the phonebook distributors, which happens to be the town newspaper, the Reveille. This is a good summer activity. It doesn’t take too long, and sometimes members make it a competition to see who can deliver them fastest, which is always fun.

The members shown below averaged 15-25 hours each, delivering the books to approximately 2000 households and businesses!


We sorted and packed food with others from our division. It was fun to do it as a Key Club group!

At the June DCM we were surprised and delighted to receive the


“Member of the Month” – (Vanessa Martinez) We also earned the “Club of the Month” certificate


HUGS for Them and for Us By Ernesto Rico This year’s HUGS Project was amazing! I really enjoyed playing Bingo every Wednesday with the residents of the convalescent hospital. The HUGS Project also helped me get better with my communications skills, since I am sometimes a shy person : ) I definitely won’t forget the Christmas project we did with them, (we decorated gingerbread cookies); and I enjoyed singing Christmas carols with my friends and drinking hot chocolate. Another highlight was the Valentine’s Party. It was also nice to leave them with some permanent reminders of us being there. One time we made lap blankets, and another we decorated mugs with designs and their names. I am looking forward to what we do next year!


ICON HERE WE COME!! By Neidi Calvillo Hello Everyone, I am excited to let everyone know that this year the Cloverdale Key Club will be sending six members to ICON! International Convention is an event where Key Clubbers from all over the world come together to learn more about Key Club, and themselves. It is also where we elect the new Key Club International President and Trustees. In order to have this amazing experience, all attendees needed to fundraise enough money to cover the expenses. Some of us sold See’s candy in front of Ray’s. With help from my mom I was able to organize a tamale sale as a fundraiser. I was able to raise $443. While I made the most in this sale, other ICON attendees also made tamales and money. Between us all, we fundraised $710 with our tamale sale! I am really happy about how this fundraiser turned out! I look forward to my second year attending ICON! I cannot wait to meet new people and learn more about ways to help those in need!

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1 ICON Attendees Meeting











13 K-Family Party at Stephen’s



PTP Bake Sale at Ray’s

Ghostbusters at the Citrus Fair

25 Evening Kiwanis Meeting

6 ICON Joint DCM with Kiwanis

Officer Training

18 Kiwanis Meeting Officer Training

24 Board Meeting & Swimming at Sues’




17 HUGS Project Committee Meeting

Officer Training

29 Officer Training





Kiwanis Meeting Zootopia at the Plaza

Officer Training

22 Officer Training




Club Meeting Kiwanis Board Meeting

Officer Training





26 Officer Training


31 Officer Training



LTG Message & July DCM Coming to Our Town!


By Miguel Gonzalez


Hello Key Clubbers! I thank all of you for reading this, and for your dedication to service, even through the summer. We'll be having some fun events you can attend, like the July DCM! So, make sure to check out the D32 social media for more information. Most of our information is posted on the CNH Division 20/32 Facebook site. Also, make sure to get in those service hours this summer to prepare for Fall Rally; it'll come sooner than you think! Have a wonderful summer!


July DCM: The July DCM will be a ton of fun, so save the date. It’s on July 6th! We’ll meet at CHS at 10:30 a.m. and return home around 2:00 p.m. We'll be having a “K-Family Karnival” at this joint DCM. The DCM is being hosted by our very own Kiwanis Club, and is being held out at the Lake Sonoma Picnic Area. This means carnival games, mini-service projects, and more! I highly recommend that you come to this DCM, especially if you would like to have some fun! You can count on just that, not only with other Key Clubbers, but with the Kiwanis as well!


Raising money for PTP

Saturday, July 6 Lake Sonoma Picnic Grounds Joint DCM with Kiwanis from Division 32 Hosted by our own Cloverdale Kiwanis Meet at CHS at 10:30 a.m. / return home about 2:00 p.m. Day will include fun carnival-style activities / We are doing a “Spin the Wheel” for prizes and to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program! - 1 spin = $1 - 3 spins = $2

Come one, Come all! Come find out about our summer activities and enjoy free pizza! o Monday, July 15 o 5 p.m. o Papa’s Pizza o Wednesday, July17 o 6 p.m. o Starbucks o Help us plan projects and fundraisers to do for fun projects o We are thinking of going to the hospital twice a month next year; we want to do a special craft project or activity each time we go


Saturday, July 20 3 p.m. 552 Port Circle Make Your Own Pizza Games & Fun Times

Summer Drive-In -

Thursday, July 11 – Zootopia at the Plaza…(our help isn’t needed...just go to enjoy!) Saturday, July 20 – Ghostbusters at the Drive- In Movie Night at the Citrus Fair Members must let Alexander Valley Film Society know they want to help You can contact them at (707) 893-7150 or you can sign-up online at: https://signup.com/go/SPzgVSa - Also let Sue Cummins know if you are planning to do this project - AVFS wants a commitment made by July 5th By Rowan Addison Every summer the Alexander Valley Film Society holds drive-in movies. This year they will be featuring Zootopia in the Plaza on July 11th and Ghostbusters at the Citrus Fair on July 20th. Key Club members are asked to volunteer for the drive-in movie to help direct parking, give out popcorn and snacks, paint faces and clean up; and possibly this year help out the Kiwanis BBQ booth. We help before and after the movie, so if you volunteer you will get to watch the movie too! These events are lots of fun and help support our local community!


By Paula Toledo Vice President Paula Toledo is here to inform you of a Bake Sale we are doing to help out the Pediatric Trauma Program, (better known as PTP). For those who don’t know much about PTP, keep reading for a little information. Each year in the U.S about 9,000 families sadly lose a child due to a preventable injury or accident. In 1994 the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation established the Pediatric Trauma Program, because it recognized the serious need for education and training in the areas of pediatric trauma and injury prevention. Since then, funds raised by the CNH Kiwanis, Key Clubbers and other SLPs, have been used to donate to children’s hospitals, and to set up accident prevention programs. Provision of safety equipment to needy families, (such as infant car seats and bicycle helmets), is also a priority. Last year our Cloverdale Key Club raised and donated $900 to the PTP cause! We’re setting a goal to do even better this year! And, this bake sale is the start of our fundraising efforts.


Friday, July 19th At Ray’s Food Place 3-6 p.m. Bring goods Be at the table


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Let Us Take Time to Stop and Smell the Roses


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June 2019 Cloverdale Key Club Newsletter  

The June 2019 newsletter of the Cloverdale High School Key Club

June 2019 Cloverdale Key Club Newsletter  

The June 2019 newsletter of the Cloverdale High School Key Club


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