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Soaring with Service

CNH I K E Y C L U B Cloverdale Key Club | Issue 3 | July 2019 | kaylagallego17@icloud. com

Our Key Club Summer is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Inside: - Kiwanis & Key Club ICONs - HUGS Project Plans - MNT Bracelets Cloverdale High School | 509 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, CA, 95425

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At International Convention, Cloverdale made up about 1/5 of the CNH District tour group. After spending four days in Baltimore, we bussed to Washington, D.C. Here we are posing in front of the White House. Did you know that the White House is made of painted brick? Behind us was a female Secret Service agent, with a male across the street, both alert to any shenanigans we, or anyone else, might try!


Presidents Message By Lilly Duran

The new school year is coming! This school year, one of my goals is to make sure that I listen to any concerns you may have as members of our Key Club. I want to make this club be owned by you! As an officer team, we want to be sure that you are all able to help the community with genuine smiles! So please, if you have any concerns about the club, or maybe a new service project idea, let me know! Our first club meeting will be on August 19th in Room 1, at CHS, during lunchtime. I invite you to be there to help us kick-off the year. We are planning on making this year as sweet as Pooh Bear’s favorite “hunny”! (By the way, this is me with Pooh Bear at a Character Breakfast in Disney World, when I went there this summer for the Kiwanis International Convention!)



Hey Key Clubbers! Now that the start of the new school year is Hey Keywe Clubbers! that opportunities the start of the school year is approaching, have aNow lot more tonew do service! approaching, we have a lot more opportunities to do service! Here are some events YOU can attend: Here are some events nd YOU can attend: - Food Pantry (Aug. 2 and 9th) - Food Pantry (August 2nd and 9th) (Aug. 14th) - Assist Teachers with School Readiness - Assist Teachers School Readiness (August 14rdth)& 30th) - MNT Bracelets at FNLwith & football games (Aug. 16th, 23 - SellShop MNT Bracelets at FNL (August - Macy’s for a Cause (Aug. 17th) 16th, 23rd & 30th) th) - Macy’s for a Cause (August 17th) - Dinner in theShop Vineyards (Aug. 24 - Dinner in the Vineyards (August 24th) Members can also get in some extra service before school starts Members can getschool in some extra They service school starts by helping in the high office! arebefore looking for volunteers. with school the County and/orthe helping at Library the Boys and Girls Club, Once startsLibrary don’t forget County and the Boys & Girls or volunteering convalescent hospital, as well. In addition, Club can always at usethe help tutoring younger children! the high school office needs volunteers anytime between now and the first day of school!


Member of the Month 6

Our Member of the Month was Miguel Gonzalez, with a total of 29 hours of activities. He participated in and won the division t-shirt contest. It will be his design decorating the D32 t-shirts at Fall Rally this year! As LTG, he helped to plan the event, and then worked it, too. This was the Redwood Empire Food Bank, as part of the June DCM. He also completed all of his LTG responsibilities, which was hours and hours of work! We are so excited to know that this year’s LTG is someone we LOVE!

Officer of the Month

Our Officer of the Month was Lilly Duran. She volunteered a total of 46 hours in service during the month of June. She helped with phone book deliveries, door-to-door in our town. She volunteered at the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Lilly also put in 17 hours towards helping the Save the Rain cause. She did this by attending the Kiwanis International Convention, sharing stories about Save the Rain with Kiwanis members from around the world! Plus, as club President, she contacted members about summer service opportunities.


By Lilly Duran

The Kiwanis International Convention was an amazing experience! It was a lot of fun being able to talk to so many Kiwanians and get them interested in Save the Rain; and it turned out to be fun for them, too, as it was the first time that most of them had ever heard of Save the Rain! Even if some of the people weren't interested in fundraising for the cause, they still donated some money, or bought some of the merchandise we had for sale. What was even more fun was the fact that this year, the Kiwanis International Convention was held at Disney World! There were so many things to do and so many parks! From my experience I would definitely advise going to a Kiwanis International Convention in the future, if you can! Being around so many people who care about others is inspiring!

Lilly Lillyshares sharesdetails detailsabout aboutthe theSave Savethe theRain Rain causewith withour ourvery veryown ownKiwanis KiwanisDivision Division32 cause 32Lt. Lt.Governor, Governor,Pennylee PennyleeChristensen Christensen


Joint DCM in July with Kiwanis By Hannah Sharp Hello, it’s Hannah Sharp, here, one of your VPs! I was lucky enough to attend the July Joint DCM with Kiwanis, and I’m going to tell you about it! It was on the 6 th of July, and we went to the Lake Sonoma Recreation Area. The DCM was hosted by our own Kiwanis Club! It was a nice experience that I got to enjoy as a new club officer. For those who haven’t attended or haven’t heard about a DCM, it’s basically a meeting where clubs from nearby come together, once a month, to report about their activities and to learn about division and district goals and projects. DCMs usually involve a lunch, where they give us food like sandwiches, chips, soda and something sweet, like cookies. DCMs welcome all who attend, not just club officers. We encourage our members to attend at least one DCM to see how big and loving our K-Family can be!




ICON (The Convention) By Kayla Gallego During ICON, there are sessions that talk about many different things, some regarding yourself, and others sharing ways to improve your Key Club. One session I found very interesting and helpful for not only myself, but for the club, and its members as well. It was about learning sign language! The presenter was so nice and fun to listen to, because she told us about her story and she shared basic phrases to know. She also taught us phrases to use for Key Club! This session motivated us to try and learn ASL, in case we ever had a member who couldn’t speak, and we would be able to make that person feel comfortable and welcomed. Another session I found helpful was learning about giving presentations and using hand signals when necessary. I learned that using hand signals actually makes you look much more comfortable while presenting. I am definitely going to try to use more hand signals, since I feel like it can distract me a little bit from the fear I have when talking in front of anyone! ICON was a lot of fun and I am glad that I went. I actually got closer to the other members from our group; and I now feel much more comfortable with them! During the 4 th of July, all 6 of us went out and used an app to rent electric scooters called LIME! Some of us had to share one scooter, so it would be 1 scooter with 2 people on it. It was very fun and one of the best things we have done! During the free time of ICON, we all spent most of our time together going out to see different places, even though it was hot outside. One day we went shopping at a mall for a while, and then we went to this HUGE Barnes and Noble!!! I loved Baltimore, but since it is such a big city, it is very different than what I am used to. For example, there are people, music, and noise all day! The weather is so much different than it is in California. It was hot and humid! I would love to go to Baltimore again someday and see the things that aren’t as common here! Thank you, Kiwanis, for helping us be able to attend ICON. It was an unforgettable trip and you allowed me to see and experience such amazing and different things!




ICON (District Tour in Washington, D.C.) By Neidi Calvillo

Hello everyone! I am excited to tell all of you that the ICON 2019 Tour was a blast! I had so much fun visiting new cities and memorials. On Sunday, July 7th the whole CNH district group traveled in a tour bus from Baltimore, (where ICON was held), to Washington, D.C. Once there we visited numerous memorials such as the Korean War, Vietnam and MLK Memorials, as starters. We were also able to visit the Abraham Lincoln Memorial; it was so much bigger than I expected! The White House was pretty white; it was a memorable sight, so our district and Cloverdale Crew needed to take a picture in front of it! We even went to the Newseum where we saw incredible exhibits about how our country has historically delivered the “news”. The most impacting display, in my opinion, was the “9/11” one; it truly made me devastated and got some tears out of me. After exploring the Newseum we headed to dinner where I ate some fries and salad, (very interesting combination). Finally, after a full day of touring we did a drive-by of the Iwo Jima Memorial. Did you know that the flag on the memorial looks higher based on the angle you look at it? It was a stunning sight! As we headed back to the hotel, someone asked if we could go and watch the new Spider-Man movie. Mr. Gin said, “yes”, and the majority of us got Boba and saw the movie that night. The movie was great; and while walking to and from it we got a lot closer to some of the LTGs. The next day it started pouring rain! However, that did not stop the tour!! We traveled to the US Capitol and toured the Library of Congress; and then we took the tunnel that led to the White House. There we had a guide that led us, along with thousands of others, around the parts that are open to the public. After that, we explored the Smithsonian Museums where our Coverdale group saw a piece of the moon!! We headed to dinner and everyone was dead asleep when we arrived! We ate some good pasta and then headed to see a 360-degree view of D.C. Our Cloverdale group also got a picture there!! To finish out the day, the girls and I then went to Target where we bought hair dye to dye Alyssa’s and Lilly’s hair! It was definitely a memory we will never forget! The next day we said goodbye to everyone and headed back to Baltimore where we got on a plane to return home! Overall, ICON 2019, both the tour and the convention, was an amazing experience! Thanks to everyone who made it possible for Cloverdale to attend!


By Kayla Gallego This event was a great way to see the Kiwanis and the Key Club members enjoy the day together! Since the party was held at Mr. Bearden’s house, I’d like to thank him for having us all there! He spent quite some time preparing for the evening. While there, I spent time with Neidi, Alexis, and Miguel. We played games and talked throughout the whole party. We played with water balloons and made pizzas! I have never made myself a pizza before, so that was a very fun and new experience. Once our pizzas were made, we spent the rest of the time talking in the living room. We told Miguel all the things we did on our ICON trip, the things we liked or disliked, what we did on our free time, what the district tour was like, and the things we ended up finding very funny. By then, everyone was getting ready to leave so we all got our slices of cake that had the words “Cloverdale Kiwanis Family – Kiwanis - Key Club - Builders Club” on it. This party was very fun, and I am glad that I was able to go. I’d like to thank Mr. Bearden once again; and to say thank you to the rest of the Kiwanis for helping us attend ICON and have the best memories. I’d like to also thank the Key Club members who attended ICON. Because of their hard work, we all managed to go somewhere farther away from our homes, get closer to each other, and have an amazing time full of fun and unforgettable memories! And, because the K-Family Party was just a few days after we got back, ICON ended up being the focus of our conversation!


The Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) is a project with the goal of reducing the number of children who are killed or injured by trauma. We all work to prevent this trauma by educating people in our communities, and by providing them with safety equipment, so children and families living in the community will be less likely to have preventable accidents. In addition to our efforts to prevent accidents, a lot of the PTP focus is on providing services to children’s hospitals. Our club, and all Key Clubs in California, Nevada and Hawaii help this program by raising money to donate for this cause. The funds we raise also provide further pediatric training for doctors, nurses, and first responders; and pay for more medical equipment for pediatric emergency rooms. Because we feel the cause is so important, on July 19th we held a bake sale for the PTP cause.

We made $223 at our PTP Bake Sale


By Lizet Barrera The HUGS Committee met on Wednesday, July 17th. Lilly, Ernesto and I were there, plus Sue, Stephen and Nancy, (the convalescent hospital director of activities). We discussed what we should plan for the upcoming HUGS days. We came up with a few ideas and we decided whether or not we should follow through on them. We also researched how much the materials would cost for some of these plans; and we actually ordered some supplies online. We took our time scheduling the activities, trying to put certain projects into slots that made sense for either convenience or celebration of holidays. In the end, we made what we think is a pretty good schedule for the first semester of the school year. You can see it below! Date September 11

Activity Paint terra cotta pots and create pipe cleaner & other materials flower designs for inside them

September 25 Pet Day

October 2

October 16

October 30

November 13

November 27

December 11


Play Bingo In between games ask questions to get ideas for pictures they might like Bring pictures for them to choose their puzzle. Do pumpkin decorating Decorate Halloween cookies

Care packages for Veterans with letters included – dictated to students to actually write Make their own reindeer Christmas tree ornament

Hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and Christmas music

Ghostbusters Drive-In By Rowan Addison The drive-in, Saturday night, July 20th, showing Ghostbusters, was a fun night. Some Key Club members helped the concessions table and others helped paint faces and did set-up. The Kiwanis served food like hamburgers and hot dogs. There was also a car cramming contest, and a car with 11 people won. Then everyone enjoyed Ghostbusters under the stars. Key Club helped clean-up and put everything away at the end of the night. It was a fun and successful event!


Hello Key Clubbers! We are in need of Executive Assistants! We need up to 5 members to sign up. Positions are open until the end of September. Please ask for an application! You won’t regret it! Being an Executive Assistant By: Kayla Gallego Being an Executive Assistant is a position in which you can help others on the Board, and assist the club, in general. When I first started as a Key Club member, I became an Assistant in order to help Rowan Addison, (past Newsletter Editor), complete the Key Club newsletters. I would get half of the newsletter to work on which sped things up. Being an Executive Assistant helped me find my love for desktop publishing! I strongly suggest members try to be assistants because you get to be more active and you are a part of the decision-making about projects and activities. Executive Assistants attend Board meetings, which are once-a-month, and just do anything that can be a help in running the club.








ICON Attendees Meeting





1 Kiwanis Meeting (ICON Presentation)



Baard email posters to advisor

8 Kiwanis Meeting


Saturday 2


Food Pantry

9 Food Pantry

10 DCM

CHS RoundUp




14 Assist Teachers with School Readiness

18 Board-2Board Event


19 Club Meeting at Lunchtime & PTP & Kiwanis Board Mtg.

20 Board Meeting

26 Club Meeting at Lunchtime & PTP Fundraising

HUGS Project Committee Meeting

27 Board Meeting


28 Officer Training




Staff Appreciation/ MNT Bracelets at FNL & football



Kiwanis Meeting

29 Evening Kiwanis Meeting

Focus Friday & MNT Bracelets at FNL


17 Macy’s Shop for a Cause

24 Dinner in the Vineyards


Focus Friday & MNT Bracelets at FNL & football


- On August 14th, we’re doing what we can to help some of our favorite teachers get set-up for school. o Here is what you can do… -Connect with Sue Cummins to tell her the name of the teacher you would like to help, and to arrange a time for helping - Also, Patti needs help with her office ANY TIME. She would love it if you just showed up!

- On August 16th, we will hold a Staff Appreciation Day o We are purchasing non-sweet snacks o Here is what you can do… - Bring cupcakes or cookies to school that day


Come One, Call All! -

Music, snacks, & making bracelets at lunchtime in Room 1 on both Fridays in August


Selling them at the last 3 Friday Night Live events in August & at the 2 home football games. o At FNL we’ll set up a table as part of the Kiwanis booth & sell them for $2 each- and each bracelet saves the life of a child! The Eliminate Project is a very important cause in which we raise money in order to get rid of Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus for women and babies in third-world countries


Food Pantry with Kiwanis By Alexis Sanchez Participating in the Food Pantry with the Kiwanis is such an amazing experience. You get to bond with the Kiwanians, who are wonderful people! The Food Pantry is a special place to help people who are looking for assistance in feeding their families. It has a huge impact on those in our community who are in need. When working there, you get a variety of jobs. You do different things, such as stocking the canned food distribution tables when they get emptied by the people going through. The tasks are easy and it’s all planned very efficiently. This event is one of my favorite ones, because you can actually see the local people you are helping. You get to talk to them and really know that you are making a difference!


- This is a Cloverdale Kiwanis project that we need to support! - Fridays- August 2nd and 9th from 1-3 p.m.


Shop for a Cause o Saturday, August 17th in Santa Rosa o Meet at CHS at a time to still be arranged o Stand at the entrances and encourage shoppers to spend so that Macy’s will donate a portion of their sales receipts to the March of Dimes


Club Cloverdale High School Key Club

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District https://www.cnhkeyclub.org CyberKey




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Rowan Addison

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Our Key Club Summer is Hot, Hot, Hot!


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The Cloverdale High School Key Club July 2019 Newsletter  

The July 2019 newsletter for the Clvoerdale Key Club

The Cloverdale High School Key Club July 2019 Newsletter  

The July 2019 newsletter for the Clvoerdale Key Club


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