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Soaring with Service

CNH I K E Y C L U B Cloverdale Key Club | Issue 4 | August 2019 | kaylagallego17@icloud. com

And the Fun Begins Again!

Inside: - MNT Bracelets - Honoring our Schools - September 7th Cloverdale High School | 509 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, CA, 95425

Table of Contents Messages Recognition Kiwanis Activities MNT Bracelets HUGS Project Division Activities Round-Up & First Meeting Honoring our Schools September Calendar Focus Fridays See’s Sales September 7th PTP Social Media Contacts Thank You


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Staff Appreciation Snack Break On the second Friday of the new school year, we purchased items for the teachers and staff to eat during their morning break. In addition, several members brought in homemade cookies and cupcakes!


By Lilly Duran Hello everybody. And, the fun begins once more with the start of a new school year! We had an amazing first meeting where we met a lot of potential new members, and we re-connected with some of our experienced ones. This year we are planning on having a guest speaker to at least one meeting each month. Our reason for doing this is to be able to spend a little more time exploring service opportunities. In September, we will have someone join us who will be sharing details about a recycling project that we can do. She’s traveling from Santa Rosa to be here, so let’s make sure we give her a warm welcome. In addition, she’s going to tell us about a “Fashion Trashion” show we might put on later this year! Sound a bit crazy? Come find out about it. Another project starting up with this new year is our HUGS Project, (working with convalescent hospital patients). We will be going every other week and doing a fun activity with the patients! Our first visit will be on September 11th. I hope everybody had a fantastic beginning to the new school year, and I'll see you at our next meeting!


By Sue Cummins: Caring – Our Way of Life Did you know that this is the Key Club Motto? So, what do you care about? If, like 500,000 other Key Clubbers, world-wide, you care about helping others, then you are in the right club! But, giving up time to do good deeds is not always easy. Sometimes, it’s easier to let your daily life overwhelm and wear down your convictions. What might you have to “give up” in order to “show up” when needed? Only you can make that choice. Just know that you CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And, what you get out of doing something good can be life-changing for you. It’s a feeling that says, “What I did mattered!” Sometimes, the time spent is minimal, and yet, the impact is phenomenal! For example, at the first Focus Friday this year, four members saved the lives of four children during that lunchtime! Unbelievable, but TRUE! They made four MNT Bracelets which sold for $2 each. $2 buys life-saving tetanus shots. Here’s your choice… you could relax on a Friday at lunchtime, maybe even do homework; OR you could drag your friends to Room 1. You just might even save a child’s life during that time!


Member of the Month 6

Our Member of the Month is our Scrapbook Editor, so technically she is also an officer. Neidi Calvillo spent a total of 53 hours doing club activities during the month of July. This included helping fundraise for PTP. She was also one of the members who attended ICON. As past club President, she was particularly helpful when it came to planning our activities, as she always had important insights to share. She is also a dedicated member who shows her love for service in a variety of ways.

Officer of the Month

Our Officer of the Month was Paula Toledo. She had a total of 60 hours of club activities in July! Wow! And she was one of our six officers who attended ICON. She brought home some exciting ideas for changes to the club next year! She also helped with our fundraising for PTP, raising $223 for the cause. She was the chair for the bake sale that we held. As one of this year’s club Vice Presidents, her enthusiasm for Key Club shines in all she does, and she’s ready for the new school year to start!


By Lilly Duran At the first Kiwanis meeting in August we had some of the Key Clubbers who went to International Convention give a presentation about their experiences. We did many things during that Kiwanis meeting. We showed a video, (made by Alexis Sanchez), that shared clips of our experiences. (If you want to check it out, you can view that video on our website, under “Events�). We also played a fun game where the Kiwanis had to guess who did what silly thing while at ICON. We also gave each Kiwanis member a gift to show our appreciation for all the things they have done for us. Overall, it was a really fun experience being able to share with the Kiwanis what we learned and did at ICON.


By Alyssa Arrington Working at the Food Pantry is a truly humbling experience. It feels so amazing to aid in continuing to build up our community and directly impact those in need in such a good way. Not only does it help to gain work experience and learn about the dynamics of our town, but we get to give back while doing it. It is doing service projects like these where we can apply our skills in such a meaningful way and find our purpose within the community. We are so lucky that our Kiwanis Club sponsors this activity, making it possible to continue doing this project and bond with our Kiwanians while doing it.


By Miguel Gonzalez Why should you attend Kiwanis meetings? After all, they’re either early in the morning, or in the evening when you could be hanging out with friends. While that’s true, Kiwanis meetings provide so much! Not only do you get to meet the wonderful Kiwanians who support us, you also get to build a relationship with them. In addition, you can usually have a small meal or drink, on the Kiwanis! Most importantly, it allows Key Club - You! - to connect directly with Kiwanis. So, if you are ever considering whether to go to a Kiwanis meeting, attend; they are amazing events which you won’t forget. You have 364 other days to sleep in, or hang out with friends; so go hang out with the Kiwanis!


By Paula Toledo So, this was a get-together with the Kiwanis and Key Club Boards, (that’s the officers of each club!). Our President, Lilly, made us play an extremely fun game so we would begin to know one another a little better. Bonding with the Kiwanis is very important. Not only do they help us when we need it, but they are good role models for us to follow! After the bonding experience, we talked about an upcoming event that we want to co-sponsor. It will be a movie night, held in January at the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center. It was decided that all the money raised at this event will go toward scholarships for CHS students. I am really glad I went to this activity. I had some great pizza, and a fun time with our Kiwanis!



By Kayla Gallego For those who don’t know, MNT stands for Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus. Our club has been making bracelets and selling them in order to raise money to help save children’s lives by eliminating these dread diseases. Last week we sold a lot of them at our town’s event called Friday Night Live. We will be making more bracelets during upcoming Focus Fridays in order to sell them at the Kiwanis Oktoberfest, held on October 5th. While selling the bracelets, we made $70 for the Eliminate Project cause! Many people were excited and surprised that such a small amount of money, ($2.00), actually saves a child’s life. While some just bought our bracelets, there were many others who donated money for the cause!


Tuesday, September 10: - We will be making terra cotta pot candles after school in Room 7

Wednesday, September 11: - We’ll be going to the convalescent hospital to decorate the candle-pots and play bingo with the patients

Wednesday, September 25: - Pet Day! We’ll pick the pets up after school and take them to the hospital.

Criteria- All pets MUST have paperwork for proof that they’ve had their shots



Region Training Conference


By Miguel Gonzalez RTC is coming up soon! There are going to be tons of great workshops, speakers, and activities for everybody. It’s going to be on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Cardinal Newman High School; so be sure to put it on your calendar. We will open-up at 9:00 a.m. for registration; and activities will begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m. The recommended donation is $5 at the door, and includes a folder, paper & pen, as well as lunch! If you would also like a Division 32 T-Shirt, bring an extra $12, this is a special 20% discount from the normal cost of $15! I hope to see you all at RTC very soon!

NOTE: YOU MUST BE A DUES-PAID MEMBER TO ATTEND! • Since dues are $10, the cost of this event, including the t-shirt is $27. • Don’t panic! Here is what you can do: o Pay the $10 dues. Then… o Sign-up by September 17th; and the club will pay your $5 registration fee. Then… o Sell one bag of See’s candy bars and suckers; and the club will use the profits from that to buy your t-shirt

You will need the t-shirt at other events during the year, so it’s smart to get it now at the reduced price!

What’s A DCM? A DCM is a once-a-month event that brings the geographically close clubs together to meet, learn about Key Club and have fun. The September DCM will be held as part of the Region Training Conference, on September 21. Read the article below to find out what happened at the August DCM!

August DCM By Alexis Sanchez We met at Howarth Park. It was Miguel’s birthday and we got him a gift. Miguel took everyone on a 30-minute scenic walk; and then he started the DCM. Members on the Division Leadership Team talked about the CNH District Spotlight on Service Projects for August and September, and they covered many more topics. Miguel did a really nice presentation on things to know about applying for college and scholarships. We were served pizza and water and caramel popcorn. Some of our ICON attendees were also asked about their favorite parts of ICON. We did share that next year’s International Convention will be in San Francisco.




Round-Up By Rowan Addison At Round-Up in early August we recruited new members and got everyone excited about the upcoming year. We passed out blue and gold necklaces to encourage school spirit. We had sign-up sheets for possible members to complete. We also had the website, an ICON video, our scrapbook, and newsletters up for everyone to see as they walked through the gym. Many people were intrigued about getting their community service hours; and Key Club showed them how they could help out their community, and world, by joining. RoundUp was successful, and it drew many new people to want to join Key Club!

First Meeting of the Year

First Meeting of the Year By Paula Toledo Hello, my fellow Key Clubbers. This is one of the club Vice Presidents here to talk about our first meeting of the year!!! We started with Board introductions. It’s important for our members to know us and the role we play in the club. Then, President Lilly Duran invited our members to introduce themselves. After our introductions, we made sure that everyone completed a Member Information Form, so we could immediately start contacting them about activities. We continued with discussions about all the events coming up that week. Unbelievably, there were several! It felt good to start a new year and see so many faces of students who showed interest in joining us!


Teacher Assistance Day By Alexis Sanchez For a first-time project this year, we sponsored a day of helping the teachers prepare for the start of the new school year. I helped Ms. DuVander with setting up her class. I helped set up her back wall of art and assisted in organizing her room. I put the calculators where they were supposed to go, and the clipboards where you’ll now find them. We finished early, and then talked about the “escape room” Ms. DuVander was creating for her Statistics class. I’m really glad that I did this. It was a good project.

H O N O R I N G Our

During the month of August we: •

Helped distribute school supplies to children at a local apartment center • Helped prepare for and worked at our table at the school Round-Up, as well worked in a variety of capacities in “running” the event • Sponsored a Teacher Appreciation Day before school started, to help teachers set-up their classrooms •



Held a “Staff Appreciation Day” where we paid for and made food for their Snack Break Did childcare for the Jefferson School PTA meeting

Supplies Distribution

Several members worked long hours that day!

The treats shared with the Faculty on Staff Appreciation Day were yummy!


Monday 1

Tuesday 2






10 PTP Fundraising at Ray’s


Club Meeting




Club Meeting & PTP Fundraising & Board Meeting


5 Kiwanis Meeting & PTP Fundraising at Ray’s

11 HUGS Project

12 Kiwanis Meeting

18 PTP Fundraising at Ray’s

Kiwanis Board Meeting



Club Meeting

Club Meeting




26 Kiwanis Meeting

Saturday 6

Focus Friday


7 Senior Center Breakfast & Drive-In Movie


Focus Friday

Kiwanis Meeting

25 HUGS Project




Focus Friday & Jefferson School Carnival

Region Training Conference & DCM



Focus Friday

30 Club Meeting



We’ve been having a lot of fun… ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑


EVERY Friday in Room 1 at lunchtime Making MNT Bracelets to sell for $2.00 To raise money for the Eliminate Project All Fridays in September we’ll continue to make bracelets so we can sell them at the Oktoberfest on October 5th

• We’re selling candy bars and suckers. Each bag contains 8 bars and 8 suckers and should bring in $24. We’ll take the profit from that, (which is $12), and use it to pay for our Division 32 T-shirts. We’ll need them for the Region Training Conference, the Awakea-Thon, Fall Rally and District Convention. • The first round of See’s sales finishes on Monday, September 9th • Anyone wishing to sell more than one bag can notify the advisors on that date


Saturday, September 7th Almost Here

✓ 311 N. Main Street ✓ 7:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. ✓ Serving food ✓ Kitchen work ✓ Have fun with the community while helping a worthy cause ✓ Citrus Fair ✓ 4:30 – 10:30 p.m. ✓ Doing a variety of tasks like face painting, selling popcorn, set-up & tear-down ✓ Watching the movie ✓ Helping a worthy cause and having fun, too


Is Almost Here!

What is PTP? PTP stands for Pediatric Trauma Program. It is a CaliforniaNevada-Hawaii Kiwanis District cause. The purpose is to raise funds to support children’s hospitals, as well as Kiwanis and Key Club activities that help educate parents on how to prevent childhood emergencies. The closest children’s hospital supported by these funds is in Oakland. We can help stock emergency rooms with specialized equipment, train doctors to better handle pediatric trauma, and do so much more!






T Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet!

• You can sign-up for a two-hour shift after school, or practice, or on a weekend • You’ll be at a table in front of Ray’s asking for donations for the cause • There will be one or two days each week during September and the first of October giving you opportunities to do your part Our club’s fundraising goal for PTP is












This summer we made $223 at a bake sale. That leaves us with $777 still to raise, (easily doable if we just get out there and ask people to help)



Club Cloverdale High School Key Club

CHS Key Club

https://classroom.google.com/c/MTQ zODMxMDA3NTZa

https://www.cloverdalekeyclub.com Cloverdale Key Club

Division CNH Division 2032 Key Club

https://www.keyclubregion15.weebly. com

District https://www.cnhkeyclub.org CyberKey




Lilly Duran

Alexis Sanchez

Hannah Sharp


Vice President

Vice President




Paula Toledo

Vice President p.toledo2120@gmail.com

Ernesto Rico

Treasurer ernestodemartini@icloud.com

Alyssa Arrington

Lizet Barerra





Kayla Gallego

Neidi Calvillo

News Editor

Scrapbook Editor



Rowan Addison

Grace Gloeckner






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And the Fun Begins Again!


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August 2019 Newsletter  

The August 2019 Newsletter of the Cloverdale Key Club

August 2019 Newsletter  

The August 2019 Newsletter of the Cloverdale Key Club


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