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The Cross Keys The Monthly Newsletter of Lodge Houstoun St. Johnstone Walking the Road / Seeking the Light September 2011

In this issue: Advertising the Craft Operative Masons The Art of Memory 1116 Crest Grand Master of UGLE Grand Lodge of Philadelphia Building KST 200th Anniversary Report Irregular Masonry The Grand Lodge of Norway speaks out GLNF Lodge Dalkeith A Masonic Village?

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Number 150

Should we Advertise More?!! The US is much better in putting themselves forward than we do. And every small or large town tend to advertise when meetings take place as can be seen in the photo. Unfortunately, there are too many places in Scotland where this kind of advertising would be met with disdain or vandalism due to the bigoted view some people have with the Craft. Many lodges now advertise or report news in their local paper. National newspapers rarely desire Masonic articles unless usually derogatory. However, in the recent past, Bros David Begg G Sec and Bob Cooper GL Curator have had articles in the Scotsman and Life & Work. Although local press coverage is adequate and more lodges should make use of it since it is local gentlemen that lodges are trying to seek, the image of the Craft is Scotland (West of Scotland) probably needs a re-think. How many masons take lapel badges off or turn their rings round at work? Why are we embarrassed about our membership? The US shout it from the rooftops! In Scotland, this will never be the norm, but a more open approach of a society that we are proud to belong should never been seen as something to hide. On the other side of the fence, it could be argued that being more open has reduced our membership, or at least since being open the number of candidates has reduced. Is there a correlation? Possibly not, but it still provides an argument against this openness. There are many members opposed to events such as ‘Doors Open Day’ and having websites since the Craft then loses the air of mystery about it. There is probably a happy medium between the two. If you have views either way, I would be delighted to hear them (and publish them if so desired). An Informed Mason is an Involved Mason


rch at th a e s t s u J . me u s s i / 1) :/ p t t s Sept 201 le on h y b e la i K a s v s a o r o s gC Keys is al nd year (e a h t n o The Cross m th s Keys wi s o r C r o f top

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Operatives Masons—Proof of Memory The Art of Memory is not a modern phenomenon in lodges. This has been around before the written word and was the only way of preserving the memories of the past. Today, it is still a vital aspect of the lodge. The actual Art of Memory was developed by the Greeks and extended by the Romans. This being an extremely valuable tool for the orators and lawyers delivering long speeches. The Greeks used a mnemonic technique based on a building where each room signified one part of their oration. The orator would then imagine himself walking through the building going from room to room as he delivered the oration. Why did this become relevant to masons? In 1598, William Schaw as Master of Works in Edinburgh Castle issued the second of his statutes and this mentioned the Art of Memory. The above makes an obvious link to the building craft, but it is likely that other links might be relevant. For example, there was a strong Hermetic tradition during this period with memory since it was a powerful tool in developing the human capabilities by increasing the memory. The author Francis Yates who is better known for The Rosicrucian Enlightenment also wrote about the Art while discussing the origin of ‘speculative masonry’: ‚ . . .the answer to this problem may be suggested by the history of the art of memory, that the Renaissance occult memory . . .may be the real source of a Hermetic and mystical movement which used, not the real architecture of ‘operative’ masonry, but the imaginary or ‘speculative’ architecture of the art of memory as the vehicle of its teachings.‛ This explains to a certain extent why symbolism of Craft tools became more popular during the Renaissance period which was obsessed with symbolism and hidden meanings. What was the use intended by Schaw? It would be nice to think about it in terms of mystical enlightenment, but Schaw was a practical man. It might simply be to allow masons to recite the lengthy Old Charges to candidates and this skill then became a test to the new mason. The tracing boards are essentially picture prompts for lectures—similar to imaging the building in Greek times. It could also be argued that the lodge itself was a temple designed to aid the memory with the various symbols around it. This art must continue as part of our tradition and perhaps extended using modern techniques.

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Crests of the Province

When looking at ‘The Great Seal of Paisley Abbey’, the face of the Seal shows the figure of St. Mirrin, and on the Obverse St. James. During the long history of Paisley Abbey in pre-reformation times two of the most notable Abbots were uncle & nephew – the Abbots George & Robert Shaw. George was Abbot from 1472 – 1498 and he promoted the best interests of Paisley as well as the Monastery. He was followed by his nephew Robert Shaw who proved a worthy successor (1498 – 1525). The armorial bearings of the Shaw family were three covered cups contained within a shield. This motif can be seen on our Crest, below the figure of St. James. Abbot Robert Shaw also had the figure of St. James on his crest as Abbott. The three Castles shown on the other half of our Crest are part of the Armorial Bearings of the Earls of Eglinton and Winton, (Montgomerie) on whose lands are situated the Town of Kilwinning and of course Lodge Mother Kilwinning No. 0. The Montgomerie Family has held great Masonic association throughout the years with several of them achieving Grand Master Mason: 1748–1749: Hugh Seton (grandson of the 6th Earl of Eglinton) 1750–1751: Alexander Montgomerie, 10th Earl of Eglinton 1920–1921: Archibald Montgomerie, 16th Earl of Eglinton 1957–1961: Archibald Montgomerie, 17th Earl of Eglinton

Original work: 1988 (A. Thomson P.M.) Updated: 2010 (Philip M. Simpson P.M.)

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

The Grand Master of UGLE The Most Worshipful the Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent, KG has been the Grand Master of The United Grand Lodge of England since 1967. His father was Grand Master from 1939 until 1942 when he was killed in a plane crash. The pictures show him as a young GM and a current image窶馬ot a great deal of difference.

Farewell to a Brother On 12th May, 2011, Bro. Brian Samuel Kerr PM said farewell to the lodge as he departed for the US to live with his wife. Bro. Brian was initiated into the lodge on 22nd September, 1988 and became a valued member of every degree team eventually learning all parts of the ritual. He eventually was installed as master in November 1998 and had a very successful year visiting 3/4 lodges every week and this was evident with an average attendance in 242 of close on 100. Bro. Brian also installed both OBs and the master, and had the opportunity of acting as Mark Master in the Mark Lodge. More recently, he has contributed the Cross Keys and produced some editions while I took a step back and I would now hope he will become my American correspondent!

Bro. Brian took the ini-

tial website and transformed it into the source of information we have today although has been taken on by Bro. Garry Forbes PM although Brian is still there in the background (see the superb rotating graphic of the lodge crest). Bro. Brian, on behalf of the brethren of the lodge, very many thanks indeed for all your efforts in 242 and the Craft. We now look forward to hearing about your escapades with American masonry.

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

The Renaissance Hall and the Grand Staircase and just two of the magnificent areas within the Grand Lodge of Philadelphia. Click on either photo to go to the website to see the others.

The website provides a section on Masonic education with the remit of The Education Committee of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania to assist the Grand Lodge in fulfilling its mission by creating and implementing programs and disseminating information that better acquaint and educate both the membership and the public about the mission of Freemasonry. Further, the Committee shall prepare programs and present information which develop moral, intellectual and social character and which explain, instruct and demonstrate Masonic ideals, principles and activities and how Freemasonry improves the quality of life for our members, their families and their communities.

RW Bro. Thomas Sturgeon Grand Master

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

The Supreme Grand RAC of the State of Israel The Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland made a visit to their equivalent in Israel just before the recess. The meeting was held in Zedekiah’s Cave (King Solomon’s Quarries) in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem. This magnificent venue witnessed the celebration of the 100th Anniversary conducted by the MEC Ian Fraser !st P.

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

The Building of KST On 7th May, 2011 WBros. Jimmy Rogers and Jeff Smith of Cleveleys Lodge of Mark master Masons No 1176 (EC) delivered a very interesting and educational talk on the building of KST. According to earliest records, forms of ritual have been practised by speculative Masons since the late 16th century

using knowledge which was vastly inferior to that which was available today and in living conditions of which, we have really no comprehension. What the early Masons had, was an unshakable belief in a Divine Being and a considerable familiarity with the contents of the Holy Bible. They took the most perfect object described in the Old Testament, King Solomon’s Temple, and used it as a basis for the projection of moral lessons by means of various ritualistic plays.

Pavement Carvings These unique pavement carvings were introduced as part of the Candleriggs Re-Development in Glasgow, just outside the City Halls. They were made by Francis Pelly and show symbols of the various trades which Glasgow has been famous for. This carving shows a set square, compasses (for the masons) and a saw (for carpenters perhaps).

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

200th Anniversary Finally, the 6th August, 2011 arrived and we could celebrate officially our 200th Anniversary. It has taken the committee over 5 years to plan and co-ordinate events for the whole year, not just the ‘big day.’ It is also appropriate (and completely unplanned) that the Cross Keys is Edition 150. Just after 2pm, the Grand Lodge Deputation headed by Bro. Hugh Bryson Depute Grand Master was received by the master, Bro Brian Smolarek Jr. The deputation consisted of 3 past Depute GM, the Sub GM Bro. Tom Jessop, 5 past Sub GMs, the Grand SW Bro. Alex Galbraith and various other GL OBs. Bro. Hugh then carried out the ceremony of rededication assisted by Bros. Ramsey McGhee Grand DoC and Rev. John Jenkinson Past SGM in a very dignified manner which was appreciated by the assembled brethren. A superb meal prepared by Bro. Chris Walker was enjoyed by everyone with the speeches starting at 6pm. The Depute GM spoke about 242 and GL and complimented the lodge on its newsletter. The SW Bro. George Barclay proposed a (risqué) toast to PGL and Bro. David A. Reid PGMRE replied emphasising the sporting prowess of many of the 242 brethren. Bro. Willie Fleming PM 1042 gave an excellent toast to the lodge linking history with many ties between the two lodges today. This was warmly received and suitably replied by the JW Bro. Allan Stobo. During the meal, the lodge was very fortunate to receive many presentations: Collection plates from Lodge St. Andrew Annan No.1042 Photo of lodge banners & mallet/base from the brethren of Lancashire (presented by WBro. Jeff Lucas Bro. David Hunter presented the cake from both the OES & RAC Collection plates from Lodge Craigends No.1042 Puddings from WBro. Kevin Gates PM Lodge of Accord in London Book—Extracts from the PGL of Ayrshire Minutes by Bro. Archie Chalmers PGM Ayrshire Masonic coins from Bro. Dana Wildes PM Lodge Merrimack (MA)

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Another 200th Anniversary

Lodge Craigellachie No.241 in Grantown-on-Spey celebrated its 200th Anniversary last May. Details can be read in the newspaper article above. We were delighted to welcome some brethren from 241 and also the Inverness area at our celebrations.

Congratulations Congratulations to Bros Tommy Ovens, Jim Taylor, Chris Walker and David Mabon in winning the Provincial Grand Lodge Lord Blytheswood Trophy with 28 shots. Congratulations also to Bros Chris Walker, David Mabon (again!) and Jim Taylor on winning the Sam Love Triples (Bowling) Trophy

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

The Old Master’s Wages I met a dear old man today, Who wore a Masonic pin, It was old and faded like the man, It's edges were worn quite thin.

The wages of a Mason, are never paid in gold, but the gain comes from contentment, when you're weak and growing old.

I approached the park bench where he sat, To give the old brother his due, I said, "I see you've traveled east," He said, "I have, have you."

You see, I've carried my obligations, For almost fifty years, It has helped me through the hardships and the failures full of tears.

I said, "I have, and in my day Before the all seeing sun, I played in the rubble, with Jubala Jubalo and Jubalum."

Now I'm losing my mind and body, Death is near but I don't despair, I've lived my life upon the level, And I'm dying upon the square.

He shouted, "don't laugh at the work my son, It's good and sweet and true, And if you've traveled as you said, You should give these things their due."

Sometimes the greatest lessons Are those that are learned anew, And the old man in the park today has changed my point of view.

The word, the sign the token, The sweet Masonic prayer, The vow that all have taken, Who've climbed the inner

To all Masonic brothers, The only secret is to care, May you live your life upon the level, May you part upon the square.

Irregular Masonry We have all heard about regular meetings and regular lodges, but what is irregular? There are many forms of non-recognised Grand Lodges, Grand Orients, etc and the best thing to do is check with your lodge secretary or Grand Lodge itself either through the website or GL Year Book. The simplest way to describe it is that there is something that GL feels does not keep within our system of beliefs. It may be that no VSL is used, women are permitted to join, someone falls out and opens his own grand lodge or political views are common practice in lodges, but there is something that is not acceptable. The pictures show the crst for the irregular council in Serbia which has 3 lodges in total and the Job GL in New Jersey for coloured people. The closest irregular body to us is the Regular Grand Lodge of England rather than The United Grand Lodge of England. Of course, they may use the same ritual and regalia, and practice charity, but care must be taken of visiting abroad and this is why contact should be made through Grand Secretary first.

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

GL News GL is looking to erect Past Grand Master Boards—I think this would be a great addition to Freemasons’ Hall, particularly when visitors see the quality of the brethren. At the last Communication in June, the following were passed: Recognition be extended to Prince Hall GL of North Carolina and the GL in Monaco Recognition is not given to The Order of St. Thomas of Acorn See Pages 13 & 15 regarding the GLNF The lodge would also like to pass on its best wishes to Bro. David Begg Grand Secretary after his recent spell in hospital.

PGL News Friday 19th September, 2011—Master & Wardens’ Seminar at Lodge Nitshill Open to all masters (master elects) and secretaries (secy elects) Monday 3rd October, 2011—New Members’ Seminar at Barrhead Don’t forget the PGL Education Dinner on 18th May, 2012—guest speaker to be confirmed, but should be very interesting!

VIRUS Brethren, Due to a virus last May (hence the reason no link was sent for May’s CK) I have lost email addresses from a certain time. If you received the CK via another source than normal (ie. accessed the website) then send me an email in order that I can add you into the list again.


Cross Keys Sept.. 2011


The Grand Lodge of Scotland has noted with increasing concern the continued disharmony within the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise which has seen internal disputes develop into legal actions, including the French Courts having now appointed an Administrative Receiver over the legal entity of the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise. Whilst the Grand Lodge of Scotland has no wish to interfere in the internal affairs of another Grand Lodge the public schism within the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise and the manner in which it is being reported in the media is against the basic tenets of the Craft and is adversely contaminating the reputation of other Grand Lodges. A meeting of the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise scheduled for 27th June 2011, at which it was hoped a resolution to the present situation could have began, was cancelled and there is no indication that harmony will be restored in the near future. The continuing state of affairs in the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise is liable to damage the International status of Freemasonry and it is therefore necessary that the reputation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland be protected. Accordingly, with the specific authority granted to me by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, with immediate effect I regretfully suspend recognition of the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Charles lain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont Grand Master Mason 20th July 2011

The effect of this action is as follows: • Brethren are not permitted to be received as visitors from the GLNF in any Lodge under the Scottish Constitution. • Brethren of the Scottish Constitution are no longer permitted to visit any Lodge working under the GLNF. • Brethren who are members of the GLNF are not permitted to be affiliated to a lodge under the Scottish Constitution.

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Grand Master Ivar A. Skaar of the Grand Lodge of Norway has posted the following message on the GL website today:

"I am appalled by the terrible crime has been committed in the government quarter and the Utøya," says the Norwegian-order Masonic Grand Master, Ivar A. Skar. We [express] sorrow and compassion for those who have been affected and their relatives. It has emerged in the media that the accused has been a member of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons. He is now expelled with immediate effect. Expulsion is an expression of the acts he is accused of having carried out and the values that appear to have motivated them is completely incompatible with what we stand for that order. We build our business on Christian and humanist values and want our members to contribute to the promotion of charity, peace and goodness in people. The police will of course get all the help and information we can help with."

No doubt there will be many anti-Masonic websites having a field day—the best advice is not to access them to avoid their popularity increasing in search engines.

It is safe so say that all regular Grand Lodges and brethren will support the views of the Grand Lodge of Norway and that an expression of deep regret and sympathy for all the families involved is extended.

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

The National Grand Lodge of France The GLNF is undergoing some internal trouble which is escalating. As a result some GLs, including us, have withdrawn recognition with the following statement: Communication Statement on the current problems within the National Grand Lodge of France Since its founding in 1913 the National Grand Lodge of France (GLNF) has been the stronghold and warrant of Masonic regularity in France. The GLNF, and its members, have always observed the rules and obligations of regularity. Unfortunately, since October 2009, this grand lodge has increasingly been disrupted by discord and disharmony. It is regrettable that under the current leadership these internal quarrels have led to law suits in the civil courts of Paris. These civil actions have resulted into two facts: 1) the day – to – day governance of the GLNF is now in the hands of a court appointed “ad hoc administrator” 2) the internal problems of the GLNF have been widely covered in the national and local press in France. In addition, the various groups within the GLNF have been airing their differences in public, often using an excessive, un-masonic and - at times - libellous language. These events and the ensuing institutional turmoil, are not only bringing the GLNF but also regular Freemasonry itself into disrepute. For the sake of regular Freemasonry and in order to protect our Grand Lodges, we, the Grand Masters signing this declaration, therefore distance ourselves from the events within the GNLF. Moreover, we have agreed to initiate within our Grand Lodges and according to the provisions of our respective statutes and by-laws, the procedures leading to the suspension of our recognition of the GLNF. We all wish and hope that harmony, peace and concord can be restored in order to allow the Brethren of the GLNF to live once again according to the Principles and Values of universal Freemasonry.

The Anchor Lodge of Research 2nd September: Bro. John Miller DepPGMRE will present a lecture on The Ancient of Days In the Masonic Hall, West Stewart Street, Greenock at 7.30pm.

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Fish helps Lodge Dalkeith Kiwinning Scots rocker Fish played a benefit concert for a historic East Lothian Masonic temple, which was left with £100,000 worth of damage when lead worth just £50 was stolen from the roof earlier this month. The former Marillion singer hopes to have raised £2000 from the sell-out gig at Dalkeith Kilwinning No.10 Masonic Lodge, last month. The thieves ripped the lead slates from the roof of the building which dates back to 1766. The repairs will cost around £100,000 due to the age and construction of the building. Fish, whose real name is Derek Dick, grew up in Dalkeith and joined the Masonic lodge as a teenager. The singer, who now lives in nearby Haddington, had pencilled in a date at his old haunt as part of the upcoming Fishheads Club Tour but said he was horrified to learn it had been ravaged by thieves. He said: "I've been a Mason since I was 18 and my family's been in the Number 10 Lodge for around 110 years. "To start the tour there is great because of my soulful relationship with Dalkeith, that being my hometown. "Dalkeith is also my hometown and the lodge is an important part of the community. "I can remember going to Christmas parties in the hall and my sister's 21st birthday was held there so it would be great to see the place again and give something back. There's high irony about this because I had agreed to play the lodge months ago when I knew they were seeking funds to fix the roof, but the day they told me it was a sell-out I heard about the lead theft." 2011 sees the 30th anniversary of Fish's career as a singer, having joined Marillion on 1981. He left the band in 1988 and has since enjoyed a successful solo career that has seen the release of 13 albums. As well as classic Marillion, the singer aims to unveil tracks from his forthcoming studio album A Feast of Consequences. The singer plays dates in Glasgow, Stirling, Arran, Oban, Dunoon, Tobermory, Perth and Edinburgh, as well as shows in Inverness, Stornoway and Thurso.

oss er Cr ture b m e c De will fea Keys ticle about an ar e Dalkeith Lodg inning Kilw 0. No.1

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

A Masonic Village?

At the entrance to West Kilbride from the Largs end is a superb sign. Perhaps the sign is because West Kilbride is now achieving fame as the "Craft Town Scotland". Royal Arch No.314 meets in Arthur Street, West Kilbride.

Beware! Brethren, just be careful. In the last few months, criminal acts have taken place against Masonic lodges. Although it is unlikely that they have been targeted specially, we may be seen as soft options. The bar manager of the lodge in Fauldhouse was robbed in the High Street on the way top the bank and over ÂŁ400 was stolen. The lodge in Nitshill suffered a similar incident except that they came into the Social Club and threatened staff. Likewise the lodge in Neilston suffered a fire which had been caused on purpose. Lodge Dalkeith Kilwinning also suffered vandalism to their roof when lead was stolen. Just like ourselves two days before the 200th! Now is the time to be a bit more careful when money is more of an issue with many people today. See

Useful Website Lodge St. Andrew in the Province of Aberdeen East has a very interesting website which lists every lodge numerically and alphabetically with some statistical facts. It is also possible to search by town. Did you know that there are 648 lodges in Scotland with 260 having a website corresponding to nearly 30%. There are also breakdowns of grouped lodges such as Kilwinning, St’ John, Caledonian lodges, etc.

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Working Together Grand Lodge of Turkey has stated that it is its duty on behalf of Freemasonry that new lodges start working in countries where the light of Masonry has not yet been started and which it considers to be culturally and geographically close to itself. It is for this reason that it has permitted the foundation, under its jurisdiction, of two lodges outside Turkey.

The first is Hazar Lodge in which brethren come from Azerbaijan and working in Ankara while the second is Lefkosa Lodge for brethren from Northern Cyprus. Political agendas are ignored and both lodges work in harmony. The Grand Lodge believes in the unchanging universal rules and traditions of the Craft with the obligation to preserve and to carry forward these rules and traditions so that a brighter future can result from the labours. By being faithful to the obligations and following the path illuminated by Masonry then it is possible to ensure our future.

September’s Events in 242

Thursday 8th September—EAD by at 7.30pm Thursday 22nd September— FCD by the OBs as they step up to the next office) Anniversary Photographs available from Bro. Grant Macleod Sec

Sir William Wallace RAC 15th September—RA at 7.30pm

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Other Degrees In the 17th & 18th centuries, it was not uncommon for lodges to confer more than the three Craft degrees. This was particularly noticeable with military lodges who tended to have a liking for the KT grades. A item similar to this was for sale recently in eBay, but did one brother really wear these miniatures? Were they allowed to be worn in a Craft lodge and all individual orders? Does any brother know the background to this style of medal? In England, RA jewels are permitted in Craft lodges, but not in Scottish lodges. This would certainly cause a few comments from some PMs! Again, in the past this was not uncommon. For example, the Earl of Euston can be seen wearing a huge variety of jewels. The wearing of jewels of a number of different orders was common practice in the 19th Century whereas today it would be deemed completely inappropriate although it is becoming more common for heads of orders to be invited to installations or grand meetings of other orders.

Change of Dates Lodge Craigends No. 1042 has made some changes to its syllabus: The installation will take place on 5th November, 2011 (not December) The following meetings are cancelled: 3rd Thursday in December 1st Thursday in January

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Masonic Gravestones Masonic gravestones themselves are a very fitting end to a mason’s life. What better way to celebrate a life than to have another master craftsman carve markings on the stone which mean so much in life. The examples are old and new. There are many examples in Scotland and elsewhere and as already shown in a previous Cross Keys with the masonic Cemetery in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Another unusual stone is that from the Howff in Dundee. This shows three tongue-tied kings on the left with the typical Masonic symbolism on the right (three castles/towers and square & compasses).

The symbolism of the left hand image is not

known. Strangely enough, the Howff (or Grey Friars’ Monastery) was the meeting place on the Trade Guilds from the 1500s until 1860 when it was deemed unsafe. However, in 1878 Bro. George Duncan PM Lodge Ancient No.49 was the last to be interred. This is rather fitting since this silk mercer and philanthropist left money for the industrial schools and Dundee Royal Hospital. So the last event in the Howff was a Masonic burial.

In Memoriam The dead are like the stars by day … withdrawn from mortal eye… yet not extinct that hold their way In glory through the sky… .Spirits of bondage thus set free… .Vanish amidst immensity… While human thought… .Like human sight… .Fail to pursue…. Their trackless flight.

It is with deep sadness and much regret that we have to inform you of a loss sustained to the craft in Renfrewshire in the passing to the Grand Lodge above of the following brethren:

Bro. Andrew Torrens Bro. George Condie PM 1422 Hon Member 242 And also to the loss sustained by a Brother of the Craft in Renfrewshire in the passing of Mrs Anne Reid, wife of Bro. David Reid PGM

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Wedding Receptions in 242

Anyone interested in a wedding reception or other function, contact Bro. James McNeil in the Social Club or at:

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

The Cross Keys is Edited and Researched by Brothers - Grant Macleod & Brian Kerr E-Mail:

Lodge Websites Thanks to Bro. Allan Stobo WJW for proof reading.

Don’t forget to support the Ashlar magazine— Scotland’s only Masonic magazine., especially with 242 on the front Just click on the magazine to find out more.

Cross Keys Sept.. 2011

Cross Keys Sept 2011  

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