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1. With your most adorable smile :) ask your family and friends if they would like to buy something to support your school. 2. Let people know they can place orders online at closebuycatalog.com or record orders on an order form. 3. If you are using an order form, collect money with your orders, and submit everything together to your school. Schools will let students know order deadlines and to whom checks should be written. Please make sure all parts of your order form are complete. Keep a copy for yourself – you’ll need it later!

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Natural nail polish, free of the top 5 harmful chemicals. 15ml bottle.

the bad stuff

You’ve Got to Show Me Love

Special Thanks

Krucial Cosmetics (Maine)

Fabula Nebulae (Maine) 6402 • Maine Sea Salt Bath Soak Maine sea salt

French gray salt and Rhassoul clay, oats and lavender soothe your skin and quiet your mind. 3.8 oz

6421 Bare

6420 Red Velvet





6401 • Gentle Facial Scrub

Blueberries, goats milk, oats, and clay, rose petals, lavender flowers, activated charcoal, and argan oil make this gentle scrub like no other. 3 oz

Ollie + Max (Massachusetts) 102 Exchange St., Portland, ME 04101

closebuycatalog.com 2

6447 • Lip Balm Trio, Cappuccino, Chai Tea, Au Naturel

It’s a threefer! Natural, vegan trio of lip balms, created in small batches using natural and organic ingredients. Cruelty free. Three .15 oz tubes


Zandra Cunningham loves lip balm — so much that she used to ask her dad to buy her a new tube every day. Exasperated, he joked that she should make her own. So she did. She was 9. Nine years later, her Buffalo, New York-based business sells 37 natural, homemade skin products.

A little goes a long way!

6468 • “For the Love of Mint” Edible and Delicious Lip Scrub

100% edible! Exfoliating and delicious! Hand-whipped with only five simple ingredients to naturally remove dead and dry skin from your lips. 1 oz

6469 • Japanese Kumquat Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Japanese kumquat body polish? Ummm yes! Exfoliate dead skin cells so your body can generate brand new ones. Leaves your skin dewy fresh. 8 fl oz

6470 • Lemon Tea Tree Hair & Body Souffle

Let the citrus sensation of lemongrass take you to nirvana! This is a solid hair and body oil that melts into a cream upon contact with your skin. All natural, plant-based ingredients. 8 fl oz

6471 • Lavender Vanilla Chai Hair & Body Souffle

Smell that? It’s the comforting scent of lavender, vanilla and chai. This is a solid hair and body oil that melts into a cream upon contact with your skin. All natural, plant-based ingredients. 8 fl oz

SoulShine Soap Co. (Maine) 6285 • Organic Solid Lotion Bar Made with Maine beeswax, premium organic butters, and lavender oil. Thoughtfully hand-poured in small batches. Simply hold your lotion bar in your hands and the butters will warm and melt, providing a smooth, natural moisturizer for chapped or dry skin. 1.5 oz.


Say Spahhh

Best Seller!

Dr. Dandelion (Maine)

6130 • Botanical Soap 3-Pack Made by hand in small

batches using organic plant oils. Gentle & moisturizing, with rich, creamy lather. One each: Orange Honey, Lavender & Peppermint. 12 oz total 6131 • Loofah Soap 3-Pack A loofah inside each bar!

These luscious bars exfoliate as they melt around their inner loofahs, leaving skin smooth and soft. Orange Honey, Peppermint & Lavender. 12 oz total 6132 • Lavender Bath Oil All-natural, sweet almond oil,

infused with lavender. Use in the tub, or directly on skin. 4 oz

Fresh Pickins Farm (Maine) 6406 • Wild Chaga Balm Handcrafted, this moisturizing

infusesion combines organic oils with chaga’s antioxidant, medicinal properties. Blended with Maine beeswax, jojoba, sunflower oil, Vitamin E, and a deeply sweet woodsy blend of organic essential oils. The resulting product is a oneof-a-kind blend that nourishes dry and problematic skin, and provides an aromatic escape into the Maine forest. Essential Oils of: Fir Needle, Vanilla & Vetiver

Sam’s Natural (New Hampshire) 6439 • Hard Workin’ Walnut Husk Hand Scrub

The best natural hand cleaner, de-greaser and deodorizer you will ever use! Naturally scrub the dirt, grease, grime and paint off hard working hands. Perfect for mechanics, tradespeople, sporty folks, craftspeople, carpenters and DIYers. 10 oz

Sam’s Natural (New Hampshire) 6440 • Simply Great Beard Oil, “Lumberjack” Scent Transform

your bushy bristles into a brilliantly bold beard! Moisture rich, natural oils condition coarse whiskers and hydrate the skin underneath. Scented with a warm and satisfying blend of cedarwood and fir needle essential oils. Contains nut/tree nut oils. 3 oz bottle 4


for Kids &

Grown Ups

Noon Designs (Rhode Island)

Essential Oil Droppers With nothing but goodness inside, these glass droppers contain the finest ingredients, organic coconut oil & therapeutic grade essential oils. 6441 •“Nighty Tighty” Blend Pop a

drop on your wrist and drift off to dream land. Lavender, clary sage and ylang ylang are known for their calming properties, supporting relaxation and a good night’s sleep. 6442 • “Oh Happy Day” Blend Pop

a drop on your wrist and watch your outlook change. Essential oils of bergamot, cinnamon bark, wild orange foster a positive mood, and enhance a sense of well being.

Laugh, relax, play & sleep

Long Winter Soap Co. (Maine) 6144 • Whimsical Lip Balm Trio

One tube of each lip balm — Unicorn Farts (spearmint and cotton candy flavored), Pony Breath (apple and sugar cube flavored), and Puppy Kisses (pumpkin and peanut butter flavored) in a hand-stamped muslin bag. Set of 3

Miss Moonmaker (Maine) 6435 • Blast Off Bath Kit for Kids

This handy bucket is filled with natural bath fizzies, scented with pure lavender essential oils for a relaxing night’s sleep after bath time. Each bath kit includes one shooting star bath fizzie, one fizzing asteroid bath fizz, and a cup and a half of sparkling moon rocks (sea salt and pink Himalayan) for your bath time adventure. Handmade, Mainemade wooden scoop included. 5

W.S. Badger, Co. (New Hampshire) 6463 • SPF 30 Clear Zinc Sunscreen Cream

Perfect for the slopes or the beach, this broad spectrum, new formula starts out white but rubs in clear. Active ingredient: 18.75% uncoated clear zinc oxide. 6462 • Sore Joint Rub A powerful balm

containing extracts of Arnica Montana and Black Pepper, traditional joint soothers with anti-inflammatory properties. Loaded with cayenne extract to give extra warmth and circulatory support, leaving your skin soft with a natural fragrance that is sublime. 2 oz tin

Fresh Pickins Farm (Maine) 6409 • Wipe Out Balm / Epic Lip Protection 2-Pack

Packaged together, perfect for folks living in the fast lane. Wipe Out Balm reduces inflammation, heals bruises and soothes joint pain associated with most wipeouts. Made from arnica flowers grown on Fresh Pickims Farm! Contains essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary, to cool and help reduce inflammation. Epic Protection Balm is made up of 25% Zinc Oxide to protect you from solar radiation, with a specially formulated blend of oils that create a protective barrier against the windiest, coldest, saltiest and wettest environments. This epic blend also contains frankincense essential oil, to help heal and protect the skin

Premium Natural Body Care

for Athletes

Naturally Anti-fungal, Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory 6

W.O.D.Welder (New Hampshire) 6337 • Bar Soap for Athletes

Long-lasting with thick, skinfriendly suds, this bar provides an anti-fungal and antibacterial protective shield. Contains peppermint, eucalyptus and comfrey root, a world-renowned anti-inflammatory and cellregenerating compound. 5.7 oz bar

6339 • Odor Crushers Sick

of offending everyone within a one mile radius of your gym bag? Pop an odor crusher sack into your gear bag, your shoes, your sock drawer, your car, your hamper — any place you need to freshen up. Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils squash the stink and provide natural antibacterial and anti-fungal action. 3 per pack. 6338 • Hand Care for Athletes

Hydrate those calluses! The all-natural ingredients in this solid salve hydrate your hands like no water-based lotions can, and help them recover from the toughest workouts. Sold individually. 1 oz stick

Protect, Soothe & Restore Packs & pads are microwaveable for warmth, or can be put in the freezer for cool comfort. Packs are made with all-natural grains and spices for a pleasing, mild, comforting aroma.

Best Se ller!

Grampa's Garden (Maine) 6088 • Eye & Sinus Pac Heated or cooled, this

silky compress soothes sinus congestion, headache and eye strain. Removable, washable cover. 9” x 4” 6094 • Sleepy Teddy Pac This sweet teddy face

will soothe aches and pains, or warm a bed and provide a cozy, peaceful night’s sleep. Face is embroidered for safety. 8” across. 6090 • Body Shawl When warmed or cooled,

this generous pad provides therapy for full back, belly, shoulders, knees, arms and legs. It is the best bed warmer ever. 20” x 28”

Miss Moonmaker (Maine) 6434 • Lobsterman’s Salve-ation Lemon-Cinnamon Balm

A moisturizing balm made with natural ingredients: beeswax, infused sweet almond oil, shea butter, vitamin E to provide lasting protection and rescue for your hard working skin. Scented with essential oils of lemon and hints of cinnamon. 1 oz tin

Ollie + Max (Massachusetts) 6336 • Sore Muscle Balm Arnica oil and St.

John’s Wort oil combine to help soothe and ease the discomfort of sore, overworked muscles. Add menthol, cayenne and cinnamon essential oil. Warming, but mild, so folks with sensitive skin can use it, too. 2 oz 7

Camping Supplies

The Cowboy Yo Yo (Maine)

6311 • Cowboy Yo Yo Does this look easy? Don’t be fooled. This

Western game is more of a puzzle than a toy, and has been around since the days of the Wild West. The Cowboy Yo Yo is a branded wooden ball at the end of a one meter rope. The object of the game is to throw a loop over the ball, tying a knot in the line. Tricks and video online at cowboyyoyo.com — Ages 9+

Princeton Tec (New Jersey)

6353 • Point Hat Clip Light Featuring a flexible neck and ultrabright

LED, recessed into a rugged aluminum head. Provides highly directional light. Batteries included.

Zootility (Maine)

6229 • Pocket Monkey A multi-tool that fits in your wallet!

12 functions, including bottle opener, 6 hex wrenches, Phillips & flat head screwdrivers, micro screwdriver, ruler, straightedge, headphone cord wrap, door latch slip, TSA compliant! 3.5” x 2”

Brainstorm (New Hampshire)

6392 • Campfires Print An educational print featuring 12 different

illustrated campfires you can build. 8 x 10” digital print

Vermont Smoke & Cure (Vermont)

6058 • Uncured Summer Sausage This uncured summer sausage

has a clean, tangy flavor. Perfect for school lunches, camping, picnics, last minute company, or just snacking! Made from slow fermentation, without sodium nitrite, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed beef and pork, and no added hormones. Sold individually, 6 oz


Noon Design Shop (Rhode Island) Flour Sack Tea Towels

Super soft, completely lintfree, absorb like a paper towel and get better with every use. These pre-washed towels are silk-screened in Providence, RI and are made of unbleached cotton from the USA. 28” x 29” Mussels: 6444 Green Urchin: 6301 Lobster: 6443

Maine Sea Salt (Maine)

6059 • Natural Maine Sea Salt Jar This fancy salt jar comes

boxed and gift-ready, full of 100% Maine Sea Salt, evaporated in shallow pools, in solar greenhouses, from sea water from Buck’s Harbor. 6 oz

Port Living Co. (Maine)

6450 • Culinarium White Concrete Classic Salt & Spice Cellar A beautiful, simple, handy way to store salt. Each cellar

is cast from a proprietary blend of recycled concrete which is cured in a mold and then burnished by hand with an FDA approved sealer. Holds 6 oz of salt. 4” x 2”

Lost Woods (Maine)

6374 • Hot Sauce This chili-based

hot sauce has incredible flavor. Heatwise it’s about a 5 out of 10. Like jeans, it goes with everything. Sold individually. 8 oz


Regina Spices founder Jessica Moore creates inspirational spice blends and dry rubs to help make everyday cooking fun and healthy. Hand-ground and blended in small batches in Portland, Maine.

Herbes de Provence Spice Mix No kitchen should be

without this classic! A lovely blend of aromatic herbs to enhance and complement roast pork, poultry, lamb, and vegetables. Made with lavender grown in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. 1.1 oz Shiitake Steak Rub Fresh ground shiitake mushrooms + steak

= a match made in heaven! Shiitake mushrooms are blended with freshly ground tellicherry peppercorns, onions, garlic and a touch of allspice. The perfect rub for steak or ground burger meat 1.1 oz Maine Sweet Pepper Spice Mix Maple-y sweet and spicy!

A blend of 100% pure Maine maple sugar and freshly ground black and white peppers give this blend dimension and texture. Think salads, roast chicken, corn-on-the-cob and fresh sliced tomatoes. 1.1 oz 9

Best Seller!

Maple for Days! Spring Break Maple (Maine)

6018 • Maple Cream 100% pure maple syrup,

creamy and spreadable. Made in a dairy-free and nut-free kitchen. Delicious on toast, ice cream, or with a sharp cheese. 8 oz

D&D Sugarwoods Farm (Vermont) 6002 • Maple Sugar Brick Solid maple sugar,

perfect for grating onto oatmeal, into coffee, on top of ice cream or with cheese. 8 oz 6003 • Frog Maple Candies Delicious pure maple

sugar candies shaped like frogs. Each gift box contains 11 pieces of premium maple candy. 4 oz

Butternut Mountain Farm (Vermont) 6276 • Original Maple Pepper The age-old flavor

of sweet maple sugar is combined with the zest of black pepper to create an exciting new taste to many of your favorite foods. 3 oz


6265 • Vanilla Bean Infused Maple Syrup

Adding a vanilla bean to pure Vermont maple syrup creates an exciting, flavorful twist on the timeless taste of maple. 8.5 fl oz

D&D Sugarwoods Farm (Vermont) 6272 • Flower Maple Candies Delicious maple

candies shaped like flowers. Each gift box contains 11-12 pieces of premium maple candy. 4 oz 6019 • Maple Syrup Sampler Contains four

grades of syrup: Fancy, Grade A medium amber, Grade A dark amber, and Grade B, so you can try them all. 6.8 oz

Wilbur’s of Maine (Maine) 6467 • Maple Malt Balls A crunchy malt ball

center covered in natural maple flavored white chocolate. (no artificial stuff). 8 oz

Spring Break Maple (Maine) 6273 • Maple Cotton Candy Super maple flavor,

light, fluffy, sweet and fun. Gluten-free and Kosher certified. Plenty to share! 2.5 quarts.



Whether recreating traditional methods or developing new ones, FarmSteady’s goal is always to make something that tastes as good (if not better) than what we can buy in a store. Erica & Stephen want to help you understand what it is you’re eating, how it’s grown, how it’s cooked, and how you can truly make it your own.

6403 • Italian Fresh Cheese Making Kit Make some

of the richest, creamiest cheeses you’ll ever taste, right from home. Includes equipment and ingredients to make mozzarella, burrata, ricotta and mascarpone. All you need is milk. Makes 8 batches of cheese.

Make mozzarella, burrata, ricotta & mascarpone

6362 • Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Kit

Everything you need to make a dozen everything bagels and homemade cultured cream cheese all in one convenient package.

Stonewall Kitchen (Maine) 6021 • Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup Pour on top of pancakes or

into your favorite smoothie recipe for a tasty dose of antioxidants. 8.5 fl oz

6020 • All Natural Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix Everyone’s

favorite! Pair with Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Syrup, or maple cream, for a light and fluffy, delicious breakfast that everyone will love. 1 lb

6460 • Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix Make light, mouth-

watering doughnuts in your own kitchen. Baked, not fried. 18 oz

6459 • Lemon Curd A traditional

English style custard, this lemon curd is a mouth watering addition to scones, doughnuts, biscuits, cookies and pound cake, (or straight from the spoon). 11.5 oz 6375 • Wild Maine Blueberry Jam Bursting with tiny, hand-raked

Maine blueberries, sugar and a splash of lemon.12.5 oz

Chow down!


Fletcher’s Mill (Maine) 6404 • Jar Scraper Spatula Get every last bit! Wooden handle is made in Maine from solid New England hardwoods. Silicone head is made in USA, BPA free and heat resistant to 500 degrees. Silicone head is removable for cleaning. Perfect for scraping the last bit of peanut butter. mayo, or batter. 10” long

Harbor Sweets (Massachusetts) 6411 • Kashmir Spice Cocoa Santé Hot Cocoa Mix Cinnamon, cardamom,

ginger and organic cocoa are combined to make a creamy and delicious hot chocolate treat that’s unlike any other. 10 oz

6410 • Nor’Easter Cocoa Santé Hot Cocoa Mix Natural vanilla, amber malt,

and organic cocoa partner up to make a luscious, creamy chocolaty experience you will LOVE. 10 oz

Wilbur's of Maine (Maine) 6012 • Chocolate Covered Blueberries Blueberry fans, listen up! These

berries are dried, then covered in luscious milk chocolate for the perfect bite of local goodness. Packaged in a sturdy keepsake box. 1 lb

Port Living Co. Culinarium Concrete Pinch Bowl, p. 26

Best Seller!

Dean’s Sweets (Maine) Maine Sea Salt Caramels

Eight handmade, butter-rich, burnt sugar caramels, dipped in 70% cacao bittersweet Belgian chocolate. No preservatives, and no nuts, ever. Milk & Dark Chocolate 6043; Dark Chocolate 6044



Harbor Sweets (Massachusetts) 6055 • Sweet Sloops Sailboat-shaped almond butter crunch toffee, a mainsail

and jib of white chocolate floating in dark chocolate with pecan spindrift washing her sides. 12 pieces, 4 oz

EHChocolatier (Massachusetts) 6037 • Brown Butter Toffee Deeply browned butter and sliced almonds,

dipped in chocolate, and topped with sliced almonds and fleur de sel. A few pieces each, dark and milk chocolate! 4 oz 6035 • Peppermint Bark White & dark chocolate with crunchy bits of

peppermint candy (natural red dye). 4.3 oz

6038 • Maple Roasted Chocolate Pecan Clusters Fresh pecans roasted in

maple syrup and a touch of sea salt, surrounded with soft Knob Creek caramel, and topped with 65% dark chocolate and a sprinkle of fleur de sel! 5-6 pieces. 3.8 oz

Q's Nuts (Massachusetts) 6041 • Spicy Nut Trio: Spicy! Includes cayenne mango pecans, flaming

cashews, and sweet and hot almonds. Approx. 7.5 oz total

Haven’s Candies (Maine) No butter required, but you might need a bib! One half pound of solid premium dark chocolate, shaped like New England’s tastiest creature - the lobster. 6412 • Half Pound Milk Chocolate Lobster 6413 • Half Pound Dark Chocolate Lobster

6040 • Fan Favorite Trio: Chocolate raspberry almonds, vanilla cinnamon

sweet roasted cashews, and Bananas Foster pecans. Approx. 7.5 oz total

Glee Gum (Rhode Island) DIY Candy Kits Educational

and eco-friendly, each kit comes with natural ingredients, simple instructions, and a brief history. Everything you need is included. Adult supervision recommended. Ages 8 & up! 6176 • Chewing Gum Kit (makes 30 – 50 pieces of chewing gum). 6175 • Gummies Kit (makes about 15 delicious, sour gummy candies). 6177 • Chocolate Kit: (makes about 20 pieces of chocolate, and includes a cacao bean for you to nibble on while you wait). 15

Bee Love Fresh Pickins Farm (Maine)

6408 • Raw Maine Wildflower Honey

A broad spectrum of nectars contribute to this wonderfully floral taste. This honey is “raw” which means it comes straight from the honeycomb, with no pasteurization, therefore all the beneficial nutrients of the honey remain intact and ready for you. Net wt 10 oz

Touch 'n Go Farm (Vermont)

6289 • Best Bee Savvy Beeswax Salve:

This concentrated salve is made with natural beeswax, organic coconut oil, and essential oils. It helps distressed, dry skin, minor burns, cuts, abrasions, and eczema. Naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal properties – Feels amazing. 1.8 oz jar

6407 • Wildflower Mini Honey Bear

Raw Maine honey in and adorable little honey bear package, perfect for a sampler, or to accompany a gift of tea. 1.5 oz

Harbor Sweets (Massachusetts) 6373 • Gather Chocolate Box

A flight of flavors, unified by rich notes of 70% cacao dark chocolate, complemented by wildflower honey. Includes: Caramelized Honey Truffle, Pomegranate Molasses, Sour Cherry, Sesame Crunch, Coconut Cluster, Cashew Caramel. 12 pieces.


Whole Harmony has been crafting herbal products since 2010. Their passion and belief in plant medicine combined with ancient healing traditions go into every product they make. Ingredients are non-GMO and organically grown, with no preservatives or other “natural flavorings.”

6464 • Spicy Chai Tea

Crafted to generate warmth that soothes the soul. Ingredients: Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Ginger, Licorice Root, Tulsi, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Cloves, Star Anise. 2.4 oz 6465 • Tranquility Tea

Crafted to wash away the day’s stress. Ingredients: Tulsi, Skullcap, Passionflower, Lemon Balm, Linden, Peppermint, Licorice root and Chamomile. 2.4 oz 6466 • Heart & Soul Tea


Crafted to strengthen all matters of the heart. Ingredients: Tulsi, Raspberry leaf, Hawthorne berries, Goji berries, Elderberries, Schisandra berries, Hibiscus, Rose hips and Rose petals. 2.4 oz

Use the warmth of your hands to mold the wrap and create a seal. Made from organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil, Bee's Wraps are the perfect alternative to plastic wrap. Naturally antibacterial.

Best Seller!

Bee's Wrap (Vermont) 6072 • Beeswax Food Wraps Multi-pack Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables, or

cover a bowl! 3 wraps: 1 small (7” x 8”), 1 medium (10” x 11”), and 1 large (13” x 14”). 6073 • Beeswax Button Sandwich Wraps: Taking lunch to go? Build your

sandwich, fold in corners and wrap string around wooden bee button. Can also be used as a placemat. Sold individually. 13” x 13” 6390 • Beeswax Lunch Pack: A new print to celebrate the place we call

home! Bees and bears, buds and berries, among the graceful maples that give us syrup and the berry bushes that offer up bright jewels in summer. Special bundle lunch pack includes: 1 Sandwich Wrap. 13” x 13” (33 x 33 cm) and 2 medium 10” x 11” (25 x 27,5 cm)

New England Cupboard (Maine) 6048 • Whoopie Pie Mix Win the next bake sale! Looking for

an all natural, authentic, delicious whoopie pie mix? Look no further. Make 12+ whoopie pies. 15 oz 6049 • The Original Bangor Brownie Mix According to

Maine legend, in the early 1900s, a Bangor woman was making a chocolate cake and it fell. Rather than dispose of it, she cut it in to squares and served it to her guests. Thus, the first brownie was born and it was delicious. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. 19 oz 17


Anne Riggs Designs specializes in reusable, essential, everyday-use items for home and family, an initial investment with long-term savings. From cloth napkins to bowl covers to makeup wipes, to food storage bags, her creations are intended as permanent replacements to throw-away items.

6381 • Produce Bag Set

Lose the plastic! These produce pals are perfect for fruits and veggies, and bulk purchases, (think dried beans and rice). Handmade from cotton and polyester fabric, they close with a drawstring. They are breathable, lightweight and see through, made for years of use! 2 bags per pack, 14” X 14”

Tanner Glass (Rhode Island) 6461 • Japanese Chiyogami Magnets

Wicked strong glass magnets designed with colorful Japanese Chiyogami papers. Packaged as a set of 8 in a clear plexi box. 3/4” diameter

Fletcher’s Mill (Maine) 6405 • Biscuit Cutter Biscuits are already delicious, but now you can

have WAY more fun making them! Made in Maine from solid New England hardwoods. Cutting diameter is 2.8” with a sharp edge for slicing through dough, and a top hole that eliminates suction for perfect-sized biscuits.

New England Bells (New Hampshire) 6106 • Traditional Leather Strap Door Hanger

A deep-tone brass bell that easily fits over any standard size doorknob. A stylish way to be informed of people’s comings and goings. 5.75” long includes a 2.5” ring.


6267 • Wooden Condiment Bowls Made from solid, premium New England

hardwood. Use for prep work or to serve a variety of condiments, spices, herbs and sauces. Set of four. 2.5” diameter

You want a pet but your parents say “no way?” Even though you promise you’ll clean up after your dog and take him on walks? And you’ll clean out your cat’s litter box every single day?

You promise? Ok, you can get one.

We are the cover superstars.

Broderpress (New York) Pet Pillows Silkscreened with

non-toxic water based acrylic paint, printed on muslin fabric and stuffed with 100% poly-fil.

6394 • Sleeping Tabby 7” x 16” 6393 • Pug 8” x 15” 6395 • Black Cat 7” x 16”

Stonewall Kitchen (Maine) Hand Soap: Vitamin-rich hand soaps that leave your skin soft, clean,

and smelling like the French countryside. 16.9 fl oz each. 6150 • Lavender Mint 6151 • Herbes de Provence

Best Seller!

LooHoo (Maine) 6148 • Wool Dryer Balls

A reusable, energy-saving alternative to dryer sheets. Naturally softens clothes and reduces dryer time, with no chemicals. Colors vary. Set of 3.

MAKES 16 GALLONS of ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER SoulShine Soap Company (Maine) 6152 • Laundry Stain Sticks 2-Pack These unscented,

pure coconut oil stain sticks are tiny powerhouses when it comes to stain removal! Works on set-in or fresh stains. No harsh chemicals. Two, 2 oz bars.

The SNO Company (Connecticut) 6149 • Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner This multi-

purpose powerhouse cleaner is formulated from nature’s most powerful cleaning agents, and can be used on just about everything! A fierce stain remover, this solution is the best. Safe for children & pets, 100% plant-based, kosher certified ingredients. Made in an FDA food grade facility. 8 oz 19

Best er! Se ll 20

eco-kids (Maine) 6171 • eco-dough Safe and beautiful

dough made with natural ingredients and essential oils that keep the dough soft and pliable. Six 4 oz containers. 6172 • eco-finger paint Powder-

based, tactile and exploratory. For fingers or a paintbrush. Five 4 oz pouches.

Maple Landmark (Vermont) 6183 • Mancala Based on the African

stone counting game, this pine board comes with colorful stones and a pouch to keep them in. Educational and fun! Instructions included. 16.625” x 4.625 x .875”

6431 • Rainbow Puzzle Cube This is

a brain teaser that is easy to take along on a car trip. There are several solutions to building this cube — see if you can figure them out. Recommended for 8 years+ Approx 2.25” 6430 • Triangle Mosaic Tiles 96

triangle wooden shapes to creatively play with patterns. The design possibilities are limitless. Outfitted with a reusable, lidded storage box.

96 pieces Earth Angel Arts (Maine) 6397 • Positivity Pencils This positivity pencil gift pack

will remind the user to stay positive, reach for joy and practice love and self acceptance. Simple messages engraved on colorful pencils, made in the USA and packaged for gifting. 6 per pack



Husband and Wife team Michael and Michelle Mitchell create the educational and historical stories and art themselves at their home studio, and print their comics locally in NH. Each title has been thoroughly researched, and approved for sale at museums and schools throughout New England.

6435 • Comic Book Set Riveting, educational,

entertaining, accurate, and colorful comic books for the entire family to enjoy. “A Flight Aboard Freedom 7” and “UFOs Over Exeter” packaged together in a sleeve, Set of 2

Maple Landmark (Vermont) 6432 • Lift & Learn Solar System Puzzle Learn about

the planets in our solar system by lifting the pieces and reading the fun facts beneath. Made of hardwood plywood. 11” x 14.75” on .125” thick plywood 6367 • Earth Jigsaw Puzzle Hold the whole world in

your hands. This beautiful 12 piece puzzle depicts the earth from far above. Made of hardwood plywood and comes with a cloth pouch to put the pieces in for safekeeping. 12” diameter

Brainstorm (New Hampshire) 6391 • National Parks Puzzle This 500 piece jigsaw

puzzle has illustrations of all 59 US National Parks with a central map showing the location of each. Full color and digitally printed, made in the USA, and a percentage of each sale is donated to the National Park Foundation! Final size, 18” x 24”.

Puzzles, Places & Spaces


Downeast Dealer (Maine) 6396 • Players compete to collect

the best yard sale treasures from “Downeast” Maine. Auction off a lobster trap, bargain for a canoe, or be the highest bidder for a moose trophy. BUT, be careful of bad checks and the village thief. Only the shrewdest Downeast “Deal-ah” will win it all!

Gamewright (Massachusetts)

Maple Landmark (Vermont)

6303 • Sleeping Queens A super fun,

Accommodates play for two. Go round and round as long as you like or stop after 120 holes. Includes playing pegs housed within the actual board. 11”

award-winning family game that teaches addition, subtraction, and strategy. Created by an 8 year old girl from MA!

6433 • Continuous Cribbage Board A continuous cribbage board made of hard maple.

Best Seller!

"You Can Learn" Kits (Connecticut) 6174 • Tin Punching Kit Learn to punch tin like an early American

tinsmith’s apprentice! Includes 12 pre-cut tin circles, 3 nails, ribbons or string for hanging, sample designs and template, and easy, photoillustrated instructions. Ages 8+ 23

Lacey Pots (Maine) Itty Bitty Vase This hand-thrown, hand-painted vase is a

perfect spot for tiny blooms. Approximately 3” tall.

6426 • Sprout

6424 • Plum

6425 • Cream


Katharine Watson creates printed paper goods and textiles, each starting with an original handcarved linoleum block. She is inspired by floral motifs and patterns found in nature, and strives to bring bold, block printed patterns to everyday items.

6414 • 2018 Wall Calendar


Featuring a floral illustration plus a large grid for each month, with plenty of space for jotting down schedules and appointments. 12” x 12” (12” x 24” displayed).

6417 • Block Printed Coaster Set, Teal 6418 • Block Printed Coaster Set, Magenta

This box set features eight coasters hand-printed using an original carved linoleum block. Made of durable chipboard and printed with an oil-based ink so they can be used over and over. 8 per box

6415 • Floral Tea Towel (Blue) 6416 • Floral Tea Towel (Gray)

Printed and stitched in the USA on American grown and woven cotton. 16” x 24”

Kettle Cove Enterprises (Maine)

6359 • Lobster Trap Bird Feeder A unique, squirrelresistant, rugged, feeder (after all, the trap components are made to survive salt water). The feeders are simple to fill and the hanger can attach to nearly anything. The lobster trap wire is PVC-coated galvanized steel, and the feeder bowl is galvanized steel. 7.5” long x 7.5” wide x 12” high

FarmSteady (New York) 6275 • Seed Bombs The purest form of guerrilla gardening, with a bouquet of

future flowers, encased in mixed soil. Originating in Japan as a method of natural farming, they’re a fantastic way to introduce something beautiful into otherwise unused dirt. North American wildflower blend. 8 per pack

Dr. Dandelion (Maine) 6242 • Gardener’s Scrub A beautiful combination of soap, herbs & oils that leaves


your hands smooth, soft, and smelling amazing! A great product to keep sink-side for everyday exfoliation. Also makes an excellent foot scrub. 10 oz

Droll Yankees (Connecticut) 6232 • Observer Window Feeder: Get

Best Seller!

Droll Yankees (Connecticut) 6235 • The Ruby Sipper Window Hummingbird Feeder Resting on a stainless steel suction cup mount, this features three ports. The clear nectar dish holds 5 oz and features an engraved nectar recipe for the perfect mixture every time. Free port cleaning brush included.

unobstructed and close-up views of birds feeding at your window! Made from sturdy polycarbonate plastic. Fill the dish with seed, fruit, meal worms, or suet. Tapered overhanging deflects weather and keeps large birds out. Lifetime warranty against squirrel damage. Suction cup attachment. 7” wide. 25

Beadlebot (Maine) 6389 • Anchor & Pearl Charm Necklace A hand stamped sterling

silver charm and a single freshwater pearl slide along a sterling chain. Necklace is adjustable from 16”-18”

6387 • Circle Necklace A hammered sterling silver circular pendant

hangs from a sterling chain. Necklace is adjustable 16”-18”

6388 • Floating Pearl Necklace A single freshwater pearl floats

along a sterling silver chain. Necklace is adjustable 16”-18”

6386 • Lucky Horseshoe Necklace A hand forged sterling silver

horseshoe pendant hangs from a sterling chain. Necklace is adjustable 16”-18”

6 6383 • Pearl Orbit Earrings Brushed silver circles surround

freshwater pearls hang from hand forged sterling silver ear wires. Earrings measure 1.25” 384 • Pearl & Oval Earrings Freshwater pearls and hammered

sterling ovals hang from hand forged sterling silver ear wires. Earrings measure 1.25”

6385 • Small Pearl Drop Earrings Classic and simple freshwater

pearl earrings with hand forged sterling silver ear wires. Earrings measure 1”

Port Living Co. (Maine)

Dress it up, dress it down


6013 • Culinarium Concrete Pinch Bowl This minimalist, elegant, distinctive design is food safe, and perfect for salt, rings, quarters, chocolate chips... whatever you’ve got. 3” x 3” x 2”


Ebenezer Akakpo creates exquisite jewelry and home goods using symbolic designs originating from his native West African country, Ghana. A blend of industrial design and computer technology has led to his creation of modern jewelry and home goods with meaning.

Dangle Earrings Ebony Black Stained Birchwood with Stainless

Steel Hardware. Designed, Made and Packaged In Maine. 1” diameter

6376 • “Abundance” Dangle Earrings Designed with a symbol

that is intended to provide a feeling of gratitude for all we have and a hope for the future that our blessings will be plentiful. 6377 • “Hope” Dangle Earrings Designed with a symbol that

represents the acceptance of our physical limitations and our faith to trust in a greater power.

Anchor Me (Massachusetts) 6378 • “Inspire Me” Bracelet

The Inspire Me Bracelet’s life preserver symbolizes that there is always someone who will help keep you afloat. Charms are made of nickel free/lead free plated pewter and come on a tie-on nylon cord. The cards share the message of each bracelet. Adjustable cord, 18mm circle charm. 6350 • “Anchor Me” Bracelet

Is someone your anchor? This sweet little bracelet will remind them all day long. Silver oxide, navy waxed tie-on cotton cord. Adjustable cord with 19 x 15mm charm

Druzy Earrings Druzy earrings add

serious pizzaz. Rhodium plated copper frame, backing. 9mm diameter

Mystic Knotwork (Connecticut)

6380 • Silver

Adjustable Woven Sailor Knot Bracelet This beachy, nautical, thin

6379 • Navy

woven bracelet features the classic sailor’s knot. Natural white color. Adjustable, and fits wrists 6” - 10” around. Cotton cord measures 1/4” wide. 6437 • Natural White; 6438 • Navy Blue 27




Revel Revel is a growing collection of colorful, printed stationery, art prints, and textiles, featuring hand-drawn lettering, patterns, and illustrations by Boston area artist, Amanda Williams Galvin.

6458 • New England Forever Canvas Tote The perfect gift for lifelong New Englanders!

This cotton tote is sturdy, with a deep side gusset, and long webbed cotton handles — great for carrying heavy books or doing some errands around town. The hand-illustrated artwork is printed in an ocean colored navy blue. Proudly designed, printed and sewn in New England. 16.5” x 15” x 4” 6454 • Tidal Wave Canvas Zip Pouch This canvas zipper pouch features a hand-illustrated

tidal wave inspired by the strength of the deep blue sea. The back of the bag is printed with a geometric patchwork pattern that brings a playful balance to the bold blue wave. Proudly designed, printed and sewn in New England. 6 x 9”

6456 • New England Forever Note card Set Inspired by the great northeast and those who

love it’s salty spirit, this hand-illustrated ode is proudly designed & printed in Massachusetts. 8 per box 28

Little Man Originals (Massachusetts) Charlie Change Purse A colorful coin purse with a handy key fob attached. Charlie can help stow all your little necessities and keep

you organized. Carry cards, first aid kits, doggie bags, game pieces, make-up, and more. Brass zipper closure, gold colored key ring, cotton fabric. 5.5” x 3.5” x 2” 6427 • Maine Pattern; 6428 • Geometric Pattern

Out of Print (New York) Library Themed Bags Express your love for libraries

and nostalgia with these original library-themed totes. 100% cotton canvas and made in the USA, these versatile tote bags are the perfect accessory for the book lover in your life. Inner pocket. Each purchase helps to literacy initiatives across the globe.

6449 • ISBN Thinking of You Tote It’s Book Nerd

for “I love you.” 15” x 17” with 11” strap (hanging)

6155 • Natural Library Card Tote Original library

card design. 14” x 18” with 11” canvas strap (hanging) 6472 • Unicorn Rainbow Tote Bookish gear should

be as diverse as books and readers are! 15” x 17” with 11” strap (hanging)

6448 • When in Doubt Zip Pouch Hermione

Granger’s modus operandi: “When in doubt, go to the library.” 9” x 6”

Best Seller!


Bedrock Tree Farm (Rhode Island) 6279 • Lavender Fir Soy Candle Lavender

essential oils meet a fir needle soy base. Topped with lavender buds, for extra loveliness. Wooden wick. 4.5” tall

6082 • Fir Needle Soy Candle Handcrafted

using freshly harvested fir needles, dried fir needle powder, and premium fir needle essential oils. The aroma of a freshly sheared branch. Wooden wick. 4.5” tall

Aster Candle (Rhode Island) 6382 • Coffee Milk Scented Soy Candle The

official state drink of Rhode Island! With notes of freshly brewed coffee and a touch of sweet cream, this smells like the real thing. 4 oz tin

Sunbeam Candles (New York) 6372 • Beeswax Buddha Candle Laughing

Buddha, admired for his generosity, 100% pure beeswax, lead-free cotton wick. Burns 40 hours. 4.5” tall 6077 • Candle for Peace: 100% beeswax

blended with eucalyptus, lemongrass, and cedarwood essential oils. Eco-friendly dyes. Burns 60 hours. 3” x 4” 6078 • Beeswax Honeycomb Pillar Poured

solid, rather than wrapped, for a long burn time, 50 hours. 3” x 3”

Noon Designs (Rhode Island) 6445 • “Love More” Soy Wax Candle Coconut and

mango scented. Made with renewable, biodegradable, water soluble, US grown soy wax, essential and fragrance oil blend and a cotton wick. Burns clean for 50 hours. 8 oz 30

6446 • “Dream Big” Soy Wax Candle The night blooming

cactus candle is a bright full bodied floral scent with a hint of cool greens. Made with renewable, biodegradable, water soluble, US-grown soy wax, essential and fragrance oil blend and a cotton wick. Burns clean for 50 hours 8 oz

warm up the place!

Winter is Coming

Mad Gab’s ( Maine) 6141 • Sweet Moose Smooches Lip Balm 3-Pack Natural &

organic, made with organic olive oil and beeswax. Candy Cane, Sugar Cookie and Hot Cocoa. Three .15 oz tubes

Grampa’s Garden (Maine) 6327 • Flannel Hand Warmers/Cooling Pacs Heat these

reusable little helpers for 30 seconds, then pop them in your mittens or coat pockets. Good for aches and pains, too!

Fabula Nebulae (Maine) 6398 • Cold Chaser Tea Ward off winter chills, and soothe

cold noses. Made with peppermint, raspberry leaf, linden flowers, lemongrass, rose hips, thyme, hibiscus, elderflowers, & dried ginger. Naturally caffeine free. 2.8 oz tin 6399 • Holiday Season Tea Spiced with ginger, cinnamon and

mint to calm the chaos at your party. Made with peppermint, thyme, lemongrass, rose hips, fennel seed, cinnamon, dried ginger, spearmint, and raspberry leaf. Naturally caffeine free. 2.8 oz tin

6400 • By the Fire Tea Throw a blanket on your lap and enjoy

this tea spiced with the flavors of winter celebrations. Made with chamomile, thyme, rose hips, peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary, dried ginger, and nutmeg. Naturally caffeine free. 2.8 oz tin

Revel Revel (Massachusetts) 6457 • Joy to the World Note Card Set Featuring lyrics from

Three Dog Night’s ever popular 1971 song, “Joy to the World,” this card hits just the right note for celebrations, or warm & friendly season’s greetings. 8 cards per box 6455 • Wild Bunch Note Card Set Hand-drawn woodland

creatures in a bold & playful palette. This mixed set of 8 cards & envelopes includes 2 foxes, 2 bunnies, 2 bears, and 2 deer. 31

Long Winter Farm | Maine

6429 • Hot Lunch Lip Balm Trio:

The scariest thing any child should have to face at school is hot lunch. Three creamy lunch-themed lip balms tucked into a hand stamped muslin bag. Chocolate Milk, Butterscotch Pudding, and Pizza flavors. $1 from each sale will benefit the following agencies working to make schools safer for our kids.

local goods school fundraising • closebuycatalog.com These partnering businesses care about kids, the environment, and the local economy, and generously support Close Buy through their sponsorship.

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