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local goods school fundraising PRIZES!

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THIS CATALOG 1. With your most adorable smile :) ask your family and friends if they would like to buy something to support your school.

NEW THIS SEASON! Cinder + Salt — CT #LIKEABOSS Pencil Set” Math test? No worries. This set of 5 pencils is specially embossed for all those go-getters out there! Made in the USA. $15 #6001

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3. If you are using an order form, collect money with your orders, and submit everything together to your school. Schools will let students know order deadlines and to whom checks should be written. Please make sure all parts of your order form are complete. Keep a copy for yourself – you’ll need it later!

Skida — VT Hats, Neck Warmers & Headbands: Available online only, at

MAPLE FROGS! SPECIAL THANKS to Winky Lewis, Lou Zambello, Betsy Peters, Arla Amara, Zach Appel, Leah Whalen, our models, Loli, Lucy, Isaiah, and Jamie, and the folks at McLaughlin Paper, Dan, Barb, Melissa, and Joann, for tirelessly pitching in and for helping to make our catalog beautiful and our system so effective. A true community effort! Front and back cover photographs, (and then some) ©winkylewis

102 Exchange St., Portland, ME 04101


D&D Sugarworks — VT Old Fashioned Dark Maple Sugar Brick: This brick of solid maple sugar is 100% pure. Shave it onto your oatmeal, ice cream, or include on a cheese plate for a fancy twist. 8 oz $14 #6002 Pure Maple Sugar Candy Frogs: Delicious maple candies shaped as frogs. Each gift box contains 11 pieces of premium maple candy. $14 #6003

Wilbur’s of Maine — ME Chocolate Covered Blueberries: Blueberry fans, listen up! These are dried, then covered in luscious milk chocolate for the perfect bite of local goodness. Packaged in a sturdy, decorative box for you to keep. 1lb $25 #6012 Port Living Co — ME














Culinarium Concrete Pinch Bowl: Minimalist, elegant and distinctive. Cast in a hand made mold, hand-burnished, and then sealed with FDA approved sealer. 3” x 3” x 2” $18 #6013

L AL L! RA U T NA Planet

Botanicals — ME Seaweed Voyager Bag: This gift collection features skin nourishing, artisan-made seaweed soap, a luxurious seaweed lemon body cream and natural seaweed body wash. $29 #6014


Honeycomb Candy: Sponge candy. Hokey-Pokey. Fairy food. Seafoam. Ambrosia. It’s crispy-chewy, light and airy; flavored with golden honey from Tremblay Apiaries in the Fingerlakes region of NY. Made in small batches, broken into pieces, and dipped in dark chocolate. 4.5oz $15 #6016

Liddabit Sweets — NY Ricotta Fig Caramel Box: Loaded with sweet bits of dried fig and touched with balsamic vinegar. A delightful addition to a cheese plate, or just on their own. 4 oz $12 #6015



Vermont and Maine team up to help you wow your visiting friends with the most decadent breakfast evah! Fluffy and flavorful Stonewall pancakes, maple in its many forms... creamy, drizzley or crumbled, with blueberry sauce on the side. Throw in a handmade pitcher & cup for a fancy pour, because every New Englander knows...


Flower Napkin Set Page 17

Lacey Pots — ME Little Pitcher & Cup: Wheelthrown, hand painted, great for serving cream and sugar for coffee, or butter and syrup for pancakes! Microwave safe. $58 #6017 Spring Break Maple— ME 100% Pure Maple Cream: Made from 100% pure maple syrup. Creamy and spreadable, this is a great addition to your toast or pancakes, or combine with sharp cheddar. Made in a dairyfree and nut-free kitchen. $15 #6018 D&D Sugarwoods Farm — VT Maple Syrup Sampler: Contains four grades of syrup: Fancy, Grade A medium amber, Grade A dark amber, and Grade B so you can try them all. $19 #6019 Pure Maple Sugar Brick: 8 oz of solid maple sugar, perfect for grating on oatmeal or into coffee, on ice cream or with cheese. $14 #6002


Stonewall Kitchen — ME Pancake & Waffle Mix: 1 lb container, makes a light and fluffy, delicious breakfast that everyone will love. $12 #6020 Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup: Perfect with pancakes or French toast, or drizzled on top of ice cream. $12 #6021 Best Selling Jam Gift Set: One of each, Wild Maine Blueberry and Strawberry, packaged up fancy, and ready to give. $29 #6022


The Honey Exchange — ME Lemon Honey Spread: A sweet, creamy, lemony treat! Perfect in tea, on biscuits, or as a frosting for sugar cookies. 10 oz jar $15 #6023 Cinnamon Honey Spread: Spoon this tasty treat on raisin bread, drizzle it over yogurt and granola, or stir it into coffee for a new twist on breakfast. 10 oz jar $15 #6024



Herbal Revolution — ME Organic Relax Tea: It’s time to find a sweet ol’ porch, big shady tree or a warm cozy nook, and kick up your feet with some tulsi, lemon balm, oat straw, hibiscus, passion flower, nettles, and lemon grass. Approx. 2.5 oz $15 #6025

Fresh Pickins Farm — ME The nectar of the Earth! This honey comes from happy bees in Southern Maine. A broad spectrum of nectars creates a wonderfully floral taste. This honey is “raw” which means it comes straight from the honeycomb, with no pasteurization, therefore all the beneficial nutrients remain intact. 9 oz jar Raw Maine Wildflower Honey $15 #6027 Raw Maine Blueberry Honey $15 #6028


Signature Blend

Crossroads Coffee — ME Signature Blend, Whole Beans: An incredibly smooth, full-bodied flavor, slow roasted for a great tasting, well balanced cup. 12 oz $16 #6029



340G 12OZ / NET WT

The Celadon Studio — MA Pour Over: A superior single-cup coffee brewer. Wheel-thrown porcelain with hand-carved surface. $54 #6030 Tea Strainer: The best tea strainer you will ever use. A cinch to clean! Microwave and dishwasher safe. $39 #6031 The Metro Mug: Big, sturdy and ready for your favorite beverage! Made on the potters wheel from fine porcelain clay. Microwave and dishwasher safe. $45 #6032 Tiny Bowls: Approx. 4” diameter. $26 Single Flower #6033; Multi Flower #6034

Organic Lemon Squeeze Honey Love: This delightful blend is made with lemony herbs that support and nourish the nervous system. Enjoy it warm in the winter or iced on a hot summer day. Approx. 2.5 oz $15 #6026


Brown Butter Toffee: Made with deeply browned butter and sliced almonds, dipped in chocolate, and topped with sliced almonds and fleur de sel. You get a few pieces each — dark and milk chocolate! $22 #6037

EHChocolatier — MA Peppermint Bark: A holiday classic! The perfect combination of white & dark chocolate and crunchy bits of peppermint candy (natural red dye). 4.3 oz $22 #6035

Maple Roasted Chocolate Pecan Clusters: Fresh pecans roasted in maple syrup and a touch of sea salt, surrounded with soft Knob Creek caramel, and topped with 65% dark chocolate and a sprinkle of fleur de sel! Approx. 5-6 pieces. 3.8 oz $22 #6038

Fudge Everything Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce: Decadent and creamy artisan dark chocolate sauce. Delicious on ice cream, toast, or straight from the jar! 8.7 oz $14 #6039

“I wouldn’t

share this with anyone!” —Tina-Marie, Norton, MA

Spring Break Maple — ME Classic Maple Sugar Candy: Made with 100% pure maple syrup, these delicate candies melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. 4.5 oz $15 #6036









f a t S


f c Pi





Lucy’s Granola — ME Toffee Bar 4-Pack: Handmade toffee, sprinkled with high-quality dark chocolate, and finished with an outer layer of delicious extra seedy granola before a final sprinkling of sea salt. $18 #6042 Q’s Nuts— MA Spicy Nut Trio: Q’s spiciest flavors! This snack pack includes cayenne mango pecans, sweet and sassy hot almonds, and flaming cashews. Approx. 7.5 oz $19 #6041

Dean’s Sweets — ME Maine Sea Salt Caramels: Eight hand-made, butter-rich, burnt sugar caramels, dipped in 70% cacao bittersweet Belgian chocolate. No preservatives, and no nuts, ever. $22 Dark Chocolate: #6044 Milk & Dark Chocolate: #6043

An accomplished architect, Dean Bingham applies his fine sense of design to the art of chocolate making. Always attentive to proportion, texture, hue, and, above all else, taste, Individually hand-dipped by Dean himself in Portland, Maine. Fan Favorite Trio: This trio has Q’s most popular flavors. Bananas Foster pecans, vanilla cinnamon sweet roasted cashews, and chocolate raspberry almonds, packaged and ready to gift. 7.5 oz $19 #6040

Vista Life Innovations is a full-service organization supporting individuals with disabilities.

Vista Life Innovations — CT Brittles: Originating from a secret recipe using finely selected ingredients, lovingly made by Vista students and members. Packaged in an adorable box and tied with string, perfect for gifting. 4 oz Peanut Brittle: $12 #6045; Almond Brittle: $12 #6046


Did you know? The world’s largest whoopie pie was created in South Portland, Maine on March 26, 2011, weighing in at 1,062 pounds. Pieces of the giant whoopie pie were sold and the money was used to send Mainemade whoopie pies to soldiers serving overseas. (Source: Wikipedia)

WHOOPIE! New England Cheesemaking — MA Mascarpone Cheesemaking Kit: Close your eyes and think Tiramisu, or cannoli... Make delectable Mascarpone in the comfort of your own kitchen. All you need is a little cream. Makes up to 30 pounds of luscious, creamy cheese. $22 #6047


CONTENTS: Dairy Thermometer (E3), 1yd. Re-usable Butter Muslin (U2), Tartaric Acid 4 oz (C19), Calcium Chloride .5 oz, Recipe Booklet

New England Cupboard — ME Authentic Maine Whoopie Pie Mix: Natural and delicious, these little regional cakes will make you the hero of the bakesale, or the birthday party champion. Make 12+ Whoopie Pies. $12 #6048 The Original Bangor Brownie Mix: According to Maine legend, in the early 1900s, a Bangor woman was making a chocolate cake and it fell. Rather than dispose of it, she cut it in to squares and served it to her guests. Thus, the first brownie was born and it was delicious. $14 #6049

Apotheker’s — MA Dark Chocolate Topped Vanilla Marshmallows: Honey-sweetened dark chocolate, hand-poured over pillowy-soft Original Vanilla Mallows, sweetened only with pure organic & treatment-free wildflower honey. $15 #6050

Tahana Confections — NH Vanilla/Salted Caramel Sauce Duet: It’s not just for ice cream anymore! These decadently delicious caramel sauces are great as a dip for your apple or pretzel, as an addition to your oatmeal, as a glaze for grilled salmon or as a match made in heaven for goat cheese and nuts. As always, perfect with its best friend, ice cream. Packaged in a gift-ready box. $20 #6051

Peanut Butter Caramels: Ground peanuts (not commercially made peanut butter!) meets luscious vanilla caramels to create an “I can’t think of anything else right now” treat. Salty sweet goodness in a generous, 1/2 lb bag.








$19 #6052 Maple Caramels: It doesn’t get more New England than this! Pure, local Maple Syrup, New England cream, milk, and butter will make your mouth sing. Generous 1/2 lb bag. $19 #6053





Harbor Sweets — MA

Packaged up fancy and ready to gift!

Salt and Ayre Assortment: This 9-piece assortment includes three salted chocolates (caramel with Himalayan pink sea salt, almond butter crunch toffee with chipotle sea salt, and crystallized ginger with Thai ginger sea salt) and four distinctive truffles (café au lait, chai, espresso, and hazelnut). $22 #6054

Sweet Sloops: Sailboat-shaped almond butter crunch toffee, a mainsail and jib of white chocolate floating in dark chocolate with pecan spindrift washing her sides. Packed in an elegant gold gift box. Glutenfree, no artificial preservatives. 12 pieces, 4 oz $18 #6055

Luscious & Creamy Peppermint Truffles: A limited edition dark chocolate and peppermint truffle finished with a sprinkling of candy cane on top. A delicious treat for the holidays. Handmade in small batches to ensure quality and flavor. $21 #6056


Curio Spice Co. — MA Three-Tin Spice Gift Box: This gift box includes 3 Curio Spice blends, including a cozy Sri Lankan cinnamon blend called “Kandy Spice,” a luscious pink-pepper and rose blend called “Fleur Spice,” and a lemony Mediterranean sea salt blend called “Aegean Salt.” Three 2-oz spice tins. $39 #6057

Vermont Smoke & Cure — VT Uncured Summer Sausage: Perfect for school lunches, picnics, last minute company, or just snacking! This sausage has a clean, tangy flavor and is made from slow fermentation, without sodium nitrite, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed beef and pork, and no added hormones. 12 oz Sold individually. $10 #6058

Maine Sea Salt — ME Sea Salt Jars: These fancy salt jars come boxed and gift-ready, full of 100% Maine Sea Salt. The sea water used to make Maine Sea Salt comes from Buck’s Harbor, and is evaporated in shallow pools in solar greenhouses. Original Salt Jar: $14 #6059 Hickory Smoked Sea Salt: This natural Maine sea salt is slow-smoked over a Hickory wood fire for many hours, infusing the salt with a robust smoke flavor. 6 oz $14 #6060


Lost Woods Hot Sauce — ME Best Hot Sauce 2-Pack: This chili-based hot sauce has incredible flavor. Heatwise it’s about a 5 out of 10. Like jeans, it goes with everything. $12 #6061

Stonewall Kitchen — ME Holiday Mustard Tree: Know a mustard lover? This contains three unique and delectable mustards all packaged up in a beautiful box, ready to give. $24 #6062

Maptote — NY Cotton Wine Tote: Attend your next party in style! Single Bottle: Approx. 12” x 4” x 3” with an 18” handle, 7 oz cotton. $20 #6063 Double Bottle: Approx. 12” x 13” x 2.5” with 21” handles, 10 oz cotton. $29 #6064

Anne Riggs — ME Fabric Produce Bags: Lose the plastic! These breathable, handmade, cotton and polyester produce bags fit all your veggies without the waste. Sold in pairs of 2. $20 #6065

J. K. Adams — VT Coupe Appetizer Plate: The refined shape and finish of these appetizer plates are sure to make an impression at your next party. Produced from North American Ash, and finished with teak oil for a light natural look, or burnished for a unique darker look. Sold Separately. Small: 9” x 5.5” x .5” $18 #6068 Large: 14” x 5.5” x .5” $29 #6069

Mini Round Cutting Board: A small board with endless uses. Pack one in your picnic basket for slicing cheese and fruit, or use one in your home bar to prep fresh garnishes for cocktails. Made from Maple with a mineral oil finish. 5.5” x 5.5” x .3125” $14 #6070 Whale Cutting Board: Finished with a brightly colored milk paint edge. Made from lightly distressed maple with an artisan teak oil finish. 15” x 8” x .625” $36 #6071

Vejibag — ME Veggie Storage Bag: Organic cotton storage bags keep veggies fresh and crisp for up to two weeks. Easy, washable & durable. Sold separately. Original: 11” x 12” $22 #6066; Big: 11” x 17” $24 #6067



BEESWAX Bee’s Wrap — VT Use the warmth of your hands to mold the wrap and create a seal. Made from organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil, Bee’s Wraps are the perfect alternative to plastic wrap. Naturally antibacterial.

Beeswax Food Wraps Multipack: Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables, or cover a bowl! 3 wraps: 1 small (7” x 8”), 1 medium (10” x 11”), and 1 large (13” x 14”). $24 #6072

Bee’s Wrap was founded in 2012 by Vermonter, Sarah Kaeck, mother of three, avid gardener, milker of goats, keeper of chickens, and seamstress, who asked herself: How can we eliminate plastics in our kitchen in favor of a healthier, more sustainable way to store our food?

Button Sandwich Wraps: Taking lunch to go? Build your sandwich, fold in corners and wrap string around wooden bee button. Can also be used as a placemat. Sold in pairs. $26 #6073

Her answer? Bees Wrap. By infusing organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, she’s created a washable, reusable, antibacterial and compostable food wrap.




Primitive House Farm — ME Wild Honey Soap: Packed with Bee goodness! Made with moisturizing oils, bee propolis and nutrient-rich Manuka honey and soothing colloidal oatmeal. This cold processed soap smells like it came straight from the hive. Oversized 5.5 oz bar. $12 #6074

A percentage is donated

to humanitarian organizations

Sunbeam Candles — NY Hand-poured beeswax pillars, with lead-free cotton wicks. Crafted with solar power. 1. Natural Pillar: The warm scent of natural beeswax with nothing added. 3” x 4” Burns 80 hrs. $24 #6075


2. Rosemary Beeswax Aromatherapy Pillar: Beeswax blended with the essential oil of Rosemary. 3” x 4” Burns 80 hrs. $29 #6076

3. Candle for Peace: Beeswax & non-GMM soy wax, blended with eucalyptus, lemongrass, and cedarwood essential oils. 3” x 4” Burns 60 hrs. $28 #6077

4. Honeycomb: Poured solid, rather than wrapped, for a long burn time. 3” x 3” Burns 50 hrs. $22 #6078


Fern + Moss

Brooklyn Candle

Studio — NY These luxe, travel-friendly tins are perfect for the office or jet-setting around the globe. 100% American-grown soy wax, lead-free cotton wick primed with vegetable based wax and premium grade fragrance oil. No added dyes or chemicals. Burn time approx. 30 hrs, 2.5” diameter Fern + Moss: Notes of sage and lavender, woodsy base notes of spruce and pine. Infused with natural sage, lavandin, and orange essential oils. $18 #6079

woodsy and fresh

Sweet Fig

earthy and soothing

Sweet Fig: Breathe in the earthy, ripe aroma of a freshly picked fig. Perfect for burning during your early morning yoga or meditation practice. $18 #6080 Vermont Chandler — VT These nifty little firestarters are created by using the extra wax from candle making and adding tiny pine cones and saw dust. Light the fire starter, add a few pieces of kindling, (you don’t need much) and a few logs and you will have a fragrant, wonderful fire! $12 #6081

Maggie Dwyer created Cape Cod Soy Candle in 2008 inspired by the sand dunes and natural coastal beauty of the Cape. A portion of profits are donated to the National Marine Life Center in Buzzards Bay, MA.


Tree Farm — RI Fir Needle Candle: Award-winning soy candle. Handcrafted using freshly harvested fir needles, dried fir needle powder, and premium fir needle essential and naturally derived fragrance oils — an incredible aroma of a freshly sheared branch. 8 oz with wooden wick. $19 #6082 Beach Rose & Fir: Piny, rosy, fresh aroma. This candle looks and smells absolutely exquisite. 8 oz with wooden wick. $19 #6083

Rustic Mason Jar Soy Candle: Hand-poured, with hemp wicks and always dye free, Cape Cod Soy Candles emit little to no soot when burning — perfect for those with chemical sensitivities and asthma. 9oz $28 Bonfire Reminiscent of toasted marshmallows + woodsmoke #6084

Tuscan Lemon Refreshing, zesty + uplifting. #6085

Om Spicy, creamy Chai tea scent #6086

Nantucket Lavender Enchanting July lavender with a hint of rosemary. #6087






COMFORT 5. Sleepy Teddy Pack: This sweet teddy face will soothe aches and pains and provide a cozy, peaceful night’s sleep. Makes a great wintertime bed warmer! Face is embroidered for safety. 8” across. $28 #6094 Grampa’s Garden — ME All products are microwaveable for warmth or can be put in the freezer for cool comfort. Packs are made with all-natural grains and spices for a pleasing, mild, comforting aroma.



1. Eye & Sinus Pack: When heated, the warmth of the grains and spices offers soothing relief from sinus congestion, headache and eye strain. Or cool, to use as a cold compress. Removable, washable cover. $29 #6088 2. Organic Cotton Thera Pack: This pack conforms to the upper back, shoulders and chest. When warmed it offers soothing comfort and helps to reduce stress and tension. Removable, washable cover. $46 #6089

6. Red Healing Heart Pack: Everyone needs a little love. Warms your heart, heats your bed, soothes aches and pains. $28 #6093

3. Thera Sox: Enjoy up to 30 minutes of warm toasty toes! Place a heat pack on the top or bottom of your foot. Need cold instead? Frozen packs are excellent in helping to reduce inflammation. Just remove the packs and the socks may be washed and dried with ease. $38 Sm/Med: fits women size 5-9 or men 6-8 #6091; Med/Lg: fits women size 9-11 or men 8-12 #6092 4. Flannel Body Shawl: After 24 years, this remains a best seller! When warmed, it provides therapy for full back, shoulders, knees, arms and legs. It is the best bed warmer ever. Or, store in its zippered storage bag in the freezer for a cold compress. $58 #6090 6




Perforated with small holes like a colander

Pots — ME Plum Dot Berry Bowl and Dish: Wheel-thrown, hand painted berry bowl. A lovely way to serve summer berries or grapes with drain holes to help get rid of excess water. 9.5” diameter $99 #6095

Port Living Co — ME Culinarium Concrete Pinch Bowl: This minimalist, elegant distinctive design is food-safe, and perfect for salt, rings, quarters, chocolate chips... whatever you’ve got. 3” x 3” x 2” $18 #6013

TABLETOP Jess Teesdale Pottery — ME Woodgrain Bud Vase: Handmade and impressed with a subtle woodgrain. Approx. 3” tall. $34 #6100

Lacey Pots — ME Itty Bitty Vases: These hand-thrown, hand-painted vases are a perfect spot for tiny blooms. Approximately 3” tall. $29 Heart #6096; Fish #6097; Star #6098

Poppy Yarn Bowl: Wheelthrown, hand painted yarn bowl, featuring a hole for yarn, and a path out, so you can take your project on the go. A unique gift for the knitter in your life! $89 #6099

Jess Teesdale Pottery — ME Mini Trays: Handmade, a perfect jewelry catch, or decorative accent to any table setting. Food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. 4” x 3” x .5” Peacock Floral Tray: $20 #6101; Navy Woodgrain Tray: $20 #6102; Teal Bowl: 3” diameter $30 #6103


Benoit’s Design Co. — ME Wooden Coaster Sets: Maine-made, handmade and laser engraved wood. Sold in sets of 4. Gift box included. 3.75” X 3.75” Knots: $34 #6104; Wood Cross Cut: $34 #6105


Sunbeam Candles — NY Beeswax Hanukkah Candles: Celebrate the Festival of Lights the natural way with the sweet aroma and warm glow of 100% pure beeswax. 45 hand-dipped 5” tapers, enough for the whole holiday. Burn time: 2 hours each. $32 #6107 Zootility Tools — ME Magnetic Bottle Opener: Laser cut from stainless steel. Pop the cap off your favorite beverage, then stick this on the fridge. $16 #6108

The Rope Co. — ME Nautical Rope Doormats: High quality, long-lasting, made of the same rope the lobstermen and lobsterwomen use to haul traps. 21” x 34” x 1” $68 Charcoal & Tan: #6109; Navy & Tan: #6110 Large Nautical Rope Storage Bin: This generously sized bin is made of sturdy nautical rope. Stores blankets, toys and laundry. Mold & mildew resistant, includes Maine-made wood bottom insert. 15” wide x 16” tall. $89 Charcoal & Tan: #6111 New England Bells — NH Traditional Strap Door Hanger: A deep-tone brass bell that easily fits over any standard size door knob. A stylish way to be informed of people’s comings and goings. 5.75” long with a 2.5” ring. $20 #6106


White & Navy: #6112

Erin Flett — ME Napkin Sets: Super luxe 100% cotton napkins tied together with natural cotton twill tape, ready to give or get. Set of 2, 20” x 20” $26 Polka Dots: Yellow #6113; Navy #6114; Tomato #6115; Aqua #6116 Flowers: Navy #6117, Red #6118 Tea Towels: Screen printed with water-based, solvent-free inks onto a thick, luxuriously absorbent, 100% cotton flour sack, perfect for drying the dishes and adding a pop of color to your kitchen! Twill tape loop for easy hanging. 30” x 30” $26 Navy Anchor: #6121; Yellow Sun: #6119; Gray Tuna: #6120 Glasses: Inspired by her own vintage collections, Dishwasher safe. 4 per set, screen printed with lead-free soy inks. Tall: One of each design, 12.5 oz $46 #6123 Rocks: One of each design, 8 oz $52 #6122 Four Anchor Set: Four anchor glasses, in either size. Tall, 12.5 oz: $52 #6125; Rocks, 8 oz: $49 #6124




Lunch Bags: 100% cotton canvas, hand silkscreened lunch bags. Fully lined with canvas, including a large pocket for ice pack. Trimmed in contrasting binding tape with high-quality magnet closure. Machine washable, dry flat. Woven in the USA, printed and sewn in Maine. 12” x 11” x 3” $46 Lollipop Design Hot Pink: #6126 Navy: #6127 Casco Stripe Cobalt & Green: #6128 Orange & Pink: #6129


Dr. Dandelion — ME Lavender Bath Oil: Allnatural sweet almond oil, infused with lavender. Use in the tub, or directly on skin. $16 #6132 Botanical Soap 3 Pack: Made by hand in small batches using organic plant oils; gentle & moisturizing, with rich & creamy lather. Orange Blossom, Peppermint & Lavender $22 #6130 Loofah Soap 3 Pack: A loofah inside each bar! Each exfoliates as it melts around its inner loofah, leaving skin smooth and soft. Orange Blossom, Peppermint & Lavender. $22 #6131 Thesis Beauty — MA West Indies Face Scrub: This unique organic formula leaves your skin exfoliated, massaged and energized. 4 oz $29 #6134 Mermaid’s Cheek: A clear complexion is at your fingertips! Organic, fortified with organic seaweed, organic spinach and French green clay. Great for oily and acne prone skin, restoring balance and calming inflammation. 3 oz $29 #6133 Organic Body Scrubs: Exfoliate and moisturize with richly textured, detoxifying organic body scrubs. Made with a creamy, organic shea butter base, all natural, mineral-rich Dead Sea salts. 8 oz jar. $30 Lavender Fields: #6135; Rose Vanilla: #6136 Primitive House

Farm — ME Sea Salt Soap: Nutrient-rich, and all-natural, containing nourishing, natural, dead-sea minerals. Cleanses and exfoliates. Generous 5.5 oz bar. $12 #6137 Ollie + Max




Soap Co. — MA Set includes two mini lotion bars in reusable tin containers. Using organic, vegan ingredients, each lotion bar is made with essential oils and moisturizing butters and oils. Perfect for airplane travel. $15 #6138

Long Winter Soap Co. — ME Whimsical Lip Balm Trio: A three-tube set of creamy beeswax and butter lip balms, snug in their own little handstamped muslin bag. $18 #6144 Puppy Kisses: (pumpkin and peanut butter), Unicorn Farts: (spearmint and cotton candy)

Mad Gab’s — ME Body Balm & Lip Gift Sets: Nourish skin and lips with organic shea butter, and olive oil formula. $15 Raspberry Set: #6140 Peach Mango Set: #6139

Pony Breath: (apples and sugar cubes)

Holiday Moose Smooch Lip Balm 3-pack: Best-selling Moose Smooch in Candy Cane, Hot Cocoa & Sugar Cookie. New formula is 93% Organic, 100% Natural and great for all ages! Hydrates lips with organic olive oil. $12 #6141 Ollie + Max

Soap Co. — MA Tea Time Lip Trio: A beautiful combination for the tea lover in your life. Earl Grey, Chai and Green Tea lip balms deliciously flavored with natural oils, Vegan & organic. $15 #6142

Planet Botanicals — ME Cocoa Butter Body Cream: The ultimate natural moisturizer for dry skin, readily absorbing to protect skin from the elements and seal in moisture. Organic cocoa butter gives skin a smooth and supple glow. Its beautiful natural chocolate aroma will transport you to the African tropical rainforests where cocoa butter is harvested. 4.0 oz $22 $6145 Lavender Moringa Hand Cream: This award winning, natural, luxurious cream is rich in soft Ugandan shea butter that’s made by women’s cooperatives. Scented with organic lavender essential oil. Great for dry or chapped hands, and never greasy. 4.0 oz $22 #6146

Minka — ME Miracle Hand Salve: Repair your dry, cracked, aging skin with 100% all natural, energizing oils of shea butter and orange peel wax. Antibacterial, healing, soothing. 2 oz $18 #6143

Ollie + Max — MA Winter Therapy Kit: One moisturizing lip balm in a soothing, minty herbal scent and a 2 oz container of natural vapor rub to help ease the discomforts of winter ailments. $20 #6147



Cyndi Prince’s inspiration to create LooHoo came from a love of creativity, a mission to make doing laundry fun and safe, and a desire to create a consistently high quality wool dryer ball from local resources that were durable enough to last for hundreds of loads. LooHoo has been based in Camden, Maine since 2010.


LooHoo — ME Wool Dryer Balls: LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls are a reusable, energy-saving alternative to dryer sheets. With no harsh chemicals, they naturally soften clothes and reduce dryer time. Colors vary. $30 #6148 The SNO Company — CT Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner: Back by popular demand, this multi-purpose powerhouse cleaner is formulated from nature’s powerful cleaning agents, and can be used on just about everything! A fierce stain remover, this solution is the best. Safe for children & pets, 100% plant-based, kosher certified ingredients. Made in an FDA food grade facility. $19 #6149 Stonewall Kitchen — ME Hand Soap: Vitamin-rich hand soaps that leave your skin soft, clean, and smelling like the French countryside. 16.9 fl oz $16 Lavender Mint: #6150, Herbs de Provence: #6151



Sweet Grass Farm — NH Lavender Laundry Powder: Beautifully fragranced with lavender, biodegradable and very effective, this laundry powder is super concentrated. Low sudsing, perfect for HE and front load washing machines. Phosphate free, kind to nature and those with sensitivities to chemicals. Generous 4 lb bag. $18 #6153 Lavender Laundry Sachets: Your laundry will smell as fresh as a lavender field on a warm summer day. Toss in the dryer with your damp clothes, or use in your laundry basket, dresser drawers, or linen closet. Set of 3. $12 #6154

SoulShine Soap

Company — ME Laundry Stain Stick 2-Pack: These unscented, pure coconut oil stain sticks are tiny powerhouses when it comes to stain removal! Works on set-in or fresh stains. No harsh chemicals. Two, 2 oz bars. $15 #6152


annie catherine — ME 2017 Catherine Breer Calendars: 12 single sheets featuring the beautiful paintings of Catherine Breer. Printed on recycled paper and suitable for framing. Poster Calendar, 11” x 14” $39 #6159 Desk Calender 5” x 7” $23 #6160

Benoit’s Design Co. — ME Bookmark Bundle: Handmade and laser-engraved, constructed from durable, colorful two-tone plastic, one each, purple chevron stripes and orange slices. $19 #6161

Blue Butterfield — ME 2017 Woodcut Poster Calendar: A functional art calendar displaying a unique woodblock image for each month, with space to jot down important family events. 12” x 18” $33 #6158

Out of Print Clothing Co. — NY

Each purchase sends a book to a community in need.

Library Card Tote: Express your love for libraries with this canvas tote bag celebrating the iconic check out card motif of our youth. Inner pocket. $26 #6155

Banned Books Tote: Stick it to censorship with this original design, highlighting 50 of the most banned or challenged books, according to the ALA. Inner pocket. $22 #6156

Punk Rock Authors Tote: This canvas tote bag features Wendy MacNaughton’s cheeky punk rock renditions of some of our favorite authors, with a classic Oscar Wilde quote on the bag. Inner pocket. $22 #6157


Buoy Sports — ME The Original Buoy Bat: The perfect multi-generational family game. Light, easy to use, with a faceand window-friendly ball. Handmade with real fishing buoys and hardwood handles. Navy blue with red stripe. $49 #6162

Far Out Bubbles — NH Giant Bubble Kit: This wand will make several giant bubbles that are long-lasting with just one dip. 18” wooden wand and solution. Colors vary. $28 #6163 Multi Bubble Wand Kit: Made with 6 wooden rings that produce hundreds of bubbles. Colors vary. $32 #6164

Concentrated bubble mix

makes a half gallon of bubble solution!


OUTSIDE! Moss & Grove — ME Fairy House Kit: Everything you need to build a magical fairy house, including fairy dust, sustainably harvested moss, feathers, shells, acorn caps, sea glass, and a twig pencil. Collect and trade the 7 fairy cards! $45 #6165


Balance Designs — VT Snurfer Classic: The original stand up sled is back and keeping kids moving in the wintertime! Still made of wood right here in the USA. For riders 5+ who want to ride backyards and back hills everywhere. $125 #6166 Vew-Do Zippy Balance Board: The ideal lifelong Balance Board, this is perfect for beginner to Intermediate folks, ages 5 yrs and older. Vew-Dos help develop balance, core strength and are most of all, a ton of fun to ride. $155 #6167


BrandNewNoise — NY He built 1 for his nephew. Then, he built 5 for his nephew’s teachers (for show and tell). Then, he built 10 for his online store, and he’s still building them today. Richard Upchurch is dedicated to making handcrafted, hardwood sound gadgets for musicians of all ages, from his Brooklyn, NY workshop. They’re a proud internship provider for Brooklyn-based organizations that elevate expectations of personal success and self-sufficiency for inner-city students ages 15-19.

MUSIC! ‘Lil Mib

‘Lil Mib (Message in a Box)— Voice Recording Gadget: A handheld voice recorder with pitch control knob and a red flag you can raise to let someone know there’s a message waiting. $74 #6168

Loopy Loo

kid whose first word was, “awesomeness.” design-savvy friend who has almost everything. teen destined to be the next Cut Chemist or Flying Lotus. sound studio “secret weapon.”

HOW IT WORKS: 1. Hold the red record button and talk into the microphone on the top. 2. Toggle the switch to the right, you can play back your recording once. 2. Switch to the left for continuous play. 3. Press the black playback/ stop button to hear your recording. 4. Go bananas turning the pitch shift knob for sounds you thought only an alien could make. Beware of jealous musician friends in the area.

• kid whose first words were “I love you.” • design-savvy friend with a romantic side. • teen who’s been grounded for too much Snapchatting. • weddings, anniversaries, birthdays & Valentine’s. HOW IT WORKS:


Perfect for: • • • •

Perfect for:

1. Hold red record button; say something sweet into microphone nose. 2. Press black button to play back or stop what you recorded. 3. Turn pitch knob left and right. 4. Raise the red flag on the back and set in a place where you know your special someone will be sure to see it.

Loopy Loo: A recording device with loop switch, pitch control knob and 1/8” output. $84 #6169


Zoots: A handheld, lo-fi thumb piano recording device with loop switch, pitch control knob, and 1/8” output. $94 #6170 Perfect for: • • • •

kid whose first words were “is it my turn yet?” design-savvy friend who has almost everything. teen destined to be the next Vampire Weekend. sound studio “secret weapon.”

HOW IT WORKS: 1. Hold the red record button down and pluck the tines (metal teeth) with your thumbs. 2. Toggle the switch to the down position, you can playback your recording one time. 3. Switch to the down position for continuous play. 4. Press the black playback/stop button to hear your recording. 5. You will be amazed at the depth of tone and range you can create by turning the pitch knob left and right. Be careful not to turn knob past resistance...

eco kids — ME Eco Dough: This safe, natural dough features all-natural ingredients, including plant, fruit and vegetable extracts and essential oils to keep the dough soft and pliable. $22 #6171 Eco Paint: Powder-based, tactile and exploratory. For fingers or a paintbrush. All natural ingredients. $22 #6172





You Can Learn Kits — CT Calligraphy Kit: Write your own piece of history! This kit contains everything you need: powdered ink, a pre-sharpened quill, and a hardwood inkstand that safely holds the glass ink bottle. Lined guide pages, a complete calligraphy alphabet, blank paper, and quilltrimming instructions are also included. $19 #6173 Tin Punching Kit: Learn to punch tin like an early American tinsmith’s apprentice! Kit contains: 12 pre-cut tin circles, 3 nails, ribbons or string for hanging, sample designs and template, easy, photoillustrated instructions. Ages 8+ $18 #6174



Verve — RI DIY Candy Kits: Educational and eco-friendly, each kit comes with natural ingredients, simple instructions, and a brief history. They’re designed to captivate your interest, connect you to the global community, and create something yummy in the process. Chemistry meets the kitchen! Everything you need is included. Adult supervision is recommended. Ages 8 & up! $18 Chewing Gum Kit: #6176; Gummies Kit: #6175; Chocolate Kit: #6177




Toolbox — NY Scribbler, The Drawing Robot: Make your very own drawing robot and watch it create a different work of art each time! Electronic and construction kits requiring assembly. AA batteries and hot glue gun required, not included. Ages 8+ $26 #6178

Stack-a-Track: A strategy challenge! Take turns adding tiles to expand the track line and get to the top while blocking your opponent’s progress. Rules and scoring suggestions are included - but it’s fun to make up house rules! Mancala: A game loved the world over. Pine board, 60 colorful stones and a pouch for storage. $28 #6183

Cherry wood base, maple tiles, storage pouch included. 2-4 players, 6+ $32 #6179


Triangle Mosaic Tiles: 96 triangular colorful wooden shapes for limitless possibilities. Reusable, lidded storage box. Ages 3-100. $28 #6185 Moon Mosaics: 60 wooden shapes to creatively play with patterns. Reusable, lidded storage box. $28 #6182 Buoy Bat, page 22

Mental Aerobics: Exercise your mind and have fun at the same time! This tangram puzzle made from hardwood includes a booklet of 102 challenging patterns, and a resealable bag for easy storage. Ages 6+ $18 #6181

TRIANGLES Puzzle Cube: A travel-ready brain teaser. There’s more than one solution to building this cube — see if you can figure them out. Ages 8+ $18 #6180

Tic Tac Jump: One board, two games. Play tic-tac-toe on one side and jump solitaire game on the other. Made of hardwood maple, and marbles. Storage bag included. $16 #6184



Angelrox — ME The Band: Simple, sweet and super comfy, you can wear this headband wide, or scrunch thin, with enough hold to stay in place. Gentle on temples and sensitive skin. Bamboo spandex jersey. One size fits most. Available in Ocean and Silver Shimmer. $12

Ocean: #6186

The Loop: Add that perfect vertical flow, twist and double for cozy neck warmth or spread wide to hood or shrug demurely over the shoulders and upper arms. One size fits most. Stretch bamboo knit. Available in Ocean, Stone and Mahogany. $44

Silver Shimmer #6187

Ocean #6188


IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD! Anchorpak — ME Anchorpak 1000D Nylon Carry-All: A sturdy nylon bag with external pockets and generous internal space with a top zipper closure. The innovative ergonomic design makes this bag exceptionally comfortable to wear and easy on your shoulders and back. $112 Orange / Gray: #6193; Navy / Gray: #6194 Anchorpak Kid: Lose the backpack! Introducing the first truly kid-friendly, back-friendly bag! Sized for kids ages 6-12. Durable 10 oz canvas with a MSDS safety yellow tag for visibility at night. Red / Blue Bird / Orange. $52 #6195 Natalie Therese — MA Key Chain Zip Pouch: The perfect size for cash and credit cards. Handmade from eco-friendly cork. 4.5” x 4” $18 Brown Zip: #6196; Aqua Zip: #6197


Stone #6189

Mahogany #6190

Shawl: Luxurious, simple and classic, with ample, rich coverage that works for all women and adds elegance, grace and an extra snuggly light warmth. Crafted from natural plant-based rayon stretch knit. Available in Charcoal and Champagne. $94

Charcoal #6191

Champagne #6192










Silver &

Beadlebot — ME

Stone by

Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings: Pearls hang from handmade sterling silver hammered ear wires. 1.6” long. $26 #6198

Hammered Silver Bar Earrings: Hand-hammered sterling silver bars catch the light with a subtly textured surface. 1.875” long. $26 #6199

Circle & Pearl Earrings: Freshwater pearls on hammered silver circles and handmade sterling silver earwires. 1.25” long. $28 #6200

Lucky Horseshoe Pendant: Hammered sterling wire pendant on sterling chain. Necklace is adjustable 16”-18”. $32 #6201

Pearl Drop Pendant: A single freshwater pearl pendant hangs from sterling chain. 16”-18” necklace is adjustable. $26 #6202

Cullen — ME Drop Earrings: Hand forged and oxidized, sterling silver bead wire open hoops. About 2.5” in length. Rubber backings. $39 #6205

Morris + Essex — ME Handprinted Jersey Scarves: These super-comfy and three-season, original patterns are printed on sustainable bamboo-cotton jersey fabric, using non-toxic water based textile inks. The result is an unbelievably soft fabric with a beautiful drape. Generous 18” x 56” size with raw edges. $42 Blue Flowers: #6206; Gray Asterisk: #6207; Green Fern: 6208

Silver Crescent Necklace: Hammered sterling wire creates a crescent shaped pendant. Crescent is 2” across, chain is adjustable 16”-18”. $26 #6203


Marbelous Every Mother Counts Pendant: A gorgeous combination of tan, gold and orange hues, strung on luxurious saddle suede. A portion of this sale will be donated to Every Mother Counts, the not for profit founded by Christy Turlington, making a global impact on maternal health. $54 #6204



Bunny: 15 x 11” $49 #6211

Broderpress — NY Stuffed Pillows & Ornaments: Hand printed, stuffed, and sewn these works of art add the perfect pop of color to your couch or bedroom. Silkscreened with non-toxic, water based acrylic paint, printed on muslin fabric, and stuffed with 100% poly-fil.

Tiger: 19 x 9” $49 #6209

Fox: 16 x 11” $49 #6212

Whale: 20” wide $49 #6210

Cobalt Sky Studio — ME Buoy Pillows: As seen on Tyra Bank’s show, FABlife! Made with canvas duck, authentic mooring line , waxed sail thread, Poly-fil & acrylic paints. 7” x 18” $46 Navy / Red: #6215 Orange / Robin’s Egg: #6216 Green / Teal: #6217

Crustacean Ornament: 5 x 2” $22 #6213

Moose Ornament: 4 x 4” $22 #6214

Cobalt Sky Studio Buoy Ornament: Handmade for holidays, or year round decor. Hunter, Robins Egg Blue & Red, 7” long. $18 #6218




STABIL — ME Stabilicers: Aggressive, multi-directional cleats and tread provide unbeatable traction. Easy to pull on and take off, with secure fitting for shoes and boots. Featuring Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which stretches snugly over any footwear to drastically improve stability and traction. Available in black. $28






XS: #6219 S: #6220 M: #6221 L: #6222 XL: #6223 KIDS: #6224






1-4.5 5-8 8.5-12

1-3.5 4-7 7.5-10 10.5-13 13.5-16



THE GREAT OUTDOORS Lobsterman’s Natural Skin Care — ME

Balm 2-Pack: Seacoast-strength therapy in a large twist-up tube! Ideal for skin that’s exposed to cold, wind, sun, water, or other unfriendly elements. *contains nut ingredients.

Primitive House

$20 #6225

Angelrox — ME The Lid: Light and cozy in bamboo stretch knit, this hat is the perfect topper year round — it breathes in the summer and warms in the winter, ideal for sensitive, smooth skulls. Skiers, cyclists, and motorcyclists adore. One size fits most. Unisex, black. $26 #6226

Farm — ME Fisherman’s Special Soap: Fisherperson’s favorite! It is believed that anise helps to mask human scent and attract fish, thus making them more likely to bite. Rustfree tin for ease of storage in your tackle box. $14 #6227

New England

Bells — NH Safety Bell: Perfect for small children and pets. Whether hiking or visiting crowded areas, you’ll hear your little nugget, wherever he or she wanders off. 1” wide, weather resistant Brahma Webb material, with a heavy duty snap. $15 #6228


Zootility — ME Pocket Monkey: A multitool that fits in your wallet! 12 functions, incl. bottle opener, 6 hex wrenches, Phillips head, & flat head screwdrivers, micro screwdriver, ruler, straight edge, headphone cord wrap, door latch slip+ TSA compliant! $18 #6229


Designs — ME Pet Tags: Handmade aluminum pet tag for your dog or cat. 1” x 1” with a soldered sterling silver top ring. $22 I Heart Belly Rubs: #6231 I Heart My People: #6230 & DOGS.


Observer Window Feeder: Get unobstructed and closeup views of birds feeding at your window! Made from sturdy smoke tinted polycarbonate plastic. Fill dish with seed, fruit, mealworms, or suet. Tapered overhanging deflects weather and keeps large birds out. Lifetime warranty against squirrel damage. 7” wide $22 #6232

Just Feed Birds Songbird Feeder & Pocket ID Guide: A sturdy metal bird feeder equipped with a handy pocket ID guide that features birds that beginner bird watchers are likely to encounter. Backed by Droll Yankees’ Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage. 8” $32 #6233

Droll Yankees — CT Hummingbird Window Feeder: “The Ruby Sipper” rests on a stainless steel suction cup mount, and features three ports. The clear nectar dish holds 5 oz and features an engraved nectar recipe for the perfect mixture every time. Free port cleaning brush included. $18 #6235 3


Maple Landmark — VT Backyard Birds Memory Tiles: The classic matching game with beautiful, full-color images of common backyard birds. Artwork by Roger Tory Peterson. Comes with 24 tiles and a cloth pouch for storage when the game is done. $32 #6234


American Bird Products — RI Soda Bottle Bird Feeder: Made from a solid zinc casting adapter that fits onto the opening of a soda bottle, creating a perch. $15 #6236 Audubon Bird Call: A playful method of calling birds. Crafted of zinc and birch wood; longlasting and easy to use. $12 #6237

Hudson Valley Seed Library — NY Ken Greene started the Hudson Valley Seed Library in 2004 while working as a Librarian at the Gardiner Public Library. Having developed a strong interest in preserving heirloom seed varieties, he decided to add them to the library catalog so that patrons could “check them out,” grow them in their home gardens, and then “return” saved seed at the end of the season.








The program was a small but successful endeavor — one of Hudson Valley Seed Library — NY the first of its kind in the country. After four years of running the program at the library, Ken and his partner Doug decided to turn the library into a mission-driven, homestead-based small business.

Culinary Herbs Seed Set: Five culinary herb varieties come together in this flavorful assortment. This collection includes one pack each of Basil Bouquet, Cilantro, Sage, Gigante d’Italia Parsley, and Greek Oregano. $26 #6238

Vegetable Garden Seed Set: perfect for those who like to try it all! 5 best selling mixes, over 25 distinct varieties within this box. This collection includes one pack each of Tri-Color Bean Blend, Kaleidoscope Carrot, Brilliant Beet Blend, Radiant Radish Mix, and Ultimate Salad Bowl. $26 #6239

Gourmet Greens Seed Set: A flavorful, high yielding, and fancy assortment. Each variety can be sown in successions for multiple harvests. This collection includes one pack each of Italienischer Lettuce, Bloomsdale Spinach, Salad Savor, Rainbow Chard, and Dino Kale. $26 #6240

Pollinator Garden Seed Set: The top 5 powerful pollinatorattracting flower varieties are in this special assortment. Each seed pack is aimed at attracting a specific class of pollinators, and when combined, creates the ultimate habitat for our sweet friends. $26 #6241


Womanswork — NY Goatskin Work Gloves: Made from high quality, buttery soft top grain, domestic goatskin leather. Hand washable. Perfect for everyday garden maintenance. $49 Glove Sizing Chart 1. Measure hand circumference (around knuckles) 2. Measure the length of your middle finger Circumference

Finger Length










6243 6244 6245

Medium Large

Dr. Dandelion — ME Gardener’s Scrub: A beautiful combination of soap, herbs & oils that leaves your hands smooth, soft, and smelling amazing! A great product to keep sink-side for everyday exfoliation. Also makes an excellent foot scrub. $22 #6242





Garden Wheels: Use these to help plan your next shade or flower garden! The plants are organized on three rotating circles. Turn the wheels to mix and match hundreds of plant combinations. Lots of useful info on the back side as well. Weatherproof and made of flexible plastic and UV resistant colors. $15 Annual Wheel: #6246 Shade Wheel: #6247




The heart shape is recognized around the world as a symbol of love and affection. Whether given as a gift or kept close to your heart, this darling sail tote will carry that sentiment perfectly. Available only through Close Buy!


ADORBS! Sea Bags — ME Sail Cloth Totes: The original! This tote is beloved for its durability, generous compartment, and bold graphic statement. Made from recycled sail cloth, on the beautiful coast of Maine. 14” x 5.5” x 14” Navy Anchor $140 #6248

Red Claw $140 #6249

Blue Star $140 #6250

Red Heart $180 #6251

Sail Cloth Wristlets: The zip-top design and comfy cord free your hands when juggling life. 8” x 1” x 5” Navy Anchor: $31 #6252 Pink Whale Tail: $31 #6253 Red Lobster: $31 #6254 Gold Leather Star: $39 #6255 These partnering businesses care about kids, the environment, and the local economy, and have

generously supported close buy through their sponsorship.


2016 Close Buy Catalog  

It's here! The 2016 Close Buy school fundraising catalog of local goods! Sign up through August 30.

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