Page 1 Corporation is looking to put a new fuel-efficient vehicle in the hands of people with low or medium income, who like to look good and help the planet at the same time. The unique features of The AutoMoto make this product different in the eyes of their competitors. The rebrand and new design look to create awareness among the target audience, apposition in the market and elevate sales.


mission...................03 vision .......................04 client .......................05 creative brief ............06 the problem ..............07 campaing strategies & adjectives ..............09

competitors ..............13 swot .........................15 target audience .........17 mood boards .............19

process ....................23 logo .........................25 voice .........................31 color .......................33 typography ...............35 images ......................37 textures ...................39 style guile ................41 infographic ...............41

media mix ...................47 electronic media ........49 social media ..............59 print media ................63 video & sound ...........70

works .......................75 images ......................77 the designer .............81


mission...................03 vision .......................04 client .......................05 creative brief ............06 the problem ..............07 campaing strategies & adjectives ..............09

our goal: The Corporation mission is to develop an affordable, three-wheel motorcycle, with high quality standards, and the highest security level for the driver. This unique and modern design makes The AutoMoto not only a fashionable vehicle, but also eco-friendly, because it is fuel-efficient.

“The AutoMoto wants to transport you to your destiny with style, at a low cost, and at the same time help the planet� corporation: The Corporation is a three-wheeled motorcycle developer based in Los Angeles, California. This company started operating in 2009. Due to the economic recession, there exists a need to design a better, less expensive means of transportation. An online motorcycle magazine states that the scooter popularity has picked up due to the increase in gas prices. The AutoMoto is the most inexpensive, three-wheel motorcycle in the market at this time. According to Find the Best web page, these motorcycles are high quality, and are unique because they offer a fuel-efficient system that helps the ecosystem.

campaign look The campaign will use a clean, minimalistic design. The combination of different design approaches evoking the importance of the features that makes The AutoMoto unique. The message will be humorous, but respectful. The design will show an innovative, modern, and enjoyable product.

tag line

“ a dve nt u r i n g yo u r l i fe ” Evokes adventure, and the feeling of freedom.

campaign goals • Create awareness of the product. • Obtain a position in the market. • Increase The AutoMoto sales.

what to solve? The main problem that The AutoMoto faces is introducing the brand into the market. There are companies that have been on the market for a longer time. These companies already have a reputation for high quality products, and have more experience in the field. Hong & Kyoon explained in their article that people look at products that have already a good reputation, making them believe secure at the time of purchase, and a new company has more difficulties introducing a new product to the costumers. Another fact that has made The AutoMoto less noticeable to the public is the lack of advertising throughout the media, creating a lack of familiarity between the public and the product.


the solution • Brand re-design • Creation of a multimedia campaign. The strategy priority is the recreation of the product’s face (logotype and slogan). A media mix will be created to promote the product in the most important media channels, in order to deliver the campaign’s message and achieve awareness among the target audience.

campaign adjectives Technology | Eco-friendly | Fun

The three campaign adjectives described the “Look and Feel� of the campaign. By focusing on these words the campaign will evoke different responses in the target audience and will address the most important aspects of the product.


competitors ...............13 swot .........................15 target audience .........17 mood boards .............19

the other guys There are different companies that develop three-wheel motorcycles. Some of them have been doing it for over a century. Other companies have a great position in the market and they are well known by their good quality and amazing design and performance. All these companies are evolving and changing their designs and technology in order to please their target audience.

Piaggio is the only company that has more than a century developing high performance engines, adapting and changing technology in order to create affordable and better styles of transportation for the public. Range: N/A market cost: $7,199-$8,899

In order to please their audience, Harley Davidson adapted their unique and well known style and design to a 3-wheel motorcycle, offering the same quality and performance that characterizes this important company. Range: 65 market cost: $32,549-$34,299

BRP Can-Am combines a unique design with the highest technology, offering a fast and secure product, ergonomics to handle tight corners, easy to handle long rides, and a smooth cool ride. Range: 66 market cost: $18,999-$24,849


competitive advantage & value The Auto Moto offers a new and secure vehicle with a modern design, providing a new and rich experience driving this product. The roof and trunk make a simple scooter the best two-person vehicle, giving a sensation of freedom. The AutoMoto offers their product in 10 different colors, and can be personalized for any kind of business. The third wheel offers more security that a regular scooter, the addition of the roof protects from weather and wind, a trunk provides storage capability and its low cost in fuel and maintenance gives The AutoMoto the flexibility to compete in the market.



• New and innovative product. • Low price. • Secure.

• Create brand awareness. • Create media campaign. • Build social media offer opportunities.

weaknesses • Not variety of products. • Not media presence. • Low awareness of public.

threats • Companies with more products. • More sofisticate designs. • companies with more time in market.

swot plan

(the big idea)

the automoto campaign will consist in two stages: Stage #1: Re-create the brand image of The AutoMoto, giving it a modern and cleaner look that screams style, future, fun and concern for the environment. This new image will be used in different media. The image consists of logotype, typography, colors, images and texture application on design elements. Stage #2: Develop a mixed media campaign using electronic media, social media, print media, and video and sound to create awareness among target audience promoting the benefits of Auto Moto and the different ways to apply them in personal and business environments, emphasizing safety, low maintenance and affordable purchase price at all times.


market sector: The target audience consists of women and men between the ages of 16 and 4, worried about global warming, with low or medium income, who like to look good, as well as people living in cities with large traffic jams and people with disabilities who cannot ride a regular motorcycle. The motorcycle industry is offering the three-wheel motorcycle as an option for disabled people who desire drive one again.

let’s know them: elizabeth lamport Elizabeth Lamport is a 16-yearold girl. She is a straight A student. She is very responsible and part of the Eco-Friends school club. She loves social media. Elizabeth loves to hang out with her friends. She wants to buy her first vehicle, she loves nature, and this is the reason she wants to buy a hybrid or an electric car, but they are too expensive for her. She is open to an alternative vehicle that fits her budget.

16 to 45 years old

worried by the global warming

henry jones Henry is a 45-year-old man who loves his family. The park is the best place for him to spend quality time with his family. He is a very social person. He has different working hours and days off. His work place is 15 miles away from his house. He defines himself as a free spirit, and he loves to drive, claiming that it’s relaxing. He always wanted to buy a motorcycle, but his wife is afraid that something might happen to him if he buys one, because he had an accident 20 years ago and still has problems with his right leg.

low or medium income

like to look good

people with disability


selecting the best approach: Each mood board communicates the brand in a different way. The elements express a different story, evoking different responses in the target audience. Best said that using a range of visuals, textures, colors and shapes, mood boards present images that represent the lifestyle of a specific consumer group. Each mood board is focused on the most important and unique aspects of the product and the needs of the target audience.

mood board #1 The first mood board shows that the target audience is obviously the young, information technology generation who want to experience the latest in travel and technology. They love having fun, sharing the adventure and experiencing tomorrow, today. Images play an essential role in communicating a message as in this mood board, as Gavin mention in his book.

mood board #2 The second mood board shows affordability, personal safety, eco-friendly and the color green. All convey the message. The combination of images, textures, and colors show an organic and modern design. The message is clear, “nurturing the environment”, men and women alike can be a part of the eco-friendly message. According to Curtis, mention often the visual message is all there is needed.

mood board #3 The third mood board looks back to the elegance and freedom so often associated with retro style, the images bring yesteryear to the present with style and fashion. Textures and colors lend to the drama, and sophistication, taking the viewer on to the road to adventure, “where dramatic and evocative environmental photography transports the viewer to the road to nowhere and everywhere, setting the mood for beauty, adventure, and mystery” (Wheeler, 219).


process ....................23 logo .........................25 voice .........................31 color ........................33 typography ................35 images .......................37 textures ....................39 style guile ................41 infographic ...............41

thinking new: The AutoMoto re-design logo is the first step of re-launching the brand to the market. After the data collection, in order to solve the client needs, the design process started with the development of the most important piece of the brand, the image. The brand is relatively new, but the actual logo has some problems in regards to longevity, versatility and becoming memorable among the target audience. Also, the logo does not follow established typography, making the logo confusing and easy to forget. The logo was inconsistent in different design elements, and has an unsophisticated and unfriendly look. This is what the new logo design want to solve. Through the creation of different sketches, three approaches were developed, selecting the strongest concept that transmits the message and the feeling of the brand. This opens the door to the selection of typefaces, colors and other elements that will give life to the campaign.

Black Version:

Negative Version:


Full Color:

starting your freedom




starting your freedom

evolution at your side

evolution at your side

Gray scale:

evolution at your side


24 starting your freedom

the new logo: This logo has an abstract icon compass. Using the “A” as part of the arrow that points north. The “M” acts as the circle and the south arrow. The icon needs to be simple and easy to recognize. This will make the association of the logo with the brand and the product much easier. The logo can work vertically or horizontally, making it versatile and flexible.

vertical horizontal

A aUdveTntO M O T O u r i n g yo u r l i fe 26

single color

A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe

black & white color

A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe


A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe

do & don’t: other correct use No tagline

incorrect use Trasparent over clear background

Wrong Color

A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe

Tagline over logo

Trasparent over dark background

Negative over busy background

A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe

A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe


incorrect use Full color over busy background

A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe

Stroke logo

Logo distorted

sizing & placement: The placement and minimum size of the logo is important. The logo can work without the tag line, depending of the design. The minimum clear space for each side is determined by the letter “A” in AutoMoto logotype. The minimum size of the logo to be placed in any design elements in the horizontal version is W: 2.5” and L: 0.85” with the tag line, and W: 1.5” and L: 0.5” without the tag line. In the vertical version is W: 1.5” and L: 1.25” with the tag line and W: 1” and L: 0.75” without the tag line.


For the web, the minimum size in the horizontal version is W: 180 px and L: 60.932 px with the tag line, and W: 108 px and L: 36.559 px without the tag line. In the vertical version with the tag line is W: 108 px and L: 89.993 px, and W: 72 px and L: 53.828 px without the tag line.


Note: The “A” on the vertical version is 150% scale to have the same space as the horizontal version.

no tagline

A aUdveTntO MOTO u r i n g yo u r l i fe

no tagline


hear my voice: The AutoMoto voice is different and fun. The voice should express what the AutoMoto is all about. The AutoMoto is fun, friendly, secure and honest. The target audience needs to feel that at the moment they hear about this new and innovative three-wheel motorcycle. Each individual should feel the freedom in the words. The tone will be informal but intelligent, reaching the target audience and making them the focal point inside The AutoMoto world.


adding some color: Each color represents something that the brand wants to express. According with Curtis, sometimesthe customer can’t touch or feel the product (or service), can’t smell it, and can’t taste it. So the visual message has to suffice, and that is where color really delivers. The main colors are cold colors, “cold colors include green, blue, and purple, are often more subdued than warm colors. They are the colors of night, of water, of nature, and are usually calming, relaxing, and somewhat reserved” (Chapmann, 2010). The logo colors are electric blue, black and silver. “Blue is the safest color to use in most applications, implying honesty, trust and dependability” and “silver is a modern sophisticated color, calming yet uplifting, with a degree of mystery about it” (, 2013). Black is commonly associated with power, elegance, and formality” (Chapmann, 2010). There are other colors that can be used in the campaign. Some of them are orange and yellow. “Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow. These are the colors of fire, of fall leaves, and of sunsets and sunrises, and are generally energizing, passionate, and positive” (Chapmann, 2010). As we can see the combination of this colors give us elegance, energy, passion, and a sense of nature. The texture used in the ads indicates technology, movement and nature too.

main colors PMS: 7470 C: 100 M: 55.49 Y: 41.73 K: 20.04 R: 0 G: 88 B: 111

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 50

R: 35 G: 31 B: 32

R: 147 G: 149 B: 152

campaign colors PMS: 361

PMS: 7414

PMS: Yellow C

C: 74.97 M: 3.67 Y: 100 K: 0.13

C: 19 M: 64.51 Y: 100 K: 5.52

C: 2.38 M: 8.71 Y: 100 K: 5.52

R: 63 G: 174 B: 42

R: 196 G: 109 B: 20

R: 196 G: 109 B: 0

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 20 R: 209 G: 211 B: 212


write the feeling: The typefaces for the campaign are modern, giving the feeling of technological advance or futuristic, but elegant. All the typefaces are sans serif making them easy to read.

Euroestyle Regular

• For the AutoMoto logo Eurostyle regular typeface was selected, using the tracking character tool at 118. AUTOMOTO

• The

tagline uses Antipasto ExtraLight with tracking character tool at 150. a dve nt u r i n g yo u r l i fe

• The

headlines use BankGothic Lt BT with tracking character tool at 20. This typeface will be always used in lowercase. headline

• For the body Helvetica regular was the right choice in all the print material. Body Copy

• Web will use Arial regular for the body. Body Copy

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%^&*()

Antipasto ExtraLight

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%^&*()

BankGothic Lt BT abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%^&*()

Helvetica Regular

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%^&*()

Arial Regular

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%^&*()


transmit the feeling: The selection of images is a main factor in the campaign. The images need to show fun, color, eco- friendliness, and a modern appearance, appealing to a sensation of freedom and fun. This will increase the effectiveness of the campaign among the target audience.


texture use: The textures give a technological and organic feeling but also a street expression. This combination of textures will generate a sense of movement. The main textures for the campaign are techno-organic backgrounds, with bright colors, gradients and geometrical figures. Also the campaign can use street textures like, bricks, stone, and roads and they can be colored with the campaign colors, depending of the design and media.

main textures

alternative textures


follow the rules: The style guide is an important tool that can save time and money to the company. According with Wheeler a good, solid standards save time, money, and frustration. The style guide needs to be proportioned by the designer in order to maintain consistency in all the design elements. We must remember that the design can be produced by other companies and they need to know how to apply the elements. Airey said that the style guile ensure that anyone within the client’s company who uses the design does so in a consistent manner.


presenting the info: The idea of the infographic is to inform and persuade the spectator about the design process and selection of elements, involving them in the brand completely, regardless of whether the spectator was involved from the beginning of the process or if this is the first time they see the project. The AutoMoto infographic has the feeling and the direction of the campaign. According with Smith, the infographic takes the visual approach of those who prefer to make the raw data beautiful. People can clearly understand and follow the story behind the design process and the selection of the design elements.


media mix ...................47 electronic media ........49 social media ..............59 print media ................63 video & sound ...........70

solving the problem: The goal for The AutoMoto campaign is to obtain brand awareness among the target audience. In this era the use of a single medium is insufficient. Levens mentioned that marketers use a mix of media because no single vehicle is suitable for every customer segment, message, or occasion. Combining the correct media the goal can be successfully achieved. All the media will have the same feeling and elements, making them work together or individually. All the elements need to work in harmony to have continuity. Wheeler quotes, “regardless of the medium, the applications need to work in harmony� (Wheeler, 164). Wheeler also said that the best brands speak with one distinctive voice. This means the campaign media need to transmit the message in a custom voice (same elements) to be easily recognized and associated by the public.

Transmedia Storytelling


using technology: The electronic media is a great bridge between the target audience and the brand. Most of the people use at least one type of electronic media per day. People according with Thibeault spend 43 minutes with TV, 39 with computers, 30 with tablets, and 17 with smartphones, and even sometimes, more than one channel at the same time.


tv, movie theater & radio ads: These medias can transmit the feeling and message of The AutoMoto clearly. The combination of images and music for 30 seconds as a single unit will evoke the emotions of the campaign. The radio ads will associate the music with the product and will explain the advantages of The AutoMoto The radio spots will describe the images and end with an action call for the listeners.


web re-design: The current web site is boring and looks more like a blog than a web site. The new web site will have a better structure. Each section will have and individual page, making browsing easier and friendlier. Some of the tools that need improvement are: find reservations for test-drives and finding the nearest dealership. The addition of a live chat customer service that can answer all questions inside these tools will help to retain interest in potential customers.


app for smart devices: The Mobile app will be an optimized web page, but will have some extra tools that will help the driver. The app will have the option to sync with Pandora, iTunes radio or the music inside the phone. Also if The AutoMoto has a problem, the app will send a message to the near shop with the problem and the client information.


internet advertisement: The use of this media is perfect for persons that spend almost all day in front of a Computer. Levens say that advertisements could take many forms in side the web.


conecting with people: The power of a social media campaign is strong. People can communicate with other people who have the same interests. This helps distribute advertisement to a specific target audience. According with Sniderman, social media campaigns take full advantage of the web’s unique properties. The interactivity, community-building, and the ability to specialize local offers are some of these properties. In order to extend The AutoMoto awareness among the target audience, the selection of specific and popular social media tools is very important. Each tool has a specific role in the campaign, as we can see in each icon.

FACEBOOK: facebook This medium will help people to connect directly with AutoMoto. People will interact directly with each other promoting The Auto Moto advantages. The page will also be used to create events, clubs and will promote special offers and contests.

twitter: The updates about new products or new events will be announced and presented instantly through this medium.


instagram: This medium will be used to share the best moments that people are having, using their AutoMoto and images that show improvements of an AutoMoto by the owners. These images will go to a contest that will be held every 4 months.

google +: This medium will have the same function as Facebook.

web blogs: This medium will help to influence the decision of the consumer. The product will be evaluated by the main blogs to obtain a positive review. Levens said that digital environment influences consumer behavior through online social networking, blogs, product-ratings sites, and other activities that assist in online research, evaluation, and purchase.


see me different: The AutoMoto print media will be different. Guerrilla Marketing inputs that the ads need to stand out. It needs to expose the most important aspects that the target audience is looking for in a vehicle and make them pop out in a singular and attractive way. This will generate the knowledge of the product inside the market, and of course, for the target audience.

billboard: The billboard will be placed in strategic parts of the cities, especially around schools and traffic jams areas.


posters: The posters will be placed on subway stations, libraries, bookstores and on coffee shops.

direct mail ads: Will be sent principally to people that live in big city apartments, near traffic jams points, high school students and university students and staff. The direct mail can be distributed in different forms. Some of this forms according Levens are: postcard, letter, brochure, or product sample that is sent to consumers who are on a targeted mailing list. The direct mail selected for this campaign is brochures, showing the advantages of The AutoMoto and general information.

magazine ads & catalogs: The ads and catalogs will show the best of The AutoMoto in a very unique way. Wheeler said that there are not to many people that can resist the latest catalog or ignore sumptuous magazine ads. The ads will be distributed among the magazines that best approach the target audience.


souvenirs: Auto Moto thanks the public for their interest in the product, by giving the consumer AutoMoto T-shirts, jackets, key chains, stickers, or mugs bearing the AutoMoto logo at souvenirs. According to Levens this keeps the consumer thinking of the brand and feeling good about it.


observe & hear the freedom: The videos are a great tool to spread the brand message among the target audience. According to Wheeler “the masses want videos” (Wheeler, 78). The videos can approach the feeling of the target audience. “Video brings dramatic new depth to how brands can express themselves” (Wheeler, 78). The music can influence a person’s mood. “Music is used to appeal to a particular customer and put him or her in the mood to shop or revel in the experience” (Wheeler, 157). The music combined with the video will generate a powerful combination, reaching the next frontier in the AutoMoto campaign, associate the images and the sounds with the brand.

VIDEOS: The videos can be produce by The AutoMoto or people who own AutoMotos. The videos will show security tips, testimonials, contest winner awards ceremonies, and updates of technology and accessories in the web page. The web page will be linked to YouTube.


music: Saffer mention in his book that visualizations can take many different forms. The music will be a bridge between the product and the feeling of the campaign. While listening to the music, people will visualize and associate it with The AutoMoto.

WEBINARS: According with DreamFire “Online streaming is becoming increasingly popular around the world, with live sport, music, or webinars for a worldwide audience� (DreamFire, n.d.). Webinars can be a bridge between the target audience and the brand. The webinars will include security tips, how to improve the performance of the vehicle, how to fix minor issues, how to set up your phone and phone app with the vehicle and how to tune up The AutoMoto. Some of the webinars will show eco-friendly tips too.


works .... ...................75 images .......................77 the designer ..............81

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carlos lopez-garcia: Presently, Carlos’ goal is to learn and combine different techniques to satisfy the needs of his clients. He developed into a responsible and well organized leader who can provide a great art direction from the start of the design process through the end, playing always as a team player and respecting and taking in consideration the opinion of his co-workers.

Carlos was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Carlos Lopez-Garcia’s interest in design began in elementary school. His parents realized that he spent most of his time watching animation, magazines, billboards, and posters instead of playing. They helped him to appreciate and understand a little more about art and design and took him to qualified people to guide him through his passion. He studied in The University of Texas at El Paso, obtaining a double major: one in Graphic Design and the other in Mass Media Communications. Thanks to his mentors, he found the importance of combining creativity, quality, professionalism and time

optimization in the development of designs. Specializing in corporate image, advertising, packaging and a great variety of graphic arts, he tries to make each design an exciting and new contribution to the world of graphic. After eight year of hands-on experience, he went back to obtain his Master’s Degree in Media Design at Full Sail University, looking for new techniques and new forms to improve himself and his designs. He is always willing to start, try and learn, open to new opportunities to create innovative, modern and dynamic design solutions with an exciting focus.

“I have no special talent I am only passionately curious.” -Albert Einstein-

82 64


Week 4 | 10.4.1 Project | Final Submission | MDM640 Measuring Design Effectiveness.

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