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Issue 96 Spring 2016

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November 4-6

Perth Convention Centre

Over 120 Exhibitors Free Seminars Organic Food Natural Therapies Psychic Readings Sound Healing


Expo Featured Workshops

SPIRIT • Keynote Speakers

Anthony Grzelka stepped into the media’s psychic spot light over thirteen years ago and has rapidly risen to international acclaim earning him the title Australia’s ‘Ghost Whisperer’. Anthony Grzelka is considered to be one of this country’s leading Mediums and is recognised for his unique talent to connect those seeking confirmation that life exists after death, with a down-to-earth, practical and compassionate approach. He has written 3 books: Medium Down Under, Life & Beyond: A Medium’s Guide to Dealing with Life and Loss and Spooked.

Sunday Nov 6

Experience Mediumship at its Best Workshop Room • Sunday 12.30 – 2.30pm • Tickets $45 • Earlybird $35 Gail Thackray (USA) is a world renowned psychic medium with a strong connection to the spirit world. Gail was not born a medium, rather at forty she received psychic downloads that enabled her to speak with spirits on the other-side. Gail believes we can all develop such a connection. She is the author of “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God” and “30 Days to Prosperity.” Many report spontaneous healings and a powerful connection just from attending Gail’s events.

Connecting with Spirit – Keynote Speaker Panel • Main Stage • Friday 12.30 – 2.00pm Spiritual Journeys – incorporating powerful energy from around the world Workshop Room • Friday 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Healing Pain by Releasing Emotional Blocks • Main Stage • Saturday 2.00 – 2.30pm Learn to Cut Psychic Cords – Featured Workshop Workshop Room • Saturday 4.00 – 6.00pm • Tickets $45 • Earlybird $35 • VIP $65

Learn to be a Psychic Card Reader Featured Workshop

Workshop Room • Sunday 2.45 – 4.45pm • Tickets $45 • Earlybird $35 • VIP $65

Dr Cushla Lovejoy is a Channel for the Divine Mothers, a New Thought facilitator, spiritual counsellor, visionary and prayer therapy healer with 30 years teaching and working experience globally. In New Zealand Cushla spent the first 30 years with Maori Elders who imparted their knowledge and shared their wisdom in areas of spirituality, emotional development and their connection to source and the land.

Connecting with Spirit – Keynote Speaker Panel • Main Stage • Friday 12.00pm – 1.30pm Q & A with the Divine Mothers – channelled by Dr Cushla Lovejoy Sound Temple • Friday 3.30 – 4.15pm

Divine Mothers Heart Energy Activation • Sound Temple • Saturday 2.30 – 3.15pm Channelling the Divine Mothers Workshop • Sound Temple • Sunday 11.00 – 11.50am

Munkhzul Munkhjargal – Sunday Nov 6 10.30 – 12.00 Traditional Mongolian Shamanism – Munkhzul Munkhjargal • Learn about the authentic shamanism of Mongolia from researcher and journalist, Munkhzul Munkhjargal who has personal knowledge and direct experience of this ancient practice. For the first time in Australia, audiences will have the opportunity to know the history and healing practices of traditional shamanism which is experiencing a revival in Mongolia and is widely practised by women. A shaman interacts with many other worlds or universes and contacting the spirits is an important part of shamans’ work. Shamanism is something you’re born with – you can’t just decide to become a shaman —you must be chosen by the spirits. Tickets $45 • Earlybird $35

From the Issue 96 Spring 2016

Hi Everyone

Publisher and Editor Patricia Hamilton T: 08 9446 5883 Mobile 0418955396


The season of Spring is a time for celebration, growth and new beginnings. This month the Conscious Living family comes together at the annual Conscious Living Expo in Perth. We look forward to reconnecting with our community and introducing new visitors to the many healing and transformational experiences offered by our speakers and exhibitors. There are over 120 Exhibitors who will be showcasing innovative, health conscious and ecofriendly products designed to help make positive lifestyle choices for yourself and your family.

Co Editor Jacqueline Walker T: 08 9446 5883 Mobile 0427 277803 Assistant Editor Colleen Clay Exhibition & Advertising Sales Patricia Hamilton Tel (08) 9446 5883 mobile 0418 955396

The Mongolian government have sponsored the visit of Munkhzul Munkhjargal, a researcher and journalist to showcase Traditional Mongolian Culture and Shamanism. They have air freighted an authentic Yurt which will be set up to host the Dreaming Deep music journeys and shamanic drumming by Caiseal Mor and Laya Rocha from the Moonlight Tribe.

Subscriptions & Memberships Jacquie Walker Contributing Writers: Adam Barralet, Gerard Bini, Dr Sandra Cabot, Michele Castle, Hament Chavda, Martin Cheney, Colleen Clay, Sue Dempster, Donna Fisher, Pauline Hall, Patricia Hamilton, Nikki Heyder, Claudia Lighter, Dr Cushla Lovejoy, Sylvia Marina, Todd Mason, Janet Mawdesley, Stuart Morick, Miranda Munro, Tony Norgrove, Steven North, Martin Oliver, Dr Ravi Ratan, Dr Katie Richard, Dr Sherrill Sellman, Maggie Sinton, Claudio Silvano, Jacquie Walker, Kylie Wolfig

In this issue we feature articles by some of our keynote speakers including our women’s health guru, Dr Sandra Cabot who gives us the latest methods to increase bone density. Kylie Wolfig shares her personal journey to discover the foods which hindered and which helped her Thyroid autoimmune disease. Nikki Heyder from NOOD shows that healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fun tasty meals with her tantalising recipe for pickelets using Quinoa flour and a banana. Nikki is one of Perth’s leading foodies who will be demonstrating her talents at the Expo in the Food Court. We are thrilled to introduce you to Dr Cushla Lovejoy and Steven North who are both working in the realms of channelling and connecting with Spirit. Recovery and resilience are the keys to mental health. This year at the Expo we have a Discussion Panel with five inspirational individuals: Christa Way, Norita Omar, Kylie Wolfig , Caiseal Mor and Sylvia Marina who will be sharing with audiences how they have overcome their physical and mental traumas.

Graphic Design Ailar Arak Images: Fotolia, Pexels, Pixabay Publisher Conscious Living Co-Creations Pty Ltd ATF the PH Trust ABN 30 064 748 794 103 Paramatta Road, Doubleview WA 6018 Tel 61 8 9446 5883

Read about Cyber Bullies and how you can protect your kids and Sue Dempster shows how you can support Mother Earth in your garden. Adam Barralet writes on how to connect to your crystals and Claudio Silvano takes you into the land of fantasy ... a great story.

Disclaimer The publisher and editor do not necessarily endorse the opinions expressed by individual writers or advertisers. Editorial advice is nonspecific and readers are advised to seek professional advice for individual issues.

Celebrate and enjoy Spring and all it has to offer. Blessings, light and love,

Patricia Hamilton & Jacquie Walker

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6 Mongolian Shamanism – Part of Everyday Life Learn More About This Proud Culture and Lifestyle 10 Unplug the Cyberbullies – Is It Happening to Someone Close to You? – Martin Oliver 2 From the Editors – Patricia Hamilton and Jacquie Walker


4 A Feast for Body Mind and Spirit 5 Mongolian Shamanism 8 Unplug the Cyberbullies – Martin Oliver


13 Recipes for Sensitive Foodies – Indulge Your Tastebuds 15 A Thyroid Food Journey – Kylie Wolfig Shares Her Story Organic Consumer 18 Super Food Empowers Your Cells – Sea Minerals Create Balance in Your Body – Life Force 19 Curcumin – Tastes Good and Neutralises Free Radicals in Your Diet Goan Cuisine – The Secret Ingredient that Adds the Spice of Life


20 Healthy Safe Solutions for Vaginal Dryness – Sherrill Sellman Health Consumer 22 Ripple Retreats – Take Time Out, and Learn More About the Benefits of Bioptron Light Therapy 24 Finding a Moment in Chaos – With the Help of Essential Oils – Pauline Hall 25 Acupuncture for Pain and Weight Loss in a Blink of the Eye 26 The Key To Wellness – Lymphatic Drainage and Gut Magic 28 The Latest Ways to Increase Bone Density – Avoid Osteoporosis – Dr Sandra Cabot 32 Feeling Run Down and Tired? What Can You Do to Change This? – Martin Oliver SPRING 2016

CONSCIOUS EARTH 34 Supporting Mother Earth in Your Garden – Sue Dempster 36 Scalar Wave Technology for EMF Protection 39 Tri Nature – Plant Based Homecare 40 Our Latest Up Cycling Project – Green Gateways Providing Innovative Housing 41 Geoclense Home and Work Harmonizer


42 Hament & Sonal’s Magic Mix: You Can Help Create Magic Moments – Hament Chavda 44 Conflict, Creativity, and Success: Find Out What the Year of The Rooster Has in Store for You – Michele Castle 46 Understand Your Entelechy and How to Get the Love You Want – Sylvia Marina


47 Channelling Amy Heart Activation Music – Steven North 49 Unlocking the Gifts Within Crystals – Adam Barralet 51 How Natures Vibrations Awaken Health and the Power of Following Your Heart – Miranda Munro 53 A Channelled Reading with El Morya – Claudia Lighter 54 Meet Dr Cushla Lovejoy – The Divine Mothers Channel 55 Gypsy Maggie Rose – A Gifted Psychic 56 The Sacred Tree – Tony Norgrove Talks About His Journey with Shamanism and Mediumship 56 The Ascended Masters Teachings Are Revealed – Summit Lighthouse


57 What’s Cooking? Book and Music Reviews by Janet Mawdesley 60 Dracoil – A Short Story by Author Claudio Silvano





Feast for Body Mind and Spirit With its commitment to supporting and expanding ways of living consciously and in harmony with our Earth, Food, Health, Arts and Spirit, the Conscious Living Expo is Australia's most exciting and extensive showcase of products, services and information for health, wellbeing and sustainable living. After 28 years Conscious Living Expo has found a new home at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre and this year’s program promises to be the most uplifting and inspirational ever presented. See the Video This anticipated event brings together over 120 exhibitors, features the participation of renown international and local keynote speakers and offers a vast range of interactive activities, seminars and workshops with health experts, foodies, practitioners, authors, celebrity mediums and Perth’s top psychic readers.


each with a message of love or comfort for a loved-one in the audience. Pets too are not shy about coming forward. The revelations given and predictions during his events take audiences on a spell binding journey towards demystifying the spirit world and vividly demonstrate that Spirit can and will communicate with the living! Gail Thackray was a completely normal business woman until she turned 40 when she spontaneously began to hear the voices of people ‘on the other side’. She now travels the world demonstrating her mediumship abilities at events where people report spontaneous healings and experience a powerful connection to spirit.


Two world renowned Psychic Mediums: Gail Thackray from the USA and West Australian, Ghost Whisperer, Anthony Grzelka will demonstrate and demystify the phenomenon of communicating with the world of spirit. Anthony Grzelka, a father of three is recognised for his unique talent to connect those seeking confirmation that life exists after death, with a down-to-earth, practical and compassionate approach. The moment Anthony opens the doors between this world and the next, anything can happen. Without fail the dearly departed will come through, 4 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE

A traditional Mongolian Yurt is being flown in by the Mongolian Government just for the Expo. The yurt is the national traditional housing for nomads and is possibly the world›s first eco-home. Visitors will be able to experience a program of free interactive sessions in the Yurt including the Dreaming Deep Music Yoga by Caiseal Mor and Laya Rocha as well as Earth Parenting Kid’s activities with Kristi McMullan and Singing Bowl Sessions for Children and Parents. The Conscious Living Expo is also family-friendly, with the new addition of Earth Parenting Kids Activities, a unique supervised space for children to play.



In the exhibitor showcase there will be chemical-free organic beauty products, hand-crafted jewellery, drums and flutes as well as crystals and eco-friendly solutions for the home, electric bikes, healthy cookware, eco retreats, essential oils, water filters and natural eco funerals to peruse and purchase. There will also be daily door prizes and all event-goers will receive a FREE Digital Showbag with Conscious Living Magazine and special offers from exhibitors.


The food court offers a comprehensive showcase of the very latest gluten free, organic and live raw food, detox juices, as well as superfoods and nutritional supplements. Perth’s leading foodies including Lisa and Candice, former Series 4 My Kitchen Rules contestants will be preparing their favourite healthy recipes. There will be plenty of nutritional foods to sample including Turmeric Latte, Organo Gold’s healthy coffee, Curcumin and Body Balance to boost health and reduce inflammation.


The Main Stage is the heart of the Expo treating visitors to live performances of original compositions by artists from SPRING 2016

Keynote Speakers around Australia. From the high vibrational tones of Lou Van Stone’s voice to Rupert Guenther’s classical violin there is a feast for the senses every day. The opening attraction is the Friday lunchtime panel: Connecting with Spirit when audiences can hear from the five Keynote speakers: Munkhzul Munkhjargal on the culture of Traditional Mongolian Shamanism, Gail Thackray (USA) on Spiritual Healing and Mediumship, Cushla Lovejoy on being a Channel for the Divine Mothers and Steven North on composing Heart Activation Music. They will be joined by Auntie Violet Newman from the Noongah Circle of Elders.


In the Sound Temple participants can experience a vibrational sound bath session with Kyela – for the first time incorporating the music of the plants. Steven North’s unique blend of heart activating crystal energised music will be premiered as well as Cushla Lovejoy’s channelled messages and healing through the Divine Mothers. Debbie and Ryoka Elton provide mindful movement exercises and Crystal Alchemist, Adam Barralet will present 3 workshops on exploring your connection with crystals and how to work in harmony and do chakra balancing.


The Practitioners in the Natural Therapies Zone – provide relaxing healing treatments to de-stress and energisesuch as reflexology Indian head massage, Bowen technique, Aromatherapy, Ki energy and Reiki. A special Crystal Light Bed which comes from the John of God centre in Brazil will be set up to provide crystal light therapy, a drug free, non-invasive technique based on an ancient yoga technology that uses the healing properties and energy of crystals. Professional naturopath, Stuart Morick will provide Live Blood Analysis assessments as well as iridology. Watch the welcome video created by MC Mary Lucille Baker for all the highlights. Download the Program Tickets are currently on sale through the Conscious Living Expo website with the $57 Expo Value Pack on sale for $18 until November 3rd. For more information on the Conscious Living Expo 2016 visit

See More at

Munkhzul Munkhjargal (Mongolian Shamanic Expert) is a Mongolian journalist, researcher and director of The Institute for the Study of Mongolian Shamanism.

Gail Thackray (USA) Spiritual Medium Author – an

exceptional medium with a tremendous connection to spirit.

Dr Ravi Ratan (India) clinical aromatherapist and a healer, author of “HANDBOOK OF AROMATHERAPY” and coauthor of “JOURNEY THROUGH CHAKRAS".

Gretta Murphy (Ireland) is an integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Master Instructor and Trainer.

Parag Pattani (Singapore) is a Reiki Grand Master. Christa Way (USA) is a nutritional consultant, herbalist, product formulator, and therapist who has inspired thousands of people around the world.

Anthony Grzelka (WA) Psychic Medium and Australia’s “Ghost Whisperer".

Dr Peter Dingle (WA) Author Environmental Health Scientist.

Dr Sandra Cabot (NSW) Bestselling author of the Liver

Cleanse Diet and founder of the Women’s Health Advisory Service.

Caiseal Mor (WA) Autistic-bestselling Author and Musician.

Cushla Lovejoy (WA) Channel for the Divine Mothers. Tim Guest (WA) 2015 WA Today Entrepreneur of the Year and founder of Infinite Wealth.

Sylvia Marina (WA) Author/international speaker,

educator & founder of Transforming DNA Memories.

Quentin Strauli (NSW) Timeline Technique Trainer, Founder and director of the Glebe Healing Centre.

Rupert Guenther (WA) Musician – The Mystical Art of Music.

Graeme Mitchell and Sue Dempster (WA) - Boxed Green Eco Culture.

Simon Cairns (WA) has cured himself of Crohns disease by formulating his own Bowel Restore.

Hament Chavda (WA) Conscious Business- Raising Funds for Magic Moments through his product Turmeric Latte.

Kylie Wolfig (WA) Author/Founder of Thyroid School.


Mongolian Shamanism Ancient culture on show at Conscious Living Expo


ongolian journalist, Munkhzul Munkhjargal, researcher and director of The Institute for the Study of Mongolian Shamanism, will be at Conscious Living Expo in Perth during November, bringing with her a traditional Mongolian Yurt. Together with her husband, the mother of three, will share her direct experience of Mongolian Shamanism for the first time with Western Audiences. A highlight of her visit will be the traditional Mongolian Yurt, which will be furnished with traditional hand crafted furniture and will showcase shamanic drums, costumes and other healing tools and handicrafts.

The Government of Mongolia arranged for the Yurt to be flown to Perth especially for the Expo. Munkhzul’s personal quest is to bring greater awareness of our connection with the natural world and to help preserve Mother Earth. In her homeland, she conducts regular tours around her beautiful country for those interested in learning about the nomadic culture, cuisine and traditional Shamanism of Mongolia.


The Mongolian yurt, the ‘Ger.’, is the national traditional housing for nomads. It could be described as the world’s first transportable eco-home. Its structure has not changed in more than 3000 years because it is perfectly designed to suit the nomadic lifestyle. The Ger. is a globe, matching the shape of our planet, and is fashioned from woollen felt and wooden lattice,




natural materials that breathe and are designed to exchange air flow 500 times in an hour. As a result of living in Gers that have such special features, nomadic Mongolians are connected with the sky, land and nature. At the same time, they are supported with sun, moon and sky energy and protected by the eternal blue sky.



Mongolian culture is well known for its hospitality. Upon a guest’s arrival, traditional offerings and treats are served: dairy products in the summer time, and meat in the winter. Traditionally a Mongolian, even during his absence, will leave his Ger. unlocked, in order to allow any passer-by to rest and enjoy the treats that are left on the table for visitors.


Mongolia’s brief growing season and animal husbandry defines the nomadic agrarian lifestyle. Mongolians have a horse-based culture, keeping goats, sheep, cattle (including yaks), camels and horses for the provision of meat, dairy products, transportation, and wool. Of these animals, the horse holds the highest position in Mongolian tales and legends. Herds move to new grazing land based on the time of year, rather than one of aimless wandering. Historically, each clan had various chosen grazing grounds that were used exclusively by the same clan year after year. This tradition carries on today and families return to the same locations at the same time each year, for example, travelling at the end of each winter from a specific sheltered valley to a particular grazing area on the steppes. SPRING 2016

THE IMPORTANCE OF FESTIVALS Naadam Festival is probably the most well known Mongolian Festival. Originating from the beginning of the previous century, the festival consists of the three manly sports: wrestling, horse riding and archery. The event is celebrated all over Mongolia, with the main events taking place in the capital. Tsagaan Sar is the Lunar New Year celebration and it is a tradition to climb a sacred mountain on the first day of the New Year, to welcome the first morning of the New Year on the mountain peak. On the three following days, Mongolians visit their relatives and friends, and enjoy traditional food and drink.

THE TRADITION OF SHAMANISM Mongolians have been Buddhists since the 16th century, following mainly Tibetan Buddhist teachings characteristic of Tibet and the Himalayan region. In the prerevolutionary period, Mongolia was

ruled by a series of Living Buddhas, or Jebtzun Damba. The eighth, and last, Jebtzun Damba was removed after the communist takeover. It’s estimated Mongolia had 100,000 monks, or lamas in 1921, representing one third of the male population. In the 1930s, this power became the focus of a ruthless series of purges that reached a climax in 1937. Most of the country’s monasteries were destroyed, and as many as 17,000 monks were killed. Anthropologists have identified shamanistic practices in tribal cultures, ancient and modern, throughout the world. Mongolian Shamanism goes back long before Genghis Khan’s time, but it was Genghis Khan who established it as a fundamental part of the Mongolian tradition. The Mongolians were worshiping ‘Hoh Tenger’ (blue skies) in this time. According to this belief the skies are the father, and the earth is the mother of all beings in the universe. As a civilization






totally dependent on the forces of nature, the Mongolians worshipped the various elements of nature, praying to their ancestors (transformed into mythical spiritual animals) to provide them with good weather, health and success. Since the 1990s, Shamanism has been experiencing a revival in Mongolia and is widely practised by women. A shaman interacts with many other worlds or universes and contacting the spirits is an important part of a shaman’s work.

SHAMANISM REVEALED AT EXPO Munkhzul Munkhjargal, a modern businesswoman and researcher, has a depth of knowledge and first-hand experience with Shamanic practices. 8 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE

At the Conscious Living Expo she will give a workshop about the current developments in Mongolian Shamanism and will explain shamanic illness and the reasons for becoming a shaman; how to heal and clear illnesses; the costumes, altars and tools; making offerings and prayers to connect with the spirits; the role of dreams, feelings and intuition; building up your energy; and the power of spirit through belief. Munkhzul will also talk about making ceremonial offerings to the sun, moon, fire, sea nymph and mountain, and other important ceremonies in Mongolian shamanism. She will explain how shamans call the spirit into the body to enable them to do the work of shamanizing and


to practise their traditional methods of healing. As well, Mongolian cuisine will be showcased at the Juicist Cafe demonstration stage where Munkhzul will prepare two healing soups called Buuz (steamed dumpling) and a Mongolian version of the meat pie called Khuushuur, which is also used for healing. For more information about Munkhzul Munkhjargal’s presentations at the Expo perth. zulaa-munkhzul-munkhjargal/ For tours to Mongolia: blueskyshaman.mongolia.1. SPRING 2016

“There is a light that can never be extinguished It is inside you. It is you” - Neale Donald Walsch






Unplug C

yberbullying is growing worse fast. If it is happening to someone close to you, it’s time to unplug the perpetrators. Cyberbullying, the act of bullying via an electronic medium, is now affecting children in their pre-teen years, becoming more prevalent as they move into their teens. Roughly one in five Australian children aged between eight and fifteen have been impacted, and its incidence is increasing worldwide in parallel with the penetration of technology. This type of bullying usually involves abusive and hurtful 10 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE

the Cyberbullies

communications extending to nasty gossip, being humiliated, and exclusion from a group. In some cases, private information can be disclosed online. It can also involve creating a fake social media profile, or the bullies getting into a real social media account in order to change information. Here, the keys to defence are good password strength and keeping passwords completely secret. Australia is one of the world’s most connected countries, and this trend is particularly true for teenagers. Recent figures indicate that 82 per cent of


Australian teens will have been online within the past four weeks, and 80 per cent have a smartphone. Recently, this age group has shown signs of moving away from social media platforms such as Facebook in favour of Instagram and messaging platforms such as Messenger and Snapchat. Other media through which cyberbullying occurs include online chatrooms, email, and text. Websites where users can ask anonymous questions such as are a particular worry, as they have been linked to several teen suicides.




“CREATE A JUDGEMENTFREE ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH YOUR CHILDREN FEEL SAFE TO TALK ABOUT ALL MANNER OF ISSUES THAT ARISE IN THEIR LIVES” Among teenagers, bullying tends to be dominance behaviour with the motivation being to gain power and status. Bullies are narcissists. In the school environment, a Canadian study has found that bullies are more likely to be the ‘cool’ kids with high selfesteem, and their victims tend to be the ‘uncool’ ones. Similar to offline bullying, cyberbullying frequently involves a group ganging up to collectively attack one individual because of some perceived difference. The targeted individual becomes an outcast, a victim of ostracism. One of the most disconcerting aspects of it is the irrationality of mob behaviour. It would be accurate to describe this behaviour as mob bullying, which is a welldocumented noxious form of bullying with long lasting, highly damaging repercussions. Unlike the traditional form, cyberbullying is more problematic because through being connected to devices much of the time children do not leave it behind when they arrive home. Teen cyberbullying is usually coupled with bullying at school, and victims may feel that there is no let-up. The electronic medium also tends to multiply the effects and the consequential emotional impact. Nude pictures sent to the wrong recipient can go viral and be shared across a large audience. There seems to be little understanding that this is illegal if the person is under 18. While adults are inclined to point the finger at teenagers, maybe they SPRING 2016

should do some soul-searching and consider their own behaviours. A culture of bullying, which can include cyberbullying and mob bullying, is widespread in workplaces. Many of us sit glued to reality TV shows where the participants are humiliated and degraded. Discourse in the media, online and in the political arena is becoming more nasty, intolerant and extreme, with a trend towards sexist and racist comments. In Australia, hate speech laws cover religious beliefs but exclude philosophical beliefs, and some newspapers that denounce teen cyberbullying are engaged in aggressive vilification of groups and causes that they or their owners dislike. All of these bad examples in turn tend to normalise such behaviour in the eyes of impressionable young people.

Being bullied may leave a victim feeling guilty, hopeless, alone, depressed, or unsafe. It can cause major emotional distress, and in extreme cases this has led to suicide. Common physical symptoms include headaches, stomach disturbances, and insomnia. Unlike the offline world, digital communication facilitates anonymity, which is in turn desensitising. A cyberbully can hide behind a fake profile or send anonymous messages. Confronting potential future cyberbullies with the personal impacts of these actions is powerful, as it is easy to be insulated from the pain that it causes. In Victoria, Michael Cleland, whose daughter committed suicide after cyberbullying, held a moving presentation on this topic at a Melbourne girls’ college.




For somebody on the receiving end of cyberbullying, there are several suggestions for handling the situation. These are: ●● Block the bully. ●● Unfriend people doing the bullying. ●● Talk to a supportive adult, the Kids Helpline (ages 5-25), or contact eheadspace online (12-25.) ●● Change privacy settings. ●● Don’t respond, other than to consider the option of just once assertively asking bullies to stop. With each incident, don’t repeat this request as it conveys desperation, and can encourage bullies by feeding their motivation. ●● Report offensive material to the site, messaging service or email provider. ●● If it persists, collect evidence in the form of screenshots, printed emails, and printed social network conversations. Then consider deleting the original electronic material. ●● A more extreme response would be to deactivate or shut down a social media account, but bear in mind that Twitter deletes deactivated accounts after only thirty days. When a friend is being cyberbullied: ●● Avoid sharing negative posts, images and videos.

Be at ease in front of the camera or on the stage Speak from your heart Shine your light so that others can be inspired to do the same. It’s time. Mary Lucille Baker interviews people who have done a 180 degree turnaround in their life, given up their secure job and are now working from their heart space. They are changing the world with the gift of themselves. Complementing this service are seminars, private sessions and half to two day classes. During the classes, you get to practise being videoed, get clarity on what you want and energetically let go of your ‘stage monster’ and cellular memory that limits you from being you. Become a magnet to engaging an audience, large and small. Mary Lucille Baker has worked in the unseen world for over 25yrs from Singapore to San Francisco, utilizing many different healing modalities and her own awareness. Call now to chat about the possibilities for your future, the one we have been waiting for.

Young people who are being cyberbullied are often reluctant to share this with their parents. While signs are not always evident, indicators include being withdrawn, behaviour changes, secrecy, and having a decreased appetite. It is good to create a judgement-free environment in which your children feel safe to talk about all manner of issues, from major to minor, that arise in their lives


Listen to their story, and take it seriously. ●● Acknowledge and validate their feelings. ●● Look at gathering evidence. ●● Get the school involved to observe student behaviour and create strategies to stop bullying in the school environment. ●● Avoid simplistic solutions such as believing that if the child stops his or her technology use the problem will go away. Many children believe digital media to be their social lifeline and, contrary to the assumptions of some parents, the Off button is not a simple solution. An indication that your child may be a cyberbully includes secretive behaviour and a shift towards more obsessive Internet use patterns. In addition to prevention, in the form of inculcating respectful values, an assertive and firm strategy with the child tends to work best. Ensuring that the child takes down abusive social media pages is a minimum first step. Another option is to take matters further by approaching the authorities, in the form of the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. Under Commonwealth legislation passed in 2004, menacing, harassing and offensive behaviours through a ‘carriage service’, such as phones and digital avenues, is considered a crime. Logging into someone else’s online account without their permission is another criminal offence. Where a request has been made to a social media site to remove the worst cyberbullying material and 48 hours later it is still up, the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner also works with social media sites to remove it. Martin Oliver is a writer and researcher based in Lismore (Northern NSW).

Mention Conscious Living for a free upgrade to video session or a half price consultation.

RESOURCES Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner

PHONE: 0428 422 888 WEBSITE: EMAIL:


●● Leave negative groups and conversations. ●● Report the bullying to someone, and this could involve an anonymous report to a parent or teacher. ●● If you feel confident, call for the bullying to stop. ●● Support the friend online and offline.




Recipes for

Sensitive Foodies Indulge Your Tastebuds


ating healthy does not mean you have to miss out on fun, tasty meals like Sunday morning pikelets!

I want you to try this recipe, which tastes so good no one would ever believe it is packed with nutritional goodness. It gives you a gluten free pikelet, which is also free of nuts and dairy: perfect for the person in your life who has food sensitivities or allergies. Made with high protein quinoa flour, eggs, fresh banana and Low GI coconut syrup – there is nothing bad about these pikelets. And they are sweet enough to not need any extra sugary maple syrup! They take less than 15 minutes to make and are a great option for kids’ snacks or lunchbox treats. Nutritional information is: Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Refined Sugar Free, Gluten Free.


Quinoa is rich in fibre and protein as is an excellent source of low GI carbohydrates. It also contains twice the amount of calcium found in whole wheat. It is rich in B vitamins, particularly riboflavin, and contains a fabulous array of minerals, including zinc, iron, phosphorous and magnesium. Quinoa comes in the form of flakes and flour as well as pasta.


Eaten raw, used in baking, smoothies or as an egg substitute the banana is a fabulous staple fruit to have on hand in the kitchen. Known for their high content of the electrolyte potassium, bananas are often eaten as a post-workout snack. Potassium is crucial to heart health and helps to lower blood pressure, aid with muscle movement and allow for effective kidney filtration. On top of this, bananas are also rich in fibre, folate, magnesium and Vitamin C. Together, these nutrients

By NIKKI HEYDER, West Australian based Nutritional Counsellor and Director of NOOD and owner of NOOD Café at Leederville can help to relax muscles, boost energy, strengthen the nervous system, prevent Type 2 Diabetes and aid in the production of white blood cells. The tryptophan found in bananas gets converted into serotonin in our brains, which helps boost our moods and can have a soothing effect on our bodies.


Eggs are most famously known for their high protein content and their full array of amino acids, thereby making them a ‘complete protein’. They also are a good source of selenium and iodine, which are normally found in shellfish and fish. The yolk of the egg is high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, all of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), as well as most of the B vitamins, calcium, zinc and iron.


Coconut Syrup is a liquid form of coconut sugar. Coconut sugar provides a much lower GI than regular table sugar. This means it slows the glucose absorption into our blood streams, reducing the sugar spike when compared with the effect of processed alternatives. Research shows that this natural sugar also contains several nutrients from the coconut including some iron, zinc, potassium and calcium. Remember, however, that sugar is sugar: although natural options are much better, all forms of sugar should be consumed in small amounts. Now, lets get into the kitchen.





NIKKI’S HEALTH PACKED PIKELETS (12 Small Pikelets) Ingredients 1 large banana ¼ cup quinoa flour 1 tsp gluten free baking powder 2 eggs 1 tsp natural vanilla extract 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tbsp coconut syrup 1 tbsp coconut oil, for cooking Method Mash banana in a bowl and add all ingredients except coconut oil. Whisk thoroughly until all combined and you have a thick batter consistency. Pour mixture into a jug for easy pouring. Heat a non-stick frypan and add a little coconut oil. Cook pikelets in batches on low heat, turning after about 30 seconds – 1 minute depending on how hot the pan is. Repeat until all the mixture is used up. Serve with cut up bananas and strawberries, or a dollop of natural yoghurt. The pikelets are cooked so we can head to Morocco.


Ingredients 2 tbsp olive oil ½ brown onion, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, finely sliced 1 red chilli, finely chopped (optional) 1 tsp sea salt 1 tsp black pepper 2 tsp smoked paprika 2 tsp ground coriander 1.5 cups cherry tomatoes (if possible, use different varieties for colour) 2 tins crushed tomatoes 4 large eggs �/₃ cup fresh parsley, chopped �/₃ cup fresh coriander, chopped Method Pre-heat oven to ‘grill’ at 150 degrees Celsius fan-forced. In a deep non-stick pan (with NON PLASTIC handle) heat olive oil and sauté onions until translucent. Add garlic and chilli, sauté for a further minute. Add spices, salt and pepper and cook for 30 seconds or until aromatic. Add cherry tomatoes and cook for about 2 minutes or until they start to soften. Add tinned tomatoes and simmer for 10 minutes. Carefully crack in each egg and place entire pan in the oven – close door and allow to bake for 5 minutes, or until eggs just start to cook on top and become more opaque in colour. Garnish with fresh herbs and serve immediately. Bon appetit! For further information visit or follow Nikki on Instgram@nood. Meet her at Conscious Living Expo, 4-6 November 2016, in Perth’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, where she will conduct 3 Kitchen Demonstrations: Fri 4 – 2.30pm; Sat 5 – 2.30; Sun 6 – 2pm.




By KYLIE WOLFIG, founder of the Thyroid School and author of four books, including Thyroid Jar Food

Food Journey


hyroid disease is becoming an epidemic, and few who suffer from it understand the impact foods can have on thyroid health, or the daily symptoms that come with them. THE THYROID VICTIM

It is estimated that 90 per cent of thyroid disease is caused by autoimmune disease. This means the Immune System is out of control and the thyroid happens to be collateral damage. For other autoimmune diseases it may be the colon (Crohn’s Disease) or the joints (Rheumatoid Arthritis), but the root cause is still the immune system. Unfortunately. most of us have learned that we need to build up our immune systems to be well, which is not the case in autoimmune disease. This is why, it is important to know if our thyroid disease is driven by one. Many doctors will not order the antibody blood tests to check for either Hashimoto’s or Graves’ disease, simply because it does not change how they can help you. But knowing this for yourself is a vital clue to feeling well. Food has the ability to either calm the immune system down, which is what we want to do, or send it off on another tantrum, lashing out yet again at the poor thyroid. This is great news, because we have complete control over what we put in our mouths!


A Thyroid

For thyroid disease the main foods that cause problems are Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Goitrogens and refined sugar. Many thyroid people find they do better also by removing all grains, not just gluten. ●● Gluten – Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats, Spelt, Triticale ●● Dairy – Milk, cream, ice-cream, sour cream, yoghurt, custard

●● Soy – Soy sauce, tamari, miso, tempeh, tofu, soy milk, edemame ●● Goitrogens – Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Brussel’s sprouts. If you cook this family, many of the goitrogenic properties are reduced, however it is still something that should be tested individually. Add to these items any foods you may be intolerant to and you have a list of triggers for an autoimmune driven thyroid attack. The most common food intolerances and allergies worth trialing are: ●● Peanuts ●● Tree Nuts ●● Wheat ●● Cow’s Milk ●● Soy ●● Seafood ●● Eggs ●● Citrus I always ask clients what is the one food you would have heart palpitations over if I asked you not to eat it for a month? That is usually the one you should trial first, even if it is seemingly healthy. You know the one – it’s the food you are thinking of right this minute!


After 20 years of daily symptoms such as anxiety, weight gain, fatigue and aching joints I went back to school to learn how I could change my thyroid story. It was while learning about food and nutrition that I began to trial different ways of eating to see if they had any impact on my health.


●● After removing coffee for many weeks and then treating myself, I discovered this was the source of my panic attacks!


CONSCIOUS FOOD “KEEPING A DIARY SO THAT YOU CAN TRACK SYMPTOMS, FOOD AND LIFE EVENTS ALLOWS YOU TO CONNECT THE DOTS AS TO WHAT CAUSES YOU PROBLEMS” ●● Coconut oil, which has many scientific studies around the benefits for the thyroid, personally made me feel sick and lethargic. ●● I don’t do well with gluten and rice but I am fine with oats, which has a different kind of gluten molecule than the other grains. ●● Dairy makes me anxious and I start imagining all sorts of horrible things going wrong: every ache and pain sparks fears of cancer, or a heart attack about to happen. ●● To lose weight, I need to remove all fats completely and eat mono type meals. It seems my body does better with only a few things at a time to deal with. ●● Eating raw cabbage and sauerkraut makes my hair fall out. ●● If my food was not organised and easy, I did not eat well.


The only way you are going to know what affects you is through your own investigations. I recommend keeping a diary for thyroid health so that you can track symptoms, food and life events. This allows you to connect the dots as to what causes you problems. Eliminating selected foods from your daily diet for a period of two to four weeks will give you an indication of what is working for you. Changing your own food story is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your thyroid health. Don’t follow the crowd: you are a unique magical human being that deserves the time and effort of finding out what you need to nourish, heal and shine.


This recipe book came about because I was always being asked for my everyday recipes, and it was just handy for me to have them all in one place. The Jar Food happened because I am always storing food in jam jars. I found it easy to have one-cup servings of healthy food always ready to go. It is what keeps me on the straight and narrow most of the time.


I call this a Magnesium Smoothie, because it is choc full of this great mineral! Magnesium is Mother Nature’s ‘Chill Pill’ so this one is great for mental health. This is also a great replacement for your morning coffee if you are trying to give it up (which you are, aren’t you?) 16 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE


Ingredients ½ cup of Mixed Nuts (I like macadamia, hazelnuts, and Brazil nuts) 2 tablespoons Raw Cacao 1 tablespoon Maca Powder 2 cups Cold filtered Water 1-2 Frozen Bananas (freeze with the skin off and chopped) 3 Medjool Dates 1 tablespoon Rice Malt Syrup for extra sweetness if desired Method Place all ingredients in a blender and whizz until smooth. If you prefer a different consistency, just alter the amount of water you add. This lasts really well in the refrigerator for three days.


Most raw sour creams are made with cashews, but I find they have too much of a particular flavour. I use Macadamia nuts because they seem so bland, with a non-obvious flavour that matches real sour cream. And macadamia nuts have a better ratio of Omega 3’s than other nuts. Once you have tried this, it will be a constant in your fridge! Ingredients 1cup raw macadamia nuts ½ cup water ¼ cup no flavour oil like grape seed oil 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar 1 teaspoon Onion Powder 1 teaspoon Herb Salt Method Place all ingredients in a high-powered blender for best results and blend until smooth and creamy. It will work in a normal blender – just have run it a little longer. Stores in the refrigerator for one week.



This salad is one that you can take to a potluck or serve up to friends and they would never guess that it is ‘Thyroid Friendly’ or gluten and dairy free. Make a huge batch of this, because I find it goes very quickly, particularly when in jars and easy to grab from the fridge. Ingredients 100g packet Bean Thread Vermicelli 2 Spring onions sliced thinly 1 carrot grated ½ bunch coriander chopped ¼ cup natural organic peanut butter 2 tablespoons Gluten Free Worcestershire Sauce 1 tablespoon Gluten Free Sweet Chilli Sauce 1 tablespoon Sesame Oil Juice of 1 lemon Salt and pepper to taste

Method Pour boiling water over the vermicelli until wilted and then drain. Combine the vermicelli with the grated carrot, spring onions and coriander. In a separate container make the dressing by combining the peanut butter, GF Worcestershire sauce, sweet chilli sauce, sesame oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Using your hands squish the dressing into the salad until the dressing is fully coating the noodles. This Thyroid Healthy recipe was adapted from Nigella Lawson’s ‘Peanut Noodle Salad’.

Method Make the raw sour cream and set aside. Cook the zucchini slices on a griddle plate on both sides until softened. Set aside. Sauté the grated carrot and sweet potato in a little olive oil or butter until cooked through and reduced. Add the Herbamere and season to taste. Set aside. Sauté the sliced onions until cooked through then add the shredded chicken and combine stirring until heated through. Set aside. Sauté the mushrooms until cooked then add the Pine nuts, spinach and sliced capsicums and cook until the spinach is wilted.


Gluten Free – Dairy Free – Soy Free – Egg Free Grain Free – Paleo – Thyroid Healthy Ingredients 1 large zucchini sliced lengthways ½ cup Raw Sour Cream 1 Carrot – grated 1 small sweet potato – grated 1 teaspoon Herbamere (herb salt) 2 cups chicken, shredded 2 onions sliced thinly 2 cups mushrooms 2 cups spinach leaves ¼ cup Pine nuts, toasted 3 Mini capsicums (yellow, orange, Red) sliced 1 mild red chilli ½ cup parsley, chopped SPRING 2016

Assembly First Layer – 1 slice of zucchini topped with the carrot & sweet potato mix. Second Layer – 1 slice of zucchini topped with chicken & onion mix, then a few spoons of raw sour cream. Top Layer – 1 slice of zucchini topped with the mushroom & onion mix, a few spoons of raw sour cream. Garnish with sliced chilli and parsley. Lovely at room temperature, but if you wish you could put the stack in the oven to warm through. Makes 2 stacks. Kylie Wolfig is the author of four books on thyroid disease and founder of Thyroid School; visit Kylie is a speaker on the Conscious Living Expo program being held in Perth’s Conference and Exhibition Centre, 4 to 6 November 2016. Meet her at Booth 27. ISSUE 96



Super Food Empowers Your Cells The human body needs vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, micronutrients essential for life and for promoting vibrant wellbeing. According to the World Health Organisation, deficiencies of these micronutrients are a major global health problem. More than two billion people in the world today are estimated to be deficient in key vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A, iodine, iron and zinc. Deficiencies occur when people do not have access to micronutrient-rich foods such as fruit, vegetables, animal products and fortified foods. Called micronutrients because they are needed only in minuscule amounts, these substances are the ‘magic wands’ that enable the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances essential for proper growth and development. As tiny as the amounts are, the consequences of their absence are severe. Every cell in our body works like a small city. If each part of the cell doesn’t

have the fuel or tools needed to work properly, the cell will either fail or be unable to function as optimally as it should. Nutrient deficiency in food crops Demineralisation of our soils through industrial agricultural practices, has caused nutrient deficiency in our food crops, making it harder for us to obtain this vital fuel from our foods: and our bodies are designed to get nutrition from food. With the union of Aloe vera and sea vegetables Body Balance® has created the ultimate ‘super food’, blending the best of land and sea in a form easily recognised within the body and absorbed in nature’s perfect balance! Aloe vera is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and healing abilities. Containing more than 75 nutrients vital for optimal health, it is beneficial for every cell in your body. And now, in a breakthrough formula, the healing powers of Aloe vera have been combined with a perfect,

synergistic mate: pristine vegetation from the sea. Sea vegetables contain more dense nutrition than any other vegetable on the planet! They have every mineral, trace mineral and ultra-trace mineral that should be in our soil and plants, but are no longer present. They are also a rich source of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D3 and E) and include valuable fibre, vital amino acids and enzymes. Sea vegetables contain powerful antioxidants and key phytonutrients such as fucoidan – a multi-talented healer with the ability to lower high blood pressure, reduce unhealthy cholesterol, balance metabolism, and even stabilise blood sugar levels. There is no better way to ensure vibrant health than to provide the cells with what they need to thrive! Body Balance® Provides Vital ‘Fuel’ for Every Cell in Your Body.

Read more:




Curcumin Neutralises Free Radicals Centuries old secrets of health emanating from India include the use of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. In addition to flavouring food, Indians use turmeric to treat conditions as varied as toothache, gas, chest pain and menstrual problems. Now, more than 5000 published scientific studies attest to an even wider range of healing effects. Curcumin is a proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer properties. For those with cancer, heart disease or bronchitis, or almost any other illness, curcumin is the single most helpful natural ingredient they can take. As a potent antioxidant, curcumin is able to neutralise unstable, reactive free radicals. Free radicals are molecules with a missing electron that stabilise themselves by ‘stealing’ electrons from neighbouring molecules.


Why is curcumin good for so many problems? Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Almost all chronic diseases – from diabetes to heart disease to arthritis to Alzheimer’s disease – have something in common: unchecked, destructive inflammation. Unlike synthetic drugs, which typically work against only a single inflammation pathway, natural curcumin reduces inflammation through its effects on multiple inflammation targets. Free radicals can negatively impact all body systems, including the immune system. Curcumin, like other antioxidants, is able to stop free radical cascades without becoming unstable itself. Its ability to neutralise free radicals is extraordinarily strong. A specially prepared extract of curcumin has an antioxidant value of

Enjoy the Unique IndoEuropean Flavours from Goa

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braised beef dishes or to dishes that require spicing up, such as yellow split peas, stir-fries.

Goan Cuisine, established in 1994, promotes the cuisine of Goa using the very best of Western Australian fresh produce and employing time-honoured methods that have been fine-tuned and upgraded to meet international standards. Their spicy relishes, gourmet chutneys, pickles and curry pastes are available to restaurants, caterers, connoisseurs and consumers through a network of distributors, gourmet food stores and supermarkets. A favourite with customers is the Eggplant Kasaundi relish which can be used in a variety of ways to impart a distinctive flavour to stews, ragouts, braised dishes, eg. for lamb shanks and SPRING 2016

more than 1,000,000 – many times higher than that of blueberries (6,552), strawberries (3,577) or dark chocolate (powder) (40,200) – well known foodbased antioxidants. The dual properties of curcumin as both anti-inflammatory and super antioxidant may also explain why it has no side effects.


Find out how to make the most with Goan Cuisine foods. They have a comprehensive recipe collection that presents a delectable assortment of ideas and techniques, blending European and Asian ingredients to create flavours and aromatics that are sure to impress!

Try their Xec Xec Prawn and Spinach recipe. Goan Cuisine products and recipes will be showcased at the Conscious Living Expo. For more information visit




Healthy, Safe


for Vaginal Dryness A

lthough it can be an embarrassing topic, vaginal dryness, thinning of vaginal tissue and lack of lubrication is often the bane of women’s lives. This condition affects the health and quality of life for women of all ages. Many women remain silent about their problem of vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy, yet it is a common condition. Nearly half of all women over the age of 40 have suffered from vaginal dryness at some point in their lives. And two-thirds of women over the age of 60 list vaginal dryness as one of the top two sexual health problems, along with lack of libido. Why is this a problem? First of all, without adequate lubrication, sexual intercourse becomes uncomfortable and even painful. In addition, drying out of the mucus membranes increases the risk of bladder and urinary tract infections.


Sherrill Selman ND, is internationally known as an expert in women’s health and author several self-care books including Hormone Heresy reveals the real reasons for an age-old problem and provides natural solutions.

Healthy vaginal walls are always coated in a thin layer of moisture and mucus. Without adequate lubrication, vaginal tissues become dry, thin and prone to tearing. Obviously, lack of lubrication makes intercourse uncomfortable and even painful. However, other health problems can also occur such as incontinence, bladder infections and pelvic floor prolapses. Lack of vaginal lubrication can also make women vulnerable to getting a vaginal infection called bacterial vaginosis. The most common signs and symptoms of vaginal dryness include, irritation and pain during sex, itching and stinging around the vaginal opening and in the lower third of the vagina and urinary tract infections. Another symptom is the occurrence of bleeding or spotting during sex as a result of the thinning of vaginal tissue.

CAUSES OF VAGINAL DRYNESS Most vaginal lubrication consists of a clear fluid that seeps through

the walls of the blood vessels encircling the vagina. When you’re sexually aroused, more blood flows to your pelvic organs, creating more lubricating vaginal fluid. But hormonal changes at peri menopause, menopause, and childbirth, and even breast-feeding, can alter this natural physiological process. There are other contributing factors that may affect healthy vaginal lubrication. Stressful situations, whether physical or emotional, constrict blood vessels that supply essential nutrients and oxygen to the vaginal tissue. Lack of these essential nutrients can lead to dryness. Maintaining healthy vaginal secretions and vaginal elasticity requires adequate key nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C and B. Changes in vaginal moisture also occur in response to low estrogen levels. Estrogen is essential in keeping vaginal tissue supple and elastic. Adequate estrogen levels give the




preservatives called parabens, (often listed as methy-, butyl-, ethyl- and propyl-paraben). Some lubricants such as K-Y Jelly and Replens can alter the pH balance of the vagina, which would increase the risk of certain vaginal infections.


tissue its ability to produce slipperysmooth lubrication. Anytime a woman’s estrogen level is altered, for whatever reason including a hysterectomy or impaired ovarian function, vaginal thinning and dryness may occur. Peri menopause and menopause are stages in a woman’s life cycle when estrogen levels may be fluctuating. Estrogen production can also be affected after childbirth and during breast-feeding. Many other factors contribute to vaginal dryness. For instance, adrenal exhaustion, emotional stress, excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, and sugar, nutritional deficiencies and steroid-cortisone drugs, antihistamines and asthma medications dry out the mucus membranes. In addition, chemotherapy and breast cancer treatments such as tamoxifen and Arimidex, an aromatase inhibitor, can exacerbate vaginal dryness. One little known side effect of oral contraceptives is reduced vaginal lubrication. The alteration of natural hormone production caused by taking ‘The Pill’ has any consequences. Lack of healthy vaginal moisture can be one of them. SPRING 2016


Since it is the hormone estrogen that causes the vagina to thicken and moisten, the medical approach is to prescribe an estrogen vaginal cream. But estrogen applied in the vagina is quickly absorbed into the blood stream and transported to other tissues. Long-term exposure to high levels of estrogen can pose some risk to women diagnosed with breast cancer or at high risk of breast cancer by potentially elevating estrogen levels excessively. Estrogen can easily and quickly be absorbed through the vaginal tissues into the bloodstream and cause estrogen excess, which is most commonly experienced as painful breasts or bloating.


Commercial lubricants are widely advertised as a solution to vaginal dryness. But beware! The chemicals used in them can irritate the delicate vaginal tissue. Potential ingredients include fragrances, the antibacterial agent chlorhexidine, propylene glycol, glycerin, and a group of

When it comes to healing delicate vaginal tissue and restoring healthy lubrication, it is vitally important to choose a natural, organic product. You especially want to use one that is specifically formulated to effectively and safely resolve the problem. Royal Jelly is another of the gifts from the bees. It is the food given to create the queen bee. Royal jelly is loaded with minerals, vitamins and protein, which can repair body tissue as well as enhance immunity. When pure Royal Jelly is used as a daily food, its plant hormones, which stimulate weak estrogenic actions within the body, help to alleviate vaginal dryness. In addition, Royal Jelly can help with other symptoms of hormonal imbalance including hot flushes, night sweats and bone loss. Goji berries can be considered the wonder berry par excellence. They are renowned for being rejuvenating food as they contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Consuming Goji berries daily will support the body to regain hormonal balance and especially helps prevent and reverse vaginal dryness. Sea Buckthorn Oil supplements have been shown to combat vaginal dryness. Taking Sea Buckthorn Oil improves the epithelial integrity of vaginal mucus membranes. It is a derived from an orange berry native to Russia and China, also found in northern Europe and Canada. Used in Chinese medicine for more than 1000 years, Sea Buckthorn is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and carotenoids.



CONSCIOUS HEALTH The pomegranate has for thousands of years been renowned as a powerful elixir for women’s health, hormonal balance, beauty and fertility. A product called MoisturePom is an organic pomegranate lipid complex made from extracts of pomegranate fruit and pomegranate seed. Additional ingredients include organic extra virgin olive oil, organic cocoa seed butter and organic coconut oil. This combination of key organic ingredients provides a synergy that repairs and regenerates healthy vaginal tissue and lubrication. A clinical study investigating alternatives to vaginal estrogen creams, found that MoisturePom relieved vaginal dryness and atrophy and had a positive effect on incontinence and pelvic floor muscles. The best news of all was that MoisturePom proved to be as effective as estrogen creams but without raising

“WHEN IT COMES TO HEALING DELICATE VAGINAL TISSUE AND RESTORING HEALTHY LUBRICATION, IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE A NATURAL, ORGANIC PRODUCT” estrogen levels. It is applied vaginally with an applicator. Homeopathic Remedies have a long history of providing relief from vaginal dryness. Some of the recommended remedies are Byronia, Follicullnum, Licopodium, Natrum Muriaticum, and Sepia. It is essential to read the specific descriptions for each remedy to choose the one that best describes you. Coconut Oil is a wonderful healing lubricant. It can also heal sensitive tissue and help resolve vaginal yeast and bacterial infections. One suggestion is to make a small ball out of coconut oil and freeze it. When you need to use a vaginal lubricant, it can easily be inserted vaginally.

Nature has provided many safe and effective solutions for vaginal dryness. Although considered a sign of ageing, it is more an indication of chronic stress and hormonal imbalances. A holistic approach, which includes nutrient dense organic food, meditation, a balanced exercise program and specific supplements that nourish and restore vaginal tissue, offers women a path to hormonal wellbeing. Dr Sherrill Sellman, ND is the author of the best-selling book, Hormone Heresy, and an international lecturer on women’s health. Dr Sellman will be visiting Australia and New Zealand in October through to December 2016 for her Rejuvenation Code Tour. For more information visit


health and wellness clinic

Healing the whole person, naturally

Want to regain your energy for life? Looking to improve your family’s health? Experiencing pain or recurring illness? Call Pure Health and Wellness Clinic on 9378 2774 to book a Free Health Assessment ($70 value*). Our qualified, experienced practitioners take a personal, professional and friendly approach to helping achieve an optimal state of health. Therapeutic options include naturopathy, homoeopathy, herbal medicine, massage and nutritional medicine. Treatment is supported by clinical testing such as live blood analysis, Vega® testing, RBTI analysis and Fitgenes™. Unit 10, Bassendean Shopping Centre, 45-71 Old Perth Road Bassendean 6054  08 9378 2774 or 0412 341 143 



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Bioptron Light Therapy

Have you ever thought about using Light Technology to augment your healing practice and modality? The combination of light and colour therapy is a wonderful enhancement to whatever healing you are doing...and working within the lights and colours helps you, the practitioner, be protected and not take on the energy that is releasing. The use of colour therapy can be shown to significantly enhance the benefits and use of subtle energies resulting from energy healing. The quality and intensity of the energy emitted from the BIOPTRON Light therapy devices is incredible and

can be used by anyone who is serious about raising their energy vibration and consciousness. BIOPTRON, not only provides a medically certified polychromatic light but also 7 colours pertaining to each of the human body’s main chakras. The Sixth Dimension Pty Ltd trading as Light Frequency is the Master Distributor in Australia for BIOPTRON Light Therapy Products. BIOPTRON is a Swiss-made, safe, effective and economical therapy for everybody, everywhere, anytime. The BIOPTRON Light Therapy System is clinically tested, proven & certified for the medical treatment of many diseases but are also phenomenal for metaphysical healing. The devices include a range of colour filters covering the seven chakras. Come and see us at Stand #32 for FREE demonstration on how to use the lights for metaphysical healing. Contact Kate and Steven. Email and visit their website: to read more.

Ripple Retreats, Fremantle and India At Ripple Retreats, you can create a ripple effect of health, happiness and inner peace in your life and the lives of those you love. Ripple Retreats began in 2012 as a ‘partnership of the heart’ for Western Australian mother and daughter duo, Debbie and Ryoka Elton. Their guiding purpose was, and continues to be, to create a “ripple effect of health, happiness and inner peace”. “We specialise in educational, interactive and inspiring workshops and retreats that elevate your body, mind and spirit and provide the understanding necessary for to continue this ripple effect in your daily life.” Ryoka said.


“Our Ripple Retreats synthesise knowledge, wisdom and best practice from Naturopathy and Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness, Life Coaching, Positive Psychology and Stress Management, with the aim of increasing vitality while developing inner peace.”


Debbie and Ryoka have developed the perfect ‘recharge and rebalance’ solution for stressed, busy people. These retreats SPRING 2016

recharge your body with yoga, a massage, raw food and fresh juice, and nourish your mind in workshops that cultivate your awareness of five essential principles for vibrant health and wellbeing.


Sometimes, one day is not enough. Debbie and Ryoka have created a 13-day adventure for seekers of wisdom and lovers of life who feel called to take a soul-enriching journey to the heart of beautiful Southern India. Starting with a four-day Ashram Immersion that deepens the practice and understanding of yoga, the adventure continues north through the sights and delights of Kerala. The next adventure will be conducted from 29 December 2016 to 11 January 2017


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Finding a Moment in the Chaos

It’s a fast paced world today. And whilst there are greater opportunities, a myriad of ways to communicate and a mass of technology at our finger tips, many of us are feeling over committed, over tired, and just plain over it! Let’s face it, we are available 24/7 by phone, tablet, text, email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Tumblr, Viber, Pinterest, Instagram the list goes on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year! It never stops. So how do we stop? Amongst the commitments, and the work load, how do we find meaningful ways to not just survive, but flourish amongst the chaos. Many escape for some nurturing, fasting, meditating, juicing, and other “ing” to get a break from it all, but quickly return to the stress and busyness of the “real” world. So how 24 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE

do we manage to stay put right here, amongst the chaos and the commitments and the never ending “ping” of our phone, and find our Zen. Hippocrates said, ”May your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” I think he was on to something. Supporting our bodies with non processed whole foods is a great start. We all know we should exercise, but an hour at the gym three times a week doesn’t work for everyone. So walk your children to school, with your friend to the coffee shop, or just walk and enjoy being out in the sunshine. Make small steps, because none of us need another huge commitment. For emotional support, we can put aside 15 minutes a day to meditate, or yoga, because we all know we can download an app for those!


Aromatherapy may also support emotionally. Young Living has a blend called Stress Away, developed specifically to help bring some calm and relaxation to our busy lives. As we inhale the aroma, it affects the limbic system, our “emotional brain”, and can quickly assist us in creating some breathing space and balance. So, instead of trying to escape the chaos, take some small but meaningful steps now, to create some peace right at this moment, right where you are today. Contact Pauline Hall or visit the website SPRING 2016

Changing your water could be the answer to TRUE health & Vitality According to gastroenterologist Dr Hironi Shinya, Kangen Water® is considered to be the very best drinking water because of its incomparable powers of hydration, detoxification and antioxidation.

Health Benefits include • Increased Hydration • Balance Body pH • Improved energy • Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients • Neutralise Free Radicals • Detoxify and more

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Lymph Drainage Key to Wellness By DR RAVI RATAN Lymph is the interstitial fluid, similar to blood plasma containing lymphocytes and white blood cells. Our Lymphatic System is made up of vessels that carry oxygenated blood and metabolites to our extremities, removing waste and toxins. Lymphatic vessels are interlaced with lymphatic nodes, located mainly in our joints. Major lower body lymph nodes are called Inguinal nodes and are located in the upper thigh. Major lymph nodes for the upper body are located under our arms and are called Axillary nodes. Lymph nodes contain phagocytes and lymphocytes. When we catch any infection the microbes move through our lymphatic system and flow into our lymph nodes where they are destroyed by the phagocytes. Medical science believes lymph flows because of muscle suction and this is why people with sedentary

We are What

We Eat! Have you heard of Prebiotics and Probiotics? Probiotics are live microorganisms that are found in the bacteria, yeast and fungi. When taken in large doses they can help to improve and maintain the health of your gut. These friendly bacteria are essential for maintaining good health and vitality. Like any good entity these good bacteria need food to survive, so you need to feed them ‘pre-biotic foods’.


lifestyles are prone to lymphatic blockages. But there are many more reasons for lymphatic blockages.


pain, breast pain and pain in the groin. These symptoms can easily be relieved with Lymph Drainage. Congested lymph can cause a host of skin problems, including acne, allergies, eczema, and psoriasis, even cellulite. Again, Lymph Drainage can relieve all these symptoms. Because all major lymph nodes are in the front of the body, except for those behind the knee and neck, it’s easy to massage and unblock them. It can be done while taking a shower. Clearing our lymph nodes helps us avoid many health problems and stay healthy.

According to Ayurveda and the Chakra system, the human body is made up of two-thirds water, most of which is found in blood and lymph. Water circulation is controlled by the energy associated with Sacral Chakra, called Vyan Vayu. This Chakra also regulates sexuality and emotional balance along with Heart Chakra. I have observed that clients who have issues with menstruation, sexuality, fertility and reproductive organs are likely to have some sort of emotional disturbances or blockages. This also results in unresolved pain such as back pain, neck and shoulder

Dr Ravi Ratan at FM’s Aromatherapy India integrates Aromatherapy, Lymph Drainage, and Emotional Release at Chakra Balancing. Meet him Conscious Living Expo. Booth 67. Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 4th to 6th November 2016. Further information:

It’s generally accepted that sixty five percent of our health is regulated by the gut! A healthy gut flora helps to ensure that our body receives the nutrients that provide the chemicals needed to keep our immune system, nervous system and hormones in balance. Gut Magic is a vegan friendly blend of herbs and Australian wild foods including Illawarra plum, rosella, rainforest lime, Kalari plum and lemon myrtle formulated to assist the health of your gut to absorb the chemicals your body needs for good health and to maintain the vital energy systems.

For more information visit T 0428 128 239 or ask your healthcare professional.



Advanced Neurological Acupuncture Advanced Neurological Acupuncture is a rarely mastered method of treating ailments, in which the patient feels an instant effect within under a minute of the needles being placed into the body. Completely different from ‘general’ acupuncture, for Advanced Neurological Acupuncture, needles are placed distally to the area the patient is complaining about.


For example, where there is shoulder pain, needles are placed in a specific area of the ankle. The result is instant pain relief. The true cause of the problem is being targeted and the body is being retrained in how to fix itself. All Advanced Neurological Acupuncture treatments can be performed while the patient is in an upright position, and fully clothed.

During treatments, the only parts of the body needed are the elbows to fingers, knees to toes, and the head. This shows the true power of what Acupuncture is actually capable of, and begins to correct the cause of the problem from the first treatment.

By RODNEY CAPRIOTTI, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Advanced Neurological Acupuncturist


Advanced Neurological Acupuncture offers instant pain relief (95 per cent success rate in decreasing pain on the spot) and is the quickest way to allow the body to have a complete recovery. Once the correct course of treatments has been completed, the patient is able to stop them – because the true underlying cause of the problem has been corrected, and the body is now able to heal itself. This is the case not only for physical issues, but also internal issues, whether acute or chronic.

Weight Loss in the Blink of an Eye By DR KATIE RICHARD, Clinical Psychologist/ Hypnotherapist EMDR Practitioner/Binge Eating Disorder Researcher Are you like the 240,000 other Australians who find that when it comes to eating biscuits, chocolates, chips, ice cream, and other treats, “one is too many and a thousand is never enough?” This is not lack of willpower. It is actually Binge Eating Disorder (BED) which includes: difficulties with portion control, eating until feeling uncomfortably full, eating even when not hungry, feeling your eating is out of control, and experiencing distress about your eating, body shape and weight. SPRING 2016

Eighty per cent of dieters fail in their attempts to lose and-or maintain weight loss. In part, this is because 30 per cent of people applying for weight loss programs, have BED. Fortunately, BED is treatable.


A new therapy, researched at the University of Sydney, NSW, headed by Dr Katie Richard, has shown promise in helping binge eaters literally stop binge eating “in the blink of an eye” as well as lose weight. This new therapy is EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing, normally applied to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Results are showing EMDR to be more effective and more efficient than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It also targets the lack of desire to exercise and hence facilitates weight loss.

A free demonstration and explanation of Advanced Neurological Acupuncture will be given in detail at the Conscious Living Expo, 4-6 November 2016, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Expo patrons can attend the talk and demonstration at the Speakers’ Café on Saturday 5 November starting at 3.15pm, and to visit Booth P24 for the duration of the entire Expo where they can experience the method. For further information: Advanced Neurological Acupuncture is offered at Innovative Health, Karrinyup Health Professionals complex. Visit:

Her research during more than 15 years in clinical practice and her own battle with binge eating and weight problems are presented in her book, Weight Off Your Mind. In her seminar, That Weight Loss Cake, you will find out the science behind successful weight loss using hypnosis and other mind power methods. Three key steps are outlined so you can achieve weight management success and quit binge eating using your mind, not losing your mind! Dr Katie Richards will be at Conscious Living Expo, Nov 4 to 6, 2016, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre to present The Weight Loss Cake Seminar, and sign her book, Weight Off Your Mind. Dr Katie Richard is the author of Weight Off Your Mind and Creator of Hyp2Hip Slimming DVD. Further information:




The Latest Ways

to Increase Bone Density A General Practitioner who focuses on integrative health care, DR SANDRA CABOT, looks at how osteoporosis can be managed and even reversed.


see a lot of patients with osteoporosis who have been told that it is impossible to increase bone density. Well, I disagree because the bone is a living structure and is always remodelling itself. If your bones are dense as determined by a DEXA Bone Mineral Density test this means they are strong because the higher density is caused by a high amount of minerals. Collagen is important for bone density as it gives the bones flexibility so they are not as brittle. I have patients who have excellent bone density at 75 years of age and 28 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE

other patients who have the bone density of a 90 year old at age 55. I have been able to increase bone density in all my menopausal and post menopausal ladies who show signs of loss of bone density. If you have a family history of osteoporosis or if you are of peri-menopausal age, then I recommend you have a Bone Mineral Density Test. A mineral deficient diet can lead to loss of bone density. Calcium is not the only mineral needed for a strong skeleton. Magnesium, manganese, zinc, silica, boron, strontium and copper


are essential also. Dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese are a source of calcium but some people are allergic to dairy. Foods high in calcium and other minerals include tinned fish (including the bones), broccoli, bok choy, raw nuts and seeds, tahini, hummus, seaweed and legumes. Refined foods are sadly lacking in all of the above-mentioned minerals. These include foods made of white flour and white rice. In many people, gluten can reduce the absorption of minerals, especially if consumed in large amounts.



Vitamin D is essential to absorb calcium from the intestines and to deposit it into the bones. You can take all the calcium but if you are low in vitamin D you will not absorb it! In addition to skin manufacture from sunlight, vitamin D can be found in some animal foods. It is also available in supplement form, with the current recommendation being that you take between 400 and 1000 IU of vitamin D 3 daily. Many people, especially those who avoid the sun or those living in cold countries, need much more than this and doses of around 5000 IU to 10,000 IU daily may be needed before you can get your blood levels of vitamin D into the higher desirable range. Make sure that you have an adequate amount of vitamin D in your body, which is an easy thing to check. Ask your doctor to check your blood level of vitamin D. The correct blood test to measure your vitamin D level is called 25(OH) D, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D3.


Vitamin D can be measured in two different units of measurement and in the US the units used are ng/mL. In Australia and Canada the units of measurement are nmol/L. The normal ranges of vitamin D for blood tests reported by different laboratories and countries vary significantly, and you would be surprised to see how large the range is between lower normal and upper normal. See below. Lower Limit Upper Limit 75 nmol/L 200 nmol/L 30 ng/mL 100 ng/mL You don’t want to be average here; you want to have levels of vitamin D that optimise strong bones. The optimal levels of vitamin D are higher than the average levels. You only want to supplement with natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), which is human vitamin D. The synthetic and inferior vitamin D2 does not work as well as D3. I recommend you take enough supplements of vitamin D3 and-or get enough sunshine to keep your

serum vitamin D levels around 150 to 200 nmol/L or 70 to 80ng/mL. If you have low bone density get your blood level checked every six months to find the dose of vitamin D3 that keeps you in the optimal levels.


Vitamin K2 takes the calcium that vitamin D has dumped into deposits in the bone, and integrates it or weaves it into the bone structure. This makes the whole structure of the bone stronger.


CONSCIOUS HEALTH The latest Vitamin K complex I have formulated provides Vitamin K1 and the MK-4 and MK-7 forms of Vitamin K2 in one daily soft gel capsule. The virtue of this formula is that it provides the precise amount of the long acting MK-7 form of Vitamin K2 that recent human studies have shown provides optimal K2 levels over a 24-hour period. The MK-4 version is also included to provide the rapid increase in vitamin K blood levels that may account for its beneficial effects in certain studies. How you use your Vitamin D and Vitamin K supplements is important: they are fat soluble and as such must be taken with food that contains some fat for better absorption from the gut.


To build collagen in the skeleton, I suggest Vitamin C 1000mg daily. Also eat plenty of citrus fruits, bell peppers (capsicums) and berries. Take collagen food powder that contains vitamin C, MSM and silica to increase collagen in the skeleton and make bones more flexible.



Look for a well-absorbed form of calcium known as calcium hydroxyapatite, plus the other bone essential minerals magnesium, manganese, zinc, silica, boron, copper, vitamin D3 and vitamin K. Be aware that the cheap form of calcium called calcium carbonate is the most common form of calcium to be advertised and supplemented. Calcium carbonate is the same form of calcium that is found in chalk and is not the best-absorbed form of calcium. I do not recommend it.


Strontium is a naturally occurring mineral present in the soils, food and water. Do not confuse strontium with toxic radioactive Strontium-90, as they have entirely different effects in the body. The nutritional version of


strontium can be taken safely in a low dose for years and actually removes radioactive strontium from the body if it is present in any significant amounts. Trace amounts of strontium are found in the human skeleton and strontium is naturally absorbed at the bone matrix crystal surface. The effects of strontium on bone metabolism have been researched since the 1950s and trials have shown that strontium improves bone metabolism by promoting new bone formation and decreasing bone breakdown; this promotes normalized bone density. Strontium attracts more calcium into the bones; this increases bone density. Studies conducted at McGill University in the 1980s, and numerous worldwide studies since the 1960s, confirm the bone building and fracture preventive effects of the mineral


strontium. Most of the recent research has used strontium ranelate (branded Protos). However, similarly good results can also be achieved with much lower doses and other salts of strontium (such as gluconate, citrate and lactate). I never recommend large doses of strontium, and you need to always check with a qualified natural health care practitioner before taking large doses of any nutrient supplement.

a risk of jawbone necrosis and atypical bone fractures, which do not heal. Strontium should be taken at night on retiring away from food and away from calcium supplements, because calcium impairs strontium absorption. People with a history of blood clots or heart disease should not take strontium in high doses and should check with their health care practitioner. It should also be avoided in pregnancy and lactation.



In patients with low bone density at menopause the mineral strontium in a low dose of strontium citrate 350mg capsules, one daily can improve bone density and works well with vitamin D and vitamin K. In other words, they work synergistically. Another recognised benefit of strontium supplementation is pain relief as well as re-mineralising of bones affected by cancer metastasis. Strontium supplements also reduce the incidence of dental cavities and improve cartilage metabolism in osteoarthritis. Research indicates that the optimal therapeutic daily dose of strontium supplements is 680 to 1000 mg, however I prefer to start with lower doses in those with sensitive digestive tracts. Strontium is a useful aid to build bone density especially in people who are intolerant to Bisphosphonate drugs (such as Fosamax or Actonel), or are frightened by their potential side effects, and this includes a lot of people. Furthermore Bisphosphonate drugs can only be taken for five years because of SPRING 2016

A new study shows how you can help the strontium you’re already taking work even more effectively. In this study, the researchers wanted to find out if taking vitamin D with strontium would maximise the effect of the bone nutrient. We already know that vitamin D is vital for bone health. It works with magnesium and calcium to keep your bones healthy. But this study showed the vitamin-hormone also works to boost strontium’s bonebuilding ability. Bone density isn’t the only measure of bone strength you need to evaluate when choosing a bone treatment. That’s because many drugs will increase your bone density. But they will also make your bones more brittle. Strontium won’t have that impact on your bones. To discover this connection, the researchers looked at 108 women who were taking strontium to fight osteoporosis. They gave the women 25,000 IU (bi-weekly) of vitamin D along with the strontium and measured their bone mineral density after 18 months. The researchers found that the vitamin D and strontium combination caused “a significant bone mineral density gain.” Given the research on decreased fracture risk, this jump up in bone mineral density is big news.

In this study the researchers used strontium ranelate. This is a pharmaceutical drug in Europe that goes by the name Protelos. It’s a combination of natural strontium and ranelic acid, which is a synthetic molecule. I prefer strontium citrate because both the strontium and the citrate are naturally occurring molecules. Researchers used 25,000 IU of vitamin D every two weeks. This is more than the average person takes, but still not enough to reach optimum levels. Most integrative physicians are now recommending 3000 to 5000 IU daily. pubmed/25952299. You need a regular exercise program, even if it is only walking 30 minutes a day. With exercise, it is a case of ‘the more the better’ because exercise has been proven to increase bone density. Talk to your doctor about the use of bio-identical hormones such as testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone, especially if you have had an early menopause, or if your blood levels of testosterone are very low. Dr Sandra Cabot will be at Conscious Living Expo 4th to 6th November 2016, where she will be a keynote speaker. For further information: REFERENCES Wright, J.V., Fight – Even Prevent – Osteoporosis with the hidden secrets of this bone-building miracle mineral. (Reprint from Nutrition and Healing. Tahoma Clinic, 2008). DeHart, S.S. (July 7, 2008). Strontium and Osteoporosis: A treatment not offered to American Women. Dean, W. (May 2004) Strontium breakthrough against Osteoporosis.




Feeling Run Down and Tired? You May Have Adrenal Fatigue

By STUART MORICK, Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy), Member ANTA & AHA


o you suffer from lack of energy and feel tired all the time? Your adrenal glands might be behind it, causing a condition known as adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands are located on the top of your kidneys. They produce hormones essential for life and wellbeing, including cortisol, adrenaline, aldosterone, DHEA and dopamine. These hormones interact with our immune system, nervous system and psyche. If the adrenals start to slow down, you can be adversely affected in many ways.


Western medicine generally classes adrenal fatigue as Addison’s disease, which is usually identified by symptoms including low blood pressure, extreme tiredness, muscle weakness, weight loss, mental confusion and skin discolouration (in some cases).

Essentially a disease process is acting on your adrenals, causing them to reduce hormone output. Addison’s is usually diagnosed by various blood tests, scans and an injection of synthetic ACTH, a hormone that stimulates your adrenal glands. In contrast, adrenal fatigue is milder, generally a state where you are not completely burnt out, but soon will be. You will feel absolutely lousy, and may exhibit some of the symptoms for Addison’s disease. The usual indicators are extreme tiredness, lethargy and feeling highly unmotivated. Importantly, in this situation, there is usually no disease process affecting the adrenal glands. Rather, your adrenals have been pushed beyond their normal capable limits and are unable to produce the hormones you need at an adequate level.

CORTISOL HORMONE MEASURED Adrenal fatigue may be identified by a salivary hormone test. Four saliva samples are taken at regular intervals throughout the day and the cortisol in

the samples is measured, providing an overview of your adrenal glands’ daily output pattern. If testing identifies a low daily cortisol pattern, your naturopath can develop a prescription that may include an array of herbs and nutrients to help nourish your adrenals to a better state of health. Nurturing your adrenal glands back to full health may take anywhere from six to 12 months, but sometimes even more time may be necessary. It’s important to note that a number of other factors can also cause fatigue. For example, lack of energy may be caused by low vitamin B12, low iron, poor blood sugar control, lack of sleep, post viral fatigue, bacterial diseases (such as Lyme disease), or an inadequate diet. A discussion with your naturopath will help identify the cause of your symptoms and set you on a journey to better health. Further information: Tel: 08 9378 2774




New Gut Supplement restores Bowel Balance Bowel Restore Quickly Targets • Inflammation • Food sensitivities • Skin and digestive tract issues • Parasites • Fungus overgrowth • Promotes deep sleep and greater energy

Normalises healthy stools, supportsanal fissure and haemorrhoid healing times, and aids the elimination of large amounts of impacted faeces, mucoid plaque, parasites, fat and mucous.

Bowel Restore contains a fully balanced spectrum of powerful herbs and plants abundant in nutritive vitamins, minerals, demulcents, anti-oxidants, essential compounds, enzymes and adaptogenic herbs.

Promotes healthy gut bacteria and reduces bloating.

Aids healthy thyroid function

It contains no preservatives, colours, sweeteners or additives of any kind and uses only 100% Certified Organic and Wildcrafted herbs and plant fibre.

Helps to reduce unhealthy food cravings and boost mental clarity.

For more information visit For all other enquiries please call us on 0418 955 396 or click here to order.

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Mother Earth

By SUE DEMPSTER, a Western Australian garden advisor and landhealing practitioner.

in Your Garden The deeper meaning of Eco-Gardening


he land is calling us so Mother Earth can do her healing work through our own gardens. We can help by lifting those thick blankets of mulch that prevent our local native plants from growing, reduce homes for our insects in the soil and leave no protection for creepy crawlies to run to safety under leaf litter. This will allow Mother Earth to breathe again, allow rain to penetrate our soils and crucial insects to create homes in our gardens – where they can buzz around and pollinate our flowers and food plants. So how do we become present and more aware of the wonderments in our gardens, and take stock of how today’s 34 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE

gardening practices are impacting on Mother Earth? There are deeper messages we can listen to. In this article we share five Eco-Gardening tips on how you can support Mother Earth in your garden, and, dare I say it, bring bunches of joy (and beautiful flowers) into your own world. When we create balance in our lives, we tend to have a more positive experience. Similarly, if we support ecological balance in our gardens,



we will also see a more positive outcome. Eco-Gardening takes patience: results take time, but the sense of joy, even magic, builds and eventually we experience surprisingly profound rewards.


Take some time in the garden and observe. Do you see the garden beds as light, soft, ‘in flow’? Or are they full, with hard edges? Do they ‘feel’ heavy? Do you have natural leaf litter that supports Mother Earth, or is the mulch thick and the soil covered with plastic or weed matting? Dig around in the mulch and see where the roots are going. Do you see any? What direction are they going? Are they going sideways? Observe the SPRING 2016


soil for life: look for worms and bugs. Can you find any in the mulch? What about under the mulch? Set up a ‘health test’ by placing a natural log on bare soil (with no mulch) surrounded by some simple leaf and twig litter, and plant a few of your local native plants around this small area. Then you will be able to compare the health and growth of these plants to others which are surrounded by mulch, or sitting in weed matting. When I install gardens in Perth, Western Australia, the only additives I bring are small logs or branches, light prunings from plants, leaf litter, gum nuts, and small branches to cover the ground. I do not place thick blankets of mulch on the soil. The natural additives I use bring back the biota, fungi and provide shade (protection) for the soil. The natural additives allow little ground insects, lizards and small birds to forage on the ground, Mother Earth to breathe and the water to directly penetrate the ground, through the soils to the roots deep into the ground, instead of staying directly under the top layers of mulch. SPRING 2016


What height are your plants in the garden? Do you have plants at different levels or are they all the same level? Do you have a diversity of flower colours, shapes and flowering times during the year? Do you see the insects going to those plants? Do you have water in your garden? One of the best ways to become an eco-gardener is to start to think like a bird, insect, plant or tree. What we have found is that for small gardens there are five levels required, from small trees – 3 to 5 metres down to 30 centimetre flat groundcovers. Think about the height levels in your garden. Do you have a level missing? Each level in the garden has a role to play for insects and small birds. Our flowers at each level attract the small, local ‘buzz pollinator’ insects and hoverflies. These insects in turn will attract the small birds, particularly when you have bird perches and native bee poles or a birdbath set up in your garden. Mother Earth loves colourful feminine plants and, as we call them, ‘big boy’ plants in the garden as well.

How do you water your garden – manually or automatically? Do you water when the soil is dry (underneath) or when you feel the plants need it? Could you wean your garden to be off the irrigation? Would you feel safe if you turned the irrigation controller off all together? Many gardens are watered under the control of irrigation boxes, spray nozzle types, regulations about watering, and lawn requirements. This automated watering has created distance between humans and plants: we no longer ‘get’ messages from plants that alert us to their water requirements. Do you see the messages the plants give off when needing or not needing water? What do those signals look like? Are they the same for each plant? Finding the right watering balance is important. It is possible and important to grow plants to be water independent. Over the years, what I’ve observed in many landscapes and gardens is that native plants are growing bigger than those in the natural bushland. We recommend you get to know your plants again by hand watering and checking in with each plant. When you do give them water, water deeply and increase the days between the watering: you will use a lot less water this way. The plants will talk. Connecting to this with deeper listening and observing the signs from the plants allows Mother Earth to support you and your garden’s watering needs.




How do you feel when you are in the garden? When you look at your garden what thoughts come into your head? How do you think of yourself as a gardener? Do you like your garden, or what you do in your garden? Are there thoughts of self-judgement, resentment, sadness, anger, creative ideas, inspiration, peacefulness? How do these thoughts represent themselves in your garden? Flowers represent the evolution of plants. Buddha once held up a flower, in silence, as one of his teachings. It is recorded that one of the disciples there smiled when he alone understood the profound nature of that message. He was the forefather of the art of Zen, which took a further 23 generations to manifest. Zen is a practice that has had an amazing, positive impact on the world. Jesus was recorded as imploring

us to look to the simple flowers for lessons in life, and many indigenous peoples of the world see the spirit of certain species as totems and guides. Your garden, the flowers you see in it, smell, feel and touch, hold a deep connection and infinite beauty. When you look, don’t just look at the weeds, the plants, or even the flowers: look deeper, be present, and breathe deeply with Mother Earth. I invite you to ‘experience’ your garden through meditation and by simply being present to the stories it has to share with you. Become in tune with your garden and allow the creativity to grow and your garden will grow with you. Take small steps.


Fertilisers, wetting agents, mulches and sprays are being recommended to solve problems that may not be real. Humans love identifying a problem so we can

solve it. This can give our life meaning, and does plenty for an ego that needs to feel in control and able to solve problems with a single spray, dose or application. Can buying more ‘problem solving’ products help our gardens to grow, and Mother Earth heal? Take a moment in your own garden, and see if these artificial additives have a connection to you, your garden or Mother Earth. Maybe, instead of products to ‘help plant growth’ why not try a native bee pole surrounded by local plants, which encourages native bees (and pollination). Or maybe plant a tree to provide shade for the soil; maybe water to moisturise the soil; maybe try adding lots of small plants and bird perches or birdbaths to attract the insects and therefore the little birds to your garden. There are many, many ways to encourage balance in your garden, and therefore a stronger connection to your local native environment. Many lessons can be taken from simply observing what happens in nature about what to do, and importantly, what not to do. Think and feel your way into finding out how you can help support Mother Earth in her healing work in our gardens. Doing our own healing helps us connect with joy, beauty, colour and our local natural environment. Beginning your gardening journey by connecting to this ancient land and what it has to offer in a way of local plants for your area, is beginning or continuing the journey as a carer of Mother Earth. For further information visit; Facebook – Boxed Green; e: – Meet Sue Dempster at the Boxed Green booth E13 at Conscious Living Expo, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, 4-6 Nov 2016.




Scalar Wave Technology for EMF Protection By DONNA FISHER, best-selling author of books on electromagnetic fields, including LIGHT that HEALS: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond.


rying to understand the laws of the cosmos, the ancients observed the individual and collective rhythms and cycles of the celestial bodies. The sun, moon and stars somehow danced together in a harmonious recurring cycle. This underlying invisible energy of the universe, which has existed since the beginning and gives us life, is termed ‘scalar energy’. All fields in Nature are scalar fields. Before electricity came into our lives, the energy fields we lived in were solely Nature’s frequencies, scalar frequencies. However, our environment was changed dramatically with the introduction of electricity to everyday life. The addition of wireless devices exposes us to a new environmental agent, which immerses us in a sea of human-made radio waves and microwaves. These are termed electromagnetic fields (EMF).


Whether it be from anything electrical or wireless, such as electrical wiring, electrical equipment, electronics, computers, powerlines, substations, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, mobile phone antennas, smart meters, wireless baby monitors and other common sources, our environment is EMF polluted. Consequently, we are exposed all day SPRING 2016

and all night to this artificially created foreign energy. Nature’s frequencies are signals with information, just as our brain and body operate with signals with information. It has always been critical to life and our wellbeing that these signals and their relationship to each other should never be altered. Artificially created EMF also carry signals with information. These EMF signals are much stronger than our brain and body’s subtle signals, and they can override our natural signalling. When I asked Associate Professor Dr Magda Havas PhD, Trent University, Canada, to summarise for me why EMF is such a menace, she stated that “EMF alters the human body’s electrical signalling system that directs the chemical-messaging system in the brain. The brain directs all body processes. Physical and mental disorders result”. In the US, statistics support the contention that EMF is the underlying menace behind many of the so-called diseases of civilisation, including cancer, diabetes, suicide and cardiovascular disease. Dr Martin Blank PhD, Columbia University USA, representing 190 international scientists in an Appeal to the UN, states that EMF is harming the living cells in our body and killing many of us prematurely. Blank further states “EMF damages

and causes mutations in our DNA. Mutations in DNA are believed to be the initiating steps in the development of cancers. A variety of forces, both internal and external, affect the rate at which DNA damage occurs, and EMF is one of these forces.” Havas also states that “EMF increases permeability of the blood brain barrier (BBB) and allows potentially toxic substances to accumulate in the brain. Effects of EMF include increase in stress proteins, indicating there is a physiological stress in the body. When this happens it can be difficult for the body to repair and heal. EMF affects the heart, increases free radicals that, in turn, can produce cancer. EMF also reduces melatonin levels and thus interferes with sleep and the immune system”.


Nature’s fields of energy (scalar waves) were ‘found’ in 1899 by the genius, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). Tesla accidentally released and discovered this form of energy in his laboratory, and he named it ‘radiant energy’. Physicist Albert Einstein (1879–1955),



CONSCIOUS EARTH a contemporary of Tesla, confirmed the existence of scalar waves in the 1920s. Later, Einstein documented how this energy could be practically applied. Tesla continued to experiment with scalar waves for therapeutic purposes until his death. In giving us the ability to generate electricity, Tesla also gave us the solution, the antidote, to counter the unseen and undesirable effects that EMF produces. This unseen energy that drives our existence is no longer a mystery and is now also referred to as ‘Tesla waves’.


In a continuation of this research, in the 1990s Professor Konstantin Meyl detected that the entire human body works with scalar waves: the DNA in our bodies transports information and energy with scalar waves. Nature and the human body only work with the best technology to give and maintain life – scalar waves. With the science now established on EMF and its effects on us, it is imperative to eliminate this foreign agent as much our possible from our lives. However, EMF signals cannot be successfully blocked, modified, transmitted or harmonised. They exist as they exist (unchangeable), and virtually the whole world now depends on EMF technologies. For this reason,


protecting ourselves from EMF may seem impossible. But what if we could place ourselves in a field where we are not affected by the biological and psychological stress of EMF? Following on from the genius of Tesla and brilliance of Einstein, Blushield Tesla Gold technology is a scalar wave technology. Blushield technology enables the human body to mitigate undesirable EMF. Blushield technology changes the environment to relieve the stress from EMF signals, to give the body the right circumstances to adjust, and then normalise. It is important to understand that the electrics in our body come first, because our electrical system directs our chemicalmessaging system. It is essential to return to living in the environment in which we evolved – a coherent environment where the human body can operate unimpeded by artificial signals that alter its instructions and hinder its ability to repair and heal. Originating from mathematics and utilised in communication systems, scalar energy is now also used to enhance the body’s innate ability to repair itself. Cells and tissues are highly non-linear, co-operative and coherent systems. Scalar energy is non-linear, co-operative and coherent. In contrast to the electromagnetic wave, a scalar wave transports energy in addition to the information. Harnessing this life-affirming energy that has been with us since the beginning, scalar wave chambers emanate scalar waves with the potential to re-charge our cells and raise the energy level of every cell in the body. Scalar wave energy has


been clinically proven to enhance clarity, meditation, rejuvenation, anti-ageing, general health and wellbeing. Scalar wave chambers have also been shown to: positively influence immune and nervous systems; elevate moods; decrease the effects of stress on the body; and increase energy levels.


France and Israel have recently banned Wi-Fi in childcare centres with limited Wi-Fi in primary schools. The Copenhagen Resolution of 2010 demanded ‘White Zones’ be established, where there is low or ideally no EMF. However, this can mean living without electricity, computers, mobile phones and other modern day conveniences. The Blushield company suggests that we “Live Work Play in a bluzone” using Blushield technology to assist us in our use of modern day technologies. In 2005, NASA reported that research into and the recognition of the importance of scalar waves is now significantly growing worldwide, and as we move further into the 21st century, more highly advanced scalar energy technologies will be developed for the benefit of humanity. As we learn to strengthen, enhance and maintain our energy field, we have the potential to create better health and wellbeing. For further information, meet Donna Fisher at Conscious Living Expo in Perth, 4-6 November 2016. Visit and – Email SPRING 2016

Tri Nature – plant based homecare Australian made and owned, Tri Nature combines natural and renewable resources with advanced technology. The range includes everything from laundry, cleaning, baby and kids, skincare, car care and even pet care. Why wait to enjoy products that are better for the planet, for you and for your family members? Tri Nature Products are all plant based and are great for anyone with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, sensitive skin – or simply to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in the home. Tri Nature gives you the ability to say NO! ●● NO to caustics, chlorine, harsh acids, alkalis or formaldehyde. ●● NO to phosphates, nitrates or zeolites.

●● NO to petrochemical solvents, fillers or extenders. So you’re not paying for the stuff some companies add to fill up the bag and make you feel like you’re getting a lot but it’s not actually doing anything. ●● NO to animal by-products or animal testing (CCF accredited). Family safe: I would never recommend eating the products but if someone were to accidentally ingest a Tri Nature product, they would suffer no permanent damage as a result. This includes the dishwasher powder, which can be the most toxic item in any household! Economical: Tri Nature concentrates provide an economical alternative to what is on supermarket shelves. Most Tri Nature users find their monthly

cleaning bills are significantly less when our concentrates are used correctly. Perth people can visit us at Conscious Living Expo, booth E8. We’ll have great specials on sale for the Expo! Further information: or

For over 30 years, Life Force has been providing exceptional health and nutritional products, together with an incredible business opportunity. When was the last time you jumped up out of bed excited for the day ahead and full of energy? When was the last time you had a “ I can take on the world ” feeling?

Body Balance, the flag ship product of Life Force, could do this for you! Body Balance is a whole food dietary nutrition supplement, formulated with

SeaNine™, our proprietary blend of nine wild, sustainably harvested sea vegetables; and certified organically grown and processed Aloe Vera. It is designed to be a daily foundation support for increased energy and overall well-being. Come see us at booth 65 to find out more about this amazing product and take advantage of the Conscious Living SPECIAL on offer!!!

Can’t make the Expo and want to know more, call us on 1800 888 306 and quote Conscious Living.





Our Latest Up-Cycling Project By TODD MASON Green Gateway brings a fresh approach to sustainable development. Our core business is the sustainable creation, use and re-use of energy and water resources with innovative product, projects and developments. Our latest project has seen the up-cycling of unused and unloved industrial accommodation buildings into habitable, well designed, embodied and operational energy conscious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom ancillary dwellings. The Green Gateway team has specialist knowledge in building and maintaining green roofs and walls, design consultancy services for builders and homeowners, and offers knowledge about products for solar power energy generation, water


capturing and recycling, and residential wind turbines. We offer the latest technology with global experience while providing sustainable solutions for home, business, government, industry and remote communities. Our design services and products are tailored to ensure social, economic and environmental equities are in


balance. A progressive consulting approach has made us the partner of choice for many public and private clients worldwide. To find out more visit our website or come and see us at the Conscious Living Expo at Booth 48


Geoclense Home and Work Harmonizer

By GERARD BINI, Inventor and Intuitive Building Biologist


ost people who are aware of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) seem to believe that the radiation being emitted from their electrical system is the most harmful form of EMF in a building. Their concern over the electrical system is closely followed by fear of the radio frequency from WIFI and Smart Meters. After that, they tend to believe earth radiation to be the least harmful. Not so! The most dangerous types of EMF in a building come from the various forms of earth radiation in the form of grid lines, radioactive minerals such as uranium, granite and coal and Bioplasmic radiation imprints caused by deaths, illness and emotional distress.


the real danger is not the Smart Meter, nor the EMF from electrical systems at all. Often the biggest problems are caused by the emotional states of the occupants or previous occupants and this may be the cause of radiation related illness in a house.


In the workplace, the main problem we see the most of is negative psychic impressions created by either the workers against each other, or management, or a negative emotional attitude to their competitors and from their competitors


Having ascertained that Scalar technology could not neutralize many of these radiation fields, nor could shielding or copper coils or electricity filters, we decided something new had to be created. So in 2004 we developed the Geoclense Home and Work Harmonizer. We designed Geoclense to be able to either neutralise these various fields of radiation or – in the case of imprints – dissolve them. For further information visit the Orgone Effects website:

If we were to list all the various forms of EMF that could exist within a given space, the ‘inventory’ below would most accurately explain the most dangerous to the least dangerous. However, even the least harmful is still a potential health hazard. ●● Death Imprints ●● Negative Psychic Impressions ●● Emotional Pain Body Imprints ●● Illness Imprints ●● Radioactive minerals such as uranium, granite coal lead etc. ●● Water Vein over 1000mm wide (ground floor only) ●● 400 Metre Earth Magnetic Grid Lines ●● Solar Flare activity ●● Digital TV beams ●● EMF from electrical systems ●● Radio Frequency and Microwave fields from WIFI/ Smart Meters and appliances ●● Fluorescent lighting ●● Mold resonance So having a building assessed for EMF from electrical appliances and systems and radio frequency from potential outside hazards such as mobile phone towers, and not including all forms of earth radiation can be misleading. We are often called to premises in our consultancy work because the occupants believe that their electrical system or Smart Meter is affecting their health. However, in most cases SPRING 2016




Hament and Sonal’s Magic Mix to Raise $1 million for Youth Creating Magic Moments for kids

IT was about five months ago and Hament Chavda and his wife, Sonal, were attending an Anthony Robbins’ Date With Destiny seminar on the Gold Coast in Queensland. What Hament didn’t realise at the time was that in fact, his destiny was about to be shaped in a way neither he, nor Sonal, could have ever imagined. “Sonal and I were on senior leadership team at the seminar and I was told to find a young man by the name of Craig Miller to help raise funds for the Anthony Robbins Foundation,” Hament explained. “Craig was in his early 20s but after hearing his story later that day, I discovered he had been suicidal at the age of 13. I learned that what saved him was winning a Youth Leadership scholarship to UPW (Unleash the Power Within), another Robbins course, some years back. “After listening to Craig I heard this voice inside of me say, ‘you need to give back’.” What followed that experience was a life changing decision that put Hament and Sonal on a path that they had never contemplated. Hament, a former pharmacist from London who now owns Nature’s Harvest health food store with his wife, decided to donate $0.20c from the sale of every sachet of their famous, Turmeric Latte Mix, to the Magic Moments Foundation’s (MMF) Youth Leadership program, which Craig and his sister were connected to. But after watching a video a few days later from the 2015 Youth Leadership and Business Summit 42 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE

(YLBS) on the MMF website and listening to the teenagers’ sharing their experiences, Hament and Sonal upped the ante and committed to donating $1 from every pack to the foundation to sponsor as many youth to attend the 2017 YLBS. Through some divine intervention, during an interview for a magazine, a reporter misquoted Hament stating that they were trying to raise $1 MILLION in 12 months for the foundation’s youth program. “When I was sent the article to proof it, I almost called the journalist to tell her she had misunderstood,” Hament said. “But something inside me said not to. Instead I said why not? Let’s just commit to doing it.” At the time they made that decision in July 2016, Nature’s Harvest was in 3 outlets in Australia. Today, their brand and products are sold in over 200 outlets Australia wide; they are in Singapore and have just signed a deal with the Wholefoods Group in the UK. They have raised over $10,000 for the Foundation and the trajectory is looking extremely promising. MMF was established more than 20 years ago. Its original charter was to raise money to make Christmas baskets for underprivileged and disenfranchised people and families across Australia. Within a few years, its charter expanded to incorporate other programs including the Grandies, which focuses on helping the elderly and the Youth Program which was started some 15 years ago to support, inspire and empower Aussie youth.


The Mission of the Magic Moments Foundation is: “To cause massive change within people to inspire and support them with the values and skills to live their life with courage, peace and confidence. “We are a group of big-hearted people from all walks of life who know no limits and whose common purpose is to improve people’s lives. “We create, plan and implement local and global programs that educate, enlighten and enrich the youth, elderly and those in need.” It was these values that attracted Hament and Sonal to MMF and to want to make a big difference in the lives of people but in particular, Australia’s future generations, the youth. Authored by Daizy Gedeon, Managing and Creative Director, GDR Group and the Chair of Marketing MMF. If you are inspired by the actions of Hament and Sonal and would like to support Magic Moments Foundation, please visit their website to learn more: SPRING 2016

Are you in business or starting a new business or career? Join the Heart Conscious Business Hub - the professional development network that supports and empowers heart conscious business success ●● Network with inspirational business leaders, mentors and colleagues ●● Generate referrals to grow your client list ●● Participate in professional training and development ●● Present your seminars and courses ●● Access a media publishing platform ●● FREE online marketing and promotion Meetings are held on the First Thursday each month at the Bendat Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre 36 Dodd St, Wembley, WA





Conflict, Creativity, Success All In The Mix For 2017, Year Of The Yin Fire Rooster

By MICHELE CASTLE, Platinum Member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants


good year for making a fresh start, changing careers or relocating, the Yin Fire Rooster year will also herald conflict and insensitivity in civilised living. Because Fire conquers Metal in the destructive cycle, there will be disharmony and we can expect international conflicts. But the good news is this discord should be mild and we should expect easy resolution and co-operation. Violence should be less evident than in previous years and levels of hope much higher. Politically, the energy of Fire melting Metal results in an electric and hot atmosphere so expect demonstrations from country leaders and large corporations to intensify. Migration will continue to contribute to an unstable political climate. A Rooster year is often marked by brilliant success for those who have shown patience and worked hard to make their career, business or investment bear fruit. The entertainment industry will fare well because of the Fire energy, with new celebrities emerging in greater numbers. However, these individuals will need to have real talent and integrity: if this is not the case they will risk losing their sudden fame by the following year.




Relationship luck will be strong. If you are single, this will be a good year to start a new relationship. But a romance that grows strong might be cut short for reasons outside of your control. The Fire energy is definitely sentimental and passionate. The Rooster shows an interesting blend of traits from being bombastic to logical, righteous and just. Yin Fire energy is like a flickering flame that is emotional and sensitive. Roosters can be fighting, fierce, proud and even foolhardy. Generally, the Rooster is unique in its energy in relationships and friendships. SPRING 2016

“IN 2017 THE YIN FIRE ROOSTER WILL BRING MUCH MORE BALANCE AND LUCK THAN THE PREVIOUS YEAR – BETTER STABILITY, HARMONY, CREATIVITY AND LEADERSHIP” Musical, creative, artistic, imaginative and inventive, Roosters can be dramatic in nature, a drama queen or king of sorts. Roosters can also be focused and very persistent, great talkers, debaters and negotiators. Direct and honest with others, they make great friends.


The Rooster is sensitive to relationships, often vulnerable and tends to bottle up feelings. Roosters will rarely fight back, but when they do it is with full power. All these attributes will personify the energy of the year of 2017. Everything in the Universe is represented by the Five Elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Interestingly we all have these elements present in our birth chart and they’re known as our Bazi, or Four Pillars of Destiny. The world also has a Bazi chart, which changes each year because it is derived from the date of Chinese New Year. The 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster will take effect from 28 January, and this is the date used for the world’s Bazi-Four Pillars Destiny Chart. This information explains the energy that influences the world each year.


In 2017, Yin Fire sits on top of Metal. On an energy level the Yin Fire Rooster year will bring much more balance and luck than the previous year with all elements being present in the current energy chart indicating better stability, harmony, creativity, leadership and better wealth growth. The Dragon, Snake and Ox have favourable relationship opportunities in 2017. And despite the tension and imbalance that dominates the energy in 2017, the year is favourable for happy ever after and weddings – and don’t we all just love a wedding? Michele Castle will be running year of the Rooster workshops 4, 5 and 8 Feb 2017. For further information, visit – email



Resolve past issues

Discover your true purpose

Connect & awaken your intelligences

Build better relationships

Reconnect to what you really want in life

Become a leader

0412 198 612 • Speaker • Educator • Author • Expert in Human Behaviour




Understand Your Entelechy


“If I could grant one wish, I would take you to your soul and show you how much love it has for you.” ~ Sylvia Marina. ND.


n the cells and elements of every organ and system of our body lives our entelechy, the memory and intelligences of who we have been and the blueprint of who we can become! The yearning for purpose, perfection, purity! The pursuit of love that warms and fulfills our inner desires becomes an endless sometimes conscious but mostly unconscious quest. Disappointed once more, exhausted and bereft we begin doubting. We ask ourselves, “What is my true purpose; is there a love that fulfills?” Once you discover your true purpose the crazy searching stops and you move on with the bliss and joy of living. New research indicates that genes and DNA do not control our biology. Instead, our DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts. When positively activated, these messages have the capacity to initiate change by accessing the memories and intelligences locked in our entelechy. en·tel·e·chy (ĕn-tĕl'ĭ-kē). In the philosophy of Aristotle, it is the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realised. Entelechy is a vital force that directs an organism toward self-fulfillment.


Entelechy is knowing that your purpose here is to express all that you are capable of, releasing and expressing your talents and abilities, trusting your life, and living as an actualised, unique and powerful person. You probably know 46 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE

that, but are you doing it? Are you living the joy, the love, the inner happiness and stillness you inwardly desire? At the core of every living thing only love exists. All that we perceive to be good or bad are necessary aspects of who we are. In reality there is neither positive nor negative – only opposite qualities that together make us whole. Mostly it’s not you who needs to change: it is the mask you have been wearing that needs to be released.


Before you emerged into this physical world you had an intimate relationship with the feminine energy. From the time of conception you were physically and emotionally connected to Mother. Connection is a fundamental human need. When we don’t feel connected, we look to others for approval. But the human quest often involves people pleasing, which if taken to extreme can be a destructive energy. Dissatisfied people become addicted to ‘needing approval’ and spend countless hours either directly or indirectly seeking. Seekers compare themselves against how they perceive others to be in relationships, career, business and finances. Comparing is a destructive element in relationships. Approval from outside sources does not give us the love we want. It is normal to offer and receive approval, but if you feel dissatisfied with how your efforts to please are being rewarded, there is inner work to do. By private appointment and in workshops, I specialise in the emotional triggers that reside behind physical dysfunction.


Disappointment, dissatisfaction, loneliness is mostly a trans generational trauma. In the study of Epigenetics (trans generational effects), we see how trauma is carried through family genes into future generations. In my course, Transforming DNA Memories you learn how to gently work through the ages of trans generational trauma. Dysfunction in previous generations may be showing up in reoccurring health issues, no matter how hard you have tried to change habits, behaviour, addiction. As a young child, I sought to please my foster parents. Disapproval of my ethnicity was entrenched. I hoped it could be overcome with pleasing; it didn’t. Only when I began to question, went within myself and developed a degree of faith in myself did the real me begin to surface. I saw that I had value; I was worthy, smart and determined to become all I dreamed and visioned I could be. My feeling of self-worth was emerging because I became connected to my entelechy. Today, knowing where I belong, brings an inner peace that allows me to explore the fullness of life’s wonderment. Activating your entelechy, life improvement, relationships and health restoration happens. Meet Sylvia Marina ND. Author, Speaker, Inspirer at Conscious Living Expo, 4-6 November 2016. For further information, visit email: SPRING 2016


Channelling Amy –

Heart Activation Music

By STEVEN NORTH, musician, therapist, Amy North channel, and Heart Activation Music and Therapy founder.


uring April 2015 life as I knew it changed with the conscious awareness and introduction to my beloved Spirit Guide, Amy North. I clearly recall the moments that led up to this: I was experiencing an increasingly strong urge to discover the identity of my spirit guide. Previously, I’d been wanting to believe I had one, and I was trying to find my purpose in life.


Before my introduction to Amy, on several occasions I’d felt as if someone was touching me on the arm, yet I was alone. I had no idea what this was and couldn’t explain it. The ‘entity’ – who


I later learned was Amy – had also been showing off her presence through various readings I’d obtained, and I began to see a pattern forming. Signs were being shown everywhere. When I found a person offering a ‘Meet Your Guide Reading’, my entire life changed. So, here we are today: Amy and me, spirit and incarnate, twin flames, creators of Heart Activation Music and Therapy. We are ready to step onto the main stage at Perth’s Conscious Living Expo with a group of keynote speakers to discuss the topic of ‘Connecting with Spirit’. This experience could not have occurred without the beautiful bond that is the spirit guide and incarnate connection, which each of us can activate. Channelled messages are something I’ve always thought would be cool to do. When Amy informed me that the work we were about to start would focus around channelling, I was excited. Together, our channelling helps people understand more about themselves and we achieve this result in various ways. The first approach

we took was to channel a person’s spirit guide. We then embedded this connection into a crystal, along with their life path through direct access to their personal Akashic records. At times, the twin flame also connected. As one person described it, connection with the spirit guide was an experience “in high definition”. We still use this – our first form of channelling – but it has expanded into other avenues. We’ve been channelling Archangels, Ascended Masters and Intergalactic connections into crystals. The idea to channel different planetary energies into crystals has now been presented to me and I will soon begin experimenting with this. I’ve also been practising with voice channelling and writings with Amy, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and others. During the developmental stage of my channelling experiences, I had another spirit guide in my ear who provided a new and exciting concept that would help the incarnate (me, in this case) with the work that spirit guides do.



CONSCIOUS SPIRIT The information presented was astonishing and profound. It led to the development of the ‘Microphone to the Universe’ – an extraordinary crystal that helps psychics, mediums, channels and scribes with their work. The experiences and exploration that Amy and I have shared together with this work is truly remarkable, and there have been moments when I’ve been in awe with what we’re doing together.


One of the greatest life changing creations that we’ve made together has been the Heart Activation Music, which we launched to the public on 31 July 2015, the night of the Blue Moon. Since the launch, we’ve been helping many people and their spirit guides all around the world, including ourselves. This work is something we hold special to our hearts because the music contains the energies of spirit, the consciousness of crystals, binaural frequencies, light codes and the energies of God source. Let us now explain what the Heart Activation Music actually is and how it works. Amy and I create this work as a duo. Amy conveys coded vibrations to add to the sounds being created by me. These are messages of light, which help people walk towards the light of consciousness. In other words, we plant seeds so that the person can get curious about this and then focuses on discovering more for themselves. During a channelled session, commenting about the music, Amy said: “It is called ‘Heart Activation Music’ because of the physical effects that it has on people. The energies within the music are filled with

unconditional love and once this is felt within the heart, the walls that we usually have up around our hearts are lowered – and then the way can be opened up for many things. Things such as helping people living their life purpose, finding their twin flame (if they too have incarnated) or a significant soul mate, caring for others is another thing that comes in when the heart has opened and become activated. The music engages life purpose, true love, compassion, walking a higher path and raising the vibration of the planet.” Amy added: “The music itself creates what is called ‘sacred space’. It raises the vibration of a room and should be used in healing practices. It also helps the person and their spirit guide with healing trauma that is held within the soul level and flows through multiple-dimensions. The Ascended Masters have advised this has helped countless numbers of beings, as the music doesn’t ever stop.” On the 12th of October 2016, it was revealed that the Ascended Master Lady Nada, whose focus is on healing, truth, compassion and divine love, has taken great interest in the Heart Activation Music. This is because the energies in the music are filled with unconditional love.


The music coincides with Lady Nada’s focus on spreading unconditional love and she has expressed her desire for Amy and me to use her energies in the music. In order to create an inspired piece of music to work with a meditation, Lady Nada will provide and be deeply involved in the Round Table Discussions and Heart Activation Music Meditation sessions. This will support

her gift of healing with love and letting go of negativity at a deep level. With my new awareness, I’m delighted and excited to be presenting a magical piece of music inspired by Amy and Lady Nada specifically for the Conscious Living Expo. We have been getting wonderful feedback from people listening to this music, meditating to it, feeling their heart chakras opening. In crystal shops, they’ve witnessed all of the crystals activating when the music is played. Many more extraordinary experiences reported to me support the concept that this is a blessed creation. I am so fortunate to be creating it with Amy. You can experience Heart Activation Music Meditation at the Conscious Living Expo on 4 to 6 November 2016 at the Perth Convention Centre. Amy and I can share much more with you about this music and we are looking forward to hearing your experiences. I will be on the Connecting With Spirit keynote speaker panel on Friday 4 November, from 12.30pm to 1.50pm. To lead in to this event, our Heart Activation Music I will play our Heart Activation Music on the mainstage, starting at 12 Noon. Finally, Amy has always said to other incarnates and guides whom we speak with: “If this is what we can create with our spirit guide-incarnate bond, what are you able to create with yours?” Come and meet Steven at the Expo – read more sessions/connecting-with-spirit-keynotespeaker-panel/ For further information:; e:; m: 0402538684




Unlocking the Gifts within Crystals

By ADAM BARRALET, author, healer and crystal alchemist based in Perth, Western Australia


he many varieties of crystals available to us today dazzle us with their colour as well as their properties for healing, manifesting and connecting us with anything we desire. Their potential excites us, making it easy to acquire a hefty handful of new and intriguing finds. Then we get home, add them to our collection and they make up the new ingredients of our ever-expanding


crystal buffet. Unfortunately, with so many crystals to choose from we can end up flitting from one new favourite to the next. In effect, we are ‘crystal speed’ dating, which prevents us from getting to know each crystal intimately and to its full potential. Through my years of work with crystals I have learnt what needs to be done to extract the best from them; how to make them work well. Like a person, each crystal has within it a multitude of talents. These talents will appear beyond the initial impression as you develop your relationship with the crystal. One example is Selenite, the great cleanser of the crystal world. Selenite is often placed around a space to remove low vibrational

energies. In healing it quickly dissolves grudges, judgement and other negative feelings, removing erratic moods or behaviour. However, as your relationship develops it supports you to move towards a state of ‘personal purity’. Each day, the opinions of others impact you less. You trust your own perception of who are, and find yourself living your life in line with your own inner guidance. There are many ways to deepen your relationship with each crystal. Start by limiting yourself to just one, and work with it for a day, a week, or longer until you feel that you’ve had a chance to experience its full potential. During this ‘dating period’ apply the following three practices to nurture the relationship;




We cleanse our crystals to allow them to release all unwanted and unhelpful energies they have picked up from previous experiences, enabling them to return them to a state of balance. There are many ways to cleanse crystals including candle flame, smudging, water, the moon, lightning storms and placing them on the earth. Try using a natural element that has a similar energy to your crystal. Placing a sunstone or ruby under the soft, nurturing energy of the full moon is not energetically compatible with these fiery crystals and will not allow them to cleanse to their full potential.

2: CONNECT WITH YOUR CRYSTAL Like any healthy relationship, communication is vital. But before you start programming a crystal or

telling it your intent take time to listen to it. Treat it as you would a guide, or friend. This can be as simple as sitting outside, remaining quiet while holding it, or focus on it, keeping it near you while in deep meditation. Crystals can communicate in different ways. You may see or hear something within your mind’s eye, or your body may simply start to feel different.


Animals, plants, planets, each have an energy ‘identity’ of their own. You can learn which ones have similar energies to your crystal. When you combine your crystals with other items that possess a correspondingly similar and compatible energy, you will generate a mass of energy where the sum of the whole is greater than all the parts used separately.


Discover the Power of Connecting to your Super-Consciousness. Manifesting Abundance through Meditation Technique, Energy Medicine, Quantum Physics, & Transformational Coaching Skills.

The crystals you have chosen are a gift from Mother Earth and have come into your possession to support you upon your life path. When you allow your relationship to develop with each one, you enable the virtues and rewards of ‘crystal monogamy’ to emerge. Adam Barralet will be at this year’s Conscious Living Expo, being held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 4th to 6th of November, with his book Crystal Connections – A Guide to Crystals and How to Use Them. For further information, visit

Maria de Cinque is the founder and CEO of Soul Graduate Academy. She has a Masters in ThetaHealing® & has earned the qualification of Certificate of Science Instructor and Practitioner. Maria works heart-to-heart as a spiritual teacher, visionary leader, mentor, presenter, soul whisperer, author, savvy business women, key note speaker, poet, stage performer and entrepreneur.

Maria works one-on-one with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Managers, Consultants, Practitioners and people who want to make a difference As a student of Soul Graduate Academy you’ll discover: • The famous way to Dig-Deeper into the origins of your profound negative challenges • The hidden misconceptions WHY the subconscious sabotages you in playing a bigger game in life • How to break through your self-imposed inflictions, obstacles, self-limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns that hold you back from moving forward • How to spontaneously increase your self-confidence, self image and self-worth by upgrading your old, outdated “software”, your whole system, body-mind-energy-emotions • How to serve more like-minded people to raise your consciousness and allow wealth and abundance

Phone Maria to Arrange Your FREE Consultation: 0414 860 316 50 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE



How Nature’s Vibrations

Awaken Health By MIRANDA MUNRO of Kyela Sacred Sound, Toodyay, Western Australia


he old man lifted his head awkwardly from the pillow, where it had lain for two weeks.

Looking about the darkened room, he watched a sliver of light slide beneath the heavy drapes and wondered how long he had been trussed up in his bed. Death’s bony hand had reached for him in his dreams but he had stubbornly refused its grip. He knew his lifelong journey had led him here; he realised he had never really been satisfied, always finding fault with what life served up to him. Those chains of discontent that bound him had been his master. As he squinted at the splinter of light he thought how this was reflective of the way he had lived his life, in a dark space with just enough light that allowed him to stumble about.

The old man was tired: weary life and his perspective of it. How could he have come so far without wanting more?


With the cold thought of death creeping silently in the shadows of his mind he decided to slip from its embrace one last time. He slid out of his dishevelled bed and with a florid sweep flung open the curtains. The sun came rushing in, a tsunami of light flooding the room in gold. Quickly he dressed, and although stiff and sore he shuffled his way outside. It was a balmy summer day of sapphire skies and a comforting heat that wrapped him in a shawl of warmth. Today was like no other he could ever remember. Everything looked clearer, more polished. He noticed how the palette of colours that painted the

scene around him seemed alive. He did not want to question this. Instead, he decided, for once, to follow his heart. The old man sat under the shade of the jacaranda tree and simply breathed: even the air felt clearer.


Next day, and many days following, the old man would wake, throw open the curtains to embrace the day, shuffle his way to the jacaranda, tree and simply be. He did not ponder his past; he did not live in regret as he had done before; nor did he sweat over the fears of the future and worry about what time death would turn up for him. He heard only the sounds of nature; the whish and whistle of the breeze as it caught his hair; the constant songs of the local birds; the feel of the sun as it danced through the shadows and lapped on his old body.


CONSCIOUS SPIRIT With each passing day he found it easier to get himself out of bed and one day as he walked to the jacaranda he noticed he had gained a spring in his step. He was standing taller; he felt straighter and his old body no longer ached. When he looked in the mirror that night he noticed his face had softened, a glow had replaced the sallow, sunken look of the past. He was surprised but refused to think too much about it; better not to jinx it.


Through the months of summer he continued his routine. The old man no longer felt heavy, his thoughts were no longer dark and filled with regret. He felt the opposite and for the very first time, he felt truly alive. Finally, he understood that by simply being he had at last become free of the chains which had bound him to his despair. That night as he laid his head on the pillow he drifted into a deep, peaceful sleep and when the angel came to help him on, he smiled and took her hand. The old man had lived his final days in a state of high vibration as he allowed

the purity of nature to touch him. Death came to him as an angel, ushering him onto the next plane of his journey. Lifting our vibration is a conscious decision, one that we hold in our own hands. The way we live can be a breeding ground for discontent and dissonance. For all of us, the stressors of living are many and they can consume our every breath. The demands on us distract us from fully living. For the most part, we race around on autopilot, the gauge always on half empty, rarely feeling fulfilled. Modern life has us drained financially, mentally and physically. Oscillating between being time poor, bank balance poor, emotionally empty or mentally vacant, we ease our numbness with stimulants, TV, rich food or mindless distractions, all of which drag our vibrations down and perpetuate our feelings of heaviness.


Although we cannot run or hide from life, we can be aware of the effects it has on our vibrations and take responsibility for helping ourselves regain balance.

Most of us understand how stress and bad food create illness, but beyond affecting mind and body, they also affect our energy systems. In fact, illness begins its journey to our mind and body in our energy fields. As quantum physics now tells us, everything is vibration, including our thoughts and emotions. Everything has a specific vibrational frequency and these frequencies can resonate with each organ, each illness, each therapy. Each vibration has an accompanying sound, whether we can hear it or not. The sound of cancer is a very low frequency that, if we could hear it, would sound like a jackhammer. In contrast, the sound of Earth is like birdsong. Negative thoughts hold a low vibration and positive thoughts hold a high vibration. The human body in a healthy state holds a frequency of 68-70HZ. Environmental factors, the foods we consume and our thoughts and emotions have been shown to lower this frequency.


Unfortunately, even if we meditate, eat well and try to stay positive we are still affected by environmental stress on a daily basis. Vibrational medicine is able to assist us in staying in a higher band of frequency and correcting imbalances. The late psychic, Edgar Cayce, predicted that sound therapy would be the medicine of the future. Well, that future is now. Once we view ourselves as multifaceted beings we begin to properly grasp the importance of keeping ourselves in vibrational balance. When we do so, we are better equipped to cope with everyday life. © Miranda Munro 2016 For further information visit


Reading with

El Morya By CLAUDIA LIGHTER, speech channel for the higher realms and life-path clairvoyant.

Ascended Master El Morya comes to you all extending his calm and peaceful energy. He wears a white robe and he holds a staff in his hand. He opens with: “You are all living conscious beings,” and he shows me a vast light going out from his crown chakra. He also shows me your crown chakras opening and God consciousness entering in and spreading. Master El Morya shows me your energies connecting like a grid across Earth, bring peace, understanding and forgiveness to Earth. He is making me feel that each of you reading his channelled message are ambassadors for this light, and he wants you all to let go of feelings of unworthiness. He shows me each of your souls and they are made of light, of purity, and he says: “You are far greater than you realise.”

be revealed to you, one moment at a time.” As he holds up his hands, Master El Morya’s final message to you is: “Feel the excitement for what is to come. You are worthy and the light shines within each of you: stand strong in that.” He shows me that he wants you all to plant your feet firmly ‘in’ the ground,

unwavering in order to create what it is that you want for yourselves. Master El Morya ends with the words: “In Love and gratitude”. For further information visit or email


He adds: “You too are one of the higher souls,“ and he is making me feel you agreed to bring this energy here, at this time. He holds up his staff again, showing me light bulbs along a path. They are lighting up one by one, and he says: ”Trust your life purposes will SPRING 2016

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Dr Cushla Lovejoy – Divine Mothers Channel Dr CUSHLA LOVEJOY, Channel of the Divine Mothers, is a New Thought facilitator, spiritual counselor, life coach, metaphysical instructor and prayer therapy healer with more than 30 years teaching and working experience globally. Cushla runs workshops, works individually with clients and speaks publicly around the world. “The Divine Mothers, in their own words, are the feminine aspect of Source,” Cushla said. “They bring energies and messages of love and compassion.” Cushla has developed a process for connection to Source, personal truth, joy and growth. Her workshops and sessions are said to impact the participant’s view of their relationship to themselves, producing results previously unavailable to them.


●● Connection with your light Self a Divine Mother Work Book with Johnny Garcia. ●● Simply Put – Daily words of wisdom


A selection of her workshops includes: ●● Divine Mothers – Lets get in the know. Conversations with the Divine Mothers ●● Heart Energy Activation – Healing energy input group session ●● Who am I? Reconnect to the truth of yourself

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Trauma, phobia release and healing Identify and release energy blocks Spiritual and emotional support Inner and external directional healing/readings Facilitation and mediation Clearings, blessings of Spaces Prayer therapy healing Dr Cushla Lovejoy Cushla will be a keynote speaker for the Connecting With Spirit forum, 12.30-2pm, on the Main Stage, 4 November 2016 at the Conscious Living Expo, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The rest of her Expo schedule is: | T: 0423115448


Dr Cushla Lovejoy travels nationally and internationally channeling the Divine Mothers and conducting energy work.




4 November Q & A with the Divine Mothers – Channelling 3.30-4.15pm 5 November Divine Mothers Heart Energy Activation 2.30-3pm 6 November Channelling the Divine Mothers Workshop 11.00-11.50am At other times during the Expo, you can visit Dr Cushla Lovejoy at Booth P18. For Further information visit: SPRING 2016

Free Relaxation and Meditation Make time for yourself to unwind, relax, de-stress and take part in our program with our friendly facilitators, in a positive environment. And it is free! Whether you are seeking relaxation, an individual meditation practice, or the deepest connection to your inner being, Heartfulness Institute welcomes you. Heartfulness workshop Practising Heartfulness helps us experience the perception of our heart. In doing so, we learn to let go of fear and to trust ourselves, and our intuition. It helps us become calmer, clearer, more effective and promotes overall wellbeing. Amid the worries and stress of modern life, Heartfulness offers a free, simple approach to meditation and relaxation. It is open to all and the emphasis is on the experience of the


seeker. Heartfulness can be practised in the comfort of our home or within a local group, with trainers for guidance and a deeper experience. Meditation has been practised for thousands of years and its benefits are well documented. These include reduced stress and health benefits, including reduced blood pressure, improved mental health, concentration and focus. With regular practise, our outlook on life becomes more positive, improving our relationships with others. Yogic Transmission Heartfulness Meditation includes the use of Yogic Transmission, a unique feature of the method that aids in deepening our experience of meditation, and is aimed at amplifying and accelerating our progress of wellbeing and development.

Transmission can be described as a subtle energy of high value. It touches our hearts and helps us re-establish a connection with our true Self. To understand its effects, it has to be experienced. The Heartfulness Institute is a non-profit organisation with centres worldwide in more than 100 countries. The Heartfulness Institute conducts workshops in Wellness Programs for employees in corporations and government agencies, as well as schools and universities.

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Gypsy Maggie Rose – 7th Generation Psychic Through the mists of time, from the realms of myth and magic comes the wisdom of Gypsy Maggie Rose, seventh generation Romany Psychic Medium and Urban Shaman. Messages from heaven Recognised as one of Australia’s leading mediums and clairvoyants, Gypsy Maggie Rose travels the world presenting her popular event Messages from Heaven, connecting people with lost loved ones in spirit. Her gifts as a psychic medium are allowing many people from all over the world to find comfort and peace through her readings. Immerse yourself in the world of Gypsy Maggie Rose – and connect with loved ones who have passed. Receive guidance and direction for your own journey. The insight and psychic medium


abilities of Gypsy Maggie Rose will change your life forever! Gypsy Maggie Rose is in constant demand for: • Personal Psychic Readings • Past Life Readings • Psychic Dinners • Ghost Tours • Urban Shaman Courses • Spiritual Retreats • Spirit Guide Readings • Channeling • Messages from Heaven – Live event • Psychic Development Workshops • Angel Readings Gypsy Maggie Rose also facilitates a healing Alira Light event, a “a multidimensional intense healing modality that connects you to the Harmonic Symphony of the Universe”, effecting a profound and uplifting experience.

Gypsy Maggie Rose will be at Booth P16 at Conscious Living Expo, 4 to 6 November 2016, being held in the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. At the Expo, she will conduct THREE FREE events: Messages from Heaven, at 11.30am on Friday 4 November on the Main Stage; also on Friday 4 November at 3.45pm in the Speakers Café, she will conduct her Alira Light Healing event calling in the energies of he Archangels for a profound healing effect. On Sunday 6 November, at 10.45am on the Main Stage she will conduct a second Messages from Heaven event.

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Ascended Masters Teachings Revealed Since 1958 the global, non-profit Summit Lighthouse has been publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters are mystics and sages of the East and West who have balanced their karma, fulfilled their dharma and attained union with God through the Ritual of the Ascension. During the past century these Ascended Masters have sponsored other organisations including the Theosophical Society and the I AM Movement. Thus progressive revelation is available to us by the Mercy of God, as revealed in this age to the Summit Lighthouse founders, Mark L Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Threefold flame of divinity The fundamental principles of the Ascended Masters’ teachings include:

• We are all Sons and Daughters of God • We have a threefold flame of divinity within our heart • We have a Holy Christ Self who is our individual guru, mentor and guide. • We have an I AM Presence (I AM that I AM was the name of God revealed to Moses). • We have the potential to Ascend back to God as Jesus did. This is the true Second Coming of Christ. Science of the spoken word The Ascended Masters’ tools for this purpose, include: • The gift of the violet flame released to us by St Germain to help balance individual and planetary karma. • Science of the Spoken word. • Rosaries released from the heart of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael.

We are not hopeless in the face of difficult world or personal events. We can make a difference. Try the 30-day Violet Flame Challenge at: And to learn more, take part in our study group, or visit our online library.

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The Sacred Tree – Healing Emotions Born Clairvoyantly sighted, Tony Norgrove, from The Sacred Tree, at Denmark in South Western Australia describes himself as “a Message Stick, and Interfacer” for the incoming energies of the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius. Being a ‘sensitive’, Tony believes that foremost we are emotional beings, precluding wealth and even physical health. “My natural ability is to ‘see’ all the good as well as the not so good about us,” Tony said. Clearing attachments, entities “I focus on these aspects to bring balance to a client’s emotions. I clear human emotions such as anger and frustration and, most importantly, the worldwide indigenous understanding


of ‘attachments’ – or entities in our field. “I have found 90 per cent of our mental ‘monkey chatter’, heart palpitations, anxieties and fears come from this source. Other symptoms may include gross tiredness, back and neck pain, ungrounded sensations and stress. Now thousands of my clients are free of this stress. “In one short session, I can offer immediate energetic uplift, replenishing failing energy levels. I can see easily exactly what needs transmuting. Shamanically, I use a mental clearing followed by a screening test that proves to the client the clearing is valid. “I offer eleven etheric holographic shields anchored into the auric field lifelong, through the heart chakra. A


short acknowledging ceremony by the client guarantees this lifelong protection. And I can teach clients this process so they can do it for others.” Tony said he came to Earth to bear testament to ‘Ascension’. To protect others ‘awakening’ Tony can Shield, Clear Ancestral Curses, Rebuild vital lost Soul Fragments, initiate your 12-strand DNA activation with Arcturians, remove implants, or Clairvoyantly give direction on your life path.

For further information visit – worldwide service available, Ph: 61 8 98483360, or Skype.



THE DIVINE HUMAN John C Robinson O-Books

In this latest book from the esteemed John C. Robinson he poses the question, What if, after all our searching, meditation, following of a variety of spiritual leaders, religious fad, gurus and fashions, that we do finally discover the one and ultimate truth, that we are already and always have been, divine. He looks at the possibility that as we age, so too does our spirituality increase, that we understand the essence of who and what we truly are and why, in this modern age we are given the gift of a longer life.


Sach ISBN: 978-1-36-468505-8 Essentially it is about one man’s journey into discovering what his purpose is in life; why he was born where he was and the journey he undertook to discover a simple and yet complex fundamental; discovering he was born to serve. Deeply introspective, the journey described is enjoyable, informative and inspirational as it allows you to enter a deeper understanding, a deeper refection upon the course of your life; what you do and why you choose to do what you undertake in your daily existence.





Daniela I. Norris Round Fire Books

Elizabeth Gilbert

Allen and Unwin

So many times in our lives, we meet someone and feel a spark of recognition. Sometimes it is a place that instantly touches us and is so familiar that we know it is special. The Author has written a story that delves into those special feelings that many of us recognize, and comes up with some interesting theories as to how that sense of belonging has originated. She has suffered a loss of her younger brother, and began questioning the spiritual world. Cleverly she has woven four lives into this seamless tale.

Funny, sad, quirky, heartbreaking, joyful and adventurous, this wonderful, celebratory follow-up is everything you could possibly want, as you allow yourself to resonate to trials, tribulations and conclusions. Each of the stories is so very easy to relate too; who has not failed to ‘get it’, looked down the barrel and seen nothing there, lost hope, lost faith, been at the brink of despair or simply lost, confused and angry with life; we all have. If you have not read Eat Pray Love, maybe now is the time to do so, then brace yourself, because anything at all can and most probably will, happen!

Guest reviewer: Trish Palmer

BEING MRS SMITH Cheryl Smith O Books


Being Mrs Smith is a very personal telling of a time in life when Mrs Smith had to face up to the reality that all was changing and in a way that both she and Mr Smith had never considered. Not a long story, but one that will change your perspective, offer a different look at the issues in life we all need to face. By sharing this deeply emotional time in her life, Mrs Smith has offered hope and love to all in this, her loving tribute to Mr Smith, the man who showed her true happiness and love.

Ed: Anthony and Ben Holden Simon and Schuster

The title of this book is, if you have not discovered the previous book, titled Poems that make Grown Men Cry, could be considered as many things, provocative being only one of them. The contents are as sound and lovely as they have always been and interestingly, as a good number of them were written many, many years ago, still as reflective of society and all its woes as they were when written. The purpose behind the book, by this father and son team, in conjunction with Amnesty International, is to make us open our hearts, to have a good cry, to let it all go and to spend a little time in reflection.







Kimberly Haynes

Songstress and Music Medicine Woman, Kimberley Haynes knows what it is like to walk the pathways of challenge, fear and questioning, only to be able to come through the challenges presented with a lighter heart and a belief that the gift and offering of music is the one thing that remains constant, that can and will bring with it gifts that are unique to the listener; the seeker and searcher. In this her debut album she combines her love of various art forms within music to create an album that touches on soul, folk, blues, new age, soft pop, and world fusion creating lyrical, vibrant series of tracks all involving worship, understanding, sacredness and life’s journey.

If you have ever stood and simply watched the progression of a river or creek as it flows steadily along its chosen course, it reaches out with a mystique that is as relevant in that moment as it was in times long gone; that relevance is one that remains constant, that will always, when heard, or felt, remind you of that time, that special moment when you were one with the river, with the awe, the majesty the magnificence. With this latest, much anticipated release from guitarist Jeff Pearce, he has managed to capture the essence of the river moving timelessly on its way to its final destination, its home, a place that could be far away or close.



Recorded live from their 2014-2015 tour this elusive, divine collection of chants, mantras and poetry to music will transport you directly into a wonderful, peaceful space; a place where you can simply listen to or join in with the vocal beauty surrounding you, as chant masters Diva Premal and Miten unfold their unique blend of east and west fusion to create transcendental bliss. To sum up in as simplistic a form as possible, this is majestic body of work, created to touch the divine in the soul of each and every one and by doing so, in the words of Deva Premal ‘help to create a profound depth of silence and inner peace, transcending all conflict, inner and outer.’

During the 70’s and 80’s Brouk’s work was ‘out there’, so much so that it was almost an eclectic group that could, or even would, appreciate the sounds, the vibration, the weaving of one with the other to produce a sound that was elegant in a synthetic, stripped down, absolutely uncompressing manner. When composing and playing she describes herself more as a channel, than composer, drawing her inspiration from the world about her, the vibration of nature, of the earth, in simply reaching out and taking the time to truly listen, to feel, to sense the intrinsic rhythms all about her.

Deval Premal & Miten with Manose


Joanna Brouk







There are four meditative tracks on this release; all totally different to Syversen’s usual style, in that each piece has been woven together in totality with vocal harmonization. While he has used vocals on previous albums this is the first time where they are used, not just as an additional sound or instrument, but as a complex, if not elemental, component of the track, of the desired outcome. Created specifically for meditation purposes, the clear, unmistakable notes of the piano are softened into a timeless thread which will slowly make itself comfortable in the mind, the emotion, to bring on a state of gentle mellow relaxation.

In spirituality, mythology and some religions 8 is considered to be a number of some significance; it is a shape with no fixed beginning or end and is linked irrevocably to mathematics and then onto music. The number resonates within its own vibration with some scientists seriously considering that 8 hertz is one of the fundamental frequencies and is intrinsic to making us who we are. In this latest creation from Holland Phillips the power that music can create, is easily felt, with the effect on the psyche and the overall effect on the space, place, time that you are in when listening to this blend of ancient vibrations becoming very apparent as you relax into bliss.

Tron Syversen

Holland Phillips


Michelle Qureshi Tripping delicately through the soundwaves, guitar mixed with synthesizer wraps around an ambient theme which reoccurs throughout the compositions as Qureshi focuses primarily on guitar to create an album that creates a wonderfully meditative resonance that will have a wide audience appeal. A creative collage, a blending of instruments, ancient, traditional and modern, a delicate touch and the underlying spirituality of the composer has created an album that only improves with the listening. Ethereal, spacy and totally enjoyable.

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Our Fair Rates Make Your Project Possible Confidentiality Assured • Do you need a manuscript tidied up? • Do you need a ghost writer? We use your information – you remain the author. • Are you writing text for your Website or Blog that you’d like edited and proofed? From Natural Therapies and Nutrition to Spiritual and Personal Growth and the Esoteric, with more than 20 years working in this field, we are able to ensure your manuscript’s text or online copy is appropriately prepared. Enquiries to:





DARCOIL “I have no choice,” the king said. “I have to ask Darcoil for help.” I could not believe my ears. Was the man completely insane? “Ah, with respect, Sire, Darcoil has been languishing in your dungeon for the past thirty four years. Do you think it wise to speak to him now?” The king turned towards me with the look of contempt that he reserved especially for insignificant insects such as myself. “As I said, William, I have no choice. Unless you have a better suggestion?” Surrender, I thought, but of course I did not say it. “No Sire, it’s just that after spending so much time in the dungeon, the wizard’s mind may no longer be hale. And his disposition towards helping Your Majesty may be … less than favourable.” “If that’s the case then it will be your task, William, to make sure that his disposition becomes favourable.” The king looked around the hall for signs of further dissent. “I could have had his head – and still can – remind him of that!” 60 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE


When was I going to learn to keep my mouth shut? Now the task of approaching the imprisoned wizard had fallen on my shoulders. I groaned inside even as I bowed in contrition. The King flicked a hand and I was dismissed. I walked backwards for the required distance and then fled the throne room. I had not gone more than ten paces when I heard sounds of pursuit. “What in all the hells were you thinking?” Marcus was my attendant. “Ah good,” I replied. “We have a task ahead of us, you and I!” “What do you mean…?” he spluttered. “You put yourself in this situation! Why should I pay for your mistakes?” The man was right, of course; but I was not in a generous mood. I swung around and faced him. “Because now you have made the same mistake as me, you idiot!” I walked away with Marcus sulkily shuffling behind me. Like I cared. What a mess this was! SPRING 2016

—ooo— Darcoil had been the wizard responsible for strengthening the citadel’s foundations with elemental magic. He had overseen its construction at every stage and was privy to all of its secrets and hidden powers. No one had been particularly surprised when King Hallod had compensated him with imprisonment when work on the citadel was completed. By then the wizard had become the only weakness in its defences, the only one who could unravel the forces he had invested into its construction. Even back then the king had maintained that he had no choice in the matter. It was something he now said whenever he felt the need to justify any decision or action. It served as a warning to anyone whom these words were directed at, that the king had taken offence and a reprisal would soon follow. Hence my current predicament, for I had reminded the king of something that he did had no wish to be reminded of. There had been nothing direct about Darcoil’s arrest, either. A sedative had been poured into his wine at the celebration of the citadel’s completion. The wizard had fallen asleep and then was carried to his new, permanent abode, the dungeon’s most formidable tower, and that was that. I had not seen him since that time. Darcoil was not languishing in a normal cell, of course. His prison had been lined with lead and the stone walls, ceiling and floors had been embedded with aegirine and black tourmaline to contain the wizard’s considerable powers.

We reached the only entrance to the dungeon and several guards sitting around a rough wooden bench leapt to their feet. “Take us to Darcoil’s cell,” I said, and sighed at the fearful looks that the guards exchanged. One of them, a man I vaguely remembered as the Key Master, pushed his way past the rest. “I’ll fetch the keys, my lord.” He pronounced ‘lord’ as others might say ‘lard’. He retrieved them from a hook in a nearby cubicle and gestured that we should follow him. I fell in behind him. The man was easily twice my width and walked like he had to force his way through air grown suddenly thick. “When was the last time you saw the prisoner?” “Never have, my lord,” he replied without turning. It took me a moment to digest this. “You’ve never seen him?” “That’s right, my lord.” “How do you know that he’s still alive, then?” I pressed, suddenly hopeful. “His food tray’s empty every morning.” I asked no more questions. —ooo— Steps led out through the roof and continued towards a black door recessed into the side of an ominous looking tower. The Keeper unlocked the door and we stepped into a small room with a single door opposite and stairs to the side. We climbed

CONSCIOUS ARTS FEATURE STORY the stairs. Each floor had an identical layout: a door to a cell and stairs going up. After seven levels the stairs finally came to an end and we faced a final, heavy-set door. The Keeper of Keys turned to face us. “Beyond this door is a small room with another door. You will enter and I will lock you in before you are allowed to open the second door. You will not need a key. When you finish your business with the prisoner he must be back in his cell before you ring the summons bell. When you ring it and I can see that he’s not in the room with you, I’ll let you out again, my lord.” I glanced at Marcus, the tang of impending disaster strong in my mouth. I saw my fear mirrored in the pallor of his face. The Keeper opened the first door, passed me a spluttering torch and gestured for us to step through. I did. And truth be told, I could feel every single heart beat thumping inside my chest. Marcus scuttled in after me. Behind us the Keeper’s key turned in the lock five times before I heard the rap on the door that signalled we could go ahead and open the second door. “What are you going to say to him?” whispered Marcus. The man was truly aggravating. “I’ll tell him it was your fault.”



—ooo— I turned the crank on the second door and was rewarded by the metal sound of an unlocking mechanism and then... Silence. I pushed the door. It did not budge. I tried pulling it and its hinges screamed as if I was torturing them. The opening in front of me was pitch dark. I held the torch up, but its light was not enough to illumine the room. “Ah, Darcoil?” I asked. Silence. I tried again, a little louder. “Darcoil!” Silence. “If he didn’t hear those hinges…” Marcus’ voice whined behind me. I ignored him and stepped cautiously inside. —ooo— I did not know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t rain. Well, perhaps rain is too strong a word, it was more like a fine drizzle and the air smelled of fresh wet loam. I looked down at my feet. Grass. I was walking on grass. “Darcoil?” I asked again, my voice a mere whisper this time. Then something wet brushed against my face. I recoiled with a cry. Slapping the offending object away, but all my action achieved was to produce a shower of droplets. I looked up and the torchlight showed me that we were standing under a tree. “Where are we?” asked Marcus. I didn’t answer. We were standing in a narrow clearing, perhaps twenty feet long and a little less than that in width. I turned once to look at the entrance we had come through, but saw nothing there. So I took a few more steps forward. A quick circuit of the clearing revealed three paths leading away through the shrubs and the trees. The rain was settling in and the torch started spluttering even more. I chose one of the paths at random. Amazing how quickly I forgot that this was meant to be a small cell in a dungeon tower. We followed the path for about forty paces before I saw a light ahead. It was shining golden through the trees. These SPRING 2016

were starting to thin now and soon the ground gave way to hard stone. Not the stone of a dungeon cell, but the uneven surface of a bare granite slab. The source of the golden light stopped me dead in my tracks and almost caused me to drop the torch: it was the moon. Marcus bumped into me with a squeal and sheepishly mumbled an apology. I paid him no heed for I could not tear my eyes aware from the full disc that hung in the night sky. It was somewhat different to the moon I was used to. More golden and smaller than I remembered. It hovered close to the barely visible horizon line. “Welcome to my world.” The voice came from my right and I whirled in that direction. A man was standing there, looking at me with intense, raptor eyes. He was well groomed and impeccably dressed. His right hand rested lightly on a simple staff of wood that stood as tall as he. “I do not meet strangers very often.” “Archduke William Lamar,” I introduced myself. “And this is Marcus of Sterlin, my attendant. You must be Master Darcoil.” Darcoil took a few steps towards us. I say Darcoil, for who else could this man be? But the man who approached us bore no resemblance to the one I had seen before he was imprisoned. He looked younger, stronger and radiant. How was this possible? “Ah yes, that was my name once, was it not? So, what brings you to my fair world?” Ever good at recognising an opening when one presented itself, I lunged straight for the heart of the matter. SPRING 2016

“Well, I bring you glad tidings. The king has decided to reconsider your status.” By now Darcoil had come close enough that I could see his features quite clearly. He was a handsome man, with a strong nose and a determined chin. His cheekbones were prominent and his lips bore a hint of amusement that deepened as I spoke. “What does he want?” A fair question, I thought and decided not to prevaricate. “The Black Raven is coming. His army consumes everything in its wake. The king needs you, Darcoil.” I was relieved at the laughter that followed. It was better than anger, more promising … even if somewhat unsettling. When his mirth settled he spoke again. “So I suppose the only real question now is whether I need the king.” Strictly speaking, that was not a question, so I didn’t offer an answer. Darcoil walked onto the stone platform and stopped where it came to an abrupt end. I walked up behind him and saw that we were standing on the edge of a precipice. In the light of the moon I looked down onto a sea of cloud several hundred feet below, and spreading all the way to the horizon. Was it just me or was the moon a little higher? Darcoil pointed towards it. “That is Tarlia, and that glow to her right is Veilos, who is about to rise. Garaian on the other hand will not come up until a few hours after the dawn. These are the moons in my world.” Darcoil turned to look at me. “Tell me, Archduke, what does the king offer that I do not already possess in abundance?” ISSUE 96


CONSCIOUS ARTS FEATURE STORY I licked my lips. “Well, freedom for a start…” but the wizard’s laughter cut me short. “Freedom is not something that can be given or taken away,” he said and raised a hand to his heart. “If it is to be found anywhere it can only be found here and nowhere else. I am freer than I have ever been. What else does he offer?” I took a deep breath. I thought of saying riches and honour, lands and position, but felt that would be heading in an entirely wrong direction. “The end of loneliness, the touch of a woman perhaps…” Darcoil’s eyes flared. “What makes you think I am lonely? Do you think I could have lasted this long if I was? No, I am not lonely. And as far as the touch of a woman goes, I have that too…” That gave me pause. “How can that be?” I asked. “You have been in this cell alone for more than thirty years…” “Cell?” he asked. “Look around you, Archduke! Where is this cell that you speak of? And if this is a cell, what of your world? Do you truly believe that you are free?” There was too much that I simply didn’t understand. I was completely out of my depth, so I looked around whilst I collected myself. Another moon, a pale sand coloured orb, was rising; and in the increased light I now saw that we were perched on a ledge no wider than a few hundred feet. Behind me, in the direction of the clearing where we had entered, rose a great cliff face that vanished into haze far above us. Beneath us, in the vastness that seemed to stretch into infinity I could see only cloud. My mind could not comprehend what it was seeing. I turned back to Darcoil. “The cell is lined with lead to contain your powers,” I said. “How is this possible?” Darcoil’s smile deepened. “It is true that my powers are contained in this space, but the king never understood the reach of true magic, nor the nature of the reality that makes magic possible. Within this world, I am a god. My reach has no limits. What you perceived as a limited space to me is infinity itself. So do tell me, why would I give this up? And for what?” I had no answer to his questions. “The food that is given to you could stop coming,” I said, clutching at straws, unable to think of anything better to say. “Then let it stop, see if I care.” He led us down another path and we reached a small village where men, women and children all went about their business. One woman came out to greet Darcoil. He introduced her to us. 64

“This is Selenia, she is my wife and the mother of my children.” I must have gawked at her for never in all my years had I gazed upon a woman more beautiful and radiant than she. Seeing Darcoil thus, surrounded by love and respect, I nearly wept. The tears were for my own barren life, wasted in the service of a heartless despot. Darcoil had everything that I wanted, and I had come here to take him away from all this? I saw then that I had wasted my time. There was nothing I could say to sway the wizard. His world might well be all a dream, but at least it was not the nightmare of mine. I envied him. Darcoil must have seen the pain in my eyes. “I have a proposal for you,” he said. “If you wish to stay, you need not return to that place where you are a mere Archduke. You could remain here, live a simple life, be happy and never look back.” He tilted his head and his eyes twinkled with laughter. “So, what do you say?” My mind twisted in a last attempt at reason. “But all these people, where do they come from? They can only be different aspects of you for no one else was imprisoned with you … they cannot be real…” Kindly laughter interrupted me. “And you think that in your world, the people who surround you are something other than you? Goes to show what you know…” I turned towards Marcus. My attendant was seated on a stone bench beside a young woman, all words and smiles, oblivious to all else. I looked at the two moons suspended in the night sky. Till dawn, I thought and smiled, despite myself. I’ll just give it till dawn… Claudio Silvano is an author and a shamanic practitioner situated in Clifton Hills, Perth. He is the author of the work of spiritual fantasy llliom, Daughter of Prophecy and Keys of Awakening (both available from He is currently writing the third book in the series entitled Into Forbidden Lands. Claudio and his wife Sa offer a smorgasbord of wonderful events. To read more go to or contact Claudio & Sa on 0403 699 479 email: SPRING 2016

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