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Dear Reader, Thank you for tuning into issue 2. This journey has been one crazy learning curve for me that is for sure. I hope that like the group events I host this magazine will do the same and gain a loyal reader and grow. Many of these images seen here are from the Central Tx Photography Shoot Out group shoot, Stunning Eyes. And the photos really show how the models show up prepared and expecting amazing images. I love watching models growth from their first shoot to the most recent. Their confidence grows with each photo. These events are so much fun to host and attend. I look at the past shoots and can smile from the memories I walked away with. At a shoot you may experience Roberto’s bigger than life personality. Heads up do not tell him he won’t because he will. He never turns down a dare and will not hesitate to climb a tree right before he asks you to climb into that same tree. At a shoot, you may get to meet models such as Melody Gilmore who has no problems helping the younger models with posing and confidence. Even if you are a spectator you will walk away with many lasting memories and may even find yourself pulling out your cell phone to experience the action. I thank you for pushing through with me through these many years and look f forward to the upcoming photography events. I hope to see my dedicated models and photographers, the ones I have not seen in a while but miss dearly, and the new faces I hope to get to learn and grow from at future shoots. Brandy Crumley

Photographer Showcase Ken Blackwell Photography

I remember meeting Ken the very first time at a 50’s gas station in Jarrell Texas. I had no idea what I was doing, how to operate a camera, or the first clue how to pose a model. I went anyways. Ken was there, with his cigarette, and a very welcoming hello. Since then Ken has become a reliable friend and fellow photographer. During group shoots, Ken will help other fellow photographers and models. He is genuine when giving advice and wants to see others succeed.

Young, mature, experienced, still learning? Does not matter to Ken. His work is absolutely amazing. He has attended many of the past events that I have hosted and I look forward to working beside him when he RSVP’s for shoots. Many of the images found in this issue are those of Ken’s. He is very punctual about editing and sharing the images from the events and is a pleasure to work with. Next time you are at a shoot and he is there also make sure to stop and say hello and make sure to have your portrait taken by him. Ken Blackwell Photography.

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Behind the Scenes

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Contributors Editor: Brandy Crumley Assistant Editor: Lauren Chiodo-Benmuvhar

dsfkdsfjdskfjdsfjdsfu P h o t o g r a p h e r s : Cynthia Azzam, Ken Blackwell, Chris Winston, Roberto Gonzalez, Jeffrey Shelton, Atousa AzodiGhajar,Mark Broughton, Patrick Anness, Rob’s Photography, Brandy Crumley

dsfkdsfjdskfjdsfjdsfu dsfkdsfjdskfjdsfjdsfu M o d e l s : Amanda Haley-Johnson, Sabryn Booth, Lauren Pouge, Anna Elizabeth Truitt, Haley Langlitz, Page Honts, Jessica Morris, Alyssa Bouling, Erica Joiner, Randi Davis, Isak Turif, Navaeh Salazar, Ryanne Sinner, Jerzie Langlitz, Jessica Gibbons , April Arguello, Jessica Morin, Marybelle Adamson, Cole White, Melody Gilmore, Ashlynn Rainn


Jeffrey showing Erica an in camera image from the recent shoot (top left). Atosa checks to make sure everything was perfect in camera before taking her next photo (top right). Modeling is such hard work and mom Lauren is seen here encouraging Isak during a recent shoot. Ryanne is alway willing to lend a hand, even an actual hand. Here she is helping Atosa reflect light.

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J essica


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Reflections of Black Maddness Ashlynn Rainn





2019 IN DETAIL Steampunk: April Steampunk is modern technology powered by steam and set in the 1800s. The settings are normally that of the Victorian British Empire or the Wild West. While using “junk” or scrap items such as gears and bolts the ordinary is transformed into elegance. Nerf guns become steam powered lasers and bolts become earrings. Let your creativity come alive. This shoot is April’s theme and will be hosted at The Grove Texas. An 1860’s museum town is full of authentic articles and artifacts from that era. There are 5 buildings (a saloon and sheriffs office) as well as a well that never runs dry. Whimsical: May Get out your fancy dresses and big hats and join us for a whimsical group shoot. From an enchanted forest to a fairytale goddess this shoot is open for the model’s interpretation. The location and time will be published in Aprils Edition. Hoping to include scenery such as water, trees, and even maybe a horse/unicorn. Paint Medium: June June is the month to get messy. Join us for a paint shoot (tempura, glow paint, black light paint, body paint, etc). Want to trash the dress or have a gender reveal this is the perfect setting. Tattoos and Piercings: July This shoot will be hosted at a private, urban location in Temple, Tx. The location is a twostory abandoned parking garage with multiple rooms. Graffiti can be found on many of the walls as well as multiple fences to shoot around. This shoot will also include a bright green Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle. Even if you don’t have tattoos you can still attend. How? Henna is a great safe alternative and still allows even minors to attend. Anti-Bullying Awareness Shoot: August Over half off all young people under 18 have experienced bullying of which 30% have turned to self-harm as a result. More than 16,000 kids a day miss school because of bullying. This is your turn to speak up. Graphic images will be replicated during this shoot so please be advised when bringing minors. (over-dose, self-mutilation, etc.) Models are asked to be confident in showing skin. Models attire is to be either a black sports bra and dark shorts or a white top and jeans. We will also have skin markers for words and slogans. Carnival-Inspired- August 31 Hosted at the Central Texas state fair this shoot will not be a free shoot. Admission into the fairgrounds is 10.00 for adults and children 12 and under are free. If you are wanting to get an armband for the rides the band’s costs are 30.00. If riding rides you must wear closed toed shoes. Parking is free. Attire is models choice and can include inspiration from the movie Grease, rock-a-billy, or vintage. This will be a super fun shoot. Cancer Awareness: September Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. For the cancer awareness shoot models are asked to wear the color of the cancer they hope to bring awareness to as well as jeans. A complete list of cancer types and the awareness colors can be found at

cont... (not affiliated) Haunted Graveyard: October This shoot isn’t for the faint of heart. During this shoot, you may encounter the ghost with a limp, the ghost of the cemetery caretaker, or the children’s souls that died in a school bus accident which is why this haunted iron bridge and cemetery is the perfect location for this haunted graveyard shoot. P.S. Don’t count to 10 on the bridge. Fairy Tale-Inspired: November Come dressed as your favorite fairytale character. Snow White, Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter, Little Red Riding Hood, or the Fairy Godmother. Come dressed for a magical shoot. Long Exposure Photography: December This will be an evening shoot. Bring sparklers and let us dance this night away. Make sure to bring tripod photographers.

Steam Punk April 20th 2019 5:00pm to 8:00 PM The Grove Texas

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