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The little book of good mood Rejoice celebrate be positive ‌ write it down

Recognise others

List 3 things you… • love in your partner • appreciate in your closest friend • respect in your boss • admire in your parents

Tell us about somebody who made you smile… • at work • in the street • in a bar/restaurant • online

Who… • has had it way too difficult in life? • thinks too little of themselves? • has no idea how much you appreciate them? • is the most fascinating person in your life?

Name and shame?

List your 3 biggest successes‌ Who helped you?

3 people you admire because of their talents‌

What is their talent?

Say it loud, say it clear.

Write down the names of 5 people you can say “I love you” to.

Channel your positivity

Write a message to your best teacher.

Write down 1 way to please… • your partner • your parents • your colleagues • your child(ren)

Everyday is a good day.

List what went well this week. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Do you remember your best‌ When?/Where?/Who?

Christmas? holiday? party?

That special ingredient

What makes… • a breakfast special? • a good road trip? • work enjoyable? • a good cup of tea?

My favourite… • drink • music • domestic chore • piece of clothing

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The little book of good mood  

The little book of good mood