First Van Cliburn International Piano Competition Program Book (1962)

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J.nU»tnattiuut/ QUADRENNIAL




24 Tl'IRO!JGH OCTOBER 7, 1962


N all the years' history of competitions, there is to be

found the enormous courage and inspiration such events bring to a city. When wonderful young talents gather to express their ideas and their ideals in amicable creative combat, it usually nets lasting friendships, treasured memories, and strengthened artistic determination. Such was my peTsonal feeling afteT participating in the First Intemational Tschaikowsky Competition in Moscow the Spring of 1958. In November of that same year, I was overwhelmingly surprised by the extreme generosity of Dr. Irl Allison, Founder and President of the National Guild of Piano Teachers, who, while addressing a banquet sponsored by the Fort Worth Piano Teachers Forum, suddenly announced that he was giving $10,000 to start a competition in my name. Although my immediate reaction was, of course, extreme gratitude mixed with awe, I was nevertheless aware of the great work involved in organizing such a project. Had it not been for the dedicated efforts of the National Guild of Piano Teachers, The Fort Worth Piano Teachers Forum, Texas Christian University, and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, the project might never have been accomplished. As it has evolved, I have had little connection with the development of the project. Through the incredible, concerted efforts of Mrs. Grace Ward Lankford, General Chairman of the Competition and President of the Forum, and the other sponsors, this project has materialized. This competition is not planned to emulate any other, though similarities are inevitable, but it endeavors to represent the sincere desire of deeply interested persons who have sought to encourage some of the many budding musical souls to visit the beautiful State of Texas, enjoy the hospitality of Fort Worth, and, I might add, the United States of America.


National Guild of Piano T eachers Th e Fort Worth Piano T eachers Forum T exas Christian Univ e·r sity Th e Fo1·t Worth Chamb er of Comm erce EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EXECUTI VE COMM l TTEE- (sea ted lef t to ri g ht ) Mrs. Grace W ard L a nkford, M r s . Ewe ll J. R obin ett. (S ta nd ing le ft to ri g h t) Sa m Can tey llL Serge Sax e, L orin B oswe ll J r ., J oe A. Clarke a nd Ri chard L. Brown .

MR. LORIN A . BOSvVELL, Chai rman Pr esident, B oswell Dairies MR. SAM CANTEY III, Vice Cha irman Vic e President, The F irst Nation al Bcmk MR. JOE CLARKE , Treasurer E xecutive Vic e President, The First National Bank MRS. GRACE WARD LANKFORD, Correspondin g Secr et a ry GeneTal ChaiTman of the Van Clib unt l nteTnational QuadTennial Piano Competition and Co -Founder of F oTt W o1·th Piano T eac he1·s F or um

Dr. F rank Hug hes

MRS. EWELL J. ROBINETT , Recording Secreta ry Chair man of the H osp·i tali ty Committee for t he Competi tion MR. RI CHARD LEE BROWN, A t torney Stone, Parke1·, Snakanl, Friedman and B1·own Att01·neys

Dr. Irl A . A llison

- - - - - - - - - - - - · - - - - -- -- - - - -

DR. IRL A. ALLISON Foundm· and P1·esident, Na tional Guild of Piano T eachers Mrs . E lto n H yder , Jr.

MR. JOE CHOWNI NG Past Pr esident, F ort Wo1·th Cha-mb er of Commerc e R egional Manag er , Southw estern B ell T elephone Company MR. RAYMOND BUCK Pr esiden t, Fort W orth Chamb er of Comme1·ce P1·esiden t, Comrnercial Standard l nsuTance Company MRS. ELTON HYDER, JR. Chairman of the Entet·taimnent Comm·i ttee for the Competi tion

Mrs . J eanette D ol man

MRS . JEANETTE DOLMA N Pr esident of the Inte1·national Wo mens Clu b of America MRS. MARIAN DO U GLAS MARTIN Co-Founder of t he Fort Worth Pia:no T eachers F01·um MRS. AL THOMPSO N Tr easurer of the Fort W 01·t h Piano T each ers F or·um

Mr. Ra ymond Buck

SERGE SAXE CO?npose1·, Critic, Presiden t of the F o1·t Wort h Op m·a Associat io11 L ocal Chainnan of th e Competition J m ·y Mt·s . Marian D ouglas M artin

DR. FRANK H UG HES Dean of th e School of Pine Arts, T exas Chris tian University MRS. W . R. HEWETT Past PTesiclent, F oTt W orth Piano T eache1·s F orum

Mrs. W . R . H ewett

Mrs. Al Thompson


Dr. ll.oward lLmson, 1'rosident. E'astman Sehoof of Ror:hc.~tet, Ncu.' York


Dr. I<:dwin liughes, F7rcci·t.Uu<: Secretary, Not.imwl :l:{Jr>;·i<', Ne·w Y'orh

}frs. Edgar l\I. Leventdti:. Pro<idenf. Leuenf.rilf; FoHudut.iun. Nen: Y1:11'h

Sir Et·nest Mac~Iillan, ('h.ah"IIW.n. Cnnariirtn M'I:Jir: Co1u1ci/; Tonm to. C.'a•1nda

D1·. Joseph 1:<:. Maddy, Notional M11Bie Cam11: hdedocken, :Wichiga11 Frank Mannheimer. f'edu.go,(}l.t.t•

Dr . .Jame,; C. Pfohl, Brorord !l1·u8ic Cronp: FJn:uard,



Louis Sandi, Pn·$idC'n/:, Vut·io·nrrl M·osic Connnittl'l' o( M e:tir:o:<>o City Rudolf Serkin, Pianisi:-Tcru:her. lust/tu.t.e, Ph iludelphia

HOAHI) MEMBE.RS Ti:nH:>Ht i\Jk·n. ;rr .. P,r·t:.'iidt·tJ.t

,JIJ.->;Un. oj' Fm-(.,

ET'fi.(":'!f Al/rua, .l·tu"to·r Cn.

Ft"f_~d Korth. Crrnf-i:n~::t1tal

~Iilto11 Am',~r, Pre$Ztli.''(-l ]1•-'((,l:h(J.·m','-J Lh~(rllYfHH:''i'i-t Sf.(JN~

l.A.>(~nnrd. ()f'f!f:''hd ,lftt-hfl•.n'r


0. C.

::\hfl'f'lL·: Oh~i;;hq f:-~,


.Jrthn M.. nrtfJ'ith .• ~Tt., Ua·nk (Jf (''u'm11'1!.:'!'!'(/

1 I'X'!"C~l't'rU:r;,t.s, Huy 1-'~·.-_:oir.ft.-rd



Hr.y lb:cr:ts, A!IJ·nn;,u:t vVBA F'-A,~!-VAf-T V \Vifl·iflt11 Tfu: Fcwr 0. G. C.arl:son {/(_t'fl{;:'


MH!fil Cr-/U't Prtc>$-3

Mn, W. IL He.w,·tt t'B, E.l.t.on Jfyd~.T ••rx


Y\t. L. Stt:·~:ar·l.,



\i\''t--!h l\'l_:kklo::..:. {'u_Mt-/eti.t i!J1-ulda:r PTVt,;(rh:<;::<


" BROADWAY MEETS TH10: WEST" --in Ma nana, Fort W orth's farnou::; theater--in-the-round \\~he:1· e e xcellent sunnneJ• mus icals ure p resent ~~-d .

FOY ER O F CHILDREN'S MU SJ,)UM- t he la•·gcst eh ildren's museum of i ts k i.n d in the nat.·ion. Spir a l s ta.irca..qe

lead ~

Skyline of F'uTt Worth, T exas, now t.he 34th laTgest city in America.

to the P laneta,·.i urn .


THE I"OltT WORTH AR'r CENTf: R f eatm e,; n ot onl y a fine perrnancnt colJectitJn t'f painting ,s a nd sculptuJ:--e s, b ut a_lso displays m.tln y tra veli ng exhibits.

Fort \Vor th was established as a frontier out post to protect the settlers from the I nd ians. · One hundrerl and twelve year s ago, t he first piano arrived in Fort Worth. It is one of the first r ecorded items in the city's history . During the first summer after the establishment of the fort, ·M ajor R.ipley Arnold, the commander of the gar rison sent for his wjfe. She arrived t heir children and her square piano. The square piano r epresenting the first ones brough t to Texas is used as a symbol of this competition . The piano teacher engaged for the child ren was Adolphus Gounant, a French refugee from the Revolution of 1848. This piano of Mrs. Arnold, the wife of the commander , mu st have been a strange sight in t he log cabin house which stood within t he crude :;;tockade whi<:h looked out across t he grand prair ie of North and West Texas; but, it is the only item of fu rniture or utensil of dress of which reference has come down to us in historical records of that first year of the city's existence. Ever since that time, the pia no in particular and music in g-eneral have been an importa,nt par t of t he life of t his city. With this tradition of music in our heritage, it therefore gives me great pleasure to welcome to Fort Worth the dist inguished group of world famed musicians who are here to act as a jury; and to greet and wish the best of luck to t he gr oup of young contestants whf> have come here from many parts of t he world. Pierre Gounant, the early French refugee and music teach er wou ld be glad to know that h e has been followed this hundred odd year s later by others from foreign countries. In addition to our musical trad ition, we also continue t he spirit of hospitality which was extend ed to him. We are happy to have yon here - Americans and foreigners as well. 'l'her e is a greeting in Mexieo which translates "My house is yours." 1 would like to par aphrase it: "Our city is your s." NE H UNDRED AND THIRTEE N YEARS AGO ,

( + :! ~


( '~~-

AMO N G. CA rtT E R M S EUM O F W ESTEI:N ART is n a tiona lly fa mous a nd house::;. a m ultimiiiio n dollar collection uf "\:Ves1er n A rt . F ·irtdprdly the wotk of F:redo.;~r i ck R€min ~ton and Char les Russell.


JOH N J UST I N M aym·, City of P ort vlf01·th, T exas


participating in the Van Clilnctn lntcrnntioll<tl Piano CMnpetit.ion

The 01J}Icrtl of mu.<;i.c is tm¡iversol. In preparing for this first Van Cliburn Inter-

national Piano Competition, the spirit of cooperation from the partieipating countries and their young artist-representatives has been most encouraging. The young people performing in this competition reprei-lent the highest and most demanding artistic standards of their respective nations. Individually and as a group, their performance and exceptionally high standards cannot help but be a challenge and an inspiration to future candidates. The response and the assistance which have been received from performing muHicians, teachers, publishets, and those who have aeted in official eapaeitieH for the eonntries whieh they serve, 1s gratefully acknowledged by the Van Cliburn Piano Competition Foundation and its Hponsoring organizations.


P iette

Mon day, Sep tember 24th t hroug·h Saturday, Septem ber 21H.h

Prelimi nary A udit ions

9:00 A .M . E d Land ret h Au ditorium

Monday, October 1st t hrou(!.'h Wednesd ay, October 3rd

Semi-Finals wit h the University String Qu art.;,t in-r esidence, Souther n Met hodist University

9: 00A.M. Ed La ndrdh A udi toriurn

T hu r sd a v . October 4th t hro.ugh F riday, October 5th

F inals w ith the Fort Wortb Sy m ph ony Orehestra, Milton Katim s , condu ctin g

8 :00 P.M. Ed L an d r eth A uditorium

Sunday, October 7th

First P lace \ \' inner Solo Concert Presentation of Awards

4:00 P .M. E d Lan dreth Aud itorium

THE COMPETITION J URY Leopold Mannes, Chnirrnan of the Com petition J ury Pianist; P·r es·ident, Mannes Co/.l e,qe of Mu sic, New Yo l"k Serge S axe, L ocal Chainncm of the Competition J u·l'·!/ Cornpose1·, Critie ; Pnsident, P ort Worth Ope1·a. Serge Saxe

A ssociation

Ya.nt Bernette

Ya ra Ber nett<>,, Sao P aulo, B 1·azil J orge Bolet, Los Anyeles, California Angelo Eagon , Music Advisor, United States l nfo·r mation Agency, Washington, D . C. Dr. Hudolph Ga n z, President E rnerit ns, Chica,qo Musical College :\ ngelo Eagon

Rudolph Ganz

Don Lu is Herrera I ~ e La F"m•n Lc

Don Luis H errera De L a Fuente, Conducto r, N ntional Symp hony Orches t1·a of M exico Motonari I gu chi, P ianist; T okyo, Jap(tn Milton K atims, Conductor, S eattle Symphony 01·chest1·a, S ea.ttlc, l flas hington (Mr. Katim s w ill con d uct the F ort 'N orth Symphony d uring the f inals of t he Competi t ion .)

Motonari ] g;uchi

Milton 'K atims

Lili Kra us

L ili Krau s, Pianist ; London, E n,qland Lev O bori n, Pianist; ivl osco·u:, Russia Leonard P enna rio, Pianist; L os An,qcles, Califont ia

Leopo]d Ma nnes

TCU Computer Ce nter

Lev Obor in

L eonard P e nna rio

For t he firs t time in a mus ica l competition, con testants w ill be sco n~ d ·wit h electron ic a ccuracy by a hig h :;p eed compoter. Each contestant is g ive n a p oi nt scor e by t he j ud g es on his or her performan1:e. These scores are punched on IBM eards at the T CU Comp uter Cen tee an d the card:; :fed t h r ough t h e eompu ter. 'l'he winn er of t he event w ill be a nnoun ced wit h in minu te ·, in st ea d of t h e u su al hour or m o re , after the last con testan t has performed . D r. 4. A . J . Floffm a n is d'i1·ecto1· (•l the C .:n te1·.






Em WA RD CL EM!'iN T BF:TH I<:L H a ha.:nw,s



DAVID P IN TO Eng land









JOS E SA.NDOV AL, J R . fVft;Xil'O


ELA l .NE KE ILLOR G<.tna.da



Gu a.t e'}lla l a.,,


YU N H EE P ;\lK K orea.

Ko-re a

Ja,p a路n




TL ZE GIU\ U HIN R ussia,

C A 1-

) IDATlijS





WILLIA M D. COOPER United State.,



MILTON H AS'l.'l.NGS H ALLMAN United Stntes

JAMT<:S JOLLY United States




MARILYN NEE LEY U nited States


JOH N PERRY U1u:tt'd S tates

CHARLES E. THOM.AS United States

RALl' H VOTAPEK United States



WALTER WOLFE Unit ed Stat es

SANDHA Y AG(;y United States





THE AWARDS FJT?S'T PWZF7 H7INNE'R $10,000 don1ded !Itt Dr. rwd J! vs. /r( Alli.~o11 aud th•· Sotio;~n/ Piano Guild

SEc:oxn PRIZ b' H'INNE'R $,) '1)1)0 donal ell lnt

Lanro June ;~[u,.;Kcr as a IJU'IIIU'I''iuJ tu her Father a,uJ Mothct, M·r. o.od ;11rs. Jliclwnl Drc1A: Mu.~H<T

• THIRD .PRIZEJ lVINNJ!.'U $,'2,000 donated l>u The Amon Cwrta F'ot~ win! iu11

• F<n'RTH PRIZE H'J.\'2'.7 F-'R $1,000 donated by

Vort }Vorfh Vim;o T,:nchers Vonon

• FIFTH PRIZE FVINNER $750 donated by Mr. and 111r.s. F. Ho1;;ru·d lFolsh and f'rnnil11


$500 dor!(ded by Illn. Carl Bo1td

her J{nsbo nil. Carl Be11tcl

us a 11/f''IIHWial to

• SPECIAL AWARDS BEST PERFORMANCE Commissioned Ameriean Composition "Carn·iecio on Five l\'otes" by Lee Hoiby $GOO GOLD \VATCH donutcd /ry lV<:i·!t'aH .lJan·11s


of Chambe1· Musie

$GOO doJIOtNI hy

Van Clihll'l'l1 luHwrinu Dr. o.orf Jhx. lrl A



A UlLE!':8


{)<:tob(!'r ,\:VL.\RlLLO

, 1/Jt::!




Santa Barhu ra, California ~.V n'ven1 /.1( v S. 1 !}('i';! l:OA:-IOK!<; SY\1 f'HO!"Y OlteHESTft_.\ H.uanok~.:,


~\:r)'.,f'fitber ! . !, -/FJ(J.'!

<)ctol!l·r .fd, .1.tNi . -,: ;\; EW

V l rgin ia


Pll!LH AJtMONJC J orw ary 15, 1.</ii:!



Gnwd Itapids, 0\Iiehig-wJ .·\id't:c;nbf'r· 111. _l!;tt.~l CARN~;mr: HALL

Dr'C0/1/>;•r '). 1


T enunciated by Aesop or N ebuchadn ezzar, or ·who-


ever it was, still is cogent. What was the beginning of the Van Cliburn Competition ? The story is longer than even the Fort Worth sponsors realize. It is necessary to tell somethi ng of the Fort Worth Piano 'reachers Forum, an organization of fifty leading teachers in Fort \Vorth, Arlington, Hurst and Mrs. Grace '\rVa ni Lan kford discusseR Dallas. As envisioned by its founder s, Mrs. Grace ·ward (~omp ctiti on ·with ·van Cliburn. Lankfo rd and Mrs. Marian Douglas Ma rtin, the Forum's mission, in addition to the usual professional objectives, wa::~ t he exploration of new American teaching materials, an inquiry carried out by George Anson of the Texas vVesleyan College pian o faculty. As the For um grew in confidence, r esou r ces and vision, it thought of establishing a contest for solo playing, with eligibility in five surroundin g states and a prize of $1,000 . Now enters Dr . Irl A. Alli son , whose National Guild of Piano Teachers had grown from a notation on the margin of a sheet of music while he was teaching at Simmons University in Abilene, 'fexas, in 1927, into a national institution invol ving hundreds of teaeherR in every state and tens of thousands of students. He had been pondering a revolutionary plan for an in ternational playing competition, and at a dinner given by t he Forum after a Fort Worth reeital by Van Cliburn he made the astonishing announcement that the Guild was offering for an international competition a prize of $10,000. Though it would have seemed inevitable that such a gr andiose project should be admin istered from New York, the center of big operations mu sically, Allison, impressed by the inner force of the organization and its president, Mrs. Lankford, decided to offer his plan to the Fort Worth Piano Teachers Forum. That was as long ago as 1958, and the intervening time has been none too long t o develop the machinery and t he connections nationally and internationally necessary to the plan's operation. Mrs. Lankford was recognized unquestionably as the executant of the plan. Though she was pioneering, she thought big, far beyond the vision of most of her eolleagues. The prerequisite necessity now was enlisting the cooperation of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, to undertake the financial undergirding, knoiYin}t t hat a budget of $75,000 wou ld be needed. This vvas moving in a new direction, but t here eventua ted eomplete co-operat ion by a board of fo rty-five leading bu siness and cult ural leaders. To provide adequate physical setting t he Chamber of Commerce requested Texas Christian University, through Chan cellor M. E. Sadler and Dean of Fine Arts Frank Hughes, to make its fine faciliti es, in a uditori um, stage, pianos and practice r ooms, available to t he enterprise . The four sponsoring· units were now associated and there carne into existence later to be incorporated: the Van Cliburn Internati~nal Q.uadrennial Piano Compe~ ti tion. Supplernentin g the $10,000 capital prize, five other prizes to a total of $9.250 and two additional awards worth $1,100, one a gr ant of $600 by Cliburn himself, were provided. Over eighteen thousand pieces of mail were dispatched worldwide, warm-h earted hosp itality in For t Worth homes vvas extended t o eontestants, resources of publicity were developed by press and radio, and the project was in business.

ED L 'l.NDRE TH F'TN E A RTS BUILDING , wh~r<· t h<> V a n Cli burn I n t ern atio n al Pia n o Competition i~ held. T h e TCU ~ chool o_f Fine Arts is located he1·e ' vith complete faciHt i(:S for s tudies in art, m.ns i ~.~. t hentr e a nd s p et~c h .

T H E T CU JU~I.IGlU N C l<~N T ER, on e of t h e most beau tif ul bu ildings on th camp us , is 8ymho1ic of the ernph a::ds t he Uni versity plae(>s o n C h ristia n H ighe E ducation . Tho ug h r elated to the Chris tian Ch urch , TCU \>Ve !come!3 s t udents o e ve r y f a i th t o its ~.~ampu s .

T HE CA MPUS OF TEXAS CHRl STJAN UN IVERSITY, wh ie l c<wer ;.; s omf' 220 a c l'CB-- in s o uthwest F ort \V ort h , is kno wn foJ inf orm a l a nd f1·iend ly a t mospher €'. Mor e tha n 8,;100 you n ~


into its A 90th year, we are delighted to moves have a partS TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY

ON THEIR W A Y T O CL ASSE S st udents p as.s in fro nt of M . E. Sadler H.all, the univers ity 's ~~dm i ni s u building wh-ich is n anu~11 a rter t11e T·cu ch a ncellor .

as co-sponsor and host- to this ma gnificent musical event. From its first days in 1873, the University has put great emphasis on t he fine arts-a faet not always appreeiated in the rugged days of t he Texas frontier. Thomas M. Cla r k, gifted young brother of TCU's "Founding Fathers," taught instrumental music and voiee on campus prior to 1880. Official records show that such training "vvas not popular " and no academic credit was allowed for such study. But in later years, the great value of music, art, t heatre, ballet and opera came to be fully appreciated and we are happy that TCU's School of Fine Arts has long had effective programs in these great areas of human creativity. Consequently, we are especially happy to welcome t hese f ine young a rtists and members of the .Jury f r om all over the world. And it is gratifying to have all other s who, because of their ded ication to fine music, have been able to visit with us for this event.

M.. K SADLER Chan eell,,r, T ex as Chr istiiJ.n U n·hcrsify

men a nd women f rom the U11itecl States u.nd many foreig .n. countr ies en ro11 annually in t he university's eig ht schools an d ::.·oJ!er-{es.


~?}1trta' (/)(':(t:ttc/ flJ:Nt~ltÂŁ/ CHA IRM AN

held by Grace Ward Lankford, T euphemistically designated by a si ngle word, H E OFFICE

has embraced ever y duty involved in the promotion and consummation of the Van Cliburn International Quadrennial Piano Competit ion. From the first she has been the very center of its existence, from t he a nnouncement by Dr. Id Allison of his intent to provide a first prize of hitherto unmatched amount to getting the project on the stage. One of the first responsibilities of management, which she brought to fulfillment alrnost unaided, was the provision of seven additional prizes, which she accomplished through persuasion and importunity. Grace Lankford from the beginning, three years ago, envisioned the dimensions of the project, and led the thinking of the four sponsoring units, in a project nevv to all of them, to the investment of imagination, money, courage and persistence which would be required. The winning over of the sponsors to enthusiastic support of the enterprise vvas probably her greatest aehievement. The creation of a working organization, which eventually involved hundreds of persons, all of whom served without pay, was another duty invoking resourcefulness and tenacity in the faee of irritations and procrastinations. Decision s, many of them critical and vital, often had to be made without consultation with members of the board , including matters of relationships with other nations. Through the unusual scope of her personal contacts she was able to bring about the remarkably efficient provisions for the entertainment of eontestants, including the su rmounting¡ of language barriers. It is fitting to observe that for months she has had to sacrifice her own w ork and livelihood as a t eaeher. Her executive talents h ave elicited the eooperation of many di verse agendes, and t he competiti on has been the embod iment of her co urage and devotion.

S P E C l A T,

A C K N 0 \V J, E D G E: M Ji: NT S

It wotdd be imposf!ible to c:qti'ess th(: h {!mtitude and npvrr~<:iaNon !hnt efts held fm· the liwny., nuu1y inrU·uidunl,<~ LfHd !uho 80 !J1'o.c·iously h1wc giucn uf their- ti1M and or their hoines to 1Yiukc thi.<; Cum.pdifion rw .-;.'!£l)le. ~Ve hrwe tried, 1wdd the nwny f;usH dnys since this Com petition teas bc{lUII., to 'l'ecord the no;ncs of ('Veryone 1uho has contr·ibuted of theiY sen:ices to Uds e·ucnt. l.t :<oini>Ol'll: hns been oiJerlooked t:,}e on/Ji hope thal ?:lOU will w1der::<tand that ·il was not intentional oud Uw.t 1re most r:rincerclu appreciate the efforts of cueryone a>:rwciated u.:dh lhis Cmn-

petitiorr. A Tl?IBUTB TO LOFtiN BOSWELL Nearly three years have gone into the planning and fhutnting of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. 'iVIr. Lorin Boswell was designated eari:r as the ehairman of the Foundation \vhieh has handled the Competition. For nearly two years he has given extensively of his time, his personal funds, and his company's faeilities to handle the business of the Competition. His t<Fworkers and the HUllporter:-~ of the Competition w'ish to acknowledge vvith deep gTatitude the debt that is owed to him. SPECIAL APPHJ<:CIAT!ON Mrs. (;atherine Russell for tlw ''•l'C!~pt'ionul (;onl;-ribnUons oj time, enennt, and dcuotion she hns ,qhn;n as Ser~retary of Uw CompM·ition. HOSPITALITY C(JM::VIITTE.~~ Mrs. Ewell Robinett, Clw,irman Mrs. AndJ'l'W HdnriehR Mrs. Elton l\1. Hyder ...J r:. Mrs . .James R. Hussell .:vi rs. Werner i\1 agnus, Port J.ForUt Co-ltncil tjf lV wrl d A t'f uiin> · :\Irs. l\lart{ri P. Sobieraj, lnturnntiMw) fFomwns Cluh of Fort. IVort.h THOSB~

PROVIDINn HO:VJ'V~S FOR CONTESTANTS Mr. and JV11·s. 0. C. Arm;;trong :\Ir. and :Mr;,:. \Y. A. Sehmid :md l\'fh;s :Suzanne S<:hmid

Southwe><t.ern BaptiHt Theological Semimn')' Dr. and J\frs. DaYid Appleby l\ir. and Mrs. John Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tandy Mr. and l\lrs. Wm. F. Beekman Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Seymour, II1 Mr. and :V1rs. Charle:;; H. Williams and Miss Charlotte Willianm }1r. and Mrs. Morton Gause Ware :VIr. and :Vlrs. Ted WeitH•r and Miss Gwen 'Weiner Mr. and .:\Irs. l<~arl Wilson Mrc;, ,J. E. O'CunneJI Mrs. Sidney W ilsou The 1'\:enneth Garretts Dr. and lVlr;;. W. P. A.nthony Dr. and Mrs. Paul Hamev Dr. and ;\·Irs. Gordon 1\ellv Mr. nnd .'\1rs. Mauriee • MeyeJ'son Mr. and Mrs. Per·cy Farris :\Tr. and Mrs. H(•nry :Mack Mr. and :\ .Juliail Meeker and Jim :Vleekel' l\Ir. und Ml's . .J at·ob Rolla Mr. alld :vrrs. Marion f~ ..Kev Mr. and l\:frs. Rid1ard ~e\\'kirk ;md Susie Newkirk :vir. and AJ rs .•J aek H i.e h 1\lfr. and Ht1gh Watson .:\1 r::-. K"lmy Chadwkk J\'lr. and. :VIn;. Manm:l Bargas l\il.r. and JH n. H. Hun tel' BllYrett

}[r. I<:rnest .A.llen, .Jr. Dr. and ~'ln;. Marion .l. Brooks Mr. and l\Irs. Guy Price Mr. and :\ir>;. J m11es Snow<kn :\'!1·. and :\Irs. Leon H. Brachmm1 i\'lr. and ~vlrs. Geo. Parker, Jr. :VI rs. Don Cowan and Mise; c;,,orgiana Cowan Mr. and M.r:;. Sol Sag-inaw Mr. and :Vlrs. James.(;arYey Dr. and Mr::>. H.obL }Ioreton :\Jrs. R. E. Harding p;~'l'EHTA.l.~MENT Mi;;s Lynn Clay C01\!.i\I1TT'F:E Mis.'< r:orne.lia Cumrnin,; c\'lr. and l\!Jr;;. \V. C. Str·wart Mrs. Elton lVL Hyder, .Jr., l\fr. and l\1rs. Will IDd Kemble r'hairnltV1 l\iiss Katherine Stnith :\Irs. Sam Cantey. Ill Mrs. A. \'L Pate. Sr. Co-Chai1'ntln'

Mrs, Roy .MeDermott WITs. 'v\' arnm. l\Iel\e('l'el'

Mrs. John Mc Mncki n Nll·s. George Mf.dhans :\Irs. ,John L. Lewis :vfr;... Edward '.\Iuse ::VIrs . .Tames Snowden l\Irs. George Kf:mble :VlYs. Kelly Shannon l\1rs. Charles Howan ::Vll·s. Sterling SteVPH Mrs. John .Justin :\irs. Jaek Greenrnan J\Irs. Erie Hyden Mrs. Earl Wilson :VIrs. John Paxton Miss Lynn Clay Miss Suzanne Schmid Mi~s CharlottP Williams M.iss Brenda Bnmts Mr. Enw,;t .Allen, Jr. Mr . .lim Meeker HOSTS PROVIDJ~G SOCIAL FL'KCTlONS FOR JClWRS AXf) CON'l'ESTANTS Mr. and Mrs. Vv'illiarn Fuller :\'lr. and :VIrs. Kelly Shannon ·:vtr. and .!\Irs. Hobert Windfohr :\lr. and Mrs ..'\.. Clayton Luther Mr. and Mrs. V:lton Hvdcr. Jr. l\hs. Charles Huwan ' ~'\tr:o. Robert 1':. Harding Mr. and Mrs. 'I\,d \;\' ei.ne1· i\1.r. and 1\lr:'. Charles Tandy ;\'l.r. and :Yhs. M. 1\L (;(lldman M.r. <nHi .:vii's. Man.:us Gin"htng .Mr. Hwl :\frs ..Sam Cantey, JIT. Mr. and :\irs ..hv·k Seigel Mr. and Mrs. T. Fred Hodu;E· Mr. and Mrs. Frededek Stei11\vay

lvll:. and Mrs. Halph Cunnnins

l\:1 r. and .Mrs. Howard Brant,; Mis~ lhenda Brallts Mr. and Mrs. Cluules B. Willimn:<

Miss Charlotw "Williams :vrts. Ernest Allen, ;rr. NIL and Mrs. Hm.Ty Eid;;;on

Mr·s. Gnwe Ward Lankford and Mrs. Serge Saxe :v1 r-. and Mrs. Ka.y Kimbell ~lr.

l\h. and . .Tanws Snowd(,tl

:\h·. and :vb·R ..luseph Durkin

.:VIr. and :Vfrs. Erie Hyden

!Vf r. and ::Vf rs ..Earl \\; il:-~on :~1r. ·web J'l'laddox Mr. and Mr:s. Erne:lt Chilton Dr. and :\Irs. Gonion Kelly ;.\Tr. and Mrs. F. Kirk .Johnson

Chamber of Co.mmen:·e Fort \Vorth Opera Ass<wiation Fort VVorth Symphony League Fort Worth Art. Center

Amon Carter Museum o.f

IV E>stern Art Texas Christ,ian l! niYersit.y

Mrs. N;mey Litlla [)uart.e, NitJ de J f1Jt-Cif'tjt 13Ynzil Mrs. Tcix('il'a de l<'reitns, f{io ti<: Janci)'O, Bn1:~:il J\li"" Cilkn \Nard CespcJes '\'lr. PPter Gre:rory l\11\" .•Jeannette Dolman


!\.Irs. Frank Andrews

Richard Greenman Catherine Prichard Lanter Henry Maek ~orman Robbins .John Seott Mr,;. Elton Hyder, Sr. :VI r:o. C. \\'. Portwood ,'\-hs. K M. Sullivan :Vlrs . .F'ranees Robertson

:\1 rs. DOJ"is Chandler 1\irs. Charles Rowan REFHBSHMENT Dr. Harold Freed HOSTSSES SERVING :nJRO.RS Mr. Charles Ringler Mrs. Milton Simon AT INTERl\.IISSIONS Mrs. Milton S. Simon, Chainno·n Mrs. L{'e Heinriek 1Vh·;;. Stm·Jing Stevp,; Mrs. Frank M. Andrews Mrs. Arthur Trujillo l\lrs. Harold L. Andrew:,; Mrs. T. I. O'Gara Mrs. George Ray Baldwin Mrs. l\1argaret Sobieraj Mrs. William L. Bess Guy Crawford Mrs .•John \V. l:h·yant Mrs. W. P. Bomar Mrs. Howa nl Cappel :\irs. Philip Norris Mrs. Guy G. Crawford Mrs. ,John Ferguson Mrs. !\la'rce] Da ndois i\trs. F~dward Muse i.\Irs. ,Jerry Vi'. Davidson Mrs. Binkley Smith Mrs. Tom L. Dodson ~\Irs. Wm. Davis :\irs. G ..R. Gonion lVI rs. Frank Shelton Mrs. Phillip Greenwall lVlrs. Edmund Seheneeker )hs. Ralph R (~uenthet Mrs. Ben Fortson Mrs. I. H. Haas lV11·s. Edwin Ryan Mrs. Richard S. H.arris Mrs. Clay Berry 1\llrs. Robert B. HolmgTtm M t's. Sam Berry :\Irs. Robert L. fvy i\lrs. Lorin Boswell Mrs. M. B. Meyerson .Mrs. Beeman Fisher Mrs. N. B. Rub bins i\1r8. Raymond Entenmann Mrs. \-Villiam Rutherford I\lrs. :\'Iat·cus Ginsberg Mrs. Lar·kin B. Sc·ott 1\in;. Pauline Evans Mrs. Herman Sehaar Mr. Charle:o \<Vebster :\lrs. Miehael \Vinesanlwr ~1rs. Arch Howan . .Jr. :Vlrs. Phillip Laughlin Mrs.,). Lee .Johnson, III THOSE ·wno HA.VE ;11rs. Fnmei,; :\1cMahon PROVIDl<;D f•'LO\YERS Mrs. Phillip Bishop Califon1ia Flower 2\larket I\-lrs. ,John Mc·Kay LPila Mac's Flower Shop :VIis;:; Alan .flpdf(lrd :\Jrs. l\1. n. Widess JfJ·s. Harry Doyh•, .Jr. VOLUNTEERS ASSISTING WITH THANSLATTO!\' lVIrs. 8dward L. Ball, Jt. l\.1 r:-: . •J. W. CollieY Dr. John Hammoud !\lr,;.•J. lVL Edwards Dr. llarold Fr~eed Mrs. J)avid Applt•hy Mi"B JJita :VIae Hall !\Trs. i\1.elissa Staffa, l\lr~. Sam Bogart l?i(j de Jf.'ttl(.i-r<;, J}r·a:.::il Mrs. Dn,•id :\f. Graham •.Jr.

.:Yh·s. .'Vlrs. Mrs. Mn;. :\1rs .

Alex .F.·an

Elton W. DerdPn A. ;J. King J•~lrkn A. \\'prncL·, Jr. .James C. ~vld,;.inney i\I.i1>~ Ka\' Hartman :Vlrs. Fr,;nk v\'. Adamf' Mrs . .fohn J. V oll<.•t, .Jr. T. A. Mitdwll :\Irs. IT. G. Knight :'.Irs. Bill L. Ha-milt<m :J.1rs. Em·l P. Singleton Nlr'J. Phillip ~L C'onlell .Miss Gi!ka Cespedes lVIisB Leda Belle Durrett :VIr:>. L. C. Abbntt .:YJrs. GE•orge H. Studdard Nirs. Bob .J. Stout ;\Trs. Bvron K. Butt -:\Irs. G;corge 1\:.ernble -:\Irs ..John-Herrick Mrs. Gordon Kelly l\lri;, BJric- Hyden .l\II'H. I•' ..T. Keller Mrs .•Jaek N. Greenman Mrs. Gordon Harriman Mrs. ,John Paxton :J.:lri<. Charles Terrell Mrs. B<•aton Swenson Mrs. :reanne Axtell Walker Mrs. L. R. Elliott Mrs. Vaughn K Bonham l\hs. R. R. Patton :VIrs. C. C. Gunn Mrs ..James MeK imwy Mrs. David B. Owen ::Jb·s. Don Hansom M.rR. Ed C. HousP Mrs. William H a rg-ra V<e 2\'Irs. W. M. Charbonneau Mrs. A. E. Soniat l\Trs. W. D. Smith Mrs. Phillip Tillery ?\Irs. RoY Nussbaum .Mrs. l)a\·iu Trammell Mrs. Harrv HaJTis Mrs ..K M.' i\luse Mrs. Bettv Geeenwood Mrs. JOE' Daneiger Mrs. William DuBoe<e :\Irs. Adolph Kauffman Mrs ..John .Tu;;tin Nfrs. CeorgE> M(•ihau::< Mrs. 'vValt(T Bennett Mrs. W ;nT~en McKt><'\'l'r :vir. and Wln;. ;r ohn L. Lewis 2\l.r~. ,J. K Fitz-Patrick Jlr~ ..John MeMackin. 'Miss Cornelia CumminH Mic;s Snr-nnne Sdnnid i'v!iss Lynn Clay !\Ii~s Bn·nda Hrant.s !\1is:< Katherine Smith Mrs. ,John A11drews !.1 i<'s Clw.1.·!ott.e Willimns Illrs. Bayard Fri<•1hnan Mrs. Gary Ln.ughlin Mr. and 1\.fr::;. tvl. B. \\ides~ .M.r. and lVir,;, Guy 'l'hompsi.>n



Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meade Mr. and Mrs. John Ohendalski Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Albin Dirickson Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Linnaberry Mr. and Mrs. Reuben E. Fields Mr. and Mrs. Meade B. Crane Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Clay Berry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eng Dr. and Mrs. R. J. Rimmer Dr. and Mrs. N. Mages Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Portwood Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Philip Slover Mr. and Mrs. Truett Kimzey Mr. and Mrs. W. H. James, III Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jetton Mr. and Mrs. James Thurmond Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bratton Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Kemble Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Booth Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Hunter McLean Mr. and Mrs. Y. Q. McCammon Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Pugh Mr. and Mrs. Ted S. Webb, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Cowen Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Caudle Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ralph Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Miller Mr. and Mrs. Warren McKeever Mrs. August Spain Mrs. John E. Wilson Miss Lucy Harris Lillian Hughes Miss J o Anne James Laura B. Kauffman Mrs. H. V. Shank Mrs. Frank Ferguson, Jr. Mrs. Paul P. Schwartz Mrs. Charles Schotta Miss Mary Nell O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Goldman THE FORT WORTH PIANO TEACHERS FORUM Mrs. Ann Parker Atkins Stefan Bardas Mrs. Ray D. Barnes Mrs. Sam Beall

Miss Winifred Bedford Fred Bigelow Mrs. William J. Bohannon Harris Cavender Mrs. R. E. Collier Mrs. Charles Coulter Mrs. Loyd D. Counts B. Wayne Cox Mrs. John T. Everett, Jr. Mrs. M. M. Goddard Mrs. John G. Hiet W. Lee Henrichs Mrs. W. Robert Hewett Mrs. Ruth Devall Heywood Jack Harmon Mrs. Pearl Hobson Mrs. Ethel Humphrey Mrs. Q'Zella Oliver Jeffus Mrs. L. Paul J ovce Mrs. Edward M: Kirby Mrs. Grace Ward Lankford Miss Lazelle Light Mrs. Marian Douglas Martin Miss Kathleen McGehee Mrs. Denzil Merrill Mrs. Mary Dacus Morgan Miss Marguerite Moriarty Mrs. lone Neel Miss Katherine O'Dowd Mrs. Helen Turner Padgett Mrs. Fred Parker Mrs. Jack Plemons Mrs. Helen T. Pratt Mrs. J. C. Richmond Miss Maurine Rutherford Mrs. E. F. Rutschmann Mrs. C. J. Raven Mrs. Betty Lief Sims Mrs. J. M. Starnes Mrs. J. R. Stovall Mrs. T. J. Tinker Mrs. Al Thompson Mrs. Richard Wall Mrs. Wiley H. Willis Mrs. J. Campbell Wray Mrs. Marie Balch Wright THE INTERNATIONAL WOMENS CLUB OF FORT WORTH THE ALTRUS.A CLUB THE HARMONY CLUB THE EUTERPEAN CLUB

THE CECILIAN CLUB THE E. CLYDE WHITLOCK CLUB THE PHYLADES CHARITY CLUB THE MUSAGETTES THE FORT WORTH SPANISH SPEAKING CLUB THE FORT WORTH FRENCH S.PEAKING CLUB THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE Mrs. Ruth Sickafus, Executive See1·etary President's People-t~-People Program Committee Mr. Angelo Eagon, Music Advisor United States Information Agency Mr. Max Isenbergh Mr. Frank Siscoe Congressman Jim Wright PIANOS PROVIDED BY Burt Bruce Piano Co. Whittle Music Co. SPECIAL APPRECIATION IS EXPRESSED TO

Dr. Robert Hull for conducting the rehearsals of the Fort Worth Symphony orchestra. SPECIAL VOLUNTEERS Mrs. Audrey Campau Mr. Lee Cruise Mr. Delbert Gardner Mr. Jim Lehman Miss Lillian McDonald Mr. Amos Melton Mr. Louis Ramsey Mr. Floyd Rice Mr. L. C. White Dr. Michael Winesanker Miss Elizabeth Youngblood

THE CO.MPET'IT100J The na;nc.<: of the ind'icidunls and finn!': listed hen; npresrt1t in }mrt. those ~dw huve so f!eneroas!y nwde rinaru:ial f'ontrifntlions to the Com;u:tition. (;ifts hu·ue heen PATHOt\S


large and small and each one is uralrdullu ncknmcledqed. file• regrcf that lu:cuu,:;e the deadline w·ces;;ary for the prinl:in,q of this proymm :wn1e contribution.'~ 1cere reuirul too late to be irwluderl heu.·. H7e sincerely thank each of yon for· your IDOndcrful St.!.pport of tid.-; fin·d Van CWntFn Piano Competition. H ..B. Fuqua Hill and Hill H. J. Ju:stin and Sons, Inc. T il.1 ey Trn8tees !\Iorris(>ll Supply Co. Mutual Saving-s & Loan Assnciatlnn · A~s'n. J. H.. Sno\nlml Texas ElPdTie Servke c•. mpany Mr. and '\lr;o;. M. M. Go.ldman Me. and Mr>~. Lorin A. Hos1ovell :'If cf;own, Godfrey, Log-an Scott l•'oundation & l>eeker Mr. and Ylr>'. I<'. Howard Walsh Mrs. Amon G. Cad.t•r ;\Jr. and Mr·R. (), C. Arm::;t.rong- Acnw Briek Company H. E. (:ox Department Ston< ···· Mrs. I. H. Burney 'rPxa::> He.finery Corporation Mrs. W. P. Bnmar Soutlnvestei'n Hdl Telephonp Wm. A. & !i:dward Hudson (:r>mpany George W ..Annsb·tmg, ,Jr. Lone Star Ga,; Company Charlie H.illard Finanee Brown Memorial Trust Company Mr. and Mrs. ;Joe Clarke Loma Plasti('s }irs. Charles Tandy Charles H. Fleming );Jr.~. T. Patriek CarT N<~viiJe Penrose C. L. Huwan, Chr. & Ed. l•'nnd Arthur Young &. Co. :\1rs. Carl Beutel Ben B. Keith Co. I Detroit, :\'lie h.) Raymond Mayer, Elton Hyder, .Jr.. Joe Hogsett Chr. & EeL Fund W. A. L:mdret.h }Irs. Baird's Bakerv Fred Elliston 71'lr. and .:'vlrs. E. J. 'Hobinett Hal Hedhe1·g F'rank J{ent Cantey, Hanger, Searborong:h J\lrs . .Julian R lVJeekt•r & Gooeh Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kirkwood Fort. Worth Sand & Gravel Mrs. J. W. Mitchell j\[ereer Trueking Will Ed &. Watt Kemble Stafford-Lowdon Company Mrs. Glen Yarborough .Mrs. J{. E. Harding Go1•don Boswell Mrs . .~<.:arle North Parkt'!' Hie hard U. Simon J<,luyd Hatfield Oran Needham .A.. B. Connell (MiHer's l\lutual) Kntional Gu.ild Piano 'feaeher;.; }'ort. \V,jrth Piano Tt•udw:rs Forum Laura .Jane Mu~ser (Little .Fatls, Minn.) Amon Cartpr Foundation t;'ort Wo1·th Clearing llouse

(;, ~:. Engktnau W. H. PetN·son G. E. Rt:ylwlds :VLny FirHlley Mr. and Mrs ..James R. Reeord Bryan Hank~ :'11rs. Burton Carter :Ylr. and :\frs. T. A. )ldver Pauline Stripling F'reneh l\'ln;, :r. Paul Smith Mr;:; ..Jed Rix Mrs. A. !\L Patt: Mr. and Mr:". T. I<'. liodge Mrs. Yirgik Pitner Hutchison M.r. and .:.\Irs. K. IV ..Davis l\Tr. and J\lrs. A. Renm·iek C:lark :\irs. Ludl.le Brittingham Bonnelli and Co. Ted \Vcin«r (;eutury Life Jnsuranc.e Company l\J. ,T. Neeley Ault Musk Company R. B. Cannon l\Ir. and Mrs. W. L Stewart Raymond Huck Er;wst Alt(•n, ,lr, '1\It>aeham's Department Store ~larie B. Pdee ,\Iarian Douglas :Ylartin Dr. and Mn;. ,J. G. Bray l\'fr. and Mrs. Morton Gauiin Ware l\frs. D. },, 'l'vhn:gan \V. T. Hyan l\1rs. F. Hays iVIc Farland Mrs. Hov Snvder :vii·s. Gu'y H.' Pit.twr 1\:Tr. and 1frs. D. W. Shiner

l\lL and Mrs. P. 0. s.:,tile B'ort Wo1·th S:win.t;s and Loan Lueile 1:\lissh~l\lm l\h·. and .Mrs. Meade B. Crane :Vlrs. C. W. Horan H. S. Bislwp Hunter ·McLean Mrs. C. F. Spent·c·r Robert F . .J on\•s Fa\' H.uhhard ?11r'S. Roger C. Neel.v H. IV. Te,;eh & Co. :\Irs. Julian B. Thonws Dr. :\1av Owen l\fr. am'l !HrR. John Hou:>ton Pa.vne .J. Col!den Mrs. HarTv B. Friedman i\11-. and 1\{rs . .Jud S. Perry Web :Haddox · XI r, nnd Mrs. A uthm· Ginsburg Mrs. Frank Tav.lor Mrs. ClarenC<' f!urke :VII'. and Mrs. ,J. Lee Johnson, .Jr. Ml'. and JV!l·s ..J aek N. Gretmnmn Mr. and :V'lrs. Loui::; F. Martin Dr. and. Mrs. Robert 8. Moreton Mr. and .:\irs. Ed .P. Byars Mrs. Vl'm. Howard, .Jr. Mrs. 0. E. Mitchell :\1r. and JV!r:>. Y. Q. MeCammon :\Trs. Cli.fton R Carter :VIr. and Mrs. T. F. Rich, Jr . 1\Ir. and l\:lrs. H. IVL Bulbrook 1\Ir. and Mrs. C. !VL Carter ~vlr. and Mrs. \Vm. Howard, .Jr.

Those who co1drilndcd to the March :!7, 1!J8Z, Benet'£t Concert for the Vnu Cliburn Con1 pet.ition. ·


(~,,orgf'. N. Aldredg(', Dallas, Texa:\ l\lr~ ..'\ nnnneiata Be>tll l'vfrH. Luther A. Beene, Sh rei·<· port, La. Mrs. Carl Beutel, D••troit, l.licb. Miss J(aye Buck CoL aurl. !\Irs. D. H. Byrd, Dallas, Texas :.V1r8. S. H. Cant<•y, .Jr. Mrs. :\.mon <!. Carter, Sr. M r:<. Bul'ton c:arter ·vr r. and Ml's. C'. M. C'arter Mr. and :\frs ..J. H. Chowning ,'vir. and l'vfrs. Jo<' A. Clarke l\liAs Ilnz(:l Cohh, Dallas, Texao< '\Iio:'.i! P'Im·r;nee c:obden :VIr. ami Jlr". H. E. Cullit.:r Mr~. E. De(;,,Jvn. DaliaO<. Tex~ts Mrs ..H. C. Ef~u·d: ShrevPpox1, La.

i\1r. and 1\lrs. H<l'l'l'<u:d 1\l. Fender The Fort vVorth Clearing House Assodation :\1r. and Mrs. Hubert G. f<'oster \1r. and Mrs. ,}arne,; S. Garvt,y Mr. anrl :'IJ rs. \L .M. Goldman n. E. fhn·ding Mr. and .l\Irs. H...A. Hedberg Mr. Edward H. H.\Jdson Mr. vVilliam A. Hudson .Dr. and J1rs ..Frank Hught~S Dr. nnd Mrs. Rotwrt Huil Mr. and MTs. Elton Hyder, .Jr. ·\lr. and l\lrs ..f<'. f.\: irk .T ohnson \1 1·. and 1\frs..L Lee Johnson, .h. :'11 r. and M es. Fred .K.orth !VIr. and Mrs. ,\1urray I\ yger Mt·;:. Crra,~e \'~lard Lankford Mr. and lYirs. J. M. Leonard :VIr. and Mrs. 0, P. Leonard f\n.~\na Lhevine, New )' 1n·k, N.Y.

and ;v[rs. w·. \V. Lynch, Da!hs Tc·x·t~ JI1 ·. W ;,j~' :Vl <; ;1 Jirs. ~\'farian Doug:la~ Martin Mr. and !\In<. Raymond .Vlilyer ;Vll'. and Mrs. C. T. McLaughlin. Snyder, Texa$ · 1\'l.oHili.t;'s Depart.mE,nt Ston2 \frs. BleSH }lurgan l\Iis:< MarpHc:rite Moriarty Mrs. Jnhn D. Murchison, Dallas. Tc•xas Miss Laura .Jarw l\Iu;,;cwr, Little Palls, Minn. .'\11':;. A. !VI, Pate. Sr.

2\'Ir. and l\Irs. A. H. Howan M.r. and M n. C. L. Rowan Dr. and i\T rs. M.. ~;. Sadler ;\1r. and Mrs. Sen<·e Saxe .l\lrs. S. A.. SIH:lburne, Dnilas, Texas ~VIr. and :vir~. :Hilton S. Sirnon ·:vJrs. Fn1nk Tudor ;t;~;xa~ E:le,·~r:i;: 'serviee Company l rw I· aJr of 1 ex a~ :'>Ir~. J. f I. T higpell, Shrevc•porl, La. l\h·s. J)avid n. Tramrnell :lh·. and ~\l rs. Ted \'\' einm· i\Tl'. :\vwturt H. Whitr•. IlL

M.e. and i'vh·:;, Willimn \'. Plankcv J\lt·s. Laura H. Port11:ood :Hr. Leo Potishman

Whittle l\lusic Cnn1pan>'• lla lla,;, T te.\as


;l ;,x

Mr. Panl [\l. Haigor(,dsky, Dallas, Texa~


...::·\ -r·izf)Tli·-1

Nena Plant \Videman.

Shn:vepcq·t, La. I\!r. and i\Irs. Robert Windfolu· Tlw Fort Wol'th :'-iational Bank

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