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...Immigration Rule Change will Shrink the Talent Pool


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Dec '23/Jan '24

“Do Not Close the Hospitality Industry Off From the Rest of the World” Government Urged...

Changes to the immigration system announced on December 4 will ‘further shrink’ the talent pool for hospitality businesses and contribute to greater shortages, sector leaders have warned.




The new rules are set to come into effect in Spring next year and would see the earning threshold for a skilled worker visa rise by 50%, taking the threshold from £26,200 up to £38,700. The new rules mean that:

• Most migrants wanting to work in the UK will still have to apply for a visa through a points-based system (PBS). • Starting spring 2024, applicants will need to have a job offer with a revised higher salary in order to get a work visa. • The new minimum salary will be at least £38,700 - increased by nearly 50% from the current minimum £26,200. • Overseas care workers will no longer be able to bring in family dependants.



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Dec '23/Jan '24

Once again the government has created a problem further down the road for the hospitality sector.


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Peter Adams

In the past six years, hospitality has increased its annual economic contribution by £20 billion to £93 billion. Since 2016, employment in the sector has risen to 3.5 million, making hospitality the third largest employer in the country. Hospitality contributed £54 billion in tax receipts to the Treasury last year.

Yet as we know the sector is going through a horrendous recruitment and retention crisis which is hampering and harming many operators. The government had a real opportunity to help alleviate this and get the sector back to its full potential by adding the hospitality sector to the Shortage Occupation List (SoL). In October The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) failed to recommended any hospitality roles be added to the shortage occupation list, which would have made it easier for businesses to recruit from abroad, the independent body rejected calls for chefs and hotel, restaurant, bar, and catering managers to join the list, and now the government changes in spring next year have made it impossible for the sector to recruit from overseas. I do understand and fully support initiatives to recruit “homegrown” talent. I have often said that the hospitality sector threw me a lifeline in my younger days, when I found myself rather “directionless”. Working in hospitality careerwise was the best move I made. It offers fantastic opportunities for travel, career progression, meeting new people, is fun and vibrant, so, as I say, I would warmly applaud any initiative to encourage home-grown talent into the sector but we have a shortage and that shortage has to be filled even if it was only in the short-term. So I do hope the government reconsiders its position before spring next year. We would take the opportunity to wish all readers (online and off-line) and our advertisers, without whose support this publication would not be possible, all our very best wishes for the festive season and we truly do wish you a very successful and prosperous New Year! Once more I would ask you to please do follow us on Twitter, and encourage as many people you know in the trade to sign up to our digital issue. Further details can be seen at

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Dec '23/Jan '24

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“Do Not Close the Hospitality Industry Off From the Rest of the World” Government Urged (CONTINUED FROM FRONT COVER) RISE “QUITE STAGGERING” Staff shortages in the hospitality sector are well documented, with many operators struggling to get the staff they need and retain the staff they do employ. Furthermore, as the new immigration rules take effect next Spring, the recently announced national living wage increase is set to be rise from £10.42 to £11.44 from April next year, posing yet another potential headache for employers and business owners. Louise Haycock, a Partner at Fragomen, the global immigration law firm said. “ Given there has been very limited rises to the salary threshold to sponsor migrant workers since Brexit, it was inevitable that these figures would be closely examined, especially given the higher-thanexpected net migration figures published last month. “However, the level of the rise in salary threshold is quite staggering and raises concerns that the government’s attempts to lower net migration figures are taking precedence to an economic need. “Sectors that relied on the EU workforce to thrive have not yet had sufficient time to see the benefits of grassroots level training and have relied on sponsoring workers in typically lower-paying roles, while also paying the very high associated government fees.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The Government seem to be running out of answers to fix the UK’s long-running labour market shortages.” “These changes will further shrink the talent pool that the entire economy will be recruiting from, and only worsen the shortages hospitality businesses are facing.” “Around three-quarters of hospitality’s workforce is filled from within the UK but international talent has always been attracted to work in the UK, due to our pedigree for hospitality and developing careers. These critical workers also bring with them a wealth of experience and skills to help further enhance our world-leading hospitality sector.” “There were 8,500 hospitality visas issued last year, which helped bring in talented chefs and managers of the future. Around 95% of those would no longer be eligible under these plans, despite being offered competitive salaries.” “We urgently need to see an immigration system that is fit-for-purpose and reflects both the needs of business and the labour market. The system at the moment does none of that.”

HUGELY DAMAGING London’s Night Czar Amy Lamé warned of the hugely damaging impact that the Government’s new immigration plans will have on the capital’s night-time industries.

“The foreseen impact is that from Spring 2024, employers will also need to increase wages which may simply prove unaffordable, exacerbate existing shortages already and undermine the progress being made to curb inflation.

The Night Czar has warned that the Home Secretary’s plans will cause significant long-term damage to a hospitality industry already struggling to fill vacancies.


Ms Lamé said: “Our capital’s life at night is the best in the world, but

our hospitality industry has been facing significant pressure following the impact of the pandemic and ongoing cost-of-living crisis.” “Businesses are already experiencing staff shortages and challenges to fill vacancies since our departure from the EU, and these plans from Government will only make this worse and risk hugely damaging this vital industry. It will almost certainly lead to more businesses closing their doors for good.” “There is no doubt that more has to be done to provide British workers with the right skills, but we simply cannot close this industry off from the rest of the world. Our hospitality businesses need more skilled workers right now. I urge Ministers to urgently reconsider their plans and recognise the value and importance of our hospitality industry to help drive our economic recovery.”

GONE TOO FAR Charlotte Wills, a Partner at the global immigration and mobility law firm added. “The UK immigration system is quick and objective. The question is, with the new increases to salary thresholds and other measures, combined with yet more rises to soon to be introduced fees, has the government gone too far in prioritising politics over economics and risks undoing the good work so far done by the immigration system? “The 47.7% increase of the salary threshold for sponsored workers is truly staggering and raises concerns for those sectors who have relied on migrant workers post-Brexit to fill labour shortages whilst implementing training programmes to solve the problem on a longer-term basis.”

Closures Slow After Britain’s Licensed Premises Drop Below 100,000 Britain’s number of licensed premises has fallen by 3.6% over the last 12 months to 99,916 sites, according to the latest Hospitality Market Monitor from CGA by NIQ and AlixPartners.

The total at the end of September 2023 marks the first time it has dropped below 100,000 in the Monitor’s history. The 3,766 drop over the 12-month period is equivalent to more than ten net closures every day. However, the pace of venue failures has slowed as the year has gone on. The Hospitality Market Monitor recorded a fall in licensed premises over the third quarter of 2023 of only 0.3%—equivalent to just under three net closures a day. The report from CGA and AlixPartners flags a particularly robust quarter for the managed hospitality sec-

tor. In the three months to September 2023, this segment achieved 0.5% growth, in contrast to a 0.6% drop in the number of independently-run venues. Many of Britain’s biggest city centres also saw a net quarter-onquarter increase in sites, including London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Karl Chessell, CGA by NIQ’s director – hospitality operators and food, EMEA, said: “It is pleasing to see a slowdown in closures over the third quarter of 2023, though whether it is the beginning of a sustained positive trend or a lull remains to be seen. High inflation and interest rates are keeping a lid on consumer confidence, but the healthy growth in venues from multi-site managed groups is a positive sign of confidence from business leaders and investors. Despite the contraction in size in recent years, the long-term outlook for hospitality remains very good.”


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What Lies Ahead for the UK’s Hospitality Sector 4

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Dec '23/Jan '24

By Giles Fuchs, owner of Burgh Island Hotel ( UK, but to its economy too. The sector employs around 3.5 million people, represents 10% of UK employment, 6% of businesses and 5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It has also increased its annual economic contribution by £20 billion to £93 billion over the past six years, a recent UK Hospitality report revealed. Last year the sector contributed £54 billion in tax receipts to the Treasury, generated £20 billion worth of exports and £7 billion in business investment.

A STILL CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENT UK hospitality and tourism are still under serious pressure. High energy costs, regulation, the continuing impact of Brexit on supply chains and employee recruitment and retention are all issues that businesses have to address. They impact margins and the health and wellbeing of operators and their employees. In the wake of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, the resounding echo of relief is palpable among the 60% of hospitality operators who deemed business rates relief a top priority. The extension of the existing 75% rate relief for another year, constituting a £4.3 billion lifeline, is a welcome decision for an industry that has weathered unprecedented challenges in recent years. This financial reprieve, though significant, is but a stepping stone towards the holistic support needed to revitalise one of the backbones of our economy – the independent hotels, restaurants, and pubs that dot our communities.

Consumer costs remain a critical consideration The relief extension, saving the average pub £12,800 and a small business £20,000, as well as the alcohol duty freeze until next August, are timely and prevent immediate cost escalations for consumers. However the hospitality sector, already contending with shifting consumer trends due to budget constraints needs to navigate the delicate balance of maintaining affordability without compromising quality. In a joint study by hospitality trade bodies, 72% of respondents noted a decline in the number of drinks purchased, with 55% reporting no corresponding menu price hike despite their own increased costs.



Hospitality is integral to not only the cultural and social fabric of the

Probably most disappointing was the absence of any reform of the business rates multiplier. Currently at 51% and rising as a result of infla-

tion by 6.4% will see businesses representing almost two-thirds of the sector’s trade still facing a £150m rates hike. There have been some calls for the multiplier to be reduced to 30%, at least temporarily and if the sector continues to struggle it is something for the Chancellor to consider in next year’s Spring Budget. Also, any hopes for the return of a temporary cut in the VAT rate for the sector were dashed. The 20% rate is burdening struggling businesses with significant tax bills, while reducing it to say 10% temporarily, on say hot food, soft drinks events, accommodation, and visitor attractions, would help hospitality businesses with rising wages, food costs, energy bills and debts. Beyond this, the weight of property tax in the UK, at 4% of GDP, casts a shadow on the enthusiasm for potential investments across propertyrelated sectors, notably hospitality, so measures to help reduce this burden would contribute to putting the sector on a firmer footing.

BEYOND APRIL 2025 To navigate the future successfully, the sector must embrace practices that focus on long-term sustainability. This involves delivering on the needs of modern-day consumers, which is a feat achievable through the adoption of technology, environmentally friendly practices, and active engagement with guests and local communities. By doing so, the sector not only adapts to the evolving consumer landscape but positions itself for a profitable and sustainable future. Both the Government and those within the sector need to think creatively and invest strategically, whether it is through grants, innovation hubs or partnerships, to strengthen a sector that has long been the cornerstone of the economy and communities across the UK.

“Bad Experience” at a Hospitality Venue Diminishes Brand Loyalty among those in the 18-to-24-year-old age bracket. When asked what the main reasons for reducing loyalty were, the following five reasons came out on top: - If I had a few bad experiences (49%) - If they raise the prices (37%) - If I had one bad experience (24%) - If I don’t get value for money in the cost-of-living crisis (24%) - If they were involved in controversy (23%)

A new report has revealed that the key to driving loyalty among consumers is delivering consistently great experiences, with 49% saying a few bad experiences is the number one reason they become less loyal. Zonal’s latest GO Technology report in partnership with CGA by NIQ, also reveals that consistently great experiences are rated more than value for money or even discounts and deals. The survey of more than 5,000 UK adults shines a light on the importance of getting experiences right, not just the first time but time and time again. The latest figures also found that more than half (52%) of consumers say they now have higher expectations of the brands they are loyal to due to the cost-of-living crisis, and the figure rises to 64%

Whilst loyalty schemes are not the main factors determining whether customers keep returning to a venue, well over half (58%) of consumers said that these schemes represent good value for money and nearly half (47%) of consumers have joined a loyalty scheme to save money since the cost-of-living crisis. Commenting on the findings, Olivia FitzGerald, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Zonal, said: “Brand loyalty is vital to the success of any hospitality businesses – a loyal customer base typically means higher visit-frequency and spend, which drives profit. However, this research shows that, in order to retain customer loyalty, it’s not enough to offer cheap prices or deliver good experiences some of the time. Consistently great experiences are the key to success. “With over half of consumers saying that loyalty schemes represent

value for money, operators would benefit from thinking carefully about how to design loyalty schemes that highlight great experiences at great prices. Having a digital loyalty tool in place makes it easy for operators to control accruals, rewards and redemptions, even for completely bespoke schemes. All this feeds into providing those exceptional experiences that customers expect, encouraging them to return time and time again.” Karl Chessell, Director – Hospitality Operators and Food, EMEA, CGA by NIQ added: “In a competitive and cash-conscious market, brand loyalty is more important than ever. But it’s also precarious, and something that is hard to win but also easy to lose. Consumers are ready and willing to stay loyal to their favourite brands or venues, but they also know that if they don’t get what they want, then there are plenty of other options to choose from. This research makes clear that operators have no short-cuts to loyalty: it can’t be achieved overnight or bought. True loyalty is organic, and organic and is only achieved through relentless focus on the fundamentals of hospitality over weeks, months and years. Consistency of delivery is operators’ biggest challenge — but it’s their biggest opportunity too.”

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First Week of Christmas “Bonanza” as 35.9 Million Pints Sold Dec '23/Jan '24

CLH News


The festive season kicked off in style during the first week of December with a whopping 35.9m pints being sold across UK pubs in this first Christmas week, according to new research.

To add to this “flying start”, a recent survey has unveiled the promising prospect of a £7.4 billion Christmas party sales boost for the UK hospitality sector.

as younger adults, particularly Generation Z (18-24 year-olds), opt for a “self-proclaimed hangover day”, turning their backs on the ‘hustle culture’.

Compared to the same week in 2022 overall Draught Pint Sales are up by +2.3%. The shape of the week has also changed versus last year with Wednesday to Saturday now accounting for 69.3% of sales which equates to a +8.8% increase vs. 2022.

The survey conducted by tonics and mixer brand, Double Dutch, sheds light on the nation’s inclination to splurge on Christmas parties, with an estimated £7.4 billion expected to be spent this year – a significant threefold increase compared to the previous year.

The big winners were more traditional winter drinks (Stout & Ale) as the weather has turned colder. Stout has seen the biggest gains of +30.3% last week, with Ale up +10.3%.

Brits are embracing the spirit of the season according to the survey, planning to spend up to £200 on their festive outings. This increased spending provides a welcome boost to the hospitality industry, which has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years. With nearly half of Londoners (48%) poised to spend over £100 on each Christmas night out, the capital city stands out as a leading contributor to this spending surge.

Approximately 60% of young adults, totalling around 3.2 million individuals across the UK, are planning to take a day off to recover from their holiday celebrations. This generation’s enthusiastic spending habits, with an average of over £200 per night out, suggest that the hospitality industry could see substantial gains over the Christmas period.

Linda Senior, owner of Linda’s Inns and operating 3 venues across West Yorkshire commented:: “We have seen some great sales across ales and stout (Guinness is absolutely flying!) no doubt helped by the much colder temperatures we have had of late, but passing trade continues to be unpredictable, so larger Christmas bookings are incredibly important for us and are definitely up from last year. "We’re also seeing the return of local office bookings as well and friends and family groups, and we are already getting lots of bookings for New Year’s Eve from people who want to stay local to avoid any transport issues.”

Venues, pubs, bars, and restaurants are well-positioned to benefit from this festive windfall the survey adds, with over 44% of consumers prioritising visits to such establishments if their disposable income were to be cut further. This surpasses other spending categories like clothing (28%), home improvements (27%) and holidays (27%). The survey also highlights the changing dynamics of the holiday season,

Raissa and Joyce de Haas, the twin co-founders of Double Dutch, commented: “Our survey reveals that Brits are wholeheartedly embracing the festive spirit, offering a ray of hope for on-trade hospitality venues following challenging years. Based on these new insights, and to enable our staff to fully enjoy the celebrations, we’ve introduced a ‘party recovery day’ for our team to make the most of the day following our Christmas party.” Gemma Keegan, Brand Director at Swingers commented: “This year is set to deliver a record-breaking Christmas in the UK for Swingers, with the highest pre-booked sales we’ve had in December since opening. All key Christmas dates are fully booked and we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone into the venues for a celebration to remember. Group sales bookings up 6% vs 2022 and up 12% vs 2019”.

Foodservice Inflation Falls for Fifth Consecutive Month

Inflation as measured by the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index (FPI) decreased for the fifth consecutive month in October, dipping below 20% year-on-year at 16.7% – its lowest level since August 2022. There remains however a marked contrast between FPI and the measure of supermarket pricing (CPI) which is now rising at roughly half the rate (8.5%) year-on-year. October also marked the first month-onmonth fall in FPI since September 2021.

In October, FPI saw just one category (Oils & Fats) perform below 10% inflation at 4.0%, but this was in stark contrast to Vegetables where inflation remained extremely high at 30%. Overall, inflation within FPI has fallen 6.2% pts since its peak of 22.9% [YOY] in December 2022. The UN FAO Food Commodity Index (the overall measure of international food commodity prices) aver-

aged 120.6 points in October, down 0.7 points (0.5 percent) from September, continuing the downward trend and standing 14.8 points (10.9 percent) below its corresponding value a year ago. Brent Crude has eased after a September spike in price. Further inflationary pressure may be felt in the months ahead because the Sterling has been weaker since the summer against both the $ and the €, whilst UK wage inflation remains around 8%, acting as a brake on the rate of inflation reduction. Shaun Allen, Prestige Purchasing CEO, said: “The Foodservice Price Index has risen by 40% over the past 24 months, and with inflation still at 16.7% the compound effects of these continued high numbers need to be carefully monitored and managed. As of today, the journey down to normal levels of inflation (about 1% to 3%) is only about one-third complete.”

Unlocking the Wisdom: Attracting and Retaining Over 50s in the Hospitality Sector 6

CLH News

Dec '23/Jan '24

By Antony Woodcock, Managing Director at Staff Hive ( The hospitality sector is in the midst of a seismic workforce shift. A recent report by recruitment platform, has revealed a fascinating trend - over 165,000 individuals aged over 50 are now employed in the sector. This constitutes an impressive one-third of the total workforce and it is testament to the untapped wellspring of experience and work ethic that the over 50s bring to the table. So how can we build on this momentum and further leverage the wealth of skills that our seasoned professionals offer? The report also reveals an impressive statistic - 84% of hospitality businesses have already implemented agediverse policies and benefits, recognising the value that the over 50s bring to our establishments. Yet, there's more ground to cover, more potential to unlock. Let's delve into strategies that can propel us beyond the current threshold, capitalising on the unique attributes that the over 50s contribute. One key avenue to entice more over 50s into the hospitality fold lies in the embrace of flexible work arrangements. Many in this demographic seek opportunities beyond the traditional 40-hour workweek. By offering part-time positions, job-sharing options, or adaptable scheduling policies, we not only provide them with a route back into the sector but also provide an opportunity for those seeking a few extra hours per week amid the strains of the current cost of living crisis.

Acknowledging the financial considerations of the over 50s, we must tailor our offerings to address their needs. Competitive wages, benefits that go beyond the standard, and avenues for supplemental income through part-time roles or special projects can sweeten the deal. Many over 50s view reentering the workforce as a strategic move towards semi-retirement. By understanding and embracing this, the sector can align their offering by building in attractive pension plans. Tailor-made professional development programmes are also of significant benefit. These initiatives should acknowledge their experience and provide pathways for continuous growth, in order to dispel any concerns about stagnation and limited opportunities.The over 50s often bring a holistic perspective, valuing not just professional success but personal well-being. Introducing health and wellness programmes tailored to their age specific needs can enhance job satisfaction and promote a workplace culture that places a premium on the overall health of our workforce. Though meaningful support can also be provided through everyday best practices. Workplace recognition is a key to a positive work environment, acknowledging their contributions through awards and in public creates a positive space, where every individual feels valued. An important consideration when employing over 50s is to recognise that they often seek a balance between work and personal life. Promoting a healthy work-life balance will not only help attract them but it will also ensure a workplace where individuals of all ages can thrive. Finally, there needs to be recruitment campaigns specifically designed to attract over 50s. This could include highlighting success stories within this demographic or focusing on the flexibility this type of work affords. I welcome the news that over 50s are playing such a significant and essential role in the hospitality sector. The time is ripe for the sector to build on this further and become a beacon of inclusivity, recognising that every individual, regardless of age, has much to contribute and gain within our diverse and dynamic family.

Tough Trading Conditions and Rising Costs See Brewery Numbers Slip Back Tough trading conditions and rising costs means that overall brewery numbers in the UK have slipped back slightly in the third quarter of 2023, according to the Society of Independent Brewer’s (SIBA) latest tracking figures. Covering the period from the start of July 2023 to the end of September 2023, the SIBA UK Brewery Tracker shows the net brewery number across the UK dropped by -9 in Q3, compared to a +2 rise in Q2 and -4 in Q1. This comes as the recent Autumn Statement increased business pressures such as raising the National Living Wage, but only froze support through Business Rates Relief and Beer Duty piling more pressure on independent breweries. “Brewery numbers have been more stable than many would have predicted, with no large percentage decreases but it is still concerning to see numbers slip back slightly, and whilst it was positive to see beer duty frozen in the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor could have gone further and boosted the Draught Relief to 20% or more which guarantees that beer sold in pubs has a lower rate of duty." said Andy Slee, SIBA Chief Executive. “When breweries are facing rampant costs from the increased National Living Wage, energy costs and inflationary pressures, there was nothing extra in the Autumn Statement to cover this.” “Breweries closing is of course bad news for consumer choice, but even more than that it means many communities across the UK have lost a valued local business which provides jobs, contributes to the local economy, and provides a real community asset.”

YouGov polling released earlier this year as part of the SIBA Craft Beer Report 2023 found eight out of ten consumers believe a well-run independent brewery has a positive effect on its local community. “The majority of beer produced by independent breweries is sold within a 40-mile radius, contributing to the local economy and supporting jobs in the area – the issue we have is not a lack of consumer demand but a lack of opportunity to get independent beers on to bars that are dominated by global brewers. Independent breweries need better access to market and increased Government support to avoid more brewery closures.” Andy added. The new SIBA UK Brewery Tracker figures show a mixed picture across the UK, with some areas fairing worse than others when it comes to net closures and others bucking the trend by remaining level or seeing modest growth. Both Northern Ireland and the West of England each experienced a +3 rise in their overall brewery number, with the East of England seeing the next highest +2 net rise. Scotland remained stable, with no net change in brewery number. The North East and North West each saw a small -1 drop in their brewery number, with the Midlands and South East each seeing a slightly larger drop of -2. Wales had a larger net closer rate of -5, but it was the South West which fared the worst of any region with a -6 loss across the third quarter of 2023. The SIBA UK Brewery Tracker is compiled by full-time professional staff employed by the Society of Independent Brewers and is cross-referenced by SIBA Regional Directors in each of the eight SIBA Regions across the UK. The organisation considers a number of factors and data-sources alongside its own data analysis and extensive research.

Auction Luxury: Own a Piece of The Grand Brighton's Iconic Furniture Renowned for its elegance and history, The Grand Brighton hotel is preparing for a lavish refurbishment starting in January 2024. But before the transformation begins, the hotel is offering a unique opportunity to acquire its luxury furniture through a collaboration with Pro Auction, esteemed hospitality auctioneers. With a rich heritage spanning 156 years, the iconic Brighton city based hotel boasts 201 breathtaking rooms spread across seven floors, complemented by a majestic original staircase. Celebrities, influential politicians, and even film and sitcom productions, such as the iconic episode of Only Fools and Horses in 1992, have graced its halls. As part of the hotel's refurbishment, the 201 guest bedrooms will be upgraded, following previous renovations in 2013 and 2019. Prior to the commencement of the new design, you have the chance to capture the essence of luxury by acquiring pieces of the hotel's furniture at a fraction of the cost. "We are thrilled to offer our customers the chance to own a part of The Grand Brighton's opulence,"

expressed Simon Rose, Managing Director of Pro Auction. "This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire furniture from one of the city's most iconic hotels." The first phase of the auction is scheduled for December 19th, 2023, featuring an array of furniture from the hotel's guest bedrooms, including beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, desks, chairs, and more. Subsequent sales will occur every five weeks starting from March 2024. Don't let this extraordinary chance slip away. Mark your calendars and participate in the live and online auction on December 19th to secure your slice of luxury from The Grand Brighton. To preview the available lots, please schedule an appointment directly with the auctioneers. The live auction sale takes place at the hotel commencing at 10..00am promptly, online bidding is enabled and interested parties can register at Pro Auction Limited | The Grand Brighton Sussex Hotel Furniture Fittings and Equipment (FF&E)- Guest Bedrooms (

Top 30 UK Restaurant Group Debt Burden Tops £3bn For The First Time Dec '23/Jan '24

The debt burden of the UK’s Top 30 restaurant groups has broken through £3bn for the first time, shows new research by UHY Hacker Young, the national accountancy group. Despite the sector’s efforts to cut debt levels, debts increased slightly over in the last year from £2.96bn in 2021 to 3.03bn in 2022 (see graph).

Restaurant companies had built up substantial debts during the last decade as the sector expanded rapidly. With profits in the sector often dependent on scaling chains quickly, many restaurant groups became over-leveraged. Many restaurant companies also added to the borrowing during Covid through BBLs and CBILs loans. The sharp rise in interest rates over the last two years has substantially added to the strain of servicing that debt. The rising cost of living is also pushing adding pressure on restaurant operators. Spending on restaurants

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decreased 10.3% in October 2023, for the ninth consecutive month*. Peter Kubik, Partner at UHY Hacker Young says:

“The restaurant sector’s debt levels ought to be coming down. It’s worrying that it’s not already, given the cost of borrowing at present.” “A lot of restaurant groups had worked extremely hard to restructure their debts and shed costs over recent years. These figures suggest that the problem hasn’t been fixed yet.” “High interest rates and lack of consumer spending are leaving some restaurant chains in a precarious position. If the cost-of-living crisis persists much longer, more restaurants will start to struggle with a lack of cash flow. That’s going to lead to more of them going under.” Insolvencies of restaurant businesses in the UK rose 44% in the past year, increasing from 1,611 in the year to the end of September 2022 to 2,109 in the following 12 months**.

‘Tis The Season To Be Kind, Say Hospitality and Retail Bosses As the festive period begins, the British Retail Consortium and UKHospitality have come together to urge the public to be kind and considerate to people who work in retail and hospitality, as well as fellow customers when doing their shopping, dining out or going for a festive tipple this Christmas. The plea comes as violence and abuse against those in customer service continues to climb, with a recent Usdaw survey showing that in the last 12 months, 65% of retail staff experienced verbal abuse, and 42% have been threatened by a customer. Christmas is always an incredibly complex and challenging time of year for the retail and hospitality industry. Everyone is working extra hard to keep shelves stocked, products delivered, and meals and drinks served, and stores, delivery services, restaurants, pubs and bars will naturally be a little busier. Nonetheless, it is essential that we all play our part in creating a friendly and enjoyable environment for other customers and staff this Christmas, and we ask for patience, kindness and consideration during this

busy time. Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive, UKHospitality: “Christmas is a time for friends and family to come together, so naturally venues will be busier as we all look to go for a drink or have a meal out. Our staff work incredibly hard over the busy festive period to make sure everyone can enjoy the brilliant hospitality experiences the UK is known for and they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. We’d urge customers to do just that and not let any frustrations boil over into mistreatment of staff. Any poor treatment of staff should not be tolerated.” Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive, British Retail Consortium: “As the clock counts down to Christmas Day, retail stores and websites will become increasingly busy. People in retail are working hard to look after customers, helping them find what they need, keeping shelves stocked and delivering goods. While tensions can run high, any mistreatment of our colleagues will not be tolerated. Confrontations, be it verbal abuse or physical assault, can take a huge toll on victims, their families and their colleagues. ‘Tis the season to shop kind.”

Britain’s Licensed Premises Drop Below 100,000 For The First Time In 20 Years Dec '23/Jan '24

More than 44,000 net outlets have been lost since 2003, equivalent to just over six closures every day for the last two decades

New figures from leading hospitality trade body UKHospitality in partnership with CGA by NIQ, reveal that Britain’s number of licensed premises has fallen by nearly a third (31%) in the last two decades. The figures highlight the seismic changes in hospitality and the sustained periods of pressure the industry has been under, more recently exacerbated by soaring inflation, rising energy bills and workforce challenges. UKHospitality is calling for urgent Government support in the Autumn Statement, in the form of extending business rates relief and freezing the current multiplier. The insights show that at the end of September 2023, the total number of licensed premises in Britain stood at 99,916 —a drop of 30.6% from the figure of 144,055 recorded by CGA in 2003, and the first time it has entered five figures. The largest losses have been drink-led pubs, bars and nightclubs, which have seen a net decline of 43.6% over the period. The last 20 years have also seen an uplift in managed sites, which have performed better than their independent counterparts, up 14.6% versus a decline of 32.9%. The period has also experienced an increase in eating venues, up 14.8%, mainly in the form of the casual dining restaurants and food-led pubs, which reflects the consumer shift in this time from drinking out to eating out. The positive news is that the wider hospitality sector continues to grow its workforce[1], suggesting that some of the losses of venues are offset by larger sites and particularly more food-focused businesses.

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However, this shows a very changed landscape in the space of just two decades.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, said: “Given the shocking number of hospitality business closures exposed by these new figures, the last thing the sector needs is the potential £1 billion bill as a result of the business rates hike due in April. Our industry has proved time and time again that, with the right conditions, it can drive national economic growth, invest in local communities and create jobs at all levels. “The Autumn Statement is an opportunity to extend the current business rates relief and freeze the current multiplier. In doing so, it can not only save more local and national businesses from closure but enable investment and growth. We also continue to ask the Chancellor to consider more medium- to long-term measures to support the industry, such as reviewing the rate of VAT for hospitality and reforming the apprenticeship levy to give businesses more control and flexibility over funding.” Karl Chessell, CGA by NIQ’s business unit director – hospitality operators and food, EMEA, said: “These figures show the steady contraction of Britain’s licensed premises over a 20-year period and that has accelerated in recent years with the triple whammy of Brexit, COVID and spiralling costs. But while the closures have negatively impacted communities and livelihoods, some trends have been positive, like the dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of restaurants and the success stories of multi-site operators. Demand for eating and drinking out is still strong and hospitality has a key role in connecting all our communities. The right government support is needed to ensure businesses can survive and help drive our economic recovery.”

Royal Crown Reopens After A “Refurbishment Fit For A King” Britain’s oldest brewer Shepherd Neame has reopened historic Rochester pub, The Crown, after a stunning £1.2 million transformation – and reinstated its former name The Royal Crown. The Grade II Listed building, situated near Rochester Bridge on the High Street, a short walk from Rochester Castle, dates back to the 1860s, but there has been an inn on the site since the 1300s. It was previously known as The Royal Crown Hotel, and in honour of King Charles’s Coronation earlier this year – and in a nod to King Henry VIII’s historic visit to the town in 1539 to meet his fourth bride, Anne of Cleves – the pub’s relaunch has been marked with a return to the regal moniker. During the past three months, the pub has undergone an extensive

internal and external renovation, with care taken to retain and enhance its historic features while introducing a contemporary look and feel. The team at the pub, which reopened to customers on Saturday, November 25, will continue to be led by General Manager Tom Crackett. Managing Director, Pubs, Jonathon Swaine, said: “We are delighted to unveil The Royal Crown’s new look and offer. Our team have worked incredibly hard during the past months to revitalise this historic building while also preserving its unique character and features. “The pub boasts an amazing riverside location in the heart of Rochester, and we are sure that following this stunning transformation it will continue to go from strength to strength.”

Consumer Spending Bounced Back in November but Brits Eating Out Less Dec '23/Jan '24

Spending on essential items saw a smaller increase (3.3 per cent) than in October (3.9 per cent), as falling petrol and diesel prices impacted fuel spend (-10.9 per cent). Growth at supermarkets was also lower monthon-month (5.0 per cent vs 5.2 per cent) following the easing of food price inflation and the majority of shoppers (67 per cent) seeking ways to reduce their grocery food bills. Encouragingly, while the proportions of Brits concerned about inflation and food prices remain high (each at 86 per cent), both fell to their lowest levels since December 2021. Similar improvements were also recorded on attitudes towards fuel prices, household bills and interest rates. Restaurants fell further into decline in November (-11.9 per cent compared to -10.3 per cent in October), as over a third (36 per cent) reported that the cold weather and dark evenings have had an impact on their spending patterns. Nearly half (46 per cent) of these Brits are eating out less frequently in favour of cooking meals, while 29 per cent are socialising with friends and family at home instead of going out. This perhaps explains why “insperiences” (at-home experiences) fared well in November, with spending on takeaways and fast food (6.1 per cent), as well as digital content and subscriptions (5.8 per cent) seeing greater uplifts than in October (5.6 per cent and 4.9 per cent respectively). The travel sector again performed strongly in November, having recorded double-digit growth for 11 of the last 12 months, with sizeable uplifts at both travel agents (9.2 per cent) and airlines (14.0 per cent). This long run of growth has its roots in the pandemic, with a fifth (19 per cent) of consumers planning more holidays in 2024, citing that they’re still catching up on trips missed during lockdowns – a trend otherwise known as ‘revenge spending’

Shoppers expect to fork out an average of £105.43 more on Christmas this year than in 2022. Festive food and drink is expected to be the largest contributor to this increase, rising by an average of £25.87, followed by

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gifts (+£18.62) and activities (+£11.86).

The extra expenditure is likely due to rising costs and ‘shrinkflation’, with three in five (60 per cent) noticing that some festive items are getting smaller despite costing the same. One in three (36 per cent) has spotted shrinkflation on boxes of chocolates, followed by tins of biscuits (28 per cent), cheese (15 per cent), mince pies (14 per cent) and Christmas cake (13 per cent). Esme Harwood, Director at Barclays, said: “Shoppers got into the festive spirit early this year, flocking to the high street to take advantage of month-long Black Friday sales, and unlocking long-awaited retail growth. Consumers were also keen to socialise, but prioritised more economical – and warmer – ways to catch-up with friends and family, choosing cosy nights in with takeaways or enjoying drinks at the pub instead of dining out at restaurants. “November also marked a turning point for consumer sentiment – confidence in personal finances improved, with Brits starting to feel less concerned about some of 2023’s defining issues, such as inflation, interest rates, and food prices – so there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic as we look ahead to Christmas and the New Year.” Jack Meaning, Chief UK Economist at Barclays, said:“This data suggests consumers are continuing to spend more but get less for their money, as spending growth remains below inflation. However, the gap is narrowing as the rate of price increases slows, and we expect it to narrow further in the coming months. “It’s reassuring to see that some of the previous weakness in spending was due to unseasonal weather, as shoppers go out and finally buy that new winter coat and get in the Christmas spirit. But the key question for the UK is what happens after the holiday period – it will take more than a festive bounce to keep consumers spending in 2024.”

Scotland’s Pubs & Bars Closing At Twice The Rate Of That In England The Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) and the Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) have joined forces, calling on the Scottish Government to pass on funding for their sector following the UK Chancellor’s Autumn Statement which will see English businesses receive a 75% reduction in rates bills in the financial year 2024-25. Pubs elsewhere in the UK benefited from the reduction last year. However, the Scottish Government chose not to pass on the reduction – despite Barnett consequentials being given to the Holyrood administration. That has resulted in permanent closures in the sector accelerating at double the rate in Scotland (1.7%) than in England (0.75%).

In a joint-statement, the SBPA and SLTA said: “The failure to pass on rates relief last year was a devastating blow for Scotland’s pubs and bars and has resulted in a record number of permanent closures. Already in 2023, with a quarter still to go, permanent closures are more than one-third higher than the whole of last year and double the closure rates across the remainder of the UK. “Many businesses are still saddled with debt incurred during the pandemic and have been unable to recover with the increased financial pressures in the aftermath, including sky-high energy prices, inflationary pressures and impacts to supply chains.

“The next financial year will also see increased costs in the form of wages, with increases to minimum wages, which will need to be paid for directly by businesses. The rates relief in England will help businesses there with this increased cost, but unless the Scottish Government passes on the support, pubs and bars north of the border will be left to entirely fend for themselves and the rate of closures will only increase. “The Scottish Government must ensure that the rates relief is passed on in full or it will cement further closures in the sector, directly resulting in job losses and blows for communities across the country.”

Eat Out to Help Out Was “Not a Gamble” Former PM Says Dec '23/Jan '24

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there was no “conclusive” evidence that the government’s Eat Out to Help Out (EOTHO) initiative to encourage the public back into restaurants and bars following the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020 helped spread the virus again, as he fiercely defended his leadership during the Covid pandemic.


ent,” Johnson said. “I don’t understand how something so well publicised as that could have been smuggled past the scientific advice, I don’t see how that could have happened.” When Keith pointed out that even in his witness statement to the inquiry, Mr Johnson said he assumed the scheme had been discussed with scientific advisors the former prime minister replied: “I said that in my statement because I frankly assumed that it must have been discussed with them. And I’m perplexed as to how something as significant as that could have got through.”

The scheme subsidized dining out, providing 50% off the cost of food and/or non-alcoholic drinks, and was spearheaded by Rishi Sunak, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, however, Mr Johnson told the UK’s Covid-19 inquiry this week that he hadn’t been warned that it risked accelerating the spread of the virus and hadn’t considered it a “gamble.”

Sir Chris has told the inquiry that he and Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s former chief scientific adviser, were never told about the plan.

More than 49,000 businesses claimed £849m through the scheme, with over 160 million meals discounted. EOTHO has been heavily examined by the inquiry, with questions about whether scientists were consulted about the plan and whether it contributed to the spread of infection. Leading Government scientists, as well as former health secretary Matt Hancock, have stated they were not told in advance about the scheme. Mr Johnson told Lady Hallett’s inquiry: “I don’t think that I thought that scheme in itself was a particular gamble at the time, and it certainly wasn’t presented to me as such”, adding that he cannot see anything that “conclusively shows” the scheme had an impact on the reproductive rate of the virus. “At the time that the Eat Out to Help Out policy was being aired with me for the first time, it was not presented to me as an acceleration, simply something to make sense of the freedoms that we were already giving. “I must emphasise, it was not at the time presented to me as something that would add to the budget of risk,” he said. Questioned by Hugo Keith KC, the inquiry counsel, the former Prime Minister said he thought that Whitty and Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, “must” have know about the scheme. “I’m fairly confident that it was discussed several times in meetings in which I believe they must have been pres-

The former deputy chief medical officer Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam also said he first heard about Eat Out to Help Out on television, while chief scientific officer Dame Angela McLean has claimed she was also not consulted. In evidence submitted to the inquiry, Mr Sunak said he “(did) not recall any concerns about the scheme”. Mr Johnson said he “thought that Chris and Patrick must have known” and repeatedly said he did not understand how the plan could have been “smuggled past” the scientists. The former prime minister on Wednesday admitted he should have “twigged much sooner” about the threat posed by Covid-19 in the early days of the pandemic, but he also sought to defend his administration from claims of toxicity and dysfunction. In a full day of evidence that focused on the early stages of the pandemic and the decision to introduce the first lockdown, Mr Johnson also defended the under-fire former health secretary Matt Hancock. His final day of evidence is expected to focus on the later stages of the pandemic and the decision to apply a second lockdown.

Prepare a Warm Welcome this Winter

In the bleak midwinter, it’s not easy keeping a cheery face when toes are froze. Ensuring our venues remain open, and events go ahead as planned, is a full time job. Hotels, restaurants and event venues are often located in older, larger buildings which require a lot of maintenance and are rarely heat efficient. But, having adequate heating and a solid back up plan should the boiler fail, is paramount to ensuring a comfortable environment for staff and guests alike.

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include Space Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Halogen Heaters and Industrial Heaters.


Perfect for cold spots, gas, paraffin or diesel powered radiant heaters work by radiating infrared light. A safer option in locations where children or vulnerable adults could harm themselves.

HALOGEN HEATERS Halogen heaters are favoured in an external setting and are typically used as patio heaters. Halogen heaters are also infrared and so only heat solid objects like you so there is no loss of heat when used as heat source outside.

Space heaters heat large spaces. They work by heating the air and are ideal for heating a marquee or large hall. Great as a fallback option should the boiler fail, they are either paraffin/diesel powered or gas fired and can vary in output. For convenience, we also supply trolley mounted models so you can easily transport the heat where it is needed.



For instance, in larger buildings where airflow is limited, additional heating may be required to ensure a comfortable ambient temperature throughout.

For instance, a large dining hall 13m sq. with a 3m high ceiling would require a heat output of 34kW. The Clarke Devil 1600DV produces 36.6kW so is ample for heating a cold dining hall when the central is on the blink. To calculate what size kW heater you require, visit our simple calculator at and simply add in the dimensions of your room.

Clarke have a whole range of heaters which cater for all scenarios. These


Our range of electric fan heaters is perfect for external buildings, heating up quickly and efficiently. A low heat setting can take the chill off an exposed conservatory for a comfortable dining experience. Flash floods have become the norm recently, following snow and heavy rain, meaning cellars are at the risk of becoming flooded. Machine Mart’s range of Clarke Water Pumps painlessly remove floodwater from cellars and basements at subterranean levels even when working flat out. Visit to see our full range of heaters and pumps available this winter.


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Dec '23/Jan '24

Reaching Tipping Point - What Are The New Laws on Tipping and Service Charges in the UK? By Tom Moyes, a Partner in the Employment team at Blacks Solicitors ( Unless prevented from doing so for tax purposes, businesses will soon have to pay workers 100% of tips under new legislation. Withholding tips from employees will now officially become unlawful following the provision of Royal Assent to the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill (the Act), which aims to protect more than 2 million workers and their tips across the UK. As employee’s tipping records are no longer concealed, it is estimated that around £200 million a year will go back into the pocket of hard-working staff by retaining tips that would have otherwise been deducted1. But what are the new laws on tipping and service charges and what does this mean for employers and employees? Tom Moyes, a Partner in the Employment team at Blacks Solicitors who works with a number of hospitality businesses including a national restaurant chain and 5* star hotel, discusses what this new law means for hospitality workers and how this will affect the industry.

WHAT IS THE ACT? The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023 gained Royal Assent in May, protecting hospitality workers by making it unlawful for employers to withhold tips. The entirety of the Act will come into force in 2024. Workers within the hospitality sector are often paid minimum wage, relying upon tips or service charges to make up their income. Whilst cash tips are frequently paid directly to the worker, any tips paid by card are instead paid directly to the employer or business prior to distribution to workers, where certain deductions such as card processing fees can be deducted meaning that workers may often be left short changed.

CHANGES TO THE LAW: The Act was introduced to overhaul the previous tipping practice in the UK and requires that: • Allstaff tips must be passed on by employers without any deductions (unless the employer cannot do so for tax purposes); • Employers must have a written Statutory Code of Practice (SCOP) which will set out how tips should be distributed in order to demonstrate fairness and transparency; • Records detailing the distribution of tips must be kept by employers for three years from the date the tip was received; • Workers have the right to request a record of their tips for any particular period and the employer must respond to this request within four weeks; If a tronc system is in place, any owed tips must be paid to workers no later than the end of the month the tip was received; This Act will apply to all agency workers in the same way; and The SCOP will need to be followed by all employers.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR STAFF AND HOSPITALITY BUSINESSES? Following the Act being introduced, any breach of this will entitle a worker to make a claim at the Employment Tribunal for reallocation of the tip and/or compensation. Ultimately, the Act requires that the total amount of tips received are fairly distributed to the workers, therefore, the employer will be responsible for the financial burden of paying card processing fees and administrative charges that are associated with non-cash tips. With the introduction of the entire Act imminent, businesses and employers within the hospitality sector must start considering what they need to do to ensure that they are compliant with all aspects of the Act before it comes into force in 2024. Much emphasis will be placed on the SCOP, which will provide employers with valuable information.

PubAid Community Hero Awards 2024 Now Open The Community Pub Hero Awards is back for 2024 with a glittering new look and feel, more categories than ever before and an award ceremony at the Houses of Parliament. PubAid, which organises the awards in association with Matthew Clark and the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group, has reinvigorated the awards to build on the success of previous years. It has created more categories to congratulate more community pubs throughout the UK. The awards celebrate pubs and their regulars who go the extra mile to support their local charities and communities in a variety of ways. Co-founder of PubAid, Des O’Flanagan said: “The Community Pub Hero Awards are now in their fifth year and this year will be the biggest yet. So many pubs do great work in their local communities and PubAid is here to celebrate the good they do across the industry and raise awareness of all the positives pubs bring to a community. “In the current cost of living crisis when communities can feel more disparate, pubs play an essential role in bringing people together and creating communities. They do such fantastic work raising money for charities big and small and supporting grassroots sport that we want to say thanks to them from the industry with the Community Pub Hero Awards.” The categories include; Community Support Hero which celebrates a pub that truly supports its local area; Community Fundraising Hero which is for the pub that raises money for charity; Community Regular Hero for an individual who goes above and beyond.

The new categories announced for the 2024 awards are; Community Sport Hero which will recognise a pub that truly supports grassroots sport in its area or brings the community together via sporting events; and Community Sustainability Hero which will recognise the efforts of a pub going above and beyond in terms of helping to protect the environment locally. Also new for 2024 are regional winners for three categories. Pubs in England, Scotland and Wales will be announced as the Community Support Hero, Community Fundraising Hero and Community Sport Hero. With a final overall winner for each category announced at the final award ceremony at the Houses of Parliament on 5 March 2024. Entries are now open and pubs can enter themselves, pub companies are encouraged to nominate their licensees and the awards team would love to hear from MPs putting forward any worthy pubs in their constituencies, via a form on the PubAid website. Alun Cairns MP, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group, said: “Every year a large number of MPs nominate pubs and their landlords within their constituencies for the great work they do. Whether this is fundraising for charity or helping to support people locally by bringing them together for events, sporting activities or occasions and also creating sustainable initiatives. We’re looking forward to receiving the entries and hearing about what’s going on within our fantastic pubs.” ENTER THE AWARDS HERE

Forged Irish Stout Hits the Drinks Market Running New stout brand 'Forged Irish Stout' is making huge waves across the drinks industry, achieving remarkable success with over 500 installs in the UK since going live with LWC at the start of October, and is experiencing a huge surge in popularity. The brand has not only gained significant popularity across ASDA stores and Beerhunter, having sold over a million cans through retail so far, but has also rapidly expanded its presence in pubs across the United Kingdom and seems to be captivating all who encounter the product. Having recently secured a partnership with LWC, the award-winning and largest independent distribution company in the UK, as well as launching in the off trade, entering the shelves of Asda earlier this year, Forged Irish Stout has achieved unprecedented sales figures across the board. Its popularity has led to store shelves at Asda being cleared, with customers eagerly demanding more. Furthermore, the stout is now available on draught in over 500 pubs, pouring in over 20 cities. To celebrate this remarkable journey, which has taken place in little over a month, launch parties have been held all over the UK, including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, and numerous other locations, where enthusiasts can't seem to get enough of Forged Irish Stout.

Doug Leddin, Chief Marketing Officer, expressed his excitement about Forged's success, stating, "Forged is performing beyond our wildest expectations, and we have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. The brand has grown phenomenally in such a short amount of time, which is down to the sheer quality that you don’t find with other brands in the market." Forged Irish Stout’s unrivalled quality and 100% Irish ingredients has set a new standard for smooth, creamy, and fresh stouts that have left enthusiasts craving more. The stout's exceptional flavour profile is the result of a meticulously crafted blend of malts, including pale malt, crystal malt, Munich malt, black malt, roasted barley, and wheat. This unique combination creates a stout with unparalleled depth and complexity, setting Forged apart from other stouts in the market. They’re not here to take part, they’re here to take over, and the way Forged is moving, their quest for takeover certainly won’t take long. Contact your local depot or LWC account manager for more information Visit for details.


Time to Pivot: How the UK’s Hospitality Sector Can Survive and Thrive 16

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Dec '23/Jan '24

By Rebecca Kelly, CEO and co-founder, VenueScanner (

The past few years have presented challenge after challenge for UK hospitality businesses. From rising costs to staffing shortages and shifts in consumer behaviour, the hospitality industry is constantly navigating choppy waters. It is easy to see why data from UKHospitality shows that just 29 percent of hospitality businesses feel optimistic about the next 12 months. But there is hope. We know the UK’s hospitality sector is incredibly robust – it is expected to reach $27.42 billion by 2028 according to data from Mordor Intelligence and a record 2.6 million people are now employed in hospitality, with the sector responsible for one in five new jobs. As UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls has said: “The ability of hospitality businesses to create more than 20 percent of new jobs in the past year, in the face of extraordinary cost pressures, is testament to its resilience and ability to battle against the odds.” I couldn’t agree more, Kate. And data from our platform suggests venue demand is increasing year on year so for those businesses able to take advantage of current booking trends, there is real opportunity to grow in the face of adversity.

1. MAJOR INCREASE IN PARTY BOOKINGS Party bookings have increased three-fold since pre-Covid days, with bars and restaurants topping the list of the most popular venue types for party bookings, while Christmas parties remain the most popular event type.

2. BARS, RESTAURANTS AND EXPERIENCE-BASED VENUES ON THE RISE FOR BUSINESS BOOKINGS While hotels account for a portion of business venue searches, organisations are also increasingly looking for more unusual spaces to host their business meetings, conferences and company gatherings including experience-based venues such as Otherworld VR, and Swingers Crazy Golf, as well as bars and restaurants. In fact in Edinburgh, for example, bars and restaurants account for three times more business bookings than hotels do. Given we are seeing a serious decline in consumer spending, especially in mid-range bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels, this data shows that venues able to diversify their space for business offerings can increase footfall and fill more of their downtime.

3. COMPANY AWAY DAY BOOKINGS UP YEAR ON YEAR As businesses are employing more people remotely, the need for colleagues to connect in person has given rise to more demand for company offsites and one-day to multi-day events and overnight stays. This has led to significant growth in company away day events across the UK. In fact, we’re seeing 3.5 times as many bookings for company away days than we did pre-Covid. This represents another huge opportunity for event venues, hotels and even pubs, bars and restaurants to diversify their revenue streams by marketing themselves as great away day locations, whether it be for creative workshops, scavenger hunts, exclusive events or immersive experiences.


This means there is a huge opportunity for bars and restaurants to market themselves accordingly, focusing on party (and Christmas party) bookings that generate higher revenues to cover their increasing costs.

Given the significant challenges facing the UK’s hospitality businesses, diversification will be key to future growth. Data from VenueScanner clearly shows that the opportunities are there – yes for party bookings, but the real opportunity lies in a venue’s ability to pivot to a business audience.

There’s also an opportunity to stand out from the competition by offering a wider range of activities – poker nights, games nights, or even pizza and sushi making – as a way of capturing the attention of party bookers.

Whether that’s transforming their space to accommodate a company away day or turning their empty tables into hot desks, the UK’s hospitality sector is a resilient, vibrant and adaptive one and it will come out the other side stronger and more profitable as a result.

Live Gigging Sets The Stage For £2.4bn Boost To UK Pubs And Bars

A new industry-first report reveals the ‘seed’ music scene – gigging in the hospitality sector – could be the catalyst for a multi-billion pound boost to venues and artists.

Based on a nationwide survey of more than 1,000 artists and over 500 venues, the UK’s first Live Music Index found that if all venues with the potential to show live music did so, it could be worth up to £2.4bn in revenue in the hospitality sector. By creating a stage for musicians to perform, an individual managed pub or bar could see their sales soar by an average of £107k a year. According to the industry-consortium led by GigPig, it’s time to wake up and smell the flourishing benefits of the UK’s ‘seed’ music scene. Report findings include:

LIVE MUSIC A LIFELINE FOR UK PUBS, BARS AND RESTAURANTS While live music has long been a staple of Britain’s pubs and bars, it is now becoming a lifeline for venues struggling to stay afloat. Nearly three quarters (73%) of the venues surveyed host live music at least once a week, helping boost sales by 33%, footfall by 36% and average spend per visit by 64%. The report outlines how bars would likely benefit from the biggest revenue uplift, with an annual expected rise of £240k. According to the report, the ‘seed’ music scene is braced for dramatic growth, with nearly nine out of ten venues (87%) planning to increase their live music offering over the next 12 months. This is primarily to improve the atmosphere and customer satisfaction (87%), increase revenue and footfall (79%) and support local artists (48%). Of the 43,000 plus musicians in the UK, more than half (56%) regularly gig at pubs, bars, restaurants and


Co-founder of Manchester venue One Eight Six, Dean Cammack, is also a gigging artist and purposefully put live music at the centre of his venue. He said: ”Live music is a massive driver for the success of hospitality venues. It is core to delivering an atmospheric moment and we know it makes us stand out in an increasingly competitive market.” Cammack added: “We have invested heavily in the sound system, staging, lighting and equipment to offer a high quality product for our customers; and then our weekly artist bill is around £15k because without live music we wouldn’t be able to operate. Our product is based around live music and we will always look to offer more quality music experiences which will attract and entertain our customers.” The ‘seed’ music scene is also helping over 20,000 artists who regularly gig in the nation’s pubs and bars earn up to 50% more than the typical musician, with annual average earnings of £25,000. If all UK artists were to gig in the ‘seed’ music sector, the earning potential could be as much as £1.3bn – an estimated £400m in extra earnings for UK musicians. Michael Forster, CEO at GigPig, said: “Gigging in the hospitality sector is the bedrock of the UK’s music industry. It’s what many of us who’ve dedicated our life to gigging have known, but it’s now clear that the hospitality sector is the cultural and economic lifeblood of the UK’s music scene. That’s why it’s our mission to help every venue become a stage, give every artist the opportunity to get paid to play and bring live music to every town and city in the UK. Music is the bedrock of our culture and identifying the ‘seed’ level is a huge step to understanding how we can nurture the next generation of global superstars.”

New Award Winning Technology Can Save You 35% To 55% On Cooking Oil in Deep Fryers If you own a restaurant or a kitchen with a deep fryer, then you might be surprised at how much you spend every year on cooking oil. Have you ever calculated this direct cost? If you haven’t, then you should, because Canadian Company, Eco Friendly Chef Corp. is helping thousands of professional kitchen operators to dramatically cut their oil costs in half. A new innovative product called OiLChef is revolutionizing the food industry. The award-winning OiLChef device is one of the most sophisticated technologies available in the world for deep fryers today. It is not a filter or a chemical, but rather a device which is simply installed in your deep fryer in less than 10 seconds! Putting the OiLChef in your fryer will give you a competitive edge and attract more consumer pounds. Your fried food items will absorb less oil and therefore will contain fewer calories. Good for the consumer, good for the bottom line. Reduce carbon footprint: It will minimize your environmental impact through a reduction in energy and oil con-

sumption. Faster service: Food cooks quicker. Reduce food waste: Food is crispier and holds its shape and texture for longer. Great for food delivery. Zero flavour transfer: It prevents flavour transfer between different foods being cooked in the same oil. Kitchen smoke and frying odours: It reduces the smoke and odours of frying in your kitchen/restaurant. Creating a more pleasant working and dining experience and minimizes the workload on your air filtering systems and maintenance. Health & safety: It reduces the smoke point of your oil, and thereby lowers the risk of a deep fryer fire. Also, staff interaction with changing the fryer oil is cut down by at least half, reducing risk of accidental burns and oil spillage. Reduce operating costs: It gives you the opportunity to cut down or move away from costly monthly additives required to improve oil quality. Fewer people hours are required each month for fryer changes. For further information visit Contact Andrew Jackson – Landline: 01278 691327 Mobile: 07902 745435

14 dA y Mone y guAr BAck Antee . 3 ye A WArr r Anty .

new Award Winning technology can SAve you 35% to 55% on cookIng oIL in deep fryers. REDUCING COSTS Increasing Margins

We strongly believe in cutting costs without compromising quality.

We look forward to the day that all food industries will join our Eco Friendly quest.

Until then we will provide eco friendly solutions that will help them all to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why spend all that money on oil, energy and labour when you can dramatically reduce these costs today?

Contact Andrew Jackson by phone or email: Landline 01278 691327 Mobile 07902 745435

2024 Hospitality Trends 18

CLH News

Dec '23/Jan '24

Article supplied by Woodberry Commercial Furniture - See the adert on the back cover of this issue.

The UK hospitality industry has taken a big hit in 2023. Whether that’s from the rising tax on alcoholic beverage or the increased cost of energy bills. So instead of looking at 2024 design trends for your venue, we’re taking a look at practical social and ethical trends for the year ahead. What do you and your customers want in 2024.

UK consumers are demanding more eco-conscious businesses. report in September 2023 showed that 78% of consumers feel that sustainability is important. Another statistic shows that 84% of consumers think that poor environmental practice will alienate them from a company.


To become a more sustainable hospitality business look at your energy use, menu sourcing and onward chain of suppliers. Can you source produce locally, are the suppliers of your other products ethical and sustainable? This could be as simple as checking your furniture made from FSC certified wood rather than plastic.

When budgets are tight, both you and your customers are looking for value-for-money. What you deem is worth your spend, and which companies are worthy of your cash. And, it’s not just the price tag but the experience that goes with the purchase. Are your suppliers worthy of your spend, and are you providing your customers with a great valuefor-money experience?

INSTAGRAM WORTHY FEATURES Get your customers to help with your marketing. Instagram is an easy way of raising awareness about your business. With more people following recommendations from social media, building an online presence is becoming ever more important. Having an instagrammable feature will encourage more people to share photos taken in your establishment. This could be something obvious such as a feature wall or object that customers can take a picture in front of. Or in a more subtle way, unique latte art, cocktail or food presentation that ‘wow’s’ your customer.


PERSONALISED CUSTOMER SERVICE Customers are looking for a more personal service. This means that your staff tailor the experience to their specific needs and make the customer feel more valued. This can be as simple as leaving name cards for guests that reserved a space in your restaurant. Or, you can provide a personalised experience for guests by caring for dogs with water bowl and treats, or for children with colouring books and crayons. Alternatively, you may provide a personalised service for people within your community by hosting events they might enjoy e.g. wreath making or cocktail making. To help your staff give a more personalised service, can you lessen their workload by getting guests to do-it-themselves. Creating a station where guests can pick up their own cutlery and condiments. Or, a station where guests can drop off their used plates.

FLEXIBLE SPACES More hospitality sites are looking to attract a wider demographic within the new year. To achieve this, they are aiming to create flexible spaces that can cater to different types of customers. One way to achieve this is by creating zones. Using different pieces of furniture and decorative items you can create eating, drinking and lounging zones. This will allow you to appeal to more than one type of customer at the same time. You can also make your space more flexible with stackable chairs and pedestal tables that can be easily moved when welcoming larger groups or for hosting events.

INVESTING IN OUTDOOR AREAS With a wash-out summer in 2023 more hospitality venues are looking to weatherproof their outdoor spaces. Doug Barr, Sales Manager at Woodberry Commercial Furniture advises ‘we have seen a significant increase in outdoor shelter enquiries after the poor summer weather. Clients are planning for a more successful 2024 by investing in shelters.’ Your outdoor areas create a first impression to the customer and are can be a lucrative revenue generating space. By investing in your outdoor area and creating weatherproof spaces, it allows you to maximise your trade throughout any season. Woodberry are trusted experts at providing hospitality clients with high quality furniture and shelters that can help their establishments increase footfall and generate more revenue. Over the past 16 years, having worked with large and small hospitality venues on thousands of installations Woodberry have been able to see first-hand the approaches that thriving businesses are implementing and the trends that are presenting themselves in the upcoming year.

Hospitality Heroes Run 10k A Day In The Lead Up To Christmas To Fight Homelessness A group of 15 Hospitality Heroes, comprised of operators, suppliers and business leaders, will be undertaking an epic run challenge this month, setting out on Friday to run 10km every day from 1st December through to Christmas Day, to raise vital funds for industry charity Only A Pavement Away. To support people facing homelessness across this tough season, the group will be running across a 24-day period, totalling a mammoth 240,0000 metres, or 150 miles per person. All funds raised will go to ‘Only A Pavement Away’, to help support people facing homelessness this winter, with the long term aim of helping them find meaningful employment in the hospitality industry. Fundraising founder, Alan Armstrong was inspired to make a difference in this difficult time and alleviate the pressure for those facing homelessness and the hospitality sector. Alan and the team of runners have already raised a fantastic £1000 for Only A Pavement Away. The group’s goal is to raise a monumental

£5000 for the charity. These funds could not come at a more important time, as sadly, this Christmas, thousands of people across the UK will be sleeping rough and in desperate need of support through the colder months. Nearly a quarter of a million households across England are now experiencing homelessness, that includes rough sleeping, sofa surfing and staying in unsuitable temporary accommodation like B&Bs. Rough sleeping alone has increased in England by 26% in the past year. Greg Mangham, Managing Director of Only a Pavement away, said: “This challenge encapsulates everything that is amazing about hospitality. It’s all about being part of and supporting the communities we work with. Through their fundraising efforts, these hospitality heroes are helping us support our members during this tough time of year and fight homelessness this Christmas.”

Dec '23/Jan '24

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Extension of Pub Licensing Hours for Euro 2024 Semi-Finals and Final “Essential” say Trade Leaders 20

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Dec '23/Jan '24

Pubs could be allowed to stay open until 1am if any of the home nations make it to the semis or final of next summer’s Euros.

make provisions that would allow families, friends, and communities to come together and cheer for their respective nations.

Ministers will consult on extending licensing hours for pubs & bars in England and Wales if UK teams get through.

Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Euro 2024 is set to be a huge event for hospitality businesses next summer as fans pack pubs and bars to cheers on the home nations.

Under the proposal, which has been launched today as part of a public consultation, pub licensing hours in England and Wales could be extended from the usual 11pm closing time to 1am if any of the UK nations progress to the latter stages of the tournament in Germany.

“We support the Home Office proposals to extend licensing hours for the semi-finals and final, should we reach that stage of the tournament. Major sporting events provide a huge revenue boost and extended hours are essential to allow venues and fans to take full advantage.

The Home Secretary, James Cleverly, holds the authority to extend licensing hours for occasions of “exceptional international, national, or local significance.” In this case, the government aims to support the teams and the hospitality industry, recognising the unifying power of international tournaments. Cleverly said: “There are few things that bring a country together more than the prospect of winning an international tournament.” With England and Scotland already on their way to Germany and Wales still in contention for qualification, the government believes it is fitting to

“This sort of advance planning benefits fans, businesses and the Government, and is exactly the type of approach we have been advocating for in our engagement on this issue for many years. I’m pleased the Home Office is consulting well in advance, acting on our calls on behalf of the sector.” The consultation runs until Monday 19 February 2024.

Expand ‘Alcohol-Free’ Labelling To Help Support Small Independent Breweries to contain no more than 0.05% ABV for it to be consider ‘alcoholfree’, but breweries in other countries including the United States and Germany, can freely use the label on their products below 0.5%. This means that imported beer can be labelled differently than home produced beer, disadvantaging small breweries.

Allowing beer of less than 0.5% ABV to be labelled as ‘alcoholfree’ would bring it in line with the EU and America, address the barriers to trade and provide clarity for consumers. However other labelling changes being considered could add further complexity and make it more difficult for small independent breweries to enter the market for no and low beer.

Achieving the 0.05% strength is beyond the affordability for the vast majority of small breweries as it requires specialist and expensive brewing equipment to remove the alcohol from the beer.

This is according to the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) which has responded to the Government’s consultation on changes to the no and low alcohol labelling descriptors which includes whether to raise the threshold for ‘alcohol-free’. “The NoLo sector has increased year on year with our latest SIBA/YouGov poll showing that 18% of beer drinkers are consuming low alcohol beer, said Andy Slee, SIBA CEO. “For small independent breweries, NoLo is a fledgling sector and our members are increasingly looking to add new innovative low alcohol beers to their range but are hindered by confusing labelling guidance and the barriers to accessing the market. The Health Minister has the chance to provide clarity and address the inconsistencies and give a real boost to our independent breweries looking to response to increase consumer demand for tasty and interesting low alcohol beers.” Currently, under the Department for Health and Social Care’s guidance for low alcohol products, beer has

Smashed Drinks - Rethinking Drinking Drink Natural, a key player in the soft drinks sector with a decade of experience, has recently acquired the fastest-growing premium craft AF 0.0% brand, Smashed Drinks. This strategic partnership has set the stage for Smashed Drinks to revolutionize the market with its range of Craft Beer, Ale, and Cider using a vacuum distilled process, which is the only one of its kind in the UK. With a focus on low calorie content, vegan and gluten-free options across its cider range, and Halal certification, Smashed Drinks is poised to redefine the concept of alcoholfree craft beverages. With the slogan "REAL BEER, REAL CIDER, REAL TASTE, REAL AF," and the enthusiastic endorsement of CEO John Hodgson, Smashed Drinks is ready to disrupt the industry and reimagine the way we drink.

CRAFTSMANSHIP AND INNOVATION: Smashed Drinks has quickly gained recognition as the fastest-growing premium AF 0.0% brand, owing to its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. The brand's range of Craft Beer, Ale, and Cider showcases a depth of flavors that rivals their alcoholic counterparts. Through the vacuum distilled process, Smashed Drinks achieves a remarkable feat: preserving the authentic taste and essence of traditional craft beverages while ensuring a complete absence of alcohol. This innovative approach sets Smashed Drinks apart from other alcohol-free options, providing a real and satisfying experience for con-

The Government is also considering other labelling changes as part of the consultation including the ABV strength on the front of the label along with age restrictions and the Chief Medical Officers’ low risk drinking guidelines. In its consultation response SIBA has called for the low alcohol descriptors to become: Low alcohol – product must be 1.2% ABV or below; (no change to current) Non-alcoholic – be applicable to any products below 0.5% ABV Alcohol free – also be applicable to any products below 0.5% ABV De-alcoholised – applied to products that have undergone that specific process sumers seeking an alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages.

HEALTH-CONSCIOUS OPTIONS: Recognizing the growing demand for healthier beverage alternatives, Smashed Drinks goes above and beyond to cater to a diverse range of dietary needs and preferences. By being low in calories, Smashed Drinks appeals to those who are mindful of their calorie intake, without compromising on taste or quality. Moreover, the brand's commitment to vegan and gluten-free options across its cider range ensures that individuals with dietary restrictions can enjoy the full range of Smashed Drinks' offerings. This dedication to inclusivity and health-consciousness sets Smashed Drinks apart as a brand that truly understands and respects its diverse consumer base.

CONCLUSION: Smashed Drinks is at the forefront of redefining the concept of alcohol-free craft beverages. With Drink Natural's acquisition and a focus on craftsmanship, innovation, and inclusivity, the brand is leading the charge in disrupting the market. From their range of Craft Beer, Ale, and Cider to their unique vacuum distilled process, low calorie content, vegan and gluten-free options, and Halal certification, Smashed Drinks is setting a new standard for AF 0.0% beverages. With the enthusiastic support of CEO John Hodgson, the brand is poised to reshape the way we think about drinking, offering a real and satisfying experience to consumers seeking an alcohol-free alternative that doesn't compromise on taste or quality. See the advert on the facing page for details.

Elevating Hospitality: UK Hotels Embrace Walter Geering's Innovative Floating Dispenser Collection In a landmark decision reflecting a commitment to sustainability and guest experience, UK hotels are increasingly turning to Walter Geering's cutting-edge floating dispenser collection. Established in 1903, Walter Geering has evolved into an industry-leading supplier for hotels, holiday parks, and accommodation providers nationwide. Specialising in eco-friendly toiletries and welcome packs, including kitchen and bathroom essentials, pet packs, games night packs, birthday packs, and more, Walter Geering stands at the forefront of the hospitality supply chain.

A LEGACY OF ECO-FRIENDLINESS Walter Geering's ascent to a leading supplier is grounded in its unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Acknowledging the hospitality industry's reliance on single-use plastic, particularly in toiletries, Walter Geering has pioneered eco-friendly alternatives. Despite the allure of convenience, the company remains dedicated to supporting its clients in reducing plastic consumption, aligning with a broader global push toward sustainability.

TOILETRIES AND WELCOME PACKS REDEFINED Walter Geering has consistently led the toiletry and amenity market through innovative products and eco-friendly initiatives. Their extensive toiletry collections boast bottles and tubes crafted from oxo-biodegradable plastic, post-consumer recycled plastic, prevented ocean plastic, and wheat straw. Spring 2023 witnessed the launch of the ground-breaking floating dispenser system, a simple yet ingenious solution designed to

fit any bathroom seamlessly. Priced at just £4.28 per product per room, the system features a tamper-proof locking mechanism, with a discreet matchbox-sized bracket creating the illusion of a floating dispenser.

KITCHEN AND CLEANING WELCOME PACKS Beyond toiletries, Walter Geering extends its commitment to sustainability into kitchen and cleaning welcome packs. Recognizing the imperative of a circular economy, the company invests in reimagining and redesigning its packaging. A new range of packaging types aligns with existing or foreseeable recycling infrastructure, facilitating consumer reuse or recycling. The practicality of their kitchen packs addresses guests' unspoken needs upon arrival, ensuring essentials like washing up liquid, bin bags, sponges, and cleaning cloths are readily available for the first few days.

SPECIAL OFFER: CLH10 FOR A 10% DISCOUNT Walter Geering invites accommodation providers to join the movement towards eco-conscious hospitality. Contact them today and quote CLH10 to avail of an exclusive 10% discount on your initial order. Elevate your guests' experience while contributing to a sustainable future—Walter Geering, where innovation meets responsibility. P:01233 658085 See the advert on page 11.

Restaurant Market Growth Remains Behind Pubs as Outlet Decline Hinders Recovery


CLH News

Dec '23/Jan '24

The UK restaurant market is forecast to reach a value of £18.7 billion in 2023, marking a growth of 5.2% and positioning the sector 2.6% behind its pre-pandemic value, latest research from Lumina Intelligence UK Restaurant Market Report has shown. Although operators are struggling to boost volumes, penetration has remained flat-year-on-year ‒ seeing restaurants lose share of the total eating out market and leaving growth behind that of pubs & fast food outlets. Restaurant players are, inevitably, more exposed to the impacts of cautious consumer spending, rising staff costs with the new national living wage, and ongoing cost hikes for food, ingredients and drinks. The unsettling decline in the number of outlets continues to dampen recovery in the restaurant market, with an average of eight sites each week forecast to close in 2023. This equates to a total of 27,020 site closures ‒ around 4,000 fewer than in 2018. Challenging trading conditions are not the sole cause of these closures: overexpansion in some areas of the restaurant market has also played a part.In 2023, closures are being driven by independents, as branded restaurants are navigating the challenging conditions more successfully. Indeed, this segment is predicted to

achieve value growth of 9.0% in 2023 and set to open a modest, yet significant 1.1% more outlets. Brands are adapting by driving recovery with more mergers & acquisitions activity, making operational efficiencies and aligning themselves with consumer trends in products and experience. Restaurant menu management tactics are evolving to balance consumer demands with cost control as operators must, of course, navigate price increases without deterring customers. Menu price inflation, a boost in meat-free dishes and lower-calorie additional courses are key menu strategies in 2023. Using premium ingredients, exploring ‘kitchen tourism’ to appeal to the appetite for international cuisine, and adding more ‘veggie-centric’ dishes are leading trends across menus. As the economy continues to recover the future looks brighter, with a market value of £19.5 billion forecast for 2026 ‒ underpinned by a continuing stronger performance from branded restaurants. Over the next three years, interest rate reductions and average earnings outpacing inflation are expected to boost consumer spending power. However, restaurant market growth is forecast at 1.4%, sitting behind the total eating out market growth of 2.6%.

UK Hospitality Faces Crunch As Families Tighten Belts – Can Loyalty Schemes Save The Day?

Cash-strapped families plan to cut back on eating out and takeaways in 2024 as the cost of living continues to squeeze household budgets – presenting a real challenge for the hospitality industry. A survey of 1,000 consumers conducted on behalf of RSM UK showed that almost 6 in 10 families (59%) will spend less on takeaways and delivery food next year, and over half (56%) will spend less on dining out. Almost half (47%) of families plan to reduce their frequency of dining out and 31% will seek out discounts and special offers, showing that the demand is still there but spend will be down. Robyn Duffy, senior analyst at RSM UK, comment: ‘The pace of inflation will continue to slow in 2024, but the knock-on impact of tighter monetary policy will come in sharp focus. This will have a particular impact on families, of which 90% say the impact of high interest rates will influence discretionary spending in 2024. ‘This is troubling for operators as families are a key customer segment, particularly those who are more

Winter Trends for 2023 Outside of the festive fervour there are a number of trends which are becoming popular as we enter the colder period of the year. The key themes we have identified are casual dining maximalism and minimalism and premium dining maximalism and minimalism.

CASUAL DINING MAXIMALISM Casual dining maximalism is all about embracing life, vibrancy and excessiveness. Allowing for a huge mixing pot of colours, patterns and textures to be embraced and showcased it is a case of go big, bold and bright and do not shy away. The only advice we’d give is ensure the rest of your venue follows suit too, if you have a bold restaurant then double down and chose a vibrant table setting to further embrace the perfection which exists within the chaos. Churchill’s wide variety of Stonecast colours is the perfect place to start when looking to incorporate this trend.

CASUAL DINING MINIMALISM Simplistic, refined but stripped back is the way to nail casual dining minimalism. The trend predominantly relies on white crockery with occasional pops of neutral light shades to build a subtle flow of tones through-

affluent with household earnings of over £60K. These families will eat out in a restaurant twice as frequently (twice a month) than the average consumer in 2024, and rank high interest rates as the number one thing that will impact discretionary spending in the next 12 months.’ Paul Newman, head of leisure and hospitality at RSM UK, said: ‘Higher interest rates and inflationary pressure are colliding with the day-to-day demands on family budgets, and the fallout looks set to be cutbacks to takeaways and dining out. ‘Rather than a race to the bottom on prices or discounts, customer loyalty will be the key to success in 2024. We expect a spike in loyalty schemes as businesses look to reward frequent diners to drive footfall and capture a greater share of spend within an increasingly competitive market. The brands that get this right and harness loyalty will be the real winners next year.’ out your table offering. With this theme you must let the food do the talking so ensure your dishes are vibrant, well dressed and visually stunning. A great range which can help you achieve this is Vintage Med Tiles from Churchill.

PREMIUM DINING MAXIMALISM High end, premium maximalism is a contemporary theme which draws on the eccentricity of high society dining and the art deco scene in Miami during the 1980s. The idea is to be bold and visual and allow the colours and patterns to take centre stage. The trend is exciting and somewhat limitless allowing you to go beyond the table display and bring in elements from the wider restaurant such as plant foliage, internal architecture, and other such textures. A glassware range which is perfect for this is Villeroy & Boch’s New Moon

PREMIUM DINING MINIMALISM Premium dining is where minimalism shines. Elegant whiteware combined with subtle accents of colour with a shimmer of discreet gold is the best way to capitalise on this trend. To clarify, this does not need to be boring but rather wants to evoke the feeling of a clean canvas with just a hint of colour allowing the food to be visually elevated to a higher aesthetic level. If you are wondering where to start regarding accented tones, we’d suggest either tying in colours from your current venue theme or select monochromatic visuals to offer a bolder contrast. A perfect place to start for this trend would be with the Spyro range from Steelite. For further information see the advert on page 10 or visit

Make It Tasty, Make It Easy, Make It Free From – Make It Meatless! THE MEATLESS revolution is here, with 50% of consumers reducing their meat consumption out-of-home, is your menu catering for diners looking for great-tasting plant-based food? The Meatless Farm range offers something for everyone, with a versatile range that makes it easy for you and your customers to swap out meat, without sacrificing on the flavour and texture they crave in their favourite dishes! But making sure your menu keeps customers coming back for more doesn’t just stop at fabulous taste and variety. According to the Food Standards Agency, it is estimated that two million people are living with a diagnosed food allergy and 600,000 with Coeliac Disease. With these numbers increasing, more of us are looking for dishes that are safe to eat for those with food allergies - but these options must deliver on enjoyment too. Free From meals are often limited and can lack taste and imagination…. …Well look no further because Meatless Farm has it covered with our core range of Sausages, Burgers, Meatballs and Mince. Made with peas, these signature products are all Free From top allergens, low in fat and high in protein - making them a must for your menu!

Set taste-buds sizzling with Meatless Farm Sausages – bang them in a bun or serve on top of hearty mash! Our plant-based Quarter Pounder Burgers are juicy and succulent – simply bung them in the oven or on the griddle! Why not swap out beef and pork on the menu for our Meatless Mince in crowdpleasers, such as Lasagne – or give dishes a twist with Meatless Meatballs - perfect with pasta! At Meatless Farm we’re on a mission to help people reduce their meat consumption by taking all the compromises out of plant-based catering and going large on the benefits. Our products are not only loaded with taste and texture – they are also frozen for convenience and super simple and quick to prepare. The Meatless Farm range is a sinch for caterers to create a menu of tasty dishes that tick all the boxes. So, whether it’s a classic cooked English breakfast, a gourmet burger or a fiery chilli, everyone can get stuck in and enjoy Meatless made easy! For More information visit


CLH News

Dec '23/Jan '24

How to Put The Fizz Back Into Wine Sales: Five CGA Insights Sparkling wine sales are steadily building back from pre-COVID levels, and there are major opportunities for more growth within the broader category, English wine and spritzes. Those are among a wealth of insights in CGA by NIQ’s latest Wine Insight Report, which reveals the latest trends in the sparkling wine category and spotlights ways On Premise suppliers and operators can increase sales and share. A Deep Dive Into Fizz shows value sales in the total Sparkling Wine & Champagne category in the year to May totalled £859m—18% below the figure of £1,043m in the last 12 months before the pandemic. However, value sales of sparkling wine (excluding Champagne) have grown in the latest last 12 months and it remains a very popular choice, with nearly one in five (18%) consumers typically drinking it in the On Premise at least once a quarter. CGA’s exclusive report, based on an in-depth survey of consumers’ wine habits in the On Premise, delivers a wide range of actionable insights to help suppliers and operators bring sales back towards pre-pandemic totals. Here are just five.

1. OPPORTUNITIES IN WINTER It’s no surprise that sparkling wine consumption peaks in the summer, when 29% of the year’s share of sales are generated. However, winter has increased its share by nearly 3 percentage points, thanks to the return of COVID-free festivities. There will be ample opportunities to push this higher during this year’s festive celebrations.


Champagne has lost a notable slice of its share of wine sales in the last 12 months, primarily due to the cost of living crisis. But it remains a go-to for special celebrations, and younger adults (18-34) are now more likely than older age groups to be drinking it more often at the moment.

3. BRUNCH Sparkling wine consumption peaks in the early evenings, but its allure extends throughout the day, and there is particularly good potential during brunch. Many of the leading operators taking advantage of the bottomless brunch opportunity currently.

4. ENGLISH SPARKLING WINE Country of origin remains a key driver, and there has been a diversification in preferences in recent years—including a move towards British sparkling wine. One in six (17%) of those consumers who typically drink Sparkling wine now chooses it in the On Premise.

5. SPRITZES There is a large overlap between the sparkling wine and cocktail categories, and spritzes are an ideal way to satisfy consumers who enjoy both. With two in five (42%) sparkling wine consumers choosing cocktails based on Champagne, Prosecco or other sparkling wines. A Deep Dive Into Fizz offers much more analysis of consumers’ engagement with sparkling wine, including by channel, occasion, category and daypart. It is the second of a four-part series of Wine Insight Reports, with other editions exploring the impact of the cost of living crisis, the rosé category and the growing importance of ethics and sustainability in consumers’ decision making.

Coffee and Beverage Systems

Consumers Ready To Spend On Hot Beverages in 2024 The Hot Beverages Spotlight Report, part of CGA’s Food Insights Spotlight series, delivers a bird’s eye view of the segment to help suppliers, wholesalers and operators sharpen promotional, pricing and ranging strategies, as well as pinpoint opportunities for growth. It sets out the latest hot drink preferences, habits, channels, as well as plus consumer demographics, drivers to purchase and much more. The research shows well over a quarter (28%) of consumers expect to spend more on hot beverages in the next 12 months, while more than half (54%) say they are likely to pay extra for a better quality drink—a figure that rises even higher to 62% of adults aged 18 to 34. There is a particularly strong appetite for trading up in coffee, where the quality of beans has become integral to marketing campaigns.

While some drinkers are happy to upgrade, The Hot Beverages Spotlight Report indicates others will be seeking more value in 2024. The research provides expert insights into the impact of price on decision-making, as well as the formats and flavour profiles that consumers want at both the premium and value ends of the market. Andy Hodgson, CGA by NIQ’s senior business development manager, said: “Hot beverages are an increasingly valuable part of On Premise drinks menus and they can unlock incremental sales in new dayparts. But with competition so fierce and consumers more knowledgeable about their drinks than ever, it’s crucial to understand exactly where, when and why these drinks are bought. With spending likely to fluctuate widely between premium and value offerings, crafting the right ranges and hitting the pricing sweet spots will be the keys to success in 2024.”

Exclusive Elegance and Quality by Design Benefiting from Fracino's extensive research and development programme, world class engineering skills and state of the art production technology, the new Romano-R is a genuine fusion of style and luxurious quality. Available in 2 or 3 group versions, it boasts all the power, technical qualities and reliability synonymous with Fracino products, in a stunning design to create the ultimate coffee bar furniture. The Romano elegantly combines classic curves and retro styling with contemporary materials and close attention to detail, ensuring a truly outstanding finish. Featuring latest technology integration, the full width touch pad features ‘digital trace’ icons for the drink selection and a wide range of control features within the programme - including controlled on/off

times for maximum energy efficiency, coffee extraction displayed in volume and time for each espresso shot for precise drink quality, multi-lingual display selection and digital programme set-up for easy user adjustment capability. Our powerful combination of stylish design and creative technology enables discerning clients to choose a bespoke finish for their Fracino espresso machine. Our expertise caters for individuality – whether it be to enhance a theme or interior design, promote a brand - or simply to challenge convention. Transforming the purely functional into an enviable work of art; that’s Romano!

Sanremo Coffee Machines is an Italian espresso machine and coffee grinder manufacturer that designs and produces professional equipment dedicated to coffee extraction enthusiasts. Sanremo’s machines are designed and hand-built in Treviso, Italy. Creating one of the widest ranges of traditional espresso equipment from a single brand in the world. From their entry-level CUBE machines perfect for the home enthusiast or small bar operations to their Café Racer range, the machines are designed to deliver the consistency and quality required for the busiest of speciality coffee outlets. Design and technology are at the heart of how Sanremo construct machines, giving baristas the controls required and a workspace which enables them to be efficient. Matched with an engineering quality using the best materials available for the task at hand, with a focus on sustainable life-long components and high levels of insulation and thermal stability to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption and costs.

During 2023 Sanremo Coffee Machines opened its first global Hub in South Kensington, London. Creating a destination spot for coffee lovers and enthusiasts to create the best coffee possible. It showcases the full range of machines along with hosting events throughout the year to bring the UK and Global coffee community together. The Hub is open to the public and no appointment is required to come and experience all the brand has to offer. With Sanremo’s unwavering passion and dedication to innovate, 2024 is again set to represent another milestone in its history with the launch of a new machine that completely reimagines what is achievable at an entry-level machine, matched with Sanremo’s distinctive design and customisation options. Called the D8 it will be launched in the UK at the end of April. If you are interested in finding out more about Sanremo you can visit their website or contact them via phone or email 01364 644445.

Sanremo Coffee Machines


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The Source Trade Show Preview

Dec '23/Jan '24

Unlock Culinary Potential at the Source Trade Show – Registration Now Open!

Calling all food and drink buyers in hospitality, catering, and food retail – save the dates for The Source trade show on February 6th and 7th at Westpoint near Exeter. This vibrant regional event brings together an array of food and drink brands, food service, equipment, and business services, making it a one-stop-shop for your needs. As 2024 approaches, it's time to plan your menus and source top-quality ingredients, and essential equipment and services. Whether you manage a pub, hotel, restaurant, café, deli, farm shop, holiday park, or supermarket, the Source is tailored to meet your unique requirements. In partnership with Taste of the West, this show facilitates direct orders from South West artisan producers and well-known companies such as; Bartletts, Chunk of Devon, Clipper, EPOS Buddy, Farm Frites, Forest Produce, Franke Coffee, Frobishers, Gusto Organic, Heritage Cider, House of Sarunds, Proper Cornish, The Cress Co, The Real Olive Co, Unox, Westaways,

Westcountry Fruit Sales, and Yeo Valley. MD Mike Anderson expresses the essence of The Source: “It’s a show packed with reasons to attend; the best producers, market-leading business ideas, networking opportunities, a tourism conference, and it’s open to the entire food and drink industry.” Attendees have 2 days to explore trends, network with industry peers, and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities shaping the sector in 2024. The Source is free for trade buyers, easily accessible, and has plenty of free parking. In addition, many exhibitors at the show will have exclusive show offers for visiting buyers, including discounts, free delivery, free POS items, and deals on service packages. It’s a great opportunity to get yourself a deal and increase your profit margins! For more information about the show and to register to attend, visit, or call 01934 733465. You can also follow the show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @SourceFoodDrink.

The Source Trade Show Preview

Dec '23/Jan '24

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The Moray Honey Company The Moray Honey Company is a family run business. Our hives are surrounded by lavender, wild flowers.

health properties, aroma and goodness.

We are based near Forres and have apiaries at home and throughout Morayshire and some surrounding areas to the Highlands.

We produce many products ideal for the hospitality, catering and hotel sectors and their customers, which will be on display at The Source Trade Show on Stand F9.

Our Honey is simply hive to jar, as nature intended keeping all the beneficial

Visit us there or see our website at

The Label Group

South West Labels are a supplier of labelling guns, thermal label printers & labels. We’re here for retail, industrial and manufacturing businesses. We’re independent, which means impartial recommendations combined with over 30 years experience in supplying these products. The labelling gun market can be complicated. Many products are known by

Barton Reed & Co Barton Reed & Co is the leading supplier of quality furniture to hotels, restaurants, public houses and leisure facilities in the South West. We can supply beautiful leather sofas, stylish high bar stools, comfy tub seats, elegant restaurant tables and chairs, and relaxing beds. From laid back, seaside charm to cutting-edge design our extensive product range will suit your style and give your business the look that you want to achieve. We have a huge choice of colours, fabrics and finishes and all our furniture comes with a two-year warranty. Barton Reed & Co is a family-run business and we have been involved in the furniture industry since 1945. Over the years we have forged strong relationships with our suppliers to give you the best furniture available with a service that goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

different names depending on their use. Labelling guns, price guns, pricing guns, label guns, coding guns and batch guns. Our range of products can meet all needs: Simple low use models, durable machines for industry. A wide variety of specialist features including auto-incrementing guns for batch codes. All equipment is supplied with a one year factory warranty and are designed to give years of reliable and effective service. See us on Stand H4 or call 01736 810334 for details. Seven reasons why you should choose Barton Reed & Co to supply your contract furniture: • Wide range of styles • Easy ordering and re-ordering • Single point of contact • Short lead times • Direct delivery • After sales service • Two-year warranty on every item Get in touch to discuss your furniture requirements or to order our new brochure – we’re here to help. Call us on 01409 271189, visit or email Alternatively see us on Stand H16 at The Source Trade Show.

Our Honey is simply hive to jar, as nature intended keeping all the beneficial health properties, aroma and goodness. Phone 07727 148588 Email Web

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising


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The Source Trade Show Preview

Dec '23/Jan '24

Blizzard Refrigeration and Catering Equipment Experts in professional, affordable refrigeration and catering equipment Blizzard is excited to visit The Source show 2024 in February for the first time and show of some of the fantastic equipment we have to offer. Head over to Stand F26 to have a chat to our team about how Blizzard can help you, while you’re there why not take a guess on how many balls are in

our HSG40 to be in with a chance of winning a mini bar!

The Artisan Distilling Company The Artisan Distilling Company is born out of the award winning Devon Distillery. Focusing on creating high quality, bespoke spirits for clients that would like to bring their dreams to life. With clients from the Royal Navy to local pubs, prominent brands to private events, the focus on quality and detail for each and every project if central to our process.

The Artisan Distilling Company also operate the only mobile stills in the whole of the UK, so the opportunities are endless when creating your own bespoke spirit, it can be made on your very doorstep, and indeed inside! Make sure to visit them and start your journey of making your dreams into reality at Stand C15.


01803 224856 See us on Stand C15

In 2023 the South West had over 18 million single use hot and cold drinks cups. The plastic lids and PLU lined cups equate to over 80,000kg of single use plastic waste. The hospitality industry sustains us but is also responsible for a large part of this plastic crisis. The is now a solution launching to the trade at Source 24. The Good Cup is a 100% plastic free hot and cold drinks cup with a unique integrated folding lid: meaning No More Lids! Fully compostable or simply recycled as paper. The Good Cup is being brought to the UK by Liskeard based No More Lids Limited and leading the change from our glorious South West. The cup is available in 4 sizes and suitable for drink

and food service. Its unique aqueous lining ensures no leaks or soggy cups and even if the cup goes to landfill there will be no trace in under 6 months and ZERO negative impact on the environment. The South West counties have the largest combined coastline in the UK and we know first hand the issues the single use plastic and increasing tourism waste can create on our beaches and wildlife. It's time to make a change! Say Goodbye to PLU lined cups and plastic lids and say Hello to The Good Cup. Visit No More Lids and Swift Catering Supplies at Stand H7 to find out more. Or visit

The Source Trade Show Preview Let’s Talk About The Finance Your Business Needs To Grow Dec '23/Jan '24

All businesses, no matter what their size, should have access to the funding they need to grow. Finding the right bespoke advice is often very difficult and this is where Asset Finance Brokers can be really valuable. Colin Chastey is an experienced Broker with a wealth of business knowledge. He has a banking background but fiercely believes relationships and great customer service matter. In his experience, small and growing businesses do not always know that there are so many more options than just traditional banks. All businesses need a person to speak to. A person to help them understand all the options so an informed decision can be made… that’s Colin, the Asset Finance Man.

Asset Finance allows a business to buy or hire new or used equipment, machinery, vehicles etc and spread the cost over a period of time. It also

Rum and Reggae: Our Adventure So Far The seed of Rum and Reggae was born from our love for tunes and of course, rum. Blending the sunny sounds of reggae with our renowned rum punch was a no-brainer and we knew this experience needed to be shared. Venturing out, we hit the road to spread the Rum and Reggae joy at festivals and food events. And guess what? People loved it! From punch to product, we crafted our signature ‘serious rum,’ a 40% abv golden tipple that shines in cocktails and pairs perfectly with your favourite soft drink. Our initial success paved the way for our next creation: a rum infused with honey sourced from rescue bees. As the buzz grew, our reach extended to pubs, clubs, restaurants,

He works with a wide range of leading lenders to find the right solution for each business. Call Colin Chastey today on 07760 454244 – See Stand I33 at the Source Trade Show.

HS French Flint - The Glass Container Specialists HS French Flint Ltd are very pleased to be exhibiting at the Source Trade Show again this year and are looking forward to seeing Old Friends as well as New Contacts on STAND E17.

expand our range and have even more wonderful glass jars and bottles to show you this year. Please have a look at our website or give us a call on 020 7237 1750.

Having moved into a new and larger showroom overlooking the River Thames near Tower Bridge we have continued to

HS French Flint Limited, The Gallery, Springalls Wharf, 25a Bermondsey Wall West, London SE16

Continuing our flavour journey we recently released two new tantalizing rums – mango and coffee. With rave reviews already pouring in, you can be sure that even more innovative flavours are in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Visit us on stand 567 at the Source Trade Show.



offers the ability to raise cash against assets already within a business.

and bars, revealing a demand for our rums with a difference. Our brand's visuals are a burst of excitement – simple, fun, and full of colour, they effortlessly capture the heart of Rum and Reggae whilst drawing in customers with their vibrant charm.

Now ready to spread sunshine nationwide through the hospitality trade.

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Caribbean style rum, with a hint of spice and a touch of caramel, making it perfect to sip on its own, or mix with Ginger ale or cola.


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Dec '23/Jan '24

Products and Services

Choose Your Path For Assured, Sustainable Hot Water Restaurants, bars and hotels have an often uniquely businesscritical need for hot water to ensure smooth daily operations. With hot water demands generating up to 30% of a business’ daily energy use it is a prime candidate for addressing carbon emissions and climbing operational costs. Unless a new build, which will be electrical-based, most refurbishments will look to either improve on existing gas systems or aim to completely replace them with electrical alternatives, typically heat pumps and/or directelectric heating. The latest generation of electric boiler, such as Adveco’s ARDENT, offers new levels of resilience, with multiple immersions in a protected sealed indirect loop arrangement that dramatically cuts issues associated with limescale damage in hard water areas. Digital controls and monitoring ensure 24/7 operational service. Adveco Live Metering of the hot water demands of a building is a quick, non-invasive, and extremely cost-effective means of gauging needs. It also provides application design which enables owner/managers to develop realis-

tic and sustainable development strategies which deliver active results today with low to no impact on ongoing operations. The process helps to avoid the common, and costly pitfalls of system oversizing, for immediate capital savings. Combining heat pump pre-heat and electric boilers will cut carbon emissions, by as much as 70% compared to equivalent gas-fired applications, so is a big tick in the box for business sustainability. A correctly sized and installed solar thermal system will reduce UK annual energy requirements of a business on average by at least 30%. Southern/western counties could expect to offset most hot water energy demands in the summer months with a solar thermal system. With a less than 10-year return on investment now possible, solar thermal, as a proven renewable should be on any list of net zero technologies being considered as part of a wider sustainability strategy. See the advert on page 7.

LeisureBench Ltd, is proud to introduce its new sister company SGM Recycled Plastics Ltd. Made from 100% recycled plastic, our new ranges are designed and manufactured at our new premises in Granthan using the latest technology. From picnic tables to planters, the growing range of products are ergonomically designed for the commercial sector at affordable prices and most items come with a 25-year construction guarantee. Introducing our new stylish side chairs available in several colours, they are both comfortable, and at a starting price of just £99.45 +vat in black, they represent excellent value for money. Our new website has automated muti-buy discounting. Discounts start from

as little as two of the same product for exceptional value. We believe we are the most competitive in the market. Our in-house design team can design bespoke products for our clients and no job is too small or too big. Customer service is key to our success. We welcome visitors to our factory showroom at Old Wharf Road, Grantham, Notts, NG31 7AA. SGM T: 0333 0112314 Calls charged at local rate. E: SGM W: LeisureBench W: We all want to see less waste plastic and sustainability; our products are a small, but not insignificant, step in right direction. Thank you. See the advert on page 9.

SGM Recycled Plastics Ltd.

Catering Equipment Ltd Catering Equipment Ltd are the authorised UK Distributor for the range of Kängabox thermoboxes that keep items Hot or Cold. Kängabox is a revolutionary new high density EPP series of containers in which hot or cold items can be transported with an average temperature loss of less than 1°C plus or minus per hour within a temperature range of -40°C to +120°C. Kängaboxes are available in a range of capacities and attractive colours. Kängabox are available in eight different designs and four different depths. The various gastronorm, pizza, ice cream and euro norm formats are available. Our Transport Boxes perfect for keeping food HOT or COLD whether delivering food, running an event or managing extra food production in the Kitchen. Comprehensive product details can be found on our

Blaze Signs Blaze Signs is a name that’s widely recognised in the signage industry; we are one of the largest signage businesses in the UK after all, offering a full turnkey solution from concept, design and planning through to manufacture and installation. We offer unparalleled capabilities and expertise, from project management, creative design services, manufacturing equipment and talent, and professional nationwide installation teams. However, our talent and facilities mean we can provide far more than just standard signage for your business… We have worked with countless customers spanning multiple sectors and industries to design and produce a variety of non-signage specific items. This includes:

• Bespoke fixtures, fittings and furniture • Feature lighting – inside and outside • Building cladding • Working with specialised materials – e.g. glass and wood With Blaze Signs, you can fit-out your restaurant, office or commercial outlet from the signage to the

website We are also leading suppliers of European manufactured Stainless Steel items such as Sinks, Gastronorms, Accessories and other products. In addition Catering Equipment Ltd are also the UK's largest specialist supplier of European manufactured gastronorm containers, ice cream containers, sinks, hand wash and restaurant equipment. See our extensive range of products on our website Catering Equipment Ltd are a family firm that has been trading for almost 30 years. Our commitment is to our customers you are the most important people in our business. Our promise is that you can count on Catering Equipment Ltd to help you and that our team will do their utmost to ensure that dealing with us is a pleasant and worthwhile experience. Call the team on 0121 773 2228 now. See the advert on the inside front cover. table, lighting fixtures and mirrors. Our promise of the highest quality service and product extends to these additional business solutions, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive the same standard that we’re best known for in the signage industry. ESG is a huge focus for Blaze, and our dedicated group of employees who belong to the Blaze People&Planet working group are continuously looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact, create equitable solutions, take better care of our employees, and drive broader change within the industry and our communities. So, for those potential customers out there not currently talking to us, we would love you to. It could prove to be the start of a highly rewarding experience! Call: 01843 601 075 Email: Website: See the advert on page 9 for details.

Corby Hall

The Aura commercial flatware collection by Corby Hall provides a cost effective high end service for your restaurant or pub. Available in mirror or satin finish and featuring a 13 piece item range, the Aura pattern is

the perfect solution for high volume foodservice operations. Corby Hall, a US based tabletop supplier with strong Yorkshire roots, supplies 3 – 5 star hospitality operations globally. Please contact your local distributor for pricing. See the advert on page 11.

Upgrade Your Air Freshener System To Keep Washrooms Constantly Fresh Washrooms are the biggest source of complaints, accounting for over 45% of the complaints that facility managers receive.1 In addition, recent research from Tork tells us that 67% of employees say they’re more likely to complain about a washroom than any other aspect of their office.2 Therefore, it’s crucial that washrooms are run efficiently to ensure a standard of cleanliness that makes people feel cared for. A NEW AIR FRESHENER THAT DISTRIBUTES SCENT EVENLY AND CONTINUOUSLY Tork has launched a new system that makes keeping your washrooms constantly fresh much easier. It uses a unique, high-tech technology that is propellant free to neutralise odours continuously and evenly. Research shows that the most important factor customers state when selecting an air care product is the “long lasting performance”3. The Tork Constant Air Freshener can last for up to 90 days before needing a refill, with a range of scents that eliminate bad odours, creating a consistent, fresh washroom experience, which helps facility managers to avoid washroom complaints.

FRNHZ Linen FRNHZ Linen supplier are holding the esteemed title of one of the largest suppliers of bed linen, bath linen, Table Linen, kitchen linen, Chef wears, packaging items and refreshment wet towels. In the Sphere of bed linen, FRNHZ's extensive collection is a testament to its dedication to transforming bedrooms into havens of luxury. From premium bed sheets to elegant duvet covers, each product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to unbeatable quality. The bath linen collection from FRNHZ is equally impressive, featuring an array of plush Face Towels, Hand towels, Bath Towel, Bath Sheets, Bath Mats and Bath Robe. FRNHZ's commitment to quality extends into the kitchen, where its linen collection includes essential items such as kitchen towels and cloths, contributing to a functional and aesthetically pleasing culinary environment.

A SYSTEM THAT IS EASY TO MAINTAIN AND REFILL 71% of cleaning staff agreed that if washroom dispensers were quicker and easier to refill, they would have more time for other cleaning tasks2. The Tork Constant Air Freshener dispenser is certified ‘Easy to use’ for speedy refilling.4 Its flexible placement at reachable heights also allows for easy maintenance. Refills and battery changes can also be planned into existing cleaning routines to save staff valuable time. IOT CONNECTED DISPENSERS With Tork Vision Cleaning, the world’s leading datadriven cleaning solution, cleaning staff will now know exactly when and where to refill all Tork dispensers in the washroom. The new air freshener dispenser will enable them to keep the dispensers replenished and save time by avoiding unnecessary checks. It’s easy to provide a great washroom experience with smart, sustainable hygiene management from Tork. For more information, please visit For more information on Tork air freshener, please visit or see the advert on page 13.

The first-class collection of premium linens for clients all over the UK. Experience the luxury of our table linen, designed for a soft and sumptuous feel that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. Simplify your restaurant operations with our easycare table linens. Our fabrics are resistant to wrinkles and stains, making maintenance a breeze and allowing your staff to focus on providing excellent service Beyond hotel textiles, FRNHZ extends its reach into Chef Wear, recognizing the significance of highquality and durable garments in various professional settings. The brand's workwear line is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industries, providing both comfort and durability for individuals in their work environments. In a unique and thoughtful addition, FRNHZ also stands out as a supplier of refreshment wet towels and packaging items. This offering caters to the need for convenient and refreshing options, providing a practical solution for various settings, including hospitality and travel industries. For further information call 01234 910 660, visit or see the advert on page 7.

Five Star Levels of Hygiene from Rotowash Hygiene and cleanliness are important in many areas of business but are perhaps most pertinent in the hospitality sector where first impressions really count. Guests visiting hospitality venues both expect and demand these facilities to be clean and inviting and judge this as being an integral part of their experience. We appreciate that flooring surfaces will differ from location to location within your facilities and that each area presents unique cleaning challenges. The Rotowash floor cleaning machine has been specifically designed to tackle all these difficulties and to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness. Uniquely, the same Rotowash floor cleaning machine can be used to clean both carpets and hard floors, guaranteeing not only a quality finish but real value for money. Coupled with this, our machines are built to last, particularly if they are cleaned after each use and maintained regularly. We are committed to providing you the best in customer care and see selling a machine as only the start of the journey. Our team of Field Service Engineers are

strategically located throughout the UK to enable them to easily visit your site to carry out regular service visits and any repair work, if required. Each Engineer is a full-time employee of the company and has been fully trained to work on your Rotowash. We offer all our customers a preventative maintenance agreement (PMA) operating on a rolling twelve-month basis at an extremely competitive price. Each PMA covers you for all call out and labour costs in the event of emergency repairs being required, as well as two planned service visits carried out on a five-month cycle. As well as customer care, health & safety is extremely important to us. The design features of a Rotowash machine helps to work injuries by reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Additionally, although we believe that Rotowash machines are easy to use, we offer free training to all operatives for the lifetime of the machine. For more information, please visit at or see the advert on page 18.

Food Safety

Dec '23/Jan '24

CLH News


Owen’s Law a Step Closer as FSA Set to Discuss “Range of Options”

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is to meet to discuss further options in is its drive to make operators list allergens on menus. The meeting, taking place this month will review the progress made on the FSA’s Food Hypersensitivity (FHS) programme and ask board members to provide a view on the recommended approaches to the provision of information in the non-prepacked sector. The meeting follows a vociferous campaign by the family of Owen Carey, from East Sussex, who tragically died after unwittingly eating dairy at a London burger bar in 2017. Owen’s Law aims to communicate potential allergens in restaurant dishes while ensuring that a customer's allergies are always clear to both serving and kitchen staff. The first intended change is that allergen information must

be visible on the menu, either using the actual words, or with standardised symbols/numbers showing the presence of one of the 14 major allergens. An allergy matrix for each dish should also be available to break down present ingredients further.

Owen’s Law also outlines that restaurant staff should proactively discuss allergies with customers. Servers should be required to ask customers if they suffer from any allergies and read out the order alongside any dietary requirements before submitting it to the kitchen. Duty Managers should supervise this if allergens are present, as it would be considered a criminal offence if they fail to do so. Furthermore, staff should be better trained, with at least the Duty Manager completing certified first-aid and allergy training to provide insight and guid-

ance for junior staff members. The introduction of technology, such as a food database to provide allergen information, alongside an app to assist the database should make it easier for customers to access allergen information.

Health minister Neil O'Brien told the debate everyone agreed there was "room to do better" and nothing was "off the table" and that the government will “look closely” at proposals for a national allergy tsar. The minister said the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is working to ensure all consumers can “make safe and informed choices about the food that they buy". “The Carey family is already driving awareness on these issues and the issues that people with life-threatening allergies face,” said Mr O’Brien.

Logicall: Elevating Food Safety Navigating Compliance: Owen’s Law and with Smart Monitoring Solutions Allergen Checker’s Seamless Support

In the bustling world of cafes, bars, and restaurants, Logicall’s temperature monitoring solutions aren’t just a luxury—they’re a necessity. Here’s why your establishment needs our innovative technology: Food Safety Compliance: Regulatory bodies demand stringent adherence to food safety standards. Logicall’s LoRaWAN temperature probes ensure continuous monitoring of fridges, freezers, and cold rooms, providing real-time insights into temperature conditions. This proactive approach not only prevents food spoilage but also safeguards your business against compliance issues. Instant Alerts for Swift Action: Temperature breaches can be disastrous for perishable goods. Logicall’s instant alert system via text, email, or audible alarms ensures swift action in the event of fluctuations. This rapid response not only saves stock but also maintains the quality and safety of your food products. Easy Deployment and Scalability: Forget the hassle of Wi-Fi dependencies. Our temperature probes utilise longrange communication technology, ensuring seamless connectivity across your entire establishment without the need for complex Wi-Fi infrastructure. This not only simplifies deployment but also makes scaling your monitoring capabilities a breeze.

Preventative Maintenance with Smart Sockets: Logicall’s smart sockets go beyond temperature monitoring. They provide real-time data on energy usage and cold storage unit health, allowing you to proactively address potential issues. By optimising energy consumption and preventing equipment failures, you not only save money but also ensure uninterrupted service to your customers. Logical Checks Food Probing App: Simplify your kitchen operations and go paperless with our Logical Checks app. Designed to digitise all your HACCP temperature checks, this user-friendly app streamlines your kitchen’s daily routines. Ensure compliance with ease, leaving behind the burden of manual checks and embracing the efficiency of digital monitoring. Real-Time Display Screens: Take control with Logicall’s real-time display screens deployed throughout your kitchen. Monitor the status of your fridges and freezers in real-time, ensuring that your entire kitchen team is on the same page. This visual solution enhances communication and allows for swift corrective action, minimising the risk of temperature-related issues. In summary, Logicall’s temperature monitoring solutions are vital for cafes, bars, and restaurants aiming for excellence in food safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. Invest in our technology today and secure the longevity of your perishable inventory while ensuring the highest standards in food quality and safety. See the advert below for further details.

Recent court cases have highlighted the critical need for robust allergen management systems in the hospitality industry. The legal consequences for breaching allergen-labelling laws have intensified: urging establishments to prioritise compliance and transparency. One noteworthy case involved a Blackwood pub, fined for failing to provide allergen information, where the establishment’s stance was shockingly expressed as “We are unable to cater for customers with food allergies.” This alarming case underscores the urgent necessity for a proactive and comprehensive approach to allergen transparency. As the industry braces itself for positive changes with Owen’s Law within the next 12 months, Allergen Checker ( emerges as an indispensable ally for establishments navigating this complex landscape. Already a champion of compliance through its labelling function, the software positions itself at the forefront of the industry’s move toward enhanced allergen transparency. Allergen Checker not only supports Natasha’s Law

requirements but anticipates Owen’s Law, offering a forward-thinking solution. Picture a future where every ingredient, even beyond the standard 14 allergens, is meticulously accounted for. Allergen Checker excels in offering this level of transparency, ensuring that compliance with Natasha’s Law and the upcoming Owen’s Law becomes an opportunity to enhance customer trust and safety. Not only does Allergen Checker help those with allergies it also provides invaluable information to millions who suffer from intolerances. Listing every ingredient will only encourage your customers to trust what they are eating. All the information can be hidden behind a useful QR Code to be placed on your menu without encroaching on your menu design. For those seeking a smooth transition and an opportunity to enhance their offering Allergen Checker invites you to explore its capabilities with a 14-day free trial. Owen’s Law is not a challenge; it’s a chance to redefine how we approach allergen management, and Allergen Checker is here to lead the way. Follow the link and step into the future with confidence.


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Chef's Buyer's Guide

Dec '23/Jan '24

Looking Forward to 2024 with Lanchester Wines

Lesley Cook is Lanchester Wines’ director of purchasing. We caught up with Lesley to look at what will affect the wine trade in 2024. One of the biggest impacts to the wine trade in 2023 was the Alcohol Duty Reform which saw wine duty increase by 20%. This will continue to impact the trade in to 2024 and beyond, with further half percent

incremental duty changes due in February 2025. This increase in duty has been very detrimental to every alcohol-related business over the last six months. Unfortunately, we can’t offset the costs; businesses in our position don’t make enough profit to offset costs so unfortunately these have to be passed onto our customers. But, where we had to increase our prices, this increase is 100% duty on every line and, of course, some products, such as Sparkling wines and lower ABV, have been reduced, which has also been passed onto the customer. There’s a lot of admin involved in the importation of alcoholic goods – we’re an HMRC bonded warehouse and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) which means we’re effectively an inland port. Our bond and logistics departments work through every single wine to ensure tax codes are implemented correctly and, if the Government continues with its plans for February 2025, it’ll cost tens of thousands of pounds in administration and computer systems not just for our business, but for every business in the wine trade. Wine is an agricultural crop: the climate is heavily involved in determining the alcohol level (unlike beer and spirits which can be determined very

accurately on production). A hot growing season naturally increases alcohol by volume while cold, wet weather decreases it. This could mean that a wine from one vintage goes up by two or three duty increments from the previous vintage.

you can imagine, this takes a lot of planning, it can’t be done instantly and has to be changed while the grapes are starting to grow or before. But this ensures the wine still has the mouthfeel and profile you’d expect. Customers want to taste a Pinot Grigio, not a watered-down version.

The alcohol percentage of wine, in my opinion, isn’t the issue. High ABV wines such as Barolo, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Amarone are high quality, expensive wines to be enjoyed for what they are and certainly not for binge drinkers.

I attended the World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) in Amsterdam last month and many of the vineyards are already planning to pick early next year. But this is a huge risk for them – if the wine doesn’t have the right flavour profile and they can’t sell it, then they’ve got no home for this wine. It’s only the UK Government implementing these tax regimes; wine is sold across the globe, growers can’t amend their entire vineyards just to flex to UK requirements. At some point, someone is going to lose out – its unlikely the growers will continue to forfeit their crops purely for one country, so I guess they’ll look to sell elsewhere and the UK will suffer. The next twelve months will be crucial, so watch this space.

We’re currently lobbying Government to try and stop this from happening, as I’m sure other alcohol businesses and bodies are too. It is my thought that we can maintain a stepped alcohol duty but at a simplified scale: 1.Below 11% 2.11% - 13% 3.13% - 15% 4.15%+ This will not only maintain duty tax receipts but also save the UK wine industry millions of pounds in administrative fees. Although, obviously we’d prefer to leave the alcohol duty as it is. We’ve introduced a couple of lower ABV wines within our own brand portfolio which will help minimise duty. I’ve tried a lot of lower ABV wines, all the wines you can think of, but the quality can suffer when you remove some of the alcohol and customers don’t want that - we don’t want that. We’ve only progressed with Pinot Grigio and White Zinfandel because they’re both naturally lower in ABV and lowering by a percentage or two hasn’t reduced the quality. But some lower ABV wines can be green or tannic, you wouldn’t know what you were tasting. They’re not indicative of the varietal and I’m not prepared to lower our quality. We started working with our producers as soon as we knew these duty changes were imminent – to achieve these lower ABV, the grapes are harvested earlier and the vines have been covered to reduce sun exposure. As

There is of course a glimmer of positive news, in that sparkling wines saw a reduction in alcohol duty. For Lanchester Wines, the time was quite fortuitous as we’ve just launched a new partnership with Domain Moutard, the renowned Champagne house and also introduced new sparkling Italian ranges; an organic Raboso Frizzante and Valdobbiadene Conegliano Prosecco Superiore DOCG, both of which are also lower in ABV (11%). And these producers continue to innovate to ensure they remain relevant. For example, Domain Moutard has created a pair of Pet Nats (Pétillant-Naturel) from grapes grown in its vineyards in Tonnerre, close to Chablis in Burgundy. The Pet’ Mout’ wines, a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir rosé, are produced according to the Methode Ancestral – an ancient method of making sparkling wines. These natural wines have gained popularity in recent years as an artisanal alternative to sparkling wines. These Pet Nats signal an evolution. We have a world-renowned Champagne house growing grapes near Chablis and using an ancient winemaking method to produce cutting edge on-trend wines. This is really exciting. Moutard isn’t afraid to experiment and have fun with their wines, and what’s more fun than a farting sheep (a Péter Mouton) on the bottle?

Producer Celebrates a Meaty Haul at the National Craft Butchers Awards Cornish meat specialists Primrose Herd came away with an impressive haul at the National Craft Butchers Awards this year, receiving one Gold, three Silver and a Bronze from an experienced panel of expert judges. Flying the flag for Cornwall, Primrose Herd’s Chorizo Hotdogs were their biggest hit at the hotly contested industry awards, securing a prestigious Gold for their outstanding quality and flavour. Silvers followed for Sally Lugg’s Smoked and Unsmoked Bacon, and Cracked Black Pepper Sausages; a Bronze

award for Primrose Herd’s traditional Pork Sausages completed the medal set. Sally, who started the Primrose Herd butchery in 2000, said: “The National Craft Butchers Awards are the pinnacle of recognition in our industry. All products are tasted blind, so it really is just the quality of meat and production that’s being evaluated. I’m thrilled to come away with not just one, but five awards for our Cornish products.” Primrose Herd are based in Newham, where their modern butchery facilities process prime meat from across Cornwall; cuts are carefully prepared by the skilled butchery team, bacon meticulously dry cured, and sausages made to exacting family recipes. Primrose Herd meat is often name-dropped on the menus of top restaurants.

If you are interested in purchasing Primrose Herd products or have any questions regarding the wholesale side of our business please do get in touch at

Lanchester Wines Put Focus on Sustainability At Primrose Herd we know how important quality is to you and your customers. We supply the finest pork individually prepared to a wide range of customers throughout Cornwall and beyond. These include pubs, hotels, restaurants, farm shops delis, cafés, and box schemes.

Customers can buy in confidence knowing they are dealing with a family business that is dedicated to them. So whether its belly pork, dry cured bacon or even a bespoke sausage you want for your menu our dedicated and experienced team are here to help. If you are interested in purchasing Primrose Herd products or have any questions regarding the wholesale side of our business please do get in touch at

Tom van der Neut is business unit controller at Lanchester Wines. While carbon offsetting is relatively mainstream, more and more businesses are looking at how they can introduce carbon insetting when companies invest in carbon reduction projects within their own supply chain. By engaging in carbon insetting, companies are investing in making their own products, practices and supply chains more sustainable. The good news for operators is that the wine trade has focused on insetting for centuries. As the wine industry spans (literally) the globe, insetting has to be apportioned to the different elements of the wine process. You can firstly start by looking at the winery; how its adapted to its environment and social surroundings, and used the resources available from water conservation to soil management, vineyard grazing through to community projects. Next, is the transportation of wine. Bulk shipping has many benefits, both monetary and sustainably: a Flexitank containing 24,000 litres will fit in a 20ft container, while the same volume in bottle would require two 40ft containers. With this comes a significant win on the environmental front, with CO2 savings of 37%

(bulk vs bottled at source) which is around 2kg of CO2 per kilometre travelled. Then look at how your importer or merchant has implemented their insetting programmes. There’s no one size fits all solution to sustainability, so its important to understand what each business has done to minimise their own specific impact on the environment. At Lanchester Wines, we started our insetting programme back in 2011 with the installation of our first wind turbine and solar panels shortly after – we’ve now invested over £13million in renewable energy and heat generation projects at sites across the North of England and our business is powered almost completely by wind and solar. Lanchester Wines also actively seeks business partners and suppliers who share our vision to proactively improve their sustainability. Each of our wine suppliers has adapted to their environment and social surroundings, and used the resources available to them – from water conservation to soil management, vineyard grazing through to community projects. In simple terms, it’s absolutely vital that every business implements carbon reduction programmes as soon as possible. Depending on budget, depending on suitability – but it’s vital to do what you can where you can. Lanchester Wines has created a Sustainable Bulk Wine Partner Portfolio which can be downloaded from our website and shows the commitment from each of our partners, so our customers can be assured the wine in their glass truly is sustainable. what-we-do/sustainable-wine-business/


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Chef's Buyer's Guide

Winning Cheese and Whiskey Pairings from Northern Ireland Northern Ireland is one of the food world’s best kept secrets, with artisan cheese makers and passionate producers providing an array of different types of cheese and an abundance of gastronomic delights. Through a combination of age-old traditions, local connections and diverse natural landscapes, this little corner of the world hosts a whole legion of diverse, award-winning producers. From velvety triple-cream bries and complex ale-washed cheddars to smoky whiskeys and rich, aged balsamics. This interconnectedness is not only a regional characteristic; the symbiotic nature of these lovingly crafted products is such that when paired together on a plate, an explosion of taste is enjoyed. Cheese pairings have come a long way from the retro marriages of cheddar and pineapple. They are now more sophisticated, more inventive, and certainly more flavoursome. Why not take some tips from Academy of Cheese and pair them with some of the region’s best spirits? Kearney blue with a tot of Mourne Dew Distillery Pooka Hazelnut Poitin

- this delectable spirit is infused and distilled with roast hazelnuts to give a strong, rich nutty flavour which complements the flavour of the poitín. The rich notes of fruit and nut chocolate cream fit seamlessly with the subtle spiciness and salty blue cheese. Mike’s Fancy Cheese Young Buck with Dunville’s Three Crown Peated Irish Whiskey - The Three Crowns, winner of many awards, is a peated vintage blend of selected aged malt and grain whiskeys with a subtle wisp of smoke. Incredibly accessible, it has a creamy bite finished with a kiss of heat that perfectly complements the savoury notes of the Young Buck. These unusual marriages certainly break with the traditional cheese and wine pairings. That said, they do satisfy the common rule of matching ingredients from the same geographical region, and when that region has the mighty smallness of Northern Ireland, they are certain to delight you and your guests. Visit and

Riso Gallo – High Quality Rice, Produced Efficiently, Sustainably And With Great Care To Protect Our Natural Environment Established in 1856, Riso Gallo is the oldest Risotto rice producer in Italy and has been delivering premium rice to consumers around the world for over six generations. Excitingly, Riso Gallo is also now the first International rice brand to produce rice from sustainable agriculture, making their premium best-selling risotto rice fully sustainable from field to fork! All of the Riso Gallo premium rice varieties are produced from sustainable agriculture, as certified by the international “Farm Sustainability Assessment”. Their high quality Carnaroli and Arborio grains are grown just a short distance from the company's headquarters in the Pavia area, and cutting edge technology works in harmony with a skilled workforce to build a modern, robust agricultural model which respects both nature and the farming community itself to create a wonderful natural balance. Riso Gallo take great pride in collaborating with farms that respect their workers’ rights, and guarantees fair and stable prices to assist their farming suppliers with planning, which are agreed and confirmed before sowing begins.

British Premium Meats

Sustainability and a commitment to plastic that is suitable for recycling are key to Riso Gallo’s production, and they have uniquely created their own Circular Economy within rice production, collaborating with various innovative start-ups to give useful new life to by-products from the rice mill. See the QR code for more information on these exciting new developments. Riso Gallo is delighted that its plastic vacuum packaging is now suitable for recycling, following the launch of a new, eco-sustainable plastic with a low environmental impact. Riso Gallo are proud to be the first company to adopt this sustainable packaging, and the Gallo Risotto Traditional, Arborio, Carnaroli, and Carnaroli Rustico are now in packs using FSC certified cardboard outers to protect the grains inside. The excellence of the products and the high quality standards of the Riso Gallo supply chain are guaranteed and endorsed by BRC, IFS certifications and the Sustainable Rice Platform scheme, which leads to total reassurance for consumers who are certain they are buying 100% Italian rice which can be tracked throughout its entire supply chain, from cultivation to packing. Visit or see the advert on this page for details. service across a large part of the country including parts of Wales, Monday to Saturday. The business operates across all sectors of the industry and has a vast knowledge and experience of supplying to all sectors including leading brand hotels, restaurants, event caterers, contract caterers and many others.

British Premium Meats is a family run Foodservice meat supplier which has been trading since 1986.

Orders can be placed daily via phone, email and we also work with a number of EDI platforms.

The company operate from two separate facilities the main production and distribution hub in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, as we well as a second distribution only facility in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Across the two depots the business operates a fleet of over 70 refrigerated delivery vehicles and also holds AA Grade BRC at the Welwyn Garden production site.

From these premises, the company is able to offer a day one for day two delivery

or visit

Call 01707 361 370 Email


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Spirits and Mixers

Spirits and Mixers: A Soaring Success Story In the dynamic landscape of the UK hospitality and licensed trade, there's an enduring star that continues to captivate patrons and drive business growth: spirits! From classic spirit & mixer, from cocktails to innovative creations, spirits have cemented their position as the cornerstone of this thriving industry. It would be fair to say that the on-trade category has not been without its recent “challenges, the disruption of Brexit, the closure of the industry due to Covid, and the current economic climate, however, there are bright spots on the horizon, spirits continue to grow in popularity in the UK generating £12.4 billion GBP (£) alone last year. Furthermore, the UK has a strong and vibrant hospitality sector, irrespective of the challenges, with spirits being an integral part of our socializing and drinking culture. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 62% of leaders say they feel optimistic for their businesses over the next 12 months, according to the new Business Confidence Survey from CGA by NIQ and Fourth. Additionally, the proportion of leaders feeling confident about the hospitality market in general has climbed to 45%, demonstrating a ‘welcome vote of confidence’ in the sector despite pressure on consumers’ disposable income. Karl Chessell, CGA by NIQ’s director – hospitality operators and food, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said: “Leaders’ optimism levels are impressively high at such a difficult time for UK businesses and consumers. “It’s encouraging to see businesses of all sizes looking to the future with such confidence, and with strong underlying demand for pubs, bars and

restaurants, the outlook is good. According to data from statista, by 2027, 55% of spending and 20% of volume consumption in the Spirits market will be attributable to out-of-home consumption (e.g., in pubs bars and restaurants), with volume expected to amount to 350.90m L by 2027. The market for Spirits is also expected to show a volume growth of 4.0% in 2024. This trend is not just a statistical anomaly; it reflects a broader shift in consumer preferences and the industry's adaptability.

Since 2016, the number of gin distilleries in the UK has tripled in size, with Gin becoming the "it" spirit of recent years. Gin continued to be popular despite the disruption in the previous two years, as indicated by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association's (WSTA) report of a 22% increase in sales from the previous year, in particular with the growing popularity of sub-segments of flavoured gin capturing consumers' interest and fuel impressive growth.


This has created a favourable environment with customers maintaining a loyalty to mainstream brands but at the same time showing an increasing interest in premium and craft spirits, seeking unique and high-quality products that offer a distinct flavour profile and often “provenance”. If you ask most licensees, they will agree telling you that consumers are ‘drinking better, not more’ They want quality, authenticity and taste!

Data from the wine, beer, and spirits sector indicate that luxury and premium quality alcoholic beverages have started to become the core elements of post-pandemic drinking. According to Bacardi's report on cocktail trends for 2022, 50% of bartenders world-wide said that customers are choosing more premium drinks.

This shift in preferences can be attributed to the rising consumer awareness about the production process and ingredients used in spirits. Customers are also becoming more adventurous in their choices, exploring different types of spirits, and flavoured spirits.


WHISKY A heavyweight in the spirits category, As more distilleries are emerging, more products are being blended and aged in casks whisky brands have started adding new innovative and stimulating flavours and textures like Sherry into their age-old favourites to augment the taste. It is helping them to attract more new and younger customers.


Isle of Wight Distillery - Free Your Spirit Rooted in the natural landscape of a unique island, we are the Isle of Wight’s first and only distillery. Our founders Xavier and Conrad and our small team distil spirits shaped by our stunning surroundings and the unique character of our island. Doing things differently, minimising waste, using ethically sourced and often local, foraged ingredients to craft a range of smooth, complex spirits. Our signature spirit Mermaid Gin delivers a smooth yet complex blend of fresh organic lemon zest and peppery grains of paradise, with a hint of sea air from locally foraged, fragrant rock samphire - a refreshing and invigorating serve. Mermaid’s name was inspired by its lead botanical rock samphire, known locally as ‘mermaid’s kiss’. This aromatic succulent clings to the cliffs surrounding the island and marks the high tide line on its majestic beaches. Like the kiss of a mythical mermaid, saving sailors lost at sea, the rock samphire signalled to shipwrecked sailors and smugglers that they were safe from the raging seas. Alongside Mermaid Gin, we produce subtly sweet, naturally flavoured Mermaid Pink Gin, infused with fresh

Furthermore, as consumers become more health conscious are consuming less alcohol but of premium quality.

The spirits and mixers segment in the UK on-trade is riding high on a wave of success, with a decade of remarkable growth and unwavering popularity. As consumers continue to seek unique and memorable drinking experiences, on-trade establishments have a golden opportunity to capitalize on this trend. By embracing the versatility of spirits, celebrating both mainstream and craft offerings, and tapping into the festive spirit, businesses can raise their glasses to a prosperous future in the spirits and mixers market. Cheers to the art of mixology and the craft of hospitality!

Island strawberries grown in the rich and fertile microclimate of the Arreton valley and Mermaid Zest Gin, a citrussy and herbaceous blend of Mermaid with island bergamot, grapefruit and wild-foraged coastal rosemary. Mermaid Salt Vodka (a favourite with mixologists), is crafted using salt harvested from the flood tide off the island’s southern coast, while our latest addition, Mermaid Spiced Rum, blends Caribbean rums with local fruits and spices, including honey from our beehives and fresh white cherries from Godshill Orchards. Our spirit range also includes HMS Victory-branded Navy Strength Barrel-aged Gin and Rum, which incorporates real oak from the famous warship, in a unique and exclusive partnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy. We blend traditional methods with contemporary techniques, hand-crafting our spirits in small batches and slow distilling before cutting with local spring water and bottling on the island. The result is an award-winning range of spirits with a contemporary style, layered complexity and signature smooth delivery. We are passionate about protecting our island and the planet. As part of our commitment to sustainability, conservation and a circular economy, we’re proactive in helping to protect the environment, actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and supporting reforestation and seagrass meadow restoration projects. Awarded first place in the IWSC Design Awards and certified as plastic-free, our Mermaid range is crafted from recyclable glass, with a sustainably sourced natural cork and compostable tamper-proof seal. In 2022, we achieved another sustainability goal of becoming a B Corporation, joining a global, progressive community of organisations using business as a force for good, balancing profit with purpose and people. We are a purpose-driven distillery; inspired by the natural world to create premium, hand-crafted spirits, working in connection with nature. Contact: +44 (0)1983 613653 Web: Social: Facebook: @iowdistillery | @mermaidgin Instagram: @isleofwightdistillery | @mermaidgin LinkedIn: Isle of Wight Distillery

Add A Festive Finishing Touch With Mixologist’s Garden Mixologist Garden’s unique new range of innovative, ready to use fruit garnishes created to help bartenders create the perfect serve – will give customers a drinks experience to remember while adding a little festive magic to bar sales this Christmas and New Year. The six freeze-dried fruit options - Lemon, Lime, Orange and Strawberry slices, as well as whole Raspberries and Blueberries are the ultimate bar hack enabling staff to quickly and easily deliver a memorable perfect serve for customers within seconds. Hand selected for their superior quality and then freeze-dried to capture 100% flavour and appearance, these jewel-like fruits enable bartenders and mixologists to enhance the flavour and appearance of almost any drink - including cocktails, mocktails, sparkling wine, spirits and soft drinks - without having to buy, store, prepare and ultimately waste fresh ingredients. Available in resealable 100g pouches, they quickly rehydrate on contact with liquid in the glass and with a long shelf life, can be stored at ambient temperatures without the need for refrigeration. Each 100g pouch contains the equivalent of approximately 1kg of fresh fruit.

“Customers who go out to enjoy a drink are seeking something more than they can make for themselves at home – these fruit garnishes quickly and easily elevate all sorts of drinks from the fairly ordinary to the simply amazing,” commented Stuart Findlater, business director at Mixologist’s Garden. “They’re the essential addition to any busy bar especially at times of peak demand, enabling bar staff to add a truly memorable finishing touch to a drink in just a few seconds.” Research carried out by Mixologist’s Garden showed that whether serving an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, for the occasions that demand a perfect serve, 90% require a drinks garnish. The research also revealed that 98% of consumers are willing to pay 5% more for their drink if it is served perfectly. “While people buy with their eyes, their drinking enjoyment is enhanced by appearance and flavour,” added Stuart. “Equally importantly though, our fruit garnishes give operators a valuable opportunity to maximise profits at such a critical trading time of year.” For more information, please visit the website:


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Hospitality Technology

Technology To Enhance Hotels Sustainability The last few years has been one of the hardest periods, if not the hardest, for the hospitality industry worldwide. Lockdowns, staffing issues, war on the European Continent and unprecedented energy costs have all put pressure on the on the industry. When looking at reducing operating costs in a hotel, optimization comes as a very handy word; optimize labour, optimize training, optimize energy, optimize maintenance…but we many times fail to address the way to achieve this “optimization”. As in life, information is the starting point to approach the problems we aim to solve, so gathering information about what is going on in our building becomes essential to optimize the way the building – our hotel – works. Once we have the information, we need to actually control those variables to be able to change them, and this is where technology can really make a difference. Starting with the rooms, sharing information between the hotel PMS (such as if the room is booked for that day or if the guest has already checked-in) and the HVAC control system (room occupancy for example) help reduce energy waste to a minimum as the AC will only turn On when the room is occupied and the guest is checked-in, but not if the hotel staff gets in the room before the guest has arrived to the hotel. This can be applied to all room controls (lighting, TV, sockets…) but also to common areas, and bearing in mind energy accounts for 3 to 6% of an average hotel running costs, eliminating energy waste can really make a difference. Following on to the hotel staff, housekeeping is many times overlooked with teams left to wonder through the

hotel looking for rooms to clean. Monitoring “Make Up Room” and “Do Not Disturb” signals (MUR/DND) in a centralised system help increase the overall efficiency as teams can be assigned to those parts of the hotel that require more immediate attention. Combining this information with room occupancy and access controls enhance guest privacy and provide deeper knowledge of how our hotels work, for example giving information on how much time it takes to clean each room. Another big cost centre control systems help reduce drastically is Maintenance, as these solutions allow the use of predictive and preventive policies. Sorting issues before they become fatal or even before they appear decreases the amount spent in replacing broken units (for example AC units) but also minimizes the risk of refunds to guest because things are not working or because there has been an AC leakage nobody noticed before. A robust long-lasting control system combined with a Building Management System (BMS) that integrates with our hotel’s PMS is vital to get to know how our building operates to optimize all those little things that end up costing several thousand every year. These are the type of solutions Zennio develops and delivers in over 100 countries, helping hotels all around the world become more efficient and sustainable and supporting all projects locally and remotely to make sure everything works every day. For further information see the advert on the facing page.

Hospitality Technology That Helps to Avoid Losses and Increase Profits Keeping bar tabs has always been a good idea. In doing so, staff can spend more time with customers, upsell and build valuable relationships. But it has not always been secure to hold customer's bank cards. Plastic wallets and till points have proven insufficient in ensuring that bank cards are safe, but that has changed exponentially in the past twenty years since the launch of CardsSafe®. The innovative technology is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab. It protects against credit card fraud but is also a significant deterrent for walk-outs and allows for checking the validity of bank cards. In a nutshell, CardsSafe® helps hospitality businesses avoid losses and increase profits by assisting with secure bar tabs. The CardsSafe technology has revolutionised how hospitality businesses manage their customers' payment obligations. Their wireless technology can be safely tucked away behind the bar and work alongside POS. The units are easily installed, require minimal training, and the system does not capture data, so it never breaches GDPR. Customers will also feel more relaxed knowing that

their cards are securely held while they enjoy the facilities. CardsSafe helps pubs, bars, and restaurants avoid losses, and it helps increase profits by allowing staff to upsell to their customers. That's why over 5000 venues trust CardsSafe to manage customer food and drink tabs. From Young's pubs to Hilton Hotels, the London Golf Club, Lord's Cricket Ground, and numerous restaurants and bars utilise the CardsSafe system. Timothy, Young's Bar Manager, explains, "Average spending is up, and chargeback has virtually disappeared after we installed CardsSafe, which really puts our customers' minds at rest." CardsSafe is affordable, too. Each unit contains ten card drawers that can be hired for just £9.95* per month. In addition, each hire comes with customer service troubleshooting and free replacement keys, and additional units can be added at any time. For more information, please visit Or contact the sales team on 0845 500 1040 *Plus, a sign-up fee of £39.95 (plus VAT) for new customers.

MCR Systems MCR Systems has over 40 years of experience in providing hospitality, catering and leisure organisations with enterprise management solutions that directly improve the efficiency of their business operations. We do this by combining high-quality software

and cutting-edge EPOS technology. MCR Systems T: 0116 299 7000 E: See the advert on page 40.

Castra Solutions - Wired and Wireless Solutions At Castra Solutions, we understand the importance of reliable and high-speed WiFi for businesses of all sizes. Our WiFi solutions are designed to provide seamless connectivity and exceptional performance, ensuring that your employees and customers can stay connected at all times. In the hospitality industry, having a reliable and highspeed WiFi network is essential to meet the needs of guests who expect seamless connectivity during their stay. With the rise of mobile devices and the growing importance of online reviews, hoteliers cannot afford to overlook the importance of providing a top-notch WiFi experience. One of the biggest challenges in hotel WiFi is providing coverage throughout the entire property, from guest rooms to public areas. This requires careful planning and optimization of the network, including access point placement, signal strength, and interference management. By working with Castra Solutions,

hotels can ensure that their WiFi network is designed to meet the unique needs of their property and guests. In addition to providing reliable WiFi, hotels can also use their network to enhance the guest experience and generate revenue. For example, hotels can offer premium WiFi services for guests who require faster speeds or more bandwidth or provide access to streaming services and other entertainment options. In conclusion, providing a reliable and high-speed WiFi network is essential for hotels looking to meet the needs of their guests and stay competitive in today's digital world. By working with a Castra Solutions and taking steps to optimize and secure their network, hotels can provide a seamless and enjoyable WiFi experience that enhances the guest experience. Call us today on 0300 124 5005 or visit


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Hospitality Technology

Boosts Customer Experience and Business Operations with Cloud Telephony Running a business in the hospitality sector has many communication challenges. Utilising cloud telephony enables you to face these business challenges by making informed business decisions and provides you with the time you need to focus on your customers.

them to contact you via WhatsApp, Email, or Live Chat. • What is a Property Management System integration? Offer simple solutions to enhance guest experience with guest voicemail, wake-up, maid status and guest call charges.

Evolve IP provides a range of products to help ease these business pain points. But without understanding the value that these technologies bring; how can businesses be expected to invest? Cloud telephony is more than making a phone call, it’s everything else around it that enables a business to collaborate effectively internally and externally with the customer. All of these moving parts to a business's operations seem small but once you see how disjointed they can become, it slowly evolves into a much bigger business challenge. We look at how we can help you better understand how cloud telephony can help your business.


Focusing on Customer Experience From taking payment, managing bookings, and responding to queries across a range of communication platforms, the front-of-house team is a busy department. Utilising cloud telephony brings all day-to-day administrative tasks into one space. For example, tools like business analytics, call recording, CRM integration, Property Management System Integrations and even an

omnichannel contact centre all support these intertwined platform communications. Providing your team with focus whilst also optimising the team operations effectively. How do these technologies help? Understanding the wide range of technologies can be a challenge. Utilising a service provider to act as your trusted advisor will help you with managing this element of your business is invaluable.

• What does Call Recording mean? Access sentient analysis to identify trends and pain points within the business. E.g., “unable to make a booking”. • How can Business Analytics help? Identify business times within the business and ensure you’re sufficiently resourced. • Why is a Contact Centre important? Be where your customers are, enabling

Airwave Upgrade the Royal Society of Medicine’s TV System

Situated on the corner of central London's Wimpole Street and Henrietta Place, The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is one of the UK's leading providers of postgraduate medical education. Delivering multidisciplinary, specialist and general education to a global network of 20,000 members, the RSM brings together healthcare professionals across multiple specialties, offering learning resources, specialty events, club facilities and a hotel.

THE HOTEL Domus Medica, offers 47 member only guestrooms set within a hotel environment on the RSM's first floor. Stylish, comfortable accommodation complements amenities such as a restaurant, lounge bar, meeting rooms and library - providing a welcome respite for members staying before or after a RSM meeting. Members also benefit from the hotel's fabulous location, set within a few metres of London's iconic Oxford


THE TECHNOLOGY Having previously supplied TV technology to the London venue, Airwave was delighted to be invited back to upgrade and refresh the hotel's TV system. As the typical Domus Medica guest uses the guestroom for sleeping and bathing only, a simple Freeview system was all that was required on this occasion. Airwave installed an IPTV headend, updating the network infrastructure and providing access to on-demand content and an extensive selection of TV and radio channels. 32-inch LG LT661H Series displays were wall-mounted on tilt and swivel brackets ; the LT661 Series is run on LG's WebOS 4.5 platform, and offers fully customisable hotel TV features. For further information on Airwave, see the advert on the front cover or visit

Technologies available to the hospitality sector come with unique requirements for each business and providers need to work with each business to better help alleviate those pain points. Investing in technology will ultimately increase your revenue and customer retention long term. Onboarding your team and business to the cloud is a worthy investment into your communications strategy which will give you the tools to grow and scale your business efficiently. Capturing live data and your current business output gives you a full view of the business and empowers you to invest in the correct areas of the business. To find out more about cloud telephony and how Evolve IP can support your business visit See the advert on the previous page for details.

HotelREZ Increases Revenue and Market Share for Accommodation Providers HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts is one of the UK’s leading hotel representation companies, dedicated to connecting independent properties with bookers. With market-leading sales, marketing and revenue teams, combined with cutting-edge technology, HotelREZ helps hoteliers achieve their commercial potential by working closely with their customers to produce high-rated revenue from the most suitable target markets at an attractive cost of sale. Partnering with over 600 UK independent hotels, aparthotels, pubs with rooms and hotel groups, HotelREZ drives more direct bookings via distribution systems through its’ best-in-class booking engine ‘REZbooker’, meta, OTA and GDS travel agency system. A dedicated account manager assists to secure additional incremental income from corporate travellers, RFPs, and chain level agreements with global TMCs, consortia and agency networks alongside niche marketing programmes. To generate greater demand and reach a wider audience, HotelREZ gives access to its leisure subsidiary brands, World Rainbow Hotels and Best Loved Hotels.

HotelREZ focuses on exceptional support, speed to market and cost effective interfaces to PMSs, channel managers, RMS, payment gateways and unique booking widgets.

ADVANCING OPPORTUNITIES HotelREZ representation, technology and its’ in depth distribution knowledge, helps properties gain greater market share at an increased value per reservation by strengthening the quality of its global exposure. In 2024, HotelREZ will be rolling out a newly enhanced WebServices division, including a marketchanging retail booking engine to help hoteliers sell more than just rooms or F&B, expanding into upgrades, amenities and external products like transfers and tours. The HotelREZ team has a proven record of consultative, communicative account management where you speak with a real person, committed to helping your hotel generate increased revenue at an attractive cost of sale. Open a world of new booking and revenue opportunities. Learn more

SumUp Launches End-To-End Product Package For Quick-Service Businesses The quick-service package from SumUp includes a range of solutions for coffee counters, takeaways and everything in between—all at a discounted price. Kitting out your business with tools that support your staff and satisfy your customers improves the flow of your venue. SumUp is launching an all-in-one setup for quick-service businesses that transforms how these businesses operate. The quick-service package includes a range of SumUp solutions with savings on hardware, software, transaction fees and more. Each included product optimises a different customer or staff touchpoint, simplifying orders and payments, reducing queues and relieving staff—especially during those busy periods. Point of Sale Pro One POS solution for all of your daily tasks. SumUp Kiosk Customers order and pay freely, while your team focuses on the food. Solo card reader Never miss a sale with reliable payment acceptance. Kitchen display screen Give your kitchen staff the boost they deserve. Point of Sale Pro, SumUp’s most extensive POS solution, is the central hub within this package. Made up of easy-to-use hardware and software, staff can take orders, accept payments and make important changes in a few clicks.

The POS system provides valuable insights through data and reports, and is integrated with tools like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Xero—ensuring businesses have everything they need in one place. Orders can also be accepted via SumUp Kiosk, a self-service terminal where customers order themselves—reducing queues by up to 50%. The kiosk suggests add-ons to customers at checkout, potentially upselling on every order. When it comes to payments, kiosks have an integrated card reader so customers can pay right away. The package also includes a Solo card reader, which can be used to accept flexible payments with POS Pro. All orders—including those from delivery apps—are synced with the kitchen display screen, a separate display that supports staff by organising orders on-screen in real time. With these solutions, SumUp provides an ecosystem of tools that work seamlessly together at an accessible cost. All of these individual products can now be purchased as the quick-service package, priced at £599 (instead of £1,929). Software costs are reduced to £59 per month (instead of £118) and card reader transaction fees are discounted to 0.99%. These fees are guaranteed to never be increased. Businesses can access their daily earnings made via SumUp the next day at 7am—even on holidays and weekends. See the advert on the facing page for details.


Kitchen Equipment and Fit-Out

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Dec '23/Jan '24

South Coast Catering Equipment Ltd If you are a Chef, Restaurateur, Hotelier or Entrepreneur, we have the experience and expertise to help with Feasibility Studies and the Design and Installation of all your Catering Requirements

South Coast Catering Equipment Ltd a family business was formed in 1970 and is now in its 53rd year. To trade for over half a century through three recessions is a remarkable achievement and founder Mike Barnes says it’s down to giving reliable service at competitive prices. Our engineers are on call 365 days a year, and it is with great pride that the company has held the service contract with East & West Sussex County Council School meals division for 48 years. Our customers range from large hotel groups, a wide variety of high profile clients, restaurants, small cafes, schools and care homes. The areas which we cover are East & West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and even as far as the Channel Islands. 2020 proved to be a difficult year, but we maintained our presence and our service division was busy throughout the whole of lockdown. Our design office with our New Cad System can provide a design layout very quickly, and when service drawings are provided it means our clients can obtain correct quotations with each company tendering quotes like for like. This in turn means the client gets the correct price and the equipment as specified on the design drawing. We are main distributors for New Equipment Including Rational, Falcon, Lincat, Williams and Foster Refrigeration. We also produce Extract Ventilation Systems and purposed manufactured stainless-steel tables & sinks. Our engineers are fully trained on all this

equipment. In the year 2020 we set up our ‘New Factory – SCCE 36 Station Road ‘producing refurbished equipment. There are over 300 items of refurbished heavy duty catering equipment at our showroom in Hailsham and it has proved very popular with our customers who are on a fixed budget, as in many cases there can be savings of over 70%. Many of our customers mix new and refurbished equipment in their kitchens and because we offer a guarantee and service back up, this is enjoyed by many of them. Tel: 01323 444530

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising Tel: 01323 444530

Established 1970

SOUTH COAST CATERING EQUIPMENT LTD Sales, Service, Design and Installation of Commercial Catering Equipment

Commercial House, Units 4 & 5 Apex Park, Diplocks Way, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 3JU |

THE LARGEST SELECTION OF GUARANTEED REFURBISHED CATERING EQUIPMENT IN THE SOUTH Gas & Electric Combi Ovens, Gas & Electric Ranges, Fryers, Chargrills, Griddles, Glasswashers, Pizza Ovens, Pasta Boilers, Stainless Steel Tables, Stainless Steel Sinks, Dishwashers, Coffee Machines, Gas & Electric Grills, Hobart 20 QT Mixers, Microwave Ovens, Tea Boilers, Freezers, Refrigerators, Display Serve Over Refrigerators, Refrigerated Multi-Decks, Slicers, Potato Peelers.


We also supply and design complete new kitchens including extract ventilation canopies

Kitchen Equipment and Fit-Out

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Blast Chilling Is Best When It’s Fast Chilling Nationwide Equipment Training Williams Refrigeration has released a new versions of its reach in blast chillers and blast chiller/freezers which provide significant improvements over previous models. Blast chilling is a key process for cook chill systems, allowing businesses to safely chill and store food in batches before regeneration is required. The new models ensure chilling food safety regulations are followed by rapidly chilling food from +90°C through the danger zone where harmful bacteria can grow, to a safe storage temperature. The range now uses natural hydrocarbon refrigerant which has low Global Warming Potential and zero Ozone Depletion Potential. As the charge is less than 150g it falls beneath the threshold for hydrocarbon equipment, which means there’s no need for costly insurance or zone control and allows it to be installed directly on a cookline. Chilling and freezing times have been reduced compared to previous models, while a powerful food probe sensor can save energy by stopping the cycle as soon as the food reaches the required temperature. The probe can be stored away helping to avoid damage when not in use. A powerful self-regulating system protects the compressors while cooked food is being loaded by cooling down the system before the program cycle is activated. While some manufacturers promote a maximum capacity for their blast chiller/freezers, this is often smaller for freezing than it is for

On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd supply temporary kitchen units, catering equipment and refrigeration solutions across the UK, Europe and occasionally worldwide. Supplying to a variety of industries from events and festivals to the hospitality sector, fast food companies and many more. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have a fastpaced, hard-working team with an infrastructure of assets and resources to find the best solutions for all types of catering and foodservice requirements. We are a supplier with a proven track record and a long list of completed installations with a wide and varied number of satisfied

chilling. However, Williams blast chillers have the same capacity regardless of whether it is being used to freeze or chill. The overall design has been improved, with a sleek new door and the popular, easy to use Williams EasyBlast (WEB) controller. A simple 1-2-3 interface makes it easy for staff to program the cycle, while a clear digital display shows the elapsed time and the food probe temperature. The door can be configured to be either right or left hand hung. A full-length integral door handle provides an easy to use, non-slip grab that is designed to be easy to clean, with no potential dirt traps. The reduction in chilling and freezing times helps to deliver significant savings in energy compared with previous models. Efficiency is further improved by the 75mm high density polyurethane insulation which helps to maintain operating temperature in ambient conditions up to 43°C. Williams blast chiller and chiller/freezer ranges are available in both reach in and roll in models in a variety of capacities. Its new range of reach in models are available from the compact 10kg undercounter unit up to 50kg cabinets while roll in models start from 70kg capacity up to 320kg. Williams Refrigeration offers a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration including gastronorm cabinets and counters, specialist bakery equipment, coldrooms, multidecks and blast chillers. To learn more about Williams extensive product range visit clients from local businesses to major international names. Our recipe for success is based on keeping things simple. We believe that all our contracts have been gained because we listen and advise on what's right for the client. All our customers are very different with differing priorities. However all have a few things in common, such as government regulations, hygiene restrictions and probably just as difficult to please, professional chefs and catering managers. We pride ourselves on meeting every client's specific requirements. Each of our kitchen installations is a bespoke solution designed around your needs. 01253 863305

At Nationwide Equipment Training, we're qualified, accredited consultants specialising in catering equipment training. Based in Staffordshire, we cover the whole of the United Kingdom and have over 60 years of industry experience. We deliver training on all types of catering equipment from a range of manufacturers and suppliers. We take pride in our ability to offer the highest standard of catering equipment training for businesses across the country.

WHY CHOOSE US? • We specialise in commercial catering equipment training • Full UK coverage • Reactive to short notice requests The services we offer can be used on an ad-hoc or continuous basis, depending on the needs of your business. We provide individual and/or package requests and support for your existing team(s). We deliver the information so that it is easily understood by the end user, we have the skills to assess what learning style is best. We ask the right questions to ensure that the information provided, or the processes demonstrated have been fully understood.

REFRESHER TRAINING: Refresher training is hugely beneficial, ensuring that colleagues are kept up to date and routines and processes are embedded. Over time colleagues may start to take shortcuts, when this happens, it is usually detrimental to their equipment,

their customers, and their due diligence defence. This may result in an avoidable cost to your business. Bad practices in almost every case will cost your business money.

WHAT WE CAN OFFER: • Provision of on-site equipment training (suitable as a 1-2-1 or group sessions) • Able to support equipment roll outs across the whole of the UK • Able to provide ad hoc training requests • Able to support your existing training team during times of greater demand, sickness, maternity etc • Offer training days (suitable for end of project new builds or refurbishments) to include facilitating the training day, delivering training and coordinating supplier attendance Your training can be covered with our flexible approach to training. Contact Nationwide Equipment Training


NATIONWIDE EQUIPMENT TRAINING LTD Supplying kitchens to the Pub and Restaurant Industry

For all your catering equipment training needs We are accredited consultants specialising in catering equipment training with full UK coverage and over 60 years of industry experience.

• Equipment hire for breakdown appliances. • Kitchen hire for planned refurbishments. • Kiosk hire for additional revenue. • Cold-room hire for additional space or breakdown.

01253 863305

You might need us one day.

Telegraph House 59 Wolverhampton Road Stafford Staffordshire ST17 4AW


Phone: 07957 938243 Web:


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Blue Seal Fryers and Oil Filtration By David Chesshire, National Accounts Manager, Blue Seal (

At Impact Hygiene we specialise in all cleaning services related to commercial kitchen cleaning, including kitchen deep cleans, the canopy, filters, and extract duct.

We also clean air handling units, and building ventilation systems. We work to tr19 guideliness and our teams are fully qualified.

For a free no obligation quote call Hannah on 0161 274 9572 or email

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Evolution Fryers and Filter Units

The Premium Fryer and Burner System The ultimate solution for any catering establishment, perfect for pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes and much more.

Operators should consider when purchasing a fryer and their oil, the oil capacity against production rate, burner efficiency and recovery rate, as well as a true cool zone in gas fryers to help prolong the oil life. Blue Seal V ray Gas Fryers are our premium fryer and burner system, which come at a higher price compared to some competitors’ gas models. However the fuel efficiency, cost saving, performance and stainless steel high build quality far out way the additional initial cost to the operator. Blue Seal produce high performance thermostatic controlled gas & electric fryers. Our Evolution range gas fryers GT60, GT46 & GT45 have a premium feature benefit of all using our patented “V’Ray” burner system. This system uses infra-red technology radiating the heat into the tank, only heating the area of oil the baskets are sitting in. This promotes incredibly fast recovery rates, high efficiency for limited fuel consumption provides a true cool zone in conjunction with the specially shaped tank. The true cool zone prevents crumb and food debris that drops below the

batter plates from continuous cooking and carbonising, which in turn helps prevent the degrading of oil quality. This all achieves considerable cost saving for the operator with fuel and oil, as well as time efficiency, producing the finished products. Blue Seal also offer an additional Filtration units that give a fantastic solution to improving oil life, have great mobility and space saving features as well as powerful pumps & full stainless steel construction. Moisture, fatty acids and food residue contaminate cooking oil, spoiling fried food taste and causing the oil to smoke. Blue Seal Filtamax removes impurities, quickly and effectively, maintaining consistent high cooking quality and considerable extension of oil life. The Carbon Pads remove sub-micron particles down to 0.5 microns – this is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand. Daily filtering of fryer oil using carbon filters can massively increase the life span of the oil creating large cost savings and create more consistent finish and taste to the food product.

There are significant advantages offered by the New DrainMajor C (Combi Oven Pump) manufactured by Pump Technology Ltd. The pump features a tank with its clear side window was the large, triangular, low-level float attached to the pump by a rigid arm, external to the pump casing. Because of the design of this float system the unit can cope with an exceptional quantity of grease, fat and food particles before the reliable start/stop operation of the pump is affected. The triangular low-level float also means that inlet heights can be just 70mm from base to centreline, giving the appropriate inlet requirement for wall or central island Combi Ovens. The build quality of the submersible wastewater

pump was also a discussion point, with the mechanical shaft seal arrangement between pump impeller and motor winding generally agreed as an advantage over a common lip seal/diaphragm arrangement, especially considering the hot wastewater temperatures and potential grease which these units have to handle. It can be connected to multiple ovens or oven and sink combinations. Also, multiple inlet connections can be cut onsite directly into the rigid Polyethylene tank without the need to manifold inlets outside of the tank and then feed into it via a single inlet. This means that the installation footprint is just the size of the compact tank and potential leaks from knocked manifold piping and joints are eliminated. It looks like the New DrainMinor C is a real winner!

The New DrainMinor C (Combi Oven Pump)


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Gamechanger: Winterhalter’s New High Volume Conveyor Dishwashers as extra wash zones, allow the machine to be tailored exactly to individual requirements. If new wash items are added that are difficult to dry, due to their shape or material, the MT can be retrofitted with additional drying units. In addition, Winterhalter offers neutral zones that mean the MT can accept extra-large wash items, such as crates or containers. The neutral zones do this by extending the draining distance between zones. They also enhance the machine’s performance.

Winterhalter has launched new versions of its MT (Multi Tank) high volume conveyor dishwasher systems. The company says these MTs set new benchmarks in terms of performance, sustainability and adaptability. Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK, believes the new MTs are a ‘gamechanger’ that will help designers and operators meet the demands placed on commercial kitchens today. “Functional and energy efficient technology, clever spatial planning, economical operating processes, ease of use and maximum hygiene safety – the MTs deliver in all these key areas,” he says. There are two models of MT conveyor systems. They are the MTF flight machines, where dirties are loaded directly onto the conveyor, and the MTR rack machines, which use racks to carry the ware. The MT’s high performance washing system produces first class results while the superior, multi-filtration process minimises running costs, by lowering water use and thus reducing the energy needed to heat it. MT systems have a huge washing capacity – the largest MTF can handle 8,000 plates per hour, while the equivalent MTR has a capacity of 355 racks per hour. As well as cleaning efficiently, the ‘air knife’ and standard drying zones deliver optimised drying results, so that ware can be handled efficiently and quickly after the wash. The new MT is based around a versatile modular system that allows machines to be configured to very precise specifications – so that it can be constructed to exactly match the application, and designed to match the shape and size of the room it is intended for. The basic structure of the machine consists of the pre-wash, main wash and rinse zones, plus an inlet zone, positioned upstream, and loading and unloading zones. Additional zones, such


Fridge Seals Direct Fridge Seals Direct proud to be UK's no1 supplier of replacement fridge and freezer seals. We fabricate for a wide variety of commercial fridge & freezers. The management team at Fridge Seals Direct have over 30 years of experience in the refrigeration industry and have each spent many of those years installing gaskets and hardware for a range of styles, brands and sizes of fridges. From restaurant kitchens to food warehouses - we

have experience in dealing with fridge & freezers of all sizes and scales. To learn more about fridge seals, be sure to explore our range of extensive guides on how to replace a refrigerator door seals. Otherwise, find your specific guides in how to identify, measure, install or maintain your fridge or freezer door seal. Our reputation in the industry along with our commitment to providing a high-quality gasket without having to buy from the factory allows us to have competitive pricing and fast turnaround time. Try us out, order your door gaskets from us and discover a better way to do business. We are here to help you.

• Be ready for your inspections • Damaged fridge seals are unhygienic • Make your fridge more energy efficient with a good seal on your fridge • We provide custom seals for cold rooms, discontinued models, and units with no identification information • Next-day delivery service • Discounted prices on large orders

WhatsApp, phone, and email support


The adaptability doesn’t stop there – the MT can be modified if business requirements change. For example, extra wash zones can be retrofitted to increase capacity. Sustainability is at the heart of the new MT, with a variety of features and options to minimise both environmental impact and running costs. Typical are the heat pumps and exchangers that not only recycle the energy from waste water and water vapour, but also minimise the heat and steam emitted by the machine, enhancing the work environment and reducing the workload on the ventilation system. List prices for the new MT start from around £51,000. Winterhalter provides a total solution for dishwashing and glasswashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance, with sustainability fitted as standard. Alongside its market-leading dish washers and glass washers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, and cleaning detergents and rinse aids. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, visit or email

Caterquip Ventilation Caterquip Ventilation Ltd is proud to be celebrating their 23rd Anniversary this year. This Warwick based company offers nationwide coverage for all your commercial catering needs: free site surveys, quotations and designs (CAD), quality bespoke and standard fabrications, specialist knowledge of catering ventilation systems including input air, odour reduction (carbon filtration and ESP) and sound attenuation. Affiliated members of Constructionline and CHAS, Caterquip Ventilation have a strong hold in the marketplace often advising industry professionals on ventilation systems to a DW172 specification & BSEN:6173. They have strong relationships with all leading kitchen

equipment suppliers, and they offer a kitchen design service to help you build your ideal kitchen. Projects undertaken have included Olympic Villages, Basildon Hospital, The Mitre Hotel at Hampton Court, The Truck Stop at Anglesey, The Lodge at Old Hunstanton, Colleges, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants and Public Houses. They ensure their systems are compliant with the current guidelines whilst maintaining an efficient and dynamic facility. With extensive knowledge of manufacturing and installing ventilation systems, they can help you design the best kitchen within the space available. Call: 01926 887167, visit:, email:

Design & Refit

Do You Need a FAST, Easy-Fit Washroom Upgrade? RapidFit by Rearo is an instant solution for washroom surfaces. Designed to accommodate time-constrained commercial washroom projects, Rearo’s ‘off-the-shelf’ RapidFit range is the perfect, fast solution for projects requiring toilet cubicles or vanity units. Washroom design plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your company branding and can have a lasting impression on visitors – that’s why Rearo offers a dedicated core range of nine high-pressure laminate décors within the commercial washrooms range. The RapidFit finishes were hand selected by the Rearo design team, with colours and textures chosen to ensure compliance with The Equality Act and future-proofed for a minimum of three years. The colour choices take into consideration the needs of people with disabilities, including visual impairment, by ensuring neighbouring expanses of colour, such as walls and doors, are distinguishable by using contrasting colours. Particularly popular within the hospitality sector, RapidFit washrooms are ideal for pubs restaurants and hotels.

RapidFit toilet cubicles, vanities, and IPS are available in either an MR MFC or Compact Grade Core. Supported by a five-year manufacturer guarantee, MR MFC is ideal for light to medium-traffic spaces. For higher traffic areas requiring a little added durability, choose the RapidFit Impact range. Completely water resistant, this solid-grade laminate core is ideal for humid and wet environments and backed by a comprehensive ten-year guarantee. Cubicles are supplied as a flat pack, ready for a quick and easy installation and all RapidFit components are available to buy individually to offer a variety of installation possibilities. Matching IPS can be made to order in only 3-4 weeks. Ask your fitter/joinery/plumbing contractor or architect to get in touch for free sample packs and design and specification assistance. Or, order your RapidFit washroom now. 0141 440 0800

Just Artificial - Plants • Trees • Flowers

Established in 2004, Just Artificial have many years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality artificial plants, trees, silk flowers and related accessories, which we offer at competitive prices. We have a range of fantastic options which will set your space apart from the rest, allowing you to create an indoor Eden. Our products are highly realistic, durable, and designed with particular care and attention by our master craftsmen, all of whom are experts in their field. Our range is always growing, supporting current modern trends as well as traditional needs, for indoor and outdoor use, tailored to complement any business. We offer a complete product range including silk flowers, floral arrangements, artificial

plants, trees (even palm trees), topiary, exotics, plant and tree displays, hedges, fruit, hanging baskets, ivy garlands and other foliage, synthetic lawn grass and astroturf, planters, pot pourri, organza ribbon, decorative butterflies, essential oils, oasis foam, metal wall art, and Christmas supplies. Whatever your choice, we have the design experience and the tools to make your space stand out. Whatever the case, we have the perfect solution for your décor – one which will transform your space into something extraordinary. Contact (01524) 858888, or visit

Artificial Plants & Trees for Businesses

At Just Artificial, we work with interior designers, decorators, set dressers, architects and more to set your premises apart from the rest. Our artificial plants, flowers, and trees are highly realistic to look and touch, as well as being durable and attractive.

Our master craftsmen construct each one with painstaking care and attention to create an exceptionally ‘real’ artificial flower, and we offer bespoke solutions to suit the needs of your space, business and tastes.

(01524) 858888

Dec '23/Jan '24

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CLH News

Dec '23/Jan '24

Design and Refit

How to Weather-Proof Your Trade

Many hospitality establishments found their trade impacted by unpredictable weather conditions in 2023. This has led to more businesses looking into how they can make themselves less weather reliant. Woodberry are sharing some top tips on weather-proofing your trade so that you feel confident in welcoming customers rain or shine!

Invest In a High-Quality Shelter Investing in a high-quality shelter that meets all your customer’s needs is a great way to encourage them into your space, even if it’s dark and raining. Investing in a shelter will give your customers as a warm, dry and atmospheric space to sit all year round. Your shelter can also be used for holding events or hiring out for parties which offers you another way to bring in profit during quieter times.

Set the Atmosphere The atmosphere of your establishment will help people decide if your space is the right one for them. During the warmer months you may want to bring in brighter colours and faux plants to create a relaxed but fun envi-

ronment. You might also want to consider string lights and patio heaters as people stay outside longer. In the winter however, it is a good idea to provide throw pillows, blankets and mood lighting to create a cosy atmosphere.

Use Indoor-Outdoor Furniture Indoor-outdoor furniture offers you an extra element of flexibility so you can easily move the chairs in or out depending on your customer’s needs. A lot of commercial indoor-outdoor furniture is light weight, stackable and easy to store which also makes it an ideal investment for establishments that occasionally hosts events. Woodberry offer a wide range of outdoor shelters that can be tailored to your needs and furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Call our friendly team for any advice on which outdoor shelter is best for you. 01928 889922 See the advert on the back cover of this issue.

It's Not Time To Sit Down Yet

Well at the end of a busy night it is, and for your hard-working customers it's essential that they have something welcoming, comfy, and attractive to rest their weary bones. Investing in new seating for your premises during unclear financial times can be a tough decision, but with small new bars, restaurants, cafes, and fast food establishments opening all the time, and with new trends appearing, it might be exactly what you need to either attract a new crowd or keep existing customers. We can either work with you to come up with designs for your seating or take ideas from your interior designer and build your dreams efficiently, effectively, and on time within budget.

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ABOUT DRAKES BAR FURNITURE Drakes have been providing bars, pubs, restaurants,

cafes, clubs, and hotels with high-quality furniture and fixtures for decades. We employ over 15 joiners, upholsterers, polishers and designers who are capable of installing fixed seating and bespoke joinery, new bars and full refurbishments, or simply making stools for the front of the bar, or providing quality tables that last. Our dedicated team are either timeserved officially trained craftsmen or externally based professionals. Got you interested? Let us give you a free quote or ask for professional advice. We are available for a chat Monday – Thursday: 9.00 am > 4.00 pm and Friday: 9.00 am > 12.00 pm on 01422 839 690. If you prefer, email us at, and of course please visit our website to see some of our range and past work. We are also available on Facebook and Instagram, so give us a follow!

Design and Refit

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Battling Staff Shortages? Here’s How A Service Lift May Help

By Mark Chapman, General Manager, Stannah Microlifts Staff shortages have been a challenge for British hospitality businesses, with data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showing a 56% increase in staff shortages in the accommodation and food service sector compared to pre-pandemic levels. To tackle this issue, businesses have had to turn to technology to ensure they can operate efficiently with fewer staff members. One option that can be easily implemented is the addition of service lifts to business premises. These lifts can move items like food, beverages, laundry, and luggage more efficiently between floors, reducing the manual time and effort required for tasks. This can help businesses run smoothly even with smaller teams, preventing waiting times from becoming unacceptable for customers. Service lifts like the Microlift or Trolley lift can also reduce the risk of injury for staff and improve staff wellbeing by reducing physical strain, making the workplace more inclusive for those with disabilities or mobility

Mayfair Furniture Mayfair Furniture will be celebrating 11 years this year of providing the UK’s fastest and affordable commercial furniture. Supplying all kinds of establishments from high end hotel chains to small local takeaways. We keep in stock a huge variety of items ready for immediate dispatch, and can fulfil a wide range of bespoke orders. We deliver to all areas of the UK, Ireland & Europe. We are not just a supplier; we understand that from time to time hospitality and leisure establishments like to give themselves a fresh new look. That's why not only do we supply contract furniture, but when it's time for your establishment to go through a refur-

issues. Many business owners may be under the impression that a service lift is expensive and disruptive to install, but this is often not the case at all. Microlifts from Stannah are compact, structure-supported and quick and easy to install. These reliable and hard-wearing products are designed for operation 24/7, 365 days a year, supported by regular service visits from our expert local engineers. So even when staff shortages bite, great service can still be provided to your customers - without the heavy lifting. With a durable and reliable Stannah lift sharing the load, your staff will be well-protected every day and able to do more than ever before. As manual handling is such a risky business, Stannah has compiled a comprehensive Manual Handling Guide detailing how business owners can reduce the risks of staff injury and prevent further shortages due to injury. For more information visit:

bishment we also offer a complete clearance service. We'll organise everything from a suitable time and date, professional clearance staff to remove contract furniture whether fitted or unfitted. Along with our sister company Caterfair who provides commercial catering equipment for your kitchens we are the ideal people to speak to when you are looking to refurbish. 01733 310115

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Design and Refit

Get Ready For a Golden Year of Sport in 2024 With Euro 2024 kicking off in Germany on June 14th and the ICC T20 World Cup and the Olympics and Paralympics also taking place next summer, 2024 is set to be a fantastic year of sport. With popular annual fixtures on the sporting calendar such as the Six Nations Championship, the Premier League and the FA Cup also going on, there’s never been a better time to show the big event in your venue. Trent Furniture supply a great range of stylish, contractgrade furniture, perfect for giving everyone the best possible view during the big match and for enjoying food and drinks long after the final whistle has blown. Stacking chairs are a must when planning for the extra footfall that big sporting events bring. Trent Furniture’s Monaco Stacking Chair is the perfect solution for overflow seating to accommodate sports fans in comfort. Available in a range of wicker, aluminum or wood finishes, this hardworking chair is suitable for indoor or out-

door use and pairs perfectly with the big screen in your bar or beer garden. At quieter times, or in the winter months, it’s easy to stack away. Poseur tables are a great way to offer your customers a place to congregate and rest their drinks as they concentrate on the action on screen. The simple modern design of Trent’s Chrome Pyramid Poseur Table makes it a firm favourite, while the Single Dolphin Poseur Table is the perfect choice for any traditional British pub interior. Trent also supply a great range of tall bar stools, from the modern Tall Boston Bar Stool to the traditional charm of the Tall Captains Bar Chair. Please call us on 0116 2989 927 or visit

In 2023 the Contract Furniture Group created a Refresh, Rejuvenate and Refurbish service to offer pubs, bars, restaurants, bistros and hotels a way of reinvigorating hospitality spaces that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Our dedicated UK furniture refurbishment facility means we can deliver an end-to-end service that means logistics, disposal of irreparable items, reparations and replacement of tables, chairs and a host of other types of furnishings can all be taken care of quickly and

simply. Throughout the year, our collaboration with household names like Harvester and Pizza Express have marked a series of triumphs in nationwide initiatives. A recent highlight was our engagement with The Barn in Chichester, where Harvester’s ongoing efforts to revitalise its existing sites and commitment to sustainability came to the forefront of the program. Beyond elevating guest experiences, Harvester prioritises environmental considerations by implementing a refreshing approach. Instead of replacing worn furniture with new, the brand has embraced a conscious strategy of refurbishing existing pieces. These furnishings are expertly handled by our skilled team, where frames underwent rejuvenation and reupholstering, returning them to their original integrity and aesthetics. This enhancement strategy not only reduces waste but also minimises environmental impact, underscoring Harvester’s dedication to ecofriendly practices. Beyond the sustainability benefits, this approach enables Harvester to maintain a consistent visual identity and safeguard the distinctive character of its establishments. Visit our website –

Cost Effective Care from the Contract Furniture Group

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New Stock Chair Ranges from ILF email

With the continuing success of the ILF Chairs website, 2023 has seen an increase in their STOCK chairs to 11 ranges available in different Faux and Velvet upholstery and selection of frame colours, plus a 12 colour STOCK range of Egger laminated 25mm table tops in a selection of sizes and colour finishes. A full range of table bases in metal and stainless steel are also kept in STOCK. In addition, ILF now also have a comprehensive range of STOCK outdoor seating and tables to suit all budgets plus real wood table tops and real wood table bases for indoor use. More STOCK ranges coming soon please check the website. Their online website offers both indoor and outdoor

seating and table solutions. Divided into Contemporary seating, Boutique, Lounge Seating, Period Seating, Outdoor seating and tables plus Indoor Dining & Coffee height wood tables, creating a great selection of products to view at your leisure. Most made to order indoor seating and indoor wooden table bases and tops can be finished to any customer specification. Outdoor items offer a variety of colours within the same product style. Enquiries can be sent to ILF directly from the website and they will reply within 24 hours. ILF hope you will enjoy the experience of viewing their easy to navigate website and they look forward to helping clients get the best products for their hospitality site.

Increase Your Revenue with a Commercial Shading Solution The battle for customers is tougher than ever, but with recent research suggesting 40% find the pub garden their Ultimate Happy Place, now is the time to make the most of your outdoor space and turn it into a haven for customers and a true talking point. Whether it’s covering a terrace bar, expanding your seating area or providing a truly unique standalone outdoor experience, our commercial awnings and Louvred roof systems can create a unique feature for your business and add not just a significant WOW factor, but an area to be used again and again. At Roché we offer award-winning retractable wallmounted and freestanding awnings from leading German manufacturers Markilux and Weinor, as well as the stunning Louvred Roof systems from both Renson and Weinor. Our team of experts have over 20 years’ experience in advising businesses on the right shading solution to suit a variety of outdoor spaces, and can help you maximise potential revenue by increasing usable floorspace, both kerbside and in

any garden areas you may have. All our products are made-tomeasure and completely customisable to meet your exact requirements, with powder coated frames in a range of RAL colours and hundreds of weather-resistant fabrics to choose from. Take advantage of accessories such as lights and infa-red heaters to create a desirable location for customers to relax and be comfortable while they enjoy evening meals or drinks. For an added wow-factor you can add signwriting to help reinforce your brand and drive people into your premises who may have otherwise walked by without noticing. Our teams of engineers and surveyors are based nationwide and use their experience to ensure each installation is completed to an extremely high standard. Call us on 0800 060 8844 to arrange a free site survey or visit

Dec '23/Jan '24

CLH News



CLH News

Dec '23/Jan '24

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Best Practice Property Disposal

to the sale. This might involve securing business rates rebates, or overseeing maintenance and repair obligations, licensing and regulatory requirements.

Determining the best marketing price is also impacted by the owner’s priorities in terms of timing: some will opt for a quick sale as an opportunity to move on, whereas others will decide to hold out for the best price or a potential uptake in demand. An understanding of the market is crucial, and so we would always recommend that when any By Paul Johnson, Head of Corporate Sales at Leaders Romans Group (LRG) ( property valuation is by an RICS qualified valuer. Understandably a concern about selling is that the chain may break and all progress will be lost. So bear in mind Hospitality was the sector most affected by the pandemic and many businesses were that there are companies which provide a guaranteed sale. Although full market value is not necessarily achieved, forced to take out loans to continue. In many cases, consistently rising interest rates many offer an additional payment if they are able to sell within a defined time or price bracket. have compounded that debt. PWC’s Hotels Forecast 2022 – 2023 precited that real terms growth is likely to fall by -0.6% to -9.4% for all UK regions except London, due to continued volatility of trading conditions and rising operational costs. Many hotel and catering businesses are being repurposed or restructured. Faced with a rapidly changing landscape and a variety of potential scenarios, some of which may be unfamiliar, it is important that business owners with substantial property assets consider the variety of options carefully to gain maximum return. Our Corporate Sales division advises on options for property disposal – and options to avoid it where possible. This takes into account timeframes, adversity to risk and


REVIEW THE OPTIONS A viability study is the first step. This involves ascertaining current market values, proposed disposal options and understanding the demographics of best target market and future investment values/yields. A valuation will determine whether any sale should be structured as a portfolio investment, or marketed as individual assets. Many larger hotels will have the potential to be sold as separate businesses – for example, a health spa may be sold separately, retaining the central services of the hotel as a business in its own right. External factors and changing propensity to risk as the situation evolves will invariably impact on these decisions and, economic circumstances may change – so reviews are best revisited regularly.

EQUITY RELEASE THROUGH PROPERTY / PROPERTY SALE If a sale is considered the best route, the price achieved can be considerably increased if the asset is stabilised prior

Great Potential for Hotels in 2024 We, at Sidney Phillips, are currently experiencing high demand for licensed properties - in particular those providing accommodation, despite the present state of the economy. Interest rates have consecutively risen for 14 months up to the current rate of 5.25%, which is the highest in 15 years. With increasing interest rates we would expect the market to suffer, with less investment in commercial property, however, there has not been a notable fall in either demand or prices for our listings. Commercial property remains so resilient because it is versatile to changes in the market. This has been proven following the pandemic, despite the rise in the cost of living. The adaptability of this type of property remains a key strength as owners can easily adapt their business’s use and purpose to changes in customer demand. An example of this is the increasing number of gastropubs appearing as customers want good quality food at good prices, in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Furthermore, with typically longer-term leases than residential property, freehold owners are provided with committed tenants, ensuring increased financial security with a stable and greater income. This enables higher rent than residential property fuelled by the opportunity for tenants to make profits. In this way, commercial properties can sustain appreciation of long-term value and have healthy cash flow positions, making them less reactive to the increasing interest rates we see now. The industry continues to draw in first-time buyers, particularly those with management or chef experience seeking their own ventures. Currently we are seeing a particular interest in hotels and properties with letting bedrooms,




Manageable Character Café & Tearoom

Landmark Inn With 16 Letting Rooms

Desirable & Vibrant Location

Tearoom (22), Catering Kitchen

Bar & Restaurant 82+, Kitchens

42 Seats Inside, 18 Seats Outside

2/3 Bedroom Owner’s Apartment

Owner’s Apartment, Car Park

First Class Purpose Fitted Unit

Easy Daytime Hours, 5 Days A Week

Free Of Tie Leasehold

New Free Of Tie Lease Available

Tremendous Potential

Impressive & Profitable Business

LH £39,950


LH £69,950





Stunning Country Village Inn

Free Of Tie Village Pub/Restaurant

Impressive Waterside Restaurant

3 High Quality Letting Rooms

Stunning & Profitable Business

Extremely Profitable Business

Character Trade Areas 64+

Impressive Bar & Dining Areas 94+

Restaurant 32+, Catering Kitchens

External Seating 98+ & Parking

Gardens, Parking, Owners Accom.

2/3 Bed Family Sized Apartment

New Free Of Tie Lease Opportunity

Excellent Reputation & Reviews

Town Centre With Stunning Views



LH £45,000


LH £125,000





Coastal Town Licensed Restaurant

Stunning Country Inn & Restaurant

Lucrative Letting Business & Home

Spacious 2 Bedroom Apartment

3 E/S Letting Rooms, 2 Bed Owners

Set In 14 Acres With Stables

Trading Just 8 Months Of The Year

Bar & Restaurant Areas 82+

Spacious 6 Bedroom Owner’s Home

Exceptional Business Opportunity

Commercial Kitchens, Gardens 40+

7 Individual Letting Properties

Potential To Develop Business

Impressive Multi-Faceted Business

Idyllic Lifestyle Business

LH £79,995


FH £525,000


Another planning route is change of use. Change from commercial to residential may result in a much more favourable price being achieved. Alternatively it might return the asset to a more viable position and provide a new income stream for the existing owner. Change of use can now be achieved through permitted development rights. Amendments to planning legislation were introduced during Covid specifically to help struggling businesses. Class E was created to assimilate a number of previously separate planning use classes (shops, financial and professional services, food and drink; office space; clinics, health centres, creches, day nurseries, and day centres; gyms and most indoor recreations, and research and development or light industrial town centre use). This enables those individual uses to be changed, providing they remain within Class E, without the need for a full planning application. In 2021 legislation enabled a Class E building to be changed to residential use, again without the need of a planning application (providing certain conditions are met). So a restaurant or hotel can be changed into a home with a relatively straightforward planning process.

LEASEHOLD ARRANGEMENTS Finally, whether the use of the building changes or remains, there may be tenants in place. A property consultancy can negotiate new leases and tenancy agreements as necessary, protecting the interests of both parties and ensuring minimal disruption. It is important to note that existing leases can impact substantially on viability, and so a review of leases is a necessity. The same applies to any outstanding rent or other debts. Selling a business or a property asset can be difficult for anyone, and so its important to get the right advice, from the strategic overview, to the detail of the sale. especially in rural and semi-rural areas as buyers can profit from surrounding affluent villages. In the present economic market, there are numerous reasons for this increase in interest from vendors as the segment experiences huge consumer demand for British hospitality. Following the pandemic, the hotel industry showed its durability with its fast recovery and demand levels remained consistent throughout. The resumption of business travel, weddings, and leisure travel has continued to boost demand for inns and hotels. Freehouses have a unique opportunity to diversify by providing letting rooms to benefit from more income security. Tenants can alter room rates to provide protection from rising inflation as they can be adjusted each day. Again, being flexible as a commercial property, hotels can adapt through branding and a change in management to encourage demand and ensure profit. 2024 hopes to bring even more positive news for the commercial property market where we expect to see a continued rise in the rental market for public houses and for free of tie leases. As well as further demand for properties with accommodation, including hotels, properties with rooms to let, campsites, and guest houses. Call 01981 250333 for more information or visit

Why Use a Specialist Hospitality Consultant? With over 30 years of industry experience in the Hospitality sector, The Bowden Group’s Managing Consultant David Hunter will work with you to address the following elements: Profitability, Operational Strategy, Staff Management, Marketing and The Future of your business.

Licensed Restaurant & Bar


Depending on timing and resources, there is considerable value in investing to increase the value of a hotel. For example, if a hotel has substantial grounds, this might involve seeking planning consent for additional buildings.

Answer: because we can help your business to succeed.


LH £35,000



DUCHY LH £995,000


01392 201262

Controls, Purchasing, and controlling Variable Costs are just a few of the other areas that David Hunter, your Restaurant Consultant, will work on with you, and improve with you.

MANAGING PEOPLE Managing people brings with it a whole set of new skills that are now needed more than ever. From ‘’Managing the Managers’’ through to Service and Kitchen staff, your team needs careful and skilful Management, Motivation, guidance and Development.



Our experts will analyse your entire operation and also its key operating figures if they are available. We then help you to identify strategies to manage costs and overheads associated with the core Profitability of running a Hospitality business. The largest overhead, even higher than Cost of Sales, is the Labour cost, so, with detailed analysis of your wages and being able to understand ‘’the way your business actually works’’ we can ensure that you are maximising the labour usage in your business. Budgeting, Forecasting, Menu Management, Stock

We will help you build a workable, planned Marketing Strategy. From Digital Marketing, such as Social Media marketing, Websites, eMail Marketing and online advertising, to print design, Promotions and offline advertising, your Hospitality business should be constantly working on ‘’ all things Marketing’’. If your business is actually struggling, or if you just feel that it could be doing some things better, give David Hunter a quick call on 07831 407984 to arrange a ‘’Free of Charge’’ initial consultation (please quote CLH Offer), when David will discuss with you what could be achieved if you ask us to work with you.

Are You A Chef Looking for Work-Life Balance? Work-life balance are three words that do not often come up in a chef’s vocabulary but are regularly used by the chefs employed by Care UK. Care UK are currently looking for chefs of all levels to work in our care homes across the UK. We are looking for people who want to make a difference to residents’ lives every day. When you join Care UK, you’ll be joining a team who all share the same values: caring, passionate and teamwork. Life as a chef with us means that you will be preparing rosette level dishes in our state-of-the-art kitchens using fresh ingredients, for our residents and their families. We also have an exceptional track record in catering team career progression with countless examples of chefs pro-

gressing from sous chef level to head chef positions. We have our own Catering Academy to provide excellent training and induction programs for all new Catering Staff and we will give you all that’s needed to have a successful career as a Chef with us. Our high quality, innovative training and coaching will support the development of your skills throughout your career with us. We are committed to recruiting diverse, talented people, who share our passion for helping others. We see the potential in everyone, let us help fulfil yours. You can find out more about our rewarding careers by visiting

Call 01981 250333 for more information www.SIDNEYPHILLIPS.CO.UK



Sidney Phillips is a company of Chartered Surveyors established in 1898. We offer national coverage via a network of regional branches. We deal with sales, acquisitions, and finance of licensed businesses.


This includes but is not limited to: nightclubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, B&B's, guesthouses, pubs, bistros, cafes, leisure and development units and investments. wE ADVERTISE ON MORE wEBSITES THAN ANY OF OUR COMPETITIORS



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