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THE LEADING PUBLIC ATION FOR THE INDEPENDENT HOSPITALITY SECTOR Page 2 Editor's Viewpoint Pages 20-21 Source Trade Show Preview Pages 22-23 Festive Ordering Pages 26-27 Hospitality Technolog y Pages 30-31 Outdoor Spaces Page 32 Products and Ser vices Pages 33-36 Design and Refit CLHNews ISSUE 248 Dec 22/Jan 23 Pages 37-40 Proper ty and Professional Pubs & Bars Enjoy “Record Year of Growth” as Revenue Grows 134% The licensed on-trade sector enjoyed a year of record growth, following two years hampered by lockdown restrictions and forced closures as a result of the Covid pandemic Industr y revenues grew to £15 4bn in the year to August 2022; an increase of 134 5% from the year to August 2021, according to a repor t by accountants and business advisers Gerald Edelman The repor t says that this growth is expected to continue , with revenues forecast to grow by a fur ther 29 6% in the year to August 2023, largely due to the expectation of a full year of trading without lockdown restrictions Despite this, progress is expected to be offset by changes in work and lifestyle habits, such as the prevalence of working from home , and rising costs are likely to fur ther squeeze industr y margins The impact of the anticipated recession is also a key factor that has not been modelled into the forecasts for the sector (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3...) Pages 24-25 Laundr y and Linens Pages 27-29 Kitchen Equipment & Fit Out

It is ver y refreshing to lead our front page with repor ts of hospitality and licensed on trade growth predicted in the coming years

Nobody would deny the difficulties the sector has faced during his past turbulent three years

I have my opinions on lockdown which I sometimes have to “moderate”, and those ridiculous two years of lockdowns, tiered lockdowns, restrictions, followed by inflation, rising energ y costs and increased interest rates

So what are the takes on this? Well to quote Charles Darwin: “It is not the most intellectual of the species that sur vives; it is not the strongest that sur vives; but the species that sur vives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself ”

Adjusting to a changing environment Our lead stor y encapsulates much of that Lockdowns have changed the work culture with a hybrid of working from home , or working par tly at the office and par tly at home , which has presented the sector with an oppor tunity to offer itself up as “workspaces” This makes even more sense now since workers are having to face rising energ y costs while working from home

Also, we are seeing a ver y significant and ver y quick rise consumers opting for healthier lifestyles, increasingly choosing low and low alcohol options and vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian cutler y choices

To be fair, suppliers and the sector generally have been equally quick to embrace this I remember (quite a few years back) interviewing one of Britain’s top chefs Phil Howard, who said at the time that 25% of their menu was now vegan or vegetarian I note that home deliver y is highlighted as a threat to the sector but I know through speaking with operators at trade shows just how much they have been quick to embrace this too

So the signs are there that in the coming years the , perhaps streamlined hospitality sector will enjoy significant growth!

And on that note I would like to take the oppor tunity to thank readers, and adver tisers who make this publication possible a ver y happy Christmas and a wonderful prosperous 2023

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Peter Adams

Pubs & Bars Enjoy “Record Year of Growth” as Revenue Grows 134%

as ever to eat and drink out, but with so many challenges not of their own making, some city-centre businesses face a make-or-break Christmas ”


England’s game with France in the World Cup Quar ter Finals, brought a much-needed boost to pubs and brewers, with an estimated 28 million pints sold, 6 million during the game alone bringing a 28% boost to the sector wor th £26 million

Health initiatives, the repor t adds, are now engrained in government legislation as businesses with more than 250 employees are legally required to display calorie information on non-prepacked food and soft drinks as of April 2022 Additionally, alcohol consumption is generally declining as consumers are becoming more health-conscious, exemplified by the 30% growth in production of zero or low-alcohol beers in the last two years


activity in the pubs and bar s ndustr y has returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2022, follow ng a record-setting number of deals in 2021 JD Wether spoon plc is the largest industr y player, ma ntaining an 8 9% market share

• Demand from takeaway and fast-food restaurants is expected to grow in 2022-23, fuelled by busier consumer l festyles , heavier workloads , and c hanges in preferences to favour eating and dr ink ng at home

• The pubs and bar s industr y is expected to exper ience steady growth n the coming year s with revenues forecast to grow at a C AGR of 2 2% over the five year s through 2027-28 reac hing £22 3 bi lion

The repor t follows recent repor ts highlighting sector growth despite the storm currently engulfing the industr y, in par ticular inflation, energ y costs and rising interest rates


A repor t earlier this month by Barclaycard revealed that Bars, pubs & clubs saw higher year-on-year growth in October due to gatherings to watch major spor ting events, Esme Harwood, Director at Barclaycard said : “Bars pubs & clubs are bucking the trend – they enjoyed a strong early November thanks to the rugby cricket and Formula 1 There’s a good chance this growth will continue as football fans gather to watch the later stages of the World Cup

Another repor t, by industr y insight specialists CGA and Wireless Social revealed that Pubs, restaurants and bars have already made a good star t to the festive season, par ticularly in Britain’s major cities


The new ‘Top Cities’ repor t reveal that sales in the four weeks to 19 November were ahead of the same period in 2019 in eight of Britain’s 10 most populous cities Across the 10 cities, sales growth totalled around 4% in line with the Coffer CGA Business Tracker which shows like-for-like sales +5% higher versus 2019 levels Six of the 10 cities also recorded an increase in device log-ins likely driven by the star t of the festive season but a promising sign that city-centre footfall is beginning to return to pre-COVID-19 patterns in most cities

CGA client director Chris Jeffrey said: Restaurants, pubs and bars have steadily built back from COVID-19 turmoil over the course of 2022, and these latest figures are encouraging for the key festive season The World Cup, Christmas markets and par ties should all deliver good footfall and spending, but the costs crisis and prospect of more rail strikes cast a shadow over the crucial final weeks of the year Consumers are as keen

However, with business experiencing extremely difficult time , longerterm more will be needed to keep the beer flowing, says the British Beer and Pub Association

Speaking Ahead of England’s Quar ter Final match against France , Emma McClarkin Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association said: “This match’s Saturday-night slot will hopefully deliver good trade for pubs, with people able to head to their local early to secure a spot and cheer on the Three Lions The World Cup has been providing a boost to beer sales and if England manage to see off France this will hopefully continue

“Pubs need this as they continue to weather what was already set to be a difficult winter, with rising energ y costs and the cost of living crisis and their outlook fur ther dampened by news of rail strikes over the usually busy festive period

“Whilst the tournament won’t be able to make up for an extremely difficult trading environment, we ’ re hoping it will at least provide some shor t-term uplift to the industr y and continue to lift the spirits of the nation ”


Notwithstanding the above , the industr y is, Gerald Edelman’s repor t says “going through a period of change in response to evolving consumer tastes and preferences, which are shifting towards healthier options, such as low and zero alcohol, and ‘premium’ options, such as craft beers and premium lagers

With the average craft beer costing 20% more than a standard pint of beer in the UK, this is expected to be a highly lucrative trend for operators that diversify their menus to include these options Recent economic developments such as rising household costs and energ y bills are expected to put fur ther strain on the industr y with an increasing number of customers choosing to cut back on nonessential spending


The repor t also highlights how the sector has embraced “market Trends” as consumers become increasingly health conscious, leading to the expansion of pub and bar menus to incorporate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options

The repor t also highlights the threats the sector with demand from takeaway and fast-food restaurants is expected to grow in 2022-23 fuelled by busier consumer lifestyles, heavier workloads, and changes in preferences to favour eating and drinking at home

Fur thermore , industr y revenue is expected to be constrained by strong price competition from value supermarkets selling low-cost alcohol The possibility of a long-term recession and rising costs continue to be a key threat to the sector, with customers being less likely to go to pubs and bars and more likely to consume food and beverages at home for a lower price


The sector can look forward to increasingly steady growth in the coming years according to the repor t “Positive Sector Predictions” reveal that pubs and bars industr y is expected to experience steady growth with revenues forecast to grow at a C AGR of 2 2% over the 5 years through 2027-28, reaching £22 3 billion; although growth may be slowed by the possible recession in the medium term Pubs and bars which offer food and ‘premium’ alcohol options are expected to perform par ticularly well during this period

Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 3 RECONDITIONED & SECOND USER CATERING EQUIPMENT • TOASTERS • STAINLESS STEEL SINKS & TABLING • W e have a comprehensive range of Re-conditioned Catering Equipment in stock • W e can supp y most of the markets leading names in New Equipment at competitive prices • Full Service & Installation facilities by fully qualified engineers • W e can also supply modular fridge & freezer rooms • MICROWAVES • EXTRACTION CANOPIES • C O O K E R S • I C E M A C H I N E S • F R Y E R S • S L I C E R S D I S H W A S H E R S • G L A S S W A S H E R S • R E F R I G E R A T I O N EKE EQUIPMENT LIMITED Telephone with enquiries: Tel: 01273 492488 Email: kingedwards@ btconnect com Mobile: 07860 274243 (CONTINUED FROM FRONT COVER) Key takeaways from the repor t include: • Consumer tastes and preferences are evolving, shifting towards healthier options , suc h as zero alcohol, and ‘premium’ options , suc h as craft beer s With the average craft beer cost ng 20% more than a standard pint of beer in the UK, this is expected to be a highly lucrative trend for operator s that diver sify their menus to inc lude these options • M&A

Food for Thought as Omne Research Reveals

Consumers Still Hungry for New Eating Experiences

alty and boosting a venue ’ s reputation – as 42% of consumers will recommend sustainable venues to family and friends 2



sis Food inflation is up 18 8% YoY (up from 15% in August) and soaring energ y and labour costs combined with rising staff pay (+10% over the last twelve months) has added heat to the kitchen

In contrast to these pressures, Unchar tered Waters focuses on oppor tunity and the impor tance of the new

The repor t shows that 39% of consumers have not visited a new hospitality venue in the last year However there is still a clear hunger for ‘ new ’ compared to 2021 – as 62% of consumers are now more likely to tr y a new dish when out 1

In the full repor t, Omne reveals five key actions that food and hospitality operators can implement to fit in with consumer ’ s mid-crisis desire for new:


When consumers are offered a choice between a cheaper meal that is greater value for money or a more expensive meal that is better quality, over two thirds (65%) opt for the latter Quality and value for money are inter twined in the minds of consumers 44% of consumers define value for money as “something which is good quality” – whereas only 13% define it as “the cheaper option” Premiumisation is an effective way for operators to tap into this attitudinal shift



Sustainability is rising up the agenda for modern consumers Omne’s research reveals that 79% of consumers agree , or strongly agree , that a venue ’ s sustainable practices have become more impor tant than a year ago Sustainability is a tangible driver of business growth Visible sustainable practices pay dividends in driving loy-


Experience is ever ything in hospitality Consumers notice when venue s put in extra effor t

64% of consumers agree that being able to tr y new food items enhances their overall going out experience – and 91% consumers describe having new or different food choices as “ more impor tant” to the overall eating experience compared to last year



Experience amplifies the value of the products And Omne’s research shows that it is also a key driver of loyalty and repeat visits – with 67% of business leaders ranking experience as second only to ser vice as the most influential driver of consumer visits in 2022



Supply chain issues and rising costs are increasing the pressure on venues Omne’s data shows that 53% of venues are considering working with fewer suppliers or rationalising their supply bases

When asked how suppliers could help food and drink operators, the answer was overwhelmingly through competitive pricing (74% of all respondents) – with this figure rising 10% YoY The full repor t details the most decisive pillars of a Supplier-Operator relationship – and explores how operators can grow more lucrative relationships in the face of rising costs

Anna Massey Strateg y Director at Omne said “These are challenging times for food and hospitality businesses But as this repor t shows when the market changes new oppor tunities for growth emerge And there is a clear opening for the businesses who focus on consumer ’ s growing desire for ‘ new ’ New menu options, new experiences – and a renewed approach to sustainability ”

To access the full insights, contact Charli Garner, Director of Hospitality Brands, at charli garner@omne agency

Nearly Two In Three Restaurants Are Missing Booking Opportunities Enabled By Social Media



restaurant if t had gone viral

• More than one-th rd of Gen Z (36%) have visited a restaurant just so they could post about it on their own social accounts

• Plus , this generation will go to great lengths to visit these dest nations , with 92% willing to travel to visit a social media famous venue

Crucially, however, the study found that for Gen Z, making the decision to visit the hottest new restaurant they spot on socials depends on whether they can book there and then:


and this figure almost doubles to 47% for Gen Z diners The ‘Making Booking Social’ study of 2,012 UK consumers aged 16+ looks at the oppor tunity to turn social media from a resource for restaurant discover y into a powerhouse for bookings

Going viral on social media can change the game for restaurants –par ticularly with video content on newer platforms like TikTok gaining potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of views:

• Almost half of socially-savvy Gen Z (49%) have visited a venue just because it had gained fame on social media

• More than 1 in 5 Br its (21%) and 38% of Gen Z would spend more in a

Over half (56%) say they find restaurants they want to visit on social media, but don't get around to making a booking

Almost 2 in 3 (58%) Gen Z Brits say they’d be more likely to book a restaurant they found on social media if they could reser ve directly on the platform

Booking data from the guest experience and retention platform reveals that while reser vations through social media platforms have increased in recent years, the figure is still extremely low According to SevenRooms’ research, almost two-thirds of the UK’s top restaurants don’t take any direct bookings through channels such as Instagram Facebook and TikTok2

For restaurants, this is as easy as enabling a ‘Reser ve ’ button on their Instagram or Facebook page – when linked through to a direct booking platform reser vations can be set up and taken through social media in a matter of minutes

wor th a huge £857 million a week3 to the hospitality sector – if it is capitalised upon Danilo Mangano, Managing Director, International at SevenRooms, comments: “Following a turbulent time , and especially as we approach the crucial festive period, restaurants must do all they can to capture diners From longstanding platforms like Facebook and Instagram to newer players like TikTok and BeReal, social media is an integral par t of restaurant marketing to build both brand awareness and loyalty with diners, par ticularly with the highly-valuable younger generation

Fundamentally, however, social media should not just be a vanity exercise; it should be leveraged to increase bookings wherever possible “Reser ve ” or “Book Now” buttons via Instagram and Facebook through platforms like SevenRooms should be prominently featured on profiles allowing followers to make reser vations without ever leaving an app In addition, operators who leverage a direct reser vations solution are able to capture valuable guest data including email and phone number that helps them grow their guest database automatically When used to its fullest capability, social media can drive more reser vations, more orders and ultimately more revenue for any hospitality operator ”

Hospitality businesses could slash CO2 footprints, cut water use by hundreds of thousands of litres each year, and annually save over £1,200 on ever y three urinals operated, simply by switching to waterless technolog y

These findings have been released by Smar ti Environmental, the UK’s leading waterless urinal business, following one of the driest and hottest summers in living memor y leading to water shor tages and drought measures across the UK

The savings are possible with the installation of Smar ti Environmental’s ecofriendly waterless Vor tex triple seal valve (TSV), which has been designed to cut urinal running bills by over half at the same time as eliminating bad urinal smells and blockages commonly experienced in flushing urinals

Ending the need for water, the eco-friendly, retro-fit Vor tex valve typically saves 100 000 litres of clean water and 105kg CO2 per urinal per year It also prevents airborne infections caused by flushing urinals, which have been shown to spread 500,000 germs per inch, per flush, landing on skin, surfaces and clothing, spreading viruses including Covid-19, influenza and norovirus

The Vor tex TSV fits 98% of all urinals, which means that businesses can retain their existing urinal bowls, and it also provides the fastest draining waterless urinal solution on the market

Utilising an eco-friendly bio-block enzyme ring and integrated bio-tablet that breaks down uric acid and bio film proteins, the valve not only makes urine PH neutral - a world first - but it also prevents costly and damaging back-fill flooding caused by the chemical reaction between urine and water, which leads to uric salt and biofilm build-up that often blocks flushing urinal waste pipes

With the ability to be fitted in under a day Smar ti s waterless urinal solutions offer a great way to cut costs, carbon and water use simply, easily and with the minimum of fuss enabling hospitality businesses to function even during periods of water shor tages

Visit https://smar tilimited

4 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
to Cut Water Use, Bills
One Simple Step
com/ or call 01392 311 202 for a no obligation washroom sur vey and quote How
food and hospitality operators and
consumer research – and the oppor tunities to drive
through consumer ’ s
for new
Omne Agency has unveiled
Waters repor t, detailing the ongoing pressures facing
foodser vice agency Omne’s repor t finds that 79% of operators are ‘concerned’ or ‘
y concerned’ about the cost-of-living cri-
the cost-of-living crisis continues to dampen consumer confidence and spending in the hospitality sector, new research from SevenRooms reveals almost two-thirds (58%) of restaurants are missing out on an oppor tunity to maximise the power of social media to capture crucial bookings – par
from younger diners
media has become
key driver of restaurant
quar ter (24%) of consumers would be more likely to visit a restaurant if it had gone ‘viral’,
inspiration - a
the chance for restaurants to capture the always-online Gen Z audience is seemingly too good to miss With an average of £68 02 spent per week in restaurants, pubs and bars, they are spending 68% more than the average consumer3 Given there are an estimated 12 6 million Gen Zs in the UK, the generation is

With the Office for Budget Responsibility forecasting that the UK economy will be in recession until the third quar ter of 2023, new research from Novuna Business Finance has found that the prospect of stormy seas ahead in the coming year is prompting eight in 10 small businesses to take for tifying action

The research tracked responses of over 1,200 small business owners and senior decision-makers across their countr y ever y year since 2019 It found that not only has this propor tion taking actions to strengthen their business increased this winter (+4% year on year), but the measures being taken have become increasingly defensive This contrasted significantly with the more confident, spend-related actions in previous years


Looking at cost reduction steps, the results showed that the propor tion of businesses focused on reducing fixed costs reached a four-year high, with just over a quar ter (26%) looking to action this This was an increase of 9% year-on-year, and +7% compared with pre-pandemic levels Similar increases were seen this year in the propor tion looking at budget planning (17% up from 11% in both 2021 and 2019) and the propor tion looking for back-office efficiencies/streamlining (10% up from 6% in both 2021 and 2019)


Meanwhile , looking at measures that involved active spending, the picture appeared quite different to both last year and in pre-pandemic times While taking effor ts to increase new business and sales remained the most common measure been taken to bolster these enterprises, the propor tion looking to do this (29%) was down 3% on last year and -9% on pre-pandemic levels Similarly, the propor tion looking to offer new ser vice lines and products fell to 18% (down 4% year-on-year and -6% lower than 2019)

The propor tions also fell when it came to investing more money in marketing (12% -1% on 2021, and -4% on 2019), increasing adver tising spend (12%, -1% on 2021 and -5% on 2019), and improving the digital capabilities of the business (8%, flat on 2021 but -3% lower than in 2019) In addition, the propor tion looking to build up their financial reser ves was at a four-year low of 17%


In the hospitality sector in par ticular some of the differences became more pronounced still with large

swings in the propor tions prioritising cost-cutting instead of active investment

Here , the propor tion of businesses looking to reduce fixed costs increase 10% year-on-year to 35% and 9% since pre-pandemic levels The propor tion looking to invest in new business was far below the national average of 29%, with only 22% viewing this as a priority for the next few months Those looking to increase brand awareness with adver tising fell 14% from pre-pandemic levels to 16% (-4% on 2021), along with the number of small businesses looking to train and hire junior staff (-9% since 2019)

Jo Morris Head of Insight at Novuna Business Finance comments: “Rising inflation, record-high energ y costs, and a sustained and prolonged period of uncer tainty is contributing to unprecedented levels of pressure for small business owners Many are currently taking hits to buffer customers and clients, absorbing increased production and energ y costs in the hope price rises will settle at some point Understandably within this context, the desire by business owners to strengthen their businesses will increase What is interesting is the impact of not just this period, but the culmination of the last four to five years, is prompting a switch to the back foot comparatively with the outlook pre-pandemic

Investmoremoneyinmarketingthe businesstoraiseawarenessofourbrand andservices16%13%12%-1%-4%




Activelyreachingoutforprofessional/ financeadvice3%3%4%+1%+1%

Sharingtheoverallbusinessplanwiththe broaderteamso,weareallworking towardsthesamegoal7%6%7%+1%0%

Spendingtimeinvestinginthepeoplethat alreadyworkatthecompany15%12%11%-1%-4%

Adaptingourfinancialforecaststoallow forseasonalhighsandlows5%3%4%+1%-1%

Havingmorecontingencyplansinthe eventofprolongedmarketuncertainty11%9%11%+2%-1% Other5%6%3%-3%-1% Don'tknow4%6%6%0%+2%

“For ever y small business in the next 18-24 months there will be extreme challenges that will require difficult and impor tant decisions to be made by their leaders It has never been more impor tant to have a plan that can char t a course through the storm, and well beyond, to inform immediate decisions as they arise

Notapplicable-Mybusinessisnot planningtoprioritiseanythinginparticular tomakeourbusinessstronger19%25%21%

Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 5
8 in 10 Hospitality Small Businesses Taking Action to Strengthen for the Year Ahead Q4'19Q4'21Q4'22 YOY(+/) Prepandemic (+/-) Increasingnewbusinessincome/sales38%30%29%-1%-9% Reducingfixedcosts20%18%26%+9%+7% Encouragingstafftoattendtraining courses/E-learning10%7%6%-1%-4% Planningaheadwithbusinessbudgeting15%11%17%+6%+2% Expandingintonewgeographicalmarkets10%8%7%-1%-2% Diversifyingthebusiness,offeringnew servicelines/products24%15%18%+3%-6%
Investingmoretime/moneytoimprove thedigitalthecapabilitiesofthebusiness11%7%8%0%-3% Hiringyoungpeoplethatwecantrainand develop11%9%7%-2%-4% Streamliningourbackoffice7%4%7%+3%0% Reviewingandlookingforefficienciesin ourbackoffice(e.g.administrationstaff, ITstaffetc.)10%6%10%+4%0% Advertisingonlinetoincreaseawareness orsales17%13%12%-1%-5% Implementingnewdigitalappsand software9%5%6%1%-2%

Hospitality and Leisure: Survival of the Staffed

It is no secret that the hospitality and leisure (H&L) industr y has faced unprecedented challenges in recent years From forced closures due to pandemic-related restrictions, to staff shor tages and soaring energ y bills, it is little wonder that some operators are struggling to cope

The largest challenge facing the industr y is that of recruiting and retaining staff A repor t by accountancy firm, Menzies LLP, has revealed that a lack of skilled workers from baristas to hotel managers and chefs is holding the industr y back, and with staff beginning to look elsewhere for more rewarding work as the cost-of-living crisis hits, businesses in the sector are struggling to remain viable In fact, a hospitality and leisure thinktank, led by Menzies, found that most hospitality employers said that they had been forced to close due to staffing issues, and some felt that wage inflation was also a par ticular issue

With 1 288 million unfilled roles within the H&L sector, according to

data from the ONS, repor ted in UKHospitality’s Workforce Strateg y, it is little wonder that employers are facing significant staffing and recruitment challenges However, with some innovative thinking around building a brand and implementing a structure that suppor ts staff in a rewarding long-term career, businesses could reverse their situation to become an employer of choice

To succeed in attracting staff in a climate of low unemployment, employers need to put together a compelling and competitive offer, seeking to implement changes both internally and externally as they do so For example with many candidates looking for work that empowers them and allows them to have a positive effect on the world around them, employers need to create career paths with this in mind; adapting practices and developing a brand with a social purpose

Potential applicants are looking to work with businesses that not only understand the world around them, but the experience of being an employee within the H&L sector This can also help to retain employees, as employers seek to understand how they compare to others in the sector Listening to the workforce and acting on appropriate feedback is one way to ensure that recruits find their new roles motivating and skilled staff feel respected and valued

Employers should also be aware of external processes that could help to attract and retain staff These can be as simple as considering the business’ hiring strateg y and reaching out to new employment pools, perhaps to candidates who will require a little more training than origi-

nally anticipated With the right suppor t from their employer, these newcomers can flourish and stay to pursue their careers

Additionally, changes to immigration policy in both 2021 and 2022 now allow employers to recruit skilled workers from overseas Whilst the UK may be facing a shor tage of staff, the world is made up of people who are willing to work, and there are a number of routes available to employers to engage with them For example , the Youth Mobility Scheme visa allows young people between 18-30 years from par ticipating countries to live and work in the UK for up to 24 months In addition, as par t of the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement there are pathways for workers from Australia to live and work in the UK for a set time period

Finally, it is well wor th considering internal practices, such as the approach to staff development, internships and par tnering with local colleges and universities, which may provide hospitality courses

Implementing a robust training and development programme will also act as a draw for candidates from all walks of life Careful career structuring, combined with a sensible approach to pay that allows the business to remain viable , could help employers to build a strong reputation within the industr y, attracting and retaining workers over time

In the face of unprecedented challenges and disruption, attracting and retaining the right staff, in the right roles, is a key ingredient for success Employers should examine their businesses both internally and externally and focus on building a brand with staying power

Christmas Rush & World Cup Bring Hospitality Sales Boost

Pubs, restaurants and bars have made a good star t to the festive season par ticularly in Britain’s major cities, with England’s progression in the World Cup adding a fur ther boost, however, but high inflation and rail strikes continue to make trading conditions ver y challenging

The new ‘Top Cities’ repor t, compiled by hospitality research exper ts CGA by NielsenIQ and connectivity solutions provider Wireless Social shows sales in the four weeks to 19 November were ahead of the same period in 2019 in eight of Britain’s 10 most populous cities Across the 10 cities, sales growth totalled around 4%, in line with the Coffer CGA Business Tracker which shows like-for-like sales +5% higher versus 2019 levels Six of the 10 cities also recorded an increase in device log-ins likely driven by the star t of the festive season but a promising sign that city-centre footfall is beginning to return to preCOVID-19 patterns in most cities However, the soaring price of energ y, food and other costs is putting both hospitality businesses’ margins and consumers ’ spending under severe strain With Britain’s rate of inflation reaching 11% in October most operators’ city-centre sales are still well behind the levels of both 2021 and 2019

The ’Top Cities’ repor t combines CGA’s sales data with Wireless Social’s check-in statistics to provide a ‘vibrancy’ ranking of the top 10 cities Manchester tops the list for the third time in a row, with doubledigit sales growth It finished ahead of Glasgow and Birmingham which features in the top three for the fifth successive period At the other end of the rankings London is bottom for the four th period in a row, though sales and check-ins here continued to move closer to preCOVID levels

CGA client director Chris Jeffrey said: “Restaurants, pubs and bars have steadily built back from COVID-19 turmoil over the course of 2022, and these latest figures are encouraging for the key festive season The World Cup, Christmas markets and par ties should all deliver good footfall and spending, but the costs crisis and prospect of more rail strikes cast a shadow over the crucial final weeks of the year Consumers are as keen as ever to eat and drink out but with so many challenges not of their own making, some city-centre businesses face a make-or-break Christmas ”

The World Cup 2022 Spending Repor t1 by VoucherCodes co uk predicts that 27 7 million consumers will watch the World Cup during the Quar ter-Final stage from their homes pubs bars and restaurants

Hospitality sales are predicted to hit £98 million as 6 4 million fans prepare to head out and watch the quar ter-final stage from their local hospitality venue It’s expected that pubs, bars and restaurants will sell 16 3 million pints as the final eight teams fight for a place in the semifinal stage – a 44% increase on the number of pints poured during the Round-of-16 games (11 3 million)

Maureen McDonagh, SVP International and Managing Director at VoucherCodes co uk, commented: “2022 has been a tough year for the hospitality sector, as consumers continue monitoring their spending amidst the cost-of-living crisis However, it’s encouraging for pubs, bars, and restaurants to see fans are still getting behind The Three Lions while spending responsibly

“There are plenty of ways hospitality venues can drum up fur ther busi-

ness throughout the later stages of the tournament Whether it’s offering pre-booked VIP seating, discounts on food for large groups, or providing drinks packages during the game , its impor tant venues offer value for money to the predicted 6 2 million customers who are planning to brave the cold and watch matches from outside of their homes ”


CEO of Wireless Social, said: “There is continued

consumers to go out and visit their favourite hospitality venues, which we ’ re seeing in this latest repor t The much-needed footfall and trading boost on the back of the World Cup and the festive season is extremely welcome indeed However the industr y is still fraught with challenges not least by the threat of the rail strike action and the cost-of-doing-business crisis, and the new year ahead is going to be ver y tough for the sector as it continues on the path to recover y ” THE SERIES OF ‘TOP CITIES:

Sustainability, Cobotics and Hygiene Habits

The Cleaning Show 2023 returns to ExCeL, London, from 14-16 March 2023 to demonstrate the ver y latest advancements in cleaning technologies and provide unmissable learning and sourcing oppor tunities for the cleaning and hygiene sector, which together with the waste industr y is one of the biggest sectors in the UK wor th nearly £59bn and employing 1 47m people

The show, organised by the British Cleaning Council and Quar tz Business Media, is set to attract more than 100 cleaning suppliers with the likes of Jangro Numatic Makita UK, Karcher UK, Nilfisk and SC Johnson Professional among those confirmed to exhibit And, with more than 7,000 senior cleaning professionals set to attend from across the contract cleaning, facilities management (FM), healthcare , hospitality, retail and public ser vices sectors, it is no surprise that the event has become the largest and longest running exhibition in the UK dedicated to cleaning hygiene and facilities management


Alongside a growing list of Europe’s leading cleaning suppliers confirmed to showcase their latest technologies and innovations on the show floor, The Cleaning Show Conference will also return Welcoming the industr y ’ s leading exper ts, the conference will offer a place to discuss and debate the big issues affecting the sector A full programme of speakers and topics will be announced in the coming weeks

Also returning after a successful debut in 2021, the Cleaning & Suppor t Ser vices Association will once again host the CSSA Innovation Showcase The dedicated pavilion is designed to highlight and celebrate the industr y ’ s most innovative cleaning products ser vices and initiatives Among the big trends anticipated to take the spotlight the theme of sustainability will return to help operators minimise their impact on the planet Cobotics and the evolution of robotic technolog y to suppor t the cleaning process and tackle the ongoing resources challenge will also play a key role alongside healthy buildings, where the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled dynamic resource applications will transform operations

With a focus on creating the Future of Cleaning, businesses and organisations operating throughout the industr y can enter their innovations via the CSSA website by 30 November 2022 Prior to The Cleaning Show the CSSA will hold an Innovator's Pitch with a panel of leading industr y exper ts who will review and inter view all entrants and select those to be exhibited at the Innovation Showcase itself For fur ther information on submitting an entr y, visit https://www cssa-uk co uk/

Registration for The Cleaning Show 2023 will open on 1st November 2022 To register your interest to attend and find out more about this year ’ s event, visit https://cleaningshow co uk/london/

6 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
Cleaning Show returns to
to highlight the latest trends and technologies transforming the cleaning
£98 MILLION HOSPITALITY WORLD CUP BOOST in an additional boost, England’s progression to the World Cup Quar ter-Final stage is predicted to bring in a combined £281 million for retail and hospitality venues across the nation, according to a new repor t
Ranking’ repor ts is based on
of sales data from
Managed Volume Pool of more
pubs, bars and restaurants, and Wireless Social’s guest data gathered from more
log-ins It provides the most accurate assessment yet of the vibrancy of Britain’s key city markets for eating and drinking out BRITAIN’S 10 BIGGEST CITIES, RANKED BY VIBRANCY Rankings for the four weeks to 19 November 2022 Numbers in brackets indicate position for the previous four-week period 1 Manc hester (1) 2 Glasgow (3) 3 Birmingham (2) 4 Edinburgh (6) 5 Br istol (5) 6 Leicester (4) 7 Liverpool (9) 8 Sheff eld (8) 9 Leeds (7) 10 London (10)
Ross, founder and appetite from
a combination
than 8,000
than one million

4 in 5 Bars Plan to Increase Ranging of No and Low Alcohol Drinks in 2023

More than four in five bars plan to increase their ranges of no and low alcohol drinks in 2023 to capitalise on consumers ’ interest in healthier drinking, new research shows

The ‘Leading the Way in No/Low Spirits’ repor t, produced by hospitality research exper ts CGA by NielsenIQ and leading non-alcoholic spirits brand CROSSIP reveals a wide variety of insights to help bars and suppliers achieve more growth in 2023 Its exclusive sur vey of bar professionals indicates that two thirds (67%) have increased their no and low alcohol offering in the past 12 months, and even more (82%) will do so over the next 12 months

Nearly nine in ten (88%) bars now offer no or low alcohol drinks, the sur vey shows and a significant propor tion (75%) of team members consume these drinks personally Two in five (41%) professionals think no/low spirits will see the fastest growth in the next five years, putting it well clear of other categories like beer (24%) and wine (23%)

The repor t from CGA and CROSSIP also highlights the many benefits to bars of a good range of no and low alcohol spirits especially for the growing number of drinkers who want to moderate their intake Four in five (80%) bar staff agree that their primar y target for no and low alcohol drinks are those who are not teetotal, and a similar number (78%) think the categor y adds new occasions to people’s drinking habits, rather than replacing current ones

The repor t offers insights into more aspects of the no and low alcohol drinks market, including:

• Price Bar tenders think a no/low alcohol spirit and mixer should cost an average of £6 62 compared to £7 45 for an alcoholic version

• Innovation… Nearly a third (30%) of bar professionals think the no/low alcohol categor y is currently the most innovative par t of the drinks market

• Training… Bar staff who have received training have significantly higher knowledge and confidence in the no/low categor y

CROSSIP founder Carl Anthony Brown said: “It’s clear from this repor t that bars are rapidly expanding and improving their no and low alcohol menus The days of a single alcohol-free beer in the fridge or spirit on the back bar are long gone , and no/low options now stand toe-to-toe with their alcoholic counterpar ts in the range and variety they offer Bar tenders are the true pur veyors of new trends in the industr y, and we at CROSSIP are proud to be suppor ting them with this research

Dave Lancaster, client director at CGA, said: Bar professionals are helping to make the no and low alcohol categor y one of the most dynamic par ts of Britain s drinking-out market Alongside consumers rising awareness of the range of quality of drinks that are available , it puts this segment in prime position for more success throughout 2023 Understanding consumers ’ needs, optimising range and innovating in flavours and ser ves will all boost bars in what is set to be another tough and competitive year ”

The ‘Leading the Way in No/Low Spirits’ repor t from CGA and CROSSIP is available to download in full and for free at https://cgastrateg y com/leading-the-way-in-no-low-spirits/

Price of Pint Could Reach £20 Warns CAMRA


Responding to research published by Frontier Economics (on behalf of the British Beer and Pub Association) which concludes that


“This repor t clearly shows just how the perfect storm of rising costs, soaring energ y bills and customers tightening their belts is putting the future of the UK s beloved locals – and the breweries that ser ve them – at risk

“Without help, pubs will be operating at a 20% loss which is frankly unsustainable Pubs, clubs, breweries and cider producers are in an impossible position If the Government doesn’t extend suppor t with energ y costs when the current scheme finishes in April next year, we expect to see massive price hikes or pub closures to stem the costs

“Just this weekend we have seen even more small brewers shutting up shop This has devastating effects on consumer choice Pubs are cornerstones of our communities, bringing people together and helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation We can’t risk thousands of our locals closing for good because they can’t afford to pay their energ y bills

“That’s why C AMRA is calling on the Government to commit – now – to extending energ y bill suppor t for hospitality businesses beyond April to save our locals

Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 7
of a pint may reach
wave of pub
a staggering £20 or we could
closures if the government’s energ y suppor t will is not extended to the hospitality sector
pubs and breweries will be forced to close their businesses if they do not receive help with energ y bills beyond April 2023, Chairman of the Campaign for Real Ale Nik Antona

Energy Costs Set to Sink UK Pubs and Brewers, New Data Shows

In a new repor t by Frontier Economics, produced for the British Beer and Pub Association, calculations showed energ y bills returning to their regular rate post-March would put pubs and brewers at a loss of 20% on average

The repor t showed energ y costs were currently the biggest threat to their viability, and would be even more lethal when the relief scheme ended in April This was on top of cost inflation across other par ts of their businesses food and drink, to key commodities and wages were contributing to profit margins being erased

Based on an extensive analysis of industr y repor ts, accounts and interviews with pub operators and brewers as well as a full review of the wider economic context from August to October 2022, the repor t noted how businesses had already made changes to mitigate against cost inflation where possible; from changing menu options to reducing opening hours It flagged that energ y costs were still hitting businesses hard and rises post-March simply could not be guarded against and would be crippling

In addition to illustrating the immense pressures facing the brewing and pub industr y, the repor t – produced in advance of the Autumn Statement – lays out different routes for inter vention from Government to save businesses from closure , from extending the energ y suppor t package to reform of the business rates system

Tim Black, Associate Director in Frontier Economics retail and consumer team said: “Recent economic shocks of Covid, Brexit and the war in Ukraine have put sustained pressure on businesses Our analysis shows the pub & brewer y sector is facing a combination of surging costs – primarily energ y, but also raw materials and wages – and falling demand, as consumers reduce their spending in the face of severe cost of living pressures

While there are different impacts across businesses and uncer tainty on the outlook, the underlying economics of the sector makes absorbing these shocks incredibly difficult – and some firms will struggle to survive ”

Aside from the repor t, individual pubs and breweries across the countr y have also repor ted cases of poor practice and profiteering by energ y suppliers in recent months Some suppliers have sought to make money outside the restriction of the cap through increasing prices on other par ts of bills or cancelling contracts at shor t notice , in some cases businesses have struggled to find suppliers because they have been deemed to be ‘too vulnerable’ as businesses

Gemma Gardener who runs The York Hotel, a pub with rooms in Morecambe: Not only have our energ y bills extor tionate , but our supplier has also added on extra unexpected charges outside of our standard rates as well, from a £2k installation fee to doubling our daily hire charge unexpectedly

We have tried to switch suppliers but been rejected, and the only reason we re able to keep going is because our pub company is helping us through We re struggling with our bills but so are our customers as

well and so we re being squeezed at both ends We ve even star ted offering free food to encourage customers to come in and buy drinks

“Not knowing what we’ll be charged month on month is incredibly scar y, this isn’t only our business but our home as well but we ’ re at the mercy of our energ y suppliers If it’s this bad now I dread to think what it will be like when the energ y relief scheme ends come April ”

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association said: “A long-term guarantee that energ y costs and contracts will be fair and reasonable come the Spring cannot come soon enough for our pubs and brewers They are planning now for the months ahead and need assurance that bills won’t rocket and completely wipe out profits

“This repor t demonstrates the unique position our sector finds itself in, vulnerable to cost inflation across the entirety of its supply chain and acutely conscious of declining consumer confidence and wanting to avoid increasing prices for struggling customers It shows how we have tried to remain resilient but that there are simply no fur ther means for brewers and publicans to absorb costs

“We are urging the Government to take seriously consider the impact rocketing energ y costs will have not just on the businesses that have to pay them, but the communities they are embedded in and ser ve across the entirety of the UK These figures paint a stark, ver y grim picture of what is to come if our sector does not make the cut for extra suppor t come the 1st of April

Train Strikes Set to Cost Sector Workers £15m in Lost “Festive Tips”


The trade union representing

on 13, 14, 16, 17 and 24 – 27 December, as well as 3 and 4 Januar y, and 6 and 7 Januar y As a result, the hospitality industr y is due to lose over £1 5bn in sales during what is meant to be the busiest weeks of the year, according to UKHospitality

There has been a lot of repor ting on the impact of cancellations, refunds, and sales – but ver y little on the impact it has on those with boots on the ground in the industr y, at a time when cost-of-living is at the highest it’s been in 41 years

Arguably the busiest week of the year for the industr y, and the first year since covid with no restrictions – this industrial action could, Tipjar say, be

According to Tipjar hospitality staff saw an average loss of 17% in tips for hospitality staff on recent train strike days throughout October and November

This loss will be equivalent to roughly -£15M loss in tips in December alone , as the national tipping market is wor th £3bn a year

The impact that that extra £35/£40 has on those that are more vulnerable in our industr y is huge It could be the difference in someone being able to feed their families, or giving their kids presents at Christmas Tipjar said “While we align with workers speaking to improve pay and conditions, our job is to represent some of the lowest-paid workers whose income is directly related to footfall in their pubs and restaurants This strike action could have a devastating effect on hospitality workers ”

Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 9 ✓ Video-based learning ✓ Created & delivered by a qualified EHO ✓ Practical examples to bring learning to life ✓ Entirely online and accessible on any device ✓ Instant digital certificate upon completion ✓ Engaging and interactive content ✓ Unlimited free retakes NEED LEVEL 2 FOOD HYGIENE TRAINING? The affordable, fast and effective way to train staff in your hospitality business. Find out more: Email: Website: *Offer only applies to Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene course for catering when purchased on ine at www thesafetyexpert co uk Cannot be used n conjunction with any other offers or discounts For an exclusive use code CLH248 Offer ends 31/01/2023* 10% OFF Pubs and breweries will face major financial losses, make no profit and many will be forced to shut up shop if the energ y bill relief scheme is not extended for them beyond 31st March 2023, new research has shown
UK hospitality staff could stand to lose out on £15M in tips due to train strikes scheduled in December, according to data from tipping platform Tipjar train workers planning industrial action devastating for those businesses (and their staff) who are hanging on a financial thread

Next Step in Keeping Business Costs Down

Digitising the

The margin for error with orders being exchanged on pen, paper, voicemail or WhatsApp is too high Wrong, misheard, or misspelt orders cost money and reputations If anybody has been watching The Bear, the recent US TV drama about a top chef who takes over his brother’s neighbourhood restaurant in Chicago you’ll have seen the repeated scenes of increasing frustration when orders are delivered in the wrong quantities

As our industr y prepares for a difficult few seasons, Choco, the industr y ’ s No 1 global ordering platform, has launched to the UK restaurant and supplier market

Choco can enable both suppliers and restaurants to make ever y possible financial and process efficiency, improving margins and strengthening the digital food chain

Choco’s app allows suppliers to offer customers a fully digital ordering

Order Process with Choco

process, replacing the ‘gut feel, phone and paper list’ system All available products are shown on the interface in real time , giving chefs the confidence that in a few clicks they can know exactly what products they are ordering and at what cost This is hugely impor tant, with inflation soaring and food costs changing on a daily basis, the platform provides transparency to chefs for accurate budgeting

Food waste on the restaurant and supplier side is also adding to economic worries, and it is also leading to more of a focus on creating more sustainable environments Currently 30-40% of food produced goes to waste each year and nearly three-quar ters of that waste happens in the supply chain before consumers are involved Waste is the third-largest driver of climate change If food waste were a countr y, it would be the third largest in carbon dioxide emissions on the planet

We estimate that, when using the Choco app, restaurants are saving on average 1 27 kilos ever y week by reducing their ordering mistakes and saving up to two hours ever y week by improving their efficiency in the kitchen


Shaun Henderson, founder of Henderson Seafood, the Brixham-based, sustainable and ethically sourced fish supplier to the restaurant industr y is using Choco “We use it as a platform for our customers to buy online from us We typically take 50 orders a day WhatsApp or phone can be prone to human error, but Choco eliminates that It saves time for our customers as they simply tick box what they want, the order comes through to us, we process it, and the invoice is automated, saving us even more time Onboarding has been quicker than ever imagined and we were up and running within two weeks - two thirds of our orders are already coming through Choco Customers have really taken to it Choco has really changed the way we do things and we couldn’t be happier ”


London's Fitzrovia district ser ving a seasonal menu of modern British cuisine , uses Choco I ve never come across an online food ordering platform for restaurants before , so when I was introduced to Choco I loved the concept We’ve been using the platform for a few months now and it’s truly transformed the way we do things 99% of our suppliers use the platform We can see in real time what is available , and we can select exactly what we want any time of the day It not only saves me approximately 20 minutes at the end of each ser vice , but it also cuts out the human error, so I now get exactly what I ordered

Previously, when done by phone , I could be waiting around to speak to someone , then I could read something out wrong or the supplier could have noted it down wrong so with Choco we both know exactly where we stand so it’s a more seamless efficient experience ” Find out more about him and Choco UK at https://choco com/uk/ contact@choco com

UKHospitality Launches Guide to Recruiting ‘Untapped Potential’ of over-50’s

the job market

People over 50 years old have been historically underrepresented in hospitality businesses and with an additional 1 million workers over the age of 50 in the UK workforce by 2025, businesses should be ensuring their recruitment practices allow them to recruit from this pool

The new ‘Hospitality Guide to Recruiting Workers Aged 50+’ developed by UKHospitality in par tnership with the Government s over-50s Ministerial Taskforce , highlights that:

1 Job adver ts should ensure imager y is age diverse and includes older workers, use language that doesn’t deter older workers, and emphasise employer benefits that may appeal to an older worker, such as flexible working

2 Recruitment effor ts should also be targeted where older workers are more likely to see them This includes job boards targeted at older workers, using social media platforms like Facebook and physical advertising, such as on bus stops

3 Adaptions to the workplace need to be made to ensure workers over 50s feel valued and comfor table This could include adapting uniform policies, offering the oppor tunity to advance their skills, highlighting oppor tunities to progress and promoting flexible working arrangements

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: With hospitality continuing to deal with staffing chal-

lenges, it’s essential that businesses do all they can to appeal to ever yone in the job markets

“For far too long, the over-50s have been under-represented in our workforce but there is real untapped potential there to fix our workforce challenges

There is so much hospitality can offer, with its flexible working hours and the social element to our sector, and we need to get this message out there

Greater focus on recruiting in this area of the job market can lead to greater numbers of older workers taking up the exciting career oppor tunities hospitality offers These are simple steps that businesses can take but it has the potential to deliver many times over Small changes to recruitment processes and subtle tweaks to our practices within the workplace could make a big difference

“This guide is one of many steps UKHospitality is taking to increase our focus on this age group and what they can bring to business, and was identified as a priority area in our Workforce Strateg y

“I’m delighted we ’ ve been able to work with The Phoenix Group and the Government on this impor tant document and I hope it makes a tangible difference for businesses and the new workers they recruit as a result

Taking Steps Towards A Sustainable Future For Hospitality Businesses

guide those working in the sector to net zero by 2040, it’s clear the topic of sustainability is only going to grow

Yet, while the appointment of a chief sustainability officer might not be possible , there are other steps hospitality businesses can take today to help foster a sustainable future One of the ways that pubs and bars off the mains gas grid can unlock significant reductions in their carbon emissions is through the transition to sustainable fuels


Calor Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG) is a sustainable fuel made from a blend of waste residues and sustainably sourced materials

With busy pubs and bars requiring a fuel source that offers increased reliability and a controllable flame for cooking, Futuria Liquid Gas can be utilised for a variety of uses, such as hot water, heating and cooking requirements In addition, Calor’s range of storage options, including underground tanks, which can be hidden out of sight, means there’s a solution for ever y business

Available in a 100% blend, bulk Futuria Liquid Gas can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 86% (kgCO2e/kWh) when compared to using heating oil and up to 80%4 compared to conventional LPG For businesses keen to demonstrate their reduction in carbon emissions the Green Gas Cer tification Scheme ensures traceability of all Futuria Liquid Gas delivered to, and used up by, hospitality customers, while also highlighting the amount of CO2 saved



To find out how Calor can help you reach sustainability targets, visit www calor co uk/hospitality

10 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
The UK food industr y has a real appetite for tech It’s adventurous Many of us know that digitising our business is not optional anymore Chris Bassett, Head Chef at Por tland, a Michelin starred restaurant in
As hospitality continues to face staffing challenges, UKHospitality’s new guide shows businesses how they can adapt their recruitment practices and engage with the over-50’s in
the drive towards net zero continues to gain pace , UK businesses are continuing to put sustainability at the hear t of their operations Research has highlighted that almost two fifths (37%) of UK businesses have appointed a chief sustainability
over half
an employee in post whose remit includes sustainability And, with the UK Hospitality
unveiling its 10 pledges to
officer, while
(56%) have
par t of its commitment to offer its customers 100% sustainable
y solutions by 2040 Calor is raising awareness about off-grid
y options and encouraging hospitality businesses to make the switch to bulk Futuria Liquid Gas – helping to suppor t pubs and bars across the UK to deliver on their sustainability goals for today and tomorrow

Staff Shortages This Christmas for 62% of Hospitality Businesses

Three quar ters of operators say they are expecting a shor tage of kitchen staff and 74% say they are expecting not to have enough front of house staff this Christmas Over 60% (62%) said they were expecting a shor tfall in both

The new findings from major sector initiative Hospitality Rising in par tnership with hospitality research consultancy KAM, highlight the ongoing challenge of recruitment and staffing within the hospitality industr y – with 69% of hospitality operators noticing an increase in the number of people leaving hospitality in the last 12 months

In response to the sur vey of hospitality businesses, the majority said vacancies not being filled was having a significant impact on the welfare of their current team members (79%) the quality of the customer experience (79%) as well as sales and turnover (65%)

In a bid to tackle the problem operators are implementing a series of measures to reduce the impact on customers this Christmas, including increasing staff wages (70%) and reducing covers or adapting ser vice times (46%) Others repor ted not carr ying out private events such as par ties over the festive period or closing for periods of time

“By working collectively

#RiseFastWorkYoung campaign, has already proved its effectiveness – driving 17 000 applications via our dedicated jobs board in its first three weeks

“We’ve been blown away by the suppor t we ’ ve received so far with over 300 businesses including global brands and some of the world’s most successful hospitality leaders backing our campaign “However in order to keep up momentum and drive the next stage of the campaign we need more operators to come on board and more companies to pledge financial suppor t Hospitality is nothing without people and we are determined to work together to ensure the best and the brightest are attracted to the industr y to ensure a bright future for the sector ”

Katy Moses, founder/MD of KAM says: “Customers tell us that they’re excited about the upcoming festive season and despite the cost-of-living crisis many intend to put more effor t into Christmas 2022 because of the disappointment of the last two years It’s hear t breaking, albeit sadly not surprising, that staff shor tages continue to limit the vitality of the Hospitality sector with customer ser vice levels, employee engagement and sales being impacted The research really highlights the critical role which Hospitality Rising is playing in attracting new people to the sector ”

To find out more information about Hospitality Rising or to get involved in the campaign, visit https://hospitalityrising org/

Download the sur vey results here: https://kam-media co uk/wpcontent/uploads/2022/11/Hospitality-Rising-The-Current-State-of-Play-Oct-2022 pdf

Direct Your Anger at Rail Operators- Union Boss Tells Hospitality Leaders

strikes set to hit the countr y this month will cost the sector £1 5 billion on strike days, similar to the level of disruption caused by the Omicron Covid-19 variant last year

In a letter to hospitality and retail associations, Mr Lynch said that while “ you face disruption to your business at this critical time the private rail businesses we are in dispute with will not lose a penny ”

The union is called a series of strikes scheduled to place on 13, 14, 16, 17 December as well as 3, 4, 6, 7 Januar y, with strikes taking place during the hospitality sector’s busiest period

High street bosses once more urged all par ties to hash out a resolution to the dispute on Tuesday, with pleas that jobs and businesses were hanging in the balance

Analysis by UKHospitality has revealed that the fresh wave of rail

Hospitality businesses have already seen large-scale cancellations, which are unlikely to be rescheduled and will have a devastating impact on the sector and its workforce at the most critical trading period of the year

Just a week ago the British Beer and Pub Association, British Institute of Innkeeping, Night Time Industries Association, Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street and the Association of Town and City Management wrote an open letter to the negotiating par ties in the rail dispute stressing the urgent need for a resolution

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association said: “The weeks leading up to Christmas are the busiest of the year for pubs, and they were looking forward to trading normally for the first time in three years but news of these strikes have dealt a serious blow in an already critically difficult economic climate Ever y day we go without a resolution is another day of damage to the industr y, with cancellations being made and Christmas par ties called off

“Our industr y desperately needs a boost this Christmas and so we are urging all par ties to find an urgent resolution to rescue this festive

season from ruin for our pubs

According to Mr Lynch, ministers have bailed operators out of strikes for a total of £318m, not giving companies any incentive to settle the disputes

“As it is the government which is clearly prolonging this dispute with their taxpayer funded bailout for the private train companies you would clearly be justified in asking what similar steps it will be taking to compensate your businesses ” Lynch wrote

The Rail Deliver y Group said the RMT’s “rhetoric seeks to diver t attention from the ver y real consequences of their actions” on hospitality businesses

Train operators were presently paid a fixed fee of 0 5 per cent of costs to run ser vices for the government, with small additional payments linked to demanding targets on punctuality, reliability and other measures, a spokesperson said

“Even if that fee were to be removed entirely, it would not come close to funding the pay rise we want to give our people”, they said

Instead, we need the RMT to work with us to agree the long-overdue reforms which will unlock a fair deal, improve ser vices and secure the industr y ’ s long-term future ”

Snacking is a central par t of British eating habits and most people snack on a daily basis 1 Snacking offers hospitality venues a rare oppor tunity in the challenging times ahead Histor y tells us that snacking increases in a recession - as it remains an affordable luxur y Upselling a pack of snacks to ever y customer who orders a drink is a fairly simple way to put much-needed cash in the till Impor tantly, crisps and savour y snacks are the No1 purchase alongside a drink and a sandwich for hospitality venues 2 Whether you offer sit-down or take-away meals, or snacks to accompany a drink, the inclusion of snacks is a must for all hospitality outlets Listing great tasting snacks is key, as the main reason for purchasing crisps is as a treat, so there has to be no compromise on taste After all, a treat is a treat it’s got to taste great! THE REAL DEAL REAL premium hand cooked crisps is a hospitality exclusive brand, with award winning flavours that will delight you and your customers The right offering of quality branded snacks can help drive more cash through your till REAL Hand Cooked Crisps have so much to offer your business and your customers: REAL TIPS Display the right range of snacks and flavours to drive incremental sales Ensuring your snack display is well stocked will help your business take advantage of the 40% of consumers who impulse shop their snacks3 Snack sales increase by up to 80%3 when made more visible , we know displays is key and have a range of FREE POS to meet your needs
miss out on incremental impulse sales, stock REAL hand cooked hospitality-exclusive premium crisps now! 1 Minte UK Cr isps Savour y Snac ks & Nuts Market Repor t 2022 2 Hosp ta ity Snac king Researc h, Nor stat - August 2022 3 HIM! Foodser v ce Researc h 2016 4 CGA Strategy Researc h
A Real Nation Of Snackers
- 2016/2017
Mark McCulloch, founder of Hospitality Rising and Campaign Director, said: “This research brings home the stark reality of the workforce crisis in hospitality and the absolute need we have for bold and creative ways to solve it via initiatives such as Hospitality Rising, we can bring more people into our dynamic and rewarding industr y and ensure that we aren’t leaving revenue on the table due to a shor tage of staff The first phase of Hospitality Rising, our
Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 13
Mick Lynch general secretar y of the train drivers union RMT has told hospitality businesses to direct their anger at rail operators for the for thcoming rail strikes Photo from Steve Eason (f ic kr)

Suzy Lamplugh Trust Report Reveals That 44% of

Female Respondents Had Experienced Harassment Whilst Working in the Night-time Economy

Ever yone has the right to be safe at work Yet a new YouGov sur vey conducted by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and suppor ted by Peoplesafe for National Personal Safety Day 2022, has found high levels of violent, aggressive , sexual and unwanted behaviours perpetrated against employees working or on their way to work in the night-time economy

The findings show that women are more likely than men to have experienced harassment within or on their way to their workplace , with 44% of women having experienced harassment compared with 26% of men In the majority of all repor ted cases of harassment (83%), the perpetrator was a man These statistics highlight the shocking prevalence of violence against women and girls within the workplace

No one should be a victim of violence , aggression, and harassment in the workplace However, of the 1768 night-time economy workers surveyed, a shocking one third (34%) had experienced some form of unwanted behaviour whilst working or on their way to work and 15% of respondents had experienced sexual harassment (28% of women)

Of respondents who had been harassed, 60% had never repor ted their experiences to their employer, commonly citing a lack of faith that action would be taken Likewise , three quar ters of respondents who had been harassed whilst working or travelling to work in the night-time economy had not repor ted their experiences to the police

These findings speak to the need for employers to take all reasonable steps to combat harassment within the workplace and for urgent legislative change to criminalise and prevent such unwanted behaviours both in the workplace and in public spaces

Based on the findings of this repor t the Suzy Lamplugh Trust is making the following policy recommendations:

For the government to suppor t the Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Bill that would legislate for a preventative duty and require employers to take all reasonable steps to stop workplace sexual harassment while also protecting women from sexual harassment from third par ties

The government should work with specialist ser vices to ensure there is a national framework on tackling harassment that can be implemented within businesses This framework would build on best practice from initiatives such as the Women’s Night Safety Char ter21, including rolling out bystander training22

Legislative change is urgently needed to ensure individuals’ right to safety within public spaces It is imperative that the Government suppor ts proposals to make public sexual harassment a standalone offence

The Government should urgently ring-fence funding for women and girls’ safety on public transpor t across the UK and continue funding for safer public spaces such as through the Safer Streets Fund Transpor t ser vices must provide regular safe routes home from work such as 24hour transpor t systems

The Government and employers should collect and publish data on the prevalence of workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, and the impact on those who experience it to suppor t more victims

For employers to publish their personal safety policy If employers do not have any policy in place , such as the one advocated for through Suzy’s Char ter, they should consult with specialist organisations such as the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to introduce one

Suky Bhaker, CEO of Suzy Lamplugh Trust, says “We are extremely concerned by the findings of our research, which demonstrate that harassment of night-time economy workers is widespread and underrepor ted, with women being more likely to experience harassment than men Testimonies from victims indicated a lack of faith in both employers

and the police to tackle these behaviours and take repor ts seriously This is not good enough We urge the government and employers to take all reasonable steps to stamp out workplace harassment via a robust legislative framework, policy and suppor t to help shift the per vasive culture of abuse within the night-time economy Ever y employee deser ves to be free from violence , aggression and harassment”

Naz Dossa, Peoplesafe CEO and BSIA Chair of the Lone Working Group says: “A decisive legislative response to this issue is long overdue We need to finally shift the dial on the impor tance of employee personal safety and are collectively calling on employers and government to work together to achieve a step change in how working people are protected Our own Peoplesafe research, commissioned earlier this year, found that harassment in par ticular verbal and physical abuse is all too common across ever y industr y sector, with significant gender difference – 27% of male employees experience harassment, rising to 38% for female employees This problem is clearly not confined to the night-time economy sector and the message is clear All employers, across the board, should now ver y seriously consider the need to go beyond existing legal requirement and tick box compliance to provide the level of safety and peace of mind that is a basic employee right ”

MP Wera Hobhouse says, “Ever yone has a right to feel safe in their workplace and the work that the Suzy Lamplugh Trust does to help ensure this is vital Unfor tunately, we still have a long way to go to ensure that the problem is eradicated What is needed is a culture shift so our understanding of acceptable behaviour ensures that staff at all places of work are safe Notably in the night-time economy, where workers are potentially more vulnerable , protections must be especially stringent

“My Private Members’ Bill recently passed its Second Reading in the House It aims to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace by forcing employers to ensure that their workplaces are safe This Bill, alongside the work of organisations like the Suzy Lamplugh Trust I hope will star t the culture shift we desperately need”

Time to Invest in the Skills of our Nation’s Pubs and Hospitality Businesses


“Times have never

members and the wider hospitality industr y, but the resilience they have shown over the past 3 years has demonstrated the immense appetite for the experience that they deliver, one that cannot be replicated anywhere else

Read the letter at https://tinyurl com/3p9smsan

OiLChef Wins Prestigious Best Kitchen Innovation Award


The OiLChef device is a small accessor y that fits inside your Deepfr yer and will double the life of your fr ying oil, saving you up to 50% on oil purchasing This is not a filter!

OiLChef is vir tually maintenance free , takes 3 seconds to install and only needs to be replaced ever y 3 years FDA Approved technolog y, and winner of “Best Kitchen Innovation Award UK 2022” the OiLChef device is vir tually unbreakable and maintenance free

The OiLChef device is now available for fish pans and can cost as little as one pound per day and guaranteed for 3 years!!

14 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
to OiLChef for winning the prestigious Best Kitchen Innovation Award at the Restaurant & Takeaway Expo at the Excel in London Cooking oil is expensive Would you like to save up to 50% on fr yer oil purchases ever y month? If you do then OiLChef is for you
Readers of CLH News that order units in 2022 get a special £150 discount. 60 second explainer video: https://youtu be/UMGuvCnFSHc No wires chemicals replacement par ts and vir tually unbreakable each unit comes with a full 3-year warranty, and we give you a “tr y before you buy 14-day money back guarantee”! With OiL Chef in your fr yer, your food cooks quicker, becomes
little crispier, absorbs
less oil and your food holds its texture for longer which is fantastic news for your deliver y and kerb side pick-up! OiLChef trusted by industr y exper ts used by the industr y and available for you now in the UK Contact them today via their website:
The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) has written to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor, urging them to invest in our vibrant and vital sector to ensure that it can be at the hear t of the economic recover y
The letter calls on the Government to recognise the fragility of pubs, but also the oppor tunity they represent for growth and employment for the countr y going forward
CEO of the BII, Steve Alton commented:
been tougher
“Whilst they face huge challenges with rising energ y costs and double-digit inflation across all areas of their businesses they also have the power to be a key par t of the economic recover y, providing thousands of jobs and career oppor tunities like no other sector can
“With the right investment in these small businesses at the hear t of their communities in ever y village , town and city, they can be a driving force for employment and rapid career growth, levelling up ever y area of the UK
“They have been recognised as a unique and critical par t of our communities and our economy by Government throughout the pandemic and they now need the breathing space to be allowed to begin their own recover y, to the benefit of the entire nation ”
SPECIAL £150 DISCOUNT for readers of CLH News that order units in 2022

Spotlight On Security

Hospitality venues could soon be legally required to devise and provide specific security plans for a terror attack

Richard Winstanley at BFT Automation looks at the role of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation as par t of a protective security strateg y

“The devastating Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 sparked calls for the Government to consider the responsibility of public venues in protecting their visitors in the event of a terror attack

The Protect Duty Bill sets out to do just that and took a step closer to becoming legislation when it was included in the Queen’s Speech in 2022 While it has yet to progress through Parliament, once it passes into law venues with a capacity of more than 100 people will need to devise and provide specific security plans for a terror attack

This will require a thorough over view of a hotel or pub’s security operations and, as hostile vehicles have become increasingly relied on by those seeking to launch an attack, it’s impor tant to consider Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) as par t of a protective security strateg y


The process of introducing HVM should begin with a risk assessment and some examples of what this should include are:


This includes looking at any weak areas that may be par ticularly vulnerable

2 An investigation of the local environment

The surrounding roads are likely to have an impact on the threat of HVM For example , vehicles approaching the proper ty will need an area of run up in order to build up speed, so if this is denied by the ver y nature of the road layout, the risk is reduced

3. Parking considerations

If the introduction of security barriers are likely to impact on access to parking facilities, there are measures that can be taken to address this, such as the use of automated bollards that can be lowered to allow entr y

4 The immediacy of any threat

In circumstances where a venue is made aware of a clear and present threat to their premises, it’s possible to hire temporar y security products while you search for a permanent solution

These are just a few examples and manufacturers and installers of HVM solutions are well placed to suppor t security teams in the risk assessment process if needed


There are numerous HVM solutions which range from automatic bollards and HVM street furniture to static columns and temporar y barriers

If rammed by a truck travelling at speed, conventional barriers may slow the vehicle , but could still be displaced beyond the point of impact and strike anyone in the immediate vicinity The simplest and most versatile solution is to install cer tified anti-terrorism bollards, either fixed or retractable , which offer protection without impeding on the movement of pedestrians and cyclists

The Government-backed Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) is a useful star ting point to find out more about the range of bollard options available: www cpni gov uk Plus the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA) which has a dedicated hub of information purely on HVM: https://hvmhub com/about/

Installers and manufacturers can advise on practical details that will influence what make of bollard a security team decides to use such as the ground conditions at a site and the placement and spacing of bollards in relation to pedestrian movement

The threat of terrorism in the UK remains serious and, even without the changes likely to be imposed by the impending Protect Duty Bill, hospitality venues reviewing their protective security strateg y will need reassurance that the measures they’re taking will go far enough to protect themselves against an attack

Whether it’s mitigating against an act of terror or any other serious crimes where a hostile vehicle could be used, HVM can play a significant role in protecting proper ty and, most impor tantly, your staff and customers ”

A member of the PSSA, BFT Automation is a manufacturer and distr ibutor of entrance automation tec hnology that controls access for people and vehic les in commercial, residential and urban environments

Longest-Serving Publican in Birmingham’s

Gay Village Receives 25th Anniversary Award


raises thousands of pounds for local charities and good causes ranging from Birmingham’s Dog home to Macmillan Cancer Suppor t Andy discovered his love of hospitality as a boy when he helped out at the working men ’ s club, where his dad was chairman, and has been in the industr y since leaving school

Says Andy: “Birmingham has changed out of all recognition in a really positive way from when I took over The Fox in 1997

Nuneaton born-and-bred Andy has played a central role in Birmingham’s gay scene since taking over The Fox 25 years ago Not only has The Fox provided a safe , welcoming space for LGBTQ+ people but Andy helped stage the first Birmingham Pride in 1997, and the pub has par ticipated ever y year More recently Andy was a co-founder of the campaign to create Birmingham s HIV and AIDS Memorial and spearheaded the fundraising drive for it

One of the last remaining Victorian pubs in the gay village , The Fox prides itself on filling the role of a traditional community local offering a friendly meeting place for LGBTQ+ people of all ages and their friends in Birmingham Known as the ‘little

t’, it

Dispelling the Myths About Good Cellar Hygiene

Following the opening of their new 13,500 sq ft Trafford Park facility, sister companies Chemisphere UK and Beer Piper International are working on a drive to educate the industr y on the impor tance of good cellar hygiene and to dispel the myths that it’s a complicated process

The two companies have a unique proposition – Chemisphere are specialists in providing the hospitality industr y with premium detergents and accessories for ware-washing, beverage dispense system sterilisation and kitchen hygiene , whilst Beer Piper provide advanced beer line cleaning systems This means that complete bar & cellar solutions are available all under one roof

Chemisphere developed the world’s first purple beer line cleaner changes colour if the line is dir ty when it remains purple you can be confident that your line is absolutely yeast and bacteria free This product revolutionised beer line cleaning and continues to do so today with both manual cleans and automated cleans

As publicans and bar managers struggle to maintain their ever-increasing workload in these difficult times, automated beer line cleaning systems such as Beer Piper have taken the stress out of a little-loved, yet essential, task The Beer Piper unit is programmed, meaning it does all the hard work for establishments during


Both companies now look forward to continuing to execute their growth plans with Chemisphere UK focusing on expanding their product range and Beer Piper International on the launch of their new BP5 beer line cleaning machine which will utilise Chemisphere’s game changing powder-based product

Visit www chemisphereuk com and www beerpiper co uk for more information

16 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
their opening hours One of the distinctive features of the Beer Piper system is the Dispense Line Beer function which gives the option of saving much of the valuable beer that until now, was simply poured down the drain ever y week when doing a manual line clean and Beer Piper continue to invest in new equipment and develop a wider range of products Wilf Worsley, Operations Director at Chemisphere said “ our research and development depar tment are hard at work and strive to lead the industr y through new product development We are the home of several pioneering products and we continue our mission to educate the industr y on the impor tance of maintaining high hygiene standards of their dispense equipment and glass hygiene to ensure optimum quality of their dispensed products
Identifying all vehicle access points
longest-ser ving publican in Birmingham’s gay village –Andy King of The Fox on Lower Essex Street – has received a prestigious award to mark his 25th anniversar y at the pub The award from the pub s landlords, Star Pubs & Bars, also recognises the contribution The Fox has made to the community over the last quar ter of a centur y Andy has no intention of “calling time” yet and is now extending his lease in order to clock up a fur ther five years at The Fox gay bar with the big gay hear nur tures and showcases up and coming LGBTQ+ musicians and enter tainers from the area and Back then, the windows were covered to prevent hostility towards customers Now there’s a lot less stigma, and many straight friends of our LGBTQ+ customers enjoy coming with them to The Fox, too I never thought for a minute I’d be here this long I’m still loving it, and The Fox and its customers are like a family to me I’m a traditional licensee at hear t and believe pubs fulfill an impor tant social function in suppor ting the people they ser ve as well as giving them good times ” Comments Star Pubs & Bars’ area manager for Birmingham Jacqueline Frow: “Andy is a fantastic licensee who is passionate about The Fox He’s made it a ver y special place and an asset to Birmingham It s an amazing achievement to keep any pub at the top of its game for so long It’s all down to Andy’s enthusiasm He cares about his customers and is always adapting The Fox to embrace the latest trends ”

Rising Insolvencies Are a Major Cause For Concern for the Hospitality Sector

The UK hospitality sector is going through tough times High inflation and the costof-living crisis have forced people to cut down on discretionar y spending and the rising input costs have eaten into the profit margins of businesses Due to this, businesses are forced to either reduce their margins or risk even lower sales Additionally the staff shor tages especially after Brexit have piled fur ther miser y on the sector

A repor t from IGD's Eating In Vs Eating Out has also forecasted that as many as 90% of consumers will tr y to save money when eating out next year in the wake of the falling discretionar y income In fact many restaurants fear that they won't be able to sustain themselves if they don't get suppor t from the government Many have said they'll be cutting their trading hours to save on energ y costs

As per research conducted last month, restaurant company insolvencies increased by more than half over the past year indicating how tough things are for restaurants

at present The analysis, conducted by advisor y firm Mazars, showed that from 202021 to 2021-22, the total number of restaurant insolvencies jumped from 984 to 1,567, witnessing a 59% rise

In the quar ter to November, it added that the number of restaurants going bust jumped from 395 to 453

The repor t claimed that besides the soaring energ y and food prices, restaurants had been hit by a labour shor tage , specifically for skilled roles like chefs

The government has extended a suppor t scheme for energ y bills to businesses, significantly reducing their energ y bills However, the scheme will be in effect till April next year, and there's no clarity on the suppor t that restaurants will get after that Restaurant owners have been calling for more suppor t Some have also claimed that despite the suppor t scheme some energ y suppliers are charging more than they

Glasgow: City Councillors Pass Motion for Safe and Free Transport Home Hospitality Workers After

Glasgow City Council has passed a motion which will require hospitality businesses seeking an extended licence to provide free safe transpor t home for their workers past 11pm

Despite the sector pulling in hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue for Glasgow’s hospitality employers this year alone , many latenight workers (including nurses, cleaners and shop workers) are left to choose between walking miles home in the dark or forking out 2+ hours of wages to pay for a taxi home

The ‘Get Me Home Safely’ campaign was launched in 2021 by Unite Hospitality Glasgow after the Chair of the Unite Hospitality in Glasgow, Caitlin Lee , was sexually assaulted walking home from work after her employer - a five star hotel chain - refused to provide her a taxi home after a 12am finish

As well as organising workers to win safe and free transpor t home from employers, the campaign seeks to encourage local authorities to

make safe and free transpor t home for late night workers a requirement for new and extended alcohol licenses The campaign has already



“I don’t want what happened to me to happen to any other worker, which is why we

“As the biggest local authority in the countr y passing GMHS in Glasgow would send the strongest message yet to late night workers and employers alike that transpor t home after a late night shift is fundamentally impor tant to their overall safety and working conditions

The responsibility for workers’ safety to and from late-night work should not fall on to the worker – it must be with the employers and politicians at all levels to ensure we are safe ”

How To Create A Compliant Labelling Solution To Meet Natasha’s Law

Natasha’s Law has significant implications for all businesses that produce foods pre-packaged for direct sale (PPDS) to customers on-site Together with putting customers at risk, those who don’t comply face the possibility of large fines and reputation damage , with longer-lasting consequences for customer numbers

It s created a product labelling challenge for food retailers But while our research found that all agree the regulation will make consumers with food allergies feel safer, many say they are finding it challenging to adapt their labelling processes

Handwritten labels open you up to the risk of human error, and preprinted labels can be costly and limit your ability to make any changes to an ingredient list - neither provide the speed, accuracy and flexibility of a digital, compliant food labelling solution

Brother has a strong track record of delivering tailored systems for the food ser vice and hospitality sectors and creating a solution for full ingredients labelling for PPDS food needn’t be complex or expensive

Our compact desktop devices make it easy to create long-lasting highresolution labels for allergen content ingredients barcodes branding


Depending on setup and menu size we offer businesses three types of solutions: a complete standalone solution with pre-built designs and prestored menus, a wirelessly connected tablet and app from one of our specialist software par tners, or a multipurpose PC-based solution that can be used alongside our free P-Touch label design and print software

One business benefitting from our multipurpose solution is café Common Ground, in Altrincham in the Nor th West

After the business star ted offering takeaway PPDS food for the first time , they used our Brother TD-4520DN professional network desktop label printer, alongside our free P-touch Editor software , which enabled them to design and print custom food labels, alongside logos, images and barcodes They simply connected the device to a laptop and printed off batches of labels for that day s products

To discover more about how to integrate food labelling solutions into your business, visit www brother co uk/food-labelling


and expir y dates quickly and accurately, using thermal print technolog y without the need for inks or toners For those with multiple sites, our solutions also integrate with menu management systems
backed by Councils in Edinburgh, East Dunbar tonshire , Nor th Ayrshire , Falkirk and Dundee where workers are already star to see the benefits of safe and free transpor t home past the last bus/train/tram Chair of Unite Hospitality in Glasgow, Caitlin Lee said: launched Get Me Home Safely For this campaign to succeed we need buy-in from employers, workers and politicians
18 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
The professional division of manufacturer of commercial laundr y and dishwashing appliances Miele , has appointed Egizia Maria Felice as Marketing Manager for Great Britain and Ireland Felice will be responsible for overseeing the marketing management of the hospitality, care and ser vice (HCS) sector, as well as growing their laborator y, medical and dentistr y (LMD) sector Felice brings six years of experience in marketing and communications to her new role , with previous marketing roles at Oxentia, a global innovation consultancy, and academic publishing house Oxford University Press Her specialisms include strategic communications for international development agencies as well as marketing for academic research and publishing
on her appointment, Felice said: “I have always admired the inherent quality of Miele products and its ethos of immer besser (ever better) so being able to join the Miele Professional team is a fantastic oppor tunity As the organisation is dedicated to becoming the leader in sustainability within its industr y, one of my targets is to build relationships with businesses who also have sustainability at their core , and to showcase how Miele’s innovative technolog y can suppor t their journey”
will suppor
to new customers
Miele Appoints Marketing Manager to Oversee Operations in Great
Simon Venni, County Sales Manager at Miele
commented: “We’re thrilled to have Egizia on board to lead our marketing team We’re excited to see how Egizia’s broad range of perspectives
in reaching out
Britain and Ireland

The Source Trade Show Preview

Take a Bite Out of the Best the South West Has to Offer

With 2023 rapidly approaching, it’s time to plan how you ’ re going to find ingredients for your new menus, the best retail food and drink, and the equipment and ser vices your business needs to keep ahead of the competition Whether you run a pub, hotel, restaurant, café, deli, farm shop, holiday park, tourist attractions, catering business, supermarket or if your business is food and drink, the Source trade show is for you

The Source trade show will take place on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th Februar y 2023, at Westpoint, near Exeter There’s been a food and drink and hospitality show in this time slot in the South West now for more than 20 years This is one of the key times of year for buyers to seek out new suppliers of products and ser vices and, in par tnership with regional food group Taste of the West, this trade show will delight your senses with the latest flavours and ideas The Source is easily the biggest and best regional trade show in the countr y You’ll discover

ever ything a food or hospitality business could possibly want, from high quality ingredients, the freshest food and drinks through to foodser vice , kitchen equipment and designs stylish furniture and the latest EPoS and other business systems to keep your operation running smoothly

This is a two day oppor tunity for you to see what s hot in the fast-moving world of cuisine , network with colleagues, and pick up on the trends, business challenges and oppor tunities shaping the sector for 2023 Meet the Newcomers, who are new companies from the South West that have never done a trade show before Plus many exhibitors put on exclusive show offers that you can advantage of!

For more information about the show and to register to attend visit You can also follow the show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @SourceFoodDrink


20 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
West Labels South West Labels are a supplier of labelling guns thermal label printers & labels We’re here for retail, industrial and manufacturing businesses We’re independent which means impar tial recommendations combined with over 30 years experience in supplying these products The labelling gun market can be complicated Many products are known by different names depending on their use Labelling guns price guns pricing guns label guns coding guns and batch guns Our range of products can meet all needs: Simple low use models, durable machines for industr y A wide variety of specialist features including autoincrementing guns for batch codes
equipment is supplied with a one year factor y warranty and are designed to give years of reliable and effective ser vice
us on stand H4 to view our products Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising
The Source Trade Show Preview Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 21 Barton Reed & Co Bar ton Reed & Co is the leading supplier of quality furniture to hotels, restaurants, public houses and leisure facilities in the South West We can supply beautiful leather sofas, stylish high bar stools, comfy tub seats, elegant restaurant tables and chairs, and relaxing beds From laid back, seaside charm to cutting-edge design our extensive product range will suit your style and give your business the look that you want to achieve We have a huge choice of colours fabrics and finishes and all our furniture comes with a two-year warranty Bar ton Reed & Co is a familyrun business and we have been involved in the furniture industr y since 1945 Over the years we have forged strong relationships with our suppliers to give you the best furniture available with a ser vice that goes above and beyond our customers expectations Seven reasons why you should choose Bar ton Reed & Co to supply your contract furniture: • Wide range of styles • Easy order ing and re-order ing • Single point of contact • Shor t lead times • Direct deliver y • After sales ser vice • Two-year warranty on ever y item Get in touch to discuss your furniture requirements or to order our new brochure –we ’ re here to help Call us on 01409 271189, visit www bar tonreed co uk or email info@bar tonreed co uk Alternatively see us on Stand H16 at The Source Trade Show HS French Flint Ltd are ver y pleased to be exhibiting at the Source Trade Show again this year and are looking forward to seeing Old Friends as well as New Contacts on STAND E17 Having moved into a new and larger showroom overlooking the River Thames near Tower Bridge we have continued to expand our range and have even more wonderful glass jars and bottles to show you this year Please have a look at our website www frenchflint com or give us a call on 020 7237 1750 HS French Flint Limited The Galler y, Springalls Wharf, 25a Bermondsey Wall West, London SE16 HS French Flint - The Glass Container Specialists CREATE YOUR OWN BESPOKE GIN SEE US ON STAND C15 T: 01803 812 509 E: info@devondistillery com www devondistillery com /devondistillery @devondistillery Devon Distillery Devon Distiller y can produce a gin just for you Specialising in shor t run white-label production at competitive prices, we have made award winning gins for a number of clients already If you want your own house gin or a gin for a special occasion Devon Distiller y can produce it for you You can include your own botanicals and design your own label all with guidance from our master distillers Devon Distiller y also produces it’s own award winning Dappa (Devon Grappa) and Devoncello as well as a great Sloe Gin See the adver t on this page for details or visit Stand C15 See us at The Source Tr adeshow 2023 www.catererlicensee .com CLH NEWS - SERVING THE INDEPENDENT HOSPITALITY SECTOR FOR 22 YEARS!

It’s Beginning To Taste A Lot Like Christmas- We Can Smell It In The Air

For Christmas recipes see our new selection developed for us by master chef Peter Gor ton littlepod co uk/our-recipes/

For that extra sparkle we are putting our chopped Vanilla pods into ice cubes adding a dash of luxur y to our cocktails

Of course , the Perfect Gift for the Passionate Cook is our store- cupboard essential, LittlePod tube of Vanilla Paste Tr y rubbing it into your turkey Put a squeeze into your morning porridge , smoothies, Coffee Vanilla is perfect for savour y dishes as well as the Christmas cake!

Fancy a vegan Christmas? Our products are suitable for vegans We are also kosher cer tified and this year we are proud to say that we are a ‘Made in Devon’ Trading standards Approved company Cheers to Olly and cheers to you All Look forward to catching up in 2023!

Vinicola Tombacco Achieves Equalitas Sustainable Winery Certification


has been awarded Equalitas

Cer tification, a globally recognised sustainability standard set for the wine sector which guarantees the winer y ’ s commitment to sustainability Tombacco, who’s wines are available in the UK through Lanchester Wines has announced the achievement following a series of both ongoing and new projects to address key sustainability issues The third-generation family business, which recently celebrated its centenar y year has implemented various practices across its wineries to minimise its impact on the environment

Solar panels are installed on Tombacco’s buildings which optimises the cost of electricity covering 10% of the company ’ s energ y needs and is the first step towards complete energ y autonomy An innovative Israeli-type drip irrigation system has been installed, that delivers just enough water and nutrients to the vines while minimising wastage And, Valoritalia, the Italian cer tification body, has rewarded 47 Anno Domini's effor ts with organic cer tification which in itself is a guarantee of attention and care to the highest standards

Fur thermore , Tombacco has introduced an employee welfare programme which, in the long term, will see them as recipients of annual awards for their good work and team building activities

Brothers Cristian and Andrea Tombacco are joint

owners of Vinicola Tombacco Cristian said: "Improvement is a path taken one step at a time and each step must follow a precise direction made up of shor t-term objectives that lead to more ambitious and prestigious long-term successes Ever y year we'll prepare a Sustainability Repor t setting out the improvement policies that we intend to put into practice , measuring the overall situation An independent body performs an audit to cer tify progress: this guarantees greater transparency, but also encourages businesses to show constant commitment and efficiency ”

"We know the path we have decided to take is a difficult one , but we do it with the awareness that this is the right one in order to stay faithful to our principles and guarantee future generations a thriving business like the one we are experiencing today,” concludes Cristian

The Equalitas standard focuses on the social, environmental and economic pillars of sustainability It’s a voluntar y cer tification procedure regarding wine sustainability with the aim of bringing together companies in the wine sector to promote one shared approach to sustainability For more information, please visit www equalitas it/en

For more information on Tombacco’s commitment to sustainability, please visit www rinomatatombacco it

Let Your Christmas Menu Sparkle with Just Desserts

With over 100 handcrafted desser ts already on offer, Just Desser ts Yorkshire have revealed their Christmas 2022 desser ts range Taking inspiration from those Christmas desser t classics, the new product range offers a unique twist on those traditional festive flavours we all love

The new festive trio includes:


A sweet butter pastr y case filled with classic mincemeat, topped with franzipan sponge and finished with a dusting of sugar snow



Classic ginger sponge topped with an irresistible toffee sauce – a real winter warmer!


Digestive biscuit base with a white chocolate pepper-

mint ganache topping, finished with whipped cream and a sprinkle of crushed peppermint candy cane

Established in 1985 in the renowned Salt s mill Just Desser ts Yorkshire specialise in baking a range of over 100 quality handcrafted desser ts

Using the finest of ingredients, the Just Desser ts Yorkshire range includes a selection of over 20 large and individual luxur y cheesecakes, decorative gateaux and cakes tar ts and pastries – featuring a range of delicious fillings, the famous Yorkshire Scoundrel, puddings and crumbles and so much more

Widely available for distribution throughout the UK, Just Desser ts Yorkshire supply the hospitality and retail sector, including pubs, restaurants and hotels with the finest of desser ts https://just-desser

Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 23
Festive Ordering
At LittlePod the decorations are going up early as we prepare for our Christmas par ty and to say goodbye to a well-loved team member Olly We are decorating
tree with lots of 10 ml miniature tubes of paste which make suitable ‘secret Santa’s’
for details if you want some (01395 232022 -sales)
Padua’s Tombacco
mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising


Garments needed to be smar t and professionally laundered with a strong emphasis on quality and brand image It had historically experienced a lack of consistency with ser vice levels from a range of suppliers creating complexity and additional administration pressures

Elis worked closely with Har ts Group to understand its key requirements at a site level It completed site sur veys and meetings with the management team of each restaurant This helped to identify the number and type of garments required and the number of wearers enabling Elis to work out a schedule that would fit the restaurants’ exacting requirements while offering a consistent level of ser vice As a result Elis was able to reduce the number of weekly collections and deliveries increase the amount of stock in circulation and combine all ser vices into one straightforward deliver y model This reduced the carbon footprint of the ser vices being delivered and unlocked fur ther

Laundry and Linens

Harr y Bown Director of Operations

Har t Group said: “Having worked with some well-known laundr y suppliers in London for many years it’s been refreshing to work with a supplier of Elis’ professionalism and quality It was impor tant that we streamlined our invoices and supply chain to remove complexity Laundr y and washroom ser vices have historically taken time to manage However, Elis has delivered on its commitments and caused no disruption to our operations during the transition ”

Textile and laundr y ser vices provider Elis UK (https://uk elis com) has par tnered with Har ts Group to deliver on laundr y and washroom requirements for all its London restaurants These include the modern Spanish Barrafina and Parrillian restaurant groups, the Mexican El Pastor chain and the historic Soho Quo Vadis restaurant and private members club company required a range of products such as chef and front-ofhouse uniforms table linen kitchen linen and washroom ser vices commercial benefits Following the site visits Elis gained a strong understanding of the operational and logistical requirements for the group and was awarded the contract The ser vice cycle commenced as par t of a two-phase roll-out to suppor t the Group during the withdrawal of the incumbent suppliers Har t Group was impressed with the thorough preparation and attention to detail that Elis has shown The ser vice has proven to be reliable and straightforward allowing the restaurant teams to focus on their core business operations rather than worr ying about the availability of laundr y Aurelija Sovaite , Operations Manager of Har t Group, said: “We chose Elis after reviewing several options and we ’ re ver y pleased by the attention to detail shown in the transition of the ser vices Visiting ever y restaurant and getting a full understanding of the needs and challenges of each has meant that the ser vice Elis has designed fits our requirements, reduces the number of deliveries and collections and offers true value for money As a result, I now spend little time of dealing with complaints in regards to laundr y and washroom ser vices, and we ’ re delighted to have selected Elis as our laundr y and washroom par tner ”
Elis UK Partners with Harts Group for Laundry & Washroom Requirements As in most situations of life the first impression counts This is also true when entering a hotel room as a guest Our first scrutinizing look often focuses on the essential element of ever y hotel room: the bed That is no surprise , since this is where guests spend several hours during the night Therefore , quality and cleanliness of the bed linen has a decisive influence on the customer experience However, hygienically clean is usually not enough For many hotels, immaculate linen is a key requirement as holes and stains in the linen can easily overshadow an otherwise pleasant guest experience THE PROBLEM: INACCURATE QUALITY CONTROLS Laundr y and hotel staff often work under great time pressure Stains and holes are often only discovered by the hotel guests thus leaving a lasting negative impression of the received ser vice THE SOLUTION: QUANTEX BY KANNEGIESSER Quantex offers automatic end-to-end quality control of flat linen on Kannegiesser ironer lines The scan system checks ever y piece of linen and guarantees highest quality, individually tailored to the needs of each hotel or restaurant It sor ts out flawed pieces of linen and enables quick deliver y at the same time State-of-the-ar t camera technolog y mounted on the folding machine detects stains, holes, worng alignments and wrinkles on both sides of ever y piece and automatically separates rejected items Quality criteria can be determined individually for each type of linen and each customer thus guaranteeing optimally customized quality The scanning system reduces the workload in quality control, speeds up the feeding process, and lowers the error rate Quantex at a glance: 1 Precise hole detection for single and mult -layered pieces 2 Reliable stain detection 3 Real-time detection of wrong alignments and wr inkles 4 Opt onal disregard of item areas 5 Clear, intuit ve user interface 6 Comprehensive statistical evaluation for eac h cr ter ia Visit www kannegiesser com/uk/en or see the adver t on the facing page Quantex: Full Linen Quality Control Working with Har ts Group for laundr y & washroom requirements Elis UK are proud to have par tnered with Har ts Group to deliver on laundr y and washroom requirements for all its London restaurants For all workwear, catering, food service laundr y provider requirements please contact 0808 1685795 or 24 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23

Hospitality Technology


When holiday park guest spending is at a premium it is time to look at new ways of working Gain a new competitive advantage with Holidaymaker, our integrated Guest Experience platform to upsell holidays, increase on-park spend and encourage direct re-bookings

Holidaymaker has been designed to help you engage with your guests from the moment their booking is confirmed, allowing you to deliver key information, upsell and market new oppor tunities to them and provide an exceptional guest experience before , during and after their stay with you

We have 24 Parks already using Holidaymaker and over 100 000 guest downloads to date

Our park owner customers are already

• Earning more from ever y booking by up-selling ser vices or promoting products or ser vices from local par tner s

Creating new revenue streams by promoting special offer s , caravan sa es , and late-season deals with push notifications

• Sav ng staff time and reducing costs by prov ding all their key information and messaging via their own branded app

Holidaymaker is jam-packed with functionality, and we integrate with some of the leading park booking systems to personalise app content, including RMS, Elite Dynamics, Prophet, GemaPark, ParcVu, and CampManager, as well as activity booking systems such as


Holidaymaker app is available for single parks but can also be used by park groups with the multi-park set up Manage all the information from one central CMS and allow your guests to select their park (and respective app information) when they download the app

Here’s just a few examples of what Holidaymaker can provide to you and your guests:-

Holiday countdown and payment reminder s

• Welcome pac ks and video FAQs

Push notifications – send messages directly to your guest’s smar tphone whenever you want to notify them

• Things to do, vir tual park maps and per sonalised guest itinerar ies

• Events and special offer s

• Holiday home sales module – display your odges and caravans for sale just like RightMove

New - Digital signage module – use one CMS to manage your app and digital s gnage content and update disp ay screens around your park from your head office Book a Demo to see how Holidaymaker technolog y can help you connect directly with guests and generate new revenue oppor tunitieswww holidaymakerapp co uk/discover

has been at the forefront of Fats, Oils and

Greases (FOG’s)


DrainMinor C (Combi Oven

Pump) Creates Considerable Interest

was also a discussion point, with the mechanical shaft seal arrangement between pump impeller and motor winding generally agreed as an advantage over a common lip seal/diaphragm arrangement, especially considering the hot wastewater temperatures and potential grease which these units have to handle

system the unit can cope with an exceptional quantity of grease , fat and food par ticles before the reliable star t/stop operation of the pump is affected

The triangular low-level float also means that inlet heights can be just 70mm from base to centreline, giving the appropriate inlet requirement for wall or central island Combi Ovens

The build quality of the submersible wastewater pump

It can be connected to multiple ovens or oven and sink combinations Also multiple inlet connections can be cut onsite directly into the rigid Polyethylene tank without the need to manifold inlets outside of the tank and then feed into it via a single inlet This means that the installation footprint is just the size of the compact tank and potential leaks from knocked manifold piping and joints are eliminated

It looks like the New DrainMinor C is a winner and will soon be featuring in combi oven installations ever ywhere

SumUp POS Our mission is to empower small merchants across the globe HOW WE C AN HELP We give access to financial ser vices to the millions of businesses that are considered too small for most providers They’re as much as 10 times smaller than the smallest businesses that would be targeted by banks and traditional providers What star ted out as one card reader has now turned into a range of readers, multiple remote payment solutions such as Invoices Gift Cards, Payment Links and so much more INCLUSIVE We want to make technolog y that anyone can use and ever yone has access to Whether you ’ re a oneperson show or a team, we ’ re there for the smallest of businesses PERSON AL SUPPORT Do you have questions about the usage of SumUp? We have a dedicated customer suppor t team in the language that works for you SECURE PAYMENTS SumUp card readers are the most secure methods of card payments and have received full cer tification from a range of regulator y bodies RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY SumUp is authorised as a Payment Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority (license no 900700) and is EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) and PCI-DSS cer tified See the adver t opposite for details
Give your guests all the information they need for their holiday on their smartphone
View welcome packs, check pool timings, on-park restaurants details, check-out times, events, special offers, holiday home sales and other guest services
Personal itineraries from your things to do, events and activities
Browse interactive park maps
Send out notifications and special offers
Integrate with your booking system
NEW holiday home sales and digital display screen modules
100,000 guest downloads to date across our parks
App - The Digital Platform That Powers Your Park Business The New DrainMajor C (Combi Oven Pump) manufactured by Pump Technolog y Ltd There are significant advantages that this combi oven drainage pump offers The pump features a tank with its clear side window was the large , triangular, low-level float attached to the pump by a rigid arm, external to the pump casing Because of the design of this float
Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 27
Management for the Catering and Food Manufacturing Industries since the 1990’s when it introduced its patented Fatstrippa Range of nonmechanical Grease Recover y Units These units achieved FOG recover y rates of well below 35 ppm eliminating the need for secondar y treatment with costly enzymes or chemicals
the Fatstrippa quickly established itself as a market leader in performance , requiring little maintenance and a reputation for robustness Manufactured from 304 Grade 3mm Stainless steel many of the units installed over 20 years ago are still giving peak performance to this day Allan who stepped down day to day running of the business still retains an impor tant role as Chief Engineer to the business with his 65 years technical experience With over 40 000 units sold in the UK Fatstrippa continues to lead the way on performance recently winning a 3 year supply contract to a major Pub Chain following an independently assessed, competitive , performance based tender Building on this reputation for quality and performance new Managing Director, Dan Owen, this week announced a major new initiative , the launch of a Fatstrippa Approved Contractor Network following feedback from end users All contractors are required to demonstrate; • Under standing of relevant Legis ation and Gu delines • Different Methodologies of Fog Management • Factor y Trained Know edge of Fatstr ippa Range of Products and Options Fatstrippa under take audits of each contractor performance with Approved Status formally reviewed on an annual basis For fur ther information contact Dan Owen at or see the adver t on page 31 Fatstrippa Launches Approved Contractors Network
Designed by Chief Marine Engineer, Allan Owen, in close cooperation with Water Authorities, Environmental Agencies and Restauranteurs

ComPaCK GlassWasHErs

ComPaCK FroNT loadING dIsHWasHErs

ComPaCK Pass THroUGH dIsHWasHErs

• Electronic control with push buttons for high efficiency and easy to use

• 350, 400 and 500 basket machines available 120 seconds washing cycle

• Ecoclean control system for partial clean water refill at every wash cycle

• Built in drain pump included

• Complete with built in adjustable detergent & rinse aid dispensers

• Guarantees hot rinse thermostop

• Thermal protection for wash tank and boiler

• Light function button with self diagnostic

For all modEls

• Self-diagnosis with errors solution, precise setting of the detergent dispenser, different temperature setting for each cycle

• Ecoclean control system for partial clean water refill at every wash cycle (only with built in drain pump)

• Thermal acoustic double door

• New inclined and deep-drawn welded tank

• Door reinforcement brackets

• Adjustable rinsing arm rotation speed

• Fully stainless steel made wash and rinse arms for low maintenance, heavy duty, all corrosion resistant

• Removable double filtering system for wash and drainage cycle

• Electronic control DIGIT with temperature display

• 4 washing cycles

• Ecoclean control System for partial clean water refill at every wash cycle

• Built in drain pump included

• Complete with built in adjustable detergent & rinse aid dispensers

• Guarantees hot rinse thermostop

• Thermal protection for wash tank and boiler

• Built in softener (only on D50S and D55S)

• Colour coded function button with self diagnostic Evolute Electronic control with lCd display

• Electronic control with LCD display

• 4 individual programmable cycles

• Ecoclean control System for partial clean water refill at every wash cycle

• Built in drain pump included

• Complete with built in adjustable detergent & rinse aid dispensers

• Break tank – AA air gap – Wras approved

• Guarantee rinse temperature 85⁰C at constant pressure

• Self cleaning cycle on drain down

• Thermal protection for wash tank and boiler

• Built in softener (only on BT55S)

• Self diagnostic

Web Email Tel 0333 456 4500 ComPaCK - THE sTaNdard THaT maKEs THE dIFFErENCE ProFEssIoNal WarEWasHING sYsTEms rElIaBIlITY HIGH PErFormaNCE GUaraNTEEd assIsTaNCE at prices you will be overjoyed with Purchase/rental/Interest free 0% finance available (subject to status)
Compack glasswashers have simplicity and robust performance in mind. Where the need for just washing glasses is the main aim this is the machine for the job
BT100/BT100s BT100TC/BT100TCs

Fryers and Oil

Operators should consider when purchasing a fr yer and their oil the oil capacity against production rate burner efficiency and recover y rate as well as a true cool zone in gas fr yers to help prolong the oil life Blue Seal V ray Gas Fr yers are our premium fr yer and burner system, which come at a higher price compared to some competitors’ gas models However the fuel efficiency, cost saving, performance and stainless steel high build quality far out way the additional initial cost to the operator

Blue Seal produce high performance thermostatic controlled gas & electric fr yers

Our Evolution range gas fr yers GT60 GT46 & GT45 have a premium feature benefit of all using our patented “V’Ray” burner system This system uses infrared technolog y radiating the heat into the tank, only heating the area of oil the baskets are sitting in This promotes incredibly fast recover y rates, high efficiency for limited fuel consumption provides a true cool zone in conjunction with the specially shaped tank The true cool zone prevents crumb and food debris that drops below

The oven is the cornerstone of any baking operation for caterers, licensees, and hoteliers Controlling the movement of air inside the convection oven coupled with the performance of steam generation ensures perfect heat distribution and the best baking results Whether it s a countertop oven to produce delicious snacks or full-scale ovens for busy kitchens MIWE offers the oven to suit your needs and to provide the bake quality you demand It s no wonder that top pastr y chefs request MIWE ovens for their five-star hotels

The MIWE range of convection baking ovens offer excellent quality throughout the entire product catalogue , with the benefit of gastronomic functions and auto cleaning to provide ovens that offer fantastic flexibility and energ y efficiency With a myriad of clever features to make baking a pleasure , programmable controllers to ensure consis-

the batter plates from continuous cooking and carbonising which in turn helps prevent the degrading of oil quality This all achieves considerable cost saving for the operator with fuel and oil, as well as time efficiency, producing the finished products Blue Seal also offer an additional Filtration units that give a fantastic solution to improving oil life, have great mobility and space saving features as well as powerful pumps & full stainless steel construction

Moisture , fatty acids and food residue contaminate cooking oil, spoiling fried food taste and causing the oil to smoke Blue Seal Filtamax removes impurities, quickly and effectively, maintaining consistent high cooking quality and considerable extension of oil life

The Carbon Pads remove sub-micron par ticles down to 0 5 microns – this is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand Daily filtering of fr yer oil using carbon filters can massively increase the life span of the oil creating large cost savings and create more consistent finish and taste to the food product

tent results and an automatic cleaning system that allows you to clean your baking station overnight and save energ y with the auto-star t technolog y MIWE convection ovens are designed to offer bakers the solutions to meet their needs Its ovens also feature a variety of energ ysaving technolog y The MIWE eco mode ensures the right compromise of low energ y consumption and baking-readiness is assured in between baking processes

Evolution Fryers and Filter Units

The Premium Fryer and Bur ner System

The ultimate solution for any catering establishment, perfect for pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes and much more.

Manager, Blue Seal (www blue-seal co uk)
EPP is the exclusive UK
find out more
Why MIWE is a Five-Star Choice For Top Pastry Chefs Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 29 Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising Buy with confidence of performance and the back up of The approved Fatstrippa Contractor Network. The Ultimate Bs EN 1825 Compliant Grease recovery • over 40,000 Units sold • separates down to below 35 parts per million • Eliminates need for enzymes or chemicals • Constructed of 3mm 304 Grade stainless steel • 10 Year Construction Warranty • manufactured in UK and Ireland • sizes from 0 5 litres Per second through 8 5 litres Per second For further information contact Fatstrippa sales 0207 207 7713
In addition, MIWE air control technolog y allows bakers to precisely control the amount of circulated air in convention ovens, allowing you to ensure optimal baking conditions for all baked goods in ever y baking phase
distributor of MIWE To
30 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
Outdoor Spaces
Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to

Outdoor Spaces

Café Culture - Pavement Profit

We are an independent supplier ser ving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars restaurants and public houses

We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won t be replacing cheap internet impor ts next season It’s one area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual bumps and

scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job

We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industr y and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders waiter stations and planters all to you requirement If we can help you do drop a line to sales@cafeculture biz

"Can We Sit Outside Please?"

Over 79% of UK diners have attested that they would spend more time and money in a restaurant if they incorporated outdoor dining

Integrating outdoor dining into your establishment is a no brainer decision especially when you consider the al fresco movement across the UK and return on investment oppor tunities For example when discussing predictions for the rise in al fresco dining in 2022, Janice H Dobson, Business Development Director at Archatrak, said: “Restaurant owners can look at it mathematically they know the value of ever y seat they offer and I encourage my clients to ask themselves, ‘what could 8 extra seats, 12 extra seats 20 extra seats mean for your business? Often they’ll find that, in a relatively shor t period of time , these outdoor areas can pay for themselves and continue generating revenue years afterward ”

The maths is simple; seating 16 people under a 4m x 4m parasol at an average spend of £12 50 per head equals £200 If you were to turn these 3 times a day

that would equal £600 If we multiply that by a realistic 4 days of the week, you ’ re looking at £2400 or £9 600 a month! Multiply that by 12 and your revenue would increase by £115k per annum

Assuming 50% gross margin, the investment of 1 parasol could provide a profit contribution of £57 6k per annum, which is a welcome statistic in these economically tr ying times

What s more , our zero deposit leasing options allow for payments to be spread over 2-5 years

So taking a 4mt X 4mt parasol with a moveable base , impor t, deliver y and fitting, the monthly payment over 36 months would be £184 09 or the weekly equivalent of £42 98 As such your potential R O I massively outweighs this no deposit figure What are you waiting for?! 01352 740164 www indigoawnings co uk

Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 31
Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

Products and Services

gluten free and available n 15 flavour s with two vegan var ieties

Ever yone can enjoy their delicious snacks which can cater for Keto, Vegan, Sugar Free , Gluten Free and Allergen Free lifestyles

The Safety Exper t has created an online Level 2 Food Hygiene course for hospitality businesses that enables staff to learn through video The course consists of videos that are filmed in real-life scenarios with practical examples The course is created and delivered by Natalie Stanton, Founder of The Safety Exper t Natalie is a Char tered Environmental Health Officer, food safety advisor and trainer

Natalie said: Presenting information in a visual way can increase knowledge retention That’s why I opted for video My mission is to bridge the gap between elearning and face-to-face training I want to retain the flexibility and affordability of online training whilst presenting information in a visual way to ensure staff learn and remember as much as possible I know now more than ever food businesses are experiencing a high turnover of staff It is essential that all of these staff are trained to work safely After all, a business is only as good as its staff

I’m passionate about helping food businesses to succeed by ensuring their staff are trained to work safely

My experience shows that training can t just be a tick box’ exercise To produce safe food and for a business to get a good food hygiene rating staff need to understand food safety This is only possible if they learn and retain knowledge from training

Having worked as a local authority EHO for over 11 years I’ve seen many examples of how poor staff training can impact a business During a food hygiene inspection, it only takes one mistake from a food handler to cost the business its 5-star rating For example; I’ve seen food handlers panic to get food into the fridge and cause cross-contamination by storing raw meat incorrectly The EHO can’t ignore this when calculating a food hygiene rating Effective training should help staff make the right decisions when it comes to food safety ”

To find out more:


info@thesafetyexper t co uk

See the adver t on page 9 for fur ther details

Fire Detection and Emergency Lighting Solutions You Can Trust

Authentic Spanish Sangria

Solsueño sangria in a can, introduced to the UK in spring 2022 in par tnership with Proof Drinks Ltd, has brought a premium, innovative addition to the pre-mix beverage sector and a ray of liquid Spanish sunshine to UK consumers!

Packaged in a modern 330ml slimline can at 5% abv, Solsueño is an authentic sangria, crafted in the Denominacion de Origen region of Jumilla Murcia Using local and natural ingredients, the great tasting liquid is vegan and gluten free , instantly giving consumers the ‘ sun, sea and sangria’ holiday feeling

Ideal for all indoor and outdoor settings with no preparation or wastage , the can offers single-ser ve convenience but can also be used in shared occasions adding ice and fruit in a jug The eco credentials of cans mean lower transpor t costs due to the lightness of the packaging and the cans are infinitely recyclable

Awarded Bronze in the 2022 IWSC Alternative Drinks categor y competition, the professional winetasting panel offered the following tasting notes: ‘’juicy cherr y and plum palate , with clove and cinnamon





spice giving a refreshing and drinkable palate’’

Following a first year of attending many national trade fairs, regional outdoor events, Foodie Festivals and local food & drink fairs, the overwhelming reaction to the liquid is really positive and has driven early successes with on and off-trade distribution, as well as Amazon Suppor ted by an active social media and extensive sampling campaign Solsueño has established a firm foothold and the brand is ver y much looking forward to continued successes into 2023

With pre-mix drinks growing to be a hugely popular categor y par ticularly during the summer, sangria is a natural fit given the high levels of consumer awareness due to Spain being a major holiday destination for the UK consumer Solsueño sangria, Bringing Spain to the UK!

Contact us at: info@sangria-solsueno com www sangria-solsueno com @sangriasolsueno Contact us at:

Illumino Ignis are independent professional and highly experienced We specialise in the design, commission, supply and suppor t of an incredible range of fire safety, emergency lighting and disability products With our head office being based in Yaxley, Peterborough we also have other branches covering the UK; these are located in Cannock, Blackpool, Trowbridge and Farnham Besides designing fire alarm and emergency lighting systems, Illumino Ignis also focuses on the distribution of stock from our packed warehouses across the countr y which hold high levels of stock from many of our fire
Now In A Can!
alarm manufacturers As well as distributing stock via courier, if you are in the local area you can pick up your equipment from one of our many branches which have trade counters See the adver t on page 9 or visit
Engaging Food Hygiene Training is Right in the Video For an exclusive use code CLH248 Offer ends 31/01/2023* 10% OFF If you haven’t heard about Rober t’s Dorset before , let me update you Rober t’s Dorset is a family run business established in 2011 Rober t Parkin his wife Helen and their two sons Louis and Rorke set about creating snacks in the family s humble kitchen and star ted selling at local markets We took our products to markets in and around our beloved Dorset and were thrilled with the response We knew our snacks were amazing, but we were blown away that ever yone who tried them thought so too! Rober t Parkin From
worked hard to ensure their products are of a high quality, ethically sourced and incredibly tasty while keeping prices low They
to develop delicious new flavours and
as consistently deliver those firm
they star ted with all those years ago All their snacks are handmade in the beautiful coun-
Dorset, England, and all items are prepared to order to ensure that customers always get the freshest products They have a 99 9% waste free production
They are also 100% cer tified by RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and buy only from a segregated supply chain
Dorset products include: Proper Pork Crackling – Tr iple cooked with ncredib e crunc h availab e in 11 f avour s , no MSG or ar tificial flavour s Yummy Peanuts – Grade AA nuts , ethically and sustainably sourced, and available n 13 flavour s Fabulous Fudge – Made with locally sourced cream
that moment,
ty of
Pretty impressive Rober t’s
steady growth
Rober t’s
and fulfil
Rober t’s Dorset products are available for
retail and the hospitality industr y,
recyclable or reusable packaging in
sizes to suit your needs Set up a Trade Account and receive the following benefits: • Dedicated Account Manager • Amazing Trade pr ices • Easy order options - onl ne or by phone • Next day dispatc h on order s received before 2pm, delivered by a trusted trac kab e cour ier • Delicious , h gh-quality products whic h wi l keep your customer s coming bac k for more! See the adver t on page 3 or contact Rober t’s Dorset to find out more , or to set up a trade account: rober t@rober 01208 875280 www rober tsdorset com From Humble Kitchen To A Growing National Brand!
the call to embrace a net zero approach the majority of existing restaurants pubs and hotels will depend on gas for their heating and ser vice critical hot water supplies For this reason, unlocking the potential of hydrogen represents a familiar, easier and more cost-effective way to transition to more sustainable heating practices in buildings with a connection to the gas grid
won’t find many competitors who can offer the same choices at such good prices They remain a family business, ensuring that their
does not compromise quality or customer focus This is the beauty of a small company like
Dorset, they can produce big flavours
but without the big price tag as
have the same overheads as other brands
with the option of
those wishing to adopt the hydrogen approach, there remains a question mark over how quickly, where
and in what propor tion hydrogen will be introduced into the gas grid The ultimate aim of introducing 100% green hydrogen nationally via the gas network is unlikely to be fully realised until the 2040s As an interim the UK is assessing the potential for introducing hydrogen into the existing gas network as early as the end of this decade as a blend at 20% volume to deliver a safer, greener gas alternative that reduces carbon emissions
currently working on commercial water heating projects with Adveco can continue to commit to gasfired applications with the knowledge that Adveco’s instantaneous ADplus and semi-instantaneous AD water
and MD boiler ranges are all hydrogen 20% blend ready This instantly delivers an oppor tunity to embrace more sustainable gas supplies once available without the need for any change in specification, or post-installation upgrades to the appliances
generations of proven 100% hydrogen appliances as the gas network matures and greens For those wishing to commit to immediately decarbonising their hot water systems, Adveco can suppor t hybrid applications that use solar thermal as well as heat pumps to pre-heat water and offset gas-energ y usage without removing the gas connection necessar y for future infrastructure developments Visit www adveco co or see the adver t on page 2 Gas - An Important Role to Play In Achieving Net Zero Operations If we can help you reduce your carbon footprint the cost of your cleaning products reduce your single use plastics to zero, and save you a tonne of storage space , all whilst improving the quality of your range then surely you d have to be interested? Introducing our eco-friendly dissolvable cleaning pod range: SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE, REVOLUTIONARY Pod in a Pouch allows traditional cleaning products to be more sustainable and easier than ever to use , with its clever packaging and soluble capsule design Enabling you to clean more sustainably, it is easy to implement for both your staff and your facility Ever ything from the packaging to the sachet itself is manufactured in the UK which reduces transpor t costs and therefore your carbon footprint Product Name Pack SizeStandard PricePrice Per Bottle Multi-Purpose 20 x 750ml £9 72 + VAT 0 49p Glass & Stainless Steel 20 x 750ml £9 72 + VAT 0 49p Bathroom Cleaner 20 x 750ml £9 72 + VAT 0 49p Toilet & Ur inal Descaler 20 x 1 Litre £19 35 + VAT 0 97p Virucidal Disinfectant 20 x 750ml £17 00 + VAT 0 85p Degreaser 20 x 760ml £9 72 + VAT 0 49p Degreaser Detergent 100 x 5 Litre £22 86 + VAT 0 23p Air Freshener 20 x 750ml £17 18 + VAT 0 86p Laundr y Pods (Non-Bio) 300 £41 90 + VAT 0 14p Tr igger Bottles (750ml) 1 £1 99 + VATToi et Cleaner Bottle (1 Litre) 1 £1 99 + VATWe are so convinced about our Pod in a Pouch range that we would like to share it with you Simply go to the link to access the Purozo shop and add “PIAPSAMPLE” to your basket At checkout you will need to detail which product you would like to tr y, and we will send you a free sample together with a screen-printed trigger bottle See the adver t on page 2 or www purozo co uk or call +44 (0) 1594 546 250 for fur ther details *Offer f nishes 16th Januar y 2023 and s imited to one product per customer Pod in a Pouch - Being Green Shouldn’t Cost the Earth 32 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
advanced burner technolog y and rugged titanium stainless steel construction of the heat exchangers Adveco’s ADplus AD and MD will continue to operate well into the 2030s providing a practical, future-proof choice today to decarbonise operations in the most costeffective manner as hydrogen blending becomes commonplace Organisations also gain a clear path to the adoption of future

Design and Refit

Iconic Project Management. Commercial Construction Projects; On Time, On Budget, On Brief. Guaranteed.

Iconic Project Management

are on a mission to improve the reputation of the construction industr y We exist to help our clients turn their construction plans into reality It goes without saying that our clients are our number one focus We love solving their problems and delivering their projects What we love even more is to delight our clients by exceeding their expectations

Ever yone has a horror stor y of that building contractor who over-promised and under-delivered It’s almost considered standard practice to under-quote in order to secure contracts but we think that s counter-productive

Almost all our work comes from recommendations by people we ’ ve worked with in the past The reason that they are happy to recommend us is not necessarily that we quote the lowest prices and the shor test deliver y times but that we can be relied on to deliver what was agreed, by the agreed date

Our team has over one hundred years of experience between them We are exper ts at delivering restaurant and kitchen fit out projects Satisfied recent clients include Tim Hor tons, Poke House , Boparan Group and Yolk

Whether you are opening your first restaurant outlet or have a whole chain of pubs you want to fit out we can help you achieve your ambitions We’ll guide you through each step from establishing your brief procuring your design and selecting contractors, to managing the fit out

We promise to keep your budgets and timelines on track so that your restaurant or pub is perfectly ready on time for your grand opening Call us to talk through your project on 07775 543038 or email info@iconicprojectmanagement com If you d like to know more about us, or would like hints and tips on how to plan your project, check out our website at www iconicprojectmanagement com

10 Years of Mayfair Furniture

Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 33 Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising Mayfair Furniture will be celebrating 10 years this year of providing the UK’s fastest and affordable commercial furniture Supplying all kinds of establishments from high end hotel chains to small local takeaways We keep in stock a huge variety of items ready for immediate dispatch, and can fulfil a wide range of bespoke orders We deliver to all areas of the UK Ireland & Europe We are not just a supplier ; we understand that from time to time hospitality and leisure establishments like
for your kitchens
when you
See the adver
for fur ther details
to give themselves a fresh new look That's why not only do we supply contract furniture , but when it's time for your establishment to go through a refurbishment we also offer a complete clearance ser vice We ll organise ever ything from a suitable time and date professional
staff to remove contract furniture whether fitted or unfitted Along with
sister company
who provides commercial catering equipment
we are the ideal people to speak to
are looking to refurbish
t below


Choosing individual pieces of furniture that complement both each other and your existing space can be tricky, timeconsuming and sometimes expensive That’s why at Trent Furniture we offer furniture packages designed to give you the perfect seating arrangement for your venue at great prices

perfectly paired with 12 upholstered Tall Boston Bar Stools For diners, our American Diner Package offers amazing savings on our fun and durable faux red and white leather American Diner range , with 10

bar and pub

Vista Tables and 40 American Diner Chairs Trent’s
furniture packages are available in light oak dark oak
With 20 Mates Chairs, 20 button top Small Wooden Stools and 10 cast iron Girlshead Tables included, our Pub Furniture Package is the ultimate hassle-free way to refresh your traditional pub furniture while making significant savings For more contemporar y venues our Bar Furniture Package includes three of our popular Shaker Poseur Tables an optional upholster y upgrade We’re also happy to discuss any small tweaks you may wish to make to your package order To find out the latest on these great deals, please visit www trentfurniture co uk or give us a call on 0116 4735 938
and walnut
Create a Co-ordinated Look with Cost-Effective Furniture Packages
to get back out
choice of product and inspiration from the best brands
the industr y This season will see the return of Furniture Talks,
Find out more and sign up at www januar yfurnitureshow com The January Furniture Show is Back for 2023 Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising Design and Refit 34 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
The Januar y Furniture Show will be opening its doors once again at the Birmingham NEC in Januar y 2023
and interior brands from around the world are excited
and meet
after the success of last year
s show
can expect plenty of new launches, fresh brands, industr y insight, emerging trends and much more! Buyers will have the oppor tunity to explore four halls of contemporar y furniture , innovative design concepts and homewares to suit all retailer and customer styles They will be able to discover ever ything from beds, to cabinets, to home décor and accessories from leading suppliers all in one place With over 10,000 NEW products and EXCLUSIVE never seen before launches from 350 premium exhibitors, there is
terclasses, panel discussions and inter views with renowned makers and designers The diverse agenda provides an oppor tunity to learn from the exper ts, listen to industr y trailblazers and look ahead with recognised thought-leaders These seminars aim to help you learn how to overcome the challenges you may be facing in the industr y of today Leading voices of the furniture world will share their insights and knowledge to help you make your business a success The Furniture Awards will also be back to crown the best in the industr y The exper t panel of judges will be judging winner across these categories; Sustainability Value Global Player Best of British and Design Innovation Januar
takes place 22-25 Januar y 2023 at

Design and Refit

Additional Ranges as ILF Continue to Expand

Most made to order indoor seating and indoor wooden table bases and tops can be finished to any customer specification Outdoor items offer a variety of colours within the same product style

Also included is a link to priced chairs and table bases plus a selection of priced made to order seating in a selection of Faux Leather upholster y colours and wood frame colours These products can also be supplied to customer specification, just ask for details

Enquiries can be sent to them directly from the website and they will reply within 24 hours They hope you will enjoy the experience of viewing their easy to navigate website and they look forward to helping clients get the best products for their hospitality site

Saniflo Provides a New CPD Offering

ing for Public Health Engineers, Mechanical Consultants, Architects Mechanical Installers and Specialist Resellers

The hour-long talk, which can be supplemented with a two-hour session of pump cur ve training if required, is designed to discuss and offer technical training on macerators and lifting stations for commercial and domestic buildings This CPD is par t of wastewater and drainage in the public health sector/mechanical engineering

By the end of the presentation, attendees will understand the challenges of gravity-fed drainage systems, be able to identify where and when to use a macerator or lifting station be able to navigate critical installation requirements and considerations, understand some of the key differences between the lifting station technologies, and be able to use pump cur ves to help specify the correct pump

To book a CPD for your organisation, call 020 8842


bespoke orders We deliver to all areas of the UK Ireland & Europe

We are not just a supplier ; we understand that from time to time hospitality and leisure establishments like to give themselves a fresh new look That's why not only do we supply contract furniture but when it s time for your establishment to go through a refurbishment

Chairs comprehensive
have now added to
table tops
stock Their new online website offers both indoor and outdoor seating and table solutions
into Contemporar y seating, Barstools, Lounge Seating, Period Seating, Outdoor seating and tables plus Indoor Dining & Coffee height tables offering a great selection of products to view at your leisure Also included now an extensive range of stock seating barstools table bases and table tops email;terr With the
success of the ILF
the 2 chairs already
in 7 colours, a stock armchair in 7 different Faux colours, matching the chairs, plus a 6 colour range stock of Egger laminated
in a selection of sizes
full range of table bases are also kept in
36 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23
UK – par t of the SFA Group and a leading designer and manufacturer of pumps, macerators and lifting stations – has a new CIBSE-approved CPD offer-
Furniture will be celebrating 10 years this year of providing the UK’s fastest and affordable commercial furniture Supplying all kinds of establishments from high end hotel chains to small local takeaways We keep in stock a huge variety of items ready for immediate dispatch and can fulfil a wide range of
from a suitable time and
to remove contract
Caterfair who provides commercial
for your kitchens we
to speak to when you
to refurbish
the adver t on page 33 or visit www mayfairfurniture co uk for fur ther details 10 Years of Mayfair Furniture Until Januar y 2023 CardsSafe unit rental will remain at just £9 95 per month We have been helping restaurants, bars, pubs, golf courses and other venues to securely retain their customer bank cards while they run a tab for almost twenty years Since we introduced rental contracts in 2008 we ’ ve kept our prices as low as possible at just under a tenner a month and this has never increased However, due to significant increases in both our cost of goods and related costs, we plan an increase in Januar y 2023 Our existing customers will continue to benefit from our low prices, so if you ’ re considering CardsSafe for your business, or need additional units, lock in at just £9 95 per month (per unit) for the duration of your contract There are many benefits to using CardsSafe in bars, restaurants and pubs: Managing customer tabs • Help ng to increase spending therefore prof ts • It is a signif cant deterrent for wa kouts • Offer s protect on against credit card fraud – helps to build trust! • Pays for itself by reducing c harge-bac k and walkouts • No data capture required to use • Customer s have peace of mind that their bank cards are kept safely, and they keep the unique key! “Turnover increased significantly after CardsSafe was installed, and the system easily pays for itself ” Siobhan The Prodigal London CardsSafe is affordable! Each unit contains ten card drawers that can be hired for just £9 95 per month Each hire comes with customer ser vice troubleshooting and a number of free replacement keys Additional units can be added at any time For more information, please visit www.cardssafe .com Or contact the sales team on 0845 500 1040 CardsSafe - Lock in Our Old Prices Today! Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising
a complete clearance
vice We'll organise ever ything
date professional
furniture whether fitted
unfitted Along with
sister company
catering equipment
are the ideal people
are looking

your business actually works’’ we can ensure that you are maximising the labour usage in your business

And YES Covid19 changed a lot of things We need to learn from those things!

Right now we are experiencing massive increases in the cost of the raw materials that we buy both Food and Drink We will take that fully into consideration When was the last time that you fully and meticulously costed out and priced correctly, ever y dish on your menu both Food and Drinks?

Budgeting, Forecasting, Menu Management, Stock Controls, Purchasing, and controlling Variable Costs are just a few of the other areas that David Hunter, your Restaurant Consultant, will work on with you, and improve with you


Managing people brings with it a whole set of new skills that are now needed more than ever From ‘’Managing the Managers’’ through to Ser vice and Kitchen staff, your team needs careful and skilful Management, Motivation, guidance and Development

We have a ver y good record in helping Hospitality business owners to implement processes that improve how they manage their people , which in

turn benefits the owners as well as the Team Members themselves

We can help you to manage difficult people situations, to improve your operational planning, to recruit, train and manage your team better, creating a more productive pleasant and retaining working environment


We will help you build a workable , planned Marketing Strateg y We don’t do fancy posh or expensive we just recommend what our experience says will actually work for your business

It’s no longer enough to rely on word-of-mouth and repeat business You need to employ a wealth of skills in a number of areas to ensure that your Marketing is attracting new customers and engaging with existing customers

From Digital Marketing, such as Social Media marketing, Websites, eMail Marketing and online adver tising to print design Promotions and offline adver tising, your Hospitality business should be constantly working on ‘’ all things Marketing’’

If your business is actually struggling, or if you just feel that it could be doing some things better, give David Hunter a quick call on 07831 407984 to arrange a ‘’Free of Charge’’ initial consultation (please quote CLH Offer), when David will discuss with you what could be achieved if you ask us to work with you

When star ting a business, the main measure of success is often “how much profit is the company making? However, should a business owner also be looking at other financial aspects of their business to help them create and sustain a business with longevity? Cash is King and it is vital to keep a steady flow of cash into your business Without income you can’t cover your expenses, pay employees or run your day-to-day operations If cash isn’t coming into your business, you won’t think about growing your business and ever y business owner should be focusing on growth Understanding the finances of your business is hard Especially if you are not familiar with accounting jargon or technical terms We help and suppor t business owners who are great at what they do but struggle to understand the complexity of business Knowing where your business stands in terms of “cash in” and “cash out” is vitally impor tant, especially in the current economic landscape Of course ever y business wants to make a profit but profit doesn’t automatically make a stable business All business owners need to know their numbers You need to know how much is coming in and going out of your business and where it is coming from and going to You need to know what your income streams are and the company s expenditure It s always good to be thinking about and implementing sales and marketing campaigns to increase revenue At the same time , you need to review your company ’ s expenditure and look for ways to reduce expenses regularly If necessar y renegotiate with current suppliers or look for alternatives Ask yourself if a par ticular product or ser vice is working for your business We have products which can help with cashflow; Do you need to purchase additional stock for an event or busy time of year? A Working Capital Advance or Overdraft Facility (without the bank) could help Do you have a VAT bill which is larger than you expected? Ask us about a VAT Loan It may be better to retain the capital in your bank Are you waiting for customers to settle their invoices but need to pay your suppliers? Invoice Finance could be the solution, receive up to 90% of invoice value in 24 hours, not 30 days or more Visit www businessloansltd co uk for fur ther details or see the adver t on this page What Should a Business Owner’s Focus Be? Property and Professional Dec 22/Jan 23 CLH News 37 With over 30 years of industr y experience in the Hospitality sector, The Bowden Group’s Managing Consultant David Hunter will work with you to address the following elements: Profitability Operational Strateg y Staff Management Marketing and The Future of your business David will also be on hand to give you extra (and this can be without any extra charge) suppor t through our Sprowts4Mentoring system, to analyse , ever y single week, your business performance figures giving you weekly analysis and concise repor ts, with appropriate guidance , to optimise your business’s Sales, Profitability and Staff Management PROFITABILITY & OPERATIONS Our exper ts will analyse your entire operation and also its key operating figures if they are available We then help you to identify strategies to manage costs and overheads associated with the core Profitability of running a Hospitality business The largest overhead, even higher than Cost of Sales, is the Labour cost, so, with detailed analysis of your wages and being able to understand
Why Use a Specialist Hospitality Consultant? Answer: because we can help your business to succeed
SOMERSET TOWN Impressive 120 Cover Café/Takeway Impressive 6 Figure Net Profits Trading Day Time Only Outstanding Catering Business Well Presented & Equipped FH £625 000 2147 TAVISTOC K DEVON Quality Delicatessen & Store Unique & Well Equipped Sought After Location Easily Manageable Business Tremendous Potential LH £32,500 2148 01392 201262 www stonesmith co uk T H E W E S T C O U N T R Y S P E C I A L I S T S THINKING OF SELLING? C ALL FOR A FREE VALUATION DARTMOOR NATIONAL PAR K Detached B&B Set In 6 Acres 5 Letting Rooms Owners Accom 2 Lounges Dining Room Sun Room Gardens Paddock Meadows Stables Idyllic Home & Income Low Overheads DUCHY LH £395 000 6012 CHAGFORD DEVON Superb Character Countr y Inn Sought After Trading Location Bar Areas (62+) Garden (40+) 4 E/S Letting Rooms 2 Bed Owners New Free Of Tie Lease Available LH £49 950 4825 DARTMOUTH DEVON Two Businesses In One! Successful French Baker y Business Retail Shop/Cafe & Baker y Unit Profitable Business With Potential Full Handover & Training Available LH £90,000 2151 LYME REGIS DORSET Immaculate Coffee Shop & Café Completely Refitted in 2019 Easily Manageable Business Daytime Hours Only Exceptionally Low Overheads LH £19 995 2153 SOMERSET TOWN Impressive Free Of Tie Landmark Inn 16 E/S Letting Rooms Owners Flat Refurbished To A High Standard Bar & Restaurant (82+) Kitchens Substantial Six Figure Net Profits LH £75,000 4829 SOMERSET VILLAGE Guest House With 6 Letting Rooms Refurbished To A High Standard Lifestyle Home & Business Gardens & Car Parking Well Presented & Equipped FH £549 950 6009 DORSET VILLAGE Detached Countr y Inn & Restaurant Impressive & Profitable Business Bar/Restaurant (60+) Al Fresco Seating (50+) 3 E/S Letting Beds & Owners Apartment Commercial Kitchen Car Park & Garage FH £625,000 4822

Property and Professional

Insurance in the Good Times, Insurance in the Bad Times

Independent hospitality businesses play a vital role in the local community across the nation by creating jobs and providing access to essential products and ser vices When times are bad the last cutback you want to make is your insurance cover, it is the equivalent of throwing parachutes out of a plane to reduce the weight or throwing life vests out of a ship taking on water to stop it from sinking In the modern day, insurance is the only truly effective method of mitigating risk

With over 32 years of experience protecting the hospitality sector Forum Insurance understands that the key to achieving long-term success is having your business run smoothly and preparing for any unforeseen incidents Insurance is designed to do exactly that protect your livelihood your assets and your customers – paying the way for your business to truly grow


Over 3 decades we have developed longstanding relationships with insurers and a wealth of insurance broking experience in this sector We have the access and exper tise to provide your business with advice , tailored insurance covers, and competitive premiums For the most par t, we have had great success in understanding our client’s

needs, mitigating the risks involved and when they have a claim getting them back on their feet with our inhouse claims handling process We understand that if we look after our clients, our clients will look after us

Whether you ’ ve just star ted your business and are unsure which insurance covers would be beneficial for you, or you ’ re an experienced business looking for a free insurance review request a call back using our website or call 0208 909 2899 and our friendly team will be able to help you

Don t just take our word for it we have achieved a 97% satisfaction rate with our clients because we ensure they have the correct cover at a competitive price See the adver t on the facing page for details

A Zero Hours Time Bomb? How to Work Out Holiday

Pay Under New Rules

As we enter the busy Christmas season, hospitality businesses should beware of new changes to zero hours contracts and how holiday pay is worked out Following a Supreme Cour t ruling earlier this year, the previously commonplace practice of adding 12 07% to wages to cover holiday pay for zero hours workers is no longer acceptable –and hospitality managers must act now to protect themselves

Zero hours workers, or casual workers, have no set hours and businesses are under no obligation to offer them hours This makes them an attractive solution to seasonal rush periods like Christmas or major spor ting events which see pubs, bars, hotels and clubs heat up in terms of footfall

The ver y nature of zero hours work means that people under these contracts end up working variable hours, but this causes difficulty with holidays as all workers in the UK are entitled to paid time off When there is no set amount paid each week, it becomes tricky to work out a formula to ascer tain holiday entitlement and so many organisations settled on enhancing the time worked by 12 07% to reflect a holiday pay allowance

However, following a recent challenge to this protocol, the Supreme Cour t has now ruled this this is legally incorrect and that employers must follow a new process to establish holiday pay entitlement Now, employers need to work out how many hours were worked on average in the last 52 weeks where the person worked This gives a weekly average which

is then multiplied by 5 6 (5 6 weeks being the minimum holiday amount, including all bank holidays) to give a holiday allowance In many cases, this will give a greater sum that the 12 07% method

This change will impact all businesses using zero hours workers but par ticularly those who use seasonal workers, due to the ruling that the average must be taken from weeks worked, not merely the past 12 months – which would have brought their average pay rate down

There are two solutions for businesses using zero hours workers:

Firstly you can approach the issue by ensuring that all seasonal workers have clearly defined fixed term contracts for each season worked This takes away the ongoing agreement to offer work, removing a yearround relationship and agreeing upfront a holiday entitlement

The risk with this approach, however, is that workers may not return following the completion of their fixed term contract; so you must be confident that you can easily replace these workers before choosing this route

A second option is to tackle this change proactively with zero hours workers making sure they take annual leave throughout the year so they do not accrue huge payments

Whatever is right for your business it’s advisable to receive proper legal input and speak to an exper t to find out what is goinG to be best for your organisation

For almost 15 years Capify has worked closely with the hospitality sector providing business owners with much-needed funding We’ve been there through some difficult times – like the 2008 recession and Covid-19, and have continued to lend even when the banks have said no Unfor tunately, business owners are once again confronted with turbulence , thanks to the ongoing cost of living crises However, there’s still an oppor tunity to prosper According to consumer data company Statista, retail sales over Christmas could reach £82 2 billion British pounds Whilst that’s down on last year, it’s an increase from 2016 17 18 and 20! If you ve got exciting business plans this festive season, leading through to 2023, we can help you achieve them We’re proud to have created an accessible business loan which is both quick and easy to apply for and once approved the funds can be paid out in as little as 24 hours Capify’s finance can be used for any business purpose , whether that’s: • Managing shor t-term cash flow issues • Purc hasing seasonal food and dr ink Hir ing add tional staff • Purc hasing new cater ing equipment or anything else which your business needs Our flexibility means we will tr y and look beyond your credit histor y when assessing your application and instead, we will consider whether your business has the potential to deliver solid and sustained growth If you'd like to find out how much finance you qualify for, www capify co uk/hospitality-fund You'll be taken to Capify's website , where you can get a no-obligation quote within minutes You ll also be able to find out more information about the business loan and the unique and straightforward repayments To find out more www capify co uk/hospitality-fund or call us on 0800 151 0980 to speak to one of our specialist finance sale team Capify - We're Here to Support Your Hospitality Business 38 CLH News Dec 22/Jan 23 PRICE: £125,000 FREEHOLD REF: 4404 BR IXH AM, DEVO N Freeho d Commercial Premises in Brixham Town Centre Of nterest to Owner Occup ers Investors and Deve opers Previously Trading for 18 Years as a Wel Loved Baker y • Full Specialist Inventor y ncluded • Oppor tunity Not to be Missed MOR ETON HAMPSTEAD , DE VO N A Popular Daytime Cafe n The Hear t of Th s Thriving Moorland Town • G/F Lock Up with Centra Ser ver y & Seat ng for 45/50 Outside Seating & Ful y Equ pped Commerc a Kitchen A Strong & We l-Estab ished Business PRICE: OIRO £85,000 LEASEHOLD REF: 4215 PRICE: OIRO £200,000 LEASEHOLD REF: 3778 TO RQ UAY, D EVON Restaurant Prem ses in Fabulous Locat on • Panoramic Views Across Torbay Internal Seating for Circa 50 Terrace Seating for 48 • 1st F oor D ning Room w th Un nterrupted Sea Views Seat ng 35+ Versati e Residential Accommodation TO TNES, DEVON • De ightful Cafe n Sought Af ter Location of Totnes • Qu et y Trading to Suit Current Owner/Operators • Profitable Bus ness with Fur ther Potential • Trade Area Seating up to 34 Bespoke Ser ver y Kitchen • Car Parking for 1 Car PRICE: £58,000 LEASEHOLD REF: 4073 DU NSTER , SO ME RSET Stunning 9 Bedroom, Grade II Listed Hotel • S tuated n the V llage of Dunster at the Gateway to Exmoor Nationa Park • Main Bar & Restaurant Ba lroom/Funct on Room 9 Beautiful y and Indiv dua ly Appointed En-Suite Lett ng Rooms • Rare Oppor tunity to Buy a Substant al & Successful Freeho d Bus ness PRICE: £1,300,000 FREEHOLD REF: 4302 EXMOU TH, D EVON Award-W nn ng Bar/Cafe/Restaurant Adjacent to Exmouth Mar na & The Exe Estuar y • Main Trade Area w th Seating for circa 70 & A fresco Seat ng for circa 64 Extreme y Prof tab e Waterside L censed Bus ness Currently Run Under Management PRICE: £175,000 + VAT LEASEHOLD REF: 4412 KINGSTEIGNTON, DEVON • Delightful V l age nn Current y Closed Large Open Plan Traditional Trad ng Area • Spac ous 3 Bedroom L ving Accommodat on Outs de Trad ng Area to the Rear Barn with Possible Deve opment Oppor tunity (STP) Af fordab e Freeho d Proper tyPr ced to Sel PRICE: OIEO OF £200,000 + VAT FREEHOLD RE F: 4315 PRICE: £1,750,000 FREEHOLD REF: 4439 TETB URY, GLO UC ESTERSH IR E • Stunn ng Multi-Faceted Award Winning Bus ness n 4 2 Acres • 6 En-Suite Letting Rooms & Brand New Wedding/Function Venue ‘The Barn’ 2 Large Camping Paddocks Glamping Bell Tents Permacu ture P ot V neyard Cider & Fru t Orchard • Stunn ng Owners T mber Chalet & Managers Flat NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! REDUCED
Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising