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Government’s Covid Response Caused “Wide-Reaching Damage” say Hospitality Leaders Has Led To Bankruptcy, Unemployment, and Mental Health Issues

Leading figures in the hospitality and licensed on trade have hit out at the government’s coronavirus response saying that the measures caused “wide reaching damage” and have criticised the recently announced draft inquiry terms for failing to consider the impact on the hospitality sector.

draft terms of reference, saying that the proposals fail to consider the impact of specific restrictions on hospitality such as the 10pm curfew and requirement for social distancing, closure of nightclubs and table service.

The Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA) joined with the sector in the criticism of the government, and the Welsh Assembly claiming that there was no evidence to back up closures and restrictions on night time businesses during the pandemic.

In their submission, the three business leaders said the measures caused “widereaching damage” including the bankruptcy of many previously viable businesses, unemployment, and negatively affecting the mental health of staff and business owners.

Hugh Osmond, the founder of Punch Taverns; Sacha Lord, night-time economy advisor for Greater Manchester; and Michael Kill, chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), have also made submissions criticising the

Given the gravity of the impact of the pandemic on the hospitality sector, it deserves its own section within the inquiry they said.




CLH News

Editor's Viewpoint

April/May 2022

Welcome to the latest issue of CLH News We lead with strong condemnation from sector leaders about the government’s draft terms for its enquiry into the full impact Covid has had on the hospitality sector. If I hear the phrases “It has been a wake-up call to us all” and “Lessons will be learned” I will…. Well, let’s not go there!

ity sectors lose out on £163million to £274million per month, by ignoring the needs of disabled people. In a study by The Purple Pound, at least 75% of disabled households have walked away from a UK business because of poor accessibility or customer service.

Specific barriers that disabled people often face when going out to a hospitality venue can occur even before they enter the venue, starting with parking problems, which 21% encounter. 22% also have issues with approaching venues due to lack of ramps and handrails.

Once inside a venue, 44% find moving around the building difficult due to stairs, doors and Believe it or not I have just looked at the terms of refnarrow corridors and it’s the same for 23% who have difficulty with inadequate lifts and erence on the government website, and seen the line escalators. In addition, 17% have issues with the bathroom due to locations, layout or size. “identify the lessons to be learned”! It is not only the possibility of losing out on revenue and custom, but operators also run I always lead with “this is my own opinion”, and it the risk of missing out on some outstanding employees if they lack disability access. EDITOR does not reflect the opinions of the publication generalSo we will be putting out an alert for some industry observers and experts for some ly, but at the time when the pandemic broke I was a advice guidance and best practice on how operators can make those changes and make very vociferous critic of the lockdowns. their premises/venues more accessible and attract that “Purple Pound”! And I didn’t arrive at my opinion lightly. I did conduct a On another note, I took significant amount of research, on both sides of the debate, and, if anything, between wander on Bournemouth March 2020 and now I am even more of the opinion that the lockdowns were pointless, seafront early Easter on inappropriate and unnecessary. my way to work, and was The terms of reference, as industry leaders rightly point, out are so broad we will have delighted to have been nothing more than a general public statement using the phrases I have highlighted above. invited into a new beach The hospitality and licensed on trade sector were devastated by the lockdown, and bar for a coffee! rightly deserves its own seat at the table - its own separate inquiry. A new pop-up bar built I also noted a week ago that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson said nothing was off the within a week, here for table when he was asked to consider further lockdowns if they were thought necessary. the summer, which I have Only my own “tenpenneth”, but I think the public have declared the pandemic over. And to say is a wonderful and long overdue addition to given the Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s fines this week for breaking lockthe seafront. down rules, I don’t think the public would put up with seeing jobs, businesses and the

Peter Adams

economy trashed yet again while those in power can and did flout the rules! On another subject, it was rather disheartening to read that almost three in four guests believe there is not enough attention being brought to accessibility in the UK hospitality industry. More than 13.3 million people in the UK reported having a disability equating to 21% of the population. Having spent many years in frontline operations in hospitality, working in hotels, pubs/steakhouse chain, having my own wine bar restaurant, then moving into publishing for the sector I can say without a shadow of a doubt how wonderfully inclusive it is.

I got talking to a very young and enthusiastic owner showed me around the bar, in particular the chill out lounge areas, formal dinner tables as well as swings and deck chairs. In fact as I walked along there are now four seafront bars/restaurants on the beach, preparing for what we hope will be a great Staycation summer.

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Great to see, the continent embraced this decades ago. Finally we are catching up! Hope you all have a wonderfully profitable and busy Easter bank holiday!

But like anything, whether it is an industry or business, we often find ourselves being a “work in progress”.

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Government’s Covid Response Caused “WideReaching Damage” say Hospitality Leaders April/May 2022

across the UK can receive answers sooner rather than later.”

They also called for an analysis of the harms and impact of the previous measures taken, preferably before this coming winter, so the full impact is understood as it is the belief of the industry that they have been hugely understated.”


Adding that it is important that the inquiry establishes a framework for evaluating measures in future, so there are “no more ad hoc, knee jerk measures that have devastated our industry”. Hugh Osmond is an entrepreneur and businessman and founder of Punch Taverns said; “Hospitality employs more than 3 million mainly young people and is a huge contributor to the UK’s economy, its communities, its social life and its overall quality of living. Given that it was also the main industry targeted by Government in its response to Covid, it deserves its own specific place in the Public Inquiry to: a) more accurately quantify the enormous damage inflicted by the measures; b) analyse which, if any, of the measures actually made any positive difference to ultimate Covid outcomes; c) what could be done better next time.”

OPERATORS IN FINANCIAL RUIN Sacha Lord, Night Time Economy Advisor for Greater Manchester / Co Founder of Warehouse Project & Parklife; said “I continue to be contacted on a daily basis by operators in financial ruin as a direct result of the restrictions placed on the hospitality, events and cultural industries during the Covid-19 pandemic. The effects of these reckless and unproven restrictions on these industries will be felt for many years to come, and we must not allow this level of damage to be inflicted on these sectors again. We must fully investigate how these restrictions were allowed to be placed on one of the most important sectors in the UK economy without suitable financial support, and lay out clear guidance and planned financial assistance in the event of future crises. This reflection is not something that can be pushed to one side to be dealt with at a later date, and I echo calls for an interim inquiry so that business owners

“Given the importance of this inquiry, and the length of time that the process is likely to take, we are recommending that the Government produce an interim report, analysing the true impact of the Government’s lockdown strategy. We believe the costs associated with the Government’s approach will be revealed to be greater than previously understood, and it is important this is brought to light before the coming winter when the Government may again consider such restrictions.”

WIDE RANGING UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls said: “currently, the draft terms of reference for the enquiry are wide ranging and we are concerned they may be grouped to broadly to allow for effective consideration. This runs the risk of key learnings from individual sectors of the economy, such as hospitality being missed. “Having an interim fast-track economic analysis, accompanied by robust conclusions and recommendations are relatively early in the enquiry process, whilst we remain in the period were economic and regulatory as to gain would be extremely useful for all”

NO EVIDENCE OF WELSH CLUBS BEING “SPREADER EVENTS” THE NTIA has also hit out the Welsh Government's decision to close late night venues last winter over concerns about the Omicron variant of coronavirus. Clubs in Wales had to shut down in December as Wales moved to Alert Level Two in anticipation of rising Covid cases, caused by Omicron. Clubs in England did not have to close, which led entirely different

The NTIA has said that the Welsh government could provide no evidence of clubs being Covid "spreader events" that informed the decision to close clubs down last December. Following a Freedom of information act submitted by the NTIA they said:” it is shown the Welsh government was unable to determine the source of cases, therefore could not quantify the risk presented by nightclubs or late night venues”. In a BBC radio interview First Minister Mark Drakeford defended the Welsh government’s decision to close venues. He said: "There’s no doubt at all across the world those sorts of venues have been associated with super spreader events. "The evidence from the Sage committee said the transmission of the virus was strongly associated with the proximity and duration of contact in indoor environments, especially where it’s the nature of the business that people are up close and personal. "So I don’t think there’s any doubt at all that those were high risk venues, and at the height of the pandemic they were closed – not just in Wales but in other parts of the United Kingdom and across the world as well."


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“Above all, it is our belief that, in future, no measures with potentially massively damaging consequences, be they medical (such as vaccines or new drugs), or non-medical (such as school or hospitality closures), should ever be implemented by Government without conducting a reasonable prior evaluation of safety, effectiveness, harms, benefits, and other likely consequences. We believe that this should be an essential recommendation of the Public Inquiry, together perhaps with a framework within which such evaluations can be conducted in the event of a future epidemic.”

Michael Kill, NTIA CEO said ; “The hospitality industry and Night Time Economy have been at the sharpest end of the pandemic, and have suffered immeasurably over the last 2 years. Few if any other sectors have been subject to the same level of restrictions on their ability to trade during this period. It is vitally important that the impact of the pandemic on the sectors we represent are considered fully during this inquiry, with a thorough assessment of impact and effectiveness of Government Covid-19 policy on our sector. We need a rigorous accounting of whether the approach by the Government was proportionate, and what processes would need to be implemented in future to avoid the same mistakes.”


scenes in Welsh and English city centres when revellers wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve.



CLH News

How Calorie Labelling Legislation Is Going To Impact Health And Hospitality 4

CLH News

April/May 2022

By Kunal Sawhney, CEO of Kalkine ( New legislation for large businesses such as takeaways, restaurants, and cafes became effective in the United Kingdom, just a day ahead of World Health Day. It requires calorie information to be displayed on menus, online menus, third-party apps, food delivery platforms, and food labels. The legislation aimed to tackle obesity also requires the seller to put daily recommended calorie needs. The idea behind the rule is to make people more informed and go for healthier choices when they are eating out or ordering food from outside. World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th of April to draw people’s attention to a specific health topic of concern. This year the theme was ‘Our plant our health’. The Covid-19 pandemic has become a guiding force for mankind, it revealed not only the persisting inequities in the society but also highlighted the weaknesses in all areas of society and an urgency to make the society sustainable, which vows to achieve equitable health.

WHAT PROMPTED THE GOVERNMENT’S DECISION ON CALORIE LABELLING? Obesity was one of the key health concerns that emerged during the pandemic and tackling this health crisis became the major aim of the government. It has been said by health experts that type 2 diabetes is prompted by obesity. Not only health but finances are also getting impacted due to obesity, government’s estimation states that the nation’s overweight and obesity-related conditions cost the National Health Service (NHS) £6.1 billion each year. The huge sum invested in the public healthcare system due to obesity could have been used for various other welfare and economic development purposes. The government in its drive to level up the health of the nation mandated to display of calorie information on non-prepacked food and soft drinks. The new changes, which became effective on 6 April 2022, were approved by Parliament in 2021, making it mandatory for the large food businesses employing more than 250

people to display calorie information.

HOW ARE BUSINESSES COPING? For many large businesses, it hasn’t come as a surprise as they have been following it for a long, firms like McDonald’s have been doing it for decades, but now others will also have to follow the rule religiously. Hospitality businesses will have to label food with its product name and provide a full list of ingredients and calorie information on menus, food labels, online menus, food delivery platforms as well as third-party apps. The other measure included in the legislation that could impact the hospitality business is a ban on free refills of sugary soft drinks in restaurants and bars this year, which used to be a major lure for many venues. Also, before 9 pm there won’t be any adverts for junk food. The government has released guidelines, FAQs, and pictorial samples for displaying calorie information per portion basis. Still, there are many challenges that businesses are facing. First, there is confusion on printing requirements, how to go and what would suit, a pre-printed label or a sticky label and how to update them frequently based on the changes in menu ingredients. The legislation also includes a provision for customers to ask for a menu that does not contain calorie counts if they are finding it difficult to go by the detailed information on calories. It doubles the task of the businesses to prepare both kinds of menus. As per UKHospitality estimates, the legislation could put an additional burden of £40,000 per menu run for the hospitality businesses. A robust system is required to monitor everything, not only the menus but chefs using the right amount of ingredients they use every day and then putting it accordingly, based on per-portion is undoubtedly going to increase the cost of the businesses.

IS IT THE RIGHT DECISION AT THE WRONG TIME? UK hospitality sector is in shambles and trying hard to recover from the pandemic blues, at this juncture introduction of something that can increase their financial burden can prove detrimental. The complicated and costly new labelling system could have been delayed for some time, at least until businesses could have managed other pressing demands for their recovery. There are other thoughts against the new system as well, the UK's eating disorder charity has said that the system of mandatorily labelling calories could lead to harmful eating disorder thoughts and behaviours. Obesity can have a severe impact on people’s health. It is the second biggest cause of cancer across the UK and needs to be taken care of, but the industry getting impacted most, also needs due consideration to be a part of this noble mission.

Pub Governing Body Welcomes Enhanced Codes of Practice The Pub Governing Body (PGB) has welcomed enhancements made to the Codes of Practice for England & Wales that are now live on the PGB website for tenanted and leased pubs. The Codes apply to pub companies operating less than 500 tied pubs in England & Wales and is a condition of membership for both the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and the Independent Family Brewers of Britain (IFBB). In addition to administrative updates, the main areas that have been changed are: A recommendation that a record should be kept of meetings with BDMs; A recommendation that permanent rent concessions or other discounts should be documented; An update to the section on dilapidations;

A new section on the purchase of fixtures and fittings on termination These changes aim to strengthen the current code and reflect key points raised between licensees and pub companies since the Codes came into operation. The section on dilapidations in the lease code also refers to new industry best practice recently published. The Scottish Code is also being reviewed currently. Commenting on the changes, PGB Chair Sir Peter Luff said: “These changes are significant and timely, but what is so very encouraging about them is the constructive spirit in which they have been agreed by the companies and adopted by the PGB. They are further proof that self-regulation works, to the benefit of tenants, to landlords and, indeed, to customers.” Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association Emma McClarkin said:

“We are delighted that both BBPA and IFBB members that operate less than 500 tied pubs have agreed further enhancements to the Codes of Practice. These Codes provide a great foundation for a positive partnership between pub companies and their tenants and lessees. “The fact that very few disputes come before the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme and the Pubs Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service is testament to the Code and we are confident the changes announced today will strengthen these partnerships even further.” The Pub Governing Body members are six of the industry’s leading associations representing both tenants and landlords: UKHospitality, The Licensee Association, The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII), the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations (FLVA), and the Guild of Master Victuallers (GMV).

SMART FLOW Partners With The Harbour Hotel Group For A Nationwide Rollout To Reduce Their Water Consumption Harbour Hotels is on a mission to reduce their water footprint and improve water sustainability after selecting SMART FLOW to install its water monitoring technology nationwide.

As Hospitality organizations begin to feel the pain of skyrocketing water and energy costs, companies are now starting to invest in water saving technologies not only for a return on investment and sustainability, but to future proof their organizations.

Harbour Hotels have multiple properties, each perfectly positioned in some of the UK's most iconic, desirable destinations, feature luxurious bedrooms, excellent inhouse restaurants, high-quality spas and first-class event facilities. It's no wonder the UK’s most exciting and talked-about emerging hotel brand has long relied on cutting-edge technologies to participate in the ecological transition and achieve their sustainability objectives. In this context, the group has appointed SMART FLOW to improve water management and drive sustainability goals.

Dave Hogan the CEO of SMART FLOW notes that “ Our water technology is now empowering companies to take total control of all their water usage and water costs in real time. Our client base is growing stronger with the addition of many brand names like Harbour Hotels. “

Harbour Hotels will have 24/7 real time access to verified information for their portfolio’s water consumption. The technology developed by SMART FLOW will thus enable the group to pursue its sustainability targets concerning water consumption and energy costs.

Gary Hall, Chief Financial Officer, Harbour Hotels, added “More and more, we are taking sustainable-driven decisions and actions as part of our commitment to reduce our environmental impact which meant it was extremely important to find a solution like SMART FLOW which improves water, energy, sustainability and overall water management at Harbour Hotels.” Call +44 203 3688131 or visit for further details.

Consumer Card Spending Grew 17.7% in March as Spring Sunshine Benefits Hospitality April/May 2022

Card spending grew 17.7 per cent in March compared to the same period in 2019, as Brits took advantage of the sunnier weather and lifting of all remaining Covid restrictions to visit pubs, dine out, and update their wardrobes in preparation for the months ahead.

CLH News

across the UK. Owing to the energy price cap increase on 1 April, over nine in 10 Brits (91 per cent) feel concerned about the negative impact of rising household bills on their household finances – a two per cent increase on February and five per cent higher than in December.

Data from Barclaycard reveals that spending on essential items grew 18.1 per cent in March, the highest uplift since September 2021. This was largely driven by spend on fuel, which soared 26.1 per cent as prices at the pump continued to climb. Despite the rising cost of living, Brits are still finding room in their budget for discretionary purchases, with non-essential spending up 17.5 per cent compared to the same period in 2019. Hospitality and leisure saw particularly strong growth, rising 18.3 per cent, boosted by a 41.7 per cent surge in spending at bars, pubs and clubs, as the lifting of all remaining social distancing restrictions at the end of February encouraged Brits to flock back to beer gardens to enjoy the warmer weather. Entertainment also enjoyed an uplift (20.3 per cent), driven by cinema-goers watching major releases such as ‘The Batman’, while takeaways and fast food soared 79.6 per cent compared to three years ago, reflecting a lockdown trend which has become a mainstay for many households. In a sign that the staycation boom is set to continue, hotels, resorts & accommodation enjoyed a boost of 15.3 per cent compared to the same period in 2019, as holidaymakers made plans to take trips and breaks

The cost of living squeeze is also causing the majority to worry about the financial impact of wider international conflicts and sanctions, inflation, and rising energy bills (all 89 per cent), as well as food prices (88 per cent). This could explain why optimism about the future of the UK economy has fallen to 27 per cent, its lowest level since January last year (24 per cent). However, despite this challenging backdrop, Brits’ confidence in their own household finances remains steady at 62 per cent, as does confidence in their ability to spend within their means each month. José Carvalho, Head of Consumer Products at Barclaycard, said: “Many sectors saw strong growth in March compared to the same period in 2019, as sunnier weather encouraged Brits to socialise at pubs and bars, book staycations and update their wardrobes for spring and summer. “However, rising fuel prices and household bills are clearly starting to influence consumer behaviour, with many Brits changing their travel and shopping habits to save money. While this may dampen growth in the months ahead, we shouldn’t overlook the expected heatwave later in April, and the fast-approaching Easter holidays, both of which are likely to boost non-essential spending.”

Entries are Being Sought for the National Pubwatch Awards 2022 Entries are being sought for the prestigious National Pubwatch Awards 2022, which recognise the work of local pubwatch schemes and their efforts to provide safe drinking environments for customers and staff. Finalists will get to attend a prestigious awards dinner in House of Lords on 18th October 2022. Do you think that your pubwatch scheme deserves recognition? Do you have evidence of the schemes good practice? Has it made a real impact on safety in the evening and night-time economy? If the answer is yes then National Pubwatch wants to hear from you. The 2021 award winner was the Bedfordshire ‘Bedsafe’ scheme. Its chairman Mark Judd, licensee of The Pilgrims Progress in Bedford town centre, said: “Our award has been well received in the community and as a result we feel that we are stronger


together and the night-time economy is thriving. “On a personal level, being invited to attend the House of Lords was one of the great highlights of my career.” Chair of National Pubwatch Steve Baker OBE said: “One of main aims is to promote good practice and what better way to do than giving people the opportunity to enter for a national award which celebrates achievement at a truly prestigious event. “This is a fantastic opportunity to promote the work of a local Pubwatch scheme and receive recognition at a national level.” To submit an on-line application to enter the National Pubwatch Awards 2022 now go to


SMART FLOW AI water meter empowers verifiable data to clients. 24/7 real time access to verify water usage and eliminate water wastage by 30%

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April/May 2022

Why Catering For Customers With Accessibility Needs Is Key In The Hospitality Sector

By Jonathan Hassell, founder and CEO at Hassell Inclusion (

Like many sectors, the hospitality industry has seen a huge increase in the use of digital technologies over the past two years. They touch every part of a customer’s journey, from searching for a potential venue, to activating special offers via social media, perusing an online menu, booking a table via a website or ordering via an app or QR code. This move to digital shows no sign of slowing down. In its latest 2022 trends report, OpenTable found that 43% of the consumers it surveyed said they would even welcome more advanced technologies such as voice ordering, virtual reality and sophisticated chatbots. However, there is a danger that many businesses could be missing out on a huge number of customers if they haven’t made their digital platforms accessible. More than one in five potential UK consumers have a disability, and, according to research from The Purple Pound, restaurants, pubs and clubs could be losing up to £163 million a month if they are not addressing accessibility. Providing a warm welcome to customers is paramount in the hospitality industry, and yet so many of their potential patrons with accessibility requirements are being left out in the cold. So, how can businesses in the sector turn this ‘invisible’ 20% into a loyal 20%? Quite simply, by making sure their digital communications and services are accessible to everyone.

AN END-TO-END ACCESSIBILITY APPROACH Being great at digital accessibility isn’t just about having a good website, it’s about the whole user journey, from your marketing to your digital platforms to your in-venue experience. This requires a strategic approach to ensure that accessibility is ‘baked in’ to your processes rather than having to retro-fix elements of your services that simply don’t cater for those with specific needs. To be truly accessible, you will need to go beyond Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance. You need to think about accessibility across all your digital channels.

1. Good design is accessible design – Your choice of colours, fonts and imagery could be key to winning or losing customers. For example, people with a range of visual impairments struggle with low contrast text, and those on the autistic spectrum may be put off with too many images, so it’s best to use white space to let things breathe. Similarly, be careful in your choice of fonts - handwriting fonts may look fantastic but can be difficult for many people to read, so use them for branding not essential information. Another benefit of accessible design is that it can improve your SEO if you use closed captions on videos, and clear and simple headings. 2. Be socially accessible – Social media is a key channel for many in the industry to promote their business and there are several things you can do to make sure your social activity is accessible. For example, hashtags are a great way to get noticed, but make sure you use CamelCase capitalisation in them i.e #HashTags, so screen readers don’t try and read them out as one word. And make sure you include alt-text with your images. 3. Check your third-party providers meet accessibility standards – Many businesses in the sector use thirdparty suppliers to manage online bookings or payments. Even though you don’t control them, you should be aware of whether the suppliers’ services are accessible. For example, if an ‘iframe’ is used to present a date-picker or payment confirmation dialogue without the right coding, a blind person using a screen-reader might not be able to book or pay. So, it’s worth doing an inventory of what can and can’t be controlled, to build a picture of what you can and can’t influence and change supplier to a more accessible one if you can. 4. Don’t overlook PDFs – PDFs are often used for things such as menus, booking confirmations, terms and conditions, coupons and vouchers. To make sure they are accessible, start with using the authoring tool’s accessibility functions (in Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint or InDesign), and then test documents with Adobe Acrobat when they are converted to PDF.

EFFECTING LASTING CHANGE In 2019, we turned our attentions to creating the international standard for digital accessibility – ISO 300711. We did this because we wanted to effect real change and provide a clear framework to help companies ensure their accessibility approach is robust, sustainable and effective. Since then, we have developed the Digital Accessibility Maturity Scorecard. This free tool provides a review of your organisation around nine key areas of digital accessibility linked to the Standard, helping you identify gaps and providing guidance on where and how to best make improvements. For those businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition, benchmarking your current performance in digital accessibility is certainly the best place to start to build a loyal following among customers who right now are being overlooked.

CAMRA Campaigns to Boost Pub Trade This Summer

In our experience, there are several potential weak spots in customer-facing industries such as hospitality:

The Campaign for Real Ale is gearing up to launch its “Summer of Pub” Campaign (2 May – 29 August) which encourages people to head down to their local and support the trade after an incredibly difficult two years.

Pubs and breweries across the UK have been asked to organise a range of events to celebrate the first summer without restrictions – whether it be an open mic night, pub quiz or tap takeover. These events will be captured by CAMRA on an interactive map, allowing beer lovers to seek out pubs, clubs and taprooms that are running events nearby. Pubs, breweries and local branches can help spread the word with a wide range of marketing materials freely available through CAMRA. In addition, CAMRA will be working closely with external partners to put together a real calendar of celebrations around pivotal events in the summer season. The long bank holiday weekend (2-5 June) will be a key moment in the Campaign, with CAMRA collaborating with the organisers of HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations (2-5 June) to promote and celebrate The Big Jubilee Lunch and Thank You Day. As part of the celebrations, CAMRA will be supporting the Good Beer Co’s initiative to get “Thank Brew” into independent pubs and breweries around the country. Thank Brew is a 3.5% ABV easy drinking

Pale Ale created by Fergus Fitzgerald from Adnams, and it is the official beer for the Jubilee Weekend. All profits from ‘Thank Brew’ sales will support three different causes – the Eden projects communities which runs The Big Lunch, Together Coalition which runs Thank You Day and Reset Communities and Refugees, a charity supporting Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK to live with families in communities across Britain under the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme.

CAMRA will be urging pubs and breweries to stock Thank Brew and run celebratory events over the Jubilee Weekend as part of a Summer of Pub. Beer-lovers will be able to find out who’s stocking Thank Brew on tap and where to celebrate via an interactive map on the website. James Grugeon, The Good Beer Co-Founder, organisers of the ‘Thank Brew’ campaign for Thank You Day, The Big Jubilee Lunch and Reset Refugees and Communities said: “We’re proud to be kicking off a big summer of pub with a Thank Brew beer to help celebrate pubs and people across the nation coming together to raise a toast to their local communities and say thank you to HM The Queen for her years of service on the long Jubilee Holiday Weekend. “With 100 percent of profits going to three fantastic causes supporting people doing good in their neighbourhoods, we hope to sign up thousands of pubs across Britain to serve this limited-edition celebratory brew.” Another key partnership over the summer will be with Ask Clive to promote “Pub Pride” on 27 May. Pub Pride is a night for venues to celebrate their local LGBTQ+ community and welcome Pride month in their hometown. All Pub Pride events will be available to view on CAMRA’s Summer of Pub map, with a special highlight on Good Beer Guide entries getting involved in the celebrations. Danny Clare, co-founder and trustee of Ask for Clive said: “We’re delighted to be running Pub Pride once again this year, which is an opportunity for pubs to open their doors to the LGBTQ+ community and let them know they are welcome. It is fantastic to see

CAMRA’s support for the event this year and their Summer of Pub map now features all participating Pub Pride venues, so make sure to check back to the page to find some fantastic Pub Pride events taking place on 27 May!” The full calendar of events include: • 2 May – first bank holiday weekend • 27 May – Pub Pride • 3 June – Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend • 1-7 June – Volunteers’ Week • 15 June – Beer Day Britain • 19 June – Father’s Day • 4 July – Independence Day (America) • 6-31 July – Women’s Euros • 2-5 August – Great British Beer Festival • 5 August – International Beer Day • 15 August – Pub Games Day

• 29 August – last bank holiday Both Pub Pride and the Platinum Jubilee Celebration organisers will be invited down to the Great British Beer Festival’s trade day on 2 August to raise a glass to the key initiative and celebrate the outcomes of the projects.

Nik Antona, CAMRA’s National Chairman said: “The concept behind a Summer of Pub is really quite simple – it’s that the easiest way to support pubs is to use them. That is why we will be working with partners throughout the summer to highlight fantastic events taking place and continually rally people down to their local. “Pubs have been through a horrendous two years of lockdowns and restrictions and need help to get back on their feet. At the end of the day, you don’t need to be a campaigner to make a difference – let’s just celebrate a return to normal this summer by raising a glass to the trade!”

Hospitality Builds City-Centre Recovery as Sales and Footfall Rise April/May 2022

Hospitality businesses are starting to build sales momentum in Britain’s big cities after a steady return of workers, shoppers and visitors, new research reveals.

The latest ‘Top Cities’ report from On Premise consultancy CGA and Wireless Social, the leaders in guest wi-fi and data insight, combines sales and device log-in data to assess the performance of Britain’s 10 most populous cities over the four weeks to 12 March 2022. Across the cities, sales increased by 3% on the equivalent pre-pandemic period in 2019. It marks a steady recovery from the previous fourweek period, when sales were down by 3% on 2019; and from a challenging end to 2021, when many consumers stayed at home because of COVID concerns. Every city measured by CGA and Wireless Social achieved better sales growth than in the latest ‘Top Cities’ report in mid-February. Glasgow was the most vibrant of the 10 cities, with sales in high singledigit growth from 2019 and check-in numbers increasing for the third period in a row. Birmingham rose five places up the list to second and Manchester was third after recording double-digit sales growth. London is in last place on the list for the third successive period. While trading and check-ins remain well below the levels of 2019, they did increase over the four weeks to 12 March, and further improvements can be expected as people return towards their usual habits in the capi-

tal. See below for the full list of cities.

However, with inflation now topping 6%, hospitality’s sales remain well below the levels of 2019 in real terms. Rising costs in energy, food and other key inputs are meanwhile squeezing operators’ margins, and the cost-of-living crisis may stifle consumers’ spending as the year goes on. CGA client director Chris Jeffrey said: It’s good to see the hospitality sectors in Britain’s top cities recovering much of their pre-COVID vibrancy after the removal of restrictions. As consumers continue to head back to city centre offices, retail centres and attractions we can hope for further increases in sales and footfall. Appetite for pubs, bars and restaurants is clearly as strong as ever, but mounting inflationary pressures and the upcoming return to the full rate of VAT threaten many fragile businesses. Hospitality can undoubtedly power cities’ economic revival, but a lack of support in last week’s Spring statement risks stalling the recovery just as it begins.” Julian Ross, founder and CEO of Wireless Social, said: “The return to positive, pre-COVID sales figures is fantastic news for the sector, with city centres clearly on the way up. Despite this hugely positive insight, the industry continues to face unprecedented challenges in the form of rising energy bills, a hike in VAT and record-high inflation. It is, therefore, vitally important that this positive sales uptick continues and we look forward to helping sector businesses to successfully navigate the waters ahead.”

Evaluating The Pizza And Pasta Markets In Europe The 6th edition of the European Pizza and Pasta Show, 22-23 June 2022, Olympia London is set to be the largest UK F&B exhibition in its sector. With £140+ billion market value in 21/22, the Pizza and Pasta industries have reported a notably sustainable growth through and after the pandemic. EPPS 2022 is co-located with its sister events Bellavita Expo London and Iberica, showcasing the best brands, products, ingredients, equipment and services offered by the pizza and pasta industries. Organised with the support of partners CIBUS and VinItaly, the event responds to the increased demand in the bakery and food to go sectors with speciality food, plant based products, beverage and ice cream as an add-ons completing the enhanced offer to all attending buyers. The traditional Cooking Stages will offer exciting competitions and networking opportunities. The European Pizza Championship is back, bigger and better than ever.

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The series of ‘Top Cities: Vibrancy Ranking’ reports is based on a powerful combination of sales data from CGA’s Managed Volume Pool of more than 8,000 pubs, bars and restaurants, and Wireless Social’s guest data gathered from more than one million log-ins. It provides the most accurate assessment yet of the vibrancy of Britain’s key city markets for eating and drinking out.

BRITAIN’S 10 BIGGEST CITIES, RANKED BY VIBRANCY Rankings for the four weeks to 12 March 2022. Numbers in brackets indicate position for the previous four weeks to 12 February 2022. 1 Glasgow (3) 2 Birmingham (7) 3 Manchester (2) 4 Leicester (6) 5 Leeds (9) 6 Bristol (1) 7 Liverpool (5) 8 Edinburgh (8) 9 Sheffield (4) 10 London (10)

With 1000+ international brands exhibiting, 2 theatres hosting 4 cooking competitions, 10 professional masterclasses and 10000 strong buying audience, the conjoined events are the place to be for all F&B professionals. “This is an event no one of us can miss! Join us and the rest of our industry at the most important trade meeting of 2022! Embrace the best of Italy and Napoli’s hospitality. “ - Dott. Antimo Caputo, Honorary President of the European Pizza and Pasta Show and CEO of Molino Caputo To exhibit or visit please contact the organisers. Tel: +44(0) 2073524356, E-mail:, URL:

Leaders’ Confidence Levels Rise, but Cost Pressures Threaten Hospitality’s Recovery April/May 2022

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Operators also face ongoing problems in the supply chain, which began after Brexit and accelerated during COVID-19. Four in five (82%) have seen products not turning up and large numbers have faced reduced product lines (77%) and delayed deliveries (64%).

Restaurant, pub and bar leaders are increasingly optimistic about prospects for 2022, CGA and Fourth’s Business Leaders’ Survey reveals. The exclusive poll of multi-site business leaders shows 65% are confident about the next 12 months for the market—an increase of six percentage points since the last survey in December 2021. The number of leaders feeling confident about their own business’ prospects has nudged up by two percentage points to 68%.

Phil Tate, CGA Group CEO, said: “After two years of COVID-19-related disruption, our survey shows that multi-site businesses are finding their feet again. Hospitality remains a very attractive sector for consumers and investors alike, and as we move into the second quarter of 2022, we can be cautiously confident that sales and profits will continue to build. However, businesses that were weakened during the pandemic now face more fierce headwinds, and inflation is making it tough to achieve real-terms growth. The end of VAT relief and lack of government support in the recent Spring Statement risks stalling hospitality’s recovery just as it gathers pace.”

The Survey also indicates improved profitability in the hospitality sector. More than four in five (84%) leaders say their business is currently operating at a profit—four percentage points higher than in the December survey. Only 5% of leaders say they are making a loss. However, hospitality’s recovery from the pandemic is being threatened by mounting costs for both businesses and consumers. More than four in five (93%) leaders say they are concerned about inflation in food and drink prices, and nearly as many (79%) are worried about the public costof-living crisis. Almost two thirds (63%) are concerned about VAT and the end to relief for the hospitality sector, and there is widespread anxiety about rising costs in energy, labour and other key inputs. Nine in ten (90%) leaders say they have been impacted by higher costs across the supply chain. The large majority have passed, or are planning to pass, some of the costs on to consumers via higher food prices (87%). On average, menu prices are rising by 8%.

Sebastien Sepierre, managing director – EMEA, Fourth, said: “While it’s encouraging to see business confidence climb, the impact of rising costs, supply chain issues and the ongoing recruitment challenge continues to be extremely threatening to the sector. These challenges are amplified by the return to 20% VAT rates and the National Living Wage rise – both of which came into force last week and are set to hit finances hard, at a time the industry can ill afford. It’s vital that businesses continue to do everything they can to plan ahead, in order to protect their bottom line and also maximise efficiencies related to their workforce and inventory.”

Diageo World Class GB Launches Education Programme to Help Bartenders Globally acclaimed Diageo World Class GB is launching a new, scaled-up World Class Studios education programme to support the bartending community in GB, following a challenging two years. Through “World Class Studios Tours 2022”, World Class GB will provide opportunities for those in the trade to develop and refine their skills, and help prepare for the World Class GB 2023 competition, which will kick off during London Cocktail Week this coming October. World Class designed the new programme as a replacement to the World Class GB 2022 competition, instead offering bartenders an opportunity to further their learning and participate in some specific competition related elements. With just over six months until entries open for World Class GB 2023, these elements will act as a tool, helping bartenders to prepare. World Class Studios tours will take place live and in-person throughout May, June, July and August. Two exciting new modules have been designed by worldleading drinks professionals specifically for this year’s programme which include Future Proof with Seedlip and The Singleton & Talisker Cocktail Cartography –

with more information to be revealed soon. Nicci Kendall, Head of Brand Advocacy, Diageo GB, says: “Community within our industry has become more important than ever and after these challenging few years, we really wanted to make sure we were giving back to the industry and supporting them in any way we can. We’ve reshaped our education programme and are hoping to reach more bartenders than before, helping them to upskill so they are best placed to excel in their careers as well as prepare for World Class GB 2023, which will come back bigger and better in October. “Although World Class GB is taking the time to reform and reshape the local competition programme, the Global World Class programme and final will be happening in Sydney. We wish all competitors luck and look forward to joining them again next year!” This year’s education programme will focus on more subjects than ever before, with an emphasis on leading trends in the global drinks industry. World Class will also work with key trade partners, concentrating on inclusivity to introduce adults into a career in bartending.

New UK Calorie Legislation Likely to Influence Choice of Food & Restaurant for Over 50% of Brits as well as where the food comes from. This requirement is only going to increase, with younger generations taking even more interest in what they eat and how it is sourced.”

New research shows calorie labelling legislation*,that came into force on the 6th April 2022, is likely to influence more than half of consumers’ choices when it comes to choosing what to eat (57%) and where they eat, with 43% of consumers saying they’d be more likely to select a restaurant with calorie labelling on the menu.

“There are many restaurants already doing this like LEON, Nando’s and YO! It is these restaurants that will be more successful in retaining existing customers and attracting future generations, taking their customer experience to the next level, and empowering them to make the right meal choice to meet their needs.”

Whilst there has been some public scepticism around whether the new legislation will support the Government’s aim of tackling obesity, it is clearly welcomed by many consumers – 68% of consumers surveyed feel the new legislation is a ‘good’ move. The latest consumer research on calorie labelling was carried out by technology company, Vita Mojo in partnership with Kam Media and based on a nationally representative study of over 1000 participants.

Other key findings from the research: A low proportion of consumers (21%) think that the legislation will have a positive effect on the nation’s obesity levels, however, the majority of consumers do track calories – 48% actively keep track or have awareness of the calories that they consume (15% to a great extent and 33% to some extent) – 24% say they keep track of calories/track them a little Gen Z more focused on tracking calories than millennials 32% of Gen Z say they track calories to a great extent, compared to just 23% of millennials.

Consumers living in urban areas are more influenced by calories – 55% of those living in urban areas say they are more likely to choose a restaurant with calorie labelling on the menu, compared to 37% living in suburban areas and 35% in rural areas.

– 66% of those living in urban areas say calorie labelling is likely to influence what items they choose, compared to 54% in suburban areas and 52% in rural areas. – 49% of those living in urban areas say they are more likely to return to a restaurant that offers calorie labelling, compared to 39% living in suburban areas and 37% in rural areas.

BOTH MEN AND WOMEN TRACK CALORIES Only 30% of men say they don’t track calories in any way, similar to women (25%) . Vita Mojo, whose technology powers over 90 UK restaurant brands, urges all restaurant owners, including smaller businesses, to look beyond the legislation and focus on the consumer. Stefan Catiou, co-founder says, “Our research shows consumers want to know more about what they eat, both in terms of how it impacts and supports their health goals

Hugo Engel, Head of Digital at LEON said, “Our commitment to making food that tastes good and does you good has been at the heart of our brand since we launched in 2004. Giving our customers full transparency about our menu is incredibly important to us and we are always looking for ways to keep one step ahead. In the future, we see calorie and allergen labelling being just as important as being transparent about the environmental impact of our menu.” Katy Moses, Founder & MD of KAM Media, says, “We know consumers are increasingly asking questions about the food and drink they consume. From food miles and sustainability through to calorie count and allergen labelling, Brits want easy access to the information which is important to them. The research highlighted that for restaurants in urban areas, home to high populations of Generation Z, it’s particularly important to make this information available. Giving these customers easy access to a clear breakdown of calories, dietary tags and allergens makes good business sense.” * The new legislation, part of a wider government strategy to tackle obesity and promote healthy eating, requires all cafés, restaurants, and takeaways run by companies with more than 250 employees to include calorie labelling and counts on their menus.

Driving Footfall – What The Hospitality Industry Can Be Doing To Encourage More People To Eat Out 10

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April/May 2022

Despite Covid restrictions having been lifted across the hospitality sector, and business returning to normal for many bars and restaurants, the industry is still facing immense challenges. Cost of living is at an all-time high, meaning some families are less willing – or unable – to eat-out as often as they once did. As a consequence, footfall in once-busy restaurants and bars is set to stagnate, resulting in reduced revenue and many businesses struggling to stay afloat. However, Managing Director at Thai Leisure Group, Ian Leigh, believes there are things businesses can do to encourage diners to eat out this summer, which will in turn drive footfall.

1. PRIORITISE RECRUITMENT FOR AN ENHANCED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Quality recruitment is everything in the hospitality sector. Since the pandemic, many staff have found work elsewhere or even left the country. Responding in panic, many restaurants and bars have been forced to recruit underqualified staff in order to simply fill in the gaps and put numbers on the restaurant floor. This may be a short-term fix, but it is not a long-term solution as quick and poor recruitment will most likely lead to problems down the line, including a higher staff turnover. To encourage customers to return, hospitality leaders should ensure each member of staff encompasses the company values and gives the customer a reason to come back. Skilled and friendly staff who are value-aligned, will mean less staff turnover and happier patrons. Yes, this may mean spending more money and working harder to find and recruit the right people, but it will certainly be worthwhile in the long-term.

2. OUTDOOR DINING AND DRINKING If the pandemic showed us anything, it’s that Brits love to eat and drink outdoors, providing the environment is right. It is therefore vital to not neglect this aspect of dining, and consider extending or enhancing your outdoor seating beyond the need of restrictions. For some businesses of course, this may not be logistically possi-

ble, however, those with the capability of opening or expanding their alfresco offering should do so. With the warmer, summer months just around the corner, having an outdoor dining offering will set you apart from competition. If designed correctly, the space can also be utilised during the winter months in order to maximise the investment. For example, we extended a series of our outdoor spaces at our Chaophraya sites over the pandemic, with the intension to utilise them as a summer garden as well as a cosy, winter grotto later in the year. Eventually, this becomes something diners recognise the restaurant for, causing them to return all year round.

3. ADAPT/EVOLVE YOUR MENU OFFERING All too often, restaurant owners and bar staff point the finger externally for why revenue may be struggling. However, the core problem may just start with what food and drink your customers are presented with. Start by surveying and collecting feedback on your menu offering from diners, you may be surprised to find some foods and drinks, at the very least, are more popular than others. It is therefore important to continue to evolve, adapt, improve and add to your menu, to ensure an increasingly positive reception to food and drink to even the most loyal customers. This may start with simply introducing a new cocktail, or something more extreme like a full menu overhaul. Collect the feedback and implement the right changes to ensure your restaurant is giving its customers top-quality food in-line with the company brand.

4. BRING AN ELEMENT OF THEATRE TO THE TABLE As the cost of living continues to increase, people will inevitably be more selective with their spends. However, when they do dine out, they will reserve this special occasion for a bar or restaurant considered ‘special’ to them. It’s up to businesses to try and grow the customer’s experience if they want to be considered one of the few, special venues for when people do decide to visit a bar or restaurant. To do this, restaurants should consider bringing an element of theatre to the table. This could include sizzling hot plates or cooking masterclasses , so visitors can get the visual and learning experience when dining out, not just a meal. It is also a great option to offer private dining rooms and intimate guest areas, so that customers have the option to upgrade their experience for birthdays, corporate meetings or family get-togethers. Anything you can do to upgrade the feeling of joy and excitement upon stepping through a restaurant doors, you should do it!

Oldest Pub Can Serve Customers for Another Thousand Years Insolvency firm Clarke Bell has navigated a successful liquidation process to help the UK’s oldest pub, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, to remain open under new management. Escalating business rates, taxations and the pandemic have had a devastating impact on the pub in St Albans which has been in business for over a thousand years.

the face of the pandemic. It is devastating that I have had to close my doors. However, Clarke Bell made the process as easy as possible, and I am delighted that the pub will open its doors again soon. John Bell, director of Clarke Bell who managed the liquidation, said:

Over the past few months Clarke Bell has worked with the pub management team to place the company into Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL), while new management is found by the brewery.

“Ye Olde Fighting Cocks is another victim of the pressures which have hit the hospitality sector hard over the last two years. Chris (the landlord) has taken the best course of action available by using the liquida-

Commenting on the experience Christo Tofalli, landlord at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, said:

tion process. It means that he can move on and the oldest pub in the

“I worked tirelessly to keep the pub open, but it has been a struggle in

UK will remain open, albeit under new management.”

Power Of Premium: Premium and Super-Premium Now Biggest In Absolute Volume Within Draft Beer Budweiser Brewing Group reveals the premium and super-premium category is the biggest in absolute volume (41%) within the draft beer category, compared to just 27% in 2017.1 In the On-Trade, the value share of premium options has grown (+0.5pp) from standard lager (-1.7pp) compared to 2019.2

Budweiser Brewing Group, which brews some of the UK’s best-loved beers including Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona, is forecasting continued momentum for the premium beer category. Covid-19 cemented the trend towards premiumisation as pub-goers sought out known and trusted brands. Now, for the first time ever, the premium and super-premium category is the biggest in absolute volume (41%) within the draft beer category, compared to just 27% in 2017.2

Key to the success of the premium and super-premium category is World Beer, which gained +1.8pp value share compared to 2019.3 The segment presents a unique sales opportunity for retailers with two thirds of World Beer spend coming from consumers with two or more beers in their repertoire.4 Popularity of World Beer is evident through the UK’s number one World Beer, Corona, which saw its rate-of-sale grow 25% last year.5

Yet there is a need for pubs to increase their premium offerings to maximise sales across the beer category, given premium now makes up 40% of total beer consumption in the On-Trade compared to core lager (31%) and ale and stout (27%).9

The trend towards premiumisation is also replicated in the no and low category. The premium no-and-low beer category grew 23% YOY6 as consumers look to treat themselves whilst moderating their alcohol consumption. Brand is the most important factor for pub-goers when deciding which no-and-low product to buy - ahead of calories, ingredients, taste claim and ABV,7 cementing the opportunity around premium no and low options. Budweiser Zero and Stella Artois Alcohol Free are both premium options that build on the success of their parent brands. Both beers have proven a hit with consumers, growing significantly ahead of the total no-and-low category and showing triple digit growth across both volume and value. 8

“Premiumisation should be top of mind for publicans over the coming years and as we approach the new year now is the perfect time for pubs and bars to refresh their draft portfolio.” said Jean-David Thumelaire, On-Trade Sales Director at Budweiser Brewing Group. “Understanding and responding to consumer demand will be key to the On-Trade’s recovery so we’ll be working closely with customers every step of the way.”

CHANGING LINE UP Pubs have followed the traditional offering of two core lagers, four premium options, three ales, one stout and two cider taps for many years.

Budweiser Brewing Group is recommending that pubs and bars dial up their premium draft options, offering one core option, six premium taps, two ales, one stout and two cider options.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

CGA Brand Index 09.10.21 CGA Brand Index 09.10.21 Total On-Trade % VALUE SHARE to 14/08/2021 vs 2YA Kantar Worldpanel; Total Trade; 2021 CGA Brand Index 17.07.21 Nielsen Answers | Total Coverage| Total NABLAB Beer | YTD WE 11.09.21 NAB Consumer Drivers of Choice research 2019 GB Total Coverage – Latest year to date WE 30 October 2021 CGA Brand Index ( PERIOD 07 ) 17.07.21

New Law to Resolve COVID-19 Commercial Rent Debts Now in Place April/May 2022

A new law is now in place to help resolve certain remaining commercial rent debts accrued because of the pandemic, Business Minister Paul Scully has announced.

The ‘Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022’ received Royal Assent today (March 24). This means that a legally binding arbitration process will be available for eligible commercial landlords and tenants who have not already reached an agreement. This will resolve disputes about certain pandemic-related rent debt and help the market return to normal as quickly as possible. The law applies to commercial rent debts of businesses including pubs, gyms and restaurants which were mandated to close, in full or in part, from March 2020 until the date restrictions ended for their sector. Debts accrued at other times will not be in scope. The law comes into force today in England and Wales. Business Minister Paul Scully said: “This new law will give commercial tenants and landlords the ability to draw a line under the uncertainty caused by the pandemic so they can

plan ahead and return to normality.”

“Landlords and tenants should keep working together to reach their own agreements where possible using our Code of Practice to help them, and we’ve made arbitration available as a last resort. Tenants who can repay their rent debts in full, should do so, and when they cannot, landlords should try to share the burden, so we can all move on.” “The government encourages commercial landlords and tenants to negotiate their own agreement where possible, so that an arrangement to resolve debt is mutually agreed, instead of resorting to the arbitration process.” March 24 was the last day of the general moratorium on commercial evictions and restrictions on Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) in England and Wales, but eligible firms remain protected for the next 6 months during which arbitration can be applied for or until the conclusion of an arbitration. The moratorium has provided firms with breathing space to negotiate how to address the cost of commercial rent debts caused by the pandemic before the new law came into place.

It’s Back! KP of the Year 2022

WINTERHALTER SEARCHES FOR THE UK’S TOP KITCHEN PORTER The Kitchen Porter of the Year is back in 2022, after a hiatus of two years. Celebrating the vital contribution that KPs make in professional kitchens across the UK, it’s become one of the most popular of the foodservice industry’s awards. Why? Because so many people in hospitality’s top jobs started as KPs. And because there’s not a kitchen in the country that doesn’t rely on them.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “UKHospitality will produce detailed guidance for webinars on how tenants should approach the arbitration process, and we’ll be urging arbitrators that they should be seeking to preserve businesses and jobs, which will of course be vital to the hospitality sector’s efforts to lead the UK’s post-Covid economic recovery. At the same time, landlords should take a pragmatic approach to the arbitration process. “We’re also encouraging affected businesses to complete the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) rent survey, which seeks to ensure that the views of businesses are ‘heard and taken into account’. It can be accessed here.”

behind the awards. “On top of an already tough job, over the past two years kitchen porters have had to show both determination and the flexibility to adapt to major changes in working practices.” For 2022 nominating a KP for the award is easier than ever, with a short questionnaire that can be found via Meanwhile the package of prizes is as exciting as ever. Along with the kudos of being KP of the Year, the winner gets an eye catching trophy, £1,000 cash and a slap up dinner for family and friends at a restaurant in their area. Plus, two runners up receive cash prizes. Plus, every single KP that’s nominated gets an exclusive KP of the Year apron in a presentation tin. In addition, the winner’s kitchen gets a brand new Winterhalter warewasher.

Visit for details.

The Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace is the New Voice for Stonegate’s “We Love Quiz”

Helen Charlesworth, Managing Director of the Stonegate Group, said: “This is a great partnership for ‘We Love Quiz’. Shaun Wallace is a fantastic TV per-

These are very welcome new laws for the hospitality industry: the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill is decisive Government legislation to deal with the £7bn-plus rent debt accrued during the pandemic by businesses across all sectors. And as our sector tries to recover, it’s imperative that rent debt is dealt with, otherwise it’ll hamstring our recovery.

“I know how hard a KP’s job is, because I’ve done it myself,” says Kinkead. “I’d encourage people from every sector of the industry to nominate their kitchen porters for this award.” In the past KPs from hotels, hospitals, pubs, prisons and schools have all been in the running for the award.

“Foodservice is bouncing back from the pandemic, so it’s high time to turn the spotlight on KPs again, and the brilliant work they do” says Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK, the company

Taking place every Thursday and Sunday night at 8pm, across hundreds of Stonegate Managed pubs around the country, ‘We Love Quiz’ sees thousands of quiz-lovers downloading the app and competing to win £1,500 in a national jackpot every week. Shaun Wallace will now be a quiz master and will be leading quizzers through rounds of mind-boggling questions.


Closing date for entries is 29th July. The awards will be judged by a panel of top foodservice industry names.

And because, until KP of the Year came along, they didn’t get the recognition they deserve.

Stonegate Group has announced Shaun Wallace, ‘The Dark Destroyer’ from ITV’s The Chase, as the new online host of its hugely popular ‘We Love Quiz’ app quiz-nights.

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sonality and is renowned for his quiz prowess. I love taking part in these quizzes and I know with Shaun at the helm, they are going to get better and better.” To date, over 80,000 teams have taken part in “We Love Quiz” and a national prize of £120,000 has been won by all the winners since June 2020. Shaun Wallace said: “Really looking forward to hosting ‘We Love Quiz’ at Stonegate’s amazing pubs and bars and can’t wait to give away lots of money to the weekly winners throughout the UK. Good luck everybody.” To find out more about “We Love Quiz” nights in Stonegate pubs, follow the pages below:

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Hospitality Businesses Urged to Make the Most of Extended Licensing Hours Over the Platinum Jubilee Weekend April/May 2022

The Government has confirmed licenced premises will be able to extend their opening hours to 1am on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings of the special bank holiday weekend (2nd to 5th June).

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“We welcome that the Government has seen the importance of extending licensing hours for an occasion as momentous as the Platinum Jubilee Weekend, when pubs and bars are likely to be a focus of community celebrations.

Industry body, UKHospitality, has applauded the temporary change in licensing rules for England and Wales. The measures, for which UKH had campaigned strongly, will allow people to come together for longer in hospitality venues to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in their community and aid the recovery of the beleaguered sector.

“The boost to business will be very welcome for operators facing soaring costs and plummeting consumer confidence. With the higher 20% rate of VAT also set to return for the sector in April, businesses will need to capitalise on every opportunity to drive revenue if they are to have any hope of recovery post-pandemic.”

Having missed out on two years of full and unrestricted trading over dates such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter, this summer’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations to mark 70 years of the Queen’s reign, represents an opportunity for hospitality businesses across the UK looking to boost the recovery.

The trade body is also calling for the relaxation of pavement licences to be made permanent in order to aid businesses in the industry. Responding to a recent Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) call earlier this month for views on pavement licences, UKHospitality said the temporary scheme should become permanent, pointing to their success in helping businesses survive. The move would be a ‘low-cost, low admin’ helping hand for the sector, it said.

UKHospitality CEO, Kate Nicholls, said:

Devastating Energy Cost Increases and Soaring Inflation Threaten Survival of UK Pubs The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) has again written to the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) making the case for critical ongoing support to safeguard the future of UK pubs. Its members are facing extraordinary levels of cost inflation with energy costs for many, more than doubling. This comes at a time where pubs are only just starting their recovery whilst tackling pandemic specific debts, minimal cash reserves and ongoing resourcing issues.

Steven Alton, CEO of the BII commented: “Our members are already facing extraordinary levels of cost inflation in their businesses with more significant rises expected in the coming months. They are unable to simply pass all these costs through to increasingly cash strapped consumers as they fear this will only further reduce levels of trade. “Many will have to trade ahead of pre-pandemic levels to simply break-even. They need ongoing support to give them the time to rebuild their businesses, provide certainty to allow them to invest in their businesses and also rebuild their teams. This support is an investment in a sector that has the capacity to be at the heart of the economic recovery and safeguard their essential role at the heart of every community.”

Your recognition of the economic, employment and social value of our nations’ pubs has been greatly appreciated throughout the pandemic with the support packages that you have provided. Our 10,000 individual members who independently operate pubs in every community across the country now fear for their survival as their costs rapidly escalate, with energy costs more than doubling for the majority.

cash-strapped consumers. Our members businesses must now attempt to significantly over trade their 2019 revenues to break-even with the increased costs they are tackling. Significantly increasing consumer prices at this time will simply compound issues leading to reduced trade with consumers turning away. We are seeking an interim package of support over the next 12 months to safeguard these essential businesses. Essential to the economic recovery, essential to providing vital local employment & skills, essential to the rebuilding of high streets & communities and essential in providing accessible places for all to reconnect in their communities. To safeguard our nations’ pubs we are asking the following: – Continuation of VAT at 12.5% for hospitality for the full year 2022/2023 – Suspension of business rates for the full year 2022/2023 accessible to all businesses irrespective of scale – An immediate and increased duty cut for draught products served in pubs, an increased duty cut of 20% to apply to container sizes of 20 litres and above – Energy cost caps for pub businesses, recognising that many pubs incorporate homes within the pub premises These measures will allow our hospitality businesses to start their recovery, enable them to confidently invest in their businesses and provide stability on which they can rebuild their teams with the talent needed, as they move into growth once again.

The need for an interim package of support is now critical to allow our sector to play its part at the heart of the economic recovery. We are committed to providing accessible and skilled jobs in all communities across the UK. We also remain steadfast in our commitment to leading the way with world-class apprenticeships and development programmes, enabling rapid career development.

We are very appreciative of the support packages that you have delivered so far which are an investment in a sector that can be at the heart of the economic recovery. Your acknowledgement of the disproportionate levels of taxation that our sector pays and your specific recognition of the need to help our pubs with a duty reduction on draught products is also greatly appreciated. We look forward to collaborating on its implementation to ensure that it is impactful in supporting pubs to thrive.

After nearly two years of closure and severe trading restrictions our recovery is being stalled by both soaring inflation and ongoing resourcing challenges. Many hospitality businesses are tackling these challenges with no cash reserves, crippling pandemic specific debts and subdued demand resulting from increasingly

As always, we would welcome any further engagement with you and your officials to ensure the investment proposals above are implemented to the benefit of the individual businesses, the wider economy, and society as a whole who value the key role our pubs play in every community.

Panasonic and Regal Microwaves Formalise Supply Partnership Global brand Panasonic and Regale Microwaves of Gosport announce a new distribution agreement, formalising Regale as Panasonic’s sole supply partner for its range of commercial microwaves and speed ovens. Jared Greenhalgh, European Sales Manager, Panasonic; “Our key focus is to continue to grow relationships with our customers and the future growth of our business will be supported by nurturing our distribution network. “Our recent partnership with ENSE has confirmed this commitment and with that in mind, we are delighted to announce that our long-standing affiliation with Regale Microwaves has now been extended to that of Supply Partner. This means that now, any operator will be able to purchase a Panasonic oven from their preferred supplier, either via our direct distribution network or through a distributor supplied by Regale, who will be offering an unrivalled service to any distributor who

doesn’t have an account with us directly, making it easier to procure Panasonic microwaves.” Iain Phillips, Deputy Managing Director, Regale Microwaves; “Winning new business is tough enough; ordering the stock and having it delivered when you want it should be the easy part, but global supply setbacks are presenting challenges across the board. Normally, Regale would hold ample stock of the entire Panasonic range but one of the advantages for the operator of this new partnership is that we will be running forecasts directly with the Panasonic factory ordering system ensuring enough stock to satisfy demand; all orders received by 2pm will be dispatched that day, on a next working day service, with free delivery too.” To find out more about Panasonic’s range of commercial microwave ovens, email or go to

One Third of Restaurant Owners say their Mental Health Was Worse at the End of 2021 than it was During the Pandemic Peak 14

CLH News

April/May 2022

UK restaurant owners have long been facing a mental health crisis but new research finds the pandemic and subsequent staff shortages has only fuelled the fire, according to Flipdish.

done to support hospitality workers as we continue to navigate the anxieties of a tough labour market, tax hikes, and increased energy and produce costs”.

Data from 200 UK hospitality decision-makers reveals that 37% of restaurant owners believe their mental health has been hit badly due to the staff shortage crisis the sector has been facing, with nearly a third (29%) saying it’s the worst their mental wellbeing has ever been.

Kris Hall, Founder of The Burnt Chef Project – a not-for-profit social enterprise fully committed to making the hospitality profession healthier and more sustainable – says: “High levels of stress and mental illness have been affecting our industry long before COVID-19, but this research demonstrates how brutal these past two years have been for hospitality owners. We find our sector in the middle of a severe resource crisis, with mass shortages worldwide as visitor numbers peak, yet staffing numbers continue to drop. Our own studies at The Burnt Chef Project echo these findings from Flipdish and have shown that work-life balance ranks highest as to why people do not want to return to what once was the third largest sector in the world.

Despite pent-up demand on the rise from the eradication of all COVID-19 restrictions signalling recovery on the table for a hard-hit sector, this has left a bittersweet taste in restaurant owners’ mouths. Although hungry to capitalise on this uptick, the hospitality VAT tax hike of 20% came into effect earlier this month on April 1st, and was yet another blow. With restaurant owners already battling a talent shortage whereby they are having to operate under reduced hours and output and compromise revenue, April 1st will mark the beginning of another tough road to financial recovery for many hospitality businesses. A worrying 45% of restaurant owners are having to ask staff to work longer hours and 47% are having to work longer hours themselves to deal with the shortfall. In fact, 39% of the restaurant owners surveyed believe there should be more support from the government to attract talent back to the hospitality sector. When asked about the impact the state of the labour market has had on their mental wellbeing, restaurant owners say that there isn’t enough support in the industry at all and the government should do more to support mental health (32%). Even more make the case for increased funding from the government to help with the fallout caused by the pandemic (38%), despite the £1bn care package announced by the Chancellor in December 2021. Fionn Hart, UK Country Manager at Flipdish, says: “The talent crisis, inflation, VAT rises, inconsistent restrictions and low cash reserves have given restaurant owners sleepless nights. As restrictions were completely lifted earlier in the year, office parties and social gatherings are on the rise causing a spike in the number of customers coming through the door”.

Restaurant, pub, and bar operators now have a difficult balancing act to perform; fulfilling these bookings and offering promotions to get new customers through the door, while simultaneously managing the reduced staff numbers on the ground to serve them. It’s time the government opens its eyes to the pressures on the hospitality workforce, who are battling to protect their mental wellbeing whilst also keeping their businesses afloat. It’s become clear that financial aid for the sector simply isn’t enough.” Attilio Sergi, Owner of Pasta 51 restaurant in Liverpool, says: “Many of us thought we had reached the light at the end of a long COVID-19 drawn out tunnel when all restrictions were lifted earlier this year. However, with business rates for hospitality reverting back to 20%, and surging energy costs, it seems that just as we thought we were in the clear, our sector is spiralling all over again. With only a mere 5p per litre nationwide drop in the price of fuel, and the cost of living continuing to climb, consumers will be more savvy with how they spend their buck and so we expect a drop in the number of in-house diners. This, combined with the fact that at Pasta 51, we have shortened opening hours to save staff numbers and energy costs, means we are faced with yet another financial uphill battle. More needs to be

The wellbeing of our teams has been neglected for far too long and the demand for our free support service, hospitality and wellbeing training modules and resources highlights just how much support hospitality professionals are in need of. In order for the hospitality profession and industry to thrive, we need to provide our leaders with the skills to manage with confidence, empathy and ensure that the wellbeing of both themselves and their teams is priority. This is why we at The Burnt Chef Project believe in and dedicate our time not just to helping those who have mental health issues and need someone to talk to but we also focus on building the capability of the greatest asset in our trade, the people who make up the beating heart of our industry”. Anyone in hospitality, their family or dependents experiencing difficulties with mental health can text “BURNTCHEF” to 85258 for free and in confidence 24/7 . To help support restaurateurs, Flipdish has launched a not-for-profit directory, StraightFrom, as an alternative to food marketplaces and to encourage customers to order directly from their local restaurants. The site, which is free of charge, is open to all restaurants and takeaways, even if they are not customers of Flipdish.

MPS Call Last Orders on Draconian Pub Tax

evil, and a disproportionate fixed cost, for too long. It’s time for pubs to be recognised, not penalised, for our continuing physical presence in our communities.“As the pandemic has shown so clearly, not everyone prospers in a virtual world; we know our customers need us, and we need a fighting chance to deliver for them.”

A new report, issued by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group (APPBG) of MPs, calls on the Government to urgently address the business rate iniquity which is threatening the future of pubs and their communities while online giants continue to swerve the taxman.

The report, Levelling the Bar: reforming outdated business rates for pubs’ survival, has been produced by the APPBG with evidence from a cross section of sector leaders.

Kate Nicholls, the CEO of UKHospitality, has this morning welcomed the call:

The report notes: • Pubs contribute 2.5 per cent of the total tax collected in business rates, but they generate less than half a per cent of rateable turnover – this equates to an overpayment of £570 million every year. • Due to an ever-increasing ‘multiplier’ since the tax was introduced in 1990, business rates are now one of the biggest fixed overheads faced by pubs. • The average pub pays 3% of its turnover in rates alone (some up to 10%), while the global giant, Amazon, only paid a total of 2 per cent tax on its 2020 turnover of almost £21bn. • This outdated tax on bricks and mortar is threatening investment in high streets, skills, and communities – running counter to policy ambitions for levelling up. • Pubs are being further hit by an opaque and esoteric system for determining their rates bills, which can place them at unfair disadvantage to competing retailers – such as restaurants and supermarkets – and penalise them for increasing their turnover.The APPBG also reports that the pandemic showed just how critical pubs are to communities across the country. Rates relief and other Covid support have been ‘lifesavers’ for community pubs – which in turn are supporting local recovery economically and socially – but many have been left reeling. One in ten publicans believe their business is unviable; and they’re now facing continued uncertainty as their customers feel the pinch economically. If support is withdrawn without a more equitable tax put in place, up to 20,000 UK pubs may be at risk. In response, the group of Parliamentarians is making a number of key recommendations to the Government, ahead of the Chancellor’s financial update later this month. • Swift measures to introduce an online sales tax so that the burgeoning digital sector bears its fair share of the tax burden, with the funds raised used to reduce the costs borne by bricks and mortar high street businesses. • A new and specific rates multiplier for pubs, closer to the 1990s level of 32p

“Business rates in its current form is a fundamentally unfair tax for pubs and the wider hospitality sector. It actively works against Government’s levelling up agenda by suppressing and deterring investment in skills and local communities. per pound of rateable value, to reflect the wider contribution that pubs make in sustaining and investing in their communities. • Greater transparency and VOA resource to support the current system of valuation for pubs. • As rising utility costs squeeze the life out of pubs, the government should help ensure their survival by increasing small business relief to include more community pubs to benefit. Mike Wood MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group, said:

“British pubs are at the heart of the community. Never more so, than since the pandemic – when their fundamental place in society has been pivotal.“The onus of business rates falls disproportionately on pubs in a valuation system mired by complexity and opacity, where online giants are not paying their fair share.“Urgent action is needed, and I call on the Chancellor is his Spring statement next week, to help us level the playing field and turn back the clock on years of stealth increases to business rates which threaten to bring a sector so critical to economic and social recovery to its knees.” Cassie Davison, Licensee of The Gate Hangs Well, Leicestershire, who gave oral evidence to the inquiry, added: ‘I’m sure many thousands of licensees across the country are joining me in urging the Government to act swiftly on this report’s findings. Too many of us have accepted our business rates as being a necessary

“In order to safeguard jobs and businesses, and to support a fully recovered and thriving hospitality sector, business rates must be reformed, with a fairer system that does not disproportionately penalise businesses that bring people together and create jobs. There must also be a fully functioning infrastructure to ensure that valuations are accurate and that appeals are accessible. “More widely, the pubs and hospitality sector needs a fairer tax system. These businesses, when compared to other sectors, are significantly overtaxed, which stifles investment, growth and jobs creation.” Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association said: “The current business rates system places disproportionate burden on pubs and brewers which is stifling their recovery and return to sustainable growth. Reform is needed to create a fair system which accounts for how the economy functions in the modern day. “We welcome this timely report from the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group following our submission to its inquiry, and hope its recommendations are seriously considered by the Chancellor ahead of this week’s Spring Statement. Pubs and brewers are at the heart of our communities and will help to foster social cohesion as we reconnect and recover from the pandemic, and so now it is critical that our sector receives the support it needs so we can deliver jobs and additional economic value across the UK, to ensure the entire country is levelled up."

Combatting Labour Shortages in Hospitality 16

CLH News

April/May 2022

By Tony De Graaf, Hiring Success Director EMEA, SmartRecruiters ( Job vacancies in the hospitality sector rose by almost 700% from November 2021 to January 2022 compared with the same period last year.

tions, particularly zero-hour contract positions that generally attract younger workers, are often bombarded with applications. Due to the sheer volume of candidates, hiring managers don’t always have the time to provide reasons as to why the applicant was or wasn’t hired.

With current estimates putting the number of empty job roles at 178,000, there is clearly an issue with recruiting and retaining skilled and motivated workers. When businesses struggle to hire and keep staff on, alarm bells begin to ring. Is it company culture? Is the employer not investing in the development of its staff? Or is the recruitment process not optimised for both the candidate and recruiter?

Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process, hiring teams can filter applications and in turn surface only the most suitable candidates for the job with algorithms that flag specific traits and qualifications. With filtering done at such speed, establishments can begin interviewing as quickly as possible and fill their vacancies at a faster rate. During peak seasons such as summer and Christmas, this increase in efficiency is particularly important.

ATTRACTING AND ENGAGING PROSPECTIVE TALENT The fact is that there isn’t a shortage of workers, it’s a shortage of those feeling engaged with the sector. The retail and hospitality industries are renowned for being high turnover sectors, highlighting the need for businesses to rethink their approach to hiring into a process that shows applicants they are valued, and the business is grateful for their application. This involves an investment of time from the recruiter to provide individual feedback and efficient communication. Unfortunately, due to the time needed to complete this and provide a positive experience to candidates, many processes fail to engage applicants. Creating an engaging experience early on is key to building relationships with applicants and is more likely to end with employees staying loyal for years after they apply. Nurturing this relationship early on is key and will make your establishment stand out amongst competitors. A good candidate experience will then be shared by an applicant throughout their network – friends, family and even social media. With prospective talent dotted throughout the internet, social media posts about bad encounters will cause the best candidates to avoid hospitality establishments with a reputation for poor hiring processes. Furthermore, when building a reputation in the hospitality sector, positive employee feedback will feed into potential customers, particularly in local businesses. Investing in a strong and engaging application and recruitment process will ensure positive employee experiences, boosting the level of applications and improving the likelihood of staff retention.

SURFACING THE MOST SUITABLE CANDIDATES Once a relationship with an applicant is started, open and direct communication is a must. Hospitality posi-

As well as surfacing the most suitable candidates at the first stages of the application process, AI recruitment can help with future applications. Rather than disregarding previous unsuccessful applicants who were still qualified for the job, organisations can store these profiles, creating a wider talent pool to select from during peak seasons or when company expansion occurs. Recalling these candidates further down the line for new positions saves time for recruiters finding the right talent whilst also keeping candidates engaged. Demonstrating that their application was taken seriously allows for a relationship to be continued and increases the likelihood they will accept a position in the future.

BOOSTING EMPLOYEE RETENTION RATES The experience doesn’t just stop at accepting a role, though. Employees must continue to feel valued throughout their employment if businesses want to keep their staff. If the engagement from the employer is superficial, employees will see through it and find an establishment that values them and their work. When an employee can see the value they bring to the business, and investment in their development is shown, they are more likely to stay. Using AI driven software can enable employees to be hired into the jobs that suit them from a skills and company culture level, providing them with the right place to progress. This not only increases confidence in the employee, but also drives productivity levels up due to people enjoying their jobs and the people around them.

ENGAGED EMPLOYEES = BETTER VALUE Job vacancies are riddling the hospitality space, causing business leaders to panic about how to hire the best talent. However, this process shouldn’t be anxiety ridden. Many small hospitality businesses don’t have the manpower to sieve through hundreds of applications and are instead focusing on giving their customers the best experience. By introducing AI into the recruitment process, those responsible for hiring within the business can balance their focus on the candidate and their customers, keeping both sides engaged. It also haves time, allowing them to focus more on selecting the most suitable talent whilst also providing a rewarding experience for candidates. This will increase employee retention levels with happy and well-placed employees whilst also boosting establishment reputation, leading them to pass on this positive experience to customers.

Still time for Pubs to Get Involved in PubAid’s World’s Biggest Pub Quiz Publicans are being encouraged to host a quiz during the main week from 9 to 15 May, anytime in May or in the first week of June to coincide with the the long weekend of Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

If publicans are hosting their quiz with Kwizzbit, they can sign up any time to take part or if they want to receive a printed pack they have until 22 April. If signing up after this date they’ll receive a pack digitally to print themselves.

More than 700 pubs have now been signed up to the quiz, with organisers PubAid, a group which helps to promote UK pubs as a force for good in their communities, confident this year’s event will hit an all-time high in pub participation and money raised for charities including Shelter, this year’s quiz partner.

PubAid co-founder Des O’Flanagan said: “The quiz is completely free for pubs to run, offers customers a fun evening and raises huge sums for many charities, including Shelter. We are looking forward to the most successful ever quiz in May!”


A number of pub companies are also supporting the quiz and encouraging their publicans to participate including Admiral Taverns, Ember Inns, Everards, Fuller, Smith & Turner, Greene King, Hall & Woodhouse, Marston’s, Punch Pubs, Robinsons, Shepherd Neame, St Austell Brewery, Star Pubs & Bars, Stonegate, Trust Inns and Wells & Co. Individual pubs are also signing up in significant numbers.

Homeless charity Shelter was chosen as the quiz’s new partner following the Covid lockdown. Currently, 91 families become homeless every day in England. Money raised in the Quiz will help Shelter give information, advice and support to those facing homelessness. Pubs are encouraged to host the quiz in aid of Shelter, but have the freedom to support another charity, or divide funds raised between Shelter and a cause closer to home.



All pubs signing up to host a quiz will receive a free fundraising pack including posters and social media assets, to help them host a quiz that brings customers into their pub for a fun-filled evening that raises money for a worthy cause. Pubs can register or find out more at the quiz website here:

OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY QUIZ DIGITALLY For the first time, PubAid is working with online quiz platform Kwizzbit, which allows publicans to host a traditional, fun pub quiz on their smartphone, with technology making it easier to run and offering features that make it more engaging for customers and drive greater footfall into the pub.

Chris Jowsey, CEO at Admiral Taverns, said: “We’re encouraging all our licensees to get involved in the World’s Biggest Pub Quiz, which is a fantastic opportunity to hold an event that brings the community together and raises money for charity.” The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz was launched in 2016 and has raised a total of £750,000 for hundreds of charities. Pub is The Hub is part of PubAid’s steering group, working to help spread the positive messages about pubs’ role at the heart of their local areas.

The King Lud, Isle of Wight, ‘Sleep Rough’ to Raise Money for Veterans Hub The King Lud, Isle of Wight has raised £600 for The Veterans Hub Isle of Wight Community Interest Company, supporting veterans who may be homeless and find themselves sleeping on the street. The pub raised this money through a sponsored rough sleep. On the night, the operator of the pub, Ben Reid was joined by a former veteran and another local man who had been sleeping rough in the past and believed in the cause, and they slept outside. The three men laid cardboard down on the pavement in front of the pub at 11pm and slept there until 7am. During the night, they were subjected to heavy rain and other elements. The funds raised were presented to Dale Hillier, CEO and Founding Director of the local Veterans Hub. Ben Reid, the operator of the King Lud, said: “I am very proud of this fundraiser, as this is a matter that needs to be addressed more. I am humbled that we managed to raise that amount of money for our local Veterans hub. I am very thankful to all those who

believe in this cause and to the people who joined me on this sponsored rough sleep. We had the chance to experience how touch sleeping outside is for those people, especially when it’s raining and there is water everywhere.” The pub is planning to have another rough sleep at the end of this year to continue its fundraising for this important cause.

Hospitality: A Fresh Perspective On Safety 18

CLH News

April/May 2022


Environmental Health Officer believed that the accident was completely avoidable as the company had failed to maintain a safe system of work or to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks associated with slipping within the kitchen.

For many businesses, it’s no small achievement simply to be reopening the doors after a prolonged series of lockdowns, restrictions, and general anxiety around going out.

McDonalds are another high-profile example. A drive-through meal is always tempting, but at their West Thurrock restaurant the signs for directing traffic were unclear. Management sent a 17-year-old employee outside to direct customers, despite him having no training in directing and controlling traffic.

The pandemic has seen significant change, with experienced workers leaving hospitality for other sectors, and employers finding it difficult to replace them. Figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest that hospitality businesses are more than twice as likely as other industries to struggle filling vacancies. That said, the hospitality industry is still the third biggest employment sector in the UK. Many new recruits are inexperienced and new to the industry, which can leave them vulnerable to common hazards, such as slips and trips, fires, and manual handling. Customers are another key focus, with businesses needing to re-establish trust with a population that’s been conditioned to stay away from crowded places over the last two years. Many venues have banked on their good safety record as a way of enticing custom back inside. It’s a smart strategy, but health and safety doesn’t begin and end with COVID-19. The outdoor spaces that were vital to keeping venues compliant with restrictions now have to consider how they impact safety. If you’ve invested in permanent outdoor facilities with outdoor heaters, have you updated your fire risk assessment to incorporate this new source of ignition? What about the slip and trip hazards presented by these new physical structures? Safety management has to be looked at from all angles.

WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO ADDRESS HEALTH AND SAFETY RIGHT NOW? As people return to socialising and spending money on nights out, hospitality is in a precarious position. On the one hand, any boost in custom is welcome after two years of closures and restrictions. There’s clearly a strong appetite with public confidence around visiting pubs, bars, and restaurants double where it was in early 2021. On the other hand, customers are now more conscious of hygiene and infection than ever, shining a safety spotlight wherever they go. Social media - a vital tool for promotion in the industry - can also be used to document bad practice to a worldwide audience. Add in the widespread staff shortages, and safety compliance can look unattainable and unaffordable for many. The danger comes when businesses see safety as an acceptable area in which to cut corners or cost. Any intake of new employees should mean investment in training. Lack of experience, lack of familiarity with the work environment and inability to spot common hazards makes new starters far more vulnerable.

MANY DON’T EVEN CUT THESE CORNERS ON PURPOSE. Recent cases for the hospitality industry highlight how small and large companies who do not follow health and safety procedures put workers at risk. A 16-year-old girl was employed at a fast-food outlet to cook fries in a fryer. The young worker slipped on water that was leaking from an ice-making machine and instinctively put out her hand to break her fall. Unfortunately her hand went into the deep fat fryer containing oil at a temperature of 360°F and she sustained severe burns to her left hand and forearm. The outlet was short staffed on the day of accident and the Team Leader was working on the tills instead of monitoring workplace safety. Although the company policy was to mop up spillages it was common practice to leave spillages at busy times and cover them with a sheet of cardboard, which itself can create a tripping hazard. At busy times it was usual to give greater priority to serving customers than to cleaning spillages. The local authority prosecuted the company and on successful conviction the magistrates imposed a total fine of £15000. The investigating

A motorist became aggressive and drove into the employee, fracturing his knee. It was later discovered that two other employees had been injured directing traffic at the same location. McDonalds’ safety procedures themselves were not in question, but they failed to train their employees on what those procedures were. They were fined £200,000 for failing to provide information, instruction, training, and supervision to employees. McDonalds failed to recognise that new starters are at higher risk than everyone else in the workplace. You’re far more likely to have an accident in your first six months than during the whole of the rest of your working life. That’s why it’s vital to make sure that new starters and young persons (16-18-year-olds) entering your workforce have the proper training to stay safe at work.

HOW CAN YOU REDUCE RISK IN THE WORKPLACE? Every venue that offers food should take a good look at their fire risk assessment. This is a ‘must’, not a ‘should’. Check that it’s up-to-date and carried out by a competent person. Most fires are avoidable, and your fire risk assessment should give you a detailed, tailored look at what measures are suitable for your premises. Kitchens are at higher risk than most businesses, as they use gas, naked flames, and flammable substances like cooking oil. This means staff must have good fire awareness and understand all emergency procedures. You don’t have to empty out the restaurant to carry out a drill; schedule it before opening, so that staff can familiarise themselves with escape routes and raise any concerns. Running at capacity often means everyone is in a hurry. This is when slips, trips and falls happen. Kitchen and waiting staff are especially at risk, with food spillages, wet floors, and trip hazards aplenty. Manage kitchen safety with a good housekeeping regime, appropriate footwear, and good lighting. Food spillages can be a double risk – there’s the actual food itself, and then the wet or greasy floor after mopping it up. Consider a two-stage mopping process. First, mix the detergent to the correct amount with hot water, then leave it for a minute or so on the floor before mopping up. This will be much more effective at removing grease than simply mopping the spillage immediately. Checking everyone wears suitable footwear can take up valuable time. Look into slip-resistant overshoes. These are a great, low-cost solution for kitchens with smooth flooring (typically found in older facilities), and for those kitchens where slip accidents have occurred before. The key to any control measure’s effectiveness is how well you train your employees to carry it out. Protect new starters with six steps: • Assess their capability – what experience do they have? How familiar are they with a fast-paced working environment? • Set up an induction – use plain, simple language and show them where hazards exist in your workplace with a walkaround tour. • Keep your control measures up to date and involve employees in discussions about risk. • Provide information, instruction, and training about risks they may be exposed to, and how they can avoid those risks. • Supervise new starters and make allowances for common mistakes by providing a safe space, where questions can be asked, and concerns can be raised. • Check their understanding of the training, and that new starters continue to work safely and know who to go to with concerns about health and safety. Your workforce might well be freshly delivered or finely matured. Either way, they’re all facing the same challenges, serving the same tables, and have the same responsibility for safety. Eleanor Roosevelt never did venture into health and safety management. Still, she taught one of the most important lessons for hospitality right now: _“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.”_

Under Pressure Hospitality Workers Want More Flexibility and Appreciation

Front-line teams in hospitality are feeling under increased pressure as the sector emerges from the COVID pandemic, with industry staff shortages a major contributor. As a result, many workers have become less satisfied with their jobs with nearly half (45%) saying their employment is less appealing now than it was previously. The findings come in a new survey-based report, Transforming The Employee Experience In Hospitality, from employee experience platform Harri and data and insight consultancy CGA. The survey also shows that teams would welcome more and better implemented technology in the workplace, with digital clocking-in and out, smart scheduling and shift management highlighted as areas that technology could help improve their work experience the most. Unsociable hours (cited by 54%), increased workload (49%) and pay not matching the job (47%) were the top reasons given by employees to explain current staff shortages. While some workers say they lack appreciation, nevertheless, the

report reveals that 61% of hospitality employees remain satisfied in their current roles, enjoying more flexibility (54%) and greater appreciation (42%). Those that saw their jobs as less appealing highlighted insufficient pay rises (72%), a lack of appreciation from their employers (53%) and a decrease in tips (34%) as key reasons. When considering accepting a job, pay (stated by 63%) and flexibility (49%) were the main deciding factors, the survey found. Almost all those surveyed agreed that employers could make better use of technology to improve their work experience, with nine out of 10 saying technology needed to improve within the workplace and 38% believing technology was more important to their role than it was pre COVID. Overall, employees see staff shortages, mentioned by 58%, as the biggest challenge in hospitality now, followed by unsociable hours (51%) and inexperienced staff (37%). “Employers can’t do a great deal to fix some of the employees’ challenges mentioned, such as unreasonable guest demands, but it is possible to tackle other bugbears like ineffective communication, lack of flexibility and pressure from managers. By addressing these, businesses

can make a significant difference to retention rates,” commented Pete Willis, Harri’s commercial director UK & EMEA. “Now is the time to repay employees; the industry has taken a massive hit and one of the biggest priorities is to improve their work life; give them the right technology to elevate their employee experience and help them achieve the work-life balance they need through efficient shift management and payroll functionality,” he added. Karl Chessell, CGA’s director, hospitality operators & food, EMEA, commented: “This research provides fascinating intelligence about the attitudes of current and potential staff, and emphasises how COVID-19 has made them think much more about wellbeing, flexibility and longterm career paths. It also highlights the crucial role of technology in keeping staff closely engaged with their businesses and colleagues. It’s abundantly clear that as hospitality builds back and battles some fierce headwinds, businesses that can deliver good experiences for their employees will have a huge advantage.”

Bouncing Back 20

CLH News

April/May 2022

Henry Page is a partner and Louis Byrne is Corporate Restructuring Manger at Mercer & Hole. Henry can be contacted at

or in the future to meet those different needs is essential.

The forthcoming government inquiry into the effect of Covid restrictions on the hospitality industry has already been criticised by a number of industry leaders for its terms of reference not going far enough.

There are a number of financial considerations (the basics) which it is important to remember.

For many businesses in the sector, the complete closure, partial openings, tiers with different restrictions and the numerous other measures that were expected of them during the pandemic, has left them still dealing with a legacy of debt and working out how to rebuild their business and recover for the future.

• Cash is key. Directors should be utilising real time cashflow projections to assess the pressure points and potential funding gaps. • Look at where there is the cash in the business that can be accessed quickly. For example, are stock levels appropriate or can they be reduced. Can payment terms with suppliers be extended? • Look at whether there are assets that the business can sell to release cash and if necessary replace on a lease basis to help

The numbers are quite simply staggering for the sector. UK Hospitality has over the last two years gone from £130bn economic activity to £115bn lost sales, 660,000 lost jobs and 8,000 fewer licensed premises. And there are still substantial pressures on the industry including the increase in the National Living Wage and NIC contributions, spiralling inflation adversely affecting supplier and energy costs, hospitality VAT reverting back to 20% and the repayment of CBILS/BBLS kicking in. So, what is the best way for the sector and businesses of all sizes to rebuild and recover? Firstly, remember the positives. It is estimated there will be approximately 123 million overnight domestic trips in the UK this year, a 23% year on year increase on 2021. People will need food, drink and entertainment to fill their leisure time, but remember that their expectations and requirements may have changed over the last two years. People have been more used to cooking at home, trading up on the quality of food and drinks, more interested in supporting seasonal produce and local producers and people are also living and working in a different way. Many people have yet to make a full return to the workplace and some never will, with more hybrid working arrangements in place. And naturally some people are still more cautious about future variants of Covid and are therefore being more selective about where they socialise. Covid 19 has changed consumer behaviour so understanding how your customers have changed and therefore how your business needs to change now

cash flow. • Our experience has shown that landlords may still be willing to “share the pain” by deferring rent payments, reducing rent or moving to a turnover based rent. Consider discussions with the landlord if appropriate. • Ask yourself if you still need the same level of commercial space • Has the business considered seeking assistance from HMRC such as a Time To Pay arrangement? • If the financial issues of the business are more structural then consider seeking to refinance if possible or bring in equity funding through a share issue or partial disposal of shares to a third party investor. • It is important if the longer-term prospects are looking uncertain to seek professional advice early, to ensure the directors are complying with their duties and maintain value which may enable a business sale. • There are also debtor in possession insolvency protections available such as a moratorium, restructuring plan or Company Voluntary Arrangement, or otherwise through the constructive use of insolvency process to protect and restructure a business or ultimately realise assets whether through a business sale or otherwise. Certainly the sector has changed enormously over the last two years and will continue to do so. If you keep the financial basics under review, that will alert you to any immediate financial threats your business faces and help ensure ongoing success.

Stella Artois Launches “Stella Please” Nationally, Promoting Kindness And Respect Towards Hospitality Staff Stella Artois, a proud part of Budweiser Brewing Group, has announced the national launch of “Stella Please.” Over the coming months, every time someone says “please” when ordering a pint of the nation's favourite Stella Artois[1], we will say “thank you” and donate 10p up to the value of £150,000 to Hospitality Action. This is the latest campaign designed to help rebuild On-Trade business and encourage kindness and respect towards hospitality staff following the pandemic.

the UK to react to the pandemic, and quickly deployed a range of

Pubs, bars, and restaurants in the UK have been some of the hardest hit industries over the last two years, with 10,000 venues closed permanently and billions lost in takings. Action is needed now more than ever before with 77% of hospitality workers concerned about job security resulting in nearly 1-in-3 of hospitality workers exploring opportunities in other industries or return to education[2]. Stella Artois aims to support and empower staff to stay and continue to serve as the beating hearts of the industry.

be working with Stella Artois to provide three hundred £500 food and

emergency measures including financial assistance, outreach and increased mental health service provision. As the situation evolves in 2022, they continue to adapt their offering and provide innovative, timely and practical ways to support the industry. “In our 185th year of supporting the industry, we’re happy to again fuel vouchers to hospitality families who continue to be the industry’s lifeline,” shares Jeremy Gibson, Marketing Director of Hospitality Action. “Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve granted £2.5 million to more than 7,500 different hospitality households and we will continue to do so as long as relief is needed.” Join us in saying, “Stella Please,” at participating pubs and share your

“We understand, in addition to the devastation of the pandemic, publicans are facing ongoing concerns with the rising cost of goods and challenges finding staff. ‘Stella Please’ is our way to support our OnTrade partners,” says Jean-David Thumelaire, On-Trade Sales Director. “With Stella Artois being the number one lager brand of choice for UK consumers, we recognise the demand for the beer and want to use it to help spread kindness and assistance for our On-Trade family.”

2020. Throughout this period, the brand launched “Save Pub Life,” an initiative to encourage communities to purchase gift cards to support their local pubs after the Covid closure, raising a total of £1.5 million for local pubs. In 2021, Stella Artois promoted “Stella Tips,” a campaign to provide bar staff with much-needed financial support over the period of closure, donating £500,000 to staff.

The campaign follows a series of Budweiser Brewing Group efforts to support the On-Trade, since Covid-19 shut the industry in March

These donations were made possible through continued work with Hospitality Action. They are one of the first grant-making charities in

experience on social by tagging #StellaPlease, @StellaArtois and @HospitalityAction. Participating pubs will be eligible to win a variety of prizes including: JDW vouchers, high street vouchers, Stella Artois stock, Premier League football tickets, and more. For additional information and to sign up to receive a #StellaPlease kit, please visit: and

Food Waste Dryer Slashes Waste Disposal Costs The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer is taking the country by storm, saving catering and hospitality owners up to 80% in food waste disposal costs. With macerators and disposal units banned in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it’s only a matter of time before they’re illegal in England too. And putting smelly food waste in wheelie bins is a health hazard attracting vermin and pests, particularly in warm weather. The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer is already in hotels, hospitals and restaurants solving these problems. Each unit extracts the water from food waste overnight, leaving a dry powder, only 20% of it’s former weight and volume. The result is an 80% saving in disposal costs, no smelly wheelie bins

and no blocked drains. There are seven models from 20kg to 350kg daily capacity so even small premises can benefit from the technology as the smallest unit is about the size of a small fridge. It is a ‘plug and play’ solution: you just need a power socket and a nearby sink drain for the extracted water to drain off. “This really is the future of food waste disposal. The dry powder is collected for recycling so no food waste goes to landfill. Not to mention the substantial savings from disposal” said David Boyd from Eco-Smart. For more information and a brochure go to or call 01522 692888

Colour Psychology: What The Colour of Your Restaurant Means 22

CLH News

April/May 2022

By Alliance Online (

it makes sense to advertise that to potential customers with a green colour scheme.

As a restaurant owner you'll no doubt have put a serious amount of time, energy, and money into the interior design of your establishment. But what does the colour of your restaurant mean? And, more importantly, how does it make your customers feel?

Another great thing about green is that there are so many shades to choose from, from bold emerald to pale mint, olive, and seafoam — though it's best to stay away from 'sickly' yellow greens that might remind people of illness. Plants, living walls, and herb gardens are a particularly safe way to bring green into your establishment, especially for vegan or eco-friendly restaurants.

Colour psychology is the study of how colours can affect people, and the different subconscious associations we have with each shade and tone. So, hospitality and catering suppliers Alliance Online have looked into colour psychology to determine what the colour of your restaurant may be telling your patrons about your business.


RED Red is perhaps the most stimulating colour you could choose to decorate your restaurant with. It is very eye-catching, and it is often associated with physical energy and alertness — which is probably why it is so often used in fast food and takeaway branding. However, there are romantic connotations to the colour red, too, which make it the ideal option for cosy dining rooms, and it is also the colour most associated with stimulating appetite. So, in many ways, it is the perfect choice for restaurants! The downside to using red in your interior design is that too much of it can sometimes lead to subconscious feelings of aggression, so it's best used as an accent colour rather than your primary shade.

ORANGE Orange is a colour that is said to encourage teamwork and openness, so if you're looking to create an atmosphere of friendliness among your staff and customers, this is the right colour for you. It's best used in tapas or small plates restaurants, or simply those with a more laid-back feel. Warm and joyful, it can invoke feelings of sociability and encourage conversations in your restaurant, so it's more suited to a room with dining tables than fast-food counters. However, as orange contains the colour red, it could similarly be perceived as overwhelming to some people if overused.


Blue is an extremely popular colour in interior design as it promotes rest and calm, making you feel safe and even sleepy in the right circumstances. As a result, restaurants tend to shy away from it and choose more upbeat, stimulating colours instead. This is probably for the best, as it has also shown potential to be an appetite suppressant. Yellow is said to stimulate serotonin (the 'happy' hormone) in our brains, so it's a great colour for fun restaurants such as burger bars or family-style eateries. Use yellow wherever you want to promote cheeriness and laughter — if you specialise in fine dining, you can opt for a pale yellow to provide an upbeat atmosphere while keeping your design sophisticated. As with red, there is a downside to doubling down on yellow décor. Studies have shown that too much yellow could have almost the opposite of the desired effect, including hyperactivity and becoming overly emotional. So, you might want to consider a yellow feature wall rather than painting all the walls of your restaurant, or to try decorating with yellow accents.

GREEN Green is a colour of harmony, neutrality, and balance, so it's always been considered a safe option to decorate a restaurant with. However, more recently, it has even more potential to be beneficial for your business. Healthy eating, veganism, and sustainability are more on trend now than they have ever been, so if your restaurant ticks any of those boxes,

That's not to say that blue should never find its way into restaurant décor, however. If you want to create the kind of establishment where people go to unwind and relax, it can help relieve their stress and evoke feelings of trust — perfect for encouraging repeat custom. A bright, fresh blue can also remind people of being on holiday as it is reminiscent of the sea and clear, sunny skies, so if you've chosen blue for your restaurant, you shouldn't necessarily reconsider you decision. "It's interesting to know that you can use colour schemes to influence the way people perceive and respond to your hospitality business. When decorating, think about the USP of your restaurant and the mood you want to create, then choose colours that reflect those. "Your brand colours should be a jumping off point to ensure consistent branding — but remember that each colour can also have a negative association when overused. Bold colours, such as red, may be better off incorporated as accent colours. "Opportunities to include accent colours include feature walls, artwork, and furniture, but also your crockery, cutlery, and napkins can be used to provoke the mood you want to."

Beat the Blues by Bringing in the Jazz! Whether you own a pub, bar, café or restaurant it’s important your business reflects the positive atmosphere you want your customers to experience. That’s why playing music, particularly upbeat songs and other well-known tracks, could help to create an upbeat, happy environment and potentially relieve stress for your staff. It could help to provide an added burst of energy throughout the day and improve concentration and focus, especially during long hours and repetitive tasks. Playing music that suits a style or a certain occasion, in your venue, could help to create the right feel, whilst distinguishing your brand and helping to make it stand out. It could also help to promote customer loyalty and ensure the experience is both unique and memorable for customers.

Rachael Kiss, Marketing & Online Manager at Alliance Online

You may want to create a lively environment during the evenings as opposed to perhaps a more relaxed and calming space during the day, or how you might want to reflect a certain theme at events or other occasions. Whatever the situation, the right music can help to create a unique and appealing space and can even influence consumer behaviour. Music can be an important part of day-to-day life for many people, particularly during their leisure time, which is why something could seem lacking without it in a hospitality environment. For more information on the benefits of music and TheMusicLicence contact us today on 0800 0868 803 |

Raise the Bar of Your In-Venue Entertainment with NSM's Hottest Jukeboxes Leeds Based Jukebox Manufacturer NSM Music has a rich heritage of pioneering jukeboxes using the state of the art technologies for over 70 years, for customers across 5 continents. Whether it’s licensed music content, Video’s or the latest technological hardware, NSM Music prides itself as a one stop shop music solution with fantastic technical support and after sales.

• On Screen Visual Advertising • Contactless payments. • Online connection gives customers the use of both NSM Apps, daily music updates, the Official Big Top 40 and access to our entire music library. A key area when developing our jukeboxes user interface is to make it simple and easy to use, this way the customer doesn’t get frustrated and walk away and instead feels comfortable and takes pleasure from interacting with the jukebox.

• How has ‘NSMMusic App’ affected business? Any increase in attendance and/or footfall?

• Tell us more about your interCustomers just love jukeboxes, many of times Licensee tell us how the active digital jukeboxes. How do jukebox keeps their customers in their venue longer which increases wet they affect customer experisales. ence? The app has been an amazing addition to our jukeboxes. NSM’S Alex It’s no fluke that NSM has been manufacturing jukeboxes for over 70 years. All NSM products have been developed off the back of customer and operator feedback, We believe we have something for everyone, for example;

• All our jukeboxes have the option to be an audio or audio/video jukebox and can be changed at a press of a button.

Kirby explains, the “NSMMusic” App is for customers to browse the jukebox, buy credits and make selections, all without having to leave their seat, It’s certainly a great facility for shy customers. Customer simply download the app from the Google or App Store, create an account, then your all set. Once logged in you can buy credits via Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Debit Card or Credit Card. We have also a second app called “Co-Pilot”, Co-Pilot is an app which

was developed so operators can manage their jukeboxes remotely, for example; Operators or location staff can use Co-Pilot on their phones to pause, reject, change the volume up and down or even reboot the jukebox. They can also use the app to create and schedule adverts by choosing from one thousands of our predefined templates and adding their own text, they can even create ads by using their own photos from their phone. Other Co-Pilot uses are as follows; • Check Jukebox Internet Connections – know which devices are in an error state, haven’t connected to the NSM network recently, or need to be tended to immediately • Access Location Details and Controls – view and manage all jukeboxes including money collections. • Receive Jukebox Notifications – get alerts for power downs, overheating & door opens Over the next few years we will continue to develop this powerful tool and add many new exciting features including Back Ground Music Control. Tel: +44 0113 2713 708 Email:


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April/May 2022

Food Safety

Hygiene Demands by Consumers Serve as Wake-up Call Blake Gladman, Strategy & Insights Director at KAM said: “COVID-19 has catapulted hygiene to the top of consumers’ minds. It’s now an absolutely key consideration when deciding which venues to visit and where to avoid. This heightened awareness means that consumers are more ‘ratings aware’ and also incredibly unforgiving when standards fall; if a venue falls short of a customer’s hygiene expectations just once they risk losing that customer for good. Venues simply will not prosper if they fail to get the fundamentals right and meet the increased expectations of consumers on food hygiene and cleanliness.”

Hospitality operators who fail to maintain high food hygiene standards and cleanliness post-Covid have been warned they risk their businesses as consumers are less likely to give them a second chance. The ‘one-strike and you’re out’ wake-up call follows new research from Food Alert and KAM Media into how people’s attitudes have changed since COVID-19 when deciding where to go out for a drink or meal or order food for delivery. In their survey, nearly two in three consumers agreed that hospitality hygiene standards had become more important since the pandemic and 69% wanted to see hand sanitising stations become a permanent feature. More than half also wanted hospitality venues to continue to have extreme hygiene measures evident, displayed, and transparent. The top five considerations for choosing a venue were ranked as food quality, prices, cleanliness of venue, range of food and the Food Hygiene Rating (FHR). The FHR was third in importance when choosing a restaurant for a food delivery. Food Hygiene Ratings should be visible in venues, said respondents, with 4 being the minimum standard that was considered acceptable, but with newly opened venues the majority expected a rating of 5. Some 49% of consumers had a ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy when it came to bad hygiene standards. Consumers wrongly believed that venues were inspected for food hygiene standards every six weeks on average, yet the reality is that even annual inspections are being delayed.

Food Alert operations director Mike Williams said: “As we emerge from the pandemic it’s clear that consumer hygiene awareness has heightened and shows no sign of waning. Those venues that can prove they operate the highest levels of hygiene and food safety will be the ones to win trust and enjoy strong relationships with their customers and build sustainable businesses going forward. “Our research shows that FHRs are decision makers – or breakers – for consumers and getting the scores on the door can be the difference between business success and failure.”

It was particularly relevant to the 18-34 year-old age group where they were 42% more likely to check Food Hygiene Ratings when visiting a hospitality venue than those in the 34-plus category. They were 84% more likely to check FHRs when ordering for delivery than those over 34 and they expected hospitality venues to be inspected more than twice as frequently as older consumers. With this generation more likely to be ‘rating aware’ across various channels, from customer reviews to rating specific dishes, it gave venues an opportunity to use positive FHR scores to drive footfall. When ordering online, from Deliveroo and Just Eat for example, the FHR was more likely to be used as a sorting factor for venues above range of food and drink, delivery times and images of the food. The independent research commissioned by Food Alert has been published in a white paper, Hygiene Matters – one strike and you’re out download at

How Label Printers Keep Food Safety Standards High and Compliant Aaron Hopkinson, product and solutions manager for labelling at Brother UK, explains how technology is helping caterers and hospitality businesses to keep food safety standards high, while allowing kitchens to comply with new legislation.

Brother has delivered tailored solutions for the food service and hospitality sectors for many years. Our label printers make it easy to create labels for compliant allergen content, ingredients, barcodes, branding, pricing and expiry dates quickly and accurately, using thermal print technology without the need for inks or toners.

In October of 2021, the UK government changed the law surrounding how food allergens need to be labelled in certain instances for customers, meaning many caterers have had to adapt the way they do business.

More kitchens are adopting labelling technology like our TD range following the introduction of Natasha’s Law. But it’s true that they have a broader role to play in food safety.

Natasha’s Law requires that pre-packaged for direct sale (PPDS) food be clearly labelled with information on all potential allergens present and made to stand out so a customer can tell at a glance what they’re about to eat. Businesses that fail to comply risk a £5,000 fine, alongside the reputational damage that a serious allergen incident could create.

Portable label printers like the ones offered in Brother’s TD line of printers offer hyper-fast connectivity through a wireless platform without any extra clutter around the machine - perfect for food prep environments.

In research we conducted in 2020, around 90% of businesses were still handwriting 'day-dot' labels as part of their stock rotation. This involves manually recording open dates and discard dates on colour-coded labels, with each colour denoting a day of the week to signal when it must be used by. It’s a process prone to human error, where an efficient labelling solution can reduce the likeliness of mistakes involved with monitoring food and keeping consumers safe. We’ve partnered with Nutritics, providing third party software to enhance user interfaces, making use of Nutritics database of more than 750,000 ingredients to manage recipe and menu information – helping staff to easily manage stock rotation and day-dot labelling. Learn more about how labelling technology can be used to boost food safety standards here:

Making every kWh count Our customers are faced with rising operational costs, particularly those in highly energy intensive industries that carry industrial refrigeration requirements.

will experience fluctuations in refrigeration use in line with their food and drink delivery schedules.

A typical commercial refrigerator uses around 70kWh a day, which for catering companies amounts to approximately 40% of the electricity typically consumed across all key appliances. It is easy to see just how much financial pressure is facing these businesses when the price of what is already their biggest overhead is growing exponentially.

There are some simple steps firms can take to boost energy efficiency performance in and around these flux periods. Let’s start by looking at times when demand for refrigeration is low. Here, a common example in recent times would be catering operations in buildings where occupation is lower than usual in light of increased home working.

These firms, like many others, are facing a huge problem. They are confronted with a dilemma of pursuing efficiencies to remain competitive and secure customers or passing on higher costs to clients which could result in losses in business.

Here, catering staff should re-evaluate their stock and delivery patterns to avoid unnecessarily full fridges, a move which will also cut down on waste and prevent food from spoiling. In some cases, refrigeration units may be able to be switched off entirely.

While efficiencies in many cases unfortunately translate into job losses and redundancies, it also means becoming savvier when it comes to energy consumption. Many are already headed down that path for sustainability purposes, but now energy efficiency has become an imperative simply in order to survive.

At the other end of the scale, there are times when demand for refrigeration spikes. These can include workers returning to offices, hospitals experiencing influxes of patients during winter months, and schools when pupils return from holiday periods – situations where overfilling fridges becomes a realistic possibility.


Overfilled fridges consume more energy. To counter against this strain, caterers should utilise technological devices to measure and record temperature readings on a regular basis – we recommend at least every few hours.

A key area where efficiencies can be made is how firms deal with fluctuations in demand for refrigeration space. Caterers often operate through periods of high and low refrigeration usage. For instance, schools and universities will store far less food during holiday periods, while event caterers will also encounter busy and quieter periods throughout the year depending on their bookings – think festive season spikes versus quiet months such as January. Other companies, meanwhile,

This, in line with keeping an inventory of what produce needs what amount of refrigeration, should help to limit cases where critical limits are reached. What’s more, by monitoring air and core temperature, caterers will also be able to utilise early alert systems which will prompt them to take action before problems arise. Visit for further details.



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April/May 2022

this is evident in the success we’ve seen with cocktails since the sector reopened. There is a greater emphasis on sustainability and local/UK produce in the post Covid market, so the local nature of cider and sustainable credentials of home-grown ingredients should be communicated to consumers.”


The winter will be short, the summer long, The autumn amber-hued, sunny and hot, Tasting of cider and of scuppernong." ELINOR WYLIE

CIDER SALES SET TO SOAR AS SUMMER APPROACHES It will come as no surprise that the appeal of cider is broader than ever and is probably the drink sector’s fastest moving category. Keeping up with trends in cider can sometimes prove to be a challenge even for the most experienced of operators, particularly since these past two years have been rather tumultuous to say the least to the hospitality and on-trade.

which as any operator will testify, played a pivotal role in helping hospitality businesses survive during the past 2 years. John Gemmell, On Trade Category and Commercial Strategy Director at HEINEKEN UK says “Fuelled by the importance of outdoor space – 53% of people said they would be more likely to visit a pub with a beer garden, increasing to 67% among 25 to 34-year-olds – cider should absolutely have its day in the sun. Enjoying a crisp pint of apple cider or an over-ice flavoured cider in a pub garden will be a huge pull for customers returning to the on-trade.”

Cider has played a major role so far this year in driving sales in pubs bars and restaurants, not only with mainstream ciders, but also with the rise of fruit ciders and the increasing popularity of premium and craft ciders. Overall, cider is worth £2.32 billion (an increase of 11%) and in Cider an total UK purchased almost 667 d is now w Perr y million litres of cider in 2021. In o 2.32 billi rth the on trade 1.153 billion was on to the spent on cider.

on trade

Playing an enormous part in driving sales in the on-trade, the choice of cider available now is astonishingly varied. From mainstream apple ciders to the fruit ranges and the increasingly popular premium and craft ciders. According to the Westons Cider Report consumers continue to elevate their draft cider choice but share is moving from mainstream to premium brands. Prior to the pandemic mainstream category enjoyed 53.6% share of the total draft apple category however by January this year this had dropped to 52.2%. What is interesting is that crafted ciders are emerging as a strong category in the on trade with a vibrant mix of keg, back in the box, packaged, apple and fruit format. All, the report says, underpinned with authenticity, provenance, quality ingredients and craftsmanship.

OUTDOOR SPACES Strong sales in cider are traditionally driven by good weather and sports events, with warmer weather and the prospect of another booming “staycation” season, we may see “standing room only” in beer gardens,

• • • • • • • •

A sociable get-together Special celebration Family occasion Drink after work Out on the pull/chatting up Having a laugh Bonding with others Spending some me time

FIRST FOR THE CIDER INDUSTRY A first for the cider industry, the unique Thatchers Fusion Font embraces world leading innovation and pioneering technology to bring the choice of three infused premium fruit flavoured ciders to the bar in one single font. Dispensed to offer customers the perfect pint of Thatchers Cider, the 3 in 1 Fusion Font brings craft and innovation together for great tasting, premium infused cider.

So, with spring here and summer approaching, now is a good time for operators to focus on their cider offer.

Furthermore, a GGA strategy study revealed that one sixth of on trade guests consume cider, generating an average annual revenue of up to £16,000 per pub which is more than red, white and rosé wines combined.


With tap space becoming increasingly competitive, Thatchers Cider has unveiled its new 3 in 1 Fusion Font, now available to on-trade operators.

The good news is that on-premises drinks sales are, according to CGA’s latest Drinks Recovery Tracker currently hovering just below pre-pandemic levels, consumer confidence has risen to its highest level since pre-Covid, and surprisingly older age groups it would appear of gaining the most in confidence.

According to Weston Cider’s 2022 cider report 70% of average consumers in Britain currently feel very or quite confident about visiting pubs bars and restaurants, and the 55+ age group the number was 63%, in the 35-54 age group percent and in the 18-2 for group it was 74%.

United KingdomSouth AfricaUSA Australia Spain Canada Argentina France Ireland Germany

A Lumina intelligence pub market report in 2021 also highlighted the importance of outdoor spaces, identifying outdoor space as a major driver for the sector.

Thatchers Cloudy Lemon is one of the three ciders to feature on the Fusion Font, making its appearance in the on-trade for the first time. It is accompanied by Thatchers Dark Berry, and a new flavour, Thatchers Blood Orange. Prior to lockdown, the Thatchers Fusion Font was trialled in selected managed houses across the South West with Cloudy Lemon and Dark Berry flavours. Rob Sandall, Thatchers On-Trade Director says, “This is an amazing innovation that brings together the biggest flavour trends in food and drink to the bar in one font – including Thatchers Cloudy Lemon which has taken the off-trade by storm since its launch in spring 2020. There it has grown to become the No 4 fruit cider brand in a short space of time, and now we’re delighted to be bringing it to the on-trade for the first time on draught. “The Fusion Font also includes a brand new flavour, Thatchers Blood Orange, which is being launched into the take home trade this spring.” Rob offers this insight to operators: “With half of all fruit cider in the on-trade sold on draught, this pioneering technology with Fusion Font opens up brand new theatre to the bar, allowing operators to tap into fresh opportunities and offer drinkers exciting experiences, such as cider cocktails. “Customers will love the sensory experience of the Fusion Font, as the aroma of the freshly mixed infusion hits the glass. “Meeting consumer expectations at the bar in an engaging way is so important. Three flavours in one font, from one keg and through one cooled line, brings with it a significant reduction in the need for glass bottles, resulting in less packaging waste, meaning when your customers choose a cider from Thatchers Fusion Font, they are making a sustainable choice.” Currently 126 million litres of cider are served in the on-trade each year. 93 million litres are served as draught, and 39% is fruit cider. The Thatchers Fusion Font gives operators the chance to tap into this Draft important market, serving three represe cider nt new fruit flavoured ciders with of all c s 74% id the confidence they all come sold in er th with the quality of the Thatchers on trad e e name. “We believe this ground-breaking development will transform how cider is enjoyed, revolutionising the category,” concludes Rob.

Rob Sandall on trade director of Thatchers adds: ”It’s no secret that outdoor space played a huge role for pubs post lockdown and, despite the easing of restrictions it’s clear this trend is here to say. Cider has a reputation for being a drink for warmer weather, but it also has strong links to sport and social events all year round. Presenting a great opportunity not only to drive footfall but also increase spend as customers treat themselves more to premium choices”


SUSTAINABILITY AND HOME GROWN INGREDIENTS Chris Stirling, client director at CGA says, “It’s been clear the last 2 years have left some indelible marks on the trade. One strong trend that has been sped up is the use of technology and digitalisation in venues. 46% of consumers in CGA's July 2021 Pulse stated that they would prefer to use technology to book, order and pay. A second important trend is localisation, as 70% of consumers are planning to work from home more, combined with 80% of consumers initially planning to visit venues within 20 minutes of travelling. This will give urban and neighbourhood pubs opportunities to capitalise on those after work social occasions. “For cider, like a lot of categories, re-engaging with their customers will be crucial. We know the importance of the on trade in driving trial and creating brand loyalty, so looking to provide consumers with a premium experience with your brand will be important, as

One font, one line, three ciders.

With one font dispensing three ciders, from one keg and through one line, the 3 in 1 Fusion Font uses less cellar and bar space than three separate lines, meaning lower maintenance, less space and more choice. “This is world leading innovation – a first for Thatchers and a first for the industry. We’re introducing a unique dispense system that will add to consumer experience at the bar,” says Martin Thatcher, fourth generation at the independent Somerset cider maker. At the point of pour, the Thatchers Fusion Font infuses a micro measure of the selected fruit flavour into a pint of Thatchers premium apple cider, creating one of three freshly mixed ciders. As the cider is being dispensed through the Fusion Font it delivers a unique sensory experience of flavour and aroma. Drinkers get the same expertly crafted apple cider, with a freshly-mixed infusion hitting the glass as one.

Almost 40% of cider sales in the on trade with food, and while the majority of cider sales are wet led occasions there is a massive opportunity for food pairing and having cider with meals. Jennie Dorsey, the Cider Association‘s pairing philosophy spokesperson, says that the only truly important part of pairing is to remember that if you like it, it works! “With that being said, there cannot really be rules on what will automatically pair well. Both food and beverages will have many nuances that can ultimately make an undesirable pairing,” she says. “But don’t be scared, there are guidelines that will help point you in the right direction, and then there is the fun part of trying them out!” There are no rules when it comes to choosing which cider to go with a meal, but it can be useful to use these 3 guiding principles: 1. CUT: Use a cider that cleanses the palate, or helps to cut through richness 2. CONTRAST: Use a cider that provides an entirely different sensation to that offered by the food to create a balanced spectrum of flavours 3. COMPLEMENT: Use a cider that accentuates similar flavours in the food to bring them to the fore



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April/May 2022


4%. Made with traditional Somerset Redstreak apples, the cider is crisp and light with a notably refreshing fruity flavour that Sheppy’s is famed for. Lower ABV innovations are more important than ever to maintain volume growth and keep drinkers interested in cider, which is why Sheppy’s wanted its Redstreak to sit at 4% ABV. The lower ABV makes it perfect for long lazy days in the sun and for enjoying at festivals and summer social occasions.

INCREASING SALES Sheppy’s is passionate about being environmentally friendly and ensures that the entire production process from orchard to bottle has sustainability front of mind. Alongside the sustainable initiatives on the Sheppy’s farm, which sees tree cuttings turned into flooring for the children’s playground, and pumice used for cattle feed, the cidermaker’s bag in a box format is of particular note. Made of 75% corrugated cardboard, the bag in a box packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable and requires little water and energy to create. Set be a hero product as the UK heads towards the summer months, the often overlooked bag in a box format will likely be a popular choice at social gatherings this year thanks to its ability to serve large gatherings who may be congregating post-pandemic. As well as being a sustainable packaging option, bag in the box cider has the added benefit of being cost effective and keeping the cider fresher for longer. Sheppy’s offers both cider with fruit and more traditional ciders as part of its bag in box range, appealing to all drinkers across the sector.

SUMMER CIDER SALES SET TO SOAR Coinciding with the start of summer and the inevitable increase of fruit cider sales, Sheppy’s awardwinning Redstreak cider is a good option for those who enjoy something slightly sweeter but don’t want to go down the fruit cider route. Redstreak is a medium-sweet single variety cider with a modest ABV of

As one of the strongest performing categories the market is there, so now is the time to take a look on what you stock and how you promote it. • A well-stocked bar has at least four to five different ales on, maybe three varieties of gin and rum and a well-stocked and varied bottle fridge, so make sure your offering a good selection of ciders, Apple and fruit, carbonated, still, sweet, dry, or a combination of the two in between. • Cider also has a benefit compared to ales in that almost all companies will have bag in box versions of their range which means they can be placed behind or under the bar without having to commit to a dedicated line or having to replace one of your existing best sellers. • Advertise and promote your ciders, obtain point of sale literature from your cider supplier, beer(cider) mats, bar runners and posters, A boards, portable bars which pay for themselves after a short period of time. • To satisfy the growing demand for health-conscious consumers and those limiting their alcohol consumption consider stocking low and alcohol free ciders which are now increasingly available.

Heating Solutions

Prepping To Decarbonise most cost-effective answer to reducing energy consumption, reducing CO₂ and lowering long-term operational costs. The high-temperature demands of commercial hot water systems do however curtail the current generation of heat pumps as a singular response, with existing, poorly insulated buildings further reducing efficiencies. For this reason, you will need to consider more complex hybrid systems, or if on gas, look to solar thermal as a practical way to reduce energy use and decarbonise a building. The government’s recently published Heat & Buildings Strategy aims to start guiding commercial operations towards reducing energy use by at least 20% by the end of this decade as the first step toward achieving net zero by 2050. Whether in new buildings or replacing existing ageing systems, new low-carbon heating sources will help provide substantial savings on energy bills as the industry recovers from the disruption caused by COVID-19 and also create more hygienic and safe working environments. Currently, the government favours air source heat pump (ASHP) based applications as the simplest and

Faced with varied building stock and fluctuating user demands from showers, washbasins and kitchens, as well as complex space heating demands, applications will vary dramatically across each bespoke case, making decisions on decarbonisation all the more complex and difficult without specialist support. Consulting with Adveco’s expert sales and engineering staff can help you truly understand your needs, limitations, and the options best suited to your bespoke situation. Talk to us about heat pumps, solar thermal and electric or gas water heating and get your decarbonisation plan on track.

AHTIDAIKIN Heat Recovery Solutions • ENERGY PRICING IS AT HISTORICALLY HIGH LEVELS • CHOOSE AHT/DAIKIN AS YOUR STRATEGIC PARTNER • PREPARE FOR THE CHANGING COST OF ENERGY AHT/DAIKIN have leading edge energy saving solutions including fully heat recovered technology.

AHT/DAIKIN provide low GWP, high efficiency products. The lowest GWP in the market (R290).

Our refrigeration systems can be used to power instore heating.

AHT Cooling Systems (UK) Ltd

Drastically reducing energy usage and providing up to 95% of all heating.

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Phone - +44 1280 826 600

April/May 2022

CLH News



CLH News

April/May 2022

The Source Roadshow Preview

Bringing the Best of the South West to Bristol’s Food & Drink Buyers This June

On Thursday 16th of June, the Source Roadshow will be bringing 150 exhibitors to Bristol's Ashton Gate Stadium, for one day only. Hale Events has been organising food and drink trade shows in the South West for 15 years. Their Source food and drink trade show, which takes place each February in Exeter, has been running successfully for over 15 years, and this is the first time they are bringing it to Bristol. “Bristol has a thriving independent food sector, with a focus on local, organic and ethical produce, so it’s perfect for us to connect more regional producers to. We want to help Bristol buyers try, taste and test even more of the best produce that the South West has to offer.” Mike Anderson, Managing Director. Hale Events. “Trade shows offer a unique marketing medium in today’s digital world. Their face-to-face nature enables long-term trusting relationships to be built. They are engaging and in a market like food and drink, events like this are a great way to compare the competition.” If you are buying food and drink, to reflect the everchanging needs of your customers, there is nothing quite like a face-to-face event for you to test, touch and taste and add value to your offering. Keep up with the latest developments and spot fresh opportunities. Discover remarkable local products with fascinating provenance stories to tell and spend valuable time with passionate producers and knowledgeable suppliers face-

South West Labels

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South West Labels are a supplier of labelling guns, thermal label printers & labels. We’re here for retail, industrial and manufacturing businesses. We’re independent, which means impartial recommendations combined with over 30 years experience in supplying these products. The labelling gun market can be complicated. Many products are known by

to-face. Compare different flavours and textures, build relationships with new partners, catch up with colleagues, clients, and friends, as well as get a feel for the latest trends. John Sheaves, Taste of the West’s Chief Executive said: “Taste of the West is absolutely delighted to support the new Source Roadshow in Bristol, being one of the key cities and therefore markets for high quality food and drink, in the Southwest. This is a truly exciting venture that takes quality, high integrity products right into the heart of Bristol, where producers will be able to share their knowledge and expertise with buyers from the city. For us having the Source trade show skills and expertise behind the venture provides us with great confidence”. Alongside the exhibitors, the organisers are creating a Feature Space to allow visitors to relax and kick back in between checking out the latest food, drink, and business services on offer from the exhibitors. Bristol Robotics Laboratory will be showcasing one of their robots in the Feature Space too. The Source Roadshow takes place on Thursday 16th June, from 10.00am to 6.00pm at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol. Visiting this show is free for trade buyers, who can register now, at Information about exhibiting at this show is available from James Curtis, or Paul Thomas on 01934 733433 or by emailing different names depending on their use. Labelling guns, price guns, pricing guns, label guns, coding guns and batch guns. Our range of products can meet all needs: Simple low use models, durable machines for industry. A wide variety of specialist features including auto-incrementing guns for batch codes. All equipment is supplied with a one year factory warranty and are designed to give years of reliable and effective service. Visit us on stand B18 to view our products.

Bar Snacks


CLH News

April/May 2022

for “Everyone I know is lookinagck” solace, hoMpeAIRaAnKdAaLMtaAstNy sn

- “Tapping into Consumer Cravings”

When it comes to satisfying customers in pubs and bars, competition is fierce and continues to grow! Post pandemic the message to operators is: “Tempt them back and persuade them to stay!” It is therefore crucial for operators to always be on the lookout for ways to update their products and services accordingly and meet customers’ growing and changing demands. Snacks provide a lucrative opportunity to increase sales and profit. According to research from NPD group, out-of-home snacking pre- pandemic increased by 11% with pubs seeing the strongest growth with spend on snacks increasing by 28%. A further pre-pandemic report by Kantar World Panel revealed that the value of sales for crisps, snacks and nuts in UK pubs and bars totalled over £24 million and with increasing 6% year-on-year. So, what defines a snack? Not a difficult one, a snack is “a treat between meals”, something to curb your hunger, or even replace a meal if necessary. However, you see it, for most people snacking is a daily habit. And in many cases, one that is indulged several times a day, driving a huge demand for products to satisfy this insatiable consumer need, and want better place for a snack than a pub or bar!

Critical opportunity

Bagged snacks represent a critical opportunity for pubs and bars to drive their sales, says Matt Collins, Trading Director at KP Snacks “Increasing spend and tempting customers on drinks-only visits to trade up. With social calendars filling up and several major sporting events coming up this year, there will be plenty of opportunities for pubs and bars to capitalise on snack sales.! “52% of customers purchase snacks on impulse and pubs and bars can turn these impulse opportunities into incremental sales by stocking a range of best-selling snacks that are recognisable and trusted. Ensuring a core range is available and, importantly, visible to consumers is key to making the most of this opportunity.” Pubs and bars can give themselves the best possible opportunity to maximise snacks sales by following a few simple tips, say Matt: Credibility: Stock a range of best-seller snacks and NPD to meet all your customer needs Consumers will be be looking for something new - from ‘hunger fill’ to ‘treat’ to ‘better for you’ Availability: Ensure your range is always available to purchase Visibility: Position your snacks with high visibility - 37% of customers purchase snacks because they noticed them while at the bar!

For decades, bar patrons have grown accustomed to snacking on traditional favourites such as salty nuts, crisps or pork scratching’s, as snack when they order drinks at the bar, however, in recent years compassions between some pubs and restaurants has become a “distinction without a difference”, with many operators of traditionally drinks-focused venues turning their hand to food. And so, it begs the question is there still a place for traditional bar snacks?

A Perspectus Global survey a year ago reveal that pork scratchings were still U.K.’s favourite pub snack dry roasted and salted peanuts ready salted and salt and vinegar crisps all in the top 5. The “trendier” snacks trailed considerably, with olives coming in at 13 and was wasabi peas coming in at number 20.

Alcohol of course has a way of arousing our hunger pangs and also arousing flavours on the palate and making those delicate little snacks taste that little bit better whether you are drinking a mainstream or premium beer, a crisp chilled wine or a gin and tonic, snacks and alcohol complement each other exceptionally well. Insight from KP Snacks revealed that the bagged snacks market outperformed other impulse categories including confectionary, soft drinks and biscuits, clearly demonstrating that operators have the opportunity to capitalise on demand and boost profits.

Advertisers Choice!

KP SNACKS portfolio is extensive. Tyrrells is an award winning hand cooked English crisp brand, while KP Nuts is the UK’s number one nut brand with 5 packs sold every minute in bars . Hula Hoops is ideal for a family audience, whilst popchips and POM-BEAR are brilliantly placed to capitalise on healthy snacking trends. With five packs sold every minute in pubs and bars, KP Nuts is the UK’s number one nut brand . The KP Nuts portfolio includes a broad range of exciting flavours that cater to all tastes and occasions. KP Honey Roast peanuts compliment cream and red ales, bringing a delicious sweetness and subtle salt flavour. Meanwhile, KP Salted Peanuts create a perfect balance when matched with the malt character of a pale ale. Our KP Spicy Chili Peanuts make a thrilling combination with IPAs as the bitterness of an IPA acts as a cleanser for the lingering heat of these tasty nuts. Our snack brand Tyrrells pairs exquisitely with a variety of beers and ciders to make a visit to a pub or bar feel like a more premium experience. As we welcome Spring, cider can be a more refreshing choice of drink. Our Tyrrells Mature Cheddar & Chive are the perfect pair for a dry cider for a full and rich taste experience. For a more dynamic combination, our Tyrrells Sweet Chilli and Red Pepper crisps can be paired with sweeter ciders based on dessert apples which cut through spice and savoury flavours for a delectable contrast. KP Snacks has also invested in providing simple and relevant advice via its ‘Behind the Bar’ platform which offers category support and guidance to get snack sales moving for all types of outlets. This includes support and advice on what to stock, point of sale materials, and merchandising recommendations. Pubs and bars who want help getting snacks sales moving can contact KP Snacks at

You will be pleased to hear the answer is a resounding YES, more than ever!

A Snacking Occasion Consumer Report by Technomic, again pre-pandemic, revealed that nearly half of consumers eat snacks between meals and as meal replacements. Customer dining habits have changed in considerably from the standard 3 meals a day routine. Today’s consumer has an on-the-go lifestyle and seeks out pubs and bars that fit in with that lifestyle. As consumers choose to eat between meals and want smaller portions of food, pubs and bars that provide this will stand out from the competition.

snacks over the last year. We know staff shortages have been an increasing problem in the hospitality sector since the pandemic with kitchens closing or offering limited opening times, which has led to an increase in the demand for easy to eat, bagged snacks across pubs and bars. All good landlords know how to please the customers and will have a good selection of ready snacks for every drink and every occasion. And simple ready to eat snacks work well! Bar snacks are quick, convenient and increase profits, keeping the customers content and encourage more drink sales. We are now seeing something of a renaissance for traditional snacks in the on trade sector with pork scratchings in particular”!

Generating Sales-Boosting Dwell Time “Conserving cash and maximising sales have never been more important to the on-trade! Bar Snacks offer a brilliant opportunity to increase sales through the ‘double whammy’ of generating incremental sales AND boosting dwell time. We know that less than 20% of people regularly buy a snack with a drink and the main reason for not doing so is ‘I just didn’t think about it’, explains Matt Smith, Marketing Director for Tayto Group Ltd

Quick, tasty and convenient bar snacks are an easy temptation, a great way to increase profits, feeling hungry customers encouraging more drink sales, and often a talking point.

“Prompting a purchase by displaying snacks prominently and getting staff to offer them, can make all the difference. By not offering a range of premium snacks, pubs could be leaving money on the table as Smith explains, “Our research shows that most people either have no idea what they pay for pub snacks, or expect to pay over £1 a pack, so venues can easily make over 50p profit per pack. All it takes is for staff to ask “Do you want some snacks with your drinks?” “Snacks also have the potential to increase sales of drinks. Pork scratchings are a great example. The perfect partner to cider, wine, and especially premium beers and lagers, their unique taste balances the sharpness and carbonation of some drinks, while the saltiness enhances the flavour and helps get your thirst on.” Matt added.

Limited Service Leads to Increased Demand

Robert Parkin, Founder of Robert’s Dorset, comments: “We’ve seen a real increase in demand for our bagged

ROBERTS OF DORSET offer fully recyclable bags for our Proper Pork Crackling which currently comes in two sizes, across all 11 flavours. We also have four different offerings across our nuts range, Delicious Cashews, Yummy Peanuts, Keto Mixed Nuts, and 50 / 50 combinations, across 13 flavours. These are packaged in handy pouches, which are perfect for a multitude of businesses. Our Proper Pork Crackling is allergen free and keto friendly, and our Nuts are gluten free and vegan. For those looking for a sweeter option, make sure to check out our 16 flavours of Fabulous Fudge which is 100% British. Within the next month or so we’re launching something new which will be a huge gamechanger for so many great reasons, but more news on that later! (See page 3 for details.) Pub consumers look for brands they can trust and it’s important to stock proven sellers! TAYTO has a range of award-winning snacks to suit every pub: – Mr. Porky Original Scratchings – the No 1 brand6 from the most recognised name in scratchings and a Great Taste award-winning scratching – Midland Snacks Traditional Scratchings – the No. 2 brand6 and our best-selling pubcard – is also a Great Taste award-winning hand cooked scratchings using a recipe that has stood the test of time – Mr. Porky Crispy Strips - a lighter bite, akin to crispy bacon rind, for those who want all the taste of a scratching but a less hard texture, and another Great Taste award-winner – REAL Hand Cooked Crisps – premium, award-winning, hospitality exclusive crisps with strong flavours and characterful packaging which really stands out and drives sales – Animal Adventures – vegetarian, gluten-free, no added nasties, animal-shaped fun snacks that kids love! Given that snack sales increase by up to 80% when they are more visible, Tayto provides pubfocused solutions such as eyecatching pubcards for pork scratchings to be hung behind the bar and a range of FREE POS for REAL crisps - available at


CLH News

April/May 2022

Cleaning and Hygiene

Pioneering Axiene Hygienic Door Handles Glana Ltd has developed the Axiene VH01 Clean Touch system to improve hygiene when multiple people touch the same surface. Axiene provides continuous active disinfection on the touch surface to reduce infection transmission risk. The pioneering level of hygiene protection continually kills more than 99.999% of bacteria, including coronavirus, norovirus, MRSA and E-coli. Unlike shot-per-use dispensers, the innovative design means that Axiene disinfectant lasts longer and so, in addition to improved protection, Axiene also reduces costs.

hand hygiene and infection risk reduction. Broad spectrum protection is provided by the bespoke and certified Axiene fluid, a formulation approved by the WHO for hand sanitation in the fight against coronavirus. Being water-based, Axiene fluid safely provides ongoing active disinfection on the handle surface and a lingering disinfection on the hands. Axiene VH01 is based on a standard pull-handle size, is straightforward to fit, can replace existing pull handles and as Axiene requires only simple maintenance, can easily be looked after by existing staff.

Independent lab results from trials at a university, an office complex, a primary school and several care homes consistently demonstrated that Axiene significantly surpasses international food & healthcare sector legislation for surface cleanliness. Results show that normal manual cleaning of a door handle can lead to bacteria growth of 24,000 times that found on the Axiene handle.

As Axiene fluid lasts longer than existing gel dispensers this offers a more sustainable hygiene solution with reduced waste and reduced fluid use and so Axiene makes good hygiene, economic and environmental sense for businesses looking to protect their staff or customers.

Continual protection and very low surface contamination makes Axiene a world leading product in offering user protection, improved

For further information and contact details please see or email

Infection Control - Why Rotowash?

Rotowash, one of the pioneers in the design and production of compact floor cleaning machines, was established in 1981 to distribute high quality industrial floor cleaning equipment, manufactured to BSI and similar International Standards by the Rotowash factory. We have a significant presence in both the private and public sectors with many businesses entrusting their cleaning regimes to Rotowash equipment. In some establishments just the “appearance” of cleanliness can be sufficient, but cleaning is paramount and needs to be consistent and effective to ensure the possibility of infection is eradicated, or at least significantly reduced. The Rotowash system works exceptionally well on textured surfaces, such as safety flooring, tiles and carpets, and carries many endorsements from leading flooring manufacturers. The small footprint allows easy storage and the requirement to have only one machine to efficiently clean both hard flooring and carpeted floors reduces costs to labour, downtime, training, mainte-

nance and of course machine investment. Recognising the importance of infection control, we are also able to provide a full range of colour coded brushes that helps eliminate any fears of cross-contamination, enabling you to safely use the same machine throughout your facilities. All our machines are extremely portable, easy to operate and clean after use and use up to 90% less water and chemical than other. On-site training is available free for the life of the machine, and our own service engineers are available to carry out on-site maintenance across the UK. 020 884 74545

• • • • •

Infection Control Why Rotowash?

Cleans both carpets and hard floors Lightweight and dries as it cleans Easy to use with free operator training National support with on-site service Colour coded brushes helping to reduce cross contamination • Uses up to 90% less water & chemical • Made in Austria • 3 year warranty 020 884 74545 ROTOWASH LTD

The Wireless Factory | Fleming Way | Isleworth | Middlesex | TW7 6DB

Cleaning and Hygiene

April/May 2022

CLH News

What To Consider When Upgrading Washroom Dispensers There’s an old rule of thumb that if a restaurant toilet is clean, then it’s a safe bet that the kitchen will be too. Unfortunately the opposite is also true – if the restaurant operator won’t make the effort to keep floors and fixtures clean, how can diners trust that kitchen surfaces and cookware are hygienic? So which areas should operators focus on in order to provide greater protection and improve user experience?

SOAP DISPENSERS Manual soap dispensers are often subject to heavyhanded usage, with levers repeatedly pumped with excessive force – particularly when product is running low. For subsequent users, attempting to operate a broken or malfunctioning soap dispenser provides a frustrating, negative experience. This is why managers should ensure systems are robust enough to withstand heavy use and not choose to install poor-quality dispensers based on their low price.

PAPER DISPENSERS For washroom users, being confronted by an empty hand towel or toilet paper dispenser may be frustrating, inconvenient or even embarrassing, so it’s essential that these remain well stocked at all times. Double-roll toilet paper dispensers can help achieve this, while a simple viewing window allows product level to be easily monitored.

TOUCHLESS SYSTEMS Moving away from manual dispensers and upgrading to automatic, touch-free systems means users’ hands do not need to contact any part of the unit, providing protection and reassurance while improving infection control. The majority of touchless systems operate on batteries, with the drawback that regular service visits are required to ensure systems do not run out of power and be left out of service. However, mains-powered systems are now entering the market, which removes this common problem and ensures soap or sanitizer is available on demand. Visit for details.

OptiClean Rapidly Reduces Levels of Virus-sized Airborne Particles Carrier's OptiClean™ air cleaner for hotels, restaurants and pubs is proven to rapidly reduce levels of ultra-fine, virus-sized particles in the air. Research carried out by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) demonstrated that OptiClean cuts levels of airborne particles in the critical size range (up to 1 m diameter), covering viruses and virus-containing droplets, by around two thirds in just 30 minutes. The results also show OptiClean is as effective when located in the corner of a room as at the centre. Matthew Maleki, the company’s air quality specialist, said: "These independent findings demonstrate that OptiClean effectively targets ultrafine virus-sized airborne particles and can be installed in hospitality settings as part of a risk reduction strategy.” OptiClean is part of Carrier's Healthy Buildings Programme, a suite of advanced solutions to help deliver healthy, safe, efficient and productive indoor environments. In the US, where OptiClean was introduced first, the device was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Best

Inventions of 2020. In the UK it was selected as Air Conditioning Innovation of the Year in the Cooling Industry Awards. OptiClean uses a highly effective High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, which operates with an efficiency rating of up to 99.995% at the most penetrating particle size. To broaden protection, OptiClean comes with optional internal UV-C lamps to target pathogens on surfaces within the unit and activated charcoal filters to reduce odours and absorb Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The unit is easy and quick to deploy, with smooth-running castors enabling it to be moved rapidly to areas requiring treatment. Matthew Maleki said: “Good air quality is as important as safe drinking water. With people now returning to pubs and restaurants, OptiClean offers owners and managers a practical and visible means of reassuring customers and staff and supporting premises." For more details:

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CLH News

April/May 2022

Cleaning and Hygiene Introducing A Sustainable Cleaning Regime At Cedar Court Four-star luxury hotel group Cedar Court has sites located across Yorkshire. At the beginning of the pandemic the group’s managing director, Wayne Topley, was looking to find new solutions to protect customers and staff against COVID-19, while also improving the cleaning regime for over 500 bedrooms and reducing environmental impact. Topley approached Spectrum Cleaning Solutions to find out what could be done. Jo Thompson, Spectrum’s MD, introduced Cedar to the sustainable range of Toucan Eco products, which produce an effective disinfectant cleaner from tap water, normal salt and electrochemical activation. She explained: “Toucan Eco removes the need for the majority of your synthetical cleaning chemicals, along with the plastic bottles these solutions are supplied in, replacing them with a powerful, safe and non-toxic solution that’s certified to EN 14476 and EN 16777 for viruses and EN 1276 and EN 13697 for bacteria. “It’s been great to provide the cleaning teams at Cedar Court with such an effective solution as Toucan Eco. During the early stages of the pandemic, when

surface sanitisers were in short supply, Cedar Court’s investment really paid dividends, especially as they didn’t need to rely on a stretched supply chain – they could simply make their own disinfectant cleaner on-site and on demand.” The hotel group installed one of two models, Toucan Eco Active or Toucan Eco Active Plus, at each site depending on individual site requirements. Toucan Eco Active makes 10 litres in 15 minutes, while Toucan Eco Active Plus comes with spray bottle and hose dispensing system and takes 45 minutes to make 20 litres from the spray dispenser and 30 litres from the hose dispenser. Wayne Topley said: “I truly believe Toucan Eco is the future of eco-friendly cleaning. It’s so simple to use, effective and it’s led by science – it really is a new way of working. Over the last 12 months our cleaning chemical costs have reduced by 75% and the initial investment has already been returned. More importantly though, I know my teams are using a safe and effective sustainable product in all areas of the business.” For more information visit


Chef's Buyer's Guide Katana Saya is the Universal Knife Brand of our Times, Encompassing the Very Best of our Different Cultures and Traditions The Katana was the prized sword of the Samurai with its extra sharp blade fashioned from folded steel. The blades of our knives are similarly crafted from 67 layers of Japanese VG-10 Damascus Steel. The comprehensive collection evolves from its Eastern traditions to Western culinary classics. Comprised of 16 essential knives and additional accessories including whetstones, sharpening steels & carving sets, Katana Saya offers all that any chef could need. For Japanese traditionalists, we present the traditional Japanese style knives with traditional Wooden Saya, to match the knife handles. For those of a more Westernised nature, we have adapted the series to represent all the popular Western style blades and provide a more modern and practical storage and safety solution, with a real leather sheath. Furthermore, each of our Katana Saya Knives comes complete with a durable wooden presentation case. Whilst offering additional protection, the case provides the perfect gift for someone in your life who loves to cook! The handles of our Katana Saya knives offer a fur-

ther choice. They are all crafted from the finest wooden material in the traditional chestnut shape to give a safe grip and perfect balance. You may choose either the traditional dark Pakkawood handles, or the light Olive Wood handle alternative. So… Old, New, East, West, you choose whatever’s best for You! Our knives are available through selected stockists. For more information, and to view the complete collection you can visit our partner Knives From Japan at their website or pay a visit to our showroom, SANTOKU at 100 Great Portland Street, London.

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Chef's Buyer's Guide

April/May 2022

CLH News


Lancashire Supplier Brings Edible Print to the Food Service Market Established UK based bakery business Eat My Logo has set its sights on the UK foodservice industry after high demand for their products in 2021. The company specialises in bespoke fully finished cake, biscuit and chocolate products, all printed with company branding or themed images.

The award-winning business has supplied bespoke products to UK businesses big and small since 2014. Work has now been carried out with some key catering and hospitality businesses to bring new and exciting options to market. There has been demand for bakery treats decorated with a company logo or themed image for several years, with catering businesses looking to offer their clients unique products for celebrations, staff engagement, awareness days, and events. The businesses core range includes frosted cupcakes, biscuits, brownies along with more unique options such as cake jars and cake pops. Also available is a range of printed toppers, for use by chefs on their own creations. As part of their launch, the business has developed a website and brochures for industry professionals

from chefs to buyers and business owners.

Business Development Manager Daniel Clarke commented that ‘having spoken to dozens of catering and hospitality businesses we know that time, staff and resources can be a limitation at times, so we’re offering an easy way to provide themed or logo branded solutions at the right price for end-clients. Offering themed or branded solutions can make all the difference to your client’s event, awareness day, celebration or reward’, and could enhance your proposition and generate additional revenues.’ Eat My Logo is an innovative supplier of sweet treats, decorated with a themed image or company Logos. Established in 2014, we work with catering and hospitality businesses to offer their clients unique products for celebrations, staff engagement, events and conferences. We specialise in irresistible cakes, biscuits and chocolates. Contact: Eat My Logo Limited Phone: 01772 273137 Email: Website: See the advert on page 39.

Riso Gallo - Sensationally Sustainable! Plant Purity from Glebe Farm Foods

Riso Gallo is the first international rice brand to have produced its rice from sustainable agriculture, making their premium best-selling risotto completely sustainable from field to fork!

Established in 1856, Riso Gallo is the oldest Risotto rice producer in Italy and has been delivering its premium rice to consumers around the world for over six generations. Known to many as Italy’s first choice, Riso Gallo is one of the longest surviving rice companies in Italy and is still growing. A family run business, it is now in it’s 6th generation. The company has uniquely created its own Circular Economy within it’s rice production, collaborating with innovative startups to give new life to the by-products of the rice mill which produces the delicious range of rices of the Riso Gallo Brand. Rice House is an Italian initiative in which the secondary materials in rice cultivation are used to build

ethical houses.

Rice by-products are even used by Mogu in a range of designer furniture production. The Albini Group to develop a process of ‘Off the Grain’ dye for fabric. When the Nero (black) rice is processed for the food industry, the by product of the deep grape coloured water is used as a natural dye. All Riso Gallo plastic vacuum packaging is now suitable for recycling, following the launch of a new eco-sustainable, low environmental impact plastic. Riso Gallo are the first company to adopt this sustainable packaging. The Gallo Risotto Traditional, Arborio, Carnaroli, and the Carnaroli Rustico are now in packs using FSC certified cardboard outer to protect the grains. Riso Gallo is committed to reducing and monitoring greenhouse emissions and uses energy from renewable certified resources.

We’ve all seen a significant increase in demand for plantbased dietary alternatives – and now every good business wants to ensure they can offer a variety of options to suit every need. Milk alternatives have made a big splash everywhere recently – with oat, almond, rice, pea, hemp, soya, coconut, and potato all being options to traditional dairy. Out of these, oat is widely seen as the most popular in the UK, having overtaken soya in the last few years. Oats are a natural superfood, rich in vitamins, minerals, and soluble fibre. They are also naturally gluten free – but only when they are completely pure. Most commercial oats are processed in facilities that also process wheat, barley, and rye. This opens them up to cross-contamination, making them unsuitable for consumers who suffer with gluten allergies and intolerances (such as Coeliacs). However, all Glebe Farm Foods oats are milled on a dedicated gluten free farm.

This then ensures 100% complete oat purity and no cross-contamination. Glebe Farm Foods is the leading gluten-free oat grower and manufacturer in Europe – with all oats being grown right here in the UK on an independent family-run Cambridgeshire farm. So, all the oats that go into making their PureOaty oat milk (as well as their porridge oats, oat flour and cereals) have far fewer miles to travel from farm to fork or seed to shelf. Their farm also utilises solar panels and biomass generators for renewable energy, and they have won awards for their excellence in sustainable business practice. Buying local produce, supporting British farmers, and choosing the companies who care about their carbon footprint are all effective ways to showcase the ethics of your own business – and reflect what modern consumers are looking for. Good choice, good taste, good values! Visit for details.


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April/May 2022

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It's Time To Get Real

LittlePod’s responsibly-sourced product range includes our innovative, easy-to-use natural vanilla paste Are you squeezed for time? Why not try our quality and organic vanilla Vanilla Bean Paste in a tube. pods, as well as our It has been specially created to provide top-quality extracts of vanilla, vanilla in an easy and versatile form, with no wastage and coffee and chocoless flavour bake-off. Each tube has a two-year shelf life late. These ingrediand contains the equivalent of 20 pods, seeds and all. ents not only Put it in coffee, porridge, smoothies and ice cream, rub support each other in the rainforest, but it into meats like duck and pork, use it in your cakes and bakes, or as a marinade for fish! Sweet and savoury are also perfect alike, LittlePod products are gluten free, suitable for veg- flavour partners in the kitchen. ans and kosher certified. Visit

Denhay Direct

The West Country is renowned for making the finest produce, and Denhay certainly enhance that reputation. They have been crafting bacon for almost 30 years, developing the Denhay method and their own special cure. Conceived at Denhay Farms, founded by the Streatfeilds and the Hoods in the Devon Hills 70 years ago, pig farming and bacon was initially a byproduct of the dairy farm and sold only to local outlets. From these small beginnings, the excellence of their hand dry cured produce has resulted in Denhay bacon being available across the UK in multiple retail outlets such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and now Amazon Fresh.

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Denhay Direct has recently been created to supply the catering industry’s need for high quality product and already has many clients, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons among them.

All Denhay’s bacon is created using the best outdoor bred pork, raised to high welfare standards at RSPCA approved farms. Their expert curers hand rub each loin and belly to carefully apply the cure and then allow them to slowly mature drawing out the bacon’s exquisite taste. Longtime holders of a Royal Warrant and winners of over 100 awards for taste and quality, Denhay bacon has been a consistent winner of Great Taste Awards and recently won Gold for Taste of the West. The Denhay Direct range includes smoked and unsmoked variants of back and streaky bacon including a special thin cut Smoked Streaky, all available in multiples of 1kg packs. The ordering is simply done online or by phone and delivery is quick and reliable. As Chris Lamper, Denhay Direct’s Foodservice and Wholesale Account Manager, says “Today’s consumers are becoming more and more discerning. The hospitality sector in particular needs good quality product with quick and reliable service. When it comes to bacon, we can provide both.” Visit or see the advert below for details.

Chef's Buyer's Guide

April/May 2022

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Good Food Express Ltd Good Food Express Limited is a multi award winning Company based in the heart of Yorkshire producing Sausages, Burgers, Meatballs, High Welfare Chorizo and Salamis, and a range of Meat Free products under our Herbivore brand. With over 40 years combined experience within the meat industry, our handson Directors have built up a reputation for producing top quality and innovative products for the UK and Export markets. Our key brands include The British Premium Sausage Company, The Bath Pig & Herbivore. The British Premium Sausage Company is the Sausage and Burger manufacturing division of GFE, producing multi award winning Sausages, Burgers and Meatballs. With the Bath Pig we believe that we can deliver

British charcuterie that’s tastier, more sophisticated and at similar price to those imported from lower welfare European suppliers. Herbivore dining options include our plant-based burgers, meatless balls, meatless sausage non-meat and hot-dogs are a fantastic alternative to their meat-based cousins. They look like meat, cook like meat and have the texture of meat, but are entirely meat-free. It means you can enjoy a classic burger, hot dog or bangers ‘n’ mash experience while remaining strictly herbivore.

Good Food Express Limited is a multi award winning Company based in the heart of Yorkshire producing Sausages, Burgers, Meatballs, High Welfare Chorizo and Salamis, and a range of Meat Free products under our Herbivore brand.

For further information and to order see the websites at, and

GLOBAL Knives Need Little Introduction The Komin Yamada design has become a true icon. Hand crafted in Japan for over 35 years using the best raw materials available. Like the samurai swords before them, each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect feel and balance in the hand. In 2021 Global knives was awarded The Icon Award at the prestigious Excellence in Housewares Awards, solidifying Global’s truly iconic status. It is this iconic status along with unfailing quality that has drawn the attention and trust of some of the world’s most renowned and exceptional chefs. Global have established a long-standing relationship with the legendary Roux family as a key supporter of the prestigious Roux Scholarship since its inception in 1984. Michel Roux Jr’s signature range has been popular amongst professional chefs and keen amateur cooks

alike. Personally curated from the GLOBAL classic collection and stamped with the Michel Roux Jr signature, emblemizing the relationship between Roux and Global. Here we offer a selection of three carefully selected knife sets ideal for chefs. Whether you choose the 3 Piece, 6 Piece or 9 Piece there really is the perfect tool for any kitchen task. This tremendous offer is only available for a limited time, so do not hesitate in taking the chance to own one of these fabulous knife sets. This offer is available online exclusively through our partner website, Knives From Japan but you can also visit us in our London showroom, SANTOKU at 100 Great Portland Street.

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April/May 2022

Outdoor Leisure

Diageo Provides £2.4m To Transform Pubs and Bars Outdoor Sports Gardens Diageo, maker of GUINNESS, is offering the opportunity for pubs, restaurants and bars to transform their outdoor sports areas through the latest phase of the Raising the Bar £30m initiative. The programme launched in 2020 and has supported over 30,000 outlets over the last two years. Diageo is providing £2.4m to help provide safe and comfortable outdoors spaces to outlets who have struggled to host guests outdoors over the past 18 months. Outlets can apply for the scheme on Diageo One now. With sporting focused venues in GB recovering behind the rest of the market, the latest support from Raising the Bar will offer successful outlets a variety of options to maximise their outdoor spaces, including stretch tents/awning, timber cladded walls, standalone bars, outdoor seating, external lighting and more. Catharina von Franck, Commercial Director, On Trade, comments: “Prepandemic, 54% of consumers in GB watched live sports in the on trade and we anticipate a growing demand for these in-venue sporting moments once more. The Raising the Bar team continue to look at ways to support the on trade and we look forward to seeing how we can help transform those outdoor sporting spaces not only to help businesses, but also to create amazing experiences for consumers.”

To apply for support, licensees simply need to fill out a questionnaire on by the 30th April 2022. Successful outlets will be selected by a non-commercial board from Diageo and will hear from the Raising the Bar team in May, with installations taking place across May and June. The criteria for outlets to apply is split into four stages; outlet details for validation, understanding size and scale of the venue, assessing the need of venue for support and assessing outlet viability for install. Outlets will also have the opportunity to elaborate within the questionnaire how the pandemic has affected their ability to showcase live sports in their venue. Since launching in 2020, Raising the Bar has invested £30m in targeted support and has worked with 30,000 outlets in GB to provide 1million litres of hand sanitiser, 15,000 PPE kits, 600 mobile bars, 150,000 parasols and over 30,000 hand sanitiser dispenser stations. To help bars, pubs and restaurants operate safely and securely, Diageo also offers free access to digital training and practical support through Diageo One. For further information on receiving support, operators can head to or reach out to their Diageo representative

Cinders ‘Classic’ Barbecue Continues To Exceed Customers’ Expectations The Cinders ‘Classic’ barbecue has exceeded customers’ expectations for decades, due to its unique, patented design. It easily cooks 1000 burgers in one session but being a true workhorse is not its only selling point. Robust, reliable and low-maintenance are just three adjectives to describe a barbecue whose repair costs are typically non-existent over long periods, generating a healthy ROI for many years. The Cinders ‘Classic’ comes as a six-foot long double grill (TG160), or a half-sized single grill (SG80), with both running on LPG and offering incredible food output for the price of the energy used. The user-friendly grills are easy-to-light and powerful, getting up to temperature in around five minutes, to quickly feed a queue or facilitate an impromptu pop-up

barbecue if great weather arrives. Cinders’ production values are impressive - not only offering a warranty for commercial use, unlike cheap imported barbecues, but also built to ISO 9001:2015 standards. The barbecues have internal self-cleaning too, removing the odious chore of post-barbecue clean-down. The grill merely needs to be left running for a few minutes to burn off residue, which is then brushed away or ejected. Once cool, the Classic can be folded down and easily stored away. Discover more at or call 01524 262900.


Outdoor Leisure

April/May 2022

CLH News

Make Sure You're Ready for National BBQ Week foods made from premium ingredients is here to stay, and the lure of global cuisines has been steadily building – especially as travel has been off the cards for some time. We have become a nation of foodies with a keen curiosity for new flavours, and our younger, digitally driven, generation have embraced better food offerings, showing interest for regional specialities that not only taste good, but are also produced with care and preferably instagrammable too!”

National BBQ Week is set to take place over 4th – 10th July this year, figures from the event website show that ‘the overall BBQ and alfresco eating and entertaining market in 2020 was worth just over £1.7 billion’ and ‘24% of us Brits now have BBQ’s during the Spring, with a record 11 million BBQ’s being held over the 2020 Easter holidays during Covid lockdown and a further 5% claiming to BBQ all year-round.’

Working closely with customers to ensure their needs are met exactly and providing reliable and prompt delivery, The Sausage Man prides itself on supplying the very best produce; a choice selection of premium meats and sausages are imported weekly from award-winning butchers across Germany to ensure optimum quality.

Sausages are a well-loved BBQ choice, and a barbecue wouldn’t be complete without the tantalising aroma of sizzling sausages over the coals! The Sausage Man offers perfect outdoor entertaining food options and is famed for its varied range of gourmet German sausages and comprehensive selection of complementary goods from bakery, sauces, sides and accessories to complete the barbecue offer. Charles Coleman, Sales Director at The Sausage Man says, “Industry research has revealed sausages have soared in sales and are a favourite choice.” Research from Mintel* shows ‘sales of processed meat products, including processed poultry and red meat main meal components have skyrocketed by 18% during 2020 and are estimated to be worth £3.7 billion. Breakfast and barbecue favourites, bacon (+18%), sausages (+20%) and burgers (+26%), all benefited from the rise in scratch cooking and a shift towards eating at home’. Charles adds, “Consumer desire for artisan quality

Monster Mesh Monster Mesh is a leading events and construction branding company, specialising in supplying large format printed products. We specialise in large format full colour and dye sublimation printing for weather resistance, strength and durability. Our top-quality products match the service you should expect, and we supply direct to brand owners, event management, construction, and signage companies. We can provide a range of custom designed and printed products for HERAS fence covers, PVC and ACM Hoarding panels, PVC and mesh banners, and large scale scaffold wraps. We have been in operation

Choose from favourites such as Bratwurst, Frankfurter or Halal Turkey, alongside a Gourmet collection featuring Wagyu Beef, Iberico Pork and Black Angus for the true sausage connoisseur. For the ultimate in convenience all sausages and meats are pre-cooked, delivered frozen, and are quick to serve. Apart from the vegan sausage options, all other sausages are gluten-free. *Mintel ‘Temporary Slowdown In Meat Reduction Trend As Processed Meat Sales Boom’ Jan 2021

To find out more about our products visit

for 4 years now, continually growing year on year thanks to both new and return clients. At Monster Mesh we agree that your brand needs to generate the right impact. Getting an eye-catching design is the most important when displaying your banner amongst others, so at Monster Mesh we offer a complete inhouse design service. Most of the time this is a free service where our team of designers will take your logo and a brief sample of text to create your individual design. Throughout our years of experience in large format design, we have learnt several ways to produce the impression you desire. The majority of our products include free delivery and typical lead times are just 7 working days, with some products available through our 5-day express service. To find out more, please visit

Country Benches - High Quality Benches Country Benches is run by a vastly experienced and time served tradesman who has been serving in the trade for over 25 years. The business was started 15 years ago and we have provided our services independently ever since. In this time he has developed the business into being family run, amassed a loyal customer base and welcomes new customers on a regular basis. Country Benches creates high quality benches, picnic benches and garden furniture. We only work with the best quality of wood to bring you the highest standards of benches and garden furniture. Country Benches can create benches to exact specifications as well as offering a large variety of standard design garden furniture. Call Country Benches to see what we can do for you. Although based in Bedfordshire we cover the whole of the United Kingdom on trade offers. Country Benches is also pleased to be able to offer you a delivery service for smaller orders with a delivery cost. In addition to this, Country Benches can offer you these prices much cheaper than our competitors.

Our services are great value for money and are of the absolute best quality. All our products are built to order and delivered within seven days and we also operate a "payment on delivery" basis. So contact us today so that we can build your order to your exact specifications. For details call 07446 101657 or email

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Outdoor Leisure

April/May 2022

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Play Facilities Attract Customers and Encourage Repeat Visitors HAGS offer the opportunity for children to explore and be imaginative through the world of play. With a huge range of playground equipment, the creative opportunities are unlimited and provide play areas for children of all ages and abilities. HAGS playground equipment can keep children entertained for hours with a variety of inclusive features. Each playground HAGS makes is designed specifically to suit the needs of each individual client and to suit the needs of your customers. By installing a play area in your restaurant, customers will stay longer and spend more as they enjoy spending time with each other. Play areas allow everyone to be happy, as the kids can go and interact with each other, and adults can relax whilst knowing that their children are entertaining themselves through play and exercise in a safe space. Relaxed families will spend hours at your restaurants, especially knowing that their kids are enjoying themselves and having a good time. As we approach the Easter holidays, most families will be looking to set off on a mini holiday or go out to family dinners where they can spend time togeth-

er, as well as have time for themselves. Having a playground area set up on your business allows the kids to have some fun whilst the adults enjoy the scenery and ambience of your restaurant. After having a wonderful and relaxed experience at your business, a HAGS playground is guaranteed to keep those customers coming back! For further information Tel: 0845 2601655, E-mail: or visit

Add A Taste of Sunshine to Your Barbecues level of heat, suitable for most palates, so the complex flavours don’t get lost or hidden by the chilli. Tasty, handcrafted and made in small batches in the UK using fresh ingredients only our highly versatile sauce is great for using as an ingredient for marinading etc. but also straight out the bottle as a dipping or pouring sauce. It’s a perfect accompaniment for any barbecued or grilled food. "Sun on a Beach” sauce from Spirit of Aloha 65 is just the thing to add that tropical, spicy, summer flavour to any meal. Inspired by and using many of the same all-natural ingredients as Spirit of Aloha 65’s tropical spirit, our sauce is made from roasted pineapples, ginger, and a handful of other tropical spices including scotch bonnet chilli to give it a comfortable

Vegan, gluten-free and all-natural, Aloha 65 “Sun on a Beach” must be tried. Try something out of the blue. For more information or a sample bottle please contact

Awning for Large Areas THE “PERGOLA STRETCH” OFFERS ALL-ROUND WEATHER PROTECTION cover in similar fashion to a roof festoon. LED light provides beautiful lighting in the evening and radiant heaters guarantee a cozy atmosphere. The light and heat options can be controlled individually in multiunit systems. In order to be able to sit dry under the awning, waterproof and highly flame-retardant fabrics are used. It is also possible to combine the awning with vertical or side awnings for privacy and wind protection. 200 words

photo: markilux.

For further information, please visit:

Manufacturer markilux has brought another “pergola awning” onto the market. A “stretch” version. The toothed belt-driven operating system makes it possible to offer even larger sizes. The use of waterproof fabrics protects reliably against rain as well. The “pergola stretch” from markilux offers suitable protection against both sun and rain. The hospitality sector in particular benefits from this as the system creates an area in the open air where guests can sit at almost any time of the day or year. The awning also impresses with its dimensions: Up to 175 square meters can be covered by this astonishing awning model. Transverse profiles, which move up and down the lateral guide tracks, extend and retract the awning

photo: markilux.

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April/May 2022

Outdoor Leisure Stylish Luxury Gazebos From White Pavilion Hi, I'm Tim Burdekin, and I've designed and built the White Pavilion Garden Gazebo to be your perfect, allweather gazebo for all the seasons. I designed the White Pavilion Garden Gazebo range to be combined with a variety of lighting, heating, coloured canopies and side screen options to help create the perfect gazebo for your outdoor space, garden, patio or hot tub area. They're 100% waterproof and designed to withstand the very worst the British weather can throw at them. And they're guaranteed to survive 100 Mph Winds - see 100 Mph Windproof.

Your gazebo choice doesn't get better than this. If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch. Give our team a call - 01653 695 285 or visit We're here to help you get the very best from your outdoors.

Our stylish hospitality gazebos Generate More Income from your outdoor space. Keeping your customers comfortable outdoors, the more time they will spend with you…. which means more money they will spend with you. A White Pavilion Gazebo gives 100% Waterproof Protection...100 Mph Windproof Guaranteed...100% Sun Protection......and comes with a 5 Year Guarantee -

Café Culture - Pavement Profit We are an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants and public houses. We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports next season. It’s one area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual bumps and scrapes

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outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to

Geodesic Domes We have been custom-designing temporary and permanent structures including geodesic domes for more than 30 years but it is apparent that these flexible, portable buildings in particular are really gaining momentum right now, at a time when businesses in all areas are becoming more eco-conscious. These unique spaces we create are flexible and just as suitable for warehousing or agricultural applications as they are for greenhouses, corporate events, festivals, glamping and even residential homes. Aesthetically, they have the wow factor and their shape makes them incredibly lightweight but this masks a considerable strength and durability that can withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Quick to deploy, the range of anchoring options means we can install them almost any-

Outdoor Leisure

April/May 2022

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where and the fabric covers can be easily changed so are fit for purpose at a trade fair one week and hosting a music festival concert the next. Available in spans ranging from 5m to 37m, our geodesic domes can be fully branded with graphics and/or logos printed onto the fabric cover and come with bespoke options on windows, doors, exposed framework, interconnecting zips, as well as heating and cooling systems. The low surface-to-volume area means that up to 30% less energy is required to heat and cool the interior. Their shape ensures they insulate efficiently, promote better air circulation and keep temperatures even throughout the structure. It’s no wonder their popularity is on the rise. However, aside from the eco credentials, there’s no question that whatever the domes are being used and re-used for, they always look impressive and deliver a memorable experience. For a site visit or quick quote: call us on 01380 830 697, email or visit

New Ranges from LeisureBench LeisureBench Limited is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of commercial quality outdoor furniture. The Company has built its reputation on outdoor products offering excellent value for money, with many years experience in meeting the needs of the hotel, pub and hospitality sectors and are heavily investing in manufacturing and finishes.

OUTDOOR FURNITURE Wooden round and A Frame picnic tables, in a number of styles and sizes, brings style, comfort and practicality to your outside space, as do their teak and pine range of benches. The classy collection of Rattan dining sets, chairs and sofas will add a touch of luxury, comfort and elegance. Teak, Hardwood, metal furniture, table tops and bases,

gazebos, outdoor buildings, parasols and planters etc. can all be viewed in a range of styles on the LeisureBench website.

RECYCLED PLASTIC FURNITURE LeisureBench has put in place a substantial ongoing investment to manufacture their own environmentally friendly furniture in their own factory, using 100% UK recycled plastic materials, that is available now! The range includes benches and a wide variety of picnic tables in both ‘A’ Frame and 8- seat square designs in a choice of colours. They will all be hardwearing, easy to maintain, and a strong powder coated underframe will guarantee them for a minimum of 15 years. E: Tel: 01949 862920

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Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out

April/May 2022

lnvicta Catering Repair Ltd lnvicta Catering Repair Ltd is an established Company, based in Canterbury. We have been repairing catering equipment for over 25 years in the South East. Our quality engineers have an established record of 'first fixing' on all types of catering equipment. We also supply & install all makes of catering equipment and can offer a design service, if required.

lnvicta also offer an Annual Service Contract Package which includes an annual Gas Certification Check, Service of the Equipment and no Call out Charges - Please contact the office for further details. Areas covered- Kent & Essex Contact - 01227 454775 or

Fry More For Less with OilChef The foodservice and hospitality industry have suffered greatly since the shutdowns started in 2019. Since then, there have been gradual re-openings of hotels, bars, restaurants, and takeaways. However, the cost of food has risen greatly. One food group – cooking oil – has more than doubled in price and is set to rise even further. Some of the reasons are weather related which has reduced crop yield and other reasons are economic. Supply chains have been hit with rising costs of fuel, distribution, and labour. In addition to this, farmers are being offered a higher price for their crop seeds to make biofuel instead of edible oil and this impacts supply. How can the food service and hospitality industry protect against these risings costs? One way is to make the cooking oil last longer. In fact, the awardwinning accessory for deep fryers, is doing just that. The OiLChef device is a catalytic convertor for deep fryers! It keeps the cooking oil in a fresher condition, by

slowing down oxidation, stopping polymerizations of the oil molecules and by retarding the buildup of free fatty acids, peroxides, total polar materials and most importantly of all the carcinogenic acrylamides in frying oil. The OiLChef device is not a filter, it is not a chemical, it adds nothing to the oil, it takes nothing out of the oil, it is an inorganic device that helps you keep your oil alive for longer. A simple 3 second self-installation which is virtually maintenance free, and only needs replacing every 3 years. OiLChef is a dream come true for professional kitchens that operate deep fryers. OiLChef is in thousands of deep fryers around the World and comes with a full 3-year warranty and saves you up to 50% on oil purchases every month. Check them out at Contact their CEO direct:

Invicta Catering Equipment and Repair Ltd. Supply, Design, Install & Service Equipment for Modern Commercial Kitchens Annual Service Contract Package Available The Professional Services Team at Invicta Catering Repair Ltd is focused on creating a "customer first" environment for our clients, offering innovative solutions, a flexible work ethic able to react to and prevent issues, provide cost effective answers for every catering concept.

Since 1993, our growth has been steady and strategic, with the sole focus of "Growing and changing our business model and solutions approach to meet all of our clients demands.

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CLH News

April/May 2022

Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out

NEW DrainMinor C (Combi Oven Pump) Caterquip Ventilation – For All Your Commercial Catering Ventilation Needs from Pump Technology Ltd Combi Oven cleaning cycles require hot wastewater to be pumped away if gravity drainage is not available. The New DrainMinor C Combi Oven waste water drainage Pump has been developed specifically for this demanding application and offers users excellent reliability and ease of operation. The compact wastewater collecting tank with low level inlet height, which can be decided onsite to suit the discharge run from the Combi Oven, is fitted with a Specialist Submersible pump. It features a rigid external float arm with large triangular float. This robust design ensures accurate and reliable automatic stop/start of the pump even when the hot wastewater is greasy. It can also cope with food debris or turbulence within the collecting tank. A Silicon Carbide mechanical shaft seal, oil chamber and inboard shaft seal ring protects the motor within the submersible pump. This arrangement is an engi-

(carbon filtration and ESP) and sound attenuation. Affiliated members of Constructionline, CHAS and B&ES, Caterquip Ventilation have a strong hold in the marketplace often advising industry professionals on ventilation systems to a DW172 specification & BSEN:6173.

neered solution for leak and ingress protection of the motor windings when pumping hot wastewater with diluted cleaning chemicals and food waste debris. It ensures considerably longer product life and operating reliability over submersible pumps fitted with standard diaphragm shaft seals. Pump Technology Ltd., established 1992, is a specialist wastewater pump and pumping system provider. The company’s DrainMinor, DrainMajor and DrainKing wastewater pump systems are renowned as robust and reliable commercial kitchen drainage solutions. For all kitchen wastewater pumping requirements call the technical team to discuss an application. They will be able to select a proven wastewater pumping system for you.

They have strong relationships with all leading kitchen equipment suppliers, and they offer a kitchen design service to help you build your ideal kitchen.

Caterquip Ventilation Ltd is proud to be celebrating their 22nd Anniversary this year. This Warwick based company offers nationwide coverage for all your commercial catering needs: free site surveys, quotations and designs (CAD), quality bespoke and standard fabrications, specialist knowledge of catering ventilation systems including input air, odour reduction

See the advert on the previous page for more details.

Projects undertaken have included Olympic Villages, Basildon Hospital, The Mitre Hotel at Hampton Court, The Truck Stop at Anglesey, The Lodge at Old Hunstanton, Colleges, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants and Public Houses. They ensure their systems are compliant with the current guidelines whilst maintaining an efficient and dynamic facility. With extensive knowledge of manufacturing and installing ventilation systems, they can help you design the best kitchen within the space available. Call: 01926 887167, visit:, email:

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Cemco (The Catering Equipment Maintenance Company) Cemco (The Catering Equipment Maintenance Company) first opened for business in 1990, and have been serving Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bath, and the rest of the South and Southwest, ever since. We offer a full range of services, including servicing and repairs for all commercial catering appliances, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between. Specialising in commercial Glasswasher and Dishwasher repairs sales and service our reputation is second to none. We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information. CEMCO also carry out repairs to commercial catering equipment Dishwashers, Glasswashers, Ovens Grills Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and The Southwest. We undertake

repairs and servicing to ALL, types, makes and models of commercial catering equipment. A repair is often far cheaper then a replacement! 30 Years in this Industry gives us the edge over our competitors, with time served Commercial Catering Equipment Engineers our clients have found we save them the cost of purchasing new equipment time after time…why buy new when a guaranteed repair is often all your Catering Equipment requires… We are based in Bournemouth & Poole, covering the whole of Dorset, as well as Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Call 01202 377205 now, to arrange a site visit

Specialists in Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance of all Commercial Catering Equipment

Cemco undertake Service and Repairs to ALL Commercial Dishwasher and Glasswasher Manufacturers Including Hobart, Electrolux, Meiko, Winterhalter to name a few.

CEMCO carry out repairs, servicing and routine maintenance to all makes and models of commercial catering equipment, including dishwashers and glasswashers. We can also supply you with a new or used dishwasher …simply Contact Us for details of available Used Stock

We are based in Bournemouth & Poole and cover the whole of Dorset, along with the neighbouring counties of Somerset, Devon, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

Trust CEMCO for commercial catering dishwasher servicing!

Call us now, on 01202 377205 for a free quote to repair your dishwasher

Products and Services For High Quality Restaurant Pads in a Range Of Never Compromise on Quality April/May 2022

Different Options, Put Your Trust in Pukka Pads

of sizes, Pukka Pads has you covered for all your order taking needs. Choose from single-part, duplicate or triplicate pads, all numbered to help you accurately keep track of your covers. The handy thick card back covers make these pads perfect for taking orders on the go without having to rely on a surface for support, making them ideal for use in a restaurant, café, bar, pub or kitchen! Plus, you can benefit from minimum order quantities as low as 1 pack of 5 pads when you purchase through Pukka Pads as well as discounts for ordering in bulk. Visit today to shop our huge range of business supplies and take 15% off your order with the code ‘OFFICE15’. Or get in touch with our friendly sales team on 01202 339960 or for more information! With 7 different styles to choose from and a range

See the advert on page 7 for details.

Restock Your Bar Essentials This Spring It’s spring and across the nation pubs and bars are starting to clean and prepare their beer gardens and outdoor areas ahead of the returning summer climate. Whilst performing this annual task, now is a great time to take stock of your barware before the summer season begins. Here, at Alliance Online we aim to highlight the various areas you may want to upgrade and what options are available to you.

BAR FRIDGES One of the most overlooked of all the large bar equipment is your bar fridge and it may be getting tired and not working as well. The first thing we’d recommend is cleaning your bar fridge and continuing to do so weekly. Regarding your Spring stock take, the first area you want to inspect closely is the seals surrounding the doors. Broken seals can cause heat to escape from the main cavity meaning your fridge then needs to use more electricity to maintain its internal temperature. With rising electricity costs, it is within businesses best interest to check the state of bar fridges as they could end up costing you more.

selves. Are they robust and sharpened as any fault in the blades could cause problems mid-shift which could present problems at a less than favourable time. It is also worth checking the motors which spin the blades ensuring they are free of debris and free from any blockages. Always instil in your staff after use practices like cleaning and washing of the device to prolong the service life of the equipment. When looking for new options Hamilton Beach have become a staple within the industry.


Following on from fridges we come to mixers and blenders. The first aspect you will want to review is the blades them-

Staying with cocktails, the design of your glass can accentuate the drinking experience. So, why not review your more specialised ranges of stemware to opt for a more unique style? Martini, margarita, gin goblets, hurricane and coupe glasses all have iconic shapes but can all benefit from a touch of individuality. One such range we’d recommend to create stunning showstopping drinks is the Hayworth range from Utopia. See the advert on page 8 for details.

With costs rising from every angle, it’s never been more important to scrutinise overheads. However, compromising on quality is never an option – your reputation depends on it. Lanchester Wines is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality wines and spirits to the trade, successfully operating and innovating across every element of the UK wine trade. We supply a wide range of quality and premium wines to the on-trade with customers including pubs, clubs, bars and hotel chains. Our extensive wine collection includes high quality wines from all corners of the world and we work directly with some of the leading wine producers across the globe to make sure we’re always offering the best quality wine at the best price. What’s more, we are a sustainable wine business and continue to invest heavily in the generation of renewable energy at our County Durham headquarters. We believe being carbon neutral is just the beginning, which is why we make a conscious effort to ensure all of our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible. We’re a family owned business and we believe in always

going above-and-beyond for our customers, which is why we offer a range of additional services: • Our team of designers and wine experts can help strengthen your brand by creating your own label wines. Ideal as a house wine, each bottle is created bespoke using your colours and logos • We can work with you to create your own bespoke wine lists, tailored to suit your individual business needs, industry and customer base. Select the wines your customers want to complement your food menu • Do your staff need more training? We offer staff wine training to equip your team with the skills and knowledge required to provide your customers with unparalleled wine service For further information, please call 01207 52 1234 or email and we’ll put you in touch with a Lanchester Wines business manager in your area. Visit or see the advert on page 15.

The Henley Distillery is one of the newest and most exciting distilleries in the UK. Based from a restored threshing barn just outside Henley-on-Thames, the Distillery was established last summer by Jacob Wilson, one of the youngest Master Distillers in the country. A few months later Wilson launched his Henley Gin brand and among other plaudits, he has just taken home the award for Best London Dry Gin in England at the World Gin Awards for his Classic Dry. Despite his young age, 27, Wilson’s CV is impressive and now as one of only a handful of distilleries in the UK owned and run by a Master Distiller, he is showcasing leading edge, contemporary spirit innovation rooted firmly in traditional, artisan methods.

HENLEY GIN Wilson’s small batch, hand-crafted Henley Gins are available in three expressions: Henley Gin, Classic Dry, the Best London Dry Gin in England and GOLD medal winner at The Spirits Business Gin Masters is a contemporary twist on a London Dry. A signature sipping gin, it builds on the familiar juniper foundation with citrus flavours of orange peel, lime leaves and lemongrass. Warmth flickers from the bold Szechuan peppercorns before mellowing with the rich notes of cardamom and vanilla-like tonka beans to create a smooth, refined

balance. Henley Gin, Rhubarb & Orange, a MASTER medal winner at The Spirits Business Gin Masters, is deceptive in blushing pink. This fruity, single-shot, artisan gin has been layered with fresh hand-peeled orange zest and tart English rhubarb to create an elegant and refreshing gin. Henley Gin, Oriental Spiced offers a complex blend of rich spices inspired by the Silk Road, combining long pepper and cubeb with fiery ginger and a hint of lemon zest. For more information visit, or to place an order please call Alan Wilson or Jacob Wilson on 07511208490.

Old Jamaica, The UK’s Number One Ginger Beer Brand

Old Jamaica, the UK’s number one ginger beer brand, has the perfect range of soft drinks to appeal to all those who like to mix it up. All of our drinks pair perfectly with gin, vodka, rum and whisky; in fact almost any spirit you can think of, there’s an Old Jamaica product that can pair perfectly with it!

From Old Jamaica Ginger Beer – with Regular, Light and Extra Fiery to choose from – through to our recent launch of our Ginger Ale, as well as a Rhubarb & Ginger Ale, we are the OG’s of ginger beer and the only brand that uses authentic Jamaican root ginger across our range. In addition to ginger beers, Old Jamaica has a range of Sodas too. Our Tropical Soda joined the family in 2021, with Grape Soda, Cream Soda and Pineapple Soda continuing to delight consumer tastebuds across the country! All of the products in the Old Jamaica portfolio deliver a bold and unique flavour, meeting


Best London Dry Gin In England and Other Award-Winning Gins From Henley Gin

Now is a perfect time to take stock of your glassware. Firstly, go through and check if you need to replenish any of your glasses. Despite commercial glassware’s durability breakages still occur and whilst we are still not quite in the Spring to Summer socialising period it’s good to place orders for any replacements you may require.

Whilst doing this process you can also review your current glassware and decide whether you want to replace any ranges you have with more modern or themed glasses in line with more recent trends. With Should you consider completely replacing your bar rum and rum based cocktails beginning to boom tiki fridge we’d recommend models from Sterling or glasses are great for serving such drinks due to their Blizzard. Both are well known within the catering indus- more fun and outlandish style. Equally, decorative crystry, specifically for tal cut hiball tumblers are always a favourite for their range of serving cocktail drinks as they highlight the vibrant refrigerators. colours.


CLH News

the increasing needs of UK consumers, as one in four consumers already mix Old Jamaica with alcohol. Terri Cooper, senior commercial manager at Old Jamaica, said: “We’re excited to see Old Jamaica continue to be the UK’s no.1 ginger beer brand and consistently tap into consumers' growing demand for quality, versatile, flavoursome mixers that pair perfectly with a variety of spirits and are suitable for all occasions.” A wide-ranging communications strategy will support the brand throughout 2022 and aims to broaden Old Jamaica’s brand appeal, increase awareness, and position the brand as the authentic alternative to the ‘norm’ within the soft drinks category. Visit or for details. or see the advert on page 17.

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CLH News

April/May 2022

MST Auctioneers MST AUCTIONEERS Ltd specialise in handling & auctioning a wide variety of goods. We act for Insolvency Practitioners, Receivers, Bailiffs and Solicitors as well as large PLCs. We are members of The National Association of Auctioneers and Valuers (NAVA). For the past 25 years, we've provided a unique disposal service tailored to suit, liquidators, banks, receivers as well as

private and corporate vendors. We carry out probate valuations and conduct complete house and commercial clearances. We have the largest Auction venue in the South of England. Our regular monthly Auctions occupy 45,000 sq.ft. of undercover space, selling over 2500 lots from 3 rostrums over two days.

Design and Refit Mayfair Furniture

patch, and can fulfil a wide range of bespoke orders. We deliver to all areas of the UK, Ireland & Europe. We are not just a supplier; we understand that from time to time hospitality and leisure establishments like to give themselves a fresh new look. That's why not only do we supply contract furniture, but when it's time for your establishment to go through a refurbishment we also offer a complete clearance service. We'll organise everything from a suitable time and date, professional clearance staff to remove contract furniture whether fitted or unfitted.

We have storage and removal facilities. In addition we have forklifts for machinery up to 5 tons.

01733 310 115

We also hold regular Auctions ”On Site” and "On Line"

See the advert on this page.

Mayfair Furniture will be celebrating 10 years this year of providing the UK’s fastest and affordable commercial furniture. Supplying all kinds of establishments from high end hotel chains to small local takeaways.

Increase Profit with CardsSafe We keep in stock a huge variety of items ready for immediate dis-

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab.

tude of benefits to its customers. No wonder that over 5000 major brands and independents in the UK trust CardsSafe.

CardsSafe works with the hospitality industry to assist with bar tabs which undoubtedly help to increase profits. Young’s pubs, Hilton Hotels, and many independent and chain restaurants and pubs have been using CardsSafe for many years. The system helps them increase the bottom line by reducing charge backs and walkouts, while fighting card fraud at the same time.

“Average spend is up and chargeback has virtually disappeared after we installed CardsSafe, which really puts our customers’ minds at rest.” Timothy, Young’s Bar manager

Many businesses are relying on CardsSafe to create the opportunity to upsell by retaining cards and encouraging their customers to order more. As Phil Dixon, a former advisor to the BII, explains, “If you want to increase spend, you must retain cards.” A simple solution, and one that could be a quick and easy win. Increasing profit and reducing walk-outs, CardsSafe offers a multi-

CardsSafe is affordable and pays for itself. Each unit, which contains ten card drawers, can be hired for just £9.99 per month. Each hire comes with customer service troubleshooting and free replacement keys. Additional units can be added at any time. The question is, can you afford not to consider CardsSafe as a part of your business? Sign up to CardsSafe here - Or call 0845 500 1040

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Design and Refit

April/May 2022

CLH News

Having Successfully Launched the ILF Chairs New Comprehensive Website, ILF Have Now Added Further Stock Product Colours


Their new online website offers both indoor and outdoor seating and table solutions. Divided into Contemporary seating, Barstools, Lounge Seating, Period Seating, Outdoor seating and tables plus Indoor Dining & Coffee height tables, offering a great selection of products to view at your leisure. They have also now added a range of stock chairs and barstools. Most indoor seating and indoor wooden table bases and tops can be finished to any customer specification. Outdoor items offer a variety of colours within the same product style. Also included is a link to priced chairs and table bases plus a selection of priced made to order seating in a selection of Faux Leather upholstery colours and wood frame colours. These products can also be sup-

The Curtain Cabin Based in Verwood, Dorset, The Curtain Cabin is a well-established curtain making company, specialising in the manufacture and supply of bespoke curtains and soft furnishings including blinds, tracks, poles, sheer curtains and furnishings. The Curtain Cabin produces a range of products for the commercial sector, including furnishings for hotels, village halls, health centres and on projects for local authorities. The Curtain Cabin has been in operation for over ten years, however, Managing Director, Dawn Moses has been in the soft furnishing industry for over 30 years. The company has built up a strong working relationship with Harbour Hotels, over

plied to customer specification, just ask for details. Enquiries can be sent to them directly from the website and they will reply within 24 hours. They hope you will enjoy the experience of viewing their easy to navigate website and they look forward to helping clients get the best products for their hospitality site.

the past seven years, having worked on a number of sites within the Harbour Hotels portfolio. Most recently, The Curtain Cabin has been involved with Harbour Hotel Southampton. Working on this project, The Curtain Cabin carried out site visits to ascertain track, blinds and curtain sizes; advised on best positioning and operation; compiled a pricing and fitting schedule; and manufactured and supplied curtains, sheers, lining & curtain sundry items, blinds and tracks. The Curtain Cabin also supplied a large area of electric hard wired sheer blinds to the 6th floor (21 blinds in total), as well as electric tracks in the Function Room with nearly 6 metre drops on electric tracks. For further information please call 01202 813533 or visit

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CLH News

Design and Refit Cater For Any Occasion With Stackable Furniture

April/May 2022

TVC Leisure WHO ARE WE? TVC Leisure is one of the last remaining independent family owned and family run companies in our industry that is otherwise dominated by national companies and conglomerates. We have specialised in supplying gaming and amusement machines to pubs, social clubs and licenced premises for nearly 40 years. We operate regionally, supplying customers throughout London and The Home Counties.

port our customers in their day-to-day activities, such as CCTV systems, plasma televisions, projectors, ice machines, glass washers and bottle coolers.


TVC Leisure’s gold standard service is what separates us from the competition, it gives us a competitive edge in our fast-paced industry which is dominated by national companies that fail to service their customers adequately. Examples of our 'Gold Standard Service' include a 2 hour response to technical issues 7 days a week, easily accessible at all times of the day, regular machine rotations and upgrades, routine collection services, ongoing support and regular communication through text messages, weekly emails and monthly newsletters.


OUR PRODUCTS We offer an extremely diverse range of equipment that includes fruit machines, digital gaming machines, digital jukeboxes, pool tables, quiz machines, lottery machines and amusement machines. In addition, we also offer a variety of ancillary equipment to help sup-

We are a family run business that deploy strong family values and culture within our company. We build relationships with our customers, provide a personal service, and offer friendly and helpful advice, we are always looking to exceed expectations and improve. Our approach is unique and unmatched by national companies 01189 121 042 See the advert on the facing page for details.

Whether you’re regularly catering for large-scale events or you just need the flexibility to provide different layouts in your club or hospitality space, stackable chairs and tables provide the ultimate in hassle-free versatility. Available in a wide range of colours and with the option to upholster, Trent’s Bella

Chair is the perfect choice for stacking up to ten high. Based on the famous French Tolix design, this chic chair is synonymous with café culture so is a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Alternatively, our York Crossback Stacking Chair offers traditional style and sturdy comfort in four

wood finishes and is stackable up to eight high.

For events, our Harrow Stacking Chair, available in a wide choice of fabrics and frame finishes, is the ultimate in affordable banqueting chairs. For a luxurious yet easy to stack banqueting chair, look no further than the Ascot Stacking Chair. Available in square or rectangular styles, our Light Oak Melamine Stacking Table is the perfect choice when your furniture needs to look good but be easy to move and store compactly. To find out more about our great range of stackable furniture, please call 0116 2864 911 or fill in our contact form at

How To Maximise Your Property To Provide Unique Guest Facilities A great way to maximise income is to leverage every nook and cranny of your property. Many period properties boast under exploited basements, attics and space under the staircase. Or even adjoining outbuildings. With a little imagination, proper planning and designing, plus the right products, any underutilised space can be converted into additional facilities. For that cupboard under the stairs, consider a WC for guests to use upon arrival. For the average cellar and attic, it’s almost always possible to add an en-suite bedroom. And if you have a large basement or loft, there’s always the option of adding a completely self-contained unit complete with a bathroom and a kitchen. But how, you might ask, when the mains drains are out of reach? Saniflo can usually help. With the widest range of macerators and pumps on the market that are specifically designed to remove waste water away from multiple appliances through small bore pipework they are often the enabler of such projects given water can’t travel upwards. They can also save the

time, effort and cost associated with digging up – often concrete – floors to lay new pipes. The first step is to consult your local plumbing merchant or kitchen and bathroom retailer and share your conversion idea. They will be able to advise on the best Saniflo solution for your project. If in any doubt, Saniflo’s highly experienced technical team can provide help and knowhow over the phone. The next step is to work with a plumber to identify the route to the mains drains and the best place for the installation – bearing in mind ways to conceal the units to enhance the rooms aesthetics –in a cupboard, behind a panel or even under the floorboards. Once the unit has been fitted and connected up, you’re on your way to earn more money from unused spaces. For more information please visit See the advert on the facing page for details.

Design and Refit

April/May 2022

CLH News

Beautiful Art Pieces. Quality Materials. Original Designs. allowing you the luxury of selecting from a range of different sizes and endless colour combinations to suit your interior design needs. AttikoArt prints are each presented in a choice of 3-4 standard colour ways that we have curated and put together for you to browse and easily shop. We closely follow interior design trends and always try and come up with designs and colours to fit with ever-changing interior schemes. However, if none of our standard colour-ways are quite right you can always contact us for a tweak. We can carefully edit the colours in our designs to produce a bespoke version that's just right for you. We work closely with the public and trade alike in this respect.

AttikoArt is a British mother & daughter designer duo and creator of abstract art prints. Our pieces are all designed in house, and then printed exclusively to order in the UK using a traditional, high-grade giclee printing method. By transferring our original artwork to print, we can produce custom variations for you -

Do you have an upcoming project? Show us your room or interior design plans, and we will work with you to find one or more art pieces to complement your scheme. If you would like more information or to find out how AttikoArt could help with your current or upcoming project, please email

Temporary Catering Facilities

Mobile Kitchens Ltd specialises in the hire or sale of temporary catering facilities and foodservice equipment. Ideal for events or to provide temporary catering facilities during your kitchen refurbishment, our versatile units and equipment offer an efficient and economic solution to the caterers’ needs. Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens, Warewashing Units, Dry Store Units, Cold Rooms and Restaurant Units are available as individual units in their own right or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex. Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer-term hires.

The standard specification of our smallest Production Kitchen unit includes a six burner oven range, salamander grill, twin basket fryer, upright fridge, hot cupboard, single bowl sink unit with integral hand wash basin, plus ample power points to plug in Microwaves, Food Processors, Toasters etc. Internal equipment can be interchanged and clients can effectively specify their preferred layout. So if you’re planning a refurbishment or need to cater for an event then why not give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide advice and put forward a competitive proposal. For further information or to arrange a site visit, email: or call us on 0345 812 0800, or visit our website:

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CLH News

April/May 2022

Property and Professional

VAT Increase: Have Costs in the H&L Sector Reached Boiling Point? By Simon Armstrong, senior manager at accountancy firm, Menzies LLP ( At a time when costs are soaring and many businesses are still in recovery mode as a result of the pandemic, the return of 20 per cent VAT is likely to bring significant financial hardship for many hospitality and leisure (H&L) businesses. To remain viable, it’s vital that they manage costs carefully and keep a close eye on cashflow. On 1st April, the Government’s temporary reduction in VAT rates, introduced to support one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, came to an end. However, with the financial position of H&L businesses being put under pressure for a number of reasons, the return to 20 per cent VAT (from 12.5 per cent) has come at a challenging time. Facing a variety of inflationary pressures, which are contributing to rising costs for goods and services, H&L businesses, which may have large premises and restaurant kitchens, are especially vulnerable to rising energy prices. The impact of inflation and difficulties securing workers are pushing up wage costs, while ongoing supply shortages, including those caused by the Ukraine crisis, are also having a financial impact. According to findings from UK Hospitality, the sector is facing a 95 per cent hike in energy bills, 19 per cent increase in labour costs and 17 per cent increase in food costs.

most out of each cover, while improving efficiency levels.

Businesses may also need to repay Coronavirus Bounce Back Loans, taken out to help them survive the pandemic, while the cost-of-living crisis means that consumers may have less disposable income for activities such as eating out.

Decision makers should also focus on improving cashflow management. In the short term, this should involve making the most of payment terms with suppliers. For example, this could involve making payments on day 30, if they have 30-day payment terms. Thinking ahead about when rental and staff payments will be due and conducting cashflow predictions will also help them to plan ahead and ensure they’re able to cover any debts. At tough times, it might also be worth taking out short-term loans to get the company through a tough period, for example, securing an overdraft. In recent years, HMRC has shown greater flexibility with regards to agreeing payment plans in order to help businesses catch up with their tax payments, if they’re falling behind.

When it comes to strategies for mitigating the financial impact of the VAT increase, businesses have two main options. On the one hand, they can opt to pass cost increases onto customers by way of higher prices for their goods and services. The alternative is to absorb the VAT rate increase by accepting lower margins, or reducing costs across other areas of the business. With many consumers already feeling the squeeze, the decision to increase prices is reliant on customer goodwill and driving costs too high could see companies losing market share. Businesses should therefore adopt a big picture approach to cost reduction, considering how to improve the efficiency of the entire organisation. For each line in their profit and loss account, it’s important to consider whether it’s actually contributing to the success of the business and identify areas where they may not be achieving value for money. For example, can they negotiate with suppliers to gain more favourable contracts, achieve economies of scale through their purchasing practices or drive down overheads by installing solar panels or heat pumps, or outsourcing certain activities?

In the long term, techniques such as three-way forecasting, which involves combining data for a business’ profit and loss account, balance sheet and cashflow, can help companies to gain more certainty by assessing the financial impact of a number of different scenarios on their business model. For example, this might be a major recruitment drive or the launch of a new restaurant branch. Ultimately, decision makers should also ask themselves whether the business is viable in the long term, and seek expert support if the answer is no. With H&L businesses facing a perfect storm of cost-related challenges, the VAT increase could prove the last straw if they don’t take action now. By investing in a thorough cost reduction drive and implementing effective cashflow planning, businesses stand a better chance of improving their profitability and withstanding current and future challenges.

Restaurants and hotels should also consider ways to optimise their procurement activities and reduce wastage. There is now intelligent software available, providing businesses with enhanced visibility of vital sales data, such as understanding which products are providing the biggest margins. This can help companies to improve their menu planning and make the

Are You Struggling to RUN PROFITABLY Your Business?

or guidance.

There is MORE. You would also get access to “tried and tested” experts through our Bowden Group Alliance, where our fully approved colleagues If so, our bespoke Hospitality As part of his Mentoring-driven service, David has always provided ‘’free-of- are ALSO at your disposal for advice on areas such as legal advice, saving Mentoring & Consultancy service extra-charge’’ key weekly figures, analysis & reporting so that your finger is money on Utility bills, Marketing and more. OUR BOWDEN GROUP can help. Our Managing Consultant, always on the pulse of your business’s finances and performance. ALLIANCE MARKETING COLLEAGUE MATTHEW WILL EVEN GIVE David Hunter, has been a recognised YOU A MARKETING REVIEW … COMPLETELY F.O.C. … to help you The GOOD NEWS is that David has now made this service even more Management Consultant specialising in the Hospitality sector for over 30 accessible, with a lower ‘’entry level’’ ongoing Mentoring arrangement that to get your business going. is ‘’strapped on to’’ our providing those vital weekly figures to you. years. Without cost or obligation, David will also take a look at your figures and So … instead of just getting our own well-established, tried and tested discuss what could be ACHIEVED … again COMPLETELY F.O.C. … David’s mission is to provide practical advice, knowledge and expert- and very popular, weekly figures reporting system, you can now access If your business is struggling with financial or operational challenges, then David’s KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE via INCLUSIVE, and ise that will help your business to get in touch today. reach its full FINANCIAL POTENTIAL. AT NO EXTRA COST, four half-day on-site Mentoring & Consultancy visits every year (or two full days, depending on your location). MAXIMISE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL by calling David Hunter confidenOur bespoke Mentoring & Consultancy service focuses on the key areas of your business, such as PROFITABILITY, MANAGING PEOPLE, MARKETtially on 07831 407984 or 01628 487613, or message us via our website You get even more than that … David is always available to you at the ING and OPERATIONAL STRATEGY. at: end of the phone or via Email, and always on-hand when you need advice


• Well Established & Successful Restaurant in the Heart of Dartmouth • Dining Area with Spectacular Panoramic Window with Harbour & Estuary Views • 3/4 Bedroom Apartment – Could be Used for Holiday Letting/Staff/Owners • Highly Profitable Business, Ideal for ‘Owner Operator’ Couple • Must be Seen to be Appreciated – Retirement Sale





Established Licensed Café & Coffee Shop

Popular Day Time Café With Parking

Day Time Only, 4 Days a Week

Occupying Prominent Trading Location

Main Café Seating Area (30)

Main Café (30), Kitchen

Al Fresco Seating (12+)

Part Covered Al Fresco Terrace (16)

Profitable With Excellent Reputation

Must Be Viewed

Immaculate Detached Village Guest House 5 Quality Ensuite Letting Bedrooms Superior 2 Bed Owner’s Accommodation Commercial Kitchens, Car Park & Gardens Profitable Lifestyle B & B Business

LH £35,000


LH £29,995


FH £650,000




Substantial & Deceptively Spacious Inn

Quality Delicatessen & Coffee Shop

Bar & Dining Areas (140)

Character Main Bar (35+), Restaurants (50)

Equipped To Extremely High Standards

Trade Gardens & Patio Ares (64)

4 Quality Ensuite Letting Bedrooms

Prominent Town Centre Trading Position

6 Double Bed (2 Ensuite) Owners Accom.

3 Bed Owner’s Accom. & Sep. Flat

Unique & Profitable Business

Sought After Free of Tie Leasehold

Strong Trade & Profits

Alfresco Seating For 24 Customers


FH £597,000


LH £89,950


REF: 4008


PRICE: £45,000



PRICE: £525,000


REF: 4232

• A Fabulous Waterfront Inn with Far Reaching Views Over the South Devon Coastline • Large Open Plan Traditional Trading Area, Commercial Kitchen & Ancillaries • Outside Trade Patio Area & Balcony with Coastal Views • 1 Bed Owners Apartment with Sea Views & Secondary Managers Flat • 4 Letting Rooms on the Top Floor - 3 of which have Spectacular Sea Views



REF: 4188

PRICE: £299,950




Beautifully Restored Country Village Inn

Quality Licensed Café & Coffee Shop

Detached Free of Tie Village Inn

8 Quality Ensuite Letting Bedrooms

Daytime Only 5 Days a Week

Stunning High Turnover Freehouse

Lovely Restaurant Areas (65+)

Main Café (35), Fully Equipped

Character Restaurant Areas (84)

Al Fresco Seating Area (76)

Al Fresco Seating (20)

Double Bedroom Owner’s Apart.

Strong Turnover & Profits

Parking For 4 Vehicles

Gardens & Parking

FH £695,000


LH £85,000



LH £45,000

PRICE: £620,000


01392 201262


REF: 4184



REF: 4225

• Fabulous Freehold Opportunity within Dartmoor National Park • Charming Café/Bistro with Shop Trading Daytimes Only • Superb 2 Bed Self-Contained Accommodation • Huge Potential to Expand on Current Trade • Suitable for a Range of Catering Styles


REF: 3408

• Centrally Located Freehold Pub; Currently Closed & Priced to Sell • Main Open Plan Ground Floor Trading Area & Substantial ‘Back of House’ Space • Spacious Two Bedroom Owner’s Accommodation • Covered ‘Beer’ Terrace & Outside Decking over Two Levels • Would Suit Owner Occupier Operator or Alternatively Could Lend Itself to a Number of Alternative Uses (STP)



PRICE: £195,000 + VAT



• Substantial Completely Refurbished 18th Century Coaching Inn • 2 Character Trading Areas with Bar Serveries & Fully Equipped Commercial Kitchen • 5 Superior En-Suite Letting Rooms & Very Well Presented 3 Bed Private Accommodation • Outside Courtyard Trading Area, Car Park & Additional Storage • Skittle Alley/Function Room with Lapsed Planning Permission to Convert Upper Floor

• Superbly Refurbished & Upgraded Home & Income Premises • Turnkey Operation Suitable for a Variety of Catering Uses • Vibrant Ground Floor & 1st Floor Trade Areas with Delightful Trade Garden • Self-Contained Owners 2/3 Bedroom Maisonette • Located on Busy Pedestrianised Shopping Street



• Successful Fish & Chip Takeaway • Prominent Location Within Densely Populated Area • Majority of Trade Inventory Replaced in 2020 • Potential to Expand Menu Options & Offer Delivery • Genuine Sale Due to Health Reasons


Exceptional High Turnover Free of Tie Inn

LH £150,000

PRICE: £150,000


REF: 4239

• Charming Country Pub & Very Successful Business Situated in a Desirable Area • Character Trading Areas which have been Totally Refurbished • Fully Equipped Commercial Kitchen & Professional Back of House Space • Beautifully Appointed 3 Bedroom Owners Flat • Outside Sun Deck, Stunning Beer Garden, Children's Play Area & Car Park


PRICE: £800,000


REF: 4046

Property and Professional

VAT Considerations For Catering and Hospitality Operators Seeking to Terminate Leases Early

By Adam Cutler, director in Crowe’s VAT and Customs Duty Services team ( Changes to the way we live and work have meant some commercial premises are no longer viable locations for catering and hospitality operators. Terminating leases early can result in various payments and HMRC’s views on the VAT treatment of these has been unclear. Crowe’s Adam Cutler welcomes HMRC’s recent confirmations in this complex area. Even with the introduction of the temporary VAT rate for the hospitality sector, the food and accommodation business has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. While the remaining COVID-19 restrictions are finally easing across the UK, it is clear that the impact of the last two years is leading many businesses to reconsider their operating locations. Where these are now no longer viable, operators may be looking to terminate their leases early and this brings some potential complexity in relation to VAT. In September 2020, HMRC revised its policy in respect of the VAT treatment of early termination payments. Following representations, these changes were withdrawn and reconsidered, leading to a period of unwelcome uncertainty. In February 2022, HMRC confirmed its new approach, which must be applied from April 2022. For most tenants, early termination of a lease will involve making a ‘surrender’ payment to the landlord, or if the landlord wishes to terminate the lease early they may pay the tenant a ‘reverse surrender’. As payments for supplies of interest in land, these are exempt from VAT unless the party being paid has opted to tax the property. HMRC now views nearly all payments for early termination as further consideration for services for VAT purpos-

es, even if the payment is described as damages or compensation. So, if you are also terminating equipment leases at the same time, VAT will be due on these charges. HMRC now accepts that dilapidations (a payment the tenant agrees to pay if the property is not returned in the same condition as it was provided to them at the end of a property lease) will normally be outside the scope of VAT as it is in effect a damages or compensation charge. Alternatively, a lease may be assigned to another party or the property sub-let. These have different VAT treatments, so it is important to consider the implications of both. 1. Assignment: a. A payment to a new tenant to take on the lease is not considered a supply of land and will be standard rated. b. A payment from the new tenant to the existing tenant is a supply of land by the existing tenant and will be exempt from VAT unless an option to tax is in place. 2. Subletting: the rent will be exempt for VAT unless an option to tax is in place. If opted, the rent will be subject to VAT at the standard rate. The payment to the landlord to assign or sub-let is a supply of land by the landlord, so will be subject to the standard rate of VAT if the landlord has opted to tax the building. Operators receiving a payment to surrender, assign or sub-let their lease will find themselves providing VATexempt services if they do not opt to tax the property. While this may be welcome by the other party, it may restrict the operator’s VAT recovery. While there may be an understandable desire for landlords and operators to terminate leases quickly, in our experience VAT is not often considered; or, if it is, it is only done so when it is too late. These transactions are often high value and typically businesses are not familiar with the complex VAT property rules, so taking advice early can avoid expensive and unexpected issues arising later on.

Changes to NICs Will Help to Fill Hospitality Shifts Recent increases in the National Insurance threshold and National Living Wage should help hospitality businesses to fill some of the gaps in their staff rotas, say workforce management specialists Bizimply. CEO Conor Shaw said: “The changes will largely benefit part-time employees such as students, who will take home more for every shift they work. If that’s enough of an incentive for them to take on additional hours, then it’s a good result for the many hospitality operators who are struggling to fully staff their business.” Bizimply’s software helps employers to put the new NI and NLW rates in place quickly, so team members who benefit from the changes will see the difference promptly. Shaw adds: “These changes will be of some help in filling shifts, but they won’t solve the hospitality recruitment crisis. In the medium term, most businesses will be operating with permanent vacancies – which makes it all the more important to have your existing team working at 100% efficiency. “That doesn’t mean working staff harder – but man-

aging and motivating them, so that they enjoy their job, deliver better customer service and are more likely to stay with you. Simple things like giving team members plenty of notice of shifts, and ensuring they’re promptly paid when they do work extra hours, can a long way to create a happier, more loyal workforce.” Bizimply’s software helps businesses reduce the amount of time spent creating staff rotas and sorting out payroll. They estimate a time saving of up to six hours a week using their software to draw up rotas, compared to using Excel or similar. For a free demonstration or more information:

Help Is At Hand For Businesses Devastated by the Covid–19 Virus The Government is backing a new lending scheme that is aimed at getting funds out to struggling businesses that have seen profits impacted by coronavirus and whilst hotels, restaurants and public houses along with B&B’s and other hospitality businesses all struggled through the lockdowns we are pleased to let you know help is at hand. Repayments will be anything up to a 25 year profile, meaning repayments will be low and give the best chance for business recovery. Loans will normally be secured against the freehold, or long leasehold value, but can be used for any purpose including refinance, debt consolidation, providing additional working capital and even purchasing of another

business. Professional brokers, Global, have 31 years’ experience in introducing business owners to helpful and competitively priced banks, often not on the High St. but based in The City, with regional offices and a fresh modern way of working and providing business loans nationally. Global will help you with the funding options and chat to the lenders to obtain the best terms before presenting them too you. Once you choose a loan option, Global will work to obtain an approval from the lender prior to any business valuation, so you know the bank is supportive and wants to take the process forward towards a loan pay out. Email

April/May 2022

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