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PM Promises to Slash Rates for Pubs & Restaurants

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Image by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Struggling businesses including pubs, bars & restaurants will see their business rates halved this year, the government has confirmed.

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Discounts for small businesses are expected to increase from 33% to 50%, with around half a million shops, restaurants and pubs being the main beneficiaries. The tax break, which applies to all businesses with a rateable value below £51,000 and will come into effect in April, providing savings of up to £12,500. The 50% discount, the government has announced as part of the Queens’ speech last month. During the first half of 2019 research from Altus group reveal that around 40 pubs a month were closing, however the good news was that this rate has almost halved from the same period in 2018. According to research by accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young the number of restaurants which fell into insolvency during the past year increased by 25% exceeding over 1400 throughout the UK. This was the highest number of insolvencies for the sector since 2014. Aside from the

He said “My colleagues and I at @savestapubs have been working tirelessly and completely self funded for 3 years in and out of Westminster to reduce the enormous increases in business rates some of us have seen, we have seen a shift but sadly no where near the areas worst effected. Ours! They sadly remain the same


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Earlier this month a St Albans pub, reputed to be one of the oldest pubs in England announced it had been forced to reduce it hours to help stay afloat due to the increased burden of business rates. Licensee Christo Tofalli at Ye Old Fighting Cocks (YOFC) announced on Facebook that the pub will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays until the beginning of March. Christo is also a member the campaign group “Save St Alban Pubs” set up to support pubs in the area and lobby for a review of the rates system.

and equally devastating.” “Although the government have announced further business rate relief for pubs with a Rateable Value BELOW £51k. Due to a major problem with the Valuation Office Agency failing to implement their own guidelines, thousands of pubs, including YOFC continue to suffer.” So the government announcement give the industry boost. It is estimated that nine out of 10 independent businesses will qualify for the relief, and for the first time, independent cinemas and music venues will also qualify, in a bid to safeguard local entertainment. A budget in March will announce a review of the whole rates regime, Chancellor Sajid Javid said: “We want to reinvigorate communities up and down our great country, helping people put the heart back into the places they call home. That’s why we’re taking action to save our high streets and keep pubs, cafes and hairdressers open by slashing their business rate bills by a half.” (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3...)


• 24/7 unrestricted access to David Hunter … a Consultant / Mentor with over 30 years experience of doing just this, in YOUR industry … and with a very solid track record …

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hundreds of small independent restaurants closed big names such as Jamie’s Italian, Gaucho, Prezzo, Carluccio’s, Byrons and Strada had either gone into liquidation , sought creditors voluntary arrangements or closed sites.

CCI Services is very proud to be a member of the Bowden Group Alliance and is thus fully Accredited as a supplier by David Hunter and The Bowden Group

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Editor's Viewpoint

January 2020

Welcome to the January 2020 issue of CLH News. And a Happy New Year to you all!!!!! “Do in 2020 what you did in 2019- Expect the same results” 2019 was a difficult year for the hospitality and ontrade sector in so many ways. While it is easy to blame Brexit, my honest opinion is that the utter mess we made following our decision to leave literalEDITOR ly “sucked the confidence” out of the economy. To add to that, and I have my own personal reasons as to why, our then Chancellor Philip Hammond decided to rack up business rates at a time when all businesses were struggling. The retail sector has been devastated, and as you will see in our front page, one of the oldest pubs in England announced that it is closing for several days a week until March due to the excessive burden of rates. Business rates have had such a negative impact on the sector the biggest surprise is that more businesses haven’t closed down. The Government has promised support and announced in the Queen’s Speech that it will increase the retail discount on rates by a third to 50%, at a cost of £320 million. Resulting in 9 out of 10 independent firms expected to qualify for the relief, which is eligible to retailers with a rateable value below £51,000 – giving them a saving of up to £12,500 in total. There are other issues that urgently need addressing. Alcohol taxes in particular. Duty on alcohol UK is eye-watering. Taxation in the UK currently accounts for almost £3 in every £4 of the price of a bottle of whisky with tax on a bottle of spirits is 28.7p per unit, compared to a rate of 24.8p on wine, 19.1p on beer and 6.7p on cider. To put some perspective on that, the UK has one of the highest Beer Duty (tax) rates in Europe and is three times the EU average. The government collects £3.5 billion every year in Beer Duty, as well as almost £10 billion in other taxes on pubs and brewers. Today one in every three pounds spent in pubs goes to the taxman. Added to that are the rates of VAT on hotel accommodation in Europe compared to the UK. Europe was quick to realise that reducing VAT on overnight accommodation stimulates spending in the sector and reduced their VAT rates accordingly. We are one of only three countries in Europe that have not cut tourism VAT. While ours remains stagnant 20% Belgium is 6%, Germany 7%, Ireland 9%, France and Spain 10%, and Sweden 12%. Most countries average less than half what we charge! It is blatantly obvious the sector is overtaxed, and has so much potential if the playing field were levelled. We are leaving Europe, the decision has been made. The debate and argument is over, and at the time of writing this there are 13 days eight hours and 47 minutes until we leave. We call on the Prime Minister to be bold and make some huge and positive changes to the hospitality, licensed and tourist industry, and he can start not by freezing duty on alcohol in the on trade but by reducing it! On a side note, are now at the beginning of exhibition season and CLH News will be exhibiting at the beginning of February at the Source show in Exeter (see feature this issue, we are also at Expo West tradeshow in Cornwall March 3-5 of March, and also at HCR show at Excel in London at the same time, if you are attending the shows please do stop by our stand we always welcome industry input.

Peter Adams

U.C.I lamps have been specifically designed to be energy efficient for use in the catering industry. They are use in heated counters and serveries of establishments such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, hospitals, schools, prisons, army bases, universities etc. This low pressure design offers along service life of 8000 hrs! that’s 60% longer than other manufacturers.

The catering heat lamps are available in two overall lengths of 118mm & 220mm, and supplied in 200, 300 and 500W power ratings.

Accessories available. The novel design features give them stability in catering environments at competitive prices.

All lamps are CE approval and manufactured to EN60335-1:2005 and EN60335-2-30:2003, the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and the RoHS Directive.

Our heat lamps will keep food warm at a constant temperature which can be controlled by the use of a variable power controller.

Read all the latest news from the licensed industry at

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EDITOR Peter Adams

SALES EXECUTIVES David Bartlett Guy Stephenson


PRODUCTION & WEB ADMIN Shelly Roche Published by

Welcoming the announcement UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Improving the business rates system is paramount and the Government commitment to a review is very welcome. Rates have arguably been the single biggest barrier to growth for hospitality and a shake-up of the whole business tax system is overdue. UKHospitality has been pushing for a review vocally and persistently for years so it is great to see the Government listening to our message. “Additional support for pubs, which have been hit so hard by rates in recent years is a great first step. This support does need to apply to the whole of hospitality,

though, and we will continue to push the Government to ensure that the business tax system is fit for purpose in the 21st Century. “The Government’s agenda is clearly built around supporting businesses. This is very welcome, not least because we know that hospitality is a vehicle by which regeneration and economic prosperity can be delivered to the UK’s high streets, seaside towns and cities across the UK.” “We are also pleased to see the Government move towards an immigration policy which supports the economy and businesses. A fair and managed, three-tier system at all salary and skilled levels, hand-in-hand with

WSTA Calls On The Chancellor Cut Wine and Spirit Duty

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association is calling on the new Government to cut alcohol duty as consumers face coughing up some of the highest prices in Europe for their tipples. Brits will be shocked to know the true reality of the tax on their shopping. For every bottle of average priced spirit (at 40% ABV) purchased a whopping 73%, £8.05, goes straight to the Treasury. For an average priced bottle of still wine 55%, £2.23, goes directly to the taxman – sparkling wine duty is even higher at £2.77. Wine is the UK’s most popular drink, enjoyed by 33 million Brits, but as a result of the Chancellor’s decision to single out wine for a duty increase at the last Budget, income from wine receipts actually decreased from last year’s take. The HMRC Alcohol Bulletin figures released last month show that wine duty receipts for the last six months are down 2.1% on last year. If the 2.1% drop plays out for the whole year then Treasury would be set to lose £92 million compared to 2018. For beer and spirits, both of which received a duty freeze, the revenue income was more positive with beer up 2.4% and sprits up 1.7%. Further proof that raising alcohol duty is not only bad for business, bad for consumers but also bad news for the Treasury. The UK alcohol industry is one of the most heavily

taxed in Europe, with British drinkers paying an extraordinary 69% of all wine duties collected by all 28 EU member states and 25% of all spirits duties. This is by far the most of any member state despite accounting for only 11 per cent of the total EU population.

investment in skills and training, is a must. This will avoid exacerbating labour shortages, keep the economy at full strength and allow hospitality to continue its work boosting the domestic workforce. An immigration system which is evidence-led and values skills at all levels is essential for hospitality and the wider economy.” Mike Clist, British Institute of Innkeeping CEO commented: “We are delighted that the new Government has recognised the importance of supporting high street businesses, and in particular those in hospitality who provide so much help to their local communities. Our members do more than just sell goods and services – they are a haven for the lonely and provide employment and a fantastic career opportunity for so many local people. They deserve the financial support that this announcement gives, to ensure that they can continue to be the vital hubs of the community that they are.”



CLH News


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PM Promises to Slash Rates for Pubs, & Restaurants

January 2020




Miles Beale, chief executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, said: “Comparing the wine and spirit tax regime in the UK to that in France puts the UK’s excessively high rate of excise duty firmly in the spotlight. The Treasury will be taking more money than ever from British businesses and consumers this Christmas while our French cousins’ booze bill will be much more palatable. “The latest Government figures clearly show that increasing duty is not only bad for business and consumers but is bad for the public purse too. By delivering a freeze to beer and spirits at the last Budget the Treasury landed a bumper tax windfall. In contrast after a rise to wine duty the Treasury lost revenue. We are calling on the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, to support British consumers, pubs and the wider hospitality trade by cutting alcohol duty.” The wine and spirit industry plays a hugely important role in the UK’s economy, supporting some 369,000 jobs and generating £49 billion in economic activity.





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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

January 2020

Disengaged and Disconnected? Improving Interaction With Frontline Employees

Iain Phillips Leaves Panasonic After 20 Years to Join Up with Regale

By Robert Darling, COO & CCO at mobile-first technology firm Eko (www.ekoapp.com) The hospitality industry has the highest percentage of millennial employees compared with other industries (49.9%) and most of them are frontline non-desk staff. When it comes to interaction and development, research shows that today's younger workforce don’t want to learn and progress via paper-based methods. They want immediate feedback from their leadership in line with their training and career progression. This can be difficult in what is predominantly a widely dispersed workforce. It’s easy to become disconnected and isolated from the team, which impacts not just on employee wellbeing but on engagement and productivity too. When staff are disengaged or disconnected they are no longer passionate about their job. Key signs might be reduced concentration, an inability to complete tasks, increased mistakes or errors, lack of visible effort and a lethargic mentality to complete the bare minimum. Going the extra mile for customers doesn’t factor into this, neither does looking for new challenges or taking on new responsibilities. In a similar vein, absenteeism is likely to increase too as employees take regular sick days, which can be particularly hard on hotels and food service businesses during busy seasonal periods.

NOWHERE TO HIDE The difficulty is, hospitality is such a customer-centric and people-facing industry. From the receptionist to the waiting staff and the gardener, there is nowhere to hide. Listening to guest requests and ensuring customer satisfaction is part of the role, moment to moment. The industry attracts a lot of younger workers wanting to avoid being sat behind a desk, with flexible hours and handson work. In a predominantly non-desk environment people are often constantly on their feet and the team is usually dispersed across various locations, responsible for different tasks. Without the ability to connect with team members ‘in the moment’, inclusion becomes difficult and employees can soon feel isolated from their team and leaders. It becomes much harder to communicate with each other and to form strong, personal and professional bonds, which are essential for good team camaraderie and a sense of community and belonging. It also means important workplace updates and changes often don’t reach everyone transparently, accurately or at the right time. Because of this, non-desk workers are more likely to fall out of the loop on changes or updates that occur and can easily become siloed.

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve at pace, so too does the need to retain talent and build close-knit, productive and happy teams. Cases of workplace related mental illness are at an all time high and culture is suffering too. But in an industry saturated with millennial workers, businesses need to work smarter in line with how this generation best responds and interacts. Now more than ever, there is a widespread expectation for technology to support communications in the hospitality sector just as in daily life.

BARRIERS TO TECH MAY IMPACT ABILITY TO CONNECT Interestingly many firms are still hesitant to introduce new channels of communication to their workforce because they fear that the use of technology and digital devices will hinder the ‘human touch’ that the industry relies on. This barrier could impact the ability to engage and connect with staff in real time during their working day. Since most young workers are looking to advance their skills through hands-on experience, businesses have to ensure that they widen the channels of communication and access to development in a familiar way that people can relate to. Many hospitality firms today are turning to mobile communications technology to reach out to young non-desk talents efficiently and in a relatable way. We live in a very ‘instant-led' world today and it is important for the industry to be able to connect and give feedback to staff in an accessible way, anywhere, anytime. Whether that means sharing a compliment about a member of staff, rewarding someone for going the extra mile or simply making a company wide announcement. What a millennial employee looks for in their employer is vastly different to that of previous generations. They want a close-knit relationship with their managers and to receive constant feedback as part of ongoing conversations rather than via annual reviews. They want to learn from a manager that acts as a coach rather than a boss, prefer to focus on developing their strengths rather than fixing their weaknesses, and deem growth has a huge part of their takeaway from a job. Overall, there is a major shift away from prioritising stability and high salary towards prioritising valuable experiences that help them grow as individuals.

OPENING MORE CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION As a sector, there is a need to open more communication channels and encourage more contact hours between frontline staff and management. That means businesses need to look for communication methods that are suitable to the many operational pillars that come with the nature of non-desk work. It’s also important that these conversations happen on an individual, team-based and company-wide basis to ensure that nothing falls through the gaps and all employees are included. Opening channels for two-way conversations and feedback is crucial, as it enables staff to feel like they can contribute their ideas to the workplace operations with a voice that is valued. Teams will only truly succeed long terms in an environment that is open and transparent and makes staff feel welcomed and engaged.

Panasonic’s UK commercial oven sales chief is leaving the business after more than two decades and will join Regale Microwave Ovens. Iain Phillips, who has served the last nine years as sales and marketing manager at Panasonic, will start his new position on 3 February. He will join the Hampshire-based microwave specialist as deputy managing director, working alongside current MD Pat Bray. The pair already have a strong relationship through the companies’ long-term wholesale trading partnership, while Regale produces cavity protection systems that are used in Panasonic microwaves. Mr Bray said: “We are delighted that Iain is going to be joining our team as we have ambitious plans for future growth, especially around our unique Microsave Cavity Protection Liner. “Iain has considerable experience in this field, and we have worked together successfully for many years, for the last nine years as Panasonic’s number one commercial microwave wholesaler. We are now looking forward to further enhancing our relationship with Panasonic and combining our experience to take Regale to the next level.” Mr Phillips will leave behind a big pair of shoes to fill. He has overseen the growth of Panasonic’s commercial microwave oven business and was instrumental in the design and launch of the world’s first all-metal door microwave with inverter technology. During his time at the helm of the sales operation, the company’s professional cooking division has tripled in size. Last year, Panasonic Corporation announced a deal with Regale Microwave Ovens to distribute its Microsave Cavity Liner globally. In what was described as an unprecedented move at the time, the companies outlined how global arrangements will be positioned to enable distribution of the liner, via Regale, to any catering equipment wholesaler or distributor worldwide.

Positive Festive Trading Cheers Eating and Drinking-Out Market Britain may have fallen out of love with shopping on the High Street over the festive period, but consumers continued to go out to eat and drink over Christmas and the New Year, latest industry figures show. Pub, bar and restaurant groups saw collective like-for-like sales grow by 2.5% over the six weeks of the festive season, compared to the same period in 2018, with food and drink spend both increasing, according to the Coffer Peach Business Tracker, the sector’s established benchmark. “It has been a challenging year for the eating and drinking-out market, so these figures will be a welcome boost for operators. Christmas and New Year is a vital time for the industry, so to see positive growth is good news,” said Karl Chessell, director of CGA, the business insight consultancy that produces the Tracker, in partnership with The Coffer Group and RSM. “These results underline the fact that the public still wants to go out to enjoy themselves over the holiday period, but also emphasise how important this time of year is to the health of the market, and that operators have to keep creating good reasons for people to go out,” Chessell added. Trading was positive across all parts of the market. Restaurant chains saw a 2.3% uplift in like-for-likes, with managed pub and bar groups up 2.7% on 2018. Drink-led pubs out-did their food-led counterparts, but food sales

January 2020

CLH News

Don’t Get Sin-Binned During The Rugby Six Nations This February

also did well. Across the managed pub sector, drink sales were up 2.4%, with food up 2.2%. “For the first time, the Coffer Peach Tracker has been able to pull out separate figures for bar companies in the Tracker cohort, providing a more detailed analysis of the trading landscape. While the whole market performed well, the star performers were bar businesses, which saw a collective 3.9% uplift in like-for-like sales,” added Chessell. Paul Newman, Head of Leisure and Hospitality at RSM said: “Operators will be celebrating a festive gift that ends a challenging year on a welcome high. Like-for-likes improved for both restaurants and wet-led businesses despite strong performance in the same period last year on top of the heavy rain and the political uncertainty affecting much of December. With consumer confidence finally improving, brands will look to carry this sales momentum into the New Year by capitalising on the trends for veganuary and alcohol alternative drinks without resorting to heavy discounting.” “There is a post-election sense of optimism, and food and drink consumers have driven the first wave of this during the pre-Christmas period,” said Mark Sheehan, Managing Director at Coffer Corporate Leisure. “This year, we are starting to see cautious confidence in the market although expect that any uplift in trade and consumer confidence will be steady rather than spectacular. We expect market activity in 2020 to see an increase on 2019 levels.”

The Guinness Six Nations Rugby Championship takes place this February. As a venue owner or manager you may be considering how you can entice your customers away from their couches and into your establishment to enjoy the excitement of the match with other fans. However, before you adorn your walls with the flags of the nations taking part, and offer deals on pints of the black stuff and burgers during the game, have you checked that your business is correctly licensed to be showing the games – including the music used as part of the TV broadcasts? We have put together a quick guide to keep you out of the licensing sin-bin this Rugby Six Nations.


therefore usually need TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS Ltd if you’re using the television for showing sports and other programming in public.

WHY DO I NEED A TV LICENCE AND A MUSIC LICENCE? A TV licence allows you to receive the broadcast signal to the television within your business. However, it does not give you permission to play or perform the music within the broadcast. Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, permission is needed from the relevant copyright holders – those people who create music – in order to play or perform music in public. TheMusicLicence gives you that permission, for virtually all commercially released music available.

Obviously, a TV licence will be required to show So, this February, make sure you are correctly the games to your customers. However, sports prolicensed to entertain and refresh your customers, gramming uses more music than people often from the very first try through to the final whistle! realise, such as in the opening and closing titles, See the advert on page 19 or highlights and featured sequences, as well as the pplprs.co.uk/getyourlicence/ advertisements during commercial breaks. You'll

Liqueur Sales “Hit Highest Level to Date” In Both on And Off Trade reached 25 million bottles, while 18 million bottles of cream liqueurs were sold, marking a 4% increase for the total category compared to the previous 12 months.

Sales of liqueurs enjoyed a continued increase, soaring to £1.3bn, hitting their highest level to date with an estimated 43 million bottles sold across both the on and off-trade in the last 12 months. According to figures released by the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) sales of non-cream liqueurs

The growth say WSTA is attributed to a continuing trend of “Instagrammable drinks” with pubs and bars expanding their cocktail menus and innovative creativity from bartenders producing new cocktails. aAmost 10 million bottles of non-cream liqueurs sold in pubs, bars and restaurants. Further growth is expected this coming y as drinkers continue experiment with “new and exciting drinks choices and sharing their finds


on social media”, the WSTA said. WSTA chief executive Miles Beale said “Last year the WSTA highlighted that liqueurs have often been overlooked in the spirits category, but our sales data shows a renewed interest from UK consumers. The liqueur category covers an array of colours making liqueur drinks very instagrammable.” Last summer data by cocktail ingredient producer Funkin, revealed that since 2014 the number of ontrade outlets serving cocktails has risen by 75% to 42,000, with nine million consumers drinking cocktails on a night out.

Give your pub and hotel guests a free wireless TV headset • The free AudioZone app lets guests tune into silent TVs with their phone. • Let sports fans hear match audio while you have music in the bar • Hotel guests can watch TV without keeping other guests awake • Show news broadcasts without ugly subtitles • Fantastic service for hearing impaired guests

The standard AudioZone service is free to all UK pubs and hotels and requires no hardware installation or account registration. Contact us for promotional materials.

sales@audiozone.net 0207 175 8880 www.AudioZone.net


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

January 2020

Menu Design Plays A Key Role In Maximising Food Sales For Hospitality Operators What role does our brain play in the way we read menus? In the first in a series on menu design and engineering, Dora Furman, Vice President, Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), takes a look at current industry practices on how operators use menu design to drive sales. The saying goes that we eat with our eyes and there’s definitely truth in that. A summary of research published in the Elsevier Journal of Brain and Cognition in 2016 goes as far back as Apicius, a 1st Century Roman gourmand, who first noted the concept. Scientists attribute the idea to evolutionary development – meaning the sight of food brings instant comfort, knowing as a race that we’re going to survive at least into the immediate future. To its extreme, the concept continues into the digital age, with the foodporn phenomenon that took social media by storm and still shows no signs of abating. #Food is now the number 25 most popular hashtag on Instagram. In a recent study conducted by Global Wireless Solutions, nearly a fifth of London restaurant customers complained their meals had been ‘ruined’ by poor mobile reception preventing them uploading pictures and videos onto Instagram. Simply, the sight of well-presented food and evocative yet simple descriptions of each dish are intrinsic to restaurant design and, by turn, demonstrate that it’s clear the menu remains crucial to its success.

BEST PRACTICE TO DRIVE AVERAGE SPEND The first tip is to ensure the menu reads simply and the ordering process is logical. For example, in a casual and fine dining setting, operators should

encourage the customer to start their order with a drink. Logically thinking, the drinks section should then lead into starters, main dishes and desserts. While the addition of a drink with an order is an obvious upsell, the opportunity to ensure there is a dessert attachment shouldn’t be missed. Dessert is frequently the final decision in many orders after the customer has already committed to multiple other dishes but there are ways to ensure this valuable course isn’t forgotten. One of the easiest ways to guarantee a dessert sale is to bundle it into a meal deal or to request that it is selected at the start. A well-designed menu helps to alleviate the anxiety or confusion that may occur when there is a vast amount of product offerings. A good design will also help drive profit by nudging consumers towards certain products.

TRANSLATING 1980S RESEARCH FOR A DIGITAL WORLD There are plenty of assumptions across the industry concerning just what operators should consider when designing a menu, from product imagery and different fonts to symbols and boxes, as well as the most enticing item descriptions which showcase brand personality, to name a few. There is also some argument that item location within the menu is a key influencer in the decision-making process. Differing researchers have published results relating to reading patterns and/or eye movements. However, with the evolution of fourth and fifth screen media, the question is how relevant are the findings from the late 1980s that we are all so familiar with but which were made studying printed menus? Many consumers now live in a digital world, with a generation growing up with tablets. To definitively identify how customers read menus today needs well-founded research that includes eye-tracking studies, analysis of facial expression and assessment of instant reactions – something the team at RMS and our academic research partners

at the Sales & Marketing Innovation Lab at the University of South Florida (USF) are currently in the process of investigating – with some fascination! Our aim is to dispel some of the myths and provide operators with evidence-based insights they can really use. We hope to publish the results by mid-November 2019.

ENGAGE ALL FIVE SENSES Reading a menu involves imagination or experience to calculate the tastiness of an item. Leveraging all five senses can help expedite the decision-making process because these senses are immediate, help us to interpret data and sway the decision. So whether it’s a visual cue, such as photography, or a physical showcase – think of the classic dessert trolley being rolled to the table – or a scent, such as freshly made bread, coffee or the sweet smell of the cake display – harnessing the power of the senses is vital. Digital signs, which rotate or display moving images, can also assist with the effective delivery of visual cues where operators find themselves limited on space. However, determining the content and pace of those messages dictates how successful they are. If not executed properly, digital signage can be detrimental to the business, for example displaying a message that can be misinterpreted by the customer because it moves too fast and no message is received or highlighting items that inadvertently result in a lower average spend. At the same time, colour science has been proven across many industries and is constantly deployed by marketers. Establishing a colour palette that relates to the style of the menu can increase uptake of the items within it. Much of the skill in designing a menu aligns with how the menu is engineered. Part 2 in our series on menu psychology will delve deeper into this and what operators need to do to drive those all-important sales. For further information about Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), visit www.revenuemanage.com or call 020 3755 0960.

ASK Restaurant Fined £40,000 for “Misleading” Lobster Dish Government-Backed Food Safety Guide

Italian restaurant chain ASK has been fined £40,000 for misleading customers about a lobster dish. The restaurant chain had been selling the Aragosta e Gamberoni - lobster and king prawns - pasta dish for £14.95 in its 112 outlets around the UK for years, however the meal was actually made not from chunks of lobster but with 70p worth of a lobster and fish mix, a cheaper product which is a fraction of the cost of the cultured crustacea.. Azzuri Restaurants Limited, which trades as ASK Italian, admitted the charge at Swansea Magistrates' Court last November. This came after the lack of lobster in the dish was spotted by a Trading Standards officer during a routine visit to a branch in the city. Sales of the dish amounted to £3m across the UK since it was launched in 2014, though the charge spanned the period between 1 December 2016 and 20 March 2019 - when Swansea Trading Standards alerted ASK and it removed the dish from its menu. Lee Reynolds, prosecuting on behalf of the local authority, said the issue

came to light after an inspector visited Ask on Swansea 's Wind Street in March 2019. He said the council officer selected a dish from the menu called Aragosta e Gamberoni - which was described on the menu as "lobster and king prawns in a creamy tomato sauce with a hint of chilli" - and asked to see the ingrdients. The barrister said the officer was shown the raw ingredients but to her "it did not look like or resemble lobster meat" so she asked to see the original packaging. When the inspector was shown the pack it turned out to be something called Lobster Sensations, which described itself as "A delicious blend of real lobster and lobster flavoured seafood made with surimi, a fully cooked fish protein". ASK apologised for what it described as an error, and accepted that without reference to white fish, the menu description was incomplete and likely to mislead. It denied having a financial motivation and said the item had the lowest profit margin of all the restaurant's pasta dishes, adding there was no health and safety risk associated with this case.

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Saving The Food Industry

The issue of incorrect food labelling featured in the news again reminds caterers and restaurant owners of the damage that inaccurate or false food labelling can do to business. Trading Standards Officers across the country routinely inspect dishes served across the country for the good of UK consumers. Did you know there is a free online resource available for caterers which includes in-depth advice on food labelling as well as myriad other topics concerning food safety and trading laws in general? Backed by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI),

the Business Companion website is a one-stop solution for regulatory queries. Easy to use, all you need to do is search the topic of your question in the search box, and you will be met with links to answers for your question. Packed with advice written by industry experts, Business Companion helps you avoid the pitfalls of consumer protection at no charge. The site can help you improve your business practices and avoid the embarrassment and reputational damage that a failed inspection brings. Simply head on over to www.businesscompanion.info with your questions and start building a better business free of charge today! See the advert on page 8 for details.

Community Funding Boost Gives Pubs Good Cheer The Government’s Communities Secretary, Robert Jenrick, has announced renewed support for Pub is The Hub’s work with a £500,000 funding boost. This additional funding will enable a range of projects providing new, pub-based community services – from post offices and shops to libraries and allotments – available in rural and remote communities and will help to sustain pubs as community assets and businesses. The funding for Pub is The Hub is part of a £1.15 million fund to support pubs in the community and pubs run by the community with a further £650,000 being allocated to a second More Than a Pub programme. More Than a Pub provides small grants and specialist advice for community groups at the start of their journey to community ownership of their local pub. It also supports groups later in the process who require specialist professional advice with larger grants and loans to help with business planning, con-

veyancing, architectural help or financial advice. Secretary of State for Communities Rt. Hon. Robert Jenrick said: “The Great British pub is one of the cornerstones of British life. From the Rose and Crown, to the King’s Arms, our pubs remain at the very heart of our cities, towns and villages. “This new funding will boost the number of community-owned pubs and pub-based community services. It will offer sustainability and create valuable new jobs in the process, both in our great pubs and within our great communities. “Pubs run by the community and for the community help bring people closer together. Importantly, they are a space for older, vulnerable and more isolated residents to access important local services and feel part of their communities.” John Longden, Chief Executive of Pub is The Hub, commented: “We welcome the govern-

ment’s recognition of the wider social role that licensees, as small business owners, and their staff can play in supporting and providing additional services and activities to support their local communities. “Pubs run by good licensees are part of our national identity and can strengthen the fabric of all communities, particularly in rural areas where they support issues such as loneliness or social isolation.” Pub is the Hub was set up in 2001 with the support of HRH the Prince of Wales to help improve community services and activities primarily in rural and remote areas. The organisation is staffed mostly by volunteers and works with pub licensees, local authorities, local communities and industry partners helping hundreds of pubs across the country provide a wide range of services and facilities for their local communities. The government has supported Pub is The Hub with over £1 million of funding since 2013.

January 2020

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Opportunity for Pubs To “Create Their Own Advert” Sky is offering its licensed trade customers the opportunity to create a TV advert and have an advertising campaign made exclusively for their business. The campaign will be delivered via Adsmart from Sky, which they say “levels the playing field” so that businesses – whatever their shape or size – can benefit from the power and impact of TV. With AdSmart, different adverts can be shown to different households watching the same programme. This means that pubs can advertise on national channels but to relevant audiences in their local postcode area, giving a more local and targeted approach. Tracy Harrison, Director of Marketing at Sky Business said; “Imagine if you had Sky’s creative team at your disposal to make a TV advert promoting your pub and creating a campaign that targets audiences in their local postcode area?” “That’s exactly what we are offering one lucky Sky Business customer – along with thousands of pounds worth of free, targeted

advertising space across Sky’s channels – all of which has been designed to help drive footfall. The opportunity to showcase all that is good and great about their business to their local community and beyond is just one click away.“ The competition, which closes on Friday 31st January 2020, is quick and easy to enter. To help pubs promote the sport that their customers love, a range of free point-of-sale material is available to order through MySkySports.com, including posters, beer mats and table talkers. To enter the competition, all licensees need to do is order the free pack through MySkySports.com and they’ll be automatically entered into the competition. The competition runs throughout January. All Sky customers need to do to enter is register or log onto MySkySports.com and request a free POS pack. The winning venue will be chosen at random and notified by 7 February.

Top Brands Predict an Exciting Year of Acceleration Ahead for the Low/No Alcohol Category

Some of hospitality’s top drinks brands are predicting that 2020 will be an exciting year of acceleration for the emerging low/no alcohol drinks category that will continue to build momentum beyond dry January. Whilst the facts around changing drinking behaviours have been widely available for some time, there has been a noticeable sea change in opinion, with more on trade operators beginning to realise the potential of stocking a range of alcohol free and low alcohol products. Kamila Sitwell, Founder of Kolibri Drinks commented “The on-trade now acknowledges that there is a need to cater for those who are not drinking, or are drinking less, and, whilst some believe that a handful of mocktails on their menus might be the solution, most are realising

that the emerging category needs a range of solutions for all types of occasions and they must be as exciting as their choice of alcoholic beverages.” Mathilde Boulachin, CEO & Owner of Pierre Chavin added “You just have to look at consumer interest to know that things are starting to change. According to google trends, for example, online searches for the phrase “non-alcoholic” is up 81% across global searches over the past year.” “This is an entirely new revenue stream for outlets which won’t cannibalise their alcoholic drinks offer. It enables teetotal consumers to switch from water or soft drinks to a more sophisticated adult drink and alcohol-free wines offer a very interesting alternative to accompany gourmet meals.” As with any changing consumer demand, there are real benefits for operators who get it right and offering inclusivity for all kinds of drinker is important. “There’s an opportunity to trade up from sugary, calorific soft drinks and generate incremental revenue” said James Pattison, Marketing Manager of Stryyk. “Given the market trend for healthy choice, getting your offer right can put more money in the till, with 33% of consumers happy to pay £6 for a quality non-alcoholic drink.” The three brands are amongst the seventy plus exhibiting at the Low 2 No Bev Show at The Old Truman Brewery in London on 17th and 18th June

which has been developed to provide a wider understanding of the emerging category for the licensed retail, hospitality, convenience and out of home sectors in on and off trade. “Declining alcohol consumption coupled with strong innovation in low and no-alcohol drinks indicates to us that the sector is set for strong growth and the community needs an opportunity to come together to better understand and realise the full potential that is out there,” said Andrew Reed, Managing Director of Exhibitions at William Reed. For 2020, “trialling is key” confirmed James Pattison, “but any brand can trial, so we have developed a revolutionary menu hack for our products to work in conjunction with any level of operator and actually save menu space. By placing a S asterisk next to any vodka, gin or rum cocktail and swapping out the alcoholic spirit for a delicious Stryyk alternative, the operator can extend their alcoholic and non-alcoholic offerings at the same time.” Outlining plans for Pierre Chavin, Mathilde Boulachin added “we are planning a lot of activation in 2020 to stimulate our brands, including the launch of new formats and new grape varietals to develop our core range of drinks. We will also help people discover our beverages though events and festivals and will be inspiring new drinking occasions through the launch of mocktails.”

A key theme for all the brands is training and tasting, encouraging front of house staff to demonstrate their expertise across the entire range of drinks stocked, including low and no alcohol. Operators will be encouraged to treat the category with the same importance as alcohol by respecting the margins, ensuring the quality of serve and training staff to upsell these drinks, and drink familiarity is expected to be of the utmost importance for widening the consumer base within this category. If a consumer already knows and loves a mojito – one of the most popular cocktails in the world – they’ll be far more likely to purchase an alcohol free version than anything unique. Whilst trialling is seen as key to the continued development of the low and no alcohol drink category, innovation will remain at the forefront of accelerating and nurturing interest. As low and no alcohol drinks are no longer just the preserve of Dry January, more products are coming to market, giving operators more choice than ever before. Low 2 No Bev will bring a wide range of producers under the same roof for an exclusive trade show for the first time, with operators having the chance to find out more about the category, sample the wide choice of drinks available and attend informative discussion sessions at Quench Live. For further information and to register for tickets to Low 2 No Bev show, visit https://www.low2nobev.com

CAMRA Celebrates Pubs That Tackle Loneliness and Social Isolation The Campaign for Real Ale has launched a campaign to promote the important role that pubs play in tackling loneliness and social isolation, such as offering free dinners for the elderly or hosting chatty table schemes. Dozens of pubs have shared their initiatives, including examples such as: •The Brook Inn, Plymouth hosts ‘TLC Thursdays’ (Tea, Laughter and Company) where anyone can join in for a free cake, a cup of tea and entertainment •The Harbour Bar, Gourdon, Montrose (Scotland) provides a free BBQ to anyone who collects a bag of rubbish from the beach •The New Inn, Ceredigion (Wales) boasts a cinema club, community meeting space and a library area Critically acclaimed stand-up comedian John Robins has applauded the initiative, saying: “With so many community assets lost due to a lack of funding, government cuts and the move from high street shopping to the internet, our pubs are a more important resource than ever before. “Whilst it would be wrong to link alcohol consumption with positive mental health, many pubs are about much more than alcohol. In some villages and towns, they are now the only communal area, where regulars, neighbours and visitors can check in on each other. Even a polite two-minute chat can be a vital source of contact for those who would otherwise be isolated and lonely.

“Pubs are not just places to drink, they are places to eat together, talk, and provide fascinating links to our local history. Though your old bank may now be a Costa, the town hall a new branch of Costa, and the public library a flagship Costa, your local pub could easily date back five hundred years, they are our meeting rooms, our debating halls, our museums. And they must be supported, protected and most of all, used.” The Campaign to End Loneliness has also thrown its support behind the campaign, providing resources and materials for both pub-goers and licensees looking to organise events. Robin Hewings, Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research at the Campaign to End Loneliness said: “There are nine million lonely people in the UK, and about four million of those are older people. They lack the companionship, friendship and support we all need. In our own polling, we found that pubs are the place that people feel most comfortable starting conversations in. Pubs are a great space for people to connect. Even just a small chat can make a big difference to someone who feels lonely.” CAMRA is encouraging pub-goers to share what their local means to them using the hashtag #mypubstory. It aims to shine a light on how important pubs are to local communities while breaking down the taboos around mental health.

Report Reveals What UK Consumers Want from Eating Out Disruptive technology, hostile trading conditions, healthier eating, home deliveries, are just some of the changes affecting restaurants right now – including many established high street names according to a analysis by Paymentsense. A survey of 70,000 businesses has revealed that adults eat out in the UK there are 2.4 billion “eating out occasions each year”, with50 million adults eating out, and three-quarters of us doing so at least once a month. Young people are most likely to dine out with couples and under 35’s eating out once a week. 35 million UK adults eat breakfast out every year, with the demand twice as strong for millennials. 94% of people dine out in the evening, lunch is almost as popular, and breakfast and brunch attract 35 million adults each year. The demand for breakfast is twice as strong amongst millennials, so restaurants should consider marketing breakfast or brunch to a more youthful profile. Sunday is crucial for restaurant owners, tapping into 40% of a consumer’s spend. Saturday may bring in more sales, but Sunday is when restaurants can claim £4 out of every £10 that consumers spend, compared with £2.30 the rest of the week. Perhaps this is due to reduced Sunday opening in other sectors, such as

Retail or Automotive. Whatever the reason, restaurants have a clear opportunity to ‘own’ this particular weekday. Consumers will spend about 12% more on average in winter and red-letter days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and bank holidays. So, securing these bookings is especially lucrative. The market for morning meals is around 35 million adults (two-thirds of the British population). However, demand is twice as strong among the young. So, restaurants should consider marketing breakfast or brunch to a more youthful profile. That includes families with small children, who are just as likely as young couples to eat out for breakfast (81%). Conversely, restaurants with an older customer profile will see little demand for morning opening. Only 16% of over 45s eat out for breakfast each month and only 15% are regular brunchers Technology is key to attracting customers and improving their dining experience. Having an up-todate website and appearing on review sites will attract the attention of 40% of consumers. Offering multiple booking options will appeal to the 91% of consumers who like to reserve a table. And bringing the card machine out with the bill will accommodate the 29% of consumers who say this would

improve their dining experience. Nothing can make up for poor food and bad service, 71% view customer service as important or very important, 69% would say the same for the cuisine and 68% focus on price. Consumers want healthy food options on the menu. 71% say health should not be disregarded, yet only 48% of restaurant owners are considering these types of dishes. The option to customise menus, for example, by swapping sides or part of a meal, also ranked highly. 38% would pay extra for a unique experience that surpassed ordinary expectations. Ethical considerations are important to 66% of the population, with local produce, transparency in the food supply chain and organic food all being of interest to consumers.

January 2020

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Sheffield Bar Offers Ultra-Rare Rum at a Jaw-Dropping £250 a Shot Two Sheffield bar owners have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure their customers are some of the first in the world to sample one of the rarest and most expensive rums ever produced. Adrian Bagnoli and Brad Charlesworth, owners of the city’s renowned Cubana, did a 9,000 mile round trip to Havana to ensure they were the first bar outside of Cuba to purchase two bottles of a blend so old and rare that its original designers have now passed away. The Havana Club 1519, whose ageing process started in the early 1940s, has only just been launched in honour of the 500-year-old history of Havana. Only 500 bottles exist in the world with only 250 of these available for sale. Collectors from around the globe are now queuing up to buy them at nearly £3,000 a bottle. But at £250 a shot it definitely won’t suit everyone’s palate or pocket. Adrian Bagnoli said: “The fact we were allowed to buy the very first two bottles to leave Cuba goes to show how far our status has grown in the rum world in recent years. It was an honour to be have been offered the opportunity to purchase this top quality rare rum at Havana Club HQ and, although not many people will be buying rum at such a hefty price tag it ensures we continue to develop our position as one of the country’s leading centres for rum.” Cubana’s extensive rum menu was voted the UK’s very best by the industry in 2016. The bar’s collection has been sourced from right around the globe and there will be around 70 new additions on the new menu. The forthcoming 4th edition of their latest rum collection will also include a five times distilled rum from Puerto Rico; 6 new Haitian rums and a doubling of Jamaican varieties.

Knowing consumers’ habits gives your restaurant the knowledge to adapt to their needs and build a loyal customer base. This is vital given that 67% of consumers are influenced by word of mouth.

Rum is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Last year almost 35 million bottles of rum were sold, worth a little more than £1 billion, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.

With a hostile trading environment threatening high street establishments, restaurateurs will need to adapt to meet the needs of their patrons, adds the report.

In fact The Times recently said rum “now ranks alongside gin and whisky among the nation’s favourite spirits”.

Midlife Drinkers’ Thirst for Low and No Alcohol Drinks Makes Dry January Easier As millions of people embark on a Dry January, new research from independent alcohol education charity Drinkaware reveals that two-thirds (66%) of midlife drinkers – aged 45 to 64 – have drunk, or would try, lower strength alcoholic drinks – an increase of 15 per cent in just two years. Similarly, more than half (51%) of this age group have consumed, or would try, alcohol-free drinks – up from 48% last year. Midlife UK drinkers were polled by YouGov in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as part of Drinkaware’s ongoing mission to encourage people to cut down on their drinking, which includes taking more Drink Free Days each week. Drinkaware Chief Executive Elaine Hindal (pictured) said: “Midlife drinkers often get bad press when it comes to their drinking habits, but this new research tells us that a growing number of men and women in this age group are willing to embrace alternatives. “People in their 40s, 50s and 60s are most at risk of alcohol-related health harms because they tend to drink more regularly and above the recommended guidelines. So it’s great to see a strong increase over the last couple of years in people within this age group who feel positively about lower or no alcohol drinks. “As huge numbers of people start January aiming to cut down on their drinking, low and alcohol-free drinks

can be a powerful tool in helping them on that journey.” She added, “Smart operators will already be acting on these research findings by offering a good selection of no and low alcohol drinks in their pubs, clubs and bars. With the wide range of high quality drinks including beers, ciders, wines and spirit alternatives now available in this sector, it’s never been easier to put together an appealing selection for customers. “An interesting no and low alcohol offer means that people who choose to give up drink in January don’t also have to give up going to the pub. By welcoming these customers, operators can keep their venues a little busier during what has traditionally been a very quiet month.” Drinkaware recommends staying within the Chief Medical Officers’ low risk drinking guidelines of not exceeding 14 units of alcohol per week and spreading these over three or more days. Research from the Drinkaware Monitor 2018 also reveals that drinkers under the age of 45 feel more positively about lower strength alcoholic drinks than drinkers aged 45 and over. • More than two thirds (68%) of drinkers aged 18 to 44 say they either currently drink, have drunk, or would consider drinking lower strength drinks. This is compared with 61% of drinkers over the age of 45. • Drinkers both over and under the age of 45 have similar attitudes to alcohol-free substitutes: 47% of drinkers aged 18 to 44 say they drink non-alcoholic beer, wine or spirit substitutes. This is compared with 46% of drinkers over the age of 45.

Welsh Pubs Need More Help To Save Them From Extinction

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, has welcomed the announcement by the Welsh Government that they will be extending help for high street businesses, including pubs, with the cost of Business Rates. Finance Minister Rebecca Evans AM has announced that the Welsh Government’s High Street and Retail Rate Relief Scheme will be extended for 2020-21. Business properties with a rateable value up to £50,000 can receive up to £2,500 towards the cost of Business Rates under the £24.2 million scheme.

However, the Campaign has called on the Welsh Government to go further and set up a support scheme specifically to help for pubs burdened by Business Rates. The Campaign wants to see a specific fund to lower bills for pubs, as already operates in England, to help reduce the rate of pub closures. CAMRA Director for Wales Chris Charters said: “Pubs are at the heart of local communities across Wales. They act as important social hubs – helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation. Yet many are suffering from unfair Business Rates which

are contributing to well-loved locals being forced to close. “Whilst any reduction in costs for businesses under the extended High Street and Retail Relief scheme be welcome, moves like this are only a sticking plaster. “We need a complete review of the business rates system in Wales to help give pubs a fair deal and save them from closure. In the meantime, CAMRA would like to see a permanent scheme put in place by the Welsh Government to cut Business Rates bills for pubs to keep them open, alive and thriving.”

Breakfast - Sunny Side Up January 2020

The way breakfast is being consumed is changing rapidly, and now accounts for 28% of all eating and drinking occasions, according to Kantar data, with out-of-home consumption growing by 9.5%. This trend is particularly popular among consumers aged 18 to 24.

Furthermore, the eating out market is boosting sales of pork with Britain’s favourites, “bangers and bacon”. According to research from MCA, meals featuring pork at breakfast grew by 5% to 755 million meals, dinner also grew by 5% to 194m and snacks saw an increase of 4% to 524m. Traditional favourites such as sausage sandwiches were up 14%, sausage rolls up 10% and bacon sandwiches up 3%. With breakfast booming across the board and spend increasing to £5.29 a visit. Eating breakfast out of home has more popular as consumers become increasingly time limited, aiding food-to-go growth too. Therefore, traditional fare like bacon and sausage sandwiches are benefiting. This positive trend provides further opportunities to get pork on the menu. Research by Bidfood as part of their 2020 “Feeding the Senses” report revealed that breakfast and brunch dishes don’t just have to be eaten in the morning - they are now appearing across all eating occasions, particularly with families who now see breakfast/brunch as a more

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informal and convenient social occasion which leaves the rest of the day free to do other things. A report by British Lion eggs, making the most of breakfast’ confirmed a strong demand for the availability of traditional egg-based breakfast options when eating out, with 42% of consumers saying that a Full English (with eggs) is the favourite choice. Egg-based menu options also make up three of the top five most popular breakfast when eating out. Provenance is also playing its part in breakfast choice, with consumers increasing taking note transparency, traceability and ethical consideration, Ellen Streatfield marketing and sales manager at Denhay Farms says, “We are always amazed by the number of premium food outlets serving up value bacon that has been imported from across Europe. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why serve anything other than the best tasting British bacon? Too much focus is put on price over taste and welfare standards and that needs to change.” So, with the UK breakfast and brunch market enjoying a boom, with consumers still seeing it as the most important meal of the day, be that sitting down or on the go , it is a crucial element of any venue’s offer - presenting a great opportunity for casual dining venues and pubs to diversify their offer and grow. Operators need to shape up their offers to capitalise on this significant opportunity.

EPoS and Merchant Solutions from 3R Telecom

3R offers a wide range of hardware: robust, durable EPoS tills from both countertop to self-service kiosks; accompanied by kitchen screens for chefs; along with tablets for waiters; combined with either integrated countertop payment terminals or wireless payment solutions; and much more! Coupled with our signature CES Touch EPoS software, which can come accompanied by a non-dependant cloud-based solution, this is the cutting edge in EPoS experience. Touch boasts a wide variety of features such as: a comprehensive table

planner for any size establishment; an entirely revised split bill system; extensive stock control; and intensive operator management and tracking. 3R’s reporting facilities safely stores information regarding your business and can be uniquely tailored to suit

your requirements. 3R hold the advantages of providing customers with speed of service, better staff productivity, cost control, stock control, and visibility with operator tracking/ control, and reduced shrinkage. With mix and match offers, quick meal deals or special offers can be created on the fly. In conjunction with our extensive reporting suite, an increase in profits can be realised almost immediately. See the advert on page 9, call on 01992 574 650 or visit www.3rtelecom.co.uk


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

January 2020

European Workers, Settlement and the Hospitality Industry

By Vikki Wiberg, Taylor Wessing .

With the certainty of Brexit around the corner, businesses are being urged by the Government to ensure their employees apply for settled status as soon as possible. Without this status there is a significant risk they will lose a large proportion of their workforce. According to new research by legal charity Aire Centre, more than a million Europeans haven’t yet applied for settled status. This is a staggering number and detrimentally impacts a number of sectors. This encompasses the hospitality industry, which typically operates on tight margins and employs a significant number of EEA nationals – up to half the workforce in some restaurants and hotels. Restricted access to EEA national staff could lead to an increased wage bill as companies need to increase salaries to attract workers in a squeezed market. What options are out there and what can employers do to ensure they don't lose crucial workers? Under current Home Office proposals for a "soft Brexit" all EEA nationals currently in the UK or who arrive before 31 December 2020 will be required to apply for settled (if they have lived in the UK for 5 or more

years) or pre-settled status (if they have lived in the UK for less than 5 years) before June 2021. This is regardless of personal circumstances and how long they've spent in the UK.

slowed down. It is important to ensure the status is in place to permit EEA nationals to continue to live and work in the UK in 2021 and beyond.


WHAT DOES THE SETTLEMENT SCHEME LOOK LIKE? In March 2019 the Home Office rolled out a simple app requiring uploaded documents if length of residence is questioned. Submission of original documents is only required if the genuineness of documentation is doubted. Applicants with National Insurance Numbers will have their residence checked with HMRC, simplifying the process. When an applicant meets eligibility and suitability criteria the Home Office will only refuse their application if there is a misrepresentation or false documents. Even where this is the case the decision maker will decide if it is material and whether it is proportionate to refuse the application. Holders of a Document Certifying Permanent Residence (DCPR) must switch to the settled worker status. This can be done if the DCPR was issued in the previous ten years and they have not been absent from the UK for more than five years. Again this process is very simple.


If you have not done so already, we recommend assessing how reliant your business is on EEA national workers and how many of them already hold a DCPR, settled status, or British citizenship. You can plan for the future and reassure staff and their family members by actively encouraging them to review their options, whether by way of workshops or Q&A documents to explain the rules and how to apply. The Home Office has also published a toolkit for employers. Whilst there is no obligation on an employer to support staff you may want to if your business is heavily reliant on EEA national staff who would be expensive to replace in a squeezed market. This can be factored into your business planning for the short term. The alternative may be paying increasing recruitment costs or overtime due to a staff short fall.

Vikki Wiberg is senior counsel in the Employment, Pensions & Mobility group and specialises in advising on employment and immigration matters to a broad mix of corporate and individual clients.

Whilst the new system is straightforward a significant proportion of EEA nationals still have not applied. Recent processing times have significantly

New UK Living Wage Announced by The Living Wage Foundation One in Four Pub Visits Now Alcohol-Free

The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage are set to rise in April 2020, the government has confirmed. The new rate of pay will come in on 1 April 2020, a rise from £8.21 to £8.72 for workers over the age of 25, marking an increase of 6.2 per cent, a rise of £930.The raise will also see younger workers receive a boost to the national minimum wage of between 4.6 per cent and 6.5 per cent depending on their age, with 21-24 year-olds seeing a 6.5% increase from £7.70 to £8.20 an hour. It will be £9.30 across the UK and £10.75 in London. Employers registered as Living Wage employers have until May 2020 to implement the changes. Both Labour and the Conservatives have announced minimum wage policies ahead of the general election. The Conservative pledge is to reach a minimum wage of £10.50 by 2024 for workers aged 21 or over. Labour’s pledge is for £10 for all workers, regardless of age in 2020. Nearly three million workers are set to benefit from the increases to the NLW, as well as the

rise in minimum wage rates for younger workers, according to estimates from the independent Low Pay Commission. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “For too long, people haven’t seen the pay rises they deserve.” Commenting on the Government’s adoption of the Low Pay Commission’s recommendations for rates from April 2020, Kate Nicholls, CEO, said “Hospitality operators absolutely want to reward the great work of their staff. In order to make that growth sustainable, other measures are needed to mitigate cost growth. “UKHospitality has long argued that business rates place an unfair burden on hospitality. It is now critical that rates are cut for the sector in April, to provide relief while the Government’s commitment to a more fundamental review of business taxation is delivered. “The new Government must also address employer National Insurance Contributions (NICs) so that business can pay higher wages while continuing to invest in their businesses and future jobs.

“We welcome the continued oversight of the LPC in ensuring that future wage rates are set independently and safeguard the economy. This is particularly important outside of London where it is harder to mitigate wage increases with price increases. We look forward to working with the LPC to deliver on industry and Government’s shared ambitions for the workforce.” The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) said : “an increase of this magnitude” means firms may recruit fewer people, cancel investment plans or consider redundancies.

“There’s always a danger of being self-defeating in this space,” said Craig Beaumont, FSB director of external affairs and advocacy. “Wage increases aren’t much good to workers if prices rise, jobs are lost and there’s no impact on productivity because employers are forced to cut back on investing in tech, training and equipment.” He said that small firms will need support, especially as there will be a 1.7% increase in business rates in April next year.

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New research has revealed that one on four of all visits to a pub do not include alcohol;. The study, by KAM Media, based on a survey of 1,000 UK adults and 170 pub licensees, revealed that there are key opportunities to improve both the range of non-alcoholic drinks for customers, and also to better communicate the range available. Katy Moses, managing director at KAM Media, said: “More than one in two consumers said they find it difficult to see which cans and bottles, behind the bar, are low and non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic drinks, or soft drinks specifically. Improving the visibility and communication of the ‘low-and-no’ range available is key, especially with so many new and unfamiliar brands entering the category. “Many licensees are aware that they need further advice on how to better display and communicate their range, and the majority [two in three

licensees] want extra support on how to better satisfy these ‘low and no’ customers, so it’s a great opportunity for collaborative growth.” The research found that 45% of consumers are satisfied with the ‘low and no’ range available in pubs, and 47% in restaurants. Around 63% of customers expect low and no alcohol variants to be cheaper than alcoholic equivalents. Gen Z and millennials were found to be less bothered by price; the research found that 36% are happy to pay more for a good quality low-or-no alcohol variant, while only 19% of those over 35 years old agree. KAM’s research also identified that many licensees are excited about the ‘low-and-no’ opportunity, with twothirds having increased their range in 2019. Many (72%) see the growth of the ‘low and no’ category as an opportunity to upsell customers into more premium drinks than traditional soft drinks.

Interclean - The World's Most Advanced Cleaning & Hygiene Show Robotics, Data, and Sustainability.


Three trends set to shape the professional cleaning and hygiene industry Interclean Amsterdam returns to the Dutch capital for another edition of the world’s most advanced cleaning and hygiene show. Attracting more than 35,000 attendees from across 143 countries, the 2020 event will be a truly international affair and three major trends are likely to set the agenda:

Where automated cleaning machines were once an exciting but expensive solution, they are swiftly becoming widely used across different environments and industries. The Robot Arena offering attendees firsthand demonstration of current robotic capabilities.

DATA DRIVING THE FUTURE More companies are uncovering the data that exists within their businesses and understanding how they can make the most of it to drive effective and efficient processes. Attendees will be able to see

C.C.R Systems Ltd CCR Systems have been supplying, installing and maintaining Retail and Hospitality EPOS systems for over 34 years. We are an ISO-9001 registered company with a diamond award for customer satisfaction. Our Powersuite software package that includes Total Control Premier/Stock, Instant Loyalty and Drilldown is the ideal package for all types of Hospitality & Retail outlets.

hands-on demonstrations of how innovative new software can supercharge their cleaning operations.

TIME TO ACT NOW With less than 12 years to avert a climate catastrophe, cleaning providers are working hard to adopt sustainable ways of working. That’s why the Circular Economy will be a common thread linking many of the innovations on display with a Zero Waste Lab. Interclean Amsterdam 2020 will take place from 12-15 May 2020 at RAI Amsterdam. See the advert on page 13 for details.

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Airwave at the We Talk Tech Event

to implement casting technology is prohibitive. Can this ever be an affordable solution? Questions included: • GDPR is hot topic; how can a secure, In December 2019, Airwave • Viewing habits are changing. As con- compliant casting solution be guaranProduct & Technical Director, Julian sumers veer away from linear TV, is teed? Arnold, was invited to take part in this signalling the demise for linear TV We're passionate about hospitality "We Talk Tech" a regular panel dis- in hotels? technology, proud of the work we cussion for hospitality technology • Many guests use casting at home, do and would love to share our experts. how can a hotel provide a similar enthusiasm with you! Please feel experience in the guest-room? Julian was joined by Nigel free to get in touch to discuss our Bateson, Executive Vice President of • WiFi strength in older hotels can be a portfolio of products and services: Otrum AS and Vincent Jouan, challenge; is casting a threat to the info@airwave.tv or 0845 555 1212 Technical Director of Wifirst UK, all stability and availability of hotel WiFi? See the advert on page 3. of whom answered a series of ques- • Hoteliers might argue that the cost tions on the future of content casting in hospitality.

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Brits Set to Add Over £27 Billion to the UK

As an increasing number of Brits look to travel at home, new research reveals that 70% of people plan on taking a staycation in the UK in 2020, adding £27 billion to the economy[1]. The research which comes from UK hospitality job board, Caterer.com, suggests Brits plan to take a getaway on home turf at least two times on average in the coming year, seeing an overall increase in the predicted number of staycations taken in 2020 compared to those taken in 2019. Whilst taking a staycation, people spend on average £98 a night on accommodation and £40 per person dining in a restaurant.

The growing trend for holidaying at home has sparked a hospitality jobs boom in certain areas across the UK as hotels, restaurants and bars hire to keep up with demand. More than 315,000 jobs were advertised on Caterer.com in the last year, with locations such as Bristol seeing a 14.5% YOY increase in job listings. Other areas seeing an increase in demand include Nottingham with a 10.5% increase in job listings and applications by 4.5%. Bristol is also deemed by hospitality employees as one of the most in-demand areas to work, with it coming amongst the top three locations in the UK for hospitality job prospects. Manchester took the second spot and London first. For 2020, the Lake District is the preferred

staycation spot, with nearly half (45%) of people considering holidaying in this location. Cornwall (36%) and Edinburgh (30%) have come out top for potential staycations this year. People are also attracted to these areas due to their ‘foodie’ scene with 14% of people believing the south western county of Cornwall to be a top hotspot for this, alongside the likes of London (42%), Edinburgh (19%), Manchester (17%) and Birmingham (13%).

TOP STAYCATION HOTSPOTS FOR 2020: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Lake District (45%) Cornwall (36%) Edinburgh (30%) Peak District (29%) London (25%) Bath (25%) York (22%)

With major cities such as London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester renowned for their ‘foodie’ scene, hospitality bosses are plugging further investment into these areas, opening new restaurants and pubs. Amongst them is Wetherspoon, investing in the likes of London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Leeds in the next four years, creating over 10,000 new jobs. Neil Pattison, Director at Caterer.com, said: “Despite there currently being a narrative around restaurants closing on our high

Pubaid Names Keith Bott As Its First President PubAid, the organisation dedicated to promoting pubs as a force for good, has appointed Keith Bott MBE as its first ever President. The founder of Titanic Brewery and former chairman of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) takes up the position in January 2020, and will

serve for two years. Bott’s appointment comes as PubAid enters its second decade. Founded in 2009 by a group of senior pub industry figures, it has helped to shape more positive perceptions of the great British pub, through research showing that pubs raise more than £100 million every year for hundreds of charities and local causes. Last year, a PubAid-commissioned survey revealed that pubs also provide an estimated £40m per year in financial and inkind support to grassroots sports. PubAid co-founder Des O’Flanagan said: “We’re delighted that Keith has agreed to become our first President and confident that his highly respected status both within and outside the pub industry will be a

streets, this research shows the opportunity presented to the UK hospitality sector as people plan to holiday at home this year.

“Our research shows that London and other cities in the UK are going from strength to strength, with 36% of hospitality workers believing the capital to have excellent job prospects within the industry. We are also seeing big brands show their confidence in particular regions, sharing big plans to invest in major cities. “Whilst domestic trips are on the rise, there is also positive news for the sector in terms of international tourism, with a new tourism sector deal released last year committing to 130,000 new hotel rooms[2] catering for the millions of additional tourists predicted in the UK over the next five years. For both employers and employees within the sector this is welcome news, demonstrating ample opportunity for growth and development.” Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, commented: “In recent years we have seen the rise of the staycation, which contributes to the growth of the hospitality sector. It is great to see this is predicted to grow in 2020 with areas such as the Lake District and Edinburgh reaping the economic reward of increased tourism from both international and domestic visitors, alongside large cities such as a London. This is a positive sign, amongst others, that the sector will remain resilient in 2020.” tremendous boost to the work of PubAid.

January 2020

CLH News


Sloe Gin World Champions to Celebrate the End Of ‘Dry January’ The date of the 11th Sloe Gin World Championship’, usually held near Christmas at the George Inn village pub in Frant on the Kent/Sussex border near Tunbridge Wells, has been announced. It will take place on Saturday 1st February, about six weeks later than usual. Pub landlord Greg Elliott explained there are several reasons for pushing it back into the New Year: “It was difficult squeezing the popular event in among Christmas party bookings – and losing entrants blamed the short maturation time for their lack of success, so we’re combining the Championships with a celebration to the end of Dry January. “This will be the first time the Championships have been held on a Saturday – at the request of many competitors who travel long distances to compete, who want to spend a weekend in the area. “We have entrants who drive from Germany to take part and postal entries are received from as far afield as Vancouver,” said Greg All proceeds will be donated to UK Sepsis Trust UK. The charity works to highlight the dangers of sepsis, which kills over 50,000 people in the UK each year. Untreated, sepsis which is often mistaken for flu or other conditions, can kill within hours. Learn about the tell-tale danger signs at https://sepsistrust.org The organisers decided to adopt UK Sepsis Trust after learning about a local family who live at Eridge Green near Crowborough in East Sussex, who lost their student son, Tim Mason aged 21 to the disease in 2018, Tim an electrical engineering student aged 21, died after being discharged from Tunbridge Wells Hospital, having been misdiagnosed by doctors.

“In the decade since we founded PubAid, pubs have raised an estimated £1 billion for charities and causes; we think that’s a figure that everyone in the industry should be proud of, and everyone outside it should know about!”

Tim’s parents now campaign to prevent a repeat of their tragedy and push for the potentially life-saving Meningitis ACWY vaccination, for young people by NHS England.

Bott said: “I was honoured to be asked to become President of PubAid, an organisation I’ve admired since its foundation. Throughout my years in the industry, pubs have been at the heart of their communities and have had community at their heart.

The annual event began more than 10 years ago when pub locals began arguing over the perfect sloe gin recipe and brought their own concoctions to compare. It has since grown exponentially.

“I’m looking forward to helping the PubAid team continue to spread the word about the pivotal role pubs play in their communities, and ensuring that their contribution to society’s wellbeing is always recognised by policymakers.”

Tim’s grieving mother Fiona said: “My aim is for every 18-25-year-old in the country to have the vaccination and to see changes in A&E and the sepsis protocol – let’s get it sorted before more children die.”

The organisers hope to encourage other publicans to host their own competitions for charity as regional; heats, then send winning sample through to the World Championship finals. The winner of the commercial entry has been won for the past two years by London-based Mother’s Ruin. Edinburgh’s Demi John is a three times winner. Commercial entries cost £25 and amateur ones £5. Full details at http://moondown.co.uk/sloe_gin_championships.html

The Year Ahead: Top Trends for GB’s Eating and Drinking Out Sector 1. MORE RESTAURANT CHURN BUT CONFIDENCE EDGING UP: The CGA/AlixPartners Market Growth Monitor shows there have been 2,423 restaurant closures in the last 12 months, and 1,789 new openings. Closures in the sector have come primarily from independent operators, as well as under-performing businesses. While more closures can be expected in casual dining, some of those sites will be swiftly reopened by new and emerging operators with exciting new concepts. Coffer Peach Business Tracker has shown that like-for-like sales increases are back into positive territory and the latest CGA/Fourth Business Confidence Survey gives further cause for cautious optimism, with 64% of bosses optimistic about prospects for their business over the next 12 months—up by six percentage points on the last survey three months ago. 2. DRINKING LESS, BUT SPENDING MORE: CGA BrandTrack 2019 shows that overall frequency of drinking alcohol (both in home or out) has remained stable over the past few years – with 63% of GB adults drinking alcohol at least weekly, which was the same as it was in 2016. However, younger consumers are drinking less frequently – with 57% of millennials drinking alcohol at least weekly, and 48% of GenZ saying they drink alcohol at least weekly. But it’s clear that they are spending more when they do drink, with total wet on-trade sales up 2.3% by value (CGA OPMS to 5.10.19). Premium categories of drink continue to out-perform their standard counterparts, evidenced in the gin category by the fact the average gin drinker has 5.4 premium brands in their repertoire, but only 2.2 standard brands. Managed pub sector sales of still wines priced at £35 a bottle and above have significantly increased their market share in the last few years—and more than half (52%) of wine consumers say they are willing to upgrade their choices when drinking out of home, according to the Global Origins’ Wine Insight report (CGA/The Buyer). 3. SUSTAINABILITY COMES TO THE FORE: Consumers have started to raise their expectations on how outlets address carbon footprint issues, with 50% of consumers expecting outlets to reduce their carbon footprint through menu engineering and commodity usage (CGA’s BrandTrack). Nearly 20% say they would be put off visiting if operators haven’t addressed this issue and 23% would pay more for it. Of business leaders, 76% rate the ethical engagement of suppliers as an important consideration. We will continue to see big moves made by supplier clients to deliver a more sustainable product to outlets and consumers as we move into the new decade. 4. NEW TECH COCKTAILS: Some 10.3 million consumers are enjoying cocktails when they go out, making this one of Britain’s fastest growing drinks categories within spirits. The popularity of cocktails, and

the fact they are more widely available, has helped boost sales through Britain’s pubs, bars and restaurants by 10% over the past 12 months taking the market value to £604m (CGA’s Mixed Drinks Report 2019). The number of licensed premises selling cocktails has risen 7% in the past year, with some 42,000 on-trade outlets now stocking them. Drinkled pubs have been particularly fast to respond to demand, with a growing number opting to sell pre-prepared or draught cocktails – and data shows that 68% of consumers who have seen draught cocktails have purchased them and 81% who have tried pre-batched cocktails said they were likely to repurchase. Growth in ready mixed and draught cocktails will enable more operators to enter this market. 5. RUM – A SCALABLE OPPORTUNITY: The CGA/Drink Up London’s recent Influencers report identified rum as one of the top opportunities for growth. Stocking 11 rum brands on average, one in 10 of London’s most influential bars plan to expand their rum range even further over the next year; a trend reflected across the wider market, with the average outlet stocking 5% more brands than they did last year. Much like gin, rum’s versatility in serve and mixability provides scalable opportunity. Gin was able to drive sales through the gin & tonic and similarly almost half 79% of rum drinkers typically drinking the category with a mixer, mostly cola, and a further 38% drinking it as a cocktail. This is reflected in the mainstream cocktail market with rum being used in almost half of all cocktail serves and with the mojito, daquiri and piña colada all in the top 10 cocktails in Britain (CGA’s BrandTrack 2019 and Mixed Drinks Report 2019). We can expect to see more new products entering the market. Growth in flavoured and spiced rums opens the doors for experimentation, whether through cocktails, new or limited-edition products or innovative serves. 6. VEGAN AND NEW CUISINES ON THE RISE: At the start of 2019, CGA’s Business Leaders’ Survey singled out veganism as a key food trend for this year, and it is likely to roll on into 2020. CGA’s Food Insights report shows that 29% of consumers think it is important or very important that the meals they choose do not contain much meat, as they are trying to reduce meat consumption—but while restaurant and pub brands are adding more vegan dishes to their menus, many of these people are still frustrated by the lack of options when they go out to eat. Food Insights also spotlights the big new cuisines to follow in 2020, with Burmese, Peruvian, Filipino, Pacific Rim and Scandinavian food the five fastest emerging types. 7. EXPERIENCES AND INSTAGRAMABILITY: We are already seeing the opening of more experience-led venues—for example those

based around competitive socialising such as shuffleboard, golf or darts. Other innovative venues are running themed evenings, games, immersive storytelling and virtual reality activities and we are likely to see more of this to come —as well as operators making the most of the fact that 84% consumers on a night out now upload photos to social media. As a result, the making and serving of drinks is becoming ever more theatrical as customers look for enviable footage for social media. 8. ONGOING GROWTH FOR GIN: Much of the flourishing and ongoing interest in gin is being driven by pink and flavoured varieties. Sales in this category increased more than eight-fold to £392m in the 12 months to mid-May, and around 5.1 million consumers now say they drink pink gin—a number that has more than doubled from 2.2 million in a year. (CGA Pink Gin Report 2019). Director of client services for drinks Jonny Jones says: “There is no end in sight to the remarkable revival of gin sales. From value brands to artisan distilleries the category is booming, to the point where consumers now drink gin out-of-home more often than vodka. They are becoming ever more adventurous and experimental in their purchases, which makes it vital for suppliers and operators alike to obtain the sharpest insights into the latest trends and market preferences.” 9. MODERATION: Having identified a number of drinks categories we are likely to see growth in over the next year, we must also balance that with another clear trend in the market, that of consumers moderating their drinking, prompting rising sales of no/low alcohol drinks. CGA’s Understanding Moderation in the On-Trade, shows that one in three (32%) adults has now tried a no or low alcohol beer, wine or spirit in the last six months. That equates to some 15.5 million consumers, with another 8.9 million saying they find the category appealing. The no/low alcohol category has increased by 48% in the last 12 months to more than £60m a year. Growth for completely alcohol-free options has been even higher at nearly 80%, and alcohol-free ‘mocktails’ or ‘virgin cocktails’ have been a particularly thriving segment. A flood of new no/low alcohol beers, wines, spirits and cocktails have arrived on the market lately but there’s still significant headroom for growth. 10. VOLATILITY IN FOOD PRICES: The Foodservice Price Index (CGA/Prestige Purchasing) has revealed high levels of inflation in many key food and drink items throughout 2019. Overall, inflation has hovered between 5% and 10% since the start of 2019 thanks to weak sterling pushing up the price of imported food, extreme weather hampering key crops and a host of other supply factors. Further uncertainty will keep the exchange rate low, and a no-deal scenario could hit imports—which means prices are likely to remain volatile, at least until Brexit is resolved.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

January 2020

Sajid Javid Expected to Deliver News on Small Breweries’ Relief The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) has responded to the news that Chancellor Sajid Javid’s first budget will take place on the 11th March, a day when around a thousand representatives from the beer and brewing industry will be together waiting to hear the ruling on the future of Small Breweries’ Relief.

grow without withdrawing any relief for any brewer below 5,000HL.


It is vital that the Conservative Party’s proposed review of alcohol duty – which they have said is to “ensure that our tax system is supporting British drink producers” - does not “The timing could not be more apt for the negatively impact the nation’s small independfirst Budget under the new Government, as ent brewers, one of the UK’s most important thousands of brewers and industry representa- manufacturing industries. tives from the British independent craft brewThe review must not lead to placing equivaing industry will be together in Liverpool for BeerX UK – waiting to hear what will happen lence on every category of alcohol on the not only on Small Breweries’ Relief, but also on table, nor undo the benefits that small breweries’ relief has brought to our British beer Beer Duty and Business Rates. industry. Small Breweries Relief has been a huge suc3.BUSINESS RATES cess and has helped the British brewing indusThe Conservatives have promised a fundatry grow to be one of the most exciting and mental revive of the system, but SIBA would vibrant in the World. In their reform of the system SIBA are calling on the Government to like to see the Government go further and commit to helping small brewers on their busicommit to smoothing the ‘cliff edge’ above ness rates bills. 5,000 Hectolitres (HL), which is around 880,000 pints of beer and will incentivise Within the valuations system large and global brewers to grow. Importantly though this brewers’ premises are classed as ‘specialist’ reform must come without withdrawing any whereas small brewers’ premises are classed as relief for any brewer below 5,000HL, where general manufacturing. SBR is absolutely vital and where any reduction This means that per pint of beer the business could lead to widespread small brewery clorates paid by small independent brewers is sigsures.” nificantly greater than that of their global comJames Calder, SIBA Chief Executive petitors, who have economies of scale independent’s do not. SIBA’s March 2020 Budget requests:

1.SMALL BREWERS’ RELIEF (SBR) 4.BEER DUTY & CIDER DUTY SIBA believes that SBR can be positively reformed to encourage job creation, investment and growth. To achieve this change for the long term, SIBA is calling on the Treasury to smooth the ‘cliff edge’ above 5,000 Hectolitres (HL), which is the equivalent of 880,000 pints of beer, to incentivise brewers to

SIBA, alongside the rest of the beer, brewing and pub industry, are calling for a freeze in beer duty for the duration of the next Parliament and that cider duty is brought into line with beer duty, removing the situation whereby the largest cider producers pay less tax than the smallest brewers.

Avvio Warns of Heightened Risk Factors for UK Hotel Businesses A combination of unfavourable factors is leading to increased pressure on the UK hotel sector according to global hospitality technology business Avvio. A decline in overseas visitors of 3% last year despite a weaker pound, business rate revaluations, increased popularity of alternative rental accommodation and a drop in conference and event spending in anticipation of Brexit led to a 60% increase in hotel insolvencies to September 2019 representing a five-year high*. Heightened competition from private individuals renting rooms and properties through AirBnB continues to put added pressure on cities which rely on the leisure and city break market. In London it is estimated that there are 80,000 AirBnB listings, a large proportion when compared with the number of hotel rooms available in the country’s capital, which stand at just over 159,000. Edinburgh’s hotel operators have been hit hard with a dramatic rise in private accommodation listings. There are 12,000 private listings for the Scottish capital – almost the same as the number of hotel rooms on offer estimated to be at 14,300**. Hotel owners in Northern Ireland have voiced major concerns over the recent business rate revaluations which will see some hotels’ rates increase by as much as 55% even though other neighbouring retail businesses are seeing rate reductions. These revaluations are a significant thorn in the side of an industry that is suffering from the impact of privately rented properties and the aggressive commissions of the online travel agents (OTAs). Hotel businesses are tough to operate. It can take up to 10 years to see a return on investment with hoteliers having to deliver consistent top-quality service in order to generate repeat business. A typical hotel will generate an average 65% of its revenue from rooms with the rest split between food and beverage, events and spas – all of which incur significant and variable labour costs. Private rented property does not have to contend with these variables. Increased business rates will hit revenues and likely force hoteliers to leverage savings on their cost of operation which in turn puts pressure on other inward service and product providers to the industry. Hotels are a huge driver of employment, providing locally sourced jobs and therefore, making significant contributions to

their regional economies. The hotel and hospitality sector is one of the first industries to feel the pinch when a recession hits or when significant economic events occur such as the banking crisis of 2008. During tough economic periods businesses and consumers will cut leisure and travel spending first. These market forces combined with aggressive commission rates from the OTAs continue to eat away at hotel room margins. Some independent hotels are having to pay as much as 30% commission per booking to the likes of Expedia and Booking.com. Even larger chain groups, which can negotiate more favourable fee structures, are still facing fees in the region of 10-15%. ADR (average daily rate) for UK hotels is forecast to grow in 2020 to £128, however, rises in inflation mean that in relative financial terms this growth is reversing. Avvio, which is credited with creating the world’s first AI-powered booking engine Allora, works with hotels in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the US to increase direct bookings. Commenting on the current market picture, Avvio CFO Seamus Holmes, said: “UK-based accommodation providers are facing a bleak outlook – particularly urban and city centre hotels where competition is fierce, high street retail property is often still priced at a premium and business rate increases are out of kilter with the decline in footfall to many of our towns and cities. “Many businesses have been fighting on all fronts over the last few years and this is combining to create a perfect storm of circumstances where margins have consistently been eroded by the online travel agents creating a race to the bottom in some regions.” “We are working with hotels to help them close the gap that has been created by these factors. Hotel businesses have become fair game in a market which is evolving very quickly but we are in danger of seeing more hospitality businesses fail if they carry on being subjected to so many negative commercial pressures. “To combat these risk factors, hotel owners need to take back control of their own destiny – this can be done by improving guest experience, offering added value personalised services which in turn generate more revenue, increase return visits and improve guest advocacy.”

Industry Urged To Invest In Its People As Report Finds Customers Value Quality Service The hospitality industry risks ringing in the new decade by jeopardising its ability to provide the quality service that consumers believe to be more important than any stand-out interior design, tech gadget or food trend, a new report finds. The Talent Trends report, commissioned by hospitality platform Brigad, shows that the industry’s people are its most valuable commodity. According to the findings, quality service is still at the very heart of the sector with consumers revealing their top three frustrations when staying in hotels are all service related;

with over a 50% increase in food allergy prevalance being reported amongst children between 1997 and 2011. In addition, special diets such as veganism are booming amidst environmental, health and animal welfare concerns. The industry needs to adapt to ensure it continues to meet demand and maintain the highest service levels. When it comes to training, customers say that their hospitality experience would be improved the most in 2020 with more education and training in allergies and special diets (27%) as well as health foods and nutritional information (22%).

• Unhelpful Staff (47%) • Slow Service (41%) • Staff who aren’t knowledgeable enough about facilities and menus (24%). The report shows that there is still no replacement for face-to-face contact with customers in a hospitality setting as over half (55%) prefer being able to spend time checking in with a receptionist or concierge than the speed of a digital check-in platform.

The study also reveals that businesses that do not adopt a more sustainable offering and train up their staff could be at risk in 2020. One in five (22%) said the issue of sustainability impacts their choice of hotel stay and almost a third of guests (32%) are put off staying at a hotel that does not address environmental and social concerns. But business owners and managers need to ensure that their workforce know what the business is doing to tackle environmental issues as one in three consumers (35%) say they expect the staff to have a good level of knowledge on the sustainability credentials of the business. The issue is also reflected amongst the industry’s independent professionals, as over half (61%) have noticed an increasing interest from customers in what their hospitality organisation is doing regarding the environment. To cater to this demand, the industry is crying out to be upskilled in this area with 44% asking for more education on the environment and sustainability. Clearly there is a disconnect between the heightened expectations of this decade’s consumers and the expertise that professionals feel they have on the issues.

PEOPLE FIRST: Despite customers valuing service over and above all other aspects, the industry risks a potential talent drain which could impact the quality of service that consumers expect and are demanding at increasingly high levels. The vast majority of independent professionals surveyed (78%) feel that the industry is lagging behind others in terms of work/life balance. Furthermore, over a third of hospitality professionals (33%) admit they are considering leaving the industry in 2020. The findings clearly show that more needs to be done to keep talent. With 71% of respondents citing bad pay, poor work/life balance (70%) and long hours (63%) as their reasons for wanting to leave. Brigad UK Country Manager Johan De Jager explains; “It’s clear from our research that the customer prioritises top level service, yet evidently many hospitality professionals do not feel the industry is doing enough to address key issues such as work/life balance, pay, working conditions and training. “It can be really challenging for business owners and managers to cater to the ever evolving needs of customers and the seasonal peaks in demand, whilst also trying to ensure work/life balance in an industry which is naturally 24/7.”

SPECIAL DIETS AND NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: The research also highlights a need for greater knowledge on food allergies and special dietary requirements. Indeed, food allergies are on the rise


PERSONALISATION: The research shows that personalisation and customisation are key themes that will continue to grow in 2020, with 51% of consumers admitting they now choose a hotel based on the unique experience and personalised service it can provide. Furthermore, half of consumers (47%) say they prefer to be able to customise their meals as opposed to ordering off a traditional menu when dining out.

PROVENANCE: When it comes to dining out, consumers have a keen interest in provenance and expect the industry’s people to be knowledgeable on the subject. For a quarter of diners (25%), locally sourced menus with limited airmiles are taking preference over exotic menus in 2020 and two thirds (64%) say its key that they know where their food comes from when dining out. Infact,

Mitchells & Butlers Appoints Elis To Supply And Launder Chefs’ Wear and Linen Mitchells & Butlers, one of the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK, has appointed Elis to supply and launder chefs’ wear and linen for its brands, including Harvester, Innkeepers Lodge, Toby Carvery, Browns and Miller & Carter. The contract is for the supply and regular laundry of over 375,000 individual items, including garments for around 7,500 chefs and table, bed and kitchen linen, including napkins. Elis is providing nationwide coverage, with its industrial laundries and delivery fleets collecting, laundering and returning the chefs’ wear and linen to the individual Mitchells & Butlers sites throughout the country. Elis’ nationwide capabilities, implementation expertise, stock control systems and innovative laundry operations were key factors in winning the contract. Richard Coe of Mitchells & Butlers said: “It was important to us that the changeover to the Elis chefs’ wear

and linen was achieved quickly and without disruption, and the Elis team used their systems and operational capabilities to deliver the new stock into over 800 sites within a three week window. Their specialist implementation team worked in partnership with us to ensure that the process went smoothly. They really understood our requirements and what they achieved was impressive. Ongoing, the fact that all items feature RFID technology, and Elis provides us with regular management information, means we have full visibility of our usage and superior stock control.” Lee Chan of Elis said: “Elis is able to support businesses of all sizes and in all locations because of our comprehensive UK coverage and delivery network. While Mitchells & Butlers operates out of a vast number of sites, our UK spread of laundries and the fact that we do not sub-contract any work, while owning our own fleet of over 670 vehicles , means we can meet national

one in five consumers (20%) are put off returning to a restaurant if the staff cannot explain where the food is sourced so its crucial that the industry invests in upskilling and educating its people. Brigad UK Country Manager Johan De Jager adds; “Training and upskilling its professionals to ensure that they maintain exceptional service and product delivery in 2020 needs to be a priority for the industry. “There are some incredibly talented and passionate people that work in our sector and so we must make sure we are retaining and attracting the best talent into such a people-centred industry to ensure we can meet the demands of today’s consumer, and now there are new tools out there like ours that can help tackle these issues. “Our platform allows independent hospitality professionals to work flexibly to ensure a work/life balance and retain control of the shifts they select whilst also giving managers and business owners the reassurance that they can call on highly skilled independent professionals at a moment’s notice.”

KEY FINDINGS OF HOSPITALITY TALENT TRENDS REPORT 2020 PEOPLE FIRST: Consumers prioritise the best quality service from their hospitality experience (63%), but the industry needs to invest more in its people to keep the best talent PERSONALISATION ALL THE WAY: Bespoke personalisation set to be on the rise in the hospitality industry, with 51% admitting that they would be driven to pick a hotel that offers a unique experience Face to face over tech: Over half (55%) prefer being able to spend time checking in with a receptionist or concierge than the speed that a digital check-in platform can provide UPSKILL ON ALLERGIES AND NUTRITION: Consumers say they want to see hospitality industry professionals upskilled to improve service for allergies and special diets DON’T IGNORE SUSTAINABILITY: Businesses that do not adopt a more sustainable offering and train up their staff could be at risk in 2020 with a third of consumers (32%) now put off a hotel if it does not have a sustainable approach and almost half of the professionals surveyed (44%) demanding training in this area to meet the needs of today’s customer PROVENANCE IS KEY: One in five consumers (20%) are put off returning to a restaurant if the staff cannot explain where the food is sourced so its crucial the industry invests in training

multi-site customer requirements. “The Mitchells & Butlers three week implementation to over 800 sites was the largest implementation project we have completed in recent years. We worked very closely with the Mitchells & Butlers team, and this collaborative approach helped to ensure the success of the project. Key personnel from across the Elis business worked together to ensure that the process was delivered in full and to schedule, and the fact that we own all elements of the business and employ our own staff, including delivery drivers, was an important factor in its success.” Elis is providing Mitchells & Butlers with chefs’ wear and linen items, including napkins, oven cloths and bedlinen. All items are supplied on a cost-effective rental arrangement, which provides flexibility for staff changes. Elis collects soiled items, professionally launders and maintains them and returns them to the same, allocated site, so that businesses have the items they need. Elis uses the latest technology in all aspects of its service; the chefs’ wear and linen items incorporate tiny radio frequency ID tags which help to deliver superior stock control and accountability, and the highest levels

of reliability. Elis estimates that its laundries, which use the most advanced energy and water saving processes, will wash 7.2 million individual items for Mitchells & Butlers each year. It has been recognised by the Carbon Trust for reductions in CO2 emissions and water usage and is committed to further reducing its environmental footprint. Previously called Berendsen, Elis has been operating its workwear supply and laundry service for over a hundred years. Its services also stretch beyond the UK, as part of a leading international provider of workwear and laundry services, operating in 28 countries. Lee Chan of Elis said: “Ensuring that organisations have the right workwear and linen, clean and where they need it, is an essential service that goes on behind the scenes to support many businesses. Our nationwide capabilities and focus on using the latest technology and the best systems help to ensure that our clients have the right support to meet their needs, not only now, but for the future.” For further information see www.Elis.com or telephone 0800 616691

Products and Services The Best Tea Possible With 40% Saving – Free Trial Proper By SCT January 2020

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TEAPY Ltd are confident that any foodservice operator can save at least 40% in labour costs, proven by videotimed testing, compared to conventional teapot service. The TEAPY® T-4-1TM "hold-in-one hand" complete tea service patented invention has the brewing conditions of a teapot making the most of any tagged or untagged tea bags, loose leaf tea or other infusions. A combined mug lid and used tea tidy, TEAPY provides many additional customer advantages. Brewing is monitored by the customer to their preferred strength and, when the TEAPY is lifted, flipped and docked against the mug for drip-

free transfer of a used tea bag or infuser, it provides an "aroma burst" not experienced with a teapot or the dissipating heat and aroma from an open mug service. Servers find TEAPY® T-4-1TM much easier to prep, carry, dish wash and store, typically saving over 70% in shelf storage space. Proven in commercial use for over three years, TEAPY® T-4-1TM is now being offered on a free trial to Hospitality and Catering companies to prove for themselves the savings that they can make (teapy.co.uk). See the advert on page 6 for further information.

A Spring Special Offer From Forward Vending! Tis the season to be Jolly and profitable, Forward Vending and Catering Limited have been serving the hospitality industry for 30 years plus are proud to offer this spring special!

Take either of the machines in our advert on page 3 before march and the machine of your choice will come complete with the entire package to get you up and running to include Espresso Cups, Cappuccino cups, Latte Glasses and starter packs of coffee. The rental of a machine is £2.50 per day, which means one coffee Sale per day covers the cost of your equipment leaving plenty of profits to roll in, plus providing customers with fresh bean coffee drinks. Offer Subject to status and while stocks last. Please call us to reserve yours now 0800 44 44 43. See the advert on page 3 for details.

Hoshizaki Introduce The Industry’s First Hydrocarbon Crescent Ice Maker: The KMD-210AB-HC Since developing the industry’s first hydrocarbon ice cuber back in 2014, Hoshizaki has continued to expand its hydrocarbon ice maker range in order to encourage operators to go greener. Now with the launch of the KMD-210AB-HC, environmentally conscious operators that are specifically looking to serve crescent shaped ice have the perfect option as Simon Frost, Director of Hoshizaki UK & Ireland enthuses: “With zero ozone depleting potential (ODP), negligible global warming potential (GWP), and outstanding efficiency, the brand-new KMD-210AB-HC well and truly excels when it comes to sustainability. However, it’s not just the use of hydrocarbon refrigerant that makes this crescent ice maker so impressive, but also the unit’s CycleSaver® design. This unique design allows for a high quantity of ice to be produced in approximately half as many cycles as similar competitor models, thus allowing operators to make significant energy savings – benefits which will particularly appeal to large, fast

selling establishments such as nightclubs, stadiums, entertainment venues and hotels” The slender shape of crescent ice will also appeal to these very venues and more for a whole host of reasons. For example, as well as this crystalclear ice making for an exceptionally aesthetic addition to any drink, the curved shape of this ice allows for a splash-free serving. Furthermore, this ice structure is particularly ideal for operators that wish to slot bottles into filled champagne buckets and can be blended more easily than a standard square cube. This high-quality system helps to extend the life of the unit at the same time as minimising cost of maintenance calls out – costs, which together with the exceptional energy savings of the KMD-210AB-HC make this ice maker exceptionally economical. The price of the KMD-210AB-HC starts from £4720 +VAT. visit www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.

Proper By SCT is now it its 3rd year supplying the trade/wholesale sectors for shop, camp site, touring sites, bar, hotels, butchers, farm shop and everything else in between. We now tick more boxes than anyone else in our field. Proper Pork Crackling: ALLERGEN FREE & KETO Delectable Nuts, Peanuts: VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE & KETO Delectable Nuts, Cashews: VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE

2020 - New Year, New Ideas Keeping the customer entertainment offering fresh and appealing is critical for licensees in this new year of 2020, with the political proceedings now fixed or not fixed(you decide !!) , we can all finally move on to the important aspects increasing footfall into venues . With people signing up to dry January or vegan January it is important to offer alternatives to keep those people in our venues.

Fabulous Fudge: GLUTEN FREE We not only supply are products pre packed but loose with a free 3L display jar, supplied in a large clip seal bucket for the perfectly free taste every time. which give you an even greater margin. All orders received before 2pm each day are sent out with FEDEX for next day delivery anywhere in the UK with European deliveries on a 3 day service. Our Proper Pork Crackling has a 6 months BB, Fabulous Fudge 6 Months and our Delectable Nuts 12 months. Our full range is available to see on our retail website so please call 01202875280 or email trade@sct-sct.com for a trade price list. See page 3 for details. Our touch screen entertainment system, The Entertainer lite is changing the way licensees manage their entertainment, providing the ability to plan captivating events calendars and increase revenue. The system is crammed with music, videos, karaoke, bingo, race nights, quizzes, games and advertising features. Online Advertising "you can be anywhere in the world" send to your venue, you could be on a beach or in a snow chalet and still be able to put yours adverts on the system and provides the ability to create still or video animated adverts in a few minutes. These can be used to promote food and drink offers, guest beers, forthcoming events and parties. Advertising space can also be sold to third party suppliers. The Entertainer lite means licensees take total control of their entertainment rather than paying third parties to provide music, entertainment, discos, quiz nights, casino nights, etc. How much I here you say!! ring us and find out . Tel: 01572 771363 or visit www.mediatheme.com or see the advert on page 4.

Caterbook - A Software Solution for the 2020s This Spring - Hotels, B&B’s and pubs like yours are migrating to Caterbook - a modern, cloud-based hotel software solution for the 2020’s. Caterbook 5 is completely new and isn’t built on top of older versions which run on outdated infrastructure. Designed and hosted here in the South West, we’ve worked closely with our clients to produce an affordable, intuitive and powerful package which gets straight to the point of simplifying your daily workload.

•Batch create, print and email invoices in a single click. •Post food & drink items from your EPOS to the room bill for settlement on checkout. •Use yield management to automate pricing changes based on availability. •Create and schedule custom guest email and SMS messages.

•Role based access control restricts staff privileges to features based on their needs. •Responsive, customisable booking engine embeds on your own website. •Configure and assign unique per-rate deposit and cancellation policies. •Housekeeping report shows cleaning type, linen and towels required each day. •Industry standard reporting metrics of RevPAR, ADR etc. •Take payments in real time using our built in PCI compliant payment gateway. •Channel Manager links to booking.com and Expedia. Call 01840 298298 or visit www.caterbook.com and sign up for a free 14 day trial account. See the advert on page 7.

Lamb Weston Launches ‘The DUKES, A Proper British Chip Welbilt Helps Independent Operators Expand Their Hot That is a Cut Above the Average! Food Options With The Launch of Merrychef eikon e1s ®

Welbilt UK is set to help independent operators expand their hot food menus with ease thanks to the nation-wide roll out of the Merrychef eikon® e1s – a compact ‘all-in-one’ cooking solution which enables independent operators to easily adapt to changing customer and business needs, along with evolving menus and hot food trends. Filling the gap in the market for an entry-level highspeed oven, the eikon® e1s, opens up a world of new menu opportunities thanks to its combination of three heat technologies: convection, tuned impingement and microwave which allows for cooking times up to 10x faster than conventional ovens as Steve Hemsil, Sales Director - UK & Ireland, Welbilt, enthuses: “Whether it’s a bagel cooked in 30 seconds, a chicken panini in 50 seconds or a pizza in 140 seconds, the new Merrychef eikon® e1s is the ideal way for independent operators to cook, reheat, toast and bake a wide range of fresh or frozen food items to expand menus at the touch of a button.” Featuring easyTouch®

technology with an icon driven touch screen, the Merrychef eikon® e1s is extremely simple to operate, allowing staff of any skill level to produce professional food results without the need for excessive training; overcoming any language barriers, limiting operating errors and potential food wastage. Arriving with pre-programmed menus ranging from paninis, French Fries, pastries and more, the Merrychef eikon® e1s allows operators to cook a wide variety of popular menu items at the touch of an icon. A truly ‘plug and play’ easy to install cooking solution, the Merrychef eikon® e1s can be used with a standard domestic 3-pin plug. In addition, no water connection, drain or hood is required and the unit has a built-in catalytic convertor for fully ventless cooking. Thanks to a ‘cool to the touch’ exterior it can be situated in a tight gap without the need for additional space on the sides or back of the unit. For more information about the new Merrychef eikon® e1s or other models in the Merrychef portfolio, please visit www.merrychef.com or call 01483 464900.

It’s the moment the entire country has been waiting for – discerning citizens rise up and prepare to rejoice in this great British occasion as Lamb Weston launches ‘The DUKES’, elegantly exciting, perfect pub chips – with chips this good, one can see why the British started queuing! Allow us to introduce to you The Dukes of Chippingdom – Proper British Chips. Distinctively natural, gloriously golden, royally rustic, thick-cut chips – made from 100% British potatoes - The Dukes are more British than a British bulldog in a union jack waistcoat, spiffing! We all know that everyone loves chips, and none more than pub goers; more than half (56.2%) of pub dinner occasions include chips, fries or wedges as a side, and chunky, thick-cut chips are the most ordered potato product in pubs*. In a recent consumer test^ almost 40% declared their love of chips as a side, more than 60% said they prefer skin-on in a pub, and a whopping 72% said they are willing to pay a bit more in a pub for a British sourced product. The most important attributes of a chip were cited as having a crispy outside, being thick cut with a fluffy inside and a having a hand-cut appearance. Enter, The DUKES! Brought to you by innovative global leader, Lamb Weston, The DUKES are super tasty, irregularly thick cut to appear homemade and distinctive in character. With gloriously golden edges, and a richly rewarding taste, Dukes will

grace every plate with a guarantee of quality that’s as firm as a gentleman’s handshake. These little beauties have been irregularly cut, with feathered, golden edges. They are beautifully crispy on the outside – even though they’re non-coated – fluffy on the inside, are available with skin-off and skin-on, and they’re ready to make their grand entrance, gracing pub plates across the land. So come on, let’s make this chip nation proud! Be upstanding and make some noise for The DUKES! So far, they have already earned their place in the Craft Guild of Chefs highly esteemed Product Endorsement gallery, with an above average rating, they are Red Tractor certified and gluten free. These are like no ordinary chips; they are the ultimate quintessentially British menu item with a proud and distinguished British heritage. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Chippingdom’s finest creation are proper pub chips, cut from British potatoes. Step aside, pretenders to the throne, make way for the Proper British Chip. The DUKES are remarkably reliable, fabulously fry-able, marvellously moreish and British, through and through. Characterful in their cut, they’re fluffy and light, yet as reliable as a gentleman’s character and as crisp as his tailoring. For innovative ideas, recipes and potato inspiration, head over to www.lambweston.eu/uk , call 0800 963962 or email us at salesUK@lambweston.eu * LW research 2019 & MCA Eating Out Panel 2018 ^ Consumer survey, 9th September 2019, London.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

January 2020

Business Optimism Improving Across UK Eating and Drinking-Out Market Optimism in the eating and drinking-out market has risen to its highest point for 18 months, the latest Business Confidence Survey reveals—but senior executives remain wary of squeezed consumer spending and rising costs. The exclusive quarterly survey of business leaders across the UK pub, bar and restaurant market indicates that 44% are optimistic about prospects for the eating and drinking-out sector over the next 12 months. That figure is substantially up on 30% in the last survey three months ago, and is at the highest point since May 2018. Operators’ confidence about prospects for their own businesses has risen quarter-onquarter too, by six percentage points to 64%, the survey, produced by leading insight consultancy CGA in association with hospitality technology specialist Fourth, reveals. While optimism has improved, it is still well below levels recorded by the survey before 2016’s EU Referendum—an indication that uncertainty about Brexit continues to dampen the sector’s confidence. Leaders remain nervous about consumer footfall and spending in 2020, the survey shows. Just over half (53%) think consumers will eat and drink out less often in the next six months, and only 25% anticipate an increase in average spend, with 32% predicting spend to fall. The poll identifies further concerns about rising people, property and food costs. After a tough 2019 for many out-of-home eating and drinking businesses, the signs of cautious optimism in this survey are very welcome,” said CGA group chief executive Phil Tate. “The sector still faces a host of challenges—many of which, like political uncertainty and increased costs, are out of their control. But this is a resilient and innovative

industry, and even during testing times there are big opportunities for operators with the right concept with the right price and the right consumer focus. If businesses can get some economic stability and the right support from government, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2020. The Business Confidence Survey also highlights leaders’ priorities for the year ahead, including the importance of talented and engaged staff. Three quarters (75%) of respondents consider service to be a key driver of consumers’ choice, making it the leading factor ahead of value for money. The environment is set to be another key issue in 2020, with 76% of leaders citing a sustainable food chain as important to their brand values. Simon Bocca, Fourth’s Chief Operating Officer, said: "It is encouraging to see some green shoots of optimism and I hope this will gather momentum with a pro-business election result. This has the potential to unlock industry investment and a corresponding uptick in consumer confidence. However, it’s clear there are three Ps that remain front of mind for our business leaders – people, profit and politics.

With a deadline for receiving nominations of February 7th, the 2020 Craft Guild of Chef Awards will take place on Thursday, June 11th at the Magazine London on Greenwich Peninsula.

It will be celebrating culinary excellence by recognising the best people currently working in the UK chef industry. More than 600 professionals and a selection of industry luminaries will be there in attendance. There are 15 awards categories open for nominations right now, and a further three awards that are presented on the night. New for this year is the Food Business Innovation Award, which seeks out those restaurateurs and entrepreneurs who are setting new trends and bringing food, style and design to the fore.

The other categories you can nominate in are: Apprentice Chef; Armed Forces Chef; Banqueting & Event Chef; Chef Lecturer; Chef’s Favourite Branded Restaurant; Competition Chef; Contract Catering Chef; Development Chef; Pastry Chef; People’s Choice; Pub Restaurant Chef; Public Sector Chef; Restaurant Chef; Young Chef. Nominations are not required for additional awards to be presented on the night: New Restaurant of the Year; Special Award.

Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay is to seeking food and drink “entrepreneurs” for a new BBC One apprentice style show, made by his production company Studio Ramsay.

For more information about the awards and how to nominate visit http://cgcawards.co.uk

Ramsay will front eight-part show Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars, in which 12 British candidates will compete to win the chef’s investment in a format that has similarities to the popular show The Apprentice. Those taking part will need to prove their “drive, dedication, passion and talent” over the course of the eight episodes to show they are the right person to secure a life-changing reward for Ramsay. Image by Dave Pullig - www.davepullig.co.uk

Gordon Ramsay says: “The future of our food industry has never been more exciting. I can’t wait to search across the country unearthing some of Britain’s most entrepreneurial talent. I’ve spent the last 21 years at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay nurturing, supporting and mentoring some of Great Britain’s greatest chefs and that’s truly why I think investing in the next generation of talented individuals is so important!” Interested parties should email foodstars@studioramsay.com. Applicants must be aged 18 by 1 May 2020 and have the right to live and work in the UK

Theresa Villiers told the BBC the current European Union ban on the two foods will be carried over into UK legislation after Brexit. But she told BBC Countryfile: “There are legal barriers to the imports and those are going to stay in place.”

Gordon Ramsay Seeks Entrepreneurs for ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars’ Show

They can be operating in a fixed restaurant (formal, informal, casual dining, themed, food led pubs etc) or championing the street food or pop-up restaurant phenomenon.

Chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef continue to be banned from UK under any trade deal with the US, the environment secretary has said.

Until now the UK has been wavering on the issue.

"With people, the market is absolutely unified in the sense that the best teams will make the difference and those businesses that can attract, keep, engage and train the right people to deliver the right guest experience every time are best placed to win. In terms of profitability, the rising tide of cost inflation across every line of the P&L, notably for workforce, goods and property, keeps coming and the industry is waging a war to defend and grow profitability, daily. As for politics: while a confidence bounce from the election is encouraging, the industry will be mindful of the road bumps ahead, knowing that Brexit and 2020 will bring opportunities and challenges in equal measure."

Craft Guild of Chefs Awards – Get Your Nominations In

Ban on US Chlorinated Chicken and Hormone Enhanced Beef To Continue Post Brexit’

Ms Villiers has previously talked of imposing tariffs on any future imports of US chicken and beef. But she’s been under great pressure from Britain’s farmers. A 2018 survey by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and YouGov revealed that more than half of people polled stated they would buy less chicken and beef if these products hit UK supermarket shelves. Just 28% of respondents said there would be no change at all to the amount of chicken they bought, with the figure at 29% for beef. Some 83% of those surveyed said they would pay more attention to labelling, while 81% would be concerned about quality and look more closely at the product, the research found. Meanwhile, more than three quarters of shoppers would also look more closely at production methods. Last year Unite urged the government not to sell out the estimated 450,000 workers directly employed by the UK food industry in any free trade deal with US president Donald Trump. Unite national officer for food, drink and agricultural Bev Clarkson said: “Unite is demanding answers from the Government and we want a clear statement from Defra secretary Theresa Villiers that she will not sell out our food workers in any deal with Trump. “We also have concerns that some Trump backers in the US have their eyes on the UK meat processing industry. “There is a good reason why the EU banned chlorinated chicken in the late 1990s – it feared it could mask poor hygiene standards. Because of the threat of tariff-free access for 90% of imports, this could drive down prices in the supermarkets, which, in turn, could lead to food processing plants in the UK shedding thousands of jobs.”

Valentines Candlelight Without The Mess!! Valentines night is just around the corner and everybody is looking for a lovely romantic ambience. But nobody is looking for the horrible waxy mess that you so often get with wax candles. Every time you move them, wax spills everywhere. Customers play with them and make more mess. You get a lot of wastage, throwing half used tea lights away. They don’t last a full service and they look ugly. It’s time to switch to oil can-

G&I Spirit Group G&I Spirit Group are a group of mixologists and bar owners, all related with family ties. We felt that when we were serving customers, some of the base spirits we were using left a bit to be desired. We started to work over 3 years ago with our master distiller to produce a line to start with of 6 x SKU All super premium with the direction being on avoiding the “Burn Sensation” which I as a consumer have always found to be unpleasant and a block to purchasing more drinks, be in a mixer, straight or in a cocktail scenario. This in our view would and was having a negative effect on the sales revenue of venues serving this as a customer lead targeted area. So after a lot of “tooing and froing” we had a development of lines which were now ready to be produced to our own requirement and idiosyncrasies.

ALL SUPER PREMIUM 1 x 88 Vodka Masters Award Winning 1 x 88 Gin Gold Medal 1 x Jillions Gin Not entering into a comp yet

MIS AMIGOS TEQUILA: Chocolate Gold Medal Winning Chocolate and Lime Silver Medal

dles. Mess free, wax free but with a real flame, our glass oil candles provide the perfect ambience. We have over fifty designs to choose from. If you need something for small tables, elegant pieces for the mantelpiece, lanterns or candles for a candelabra, we have something perfect for you. Give us a call to take advantage of our Free sample Service or simply go on line at www.clearcraft-catering.co.uk Winning Coffee Silver Medal Winning Chocolate Cream Tequila and Strawberry Cream Tequila both @ 15% We are looking to educate the bars and venues we work with, so that tequila is moving away from the unpleasant experience that most people associate with tequila. Forget the Salt and Lime, drink a well-balanced tequila that has been distilled with passion and smoothness with authentic Mexican Flavours like Chocolate, Lime and Coffee to make a spirit drink/liqueur that can be drunk long and or over ice. We are looking for our tequilas to be respected as is a good cognac or Whisky. We are adding 3 new variants to our range in the early part of 2020 Café Latte Tequila Mocha Tequila Mocha Cream Tequila Are we concentrating on the tequilas as our go to brand? No, we are actively working on Cognac,Whisky and a bourbon collection and have plans to increase our current range to 43/45 Sku in the next 3-5 years! See the advert on the back cover or visit the website at www.gi-spiritgroup.co.uk

Valentine’s Day January 2020

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A Fine Romance restaurant, bar, hotel or pub simply must be changed into a romantic “love nest”. If some couples regularly visit you, it means that they feel comfortable in your business and that they like specialties that you offer. Probably the same couple will decide to have dinner at your business on Valentine ’s Day so it is very important that you offer something unexpected and unusual. It would not be nice and not fair to them to offer the same atmosphere that your business provides every day!

• Plan early. If you haven’t already then now is the time, start marketing, banners, posters, table cards, website, social media, email marketing, menu planning, staffing and liaising with suppliers. Think of ideas of how to engage with your customers using your social media platforms. This could include asking them to share their stories of how they met their partner or even disastrous dates.

“The only bubble in the flat champagne that is February is VALENTINES DAY!”

Once again Cupid is hauling out his bow and a quiver of arrows and takes aim at lovers in the name of Saint Valentine. For many hospitality outlets Valentine’s Day is one of the calendar's big out-of-home events. Following a traditionally quiet January, as people count the pennies following the festive season, and the initiative which has become known as “Dry January, or just generally keeping healthy New Year resolutions - This all makes the prospect of an evening out with great food and drink an eagerly anticipated event giving operators the opportunity to capitalise!

this was unfair, so he broke the rules and arranged marriages in secret. When Claudius found out, Valentine was thrown in jail and sentenced to death. There, he fell in love with the jailer's daughter and when he was taken to be killed on 14 February he sent her a love letter signed "from your Valentine"!

SETTING THE SCENE Nearly half of UK adults consider themselves to be romantic, and Valentine's Day is considered the day of romantic love, often celebrated with a night out, a candlelit meal or a romantic getaway.

A BRIEF HISTORY Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world, but if you or any of your staff were asked to provide a little background what would you say? So, who is this mysterious saint and where did these traditions come from? There are several theories, the Catholic Church recognises at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. However, it's a good bet that while one saint or other of three martyred Catholic saints was eventually affiliated with it, the origins of the holiday likely date back to an ancient Roman fertility ritual known as Lupercalia. Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers. Valentine felt

In 2018 Valentine sales were a staggering £650m in total, up 25% from 2015. Dining out leads the UK gift category, and last year the estimated expenditure on for dining out on Valentines Day in the UK was £391 million, making this the largest category of expenditure. In addition, £267m was spent on flowers and £193 pounds on clothing and lingerie. And this year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, giving operators “two bites of the cherry”. Better still, if you offer accommodation, turning Valentines Day into a weekend stay! A couple years ago, research by Belgian chocolate maker Callebaut. Revealed that three-quarters of consumers were willing to spend more when eating out to celebrate a special occasion, with 42% of 16-34 year olds, an important demographic for the out-of-home category – choosing to dine out for Valentine’s Day, proving there is a huge opportunity available for operators who make dining experiences memorable for consumers. Their research also revealed 40% are prepared to pay up to £30 more per head when celebrating a special occasion. Operators who run with this and provide an exceptional dining experience are highly likely to see their customers again. Callebaut’s research identified that 94% of people would be likely to return to an establishment that had made them feel special. People, regardless of age, are always in demand for new special or themed events and experiences, and in these highly competitive time are expecting more for their money and that is not only good food but also the appropriate setting with that added “something special”. Valentine ‘s Day is an event when your business,

• Make your menu special, be creative, add “one-off ” dishes with more expensive offerings, dishes you don’t ordinarily have on your menu. Remember, creativity has no limits, include dishes that are romantic, attractive and unique for the day! • Create that unique romantic atmosphere. Make sure your guests feel the warm and romantic atmosphere as soon as they walk in, soft romantic lighting, candles are always a winner, as is romantic music. Red roses and petals of red roses, heart shaped decorations are symbols of love and affection. • Wine and champagne are the drinks most closely associated Valentines day, Champagne is of course an absolute must, however Prosecco has become increasingly popular in recent years. Furthermore with a bit of creative thinking on cocktails, operators could push that spirits sales uplift even higher. One way to achieve that could include sharpening the focus on fizzy, celebratory-style cocktails. Set a menu price that allows you to welcome customers with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, and encourage staff to suggest a bottle to go with the meal • And don't forget the non-drinkers, which is set to grow, particularly among the millennial demographic. Low and alcohol free beverages, adult soft drinks and mocktails are a fast-growing market. Offering stylish and great-tasting mocktails will go down just as well as the alcoholic beverages on your menu and offer an excellent profit margin. It is a good time to pull in support from food and drinks suppliers too, leveraging spirits brands to theme drinks for the day. Amy Burgess, trade communications manager at Coca-Cola European Partners, said statistics show that 59% of women consume cocktails during a special celebration , meaning these drinks represent a huge sales opportunity for operators hosting Valentine's Day celebrations.

She says: "Operators should consider putting together themed Valentine's Day food menus, with staff on hand to recommend drinks that could complement the meal - ranging from cocktails and mixed drinks to soft drinks and mocktail options, made using well-known brands." With competition for market share so fierce at the moment, striking the right offer on Valentine’s Day can be a big springboard to acquiring new customers and encouraging loyalty among existing ones. So, make sure that your offering is original and stands out from the competition. Concentrate on what your venue does best and capitalise on this.


Valentine's Day is all about the couple. Ensure your waiting and bar staff remember this and are able to provide an effective service with with discreet recommendations and up- selling without being obtrusive. Offer the opportunity for couples to impress each other and enjoy the privacy of each other's company!


• Men will be most likely to pick up the tab on Valentine’s night with men on a first date spending an average of £70, compared to £47 by women. • The biggest spending region is London, with £119 spent on a first date. Yorkshire was the cheapest with £42 the average spend.

• The older generation who believe the bill should be split, with only 28 per cent saying men should pick up the tab. In the 25 to 34-year-old age category, 41 per cent expected the man to pay for the first date. • Men take an average of 79 minutes to get their look just right, which is three minutes longer than the women surveyed.

January 2020

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Happy Chinese New Year capitalise on, by expanding their Oriental food offering and appealing to today’s consumers. Whether in the form of one or two additional dishes added to an established offering, or as an entire bespoke Chinesethemed menu, Chinese New Year should encourage operators to get creative, providing new taste experiences for returning trade, and targeting new customers looking for more variety to at mealtimes.”


Annette Coggins, head of foodservice at Tilda UK, said: “After the Christmas festivities we often see a drop in footfall and Chinese New Year is perfectly placed to bring some good fortune to operators by providing consumers with a reason to go out and celebrate. As Chinese cuisine continues to win over the hearts of the nation, the benefits of joining in the festivities are clear to see.”


Annette says that simply adding a selection of Chinese dishes to menus will allow pubs to take advantage of the festivities – and they should also look to premiumise dishes to improve profit margin.


Chinese families feast for the first 15 days of the year, every day comes with its own special tradition with food at the heart.

Chinese New Year, perhaps the most widely celebrated holiday in the world, is coming soon, and Britain is gearing up to host some of the largest Chinese New Year celebrations outside of Asia.

In Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and surplus. Because of their reproduction rate, married couples also prayed to them for children.

The Rat is the first of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. The Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride. Then, just as they arrived at the finish line, Rat jumped down and landed ahead of Ox, becoming first. The Rat is also associated with the Earthly Branch (地 支—dì zh ) Zi (子) and the midnight hours. In the terms of yin and yang (阴阳—y n yáng), the Rat is yang and represents the beginning of a new day.

This day is believed to be the birthday of the God of Fortune, which is celebrated with another large feast that will last all night. During the evening the doors and windows are left open to welcome the God of Fortune and firecrackers are set off to attract his attention, ensuring good fortune for the year ahead. Dumplings are a big part of this day as they symbolise the old Chinese currency “Yuan Bao” which means “gold ingot” and they have similar shape.

Chinese New Year Traditions : This is a time of cleansing and ridding oneself of the bad luck from the previous year to make room for the good luck the new year will bring. Good fortune in the form of money is exchanged from the older generation to the younger and it is customary to stay up all night with firecrackers forming the night’s entertainment.

Last year research by VisitBritain revealed that bookings from China to the UK were up 24% for the Chinese New Year, compared to the previous year. Furthermore, more than 700,000 people in London alone celebrated the Chinese New Year, illustrating the popularity of the event. Additionally, 349,000 people come to the UK specifically for the celebrations in the UK – spending around £722m in the process.

The Rat

The fourth day is considered an auspicious day, a day to welcome the Kitchen God, the God of Fortune, and other Gods as they return from heaven to earth. It is a day to eat the leftovers from the previous feasts – much like the Western Boxing Day food tradition.


Events include celebrations in Liverpool, parades in Manchester, festivals and performances in Birmingham and Leeds to a street parade from Charing Cross to Chinatown in London!

So, what better way to for the hospitality and ontrade sector to prolong the excitement of the holiday season than to celebrate another new beginning? This 25 January heralds the Chinese New Year, and the start of the Year of the Rat. Year of the Rat and falls between 24th January (New Year’s Eve) and 7th February, with New Year’s Day falling on 25th January.

Lee Kum Kee Chinese sauce brand is inviting consumers to share in these ancient Chinese traditions, exploring the greatest celebration of food and discovering new and delicious authentic Chinese flavours that will inspire dishes throughout the year.

The third day is called the “red mouth day” which means “the argument day”. Hence, most families will stay home avoiding visits to friends just trying to avoid having arguments with friends during Chinese New Year. But this tradition is slowly being forgotten and not abide in modern days.

Chicken is always at the Chinese festive celebration tables. It can come in different cooking methods such as steamed chicken, soya chicken, or roast chicken (but fried in a different way).

• Men born in the Rat year are clever and adapt quickly to new environments. They are crea tive great at taking advantage of opportunities . However, they sometimes lack the courage to do so. Although they have great ideas, they migh t not be suitable for leadership positions. • Women born in the Rat year are the trad itional women. They love keeping things organize d and place great value on the family. Everything is taken care of by them and ther e is no need for their husband to worry. Outs ide of home, they’re also someone with a sens e of responsibility and ability.

Fish is eaten as the main part of the meal; fish also symbolises having a surplus at the end of the year. If there is still something to be eaten at the end of the year this means there is more to come in the new year ahead. Dumplings are also a traditional dish in certain part of China on the Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration as they symbolise the exchange of the past year to the new, and with it the bringing of wealth.

“With this in mind, Chinese New Year creates an opportunity that catering operators can


Glutinous rice balls with fillings would be eaten to celebrate and usher in a prosperous and lucky new year. And, these rice balls mostly come with sweet fillings such as black sesame seeds paste, red beans, lotus seeds paste,…etc.

Once overlooked in favour of traditional British fare, international cuisine is not only well established in the UK today, but it’s also gaining rapid traction with consumers. The nation’s growing appetite for travel in the Far East has meant British tastes are becoming far more eclectic, with world foods and Oriental dishes now an established part of the British food and drink scene, whilst also prominent in many supermarkets.

“People are travelling further afield, looking to recreate holiday favourites on their return to the UK. TV chefs are championing authentic, exotic dishes and consumers are becoming far more interested in new flavours. These factors combined are putting international cuisine well and truly on British menus.

This day is typically celebrated with colleagues as it is the day that businesses reopen. On the Lunar calendar, this day is the 8th and the word ‘eight’ has a similar pronunciation to ‘fortune’ in Chinese. This is celebrated with another feast that is laid on by the business. And, it is organized by the companies to have the business reopen lunch or dinner with their staff and/or workers.

Chinese New Year celebrations draw to a close on “Yuan Xiao” which is also called the “Lantern Festival”. This day’s traditions date back to the Song dynasty where people would write poems and riddles on lanterns and those that solved them would receive a prize from the owner of the lantern. It was also a romantic time, when young men and women would meet. Therefore, it is also called the “Chinese Valentine’s Day” !

A Growing Calendar Event

Wing Yip Director Ennevor Yap says: “Historically, consumers were more familiar with a Westernised take on Oriental cuisine. However, increased media coverage is encouraging them to think more about the source of their food, with trends for more authentic cuisine continuing to develop and consumers putting more time and research into the dishes they eat.


Photo by Charles Haynes

THE LUNAR NEW YEAR ( FIRST DAY), 25TH JANUARY 2020 The Chinese New Year is spent with family, traditionally the paternal side of the family for a reunion feast. On this day, sweeping the house is not recommended as this symbolises driving the good fortune for the year out of the home. A big feast is prepared for Chinese New Year’s Day, with an array of meats and fish adorning the table. However, for those practising Buddhism, a vegan feast is prepared as this symbolises the presence of life in the new year. Some Chinese families are still keeping the tradition of having the first dinner in Chinese New Year a vegetarian dinner.

And, on the 15th day, all lucky money (red packets) can be unsealed, and children can “reap” their “earnings” collected in the 15 days of Chinese New Year and bank in !


January 2020

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Happy Chinese New Year


authentic-tasting dishes, removing the time and cost of creating equivalent flavours from scratch. We recommend using our best-selling readymade sauces and condiments which are fast, convenience whilst still offering quality, authentic flavours. Our top products, like every year, remain the curry pastes. These include the Wing Yip Curry Concentrate Sauce, and also the Mai Siam range including their Thai Green Curry Paste, Red Curry Paste and Yellow Curry Paste.


1) Stock the right ingredients

Stocking and promoting the right ingredients is a key factor in maximising sales over the Chinese New Year period. Have classic dishes such as: • Stir fry soy noodles and mushrooms in oyster sauce • Kung pao chicken • Broccoli beef • Fusion dishes

Don't forget the decorations Maria Chong, Managing Director of Lee Kum Kee Europe Limited comments ‘There’s a real buzz around Chinese food at the moment and Chinese New Year is such a big opportunity for foodservice operatives who should be capitalising on this and maximising their sales with creative menu options, fusion flavours and most importantly traditional, quality ingredients. It’s key we inspire consumers and showcase the history, versatility and authenticity of Chinese food.” Chinese New Year is increasingly acknowledged worldwide, adds a Wing Yip Director Ennevor Yap, “And in the Year of the Rat many British consumers will be seeking ways to enjoy the festivities and experience the traditions associated with this special time of year in China. This encourages consumers to open their minds – and taste buds – to new flavours, providing operators with a platform to introduce or strengthen an Oriental offering.” “Operators can use this trend to their advantage by providing traditional options using carefully sourced ingredients, taking a part in educating customers about the best Oriental dishes, while providing an exciting array of more unusual options. It’s a combination of the flavours, not just spiciness, which gives Oriental food its consumer appeal. This is gradually moving to a new level as contemporary operators develop more imaginative, varied and authentic concepts. Consumers are opting for flavour-bursting, chilli-infused dishes as they become more educated about different types of peppers and embrace a more nuanced approach to chillies. We have seen stir-fry ingredients such as Spicy Szechuan Sauce and Sriracha Sauce flying off the shelves as they increase in popularity. “The best strategy in trialling a new menu specific for Chinese New Year is to keep everything as simple as possible. Wing Yip sauces can be used to make speedy, delicious and

According to legend, every year, the horrendous monster 年 (Nián) would terrorize villages. It would eat everything, from mosquitos to human beings. As time passed the villagers realised that the monster came every 365 days to wreak havoc before disappearing back into the forests.

2) Story-telling to engage punters:

Celebrity chef and Chinese food guru, Ken Hom, said: "In Chinese tradition many food items are associated with a certain wisdom It is important for pubs to understand the or have a special symbolic meaning. For local Chinese tastes while adapting it to Chinese New Year - fish, chicken, tofu and the British palate at the same time. noodles are some of the must-have items Use products that provide chefs with the for a traditional family gathering. classic Chinese flavours, while offering the "For example, eating a whole chicken with freedom and creativity to adjust the taste family members means 'a united front'." with other ingredients and develop their preferred flavour profile, the company says. Ken also said that tofu is associated with happiness and eating noodles on New Years' Day means good health and longevi- The Chinese New Year celebration is more ty in life. than just a day. The Chinese community He said: "It is also tradition to braise mush- usually starts celebrating two weeks ahead. rooms and lettuce in oyster sauce during The celebration can last for another two Chinese New Year for a year of fortune weeks after January 24 ahead." Therefore, promotion or special menu offers should last for a month. The Chinese New Year gathering is all about banqueting and food sharing, so instead of a la carte choices, a tasting menu could be offered, allowing people to try Chinese dishes they might not have experienced.

4) Be authentic

So the villagers decided that on that day, they would prepare a feast and dine before the ancestors for protection. After years of hiding like this, a youth came up with the idea to use firecrackers and scare the monster away once and for all. Such goes the legend of the origin of Chinese New Year. Since the purpose was to scare off Nian and prevent it from returning, the holiday decorations are typically a bright and loud red. The colour red is much loved by the Chinese generally as it represents happiness and good fortune.

5) Timing

Just because it’s January doesn’t mean the fun stops, says Nick Peek of Peeks, the Event Maker.

6) Expand oriental free-from options

“If you were born in 2008, 1996, 1972 or 1960 you share something with everyone born in 2020 – the rat is your zodiac animal. The cycle comes around every dozen years, but whatever the creature is celebrated, the festival always goes off with a bang – literally. "At Peeks we have all you need to join in; tableware, danglers and huge party packs – so you can enjoy taking part in celebrations that have been going on for several thousand years. "While the Spring festival goes on for weeks in the East, January 25 is when the major celebrations will take off.”

of the sauces. For example: • Sesame oil is great for dressing, but doesn't hold up well as a deep frying oil as the temperature tolerance is fairly low – like olive oil. • Dark soy sauce is not meant for seasoning, and is mainly used for colouring. • Meat used in stir-fries can be pre-marinated in oyster sauce making it flavoursome.

People are looking for a broader array of meat-free and gluten-free menu options, and Chinese New Year should be no different. The global gluten-free products market was valued at £11.58 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow by 9.3% from 2017 to 2025.

3) Education

Usage of Chinese sauces is still fairly unfamiliar to the majority, with more education needed to help the trade get the best out

Lifesystems for CRUSTACEANS Homarium UK of the foremost supplier of lobster tanks in the United Kingdom. Homarium UK offer a unique range of lobster and shellfish display equipment to the restaurant sector and fish retailers. Widely used on the continent these lobster tanks are now available in the United Kingdom in standard or bespoke custom designs to match your image and premises needs our range of lobster and shellfish displays are specifically designed for the purpose of maximum custom impact and optimum conditions for crustaceans and shellfish. We are a UK based in Southampton and offer a nationwide delivery and installation service. Oceane


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January 2020

The Source Trade Show Preview

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What’s On The Menu For 2020? Only A Visit To The Source Will Tell You! If food and drink are… well, food and drink to you… and you want to know what will be flavour of the year for 2020, the one event you need to visit is The Source trade show.

The Source has long been the South West’s go-to show for all things comestible and potable, and it’s easily the biggest and best of its kind: the perfect blend of the freshest foods, the most passionate producers, the hottest hospitality specialists and the most exciting equipment companies. It’s also the place to learn what’s hot and what’s not in the fast-moving world of cuisine, as well as pick up on the trends, business challenges and opportunities shaping the sector. Once again, Westpoint, near Exeter, will be home to the two-day event on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th February: visiting is free, access is easy and it’s the perfect way to give your business extra bounce with fresh ideas and exciting new suppliers for the year ahead. It’s worth remembering that some 96% of visitors say they plan to come back the next year – and would recommend the event to colleagues. As ever, the show partners are Taste of the West - the regional food and drink trade organisation for the South West of England (www.tasteofthewest.co.uk). This year over 200 exhibitors will be showcasing their offers – and no other event serves up such a rewarding and valuable mix of comparative tastings, innovative ideas, networking opportunities and inspirational experiences. You’ll meet key South West, UK and international food and drink producers, as well as service providers, alongside a superb selection of

Taste of the West members.

tourism businesses and industry experts.

The event’s timing at the beginning of each year gives those in the catering and hospitality sectors a real heads-up as they prepare for the new season… while its sheer size and scope means there’s no need to spend valuable time attending other shows. Over the two days, you’ll discover everything a food or hospitality business could possibly want – from high quality ingredients, foods and drinks through to innovative ideas in kitchen equipment and designs, stylish furniture and the latest EPoS and other business systems to keep your operation running smoothly.


WHAT ELSE? The special Newcomers’ area is always popular as it showcases companies from the South West that have never exhibited at a trade show before. If you're keen to give yourself an edge over your competitors, a visit to this section is sure to pay dividends. Recipes for success will be served up regularly in the “Innovation Kitchen” where oodles of inspiration, advice and culinary innovation will be on display courtesy of inspiring chefs showing off their skills. For 2020, the kitchen is brought to the show by the award-winning Sapphire Spaces, and the demonstrations are compered by Jim Fisher of Exeter Cookery School. This is where you can watch a variety of inspiring chefs and passionate artisans in action, and hear about 2020 trends for food and drink in the region and further afield. You can also take a peek as South West Chef of the Year winners strut their stuff as they demonstrate their mouth-watering dishes, as well as find out about products’ fascinating back stories from the people who made them.

Working with column stills for a smoother spirit, the process is tightly controlled capturing only the hearts of each batch - the sweet spot of any distillation.

“The South West is the beating heart of the nation’s tourism and hospitality industry – so we’re always ahead of the curve. Visitors are able to discover luscious local products with fascinating provenance stories to tell and spend valuable time with passionate producers and knowledgeable suppliers face-to-face. “They can compare different flavours and textures, build relationships with new partners, catch up with colleagues, clients and friends, as well as get a feel for the latest trends.” So whether you are looking for that special ingredient to give your menu an intriguing twist, that unique artisan product to liven up your offering, or that novel item of equipment that’ll take your kitchen to the next level, then this show is for you. The winning combination is sure to inspire you personally and give your business the fresh impetus it needs to wow customers over the year ahead.


To register for the show, simply go to: thesourcetradeshow.co.uk/visitorregistration You can also follow news on the show on Twitter at @SourceFoodDrink. For more details about the conference please visit www.westcountrytourismconference.org.uk.

Once again in 2020, The Source trade show is delighted to host the successful and growing Westcountry Tourism Conference. Organised by Services4tourism, in partnership with show organisers Hale Events, it runs alongside the show, with two half-day events bringing together leading

Venue details: Westpoint, Exeter, EX5 1DJ Opening times: Wednesday 5 Feb 10:00am - 6:00pm Thursday 6 Feb 10:00am - 5:00pm

Free Your Spirit with Mermaid Gin Mermaid Gin is hand-crafted on the Isle of Wight using ten ethically sourced botanicals. A small batch spirit, it delivers a smooth yet complex blend of fresh organic lemon zest and peppery grains of paradise, with a hint of sea air from locally foraged, fragrant rock samphire - for a refreshing and invigorating serve.

“This industry never stands still and customer tastes are constantly evolving,” says Mike Anderson, MD of show organisers Hale Events. “That’s why so many visitors consider this a ‘must-attend’ show and keep coming back year after year. It gives them a unique opportunity to keep up with the very latest developments and spot fresh opportunities.

This avoids the harsher elements found in the heads and tails to create a pure gin that is perfectly balanced. We preserve the environment of mermaids by supporting marine conservation projects and presenting our gin in a plastic free package. See the advert on the opposite page for details, or visit www.isleofwightdistillery.com Alternatively call 01983 613653.

TwelveBelow - The UK’s First Naturally Low Sugar Tonic TwelveBelow is the UK’s first naturally low sugar tonic, with only 2.5 grams of sugar per 100ml and less than 12 calories per serving. The new range comes in four great-tasting flavours, including Classic Premium, Apple & Garden Mint, Pear & Cardamom and Rhubarb & Ginger. The products are made with a dash of organic agave and contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Co-founder Melanie McNelly said: “The idea for the company started when we began to really look into

light and slimline tonics, and we were shocked to find they still had a high sugar content with artificial sweeteners and the taste overpowered spirits. Our tonics have been developed to not only complement a whole host of spirits, but to taste great as a standalone drink without the high sugar content.” The tonics are available in 200ml and 500ml glass bottles. Come and see us for a sample on Stand F2 or contact us on info@twelvebelow.co.uk. www.twelvebelow.co.uk See the advert on page 28.

January 2020

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The Source Trade Show Preview Savona Foodservice

Savona Foodservice offer an extensive range of ambient, chilled, frozen, fresh meat, cleaning and eco-friendly disposable products. In addition to stocking your favourite brands, we also offer the quality own brand, Country Range - the preferred choice of many chefs. We work closely with customers to provide the best service. For your convenience, orders

Cornish Rock Gin

The whole idea of Rock Gin was dreamed up while walking our dog, Blue, on Rock Beach. We then named our still Bonanza Boy after our favourite racehorse and now he has now produced a stable of five fabulous gins and to add to the stable, Rock Distillery has produced two amazing rums. We made our Original Rock Gin, which is a smooth dry clear gin with a great lingering taste. We then progressed onto our Pink Rock Gin which is a very

can be placed via telesales or our ground-breaking online ordering platform. What’s more, you can enjoy up to 25% off at the online Savona Spring Sale. Browse and shop at a time convenient to you, 24/7! Dates: 21st - 26th February 2020. Pre-registration is essential but free, simply email help@savona.co.uk by Friday 14th February. South West: 01271 862569 Oxford: 01865 852010 www.savona.co.uk dry gin enhanced by red champagne grapes grown for us by our friends at the Pierre Gobillard champagne house in Hautvilliers. Next came our Cornish Gold Rock Gin this being a real gin drinkers tipple as it is very dry and peppery but still smooth and makes the perfect “Dry Martini”. Then along came our Rock Blue Angel Gin which again is a wonderful smooth dry gin with Blue Gardenia flower and grains of paradise which seem to enrich the other botanicals in the gin. Finally we made Rock Orange Sunset, which has a truly orange tang to it which develops more with the addition of tonic. Visit www.rockgincornish.com, call 01208 851 718 or see us on stand I9.

Lye Cross Farm - Farmers and Cheesemakers

The Alvis family have been farming at Lye Cross Farm in Somerset for over 100 years. Based only 7 miles from the village of Cheddar, they have been hand making cheese since 1952, and in 1992 began producing organic cheese. Lye Cross Farm cheese is produced using milk from their own herds and is supplemented using milk from other carefully selected local farms, ensuring that their carbon footprint is minimised as much as possible.

Vale Labels

Based in the South West, Vale Labels Ltd is a successful, family run business with over 30 years specialist experience in the self adhesive printed label industry. Fresh thinking and the very latest in digital printing

Produced using the traditional technique of Cheddaring, the curds are turned and stacked by hand which allows the unique texture and flavour of Cheddar cheese to develop as the curds knit together. Lye Cross Farm are able to offer their cheese in a wide variety of packed formats from 20g portions to 20kg blocks, as well as grated and sliced options available. Visit www.lyecrossfarm.co.uk or tel 01934 862 320 or see us on stand C8. technology, ensures Vale Labels Ltd produces the sharpest solutions for all your labelling needs. For a friendly, expert service, one that offers your business all the flexibility it needs, please contact us on 01823 665504 or email john@valelabels.co.uk or neil@valelabels.co.uk or see us on Stand G18.

The Source Trade Show Preview

January 2020

Capricorn Contract Furnishings - Stand B1

Customers are encouraged to visit our large showroom to view an extensive range of furniture ideally suited for the leisure market. Here you can relax and let Capricorn help and advise you with your requirements. Opening hours for the showroom are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Capricorn Contract Furnishings are now firmly established as one of the country's largest stockist and supplier of quality contract furnishings to cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels. Capricorn are based in a 40, 000 square feet showroom and distribution warehouse on the outskirts of Exeter in Devon. From within the distribution area we are able to offer a next day delivery service on thousands of products including tables , chairs , stools and lounge furniture.

For more information or a Capricorn Contract Furnishings catalogue and price list contact Brian Pengelly on 01395 233 320, visit www.ccf-ltd.uk or see us on stand B1.

Unbeatable Show Day Deals with Moor Coffee Ltd.

Our family-run coffee company based near Dartmoor specialises in commercial coffee machines, coffee beans, brewing equipment and machine repairs throughout the Westcountry and the UK. We understand that coffee machines can be an expensive outlay, so we offer a range of purchase options on both new and refurbished equipment. Machine accessories can be added to create a complete business model and once you have chosen your ideal solution we will deliver, install and train you and your staff free of charge! After-sales support is an important part of our comprehensive service so we

provide you with a generous welcome pack, regular customer contact, a range of point-of-sale material and a fully equipped service department. We're very excited to have the brand new Jura X10 bean to cup machine on our stands at the upcoming events (see advert for stand numbers) and encourage you to come along and take advantage of our unbeatable 'Show Day' deals - we look forward to meeting you there! Tele 01409 231 166, web www.moorcoffee.co.uk or see us on stand C4.

Cottonfrog – A Different Kind Of Uniform Company A uniform that portrays your business in the best way possible is crucial, especially in industries where lots of personnel are working in customer-facing roles. This is particularly prevalent in the competitive hospitality and food sector where a tidy image, coupled with a requirement for a strong brand presence is critically important. Cottonfrog understand what is needed from a uniform solution. The majority of key staff members at Cottonfrog have backgrounds in either marketing, design or fashion, meaning

that you will receive advice not only regarding the practicality of the garment, but also a uniform that will support your brand in the best possible way. This is coupled with brilliant customer service for a seamless uniform procurement experience. With a customer list that boasts big brands, Cottonfrog will provide a uniform solution that is not only practical and looks great, but is also designed to support your brand effectively. Tele 0752 981 844, www.cottonfrog.co.uk or visit us on stand F7


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January 2020

CLH News

The Source Trade Show Preview


Devon Distillery

Devon Distillery can produce a gin just for you. Specialising in short run white-label production at competitive prices, we have made award winning gins for a number of clients already. If you want your own house gin or a gin for a special occasion Devon Distillery can produce it for you. You can include your own botanicals and design your own label, all with guidance from our master distillers. Devon Distillery also produces it’s own award winning Dappa (Devon Grappa) and Devoncello as well as a great Sloe Gin. See the advert on this page for details or visit Stand H6.

The Dartmoor Ice Cream Co.

We are an artisan ice cream company based on Dartmoor. We use cream and gallons of lovely fresh milk from cows that graze on the foothills of Dartmoor. We are passionate about creating the nearest thing to proper home-made ice cream. Making in small batches, we keep, as much as possible, to ingredients you would find in your larder, while not compromising on quality. In addition, many of our ice creams are made even more delicious by the addi-

tion of chunks and sauces, most of which are lovingly made by us. Our fruit ice creams and sorbets are made from real fruit. We think you will find that, despite our premium quality, we are competitively priced. We sell in a range of Napoli and tub sizes for scooping but also sell ice cream in 120ml and 450ml tubs for retail. Visit www.dartmooricecream.uk or see us on stand NC13.

HS French Flint - The Glass Container Specialists SEE CLH NEWS ON STAND C2

Having moved into a new and larger showroom overlooking the River Thames near Tower Bridge we have continued to


Barton Reed & Co


T: 01803 812 509 E: info@devondistillery.com www.devondistillery.com /devondistillery

HS French Flint Ltd are very pleased to be exhibiting at the Source Trade Show again this year and are looking forward to seeing Old Friends as well as New Contacts on STAND H16.


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Barton Reed & Co is the leading supplier of quality furniture to hotels, restaurants, public houses and leisure facilities in the South West. We can supply beautiful leather sofas, stylish high bar stools, comfy tub seats, elegant restaurant tables and chairs, and relaxing beds. From laid back, seaside charm to cutting-edge design our extensive product range will suit your style and give your business the look that you want to achieve. We have a huge choice of colours, fabrics and finishes and all our furniture comes with a two-year warranty. Barton Reed & Co is a family-run business and we have been involved in the furniture industry since 1945. Over the years we have forged strong relationships with our suppliers to give you the best furniture available with a service that goes above and beyond our customers’

expand our range and have even more wonderful glass jars and bottles to show you this year. Please have a look at our website www.frenchflint.com or give us a call on 020 7237 1750. HS French Flint Limited, The Gallery, Springalls Wharf, 25a Bermondsey Wall West, London SE16 expectations. Seven reasons why you should choose Barton Reed & Co to supply your contract furniture:

• Wide range of styles • Easy ordering and re-ordering • Single point of contact • Short lead times • Direct delivery • After sales service • Two-year warranty on every item Get in touch to discuss your furniture requirements or to order our new brochure – we’re here to help. Call us on 01409 271189, visit www.bartonreed.co.uk or email info@bartonreed.co.uk Alternatively see us on Stand H33 at The Source Trade Show.

Why Use BeeWraps? BeeWraps are the ideal alternative to cling film, foil and plastic food bags. Made from 100% Cotton, Beeswax, Pine Rosin and a touch of Jojoba oil. BeeWraps are beautifully natural and a great way to wrap your food over and over again without any toxins leaching into your food as they do with plastics. Perfect for sandwiches, fruit, cheese, Fresh bread, covering bowls in fact everywhere you would normally use plastic.

Reusable – natural antibacterial and antifungal properties will help keep food fresh and allow repeated usage, simply wipe down or if needed wash in cool water with a little soap and leave to dry ready for the next time you need it. As BeeWraps cannot be washed at high

South West Labels

South West Labels are a supplier of labelling guns, thermal label printers & labels. We’re here for retail, industrial and manufacturing businesses. We’re independent, which means impartial recommendations combined with over 30 years experience in supplying these products.

The labelling gun market can be complicated. Many products are known by dif-

The Source Trade Show Preview

January 2020

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temperatures do not use for raw meat or fish. Every few of months if used regularly your wrap will start to get creased through use and not sticking as it should. You then simply lay on a baking tray in an oven pre-heated to 100c/ 225f gas1/4 oven for no more than 3 minutes. This will re-melt the wax back into the fabric, pick up carefully at the corners, it will cool and set in seconds once cold it can be used as normal. This is also a great practice as it will sanitise your wrap and kill any bugs that may be lurking. BeeWraps are a Zero waste product and once your wrap has come to the end of its life, you can compost it, use it as a fire lighter or even snip to the middle and put around young plants as a weed suppressant ( just remember to water under the wrap) Keep away from heat sources such as direct sunlight, hot water, microwave, oven, dishwasher and washing machine. The wraps initially have a strong smell and can appear sticky, but this will soon fade away and doesn’t transfer onto the food. See us on stand NC7. ferent names depending on their use. Labelling guns, price guns, pricing guns, label guns, coding guns and batch guns. Our range of products can meet all needs: Simple low use models, durable machines for industry. A wide variety of specialist features including auto-incrementing guns for batch codes. All equipment is supplied with a one year factory warranty and are designed to give years of reliable and effective service. Visit us on stand H4 to view our products.


Visit us on Stand C2

Free Business Waste Audit

be minimized, it will also ensure your company complies to environmental and waste management regulations, promoting your ‘Green Credentials’ Established in 1987, Kenburn Waste bars and any business where waste is to existing and potential customers. Management Ltd. have been helping produced. We can also take care of Whatever your waste stream, all types of businesses save money on repairs, servicing and operator trainKenburn will offer to arrange a free waste collection and assisting ‘on site’ ing, even on your existing equipment. of charge waste audit that will give waste processing. The importance of you a better idea of how much you Kenburn have supkeeping on top of could save by reducing the size of plied a superior your business waste is your landfill waste and collection range of new and becoming even more costs. refurbished waste vital. As the cost of For more information or to arrange handling equipment waste collections and a free audit or site visit by one of our to manufacturers, processing increases experienced consultants, visit retailers, food & year on year, our www.kenburn.co.uk or email: drink producers, range of balers and mark.wootton@kenburn.co.uk or call packaging companies, compactors will 01727 844988. hotels, restaurants, enable these costs to

www.catererlicensee.com CALL 01202 552333 OR FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @CLHNews VISIT

Waste mInImIsatIon & Cost reDUCtIon InItIatIVes Waste management solutions

3 Save Money 3 Reduce Waste 3 Save Time 3 Increase Productivity 3 Improve Working Environment 3 Enhance Green Credentials New & Refurbished Balers CompaCtors roll paCkers roto CompaCtors

Call us to arrange a

Free sIte aUDIt

01727 844988

sales@kenburn.co.uk www.kenburn.co.uk

Vist stand e36 at the source tradeshow


January 2020

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GLOBAL ART For Your Refurbishment

With over 35 years of experience, Global Art Gallery offers artworks by a number of diverse artists and pieces from selected private collections from around the world.



You won't find lots of prints in expensive frames at Global just lots of original art at realistic prices.

Further information is available from James Hartey on 07894 555107 or www.globalartinternational.co.uk

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The Latest in Electric Boiler Innovation – The Fusion Comet 3-Phase Electric Boiler Available in 12kW, 14.4kW, 23kW and 39kW Outputs The Fusion Comet Electric System Boiler is an intelligent solution and alternative for a wet central heating system in light commercial properties, hotels, guest houses and large properties with 3-phase electricity. Silent in operation with no requirement for any sort of flue, the Fusion Comet Electric Boiler can also be installed with an underfloor heating system. The Fusion Comet 3 Phase Electric Boiler is very easy to install with minimal upheaval. With emphasis on safety, we have installed multiple fail-safes in the unit. With proven reliability of our prod-

ucts, we offer 2 year warranty with the option of extended warranty which will extend the cover to up to 5 years from the date of purchase. This boiler is not only powerful, it’s versatile. The Fusion Comet boiler can be supplied alone or with a choice of Heat Packs and Unvented Cylinders. For larger output requirements, this Electric Boiler can be combined on a low loss header to increase the overall output which gives endless install solutions. For further information or a free brochure contact 01698 820533 or visit www.electric-heatingcompany.co.uk

Add High Quality Art to Your Business with Global

When considering the refurbishment or presentation of your venue it may be a wise move to look at some pieces of quality art to give a feeling of class and prestige to your business image. Hotels, offices, restaurants and pubs can benefit aesthetically and financially from investing in quality original art which is both unique and profitable. GLOBAL ART Acquisitions and Investments Ltd are based above the Antiques centre at the Bridge House Longham BH22 9AN. We have an extensive selection of unique art available for the discerning client with prestigious premises and customers. GLOBAL ART is also the home of

the world’s number 1 reformed art forger BILLY MUMFORD’S collection. Billy put £6 Million pounds worth of forgeries through the major auction houses of the world before spending 2 years at her Majesty’s pleasure in Brixton and Ford prisons. Art is now the number 1 financial asset and retains it’s value better than other asset classes so that you can appreciate your art as your art appreciates. Take time to come over and visit us Thursday to Sunday 10 till 4 and see what a fantastic selection of works we can offer, you won’t be disappointed or Telephone James Hartey on 07894555107 or visit www.globalartinternational.co.uk

Mayfair Contract Furniture We supply contract grade commercial furniture to the hospitality & leisure industries. With over forty years of experience in the hospitality industry, we are passionate about supplying the finest quality products. We deliver to all areas of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe and export our products worldwide. We keep in stock a huge variety of New contract furniture including tables & chairs, lounge / lobby furniture, & hotel bedroom furniture ready for immediate dispatch. In addition to this as a direct importer we

Square One Interiors Based in the West Midlands, Square One Interiors specialise in rustic reclaimed furniture for both domestic and commercial markets. Our handmade and custom-built furniture fuses steel and reclaimed timber to bring a modern and minimalistic industrial-chic style, and with our fully bespoke service we can help you create your perfect environment; there’s no limits with our skilled craftsmen, from style, colour and size. We work with customers across both the commer-

Refurbishment can also competitively fulfil a wide range of bespoke orders to suit your personal requirements. Not just a supplier; We understand that from time to time hospitality and leisure establishments like to give themselves a fresh new look. That's why not only do we supply contract furniture, but when it's time for your establishment to go through a refurbishment we also offer a complete clearance service. We'll organise everything from a suitable time and date, professional clearance staff to remove contract furniture whether fitted or unfitted, and logistics. Contact 01733 310 115, email: sales@mayfairfurniture.co.uk or visit www.mayfairfurniture.co.uk cial and domestic projects, producing one-off bespoke desks, to creating exterior social seating areas for clients including LUKE1977, Nike, David Beckham, Sky and Camden Market. Our style of furniture Both our timber and steel are locally sourced and recycled where possible, and our reclaimed timber ensures individual character and features to each piece of furniture we make. Are you interested in a free design consultancy with us? Contact one of our design team today, and see how we can help! www.squareoneinteriors.co.uk info@squareoneinteriors.co.uk

Choose Trent Furniture’s Upholstered Stacking Chairs For Comfort And Versatility Trent Furniture’s great range of high-quality upholstered stacking chairs are ideal to use for every event from weddings to conferences. They are also the ideal choice for a restaurant setting. Our steel and aluminium stacking chairs are available to suit all tastes and budgets, from the popular and practical Harrow style to the elegant ‘spoonback’ Kensington. The entire range is available in a choice of fabrics, including stylish and versatile blue and red with silver or gold frames. The chairs are designed with comfort and durability in mind and are perfect for events where people need to remain seated for pro-

longed periods. All upholstery and padding is fire retardant and plastic glideable feet mean it’s easy to move the chairs. The chairs are also stackable up to ten high, making them easy to store or transport. Trent’s upholstered stacking chairs are a cost-effective seating solution. Indeed our bulk discounts and competitive prices, starting at just £12.90 plus VAT for the Harrow Chair mean many businesses find buying preferable to hiring. See the Harrow Stackable Chair and more great options at www.trentfurniture.co.uk or call us on 0116 2986 286 for more information.

January 2020

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January 2020

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Café Culture - Pavement Profit

We are an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants and public houses. We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports next season. It’s one area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual bumps and

scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to sales@cafeculture.biz

Retain Payment or ID Cards & Be PCI Compliant Whilst Increasing Profits When a vendor retains a credit card or debit card, or • Walkouts are reduced by at least fifty percent (50%) indeed handing over his or her ID card as security • Tab mistakes drop significantly and finally, against running a tab or renting sporting or other equip- • There is a major uptick in sales ment, there is always some uncertainty about the safety If you are concerned about how CardsSafe works of the card whilst out of the customers’ possession. within the PCI scheme, Alan Gill from the CardsSafe® eliminates the need to worry independent PCI certifying company Orthus about any loss or theft as it is the simplest Limited states: “The PCI DSS standard and most efficient way to ensure the card’s encompassed 264 controls. CardsSafe helps safety from potential misuse. to reduce the need to meet all of these through ‘compensating controls’ which allow The CardsSafe® system has now become businesses to comply to the standard without the “best practice” way of handling credit having to change the way they operate”. In and debit cards in the hospitality and leisure addition to the commercial benefits the industries. More than eighty thousand boxes CardsSafe® solution therefore helps merare in use every day and hundreds more are chants become PCI compliant, which truly added every week. gives peace of mind for all! Customers who share their experience To order, please contact CardsSafe Limited with our staff report these benefits: on either of: Phone: 0845 5001040 or visit • Chargeback drops by more than ninety perwww.cardssafe.com cent (90%)

Drakes Bar Furniture - UK Bar Furniture Supplier

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We pride ourselves in providing the best quality items at great prices with fantastic customer service and can supply bespoke tailored made furniture such as booths, tables, seating or ‘off the peg’ items. Drakes Bar Furniture not only sell chairs, stools, tables we also design build and install all types of fixed seating, pews and booth seating for pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and clubs. When fitting out a premise the seating is almost paramount for a successful space. Fixed seating, booth seating or banquette seating as its also called can come in variety of colours, finishes, types and styles. Below are just a few examples showing what we have done in the past. With clever planning, seating generates a great flow for

customers and staff around a pub, restaurant, cafe or club. It can be used to divide areas, create new spaces in a room and offer intimacy allowing for the perfect social meet up. The beauty of bespoke fixed seating is that we can make the most of and take advantage of your space and features. We can come to your venue and measure up, give you advice and show you examples of our past work, finishes, types and styles. We have a wide range of Bar Furniture, including tables, stools, chairs, outdoor beer garden, fixed seating and banqueting furniture. If you require a bespoke quote either call us on 01422 839 690 or you can send us an email.


January 2020

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Increase Awareness of Your Business With HFE Signs Awareness is a vital essential for any product or service if its going to a success – You might have the best Chef with the best menu and keen prices but no customers or you might have average pub grub slightly overpriced and be rushed off your feet. The key to success is identifying you target market; do you have competition and what can you offer that they don’t? Once you’ve established your market how do you let them know. I recently walked into a pub after my daughter’s gymnastics competition, the carpark was empty, it was 4:30pm on a Sunday. I popped my head in and asked ‘are you doing food’ – the lady on the bar pointed to the carvery, I called in the rest of the family and we had a super meal, absolutely what we needed after a busy day. Obviously, we’ll go back, and we’ve also told a few people. So why was the carpark empty when the food was so good? The price was £8.95 for large and £6.95 for medium. There are a few pubs nearby but none of them have a carvery. I went away thinking

that place should be full it has potential to be a little goldmine! The simple answer is awareness, I’m sure they do ok or they wouldn’t be there, but it was just by luck that we stopped, and we spent just over £50. How many others drove past? How many more £50 could they have taken that day? A simple Carvery Banner on the fence would make every passing car aware of what’s on offer. Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants use Banners all the time for promoting offers and raising awareness. HFE Signs have a wide range of pre-designed food banners just for this purpose. HFE Signs have Carvery Banners, Steak Night, Quiz Night, Grill Night and hundreds more – Even if you’re just looking for ideas you should check out their library! HFE Signs have been designing and printing pub and food banners since 1996. A typical PVC Banner with eyelets 8ft x 3ft costs just £45+vat and if you order two, you get a 3rd FREE and also FREE UK Delivery! Check out HFE today at www.hfe-signs.co.uk

Stylish, Modern, Wholesale Contact Chairs from Regent Established for many years www.regentchairs.co.uk has become one of the largest independent importers and wholesalers of furniture in the UK supplying the Trade. Our aim is to provide customers with a comprehensive product range, first class service and outstanding value. We have had a reputation for introducing ranges of good quality furniture at competitive prices that have become established into the furniture market place and continue to be best products for our customers. We are continually sourcing new and exclusive designs to join our comprehensive product range. We have a large warehouse with facility which enables us to carry stocks of furniture this allows us to operate a fast, reliable service.

We have a large purchasing department with many product specialists. Every day they search for new trends and designs. They travel regularly to all corners of the globe to investigate, test, and buy new products. www.regentchairs.co.uk also invests a lot of care and time into the quality and packaging of their products. www.regentchairs.co.uk recognise the great importance to a personal approach, which is very much appreciated by our customers. www.regentchairs.co.uk logistics department collects and checks all orders and prepares them for collection. Our entire logistical process is focused on speed, accuracy and punctuality. With our thorough planning and dedicated, motivated employees, orders are processed in a very short timeframe. See the advert on this page for further details.

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January 2020

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Grey Simmonds Food Service Equipment MST Auctioneers As a leading design house specialising in the design, production and installation of commercial bars and kitchens, Grey Simmonds Food Service Equipment have worked with a variety of clients ranging from small cafe restaurants to large pub and hotel chains. The company’s CAD manager Oliver Hardwicke says ‘Every single project we undertake is unique. Whether it be a small cocktail bar or a large scale restaurant kitchen refurb our job is to create bespoke, functional and cost effective catering spaces.’ ‘Our company credo is ‘Consult, Design, Install’. We see

each project through from start to finish including site survey, preliminary sketches, CAD drawings, Design and budget approval, equipment sourcing and final installation. This means our clients have one point of contact for the entirety of the job making each stage as seamless as possible.’

Whilst Grey Simmonds Food Service Equipment are experts at commercial warewashing solutions, they also supply the leading brands of commercial catering equipment, from cookers to refrigeration and everything in between at a competitive price. They can source bespoke and specialist equipment to ensure you find the perfect product for your kitchen or bar. The company has a vast portfolio of successful installations from the smallest glasswash station to full commercial kitchens. You can see examples of their case studies at www.gsfoodservice.co.uk See the advert on page 2.

MST AUCTIONEERS Ltd specialise in handling & auctioning a wide variety of goods. We act for Insolvency Practitioners, Receivers, Bailiffs and Solicitors as well as large PLCs. We are members of The National Association of Auctioneers and Valuers (NAVA). For the past 25 years, we've provided a unique disposal service tailored to suit, liquidators, banks, receivers as well as private and corporate vendors. We carry out probate valuations and conduct complete house and commercial clearances. We have the largest Auction venue in the South of England. Our regular monthly Auctions occupy 45,000 sq.ft. of undercover space, selling over 2500 lots from 3 rostrums over two days. We have storage and removal facilities. In addition we have forklifts for machinery up to 5 tons. We also hold regular Auctions ”On Site” and "On Line" See the advert on this page for further details.

Contract Furniture Group Contract Furniture Group has been set up to offer quality contract dining furniture to the hotel, restaurant, pub trades and leisure industries at realistic prices. We carry a lot of our range in stock so we can help you to meet your deadlines. We also offer a unique source and supply service; if you send us a picture of an item we will do our up most to sup-

ply to you at the best price. All our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards, we only use hardwood frames which are glued screwed and dowelled for strength. crib5 interliner (if required) sprung seat areas or webbing and top quality Italian leathers and fabrics. For further information, call 0115 965 9030, visit www.contractfurniture.co.uk or email info@contractfurniture.co.uk

Sims - The First Port Of Call For Banquette Seating

We are a family run business with 3 generations of commercial furniture manufacturing experience. Unlike other suppliers we manufacture all our seating inhouse, no importing, no subcontracting. We have full control over every aspect from design to installation to ensure every product leaves our workshops punctually and to our reputable high quality. Proudly offering 2 versions of Banquette Seating, firstly our “Premium Made to Measure” Banquette Seating which is built to your exact design, shape and size, then installed by our professional installation team. You can have anything from floor to

ceiling designs to seating that perfectly follows the walls in a period setting. Secondly our “Modular Banquette Seating” which is freestanding, set size units for you to mix and match to best fit your space. Made to the same high standards as our premium range without setup costs, site visits and installation fees. Also, we offer a range of furnishings – tables, chair and bedroom furniture. To request a brochure or to discuss your requirement further please contact our sales team on 01945 450957 email Sales@simscf.com Web www.simscf.com

Property and Professional

January 2020

Looking To Sell Your Business in 2020? Hotel & Pub Rescue Everyone connected with City Business Brokers has to know the specific business brokerage methods that achieve results. Consultation on a range of business issues is also available at your request throughout the selling or buying process. Selling or Buying businesses is a complex process that requires a specific level of expertise, as well as the ability to solve problems in a practical yet creative manner. Because of our vast experience in buying and selling businesses we know there is not a “one size fits all” policy. That is why you are guaranteed a bespoke service as we tailor our marketing and procedures to accommodate the requirements of selling or buying a commercial property

“ You may think that there are complications that could possibly impact potential buyers but with Kevin he genuinely takes you through every step by step and is with you throughout the whole Journey “ Paul Tomalin ..Lichfield Staffs City Business Brokers Ltd Tel: 0121 452 5133, visit www.citybusinessbrokers.co.uk or see the advert on page 5.

Stur of the Moment, a Hidden Gem in Rural Dorset Occupying a prime highly visible town centre trading position, situated just off the attractive Market Place, fronting the main pedestrian and vehicle thoroughfare passing through the town, deceptively spacious premises are a popular daytime coffee shop/café destination, serving an easy menu together with daily specials to eat in or takeaway, there are 32 covers also having the added advantage of an attractive enclosed rear courtyard garden with seating for 14 alfresco. The business comprises wellappointed customer reception and servery counter with waitress still room, spacious commercial

kitchen, wash-up room, storage facilities and cloakroom, also outside storage facilities. The business is very popular with local residents and business community, with an excellent seasonal boost from visitors/holidaymakers to the area. Internal viewing a must to appreciate the spaciousness of the property. At present trading to suit vendor’s lifestyle, below the vat threshold, ripe for further scope. Leasehold – price £35,000. Contact EM&F on 01404 813762 or visit www.emfgroup.com

Running a business can be hard enough, without the hassle of having to visit a bank manager and fill out piles of paperwork, all to justify why you need a loan or overdraft! In 2007, mainstream banks began tightening up their lending criteria to such a point that many small businesses couldn’t get approved, and they instead started seeking out alternative ways to fund their growth plans and fulfil their full potential. Fortunately today there are now more options available and business owners aren’t tied to the banks and other traditional funders. Alternative finance options from Capify Capify have been providing finance to businesses around the UK for over a decade and during this time, we’ve learnt a lot about

the challenges and hurdles that business owners face. We help a variety of different sectors ranging from pubs, bars and restaurants to retailers and hotels. Since our inception in 2008, our priority has been the same, to help business owner’s access valuable finance solutions that work for them. Our finance products were created to be quick and easy to apply for and simple to pay back. You can choose to use the money for a variety of different business purposes, whether that’s to manage your cash flow, complete a bold refurbishment, purchase additional stock or launch a captivating advertising campaign. Our finance is not tied to a particular use! Discover how much finance you can raise with Capify, get a personalised quote today: Visit www.capify.co.uk/clh or call 0800 151 0978 or see the advert on page 10.

Achieve Your Business Goals In 2020

Well-Presented Country Village Pub And Destination Restaurant Stonesmith are delighted to be marketing the sale of this impressive and deceptively spacious country village freehouse and destination restaurant. With origins reputedly dating back over 250 years, The Orchard Inn occupies a landmark trading position on the edge of the sought after village of Galhampton. This well-appointed country pub retains many attractive character features and briefly comprises: - Character Main Bar Area (20+), Character Restaurant (14+), Conservatory Restaurant (32+), well equipped Commercial Catering Kitchen with Ancillary Facilities, well presented 2 Double Bedroom Owner’s Accommodation with Sitting Room and Bathroom. Externally the property benefits from a substantial Customer Car Park with space for at least 20 vehicles,

an impressive Lawned Trade Garden with seating for around 60 customers, together with a range of useful Outbuildings and Stores. The freehold business is on the market for £495,000. Full property details are available from the website www.stonesmith.co.uk and viewings arranged by calling 01392 201262.

The New Sun Inn, High Street, Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire Leading National Licensed Property Agents Guy Simmonds have been instructed to sell this well-established, popular, thriving traditional inn and restaurant full of Olde’ Worlde’ charm and character, in a superb central location in the affluent and sought after Cambridgeshire village of Kimbolton. Senior Valuer, Geoff Bryan, said this most impressive and highly desirable traditional inn is in an excellent location and enjoys a long established wet trade with a good reputation as a destination food venue from the local community and surrounding area.

There is a cosy and welcoming lounge (circa 18), public bar, conservatory/dining room (circa 28), separate restaurant/function room (circa 30), fully equipped commercial kitchen, flexible and spacious 4-5 bedroom owner’s accommodation, large enclosed patio and private parking for three cars. Price:£35,000. Tenure: Renewable Lease. Sales Criteria: £427,228 (Inc. VAT) year ending May 2018 (10 months only). Trade Split: 60% wet, 40% dry. Current Annual Rent:£61,556. Contact Guy Simmonds on Tel: 01332 865112

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you to concentrate on your customers and the business. We promise to identify effective solutions and options to keep you trading, or, if you prefer, a seamless and managed exit with no adverse effects on you for your future plans. For leasehold and freehold premises Every problem has an answer -call today without delay! (0118) 380 0949 (07538) 161544 www.hotelandpubrescue.co.uk enquiries@hotelpubrescue.co.uk


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Negative cash flow Supplier debts HMRC arrears Utility and business rate arrears Redevelopment and refurbishment Let us take control of your problems and shield you completely from all the pressure you are facing. We will deal with all your creditors and their litigators allowing

New Weekly Figures Analysis & Reporting Service

David Hunter has been in the business for over 30 years, and with his vast amount of experience has become an expert in ensuring that businesses reach their full financial potential. For years he’s provided a bespoke Mentoring & Consultancy service to a select few, and he has always provided with that, free-of-charge weekly figures analysis and reporting … yes, weekly. David has now come up with a way of making his amazing Mentoring & Consultancy service more accessible to the wider market, and for a lower monthly fee. Instead of being charged for monthly consultancy, you can now access David’s knowledge and expertise via his already-established and very well-used weekly figures reporting system. He will

send you weekly reports on how your business is doing and will throw in FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE AT ALL, four half-day on site Mentoring & Consultancy visits per year (or two full days, depending on location). He will also always be at the end of a phone for you, or email, if you needed him, and he also has access to legal experts as well as a ‘’tried and trusted’’ Bowden Group Alliance colleague who can advise you … again FREE OF CHARGE … on how to save money on your utility bills. If you have a Pub, Restaurant or Hotel business which is facing financial or operational challenges … why not let David have a look, and help you maximise your full potential. There is no cost to David having a look at your figures, and letting you know what COULD be achieved. Call David Hunter confidentially on 07831 407984 or on 01628 487613.

FAST COMMERCIAL FINANCE FOR ALL EMERGENCY SITUATIONS Call For All Business Debts us toda Complete or Partial Re-Finance y with Redevelopment & Refurbishment delaout y Purchase & Expansion Cashflow Correction & Working Capital

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07538 161544 ANDREW GREENWOOD BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENT BELL TENT HIRE COMPANY FOR SALE, BASED IN THE NEW FOREST, HAMPSHIRE. Established 2012. Specialising principally in weddings. Offering a range of 58, or so, quality Bell Tents with furnishings, in 4, 5 and 6 metre diameter sizes that can sleep 2 to 12 people. Providing delivery, set-up & take down service. Run by couple with self-employed staff. Recorded T/O £80,282. Adjusted net profit £48,238 - £70,000 FOR 100% SHAREHOLDING IN LIMITED COMPANY. (Ref. M.3800) ITALIAN RESTAURANT & BAR (FULL ON-LIC), AMIDST CONSERVATION AREA, CENTRE OF WATERSIDE TOWN, ON THE FRINGES OF THE NEW FOREST, HAMPSHIRE. Character prop with Grade II listed frontage has inviting ‘olde worlde’ atmosphere. Grnd & 1st floor seating for 56 & pavement seating for 12. Comprehensively equipped catering kitchen. Offering a traditional Italian menu. T/O £12,000 pw from opening 6 days. Accounts record T/O £438,252 (ex VAT) for y/e 28 Feb. ‘19 (46½ week period). GP £226,657 (51.72%). 15 yr lease from March 2008 at £16,000 p.a.x. – £180,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3789) FISH & CHIPS TAKE AWAY (A3 & A5 USE), WITH OPTIONAL SELF-CONTAINED 1 BEDROOM FLAT ABOVE, SITUATED ON THE FRINGES OF A SHOPPING THOROUGHFARE, OPPOSITE WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENT, EASTERN OUTSKIRTS OF SOUTHAMPTON. Well fitted to include Preston & Thomas 3pan island range with prep room & rear car parking. Optional 1 dble bed etc flat above. Offering traditional menu with scope for deliveries. Open congenial hrs –closed at 8 pm – 6 days. Takings £2,500/£3,000 p.w. Overall GP 65%. L/U offered with a new 20 year lease at initial rental of £14,000 p.a.x. - £40,000 + S.A.V. OR £16,000 p.a.x. with flat above. - £50,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3781)


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January 2020

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For Sale: Licensed Cafe & Bistro With 2-Bed Apartment, Budleigh Salterton, Devon

Thinking of selling in 2020? With confidence returning to the market, this Spring may be the ideal time. Pubs | Hotels | Restaurants | Cafés • Devon | Cornwall| Somerset | Dorset ! LD SO

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Stonesmith are delighted to be marketing the sale of A Slice of Lyme - a thriving and extremely well regarded licensed cafe and bistro, located close to the seafront and beach within a virtually detached property. This extremely profitable catering business has been owned and run by our clients for over 14 years and briefly comprises: - Two Customer Seating Areas comfortably seating 34 customers, Icecream/Takeaway Hatch with Servery, fully equipped Commercial Catering Kitchen with Ancillary and Welfare Facilities. The business is enhanced by the flexible Private Living Accommodation on the first floor with 2 Bedrooms, Sitting Room and Family Bathroom. The property also

benefits from a Single Garage with Storage Space. Well presented throughout, the business boasts impressive levels of trade and exceptionally strong profits, benefitting from a lucrative and prominent trading position close to both the high street and the sea front. The sale of A Slice of Lyme represents a unique opportunity to purchase a busy and well regarded business with genuine potential for further growth and development. The freehold business is on the market for £475,000. Full property details are available from the website www.stonesmith.co.uk and viewings arranged by calling 01392 201262.

Bettesworths Sell Quintessential Thatched Village Inn

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Leading Licenced & Leisure Property Agents, Bettesworths are delighted to announce the sale of the Thatched Tavern, a very popular and picturesque public house located on the outskirts of Torquay in the delightful coastal hamlet of Maidencombe. The property is a beautiful Grade II listed thatched building with whitewashed elevations, parts of which are believed to date from the 15th Century. The Thatched Tavern has been purchased by the Lyndon and Naylor families who have previous

experience in the licensed trade. The pub, which has been vacant in recent months after a kitchen fire, is to gain a new lease of life under new owner-

ship with a full refurbishment now underway and due to complete is early Spring 2020. Stephen Naylor commented “The pub will aim is to create a fantastic home-from-home environment where customers can enjoy excellent quality and value food and drink in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Thatched Tavern chefs are creating seasonal menus which celebrate the best of local British produce, complemented by changing The pub was marketed off an asking price of £575,000 plus VAT for the freehold interest.

For Sale By Leading National Licensed Property Agents Guy Simmonds A Freehold/Leasehold Inn has been brought to the market by Leading National Licensed Property Agent Guy Simmonds :-Appledore Inn, Chingswell St, Bideford, Devon This traditional, nicely presented and profitable Freehold/’Free of Tie’ Inn is located a short walk from the waterfront and town centre of Bideford, Devon. Bideford is located on the west coast of Devon and is a historic port town just south of Barnstaple and close to the popular seaside resort of Westward Ho. The excellent presented property is made up of two internal trading

areas including a Lounge Bar (circa 30) and Dining Area (circa 24) all in very good decorative condition. To complete the business is an External Courtyard Terrace Area (circa 30), Commercial Catering Kitchen and 4 Bedroom Living Accommodation. Asking Price £325,000 (Freehold) or £29,950 (Leasehold). New 10 Yr Lease with a Rent of £24,000 per annum with an option to purchase if required. Last Years Turnover £219,000 (inc vat). Trade Split circa 75% wet & 25% food. Contact Guy Simmonds on 01332 865112.








Substantial Detached Country Hotel Set in 3.5 Acres of Private Grounds Situated Close to Stunning East Devon Coast 13 Letting Rooms & 1/2 Bed Barn Conversion 3 Bedroom Owner's Accommodation

Substantial Character Moorland Inn Set in Over 5 Acres & Recently Renovated Main Bar (15+), Snug Lounge (12), Dining Room (31) 6 Letting Bedrooms, 5 Self Contained Flats 4 Ensuite Bedrooms Currently Used For Staff

Impressive & Well regarded Character Freehouse Set In Around 2 Acres In Desirable Devon Village Bar Area (24+), Restaurant (46+), Beer Garden (80+) Family Sized 5/6 Double Bedroom Owner's Accommodation Impressive Levels Of Trade & Tremendous Potential

Extremely Well Presented Renowned Restaurant Established and High Quality With 48 Covers Occupying Sought After City Centre Location Impressive Levels of Trade & Tremendous Potential Must Be Viewed

Extremely Well Presented Bar & Restaurant Free of Tie Opportunity 3 High Quality Ensuite Letting Bedrooms Self Contained 5 Bedroom Owner's Accommodation Refurbished To High Standard & Undoubted Potential

Impressive & Substantial Grade II Listed B&B 6 High Quality Ensuite Letting Suites Superior & Spacious 2 Bedroom Owner's Accomm Private Customer Car Park Award Winning & Lucrative Business

FH £395,000 PLUS VAT

LH £49,950

FH £795,000


FH £795,000




LH £75,000


FH £845,000








Licensed Cafe & Bistro Occupying Prime Position Presented to a High Standard Throughout Seating for 32 Customers, Icecream/Takeaway Server Owner's 2 Bedroom Pvt Apartment & Garage Situated Within 50 Meters of the Beach

Impressive Award Winning Guest House Offering 7 Quality Letting Bedrooms Car Parking for 10 Vehicles Flexible 3 Bed Owners Accommodation Well Established with Impressive Trading Figures

Quintessential Thatched Country Inn 4 Letting Bedrooms & 3 Bedroom Owner's Accomm Presented to an Exceptional Standard Throughout Grounds of Over 1.5 Acres Al Fresco Seating for 62+ Customers

Established Day Time Only Catering Business Well Presented Throughout Profitable Business Opportunity Potential to Develop All Aspects of The Trade Excellent Levels of Repeat Business

Extremely Well Presented Character Detached Inn Occupying a Highly Visible Landmark Position 4 Double Bedroom Family Sized Owner's Accomm Character Bar (28), Restaurant (52), Beer Garden 4 High Quality Ensuite Letting Rooms

Attractive & Well Regarded Licensed Cafe & Restaurant Trading on a Predominately Day Time Only Basis Main Restaurant 45+ & Al Fresco Seating For 32 Impressive Town Centre Business Must be Viewed

FH £475,000


FH £565,000


FH £695,000


LH £49,995


FH £495,000


LH £75,000








Substantial Detached Country Hotel & Restaurant 10 Ensuite Letting Rooms Lounge with Bar (16), Dining Room (22) 2 Bedroom Owner's Accommodation Set in 2 Acres with Extensive Woodland Area

Well Regarded Licensed Restaurant

Impressive Detached Country House Hotel

High Turnover Free of Tie Village Inn Occupying a Prime and Prominent Trading Position Main Bar (50+) & Restaurant Area (30) Trade Gardens (48), Large Paddock Field & Car Park Self Contained 3 Bed Owner's Accommodation

Impressive Award Winning Guest House Presented to Superior Standard Throughout 4 Quality Letting Bedrooms Summer House, Garage, Hot Tub & Sauna Well Established Occupying Prime Location

Substantial & Impressive Hotel & Restaurant 10 Ensuite Letting Rooms, Function Suite (80+) 3 Bedroom Owner's Accommodation Set in 3/4 Acre With Stunning & Extensive Views Customer Car Parking for 20+ Vehicles

FH £575,000


Bar Area (12), Dining Rooms (45)

Set In 36 Acres Of Private Grounds

Impressive Spacious 4/5 Bed Pvt Accom

7 High Quality Ensuite Letting Bedrooms

Private Walled Patio Garden Area

Quality 3 Bedroom Owners Cottage

First Time on Market for Over 30 Years

Separate 3 Bedroom Holiday Cottage

FH £390,000

LH £599,950



LH £95,000


FH £440,000


FH £895,000




















PUBS, HOTELS, GUEST HOUSES, RESTAURANTS, CAFES & CATERING BUSINESSES ARE SELLING! Following Another Busy Year Of Sales, We Require New Instructions For Waiting Purchasers

















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CLH News #232 January 2020  

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CLH News #232 January 2020  

Issue #232 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...

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