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UK Pub Numbers Grow for the First Time in Ten Years

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The number of UK pubs and bars grew in 2019, the first growth in ten years, kindling hopes of a turnaround in fortunes for Britain’s pub trade. New figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed that there was a net gain of 320 pubs for 2019. England was the main driver with an increase of 345 sites, Northern Ireland gained five pubs and bars, however, Scotland and Wales both posted decreases. Wales ended the year with 25 fewer pubs, Scotland dropped by five and Northern Ireland increased by the same amount. By region, the South East has the most pubs (5,340) but only grew by ten venues in 2019, the North East grew the most (85), followed by the West Midlands (80). London lost ten pubs overall but saw a net increase in ten of 33 boroughs. The positive figures mark the first time the UK has

“The reduction of pubs over the last decade has been heart-breaking, following devastating changes to business taxes and alcohol duties, but I hope these figures signpost a reversal of fortunes,” said Patrick Clover, chief executive of Leith-based hospitality industry software firm Stampede, which analysed the ONS figures.

“Pubs have a hugely important place in our society both socially as well as economically, being one of the UK’s biggest employers.”

Stampede said the change may be down to pubs realising they can no longer rely on the “same old regulars”, instead improving their food menus, offering accommodation and events such as live music. Stampede have also calculated that the increase in pubs and bars over the last year could have created up to 9,000 new jobs and generated additional revenue of


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as much as £740m. “The pub trade has had very little to celebrate in the last decade, but I’m sure they’ll raise a glass to these new numbers,” added Patrick.

In November the ONS said that while there are now 22 per cent fewer pubs since the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis the number of people employed in the trade has increased 6 per cent over the same period. The industry’s turnover has fallen 11 per cent in real terms between 2008 and 2016, however the real revenue per pub increased 13 per cent, with the surviving pubs having “soaked up the custom” from those that have closed, the ONS said. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3...)


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enjoyed a net gain in drinking establishments following a decade of decline. Between 2010 and 2018 a staggering 5,855 pubs closed their doors, an average of 732 per year.

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Editor's Viewpoint

December 2019


Welcome to the December issue of CLH News. We lead with a great story on our front page - for the first time in 10 years the number of pubs in the UK has grown! This past year has been a difficult year, particularly in the casual dining sector, so the news that more pubs are opening is a huge shot in the arm for the industry. It also comes at a time when Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin announced a £200 million investment in his estate which will create up to 10,000 jobs. However, in my opinion the industry still has many challenges to overcome, particularly the independent/single site sector, which is been badly hit

Sleaford Quality Foods (SQF), a leading cross-category supplier

Peter Adams

in the UK with sustainability at its heart.

these past few years. I am writing this the day before the general election, and while I am not predicting a miraculous turnaround in the economy whoever gets in, I am optimistic that the worst may be behind us. I do think the casual dining sector will continue to experience turbulence - many customers simply have turned their backs on the high street chains and despite the discounting, which in my opinion has contributed to their downfall - and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. This is a great opportunity for the independent sector. Pubs, in particular, are continuing to outperform restaurants. Visit frequency to independent restaurants per month has fallen -8.3% in the last year - a trend I think is set to continue. One thing is for certain - and we have found that here at CLH News - we have to work an awful lot harder for business and that is, in my humble opinion, going to be the case in 2020 for the on-trade and hospitality sector, and that will mean change! Attracting and keeping the millennial age group will be a challenge. However, on the positive side, according to research they do prefer individuality. Something that the independent/single site outlets provide an abundance. The minuses are that they are less loyal and tend to move with the crowd and follow social media. The U.K.’s insatiable appetite for takeaway is showing no signs of abating either. The food delivery market is expected to grow in value by 17% over the next two years, indicating it could be worth close to £5 billion by 2020 according to market analyst NPD. Added to that there is a rapid move toward healthy eating, vegan, vegetarian and “flexitarian”. I was at the product launch of a foodservice company earlier this month, launching a new vegan range. This is a trend which is going to grow very very quickly, and one that I would advise operators to embrace. Then there is the environment and sustainability. We are all now in the court of public opinion, and the public will be looking to businesses who are environmentally friendly and sustainable, monitoring food waste and carbon footprint - again a trend to be embraced. And if you’re not tech friendly now, then up your game and quickly! We know millennials love convenience so it’s no surprise that many of them turn to technology to improve their dining out experience. 77% of millennials say restaurant and pub technology improves their dining experience, and social media is changing and influencing the way people choose pubs bars and restaurants. So a lot to think about this coming year, but enough from me other than to say on behalf of everyone here at CLH News that we wish you all the very best for Christmas, and a very prosperous 2020!

to the foodservice and catering industry has launched a new range The new Our Earth range includes products providing full traceability back to source, offering natural ingredients and sustainability without ever compromising on flavour.

The range features on-trend products including gluten-free, dairy-free, palm oil-free, vegan, Halal and Kosher diet suitable options.

Initial range includes Gravy Mixes, Bouillons, Stuffing’s, Yorkshire Pudding Mixes and Jelly Crystals delivering unbeatable flavour as part of a balanced diet.

Tracey Siddy, Head of Innovation & Marketing at Sleaford Quality Foods commented: "The Our

Earth range is the latest move from Sleaford Quality Foods to continually improve sustainability in the food industry with products that can be traced back to source, while providing meal solutions for a range of dietary preferences”

"All Our Earth products will be lovingly made and blended in our state-of-the-art production facility in Lincolnshire”

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EDITOR Peter Adams

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PRODUCTION & WEB ADMIN Shelly Roche Published by

UK Pub Numbers Grow for the First Time in Ten Years December 2019

Premiumisation has also played its part, while volume of sales has decreased due to factors including people generally becoming more healthconscious, with drinking among the millennial group declining, as well as cheap alcohol from supermarkets, pubs have adapted to the cultural changes with the growth of premium products and becoming more food led. According to research by CGA on trade volume fell by 6.2% but value of those sales rose 5.3% with Heineken calculating an increase of £380 million in extra cash sales thanks to premiumisation. “People might not be going to the pub a few times a week for a pint. But when they do, they want a premium experience, and they will spend more” said Paul Bolton senior client manager at CGA. “So, we’ve seen the huge success of spirits especially in gin, and we can see the same effect in beer, it’s happening across the board”.

The news follows Wetherspoon’s announcement earlier this month that it is to invest more than £200 million on its pub estate over the next four years.

“Unfortunately, pubs continue to close, particularly in small or rural communities. This means the loss of the social, cultural and economic benefits that come with a well run local.”

It will invest the money developing new pubs and hotels as well as enlarging its existing pubs across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

“To ensure pubs survive and thrive, they need a fair tax system and stability going forward.” A spokesperson for the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) said: “We would cautiously welcome any good news for pubs, however our own data suggests a higher base of pubs, and has shown higher closure rates for the last five years. “If people want to see pubs flourish, policy makers need to create the right environment for them to grow.”

The company anticipates that the investment will result in approximately 10,000 new jobs. Wetherspoon founder and chairman Tim Martin said: “We are looking forward to opening many more new pubs as well as investing in existing pubs over the next four years. “We are especially pleased that a large proportion of the investment will be in smaller towns and cities which have seen a decline in investment in recent years. The fact that we will be creating approximately 10,000 jobs is great news too.”

Total Number of Licensed Premises Falls- but “Bright” Spots Ahead The overall number of Britain’s licensed premises fell 2.0% in the 12 months to September 2019 but dynamic new restaurant brands and the evolution of food-led pubs provide bright spots in a challenging market, according to the latest Market Growth Monitor from CGA and AlixPartners.

The research revealed Britain’s restaurant numbers fell 2.4% in the year to September to just over 26,000 – a net closure rate of 12 a week. However the majority of closures were independents, with group-run restaurants fractionally up 0.3%. Despite several major casual dining chains closing restaurants or entering administration in 2019, CGA’s research revealed many of those sites had been swiftly reopened, often by small and medium-sized restaurant groups. The report highlights similar contrasts in the pub sector. Britain’s number of leased pubs has fallen by more than 5,000 since September 2014, while managed pub operators have added almost 1,000 sites,

Half of Consumers Want More Meat-Free Meals Over half (51%) of diners would like more meat-free options when eating out and over seven in ten (71%) would like more healthy options according to a new survey from Nestlé Professional® . The report, Balancing Plates: Navigating consumer dining demands in 2020 surveyed 1,000 consumers in the UK also found that the majority (58%) struggle to maintain a healthy diet when eating out of home and over seven in ten would like more nutritional information on menus, with 71% asking for more dietary data. The report comes as Nestlé Professional® launches its plant-based product range, Garden Gourmet®, to the out of home market. Consumers are also conscious of the sustainability of the food they eat out, with 55% of those surveyed preferring restaurants with better eco-credentials. A third (28%) have also been deterred from returning to a restaurant due to concerns about sustainability. The report lifts the lid on the dining out sector and

provides innovative expert insights on how to balance the demands of profit and sustainability, the rise of plantbased food and flexible menus, and how to use technology to retain and enhance traditional customer service. Rohini Alam, Savoury Food Category Manager for Nestlé Professional® commented: “The increasing number of flexitarians in the UK reflects the need for more meat-free alternatives. The out of home dining sector has evolved over the past few years, but our research found consumers are still looking for more meat-free options on menus. “We’re excited to launch a truly innovative range of meat-free alternatives that push the boundaries of what vegetarian and vegan options can deliver. From our research, we’ve found that people can be disappointed by the taste or monotony of vegan and vegetarian options when eating out of home, so we’ve worked hard to make tasty, meat-free alternatives that can easily replace many classic meat-based menu items. The tex-

partly thanks to a move towards food-oriented offers. While wet-led pubs have tumbled 15.9% in five years, food-led ones have increased 1.5%. Karl Chessell, business unit director for food and retail at CGA, said: “Our data shows a huge amount of churn in the restaurant market. There’s no doubt some leading casual dining names have had a tough 2019 but one brand’s difficulty is another’s opportunity. With capacity having eased in recent months there’s still a lot of opportunity for growth in casual dining – but only if the offer, execution and price are all spot on.” AlixPartners managing director Graeme Smith said: ture and taste of the products really make this a versatile and easy-to-use range for chefs.” Nichola Ludlam-Raine, UK Specialist Registered Dietitian is quoted in the report: “Without compromising on taste, meat-free products offer a healthier alternative. The sector has moved away from rudimentary veggie burgers, to creating meat-substitutes that look, taste and feel like meat. This mass market appeal that works for meat-eaters and vegetarians is an important step for the sector as flexitarians, who are looking to reduce their meat consumption, now make up the majority of consumers. Providers should look at creative ways to include these alternatives in menus, tweaking already popular dishes to meet the demand for healthier, more sustainable meals. The full report delivers insights into consumer behaviour from industry experts and highlights that upcoming changes that will impact the sector. To download the report from Nestlé Professional® visit

“There remains high interest in concepts with growth potential that tap into consumer trends. While the overall number of restaurants has dipped further, the situation isn’t as gloomy as it seems, with a number of smaller restaurant groups continuing to expand. “In addition, many major cities are reporting increases in the number of licensed premises, despite an overall downward trend. While wet-led sites are declining and food-led outlets have grown to have a greater share of overall site numbers, there’s still a place in the market for wet-led operators who deliver a differentiated experience to customers.”


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The quarterly survey recorded about 116,500 pubs, bars, restaurants and other licensed premises in September. The 2.0% fall is the ninth successive quarter of year-on-year decline, however the rate of closures is the slowest since mid-2018, and the number of pubs in Britain has grown for the first time in a decade.


Nik Antona, chairman of real ale enthusiasts’ group Camra, said: “We welcome this data that shows a slight increase in the number of open pubs nationally.



CLH News



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

December 2019

A Recipe For Disaster: The Mental Health Crisis in Catering Working as a chef in the catering industry can be as thrilling as it is fulfilling. The problem, however, is that this pursuit of excellence comes at a high cost - one that many can’t afford. Just last year, the world mourned in the aftermath of the suicide of chef, writer and TV host Anthony Bourdain. But it’s not just chefs in the world’s most famous kitchens that suffer under the pressure - workers at all levels are in the same boat, as sadly, Bourdain’s situation was far from unique. In fact, approximately 20,000 chefs are calling it quits every year in the UK (about 10% of the entire hospitality workforce), after suffering through long hours and intense working environments. And it’s not just the physical demands of the role that are running staff down: the heat of the kitchen is burning chefs out mentally, too. A London study in 2017 found that two-thirds of chefs believe a culture of long hours is damaging to their mental health, and things seem to have only gotten worse. A recent report from Nestle Professional discovered that more than 80% of kitchen workers have experienced poor mental health during their careers.

SO WHAT CAN BE DONE? Below, we explore what aspects of the catering industry are causing damage to mental health, the deeper problems they lead to and what businesses can do to help protect the wellbeing of their employees. What are the causes of poor mental health? We all take blows to our mental health from various sources and it’s no different in the catering industry. The problem, however, is that for a chef, many of these triggers are an unavoidable part of the job, and have been for decades. Some of the most common causes of poor mental health in catering are:


Staff shortages Lack of time Limited budget Lack of daylight Workplace bullying Long shifts Unpredictable work patterns Unsociable hours What do these problems lead to?

1. SICK DAYS It’s not only the individuals who suffer from the stress of the kitchen, but it can also lead to issues wide wider business operations. The Nestle Professional survey found that 73% of respondents admitted to calling in sick due to stress. Not only are chefs becoming too stressed to work, but the knock-on effects apply even more pressure to the rest of the workforce.

2. STUNTED CREATIVITY If you spend lazy Sundays watching your favourite TV

chefs delicately preparing mouth-watering dishes with precision and care, you’d be forgiven for believing that working in a kitchen gives you the same opportunity to create a masterpiece. Unfortunately, the reality of most kitchens is a team of overworked chefs desperately trying to quickly prepare the same handful of dishes — day in, day out. A staggering 85% of chefs feel as though their creativity is being stifled by other pressures in the kitchen.

3. DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE Whether it’s down to the unsociable working hours or the struggle to make it to the end of a long shift, drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue in catering and hospitality. Fueled by the infamous party culture in an industry that is dominated by younger workers, illicit drug and alcohol use has become the norm. Famously furious TV chef Gordan Ramsay even created a documentary to shine a light on what he calls the industry’s ‘dirty little secret’. When discussing the widespread use of cocaine amongst chefs, he recalls an instance when customers in his restaurant asked him to dust their souffle with the class A drug. The celebrity chef also claims that when testing his 31 restaurants around the world for traces of cocaine, only one was drug-free.

4. DEPRESSION Although rarely spoken about, depression is a common issue for those in the catering industry. A Unite Union Survey found that almost 50% of chefs regularly work between 48 and 60 hours a week, with 69% claiming that long hours had a negative impact on their mental health. In fact, more than half of those involved in the survey claim to have depression due to their workload.

5. INJURIES Kitchens are dangerous work environments. With sharp knives, hot plates and an abundance of grills, ovens and hobs, it’s unsurprising that accidents are commonplace. Combine these hazards with a fast-paced workload and an overworked and sleep-deprived team and it’s a recipe for disaster. In their survey, Unite Union found that not only have 79% of chefs had an injury or a near-miss while working, but they blame it on being over-fatigued in the kitchen. What can businesses do to help? “Business owners have a duty of care for their employees,” says Daniel Ure from online PPE retailer Vizwear, “and their mental wellbeing is as much of a risk as physical harm”. “Mental health is getting more of a spotlight than previously, yet it’s still a sore subject for some and is still seen to be surrounded by stigma. As it can be a difficult thing for many of us to bring up, especially in an industry that doesn’t historically talk about it, it’s up to business owners and managers to take the appropriate steps to create a safe and supportive work environment for their


1. HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE Restaurants and kitchen often find themselves in a familiar pitfall - when a senior or skilled chef leaves the company, the gap is filled with inexperienced juniors to stem the tide. Although an extra pair of hands is always appreciated, this puts unfair pressure on new starters to outperform themselves and leaves the kitchen ill-prepared. Taking the time to find a suitable replacement may seem like a luxury you can’t afford, but finding skilled workers will keep a restaurant afloat whereas chefs without experience will inevitably go down with the ship. 2. CREATE AN IN-DEPTH TRAINING MANUAL (AND STICK TO IT!) Training manuals are an employee’s first glimpse as to what is expected of them in the workplace and what they will receive in return. This is a great opportunity to outline a clear code of conduct for staff to adhere to, creating a positive work environment for everyone. Chefs are also introduced to the restaurant's mission statement; helping them understand what the team stands for, what they’re working towards ad how they play their part in making that happen. Without a proper training manual in place, it’s easy for employees to feel disillusioned with their role, questioning their place in the business and the value of their work.

3. DEVELOP A SUPPORTIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT The workload and speed of service is not something that is going to change in a kitchen anytime soon. However, creating a positive environment for your chefs is something you can implement right away. Unlike in other professions, everyone feels the same amount of pressure in a professional kitchen - it doesn’t matter if you’re the Head Chef or a Commis Chef. As such, it’s vital that your staff are working as a team to support each other. This can be as simple as showing gratitude for a job well done, something that is often overlooked in the catering industry, but can go a long way.

4. SWITCH UP THE MENU REGULARLY When a chef has made a career out of their passion and worked hard to climb up the ladder, the last thing they want is to create the same handful of dishes on repeat. Cooking is not just a skill, it takes flair and finesse - something that many in the industry are denied due to lacklustre menus. Mixing up your À La Carte not only gives your customers the opportunity to try something new, but it gives your backof-house team the chance to flex their creative muscles and cut through the tedium of a bland menu.

5. EVALUATE YOUR KITCHEN LAYOUT One of the easiest ways to make your staff more comfortable at work is to optimise your space. Kitchens are often dark and are always hot environments, adding to the pressure of the workday - especially when chefs are trying to squeeze

there way past each other. Re-evaluate the layout of your kitchen and think about whether you’re making the most of the available space. Updating your equipment can also help with conditions in the kitchen. Jeremy King, owner of multiple London restaurants, made strides to improve the conditions for his chefs by replacing the gas stoves with induction - greatly reducing the heat and noise output.

6. STAMP OUT BULLYING As Gordan Ramsay’s popularity rose, more people were exposed to clips of the celebrity chef screaming and berating chefs for things as trivial as forget to garnish a dish. In fact, Channel 4 came under fire for tweeting a montage of Ramsay’s biggest meltdowns. The clip was slammed for glamorising unacceptable bullying in the catering industry. Unfortunately, however, the blame extends further than the rise of TV chefs. From world-famous kitchens to local chains, bullying has been passed down from an older generation of chefs who founded many restaurants and whose bad habits have rubbed off. There are those who are fighting to change outdated chef culture, like American chef Dominique Ansel, who has banned swearing in his kitchen to help reduce aggressive behaviour. Many modern restaurants are also adopting an open kitchen design, meaning chefs are as much a face of the business as front-of-house staff.

WHAT SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE? When it comes to protecting your employees' mental health, there are a number of resources available for extra support.

PILOT LIGHT - Pilot Light is a campaign focused on changing the way people think and act about mental health through addressing the industry-specific contexts and environments found in professional kitchens and the broader hospitality sector. Founded by Chefs Andrew Clarke and Doug Sanham, The campaign is unapologetically bold in its approach to combating mental health stigma and hopes to act as a beacon of support to those affected by common-place issues such as depression and addiction. HOSPITALITY ACTION - Hospitality Action was established in 1837 and has since offered vital assistance to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK. Whatever challenge you face - from physical or mental health issues to financial difficulty and addiction Hospitality Action is determined to get you back on your feet again. And when it’s no longer possible to work, they can help you prepare for the next phase of your life. If you work in catering or hospitality and need urgent help or support in regards to your mental health, there are also a number of confidential services and advice lines available: Mind 0300 123 393 - Provides advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem Samaritans 116 123 - Confidential 24-hour support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress, despair or suicidal thoughts

Increase in Drink Sales Offsets Fall in November Food Sales Britain’s pubs and restaurants saw collective like-forsales edge up 0.5% in November compared with the same month last year, latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker reveal. “But the figures show that much of that growth was driven by drinks sales, with eating out in pubs as well as restaurants under pressure,” said Karl Chessell, director of CGA, the business insight consultancy that produces the Coffer Peach Tracker, in partnership with Coffer Group and RSM. Restaurant groups saw like-for-like sales slip 0.1%, and while managed pubs recorded overall like-for-like growth of 0.7%, that included an increase in drinks sales of 1.1%. Like-for-like food sales in pubs were down 0.2% in November. “Also, school half-term holidays at the start of the month produced a healthy first week of trading, and without that we would have been looking at negative sales across the board for the month,” added Chessell. Paul Newman, Head of Leisure and Hospitality at RSM

December 2019

CLH News


said, “It was perhaps unsurprising that a wet and windy November saw diners sheltering at home rather than braving the elements. The restaurant sector saw volume sales down 2.1% over the month and operators will be relieved that the fall in number of covers was largely offset by higher spend per head by those who did dine out. With drinks led businesses seeing like-for-like sales growth, the signs are positive that the festive trading season will deliver some welcome news for the sector.” “The data suggests a lacklustre market in the run-up to the General Election and Christmas,” said Trevor Watson, executive director, Valuations at Davis Coffer Lyons. “In London, operators are hoping and expecting there to be no significant impact on leisure spend as a result of the latest terror incident in the capital. Operators everywhere are hoping that the general election will revive consumer confidence generally in the final run-up to Christmas the New Year festivities. This could lead to much needed favourable December figures,” he continued.

Allergen Research Highlights Significant Industry Challenge Ahead of New Legislation

Research commissioned by software provider Fourth has revealed that 68% of UK hospitality employees admit that they require more information about allergies and that almost a quarter (23%) are not confident about advising customers with serious allergies. The statistics, which were drawn from 500 out-of-home food workers, comes ahead of the implementation of Natasha’s Law that will make it mandatory to list all ingredients on pre-packaged produce from 2021. The importance of the allergen challenge was further reinforced by the results from CGA’s Business Confidence Survey, a quarterly survey targeted at around 130 leaders working at CEO, MD, Chairman and other senior management level roles at pub or restaurant groups, with 64% of respondents confirming that addressing allergen procedures, protocols and staff training was either a major focus, or the biggest single challenge, for their business. When leaders were asked how

confident respondents to the CGA survey were about their current procedures, worryingly, 33% stated they were only relatively confident; with 63% being either confident, or absolutely confident. Asked about their employee training frequency on allergens, 19% conducted it daily; 18% weekly; 37% monthly; and 14% bi-annually. Conclusively, 78% of respondents viewed technology as important or fundamental to tackling allergens. Other findings from the food workers survey revealed that one in six employees claim not to receive regular training or updates about potential allergy issues; while more than half (58%) of employees said they worry when customers ask if food contains certain ingredients. When asked which of the 14 listed allergens cause the most concern for frontline food staff, peanuts (49%) topped the list; followed by tree nuts (45%); eggs (38%); cereals (37%); milk (37%); and sesame seeds (31%). Probed about their knowledge on allergens, only 40% said they could name the top 14 allergens list-

ed by the Food Standards Agency. When it came to staff being faced by a customer suffering an allergic reaction, just over a third (35%) were able to cope because of staff training, while 31% were unsure what action to take and 4% admit that they panicked. The study also polled 1,000 consumers on their thoughts towards allergens. The insight revealed that 89% of those polled believe that operators need to be more aware of allergies, with two thirds saying it is a matter of life and death. The research also found that 73% of people were not asked if they had allergies on their last trip to a restaurant. Furthermore, 36% of people claim that ingredients and items not listed on the menu appeared on their plate. While Natasha’s law is due to come into force in 2021, for packaged foods, there is currently no equivalent legislation for food dishes served direct from a kitchen in hospitality venues, such as hotels, pubs and restaurants.

The Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News Group is published by RBC Publishing Ltd, Suite 4, Roddis House, Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset. Contributions are welcome for consideration, however, no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage. Views expressed within this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher or the editorial team. Whilst every care is taken when compiling this publication to ensure accuracy, the publisher will assume no responsibility for any effects, errors or omissions therefrom. All rights reserved, reproduction is forbidden unless written permission is obtained. All material is assumed copyright free unless otherwise advised.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

December 2019

for Mobile Solutions Online Reviews: Turning ‘Near Me’ Appetite to Feed Experiences Grows Searchers Into Customers By Paul O’Donoghue, VP Solution Engineering, Uberall

In the past, big name chains dominated the hotel, pub, and restaurant sector, based in large part on sizeable advertising budgets and brand awareness. But the dawn of smartphones and the exponential increase in mobile online searches have levelled the playing field. Today’s consumer has more access to knowledge and information than ever before, with smartphones providing answers anytime, anywhere. Nearly half of all Google searches today are queries for local information, and the number of consumer searches for ‘hotel near me’ or ‘pub open now’ has skyrocketed. This change in consumer behaviour presents independent businesses with the untapped potential to get greater visibility online than ever before – and drive consumers to their doors. REVIEWS ARE THE NEW CURRENCY Once consumers have the results of their ‘near me’ searches, their next step is to weigh up their options. Today, that means evaluating customer reviews. 95% of consumers say that online reviews influence their decisions and 88% now trust online reviews as much a personal recommendations, per Uberall’s Reputation Management Revolution Report. And reviews are particularly important in the hospitality industry, with nearly 8 out of 10 UK consumers who have checked online reviews having done so for hotels and restaurants, per Uberall’s 2019 survey of online review practices. When it comes to deciding which business to choose, consumers are increasingly turning to the advice of their peers, backed up with the firsthand “proof” that online reviews provide. Whether it’s on Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook, or Yelp, strong review ratings are critical to convincing consumers your business is the one worth visiting.


to bigger businesses with ten or more locations, a whopping 74% of their online reviews still aren’t receiving any reply at all.

When it comes to online review ratings and engaging with customer reviews, smaller businesses – those with fewer than ten locations – are beating bigger brands according to new research by Uberall. Analysing the Google My Business profiles of 64,000 business locations across the UK, Germany, France, and the U.S.A., research reveals that across six different industries – including food and beverage, retail, travel, and automotive – smaller businesses have a higher average star rating than businesses with more than 10 locations. This is good news for independent businesses, as higher star ratings mean a higher conversion rate, with a star rating difference from 3.5 stars to 3.7 stars translating to a 120% difference in conversion growth from one year to the next. Whether it’s because – as studies have shown – consumers prefer to give their custom to small businesses over chains, or because smaller businesses are simply performing better, smaller businesses are scoring higher than big brands.

Simply by responding to one in three, rather than one in ten reviews, smaller businesses can expect conversion rates to grow by nearly one-third, substantially increasing the number of people clicking for more information, whether that’s on a pub’s phone number, on driving directions to a restaurant, or on a hotel website link to make a booking. ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS IRL

The research further shows that smaller businesses are more responsive than their larger competitors. Smaller businesses respond to online reviews 26% of the time, which is almost double the rate of businesses with more than ten locations (14%). The biggest brands – with more than 740 reviews per location – respond even less, replying to reviews only 0.2% of the time. Although smaller businesses are outshining their larger counterparts, there’s still substantial room for improvement for businesses of all sizes. REPLY MORE, WIN MORE Conversion rates climb sharply when brands engage with online reviews left by customers. For instance, when a smaller business responds to 32% of customer reviews, it will enjoy nearly 30% higher conversion rates than if it replied to just 10% of reviews. Although smaller businesses are currently responding the most to customer reviews, as compared

When it comes down to it, strong review ratings are based on great customer experiences. Customers are inspired to write positive reviews when they feel like they matter and that you’ve given them a top notch experience. Happy customers tell their friends, share on social media, and give top ratings online. It’s the in-person moments that build a strong online reputation.

Interactive and personalised experiences are shaping the out-of-home eating and drinking sector, according to the latest GO Technology report from Zonal and CGA.

The quarterly report, which tracks the hospitality technology habits of 5,000 GB adults, shows the mobile generation of 18 to 24-year-olds are using their smartphones in increasing numbers to settle their bills (22%). But trust and lack of personalisation are key barriers to more widespread uptake, with one in six (16%) saying they don’t use their mobile to order because of customisation issues. A further one in six (17%) of all respondees say they would pay by mobile more often if they had confidence in the payment app, suggesting that brands should prioritise establishing trust with their customers. And almost a quarter (22%) would be tempted to pay by mobile more often if they were offered an exclusive app-based loyalty scheme. Also, as 18 to 24-year-olds seek interactive experiences on a night out, augmented reality (AR) could become more popular in venues, as 25% believe AR in menus and ordering could enhance their visit. Zonal’s group product director Alison Vasey said: “As we are the mobile generation, it comes as no surprise that consumers are clearly open to using technology as part of their going out experience, whether browsing a menu or paying for a round of drinks, in order to satisfy their thirst for convenience and speed of service.

For businesses of all sizes, star ratings and responsiveness to reviews are absolutely linked to driving consumers who are searching online to offline stores. Currently, big brands aren’t doing enough to connect with consumers who are searching for products and services ‘near me,’ but by listening and responding to consumer feedback, larger brands can engage with customers on a local level – and stay competitive. CONCLUSION

“As consumers’ dietary requirements and preferences evolve, coupled with the growth in delivery and click & collect, the ability to customise orders within apps will become ever more important.

Online reviews have given smaller businesses a powerful tool to compete with much bigger brands. When it comes to online reviews, smaller businesses are outperforming the big chains – but it won’t be long before they start to take notice. With fewer locations and a more manageable volume of reviews, there’s no reason that independent businesses can’t maintain their lead. By making the most of the opportunity that online reviews present, responding meaningfully and providing great customer in-person experiences to begin with – smaller businesses can compete with bigger brands like never before.

Overall, one in four (26%) consumers have used their mobile to find a restaurant. Almost as many (23%) now use their mobile to check a menu, a jump of 7% since mid-2018. Numbers using a mobile device to make a booking have also leapt from 14% to 20% in the same period.

“But it’s important that brands don’t lose sight of the personal touch and that any technology solution adopts the brand’s personality in order to build trusted relationships that last.” For those brands that continue to ignore adopting mobile solutions, it could prove to be costly. The typical monthly spend on eating and drinking out by those who pay with a smartphone is £97 per month, that’s £14 more than the GB average.

Karl Chessell, Business Unit Director of Food & Retail at CGA added: “This fascinating snapshot of consumers’ behaviour shows how mobile devices are transforming the way people and brands interact. But as with all forms of technology, there is still a huge opportunity to improve guests’ engagement. Establishing trust, focusing on convenience and rewarding loyalty are just three of the many ways to achieve that, and operators that provide a secure and satisfying mobile experience can secure an important edge in an ultra-competitive market.” To get a free copy of the report visit

‘Support Your Local, Go TEA Total’ This January, says Hogs Back Brewery Hogs Back Brewery is reprising its successful ‘Support Your Local, Go TEA Total’ campaign in January, with the aim of encouraging more consumers to support their local at the pub trade’s quietest time of year. ‘Go TEA Total’ ran for the first time in January this year, when more than 150 pubs displayed the campaign pumpclip wobblers or posters. For 2020, Hogs Back is building on the campaign with more impactful assets to create standout in participating pubs, a competition to find the TEA Drinkers’ Pub of the Year, a ‘TEA Total Thursday’ initiative, advertising in Hogs Back’s Surrey heartlands and a social media drive. The campaign will also remind consumers of the many good reasons to visit the pub in January, from roaring fires to pub quizzes, live music or a dog-friendly welcome. In this, Go TEA Total will amplify the messages of the industry’s Long Live the Local initiative, which shows that socialising with friends is the main reason people enjoy visiting their local pub. The ‘TEA Total Thursday’ social media campaign encourages people to ‘tag’ the mates they’re taking to the pub, with the chance to win a tour of the brewery. Hogs Back managing director Rupert Thompson said: “We came up with ‘Go TEA Total’ last year to give pubs a boost in January. It’s always been a quiet month for the trade and even more so since the growth of Dry January. “The campaign has a light-hearted feel, but the underlying messages are important. January can be a challenging time for many people, but we strongly believe that getting out for a walk to the pub and enjoying a sociable

pint or two of TEA can help to counter social isolation and contribute to our overall wellbeing. “It’s also vital that we all support the pubs at the heart of our communities: if too many people stay away from their local in January, it may not be there in February.” Pubs wanting to be part of the campaign in January can sign up with their Hogs Back sales manager, or by emailing to receive a pack of TEA Total assets including pumpclip wobblers, dripmats and posters . The TEA Drinkers’ Pub of the Year competition is open to all pubs taking part in TEA Total. Customers nominate their favourite pub via the website or the QR code on dripmats, with those with the highest number of nominations included in a shortlist and profiled on the website, before the winning pub is chosen at the end of January. There will also be weekly competitions on social media for customers to nominate pubs that are best for dogs, or best open fire. Long Live the Local’s research shows that:

• Six in 10 Brits (59%) say the main reason to visit their local is because it’s a great place to socialise with friends; • Almost half of pubgoers (48%) go to the pub because they enjoy feeling like a local and bumping into people they know; • 47% feel the pub brings people and the local community together; • 40% believe the pub acts as a social centre for the community.

More Immigration Detail Needed, Says UKH

UKHospitality has welcomed Conservative proposals for the UK’s future immigration system, but urged the party to deliver more detail on how the system would work. Under proposals reported in The Times, lower skilled workers would be granted short-term visas in sectors suffering a shortage. The Migration Advisory Committee would also be empowered to set visa numbers in key sectors.

Commenting on the plans, UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Confirmation that the aspiration remains a migration regime open to talent to meet the needs of the economy is welcome. We need more detail on how this will work in practice, though, if it is to be in place to start 2021. “A fair and managed system at all salary and skilled levels, hand-in-hand with investment in skills and training, is a must. This will avoid exacerbat-

ing skills shortages, keep the economy at full strength and allow hospitality to continue its work boosting the domestic workforce. “The next Government must ensure that the immigration system is evidence-led and values skills at all levels. An independent Migration Advisory Committee, which considers the entire range of issues around immigration, is essential for a successful post-Brexit immigration policy.”

December 2019

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Pubs Look Forward to A Merry Christmas As Brits Get into Festive Spirit As the Christmas decorations start to go up across the nation restaurant, pub and bar operators are stocking up for what could prove to be another bumper season for out-of-home food and drink sales, according to data and research agency CGA. Two-thirds of people (62%) visit the on-trade to eat or drink over Christmas, with half going out more than they would at other times of the year. Last year the on-trade saw impressive sales growth over the festive period, helped in part by the mild weather and the fact Christmas 2018 fell mid-week, giving consumers two weekends either side of Christmas Day to visit pubs and restaurants. This helped boost overall sales of food and drink through managed outlets by 7% on the previous year, with sales of food up 4.3%, and drink sales rising 4.7%, according to the annual CGA Christmas Report 2018.

Restaurants proved the most popular destination type, with 70% of consumers going out to a restaurant during December 2018, a rise on the previous year. Some 64% of consumers say they visit pubs over Christmas, while 23% visit bars and 18% attend Christmas markets. “Mild and ice-free weather and the way Christmas falls are two of the biggest influencing factors on whether consumers choose to eat and drink out of home over the festive period,” commented CGA director Karl Chessell. “With Christmas Day and Boxing Day again falling mid-week this year, we should see consumers tempted out – although that does depend on the weather and public sentiment following the General Election. A festive sales boost will be a welcome relief to restaurant, pub and bar operators who have experienced a difficult trading year.”

Key days for going out over the festive period are the Friday and Saturday before Christmas – so-called ‘mad Friday’ – and New Year’s Eve. However, on-trade sales data shows that the festive period is beginning to extend to three weeks of celebrations as consumers start going out from the second weekend of December onwards. Some 66 million visits are made to the on-trade in GB over Christmas with 43% of consumers spending more on drinking out than they normally do and 45% spending more on eating out. CGA’s Christmas Report 2019 will be available from January 2020 with extensive detail on consumer interaction with the out of home market over the Christmas period, including sales performance. Contact Rachel Weller at to register your interest.

Brothers Reports A 44% Increase In Toffee Apple Cider Sales As Consumers Embrace The Seasonal Flavour

Brothers Drinks Co. has cemented its reputation as the unofficial drink of Halloween and Bonfire Night, with a

44%1 uplift in like-for-like sales of its Toffee Apple cider flavour during the last month. The brand – famed for its quirky flavours – expects further growth for its Toffee Apple flavour through its presence at UK winter markets and increased consumer demand for seasonal flavours and mulled ciders over the colder festive period.

serving mulled Spiced Toffee Apple cider to more than two thousand party-goers and reaching an audience of almost three-million through marketing activities. Continuing throughout winter, the brand will have a strong presence at over 75 events including Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland which attracts three-million visitors each year2.

The Brothers autumn and winter markets tour kicked off with a successful partnership with the ‘We Are Halloween’ festival in late October,

Nicola Randall, Senior Marketing Manager at Brothers Drinks Co., comments: “Despite summer being predominantly thought of as the main driver for

Flying High with the Kitchen Stars and Kitchen Porter of the Year As part of its sixth annual Kitchen Porter of the Year awards, Winterhalter has announced the two Highly Commended runners up, Cheryl Wrightson of Jurys Inn Middlesborough and Sam Idubor of the RAF Club in Piccadilly. Both received a trophy, a special presentation KP of the Year apron and £250, as well as the glory of being recognised as one of the UK’s top KPs. Sam Idubor has been a kitchen porter at the RAF Club for just over two years. He says, “I have worked here for two years and I love it! I am part of a great team so to be recognised for such a big award is amazing, I am very happy. The club told me that I was in the Top 10 but to receive Highly Commended is

just brilliant.” Cheryl Wrightson has been a kitchen porter at the Jurys Inn Hotel for ten years. “I couldn’t believe it when I found out I was nominated,” she says. “To be awarded Highly Commended is something else; such a surprise! It’s nice to know I’ve beaten some good competition and be recognised like this.” KP of the Year is the brain child of Winterhalter, the commercial dishwasher specialist. “There are loads of competitions and awards for chefs and restaurants,” says Winterhalter UK managing director Stephen Kinkead. “But what about the poor old KP? A few years ago we decided it was time they had an award too. They have a

cider sales, the winter period provides a huge opportunity for operators. According to industry figures, we expect around 27% of total cider volumes to be sold within the last 12 weeks3 of the year, demonstrating the growth available tooperators during the colder months. Mulled cider – particularly our Brothers Toffee Apple Cider flavour – is increasing in popularity and ties in well with special occasions and seasonal events around Halloween and Christmas.”

really tough job and they work really hard. Yet they often get overlooked. Hopefully these awards are helping to put that right. “Cheryl and Sam really exemplify why we started the awards, and why so many of the country’s top chefs support it,” he adds. “Both of them embody the qualities that make someone a truly great KP. They’re team players, and their hard work helps to support and inspire their colleagues to be at their best. Every time we’re blown away by the quality of the nominees, and this year is no exception. “ Winterhalter provides a total solution for dishwashing and glasswashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its marketleading dish washers and glass washers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, visit or email

December 2019

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Food and Staff Top Star’s Licensee

Offering quality food is the biggest opportunity for pubs in 2020, followed by attracting millennials, according to a survey of 500 licensees who attended Star’s nine regional forums this autumn. More than one-third of those surveyed said better food was the key to growth, whilst a fifth opted for more millennial customers. When considering food, backing British products was identified as the most important trend by 37 per cent of forum attendees. Healthy eating and a sustainable approach to menus ranked joint second, with one in five of the surveyed licensees highlighting each as the standout food trends for the year ahead. Unchanged from last year’s Star forum poll, employment issues emerged as the number one problem facing the pub sector in 2020: 58% of attendees put it at the top of their list of concerns. Onethird said staff recruitment and retention were their main headaches, whilst 25% (up from 17% in 2018) pinpointed rising staff costs. Despite a year of political and economic uncertainty, 83% of licensees were positive about trade in their pubs. 43% described themselves as “satisfied” and trade as “fair”, whilst 40% reported that 2019 had been a “very good year” and that business had increased. Star’s regional forums are held in cities around the country and aim to help attendees grow their sales by sharing the latest industry trends, market insight and best practice. Voting results on key issues are collated to give an up-to-date national perspective on licensees’ top concerns and priorities. Lawson Mountstevens, managing director of Star Pubs & Bars, said: “The forums give licensees the chance to get out of their businesses and meet up with others in the industry. Listening to our licensees’ views and experiences is a central part of our forums, and we’ll be adapting the support we provide in line with their feedback.” Ushma Vithlani, of The Apple Tree, Haslemere, attended Star’s London forum: “It was a really valuable event and full of energy. I’ve come away with lots of information on future trends,” she said. “The main one for me was food, as I’m planning to launch a new menu. Thanks to the day, I’ve got some clear pointers on the approach to take, including the best ways to source produce locally. The event was packed, so it was also a fantastic chance to talk to other licensees and hear what they’re doing.”


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December 2019

Don't Let Food Allergies End in Tragedy This Christmas The very tragic death of Owen Carey at Byron’s Restaurant could have been avoided by using a simple app.

1 In 5 Have No-One to Go to the Pub with According to New Research Millions of people would like to go to the pub more – but don’t have anyone to go with, reflecting the scale of loneliness in Britain, according to new research. Nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of those surveyed admitted that they feel lonely at some point in their lives, with 39 percent wishing someone would ask them to go out more often. And one in five regularly feel lonely on a Friday night – the time they’d most like someone to ring them up with a pub invitation.

Restaurants can no longer use the excuse that they can’t provide a clear and easy to use information to their customers.

The research, commissioned by Greene King to launch its ‘No One Alone’ initiative which will help tackle loneliness in local communities. It also revealed that almost half of Brits (48 per cent) believe it’s harder to find people to spend time with as you grow older. launched earlier this year after discovering the shocking lack of information and poor communication in restaurants to provided allergen information along with helping many of those with complex food preferences.

One in three think it’s because they’re always too tired to make the effort, and 39 per cent struggle to align their schedules with others. A further 30 per cent feel that they have too much work to make the time to spend with peers.

Mistakes can be made that can be life threatening, however this app allows the chef to control directly the information provided to the consumer, reducing the risk of error significantly though staff communication and putting the customer in control of their choices.

The study also found the average age Brits are when they stop having people to visit the pub with regularly – just 32, demonstrating it’s an issue across all age

Allergy menu are giving a talk to CIEH (Chartered instituted of Environmental health) this Monday to help raise awareness within the industry that there is now a simple and cheap solution to the problem, and it will save lives.

Stonegate Pub Company’s sport pubs will be showing all of Amazon Prime Video’s Premier League fixtures, via BT Sport who are giving licensees access to the channel. All of the live fixture information is available on Stonegate’s bespoke app for sports fans across the UK, We Love Sport.

HOW IT WORKS The App allows customers to filter the restaurant’s menu at the click of a button by the full range of legislated allergens, allowing to view the menu in an easy way. The Chef can manage all the dish information and allergen information to ensure its accurate and can be updated at a moment’s notice when a dish changes, so its always up to date. Sharon at Arbuckle’s Restaurant in Norfolk have said: "Brilliant app worth every penny, your customers will be delighted with this easy way to sort your menu into the dishes they can select avoiding their individual allergens. Not difficult to enter all your info and once loaded is a brilliant tool loaded onto a tablet or ipad in your business.. This little app has put our business ahead of the rest and proved to be a real asset, great opportunity to stand out from the crowd." Arbuckle’s Menu: Visit for further details

groups. Surprisingly, 15 per cent of people said they would be happy to buy drinks in the pub all night for someone, just to have some company. Nick Mackenzie, CEO at Greene King, said: “Our research shows that loneliness can impact not just one age, gender or life circumstance, but a wide range of people all over the UK, and it’s surprising to see just how many adults wished they could spend more time socialising and interacting with others. “Our pubs are in the heart of communities across the country and can play a vital role in helping to tackle social isolation, becoming a hub for anyone struggling with loneliness or belonging. Many of them already host events and work with community groups to bring people together in the pub and our new No One Alone initiative will provide more opportunities for individuals to come to our pubs to connect with others, build relationships and gain a sense of inclusion within their communities. We hope that this will help tackle the problem of loneliness and we are keen to work with others as we develop this new initiative.” Greene King has also partnered with MeetUpMondays, an initiative created to help address

loneliness and isolation, to deliver free, weekly gettogethers at Greene King pubs across the UK. The pub company will also be offering a community table on Christmas Day at its pubs where possible, offering free meeting space for community groups throughout the year and events including No One Alone quiz nights, social nights and Loose End Lunches depending on the needs of individual communities. Ann Osborn, CEO of MeetUpMondays, said: “We’re excited to be starting what we hope will be a longterm partnership with Greene King and its network of pubs, which are often the heart of a local community. We can’t wait to see Greene King pubs start to offer #MeetupMondays throughout the UK, creating warm, welcoming spaces for local residents who feel a bit lonely to meet and make new friends.” The Broadwater pub in Worthing hosts MeetUpMondays group events and now has over 25 regular attendees after only a year since launching. Diane Guest, the general manager, said: “I do it because I care. For some of the group, we are the only people that they may have a conversation with in a week. It has a really positive effect on people’s lives, but it also makes the pub the centre of the community – which I believe is where we should be.”

Stonegate’s Sport Pubs Showing All Amazon’s Premier League Games

Over 400 of Stonegate’s sports estate will be showing all of Amazon’s Premier League games. Starting Tuesday 3

December 2019, this is the first time that the entire round of games will be shown live in the UK. All of the fixture information can be found on Stonegate’s dedicated sports app, We Love Sport. Sports fans will also be able to use the app to find out where the matches are being shown and book tables at their favourite Stonegate venue. Following the launch of the app in September this year, We Love Sport has

had over 34,000 downloads and over 17,000 in-app redemptions. The app, available on iOS and Android, was created to drive sports fans into Stonegate’s venues, to watch events on the big screens and soak up the atmosphere whilst they’re at it. The app contains data for around one thousand events at any one time, spanning from everyday sports such as football, cricket and rugby to the more niche sports such as NFL, hockey and wrestling

30% Is the Magic ‘Discount’ Number In Driving January Footfall The latest research by guest experience management expert HGEM has revealed that 30% is the magic number when it comes to using discount to drive diners through the door this January. The comprehensive survey into driving footfall revealed that 30% is the sweet spot for all generations other than Baby Boomers who have a lower expectation, at 20%, and are among the least likely to be impacted by the amount of discount on offer. The survey also found that an almighty 93% of diners would visit a pub or restaurant in January to celebrate a

birthday, so appropriate messaging and offers should be considered. Whilst almost half (45%) of diners are seeking healthier menu options in January, the research reveals that Try January (46%), which encourages consumers to experiment with interesting new food and drink, and comfort food (27%) will be stronger pulls than vegan (16%) and non-alcoholic (18%) options for enticing diners into pubs and restaurants this January. Nevertheless, more than two-thirds of Gen Z, Millennial and

Gen X diners are likely to take part in a campaign throughout January so marketing around Veganuary and Dry January should not be disregarded. Operators that make a great impression over the festive season have a huge opportunity to encourage return visits throughout January, with over three quarters of Baby Boomers (79%) and two-thirds of Millennials (68%) and Gen X (67%) saying they would return to a site if they have a positive experience. When it comes to communicating

– if it’s on the TV, it’ll be in the app. Bruce Cuthbert, Connectivity & Commercial Sport Director at BT Sport said: “We’re delighted to work with Stonegate to deliver the Amazon Premier League Pass to over 400 pubs across the country. Amazon’s games will present pubs with a unique opportunity to show live football at key trading times over the festive period and we’re excited to be working with a leading national operator with a track record of delivering a great sports experience for their customers”. January offers and activities, email is still the most popular channel across the generations, with the exception of Gen Z where social media is only slightly more likely (39% vs 36%) to influence them. Commenting on the results, Sally Whelan, Founding Director at HGEM said: “The research points to specific strategies that operators can adopt to help increase their January footfall, keeping their target audience in mind. Discounts and deals are most favoured by Millennials and Gen X, while occasions and healthy eating is guaranteed to hit the mark across the generations.”


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December 2019

Gin Is Still King, But Keep Your Eye on Rum…It’s Evolving The latest WSTA Market Report shows that Brits are still not tiring of gin, but there are signs consumers are keen to explore the rum category. New figures released last week, reveal over 80 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK, worth over £2.5 billion, in the 12 months to June 2019. In the off-trade, sales of gin were worth £961 million, up 34% on sales last year, whilst gin’s continued rise in the on-trade was even more impressive – with growth of 51% by volume and 52% by value, making gin sales in pubs, bars and restaurants worth over £1.5 billion.

But it is rum which has been grabbing headlines in recent months as ‘the next big thing’. This might appear odd as the WSTA’s sales data shows that, although in growth, the total rum market grew by just 1% in the last 12 months. However, when you take a closer look at the category there are signs that the rum market is evolving. In total, UK consumers bought 35 million bottles of rum in the last recorded 12 months to June 2019, worth £1 billion, a third of sales taking place in pubs, bars and restaurants. White rum, the largest segment of the rum market, worth around £360 million, sold 13.1 million bottles to June 2019, some 300,000 fewer than in the 12 months to June 2018. But it’s in the flavoured, spiced and golden categories where we see rum is really punching above its weight.

Flavoured gin has driven over 80% of all growth in gin sales in the UK’s shops and supermarkets, in the 12 months to July 2019, and now makes up a third of total sales.

In the last 5 years, the flavoured and spiced rum category has grown from just under 6 million bottles in 2014 to over 10 million bottles in 2019 – up almost 80%.

These latest figures, coupled with the value of British gin exports, gives gin a total value of over £3 billion, proving that the gin bubble has far from burst.

In the on-trade, Brits’ willingness to experiment with new and exciting cocktails on a night out, which has helped gin to become so popular, is also helping the rum category.

Sales of both dark and golden rums are also on the increase, in the 12 months to June, with dark rums worth £127 million and golden rums worth even more at £383 million. Total UK spirits sales for the 12 months to June 2019 were worth £11.6 billion, an increase of almost £1 billion since the Government showed its support for the UK spirits industry and decided against a duty increase at the last Budget. Miles Beale, Chief Executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, said: “Our latest Market Report numbers show that gin is still king of the spirits category, in terms of growth and innovation. However, there are signs that consumers are starting to become more adventurous when it comes to trying new rums. “British consumers’ willingness to explore new drink experiences helped with the initial gin boom, and we are starting to see some segments of the rum category benefit from a similar impact. It’s hard to make a case for anything other than 2019 as another year of gin, but maybe in 2020 we will see rum pulling out all the punches as spirits’ new rising star. “We also see that the spirits category benefitted from a freeze in duty at the last Budget, allowing our great British distillers to invest and grow, and we will continue to make the case that both spirits and wine should receive more favourable treatment after a new Government has formed. Some consumers will be surprised to hear that 73% of the cost of an average bottle of spirits is taken up by tax.”

New Analysis Shows Tourist Drinkaware Relaunches Night-Time Economy Safety Scheme Tax Threatens Regional Jobs areas across the country, including Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Nottingham. It has also been informed by Drinkaware’s activity at festivals, such as British Summer Time, and on the streets, like those in Soho, where the original training has been successfully adapted to promote customer safety.

UKHospitality has published analysis that demonstrates the economic and employment cost of a tourist tax in Scotland. The Scottish Government is currently consulting on the principles of a Transient Visitor Levy – also know more commonly as a tourist tax – that could be implemented by local authorities. The analysis finds that if a tourist tax was introduced across the country it will lead to a hit to the Scottish economy of over £200 million and the loss of nearly 6,000 jobs. The pain would be felt all across Scotland, but the analysis shows the hardest-hit areas are Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands. The tax will also increase the costs of domestic tourism for Scots and deter visitors from overseas. Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, said: “This ill-thought through proposal will damage Scotland’s reputation as a world-class tourism destination, increase costs for Scottish people and lead to a loss of jobs and investment at a critical time for the sector. The hospitality sector is already over-taxed, with sky-high business rates and one of the highest VAT rates in Europe. A new tax will put businesses, the vast majority which are SMEs, under even greater risk. It is time that this proposal was shelved and for the Scottish Government to discuss with business how we can secure a bright and sustainable future for Scottish business.”

Nightlife Crew is being offered to local authorities and BIDs, through a ‘train the trainer’ course delivered by Drinkaware. Delegates who successfully complete the course are then accredited by Drinkaware to deliver the training in their areas, incorporating it into their existing night-time safety initiatives.

Drinkaware is relaunching its successful Drinkaware Crew scheme with a new name – Nightlife Crew – and a new structure that includes five different training offers to extend the scheme into a wider range of environments.

Nightlife Crew is available as a complete package of five training modules:

Hackney and Cardiff have become the first local areas to sign up for Nightlife Crew. Drinkaware is expecting more local authorities, BIDs (Business Improvement District) and others with responsibility for night-time safety to adopt the training over the coming months. The relaunch follows a thorough evaluation of the scheme, which was launched in 2015 and has so far been activated in clubs and bars in 21

• Club Crew: Training for dedicated members of staff in a pub or club, whose role is to promote a positive social environment and identify and support customers who may become vulnerable • Lead Crew: Training for managers and supervisors, equipping them to support customers • Support Crew: E-learning for all staff to raise awareness of vulnerability in venues • Festival Crew: Adapted training for dedicated members of staff to support festival-goers

• Street Crew: Training for dedicated volunteers within local communities, helping them to support people on the streets rather than in venues, and to create a safer environment Drinkaware will continue to offer its e-learning course, now called Support Crew, direct to pub, bar and club operators wanting to ensure that all their staff selling alcohol are trained to identify and deal with alcohol-related vulnerability. Brett Crabtree, Head of Business Development at Drinkaware, said: “We’ve already seen our night-time safety scheme help so many people to have a safer, more positive night out, and we’re grateful to the many partners who have made it such a success. “We’re enormously proud to see the training evolve into what is now Nightlife Crew. “We’re delighted to have secured Hackney and Cardiff as our first partners and are looking forward to seeing Nightlife Crew roll out across the country. We would urge all local authorities, BIDs and others with a night-time safety remit to look at how Nightlife Crew can help to promote their local area as one that people can visit for an enjoyable evening – without the risk of alcohol harms.”

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Launches Petition Seasonal Workplace Drinking Culture Revealed toChefCombat Fake Reviews December 2019

New research from alcohol education charity Drinkaware reveals that almost two-thirds (61%) of drinkers in the UK over-indulge on alcohol over the festive season more than they usually do, while one in five (18%) say they typically experience more hangovers during this period.

The YouGov poll for Drinkaware also found that drinkers who work are more likely to feel pressured to drink at their work party (33%) than other times of year such as New Year’s Eve (where 29% say they feel more pressure to drink) and Christmas Day (20%). And more than a quarter (29%) feel extra pressure to drink over the festive period with their work colleagues. Drinkaware CEO Elaine Hindal says: “This new research shows just how much drinking is ingrained within the UK’s work culture during the festive period, with many people feeling more pressure to drink. “Over-indulging can lead to mistakes, regrets and hangovers – as well as increasing the risk of developing a range of diseases if consumption regularly exceeds the Chief Medical Officers’ low risk drinking guidelines of 14 units of alcohol a week. “”Pubs, bars and clubs will be busy with revellers this season, but licensees shouldn’t forget that they’re also

employers. They could be asking themselves whether their celebration culture is centred too heavily around alcohol and if they can offer alternative choices at their team Christmas parties.” The research found one in six UK drinkers (16%) admit to having done something they regret at a New Year’s Eve party because of alcohol. The same percent admit the same at a work party. More than one in ten (13%) UK drinkers admit they are avoiding social occasions this festive season because of the pressure to drink alcohol.

Drinkaware also found that on average, men admit to consuming six drinks on Christmas Day. Using a common strength pint of beer or medium glass of wine as a measure, this is the equivalent of 14 units of alcohol. Women admit to having on average four and a half drinks on Christmas Day. However, studies have shown that people in the UK tend to underestimate how much they drink; the amount people say they drink represents only about two-thirds of all alcohol sold.* Elaine Hindal adds, “Pubs, clubs and bars can play an important part in reducing the alcohol harms that arise when people are pressured into drinking too much over the festive season.

“By putting in place some simple measures, operators can help customers to control their drinking, and make sure that those who are choosing not to drink alcohol – whether because they’re driving or for other reasons – feel welcome in their venue. “These could include: offering an interesting range of low and no alcohol drinks, selecting house wines at the lower end of the ABV scale, and making them available in 125ml serves, and serving food for the same hours as drinks are served.” Drinkaware also recommends equipping team members to spot the signs of someone who is drinking more than they should, perhaps because of peer pressure. Drinkaware’s Alcohol Vulnerability Awareness elearning course helps staff to understand what vulnerability means and gives practical advice on how to support customers. For more information contact Finally, if you suspect a customer is buying alcohol for someone who is already drunk – or who is drunk themselves – then selling them a drink is against the law. Drinkaware and the British Beer & Pub Association have produced two posters to help communicate this to customers – ‘Can’t Get Served’ and ‘Mate’s in a State’, which can both be downloaded free of charge from the Drinkaware website.

Whitbread’s Strategy to Beef Up Kitchen Performance Taps QSR Automations Technology for More of its Estate

QSR Automations, the UK’s leading supplier of technology across front- and back-of house for the hospitality industry, and Whitbread Plc, an operator of some of the UK’s most successful hospitality brands, today announced that Whitbread has expanded ConnectSmart Kitchen to 200 of its restaurants across three restaurant brands. Whitbread’s brief to QSR’s technology was simple, to improve the customer experience, whilst retaining the same levels of brand standards across the estate. Needs were two-fold: increased speed of service and table turns; decreased food wastage.

Three Whitbread concepts — Beefeater, Bar + Block, and Cookhouse & Pub — will reap the benefits of ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) technology, which has the intelligence to work hand-in-hand with restaurant kitchen teams to reduce order wait time and improve food quality, by displaying orders and automatically allocating each section of an order to the correct chef. This confirms each meal is hot, freshly prepared and completed at the same. The technology ensures orders leave the kitchen quicker, decreasing the customer’s total meal time whilst increasing table turns. CSK has also provided Whitbread with the following benefits: Aided kitchen efficiency and productivity through the systems’ ability to adapt/support different labour levels and trading periods

Allowed full integration with Whitbread’s Business Intelligence platforms — CSK data provides detailed kitchen operational insights to the Whitbread Operations team Future-proofed Whitbread by becoming an integral part of Whitbread’s unfolding restaurant development The system eradicates any confusion between kitchen stations, with specification cards and images of restaurant dishes uploaded into the CSK system, with further instructions on how dishes should be prepared and presented. Greater control is also given to the kitchen manager, who can instantly see if stations are under pressure, eradicating any problems before a potential issue. QSR Automations’ VP of Sales, Ashley Sheppard commented: “Whitbread has such iconic brands within hospitality;

and we are delighted to work with them to drive consistency and brand standards across all food offerings, whilst at the same time improving the experience for customers, with increased speed of service and reduced waste.” Karen Higgins, head of hotels and food & beverage IT solutions for Whitbread commented: “We are committed to developing our food offerings throughout the estate to safeguard and ensure memorable dining experiences for our customers. ConnectSmart kitchen is an integral and intelligent part of our strategy, which will enable us to deliver dishes to a consistently high standard, whilst also having the means to expand future menus.” For more information, visit or contact QSR at 502-297-0221 or see the advert on page 5.

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Review site TripAdvisor has come under fire for allowing untrue reviews onto its website. Chefs and hospitality proprietors are calling for the site to make diners confirm they have eaten in their establishment. Chef Damian Wawrzyniak, who runs House of Feasts in Peterborough says he was subjected to numerous false and malicious reviews, and has now launched a petition for Tripadvisor to demand proof of diners eating by providing digital receipts or QR codes to prevent abuse on the site. He said: “We run businesses to satisfy our guests. We are hit by fake or unfair reviews done by competition on every day basis! Something must change. “We understand sometimes service or product isn’t 100 per cent but for our future guests perfect experience we urge Trip Advisor to approve each review with proof of payment. Everyone who writes a review should be asked to provide proof of payment, for example bill receipt, copy of online purchase, gift voucher or reservation confirmation.” A spokesperson for Tripadvisor said they had no plans to put further authentication checks in place for customers and that the majority of fake reviews are caught, explaining: “It would prevent many genuine customers from sharing their reviews and we don’t think that is fair. “Just because a customer didn’t foot the bill, that doesn’t mean their voice should be silenced – their feedback on the service and food at a restaurant is still valid and useful.” They added: “There are much better and more effective ways to catch fake reviews – and it is those methods that we use. Our combination of human moderators and fraud detection technology ensures we can identify fake reviews through the sophisticated analysis of online data. “Last year, we prevented more than one million fake reviews from reaching TripAdvisor by taking this approach. We are the industry leaders when it comes to fake review detection, and we are confident our model works.” In 2016 a Bournemouth hotel was the subject of a particularly malicious review that Tripadvisor refused to take down despite the owner taking the unusual step of writing to the companies head office in America. The owner contacted CLH News who spoke with the company highlighting not only how easy it was to create fake reviews but just how difficult it was for business owners to engage in dialogue with the platform. The malicious review was subsequently removed.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

December 2019

Catering For Allergens At Christmas- Be Busy, But Be Safe! Long gone are the days where the only food indulgence at Christmas is the traditional, homemade Christmas dinner. From the food stalls at the Christmas markets to office Christmas parties, food is very much the centre of social lives throughout December. For food businesses, this is great news. However, increased demand often brings increased workloads, and in turn, many businesses opt to hire temporary staff over the festive period. Temporary staff, although a short-term benefit for the supply and demand issue, can also bring long term consequences to a business, especially when it comes to managing allergens safely To recap, the 14 allergens that your whole team needs to be aware of are:


Cereals containing gluten Crustaceans Eggs Fish Peanuts Soya Milk Nuts (Tree nuts) Celery Mustard Sesame Sulphur Dioxide Lupin Molluscs Allergen management procedures must be strictly adhered to by all members of the team. Unfortunately, we have recently seen high-profile allergen cases that have resulted in the tragic death of allergen sufferers. As a result of the tragic loss of their daughter Natasha Ednan-Laperouse; the Edan-Laperous family have campaigned tirelessly for a change in the allergen laws. “Natasha’s Law” has been approved by the government and will come into effect in October.

The new law will require food businesses to provide full ingredient and allergen labelling on foods which are pre-packed for direct sale. Currently, some foods that are made, packed and sold on the same premises are not required to show full ingredients or allergy information on the product label. The new law will ensure that allergen sufferers will be able to make informed, safe choices when it comes to eating out. Although a positive step for consumers, this change will impact small food businesses as they may not have the processes and equipment in place to produce accurate allergen and ingredient information on their fresh home-made products. Some clarity on the definition of PPDS is required as there is some confusion currently on this. The FSA are expected to issue guidance and support to business nationwide in preparation for the October 2021 deadline. But in the meantime, how can you ensure your team – whether full time or temporary – are correctly managing allergens throughout the festive period?


By Head of Consultancy at STS Food Safety, Annabel Kyle DON’T:

- Ensure your team are suitably trained. Along with the mandatory level 2 food safety requirement, your team should be knowledgeable on allergens, whether through classroom or e-learning training. - Ensure your allergen information is accurate. Allergen information relating to the menus must be accurate and readily available for any customers with allergies. The team needs to be able to provide accurate information should a customer have an allergen question. There is no place for uncertainty. - Avoid cross contamination. All staff need to operate in ways which avoid cross contamination of foods by the major food allergens. - Include allergen management in your HACCP plans. Allergens are a critical control point and need to be documented and mitigated as much as possible. - Make customers feel comfortable. Allergen sufferers can often feel awkward when they declare they have an allergen. Make sure from the outset your customers know that any questions in relation to allergies will be taken seriously and that the team are supportive and understanding.

- Guess - Always Ask. Never guess when a customer asks about the allergen content of dishes. Even a small amount of allergen is enough to cause a severe reaction. Always check. - Use ingredients you’re unsure of. If a food product is damaged, contains ingredients you aren’t sure of or can’t confirm, do not use them. Never use a substitute product unless it has been approved by the relevant Manager or Senior Chef. - Be afraid to check with the chef to check the allergen content or to offer an alternative. If the menu isn’t suitable for the customer you must advise them honestly, If the chef can provide an alternative that will show your customer that you understand their dietary requirements. Allergen management must be a high priority for all the team. If you aren’t sure or need help and guidance when it comes to allergen management within your business, don’t be afraid to seek it. The consequences for both the allergy sufferer, your food business and yourself are simply not worth the risk!

Pub Plots Can Provide a Boost for Both the Community and Publicans

Written by Daniel Mackernan, director in the licensed leisure team at Savills

There are many ways that pub owners can diversify their income stream, but one of the most interesting is repurposing surplus space; benefitting both themselves and the community. Historically, pubs have been built on sizable plots to provide car parking, or the style of property has meant that the plot includes either outbuildings or other commercial properties. Now, as local pubs undergo a revival, there’s plenty that can be done with this additional space in order to increase site value. Incorporating a dark kitchen is just one new innovation being

adopted by publicans. Often in the heart of a community, a pub is the ideal location for a dark kitchen as it provides easy access to nearby residents, reducing delivery times. In October, Deliveroo announced it’s looking to expand into another 50 UK towns as demand for its services increases; excess space next at pubs could be perfect for this. Alternatively, adding retail, particularly in a small town or village, could provide a vital service to the community. This can be done either through the conversion of outbuildings or the

creation of brand new convenience stores. It’s often easier to get planning permission secured against these schemes due to the value they add to the area. Not only do these additional uses provide a boost for the community, they can also increase the capital value of the site; in some cases we have seen values double. As pubs continue to be a community hub there’s plenty that can be done to enhance their position as well as benefitting owners.

No and Low Alcohol Sales Soar As Consumers Moderate Their Drinking Only A Pavement Away’ Brings ‘Winter Warmth’ To London’s Homeless The exclusive new report from CGA, ‘Understanding Moderation in the OnTrade’, shows that one in three (32%) adults has now tried a no or low alcohol beer, wine or spirit in the last six months. That equates to some 15.5 million consumers, with another 8.9 million saying they find the category appealing.

New report from CGA reveals growing interest in healthier beers, wines and spirits ahead of Dry January. As drinking nears its peak over the festive season, new research from CGA reveals that sales of no and low alcohol drinks are rising too, thanks to increasing numbers of consumers moderating their intake.

CGA’s data shows that sales in the no and low alcohol category have increased by 48% in the last 12 months to more than £60m a year. Growth for completely alcohol-free options has been even higher at nearly 80%, and alcohol-free ‘mocktails’ or ‘virgin cocktails’ have been a particularly thriving segment. With only 9% of those who drink no

and low options classifying themselves as teetotal, the report suggests that these drinks are an alternative for people who want to moderate their intake, rather than a permanent substitute. A growing interest in health is one of the chief reasons why people steer clear of alcoholic drinks on occasions, and sizeable numbers say they experiment with no and low choices to see what they taste like.

But while a flood of new no and low alcohol beers, wines, spirits and cocktails have arrived on the market lately, CGA’s new report reveals significant headroom for growth—starting in the new year. More than four million people signed up to the Dry January campaign in 2019, and that number is expected to rise in 2020,

A Trio of Tradeshows to Boost Your Business in 2020 If food and drink are…well, food and drink to you…then whatever type of food business you run, large or small in the South & South West, Hale Events have got the trade show for you: The Source trade show takes place at Westpoint, Exeter on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th February. The South West’s biggest and best food, drink and hospitality and catering show provides a huge spread of speciality produce, comparative tastings, innovative technology, inspirational experiences, and networking opportunities. With a dedicated “Newcomers” area and an exciting Innovation Kitchen, if you want to keep your offering fresh and profitable in an industry where

tastes and trends swiftly pass their “best before” dates, then this is one show you cannot afford to miss. Expowest Cornwall takes place in Wadebridge from Tuesday 3th - Thursday 5th March. Celebrating 40 years of serving up the very best in hospitality, catering, food & drink, Expowest Cornwall is a cornerstone of the local commercial calendar where the local business community comes together to see, touch and taste all the latest that’s on offer, catch up on the current news and gossip, and to get a feel for how to profit from the latest trends. It you want to see all the available options under one roof, make truly meaningful comparisons, build meaningful relationships, drive some hard bargains and tap into

Innovate your Processes and Customer Experiences Technology plays a major part in helping Hotelier’s to achieve financial and environmental reductions. IT in the hospitality sector is constantly evolving to keep up with both customers’ and Hoteliers’ demands. As inflation within the hospitality industry rises, Hoteliers are constantly striving to reduce operational spend, along with their impact on the environment, whilst still providing guests with first class service and driving high occupancy rates.

Hop has Everything you Need to Run Your Hospitality Business More Efficiently Hop’s world-class hospitality software enables Hoteliers to streamline all of their systems into one user-friendly platform. Utilising Hop to manage your property will save you time and money by increasing your direct bookings, managing your teams more efficiently, increasing productivity and overall day-to-day operations.

pushing no and low alcohol drinks firmly into the mainstream.

CGA’s senior consumer research manager Charlie Mitchell said: “Our report shows there is huge potential for operators and suppliers to capitalise on the growing number of moderators. With even more people likely to cut back on booze after the Christmas excesses, producers, operators and suppliers are queuing up to jump on the opportunity with an ever-increasing range of no and low alcohol alternatives. With many consumers eager to trial them out of curiosity, along with the evident health drivers associated, the challenge will be to build loyalty and repeat trial in a market where it is increasingly hard to stand out.”

the heart of the Cornish economy then Expowest Cornwall is where you need to be! The Source Roadshow. The Source trade show is going on the road! On Thursday 18th June, for one day only, it will be hosted at Ashton Gate Stadium, bringing the best food and drink produce and brands the South West has to offer right into the heart of Bristol. Working with Taste of the West, the South West’s regional food group, and BARBIE, the Bristol Association of Restaurants, Bars and Independent Establishments, along with a broad mix of trade publications, and local business press, this event will showcase regional and artisan food & drink producers, alongside hospitality and catering supplies, food service, and service providers to hospitality and food retail. Hale Events are sure one of their shows will boost your business. Register for free trade entry now on the shows’ websites:,, or call 01934 733456. If you’re interested in a stand, please call 01934 733433 or email

Benefit from Hop’s Innovative Features: - Increase direct bookings with our responsive Booking Engine - Increase new and repeat bookings via our integrated CRM - Seamlessly distribute listings through 120+ OTAs - Manage events effectively from enquiry to feedback - Maximise revenue through real-time revenue reporting Contact us for more information or request a free demo to help decide if Hop is the right software for you. / 0345 301 0034 See the advert on page 11 for details.

A team of volunteers from across the hospitality industry has been out in force today to help Only A Pavement Away (OAPA) distribute ‘Winter Warmth’ kits to rough sleepers across London. With a huge Arctic blast predicted to send temperatures plummeting this weekend, the volunteers handed out blankets, sleeping bags, coats, gloves, socks, flasks and tea bags in special OAPA branded waterproof backpacks, to help the homeless survive the cold winter months. The group of volunteers from pub companies and restaurant groups gathered early this morning to help OAPA CEO and founder Greg Mangham pack the kits and hand them out to the homeless across the city. Greg Mangham said: “I am absolutely overwhelmed by people’s generosity. We set up various collection points across London to accept blankets, coats and other items of clothing and we were completely inundated with donations. We also had hordes of people from across the hospitality industry give up their morning to help pack the goodies into special waterproof kit bags and hand them out to the homeless. “Only A Pavement Away was founded to help get people off the streets and into work in the hospitality industry and, to date, we have managed to place one homeless person a week in work since we launched the charity. Our Winter Warmth campaign was designed to help raise awareness about OAPA, because with more financial donations and more hospitality companies signing up to employ those who are homeless, we can get more people into work. With bitterly cold temperatures predicted from this weekend, it couldn’t have been timelier, and we met many people who were incredibly grateful for the generous donations today.”


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

December 2019

How the Homeless and Ex-Offenders Are Serving Up Success For Hospitality As the UK hospitality sector grapples with its most severe labour shortage in years, new research has revealed that employing ex-offenders and those who have experienced homelessness could help to tackle the skills gap. In turn, this could also allow employers to meet increasing customer demands for socially conscious dining. The research, conducted by the UK’s largest hospitality jobs board, uncovered the most important factors for today’s diners. The social impact of a business (85%) was one of the top considerations, alongside outstanding hygiene ratings (94%) and being waste conscious (91%). With almost half (42%) of the population stating they would be more likely to visit a restaurant if they knew it employed ex-offenders or the homeless, engaging staff from vulnerable groups can deliver a significant return for hospitality bosses; helping with their talent pipeline and meeting customer requirements too. The rise of conscious consumerism comes at a crucial time for the hospitality industry. 79% of bosses say they are currently looking to recruit fresh talent, with a staggering 74% struggling to fill the roles they have available. Despite this, only a third are currently connecting with ex-offenders to fill vacancies. The research shows one of the main reasons for this is the lack the knowledge of how to access this talent. Crucially, two thirds (64%) of consumers believe hospitality businesses can play a role in helping ex-offenders and those who have experienced homelessness back into the community. To help the industry bridge the talent gap and better integrate these

groups into the hospitality workforce, has partnered with social entrepreneur Alex Head and industry charity Only A Pavement Away, who each provide gateways for vulnerable groups to find employment and receive support, training and guidance to rebuild their lives, confidence and self-worth. Neil Pattison, Director at, said: “As consumers become more ethically minded, the social impact of where they are spending their money is becoming increasingly important. “The hospitality industry offers exceptional training and career opportunities for people from all backgrounds. While only a third of employers are currently working with ex-offenders, an encouraging 79% of employers say they would be willing to provide on-the-job training for vulnerable people, demonstrating a strong appetite for hiring these groups. There’s a huge opportunity here for the industry to engage entry level talent, support communities and improve customer perceptions, whilst also having a positive impact on their bottom line.” Greg Mangham, Founder at Only A Pavement Away, said: “Hospitality is an exciting industry, and one which has always fostered camaraderie between colleagues through training and lifelong learning opportunities. This spirit has certainly aided the success of Only A Pavement Away in connecting with employers who want to help ex-offenders and vulnerable groups back into the workforce. This research proves the unique opportunity hospitality employers have to not only respond to consumer demands but plug talent gaps within their business in a socially responsible way.”

Andy Blake Awarded CESA Accolade For Commitment To The Food Industry In recognition of his longstanding dedication to the food service industry, Winterhalter’s former commercial director Andy Blake has collected the CESA Outstanding Contribution Award to the Industry Award at the CESA Conference 2019. After over thirty years in the business, Andy retired in May 2019, but CESA celebrated his career by ensuring that his lifetime’s work is properly acknowledged. Thanks to various subterfuges, Andy had no idea that he had won the award, and as a result was visibly shocked when it was announced. “I feel so privileged to be recognised by the industry. The award was totally unexpected – I never saw it coming,” he said. “I still don’t know what I have done to deserve it but, I’m not going to think too much but just enjoy it. It’s a great feeling!” Andy caught the food industry bug as a teen in 1973, studying a diploma in Catering & Hospitality at High Peak College in his native Derbyshire. He began as a chef, but then in 1987 geared himself towards the business side of the industry, becoming an area sales representative for Hobart. He eventually became Airline Catering Manager, where he secured the biggest warewash order for Hobart Worldwide, for a project at Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok Airport worth £3.75m.

Andy joined Winterhalter as Sales Director in 1998. During his 18 years in the role, he helped to develop a wide range of the brand’s divisions, from chemicals to machines, and was well known for his mantra of ‘sell a system, not just a machine’. It was this mentality which saw him become commercial director in 2011, leading to Winterhalter products become a staple across the estates of some of the nation’s best known establishments. He also worked with the FCSI and became a member of the CESA council in 2016. “Andy’s commitment to the food industry has been huge, and without his support and contribution we couldn’t do the work we do,” says John Whitehouse, chair of CESA. “Indeed, CESA identifies the universe of installed equipment in the market using the ‘Andy Blake approach’.” Winterhalter provides a total solution for dishwashing and glasswashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish washers and glass washers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, visit or email

Alex Head, Social Pantry, who employs ex-offenders said: “When I started Social Pantry, I made a commitment that I would try to maintain 10% of my team being ex-offenders, and I haven’t looked back. Coming out of prison and having a job is a key step in rehabilitating back into society, reduces the rate of reoffending and allows them to get back on their feet. Not only does this have a positive impact on your employees, but also the people who are choosing your business – many of my customers actively use to Social Pantry because of our social purpose. I would highly recommend all employers look at ways they can recruit these groups.” Iulian was living on the streets in London before he moved into Caritas Anchor House, which supports single homeless people, at the start of this year. His support worker put him in touch with Only A Pavement Away who encouraged and supported him to apply for a job at The Ivy Collection. Iulian comments: “Only A Pavement Away helped me prepare for the interview and I was accepted for a trial shift. It went really well and I was offered a role as a kitchen porter at The Ivy St John’s Wood. Four and a half months later I was promoted to commis chef. Cooking is something that I really love and I’m so happy to be there. When you go from being homeless to moving into your new home and being given a chance to forge a new career, it’s a feeling I can’t easily describe. I am so relieved and finally feel safe and stable. I am proud and know I have accomplished something amazing.” Only a Pavement Away and have created a toolkit which can be downloaded at where employers can find more information about working with vulnerable groups.

Deck Your Halls for Christmas rent festive season is still fresh in their minds. The products on display at the show will be the new for Christmas 2020 and once orders are placed, business owners can concentrate on the rest of the year in the knowledge that they are ready to hit the ground running next winter.”

in fact every outlet hoping to make an impact at Christmas (and for many other celebratory occasions throughout the year).

Appearance is everything – especially at Christmas – and venues hoping to attract the festive crowds in 2020 can ensure they have the ultimate feast for the eyes with the latest lights and decorations the industry has to offer by attending Harrogate Christmas & Gift from 12th to 15th January 2020. This trade show is the UK’s fastest growing for festive and gift sectors attended by retail buyers, garden centres, visitor and tourist attractions –

Exhibitors at Harrogate Christmas & Gift include major suppliers of Christmas decorations from Christmas trees, large ornamental and animated items for corporate displays, lights of every description and every single decoration imaginable. The event is perfect for pubs, restaurants and anyone seeking large scale decorations for Christmas, weddings and parties the whole year round.

The show takes place at the Harrogate Convention Centre and entry is free for all trade visitors. See advert page 13 or visit for more information and registration.

Simon Anslow, show organiser comments: “January – straight after Christmas – is the prime time for retailers, buyers, venue and event organisers to plan their requirements for the following year whilst the cur-

Marston’s Donate 400 Hampers Across the UK To Support Community Events

Marston’s has created and donated 400 hampers to support local community events held at pubs across the UK. 27 pubs that are going above and beyond during the festive season have been highlighted by Marston’s and are

set to receive a selection of Christmas hampers to help support donations to their local community. As part of Marston’s ‘Heroes of the Community’ initiative, where employees at Head Office work together to raise awareness and support for local charities, the hamper donation will support pubs holding community based events targeting those most vulnerable at Christmas. Jenny Nalborczyk, Marketing Manager at Marston’s who oversaw the hamper donation, said: “The work our

G&I Spirit Group

G&I Spirit Group are a group of mixologists and bar owners, all related with family ties. We felt that when we were serving customers, some of the base spirits we were using left a bit to be desired. We started to work over 3 years ago with our master distiller to produce a line to start with of 6 x SKU All super premium with the direction being on avoiding the “Burn Sensation” which I as a consumer have always found to be unpleasant and a block to purchasing more drinks, be in a mixer, straight or in a cocktail scenario. This in our view would and was having a negative effect on the sales revenue of venues serving this as a customer lead targeted area. So after a lot of “tooing and froing” we had a development of lines which were now ready to be produced to our own requirement and idiosyncrasies. All Super premium 1 x 88 Vodka Masters Award Winning 1 x 88 Gin Gold Medal 1 x Jillions Gin Not entering into a comp yet Mis Amigos Tequila:

pubs do at this time of year to celebrate the festive season, but also support those within the local community is honourable. We are so proud to be able to help and support these events by getting stuck in with our team members to pack each individual hamper. We were lucky enough to also receive support from some of our suppliers who donated a selection of drinks and food for us to include.” All hampers will be delivered by Head Office staff to the nominated pubs before their event takes place.

Chocolate Gold Medal Winning Chocolate and Lime Silver Medal Winning Coffee Silver Medal Winning Chocolate Cream Tequila and Strawberry Cream Tequila both @ 15% We are looking to educate the bars and venues we work with, so that tequila is moving away from the unpleasant experience that most people associate with tequila. Forget the Salt and Lime, drink a well-balanced tequila that has been distilled with passion and smoothness with authentic Mexican Flavours like Chocolate, Lime and Coffee to make a spirit drink/liqueur that can be drunk long and or over ice. We are looking for our tequilas to be respected as is a good cognac or Whisky. We are adding 3 new variants to our range in the early part of 2020 Café Latte Tequila Mocha Tequila Mocha Cream Tequila Are we concentrating on the tequilas as our go to brand? No, we are actively working on Cognac,Whisky and a bourbon collection and have plans to increase our current range to 43/45 Sku in the next 3-5 years! See the advert on the back cover or visit the website at

December 2019

CLH News


Do You Have A Customer Loyalty Scheme? If Not, Why Not? no secret that 2018 was a disastrous year for the midmarket casual dining sector. Almost all of them had one thing in common, heavy discounting. Established operators have struggled to maintain appeal among UK consumers, hence the heavy discounting, and 2020 for the sector may very well be more of the same. Pizza Express as a prime example, over £1 billion debt, and according to analysis from BrandVue Eating Out, the proportion of people who would consider visiting the chain has gradually decreased over the last three years from 56% in 2017 to 50% in 2019. Driving this trend are younger consumers aged 16-24 – consideration for the brand among this group has dropped 16% from 69% to 53% over the same period. We are now right in the middle of the hospitality and on-trades busiest period (thank goodness I hear you say) increased footfall, tills ringing, new faces and wonderful atmosphere! Many new Many restaurants and pubs thrive on regulars; with pubs its the after-workers, the sports fans and their friends, family get-togethers, who come in week after week, and the same can be said with restaurants, great places to celebrate a family get-together in familiar surroundings. However, during the festive period many new faces will be visiting you for the first time, office parties in particular, but also once a year family get-togethers and, when people have a little bit more free time they may simply try somewhere new. A great busy and profitable period, but a precursor to what has now become known as “Dry January” (see feature this issue). Whether these new faces come back New Year is largely down to you. You have anything in place to attract them? And when tills tend to stop ringing as much post Christmas now is the time to consider a marketing strategy to attract customers old and new. Loyalty schemes have long been recognised as an effective way to drive repeat business – they have proved to be very successful in other sectors such as supermarkets petrol stations and department stores but haven’t caught on as much as they should in the hospitality and on trade. It is worth emphasising the difference between discounting and loyalty cards. It’s

Austerity, and Brexit will no doubt be contributing factors however some analysts have said that Pizza Express has been far too generous with its discounts and deals. “The cheesy aficionados of Pizza Express have clearly been giving away too many 2-for-1, 3-courses-for-£12 discount codes,” said one industry observer. So, it is important to make the distinction between discounting and loyalty schemes.

PEOPLE LOVE LOYALTY SCHEMES! A YouGov survey in 2018 revealed that consumers really do enjoy being part of a loyalty scheme, with 77% of the population being members of some loyalty program and 72% believe they are a good way to reward customers. However, the hospitality sector is lagging behind with only 25% uptake compared to supermarkets having a 65% uptake, indicating either a disconnect between hospitality customers and an inclination to join loyalty schemes or, the hospitality sector not doing enough to promote them. In these increasingly competitive and challenging times securing repeat business is vital, find new customers isn’t easy particularly with the competition of cheap supermarket “booze” and the growth of home delivery, however demonstrating loyalty to your customers by giving that little bit extra will be reciprocated. People simply like to be appreciated and valued, and what better way than by giving an incentive. Building a loyalty program will give you a

Going the “Extra Mile” While it’s important to have a loyalty rewards program in place, your customers also want to feel like their business is valuable to you, feel that they matter to you, and that goes beyond points and discounts, and can be shown in different ways:

competitive edge in the marketplace, it will also add value for your customers, and more importantly reinforce their relationship with your business. Loyalty programs come in various shapes, with a common purpose being to generate extra revenue from your existing customers, and also entice new customers to return. No two businesses are the same and many have different needs, says Ramesh Patel at 3R Telecom, “We believe the key to our success is the result of providing a loyalty service that is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the retailer. To begin with, we want to know your needs and what you require; as your business is unique compared to others. Our EPOS solutions bring your business the edge you need in industry. Suitable for any type of business in the retail or hospitality sector, ranging from single site to multi-site businesses. Our software provides: speed of service, better staff productivity, cost control, stock control, visibility and reduced shrinkage, and of course the all-important integrated loyalty scheme. Alongside comprehensive reporting, an increase in profits can be realised almost immediately. We like to stay in continuous contact to help you along the way to a successful outcome to ensure all your needs have been fulfilled.” • Will your loyalty scheme deliver real tangible benefits? • Is it sustainable? • Will it encourage and drive repeat sale and loyal behaviour? • Can it collect data (taking into account 2018 GDPR regulation)? • Will it enhance your profile? • Does it use technology? • Is it easy to join? • Is it simple and user friendly?

• Take advantage of social media, a wonderful marketing tool, share photographs, and comments they’ve tagged you in and replying to every comment and message, the “personal touch”! • Be transparent and up-front with your guests when things go wrong. Don’t make excuses, attempt to sweep major issues under the rug as if they didn’t happen— acknowledge the issue and communicate your plan to avoid future mistakes, its not the issue which is the problem, its how you dealt with it! • Get to know your regulars. Nothing makes guests feel more welcomed than when a staff warmly greet and know their name or—even better—their favourite drink or dish. • Celebrate your guests, even if they are not part of your loyalty program, make the most of any available data by surprising them with a birthday or anniversary treat. • Turn your Christmas guests into returning regulars with a loyalty program, and at the same time reward your regulars. Most pubs and restaurants have the opportunity accumulate a substantial database of customer details, including birthdays, eating preferences, email addresses and phone numbers. As long as customers have opted in for marketing purposes, there’s no reason why operators and shouldn’t be putting this data to work. Marketing components of a good CRM systems are designed to automate this process and make it easier to connect with the customer and encourage repeat visits.

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Bar Snacks are Essential, So Raise the Bar! upcoming.

While Crisps and nuts have long been favoured fodder in pubs and bars, but times are changing with some customers now looking for something a little more special to munch on, with free houses, gastro pubs and trendy bars are looking for snacks that are in keeping with the great range of drinks they have on offer. Many pubs have introduced bar snack boards offering tasty handmade finger foods such as Scotch Eggs or Sausage Rolls says Steve Bush Brand manager at snack producer Fairfields farm “However, customers still love packeted grab snacks, but choose them carefully. Pick a range that includes more unusual flavours, consider healthier options, vegan and gluten free ranges, and if there's a local snack company offering something great then give it a go. After all, what's the point of offering a fantastic selection of craft ales when your snacks are run of the mill?”

Not so traditional

“Everyone I know is looking for solace, hope and a tasty snack.” Maira Kalman

When it comes to satisfying customers in pubs and bars, competition is fierce and continues to grow. Therefore, it is crucial for operators to always be on the lookout for ways to update their products and services accordingly, and meet customers’ growing and changing demands. Snacks provide a lucrative opportunity to increase sales and profit. According to research from NPD group out-of-home snacking this past year has risen by 11% with pubs seeing the strongest growth with spend on snacks increasing by 28%. So, what defines a snack? Not a difficult one, a snack is “a treat between meals”, something to curb your hunger, or even replace a meal if necessary. However, you see it, for most people snacking is a daily habit. And in many cases, one that is indulged several times a day, driving a huge demand for products to satisfy this insatiable consumer need, and what better place for a snack than a pub or bar?!

considerably from the standard 3 meals a day routine. Today’s consumer has an on-the-go lifestyle and seeks out pubs and bars that fit in with that lifestyle. As consumers choose to eat between meals and want smaller portions of food, pubs and bars that provide this will stand out from the competition. Alcohol, of course, has a way of arousing our hunger pangs and also stimulating flavours on the palate and making those delicate little snacks taste that little bit better. Whether you are drinking a mainstream or premium beer, a crisp chilled wine or a gin and tonic, snacks and alcohol complement each other exceptionally well. However, snacks are not without their competition. Consumers are opting for more innovative snack options and, surprisingly, modern technology has thrown its hat into the ring. Snacking now faces competition for consumers attention with smart phones to alleviate boredom, fatigue or plain old self-indulgence. Insight from KP Snacks shows that the bagged snacks market is worth £2.9 billion and is growing at +4.5% in value outperforming other impulse categories including confectionary, soft drinks and biscuits, clearly demonstrating that operators have the opportunity to capitalise on demand and boost profits.

For decades, bar patrons have grown accustomed to snacking on traditional favourites such as salty nuts, crisps or pork scratching’s, as snack when they order drinks at the bar, however, in recent years compassions between some pubs and restaurants has become a “distinction without a difference”, with many operators of traditionally drinks-focused venues turning their hand to food. And so, it begs the question is there still a place for bar snacks? You will be pleased to hear the answer is a resounding YES! A Snacking Occasion Consumer Report by Technomic a few years back revealed that nearly half of consumers eat snacks between meals and as meal replacements. Customer dining habits have changed in

Popular though traditional snacks are, all-day snacking is also providing an opportunity to sample a wider selection that meets the demands of the innovative and sophisticated palates. Gone are the days of selling crisps and nuts as a snacking option says Robin Norton, Category Controller– McCain Foodservice Solutions “punters after a light bite seek something more substantial and upmarket. Consumers are now moving towards an ‘anytime, anywhere’ eating pattern; snacking is no longer just a between meals occasion – it’s now a meal in itself. According to Technomic’s 2018 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report, 39% admitted that their definition of ‘snacks’ has changed over the past two years and now includes a wider variety of food and beverages, with this number rising to 57% for consumers aged 18-34.”

Quick, tasty and convenient bar snacks are an easy temptation, a great way to increase profits, feeling hungry customers encouraging more drink sales, and often a talking point. It can be extremely tricky to decide what products are best to offer, with lots of options available, and you won’t go far wrong by stocking the traditional favourites to satisfy customers, but at the same time, offer something slightly different and

Research shows that 32% of consumers have purchased on impulse, whilst 28% purchased on impulse as the product was on promotion. With this in mind, operators need to clearly highlight their bagged snacks offering. By having snacks in a tidy display, with offers clearly highlighted, they are more likely to drive sales, especially when customers are enjoying a drink at the bar and get peckish!

Getting attention

Display is definitely important adds Steve Bush Brand Manager at Fairfields farm, “and pubs should consider their fixtures and make sure they are as attractive as possible to promote purchases, we're finding that many pubs and bars are aiming for more of a rustic feel and instead of displaying snacks on old-fashioned clip strips, they are now using rustic baskets or trays to show what's on offer. These often sit on the bar top, or at eye level behind it so customers can see exactly what's available at a glance. Large kilner jars are also a popular mechanism for displaying olives, nuts and healthy nibbles.” “What we're finding is that on-trade customers don't want to find the same snacks in their local as they do in the supermarket, so make sure you're offering a good range of choices that are a bit different and ultimately taste great! Many people head to the pub for an experience and a treat, so make sure your snack offering is as exciting as the pints you're pouring.” As people’s lifestyles continue to get busier, many consumers now have less time to dedicate to eating sit-down meals, and are looking for more convenient ways to fill up says Jon Wood, commercial director of Calbee UK. “As a result, consumption of food on the go is on the rise. Research shows that meals have become more snack-like, with a market response to introduce more authentic food values into snacks.”

“This behavioural change is a positive one for operators as introducing premium bar food not only creates a more memorable experience for customers but can also lead to increased incremental spend from those who originally chose the bar solely as a place to drink. In addition, industry research has revealed that customers using the bar menu are more likely to stay and drink for longer, with the average person spending 17% more than those who don’t.” Operators looking to stand out from its competition should ensure a selection of hot, premium bar food is on offer to help to capitalise on these consumer trends. Perfect for grazing, we recently launched Brew City – a new brand of hot bar snacks– to drive incremental income for operators.

Healthier Snacks

One of the key changes in recent years is that involving generation Z who are drinking less eating healthier and more enticed, according to reports, to “light bites”, providing a great opportunity for pubs to attract younger clientele who are otherwise bypassing the on trade The health trend currently sweeping the nation is no different within bars and pubs, as research shared by Kellogg’s, from Kantar, highlights that functional and nutritional snacks have grown by 19% in sales, whilst the demand for chocolate bars has decreased, with sales falling by 6% in the past year. Further insight shows that women’s perception of weight loss has shifted from ‘calorie controlled’ to ‘natural and good for me’, meaning that operators are able to take advantage of nutritional snacks by offering products that contain natural ingredients, such as nuts, seeds and grains, and the healthy marketing which comes with them. What’s more, it is becoming increasingly important for operators to consider dietary requirements when expanding their bagged snacks offering, with research showing that 15% of the UK is now gluten free. When it comes to driving purchase, activation is key.

Photography: Oliver Suckling and Ant Jones at CliQQ Photography. Retouching: CliQQ Lab

“Operators can take simple steps in order to cash in on ‘on the go consumption’, such as positioning crisps near the till to entice consumers to pick up a packet. No offering is complete without the legendary pork crackling says Rob Parkin of SCT-SCT, “we have just come back from a very busy International drinks exhibition at Excel in London. We are delighted to say that pork crackling is as popular as ever, the unique flavour and texture is something that cannot be matched. “All good landlords know how to please the customers and will have a good selection of ready snacks for every drink and every occasion. And simple ready to eat snacks work well! “Bar snacks are quick, convenient and increase profits, keeping the customers content and encourage more drink sales. We are now seeing something of a renaissance for traditional snacks in the on trade sector with pork scratchings in particular which abroad back into fashion”!

Bar Snacks are Essential, So Raise the Bar! December 2019

Sun Valley Joins the Party with Well-Crafted Crisps Launch

With UK snacking worth a massive £18bn, Sun Valley is launching a new premium range of crisps allowing operators to benefit from a onestop-shop approach and take a bite of a market in the ascendancy. Previously famous for its range of premium nuts, the company’s ‘Well-Crafted Crisps’ are the newest addition to its innovative and evergrowing portfolio. Taking one of the UK’s best loved snacks to new and flavoursome heights, the ‘WellCrafted Crisps’ range is hand-cooked in Britain, made from locally sourced potatoes and comes in a variety of five flavours


Inspired by Japan, Yushoi combines new flavours and textures with naturally healthy ingredients. The brand has experienced continuous growth for the past three years, up 20% YOY and worth £6.7m. With consumers becoming more health-conscious, it’s important to stock a range of options. Yushoi’s baked pea snaps caters to this perfectly with naturally healthy ingredi-

with surprising and contemporary twists including; Sea Salt, Cheddar & Caramelised Onion Chutney, Sea Salt & Chardonnay Vinegar, Sweet Chilli & Lime and Smoked Paprika. Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians, the crisps are supplied in 40g single serve bags. Sun Valley is an independently owned, family run supplier of quality crisps, processed nuts, raw nuts and dried fruit mixes to some of the UK’s largest retailers and foodservice operators. To learn more, call 0151 482 7100 or visit:

ents and added nutritional value. The trend towards healthier snacking options is on the rise with the Better For You category now worth £348m and growing at 8% YOY. Yushoi’s baked pea snaps, placed within the wider Calbee UK portfolio, undoubtedly meets this growing consumer need. The range of baked pea snacks are available in a variety of flavours including Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet Chilli with Lemon, Lightly Sea Salted

and Sour Cream & Chive. Yushoi unveiled exciting new packaging in July to ensure further brand growth and development following a strong couple of years. The distinctive packaging is eye-catching and colourful with a premium look and feel. “Its modern new look, rolled out on Yushoi’s oven-baked pea snaps, is bold and impactful whilst communicating key product benefits and delicious flavours.”


Sometimes we have too many choices. You know that feeling when you walk into a coffee shop... One shot sir/madam? Froth? Hot milk or cold (hot obviously)? Sprinkles? I just want a coffee!! So to help you make an instant decision on what samples to have, with our compliments (well it is Christmas!) of the Jack Links meat snack range all you need to do is decide... Biltong or Original. That's it - click the button below and we will get a few sample packs to you, ideally just before Santa uses the delivery network! And the Jack Links range is the perfect partner for your bar - a range of premium meat snacks - full to the brim with protein and hugely profitable for you to stock. So that is for FREE

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BILTONG or ORIGINAL SAMPLES and if you have tried Jack Links already then place your order for three boxes and not only will it be sent free of P&P and you will also receive 120 beer mats free of charge. Jack Links Beef Jerky - At the very heart of all our products, just like any great meal, is the very best ingredients and our Jack Links Original Beef Jerky uses only the finest lean beef. It is packed with protein, in fact, 10.5g in a 25g pack! And with only 65 calories your customers will have enough room to fill up on your beers and drinks, not our Jerky! Jack Links Biltong - Our Biltong is finely sliced little morsels of lean beef with a hint of spice in each and every bite, just enough to give your taste buds a warm glow. Retailing at £1.50 - there is no doubt stocking our Biltong and Beef jerky range is the ideal accompaniment to your snack selection. Visit the website to order your FREE samples.



Mr Porky and Midland Snacks Great Taste Award Winners 2019 Tayto Group are delighted to announce that they have been awarded a 2-star Great Taste Award for both Midland Snacks Traditional Scratchings and Mr Porky Handcooked Scratchings and a 1-star award for Mr Porky Crispy Strips. Great Taste - the world’s most coveted food and drink award, is recognised as a stamp of excellence among consumers and retailers alike and celebrates taste above all else. Judges raved about Midlands Snacks Traditional Scratchings: “We found this deliciously moreish and we all agreed they are the best pork scratchings we have had. Really a wow!” They were equally complimentary about Mr Porky Crispy Strips: “Light and crunchy, clean on the palate. Easy to eat indeed. Attractive well-made snack with good crunch and clear flavour.” As well as delicious pork scratchings, Tayto have Snacking Sorted with their extensive range of snacks including REAL Handcooked crisps (a Foodservice-exclusive brand) plus the iconic and much loved Golden Wonder crisps and snacks ranges. Visit for further information.










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Products and Services

Have a Cracking Christmas with Peeks! Excellent Coffee Indulgence, It’s been a big year for all the Peeks elves, but they’ve done it again – come see for yourselves. Online, in catalogues or at our vast party store, Christmas is here so it’s time to explore. We’ve got balloons, fairy lights, costumes and crackers and boxes and boxes filled by our packers. There are bells and smells and tinsel and stars, baubles and bunting all shipped from afar. We are brimming with goodies just like Santa’s sleigh, for all that you need just head our way. We’ve Rudolph the reindeer with a nose shining bright, and rustic-style lanterns with a

Silkie Irish Whiskey Inspired by the tales of the mythical Silkie seals of the Donegal coast, The Legendary Silkie Irish Whiskey a balanced blend of double and triple distilled single malts, soft grain whiskey and a hint of peated malt. It is bottled by hand at 46% ABV and is non chill-filtered for a distinctively rich character. Although higher in ABV, The Legendary Silkie is exceptionally smooth with crisp green apple to the fore, ripe red fruits, gentle smoke and an oaky sweetness which gives way to a long lingering finish of gently warming spice. Sliabh Liag Distillers have

lovely warm light. Unwrap a party pack and see what you find – all that you need for a fab festive time. We’ve garlands and decs and there’s nothing we lack – joy is the sound when a cracker goes crack! The day will be here in a matter of weeks so get your skates and get down to Peeks. Find us at or at our huge Reid Street party store in Christchurch, or why not call us on 01202 489489 and ask about our mail order catalogues. See advert page 7 for details. just begun work on a new €6.5m whiskey distillery, where they will produce rich smoky peated whiskeys, reminiscent of the whiskeys distilled in Donegal in the past. While they embark on this ambitious project, the finest Irish whiskeys are selected and blended to their unique Silkie recipe, which is hand bottled on site in Donegal. The Legendary Silkie Irish is the perfect sipping whiskey, enjoy as it is, over ice or in your favourite whiskey cocktail. The signature serve for The Legendary Silkie is the Silkie Rua, Silkie mixed with premium ginger ale over ice and garnished with orange peel. @silkiewhiskey See the advert on page 7 for details.

The Latest in Electric Boiler Innovation – the Fusion Comet 3Phase Electric Boiler Available in 12kW, 14.4kW, 23kW and 39kW The Fusion Comet Electric System Boiler is an intelligent solution and alternative for a wet central heating system in light commercial properties, hotels, guest houses and large properties with 3-phase electricity. Silent in operation with no requirement for any sort of flue, the Fusion Comet Electric Boiler can also be installed with an underfloor heating system. The Fusion Comet 3 Phase Electric Boiler is very easy to install with minimal upheaval. With emphasis on safety, we have installed multiple fail-safes in the unit. With proven reliability of our products, we offer 2 year warranty with the option of extended war-

ranty which will extend the cover to up to 5 years from the date of purchase. This boiler is not only powerful, it’s versatile. The Fusion Comet boiler can be supplied alone or with a choice of Heat Packs and Unvented Cylinders. For larger output requirements, this Electric Boiler can be combined on a low loss header to increase the overall output which gives endless install solutions. For further information or a free brochure contact 01698 820533 or visit See advert page 5.

Effortless In Any Environment

Representing a remarkable feat of engineering and design, the elegant profile of the WMF 5000 S+ accommodates a surprising array of high-performance features, customisable options and customer-focused innovations. The WMF 5000 S+ blends elegant looks with user-friendly operation, high-quality components with futureproof digital connectivity, and impres-

sive performance with extensive configuration and customisation options. In short, it combines excellent coffee indulgence with effortless operation in any environment. Most importantly, it’s built for total reliability over the long term. So both you and your customers can keep on enjoying the fruits of WMF innovation for years to come. For further information, visit

Best Eco-Friendly Frying Solution For Your Deep Fryer OiL Chef™ is a global game changer. Having swept up all the significant industry awards this year, the OiL Chef device is certainly a popular breath of fresh air being injected into the world of deep frying. The OiL Chef device is a small accessory that can be fitted to any deep fryer and doubles the life of your existing fryer oil. This has a massive impact reducing fryer running costs. This ecofriendly technology picked up the best kitchen innovation award at the restaurant & takeaway show at the Excel, London in November and won the “Best eco-friendly frying solution Worldwide”. Healthier deep fried food? The device helps reduce the

Keeping Clients Clean and Fresh With up to 85% of customers considering cleanliness as important as the quality of food served a great way of enhancing customer experience is with the use of refreshing and hygienic wipes, says Luke Woodward of Refreshening. Refreshening, a leading supplier here in the UK of the highest quality of individually wrapped cleansing wipes providing an effective and hygienic way for your clients to cleanse & refresh, whether it’s on the move or to freshen up before, during or after they eat. “Our individually wrapped cleansing wipes are becoming increasingly more popular because they are convenient, time saving and very cost effective. These are used as an alternative to dry paper napkins which are not always suitable and sometimes don`t clean thoroughly.”

Grey Simmonds Food Service Equipment C.C.R Systems Ltd As a leading design house specialising in the design, production and installation of commercial bars and kitchens, Grey Simmonds Food Service Equipment have worked with a variety of clients ranging from small cafe restaurants to large pub and hotel chains. The company’s CAD manager Oliver Hardwicke says ‘Every single project we undertake is unique. Whether it be a small cocktail bar or a large scale restaurant kitchen refurb our job is to create bespoke, functional and cost effective catering spaces.’ ‘Our company credo is ‘Consult, Design, Install’. We see each proj-

ect through from start to finish including site survey, preliminary sketches, CAD drawings, Design and budget approval, equipment sourcing and final installation. This means our clients have one point of contact for the entirety of the job making each stage as seamless as possible.’

“Hygiene and cleanliness are an

Whilst Grey Simmonds Food Service Equipment are experts at commercial warewashing solutions, they also supply the leading brands of commercial catering equipment, from cookers to refrigeration and everything in between at a competitive price. They can source bespoke and specialist equipment to ensure you find the perfect product for your kitchen or bar. The company has a vast portfolio of successful installations from the smallest glasswash station to full commercial kitchens. You can see examples of their case studies at See the advert on page 4.

EPoS and Merchant Solutions from 3R Telecom 3R offers a wide range of hardware: robust, durable EPoS tills from both countertop to self-service kiosks; accompanied by kitchen screens for chefs; along with tablets for waiters; combined with either integrated countertop payment terminals or wireless payment solutions; and much more! Coupled with our signature CES Touch EPoS software, which can come accompanied by a non-dependant cloudbased solution, this is the cutting edge in EPoS experience. Touch boasts a wide variety of features such as: a comprehen-

sive table planner for any size establishment; an entirely revised split bill system; extensive stock control; and intensive operator management and tracking. 3R’s reporting facilities safely stores information regarding your business and can be uniquely tai-

lored to suit your requirements. 3R hold the advantages of providing customers with speed of service, better staff productivity, cost control, stock control, and visibility with operator tracking/ control, and reduced shrinkage. With mix and match offers, quick meal deals or special offers can be created on the fly. In conjunction with our extensive reporting suite, an increase in profits can be realised almost immediately. See the advert on page 19, call on 01992 574 650 or visit

cooking times of your food, makes food crispier and maintains crispy texture for longer which is great for food deliveries. The food absorbs less oil, which is healthier and you taste more of the food your buying and less of the oil its fried in. Sounds like a win-win-win. A win for the environment, a win for the business owner and a win for the consumer. Virtually zero maintenance, no replaceable parts and a 3-year warranty and a money back guarantee, this device is a must have for all deep fryer owners. OiL Chef can be contacted via their website: email: See the advert on page 10.

CCR Systems have been supplying, installing and maintaining Retail and Hospitality EPOS systems for over 34 years. We are an ISO-9001 registered company with a diamond award for customer satisfaction. Our Powersuite software package that includes Total Control Premier/Stock, Instant Loyalty and Drilldown is the ideal package for all types of Hospitality & Retail outlets.

ever-growing concern within all food service industries from fine dining to street food. People tend to wash their hands before, during and after meals depending on what food is served and this facility may not always be available or convenient to them.” “We can offer a variety of different size cleansing wipes and also personalise the outer wrapping for a fantastic marketing tool to promote your brand. Choose from our stock ranges or personalise the outer wrapper for a more personal touch to promote your brand.” Refreshening is leading the way again by introducing a new unique cleansing wipe material that is actually 100% biodegradable, alcohol free and 100% flushable. Visit or see the advert on page 9 Our hardware is a choice of top of the range touch screen terminals from selected quality manufacturers. The ORDERMAN Restaurant table ordering system is without doubt the best of it's kind, utilising the latest Oderman 7 hand held terminal and Kitchen Monitors or printers. Have a look at our web site on '' and view the ORDERMAN video. We also cater for the client that needs a low cost system that easily compares with the box shifters. Please contact 0151-644 8296 for a quotation for your establishment, or email to: See the advert on page 15 for details.

Flexible Training That Suits You And Your Business Do you want to motivate your workforce, improve the experience of your customers and ensure your business reputation is first class? Successful food businesses are often the ones that invest in developing their people with regular learning and training. Seafish, the public body supporting the £10bn UK seafood industry, offer a variety of flexible food safety and health & safety training programmes to suit the needs of people working in a busy seafood business. Our Elementary level programmes can be studied using our open learning self-study workbook. The food hygiene pack is available in Lithuanian, Polish and Portuguese as well as English. Once a candidate has completed their study programme they can take the short invigilated exam that leads to a nationally recognised and regulated qualification. The exam is a 30 question multiple choice test and our UK wide community of invigilators can usually organise an exam onsite at your business at a convenient time. All candidates get access to a free online version of our open learning modules and an online testing portal to help them get ready for their exam, or to generate a company training record.

Candidates can also study our Introductory level food hygiene in the seafood industry programme, a short three to four hour taught course, delivered at a venue that is suitable to your business. This is ideal for a group of up to 15 trainees and can be taught in eight languages including English, Welsh and Polish. Trainees complete a 20 question multiple choice exam at the end of the course to achieve a nationally recognised and regulated qualification. If you are the owner, manager or supervisor, you may wish to consider our Intermediate food safety qualification. This online eLearning programme allows the student to study at work or at home which means you can learn at a time, place and pace that suits you. A tutor is also allocated to provide telephone support. No travelling to college is involved and when you are ready, we’ll organise the exam at a place and time that is appropriate to you. Learners who pass any of the exams for the programmes outlined above receive a nationally recognised and regulated qualification from Seafish and the Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland. To book a course, email or telephone 01472 252300 or the advert on page 15.

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“Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is.” and drink in pubs, bars and restaurants rather than stay indoors or stick to ‘the usual.’ An initiative to beat those January blues!

Often described as the bane of the on trade “Dry January” is on the horizon! After a busy Christmas and New Year period of packed bars, full tables and ringing tills, Dry January, which started as a bit of a PR stunt by the charity Alcohol Concern six years ago, has now become something a national bloodsport. When it first started in 2013 5000 people took part January this year an estimated 4.2 million took part, an increase of 23,000%!

It all began in 2014, following a meeting with cocktail chain Be At One, who had launched a marketing initiative called “Try January” to encourage people to order its new cocktails through the bar’s app, after which an idea developed to encourage people to try new things in pubs across the entire trade, helping boost pubs during the quiet spell, and also helping lift people’s mood at the start of the year by getting experimental with food and drink.

So, it will come as no surprise to any licensee that January is often a tough month! According to a survey a couple of years back 44% of Brits are now drinking less when going out than this time last year. Furthermore, according to CGA Strategy, January is the worst performing month in terms of on-trade sales, with two thirds of licensees reporting their sales suffered as a result of Dry January. However way we view it, be that a challenge to be overcome or an opportunity to grasp it is here to stay encouraging a “month of sobriety” to recognise the health and wellbeing benefits of curtailing drinking habits, and it merges with a month of prudence as people look to offset Christmas spending. What’s good for livers isn’t necessarily good for business, and the decline in trade can hit businesses hard. Molson Coors, said in a report that January has become a difficult period for operators as a result of healthy lifestyle choices and the increased popularity of Dry January, and insight from AB InBev revealed that 21,000 drink-led venues have closed in the last 10 years, confirming the changing landscape in the out-ofhome drinking market. Earlier this year Ash Corbett-Collins, national director of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) said because of dry January: "Many breweries have chosen to brew less and many small, independent pubs that already have slim profit margins are bearing the brunt. Such a sudden cash-flow problem can spell life or death for these small local businesses." Speaking after this year’s dry January Sarah John, owner of Swansea's Boss Brewery and a number of local pubs, said: "It has had a big effect on small businesses. I know a couple of breweries that closed down at the end of December (2018) because they were finding it tough. “Some of my pubs are really struggling as well. I would never advocate people drinking all the time but it obviously affects businesses. It's the only industry where people are campaigning to stop sales." It doesn’t always end on January 31 either, according to a server by the University of Sussex, the benefits of a dry January lasted long beyond January, with participants saying they were still drinking less in August. Over the past five years, the level of abstinence has grown to over 5.5 million adults in the UK said Jerry Shedden category and trade marketing director of Heineken UK he says; “one of the findings reported within Heineken’s the green paper is the live better trend, which incorporates low and no alcohol alterna-

tives. Predicted to add £58 million to the channel by 2021, more and more people are trying to lead healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, whether by watching what they eat, or moderating their alcohol intake. It’s clear the market is in demand, with 50% of people now moderating the alcoholic intake and 15% claiming they would visit pubs more often if they were better nonalcoholic drinks available”

Not all “Doom and Gloom” That’s true! According to Kantar Worldpanel, 86% of the adult population had never participated in Dry January (and this is consistent across the last 3 years). Moreover, 64% of people who hadn’t yet participated said they never would.

With people look to a healthier lifestyle, operators need to embrace this growing trend to make sure that when guests do venture out, they can offer them a variety of options to ensure they visit you rather than the pub down the road. Of course, there are no rules that suggest you have to drink alcohol when you go to the pub and while it’s understandable that people who are not drinking might choose to avoid anywhere that serves alcohol, there’s nothing stopping operators enticing non-drinkers in with a good selection of alcohol-free beer and other non-alcoholic drinks – not just in January but all year round.

While we might not be fully on board with a boozefree January, there is no doubt we are consuming less alcohol, Kantar Health data indicates that we are drinking alcohol less often in the UK, and also in Europe generally, the percentage of adults in the EU5 (UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy) drinking alcohol daily has dropped since 2007. Those saying they don’t drink at all has stayed quite steady since 2010, at around 23%.

Nine out of ten people who set out on Dry January have already fallen off the wagon half way through the month. So who is doing Dry January? What did Kantar Worldpanel’s data say about Dry January participants specifically? Well, when they do drink, they are more likely to drink in the On Trade (Hurarah)– 38% of their drinking occasions happen in licensed premises, compared with 32% for the average drinker. This suggests they like to save their alcohol consumption for special occasions, out and about, rather than having a quiet drink at home. Indeed, they consider ‘to wind down or chill out’ a less important reason for drinking (19% of occasions are for that reason) than the average drinker (28% of occasions). On average, those who do Dry January consume more drinks per occasion – 3.9 drinks, compared with 3.1 for those who have never participated in Dry January. They are more partial to cider (11.5% compared to 9.7% of serves) and ready-mixed drinks (5.8% vs 2.4%) than people who haven’t participated – sweeter drinks which are popular with younger consumers. In fact, 40% of Dry January participants are aged between 18 and 34 (that’s 2.9m drinkers) compared with 26% of total drinkers. 47% of people who have participated in Dry January told Kantar Worldpanel that they are happy to consider low/no alcohol products!

Make Dry January a “Try January” “Try January”? Yes, Try January, an initiative to spark positivity at the start of the year and encourage people to come out, try new food

“When it comes to producing quality mocktails that both look and taste amazing, ice plays a pivotal role. As well as being used to chill the beverage or the glass itself, ice can be used within the mocktail mix itself, being shaken, stirred or crushed in order to create various mocktail textures. Thanks to innovation in ice making technology, operators now have the choice of an array of ice varieties by the touch of the button meaning bartenders can easily offer a wider assortment of authentic mocktails with varying textures. “ So, forget the doom and gloom that traditionally comes with the onset of Dry January, embrace the opportunity that comes with the new market of moderate or non-alcohol drinkers - after all people still crave the social interaction that only comes with a visit to the pub. With this changing environment in mind, Kelley Walker, Purchasing Manager at Beacon, considers the drinks market and shares her advice on how operators can uphold sales in a traditionally difficult month.

Furthermore, a study published in the journal Adaptive Human Behaviour and Psychology a couple of years back, found that people who drank regularly at their local pub were happier, more satisfied with their lives, and had more friends. “The study showed that frequenting a local pub can directly affect peoples’ social network size and how engaged they are with their local community, which in turn can affect how satisfied they feel in life,” said Professor Robin Dunbar of the University of Oxford’s Experimental Psychology department, which conducted the study.

can enjoy.”

The growth of low and no alcohol options looks set to increase steadily said Collette Cumbes, Celtic Marches Beverages, “Figures from Dry January participation show a clear trend that the UK population drinking habits are changing. With around 4000 participants in 2013, to figures in the millions over the last couple of years.” “Our consumer habits have changed swiftly over the last decade. Younger generations are more educated in nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. The percentage of 1624 year old non drinkers has increased, binge drinking figures have fallen and those choosing to live an alcohol-free life have risen.” “Consumers are seeking high quality alternative drink options. Support for local produce is rising and local economies are boosted as we are more willing to pay a higher price for a premium product, often in smaller volumes and lower ABVs. We are more knowledgeable on the creation of the product from the initial ingredients, the processing, right down to the brand’s ethos. We look beyond the impulse purchase and appreciate the provenance of produce.” “Bigger brands have already tapped into the craft market, many buying up smaller producers to front a craft campaign. They are no longer resting on their laurels of their commercial presence. Consumers are demanding more natural products, less processed drinks and better qualities, often achieved by smaller batch production. With the low and no alcohol growth set to continue steadily, there will be a corresponding increase in offerings from big alcohol brands to try and fill the market." Set yourself apart from the competition by promoting yourself as Dry January friendly with artisan mocktails, a range of non-alcohol beers and lagers and innovative warm winter drinks – this may even entice permanent custom from millennials. Combine this with special events to encourage people to come into the pub for more than just a drink and you could see January become much more promising. “With dry January in full swing for many consumers, it’s more important than ever for operator’s to offer impressive and intriguing soft drink selections in addition to classic colas and juice in order to increase sales”, says Roz Scourfield, National Sales Manager, Hoshizaki UK “Mocktails, for example, welcome an impressive array of colours, tastes and textures onto the menu, thus making for a perfect alcohol-free alternative that both dry January partakers, teetotal’s and designates drives

• MOCKTAILS - According to data from CGA Strategy, it was found that in January 2016 the share of all drinks sales taken by soft drinks was slightly higher than during the rest of the year. There is evidence more are opting for soft drinks at this time, and pubs and bars can capitalise if they make their non-alcoholic drinks offering more appealing. One way to do this is through mocktails. An operator is able to give its customers many new exciting choices using ingredients that they already stock, such as syrups, juices and mixers. Customers expect a certain quality and experience from alcoholic cocktails, and this is the same for non-alcoholic alternatives. Operators should focus on high quality, innovative glassware, as well as simple, fresh garnishes and great quality ingredients. • HEALTH CONSCIOUS OPTIONS - Our research discovered that health reasons was one of the top influences for Brits not drinking alcohol out of home, so by offering healthy drink alternatives, operators can capitalise on this changing consumer behaviour. “I would also advise that operators consider healthy menu choices to complement their healthy drinks options by adapting menus to offer salads, grilled chicken and low-carb, low-fat options, which will be particularly popular during the Dry January period when consumers resolve to commit to healthier lifestyles. • TRY JANUARY - As an alternative to expanding your non-alcoholic offering, instead of focusing on Dry January, one of our suppliers Matthew Clark is supporting Try January. This involves flipping the concept on its head and encouraging consumers to try something different in January, rather than not drinking at all. “What products are selected for this is entirely up to the operator, but it can be effective in a range of ways. Operators can encourage the use of more premium and unusual soft drink mixers, allowing them to up-sell products. Another option is offering a wine of the month, perhaps a product with a lesser-known grape variety. Staff can be utilised to promote these products, encouraging consumers to try something new, rather than avoid drinking completely. “Overall, Dry January doesn’t have to mean a dry month for operators, as long as they prepare and consider alternatives. It can provide the opportunity for operators to trial different products and seek to maximise sales through different avenues and tactics.”

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Catering for Productivity: How to Make Your Kitchen Work Smarter

By David Khanna, Arolite

The productivity puzzle is one that is most complex in the catering industry. Skills shortages, margin pressures, and a high turnover, ‘revolving door’ culture contributes to a difficult environment to be time-efficient within, all while making sure you’re providing optimum customer service. In catering, where long shifts are often thought of as synonymous with cooked food, a more productive environment can also contribute to a boost in staff morale, with less late finishes and tedious tasks. In any commercial kitchen, there are assets which need monitoring. They can be vulnerable to failures if you don’t know the current status of the condition they’re in, haven’t recorded any faults, or worse - misplace your files. An ice cream machine breaking or an oven that’s stopped working can cause a kitchen breakdown. A break/fix approach isn’t enough anymore, and it will have a critical impact on your ability to be productive and deliver that all important customer service. To be productive you need to prepare. Prevention is better than a cure, and an asset management strategy solution can work wonders for your kitchen. Being able to separate the important from the urgent, the needless from the essential is a huge blessing in the chase for better efficiency and bolstering revenue. If you don’t assess your equipment and plan your maintenance, an unseen minor fault could interrupt the whole service. But how do you implement a great asset management strategy?

ASSET MANAGEMENT STRATEGY To devise a value-added strategy for your equipment management in the kitchen, an asset management plan of action should be developed.

It also gives you a wider concept of your strategy, whether it’s successful, and how time is being spent. Workers can focus on the most important element of their job - providing great customer service, without having to worry about something going wrong.

This is one of the best strategies to catch faults before they happen. It can highlight the equipment that is saving the most time for the business, condition reporting, where equipment could be replaced, planned obsolescence, and help to identify recommendations for where investment could be made to boost efficiencies and make your kitchen work smarter.

The bottom line for any business is profits, good customer/client experience and providing great service. By understanding the flow of your operations better, it’s much easier to identify where problems or inefficiencies could arise.

WHAT IS ASSET TAGGING? For equipment which is crucial to the running of the kitchen, asset tagging is the process of using physical tags to align them into a living management database. The asset will be assigned a unique ID reference, which is then used as a point of reference to pull up information about the asset on the database. When used in tandem with such database, asset tagging can provide a centralised location to maintenance records, when it’s due for its next service, its cost, performance history, planned obsolescence and where and when it was supplied. This will allow the employer, employees, and any other third-party who has access, to effectively monitor asset records from one living database. This is important as in businesses - large and small - making commercial decisions is much easier when backed with business intelligence data.

You can also identify where human error or misuse has caused issues with the equipment. Instead of, again, having to regularly call out engineers, you can focus on training onsite staff and only having engineers come out when it is absolutely necessary, again saving you both costs and time. You can also log employee responsibility against an asset, boosting ownership.


Gaining a fully accurate overview of all of your corporate assets can bolster equipment selection. Making sure you’re supplied with the best assets that perform optimally, can With this data, you have concrete evidence and an accurate overview of operations, and you’re far less like- help you to deliver your services within budget and for the needs of the customer. With a guideline of potential obsolesly to make decisions that halter productivity. cence dates in the database, you’ll find it easier to plan for AN ASSET MANAGEMENT STRATEGY this and resolve any issues - e.g. with incompatible software SHOULD COVER: or spare parts - ahead of time.

MAINTENANCE By ensuring all of your equipment is serviced when it needs to be and is completed to a high standard, you’re less likely to have costly service call out fees for damages and breakdowns. If your assets are compliant, there’s also less chance your kitchen will be at risk, further boosting your productivity. The strategy reduces the likelihood of you operating under the break/fix model, which is a dangerous mindset to have. You will see much better financial gain from preventing the problem, as opposed to calling out an engineer once your ice cream machine ultimately breaks. A good strategy seeks to nip small issues in the bud, rather than respond to problems once they become an issue.


If you work with a service provider, they can also help you go one step further by tailoring the strategy to your specific business goals, whether that be an increase in efficiency of 20% or a reduction in downtime. They will analyse your assets to see what areas of your facility are underperforming, and advise on where to make changes. This again limits the amount of time and money which you are spending calling out engineers, and helps your kitchen to work smarter.

PLAN SMARTER By developing an asset managing strategy, you or a service provider can identify the quality of the equipment and look at what needs to be repaired immediately, what may need to be replaced in the coming months and what is already performing to the best of its ability.

Ultimately it can help to create clarity among the things that you need to prioritise, with set dates, actions and other pieces of information to help make sure that every single asset you have - whether it be an oven, a refrigerator or a dishwasher - has a direct impact on your operations. This can also help reduce stress levels and boost morale, reduce risks of staff getting injured through faulty equipment, and encourage them to focus on the most important matters - delivering great customer service. But an ignorance over the status of your machinery, unorganization or a reactive, break/fix strategy does not mix well when trying to be as productive as possible. By being more proactive with your managing of assets, you can serve a higher volume of customers, and reduce the chances of a costly breakdown scenario. You don’t need to have fully automated machines to work smarter, you just need to have a well organised system so you can see what’s working, what’s not and efficiently make changes.

Design and Refit Stylish, Modern, Wholesale Contact Chairs from Regent Established for many years has become one of the largest independent importers and wholesalers of furniture in the UK supplying the Trade. Our aim is to provide customers with a comprehensive product range, first class service and outstanding value. We have had a reputation for introducing ranges of good quality furniture at competitive prices that have become established into the furniture market place and continue to be best products for our customers. We are continually sourcing new and exclusive designs to join our comprehensive product range. We have a large warehouse with facility which enables us to carry stocks of furniture this allows us to operate a fast, reliable service.

We have a large purchasing department with many product specialists. Every day they search for new trends and designs. They travel regularly to all corners of the globe to investigate, test, and buy new products. also invests a lot of care and time into the quality and packaging of their products. recognise the great importance to a personal approach, which is very much appreciated by our customers. logistics department collects and checks all orders and prepares them for collection. Our entire logistical process is focused on speed, accuracy and punctuality. With our thorough planning and dedicated, motivated employees, orders are processed in a very short timeframe. See the advert on this page for further details.

Retain Payment or ID Cards & Be PCI Compliant Whilst Increasing Profits

When a vendor retains a credit card or debit card, or indeed handing over his or her ID card as security against running a tab or renting sporting or other equipment, there is always some uncertainty about the safety of the card whilst out of the customers’ possession. CardsSafe® eliminates the need to worry about any loss or theft as it is the simplest and most efficient way to ensure the card’s safety from potential misuse. The CardsSafe® system has now become the “best practice” way of handling credit and debit cards in the hospitality and leisure industries. More than eighty thousand boxes are in use every day and hundreds more are added every week.

• Walkouts are reduced by at least fifty percent (50%) • Tab mistakes drop significantly and finally, • There is a major uptick in sales If you are concerned about how CardsSafe works within the PCI scheme, Alan Gill from the independent PCI certifying company Orthus Limited states: “The PCI DSS standard encompassed 264 controls. CardsSafe helps to reduce the need to meet all of these through ‘compensating controls’ which allow businesses to comply to the standard without having to change the way they operate”. In addition to the commercial benefits the CardsSafe® solution therefore helps merchants become PCI compliant, which truly gives peace of mind for all!

Customers who share their experience with our staff report these benefits:

To order, please contact CardsSafe Limited on either of: Phone: 0845 5001040 or visit

• Chargeback drops by more than ninety percent (90%)

Product Code: 871 Silver

Product Code: 1372 Dark Concrete

Product Code: 812 Hilton Gold

Product Code: ASC 689 Antique Silver

Product Code: BM 103

Product Code: 812 Hilton Silver

Britannia Mirrors Ltd offers one of the most comprehensive range of quality framed and unframed mirrors in the industry.

0202 8804 0392 Product Code: Reclaim Group

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Britannia Mirrors - Stylish Mirrors for the Hospitality and On-Trade Britannia Mirrors Ltd has been established for 30 years and still remains a family run Business. Over the years Britannia Mirrors Ltd has acquired an enviable reputation for supplying the trade with quality products and excellent customer service. Britannia Mirrors Ltd offers one of the most comprehensive range of quality framed and unframed mirrors in the industry. Our collection ranges from traditional & decorative gilt and silver framed mirrors, over mantles, oval mirrors, shaped mirrors, minimalist, contemporary and modern designer mirrors,

solid wood mirrors, free standing floor and table top mirrors, bathroom mirrors. As the majority of products offered by Britannia Mirrors Ltd are made in our factory in North London, we have the capability to produce large and small runs of products to suit every requirement. Britannia Mirrors Ltd supplies National Department Stores, Independent Department Stores, Furniture Stores, Glass and Mirror Shops, Interior Furnishers, Pubs, Clubs and Hotels. For further details visit

Explore the Akwill BBQ Smoker

Try a new cooking concept and create the ultimate in barbecue dishes with the new Akwill Green Energy Barbecue, the supreme BBQ Grill and BBQ Smoker. The Akwill Bbq Smoker is not like other Bbq Smokers it is light and manoeuvrable, easy to clean, heats up easily and quickly and can cook up to 8 chickens at once. Our Grills on sale use superheated smoke which results in an good appearance and great taste to the grilled food, the BBQ grills up to 8 chickens at a time and can also process pastries, biscuits, other meats, vegetables and various types of seafood using the unique coco smoke. Ideal for a catering company looking for a superb new cooking experience. Ideal for outdoor caterers, sandwich shops, street sellers, events caterers and for the larger domestic environment, or even someone in the Party industry looking for a big BBQ Smoker for all their entertainment food needs. The Akwill BBQ smoker uses a cooking method – popular in the United States but relatively unknown in the UK – so that you can slowly smoke food at a low heat, and then finish it with the crisp outer layer by turning up the temperature. By purchasing our green energy barbecue system, you will make a life

changing investment. Everyone will notice the difference in the way the food you cook looks and tastes. Whether it is meat, seafood, vegetables or fruit when you use our BBQ Grill the end result will be moist, tender, juicy and tasty using our green barbecue system. Don’t just take our word for how well the Akwill BBQ Smoker cooks, here are comments from former Pub Food Award winner, UK Professional Chef Paul Morgan.

"Light and manoeuvrable. "Easy to use, once mastered the P programme. "Good flavours and very moist meat. "The ease of cooking, i.e. place meat in and come back 2 hours later. Don’t have to wait for it to reach temperature before putting meat in. "Clean heat material." The result from the Akwill BBQ smoker is deliciously different, flavoursome food, created in classic barbecue fashion, the BBQ Smoker is different to other Grills on sale that are available to you. For further details see the advert on page 29 or call 0203 287 4251 or visit

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Sims - The First Port Of Call For Banquette Seating

We are a family run business with 3 generations of commercial furniture manufacturing experience. Unlike other suppliers we manufacture all our seating inhouse, no importing, no subcontracting. We have full control over every aspect from design to installation to ensure every product leaves our workshops punctually and to our reputable high quality. Proudly offering 2 versions of Banquette Seating, firstly our “Premium Made to Measure” Banquette Seating which is built to your exact design, shape and size, then installed by our professional installation team. You can have anything from floor to ceil-

MST Auctioneers

MST AUCTIONEERS Ltd specialise in handling & auctioning a wide variety of goods. We act for Insolvency Practitioners, Receivers, Bailiffs and Solicitors as well as large PLCs. We are members of The National Association of Auctioneers and Valuers (NAVA). For the past 25 years, we've provided a unique disposal service tailored to suit, liquidators, banks, receivers as

ing designs to seating that perfectly follows the walls in a period setting. Secondly our “Modular Banquette Seating” which is freestanding, set size units for you to mix and match to best fit your space. Made to the same high standards as our premium range without setup costs, site visits and installation fees. Also, we offer a range of furnishings – tables, chair and bedroom furniture. To request a brochure or to discuss your requirement further please contact our sales team on 01945 450957 email Web

well as private and corporate vendors. We carry out probate valuations and conduct complete house and commercial clearances. We have the largest Auction venue in the South of England. Our regular monthly Auctions occupy 45,000 sq.ft. of undercover space, selling over 2500 lots from 3 rostrums over two days. We have storage and removal facilities. In addition we have forklifts for machinery up to 5 tons. We also hold regular Auctions ”On Site” and "On Line" See the advert on page 27 for further details.

Drakes Bar Furniture - UK Bar Furniture Supplier

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We pride ourselves in providing the best quality items at great prices with fantastic customer service and can supply bespoke tailored made furniture such as booths, tables, seating or ‘off the peg’ items. Drakes Bar Furniture not only sell chairs, stools, tables we also design build and install all types of fixed seating, pews and booth seating for pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and clubs. When fitting out a premise the seating is almost paramount for a successful space. Fixed seating, booth seating or banquette seating as its also called can come in variety of colours, finishes, types and styles. Below are just a few examples showing what we have done in the past. With clever planning, seating generates a great flow for customers and staff

around a pub, restaurant, cafe or club. It can be used to divide areas, create new spaces in a room and offer intimacy allowing for the perfect social meet up. The beauty of bespoke fixed seating is that we can make the most of and take advantage of your space and features. We can come to your venue and measure up, give you advice and show you examples of our past work, finishes, types and styles. We have a wide range of Bar Furniture, including tables, stools, chairs, outdoor beer garden, fixed seating and banqueting furniture. If you require a bespoke quote either call us on 01422 839 690 or you can send us an email. See the advert below for details.

Design and Refit

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Avoid Saying 'Burnt Appetit' with Cannon Fire Protection Cannon Fire Protection have been operating for over 30 years, we are experts in fire suppression, designing, installing and maintaining systems throughout the UK. We support our customers and their businesses, finding the very best fire suppression solutions to challenging scenarios including but not limited to fire extinguishers, room integrity testing and over pressure vents. Cannon has an excellent reputation for our quality management systems, all independently audited to ensure our customers are getting the best service possible. All our services are in-house using directly employed labour within our installation and service departments, fully qualified to operate to the highest standard. Our customer base covers all UK sectors ranging from healthcare, industrial, residential to retail and financial.

Cannon believes in transparency, credibility and the importance of certified standards. We are an accredited SafeContractor, which demonstrates our commitment to meeting all health and safety requirements. We are also a BAFE registered company, showing that we have achieved and continue to maintain high-quality standards in the fire industry. Cannon is part of Asset Protection Group, is a collection of fire and security divisions, all with shared ownership and one common goal; to protect your most important assets. See the advert on this page, call 01623 860685 or visit for further details.

Create a Warm Welcome With Comfy Seating from Trent Furniture Trent Furniture offer a wide range of comfortable seating for your pub, bar or restaurant, including the stylish and versatile Rimini Dining Chair. Made to last from a strong wooden fame and contract-grade foam, the chair is finished with fire-retardant fabric or rich brown faux leather for an opulent fully-upholstered look. Choose from the cosy tones of our Autumn upholstery or the understated checks of Cappuccino to create a stylish atmosphere for your guests to relax in comfort. In busy hospitality environments space is always a consideration, which is why the Rimini Dining Chair has a compact

shape and a slightly lower back to maximise cover space without compromising on comfort or style. Whether you combine the Rimini Dining Chair with a traditional wooden pub table or a sleek and contemporary dining table, the classic style of the chair belies its great value price tag. Brown faux leather is ÂŁ40.90 plus VAT, Cappuccino is ÂŁ43.90 plus VAT and Autumn is ÂŁ44.90 plus VAT. See the Rimini Dining Chair plus a wide range of comfy seating options for your pub or restaurant here or call us on 0116 2986 286 to find out more.

Contract Furniture Group

Contract Furniture Group has been set up to offer quality contract dining furniture to the hotel, restaurant, pub trades and leisure industries at realistic prices. We carry a lot of our range in stock so we can help you to meet your deadlines. We also offer a unique source and supply service; if you send us a picture of an item we will do our up most to supply to you at the best price.

All our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards, we only use hardwood frames which are glued screwed and dowelled for strength. crib5 interliner (if required) sprung seat areas or webbing and top quality Italian leathers and fabrics. For further information, call 0115 965 9030, visit or email

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Add High Quality Art to Your Business with Global

When considering the refurbishment or presentation of your venue it may be a wise move to look at some pieces of quality art to give a feeling of class and prestige to your business image. Hotels, offices, restaurants and pubs can benefit aesthetically and financially from investing in quality original art which is both unique and profitable. GLOBAL ART Acquisitions and Investments Ltd are based above the Antiques centre at the Bridge House Longham BH22 9AN. We have an extensive selection of unique art available for the discerning client with prestigious premises and customers. GLOBAL ART is also the home of the

world’s number 1 reformed art forger BILLY MUMFORD’S collection. Billy put £6 Million pounds worth of forgeries through the major auction houses of the world before spending 2 years at her Majesty’s pleasure in Brixton and Ford prisons. Art is now the number 1 financial asset and retains it’s value better than other asset classes so that you can appreciate your art as your art appreciates. Take time to come over and visit us Thursday to Sunday 10 till 4 and see what a fantastic selection of works we can offer, you won’t be disappointed or Telephone James Hartey on 07894555107.

Café Culture - Pavement Profit

We are an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants and public houses. We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports next season. It’s one area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual

Mayfair Contract Furniture

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GLOBAL ART For Your Refurbishment

With over 35 years of experience, Global Art Gallery offers artworks by a number of diverse artists and pieces from selected private collections from around the world.



You won't find lots of prints in expensive frames at Global just lots of original art at realistic prices.

Further information is available from James Hartey on 07894 555107

We supply contract grade commercial furniture to the hospitality & leisure industries. With over forty years of experience in the hospitality industry, we are passionate about supplying the finest quality products. We deliver to all areas of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe and export our products worldwide. We keep in stock a huge variety of New contract furniture including tables & chairs, lounge / lobby furniture, & hotel bedroom furniture ready for immediate dispatch. In addition to this as a direct importer we

bumps and scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to can also competitively fulfil a wide range of bespoke orders to suit your personal requirements. Not just a supplier; We understand that from time to time hospitality and leisure establishments like to give themselves a fresh new look. That's why not only do we supply contract furniture, but when it's time for your establishment to go through a refurbishment we also offer a complete clearance service. We'll organise everything from a suitable time and date, professional clearance staff to remove contract furniture whether fitted or unfitted, and logistics. Contact 01733 310 115, email: or visit or see page 3.

The Ideal BBQ Smoker

Super-fuelled by our coconut green energy pellets The Akwill BBQ Smoker and BBQ Grill is unique in so many ways - it makes the most delicious smoked food and is one of the best Smokers money can buy. Our Green Energy Barbecue Equipment works by superheating superheating our green energy charcoal in our speciality barbecue appliance which then converts the coconut charcoal into a gaseous state which smokes the food till it cooks. The smoke which is released is used to barbecue the food in the equipment which has been specially modified to process our coconut charcoal. The green energy avoids the harmful effects of kerosene or other petroleum products typically used for conventional charcoal barbecues. This BBQ Smoker uses Coco Pellets which are ‘moisture resistant pellet fuel ‘. These wonderful pellets will work with most pellet fuel heating systems and do not disintegrate with moisture unlike traditional conventional wood pellets.

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December 2019

CLH News


Property and Professional

The Christmas Staffing Conundrum: What Businesses’ Can Do To Ensure A Smooth End To The Year

By UK Country Manager Johan De Jager from Brigad, the hospitality platform for professionals

The festive season poses a unique set of challenges for the hospitality industry. On the one hand, business is booming which is fantastic for the sector but on the other hand, trying to service that extra custom whilst maintaining the highest possible standards can be a real issue for managers and business owners. Looking at our data, the demand for independent hospitality professionals has risen by a third between November and December, with the total demand rising a staggering 67% between the third and fourth quarters of the year. And it’s not just entry-level positions that are needed, we see demand for more experienced roles such as chef de partie, bartenders, sous chefs and waiting staff increase at this time of year.

This huge boost in demand puts real pressure on managers and business owners to supplement their workforce with skilled professionals that can maintain the highest possible service levels at the busiest time of year. Finding independent professionals who are flexible enough to fill the roster gaps that come up as the cover counts and working hours increase can be a major stumbling block. The scenario that we all want to avoid in hospitality at this time of year is that these issues impact on the customer’s experience – something that can tarnish reputations and be detrimental to the business longer term. It is difficult to estimate the number of hours that the hiring process takes, but it can be a real time drain, and often result in sifting through mountains of irrelevant CVs, running trial shifts where candidates sometimes do not turn up and taking on people who was not always up to standard, sometimes out of sheer desperation. This slow speed of connection to the right people for the job is a major issue for many of those in the industry who would much rather be concentrating on providing excellent service and maximising sales.

WHAT CAN BE DONE? Careful planning for the festive season is one of the ways to ease the burden at this time of year. Looking at our data, the increase in demand for skilled independent professionals follows a general trend each year. Keeping track of your company’s figures and planning ahead can be a great solution. The earlier you anticipate the need, the earlier you can start your recruitment process. Embracing new technology is another way to help ease the strain. Hospitality talent platforms provide a great go-to pool of skilled independent professionals. By providing a much faster speed of connection than the traditional convoluted recruitment process, they ensure that managers can quickly and easily find professionals who are already vetted and can meet their needs. Easing the worry that your seasonal staff might not be skilled up enough to offer a seamless customer experience is surely one of the best gifts those in the hospitality industry can receive, ensuring businesses can focus on fantastic festive service.

The Royal Swan, Blackwater, For Sale: Substantial Detached Country Hotel and Restaurant Hampshire for Sale Leading National Licensed Property Agents Guy Simmonds have been instructed to sell the impressive 19th century inn; the Royal Swan, strategically situated in the prime location of Blackwater.

National Sales Director Martin McConnell said, “This imposing and well established multi-faceted inn is now up for grabs for the 1st time in 10 years. Having 4 letting bedrooms and offers tremendous scope for a new hands-on owner operator partnership with previous experience of running a catering/letting orientated operation to take this business to greater heights by capitalising on the untold potential by focussing on a strategic marketing campaign to further promote the superb letting accommodation!” The inn features a welcoming and traditional Lounge Bar (circa 40), a Public Bar (circa 20+) and a versatile Function Room (circa 30). Adding to the diversity of the business are the 4 Letting Bedrooms. There is an equipped Commercial Catering Kitchen and the owner’s accommodation comprises 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. There is also a Beer Garden and private parking facilities for circa 2 cars. McConnell added, “This is a superb opportunity to purchase a wellestablished business and home and expect a sale to be agreed extremely quickly!” Price: £40,000. Tenure: Leasehold. Turnover: Advised current sales circa £180,000 (incl. VAT). Landlord: Enterprise Inns. Rent: £28,000 per annum. Trade Split: 85% wet and 15% accommodation. Contact Guy Simmonds on 01332 865112.

Stonesmith are delighted to be marketing the sale of Lodgehill Hotel, a substantial detached former farmhouse set in around 2 acres, with views over the Exe Valley. With origins reputedly dating back to 1785, today Lodgehill Hotel trades as a licensed country hotel, with restaurant and tea gardens. The property offers 10 individual Ensuite Letting Bedrooms, character Lounge Area with Bar (16), Restaurant (22),

Kitchen with Ancillary Areas and 2 Bedroom Owner’s Accommodation. The property stands in around 2 acres of grounds, which incorporate a Walled Formal Garden, Lawned Areas, Vegetable Garden, Greenhouse and Car Parking for around 16 vehicles. Lodgehill Hotel occupies a peaceful location with prominent signage alongside the A396, the main Exeter to Tiverton road. Situated in the hamlet of Ashley, on the southern edge of the historic Devon market town of Tiverton, overlooking the River Exe Valley. Lodgehill Hotel has been owned and run by our clients for over 13 years and currently trades as a comfortable farmhouse style licensed hotel offering evening meals and a bar to residents. They also offer non-residents occasional Sunday lunches, as well as cream teas during the summer months. The business benefits from

prominent main road signage which generates passing trade and the business is situated in a prime location to attract both commercial and tourist travellers on a year round basis, with a lack of available letting bedrooms in Tiverton meaning that letting accommodation is always in demand. Through person choice, and with impending retirement in mind, our clients have taken a more relaxed approach to running the business over recent years and consequently they have deliberately restricted trade levels in order to suit their lifestyle requirements. The hotel has a website and advertising is limited to this, together with associated accommodation booking portals. The freehold business is on the market for £575,000. Full property details are available from the website and viewings arranged by calling 01392 201262.

Business Finance Today For Your Tomorrow stock, or employ new staff. The thought of raising money for your small business can seem daunting and maybe even a little stressful. At Capify, we aim to take the weight off Capify is proud to offer excellent customer service and your dedicated your shoulders and make the process quick and easy, leaving you to enjoy account manager will get you a personalised no-obligation quote. We also your business. offer a quick approval process and you can receive your money within days! We prioritise flexibility, excellent customer service, and have invested in Paying back is extremely flexible, and there’s a given opportunity to renew funding solutions that work. your funding if you wish to. Your business has the chance to receive finance from £3,500 to over Our number one purpose is to help your business grow and thrive and £150,000, and all you have to do is complete a quick and easy application help you to attract customers. process. It’s a painless system, and the outcome can be We are proud to say Capify has an average score of highly beneficial for your company and its future growth. 9.5 out of 10 on TrustPilot! We’re a company that can With the money you can buy new equipment, compropel your business forward. plete a bold refurbishment, pay for marketing Call 0800 151 0980 or visit or and advertising campaigns, purchase additional CELEBR ATING 10 Y E A RS see the advert on page 8.

The Merry Monk, Oakham, Rutland for Sale with Guy Simmonds This business is located in the heart of Oakham, the county town of the tourist magnet county of Rutland. This attractive substantial property is of brick and limestone construction sitting under a pitched slate roof. A large entrance porch to the front of the property provides access to all the trading areas. These consist of: Open Plan Restaurant (c60+ plus standing and dependant on layout) has exposed stone walls, an exposed stone-built fireplace with built in log burner and a conservatory extension with concertina doors that open onto the enclosed rear al fresco area. There is a central bar server of wood construction with a marble top and attractive mosaic tile perimeter. There is a fully equipped Commercial Catering Kitchen. There is also a ground floor cellar. There is no owner’s accommodation and this business is a lock up.

Situated on the 1st and 2nd floors of the property are 12 delightful and well-presented en-suite Letting Rooms. To the rear of the property is a good sized enclosed al fresco area with garden furniture tables and chairs as well as poseur tables and stools. This is set against a backdrop of an attractive painted mural wall amongst established shrubs, pots and planters. There is no car park for this business however on street parking is available throughout the town and there is a large pay and display car park adjacent to the property. Price: £35,000. Tenure: Leasehold. Rent (if applicable): £70,000. Landlord (if applicable): Private. Turnover (annual): c£9,000 (inc VAT) per week. Wet:Dry split: 28% Food ; 27% Wet ; 45% Accommodation. Contact Guy Simmonds on 01332 865112.

Looking For A Catering Finance Provider That Knows Your Sector Inside Out? Johnson Reed is a CESA-approved specialist in the area of catering equipment leasing and finance, having operated in this sector since 2005. At Johnson Reed, we help our clients to reach their extraordinary by making their investments reality. If you’re just starting out in business or an established business that is looking to improve and expand. We are here to help you! Whether it’s short-term cash you need to help fund a VAT return over three months, or you’re embarking on strategic expansion which requires a longer-term cash flow lease or loan. We offer common sense lending which makes your investment reality. No long-winded tick box exercises and no set criteria. Just solid, traditional lending the way it should be. Person-to-person, business-to-business. Over the past 12 months we have seen huge growth in the amount of catering clients approaching us for help. This is no doubt due to the restrictions and lack of understanding of banks when it comes to lend-

ing money to new start-ups for their much-needed equipment. We supply to all types of catering businesses including: restaurants, pubs and bars, fast food outlets, hotels, food franchises and food processing/manufacturing facilities. Whether you are an operator in the hospitality sector or a supplier to it, our flexible financial services can support you throughout your business journey. Call 0161 429 6949, email or see the advert on page 2.

Property and Professional

December 2019

CLH News


The White Horse Hotel, Romsey on the Market New Weekly Figures Analysis & Reporting Service

The White Horse Hotel is situated in the centre of Romsey, a market town well known for its association with The Broadlands Estate, the former home of the Lord Mountbatten. The hotel has a dominant position in Market Place surrounded by a number of other historic buildings including Romsey Abbey.

Further accommodation is provided in the former coach house comprising the ‘Tack & Forge’, a function facility with capacity for 20 (private dining) or 40 (theatre-style seating) with its own WC facilities. The first floor has three en-suite letting bedrooms.

The Stables is a newly converted function room with mezzanine floor providing a bar area and separate WC’s.

The White Horse Hotel is a 600 year old former coaching inn that has been extended in a very attractive and sympathetic way. The property is a Grade II* Listed building and is in good condition throughout.

The Stables has a capacity of approximately 100 guests seated for a function. The Stables also provides a number of administrative offices with a separate entrance from the courtyard.

The hotel has 29 en-suite letting bedrooms, extensive public areas and a large outside seating area within a rear courtyard. The Stables have been developed and converted to provide a large function facility as well as administrative offices.

Outside seating is provided in the courtyard for approximately 100 guests. See the advert on this page for further details.

The upper floors have 26 ensuite letting bedrooms.

SOLD: Quintessential Thatched Free Of Tie Village Inn Stonesmith are delighted to have sold The Old Thatch Inn – a quintessential, thatched, free of tie village inn, extremely well presented throughout with strong levels of trade and profit. The inn is in the attractive Mid Devon village of Cheriton Bishop, a thriving and growing village community on the edge of Dartmoor National Park’s eastern flank, which is only eleven miles from Exeter. This impressive and attractive Grade II Listed inn, is deceptively spacious, and presented to an extremely high standard throughout whilst still retaining many character features. The Old Thatch Inn trades as quality country village pub and restaurant with letting bedrooms. It is a popular and well-regarded business with an excellent reputation which benefits from excellent levels of regular, year-round trade, not only from the village, but

also from the surrounding villages and towns. New owner, Roy Hurst, is enjoying settling into the pub and meeting existing and new customers. He commented: “We have employed a new Chef who is developing the food offering with good wholesome traditional pub food. We have also installed a new log burner and welcome you all, including your four legged friends, to come in and say hello!” Mike Phillips, Director of selling agents Stonesmith added “The sale of this lovely free of tie thatched village inn generated significant levels of interest and we were delighted to have concluded the sale to Roy and wish him every success with his new venture” Full details of all Stonesmith's current properties visit If you’re thinking of selling or need professional advice, Stonesmith can be contacted on 01392 201262.

David Hunter has been in the business for over 30 years, and with his vast amount of experience has become an expert in ensuring that businesses reach their full financial potential. For years he’s provided a bespoke Mentoring & Consultancy service to a select few, and he has always provided with that, free-of-charge weekly figures analysis and reporting … yes, weekly. David has now come up with a way of making his amazing Mentoring & Consultancy service more accessible to the wider market, and for a lower monthly fee. Instead of being charged for monthly consultancy, you can now access David’s knowledge and expertise via his already-established and very well-used weekly figures reporting system. He will send you weekly reports on how your business is doing and will throw in

FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE AT ALL, four half-day on site Mentoring & Consultancy visits per year (or two full days, depending on location). He will also always be at the end of a phone for you, or email, if you needed him, and he also has access to legal experts as well as a ‘’tried and trusted’’ Bowden Group Alliance colleague who can advise you … again FREE OF CHARGE … on how to save money on your utility bills. If you have a Pub, Restaurant or Hotel business which is facing financial or operational challenges … why not let David have a look, and help you maximise your full potential. There is no cost to David having a look at your figures, and letting you know what COULD be achieved. Call David Hunter confidentially on 07831 407984 or on 01628 487613.

The Queens Head, Nassington, East Northants for Sale This business sits beside the River Nene in picturesque East Northants village of Nassington near Oundle with easy access to the A1.

and 2 walk-in chillers. Ground floor Beer Cellar. The Owner’s Accommodation has 4 En-suite Bedrooms and there is also a 1 Bed self-contained Managers Flat.

This substantial Grade II listed country inn sits on a large plot (c1+ acre – not measured) and is of predominantly limestone construction sitting under a pitched Collyweston slate roof. Entrances to the front and side provide access to the trading areas. These consist of: Bar Area (c30+ plus standing) has exposed beams and stone walls and an exposed brick-built fireplace with built in log burner and a bar server of wood construction with 4 local cask ales on offer. Restaurant (40 covers) has a solid oak floor, exposed wooden beams and pillars and areas of exposed brick and stone walls. It also boasts an AA Rosette. Wedding/Civil Ceremony/Function Room (c80 seated/100 standing) is a selfcontained room with French doors leading out onto an al fresco Patio Area. This room is licensed to allow weddings and civil ceremonies.

Situated to the rear of the property in limestone and brick-built single storey courtyard style buildings are 10 x AA 4* awarded En-suite Letting Rooms. To the rear of the property is a stunning, idyllic and extensive riverside al fresco Garden with rolling countryside views set around a central weeping willow tree. The garden has a patio area with wooden garden furniture (c100+), a large grassed area and a gravel path that leads down to the River Nene and 2 boat moorings on the river with direct access to the garden. Also to the rear is the patron’s lined Car Park with space for c45+ cars.

There is a fully equipped Commercial Catering Kitchen

Price: £1,295,000. Tenure: Freehold. Rent (if applicable): N/A. Landlord (if applicable): N/A. Turnover (annual): £755,880 (inc VAT). Wet:Dry split: 46% Food : 34% Wet ; 20% Accommodation. Contact Guy Simmonds on 01332 865112.




Substantial Detached Country Hotel & Restaurant 10 Ensuite Letting Rooms Lounge with Bar (16), Dining Room (22) 2 Bedroom Owner's Accommodation Set in 2 Acres with Extensive Woodland Area

Substantial Detached Country Hotel Set in 3.5 Acres of Private Grounds Situated Close to Stunning East Devon Coast 13 Letting Rooms & 1/2 Bed Barn Conversion 3 Bedroom Owner's Accommodation

FH £575,000


SOUTH HAMS Exceptional Licensed Cafe/Bar & Restaurant Prime and Prominent Trading Position Main Cafe/Bar Area (34), Mezzanine Seating (10) Commercial Catering Kitchen & Ancillary Facilities First-Class Catering Business & Impressive Trade

LH £95,000


FH £795,000


DARTMOOR, DEVON Substantial Character Moorland Inn For Sale Set in Over 5 Acres & Recently Renovated Main Bar (15+), Snug Lounge (12), Dining Room (31) 6 Letting Bedrooms, 5 Self Contained Flats 4 Ensuite Bedrooms Currently Used For Staff

FH £795,000


NORTH DEVON Impressive & Well regarded Character Freehouse Set In Around 2 Acres In Devon Village Bar Area (24+), Restaurant (46+), Beer Garden (80+) Family Sized 5/6 Double Bed Owner's Accom Impressive Levels Of Trade & Tremendous Potential

FH: £395,000 PLUS VAT


EAST DEVON Well Established Traditional Day Time Only Cafe Situated in Busy Shopping Centre in East Devon Main Cafe (29) & First Floor Restaurant (31) Operating Easy Day Time Only Hours Strong Levels of Trade

LH £50,000



THE WHITE HORSE HOTEL ROMSEY, HAMPSHIRE Historic former coaching inn in the town centre of Romsey




Substantial & Impressive Hotel & Restaurant 10 Ensuite Letting Rooms, Function Suite (80+) 3 Bedroom Owner's Accommodation Set in 3/4 Acre With Stunning & Extensive Views Customer Car Parking for 20+ Vehicles

Quintessential Thatched Country Inn 4 Letting Bedrooms & 3 Bedroom Owner's Accomm Presented to an Exceptional Standard Throughout Grounds of Over 1.5 Acres Al Fresco Seating for 62+ Customers

Attractive & Well Regarded Licensed Cafe & Restaurant Trading on a Predominately Day Time Only Basis Main Restaurant 45+ & Al Fresco Seating For 32 Impressive Town Centre Business

FH £895,000


FH £695,000


LH £99,995

• • • • • • •

29 en-suite letting bedrooms with extensive bar, restaurant, private dining and lounge space Converted stables providing function and wedding facilities for 100 guests Attractive landscaped courtyard Grade II* Listed Situated within Romsey Town Centre Conservation Area Close to Romsey Abbey, The Broadlands Estate and the River Test Excellent base for exploring the Test Valley, Mottisfont Abbey and Paultons Park




01392 201262

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CLH News #231 December 2019  

Issue #231 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...

CLH News #231 December 2019  

Issue #231 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...

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