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BBPA & UKH Vow to Fight PPL Price Hike www.CLHNews.co.uk


Editor's Viewpoint




JUNE 2019

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Trade bodies UKHospitality and the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) are to take the proposed increase in recorded music tariffs by music licensing company PPL to the Copyright Tribunal. The new specially featured entertainment (SFE) tariff, which relates to playing recorded music in public at hospitality & licensed premises is set to take effect on Monday, 1 July. The SFE tariff relates to the playing of recorded music in public at events such as DJ and club nights, and applies to venues, nightclubs, pubs, bars, cafés, restaurants and hotels. While PPL said earlier this year that the current tariff, which has been in place since the late ’80s, specifies fees that are “too low to be an appropriate reflection of the value to businesses of using recorded music at SFE events”, those who will be paying the

The increase follows a formal period of consultation with PPL’s SFE licensees between July and October 2018, covering the scope, structure, fees and implementation of a new SFE tariff. The new SFE tariff will therefore see a number of changes and clarifications, including: • Measuring the audience at an SFE event by using the


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In 2018 PPL collected a total of £246.8 million for performers and recording rightsholders; an increase of £28 million (13%) from 2017. Growth was achieved across all three of PPL’s revenue streams; broadcast and online by 5%, public performance and dubbing by 3%, and international collections by 43%.

total number of admissions to the event. • A change so that the fee will increase in direct proportion to the size of the audience (measured in bands of 25 persons). This will help to ensure SFE events with different audiences are treated fairly and consistently. • The introduction of two new smaller tariff bands, for SFE events with attendances of 1-25 and 26-50 persons. In many cases, this will help to ensure that licensees with small SFE events will initially pay less for such events than they are paying under the current SFE tariff. • The phased introduction of increased fees over a 5 year period from July 2019, based on an initial rate of 4 pence per person per hour (up slightly from the current average of 3.9 pence per person per hour). This will move to fees based on a rate of 9 pence per person per hour by 2023 (subject to annual indexation), giving licensees time to adapt to the increases.



• 24/7 unrestricted access to David Hunter … a Consultant / Mentor with over 30 years experience of doing just this, in YOUR industry … and with a very solid track record …

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higher fees have suggested they could have a “devastating” effect on many licensed and entertainment businesses.

CCI Services is very proud to be a member of the Bowden Group Alliance and is thus fully Accredited as a supplier by David Hunter and The Bowden Group

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Editor's Viewpoint

June 2019

Welcome to the June issue of CLH News. This month I am thinking about the strange case of the new General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) rules!


Peter Adams

Like many of our readers in the hospitality and licensed on trade sector, we here at CLH News do not have the luxury of a corporate head office to advise us or take care of matters such as human resources, employment law, health and safety, etc. We, like I am sure most small businesses, will have basic procedures in place, but will seek out advice guidance, advice and information as and when it is required.


RBC Publishing Ltd Roddis House, This was the case last year with the 2018 GDPR Rules. For those of you Old Christchurch Rd, don’t know, the rules introduced in May 2018 replace the Data Protection Bournemouth, Directive 95/46/ec as the primary law regulating how companies protect Dorset, BH1 1LG EU citizens' personal data. Companies that were already in compliance with the Directive must from then ensure that they are also compliant with the new requirements of the GDPR before it became effective on May 25, 2018. Companies that failed to achieve GDPR compliance are subject to stiff penalties and fines. We had several industry experts write articles on this matter, consulted also with the company that oversees our web and digital marketing, and complied with what was required. (still do)! However, earlier this year we received a Court summons alleging that we had breached these new rules from an individual who stated that she had received “significant marketing material against their wishes”. Fines can be up to 15% of businesses turn over, enough, I think, to put anyone out of business. We did, like any other sensible business would do, conduct a full internal investigation. Needless to say an investigation internally revealed that the person had actually signed up for our newsletter, and there was no record of any attempt to unsubscribe during the period we were sending out to them. We launched a vigorous defence citing that we believed the case to be nothing more than an attempt to extort money by taking advantage of newly introduced rules. The case was due to be heard earlier this month and... well, the case was struck out, since once receiving our defence (and counterclaim) the person who was claiming failed to pay court fees or follow court directions. The reason I’m sharing this information? It’s very easy to take advantage of a small businesses ignorance of new rules and regulations. And there are people only too willing to exploit this.


01202 552333

FAX: 01202 552666 sales@catererlicensee.com

www.CLHNews.co.uk @CLHNews CLHNews

EDITOR Peter Adams

SALES EXECUTIVES David Bartlett Guy Stephenson


PRODUCTION & WEB ADMIN Shelly Roche Published by

We have always considered CLH News as a “champion” for independent businesses who do not have the support stated above of a corporate head office. That is why we consult with industry experts and observers who provide relevant and insightful comment on advice on various industry topics. And we for our part just wanted to highlight the point “never roll over” conduct an investigation into every single complaint raised, I remember in my restaurant days the “dry-cleaning scam” which rears its head every now and again, so, if that is any shred of doubt that the case is genuine take them on, they soon wilt away!

The Dishwasher Man Commercial Dish & Glasswasher Solutions

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While the fee increase will be directly proportional to the size of an audience, concerns have been raised that the increase could average 130% for music playing hospitality venues, costing the industry up to £49m. The challenge by UKHospitality and the BBPA was revealed as Lord Smith of Hindhead, Best Bar None chairman and Association of Conservative Clubs chief executive, took PPL to task in parliament over its “outrageous” fee hike. Lord Smith said: “PPL collected £250m in fees last year, raked off some £35m in administration fees and paid its chief executive a package worth £786,000. If PPL wants to provide copyright holders with a better return, it should perhaps look at cutting its own expenditure. The proposed new SFE tariff fee is frankly outrageous, and potentially damaging. UKHospitality and the BBPA are to refer the increase to the Copyright Tribunal for independent review. The Copyright Tribunal aims to resolve UK commercial

licensing disputes between copyright owners or their agents and people who use copyright material in their business. BBPA chief executive Brigid Simmonds said: “BBPA and UKHospitality have been discussing changes to this tariff with PPL for 18 months. Unfortunately it’s now pushing ahead with increases in excess of 120% over the next four years, which we believe are unjustified. As a sector it is only right we challenge this and the support of Lord Smith is extremely welcome.” UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Significant increases to PPL’s tariffs will be devastating for many venues already struggling to cope with increasing costs. Margins are shrinking, costs are increasing and many venues simply are not going to be able to pass these costs on or swallow them. A huge hike in PPL fees will mean some businesses will be strangled and there will be much less choice for customers. “UKHospitality has been leading the fight to ensure

Single Landlady? New Channel 4 Show Could Be for You! experience” which Label1 (http://label1.tv) , the makers of BAFTA nominated ‘Hospital', and ‘Job Interview’ - is making for Channel 4. The Executive Producers are former producers of C4’s ‘First Dates’ – and this new series ‘Five Guys’ they say has the same warmth,

A production company producing series for Channel 4 are looking to the hospitality and on trade for contestants . “Five Guys a Week” (working title) is a totally new television dating series for Channel 4. And they are looking for single men and women who want to find their perfect match, so if you’re fed up of the dating apps, are struggling to find true love and want to be matched by a dedicated team then this might be the show for you. The show looking for a single pub landlady, live-in manager or hotelier, is lively, up to a new experience and is looking for that right relationship, and have reached out to CLH news to help spread the word! In each episode a singleton will be matched by the shows team with five potential suitors. The suitors will come to stay with them for a week and share every aspect of their life. After all, it’s not until you live with someone that you really get to know them! Over the course of the week, the singleton will send the suitors home until they're left with the one they think could be their perfect partner. The show is described as an “exciting new dating

humour and optimism. They are looking for a wide range of people - aged from 18 up to 108 – whom a dedicated casting team will match based on what they want from a relationship, and, as stated above really like to find a woman who’s single and a pub landlady, live in manager or hotelier, looking the right relationship! So if you really want to find love – and would like to fast track the dating experience, ‘Five Guys’ might just will appeal to successful, aspirational women who want a dating experience that’s intensive, gets to the heart of who people are – and does that quickly. In addition, they are hoping it will be a hugely enjoyable and insightful experience! For further details visit b1.etribez.com/ag/label1/fiveguys/welcome.html or email dating@label1.tv

that any increases remain fair, proportionate and affordable. That is why we are spearheading a legal challenge, alongside the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) to make sure that fees cannot be arbitrarily raised to exorbitant levels. Pushing PPL fees sky-high does nobody any favours. If venues can no longer afford the cost of a licence, PPL is, ultimately, shooting itself in the foot. “A constructive relationship between ourselves, PPL and venues is mutually beneficial and we will continue to work towards that. We all have the same goal of seeing as many people as possible enjoying themselves and their favourite music in nightclubs, bars, pubs and other venues. We all need to be working harmoniously, and that means not gouging venues unfairly.”



CLH News


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BBPA & UKH Vow to Fight PPL Price Hike

June 2019












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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

June 2019

What Impact Will Changes to IR35 Have on the Hospitality Industry? By John Dean, Partner at Gannons Solicitors It’s a fact, the job market is changing across the hospitality industry. Workers are increasingly demanding greater flexibility across both payments and working arrangements. The latest survey findings from YouGov support this claim, with 55% of employees stating they think more control over work and shift patterns would make them less likely to leave the industry. This is relatively good news at a time when, according to UKHospitality, the industry will face a recruitment deficit of upwards of 60,000 workers per annum from this year. Managing a recruitment crisis means savvy operators have become extremely aware of the importance of nurturing and retaining their existing workforce. However, implementing a flexible culture within a business can prove to be quite the minefield, not least when it comes to correctly calculating tax payments and national insurance – and change is coming. Here, John Deane, Partner at Gannons Solicitors, looks at off-payroll working and its significance in tax and employment law. John also explains the impact IR35 reform will have on the hospitality industry once it has been extended to large and medium-sized private sector operators in April 2020.

EMPLOYED OR SELF-EMPLOYED? Identifying whether a worker is employed or selfemployed enables an employer to understand the following: • The different levels of legal protection afforded to employment compared to self-employment • Whether tax is paid under Schedule E or D and whether National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are paid as a class 1 or class 2 contributor. A worker might fall into one of three categories: 1. Employee: Direct employees under an open-ended contract with regular working hours pose no risk of tax exposure for the operator because they are on the payroll and the usual PAYE rules apply. An employee will, however, have the full benefit of the Employment Rights legislation. 2. Self-employed: Genuinely self-employed contractors also carry no tax risk for operators because the current law states they are responsible for their own tax. They will not have the benefit of Employment Rights legislation. 3. Worker: This is the middle ground. Many ‘gig econo-

my’ workers, short-term contractors, freelancers, casual workers and some on zero-hours contracts have “Worker” status, which means they have some statutory employment rights, such as holiday pay and the National Minimum Wage. However, they are classed as off-payroll and not subject to PAYE. Where employment is through an agency, the way to determine employment status is whether the worker is under the supervision, direction or control of the end-client (the operator). If so, all payments should be subject to payroll tax by the agency. There is some guidance from courts and tribunals on whether, when a person is working for an operator, they are carrying on a business in their own right. HMRC also provides guidance on what it considers employed and self-employed. However, ultimately, it would be for a court or tribunal to decide. What creates anxiety for operators is the complexity of determining employment, self-employment and worker status, and the resulting uncertainty about financial liabilities. A nagging question is whether self-employment can be disguised as employment. Can an arrangement the operator considers to involve self-employment (also documented as such) be successfully challenged in an employment or tax tribunal? The answer is yes. This means an operator might have unintended backdated payroll tax liabilities, penalties and interest. It means that where employment rights apply, an operator might face claims for unfair dismissal and payment of benefits, or experience a detrimental impact on the flexibility of hiring, firing and relocating. It also means the relationship an operator has with its workforce, the consumer and HMRC might be compromised. In practice, all the facts have to be considered when determining employment status and a carefully drafted agreement ensuring the independence of the worker is a good starting point. Operators should regularly review agreements to assess the current situation, because an arrangement which started out as self-employment may become employment over time.

WHAT CHANGES ARE AHEAD? Workers who use an intermediary company to supply their services IR35 is tax legislation introduced to prevent individuals from reducing their tax liabilities by paying an intermediary – usually their own personal service company (PSC) – between themselves and the employer. By paying themselves largely by way of dividends from their PSC, an employer’s NICs are substantially reduced and generally less tax is paid.

Understanding IR35 requires scrutinising the underlying nature of a worker’s relationship with an operator. If you remove the PSC, would the worker actually have been the operator’s employee? If the answer is yes, the income of the PSC is regarded as the worker’s earnings and is subject to tax and Class 1 NICs as their employment income.

No.3 Gin Crowns Will Campbell-Rowntree of Artesian winner of its 2019 Cocktail Tournament

Until now, the risk of an arrangement falling inside IR35 meant payroll liabilities would fall on the PSC and not the paying operator. However, in April 2017, responsibility for assessing engagements with PSCs working in the public sector shifted to the end-user operator. As a result, where arrangements between a public sector end-user operator and a PSC have the features of employment, the fee-paying end-user operator must account for tax and NICs under PAYE when paying the worker (including employer NICs). This means an extra cost for the end-user operator. In 2018, the Chancellor confirmed that public sector rules would be extended to the private sector from April 2020, but with an exemption for small businesses. To qualify as ‘small’, a business must meet two of the following three requirements: 1. An annual turnover of not more than £10.2m 2. A balance sheet total of not more than £5.1m 3. Not more than 50 employees.

WHAT WILL NON-EXEMPT OPERATORS NEED TO DO FROM APRIL 2020? • Provide the ‘status determination’ they have decided, not only to the contracting party (a PSC or other intermediary, such as an employment agency), but also directly to the individual worker • Account for tax and NICs under PAYE when paying the worker (including employer NICs) Will this make operators more cautious when dealing with off-payroll workers who use a PSC? Most likely, yes. Naturally, operators want to send out a positive message regarding their willingness to embrace flexible working, offering adaptable contractual arrangements to accommodate staff requirements. However, with the new regulations coming into force from 2020 for the industry, the important factor here is that operators understand where their obligations, responsibilities and potential liabilities start and conclude. Further detailed guidance from HMRC on staff categorisation can be found at: www.gov.uk/employment-status For further information about Gannons, please visit www.gannons.co.uk

Following an animated and competitive Final at Berry Bros. & Rudd, No.3 Gin has crowned Will Campbell-Rowntree of Artesian the winner of its third Unlock Taste Cocktail Tournament. This year’s Final saw six of the UK’s best bartenders compete in a series of challenges that put their knowledge, flair and creativity to the test. Using No.3 Gin, each was tasked with recreating, re-imagining and re-inventing two of the most iconic gin cocktails – the Martini and the Gin & Tonic. A surprise cocktail ‘duel’, held in Pickering Place (the site of the UK’s last official duel at the end of the eighteenth century), also challenged competitors to create a selection of other classic gin cocktails from mystery boxes and work against the clock to deliver their creations. There could be only one winner; Will Campbell-Rowntree presented two exceptional creations - Layer Mill and King’s Revival – which paired Good Ordinary Claret, The King’s Ginger and The Glenrothes to name a few ingredients, and truly heroed the quintessential style of No.3 Gin. In addition to the accolade of being No.3 Gin’s Unlock Taste UK Champion, Will Campbell-Rowntree will jet off to Hong Kong for a five-day luxury experience with £200 spending money and lead a much sought-after guest shift at one of the world’s top 50 bars. In response to his win, Will Campbell-Rowntree of Artesian said: “I’m humbled to have won this year’s competition, especially when up against some really talented bartenders. I’ve always liked No.3 because it’s a classic, juniper-led, great-quality gin, and this prompted me to enter in the first place.” This has been a fantastic experience and one that will no doubt help further my career.”

June 2019

Women’s World Cup Could Boost Beer Sales By 3 Million Pints The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has predicted that the Women’s World Cup could boost beer sales by 3 million pints, should the Lionesses reach the final of the tournament and pubs show the game.

lion extra pints sold would provide as much as a £9 million boost to the economy, with the Great British pub being one of the main benefactors of a surge in demand for beer as fans cheer on the Lionesses at their local.

The trade association is backing a campaign called ‘Change the Channel’, which is spurring venues across the UK to back women in sport and show the Women’s World Cup.

A Women’s World Cup run would also be great news for the taxman. Beer duty, the extra tax put on beer in addition to VAT, would mean that HMRC would get a windfall as high as £1.4 million from beer drinkers and pub-goers watching the Lionesses throughout the tournament if they made it to the final.

With 8.7 million people in the UK keen to watch women’s sport[1], the tournament could be a big boost to Britain’s pubs. Particularly as all games will be broadcast on the BBC, meaning pubs that don’t have a subscription to Sky Sports or BT Sports can still show the tournament. With more interest in the Women’s World Cup than ever before, and the Lionesses carrying the best odds they’ve ever had to win the tournament, the BBPA believes that pubs could greatly benefit if England go on a run and make it to the final. If the England team did make it to the final, the 3 mil-

BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds comments: “When it comes to watching England at the World Cup, only being at the game itself can compare with being in the pub. “By switching the station to the Women’s World Cup, pubs will be doing their bit to promote women’s sport. With 8.7 million people in the UK keen to watch women’s sport, it will also be a great chance for pubs to get customers through the door. This is why we support the Change the Channel campaign.”

Charity Pub of The Year Awards Open For Entries The search is on for the UK’s Charity Pub of the Year, as the 2019 competition, organised by PubAid and the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group (APPBG) and sponsored by Matthew Clark, opens for entries. The competition, now in its second year, seeks to recognise pubs who go the extra mile in their support of charities and good causes. While the sums of money raised are one element, judges are also looking for other involvement, such as hosting meetings for local groups, offering meals as raffle prizes or doing good works in the community, such as litter picking or helping elderly residents. Pubs across the UK who are proud of their charity and community support are welcome to enter online on the PubAid website before the closing date of 30 September. Entries need to be endorsed by the pub’s

local MP, but this can be sought by the PubAid and APPBG teams after submission of the form. All entrants will be featured on the PubAid website, and mentioned on PubAid social media channels. After the closing date, judges will review entries and publish a shortlist of the pubs who are, in their view, best fulfilling the aims of the competition. All finalists will be invited, with their MP, to attend a reception in London, where the overall winner will be announced.

The 2018 Charity Pub of the Year competition attracted 69 entries and was won by the Logan Rock, a St Austell pub in Cornwall. The eight pubs shortlisted for last year’s award have together raised £1 million for charity over the last 10 years, contributing to the £100 million raised by the UK’s pubs every year. Co-founder of PubAid, Des O’Flanagan said: “We’re delighted to be running this competition again, and are grateful to the involvement of Matthew Clark, whose support makes these awards possible. “Whatever size of pub you run, whether you raise money for a national charity or a local cause, or support your local community in other ways, please think about entering and receiving recognition for the great work you done by you, your team and your customers.”

CLH News


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The Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News Group is published by RBC Publishing Ltd, Suite 4, Roddis House, Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset. Contributions are welcome for consideration, however, no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage. Views expressed within this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher or the editorial team. Whilst every care is taken when compiling this publication to ensure accuracy, the publisher will assume no responsibility for any effects, errors or omissions therefrom. All rights reserved, reproduction is forbidden unless written permission is obtained. All material is assumed copyright free unless otherwise advised.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

June 2019

Hotel Direct Bookings Survey Reveals Continued Growth Awards Set to Sniff Out the Most Dog Friendly Pub By Avvio chief commercial officer, Michael De Jongh

model diminishing alongside those fees or becoming an additional cost, as with the new wave of banking services such as Revolut which charges consumers an annual fee. "So, it’s hoteliers themselves that need to be thinking about this added value and how they’re making it worth it for the customer to be booking directly with the hotel. We mustn’t forget that otherwise why would the customer care about direct bookings? What is in it for them? "As we’ve seen with the growth of services like Netflix and Amazon, this is where personalisation plays a fundamental role and the travel industry should be no exception.

Avvio recently collaborated with the Independent Hotel Show to carry out research into hoteliers’ relationships with online travel agencies (OTAs) and surveyed 150 hospitality professionals across Europe, producing some interesting results.

"With their reliance on OTAs, many hotels still have very basic and out-of-date websites that inevitably lead all visitors to a ‘book now’ button and a third-party booking engine without any consideration for who the visitor might be.

In a bid to acknowledge the region’s most dog friendly pub and to encourage local pubs to offer the very best in canine hospitality, the prestigious South West Tourism Awards has launched a brand-new award category this summer that’s bound to set tails wagging: ‘South West England’s Most Dog Friendly Pub of the Year’. The prestigious awards launch this week, with support from Devon-based natural pet food producers, Forthglade. The award will rely on public votes throughout the summer, to help unveil the region’s leading pubs that go the extra mile to make our fourlegged friends truly welcome. The Awards will first run across the four regions of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Bristol, Bath & Somerset individually. The winners from each of the four counties will then go head-to-head to compete for the coveted title of ‘South West England’s Most Dog Friendly Pub of the Year 2019/20’.

The research shows that the vast majority of respondents accepted online bookings from OTAs, but, most encouragingly, 69 per cent also stated they were committed to growing their strategy to drive direct bookings.

"What about when customers who have already booked to stay at a hotel are browsing the website to see the additional services on offer? This is the opportunity for hoteliers to upsell and create a unique customer experience. The technology that’s available today means there’s no need to be showing irrelevant ‘book now’ messages to the wrong audience.

The Direct Booking Survey 2019 also highlighted that although nearly all of the hoteliers who responded use OTAs as part of their distribution model, the overarching consensus is that the commission charged has reached unacceptable highs.

"This drive for providing guests with incredible personalised experiences of staying at your hotel and owning the customer, from booking to departure, is something else that OTAs can’t offer and something that hoteliers need to capitalise on.

Avvio chief commercial officer, Michael De Jongh comments:

"This truly is the digital era – we’re seeing social media Robin Barker, organiser of the Tourism Awards and becoming an irrepressibly powerful marketing tool with owner of Sprollies Jessie and Millie, said: “We’re really 64 per cent of the survey respondents stating that it is an effective means of driving direct bookings at their proper- excited to be launching this new award, alongside ties. Consumers are broadening their experiences and looking to try as many products as possible, whether it’s hotels, restaurants, beauty products, clothes, etc.

"When it comes to the contest for driving direct bookings, I think it’s important to consider that the insight offered by the survey into OTA commissions might be slightly obscured. "Before OTAs, travels agents were taking up to – if not over – 30 per cent commission from hotel bookings, so their online counterparts have actually established cheaper distributions costs.” "The focus needs to shift from cost to value, and the value brought by OTAs must be recognised. Allowing smaller independent hotel chains to take advantage of huge marketing machines with an otherwise incomprehensible geographical audience, OTAs ensure a high rate of occupancy is achieved and maintained. "Saying this, they are undoubtedly facing the race to zero commission fees which we’ve seen across many industries, with banking and payments being the hardest hit. As a result, we are likely to see the added value brought by using an OTA as part of a hotel’s business

Whilst each of the regions’ dog friendly pubs are being encouraged to seek votes from their dog-owning customers, every individual who casts a vote will be in with a chance of winning a dog-friendly prize package worth £1000, including a 3-night break, courtesy of Pet’s Pyjamas (dog friendly of course), and over £250 worth of Forthglade natural pet food.

Forthglade – recognising the region’s pubs that work so hard to make us and our four-legged friends feel so welcome, especially as for so many, our dogs really are part of the family”. Gerard Lovell, Joint MD of Forthglade and owner of Labrador Bo, agreed: “There’s nothing better than going for a long walk with your dog and finding a cosy pub for a bite to eat. The South West is renowned for being a phenomenal hotspot for food and drink, not only for those of us lucky enough to live here, but for the millions of visitors to the region – a staggering proportion of whom bring their canine companions along with them. “It’s an honour to be teaming up with such a recognised awards body to shine the spotlight on the pubs that throw their doors wide open to our four-legged friends, and this award will hopefully encourage even more pubs to embrace a first-class dog friendly policy.” Little things – like providing fresh drinking water and obvious signage are great ways to let customers with dogs know they’re welcome, whilst going the extra mile might include healthy dog treats, dedicated dog-friendly areas, or even providing a wholesome meal for the family dog. Pubs can download free promotional material by visiting: www.forthglade.com/campaigns/dogfriendly/promotemy-pub To nominate your favourite dog-friendly pub: visit www.forthglade.com/vote to submit your nomination and don’t forget to share on social media to encourage others to vote – it only takes a few moments! Entries close on 18th August 2019.

MBE Awarded to Bidfood Group Sales and Marketing Director

"This has inevitably led to less personal hotel or brand loyalty, but it has established a platform for invaluable advocates and ambassadors. This new form of loyalty revolves around reviews and personal recommendations; it’s about constantly extending the fan base by providing your guests with an experience that they want to share. "The travel industry landscape is changing dramatically and the Direct Booking Survey we carried out alongside the Independent Hotel Show demonstrates just how much of a ‘hot topic’ distributions strategies currently are.

Dr Andrew Kemp FIH, long-serving Group Sales and Marketing Director at Bidfood, has been graciously awarded an MBE in The Queen’s Birthday Honours list, announced on Saturday 8th June. The award was bestowed in recognition of his outstanding services to the foodservice and hospi-

tality industry. "Cost doesn’t necessarily have to be the be-all and endAndy is a well-known face in the sector who, over all for the customer, so as OTAs continue to be chalthe last 40 years, has shown an insatiable appetite for lenged over their commission fees, hoteliers need to making positive change, using his platform to tireless-

ly collaborate and work alongside industry bodies and charities. His enthusiasm, energy and passion for the sector has been channelled into a variety of notable causes and initiatives. On being recognised in The Queen’s Birthday Honours list 2019 Andy said: “I am both proud and delighted to be a recipient of this prestigious award. It’s a great honour to work in such an incredible industry alongside many influential and wonderful people. “I’m receiving this award not only on behalf of Bidfood, but on behalf of all of these partners who have offered me a lifetime of support. Thank you, to everyone who has helped me along this journey."

81% Of Hotel and Restaurant Firms Are Family-Owned A new report by the Institute for Family Business Research Foundation reveals the sizeable contribution family firms continue to make to the UK economy. In the hotels and restaurants sector the over 163,000 family-owned businesses employ 1.1 million people. They make up 81 per cent of private sector firms. The report shows how the family business sector continues to grow, shining a light particularly on how small family firms are growing and investing for the future. Speaking about the new report, Institute for Family Business (IFB) Director General Elizabeth Bagger said: “Family businesses are at the heart of communities across the country. And this new report shows they are a vital force in our economy too – and how their continued growth will benefit the UK as a whole. Hotel and restaurant family businesses create a substantial proportion of employment, and we are proud to champion and delighted to celebrate this incredible contribution. “Family firms clearly have the appetite and ambition for growth. They’re investing in skills and looking to the long term. As a country we need to help more of our smaller family firms to overcome the barriers they face, and support them in scaling up and successfully transferring ownership through the generations. “For those first generation family businesses looking at succession for the first time, it’s important too to realise that you aren’t alone. There are successful, multigenerational family businesses all around the country who you can learn from. “The family business sector offers so much potential for long term growth. Championing and supporting our mid-sized firms, and helping smaller family businesses to scale up, must be a priority as we look at what our economy will look like in the years ahead.”

For the first time the report includes information on who manages family firms and female representation in leadership roles. The report reveals that family SMEs are more likely to have female leaders than non-family firms – 81 per cent family SMEs, compared to 58 per cent in non-family SMEs, reported having at least female director, owner or partner.

According to the research nine million consumers are now drinking cocktails on a night out. Ben Anderson, marketing director at Funkin Cocktails, said: “From high-end bars to high-footfall venues and everything in-between, cocktails are in huge demand and consumers are happy to pay a premium

• Report shows more than 13 million people work in family firms • There are over 163,000 family-owned businesses in the hotels and restaurants sector – 81 cent of all private sector firms. • Hotel and restaurant family businesses employ 1.1 million people • Family firms generated £1.7 trillion in revenue in 2017 • Family businesses contributed £598 billion to UK GDP in 2017 – 28 per cent of the whole UK economy in that year. • Family businesses contribute £182 billion in taxes – more than the NHS annual budget in 2017/18 • Across the UK, more family firms have increased, as opposed to decreased, their employee headcount when compared to a year ago • More family SMEs have female leaders than non-family firms

“The nation’s love affair with cocktails isn’t waning and we would urge those outlets not serving mixed drinks to grab the opportunity and drive footfall and incremental sales.” The data also shows that the average price of a cock-

tail has increased by 51p (US$0.65) year-on-year and people in London are now willing to pay £7.67 while drinkers outside the capital would happily pay up to £6.77. Anderson added: “Research also reveals that up to 69% of people choose cocktails spontaneously so the opportunity to attract new customers, increase profit per serve and drive footfall is huge just by adding a few classic cocktails to a drinks menu.” See the Spirits and Cocktails feature on pages 24-27.

Marston’s £6m Stockpile Amid No-Deal Brexit Concerns Marston’s said: “Consequently, stock levels were around £6 million higher than the corresponding period last year.We continue to

BBPA Welcomes British High Street Awards and Calls for Action to Help Pubs


“Cocktails are becoming more accessible than ever before and we see the biggest growth coming from mainstream outlets.

The group said it built up stocks of the brand and several core lines “in anticipation of a disorderly Brexit” before the original March 29 Brexit deadline, which has now been pushed back to October 31.


Mid-sized family firms – the UK’s Mittlestand – showed higher levels of growth with 56 per cent of mid-sized family firms growing their turnover, and 51 per cent increasing the size of their workforce over the past year.

for a great-looking, great-tasting cocktail.

Pub and brewing group Marston’s have revealed it has stockpiled around £6 million of beer including Spanish lager Estrella Damm amid concerns over a no-deal Brexit.

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The report shows that while 91 per cent of family SMEs are family managed, as businesses grow, they are more likely to employ non-family members to run the business, with around half of medium sized family firms non-family managed.

Sales of Cocktails in the UK Increased by 9.5% in 2018 to Reach £587 Million According to latest CGA data, which was published by Funkin, the number of on-trade outlets serving cocktails has risen by 75% since 2014 since 2014 bringing the total to 42,000.

June 2019

closely monitor the Brexit situation and are well placed to implement any necessary contingency plans.” Details of the stockpiling came as Marston’s reported a 2% rise in underlying pre-tax profits to £37 million for the six months to March 30 on revenues 5% higher at £553.1 million. Ralph Findlay, chief executive of Marston’s, said: “Whilst the backdrop of ongoing uncertainty around Brexit continues to be challenging, opportunities for growth remain and we are confident of delivering another year of profitable growth for our shareholders.”

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has welcomed the return of the Great British High Street Awards for 2019, which shine the light on Britain’s best high streets and their vital contribution to the soul and economic viability of towns and cities across the UK. The BBPA has been a member of the Government’s High Streets forum since 2014 and Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the BBPA, has been a judge for four of the Great British High Street Awards. Awards will be given for both ‘Rising Stars’ and the ‘Champion High Street’. The final shortlist for the awards will be announced in August. BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds commented: “The high street is an important part of any town or city in the UK and the Great British High Street Awards are a fantastic way to celebrate this. It is great that Visa are supporting the competition again this year and we urge high streets up and down the country to enter. “The £675 million the Government has allocated to high streets, along with their rates reduction for high street businesses with a rateable value under £51,000, are most welcome. Without doubt there is still more that can be done on both business rates and regulations. “As a judge of the Great British High Street Awards, I know that leadership and expert advice is vital to success on the high street. Local authorities have a huge part to play too and we would urge their support for existing businesses like pubs, which add vitality and character to individual high streets across the UK. “With consumer spending on the high street down, and many choosing to do their shopping online instead, pubs and the wider hospitality industry are more important to the prosperity of our high streets than ever before.”


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June 2019

The Great British Breakfast Survey Brits are known for our love of breakfast. For many of us, it’s not just the most important meal of the day, it’s also our favourite. And it seems that cafes and restaurants are taking notice, with more breakfast options that ever before, from the traditional to the quirky, health and unhealthy – there’s something for everyone. But what is the most popular breakfast of them all?

Responding to the Government’s response to the HCLG Committee’s report on the future of seaside towns, UKHospitality (UKH), the single, authoritative voice for the hospitality sector, has highlighted the need to put skills and training at the heart of its strategy. The importance of the prompt delivery of a Tourism Sector Deal as soon as possible was also a key factor of UKH’s response.

Leonardo Hotels surveyed 2,000 adults from all over the UK to uncover the truth behind our breakfast habits. Here’s what we found. Can I take your order, please? Despite the rise of trendy alternatives like shakshuka, huevos rancheros and smashed avocado, the good old-fashioned fry-up continues to reign supreme. The ‘Full English’ came out on top as the UK’s favourite breakfast, with 83% of Brits saying they love this classic dish.

Commenting on the response Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality CEO said: “We are pleased to see the Government’s commitment to the future of seaside towns, where hospitality plays such an important economic role.

It seems that as a nation, we still favour more traditional breakfast options, with cereal (81%), a bacon sandwich (79%), croissants and pastries (78%), and pancakes (77%) making up the rest of the top 5. However, while the Full English came out on top for the country as a whole, this wasn’t the same everywhere. People in Belfast (81%) chose pancakes as their favourite breakfast, while Liverpool (88%) and Plymouth (86%) just can’t get enough of bacon sandwiches. Elsewhere, cereal came out as the breakfast of choice for people in Cardiff (87%), Edinburgh (87%), Manchester (85%), Newcastle (87%) and Southampton (87%). Also, it looks as though the next generation may be moving away from our national favourite, with the Full English dropping down to 6th place with 16-24 year olds. This age group are opting for pancakes (77%), croissants and pastries (72%), cereal (71%), waffles (68%) and smoothies (68%) over a fry-up (66%).

THE KING OF BREAKFASTS So, we’ve established that the Full English is the UK’s favourite breakfast, but what exactly are we putting on our plates? Fried or poached eggs? Tomato ketchup or brown sauce? Hash browns or chips? All important questions that needed answering. Unsurprisingly, bacon came out on top as the most essential element of a Full English, with 69% of Brits wanting this on their plate. Sausages took the number two spot with 66%, followed by toast (62%), baked beans (57%) and a fried egg (53%). We’re choosing fried mushrooms (42%) over grilled (38%) and hash browns (44%) over chips (19%). For people in Northern Ireland, soda bread is the third most important element of a fry-up, with 60% considering it essential. And up in Scotland, black pudding is the 5th most important ingredient, with 52% of Scots wanting in on their plate. When it comes to sauce, it’s tomato ketchup (29%) that we’re reaching for, closely followed by brown sauce (23%). However, these aren’t the only sauces we’re adding to our fry-up. 5% of Brits would happily add BBQ sauce or mayonnaise to their Full English, while 3% would opt for chilli sauce.

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK While more traditional options continue to top the breakfast charts, recent years have seen a rise in the number of options available to hungry diners, with some of these climbing the rankings and finding a place

UKHospitality Welcomes Focus on Skills In Regeneration Of Seaside Towns

in our top 20. Breakfast hash is one of a number of American-inspired breakfast dishes that has become increasingly popular in the UK, with 51% of Brits loving this, with eggs benedict (49%) being another new favourite. Moving further afield, 26% of the UK like kedgeree, an Indianinspired dish consisting of smoked fish, rice and hard-boiled eggs, while 16% love huevos rancheros, a Mexican breakfast made up of refried beans, salsa, avocado and eggs, served with warm tortillas. As the nation becomes more health-conscious than ever before, we’re also seeing an increase in healthier breakfast options. 61% of Brits said they enjoy a bowl of yoghurt and granola for breakfast, while 59% like a smoothie. 36% of those in our survey have made their own overnight oats, a new trend sweeping the nation, while 33% have enjoyed the millennial favourite, avocado and poached egg on toast.

“Improvements to the apprenticeship system to make it work for seasonal workers is critical for hospitality businesses and employees in coastal areas.

BOOZY BRUNCH The increasing popularity of brunch has also led to a rise in brunchfriendly cocktails. And when it comes to cocktails, Brits are ordering a Bloody Mary (24%) before anything else, closely followed by a Bellini (23%) and a Mimosa (18%).

“It is, however, disappointing that Government is not prepared to reconsider the benefits of a cut in VAT for tourism businesses, which will help to create even greater employment. “The focus on skills development absolutely ties in with the sector’s commitment to become an industry of choice for the workforce. The Government can implement reforms to facilitate that and help us deliver great careers. We urge Government to endorse the Tourism Sector Deal to unleash the potential the sector has to improve lives across in seaside towns and across the country.”

Greene King Goes Colourful for Pride city’s oldest LGBT+ friendly pub. Over 300 team members across the country have now joined the network, with the support of eight committee members. Pubs will also be taking part with the launch of Queen of Beers; an ale in celebration of Pride month and the launch of the Village Greene.

TEA OR COFFEE? When it comes to drinks, traditional options are leading the way once again, with fruit juice (85%), English Breakfast tea (69%) and white coffee (66%) coming out on top as the nation’s favourites. While fruit juice came out as the most popular drink across the board, there were some variations when it came to hot drinks. According to our study, men prefer white coffee (68%) while women would rather have a cup of English Breakfast tea (70%). Looking around the country, people in Birmingham (68%) and Glasgow (70%) are opting for a cappuccino (68%) while those in Edinburgh (69%) prefer a latte.

Linking local need with the output of local education facilities will also support economic growth, providing a pipeline of talent and high-quality jobs.

The rainbow flag will replace the traditional Greene King flag and fly for the duration of June’s Pride month.

Scott Frankham, Senior Communications Manager and Village Greene committee member, said: “We are extremely proud to see the rainbow flag flying high above our Bury St Edmunds brewery this June. It’s great to see the company show pride in its diverse workforce by supporting Pride month and also helping the network to launch the Queen of Beers ale to mark the celebration.”

The flag follows last month’s launch of Greene King’s LGBT+ Network, The Village Greene, at the City of Quebec, London which is thought to be the

Greene King is also hosting launch events in both head offices throughout June to celebrate the Pride with its teams.

Managed pub company and brewer Greene King is showing its support for its LGBT+ team members and customers, by flying a Pride flag its brewery in Bury St Edmunds.

June 2019

Living Hours Campaign Launched to Tackle Work Insecurity The Living Wage Foundation has launched Living Hours, a major new programme to tackle widespread insecurity over hours and provide workers with real control over their lives. The scheme will require organisations to pay the real Living Wage and commit to provide workers with at least four weeks’ notice of shifts, a contract that accurately reflects hours worked, and a contract with a guaranteed minimum of 16 hours a week.Organisations that agree to these measures will be accredited as Living Hours employers alongside their Living Wage accreditation. The announcement comes as new research commissioned by the Living Wage Foundation has revealed that one in six, or around 5 million workers, are in low paid, insecure forms of work, including short-term contracts, and contracts with unpredictable pay and hours. The research found: • 2 million workers in low paid, insecure work are parents • Over a fifth (22%) of workers aged 16-24 are in low paid, insecure work, and in most types of insecure work measured, young people are worst affected. • However, insecurity is not just a problem for young people – 1 in 2 employed people (46%) experiencing insecurity and low pay at work are over the age of 35 • Over a fifth (21%) of the working population in Wales experiences low paid, insecure work, and 18% in the North East, compared to 15% in London and 13% in Scotland. • Those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are disproportionately affected: 15% of white people in work

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are experiencing low pay and insecurity in comparison to 17% of workers from mixed/multiple ethnic groups, 17% of Asian/Asian British workers and 17% of Black/African/Caribbean/Black British workers Major Living Wage employers including Richer Sounds, SSE and Standard Life Aberdeen have committed to sign up to the scheme, and the Living Wage Foundation expects other employers to sign up over the coming months. Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said: “The Living Wage has put almost £1bn extra into the pockets of more than 200,000 workers, but it’s increasingly clear that pay is not the only driver of in-work poverty. A lack of secure, stable hours is leaving millions of families struggling to keep their heads above water. This isn’t good for workers or businesses. “Constant uncertainty over the number of hours, timings of your shifts or the amount of pay you’ll get each week places people under enormous pressure. A shift cancelled at the last minute might sound small, but it can be the difference between being able to pay for your family’s dinner that night or going hungry. And being expected to work at short notice means you can’t plan around other costs and commitments. “We’ve consulted with hundreds of workers, employers and trade unions in drawing up these measures to ensure they are ambitious but achievable. We believe Living Hours will provide an important new measure to fight in-work poverty and to provide workers and their families with stability and security.”

Brits Will Spend Over 10 Hours A Week Watching Sport This Summer As sports fans prepare for a bumper summer of sporting fixtures, new research by Greene King has revealed that fans will spend an astonishing 10 HOURS a week watching sport on TV this summer. Results of the research which marks the launch of Greene King’s ‘Summer of Sport’ campaign, revealed that 57% of Brits say they plan to tune in for the clash between Liverpool and Tottenham this weekend, with just under a quarter (24%) of those heading down to the pub to enjoy the game with pals. With plenty of sport on offer throughout the summer, more than

a third of British males (34%) plan on watching over 10 hours of sport across the summer months, whereas 28% of female brits only plan on watching 2 to 4 hours a week. Across the country, those residing in the West Midlands (36%) will be watching the most sport this summer, followed closely by London (34%), with only 1 in 5 Northern Ireland residents (20%) tuning in for over 10 hours a week. It comes as no surprise that Brits love a pint when watching their favourite sporting events, with 32% of brits choosing Beer as their beverage of choice, closely followed by a Tea/Coffee (26%) and soft drinks

(20%). Londoners will be making most of the summer weather, with three fifths (60%) preferring to watch sports at the pub because they can watch with their friends. As well as the Nations League and Women’s World Cup for football fans, the leading pub company and brewer has committed to broadcast a number of other key sporting events at its pubs throughout the summer, including the Cricket World Cup and Ashes on home soil, The Open and US Open for golf enthusiasts, Epsom Derby for Horse Racing fanatics and Wimbledon for the Tennis fans.

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June 2019

Pub, Anyone?

By Pete Champion Co-edited by Oceane Daigneau Frugier


For generations, pubs have been at the heart of community life in the UK. Our TV soap operas revolve around fictional Locals that have become iconic: The Rover’s Return, The Queen Vic, The Woolpack. These exist at the hub of community life; the venue to gather and share all life’s joys and dramas.

Coming back to the traditional pub environment, larger chain Fullers have approached their brand strategy by acknowledging both traditional values of pub-culture as well as engaging multiple generations through both physical and digital channels. Their social initiatives are important to the brand, focused on giving something back to the communities that support their pubs and inns, by supporting local events and charities. Along with sponsorship of carnivals, school fetes, fundraisers and a number of sporting events, the pubs aim to serve as more than just a commercial venue - when severe flooding hit Staines, Middlesex, The Swan Hotel handed out free hot drinks to displaced local residents and even played host to the local doctor while the surgery was submerged.

But in reality, all is not well with ‘the Local’. The British people’s relationship to pubs has changed, manifesting a trend that’s similar to the impact we are seeing on our high streets, from retail to banking and restaurants. The traditional pub is under threat. A range of pressures are forcing closures and transforming the very nature of what a ‘pub’ actually needs to be in order to remain relevant. The notion of ‘social’ is now inseparable from ‘media’, so that in this digital age online communities to many have become as or more important than the tangible experience of ‘society’. In addition, the places or hubs that we now favour to gather in, across all regions in the UK, have shifted towards the likes of ‘third-place’ coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero and other independent cafes. In urban centres, newer bars are becoming preferred over pubs for social get togethers, underpinned by the craft beer and gin revolutions. At the same time, younger generations – although not without their contradictions - are generally leaning less than their forbears on alcohol as an essential part of their socialising, striving for healthier lifestyles overall. The pubs that have successfully responded to this dangerous shift, have as a dominant movement done so through food-driven re-positioning – shifting from their original purpose as a default and ad-hoc community gathering place focused on the bar, to become predefined ‘let’s eat out’ destinations. Inspired by lesser or greater degrees by the notion of ‘Gastropub’, they have become restaurants surrounded by the peripheral trappings of what used to be a local pub. But for traditional ‘locals’ wanting to stay true to the notion of pub-first, the challenge is even more complex. As a creators of ‘Brand experiences’, as well as dedicated lovers of the good old-fashioned pub, we are both concerned by the idea of losing them as a lynchpins of communities, as well as fascinated to understand if there is an experiential ‘formula’ to what made pubs such wonderful communal experiences in the past. If so, could this be modified or updated to keep them as an important thread in the fabric of our evolving society? How can pubs continue to play a relevant role in our new and future social landscape? Can we identify some key experiential principles of that fit our new community needs & desires - to help ensure a positive future for these icons of British culture.

DARK CLOUDS OVER THE LOCAL To start with, the British pub has never been just a place to drink. Instead, it’s been a unique social centre at the heart of villages, towns and cities. A study published by The Telegraph, identified that villages with a thriving local pub have more community spirit and stronger local businesses than those that do not. The Institute for Public Policy Research (2014) also concluded that pubs boost the income of other village businesses by around £80,000 a year but also generate up to £120,000 worth of “social benefit” to rural areas. Throughout history, ales and beers have been a staple of the British diet, making the pub a space that appealed to the masses consequently creating the perfect place for networking and socialising. At the core, the pub has always been about the people that it serves, providing services wider than just the provision of drinks to the locals. Sadly, since the turn of the millennium more than 25% of UK pubs have closed down (ONS, ‘Economies of Ale’ 2018) and according to The Campaign for Real Ale Association, these latest figures have been felt by communities across the country, showing the sociocultural impact these establishments have had. At first the decline was blamed on the high alcohol taxes, the smoking ban and recession, leading to supermarkets undercutting the pubs with their cheap bulk booze offers (British Beer & Pub Association, 2018) Then, the 2008 financial crisis compounded the prob-

lem – one in four of the pubs that managed to survive up to that time have since closed. Small pubs (10 staff or less) have borne the brunt, with larger chain pubs actually on the rise (The Drinks Business, 2018). JD Wetherspoon have added a further 720 pubs to their portfolio over the last 20 years. These larger companies also consolidated their portfolios, expanding to sites with big kitchens and private function rooms. All pubs are facing challenges, but it’s the independent Locals feeling the pinch the most. Macro-economic factors do not explain everything, of course. It is also crucial to acknowledge evolving consumer tastes and trends. According to YouGov poll, 4.2 million people have said they would take part in Dry January this year, which is an extra 1.1 million (35%) from 2018. Drinking habits have massively changed, with the number of adults who say that ‘they drink alcohol’ being at its lowest level since surveys began in 2005, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS, 2017). Additionally, half of adults have tried non-alcoholic substitutes, and over 50% agreed that non-alcoholic beers have become ‘socially acceptable’ (!) in the last two years (OnePoll Survey, 2018), It’s no surprise then that non-alcoholic beer now counts for 2% and rising of Europe’s beer production by value (Brewers of Europe, 2018). Add to this the unstoppable popularity of coffee, ice cream and the like, and it’s clear that the historical pattern of booze at the heart of social structures is not to be taken for granted. Many have associated these lifestyle shifts with the much-examined ‘millennials’, suggesting they are to blame for the death of pubs - but the truth is, in common with other industries that struggle to maintain contemporary relevance, many pubs have not proved quick to read and adapt to the values and tastes of newer generations. These challenges show how critical it is for pubs – if they are to remain significant in UK culture - to develop their sense of community, relevance and meaning in the social landscape – and to consistently deliver rewarding experiences orientated around these ideas.

LOOKING FOR HOPE IN A PINT GLASS Realistically, is there a solution to this pub crisis? – Are there insights that could help reinvent the pub experience so that Locals can continue to be important to society? To answer that key question, it’s worth a look at trends in where people prefer to gather in recent years and consider why. Firstly, it’s simply undeniable that the coffee revolution has set the agenda for the new social hubs: 81% of people visit a coffee shop at least weekly. Britain’s growing coffee habit means the market is now worth £9.6bn a year in over 24,000 outlets (Allegra Project Café, 2018). This is not only driven by Starbucks, Costa, Nero and their ilk. The ‘artisan’ trend, manifested by independent roasters and craft breweries elevates the importance of the core product and its backstory. This phenomenon has been gaining momentum since the mid-2000s becoming prevalent in the UK market, spawning smaller ‘5th Wave’ branded chains with ‘artisanal’ as the platform of their brand, such as Gail’s, Grind, Blackbird Bakery, Caravan and Black Sheep Coffee amongst others. All target the discerning millennial looking for premiumquality and service that expresses a lifestyle choice.

The big coffee brands are of course keenly attuned to this, rigorously focusing on consumers’ developing priorities. They respond by innovating and developing their own offers with ever more creative, design-led upgrades to their experiences with their product provenance and quality as the hero. Many Pubs might learn from this and realise they have a trump card to play: the value of being independent (in millennial speak ‘authentic’), the true stories of craft and passion behind their beers, ciders, spirits and food - and how that can translate in their experience. More directly, neither would it hurt if they became just as good as the branded coffee houses, at serving the topquality brews customers now seek out wherever they go. Rapidly improving bean-to-cup machines now make this possible without the need to train a fleet of craft baristas. The Earl of Essex in Islington, a traditional historical pub, refreshed its appeal by introducing a micro-brewery within the space. A simple but effective instance of the craft-artisan experience complimenting an independent pub setting, creating a reason to visit beyond its heritage alone. In the same sense with urban bars and new alcohol brands, those that have deliberately conceived a brand positioning and strategy, and translated this creatively as memorable experiences, are successfully engaging with younger audiences – perhaps the antithesis of the traditional pub citizen. The craft beer brand Brewdog has opened a series of bars incorporating Beer Schools. These bookable experiences offer guests a selection of four BrewDog Headliner samples as their ‘crewmember’ leads a guided tasting session. For up to two hours, they will talk about the style, explain the flavours and the history of beer and discuss the variety and background of craft brewing. The décor is stripped back and urban, but relentlessly in-tune with the brand image. Arguably a pioneer of beverage brand experience elevated to the ultimate, the Guinness Storehouse Experience has for years set the benchmark. It’s inspired many an imitator including a range of gin and whisky distillery tour experiences. Serving as a cultural museum and a brewery tour, the destination on the site of the original brewery in Dublin allows guests to get involved in various activities, from the 3D Guinness Storehouse maze, learning how to pour the perfect pint, to a sophisticated sampling experience in The Tasting Rooms designed by Bompas & Parr. This concept is inspiring in the way it approaches consumer engagement from the celebration of the product through to the legends surrounding it.

Their campaigns aim to communicate how Fuller’s is a typically English multi-generational brand. We can see this through the social media campaign ‘Confessions’, which showed people come clean to their dads about secrets they’d kept to themselves, over a pint of London Pride. Filmed in The Hand and Flower, Hammersmith, the unsuspecting dads had been told they were going to a beer tasting, but their children revealed the truth on camera – producing a series of touching moments involving both young and older generations. Another campaign which modernised the interaction with their heritage product was their #MadeOfLondon campaign – followers of London Pride on Twitter had an hour to claim their free pint, when they spotted a pint of pride being shared. The campaign was brought to life by Londoners whilst showcasing the iconic locations across the city. This successfully engendered a true sense of community, specific to being a Londoner. Of course, pubs and brewers don’t have to be big to develop initiatives that attract or benefit communities. Independents such as Hackney Church Brew. Co is one of many to include a ‘beer hall’ to its brewery, but their approach to their experience is inviting to all and gives back to the local community by partnering with Hackney Church. This partnership supports the Lighthouse Project, a lunch concept for vulnerable locals who can drop in for a hot meal and a friendly chat on Wednesday’s. In addition to the brewery tours, they have a taproom and a dining area – the food concept aims to pair and showcase season-ingredients led dishes cooked over live-fire.

Other examples include community-owned pubs, such as The Anglers Rest in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District, which serves as a café and a post office as well as a pub to cater to varying needs of the local-residents. Visits to the pub whether for a pint, coffee or a stamp the money help sustain the community. The Centurion offers a range of social activities for the different age groups within the community – accommodating birthdays, funeral wakes, coffee mornings and school PTA’s amongst other things. These independents blend the traditional brewery space and pub venue with leisure, social cohesion and hospitality, so as to appeal to a larger audience whilst also providing support to its community from employees to customers.


What’s Happening To The Great British Pub? ( C O N T I N U E D F RO M P R E V I O U S edged its members need for an out-of-citybreak location as well as offering larger venue PAGE...) Similar to inns that incorporate the pub experience, hotels and members clubs’ are also developing experiences that seem rooted in the role local pubs once played, but carefully re-invented and very deliberately designed for today’s customers. A key reference point, the Soho House Group have managed to create a global community around their cool and subtly consistent hospitality venues. Not unlike pubs, clubs have been around for a long time, but the sector appears generally to have worked harder to reshape propositions based on the acquisition and loyalty of young cus-

tomers. These Members’ Clubs have further developed the aspirational-quality of being part of its specific community. More than status it has become about lifestyle - Soho House has accomplished this seamlessly and on wide scale. “It wasn’t born out of rebellion, but out of need. We all like to be surrounded by like-minded people, and at Soho House it’s not just about the spaces: we’ve put gymnasiums into them and there are clubs within clubs and a members’ events programme.” says Nick Jones, Founder of Soho House Group. One of the more recent brand extensions, Soho Farmhouse situated 90 minutes away from London is a country side retreat for the Soho House target groups. It has acknowl-

spaces to hire for weddings and other events. Soho House caters to the travellers, freelancers, creatives and guests with more nomadic lifestyles, who are looking to build a community and network on a global scale. Across all its venues, the Soho House group offer key ‘anchor’ experience elements – it’s a formula, cleverly designed to feel unlike a formula.

LONG LIVE THE LOCAL The above examples and references demonstrate that there will always be demand from consumers for warm, hospitable and well considered venues to socialise, eat, drink and get together. From bars, brewery & craft beverage concepts, members clubs, and cafes, it is the experience, the sense of community, the integrity of product and an environment that responds and relates to the lifestyles of its audiences that make them an attraction and destination choice. Here are some high-level conclusions for principles to consider that may help:


VENUE Integrity matters in order to create an authentic, meaningful, living & breathing experience. Building meaningful links to the local community and being creative as a venue to highlight your local features as well as being a comfortable place for people to gather, can populate the physical space of the pub. The fabric of ‘community’ is being fragmented – but humans are social animals – we want reasons to gather and great places to do so. A programme of events oriented around and celebrating local life could enhancing the pub experience now and into the future, in a way that makes sense in light of the role they have played throughout their history.

BECOME AN ALL-DAY, ALL-YEAR PLACE TO BE AT It’s not too difficult now to serve coffee and pastries every bit as good as the high street icons, or independent cafes – create an ambience that suits a wide range of occasions and social groups, throughout the day, from the coffee morning gossip sessions through afternoon business chats to the great moments & occasions throughout the year.

THE ENVIRONMENT FROM STALE TO FRESH That stale-beer sticky carpet feeling might hold some nostalgia for some of us of a certain age, but it’s just not attractive to most. Think about the ways you can avoid the negative trappings of the fusty old Local, without losing the essence of everything wonderful about a traditional pub atmosphere. The interior should also reflect the nature and history of the pub and the unique local character it sits within; but there are opportunities to be more creative in bringing these aspects to life visually.



Whether it is a discovery of the local brews, a premium service, the pub garden to end all pub gardens, or the best sausage rolls for miles – define what makes your pub uniquely different and special. Think of the ways you can better engage or attract the audience you are targeting and what specifically, you want your pub to be famous for. Then make it the best it can be.

What can a pub do better than its newer rivals? Pub interiors will appeal if they feel layered, complex, characterful – and anything but formulaic. The design analysis should be more about the universal ‘anchor point’ principles of what makes a wonderful, relevant and compelling pub experience – rather than focused on overly proscribed styling or décor rules. The warmth of the open fire, the cosiness of the settle, a wonderful garden, the games etc.


June 2019 AN APPROACHABLE SPACE The pub is essentially a casual venue for people to gather, therefore even if you elevate the experience through its design, do not forget that it has to be welcoming and approachable. Some pubs have evolved so much that they have more of a restaurant layout, be aware when developing your pub concept to not lose the authenticity of the local and the essence of this institution – yet avoid that feeling of intimidation famously portrayed by The Black Dog in An American Werewolf in London. Pubs, when done well, can uniquely provide in a small footprint, the communal experience of a great bar, with the intimacy of small groups at individual tables or booths – whatever mood, mindset or group, a great pub has a range of spaces from social to solitary.

THE OFFERING PRODUCT OFFER It’s a fact, people are drinking less, and your offer should reflect that, whether offering non-alcoholic, low alcohol options, or drinks that can cater to trending dietary requirements. If you are going to hold certain events for the community, follow and cater to their taste and interests.

INITIATIVES TO STRENGTHEN THE COMMUNITY Member’s clubs maintain events teams, because their initiatives are a huge pillar of their strategy when it comes to building a sense of community and bringing like-minded people together. Pub initiatives could be similar, even with less resources, perhaps partnering with other pubs for larger events, and offering a platform to various audiences within their locality. Also, by measuring the success of certain initiatives, pubs can then create recurrent events that people can associate with them and attend regularly.

CONCLUSION We would love to see a burst of creativity across the landscape of pubs in the UK. There is no inevitability in a slow death of the Local, leaving us only with a bunch of restaurants in the guise of what used to be a pub, offering us a place for our Sunday roasts. There is inspiration to be found in other sectors where the best principles of strategies for the creation of wonderful experiences, have been used to create new life. We believe in People Inspired Experiences – pubs have always been just that – we’d like to see them continue to be so for many years to come.

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One of the original founders of I-AM, Pete has over 20 years’ experience in pioneering innovations in brand environments. Pete is passionate to a point of obsession about the intelligence and thinking behind great design – what it does and why it does it – as well as how it looks and feels. The connection between human nature, and creative ways to engage with it to provide rewarding and memorable encounters, is at the heart of Pete’s work. He has worked on retail strategy and sector-leading concepts for KFC, Ben & Jerry’s, Oman Arab Bank, Société Générale, C.P Hart, Armani, Diesel, Adidas, The UK Post Office, Beck’s and Costa Coffee to name a few.

I-AM LONDON We create People Inspired Experiences. More than simply “understanding the target audience” our creative work is driven by real customer insight. We have an in-house insights/trends capability that is central to the way we work. It ensures that we never lose sight of the customer’s needs and vision, right through the process, not just at the beginning of the project. We’re fascinated by people – how they think, act react and purchase – we believe that our “People Inspired” approach can help us design brand experiences that resonate with consumers on a more emotive level.


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June 2019

Are Generation Z the Service With(out) a Smile? What Small Businesses Future of Craft Beer? Can Do For Staff Mental Health By Louisa Mason, Policy and Communications Executive, Royal Society for Public Health lmason@rsph.org.uk, www.rsph.org.uk

Report Says They’ll Drink Less, But Better

The mental health and wellbeing of workers in the hospitality sector is not in a good state. At the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), we conducted research into the mental health of hospitality workers. The findings for our report, Service With(out) a Smile, revealed that 84% of hospitality employees reported increased stress as a direct result of their job, and one in five stated that they have a severe mental health problem they believe is directly related to their work.

The consumer love affair with craft beer appears far from over, with industry experts predicting the next generation will be “drinking less, but better” – choosing quality products such as local independent craft beers over mainstream, mass-produced brews. As the Millennial generation (currently aged 23-38) gives way to Generation Z (currently aged under 22) more people will be opting for quality, independent craft beer – at least that’s the prediction of the SIBA British Craft Report 2019, a ground-breaking study of the current beer market in the UK. “All evidence points towards a shift in drinking habits towards quality, and away from the volume drinking of years gone by. It will come as welcome news to the independent brewers who produce flavoursome, interesting craft beers. There is also a need for creating an experience around beer – whether that is tasting flights of beers or pairing beer with food, or running interesting one-off events or games tournaments. We’re seeing brewers be more adventurous in what they offer young beer drinkers – in response to the trend for drinking less, but better.”Caroline Nodder, Editor of SIBA British Craft Beer Report 2019. As part of the SIBA Craft Beer Report the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) also surveyed their own independent craft brewery members, of which they have around 750 across the UK, finding young people are clearly drinking less than they were a few years ago. Between the 2017 and 2019 surveys the number of 25 to 34-year-olds drinking beer more regularly than once a week fell from 26% in 2017 to 16% in 2019. “Even allowing for seasonal variation – as the 2017 survey was done in August when beer consumption is generally higher, compared to February for the 2019 survey – this does support other research which suggests millennials and the following generation, Generation Z, will drink alcohol less frequently and in lower volumes.”Caroline added. However consumer trends research from Mintel suggests younger consumers increasingly value and will seek out ‘genuine’ products with heritage, a hand-crafted nature and trusted values – all areas where independent craft beer has a proven track record. The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) from September 2018 also found that 45% of consumers were willing to pay more for craft and agreed that ‘craft is worth the extra money’. Pairing beer with food has also become increasingly popular, particularly amongst young people, with consumer research SIBA commissioned in 2016 through M&C Allegra finding younger consumers are drinking more beer in restaurants than other generations. The 25 to 34-year-olds scored strongly for drinking beer in restaurants, highlighting the greater interest among younger consumers in pairing beer with food, with 18 to 24-yearolds also scoring highly. Independent craft brewers are taking notice of the trend too, with brewers across the UK going to lengths to attract and keep younger customers – from targeting music and gig venues, to organising table-tennis and foosball tournaments, brewers are keen to engage with young people and the next generation of beer lovers.

While there are many good initiatives in larger organisations, such as the Pizza Hut partnership with Mental Health UK, small independent businesses often do not have access to HR teams and corporate schemes to protect mental health. In these smaller workplaces, owners, managers and staff at all levels should be empowered to safeguard the mental health and wellbeing of everyone.

SIGNS TO LOOK FOR All staff should be aware of the symptoms to look out for that may indicate someone is experiencing problems. Our survey found that the ten most common issues experienced by hospitality workers were (from most to least common): • • • • • • • • • •

Increased stress Less time for other activities Disrupted sleep Anxiety Fatigue Low mood or tearfulness Increased irritability or anger Depression Decreased appetite Diminished friend or family relationships Coping mechanisms in wider life may allude to these underlying problems. Almost three in five survey respondents reported that the effects of work on their mental health had a knock-on effect on their lifestyle, such as on diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption. For many the negative health repercussions of hospitality work do not end as the shift does. Mental wellbeing issues that may start on the job can have consequences for mental and physical health that stretch well beyond the workplace doors. For example, social life is often compromised due to fatigue. Finances can be strained, and looking after physical health takes a backseat to work commitments.

GUIDANCE FOR DEALING WITH THESE ISSUES One recommendation from our report was for employers to put in place systems and processes that protect mental health and wellbeing. A staple example of this is to have regular one-to-ones between managers and employees – something all workplaces should be implementing as a matter of course. Regular one-to-ones provide a private space to discuss mental health.

Moreover, managers should be aware of their own mental health and wellbeing. Change starts from the top, and senior management should demonstrate best practice by having honest conversations and looking after their own mental health and wellbeing. Part of the Foresight’s ‘Mental Capital and Wellbeing’ project includes a resource, Five Ways to Mental Wellbeing, which employers can utilise. Each ‘Way to Mental Wellbeing’ could form a programme of activity within a business. The first recommendation is to ‘Connect’. Suggestions from our survey on how the hospitality sector could improve included to make the working environment more fun and friendly. Both of these goals could be achieved on a team building day, for example. Many hospitality workers reported problems with sleep and fatigue. RSPH recently published a free e-learning resource on sleep. This tool is available to all, and could provide a vital service for hospitality employers given the prevalence of sleep problems in the workforce – 71% of survey respondents reported having unsettled sleep. Training and professional development are invaluable components of creating a workplace environment that is supportive of mental wellbeing. There’s a wide variety of programmes available, including many regulated qualifications provided through RSPH. Our qualifications cover a range of areas such as developing workplace health champions, along with hospitality specific qualifications on Allergens, Nutrition and Food Safety. The following are particularly worth highlighting for the mental health and wellbeing of the hospitality industry: • Level 2 Award In Understanding Mental Wellbeing • Level 2 Award in Understanding Alcohol Misuse • Level 2 Award in Understanding Emotional Wellbeing There is a patchwork of coverage of mental health and wellbeing support in the sector, with examples of best practice as the exception rather than the rule. It is the responsibility of all businesses to adopt supportive workplace wellbeing policies, whether they are big or small. It is by implementing these changes across the sector that the trend of hospitality workers not feeling cared for by their employers will be reversed.

June 2019

Tim Martin Blames ‘Drug of Branding’ For Jamie Oliver Failure As bailiffs move into former Jamie’s Italian restaurants Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin explains why he believes the group collapsed into administration, and why the casual dining sector is currently struggling. Mr Martin said many of the casual dining sector’s recent failures had “thought they were so groovy that the brand would do the work for them”. In a TV interview Mr Martin added: “I think a lot of the casual dining sector and some of the pub companies got seduced by the drug of branding and Jamie Oliver was the ultimate brand, but there were some others as well. “It’s not really about a brand, as someone told me 30 or 40 years ago. “If you run a pub or restaurant it’s a trade and you’ve got to develop the individual aspects of the business as time goes along. A lot of these guys thought they were so groovy that the brand would do the work for them.If you follow that philosophy you won’t get everything right but you’ll start to get a few things right.” Jamie Oliver announced earlier this month his restaurant chain had collapsed into administration, with thousands of redundancies confirmed after all but three of his UK restaurants were shut down. The demise of the

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Jamie Oliver franchise marks the latest in a long line of chains to be closed in an ultra-competitive sector, which has seen high street chains seek creditors voluntary arrangements (CVA) and site closures. Carluccio’s, Prezzo, Byron’s Strada, Chimichanga have all close sites with some seeking CVAs, as mounting financial pressures, including rate and rent increases, staffing costs and a falling pound following the Brexit vote have taken their toll, last year accountancy group UHY Hacker Young revealed one third of the UK’s top 100 restaurant chains are now loss-making. However, Mr Martin said the casual dining industry was not over-saturated. “I think we’re probably all willing to go out for a pint and a meal at the right price” he said. “I think Jamie Oliver’s chain and others tried to get into the most expensive locations, they thought they were good enough. “They set very high prices on their menu and they weren’t experienced at running these businesses. But if you offer us a decent price for our pint or meal then we’ll go out for one – that’s the way the people are – but they just didn’t manage to do it.” Jamie Oliver Holdings, which operates Jamie Oliver Limited and Jamie Oliver Licensing Limited, as well as the international restaurant franchise business, Jamie’s Italian International Limited, will continue to trade as normal, as will Fifteen Cornwall, which operates under a franchise.

Rehabilitation Strategy Allows Offenders To Work In Hospitality One year on from the launch of the prisons Education and Employment Strategy, 230 additional businesses, including Pret A Manger and Greene King, have joined the MoJ’s flagship offender work placement scheme, the New Futures Network (NFN).

likelihood of reoffending – cutting the £15 billion cost to the taxpayer each year and helping to keep the public safer. Ex-offenders in employment are up to nine percentage points less likely to commit further crime.

offenders go on to commit more crime – and allow more effective treatment for issues such as addiction and mental health problems. New polling from YouGov suggests that businesses are supportive of employing those with a criminal record:

The drive to reduce reoffending through rehabilitation has worked alongside investment of hundreds of • 81% of employers agree that millions of pounds since the beginemploying ex-offenders has helped ning of 2018 to increase stability in their business prisons – with latest statistics • Two thirds of companies that employ showing an 11% fall in violence in ex-offenders would recommend oththe last quarter of 2018 compared ers do the same to the previous quarter. • 79% of people think that businesses The changes to probation will also employing ex-offenders are making a ensure that community sentences positive contribution to society focused on security and rehabilita• Three out of four people would be Research shows time spent work- tion and will enable a move away comfortable buying from a business ing in the community before release from ineffective short prison sentences – after which two thirds of that employs ex-offenders significantly reduces a prisoner’s

Also announced is a change in rules to allow prison Governors greater autonomy to grant Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) to offenders following a rigorous risk assessment. This will allow them more opportunities to work and train with employers while serving their sentence and increase their chances of securing an immediate job on release.

Read all the latest news from the licensed industry at

www.catererlicensee.com @CLHNews





Daewoo KOM9P11 Light Duty 1100w Programmable Touch Control Commercial Microwave

Daewoo KOM9M11S Light Duty 1100w Manual Dial Control Commercial Microwave

Daewoo KOM9P11 Features Include:

Daewoo KOM9M11S Features Include: • 1100w Microwave Output Power

• 1100w Microwave Output Power

• 29 Litre (1.02 cu.ft) Oven Capacity

• 29 Litre (1.02 cu.ft) Oven Capacity

• Separate Start Button

• 20 Memory Settings

• 5 Power Levels

• Sealed-in Ceramic Base for Easy Cleaning

• 10 Minute Select Timer Dial

• Stainless Steel Cavity/Cabinet

• Sealed-in Ceramic Base for Easy Cleaning • Stainless Steel Cavity/Cabinet

The stand out feature in the specification for the Daewoo KOM9M11S 1100w Light Duty Manual Control Commercial Microwave is its separate start button; a simple sounding addition which dramatically reduces damage caused to the magnetron, essentially lengthening its lifespan. The high level of power that a commercial microwave oven is able to produce makes it particularly at risk of damage if it is operated without food inside; a situation that a separate start button greatly helps to avoid.

Also available in 60htz versions for marine application

Daewoo KOM9F50 Medium/Heavy Duty 1500w Microwave complete with CPS6A Microsave Cavity Liner

Minimum training or instruction is needed to use this commercial microwave oven directly out of the box; even programming this microwave is a cinch! Further adding to this Daewoo commercial microwave’s value is its stainless steel construction, which increases lifespan, while also ensuring that it remains easy to clean and maintain.

Daewoo KOM9F85 Heavy Duty 1850w Touch Control Commercial Microwave complete with CPS6A Microsave Cavity Liner

Daewoo KOM9F50 complete with CPS6A Microsave Cavity Liner features include:

Daewoo KOM9F85 complete

• NSF Approved Microsave Cavity Liner keeping the cavity clean as well as helping to avoid costly repairs and downtime.

• NSF Approved Microsave

• 1500w Microwave Oven Power

Offering reliable, exceptionally high quality performance for commercial catering concerns, the Daewoo KOM9F50 1500w Medium/Heavy Duty Touch Control Commercial Microwave delivers exceptional value for its comparatively reasonable price.

The Daewoo KOM9P11 is ideal for reheating snacks and desserts in any commercial kitchen, garage forecourt, office or canteen vending. Simple to use with 20 programs and designed to withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen.

• Top and Bottom Feed Magentron for Even Cooking • 27 Litre (0.95 cu.ft) Oven Capacity • Double Quantity Facility • Top Mounted Touch Controls with Braille. Easy to Use and Programmable • Stainless Steel Cavity/Cabinet

with CPS6A Microsave Cavity Liner features include: Cavity Liner keeping the cavity clean as well as helping to avoid costly repairs and downtime.

The Daewoo KOM9F85 is designed for heavy duty commercial and industrial locations. It has a dual emission top and bottom energy feed. It has a 1850W power output and 27 litre capacity. This commercial microwave oven is built to last, featuring an easy to maintain stainless steel cavity/cabinet which is additionally protected with a cavity liner, as well as a 3 year manufacturer’s on-site warranty.

• 1850w Microwave Oven Power • Top and Bottom Feed Magentron for Even Cooking • 27 Litre (0.95 cu.ft) Oven Capacity • Double Quantity Facility • Top Mounted Touch Controls with

The Microsave Cavity Liner saves you time and money by protecting the interior of your commercial microwave oven from spills and burnt food particles; reducing the chance of damage and increasing hygiene

Braille. Easy to Use and Programmable • Stainless Steel Cavity/Cabinet


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June 2019

Unacceptable Levels of Noise - What Are the Risks? Until recently, I wondered if my perception that restaurants were getting noisier was a byproduct of my ever increasing years. However, it seems I’m not alone. Loud music, conversation and a lack of soft furnishings to absorb the noise creates louder environments. Some think that levels of noise in restaurants may be being exacerbated by recent trends for industrial, minimalist aesthetics with hard surfaces and high ceilings which are unable to absorb sound. Research from Action on Hearing Loss shows that eight out of ten people have left a restaurant, café or pub early because of the noise levels. An online poll of people with and without hearing loss showed that 81% of respondents had difficulty holding a conversation because of high levels of noise. Customers aside, what about the risk to workers who cannot leave when the levels of noise get too high? Restaurant owners have a duty of care to their staff to ensure that their working environment is safe. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 aims to protect workers from excessive noise, which can lead to

hearing loss and conditions such as tinnitus (permanent ringing in the ears). Noise at work can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Temporary deafness can be experienced after leaving a noisy place. Often people disregard it after their hearing has recovered in a few hours, but this should not be ignored. Ongoing, it can lead to permanent damage. If this is being caused by an employee’s workplace, this could be a real problem. Hearing loss is gradual, brought about by prolonged exposure to noise. It can take several years for people to realise that their hearing has been damaged. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that changes need to be made if: a) noise in a workplace is intrusive for most of the working day (e.g. noise of a crowded restaurant), b) if employees have to raise their voices to carry out a normal conversation when about 2m apart for at least part of the day; and c) if employees find that they have muffled hearing by the end of the day even if this is better in the morning . The noise level at which employers must assess the risk to workers’ health and provide them with informa-

Staycation Boom Driven by Millennials The number of domestic tourists planning to spend more time on holiday in the UK will surge by a third this year, fuelled by millennials looking to escape from their smart phones and social media, according to a new report from Barclays Corporate Banking.

important element of their holiday, and an overwhelming majority (91%) cited ‘escapism’ as the biggest motivation behind their choice of destination.

Rather than being desperate to escape from their families, millennials said that they want to spend time Hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions can expect together with loved ones more than any other generation (91%). With locations such as the South West, to enjoy a bumper year as tens of millions of visitors are expected to flock to Britain’s coast, countryside and Scotland, the Lake District, Wales and Yorkshire being amongst the most popular destinations, the findings also cities, as domestic tourism enjoys something of new suggest that many are yearning to unwind in the beauty golden era. of the British countryside. The research report, The Great British Staycation: the According to holidaymakers, the main reason for the growing attraction of the UK for domestic holidaymakers, surveyed 2,000 domestic tourists and 500 business popularity of staycations is convenience (34%), followed by a desire to revisit places they have been to before leaders from the hospitality & leisure industry, and found that staycationers of all ages are planning to enjoy (21%). Almost one in five (19%) say holidays in the UK are more affordable, with 18% of respondents choosing more holiday time at home in 2019. a staycation because of concern over the impact that The ‘selfie generation’ of 25-34 year-olds are more Brexit could have on foreign travel and family finances. likely than any other age group to take their main holiIn response to the findings, Mike Saul, Head of day in Britain this year. Over half (52%) of staycationers Hospitality & Leisure at Barclays, said: “It’s very encourin this age group said they plan to spend more time in aging to see that domestic tourism is thriving with the UK this year, compared to 2018. more and more UK holidaymakers choosing to spend Despite being synonymous with living their life on increasing amounts of their valuable leisure time closer their screens, 70% said that a ‘digital detox’ would be an to home. There are various reasons for this but ulti-

By Felicity Cottle, solicitor at Bolt Burdon Kemp

Legally, employers must assess and identify measures to reduce/eliminate the risks to their employees hearing by:

• Making sure the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded; • Providing employees with information, instruction and training; and • Carrying out health surveillance when there is a risk to their employee’s health. There are many options for reducing noise. Restaurants can be given ‘acoustic treatment’ to reduce noise levels in a space, either to absorb the sound or spread it around the venue. Usually this is done by installing sound-absorbing panels. If this is not a financially viable option, restaurateurs could introduce soft furnishings and create quieter areas away from the kitchen and the speakers. It could even be something as simple as turning the background music down.

• Assessing the risks to employees from noise in their workplace; • Taking action to reduce the noise exposure that produces these risks; • Providing employees with hearing protection if it is not possible to reduce the noise exposure through other methods;

There is a perception that a noisy restaurant means that everyone inside is having a good time. It is important that this is perception is challenged; it is possible to reduce noise and still maintain a buzzing atmosphere. To avoid unnecessary injury, it is vital for restaurateurs to prioritise their staff’s hearing safety and continue to monitor noise levels.

tion and training is 80 decibels. The level at which employers must provide hearing protection and hearing protection zones is now 85 decibels. Employees must not be exposed to noise about 87 decibels. Restaurant goers have been recently encouraged to take decibel readings at restaurants using apps such as Soundprint. According to the charity Action on Hearing Loss, noise levels in some popular restaurants reached over 90 decibels on busy nights. This is the equivalent of working all day in the same room as a motorcycle or lawnmower. Bearing in mind that sustained exposure to noise levels about 85 decibels can permanently damage hearing, this is clearly a hugely important issue for employers to consider.

mately, it’s fairly simple. The top-quality services provided by our hotels, restaurants, resorts and leisure providers are helping the British public enjoy great experiences without having to travel too far. This is true for all ages, but it’s particularly pleasing that our study found younger people are being drawn to UK holidays. “Operators will have to continue to adapt and invest in cutting edge technology to ensure that this trend persists, while at the same time finding innovative ways to appeal to all age groups wanting to enjoy the attraction of the UK.”

AREAS OF BUSINESS INVESTMENT In the past five years, businesses have focused investment on new technology and new trends such as a desire for quintessentially British experiences. Almost a third (32%) of businesses have invested in ‘nostalgic activities’ such as traditional cream teas, pub walks or visits to historical landmarks, and 27% have invested in experiential offerings such as wine tasting or local tours. A much smaller percentage of businesses are investing in health holidays (15%), yoga retreats (8%) or digital detox retreats (7%), which are key motivations for 25-34 year olds to choose a staycation in the UK. Businesses have invested in new digital services to attract younger visitors (37%), as well as to keep up with current trends (58%) and to better compete with

other hospitality and leisure businesses (44%).

TYPES OF ACCOMMODATION Findings showed that different age groups have different preferences when it comes to the type of accommodation that they would choose. The youngest generation, 18-24 year olds prefer independent, Air BnB style services, whereas 25-54 year olds would choose self-catered accommodation such as holiday cottages. Those aged 55 and older preferred a mid-market hotel at the top of their priority list. Britons clearly think with their stomachs, as just under half (44%) said that hotels that have a high-quality food offer are most likely to sway them to pick a location. Experiences are also important, with 32% saying that curated visits and experiences are the next priority.

HOSPITALITY & LEISURE’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE LOCAL ECONOMY Hospitality businesses are already seeing their local economy benefit from increasing demand for domestic holidays. 40% have seen employment opportunities improve, 34% have seen an increase in the number of hospitality businesses in the area. These findings suggest that, with a tailored business strategy, hospitality businesses can not only make the most of rising domestic demand, but also benefit the wider economy in uncertain political times.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

May 2019


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

June 2019

CAMRA Launches A New Campaign to Encourage Pub-Going This Summer If your idea of a perfect British summer involves a pint and a pub-garden, then you’re in luck. CAMRA has announced a new national campaign this summer all about visiting your local (and getting involved is as easy as grabbing a pint!). The Summer of Pub campaign kicks off during the next bank holiday weekend (24 May), with the simple aim to encourage pub-going throughout the summer. The consumer organisation has written to thousands of pubs across the country encouraging them to host celebratory events to help more people rediscover their love for the great British local. Cause for celebration includes the forthcoming ‘PUBlic’ bank holiday weekend when pub-goers are encouraged to tweet photos of themselves using the hashtag #SummerofPub – giving them the chance to win a round of drinks for their party in the process. Various events will follow, including special screenings of the Women’s World Cup (6 June – 6 July) a toast for Beer Day Britain (15 June), and beer and cider tasting events showcasing local producers. There are also plans to host fringe events across London to coincide with the Great British Beer Festival (6-10 August), bringing a clear pub campaigning element to CAMRA’s flagship event for the first time. CAMRA will be promoting participating events through its social media channels and the Summer of Pub platform to get the word out and encourage more people to get involved. It will also be providing marketing materials for participating pubs and encouraging its network of nearly 200,000 members to get their local pubs involved in the campaign. Ben Wilkinson, CAMRA’s National Director said: “You don’t have to go on a march or demonstration to be a pub campaigner – anyone can get involved. It’s as simple as heading out for a pint this summer and encouraging your friends to join you. “We want to remind the public what makes our nation’s pubs so special. We want to encourage people to give the TV a break this summer and help them rediscover the unbeatable social network that is their local. The clearest way we can all demonstrate how much we value our community pubs and want them to remain part of the social fabric of our country is by using them. ” To get involved or to find an event near you, simply visit www.camra.org.uk/summerofpub/

Tourist Tax Can Only Work Alongside VAT Cut Says MP’s A report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Hospitality says that the introduction of a tourist tax would only work if VAT in hospitality was reduced at the same time. MPs said the UK hotel sector is already the second highest taxed in the EU, adding that in other countries where a tourist tax has been introduced rates of VAT on hospitality businesses have been lowered. There are a limited number of areas where EU rules allow governments to implement a reduced rate of VAT. In the case of tourism the United Kingdom is one of only four countries not to take advantage of a reduced rate. This means that British families or international visitors choosing a British holiday would pay almost three times as much VAT compared to a German break, and twice as much as one in Italy, France and Spain.

tax need to be treated with caution. Local authorities must fully examine the impacts on consumers, businesses and the local economy before taking any decisions, especially in regard to the overall tax burden that is currently present on hospitality and tourism businesses.” Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, which acts as secretariat of the group, added: “Support for local services and communities is of the upmost importance, but it cannot be at the sole expense of one faction of hospitality. Hotels in the UK already contribute heavily in taxes and to introduce another levy on an already highly-taxed industry is cause for concern.

Local councils have in recent years been calling for the powers to introduce a tax on overnight visitors as they struggle with funding shortfalls. According to the Local Government Association, UK councils will face a shortfall of nearly £8bn by 2025 and cannot levy any new taxes without legislation by the government in Westminster.

“It is also important to note that home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb will always be outside of this tax, meaning that hotels will be hit hardest. The latest findings highlighted in the report also go as far to show that the introduction of a tourist levy would discourage visitors. Local authorities need to press pause on this dash for cash and properly revaluate the wider impacts of a tourist tax.”

Steve Double MP, chair of the All-Party Parliament Group for Hospitality, said: “Our report recommends that any moves by councils across the UK to introduce a tourist

Earlier this year Edinburgh became the first UK city to vote in favour for the introduction of a tourist levy known as the transient visitor levy (TVL).

A 61-year-old man who had “lost all hope” after being unemployed for two years has landed a job at one of Manchester’s top hotels. With help from Mustard Tree, Ged has secured a full-time paid position at The Park Inn by Radisson, following a two-week work experience placement.

“When they told me I could do a work placement, it was my chance to show what I can do, what I could offer. During my work experience at Park Inn, I demonstrated what I could do and seemed to get on with everybody.

Mustard Tree tackles both the causes and consequences of poverty and homelessness, by helping people in need to find work, improve their skills and secure their accommodation.

Ludwig Duweke, General Manager at The Park Inn by Radisson said: “Our aim last year was to look at how we could make a difference to the lives of people in Manchester that would benefit from our help and support, partnering with Mustard Tree was a perfect fit for us.

From Losing Hope to Finding Opportunity and Acceptance Thanks to Park Inn By Radisson

The Park Inn by Radisson Manchester city centre is in partnership with Mustard Tree to provide work experience opportunities. Salford resident Ged, a former roofer and care assistant, said landing a full-time job as a kitchen porter has changed his life for the good. He said: “I lost all hope after leaving my previous role two years ago as I didn’t think I would get another job. But Mustard Tree built up my confidence so much. They really inspired me and helped me realise I still have talents – something to give.

Could You Have Rights to a Reserved .uk Domain? If you own a .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, .plc.uk, or .ltd.uk you could have a matching .uk domain reserved. This means that if you own yourwebsite.co.uk, the equivalent .uk domain, so yourwebsite.uk, may have been reserved for you to register. The clock is ticking however, as the deadline to register these reserved domains is 25 June 2019.From 1 July 2019, any unregistered .uk domains will become available for anyone to register, on a first come, first served basis. It’s quick and easy to check if you have the rights to a reserved .uk domain, simply head to www.theukdomain.uk/view and enter your domain name into the search box. If you do have a reserved domain you’d like to register, just contact your registrar (the person or

“I am so grateful to the Park Inn Hotel for providing me with this opportunity.”

“It is incredible how this initiative has had such a positive impact on Ged’s life. We are delighted that he is part of our team and we look forward to further strengthening our partnership with Mustard Tree in the future.” Ged added: “I was just about surviving to be honest. But thanks to Mustard Tree and The Park Inn, I gradually started to feel better about myself and quickly grew in confidence. “I’m really enjoying my role at The Park Inn because it’s a really nice place to work and great to have that sense of security and boost in self-esteem.” company you used to register your domain with). You don’t have to register your reserved .uk domain name, it’s entirely up to you. You may wish to consider registering the .uk equivalent to prevent other businesses or competitors registering it. A simple solution of redirecting your .uk domain to your existing website helps prevent potential customers from landing on a competing website. You could even choose to use the .uk to host promotional or event landing pages. Time is running out to register these .uk domains, so make sure you take a few minutes today to check and see if you have the rights to a reserved .uk. You can simply search on www.theukdomain.uk/view. Remember, no claim. No domain. If you’d like to find out more, contact your registrar directly or talk to the Nominet team via phone: +44 (0)1865 332244 or email: nominet@nominet.uk. See the advert on page 13 for details.

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Social Media Boosts Leisure Spending Get Some Seriously Sweet Prizes as Consumers Seek New Experiences For Your Kitchen Hero With The June 2019

The first quarter of 2019 saw leisure spending off to a good start, up two percentage points from Q1 2018, according to Deloitte’s latest Leisure Consumer report. The quarterly survey of 3,000 UK adults found that consumers continue to seek unique experiences rather than material things, a trend perpetuated from the previous quarter. An uptick in leisure spending in Q1 correlates with consumer confidence, which also edged up over the same period. Despite some caution over Brexit uncertainty, household incomes remain consistently high and consumers intend to spend more across all leisure categories in the coming quarter. More than a third (36 per cent) of consumers aged between 18 and 34 stated they would treat themselves to experiences, such as going out to restaurants, bars and the cinema instead of shopping for clothes or shoes.

Simon Oaten, partner for hospitality and leisure at Deloitte, commented: “In the age of social media, the tendency for consumers to document and share their lives digitally has grown. Consumers don’t just want a good product but also the experiential aspect, be it an in-store exercise class, or distinctive décor to form the backdrop of social media posts. Experiences have become a new ‘currency’ in social interaction, and a way for consumers to distinguish themselves online. “The wider leisure sector is also providing innovative offerings to those consumers who recognise more negative impacts of social media or smartphone use. For example, we are starting to

see hotels and spas offering digital detox retreats, and cafés that promote a culture of ‘switching off’ by not offering Wi-Fi. “The future of the high street relies on its ability to combine physical retail space with experiential leisure. Businesses that have flourished so far are those that have struck the right balance of both.

“One good example is the way in which delivery companies are increasingly becoming an online gateway within the casual dining sector. Through digitally engaging consumers and providing added convenience, delivery companies are becoming the intermediary between consumer and restaurant. Eateries that create reasons for consumers to dine out will be better positioned to navigate the margin pressure disruptors may bring.” The latest data suggests that in the second quarter consumers will favour short breaks over longer holidays. Net spending on short breaks is up by four percentage points compared to a year ago, while intended spending on holidays is up by only one percentage point. Oaten continues, “For today’s leisure consumer, experience is everything. Successful businesses will be those that offer something different and unique to leisure consumers, giving them a reason to try something, or travel somewhere, new. Looking ahead, four in 10 consumers are positive about their personal finances for the rest of the year, but Brexit uncertainty will continue to create some consumer caution which could deter some spending.”

Restaurant Closures Accelerating as High Street Pressures Mount The number of restaurants in Britain fell by 2.8% in the year to March 2019, the latest edition of the Market Growth Monitor from CGA and AlixPartners reveals—with high streets in the south of England, excluding London, hit especially hard by closures. The figure equates to net closures of 768 restaurants over 12 months, or around 15 a week. It marks a fifth successive quarter of decline in the sector, bringing to an end a boom period that saw restaurants grow in number by more than 15% between 2013 and 2018. The bulk of closures have been of independents, but group restaurants—managed sites from operators with more than one location—also fell in number, by 1.1%. The pace of closures for these

group operators was significantly higher in the south of England (2.8%) than in the north (0.4%)—a sign that restaurant levels have reached saturation point in many southern towns and cities. Group restaurant numbers on British high streets meanwhile fell by 2.4% over the 12 months to March, in sharp contrast to net openings of 1.8% in suburban areas. But while restaurants struggle, the Market Growth Monitor reveals a more positive picture for the drink-led pubs and bars sector. Three years ago the report found that closures in this part of the market were averaging 31 a week— but the rate tumbled to 13 a week in the 12 months to March 2019. With premium and all-day bars performing particularly well, it suggests that Britain’s long-term

clear out of unsustainable pubs may be nearing an end. AlixPartners managing director Graeme Smith added: “The positive take on this clear out is that ambitious and wellresourced operators now have more headroom for growth, and the Market Growth Monitor identifies bright prospects for many groups in the drinkled pub and bar space in particular. Brands that can deliver a compelling premium drinks offer and strike the right balance with food have all to play for in 2019 and beyond. The next 12 to 24 months offer an opportunity for wellfunded restaurant groups to expand into prime sites at much reduced costs—and if you can catch the right consumer wave the returns are impressive.”

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Kitchen Porter Of The Year 2019

Winterhalter Launches Sixth Annual Celebration Of Kitchen Porters Warewashing specialist Winterhalter has launched its sixth annual contest to find the best kitchen porter in the UK. Since beginning in 2013, KP of the Year has become a popular fixture in the foodservice calendar, as businesses join in celebrating the work of these too often unsung heroes of the industry. With a prize fund worth £12,000, including a special gift for every nominee, the sixth year of the competition is set to be the biggest ever. And as sugar is the gift for a sixth wedding anniversary, 2019 is the perfect year to show your KP some love and maybe sweeten the deal with some great prizes too. “Every year we’ve seen the standard of entries rise,” says Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK. “More companies want to celebrate the extraordinary work their KPs do. We’re really proud of the way everyone comes together to support KP of the Year, it’s good to see the industry acknowledging the people that so often get overlooked and recognising their contribution.” Seeing that other companies have started similar competitions is very flattering, and something to be encouraged as KPs and the work they do have been overlooked for too long The winner receives a trophy, £1,000 cash, and a celebratory dinner for family and friends. They also win a brand new Winterhalter for their work place, worth up to £8,000. Two runners up receive cash prizes and every entrant gets a special KP of the Year apron, in a presentation tin, created by Oliver Hardy. Last year’s winner was Aleks Riitmaa of the Crathorne Hall Hotel in North Yorkshire. He was nominated by Alan Robinson, the hotel’s executive head chef, who said “Aleks is thoughtful, generous, does the most thorough job and makes the whole team smile.” Stephen Kinkead added, “Father Riitmaas, as his colleagues affectionately call him, was a standout entrant in a particularly strong year. We can’t wait to meet this year’s great kitchen porters, and the next KP of the Year!” To find out more and to nominate your kitchen porter for KP of the Year 2019, visit www.kpoftheyear.com Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to aftersales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see www.winterhalter.co.uk, or www.winterhalter-scout.biz or email info@winterhalter.co.uk.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

June 2019

Open Table Reveals Top 50 “Fit for Foodies” Restaurants Restaurant booking service OpenTable has announced its 2019 Top 50 Fit for Foodies restaurants in the UK. The annual list showcases the top 50 restaurants across the UK in the Fit for Foodies review category, reflected by more than 851,000 reviews submitted by verified OpenTable diners at over 7,600 restaurants.

BBPA Calls on Southwark and Redbridge Councils to Reconsider Punitive Levy The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has called on Southwark and Redbridge councils to reconsider their proposals to introduce Late-Night Levies (LNL) as they would be damaging for their local pubs. Responding to recent consultations on LNLs in both Southwark and Redbridge, the BBPA has outlined its opposition to LNLs, arguing that they are in effect a direct and punitive tax on local businesses like pubs that are already disproportionately burdened with a range of taxes, business rates and other overheads. The beer and pub sector alone already pays £58.6m in tax in Southwark and £16.5m in tax in Redbridge. The BBPA also believes that LNLs do not work effectively in addressing local late-night alcohol-related issues. This is reflective of a House of Lords committee report on the Licensing Act 2003, which assessed

LNLs, finding that they “failed to achieve [their] objectives and should be abolished.”[1]Additionally, the BBPA has also noted that many local authorities and police forces have acknowledged that alcohol-related issues are not caused by the majority of licensed premises, especially pubs offering late-night entertainment in a well-managed and responsible environment. The BBPA has therefore argued that there are far more effective local partnership models that can be used to address late-night alcohol-related issues, without damaging local businesses. For example, the use of Business Improvement Districts (BID) that enable local businesses to lead in the management of their nighttime economy. Beyond this, there are a range of partnership working schemes already in place which the BBPA and wider pub sector fully support including

A new £62 million fund will breathe new life into historic high streets across the country, Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has announced.

Looking across the rest of the list specifically at the London restaurant scene, the recently opened hot spot Coal Office, a creative collaboration between British designer Tom Dixon and renowned Chef Assaf Granit, was featured for the first time since opening in September 2018. Some perennial favourites remained on the list including Hawksmoor, Frog by Adam Handling, and Ottolenghi.

It is part of the Government’s ongoing work to help high streets adapt to changing consumer habits.

High streets lie at the heart of communities but are under increasing pressure as more people choose to shop online. Building on successful programmes, the funding will be used to regenerate places by turning disused or underused buildings including pubs into creative spaces, offices, retail outlets and housing.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright said: "Our heritage makes communities more attractive places to live, work and visit. "This £62 million investment will breathe new life into high streets right across the country, benefiting local people and businesses, as well as providing assistance to much-loved historic buildings. "It is right that we do all we can to not only protect our heritage, but make it work for modern life so it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible." The initiative is part of the government’s comprehensive plan for High Streets announced at last year’s Budget, including a £675 million Future High Streets Fund and a £1 billion business rates discount for small high street retailers. Communities Secretary, the Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP said: "We’re absolutely committed to seeing our high streets thrive now and in the future. "That’s why we put a plan to secure the future of the high street, and are taking action to ensure they can adapt to changing consumer demand and the rise of online shopping." This welcome announcement will help the high street to capitalise on local her-

Alsico – Leading Supplier of Workwear in Europe

1. Carters of Moseley, Birmingham 2. The Chef ’s Table, Cheshire 3. Röski, Liverpool 4. Wilson’s,Bristol 5. Peace and Loaf Restaurant, Newcastle 6. Wreckfish, Liverpool 7. Paco Tapas, Bristol 8. Number 16 Restaurant, Glasgow 9. Hispi, Manchester 10. The Black Rat, Hampshire

Alsico is the leading manufacturer and provider of workwear in Europe. We are also the largest supplier of garments to the food industry, offering the widest clothing range for this specialism for more than 50 years.

Adrian Valeriano, Vice President, Europe, OpenTable, comments “Verified diner reviews are incredibly important to us at OpenTable. Not only are these reviews a trusted source for diners to turn to when looking for their next great dining occasion, they are a way for diners to share their personal experiences of the restaurant. We’re extremely excited to share this Fit for Foodies list based on verified reviews and to see the list become even more representative of the whole of the UK foodie scene as we see more ambitious restaurants open outside of London.”

Our food trade lines have been designed to meet all industry needs – whether your staff work in catering, hospitality, or the kitchens – and are defined by their affordability, durability, and high-quality. As well as being thorough with design, we carry out extensive testing for every item of clothing to ensure it’s suitability for industrial laundering at a repeatedly high temperature to ensure that the performance of the garment is maintained throughout its lifetime.

Alsico offer a personalisation service so garments can either be embroidered or heatsealed with your company logo. This additional service ensures that your brand is consistent and makes sure your team are easily identifiable whilst at work. All our food trade lines are available for immediate dispatch. With everything from polo tops and chef jackets, to overalls and trousers, to aprons and hygiene caps, we’ve got your company uniforms comfortably covered. Visit our website today to view the entire range: https://www.alsico.co.uk Email: sales@alsico.co.uk Tel: 01772 662500 or see the advert on page 9.

Finishing Touch to Holmes Hotel, London by Airwave Europe “ELEMENTARY, MY DEAR WATSON” Comprised of four stunningly restored Georgian buildings in Maryleborne, the Holmes Hotel, London is inspired by nearby Baker Street's most famous resident. Sherlock Holmes is known for his logical reasoning, superhuman powers of observation and obsessive personality - certainly not the sort of character that would tolerate a subpar in-room entertainment system. With this in mind, Airwave was tasked to provide the finishing touches to the Holmes Hotel's recent refurbishment. It doesn't take a detective to realise that the Samsung’s 690 series of SMART TVs was the perfect in-room hardware choice; Airwave installed 129 x 49-inch displays into the hotel's bedrooms and suites. An Otrum Enterprise information system was implemented on each TV, offering a platform for guest information, SMART apps and one-step Chromecast authentication, allowing users to cast their own content (such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer) quickly and intuitively. Complementing Otrum’s system, Airwave

Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, comments: “Introducing a Late-Night Levy is a backward step for any local authority. The current Late-Night Levy framework does not work effectively in addressing local late-night alcohol-related issues. It is a tax and unfair to well-run and responsible businesses such as pubs – many of which are SMEs already struggling to get by. “A Late-Night Levy will be a nail in the coffin for some community pubs. When business rates are the basis for the calculation, premises like pubs will pay a disproportionate share. Both Southwark and Redbridge should look at working in partnership with their latenight sector, not taxing them out of existence.”

Historic Pubs to Benefit From £62 Million Heritage Boost

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for restaurants outside of the capital as the top ten list is solely made up of regional eateries from all corners of the country. Birmingham’s Carters of Moseley which focuses on seasonal, ingredient-led cooking has taken the top spot, with Chester’s The Chef’s Table coming in at second place, closely followed by Liverpool’s Röski.

The Top 10 Fit for Foodies honourees, in order are:

Pubwatch, Best Bar None and Street Pastors.

commissioned an Airtime movie on demand service, giving guests access to ‘pay as you play’ HD movies. Airtime's cloud-based streaming solution removes the need for onsite servers or set-top- boxes, eliminating associated costs and providing cutting-edge VOD content. Apart from a small activation fee, the Airtime service is provided free-to-hotel, with no ongoing content fees and no need for the guest to have a subscription. Further enriching the hotel's content offering, Airwave installed a Sky Select service in each room. Sky Select is the new, simple way to deliver a tailored HD channel line-up from one centralised location - circumnavigating the need for sky equipment in the bedroom. Hoteliers can choose a bespoke channel line-up to suit every type of guest. We're passionate about hospitality technology, proud of the work we do and would love to share our enthusiasm with you! Please feel free to get in touch to discuss our portfolio of products and services: info@airwave.tv or 0845 555 1212 For further details see advert page 3

itage by restoring treasured historic buildings for economic use. This is a proven way to drive footfall, increase further investment and generate even greater civic pride in our high streets. Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mel Stride, said: "High streets are the lifeblood of towns and cities across the country.

"By reviving older, disused buildings, we’re ensuring high streets can not only adapt and change to suit our modern lives – but remain at the heart of our communities for years to come." Research has shown that for every £1 invested in heritage in England, £1.60 is brought into the wider area. The funding includes: • £44 million of government and Historic Englandfunding to create dozens of High Streets Heritage Action Zones overseen by Historic England. From today, local authorities can apply to the scheme, which will give councils, businesses and community groups access to expert advice and investment to bring historic buildings back into use and support historic high streets to adapt to the challenges they face. • £3 million from the National Lottery Heritage Fundto support a cultural programme to engage people in the life and history of their high streets. • £15 million for the Architectural Heritage Fundto support social enterprise organisations like Historic Coventry Trust to take ownership of and bring buildings of local importance – such as pubs, libraries or theatres, as well as shops – back into use. The Transforming Places Through Heritage Programme will open for applications in June. Also in the run up to UK City of Culture 2021, Coventry will receive £2 million for a new project in shopping street The Burges. It is one of the few remaining parts of Coventry to survive the Second World War and post-war redevelopments of the city, which saw large numbers of ancient buildings destroyed. The money will be used to acquire, restore and regenerate Coventry’s historic buildings to help create a sustainable future for each building.

Britain’s Pubs Throw Out 40 Million Pints Of Beer A Year

A staggering 40 million pints of perfectly good beer are thrown out by Britain’s pubs every year, according to the latest data from Beer Piper. Hot on the heels of the government’s latest initiative to tackle food waste, in which 300 organisations have pledged to “Step up to the Plate” and halve unnecessary food waste by 2030, Beer Piper is calling on Britain’s landlord’s to stop wasting beer worth over £147 million. According to Beer Piper’s 2019 data, the average pub in the UK wastes 20 pints per week by inefficiently cleaning their beer lines, which (using the latest ONS figures on the number of pubs in the UK), equates to a staggering 40 million pints per year. Beer Piper is the UK’s leading beer line cleaning company, and Commercial Manager Jeff Singer, believes that Britain’s pubs need to up their cellar game in order to reduce waste, and save money. “The average British pint costs £3.69* meaning that some pubs are costing themselves around £74 per week by throwing out perfectly good beer before it is even served. “The main reason for unnecessary beer wastage is the fact that many pubs have to throw out beer already in the line whilst they are being cleaned. “We work with 800 pubs and bars in the UK, meaning that we save our customers a combined 832,000 pints every year. “We are imploring landlords, bar owners and managers to eliminate much of their beer wastage by using

our very latest tech for their beer lines. “Beer Piper offers the very latest in advanced cloud-based technology, which ensures the beer lines are cleaned at regular intervals with environmentally-friendly chemicals. Our most recent BP4 system also logs when and who cleans the lines, and features cloud-based tech and a mobile app, which allows bar managers and owners to access real time data as and when they need to. “We work with a huge number of bar managers and hospitality owners, and the feedback is always positive when our systems have been implemented. “Additionally, we are currently working with a number of successful craft beer brands, including BrewDog and Seven Bro7hers, which is another growth industry for the UK. “Using Beer Piper systems will ultimately cut costs, cut staff wages, save beer and use less chemicals and water.” To find out how Beer Piper can make a powerful difference to your pub, save your beer and save you money, visit www.beerpiper.co.uk

June 2019

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Commercial Kitchen Announces Move to London for 2020 Interest in Non-Alcoholic Drinks Increases, Presenting Opportunity for Growth

Commercial Kitchen bid farewell to Birmingham in style earlier this month (4-5 June). With final figures still to be announced, the 2019 show saw the best quality of buyers yet and 50% of exhibitors already rebooking for the much-anticipated 2020 show at ExCeL London. Now, after four successful years – where the show has become firmly established as the two days a year where the industry meets, launches innovations and does business – Commercial Kitchen will move to London (said to be home to more kitchens per sqm than anywhere else in the UK) in June 2020 for its ‘biggest edition yet’. It’s an exciting development to the show, which boasts huge support from the industry’s major associations and trade media titles. It also counts a raft of leading CEOs, MDs, top chefs and food chiefs from across the hospitality industry among its many fans. Notably, the move will enable Commercial Kitchen to continue to grow and deliver on its promise to be the only truly dedicated show serving buyers from every vertical sector and every type of kitchen. This year’s show saw two of CLH News were regular advertisers promote innovative products at the show, CK Direct launched its innovative and ground breaking new recirculation system that does the job of a commercial kitchen extract system . . . but without the need for any external ducting. CK Recirc™ has been designed and built by CK Direct Ltd and is already making “waves” having already been approved by Westminster City Council and certified by an independent ISO 17025 UKAS accredited testing laboratory. The free-standing recirculating units and quick and easy to install – and can be just as easily dismantled and relocated if required. And the fact that absolutely no ducting to atmosphere is required means the units are ideal for ‘retro-fitting’ and locations such restaurants, pubs bars or listed buildings with restrictions. Managing Director Mr Tony Ricciardi commented: “We are proud to be launching

Following eight months of research conducted in conjunction with leading trends and insights consultancies CGA and IWSR, Distill Ventures, the world’s first independent drinks accelerator, has released a study today reaffirming the economic potential of Non-Alcoholic drinks (Non-Alc).

here at The Commercial Kitchen Show – but the CK ReCirc™ is already proving so popular and in-demand that we have already taken orders for 16 units in just the last couple of weeks . Also showcasing at the show was the innovative micro-save microwave liner which was also entered in the innovative challenge. The new patented wave cavity liner drew huge interest at the show. The Microsave Microwave Liner provides total protection for the cavity, the roof, sides, back and base of a commercial microwave oven, saving not only hundreds of pounds in repair costs which are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, but also valuable time in keeping the oven clean and hygienic! Following a £250,000 investment the cavity liner is now manufactured under licence in America for distribution in America Canada and Mexico. Pat Bray of Regale microwaves said “we have had an enormous amount of interest at the show. We supply two and service microwaves in many major brewery groups down to the small country public houses, restaurants and clubs, we have witnessed the problems experienced in keeping the microwave cavities clean, many visitors to our stand are astounded at how simple the product is and more importantly how much money and time can be saved” Event manager Katie Tyler (from organiser Diversified Communications UK) says: “Following a very busy, valuable and productive two days at Commercial Kitchen 2019, we’re delighted to announce the show’s move to ExCeL London. The time is right for a change and the news has already generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm from our exhibitors, supporters, and visitors alike. “Best of all, the tenancy enjoys similar dates, with our 2020 show scheduled to open on 3-4 June. Plus, when the Elizabeth line opens, ExCeL London will become even more accessible from both Heathrow and central London in minutes.

The growth of Non-Alc drinks is most evident via new product offerings and increasing menu visibility in key cities including London, New York, and Los Angeles. In the last 12 months, there have been 271 ‘premium soft drink’ launches in the UK. As of October 2018, there were 42 Non-Alc spirits on the UK market, up from just four in April. In bars and restaurants, Non-Alc drinks are earning their own place on the menu. In London, 55% of restaurants provide these options, and in Los Angeles, 40% present offerings, with no signs of a slowdown. In fact, 42% of the wider London on-trade are expecting Non-Alcoholic spirits and aperitifs, alongside Non-Alcoholic beer and wine, to play a key role in their overall sales mix over the next 12 months.

KEY GROWTH DRIVERS The growth is driven largely by clear consumer demand: 61% of consumers reported they want a better choice when it comes to Non-Alcoholic drinks. Meaningful experiences, curiosity around flavour and a plethora of choices remain relevant trends in socialising and how people spend their free time. The confluence of these trends has underpinned the exponential growth of Non-Alcoholic drinks in influential bars and restaurants, supermarkets and other retail spaces. There is also evidence of growing interest in Non-Alc online. Searches with the word ‘Mocktail’ are up 42%, suggesting that consumers are looking for ways to drink a bit less

without sacrificing social experience. Global consumers explicitly mention ‘Non-Alcoholic’ 81% more often than just one year ago, with 17% of conversations around Non-Alcoholic drinks coming from consumers between the ages of 35-44.

CONSUMERS ARE STILL GOING OUT Interestingly, the increase in Non-Alc drinks doesn’t mean that consumers are going out less. In the UK, 59% of people are ordering Non-Alcoholic drinks on nights out when they are also drinking alcohol. And they’re not just happy to drink it on occasion, they’re demanding it: 75% of influential consumers3 in the UK expect the venues they visit to offer a range of niche and interesting drinks.

THE DV PERSPECTIVE Shilen Patel, Co-Founder and Non-Alc Lead at Distill Ventures, said: “It’s incredibly exciting to see these Non-Alcoholic drinks develop and it’s something that we at Distill Ventures fully believe in. Over the last three years, we’ve rapidly grown our dedicated Non-Alc practice within the core business to help founder-led brands grow. Non-Alc founder-led brands now account for around 25% of the brands within our company’s portfolio.

Food Safety - Ignorance is NOT Bliss, It’s Dangerous! analysis found the mean figure increased from £2,200 to £7,100 comparing 10 months preguideline with 10 months post-guideline, an increase of nearly £5,000. Darren Seward, Hospitality and Food and Drink Sector Specialist at NFU Mutual, said: “To see an increase in penalties is positive for the food service industry as a whole. The vast majority of businesses work incredibly hard to meet their hygiene and safety obligation, and the irresponsible businesses which demean that are being held more accountable for poor conduct.

Image courtesy of The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

“Safety saves sickness, suffering, sadness.” Anon We now thankfully move into the hospitality and licensed on trades busiest period the summer! Longer days, warm summer evenings - last year’s summer heatwave brought a record-breaking £31 billion boost to the economy as millions of people enjoying Staycations. The great news is that Staycations are on the agenda this year! More British holidaymakers are opting to take domestic breaks this summer instead of travelling abroad, according to research earlier this year. The increasing trend for Staycations comes amid Brexit uncertainty along with hopes for a repeat of last Summer’s record-breaking heatwave. However as the weather warms up, and foot-fall increases so do the risks surrounding food poisoning. According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), it is estimated that up to 5.5 million people are affected by food poisoning in the UK each year, and in the vast majority of cases, believed to be up to 76%, the cause is thought to be food prepared outside of the home. Many of these cases go unreported, however, over 850,000 cases of food poisoning are reported each

year, resulting in more than 23 million lost working days, costing this country an estimated £350 million. So now is the time to ensure that your busy summer season is a profitable period and not a costly one. The effect of food poisoning on any food serving business is catastrophic: with the damage often irreparable. Fines for food safety and hygiene offences and prosecution of directors and senior managers have increased following the introduction of new sentencing guideline in England and Wales. NFU Mutual is warning businesses owners across the UK of the dangers of poor food hygiene and safety practices, following the findings in an impact assessment published by the Sentencing Council during April 2019. The Health and Safety Offences, Corporate Manslaughter and Food Safety and Hygiene Offences guideline for England and Wales came into force in 2016. It helps to ensure that imposed fines are proportionate to the circumstances and seriousness of the offence, including accountability and harm. The impact assessment found that the number of organisations sentenced for food safety and hygiene offences has more than doubled from around 60 in 2013 to 130 in 2016, but has since remained stable. Most organisations received a fine (94% in 2017) and

“Managers have a duty to put hygiene and safety at the heart of the company’s values to prevent getting into a serious situation in the first place, and damage as a result of hygiene issues reaches much further than a fine. Company reputation can be destroyed overnight, the directors responsible can be prosecuted, putting a fatal ending to their career in the industry, and most importantly, innocent lives could be put at serious risk of harm. Getting it right takes work but there is no excuse in the eyes of the law, or indeed the public.”

TEMPERATURE CONTROL Hot weather means outdoor eating, which inevitably prompts complaints to restaurants and doctors after

someone has eaten a ‘dodgy’ burger or hot dog. Recent news from the USA has once again highlighted that it’s not always the foods you expect to be vehicles for food poisoning bacteria; an E.coli outbreak, which has so far caused 5 deaths and made 197 others ill, has been linked to prepared Romaine lettuce. Whilst at this point the outbreak is not necessarily directly associated with poor temperature control, it serves as a timely reminder that all foods need to be carefully controlled to make sure that they are safe. Controlling the temperature of foods is relatively simple but you need to ensure that you have the right equipment – starting with a probe thermometer and antibacterial probe wipes. The probe needs to work properly; you can test this by simply placing the probe in boiling water (in a pan, not a kettle) and checking that it reads 100oC, then also in some iced water to check that it reads 0oC. If that works, then you are good to go. Always make sure that you clean the probe with an antibacterial probe wipe before use and test foods in their thickest part. If you are checking temperatures of foods in pans, make sure that the probe doesn’t go through the food and touch the pan. Don’t forget to always wipe the probe again with an antibacterial probe wipe after testing food. At this time of the year, there’s plenty of guidance about barbeque safety and what to do to ensure that the food you serve is safe. As a minimum, you should ensure that you do the following:


June 2019

Food Safety - Ignorance is NOT Bliss, It’s Dangerous! CLH News


(CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE...) • Cook foods in the main kitchen and finish them on the barbeque to give that chargrilled flavour • Make sure that foods are kept in refrigerators or purpose designed cool boxes until needed for service. Keep raw and ready to eat foods separated • Cook little and often – don’t just cook everything you have and leave it out for guests to eat when they want • Make sure that you wash your hands and avoid contact with raw meats as much as possible • Limit service and display times to as short a time as possible • Check food temperatures regularly, ensuring that all burgers, chickens, kebabs etc. have a core temperature above 75oC Food temperature control is enormously important at any time of year, not just during the summer months. Whether kitchens are hot or cold, whether food is being cooked outdoors or in the main kitchen, maintaining the correct temperatures is critical to maintaining food safety. Whilst the current US E.coli outbreak has not been directly linked to temperature, poor temperature control of prepared salads can result in bacterial growth - especially if they have been prepared in conditions which can result in cross contamination. For example, if dressed salad items are left out in the sun for long periods of time, any pathogenic bacteria within may multiply to levels which can cause food poisoning. That’s why it’s vital to limit service times if it’s not possible to ensure that food is kept adequately chilled. A lesser-known fact is that fridges and freezers have key operating temperature ranges and if the ambient temperature in the area where they are stored falls outside of those limits, then they will not efficiently maintain the correct temperature. It’s therefore important to try and manage the temperatures within your kitchen and stores, thereby allowing your chilled storage units to work at the correct temperature(s) and keep food safe.

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

One last point is record keeping. While it’s important to check temperatures, it’s equally important to maintain records of these checks. These can help protect you if your business receives an allegation from someone who says they’ve become sick after eating there. Records should be taken daily for fridges and freezers, cooked and reheated food and any foods that are held

hot or cold. Make sure that you check the temperatures of food when they arrive on deliveries and record these as well. Making sure that your food maintains the correct temperature throughout your chain of service is paramount to ensuring that you don’t get the dreaded call saying your guests have become ill. By protecting your food temperature chain, you will also be protecting both your customers’ health and your reputation.

FOOD SAFETY MADE QUICK AND EASY WITH THE NEW THERMASTICK® POCKET THERMOMETER The NEW ThermaStick is a pocketsized, waterproof (IP66) thermometer which incorporates a reduced tip penetration probe providing a much faster response time than traditional probe thermometers. Saving you valuable time and accurately measuring temperature over the range of -49.9 to 299.9 °C, the ThermaStick is simple to use, featuring two push buttons - on/off and max/min. A large, easy to read LCD makes the ThermaStick an economical, fuss free solution for numerous temperature measurement applications in today’s commercial kitchen. This HACCP compliant thermometer is powered by a single lithium coin cell battery, providing a minimum of 5,000 hours use. The ThermaStick thermometer is available in red, white or blue and is priced at £16.50 each exclusive of VAT. Buy online at www.thermometer.co.uk

KLIPSPRINGER THERMOMETERS Lead your compliance agenda forward by using digital probe thermometer and infrared thermometers from Klipspringer, designed to meet the precise needs of your industry. Klipspringer offer a broad selection of digital food temperature probes and thermometers (including reference instruments), as well as infrared thermometers, for every stage of the food supply chain, including prep, cook and cool, deep freeze, as well as storage and distribution. These are supported by a wide choice of probe configurations and accessories helping you to deliver enhanced performance and efficiency in the food and beverage manufacturing environment in support of HACCP and quality control.


Food Safety - Ignorance is NOT Bliss, It’s Dangerous! June 2019

IF A RESTAURANT OR TAKEAWAY RECEIVES A 0 FOOD HYGIENE RATING, WHY DOESN'T IT HAVE TO AUTOMATICALLY SHUT DOWN? It's something that may seem like common sense to consumers, but the reality of the situation may be a little less widely understood. Most people know that the food hygiene grading system by the FSA (Food Standard Agency) runs from 0-5. However, as highlighted by STS Food Safety Consultant, Annabel Kyle, the ratings are composed of cleanliness levels, documentation and the layout of an establishment. It's therefore, not as clear cut as to whether the cutlery is clean or whether there's a dead rat in the jam. Image courtesy of The U. S. Department of Agriculture

safety issues duties and responsibilities • Make sure all staff comply with best practice guidelines


"To close a premises an emergency prohibition notice (EPN) needs to be served by the EHO (Environment Health Organisation). Service of EPN’s is governed by legislation and codes of practice, and closure is only permitted where there is an ‘imminent risk’ to public health.

Virtual College offer a wide range of food hygiene training. Virtual College are proud to be the UK’s largest provider of food hygiene certificates and have trained over 750,000 individuals across many different types of organisations. Their Level 2 Food Hygiene course is accredited by City and Guilds and their customers have rated it 5 stars.

Examples include uncontrolled pest infestation, an outbreak arising from premises or even flooding with sewage etc. So, a food business can be poor, but if there is no ‘imminent risk’ they cannot be closed. Instead, other enforcement powers can be exercised e.g. prosecution, service of improvement notices, but they won't be shut down. A '0' grading will also be subject to routine inspections at the maximum frequency of 6 months, potentially with revisits in between." Another common misconception is whether establishments get prior warning of when an EHO is visiting the premises to conduct checks. Fiona explains what powers they have when conducting checks: "EHO’s have a ‘power of entry’ and must be permitted entry at any reasonable time. Generally this means when anyone is present on the premises. To not allow an EHO in is an offence called obstruction, for which the business can be prosecuted. Most EHO inspections are unannounced, although some local authorities do announce their inspections to make sure the manager or owner is available to speak with." Currently, the law states that businesses in Wales and Northern Ireland are legally required to show their FSA rating, however, in England, businesses do not have to display the rating they have been awarded. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to be awarded a low (0,1 or 2) food hygiene rating then food safety experts are here to help. They can carry out independent audits, ensure your food safety management systems are legally compliant as well as providing you with food safety training to ensure your team's knowledge, practices and food safety standards are up to scratch.

EDUCATION & TRAINING A politician when electioneering once famously said “Education, Education, Education”, and it really is the key. One of the biggest solutions in the foodservice sector lies in the industry’s own hands, the frontline! From food producers, to retailers caterers and all hospitality and on-trade businesses serving food education and training of vital:

• Make sure that all staff are well trained in food safety procedures • Make sure that all staff understand food


Food Allergies - What They Mean For Food Businesses


Having said this, the score is still a very fair indicator of the overall 'ethos' of an establishment. We spoke to Fiona Sinclair, Director of STS Food Safety, to find out just what needs to happen for an establishment to close down, and why some of them can stay open with a '0'.

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Their customers range from students looking to boost theirs CV’s to restaurant owners who need to train large numbers of staff. At Virtual College the comprehensive and easy to understand courses are suitable for everyone, offering cost effective training without the need for off-site learning or disruptive classroom sessions. If you’re looking for large amounts of training, their range of food course bundles and subscription packages can help support a wide range of needs and develop a learners skills to become an expert in Food Hygiene. Virtual College can also help If you’re looking to train a significant number of staff in food hygiene, need help with policies or procedures, or are looking to combine online and offline training, then they have expertise in developing custom training solutions. Get in touch with them today about your specific training need and they will be happy to assist you. Virtual College have worked with some amazing clients and have helped them develop strategies to help achieve specific goals. Wigan Council have over 1,500 members of staff working in the Early Years sector including staff who needed food hygiene training. Within three months of providing them with an elearning solution, 300 staff had successfully completed online food hygiene training alongside a range of other courses. So, as we get set for a busy and profitable summer season, practising a high level of Food Safety not only good for business it’s also the law. Whether it’s your pub, restaurant, cafe, hotel or bar; by preparing and serving unsafe food, you risk literally everything.

VIRTUAL COLLEGE www.virtual-college.co.uk ETI www.thermometer.co.uk FOOD ALLERGY FRIENDS www.foodallergyfriends.com KLIPSPRINGER www.klipspringer.com

The experts for all your Food Allergen support and training. Level 2 Food Allergen Awareness Level 3 Food Allergen Management

Consultancy, Advice for the industry, Resources, Documentation, Bespoke Workshops, Audits, Monitoring, Registration

Don’t be merely mediocre, strive for excellence, be a Food Allergy Friend

Call now on 01594 564 521 or email stella.faf@hotmail.com www.foodallergyfriends.com

Were you worried by the news of the deaths of Natasha Ednan-Laparouse, Megan Lee, or Shahida Shahid, or the lifechanging brain-damage suffered by Amy-May Shead? These young ladies had all relied on information on packaging or by word of mouth from staff, and they had been given inaccurate information. Could you deal with the cost of this happening to your business? Even if the customer does not die, there are serious repercussions for giving wrong information; fines and court costs, loss (even closure) of business, sleepless nights etc. because of the stress, possibly a prison sentence, a lifetime knowing you had been responsible for such devastation. FIR1169/2011 requires that food businesses can advise customers of the presence of 14 specified allergens in any food they produce. This information can be through word of mouth, on the menu, on a board, matrices, or ingredients lists, and must be provided on request of the customer. There must also be signposting for customers to know where to find the information. Food safety law requires staff to receive training according to their role, and there is a myriad of courses to choose from. How do you choose? According to UK statistics, there are around ten deaths due to anaphylaxis every year, and hospital admissions due to allergies have risen dramatically in recent years. Allergy sufferers must rely on the information they are given by food businesses. Can you, or your staff, remember all the ingredients in every dish on the menu? It’s better to have it document-

ed and available. When someone with a food allergy finds a pub, restaurant or café where they feel confident and safe, they will come back, they will bring family and friends, they will tell others in the food allergic community, and so your business can grow tremendously. In order to accomplish this increase in your business, you need to make sure your staff are all properly trained. Accredited courses are best because they give the opportunity for discussion or questions, which enhances the knowledge gained by your staff. There must be procedures and policies in place to ensure that everyone on site knows how your business deals with allergens. Allergen information must be documented and available for both staff and customers, it needs to be kept up to date with any changes in ingredients, recipes or menus. Full ingredients lists are better for those with allergies outside the 14. Suppliers should give you access to their ingredients, which can be useful when choosing suppliers, if they can’t tell you their ingredients, take your custom to one who can. Annual audits are helpful to monitor your processes and policies, and compliance with the law, and may provide further confidence for everyone. Engaging the services of a consultant to help you with the details of all the documents and requirements will pay dividends against the potential of getting it wrong. Can you afford to get it wrong? Food Allergy Friends can help. See the advert on this page for details.

June 2019

Cocktails & Spirits - Shake Up the Drinks Menu

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CGA’s Mixed Drinks Report shows that the value of on-trade cocktail sales jumped by 7.5% year on year in the first quarter of 2018, outpacing a 4% increase in the wider spirits market. An estimated 8.7 million British consumers now enjoy cocktails when drinking out-of-home. The research also revealed that the Mojito remains Britain’s favourite cocktail—though the Pornstar Martini is rapidly closing the gap. Aperitifs like the Aperol Spritz are meanwhile increasingly popular across bars, pubs and restaurants, with more than two in five (42%) cocktail drinkers now likely to enjoy a cocktail before a meal. Sparkling cocktails are another big growth area.

“No amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well made cocktail.” David Sedaris Are you tapping into one of the industry’s most popular and profitable trends? If not, why not? Our love of cocktails is growing, and whilst volume of alcohol sales in recent years have not grown value certainly has and cocktails are a great way of boosting the bottom line.

SO, WHAT IS A COCKTAIL? Cocktail refers to an alcoholic drink, which consists of a mixture of spirits such as gin, brandy, vodka, whiskey, tequila, or rum mixed with other ingredients such as fruit juice, cream, honey, milk, sugar, herbs, or other flavourings! The number of on-trade outlets serving cocktails has risen by 75% since 2014 since 2014 bringing the total to 42,000, with nine million consumers now drinking cocktails on a night out. And 6.5 million customers now choose to drink a cocktail with a meal when eating out, and our “thirst for cocktails” means that operators really do have to be at the top of their game! The UK cocktail market is now worth over £587m, proving to be an enormously beneficial addition to an outlet’s drinks range, setting you apart from your competition and importantly, increase your customers spend per head. Ben Anderson, marketing director at Funkin Cocktails, said: “From high-end bars to high-footfall venues and everything in-between, cocktails are in huge demand and consumers are happy to pay a premium for a great-looking, great-tasting cocktail. “Cocktails are becoming more accessible than ever before and we see the biggest growth coming from mainstream outlets. “The nation’s love affair with cocktails isn’t waning and we would urge those outlets not serving mixed drinks to grab the opportunity and drive footfall and incremental sales.”

This year’s 5 Cocktail trends to watch out for according to US Drinks Distributor Southern Glazer:




With the cocktail market in a boom period, spirits should not be forgotten.

While consumers have long embraced healthy green juicing and smoothies, vegetable flavors such as cucumber, celery, peppers, and peas are now being used to add a new twist to familiar cocktails. Bartenders are also using spirits that have vegetal characteristics, such as Green Chartreuse or its milder, slightly sweeter, lower-alcohol cousin, Yellow Chartreuse. Aquavit, a spirit often infused with caraway and dill, is also being used to add vegetal flavour. Using vegetables and vegetal spirit ingredients, such as bell peppers, beets, and snap peas, adds fresh, bright flavours and imparts unique, vibrant colours.

No longer just to enjoy after dinner, amaro and bitters are being used more and more due to their ability to tone down and balance drinks that are too tart or sweet. One example is Aperol—a bitter orange liqueur that adds astringency, bitterness, and also a wonderful colour. Cynar is an artichoke based bittersweet liqueur known for its versatility and distinctive flavour; its taste is enriched by an infusion of 13 herbs and plants. The name of the drink derives from the botanical name for artichoke, as artichoke leaves lend the distinctive flavour. Angostura bitters, traditionally used as an accent ingredient, is also making its way to the forefront as a major ingredient in cocktails.


The report reveal that cocktails continue to rise in popularity across British bars, pubs and restaurants, with the addition of aperitifs and healthy options helping to sustain the momentum.

The importance of cocktails as a summer’s drink cannot be overstated, summer is the perfect time to revitalise, refresh and invigorate your drinks offering and excite your customers with unconventional and avantgarde, options.

Coffee and tea as cocktail ingredients are being leveraged for their smoothness, earthiness, subtle smokiness, and other flavour tones—as well as for their strong backbone, which stands up to more assertive spirits. While cold brew primarily delivers a singular flavour profile, teas from around the world offer versatility and more nuanced flavours. These range from the subtle and delicate aromas of white tea; slight bitterness of many black teas (or subtle smokiness of Lapsang souchong); roasty notes from green teas like houjicha; soft, grassy flavours in matcha tea; or the range of flavours and aromas of oolong tea. Then there’s the incredibly diverse flavours extracted from herbal and floral teas including hibiscus or chamomile.

The micro-ionised elements add an eye catching glistening effect to the 33% spirit drink. The second new launch of 2019 for Eliot’s is Libellis, a premium Gin beverage which can be served as a shot or as a tall drink with a mixer. Also infused with Eliots micro-ionised fruits, Libellis has a clear appearance, like most main stream gins, until the item is shaken, then the micro ionised strawberry particles transform the drink into a glistening red gin, right before the customers eyes. With a sweet taste, the strawberry blend Gin is versatile to be served with various mixers or a shimmering shot and offers great theatrical allure for customers. A new fruity dimension to 2019 offerings, and worldwide recognised branding will take your premises to super stardom level this new year.

PARAGON BRANDS LAUNCH JUNE GIN LIQUEUR Paragon Brands are proud to announce the UK launch of JUNE gin Liqueur by Maison Villevert in Cognac, France. Created by Jean-Sebastian Robiquet Creator of Ciroc Vodka and G’vine Gin. JUNE Gin Liqueur uniquely blends premium G’Vine grape-distillate Gin with the flavor of fresh wild peaches and botanicals of the JUNE flower, which only blooms for 2 days each June on the Ripening grape vines of the Cognac Vineyards.

Spirits now have a 22.1% share of all drinks sales by value, according to CGA’s On-Premise Measurement Service - up by two percentage points in just four years. CGA's Director of Client Services Jonny Jones commented, “The spirits category is a hugely important revenue driver for the trade, and one that is helping operators to sustain growth in a challenging marketplace.”


Wines are great on their own, but they also lend themselves well to cocktail development. When used in cocktails, wines reduce the need to add excessive amounts of alcohol (that can make a drink too boozy) and can add a softer sweetness than syrups. These include fortified wines like ports and vermouths; subtle nutty or creamy sherries; crisp and clean red and white wines; and sparkling wines for bubbly texture. And red wine, traditionally just for sangria, is being used to create colorful, flavorful cocktails at some of the country’s most innovative watering holes.

Anderson added: “Research also reveals that up to 69% of people choose cocktails spontaneously so the opportunity to attract new customers, increase profit per serve and drive footfall is huge just by adding a few classic cocktails to a drinks menu.”

Charlie Mitchell, senior consumer research manager at CGA, said: “Cocktails have been a boom area of the drinking-out market for a while now, but our Mixed Drinks Report shows that sales and consumer interest are both still on the up. This is a market that is evolving fast, and the popularity of low-sugar and low-alcohol drinks is just one of a host of trends that all businesses selling and supplying cocktails need to be aware of. Staying right on top of people’s needs and preferences is crucial if brands are to protect and increase their share of this lucrative market.”

Cocktails with proper texture result in drinks that feel substantial. Ice is one way to deliver the correct texture and flavor in a cocktail, in addition to providing a visual impact. For example, large blocks of ice minimize dilution and can also be branded or stamped. Medium sized cubes continue to be used for a variety of all-purpose cocktails, and shaved or nugget ice is being used in large part to often dilute boozy, tikistyled cocktails. Finally, blended cocktails continue to grow in popularity. Beyond ice, texture can also be modified by using egg whites to not only add a foam presentation, but also a soft texture to a variety of citrus-forward cocktails.


Data from industry analysts CGA revealed that the average price of a cocktail has increased by 51p yearon-year and people in London are now willing to pay £7.67 while drinkers outside the capital would happily pay up to £6.77.

CGA’s Mixed Drinks Report also emphasised the value of promotions in cocktail sales. Close to half (44%) of cocktail drinkers say they use promotions like two-for-one deals, Happy Hours or other discounts every or almost every time they order one, and three quarters (77%) are more likely to visit a venue if it has a cocktail promotion. Menus, bartenders’ recommendations and theatre of serve are among the other big factors influencing cocktail drinkers’ choices.

branded, highly sought after, irridescent drink, which glistens in the bottle and in the glass once poured.

Chris Jones, MD of Paragon Brands, commented ‘Jean Sebastien and Maison Villevert have done an incredible job of capturing the tastes and aromas of fresh wild peaches and marrying them perfectly with a delicate balanced floral Gin. This offers both Traditional and contemporary gin drinkers something new and unique to add to their drinks repertoire, with excellent mixability beyond the usual tonic serve, JUNE works perfectly in a Spritz or with Prosecco in a Peach-Gin Belini’.

DON'T FORGET THE MIXERS Premium soft drinks producer Peter Spanton Drinks is expanding its range ahead of the key summer sales season with the launch of two new authentic flavours, Peter Spanton No. 2 Lemonade With Italian Bitters and Peter Spanton No.16 Cream Soda. Distilled on site in the village of Throsk near Stirling, Boë Gin is now one of the biggest independent gin producers in Scotland. Comprising of six products, the Boë Gin range includes two full strength flavoured gins – Boë Violet and Boë Passion – a classic gin, Boë Scottish Gin, and three flavoured gin liqueurs – Peach and Hibiscus, Spiced Orange and Scottish Bramble.

As with the other varieties in the range, they can be enjoyed alone, as a mixer with spirits, and in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. The new launches build on the established success of the drinks range created in 2012 by entrepreneur Peter Spanton, former owner of Vic Naylor’s restaurant in Clerkenwell.

Their first flavoured gin, Boë Violet was launched in 2016 and was one of the first full strength flavoured gins to market. The vibrant flavoured spirit infused with violet flowers proved so popular that Boë continued to innovate in the flavoured category. Boë Passion, a second full strength flavoured gin, this time using ontrend passionfruit was introduced earlier this year and is already performing well at wholesalers. Boë’s popularity shows no signs of slowing, with figures filed to February 2019 showing total sales revenue reached £8.5 million, up from £1.1M the previous year. Following UK listings in the on and off-trade across their portfolio of full-strength gins and liqueurs, an increase in sales has contributed to an increase of over £1.1million in operating profits, compared to previous year. The brand is now available right the across the UK, in over 300 Morrisons stores and can be found in over 11,000 cocktail bars, restaurants and pubs.

BRAND NEW DRINKS REACH SUPER STARDOM UK distributors for the 2 beverages, Eliot’s are the only supplier to be offering a unique drink inspired by the world wide recognised GAME OF THRONES Dragons Breath “ Wildfire” whisky and cinnamon spirit drink. The Eliot’s Wildfire Game of Thrones themed drink is a striking, eye catching green product infused with micro-ionised shimmering particles delivering a highly

Spanton said: “We wouldn’t bring anything to market that didn’t deliver something different, and these new recipes do exactly that. I initially devised our range because there simply weren’t enough genuinely adult non-alcoholic choices, and despite the growth of the market, there is still a real need for distinctive soft drinks choices for consumers and operators.” • Peter Spanton No. 2 Lemonade With Italian Bitters is described by Spanton as “more Talented Mister Ripley in style than the sugary kids’ soda everyone knows. The flavour is inspired by the romance of the Riviera, and is a homage to Italy’s aperitivo culture.” It can be enjoyed served simply with a slice of orange, or pairs well with a premium vodka. Tasting notes: Combines the fizz and punch of sharp sherbet lemons with the oily swagger of a fine negroni. Refreshing Sicilian lemon in the mouth subsides into warmer, richer aromatics on the nose.


June 2019

Cocktails & Spirits - Shake Up the Drinks Menu

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(...CONTINUED FROM PAGE 24) • Peter Spanton No.16 Cream Soda is a reimagining of the classic cream soda, originally patented as a temperance drink in Vienna, New Jersey in the 1850s. “It has a really sensual mouth feel and rich flavour, capturing the spirit of sultry summers,” said Spanton. As well as working very well on its own, it mixes superbly with American Whiskey. Tasting notes: Soft, rich, buttery bubbles fill the mouth with vanilla and cream. A refreshingly rich quencher, as satisfying as the first ice-cream of summer on a warm pebbly beach. Spanton adds: “Consumers are seeking out authentic flavours, and they want to know that there’s a genuine story behind their drink. Alongside a classic cocktail or spirit-and-mixer serve, they increasingly expect a soft drink to deliver the same premium, engaging experience, without leaving them feeling that a non-alcoholic choice is second best.” In its January this year Drinks International released its list of the world's best-selling classic cocktails in 2019, revealing that while bartenders may put a modern spin on old recipes, the desire for established, sophisticated drinks remains. The website asked bartenders from 127 of the best bars in 38 countries around the world to rank their 10 best-selling cocktails. 10. Moscow Mule - Down two to number 10. But, with 28% of bars saying it’s in their top 1 9. Aperol Spritz - up two places and features in the top 10 for the first time, with 30% of bars naming it in their top 10 8. Margarita - down two places but it has retained its spot as the top tequila classic in our list 31% named it in the top 10 7. Espresso Martini - This coffee-based cocktail has climbed up two places this year and has been ranked in the top 10 by 32% of bars 6. Dry Martini - Despite being down two places from last year, 35% of bars still put it in their top 10 5. Manhattan - 10% say it’s in their top three and 40% say it’s in their top 14. Daiquiri- Daiquiri is the most ordered rum cocktail in the list. 3. Whiskey Sour - third place for the second year running 2. Negroni - This iconic Italian cocktail has been in second place for five years running 1. Old Fashioned - For the fifth year running The Old Fashioned has retained the top spot in the list So now is the time to get creative but at the same time don’t forget the old classics!

www.boegin.com www.eliots.com www.peterspanton.com www.paragonbrands.co.uk

Using Menu Magic To Cheer Up Drinks Sales

By Jo Robinson

Don’t underestimate the value of your drinks menu – 90% of guests will look at it before ordering and spend on drinks is 17% higher if a drinks menu is provided. In a world where off-trade has overtaken on-trade drinks sales, an engaging, commercial, relevant and easy to understand drinks menu is more important than ever. And menu psychology is key to getting it right. Your menu is your shop window. In a crowded bar it’s the only way to let customers know the drinks you have on sale. Without it they’re likely to default to a “safe” option. No one expects people to order food without a menu to look at, but some still feel a drinks menu is unnecessary. That’s a mistake.

TRENDS The Instagram appeal of aperitifs helped sell 42m bottles in the UK in 2018, with summer figures rising by 56%, proving how many drinkers are determined to take the perfect photo to show off their chosen beverage – imagery matters. From annual sales of gin having almost doubled over the past five years topping £2bn in 2018, to millennials keenness for soft drinks and mocktails, through to the rise of prosecco at the expense of champagne and wine, sector trends are on the rise. In this landscape it’s vital for hospitality brands to ensure they’re offering what consumers want and are communicating these choices in the most effective way possible.

TOP TIPS TO CONSIDER • Placing a high price item nearer to your high margin drinks can increase the perception of value and increase sales as a result. • If you are offering unique or novel drinks add some drama, emphasise why you have included them. • Use coloured boxes to highlight those drinks you most want to sell but do use these sparingly, to maintain their impact and avoid clutter on the menu. Where possible communicate why these sections are highlighted – is it a new product? Chef

recommended? • Health and wellness are key trends. Make sure you’ve included low calorie options for your health savvy guests. • Don’t be tempted to list in price order. Remember the top two and last two items in any category tend to be the most ordered, so make sure your highest margin items are there. • Divide your menu into categories to ease navigation and make sure there is a good sense of choice in each, taking care at the same time to avoid overwhelming the reader. • Photography is key, if the drink pops it will inspire your guests. Use beautifully shot photographs to showcase the drinks you most want to sell. • Let the space speak, don’t overfill your menu. The eye is drawn to space, so this is a good place for high margin drinks. • Make sure you place as much emphasis on your soft drink offering as on alcohol. Don’t risk the veto vote, provide a wide range of adult focused soft drinks. As well as teetotallers, you will have many designated drivers in any crowd of drinkers.

BEATONE BeAtOne, a Clarity client, is a nation-wide cocktail bar chain that prides itself on it’s fun vibe and the extensive drinks options on offer. They understand the power of a drinks menu better than anyone and employ menu psychology principles to great effect. The centre page spread in any BeAtOne drinks menu always showcases their top ten cocktails, which account for the majority of their sales. This approach, and the way it’s executed, helps to reinforce a central brand perception – that they make good quality cocktails. Equally importantly it also helps customers to navigate the menu if they don’t have the time or inclination to flick through all the options on offer.

FINAL THOUGHTS In the drive to sell more drinks, bars and restaurants are now having to compete with the 3 S’s – social, sofa and supermarket. This is a challenge accentuated by premiumisation, provenance and responsible drinking trends. In this climate getting your drinks menu right is crucial. A carefully constructed drinks menu, designed to persuade your guests to make certain decisions, is an integral part of the guest journey.


Method: Fill glass with Ice cubes, then add : 60ml June 10ml Fresh Lemon Juice 10ml grapefruit Juice 50ml Brewed cold Green Tea (Or Lapsang Souchong tea for a smokey twist) 60ml Tonic Water Garnish with two sliced strawberries, two of orange and one raspberry

Passionito Mojito 50 ml Boe Passion Gin 25ml lime 15ml vanilla or normal syrup 1 x bar spoon brown sugar 12-15 mint leaves 3 x lime wedges Crushed ice 1 x 14oz tall glass 1 x muddler 1 x tall straw Step 1: Chop the limes, pick the mint leaves, and set aside the mint crown for the garnish Step 2: Add the gin and the other ingredients to the tall glass, then muddle firmly to extract the flavours Step 3: Fill the glass with crushed ice and then churn. Cap with crushed ice, adding a straw and garnish to finish.

June 2019

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BBQ Season – Here Comes the Sun

There is no disputing beer gardens and outdoor dining facilities are appealing because of the very nature of these open-aired enclosures, as soon as the sun shines people want to eat outside. The mood is what makes these areas so special; it’s a warm, welcoming and pleasant place where socializing is encouraged. However, creating the right atmosphere of hospitality within the space takes careful planning, care, and attention. A focused effort to build the right kind of alfresco area will keep people coming back again and again, let’s face it, get it right and it is a real money-spinner!

customers inside we have fallen in love with alfresco dining awnings and parasols will allow diners to shield from both the sun, and the odd raincloud, whilst creating a more uniform and inviting aesthetic, barriers will give your clientele that extra bit of privacy.

Good news is it’s never too late, thanks to wonderful new equipment, and ways of keeping warm, alfresco stars in the spring and lasts well into the autumn.

CONSIDER IT AN INVESTMENT That old adage is true, you really do get what you pay for so plan carefully and research the best products on the market that you can afford. Don’t let the domestic supermarket price influence you, you don’t want to invest in furniture and equipment this year only to be replacing it again in a year or two.

LOOK FOR DURABILITY As we approach it British summertime, following a gloriously sunny Easter, now is the perfect time to consider your alfresco dining options and hone your establishments barbecuing skills!

Alfresco eating is often about theatre and spectacle, the site of flames in a barbecue the sizzling of meat along with the fresh mouthwatering smells all part and parcel of the tradition.

Now firmly entrenched as part of our British way of life, alfresco dining and the BBQ has come a long way since the early days of charcoal encrusted pork sausages and burgers cooked to the consistency of lumps of coal, gone are the days when we would drag out a barbecue at the last-minute light it and cremate everything in sight. For we Brits barbecuing is both “the new kid on the block”, and “the oldest swinger in town”. Since the dawn of time we have cooked food over an open fire, and even then, it was recognised as a great opportunity for social gathering. Nowadays we are far more discerning, and we relish the barbecue season which is now a firm favourite in the hospitality and on trade calendar.

According to a survey by foodservice supplier Bidfood 77% of the British public would be more attracted to a venue which had a sizzling barbecue, saying that they would eat at a pub or restaurant that I barbecue even if they were originally only planning on visiting just a drink. “The figure highlights significant potential for the sector sales through enticing alfresco dining experience” said Bidfood Insight manager Lucy Pedrick.

You want equipment and furniture that is built to last, in a busy venue with a high footfall you need outdoor dining products that not only look beautiful but also have a lasting resilience and can withstand contact with water, heat from plates and the harsh outdoor elements. Seek out those that are well-crafted, strong, and can take the knocks.

MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION To really draw those customers in you want to create a space that blends effortlessly with the natural environment not one that contrasts. Show that you care about your customers with a well-designed space that allows them to drink and dine in comfort without feeling crowded or squashed in, whilst of course providing the access you need for an efficient table service.

Photography by La Citta Vita

DINING Outdoor dining is a great way of advertising your food to other people! Whether you’re a restaurant with outdoor dining outside with passing footfall or a garden with captured clientele your food is out there for others to see. There is no greater size or smell of freshly cooked barbecued food be that a barbecue spit roast, in many places this is the main attraction! It is very easy again to go down the domestic supermarket chain route but if you want to be able to cope with busy periods and have equipment that you can use year upon year then again make sure that you can get the best you can afford. So, whatever the weather eating and drinking outdoors is now a firm fixture, with high customer expectations wanting that “wow factor”, investing in your outdoor area quality products and offering traditional and not so traditional dining options is one of the best investments you will make!

TAKE THE INDOORS OUTSIDE Make sure your outdoors efforts is on the same level as your indoor efforts, take the look, feel and atmosphere you have carefully created indoors outside using quality outdoor furniture, equipment, decoration and planting, supplemented with q uality durable accessories that are weather-proof.

In fact the barbecue has become such a firm favourite in the hospitality calendar we now have a British Barbecue Association, whose president is Ben Bartlett, former British barbecue champion and now celebrated author and consultant. Added to that celebrity chefs regularly taking to the outdoors to display their culinary talents, Al fresco, there is no end of recipes that would tempt even the most steadfast traditional BBQ chef.

PROTECT CUSTOMERS FROM THE WEATHER Yes we have recently enjoyed a run of fine weather, but we are other British summertime sunny one day windy rainy the next, this is no reason to drive the

Covers, Canopies & Awnings Cushions & Upholstery

From bespoke re-upholstering for bar and restaurant seating, to large commercial umbrella covers... Southern Sails can meet all your needs.

SPECIAL OFFER June/July Buy 9 Get 1 FREE

Listening to you the customer, is what makes us able to deliver products or services that truly meet your specific requirements with our highly experienced upholstery specialists. Please call Jeremy (aka Jerry), for further information.

Southern Sails & Covers: Unit 3 The Beta Centre, 262 Ringwood Road, Poole BH14 0RS

T: 07854 597948

W: southern-sails.co.uk

Alfresco Dining Country Benches - High Quality Benches The Cinders ‘Classic’ Barbecue June 2019

Country Benches is run by a vastly experienced and time served tradesman who has been serving in the trade for over 25 years. The business was started 15 years ago and we have provided our services independently ever since. In this time he has developed the business into being family run, amassed a loyal customer base and welcomes new customers on a regular basis. Country Benches creates high quality benches, picnic benches and garden furniture. We only work with the best quality of wood to bring you the highest standards of benches and garden furniture. Country Benches can create benches to exact specifications as well as offering a large variety of standard design garden furniture.

Call Country Benches to see what we can do for you. Although based in Bedfordshire we cover the whole of the United Kingdom on trade offers. Country Benches is also pleased to be able to offer you a delivery service for smaller orders with a delivery cost. In addition to this, Country Benches can offer you these prices much cheaper than our competitors. Our services are great value for money and are of the absolute best quality. All our products are built to order and delivered within seven days and we also operate a "payment on delivery" basis. So contact us today so that we can build your order to your exact specifications. For details see advert this page.

The Cinders ‘Classic’ barbecue has exceeded customers’ expectations for decades, due to its unique, patented design. It easily cooks 1000 burgers in one session but being a true workhorse is not its only selling point. Robust, reliable and low-maintenance are just three adjectives to describe a barbecue whose repair costs are typically non-existent over long periods, generating a healthy ROI for many years. The Cinders ‘Classic’ comes as a sixfoot long double grill (TG160), or a halfsized single grill (SG80), with both running on LPG and offering incredible food output for the price of the energy used. The user-friendly grills are easy-tolight and powerful, getting up to tempera-

Bar & Background Sound Systems to Suit Any Venue Indoors or Out! Café Culture - Pavement Profit Expectations for bar/pub, hotel and restaurant entertainment can range from quiet and ambient sound solutions, to loud and versatile PA systems. We cover everything. By hand-picking the perfect solution for your area, we are able to help you open up endless possibilities for use from your bar sound system. Whether you are looking for a single zone, or multiple zone broadcast, simple plug and play system or a full PA system, our background sound systems are configured for your area by us to ensure that no matter how large or open your venue is, the music you want to play to customers is evenly distributed, clear and of a superior quality compared to our

Southern Sails Over the years many of Southern Sails boating clients have also commissioned us to do a whole variety of non-marine work. From bespoke car seat re-upholstering, VW Camper beds, to bar and restaurant seating, to large commercial umbrel-

competition. Creating the right sound is of key importance to give customers a feeling of ease and create the mood or experience that is required to generate sales or atmosphere. We specialize in 3 Areas:

• Pro Sound & Lighting Systems for Commercial use, Ie Bars, Nightclubs, Hotels + Mobile DJ Equipment, la covers... the list goes on. This aspect of the business has now developed to such a degree, that it now accounts for a significant proportion of Southern Sails' business and to meet the demand, they have taken on two further highly experienced upholstery specialists. With the wind stresses and cli-

• Background music systems and do both ceiling and wall mounted speakers, all sound systems can be configured to each customers needs , be it 1 Zone 4 speaker systems through to Multi Zone speaker systems in pubs/bars , Hotels, restaurants or Conference Centres. • We supply ICT & audio visual hardware, security & storage products, peripherals and consumables to hospitality business, corporate, schools, colleges, universities, government clients and private individuals throughout the UK. For further details visit www.rs100.co.uk or see advert page 16. matic conditions that large umbrella and canopies encounter, are more akin to boat equipment than most domestic products, it is no surprise that we were approached to manufacture the material parts, rather than a more traditional domestic upholsterer. For further information, see the advert on the facing page.

We are an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants and public houses. We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports

Crab and Chilli Griddled Courgettes Ingredients: 142g pouch of Blue Star hand picked claw crab meat 2 or 3 courgettes 2 chillies extra virgin olive oil 1 lemon Parsley to garnish (optional) Salt and Pepper

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ture in around five minutes, to quickly feed a queue or facilitate an impromptu pop-up barbecue if great weather arrives. Cinders’ production values are impressive - not only offering a warranty for commercial use, unlike cheap imported barbecues, but also built to ISO 9001:2015 standards. The barbecues have internal self-cleaning too, removing the odious chore of post-barbecue clean-down. The grill merely needs to be left running for a few minutes to burn off residue, which is then brushed away or ejected. Once cool, the Classic can be folded down and easily stored away. Discover more at www.cindersbarbecues.co.uk or call 01524 262900.

next season. It’s one area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual bumps and scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to sales@cafeculture.biz

Method: Slice the courgettes lengthways into 10cm slices and lightly brush with the oil. Place into a ribbed griddle pan and cook for a couple of minutes either side until tender and seared. For the dressing: De-seed and finely chop the chillies and mix into the remaining extra virgin oil and add the juice of half a lemon. To serve: Scatter the crab meat onto the griddled courgettes and spoon the dressing over the top. Garnish with a slice of lemon and parsley (optional) Add salt and black pepper to taste

June 2019

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Alfresco Dining

Retro Chairs From LeisureBench

Three new colours have been added to the Retro chairs collection at LeisureBench Ltd. They have been specially chosen for the designer look and are available in Distressed white, Mellow green and Polished steel . Priced from only £37 plus VAT they are an attractive addition to your establishment. This supplements the company’s stylish Valetta and Bentwood Retro collections, that have proven to be very popular. Both these styles are available in many colour variations and can be powder coated to the colour of your choice. All are suitable for outdoors and indoors use. They are manu-

CambridgeStyle Canopies

CambridgeStyle Canopies have been active working with major PubCo's since 2005. The company had seen interest grown in providing customers with attractive outdoor areas - be it for smoking, congregating or wining and dining. There is much evidence to demonstrate that those that have invested in providing outdoor cover have seen healthy returns on those investments, with customers gravitating to pubs where there are outdoor covered facilities. CambridgeStyle Canopies have developed a range of aluminium and steel products which provide a good 25 year life span. The very latest state of the

factured in steel for commercial strength and durability that has been electro-galvanised before powder coating. The galvanising helps to prevent rust even if the outer powder coating is damaged. The Bentwood design has drainage holes in the seat for outdoor use and cushions are available in various colours. Currently, the Bentwood chairs are on offer at £32.50 each plus VAT and The Valetta collection on offer at £25 each plus VAT. On bulk buys, you can save up to a further 15% off these prices and the same applies to all the already competitively priced furniture on the LeisureBench website. Visit www.leisurebench.co.uk for more details. E: sales@leisurebench.co.uk. Tel.01949 862920. art Bioclimatic Pergolas have been developed from sunnier climates and adapted to cope with the many variant weather conditions expected in the UK. CambridgeStyle Canopies have been installed in beer gardens, terraces and roof tops all across the country. CambridgeStyle Canopies work closely with their clients to provide a bespoke solution tailored to their needs and carefully calculate together the likely return on investment per outlet, be it operating 5,000 or 1 outlet.

Advice is to consider; Do I need more covers Would I gain new customers Would it improve ambience for my existing customers Would it set me apart from local competition Cost of covered area Number of covers Projected return on investment timescale. This is the current trend and will continue to grow within the hospitality industry. Don't miss out - contact CambridgeStyle Canopies today! Call 01353 699009 email office@cambridgestyle.org or visit www.cambridgestylecanopies.co.uk

Sweetcorn with Maple Syrup and Chilli

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

INGREDIENTS • 4 whole fresh sweetcorn cobs • A little honey or maple syrup • Chilli sauce • Salt and pepper, to taste • Butter or olive oil

Place the sweetcorn into a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes, then drain. This will speed up the cooking process and help prevent the sweetcorn drying out. Place directly onto your barbeque grill. Cook for approximately 10 minutes, turning from time to time. Mix the honey or syrup* and chilli sauce together, then season. Brush each cob with the mixture and cook for a few more minutes. Serve with a little butter or olive oil*.

Products and Services

CaffItaly - Now in the UK with Forward Vendors Roomie - The Unique Hotel-Branded Guest Engagement App CaffItaly! A name Italians know and respect is now available in the UK. CaffItaly produce a superb range of Coffee and stunning looking equipment. Forward Vendors supply and distribute CaffItaly in the UK. The CaffItaly 8200 is supplied with a full 3 year warranty when you enter into our unique *pay you* system, a system that guarantees you make a

Common Sense With Printed Banners HFE Signs have received valuable feedback from a number of their regular customers in the Pub & Hotel industry and have decided to share this – given some thought it almost seems common sense once its pointed out! Putting up a Printed Banner outside your Pub with a Special Offer, a Meal Deal or even a Theme Night works very well but, be careful, its time is limited and this is why - typically a PVC Banner will increase sales and draw in the customers very well for 2 – 3 weeks and then it gradually slopes off and eventually ceases to work. Why does this happen and what can we do to keep the success levels? People simply get used to seeing the design or the offer and the

Quality First with Proper by SCT

With so many products on the market today, it takes bar snacks of great substance, taste and quality to emerge triumphant. SCT & SCT establishes itself as the clear leader of its field, by combining all of these and more. Its ‘Proper by SCT’ range offers a selection of Proper Pork Crackling, Fabulous Fudge and Delectable Nuts. Nuts make a fabulous edition to any pub or bar offring; with a range of nuts on offer, picking the best ones for your establishment is key. Look no further for the perfect pork scratching with SCT & SCT's Proper Pork Crackling, including favourite flavours Extreme Naga Chilli, Sage and Onion, and of

Taking The Work Out Of Workwear! So, you need personalised clothing but where do you begin? Most searches would start online where you can find a plethora of organisations, all offering customised clothing at similar prices. It’s all straightforward until you start asking yourself questions about the quality of the product and how your customisation will look on the garment itself. Online ordering is fast and simple for sure, but emailed proofs in PDF format can often make the artwork appear a slightly different colour to what it will look like on the finished product. Axent Embroidery has been around since 1982 and has established itself as a leading supplier of promotional clothing in the Dorset area. Priding itself on exceptional levels of customer service and getting it right first time, Axent has managed to maintain its personal service even in today’s fastpaced world. The company

profit. The 8200 makes all your regular coffee drinks, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano from a huge variety of different coffees , allowing you customer to have a coffee just the way they want it – delicate and tasty or powerful and strong. Why not give us a call on 0800 44 44 43 and ask all you the questions you have or see the advert on page 3. advert goes stale, the Banner no longer has their attention or the impact it once did. The solution to this problem is to rotate your offers and adverts every 2 – 3 weeks keeping the message fresh, for best results change the complete offer and even the design colours. To help customers prove how successful this works and to see for themselves HFE are now offering a great deal on Printed Banners – Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! And furthermore, all three banners can be of different designs and you even get FREE UK Delivery! HFE Signs don’t just print Banners, they also do Pavement Signs, Safety Signs, Printed Flags, Chalkboards and much much more.. Have a look on their website and keep it safe, you will need them one day! Visit www.hfe-signs.co.uk or see the advert on page 7. course, the Classic Salted. SCT’s range of Delectable Nuts have something for everyone in this stand out range. They offer nuts including walnuts, almonds, peanuts and everyone’s pub favourite, cashews. SCT's Fabulous Fudge is a firm favourite up and down the country. This sugary snack is gluten free and perfect for a family-focused offering. Flavours include Belgian Choc, Ginger and Sea Salt and Caramel. Call 01202 875280, email info@sct-sct.com or trade@sctsct.com or see the advert on page 3. remains very competitive with a comprehensive website of top-quality products, but also offers the opportunity for clients to visit their showroom in Poole, where they can see their items being embroidered by the highlyskilled machinists and discuss any specific requirements that may arise. Proofing disappointments are avoided by all customers with a new logo set-up receiving an embroidered version of their logo for checking. Long-standing relationships with leading garment suppliers around the globe ensure that only the best quality products are sourced and available at very competitive prices. Not resting on its laurels, Axent constantly strives to improve its service and welcomes all customer feedback and requests. To find out more about the organisation or to look at the extensive clothing range, visit www.axentembroidery.com or call 01202 697770 to speak with Tom and his team. See the advert on page 4.

CK Direct ReCirc™ is Meeting Industry Demand For Less Retrofitted Equipment In Commercial Kitchens The demand for recirculation units is a growing trend, as more unusual and restricted spaces are being optimised by catering business owners. Recirculating will allow such kitchen professionals to take advantage of existing spaces without the high cost and practical implications that would apply to retrofitting permanent equipment like exhaust hood fans and ductwork, which filter airborne grease and smoke out into the atmosphere. CK Direct’s series of Recirc™ units are self-contained kitchen ventilation systems with environmental design considerations that also eliminate major risks to the kitchen, such as ductwork fire hazards. Multiple stages of inventive filtration within the units remove grease, particulate, smoke and odour before reintroducing clean air to the kitchen - Therefore the units need no direct duct connection to the atmosphere. Each Recirc™ unit’s advanced technology and air purification system will make them appropriate for any commercial kitchen application and they’re compact enough for tight openings and kitchens that have been fitted in the most unusual spaces. With 4 stages of filtration and the added value of fitted Frank Cascade™ high efficiency grease filters to the extract hood, CK Direct Recirc™ will ensure that a clean, fire safe and environmentally-friendly appliance is

installed and that it ticks all of the health and safety standard boxes. In order to offer a greater choice of electrical cooking equipment, CK Direct ReCirc™ units are available in 8 standard sizes but units are also available within bespoke size requirements, including Island Canopies. The importance of having the capacity and capability for bespoke manufactured units for size-specific requirements is crucial in being able to offer that flexibility the modern kitchen often needs. The four stages of filtration for the standard CK Direct Recirc™ and Recirc™ ECO units start with a high-efficiency baffle-type grease filter unit mounted in front of the second set of filters. It then goes through a G4 pleated panel filter, HEPA filter and finally a Carbon Filter, effectively removing grease, particulate, smoke and odour in a safe manner. CK Direct not only design and manufacture commercial kitchen equipment but they also consult on best-use of kitchen spaces, specify the equipment that will get your kitchen running efficiently and safely, whilst also saving you money with its innovations, such as the newly launched Recirc™ series. Call CK Direct on +44(0)1733 302704 or visit www.ckdirect.co.uk or see the advert on the back cover.

Roomie the unique hotel-branded guest engagement app, is now available in the UK exclusively through market innovator Hotel Technology International Ltd. The Roomie-UK mobile app promises to transform the hotel and hospitality guest engagement and management experience and offers a wealth of features that no other apps are able to provide at very little cost. A mobile app that is fully branded and customised for your hotel The app is easy to implement, needs no technical resource to run, works with the existing hotel wifi, is compatible with smart phone and tablets for both IOS and Android and can be fully integrated with Smart TV: LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba to provide a wealth of guest entertainment features. A contemporary way of boosting guest satisfaction ratings

Roomie is a hotel guest engagement system a promotional tool, an insight tool and a customer liaison tool all in one, giving guests one-touch access to a wealth of entertaining features:

With the coffee culture showing no signs of slowing down and a greater demand for premium product as consumers develop a more discerning coffee palette, Roger Heap from Swiss owned Jura says hoteliers should be serving quality coffee. JURA manufactures premium, Swiss-made bean-to-cup coffee machines that are ideal for commercial use – producing from 50, up to 200 cups per day. The JURA WE8 is perfect for a small hotel offering as it’s capable of producing around 35 speciality

coffees per day. This machine features 12 programmable specialities, from a latte macchiato to a flat white. It also has a 3l water tank capacity and a 500g bean container capacity with an aroma preservation cover. For optimum convenience, the WE8 is compatible with the JURA Coffee App, so you can control it wirelessly via Bluetooth. For more information, please visit uk.jura.com, P: 01282 868266, E: service@uk.jura.com or see the advert on page 11.

• The latest Hollywood film releases • The ability to order room service • In-app restaurant and spa bookings (and/or other services -the sky’s the limit) • Access to special offers available in your hotel and partner hotels • Useful tourist information to help guests make the most of their stay •Live chat with hotel customer service team, available in a number of different languages ORDER A DEMO See how Roomie could transform the guest experience in your hotel. Sign up for a FREE demo, at roomie-uk.com

Hotelier’s Need To Grab Their Caffeine Fix

iMettos Commercial Catering Equipment iMettos Limited is aiming to bring changes to your catering equipment with a range of high quality products and greater prices. Our products are famous on the latest technology design, durable construction, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and reliability. iMettos catering equipment will be a lead player in running a successful pub, restaurant, hotel and contract catering company/business, iMettos offers a huge range of cooking equipment, kitchen equipment, barware, stainless furniture and warming appliances to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Our expert technical team designs and develops our products and brand with professional product knowledge and long standing experience. In the manufacturing process we put special attention on using only top class

materials and make the latest technologies available for our production. All iMettos product are covered with a Manufacturers 2 Years Parts and Labour Warranty back to base. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE TO ALL NEW CUSTOMERS

Cornwall based Caterbook are celebrating 18 years as an independent provider of hotel booking solutions with the launch of their new Version 5 software. Developed and hosted in the South West, this all-in-one solution combines a Property Management System with a fast, responsive online booking engine, channel management, EPOS till links and a built-in payment gateway. "The extent to which technology plays a part in the hospitality sector has changed significantly over that time," explains Caterbook Managing Director Chris Noon. "It's no longer just about having an electronic diary. The ability to automate tasks like guest communication via email

and SMS, updating rates and availability at Online Travel Agents, posting food & drink items to the room for settlement on checkout and changing prices dynamically based on the number of rooms remaining enables our clients to increase revenue opportunities and reduce mistakes caused by human error whilst at the same time lowering their costs." Caterbook 5 is cloud based Software, and is accessible from an Internet enabled device. Prices start from just £70 per month for up to 10 rooms. To arrange a demonstration or 30 day free trial, contact Caterbook on 01840 298298 or email cb5@caterbook.com.

Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. www.imettos.co.uk E-Mail: sales@imettos.co.uk Tel: 01908 083636 or see the advert on page 5.

Hotel Booking Solutions From Caterbook

Hoshizaki Goes Sub-Zero In New Blast Chilling And Freezing Launch Hoshizaki, the world’s leading refrigeration and ice machine manufacturer, has announced the expansion of its popular Snowflake portfolio, with an innovative 2-in1 blast chiller and freezer range. Engineered to perform in the most demanding of environments, the new units are capable of quickly and efficiently blast chilling and freezing cooked foods, all in one unit, without affecting the taste or texture. This is achieved thanks to protective hard and soft cycles which switch from a chilling/freezing mode, to a storage mode, via an advanced automatic timer. Available in a variety of sizes, the Snowflake Blast Chiller and Freezer series is designed to meet the fundamental requirements of cookchill/freeze operations through durable materials, sturdy design, perfect performance and instant convenience. Made from the highest quality, non-corrosive stainless steel, the new Blast Chiller/Freezer units not only provide outstanding reliability, but are also exceptionally easy to clean thanks to their ergonomic design. Smooth surfaces,

rounded internal corners, removable shelves and an easily accessible fan and evaporator add to the exceptional ease of maintenance of these units. For kitchens lacking in space yet looking for a unit that has substantial blast chilling/freezing capacity within a single unit, then the deceivingly generous undercounter SBU 20 HL boasts a 20kg chilling capacity, 12kg freezing capacity and 5 rack positions. The largest unit within the four-wide Snowflake Blast range is the SBU 40 HT which boasts an impressive 42kg chilling capacity, 25kg freezing capacity in addition to 10 rack positions. The new Snowflake Blast Chiller/Freezer range comes with a comprehensive twoyear part and labour warranty as standard. The price for the Snowflake Blast Chiller/Freezer range starts from £3510+VAT. For more information on the Snowflake Blast Chiller/Freezer range, or to find out about the other appliances in the Hoshizaki portfolio, please see www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.

June 2019

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Ware and Tear - Warewashing Solutions 32

establishment, and would have concerns over hygiene and general cleanliness. According to the survey, the message is very simple: Operators aren’t currently paying enough attention to their warewashing to ensure that all glasses and crockery are scrupulously clean, every day, every wash!” Warewashers are an integral part of any commercial kitchen and an important factor in choosing the right warewashing machine is gaining an understanding of the true requirements of your business / operation to ensure the most energy efficient machine is chosen. Does it require a dedicated dish or glasswasher or a machine capable of both? The volume of throughput will determine the size of machine from either a passthrough machine or large rack conveyor machine for high volume. How many glasses/dishes/utensils will need to be washed per day? Are there concentrated periods of business with high wash volumes in a short period with extended periods where the machine will be idle? One of the latest technologies in warewashing are machines with heat recovery systems making them more efficient and economical.

Who can forget last summer? England getting the semifinal of the World Cup, glorious hot lazy hazy days, all contributing to a wonderful busy trading. Hopefully that can be replicated this year, if the England women’s football team gets to the final pubs can look forward to another bumper sales of up to 3 million pints. Despite the contraction of the casual dining sector, this year has seen some high-profile casualties. The uncertainty over Brexit and the falling pound is proving to be a boom for our old friend staycation. Last year “staycationers” brought a staggering £31 billion to the nation’s coffers. Busy pubs/bars restaurants and hotels mean busy kitchens and busy kitchens mean busy warewashers. Referred to in previous issues as the “Cinderellas of the kitchen”– they work hard and are often mistreated by busy staff, yet they are one of the appliances which are relied on the most, but are also notorious for spreading germs if they are not maintained and cleaned properly. Nowadays we Brits can eat almost any time throughout the day, from breakfast time though to the early hours; from breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, brunch, afternoon snack dinner through to the late hours or perhaps just a leisurely gastropub Sunday lunch. We now have more choice more cuisines more diversity and competition is absolutely fierce While this embracing of all day dining and you cuisines brought welcome opportunities, it is not without its challenges. Varied menus, longer trading hours and pressure for space when opening or refurbishing a premise has created a different type of problem, not only to operators, but also to equipment suppliers and warewashing in particular. “A survey has shown that over 97% of respondents said they would be put off by eating or drinking in an establishment where they are served with dirty or cloudy glasses and crockery. And, that a staggering 94% of those surveyed said they had been on the receiving end of dirty crockery or glasses, with over 70% of those saying they would not return to that

Space required for warewashing should also be proportional to the covers being provided. Too often the space for cleaning is an afterthought and little or no space is provided for the stacking of dirties and cleaned products. Adequate prewash facilities should always be considered at design stage to avoid the warewashing being used as a waste disposal system. Other factors for consideration are the location of energy supplies and having a suitable water and power supply available so that the warewasher recovers quickly for the next cycle.

DC OPTIMA 1450 The new double-hood passthrough from DC with independent washing zones has all the features of the Optima range but with twice the capacity! Says Bob Wood Director at DC Warewashing & icemaking “An additional Intelliwash System detects when only one basket is loaded - saving energy and water. As well as adjusting cycle times and activating the energy-saving standby mode, the new double-hood passthrough uses an innovative system to manage the rinsing process, temperatures and pressures as well as ensuring the correct dispensing of chemical products. “ Other benefits and innovative features for this system include: • High maximum capacity throughput with outstanding wash results: up to 120 baskets an hour*. • A thermo-stop mechanism ensures a guaranteed rinse temperature and safe, hygienic cleaning while the atmospheric boiler ensures maximum energy savings. • Integral peristaltic rinse aid dosing. • Double-skinned cabinet construction reduces energy costs, noise levels and keeps the wash area ambient temperature to an absolute minimum. • 2 highly efficient, self-draining wash pumps for greater hygiene and ulti-

mate washing power. • 4 independent, contra-rotating wash and rinse arms to ensure water is powerfully and efficiently distributed within each of the two washing zones. • Trays and plates can be washed in one cycle thanks to the two zones which optimises workflow in the warewashing area and saves time. • Auto self-cleaning wash tank cycle at the end of the day. • Four dedicated and programmable wash cycles with a choice of manual or automatic control-panel start. • State of the art, electronic control panel, which is easy to use, transmits user-friendly information on the status of the machine and offers pin-code protected programming for greater management control. *Subject to a specified water supply in terms of temperature, pressure and water hardness

It therefore goes without saying that you will want the best you can afford, and the best to suit your requirements. Anything else is the difference between keeping or losing custom! Warewashing equipment is as important in any kitchen as a prime cooking equipment itself, and encompasses a wide range of machinery, from undercounter dish and glasswashers, to utensil washers, pass-through and rack and flight machines. And it is pretty safe to say that every business has a different need, so when it comes to choosing the right appliance, it is important to be clear about what you want any new piece of equipment to achieve. Technology is moving fast in the world of warewashers, so it pays to get expert advice before making that all-important purchase. Here is that advice to help you assess your options. It is not just the latest warewashing machines that can provide energy and water savings, but improvements in external factors such as cleaning chemicals and using the correct type, can enable the lowering of wash and rinse temperatures which will result in a reduction in energy consumption and still give sparkling clean results.


Ware and Tear - Warewashing Solutions

June 2019

(...CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE) Crystaltech has exclusively developed a reverse osmosis (RO) system which pushes purified water through the wash cycle, which requires fewer chemicals at lower temperatures to deliver perfect results and can reduce the need for cleaning chemicals by 70%, making it a much more energy efficient proposition.

It also removes the need to hand polish glassware post wash, therefore saving valuable staff time and potentially transferring germs with cleaning cloths Derek advises that the installation and maintenance of a warewashing machine should be undertaken by qualified engineers to ensure that the machine is correctly configured to the demands of its environment and that both the amount of chemical and heat used will get the optimum wash result. Any installation company should use a company that is SSiP approved and its engineers should hold the relevant industry standard qualifications.

www.dcproducts.co.uk www.crystaltech.co.uk www.meiko-uk.co.uk

Meiko’s 7 Tips For Clean Glasses From glass quality to wash temperature and polishing: there’s a lot of things you can do wrong when handling glassware

1. Glass quality is crucial - Much is demanded of glasses used in foodservice - they are washed several times a day and possibly a thousand times over their life, so they should be high quality, reducing the risk of glass corrosion, thereby significantly lengthening their service life. Leading glass manufacturers have optimised their manufacturing to such an extent, that even expensive glasses no longer need to be washed by hand – and the fact that they are dishwasher-proof means they tend to remain pristine for longer. 2. Improve water quality - Water quality is an important factor in the dishwashing process. Water that has not been properly treated for dishwashing leaves a grey film and limescale deposits on glassware, even after an intensive wash cycle. Optional water treatment modules on professional dishwashing machines, such as reverse osmosis (RO) can avoid this. See www.meiko-uk.co.uk for details on

CLH News

how this system works. 3. Give glassware space - The correct size wash rack can prevent minor damage or, in some cases, breakages. Wash racks come in many sizes and can be colour-coded to help staff find the right glass. The best way to protect against clinking and breakage from mechanical stress, is to use racks which securely hold the glasses in place. MEIKO can tailor racks to fit virtually any size glassware. 4. The shorter, the better - Wash cycle times for glassware should be as short as possible because this reduces wear on glasses. 5. No need to polish - An integrated water treatment module (RO) will remove all the minerals from the water (as well as bacteria and viruses), providing the highest stan-

dard of pure water to rinse your washware (see www.meikouk.co.uk). Pure water is a prerequisite for sparkling, spotless and hygienically clean results. This way, glasses and cutlery no longer have to be polished by hand – saving time and money. Polishing with a tea towel is unhygienic and not to be recommended. 6. Don’t wash too hot - For delicate glassware, the dishwashing machine should be set to between 60° and 63° and, where possible, on a gentle cycle. At higher temperatures, glasses may become cloudy or suffer other kinds of damage after prolonged use. You should also use a specific glasswashing detergent and remove the glasses from the dishwashing machine as soon as the cycle finishes. 7. Odour-neutral storage - Even when clean, the pores in glass are quick to absorb smells from their surroundings. If you do not have an odour-neutral place to store your glassware, you should give it a quick rinse with water before use. For more on this and other useful for bar, restaurants and hotels visit the NEW magazine section of Meiko UK at www.meiko-uk.co.uk/en/

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June 2019

CLH News

Design and Refit


Grey Simmonds Food Service Equipment Europa Furnishings

As a leading design house specialising in the design, production and installation of commercial bars and kitchens, Grey Simmonds Food Service Equipment have worked with a variety of clients ranging from small cafe restaurants to large pub and hotel chains.

The company’s CAD manager Oliver Hardwicke says ‘Every single project we undertake is unique. Whether it be a small cocktail bar or a large scale restaurant kitchen refurb our job is to create bespoke, functional and cost effective catering spaces.’

ing and final installation. This means our clients have one point of contact for the entirety of the job making each stage as seamless as possible.’

Whilst Grey Simmonds Food Service Equipment are experts at commercial warewashing solutions, they also supply the leading brands of commercial catering equipment, from cookers to refrigeration and everything in between at a competitive price. They can source bespoke and specialist equipment to ensure you find the perfect product for your kitchen or bar.

‘Our company credo is ‘Consult, Design, Install’. We see each project through from start to finish including site survey, preliminary sketches, CAD drawings, Design and budget approval, equipment sourc-

Woodman Chairs

Woodman Chairs is a long established, dedicated chair manufacturer and wholesaler who make most of their own chairs. We offer a wide and varied choice of solid oak and beech chair and table styles – both modern and contemporary – with many finish and seat options. Included in our range is an exciting choice of sturdy bar stools and bar tables. The fact that we make gives us

greater control and flexibility. It also enables us to offer bespoke chair and chair frame or component production to end customers or other suppliers and manufacturers looking for their own design or seeking to create a unique range or theme, again in both oak and beech, raw or finished. Always keen to innovate, Woodman are constantly introducing new styles and have recently

The company has a vast portfolio of successful installations from the smallest glasswash station to full commercial kitchens. You can see examples of their case studies at www.gsfoodservice.co.uk added Carver options to their more popular dining chairs and have further expanded their range of bar stools to include rush seated and fabric pad options. Here is a simple decision that won’t require a Referendum! If you want your customers to have the best choice, with honest quality, at affordable prices, with decent lead times and no minimum order, then you need only vote Woodman for your chairs. For further details call 01884 841789, visit www.woodmanchairs.co.uk or email sales@woodmanchairs.co.uk

At Europa Furnishings we pride ourselves on our ability to turn whatever you can imagine into reality. With decades of experience in commercial, contract and speciality upholstery, we always aim to deliver the best for our clients. Over the years our versatility has been proven as we’ve worked closely with clients from many sectors, including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, wine bars, public hous-

es, private hospitals, interior designers, architects, manufacturers of leisure furniture and domestic clients. We have particularly built up a fine reputation for top-quality commercial seating and chair solutions. Whatever you require, from a bespoke one-off item to a large commercial project, we have the capacity, experience and ability to produce outstanding results, time and again, so why not get in touch and see how we can help you? Reader Enquiries: 01489 557460 or 07557 885644 or go to www.europa-ltd.co.uk

CCI Services - Commercial Kitchen & Refrigeration Engineers CCI Services are a leading London based Kitchen Installation, Maintenance and Ventilation Contractor catering for the leisure industry from hotels, to restaurants, pub chains, fast food chains and boutique businesses. We strive to a higher level of customer service and as the majority of our customers are open 24/7, so are we! We deal with all aspects of commercial kitchen maintenance and installation ensuring that our customers are provided with a leading solution, at cost effective and palatable prices. We are a gas safe accredited contractor, so with CCI Services, you are in safe hands

• Kitchen Installation We are specialists in installation of single or multiple site kitchens from single unit take aways to multiple site hotels and restaurants • Kitchen Maintenance We ensure a transparent and cost effective solution to ensure that your business

operates to optimum level • Ventilation Ensuring your business operations to current legislation and makes it safe place for everyone from employees, to visitors • Facilities Management We are able to ensure that your business runs smooth having one business takes care of every aspect of your business from painting a wall to a full refurbishment Matthew, Manager, Royal Standard of England says, “CCI Services have been maintaining our refrigeration and gas appliances for the last 3 years. They also service two of our sister pubs down the road. I found the engineers to be technically very good and polite. We just had a new state of the art kitchen fitted and they commissioned all the gas and ventilation systems for us.” Contact 0800 644 2727 or visit www.cci-services.co.uk or see the advert on the front cover.

Retain Payment or ID Cards & Be PCI Compliant Whilst Increasing Profits

When a vendor retains a credit card or debit card, or indeed handing over his or her ID card as security against running a tab or renting sporting or other equipment, there is always some uncertainty about the safety of the card whilst out of the customers’ possession. CardsSafe® eliminates the need to worry about any loss or theft as it is the simplest and most efficient way to ensure the card’s safety from potential misuse. The CardsSafe® system has now become the “best practice” way of handling credit and debit cards in the hospitality and leisure industries. More than eighty thousand boxes are in use every day and hundreds more are added every week. Customers who share their experience with our staff report these benefits: • Chargeback drops by more than ninety percent (90%)

• Walkouts are reduced by at least fifty percent (50%) • Tab mistakes drop significantly and finally, • There is a major uptick in sales If you are concerned about how CardsSafe works within the PCI scheme, Alan Gill from the independent PCI certifying company Orthus Limited states: “The PCI DSS standard encompassed 264 controls. CardsSafe helps to reduce the need to meet all of these through ‘compensating controls’ which allow businesses to comply to the standard without having to change the way they operate”. In addition to the commercial benefits the CardsSafe® solution therefore helps merchants become PCI compliant, which truly gives peace of mind for all! To order, please contact CardsSafe Limited on either of: Phone: 0845 5001040 or visit www.cardssafe.com

e ot n qu he g w se 4 in ea 2 nd Pl H2 po CL res

Barton Reed & Co Barton Reed & Co is the leading supplier of quality furniture to hotels, restaurants, public houses and leisure facilities in the South West. We can supply beautiful leather sofas, stylish high bar stools, comfy tub seats, elegant restaurant tables and chairs, and relaxing beds. From laid back, seaside charm to cutting-edge design our extensive product range will suit your style and give your business the look that you want to achieve. We have a huge choice of colours, fabrics and finishes and all our furniture comes with a two-year warranty. Seven reasons why you should choose Barton Reed & Co to supply your contract furniture:

Allen Pavitt Contracts

Allen Pavitt Contracts is Europe's leading manufacturer and supplier of hospitality products. Our designs include the very latest style in banqueting and conference furniture currently leading the way for comfort and ease of use. All of our products are manufactured in the UK and include dance floors, folding tables, stages, conference chairs and tables. These are all guaranteed to perform in the most testing conditions within the busiest venues. We are particularly proud of our modern locking portable dance floor system with 21st century technology replacing high maintenance products! To assemble simply push together and the locking

Design and Refit

June 2019

CLH News

• Wide range of styles • Easy ordering and re-ordering • Single point of contact • Short lead times • Direct delivery • After sales service • Two-year warranty on every item Get in touch to discuss your furniture requirements or to order our new brochure – we’re here to help. Call us on 01409 271189, visit www.bartonreed.co.uk or email info@bartonreed.co.uk

floor is ready to use and will not come apart. Hard wearing laminate surface ensuring service free lifetime use. To compliment our exhaustive range of standard products, we also build bespoke items for other areas such as theatres and concert venues. Compatible with our other UK suppliers such as Burgess, our furniture provides the very highest standards of reliability, giving every confidence to the discerning hotelier. Other products within the range include table cloths, skirting, valances, chair covers and conference cloths. These are made to fit our chairs and tables plus those of other manufacturers. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements, and provide free no-obligation quotes call us now on 01404 890290 and visit www.allenpavitt.com or www.portabledancefloors.net

The Everlasting Pull Of Traditional Furniture There’s a reason traditional styles are so longstanding – they work. We’re now over a century away from the period in which traditional furniture draws inspiration, but despite the number of years, there is still nothing outdated about the style. Traditional furniture is as popular as ever and, truth is, by adding traditional furniture, you’re removing the possibility of your establishment’s interior ever going out of fashion. It really is a timeless classic. At its heart, traditional furniture is made by true oldworld craftsmanship, with hand-carved dark woods and chairs boast fashionable features such as cabriole legs, ball feet and arched backs. As a modern spin on the traditional style, Trent Furniture’s traditional furniture comes in three finishes:

light oak, dark oak and walnut. Alongside the custom upholstery, there’s plenty of opportunity to put your own spin on the traditional. If you’re feeling the pull of the elegance a traditional style creates, Trent Furniture has plenty of furniture pieces to fit the bill, including chairs starting at just £39.90 (exc VAT). View the full range at www.trentfurniture.co.uk or call 0116 2985 852.

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Tel: 01404 890290 sales@allenpavitt.com Complete Table system for Banqueting

Folding Tables Nylon Flock Plain Timber Laminate

Conference Cloth Table Skirting

Wheeling Folding Stage one man operation

Conference Tables Portable Dance Floor Easy clean no polishing Locks together will not come apart All Manufactured in the UK at our premises Allen Pavitt Contracts


June 2019

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Design and Refit


Space Air - The UK Distributors of LG-HVAC MST Auctioneers Ltd

Since 1980, Space Air’s experience in the HVAC industry (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioners) has been unrivaled and are a UK wide distributor of LG (yes, the electronic company) covering a wide range of products including, Splits, Multi Splits, Multi V™ VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow), Therma V™ (Air to Water Medium/High temperature heat pumps), extensive control systems and spare parts. The air conditioning capacity ranges from 1kW to 269kW Heating or/and Cooling systems with the extensive variety of indoor units from Cassettes (1, 2 and 4 Way air distribution), Ceiling, Floor, Wall and Low/Medium/High static ducted type.

The HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) offers flexible and high efficiency ventilation. The unique Therma V™ medium (55˚C) and high (80˚C) temperature heating and domestic hot water systems, which is ranked amongst the leading technology in the world. Space Air offers nationwide coverage including design, selection, logistics, spare parts, remote and on site technical support. Contact us on 01483 478 715 or by email sales@spaceairltd.co.uk or visit our website www.spaceair.co.uk for extensive information.

MST AUCTIONEERS Ltd specialise in handling & auctioning a wide variety of goods. We act for Insolvency Practitioners, Receivers, Bailiffs and Solicitors as well as large PLCs. For the past 25 years, we've provided a unique disposal service tailored to suit, liquidators, banks, receivers as well as private and corporate vendors. We carry out probate valuations and conduct complete house and commercial clearances. We have the largest Auction venue in the South of England. Our regular monthly Auctions occupy 45,000 sq.ft. of undercover space, selling over 2500 lots from 3 rostrums over two days. We also hold regular Auctions ”On Site” and "On Line" See advert on this page for further details.

Drakes Bar Furniture - UK Bar Furniture Supplier We pride ourselves in providing the best quality items at great prices with fantastic customer service and can supply bespoke tailored made furniture such as booths, tables, seating or ‘off the peg’ items. Drakes Bar Furniture not only sell chairs, stools, tables we also design build and install all types of fixed seating, pews and booth seating for pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and clubs. When fitting out a premise the seating is almost paramount for a successful space. Fixed seating, booth seating or banquette seating as its also called can come in variety of colours, finish-

es, types and styles. Below are just a few examples showing what we have done in the past.

With clever planning, seating generates a great flow for customers and staff around a pub, restaurant, cafe or club. It can be used to divide areas, create new spaces in a room and offer intimacy allowing for the perfect social meet up. The beauty of bespoke fixed seating is that we can make the most of and take advantage of your space and features. We can come to your venue and measure up, give you advice and show you examples of our past work, finishes, types and styles. We have a wide range of Bar Furniture, including tables, stools, chairs, outdoor beer garden, fixed seating and banqueting furniture. If you require a bespoke quote either call us on 01422 839 690 or you can send us an email.

Capricorn Contract Furnishings Capricorn Contract Furnishings are now firmly established as one of the country's largest stockist and supplier of quality contract furnishings to cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels. Capricorn are based in a 40, 000 square feet showroom and distribution warehouse on the outskirts of Exeter in Devon. From within the distribution area we are able to offer a next day delivery service on thousands of products including tables , chairs , stools and lounge furniture. Customers are encouraged to visit our large showroom to view an extensive range of furniture ideally suited for the leisure market. Here you can relax and let Capricorn help and advise you with your requirements. Opening hours for the showroom are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. For more information or a Capricorn Contract Furnishings catalogue and price list contact Brian Pengelly on 01395 233 320 or visit www.ccf-ltd.uk

Design and Refit

June 2019

CLH News

Clean – Hygienic – Safe - Comfortable Mattressgard is an innovative bedding company that has sleep hygiene and comfort in its DNA, and for over a decade they have been supplying a range of technically superior mattress protection and hygiene products to UK consumers. Inspired by the apparent lack of regard for mattress hygiene shown by hotels up and down the country Mattressgard MD Paul Aiston set about looking for a range of products that would be of a quality to withstand the rigors of the hospitality industry, provide the desired levels of comfort and crucially guarantee the hygiene levels sought by hotel guests. His search ended when he met up the team from CleanBrands™, a meeting that created a partnership aimed at integrating CleanBrands™, one of the Worlds leading mattress protection manufacturers and suppliers, into their already impressive portfolio of products. Featuring MicronOne™ fabrics, Zip-N-Click mattress encasement products and the revolutionary quilted zipped enclosure CleanRest™ products provide:

• Improved guest sleep, comfort, and hygiene • Defend hotel assets, reputation, and profits against spoilage • Zip-N-Click that prevents bed bug and dust mite infestation • MicronOne patented fabric which stops allergens, microtoxins, from passing through from the mattress • Reduce hotel utility bedding costs and complexity by reducing layers and replacement fre-

quency • 10 year guarantee In a matter of weeks, your mattress assets can be overrun by allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and staining from bodily fluids and accidental spills – all things we don't want our hotel guests to experience during their stay. What better way to reassure your guests that their sleeping environment is clean, hygienic and comfortable than to use a Mattressgard™ product? In addition to the UK’s best range of mattress protection products, Mattressgard™ can also advise Hotel, Guest House and B&B owners on the correct choice of mattresses and beds. Working with Protected Mattresses & Beds Ltd, together, we have tackled head-on the top four issues affecting the Hospitality market, these being Crib-5 Fire Certification, Mattress Staining, hygiene and Dust Mites. Incorporating Staingard™ & Sanitized™ treatments to the mattress fabrics, these combined treatments ensure that all mattresses are stain protected against spillages such as bodily fluids, food and beverages, and due to disrupting the food chain of house dust mites, these mattresses are protected against odours, mould and dust mite allergens. Together with one of Matressgard’s mattress protectors, there can be no healthier environment for your guests to sleep! Visit mattressgard.co.uk or call +44 (0)1244 888 658 or see the advert on this page for details.

Sims - The First Port Of Call For Banquette Seating We are a family run business with 3 generations of commercial furniture manufacturing experience. Unlike other suppliers we manufacture all our seating inhouse, no importing, no subcontracting. We have full control over every aspect from design to installation to ensure every product leaves our workshops punctually and to our reputable high quality.

Secondly our “Modular Banquette Seating” which is freestanding, set size units for you to mix and match to best fit your space. Manufactured and delivered to your doorstep ready for you to layout. Made to the same high standards as our premium range without setup costs, site visits and installation fees. Saving you up to 50% on competitors seating.

Proudly offering 2 versions of Banquette Seating, firstly our “Premium Made to Measure” Banquette Seating which is built to your exact design, shape and size, then installed by our professional installation team. You can have anything from floor to ceiling designs to seating that perfectly follows the walls in a period setting.

Also, we offer a range of furnishings – tables, chair and bedroom furniture. To request a brochure or to discuss your requirement further please contact our sales team on 01945 450957 email Sales@simscf.com Web www.simscf.com

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June 2019

CLH News


Property and Professional

Free Review of Your New Tenants for Hunters Lodge, Cornworthy The Riverside Inn, Southrey, Lincolnshire on the Market Gas and Electricity Rates from The Bowden Group Alliance Bettesworths were recently engaged to find new tenants for the owners of the Hunters Lodge Inn, Cornworthy in South Devon. The Hunters Lodge sits at the centre of a rural Devon community, near the River Dart, between Totnes and Dartmouth. Their comprehensive on-line marketing efforts, including geo-targeted advertising quickly attracted a high level of enquiries with a number of parties interested in the opportunity. The tenancy was eventually granted to Grahame and Sue Nutt who plan to open the doors in time for the late May bank holiday.

The Bowden Group Alliance have, for a number of years, been providing professional impartial purchasing advice on a wide range of supplier areas including Gas and Electricity rates for independent and multiple operators within the Pub, Hotel and Restaurant industries.

Graeme and Sue have been in the trade for over 30 years, with pubs in York, North Nottinghamshire, Leeds and Holmfirth. They are great advocates of homecooked food and cask ales; they will be offering three cask ales, one permanent ale from a preferred sup-

The Bowden Group Alliance are offering to undertake an Energy Audit of YOUR business … totally Free of Charge. To undertake a review we will need a copy of the most recent Gas and Electricity bills so that The Bowden Group Alliance can establish any existing contractual obligations and termination rules. If the agreement is due for renewal within the next 5 months, the Bowden Group Alliance will provide you with Renewal Rates with the best deals available to you from a wide array of business energy providers.

plier, one pump for Devon and Cornish ales and one pump for ales brewed nationally but with a preference for Yorkshire ales pulled in the Yorkshire manner for a taste of the North!

Matt Bettesworth said, “We were pleased to be given the opportunity by the owners of the Hunters to find new tenants. They were particularly interested in attracting somebody with experience of running a rural pub and providing a solid food offering. We understand that the Nutts independently spotted the Bettesworths advert on Facebook and through a google search, which reassures us that our approach to on-line marketing is working well for our clients and for potential buyers.” For further information please contact Emily Northcott on 01803 212021 or email: emily@bettesworths.co.uk

This business is located in the delightful sought-after village of Southrey and only a short drive from the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds. The business sits adjacent to the River Witham and moorings and directly on the Water Rail Way cycle route running between Lincoln and Boston. The trading areas consist of: Bar Area (circa 20+ plus standing) and Lounge area (c22+ covers plus standing). There is also a wooden bar server and French doors that open out onto the spacious grassed garden area. Snooker Room is corridor linked to the main trading areas and has exposed wooden beams to the ceiling and a central full-sized snooker table.

There is a fully equipped commercial catering kitchen. Ground floor beer cellar. The owner’s accommodation is located on the 1st floor and has 4 double bedrooms. To the side of the property is a spacious grassed al fresco garden area (100+). To the front and side of the property is the patron’s car park with space for circa 11 cars (on street parking is available.

Price: £295,000 / £20,000. Tenure: Freehold / Free of Tie Leasehold. Turnover (annual): £100,000 (inc VAT). Wet:Dry split: 75% Wet;25% Food sales. Contact the agent, Guy Simmonds, on 01332 865112 for further details.

For Sale: The Bell Inn Monkleigh, Nr Bideford, Devon New Weekly Figures Analysis & Reporting Licensed property specialists Stonesmith are delighted to be marketing the sale of The Bell Inn in Monkleigh, North Devon. The Bell Inn is a stunning Grade II listed character thatched village freehouse with origins reputedly dating back around 400 years. This extremely well-presented character property occupies a prominent trading position adjacent to the A388. The pub has been completely refurbished by our clients, during their 9 years of ownership, to an exceptionally high standard, and is now offered for sale due to retirement. This well-appointed village inn briefly comprises of a character bar area and dining rooms, commercial kitchen and an impressive family sized 4bedroom owner’s accommodation. Externally, the property benefits from an impressive rear beer garden with panoramic views across the sur-

If, following a review, you wish to proceed to making those savings, The Bowden Group Alliance can, with your written authority, manage the whole process for you … including submitting paperwork, sending termination notices to existing suppliers and confirming when the new contracts are live. We will also diarise the next renewals … making sure that you never slip onto the very high ‘’out of contract’’ rates. All the relevant Utility Companies would pay us direct a very small commission … but that is outside the rates you are offered. For more information contact Mike Crawshaw from The Bowden Group Alliance on 01628 487613. Visit www.bowdengroup.co.uk

rounding countryside towards Dartmoor, as well as customer car parking. The Bell Inn is located in the centre of the village of Monkleigh and benefits from a prominent landmark trading position beside the A388 main Bideford to Holsworthy/Launceston road. Consequently, the Bell Inn is well positioned to capitalise on the year-round passing trade, being located on a tourist route which is particularly busy during the summer months and holiday periods. This is a particularly unspoilt part of Devon with good access to the renowned North Devon and North Cornwall coastline with its popular resorts and excellent beaches. The freehold business is for sale for £340,000. Full property details are available from the website www.stonesmith.co.uk and viewings arranged by calling 01392 201262.

Service... Just Launching - Get In Quick

David Hunter has been in the business for over 30 years, and with his vast amount of experience has become an expert in ensuring that businesses reach their full financial potential. For years he’s provided a bespoke Mentoring & Consultancy service to a select few, and he has always provided with that, free-of-charge weekly figures analysis and reporting … yes, weekly.

CHARGE AT ALL, four half-day on site Mentoring & Consultancy visits per year (or two full days, depending on location). He will also always be at the end of a phone for you, or email, if you needed him, and he also has access to legal experts as well as a ‘’tried and trusted’’ Bowden Group Alliance colleague who can advise you … again FREE OF CHARGE … on how to save money on your utility bills.

David has now come up with a way of making his amazing Mentoring & If you have a Pub, Restaurant or Hotel Consultancy service more accessible to the business which is facing financial or operawider market, and for a lower monthly fee. tional challenges … why not let David Instead of being charged for monthly have a look, and help you maximise your consultancy, you can now access David’s full potential. There is no cost to David knowledge and expertise via his alreadyhaving a look at your figures, and letting established and very well-used weekly figyou know what COULD be achieved. ures reporting system. He will send you Call David Hunter confidentially on weekly reports on how your business is doing and will throw in FOR NO EXTRA 07831 407984 or on 01628 487613.







LH £39,950



High Quality Licensed Coffee House & Restaurant Prime and Prominent Trading Position Presented in Excellent Order Throughout 2/3 Bedroom Owners' Apartment & Private Parking Main Cafe/Restaurant (40) Al Fresco Seating (8)


EXETER, DEVON Impressive & Extremely Well Presented Guest House 9 Letting Bedrooms & Owner's Accommodation Trading on a Bed & Breakfast Basis Only Impressive Levels of Trade & Excellent Profits Tremendous Potential For New Owners

LH £65,000


EXETER Well Presented Daytime Only Cafe & Coffee Shop Self Contained 2 Bedroom Owner's Accommodation Located in Busy Neighbourhood Shopping Centre Profitable Business Trading Six Days a Week Tremendous Potential

LH £55,000


FH £635,000

PRICE £595,000


SOMERSET Detached Character Freehouse In Somerset Completely Renovated & Refurbished Throughout Main Bar (26+), Lounge Bar (12+) & Restaurant (22) 2 Double Bedroom Owner's Accommodation Outside Seating Areas for 24+ Customers

FH £395,000


PRICE £140,000


PRICE £795,000

! CED DU E R DARTMOOR, DEVON Impressive Detached Country House Hotel Set In 36 Acres Of Private Grounds 7 High Quality Ensuite Letting Bedrooms Quality 3 Bedroom Owners Cottage Separate 3 Bedroom Holiday Cottage



EXETER, DEVON Extremely Well Presented Renowned Restaurant Established and High Quality With 48 Covers Occupying Sought After City Centre Location Impressive Levels of Trade & Tremendous Potential Must Be Viewed

LH £59,950



BUDLEIGH SALTERTON Well Established & Well Regarded Tea Rooms Occupying a Prime Location Close to The Beach Main Cafe/Tea Rooms Comfortably Seating 28 Brookside Al Fresco Seating for 18 Opportunity to Develop Own Style Of Trade

LH £95,000


01392 201262 www.stonesmith.co.uk


REF 3526



LH £99,950

WELLS, SOMERSET Extremely Well Presented Public House Wet Sales Only With Potential For Food Impressive Levels of Trade & Strong Profits Character Trading Areas (56), Trade Gardens (110+) Free Of Tie Lease Opportunity


EXETER CITY CENTRE Vibrant Well Presented Character Licensed Cafe Bar Trading on Day Time Only Basis Occupying Prime & Prominent Position In Exeter Customer Seating For 32 & Pvt Courtyard for 10 Private Studio & Attic Room


• Substantial Coastal Inn with 14 Letting Rooms • Spacious, Traditional Trading Areas with Bar/Restaurant/Function Room • Car Park and Trade Garden • Owners Accommodation or Staff Flat • Strong Business, Genuine Retirement Sale, Priced to Sell

PRICE £29,950

• Prominent Harbourside Fish & Chip Café & Takeaway • Well Established & Highly Successful Business Trading Seasonally • Internal seating for 60; Al Fresco seating for 50 • Well Equipped Kitchen & Ancillary Areas • Potential to Extend Trading Period


REF 3049

• Stunning, Historic Thirteenth Century Coaching Inn and Hotel • Set in One of the Most Picturesque Districts of South Devon • Benefiting from 11 Beautifully Appointed En Suite Letting Rooms • Number of Character Trading Rooms together with a Separate Coach House. • A Thriving Business recently completely refurbished to an exceptional standard.


PRICE £15,000


PRICE £30,000



REF 3322

• Iconic, Internationally Renowned Cider Bar • Substantial Licensed, Grade II Listed Property with Traditional Trading Areas • Outside Trading Area with Light & Heat • Owners 3 Bed Accommodation and Separate 2 Bed Letting Flat • Successful Business with Strong Profit



REF 3414


• Licensed Restaurant Seating 32 • Stunning Views Across Historic Fishing Port of Brixham • Modern ‘Urban Industrial’ Style Decor • Turnkey Operation Currently Closed • Rent Of £11,000 Per Annum


REF 3473


• Attractive & Prominent Daytime Eatery • Situated in the Centre of the Popular Coastal Resort of Teignmouth • Smartly Decorated L Shaped Trade Area and Alfresco Seating • Renowned for Gluten Free & Vegan Choices • Would Ideally Suit a Couple or Chef Patron


REF 2802


• Stylish Bakery & Sandwich Shop • Prime High Street Location • Strong Local Trade with Huge Tourist Boost • Food Preparation Area to First Floor • New Lease Available

PRICE £42,000


PRICE £17,000


REF 3464

• Fabulous Coastal Inn in Beautiful South Hams Village • Recently Refurbished to a High Standard • Main Bar and Lounge Area, Raised Dining/Restaurant with Coastal Views • Trade Patio & Beer Garden with Children’s Play Equipment • Available on a New Free of Tie Tenancy as a Lock Up Property



REF 3534

Property and Professional

June 2019

The thought of raising money for your small business can seem daunting and maybe Capify is proud to offer excellent customer service and your dedicated account maneven a little stressful. At Capify, we aim to take the weight off your shoulders and make ager will get you a personalised no-obligation quote. We also offer a quick approval the process quick and easy, leaving you to enjoy your business. process and you can receive your money within days! We prioritise flexibility, excellent customer service, and have invested in funding soluPaying back is extremely flexible, and there’s a given opportunity to renew your fundtions that work. ing if you wish to. Your business has the chance to receive finance from Our number one purpose is to help your business grow and £3,500 to over £150,000, and all you have to do is comthrive and help you to attract customers. plete a quick and easy application process. It’s a painless We are proud to say Capify has an average score of 9.5 out system, and the outcome can be highly beneficial for your of 10 on TrustPilot! We’re a company that can propel your company and its future growth. business forward. With the money you can buy new equipment, complete Call 0800 151 0980 or visit www.capify.co.uk/clh or see the a bold refurbishment, pay for marketing and advertising advert on page 17. CELEBR ATING 10 Y E A RS campaigns, purchase additional stock, or employ new staff.

To advertise in

Do you have serious money problems, are you facing legal threats, are you avoiding the post, your phone and your emails ? We can sort out all your financial and legal problems no matter how severe they are, our success rate is 100% Let us take control of all your problems and shield

CLH News

you completely from all the pressure you are facing. We will deal with all your creditors and their litigators allowing you to concentrate on your customers and the business. We promise to identify effective solutions and options to keep you trading, or if you prefer, a seamless and managed exit with no adverse effects on you for your future plans. Every problem has an answer! Call us today without delay on 01183 800949 / 07538 161544.

Other areas that David advises on include:

• Marketing – general and specific (ie promotions etc) • Human Resources (HR) - including all the legislation, and disciplinary posi-

1. Setting realistic targets for the business, and creating budgets and forecasts 2. Monitoring Sales, Gross Margins and Labour costs very closely 3. Mentoring the owners and/or managers of the business to help them achieve their objectives

tions. • Reward and Bonus schemes – always linked to achievement of objectives • Customer Service - including Hospitality skills training Do contact David for an informal chat, or make an appointment to meet with him. Call David direct on: Mobile 07831 407984 or by email on davidhunter@bowdengroup.co.uk Visit the website at www.bowdengroup.co.uk or the Blogsite at www.hunterbowden.co.uk


Commercial Catering Kitchen and the owner’s accommodation offers good sized rooms and briefly comprises: 3 bedrooms, lounge, kitchenette and a bathroom. There is also an enclosed lawned Beer Garden and parking facilities for circa 20+ cars. McConnell added, “This is an extremely rare opportunity to purchase a well-established business and family home with a wonderful quality of life in this enviable locale and expect a sale to be agreed extremely quickly!” Price: £59,950. Tenure: Leasehold – 6½ years remaining. Turnover: Advised current sales circa £440,000 (incl. VAT). Landlord: Star Pubs and Bars. Rent: £40,000 per annum. Trade Split: 100% wet. Contact Guy Simmonds on 01332 865112.

For Sale: Well Established Traditional Tea Rooms and Garden Property specialists Stonesmith are delighted to be marketing the sale of the Cosy Teapot, a thriving and well-regarded daytime only traditional tea rooms and tea garden. The business offers a varied menu of breakfasts, morning coffee, lunches, light bites, cream teas and cakes and offers potential for incoming operators to purchase an attractive and highly sought after business, with exceptionally low overheads and a thriving trade from both locals and visitors alike. The Cosy Teapot occupies a prominent trading position in the main street of the popular and attractive East Devon resort town of Budleigh Salterton, an extremely affluent town situated on the Jurassic Coast in an area officially designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The business occupies a delightful brookside setting just 100m from the main beach within the town centre. Budleigh Salterton is a delightful and popular coastal resort town situated in an area much renowned for its picturesque

countryside, coves and beaches. These ground floor lockup premises have been purposely fitted and equipped and are presented to a high standard throughout in a traditional style, with a recently refurbished kitchen. Occupying a prominent trading position and with a prominent external seating area, the business briefly comprises of a Main Tea Room Seating Area comfortably seating 26 customers (with space for more if required); Brookside Trade Terrace to the front providing al fresco seating for a further 18 customers. The Cosy Teapot offers potential for incoming operators to develop their own style of trade to suit their own personal requirements and take advantage of this impressive business in a prominent landmark trading position within a busy town centre and close to the seafront. The leasehold business is for sale for £95,000. Full property details are available from the website www.stonesmith.co.uk and viewings arranged by calling 01392 201262.

LICENSED COFFEE SHOP, JUST OFF MULTIPLE SHOPPING THORO’FARE, CLOSE TO LARGE SUPERMARKET & CAR PARK, COASTAL RESORT OF SOUTHSEA, HANTS. Character, mid-Victorian prop. Occupying a prom. corner site with forecourt seating for 6. Attractively decorated, air-con grnd flr seats 20+, includes servery with espresso. Additional first flr seating for 27. Well equipped catering kitchen. Open congenial hrs (9 am/4 pm) – 7 days. Mainly staff run. SCOPE. T/O £6,000 pw. GP 76%. Accts avail. 15 yr lease from July 2015 at current rental of £17,600 p.a.x. - £174,500 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3788) LICENSED MEDITERRANEAN STYLE COFFEE SHOP & RESTAURANT WITH SMALL DELICATESSEN COUNTER, JUST OFF HIGH ST, IN CENTRE OF AFFLUENT NEW FOREST MARKET TOWN, HANTS. Occupying an enviable posn. Character premises have small pane window frontage. Attractively decorated with air-con seating for 26. Small deli counter with display shelving & rear catering kitchen. Takings £5,500 pw. Accts record turnover of £222,482 (ex VAT) for y/e 31 March 2018. GP £156,082 (70%). Scope for eve & Monday opening. 5 yr lease from Aug. 2018 at £26,500 p.a.x. - £75,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3775)


romsey (01794) 522228


01183 800949

The Dukes Head, Dunton Green, Kent on the Market Leading National Licensed Property Agents Guy Simmonds have been instructed to sell the highly impressive and traditional early 19th century inn; the Dukes Head being strategically situated in the highly sought after village of Dunton Green. National Sales Director Martin McConnell said, “This traditional English village inn is situated within a highly sought after and affluent location and offers any prospective purchaser immediate cash flow and profitability yet still offers immense scope for a new handson owner operator partnership with previous experience of running a food orientated operation enabling them to take this business to greater heights by capitalising on the untold potential!” This delightful inn has a wealth of character and features a traditional Lounge Bar (circa 40) and a versatile Dining Area (circa 20+ covers). There is a fully equipped

ITALIAN RESTAURANT & BAR (FULL ON-LIC), AMIDST CONSERVATION AREA, CENTRE OF WATERSIDE TOWN, ON THE FRINGES OF THE NEW FOREST, HAMPSHIRE. Character prop with Grade II listed frontage has inviting ‘olde worlde’ atmosphere. Grnd & 1st floor seating for 56 & pavement seating for 12. Comprehensively equipped catering kitchen. Offering a traditional Italian menu. T/O £12,000 pw from opening 6 days. Accounts record T/O £438,252 (ex VAT) for y/e 28 Feb. ‘19 (46½ week period). GP £226,657 (51.72%). 15 yr lease from March 2008 at £16,000 p.a.x. – £180,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3789)

• Emergency rescue & debt management • • Creditor problems & legal actions • • HMRC, utilities & business rates arrears • • Secured & unsecured financing • • Cash-flow funding & Investor finance • • Business & appraisal plans • • Planning consents & redevelopment • Ca ll us • Project management • toda y • Business purchase • witho ut For Hotels, Pubs & Restaurants delay (Leasehold, Freehold, single & multi-unit)

The Hospitality Business Mentor from The Bowden Group David Hunter is the Hospitality Business Mentor – he works with owners and investors in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. Ensuring the business performs and makes the required profit, is what David does, and he does this by:


Tel 01202 552333

Hotel & Pub Rescue Ltd www.hotelandpubrescue.co.uk enquiries@hotelandpubrescue.co.uk



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CLH News

07538 161544

Burton upon Trent


The Coopers Arms, Anglesey Road, Burton on Trent. DE14 3PF

Cottage Spring, 39 Church St, St. George’s, Telford. TF2 9JY

Newcastle Under Lyme


• • •

Substantial freehold, busy residential and commercial area. Two large trading rooms and extensive first floor flat. Community pub with micro brewery potential/ HMO. New Instruction Freehold £199,950 Alternatively free of tie lease available at Nil Premium at an initial rent of £20,000 pa.

Boat & Horses, 2 Stubbs Gate, Newcastle U Lyme. ST5 1LU • • •

Close Newcastle Under Lyme town centre. Residential area with Morrisons and Homebase closeby. One large open plan trading area. New Instruction Freehold £199,950

• • •

• • •


• • •

Cloisters, 10 Birmingham Rd, Coleshill. B46 1AA Adjoins Coleshill town centre. Bar/ grill/ restaurant opportunity with adjoining house. Option to buy freehold. To let free of tie lease, 6 months rent free Initial rent £400 per week

Tel: 0121 353 2757

High Street freehouse in busy location. Well refurbished easily operated one room trading room. Includes 15 space car park. New Instruction Freehold £199,950

Granvilles Restaurant & Bar, Stone, ST15 8AB

Landmark Stone Town Centre Bar/Restaurant. Extensive trading areas plus landscaped beer patio. High level wet and dry sales Reduced Freehold £650,000


White Lion, 9-11 Crown Street, Wellington, Telford. TF1 1LP • • •

Attractive Grade II listed Wellington Town Centre pub. Opportunity to operate a busy town centre cask ale pub. Current owner may take 3 year lease at rent of £17kpa. Freehold £179,950

www.matthewphillipssurveyors.co.uk matt@matthewphillipssurveyors.co.uk

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CLH News #225 June 2019  

Issue #225 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...

CLH News #225 June 2019  

Issue #225 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...

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