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Hospitality & Tourism Sector Facing Jobs “Black Hole”

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The UK's vital tourism sector risks being overwhelmed by record number of visitors and growing skills gaps, council leaders warn. The UK’s tourism sector provides 3.1 million jobs, is worth £126 billion to the economy and generates £7 billion in tax from overseas visitors.

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Overseas visitors spend £22 billion annually in the UK and the tourism sector projects above average annual growth in spend of 3.8 per cent every year up until 2025. The Tourism Alliance has reported that 38 per cent of hospitality and tourism businesses are reporting that they are struggling to fill vacancies and it is getting increasingly harder to fill vacancies, while 21 per cent of businesses are reporting that the staff that they are employing lack essential skills. It is believed that an extra 1.3 million new employees will need to be recruited to cope with the rapid growth of tourism in the UK by 2024.

language skills. Deirdre Wells OBE, chief executive officer, UKinbound said: "The industry currently employs large numbers of workers from the European Union to fulfil these roles, but our members are reporting that many of their EU employees are starting to return home. "They are struggling to find replacements from within the British workforce, predominantly due to their lack of advanced language skills." In what looks likely to be a record summer for tourism, the Local Government Association (LGA) has said that councils are playing a leading role in boosting local tourism. For example:

This current warning follows a report by UKinbound which revealed a growing language skills gap facing the UK tourism industry which they said has been caused by a "combination of Brexit and the decline of language training in the UK.

• Cornwall Council has invested significantly in the growth of the creative and cultural industries as part of work to provide sustainable, well paid jobs and boost Cornwall’s tourism offer. This investment has helped establish Cornwall as the number one UK tourist destination, attracting 4.5 million overnight visitors and 14 million day trips a year and creating 58,000 regional jobs in the tourism supply chain. Cornwall is currently in the running for UK’s Best Holiday Destination for the tenth year running.

Research conducted by Canterbury Christ Church University highlighted a lack of capacity in the UK's education system to meet the shortfall in higher level

• Allerdale Borough Council will be hosting the ‘Allerdale Days in Manchester’ event on the 10 -11 August to promote Cumbria as a place to visit, live

and invest, as well as provide local businesses with the opportunity to sell their products in new markets. The event is part of the Allerdale Borough Council’s Business Growth Strategy which has been developed to boost business in the borough. • In 2017, Birmingham’s tourism sector celebrated the most successful year on record. Led by the West Midlands Growth Company and supported by the Discover England Fund, ‘England’s Waterways’ is a new project to inspire international visitors to explore the canal networks in Birmingham and the wider Midlands region. In 2022, Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games, which will enable the city to continue to deliver positive results in the tourism market. • Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has announced plans to invest in the pier in order to increase the local tourism offer, and continue to attract a high number of visitors to the area. In autumn this year, work will start on the expansion of the penny arcade, and there are plans for a new visitor pavilion on the former Bowling Deck. Recent figures have shown that there were a total of 47,048 visitors to the world’s longest pier in May, compared to 37,349 recorded in May 2016. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3...)


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Editor's Viewpoint

August 2018

Welcome to the August issue of CLH News, and welcome to any new readers, we are free to trade hospitality and licensed publication and very much hope that you find us interesting and useful! Tourism, the absolute lifeblood of economies on a local level and national seems to be getting “a lot of flak”, with a report that Cornwall was recently “struggling to cope” with the influx of tourists.


Peter Adams

I had my recent annual holiday on the island of Majorca, where they are having ongoing demonstrations because they say, the island suffers from “over tourism”. Of course I don’t live there and don’t have any idea as to the long-term effects, however I was using my hard earned money to enjoy your summer holiday. I did while I was there talk to the management of the hotel I was staying at, hotel employees and also local businesses when I ate and drank out. The message was quite clear if people on the island think that tourism is creating problems then wait and see what the alternative would bring! Pretty severe hardship they said ! Majorca also has implemented a tourist tax of four euros per person which cost me an additional £180 onto my holiday for which I saw absolutely nothing in return. The consequence is that bookings have dropped dramatically and hoteliers are now in a state of panic there (according to reports). My point? Is that I am voting with my feet, I have been on numerous occasions and have enjoyed it immensely, but I am incensed at the tourist tax, and I think it would be a disaster if it was implemented here. It has been “mooted” over the years, London, Oxford, Bath and Edinburgh have all considered it. When a Berlin type of tax of 5% was considered in London last year it was calculated that it would add about £4 per night to the average price of a budget hotel room, and £32 per night to the cheapest room at the Lanesborough Hotel. Given that our levels of VAT are far higher than most places in Europe, implementing a tourist tax would be catastrophic. One of the comments I repeatedly heard to my question people in Majorca was that it is hotels which have to foot the bill, when other businesses benefit as tourists spend money in restaurants, bars, shops and tourist attractions without having to pay extra as part of a tourist tax. While on the subject of tax, don’t forget “Tax Equality day”, a great opportunity to demonstrate support in the fight against our disproportionately high levels of VAT in hospitality. Download a poster from our website:

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However, the LGA is warning that current and future shortages in skilled staff risks bringing our booming tourism industry to a halt unless improved training opportunities needed for a career in the sector are made available.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Chair of the Local Government Association’s Culture, Tourism and Sport Board said:

Council leaders want the Government to adopt the LGA’s Work Local proposal to devolve control over centrally-run skills and employment schemes to local areas to better target funding training and apprenticeships. The Government should also bring forward plans for hospitality T-levels, which are need to respond to the growing skills shortages in the sector before the UK leaves the EU.

“Tourism has a vital role in driving future economic growth. It provides a wealth of employment opportunities for residents, it attracts new visitors to our communities and it promotes our local and national arts and heritage.

With 46 per cent of EU nationals currently employed in the UK’s tourism industry, limits on EU migration after Brexit could exacerbate these skills challenges which makes it more important than ever to have a better system in place for retraining and upskilling the current workforce.

“As the employment market changes over the next few years, there could be an array of opportunities in the tourism sector, but it is vital that councils are able to direct skills funding to meet the increasing demand for skills in the industry.”

“It is crucial that Government supports councils in providing residents and young people with resources and training.

CLH News


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Hospitality & Tourism Sector Facing Jobs “Black Hole”

An extra 1.3 million new employees will need to be recruited to cope with the rapid growth of tourism in the UK by 2024.


August 2018

Restaurants Toil in Summer Heat, While Pubs Make Hay July’s heatwave was good news for Britain’s pubs – but heaped more pressure on the country’s restaurant chains, latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker show. Managed pub and bar groups saw collective like-for-like sales rise 2.7% against last July, while sales across restaurant groups plummeted, down a substantial 4.8% in like-for-like trading, Overall, the differing fortunes of pub and restaurant businesses cancelled each other out, with the combined managed pub, bar and restaurant sector seeing like-for-likes flat in July, recording exactly 0% growth. “Continued sunshine and England’s longer than expected participation in the World Cup meant July followed a similar pattern to the previous month of June, when pubs were up 2.8%, except that restaurants were hit even harder. The fall of 1.8% in trading in June just got worse in July,” said Peter Martin, vice president of CGA, the business insight consultancy that produces the Tracker, in partnership with Coffer Group and RSM. “Drink-led pubs and bars performed by far the strongest with like-for-likes up more than restaurants were down. Food-led pubs also suffered in the sun with negative like-for-likes, although not as dramatically as the restaurant operators,” said Martin. “It seems people just wanted to go out for a drink. Across managed pubs and bars drink sales were up 6.6% for the month, with food down -3.0%.” Paul Newman, head of leisure and hospitality at RSM said: “These results continue the trend we’ve seen since the end of April. Weather and the impact of

major social or sporting events remain the biggest factors when it comes to sales in the out-of-home market. It comes as no surprise that restaurant groups continue to struggle, albeit a sales drop of 4.8% yearon-year will be particularly painful on top of ongoing cost pressures. The long hot summer could not have come at a worse time for food-led operators and time will tell whether the more moderate temperatures we’ve experienced in August will provide some muchneeded respite.” Underlying like-for-like growth for the 47 companies in the Tracker cohort, which represents both large and small groups, was running at 0.5% for the 12 months to the end of June, down slightly from the 0.7% at the end of June. Trevor Watson, executive director at Davis Coffer Lyons said: “London had a particularly strong month with overall like-for-like sales up 2.6%. This was driven predominantly by the capital’s pubs market – buoyed by England’s unexpected progression at the World Cup – which were trading 6.1% ahead. The rest of the country had a more difficult period with like-for-like sales down 0.9%. Restaurant trading fell a painful 5.6% – compared with 2.8% down in the capital – with pub like-for-likes up just 1.7% despite the football.” Total sales growth across the pub and restaurant cohort, which includes the effect of new openings, was 2.7% in July, reflecting the slow down in brand roll-outs, and running at 3.6% for the 12 months to the end of the month.

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August 2018

Key Cybersecurity Threats Facing Hospitality – And How To Fight Them Digital networks are now the backbone of every hospitality company’s operation. But they are also a very attractive target for cyber criminals. Paul Leybourne of Vodat International examines the key cyber security threats facing hospitality firms – and how they can better protect their businesses. Every day, hospitality firms’ in-house voice and data networks are used to manage a staggering level of business-critical data – from purchase transactions, stock data and merchandising to promotions, health and safety alerts and, of course, customers’ personal details. So, what are the key cyber security threats? And how can hospitality firms fight against them to better protect their businesses?

THREAT 1 - VULNERABLE WI-FI NETWORKS Wi-Fi has become a key tool at hospitality outlets in recent years. Many organisations use Wi-Fi to connect in-house POS and staff devices, while others offer free Wi- Fi to increase customers’ on-site dwell time. Wi-Fi networks are also increasingly relied upon to give customer-facing colleagues access to core apps and systems. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi is also a very attractive target for cyber criminals. Without sufficient Wi-Fi security a hacker can access a network and monitor data traffic, disrupt transactions and even launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, even stopping an outlet from trading altogether. A hacker can also set up a fake Wi-Fi hotspot on-site, tricking both staff and customers into logging and then harvesting personal details, including identities and passwords.

SECURING YOUR WI-FI NETWORK • Go beyond simple passwords: Multi-factor authentication such as tokens and push notifications sent to mobile phones are significantly more secure than traditional password access to Wi-Fi networks. • Divide and secure your network: Make it difficult for hackers to move around if they manage to breach your Wi-Fi network. • Use automatic monitoring: Deploy software that can automatically monitor a network and look for suspicious activity or strange data flows. The PCI Security Standards Council recommends the use of a WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System)

to automate wireless network scanning. This layer of security is also useful for monitoring network performance and discovering access points with configuration errors.

THREAT 2 - WEAK POS SECURITY With around 60 percent of all EPOS transactions paid by electronic cards, the consequences of a security breach are potentially spectacular. First, a criminal must contaminate an EPOS system with a specific type of malware. With hospitality firms operating from multiple locations and with various employees and third-party IT professionals accessing EPOS systems, this is a lot easier than many would imagine. Hackers can also attempt to do this remotely by hacking an online server. Once malware has been introduced to an EPOS system, it can automatically begin to harvest customers’ card data as it passes through a system. The hacker can either use this information themselves, or sell it on.

HOW TO SECURE AN EPOS SYSTEM • Use end-to-end encryption: Leading EPOS terminal suppliers provide software designed to ensure customers’ data is never exposed to hackers. It encrypts credit card details as soon as it is received by the POS device, and again when it is despatched to the software’s server. This means customers’ data is never vulnerable, no matter where a hacker may install malware. • Install antivirus software on the EPOS system: This will ensure malware doesn’t breach the system. Antivirus software will scan devices, identify suspicious files or apps and create alerts so that threats can be removed. • Isolate EPOS terminals: Hackers can break into a device and view and steal customers’ details, especially if end-to-end encryption hasn’t been used. Account for all terminals at the end of the day and store them in a secure location.

THREAT 3 - POOR NETWORK CONFIGURATION No network can ever be 100 percent secure from a cyberattack. However, a pragmatic hospitality organisation will install measures that severely limit the chances and impact of a breach. Hackers generally look to infiltrate a soft target first, for example a contractors’ system or in-house Wi-Fi, before moving on to areas with sensitive business data. A common tactic is to target a contractor with a phishing email to steal their log-on credentials and then use these to infiltrate a network, for example breaching their POS system.

HOW TO OPTIMISE NETWORK CONFIGURATION • Segment the network: Group applications and databases together depending on how sensitive or business critical they are and then keep them together on specific virtual local area networks (LANs) within your system. Once important functionality is isolated it is possible to monitor usage more easily and strictly limit traffic. • Role-based access: An administrator should either approve or deny access rights based on an employee’s function. For example, only customer service reps should be given access to customer profile information. • Apply granular controls: Once a network is segmented, settings can be finely tuned so that the system is optimised further. Having a fully managed network ensures that a hospitality firm benefits from the securest configuration available. Unified management of mobile devices, PCs and the entire network can be done from a centralised dashboard, with live troubleshooting.

THREAT 4 - INADEQUATE STAFF EDUCATION Cyber criminals often target the weakest point of a network, and in many instances, this may be the employees. No matter how strong hospitality outlets’ security is, or how robust their network configuration, they are at risk of scoring an own goal if they don’t adequately train their staff. Business email compromise attacks involve sending scam messages to company employees in an attempt to extract sensitive information. A lost or stolen mobile device, such as a laptop or smart phone, can also present a hacker with a treasure trove of opportunities. Hackers can also target specific individuals they know will have access to sensitive data.

CYBER SECURITY TRAINING • Phishing attacks: Train staff to recognise a phishing email or a spam attack so that they can alert the IT department to prevent other colleagues from being tricked. • Create an acceptable-use policy: Staff should be given clear guidance on the websites they’re allowed to visit, what kinds of files they’re allowed to download and the Wi-Fi networks that are safe. • Cultivate an open-door reporting culture: Employees should be encouraged to report anything suspicious to the IT department, even if it resulted from clicking on a website or downloading a file they shouldn’t have. • Manage mobile devices effectively: Make sure employ-

ees know when to update their mobile devices to ensure they have the latest security updates and patches. • Use secured Wi-Fi networks: When employees are on smart phones and tablets they should always use the device’s mobile data plan, rather than an unknown and unsecured Wi-Fi network. With a Mobile Device Management solution in place, it is possible to automatically update an entire estate of mobile devices with the latest security patches and with the minimum of fuss.

THREAT 5 - GDPR NON-COMPLIANCE The collection, storage and use of customers’ data has just become much more challenging due to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which aims to give individuals back ownership and control of their personal information. Hospitality firms that breach GDPR regulation face graded penalties depending on the severity of the case. The maximum fine is 4% of annual global turnover, or €20 million, whichever is the highest.

ENSURING GDPR COMPLIANCE • Create a comprehensive data log: Hospitality organisations need to create one clear and comprehensive log of all the data they hold, including details of where it is stored. • Improve security and create a data breach plan: Under GDPR, hospitality firms must notify affected customers within 72 hours of a data breach. This makes an effective, well-rehearsed data breach plan essential. • Review current processes used to obtain consent: GDPR requires all hospitality companies to gain unambiguous, active and explicit consent for the use of customers’ personal data. They also need to explain in simple language what data has been collected and what it is used for. • Create processes allowing customers to access and download their data: Hospitality firms must create processes that enable customers to download their own data within 30 days of a request. • Review all third-party contracts: Hospitality organisations are likely to work with vendor partners who act as data processors. It is their responsibility to clearly set out comprehensive guidelines on how the vendor should use the data. Overall, it is important for hospitality firms to work with experienced partners who can help guide them through the key network security threats – and provide the solutions to fight them.

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Consumers Fear Local High Street is “Overrun by Restaurant Chains” New research among more than 2,000 UK adults commissioned by GoKart has revealed the impact large restaurant and fast food chains are having on local independent businesses. It found: The foodtech company commissioned an independent, nationally-representative survey among more than 2,000 UK adults to uncover people’s perceptions towards large food chains and local independent restaurants. It found that 50% of Brits fear local high street businesses are struggling to compete with national and multinational restaurant and food chains. As a result, over a third (37%) of consumers have seen one or more of their favourite local establishments close in the past 12 months alone. Moreover, 43% are concerned this trend is set to continue, with fears that Brexit and the weakening pound will result in more restaurant closures and higher meal prices. These findings coincide with a report from the Government’s Insolvency Service, which found that 984 restaurants fell into administration in 2017 – a 20% increase on the previous year’s figures. With 53% of the country preferring to eat out at independent restaurants in order to support local businesses, there are calls for the number of fast food and restaurant chains to be capped – 42% of Brits think the Government should introduce limits on the number of national or multi-national chain restaurants operating on the UK’s high streets. Elsewhere, the survey revealed the overwhelmingly positive sentiment the public holds towards their local establishments: 63% of Brits believe independent restaurants offer greater varieties of cuisine or more creative dishes over the common foods provided by larger

Sleep + Eat 2018

August 2018

CLH News


chains. Furthermore, nearly seven in ten (69%) UK adults stated that the freshness and quality of ingredients is the most important thing they look for when choosing a restaurant. Anx Patel, CEO and founder of GoKart, commented on the findings: “Local independent restaurants have been struggling to compete with big chains, and today’s research demonstrates the challenges facing those highstreet establishments when competing against their larger competitors. “However, it is positive to see that over half of UK adults are willing to support their local restaurants, drawn by the diverse offering of different cuisines and foods, not to mention the freshness and high-quality of ingredients that are commonly used. “In light of the challenges currently facing the restaurant industry, local high street restaurants need to be clever in the way they operate, ensuring they are costefficient without sacrificing on the quality of food they deliver. This can range from optimising their inventories to reducing unnecessary food waste and sourcing fresh local ingredients at the best available prices.”


“For anyone in the creative industries Sleep + Eat is a must” This year, Sleep + Eat revamps its vision and relocates to a fresh new home at Olympia London, bringing restaurants and bars along for the ride. Over two days, Sleep + Eat brings together hospitality leaders with Europe's foremost de-signers, consultants, architects and emerging talent creating across hotels, restaurants and bars. The expertly curated exhibition sees leading brands showcase their products and concepts. A seminar programme tackles zeitgeisty topics on the future of design. And there's plenty of chance to celebrate the industry's collective, creative spirit. Confirm your place now to witness vanguard new thinking from international names in hospitality design.

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August 2018

Over Half The Adult Nation Heads To The Pub For A Drink In Their Spare Time

More than 50% of UK adult consumers are heading to the pub for a drink in their limited spare leisure time, according to recent research from Japanese beer brand Kirin Ichiban. The survey of 2,000 respondents set out to identify how UK consumers are spending their limited spare time, as well as uncovering what they’re looking for in their locals. The findings revealed that as a nation we have less spare time than ever before, with an average of only 10 free hours a week (52%). Whilst at their local pub, one in three Brits are now opting for premium global beers, and consumers feel that quality (70%) and superior taste (61%) are the main ways to justify paying more for a beer. That said, 36% of consumers feel they would pay more for a ‘pure’ beer. Interestingly the survey revealed that one in four (23%) opting for a Japanese beer (23%), in their local. Premiumisation is becoming more prevalent across the industry, and increasingly, consumers are demanding quality, which was clear with 67% of those surveyed agreeing that they want to enjoy a quality beer when visiting

a pub in their spare time. It is clear, there is a rise in experimentation amongst consumers and the survey emphasised that the beer category is no different, with drinkers on the hunt for new things. Customers now have more choice and variety than ever before, and 65% of drinkers are keen to try something new in a pub setting. Generational differences were apparent too with millennials appearing to be the most adventurous demographic, with 31% stating that they were seeking global beers. The survey also uncovered some regional differences, with participants in the South East and London showing the biggest appetite for Japanese beers (25% each). Providing operators with clear opportunity to ensure team members are trained and educated in order to up and cross sell their beers to curious consumers. The results also revealed that a staggering 79% of respondents rated philosophy and brand heritage as highly important when selecting a beer, and are seeking a beer that only uses the finest ingredients (49%). This suggests that consumers are now looking for brands with a story to tell, as well as quality

ingredients, and a more premium experience when in their local. John Clements, Head of Commercial Marketing at Marston’s on behalf of Kirin Ichiban commented: “The results of the survey identified a number of things; firstly that consumers are more time poor than ever, and what was interesting, is that consumers are now looking to spend these precious hours in pubs, trying new things, and trading up their usual order. “It’s fantastic to see that the public is still in love with their local, this provides a great opportunity for operators to broaden their horizons and try something new within their range. In recent years it’s been reported that wet led pubs have begun to rise again, and our survey findings do appear to mirror this. There is now fantastic opportunity for operators to train their teams on the importance of beer, its heritage, brewing processes, and any brand stories – because consumers are truly interested. Beer is the biggest cash generator in a till, operators shouldn’t be afraid to stock more unusual or premium beers, the consumer thirst is evident.”

The Cost Of Breaching Copyright Laws

Alex Haffner, Fladgate LLP

Gerald Brent, Fladgate LLP

What do the Beaufort Arms in Birmingham, the Prince of Wales in Stafford and the Pheasant Inn in Wolverhampton have in common? The licensees and company directors responsible for their running have between them been convicted of 64 offences and must now pay £327,405 in both fines and legal costs, after each pub was found to have been televising Premier League football matches illegally.

Birmingham Magistrates Court convicted the licensees and company directors in March 2018 of dishonestly receiving Sky’s televised Premier League football matches with intent to avoid payment to Sky, pursuant to section 297 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. The prosecutions were brought privately by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and its member Sky UK. The District Judge, when giving judgment against one of the licensees, made clear that the criminal acts were committed not just against Sky UK but also against the customers and businesses which legitimately purchase Sky subscription packages. This meant that the economic advantage gained in fraudulently showing Sky programming on licensed premises came at a cost to the broader, legitimate marketplace. FACT is an industry organisation which provides members with an array of content protection services, such as intelligence, online investigations and disruption, and certification and security. Together with Sky and other broadcasters of live sports content, it has aggres-

Government Accused Of “Inaction” Over Tipping Practices The government has been criticised for failing to act on its 2016 consultation when it announced “new plans to end unfair tipping practices and increase transparency for consumers and employees”. The government has still not published a response two years after its own consultation on plans to prevent hospitality companies from taking tips from workers. Tory ministers had promised to act to protect staff, but a response to a freedom of information request, by The Independent newspaper revealed the business department does not appear to have begun started work on a response, prompting claims it has ditched the plans. A spokesperson said the government was “still considering options”. Unite has been leading the fight on tipping practices in the hospitality industry since 2008. In May 2015 they successfully campaigned against Pizza Express over the 8 per cent so-called ‘admin fee’ it was

sively pursued outlets which are suspected of infringing the copyright rules. The law makes it clear that the courts will not find it difficult to punish offenders, in clear cases of copyright infringement. Therefore, licensees should pay attention to how Sky Sports or other subscription-based content is shown on the premises. If content is being shown illegally or fraudulently, or if there is no valid or in-date arrangement with Sky and content is still being televised, then a legitimate commercial arrangement should be signed up to with Sky as soon as possible. Delay here, where copyright is technically being breached, may lead to licensees being convicted. In the case cited above, various attempts were made to persuade the defendants to halt their activities. Licensees should respond promptly and properly to investigations and communications by rights holders. To do otherwise may lead to the rights holder bringing a private prosecution against the pub and connected individuals. Furthermore, subsection 297(2) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 extends the number of potential guilty parties (when a company commits the offence under subsection 297(1)) to all those persons

taking from staff tips paid on a card. Late 2017 Unite regional officer, Dave Turnbull said: “If you want to show your appreciation for good service then please tip in cash. A cash tip is much more likely to go to the people who deserve it; the low paid waiters and kitchen staff who helped make your night special and not gobbled up by greedy bosses. “Customers need to beware that service charge is not a tip. In some restaurants workers may not get a penny of it. It belongs to the business so they can do what they like with it, using it to cover everything from customers walking out with paying to topping up senior staff wages. This is why we’re urging diners to get it taken off and tip in cash.” “The government needs to stop dragging its feet and release its long overdue report on tipping. Until it does rogue bosses will continue to fine new loopholes to exploit and the confusion around tipping will persist.”

with decision-making power who may have consented to the pub committing such an offence, or conniving to allow such acts. Directors, managers and secretaries of the pub company or those in like positions of authority, or any person purporting to act in these capacities, may be charged with the offence. People who hold such positions within pubs they know or suspect do not have a legitimate agreement with Sky should consider their personal risk here. A finding by a court that such a person consented to televising illegal content could be made, if it were demonstrated before the court that such a person had consented or secretly allowed such an illegal arrangement to take place. In addition, it is now clear that it does not matter if a pub shows a foreign broadcast, e.g. via a foreign decoder, of a Premier League game – this will still be a breach of copyright, following the Karen Murphy case and the case of FAPL v QC. Licensees and pub company directors should, furthermore, not attempt to circumvent what otherwise may be a clear breach of intellectual property laws by removing logos or graphics, or muting music etc. The law is now clear that the only way to screen Sky Sports in the UK is with a legal agreement with Sky.

Scrap Immigration Targets Post Brexit Say CBI Putting migration on the table in future trade talks and ensuring EU workers are not subject to burdensome non-EU visa rules are two key recommendations in a new CBI report on how migration can work UK post-Brexit. The report, Open and Controlled – A New Approach to Migration, provides evidence from 129,000 firms across 18 industry sectors. Companies want to see a new approach that remains open enough to grow the UK economy, with the right controls to build public trust and confidence. Most credible economic studies show that immigration delivers net economic benefits for the UK. Foreign workers put in more than they take out. Their taxes – which pay for schools, hospitals and roads – outweigh the benefits they receive. And, as the Office for Budget Responsibility notes, higher net migration reduces pressure on government debt. This significant consultation with businesses of all sizes shows the inter-connectedness of different sectors, highlighting just how important migration is to all parts of the UK economy, at all skills levels. Introducing the report, Josh Hardie, CBI Deputy Director-General, said: “Freedom of movement will be ending. The building blocks of a successful new migration system for the UK begin with an honest and open debate that has been absent from politics. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Get it wrong, and the UK risks having too few people to run the NHS, pick fruit or deliver products to stores around the country. This would hurt us all – from the money in our pockets to our access to public services. “For Global Britain to succeed, the UK must send the right signals that show it remains open and welcoming to the world. That means putting migration on the table in trade talks to get us a better deal, first with the EU

August 2018

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and then other countries where it is clear existing visa restrictions inhibit trade and foreign direct investment. The CBI’s recommendations for a new immigration system can be grouped into five themes:

• Build public trust in the UK’s migration system by shifting away from controlling numbers to assessing contribution and by investing in local public services where demand has been increased by migration. • Reform the UK’s non-EU immigration system so that firms can better access people and skills from around the world, not just the EU. • Recognise the strong links between people and trade as the UK forges new economic relationships on the world stage. • Replace free movement with an open and controlled immigration system for EU workers • Ensure that the transition to any new migration system is done with respect for people and in an orderly manner Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive at UK Hospitality, said: “This report highlights the pressing need for a future immigration policy that exists to support the UK economy, rather than one which is determined by inflexible ideology or meaningless targets. The CBI’s report also underlines the importance of engaging in an open and honest debate about the realities and practicalities of migration to the UK and its effect on business. The hospitality sector is particularly in need of a future policy that provides employers with access to talent to support continued investment and growth. This means acknowledging the need for a variety of workers across the sector at many levels, not just those who are deemed highly-skilled. We particularly welcome the recommendation to secure the rights of current EU citizens in the UK, regardless of an exit deal.”

Pressure Mounts on Government to Reform Business Rates Pressure is mounting on the government to reform business rates, as new research reveals the hospitality sector could face a £50m rise in its bills next April, despite the ongoing crisis on the high street which has seenthe casual dining sector hit particularly hard. The September Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure of inflation determines the annual level of rate rises for the coming financial year. Property services firm Altus Group has estimated that the total business rates bill for 2019/20 will increase by £758.6m in England if the headline rate of inflation remains unchanged at 2.5%. Robert Hayton, head of UK business rates at Altus Group, said: “With our high streets engulfed in crisis and Brexit uncertainty hurting manufactur-

ers and the services industries, the chancellor should be bold within his autumn Budget later in the year through an unprecedented stimulus by freezing rate rises. Earlier this week Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), called on the government to support retailers in light of the collapse of House of Fraser. “This is a critical period for the retail industry, caused by a perfect storm of pressures, including rising costs and new technology changing how people shop,” she said. “How much more news like this will it take before the government acts to support retailers by cutting the business rates bill? “A two-year freeze in rates increases would be a good place to start.

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Sugar Tax Had “Little How To Avoid Marketing Mishaps In The Accommodation Sector Impact” Says Report least one or two attractive photos?

If you run a hotel, hostel, or B&B, you know that a good marketing campaign brings in more customers and lets guests know why they should choose your accommodation over everyone else. The “sugar tax” introduced in April this years has had minimal impact on consumer behaviour according to a survey from Nielsen. 62% of UK shoppers claim to have not changed their consumption behaviour in any way post-sugar tax, and only 20% are checking sugar content on packages more frequently since the tax has come into effect. The findings come from a Nielsen survey which compared results from respondents prior to the Soft Drinks Industry Levy coming into effect on 6 April 2018 and now. 11% of shoppers claimed they planned to stop drinking sugary soft drinks prior to the tax; this number has fallen to just 1% post-tax. The number of people who said they would continue to buy sugary soft drinks also, surprisingly, grew post-tax, increasing from 31% in February to 44% in June. Prior to the tax being introduced, the majority of the UK supported the government-imposed levy, with 54% of respondents supporting the tax, and since its implementation, 69% said it should be extended to confectionery and biscuits. Aylin Ceylan, consumer and shopper partner, Nielsen said: “Although the sugar tax hasn’t been as drastic as anticipated, sugar intake is still a major health concern for the majority of Britons. “Sugar continues to be the number one health concern for the fourth consecutive year and initiatives like the Soft Drinks Industry Levy doubtless contribute to furthering awareness. While we haven’t seen any significant changes in consumer habits, we have seen manufacturers adapt accordingly. The average sugar content has been steadily decreasing in key FMCG categories such as carbonated drinks and breakfast cereals.” Ceylan continued: “Most soft drinks now actually fall below the sugar tax threshold, as manufacturers have been encouraged to reformulate most sugary drinks. As a result, drinks below the threshold are driving growth due to more households buying more, often at higher prices, and shoppers shifting to low-sugar alternatives. Post-sugar tax, shoppers are also continuing to purchase sugary soft drinks, but buy less and less often.”

But it's not a simple thing to orchestrate. An effective marketing campaign is something to be achieved through hard work and planning. In order to help you with that work, we're here with roller banners UK supplier Where The Trade Buys, to show you some mistakes to avoid when marketing your company.

STAYING ONLINE OR OFFLINE WITH YOUR MARKETING Try not to limit yourself to only marketing offline or online; make use of both. Being active on social media will help you to get your brand out there and build a rapport with customers. SUMO Heavy Industries — a digital strategy and design company — found that 72% of people use social media daily. On Facebook and Twitter, you can send instant replies to existing and potential customers, which could prove essential in order to secure a second or first-time booking, while theses channels also give you the opportunity to send immediate updates on special offers or photos of new rooms and services you’re now offering. Print marketing brings a wealth of cost-savvy benefits. When marketing in this sector, the look of a place or guestroom can make or break your campaign, and with print, your audience can enjoy an attractive image that sells your brand and doesn’t go away by scrolling down. A university study discovered that, when comparing the efficiency of online and print adverts, the print format proved to have the most ‘advertising effectiveness’. This study took into account how much a person spent looking at the ad, how much information they took from it and how likely they were to buy (or book). Still not convinced? According to a survey of 2,400 consumers, 82% of people trust print ads, while only 25% said the same for online pop-ups — so perhaps it’s worth balancing out your marketing strategy if you’re currently focusing on digital platforms.

BEING MISREPRESENTED BY LOWQUALITY PHOTOS By the very nature of your business, a good quality photo is essential in order to represent your offerings to guests. How many times have you seen a brochure or email ad for a hotel or B&B that didn’t include at

Photographs are a guest’s window to your hotel and can be the deciding factor on whether or not to book. In fact, according to a report created by digital agency, Bright North, poor image quality reduces the chance that a potential customer will choose you over your competitors. The term: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ was apparently coined by Frederick R. Barnard and is something anyone marketing within the accommodation industry should bear in mind. Before booking, consumers want to be assured that the modern bathroom and spacious living space you claim your venue offers is true — so don’t ruin the illusion and turn consumers away by placing an image with a poor resolution on your brochure, leaflets and outdoor banners. Or even worse, not providing a photo at all.

BLAND WORD USE Using effective language in marketing is not an easy skill; it is a skill that many people study for years before becoming a professional writer! So, don’t rush into writing a promotional leaflet or other type of ad without taking time to consider every word you’re using. A hotel stay is a luxury experience akin to a holiday, and your guests want to look forward to it! That means you must use language that embodies and emphasises this level of excitement. Words like: ‘entertaining’, ‘delicious’, ‘wonderful’, ‘relaxing’, ‘luxurious’, and ‘beautiful’ to describe rooms and facilities are great options. Although you mustn’t pack your marketing material with too much text. Instead, peppering your content with favourable and engaging words can make the difference between enticing your potential customer and losing their interest.

NOT BEING PROUD OF YOUR BRAND Have you invested in any promotional items, such as pens or mugs? According to a survey, 80% of people can recall a brand after receiving a promotional product, while 58% of people keep a promotional product for one to over four years. If you want to encourage repeat custom, perhaps this marketing tactic is one you should adopt today. Giving guests branded promotional products shows them how proud and confident you are of your company’s image. L.J Market Research found that over 50% of people in a survey eventually became a customer of a brand after receiving a promotional product from them — can you afford to miss out on this opportunity? Consider ordering a batch of promotional items that you can hand out at trade shows or that people could use in public to enhance your marketing ROI.

BEING BLIND TO FEEDBACK Online reviews might sometimes seem unfair or

painful, but you can’t afford to just ignore them. According to statistics, there are around 455 million unique visitors and a million hotels on TripAdvisor — that’s a huge pool of potential customers that can read a single bad review and be dissuaded from choosing your business. Have you considered using a customer complaint to gain positive effects? A great way to manage negative opinions appearing on global, independent review sites is to be savvy with your social media activity. If you have a disgruntled customer, it’s likely that they want a response to their issue and will initially choose your company’s Facebook or Twitter account to communicate with you directly. If you receive a complaint — either via a tweet, a tag or a message — respond to it as quickly as possible.

Jay Baers, a customer services and social media expert, advises that: “A lack of response is a response. It’s a response that says, ‘We don’t care about you very much’.” Ignoring an unhappy customer will lead them to feel like you have dismissed their courtesy in reaching out and giving you the opportunity to resolve the issue — they are likely to then broadcast this complaint on a bigger site, with more listeners. Theoretically, that means not only will all your brand’s social media followers see the complaint, but also potential customers who may be browsing independent review sites for future accommodation options.

FALLING INTO THE DIGITAL MARKETING TRAP Digital marketing has quickly become a strong advertising tool, but print marketing isn’t going anywhere — many guests and employees still appreciate the value of a hotel brochure. According to a survey of 1,560 hospitality professionals conducted by the Center for Marketing Technology (CMT), 98% of front desk staff would choose printed media and 94% of hotels deliver information to guests via a brochure display. Print marketing is still coming out well in research and studies. According to an experiment by TrueImpact, customers use less mental effort to process a printed ad as opposed to a digital one, and they are able to remember print more easily after seeing it than digital. Evidently, brochure and this industry go hand in hand — so don’t miss your opportunity to advertise your establishment by not investing in a brochure marketing campaign. With the right marketing strategy, you can achieve not only an influx of customers, but customer loyalty too. Just make sure to avoid the pitfalls stated above in your next campaign.

Pubs the Winners as Brits Make the Most of the Long Hot Summer

England’s performance in the World Cup was boosted pub spending by 16.8 per cent in July, the biggest increase since April last year. Overall, consumers spent 41 per cent more in pubs on England match days than on the equivalent days in 2017, rising to an impressive 73 per cent on the day of the England vs Croatia semifinal, compared with the same time last year. Generally, consumer spending rose 5.0 per cent yearon-year in July, marking the third consecutive month of growth surpassing 5 per cent and the strongest threemonth period since Barclaycard began measuring this data in 2014. Data from Barclaycard, which sees nearly half of the nation’s credit and debit card transactions, shows that essential spending climbed 8.7 per cent in July, driven by a strong rise in supermarkets of 6.7 per cent. Amidst some of the highest prices at the pump since 2014, petrol expenditure also grew significantly, up 13 per cent. Consumers have been keen to take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts, with almost a quarter (23 per cent) saying the hot weather this summer has prompted them to spend more money than usual on experiences and outdoor activities. Of these, 56 per cent are prioritising spending on day trips, and one in two (50 per cent) are buying more food and drink than normal to

CLH News

enjoy barbecues and picnics with friends and family.

However, despite a willingness to spend on summer treats while the good weather lasts, shoppers remain cautious about the broader economic picture with confidence in household finances dropping six percentage points from June to 59 per cent last month. Rising interest rates are another area of concern for some, with one in three (34 per cent) saying they are worried that the Bank of England raising interest rates on 2 August means they will have less spending money each month. Esme Harwood, Director at Barclaycard, said: “The prolonged warm weather combined with England’s World Cup performance has created a short-term boost in spending. With the sunshine showing no sign of abating, spending levels have remained higher than we would normally expect with Brits keen to make the most of the heatwave – whether in the pub over a few drinks or stocking up at the supermarket to enjoy a barbecue. “It will be interesting to see if this strong level of growth continues as we move into the final stretch of summer. It’s clear that some consumers remain cautious about what’s to come with interest rates rising and overall confidence in household finances down slightly from June.”

Air BnB Exclusion Zones Proposed to Protect Bristol’s Hospitality Sector

The head of the Bristol Hoteliers Association (BHA) is calling on the city’s leaders to look into the issue of short-term lets as a matter of urgency. While other major cities across the world have implemented strict rules on booking sites such as Air BnB, Imran Ali, chairman of the BHA believes Bristol is being much too slow with regard to the regulation and policing of what has become a global phenomenon. The result has seen something between 2,000 to 3,000 listings being offered to Bristol visitors which are not only unregulated on issues such as fire safety but are not paying rates or VAT like all other businesses. The hotelier’s head now wants

August 2018

exclusion zones to be placed across the city and local residents to have the option and authority to block any properties or rooms from being offered in the street in which they live. Imran said: “Not only do these properties not pay business rates but lack the required level of fire, health and safety standards. “I imagine as well, many landlords who still have a mortgage have not declared that they are leasing out their property to their lender and would be in breach of their mortgage agreement. If you haven’t told your mortgage lender that you are letting out your property also invalidates your insurance.” Imran is now tabling proposals with Bristol City Council (BCC) which he

wants to see put in place as soon as possible. This includes an option for residents to implement exclusion zones based on city ward boundaries. Only if an 80 per cent majority are happy for owners to let their property on Air BnB, will a license be granted by BCC. This would also be on the provision that the property can only be let a maximum of 170 days per year. Any property owner that is granted a license then has to pay business rates based on size of property and declare their interests with HMRC. Finally, he also wants it to become mandatory that sites like Air BnB have to provide all listed properties to the council so that it can keep a track of numbers, licenses and payment of letting rates. Imran added: “We’re happy for competition however it has to be on a level playing field. If nothing is done, hotels and B&Bs will suffer.”

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August 2018

Restaurant Financing: Six Funding Options For Operators Comment from Emily Wimpsett, Content and Social Media Specialist, QSR Automations The restaurant industry is continuously changing – some restaurants make it, others don’t. One constant is that new restaurants always seem to pop up. How are these establishments funded? While some operators may pour their savings into running a restaurant, others rely on funding from elsewhere. When opening a new restaurant, operators need to consider the cost of staff, equipment, technology, renovations and decorating, the food itself and marketing the new place. How do restaurants make it with so many upfront expenses? For potential operators looking into restaurant financing options, the number of choices can be overwhelming. With the right type of funding, however, operators can afford to keep their restaurants open even if they hit a rough patch. When choosing a loan, operators need to consider the application process, the maximum loan amount available, the funding timeframe, and term lengths. We’ve compiled a list of hospitality financing options, as well as questions operators should ask themselves before they apply for a loan, as a guide to choosing the right route to restaurant success.

RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT LOANS The type of kitchen equipment each operator will need is determined by the kind of cooking they plan to do. Even a small kitchen starts at somewhere around £150,000 for a refurbishment and larger premises can cost between £500,000 and £1m to fit out. Of course the sky’s the limit and estimates will depend upon the size, scale and location of the new venture. Equipment financing allows operators to purchase the necessary machines without completely breaking the bank. Some

loans will allow an operator to finance 100% of the equipment’s value. Collateral for default payments is usually the equipment, meaning operators don’t have to put personal assets on the line. Unfortunately, in some cases, lenders will require a down payment. If an operator prefers not to purchase the equipment outright, there are leasing options available, taking away the commitment of owning. However, the operator will probably have to keep the equipment until the end of the lease term and will need to replace it with new machines immediately. When planning for restaurant equipment, operators must also consider what they will need in terms of restaurant hardware and software. Nowadays, SaaS pricing, where the business simply pays a subscription service to access centrally located software, is increasingly common in restaurant technology products and can help save money in equipment costs.

RESTAURANT INVENTORY FINANCING Inventory financing is strictly meant for inventory purchases. This can come in the form of a loan or even a line of credit. Since the idea is usually to sell the inventory quickly, inventory financing tends to have a shorter repayment term. The actual inventory acts as the collateral and operators don’t need a perfect credit score to be a candidate for this loan either. This loan type could be perfect for a seasonal restaurant that needs to stock up on inventory before the rush starts. Inventory loans can come with a very high interest rate, however, and operators should factor this in as they shop around for the best funding options.

WORKING CAPITAL LOANS This type of loan can be used for any expenses. These are short-term arrangements that typically have a maximum loan amount of £250,000. If operators need a larger amount, as many restaurants might, this wouldn’t be the best option.

SMALL BUSINESS GRANTS Small business grants are a form of funding and support given by government and certain private bodies to UK small businesses who meet particular criteria. For example, a local government body may award a

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monetary grant to new businesses starting in a specific area to support the local economy.

loans available, here are a few pointers to consider before applying:

Grants typically range in size from £500 all the way up to £500,000, and much more in certain cases. The criteria for each grant scheme varies greatly but typically the larger the grant funding award, the more complex the eligibility conditions and the process of applying.

When Do I Need The Money?


How Does The Business Look On Paper?

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is classed as an alternative business finance product in the UK and an option for operators whose business plan has not qualified for a bank loan. An MCA provides businesses with an advance of funding in return for a percentage of future credit and debit card income. This is taken directly from the processor until the funding has been repaid. Funding for these loans is typically pretty fast, credit score isn’t a major determining factor and no collateral is required. Another useful feature is that payments are adjusted according to sales. So, if the restaurant is having a slow month, the payment amount will be modified to reflect that decline in income. The drawback is that these cash advances can be expensive so they should not be viewed as a long-term option.

Operators should list any past events that could affect credit.

LINES OF CREDIT Similar to a business credit card, a line of credit is a set pool of funds that operators can access when they need it (for example, when business is slow and the restaurant needs to cover expenses). This can be a great option for restaurant owners because they only pay interest on capital they take out of the line of credit. Once they pay what they’ve taken out, the line of credit will be replenished with the original amount of money. Lines of credit can be established through a bank or online lender and operators need to choose between secured or unsecured credit. A secured business line of credit has to be backed by an asset and an unsecured does not. This usually makes unsecured lines of credit harder to obtain.

APPLYING FOR A LOAN Now that we’ve had a look at some of the business

This is important so the operator can search around for the most suitable loan.

Why Do I Need The Money? This is an important question to ask before saddling the business with any more debt than necessary.

Is The Business Ready To Apply? Processing loans can take a while. It’s important operators are completely ready to apply before moving forward.

Have We Fully Considered All Options? Operators should not go to the trouble of applying for a loan until all options have been weighed up.

Here is a list of questions lenders will typically ask: How long have you owned your restaurant? Operators must be ready to present a business plan. Lenders view new restaurants as a little risky. Operators will need to show they have a plan in place and can face any challenge that might crop up. Do you manage your own money well? Aspiring operators should expect to present bank statements, profit and loss accounts, personal and business tax returns, etc. This helps lenders decide who is a good candidate for a business loan. What are you like as a borrower? Lenders will be looking at personal and business credit scores. Ultimately, every restaurant is unique, as are the circumstances which will lead to its success. By determining initial set-up costs, as well as a solid, measurable plan for paying loans back, operators can determine the best funding option for their restaurant.

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Beer Sales Rise, but a Cut in Beer Tax is Still Needed to Help Pubs, says BBPA Beer sales in the second quarter of 2018 were up 3.6% on the same period in 2017, according to the latest Beer Barometer sales data from the British Beer & Pub Association. The increase in sales of beer in Q2 2018 was driven by the off-trade (e.g. supermarkets), which saw beer sales go up by 7.7% on the same period in 2017. In comparison, the on-trade (e.g. pubs) did not see growth in beer sales in Q2 2018 – with sales of beer decreasing by 1.0% year-on-year instead. Despite this, the fall in ontrade sales in Q2 2018 was a significant improvement on Q2 beer sales from the last ten years, where the average fall in on-trade beer sales has been 3.7%. The improvement is due to the boost to pubs from good weather during Q2 2018, as well as the beginning of the FIFA World Cup and the continued positive effects of the beer duty freeze implemented by

the Chancellor in November 2017. Although the FIFA World Cup is a welcome boost to pubs, it only comes around once every four years and so measures taken by the Chancellor to cut or freeze beer duty year-round are far more influential for the long-term sales of beer in pubs and pub viability. With the very real threat of a beer duty increase on the cards in the next Budget, the campaign “Long Live The Local” – from Britain’s Beer Alliance – has been launched, calling for a cut in beer tax to decrease the significant cost pressures pubs face and help give them a boost. Speaking on the Q2 Beer Barometer, Brigid Simmonds OBE, BBPA Chief Executive, said: “It’s certainly good to see that beer sales are doing better overall. There is a very real threat however that the Chancellor will increase beer tax again in the Budget later this year,

which would be a huge backward step after so much progress has been made since he froze beer duty last year. We need further cuts in beer tax to help pubs and the great British brewing manufacturing industry.” David Cunningham, Programme Director of Britain’s Beer Alliance, which is behind the “Long Live The Local” campaign, said: “The ‘Long Live The Local’ campaign celebrates the vital role pubs play in people’s lives and their communities. It also highlights the range of tax pressures that pubs face and encourages pub goers to go to their local and call on politicians to cut beer tax. “Pubs face an unprecedented range of tax pressures including beer duty, which means that £1 in every £3 spent in a pub goes to the taxman. This clearly is a factor behind declining beer sales in pubs, pub closures and job losses.”

BT Sport Teams Up with Google To Offer Digital Training BT Sport Teams Up With Google To Offer Digital TrainingFollowing BT Sport’s announcement earlier this month of the free digital training for pubs and clubs in partnership with Google, operators wishing to take part are urged visit to book a place at one of the following sessions:

Liverpool, Anfield, 3 September Brighton, Amex Stadium 10 September London, BT Tower, 17-18 September Belfast, Kingspan Stadium, 24 September Edinburgh, BT Murrayfield, 1 October Newcastle, Kingston Park Stadium, 2 October Manchester, Old Trafford, 16 October Cardiff, Cardiff Arms Park, 22 October Bristol, Ashton Gate Stadium, 23 October The aim of the training, designed exclusively to help publicans enhance their digital skills and grow their business, focusing on how to make their business more visible online and their use of social media even more impactful. During the sessions, publicans will also have the opportunity to speak to specialists on a range of topics including website optimisation, online advertising

and analytics. Publicans will also hear from members of the BT Sport team including Harry Redknapp, Lawrence Dallaglio, Steve McManaman, Ugo Monye and Robbie Savage who will be attending some of the events to talk about the upcoming season of sport.BT Sport launched these training events with Google after a survey revealed that 55% of consumers plan ahead when going out to watch live sport and 45% of live sport watchers ‘follow’ a pub or bar on social media. Meanwhile, 58% of BT Sport pubs have indicated they would promote sports events on social media more if they knew how to make the most of it. Bruce Cuthbert, director of commercial customers, BT Sport, said: “Having a presence on social media has become key for publicans to encourage new and existing customers into their venues. Our customers also tell us that many of them are not entirely confident in how to do this to get the best results possible. “Teaming up with Google Digital Garage means we will be able to give our licensees the chance to get practical training from experts which they can put into practice straight away to raise their profile with their customers.”

August 2018

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The Event To Revolutionise The Way You Manage Your Hotel On the 25th & 26th September, The Hotel Facilities Management Expo hits London ExCeL, transforming the capital into the ultimate destination for all the latest products, features and services optimising the functionality of hotels. The 2018 event will be packed with industry-transforming innovations that are redefining the look, feel and future of hospitality as we know it. Hoteliers from far and wide will find the tools to implement change in their operations and revolutionize the way they run their hotels. All under one roof, experts from the likes of glh Hotels, Best Western and Starwood Capital Group are set to divulge their secrets to success, enabling you to return to your business brimming with actionable ideas and inspiration; while an array of the world’s most innovative brands will unveil the solutions shaping the hotel of tomorrow. Better still, this year sees

the event join forces with Hotel & Spa Tech Live to form an industry powerhouse, specifically designed to showcase the hottest new advancements that are driving innovation across the Hotel sector. Collectively boasting over 300 cutting-edge exhibitors, 200 worldrenowned speakers, expert-led panel debates, endless networking opportunities, and much more, the feature lineup has never been stronger. What’s more, your free ticket also gives you access to a staggering 5 other industry leading events all part of the Hospitality Technology Innovation brand; creating the ultimate destination for innovative technologies in the world of hospitality. Giving you the opportunity to make thousands of new connections from across the globe, boost your professional knowledge and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry, this is THE event your competitors don’t want you to go to! For more information or to secure your FREE ticket, please visit

Rising Costs Accelerating Pub Closures Almost 1,300 pubs have closed down or converted to other use over the past year as mounting cost pressures take their toll. New research has revealed that 25 pubs in the UK have closed every week, with many being switched to alternative uses such as residential homes or offices..

This has triggered a string of high-profile administrations within the sector.

Increased business rates are partly to blame for the pub closures, and are also cited as to blame for the current casual dining crisis which saw high profile chain Gaucho become the latest casualty falling into administration only last week According to data from real estate adviser Altus Group, 1,292 pubs have disappeared from the high street, which also means they are not contributing to the Government’s business rates pot.

Retailers and restaurant groups have been affected by similar cost pressures, and have been contending with wage increases, as well as a drop in footfall and consumer spending.

David Shuttleworth, vice president at Altus Group, said: “The sad reality is that more pubs will continue to call time unless further financial support is provided by the Government. “The Chancellor should be bold within his autumn Budget later in the year by giving pubs a helping hand through an unprecedented stimulus of freezing rate rises in April 2019 whilst increasing the pub discount.”

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August 2018

What’s in Store At The Restaurant Show 2018 Majority of Consumers Prefer to Drink Local The Restaurant Show 2018 is shaping up to be a real celebration of the hospitality industry, with big names, exciting culinary battles and insight-packed live sessions. On top of that, there’s the chance to immerse yourself in the latest new products from over 450 suppliers across The Restaurant Show, Bar & Pub and Catering Equipment Expo. The live stage will see some wellknown industry names at the top of their game talking through their journey so far. This includes the opportunity to hear from trailblazing chef Tom Kerridge, who’s currently out to crack the capital with his new restaurant dedicated to outstanding British cuisine. There will be another fantastic opportunity to pick up some valu-

including getting a slice of the global market and amplifying your communications.

able industry insights when Daniel Clifford, Chef Patron of Midsummer House takes to the stage at the show. Don’t miss the chance to discover the real story behind the dishes that made Midsummer House. This year’s show features a range of sessions aimed at helping you grow your business. Open Table will be joined by a series of expert panellists throughout the show to answer your burning questions and debate the issues that matter,

If you want to get ahead of the curve, the Trend Watching sessions from MCA Foodservice, the industry’s leading intelligence and insight provider, are not to be missed. Save room to sample the best from the many food & drink producers exhibiting at the show too. Here you’ll find everything from charcuterie to chocolate, coffee to craft beer – all under one roof. Several top culinary competitions take place too, including National Chef of the Year, The Copa Jerez final, The Kikkoman Masters and Compass Chef of The Year. Visit

Steamless Warewasher Creates Cool Climate For Wintergarden Restaurant The Landmark London’s chic restaurant uses Winterhalter’s advanced technologies to tackle washing issues The Wintergarden Restaurant at the Landmark London hotel has overcome a raft of warewashing issues by using highly advanced warewashing technology, supplied by Winterhalter. The issues related to the new warewash area for the restaurant. “We’re incredibly busy most of the day, so we needed a high volume machine – but we didn’t have the room to accommodate it,” says Executive Chef Gary Klaner. “At the same time, we need to be able to wash some very specialist and delicate pieces of tableware – including gold rim plates – but the machines also needed to be able to clean the standard ware, and clean it fast.” Another consideration in the wash area was ventilation, which is limited, and in a small room, which was already hot, steam from a conventional warewasher would have caused serious condensation problems. To cope with the volume of washing in the restaurant The Landmark London installed Winterhalter’s TwinSet – an innovative package that links two PT passthrough dishwashers together, doubling capacity in a relatively small footprint. It has the added advantage that, in quiet times, only one of the machines need be used, halving energy, water and chemical consumption. To avoid the potential condensation problems, the PT

TwinSet selected by the hotel is a ClimatePlus model. It uses heat exchangers to extract heat from the steam generated during washing, using it to heat up the incoming cold water supply. As a result, there’s virtually no steam left to escape when the PT is opened at the end of the wash cycle. The ClimatePlus also sucks in warm air from its surrounds to further heat the incoming water, and then pumps back cool, dry air. While the lack of steam and the cool air enhance the environment around the machine, the ClimatePlus technology also dramatically reduces energy consumption – by over 50%, compared to standard models. For glasses the Wintergarden’s wash area has a compact UC undercounter machine. To ensure the best possible results it’s an Excellence iPlus model, which means it incorporates Winterhalter’s innovative hybrid water treatment, which combines reverse osmosis (RO) and a water softener. Users can choose whether to use one or both water treatments systems. Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenanceFor further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email

The majority of real ale consumers value independently owned breweries, with nearly three out of four (74%) ale drinkers who expressed an opinion saying they are concerned that small independent breweries are being bought by larger multinational drinks companies in the UK, according to new research conducted by YouGov[1]. The respondents expressed further concern that breweries that have been bought out are still marketed with the same branding from when they were independent, regardless of the change in ownership. The research demonstrates the continuing shift in consumer preferences away from global brewers and towards beers that are considered to be of local provenance, highlighting why beer festivals such as the Great British Beer Festival continue to be so popular. In light of this, CAMRA will be teaming with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) to ensure that festival-goers know which beers have been brewed by

independent craft brewers. The assured ‘seal’ will appear on festival bar banners next to truly independent craft brewers, as well as in the event guide’s tasting notes.

As thousands of pubs, clubs and bars gear up for the start of the new academic year in September, alcohol education charity Drinkaware is urging operators to make sure they’re creating a safe environment for their student customers, particularly freshers.


Drinkaware Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Rommel Moseley, said, “Many students enjoy alcohol responsibly during Freshers’/Refreshers’ Week without causing any harm to themselves or others.

• Make sure your staff know how to relate to students who may become vulnerable after drinking. The Drinkaware Alcohol Vulnerability Awareness e-learning course equips them to spot customers who are vulnerable and gives practical advice on how to support them. It includes scenarios with different types of vulnerable customers to illustrate the appropriate responses to each. For more information: • It’s a good idea to start interacting with students as they queue outside your venue. It allows you to set a positive tone for the evening and is an opportunity for your team members to identify customers who may need assistance later on. • Offer a range of interesting soft drinks, for students who aren’t drinking alcohol and to encourage those who are to switch to a soft drink once or twice during the evening. • Include no or low alcohol beers on your drinks list and review your wine list to choose house wines at the lower end of the ABV scale. Also offer wine in a 125ml serve and make customers aware this size is available. • Offer some affordable, filling food. Students won’t want to spend much on meals, but having something available to slow the absorption of alcohol is a good idea. • Make it very clear that you will not serve alcohol to customers who are drunk, or who are attempting to buy for a drunken friend, both of which are against the law.

Catherine Tonry, organiser of the Great British Beer Festival says: “The Great British Beer Festival has remained incredibly popular for over 40 years, with 50,000 visitors coming through our doors each summer. The reason for our enduring popularity is that you can try nearly a thousand different ‘local’ beers from across the UK and abroad all under one roof. “One of the delights of beer appreciation is the unexpected alchemy that comes from the skill and creative input of individual brewers, which is why local, artisan brews have sustained popularity over the years. We are pleased to work with SIBA to ensure consumers get as much information as possible about their beers at this year’s festival.”

Operators Urged to Look Out for Students

“However, the sheer number of students visiting pubs, clubs and bars at the start of term inevitably means a raised likelihood of alcohol harms. Responsible operators will want to create an environment that both helps students to moderate their alcohol consumption, and supports those who might become vulnerable after drinking too much. “Freshers are particularly vulnerable, being away from home and family, perhaps for the first time, in a new city, with a new group of friends who may have different drinking behaviours. In this period of adjustment, it’s easy for things to go wrong.” Both Drinkaware Crew training, which has now been delivered in 21 areas across the country, and the elearning course, can help staff to recognise and deal with the drunken sexual harassment that has become an unwelcome part of a night out for many young people. To tackle the issue, Drinkaware last autumn launched ‘It’s OK to Ask’, a campaign encouraging bystanders to intervene safely when they witness sexual harassment.

If your bar is targeting new or returning students, plan well ahead for Freshers’ Week, particularly if you are going to recruit additional staff for the busy nights at the start of the new term.

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Pub Closures Are Making Us All Poorer, Says CAMRA Four out of five people in the UK have experienced a local pub closure in the last five years. A massive 80% of Brits who expressed an opinion have witnessed at least one pub close, and 21% have seen five or more close, according to new research conducted by YouGov. This insight comes as CAMRA reveals its latest pub closures statistics, which have remained high at 18 per week . The hardest hit areas include Greater London and the East Midlands. These figures reveal the huge obstacles facing pubs, which are struggling under a triple whammy of high Beer Duty, rapidly rising Business Rates and VAT. As a result, a third of the cost of a pint is now made up of various taxes. CAMRA is calling on the Government to abandon any upcoming increases to the tax paid by pubs in November’s Budget. Current plans will see Beer Duty rise by around 2p per pint, and pubs are set to lose £1,000 in Business Rate Relief. Pubs play a very impor-

tant role in our national economy, contributing £23.1 billion to the UK economy annually. They also provide a wealth of social benefits to individuals and communities, bringing people together and making them happier, better connected and more trusting. CAMRA’s National Chairman Jackie Parker said: “The latest YouGov findings, coupled with our own pub closure figures, paint a dismal picture for our pubs. As taxes continue to rise, more people are choosing to drink at home and as a consequence, pubs are closing down. It’s a vicious cycle. “Pub closures make us all poorer by reducing overall tax revenues raised by the pub sector and weakening community life in areas where valued pubs close. Fundamental change is needed if the British pub is to survive for future generations. We are urging the Government to take action to secure the future of our pubs by relieving the tax burden.”

Calls for Pubs & Restaurants to Support Tax Equality Day Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin is calling on pubs and restaurants to show their support for a UK-wide Tax Equality Day on Thursday September 13. And he has the backing of leading industry organisations, UK Hospitality and the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) who are calling on their members to join in too. Each of Wetherspoon’s pubs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be cutting the price of all food and drink by 7.5 per cent on the day. Its pubs in Scotland will offer customers a 7.5 per cent reduction on all food, soft drinks and hot drinks. Tax Equality Day is aimed at highlighting the benefit of a VAT reduction in the hospitality industry. Prices at Wetherspoon pubs will be reduced for one day only, in order to show the benefits of a VAT cut, and it is hoped that hospitality and on-trade businesses throughout England Wales and Northern Ireland will show their support by slashing their prices too.

versus about two pence for supermarkets. “In addition there is a huge VAT inequality and unfairness. “A reduction in the level of VAT on a long-term basis will create a level playing field and generate growth and jobs in an important and vital industry – especially in beleaguered high streets. “We’re aiming to make it the busiest day of the entire year in our pubs and would urge other pub and restaurant operators to participate too.” UK Hospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls, said: “Tax Equality Day is a great way to highlight just how hospitality businesses are disproportionately hit by VAT. “The tax disparity between the hospitality sector and supermarkets is still far too high. Pubs are paying around a third of their turnover in tax compared to a fifth for big supermarkets able to sell alcohol at very cheap prices. “A cut in the rate of VAT for the hospitality sector can help address this unfairness and allow pubs and bars to invest in their businesses

At present all food in pubs is subject to 20 per cent VAT, compared to supermarkets which benefit from a zero VAT rate on the vast majority of food products. Mr Martin said: “Pubs suffer a huge disadvantage paying about 16 pence in business rates per pint

and staff members. “We hope that everyone will support this year’s Tax Equality Day and send a clear and unequivocal message to the Chancellor to give the sector the VAT cut it deserves.” And BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds added: “Cutting the tax burden on pubs should be a top priority for the Government. “We welcome this Tax Equality Day initiative as a way of reminding customers that our pubs are overtaxed and we need action now to hold down the cost of going out. “VAT reform is long overdue and beer duty and business rates are disproportionately high for pubs in the UK.” Nigel Evans MP for Ribble Valley said: “The hospitality campaign to recognise tax equality is a welcome and much anticipated event which now resonates with our national consciousness. “This year’s Tax Equality Day has a special significance as it could be the final year before it achieves its goal as a result of the tax cutting freedoms which Brexit will endow the government with.” Download your CLH News tax equality Day poster at TaxEqualityPoster.pdf

UK Hospitality Industry “to Generate £100bn” During 2018 Extensive analysis of Office of National Statistics data (ONS) published over the last five years by hospitality recruitment platform Adia reveals that the total turnover of all businesses providing ‘Accommodation and Food Services Activities’ will reach £100bn this year. In addition, over the last five years, the total turnover of all companies in the sector has steadily grown at around six per cent a year. Adia – recruitment giant Adecco‘s online hospitality platform – looked at ONS data for companies listed under ‘accommodation and food services activities’. As well as estimating the industry’s worth at £100bn, Adia’s analysis also shows that the number of people employed in hospitality is

now in excess of 2.3 million. This represents an increase of 21 per cent compared to 2013, when the total amount of people working in the industry was 1.9 million.“The hospitality sector makes a significant and important contribution to British economic output, equally, the 202,000 businesses operating in the industry play a valuable role as employers and job creators,” said Ernesto Lamaina, Adia CEO. “Our analysis indicates that the amount of people working in the sector has increased by over 409,000 in the last five years, which is testament to the health of the industry.”

Cloud-Based EPOS Gives Restaurants The Competitive Edge UK hospitality businesses are facing a storm of difficulties at the moment, ranging from rising food prices to staff shortages and extra-demanding customers. So streamlining operations to keep costs at a minimum, while maintaining excellent customer service, is more important than ever. And an innovative cloudbased EPOS app is providing restaurateurs with the help they need to stay on top. Silver from NFS Technology Group is the innovative cloud-based EPOS system that gives restaurateurs a complete end-to-end view of their business – from wherever they are. Silver is simple to use on an iPad and provides all the features you need to boost sales and improve efficiency,

with comprehensive reporting and forecasting capabilities that help you control labour costs and improve stock control. Its easy-to-use interface means staff are up and running on Silver in hours, and it also provides marketing and loyalty-promoting capabilities. Silver works for both independent or multi-site operators, and provides immediate ROI because it’s available at an affordable monthly cost including integrated loyalty, email marketing and inventory control – backed by 24/7 support. * Find out more about the latest software for restaurants - visit or see us at the Restaurant Show at Olympia from 1-3 October!

August 2018

CLH News



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

August 2018

Drinks Dispense

Cheers-Dispensing the Perfect Drink Cellar Management is seen as the cornerstone for serving good drinks! Whether you are a pub/bar hotel or restaurant the quality of the drinks you serve, particularly beer will have a huge impact on not only customer satisfaction but also sales profits and waste.

pense and quality coordinator at Admiral Taverns who has shared his expertise:

Q. How important is cellar management to the running of a successful pub?

Sales of beer and soft drinks these past few months have been phenomenal. England had an extended run reaching the World Cup semi-finals and we have so far had fantastically hot and sunny seasonal weather. According to reports Greene King sold an extra 500,000 pints during England’s thrashing of Panama, and the British Beer and Pub Association say England drank an extra 10 million pints during the semi-final defeat against Croatia.

Cellar management is the foundation for serving a good pint – a core fundamental to success for any pub.

So getting it right in the engine room is essential. There are according to statistics over 122,000 licensed premises in the UK providing the great British public with a huge selection of drinks, a serious business as disposable income is squeezed and visits to the pub and eating out become a more “considered “decision. Furthermore, and as stated in a previous issue of CLH News, according to a Cask Marquee dear report 95% of those surveyed would stop visiting a pub if the quality of the beer was poor.

In a bid to improve beer quality Carlsberg UK unveiled a new dispense system last year which they say saves licensees time and money. The “Carlsberg Quality Dispense System” beer to a consistent temperature as soon leave the cake keeping cool throughout its journey from keg to glass. The benefits they Carlsberg are improved product quality consistent dispense temperature reduced line cleaning wastage of labour costs and improved rate of sale and yield of keg. Carlsberg vice president of on trade Per Svendsen said: ‘the system is a significant innovation for most

For pubs with small cellars the cask widge system is ideal. Allowing licensees to dispense cask earlier and to maximise yields, these dispense systems are great for sites where traditional stillage is not an option.

But its not just about cleanliness in the cellar, it’s also important to prioritise careful stock management. Carrying too little or too much stock in the cellar and not rotating stock properly can result in products being ‘off sale’. You also run the risk of cashflow issues, with money being tied up in slow moving stock.

Q. What are the core principles of looking after cask ale?

- Lines must be cleaned regularly in line with current industry standards Carlsberg UK and the UK on trade, and it will help ensure our customers are able to serve the perfect pint every time through enhanced product quality at the point of sale, as well as reducing their own costs. We know it can improve overall customer satisfaction and consumer experience, and consumers are more likely to return to a pub where they know they will get a great quality pint every time” CLH News spoke with Greg Beresford-draft dis-

Q. What new technologies have arrived on the scene in recent years? What effect have they had?

Rule number one for any licensee is to aim to be able to sell all the beer they purchase. You can’t afford for any beer to be wasted through poor cellar discipline which could result in fobbing in the beer lines, cask ale ‘turning’ early and ultimately the customer receiving a ‘bad pint’.

Q. What steps can operators take to ensure their cellar is well-run? What are the most important things to remember?

So if your engine room isn’t running to capacity the chances are it’s losing you money!

-Cellar temperature must be consistent and between 11-13c. Any warmer will cause beer to fob and any lower will result in cask ales being sold too cold which dampens the complexity of the flavours.

- Couplers must be cleaned at every keg change. Couplers and nozzles are where bacteria can enter the lines and as such these must both be kept free from bacteria. - Stock rotation - Weekly deep cleans - Vent and Air cellars once a week -Make sure mould growth is prevented and dealt with, especially if you are stocking cask ale.

• Appropriate range. Don’t increase the range until you’re confident you can sell the cask in 3 days. Over ranging can result in leaving the cask on for longer than three days, increasing the opportunity for customers to be served a bad pint and increasing wastage. • Don’t sell the beer until secondary fermentation has been completed and don’t sell it after it’s ‘turned’. The beer must be served in great condition. Cask ale drinkers are some of the most discerning drinkers and serving them a bad pint will result in customer attrition. Licensee’s should use the CAT Test (Clarity, Aroma, Taste) to make sure the beer is in top condition. • Follow guidelines on storing, tapping and venting cask ales. Don’t cut corners! • Make sure equipment is sanitised, in good condition and stored correctly.


CLH News

Drinks Dispense

August 2018

Q. What can operators do to make their cellars safe for staff? •Goggles and gloves are a must. •Chemicals (line cleaning fluid) must be stored upright and correctly. •Licensee’s must ensure staff members are trained in COSHH, manual handling, H&S. •Appropriate lighting •Cellar Checks completed regularly •Gas bottles stored safely, either chained up or chocked. •Warning signs for low level ceilings, chemicals etc.

Q. How important is staff training to the successful running of a cellar? Its very important. Licensee’s must ensure staff members are trained in COSHH, manual handling as well as Health and Safety. Careful cellar management is key to profitability and staff must understand that stock is sacrosanct and must be looked after carefully. Make sure your team appreciate how cask is different from keg products and why it needs to be looked after differently. Its equally important that staff have the confidence not sell beer they don’t think is in excellent condition and to raise any concerns they have about the cellar to their manager / the lessee.

Cellar Storage & Stillaging Hijack Systems basing in North Yorkshire specialise in the manufacture of cellar storage equipment.We make it simple to use so that you pull the perfect pint every time. Our range includes cask racking, auto tilt mechanisms and easy to use hoists. Hijack’s Patty Underhill says “ auto-tilts are designed for all real & cask ales. An average of less than one pint per cask of ale is wasted using our system. We have specifically designed our auto-tilt system for use in Pubs, Bars and Club cellars. Our unique system can be used on floor standing casks or in racking systems. Our controlled rate of tilt is so smooth that the ale in your casks is undisturbed, this helps maintain high presentation standards when poured into a glass. All prices are subject to vat at standard rate.” Patty adds “We are frequently contacted to solve difficult cellar storage problems, such as low ceiling height or lack of floor space. Being a manufacturer we can modify our designs to meet specific needs because we believe that our customer comes first”

Waste reduction Q. What important advice would you offer operators about what to store in cellars and how to store it? •Dry Food must not be stored in the cellar under any circumstances. •Beer is classed as a food and as such the cellar is subject to the same standards as your kitchen. •Know when your stock came in. Adopt a ‘first in first out’ approach to make sure beers do not go out of date. •Ensure cellar checks are completed regularly and recorded. It’s vital to record cellar temperatures, mould growth and damp.

Line cleaning typically takes place once a week and is responsible for high levels of beer waste every month. LineClenze offer a solution! By installing a Lineclenze is device, customers have reported that line cleaning can be reduced to once every 28 days or less, providing a quick return on investment and additional income that goes straight to the bottom line. This clever piece of technology helps bar managers save money by reducing the frequency that they have to clean their beer lines. This means less beer poured down the drain and more to sell. Paul McManus director of McManus Managed Pub Company says: “The idea is simple and effective, saving a substantial amount of time

and revenue…way more than the initial investment. The LineClenze device works by reducing the frequency of cleans, not only do I save pouring good beer down the drain but my staff are freed up for other tasks by not having to clean every week. I am very impressed with what LineClenze has achieved and would recommend the device to anyone in the industry."

to increase profits - for the consumer, high-quality wines become available by the taste or the glass by virtue of preservation.

Beertech’s Jimmy Comerford is also a “keen advocate” Jimmy with Comerford is also a “keen forBeertech’s reducing waste, over 5,000 pubs signedadvoup to cate” for reducing waste, with explaines: over 5,000 pubs signed the Flowmaster system, Jimmy up to the Flowmaster system, Jimmy explaines:

---Why FlowMaster? Increase profit by selling wasted beer Why FlowMaster? Improve for your customers Increase beer profitquality by selling wasted beer Save timebeer by cleaning 3 week cycle Improve quality on for ayour customers “Maintain quality Save time abygood cleaning onproduct a 3 week cycle

These state-ofthe-art dispensers use patented technology and inert gas to displace the air in open bottles and preserve the wine for up to 21 days. Automated portion-controlled pours eliminate waste and maximise profits. The wines are presented with precise temperature control, and by virtue of preservation you’re afforded time to sell the product whilst ensuring the integrity of the wines presented. Used for ‘back bar’ service by staff, for sampling, or with wine card services for a self-service environment, the dispensers offer a dynamic tool for businesses to allow a ‘try-before-you-buy’ facility, or to upsell product, or, depending upon licensing, for customer selfservice providing a little theatre without the need for extra staff. The benefits are many; in each setting, business is optimised by the ability to offer a wider choice of wines and simultaneously fulfill the expectations of the savvy consumer, meeting the demands of the market and realizing higher margins and increased profits. With sampling and interactive tastings, there is the element of wine education for customers, and the perpetuation of the wine culture and increased customer knowledge

We now have almost 5,000 pubs benefitting as per “Maintain a good quality product our advert. Greene King alone having installed almost We now have almost 5,000 pubs benefitting as per 900 pubs in 2007/8 and continued installing in new our advert. Greene King alone having installed almost acquisitions since then and having recently acquired a 900 pubs in 2007/8 and continued installing in new major group have just invested in the installation of a acquisitions since then and having recently acquired a further 10,000 FlowMaster units in 900 pubs. major group have just invested in the installation of a They certainly would not have if they could further 10,000 FlowMaster unitsinvested in 900 pubs. not have achieved a financial gain from installing They certainly would not have invested if they could FlowMaster. not have achieved a financial gain from installing Understanding how food grade gases can All FlowMaster users now clean on at least a 3 week FlowMaster. deliver a great drink cycle and sell the beer that would have otherwise you useFood carbon All FlowMaster users now clean on at least aDo 3 week grade industrial gases can help you to deliver a been“wasted increasing their profits from day one.” cycle and sell the beer that would have otherwise superior dioxide or nitrogen? N2 been“wasted increasing their profits from day one.” product to N2 your cusN tomers, but Wine Preservation & Dispensing it’s important CO CO to understand Enomatic is the world leader in wine preservation N2 your responsiand dispensing technology. Whether you’re a hotel, bilities in utilrestaurant, bar or wine merchant you can reap the ising this benefits of the Enomatic wine dispense systems. important Business owners see waste elimination and the ability commodity. to provide fine wines by the taste or the glass continue 2



Keep the drinks flowing with our “fit and forget” gas system We know that busy outlets bring many different challenges for operators, which is why we’re here to help. Air Products Cryoease Service offeranintelligent gas supply option ensuring continual dispense gas supply and optimal customer service. By installing a Carbostore system at your site, you can focus on front of house and serving customers. The service includes bespoke design/installation, proactive and reactive maintenance, CO2 monitoring and managed order fulfilment matched to your outlet’s trading pattern. If improved safety, more time for customers, reduced carbon footprint and cost savings are important to you then contact us quoting ÏĒðʪʲ

To book your free assessment, or for more information: Tel: 0800 389 02 02 Email:

© Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., 2017 (41080)


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August 2018

CLH News

All of our customers refer to our Flowmaster system as “a no brainer” – WHY? FACT

They all line clean on at least a 3 week cycle and sell the beer normally wasted. “Nobody likes throwing good beer down the sink.”

We can literally hear your next question – QUALITY?

The function of the Flowmaster system categorically over a short time breaks down old stubborn deposits and with less biofilm when lines are cleaned improves the internal surface of the beer pipe and as a consequence you will begin to pour better quality beer and can if line cleaning is carried out properly reduce or eliminate fobbing. No doubt you have already worked out the savings in beerline cleaner, water and more important TIME


We do not say “great system says Mr D. G. of Derby” – our testimonials give phone number and contact and all have recently agreed with their original comments and all are installed over 5 years.


Continuing on our “no brainer theme” we certainly could not make it easier to obtain. Yes, the equipment can be purchased but barely 5% do so with almost everyone opting for rental. WHY? 1. All equipment is supplied free of charge 2. Installation is free of charge

3. THERE IS NO CONTRACT WHATSOEVER – YOU DO NOT START PAYING THE MONTHLY RENTAL UNTIL AFTER INSTALLATION (you can take it out at any time). 4. The equipment is covered parts, labour and replacement for the life of the rental

If purchased the unit cost is £95 ( one unit per beerline) £150 for installation and £25 for control box. RENTAL – up to 12 units (one unit pe beerline) £49.75 per month (rentals are allowable against tax) bringing cost down to around £40 per month – 12 units and above £59.75 per month.

Freephone: 0800 328 9533 or visit our website at for more information



CLH News

August 2018

Things to consider: Are you ordering food grade gases v. industrial grade gas? Industrial gases are used in a wide range of manufacturing processes, but when using gases for drinks dispensing, it’s important to use food grade to ensure safety to the public from microbial spoilage. Reputable suppliers will only sell cylinders which are labelled correctly with the product and a food traceability label to ensure that premises don’t fall breach of the food regulations standards. Poor quality gases from non-reputablesuppliers can also affect the taste of beers – one cylinder of bad dispense gas can ruin up to 10 kegs of beer and could put you at risk for prosecution for being in breach of health and safety regula tions. Poor or damaged cylinders can also pose safety threats by contamination or corrosion, which could cause the cylinder to explode or to leak. Only accept food grade gases from a reputable supplier. Health and Safety Executive and the British Compressed Gas Association. Regulators, pressure systems and safety relief valves need to be evaluated periodically and proper ventilation is a must when using gases.

Have you got the right gas mix to achieve your desired product results? The proper mix of food grade gases can enhance the flavour characteristics of your drinks, affect the aftertaste, fobbing and haze and have an impact on quality. Generally, there are three mixed gas types used in the UK market, depending upon the type of beer being dispensed. Your beer supplier will tell you which to use for your particular products. 30/70 – containing 30% CO2 and 70% N2 50/50 – containing 50% CO2 and 50% N2 60/40 – containing 60% CO2 and 40% N2 Health and Safety Executive and the British Compressed Gas Association. Regulators, pressure systems and safety relief valves need to be evaluated periodically and proper ventilation is a must when using gases.

Safety tips:

Drinks Dispense There are numerous regulations and safety bodies that are designed to help keep you and your team safe in utilising food grade gases, such as The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations Act of 200, ISO 9001, the

Presentation Counts

round or oval badge holders. The Artisan range of fonts is available with numerous tap configurations, heights and plated and painted finishes.” “Our range of stainless steel taps is available in freeflow or with flow control capabilities. All our taps are precision engineered using the highest quality materials and made in the UK at our purpose built production facility in London.”

Ensure all your gas equipment is correctly installed and regularly maintained. Know what gases you have and how to work with them safely. Understand the correct way to changeover a gas cylinder.

“The latest addition to the range is our Craft Beer tap specifically designed to meet the needs of the craft beer sector who demand something different to the main stream brands. A point of difference is key to standing out in the crowd. They are available as free flow or vari flow with 3/16 and 5/16” John Guest rear fitting and ½” BSP thread as standard. Additional threads, John Guest fittings and fixtures available upon request.”

Regulators, pressure systems and safety relief valves need to be evaluated periodically and proper ventilation is a must when using gases. Is there a safe and secure site for the storage of the gas cylinders or tank? Are your staff adequately trained in cellar safety, how to avoid injury from lifting heavy cylinders and the importance of ventilation and monitoring? For more advice – BCGA GN 30, The safe use of gases in the beverage dispense industry.

www.enom 01603 768046 -

Mode of supply can make a big difference Some cellar systems make it easy on the landlord by eliminating the need for heavy cylinders. There are tank installations available that use remote fill points so that gas can be delivered without the need for on-site staff to accept the delivery and the manual handling of cylinders; saving time in change-overs, cellar space and providing the peace of mind that a securely monitored system can deliver. The system monitors the gas levels so that you don’t run out, you never pay for gas that you’re not using and that deliveries can be handled seamlessly, through external fill points.

Air Products friendly team of technical experts can help We’ve been helping UK companies to capitalise on the value that gases can bring to the hospitality industry for over 60 years. We can discuss the benefits of different gas mixes, usage projections and the best modes of supply and can help you develop a system that delivers quality tasting products to your customers as well as helping you to meet the safety codes. Our fit and forget system is a tailor-made system to meet your specific cellar and safety needs with equipment to provide all your gas needs for drinks dispense and line cleaning.

W ith 50 yea rs experience in the brewing a nd dispensa ry business U n iversa l Dispense S ystem s (U DS ) have an u nrivalled re puta tion in the desig n an d m a nufa ctu re of a la rge range of fonts, ta ps and g lycol beer cooling system s which a re exported worldwide . Sales director Neil Tanner says “Our comprehensive range of stylish fonts will deliver stand out in your venue and will deliver a point of difference that is demanded by consumers in today`s crowded market place. From the clean lines of the Eco Tube Font to the rugged industrial Gas Pipe Font there is something to fit every theme and concept. If you require a bespoke font, we are able to create customer specific designs to meet your requirements. The range of fonts is available as either clamp on or through the bar, with LED illumination and are available in a full range of finishes and branding options.” “The Artisan range of fonts has been specifically designed to meet the ever growing need for brands to stand out from the crowd. Reflecting the heritage of both established and craft brands along with providing stylish fonts that are at home in today`s market place. The full range of fonts is available as clamp on or through the bar configuration, with front mounted round LED illumination or traditional non-illuminated

www.hijack system 01423 563879 www.a dm k www.line clenz 0800 170 1564 www.jeha Tel : 01332 253400 www.a k Tel: 0800389 0202 www.universaldispense system 0208 570 4455 www.beerte 0800 3289533


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August 2018

Refrigeration Solutions

Refrigeration-Keeping Cool When the Heat is On There’s no doubt that this recent hot spell will have seen refrigeration “earn its corn”, as the temperature rises, which it most certainly has this summer, the consequence is increased strain on refrigeration equipment. The importance refrigeration plays in the hospitality environment cannot be over-emphasised commercial refrigeration is the key to any catering operation. No business can operate without keeping food cool and safe for customers, and in commercial hospitality establishment whether you are a hotel pub or restaurant it is critical that food is stored, prepared and served at the correct temperature. It is also vitally important that the temperature of refrigerated as monitored and recorded on a regular basis. Aside from your legal requirements benefits of correct food storage and temperature monitoring include: •Minimising food spoilage and therefore wastage. The internal temperature of a commercial fridge rarely fluctuates more than a couple of degrees, which helps to stop the growth of harmful bacteria.

• Improved quality and prolonged stock life – the taste, appearance and nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and dairy products can be improved when stored at the correct temperature • Creates awareness and good food storage practice for employees. • Faster detection of refrigeration issues; there for problems can be rectified without disruption to daily operation. • Provide thorough records, that can be used as evidence that all equipment is running correctly in a case of a complaint or audit from an environmental health officer or food safety officer. So, given how crucial refrigeration is to your operation how much do you know? For busy hands-on operators whether you’re running a pub hotel or restaurant there sometimes “can often be not enough hours in the day”, and as a busy operator you may find yourself often wearing a multitude of

hats, from manager to administrator, waiter to bar person, cook to cleaner, and sometimes inadvertently procedures can “slip off the radar”.

Understanding Refrigeration Types of commercial refrigeration? There is an assortment of equipment that comes under the umbrella of Commercial Refrigeration

• Bottle coolers – displays bottled drinks and keeps them cool, ideal for use in pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. • Ice makers – used to provide ice cubes for drinks. • Cellar coolers – used by pubs and bars to cool beer and wine cellars. • Cold rooms and freezer rooms – a temperature controlled room that can be used to store a large amount of food. They are easily accessible so ideal for commercial kitchens. • Chilled and frozen storage cabinets – designed to withstand heavy use and high temperatures. • Display cabinets and cases – keeps stock cool and upright and whilst enticing customers to make a purchase. Ideal for shops and cafes. •Blast freezers – widely used in the food industry for rapid cooling of products such as ice cream, frozen meals, meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. With penalties for contravening food hygiene regulations severe it is important to get a clear understanding of refrigeration in a commercial setting. Paul Holland, Regional Business Manager at Foster Refrigerator “Refrigeration is a key element in the success of any commercial kitchen and needs to be chosen for the specific needs and space availability of that outlet. With our extensive knowledge the key areas we believe need to be considered when choosing new refrigeration equipment are reliability and performance, innovation, energy efficiency and service. For our customers, energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important aspect in their decision making. Across

the industry as a whole, the spotlight is being shone more and more on manufacturers’ energy saving credentials, and rightly so. Energy efficiency can be achieved in a number of ways across an outlet and caterers are increasingly expecting their products to contribute to several of these at one time. “In light of this, our EcoPro G2 range was designed as our most technologically advanced and energy efficient yet. Its thicker and more robust cabinet with advanced thermal efficiency and market leading capacity makes your money go further – what business wouldn’t want that?! The popular EP700H has set new standards in low carbon refrigeration, as well as using less energy than a traditional lightbulb, which offers customers a sustainable product that can also handle the pressures of a busy foodservice environment.” When it comes to ensuring that a commercial kitchen runs successfully, operators need to evaluate both the current and future demands of the equipment and no more is this so than for refrigeration, says Glenn Roberts, Global Head of Polar Refrigeration. “ Factors such as whether the fridge will be positioned front or back of house, the projected ambient temperature, space available and whether a walk-in or reachin design is required are all key considerations. For many operators optimising available space is key, therefore thought should be given as to whether an undercounter unit or prep table, which can provide additional work tops, is better use of space than say an upright cabinet.” “From a feature perspective; fan assisted cooling for

rapid temperature recovery, fully adjustable shelves for added flexibility, sturdy front brake castors to ensure easy manoeuvrability when cleaning, and secure lockable self-closing doors for reassurance out of hours, are all useful features to consider. Furthermore, operators should also take notice of the storage recommendations from their food suppliers.”

The trending fridge: front of house refrigeration and theatre style cooking requires refrigeration that is “that little bit different “. Gone is the standard square box suited to behind-thescenes, and here something you can make work for you in unexpected ways. Williams has enhanced its Chameleon service with the launch of a host of new graphics ideas. Chameleon allows customers to turn their refrigeration cabinet into a statement piece, by encasing it in a bespoke

design, using ultra-hardwearing and food-safe vinyl wrap.“A lot of customers really love the idea of Chameleon, but they’re not sure what they actually want, or how far to push it,” says Martin Laws, marketing manager of Williams. “By offering a library of ideas we’ve been able to help them make their front of house fridge a fashion item rather than a stainless steel box.”

Refrigeration Solutions “By offering a library of ideas we’ve been able to help them make their front of house fridge a fashion item rather than a stainless steel box.” As part of the Chameleon service, Williams will create graphics in-house. Alternatively, customers can provide their own designs. Ideas range from brick walls to great works of art, reimagined for the catering kitchen. In fact, there’s no limit to the colours, designs and patterns that Chameleon can create. “A fur fridge? A flower fridge? A fridge in jeans? We’re excited to see how far the market will push the boundaries,” says Laws.

Energy Saving Following the recent launch of the popular Snowflake GII series, Hoshizaki has now expanded the ‘best in class’ range with the introduction of the environmen-

Simon Frost, Director of Sales & Chain Accounts at Hoshizaki UK comments: “Energy saving and sustainable equipment is the key to generating a greener, environmentally friendly future for the foodservice industry. As the global leader in commercial refrigeration and ice making equipment Hoshizaki is widely recognised as being a high quality manufacturer across Europe. The introduction of the new Snowflake GII units complete with HC R290 refrigerant is a major step towards greater sustainability and allows us to meet wider operator demands across the UK and Europe, with this new best in class offering. Each unit in the range is meticulously designed to achieve the very best energy saving potential while still being simple to operate, durable to withstand constant use and ergonomic in order to fit into an existing kitchen setup.”

Maintenance Equipment should be well-maintained all year round as there are fluctuations in kitchen temperature all year round, not just in summer months,” says Wayne Meadows, service manager at Birmingham-based Phoenix Commercial Catering Equipment. “But major issues seem to happen around this time of year as refrigeration is often left unmaintained through the winter months; this is when components like compressors and door seals tend to have issues, naturally hindering the overall performance of refrigeration systems.” tally friendly, cheaper to run, Hydrocarbon (HC) units across the portfolio. The Snowflake GII series features a comprehensive range of refrigeration units in a host of sizes and formats to meet bespoke business requirements. Having undergone a significant ‘green’ update, the appliances in the range use the naturally occurring R290 refrigerant, to achieve significantly better performance and lower running costs than the existing Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) models, which, as part of the ‘Hoshizaki Eco Plan’ will be phased out. Designed to work efficiently in even the most demanding kitchen environment, the Snowflake GII HC models are fitted with Hoshizaki’s innovative ‘Tropical Cooling System’ giving them a top Climate Class 5 rating. This rating means the units are intended to operate in ambient temperatures of up to +40°c and relative humidity of 40%

“Every specialist services provider will tell you that a good planned preventative maintenance regime will massively reduce the prospect of that horror scenario when the meat fridge goes down on a balmy Sunday afternoon and the punters are hungry.”

What to look for-the Do’s and Don’ts With a commercial specification fridge in a busy working kitchen, the door is going to be opened very regularly and probably be exposed to a far hotter kitchen. The compressor needs to be powerful enough to rapidly pull down the internal fridge temperature to replace heat loss. Most commercial fridges also incorporate fans which evenly spread the cool air through the cabinet, a feature domestic fridges do not have.

August 2018

CLH News



CLH News

August 2018

Commercial fridges are better insulated, designed for easy cleaning and some are able to electronically record temperatures which can be used as proof of due diligence in food safety procedures should a food poising claim be made. As well as freestanding fridges it is also possible to get walk-in fridges which can be built to fit a specific kitchen area. Cooling hot foods in a fridge already containing chilled food is also very dangerous as it will raise the temperature of all the food in the fridge and pose a food safety risk. Any kitchen which wants to have pre-cooked, chilled food as a major part of the provision must have blast refrigeration.

How to choose the right fridge or freezer Talk to a manufacturer or distributor who will look at the type of operation you are running, the mix of fresh, chilled and frozen food you serve, the volume of meals you are preparing. This will identify the capacity of unit you need and the power of it. It is the same with ice cube needs – let someone else do the specification sums. The advice will be free. Look After It! The outward construction of a piece of refrigeration equipment appear simple, but while operation seem trouble free, miss-use can lead to under-performance and add unnecessary cost to maintenance bills as much as any other equipment in the kitchen. Overloading shelves and above marked levels in a refrigeration cabinet will affect performance with the potential to interrupt the cold airflow. Commercial fridges should always be fitted with circulatory fans, but if food is pushed up against the fan, the cold air is not going to circulate properly. This is not just a food safety issue, but can cause the fridge fan to run faster than it needs to leading to the possibility or replacement earlier than should be. The location of any refrigeration equipment is important. Fridges designed for use in temperate climates such as the UK and most of Europe work on a maximum ambient temperature of 28 deg C. That means that while the atmosphere in the kitchen will always fluctuate according to the cooking going on and the outside temperature, the thermometer does not rise above 28 deg C. Some units are designed to operate in

Refrigeration Solutions ambient temperatures of up to 43 deg C, check the specifications for each model. If it does, then the compressor in the fridge, which is the motor that pumps the cooling fluid around the cooling bars, will be overworked. This could lead to premature burn out of the compressor and have a food safety risk. Where ever practical, refrigeration units should be sited away from direct cooking heat. It is good working practice to regularly check the temperature of the fridge using a digital thermometer. A service engineer will do this as routine, but if the fridge is beginning to lose power, then the engineer will need to be called out quickly to prevent food from the risk of contamination. Many commercial fridges have digital temperature displays, but it is still useful to perform this occasional check. As part of the regular thorough cleaning of the kitchen, include using an appropriate attachment to a vacuum cleaner to clean the area around the compressor if it is accessible. This will prevent excess dust and fluff from getting inside the compressor and being a damage risk. Because of the constant opening and closing of fridge doors, door seals will wear out. A damaged door seal will force the compressor to work harder than its needs to, which apart from anything else will increase energy use. The service engineer will check them on a routine inspection, but it should be part of a fridge clean-down to inspect the seals for any sign of damage. It will also prolong the life of door seals if staff are encouraged to close doors and not slam them shut.

Don’t Forget the Wine Fridge Wine Fridges come in various shapes and sizes, say Callum Dooley of Elite Fridges and are suitable for undercounter, fully integrated use or tall units which

In brief Do Check and clean door seals weekly Clean up spillages immediately Visually check compressor fins and vents monthly Defrost freezers to manufacturers’ instructions Check working temperature monthly Don’t Overload the fridge Allow fans to be obstructed are able to be built into cabinetry. Depending on the size of the unit, will determine how many bottles you can store. A standard 60cm wide undercounter unit, will have a capacity of approximately 50 bottles where as a full height unit will have a capacity of 200 or more bottles. Callum said: “Wine fridges can be divided into two categories, service and aging cabinets. If your fridge is purely for the aging of wines, the unit needs to mimic a wine cellar and work optimally around 12°C to ensure the aging process isn’t rushed as this can sour the wines. Service wine fridges are designed to bring wines to their optimal serving temperature for the consumer, this means most service wine fridges will have an operating temperature of 5-20°C to cater for the full range of wines available. “ “There is also the option of a multipurpose unit, which will have two or three independently controlled temperature zones which can be used to age wines whilst simultaneously bringing other wines to their serving temperature. Some of the most reliable units available with two or three temperature zones are from brands like Dunavox, Liebherr and Miele.” What type of bottles do you want to store: Most wine fridges will be designed around a standard 750mL Bordeaux bottle, this means that if you are wanting to store champagne or burgundy bottles, shelves will more than likely need to be removed in order to accommodate the wider bottles. This will reduce the overall capacity of the wine fridge and is something to consider before purchasing.

Leave the door open Put hot food in Slam doors Tel 01322 616 900. 01553 817002 0843 216 8800 0121 684 5078 01539 234 350 Tel: 0333 577 6466 0845 260 2015

Products and Services

Lynn Mackie Professional Uniforms Coffee Shop Quality at the Touch of a Button! The London based high end bespoke uniform brand Lynn Mackie is continuously creating eye-catching, trend led and on point functional garments to the ever growing innovative and exciting hospitality projects in and around London, UK and abroad. This year has also seen a growing rise of working with grand country homes such as Beaverbrook Estate, Four Seasons Hampshire and the yet to launch Grantley Hall. Exciting new collaborations also include the no frills Michelin star chef Tom Kerridge’s event company LUSH and his new opening at the Corinthia Hotel Further collaborations include one of the capital’s top casinos, Coutts bank, ski chalets in the Dolomites as well as continuing sup-

plying to the ever-expanding Ivy Collection openings around the UK, The Norman Hotel Tel Aviv and new sites from D&D Group and Rhubarb Food Design. Each project is treated as unique to their requirements considering cost and practicality as one priority but also to achieve a look that both client and staff are proud of. Adding a point of difference to a more formal uniform such as creating bespoke pieces along side stock items so this enables ease of restock and ordering process – most stock items are delivered within a week and bespoke within 4 weeks. Lynn Mackie still keeps it current being influenced by the latest trends sweeping through the fashion calendar yet also retaining practicality and function.

UK POS - The UK's No.1 POS Display Specialists With the nice season and the clock change fast approaching, businesses can expect to see an influx in evening customers. Ensure your POS reflects the seasonal change to avoid missing key sales. As the much anticipated lighter evenings and warmer climate arrive, consumer habits start to change. More people will now venture out in the evening to pubs and restaurants, and people start to think about their outside space. It is crucial that your business responds to these changes to receive maximum benefits. Give both your indoor and outdoor POS displays a

refresh. Menu holders, snap frames and chalkboards are essentials for any hospitality business, so make sure yours are looking their best. Pavement signs will help give people that extra push to go out for that Thursday drink, whilst a new café barrier system will encourage some early al fresco dining. At WWW.UKPOS.COM you can find everything you need to maximise your sales all year round. Order by 5pm for next day delivery. Visit, email or call 03332 207 322 today! See the advert on page 9 for details.

DELIVERING A fresh, consistent and great tasting hot drink is becoming more important as the public become increasingly educated by high street coffee chains. An ever increasing range of hot drink menus, including espresso, flat white and latte macchiato is forcing manufacturers to innovate in order to bring the high street into the office. Eden Kafevend has quickly adapted to ensure the maturing tastes of its customers are catered for, developing a coffee machine range that reflects the demanding needs of today’s caterer.

Candi Gifts These fabulous, sturdy, top quality Gift Hamper Trays and Gable Boxes are the latest addition to our ranges. We’ve long had requests for plain white, and here they are! Great for teaming up with our complete accessory kits in red, gold, green, cream, pink and blue and available in 3 sizes to give you maximum versatility. For a sophisticated Christmas sparkle we’ve introduced the Black and Gold Swirl design, incorporating gold, red and

The diverse Melitta coffee machine is perfect for any catering environment. Simple and quick to operate with industry leading technology and reliability it delivers great tasting drinks that are consistent and professionally crafted. Large capacity bean hoppers provide an output of between 80 – 100 cups an hour and its large graphic display is perfect for self-service operation. For further information contact 08083016483 or visit orange. Prices start at just £1.46 each. Gable boxes measure 17 x 14 x 10cm high and are available already in a selection of Christmas, Valentines and Baby designs - and now you have the options of Glossy Black, White and Red which are in stock and ready to ship. Packed in 10’s and priced from £6.18 per pack. All designs are in our latest brochure. If you’d like a copy, just get in touch! Website – Email – Call – 01502 501681 See advert page 2

Professional Chef’s Diploma at the Vegetarian Society Cookery School The Vegetarian Society Cookery School has trained hundreds of professional chefs and caterers. Our graduates go on to improve and develop their vegetarian and vegan menu offering in their businesses, ensuring they keep a competitive edge. Based in Greater Manchester, the school attracts people from all over the world. The five-day intensive Professional Chefs’ Diploma includes workshops, information about nutrition, discovering new flavours, menu planning and practical cooking sessions. The course introduces vegetarian and vegan ingredients you’ll be able to use every day. You’ll

learn how to maximise flavours and adapt your menus to keep them on trend The intensive five-day training now includes incredible vegan desserts suitable for the most impressive of menus, giving you lots of dairy-free and egg-free options. Sam Platt, Cookery School Manager, said: “The day will include plated desserts, afternoon tea and buffets, to really tempt in those vegan and veggie customers. Learn skills to give you a unique selling point and get ahead of your competitors with amazing freefrom desserts.” For further details see advert page 15

Products and Services The new big taste on everyone’s lips from PROPER by SCT Hoburne, Shorefields & Hall and Woodhouse and numerous pubs & shops up and down the country can’t be wrong!

We can bespoke a flavour box just for you. 100g foil bags (coming soon) 3L jars FOC with either a

9 amazing flavours of pork crackling: Classic Salted, Salt & Pepper, Salt & Vinegar, Sage & Onion, Garlic, BBQ, Chorizo, Sweet Chilli, Extreme Chilli Benefits include:

2.5kg buckets or a 5kg buckets that keeps our products as fresh as the day it was made

-A natural up sale as we have a flavour for everyone in the party

or we can supply a 1.5kg slab of Scottish tablet that you can cut into size to add something special to a cup of coffee

.-An increase in beer sales

-What more could you ask for and A ll a llerg en free over 15,000units sold this year we are obviously doing it right Buy direct from or use one of our distributors Whichever you chose its time to get on board as enjoy what others are

handmade “Fabulous fudge” 20 flavours 190g pots 54 units per mixed box

for the next month We are offering free next day delivery Those with seasonal businesses we offer an end of season bonus, ask and be surprised Call us today to find out what all the buzz is about and how we can guarantee you something special 01202875380 or email

And receive a FREE stand that keeps everything neat & tidy

See advert page 6

Multiple options


100g pots 3 of each flavour

Ask for Robert, Louis, Jordan or Rorke. See page 6

50g pots 6 of each flavour

EHL Ingredients Launches New Foodservice Division – Lähde EHL Ingredients has announced the launch of its new UK foodservice division, Lähde, and unveiled the eyecatching new brand identity for the range, as well as a new company website. Featured on the new website, Lähde is a new range of premium, organic and conventional ingredients and blends for foodservice providers, chefs and caterers. EHL's range of products is available in various pack sizes and weights in Lädhe branded and own label resealable tubs, pillow packs, and jars for the foodservice sector. As well as individual herbs and spices, Lähde will feature EHL’s full range of blends and seasonings and the team can develop bespoke blends on request. Vegan, vegetarian, organic, and gluten-free ingredients and blends are also available.

"We wanted to make our products as versatile as possible for chefs to incorporate quality, fully traceable ingredients into their international dishes and recipes. This is increasingly important to the end consumer and can support sales growth for the foodservice businesses working with us. "With growing demand for authentic global foods, world flavours and tasty dishes on menus, chefs would be wise to invest in a core range of quality herbs and spices, as well as our ingredient blends and seasonings. Lähde gives chefs the option to do just that and we're looking forward to working with foodservice providers in the sector."From now until the end of the year, EHL plans to take the Lähde division to approximately 20 percent of the overall business turnover. EHL's products are available to foodservice providers, wholesalers and cash and carries, caterers and chefs.

Tasneem Backhouse, joint managing director at EHL Ingredients, says: "We've been working closely with the foodservice sector to offer our food ingredients and blends so it made sense for us to develop a dedicated, recognisable brand.

Contact the Lähde team at EHL Ingredients to discuss your requirements, or visit the new website at:

The Soho Juice Co shakes up the drinks market with new still mixers Step aside sparkling mixers, The Soho Juice Co is here to bring a range of premium new still drinks to the hospitality sector. The Soho Juice Co is launching this month with two original new still mixers for the on-trade, designed to provide innovative, high quality, quick serve mixers to be paired with spirits and included in cocktails. The drinks are available in two flavours, Cucumber, Mint, Lemon & Lime – for a fresh, light citrus blend – and Blood Orange, Raspberry & Ginger – for a zingy lift and a subtle ginger kick. Perfect for adding to spirits for a refreshingly tasty mixer combination, the drinks also work well as an addition to cocktails based on vodka, gin, tequila, and rum or within Prosecco and spritz-style long drinks. The 200ml bottles come in brightly coloured, eye-catching designs and are perfect for presenting to customers in clubs, bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants, and at festivals, stalls, and pop-up events. The bottles make for a striking photo for the Instagram generation

Christmas Tree World

For over 30 years uk has been supplying artificial Christmas trees to venues big and small throughout the UK. In recent years they have also exported trees to embassies such as the British Embassy Rangoon, and theatres such as St Gallen Opera Company Switzerland. You will see their trees at the Royal Festival Hall, the Millennium Stadium, the Atheneum Club, Blenheim Palace and many more prestigious buildings, but as a Lancashire based company they are dedicated to offering top quality products at down to earth prices.

too. With only 36 calories in the Cucumber blend and 40 calories in the Blood Orange, customers can enjoy a low sugar, low calorie drink in fashionable flavours. The mixers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are also gluten-free. At 4.2 grams per 100, the drinks are below the sugar tax threshold and do not contain artificial colours or flavours. In addition, the drinks can be enjoyed on their own or as a virgin cocktail, perfect for those who don’t drink alcohol yet want an exciting alcohol-free drink and an alternative to standard fizzy drinks. The Soho Juice Co bottles come in packs of 24 x 200ml bottles and are available to pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, pop-ups and mobile bars. They are also ideal for food and drink or music festivals, pop-ups, markets and street food stalls. The range is stocked by LWC, Matthew Clark, HB Clark, with more suppliers being added all the time. Find out more and place your order by visiting Why artificial? Modern trees are so realistic it's hard to tell the difference, uk trees are fire retardant and robust, they don’t make a mess or introduce insect infestations and are guaranteed for 10 years, so the saving on buying a real tree every year is enormous. Even better if you choose a pre-lit tree, which are all LED, there is no need to mess with lights ever again. To create the perfect and magical Christmas ambience this year buy a tree from the experts, just click on See advert page 8

August 2018

The Maeden Group In an ever-changing industry, new ideas are ten a penny. Many of which come and go before taking hold. This next one however feels different, because it boldly is. The rum sector is an emerging market with both golden and spiced styles, known to be making good progress in recent months. Sun Rum has decided to ride this wave with an unexpected and untested new, modern styled brand aimed at a younger customer. So far, the data looks like it’s decision to disrupt

Props4Shows What a lovely Summer we are having. Why not make it last by having tropical themed events. Or perhaps nautical, paradisical or English country garden is more your style. Whatever you choose, here at Props4shows we have a huge array of props and décor items to help you achieve your desired theme. Currently trending are tropical notes including flamingos, flowers, pineapples and palms. Combine these with some bright and colourful parrots and hibiscus bunting, to create a stunning exotic feel. If you're looking for something a little more subtle, we have

CLH News


the market at this time will pay dividends. Launched just this July, the brand can be found mainly in on-trade, late night venues where it’s strategy to partner with DJs and club promoters seems to act as a vehicle to showcase it’s vibrant image to new customers. Taste wise, it comes across smooth, slightly sweet and full of aroma however without the expected burn, many rums adopt. Sun Rum have decided to blend rums aged up to 5 years from Cuba, Barbados and The Dominican Republic. To take a further look at them, visit and search them on the usual social media channels. A bright future is predicted, will others follow this trend? plenty of lush artificial greenery plants, to combine with soft-coloured flowers and birds. Our stock quantities are live on our website, but we can often get more stock and different items at short notice, so if you can't find what you're looking for, just give us a call or drop us an e-mail. As always, we have a vast range of fake foods for you to decorate your open kitchen and eating areas, with this year seeing the arrival of our fake kebabs, oysters and scallops. We now have over 500 artificial food products in stock. You can request a copy of our Summer and Artificial Food Brochures on our website. Contact us on Tel: 03333 440078, E-mail: or visit See the advert on page 9 for details.

Dutch Microgreen Expert Koppert Cress launch English Mix British chefs will be delighted with the launch of their very own English mix of microgreens available NOW from all UK fresh produce wholesalers! The Koppert Cress English Mix is truly the best of British, offering professional chefs a half box of Living Microgreens of eight mixed punnets of 8 punnets of Affilla Cress (pea shoots), Ghoa Cress (coriander), Vene Cress (red veined sorrel) and Scarlet Cress (Red Amaranth). The above species of cress are the most popular species ordered by British chefs, so KoppertCress have decided to make Chefs’ lives even easier by creating a bespoke selection tailored to their palate.

New Sustainability Report From Bakkafrost Bakkafrost has underlined the growing importance to the UK market of its expanding salmon farming operation, the largest in the Faroe Islands, with the publication of a two year plan which addresses important sustainability issues. Against a background of very high (96%) customer satisfaction, the employment of more than 1,100 people on the islands and the successful roll out of cleaner fish its salmon farms, Bakkafrost has opened one of the most modern processing plants in the world. The company has now announced plans for a new biogas

Brindisa Group Toasts Valentine Fryer "I can't speak highly enough about the Valentine tabletop fryer we recently used during a crisis when our built-in fryers from another supplier went down," says Kelly Richardson, director of operations at Brindisa Kitchens. Talking about Brindisa's London Bridge restaurant at Borough Market Kelly went on to say why the Valentine fryer proved its metal, "Our London Bridge venue produces 800 - 1000 covers each day from 10am to midnight and with an authentic Tapas menu based on the finest ingredients the fryer is a crucial piece of the kitchen operation. "When our built-in fryer started to fail we needed a replacement fast and went to our kitchen equipment partner CCE Group who recommended the Valentine table-top model. I've known about the Valentine brand for some time and knew they provided quality and reliability. "We found that the Valentine's key benefits of rapid heat recovery combined with a large capacity allowed us to keep our full menu offer and not compromise on the

KoppertCress pride themselves on really knowing their customers and go above and beyond in conducting continuous market research among top chefs, constantly seeking feedback on all species of cress and micro greens. Koppert Cress decided to launch the English Mix after consultation with kitchens throughout the regions of the UK. It is this close relationship with the end user that enables Koppert Cress to remain engaged with their customers, adapting to the latest kitchen trends and menu innovation. The Koppert Cress English mix is now readily available from all UK fresh produce wholesalers. See advert page 7 plant, using waste products from fish and dairy farming, to produce energy and fertiliser, thus further enabling the implementation of a sustainable feed policy. Bakkafrost produced almost 700,000 salmon meals, fillets and portions a day for the UK and other global markets in 2017 an is currently growing its market share worldwide. “Operating in a small country like the Faroe Islands restricts growth so it is important for us to be as efficient and sustainable as possible and to continually innovate,” said Torkil Davidsen, head of UK operations. He added that through 2018 the company would be looking for additional customers for its unique breed of salmon, which are high in Omega-3, whilst starting production of exciting new salmon fresh fillets and portions. The full report is available on the internet at: Tele: 01472 265000 E-mail:

finished food quality in any way." Brindisa is a thriving group of Spanish restaurants based on Tapas including special dishes like Sonos Fritos that are deep fried sand eels and Monte Enebro made from goat's cheese supplied by world champion cheese maker Raphael Bàez. The group is expanding and now has sites at London Bridge, Rupert Street, Shoreditch, South Kensington, Soho and the latest to open at the Battersea Power Station development. Brindisa was founded over 30 years ago as a wholesale business by Monika Linton who realised the quality and diversity of Spanish food could and should be appreciated by people in London. It was one of the first food businesses to set up in the renowned Borough Market and now has a dedicated warehouse and distribution centre in Balham. Kelly, who's background is as a chef working at the Dorchester, running his own restaurants in the City and latterly heading food operations for Fenwick, has been so impressed by the performance of the Valentine tabletop fryer that he has specified them with CCE Group for the new Battersea restaurant and for planned refurbishments including the Shoreditch venue.


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August 2018

Three Pubs Ordered To Pay A Record £327,405 For Illegal Sky Use Following a successful prosecution by FACT, the licensees and company directors responsible for the running of the Prince of Wales in Stafford, the Beaufort Arms in Birmingham and the Pheasant Inn in Wolverhampton have been convicted of 64 offences and ordered to pay a combined total of £327,405 in fines and costs for showing Sky Sports illegally in their premises. In a combined case brought before Birmingham Magistrates Court on 21st March 2018, Mr Jonathan Hunt was convicted of 19 offences, Mr. Robert Stevens was convicted of 19 offences, Mr Mark Jones was convicted of 19 offences in his absence and Ms. Carol Keenan pleaded guilty to 7 offences of a television transmission (a Sky televised football match) at the above licensed premises with the intent to avoid payment of the applicable charge. This is contrary to Section 297(1) of the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988. In addition to receiving criminal convictions, at a sentencing hearing on the 18th July 2018, the defendants were ordered to pay a total of £327,405 in fines and costs and Mr. Jonathan Hunt’s Personal Alcohol Licence was revoked. Stephen Gerrard, Prosecuting Manager, FACT, said “The licensees and company involved in this case have consistently refused to engage with us and ignored numerous warnings and offers of advice sent to them.

This clearly demonstrates their conscious decision to offend, over a significant period of time. We were left with no option but to prosecute these individuals and we will continue to prosecute publicans who are fraudulently showing Sky programmes in their premises.“George Lawson, Head of Commercial Piracy at Sky, added “We take illegal use of our programming very seriously and we remain committed to protecting our legitimate Sky customers who are unfairly losing business due to this illegal activity.” “Those licensees who choose to televise content illegally should be aware that they are at high risk of being caught and face substantial penalties and a criminal conviction. The only legal way to Sky Sports programming in licensed premises in the UK is via a Commercial viewing agreement from Sky.” These convictions were carried out by FACT on behalf of its members and forms a key part of Sky’s commitment to protecting pubs to invest in legitimate Sky Sports subscriptions. Sky is committed to visiting every licensed premises reported by other publicans and/or organisations for illegally showing Sky and will visit hundreds of pubs each week in towns and cities across the UK this season. This case follows the recent ruling of the Imprisonment of John Haggerty who was recently jailed for 5 years and 3 months after being convicted of selling illicit streaming devices to pubs and residential customers.”

Migration Should Not Be Political Football, Says UKHospitality UKHospitality has welcomed the publication of the Home Affairs Committee’s report on future migration and has reiterated its call for decisive Government action on a future immigration policy. The trade association has also emphasised that the UK’s future immigration policy should operate in the interests of the UK economy, rather than as a politically-driven target. UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The report has rightly identified the need for an open debate on immigration and the need to take into account a range of views, not least of all UK businesses. “The country’s future immigration policy should not be determined by a narrow ideological viewpoint, it should support

the needs of the country and benefit the UK economy. We are hopeful that the Migration Advisory Committee’s report will highlight role migrant workers play and their importance, particularly to hospitality. “Businesses will not have long to adjust to the new policy, whatever form it takes, so the Government must act quickly to ensure employers are not left behind. The Government also needs to ensure that the management of immigration goes beyond just the numbers so that it is managed in a way that benefits communities. “UKHospitality has made the case for the sector and will continue to do so as we approach the Brexit date and beyond.

8 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A High-End Staff Uniform People often say that what you wear says a lot about who you are. So by that assumption, what uniform you choose for your staff to wear says a lot about who you are as a brand and an employer. 1-Living the Brand: uniforms are a reflection of your brand identity Your staff are your brand ambassadors. If they love your brand, if they feel good about your brand, that will rub off onto your customers. 2-First impressions: “I like the cut of his suit”. Research has shown people take just 3 seconds to make a judgment about people. A bespoke suit will be viewed as more confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner. 3-Attract the best employees: don’t underestimate the power of good uniform design. If employees feel that their uniform better represents who they are and how they view themselves, they will probably be more inclined to work for you. 4-Professionalism and authority: look the part, feel the part. The clothes we wear have a psychologi-

cal effect on our emotions, behaviour, attitudes, how we see ourselves, and our interactions with others. 5-Ethical workwear: companies are investing in more sustainable uniforms More and more companies are taking sustainability into consideration when sourcing their uniforms. 6-Staff pride and morale: uniform quality shows pride in your brand An employee who cares about how they look is more likely to do a good job and represent your brand well. 7-Engenders team spirit: birds of a feather stick together. Uniforms are a great way to bind people together. They provide a sense of belonging, an unspoken bond and a feel-good factor. 8-The budget: quality equation: good, wellmade clothes last longer Quality does not necessarily need to be compromised because of budget. Going bespoke means there are plenty more options available to you than just high quality and unaffordable, or cheap and cheerful. See Advert Page 11

Comesto’s Unique Service Free To F&B Buyers To Launch On August 20 Take the pain out of finding and building relationships with independent suppliers.

able time, and the kind of supplier you’re looking for is rarely found in traditional wholesale catalogues.

Want to refresh your menu/bar offer, but can’t spare the time to search for interesting new products? Let Comesto do the legwork!

What if you could scan the marketplace for new independent suppliers - local, across the UK and beyond - in seconds; message for more information, ask for samples, book a callback or place an order within minutes?

You pride yourself on the fresh, seasonal produce used in your menu, your artisan cheeses and your range of craft drinks - all sourced from independent producers. You take care to develop relationships with your suppliers to make sure you get the best in terms of prices, quality and brand activation. You keep an eye on new trends and products - but this all takes valu-

With Comesto you can do all this - and more. Find out more Tel: 0800 0869722 E-mail: Web- See advert page 7.

Leisure Spending Boosted By More Confident Consumers Spending on leisure activities in Q2 2018 increased on both a year-on-year and quarterly basis, according to the latest findings from Deloitte’s Leisure Consumer Q2 2018 report. Driven by record levels of consumer confidence, the quarterly survey of 3,166 UK adults revealed a three percentage point growth in leisure spending compared to the same period in 2017, and a two percentage point rise from the previous quarter. Consumers reported increasing their leisure spending in nine out of 11 categories compared to the same period in 2017, with spending on eating out rising by five percentage points in the last year. Short break holidays was the only category that saw a fall in spending year-on-year (down two percentage points), while spending on live sport attendances remained flat from Q2 2017. Habitual leisure activities have also seen a rise in spending, with drinking in pubs/bars seeing a year-onyear increase of four percentage points. Similarly, spending in coffee shops/sandwich shops has seen a three percentage point gain compared to Q2 2017. On a quarterly basis, spending on culture and entertainment saw the largest increase, rising by five percentage points as consumers capitalised on the sunny weather in Q2. The quarterly jump in spending was also partly in reaction to the prolonged cold winter weather in spring, as well as being boosted by the feelgood factor from major events, such as the royal wedding. Simon Oaten, partner for hospitality and leisure at Deloitte, comments: “Leisure spending is an important bellwether for the health of the UK economy. If consumers are spending on discretionary leisure items, whether that be cappuccinos or holidays, then that is a clear sign confidence in personal disposable income. It has been a challenging first half of the year for the sector, with a number of businesses, particularly in the casual dining sector, having to make bold strategic decisions.

Nevertheless, the fact that leisure consumers are in good spirits is welcome news “Crucially, more habitual categories such as eating out and drinking in pubs and bars have seen a spending boost, a further sign of easing income pressure and improving consumer confidence.” Leisure consumer walking on summer sunshine The research showed that over the next three months, UK consumers said they expect to increase their spending in ten out of 11 categories compared to the previous year. Spending on going to the gym and playing sport is expected to increase by three percentage points year-on-year, aided by the summer weather. Spending on betting and gaming is also set to grow over the next three months, rising three percentage points compared to the same period last year. This increase is likely to have been driven by consumers’ anticipation ahead of the football World Cup, which may also be the cause for the one percentage point rise in spending on in-home leisure, as football fans choose to support the national side through a combination of in- and out-of-home socialising. Oaten adds: “The positive leisure consumer outlook is in contrast with news about the struggling high street and political uncertainty. However, leisure businesses should feel optimistic about the growing confidence and the spending intensions of the leisure consumers, and will need to ensure they make the most of this feel-good factor. “Significantly, our research has revealed that consumers are looking to spend across a broad range of leisure categories. This means that businesses from across the leisure sector should be able to benefit from the current mood, whether you’re a holiday operator, café, hotel, theatre or sports venue. In order to capitalise on this more confident market, leisure businesses need to ensure they continue to meet the needs for experienceseeking consumers.”

Christmas Adds To The Bottom Line

Stephen Evans, managing director at Christmas Tree World

Recent research we conducted at Christmas Tree World highlights some intriguing correlations between consumer spend and how festive a venue is. In fact, 59% of those surveyed stated they would spend more money if the venue they were in had impressive Christmas decorations and displays £21 more on average per head to be exact. The research also emphasised how 66% would also spend more time at a venue if it had notable festive displays. It is also insightful to understand

Is It Worth Rewarding Loyalty? Whether a loyalty scheme is worth it depends on the scheme and the way in which you introduce it to your business. Loyalty stamp cards can give you the significant marketing boost that you require and help you turn your fortunes around. Loyalty stamp cards have been hugely successful in gaining return trade in the coffee business and works extremely well in hotels, bars and restaurants. By far the most popular method of loyalty card is the traditional stamp card. Its the most popular with customers mainly because of the simplicity and ease of use such as collect 6 stamps get one coffee free. Plus if you compare the financial outlay; stamp cards come out on top as the best value for money, where as plastic cards can be expensive and difficult to introduce when you consider some customers will just throw your card away once outside your business.

Seafood Week

Seafish invites you to participate in the 4th annual Seafood Week from 5-12 October.

Founded by Seafish – the public body supporting the £10bn UK seafood industry, the campaign is dedicated to celebrating the versatility of fish and shellfish together with the nation’s consumers and media. Not only does Seafood Week showcase the

how consumers choose which hotels, bars, restaurants and pubs they go to at Christmas time. A Christmas food menu is rated as the most important factor with 51%, followed by 28% who said it was a Christmas drinks menu. Having Christmas cheer in a venue not only presents an opportunity for the business, but also helps increase the Christmas cheer for everyone. The research agrees with this, as 15% of participants claim they would not visit venue unless it was appropriately decorated for Christmas. See Advert Page 8 is one of the country’s leading printers specialising in online design and printing of loyalty stamp cards made from quality thick quality card especially designed for use with ink stamps. One of the many benefits to having loyalty stamp cards is you can actively hit the streets and promote your business. Distributing cards acts as great brand awareness, doubling up like a traditional flyer, plus with a promotional offer or discount they are much more likely to be kept by potential customers. Being the same size as a regular credit/ debit card they fit neatly into customers purses and wallets so much more likely to be kept by your customer. has a range of loyalty card templates perfect for food or drinks promotions, or you can send them your own artwork to print. What more CLH readers get 10% discount when using the promotional code CLH online at, or call 01373 800 300 for more information. See advert page 4 wide selection of seafood on offer throughout the UK, but it also aims to encourage consumers to eat more fish and shellfish, more often – with the wider goal to boost seafood sales. Seafish welcomes you to jump on board and share your own bespoke promotional activity, news/content, and undertake activity using our Seafish branded assets. To help maximise your engagement, exposure and customer base, Seafish has produced a range of campaign support materials to use at your convenience including social media tips, competition ideas and event inspiration. Download your Seafood Toolkit here: See advert page 5

Hospitality Technology The Corporate Manslaughter Act and How to Avoid Deaths With Help From Technology Avoiding fatalities with the help of technology in any organisation. Some while ago in 2007 the corporate manslaughter and corporate homicide act was introduced in to law – it became law on the 6th April 2008. The scope of this act is throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland but is a little different as it becomes 'corporate homicide' in Scotland. Strangely this legislation, the corporate manslaughter act is also applicable to Hong Kong territories. But what's it all about? and is this legislation just another statute that burdens business with more red tape? And why does it matter to your company? The reality is, that these corporate manslaughter and corporate homicide acts are responsible for making the working environment safer. But how was that achieved? The legislation effectively creates a rather large 'stick' towards management right at the top of the chain and responsible people in any company; this helps to ensure that employees (or for that matter anyone involved or even visiting their business) are kept completely safe. If someone gets killed and the death is caused by lack of duty of care by the organisation (corporation, partnership, trade unions, employers associations, police forces, and many government departments to name but a few) then the consequences could be dire. Failure to abide by Health and Safety legislation causing a death creates a 'gross breach' of duty depending on the circumstances. But this article is not here to advise you about the corporate manslaughter and corporate homicide act as such,

but rather to highlight the worst case scenario of failure to adhere to the legislation and some of the possible consequences of that failure.

operational at all. Depending on those mobile phone based solutions could be a challenge if they don't work and someone gets killed.

But what can be done to make an organisations environment safer and reduce the potential of injury or death? One of the key areas that is critical is the speed of the emergency teams to attend to someone critically in danger or injured that could easily turn in to a fatality. But that's easy to say, however in reality it can be a hard problem to solve on occasion because of a lack of knowledge of what solutions are available that could help most organisations. Communication in any emergency is also key.

Similarly, where pendant (or similar device) based on GPS, satellite based or other similar technologies are used, often there are issues when it comes down to operability in many situations (indoors, underground, and even in areas that need to be intrinsically safe such as bakery premises as an example) that need to be carefully considered where lives are concerned. No one wants a system that only works part of the time do they?

While there are many communication systems out there that could be used to communicate in emergency situations, which ones to choose and implement is an important factor in ensuring that your organisation is not subject to any breach of the legislation or its consequences thereafter. Taking a look at wireless two way radios these can offer a good solution for when someone is hurt, but if the person is a lone worker then things can get more cumbersome. Some two way radios include a facility for lone workers and if for example someone was to fall over (even being unconscious) then the two way radio has the ability to 'warn' other members onsite about the situation so they can offer help or investigate the problem. Some two way radios can even notify a mobile phone when there are problems by using other specialised custom equipment. With custom specialised equipment whole team could easily be notified that someone is down and then emergency teams can attend the scene. Other alternatives often include the person 'calling in' every thirty minutes (variable and determined by the system) and if they don't call in then the alarm is raised. But usually the two way radio solution often only identifies 'the area' where the injured person may be and in large organisations that can sometimes be an issue. Working anywhere that is underground or in confined spaces surrounded by metal makes this form of technology a poor choice. Other solutions that are available include mobile phone based systems, while mobile based solutions are pretty good for outdoors (assuming that there is phone coverage) but often indoors, underground or in other situations then they tend to be unreliable or not

Other equipment includes onsite paging systems that have specific locations for emergency call buttons that can contact emergency staff if there is any incident. Usually these solutions are shorter range than say two way radios, but often the suppliers have the ability to extend the range much further. Using signal boost repeaters helps tremendously. One advantage is that these call buttons can be set up to message a whole team of emergency staff. When an emergency call button is pressed, all team members will be messaged. When the first team member arrives he can quickly determine the need for other staff to continue to the emergency, or he can simply 'press a cancel button' that will message other team members to stand down. Using emergency call buttons are often a good choice and are suitable for most sectors of business. Lastly, there are huge developments in the area of beacon technology which has been growing steadily for a while. For anyone unfamiliar with beacons and that type of technology, there are a few different ways of using beacons technically, but they in general tend to work by sensing near field components, which may be attached to assets (asset tracking) or even people for their exact location on or off premise (depending on the specific beacon technologies used). BLE technology has long been known for shorter range issues but with BLE 5.1 and above instead of the typical 10 metre range this newer 5.1 technology is reportedly achieving well over 200 metres. There are of course even more solutions out there, but some of those tend to be very expensive price prohibitive solutions whereas systems like two way radios and emergency call buttons tend to be within the reach of most companies financially and don't really compromise on the operational features for what they

August 2018 August 2018

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are specifically used for. Failure to ensure the safety and breach of any of the acts for each respective country can result in incredibly high fines with no limit plus costs; an example is a London company that was fined ÂŁ1,200,000 fine and costs in total. The Sentencing Council has a statutory duty to prepare and provide sentencing guidelines to the courts for offenders in the UK. The sentencing can be extensive and can include periods in jail for responsible employees. The legislation in the UK that creates this liability is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and prosecution under this act is often prosecuted because of negligence by the responsible person to ensure that employees (for example) are kept safe at all times. A recent incident in the headlines was the Grenfell Tower fire and it has been suggested that certain parties involved with that catastrophe may be subject to breach of the corporate manslaughter act. Only time will tell if that is the case, but it highlights the position here in England and how the legislation could have been breached and the serious consequences by large organisations. Of course, there is no solution that guarantees complete communications in every single condition or situation that could apply where someone gets injured or killed; but careful consideration of the systems available out there will ensure that you will end up with an emergency communication solution that is right for you, even a combination of more than one type of system that can offer an overall solid communications channel might work for you. In most instances speed is of the essence and a hit or miss solutions could actually hinder assistance or in the worst situation could lead to a fatality in your organisation. No one wants that. The fact that your organisation has operational solutions onsite can only be a massive plus in ensuring that the corporate manslaughter act is not something that you will be in breach of any time soon. Anthony Mckenzie is the managing director of a company involved with technology solutions for a number of business sectors and also an international reviewer of technology products for vertical sectors of business.


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August 2018

Hospitality Technology PI Electronique POS System “Exceptional Entertainment” for August 2018

PI ELECTRONIQUE is the leader in delivering advanced restaurant POS management systems to restaurateurs worldwide. Utilising state of the art hardware POS systems matched with leading handheld technology, PI Electronique restaurant systems deliver the highest levels of functionality and reliability. The good news is that PI Electronique is part of the worldwide family of more than 92,000 installed systems, developed over 28 years in the restaurant capital of the world Paris, France.The system is purpose built; a combined guarantee and insurance for SUCCESS. NECT and POWER up. Features are added to the system when a need arises. The best wireless tableside ordering system from Pi Electronique that is reliable and stable. Pi Handy uses RF communication technology, not wifi. The Pi Handy faultlessly communicates with Kitchen or Bar Printers no matter how small or large the space. Whether indoors or outside, the Pi Handheld POS System stays in touch. The system is extremely reliable and one that will increase customer satisfaction, speed up the service, and bring in more revenue.

C.C.R Systems Ltd CCR Systems have been supplying, installing and maintaining Retail and Hospitality EPOS systems for over 34 years. We are an ISO-9001 registered company with a diamond award for customer satisfaction. Our Powersuite software package that includes Total Control Premier/Stock, Instant Loyalty and Drilldown is the ideal package for all types of Hospitality & Retail outlets.

When considering new epos system, resist the temptation of trying to save yourself a few pounds with cheap hardware. It will end up costing you more down the track. The low priced computers and printers advertised are cheap for a reason. Most epos companies will also charge for on-going software support, this will add to your overall cost. Pi Electronique pos system, with its built-in software is reliable, sturdy, long lasting and requires very minimal support or maintenance. With PI POS System there is no on-going software and user license fee or expensive upgrades. The system uses proprietary software and hardware, everything from one company, so no compatibility issue. The Pi Electronique pos system can be linked to various PMS systems and there is the optional suite of back office software that makes this system complete. Call 0800 689 1030 for free no obligation demonstration

Our hardware is a choice of top of the range touch screen terminals from selected quality manufacturers. The ORDERMAN Restaurant table ordering system is without doubt the best of it's kind, utilising the latest Oderman 7 hand held terminal and Kitchen Monitors or printers. Have a look at our web site on '' and view the ORDERMAN video. We also cater for the client that needs a low cost system that easily compares with the box shifters. Please contact GEORGE GUNNERY on 0151-644 8296 for a quotation for your establishment, or email to:

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Hotel du Vin, Stratford-upon-Avon

Slumbering in the heart of historic Shakespearean Stratford-upon-Avon, sits the newest addition to the Hotel du Vin family.

ment system, offering a series of information pages integrated with smart services such as BBC iPlayer (and all catch-up services) and YouTube.

Hotel du Vin Stratford is stylish and contemporary, yet traditional - 46 boutique rooms offer guests opulent respite in two Georgian town-houses, dating back to 1798.

AirMedia's IP based system also enabled the implementation of Airtime, the award-winning movie-ondemand service, on each TV.

"Hotel du Vin Stratford is an exceptional hotel!" said key account manager David Taylor "with this in mind, we needed to provide an exceptional entertainment system." Airwave rose to the task, recommending and installing Samsung’s HGEE690 SMART TVs; the 690’s slim, modern design marries style with substance, the perfect choice for the hotel's carefully designed interiors. Utilising the 690's SMART capabilities, Airwave installed and commissioned an AirMedia IP interactive information system. AirMedia is a low cost, flexible content manage-

Maitre’D Serves Up the Goods Our Menu of Reliable, State-of-the-Art Technology, Security, and Operations-Management Tools ... At Your Service Inside tens of thousands of restaurants worldwide, you’ll find Maitre’D at the heart of every part of the operation. That’s Maitre’D on the floor and at the register. That’s Maitre’D driving window, online, and counter orders. That’s Maitre’D making orders easier to read, prepare, and expedite. That’s Maitre’D taking orders wirelessly and online. That’s Maitre‘D handling gift and loyalty programs, and providing

The provision of catch-up services, YouTube and Airtime offers Hotel du Vin Guests a multitude of viewing options, however further adding to the guest's decision-making process, Airwave implemented a nevayacast Chromecast system, allowing guests to cast their own content (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime etc) onto the guest room TV. And as icing on the cake, Airwave commissioned five additional Sky TV channels. To find out more about Samsung SMART TV, AirMedia, Airtime, hospitality certified Chromecast or Sky TV, get in touch for friendly, professional advice. See advert page 27

management tools on every mobile smartphone and tablet. And that’s Maitre’D in the back office, keeping track of every guest and every garnish to ensure your profitability. Whatever the business needs, for over 30 years Maitre‘D has been serving up complete, efficient, and flexible EPOS solutions. Our international team even handles every aspect of the installation process, so you don’t interrupt your running operation. Maitre’D will be on the floor, at the counter, and at the back with you, serving you, and right along with you. Visit to request your free demo!


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August 2018

Alfresco Dining Mid Season Sale Now On At Leisurebench LeisureBench Ltd. Are an industry leading supplier of commercial outdoor furniture stocking an extensive range of quality products. There are bargains to be had if you act quickly, as the company has announced its Mid Summer sale. The special offers are only available for a limited period of time and while stocks last. If you are looking for picnic tables, there are several that have been reduced in price. The 6 seat round Brentwood, suitable for smaller courtyards and confined spaces was £144+VAT and is now £99+VAT, which is a saving of 31%. It is strong and sturdy with thick 32mm timbers and seats up to 6 people. The Chester green picnic A-Frame picnic table is made using 32mm pine timbers and also sits up to 6 people. There is a huge saving of 47% off and is reduced from £113+VAT down to £59.99+VAT. The Guernsey picnic table is an innovative walk in design, making it

Indigo Awnings I’ve forwarded on the booking confirmation to the accounts dept (not here today) – but if there’s anything else you need from me, let me know! Indigo Awnings has been the market leader for commercial-grade shading in the UK for almost four decades, focusing mainly within the leisure industry. We offer a solution for every outdoor area including commercial awnings, giant parasols, retractable roof fixed structures, screening and more. With the latest German engineering at our fingertips, we can guarantee our products are built to the very best

more user friendly than the traditional ‘A ’Frame picnic tables and is easy to get in and out of. It comes in 3 sizes, 4, 6 and 8 seats. All three have a 20% discount with prices starting at £134 +VAT. The Lilly table, bench and arm chair set, made from FSC slow growing pine is available as a 5 piece set, consisting of a table, two arm chairs and two benches and is reduced by 20% from £520+VAT to £416+VAT, or a four piece set with only one bench from £520+VAT to £416+VAT. The dark grey Harrogate bench set consists of a table and two benches that can be purchased as a set or as individual items. The underside of the planks are grooved along the length to prevent warping and shakes, with recessed nuts and bolts. The set has a 25% discount from £364+VAT to £273+VAT. To see all the items in the LeisureBench sale plus the huge range of outdoor furniture go to or telephone 01949 862920. specifications. Despite building a repertoire of high profile clients over the years, we make it our mission to work with corporate clients, sole traders, and everything in between, ensuring our products are accessible to every kind of business – no matter how big or small. Providing expert advice from concept through to completion, with all installations completed by our expert fitting teams, Indigo offer an unrivalled professional service at a competitive price. Indigo Awnings provide the quality and expertise to help you make money out of fresh air. Whether you own a restaurant, bar, hotel or cafe – our commercial awnings and parasols let you make the most of your outdoor space.

If you have any interesting news articles that would be of interest to our readers please email us at

Alfresco Dining

August 2018

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Café Culture - Pavement Profit

We are an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants and public houses. We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports next season. It’s one area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual

bumps and scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to

ILF Chairs - Contract Seating

ILF have been supplying top quality indoor and outdoor chairs and tables for over the past 25 years to the hospitality market. We offer a wide selection of products to suit all tastes and as importantly budgets! We pride ourselves outstanding personal service with the motto ‘ No job is ever too big or too small – it’s customer satisfaction that counts’.

ILF offer a complete range of outdoor furniture, perfect for your alfresco dining spaces. Including alu-

minium stacking chairs - armchairs are also available.

Delivery times are generally 4 weeks from order, but we can also offer a “fast track” service for certain products. Why not contact us at or on 01293 783783 and find out how we can help you fulfil your seating and table needs.

Kirklees Developments Ltd Catering Equipment With over 35 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing barbecues and a variety of gas appliances with C.E approval Kirklees Developments. Our range of catering barbecues are now fitted with Flame Failure Gas taps giving additional safety whilst maintaining the usability that our customers have come to expect. The 200lb pig roaster, the largest on the market, has an optional viewing window and wooden handles for comfort. It`s geared motor unit is 4 times the power of smaller roasters in its class. Chickens, jacket pota-

toes etc. can be cooked in the optional basket attachment & tall chefs may specify the optional adjustable carving brackets. Carving trays are also available. Our newest product is our Decarboniser soak tank. Designed for ease of use and robustness. Fabricated from stainless steel with 150Litre usable capacity. Simply switch it on, leave your pans and grills in it overnight, take out the clean stuff in the morning. Tel: 01484 401134 Email: Web:

Spring /Summer outdoor seating all stackable

ble. Full selection of tables availa ls. de mo all on ble ila ava ns Colour optio

Tel:- 01293 783783 Mob:- 07939 025871

ILF Ltd. Commercial Leisure Seating & Table solutions

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August 2018

Woodman Chairs

Woodman Chairs is a long established, dedicated chair manufacturer and wholesaler who make most of their own chairs. We offer a wide and varied choice of solid oak and beech chair and table styles – both modern and contemporary – with many finish and seat options. Included in our range is an exciting choice of sturdy bar stools and bar tables. The fact that we make gives us greater control and flexibility. It also enables us to offer bespoke chair and chair frame or component production to end customers or other

Refurbishment suppliers and manufacturers looking for their own design or seeking to create a unique range or theme, again in both oak and beech, raw or finished. Always keen to innovate, Woodman are constantly introducing new styles and have recently added Carver options to their more popular dining chairs and have further expanded their range of bar stools to include rush seated and fabric pad options. Here is a simple decision that won’t require a Referendum! If you want your customers to have the best choice, with honest quality, at affordable prices, with decent lead times and no minimum order, then you need only vote Woodman for your chairs. For further details call 01884 841789, visit or email

Sealy - The World’s No.1 Bed Brand

Sealy has collaborated with some of the largest hospitality chains and leading hotel groups in the UK. From Center Parcs to the Malmasion and the Savoy, Sealy have acquired numerous years of experience in delivering large quantities of beds and mattresses on time in full and within budget. The World’s No.1 Bed Brand upholds a level of excellence by delivering an extensive range of beds and mattresses that are engineered around a simple premise: that quality of sleep is every bit as important as quantity of sleep. Through the intertwinement of a highly skilled workforce and the most advanced technological developments and

state-of-the-art design, Sealy lead the way in product innovation. Building on our collaborative approach Sealy now work in partnership with the AA Hotels as their recommended supplier and as part of this partnership we are offering members 25% off Sealy’s highly recommended contract range. There’s never been a better time to buy a Sealy. Contact Sealy Contracts Department- Tel – 016973 24417 E-mail – Website – See advert on page 10

MST Auctioneers Ltd

MST AUCTIONEERS Ltd specialise in handling & auctioning a wide variety of goods. We act for Insolvency Practitioners, Receivers, Bailiffs and Solicitors as well as large PLCs. We are members of The National Association of Auctioneers and Valuers (NAVA). For the past 25 years, we've provided a

unique disposal service tailored to suit, liquidators, banks, receivers as well as private and corporate vendors. We carry out probate

Allen Pavitt Contracts

Allen Pavitt Contracts is Europe's leading manufacturer and supplier of hospitality products. Our designs include the very latest style in banqueting and conference furniture currently leading the way for comfort and ease of use. All of our products are manufactured in the UK and include dance floors, folding tables, stages, conference chairs and tables. These are all guaranteed to perform in the most testing conditions within the busiest venues. We are particularly proud of our modern locking portable dance floor system with 21st century technology replacing high maintenance products!

valuations and conduct complete house and commercial clearances. We have the largest Auction venue in the South of England. Our regular monthly Auctions occupy 45,000 sq.ft. of undercover space, selling over 2500 lots from 3 rostrums over two days. We have storage and removal facilities. In addition we have forklifts for machinery up to 5 tons. We also hold regular Auctions ”On Site” and "On Line" See advert on this page for further details

To assemble simply push together and the locking floor is ready to use and will not come apart. Hard wearing laminate surface ensuring service free lifetime use. To compliment our exhaustive range of standard products, we also build bespoke items for other areas such as theatres and concert venues. Compatible with our other UK suppliers such as Burgess, our furniture provides the very highest standards of reliability, giving every confidence to the discerning hotelier. Other products within the range include table cloths, skirting, valances, chair covers and conference cloths. These are made to fit our chairs and tables plus those of other manufacturers. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements, and provide free no-obligation quotes call us now on 01404 890290 and visit or

Refurbishment ILF Chairs - Contract Seating ILF HAVE been supplying top quality indoor and outdoor chairs and tables for over the past 25 years to the hospitality market. We offer a wide selection of products to suit all tastes and as importantly budgets! We pride ourselves outstanding personal service with the motto ‘ No job is ever too big or too small – it’s customer satisfaction that counts’. In this demanding Health & Safety led market place

we guarantee that all our fabrics and fillings meet the exacting BS5852 Crib 5 fire regulations. The majority of our products are available in a choice of frame colours and we can offer an extensive choice of fabrics including real Leather and Faux Leather. In addition, we also able to offer a full service on bench seating and re-upholstery. Delivery times are generally 4 weeks from order, but we can also offer a “fast track” service for certain products. Why not contact us at or on 01293 783783 and find out how we can help you fulfil your seating and table needs.

The Bar Specialists We design and manufacture bars for many of the top hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs - our clients, big and small, have one thing in common, they want a great working bar that looks fabulous! We continuously innovate how bars perform and have created many of the features now considered as industry standard. Our unique set of skills and experience ensures Cantilever continues to lead the market in the innovation and delivery of the world's best bars. We recognise that decor as well as atmosphere are the most important factors when consumers are choosing a night out. We work with architects and interior designers to deliver the aesthetics of the

bar, using our vast knowledge and experience in a range of materials. Our in-house designers work closely with each of our clients from the initial bar design, through procurement and manufacture to installation. We have a huge wealth of experience and expertise to deliver challenging operational briefs within the existing or intended architectural context. It's not all about what we do-it’s about what we can do for you! We have patented products to solve particular needs such as the Cantilever bar system and the Calabrese® Sink. To find out how we can help you with your bar project please call us today on 01453 732 040 visit See advert this page.

August 2018

CLH News



CLH News


August 2018

Are You Using Your Bar Area to its Potential? The bar stool is one of those must have items for bars, cafés and casual dining locations alike. They have become an indispensable part of the interior for food establishments in particular. And there’s good reason. Designated areas For a restaurant, the bar area can be almost as lucrative as its food. Whether diners arrive early for a drink, are waiting for a table to become free or simply visit just for a social drink, having a designated area is essential. Social experience Additionally, bar stools can be paired with high-rise tables to be used for casual dining. Bar stools add a new

Pro Auction Valuers & Auctioneers

Pro Auction Limited are one of the leading specialist valuers & auctioneers. Providing a comprehensive range of services to ensure that the full value of surplus or redundant assets are realised, to maximum value, be that by a private treaty, tender or auction.

element to a restaurant and provide customers with the option of traditional dining or a social experience on the stools. That’s all without mentioning the space saving qualities and economical value that bar stools provide. Buying bar furniture Trent Furniture has been supplying bar stools for over 50 years and house an ever-expanding range of designs, making it easy to find the right style and price for every interior. Tall bar stools start from just £24.90 (exc VAT). View the full range of tables and chairs at Call 0116 2985 852 for more information

To advertise in the

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier Tel 01202 552333

Auctions are conducted on a regular basis, throughout Europe in the Hospitality, Catering & Leisure sectors. We provide valuation and sale advice on all classes of industrial and commercial business assets. Auction sales are conducted both on site and webcast through our world-wide bidding platform.

The company provides expert advice to insolvency practitioners, corporate recovery specialists and turnaround professionals. It is widely acknowledged as a leading provider of machinery and business asset advice – from initial valuation to exit strategy planning and implementation – helping clients through the whole process. Contact Pro Auction Limited on 01761 414000 or email

P CL lea s H re 2 e sp 14 qu on w ot di he e ng n

Pro Auction runs both traditional and online auctions throughout Europe, using the latest auction platforms and software, developed to meet the demands and needs of both the seller and purchaser.

The Curtain Cabin Based in Verwood, Dorset, The Curtain Cabin is a wellestablished curtain making company, specialising in the manufacture and supply of bespoke curtains and soft furnishings including blinds, tracks, poles, sheer curtains and furnishings. The Curtain Cabin produces a range of products for the commercial sector, including furnishings for hotels, village halls, health centres and on projects for local authorities. The Curtain Cabin has been in operation for ten years, however, Managing Director, Dawn Moses has been in the soft furnishing industry for almost 30 years. The company has built up a strong working relationship with


August 2018

CLH News

Harbour Hotels, over the past five years, having worked on a number of sites within the Harbour Hotels portfolio. Most recently, The Curtain Cabin has been involved with Harbour Hotel Southampton. Working on this project, The Curtain Cabin carried out site visits to ascertain track, blinds and curtain sizes; advised on best positioning and operation; compiled a pricing and fitting schedule; and manufactured and supplied curtains, sheers, lining & curtain sundry items, blinds and tracks. The Curtain Cabin also supplied a large area of electric hard wired sheer blinds to the 6th floor (21 blinds in total), as well as electric tracks in the Function Room with nearly 6 metre drops on electric tracks. For further information please call 01202 813533 or visit

Contract Furniture Group Contract Furniture Group has been set up to offer quality contract dining furniture to the hotel, restaurant, pub trades and leisure industries at realistic prices. We carry a lot of our range in stock so we can help you to meet your deadlines. We also offer a unique source and supply service; if you send us a picture of an item we will do our up most to supply to you at the best price.

Citrus Seating

Citrus Seating is a design-led manufacturer of quality, contemporary soft seating for Office, Education, Hospitality, Retail Interiors and bespoke commercial furniture. Our furniture is designed to form innovative, flexible work and break-out spaces that stimulate creativity and enhance productivity within commercial and educational environments. Based in the Cotswolds with

All our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards, we only use hardwood frames which are glued screwed and dowelled for strength. crib5 interliner (if required) sprung seat areas or webbing and top quality Italian leathers and fabrics. For further information, call 0115 965 9030, visit or email

offices in Cheltenham, we are centrally located to deliver our products nationally. All our furniture is made in-house by our small team of professionally qualified designers, so if you’d like a special size or a detail changed, we’ll build it for you. Our fully bespoke service means that we will build furniture to your exact requirements, freestanding or fitted and installed into specific areas and spaces. Citrus Seating aims to please and to build good, strong relationships with its customers – we are the company that likes to say YES. For further details see advert page 37.

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CLH News

August 2018

Refurbishment Drakes Bar Furniture - UK Bar Furniture Supplier We pride ourselves in providing the best quality items at great prices with fantastic customer service and can supply bespoke tailored made furniture such as booths, tables, seating or ‘off the peg’ items. Drakes Bar Furniture not only sell chairs, stools, tables we also design build and install all types of fixed seating, pews and booth seating for pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and clubs.

With clever planning, seating generates a great flow for customers and staff around a pub, restaurant, cafe or club. It can be used to divide areas, create new spaces in a room and offer intimacy allowing for the perfect social meet up. In a busy environment high backed seating can create quieter sections for a restaurant, bar or club. While in a working mans club or sports club for example it can maximise

When fitting out a premise the seating is almost paramount for a successful space. Fixed seating, booth seating or banquette seating as its also called can come in variety of colours, finishes, types and styles. Below are just a few examples showing what we have done in the past. Why Fixed / Booth Seating?

the space around a wall allowing for easy access in and out and the ability to use the rest of the venue for larger events which might include dancing. The beauty of bespoke fixed seating is that we can make the most of and take advantage of your space and features. We can come to your venue and measure up, give you advice and show you examples of our past work, finishes, types and styles. We have a wide range of Bar Furniture, including tables, stools, chairs, outdoor beer garden, fixed seating and banqueting furniture. If you require a bespoke quote either call us on 01422 839 690 Mon-Fri 8.30 > 4.30pm or you can send us an email. See advert page 35.

MAJIsign - Design, Print, Manufacture MAJIsign are proud to be one of the UK's largest manufacturers of wooden A-Boards, Chalkboards and wooden displays. Every great business needs an ABoard! Our exclusive wooden A-Board selection is entirely manufactured in our UK workshop. With one of our beautifully crafted designs, you will find one perfect for your business; Reversible and snap frame options on our A-Boards mean you can change messages using an insert or poster. We offer free design and print large and small orders for Restaurant chains; meeting their

needs for Inserts used within our Reversible A-Boards and crucial line-of-sight products. From a chat on the phone, a written idea in an email or a scribble on a piece of paper, we will also create your bespoke item for you, from laser engraved logos to custommade designs. Our experienced team allow us the flexibility to produce runs from the initial design brief, right up to the finished item being sent out. For further details visit See advert this page

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Refurbishment Catering Resources Do you provide catering services? Maybe you own or operate Restaurants,an Event & Function Business, Café, Bar, Pub, Fish and Chip Shop, Hotel,B&B, Staff Restaurant,Care Home, Hospice,Sports Club, ExServices Club, Etc Do you need new commercial catering equipment? Do you need to dispose of redundant catering equipment?

EITHER WAY PLEASE READ ON….. Catering Resources is owned and managed by Graham Stone an experienced caterer who for over 14 years has been in the catering equipment world where he has been supplying catering businesses all over the UK. Prior to that he has held senior positions in the contract catering market. With over 20,000 commercial catering items most of which can be delivered next day sourced from well

known manufacturers and wholesalers, we can also help you with the disposal of redundant catering equipment. We supply tabletop & display; china & cutlery; buffet & beverage; kitchenware; utensils; chef’s knives; blenders; baking & cookware; tables; sinks,; shelving; trolleys; ovens; ranges; combis; fryers; grills; griddles; refrigeration; dish & glass washing machines; disposables; glassware; storage; etc

REDUNDANT EQUIPMENT: What will happen to it? How do you get rid of it? We are a business that will pay you in advance and then within a few days will bring a truck to remove it all. All that we ask is that the equipment is disconnected from the services and hopefully working. We really like refrigeration, mixers, sinks, prep tables and ovens. Initially please send images and an inventory. Call today on 07889 464583 or visit

Retain Payment or ID Cards and Be PCI Compliant Whilst Increasing Profits When a vendor retains a credit card or debit card, or indeed handing over his or her ID card as security against running a tab or renting sporting or other equipment, there is always some uncertainty about the safety of the card whilst out of the customers’ possession. CardsSafe® eliminates the need to worry about any loss or theft as it is the simplest and most efficient way to ensure the card’s safety from potential misuse. The CardsSafe® system has now become the “best practice” way of handling credit and debit cards in the hospitality and leisure industries. More than eighty thousand boxes are in use every day and hundreds more are added every week. Customers who share their experience with our staff report these benefits:

• Chargeback drops by more than ninety per-

cent (90%) • Walkouts are reduced by at least fifty percent (50%) • Tab mistakes drop significantly and finally, • There is a major uptick in sales If you are concerned about how CardsSafe works within the PCI scheme, Alan Gill from the independent PCI certifying company Orthus Limited states: “The PCI DSS standard encompassed 264 controls. CardsSafe helps to reduce the need to meet all of these through ‘compensating controls’ which allow businesses to comply to the standard without having to change the way they operate”. In addition to the commercial benefits the CardsSafe® solution therefore helps merchants become PCI compliant, which truly gives peace of mind for all! To order, please contact CardsSafe Limited on either of: Phone: 0845 5001040 or visit

Heaven Spring Salt Lamps – Specialists in Himalayan Salt Products Culinary Cooking: Himalayan Pink Salt

Who would have thought that Himalayan Salt Cooking Slabs would one day become a thing? Salt block slabs are culinary and exotic, and that’s something you'd experience at a fancy restaurant as more and more culinary chefs are cooking foods on salt slabs

The dense slabs of pure Himalayan salt retains the heat and cold long enough to make any meal a party. During cooking, the food picks up salt from the block so you don’t need to salt your food before cooking.

Himalayan Cooking Culinary Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the cleanest and purest salts available which is rich with natural minerals. The benefits are endless but Himalayan Pink Salt is primarily used for gourmet cooking. Himalayan Pink salt may be used in the same manner as table salt for culinary dishes and baking, but it is purer and higher in mineral content. To enjoy culinary cuisine, simply dissolve the salt into soups and or hot dishes. You may also place the coarse salt crystals into a salt grinder and mill directly onto dishes.

For Salt cooking tiles, we can do the shapes and sizes of your liking even if they are of bespoke nature. If you want to discuss your requirements with us, then please get in touch with us;

T: 0161 237 0485 | E: |

Quote ref: CLSHS-201808 | Twitter : heavenspringuk

Facebook : heavenspringuk | Instagram : heavespringuk

August 2018

CLH News



CLH News

August 2018

Got Capital

Property and Professional

only started his business (was trading for about 3 months) and had a ‘below average’ credit score. After speaking with him and looking at his sales so far, we saw an opportunity to invest in a passionate business owner and we approved a 10k investment that was funded on the same day. He since grew his business to a small empire, after recognising an opportunity in the vape business he purchased a nearby shop that was going out of business and turned it into a wonderful success. His sales grew from 15k monthly to close to 180k monthly, and he has a credit line of 150k with us. Another retailer, established for more than 20 years in his neighborhood, had a lower than expected winter and when he was hit by the increased taxes on tobacco products he needed an urjent 5k or he could lose his tobacco licence. He applied with us and got the funds on the same day, he is now doing great again and if he needs us he borrows and payoff when he likes in order to get a discount, using our flexible funding program.

What makes Got Capital a different kind of financing option? Unlike banks or other finance companies, Got Capital requires no personal guarantee or collateral, the funding is sales-based, and approvals are based on the overall business performance review rather than a credit score or assurance assets. Got Capital offers Royalty Investments. The royalty is an agreed upon percentage of the business gross sales. It is a payment made by one party to another, for the use of a particular asset, service, product or in our case…a stellar investment! In exchange for Got Capital’s investment, the specific royalty percentage is directed out of the business revenue back to Got Capital until the agreed payback amount on the investment is fulfilled.

In contrast, are you finding that many retailers are struggling with rising overheads and need short-term financing?

What are some of the typical uses for the finance Got Capital makes available?

An unexpected slow in sales or if the business is under any financial pressure makes the owner have to consider whether raising further finance against personal assets is the solution.

Got Capital does not limit the use of the funds, they can be utilized for any business purpose, some of the typical uses are: Low Cash Flow, Unexpected Expense, Business Expansion, Seizing Unexpected Business Opportunities

How do you work with these businesses directly to ensure they remain viable?

Can you provide an example of a great business you’ve worked with and the success they’ve had working with you?

We believe that a long-term personal relationship is a key factor in any business’ success. Driven by a genuine commitment to each of our clients, every Got Capital customer is matched with

A newsagent owner contacted us after he was denied by several banks and funding companies, he

an experienced Got Capital Account Manager. The goal is to provide small business owners with access to funds as their business’ need it while considering the overall business health and ability to grow. Furthermore, our blog section and curated content are updated frequently to make sure business owners always get the inside scoops of the industry.

How many independent retailers have you worked with previously and what difference have you made to their businesses? 11 Years Operating since 2007 £280M+ Business investments 12,000+ Funded businesses

What is the typical length of repayment? A popular misconception about royalties is that the repayments never stop. They do-- as soon as the agreed upon payback amount is fully paid, or if the business has ceased to trade. The length of an account is typically 6-9 months and varies, simply because our responsible approach in approving an investment amount and a flexible payment plan schedule corresponds to the business’ overall performance and specific needs for the benefit of the business’ success and growth. What are the current trends in business financing? Are banks still wary of providing finance to many small businesses? Raising working capital is important in any business growth plan. Since the banking crises of 2008 and new rules being imposed raising finance has become more difficult and more of a hassle. For further information please see the advert this page or visit

The Board Inn, Whitby, on the Market with Guy Simmonds Guy Simmonds are delighted to bring to market The Board Inn which is located in the bustling North Yorkshire Tourist hotspot of Whitby. The town’s attraction as a popular tourist destination is enhanced by its proximity to the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, its Heritage Coastline and its association with the horror novel Dracula. The Board Inn is ideally located at the foot of the 199 steps which lead to Whitby Abbey. The bar and restaurant have fantastic views across Whitby Harbour towards the North Sea. Due to its prominent location the business benefits from a good level of passing trade. The property is offered in good condition and benefits from a through bar/lounge area (circa 60) located on the ground floor. The Restaurant (circa 46) is located on the lower ground floor. The business has 2 double en-suite letting rooms. The business is serviced by a well-equipped catering kitchen. 2 Double Bedroom Living Accommodation, lounge, office, bathroom and private kitchen located on 1st and 2nd floors. Asking Price Offers Over £50,000 Leasehold. Private Landlord Lease. Rent £60,000 per annum. Turnover y/e Feb 2018 circa £731,216 (incl.VAT). Trade Split 55% Wet & 40% Dry 5% Accommodation. Contact the sales agent, Guy Simmonds, on 01332 865112.

Selling Businesses is our Business! The Blacksmiths Arms, Lamerton, Tavistock, Devon on the Market

Whether you are considering selling your business or looking to buy a business, City Business Brokers is here to help. We will guide you through the business sales process step by step. Feel free to contact us for some free advice. "Kevin had sound knowledge of the pub/bar/restaurant sector & put together a sales package that protected the ongoing concern of the business whist protecting the staff & my best interests moving forward. "The best advice I can give to anyone considering selling is to be 100% honest from the start with the broker.

"You may think that there are complications that could possibly impact potential buyers but with Kevin he genuinely takes you through every step by step and is with you throughout the whole journey. "With the food & beverage sector growing at a rapid pace, there are now many fantastic opportunities to for fill your dreams. whether your your buying or selling a business you'll be in safe hands with Kevin & CBB." Paul Tomalin, Lichfield, Staffs For further information visit or see the advert on this page.

The Blacksmiths Arms is being offered for sale by licensed property specialists Stonesmith of Exeter. This high turnover business is a traditional country village pub and restaurant which serves the local village community as well as the surrounding villages and towns in the area, and attracts tourists and passing trade. An extremely popular and well regarded business, the pub has an excellent reputation for its classic freshly prepared, homemade pub food with impressive levels of regular year round repeat trade. The Blacksmiths Arms is a traditional character detached village freehouse with origins reputedly dating back to the 18th Century. This attractive and deceptively spacious property has been sympathetically extended by our clients, whilst retaining the original charm and character with features such as open fire places with woodburners and heavily beamed ceilings. The property occupies a substantial site in the centre of the






Well Regarded Character Country Village Inn Free Of Tie Lease Opportunity Completely Refurbished Throughout Commercial Catering Kitchen and Games Room Located in Sought After South Hams Area 3 Bedroom Owners Accommodation

Thriving Licensed Cafe & Restaurant Established Town Centre Trading Position Currently Trading on Daytime Basis Only Licensed Cafe/Restaurant Area (45+) Al Fresco Seating for 32 Potential to Increase Trade

LH £79,950

FREE OF TIE LH £39,950





City Centre Bar & Restaurant Premises Stylishly & Exceptionally Well Presented Lounge Bar Areas (50), Restaurant (72) State of the Art Refurbishment in 2018 Extensive High Specification Inventory Must be Viewed

High Quality Daytime Only Cafe & Coffee Shop Occupying A Town Centre Trading Position Cafe/Restaurant (55), Al Fresco Seating (40+) Impressive Levels of Trade with Much Potential Stylish and Extremely Well Equipped Premises Must Be Seen To Be Appreciated


LH £89,500




Quality Café, Coffee Shop & Breakfast Venue Prominent Main Road Trading Position Main Seating Area (42), Pavement Seating Potential to Develop all Areas of Trade Established and Well Regarded Business

LH £69,950




LH £125,000

LH £99,995



MID DEVON Traditional Licensed Daytime Cafe/Tea Garden Busy Devon Market Town Centre Main Cafe Seating 48 Customers Al Fresco Tea Garden Seating 40 3 Double Bed Owners Accommodation Excellent Lifestyle Opportunity




Licensed Restaurant/Bistro/Cafe Visible Town Centre Trading Position Main Restaurant (30+) 2 Bedroom Owners Apartment Rare Catering Opportunity

Popular Destination Village Inn Main Bar & Dining Areas (86+) Family Dining Area (62) Trade Gardens (64), Car Parking (100) 7 Double Bedroom Pvt Accommodation Exceptional High Turnover Business

Well Regarded Licensed Restaurant Bar Area (12), Dining Rooms (45) Impressive & Spacious 4/5 Bed Pvt Accom Private Walled Patio Garden Area First Time on Market for Over 30 Years

LH £45,000


FH £1,075,000



FH £390,000


01392 201262

village and benefits from a self advertising and prominent landmark trading position. This well appointed freehouse briefly comprises: Character Interconnecting Bar Areas (40+), Dining Room (32), New Dining Room (42), Commercial Catering Kitchen with ancilliary facilities, spacious family sized 5 Double Bedroom Owners Accommodation with large Sitting Room, Office/Bedroom 6, Shower Room and Family Bathroom. Externally, the property benefits from a Customer Car Park with space for 20+ vehicles, an enclosed Lawned Beer Garden with seating for 50+ customers, various useful Outbuildings and Stores and an Owner’s Private Garden Area with a disused swimming pool and potential for a Building Plot, subject to the necessary consents. The freehold property is for sale with an asking price of £495,000. Full property details are available from the website and viewings arranged by calling 01392 201262.

Property and Professional The Hospitality Business Mentor from The Bowden Group David Hunter is the Hospitality Business Mentor – he works with owners and investors in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. Ensuring the business performs and makes the required profit, is what David does, and he does this by:

Other areas that David advises on include:

• Marketing – general and specific (ie promotions etc) • Human Resources (HR) - including all the legislation, and disciplinary posi-

1. Setting realistic targets for the business, and creating budgets and forecasts 2. Monitoring Sales, Gross Margins and Labour costs very closely 3. Mentoring the owners and/or managers of the business to help them achieve their objectives

tions. • Reward and Bonus schemes – always linked to achievement of objectives • Customer Service - including Hospitality skills training Do contact David for an informal chat, or make an appointment to meet with him. Call David direct on: Mobile 07831 407984 or by email on Visit the website at or the Blogsite at

The Rose and Crown, Hose, Leics on the Market This desirable business is located in the affluent North East Leicestershire village of Hose and is only 10 miles from the famous Belvoir Castle. This lovely inn sits in the heart of the village and is of fully rendered brick construction sitting under a pitched, pan tiled roof. Entrances to the front and rear provide access to all the trading areas. These consist of: Open Plan Trading area (circa 60+ plus standing) has wood panelled walls and exposed wooden ceiling beams, impressive décor and furnishings and an open coal fire Multi-use Restaurant/Dining/Meeting Room (circa 30+ covers) has laminate wooden floor sitting beneath an attractive open ceiling with exposed wooden beams. There is a fully equipped commercial

Earn A Living In France Leggett Immobilier FRANCE is proud to present its’ brand-new service aimed at helping international clients buy small businesses in France called Leggett COMMERCE & ENTREPRISE. Since the Brexit vote in 2016, we have monitored a great increase in the number of British citizens wanting to fast-track their plans of moving to France and to have a stream of revenue attached to the property they would buy. The most popular properties being B&Bs and Gîtes in particular. A team of spe-

Kitchen area. The spacious and highly desirable owner’s accommodation has 4 double bedrooms To the rear of the property is a delightful patio area (circa 40+) with wooden pergola, garden tables & chairs and rattan garden furniture. Further al fresco garden area to the rear (circa 60+). The patron’s car park provides parking for circa 50+ cars. To the bottom of the car park is a spacious enclosed paddock area suitable for marquee events or even for camping if so desired. Price: £69,500. Tenure: Freehold (Private FOT lease). Rent (if applicable): £25,000. Landlord (if applicable): Private. Turnover (annual): £325,200 (Inc VAT). Wet:dry split: 75% Wet / 25% Dry. Contact the agent, Guy Simmonds, on 01332 865112. cialized agents has been put to your disposal to help you find the perfect business for you whether it be a restaurant, Gîtes, hotel, B&B etc. Our bilingual team works closely with dedicated English-speaking lawyers, notaries and accountants, specialising in helping international clients setup their business in France. Get ahead and call us now! Contact: Timothy Austin Smith Tel.: +33 (0)5 53 60 79 08 Email:


T E L E P H ON E 02 0 86 73 2 255 TAX PAYE

VAT ACCOUNTS A comprehensive, specialised service whether you are starting up or run an established business


August 2018

CLH News


Is Your Business In Trouble? Are You Having Sleepless Nights? Do you have serious money problems, are you facing legal threats, are you avoiding the post, your phone and your emails ? We can sort out all your financial and legal problems no matter how severe they are, our success rate is 100% Let us take control of all your problems and shield you completely from all the pressure you are facing. We will deal with all your creditors and their litigators allowing you to concentrate on your customers and the business. We promise to identify effective solutions and options to keep you trading, or if

you prefer, a seamless and managed exit with no adverse effects on you for your future plans. Every problem has an answer! Call us today without delay on 01183 800949 / 07538 161544.

Hotel & Pub Rescue Ltd

• Emergency rescue & debt management • • Creditor problems & legal actions • • HMRC, utilities & business rates arrears • • Secured & unsecured financing • • Cash-flow funding & Investor finance • • Business & appraisal plans • • Planning consents & redevelopment • Ca ll us • Project management • toda y • Business purchase • witho ut For Hotels, Pubs & Restaurants delay (Leasehold, Freehold, single & multi-unit)

01183 800949

07538 161544

CK DIRECT SETS LUXURY STANDARD MANUFACTURER’S VENTILATION TECHNOLOGY ENHANCES THREE MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANT IN LONDON. The high efficiency of Air Jet kitchen ventilation systems reduces the effective net exhaust volumes, whilst improving extraction efficiency and minimising fan and ductwork size. Air Jet hoods prevent the heat and impurities produced by cooking appliances from spreading to the work area. The hoods deliver a small air flow to push the upwardflowing thermal current toward the filters. Included inside CK Direct’s hoods are unique Franke Cascade filters, which remove 95% of grease particles sized eight microns and above. These save on energy and maintenance, as the pressure loss is low, and the stainlesssteel filters are easy to clean. CK Direct senior design engineer Martin

Direct has had the amazing opportunity to implement brand new ventilated ceilings and air jet canopies in a three Michelin Star restaurant.


The London-based restaurant was the perfect candidate for the latest additions to CK Direct’s product range. During the restaurant’s 8-week refurbishment, the existing extract systems within the kitchen and rooftop were stripped out and replaced. Roof mounted air handling units, extract and supply fans, air conditioning and toilet ventilation were all fitted to service the launch of the showpiece ventilated ceiling, Air Jet canopy system and the new Air Jet extract hood.

How do these new installations improve the restaurant?

Culham was thrilled to see the new products in action at such a highprofile establishment. “In this, and also past cases where CK Direct has had the opportunity to introduce its services to a renowned restaurant, we’ve relished the chance to show what we’re capable of. Time and again we’ve seen that our innovations in ventilation are exactly what these establishments are seeking.” Martin continued and explained that refurbishments like this one will not only benefit the restaurant’s employees, but their customers too. Cleaner and safer kitchens are a win-win!

You can find out more about CK Direct’s commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction systems on its website:

Ventilated ceiling


The modular ventilated ceiling system is perfect for kitchens with an extensive range of cooking surfaces. It’s recommended for kitchens where natural points of extraction such as windows cannot be utilised – in other words, places like a residential area in London.

The three Michelin star restaurant in London features CK Direct Air Jet canopies.

The ceiling system is ideal for cooking areas that are viewable to the public. The consumer can see the staff hard at work, whilst the staff retain a safe and clean environment.


Air Jet canopy system

is suitable for

CK Direct’s Air Jet canopy system allows the kitchen ventilation system to provide sufficient capture and containment at a minimal exhaust flow rate. It creates negative pressure along the front edge and side of the hood, assisting in containment of heat and effluents in the critical work area.

kitchens with an

CK Direct’s ventilated ceiling

extensive range of cooking surfaces.

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CLH News #215 August 2018  

Issue #215 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...

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