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March 2018

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Casual Dining Contraction Could be “Independents’ Opportunity” WITH CASUAL dining brands closing sites and scaling back expansion, well-run independent operators have an opportunity to take back market share, according to buying specialist Lynx Purchasing.

A perfect storm of high annual rents, increasing business rates, the national minimum wage increase, rising food costs have proved catastrophic for the casual dining sector which has seen high profile outlets “hit the buffers” this year. In January the Italian restaurant chain Strada announced that it was the close 10 of its 26 sites, quickly followed by Square Pie, the gourmet pie and mash chain which went into administration with the closure of five sites and the loss of 50 jobs. Also, in January upmarket burger chain Byron, the entered a CVA with the announced closure of up 20 of its 67 sites close. After which Jamie Oliver’s chain, Jamie’s Italian, announced plans to close 12 of its 37 sites with debts of £71.5m and the loss of 450 jobs. His two site Piccadilly barbecue restaurant Barbecoa has also gone into administration, Italian restaurant chain Prezzo earlier this month announced that it is to close 100 restaurants of its 300 sites as part of a company voluntary agreement (CVA), which is defined as a form of administration aimed at protecting a business from going bankrupt entirely. At the same time Prezzo also announced that it is to close completely its Tex-Mex chain Chimichanga, as part of the restructure which is likely to see the loss of hundreds of jobs from its 4,500-strong workforce. If that wasn’t bad enough the casual dining sector Carluccio’s Italian Chain called in advisors earlier this month to assess its options during what is described as “turbulent times” for the sector, and The Casual Dining Group, owners of High Street food chains Cafe Rouge and Bella Italia posted a sharp increase in losses which increased 18% to £60m, despite a 2.2% rise in like-for-like sales up to May 2017. CGA’s latest Business Leaders survey recently showed that senior executives are expecting more business failures this year and a pull back on expansion plans. ‘This is already reflected in the Coffer Peach numbers,’ said Peter Martin vice president of CGA. ‘New sites are still being opened but casual dining chains in the cohort are now rolling out at a rate below that of the pub companies. Over the last 12 months, total sales growth, reflecting new openings as well as closures, was 3.8% for restaurant groups compared to 4.3% for managed pub and bar chains.’ Whilst increases in operating costs have had a significant impact other key factors industry observers believe have contributed to the crisis include overexpansion with too many competitors competing in an over saturated market, quality and complacen-

cy have also played a part. M Restaurants founder Martin Williams recently criticized “dated and rightly dying” chains as he reported 19% growth across his group, and contrasted them to the success of “highest quality at accessible price points” provided by his individual restaurants. So what does this mean for the independent sector? There is certainly opportunity for the independent sector to capitalise particularly pubs. Pubs have in recent years suffered significantly particularly due to issues such as the smoking ban the financial crunch and the increase and expansion in the casual dining sector. However, the pub is beginning to see its fortunes turn says Phil Tate CEO of Food & Drink market analysis CGA. “Like-for-like sales in the drinks led managed market is up 1.6% in total sales up 4.3%. This is considerably outperforming the restaurant and pub food markets with consumers returning to the pub and business leaders of wet led operations having a much more optimistic view of the future” Rachel Dobson managing director of Lynx purchasing believes that operators who do their homework on the eating-out market, including implementing strong buying disciplines, can broaden their customer appeal, “Since the start of 2018 we’ve seen a number of well-known casual dining operators announce branch closures, renegotiate with their landlords, and cut back on expansion plans. “It’s clear that some brands had over-extended themselves. While every business is dealing with the challenges of more cautious levels of consumers spending, there are still customers ready to eat out if they are offered good value and quality. “Many of the businesses we work with are independent restaurants, pubs and cafés, and we’re advising them to look carefully at their menus and suppliers, and make sure they are implementing sensible buying habits that will enable them to make the most of opportunities in the current market.” Dobson adds: “There will be boosts to trade around upcoming occasions such as Easter, as well as two Bank Holidays and the Royal Wedding in May; and, as we know, it sometimes only takes a spell of good weather to persuade customers out to eat and drink. “While there are many factors beyond operators’ control, we are emphasising the importance of cost control and good buying habits to all our customers. Our new free insight guide, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Purchasing Teams’, details seven proven ways that operators can make simple improvements to their purchasing, to generate substantial savings that can mean the difference between staying profitable or going under in this challenging market.”


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Editor's Viewpoint

March 2018

WELCOME TO the March issue of CLH News. We have a very interesting lead story on our cover, regarding the crisis in the casual dining sector and how this could be an opportunity for the independent sector. In recent years the independent sector has had tough time. Obviously consumer habits change - millennial’s drinking less alcohol and looking at healthier options - however, the 2007 smoking ban hit the on trade in particular very hard, after which was the credit crunch. But it was, in my EDITOR opinion at least, the relentless expansion of the casual dining sector which put huge pressure on the independent sector squeezing many out of business altogether. The casual dining sector simply exploded - somebody would come up with great concept for a restaurant, one would open and trade quite well, and the next thing we would see dozens of them opening on high streets up and down the country. A significant number of them were very similar in style and menu, and all began to compete with each other offering discount after discount and incentive after incentive. It was always going to be unsustainable, and once one hits the buffers it becomes a little bit like a house of cards. This year as our front page story confirms has been catastrophic for the sector. Our article cites all the usual reasons given - high rents, an increase in business rates, increase in staffing costs, increase in food costs, squeezed consumer spending. However, one of these factors which can often be misinterpreted is “squeezed consumer spending”. People are, I believe, becoming that bit more savvy and discerning when choosing where to eat and drink. As the casual dining sector bombarded consumers with repeated enticing offers which were often not particularly good value, they were not building up any customer loyalty - a hugely significant factor in the hospitality sector. In a vicious fight for survival, the casual dining sector began to rely more heavily on vouchers offering price cuts or free items just to get backsides on seats. Once consumers get used to coming into an establishment simply for reduced price offers, it is difficult, sometimes impossible, to get them back to paying full menu price. I remember reading the opposite in a business supplement of one of the national broadsheets who at the time called the promotions “astute business practice”. Well, how did that work out? I genuinely believe that individuality and uniqueness are going to be the key factors if the independent sector is to take advantage of current woes in the multichain casual dining sector. One of the beneficiaries, after experiencing many turbulent trading years which saw a net rate of pub closures as high as 52 a week almost 10 years ago, is the pub sector which, during the last year, has increased its share of the 'dining out' market at the expense of restaurants. Douglas Jack and Ivor Jones, the leisure analysts at stockbroker Peel Hunt, said when speaking to clients: "We believe non-premium restaurants are vulnerable to losing trade to premium pubs, which offer high-quality food and drink in very attractive and characterful surroundings." To capitalise I think the independent sector will have to be equally as aggressive as the casual dining sector was to win back and keep its share of the market. As the casual dining branded restaurants close reducing competition on the high street the independent business which is prepared to invest and market themselves, embrace new ideas and concepts will gain significantly. But make no mistake, in the hospitality industry the best survive and the worst close, and I’m pretty sure all our readers are savvy enough to know that just because the casual dining sector is closing restaurant after restaurant does not mean customers will automatically make their way over to your business. Discerning customers may give you a try, but if you’re not up to scratch you will not see them again. This is a real opportunity and a hugely welcome one, we will here at CLH News continue to introduce to you products and services that will help you improve your business and what you sell, and will also continue to bring you articles from experts within the industry to provide best practice, hints and tips, advice and guidance which will help make your business grow in turnover and profitability. I for one am hugely excited, this day has been a long time coming!

Peter Adams

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EDITOR Peter Adams

SALES EXECUTIVES David Bartlett Guy Stephenson


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Hospitality Gains As Consumer Spending Grows 3.8 Per Cent In February

Pubs and restaurants saw positive growth in February according to Data from Barclaycard, which processes nearly half of the nation’s credit and debit card transactions. Research revealed that entertainment spending particularly in pubs and restaurants was a driving force, performing strongly at 8.6 per cent. This was bolstered by cinema and theatre spending rebounding from five months of contraction to rise 7.4 per cent year-on-year, as Black Panther and the much-anticipated second release of tickets for the musical Hamilton boosted purchases at the box office. Restaurants and pubs remained healthy at 9.7 per cent and 10.0 per cent growth respectively, albeit not quite matching the strong spells of double-digit rises seen in 2017. Continuing the trend of consumers seeking out experiences, travel spending jumped 7.4 per cent year-on-year – the highest level seen since

The Stable Cider of The Year Awards THE STABLE, the cathedral to cider and gourmet pizza, is excited to announce the launch of its first ever Cider of the Year Awards, in cooperation with Crafty Nectar, Cider Box and its very own Cider Ambassador, Gabe Cook. The competition will run throughout the year and will be judged by cider experts and customers at The Stable’s 17 locations.

The awards started earlier this month when The Stable invited cider makers from across the country to enter their ciders in to the first round. These entries will be judged and shortlisted by cider experts from Crafty Nectar, Cider Box and The Stable. The 10 shortlisted ciders will then be on sale in all The Stable locations for approximately six months and, during this time, will be voted on by its customers. Votes will be gathered and counted on 1 September, with the top five ciders going



December 2016, driven by a strong increase in airlines (6.8 per cent). This growth could be set to continue as one in four consumers (25 per cent) say they plan to spend more on holidays in the month to come. Yet despite this propensity to spend on entertainment and travel, the mood amongst UK consumers remains subdued, with political uncertainty weighing heavily on consumers’ minds. With this month marking precisely one year before the UK is set to split with the EU, Brexit continues to be a cause for concern, with half of consumers (50 per cent) worrying that the outcome of negotiations will leave them worse off than they are now – a rise of 4 per cent compared to the month before. More generally, consumers remain downbeat about their current spending power, with only half (54 per cent) feeling confident in their household finances, in line with January’s lacklustre levels. Rising prices are still causing many to feel the pinch: four in ten (39 per cent) Brits report they have less money to spend now than they did this time last year. Of these, two-thirds (67 per cent) say it is because their weekly shop seems more expensive than it used to be. Paul Lockstone, Managing Director at Barclaycard, said: “This is the third consecutive month that we’ve seen household spending growth above the prevailing rate of inflation suggesting that, while consumers remain cautious about their household finances, they continue to strike a balance between spending on essentials and on luxuries, whether that’s a holiday abroad or tickets for the latest blockbuster. “With a year to go before Brexit, consumers are cautious about the potential ramifications of whatever settlement the UK achieves, and half of us fear that the outcome will leave us worse off than we are now. As negotiations continue it’s likely that this will continue to weigh on sentiment.”

through to the final. The final round of judging will take place on Friday 14 at a yet to be disclosed location. The winning cider will then be The Stable’s Cider of the Month for October 2018 and will have a place on all of the restaurants’ Cider Experiences for a year. David Gough, Operations Director for The Stable, said: “I can’t wait to see this competition unfold. Getting the ball rolling by sending out the invitations for the first round was very exciting. Entries are certainly not restricted to these invitees and I highly encourage other cider makers to enter – both British and international. I’m looking forward to serving the shortlisted ciders in The Stable’s restaurants in the second round. That’s what makes these awards unique – they aren’t just decided by a board of judges, but our customers too, whose opinions we value dearly. During the judging period, we’re expecting to serve over 500,000 pints of cider – so this is going to be a huge competition.”

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• Consumer spending grew 3.8 per cent year-on-year in February, marking the third consecutive month in which growth rose above the prevailing rate of inflation • Entertainment remained strong, driven by 7.4 per cent growth in cinema and theatre spending as Black Panther and the much-anticipated second release of Hamilton tickets boosted Britain’s box offices • Consumer confidence in household finances remains subdued, with half of Brits worrying that the outcome of Brexit negotiations will have a negative impact on their purchasing power

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March 2018

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March 2018

How The Food And Hospitality Masterchef The Professionals 2018: Applications Now Open Industry Can Spice Up Its Marketing ONE OF television’s most popular BBC 2Cooking competition MasterChef: The Professionals is for applications.

BRAND AMBASSADORS, face-to-face marketing and experiential activations can deliver major benefits for restaurants and fastfood chains, driving footfall and engaging new audiences, says Dorian Payne, Head of Operations at StreetPR. In the hospitality industry, restaurants and fast-food operators are used to the idea of hiring temporary staff – after all, they rely on part-time waiters and kitchen workers to respond to the fluctuations in demand that is a fundamental challenge in the catering business. But just as you wouldn’t hire an experienced waiter to cook the food, or a chef to wait tables, you shouldn’t hire waiters and cooks to be brand ambassadors. We’re talking completely different skill sets here. It’s all about the right people for the right roll… sorry, role. Your cooks and your service staff are very definitely promoting your business – but they’re doing it by doing the jobs they’re best at. If you want someone to get diners through your doors, then you need trained and professional brand ambassadors who will be able to engage with existing and potential customers. You can deploy face-to-face marketers anywhere where your target audience is likely to be. We’ve got some clients who use our staff as greeters on or around the entrance to their restaurants, starting up conversations with passers-by or people already queuing inside, explaining the concept and the ethos behind the venue and any specials there may be and generally making them feel welcome. It sounds very American, but younger Brits are so used to this kind of direct approach that they don’t have a problem with it. Other clients use brand ambassadors to rove around nearby to their venues, handing out flyers and samples and generally raising the profile of the outlet. It’s all about getting the passing trade to actually stop and go in. If you haven’t used brand ambassadors and face-to-face marketers before, one key thing to understand is that they work best when they are integrated into your other marketing plans. It’s like cooking itself – all the ingredients in a recipe should complement each other, working in harmony to deliver something tasty and satisfying. The other key benefit of face-to-face marketing is its flexibility – you can spice it up when you need to; it’s highly targeted and very cost-effective. That’s why so many restaurant and fast-food chains use it. In fact, you could argue that they’ve been using it for a lot

longer that marketing has existed – there were almost certainly people on the streets of Ancient Rome extolling the virtues of the local taverna. However, there’s a difference between hiring a barker or a tout to drive traffic and employing professional brand ambassadors. To create a meaningful and long-lasting brand these days, you need consistency of message. That’s where companies like StreetPR come in. We’ve worked with dozens of companies in the hospitality industry, helping them promote new restaurant openings, highlight a revamped menu, and help smooth out seasonal dips in trade with targeted promotions and sampling activity. As with any marketing, the first thing client marketers have to do is understand the core business strengths and the market they cater to. These may differ depending on where sites are, whether they are offering fine dining, convenience or fast-food, and even the national cuisine on offer. Don’t forget that the audience profile will also change according to day of the week, time of day and season. Are you happy with your current user base, or are there groups you aren’t reaching? Who could benefit from your services – parents with kids, older people, time-poor professionals? What do you want your marketing to do? Is it to drive more footfall across your entire estate, or do you want to focus on individual sites? Are you adding new menu items or special offers? Are you opening entirely new restaurants or outlets? Look at what your existing marketing strategy is, then look at how brand ambassadors can contribute to that strategy and leverage other media channels – or be leveraged by them. Face-to-face activity works really well with social media, for example – you can use it to generate content which can amplify what you’re doing on the street or in your venues. Just handing out leaflets can work really well – so long as the leaflets have the right offer on and are handed out to the right people in the right place at the right time (a bit like delivering the right meal to the right diner in a reasonable time!). We’ve had clients tell us that people are walking in with leaflets they’ve had stuck on the fridge up to six months after a campaign has run (incidentally, you should always consider putting a time-limit on offers in leaflets, ads and even on social media). An additional benefit is that you can run very tightly targeted and highly cost effective campaigns, selecting locations within a set distance from your venues or around those places you know your key audience will be (upmarket High Streets or transport hubs, for example). We’re living in an ‘always connected’ world, so exploit that, and people’s obsession with sharing every element of their lives, to create buzz about your brand and your services. Face-to-face engagement allows restaurant and fast-food brands and marketers to start and exploit conversations around the foods you offer with your key audiences.

01704 229266 James Peet's potted shrimps are produced using only carefully selected brown shrimps from UK inshore waters.

James - a shrimp fisherman for over 30 years following

the family tradition - has refined the traditional potted

shrimp to a level where he has been awarded a top 50

accolade at the Great Taste Awards 2017.

This year, Marcus Wareing, Monica Galetti and Gregg Wallace will return to judge the competition. Applicants must be aged 20 or above on 25 April 2018 and be a resident of the UK. They also need to have worked for at least two years as a chef in a professional kitchen and/or have the necessary NVQ qualifications. 22-year-old Craig Johnston, sous chef at the Michelinstarred Royal Oak Paley Street near Maidenhead, Berkshire, won last year’s MasterChef: the Professionals. The show ran for six weeks and saw 48 chefs battle it out in the kitchen. Johnston said: “This is a dream come true. I’ve loved

every single minute of it. My career is just beginning, I’ll have to hold on tight as it’ll probably be a bumpy ride, but I’m looking forward to it.” Wareing added: “You don’t come across chefs like this very often. It’s very rare. I have to say that, truthfully we’ve just found a star of the future.” A worldwide phenomenon MasterChef fever hasn’t just hit the UK. In fact, it is the most travelled food format in the world. To date, 58 territories have launched their own version of the programme. Since its inception, over 300 million viewers worldwide have tuned in to watch contestants transform their lives through a passion for cooking and the phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down! The application form can be found

LGA Responds to UK Live Music Census RESPONDING TO the results of the UK’s first live music census announced in February, which showed that increasing business rates and noise level restrictions are affecting small live music venues, Chair of the LGA’s Culture, Tourism and Sport Committee, Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said: “Live music venues form part of the cultural lifeblood of our communities and councils want to do everything they can to help protect and maintain them, while balancing this against the needs of neighbours and other residents. “The Government only last month accepted our call, alongside the Music Venue Trust and others, for a strengthening of the planning rules to help protect live venues including pubs, theatres, music and concert halls. “This much-needed, common sense update will help achieve a fair and balanced solution between the obligations

of housing developers and protecting our vital grassroots music scene, as the law needs to recognise and reflect what both our residents and visitors want. “Increasing demand for housing in town and city centres means councils have a duty to help meet this need while also wanting to safeguard what makes our local areas distinctive and attractive, including live performance venues. “At the moment someone can knowingly move next door to such a venue and then decide afterwards that the music is a nuisance, in the same way that it is not right for a venue to install a speaker system without consideration for nearby residents. “The Government’s adoption of the Agent of Change principle means that a person or business responsible for a change in noise conditions will become responsible for managing that change, rather than the burden falling unfairly on already-established venues or long-time residents who were in place before the change was made.”

LPG Fuels Major Savings For Luxury Hotel

ENERGY COSTS can represent a significant percentage of any business’s overheads, and hotels are no exception – especially those off the gas grid, many of which are still relying on oil. Flogas Britain, a leading UK LPG supplier, specialises in helping off-grid businesses make the transition from oil to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Recently, it did just that for Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire – reducing its energy costs by a substantial 21.8%, and its carbon emissions by an impressive 23%. The luxury off-grid hotel boasts 196 rooms, 18 meeting rooms, a spa, two golf courses, two restaurants, 10 wedding ceremony venues and a three-acre vineyard, and attracts more than 20,000 guests each year. A significant

amount of energy is needed to power its heating, hot water and cooking facilities – so it was vital for the hotel to find a reliable, cost-effective and efficient energy solution. At the time, Carden Park’s General Manager Hamish Ferguson explained: “We researched other off-grid options, such as renewables, but LPG just made total sense for us. Not only did it provide the quickest payback period, but we’re now saving 277 tonnes of carbon each year in the process.” Flogas managed the oil to LPG conversion at Carden Park from start to finish, and fitted 10 LPG tanks discreetly underground in the vineyard to ensure they didn’t impact the landscape for guests and visitors. For more information, please visit See the advert on the facing page.

Hospitality Industry Responds To PHE’s Calorie Reduction Report THE UK’S leading hospitality trade body, UKHospitality, has warned Public Health England (PHE) not to overburden hospitality businesses as it unveiled its Calorie Reduction report. The report unveiled new evidence surrounding childhood and adult obesity as well as further measures to combat the problem, including a challenge to the food industry to reduce calories in products consumed by families by 20% by 2024, along with the launch of the latest One You campaign, encouraging adults to consume 400 calories at breakfast, and 600 for lunch and dinner respectively. UKHospitality and its members are strongly committed to working with policymakers to address the complex and multi-faceted causes of obesity, and are playing their part by educating the hospitality workforce on developing, preparing and promoting healthier meals. Manufacturers, distributers and caterers have long been making significant, costly contributions to improve the nutrition of products and provide healthier alternative choices for its customers, despite punishing commercial conditions and unrelenting pressure on margins. UKHospitality will continue to liaise with PHE and the Department of Health in pursuit of our shared ambition to reduce childhood and adulthood obesity. Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of UKHospitality, said: “The hospitality industry has a long track record of promoting healthy lifestyles though reformulating recipes; offering healthier options; and reducing sugar, salt, fat and calories in meal options. To help support businesses, last year we produced an Industry

Nutrition Guide to help every chef and catering manager in the UK provide healthier choices for customers. “In order to build on this progress, it is crucial that government initiatives do not place undue pressure on businesses, which may derail ongoing work to promote healthy lifestyles. In meetings, UKHospitality have repeatedly raised issues with PHE about its sugar programme – ‘Sugar reduction: achieving the 20%’ – and its data collection methodology, which precludes many businesses from engaging and demonstrating their good work. The new calorie reduction programme will, too, be a tough ask for many within the catering industry because, unlike retailers and manufacturers, menus and recipes come in all shapes and sizes. “There is also a question surrounding cost for hospitality operators. Our members have consistently altered menu choices – at great expense – to reduce calories and provide healthier options. With severe pressure on hospitality businesses across the board, demonstrated by recent restaurant closures, now is not the time to put further stress on operators to meet targets. “We also believe that ensuring good nutrition and reducing the level of childhood obesity requires a holistic approach. We would like to see industry efforts to tackle childhood obesity complemented by a stronger emphasis on nutrition and physical exercise in the school curriculum, as well as a significantly improved education around food for children and adults alike. “We will continue to work with our members, government, and Public Health England to tackle childhood obesity. Supporting the industry in promoting healthy living and driving best practice remains a priority for UKHospitality”.

Small Firms Cheer Certainty For New EU Workers RESPONDING TO the announcement that EU nationals arriving in the UK after Brexit day are guaranteed the opportunity to secure permanent residency, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chairman Mike Cherry, said: “Small firms all over the UK will welcome the offer of permanent residency for EU nationals arriving during the post-Brexit transition period. One in five small businesses with staff on their books employs an EU national. And this is at a time when small businesses are struggling to find the skills and talent they need to grow and become more productive. “It’s essential that EU workers who come to the UK during the transition period are certain of their right to settle permanently. Employers also need this certainty to plan ahead and ensure their businesses can flourish. We must avoid cliff edge moments. “It’s encouraging to see the Government showing that the UK is still welcoming talented workers from the EU. With employment levels close to record highs, securing the right staff is a significant challenge for small firms and vital for the UK economy.


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March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

March 2018

Alcoholic Beverage Dispensing Technology Five Top Tips To Partnering With A Restaurant Delivery Service Provider Likely to Challenge Brand Loyalty Comment from John Oakes, CEO, Revenue Management Solutions (RMS)

WITH SELF-SERVE alcoholic beverage dispensing technology gathering market momentum, major brands may need to adapt to ensure consumer loyalty, says leading data and analytics company GlobalData. The company’s report, ‘ForeSights: Self-serve Alcoholic Beverage Dispensing Technology’ states that the new on-premise concept has the potential to disrupt the bar and restaurant industry by enabling consumers to dispense their own alcoholic beverages from taps. The technology, which tracks consumer behavior and encourages sampling, presents both opportunities and challenges to alcohol manufacturers. As alcoholic beverages are age-restricted in most markets, service staff must provide drinks in bars, restaurants and other establishments. This results in long wait times and poor service at peak hours, which can lead to lost sales. Some pub operators, like Wetherspoon in the UK, have introduced apps that allow consumers to order from their seats and avoid lines, but this still requires intervention from wait staff. Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at GlobalData, says: “Self-serve alcoholic beverage technology frees the consumer from having to wait for beverage service in a crowded situation. Once an establishment validates a consumer is of legal drinking age and is not over-served, it provides the consumer with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) card or

bracelet to enable self-service of alcoholic beverages. The RFID system can link to a credit card for payment.” Much of the appeal of self-serve alcoholic beverage dispensing technology is linked to three major benefits– reduced waste, improved consumer choice (and sales) and lower labor costs (as bars and restaurants can reduce staff since consumers would be serving themselves to some degree). Vierhile adds: “The technology encourages sampling while tracking consumer behavior at a granular level. Unlike with bottled products, a consumer does not have to commit to or purchase an entire bottle to try a new beverage.” GlobalData’s Q3 2016 consumer survey found that consumers globally are much more likely to try new or different varieties of wine, ale and craft beer than other types of alcoholic beverages, including spirits and cocktails. People between the legal drinking age and 24 are over twice as likely to often try different ales/craft beers than consumers aged 65-plus (25% versus 12%), but these age differences do not exist for wine. Vierhile concludes: “Bars and restaurants have been the primary targets for self-serve alcoholic beverage technology, but new installations in supermarkets, hotels and other hospitality venues like cruise ships indicate that the concept may have broader application than first thought. Major brands may have to find new ways to encourage consumers to be brand-loyal in a climate that encourages sampling.”

IT’S NO secret that consumers are seeking convenience, resulting in a drive towards on-demand delivery. Most restaurant operators see the shift as a good thing for business, with some even moving to a delivery-only model. The trend is here to stay. Indeed, UK food industry insight specialist NPD Group reported that the eating out market grew delivery traffic by 0.7% in the year to June 2017, meaning an additional 74 million visitors to restaurant delivery and click-and-collect services. The majority of this growth was through delivery, which contributed 52 million new visits to the market during the same time period - a 9% increase, valuing the delivery market as a whole at £3.6bn towards the end of last year.

While this trend is great for customer convenience, how should restaurant operators pick the right delivery partner for them, whilst ensuring the likes of Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEATS help not only the customer but also the operator’s bottom line? Certainly, it makes sense to broaden the customer base beyond the diners who walk into a restaurant. However, as operators weigh up the various services out there, they need to bear in mind that any partner should help their business as much as the partner helps their own. This should all tie into a deep understanding of an operator’s profitability, and to having front-of-mind that customer satisfaction, efficiency of operation and the delivery of a quality brand experience are all critical to long-term success. With the above in mind, here are five key points for operators to consider before partnering with a delivery service provider: 1.Choose a partner that delivers an experience which matches your brand ethos In the same way first impressions count for customers dining in, it’s extremely doubtful restaurant operators will get a second chance to make that all important first impression on delivery customers, if the food or service is below average. First and foremost, operators must take the time to research a delivery company’s reliability and customer service and at the very least, request statistics on customer satisfaction and average delivery times. Consideration should also be given to how the business trains its team to deliver orders, how it handles complaints, whether it conducts background checks on drivers and how it sets its own benchmarks. Customer satisfaction can easily be checked via third-party sources, such as social media and customer rating websites like Trustpilot. 2.Increased business isn’t better if it doesn’t make

money or add incremental sales The value of each order will vary depending on whether a restaurant is located in a densely or more sparsely populated area. Once the commission percentage has been deducted, which can be anything from 15-30%, operators need to subtract the additional costs of the new service from the net revenue per order, to gauge potential profit margins. If operators plan to offset some of the commission by adding a delivery charge, they need to keep in mind that customers focus on the total cost paid. Just because a £4 delivery charge might not seem exorbitant compared to other local area services, customers sensitivities to pricing should always be given top priority. To give you an example, if a customer orders a meal which comes to £11.99, will they still place that order when the final total with delivery is £15.99? Operators should be using transaction data to analyse price sensitivities before setting delivery costs, which should be a natural extension of how menu prices for walk-in customers are determined. 3.Time is critical: make sure the restaurant is ready to handle deliveries efficiently A worldwide, six-month research project conducted in 2016 by global consulting firm McKinsey & Company revealed that speed of delivery is the biggest variable in customer satisfaction, with an average 60% of consumers citing it as a key factor. In consumer thinking, the optimal wait time is no more than 60 minutes. Therefore, an operator needs to design their menu, packaging and on-site processes with speed in mind. Are the products easily prepared and assembled? Is the delivery technology integrated with the restaurant’s in-house EPoS system to ensure the cooking process back-of-house is seamless? Can food be collected by delivery partners in a way that won’t negatively affect in-restaurant processes? 4.Know your return on investment when it comes to providing a delivery service To analyse the return on investment, it’s important that delivery data is tracked correctly and integrated with the EPoS data to give an informed understanding of how customers use the various channels, such as eat-in, collection and delivery, together with how they purchase. These insights will also enable operators to develop channel-specific communication to ensure consumers return again and again. 5.Avoid long-term commitments. Conduct regular performance checks and set out clear expectations Many restaurants use multiple delivery providers, partly to cover their risk in case one fails to perform or indeed goes out of business. Operators must not be afraid to drop a service if the delivery doesn’t mirror the quality experience diners receive when visiting the restaurant. In summary, restaurant operators need to consider all options and to remember that many delivery companies are doing a great job. The advantages for an operator include broadening the customer base, building incremental sales and brand loyalty on days when the customer doesn’t usually come into the restaurant, which can be all the incentive needed in the quest to drive brand loyalty. For further information about Revenue Management Solutions (RMS), visit or call 020 3755 0960



Kitchen Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) is a brand that has been developed by Ecovery Innovations to maximise and exploit discarded waste energy from cooking equipment, by converting it into FREE heating and food-safe hot water. KERS is capable of: 4 4

4 4 4

Generating up to 3,000 litres of water a day to 65 degrees

A kitchen with a gas heated twin tank fryer and a salamander serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to 120 customers per sitting with a KERS installation will save at least £4,000 per year

Recovered energy can be used to lift main water temperatures; heat kitchen make-up air; run central heating systems or heat potable hot water

Reducing CO2 emissions by up to eight tonnes per year and achieving a payback on investment in 18 months

Can easily be integrated into your existing water heater boiler or thermal storage Telephone 0845 1220724

Britain Continues To Eat-Out Despite Closures and Weather THE BRITISH public continued to go out to eat and drink in February – in spite of the cold weather and the negative media stories around restaurant chain closures. Latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker show that collective like-for-like sales for managed pub and restaurant groups were slightly up 0.2% compared to the same month last year. However, restaurant brands had a much rougher month than pubs, with collective like-for-likes down 1.5%, in contrast to a 1.3% increase for managed pubs. London fared better than the rest of GB, with like-for-likes up 0.8% compared to flat trading across the rest of the country. ‘Most of the effects of the major snow disruption will show up in the March data, but even so, to come out effectively even for February as a whole shows the resilience of both the sector and consumers,’ said Peter Martin, vice president of CGA, the business insight consultancy that produces the Tracker, in partnership with Coffer Group and RSM. ‘What’s not clear is how the bad publicity around certain high profile restaurant brands closing sites has affected the market or individual choices,’ he said. Mark Sheehan, managing director of Coffer Corporate Leisure, said: ‘Contrary to media reports the eating and drinking out market remains stable, as these figures show. The restaurant sector has had terrible press over the past few weeks but in reality, consumers are still eating out. We also continue to see pub operators out performing restaurants.’ CGA’s BrandTrack consumer research also shows frequency of eating out remaining stable. ‘Where people choose to go in a competitive market where choice has

March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


never been greater is different matter, however. Our consumer research shows people are more willing than ever to try somewhere new,’ added Martin. Paul Newman, head of leisure and hospitality at RSM, said that the snow that affected many parts of the country earlier this month could not have come at a worse time for the sector. ‘Operators would have been looking to shore up their finances ahead of March’s quarterly rent demands. This deadline typically coincides with a working capital low point for many and on the back of February’s weak data, could be the catalyst for further site closures and restructurings,’ he added. CGA’s latest Business Leaders survey showed that senior executives are expecting more business failures this year and a pull back on expansion plans. ‘This is already reflected in the Coffer Peach numbers,’ concluded Peter Martin. ‘New sites are still being opened but casual dining chains in the cohort are now rolling out at a rate below that of the pub companies. Over the last 12 months, total sales growth, reflecting new openings as well as closures, was 3.8% for restaurant groups compared to 4.3% for managed pub and bar chains.’ ‘Although the February numbers will bring some comfort to operators, they are still below inflation, and with the extra business costs around property, people and food prices, it remains a challenging trading environment,’ Martin said. Underlying like-for-like growth for the companies in the Tracker cohort, which represents both large and small groups, was running at 1.1% for the 12 months to the end of February, including 0.4% for casual dining chains and 1.4% for pub and bar groups.

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall Helps Brew Her Own Beer

ARKELL’S BREWERY welcomed HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to Arkell’s Brewery last month to help celebrate the brewery’s 175th anniversary year Arkell’s is Swindon’s oldest business, and one of just 29 old family breweries left in the UK. Arkell’s Chairman James Arkell, said: “We were thrilled to welcome The Duchess, who met our family, many of our staff, shareholders and members of the local community. She toured the brewery and helped ‘swing the valentine’.” Swinging the Valentine controls the flow of wort – liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing process – from the mash into the underback. It’s an essential part of the brewing process at Arkell’s, and the Wiltshire brewery is believed to be the only one in the country which still has a swinging valentine (it’s not known why it’s called a swinging valentine!). The Duchess toured the brewery, met dozens of Arkell’s staff, many of them local families who have had family members working at the brewery as long as the Arkell’s themselves. She also unveiled a plaque to officially open the brewery’s new shop and heritage centre, The Grape and Grain. The Duchess Ale, brewed in her honour, has been made using barley (a variety called Plumage Archer) from Prince

Charles’ Highgrove Estate near Tetbury. It’s the first time Arkell’s has brewed a beer using Plumage Archer, which gives a dark malty base to the beer. This is balanced by using tropical, fruity hops from America. The brewery was established in 1843 as an offshoot to the family farm near Swindon, at the same time as Isambard Kingdom Brunel was building his Great Western Railway. Arkell’s beers helped quenched the thirst of workers in the locomotive works. Swindon’s historic railway works may have closed in the 1980s, but Arkell’s Brewery continues to thrive, with four members of the Arkell’s family currently at the helm: Chairman James Arkell; his cousin Nick Arkell, Head of Wines and Spirits, and James’ sons George and Alex Arkell are Managing Director and Head Brewer respectively. The brewery is also planning a year-long celebration, including a Beer Festival at its Kingsdown Brewery, on 15th September. James Arkell added: “Arkell’s pubs sit at the heart of our local communities and they are at the heart of everything we do.” Arkell’s ales include Award-winning beers such as Wiltshire Gold, 3Bs, Kingsdown and Hoperation. The brewery also brews an award-winning lager: 1843. Special ales are brewed regularly, with head brewer, Alex Arkell, keeping the art of craft ale alive, offering drinkers new tastes and flavours.

The Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News Group is published by RBC Publishing Ltd, Suite 4, Roddis House, Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset. Contributions are welcome for consideration, however, no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage. Views expressed within this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher or the editorial team. Whilst every care is taken when compiling this publication to ensure accuracy, the publisher will assume no responsibility for any effects, errors or omissions therefrom. All rights reserved, reproduction is forbidden unless written permission is obtained. All material is assumed copyright free unless otherwise advised.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

March 2018

How Can Restaurant Operators Deal With The Epidemic That Is No-Shows

THE UK hospitality industry is facing pressure from all sides, what with Brexit, the National Living Wage and increases in food prices, business rates and rents. That’s not to mention people shortages across front and back-of-house. Recent news has also focused on established chains and indeed independent operators having to restructure and close sites, and now the industry is facing another crisis: the rise in no-shows. Restaurants are reporting an increase in weekly no-shows of up to 20% in some establishments, costing businesses thousands of pounds in lost income. What’s causing this modern epidemic? Here Nick Telson, Co-founder of DesignMyNight, the leading UK online discovery portal for the hospitality and events industries, together with Collins Booking System – all part of the Access Group, discusses the no-show phenomenon, looking at what can be done to tackle the most recent thorn in the industries side. How much more of a battering can the hospitality industry take and what do operators need to do to stay afloat against these mounting challenges? The industry is indeed facing a lot of pressure. However, I believe operators who “do it well” are still thriving. When I say “it”, I mean no matter how advanced technology becomes, we must remember we are still in the business of hospitality and the customer experience must remain number-one. It’s the welcoming smile, the front-of-house team member who understands the menu and allergies, and the ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude, which should underpin our industry. I’m a firm believer that great service and an even greater experience can, and does make up for average food and drinks. For chains, I think consistency of experience, offering and quality is vital. Customers want to know, wherever they choose to dine, that the experience will always be up to a certain level. For me, both of these aspects outweigh the promotions/offers game so many operators fall into. Research shows, if a customer has an excellent dining experience on their first visit, there is still only a 40% chance they’ll come back. After their second excellent visit, the chances of a repeat visit are still only at 42%. However, after the third excellent visit, that likelihood rockets to 70%. So… the learnings here for operators are, know your customer, know their loyalty to your brand and ensure they have a wonderful experience, no matter how small the gestures. To give you an example, Duncan Garrood, the new CEO of Bill’s, shared this recently: One of our waiters learned a customer’s daughter had just come from a

long hospital stay and was celebrating by having lunch with us, as she started her home convalescence. She had a great meal and then our waiter arranged a get well soon gift basket for her to take home, with some biscuits for her dog. The family and especially the daughter won’t forget this. It is this level of service and attention to detail which will elevate one operator above another, ensuring they remain relevant in a saturated marketplace. Would you recommend that operators name and shame no-shows? I’m not convinced that naming and shaming no-shows will solve the problem. It’s a short term win, which in the moment, may help to relieve frustrations and anger - however, won’t solve the underlying problem. Operators need to be using technology, whilst educating customers about the ramifications to the industry. How can operators and indeed the wider industry educate consumers on the impact of no-shows on restaurants? Operators and service providers need to work together as one community to highlight the impact of no-shows to the press and through social media channels. Restaurants, no matter how large, are businesses which employ a tonne of people who rely on that employment for their livelihood. It’s very simple, multiple noshows puts jobs at risk. Customers tip waiting staff because they appreciate the job they do and know they often rely on tips to maintain a liveable wage. Noshows are the opposite of this, putting jobs at risk. These are the stories we need to be putting out to the media and through social. These are the stories which resonate with consumers – not angry posts naming and shaming. How do operators stop consumers booking two or three restaurants in an evening only to turn up at one? DesignMyNight includes Collins, a leading online hospitality platform that helps operators manage bookings and enquiries. At Collins, clients are encouraged to use the card authentication system at the point of booking. This is a secure, mobile-friendly way to secure a reservation and real-time booking. We haven’t experienced any adverse reactions from customers – simply because if they’re going to show up for a booking, they’d have no reason not to. It also allows the venue to lock down the reservation without any extra work from their team. And, if the customer doesn’t show? There is a one-click redeem button, to pull the authenticated money from the customer’s account into the operators - and all as part of an automated process. To give you an example, a restaurant group came to us with a no-show rate of around 20% of all bookings across the week. We implemented the card authentication system, pre-ordering for groups and “double-confirmation” texts, which pushed the no-show rate down to 1.5%, as well as facilitating 18% more bookings through the group’s own websites. Another client reported the system saw their no-shows drop to one in 500 bookings, with further investigation revealing the one who didn’t show simply got the day wrong! Would you recommend that operators request a deposit on booking to deal with the issue of no-shows, bearing in mind, that some have tried and then experienced a decline in bookings? Operators need to manage this with discretion. Does an operator need to take card authorisation for a group of two diners on a Monday? Probably not. I’d recommend tailoring it to the busier service periods. So for example, deploying it on bookings of six or over from Monday to Wednesday, groups of four or more on a Thursday and across all bookings on a Friday and Saturday. A card-authentication is a lot “softer” than a deposit; which will alleviate the concern of a drop in bookings. Do you think operators are doing enough to deal with the issue of no-shows? Operators are trying with the tools they have to deal with the issue of noshows. However, a great deal of this is manual and hugely labour intensive, with hosts/managers having to call customers to double-check they’re coming in, or

for card details. With the 100s of other tasks front of house need to deliver every day, the reality is checks will at times get missed. To alleviate this for operators, our system texts customers before they are due, and they simply reply YES or NO to confirm their booking. We’ve seen great success with this because we know customers don’t mind a quick SMS. I would also recommend that operators mark customers as no-shows in their booking system. This allows them to keep a list of regular offenders and send them a friendly, but informative email or they have the option to stop them from making future bookings. We are also currently exploring Uber-style client ratings, where operators can star-rate customers based on no-shows, behaviour etc. This would put the power firmly back into the hands of the operator, allowing them to act as they see fit. Do you agree customers should be able to cancel their booking up to 24/48 hours before without being hit with a cancellation policy? I think there needs to be a transition period of changing the customer’s mindset. After all, it’s better for them to cancel, than not show up at all. An operator can always try to fill the space or re-market through a waitlist or social media channels. Sometimes there will be a legitimate reason for a customer to cancel, which the majority of operators do get. However, if an operator is busy and booked out well in advance, then as long as the cancellation policy is clear and upfront - not hidden in loads of T&Cs, then customers tend to be fine with it. Transparency is key here. It has been said that operators should be doing what airlines, stadia and theatres have been doing for decades and sell tickets for tables. How do you feel about this? Collins has the ability to take a payment at the point of booking, which is essentially a ‘ticket’, and for the right operator with demand, this works. However, my view is a booking plus card authentication is more suitable then selling a physical ticket. If an operator is hosting an actual event, perhaps a steak and wine night, then tickets would be appropriate to prevent no-shows and secure the income upfront, but I wouldn’t recommend tickets for individual dinner reservations. Interestingly, the bar industry has been taking payment upfront for a long time for pre-booked business, and it seems more acceptable in this sector. Theoretically, there is no reason why restaurants couldn’t follow suit, tiering the cost like airlines. So, for more in-demand or high footfall days of the week, operators could command more premium booking conditions. Are there any marketing tools operators can adopt to stop the scourge of no-shows? Operators should be educating their customers via email, through their websites and social media channels - appealing to their better nature, whilst explaining the huge impact on the industry and the people within it. What are your three top tips for operators struggling to deal with no-shows? 1. Start taking upfront card authentications for busier periods and see whether this has an impact on decline of bookings versus no-shows. I would say it won’t 2. Be upfront with customers via your website, on the booking journey and through social media, telling them how important it is to respect the no-show problem. You’ll find the majority of customers will react better to the issue when they realise the significant impact on the industry 3. Use pre-ordering as a mechanism to act as a deposit while also up-selling to the customer Human nature is not something we can change but the no-show battle is one we can win. For further information about Colllins by DesignMyNight, visit

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The Homarium range of lobster and shellfish displays are specifically designed for the purpose of maximum customer impact and optimum conditions for crustaceans and shellfish.



March 2018

Business Leaders Hopeful for Growth Amid Mounting Challenges LEADERS IN the eating and drinking out sector anticipate a tough year of trading in 2018, but remain resilient yet realistic around their future prospects. That is the headline finding of CGA’s exclusive 2018 Business Leaders’ Survey, produced in partnership with Barclaycard. This annual poll of senior industry leaderspinpoints the opportunities and challenges facing pubs, bars and restaurants over the next 12 months. The report shows that operators have entered this year on the back of a difficult 2017. For the first time in the history of the survey, more leaders reported that their performance had been below expectations (33%) over the last six months than above expectations (26%). Only a third of leaders (34%) say they are now optimistic about the eating and drinking out market as a whole over the next 12 months. Causes for concern The dip in confidence is the result of a cocktail of challenges. CGA’s Survey identifies business rates as the leading cause for concern in 2018, followed by the implementation of the National Living Wage, rising food costs and market saturation. After a string of news stories about casual dining restaurant closures, and with CGA’s Outlet Index measuring 4,000 more restaurants than in 2013, there are mounting concerns that supply is outstripping demand in many areas of Britain. Difficulties are being intensified by Brexit, the poll shows. Two in three leaders (67%) say their business has been negatively affected by the UK’s vote to leave the EU, and there is alarm that the move may impact staff availability, especially in London. The combination of challenges is leading many brands to

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


scale back their new openings in 2018, and the majority of leaders (60%) predict fewer new entrants to the market this year than last. Nine in 10 leaders (90%) expect to see more business failures in 2018 than in 2017. Grounds for optimism Despite the hostile trading environment, leaders remain upbeat about their own businesses. Nearly two thirds (64%) say they are optimistic for their companies’prospects over the next 12 months—down only slightly from the figure (68%) at the start of 2017. Only one in 11 (9%) is pessimistic about the year ahead. CGA’s Business Leaders’ Survey identifies optimism among drinks-led operators in particular. More than two in five leaders (43%) in this sector are optimistic about the general market over the next 12 months, compared to fewer than a third (30%) of food-led firms’ leaders. With evidence of a more sustainable level of supply in drinks-led venues, and the Coffer Peach Business Tracker identifying faster growth for pubs and bars than restaurants in 2017, this part of the market is tipped for a better 2018 than restaurants. Phil Tate, chief executive of CGA, said: “Our Business Leaders’ Survey paints a complex and fascinating picture of prospects for British pubs, bars and restaurants in 2018. With property, people and food costs rising and the twin threats of saturation and Brexit looming large, brands face something of a perfect storm of challenges this year. “But this is a very resilient industry, and our poll shows there are bright spots and opportunities for growth in the market too. People will continue to enjoy eating and drinking out in 2018, and operators that can best understand and deliver the experiences that consumers crave will be the winners in an ultra-competitive market.”

Average Dinner Date Spend Revealed NEW RESEARCH into British attitudes towards paying for meals out has revealed the average amount consumers are willing to part with for key dining dates, with wedding anniversary dinners coming out on top at £97. The research by restaurant booking service OpenTable, the study found that consumers are will to spend an average of: 1. £97 for wedding anniversary dinners 2. £86 on their husband/wife’s birthday dinner 3. £77 – ‘date night’ with their other half 4. £73 on Mother’s Day lunch 5. £72 – dinner with a first date 6. £66 for Father’s Day lunch Perhaps surprisingly, the top three expenditures all involve treating spouses – with wedding anniversary dinners costing almost a third more (£31) than a Father’s Day lunch.

We’re also willing to spend more on Mother’s Day lunch than Father’s Day and on a first date. Adrian Valeriano, OpenTable European vice president, said: “Taking someone out for a meal is the easily one of the best ways of spending time together, connecting over great food and great company. “But the biggest worry can often be how much you should spend – too little and you don’t impress, while too much is seen as extravagant. Tasting menus for special occasions, and offers or set menus on dining holidays like Mother’s Day, provide a fantastic opportunity for diners to opt for something a little special whilst already knowing the cost of the bill before tucking in.” Backing this up, the research also found that “almost four in ten British men insist on splitting the bill when eating out with their other half” – while 23% think it fair to split 50/50, 16% would rather split the bill based on exactly what each person ate/drunk.


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March 2018

Hospitality Employers in Hiring Campaign Amid Brexit Fears, Says Report

HOSPITALITY EMPLOYERS are in the midst of a desperate hiring campaign amid fears that Brexit could leave a shortfall of workers, a report by the ManpowerGroup has found.

The report, released on the day of the Chancellor’s first Spring Statement, ManpowerGroup reveals employers have recorded their most optimistic jobs forecast in over a year, with a national Outlook of +6%. This unexpected lift comes amid sluggish macro-economic data and continuing uncertainty about how we will leave the EU, despite the Brexit clock ticking. But there are worrying signs that surface-level optimism is masking a more uncertain reality, so ManpowerGroup joined calls for the Chancellor to commit to long-term policies around skills which will give UK businesses the clarity they need to invest for the future. The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey is based on responses from 2,102 UK employers. It asks whether employers intend to hire additional workers or reduce the size of their workforce in the coming quarter. It is the most comprehensive, forward-looking employment survey of its kind and is used as a key economic statistic by both the Bank of England and the UK Government. James Hick, Managing Director for ManpowerGroup Enterprise: “Against a backdrop of turmoil in the global markets and continuing national uncertainty, the rise in the national Outlook, to its strongest level in over a year, has confounded expectations. However, this surprise jump in confidence could

actually be a mirage.” Hick continues: “Take the best-performing sector, Hospitality, which is up seven points to +16%, a huge fourteen-point rise since this time last year. On the surface, this might look like a sector that is firing on all cylinders, but this is at odds with the almost daily diet of news about struggles in the sector, such as Jamie’s Italian, which is closing a third of its sites and Byron Burger, which is closing up to 20 branches as part of a rescue plan. Our view on the data is that it shows how desperate employers are to fill vacancies in an industry that is heavily dependent on immigration, with up to 24%1 of all staff coming from the EU. Given that the sector employs around 3 million people, losing that proportion of the workforce would leave a shortfall of three-quarters of a million people. In recent weeks we’ve seen more reports that the number of EU workers arriving in the UK is falling – particularly those from eastern Europe – and employers are racing to make up the shortfall.” The importance of ensuring that hospitality industry has the skills it needs to thrive is recognised across the sector. Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, the trade association for the hospitality industry, comments: “Generating £130bn in revenue each year, the hospitality sector is a key driver of the UK economy. Due to our rapid growth and strong trajectory, a high proportion of our skilled teams come from outside the UK. In order to keep the sector growing we need a new ministerial champion and sector deal that encourages increased, sustainable investment in skills and world-class careers.”

Restaurants to Host Human Trafficking Fundraiser Dinners M RESTAURANTS is launching a limited-edition pop-up at its Victoria Street venue later this month to raise funds for human trafficking organisation, Not For Sale. Supported by online booking site OpenTable, ‘M Is Not For Sale’ will see guests enjoy a champagne reception and fivecourse dinner created by group executive chef, Michael Reid, with 100% of the profits going to the charity. The pop-up will take place during Women’s Empowerment Month (March) and hopes to raise funds for Not for Sale companies, including Amsterdam-based restaurant group, ‘Dignita’, who runs culinary training programmes to rehabilitate victims of exploitation or trafficking. Martin Williams, owner of M Restaurants, explained: “Modern slavery and sex trafficking is a silent cancer in our society, which is as prevalent in hospitality as any other sector – this is a London problem as well as a global problem. “Professor David Batstone (founder of Not For Sale) is leading the fight against human trafficking by building self-sustaining businesses that feed profits into making dramatic and inspiring changes. “At M, we have embraced a philanthropic culture since I founded the company in 2014, so it excites me hugely to support Not For Sale with a series of dinners, which will bring both awareness and funds to support the charity. Professor Batstone added: “Not only does (Not For Sale) look for an alignment of values with our partners – foremost

the respect for human dignity – but we seek out commercial innovators as well. We are known internationally for inventing new solutions, so we only partner with commercial disrupters who aim to redesign their own markets. Martin Williams and M Restaurant meet that criteria perfectly.” Available from 19-24 and 26-29 March, the limited-edition menu costs £75 per person and draws inspiration form “some of the countries where Not For Sale projects have had the biggest impact,” including Peru, Vietnam, Thailand and USA. A different celebrity will also ‘sponsor’ each night – donating raffle prizes and making an appearance – with rapper Tinie Tempah, BBC Radio presenter Simon Mayo and international rugby player, Simon Shaw, all currently signed up. Diners will automatically be entered into the raffle draw each night. Batstone commented: “I am also delighted that we have a group of like-minded celebrities joining us for the (M Victoria Street) pop-up dinners and that our opening night particularly focuses on Women’s Empowerment Month.” Chief executive of OpenTable, Christa Quarles, said: “(OpenTable) couldn’t be prouder to support this cause as the exclusive reservation partner for M is Not for Sale. “At OpenTable, we are passionate about diversity and inclusion and supporting Women’s empowerment. Our business is all about bringing people together around the dining table, and to be able to do this in support of a global issue that effects our industry is incredibly important.” ‘M Is Not For Sale’ tickets can be reserved here:

How to Create an Instagram-worthy Cheeseboard Tips from Adam Woolven, Head Chef at Island Grill THERE’S NO doubt about it, Britain is a nation of cheese lovers. A cheeseboard never disappoints us Brits, but it’s even ‘feta’ when this party favourite looks ‘gouda’ enough for Instagram. Adam Woolven, Head Chef at the eco-friendly Island Grill, created the 40-Mile Cheeseboard with four cheeses all sourced from within forty miles of the restaurant. Here Adam lends his tips on how to fashion a cheeseboard that looks as good as it tastes. Mix It Up Ensure your cheeseboard has a mixture of textures (soft, hard, and crumbly), strengths and sources, such as cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s cheese. Include at least one soft cheese and one blue cheese, but cheddar, stilton and brie are the go-to cheeses for a board. 80g per person should be enough for an after-dinner board and your cheeseboard should always be served at room temperature! Get Fruity If you are looking to make your cheeseboard appealing to the eye, consider filling the board with a range of colours and shapes. Adding fresh and dried fruit to a cheeseboard is effortless but looks impressive, as well as adding a vibrant

touch. In the spring and summer it is best to add cherries and berries; where in the winter you should go for dried apricots, fresh grapes and apples. Cooked apples pair particularly well with cheddar, brie and sheep’s milk cheese! Savoury Touches A solid cheeseboard should include a variety of savoury and salty items such as balsamic onions, olives and roasted nuts - walnuts paired with stilton makes for a classic combination. Other savoury accompaniments could be celery (a great palate cleanser between cheeses!), and of course some crackers, bread and breadsticks. Matching Condiments It goes without saying that condiments should complement the cheese. While a drizzle of honey tends to go well over blue cheeses or goat’s cheese, for something a bit different, pair a strawberry black pepper jam with brie, which is less sweet than a traditional jam. Chutney tastes best with aged cheddar and quince paste can be spread onto crackers and eaten with Manchego cheese. Make sure you don’t forget the butter! Make it Insta-Friendly Sprinkle some edible flowers, dried vine leaves or herb sprigs on the cheeseboard. As well as adding a rather elegant touch, they will create a fragrant aroma to the board when you serve it to your guests.

Brighton Blue: Perfect For A Great British Cheeseboard DELICIOUS, BRITISH and sustainably-made Brighton Blue makes the perfect addition to any cheeseboard. This mild and creamy blue cheese is handcrafted by skilled cheesemakers at the High Weald Dairy in West Sussex using locallysourced milk. It’s a great choice if you are looking to create an allBritish cheeseboard but also holds its own against global competition. At the World Cheese Awards in December, Brighton Blue was recognised as one of the best cheeses in the world with a Super Gold Award. Cheesemaker Mark Hardy said:

“We love seeing the ways restaurants use our cheeses whether that’s as part of a cheese selection or as an ingredient in recipes. We were thrilled when chef George Blogg, of Michelin-starred Gravetye Manor, recently recommended the Dairy as one of his West Sussex food heroes and we’re proud to say that Brighton Blue is a regular on the menu at Gravetye." Brighton Blue is just one of 16 cheeses made at the High Weald Dairy which has been in business for more than 25 years. The range includes cow, sheep and goat milk cheeses and features organic and conventional varieties. All are suitable for vegetarians. To see the full range, visit

Deltic Night Index Reveals Increase in Consumer Spend on a Night Out THE MOST recent quarterly Deltic Night Index, released this month, reveals that consumers spent an average of £59.49 on a night out for the last quarter, up 13.8% from the same period last year. A closer look shows that Brits are spending a significant 26.6% more on predrinks, 25.0% more on transport, and 19.4% more on in-venue drinks, but 9.1% less on food. The report also proves once again that people of all ages still love going out. Over half (58%) of consumers go on a night out at least once a week. Though this is down slightly from last quarter’s 60.1% (the highest rate since the index began), it goes up to 73% among 18 – 21 year olds, and 63.8% among 26 – 30 year olds. The Deltic Night Index is a quarterly report, published by late night leisure leader The Deltic Group, which looks at the changing consumer behaviours in the UK’s evening and late-night leisure sector. This report, which surveyed more than 2,200 people, covers the three-month period from November to January. As well as examining spending, location and frequency trends, each report has a special focus – this quarter’s report investigates the role technology plays in a night out. Key findings: social media • 42.0% of respondents said that seeing other people post about their night out on social media makes them want to go on a night out. Among 18 – 30 year olds this went up to 57.6% • Overall, 41.7% of respondents said they used Facebook when planning a night out, and 37.1% said they use it during a night out. This goes up to 50.4% and 44.2% respectively among 18 – 30 year olds • Among 18 – 21 year olds, more use Snapchat (59.4%) on a night out than Facebook (41.2%). 35.8% use Instagram. For planning a night out, half (50.0%) of 18 – 21 year olds use Facebook, 49.0% use Snapchat and 28.9% use Instagram • After Facebook, Snapchat proved more popular than Instagram for both people planning a night out and during a night out – with 21.0% saying they use Snapchat, and only 17.1% useing Instagram for planning a night out and 26.4% saying they use Snapchat, and only 20.3% using Instagram during a night out

The Natural Food Show

IMMERSE YOURSELF in the world of natural & organic food and drink at this year’s Natural Food Show, held this 22-23 April 2018 at London’s ExCeL. The Natural Food Show is the UK’s only event completely dedicated to natural and organic food, drink, health and nutrition. With this booming sector showing no sign of slowing, this year’s event will showcase over 700 natural and organic suppliers and thousands of vegan, organic, sustainable, free-from and

March 2018

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• However, as many as 43.1% of respondents said that they make an effort to not use their phone on a night out, and 50.8% admitted that they hate it when friends use their phone a lot on a night out • Perhaps unsurprisingly, this number gets higher amongst older age groups. 53.7% of those aged 56+ say they make an effort not to use their phone on a night out, and 59.9% say they hate it when their friends use their phone a lot on a night out, compared to just 38.0% and 44.6% of 18-21 year olds respectively Key findings: apps • 18 – 21 year olds seem to be the early adopters of some of the more technical apps – 14.4% use payment apps when planning a night out, and 14.2% use food delivery apps, compared to just 8.2% and 8.0% overall. The figures are similar for during a night out • Almost half (49.2%) of 18 – 21 year olds felt that apps like Uber and Apple Pay make it easier to go on a night out, while 29.5% said it encouraged them to go on a night out more often Key findings: gender split • Women prefer to use social media to connect with others and to feel safer – 51.6% said it made the feel more connected compared to just 43.8% of men, and 23.7% said it made them feel safer, compared to 21.8% of men • Men are more likely to use apps and tech for convenience, with 43.6% saying it’s more convenient and 18.6% agreeing that it helped them to spend less when out, compared to 37.9% and 16.4% respectively amongst women. Peter Marks, Chief Executive of The Deltic Group commented, “This is now our sixth Deltic Night Index, and it continues to show that the current narrative around a supposed declining demand for a good night out, that millennials don’t like going out, socialising is all online and that the rest of us have outgrown it, simply isn’t true. This quarter alone, 58% of Brits said that they go on a night out at least once a week, which goes up to a massive 73% among 18 – 21 year olds. “In this report we’ve looked at some of the drivers behind this – in particular social media and the emergence of apps such as Uber and Apple Pay. We found that actually, technology is working with us rather than against us.” special-diet product brands all under one roof. Plus, discover hundreds of new product launches, show-only trade offers, the latest industry trends in one of the three dedicated education theatres and network with other retailers and buyers from the sector. One visit to The Natural Food Show, forming part of Natural & Organic Products Europe, is your opportunity to discover thousands of new brands from big name, industry best-sellers to exciting new start-ups. More of your customers are switching to natural alternatives; can you afford to miss out on this growing category? Book your free ticket online at and use priority code NPEF63 when prompted. See the advert on page 9 for further details.



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March 2018

New Study Finds Hoteliers Fear Robot-Run Future Industry Bodies Respond To Spring Statement

A WHITE paper by SiteMinder and IDeaS Revenue Solutions has found that while hoteliers fear a future where their properties are run by robots, they believe artificial intelligence(AI) may be the key to delivering a highly-personalised guest experience. This finding wasbrought to light at a thought leader breakfast held during World Travel Market London inNovember, and during a December webinar, where leading hoteliers conceded that although robots could never replace genuine hospitality, they can decipher big data to learn about guests faster than humans. Monica Or, Consultant at Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy and the facilitator of both events, says one reason for the sentiment is the recognition that hotel guest preferences have become more sophisticated over the last 25 years with the growing accessibility of digital technology. “Hoteliers desperately need to get on board with the technological advances that we all, as consumers, are seeing and experiencing on the day-to-day. Guests today are more tech savvy, so what they have in their homes they now expect in the hotels where they stay,” says Ms Or.

Hoteliers suggested AI could best enhance the guest experience through tailored pricing during the booking process, voice and face recognition upon arrival, and 24/7 customer service during the guests’ stay. According to participants of the study, the future of hospitality should be one that combines technology with a human touch to create an enjoyable but authentic experience. The unexpected challenge found was that many hoteliers continued to overlook the fundamental importance of integrating their systems to gain the insight they needed into their guest data. “Hotels have a wealth of guest intelligence at their disposal. They have the opportunity to understand and analyse every point of the guest experience—and to make more innovative, more informed decisions—but they need information to flow seamlessly through their systems in order to make it work,” says Ruairi Conroy, Managing Director – EMEA at SiteMinder. “There is clearly an identifiable trend within the hospitality sector of leveraging technology to maximise both performance and the guest experience,” says Fabian Specht, EMEA Managing Director at IDeaS. “While inevitably there will be IT challenges to be addressed, AI will play an ever-increasing role in delivering bespoke services to guests—just as it does in other consumer-facing industries.”

GulfHost 2018 Update: New Dates PLUS CESA Negotiates Extra Grants for GB Exhibitors

GULFHOST, THE Dubai-based foodservice equipment show for the Middle East region, has moved the dates for the 2018 show. It will now run from October 30 to November 1 (the original dates were September 16 to 18). Meanwhile CESA has managed to negotiate with the Department of International Trade (DIT) to secure extra funding for UK catering equipment companies planning to exhibit. The Association now has access to nine TAP (Tradeshow Access Programme) grants, each worth £2,500. Last year GulfHost attracted thousands of buyers and specifiers from the rapidly growing ME market. “UK catering equipment exhibitors made great contacts and generated significant business from the 2017 show,” says Stephen Goodliff, chair of the CESA Export Group. “For 2018 the organisers have given us an excellent location inside the Dubai World Trade Centre and, since the UK Pavilion covers 288 square metres, we have the opportunity to really push

UK Plc.” As well as organising the UK Pavilion, CESA will also offer its usual package of support for members who exhibit at GulfHost, including pre-show administration, technical backup, marketing and networking. CESA is a DIT Trade Challenge Partner and is happy to help potential exhibitors with their grant application. For information about GulfHost and the TAP grants, contact Jocelyn Carr at the CESA secretariat on 020 7793 3029 or email CESA also has TAP grants available for UK companies exhibiting at EquipHotel, in Paris in November 2018, and the NAFEM Show, in Orlando, Florida in February 2019. TAP grants are subject to companies meeting eligibility conditions. The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA) is the authoritative voice of the catering equipment industry, representing over 190 companies who supply, service and maintain all types of commercial catering equipment - from utensils to full kitchen schemes. For more information on CESA visit

INDUSTRY BODIES have given a cautious welcome to the Chancellor’s Spring speech. The British Beer & Pub Association has welcomed measures to help pubs announced in the Chancellor’s Spring Statement. The Chancellor made the following announcements: • Following a consultation last year business rates revaluations would be brought forward from 2022 to 2021, consequently bringing forward the following revaluation to 2024. • The Chancellor also announced a call for evidence on the impact of VAT and APD rates on the hospitality sector in Northern Ireland. • Increased funding for apprenticeships for small businesses. • A consultation on reducing the use of plastics, including using tax incentives. Following the Chancellor’s Statement, Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the BBPA said: “As the leading voice for UK pubs the BBPA has for some time been calling for a business rates system that allows for more frequent revaluations. This will mean that what amounts to a very burdensome tax on pubs better reflects the realities of their trading environment. As a sector we need to work with the Government to reduce the current unfairness in assessments which penalise pubs. Revising the criteria for pub valuation will be vital to the success of more frequent revaluations. “A call for evidence on the impact of VAT on the hospitality and tourism sector in Northern Ireland is to be welcomed, as pubs are hugely important for the Ulster economy. I hope the Chancellor will consider extending this review to the UK as a whole, given that a third of the price of a pint in a pub goes to the taxman. The BBPA will work with Hospitality Ulster to ensure the economic work we have already undertaken on food and accommodation VAT makes a useful contribution to this study. “The additional £80 million support announced for small businesses to access apprenticeships will be welcomed by pubs, but there is still a need to review the use of the Apprenticeship Levy in the supply chain. “The Chancellor’s decision to freeze tax on beer in the Autumn Budget is helping the Chancellor to meet his inflation target, but there is more that can be done. I hope the Chancellor will look to continue to bear down on beer tax levels to help our pubs when we come to the Autumn Budget.” UKHospitality has commented outlining its intention to engage closely with the Government, but calling it a missed opportunity to deliver meaningful tax reform. UKH Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “There are some tentative steps here to support the sector but this is a missed opportunity to provide the decisive and positive action on

business rates that hospitality desperately needs, and for which we have been calling. “Bringing forward the revaluation will not provide the immediate support that businesses need unless it is accompanied by widescale reform beforehand.” “A focus on taxing digital businesses is welcome but it needs to also tackle inequalities in business rates between digital companies and high street operators. If that is not addressed then businesses will continue to struggle against crippling rates bills, and jobs and investment will be at risk. UKHospitality will continue to push the Government to deliver on their promise of root and branch reform. “A consultation on plastics provides an opportunity to highlight the proactive measures the sector is already taking to address the issue of waste, for which there is a real appetite from consumers. Businesses and trade bodies from across the sector are working together to help tackle the problem and reduce avoidable plastic waste. “Change must come via positive voluntary action, rather than punitive legislation that penalises and burdens businesses without solving the problem. A consultation will give us an opportunity to ensure that the Government understands this and works with us. “Consulting on possible VAT reduction in Northern Ireland is a welcome first step in addressing the significant barrier to growth posed by tourism VAT. We will engage closely and continue to push for a UK-wide reduction in VAT for tourism and hospitality businesses.” Responding to environmental issues in the statement Helen Munday, Chief Scientific Officer, Food and Drink Federation, said: “FDF fully recognises that more needs to be done to reduce litter and drive up recycling across all materials, including plastics, and this needs to encompass increasing the capture of used packaging both on-the-go and in the home. We therefore welcome the opportunity to contribute to the Government’s public consultation process and welcome the launch of the innovation fund to develop the technologies and appropriate approaches to reduce plastic waste. It is important that any financial investments be made where they can be most effective in driving change, such as reform of the current UK producer responsibility system for packaging. Additionally, it is vital that these innovations and other actions take full account of the important role of plastics in protecting and preserving food products throughout the food and drink supply chain. Plastics have become an integral part of ensuring food safety and help to prevent and minimise food waste, and those roles must be filled to ensure a safe, affordable, and sustainable food and drink value chain.”

ALMR Calls for Continued Engagement from Late-Night Hospitality

ALMR CHIEF Executive Kate Nicholls has thanked late-night hospitality businesses for their support of the Night Time Commission’s call for evidence into London’s night-time economy and called on more venues to engage on an ongoing basis. Kate sits on the Night Time Commission which was established by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to provide advice on promoting the capital’s late-night economy. The Commission has carried out a short consultation, closing today, that seeks to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of London’s night-time economy,

including late-night hospitality. ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “This is a great opportunity for businesses in and around the late-night sector to inform the Commission and support late-night venues. “The Night Time Commission exists to provide the Mayor with independent advice directly from the sector, so pubs, bars, nightclubs, music venues and more should take this opportunity to make their voices heard. “The questionnaire is but one part of the NTC’s ongoing efforts to support the sector and we will be meeting this Thursday to discuss our findings and future efforts to promote a truly world-class 24-hour city in the capital.”

When should a Gas Interlock system be used • If you have a power-operated flue system for a gas appliance in your commercial kitchen. The British regulation BS6173 states that you should install a safety-lock system. • This is a requirement if a new ventilation or extraction system is fitted • A new gas-line pipework or kitchen layout • Any category B appliance such as combioven, grills, griddles and fryers. This should also be fitted to existing layouts should there not be one present.


• PRESSURE & CURRENT monitoring in one unit • Digital display of error indication • Gas ON/OFF indication • Audible signal of ventilation system failure • Manual reset button • Integral current sensing or air pressure sensing via pressure switch • Additional inputs for remote stop button, Co2 sensor or fire alarm shut off • Easy to clean, waterproof front. • 12 month parts warranty

Tea-Riffic! National Tea Day Is Back For 2018 •

Taking place on the 21st of April, the same day as her majesty’s birthday, National Tea Day is dubbed the ‘Most British Day of the Year’ • Fes-Tea-Val returns to celebrate, with a two day event that promises to be bigger than ever, at Chiswick House on the 21st & 22nd April • Brits are the second biggest tea drinking nation, sipping 165 million cups a year, this April the Tea Challenge plans to make it number one • April 2018 is the month to swap your cappuccino for a cuppa, host a Par-Tea and join the tea revolution Whether it’s a calming Camomile, a rejuvenating Rooibos or a Traditional English Breakfast, there’s nothing more British than a good old cup of tea. That’s why the organisers of the biggest day in the tea drinking diary, are excited to announce the return of National Tea Day, on Saturday 21st April 2018. To celebrate, National Tea Day will be hosting the UK’s only dedicated tea festival on 21st and 22nd April at the quintessentially British Chiswick House and Gardens. Filled with tea tastings, mixology classes, afternoon tea etiquette lessons, celebrity baking masterclasses hosted by Mich Turner, MBE, founder of Little Venice Cake

Company and a whole host of family-friendly activities, the Fes-Tea-Val promises to be the most British weekend of 2018. With Brits drinking on average165 million cups of tea every day, National Tea Day is also inviting tea lovers to host their own par-tea, bringing friends and family together to raise money for charity. A recent survey revealed that Great Britain is the second largest nation of tea drinkers in the world, and National Tea Day is on a mission to make it number one. By taking the tea challenge and swapping a coffee for tea this April, you could help Britain reach the top spot. National Tea Day spokesman Diaz Ayub, said “We’ve teamed up with some tasty tea partners for National Tea Day 2018, including Green Lady, Hope & Glory, Newby Teas, L’orchidee, PG Tips, Clipper, Pukka and Amber Rose Tea Company. “We also have a host of charity partners including Grace House, who provide short breaks & respite care for children, and the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. “National Tea Day has something for everyone, so whether it’s buying a ticket for the Fes-Tea-Val, hosting a Par-Tea or taking the Tea Challenge, there’s plenty of ways to get involved.” If you’d like more information about National Tea Day and how you can get involved, visit, find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @Nationalteaday or #NationalTeaDay.

Winner Of The Aviko Great British Breakfast Revealed FOLLOWING A search for the nation’s best breakfast dish, Aviko has crowned Bar Dos Hermanos as the winner of the Great British Breakfast competition. To enter the Great British Breakfast Competition, chefs, caterers and operators were encouraged to share what it is that makes their breakfast great for a chance to win £500 and a month’s supply of Aviko Hash Browns and Aviko Hash Brown Bites. Situated in Leicester, Bar Dos Hermanos has been awarded the title of ‘Great British Breakfast’ for its Classic English Breakfast which allows customers to build their own breakfast. Andy Hussain, owner of Bar Dos Hermanos comments: “At Bar Dos Hermanos we offer our breakfast and brunch menus at the weekends and wanted to create a bespoke offering that would excite our customers and give them a reason to celebrate. We are delighted that our breakfast has been recognised and we think it is the opportunity for personalisation that makes it stand out. ” “Our customers can build every element of

their breakfast – even down to whether they would like smoked or unsmoked bacon and which sausages they would prefer. The choices don’t end there as they can select from fried, poached or scrambled eggs and three accompaniments including black pudding, griddled tomatoes, hash browns, beans, sautéed flat cap mushrooms or sautéed new potatoes to complete their breakfast.” Building on last year’s successful search, the competition forms part of Aviko’s Great British Breakfast campaign to highlight the importance of the breakfast and brunch to operators. Mohammed Essa, Commercial Director UK and Ireland, Aviko, explains: “With breakfast fastly becoming our most innovative market we wanted to celebrate the best and recognise the great work chefs and caterers are doing. Congratulations to Bar Dos Hermanos for winning the ‘Great British Breakfast’ with an entry that shows the profitability of providing consumers with the opportunity to pick their own breakfast items.” “Customisation is a key trend that operators can make the most of for breakfasts, especially as our own research shows that 78% of consumers would like to see more breakfast customisation available when dining out-of-home.”

March 2018

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1 In 5 Meals Eaten Out Of Home As Consumers Favour Service Over Home Cooking NEW EUROPEAN report on Out of Home foodservice sales from IRI highlights increase in eating out throughout the day added €4.1bn to food service sales in 2017/£1.4mn to UK market More flexible menus and an increase of meal occasions from breakfast and all day brunch through to dinner has led to a €4.1bn increase in food service sales in 2017 to €335.9bn according to a new report launched today by IRI GIRA Foodservice. The UK food service market increased by 6.2% since 2015 to £58.2mn of sales in 2017. One in five meals (18% of all meals) are consumed outside the home. IRI GIRA Foodservice believes that increasingly fluid families – in particular fewer families with children and more single parent or single occupant homes – and more people working away from home has led to greater demand for convenient meal solutions. According to to Virginie Pernin, Chief Analyst at IRI GIRA Foodservice, “Restaurants and other food service outlets have capitalised on these trends by providing options for more meal occasions including breakfast and brunch. It is easier to eat out rather than buy food and cook at home. Food delivery services such as Deliveroo that provide easier ways to order, pay and deliver, are behind the boom in restaurant food at home. Despite sales of ready meals and meal kits in supermarkets also catering to the trend for convenient ‘ready meal’ solutions – with sales in Europe* at €8.3bn in 2017- it seems many Europeans prefer their ‘eat out’ to be eaten in.” IRI GIRA Foodservice predicts the number of commercial kitchens that are dedicated to food delivery through companies like Just Eat, UberEats, Amazon Restaurants and Deliveroo – which has just launched a global advertising campaign to showcase the breadth of food available on its service – will increase by 2020 with a particular focus on healthier and premium options. Key findings in numbers for Europe: • €335.9bn – value of European food service market in 2017, an increase of 2.5% per year on average since 2015. • 48.5bn meals or snacks were sold in 2017, an increase of 1.5% since 2016, highlighting a return of consumer confidence across the region. IRI Gira Foodservice predicts this will increase to 50bn by 2020. • Over 35% of sales in this sector are by big foodservice groups including the top five: McDonalds, Compass, Sodexo, Elior and Burger King.

• The Top 15 food service groups in this market generate 39% of turnover. • Foodservice represents €111bn of food purchases – 70% of these are food with 30% being beverages. Key findings in numbers for the UK: • £58.2mn – value of UK food service market in 2017, an increase of 6.2% since 2015. • £1.4mn – the amount added to the UK food service market in 2017. • 12.3bn meals sold in 2017, an increase of 1.7% since 2017. IRI Gira Foodservice predicts this will increase to 12.5bn by 2020 in the UK. Other key trends: • Celebrity chefs drive increase in premium eating occasions. • Healthy and sustainable eating out – Superfood, green and protein food trends lead to a rise in restaurants sourcing local and healthier food items for their menus. The emphasis is on the origin of the product and additive free. • Consumers spend more when they order online or through an app. This provides an opportunity for restaurants to capture new customers using technology and packaging without compromising on food quality, which is often the route to increased margins in food service. • Hot spots – restaurants that have branded themselves with clear and meaningful positioning appeal to consumers. • Blurring of the boundaries between table service, self-service and quick service restaurants with some concepts offering a mixture of all services. • Increased demand for ‘food to go’ in service stations and convenience stores. “The food service sector is facing a challenging paradoxical environment, but the pace of change will intensify in the framework of dynamic, emerging players and evolving consumer needs,” added Virginie Pernin, Chief Analyst at IRI GIRA Foodservice. “Digitalisation provides a huge opportunity for the food service sector as we have already seen with the success of disruptive new entrants like Just Eat and Deliveroo. Understanding and targeting customers according to their needs and at different times of the day and for different eating occasions is critical in this new world. Food marketers are becoming more mindful to the need to appeal to human emotions in order to sell new concepts or provide a surprising or personal experience.”

BBPA Calls For More Support For Small Businesses

THE BRITISH Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has responded to the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee’s Inquiry into small business and productivity. In the submission the BBPA highlight that over 80% of pubs are classified as small businesses and called on the Government to provide more support. As the leading voice for pubs and breweries the BBPA emphasised the importance of skills and access to labour for the sector. As such the response highlighted the BBPA’s recent submissions on T-Levels and occupational maps. T-Levels seek to provide a practically based, enhanced, technically skilled pathway, rather than the more academic A-Levels. Occupational maps, which aim to simplify the current

apprenticeship system by categorising occupations with similar knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) into 15 maps, will play an important role in developing future apprenticeship programmes for those seeking a career in our sector as well as TLevel qualifications and more needs to be done in this area. The BBPA also called for fair treatment of access to finance, which would provide more opportunities for pubs to access investment. Furthermore, the BBPA’s submission suggested the Government should build on the work carried out by McKinsey and subsequently KPMG to increase productivity in the pub sector. Removing barriers is key in supporting small businesses. For pubs, the disproportionate business rates burden is a continued barrier to growth and investment, and the response highlights the real need for business rates reform as well as urgent reform of the Small Brewer Relief Scheme to support growth.

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35 of UK’s Top 100 Restaurant Groups Now Loss-Making OVER ONE third of the UK’s top 100 restaurant groups are operating at a loss, an increase of 75% since last year, according to research by national accountancy group UHY Hacker Young. The research revealed that 35 of the top 100 groups are loss-making, up from 20 last year. Trading conditions have become increasingly difficult for restaurant chains dealing with oversaturation in the market as well as rising costs. This research comes on the back of the high-profile struggles of several major restaurant chains in recent weeks, including: • Jamie’s Italian, started by Jamie Oliver, which has closed 12 branches as part of a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) to restructure its £71.5m debt • Byron, the burger chain, which may close up to 20 of its 67 branches following a period of paying reduced rent • Prezzo, the Italian chain, which is expected to close some of its 300 branches as part of a restructuring • Strada, another Italian chain, which closed 11 branches over the festive period • Barbecoa, another Jamie Oliver chain, which entered administration in mid-February • EAT, the sandwich chain, which was rumoured in early February to be considering closing some of its 100 branches

The research shows that pressures of competing with numerous similar ‘fast casual’ restaurants in an overcrowded high street are a major driver of many large restaurant groups registering losses over the past year. The National Minimum wage, which has risen by an above-inflation 19% to £7.50 per hour over the last five years, has added a substantial cost burden to large restaurant chains. From April 2018, the minimum wage will rise even further to £7.83. Peter Kubik, partner in our London office, comments: “More than a third of the biggest companies in the restaurant sector are losing money, and there is little respite on the horizon.” “Pressures on the restaurant sector have been building for years, and the last year has pushed a number of major groups to breaking point.” “With Brexit hanging over consumers like a dark cloud, restaurants can’t expect a bailout from a surge in discretionary spending.” “Consumers only have a finite amount of spending power when it comes to eating out, and the oversaturation of the market means that groups that fall foul of changing trends can very easily fail.” “The Government has ratcheted up costs with a series of above-inflation rises in the minimum wage, and we are just weeks away from another 4.4% rise in April. That will be tough for a lot of restaurants to absorb.”

Foodservice Price Inflation Pegged Back To 2.5% In January 2018 Foodservice price inflation dipped to 2.5% in January 2018, according to exclusive new figures from the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index. The figure is a fall from year on year inflation of 5.1% recorded in December 2017, and marks the lowest point reached by the Index since early last year. It is partly the result of seasonal trends driven by the supply and demand of key foodservice items, but may also be an indication that some of the inflationary pressures that have beset the industry in the last couple of years might be easing. It also pulls inflation in the foodservice sector down to broadly in line with the wider level of UK inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index. The CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index identifies a relaxation of inflation in key categories including Bread and Cereals (2.3%) and Milk, Cheese and Eggs (0.2%), while Fish prices fell by 2.6% year on year after months of high inflation. Troughs in inflation are to be expected in the early part of any year, but are significantly sharper than usual in 2018, indicating a degree of price correction in the aftermath of the EU Referendum and the consequent weakening of the pound against the Euro and dollar. Despite the positive signs, the Foodservice Price Index outlines a number of inflationary challenges that lie in wait for the sector in 2018 and beyond. They include the impact of Brexit on the availability of migrant labour, on which vegetable, fruit and fish and meat processing industries depend. There is further uncertainty over oil prices, trade tariffs and supply from the UK meat industry, which has been hit by controversy over food safety standards at Russell Hume,

which went into administration in February. Inflation may also be impacted by the government’s introduction of the ‘sugar tax’, which is likely to affect demand for soft drinks this year. The effect of the ‘Beast from the East’ winter weather on farmers and others in the foodservice supply chain in the UK and Europe is also yet to be determined, but may well have dented supplies of important food items. The monthly CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index contains in-depth analysis of inflation in these and other categories of food and beverages, and helps businesses in the foodservice supply chain keep up to date with trends, challenges and opportunities. Christopher Clare, Head of Consulting & Insight at Prestige Purchasing, said: “FPI has seen another fall this month as multiple categories see dramatic drops, notably Fish and Dairy which are by far the most volatile categories. If the index continues downwards we may finally see FPI reach levels comparable to those of 2016, however, price fluctuations and continued uncertainty about Britain’s economic future will exacerbate volatility.” CGA client director of food Fiona Speakman said: “The CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index has identified significant volatility in prices over the last couple of years, and there are few signs of it settling down as we move further into 2018. January’s headline inflation rate of 2.5% will be welcomed by the industry, and it is a relief to see foodservice come into line with CPI inflation. But it should be remembered that some of the pressures pushing down inflation are seasonal, and with factors like Brexit still causing uncertainty, businesses will have to monitor price trends and purchasing very closely throughout 2018.”

March 2018

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Pubs Code Adjudicator Publishes Statutory Advice on MRO Tenancy Terms PUB CODE Ajudiocator (PCA)Paul Newby and Fiona Dickie have published statutory advice to provide clarity on the terms of Market Rent Only (MRO) tenancies following recent arbitration awards. The PCA and Deputy PCA have reiterated the important point that a MRO proposal does not have to be by way of a new agreement. The advice stresses that it is the content rather than the form that is important. Whatever the form of the individual MRO proposal, the terms have to be reasonable and consistent with the core principles of the Pubs Code; that there should be fair and lawful dealing and tied pub tenants should be no worse off than they would be if they remained tied. “MRO is not the same as a negotiation on the open market and the pub-owning business should not take advantage of the fact that a tied pub tenant has limited negotiating power. “The PCA will be likely to find it unreasonable for the pub-owning business to offer unattractive MRO tenancy terms if the intention is to persuade the tenant to stay tied,” the advice states. The PCA expects pub-owning businesses to have meaningful negotiations with their tenants seeking a MRO tenancy. Tenants should not need to rely on arbitration by the PCA to get their Code MRO rights. Referrals for arbitration should be the exception and not the norm in the future.

Paul Newby, Pubs Code Adjudicator, said: “I understand that both sides of the industry have been looking for clarity on this issue and I am very pleased that following arbitration awards made by the Deputy PCA and myself we can now provide this statutory advice. “The ability for a tied tenant to go free of tie is an important right introduced by the Pubs Code. Tenants have been facing high costs in pursuing MRO and we need to ensure these unnecessary barriers are eliminated. “This advice gives a strong yet simple steer on what pubowning businesses can reasonably ask from their tenants in a MRO-compliant tenancy and is a major step forward in delivering the MRO rights that Parliament has given tenants. I expect it to lead to meaningful negotiations that mean arbitration becomes the exception in the future.” Fiona Dickie, Deputy Pubs Code Adjudicator, said: “The Code is legally complex and uncertainty surrounding the meaning of the MRO process has caused frustration. This advice will be a useful tool in clarifying for the benefit of all what the Code requires and how its two core principles should be applied in practice to the MRO proposal. “It is designed to support effective, balanced negotiation between tenants and pub-owning businesses, and reduce the number of cases that are referred for arbitration. I am confident that the arbitration process will now more efficiently and proportionately resolve any remaining MRO disputes where the parties cannot reach an agreement.”

Merseyside Pub Saved from Closure Named the Best in The Country THE CRICKETERS Arms in St Helens, Merseyside, has won the prestigious Pub of the Year title from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) just five years after it was boarded up for closure. When owners Andy and Denise Evans took over the running of the pub in 2013, it was boarded up and hadn’t served cask ale since the 1980s. The Cricketers Arms is now a wellestablished local community pub with an excellent selection of 13 locally sourced cask ales and up to 20 ciders in the summer. Alongside an impressive ale and cider range, plans are in the making for a microbrewery to open in the next few months and customers will be tasked with naming the pub’s beers. Visitors can also take part in a number of social nights including regular beer festivals, dominoes, jam nights, pub quizzes, karaoke and pool teams, as well as enjoy a new whiskey and gin bar. The Cricketers Arms regularly wins local CAMRA awards, but this is the first time it has won a national title. Paul Ainsworth, CAMRA’s National Pub of the Year coordinator said: “After winning the regional award in both 2015 and 2016, it’s a well deserved third time lucky for the Cricketers to be named CAMRA’s national Pub of the Year.

“In less than five years, Andy and Denise have converted a boarded up pub on the brink of closure into a true destination pub for beer lovers across the country. What impressed me the most is that the Cricketers is a genuine community pub where people from all walks of life come together to socialise. It is a shining example of how a pub, which seems destined for closure, can have its fortunes turned around when in the right hands.” Owner Andy Evans said: “We are over the moon to be named the top pub in the country after just a few short years of renovations. We’ve done everything we can to make this a welcoming community pub and still have exciting developments ahead of us. As well as expanding the beers available, we created a beer garden and put greens in the ground, and have big plans to install a microbrewery this year. We are very proud to be part of the cask ale scene and look forward to celebrating with our locals!” Runners-up in the competition include the Wigan Central in Wigan, the Stanford Arms in Lowestoft and the Weavers Real Ale House in Kidderminster. Pubs in the competition are selected by CAMRA volunteers and judged on their atmosphere, decor, welcome, service, community focus and most importantly – quality of beer.

March 2018

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Bristol Tourism Tax Would Be Devastating for City Henley Pub Hosts Lunch to Say Thanks to Local Marie Curie Nurses A BRISTOL tourism tax could have a “devastating effect” on businesses and deter visitors from coming to the city. The outcry follows reports that a tourism tax should be introduced to help plug the council’s deficit, which, due to financial oversight and dwindling central government contributions, means Bristol City Council is facing a £108million deficit by 2023. If introduced, it would mean a small per night charge for visitors staying in accommodation. But businesses and industry bodies have warned the tax would undermine work encouraging people to visit Bristol. However experts in the sector are saying if it was introduced, Bristol would be labelled the tax city and hit not just the tourism industry, but other businesses including, hotels, pubs, shops, cafes and visitor attractions. Mark Payne, chairman of the Bristol Hoteliers Association said: “Quite why Bristol is putting its hands up and saying we possibly want to introduce a tourism tax is quite remarkable. “It will give potential visitors, both business and leisure, additional reason not to come here. Add in the lack of direction on the potential new arena means people will have even less reason to visit. “Being one of the first cities in the UK to introduce a tax on tourists would be detrimental. We already lag behind, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Oxford which encourage more visitors than Bristol, so why put people off coming here. “If Bristol does go ahead and places such as South Wales don’t, then that area will be viewed as being more attractive. “Just look at the restaurant sector. There are venues closing down on a weekly basis. The fact is we don’t get enough footfall in the city to sustain restaurants over a weekly basis, and should be encouraging more footfall not turning it away with a regressive tax on individuals looking to stay overnight.” According to Mark one area that should be a major focus is

properties that rent out rooms on Air BnB. He added: “Putting a tax on hotels will encourage more people to stay in AirBnB. Presently there are between 500 – 1500 active rooms for sale on AirBnB in Bristol, the highest for a city outside of London. These are unregulated, don’t pay business rates, don’t employ people or pay any tax. Our view is that the council should set up a bespoke Bristol Air BnB tax, not hit tourists who are here to spend.” Mark is also warning the authorities to be careful what they wish for citing the famous example in New York where, following the introduction of a tourism tax, resulted in the convention business halving in size within five years. This cumulated in a boycott of the city by conferencing and organising companies. He said: “Local businesses already pay into four Business Improvement Districts, (City centre, Broadmead, Clifton and Bedminster) which currently creates £1.2 million a year for items such as cleaning, security at night, the removal of graffiti and paying for Christmas lights. So we are already coming together as businesses to alleviate some of the areas the council currently cannot fulfil and fear it won’t stop. “On a macro scale the UK charges the highest rate of Tourism Vat in Europe. In a recent study by “The world economic forum” on international tourism competitiveness, they ranked the UK 140th from 141 countries. The ranking was primarily due to the level of tax that visitors pay. Whereas most European countries operate a reduced VAT rate on the main component of visitor expenditure (accommodation, restaurant meals attractions) the UK charges full rate of 20 per cent VAT against a European average of 10.3 per cent. “In addition the UK has one of the highest rates of fuel duty in the world (which impacts on domestic visitors) and the highest rate of air passenger duty in the world (which impacts on Inbound visitors) – so why on a micro level would we hinder ourselves further by being the most expensive city in the UK? It just doesn’t make sense.”

Research Reveals Only 25% Of Young Brits Considering Hospitality Careers LESS THAN a quarter of young Brits would consider a career in hospitality, with almost one in three (26%) admitting they didn’t see it as an industry to work in after obtaining a degree according to research. The survey of 1,000 Brits aged 16 to 21, conducted by IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), revealed that young people were unaware of the full range of roles available in hospitality, even though flexible working hours (40%), career progression (36%) and the ability to travel (29%) rated as important factors in their ideal job – all of which are key features of a career in hospitality. One in five respondents (19%) admitted they weren’t aware a career in hospitality could lead to roles that span design, engineering, finance, HR, law and marketing and more than a quarter (26%) thought working in a hotel mainly entailed dealing with a difficult guest. The results also highlighted that young people were highly influenced by their parents, with 42% admitting their job choices reflected their parent’s perceptions of certain industries. The research coincides with the launch of IHG’s National Hotel Takeover, whereby 1,000 hospitality students will assist in

the running of 30 hotels across the country. Almost all the students participating are involved in IHG Academy programme, where IHG hotels collaborate with educational providers and community groups to help local people build their hospitality skills and improve their employability. Elaine Grell, Vice President of Human Resources, Europe and Global Functions at IHG said; “These results highlight just how important it is that young people get real life, on-the-job experience so they can fully understand how varied and exciting a career in hospitality can be. A hotel is a complex business with responsibility for a large team and big budgets. Yet a lot of people make assumptions based on what they may see as they only see from a guest’s perspective. Initiatives such as the National Hotel Takeover are so important in giving young people a behind the scenes look at what’s involved in a business where the doors are open 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s also a great industry for career progression – our Global CEO Keith Barr started in a restaurant kitchen!” The National Hotel Takeover aims to give students practical, on-the-job insight into the industry. The students will take on roles including General Manager and Head of various Departments, including Head Chef. Running for 18 years, the Hotel Takeover has grown to become a key moment for IHG.

DEAN BIGLEY, manager of the Bull on Bell Street pub in Henley, hosted a lunch for four Marie Curie Nurses, to say thank you for supporting local people living with a terminal illness.

The complimentary lunch comes just two months before Dean takes part in the London Marathon to raise vital funds for the charity, who are the current charity partner to Brakspear pubs. Dean Bigley, manager at The Bull on Bell Street said: ‘I have seen first-hand the unbelievable support Marie Curie Nurses have provided, to a close family friend and his family. Without them, the family would have been unable to cope. The Marie Curie Nurses not only provided comfort and support to the patient but also supported the whole family in a way that no one else could and I want to do everything I can to support these fantastic people. “I’m thrilled that my company Brakspear have also chosen to support Marie Curie as their charity partner and looking forward to getting started

with fundraising at my pub in Henley.” Marie Curie Nurse Michal-Marie Plumridge, who attended the lunch, said: “It was wonderful to get together with some of the other local nurses and enjoy such a fabulous lunch. It’s amazing that Dean has chosen to run the marathon for Marie Curie to help make sure Marie Curie Nurses, like me, can continue to provide expert care and support to people living with a terminal illness.” Marie Curie Nurse Julie Adcock added: “Thank you for organising the lunch at ‘The Bull in Bell St.’ in Henley. It was a lovely meal and the staff are so friendly and enthusiastic about supporting Marie Curie – it was lovely to be made so welcome and hear how much the service is valued.” Dean will be taking his fundraising up a notch over the next two months, in order to reach his £2,500 target. The pub will be hosting a ‘Big Fat Pub Quiz’ on the 1st April and a charity car wash on 7th April. To donate, visit or pop into the Bull on Bell Street.

Community Gets Together to Save Its Local Pub in A New British Film A COMMUNITY gets together to save its local pub in a new feel-good British film. Walk Like A Panther revolves around a group of ‘80s wrestlers who are forced to don the lycra one last time when their beloved local pub is threatened by closure. Led by fatherson duo, Mark and Trevor Bolton, this unlikely bunch of underdog heroes sets out to save their community, rekindling old friendships and family ties along the way. The ensemble British cast also includes Sue Johnston (“Downton Abbey,” “The Royle Family”), Lindsey Coulson (“EastEnders,” “The Level”), Julian Sands (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, “Crooked House”), Jason Flemyng (upcoming Mystery of the Iron Mask: Journey to China, Snatch), Stephen Tompkinson (“Wild at Heart”, “DCI Banks”), Michael Socha (“This is England ‘90,” “Once Upon a Time”) and hip hop artist/poet Scroobius Pip (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,

“Taboo”). Walk Like A Panther is directed by Dan Cadan, making his feature film debut from his own original screenplay and he was particularly keen to work with Pub is The Hub in promoting the film. He said: “Pub is The Hub are committed to the necessity of community life. Not only bringing people together but keeping them together. “I have observed the demise of the great British pub, it’s very sad but one good thing has come from it – like minded, caring people are now passing the baton between their communities in an attempt to support their local. “Pub is The Hub, like the Panthers, have got your back.” John Longden, Chief Executive of Pub is The Hub added: “We were thrilled to be asked to be involved in the launch of this film, I’m sure that the story will resonate with many of the community pubs in the UK.”

Open Day Shows Off Very Latest In Tableware And Kitchen Light Equipment WHAT ARE the latest trends in restaurant tableware? What new chef ’s kitchen gadget will make life easier? Eight top suppliers will be showing their latest and most exciting products at a special Open Day event, April 45, at Steelite International’s new flagship showroom, just off London’s Oxford Street. The event has been organised by Parsley in Time, the company specialising in out of the ordinary tableware and smallwares. Companies featured alongside Steelite include Hamilton Beach, Robot Coupe, Mitchell & Cooper, Evans Vanodine, Bourgeat, FEM and Beaumont. For front of house the event will highlight new trends in colour, crockery, glassware, flatware and barware.

Alongside chic porcelain plates will be innovative melamine products and clever buffet display ideas. For chefs in the kitchen there are advanced blenders and mixers, a selection of clever ideas to help bring the latest food trends to the table, and the latest in hygiene solutions. The event lasts from 10am to 5pm on both days and the venue is at 75 Wells Street, London W1T 3QH. Tickets are free but need to be booked in advance, either with Parsley in Time, or 07723 082457, or Steelite, or 07771856476. For more information, and to shop online, visit For expert advice on tableware and light equipment, or to enquire about exclusive products, call 020 8317 5080 or email

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The Sugar Tax - Are You Prepared? March 2018

Initially, when the levy was drawn up, the government forecast the measure would bring in £1.5 billion over the first three years, with £520 million in the first year of implementation alone. However, as soft drink manufacturers take steps to minimise any liability by reformulating their drinks, the first year forecast was lowered to £385 million in the Spring 2017 Budget and then down to £275 million last autumn.

APPARENTLY IT’S NOT A TAX IT’S A LEVY! Yes, that’s what we at CLH News learned at a very informative product launch recently. The government’s stance is that what they call the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) was subsequently nicknamed the “sugar tax” by the media and online when it was announced at the 2016 Budget. And, according to the government this isn’t a tax on all sugar; the “levy directly targets the producers and importers of sugary soft drinks to encourage them to remove added sugar, promote diet drinks, and reduce portion sizes for high sugar drinks.” In our opinion - it’s a tax, but will call it a levy! The soft drinks levy comes into effect in April, and it is a levy on soft drinks that have added sugar. Soft drinks manufacturers will have to pay a levy on products that contain over 5g of sugar per 100ml. A second tax band is applicable to drinks that contain more than 8g of sugar per 100ml. Camilla Cavendish, author of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy as former head of policy under David Cameron was keen to point out at the time that the levy is not a “tax” on customers, but it is a “tax” on manufacturers, citing that the whole point of it was to get manufacturers to change the ingredients of the product.’ Proponents of the levy believe it to be a significant step in the fight to reduce childhood obesity, tooth decay and type II diabetes. Money raised, through the levy will also go towards funding sport and exercise education.

OPPORTUNITY With current challenges facing the hospitality industry, national minimum wage , increase in business rates , uncertainty over Brexit, the soft drinks market, despite the introduction of the levy has the potential to give the trade a huge boost. As consumer trends change a survey entitled “Character and Moderation: Alcohol” conducted by Demos has revealed that generation “Y” (born in the 80s or 90s) are turning their backs on alcohol with: • 19 per cent of 16-24s saying they don’t drink, and 66 per cent don’t feel alcohol is important to their social lives • 41 per cent of Gen-Y drinkers think alcohol is less important to their own social life than to their parents’ • Young people cite growing awareness of health, not being able to afford alcohol, and alcohol being harder to get hold of as key drivers behind their reduced drinking habits Furthermore, research by global trend, insight and research specialists Mintel suggest that 35% of consumers will switch to lower or even no sugar alternatives as a result of the any increase due to the levy. So if you haven’t given much thought to the changing market consumer trends regarding non-alcoholic drinks then now is the time. Manufacturers have dedicated and enormous amount of resources in reformulating existing recipes and creating new innovative drinks, and now is the time to capitalise on this. The soft drinks industry has been reaping the rewards of this growth in popularity, the total value of UK soft drink sales in 2016 was in the region of £14 billion, with sales growing by 4.3 per cent in value during 2016 to over £4.1bn in the licensed and leisure industry. The boost comes mainly from the dining sector. A survey by Britvic found that individuals were more likely to invest in premium soft drinks when drinking or eating out, with restaurants, hotels, and food-led pubs benefiting from consumers eating out more, with these outlets contributing to 96% of overall soft drinks growth. Furthermore as consumers look towards healthier options such as juices and smoothies operators will have to look very carefully at the non-alcoholic range they provide to accommodate the changing needs of customers.

Bernie has noticed that consumers are taking that “step further by considering environmental issues, Bernie says, “Our mineral water is only available in glass bottles and is not only sourced from Blenheim Palace but our bottling plant is situated within the grounds of the Palace, thereby minimising the distance the product has to travel – it can be bottled and packed ready for despatch very close to its source, and the clear environmental advantage of using glass is that it is a low cost recyclable material and the end product has 100% reuse in the UK”. PREMIUM SOFT DRINKS With one in five people now choosing not to drink alcohol the growth of premium soft drinks has increased significantly in recent years. Gone are the days of offering a limited selection as an afterthought, consumers now are increasingly seeking innovative, sophisticated and authentic options, and the benefits of aligning soft

Research by CGA reveals:

50% £2.50 48%

of GB consumers drink soft drinks out of home, equating to 24 million consumers is the average price that consumers are willing to spend on a soft drink OOH

of soft drink consumers say they would be willing to pay extra for a better quality drink


of soft drink consumers say the range of soft drinks is 'somewhat' or 'extremely' important when deciding where to visit of soft drink consumers believe the range of soft drinks on offer is often predictable and boring

54% 64% 66%

of soft drink consumers would like to see a better range of soft drinks targeted at adults of consumers have visited a licensed venue on a night out and not drunk alcohol

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

drinks with the wider drinks range is also emphasised by Amy Burgess, trade communications manager at CocaCola European Partners, who quotes CGA figures showing that 29% of people would consider a mocktail if offered: “As demand for premium soft drinks grows, introducing a menu of mocktails is the ideal way to encourage people to increase spend,” she said. Vimto’s Nick Yates shares some tips on how operators can boost sales:

TOP TIPS 1. Give soft drinks the same consideration you do alcohol and food on the menu. With one in five 18-24 year olds teetotal1 and consumers’ level of expectations on the rise, it’s important to have a selection of soft drinks and that includes healthy, premium soft drinks for adults too. 2. Think about your branding when choosing a soft drinks brand Brands have an instant impact on how a person feels. Therefore, hotels, restaurants and bars should be conscientious about their own brand positioning and offer water and other soft drink brands which best represent their offer. 3. Cover off different demographics It’s important for outlets to make sure all demographics are met within its soft drinks range, be that core carbonated soft drinks, kids fruit drinks, through to adult premium brands. It’s important to differentiate adult soft drinks from children’s. Adults have different taste pallets, and want a drink with a more grown up look and feel. That doesn’t mean the options need to come from two different brands. Feel Good has an adult glass bottle range, with ‘refreshingly still’ and ‘a bit bubbly’ variant, as well as Tetra packs that children and their parents have come to know and love. 4. Add value through presentation There are simple ways to add value in the eyes of the consumer. Firstly, through activation – think about your back bar layout and merchandise to attract consumer attention. Secondly, make sure your staff have tried your soft drinks range and are able to make a recommendation. The final way is through the serve of drink. Give your soft drinks as much consideration as a cocktail. Serve the drink in the right glass, with the right amount of ice and use garnishes – it’ll help consumers to stay there for one more. Consumers are also willing to pay more for premium so by giving your drinks a premium look and feel you can improve your bottom line

‘HEALTHY’ SOFT DRINKS The demand for healthier soft drinks is clear, says Nick Yates, Sales and Operations Director, Vimto Out of Home, we know one in five 18-24 year olds today is teetotal , and as many as 54% of consumers are looking for low sugar in their purchases . There are lots of drinks on the market that claim to be ‘low in sugar’ or ‘healthier’ but very few actually are. As shoppers become wiser to what is and isn’t in their drinks, especially with increased publicity surrounding the sugar tax, it’s important that hotels have a truly healthy soft drinks offering. At Vimto, we’ve taken a leading role in reducing sugar from our soft drinks. Responding to consumer demand for healthier options, we’ve extended the Vimto No Added Sugar range. It’s a move that has proven popular with consumers and operators alike, with sales increasing by +11% year on year – that’s six times faster than the overall No Added Sugar category. Bernie Drewell of Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water has also noted the demand for healthier drinks. The water, drawn from a source within the Blenheim Palace estate follows stringent environmental policies to maintain carbon neutral status and is high in calcium and low in sodium making it ideal for low-salt diets and complimentary to other dietary requirements. A Global Corporate Sustainability Report by Nielson revealed that millennials most of all want the companies they buy from to practice business sustainably and ethically and

Lift Your Spirits With Jeffrey’s Tonic Syrups: Delicious Alcohol-Free Drinks And Cocktail Mixers Jeffrey’s Tonic Ltd, based in Chester, has launched a range of delicious tonic syrups made from the finest natural ingredients, to bring something truly unique to the booming tonic water and cocktails market in the UK. Available in four varieties (Original; Lime, Galangal & Orange; Yarrow, Rosehip & Elderflower; and Plain Tonic), it is the sophisticated, multi-layered combination of flavours that makes these syrups truly unique. They are derived from natural herbs and spices, with the quinine kick from Cinchona bark. For a seriously good gin and tonic, or a sophisticated adult soft drink, try a Jeffrey’s with ice and five parts soda

water (and maybe an appropriate gin). It has to be tasted to be believed! Mike Robinson, MD at Jeffrey’s Tonic, comments: “There have been huge developments in the drinks market, with consumers exploring new adult flavours and willing to pay more for quality. Most tonic waters are pretty similar and consumer choice within soft drinks is still limited. With our wonderful tonic syrups, we have something really special and unique that consumers and retailers are going to love.” Jeffrey’s Tonic will shortly be available via Gin Kiosk and plans to quickly expand into retail, bars & restaurants. For more information please visit or contact Mike directly at, or 0773 442 8857 or see the advert on page 18.


For more details on stocking award winning Blenheim Natural Mineral Water please contact Bernie Drewell 07703 311746


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March 2018

Product Portfolio

Our New and Extensive Fake Food Brochure is almost complete! Filled with a massive range of fake foods for display and decoration, with different price and quality ranges to suit every budget and application, you will be sure to find something to enhance your venue. We have also extended our range of food sets, so if you need a quick set up, we’ve already done the thinking for you. Plus, don’t forget we also sell a wide range of artificial flowers, trees and foliage, plus many other display and prop products, which we stock in our warehouse ready for next day delivery. Our

stock quantities are live on our website, so you can plan last minute projects knowing what is available. If you’re working on a bigger project, we can usually get large quantities of certain items quite quickly, so give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we will try to source what you need. You can pre-order a copy of our Artificial Food Brochure on our website, or contact us and we’ll add you to the mailing list. Contact us on Tel: 03333 440078, E-mail: Or visit

Riso Gallo NEW Frozen Risotto Base

RISO GALLO has developed a premium quality frozen Carnaroli risotto for chefs that is ready in only 5 minutes. The Carnaroli rice is precooked in a vegetable stock and frozen grain by grain, known as Individual Quick Frozen Technology. This allows chefs to accommodate requests of single portions, reduces waiting times and avoids wastage. It is also gluten free, alcohol free, dairy free and nut free. Cooked from frozen, chefs add hot stock (or even just water) and chosen ingredients, offering versatility in the number of risottos they

wish to offer to their customers. “Riso Gallo has been dedicated in the development of this frozen base over the past year”, commented Jason Morrison, MD Riso Gallo UK. “We are aware of the time chefs need to spend on creating a good quality risotto. A risotto that is cooked but the grain remains al dente. This frozen base offers chefs exactly that.” Riso Gallo has over 160 years of experience in rice production and is now in its 6th generation as a family ran business. 1kg/5 portion Frozen Risotto 8 Packs Per Case, 64 Cases Per Pallet Visit for further information.

Blizzard Launches A Range Of Low Height Bar Bottle Coolers Essential Cuisine Launches Profitable New Sauce Collection PENTLAND WHOLESALE Limited, the leading importer and supplier of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment, is pleased to add a range of low height bar bottle coolers to its ever-growing Blizzard family. The range is robustly built with black laminated exterior and aluminium stippled interior. With only 840mm height, this range is ideal for any low bar counters. There are hinged or sliding door options and one/two/three door options to suit

different needs. The range is feature packed including hydrocarbon refrigerants and LED lights for energy efficiency, self-closing double glazed doors to minimise heat transfer, 2 adjustable heavy duty shelves per door to accommodate different sizes of bottles, replaceable door gaskets and fitted locks. Internal temperature is maintained between 4 and 12 degrees Celsius. They are great for cooling beer, cider, wine or soft drinks, perfect for bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and canteens at schools & colleges. They are due in stock in early March. For further details, please contact our friendly sales team on 01254 614444 or visit

If You Believe In Clean, Additive Free, Healthier Food Then Our Brand Is For You We are the very Irish company with the very Italian name. Established in 1999, we are the oldest fresh pesto producers in Ireland and epitomise what clean food is all about. We hand make our range in small batches, blending the taste of fresh healthier ingredients and using techniques that allow those flavours to develop naturally and unhurried. We couple our understanding of the craft of making pesto with a deep love for additive free food and a passion for producing hugely flavoursome products using minimal processing. We are a specialist gourmet company that believes in producing hugely

flavoursome products from great ingredients. We pride ourselves on our taste and the health benefits of the ingredients we use. All products are Gluten Free and manufactured in a totally Gluten Free environment. All products are either Vegetarian or Vegan. We are listed with the Coeliac Society of Ireland. Our small batch production techniques use absolutely no additives, preservatives or colourings. Our products are free from GMO and are Low Salt. All products are fresh therefore they need refrigeration and our production methodology gives us a 42 day shelf life, even when opened. Our award winning products are available to customers in the UK via chilled packaging from our unit to your business in 48 hours. Contact Gill Toal at or 00353-86-8295117. CLEAN FOOD, EXPERTLY MADE

WITH BEEF overtaking chicken as the number one protein eaten out-of-home^, Essential Cuisine is launching a brand new range of classic accompaniments, helping chefs save valuable time and giving sites an irresistible upsell opportunity worth over £55 per jar. The new flavours, Wild Mushroom and Peppercorn, have been created by the British company’s development chefs, using the finest quality ingredients, and are the first new products to emerge from the company’s state-of-the-art Innovation Kitchen opened last year. Both are supplied in a concentrated liquid format that means kitchens can simply mix with water and fresh double cream before serving. With operators looking to recoup margin from profitable starters and side dishes, Essential Cuisine’s new sauces can add £55 per jar to the bottom line. One

800g jar plus 600ml of fresh double cream results in a superior yield of five litres of product. With outlets charging an average sell out price of £2 per accompaniment*, 50 x 100ml servings can result in over £55 profit. For those that prefer the personal touch, the range has been created to play into the hands of skilled chefs and carry additional ingredients. However they are served, kitchens can reap the rewards of profitable customer favourites – recent research has revealed Peppercorn (44%), Wild Mushroom (18%) as the top two sauces for steak. Able to be stored ambient for 12 months, even once opened, Essential Cuisine’s new Sauce Collection is also gluten-free. For more information on the Essential Cuisine range call 01606 541490, email: visit: or find them on Twitter:

TEAPY &T41 The All-In-One-Hand Tea Service

TEAPY® T 4 1 TM provides a better tea experience for your customer at less cost to you. With the brewing conditions of a teapot but, unlike a teapot enabling your customer to determine their preferred brew strength, the revolutionary TEAPY® T 4 1 TM invent ion has several other unique features With on ly four pieces (TEAPY®, glass or ceramic mug, milk jug and teaspoon), all held in one hand, TEAPY® T 4 1 TM is much quicker to prep, takes a fraction of the space and is quicker to clear and wash up than a conventional teapot service with a minimum of

seven pieces (teapot, lid, cup, saucer, teaspoon, milk jug and t ray). It is much easier to carry without spill ing than tea in an open mug. Acting as a lid, a special recess retains a teaspoon. When lifted and flipped, the same recess docks against the mug for mess-free transfer ofthe used tea bag or loose tea infuser. TEAPY® T 41TM accommodates all forms of tea and other infusions, enabling the best possible drink, whether table service, counter service or self-service in a restaurant or hotel bedroom. More details are available at See the advert on page 13.

‘People Living with Special Diets Shouldn’t have to Suffer Inferior Tom’s Kitchen, Birmingham: Busy With Customers, Fast With Warewashing Choices’ – Real Soup Co. Urges Caterers to Free Their Menus Insight commissioned by The Real Soup Co.^ has uncovered that while 97% of vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians or those with allergies regularly look for new flavours when eating out, 52% are bored with current choices. The Award-winning fresh soup supplier is launching a new campaign - #Freeyourmenus - helping caterers combat menu boredom from those with special diets, and giving sites the keys to profit from this growing demographic of diner. With an estimated 44% of the UK population living with an allergic disease* and the number of people adhering to a vegan diet quadrupling over the last 10 years**, The Real Soup Co.’s campaign has been created to demonstrate the company’s breadth of allergen-friendly options, and the ease in which they can help satisfy

those with special dietary requirements. With insight from The Vegan Society earmarking veganism and non-gluten diets as the most difficult to cater for, innovative flavours like the multi award-winning Indonesian Chickpea and Coconut, French Onion and Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato soups take the hard work out of service, while offering a much needed antidote to run-of-the mill options. The company is also launching an updated, free-to-download nutritional guide for each of its 20+ range, detailing not only allergens, calories, fat, sugar and salt contents, but including full breakdowns of folic acid and vitamin levels – key considerations, especially for those catering in the healthcare sector. For more information on the Real Soup Co. range call 01495 301999 or visit the new website:

Jestic Expand Pizza Oven Offering By Unveiling Alfa Pro Range Known by many operators as the ‘go to’ solution for commercial pizza oven distribution, support and maintenance, Jestic has created a diverse portfolio of appliances to suit each business need. Now, in an announcement that is set to further the company’s bespoke offering, Jestic has been unveiled as the exclusive distribution of the Italian brand, Alfa Pro, across the UK & Ireland. With over 40 years of experience and research, Alfa Pro, wood and gas fired ovens feature unique, patented, Forninox™ technology, combining strong stainless steel with tough refractory tiles, to achieve a lightweight yet highly durable commercial oven. Powered by gas, wood or dual fuel, the ovens are equally suited for a traditional kitchen setup, as they are for positioning front of house, in an open kitchen, in full view of diners. Alfa Pro ovens are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, each offering a compact design to maximise space in a busy kitchen. From smaller, countertop

ovens such as the Qubo, capable of cooking up to 80 pizzas per hour, to the larger, freestanding models such as the Opera, with a capacity of up to 150 pizzas per hour, the range includes a solution for all needs. Simplicity is the name of the game with the units in the Alfa Pro collection. Pre-assembled, the oven installation is completed in just a few quick steps, and thanks to the uncomplicated design, the oven requires little training to generate the very best results. Able to reach the optimum working temperature in as little as 15 minutes, and designed with the latest thermal insulation to achieve a better heat retention, an Alfa Pro oven offers an ideal solution to producing authentic, Italian artisan pizza. With gas fired ovens the choice for many kitchens in the UK, Alfa Pro has pioneered the ‘CompactFlame’ technology for its pizza ovens. Ensuring the greatest output can be achieved, Alfa Pro ovens use innovative technology to achieve the best performance in the smallest space. The powerful gas burner combines with the unique design of the highly insulated, domed chamber to achieve temperatures of up to 450°c, while the durable base, built from two types of brick, retains heat, even during a busy service.

TOM AIKENS’ latest Tom’s Kitchen, in the chic Mailbox Centre, Birmingham, has a busy restaurant, a separate deli, two private dining rooms and it runs functions in the large foyer area. It’s open seven days a week, all year, from breakfast till midnight. The Kitchen’s kitchen is compact but has to produce not only big volumes of top quality food, but also cope with a wide selection of dishes. “We have a broad range of customers, that’s why we have such a varied menu,” says Tom. The combination of volume and menu diversity puts enormous pressure on the warewashers. Because he needed reliability, speed and perfect wash results, Tom chose Winterhalter dishwashers and glasswashers.

“Winterhalter warewashers are amongst the most vital pieces of equipment the bar staff and kitchen can have,” says Tom. “Here they are used pretty much non-stop.” With a menu ranging from Tom’s signature shoulder of lamb, slowly braised for seven hours in balsamic vinegar, thyme and onions, to fruit pots and yoghurts, the dishwasher has to cope with all sorts of sauces and residues. “It has to handle light ware, plastic containers, and heavy pots and pans, as well as service-ware. It’s vital it cleans things well and quickly. I know that with the Winterhalter dishwasher I can put in a filthy pan and it’s going to come out quickly and cleanly. “Winterhalter machines are very easy to use. In the kitchen we use the hose first for pre-rinsing and to remove large pieces of food, then it’s just a case of loading the item in the rack, putting it in the machine, and it’s done within minutes.” Tom’s highly aware of sustainability, “It’s an important part of what we’re about,” he says, but in a kitchen as busy as this speed is essential, too. The dishwasher at Tom’s Kitchen is a PT passthrough machine. The PT range is the first passthrough on the market to feature heat exchanger equipment as standard, saving 10% or more on energy use, by recycling the machine’s waste heat to heat up the incoming water supply. Despite this, it’s a super-fast warewasher, as well. Its clever energy control system speeds up the washing process, increasing rack capacity per hour by 28% and reducing heat-up time by 50%. The speed of the system means the PT is ready for action faster than conventional passthroughs, allowing back-to-back rack washing, which is a huge bonus

in a kitchen as busy as Tom’s. The glasswasher in the bar is a Winterhalter UC undercounter machine. “We have a range of glassware, some of which is fragile and needs that extra bit of special care and attention,” says Tom. “I know with this machine the washing cycle will not break the stemware. You can even put in glasses with red wine stains and they’ll come out clean.” This adaptability is down to Winterhalter’s VarioPower washing system. It uses a brand new design of elliptical wash arms that creates a 'wash-field' of cleaning power and that delivers brilliant results. VarioPower also allows the user to adjust the power and pressure to take account of how delicate or dirty the glasses are, at the touch of a button. “When you’re washing glasses time is important,” says Tom. “The Winterhalter offers a short wash programme, and you know you’re still going to get the results – it still does a great job and, in terms of sustainability, it saves on water and energy, too.” Both the Winterhalters have integral water softeners, which protect the machines and ensure they deliver brilliant results. “The equipment we have is fully operational all day – and it’s a long day. In the kitchen we need speed and reliability and I know I’m going to get them with Winterhalter.” The Winterhalter PT passthrough dishwasher is the PTL (large size) model. It can wash up to 44 racks per hour, or 72 per hour on the short programme. The rack size is 500mm x 600mm. The machine measures 735mm wide x 750mm deep x 1515mm high (1995mm with the hood open). The Winterhalter UC undercounter glasswasher is the UCM (medium size) model. It can wash up to 48 racks per hour, or 77 per hour on the short programme. The rack size is 500mm x 500mm. The machine measures 460mm wide x 637mm deep (including detergent container) x 715mm high. Salix was responsible for the Tom’s Kitchen project. “In terms of their technical approach they can work wonders within design parameters, making sure the equipment you want to get in will get in, making it all work without compromising one part of the kitchen,” says Tom. Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email

Product Portfolio

Futura Foods Launches Yamas Halloumi Fries FUTURA FOODS, the UK’s leading supplier of Mediterranean-inspired dairy products, has launched new Yamas Halloumi Fries to bring street food to the table in style. With this highly desired cheese emerging more and more into the limelight, Yamas Halloumi Fries are a great extra profit generator for caterers everywhere. They’re quick to prepare, extremely versatile and perfect as a street food snack, starter or side dish, not to mention crispy and incredibly delicious. It’s now even easier for operators to serve up halloumi fries with Futura Foods supplying

them ready-cut in either chilled or frozen formats. The frozen option has a six month shelf life, with the chilled option offering 30 days – both formats will help operators combat the growing industry food wastage concerns. Yamas Halloumi Fries are available now from selected wholesalers and are supplied in cases of 10 x 1kg bags, which equates to 100 x 100g portions per case. Operators have the opportunity to make a significant extra profit selling each 100g portion for around £4.95. For more information on the range visit or follow us on Twitter @FuturaFoods

Pentland Parts Launches New Spares Guide Pentland Parts, the spares division of the leading importer and supplier of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment – Pentland Wholesale Ltd, has recently published a new spares guide which comes with some exciting new products including a range of Made to Measure gaskets at unbeatable prices!

Our experienced team of advisors can source spares for any make or model of equipment and can even find spares from description and photos! As always we can offer discounts for large quantity orders, please feel free to contact the spares department to discuss in details. For further copies of the 2018 spares guide or any other enquiries, please contact us on 01254 614488 or email where a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Chapman's Finest Seafoods

THE CHAPMAN’S family have been involved in the seafood industry for over fifty years. Based in Grimsby in Lincolnshire Kevin & Paul Chapman use only the finest ingredients for their delicious range of Seafood Dishes. Our range of products are exciting, unique and loved by consumers. Chapman’s supply over 450 independent Farm Shops, Delis and Garden Centres all over UK. Rightfully proud of creating its fishcakes by hand using locally-sourced fish and potatoes, and fallowing the ‘founders’ mother’s classic recipe, the range now includes 7 different flavours. As well as popular fishcakes, Chapman’s extensive selection now

encompasses wellingtons, fish pies, fish in sauces, fish in breadcrumbs, luxury peeled prawns, king scallops, lemon sole goujons, fish bakes and plain frozen at sea fish fillets. Our latest New products are Smoked Haddock, Leek and Mature Cheddar Mini Fishcakes, and Cod, Red Pepper and Chorizo Mini Fishcakes. Our New Mini Fishcakes are quick and easy mid week treat! The ultimate combination. Specially selected fish with quality ingredients bring together a combination of flavours that work so well. These delicious flavours work in harmony to bring you the ultimate taste sensation! There are plans for more products, with a healthy theme later in the year. Visit for details of the full range.

GasketGuy Commercial Refrigeration Door Seals GASKETGUY MAKE and install quality commercial refrigeration door seals throughout the South West and are national suppliers to the trade. Our expert knowledge and extensive range of products ensures replacement refrigeration door seals are made and installed at affordable prices with minimal delay. GasketGuy has the experience, technology and machinery to manufacture door seals for any size appliance. We have hundreds of gaskets available which enables us to replace the majority of refrigeration door seals for all commercial appliances and even old or out of production makes and models. We don’t modify your door to fit our seals, we use original extrusions to ensure a perfect match! With GasketGuy you won’t be waiting for busy service engineers

or be told you must purchase a new door or replacement appliance. With competitive prices and our multi-buy discounts GasketGuy can save you even more money on your replacement door seals. Further offers are also available for business chains and groups. GasketGuy are the door seal experts and are committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction always. Call 08450 171 200, email or visit for more information. Alternatively, see the advert on page 1.

The Go-To Guide On Flake Ice

All ice is ice, right? Wrong. Here’s the lowdown on FLAKE ICE from Hubbard, the ice experts.

When it comes to unforgettable aromas, there’s nothing quite as bad as gone-off fish, meat or veg. With the assistance of flake ice, it can be avoided. Used in product display units, food transportation and storage, and even hospitals and laboratories, there’s very little out there that’s better for keeping perishables fresher for longer. As an added bonus, flake ice is great for mixing cocktails. Frozen Gold So, is it a case of simplicity being key, or is there a science behind flake ice that makes it the best candidate for the role? To tackle this one, we should firstly really look at its construction. Compared to most ice cubes, flake ice is produced at a relatively high temperature – just below freezing – so has high residual water content, clocking in at around 25%. This makes it perfect for keeping fish and produce both chilled and properly hydrated in display units, maximising shelf life. Too much residual water for you? No worries, there’s also Superflake ice, which is colder and has less water content. Its shape and malleability give it great capacity to pack into tight spaces and fit around otherwise more awkward-to-chill goods - think of it like a sort of icy bubble wrap. Meanwhile, if you’re in the kitchen, and your dough or soup needs to be cooled at a sensible

speed before going in the oven or fridge, flake ice is certainly the wisest option. Fun For Flakes It’s not all hard work for the humble flake ice, though, oh no. What type of ice do you think has been a vital component in Frosé, 2017’s surprise cocktail hit? That’s right, flake ice is ideal for grown-up slush-puppy style drinks. Simply put, it’s just the bee’s knees for bringing the right level of chill to a delicate blend of flavours. In the ice bucket, it’s just right for the glamorous role of keeping a bottle of bubbly at optimal temperature. Away from the culinary world, flake ice is ideal for hot/cold therapies. Seen in plunge pools and ice fountains, it’s used for giving the body a chilly blast to compliment the heat of saunas, hot tubs and steam rooms. Scotsman machines make eight types of ice, as well as flake ice this includes dice, superdice, cubelet, nugget, superflake and scale ice. In order to help operators understand each ice type better, Scotsman has published an Ice Varieties Guide which can be downloaded from its website. Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for the market-leading Scotsman range of icemakers, which is available via dealers nationwide. Hubbard Systems is part of HTG Trading Ltd. For more information and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045, email or visit

March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Pidy’s Black Mussel Shell wins at the Chefs’ Choice Awards 2018

In the first year of entering, Belgian based ‘Ready-to-fill’ pastry manufacturer, Pidy has achieved an exceptional win for one of its latest products, the innovative Black Mussel Shell canapé case, in the Chefs’ Choice Awards 2018. The Black Mussel is made with a natural charcoal ingredient which is right on trend in the food arena and delivers a wonderful buttery taste. The company is delighted to have the Black Mussel Shell recognised by the highly experienced panel of judges, made up of food technologists, chefs, culinary research and development managers, plus end users such as food developers working for national pub chains. It was announced on Tuesday 27th February at the Haymarket Hotel that Pidy had won the ‘Party and Buffet Foods’ category. The Chefs’ Choice Awards celebrates

the very best food and beverage products in the industry. The products are prepared by development chefs from Food Innovation Solutions (FIS) in a professional kitchen, following the recommended preparation and portion guidance, serving suggestions and cooking times. Each product is marked against strict criteria that takes into consideration innovation, quality, consistency, taste, texture and finally, ease of preparation. It is a fantastic achievement to have won the award, particularly when up against an exceptional range of products. As well as the award itself, the Chefs’ Choice Award unmistakeable logo is already the mark of a wonderful product, discovered through an intense judging process and can be proudly showcased on relevant Pidy material. To find out more about the Pidy range, please visit or call 01604 705666

JURA UK - Revolutionising The Way We Enjoy Coffee DEVELOPED BY a dedicated team of Swiss engineers, JURA has revolutionised the way coffee should be enjoyed with two of its professional bean-to-cup coffee machines, the WE6 and the WE8. As a business that lives and breathes coffee every day, JURA believes consumers shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of their coffee and these two models are no exception to that rule. The high-performance WE6 expertly prepares up to eight classic coffees, from ristretto and espresso, to café crème. It is also complete with a three-litre water tank, a coffee

bean container holding 500g, as well as a coffee grounds container with a capacity of 25 portions. With comparable features, the WE8 too offers innovative technologies, a one-touch function, and a modern TFT display. In comparison, it offers 12 specialities in total, including cappuccino, latte macchiato and flat white. Thanks to the patented Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) and the AromaG3 grinder, both machines guarantee the perfect coffee every time. Both of these beautiful models are also equally easy to care for with the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®), which provides optimum water quality. Discover JURA, where quality coffee is delivered at the touch of a button: See the advert on page 7.

Nana Lily’s Four Generation Christmas Pudding Nana Lily’s Four Generation Christmas Pudding is a luxurious moist filled pudding, flavoured with warm Christmas spices, liberally laced with Nana’s favourite KILBEGGAN Irish Whiskey. It has remained un changed for Four Generations. Originally steamed over an open peat fire in County Mayo, 21st century ease hasn’t

spoilt its amazing flavour. This Irish plum pudding is both light in texture, colour, lacks the gritty heavy taste of many traditional puddings, making it a real hit with young and old. Nana’s great grand daughter Ellen, now residing in Worcester, carries on the tradition of making and distributing her Nana’s lovely puddings. Call 01905 745 437 oor visit

Comenda Comes Back to CaterQuotes THE COMPLETE Comenda range of warewashers is now on CaterQuotes. Hubbard Systems, which took over distribution of the range in the UK last year, regards the online catalogue and quotation application as an essential part of its support for the dealer network. “We’ve been working closely with CaterQuotes to get Comenda on the system,” says Adam Byron, National Sales Manager for Hubbard Systems. The Scotsman brand, which Hubbard also distributes, is already on CaterQuotes. “The Scotsman experience shows how important CaterQuotes is for many of our dealers, since it speeds up the whole quotation process and gives easy access to support material.” It took time to get Comenda back on CaterQuotes because Hubbard wanted to ensure that the information was 100% correct.

“Any mistake can be a real pain for dealers trying to put together a quote,” says Adam. “We will be adding more support material and new product lines in the coming months.” The Comenda range covers dishwashers, glasswashers and pot washers and includes undercounter, hood and conveyor systems. As with the Scotsman icemaker range, Hubbard plans to support the Comenda brand with the best possible customer service, including a full range of products from stock, with fast delivery throughout the UK mainland. Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for Comenda warewashers, which are available via dealers nationwide. Hubbard Systems is part of HTG Trading Ltd. For more information on the full range of Comenda machines, and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045 email or visit

Kitchen Energy Recovery Systems

KITCHEN ENERGY Recovery Systems is a brand that has been developed by Ecovery Innovations to maximise the exploitation of discarded waste energy from cooking equipment, by converting it into free heating and food-safe hot water. KERS is a truly unique system which is a true retro-fit, with no modifications required to the existing cookline, and offers a fast return on investment. Potential CO2 emissions are reduced by up to eight tonnes per year KERS GS1 Collector over a Gas Salamander KERS is capable of rising up to 3,000 litres of water per day to 65 degrees without the use of fuel purchased from utility companies. KERS captures the high temperature exhaust discharge from commercial cooking equipment and converts it into potable hot water. Installation of the KERS system can mean that you can satisfy all hot water requirements by means of using recovered energy, energy which would oth-

erwise be wasted. The KERS panel can be used to connect the system to any existing water heating boiler or thermal storage with safe compliance. The four KERS Control Panels are designed to control systems with variants including controlled or uncontrollable heat sources, existing electric and gas heaters, and vented and unvented systems. KERS F1 Collector over two Twin Basket Fryers Currently KERS is being used to heat water for kitchens, bars and toilets, preheat kitchen make-up air, heat underfloor and wet heating systems, and reduce the running cost of dishwashers. The average ROI period for a KERS installation is between 12 and 20 months for a new build installation and between 20 and 30 months for a retrospective installation, the later can be achieved over three nights and fully continuity of the hot water supply is guaranteed throughout the installation period. Telephone 0845 1220724 or see the advert on page 6.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

March 2018

Hospitality Technology

Hospitality Technology - Embrace It Or Risk Falling Behind

IT IS pretty much universally accepted that in retail, technology is king. Over recent years, we have seen the introduction of systems which go way beyond traditional Epos – linking point of sale data through to automatically updated inventory records, creating procurement flags and identifying bestselling items, for example, giving technology-savvy retailers the edge. Further, it is no secret that larger retailers monitor and analyse customer buying habits, mining terabytes of customer data to arrive at the most targeted advertising, special offers and upsell opportunities while customers are in store. Do your grocery shop online, and you will likely be reminded of your ‘favourite’ items, the two for one deals you might be interested in, and what you may have forgotten before you checkout. Every transaction, habit and preference, every piece of data possible, all leveraged to provide the slickest shopping experience possible and, ultimately, increase revenue. Book a table at your favourite restaurant chain, however, and it is a very different story. How often does the waiter already know which ‘slightly more expensive than your usual’ bottle of wine you will probably like, let alone that you are gluten intolerant? When it comes to point of sale, the hospitality sector is missing a trick, and it is time it caught up. Knowing when you need to order in more sirloin, or which bottle of wine is selling best, is no longer enough: restaurants need not only to be kept full, but to maximise spend per head

and, perhaps above all, aim to provide their guests with the perfect dining experience, every time. There are more advanced Epos systems available, some of which are integrated with the booking system at one end and the kitchen and inventory systems at the other, meaning restaurants can now manage front and back of house to improve guests’ experience and maximise revenue for the restaurant – and it’s vital that they do, in such uncertain times for the hospitality sector. Pulling information from the reservations system through to the Epos system, such as advance notice of dietary requirements, allergies and intolerances, or even that the guest tried to book in at 7pm but only 8pm was available, is essential in providing a slick and welcoming experience to diners. Waiters should then be equipped with the information they need to continue that experience, gently maximising spend per head: which dishes the customer might enjoy, why the slightly more expensive wine might better accompany their order, and suggestions on side orders and desserts. GDPR hurdles notwithstanding, customers’ buying habits can be used, in hospitality just as in retail, to market appropriately to each individual customer, whether at point of sale or long before. As retailers already know, embracing in this sort of technology will serve to enhance the experience of the customer and increase spend per head at the establishment. There is clearly a balance to strike between simplicity and functionality, and a hotel restaurant is going to have different requirements to a fast food joint, so it is important that Epos solutions are bespoke – there is no one-size-fits-all solution in our industry. What is clear, however, is that it is time for the hospitality industry to embrace the kind of technology that has transformed retail, or risk falling behind. John Trueman is CEO of renowned in-house hospitality guest management system, Quadranet

Cloud-based EPOS App Gives Restaurants A Competitive Advantage UK HOSPITALITY businesses are facing a storm of difficulties at the moment, ranging from rising food prices to staff shortages and extra-demanding customers. So streamlining operations to keep costs at a minimum, while maintaining excellent customer service, is more important than ever. And an innovative cloud-based EPOS app is providing restaurateurs with the help they need to stay on top. Silver - from NFS Technology Group - is a unique product that is now being used by 45,000 businesses all over the world, giving them easy online access to an end-to-end view of their business wherever they are. Luis De Souza, Chief Executive of NFS Technology Group, said: “The app responds to a growing need from restaurants for simple online access to the realtime data that gives them a competitive edge in these difficult times.

“The app is simple to use on an iPad and gives you all the features you need to boost sales and improve efficiency.” NFS Technology Group specialises in hospitality software, and it includes prestigious names such as Honest Burger, Coyote Ugly and Brew Dog among its customers. NFS’ cloud-based EPOS system has been designed for flexibility and scalability, whether you’re an independent operator or a multi-site group. Its easy-to-use interface means staff are up and running on the solution in hours. It provides marketing and loyalty-promoting capabilities and advanced business intelligence so restaurant owners can drill down on sales data in detail. “Silver provides immediate ROI because it’s available at an affordable monthly cost that includes integrated loyalty, email marketing and inventory control – all backed by our 24/7 live customer support team,” said Luis. Find out more about how Silver could help your restaurant - visit

Hospitality Technology

Servicing Binge-Watching Brits C.C.R Systems Ltd Surprising Statistics… • According to Ofcom*, Britain is a binge-viewing nation. • Eight in ten adults in the UK (40 million people) use subscription services such as Netflix or catch-up technology like BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub. • 51% of people watch TV in their bedroom and two in five adults say they watch TV alone every day. Why is this relevant for hotel guests? Guests away from home environment amenities and looking for ways to pass time, crave a“home-from-home” experience. Naturally, a home-from-home television system is a top priority. No longer will a large-screen TV and a scheduled line-up of terrestrial channels impress; guests armed with portable devices and used to catch-up TV and streaming services expect to choose their own content and watch it when they want. How can my hotel do this? Catch up TV services are available on Samsung, Philips and LG hospitality SMART TV displays. Whilst many consumer SMART TVs offer thousands of apps, we recommend a basic line-up of

the most popular catch-up TV apps (BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 & My5) and YouTube. In a hotel environment, the provision of subscription services such Netflix is a little more complicated due to licensing restrictions. This can be remedied by the installation of a casting device, allowing a guest to simply cast their own content from a portable device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc) to the hotel’s television. It's important that a hospitality specific casting device is installed in a hotel - lockable, more robust in nature and most importantly, preventing interference between rooms. In essence, a home-from-home experience can be provided via a hospitality SMART TV with a casting device attached – simple as that! Sounds good but I don’t have / can't afford ethernet infrastructure? Not a problem, a DOCSIS system enables the distribution of smart services over existing coaxial infrastructure. To find out more about providing a home-from-home experience for your guests, get in touch for friendly, professional advice: or 0845 555 1212

Its Lolly Launches Exciting New Software Lolly, the EPoS and payment solution specialist, has launched a wide range of new functionality to its award-winning EPoS till software giving hospitality businesses the tools to build and grow their businesses with ease. Some of the recently added updates include: Customer & Accounts Understanding the customer is key to the success of a business and with Lolly’s new accounts feature it is possible to track customers’ preferences and their buying habits. Additionally, the accounts feature enables you to identify someone with a photograph or card and provide a cashless/cardless service, providing customers with an “on account” facility with a pre-agreed credit limit – customers simply order what they want and settle their account at a future point in time. Automatic receipts are issued against additional sales on account, providing details of purchases made, total balance and credit limit. Product Information (calorific content, intolerances etc.) The new software also enables customers to be informed of product information with ease. For example, with increasing numbers of people looking to avoid certain ingredients because of intolerances, or through personal preference, it is crucial for staff to deliver this service.

With Lolly's new functionality any item can be updated with calorific content, provenance, ingredients etc. This allows customer requests and questions to be answered quickly and accurately. Product Stock Countdown (wastage) Efficiency is key for a speedy, profitable and enjoyable experience in hospitality. Through accurately measuring product information and availability Lolly is enabling its hospitality clients not only to save money, but also to protect the environment, by ensuring waste is kept to a minimum. Having a limited number of specials on your menu is great for customers but can be a headache to manage especially if you run out, with orders waiting. The assigned stock value added to an item will automatically decrease each time an order is placed, giving front of house and kitchen staff clear visibility of how many specials are left. Sales Review Report A great report when you need to know the sequence of sales, for example 9am first transaction was “drawer opened by X”... Businesses are able to run the report with the click of a button and have visibility of all transactions in a given period. Contact Lolly on 0800 038 5389 to discuss functionality or visit to book a free quick demonstration.



CharLi the smartest multiple Charger station TOUGH. CUSTOMIZABLE. DESIGNED IN ITALY. + 39 348 24 29 357

CCR Systems have been supplying, installing and maintaining Retail and Hospitality EPOS systems for over 34 years.

We are an ISO-9001 registered company with a diamond award for customer satisfaction. Our Powersuite software package that includes Total Control Premier/Stock, Instant Loyalty and Drilldown is the ideal package for all types of Hospitality & Retail outlets.

March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Our hardware is a choice of top of the range touch screen terminals from selected quality manufacturers. The ORDERMAN Restaurant table ordering system is without doubt the best of it's kind, utilising the latest Oderman 7 hand held terminal and Kitchen Monitors or printers. Have a look at our web site on '' and view the ORDERMAN video. We also cater for the client that needs a low cost system that easily compares with the box shifters. Please contact GEORGE GUNNERY on 0151-644 8296 for a quotation for your establishment, or email to:

Hitachi Launches Affordable 75” Smart 4k High Definition TV High spec and big screen for under £1,500 • 75” LCD screen Smart 4K Ultra high Definition • HDR performance level • Hitachi smarTVue portal and wireless connectivity • Built-in Freeview HD and Freeview Play • £1,499 exclusively at Argos With a season of big events on its way - the Commonwealth Games in Australia in April, two Royal Weddings and the World Cup coming up this summer, it’s never been a better year to invest in a larger screen. And now there’s an affordable way to supersize. With the launch of this dazzling new 75 inch Smart 4K Ultra High Definition TV, Hitachi has again shown its commitment to delivering quality and innovation at an affordable price. The new TV offers incredible value for money at

3R EPoS Systems

OUR State-of-the-art EPoS systems are designed to become an essential part of your business. Assembled with detailed reporting functionalities which will help to minimize your cost whilst maximizing profits, they are excellent for both multi-sites and single-site businesses. Built on over 16 years of experience, 3R EPoS reporting facilities safely stores information regarding your business and can be uniquely tailored to suit your needs. Whether you own a convenience store, restaurant or a bar, the 3R EPoS system can

£1,499, and delivers superb viewing quality with its large LCD screen with dynamic, colour-enhancing HDR. This big-screen entertainment hub is packed full of features including built-in Freeview HD as well as Freeview Play, enabling seamless switching between Live TV and Catch Up. The Hitachi smarTVue portal with apps for Catch-Up, Social Media, News, Video on demand, Radio, Music, Weather – as well as Netflix and YouTube - gives you the freedom to show top videos, shows and movies on the big LCD screen whenever you wish. The product is also Saorview approved for use in the Republic of Ireland. Plug-in extras are hassle-free with 3 HMDI, 2 USB and built-in Wi-Fi. The TV is available now exclusively at Argos – typically available for delivery within 5 days. Further information can be found at integrate products that are unique to your business. This can include the ability to store new promotions, daily specials as well as adding local dishes to the menu. 3R EPoS systems will contribute to the success of your on-going business as it includes the ability to inform managers when your stock is reaching minimum levels thus allowing you to re-order stock accordingly. Furthermore, 3R EPoS systems will calculate and suggest what should be ordered based on current and archived sales, recent orders and current stock level thus saving time and money. In order to also boost your sales and gain customer satisfaction, 3R EPoS systems also offer a range of handheld touch screen devices. Such benefits can contribute to your cost savings and enhance your purchasing ability across your business. For more information on our services please contact our dedicated team on: 01992 574 650 or see the advert page 11.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

March 2018

Microwaves and Combi Ovens

Is Your Kitchen “Oven Ready”? CLH NEWS consulted industry experts regarding the beating heart of any commercial kitchen, the Combi oven and Microwave Oven.

Combi Steamers - The ‘Must Have’ Combi

by Glenn Roberts, chair of CESA

The combi steamer has become a ‘must have’ in most commercial kitchens, whether you are a hotel pub or restaurant, they are virtually a “traditional kitchen in a cabinet”. A couple of months back CLH News interviewed Michelin star chef Phil Howard of London’s renowned Elystan Street, who was known for his love of cooking using traditional techniques, and when asked what pieces of “kit” he could not do without a Combi oven was the first choice. (Second choice was a microplane)! Glenn Roberts, chair of CESA says “By balancing the amount of dry heat and steam, the combi can duplicate many different cooking processes, so a Combi oven can be used to pan fry, roast, steam, poach, bake, grill, smoke… Meanwhile the programmability of the machine means even untrained staff can load up the combi and cook chef’s signature dish to perfection – at the touch of a button, using convection, a mix of convection and steam or steam on its own to produce a huge variety of dishes, with no transfer of flavours.” The units come in a variety of sizes, once traditional combi steamers were bulky bits of equipment, however manufacturers have responded to the big squeeze on kitchen space with the development of ever-smaller machines that offer all the programmes and functions of their larger siblings, but in a compact footprint. Combi steamers are also popular because they use less energy than conventional cooking appliances and thus cut kitchen running costs. One function that is especially popular with the kitchen brigade is self-cleaning. A quality machine will almost certainly feature this and will keep the unit sparkling and more hygienically clean than staff could ever do. Considered the most versatile piece of equipment any professional kitchen can have. These are just some of the examples of a combi ovens benefits:

• Meat – Up to a third of the weight of a piece of meat can be lost during dry roasting through loss of the water content of the meat. Having gentle steam in the oven during roasting both minimises weight loss and produces a more tender joint. • Fish – steaming is an ideal cooking medium for this delicate product. • Vegetables – By cooking in steam instead of boiling water, vegetables keep more of their nutritional value and natural colour. • Baking – by operating as a fan-driven convection oven, baked goods are evenly and crisply cooked. A slight injection of steam can also enhance some baked foods such as bread. • Regeneration – Food which has been pre-cooked and correctly chilled prior to service can be rapidly brought up to serving temperature, avoiding the need to hold food hot for long periods which leads to flavour loss and drying out. Combi-ovens are ideal for busy banqueting operations and can handle both ready-plated meals and multi-portion containers.

Combi-ovens will run off electric mains gas and LPG and will of course require a water supply. Assessing the size needed for your establishment is best left to the professionals! A supplier will give you the right type of advice based on your operation, and an important factor to remember is the are not just for high-volume outlets. Combi-ovens come in a range of sizes and/or manufacturers build ovens for small/medium sized independent caterers

Technical questions to ask before making a choice of combi-oven: • What are the performance and cost implications resulting from steam coming from a water boiler or by spraying water onto heated elements in the oven? • Why is it necessary to fit a water filtration system to the oven to remove dissolved salts in the water and prevent scaling? • Is there a high pre-heat function to enable fast heat recovery when cold food is put into the oven? • How easy the oven cavity and the door seals are to clean and what self-cleaning features the oven has. • What are the programming features, how easy are they for staff to understand and do they meet my kitchen needs? Is there a self-diagnostic facility to warn me should something go wrong? • Is there a food core temperature probe, rapid cool-down feature or a reversible fan for even heat distribution?

Make More Of Your Combi Its versatility makes the combi a truly multifunctional cook-

ing machine. However, many chefs admit that they don’t use all of their combi’s features. Indeed, in many kitchens it’s simply used as either a steamer or a convection oven. Nearly every combi steamer manufacturer worth its salt runs training courses for customers, often for free. So if you have a combi steamer, or are thinking of buying one, be sure to set aside the time to get you and your staff trained in its techniques. This is the only way you can realise its full potential, not only in terms of cooking quality but also cost saving.

Put Microwaves On Your Radar “A commercial microwave oven is one of the most essential items in a ‘fast food’ commercial kitchen, unless someone comes up with a quicker method of turning out hot food in seconds, then the commercial microwave oven will be around for many years to come. To demonstrate this one only have to see the volume of replacement microwaves sold every year which is “thousands upon thousands” in addition to new hospitality sites opening which are automatically being fitted with them, sometimes in the region of six per unit”, says Pat Bray managing director of Regale Commercial Microwaves, “Microwaves cannot be compared with other cooking methods as generally in the fast food market microwaves are used for re-generation of precooked product. When used as a cooking aid (for example melting chocolate, cooking vegetables etc there is no other kitchen equipment that can compare with a microwave for speed, footprint and running costs.” Glenn Roberts, chair of CESA says “Evolving out of the same technology that gave the world radar, microwave ovens have helped to revolutionise the cooking process in the foodservice industry. They are ideal for safely defrosting and reheating chilled and frozen foods, and can be used for prime cooking. You’ll find them in kitchens large and small across the industry, including sites without full kitchen facilities.” Patrick Bray also referred to CESA’s Glen Roberts comments that it is important to keep a microwave oven clean – this is why Regale Microwave Ovens invented the Microsave® Cavity Liner which DOES exactly this job protecting the base, base seals, lens light cover, ceiling plates against splashes, spills and burns which helps to save hundreds of pounds in repairs as these items are not covered by the manufactures warranty, plus of course, when a spill or splash does happen it only takes a minute or two to take the Cavity Liner out, give it a quick wash in the pot wash, dry and put back into the microwave oven, wipe the inner door and that’s the oven put back into a clean and hygienic condition. Yet the Microsave® costs far less than the cost of one engineer call! With over 16000 Liners in use all day and every day by all the major brewery and restaurant groups it does make sense to buy a microwave with a Microsave® inside! As with all professional catering equipment, commercial microwaves are sturdier and more powerful than their domestic counterparts. You can determine the heating power of a microwave by its wattage. Domestic microwaves are usually rated between 600 to 900 watts, whereas commercial versions can go up to 2000 watts. This means that commercial ovens take far less time to cook, reheat or defrost food. Domestic versions should never be used in a commercial situation, since they are not designed for heavy duty use and will compromise

food safety. Most commercial microwave ovens have a cavity space of ½ gastronorm, but they are also available in 2/3 gastronorm and full-size gastronorm. Manufacturers group commercial microwaves into four power bands: • Light-duty - The oven will have a power ranging between 900 watts and 1100 watts. This is suitable for use where demands are light, such as a café, satellite kitchen or petrol filling station. • Medium-duty – A power rating of 1100 to 1500 watts, proportionately more robustly built than a light-duty oven and suitable for restaurants where the microwave is only in occasional use, busy cafes, pubs or leisure centres. • Heavy-duty – Powered from 1500 to 1900 watts and the most popular power range used in catering. Suitable for busy pubs, hotels, busy restaurants or staff catering. Built to withstand hard and heavy use. • Extra heavy-duty – these are usually where large quantities of food are needed to be reheated quickly rather than just individual portions. They can take up to a full gastronorm tray. While all other power bands are connected to a 13amp socket, this very heavy duty oven will need hard wiring into the mains. While the general rule is the high the wattage the faster the food will be heated, much beyond 2000 watts and food risks being burned on the outside before it is heated on the inside. As well as being energy efficient in themselves, microwave ovens create little in the way of steam or waste heat, so they are ideal for front of house use and won’t put pressure on the extraction system.

A Winning Combination While standard microwaves are generally only used for basic heating and reheating, combination microwave ovens add greater flexibility into the mix. The addition of a grill and/or convection heater allows microwaves to perform almost all the functions of a standard oven, quickly and efficiently. With a bit of practice you should be able use a combi microwave to cook almost anything, from cakes to a roast!

Keeping It Clean As with any piece of catering equipment it is vital to keep your microwave oven clean and maintained. The intense heat they generate can cause food splatter, and the general daily hustle and bustle of kitchen life can lead to spills and debris. Staff should be trained to wipe up spills as soon as they happen, and a full clean should be undertaken at the end of each shift. It's important to use non-abrasive cloths for this, as the interior can be prone to scratching, which will allow bacteria to gain a foothold. Another alternative is to use a cavity protection liner, which will help to keep the inner cavity free of debris and can be easily removed for cleaning. Microwaves are relatively low-maintenance but it's vital that door seals are checked regularly as microwave leakage can be extremely hazardous to health. The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA) is the authoritative voice of the catering equipment industry, representing over 180 companies who supply, service and maintain all types of commercial catering equipment - from utensils to full kitchen schemes. For more information on CESA visit

Convotherm Launch New Mini Combi Steamer Models

CONVOTHERM IS delighted to announce the launch of its brand new generation of Convotherm mini combi steamers. The latest innovation within the combi steamer series, Convotherm’s new models of its revolutionary compact combis feature two newly designed user interfaces – easyTouch® and Standard both surrounded by a new, modern sleek black control panel and an eye catching metallic body. The ingenious new design also showcases a much larger, observation window making it easier than ever for operators to check on the food cooking within the unit without having to open the oven door.

As a pioneer of compact combi steamer technology, Convotherm’s newest generation of Convotherm mini models provides establishments of all sizes, from cafes and bakeries to restaurants and cost sector catering set ups, with a flexible cooking solution – all from a unit with a width of only 51.5cm enabling it to fit in any kitchen space or even on a countertop front of house. Perfect kitchen all-rounders, the new Convotherm mini is able to roast, grill, steam, fry, bake and regenerate providing operators with the opportunity to create an exceptionally versatile menu that can be achieved on a small footprint. Thanks to its large cooking chamber, the new Convotherm Minis are also fully compatible with gastronorm trays allowing operators to use existing cookware within the compact unit. For those requiring multiple mini units, the Convotherm minis now offer a stacking feature so caterers can expand their cooking facilities without the need for any additional counter or floor space. The new Convotherm mini allows operators to choose from two different user interfaces – the Standard model which is fitted with a manual control panel

utilising clear buttons and a tilt selector switch - or the easyTouch easyTouch® option. The Standard model provides a comprehensive selection of manual cooking functions, for those looking to be more creative within the kitchen, or for chefs with a higher skill set. The second control option is the easyTouch® user interface. Consisting of an intuitive colour touch screen these models provide both manual and automatic cooking modes for ultimate ease of use. With one touch operation, any member of staff can operate the appliance saving time and energy when training staff and when using the equipment on a daily basis. Utilising the Press&Go function, the Convotherm mini will begin cooking the pre-loaded cooking profiles and for those wanting to keep their menus up to date and on trend, operators can create and upload their own cooking profiles using the USB port on the control panel. The cooking profiles can contain steps on each cooking process that aids the operator and reduces error during busy service periods. It also ensures that high quality, consistent products are always achieved. In addition, the easyStart function further simplifies use and offers baking and cooking for six different food categories. The clever cooking profiles provide operators with suggestions for mixed loads and thus ensures the perfect utilisation of the combi steamer, even at peak times. At the end of service, cleaning could not be easier with the new Convotherm mini’s ConvoClean system. Its fully automatic cleaning process, including optional cleaning settings such as the new Express Cleaning function which takes only 10 minutes, ensures equipment downtime is kept to a minimum. Operators can simply select the cleaning function required and the process will start. Staff contact with cleaning chemicals is removed due to its new innovative design whereby the detergent container is connected directly to the base of the combi steamer before ‘disappearing’ into the unit and dispensed automatically once a cleaning process is started. For more information, visit

Microwaves and Combi Ovens

eCatering expands Microwave and Convection Oven Range for 2018

eCatering, one of the UK’s Lowest Price Online Catering Equipment suppliers, offer a wide range of professional catering microwaves and convection ovens. These incredible ovens start at a staggeringly low £149 and include ranges from their own brands up to well-known brands such as Daewoo, Samsung and Sharp. But perhaps their more affordable, energy efficient machines, rival these bigger names for cost, versatility and quality. Take eCatering’s Quattro 1000W Programmable Microwave, at a mere £149 its too good to be true. This top quality, powerful machine can easily rival those big named models from Sharp, Samsung, Buffalo and Daewoo. Its premium quality stainless steel interior coupled with 10 power levels, multi

Microwave Masters RH Hall have been dominating the microwave market for 40 years, building extensive knowledge of this kitchen essential. The company is highly regarded and reliable – with in-house Sales, Customer Service and Technical teams. The UK’s largest, most innovative microwave supplier – RH Hall stock only models from leading brands. Microwaves are an essential part of any commercial kitchen and the latest technology means today’s machines are sophisticated and easy to use – producing excellent results in a fraction of the time it takes conventional methods. From Sharp – chosen by the UK’s Leading Operators, to the Maestrowave

quantity defrost, 3 stage cooking and 10 memory programs makes this model a must for everyone (order reference MIC002). eCatering also offer one of their bestsellers, the 108ltr Quattro Titanium. This top quality 108 ltr rotary fan assisted, rear convection oven with cook and hold facility brings incredible versatility to everyday caterers. At only £449 it fits perfectly into any budget! (order reference OVC005). For those needing a smaller compact countertop oven, you can choose the Italinox 26ltr Oven with adjustable timer, FREE Rotisserie Spit, 2 Wire Grids and Baking Sheet. This stunning model comes in at a mere £199 and is exceptional value for money (order reference OVC002). For more information on these and eCatering’s full range of catering equipment, visit their website or call 01539 234 350.

range – which includes affordable options such as the MW10, as well as innovative solutions such as iWave and the Combi Chef 7, RH Hall can offer the latest, most versatile products – as well as independent, unbiased advice on the best machine to suit the needs of any operator. Innovation is crucial in today’s demanding market and RH Hall work with many of the UK’s leading foodservice chain operators to produce bespoke solutions, offering optimum results. RH Hall also regularly work with food suppliers and chefs on menu creations at their development kitchen, creating and adapting menu’s. RH Hall operate through a national network of 1,400+ approved dealers, along with dedicated National Account and Food Solutions divisions, ensuring they always have the right person on hand to deal with any enquiry! So for all your microwave oven and foodservice equipment needs you only need one number – 01296 663400! You can also email or visit our website

The Menumaster High Speed Combi Microwave WITH SPACE often at a premium, opting for efficient, space-saving pieces of kitchen equipment such as multi-functional ovens that can cook a variety of menu options is a wise choice when kitting out a commercial kitchen. The new Menumaster High Speed Combi Microwave JET519 (CR857/CR858), offers an extremely powerful catering solution that operates as both a convection oven and a microwave, allowing operators to cook a varied range of popular menu items quickly and frequently without compromising on quality, so that a wide menu incorporating a good selection of food offers can be created without customers being kept waiting, even during peak times. This makes it ideal for preparing a wide variety of traditional meals or on-trend street-food style hot snacks, allowing operators to create interesting options that are a little different from the usual choices, whilst adding value to simple ingredients and making their menu a little more premium. With a generous capacity of 34 litres and a compact footprint, this sleek unit’s four

stage cooking operation removes the need for pre-cooking and holding of food and enables operators to program cooking times and settings for up to 100 different menu items at any one time, which can then be automatically updated using a USB port. With a robust stainless steel design, the Menumaster High Speed Combi Microwave has a stackable design suited to kitchens where space is limited, and also has removable filters with a handy cleaning reminder function. Perfect for preparing tempting hot snacks such as pizza, chips, or tasty subs with a variety of both meat and vegetarian fillings, along with meat or fish options, in less than three minutes, the compact, powerful and efficient Menumaster High Speed Combi Microwave combines two high speed cooking modes: microwave and convection, making it an essential item for any busy commercial kitchen. Why not add Steak and Ale Pie to the menu, whilst catering to vegetarians with a Halloumi and Red Pepper Burger, and tempting customers looking for healthier menu choices with Lemon and Herb Salmon?” Tel: 0845 1405555

Simplify Your Cooking & Baking with the New GENIUS MT from Eloma Eloma present their newest innovation: the GENIUS MT with its revolutionary MT Technology. A combi oven & bakery oven all in one. Now working with Certa as their official UK Distributor Eloma officially introduce its high-end combi steamer to the UK market. A combi steamer that introduces “simplicity at its best”. The special feature on this model: a MultiTouch display with Eloma's own MT Technolo-gy. An easy to use, durable control panel and intuitive controlling makes the handling for the chef especially easy providing effective work optimum support – no matter who is at the controls. “Our goal with Eloma is that the appliance fits to the customer and not the customer to the appliance” says Dan Loria; Director of Certa Cooking Equipment. Besides proven technical features for which Eloma is highly regarded, such as the SPS® Steam Protection System or the award-winning Multi-Eco-System, the GENIUS MT is the perfect combi steamer for wherever you need it due to numerous additional highlights. The functions; Last 20, Multi Cooking and Quick Set are just a few examples to

ensure even easier cooking processes. Through the Last 20 function, the past 20 cooking processes can be seen clearly at a glance and instantly restarted. The fact that this also applies to manual cooking process-es is a unique feature. “This is only available at Eloma”, explains Dan Loria, “the last 20 cooking processes are instantly visible to all users.” Intelligent time management and easy multiple selection with simultaneous operation is made possible with the Multi Cooking function. The GENIUS MT automatically recom-mends the appropriate programmes and products for the cooking process. This function is always available – regardless if a cooking program has already started. The Quick Set function contributes to an even more ease of use operation. When setting manually, a second line opens, if needed, with which direct adjustments can be made without leaving the current display. Easy operation, technical finesse and last but not least, the requirement to simplify cook-ing – that is the future of cooking and Eloma begins with the introduction of the GENIUS MT. An outstanding innovation that makes you want to know more. Eloma – not just hot air. Visit and find out more.

March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

March 2018

Outdoor Leisure

Discover How A Canopy Can Increase Your Profits OVER THE last twenty years hotel owners,licensees golf courses and theme parks around the UK have discovered the secrets of increasing their profit by installing Zenith Canopy Structures at their establishments. Since the advent of the smoking ban, licensees have had to re-appraise their business and re-market the features that encourage customers to choose them over a competitor particularly in food led establishments. Ian Manners of Zenith said “The benefits to licensees of our canopy structures is that they can be used all the year round regardless of weather.” When approached by the licensed trade we have used our experience and spent a good deal of time with them discussing how we can make the best use of available space to increase their profits and add real value to their business. We encourage them to provide as comfortable a setting outside as they provide their customers inside the pub. For example, for some reason in this country licensees seem to think that customers like to eat

and drink in raging sunshine. Our research tells us that people actually like to eat and drink in the shade under a fixed, robust cover that they feel safe beneath. By adding electric radiant heating and lighting and easily removable sidewalls, licensees can create a warm, welcoming environment in all weathers without losing that al fresco feel.’ Many of Zenith’s customers have opted to fund a canopy project by LEASE RENTAL. This is a financially efficient way of installing a canopy because it allows the licensee to budget on a monthly basis without making a large capital investment. After a three or four year period the licensee will own the structure outright. It is also tax efficient as the lease rentals can be offset against taxable profits. Furthermore the canopies are being paid for as the number of customers increases. Zenith’s canopies are available in a variety of modular sizes and colours. For further information contact:Zenith Canopy Structures Limited, T: 0118 978 9072 F: 0118 979 3034 Email: or visit

Cinders Barbecues Limited Launch the StreetWok LP20 THE PORTABLE ‘StreetWok LP20’ from CINDERS BARBECUES Ltd introduces new technology to an ancient method of cooking, solving problems of noise and skill levels inherent in traditional wok burners. Asian flavours are pouring out of oriental kitchens and into vibrant Street Market catering, where convenience is critical to success. We predict the compact power of our new product will also enable popular stir-fry cooking to find its way into beer gardens next to the ubiquitous barbecue and onto hotel patios as the themed component of a memorable occasion. The StreetWok LP20 packs up to 16kW of controllable punch into a portable appliance weighing only 17kg. This kind of power is usually accompanied by a loud roar, whilst CINDERS uses a ‘flower head’ array of patented low pressure burners to diffuse the sound and spread the heat around the base of the wok. Spreading the heat also

avoids the difficult wok ‘hot spot’ and allows heat to penetrate food faster and more evenly, enabling more reliable throughput without specialist training. Made in Britain and CE safety compliant, the StreetWok LP20 represents a real technical breakthrough and is set to offer fresh opportunities to all sectors of outdoor catering. FEATURES New breakthrough wok burner Powerful heat output (16Kw) maximises speed of service & profitability Portable, dependable & easily set-up Unique, patented ‘flowerhead’ design Innovative multi-head power delivery Low pressure, quiet flame CE approved and safety compliant CINDERS STREETWOK LP20 MRP: £695.00 For purchasing options contact us on or call us on 01524 262900.

These Businesses Are Already Benefiting From Our Canopy Structures

All year round use – regardless of weather Quick recovery on your investment

Market your business with fixed canopy structures to attract and look after your customers Our research tells us that people like to sit in the shade to eat and drink outside For Free consultations call 0118

978 9072

Low Costs Means Greater Returns IMPROVE CUSTOMER Enjoyment with Stylish and Very Long Lasting Gazebos

• The most successful businesses invest wisely to get the best returns • Join them to make more profit from your outdoors sales • You can invest in your outdoors, from as little as £357 a year • Your only cost is the profit from a couple of drinks per week! • It's a no-brainer....Don't ignore this profit opportunity • You have nothing to lose except more profit From £6.86 per week | £357 per year with Bluestar Leasing To see how advantageous it can be for your business get your instant quotation online. 3 sizes...40 colours...side

screen options...hurricane proof...5 year guarantee 3m x 3m £1661 | 3m x 4m (as above) £2130 | 3m x 6m £2497 Join them to make more profit from your outdoors sales You can invest in your outdoors, from as little as £357 a year. Your only cost is the profit from a couple of drinks per week! GET AHEAD TODAY....BUY NOW and BENEFIT NOW The Carpenters Arms visit WHITE PAVILION HOSPITALITY GAZEBOS Help, Advice, Guidance and to Order Call us 01653 695 285 or see advert page 2.

LeisureBench - Quality, Value and Great Service! WE'RE AN industry-leading trade supplier of quality outdoor furniture, offering unrivalled care and service for our customers.LeisureBench was established in 2001 and we have grown into one of the country's leading suppliers of outdoor products. Our furniture is selected for strength, longevity, quality and value. We source direct from manufacturers

worldwide and work closely with them to ensure that both our ethical standards of production and our high environmental demands for sustainability are met. We are also participants in LOFA's 'Made Aware' scheme which focusses primarily on sustainable forrestry. We are situated in the very heart of the UK and with over 100,000 square feet of warehousing we can ensure a reliable supply and fast delivery wherever and whenever you need us. For further details see advert this page.

Café Culture - Pavement Profit

WE ARE an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants and public houses. We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports next season. It’s

one area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual bumps and scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to

Let’s Take It Outside SPRING IS just around the corner and soon your customers will want to be outdoors! Take advantage of any unexpected fine weather with an early ‘Pop Up’ barbecue to create the right relaxed vibe. If you need reliable, commercial equipment that will deploy in minutes and store away cleanly when not in use then take a look at the legendary Cinders Barbecues. These LP Gas barbecues come with a full commercial warranty and time sav-

Outdoor Leisure

March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

ing benefits like internal self-cleaning for when the job is done! Already used successfully by professionals across the land, these British made barbecue grills are powerful, dependable and engineered to last. The recently enhanced website was designed with you in mind and is a useful resource for outdoor cooking – with blogs, best practice and always with sound advice for safety first. British manufacturer Cinders Barbecues Limited have been making quality foodservice equipment since 1984 serving professionals throughout the UK and northern Europe. For more information call: 01524 262900 & See demonstration videos at:

Kirklees Developments Ltd Catering Equipment WITH OVER 35 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing barbecues and a variety of gas appliances with C.E approval Kirklees Developments now produce 2 sizes of hog roasters, to cook up to 200lb pigs. The 200lb pig roaster, the largest on the market, has a viewing window and wooden handles for comfort. It`s geared motor unit is 4 times the power of smaller roasters in its class. Chickens, jacket potatoes etc. can be cooked in the optional attachment & tall chefs may specify the optional adjustable carving brackets. Carving trays are also available. Our newest product is our

Decarboniser soak tank. Designed for ease of use and robustness. Fabricated from stainless steel with 150Litre usable capacity. Simply switch it on, leave your pans and grills in it overnight, take out the clean stuff in the morning. Kirklees Developments produce an extensive range of large professional catering grill & griddle barbecues including the widely respected Masterchef and Zenith ranges. The 8 burner Magnum has removable grills for easy cleaning and is most versatile due to its overall size and independently controllable burners. Tel: 01484 401134 Email: Web:

ILF Chairs - Contract Seating

ILF HAVE been supplying top quality indoor and outdoor chairs and tables for over the past 25 years to the hospitality market. We offer a wide selection of products to suit all tastes and as importantly budgets!

We pride ourselves outstanding personal service with the motto ‘ No job is ever too big or too small – it’s customer satisfaction that counts’. In this demanding Health & Safety led market place we guarantee that all our fabrics and fillings meet the exacting

BS5852 Crib 5 fire regulations. The majority of our products are available in a choice of frame colours and we can offer an extensive choice of fabrics including real Leather and Faux Leather. In addition, we also able to offer a full service on bench seating and reupholstery. Delivery times are generally 4 weeks from order, but we can also offer a “fast track” service for certain products. Why not contact us at or on 01293 783783 and find out how we can help you fulfil your seating and table needs.

Spring /Summer outdoor seating all stackable

. ll selection of tables available Fu ls. de mo all on ble ila ava Colour options





(Only as shown)

Tel:- 01293 783783 Mob:- 07939 025871


ILF Ltd. Commercial Leisure Seating & Table solutions










Email: Web:- (Flash 7 required)

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Food Hygiene and Temperature Monitoring

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

March 2018

Do You Know Your Responsibilities If You Thermapen IR Infrared Thermometer Identify A Food Safety Related Incident? With Foldaway Probe YOU’VE BEEN awarded a high food hygiene rating and you endeavour to source all your ingredients from reputable suppliers but what should you do if your business identifies or suffers a food safety incident? Mike Williams, Director of food safety specialists STS, explains how to report and subsequently help prevent further incidents. Every catering operation in the UK and their suppliers have a duty to maintain the trust, standards and integrity of their complete food chain. Public safety is paramount but incidents unfortunately still happen. Over the past decade the Food Standards Agency has been notified of and investigated an average of 1500 serious incidents each year, with many more being dealt with by Environmental Health Officers within local authorities. So what constitutes a food safety incident? If you identify contaminated or wrongly packaged food within the food chain or believe the safety or quality is in question and may need to be recalled / withdrawn from sale, you are legally required to inform your local authority and the Food Standards Agency. This could include foods that have been part processed by another organisation, foods that will be cooked and served by you to the public or even finished food products supplied to you ready to serve. Even environmental incidents like fires or chemicals can potentially contaminate foods before entering or as they progress through the food chain and they do indeed need reporting. In the first instance any food business should not accept deliveries that don’t meet high standards. Particular tell tale signs to look out for include damaged outer packaging, poor or no labelling, or the food not matching the description of the goods ordered. If frozen or chilled food shows signs of not being stored or transported at the correct temperature, you must reject the delivery. Chilled foods should ideally arrive in a suitable vehicle below 5ºC; with frozen foods below -5ºC. Both should be moved to your appropriate storage facilities as quickly as possible. If you reject a delivery you must make sure the supplier is made fully aware of why you took this action, and that you have notified the appropriate authorities in case further investigation is required.

If you doubt the safety or provenance of any food on your premises you shouldn’t use it and, again, notify your EHO who will recommend an appropriate action. Such an issue should not reflect badly on your business; positive action and making others aware shows you take food safety seriously and procedures can be implemented to prevent food incidents from occurring elsewhere. It is also worthwhile having a written food incident plan that contains all your key contact details so that staff can take appropriate action if a food incident does arise. This document is an integral part of your HACCP plan and must be kept up to date. Instances of Campylobacter, E.coli, Salmonella and other such pathogens need to be taken really seriously as they can be life threatening. Most people suffering from food poisoning or an allergic reaction will initially visit their doctor. If they identify the condition as serious they will automatically report it to Public Health England so that appropriate action can be taken – typically within 24 hours. This could result in a visit from an EHO to investigate poor food hygiene and potential contamination, the general cleanliness of facilities or, in some cases, how foreign objects may have entered the food chain. Depending on what they find they will recommend an appropriate remedial course of action. This could range from something quite simple or, if multiple cases have been reported, result in your business and/or others being closed down for a period of time to prevent further outbreak and significant remedial action needed to bring the business up to the required standard. Effective cleaning regimes should also be observed, recorded and reviewed so that the cleaning schedule is thorough and strict standards are sustained. Additional data also needs to be recorded, particularly with regards to temperature control, chilled storage and displaying chilled food. Food with ‘use-by’ dates, cooked dishes and other ready-to-eat food has a limited shelf life and needs to be carefully monitored. Effective management and regular food hygiene checks are imperative for food safety. All hospitality and catering businesses therefore need to maintain up-to-date and accurate safety records. Health and Safety Due Diligence Diaries are designed to enable businesses to efficiently record all compliance activities, as well as to easily introduce new health, safety and hygiene procedures. To help food businesses reduce threats to the food and drink supply, the British Standards Institution has developed a free to download user friendly guide*1. You could also speak to your EHO or contact an independent health & safety specialist like STS-solutions on 01252 728300 or visit for more advice but the onus is on you to take responsibility.

THE NEW Thermapen IR is two instruments in one compact unit, combining the advanced technology of two ETI designed and manufactured products, the RayTemp 2 Plus infrared thermometer and Thermapen 4 digital probe thermometer. Housed in a robust ABS case containing 'Biomaster' additive which reduces bacterial growth, the Thermapen IR incorporates a motion sensing sleep mode (penetration probe only) which automatically turns the instrument on/off when set down or picked up, maximising battery life. To utilise the infrared function, simply aim the infrared thermometer at the target and press the scan button to display the surface temperature. Please Note: the infrared non-contact function will only measure when the probe

is in the closed position. The Thermapen IR thermometer features a max/min temperature function accessed via the mode button (IR only). The distance to target ratio is 5:1, therefore the thermometer should be positioned as close to the target as possible. The default emissivity is 0.95 but can be adjusted between 0.1 and 1.0, if required via the mode button. Alternatively, it is possible to take liquid or semi-solid product temperatures using the reduced tip, stainless steel penetration probe (Ø3.3 x 110 mm). The probe conveniently folds back through 180° into the side of the instrument when not in use. Each Thermapen IR is supplied with a traceable certificate of calibration. Competitively priced, at £60 each exclusive of VAT from Telephone 01903 20251

Are HACCP Records Creating An Admin Burden For Your Business? Records Being Lost Or Tampered With? COMARK KITCHEN Checks can eliminate those issues. Using Comark’s BT125 Bluetooth Pocketherm, the Bluetooth version of our tried and tested Pocketherm folding thermometer, together with the free Comark Kitchen Checks App; you can build and operate a complete HACCP program without the need for pen or paper! Designed for use in the kitchen and other food production areas, the BT125 Pocketherm Thermometer transmits temperature data via Bluetooth to your smart phone or tablet, managing all your HACCP temperature recording in one place.

Load all your required critical control checks on refrigerators, coolers, walk-ins and freezers. You can also monitor receiving at the back door and essential cleaning checks. Using corrective action prompts, any exceptions are dealt with in the same way every time regardless of shift and staff changes. Essentially it is your current HACCP Plan, your way – but now in a free app! The data is stored in real time and immediately available for reports and audits. Going paperless means tamperproof records, less time filling in paperwork and leaves you and your team more time to serve your customers. Visit Comark Instruments at or see the advert below.

Design and Refit

March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Restfull Nights - Manufacturers Of Contract Beds & Mattresses WE SPEND around a third of our life in bed and we know that a good night’s sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing. Top hotels throughout the world invest heavily into their beds and bed stock as they understand that a good night’s sleep results in profitable, repeat business. With over 25 years manufacturing expertise, the most up to datetechnical advice and a selection of quality raw materials, from which they have developed a comprehensive range of beds and mattresses for the contract market, Restfull Nights is an expert in sleep. The Restfull Nights mission statements are “Quality doesn’t have to be expensive” & “Quality beds for every lifestyle” and the company adheres to these statements on a daily basis, through its products and services. John Law, Restfull Nights, said: “We manufacture a range of different specifications derived from what we understand to be specific hotel brand requirements. In addition, we offer a bespoke build service, which can be tailored to a client’s own specifications. “We manufacture all our products to order using the highest quality fillings and assemble with our state-of-the-art machinery, giving us the opportunity to provide a fast turnaround on orders, and a swift and reliable delivery service.” Over the years Restfull Nights have been fortunate enough to work with a large number of highly esteemed hotels in the commercial sector, including Double Tree by Hilton, Chester; The Park Regis, Birmingham; Hampton By Hilton, Exeter Airport; Marriott Hotel Baxter’s Place in Scotland; Crown Plaza Southampton; Hotel Indigo Cardiff; and Holiday Inn Manchester, to name but a few. John commented: “We currently work with a large number of hotel

Designing Your Bar EVERYONE HAS different tastes, but finding the look and layout of a bar that works for you is important. Therefore George Thomas Joinery will spend time with you, working out what you require and how it will look, but probably more importantly how the bar will work for your everyday business. All too often function is forgotten to aesthetics. The key to good bar design is having everything to hand for each bartender, this is even more important if space is limited behind

management companies, supplying most hotel brands such as IHG, Marriott, Radisson, Hilton, Best Western and Bespoke Hotels, as well as independent hoteliers like The White Horse, to whom we supplied all the beds for this latest refurbishment (as seen on the back cover of this issue). “The hotel sector is one of our favourite sectors to work with and it appears to be a growing market. Our beds ensure our clients’ customers get a guaranteed Restfull Night’s sleep, meaning they will return to the same hotel in future and not to a competitor.” In addition to a collection of beds, Restfull Nights offer a range of top quality sofa beds in a variety of styles and sizes, to fit most room designs. The company also manufactures a range of contract beds and mattress for the student accommodation market (halls of residence, boarding schools etc and are an approved supplier to the shipping & marine industry, supplying mattresses for the MOD, oil rigs and cruise liners such as P&O Ferries. These products carry the unique Wheel Mark I M O Certificate and S.O.L.A.S – Safety of Life at Sea. John said: “At Restfull Nights, all our products are made to order in a range of styles and specifications. We offer a full installation and set-up service if required, as well as a removal and disposal service in keeping with environmental guidelines. All products conform to ignition source 5 or 7 for contract use and to the latest British standards. All Restfull Nights products also carry a 5-year warranty.” John added: “We believe Restfull Nights can offer you a first class service with a quality product competitively priced – so why not give us a call or send us an email? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including a Restfull Nights’ sleep.” For more information, please visit: or see the advert on the back page of this issue. the bar, the last thing you need is bartenders walking behind and into each other all the time, it only takes a few broken glasses to start eating into your profits. With the layout behind the bar worked out how the front of the bar will look comes next and that’s where George Thomas Joinery can also help, with experience of various materials, creating textures and patterns, combined with hidden lighting, are all techniques we can employ to give your bar the truly unique look. All our bars and counters are premanufactured in our workshops as much as possible, this means that once on site a bar can often be installed in just a day or two, keeping your business as operational as possible. Tel: 01384 637 825 or visit for further details.

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March 2018

Design and Refit

Top Tips For A Great Night’s Sleep Away Barton Reed & Co From Home; National Bed Month

SLEEPING IN an unfamiliar bed is something of a mystery, whether sleeping in a hotel, or whilst staying with friends. Tossing and turning all night in strange surroundings can send the mind into overdrive and come breakfast time, there isn’t a ‘fresh face’ in sight. However, hotel management group, Hospitality First, have come together to give the UK some sound advice on how to get a great night’s sleep, away from the comfort of home, for National Bed Month, March 2018.

To help beat the morning slump of a bad night’s sleep, here are Hospitality First’s top tips for a great night’s sleep whilst staying away from home: • Pack your own essentials – Got a set of favourite comfy pyjamas? Bring them with you! A lot of people fail to remember that comfort is key, and your favourite night wear can be the start of a great night’s sleep at any hotel. Don’t forget your slippers too, if that’s something you normally wear at home. • Whilst you’re packing… - Remember to bring your favourite pillow, or pillow case too. Whist it may seem like extra luggage, but some people find that the comfort of their own pillow is the number 1 reason they don’t get a good night’s sleep! We’re all different, and so are our sleep needs, so take the guesswork out of it and bring your own if it’s something you’re normally very particular about. • Don’t abandon your routine – Do you watch a film, box set, or read a book before bed? Do it whilst you stay away from

home too! If you usually wind down by watching your favourite TV show or movie, love to fall asleep to music, or like to drift off whilst away with the fairies in a book, be sure to bring those things with you. Make sure you limit how much screen time you get though – this can sometimes have an adverse effect on sleep. • The Goldilocks effect – Apparently, around 18.5 degrees Celsius is the perfect sleeping temperature. Being too hot, or too cold, in bed can have a huge effect on sleep! Don’t be afraid to turn up, or down, the temperature in your room so that it’s ‘just right’ for you. Not sure how? Call reception and most hotels will be able to help. • Relax! – Whether you’re staying away from home for business, or for a break away with the girls, most hotels want you to be able to relax in their establishment. Turn down the lights in your room, close the curtains, and take a moment (or an hour or two!) to take a break from the hum-drum of regular life. National Bed Month, March 2018, was created by The Sleep Council. The Sleep Council is an impartial, advisory organisation that aims to raise awareness of the importance of ‘a good night’s sleep’ for health and wellbeing, and provides helpful advice on how to improve sleep quality, and how to create the perfect sleeping environment. Hospitality First, the management group behind Holiday Inn Express Kettering, Holiday Inn Express Preston South, Best Western Tillington Hall, Best Western Crewe Arms Hotel, Quality Hotel Birmingham South, and Holiday Inn Express Castle Bromwich, are keen to showcase that their focus is on the comfort of their guests in all of their hotels.

BARTON REED & Co is the leading supplier of quality furniture to hotels, restaurants, public houses and leisure facilities in the South West. We can supply beautiful leather sofas, stylish high bar stools, comfy tub seats, elegant restaurant tables and chairs, and relaxing beds.

From laid back, seaside charm to cutting-edge design our extensive product range will suit your style and give your business the look that you want to achieve. We have a huge choice of colours, fabrics and finishes and all our furniture comes with a two-year warranty. Barton Reed & Co is a fami-

Woodman Chairs

WOODMAN CHAIRS is a long established, dedicated chair manufacturer and wholesaler who make most of their own chairs. We offer a wide and varied choice of solid oak and beech chair and table styles – both modern and contemporary – with many finish and seat options. Included in our range is an exciting choice of sturdy bar stools and bar tables. The fact that we make gives us greater control and flexibility. It also enables us to offer bespoke chair and chair frame or component production to end customers or other suppliers and manufacturers looking for their own design or

ly-run business and we have been involved in the furniture industry since 1945. Over the years we have forged strong relationships with our suppliers to give you the best furniture available with a service that goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations. Seven reasons why you should choose Barton Reed & Co to supply your contract furniture: • Wide range of styles • Easy ordering and re-ordering • Single point of contact • Short lead times • Direct delivery • After sales service • Two-year warranty on every item Get in touch to discuss your furniture requirements or to order our new brochure – we’re here to help. Call us on 01409 271189, visit or email or see the advert on page 34. seeking to create a unique range or theme, again in both oak and beech, raw or finished. Always keen to innovate, Woodman are constantly introducing new styles and have recently added Carver options to their more popular dining chairs and have further expanded their range of bar stools to include rush seated and fabric pad options. Here is a simple decision that won’t require a Referendum! If you want your customers to have the best choice, with honest quality, at affordable prices, with decent lead times and no minimum order, then you need only vote Woodman for your chairs. For further details call 01884 841789, visit or email

The Vandal Resistant Toilet Door Lock From Burstcatch Temporary Catering Facilities During Refurbishment

LOCKS ARE a critical part of the decision process when designing or refurbishing your bathroom. Durable and hard-wearing toilet cubicle locks are essential to ensure longevity of your investment. Burstcatch ensures both privacy and security of your bathroom cubicles with its unique, patented vandal resistant design. Built to last in the most extreme of environments, Burstcatch is designed to operate flawlessly in the washroom environment. Suitable for extreme high traffic commercial toilet areas such as night clubs, bars and restaurants. Burstcatch is the standard fitting in the UK’s largest pub chains JD Weatherspoon, Yates, Mitchell & Butler, Stonegate and Missoula Bars Burstcatch ensures their washrooms are always 100% operational, reaping the financial benefits everyday. • Privacy with unique anti-vandal door lock design • Works with all types of toilet cubicle doors

• Built strong. Built to last. Built to save you money. • Guaranteed to save your toilet cubicle doors and locks from vandals. In the high traffic pub and club environment it's essential your toilet doors stay operational. Burstcatch will give you the piece of mind that once fitted you no longer have to call out service engineers to repair your toilet cubicle doors. Generally a call out would be £60 plus per call, so its a simple calculation to see Burstcatch is a valuable investment. Customer safety is ensured with our unique design. Burstcatch will allow standard privacy but if you are required to access a cubicle during an emergency situation you can easily force the door open without causing any damage to the toilet door hardware or to the door. Safety without the expense! Tel: 0151 608 8666 or visit or see the advert on page 2.

MOBILE KITCHENS Ltd specialises in the hire facilities can be provided as individual units in their own right – Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens, Wareor sale of temporary catering facilities and washing Units, Dry Store Units, Cold Rooms, Restaurant foodservice equipment. We regularly provide our services to clients when they are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment or carrying out other building works that necessitate the closure of existing catering facilities. We offer a free design service, and project management from concept through to delivery and installation on site, plus full technical support throughout the hire period. The elements that make up our temporary kitchen and restaurant

Units, etc - or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex. Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer term hires. We have many tried and tested design layouts and would be pleased to put forward our recommendations for your project. For further information or to arrange a site visit, please email:, call us on 0845 812 0800, or visit our website:

Design and Refit

March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


HotelContractBeds - Premium Quality At Affordable Prices WE’RE ONE of the leading suppliers of contract approved beds and mattresses within the UK. Manufactured by ourselves, we pride ourselves on high quality whilst also providing comfortable low trade prices. While of course we offer all the standard UK sizes for beds and mattresses, we also provide an affordable bespoke service that will enable you to get the exact bed, mattress or sofa bed required for your establishment. We work on a no minimum order value policy, meaning you may order as much, or as little as you need. This

Contract Furniture Group CONTRACT FURNITURE Group has been set up to offer quality contract dining furniture to the hotel, restaurant, pub trades and leisure industries at realistic prices. We carry a lot of our range in stock so we can help you to meet your deadlines. We also offer a unique source and

enables us to supply the big hotel chains, while also providing top quality to the smaller and independent hotels. Delivery is free of charge for all mainland UK orders with an estimated time of 3-5 working days. And what’s more, you can be assured that every contract bed manufactured and supplied via HotelContractBeds - including our memory foam mattresses, sofa beds, zip and link beds and divan sets - complies with BS5852 and Crib 5, ensuring that they pass stringent fire safety inspections. Call our friendly sales team on 01234 834693 or visit our website

supply service; if you send us a picture of an item we will do our up most to supply to you at the best price. All our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards, we only use hardwood frames which are glued screwed and dowelled for strength. crib5 interliner (if required) sprung seat areas or webbing and top quality Italian leathers and fabrics. For further information, call 0115 965 9030, visit or email See us on Stand 2428. See the advert on page 27 for details.

Retain Payment or ID Cards and Be PCI Compliant Whilst Increasing Profits

WHEN A vendor retains a credit card or debit card, or indeed handing over his or her ID card as security against running a tab or renting sporting equipment, there is always some uncertainty about the safety of the card whilst out of the customers’ possession. CardsSafe® eliminates the need to worry about any loss or theft as it is the simplest and most efficient way to ensure the card’s safety from potential misuse. The CardsSafe® system has now become the “best practice” way of handling credit and debit cards in the hospitality and leisure industries. More than seventy thousand boxes are in use every day and hundreds more are added every week. Customers who share their experience with our staff report these benefits:

• Chargeback drops by more than ninety percent (90%) • Walkouts are reduced by at least fifty percent (50%) • Tab mistakes drop significantly and finally, • There is a major uptick in sales If you are concerned about how CardsSafe works within the PCI scheme, Alan Gill from the independent PCI certifying company Orthus Limited states: “The PCI DSS standard encompassed 264 controls. CardsSafe helps to reduce the need to meet all of these through ‘compensating controls’ which allow businesses to comply to the standard without having to change the way they operate”. In addition to the commercial benefits the CardsSafe® solution therefore helps merchants become PCI compliant, which truly gives peace of mind for all! To order, please contact CardsSafe Limited on either ofPhone: 0845 5001040, Email: Web:

Suppliers of 1920s chairs to pubs and restaurants nationwide 30 years experience We can supply chairs in original condition and fully refurbished Prices from £35 (original condition) to £75 (refurbished) Delivery in 10 to 21 days on orders of 10 - 150

Telephone: 07970 714959 • Email:


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

March 2018

Design and Refit

Reclaiming The Hospitality Market With Refurbishment THE INDEPENDENT hospitality sector, from hotels to bars and restaurants, have long struggled to compete with the financial might of larger chain outlets, especially when it comes to refurbishing and updating their venues. But, as Tony Clark, owner of Trade Furniture Company explains, achieving a fresh new look does not need to be an expensive task. Costs related to the redevelopment of hotels, bars and restaurants can be extremely high, especially when you factor in the time required to close establishments to allow such work to take place. It is perhaps no surprise then, that independent hoteliers, licensees and restaurateurs, are hesitant to commit to wholesale changes. Competing pound for pound with global chain outlets simply isn’t an option for many independent hotels, restaurants and bars. Especially given that UK hotels increased their refurbishment spending by 57 per cent in 2016 alone, according to new research from business financiers Funding Options. With hotels capital expenditure rising from £1.03bn in the previous year to £1.62bn in 2015/16. In a bid to drive their competitiveness and attract a new group of customers, owners of independent hotels, restaurants and bars are increasingly seeking creative ways to reinvigorate their premises. One trend that is delivering a sea of change across the sector, and encouraging smaller boutique-style businesses to re-develop their interiors, is the introduction of unique reclaimed wood furniture. Reclaimed wood – often made from Indian and Sheesham woods – is becoming increasingly fashionable to use in independent hotels, restaurants and bars, to deliver a distinctive style and customer experience. Ideal for such premises, wood furniture of this nature is providing locations with unique pieces that are allowing them to stand out from larger chains. A case for reclaimed wood Well-designed modern restaurants, hotels and bars, with on-trend furniture, have the potential to change the overall feel of an interior, whilst improving the customer experience, it can even boost staff morale. The importance of impactful interior design, and perhaps most importantly furniture, cannot be underestimated. The benefits of using reclaimed wood furniture are many for the UK’s independent hospitality sector. From an environmental perspective, sustainably repurposed furniture plays an integral role in reducing waste, with furniture often fashioned from recycled wood that would have otherwise been dis-

carded in its previous state. Uniquely, such furniture can be manufactured from unwanted wood using anything from doors, fences, roofing, and even fishing boats, as well as a variety of other sources. Due to the ‘upcycling’ nature of the furniture, it enables hoteliers, licensees and restaurateurs to portray an environmentally aware image to potential customers. What’s more, the bespoke construction of each piece means reclaimed designs have completely unique looks for every individual piece, creating a one of a kind feel and experience. Whilst other woods have very consistent tones, reclaimed wood furniture aims to keep the wood as close to its original source as possible, delivering a distinctive appearance. From the coffee shops of London to the boutique hotels of Yorkshire – reclaimed wood tables, chairs and even bookcases are set to become common place. Whatever the use, reclaimed wood offers countless benefits – none more so than cost. Hoteliers, restaurateurs and licensees stand to make substantial savings by investing in Indian furniture. The unique structure of reclaimed furniture means each piece is built to last and ages well, ensuring long term savings can be achieved by reducing the costs for replacement furniture. Whilst the handcrafted styling of rich Indian woods such as Sheesham and mango, can deliver a one of a kind design for any premises. In recent years, reclaimed Indian wood has become increasingly popular with owners of hotels, restaurants and bars seeking an exotic style that uses rich, heavy woods. However, the worn character of most reclaimed wood furniture, with natural variations in knots and graining, is not for everyone. Often hoteliers, restaurateurs and licensees looking for statement pieces crafted from alternative wood sources to traditional oaks and pines, do not realise the multitude of non-reclaimed options available. Furniture hand-crafted from new Indian, Mango and Sheesham wood, for instance, can deliver an equally impactful and sustainable option for any premises. Eriki restaurant upgrade with Jali Sheesham wood Eriki restaurants innovative new dining room, furnished by Trade Furniture Company as part of an exclusive bespoke design service, draws upon the unique characteristics of non-reclaimed Indian wood furniture. The multi-award winning, fine dining Indian restaurant has opted for a bespoke interior with Jali Sheesham wood furniture at its heart. Drawing influence from the exotic style of Indian, Sheesham and Mango wood, the interior

includes a distinctive range of dining tables and carver chairs in rich Jali wood – all designed to the restaurants exact specification. A handcrafted Eriki logo design is incorporated into each furnishing, creating a truly one-of-a-kind design that simply can’t be replicated by other restaurants. Whether an independent hotel, restaurant or bar opts for a complete refurbishment or wishes to make an impactful statement with new furnishings, it can all be achieved without compromising on cost or style. Keen to match their chain outlet competitors, the use of distinctive Indian, Sheesham and Mango wood furniture, has seen substantial growth in recent years and looks set to continue to be a prominent

MST Auctioneers Ltd

MST AUCTIONEERS Ltd specialise in handling & auctioning a wide variety of goods. We act for Insolvency Practitioners, Receivers, Bailiffs and Solicitors as well as large PLCs. We are members of The National Association of Auctioneers and Valuers (NAVA). For the past 25 years, we've provided a unique disposal service tailored to suit, liquidators, banks, receivers as well as private and corporate vendors. We carry out probate valuations and conduct complete house and commercial clearances. We have the largest Auction venue in the South of England. Our regular monthly Auctions occupy 45,000 sq.ft. of undercover space, selling over 2500 lots from 3 rostrums

design trend across the independent hospitably sector in years to come. Trade Furniture Company are the UK’s leading importers of reclaimed Indian wood, with over 20 years’ experience designing solid wood furniture and 7 years’ experience selling reclaimed Indian, Mango and Sheesham wood furniture – all at trade prices. With customer service at the heart of the business, the company has extensive experience of working to the exact specifications of customers in the hospitality sector, in order to deliver furniture tailored to their needs and environment. For more information visit: over two days. We have storage and removal facilities. In addition we have forklifts for machinery up to 5 tons. We also hold regular Auctions ”On Site” and "On Line" We hold regular monthly auction sales in: • Plant & Machinery • Engineering Equipment • Woodworking Equipment • Catering Equipment • Office Furniture • Computers & Office Equip • Antiques & Collectables, • Jewellery, Gold & Silver • Historic Coins & Antiquities • Household Chattels • Photographic Equip. • Scientific Test Equip. See advert on page 35 for further details

Is Your Leisure Club Performing As Well As It Could

ESTABLISHED IN 1991, 3d leisure (3d) is a leading health, fitness and Spa management company in the hotel sector. With an impressive client renewal record and a wide-ranging client portfolio we currently manage 71 facilities in the UK and a further 5 in Europe. 3d is owned by the directors of the company who all work in the business and have direct involvement with all our clients. With over 25 years’ experience, 3d offer a totally bespoke service from concept development through to management. 3d’s success and continued growth is due to our flexible approach and positive attitude. With 3d driving the health club and

spa portfolio we take away the hassle of managing leisure, leaving the hotel management to concentrate on core business. However, we will ensure that hotel management receive regular reports to monitor our progress and keep track of the success of their leisure facility. We will maximise income, by delivering an effective marketing strategy and developing a robust sales system and demonstrate a return on investment. By working with 3d you are not abdicating but rather delegating responsibility to a dedicated and focussed team who will maximise each club’s potential. Our service goal is to establish a client’s needs and then exceed their expectations with exceptional service and value. For more information see the advert below or visit

Design and Refit NuVuw’s Design And Project Management Solution Helps Takes The Stress Out Of Property Development What is NuVuw? is a cloud-based software solution that delivers end-to-end visibility and transparency into property build or renovation projects. NuVuw aims to become the ecosystem that connects property owners with Architects, interior designers and construction related professionals at every stage of the process. Property Owners have comprehensive tools to manage their new-build, self-build or renovation projects. They can capture ideas in design books, create professional 2D/3D models and collaborate with architects and designers to source the best design before selecting construction professionals to make their projects a reality. Managing projects end-to-end is easy with stepby-step guides, checklists and an automated dashboard that gives an up-to-

date status of the activities, progress and spend against budget. Property developers and Professional Trades can manage and track all their projects in one place from their dashboard; Designed to handle single/multi-site residential and commercial projects, manage quote requests and, schedule their team and sub-contractors. All repeat business and/or maintenance contracts can be tracked and managed using their integrated calendar-driven scheduler and to-do list. Accessible on the Web, your tablet and mobile , NuVuw can be used in the office or on-site ensuring any project can be delivered on-time and on budget. Sign up for free today at or see the advert on this page for further details.

The Houston Chair – Available in 50 Different Fabrics INTRODUCING THE Houston chair – sturdy, stylish, and adaptable, this chair is perfect for use in pubs, restaurants and hotels. Supplied by British company Trent Furniture who have been manufacturing quality furniture to the hospitality trade since 1960, the Houston chair offers quality and versatility at an affordable price.

The timeless design is matched by great craftsmanship to produce a comfortable chair that will complement any interior style or colour palette: • Durable European beech wood frame • Comes in walnut or dark oak

• Cushioned seat and padded back With their own in-house upholstery team, Trent Furniture can upholster the chair in over 50 different fabrics - from royal blue flatweave to woven light tan. So, whatever your colour scheme or theme, you can choose a fabric to enhance it. Priced at £49.90 plus VAT, the ability to customise each chair, combined with the classic design, makes the Houston chair perfect for use in your hospitality venue. View the Houston chair alongside a wide range of both traditional and contemporary furniture specially designed for bars, restaurants, cafés, hotels and more at Call 0116 2985 852 for more information.

Pro Auction Valuers & Auctioneers

PRO AUCTION Limited are one of the leading specialist valuers & auctioneers. Providing a comprehensive range of services to ensure that the full value of surplus or redundant assets are realised, to maximum value, be that by a private treaty, tender or auction. Auctions are conducted on a regular basis, throughout Europe in the Hospitality, Catering & Leisure sectors. We provide valuation and sale advice on all classes of industrial and commercial business assets. Auction sales are conducted both on site and webcast through

our world-wide bidding platform. Pro Auction runs both traditional and online auctions throughout Europe, using the latest auction platforms and software, developed to meet the demands and needs of both the seller and purchaser. The company provides expert advice to insolvency practitioners, corporate recovery specialists and turnaround professionals. It is widely acknowledged as a leading provider of machinery and business asset advice – from initial valuation to exit strategy planning and implementation – helping clients through the whole process. Contact Pro Auction Limited on 01761 414000 or email

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March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

March 2018

Design and Refit

UK POS - The UK's No.1 POS Display Specialists

WITH THE nice season and the clock change fast approaching, businesses can expect to see an influx in evening customers. Ensure your POS reflects the seasonal change to avoid missing key sales. As the much anticipated lighter evenings and warmer climate arrive, consumer habits start to change. More people will now venture out in the evening to pubs and restaurants, and people start to think about their outside space. It is crucial that your business responds to these changes to receive maximum benefits.

Give both your indoor and outdoor POS displays a refresh. Menu holders, snap frames and chalkboards are essentials for any hospitality business, so make sure yours are looking their best. Pavement signs will help give people that extra push to go out for that Thursday drink, whilst a new café barrier system will encourage some early al fresco dining. At WWW.UKPOS.COM you can find everything you need to maximise your sales all year round. Order by 5pm for next day delivery. Visit, email or call 03332 207 322 today! See the advert on page 11 for details.

Hippychick Bed Protectors

HIPPYCHICK BED Protectors are high quality, discreet, breathable and 100% waterproof – something so practical rarely feels so luxurious and they truly have to be seen to be believed! The protectors are available in both tencel and cotton, with a wide range of sizes in fitted and flat sheet designs. For those of you who aren’t aware, tencel is a naturally hygienic fibre made from 100% biodegradable, sustainable wood pulp cellulose. It is as cool as

linen, soft as silk and even more absorbent than cotton. Tencel’s unique moisture absorbent capacity draws away moisture and helps keep the bed cool, and without moisture the growth of bacteria is inhibited preventing unwanted mould and mites. Hippychick’s Bed Protectors take a much needed, but also much maligned product and transforms it into a comfortable, soft, undetectable piece of bedding. They are soft, breathable, absorbent and waterproof – a great natural alternative to sweaty plastic undersheets. To see the full range please visit


engineers that we proudly say ‘If we can’t fix it nobody can!'

We offer a highly professional service across London and use a team of experienced and qualified plumbers, specializing in hospitality projects. Plumbsa Plumbing & Bathroom Plumbing is the core service that we have been offering for more than 15 years with an established reputation for quality, service, and customer satisfaction.


Plumbsa Plumbing - Hospitality Specialists Heating

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Pimlico are recommended by the manufacturers as a preferred installers by Vaillant, Worcester and Ideal with 7 year warranties on most models. We’re so confident in the expertise of our

With over 15 years experience Ali brings an expertise that makes sure you’ll get the perfect bathroom. He will project manage your job, advise you on all aspects of the work and materials, and assist with concept, design and layout. Large or small John will tailor your bathroom to your budget and provide a comprehensive written estimate and time frame. See the advert below for further details.

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Been Served A Complaint? Respond, With Caution THE HOSPITALITY industry is perhaps the most service-driven of any other but whilst hotels, pubs and restaurants all strive to deliver a satisfactory service to customers, they are inevitably going to receive a complaint or negative feedback at some point – despite their best efforts. This might seem unjustified and appear to be an attack on your hard-earned reputation. Perhaps you think it might just be a delay tactic to avoid or withhold payment. Understandably, many business owners or managers will take the complaint personally and will trigger a hasty reaction, with many defending their business by confronting the complainant. Gemma Carson, Head of Wright Hassall Solicitor’s dispute resolution team, explains this could do more harm than good: “Independent business owners are understandably protective of the services they provide, and receiving a seemingly unjust complaint can sometimes be enough to tip some individuals over the edge. “Negative criticism can cause emotions to run high which can easily lead to a heated dispute over who is at fault and things quickly escalate. “In the heat of the moment, we can act in a way that may not be the right option in helping to resolve matters quickly and amicably. “Various measures can be taken to avoid making the issue worse. Initially, consider the content of the complaint fully and if it angers you, ‘mantelpiece’ your response; write

everything you feel like you want to say and save it as a draft, instead of clicking send straight away. “By sending an email in the heat of the moment, you risk sabotaging any future working relationship over what may be an easily resolvable, trivial issue. “After you have had time to calm down, return to the draft and assess whether it still makes sense to send. Remember, a complaint can easily turn into a dispute and emails written on impulse have a nasty habit of biting back. “It is important to check whether a service agreement and/or a contract exists between the parties. If there are any agreements in place, check them carefully to clarify what they say as you may be able to respond to the complaint by highlighting relevant contractual terms. Don’t delay “It’s important to proactively deal with a complaint instead of ignoring it. Taking steps to deal with it straight away can often prevent it developing into a major problem before positions become entrenched. “Meeting face-to-face can often help air issues before they escalate. Either raise the matter directly or before doing so, seek legal advice. “Where issues cannot be resolved easily, if at all, retain all supporting documents and correspondence relating to the complaint. Early intervention “Early intervention can entail more collaborative methods of dispute resolution, offering significant benefits over traditional adjudicated court proceedings, including: • Speed: A dispute can often be resolved swiftly. • Costs: A significant reduction in costs of dealing with a dispute. • Flexibility: More flexibility and commercially focused resolutions for resolving disputes. • Relationships: Parties more likely to preserve

Terry Osborne Pub, Hotel & Restaurant Insurance Specialists WE AT Terry Osborne Insurance Services are a specialist Insurance Broker in the Hotel, Pub, Guest House and B&B sector offering an impeccable service at a reasonable premium.

their cover has been compromised to lower their premium after a costly claim, which is all too late. At Terry Osborne Insurance Services Limited we aim to ensure that our premiums are not reduced by cutting our coverage and we are continually checking the market to ensure that we are proAs a family run business we pride ourselves on our perviding a quality service at a competsonal service with clients all over itive price. the UK we are pleased to offer OSBORNE T TERRY ERRY OSBORNE For further information contact our expertise and advice. As with INSURANCE SE ER RV VICES LTD LT L TD TERRY INSURANCE SERVICES OSBORNE Insurance everything in life you seem to get Hotel & RRestaurant PPub, ub, Hotel estaurant Services Ltd on 01622 745 297, what you pay for! As trade specialemail Insurance Specialist Specialist Insurance ists we are keen to offer a or It would be petitive premium without elephone Telephone visit embarrassing not A u t h o r i s e d a n d R e g u l a t e d by t h e compromising cover as in too to be covered! Fina ncia l Conduct Aut horit y many cases clients only realise that

001622 1622 7745 45 297 297

The Hospitality Business Mentor from The Bowden Group DAVID HUNTER is the Hospitality Business Mentor – he works with owners and investors in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. Ensuring the business performs and makes the required profit, is what David does, and he does this by: 1. Setting realistic targets for the business, and creating budgets and forecasts 2. Monitoring Sales, Gross Margins and Labour costs very closely 3. Mentoring the owners and/or managers of the business to help them achieve their objectives Other areas that David advises on include: • Marketing – general and specific (ie pro-

motions etc) • Human Resources (HR) - including all the legislation, and disciplinary positions. • Reward and Bonus schemes – always linked to achievement of objectives • Customer Service - including Hospitality skills training Do contact David for an informal chat, or make an appointment to meet with him. Call David direct on: Mobile 07831 407984 or by email on Visit the website at or the Blogsite at

Immediate Access To Working Capital!

AT GOT CAPITAL, we understand that the unexpected happens, like unexpected hefty taxes or maybe you miscalculated how much inventory you need during the holidays. Got Capital is here to help you to get quick and easy funding- that is there the next day. Got Capital offers a form of financing that allows a company to sell a portion of its future sales in exchange for an immediate payment. Therefore, Got Capital is a royalty based investment. There is no personal guarantee or collateral. A risk-free way of getting funding? sounds

amazing doesn’t it? Got Capital is dedicated to get business owners the best and quality customer service while help them receive funding up to £100K. Started by two entrepreneurs trying to create a better space for business owners to get funding quick. Signing up is fast and easy! Within a day of your application you get approved in just a few hours and the funds are in your business bank account-the same day. Time is an important asset for a company- don’t let it get wasted by waiting at a bank for funding. Try Got Capital today and experience an easy risk free way of receiving funding. Call us now with offer code CLH! 0800 368 9695 or see the advert on this page for details.

Leisure Sales Thrive In The South West

ALL EYES were focused on the economy at the beginning of 2018, and for the leisure and tourism industry across the UK, these figures are very much on the up.

The South West continues to be a top tourist destination year in, year out. And with the market appetite for investment in the hotel and licensed trade rising over the last 12 months, Charles Darrow have seen some excellent movement in the marketplace. With notable transactions including the Southbank – a stunning 12-bedroom B&B in Torbay, The Shipwright Arms – an outstanding 18th century freehouse on the Helford Estuary in Cornwall, Tree Inn – a character 13th century inn with letting accommodation near Bude and the Old Fire

House in Exeter - rumoured to be the highest ever value pub transaction without rooms in the south west; it is safe to say that leisure property the South West is in high demand. All four sales are just a small proportion of businesses in the hotel and leisure sector that Charles Darrow have been involved with in 2017. The appeal to buy and invest in pubs, hotels and restaurants across the region continues to be positive and high. For further information visit

working/commercial relationships. • Publicity: Allows a confidential resolution process. • Concurrency: Often these approaches can be used alongside other methods of dispute resolution, if necessary. When is professional help necessary? “A serious legal dispute does not need to arise before seeking legal advice. “Seeking dispute resolution advice when an issue first emerges can be very effective. Lawyers may not need to necessarily take an active role, but can offer legal guidance focused on strategy and diffuse potential disputes, whilst preserving the commercial position for the future. “The most important legal factor to consider is that any rash statement or decision to stop providing services or products, sent by e-mail in haste, can potentially cause a serious breach of contract. If this should happen, the affected party may be entitled to terminate the contract and bring legal proceedings against you for damages. “So, consider the consequences before sending that inflammatory e-mail - it could be a huge mistake that ends up costing valuable time and money. “If legal proceedings are threatened and seem the only option, seek experienced lawyers who are well-versed in commercial disputes and demonstrate a commitment to an early, pragmatic, commercial and cost-effective resolution.”

March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


ANDREW GREENWOOD BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENT SUBWAY FRANCHISE & NISA LOCAL CONVENIENCE STORE WITH 2 S/C FLATS, PROM. MAIN RD CORNER SITE, AMIDST RESI NEIGHBOURHOOD, OUTSKIRTS OF PORTSMOUTH, HAMPSHIRE. Showpiece shop (approx. 1,900 sq.ft). Fitted out in March 2015 at a cost of £160,000. 2 S/C Flats both let on ASTs produce income of £14,340 p.a. Family run. Retail T/O £14,000 pw + Nat Lott & Pay Point etc. GP 20%. Subway takings £4,500 pw. GP 70%. Accounts Rec. Combined T/O of £715,086. EBITDA £108,243 PLUS rental income - £775,000 + S.A.V. FREEHOLD (Ref. GC.3713) LICENSED CHINESE RESTAURANT, SOUGHT AFTER POSITION, AMIDST MULTIPLE SHOPPING PRECINCT, CITY CENTRE, SOUTHAMPTON. Lock-up premises recently fitted out at cost of approx. £240,000. Tastefully furnished air-con restaurant has 18 tables with seating for 60+. Comprehensively equipped catering kitchen. Run by H+W team. T/O £12,000/£15,000 pw. High GP. 12 yr lease from Aug 2017 at £49,000 p.a.x. – OIRO £150,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3737) FREEHOLD GUEST HOUSE (4 STAR QUALITY), AMIDST PLEASANT RESI AREA, CONVENIENT FOR CITY CENTRE & STATION, SOUTHAMPTON. Well maintained, semi-det prop circa 1890. Gas C.H. D/G. 5 or 6 well appointed letting bedrms (mostly en suite) for 7/8 guests. Luxury owners accom with conservatory, walled gdn & gge. Parking for 6 cars. Retirement sale – same hands 17 yrs. Run by couple. B&B only. Mainly weekday trade. Recorded T/O £40,535 for 45 week period. SCOPE. An ideal home & income. - £495,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. GH.3738)

romsey (01794) 522228


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Property and Professional

March 2018

The Plough, Upper Boddington, South Northants on the Market

GUY SIMMONDS has brought The Plough, Upper Boddington, Sout Northants to the market. This business is located in the south Northants village of Upper Boddington positioned only 8 miles from Banbury, the gateway to the Cotswolds.




Exceptionally Well Presented Country Hotel & Restaurant 7 En-Suite Letting Bedrooms Separate 3/4 Bed Owners Bungalow Car Parking and Gardens Impressive Free of Tie Opportunity

4 Star Silver Award Winning Guest House Highly Desirable East Devon Village 5 En-Suite Bedrooms Sitting Room & Dining Room Front Patio Terrace & Rear Garden Tremendous Potential & Flexibility

LH £95,000


FH £450,000




Detached Country Village Freehouse Main Bar for 70 Customers Trade Garden (48), Car Parking Owners 3 Double Bedrooms 2 Self-Contained Letting Cottages Profitable Home & Business Opportunity

Profitable Fish & Chip Takeaway & Restaurant

FH £495,000


Sought After Town Centre Trading Position 2 Self-Contained 2 Bedroom Apartment Flexible Owners Accommodation Run Completely Under Management

LH £225,000


NORTH DEVON Coastal Restaurant, Bar & Café With Letting Rooms Prime Location With Beach and Sea Views Bar & Restaurant (52+), 6 Letting Rooms (18) Extremely Well Presented & Equipped Business Trading Only 9 Months With Potential For More

LH £125,000


WILTSHIRE Impressive FREE OF TIE Pub Restaurant Extremely Well Presented Throughout Bar & Lounge Areas (40+), Restaurant (46) 3 Quality En-Suite Letting Bedrooms, 1 Bed Pvt Beer Garden (32) Car Park (20), Skittle Alley/Barn Successful Business with Strong Net Profits

FREE OF TIE LH £115,000


This popular 18th century inn (with parts being grade II listed) is of stone and brick construction sitting under a newly thatched and tiled roof. A highly attractive flagstone and quarry tiled entrance porch to the front provides access to the trading areas. These consist of: Bar (c 24+ plus standing) with a flagstone and quarry tiled floor, exposed stone walls and wooden beams to the ceiling and a fabulous Inglenook fireplace with built in bench seating and a roaring log burner to one end. There is a bar server of wood construction with 3 cask ales on offer. Snug (c 26+) has exposed stone walls, wooden ceiling beams and a wall mounted HDTV. Dolls Parlour (circa 20+ covers) is a characterful room with exposed wooden beams to the ceiling, exposed brickwork and an original stone built well. Restaurant (30 covers) has a solid oak floor, an

For Sale: An Attractive And Sought After Free Of Tie Leasehold Pub In A Quintessential Dorset Village Setting PROPERTY SPECIALISTS, Stonesmith, are delighted to offer to market The Kings Arms an extremely well presented character village freehouse with origins dating back to the early 1900s. This detached character property occupies a prominent landmark position in the centre of the Dorset village of Thornford.




Quality Licensed Restaurant East Devon Coastal Town Centre Main Restaurant (24), Commercial Kitchen Attractive Rent & Low Overheads Genuine Potential To Enhance The Business

Upmarket Licensed Cafe & Coffee Shop Prime Sought After Coastal Town Presented to High Specification Main Cafe & Dining Area (46+) Impressive & Growing Levels of Trade Move In and Start Trading

Impressive Harbourside Bed & Breakfast Prime Central Location with Stunning Views 8 Letting Bedrooms, Separate Owners Cottage Impressive Levels of Trade from 33 Weeks Rare Lifestyle Business Opportunity

LH £69,950


LH £145,000



FH £625,000


01392 201262

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising


PRICE: £795,000


PRICE: £115,000


• Fabulous 17th Century, Grade II Listed 20+ Bed Hotel • Located within Dartmoor National Park • Well Established Business Presented to an Extremely High Standard • Under Management -Genuine Potential for Owner Driven Growth • Self-Contained Mews with 8 rooms available by Separate Negotiation


REF 3095


• Fabulous Pub/Hotel Situated in a Prime Seafront Location • Looking Out Over the Bristol Channel & Facing Clevedon's Famous Victorian Pier • Spacious Bar and Separate Restaurant Area • 5 Bedroom B&B, Spacious Owners Accommodation, Large Front Car Park • Turnover Year End 2017 £650,000 excluding VAT


REF: 3019


PRICE: £29,950


PRICE: £375,000


PRICE: £165,000

REF: 2998

PRICE: £320,000



REF 2949


REF 3066

• Stunning, Unspoilt, Grade II Listed Inn • 4 Character Trade Areas Including Central Bar • 4 Bedroom Owners Accommodation • Potential for Letting Accommodation • Skittle Alley and Large Lawned Beer Garden



REF 2567

• Deceptively Large Commercial Unit with A1 Class Use • Including Valuable Garage Space and First Floor Studio Apartment • Operating Seasonally as a Coffee Shop and Sandwich Bar • Modern & Stylish Décor with Seating for Approx. 46 • ‘Ideal Premises for an Owner/Operator


REF: 2903

• Beautifully Refurbished Restaurant with Owners Accommodation • Highly Visible Premises Located on the Main Pedestrianised High Street • Main Trade Area Spaciously Seating 25, Al Fresco Seating for 8 • Modern Well Equipped Commercial Kitchen • Viewing Highly Recommended To Fully Appreciate the Premises


• Established and Profitable Fish & Chip Takeaway • Prominent Location Within Densely Populated Area • Strong Year Round Trade • Potential to Increase Trading Hours • Freehold or Leasehold Options Available

PRICE: £125,000


The well appointed village inn retains many attractive character features and briefly comprises: Character Main Bar Area with exposed beams and open fireplace (40+), attractive Restaurant (54), purpose equipped Skittle Alley/Function Room (30+), Commercial Catering Kitchen with extensive backup and ancillary facilities, well presented and spacious family sized 3 Double Bedroom Owners Accommodation with Sitting Room, Bathroom and Office/Store. Externally the property benefits from Customer Car Parking space to the front for up to 10 vehicles, lawned and Patio Trade Gardens to either side of the property (50+), small Children’s Play Area, Owners Garden & Courtyard Area and a stone built Workshop/Store. The Kings Arms is a popular FREE

OF TIE Dorset pub and restaurant which is presented to an extremely high standard throughout. Enjoying an excellent reputation for real ales, fine wines and home made food, The Kings Arms enjoys a popular local following and has a strong year round regular trade, not only from Thornford, but also from the surrounding villages, hamlets and towns. The pub benefits from 4 skittle teams, and is popular for skittle parties as well as being a venue and meeting place for various other local clubs and societies. The business has its own website which provides further background on the business. The impressive year round trade has continued to grow year on year during our clients ownership. The business is for sale on a Free of Tie leasehold basis with an asking price of £97,500. Full property details are available from the website For further information or to arrange a viewing, please call 01392 201262 Stonesmith are one of the leading business transfer agents in the South West specialising in the sale of licensed businesses throughout the Westcountry including Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.


• Stylish and Well Presented Restaurant with Superior Living Accommodation • Prominent Location in Affluent Coastal Town of Salcombe • Ground Floor Bar & Restaurant Seating 15 • Mezzanine Level Seating 30 • The Perfect Home & Income Property



• Attractive Fully Refurbished Coaching Inn • Welcoming Character Inn with 70+ Covers • 3 Well Appointed En Suite Letting Rooms, 3 Bed Owners Accom • Walled Garden with Sunny Aspect • Successful Business with Strong Turnover

exposed stone built Inglenook fireplace with built in log burner and a coffee station to the side. Fully equipped commercial catering Kitchen and ground floor beer Cellar. The owner’s accommodation is located in the converted attic space and is a 1 double-bed en-suite flat with exposed wooden beams, joists and rafters. Situated on the 1st floor are 5 letting rooms with exposed stone and beams throughout. The rooms consist of 2 family, 1 triple, 1 double and 1 twin. To the rear of the property is a purpose built outside bar with banqueting tables, chairs and gazebo’s and a cellar with direct dispense equipment. Patron’s gravel car park with spaces for c12 cars. There is a small grassed area to the side with 2 wooden picnic benches and to the front is a highly attractive flagstone al fresco patio area with wooden picnic benches (c18). Price: £57,000. Tenure: Free of tie Lease. Rent (if applicable): £30,000. Landlord (if applicable): Private / Freeholder. Turnover (annual): circa £435,031 (inc VAT) to April 2017. Wet : Dry split: 50% Wet ; 34% Food ; 16% Accommodation Contact the agent, Guy Simmonds, on 01332 865112

PRICE: O.I.R.O. £60,000


REF: 2884


Property and Professional

March 2018

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


UK Hotel Sector Sees £5.5 Billion Of Investment In 2017 Yelland’s Café, Teignmouth Sold By Bettesworths THE UK hotel sector witnessed an exceptionally strong level of investment activity in 2017 reaching £5.5 billion. This was £2 billion above the 11-year average and a 44% increase on the previous year with the regions particularly experiencing significant increases in investment, according to the UK Hotel Capital Markets Investment Review 2018, the latest research by global property adviser Knight Frank. Private equity investors ranked as the leading investor type, with investment totalling £1.5 billion whilst overseas investors accounted for over £2.3 billion of investment. This comes amid confidence in the UK hotel sector despite Brexit, as investors take advantage of an increase in overseas visitors to the UK and a period of robust trading, in addition to the favourable exchange rate and currency fluctuations. The UK regions experienced a strong boost in investment levels, with their share of investment volumes increasing to 56% and the number of deals transacted in the provincial markets four times higher than in London. The capital witnessed a 70% increase in investment volume (excluding development) to £2.1 billion and a 45% increase

in the value of the average room transacted. The attractive risk-return profile of the hotel sector, combined with the opportunity for diversification and favourable demographics have given rise to strong demand by institutional investors for hotel investments involving fixed, variable and ground leases. Henry Jackson, Head of Regional UK Agency at Knight Frank, commented: “The UK hotel sector in 2017 experienced a strong performance and with positive fundamentals and evidence of a strong transactional market already in 2018, there is good reason for the optimism to continue. “Despite the continued opacity over the outcome of Brexit and the political volatility that will follow, combined with government plans to force overseas investors to pay capital gains tax on commercial property from April 2019, the weight of money continuing to target hotel investment is significant. “Although investment activity in London is likely to continue to remain somewhat subdued this year, the appetite for quality regional UK hotels will remain buoyant, with strong demand from institutional, private equity and overseas investors demonstrating a continued level of confidence in the sustainability of the UK hotel market, both in terms of income growth and driving added value.”

Institutional Investors and Non-Core Hotel Assets Set To Drive UK Hotel Market In 2018 INVESTMENT INTO UK hotels in 2018 is set to be driven by institutional activity and the maximisation of returns, according to research from international real estate advisor Savills.

Total UK hotel transaction volumes reached £5.4 billion in 2017, exceeding the 2016 total by 32% notes the firm. Institutional investors were particularly active, driven by the hunt for income in the face of Brexit headwinds, and accounted for £602.6 million of transactions; 39% higher than the levels recorded in 2016 with deal count also up 40%. In 2018 Savills predicts there will be continued activity by institutional investors, particularly for fixed income assets and those with strong covenants, however this will put pressure on supply levels. The lack of supply of fixed income assets will lead institutional investors to look into opportunities outside the core

hotel market in 2018 according to Savills. Leased serviced apartment assets, historically dominated by owner occupiers and private equity, are becoming more attractive due to their ability to be run with an operating partner and long term income offering. Branded hostels will also benefit from increased investment activity according to Savills. Whilst a relatively undersupplied market in the UK, the growth in the youth traveller market and the ability to maximise the yield from a single room is particularly attractive to investors. The sector benefits from lower operating costs than traditional hotels, therefore offering higher margins to investors. Martin Rogers, head of UK hotel transactions at Savills, comments: “The UK hotel market had a strong 2017 and looking ahead to the rest of this year we expect the positive sentiment to continue. The depth of the sector ensures that a range of investors remain active in the market as both occupational demand and returns remain at a robust level. The fundamental supporting operational demand over the longer term and particularly in the face of Brexit, leads us to believe investor appetite for UK hotels is set to remain firm in 2018."

SOUTH WEST Residential and Commercial Estate Agents Bettesworths, are delighted to announce the sale of Yelland’s Café, Teignmouth. Yelland’s Café is located in the popular ‘Triangle’ of Teignmouth alongside cafes, restaurants and a selection of national and independent retail outlets. The ‘Triangle’ is not only a popular place for tourists and locals to enjoy the local cuisine; it is also host to the monthly Farmers Market and to several music festivals throughout the year. Teignmouth’s thriving local community dramatically increases during the summer months with the influx of tourists enjoying a classic seaside holiday.

Yelland’s was marketed off an asking price of £49,950 to include trade inventory and goodwill with Bettesworths marketing the café from the middle of January. A sale was agreed within a matter of days and was completed 7 weeks later, giving credence to the improving market and affording the new owner the chance of beginning their new venture in time to capitalise on the Easter trade and to be well established by the time the summer season gets underway. The new owners have rebranded and the café is now trading under the name of Coasters. If you are interested in marketing your property, please contact Genevieve Stringer on 01803 212021 or email on

The Mayflower, Austerfield on the Market

This business is located in the South Yorkshire village of Austerfield within the metropolitan borough of Doncaster on the edge of the Nottinghamshire border. This desirable inn is of rendered brick construction with an attractive upper wooden façade and sits beneath a pitched, tiled roof. A small entrance porch to the front provides access to main Lounge/Dining areas consisting of: Open plan Lounge/Dining area (110 covers) with unique and eye-catching wall coverings, exposed wooden ceiling beams and a wooden bar server with 2 cask ales on offer. Fully equipped commercial Catering Kitchen with stainless steel appliances and 2 x walk-in fridges. Ground floor Beer Cellar.

Situated on the first floor and with private access are 4 very well-presented boutique en-suite letting rooms (2 suites & 2 luxury doubles with king size beds) that are popular all year round and attract many bookings from the nearby Robin Hood airport. To the front of the property is a delightful enclosed garden area with wooden picnic benches (circa 50+ covers) and shade sails. To the rear is the patron’s floodlit car park with space for circa 50 cars. Price: £895,000. Tenure: Freehold. Rent (if applicable): N/A. Landlord (if applicable): Private / Landlord. Turnover (annual): £845,754 (inc VAT). Wet:Dry split: 50% Food : 30% Wet; 10% Accommodation: 10% Function For further information contact Guy Simmonds on 01332 865112.

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France’s position is being strengthened by the weaknesses of others – political stalemate in Germany, Brexit uncertainty in the UK, Catalonian separatism in Spain, forthcoming elections in Italy. From a foreign investor’s point of view France is back on the map and many French and other Europeans are leaving Brexit UK and returning to Continental Europe. Macron is rolling out his red carpet in Paris, promoting policies designed to attract foreign investment - perhaps you should be cashing in? You can view the Leggett portfolio at but don’t forget they have many more “off market’ listings. Contact

CLH News #210 March 2018  

Issue #210 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...

CLH News #210 March 2018  

Issue #210 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...