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October 2017

Issue 205

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Culture Secretary Seeks to Reassure Industry’s Brexit Concerns

KAREN BRADLEY, the Culture Secretary, has sought to allay the hospitality industry’s fears over Brexit, when she spoke at the British Hospitality Association’s (BHA) annual Hospitality day reception in Parliament.

Mrs Bradley said the government was listening to industry concerns over the shortage of EU workers. She said: “I’ve heard you, I know that you are concerned about it, we are very aware of this – acutely aware. The Prime Minister, you will have heard in her Florence speech, talked about EU labour and I recognise you want certainty, I want certainty, as soon as possible on this really important issue. She continued: EU nationals have contributed an incredible amount to the UK economy and to your sector in particular and we want to make sure that you have the labour you need, and that you have the people you need to enable you to thrive and continue…. I know full well that the reason people come to Britain is because of all we have to offer and we have none of that to offer if we don’t have you providing them with great accommodation, great food, great places to drink, great places to socialise, and just making that whole experience wonderful.” Over 200 BHA members visited Parliament to discuss the current situation with more than 40 MPs in a series of meetings, and at the reception. The BHA told MPs that it welcomes the government’s

ambition for a two-year transition period after Brexit, but still voiced concerns over the uncertainty surrounding what may follow. Research commissioned by KPMG for the BHA shows that the UK hospitality sector is ‘highly reliant’ on EU workers, with up to 24% of its workforce made up of EU migrants. The BHA used this report to warn MPs that there any drastic change to immigration from the EU would change everyday life in the UK. The BHA also highlighted earlier this month concerns that plans to encourage more British people to consider a career in hospitality and tourism post Brexit were hampered by the government’s decision to delay introducing new technical qualifications in England for the industry until a year and a half after the anticipated end of free of movement, say the British Hospitality Association.. Expressing her concern, Ufi Ibrahim, the BHA chief executive, wrote separate letters to the Immigration Minister and the Education Minister expressing her “dismay” at the decision and urging them to “reconsider this oversight.” She fears the delay will cost jobs and growth, pointing out that the BHA has already outlined a 10year-strategy to encourage more British workers into an industry which, according to a KPMG report commissioned by the BHA, will need an additional 60,000 workers per year to power growth in addition to the 200,000 workers needed to replace churn each year. A key plank to this strategy is attracting people straight from education. In her letter to Immigration minister Brandon Lewis, Ms Ibrahim said, “We are not in a position to fill these vacancies without hiring non-UK workers. This is due to the fact that the UK is currently at near full employment


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and because the educational system does not encourage young people to consider a career in hospitality. It was my hope that the new Catering and Hospitality T-Level would address the latter point and so I was dismayed to find out that these qualifications have been delayed until the second round, with the first teaching of the Catering and Hospitality T-Level starting in September 2022, a year and a half after the anticipated end of freedom of movement. I would hope that your Ministerial colleague (in Education) Anne Milton can be persuaded to reconsider this oversight.” She continued: “If migratory flows for workers from the EU and beyond are severely curtailed, particularly non-highly skilled routes, the hospitality industry will be forced to contract, costing jobs and economic growth. Automation is not a viable alternative in our sector.” Following the Culture Secretary’s speech Ms Ibrahim said: “The BHA was heartened to hear the Secretary of State’s comments and we are thankful to her for ensuring that the government is listening industry. Businesses urgently need to see government taking the next steps to ensure hospitality, a top 6 employer in every region, is supported. This will mean redesigning the vocational education system so that young British people have the skills we need, including through the hospitality and catering T Level which has been delayed to two years after Exit Day. We are optimistic about the role our industry can play in recruiting more British workers, and this is something we have set out in our 10-year strategy. However, with near full employment, this cannot be done overnight and we will work with the government to shape a post Brexit immigration system that works for our industry and for the nation.”



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Editor's Viewpoint

October 2017

WELCOME TO the October issue of CLH News! Once again, I would take this opportunity to welcome any new readers to our publication, and as previously explained we are free-to-trade publication! We have, in recent months, extended our readership to reach more independent hospitality businesses. We hope you’ll find us a one-stop publication news, views products and services which we are sure will help you in the day-to-day running of your business. We would ask just one thing of you! When responding to our advertisers would be most EDITOR grateful if you could kindly mention that you saw the product or service in CLH News, even if you are buying online! Please mention us to our advertisers! If one story is set to dominate our lives in the coming months/years, it is of course Brexit. The hospitality industry in particular stands to be considerably affected. As you will see on our story in page 1, Culture Secretary Karen Bradley has moved to allay concerns regarding staff shortages. The problem with the Brexit arguments generally is that it “weaponizes” the arguments for and against, people on either side of the debate quick to jump on any issue if they think it will further their cause. (Well, that my opinion anyway). The hospitality industry relies heavily on migrant labour. According to a report between 12.3% and 23.7% of the UK hospitality workforce is made up of EU Labour, and according to the same report if there is no new migration into the UK hospitality industry from 2019, and existing EU nationals are not required to leave; and the recruitment of UK and the rest of the world hospitality workers remains constant, then the industry would face a recruitment shortfall of about 60,000 people each year from 2019. Of course Brexit could also be seen as a massive opportunity to trade with the recruitment homegrown hospitality workers. Gordon Ramsay earlier this month said that he thought Brexit will provide a “much needed focus on modern-day apprenticeships and give homegrown talent a chance to thrive”, believing that the vote to leave the European Union will have a positive impact on the hospitality industry and will give the industry the incentive it needs to invest more in talent from the UK. On that I most certainly agree. However, I was as dismayed as the British Hospitality Association when I read that the Government has decided to delay introducing new technical qualifications in England for the industry until a year and a half after the anticipated end of free of movement. It begs a simple question. Why? Now is the ideal opportunity to encourage people into the industry, it is a fantastically vibrant, rewarding and enjoyable profession. Yes, it is hard work, I think that everyone reading this would agree with that, but it does provide wonderful opportunities, particularly for young people, but also for older people who can work flexible and part-time hours. I very much hope that the Culture Secretaries words are not seen as “lipservice”, it is very easy to stand up at any function and tell people what they want to hear, but action speaks far louder than words! Another story which took my eye was a story from CAMRA which states that pub going out tradition is at risk of dying out as beer prices soar. We here at CLH News have always argued that the tax duty liability in the hospitality industry is outrageous. Beer tax has risen by 43% in 10 years, and in the past year the average price of a pint in the UK has risen by 13p to £3.60, as inflation pushes prices higher. A YouGov survey commissioned by CAMRA of 2,076 adults, of which 1,074 were beer drinkers, 43% said it is “fairly unaffordable” and 7% “very unaffordable”. Throw into the melting pot, business rates, auto-enrolment of pensions, the national living and minimum wage, and the Apprenticeship Levy which, according to the British Beer and Pub Association were already adding the equivalent of 5.3p in beer duty, then it’s not difficult to see why people consider visiting the pub or dining out as a fast becoming “unaffordable luxury”. It makes one wonder, what it will take for any Chancellor to see the damage taxation is causing, and how the opposite, easing of the tax liability will create thousands of more jobs in turn, raising millions more for the Treasury!

Peter Adams

Read all the latest news from the licensed industry at @CLHNews

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THE UK tourism industry’s bid for a potential sector deal under the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy is a step closer following sign-off on its key asks from The Tourism Industry Council (TIC). Agreement from the TIC, a group set up to collaborate between government and the tourism industry, clears the way for the tourism sector bid, led by Steve Ridgway CBE on behalf of the industry, to be taken forward for negotiation with government ministers. Mr Ridgway, BTA Chairman and former Chief Executive of Virgin Atlantic Airways, said: “Tourism is worth £127 billion annually to the UK economy, is one of our most valuable export industries and a job creator right across Britain and is already showing strong growth. “We believe there is the potential to more than double the value of this industry to £268 billion within a decade, increase employment to 3.8 million and boost productivity.” While Britain is seeing strong growth, with a record 23.1 million inbound visits from January to July this year, up 8% on 2016, tourism is a fiercely competitive global industry. Britain is outspent by key competitors and losing global market share. With a tourism sector deal this gap could be closed. Mr Ridgway said that the sector deal bid was the result of the industry working together

over many months to seize the opportunity to put tourism at the top of the UK Government’s agenda. Employing more than three million people across the UK and made-up of 200,000 businesses, the tourism sector deal aligns the industry on four priorities. It follows consultation with SMEs, roundtables across the nations and regions, working groups and personal meetings, with more than 450 businesses and organisations feeding into the process. Following extensive consultation across the industry these priorities are: • A 10-year tourism and hospitality skills campaign to boost recruitment, skills and long-term careers providing the industry with the workforce it needs; • Boosting productivity by extending the tourism season year-round and increasing global market share in the business visits and events sector; • Improve connections to increase inbound visits from more markets by 2030 by making it easier for overseas and domestic visitors to not only travel to the UK but explore more of it; • Creating ‘tourism zones’ to build quality tourism products that meet visitors needs and expectations, extending the tourism season and fixing localised transport issues to improve the visitor experience. The tourism sector deal bid, which is being facilitated by the British Tourist Authority, is due to be submitted to government ministers in the coming weeks.

AS PUBS and bars gear up for the festive season, alcohol education charity Drinkaware is urging operators to take steps to minimise the risk of alcohol related harms in their venues. Drinkaware chief executive Elaine Hindal said, "Alcohol is part of the festive celebrations for many people and most will enjoy a drink or two responsibly, without causing any harm to themselves or others. "However, the sheer number of customers visiting pubs, clubs and bars at this busy time of year inevitably means a raised likelihood of alcohol harms. Responsible operators will want to create an environment that both helps customers to moderate their alcohol consumption, and supports those customers who might become vulnerable as a result of drinking too much. "Drinkaware is keen to help operators to achieve their goals around responsible alcohol retailing, and we'd encourage them to explore the resources we can offer which include downloadable posters and an e-learning course for staff." Drinkaware tips for reducing festive alcohol harms • Stock a good selection of soft drinks for customers who choose not to drink alcohol. If customers

have a choice of soft drinks, they are more likely to substitute them for an alcoholic drink once or twice during the evening, which will help to limit their overall alcohol consumption. • Include no or low alcohol options on your drinks list. Drinks that are low in alcohol don't have to be low on taste and many brewers, for example, have focused on the lower alcohol sector lately, producing flavourful beers with lower ABVs. • Review your wine offer. Choosing house wines that sit at the lower end of the ABV scale will help many customers to reduce their alcohol intake. Similarly, offer wine in a 125ml serve and make customers aware this size is available. • Serve food for the same hours as you serve drink, or as close as possible. Food slows the absorption of alcohol, so customers are less likely to become vulnerable as a result of drinking too much, too quickly. • Make it very clear that you will not serve alcohol to customers who are drunk, or who are attempting to buy for a drunken friend, both of which are against the law. Drinkaware and the British Beer & Pub Association have produced two posters to help communicate this to customers - ‘Can't Get Served' and ‘Mate's in a State', which can both be downloaded from the Drinkaware website at

The Feathers Inn Wins Best British Roast Dinner 2017

THE FEATHERS Inn in Stocksfield has won Best British Roast Dinner 2017. The Feathers saw off competition from hundreds of pubs across the country – winning over judges with its passion for locally sourced and foraged ingredients, its perfectly cooked roast meats and wide selection of sides, and its dedication to catering for different dietary requirements. The expert judging panel – which included top chef and restaurateur Mark Sargeant – was led by renowned food critic Charles Campion, who said: “The roast dinner is a signature dish for the whole nation, this is Britain at its very best. At The Feathers they care about their roast dinners and it shows. Yorkshire puddings like savoury clouds; dark rich gravy; perfectly cooked meat from local farms; and shrapnel roasties. We all deserve a local like The Feathers, and we all deserve a roast dinner this good.” As well as the title of Best British Roast Dinner 2017, The Feathers has also won the grand prize of £10,000 of PR to help make it famous for its roast. Rhian Cradock, head chef and owner, said: “We’re delighted to have

won Best British Roast Dinner 2017. It’s a monumental achievement and a real crowning jewel in the year The Feathers celebrates its 10th anniversary. Our roast is a real team effort and we’re enormously proud of our talented team for winning this award, their contribution has been invaluable.” Alex Hall, executive chef for Unilever Food Solutions, who was also on the judging panel, said: “Competition this year has been tougher than ever. So congratulations to all our finalists and our national winner, The Feathers Inn. Lifting a Best British Roast Dinner title has done fantastic things for pubs in previous years. And I’m sure this year will be no different.” Each of the regional winners (below) who missed out on the national title this year will receive £2,500 of PR to help give their roast the fame it deserves. • The Limping Fox, Thames Ditton (South England) • The Boat Inn, Birdingbury (Midlands) • Kyloe Restaurant & Grill, Edinburgh (Scotland) • Hare & Hounds, Cowbridge (Wales) To find out more about British Roast Dinner Week or the Best British Roast Dinner competition, visit

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The Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News Group is published by RBC Publishing Ltd, Suite 4, Roddis House, Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset. Contributions are welcome for consideration, however, no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage. Views expressed within this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher or the editorial team. Whilst every care is taken when compiling this publication to ensure accuracy, the publisher will assume no responsibility for any effects, errors or omissions therefrom. All rights reserved, reproduction is forbidden unless written permission is obtained. All material is assumed copyright free unless otherwise advised.





When should a Gas Interlock system be used • If you have a power-operated flue system for a gas appliance in your commercial kitchen. The British regulation BS6173 states that you should install a safety-lock system. • This is a requirement if a new ventilation or extraction system is fitted • A new gas-line pipework or kitchen layout • Any category B appliance such as combioven, grills, griddles and fryers. This should also be fitted to existing layouts should there not be one present.



Minimise Alcohol Harms Over Festive Period, Urges Drinkaware

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

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Tourism Industry Bids for Sector Deal to Boost Economy By Billions

October 2017


• PRESSURE & CURRENT monitoring in one unit • Digital display of error indication • Gas ON/OFF indication • Audible signal of ventilation system failure • Manual reset button • Integral current sensing or air pressure sensing via pressure switch • Additional inputs for remote stop button, Co2 sensor or fire alarm shut off • Easy to clean, waterproof front. • 12 month parts warranty


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

October 2017

Weak Pound Drives Growth, But At A Slower Pace

PwC’s latest UK hotels forecast shows that a mixture of economic growth deceleration, the wearing off of the weak pound effect on inbound tourism, and a large increase in new hotel rooms, mean growth will come at a slower pace in 2018.

The outlook for London remains highly positive, with year-on-year occupancy growth of 2.3% forecast for this year with a further marginal increase of 0.2% in 2018, taking occupancy up two percentage points to 83%. Average Daily Rate (ADR) growth remains resilient and is forecast to increase 3.6% in 2017 with additional growth of 2.2% in 2018, taking ADR to £145 and £148 respectively. This drives a robust revenue per available room (RevPAR) gain of almost 6% this year and a further 2.4% in 2018, taking RevPAR to £120 this year and £123 in 2018. Some of the highest metrics of any city globally. Hotels are missing vital marketing messages Hotels are losing customers because they aren’t using the most effective marketing messages for their ratings, reveals new research from King’s Business School. The researchers have created a model that exposes the truth about hotel performance using text from online customer reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor. Using a big data set of more than a quarter of a million online reviews for more than 25,000 hotels in 16 countries, a total of 19 controllable factors were found to be vital for hotels to manage in their interactions with visitors. These

included checking in and out, communication, homeliness, room experience and accommodating pets. The research further identified the most important dimensions according to the star rating of hotels, with homeliness and events management being important for five-star hotels, while room experience and communication were basic requirements at one-star level. “However, not all factors are considered by hotels and hotel comparison websites, like homeliness and natural beauty which the research revealed to be important for toprated hotels and older consumers,” says Professor Stuart Barnes, “and so key marketing messages are being missed that would target the ideal customers. Hotels need to position themselves carefully.” Clear differences were also found according to demographic segments. For example, men are more sensitive to price than women, while female hotel customers place greater significance on the standard of the bathroom. The results, recently published in the journal Tourism Management, have clear implications for how hotels effectively market their offerings to different customers. The application of advanced, mathematical machine learning techniques has provided an important development in marketing as Barnes, in collaboration with Hohai University, used them to develop a new model, which was compared with traditional numerical ratings. The approach provides a potential solution for many businesses seeking to understand the voice of their customers.

Hawthorn Leisure Tops £10,000 For The Willow Foundation A TEAM of eighteen from the 312-strong pub company Hawthorn Leisure smashed their fundraising target last weekend hiking the Yorkshire Three Peaks to raise over £4,000 for the Willow Foundation, adding to their fundraising total and topping £10,000. The pub company that formed in 2014 chose the challenge after nominating the Willow Foundation as their annual charity living their winning together value along with eccentric Iron Lady Rosie Swale Pope MBE who joined them. The group of eighteen, included senior management, head office staff, pub partners and area managers. The company is supporting the charity to lead by example and encourage community pubs, of which around 75% of the estate is comprised, to get involved with good causes. Launching a cask ale festival to tenanted and managed pubs until the end of October, Hawthorn have also brewed a charity “Special Daze” cask beer with 10p from every pint

sold being donated to the Willow Foundation – who named the beer as a tribute to their cause. Gerry Carroll CEO who led the hike said “Community pubs have always raised cash for great causesso we have combined our efforts to make as big an impact in one charity that we possibly can.” Hawthorn has already raised £10,000 for the Willow Foundation this year with money still rolling in from the hike and many more activities planned at both pub and corporate level, destining the company to make a big difference to the charity. Willow is the only UK charity supporting seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds by providing unique and positive Special Days. Since 1999 Willow has fulfilled more than 14,000 Special Days for young adults living with lifethreatening conditions such as cancer, motor neurone disease and cystic fibrosis. Donations can still be made at /hawthornleisure

How to Gain a Competitive Edge Through WiFi Analytics By Gavin Wheeldon, CEO, Purple THE SPEED at which the technology world moves at can be daunting for independents in the hospitality sector. Operators can feel left behind in the dust, as corporate, multi-chain outlets benefit from in-house and agency expertise ontap, giving them a chance to make the most of the opportunities that technology presents. Social media marketing, customer data, hyper-personalized communications, all the buzz words sound great. But who has the time to stop, step back from the everyday running of their business, and consider which technological investment is likely to deliver the best reward when time and funds are limited? For the thinly-spread owner-operator, it’s important to clearly identify the potential benefits of any approaches before committing precious resources. After all, technology is only valuable if they can afford it and will have the time to use it to its full advantage. In terms of what WiFi offers, it’s thankfully quite easy to communicate how it can help operators and deliver instant business benefits. With free WiFi increasingly a must-have for millennials and Gen Z in pubs, hotels and restaurants, providing reliable connectivity is a means of attracting these ‘always online’ customers. It encourages them to engage with venues through their social media channels and post reviews on influential sites like TripAdvisor.0 On top of that, once users log in, the platform can capture customer data such as their location, dwell times and movement around the venue. If they login using a social platform, it’s also possible to build a detailed picture of who they are, which might include their gender, home town, age, job and interests. This sort of customer intelligence is highly valuable, helping to shape more effective marketing strategy.

This customer profiling gives operators the means to create highly targeted SMS or email campaigns, which build customer relationships and encourage repeat visits. How about delivering an irresistible, perfectly-timed offer, such as a free drink on customers’ birthdays? Or, as you will be informed about the frequency of their visits, you could give them a reward when they return for the tenth time. In the context of the hospitality industry, WiFi analytics is a no-brainer to achieve business growth. Answering customers’ need to stay in touch with friends, family and work, is just one aspect. Enabling better communications is also vital – you can easily share information about your facilities, events and promotions. The revenue generation opportunity from these tailored marketing messages is massive. So, is it worth the time and money to get the ball rolling? Well, in my opinion, yes. Of course, I am bound to say that, but from a completely objective viewpoint, I can’t see how hospitality businesses can stay relevant and make well-informed decisions if they aren’t knowledgeable about their clients and how they use their venues. Every aspect of business can be done better with this intelligence – whether it’s designing the layout of a venue, putting up signage, allocating staff, creating a menu, or deciding whether to host a ‘ladies’ night. In terms of ROI, we know from the results that some of our customers are getting that it doesn’t take long to offset the investment in WiFi infrastructure. However, we understand the need to test the waters, which is why we offer a free product, snappily called Purple Free, which enables businesses to pay no fees for their connectivity service and a simplistic analytics platform. When businesses start reaping the rewards of this set-up, they usually opt to install an enhanced product. For owner-operators, WiFi analytics offers an opportunity to catch up with bigger brands in the hospitality sector. As much of its success rides on personalized communications, this is something independents have been doing well for years. Once they start to see how the customer relationships that they work so hard to build can be enhanced even further using digital insight, there will be no looking back.

Riso Gallo Young Risotto Chef of the Year

ITALIAN RICE specialists Riso Gallo are searching for Young Risotto Chef of the Year, aimed at budding chefs aged 18 -25 years old. The winner will receive an all expenses three day trip to Milan to cook with the chefs in the two starred Michelin restaurant Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, featured in the Guida Gallo, an illustrious guide to the best Risotto restaurants and recipes in the world produced every three years by Riso Gallo. Plus the winning recipe will feature on the menu at Gordon Ramsay’s Union Street Café for one week. Entrants are asked to send a recipe and image of their risotto plus why they believe winning will enhance their catering career. Entry closing date is 5th November 2017. To enter: The top six entrants will enter a cook-off in London on 22nd January

2018 at Westminster College and will be judged on the day by renowned chefs Danilo Cortellini, former Professional MasterChef Finalist, Davide Degiovanni, Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Union Street Café and Paul Gayler MBE, former Executive Chef at The Lanesborough and author. Joining the judging chefs will be Food Director at Woman & Home, Jane Curran, Bruce Langlands, Head of Food & Hospitality at Selfridges and MD at Riso Gallo UK, Jason Morrison. Here are some top tips for making your risotto from Danilo: • Use a wooden spoon for stirring • Use a hot stock • Use a high quality risotto rice • Don’t stir the rice constantly, shake the pan occasionally to loosen the grains • Keep the heat under control and to a simmer • True Italian risotto is served al dente • Stir vigorously at the end combining the Grana Padano Try one of Danilo’s recipes for yourself: Pumpkin, Sage & Gorgonzola Cheese Risotto For entries and Terms & Conditions visit

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The Homarium range of lobster and shellfish displays are specifically designed for the purpose of maximum customer impact and optimum conditions for crustaceans and shellfish.



October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Growth in Pubs & Restaurants Slows Food Minister George Eustice Hails the UK’s Thriving Beer Industry as Consumers Stay Cautious RESTAURANTS AND pubs recorded slower growth in September as shoppers reined in their discretionary spending on things like eating out. Data from Barclaycard, which sees nearly half of the nation’s credit and debit card transactions, reveals that spending on essentials (3.8 per cent) outstripped discretionary spend growth (2.8 per cent) last month – the return of a trend seen over the second quarter of 2017. Expenditure on ‘must-haves’ was driven by increased spending at the pump (5.4 per cent) and in the supermarket (3.7 per cent), as higher prices on petrol and everyday groceries helped push inflation to its joint-highest rate in more than five years (2.9 per cent). Shoppers reined in their spending on entertainment (8.2 per cent), reflected in slower growth in restaurants (11.4 per cent) and pubs (7.7 per cent) – down from 12.4 per cent and 9.2 per cent respectively in August. Last month’s figure was the smallest increase in pub expenditure since March 2015, suggesting the arrival of unpredictable, autumnal weather may have kept Brits away from beer gardens. Balancing the books remains a top priority for Brits as they continue to make minor adjustments in spending to offset rising prices and stagnating wage growth. Six in 10 (62 per cent) now feel they get less for their money compared with three months ago – the highest figure since Barclaycard first started asking this question in 2014. Months of ‘feeling the squeeze’ appear to be taking their

toll, with consumers growing increasingly concerned about future economic shocks. More than four in 10 (42 per cent) believe they would have to make spending cutbacks if interest rates rise in the future, while a similar proportion (40 per cent) are putting major household purchases – such as a new car – on hold amidst economic and political uncertainty. This cautious outlook appears to have dampened any sense of early festive cheer with many consumers planning a more modest Christmas this year, four in 10 (41 per cent) saying they intend to spend less than they did in 2016. Paul Lockstone, Managing Director at Barclaycard, said: “Household expenditure was largely flat in September after accounting for the effect of inflation. Rising prices are undoubtedly having an impact on shoppers’ spending priorities, with more of the budget devoted to everyday essentials. As a result, consumers are having to work increasingly hard to stretch their monthly budget and the ‘nice to haves’, such as time at the pub and eating out, have clearly taken a knock. “Looking ahead, consumers are protecting their purse strings against potential rate rises and other economic and political uncertainties. Many are planning a more frugal Christmas and will be taking advantage of peak sales periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to make their money go further. As we head towards the festive season it will be interesting to see whether their spending intentions translate into reality.”

Head to Devon For the Best Cider Pub In The Country A TRADITIONAL cider bar in Devon that only sells cider, perry and fruit wines has once again been named the best place to drink real cider by the Campaign for Real Ale. Ye Olde Cider Bar based in Newton Abbot, Devon has taken home the prestigious title of CAMRA’s Cider Pub of the Year once again, after winning the award in 2011. It is the only pub to have won the title twice. The pub has sold cider since the 1900s and sells a fantastic array of ciders sourced from independent producers. A historic landmark of Newton Abbot, the pub is a true step back in time and is hugely popular with locals as well as visitors from across the UK and the world. Sarah Newson, Cider Pub of the Year organiser says: “It is a fantastic achievement to be named the National Cider Pub of the Year once – never mind twice! This is the first time a pub has taken the title more than once in the 13 years the competition has been running.

“Ye Olde Cider Bar is one of the few pubs in the country that sells cider, perries and fruit wines exclusively. Its success is a clear indicator of the fantastic range of quality real ciders and perries they have available, along with the welcoming atmosphere and old world ambiance. It is a most deserving winner.” Landlords Jonathan McCool and his partner Kim Leonard are new to the trade, only taking over the running of the pub in November 2015. Their predecessor Richard Knibbs ran it for over 40 years. Jonathan says: “We’re absolutely enthralled to be able to accept this award! Despite the continuous pressures on the pub trade, we have endeavoured to continue the legacy of Ye Olde Cider Bar. “We have worked hard to make it our aim to become a southwest hub for ciders and perries, sourcing a wide range of produce from small local businesses and building on the fantastic reputation of the bar. We are lucky to have such great support from our friendly, knowledgeable staff and of course our regular customers.”

Strike the Gold Foods Ltd, are the proud UK partners with Blue Star Foods Inc who are one of the leading crab meat producers in the world. Since the companies inception in our founder and current CEO John Keeler’s kitchen almost twenty years ago the company has still remained in the forefront in ensuring all the crabs caught are done so both ethically and sustainably.

All the crab meat imported to the UK comes from the Blue Swimming Crab caught in the estuaries caught in and around the coast of Indonesia.

Because it is a swimming crab and not a bottom feeder it tends to taste much sweeter and less gritty in taste.

We service both the retail and foodservice industry in our worldwide patented foil pouch which with pasturising at the time process enables us to offer a shelf-life of 18 months from the time of production as long as the pouch is kept refrigerated at all time.

Tel: 0800 987 5431 NOW AVAILABLE FROM:-

THE BRITISH beer revolution shows no sign of slowing, Food Minister George Eustice has announced as the latest figures reveal one billion pints were shipped to beer lovers around the world last year, bringing a £600 million boost to the UK economy.

More than 500 breweries opened in the last year to meet the growing demand for a British pint – with shipments to a record 121 countries, including brewing powerhouses Australia and Germany. A further 2,000 new beer brands, including Sheffield’s first craft lager and Arkell’s first flavoured beer range, also launched – the highest figures of new beer on the market for over a decade. To build on this momentum, this week the Government is connecting some of the country’s best craft beers with buyers from across the US and Europe, putting the UK’s national drink in the global spotlight and helping boost the bottles of British beer on shop shelves around the world. Food Minister George Eustice said: The UK’s beer industry has a lot to celebrate – our established breweries now export to more countries than ever before, with bottles of British beer on shelves as far as Japan and New Zealand. The craft beer boom in particular has secured our position at the forefront of the industry and made us a first choice for beer lovers the world over – with major retailers and supermarkets now stocking our smaller, unique brands

over global big hitters. Through the Food is GREAT campaign, the Government is working hard to make sure this important sector goes from strength to strength, which is why we are connecting our finest brewers with world-leading buyers, opening new markets and driving exports. Total exports of UK beer grew by nearly £100 million in the last year, securing British brewers’ spot among the UK’s top five food and drink exports for the second year running – ahead of some of our most famous exports like salmon and cheese. Taking advantage of this trend, the Government’s Food is GREAT inbound trade mission will show leading buyers our renowned craft-beer industry in action. The trade mission includes tours of local breweries and a visit to the Bristol Craft Beer Festival, which showcases more than 200 UK beers to more than 2,500 visitors. International Trade Minister Mark Garnier said: “The boost in beer exports is great news for UK breweries and beer enthusiasts across the globe. Our beer industry now exports to more countries than ever before and, as an international economic department, we are committed to help them build on this success to make the most of rising demand. British breweries can use our overseas network which operates in 108 countries, or look for live exporting opportunities on our digital hub, to build their brands abroad as part of a Global Britain.”

Foodservice Price Inflation Rises Again To 9.3% In August WHOLESALE FOODSERVICE price inflation grew to 9.3% in August 2017 to reverse two months of reductions, the new edition of the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index reveals. Inflation has grown by more than two percentage points from 7.0% in July – compared to figures of 8.8% in June and 9.0% in May. Foodservice price inflation was well ahead of historical averages throughout the summer months, and is significantly higher than consumer-side inflation as measured by the Office for National Statistics Year on year, levels of inflation in August were higher in nine of the ten categories of food and drink measured by the Foodservice Price Index. Key factors driving inflation include the weak pound, which is pushing up the price of imports from overseas; and rising oil prices, which are adding to the costs of transportation and packaging. Foodservice items with particularly high levels of inflation in August include Fish, where it soared to 22.7% from 5.0% in July. As well as the double whammy of low exchange rates and high oil prices, costs here have been increased by concerns over the future availability of tuna and ongoing lice problems affecting salmon supplies. Other categories with double-digit inflation in August include Oils and Fats and Milk, Cheese and Eggs, where levels were 15.4% and 14.7% respectively. The only category to see deflation year on year in August is Sugar & Confectionary, where prices fell by 2.1% compared to last year. Meat prices also fell to a four-month low, thanks to improved supplies in the UK, but is still more expensive than in August 2016. The Foodservice Price Index also highlights possible future pressures in categories including Fruit and Vegetables

caused by labour shortages. The weak pound and uncertainty over worker status following Brexit talks may lead to shortages of migrant pickers for domestic fruit and vegetable growers from 2018, weakening supplies and increasing the UK’s dependence on imports. With Brexit negotiations likely to hold down the value of sterling, and oil prices unlikely to fall in the near term, the Foodservice Price Index forecasts little respite for inflation in most food and drink categories in the coming months.


Our specialist specialist service service means means we we can can assist assist with: with: Our Kitchen Extraction Extraction Systems Systems •• Kitchen Kitchen and and Extraction Extraction Cleaning Cleaning •• Kitchen Canopies and and Hoods Hoods •• Ductwork Ductwork Manufacturing Manufacturing •• Canopies Air Conditioning Conditioning Systems Systems •• Air Gas Interlock Interlock Systems Systems •• Gas

To arrange your free quotation call:

Tel 01273 492488 Mob 07860 274243


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

October 2017

"Boris Is More Sinned Against Than Sinning" Says Wetherspoon Chairman Tim Martin THE MAIN advocates of the Euro 15 years ago were Oxbridge males of a certain age - Heseltine, Howe, Hattersley, Blair, Mandelson, the bosses at the Financial Times and the CBI, City and boardroom bigwigs galore. Economic and political commentary in the main financial newspapers, albeit with notable exceptions, is dominated by a pro-EU Oxbridge orthodoxy. When Boris Johnson, a rare Oxbridge nonconformist, repeated the allegation that Brexit would save £350million a week, the old-boy network in the Times, Financial Times, London Evening Standard et al, was aghast. In fact, £350million is the gross UK contribution to the EU, but after various rebates and grants, the net figure, according to pro-leave 'Economists for Free Trade' is about £11 billion £211 million per week. This includes tariffs on non-EU imports to the UK, which are sent to Brussels. Economist David Smith, writing in the Times, called Boris’s exaggeration ‘the most famous wrong number in history’. Having rebuked Boris for falsehoods, Smith then indulges in a couple himself. He states that it "has always been clear that the net effect of leaving the EU will, through a slower growing economy, be to make the public finances worse". But that's not true - it’s far from clear. Leave economists argue, as do many voters, that democracy and prosperity are inextricably linked. The EU is becoming increasingly undemocratic, and there have been devastating consequences for some economies - slow growth and youth unemployment of about 40% in southern Europe, for example. Smith then misleadingly says that the UK contribution to the EU " 1% of all UK spending. Yet I still hear," he states, "people say that the loss of this amount, spread across the other 27 members, would somehow plunge the EU into crisis." But that is a distortion - what Leavers say is that the UK's contribution is an important part of the funds required to run the EU's central bureaucracy. Without these, the EU will have to look to hard-pressed EU states for funds, a significant issue, as the EU's negotiating priorities emphasise. For the Financial Times, Tim Harford wrote one of several

articles condemning Johnson, accusing him of a "flamboyant falsehood", and explicitly linking the tactics which produced the referendum result to the 'bold lies' which led to the election of Donald Trump. These journalistic inhabitants of the remain echo chamber refer only to leave misdeeds, and can't understand that the public regards the lies and exaggerations of the remain campaign as being on a far grander scale. The remain strategy, as its self-proclaimed architect Peter Mandelson wrote in the Financial Times last year, was to 'pivot' away from questions about democracy and to focus the argument on the economy - tactics which were not regarded as honest by the public. In this judo-like pivot, one of the most dishonest projections, dressed up as fact, was that UK households would each become £4,300 worse off per annum after Brexit. This is a total of about £116 billion per annum for the UK’s 27 million households, dwarfing Boris's £6bn 'flamboyance'. Mandelson and his co-architects, Cameron and Osborne, also threatened a rise in mortgage rates, a recession, an emergency budget and 500,000 job losses in the immediate aftermath of a leave vote. In the event, in spite of these flamboyant falsehoods, there has been no emergency budget, GDP has risen by nearly 2%, employment by 300,000, mortgages have gone down, not up, and household incomes are more or less at record levels. Outside the cloistered world of academia, London, the City and Westminster, the public debated these issues and weighed up the alleged lies and exaggerations on both sides. Its conclusion was that the leave campaign was more sinned against than sinning, hence the referendum result. The conformist Oxbridge economists, referring only to the faults of Leavers, offer heavily distorted analyses - yet contribute significantly to groupthink and confirmation bias in the corridors of power, and at the dinner parties and golf clubs of the metropolitan elites. But their words fork no lightning in most lounge bars, high streets and villages of the country. The greatest lesson for this economic orthodoxy is to consider the history of the last 30 years. They, and their predecessors, were wrong over the exchange rate mechanism, wrong over the euro and were wrong about the immediate consequences of a leave vote. In most of these debates, chaps, you were outthought by the general public - a good lesson for you. That's why democracy works.

Transforming Your Business from Ordinary to Outstanding THE PRESSURE is on for Licenced Trade operators and Restauranteurs to provide more of a “Complete Experience” for their clients rather than “just a pub/restaurant”. But this costs money and with the seasonality of trade, best time to do renovation/refurbishment work is when trade is quieter but at that time, cash-flow is tight. Liquid Finance offer an alternative finance solution for the Hospitality Trade called a Business Cash Advance. This is an unsecured cash advance and the funds are paid back as a daily percentage of your credit/debit card tak-

ings. The Advance can be used for whatever you need – typically stock replenishment, renovations, refurbishments or expansion and there are absolutely no hidden costs like applications fees, collection fees or late payment fees. “I started working with Liquid Finance nearly two years ago - they have assisted me with refurbishments, renovations and even small jobs like refreshing the menus! Business is good – I don’t know where we would be without them!” Welcome to Smart Finance for the Hospitality Trade! For more details and to get an obligation free quotation, see the advert on page 5 or call Liquid Finance on 0845 600 3573 or visit us at

Revolutionary Pub App Gr8niteout Launches

An innovative app for pubs/bars that benefits both the business and customer is now available on free download, allowing anyone, wherever they may be, to spend money at local pubs at the tap of a few buttons safely and securely.

Gr8NiteOut is a new app which enables savvy pub goers to buy credits for their friend, spouse or family without stepping foot in the establishment. A friend’s birthday, family celebration, an impromptu gathering – you can still be there in spirit and buy a round, a meal or even an overnight stay for your favourite people. The app and interactive website essentially opens a complete new revenue stream for pub owners that they wouldn’t have otherwise had access to, at no extra cost. There are also several added benefits for publicans that sign up to Gr8NiteOut, including the ability to collect and use valuable customer data to drive repeat business. As well as the details of

the purchaser and receiver, publicans also collect significant anniversary dates which 170 therefore provides ideal opportunities to create extra streams of revenue. Having worked in the pub industry for over 30 years, Sheila has experienced the highs and lows of making a living in a pub and understands the struggles that publicans go through to market an establishment at an affordable price. As Sheila explains: “The driving force for me has been to design and create an app that benefits both publicans and their consumers. Having worked in the industry for a long time and now owning my own pub, I know how to attract and retain customers. I also know how to extract money into the till, but it started to dawn on me that we could increase our revenue streams considerably if we could find a 100% safe and reliable way of tapping into the pockets of those that may want to share a great night out without having to be physically present or within a hundred miles of the pub! Visit to register

PVC Banners and More from HFE Signs

HFE Signs specialise in the supply of PVC Banners, Flags, Pavement Signs, Chalkboards and much more to the UK Pub, Hotel & Food market. HFE are quite unique, as design set-up is FREE of charge! Also HFE don’t ask for any payment until you are happy with the design they have produced. HFE have been printing PVC Banners since 1996, so if you’re looking for a trusted company with experience then you’re in safe hands. Furthermore if you order two or more banners then delivery is FREE of charge to a single UK mainland address. HFE have an online library of pre-designed templated specifically designed for the Pub & Hotel sector, these range from Christmas banners, special offer food promotions and many more, have a look and get some great ideas to boost your sales. All pre-designed banners can be modified to your specific requirements at no additional cost. HFE have an extensive range of Chalkboards and Chalk Menu boards that are perfect for your specials boards. The exclusive rustic range are perfect if you’re looking for that rustic impression, designed and

build in the UK in HFE’s very own joinery workshop, all available next working day (subject to stock). Maybe you have an event of festival? HFE also have a wide range of Feather Flags and Sail Banners with a wide variety of sizes and styles. Bases are available for various ground types so whether its grass or hard standing, HFE can help. Of course, its FREE Design with all flags too. The design team at HFE are always just a phone call away, and you get straight through to a designer, no phone menus and no answer systems. You will establish your own point of contact who will look after you through the whole process. Should you order again you can contact your own contact directly if you wish. HFE have put a lot of effort and research into making the ordering process as easy and simple as possible, HFE will do all the work for you meaning you can get on with your day. HFE are a UK company based in the Midlands, all products are designed and printed in-house in their large workshops. In addition to the products mentioned above, HFE also supply Pavement Signs, Rigid Signs, CCTV & Safety Signs. With PVC Banners starting at just £13.99+vat with FREE design and FREE UK Delivery with two, its hard to find better! or see the advert on page 7.

GB’s On Trade Hopes For Christmas Cheer With Consumer Spend Exceeding £0.5bn WHILE CONSUMER confidence is currently uncertain, Christmas out of home food and drink sales are still likely to echo those of 2016 when fewer people went out but those that did went out more often and spent more. Pub, restaurant and bar operators across Great Britain may face an uncertain trading environment this Christmas but consumers are still likely to spend an additional £562m** on drinks out-of-home with some 211 million visits expected to be made to pubs, bars, and restaurants over the festive period, according to statistics from CGA. Despite fewer people visiting the on-trade over Christmas 2016 (down -4%) those consumers that did, went out more often and spent more money. Sales lifts were primarily in drinks, with value of sales rising 4.4% on the previous year, while the value of dry sales dropped slightly by 0.7%. Drinks sales accounted for 55% of the total sales mix through the on-trade [pubs, bars and restaurants] during Christmas 2016, a one percentage point rise over its share of sales in 2015. Food sales accounted for 45%, down one percentage point on the previous year. “Last year consumer confidence was muted pre-Brexit. This year consumer confidence is still shaky so it’s unclear if consumers will rein-in spending or want to treat themselves,” commented Phillip Montgomery, CGA client director (drinks). “However, Christmas is a crucial time for operators who need to make sure they are making the most of footfall

throughout December by encouraging customers to trade-up with special promotions, new products and exciting, tempting offers.” CGA statistics show that operators who attract a festive crowd benefit from a higher consumer spend. Average spend on a celebratory occasion was £56.02 over Christmas 2016, compared with £44.70 on an average social occasion during December. Some 9.3 million people out celebrating last Christmas (47%) tried something new when they went out with hot alcoholic drinks, sparkling wine, cocktails and Champagne amongst the favourite choices. Spirits remain the favourite Christmas tipple – accounting for 18.9% of total serves, an increase of nearly 4% against an average four-week period. Vodka, dark rum, blended whisky, gin, tequila and non-cream liqueurs see the biggest trade-up. Over a third of people (36%) were willing to pay extra for a better quality drink than they’d normally choose, influenced by wanting a treat (57%), friends (32%), and recommendations from bar staff (24%). “For operators Christmas is an opportunity to leverage sales through their premium offer and suppliers should help with ranging decisions. It’s also essential to have engaging bar staff and good POS material promoting your offers – our research showed that 57% of consumers noticed outlet promotions, so it’s important to plan early and promote your offer clearly and effectively,” added Montgomery.

Strong Growth in Overseas Visits Across the UK’s Nations and Regions THERE WAS strong growth in overseas visits and spend to the UK’s nations and regions in the first six months of 2017, figures released today by VisitBritain show. There were a record 19.2 million visits to the UK in the first half of 2017, up 9% compared to the start of 2016. Inbound visitors spent £10.8 billion between January and June 2017, up 14% on the same time last year, a new record and the first time inbound visitor spending has topped £10 billion in the first half of any year. The regions that saw the highest levels of growth in international visits between January and June 2017 were the North West, with 1.5 million visits, up 14% on the same period last year, and the West Midlands, with 1.1 million visits, also up 14% on the same period last year. Overseas visitor spend in the North West was up 40% to £684 million in the first six months of 2017, while the West Midlands saw a 12% increase in inbound spend in the first six months, up to £387 million. Visits to London between January and June 2017 were up 13% to 10 million, a record first six months. Overseas visitor spend also hit a record in London, at £6.1 billion in the first six months of this year, up 16% compared to the same time last year. The statistics also show that international visits to Scotland in the first half of the year were up 14% to a record 1.3 million, with spend setting another record of £956 million, up 35% on the same time last year. Tourism Minister John Glen said:"Tourism makes a huge economic contribution to the UK and it is great news that towns and cities across the country are benefiting from this

boom, with fantastic growth in the West Midlands, North West and Scotland in particular. "Promoting the UK to the world is a priority and the increase in visits from American and Chinese tourists shows that Britain remains a must-visit destination." VisitBritain Director Patricia Yates said: “It is encouraging to see such growth to our nations and regions, Britain has so much to offer, from our cool and modern cities to our stunning coastal towns and our charming rural villages, more and more overseas visitors are inspired to come here for a truly unique experience. “Tourism is one of Britain’s most valuable export industries and the continued growth demonstrates the industry’s increasing importance as a key driver of economic growth across the whole of the UK.” The growth was driven by strong visits from inbound markets including China and the US. Overseas visits from China for the first six months of 2017 were up 47% on the same time last year to a record 115,000, and spend was also at record levels at £231 million, up 54% compared to the first six months of 2016. Visits from the US were up 31% in the first six months of the year to 1.9 million, with spend at a record £1.8 billion, up 28% on the same period last year. Latest data from ForwardKeys shows that flight bookings for international arrivals to the UK for October to December are tracking 7% ahead when compared to the same period last year. VisitBritain forecasts that overseas visits to the UK will reach 39.7 million with spending up of £25.7 billion by the end of this calendar year.

October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

October 2017

BHA Welcomes National Standard For Food Hygiene THE FIRST country-wide assured catering hygiene advice and protection took effect in England from 1st October 2017 as new Primary Authority legislation came into force. Primary Authority enables businesses to form a statutory partnership with one local authority, which then provides robust and reliable advice for other local regulators to follow when carrying out inspections or addressing non-compliance. The aim is to ensure that local regulation is consistent at a national level and sufficiently flexible to address local circumstances. Thanks to a partnership between the British Hospitality Association (BHA) and Cornwall Council, which is Primary Authority for the catering sector, a new scheme means that BHA member businesses who opt-in and are following the Catering Guide – the definitive guide for the hospitality industry – can be assured that they will be held to one consistent hygiene standard. The guide is recognised by the Food Standards Agency and is included in all BHA membership packages from the 1 October. Inspection regimes and official advice varies between England’s 326 local authorities which can lead to businesses facing reputational risk from a poor food hygiene rating. Such a drop of rating can cause trade to fall by 20 to 50%. For many businesses, the costs of reputational damage, loss of trade and payment for a re-inspection can run into thousands of pounds. Examples of contradictory advice given by Environmental Health Officers (EHO) and reasons businesses have been marked down include: – That purple chopping boards must be used when preparing allergenic foods

– That food must be cooled to below 8ºC in 90 minutes – That food handlers must legally receive 6 hours of level 2 hygiene training None of this advice is correct in all circumstances and businesses following the BHA’s Catering Guide will be able to rely on the agreed levels required for compliance in the guide and the support of Cornwall Council if challenged by an EHO. To access this assured advice and the added protection of Primary Authority, hospitality businesses need to opt-in via the BHA website ( if they are already a BHA member, or join the BHA today and receive a complimentary Catering Guide. Even if hospitality businesses already have their own Primary Authority, they can still opt in to the BHA scheme if they are a member, and take advantage of BHA assured advice as well. Speaking about the new scheme, Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the BHA said: “These changes to Primary Authority will benefit hospitality and catering businesses who are currently subject to environmental health regimes which can vary between each of the 326 enforcement authorities in England. Businesses will now be able to opt-in easily to a scheme providing them with assured advice, coordinated by their relevant trade body, for catering for example, the British Hospitality Association in partnership with Cornwall Council as the Primary Authority. “The BHA’s Catering Guide is the definitive guide for hospitality industry, assured by Cornwall Council. If a member follows this advice, they have the assurance that other local authorities must take this into account in their dealings with the business. This will promote consistency and fairness of enforcement, reducing burdens on businesses.”

Punch Donates £16,000 Through Its Community Promise Charitable Initiative

PUNCH HAS donated £16,000 to 36 charities and good causes, during its last financial year, as part of an ongoing commitment to support the local communities surrounding its pubs, Burton head office and worthwhile causes close to the hearts of its employees. The beneficiaries range greatly; a young person suffering from cancer received a compassionate care break, elderly residents from the Carden Bank care home enjoyed a free carvery lunch at the Blacksmith’s Arms in Burton, young budding swimmers from Sherwood Seals swimming club had a fantastic day out at Splash Landings, and the students from Silverhill Primary in Mickleover now have a great outdoor play area to enjoy. The donations, made via Punch’s Community Promise charitable initiative, include contributions to national campaigns such as the British Red Cross for victims of the Manchester bombing and support for the Grenfell Tower victims and their families. Punch Publicans, running pubs close to

where both incidents took place, also provided direct support to victims. Support for larger national charities has included £2,000 to Children in Need, £1,000 for Comic Relief and £1,000 for the Team Margot Foundation, which encourages people to register as potential stem cell and bone marrow donors. Headteacher of Silverhill Primary Kate Nash commented: “We are hugely grateful to Punch for this donation – the children are benefitting a great deal from their new outdoor space! They all genuinely enjoy playing in the new areas at all times of the day.” HR & Services Director for Punch, Jackie Burn said: “British pubs are so critical to the communities they serve and we are hugely proud to have Publicans that have helped raise thousands for so many worthy causes over the years. We wanted to mirror this community focused ethos in our approach to charitable giving and are absolutely delighted to have been able to support such a large and varied number of causes that mean so much to our people and our pubs.”

Autumn Budget 2017 – BBPA’s #cutbeertax Social Media Assets Go Live THE BBPA has launched an infographics campaign via social media, to engage industry staff, customers, and the wider public to support a cut in beer duty in the Budget on 22nd November. The BBPA is urging everyone to get involved, by supporting the campaign on social media platforms. Social media tools will support efforts to drive traffic towards the BBPA’s website, where anyone can quickly

email their local member of Parliament urging them to support the campaign. For any social media use, in particular on Twitter, supporters are urged to include the #cutbeertax hashtag. “I hope everyone will get behind the campaign on social media, says BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds. “Government plans for further beer tax rises are unsustainable, and showing MPs the scale of concern in their own constituencies is essential if we are to persuade them to make this issue a priority.

The Sleep Event Announces Packed Programme TAKING PLACE at the Business Design Centre in London from 21st – 22nd November, Sleep, Europe’s hotel design and development event, combines an exhibition, Conference, the Sleep Set competition and Spaces, which showcases products in specially designed hotel environments. Among Sleep’s 150 exhibitors, this year’s newcomers include Alpi, Ercol, Artemide and Bang & Olufsen, while returning brands include Loloey, Perrin & Rowe, Hamilton Conte and GROHE. There will also be the firstever carpet collection by Kelly Hoppen for Brintons, as well as launches from many other companies.

The B1G TL…

INTRODUCING LOCAL entertainer, Tony Letts, previously the lead singer of Majesty, the band, having entertained the local area for over 40 years and still hold the local record for being the longestestablished band in Bournemouth. As now solo singer, Tony works in many local clubs, Hotels and Care Homes and is recognised for his variation of different songs, ensuring that he entertains all ages. He will provide

The Conference offers a combination of panel discussions, roundtable conversations with industry leaders and the opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s most acclaimed designers. Topics will include: new dining concepts, hotel branding and hotel development trends. The Sleep Set competition sees design practices translate the annual theme into physical hotel environments, and this year the experience of the participants is assured to bring a wide spectrum of perspectives to the subject of “Loyalty: lessons in Love”. This year’s Sleeper Bar will be designed by the Moscow-based Design & Architecture Studio, Sundukovy Sisters. For more information and to register for a complimentary pass: entertainment with fun and laughter at every gig ‘thrown-in!’ This gentleman has a dynamic personality along with a formidable powerful voice that will have you dancing and singing along… guaranteed! His speciality is Tom Jones and Roy Orbison as strong ballads, with a repertoire of songs to suit all types of events and special functions with additional songs from the likes of Matt Munro, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Robbie Williams, Simply Red, and, The Beatles, Chuck Berry and American Boogie Woogie, and many more! To hear Tony sing from the comfort of your own premises, please visit Facebook: Tony Letts – Singer, or contact Tony on; 01202 300033/55 or mobile: 07966 411291. (E mail: So if you want classic rock ‘n’ roll or traditional Ballroom dancing… Tony covers it all.

October 2017

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Brits Are Happiest When They’re in The Pub It’s Official – Runny Eggs Back On The Menu! A POLL of 2,000 Brits saw more than a quarter admit they feel happiest when enjoying time in their nearest watering hole. Brits are most likely to escape to the pub for a pick-meup after a hard day at work Despite many pubs closing their doors, and more and more people opting to stay at home to have a drink, the nation’s love affair with their local is as strong as ever. And Brits are most likely to escape to the pub for a pickme-up after a hard day at work, a bust-up with a partner or just to catch up with an old friend. The survey was conducted by Tribute Cornish pale ale – St Austell Brewery’s flagship beer – to celebrate Cask Ale Week, which runs until October 1st. A spokesperson said: “Pubs in Britain have a long and interesting history, with some having stood for centuries, serving all kinds of people – from the richest to the poorest. “And the fact that more people say they’re happier in the pub than in a park, while driving or even while shopping just goes to prove how much we love popping out for a pint. “We wanted to find out not only how many Brits say they feel happiest in the pub, but some of the reasons why.” A third of Brits surveyed through also laugh the most at the pub, twice as many as those that have a giggle at work and more than at their friends’ houses. And it was also revealed to be the most likely place to catch up with friends, outstripping cafés, restaurants and the gym. Brits visit the pub twice a month on average, and three in ten say they often escape to the pub when they’re feeling stressed or annoyed. One in five Britons also visit their

local so often they’re on first-name terms with the bar staff and landlord. Catching up with friends was voted as the number-one reason that Brits love to get to the pub, with the general atmosphere a close second. And the main reason for pubs to exist – the chance to have a few drinks – was the third most popular reason for a visit. Britons also visit their local so often they’re on first-name terms with the bar staff Four in ten Brits say they’ll make a special trip to visit a pub that serves their favourite beer, and lager was revealed to be the most common drink in the land, with a pint of cask ale coming a close second. Coming top of the poll for brewing quality regionally-produced beer was Cornwall. More than 16 per cent picked the popular staycation location as having the country’s very best beer. The greatest pub meal was voted fish and chips, with two in 10 selecting the dish over all other choices on the menu. One in ten said they’d opt for a classic burger and chips, or a ploughman’s lunch. Roger Protz, editor of the latest Good Beer Guide, said: “The British pub is unique and it has a character and atmosphere that could never be replaced. “It’s reassuring that people still recognise that there is no better place for people to meet, enjoy a beer, strike up a conversation, meet new friends and put the world to rights. “Pubs are not only the heart of the community, but they are an institution and synonymous with British culture and it’s vital that we continue to support them.”

Punch Crowns ‘Usual Suspects’ Great British Pub Quiz Champions PUNCH HAILED its greatest pub quizzers in a nail-biting finale at the Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton last month where the ‘Usual Suspects’ from the Brickmakers Arms, Coventry were crowned national winners for the second year in a row. There were 25 teams in the final, hosted by Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett, having been whittled down from over 1,000. With high quality pub quizzing talent and knowledge on display, the tense final saw the ‘Usual Suspects’ reigning supreme over runners-up ‘Galacticos’ from the Station, Newcastle and third-place ‘Tadpoles’ of the White Hart Tap, St Albans. The winners walked away with a prize fund of £2,000, ‘Galacticos’ with £1,000 and ‘Tadpoles’ with £500. In addition to monetary prizes the final saw the Sneyd Arms, Keele win an 11g keg of Carling in the Licencee’s Challenge. The winning and runners-up pubs will now host their own celebrity quiz night, arranged and conducted by Redtooth, specialists in pub

entertainment. The quiz night aims to bring the local community together for an evening of fun and laughter, whilst also driving footfall to the pub. Stephen Martin, category manager at Punch, commented: “We’re really pleased with how the Great British Pub Quiz has captured the imagination of our Publicans and their locals. We always enjoy offering initiatives that our Publicans can get involved in, that are not only fun but will also increase footfall and therefore profits for them, and our Great British Pub Quiz is a great example of this. We hope the Brickmakers Arms, Station and White Hart Tap enjoy their celebrity quiz night!“ 1,030 pubs registered for the 2017 Carling Great British Pub Quiz, and each pub received eight weeks of free quizzes for teams to compete in. Once the inpub round came to an end, each participating pub was able to nominate their winning team to attend a regional final. The winning team from each of these 20 contests not only qualified for the national final, but also won £50 on the night.

PREGNANT WOMEN, babies and elderly people can now enjoy dippy eggs again for the first time since the 1980s – as long as they have the British Lion mark on. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has today (11 October 2017) changed its advice on eggs, confirming that British Lion eggs are safe to be eaten runny, and even raw, by vulnerable groups such as infants, children, pregnant women and elderly people. These groups can now enjoy the nutritional benefits of eggs, without having to fully cook them. The new advice follows a year-long risk assessment by the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food and is the result of extensive food safety measures introduced within the British Lion Code of Practice since its launch in 1998. Andrew Joret, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, which runs the British Lion scheme, welcomed the new advice: “This is a real success story for the UK egg industry. Our producers have maintained the highest standards for two decades to ensure the superior safety of British Lion eggs and we are delighted that FSA has now confirmed that these eggs are safe enough for even vulnerable groups to eat runny or even raw. “We know that the previous advice has deterred many women from eating eggs when pregnant, and from giving them to their babies,

as well as denying older people the pleasure and nutritional benefits of a ‘dippy egg’ and home-made mousses and mayonnaise. The advice is particularly good news for these groups and will also enable care homes to put many traditional egg dishes back on their menus.” Heather Hancock, Chairman of the Food Standards Agency, said: “It’s good news that now even vulnerable groups can safely eat UK eggs without needing to hard-boil them, so long as they bear the British Lion mark. The FSA has thoroughly reviewed the scientific evidence about the safety of these eggs, and we’re confident that we can now change our advice to consumers. “The major reduction in the risk of salmonella in Lion eggs is testament to the work carried out by egg producers. The measures they’ve taken, from vaccination of hens through to improving hygiene on farms and better transportation, have dramatically reduced salmonella levels in UK hens.” Dr Juliet Gray, registered nutritionist, said: “The new advice is very welcome news. Eggs are highly nutritious, containing many key nutrients including high quality protein, vitamin D, selenium, iodine, choline and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are particularly important for many vulnerable groups, including pregnant women, babies and elderly people and several of them are not found in many other foods.”

The European Pizza and Pasta Show To open 15-16 November 2017, Olympia London

ORGANISED BY IPR Events London Ltd in association with PAPA-The Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association, The European Pizza and Pasta Show will open its doors on the 15th of November with a welcoming address from Rt Hon. George Eustice, Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food at DEFRA. On 15-16 November over 3000 selected trade buyers will be treated with unforgettable culinary creations from the world best chefs and pizzaioli. EPPS is an exclusive B2B event designed for UK and European wholesalers, retailers, pizza operators and pizzeria owners, restaurants, hotels, catering companies as well as public and government services to meet with over 500 leading and new suppliers and brands. The success of the 2016 inaugural event is summed up by celebrity chef Theo Randall -“The European Pizza and Pasta

Show is a brilliant event that everyone who works in the restaurant business should experience. The quality of the products and equipment are some of the best I have seen at a trade show. If you are serious about Italian food, you cannot miss this!” EPPS 2017 will also be hosting 100 chefs participating in three major culinary competitions: The European Pizza Championship, The PAPA UK Finals for Pizza and Pasta Chefs, culminating with the industry Annual PAPA Awards Dinner. For the first time SIBA – Society of Independent Brewers of UK will be showcasing craft beer brands, while at the Craft Beer Experience Live Theatre leading beer sommeliers will share their expertise with exclusively selected business audience. Visit #EPPShow F: The European Pizza Pasta Show Or see the advert on page 11.


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October 2017

ALMR Calls for New Role of Hospitality Minister Wetherspoon’s Chairman Stands Firm on Brexit View THE UK’S vital and vibrant hospitality sector must have its own dedicated Hospitality Minister, says the ALMR. Hospitality is the UK’s 3rd largest employer incorporating a wide range of sectors and businesses. With Brexit providing uncertainty for employers and costs for businesses rising, the time is right for the Government to appoint a dedicated Minister to the support the sector. ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls will speak at today’s ALMR Autumn Conference, calling upon the Government to appoint a Hospitality Minister to help support the UK’s vital hospitality sector. ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls: “UK businesses are facing an unprecedented period of political and economic instability. Uncertainty, chiefly prompted by Brexit, is undermining businesses’ attempts to plan and invest and we need clear action from the Government to address this. “The UK’s hospitality sector is the 3rd largest employer and incorporates a vast range of businesses and sub-sectors,

not least of all the countries’ resilient and innovative eating and drinking out businesses. These are the business that have driven growth in local economies in every part of the UK, creating 1 in 6 of all new jobs since the recession. “These businesses are looking ahead with a sense of trepidation as we approach Brexit and costs continue to rise. Issues important to our members, and the wider sector, straddle a number of different Government departments encompassing: employment, planning, taxation, food & drink, tourism and more. There is need for a national role to span these issues and ensure that crucial businesses are properly catered for. “The Government must show leadership and support for these vital employers by creating a new role of Hospitality Minister to ensure transparent and useful engagement with businesses and promotion of the sectors’ interests. This will help promote a consolidated approach from both businesses and Government departments to help facilitate Brexit discussions and outcomes, and help inform the Government’s Industrial Strategy.”

Displaying Food Hygiene Standards Should Be Mandatory Says GMB Union

GMB SOUTHERN is calling for it to be made mandatory that Food Hygiene ratings produced by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) must be displayed in the premises of any organisation that sells or provides food in England. Wales introduced mandatory display of food hygiene ratings in November 2013 and Northern Ireland in October 2016. Paul Maloney, GMB Southern Secretary, speaking in Brighton at the Labour Party conference said, “GMB consider that all food premises in England should be forced to display ‘Scores on the Doors’ ratings to improve hygiene standards and protect people from harm.These scores are the results of inspections by local authority environmental health teams. They score food outlets from zero to five based on factors such as kitchen cleanliness, cooking methods and food management. tOutlets inspected include restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways, sandwich shops, supermarkets and delicatessens.

Cotton Is King

THERE’S A growing desire for higher quality linen and cotton products throughout the Hotel industry. King of Cotton is keen to meet that demand. Among the latest arrivals at King of Cotton is the Superior towelling range, exclusive to King of Cotton, available in superb range of colours including silver, honey and charcoal. Manufactured in Portugal with a superior weight of 700grams per square metre from the finest 100% cotton long staple yarn. One of the best towels money can buy. It’s soft, fluffy and very absorbent. Another range of towels that have been popular for a while is the 650gsm natural combed cotton towel in

Consumers have an absolute right to know what score any outlet they may want to use has got. “Food outlets in Wales and Northern Ireland are legally required to display their rating. However, in England, outlets do not have to display the rating they have been awarded.Those scoring low marks are much less likely to put them on show to customers. Whether it’s the 162 food establishments Wiltshire or the 1 in 13 chance of visiting a potentially dirty or unsafe kitchen in Swindon the public should have a right to know the score. “Food hygiene standards and compliance levels have risen since the scheme was introduced in Wales.Making the display of hygiene ratings on the door compulsory in England would incentivise food outlets to improve or maintain high hygiene standards. This would reduce the risk of illness for customers, improve consumer confidence and save taxpayers’ money by reducing the need for, and cost of, enforcement action by councils. Everyone wins.” pure white. Being a combed cotton means all the impurities are removed, that’s up to 24% of what would remain in an ordinary towel. Unsurprisingly they have a very thick, soft pile, they are also very robust and can withstand heavy washing. Historically King of Cotton has championed quality materials with minimal styling, concentrating on classic white with pure quality being the order of the day. The Hotel Superior 400 thread sateen bed linen continues the tradition as part of the extensive hotel range. Used by 5-star Hoteliers because of its easy-care finish, exceptional lustre and ability to wash extremely well, maintaining its superb feel for years to come. As a trade supplier King of Cotton’s prices are highly competitive, anyone in the business of hospitality can register as a trade customer and enjoy additional discounts. Telephone 0208 332 7999 Email Website

JD WETHERSPOON plc has announced its preliminary results for the 53 weeks ended 30 July 2017 which will reveal increased revenue and like-for-like sales (before exceptional items) on its previous year. Although revenue of £1.66 million was up 4.1% on 2016 and like-for-like sales similarly experiencing growth of 4%, chairman Tim Martin warned that the positive start was “unlikely to continue.” “Since the year end, Wetherspoon’s like-for-like sales have continued to be encouraging and have increased by 6.1%,” said Martin. “This is a positive start, but is for a few weeks only – and is very unlikely to continue for the rest of the year. “Comparisons will become more stretching – and sales, which were very strong in the summer holidays, are likely to return to more modest levels. It is anticipated that like-forlike sales of around 3–4% will be required in order to match last year’s profit The pub operators pre-tax profit and its operating profit were both significantly up compared to last year at 15.6% and 17.1% respectively. Martin also used the opportunity to reaffirm his belief about the possible damaging affects Brexit could have on trade. “It is my view that the main risk from the current Brexit

negotiations is not to Wetherspoon, but to our excellent EU suppliers – and to EU economies. As the public instinctively understands, but few academics, economists, boardrooms and city institutions grasp, democracy is the strongest economic steroid-hence the astonishing rise of countries like Japan, Singapore and South Korea, after its adoption. A fascinating insight into the thought processes of many proremain elites can be found in an article in the Spectator by Prof Robert tombs of Cambridge University. “In the current negotiations, democratically-elected politicians from the UK are dealing with unelected oligarchs from the EU. Since the oligarchs are not subject to judgement at the ballot box, their approach is dictated by more sectarian factors-the interests and ideology of EU apparatchiks like them, rather than residents of businesses from EU countries. As a result of their current posturing and threats, EU negotiators are inevitably encouraging importers like Wetherspoon to look elsewhere for supplies. This process is unlikely to have adverse effects on the UK economy, as companies will be able to switch to suppliers representing the 93% of the world’s population is not in the EU, but this evolution will eventually be highly damaging to the economy of the EU. “Wetherspoon is extremely confident that it can switch from EU suppliers, if required, although we would be very reluctant to initiate such actions.”

CAMRA Names The Best Pubs In The Country

AS IT RELEASES the 45th edition of its Good Beer Guide, the Campaign for Real Ale has named the top 16 pubs in the country as part of its nationwide search for the National Pub of the Year. The top 16 contenders include a huge range of pubs from micropubs to street-corner locals and community run pubs. Aside from serving beer, many on the list brew their own, host beer festivals, music and community events and boast fantastic interior designs. Each of the pubs were judged against numerous other local branch winners and deemed to be the best in the region overall, with a perfect mix of the essential characteristics which make a great pub: atmosphere, decor, welcome, service, value for money, customer mix, but most importantly – quality real ale. They are selected by CAMRA volunteers and can all be found in the latest Good Beer Guide, which lists thousands of the top pubs across the country and a full list of all the breweries in each county. Each of the regional finalists will now compete in the next round of the competition, hoping to be named one of the four super-regional finalists – and stay in with a chance of becoming the overall winner. The final announcement of the National Pub of the Year winner will take place in early 2018. National Pub of the Year Co-ordinator Andrea Briers said: “It is a huge honour

to be selected as one of the top 16 pubs in the country, as well as to be entered in the Good Beer Guide, so whatever happens next all the pubs should be very proud of themselves. “The competition really gets difficult now, as these pubs will compete against one another to be named one of the top four in the country. Last year’s national winner enjoyed a huge boost in its popularity from visitors near and far, and all of the competing pubs will hope to secure national recognition from the competition.” Regional Winners List Central Southern – Nag’s Head, Reading East Anglia – Stanford Arms, Lowestoft East Midlands – Just Beer, Newark Greater Manchester – Wigan Central, Wigan Kent – Flower Pot, Maidstone London – Hope, Carshalton Merseyside – Cheshire – Cricketers, St Helens North East – The Office, Morpeth Scotland – NI – Bridge inn, Peebles South West – Salutation Inn, Ham Surrey / Sussex – Anchored, Worthing Wales – Druid Inn, Goginan Wessex – Wonston Arms, Wonston West Midlands – Weavers Real Ale House, Kidderminster West Pennines – Drovers Rest, Monkhill Yorkshire – George & Dragon, Hudswell

Business Leaders Front Up To Challenges In UK Eating And Drinking Out Market MOUNTING COSTS and Brexit dampen market confidence, but new businesses in particular remain optimistic about their own prospects in out-of-home sector Two thirds of senior executives in the eating and drinking out sector remain upbeat about prospects for their business, while acknowledging significant challenges in the market, the latest Business Leaders’ Confidence Survey from CGA reveals. The exclusive poll found that 66% of respondents were positive about prospects for their own company over the next 12 months—the same proportion as in CGA’s last confidence survey in May 2017. In addition, three quarters (76%) of leaders told the survey that their business’ performance had been in line with, or above, expectations so far in 2017. However, this is in contrast to their optimism about the general trading environment – which has slipped since the start of this year. Asked about their confidence in the out-ofhome market as a whole, only a third (34%) of leaders said

October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


they were optimistic about prospects for the next 12 months—down from 43% in May. The survey, full results of which are available by request from CGA, highlighted widespread concerns about threats to the market including spiralling input costs and Brexit. Businesses are facing something of a perfect storm of challenges, the survey confirmed. More than three quarters of leaders said their business has been affected by increases in food costs (81%), and nearly as many (70%) said they had passed these increased costs on to consumers via menu price rises in the last quarter. High numbers of business leaders said they had been hit by increased business rates (78%), increased staff costs (70%) and the impact of terrorism (45%). Falling confidence also reflected uncertainty about Brexit and its subsequent triple impact on consumer confidence, import costs and availability of European workers. Nearly three quarters (71%) of leaders said the decision to leave the EU had already had a negative impact on their business, and there was widespread alarm that the most severe consequences of Brexit were still to be felt.

NextDay Catering Launch New Superstore have Launch a 5000 Sqft Superstore featuring Rational Live Cooking And Robot Coupe Demonstration Kitchens. The site will be used by both Rational and Robot Coupe on a regular basis to ensure customers receive the proper training on their equipment and as a base where local chefs can meet. Business Owners Say A large range Catering Equipment Brands That Include Lincat, Blue Seal, Classeq,

Global and Victorinox are the perfect offering for the local Chefs and Colleges were students by the plenty have been shopping lately. Over 2000 products are available to take away from there showroom with many more being added daily. This comes after the Company added a further 20000 Sqft to hold more stock to ensure Goods can be shipped on a next working day service. Call free on 0808 108 0028 or visit

Nominations Open for CAMRA’s Pub Saving Award

CAMRA is looking for the next winner of its newly instituted Pub Saving Award, which recognises people that have come together to save a pub that would have otherwise been demolished or converted to another use. The award aims to secure publicity for pub-saving campaigns to encourage others to get involved in saving their local. Last year the Save the Drovers Group took home the crown after the community came together to re-open the pub’s doors under community ownership just 20 months after its sudden closure. Paul Ainsworth, Chair of CAMRA’s Pub Campaigns

Group says: “We are losing pubs at a frightening rate of 21 a week. However, those rates of closure would be much higher without the huge number of campaigners around the country who are willing to pull out all the stops to save their local. Our aim is to showcase the fantastic achievements of these community groups around the country and inspire others to fight to save their local pub from closure.” The award can be made to any group which has carried out campaigning activity to save a pub from closure over the last 12 months. To enter the competition simply e-mail before the 5th December 2017 with your story.




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October 2017

British Pub-Going Tradition at Risk Of Dying Out As Beer Prices Soar THE TRADITION of going to the pub is becoming an unaffordable luxury for the majority of Brits as new research shows that just 15% of UK beer drinkers now think that the price of a pint in the UK is either very or fairly affordable. CAMRA will be presenting its Budget submission including research, conducted by YouGov[1] to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, ahead of November’s Budget. The campaign organisation is calling for a permanent £5,000 business rate relief for all pubs in England as well as a freeze, or reduction in, beer duty for the rest of this Parliament. With four in 10 pubs experiencing a rise to their business rates, CAMRA warns that without urgent action, thousands of community pubs could be wiped off the map. CAMRA research has found that in some cases English pubs will need to sell more than 20,000 extra pints of beer every year to cover the rises in their business rates, which will lead many landlords to either put up their prices to make up the cost or close their doors forever. Yet as prices at the bar continue to rise, many pub-loving Brits are finding they can only afford to drink at home. Colin Valentine CAMRA’s National Chairman said: “The British pub is unique, and has been rooted in Britain’s history for hundreds of years. All the evidence shows that drinking alcohol in moderation in the company of others is good for people’s wellbeing, yet the opportunity to get together and enjoy a beer is being taken away from swathes of people on lower and middle incomes, who are increasingly viewing a pub pint as an unaffordable luxury. “Many landlords are in a tricky situation in that they are

forced to either raise their prices or close their doors forever. It is the people on lower incomes will be hit the hardest, and will then choose to drink at home. In addition, thousands of local pubs are at risk of closure, bringing devastating consequences for their local communities. “The Chancellor must take urgent action in this Budget if we are to keep pub-going a social activity open to all and prevent local pubs from being wiped off the map.” CAMRA is also calling for a freeze or reduction in beer duty for the rest of this Parliament. Other key evidence contained in CAMRA’s evidence to the Chancellor includes: • On average, each pub pays nearly £140,000 in taxes each year • Around 37% per cent of the total cost of a pint is now made up of taxes • The UK pays nearly 40% of all beer duty in the EU but only consumes around 12% of the beer Christo Tofalli landlord of Ye Olde Fighting Cocks said: “We are re-launching our campaign to scrap the unfair tax burden on pubs and are therefore calling for an urgent fundamental review into the business rates system with an immediate freeze on rates until the review is finished. We cannot wait five years. “To put it simply, pubs are at the point of no return. Our pub’s massive 47% increase in business rates is nothing in comparisons to our neighbouring pub, the Boot in St Albans which has seen it’s rates increase of 286%. “Our message is beginning to gain momentum, and having the might of CAMRA’s 190,000 members behind us is very good news for St Albans pubs. The support from our local community is essential, so please help add your voice to this important campaign.”

Truvox ‘Cuts The Cord’ With AwardWinning Valet Battery Upright Vacuum

Innovative model now available in UK Cleaning teams can now ‘cut the cord’ and vacuum more quietly and productively following the arrival of the UK’s first cordless commercial vacuum cleaner. The award-winning Valet Battery Upright (VBU) – now available from Truvox International – is a light yet powerful upright vacuum, designed for maximum productivity. Powered by a lithium ion battery, the VBU provides more than 60 minutes’ continuous runtime. In the Cleaning Show 2017 Innovation Awards, the machine won in the carpet cleaning category. Built to Truvox International’s robust standards, the Valet Battery Upright weighs only 5kg. A convenient carry handle makes it easy to transport between cleaning jobs. Ideal for daytime cleaning, the machine works quietly and safely around people and obstacles with no risk of trips or snagging – or interruptions to switch power

sockets. A battery level indicator ensures the user knows when their machine will need re-charging. A full re-charge takes no more than 2.5 hours. The battery delivers 312W of vacuum motor power and a 3,000rpm brush speed. The vacuum floats evenly over all flooring surfaces thanks to a self-adjusting nozzle, while a squeegee improves cleaning results on hard floors. Performance and productivity also benefit from an edge cleaning feature and full suction when the VBU is laid flat to clean under beds and furniture. High filtration is provided by a HEPA 13 media bag. Replacing the dust bag is simple. The compartment unzips and the bag is automatically sealed as it’s pulled from the bag holder. Support videos on the Truvox website guide users on operation and maintenance of the VBU. For more information call 023 8070 6600, email or visit

AudioZone sends TV audio to your customers’ smartphones: • Customers listen through their own headsets via free app. • Let sports fans hear match audio while you have music in the bar • Offer commentary for multiple TV events in a single room • Let customers follow rolling news and sports news without subtitles • Multi-channel version available if you have several sky boxes Install AudioZone to squeeze more out of your TV offering and end arguments about which game is shown with sound. 0207 175 8880

World’s Top Restaurants Recognized in TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards UK’S THE Black Swan named World #1 for Fine Dining; Daniel in New York City is Best in the U.S. The Black Swan at Oldstead in North Yorkshre has been named as the best rated restaurant in the world by online reviews website TripAdvisor, the first time a UK venue has won the award. The restaurant, owned by Tommy and James Banks and their family, holds a Michelin star and four AA rosettes and just pipped Raymond Blanc’s Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in New Milton, Oxfordshire, which was second place in the world This year’s awards recognize nearly 400 fine dining restaurants, including the Top 25 in the World, plus dedicated lists for Asia, Europe, India, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South America, South Pacific, the U.K. and the U.S. Award winners were determined using an algorithm that took into account the quantity

and quality of reviews for restaurants around the world, gathered over a 12-month period. “Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a culinary discovery, travellers can rely on these Travellers’ Choice restaurants to serve up delectable meals and unforgettable moments,” said Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of Top 10 Travelers’ Choice Restaurants in the World 1. The Black Swan at Oldstead – Oldstead, England 2. Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons – Great Milton, England 3. Maison Lameloise – Chagny, France 4. L’Auberge de l’Ill – Illhaeusern, France 5. Martin Berasategui – Lasarte, Spain 6. Daniel – New York City, New York 7. La Colombe – Constantia, South Africa 8. David’s Kitchen – Chiang Mai, Thailand 9. Maido – Lima, Peru 10. El Celler de Can Roca – Girona, Spain

Lecturers Banging the Competition Drum as the Student Chef Challenge Officially Opens for Entries WITH THE new college year underway and the Country Range Student Chef Challenge officially open for entries, star lecturer chefs Annmarie Farr and Darren Creed are banging the competition drum and encouraging more catering colleges and students to sign up. One of the most prestigious competitions in the student catering calendar, the Country Range Student Chef Challenge provides full-time hospitality and catering college students with the perfect platform to improve their cooking skills, knowledge and technique, while developing real life experience under intense pressure and competition situations. Annmarie Farr, lecturer of the winning team from Ayrshire College in 2017, explained the benefits that the challenge offers: “It’s incredible just how much the students grow from competing in the Country Range Student Chef challenge. It’s not just their skills, work ethic and technique that improves but the confidence and teamwork, which is developed through competing as a threesome, is amazing.” The Country Range Student Chef Challenge 2018 • The challenge requires teams of three students to develop a three-course, three-cover menu demonstrating their own unique interpretation of this year’s ‘Around the World in Three Spices’ theme. • The teams have a maximum budget of £15 worth of ingredi-

• •

• •

ents for all three covers and a different fresh or ground spice (single or bespoke blend) must be used in each of the courses. The recipes need to be tried and tested to ensure students are able to prepare, cook and present the full menu within a 90-minute period. Details of each course including full recipes, methodology showing menu development and understanding of the theme plus full costings and images must be submitted by the 30th November 2017 for the paper judging stage. Lecturers can submit and complete the full team entries via or can download the PDF entry form and send it to the freepost address or email it to Based on the results of the paper judging, Live Regional Heats will take place at easily-accessible catering colleges between the 22nd January - Friday 8th February 2018. The Live Grand Final will take place on Wednesday 7th March 2018 between 11:00am - 12:30pm in front of an exhibition audience at Hotelympia 2018 - the UK’s largest foodservice and hospitality event. In addition to taking home the much-coveted title, the three victorious students will each win a bespoke set of three Flint & Flame knives and a trip to the 2018 Universal Cookery & Food Festival, Westlands in September 2018. Here they will be guided throughout the day by various Craft Guild of Chefs’ leading chefs & ambassadors and they will be treated to one night’s accommodation and dinner at Michelin starred restaurant Simpsons in Kenilworth. The lecturer of the winning team will also be presented with a specially selected knife set plus the winning college will receive a personalised PR package to maximise regional and industry publicity around the victory.

October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

October 2017

Pint of Pub Bitter Tops £3 for the First Time Best Bar None Awards Open for Entries

THE BRITISH Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has published its Annual Statistical Handbook 2017, which reveals that the average price of a pint of bitter in Britain’s pubs has broken through the three-pound barrier for the first time, with a six pence rise, from £2.99 last year, to £3.05 in 2017.

The figure will fuel concerns over Treasury plans to raise beer duty for a second time this year, in the Budget on 22nd November. The 2017 price rise for bitter was the biggest since 2014, and the price of a pint of lager rose even more, by ten pence, from, £3.48, to £3.58 in 2017. Despite the increase, beer remains the pubgoers’ drink of choice, accounting for 54.3 per cent of alcohol sales in the ontrade in 2016 (pubs, hotels and restaurants), down slightly from 55 per cent in 2015. Beer’s share is even higher in much-loved, community locals, and its continued dominance in pubs makes them particularly sensitive to beer tax hikes, says the BBPA. UK beer duty is 60 per cent higher than in 2000, and among the highest in the European Union. Wine, on the other hand, remains the top choice of the home drinker, with a 38 per cent share, down slightly from a

peak of 40 per cent in 2013. Britain has seen a huge explosion in the number of breweries, which topped 2,000 for the first time in 2016, at 2,250. Between 2000 and 2016 there has been an astonishing increase of 1,750 in the total number of UK breweries. However, the BBPA Stats Handbook also finds that the top 20 brewers produce 71 per cent of all the beer enjoyed by beer lovers around the world. New per capita consumption figures for beer show that average consumption of 67 litres per head is below the EU average of round 72 litres, and well below the Czech Republic, where consumers enjoy an average 147 litres per head, per year. Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive, BBPA, comments: “Our latest Stats Handbook shows that the taxes on UK beer are still a huge cause for concern, and we cannot afford another beer duty hike in the November Budget, if we are to keep a pint in the pub affordable for British beer drinkers. “However, a wealth of other data, shows that with the right policies, the beer and pub industry, which supports 900,000 jobs, can continue to help grow the economy, creating new jobs and more opportunities for the people who work in our sector.”

The National Catering Equipment Centre Opens

THE NATIONAL Catering Equipment Centre in Bristol officially opened its doors on Tuesday 19th September 2017 after Glenn Roberts, Chairman of the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA) cut the ribbon in front of 200 specially invited guests. The centre will act as a permanent showcase for over 40 leading catering equipment brands and will give visitors the opportunity to see, touch, view and test a wide range of equipment from tableware to combi ovens. The NCEC’s dedicated on-site development chef Dean Starling was on hand to offer his expertise in the use of equipment and give handy hints on menu development, whilst creating mouthwatering canapes, which went down well with the array of visitors. Glenn Roberts, Chairman of CESA , undertook the official ribbon cutting in front of the impressive glass NCEC building, and gave his full support for the initiative: “By allowing customers to try equipment before they buy it, the NCEC will provide a real service to both opera-

C.C.R Systems Ltd CCR SYSTEMS have been supplying, installing and maintaining Retail and Hospitality EPOS systems for over 34 years. We are an ISO-9001 registered company with a diamond award for customer satisfaction. Our Powersuite software package that includes Total Control Premier/Stock, Instant Loyalty and Drilldown

tors and the supply chain. It also has the potential to be a valuable educational venue, providing ‘hands on’ experience to back up knowledge gained in training schemes such as CESA’s CFSP and Principles of Foodservice programmes. It’s a very welcome initiative.” Klaus Goeldenbot, the new CEO of the Nisbets Group, was clearly extremely proud to be part of the launch: “Since being appointed CEO of the Nisbets Group, I have been extremely privileged to experience first-hand the hard work and dedication that has resulted in the opening of the visually impressive National Catering Equipment Centre today. As a business concept it is inspirational, not just in the catering equipment industry, but in business as a whole. By bringing brands and customers together the centre works synergistically to deliver real value to the catering equipment industry.” The aim of the NCEC is to inspire, educate and provide impartial advice to everyone involved in catering, from dealers and consultants through to chefs and managers. For more information please go to is the ideal package for all types of Hospitality & Retail outlets. Our hardware is a choice of top of the range touch screen terminals from selected quality manufacturers. The ORDERMAN Restaurant table ordering system is without doubt the best of it's kind, utilising the latest Oderman 7 hand held terminal and Kitchen Monitors or printers. Have a look at our web site on '' and view the ORDERMAN video. We also cater for the client that needs a low cost system that easily compares with the box shifters. Please contact GEORGE GUNNERY on 0151-644 8296 for a quotation for your establishment, or email to:

THE BEST Bar None Awards are open for entry. The programme, which is active across 70 towns and cities seeks to find the Best New Scheme, Most Innovative Scheme and the Most Innovative initiative within a BBN programme. Supported by the Home Office and the police, the UKwide programme is designed to improve standards within licensed premises through partnerships between the licensed trade, the police and local authorities. Prize money in excess of £5000 will be awarded to the winners who demonstrate the positive impact BBN has had within the local area. “The evidence from schemes around the country is of reduced A&E admissions, falling petty crime and improved public safety,” said National Coordinator, Mick McDonnell, “ Our awards programme seeks to identify those who are leading the field in outstanding partnership performance and where a positive difference is being made within communities.” With a growing presence around the country an improved and standardised measurement of success has been introduced to enable a consistent gathering of data which further underpins the conclusive impact a BBN programme makes in a local area. The competition is open to all current schemes and looks for detailed evidence validating the benefits to the community in three categories; Best Overall Scheme, Best New Scheme, and the Most Innovative initiative. Recognition and prizes will be awarded at the prestigious

ceremony held at the House of Lords on 5th February 2017 and presented by Chair of Best Bar None, Lord Smith of Hindhead, CBE Applications are invited and the closing date is 11th November, when all entries will be scrutinised and evaluated for shortlisting which takes place throughout December. All finalists will be contacted to attend the winners’ reception. The three National Awards are: Best OVERALL Scheme: This Award will be presented to the Scheme that the judges feel has had the biggest positive impact on the local area (evidenced in answers). The Best Overall Scheme winner will receive a cash prize of £3,000 to be re-invested into the scheme Best NEW Scheme: This Award will be presented to a Scheme that has been up and running less than 15 months and that the judges feel has embraced the ethos of BBN and has engineered itself to become valued and sustainable. The Best New Scheme will receive a cash prize of £1,000. Most INNOVATIVE Award: This Award will be presented to the Scheme that the judges feel have presented an idea or a process that has made a significant difference in their area or to BBN at a national level. The Most Innovative Scheme will receive a cash prize of £1,000. There will also be a special Coordinators Award which will awarded to the coordinator who it is felt has made the biggest commitment to BBN, to support their scheme or BBN nationally. To enter please contact

Regale Microwaves ‘Hang the Flags Out’ For Panasonic Visitor! REGALE WERE very honoured when the General Manager of the Appliance Group of Panasonic Japan (Corporate Overseas Marketing Division) Mr Osamu Fukuya, requested that when visiting the Head Office of Panasonic UK his priority was to visit Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd in Gosport. Patrick Bray, Managing Director of Regale, said he was greatly honoured by the request and made sure that the flags were hung out for the visit! On arrival at Regale Mr Fukuya was delighted with the reception and insisted that a photograph of the group was taken outside even though the wind was quite strong playing havoc with the bunting! After the formalities Mr. Fukuya took great interest in the history of Regale and the memorabilia that Regale has accumulated over the years since they became Panasonic’s No1 UK wholesaler for commercial microwave ovens taking the lion’s share of Panasonic’s UK market for many years. Also he took great delight in finding out the details of a new design of the Panasonic Microsave Cavity Liner details of which have been secretly guarded until the design became fully

registered. Being designed and produced by Regale Microwave Ovens it should hit the market sometime in November. Regale now have 13 registered designs for the Microsave Liners and Barry Clark (R&D Director) explained to him that it sports a new ‘wave’ base design and will be able to stand up to the rigorous use that the Panasonic NE1853 is normally put through in extremely busy pub and restaurant kitchens. On inspection of Regale’s warehouse, Mr. Fukuya was also impressed by the stock holding of Panasonic commercial microwave ovens by Regale which always exceeds over a quarter of a million pounds, Bray said that it is vital to hold every model in quantity that Panasonic produce to meet the demand in the UK market and that when a busy restaurant or public house needs a microwave oven they normally want it as soon as possible from our dealer network so we offer a free UK mainland next working day service direct to site for them. After a busy afternoon and tour the whole group went for an evening meal at ‘Bistro 8’ overlooking the International Marina at the River Hamble in Hampshire where a three course meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Patrick Bray and Barry Clark presented Mr Fukuya with a wooden mounted brass clock and weather barometer as a memento of Mr Fukuya’s first visit to the South Coast!

October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Half Of UK Diners Would Pay More For Homegrown Food Britain’s Over-50s Have Growing Appetite for Eating Lunch Out THERE IS good news in store for UK producers as new research has found that the majority of diners would be willing to pay more for food that they knew had been produced in Britain. This is welcome news for operators, who have been facing huge price hikes of up to 33% in some cases, since the announcement of Brexit in 2016. The research by purchasing company Beacon, revealed that the majority of diners would pay up to 10% more for their food if it has been made in Britain. Almost a quarter would be willing to spend 25% more, while some Brits are prepared to pay over 50% more for their meal if they know it includes regional produce. When asked to identify which food trends they were most excited about for the year ahead, nearly half of the respondents voted for ‘Made in Britain’ – four times the amount of people who said veganism and plant based eating. What’s more, when asked to name their favourite dish, it was the British classics that reigned supreme. The top five dishes were: 1. Roast dinners (25%) 2. Fish and chips (11.9%) 3. Steak and chips (10.2%)

4. Pizza (9.6%) 5. Full English breakfast (7.4%) Paul Connelly, Beacon MD, commented: “In recent months we’ve been managing price increases following turbulent times for many food and drink outlets since the Brexit vote. This is largely due to soaring costs for imported goods which is great news for British producers. The amount of quality British products available to operators now is vast, so it is encouraging to see that consumers are willing to invest close to home and support British producers.” Regionally, those in the East Midlands were most likely to want local produce (62%), followed by London (60%) and Scotland (58%). The importance of British produce was most prevalent amongst 25 – 34 year olds, where over two thirds of respondents in this age bracket said they would happily pay more for homegrown food. Paul continued: “Whilst it’s important to promote diversity in the food market in order for it to flourish, it’s also vital that we as an industry support British growers and producers. Incorporating home grown produce onto your menus will not only help to alleviate some of the significant price increases, but will also act as a selling point for customers, as well as supporting the UK economy.”

Beacon Urges the Drinks Industry to Adapt In Order To Thrive

PURCHASING COMPANY Beacon, is urging drink-led establishments to adapt their offering to thrive. This is following insight from AB InBev, showing that 21,000 drink-led venues have closed in the last 10 years, whilst 8,000 food focused outlets have opened in the past five, showing how the landscape of hospitality is continuing to change with customer demand. Working with two of Beacon’s suppliers, AB InBev and KP Snacks, Kelley Walker, Purchasing Manager at Beacon, offered her advice: “We’ve seen this trend developing over time, where occasions in the drinks industry have shifted from just drinks with friends, to more of an experience that involves drinks and food of some sort. As these figures from AB InBev show, operators that don’t have a food offering should now, more than ever, consider it, in order to succeed in what is an everchallenging market.” Beer and food pairings A trend that we’ve seen dominate the food and drink markets recently is beer and food pairings. Just as you would match a wine with certain dishes on your menu, the same can be done with various beers styles and flavours to drive sales across both categories. If you’re considering introducing a food offering in your business, start with snacks or dishes that match well with some of your most popular beers and communicate this with customers to upsell. If

you’re unsure, we’d recommend speaking with your supplier, as most breweries will be able to advise on this, or initiatives such as There’s a Beer For That are a great source of information. Bar snacks A food offering doesn’t have to mean an extensive menu with varied dishes. One simple way to enhance your offering at the bar is by introducing a snack menu. Consumer research from KP Snacks has shown that on average, 50% of customers will look to purchase a snack when visiting a pub or bar. An effective way of managing your snack offering is to implement a core range of “champion” products that consistently perform well, whilst regularly introducing more premium and niche products for variety. This provides the flexibility to experiment with more adventurous trends and flavours, whilst testing their performance amongst your target market. Craft isn’t just for beer AB InBev identifies the continuous rise of craft beer, which has successfully brought a previously niche category to the masses. The craft beer phenomenon is known across the industry, but we are now seeing this translate into other categories, including food. The term ‘craft’ in itself is becoming widely recognised amongst consumers who want products that are adventurous and have a story to tell. For operators that have an existing craft drinks range, I would recommend introducing two or three food items that are from independent suppliers, and regularly rotating these to complement the drinks menu.”

NEW RESEARCH from global information company The NPD Group suggests Britain’s older consumers could support growth in eat-out lunch business in future years. There were 1 billion lunch visits out-of-home (OOH) by the over-50 age group for YE June 2017, and this demographic spent £6 billion on lunch over the year. Compared to YE June 2008, the visits tally is up 6% while total spend is up some 12%. Consumers over 50 can be expected to contribute to the growth of Britain’s food delivery revolution, and could be a catalyst to the development of new food choices that are better suited to the needs of people as they grow elder.

Cyril Lavenant, Foodservice Director UK at the NPD Group, said: “The over-50s demographic in Britain will grow in size and become wealthier, more active and more experimental than previous generations. For anybody running a business in Britain’s £54 billion foodservice industry, there’s a distinct ‘over-50s opportunity’. People in late middle age and older will respond well to the innovative approach we see on Britain’s high streets to lunchtime eating. The over-50s represent an excellent target for the foodservice industry and will definitely play a bigger role in the growing popularity of eating lunch out of home.” Lunch is growing, especially lunch-to-go The wider lunch occasion is already growing faster than the overall eat-out market. The 4.0 billion overall lunch visits (both on-premise and off-premise) for YE June 2017 were up 3% on the same period a year earlier. This compares well to the resilient 1% visit growth seen in the total British OOH foodservice market in YE June 2017. But the lunch-to-go segment (food consumed off the premises) is doing even better with 4% growth. NPD says the growing popularity of eating lunch-on-the-go could generate nearly

2.2 billion visits annually to foodservice operators by the end of 2019, an increase of 11% over the nearly 2.0 billion visits recorded for YE June 2017. Lunch-to-go could soon account for 53% of overall lunch visits and 19% of all OOH visits in Britain each year. Cyril Lavenant, Foodservice Director UK at the NPD Group, added: “Modest or zero wage growth coupled with rising inflation has prompted many consumers to trade down from dinner where we now see declining visits. Lunch meanwhile has strong appeal because it is affordable, and offers high quality and an enormous choice of formats and cuisines whether it is consumed on or off the premises. There’s absolutely no doubt that lunch is an increasingly relevant offer for consumers. Foodservice operators have also made their lunch products more attractive through time-saving technology such as contactless payment and click-and-collect apps.” The one to watch: click-and-collect The click-and-collect market is small but growing quickly, accounting for 56 million quick-service restaurant (QSR) visits for YE June 2017, up 25% on the same period a year earlier. Click-and-collect at lunchtime appeals to consumers because it avoids the extra charge for delivery. The average bill for an OOH lunch in Britain is £3.56 (YE June 2017) but delivery can increase this significantly. Hunger for innovation Foodservice operators have shown they fully understand the intense competition in Britain’s foodservice industry and are disrupting and innovating to win business. In the lunch market, top retailers and QSR chains, as well as smaller independents, are increasingly responding well to the demand for balanced eating by offering vegetarian and vegan choices, superfoods, organic products, reduced calories and sugar, as well as meat substitutes. They are also meeting consumer expectations for new tastes and experiences by using foods high in protein, antioxidants and Omega 3. Britain’s over-50s are welcoming these new opportunities to enjoy balanced eating during lunch away from home.

…and the KP of the Year for 2017 is: José Núnez of The Stafford, London The search for the 2017 KP of the Year is over. Winterhalter, whose brainchild the awards are, has announced that this year’s winner is José Núnez, who works at The Stafford, the historic 5 star hotel in St James, London. José was nominated by Mark Surguy, The Stafford’s hotel manager. Judges were impressed by the KP’s initiative – for example, he suggested a new storage solution that reduced breakages significantly. “He has a work ethic that cannot be compared,” said Mark. “He’s always smiling, he holds himself and every member of his team to the highest standards. Nothing is ever too much for him.” Mark arranged for a special ‘team meeting’ at which a shocked José was presented with his winning trophy by Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK. “I’m very surprised but happy to win this award and it was great to have my colleagues with me,” José said. James Durrant, executive chef of the Stafford, added: “Having José here for the opening of the Game Bird has ensured everything went smoothly. We know we can always rely on him” In a year that saw the level of entries go sky high, judges had such a tough

time making their selection that they gave out three ‘highly commended’ awards. Anne Pierce MBE, chief executive of Springboard Charity, was one of the judges. “There were so many amazing entries, on another day any one of the top ten might have won,” she said. “Judging them was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do!” The three highly commended KPs for 2017 are Daniel Gligorov of the White Hart at Fyfield; Bayani Balba, of One Great George Street, Westminster; and Banjamin Berany, from The Vineyard, Newbury. James Horler, chief executive of 360 Restaurants, was also a judge. “These guys do a fantastic job,” he said. “The KP of the Year award is really important because the kitchen porter is the engine room of the kitchen.” Stephen Kinkead said, “After last year, I didn’t think the level of entries could get any higher. I was wrong. But in the toughest ever year, José is a truly worthy winner and he was the unanimous choice of the judges.” José receives a trophy, £1000 in cash and a celebratory meal with friends, plus he wins a Winterhalter machine for The Stafford. The three highly commended KPs also win trophies and £250 in cash.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

October 2017

The Rising Trends Shaping The Future Of The Hospitality Industry HOSPITALITY OPERATORS are constantly looking for innovative ways to grow their estate, footfall and offering. Livingbridge, a growth partner accelerating expansion for operators, has firsthand experience at identifying where these growth opportunities are, gained through investments in the likes of Pho, rhubarb and Bistrot Pierre. Here, investment director Benoit Broch looks at trends that may shape hospitality businesses of the future. 1. The rise of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians Veganism has increased by 360% in Great Britain over the last decade, making it the country's fastest growing lifestyle movement. More than a third of people now identify themselves as flexitarians, whilst additionally, 29% of consumers are now trying to reduce their meat consumption. This movement represents a shift in consumer attitudes, with concerns now extending beyond animal welfare to include the health and environmental implications. In fact, almost a third of Brits under 25 would consider going meat-free to protect the environment. Since Pret launched its two London-based vegetarian pop-up sites in 2016, sales of its vegetarian items experienced double digit growth. However, operators need to be aware that there is no need to go full-veggie to take advantage of the trend; according to Eating Better, operators need to be savvy when it comes to making menu updates. Currently, those describing dishes as ‘light’ or ‘fresh’, as opposed to ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’, are more likely to see a rise in meat-free sales. The insight here for operators is that consumers are eating for better health or a cleaner footprint – a lifestyle trend that is here to stay. 2. Generational gap in alcohol consumption The generational gap in alcohol consumption is widening, with 27% of millennials now teetotal, representing an 8% rise over the past decade. Google Trends indicates that searches for the term "benefits of quitting drinking" rose by around 70% in the last five years. It is these benefits that are driving consumers to reduce or limit their alcohol intake. In fact, more than two in five drinkers in the UK have decreased their alcohol consumption in order to save money, 41% to lose or avoid gaining weight and 39% to improve personal health. This presents a significant opportunity for hospitality operators to increase their drinks offering to embrace low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers, ciders and wines. And since we know the drivers for the trend, it is worth also looking at highlighting lower calorie content, or offering good cost-effective alternatives. Brewer AB InBev, as part of its Global Smart Drinking Goals (GSDGs) launched in 2015, has recognised that there is an appetite amongst consumers to better understand and manage alcohol consumption. The business has pledged to add guidance labels to all its beer products by the end of 2025, ensuring that its brands such as Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois come served with a side of advice. As part of this commitment, the brewer has also pledged to empower consumers to make smart drinking choices by ensuring they have access to non-alcohol or low-alcohol options. The shift in consumer behaviours and appetite for non-alcoholic options, does not need to be seen by operators as a negative. Rather than shy away from the bar-sales dampener that Dry January often brings, Harvey Nichols took the opposite approach, ramping up its drinks promotions to offer customers unusual non-alcoholic cocktails, which no doubt had the added benefit of attracting new customers to its famous Fifth Floor bar. The learning here for operators is to ensure your customers know you sell non-alcoholic drinks which are a step away from the norm. 3. Boom in the experience economy

Spending in restaurants, pubs and entertainment venues during the last three months of 2016 was up 8% compared to the year before6. This was largely due to progressive operators stepping beyond the realms of what is expected to capture the market’s imagination with new adventures and experiences for customers. Take Everyman Cinemas, an independent network of boutique cinemas that the Baronsmead Venture Capital Trusts have been a shareholder in since 2013. They position the brand around creating memorable experiences which exceed expectations across food, drink, seating and films. The quote on their website says it all: “Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theatre.” On the restaurant scene, rhubarb is setting a fine example of a brand delivering a unique customer experience. Located 36 floors up in the Sky Garden, the operator is offering customers the perfect setting for sunrise yoga classes and breakfast, set amongst greenery and a backdrop of incredible city views. It invites customers to take to the mat in a unique and peaceful urban location to provide not only a memorable experience but one that is also instantly Instagrammable. Not to be outdone in the social stakes, Netil360 and The Alchemist are two further examples of an operator designing each individual venue explicitly to ensure it makes it onto every customer’s social feed. If you can leave customers intrigued as to what they can expect on their return visit, it is a sure-fire way to build a loyal customer base. Take Street Feast, which transforms derelict and disused spaces into unique eating and drinking environments; it offers customers something different every time. Brands that react quickly to changing trends can make the most of this spontaneous and shareable world to build a socially-active and loyal customer base. 4. Harnessing big data to better connect with customers In a world where almost half of millennials expect personalisation in their interactions with businesses7, data is king. Whilst digital technology has made consumers’ lives easier, it has also made them more demanding. Personalisation is now a consumer expectation. According to Gourmet Burger Kitchen CEO Alasdair Murdoch, loyalty rewards, referral schemes and click and collect functions have allowed them to connect with 1.5 million customers via their smartphones. One million of these are active customers who on average account for 25% more repeat business than those without the app. This trend has sparked a rise in the relevance of companies such as Wireless Social, which make it easier for operators to acquire valuable information about their customers. By enabling customers to log on to an operator’s Wi-Fi using their Facebook profile, operators can obtain a direct email contact, together with their preference on type of device, interests and hobbies. Using this information, operators can tailor their offers and better target their campaigns to nurture repeat business. 5. Delivering the future It is no secret that delivery services, such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEATS, are taking the hospitality industry by storm, with the market valued at £3.6bn last year, a 6% increase on 2015 and 50% more than in 2008. Despite this, many operators are still torn as to whether or not to take the plunge. They have concerns about handing over responsibility to independent delivery contractors, who are unlikely to be as invested in their brand as they are. Similarly, positioned as an additional revenue stream, some worry that the adoption of delivery may cannibalise the number of customers eating in. Margins are also lower due to the commission operators must pay to the service provider and consumer spending habits can be less favourable because, for example, they may not order a drink. If operators do decide to take part in the anticipated £11.2bn market, the key to its successful delivery is overcoming the operational challenges. Is your kitchen set up to do both delivery and dine-in without competing for kitchen orders? And how well can it deal with a sudden influx of orders? The operators that will reap the benefits of this to-the-door consumerism are those who truly understand how it can help grow their business and most importantly, have set up operations accordingly to maximise it.

Tips To Increase Your Hotel Bookings, Rain Or Shine By Gal Fisher, Wix Hotels Operations Manager BUSINESS OWNERS in the hospitality industry know that summer time is a huge opportunity to bulk up annual revenue. When the weather gets a bit cooler many businesses start to feel the freeze on revenue and face the pressure of the off-peak season. So how can hospitality businesses keep bookings and profits consistent during off-peak season months? Gal Fisher, Wix Hotels Operations Manager, shares some tips on how to boost online presence and hotel bookings any time of the year. Create a Beautiful & Inviting Website As much as 80% of people now book their holidays online, meaning it’s more important than ever that hospitality websites look great and are easy-to-use. While third-party travel websites like and Trivago can boost visibility, they tend to be quite costly. Having a reservation system directly on a website let’s businesses take control and eliminates commissions to other booking websites. Integrating WixHotels booking system on a website provides the perfect commission-free solution for hospitality businesses so bookings can be done directly and easily through any website. Selling a holiday experience by using good quality photographs, considering lighting and staging, will help stand a businesses out against competitors. Speak in Local Languages In hospitality, customers often come from across the globe and speak different languages. It’s exceptionally difficult for customers to navigate websites that are in a foreign language, let alone make a successful and booking. By looking at website data and inputting the most used or relevant languages, businesses can provide a more well-rounded service that will translate into more sales. Offer Pricing Options If a customer wants to stay more long term, offering them a weekly or monthly rate can be a big draw for potential guests. The convenience and flexibility (not to mention discount) can earn profitable repeat business. Taking advantage of technology, such as Wix’s new advanced pricing feature, allows businesses the option to offer customers more flexible payment options. Keep Customers Engaged Following up with guests is a great way to boost customer loyalty and leave guests with a good impression. Engaging with customers this way brings a personal touch and encourages them to make another booking again in the future. Sending customised automatic emails to thank customers following a stay or even offering a discount code for an upcoming visit will help customer retention. Get Testimonials In the hospitality business, testimonials are the best way to gain a potentially interested person’s confidence and from there, potentially their business. Once people read about other people’s experiences, they feel they’re making a better informed decision. Don’t be shy – the best way to get testimonials is to ask for them as research shows that 70% of people will leave a review for a business if they are asked to. Establishing an online presence is essential in the hospitality business. To help beat the seasonal revenue fluctuations, it is important for hospitality businesses to plan ahead and ensure that best practice is being followed. Having a website that’s appealing and easy-to-use is a great way to boost revenue and leave customers happy with their experience.

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AEL Outdoor Solutions AEL OUTDOOR Solutions is the UK’s leading supplier of awnings, roof structures, motorised pergolas, giant umbrellas and shelters for the commercial hospitality industry. The new Winter Outdoor Solutions brochure provides bars, restaurants, hotels and leisure spaces with a vast array of ideas and

Outdoor Spaces

October 2017

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solutions to extend trading space and help increase sales through the winter period and beyond without the need for costly permanent building works. Even when the British weather lives up to its reputation, solutions can be fully enclosed and waterproof, making them cosy, inviting and profitable. Heat and light can be discreetly added creating an inviting, warm ambience for customers, even at night. AEL manage all aspects from start to finish. From an initial site visit, producing 2D plans and 3D CAD visualisations, through to ground works and installation, there is simply one contact. For more information and to book your FREE no obligation site survey call us on 0118 923 0300 or email

Don't Let Cold Winter Days Put A Damper on Business MANY RESTAURANTS have outdoor patios and other uncovered dining areas that are nearly unusable when it’s cold outside. Restaurateurs discover a substantial increase in business when they provide a comfortable atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meals outdoors. Losing that business no longer has to be an option. Space-Ray has over 60 years of field experience and exposure to a variety of outdoor heating applications, offering a diverse line of radiant gas-fired and electric heating systems for restaurant facilities, fully outdoor or partially

covered dining, patios, drive-through and other large open areas. Radiant heat warms people and objects directly in the same way as the sun. Space-Ray radiant heaters are designed to withstand outdoor environmental conditions – many are IP55 weather proof so they remain in top working condition regardless of weather conditions. Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, Space-ray has been serving the UK and European markets since 1964. For more information: Phone: 01473830551, Fax: 01473832055 or E-mail: SpaceRay’s line of outdoor heaters can be found on the web at

Is It Acceptable To Leave Your Customers Out In The Cold…or Sun…or Wind… or Rain?

WHEN YOUR customers wish to be outside, it’s up to you to make them as comfortable as possible!

• You’ve tried, Jumbo Umbrella & Parasols which can look pretty, but will they last 20 years and will they survive 100 Mph winds? • Of course not, because they’re not designed to • Your comfortable customer stays longer and spends more, simples • You need a long term, and importantly a value for money solution • But are we any good for you? You must read what the experts say - check out our gazebo REVIEWS Note: Our Hospitality Gazebos are designed for all year round use

To Benefit Your Business, Please Read our HOSPITALITY GAZEBOS page on the WHITE PAVILION Hospitality GAZEBOS website at Or call Tim Now and Benefit Now | 01653 695 285 | Delays cost money! We’re Here To Help Your Business Grow

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Ovens - Microwave, Combi and Convection October 2017

WHETHER YOU are a pub hotel or restaurant, the oven will be at the very heart of your kitchen, and since you will be making a significant investment choosing the right piece of equipment is vital. Choosing an oven is much more than just how much it’s going to cost. It’s crucial to bear in mind what you are going to use the oven for and then select the type which best fits both your current and future requirements. The most suitable oven for each establishment will of course depend on your menu and the number of meals that you serve, CLHNews examines the main types of ovens for any commercial kitchen serving quality food and at a profit. MICROWAVE OVENS

microwaves into four power bands. Light-duty - The oven will have a power ranging between 900 watts and 1100 watts. This is suitable for use where demands are light, such as a café, satellite kitchen or petrol filling station. Medium-duty – A power rating of 1100 to 1500 watts, proportionately more robustly built than a light-duty oven and suitable for restaurants where the microwave is only in occasional use, busy cafes, pubs or leisure centres. Heavy-duty – Powered from 1500 to 1900 watts and the most popular power range used in catering. Suitable for busy pubs, hotels, busy restaurants or staff catering. Built to withstand hard and heavy use. Extra heavy-duty – these are usually where large quantities of food are needed to be reheated quickly rather than just individual portions. They can take up to a full gastronorm tray. While all other power bands are connected to a 13amp socket, this very heavy duty oven will need hard wiring into the mains. While the general rule is the high the wattage the faster the food will be heated, much beyond 2000 watts and food risks being burned on the outside before it is heated on the inside.


Microwave ovens are a hugely important part of every professional kitchen. As a standard microwave-only oven they can perform essential functions such as safely re-heating frozen or chilled food, which is at the heart of many menus in informal dining restaurants and pubs or in roomservice for hotels. There is a minority view among caterers that all microwave ovens are the same, the only difference between commercial ovens and domestic ovens being the power and price. This is completely untrue. There are clear cooking, construction and food safety differences between microwave ovens designed for domestic use and those designed for the professional kitchen. Domestic microwave ovens are often low power, which means they will take far longer to reheat, defrost or cook food than a commercial oven. While domestic ovens have a power rating from 600 watts to 900 watts, commercial microwave ovens can be up to 2000 watts. The term watts is a unit of measurement for the heating power of a microwave oven. Most commercial microwave ovens have a cavity space of ½ gastronorm, but they are also available in 2/3 gastronorm and full-size gastronorm. Manufacturers group commercial

any professional kitchen can have. These are just some of the examples of its benefits:

CONVECTION OVENS Meat – Up to a third of the weight of a piece of meat can be lost during dry roasting through loss of the water content of the meat. Having gentle steam in the oven during roasting both minimises weight loss and produces a more tender joint. Fish – steaming is an ideal cooking medium for this delicate product. Vegetables – By cooking in steam instead of boiling water, vegetables keep more of their nutritional value and natural colour. Baking – by operating as a fan-driven convection oven, baked goods are evenly and crisply cooked. A slight injection of steam can also enhance some baked foods such as bread. Regeneration – Food which has been pre-cooked and correctly chilled prior to service can be rapidly brought up to serving temperature, avoiding the need to hold food hot for long periods which leads to flavour loss and drying out. Combi-ovens are ideal for busy banqueting operations and can handle both ready-plated meals and multi-portion containers. Combi-ovens will run off electric mains gas and LPG and will of course require a water supply. Assessing the size needed for your establishment is best left to the professionals! A supplier will give you the right type of advice based on your operation, and an important factor to remember is the are not just for high-volume outlets.

While primarily used for baking and ideal for “food on the go”, a busy hospitality establishment with the menu has a high percentage of baked goods, pastries, breads, puddings and frozen goods that will require quick finishing will benefit from having convection oven. Advantages of a convection oven will include:

Technical questions to ask before making a choice of combi-oven:

• Cooks Faster: By blowing hot air directly over the food, it cooks approximately 25% faster in a convection oven, increasing output resulting in shorter waiting times for your customers. Great for “Food on the go”

• Why is it necessary to fit a water filtration system to the oven to remove dissolved salts in the water and prevent scaling?

The combi-oven is the most versatile piece of equipment

Often called a fan oven, a commercial convection oven has a circulatory fan and cooks with a uniform temperature throughout the cabinet, no matter where the food is placed within. The fan evenly distributes heat throughout the oven, helping to not only reduce preheating times, but lower overall cooking times and temperatures by around 25%.

Combi-ovens come in a range of sizes and/or manufacturers build ovens for small/medium sized independent caterers.

• What are the performance and cost implications resulting from steam coming from a water boiler or by spraying water onto heated elements in the oven?

Commonly referred to as a combioven and are considered one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen. A combi-oven combines several cooking functions in one piece of kitchen equipment and the shortening of the description “combination” is how a combi-oven gets its name. The combi-oven uses dry heat either still or fan-driven - and steam, which is injected into the oven when the food being cooked needs it. An alternative name for the oven is the combi-steamer.

ture or a reversible fan for even heat distribution?

• Is there a high pre-heat function to enable fast heat recovery when cold food is put into the oven? • How easy the oven cavity and the door seals are to clean and what self-cleaning features the oven has. • What are the programming features, how easy are they for staff to understand and do they meet my kitchen needs? • Is there a self-diagnostic facility to warn me should • Is there a food core temperature probe, rapid cooldown fea-

• Cooks Even: As heat rises, conventional ovens will invariably be hotter at the top of the cabinet. Convection ovens circulate the heat, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the oven cavity. This is particularly useful when cooking batches of similar products such as pies, croissants or bread, since it is harder to overcook the tops of food while only partially cooking the base of the food • Better Browning: As hot air blows directly across the surface of the food helps to render fat and brown skin quicker, resulting in easier cooking of meats such as chicken and turkey with visually appealing and flavoursome results. • Better Yield: As food cooks faster in a convection oven, the less likelihood of shrinkage. Juices are retained resulting in more of the cooked product to sell. Reduced cooking times and higher yields help you to save time, save money and increase profit margins.

Accelerate Your Offer with Panasonic’s Speed Convection Oven PANASONIC’S NEW Speed Convection Oven, is offering caterers in the food to go sector, a market estimated to be worth £16.1bn in 2016*, a real alternative to accelerated cooking ovens. With specialist food to go operations (worth £4.6bn) in growth, and more retail operations introducing dedicated food to go counters in stores, there is a need for a costeffective alternative to the accelerated cooking options already available. Iain Phillips, Sales and Marketing Manager, Panasonic UK Ltd; “We are very excited about the latest addition to our collection of ovens. Our Speed Convection Oven is used by a major global coffee chain in Japan and after consultation with UK operators, it has now been developed to suit the British market. The SCV-2 Speed Convection Oven adds a new dimension to our existing range of commercial microwaves and gives us the opportunity to offer an affordable solution to those seeking an oven with excellent build quality that will perform in a high throughput environment.”

When space is at a premium and speed is of the essence, the SCV-2 is the oven to choose. It is fitted with a catalytic converter for extraction-free cooking and has two inverters, cooled by four fans. There is a full accessory kit that includes a ceramic base tray, wire rack, ceramic plate, nonstick basket and a pizza paddle, and the oven can store up to 1,000 cooking programmes, with images, on a removable SD card all of which is accessible via the easy to navigate, touch control panel. The oven also benefits from an easy-access, front mounted filter, operates at a temperature range of 180°-280°C and sports compact dimensions; W 474mm x D 565mm x H 412mm. It is also stackable, saving space. As well as the SCV-2, the range of Panasonic ovens includes the ever-popular NE-C1275 3way combination oven and Gastronorm ovens that can accommodate a full 1:1 Gastronorm dish, perfect for high turnover, multi-portion or multiple single portion operations. To find out more about the range of Panasonic microwave ovens, call 01344 853231 or go to *IGD Retail Analysis, August 2016

Valera Makes A Splash With New Own Brand Microwaves

VALERA IS launching its own brand of microwaves to add to the range of Panasonic models it has been supplying since 2011. For many years the supplier has been synonymous with microwaves thanks to a longstanding relationship first with Litton in the 1980s, and more recently with Sanyo. Since the demise of the Sanyo brand in 2011 Valera has only been supplying microwaves from Panasonic. Valera reports that its new range has been described by a leading independent microwave specialist as “one of the best he has ever seen”. The new range comprises three machines, each with its own specific role in the kitchen, but all said to have the same quality components and build. The trio comprises the VMC1000, the compact VMC1850 which Valera believes will be the most powerful 1,800W microwave on the market, and also the most popular of the three, and the VMC1880 large cavity, high capacity machine which is capable of holding two large plates or a 2/3 gastronorm container. The 1,800W models have stage heating, are stackable, and are said to take up

less floorspace than comparative rivals. Valera MD Pratap Gadhvi explained: “Ever since the Sanyo brand was discontinued we have been looking into supplying our own range of microwaves that would match the very high standards they set, and now we are able to do so. “And, because we have started from scratch with these machines rather than simply updating ‘old’ technology, we have been able to incorporate the latest manufacturing techniques, up-to-date design and state of the art components, all of which mean that we have the confidence to offer a 3 year parts and labour warranty from day one.” Before trialling the new range in the ‘real world’ Valera enlisted the help of the BSI’s microwave expert who looked at every single aspect of these machines including their construction, power output, microwave leakage and heat distribution, and stated that they were “…without doubt one of the best I have tested, right down to the packaging.” Gadhvi concluded: “Not only will these be the very best microwaves on the market, they will also be amongst the most competitively priced. We are incredibly excited about the launch of these products and look forward to demonstrating their capabilities to our distributor partners over the coming months.”

NOW! A Combination Microwave Oven that everyone can afford!

The Panasonic NE-C1275

When Speed and Versatility Matter THE 3 WAY COMBINATION OVEN The NE-C1275 Combination Oven features Microwave, Grill and Convection Oven - which is versatile enough to cook anything from hearty steak and ale pies to delicious paninis - fast to Perfection.

Downloaded cooking programs can be easily transferred via SD Card—making it an ideal choice for use in public houses and restaurants with set menus, where consistent results and ease of operation are essential.

The pre-heat settings will maintain the oven temperature for up to 4 hours of non-use then will close down saving energy. It will also remind you to clean the filter! The accessories included are a wire rack shelf and ceramic insulating tray.


• 1800w Convection Oven. 1800w Grill. 1150w Microwave. • Fast Browning Results with Convection & Microwave • Microwave & Grill - Microwave & Grill Convection. • Convection settings range from 100° to 250°C. • 3 fast Preheat Settings up to 240° C on continuous standby. • 5 Pre-set keys for popular combination settings. • Outer dimensions (mm) 600w x 484d (door closed) x 383h. • Up to 99 programs available with 3 stage cooking cycles. • Duel emission bottom energy for even cooking. • Beep tone option. Programme lock. Air filter reminder.

Available from the Regale® Microwave Oven Dealer Network® Call us today for details of your nearest dealer on 01329 285518 ®

140 Ordnance Business Park, Aerodrome Road, Gosport PO13 0FG See the Panasonic NE-C1275 videos on our website:

Ovens - Microwave, Combi and Convection

Microwave Masters RH Hall have been dominating the microwave market for almost 40 years, building extensive knowledge of this kitchen essential. The company is highly regarded and reliable – with inhouse Sales, Customer Service and Technical teams. The UK’s largest, most innovative microwave supplier – RH Hall stock only models from leading brands. Microwaves are an essential part of any commercial kitchen and the latest technology means today’s machines are sophisticated and easy to use – producing excellent results in a fraction of the time it takes conventional methods. From Sharp – chosen by the UK’s Leading Operators, to the

Maestrowave range – which includes affordable options such as the new MW10, as well as innovative solutions such as iWave and the Combi Chef 7, RH Hall can offer the latest, most versatile products – as well as independent, unbiased advice on the best machine to suit the needs of any operator, the crucial features to look for and those to avoid! Innovation is crucial in today’s demanding market and RH Hall work with many of the UK’s leading foodservice chain operators to produce bespoke solutions, offering optimum results. RH Hall also regularly work with food suppliers and chefs on menu creations at their development kitchen, creating and adapting menu’s with optimum results. RH Hall operate through a national network of 1,400+ approved dealers, along with dedicated National Account and Food Solutions divisions, ensuring they always have the right person on hand to deal with any enquiry! So for all your Microwave oven and foodservice equipment needs you only need one number – 01296 663400! You can also email or visit our website

ECatering Offers Energy Efficient Microwaves That Reduce The Costs For Caterers ECatering, one of the UK’s Lowest Price Online Catering Equipment sellers, offer a wide range of Professional Commercial Microwaves including well known supplier ranges such as Daewoo, Samsung and Sharp. But perhaps their more affordable, energy efficient machines, rival these bigger names for not only cost, but also versatility and quality. Take eCatering’s Quattro 1000W Programmable Microwave for instance, at a mere £149 its almost too good to be true; isn’t it? Well, in reality, no. This top quality, incredibly versatile and powerful machine can easily rival those big named models from Sharp, Samsung, Burco, Buffalo and Daewoo. Its premium quality stainless steel interior and exterior coupled with 10 power levels, multi quantity defrost, 3 stage cooking, 10 memory programs and very easy to

clean, makes this model a must for all businesses. It doesn’t stop there though, eCatering also offer a massive 1800W Heavy Duty microwave for only £399 that packs a punch. A huge 34ltr cavity with flat base makes it very simple to use for reheating with dual magnetrons for fast, even and consistent cooking. With a sturdy, easy grip handle for the side opening door plus robust door catches (unlike many other models), this microwave oozes quality. It has an easy clean stainless-steel interior and exterior. Taking all of this into account, it means that you now have a choice of models at an affordable price to suit your business and without compromising on quality. For more information on these and eCatering’s full range of microwaves and catering equipment, go to their website at or call 01539 234 350 today. See the advert on page 20 for all the latest offers.

SpaceCombi - So Much Packed Into A Little Space MANY PROFESSIONAL chefs appreciate the multifunctionality and user friendliness of a modern combi steamer. However, some of them don’t have sufficient room in their kitchen or they need their combi steamers situated suitably for front cooking and at serving stations, where every centimetre counts. With the space saving SpaceCombi models, MKN offers a professional solution which is specially geared to these conditions. The SpaceCombi is only 55 cm wide, yet still comparably equipped to larger models. The state of the art MagicPilot touch & slide operating concept with information steps and Favourites function, the automatic clean-

ing system WaveClean and the consumption display GreenInside are just a few examples of user-oriented features which make the SpaceCombi a high performance professional appliance. In addition, despite its slim width, it offers astounding capacity: 6 x 1/1GN in SpaceCombi Compact and 6 x 2/3 GN in SpaceCombi Junior. Analogous to the FlexiCombi, the SpaceCombi is also available in the MagicPilot and Classic versions. So every user can decide for himself whether he wants to operate his combi steamer similarly to a smartphone using easy touch and swipe gestures or if a classical control system is preferred. Contact details: Web: Email: Tel.: +44 (0) 1886 832379

What Ranges Of Combi Ovens Are Available? Rational offers its popular SelfCookingCenter Combi in a comprehensive range of sizes. Measuring just 555mm (d) x 655mm (w) x 567mm (h), Rational’s new generation SelfCookingCenter XS combi is ideal for smaller kitchens short on space, or as an additional unit to help out for those busy times. Despite its compact footprint, it is capable of holding six 2/3 GN pans. It’s an intelligent commercial cooking appliance that actually interacts with caterers, getting to know the way they work so that, together, the caterer and their combi can always deliver the best possible cooking results. The SelfCookingCenter XS combi offers the same functionality and performance as previous models, but on a compact footprint. So it benefits from: •HiDensityControl, a patented dynamic air mixing technology, which precisely controls the speed of the unit’s fan to channel the heat and humidity to exactly where it is needed. •iLevelControl telling the operator which different foods can be cooked together at the same time. It intelligently controls the cooking time for each rack, adjusting the time for each shelf according to the amount of food loaded and factors such as how long the door is opened during the cooking process. Everything is cooked to perfection, every time. •iCookingControl to regulate the cooking processes – even the most complex of cooking routines can be initiated at the touch of a button, thanks to the simple control system. It ensures food is prepared exactly the way the chef wants, by monitoring, controlling and adjusting temperature, time, air speed and the cooking climate – that is, the balance of dry heat and steam. •Efficient CareControl further enhances efficiency by detecting the build up of cooking residues in the SelfCookingCenter and always suggesting the appropriate cleaning level. This saves up to 40% in terms of energy, water and chemicals. A new addition to the CombiMaster Plus

range of Rational combi ovens is the XS CombiMaster Plus. This latest model is the smallest unit in the CombiMaster Plus series, and fits into the most compact kitchens. A key new feature is the automatic cleaning function, which is now also available on the rest of the CombiMaster® Plus series. Choosing multipurpose cooking appliances, such as a Rational SelfCookingCenter, can add to the menu options available to caterers increasing the choice to customers. For example, Rational’s SelfCookingCenters have the ability to cook mixed loads simultaneously. The units’ iLevelControl not only shows staff which foods are compatible with each other for mixed loads, but also ensures each is prepared using the caterer’s preferred specifications and cooking methods. Using iLevelControl means energy consumption can be minimised by ensuring the combi is filled every time – in this way the unit will be operating at its maximum efficiency. Rational’s HiDensityControl, a patented dynamic air mixing technology, precisely controls the speed of the unit’s fan to channel the heat and humidity to exactly where it is needed. This not only delivers outstanding cooking quality, but also allows caterers to maximise output, since they can load more food into the same size cooking cabinet. It also reduces energy consumption and cuts production time compared to previous models. Rational provides customers with in-depth, on-going training and support in partnership with sales and service training. Dealers have access to online support, including a wide range of training videos, sales support materials - including specification sheets and guides, as well as reference stories. For information and brochures on Rational products, or to arrange to come to a free SelfCookingCenter® ‘Rational CookingLive’ seminar, contact your dealer, freephone Rational UK on 0800 389 2944 or visit

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

October 2017

Festive Ordering

Making the Most of Christmas - Its All About Planning! How many of you reading this know what days Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on this year?

IT’S NEVER too early to plan Christmas, and a successful and profitable Christmas is all in the planning! And yes Christmas does seem to come earlier and earlier each year, and the Christmas offerings get bigger and bigger year-on-year. The hospitality industry is enjoyed stellar growth since the recession, and as one of the country’s fastest growing sectors there’s no better time than Christmas to capitalise! December 2016 saw a spending increase across the hospitality sector of 8.1% on the previous month, and was almost 6% higher than the average spending growth of 2.3% across all eight industry sectors, monitored by credit card giants Visa. Furthermore, the number of Brits planning to have their Christmas day meal out as the stresses and strains of home cooking becomes too much to handle has been increasing year on year. A survey by Bookatable revealed a 63% year on year increase in Christmas Day bookings throughout the UK with a 251% increase in Christmas Day bookings since 2011. According to a survey it is not only the hospitality industry who plans ahead. The latest research from guest experience management experts HGEM has revealed over 1300 guests’ views on making Christmas bookings. The results show that guests like to plan ahead - when organising a work Christmas party over half (53%) prefer to book at least 3 months in advance, and 42% leave it no later than a month before the event to book a festive gathering with friends. Additionally, timing is key, with almost half of guests (49%) saying that the ideal date for their Christmas party would fall two weeks before Christmas Day. When choosing a venue, half of guests (50%) rate the choice of dishes on the menu as the deciding factor, with restaurants emerging ahead of pubs, hotels and bars as guests’ preferred venue. A spend of between £15-£30 per head is expected by the majority of guests during the festive period, with a slightly higher spend anticipated when celebrating with work colleagues. During a telephone enquiry, a lack of knowledge and an unfriendly tone were rated as the most off-putting team behaviours, which could result in a lost opportunity to convert to a booking. So if you haven’t already got the message now is the time to plan! The “big guns”, whether they are chain hotels, pubs, restaurants already have their Christmas preparations in place. You can bet that they will have marketing teams who have long been analysing the market, analysing data, analysing the competition, current trends and will have a strategic marketing plan in place. As will their Christmas menus, and every other part of Christmas planning. Competition is fierce during the festive season, every other hospitality opera-

tor will be thinking and planning too, and as described above, the “big gun-chain’s” aggressively target the market, with every offer under the sun! One points to consider is that value for money is paramount when parties, or families are considering Christmas bookings. And with hotels, restaurants and pubs all vying for those lucrative bookings, whether they are business party bookings, or family bookings, standing out from the competition and making sure you get it right, right down to the last detail is absolutely crucial. Probably one of the first and most important aspects of Christmas planning is benchmarking. Do you know what you did last year? How many parties you had, what was the total number of covers, what was last year’s sales what were the profits? From that you can set yourself targets, realistic goals. Here are a few tips, based on industry experience, and some valued input from our advertisers. The list is not exhaustive and we here at CLH News would welcome any tips and ideas that you have. We hope, in our issues in the lead up to Christmas, to bring you as many innovative ideas, products and services as we can to help you make your Christmas not only a very busy one, but as profitable as possible! So let’s kick off with a few: • GOALS/TARGETS - See above! Have you set yourself targets/goals? Do you have statistics and data to make comparisons to previous years? Have you costed out your menus? Do you know your profit margins? Do you know what last years best sellers were can you replicate or capitalise on them? Do you know what didn’t sell so well? • SUPPLY CHAIN - Looking back at previous data will give you a good idea of how much stock you had on whether or not it met demand. Have you liaised with your suppliers on when ordering needs to be in place, delivery times, credit terms, opening hours. Do they have new lines? This is a great time to be innovative, source new lines/products and make your menu stand out! • IF POSSIBLE NOMINATE A CHRISTMAS COORDINATOR - Have dedicated person, who is your first point of sale on enquiries, to deal with bookings, deposits, special requirements. Make sure he or she makes all bookings aware of your policies, with respect to deposits, final numbers, cancellations, making sure contact details, layout, record and diaries kept up-to-date. More importantly, back up everything! • ORGANISE STAFF - You will be relying on them throughout the Christmas period, and they will be working when everybody else is enjoying themselves. Consider introducing incentives such as personal or collective bonuses, for attendance, timekeeping, achieving targets on Bookings and/or sales. Keep everybody informed in front of house to kitchen, staff let them know what is going on have regular updates and meetings. In particular, make sure they know of any changes

or additions. Have a contingency plan, staff can get burnt out stressed and sometimes distracted and not turning when you need them most, do you have a plan in place. Can you: staff at short notice? GET YOURSELF NOTICED - Is your website up to date? Other photographs of your venue? Are the menus freely available to download? Do you have a list of contacts you can email? Are your Christmas menus visible and easy to collect in your business? Are you harnessing the power of social media? Do you have signage visible outside? Is your website mobile friendly? 50% of us now view websites and open emails on a mobile device, and more than half of people on the Internet will leave a website within 10 seconds if they are viewing it on a mobile device and it is not mobile friendly! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ENQUIRIES/GUESTS - You will have lots of enquiries and people coming through the doors, try get as much information as you can from them, email addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, all the things you can target market for in 2017, consider offering discount vouchers during the quiet January-March period. Again, make them highly visible and make sure everybody leaves with one! PARTY PLANNERS - Make sure you have them on your side. They will have organised the whole party on behalf of their colleagues, thank them, and, if they have made it worth your while, reward them, bottle of champagne, small gift hamper maybe even a meal for two or an overnight stay again during a quiet period. Make sure you have all the details so you can contact them early next. Planners will need to know how much you intend to charge per head, how many people you can cater for, what kind of entertainment they can expect and most importantly what they will be eating and drinking. It can take weeks, even months to co-ordinate a large company so be prepared to have many conversations about each potential booking CREATE OFFERS THAT FIT - Be realistic about your target market and create an offer that will appeal to them. We know Christmas is about luxury and indulgence, but people and companies operate on different budgets. Ask your customers what kind of Christmas they are expecting this year to help you decide. ARE YOU FESTIVE? - Come on it is Christmas! Push out the boat, make sure your premises look as festive as they can be, and make sure that you are well stocked up with all the festive goodies, tree, decoration, lighting, mulled wine, there is no bigger crime for a party or party organiser than sitting down to a table that doesn’t have a Christmas cracker!!!!! Maybe even take this opportunity post summer to give your place a makeover inside or outside. TAKE STOCK - Not literally, but sit down with your staff early in the New Year and analyse, how did the Christmas period go? What worked, what didn’t, what could we do better, how did we compare the last year, and the most important part, have we made a profit?

The above list is not exhaustive just a few pointers which we hope will help. Christmas is a wonderfully busy period, but also can be the most hectic and stressful period in the hospitality industry. It really is all in the planning, and simple though some of the points are, not having a plan in place, not being able to make comparisons can prove costly.

One more thing, - we here at CLH News can make your job that little bit easier, we have a selection of Christmas and New Year posters on our website, as well as table tent cards, all you have to do is press DOWNLOAD first (for tent cards make sure you print landscape) and fill in, or hand write the name of your venue and details! Please visit

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October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Futura Foods Introduces New Provolone Pots to Help Boost Seasonal Profits WITH PARTY season fast approaching, Futura Foods, the UK’s leading supplier of Mediterranean-inspired dairy products, is introducing an authentic new Italian cheese into its range in a bid to help outlets drive incremental sales. The cheese specialist is launching a new Provolone, a semi-hard, cow’s milk cheese which originates from Southern Italy. With a nutty, slightly piquant taste which intensifies when melted, its versatility makes it a unique and delicious option for sharing boards, starters and mains alike in the run-in to Christmas. John Steele, National Account Controller, Futura Foods, says: “Our Provolone pots are

Do You Know the Sausageman? WE ARE premium suppliers of German sausages as well as other German high quality products - while we have a product portfolio in excess of 300 lines, we specialise primarily in the provision of sausages to chefs and retailers. Our own refrigerated vehicle delivers swiftly to customers throughout London and the UK. If you’re outside London, established national carriers distribute products punctually and reliably throughout the UK. The Sausage Man is proud to have become the premium German butchers in the UK. We supply establishments

available now in ready-to-bake 100g and 200g rustic clay pots. The cheese’s easy-serve format means busy chefs can create a theatrical dish with the absolute minimum of fuss. A premium serve with a highly profitable price-tag, especially when paired with quality add-ons.” Provolone pots are available from selected wholesalers, including your local Country Range Group member. To find your nearest supplier, visit Futura Foods is one of the largest suppliers of continental cheese to the UK and Ireland. The range includes Greek, Cypriot, Italian, Spanish and Northern European cheeses from carefully selected partner dairies across Europe. For more information on the range visit with premium quality products to the highest of standards, importing our speciality products from Germany every single week to the UK. Our hot dogs are 100% filler and gluten FREE with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world. Many of our products are recognised by the German Agricultural Society as the best of the best. We supply the following customer groups: • Restaurants • German themed bierhalls/bars • Pubs • Hotels • Street food markets • Mobile caterers for large Large events, such as Christmas markets, Oktoberfest events, Music events, racecourses etc • German themed bierhalls/bars For further details our advert below.

The Way Forward with SOP International Your Leading Asian & Oriental Food Specialist THE COMPANY has seen significant growth over the last 12 months particularly in mainstream retail. Leading brands such as Khanum, Squid Brand Fish Sauce, Vitasoy and Ajumma Republic can be found in a number of the multiples. SOP have ambitious plans to further grow our sales in 2017 with both existing and new customers as they launch yet more new products for both retail and the catering trade. “People are travelling to more exotic destinations and this, coupled with the trend for authentic ingredients, means retailers have seen an increase in shoppers looking to bring their

favourite flavours from around the globe into their own kitchen.” says Dion Saayman, Marketing Manager. SOP offers an extensive range of products including Rice, Coconut Milk & Water, Butter & Vegetable Ghee, Spices, Cooking Oils, Snacks, Mango products and canned vegetables and fruit. The company are agents for many leading brands familiar to most Oriental & Asian households. Our experienced and energetic team is committed to providing a level of service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. For more information and to view a full list of products available go to or call S.O.P. on TEL: (+44) 01992 584 466.

#campaignforrealvanilla 2017 has been, as the Queen would no doubt say, an Annus horribilus for planet Earth. Let’s all hope for peace this Christmas! In the vanilla world there has been no exception. Once known as Black Gold (for the price was more than gold) Vanilla has reached these levels again. On March 7th as the new bumper harvest was due Madagascar was struck by the worst cyclone (cyclone Enawo) in thirteen years. It was reported that almost 60% of the harvest was destroyed and given that Madagascar produces 80% of the worlds REAL vanilla this was devastating. Prices soared overnight. Given that it takes around three years for the orchid to flower, then hand pollinated plus a further eighteen months of curing and conditioning, it is not just one year of labour that is lost. 97% of vanillin in the West is artificial. Please do not pay higher prices for synthetic products. BAKERS KEEP IT REAL. On Tuesday, 17th October -

Support NATIONAL REAL VANILLA DAY ( Send a tweet to @little_pod Tell us how you are using vanilla and share a recipe tip! Follow Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News on Twitter @CLHNews



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October 2017

Festive Ordering

*NEW* Unique Pop-Up Box Complete Gift Kits and Giant Gable Boxes Gift Kits Designed in-house, these brilliant Pop-Up Box Kits and Giant Gable Box Kits come in 4 festive designs, including Christmas Characters, Merry Christmas band, Red with Gold Reindeer and Tartan. Each box comes flat, ready to open with all the accessories you need, such

as a cellophane bag, pull bow, matching gift tag and two sheets of tissue paper and come on a header card with a hang tag. The Christmas designs are also available on our quality gift trays – and these are available in kit form, too! In stock and ready to ship. See the advert on page 24 for further details.

MAJIsign - Bespoke Order? Not A Problem!

MAJIsign are the UK’s largest manufacturer of chalk boards, A-Boards and pub displays. MAJIsign have invested heavily recently in large format printers allowing us to digitally print direct to our wooden displays and chalk boards that we design and manufacture in-house. With a new product designer joining the team we now offer 3D design visuals & proof of concepts for our unique display products. This enables us to design and

proof bespoke display products considerably quicker than constructing a prototype unit and allowing for amendments to the product design, branding requirements almost instantly. With an in-house design and print studio MAJIsign offer a full range of banners, posters and print for your premises often delivered in 3 working days. Contact us today to see what we can do to help your business on 0800 78 35 887 or email

Barton’s Catering Supplies Set Trends for Christmas 2017 BARTON’S CATERING Supplies are setting the trends for Christmas 2017 table accessories with their new range of Christmas crackers, napkins and table cloths. Bars, restaurants and pubs can expect to impress their customers with a mix of traditional silver, gold, red and green, with a splash of contemporary black, navy and plum. Andrew Southwell, Managing Director of Barton’s, said: “We are excited to bring this new range of Christmas accessories to the market. We have been monitoring trends in tableware, homeware and

Glassjacks Ltd

Glassjacks are pleased to announce a new range of products and an improved website ( Customers can now purchase a full range of beautiful catering quality glassware (Genware) and glassjacks together. From elegant wine glasses and champagne flutes to tumblers, beer glasses, shot glasses, carafes and water jugs. This full range of glassware complements our comprehensive range of glassware storage boxes (glassjacks).

Christmas products very closely over the last few years and we hope that our new range will exceed the expectations of the bars, restaurants and pubs who buy from us. “Our Christmas products will be complemented by a vast selection of whiteware and glassware suitable for venues looking for a budget option through to those where luxury is of importance. Our customers should look out for some exciting introductory offers!” To view the Christmas range from Barton’s Catering Supplies, please visit or call 01604 813071 for further information.

If it’s just glassware storage boxes (glassjacks) you are looking for there is a new feature on our website, the “Glass Measurement Guide” where you simply insert your glass height and width to be directed straight to the glassjack you require. Our additional new products include compartment glass racks, dishwasher racks, barware and plastic glassware. Glassjacks Ltd have supplied products for over 5 years to thousands of delighted customers; from catering hire companies; race courses; hotels; bars; restaurants; golf courses; glass manufacturers; catering wholesale suppliers, event companies and many more. For your glassware storage box and glassware requirements please take a look at our new website

Props4shows - Prepare To Be Inspired

Props4shows is a family run business, selling one of the UK’s largest and most extensive ranges of all things prop for any event or display purpose. Our range includes fake foods, artificial foliage, replica animals and birds, seasonal and themed props among many more. Combining with our next day delivery service on thousands of in stock products, we usually have something to suit any display or prop requirement, making us a one stop prop shop available to all. We particularly specialise in replica foods, offering a beautifully realistic and extensive range of breads, cakes, meats, fruits, vegetables and all things sumptuous.

Perfect for creating timeless food arrangements in open kitchens and entertaining areas. With this in mind we have enjoyed working closely with many well known hotel, restaurant and bar chains, helping them achieve a very unique and stylish feel to their establishments. If you have an upcoming event or are looking for inspiration for a display you have in mind, have a browse on our web shop and order online, or if you need help to conceptualise your idea, our friendly sales team are just a phone call away. Large quantities of items can also usually be sourced, as well as special order items. Tel: 03333 440078 Email: See the advert on page 39 for details.

Christmas Tree World

For over 30 years uk has been supplying artificial Christmas trees to venues big and small throughout the UK. In recent years they have also exported trees to embassies such as the British Embassy Rangoon, and theatres such as St Gallen Opera Company Switzerland. You will see their trees at the Royal Festival Hall, the Millennium Stadium, the Atheneum Club, Blenheim Palace and many more prestigious buildings, but as a Lancashire based company they are dedicated to offering top quality products at down to earth prices.

Riso Gallo NEW Frozen Risotto Base RISO GALLO has developed a premium quality frozen Carnaroli risotto for chefs that is ready in only 5 minutes. The Carnaroli rice is precooked in a vegetable stock and frozen grain by grain, known as Individual Quick Frozen Technology. This allows chefs to accommodate requests of single portions, reduces waiting times and avoids wastage. It is also gluten free, alcohol free, dairy free and nut free. Cooked from frozen, chefs add hot stock

Festive Ordering Why artificial? Modern trees are so realistic it's hard to tell the difference, uk trees are fire retardant and robust, they don’t make a mess or introduce insect infestations and are guaranteed for 10 years, so the saving on buying a real tree every year is enormous. Even better if you choose a pre-lit tree, which are all LED, there is no need to mess with lights ever again. To create the perfect and magical Christmas ambience this year buy a tree from the experts, just click on See advert page 12 (or even just water) and chosen ingredients, offering versatility in the number of risottos they wish to offer to their customers. “Riso Gallo has been dedicated in the development of this frozen base over the past year”, commented Jason Morrison, MD Riso Gallo UK. “We are aware of the time chefs need to spend on creating a good quality risotto. A risotto that is cooked but the grain remains al dente. This frozen base offers chefs exactly that.” Riso Gallo has over 160 years of experience in rice production and is now in its 6th generation as a family ran business. 1kg/5 portion Frozen Risotto 8 Packs Per Case, 64 Cases Per Pallet Visit for further information.

Xmas Drinks: Keeping Ice Clean This Christmas CHRISTMAS PUTS pressure on staff, but when it comes to ice for all those Christmas cocktails they need to keep cleanliness in mind; especially with media scare stories highlighting the problem of dirty ice. Ice is a food and looking after it hygienically is a food safety issue. However, the ice experts at Hubbard Systems, UK distributor for Scotsman icemakers, say keeping ice clean is relatively easy. Here are their tips: • Keep hands clean - staff should always wash their hands before and during service. • Keep the machine clean – by following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Make sure you empty, clean and sanitise the storage bin on a regular, weekly basis. • Don’t pick up ice with your hands – use a scoop. Consider using a Guardian scoop, which will further protect the ice. • Have a maintenance schedule for the components that need regular cleaning: it will help keep your equipment in peak condition.

“There are loads of online resources that can help anyone looking for guidance on cleaning ice machines, such as our ‘how to’ videos, which can be found in the video area at,” says Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard Systems. “With all the information available, there’s simply no excuse for poor hygiene.” Any operator who is concerned about a potential problem with their ice machine can use the 3M Clean ‘n Trace kit, available from many outlets including Hubbard Systems. The operator just swabs the area – in this case the inside of the storage bin – then pops the swab into a solution that will change colour to show if there is an issue with bacteria. Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for the market-leading Scotsman range, which is available via dealers nationwide, with free next day delivery for most of the UK mainland. For more information on the full range of Scotsman ice machines, and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045 email or visit

Seasonal Recipes from Real Soup Co.

DAVID COLWELL, Business Development Manager, Real Soup Co. comments; “People’s eating habits change as autumn rolls in, as they look to more hearty and comforting dishes to warm themselves up from the inside out. Soup has long since enjoyed this spike in popularity, providing a filling option for a starter or main course at either lunch or dinner. Soup season begins as the days draw in, with Christmas providing a key date in the calendar. “Our research tells us that 70% of consumers will pay more for a soup that has been freshly made* so seasonal flavours like our 4kg Spiced Parnsip & Honey or Spiced Carrot will prove especially popular over the Christmas period. Serve with generous hunks of good quality bread to premiumise your offering and

command a higher price point.” The Real Soup Co. has also just unveiled new Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato and Indonesian Chickpea and Coconut flavours in a new 380g single serve format, perfect for festive grab-and-go custom and out-of-hours catering. Both have been handpicked from the company’s existing range of fresh catering soups due to their sheer popularity with customers across the hospitality spectrum. The Real Soup Co. is a supplier of fresh soup, crafted in the heart of Wales in small batches (with a lot of love) exclusively for the out-of-home and convenience markets. The range adheres to the latest FSA salt guidelines and includes meaty, vegetarian, vegan and free-from flavours. For more information on the Real Soup Co. range call 01495 301999 or visit the brand new website: **Real Soup Co. 2016

Speciality Breads Bolster Brioche Bounty

BRITISH ARTISAN baker Speciality Breads has further bolstered its brioche offering in time for the festive season with the addition of an indulgent Sliced Brioche Loaf.

Beautifully buttery, soft, sweet and light as a feather, the dark crusted new arrival to Speciality Breads’ Brioche bounty is made with free range eggs, butter and 100% British Red Tractor-certified flour. Each slice is the perfect thickness for toasting, giving chefs ultimate control over portion sizes. Speciality Breads’ Managing Director Simon Cannell said: “When it comes to taste quality, visual appeal and choice, we’re confident our Brioche offering really can’t be beaten. This latest line fills a gap in our range and with sliced brioche now being used across the menu and throughout the day in pubs, cafes, restaurants and hotels, we expect it to be a big performer in the lead up to Christmas.” Sliced Brioche Loaf (430g x 5 per case) Terrific for sweet and savoury, the new Sliced Brioche Loaf is ideal for festive starters when served alongside a flavoursome pâté or terrine and just as good when used in desserts such as a decadent Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding. Like a puppy, the Sliced Brioche Loaf is not just for Christmas though and is also being targeted at the buoyant breakfast/brunch opportunity. Speciality Breads’ new National Accounts Development Chef Neil Smith explains the creative ways it is already being used:

Products and Services

“The Sliced Brioche Loaf is an incredibly versatile and bang on-trend product, which looks sublime and is rich in flavour. It’s delicious when toasted and topped with your classic savoury brunch items but also mouth-wateringly good when finished with flambéed banana, toasted nuts and honey. One of the other real benefits of the loaf is that because it’s pre-sliced, chefs can control portion size, waste and help put an end to wonky bread!” Speciality Breads Established in 1996 in Margate, Speciality Breads provides an ever-growing, artisan selection of over 100 freshly frozen breads, which are hand-made by the company’s master bakers using Red Tractor certified British flour. Flying the flag for British bakers, Speciality Breads has continued its astronomical rise since starring at the Olympics in 2012 with 30% year-on-year growth and the launch of a new £3 million state of the art bakery in November 2015. Just this year in February, the bakers bucked the trend of negative news regarding BREXIT after securing its first BREAD-XIT export deal. The company distributes its eclectic range of products including its worldfirst brioche/scone hybrid the Scioche™ to a UK-wide network of wholesalers, who in turn supply leading restaurants, pubs, cafés, caterers and hotels throughout the UK. Contact Speciality Breads Ltd or Telephone: 01843 209442 Website: Email: Twitter: @SpecialBreads

Carlsberg UK Expands San Miguel Range Frobishers Shine at Great Taste Awards CARLSBERG UK has expanded the San Miguel UK portfolio with new San Miguel Gluten Free, launched this September. Set to tap into the growing gluten-free lager market, the new variant has launched exclusively in the Grocery channel with Tesco and will also be available to all ontrade customers. The introduction to the UK sees the nation’s favourite Spanish beer expand to cater to both coeliac sufferers and con-

sumers who have adopted new trends and dietary behaviours, such as completely and consciously omitting gluten from their diet. Emulating the same taste as San Miguel Especial, San Miguel Gluten Free offers a full bodied taste with fruit and bread aromas which has already proved popular in Spain – winning Product of the Year 2016. San Miguel Gluten Free is now available in Tesco as 6x330ml pack (Retailer Price £9.00) and the on trade in a single 330ml bottle. For further information visit the website at

A Constellation of Great Taste Awards for Luscombe Drinks OBSESSIVE ATTENTION to detail has paid off for Devon-based premium soft drinks producer, Luscombe Drinks, who have just won a staggering 15 Great Taste awards at the world’s most prestigious food and drinks awards. Run annually by the Guild of Fine Food, Great Taste awarded Luscombe Drinks four two-star awards for products judged as ‘outstanding’ and nine one-star awards for those judged as ‘simply delicious’. This brings the Luscombe Drinks haul to a total of 73 Great Taste awards for the range of delicate bubblies, fruit crushes, fruit juices, traditional soft drinks, tonic waters and a cider. Gabriel David, founder and chairman of Luscombe Drinks, said: “This is absolutely fantastic news – 15 more Great Taste awards! I’m particularly delighted that our new tonics have already gained recognition. This is a huge pat on the back for the hard work and dedication of the Luscombe Drinks team, especially given the competition in the soft drinks industry.

“I am extremely proud that Luscombe Drinks now has a total of 73 Great Taste awards – because it is all about the taste. Our ethos is to pay fanatical attention to the detail. We ensure that quality is never compromised when it comes to sourcing the finest ingredients, using minimal processing and crafting the very best soft drinks. And, we are continually innovating and exploring new ingredients and flavours.” Great Taste is widely acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers. Food and drink products are judged by over 500 of the most demanding palates, belonging to food critics, chefs, cooks, restaurateurs and producers, as well as a whole host of food writers and journalists. As well as a badge of honour, the unmistakable black and gold Great Taste label is a signpost to a wonderful tasting product, which has been discovered through months of blindtasting by hundreds of judges. For further information on Luscombe Drinks please visit, email or call 01364 643036. Follow Luscombe on Twitter: @luscombedrinks and ‘Like’ on Facebook.

PREMIUM JUICE brand, Frobishers, has scooped three coveted stars in the Great Taste 2017 Awards for its juices, juice drinks and cordials, standing out as a star player within the soft drinks category.

The Great Taste Awards, delivered by the Guild of Fine Foods, are the largest and most trusted awards scheme for the speciality fine food and drinks industry. Over 12,000 products were entered this year, with only 35% of those credited with an award. Judged by some of the country’s best-known foodies, including food journalists, buyers, restaurateurs and top celebrity chefs, the awards are affectionately known as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world. Frobishers newest product range, Frobishers Cordials, available via Waitrose stores and online, Ocado, farm shops and delis, gained recognition for its Peach & Lychee. The innovative flavour was com-

mended on its ‘bold aroma of lychee and peach’, whisking judges away with its ‘tropical notes and hint of the beach’. This accolade adds to the range’s ‘Taste of the West’ win earlier this year, with 3 of the Frobishers Cordials flavours gaining recognition, including Pomegranate & Rose, Lemon & Mint and Sloe & Raspberry. Frobishers Classics Sparkling Ginger, launched in 2015, maintained its award for the second year, delighting judges with its ‘lovely lasting warmth’ and ‘wonderful aroma of fresh root ginger and galangal’. Whilst Frobishers Bumbleberry Juice, a signature blend of strawberries, raspberries, tart blackcurrants and blackberries won for the second time, congratulated on its ‘beautiful colour’ and ‘wonderful aroma’ along with its unique ‘woodiness' flavour from the forest berries. For more information on Frobishers juices and juice drinks visit or for Frobishers Cordials visit

Table Tracker Basic Self-Install Released for Just £2795.00

LRS UK has developed a sub-version of the Table Tracker system, the world’s best and most accurate table tracking solution. Until recently, the only real option was table tracker pro but that while exceptionally good usually carries a high cost. Now LRS UK has released table tracker basic self-install, a low-cost solution that can change how all fast-casual and pizzeria restaurants work forever. Being able to increase efficiencies, reduce wait times and importantly increase table turns is critical in today’s economic climate and table tracker solutions can make that happen. When a customer has ordered, the staff hand a ‘tracker’ unit to the customer. The customer chooses a table and place the tracker on the table. Immediately the tracker system knows EXACTLY where the customer is seated. As soon as the food is ready, the runner will take the food to the exact table and then ‘clear’ the tracker off

the system with a provided device they keep in their pocket it’s that easy. The time is pin point accurate. But there is much more to table tracker than just knowing where customers are seated. Each and every step can be collected either on the tracker system, or with internet connectivity on LRS servers. The data can be freely downloaded and analysed on or off line. This gives management a major advantage of getting key metrics that they can use to either change the operation of the business procedures or to use to make informed decisions about resources or even kitchen equipment. Table Tracker basic ‘self-install is available at just £2795.00 plus VAT and LRS UK will be showing table tracker basic self-install at the restaurant live show at Excel in London on the 26th and 27th September along with other brand-new innovations for fast casual restaurants. More info is available at WWW.LRSUK.CO.UK/TTBASIC.HTM or call 01782 537000.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

October 2017

Products and Services

Bar Installations Made Easy with Polarclean JOHN GUEST Limited, offers the widest range of push-fit connectors, tube and other fluid control products for drinks dispense and pure water applications. As manufacturers of world’s first food-quality pushfit fitting, our range now covers over 800 items. JG fittings have dramatically improved beer cellar and bar installations over last 30 years, as they are can be used on soft metal or plastic tubes. Our most popular innovation Polarclean, has gained the trust of numerous brewers and is constantly attracting several bar and restaurant owners for installing draught beer dispense. Polarclean is a tube

in tube connectors and by enveloping each product tube with recirculating coolant, over the entire pipeline length from keg to front, it allows you to serve chilled beer at every pour. The Polarclean range has become extremely popular around the globe primarily because it helps maintain extra cold and consistent product temperature without the necessity of a cold-room or secondary cooling device. This reduces microbiological activity and maintains optimum beer quality. Keg, cooler and font can be located remotely when installing a tube in tube circuit, making installations more viable in small venues. Learn more at E-mail: Tel: 01895 449233

Xeros: The One-Stop-Shop for All Your Laundry Needs

IF YOU are planning to attend the Independent Hotel Show this year, make sure you come to stand SPA13 to see the near-waterless Xeros system in action as it is the one-stopshop solution for all your hotel laundry needs. The team will be exhibiting the 35kg dryer as well as the new 16kg capacity washing machine, which is perfect for smaller boutique hotels. They will demonstrate how Xeros’ technology delivers cleaner, brighter and fresher towels and linens, whilst using minimal amounts of water and detergent. They can discuss the Xeros process and how

it can deliver multiple business benefits – from improving linen quality for a better guest experience to saving money and helping promote sustainability. Xeros is running a special promotion at IHS whereby anyone purchasing a machine that is installed before January 31, 2018 will receive 30% off the machine cost. You will also get a free site survey if an appointment is made on the day. For more information contact marketing manager Danielle Fothergill on For more information visit or see the advert on page 11.

Blizzard Launches a New Range of Planetary Mixers

PENTLAND WHOLESALE Limited, the leading importer and supplier of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment, has recently launched a new range of Blizzard planetary mixers to its cooking portfolio. The range is robustly built and designed for use in a professional kitchen. There are four sizes available within the range – 7L, 10L, 20L and 30L in terms of bowl capacity. The 7L and 10L models are perfect for table top usage, the 20L model can be either table top with a stand or floor standing, and the heavy duty 30L model is purely designed for floor

standing. All models come with three speed settings to suit different needs - perfect for making icings, custards, puddings, dough and pastries. Stainless steel bowl, wire whisk, dough hook and beater are supplied as standard. All models are well thought of with safety features – lever operated bowl lift, safety stop function and bowl guard. They are now in stock ready for quick delivery. For further details, see the advert on page 10 or please check our website or contact our friendly sales team on 01254 614444.

Comenda F4EHR Dish Washer: Compact Footprint, Big Load, Great Value THE LATEST version of Comenda’s F4EHR front loader dish washer combines advanced features with a budget-friendly price. While its footprint is the same as the smaller F3E units, it also has an extra high door, with 400mm clearance, so it can accept bigger dishes and larger loads. With list prices starting at just £4,007, the F4EHR is ideal for buyers looking for a reliable undercounter machine on a budget. Manufactured by Comenda in Italy, it is marketed in the UK by Hubbard Systems, which backs the machines with an unrivalled customer support package. The F4EHR accepts 500mm x 500mm racks and has a theoretical capacity of up to 60 racks per hour. The QHS (Quick Heating System) cuts heat up times and optimises water consumption,

while the Dynamic filter system ensures that wash water is kept clean and dishes are washed efficiently. Four wash cycles mean that operators can choose the type of wash they need, from light to heavy soiling. For lightly soiled dishes, the Eco wash cycle will clean hygienically whilst saving on water, energy and chemical consumption. At the other end of the scale, for really dirty crocks, the fourth cycle completely drains the tank water at the end of the wash. The F4EHR is sold with a comprehensive 24 month parts and labour warranty. Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for Comenda ware washers, which are available via dealers nationwide. For more information on the full range of Comenda machines, and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045 email or visit

Leaders In Off-Mains Drainage Waste Water Treatment Systems ADVANCED AERATION, more widely known as Bio-Bubble have been designing, installing and maintaining one of the most environmentally friendly advanced wastewater treatment systems on the market for over 25 years. Carbon footprint reduction stems from a far less than typical Sludge production which directly cuts back on the number of expensive tanker movements required by other systems. Each system is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the customer, ensuring that the tightest consent limitations imposed by National and European legislation are met, the process can achieve <10

mg/l BOD : 15 mg/l SS : <1 Nh3 -N. For commercial businesses producing wastewater with high organic strengths found in the food and drinks industries, the Bio-Bubble SBR can operate with dramatic peaks and troughs in loading whilst still producing over 99% reductions in BOD levels between the raw waste product and the final effluent discharged. Some clients have seen significant reductions in their waste charges discharging to Mains by biologically processing their own waste before discharge to the mains network. A water company will calculate waste charges using the Mogden Formula, having dramatically reduced the pollutant load the charge will be less. For further information please call 023 9220 0669 or visit or see the advert on page 11.

Sanitary Bins Re-invented by Brilliant Bins

MANY HOTELIERS believe there is no alternative to signing up for a costly serviced sanitary bin contract. However, when Brilliant Bins launched their self-managed disposable sanitary bins, the whole situation changed. So what do disposable sanitary bins save and how do they work? Not only can contract commitments be avoided, but savings of 60% are typical, with costs as low as 85p per week per cubicle - that’s just £44.40 per year. Disposable sanitary bins are despatched flat-packed anywhere in the UK. It takes a few moments to pop them up, and then they stay in place for up to 3 months. They have a lid with a magnet-

ic catch, and an inner cover to conceal the contents. When the bins are full, then the whole bin and contents are placed in the black bin bag that is supplied with each bin. Then they are disposed on into the commercial or business regular waste container - all perfectly legally. Brilliant Bins supplies all kinds of businesses from pubs and hotels to offices, healthcare facilities, leisure parks, schools and from city centres to rural locations. The bins are available in five colours Pink, Silver Great Metallic, Mint, Metallic Purple and Leopard Print. There is more on the website or call 01488 684850 or email or see the advert on page 2

Commercial BBQ Smokers are Your One Stop Shop for All Things Smoke & BBQ WE SUPPLY Southern Pride wood smokers, Blackwood bbq low and slow Hickory grills, and Asoda wood burning robata grills, together with a full range of woods, rubs and sauces. We are here to help develop your ideas into a working profitable concept and offer full product training in our bbq cook school. Add bbq to your menu for big taste and big profits.

Imaco Catering Supplies

IMACO CATERING Supplies are the leading supplier of branded matches and top quality advertising and disposable catering products to the hotel, restaurant, bar and hospitality industry. Based in Wimbledon, London we have over 50 years of experience dealing with discerning customers in the UK and around the world. We are the world's leading supplier of promotional match boxes, cigar matches and match books offering a range of more than 40 different shapes and sizes. All our matches can

Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd

FAMILY RUN business Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd is UK exclusive distributor for range of exceptional, highest quality, outstanding, handmade wood (and gas) fired ovens. Company was set up in The UK in 2015 by Bart & Monika targeting mobile catering sector with their flag model mobile wood fired pizza oven which was amazing success.

Our bbq equipment has been handpicked in leading restaurants and smokehouses throughout the UK. Levis Roots Caribbean smokehouse, Hickories, Blues kitchen Shoreditch, Temper, plus many more. Book your free bbq demonstration today. See the advert on page 6, call 0161 684 4377, or email or website

be personalised with company details, a llogo and printed in house colours. Our product range includes coasters, cocktail, luncheon and dinner serviettes, beer mats, cocktail stirrers, drinks straws, glass covers, butter dish covers, place mats, tray liners, boiled egg covers, teapot holders, hot plate holders, toothpicks, sugar sachets, pens and pencils. We are proud of what we do and work hard to focus on providing great products at competitive prices to our clients. Product quality, customer service and ease of ordering are just three of the reasons why our customers in the UK and abroad rely on Imaco Catering Supplies for their branded matches and catering products. Telephone- 020 8640 5725 Email- Website- We help realize the dream of own mobile catering business and also a standout opportunity for experienced and established caterers and restauranteurs. By the end of 2016 company has responded to massively growing outdoor pizza ovens market demand and developed new product lines – amazing stone or stainless steel garden and commercial ovens. All our ovens are hand made from scratch, Built in traditional artisan way with highest quality refractory materials, properly insulated and reinforced. Have any questions? Call 0330 010 1303, email: or visit or see the advert on page 4.

Wrapmaster Reveals New Generation 4500 Dispenser

WRAPMASTER IS proud to reveal its latest innovation, the new and improved Wrapmaster 4500 dispenser which replaces the current 4500 model. The new Wrapmaster 4500 dispenser has been designed to be more ergonomic, smaller, lighter and better whilst maintaining the high-quality build and reliability of the award-winning Wrapmaster range of dispensers. The new 4500 dispenser offers professional chefs and caterers safe and effortless dispensing of film, foil and baking parchment with a perfect cut every time from the patented concealed blade. Available to order soon from a vast range of national and local distributors and wholesalers, the new lightweight Wrapmaster 4500 dispenser

The Minibar Success Story

WELCOME TO the success story of Minibar Systems, a global leading hospitality company with over 2,000,000 minibars, fridges and safes installed worldwide in thousands of top hotel brands and chains. Our customers include the industry’s most recognized and prestigious hotel chains and ownership groups as well as many independent hotels, resorts, casinos and boutique hotels. We are the minibar “experts” and have worldwide brand name recognition with operations across all 24 time zones. You can say we are a company that never sleeps! Our core values are defined by our mission to provide the most technologically advanced systems backed by the industry’s most knowledgeable

is portable and easily carried. It’s easy to clean during service and effortlessly disinfected in a commercial dishwasher. Wrapmaster dispenser trials have shown a cost saving of 25%* v cardboard cutter box, leading to dispensers being rolled out across many catering brands. The Wrapmaster brand has been trusted by professional chefs for over 20 years and our latest innovation has been designed for high volume use of film, foil and baking parchment in the most demanding of kitchens. Wrapmaster is proud of its chef credentials which is why we’ll keep working to improve our products. *ISS trial. 20% less cling film, 25% less foil, 25% less parchment versus Cardboard Cutter box. Visit for details. and well trained team of sales, operations, technical and customer service professionals. Expert analytics paired with best practices and an unsurpassed support team proves we are the industry leader for almost a half a century. The long tenure of our employees provides our customers with an expert level of stability and commitment. Browse our large range of products (including traditional and automated minibars, control systems, in room safes, fridges) and services (including operational support, technical support and financing). Our Outsource Program is the most unique program of its type which offers hotels a fully managed operation which is run by Minibar Systems as an outsource for the hotel. Minibar provides the automated equipment, management, staff and pays all costs to operate the department. The hotel receives guaranteed monthly profit based on sales. It is a total win-win for the hotel and its guests. Reader enquiries - email: or visit or see the advert on page 7.

Towels And Bathrobes Can Have Guests Feeling Like Royalty THERE ARE about 10,000 reasonable sized hotels in the UK and whilst hotel chains tend to create similar looking hostelries, in the main every hotel is different. Yet, very often, hotels choose robes and towels that are similar to the next. Nothing wrong with that and indeed the best selling towels at King of Cotton are hotel standard 500 GSM white towels. However, it is worth considering what could make any hotel stand out, providing marketing advantage and a cosy, memorable experience for guests. For instance, Organic products are on the increase and recent studies show Organic beauty and health products grew by a further 8% last year alone. King of Cotton has also seen a dramatic increase in the uptake of more unusual robes by hotel owners, which is why they now offer no less than nine different ranges. Some offer ‘stand-out’ by virtue of their heritage, such as the ‘The Ritz Carlton’, a beautifully designed robe, used in one of the world’s grandest venues in 400 GSM soft velour waffle and lined with pure cotton terry towelling. Other designs

that are unique include the Monte Carlo Towelling Robe, with its contrasting collar and cuffs in different colour ways. Towels need not be white and need not be made in the same way. Look at the King of Cotton’s latest addition, the 700gsm Superior range made in Portugal; they’re very absorbent with a deep soft pile in a range of striking colours including honey, silver and charcoal. The King of Cotton Zero Twist range is pure cotton that has been spun in such a way that the fibres remain straighter. This process adds strength to the product yet makes the material incredibly light and easier to wash and dry. Both towels and robes are available in Ivory, White and Slate. There is an interior design opportunity for hotels with King of Cottons wide ranges of throws and bedspreads, from contemporary to traditional available, along with a wide rang of slippers, toiletries and table linen. Plenty to further enhance the chances of your guests feeling like royalty. Visit the website: or call King of Cotton on: 020 8332 7999 and register as a trade customer to enjoy further offers and discounts.

Winter Fit Out

TEC UK - Thermal Energy Components UK Ltd TEC UK is the leading UK supplier of components for air handling systems. Our highly innovative products make significant contributions toward saving energy recources and reducing CO2 emissions. Headquartered in Chard, Somerset, we are renowned for our cutting edge technology and superior quality products, which have been manufactured by Klingenburg in Germany for more than three decades. Their dedicated product development and mechanical engineering department enables us to rapidly set new standards. Our clients value are our custom-made solutions, punctu-

al deliveries and unique production quality. With a wide range of models within each product group, we can offer customer-oriented solutions to both simply and sophisticated requirements in air-conditioning and ventilation technology. Any heat recovery or humidifying system requires individual planning and design. Our specialists can design the exact solution you require -for optimal payback and precisely the air humidification you require and moreover with the highest efficiency. Competently, accountably and fast! For further details see the advert on this page.

STEINEL - Technology Is Our Passion

STEINEL – the specialist in sensor systems, sensor-switched lighting and heat tools. The ideas behind our innovations are based on a simple principle: We think outside the box and scrutinise things that are taken for granted - always in dialogue with customers, consumers and our 1400 members of staff from over 20 countries. We are open to fresh perspectives, think without restrictions and develop things that not only point the way but are also in the interest of man and the environment. STEINEL has been defining its success through the quality of its innovations for over 50 years. Imagination, technical expertise and many years of experience are all factors that go to make products "typically STEINEL". STEINEL managed to make the breakthrough in product development back in 1976.

Since 2002, STEINEL has been using high-frequency sensor technology for detecting movements in spaces and buildings, integrating it invisibly into lights. Today, STEINEL leads the world in using sensor-controlled LED technology and has the right light for any situation. Examples of innovative products are the indoor lights from the RS LED range with invisible high-frequency sensor as well a the new XLED home 2 floodlight with fully swivelling LED panel for any chosen lighting situation. We are particularly proud of our XSolar lights: the most efficient solar lights in the world provide bright light 365 days of the year, and all without electricity. As innovation and technology leader, STEINEL is always a step ahead. For further information, see the advert on this page or visit

The Securicot Baby Listening System

October 2017

Sensor Series 3000


detection every application The right det ection for every

sensors. 4 d esigns. 8 sensors. designs. inter faces. 9 7p roducts. 5 interfaces. 97 products.

round flush mounted

For walls

round for surface

square flush mounted

For ceilings

square for surface

For corners

Smart Remote

easy installation remote controllable with smart remote all designs


DECTEL LTD., a Bristol based telecoms engineering company for over 25 years, is launching its new product, Securicot® Baby Listening System, to the hotel industry. The project to develop the System was inspired by Paul Sadler, General Manager at Calcot Manor, as the hotel needed to replace an obsolete system installed many years ago. Dectel Ltd. manufactures and installs Securicot® and has two systems working very satisfactorily for over a year at Calcot Manor and LFH’s Fowey Hall. The market for Securicot® is hotels wishing to increase their revenue by being able to attract families by offering a safe reliable Baby Monitoring system for their guest

rooms, enabling the parents to make more use of the hotel’s chargeable services. For reliability the Guest Room Units are directly connected to the Control Station located in the Reception Back Office. Here each Room Unit is permanently being monitored but the enabling of the microphone is under the guest’s control. The complete system can be supplied and installed with a cost of around only 15p per room (cost amortised over 5 years). Dectel Ltd., 105 Horse Street, Chipping Sodbury, BRISTOL BS37 6DE Tel: 01454 883300. Email: Website:

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

all interfaces

5 years warranty The 3000 series can be controlled remotely via the Smart Remote (LiveLink versions excepted)

Contact us | tel 01733 366700 |

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Winter Fit Out Mikrofill At The Masons Arms

October 2017

NESTLING IN the heart of Branscombe is the award winning 14th Century inn,The Masons Arms. A charming thatched inn that offers an ideal base to escape the stresses of modern life and enjoy the magical vista of sea, beaches and the spectacular walks offered by Devon and Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

In early 2015 as part of their continual improvement programme the pub was refurbished. Part of these works included replacing the existing underperforming HWS cylinders with 2No 500 litre Extreme HWS ‘Loading cylinders’. With a primary input of

100 kW at 80 C each cylinder is capable of producing in excess of 2200 l/hr at 60 C. Installed by long standing building services engineers ‘Moordown Contractors’ the Extreme’s serve a total of 21 rooms and a busy kitchen area seven days a week. Each cylinder was supplied with an optional unvented kit to ensure a suitable pressure was achieved throughout the buildings secondary circuit. In addition each Extreme has an automated/manual pasteurisation programme to help combat legionella risk. For more information on these and other Mikrofill products please call 03452 606020 or visit

Caterquip Used and Reconditioned Catering Equipment CATERQUIP SPECIALISE in the supply of quality brand named Used and Reconditioned Catering Equipment. With the Credit Crunch really biting, brand new equipment has become out of reach for even the largest of organisations. We have become incredibly busy as a result

and many more clients are realising there is a viable and trusted alternative to brand new equipment. We are experienced with kitchen planning and support and can supply reconditioned, brand new equipment and extraction systems. Please feel free to call Dominic or Paul on 01733 777 778.

Café Culture - Pavement Profit

WE ARE an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants and public houses.

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MIKROFILL AT THE MASONS ARMS Nestling in the heart of Branscombe is the award winning 14th Century inn, The Masons Arms. A charming thatched inn that offers an ideal base to escape the stresses of modern life and enjoy the magical vista of sea, beaches and the spectacular walks offered by Devon and Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. In early 2015 as part of their continual improvement programme the pub was refurbished. Part of these works included replacing the existing underperforming HWS cylinders with 2No 500 litre Extreme HWS ‘Loading cylinders’. With a primary input of 100 kW at 80⁰C each cylinder is

capable of producing in excess of 2200 l/hr at 60⁰C. Installed by long standing building services engineers ‘Moordown Contractors’ the Extreme’s serve a total of 21 rooms and a busy kitchen area seven days a week. Each cylinder was supplied with an optional unvented kit to ensure a suitable pressure was achieved throughout the buildings secondary circuit. In addition each Extreme has an automated/manual pasteurisation programme to help combat legionella risk.

For more information on these and other Mikrofill products please call 03452 606020 or visit

We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports next season. It’s one

area where it doesn’t pay to buy budget as the continual bumps and scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to

Winter Fit Out ILF Chairs - Contract Seating ILF HAVE been supplying top quality indoor and outdoor chairs and tables for over the past 25 years to the hospitality market. We offer a wide selection of products to suit all tastes and as importantly budgets! We pride ourselves outstanding personal service with the motto ‘ No job is ever too big or too small – it’s customer satisfaction that counts’.

October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

In this demanding Health & Safety led market place we guarantee that all our fabrics and fillings meet the exacting BS5852 Crib 5 fire regulations. The majority of our products are available in a choice of frame colours and we can offer an extensive choice of fabrics including real Leather and Faux Leather. In addition, we also able to offer a full service on bench seating and reupholstery. Delivery times are generally 4 weeks from order, but we can also offer a “fast track” service for certain products. Why not contact us at or on 01293 783783 and find out how we can help you fulfil your seating and table needs.

HotelContractBeds - Premium Quality At Affordable Prices WE’RE ONE of the leading suppliers of contract approved beds and mattresses within the UK. Manufactured by ourselves, we pride ourselves on high quality whilst also providing comfortable low trade prices. While of course we offer all the standard UK sizes for beds and mattresses, we also provide an affordable bespoke service that will enable you to get the exact bed, mattress or sofa bed required for your establishment. We work on a no minimum order value policy, meaning you may order as much, or as little as you need. This

enables us to supply the big hotel chains, while also providing top quality to the smaller and independent hotels. Delivery is free of charge for all mainland UK orders with an estimated time of 3-5 working days. And what’s more, you can be assured that every contract bed manufactured and supplied via HotelContractBeds - including our memory foam mattresses, sofa beds, zip and link beds and divan sets - complies with BS5852 and Crib 5, ensuring that they pass stringent fire safety inspections. Call our friendly sales team on 01234 834693 or visit our website

Retain Credit & Debit Cards and Be PCI Compliant While Increasing Profits The CardsSafe® system is now the “best practice” way of handling credit and debit cards retained by merchants in the UK hospitality industry. More than three thousand venues now use the system every day and when managers share their experience they report these financial benefits: • Chargeback drops by more than ninety percent (90%) • Walkouts are reduced by at least fifty percent (50%) • Tab mistakes drop significantly and finally – • There is a major uptick in sales

In addition, their customers really appreciate that their security concerns are dealt with in this easy to use system as offered by CardsSafe limited. If you are concerned about how CardsSafe works within the PCI scheme, Alan Gill from the independent PCI certifying company Orthus Limited states: “The PCI DSS standard encompassed 264 controls. CardsSafe helps to reduce the need to meet all of these through ‘compensating controls’ which allow businesses to comply to the standard without having to change the way they operate”. Please contact CardsSafe Limited on: Phone: 0845 5001040, Email: or Web:

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

October 2017

Winter Fit Out

Contract Furniture Group CONTRACT FURNITURE Group has been set up to offer quality contract dining furniture to the hotel, restaurant, pub trades and leisure industries at realistic prices. We carry a lot of our range in stock so we can help you to meet your deadlines. We also offer a unique source and supply service; if you send us a picture of an item we will do our up most to supply to you at the best

price. All our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards, we only use hardwood frames which are glued screwed and dowelled for strength. crib5 interliner (if required) sprung seat areas or webbing and top quality Italian leathers and fabrics. For further information, call 0115 965 9030, visit or email

Pro Auction Valuers & Auctioneers

PRO AUCTION Limited are one of the leading specialist valuers & auctioneers. Providing a comprehensive range of services to ensure that the full value of surplus or redundant assets are realised, to maximum value, be that by a private treaty, tender or auction. Auctions are conducted on a regular basis, throughout Europe in the Hospitality, Catering & Leisure sectors. We provide valuation and sale advice on all classes of industrial and commercial business assets. Auction sales are conducted both on site and webcast through

our world-wide bidding platform. Pro Auction runs both traditional and online auctions throughout Europe, using the latest auction platforms and software, developed to meet the demands and needs of both the seller and purchaser. The company provides expert advice to insolvency practitioners, corporate recovery specialists and turnaround professionals. It is widely acknowledged as a leading provider of machinery and business asset advice – from initial valuation to exit strategy planning and implementation – helping clients through the whole process. Contact Pro Auction Limited on 01761 414000 or email

Temporary Catering Facilities During Refurbishment MOBILE KITCHENS Ltd specialises in the hire or sale of temporary catering facilities and foodservice equipment. We regularly provide our services to clients when they are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment or carrying out other building works that necessitate the closure of existing catering facilities. We offer a free design service, and project management from concept through to delivery and installation on site, plus full technical support throughout the hire period. The elements that make up our temporary kitchen and restaurant facili-

ties can be provided as individual units in their own right – Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens, Ware-washing Units, Dry Store Units, Cold Rooms, Restaurant Units, etc or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex. Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer term hires. We have many tried and tested design layouts and would be pleased to put forward our recommendations for your project. For further information or to arrange a site visit, please email:, call us on 0845 812 0800, or visit our website:

Temporary Catering Facilities During Refurbishment Mobile Kitchens Ltd specialises in the hire of temporary catering facilities and foodservice equipment.

We regularly provide our services to clients when they are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment or carrying out other building works that necessitate the closure of existing catering facilities. We offer a free design service, and project management from concept through to delivery and installation on site, plus full technical support throughout the hire period. The elements that make up our temporary kitchen and restaurant facilities can be provided as individual units in their own right – Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens, Ware-washing Units, Dry Store Units, Cold Rooms, Restaurant Units, etc - or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex. Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer term hires. We have many tried and tested design layouts and would be pleased to put forward our recommendations for your project.

For further information or to arrange a site visit, please email: or call us on 0345 812 0800, or visit our website:

Winter Fit Out

October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Space Air - The UK's Independent Distributor for LG HVAC Systems SPACE AIR with 37 years experience in HVAC industry are UK Nationwide distributors of the full range LG HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment covering One to One Splits, Multi Splits, Multi V™ VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow), Therma V™ air to water medium/high temperature heat pumps, extensive local, remote and central control systems and Spare Parts. The Air Conditioning capacity range extends for 1 kW one to one to 269 kW systems with the largest variety of indoor units from Cassettes (1, 2 & 4 way air distribution), Ceiling, Floor, Wall and Low/Medium/High static ducted type. The Heat Recovery Ventilation- HRV offers flexible and

Racking Solutions HERE AT Racking Solutions, we specialise in all types of racking and shelving for a huge variety of uses. We are a friendly family run business who really goes the extra mile for our customers. We pride ourselves on offering superb quality products at exceptionally competitive prices. Whether you’re looking to fit out Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Kitchens,

high efficiency ventilation. The unique Therma V™ Medium (55ºc) and High (80ºc) temperature domestic/commercial heating & domestic hot water and water based systems, which is ranked amongst the leading technology in the world. All LG-HVAC products are Eurovent Certified and to ISO9001-14001, Quality and Environmental Standards with extensive HQ facilities in Weybridge covering show rooms, training centres and CPD facilities. Space Air offers Nationwide coverage including design, selection, logistics, spare parts, remote and on site technical support. Contact us on tel: 01483 478 715 or by email: or visit our website for extensive information.

Cafés, and thousands more we really do have the right priced solution and quality product just for you. We offer a 5 year no quibble Guarantee on everything we sell if you’re not happy for any reason we will give you a replacement or full refund. We offer a next day delivery service everywhere in mainland UK and 2-3 day delivery everywhere in Europe. Our products really are second to none we over engineer everything we sell compared to many of our competitors’. You won’t be disappointed in our racking and it is very easy to assemble. Give our friendly sales team a ring were here to help. See advert on this page for details.

Ideal for Small, Medium or Large Offies, Meeting rooms, Public Houses, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals and similar facilities.We have an extensive range to cater specific equirements.

Ideal for Assembly halls, Gyms, Sport Clubs, Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Cafes and other similar establishments.We can provide the best solution to your facility’s needs.

Crown Sports Lockers - The Finishing Touch That Fights Fire FIRE AWARENESS has become a consuming issue for those in the building supply chain. Measures to slow spread of fire are vital and retardant finishes are likely to be specified far more now. Intumescent paint lacquers are available for wood, providing a clear finish that also preserves the appearance of the grain. Specialist autospray machines are needed to allow precise, even application and ‘weight’ of applied lacquers such as Xerofire, a leading high-performance furniture grade lacquer system that will upgrade a non fire-rated timber substrate to BS476 Part 6 & 7 Class 0 and Class 1, and also achieve top rating (Euro Class B s1-d0) in the European Fire Standards EN13501-1 on all wood substrates including veneered MDF. The time and temperature between applying the prime coat and the finish coat is also a major factor in achieving a certi-

fied Class 0 panel. When direct intense heat is applied, the protective coat bubbles to provide a shield, stopping oxygen reaching the substrate. Bespoke furniture manufacturer Crown Sports Lockers’ autospray finishing line can provide wooden lockers featuring Class 0 materials, designed for public areas in hotels, while decorative wall panels, wooden ceiling panels, floors and roof beams can be sprayed with a Class 0 clear or coloured fire retardant finish up to 90mm thick. Crown’s Class 0 and Class 1 fire retardant wood lacquering service is available for one-off projects or existing contracts and for architects to include in their Class 0 specification. Also, owners and operators can secure their premises with new furniture carrying a fire rated finish that can assure reliability. To learn more about Class 0 and Class 1 fire retardancy visit phone 01803 555885 or email

Ideal for Hotels, Catering centres, Residential Flats, Nursing Homes, Swimming Centres, Spa and Bath Houses and other similar centres. Contact Space Air now for more information.

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

October 2017

Winter Fit Out PEL UK Rentals Ltd PEL UK Rentals Ltd is a leading manufacturer of products for reducing waste disposal costs and serves a global customer base via offices in Ireland, the UK and a network of international distributors. The company offers three main product lines to the hospitality industry; waste glass bottle crushers spanning the ‘Baby Jaws’ under-the-counter machine to the volume fed ‘Mega Jaws’ machine capable of crushing up to 4000

bottles Hour-1 to the BB09 ‘Mighty Jaws’ stand alone machine. There are four machines in the PEL cardboard and plastic baler portfolio all of which reduce waste volumes by 80-90%. PEL’s refuse Bin Compactors are suitable for 240 litre, 360 litre, 660 litre and 1100 litre bin sizes and save customers by reducing the number of waste bins required to manage their general and recycling wastes. The latest product from PEL UK Rentals Ltd is a Solar powered IoT ‘Smart’ litter bin which saves councils, local authorities etc on the total cost of their litter bin collection service. All PEL UK Rental Ltd products are compliant with the ISO9001 Quality Standard and are CE Certified. Call Gerry on 0208 340 0436 for more details on the PEL UK Rentals Ltd product range.

Fire Doors Save Lives, Can Yours? - Fire Door Inspection Services from Lorient

LORIENT, LEADING designer and manufacturer of high-performance door sealing systems offers a range of Testing & Technical Services that include fire door inspections and consultancy. With almost 40 years’ experience, Lorient is respected throughout the industry for its technical expertise; and plays an active role in helping to shape standards and best practice. A fire door acts just as any other door in normal service, in a fire it takes on a critical role – to save lives and protect property. It does this by holding back the spread of fire and smoke through a building for a designated period, giving time for building occupants to escape. In 2006, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force in England and Wales; transferring the responsibility for Fire Safety from the fire authorities to whoever has day-to-day control of building premises – this is known as the ‘Responsible Person’. This person must take steps to reduce the risk from fire; consider how to contain a fire should one break out and ensure people can escape safely. They also need to be able to identify a Competent Person i.e. knowledgeable, qualified profes-

Woodman Chairs

WOODMAN CHAIRS is a long established, dedicated chair manufacturer and wholesaler who make most of their own chairs. We offer a wide and varied choice of solid oak and beech chair and table styles – both modern and contemporary – with many finish and seat options. Included in our range is an exciting choice of sturdy bar stools and bar tables.

The fact that we make gives us greater control and flexibility. It also enables us to offer bespoke chair and chair frame or component production to end cus-

sional who can undertake preventative and protective measures, such as Fire Door Inspections, if they’re not confident to do so. Compliance with the RRO is a legal requirement. Failure to comply with RRO is a criminal offence and can lead to prosecution, large fines and even imprisonment. Every year lives are lost unnecessarily because fire doors have been wrongly specified, fitted or maintained. It is the duty of the ‘Responsible Person’ to ensure that all passive and active fire protection is under a sustained, suitable and sufficient programme of inspection and maintenance to ensure that they will perform as intended in the event of a fire. Lorient offers a professional and expert fire door inspection service; with certificated Fire Door Inspectors that are fully qualified under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS); and have been assessed by Exova Warringtonfire, an independent third party. Certificated to carry out the inspection of building’s fire doors and prepare a detailed survey; and report on the condition and function of the fire doors on premises; providing peace-ofmind. For further information about Lorient’s Fire Door Inspection Services please contact 01626 834252 or email

tomers or other suppliers and manufacturers looking for their own design or seeking to create a unique range or theme, again in both oak and beech, raw or finished. Always keen to innovate, Woodman are constantly introducing new styles and have recently added Carver options to their more popular dining chairs and have further expanded their range of bar stools to include rush seated and fabric pad options. Here is a simple decision that won’t require a Referendum! If you want your customers to have the best choice, with honest quality, at affordable prices, with decent lead times and no minimum order, then you need only vote Woodman for your chairs. For further details call 01884 841789, visit or email

Winter Fit Out

October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Tridonic’s EM ready2apply: An ‘Out Of The Box‘ Solution For Emergency Lighting Tridonic’s EM ready2apply is a new, emergency lighting solution that gives specifiers and installers a product that combines advanced battery technology with the latest in emergency lighting components. It is an effective solution to the problem of reliable and compact emergency lighting and unites Tridonic’s lighting expertise with rigorous testing processes to deliver a product that sets a bench mark for future emergency lighting solutions. Chris Slattery, Global Product Manager, Emergency Lighting, explained: “Our aim was simple. Design a compact and easy to install product that fits through a minimal

cut-out and into an ever-diminishing ceiling void. The solution encompasses sufficient power to exceed the necessary performance figures, exceeds all lifetime and safety requirements, and gives users options on installation with a multioptic design.” The “BlackBox” monitoring also gives over 40 data points. Available through approved distributors or electrical wholesalers. The key specification elements are: • Maintained and Non-maintained variants • Basic, self-test, and DALI (PRO) • 3 interchangeable lenses with pushclick-connection (anti-panic, escape route and spot) • Impressive spacings with lens technology. • Battery with an 8-year design life and 3-year guarantee • 5-year electronics guarantee Visit for details.

Sealy - The World’s No.1 Bed Brand

SEALY HAS collaborated with some of the largest hospitality chains and leading hotel groups in the UK. From Center Parcs to the Malmasion and the Savoy, Sealy have acquired numerous years of experience in delivering large quantities of beds and mattresses on time and within budget. The World’s No.1 Bed Brand upholds a level of excellence by delivering an extensive range of beds and mattresses that are engineered around a simple premise: that quality of sleep is every bit as important as quantity of sleep. Through the intertwinement of the most advanced technological developments and state-of-the-art design, Sealy lead the

way in product innovation. Luxury hotel company, the Langham Hospitality Group, have recently partnered with Sealy to deliver sleep solutions within its infamous hotel in West London. Known for delivering the highest standard in customer care and satisfaction across the world, the Langham Hospitality Group has chosen Sealy as its preferred supplier to maintain and extend its global reputation. Sealy are delivering an order of around 350 renowned Palatial Crest beds to the hotel in the UK, with the aim of sustaining the company’s promise of luxury, quality and world class service. Contact Sealy Contracts DepartmentTel – 016973 24417 E-mail – Website – See advert on page 10

CFB Boilers Gets Energy Bills Out of Hot Water

ROUND-THE-CLOCK demand for heating and hot water in hotels and catering facilities can create significant financial burdens. But it doesn’t have to be this way – CFB Boilers’ high efficiency GB 162 hot water boiler range not only reduces energy consumption, therefore slashing bills, but as a Carbon Trust ECA registered product, also allows businesses to claim 100% of the first year capital allowance. The 80kW and 100kW gas or oil hot water boilers can be fitted individually or combined

(from two to eight boilers) using CFB Boilers’ cascade kits, thus providing condensing outputs of up to 800kW. To precisely match heat demand, single boilers can automatically modulate output down to 19kW or less, while multi-boiler cascade systems can modulate down to 2.5% of total output. Consequently, system efficiency is always high – even when heat demand is low – and fuel consumption is significantly reduced. Wear and tear is also minimised. CFB Boilers’ renowned 24/7 technical support covers everything from system layout design to installation. For more information about the GB 162 hot water boiler range, please contact CFB Boilers on 01255 224500 or visit

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


October 2017

Property and Professional

Looking for Simple and Low Cost Outsourced Payroll? ENGAGE IS the simple to use, cloud based staff payroll that allows you to focus on your customers. With the ability to be set-up in less than a week, the Engage technology enables you to have a fully dedicated customer service team providing individual attention when and where it is needed. Engage handles and eliminates all administrative burden for all statutory requirements from HMRC and the pensions regulator. By replacing manual finance, payroll and compli-

ance processes with a seamless software function. Whether you have one site or multiple, Engage is able to provide reports to help you better understand and identify margin performances at staff, site and group levels. Engage creates visibility throughout the supply chain by connecting all users which enables cost reduction, improves compliance processes and eliminates duplicated administration. Engage focuses on your needs and tailors a solution just for your business at an industry leading rate. To find out how Engage can simplify your payroll, please contact Drey Francis to book a meeting and see a demo on 07525 966029 or email Or visit the website at find out more.

Are You Up To Date with All the Latest Regulations and Standards? Avoid unnecessary fines and disciplinary action by making sure that you are applying the latest regulations and standards correctly. A little bit of training goes a long way. Correctly targeted training provides both the company as a whole and the individual with essential knowledge that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment. Well planned and delivered continuing professional development (CPD) is important because it provides benefits to the individual, their profession and the public. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) provides a wide range of one-day courses dedicat-

ed to current building standards, regulations and their applications. Over the last year CIBSE has begun to see an increase in the uptake of their in-house training offering. Cost per delegate is typically lower than public programmed courses as external venue costs are eliminated as the trainer is sent to you. Training in-house means the trainer can focus on your company’s individual needs using current examples, and therefore have the most effect. Delegates can then work on existing examples of work which relates directly to their role. For more information visit

The Kings Arms, Polebrook, East Northants on the Market THE KINGS Arms, Polbrook, is on the market with Guy Simmonds. The business is of stone built construction and sits under a pitched, recently re-thatched roof. Small entrance porches to the front and rear of the property provide access to the trading areas. These consist of: Open Plan Lounge/Bar area (circa 50 covers plus standing) has a central stone built Inglenook fireplace with built in log fire, areas of oak and quarry tiled floor, exposed wooden ceiling beams and exposed stone walls and pillars. To one end is a stone built fireplace with built in log burner complimented by a wooden bar server and 5 quirky and


T E LE P HO N E 020 867 3 22 55 TAX




attractive cask ale hand pulls. Conservatory/Dining (circa 30+) is a multi-use room with a glass covered ceiling, exposed stone walls and hanging grape vines and double doors that lead out onto a small and attractive private enclosed flagstone patio area. Commercial Catering Kitchen with stainless steel appliances and surfaces and a walk-in fridge. Below ground floor Cellar. The owner’s accommodation has 3 double bedrooms (1 En-suite). To the front of the property is a raised slabbed and hard standing area with wooden picnic benches (circa 12 covers) providing stunning views of the village. To the rear of the property is a slabbed and grassed garden area with wooden picnic benches and iron garden furniture (circa 45 covers) and even a stone built well! The patron’s car park holds circa 15 cars. Price: £85,000. Tenure: Free of tie Lease. Rent (if applicable): £40,000. Landlord (if applicable): Private / Freeholder. Turnover (annual): circa £480,000 (inc VAT) to August 2017 . Wet: Dry split: 50% Wet: 50% Food. Contact the agent, Guy Simmonds, on 01332 865112.

A comprehensive, specialised service whether you are starting up or run an established business


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01622 685261

6 Clarendon Place, King Street Maidstone, Kent RED LION, STODMARSH, CANTERBURY CT3


ANDREW GREENWOOD BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENT LIC. RESTAURANT WITH 3 BED MAISONETTE, SOUGHT AFTER POSN AMIDST PROFESSIONAL AREA, THRIVING TOWN CENTRE, BETWEEN SOUTHAMPTON & PORTSMOUTH. Character Grad II Listed Bldg amidst conservation area. Run on chef/patron basis. Same hands 14 yrs. Retirement sale. Tastefully decorated, air con restaurant – seats 36/44 covers with adj. Cocktail Bar & open plan kitchen. 3 bed maisonette above & rear yard. T/O £5,000 pw. Accts. record T/O £198,507 (ex VAT). GP £142,509 (72%). Open 5½ days. – EITHER £695,000 + S.A.V. F’HOLD, OR, with a new 15 yr lease at £25,000 p.a.x. - £120,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3668) FISH & CHIPS TAKE AWAY, WITH 1 DOUBLE BED FLAT ABOVE, PROM. MAIN RD POSN, CLOSE TO UNIVERSITY BLDGS, SOUTHAMPTON. Same hands 10 yrs. Until recently run under management. Eye-catching shop. Well fitted & equipped with 3-pan Preston & Thomas gas fired range etc. T/O £3,500 pw. GP 65/70%. Scope for later eves & Sunday opening. S/C 1 dble bed flat above. Gas C.H. & parking for 4 cars. 20 yr lease from Sept 2013 at current rental of £13,000 p.a.x. – OIRO £55,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3696)

• Substantial detached property with wealth of original features • Accommodation spread over two floors • Open plan bar/ restaurant, catering kitchen and toilets • First floor: three letting rooms, office and bathroom • Trade garden, car park, patio and private garden. Total land 0.25 acres. • Planning permission granted for extension to enlarge trade areas • Negotiable term- Guide Rental £30,000 p.a LEASEHOLD AVAILABLE AT £30,000 ‘ALL AT’

• Busy period Public House in idyllic Wealden location. • Open plan bar and restaurant with wealth of original features including inglenook fireplace. • Weather boarded property with car park and well-appointed trade garden. • Catering Kitchen, customer toilets and beer cellar on ground floor. • First floor accommodation of living room, two bedrooms, box room & Bathroom. • 20 year Lease with beer tie only. LEASEHOLD GUIDE PRICE £65,000 ‘ALL AT’ SAV

HIGH TURNOVER RESTAURANT WITH FULL ON-LIC, FRONTING BUSY ‘A’ RD WITH VIEWS ACROSS OPEN FOREST, OUTSKIRTS OF NEW FOREST VILLAGE, LYNDHURST, HAMPSHIRE. Character prop circa 1900. Tastefully furnished 105 cover restaurant with adj. 30-seat cocktail bar, S&W facing alfresco seating for 80. Lge superbly fitted kitchen with extensive inventory. Trade gdn. 42 space car park with lge free car park nearby. Owners/staff accom comprises 2 more or less S/C 1 dble bed flats, a studio flat & in addition 3 staff bedrms, etc. Retirement sale – same hands 21 years. Ave gross takings £23,000 pw. Accts record a T/O of £957,901 (ex VAT). GP 70%. Scope to open Mon & for afternoon & later evening opening. New lease at initial rental of £75,000 p.a.x. – OIRO £450,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3720)

romsey (01794) 522228

ST LEONARDS ON SEA • 3 year tenancy

• New 20 year lease

• Walled trade garden

• Pool table


• Large main bar

• Bar & games area

• Enclosed trade patio

• Sky TV, pool table • 4 bedrooms

£20,000 FREE OF TIE

FAVERSHAM Main bar Games bar Dining/Function (44cv) Walled trade garden (66cv) • 3 bedrooms £52,000 LEASEHOLD

• 4 bedrooms



• • • •


• Retirement sale

• Main bar (70cv) • Trade patios

• Large car park • 3 bedrooms


• Thames-side pub

• Main bar, dining area • Riverside patio

• 2 function rooms • 3 bedrooms


NR TUNBRIDGE WELLS • Family friendly pub • Main bar & restaurant • Large car park • Trade garden & patio • 3 bedrooms £82,500 LEASEHOLD

NR REIGATE /GATWICK • Bar & function room


• Open plan bar • Dining bar

• Large car park

• Rear trade patio • Large car park • 3-4 bedrooms

£450,000 FREEHOLD

TENTERDEN 01580 766522

• Trade garden

• B&B potential stp

• 3 bedrooms £975,000 FREEHOLD

BRIGHTON 01273 565621

Property and Professional

October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Recovering Debts Will be Tougher Under New Rules A NEW measure that was introduced on 1 October 2017 – the Pre Action Protocol for Debt Claims – aims to improve communication between debtors and creditors, and lessen the likelihood of court action. It has laudable objectives, but certain provisions related to sole traders could complicate debt recovery both for companies that do a lot of business with them, and for sole traders themselves. For instance, the new rules also set out a list of information to be provided by the creditor by way of a letter of claim before any issuing of proceedings. The letter must give the debtor 30 days to pay the debt, and the creditor must also consider any offer from the debtor to pay by instalments.

These and other new demands have the capacity to cause a real headache for companies and sole traders that are unprepared for the protocol. However, it need not cause problems if businesses tighten up their contractual terms and credit control procedures, and have clear debt recovery procedures in place. With these mitigating steps, it shouldn’t become a problem. Ally Tow heads up the debt recovery team at Boyes Turner – who have a specialist practice in the leisure and hospitality sector. The team has a track record of helping small independent operators within this sector. Tel: 0118 958 7150 or email:

France – A Dynamic Market

FRANCE IS the world’s top tourist destination with around 90 million foreign visitors a year, who in 2014 generated over €45bn which is expected to grow to €63.5bn in 2025 from over 109m tourists. Here the hospitality industry is built on solid fundamentals, enabling it to weather economic downturn. Its many dynamic sectors (ski, business, culture, wine etc) give France a unique appeal. As a result, France has become one of the world’s most dynamic markets for hotel transactions, with a continued rise in overseas investment activity. Leggett Commercial currently has a €5 billion 'off-market' portfolio of individual hotels and hotel portfolios. Recently listed by the Financial Times as

Signature Senior Lifestyle SIGNATURE SENIOR Lifestyle is a privately owned company and one of the leading providers of quality care home accommodation in the country. Signature's aim is to provide accommodation and care of the highest standard to meet the needs of frail elderly people, both now and in the future. As both developers and operators we are looking for prominent, high profile sites in affluent residential areas capable of accommodating a care home

one of the top 10 fastest growing property consultancies in Europe, Leggett offer an aware winning service throughout France which includes: Agency, Development & Investment, Valuations, Marketing, Sale Consultancy … Our bilingual team works closely with dedicated English speaking lawyers, notaires and accountants, specialising in the disposal and acquisition of commercial property in France. With over 400 Leggett Immobilier agents spread across France, Leggett are able to source commercial property opportunities in all the major centers / regions, including hotels, retail, student accommodation, car parks and offices. Timothy Austin-Smith Tel: +33 (0)5 53 60 84 88 Email:

of around 60,000 – 70,000sq.ft GIA within a single building. Each Signature development is unique in its design and configuration and does not follow any set architectural style. As such Signature will consider a variety locations and development opportunities, including mixed use schemes, high rise developments, urban and semi-rural locations. The focus of Signatures land acquisition is currently within the Greater London and the Home Counties with land values paid up to £25m for the right site. Introductory fees are paid at 3% of the land purchase price for off market introductions with £5k payable on exchange of contracts. Please contact: James Wilson, Land & planning Manager on 077141 72173

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Property and Professional

October 2017

The Hospitality Business Mentor from The Bowden Group

DAVID HUNTER is the Hospitality Business Mentor – he works with owners and investors in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. Ensuring the business performs and makes the required profit, is what David does, and he does this by: 1. Setting realistic targets for the business, and creating budgets and forecasts 2. Monitoring Sales, Gross Margins and Labour costs very closely 3. Mentoring the owners and/or managers of the business to help them achieve their objectives Other areas that David advises on include: • Marketing – general and specific (ie promotions etc)






Quality Daytime Cafe & Coffee Shop Prime Trading Position in Regency Town Main Cafe/Restaurant (74) Self-Contained 2 Bedroom Owners Apartment Potential for Evening Trade

Character Freehouse, Hotel & Restaurant Bars, Restaurants/Dining Rooms (120+) Games Room/Pool Room (20+) 15 Letting Bedrooms, Owners Flat Trade Gardens (50+), Terraces & Car Park Impressive Levels of Trade & Profits New FREE OF TIE Leasehold

FH £625,000

LH £125,000





BRIXHAM, DEVON Impressive Harbourside Bed & Breakfast Prime Central Location with Stunning Views 8 Letting Bedrooms, Separate Owners Cottage Impressive Levels of Trade from 33 Weeks Quality Lifestyle Business Opportunity


Coastal Restaurant, Bar & Café With Letting Rooms Prime Location With Beach and Sea Views Bar & Restaurant (52+), 6 Letting Rooms (18) Extremely Well Presented & Equipped Business Trading Only 9 Months With Potential For More


LH £89,500



SOUTH DEVON Well Presented Restaurant in Popular South Hams Prominent Trading Position Main Restaurant (60) plus Bar & Waiting Area Enclosed Rear Courtyard Garden (38+), Car Park (3) 3 Bedroom Owners Accommodation Excellent Catering Opportunity with Potential

LH £49,950



LH £125,000

EAST DEVON High Quality Daytime Only Cafe & Coffee Shop Occupying A Town Centre Trading Position Cafe/Restaurant (55), Al Fresco Seating (40+) Impressive Levels of Trade With Much Potential Stylish and Extremely Well Equipped Premises Must Be Seen To Be Appreciated

LH £110,000

• Human Resources (HR) - including all the legislation, and disciplinary positions. • Reward and Bonus schemes – always linked to achievement of objectives • Customer Service - including Hospitality skills training Do contact David for an informal chat, or make an appointment to meet with him. Call David direct on: Mobile 07831 407984 or by email on Visit the website at or the Blogsite at

The Crown, Gissing, Norfolk Comes To The Market LEADING NATIONAL Licensed Property Agents Guy Simmonds have been instructed to sell this most impressive and well established traditional freehouse which has been well maintained throughout in a highly desirable central location in the sought after and affluent rural Norfolk village of Gissing near Diss. Senior Valuer, Geoff Bryan, said this attractive and eye catching traditional inn, which dates back to the 1700s, has a truly welcoming atmosphere full of ‘olde worlde’ charm and enjoys a long established and loyal wet trade with a good reputation for quality home cooked

food from the local This welcoming freehouse has a cosy traditional bar with exposed beams and brickwork (circa 24), separate games room with pool table, characterful restaurant in two sections (circa 40), fully equipped commercial kitchen, well maintained ground level cellar, spacious 3 bedroom owners accommodation, patio area with covered smoking shelter and patron’s car park. Price: £339,500. Tenure: Freehold. Sales Criteria: £228,302 (Inc. VAT) year ending April 2016. Trade Split: 65% wet, 35% dry Contact the agent, Guy Simmonds on 01332 865112 for details.

The Moorish Restaurant, Ashburton, Devon For Sale




Substantial Country Hotel & Restaurant Bar (18), 2 Restaurants (74) 14 En-Suite Letting Bedrooms Flexible 3 Bedroom Private Accom Gardens, Car Parks & Small Paddock Area

Successful Licensed Restaurant & Cafe Bar Situated in Vibrant Town Centre Location Main Restaurant & Bar Area (36) Impressive 3 Bedroom Family Accommodation Profitable Lifestyle Business

Attractive & Extremely Well Presented Bar & Restaurant Main Restaurant Area (80), Bar Premises (120) Prime City Centre Trading Position Exceptional Levels of Trade & Profits Must be Viewed to be Fully Appreciated

FH £545,000


FH £475,000


LH £130,000



01392 201262

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

PROPERTY SPECIALISTS, Stonesmith of Exeter, are delighted to announce to market the Moorish Restaurant, located in a prominent trading position within the heart of the moorland town of Ashburton. Moorish Restaurant is set within an attractive Grade II Listed period building and is presented to an extremely high standard throughout, having been the subject of a fastidious programme of refurbishment and improvement by our clients during their 12 years of ownership. The restaurant is renowned for its ambience, character and warmth with a rustic Mediterranean theme set within a superior trading environment. Specialising in Mediterranean style cuisine, the fre-

quently changing menu offers freshly prepared food, with the best seasonal local produce the area has to offer. This high quality licensed restaurant and cafe bar briefly comprises of a Main Restaurant with Seating Area comfortably seating 36, a feature Bar Servery, and fully equipped Commercial Catering Kitchen with ancillary and welfare facilities. The business is enhanced by the well presented and self-contained family sized living accommodation with private independent entrance and 3 Double Bedrooms. The freehold business interest is on the market for £475,000. For details of other properties currently on the market with Stonesmith, please visit our website or call 01392 201262.

Thinking of selling? Regional Specialists National Exposure • Charming Village Inn Situated in Desirable and Picturesque Location • Character Main Bar (70 Covers), Purpose Built Function Room (120) • Spacious and Well Appointed 4 Bed Family Accommodation • Very Successful Business, on the Market for the First Time in 17 Years • Turnover Y/E March 2016 £347,296 ex VAT with Very Impressive Net Profit



PRICE: £15,000

• Licensed Bar Situated within a Historic Period Property • Commercial Kitchen, Main Bar & Seating Area • Ladies & Gents Cloakrooms & Ample Storage • Versatile Private Accommodation • Huge Potential to Extend the Trading Hours and Rebuild the Business


REF: 2565


PRICE: £99,950

• Exceptional restaurant with stunning panoramic countryside views • Main trade area with seating for 80 • Well equipped & spacious commercial kitchen • Large garden accommodating 100+ • Large catchment area including Falmouth & Truro


REF: 2668

• Sympathetically Refurbished & Beautifully Presented Restaurant • Stunning South Hams Location Close to Award Winning Beaches • Spacious Customer Seating for Circa 45 • Superior 3 Double Bedroom Accommodation with Sea Views & Terrace • Fabulous Opportunity to Acquire a Successful Home & Income Business

PRICE: £450,000



PRICE: £125,000


REF: 2645



REF: 2571

REF: 2957


PRICE: £295,000 PLUS VAT


REF: 2949

REF: 7973L


• Traditional Grade II Listed Village Freehouse • Overlooking the Teign Estuary in South Devon • Character Main Bar and Pool Room, Lower Bar/Dining Room • Trade Terrace to Front with Partial View of the Teign Estuary • Five Bedroom Private Accommodation


REF: 2809


• Established and Profitable Fish & Chip Takeaway • Prominent Location Within Densely Populated Area • Strong Year Round Trade • Potential to Increase Trading Hours • Freehold or Leasehold Options Available



• Beautiful and Substantial Award Winning Boutique Hotel • Situated Close to the East Devon/Dorset Border • Immaculately Presented Property & Very Successful Business • 7 Superior, Individually Decorated En-Suite Letting Rooms • 4 Bed Owners Accommodation with Private Garden



PRICE: £575,000


• Quintessential Grade II Listed Thatched Country Village Inn • Very Successful Business which Exudes Character Throughout • 6 Superior En-Suite Letting Rooms • Outside Covered Trading Area & Separate Beer Garden • Strong Turnover with Very Impressive Net Profit

PRICE: £795,000


01803 212021

REF: 2805


October 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


The Rules Of Doing Business Have Changed, Job Automation in the Hospitality Sector Say SMEs In The Hospitality & Leisure Sector

By Laura Farnsworth, Lewis Silkin LLP

THE MAJORITY of SME owners in the hospitality & leisure sector report that the rules of doing business have changed, but are they ready for the challenges that lie ahead? Research by accountancy firm, Menzies LLP, reveals that business owners in the sector are aware of the challenges that lie ahead but some could be working too hard or failing to seek the mentoring and specialist support needed to succeed in turbulent times. Based on a survey of 1,003 SME owners in the UK, which included 92 in the hospitality & leisure sector, the majority report that the rules of doing business have changed significantly in the past year and Brexit and other uncertainties mean they are likely to keep changing. The top three ‘rule changes’ noted by SME owners in the hospitality & leisure sector include competitor activity has intensified; important business decisions have become more data driven and the burden of regulation is shifting (as the country prepares for Brexit). Dave Gosling, partner and head of hospitality & logistics at accountancy firm, Menzies LLP, said: “Small and medium-sized businesses have a much closer understanding than multinationals of how the rules of doing business have changed. This awareness combined with their size and agility has enabled many of them to adjust to the uncertain market conditions. The research shows that SMEs in the hospitality & leisure industry are acutely aware of the need to react to changes in

market demand and make business decisions more quickly. For many, the ability to lay their hands on reliable and up-to-date data in a format that is tailored to the operational needs of the business is now critical.” With more changes on the agenda, SMEs in the hospitality & leisure sector know they could be facing diverse risks in the year ahead. The top four risk factors they identified were cash flow difficulties; geopolitical uncertainty and its effect on trading activity; breaks in supply and a general lack of resources in particular, senior management time. Most SME owners in the sector are happy with their work life balance. However, on closer questioning, the picture is more ambiguous. About half (48%) admitted they sometimes find it difficult to switch off properly during their leisure time and a quarter (24%) described their work life balance as ‘completely out of control’. Dave Gosling said: “SMEs in the sector seem broadly happy with their work life balance but there are signs that some may be struggling to find time to relax away from the business. Whilst staying focused is important, the most successful entrepreneurs tend to be those with a more rounded approach to life who understand what they are doing it for and plan their futures on this basis. In uncertain times, SME owners need to do more, not less, of this type of forward thinking and keep their plans under review.” There are other indications that SMEs in the sector may be feeling stretched. The majority of SMEs say they lack support and feel they are running their business alone, on average, more than three times per week. “The research shows that some SMEs in the sector feel isolated. Better signposting to mentoring and other business support services may be required,” added Dave Gosling.

Ex-Offenders: The Untapped Talent Pool?

50% OF EMPLOYERS would not consider employing an exoffender, according to a 2016 YouGov survey commissioned by the Department of Work & Pensions. Yet, businesses such as Timpson, Virgin Trains and Pret a Manger actively recruit ex-offenders. So what do they know that others are missing and how can hospitality businesses manage the perceived risks? This is not a just matter of altruism or the potential good PR: businesses report that, by demonstrating trust and giving ex-offenders an opportunity, they are rewarded with loyalty, hard-work and high productivity. The business benefits of having a diverse workforce are also well understood. Ex-offenders are a pool of talent, with skills and experience which can add value to businesses. The hotel and catering trade have long recognised this. In November last year, the Caterer Licensee and Hotelier high-

lighted the excellent work of The Clink Charity that trains offenders for life outside prison by running commercial restaurants in prisons across the country. The social benefits of employing ex-offenders are highlighted in the Lammy Review, published on 8 September 2017: key to this is those who find work on release are less likely to reoffend than those who do not. But the Review reports that the current criminal records regime is a real barrier to employment, particularly for young people at the start of their careers. There are currently two ways in which an employer may obtain information about a person's criminal record history: voluntary disclosure or through official criminal record checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). There is no express prohibition on an employer making a request for voluntary disclosure but there are limits on an employee's obligation to disclose information and the extent to which an employer may base its decisions on such information. Save for certain excepted jobs, an ex-offender who does not re-offend during a specified period is entitled to hold himself out as having a clean record - his conviction is "spent". DBS checks should be undertaken for roles which fall within those excepted occupations, offices and professions, such as those who work with children or vulnerable adults and some regulated occupations such as financial services; and there are

A RECENT report jointly published by Oxford University’s Martin School and Citi has predicted that a number of jobs are under threat due to the likelihood of job automation and its impact on current employees. One of the most striking predictions they make is that four in five retail jobs are likely to be replaced by robots in the coming years. However, it is not only the retail sector that is likely to be affected. Other areas such as transport, manufacturing, and crucially, hospitality, will be hit.

The idea of employees in the hospitality industry being taken over by robots may sound like something from a science fiction film, but it is in fact already a reality. In Japan, the Henn na Hotel is staffed by robots. The services provided range from greeting guests at the front desk and checking them in, to carrying luggage to their room by way of a porter robot. The hotel has also introduced facial recognition systems for accessing rooms so that guests no longer need to worry about losing their key cards. Although the use of robots to staff a hotel may sound like a gimmick (and largely is at present), the automation of a large number of jobs in the future is undeniable. In fact, the Institute for Public Policy Research has reported that it believes up to 15 million jobs in the UK are likely to be at risk of automation within the next two decades. Employers therefore need to be prepared for this shift. The automation of some roles does present opportunities

for the current workforce. The large numbers of jobs most at risk are more manual or routine based roles. Therefore, this could be seen as an opportunity to upskill current staff and expand their capabilities beyond their current role. The very nature of the hospitality industry demands human interaction, and no doubt there will be more sophisticated roles available for such employees. However, despite the opportunities available, the move towards job automation will undoubtedly have a huge effect on how the industry is run. Both employees and employers will need to be ready for this change and be aware of the consequences. Some key issues to consider may include whether employees’ contract terms need to be amended, the possibility of mass redundancies and the necessity of interaction with unions. It may be necessary to review current employees’ contracts to determine whether any changes in the future may be needed. This could be in relation to the description of the job role and duties involved or notice periods. It is possible that the automation of roles may result in employers needing to make redundancies. It is important that employers are aware of their obligations in this regard. For example, where 20 or more employees are being made redundant at one establishment within a period of 90 days or less, an employer has a duty to undertake collective consultation with staff representatives. The exact nature or extent of job automation in the hospitality sector is not yet apparent. However, it is clear that there is going to be a big shift in how jobs are performed across a number of industries in the next couple of decades. Although it does not seem likely that there will be any immediate changes, it is always helpful to look ahead and be prepared for key developments. Laura Farnsworth is a partner in the employment team at Lewis Silkin LLP

detailed rules on who can apply, the level of disclosure to be provided by the DBS check and a Code of Practice which applies to recipients of disclosure information. In some sectors, such as those working in schools and social workers, certain criminal records are a bar to employment, and other sectors have specific guidance or regulations relating to criminal records. For other businesses, the employer will use its own judgement when considering the applicant's criminal record history. Currently an international campaign, Ban the Box, invites employers to remove criminal record disclosure questions from job application forms. Removing this tick box gives exoffenders the chance to get further into the application process before disclosing a conviction. The Lammy Review's recommendations go further, proposing that ex-offenders should be able to have their case heard by a Judge or a body such as the Parole Board, who would decide whether to "seal" their record. If successful, that offence would not need to be disclosed and employers would be unable to ask for it. Evidence from the US indicates that such a reform of criminal records regimes can boost employment rates, generating tax and reducing the welfare costs. What should employers who are considering applicants with criminal records bear in mind? First, remember that information about a criminal offence is sensitive personal data requiring compliance with data protection laws. The Information Commissioner's Employment Practices Code contains recommendations about how pre-employment vetting can be carried

out lawfully: the employer should make it clear in the recruitment process that vetting will take place and how it will be conducted and should leave vetting as late as practicable in the recruitment process. When recruiting, questions should be tailored to ensure that they are relevant to the role and designed to obtain no more information than actually needed. Nacro (the crime prevention charity) recommends that employers considering applicants with criminal records take into account: whether the conviction is relevant to the position; the seriousness of the offence; the length of time since it was committed; whether there is a pattern of offending or other relevant matters; whether the applicant's circumstances have changed since the offending behaviour; and the circumstances surrounding the offence and the explanation offered by the individual. It recommends that employers do not have a blanket ban on employing ex-offenders but, rather, carry out a risk assessment relevant to the sector, position and situation. In assessing an applicant's suitability the usual good practices of checking qualifications and taking up references, having probationary periods, clear job descriptions and supervision should be deployed. By revisiting your practices on recruiting ex-offenders you may gain an essential competitive advantage, particularly as the war for talent and the need to widen the potential talent pool is heightened in the hospitality sector moving towards Brexit. Jane Amphlett is a Partner and Head of Employment at Howard Kennedy. She can be reached by email: Visit

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CLH News #205 October 2017  

Issue #205 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...

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