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September 2017

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Scores On The Doors' Food Hygiene Ratings Must Be Mandatory Following Brexit, Say Councils ALL FOOD premises in England should be forced to display ‘Scores on the Doors’ ratings when EU laws governing food safety are converted into UK law after Brexit to improve hygiene standards and protect people from harm, the LGA urged. Council environmental health teams score food outlets from zero to five based on factors such as kitchen cleanliness, cooking methods and food management. Businesses in Wales and Northern Ireland are legally required to display their rating. However, in England, businesses do not have to display the rating they have been awarded, with those scoring low marks much less likely to put them on show to customers. The Government has set out its intention to convert EU law into UK law on the day we leave the European Union. With EU laws impacting many of the council services that affect people's day-to-day lives, the LGA said councils must play a central role in deciding whether to keep, amend or scrap them. Local government leaders say current EU laws regulating food safety - vital to improve standards and reduce the risk to people of eating unsafe food cooked in dirty kitchens – are good and need to be kept after Brexit. But the LGA wants the Government to see Brexit as an opportunity to strengthen these food safety laws and empower councils by legally extending the mandatory display of ‘Scores on the Doors’ to England. This would not only improve consumer confidence and raise standards, but also reduce the need for, and therefore cost of, enforcement action by councils. The LGA believes that businesses - including restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways, sandwich shops, supermarkets and delicatessens – that fail to comply should be fined or prosecuted. Cllr Simon Blackburn, Chair of the LGA’s Safer and Stronger Communities Board, said: “The conversion of EU law as part of Brexit will impact on many council services that affect people’s day-to-day lives, including how to protect people from being served unsafe food. “The post-Brexit review of EU laws gives the Government choices. We believe that food hygiene laws need to be strengthened, where necessary, with ‘Scores on the Doors’ ratings being a good area of opportunity to do this. “With mandatory hygiene rating display already in force in Wales and Northern Ireland, the UK leaving the EU provides a crucial opportunity to toughen up food safety laws by extending the legislation to England as well. Food hygiene standards and CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF SPROWTS

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compliance levels have risen since the scheme was introduced in Wales. “The lack of a hygiene rating sticker in a business means customers are left in the dark on official kitchen cleanliness levels when eating or buying food there. “A food hygiene rating distinguishes between appearance and reality. A food outlet may have nice décor but that doesn’t mean that hygiene standards are good enough to avoid being served a ‘dodgy’ burger or salad that could pose a serious risk to someone’s health. “Councils have seen some shocking examples of poor or dangerous hygiene and always take action to improve standards at rogue food premises. “Making the display of hygiene ratings compulsory in England is good for business. Not only would it incentivise food outlets to improve or maintain high hygiene standards - which would reduce the risk of illness for customers - it would also improve consumer confidence and save taxpayers’ money by reducing the need for, and cost of, enforcement action by councils.” Recent prosecutions include: • In a prosecution brought by Hillingdon Council, a West London fast food restaurant and its director were ordered to pay £19,518 after mouse droppings were found in the food preparation area, staff were not washing their hands before touching customers’ food and food was left in freezers that were not switched on. The restaurant had been given a zero food hygiene rating but had repeatedly ignored warnings to improve cleanliness standards. • A Merseyside restaurant was prosecuted by Sefton Council after health inspectors found dead flies in pans of bolognese, bird faeces in an extractor fan and out-of-date lasagne, and a large dead insect in a trifle. There was also no disinfectant product on the premises. The owner was fined £750. • Following a prosecution by Waltham Forest Council, the owner of a Chinese restaurant was banned from operating a business for life and ordered to pay £11,576 after it was found to be infested with cockroaches. Shelving that contained food was also contaminated with mice droppings and urine, and there was a foul odour of rotting food. • In a prosecution by Harrow Council, the owner of a vermin-infested fast food shop received a lifetime ban on running a food business and was ordered to pay £24,905 after food hygiene inspectors found rodent droppings all over the premises, including on rotting cucumbers and tomatoes, and in food storage, preparation and serving areas. The shop was so filthy that even its food safety guide was found covered in dirt on the floor. • The owners of an Essex pub and one of its directors were ordered to pay a total of £43,358 after rats were found nesting under the fridge in its kitchen, following a prosecution by Chelmsford City Council. The pub was shut down and one of the directors banned indefinitely from managing any food business. • The owner of a kebab takeaway was ordered to pay £3,550 at court after officers at South Oxfordshire District Council found that a food storage building was infested by rats and covered in dirt and rat droppings.



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Editor's Viewpoint

September 2017

WELCOME TO the September issue of CLH News!


Peter Adams

Read all the latest news from the licensed industry at @CLHNews

Once again, I would take this opportunity to welcome any new readers to our publication. As previously explained we are free to trade publication and have in recent months extended our readership to reach more independent hospitality businesses! We hope you’ll find us a one-stop publication news, views products and services which we are sure will help you in the day-to-day running of your business. We would ask just one thing of you! When responding to our advertisers would be most grateful if you could kindly mention that you saw the product or service in CLH News, even if you are buying online! Please mention us to our

advertisers! A couple of stories have caught my attention this month. One in particular, which we are getting behind, is Tax Equality Day on 20 September. The story on page 3 says it all, and we would urge as many of our readers to get behind this campaign as possible. On our website there is a poster to download, which we very much hope you will display and encourage your customers to get behind the campaign too. Tax Equality Day has enjoyed considerable success from trade organisations and the large groups, Wetherspoon, in particular! What we would like to see here at CLH news is the independent sector showing its support, we too will be lowering our prices by seven a half percent for the day, hope you will too. The disparity between levels of VAT for supermarkets and the levels of VAT for the on trade is causing the industry huge problems, pubs in particular suffer a huge disadvantage paying about 16 pence in business rates per pint versus about two pence for supermarkets, and we are seeing the rise of supermarkets “dine in” for as little as £10 for a three course meal including a bottle of wine. Such unfairness is making it almost impossible for some businesses to break even, never mind make a profit. This is a really great campaign to support and we would once again urge as many of our readers to get behind it as possible. Another story which caught my attention is our lead story and the Local Government Association (LGA) is calling for scores on the doors to be mandatory in England after Brexit. I think the industry has braced itself for this, and the examples which the LGA have highlighted which are very likely the most extreme examples compound the case for scores on the doors being compulsory even more. I don't think this is too much of a problem, the ratings are available on line for anyone to see, and , some of the examples the LGA have cited are horrendous and inexcusable. Mandatory displaying has been compulsory in Northern Ireland and Wales, so it was only a matter of time that England, and very likely Scotland followed suit. I am reminded however of a conversation I had several years ago when a former food inspector visited our stand at Hotelympia. He introduced himself, and we got chatting about hygiene issues and scores on the doors, he spoke of when he served as part of an EU environmental health “Think tank” which had mooted the idea of introducing an EU wide charge of about €500 for all establishments serving food to cover inspection costs, irrespectivee of size. Whilst the hospitality industry remains buoyant, and indications are that the industry will enjoy growth in the coming years, margins, as I’m sure readers will agree are very tight, and should a levy be introduced to cover food inspections/registration it will have a severe financial impact causing more hardpressed and overworked operators to consider shutting up shop! If you have any concerns regarding food hygiene and safety, we regularly introduce products and services and professional advice from industry experts in both your printed and delivered CLH News, and online, so please refer to the experts, a look at our lead page and the prosecutions, fines and loss of reputation are to important to risk!

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EDITOR Peter Adams

SALES EXECUTIVES David Bartlett Guy Stephenson


PRODUCTION & WEB ADMIN Shelly Roche Published by

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Support Tax Equality Day – 20th September 2017 CLH News is urging the independent sector to get behind the forthcoming “Tax Equality Day”. If you don’t already know Tax Equality Day is simply a campaign to level the playing field when it comes to the disparity of VAT between the on-trade and supermarkets. At present, anyone dining, drinking in hotels, pubs, restaurants and bars pay 20 per cent on all their food and drink, while there is zero VAT on food in supermarkets. Tax Equality Day draws in customers tempted by the promise of cheaper food and drink and shows, in the best way possible, the positive effects of a lower rate of VAT for hospitality businesses. Tax Equality Day enjoys great support from leading trade organisations such as the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) and the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) and the 900-pub estate Wetherspoons. Last year an estimated 15,000 venues took part. A key report by the ALMR and hotel association HOTREC revealed that lower levels of VAT in the hospitality industry is vital in ensuring competitiveness as a tourist destination, as well as encouraging economic growth and, in turn, creating more jobs. Brigid Simmonds Chief executive of the BBPA said “Tax Equality Day is a great opportunity to shine a light on how unfair VAT is for both pubs and the wider hospitality sector. If you buy a meal in a supermarket you pay no VAT, but in the pub you pay 20 per cent. “Even a small drop in the VAT rate for eating out, to 15 per cent, would create 78,000 jobs, and would be a big boost for the economy. I hope pubs will get behind the campaign.” Speaking to CLH News, Wetherspoon founder and

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Chairman Tim Martin said: “We are proud to support the campaign to reduce the level of VAT within the pub industry. “Customers coming to our pubs on Wednesday September 20 will find the price of their food and drink is lower than normal. “We are keen to highlight the amount customers would save if VAT in pubs was lowered permanently. “So, for example, the total price of a meal and drinks for a customer would be reduced from £10 to £9.25 on Tax Equality Day.” Mr Martin added: “A reduction in the level of VAT on a long-term basis will generate growth and create jobs in the important leisure and hospitality sector. “Creating tax equality between pubs, restaurants and supermarkets will fulfil many government objectives including the creation of more jobs. “It is a win win situation for the government and our industry.” Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive, ALMR, added: “Two thirds of customers have said that they would spend more if VAT was lower and just over half said that they would spend more on eating and drinking out. “As business rates and rising inflation continue to squeeze the sector, a cut in VAT not only levels the playing fields in terms of fairness, it is also a simple way to help boost a vital engine of economic growth.” So we would urge you to demonstrate how important the independent hospitality sector is by joining tax equality day, and lowering your VAT just for one day by 7.5% Let all your customers know and encourage them to support the day by downloading a Tax Equality Day poster today at

Raising Awareness for Life-Threatening Allergy • DISHWASHERS • GLASSWASHERS • REFRIGERATION

Long-time supporter and friend of Pub is The Hub, Dick Llewellyn, sadly passed away in July 2016 and his untimely death was due to an anaphylactic reaction to a wasp sting and came as a great shock to his family, friends and colleagues. The production and dissemination of the posters are a mark of recognition of Dick’s life and are laminated so that they can be displayed inside or outside of pubs for the community to read. Dick Llewellyn had been Senior Partner and worked for over thirty-five years with Gosschalks commercial law firm based in Kingston Upon Hull and provided his wise counsel to the Pub is The Hub organisation for a number of years. John Longden said: “We have supported pubs in raising funds for and awareness about community defibrillators and it seemed appropriate to emphasise that support with this essential life-saving information, albeit a simple poster. If any pub or community would like a copy of the laminated poster, please contact us at the office for one. “It was typical of Dick’s family’s generosity that they bequeathed a sum to Pub is The Hub to mark his long association and this is our small acknowledgement and thanks for that wonderful support.” Anyone who would like a laminated poster of the

Anaphylaxis Campaign can call the Pub is The Hub office on 01423 546165 or email . or further information from the AnFaphylaxis Helpline contact 01252 542029


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September 2017

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and have a chat about this amazing system The Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News Group is published by RBC Publishing Ltd, Suite 4, Roddis House, Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset. Contributions are welcome for consideration, however, no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage. Views expressed within this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher or the editorial team. Whilst every care is taken when compiling this publication to ensure accuracy, the publisher will assume no responsibility for any effects, errors or omissions therefrom. All rights reserved, reproduction is forbidden unless written permission is obtained. All material is assumed copyright free unless otherwise advised.

How Can Employee Engagement Help Transform Britain’s Hospitality Industry? IT IS well known that the hospitality industry contributes hugely to the UK’s economy. It is the fourth largest employer, and over the next five years, could create up to 400,000 jobs. But the industry faces uncertainty – staff turnover and employee satisfaction remain huge problems, and the unknown effects of Brexit loom large. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is how it can promote the positive aspects of working in hospitality to more UK workers. There isn’t a one-size fits all solution, but I believe that a critical part of the answer needs to involve employers like hotels and restaurants doing as much as they can to communicate that there are a myriad of longterm career opportunities within the industry and position themselves as businesses that really care about developing their employees. Here are three things that I believe the industry needs to focus on to address the major challenges: 1.) Focus on engagement to improve retention and job satisfaction Rather than getting bogged down in the details of navigating how Brexit will impact the industry or just accepting that staff turnover will always be high, the mission of hospitality employers should be to transform their businesses by creating ways to empower staff to do their best work, as this will improve their own engagement, as well as guests’ experiences. Implementing an employee engagement programme that helps businesses communicate with employees about what they need in order to do their jobs more effectively is an excellent first step toward increasing employee’s job satisfaction and demonstrating that employers are invested in the long-term prospects of their workforce. The figures about how engagement improves a business speak for themselves: according to this years’ Gallup Workforce Study, only 37% of engaged employees are looking for new opportunities, compared to 73% of actively disengaged employees. This should make the industry question whether high staff turnover, should be accepted as the norm. In my own experience, I’ve found that hospitality businesses that focus on engagement, don’t have a turnover problem – I frequently travel to Chicago and always stay at the same hotel. Employee engagement is an integral part of their business, and I’ve enjoyed building a rapport with the same staff there over a decade. I’ve seen first-hand how engaged employees = engaged customers because engaged employees deliver unique, memorable experiences. Research bears this out as well: the University of Bath’s

Engagement Report found that just 17% of non-engaged employees feel they have a good understanding of how to meet customer needs, but 70% of engaged employees feel that their understanding empowers them to do so. 2.) Work to create a positive, purpose driven culture If employees don’t feel connected to their work, this can lead to feelings of frustration and disengagement. To combat this, employers should have a clear purpose that clearly communicates what their business does and why. A purpose should be written down, easy for everyone to understand, and it should be as much about your employees’ experience as your guests. A great example from within hospitality is The Ritz-Carlton’s purpose: We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen; this exemplifies the unparalleled service the brand empowers their staff to provide customers. So a British B&B’s purpose might be to create an environment where guests feel as if they are visiting friends, and staff feel like they are hosting friends. Whatever your businesses’ purpose is, every member of your staff should understand how their actions support it – this helps everyone unite around a common objective and contribute to an overall goal. 3.) Measure engagement levels, and ask for staff ’s feedback about what could be done better When you measure your staff’s engagement levels, and ask for their feedback about what can be improved in a business, you are tapping into an incredible resource of ideas and knowledge. After all, who knows a business better than those that are working in it every day? Establishing an anonymous two-way communication system to measure engagement and ask for feedback can help identify concerns before they become real problems – this could cover a whole range of things, e.g. how physical premises are impacting customers’ experience which could help prioritise repairs and upkeep. Most importantly, what’s measured can be improved: when you focus on improving employee engagement, you end up improving customer satisfaction as well, as employees who are engaged and empowered in their jobs feel motivated to deliver the best results they can for their business. Employee engagement clearly isn’t the answer to all the problems and issues faced by the Hospitality industry, but it certainly addresses many of them. And those it doesn’t address are so much easier to tackle with an engaged team! By Stefan Wissenbach, Founder and Chief Engagement Officer at Engagement Multiplier Stefan is a serial entrepreneur and speaker who is passionate about the transformational impact of engagement on people’s lives and businesses. His company Engagement Multiplier is a digital platform that enables businesses and individuals all over the world to simply and efficiently measure and improve engagement levels by generating real, honest feedback from anonymous surveys every 90 days.

Britons Drinking Less But Drinking Better The latest edition of CGA’s Alcohol Sales Tracker reveals a fall in the volume of drinks sales but rising interest in premium bars and drinks. British drinkers are increasingly favouring premium drinks from branded pubs and upmarket bars, new data from CGA’s exclusive Alcohol Sales Tracker reveals. The research estimates the total value of the out-of-home alcoholic drinks market at £24.6 billion in the year to midJune—a year-on-year increase of just 0.6%, but against a decline of 2.6% in volume terms. It continues a long-term slowdown as British consumers scale back their drinking occasions and spend a little more money on slightly fewer drinks. The reduction has been most apparent in London, where growth in the value of sales has more than halved in the last year. The Alcohol Sales Tracker reveals a particular drop in sales of alcoholic drinks through leased and tenanted pubs, and only marginal growth among independent operators. Instead, consumers are increasingly opting to drink at premium bars and managed pubs, often combining their visits with eating. CGA classifies 35% of the out-of-home drinking market as premium—but these outlets now account for 47% of all sales by value, and are gaining market share each year. Sales growth through the managed pub sector is also healthy, standing at 2.8% in the year to mid-June. Amongst the trends revealed by the latest Alcohol Sales

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Tracker is the above-average sales value growth of 2% in the cider sector, partly driven by warm spring and early summer weather, powerful brand marketing and the rising popularity of artisan producers. By contrast, sales growth in spirits has halved in the past year. The research suggests that more drinkers are heeding messages about healthy levels of alcohol consumption, and are becoming more adventurous in their choices when they do decide to go out. CGA chief executive Phil Tate said: “Our figures reveal the increasing complexity and sophistication of Britain’s out-ofhome drinks market. The small fall in volume sales rebuts the much-publicised idea that levels of unhealthy drinking are soaring, suggesting instead that consumers are continuing to demand better quality when they choose to drink out.” “While we are still seeing value growth it is no surprise we have seen a small decline in this figure. Market conditions at the end of H1 2017 are different to conditions at the end of 2016. We’ve had the referendum, two major terror attacks and a snap election. The fact that there is still growth shows how resilient consumers are, how customer-centric the market remains.” Tate added: “Brands that can supply their customers with the right range, atmosphere and experience, and establish clear points of difference from the mainstream, will be best placed to thrive in the years ahead. Staying on top of drinks trends via the Alcohol Sales Tracker and CGA’s other research services will be paramount in achieving that.”

Rebecca Pow MP Nominates Local Pub Chefs for Prestigious National Awards Taunton Deane MP Rebecca Pow has nominated local pub chef Mark Roberts of the Hankridge Arms 2017/18 Parliamentary Pub Chef of the Year awards. Veteran Chef Mark is no stranger to awards and has dozens of culinary awards ranging from receiving two AA Rosettes at the acclaimed John Bees in Portsmouth to second place in another Chef of the Year competition. He says: “I am very young at heart. I’m busy serving over 1000 meals a week and yet I still love what I do after forty years in the industry. I’m looking forward to this competition!” The nomination sees Rob join a host of chefs up and down the country compete for the accolade of Pub Chef of the Year from the two categories, Pub Chef and Young Pub Chef of the Year. Entrants will be judged by an expert panel who will shortlist contenders for the cook-off where they will display their skills to organisers, The British Beer and Pub Association as well as judges from sponsors, Nestlé Professional, the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group and acclaimed TV guest chef presenter and former Michelin star holder, Paul Merret. Rebecca Pow MP says: “The Hankridge Arms is a beautiful C16th pub with a country feel, yet situated next to the M5 J25 on the retail park. The award winning chef, Mark Roberts creates an extensive menu using the finest locally sourced seasonal produce. There are roaring log fires in the winter to complete the cosy, yet quality dining experience.” Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the BBPA said: “With pubs serving around a billion meals each year it is important to recognise the contribution pub chefs make to the eating out experience in this country. The outstanding range of culinary options that span from breakfast to evening meals demonstrates

the huge wealth of creativity in pub kitchens, big and small. “Many leading, well-known celebrity chefs have ventured into the pub arena helping to further boost the quality of food in pubs, whilst still making it an affordable treat. Our aim is to highlight the talented chefs around the country, help spot future stars and encourage more young people to consider training and working as a chef in a pub.”


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September 2017

Pub and Restaurant Groups See Slight Sales Growth in July IT’S STEADY as you go for Britain’s managed pub and restaurant chains. Latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker show that collective like-for-like sales were up by 0.6% across the sector in July compared to the same month last year. There was little difference between trading inside and outside the M25, with London ahead 0.5%, compared to a 0.7% like-for-like increase for the rest of the country. Restaurant chains just edged ahead of pub groups in performance, showing a collective 0.9% like-for-like growth rate against 0.4% for pub and bar operators. “It’s an essentially flat market out there, wit the modest 0.6% growth rate exactly the same as we saw in June,” said Peter Martin, vice president of CGA, the business insight consultancy that produces the Tracker, in partnership with Coffer Group and RSM. “Despite all the media talk of fragile consumer confidence, it appears that the British are continuing to go out to eat and drink much as they did last year – which is good news. However, the increased cost pressures that operators across the sector are facing this year, particularly from increases in business rates and food costs, mean that margins are being squeezed and businesses are feeling the pinch,” added Martin. “Operators have been looking for efficiencies, but also

increasing prices to mitigate rising costs. According to CGA’s latest Business Confidence Survey this summer, over 80% of operators have introduced at least some price rises this year, with a third implementing them across the board. These latest Tracker trading figures show that those rises haven’t stopped the public spending, but neither have they significantly boosted income for operators. It remains a tough market,” he said. Total sales growth in July among the 37 companies in the Tracker cohort was 3.7%, reflecting the continuing if more subdued effect of new openings over the year. The underlying annual sales trend shows sector like-for-likes running at 1.6% ahead for the 12 months to the end of July. “The market is essentially stable, with little dynamic movement in any of the sub-markets, geographically or by sector. The good weather in July should have benefitted wet led venues which makes the relatively strong figures from the restaurant sector encouraging,” said Trevor Watson, executive director, valuations, at Davis Coffer Lyons. “These latest figures will be greeted with a degree of relief by operators. Despite household budgets becoming increasingly stretched, consumers continue to indulge in eating and drinking out. We’ve seen businesses who develop exciting and affordable concepts outpacing competitors and attracting investors keen to support ambitious roll out plans,” added Paul Newman, head of leisure and hospitality at RSM UK.

The Way Forward with SOP International Your Leading Asian & Oriental Food Specialist

THE COMPANY has seen significant growth over the last 12 months particularly in mainstream retail. Leading brands such as Khanum, Squid Brand Fish Sauce, Vitasoy and Ajumma Republic can be found in a number of the multiples. SOP have ambitious plans to further grow our sales in 2017 with both existing and new customers as they launch yet more new products for both retail and the catering trade. “People are travelling to more exotic destinations and this, coupled with the trend for authentic ingredients, means retailers have seen an increase in shoppers looking to bring their

Beer Box Shop


NOW IN its fourth year Beer Box Shop is going from strength to strength and is about to make its fourth premises change to allow for the ever-growing range of off the shelf boxes. “Our core customers have always been breweries and specialist bottle shops as you would expect, but over the last 12 months we have experienced a huge growth in sales to pubs, bars, restaurants and non-traditional customers from other areas” said Director Simon Hulse. “As more and more bars and restaurants are stocking ranges of craft beers,

favourite flavours from around the globe into their own kitchen.” says Dion Saayman, Marketing Manager. SOP offers an extensive range of products including Rice, Coconut Milk & Water, Butter & Vegetable Ghee, Spices, Cooking Oils, Snacks, Mango products and canned vegetables and fruit. The company are agents for many leading brands familiar to most Oriental & Asian households. Our experienced and energetic team is committed to providing a level of service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. For more information and to view a full list of products available go to or call S.O.P. on TEL: (+44) 01992 584 466. ciders and gins we are seeing a sharp rise in sales as these outlets take advantage of off sales and gifting opportunities”. Beer Box Shop launched its online web shop last year and now has the largest range of off the shelf boxes for beer in the UK along with a next day delivery service. “When we launched Beer Box Shop in 2014 we had a basic range of gift boxes for 330ml and 500ml bottles but the range quickly grew to include carriers, can gift boxes, glass and bottle gift sets, shipping solutions and much more. Our aim is to always offer a fast, professional and friendly service and this has led to a loyal following of customers from the smallest microbrewery through to large national breweries who receive regular orders of printed boxes”. For more information see or ad on page 17.

September 2017

Industry Hits Out at Proposed Curb On “Low-Skilled” Migrants Proposed restrictions to cut to the number of low skilled EU migrants working in the United Kingdom. After Brexit have been criticised by industry leaders. A leaked paper which is believed not to be signed off by ministers has suggested that the United Kingdom will adopt a “more selective approach” on EU migration which will be based on the United Kingdom’s economic and social needs, thus ending free movement of labour in 2019. The document leaked to the Guardian newspaper also states that the government will look at issues such as skills shortages, and introducing a system that would end the right to settle in Britain for most EU workers, and will also implement restrictions on rights to bring in family members. The document said, “the public must have confidence in our ability to control immigration from the EU. Although net migration from the EU has fallen over the past year, we cannot exercise control over it. At present, as free movement gives EU citizens are right to reside in the UK, regardless of the economic needs of this country” Responding to the leaked document BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds, comments: “This document suggests that there may be a cap on low-skilled workers which would undermine the needs of the pub industry, where we rely a great deal on those with the soft skills needed to provide great hospitality. “Whilst the brewing and pub sector does employ thousands of UK citizens, 17 per cent of our 900,000 employees are from overseas and this rises to 40 per cent plus, in metropolitan areas. For some companies it is much higher, particularly for kitchen staff. The UK’s low unemployment rates are going to make it extremely hard to replace these employees with UK nationals. If there were to be a cap for EU employees, it must be at a level that can sustain our industry. “It is however, good to read that the Government will be taking on board the views of the Migration Advisory

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Committee. The BBPA is already in touch with the Committee and they are keen to meet with us. “Overall, there must be a greater understanding of the needs of our sector from Government, if we are to continue to compete for customers and provide the service and quality expected from overseas and domestic visitors; some 14 million of which visit the great British pub every week.” Ufi Ibrahim, the chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, said: “If these proposals are implemented it could be catastrophic for the UK hospitality industry and for those who enjoy the hospitality it brings – whether it be in restaurants, theatres, hotels, bars and tourist attractions. The Government need to be urgently reminded that socalled unskilled workers in hospitality – the ambassadors for our country – are necessary. It is not just the bankers and the lawyers that are needed to fill the employment gaps. Our research, from KPMG, shows that at least 60,000 new EU service workers are needed per year just to fill the vacancies in hospitality. The research showed that 75 per cent of waiters, 25 per cent of chefs and 37 per cent of housekeepers are EU nationals. And in London and the south-east, especially, some business rely totally on EU service workers. The UK has near full-employment so where are the recruits going to come from for the UK’s fourth largest industry that employs over 4.5 people nationwide? That said the BHA has already submitted to the Government a 10-year-plan to encourage more UK people to consider a career in hospitality. It will take this long. The idea that so-called ‘unskilled workers’ would be able to stay for up to two years, whereas others can stay longer, is deliberately discriminatory and with other restrictions will add unnecessary red tape. We understand the need and the wish to reduce immigration but we need to tread carefully and be aware of the unintended consequences – some businesses will fail, taking UK jobs with them.”

‘Upselling’ In Pubs Fuelling the Obesity Crisis

A NEW report published by RSPH and Slimming World, exposes that the average person consumes an additional 330 calories each week – 17,000 per year – as a result of businesses, including pubs & restaurants upselling high calorie food and drink. Over the course of the year that could result in an estimated weight gain of 5lbs (2.3kg). The report, which includes a survey of 2,055 UK adults, shows that consumers face an average of 106 verbal pushes towards unhealthy choices each year as they are asked whether they would like to upgrade to larger meals and drinks, add high calorie toppings or sides to their order or take advantage of special offers on unhealthy food and drink. It reveals that, in the course of a week, upselling techniques used by businesses resulted in 34% of people buying a larger coffee than intended, 33% upgrading to a large meal in a fast food restaurant, 36% buying chocolate at the till at a newsagents or petrol station and 35% adding chips or onion rings to the side of their pub or restaurant meal. The findings showed that young people are even more likely to be exposed to upselling, with 18-24 year-olds experiencing it 166 times each year – nearly every other day – and going on to consume an extra 750 calories per week as a result. This could lead to an estimated weight gain of 11lbs (5kg) over the course

of a year. Shirley Cramer CBE, Chief Executive, RSPH said: “Almost everyone can relate to the feeling of being pressured into buying extra calories through upselling. Our latest report shows the extent to which these extra calories can really add up, often without us noticing. We hope that through this work the public can become more aware of how businesses target them with upselling and help people to maintain a healthy weight.” Sharon Hodgson MP, Shadow Public Health Minister said: “The promotion of unhealthy food has clearly infiltrated our society and is contributing significantly to the burgeoning obesity crisis we see today. Alongside the many actions to address obesity, it is crucial that consumers are empowered to make healthier choices at the checkout rather than being bombarded with junk food marketing or encouraged to upgrade to a larger drink or meal than the one originally ordered.” Commenting on the report findings, Caroline Cerny, Alliance Lead at the Obesity Health Alliance, said:”It’s all too easy to eat more than we need when we are encouraged to buy larger sizes, add unhealthy extras or take advantage of special offers when it comes to unhealthy food and drink. There is clear evidence that marketing techniques persuade us to eat and drink more of the wrong types of food and this is driving the obesity epidemic. The food industry can play a vital role by helping to make healthier choices the easy choice and creating a healthier food environment for us all.”

Read all the latest news from the licensed industry at @CLHNews


Government Consider Ban On ‘All You Can Eat’ And Food Challenges EATING CHALLENGES and all you can eat restaurant deals have gone so stale they should be banned, according to waste solution company who argue that in an age of food shortages, food banks and incredible amounts of food waste, there is no room for the over-consumption of food as entertainment. The rise of eating challenges and all you can eat food offers is creating an excess of food waste at a time when many people are in desperate need, and are calling for a complete ban on such promotions. In addition to the shortage of food for those living in poverty, are also drawing attention to the obesity epidemic, which puts a huge strain on our NHS both now and in the future. Mark Hall spokesperson for said: “We’re living in a time of massive disparity and inequality, where so many people are using food banks to survive, that the idea of eating as much as you possibly can just for fun is incredibly insulting and ignorant. “While some people don’t have enough to eat, we’re throwing away food on offensive challenges like these, most of which ends up as waste anyway. Almost 80% of food from these kinds of activities have been found to end up in the bin rather than going where it’s desperately needed. “And that’s before we even begin to look at the problem we have with obesity today. More and more children are clinically obese and it’s having a terrible effect on their current and future health. All you can eat challenges and restaurant offers are setting a very bad example to children that

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


eating too much is both normal and fun.” Said Hall Poverty has risen to such an extent that homelessness has increased for the sixth year in a row, with over 4,100 people estimated to be homeless in the UK in 2017. Food bank use has risen for the ninth successive year, with the 2000 UK food banks serving 1.2million meals to families in need. But at the same time, 1.6million children in this country are starting their school years overweight. are not alone, with signs that the public are also becoming disillusioned with the concept of eating to excess for entertainment. Sarah Walker, 44, from London said: “I try to bring my kids up with a healthy diet so they get into good habits while they’re young. They see all these stupid challenges on the internet encouraging people to stuff their faces for a laugh, and they think it’s a laugh but I won’t let them do it themselves. “As a family, we’ve had times when we couldn’t afford to waste food and as lucky as we are now I know there are still people out there who are where we used to be, it feels wrong to me to waste food like that.” The all you can eat restaurant offer is a particular problem now, say, with 15% of the food waste in the UK produced by the restaurant sector. However, have a solution that they think could be the answer to the all you can eat problem. Their spokesperson said: “Restaurants are producing over 3 million tons of waste every year, which is outrageous. “In our opinion these challenges should be banned, but if they insist on doing all you can eat challenges they should paying for two homeless meals for everyone one unnecessarily huge meal they serve to each customer.”

Restaurants Asked to Serve Up Charity Meal-For-Meal Deal

A MANCHESTER social enterprise is calling on the nation’s eateries to donate a plate. Foodinate, which aims to create a sustainable impact on food poverty, is asking restaurant owners across the country to offer a meal-for-a-meal deal to help the homeless. Basically, when a customer chooses a meal marked with the Foodinate logo from a participating restaurant’s menu, a plate of hot food is served up to a homeless person by a pre-selected charity. The cost of the donated meal is covered by the restaurant. To date, the not-for-profit organisation’s scheme, which was launched in Manchester, has been backed by some of the city’s favourite establishments including George’s Dining Room and Bar – owned by Ryan Giggs. But the company is keen for many more food establishments to join the venture. So far, 8,000 hot meals have been provided to people across Manchester but founder of the scheme, Caroline Stevenson, wants the initiative to be rolled out nationwide. She acknowledged the need for her venture, after seeing people begging on the streets in the UK – the world’s seventh richest country. “Homelessness is still a major problem in Manchester so I wanted to create a sustainable impact on this issue and that’s exactly what Foodinate aims to do,” she said.

“All restaurants need to do is choose a few options from their menu to include in the campaign, which are signposted by our small menu icon, to support us in our quest.” Restaurants who sign up to the initiative, can expect to attract new customers, boost their customer loyalty and increase their higher-margin sales. Ryan Giggs said: “Foodinate has been a success. We really liked the simplicity of the concept from the outset and we are proud to be one of the first restaurants to sign-up to it. “If you own a restaurant and you’re wondering what you can do to help your communities – this would be a great way to help.” The public have been showing support for restaurants backing the campaign. Helen Turner from Bolton said: “It’s such a great idea – I hope some of the bigger chains sign up to this!” while Jamie Driver from London commented: “They’ve clearly found a solution to assist in reducing food poverty whilst bringing a commercial advantage to businesses.” Last year, Foodinate won the RBS and Entrepreneurial Spark 2016 ‘Boost a Business award’, beating 800 other businesses to the prize – and Caroline even got the opportunity to meet Leonardo DiCaprio. Any businesses interested in signing up to the Foodinate campaign, can contact for more information.



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

September 2017

85% Of Customers Prefer to Leave a Positive Reviews A SURVEY from Fourth, the software partner to the hospitality sector, has found that 85% of customers would be more inclined to leave a positive dining review than a negative one. The survey, which was conducted across a nationally representative panel of 1,500 consumers, revealed that customers left on average 3.4 reviews a year and the core drivers behind leaving a positive review were: quality food (87%); attentive staff (69.4%); and quick service (46.7%). The findings also highlighted that younger consumers (1629 year olds) were twice as likely to leave a negative review as their older counterparts (45-59 year olds). Interestingly, the younger age cohort (16-29 year olds) is twice as likely to leave a negative review because of incorrect website information, than the middle age cohort (30-44 year olds); and more than eight times as likely than the older age cohort (44-59 year olds). When asked what factors influenced leaving a negative review, the top results were: poor quality food (78.8%); rude staff (68.6%); and waiting time for food (61.9%). The survey also revealed that operators had the best chance of mitigating a negative review if the food wasn’t up to scratch, if they provided: a discounted bill (58.2%); great service throughout the meal (46.2%); the offer of a compli-

mentary return visit (39.2%). Commenting on the statistics, Catherine Marshall, Communications Director at Fourth said: “Customer-driven online review platforms, such as TripAdvisor, have become very influential drivers in generating footfall. “It is clear that the younger, tech-savvy generations are more critical than the older generations when it comes to leaving negative feedback and therefore forward-thinking operators seeking to future proof their business are tracking, analysing and acting upon customer sentiment. “Given the importance of online reputation, we’re increasingly seeing businesses request smart technology solutions that help assess, reinforce and enhance their online reputations. This could be our Ten Kites Automated Menu Publishing Solution, that automatically updates all websites across an estate when a menu change is implemented; or a Fourth Analytics module that tracks and collates customer feedback from a variety of platforms, allowing businesses to cross-reference negative sentiment against variables, such as who was working at that time or menu availability. “In the end, it all comes down to businesses utilising technology to get total transparency on their operation so that they can make informed decisions to improve sentiment and drive sales – two vital levers in today’s challenging environment.”

The European Pizza and Pasta Show 15-16 November 2017, Olympia London

THE EUROPEAN Pizza and Pasta Show will bring together the best of pizza and pasta brands, food and beverage producers, as well as world renowned chefs and master pizzaioli from UK, Europe and beyond. For two days in November every year, the prestigious Olympia London turns into a colourful and exquisite celebration of the best cooking and baking traditions of Europe. Organised in association with PAPA - Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association and with over 120 companies participating, from countries as far as PR China, Canada, Chile and USA - the event is truly international and will offer the best produce to UK leading restaurateurs, retailers, wholesalers and hospitality buyers. Sponsored by the UK leading frozen pizza manufacturer Kiren’s Pizza Mia range, equipment distributor - Jestic, ingredients supplier - Ornua’s Palatina range, leading kitchen accessories manufacturer from Italy - GI Metal and the wine powerhouse E.&J. Gallo, The European Pizza and Pasta Show will host three major culinary competitions: The European Pizza Championship lead by Enrico Fama, founder of the Academia Ristorazioni SRL Italy, and The UK Finals for Pizza and Pasta Chefs of 2017 with lead

judge and celebrity chef Theo Randall. For the first time SIBA – Society of Independent Brewers of UK will showcase leading beer brands at the Craft Beer Experience Live area, while on the Craft Beer Experience theatre leading beer sommeliers will share their expertise with exclusively selected business audience. Also for the first time, the show will highlight the new trend of disruptive and innovative development in food manufacturing by introducing a company that has and is defining the limits of “normal”. Founded by Vaiva Kalnikaite, N FOOD - based in Cambridge UK, will showcase future food delicacies produced by a 3D printer kitchen robot. On 15-16 of November 2017, over 4,000 selected trade buyers will be treated with unforgettable culinary creations from the world best chefs and pizzaioli. Networking opportunities are available through supporting events FBIP – Food and Beverage Law and IP Summit and The EPPS Networking Cocktail at Hilton Olympia. On the night of the 16th, the show will culminate with the industry Annual PAPA Awards Dinner at Lancaster Hotel, London. Welcome to The European Pizza and Pasta Show 2017! Don’t miss it, join us and celebrate with us! See the advert on page 3 or #EPPShow F: The European Pizza Pasta Show

Jake Berry MP Has A ‘Pizza’ The Pub Action The Community Pubs Minister, Jake Berry MP called in at the New Inn at Tholthorpe in North Yorkshire to see the how the recent addition of a shop being run in a pub has improved local services – and to try his hand at making pizzas. Pub owners, Cameron and Dionne Reid installed a village shop and bakery in the bar of their popular village pub last year to provide the local community with much-needed access to essential everyday items without having to travel an 8-mile round trip to the nearest shop. At the same time, they have added a wood-fired pizza oven to their main restaurant to expand their menu and to offer take away options for locals. The shop area fits neatly in at one end of the bar so that staff can serve both areas at the same time and was initiated and completed in April 2016 with support, advice and a grant of £3,500 from Pub is The Hub, the rural pub champions. Established in 2001, Pub is The Hub

inspires and encourages good licensees who run rural pubs to provide additional much-needed community services and activities; from libraries, shops and post offices to IT training and dementia friendly lunch clubs. The Minister was so impressed with the range of goods on offer that he couldn’t resist purchasing an Italian aubergine as perhaps one of the most unusual items to be found in a Yorkshire pub shop! Then he chatted with Simon Theakston, Pub is The Hub Chairman and Executive Director at Theakston’s, before sampling a pint of the local beer with John Lewis, the owner of Treboom Brewery near York. Community Pubs Minister Jake Berry said: “Pub is The Hub is a lifeline for Britain’s rural communities, helping people to access the services and activities they need while enjoying a pint in the familiar setting of their local. “The New Inn demonstrates that even a modest grant can transform a traditional Yorkshire pub into a shop, a pizzeria and above all a hub for the whole community.”

Props4shows - Prepare To Be Inspired

Props4shows is a family run business, selling one of the UK’s largest and most extensive ranges of all things prop for any event or display purpose. Our range includes fake foods, artificial foliage, replica animals and birds, seasonal and themed props among many more. Combining with our next day delivery service on thousands of in stock products, we usually have something to suit any display or prop requirement, making us a one stop prop shop available to all. We particularly specialise in replica foods, offering a beautifully realistic and extensive range of breads, cakes, meats, fruits, vegetables and all things sumptuous.

Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd FAMILY RUN business Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd is UK exclusive distributor for range of exceptional, highest quality, outstanding, handmade wood (and gas) fired ovens. Company was set up in The UK in 2015 by Bart & Monika targeting mobile catering sector with their flag model mobile wood fired pizza oven which was amazing

Perfect for creating timeless food arrangements in open kitchens and entertaining areas. With this in mind we have enjoyed working closely with many well known hotel, restaurant and bar chains, helping them achieve a very unique and stylish feel to their establishments. If you have an upcoming event or are looking for inspiration for a display you have in mind, have a browse on our web shop and order online, or if you need help to conceptualise your idea, our friendly sales team are just a phone call away. Large quantities of items can also usually be sourced, as well as special order items. Tel: 03333 440078 Email: See the advert on page 39 for details.

success. We help realize the dream of own mobile catering business and also a standout opportunity for experienced and established caterers and restauranteurs. By the end of 2016 company has responded to massively growing outdoor pizza ovens market demand and developed new product lines – amazing stone or stainless steel garden and commercial ovens. All our ovens are hand made from scratch, Built in traditional artisan way with highest quality refractory materials, properly insulated and reinforced. Have any questions? Call 0330 010 1303, email: or visit

7 Year Backlog of Business Rate Appeals THE HUGE, and exact, number of hospitality businesses still waiting for the outcome of their appeals against business rate rises seven years ago has been revealed – 20,490. The number was obtained by the British Hospitality Association and business rates specialist Altus through a Freedom of Information request. Ufi Ibrahim, the chief executive of the British Hospitality Association said: “The findings from our Freedom of Information request paint a chaotic picture. We now know the full extent of the rates crisis facing the hospitality industry. This is further compounded by the lack of clarity concerning the new appeals process for this year’s increases. Through no fault of its own the Valuation Office is underfunded and thus over run. The government needs to act now for our members and the wider hospitality community.” Business rate expert David Shuttleworth, vice-president of specialist surveyors Altus UK said: “We are acutely aware that this is a particularly challenging climate for many operators to

stay profitable, and we have sympathy with the frustrations that many businesses in the hospitality sector face when addressing their rates rises. “The recently published Valuation Office Business Plan commits the agency to settling all 2010 Rating List appeals by 31st March 2019 so businesses may have nearly 2 more years for their retrospective appeals to be concluded. This at the same time that increases in rates as a consequence of the 2017 Rating Revaluation are impacting on SMEs in particular.” The average increase in Rateable Values on hotels for the 2017 revaluation is around 23 per cent with some businesses facing rises a lot higher. Westminster, central London, has seen average rises of 39 per cent and in Eastbourne, on the south coast, the figure is 45 per cent. Restaurants and pubs face massive increases too, notwithstanding the £1,000 a year rebate given to the pubs which works out at just £20 a week. Business rates will be a key issue at the BHA’s annual hospitality and tourism day in parliament on October 10. Last year’s event was attended by over 150 business owners and 65 MPs.

Bidfood to Host Second plate2planet Live! Summit FOOD WASTE, food poverty and sustainable menus are all on the agenda for this year’s plate2planet Live! summit, which will take place on Thursday, 2nd November. Hosted by Bidfood at one of the world’s most sustainable venues, The Crystal in London, the event will build on the success of last year’s inaugural summit. Under the theme of Responsible Production and Consumption, one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the summit will once again bring to life the online platform and share best practice in the industry through lively debates, break-out discussion groups and a line-up of influential speakers – including WRAP, BaxterStorey and Unilever. Hosted for the second year by Steve Malkin, CEO of The Planet Mark tm, the day-long event will focus on collaboration and bring together influencers from across

the foodservice sector to address some of the most pressing sustainability issues facing the industry. Head of Sustainability at Bidfood, Shirley Duncalf, said: “The success and feedback from last year’s plate2planet Live! summit was overwhelming and we’re so pleased to be hosting this event again in November. “We want to take this summit to the next level by carving out clear objectives for us to tackle together as an industry. By providing a more interactive experience, we hope to capture the views of the sector and collaboratively work together to create solutions to the challenges we all face. “We’re embarking on an exciting journey with plate2planet and it made sense to bring back the summit for a second year to continue working with the industry on making positive change.” For more information on plate2planet, please visit:

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

September 2017

Inbound Visitor Numbers Bounce Back DATA FROM the British Hospitality Association’s (BHA) Travel Monitor has shown inbound passengers in June returned to growth increasing 7.4% year-on-year, a significant improvement on the 2% decrease yearon-year for May. However this growth is still below the 13% growth seen in the first four months of 2017. The BHA’s Travel Monitor showed continued growth from North America with visitor numbers up 34% while short haul travel growth remained subdued with traveller numbers from Europe up only 2%. The differentiation in inbound tourism growth from the two continents could show long-haul travel holding up better in the wake of the terrorist incidents due to the longer booking period to travel. The number of UK residents travelling abroad for their holidays increased 7%, rebounding from the 5% decline in May, indicating a potentially weaker domestic staycation market in the UK. Holiday visitors grew strongly increasing 21% but busi-

ness travellers continue to decline down 7% year- on-year for June. Overall UK spend by overseas residents is up 2% which is surprisingly low given the large increase in visitors from high-spending North America and the weak pound. Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the British Hospitality Association said: “It’s positive to see visitors returning to the UK after a difficult May. The latest BHA Travel Monitor shows that inbound travel from Europe in June was only up 2% in spite of the weak pound, showing that the UK cannot build its tourism strategy on currency fluctuations. With business travel down 7% the government must ensure that the UK remains open for business by immediately reducing the rate of Tourism VAT, which is double that of our European competitors. “The UK is the best country in the world to visit and we welcome the suggestion that the government has taken on board BHA policy and aim to retain visa-free access for EU visitors, who make up two thirds of all visitors to Britain, after Brexit. The UK must also take advantage of growing global tourism and further tap into new markets, reforming non-EU tourist visa systems too.”

Nominations for BBPA’S Parliamentary Pub Chef Awards 2017/18 Gather Momentum THE BRITISH Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) opened the second Parliamentary Pub Chef Awards competition last month in association with Nestlé Professional and the All Party Beer Group, and nominations are gaining pace with entries coming in from around the country. The success of the 2015/16 awards, in which over 120 entries were received, sets the benchmark to be beaten as MPs recognise the huge contribution pubs make to the dining out market.


The summer recess offers MPs the prime opportunity to get out into their constituencies, visit their local pubs and look to nominate their best and most impressive pub chefs. Government Minister and Penrith and The Border MP, Rory Stewart, was quick off the mark nominating Chef Stephen Kierney of The Cross Keys, in Penrith. He said: “Pubs are of huge importance to our constituency, the role they play within our community and the benefit they add to both the local, and national economy. Pubs serve almost a billion meals a year; with more pubs recognising that great food will attract more customers and boost business. My constituency has many outstanding chefs and it’s been a hard choice but I am delighted to nominate Stephen for this important award.”

With nominations closing on 27th October, pub chefs are vying for recognition in the two categories – Pub Chef and Young Pub Chef. A glowing example of the benefit of the awards is Chef Robert Yuill, the previous winner of the Young Pub Chef category. His career has advanced significantly as a result of the award, he says: “Winning the award made an instant difference to my life. It brought instant recognition locally via local news and media, and opened up doors for me to progress professionally. I enjoyed every aspect of the competition. It was a privilege to be involved in something so passionate in recognising the skills that go into cooking in pubs, and all the expertise shared by all the people involved. I learned that I can perform under immense pressure, and that on the day I could compete with some of the best in the country. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” In December, a panel of judges that will include former Michelin Star holder and TV guest chef Paul Merrett; Chief Executive of the BBPA Brigid Simmonds and an executive chef from Nestlé Professional, will choose shortlisted finalists who will go forward to a cook-off. Winners will be announced in early 2018. Pubs can prompt their MP to visit and nominate their chefs by visiting and entering their postcode. MP contact information and twitter details can be found here.

Time Is Running Out to Find The Best-Looking Pubs In Britain AS THE deadline for entries for CAMRA’s national Pub Design Awards approaches, pubgoers are encouraged to nominate their favourite local with an outstanding building design by the 23rd September. Held in association with Historic England, the awards recognise high standards of architecture, refurbishment, conservation and construction and are open to all pubs in the UK. Buildings can be nominated by anyone – whether they are a landlord, pub company or simply an admiring local. Last year the Scottish Stores in London grabbed national headlines after winning the Conservation Award. Originally designed in 1900, the pub was tastefully conserved back to its original Jacobean woodwork after nearly three decades as an infamous stripper’s pub in King’s Cross. The competition includes five categories: • New Build: For entirely new built pubs • Refurbishment: Can range from a complete gutting and replacement to an enhancement of what was originally there • Conversion to Pub Use: Where an existing building is converted to pub use

• CAMRA/Historic England Award: This award, sponsored by Historic England, is usually given for work which conserves what is good in the pub to ensure its future for generations of customers • Joe Goodwin Award: Named after the late CAMRA chair Joe Goodwin – is reserved for outstanding refurbished street-corner locals Sean Murphy, CAMRA’s Pub Design Awards coordinator says: “The Pub Design Awards aim to showcase the very best in architectural design. “These prestigious awards help raise the profile of numerous pubs that exemplify the very best of Britain. Individually, they each tell a story of huge potential and dedication, regardless of whether a pub is a new build or a much-loved heritage pub restored to its former glory.” To enter the competition or to find out more information, simply visit: Entrants may be required to provide additional photographs and plans of the building, so the pub licensee should always be made aware of and approve the entry. All entries must be received by 23 September 2017.

Treasure Trove of Cutting-Edge Vegan Products and Recipes On Offer at VegfestUK Trade for Pub and Restaurant Owners THE UK’S first Vegan Trade show VegfestUK Trade comes to Olympia London on Friday October 20th 2017, with up to 160 stalls showcasing the latest vegan products, and 6 featured areas of panels tailored to independent vegan business owners, those from the catering and retailing sectors amongst many other professionals. Of particular interest to pub and restaurant owners are the Plant-Based Chefs Corner and the Independent Retailers Lounge, with chefs including Aldo Zilli, Christine Bailey and Pasquale Amico who will be offering a range of vegan recipes and expertise. The Chefs Corner will offer plenty of easy, accessible and attractive vegan recipe ideas for the catering and hospitality trades to incorporate into their

Brindisa, Spain on Your Plate BRINDISA HAS spent the last 30 years searching out artisan foods from the best producers in Spain; during this time we have developed long term relationships with many of our suppliers, allowing us to raise awareness of the quality of their products in the UK market.

Our range now includes all the categories needed by the restaurant and retail sectors; from fresh fruit and vegetables to

daily operations. Recipes include vegan pastries and other desserts, vegan “cheeses”, vegan Italian dishes, healthy, optimum-nutrition vegan options, alongside a demo in making vegan lattes using plant-based “milks”. This area also includes advice on how best to cater for vegans, as well as a showcase of various brands of vegan “meats”. Meanwhile, the Retailers Lounge will shed light on identifying the hottest items on the vegan market, avoiding potential pitfalls in catering to customers seeking clarity on the vegan criteria, and also increasing their sales of vegan products after the event. Pub owners will be intrigued by the discussion surrounding which types of alcohol are vegan and which are not, in addition to another panel showcasing the latest vegan ready meals. Trade and Media professionals can register to attend the Trade show for free at: See the advert on the back cover of this issue for details. olive oils and vinegars; cured acorn fed hams to dried or prepared pulses; as well as a remarkable range of cheeses, preserved fish, fresh meat and charcuterie. With a focus on service and quality, and our own van distribution in London, we can make sure that we supply you with Spain’s best and most exciting products speedily and safely. Whether you want ingredients such as saffron, paprika, vinegars and rice for your restaurant, or a range of artisan cheeses or beautifully packaged items for retailers, Brindisa can supply them all. For further information 020 8772 1600,, or see the advert on page 2.

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

September 2017

Is It Acceptable to Serve Food In Shoes, Dog Bowls, Or Plant Pots? BACK IN 2014, MasterChef judge William Sitwell described square plates as “an abomination”. The battle over acceptable eating vessels has moved a long way since then, with the popular Twitter account We Want Plates currently documenting a series of unconventional plate replacements – including shovels, dog bowls and even shoes. To see exactly what the public is willing to eat their food off, YouGov Omnibus showed 2,030 Brits a series of increasingly unconventional eating vessels (drawn from the We Want Plates archive) and asked them to tell us which they consider to be acceptable for restaurants, cafés and pubs to serve meals on or in. Of the objects shown, the public viewed footwear as the least acceptable means of presenting food. Fewer than one in ten Brits (9%) say it is acceptable to serve food in a shoe (it is worth noting the question wording did stipulate that all vessels are clean). A dog bowl is the second-most inappropriate plate replacement. The overwhelming majority of Brits take exception to eating from the same type of dish as Fido and Rex, with just one in ten (10%) saying it was an acceptable thing to eat food from. Three other vessels also failed to gain the support of a majority of Brits: shovels (17%), jars (18%) and flooring panels (28%).

One unconventional food receptacle does gain favour with a majority of Brits, however – a plant pot. Just over half (52%) say it would be ok for restaurants, cafés and pubs to serve food in a plant pot (which in the photo used in the research was holding a portion of chips), compared to 45% who consider it unacceptable. Unsurprisingly, the standard circular plate was the least controversial vessel – pretty much everyone (99%) believes they are an acceptable way to serve food. The results also show that William Sitwell seems to have lost the war on square plates, as 96% of Brits consider them an appropriate surface for food. Slates and wooden boards also receive the backing of the majority of Brits (69% and 64% respectively). Both are staples of restaurants and gastropubs attempting to effect a classier atmosphere, and, perhaps as a result, are the only two vessels on which there is a noticeable difference between working and middle class opinion. Those in the ABC1 social grades (middle class) are 12 percentage points more likely to consider slates acceptable than those in the C2DE social grades (working class), and 8 points more likely when it comes to wooden boards. While this selection of unusual culinary conveyances may cause some to raise their eyebrows and roll their eyeballs, we may see more of them in future. The results show that younger Britons are generally more likely than their elder peers to consider it ok to serve food on or in unconventional items.

Bidfood Gives the Gift of Christmas Back To Hospitality Workers CHRISTMAS WILL be just a little bit sweeter this year for a handful of hospitality workers who will get Christmas Day back, thanks to Bidfood’s Christmas Gift campaign.


According to The Trade Union Congress (TUC), there are around 42,000 chefs, 22,000 kitchen assistants, 15,000 waiting staff and 13,000 bar staff working in hotels, pubs and restaurants on Christmas Day*. The campaign, which launches on 16th October, celebrates these tens of thousands of hospitality professionals who work on Christmas Day and Boxing Day in Britain. Bidfood is calling on its customers to nominate individuals in their outlets who are either working Christmas Day or Boxing Day this year (and/or worked last year), that go the extra mile to make the festive period special for thousands of others. Winners will be chosen via a panel of judges – five leading influencers from across the industry – including Bidfood’s Group Sales & Marketing Director, Andy Kemp; Anne Pierce, Chief Executive at Springboard; Peter Hancock, Chief Executive at Pride of Britain Hotels; Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive at the British Hospitality Association; and Andy Jones, Chair of the Public Sector 100 Group. Six winners will be revealed on 1st December across the below categories, and each will receive Christmas dinner with all the trim-

mings from Bidfood in January, once the busy period has passed, and a Virgin Experience Day voucher. Categories include: • Hospitals • Care homes • Restaurants • Pubs and pub restaurants • Hotels • Other (includes schools/universities, QSR and B&I) Bidfood’s Andy Kemp says: “We know our industry works hard to make Christmas special for everyone in the UK, with thousands giving up family time in the lead up, and often on Christmas Day itself. We want to hear about some of the standout individuals in our industry and thank them for their contribution. “There is definitely a growing emphasis on our sector to play a bigger role in people’s Christmas celebrations. Bookings for Christmas Day dinner have gone up 241% since 2011 alone– which highlights the importance of recognising and rewarding our diverse and skilled workforce, and ensuring that working in our industry is an attractive career path for younger generations.” Entries are open from Monday 16 October to midnight on Friday 10 November and can be made online at bidfood-christmas-gift

BERTHA professional indoor charcoal oven Revolutionising the way restaurant food is being cooked. • Fuelled by either charcoal or wood. • Optimal results - moist, succulent, evenly-cooked food. • Quick turnaround - cooks 40% faster than an open grill. • Versatile - Meat, fish, chicken, seafood, vegetables, bread, pizzas, desserts... • Unique ‘tall’ design gives chefs options, a range of temperatures. • Strong and robust - designed and built in the UK. • Compact design - easily fits in any kitchen. • Easy to use, clean and maintain. • Available with bespoke colour porcelain finish. • Competitive price - cheaper than the Josper. • Proven in Michelin starred restaurants.

0845 602 3037

September 2017

Food Price Inflation Falls To 7% But Prices Still Rising in Key Categories THE LATEST edition of the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index reveals that in some categories actual prices are starting to come down slightly compared with previous months, although in other key sectors the trend is still up. Inflation in wholesale foodservice prices fell in July 2017, welcome news to the UK’s eating out operators who have experienced unprecedented food price inflation over the past 12 months. This month’s Foodservice Price Index, produced by CGA and Prestige Foodservice, reveals that food inflation hit 7% in the 12 months to July 2017, down from its previous level of 8.8% in June 2017 and 9% in May. But while some food prices are coming down, this inflationary fall can also be attributed to the higher monthly comparables of 2016, when the post-Brexit months saw prices rise rapidly as the value of the pound fell sharply against the Euro. One bright spot seen in this month’s FPI is in the price of sugar and cocoa, which has seen year-on-year deflation of 6.8% as prices for key ingredients in this category have fallen. Fruit inflation has also seen a healthy decrease to 8.95% for July, down from 13.6% in June due to a brief dip in

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


prices. Other key food categories such as fish, meats, and oils and fats are still seeing price rises year on year due to supply and labour issues in producing countries. Oils and fats saw the highest price inflation for July, at 12.4%, due to harvest issues for olive oil in the newer producing countries, while meat price inflation saw double digit rises in July as compared to the previous year, up to 11.4%. The price of wholesale milk, cheese and eggs has also risen slightly this month, up to a year-on-year inflation figure of 10.6% for July. Christopher Clare, Head of Consulting & Insight at Prestige Purchasing, commented: “While the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index shows that overall the price inflation figures appear to have calmed, this is somewhat due to the high comparables of last year. However, there are still a number of crucial supply issues that could force up prices further in many key categories.” “The weakened value of the pound is inevitably having a profound impact on wholesale prices in the UK and in some categories, such as vegetables, the threat of insufficient migrant labour is already threatening to constrain domestic supplies,” added Graeme Loudon, commercial director at CGA.

Pub Tenants Need More Support to Revive Licensed Trade PUB TENANTS need greater support to ensure the long-term viability of their businesses and strength of the licensed trade in general, according to a national property consultant. Bruton Knowles is urging landlords to seek advice following the publication of results of a Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) commissioned investigation – announced today (23 August 2017) – into the accessibility of the Market Rent Only (MRO) option for tied pub tenants. Historically pub tenants were required to buy all or most of the beer they served from a particular pub company or brewery, and had to pay rents set by their landlord – regardless of what the pub was earning. MRO was introduced in 2016 to allow pub tenants to have ‘free-of-tie’ tenancies and pay fairly assessed rents. Sam Spencer, associate at the property specialist’s Nottingham office said: “It is imperative tenants are not put in a poor position due to bad advice. Tenants seeking to come out of tied leases will be negotiating with landlords who want to replace lost income from a tied agreement and are therefore likely to try and enhance the terms of any lease in their own favour.

“I would strongly advise all tenants to seek professional advice from a licensed property expert. Although some tenants may want to save money and will try and do this themselves, they shouldn’t. A modest investment in salient advice will gain them a good workable agreement.” Despite introducing MRO, the PCA’s research reveals many pub tenants are still facing barriers to accessing their new rights due to pub-owning businesses which may not be adhering to the code. Sam continued: “Any pub tenants applying for a new agreement under the MRO code should engage a professional with sufficient experience of pub leases and an understanding of the pub trade and licensed property. “Speaking to someone who also understands the Pubs Code and pub leases is vital. A pub lease will probably differ from other commercial leases in that rent may be calculated in relation to turnover and/or profit. “The provision of more transparent advice and recommendations, I believe, will prevent many pub tenants experiencing management and financial issues. The development of an official licensed tenants’ trade body would also not only provide much-needed support to tenants, but also prevent the closure of so many pubs and help to revive this market.”


The team at Papyrus have been designing and producing high quality bespoke leather goods since 1984 when this design based business was first established in Bath. We produce a wide range of products to enhance the look of your Restaurant, Hotel or Conference Room, along with producing branded gifts to say thank you to your ‘special’ clients. Working with our clients to give them exactly the look they want is what we do best, with over 30 years of experience to be able to give advice on the best solution for your needs. We are totally committed to using only the best traditional craftsmanship and materials. We use the finest Bridle and Calf leathers, which can be branded with your logo and made in a choice of colours. Some of our Menu Presenters and Folders can be made using a different process with recycled leather or faux leather, which is bound over board. This produces a more economical alternative if required. We are a very professional company who enjoy what we do ……. please take a look at our website for some examples of the work that we can produce, or follow us on


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September 2017

CGA Research Reveals Vital Pulling Power Of Sporting Events To GB’s On-Trade SOME 22% of consumers watch live sporting events in a pub or bar, with 20% doing so on a weekly basis, according to CGA research. As the Premier League football season and World Cup qualifiers get underway statistics from out-of-home food and drink data and research agency CGA have revealed that nearly a quarter of UK consumers visit an on-trade venue to watch live sport, with football being the most popular sport to watch in a pub or bar. From a sample of nearly 5,000 consumers, the CGA BrandTrack research reveals that 22% visit a pub or bar to watch sport with 73% of those watching football and 20% watching rugby union. Boxing is also highly rated by those watching sport in a bar or pub, particularly among a younger audience. Sports fans visiting the on-trade to watch live events do so relatively frequently with 20% watching a fixture about once a week and a further 20% doing so at least two or three times a month. Avid fans among the sample (9%) admit going to a pub or bar to watch a sporting event at least several times a week.

September 2017

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“The research reveals how crucial sporting events are to the on-trade, with fixtures appealing across the age groups. Consumers who go out to enjoy sport are also very loyal to particular venues,” commented Phil Tate, CGA’s chief executive. According to the research, going out to watch a game is most prevalent in those aged 18-34, with 33% of this age group watching sport in the on trade versus 24% of 35-54 year olds. Lager is the most popular drink when watching live sport (44%), with 21% drinking cider. Average spend on a sporting occasion is £16.75, with Arsenal fans spending the most – £18.64 – followed by Chelsea supporters who spend an average of £17.63 per visit. “Consumers go out to watch sporting events partly because many key fixtures are screened on subscription-only channels, but watching sport in a bar also gives fans something of the camaraderie they would get at a live game – so they visit for the atmosphere and the chance to enjoy the game with friends. The on-trade needs to recognise the importance of screening various sporting events and use these opportunities as an effective marketing tool,” added Tate.

The Common Pea - Is Mightier Than You May Think

by William Burton, Sales Director Ardo UK

AS THE pea harvest draws to an end it is only apt that we pay homage to the common pea. With 99,413 tonnes of peas sold in the UK every year and over 68% of Brits buying frozen peas, this humble vegetable is often over-looked and taken for granted. Believe it or not the frozen pea, from harvest to freezers, follows a stringent and technologically advanced process – that leaves most, who witness the process, with a real sense of admiration for the everyday meal accompaniment. So why should frozen peas be given more credit? If a pea makes the pack – then it’s a true hero; it’s survived an arduous process of quality selection, not just in grade, defect, but also in colour – every pea that reaches a plate, is a survivor! The first step is the grade clarification via the ‘tenderometer’ reading, where peas can be graded from grade AA to DD. Once the peas are graded, they are then taken to be washed; first they are washed in water this helps remove dirt and heavy materials, such as pods and foreign materials that have managed to get in. The peas then go

through a defect removal selection, which is one of the most advanced pieces of technology in the veg world. It sorts peas by colour and defect. If it’s not perfect – it’s out. The colour sorter can distinguish between discolouration, blond peas, pods, insects and all types of foreign material. In a matter of mille-seconds – sometimes too quick for the human eye - as a defected pea passes, the sorter will shoot a jet of air to eradicate the pea from the process. It’s a tough world if you’re a pea! The good peas are then blanched. This locks in the taste and colour, making them ready for freezing and packing – the final step before being sent to supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurant chains and other catering services across the UK. This whole process takes 150 minutes from ‘harvest to freezer’ ensuring 80%* of the peas nutrients are retained. Nonfrozen peas will only have kept 20%* of their nutrient value by the time it reaches the supermarket shelves, making frozen peas, and indeed all vegetables and fruit a better option for consumers. The common pea, our favourite, versatile and tasty vegetable needs some appreciation, don’t you think? For further information visit * Both stats from the British Frozen Food Federation



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September 2017

Outdoor Leisure

Country Benches - High Quality Benches Exciting Ranges From Leisurebench Ltd. COUNTRY BENCHES is run by a vastly experienced and time served tradesman who has been serving in the trade for over 25 years. The business was started 15 years ago and we have provided our services independently ever since. In this time he has developed the business into being family run, amassed a loyal customer base and welcomes new customers on a regular basis. Country Benches creates high quality benches, picnic benches and garden furniture. We only work with the best quality of wood to bring you the highest standards of benches and garden furniture. Country Benches can create benches to

exact specifications as well as offering a large variety of standard design garden furniture. Call Country Benches to see what we can do for you. Although based in Bedfordshire we cover the whole of the United Kingdom on trade offers. Country Benches is also pleased to be able to offer you a delivery service for smaller orders with a delivery cost. In addition to this, Country Benches can offer you these prices much cheaper than our competitors. Our services are great value for money and are of the absolute best quality. All our products are built to order and delivered within seven days and we also operate a "payment on delivery" basis. So contact us today so that we can build your order to your exact specifications. For further details see advert this page.

HERE AT LeisureBench, we have been working hard to enhance the emerging trend in quality outdoor and indoor furniture. Fibre cement furniture: Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, our Fibre cement range comprises a table and bench set made from a composite material renowned for its strength and durability, with natural acacia wood legs. Fire pit tables: Fire pits have been popular for many years and this is a natural extension to this trend. Fire pit tables combine cooking and eating with the aesthetic appearance of a fire pit,

Glassjacks Ltd

Glassjacks are pleased to announce a new range of products and an improved website ( Customers can now purchase a full range of beautiful catering quality glassware (Genware) and glassjacks together. From elegant wine glasses and champagne flutes to tumblers, beer glasses, shot glasses, carafes and water jugs. This full range of glassware complements our comprehensive range of glassware storage boxes (glassjacks).

added to the practicality of a table that can be used for outdoor cooking or just relaxing. Madrid Set: Made from quality weather resistant resin in a continental style found extensively across Europe, this table and chairs set is suitable for outdoor or indoor use and benefits from the aesthetic appearance of Rattan, but with more durablity. Neptune chairs: Our Neptune range combines the look of a designer chair but built to last due to its sturdy robust polypropylene construction. For further information visit or call 01949 862920. If it’s just glassware storage boxes (glassjacks) you are looking for there is a new feature on our website, the “Glass Measurement Guide” where you simply insert your glass height and width to be directed straight to the glassjack you require. Our additional new products include compartment glass racks, dishwasher racks, barware and plastic glassware. Glassjacks Ltd have supplied products for over 5 years to thousands of delighted customers; from catering hire companies; race courses; hotels; bars; restaurants; golf courses; glass manufacturers; catering wholesale suppliers, event companies and many more. For your glassware storage box and glassware requirements please take a look at our new website

Commercial BBQ Smokers are Your One Stop Shop for All Things Smoke & BBQ Our bbq equipment has been handpicked in leading WE SUPPLY Southern Pride wood smokers, restaurants and smokehouses throughout the UK. levis Blackwood bbq low and slow Hickory Roots Caribbean smokehouse, grills, and Asoda wood Hickories, Blues kitchen Shoreditch, burning robata grills, Temper, plus many more. together with a full range Book your free bbq demonstraof woods, rubs and sauces. tion today. call 0161 684 4377, see

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We are here to help develop your ideas into a working profitable concept and offer full product training in our bbq cook school. Add bbq to your menu for big taste and big profits.

us on stand GM48 at the Restaurant Show, or email or website

Refrigeration and Ice Machines

Pentland Wholesale Publishes New Product Guide The Minibar Success Story PENTLAND WHOLESALE Limited, the leading importer and supplier of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment, is delighted to launch its 2017/18 product guide. Pentland Wholesale is always looking to source and introduce new products to the market. Here in the latest product guide, Pentland has the pleasure to introduce new equipment from two new brands – Fricon and Jordao Cooling Systems. Manufactured in Portugal, Fricon products are exported to more than 50 countries in 5 continents. Pentland is pleased to offer high vision display freezers and combi freezer displays to the market. Jordao Cooling Systems was founded in Guimaraes in 1982. Currently exporting to more than 50 countries the company designs and manufactures commercial refrigerated and heated counter and display solutions for the food retail industry. Pentland will offer

the full Jordao range to the market. There are also exciting new products from other leading brands. Maxine Mason, Commercial Director of Pentland Wholesale says, “We are very excited to add upright stainless steel bottle coolers with brilliant LED lighting to the popular Blizzard BAR range and a range of competitively priced mixers to the expanding Blizzard catering equipment range – both available from October. We have also brought in new style bain maries with double sneeze guard from Inomak, and a stylish range of CHOPIN display cases from Mafirol.” Maxine continues, “We are delighted to announce that we have frozen prices on all products, as always we are proud to offer the very best value for money to our customers.” You can download an electronic copy at Pentland website literature-download or request a hard copy by contacting the sales office at 01254 614444.

WELCOME TO the success story of Minibar Systems, a global leading hospitality company with over 2,000,000 minibars, fridges and safes installed worldwide in thousands of top hotel brands and chains. Our customers include the industry’s most recognized and prestigious hotel chains and ownership groups as well as many independent hotels, resorts, casinos and boutique hotels. We are the minibar “experts” and have worldwide brand name recognition with operations across all 24 time zones. You can say we are a company that never sleeps! Our core values are defined by our mission to provide the most technologically advanced systems backed by the industry’s most knowledgeable and well trained

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


team of sales, operations, technical and customer service professionals. Expert analytics paired with best practices and an unsurpassed support team proves we are the industry leader for almost a half a century. The long tenure of our employees provides our customers with an expert level of stability and commitment. Browse our large range of products (including traditional and automated minibars, control systems, in room safes, fridges) and services (including operational support, technical support and financing). Our Outsource Program is the most unique program of its type which offers hotels a fully managed operation which is run by Minibar Systems as an outsource for the hotel. Minibar provides the automated equipment, management, staff and pays all costs to operate the department. The hotel receives guaranteed monthly profit based on sales. It is a total win-win for the hotel and its guests. Reader enquiries - email: or visit

Jaw-Dropping Fridges Master The Art Of Maidaid - Supplying Professional Disguise To Stand Out From The Crowd

Catering Equipment for Over 40 Years MAIDAID HAS a superb range of automatic ice makers providing numerous types and size - ice cubes , granular ice, flake ice or the new and exciting pebbles that are sweeping the market due to its incredible versatility. Pebbles are ideal for cocktails, drinks for serving with fast food and are even ideal for display. The Maidaid range caters for everyone, from small businesses in need of an attractive, compact model for a small space, through to businesses with large scale demands. Restaurants, hotels, bars, fish markets and supermarkets, hospitals and laboratories – Maidaid has the perfect product for every application. What places Maidaid ice machines head and shoulders above the rest is their capac-

ity to repeatedly produce top quality crystal clear ice from the most reliable machines due to the incredible passport that follows a machine during its manufacture and testing process. Being fully tropicalized they continue producing quality ice even under the harshest conditions. In the interests of hygiene, Maidaid Halcyon are now including a ‘wash hands before use’ label with every Ice Maker supplied, which they suggest is applied to the bin lid where it will be visible to all users. There is a genuine belief within Maidaid Halcyon that as suppliers of both warewashing and ice makers we truly understand a customer’s needs and strive to assist them with provision of the correct equipment, we are also dedicated to supporting the equipment and the customer throughout its life by offering first class service, technical and spares support. For details on this and all Maidaid Halcyon products please visit

EVER WANTED a fridge that’s a work of art? Or covered in leopard skin print? Or made out of marble? Chameleon from Williams is the answer.

Chameleon allows operators to personalise their refrigeration. Using food safe vinyl wrapping, the company can provide completely bespoke designs. There are virtually no limits to what Chameleon can achieve: it can be used to cover just about any Williams model with any colour or pattern and can even be textured to create a truly realistic finish. “Businesses are under constant pressure to innovate and stand out from the crowd,” says Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director of Williams Refrigeration. “Chameleon is a show-stopper, it’s the perfect way to personalise equipment and make an impact.” Operators can have any design they like, in a huge variety of finishes. Chameleon can also match any RAL or Pantone colour. “It means the fridge can finally fit in with any design and décor – from industrial bricks to Art Deco, from the muted to the outrageous,” says Malcolm. As part of the Chameleon service, Williams will create graphics in-house. Alternatively, customers can provide their own

designs. The Chameleon vinyl meets all food hygiene requirements, is heat resistant from -40°C up to 140°C and has been awarded a BI fire rating. With an eight-year shelf life, it is tough enough to cope with the most hectic working environments. It’s possible to add Chameleon to almost everything in the Williams product range, from undercounters to upright cabinets to modular coldrooms. This makes it ideal for chef’s tables or theatre-style kitchens. “What better way to add a touch of theatrical flair than with a fridge wearing a tiger print? Or a Moonscape?” says Malcolm. “Operators can have whatever design they want – imagination is the only limit!” The cost of Chameleon will depend on the selected model and the complexity of the graphic. The price is available on application. Williams Refrigeration offers a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration including gastronorm cabinets and counters, specialist bakery equipment, coldrooms, merchandisers and blast chillers. To learn more about Williams extensive product range visit


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September 2017

The Restaurant Show 2017

The Restaurant Show Returns with Impressive Live Line-up for 2017 THE RESTAURANT Show is just a few weeks away and the organisers have revealed more of the hot topics up for debate. From diners changing demands, to attracting top talent, to creating a unique dining experience, visitors to the show will come away full of inspiration, ideas and knowledge which can be implemented into their own restaurants, bars, pubs and catering outlets. The Restaurant Show is held at London Olympia from Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th October 2017 running alongside The Bar & Pub Show, Conscious Hospitality Show and Catering Equipment Expo. There’s a chance to hear from the uber-successful Clare Smyth MBE live on The Stage. A Masterchef TV regular who became the first female British chef to hold three Michelin stars, her newly-opened solo restaurant marks a fresh career high. Come to The Stage to hear the secrets of her success, and experience her signature dishes, in this much-anticipated live interview. Also sharing his culinary wisdom is Stephen Harris, the man behind the “grotty rundown pub by the sea” turned National Restaurant Awards 2017 number one. He’ll be cooking his classic British dishes live on-stage and signing copies of his new book. Attracting and retaining top talent is another topic up for discussion on The Stage with Jill Whitaker, Managing Director at HIT Training. A lively panel of restaurateurs and industry employers will discuss the hottest topics around training, skills and apprenticeships, including the potential Brexit skills shortage and what the Apprenticeship Levy might mean for your business. Stay one step ahead of the competition with Simon Stenning,

Executive Director of leading strategic research consultancy MCA, when he takes to the stage to talk about the disrupters in the industry. Simon will host a number of sessions across the three-day event, covering the latest trends set to shake up the restaurant industry. Throughout the show OpenTable will be tackling a series of industry issues, offering advice and ideas to help your business grow. They’ll look at how to deal with diners who just don’t turn up for their bookings, exploring practical solutions for reducing no-shows with a top team of restaurateurs on hand to share their experience. As well as high profile speakers on The Stage, the show, will host more than 450 exhibitors talking about their products and services and how these can help the industry overcome some of its biggest challenges. Exhibitors range from food and drink products to clever kitchen equipment. It is the place to find out about innovative and exciting products and the organisers of the show are on the hunt to find The Great New Idea. Overall winners are chosen by votes from show attendees and an expert panel, with the best concepts being announced on Tuesday 3rd October. The three-day event promises to be an inspiration packed occasion, bringing the entire industry together. It’s a chance to try new flavours, meet new producers and suppliers and hear from some of the industry’s most successful chefs and restaurateurs. Plus, when you register for the show you’ll automatically have access to The Bar & Pub Show, The Conscious Hospitality Show and The Catering Equipment Expo, which all run alongside The Restaurant Show. Find out more and register at Follow the latest news about the event on Twitter by following @restaurantshow #TRS2017

3R Brings You The Ultimate Edge In Business and Simple Payment Management 3R STATE-OF-THE-ART point-of-sale till systems and handheld devices are designed to become an essential part of your business. Assembled with detailed reporting functionalities which will help to minimize your costs whilst maximizing profits, they are excellent for both multi-sites and single-site businesses. 3R have an excellent reputation for customer service providing personal access to assist with customer’s queries for fast and efficient deployment; as well as providing a personal service to assist customers with their growth and development. Built on over 16 years of experience, 3R EPoS’ reporting facilities safely stores information regarding your business and can be uniquely tailored to suit your requirements. 3R hold the

advantages of providing customers with: speed of service, better staff productivity, cost control, stock control, visibility and reduced shrinkage. Newsround delivery, shelf edge labels, mix and match offers and operator tracking/control features also available. Alongside comprehensive account reporting, an increase in profits can be realised immediately. 3R EPoS Till Systems coupled with our robust, easy to use handheld hardware, the results are uniquely tailored solutions that meet your needs. With complimentary installation and training provided, you can simply plug in the till and use it immediately with over 40,000 products preinstalled. See us on Stand GK30. Email: Call: 01992 574 650 Or visit:

Connect with Winterhalter at Restaurant Show 2017

AT THIS year’s Restaurant Show, Winterhalter will be showing how a connected warewashing system can revolutionise the professional kitchen, as well as delivering flawless wash results, time after time. On stand CE30, visitors can see how networking Winterhalter’s warewashers, through the company’s new Connected Wash system, provides more continuity and efficiency in the kitchen – or in multiple kitchens. It makes warewashing more efficient, reliable and controllable. Visitors will be able to see first-hand how the system links up to the internet and what information Connected Wash provides. A screen, on the stand, will show exactly what operators can see on the portal (for laptops) and the app (for mobile devices). The portal and the app effectively do the same thing, which is to show the machines’ current operating statuses and highlight any issues. Connected Wash warewashers are networked via LAN or W-LAN and send machine data to a server, virtually in real time. Using a computer, tablet or smartphone, customers can monitor machine functions around the clock, via the Connected Wash app or portal, from anywhere in the world. The system can be used to monitor one machine or several, on one site or on multiple sites, all from one device. The data is also sent to Winterhalter for analysis and can, if necessary, be used to recommend actions for the customer. For example, if a machine reports a critical error, the system instantly sends a notification to the nominated person’s smartphone or tablet. The speed of the

system means customers can react quickly to warewash issues, minimising machine disruptions and increasing operational efficiency. Connected Wash also gives the customer cost-optimisation tips. For example, often staff will turn on the machine first thing, but the timespan between start-up and the first wash cycle may be overlong, causing unnecessary costs. The system will highlight this. Empty detergent canisters are another common problem the system will solve. Connected Wash will warn customers when a refill is needed, so it’s easy to avoid the machine washing without detergent. “The benefits to operators are enormous, in every sector of the catering market,” says Ralph Winterhalter, CEO of Winterhalter. “For the owner of a small cafe with just one warewasher, or a foodservice business with multiple machines at different locations, Connected Wash will deliver real and practical improvements in efficiency, while reducing running costs.” Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to aftersales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email Alternatively visit Stand CE30 at The Restaurant Show.

The Restaurant Show 2017

ASAP Comply - New Exhibitors to the Restaurant Show ASAP Comply will be attending the Restaurant Show at Olympia from 2nd to 4th October. We would love to talk to pub, hotel and restaurant owners to share experiences and questions to see if we can help them stay on top of their property compliance. What sets ASAP Comply apart is the diversity and range of our building compliance services and risk assessments which include amongst others; Fire Risk, Legionella, Asbestos, Equality Access, Energy and Health & Safety. We also Project Manage remediation works in the Asbestos, Fire Risk and Energy fields. We are very excited to be showcas-

ing ProComply our brand-new property-centric compliance software platform which we believe is perfect for the hospitality sector. Its beauty is its simplicity and clarity, helping pubs and restaurants to manage their compliance obligations, and recommended actions, reducing the complexity and perceived difficulty of complying with the numerous legal and regulatory directives. We are currently seeking partners in this industry to help us further develop the product and integration specifically around the needs of the hospitality sector. Come and visit us on Stand GL21 on the Ground floor of Olympia for a friendly chat and a sneak preview! . Contact:

Commercial BBQ Smokers at The Restaurant Show Blackwood BBQ CO is the UK manufactured range of commercial wood burning smokers, Asado Grills and all things BBQ. Built from premium quality steel and designed to last, this range of wood burning BBQ equipment has been

PI Electronique POS System PI ELECTRONIQUE is the leader in delivering advanced restaurant POS management systems to restaurateurs worldwide. Utilising state of the art hardware POS systems matched with leading handheld technology, PI Electronique restaurant systems deliver the highest levels of functionality and reliability. The good news is that PI Electronique is part of the worldwide family of more than 92,000 installed systems, developed over 28 years in the restaurant capital of the world Paris, France. The system is purpose built; a combined guarantee and insurance for SUCCESS. Computer experts are not required to run or maintain the PI system. Installation is a turnkey operation because we prove your system off site and simply CONNECT and POWER up. Features are added to the system when a need arises. The best wireless tableside ordering system from Pi Electronique that is reliable


designed with the busy operator in mind. The Wood burning firebox enhances that authentic smoke flavour. Unique Buddy Features Hickory wood smoker, Real hickory flavour, Load & leave, Fully automatic thermostatic control, Moisture retention tray, Stainless steel construction, Built in timer, CE approved Come and see us on stand GM48 and stable. Pi Handy uses RF communication technology, not wifi. The Pi Handy faultlessly communicates with Kitchen or Bar Printers no matter how small or large the space. Whether indoors or outside, the Pi Handheld POS System stays in touch. The system is extremely reliable and one that will increase customer satisfaction, speed up the service, and bring in more revenue. When considering new epos system, resist the temptation of trying to save yourself a few pounds with cheap hardware. It will end up costing you more down the track. The low priced computers and printers advertised are cheap for a reason. Most epos companies will also charge for on-going software support, this will add to your overall cost. Pi Electronique pos system, with its built-in software is reliable, sturdy, long lasting and requires very minimal support or maintenance. With PI POS System there is no on-going software and user license fee or expensive upgrades. The system uses proprietary software and hardware, everything from one company, so no compatibility issue. The Pi Electronique pos system can be linked to various PMS systems and there is the optional suite of back office software that makes this system complete. Call 0800 689 1030 for free no obligation demonstration

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

September 2017

Cider Report

Cider - The Apple of the Drinkers Eye! Neither had we it refers to a practice in 1887, whereby farmworkers were paid partly in cider for their labour, which was illegal but continued well into the 20th century. Good workers would receive up to 8 pints per day! Over the past 10 years or so there are certainly been a renaissance and cider has a greater diversity and popularity than ever before. CLH News spoke to Crispin Reed, director of the newly relaunched Taunton Cider Company (remember the adverts of the 70s?)

CIDER IS doing well, very well in fact, according to a report by Mintel 53% of adults now drink cider, which is good news, however the great news is that figure is growing and the sector is estimated to be worth £3.6 billion in four years time (2021). Cider really is a great British success story:• • • • • • • •

There are about 500 British cider producers in the UK 7,000,000 hL sales of cider each year Almost 11,000 people employed directly or indirectly in the cider industry £100 million of exports every year 56% of British grown apples used to make cider 45% of the global cider mark £940 million in government revenue (duty and VAT) UK cider consumption has grown dramatically since 1970 when around 1m |HLS was consumed, to the peak of 9m in 2011, falling back to between 7m-8m in 2014 in no small part due to the world cup that year and beer taking sales • Fruit ciders are up 23% (sources for this information include the NACM and Mintel) What’s more, cider has a very colourful history! Wild apples originated in central Asia 10,000 years BC and then spread throughout Europe, when the Romans invaded Britain in 50 AD . They brought with them apple varieties and their techniques. The Normans improved on this in 1066, bringing over superior apples and advanced pressing technology. In 1763, Lord Bute’s government introduced a cider tax which led to cider riots and in the ensuing row William Pitt the Elder coined the phrase “an Englishman’s home is his castle ”when he protested in favour of layman’s rights to protect their property against Taxman. Ever heard of “Truck”?

Crispin says: “The first conclusion one might draw is that the cider industry is rosy. There's no doubt that some grumbles have been emanating due to the recent down turn but it's still big business and fragmented business. The big boys, such as Magners, did a great job at rejuvenating the category, introducing new rituals such as pouring over ice. This fragmentation is good for the consumer as there will always be new brands attracted to the sector, keeping it fresh.” “As in many other categories, not just food and drink, authenticity is the key to success in my view. Consumers are interested in provenance, in a story that's truthful and well told.” “The biggest challenge for the on-trade: - with so many brands to choose from which ones do they stock? Again, those with authenticity and a strong story will, in my view, win out. And, by authenticity, I particularly mean this in relation to taste. For example, we only source our apples from Somerset orchards, many of which were planted by the original Taunton Cider Company. “

FUTURE TRENDS? 1. ABV v taste I would say this wouldn't I but I believe the market is ripe, no pun intended, for ABV levels slightly lower than the traditional level for cider. We were particularly impressed by the success of Doom Bar. There's a beer that is full in flavour but 'only' 4% ABV. We have painstakingly developed a cider that is similarly full in flavour (with 80% juice content) yet only 4%. I think we'll see more of this in the category. 2. Packaging format Another trend is cans. This is familiar territory for beers and lagers, less so traditionally for ciders. 3. Line extensions Yes, flavoured ciders have done well but I'm not talking about twists of this nature. I'm talking about more lateral innovations, this summer we introduced a Taunton

Cider ice cream. Small batch run at the moment but we've developed it with a local producer, Granny Gothard's and it's been taken up by restaurants such as The Claveshay Barn ( It's been a win win all round. Martin Thatcher, managing director of fourth generation Thatchers Cider gave his own view; “We’re seeing more operators move to dual stocking with two taps of cider on the bar. Historically this has been the norm in cider’s heartland in the South West, and it has now spread throughout the country with the appreciation of cider, and the range of fantastic ciders available to all. “With the back fridge being the ideal place for specialist packaged ciders, the bar is where you should first see a mainstream apple cider – Thatchers Gold – together with one alternative. This alternative would be a complimentary style, such as a cloudy cider – Thatchers Haze – or a fruit cider. “Fruit cider is moving – it’s coming out of the fridge and onto the bar, giving space for specialist ciders. In fact, premium cider is still under-faced in the fridge – it accounts for 27.8% of volume sales, but it’s usually given much less space. So we would recommend you take a fresh look at your fridge and restock with specialist premium ciders like Vintage, Katy or Old Rascal, which are all fantastic with food. We can provide tasting notes and food pairing suggestions to help you introduce your customers to these fantastic ciders. “With the growing popularity of craft cider, the fridge is also the ideal place to stock a range of 330ml cans. Craft beer has taken the market by storm, and operators are recognising that there is a similar opportunity now with craft cider. Moving craft onto the bar – swopping a beer tap for a guest cider – such as Thatcher’s Stan’s Trad, Cheddar Valley or Big Apple – can add a point of difference to your cider offer.” Dorset-based pizza restaurant group Stable is famed for its ciders, Head of Cider Tim Gibb, speaking to CLH News said: "In The Stable our mix of ciders are 20% Fruit, 50% Still 30% BIB. We have 28 craft cider producers that have farms within 10 miles of our restaurants. "Cider is increasingly growing in popularity due to the diversity of cider products across the market. Fruit ciders are one of the fastest growing areas as more imaginative products hit the shelves every season and targeted marketing campaigns put the product in the right places. This has inspired a changing demographic of cider drinkers with these products appealing to a more feminine market. From our own cider tasting experiences we have seen over 65% Female 35% Male attendees.

Sparkling Silverware for New-Look Jack Ratt at International Cider Challenge DEVON-BASED Lyme Bay Winery’s newly rebranded Jack Ratt Sparkling Cider has received a Silver Medal in the Design and Packaging category at this year’s International Cider Challenge, an awards scheme which celebrates the best ciders across the globe. Commended for its impact, originality and innovation, this fresh new design, which will be appearing on shelves later this month, celebrates the dramatic history of Lyme Bay on this rugged stretch of the Jurassic Coast. The traditional west country carbonated cider takes its name from notorious 19th century smuggler, Jack Rattenbury, who hid his contraband in caves and sunken barrels off the coast, retrieving them by ‘creeping’ the ocean floor with a grappling hook. The new-look bottles have been created to better tell the story behind this cider’s bold and refreshing flavours, celebrating the heritage of traditional cider mak-

ing and the area’s swashbuckling past. As well as receiving high praise for its creative design, the Jack Ratt Sparkling Cider also scooped a bronze award in the Medium Cider, Taste category. Made using a blend of freshly-pressed juice from local apples, including Tramlett’s Bitter, Foxwhelp and Tom Putt, all of which would have been used in cider making during Jack Rattenbury’s lifetime, the Sparkling Cider was commended for its fizzy and refreshing taste, rich amber colour and fresh apple-like aroma. The awards for Lyme Bay Winery’s Jack Ratt cider range didn’t stop there, with the Scrumpy picking up Bronze in the Medium Cider, Taste category and Vintage Dry receiving a Gold Trophy, the highest possible award, in the Dry Cider, Taste category. The new look Jack Ratt Sparkling Cider, RRP £2.55 for a 500ml bottle, will be available from mid-June from independent retailers, including delis, farm shops, butchers and grocery stores across the UK, and online at . For more information about Lyme Bay Winery, please visit or call 01297 551355.

Five-Mile Cider Menu Now Available In Wells

WELL’S NEWEST restaurant has launched a special menu that focuses specifically on cider produced within a five-mile radius of the venue. Matching a selection of the finest, locally produced ciders from Somerset with a range of seasonal dishes, Sadler’s Brasserie’s ‘Five-Mile Cider’ menu is set to tantalise the taste buds of the region’s foodies and tourists to the city. Perfect for those looking to enjoy some of the best local ciders, they include Pilton Cider’s Somerset Keeved Cider and the Tor Cider Company’s Vintage Dry Cider and Sparking Dry Cider. Head chef Jason Porter has been working hard to find the best local ingredients that are the perfect accompaniment to the classic South West tipple. The menu is now available at the Sadler Street restaurant that reopened in May following a significant refurbishment and overhaul of the menu under the expert eye of veteran restauranteur Tudor Hopkins. Keen to use local ingredients and drink, the duo are hoping the arrival

of the five-mile cider menu will appeal to locals as well as tourists to Wells and establish the restaurant as the perfect spot for lunch, dinner, celebrations or just somewhere to enjoy a relaxed bite to eat. Sitting alongside the venue’s a la carte and afternoon tea menus, the new cider menu is seen as a great way to promote and support local producers, introducing those unfamiliar with the apple-based drink to see why it’s the beverage of choice across the South West. Tudor said: “When we took over the restaurant one of our core goals was to support local drink producers and food growers. “It’s been great going out and about tasting the many ciders that are produced near to Wells and I think customers will just love the choices we have made. “Great on their own they also go superbly well with the various dishes Jason has created and is the main reason for developing this new menu. “It is a great demonstration of Jason’s skills and we can’t wait to serve both food and cider to our customers."

Cider Report (CONT F ROM PAGE 22...)

“Traditionally made ciders, keeved and bottled conditioned products are also growing in popularity due to their craft appeal and lack of additives. Increasing consumer knowledge and awareness of the skills behind these products has also aided in increasing sales. Producers are cleverly altering appearance through bottle design and labelling to bring these products into eye line of consumers. Locality is also now a big factor, as consumers become more aware of supporting local drinks producers as they do with food producers.” CLH News also caught up with Daniel Quinn, Managing Director of consumer research and brand specialists Happen Amsterdam, who shares as views on the evolution and progression of the cider industry

THE EVOLUTION OF THE CIDER CATEGORY Cider has been a true success story in the last 10-15 years (recent figures place a £2.88bn worth on the UK market), yet the alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice is a timeless feature of the UK alcohol landscape. Historically, cider finds its roots in the South West of the UK; where the fruit from the orchards of Shropshire, Somerset, and Herefordshire provided a rustic drink that was traditionally enjoyed around harvest time. Yet, whilst cider can still be found in its most authentic form, it has transformed to become a national and even global phenomenon. In the 70s, dry cider, such as Strongbow, mimicked lager as a seriously refreshing pint. In the mid-2000s Magners presented a first step in category transformation with an ‘overice’ serve, providing a new consumption ritual which was aspirational and increasingly gender neutral. It wasn’t until the mid-to-late 2000s that the Scandi-cool cider brands arrived in the form of Kopparberg and Rekorderlig. This new breed of cider brands picked up in alcopops’ wake and truly challenged perceptions of the drink; rooted in “natural perceptions” of fruit and available in a rash of flavours, the category became drastically more youthful, modern and colourful and inspired a whole new generation of drinkers.

SO WHERE NEXT FOR CIDER? Choices, Choices, Choices The growth of cider has been attributed to its continual expansion of flavours. In recent years, the growth of fruit flavoured cider has allowed more players to enter the category, such as Smirnoff and Pimms. The move is unsurprising given the success of fruit cider; and the Office of National Statistics replaced bottled apple cider with bottled flavoured cider in the 2017 consumer price inflation baskets report, indicating the success of alternative cider flavours.

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Cider has had a long journey from field hands’ favourite to becoming the go-to for millennials on a night out, and there is still much more to come. The versatility of the beverage has seen it support an explosion of flavours, new experiences and stories and most recently become a contender in entirely new occasions. Watch, as the next chapter in cider will likely involve further plundering and reimagining of its craft heritage, for it to become a real competitor to craft beer. Matthew Clark ( have recently expanded its range of premium ciders with the launch of the renamed Cider House Collection.

Yet it’s the versatility of cider that has allowed it to not only co-opt beer occasions, such as the pub garden on a summer day, but also allowed it to be enjoyed in a diverse number of ways. Heineken’s Stassen Selection, their latest introduction for example, brings radically more refinement and connoisseurship to cider, and mirror’s the success of wine and prosecco.

They have added over 30 new ciders to the range which reflects the emerging trends such as St Louis Dry Hopped and Zeffer “hopped” cider variants bridging the gap between craft beer and cider.

Kopparberg has taken this one step further, introducing a new Rose cider, shifting cider further into the wine domain.

Along with new fruit flavour ciders from Waddlegoose Three Berry and Maeloc Strawberry due to the continued growth and interest in fruit ciders.

Consumer interest has been piqued and the innate authenticity and diversity of the cider category makes it a worthy and intriguing alternative for the established options. Watch out as key players in the category further reinvent what cider means and when it can be drunk.

As the cider category continues to grow and innovate consumers are increasingly expecting a wide range of different cider styles and interest in discovering new styles is on the rise, be that hopped cider or made from single variety apples, similar to that of wine or beer.

Listen to the youth According to the Weston’s Cider Report 2017, millennials’ custom is crucial to cider, with 36% of UK cider drinkers aged 18 to 34 years old. Conventional wisdom says that these ‘apprentice drinkers’ appreciate sweeter tastes more than their older counterparts. This generation also enjoys the less ‘gender coded’ nature of cider; it doesn’t echo the masculine tones of beer nor the femininity of wine in a pub, therefore it plays naturally into their gender-fluid socialising habits. For the health-aware millennials, cider also seems to offer a slightly less guilty pleasure. Made from fruit, ‘naturalness’ and ‘honesty’ are intrinsic to the category DNA; although it remains to be seen how the category will respond to the increasing demonization of sugar. With growing spending power, Millennials are the foundation of cider’s recent successes and will be critical to its future too.

The evolving face of craft Cider has an authentic claim to “craftiness”, the category sprung from the countryside, its people, customs and landscape. Yet compared to modern craft beer, modern craft cider is just getting started, and seems set to trigger the next leap in the category. For example, Heineken’s Blind Pig, which blends the authentic feel of craft with an urban knowingness, bringing a grown up edge to the story. This modern rendering of cider allows the drink to transcend the traditional cider boundaries of summertime afternoons, allowing it to move credibly into higher energy, late night occasions and more premium venues without losing taste accessibility.

From a format point of view 330ml canned cider has continued to grow in popularity with its ability to chill faster, be lighter and appeal to a more modern drinker with its design with the likes of Caple Road changing the perception of craft cider. By responding to the change in consumer drinking habits, Matthew Clark have diversified their portfolio to help our customers take advantage of this trend. Cider is a wonderfully diverse, creative and versatile drink, lending itself to match perfectly with a wide range of different foods. There are no rules when it comes to choosing which cider to go with a meal, but it can be useful to use these 3 guiding principles:

1. CUT: Use a cider that cleanses the palate, or helps to cut through richness

2. CONTRAST: Use a cider that provides an entirely different sensation to that offered by the food to create a balanced spectrum of flavours

3. COMPLEMENT: Use a cider that accentuates similar flavours in the food to bring them to the fore


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September 2017

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide - It’s not Complicated - It’s not Expensive from the smallest kitchen with one chef, to the very largest! CLH News spoke with Instanta’s sales director Graham Crisp who gives an insight into sous vide cooking and the benefits to smaller hospitality/catering establishments.


Sous vide (pronounced soo–veed) is a French term which means ‘under vacuum’, and is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath. Developed in the 1970s when George Pralus and a food scientist joined forces to develop the perfect method for producing foie gras. After many experiments the best method proved to be sealing the food in a pouch by using a vacuum packing machine before cooking it very slowly at a controlled temperature. The sous vide cooking method was originally used in high-end fine dining establishments with chefs and was described by Heston Blumenthal as “the single greatest advancement in cooking technology in decades.” Today this method of cooking, which is quick to prepare, easy and highly unlikely to overcook, is now far more common, and not just for fine dining establishments! Food cooked in this way is cooked for longer than normal cooking times up to 72 hours in some cases at a precisely controlled temperature much lower than normally used for cooking, characteristically around 55°C to 60°C for meats and higher for vegetables. The intention is to cook the item evenly, and to not overcook the outside while still keeping the inside at the same consistency which keeps the food juicier. Sous vide allows kitchens to maximise advance preparation, and also reduces wastage, making sous vide a highly cost effective cooking method. By placing food in a water bath with a temperature set at the final cooking temperature of the food, overcooking can be avoided, as the food cannot get hotter than the bath it is in. In conventional high-heat cooking, such as oven roasting or grilling, the food is exposed to heat levels that are much higher than the desired internal cooking temperature. Because of the precise temperature control of a water bath and the fact that the bath temperature is the same as the target cooking temperature, very precise control of cooking can be achieved. The difference between Souse vide and traditional cooking methods, or that with traditional cooking methods heat flows from a burner to a pan then into our food, or the glowing elements of an oven heat the air around the food, cooking it. With the air in the oven and the metal in the pan being considerably hotter than you want your food to be, the food being cooked has to be taken away from the heat at just the right moment, take it away too early or too late and your food is either over- or undercooked. In traditional cooking, it is also sometimes difficult to precisely control temperature. In standard ovens, a sensor measures the temperature inside the oven and turns the heating element on when the temperature drops too low. The control is usually a simple on/off mechanism, resulting in a fluctuation in temperature. Cooking sous vide isn’t complicated or expensive, nor should it be considered a method that is applicable only to those cooking in large restaurant kitchens or fine dining establishments. Sous vide can be used in almost any catering establishment,

GRAHAM CRISP, sales director at Instanta – established British manufacturer of industry-leading restaurant and catering equipment – lifts the enigma around the sous vide machine, highlighting how its unique features can benefit smaller establishments. Once reserved for the fine dining pros of the catering and hospitality world, sous vide machines carried with them, and for some still do, an impression they’re too difficult to use, too expensive to buy and can only be mastered by Michelin star chefs. It’s true, for decades high-end restaurants have been using sous vide machines in complex culinary concoctions – cooking everything from confit duck and Wagyu steak to quail eggs and truffle-infused vegetables, all to absolute perfection. However, nowadays they are slowly but surely leaving their complicated-to-use, elitist image behind, and are becoming just as popular with chefs at smaller, independent establishments. The fact is, sous vide machines are incredibly easy to use and boast benefits that go far beyond the realms of fine dining. As its French translation ‘under vacuum’ suggests, sous vide simply refers to the process of tightly sealing food in a vacuum bag, submerging it in a water bath and cooking it to a very precise and consistent temperature. An affordable and reliable way of preparing food, this method not only ensures a constant cooking temperature as low as 20-30°C, but allows ingredients to cook for a long period of time. All of this means you don’t lose any of that all-important flavour and moisture, no matter how long it’s in there for. Aside from the results tasting incredible, one of the main benefits this brings is a reduction in waste. While cooking food traditionally means control over heat and temperature is very difficult and time consuming to manage – which can lead to overcooked food, shrinkages, loss of flavour and loss of moisture – sous vide cooking is perfect every time. That means no more shrivelled, overdone steak heading straight from the pan to the bin, no more plates sent back to the kitchen and more money in your establishment’s pocket. In addition, it eliminates the risk of cross contamination during service – an issue always at the forefront of a chef’s mind. Enabling you to cook individual or bigger portions in vacuum packs, it’s also remarkably time-saving. While traditional cooking methods can demand a chef’s undying attention, sous vide cooking brings food to the exact temperature you choose and holds it there all by itself. Many models benefit from a digital display showing the actual temperature you’ve set it to, and some top-end machines also allow you to set timers, or even multiple timers including hours and minutes, so food can be left unmanned to cook away. While water levels should be checked to avoid the sous vide machines boiling dry, some of the best models have pre-warning alarms, which notify the user that the water level is getting low. Other features can include an easy drain facility, heavy duty glass lids, allowing condensed water to drain back into the sous vide, and built-in agitator pumps, which eliminate cold spots. Of course, all sous vide machines should be regularly cleaned and descaled, but overall it’s an easy, time-saving, reliable technique producing unique results that are near-on impossible to achieve through any other cooking method. Making it the perfect choice for small establishments looking to up their culinary game.

Comark Has the Perfect Kit for You! SOUS VIDE Cooking is a method of slow cooking that allows for the food to retain much of it original flavor and texture. This has become very popular with the leading Chefs and Restaurants. The food is placed into a sealed vacuum bags and all of the cooking is done in a temperature controlled water bath. Sous Vide prevents the joint from drying out and maintains all the nutrients and original flavour. Comark has the perfect Kit for you! The C28 Sous Vide Kit contains a C28 Type K Thermocouple Waterproof Thermometer for reliable and accurate temperature measurement, PK15M MicroTip Penetration Probe, a roll of Sous Vide Foam Tape and a durable case with built in Antimicrobial for protection. The failure to monitor temperatures adequately can result in loss of products and cause illness outbreaks that can damage consumer confidence in their brand. For those wishing to keep their food safety systems simple, hand held thermometers are an excellent choice. The Comark range includes Dial Thermometers, Digital Thermometers with detachable Probes, Timers and simple Data Logging devices. To find out more please visit our website or call us today +44 (0) 207 9420712.

ETI Sous Vide Thermometer Kit Sous Vide cooking has become more popular in professional kitchens over the past few years. New cooking methods require new temperature testing techniques. Therefore, ETI designed the Sous Vide kit that contains a high accuracy Therma 1 thermometer, two Sous Vide needle probes (60 and 120 mm), a water resistant countdown timer, Sous Vide foam tape and a FREE mini tub of 70 Probe Wipes all supplied in a FREE ABS carrying case. Sous-Vide is French for ‘under vacuum’ and is a method of cooking food that has been sealed in airtight plastic bags then cooked in a water bath for a long time at a lower than normal temperature, typically between 60 to 140 °C. Testing the core temperature is important in Sous-Vide cooking therefore an accurate thermometer is a must. This method of cooking ensures the chef maintains the integrity of the ingredients. The complete Sous Vide Kit is competitively priced, at £154.75 (including a FREE traceable certificate of calibration) each exclusive of VAT and available direct from ordering code 860-035.


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Sous Vide Cooking

September 2017

SmartVide by Sammic: Sous-vide Cooking is Now SMART SAMMIC, MANUFACTURER of high-quality catering equipment with 56 years’ experience in the foodservice sector launched the first immersion circulator, SmartVide8, in 2015. Now they offer a whole range with 2 more models, offering the right solution for each need.

Vac-Tec Thermal Circulator


Vac-Tec Table Top Small Vacuum Packer VTZ280


Vac-Tec Economy Sous Vide Circulator


SmartVide by Sammic is a highly precise, versatile, userfriendly and portable range of commercial immersion circulators. Big production capacity SmartVide by Sammic can be used in up to 56 lt. containers. This means that each unit can cook or regenerate up to 200 bags, 200 g. each, at the same time. SmartVide cookers offer versatility in use: they can be used in insulated containers with lids specifically designed for these appliances, in any gastronorm recipient with a minimum depth of 150mm. or any other container offering the right capacity and depth. Core probe allows standardizing recipes The optional core probe is available for SmatVide8 / 8Plus models. It makes easy the standardization of recipes. Once the recipe has been standardized in time and temperature, it is not necessary to use the core probe each time we cook sous-vide. SmartVide8 Plus: Bluetooth connectivity and advanced functions for an effective HACCP control Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, SmartVide8 Plus makes HACCP extremely easy, allowing to Export or print cooking results at the end of each cycle. In addition, this connectivity option allows saving recipes and executing them without having to introduce cooking data in each cycle. SmartVide6, ideal for regeneration SmartVide6 offers the same precision and loading as SmartVide8. The main dif-

ference between them is the possibility to use the core probe. The lack of this functionality in SmartVide 6 makes this model ideal to execute already standardized recipes and well as to regenerate portions before serving. SmartVide4, a precision cooker for each product SmartVide4 is less powerful and offers a lower production capacity than the rest of the models. This model is ideal for small production needs or for those users who desire to have several baths at different temperatures for each type of product. Designed with chefs, for chefs Sammic’s R+D+i team has developed SmartVide range of products in collaboration with Sammic’s corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann and his team at Fleischmann’s cooking group. The aim: to develop the immersion circulators that best suits the end user’s needs. Moreover, all SmartVide models have been tested by chefs all over the world before being launched. a dedicated website Sammic has developed a website dedicated to sous-vide cooking offering information, training and assistance to distributors and end-users who need them. The website contains full information about the technique, recipes, news, FAQ’s, a complete cooking guide and much more. Chef ’s Services by Sammic, a full team at your disposal Sammic, in collaboration with Fleischmann’s Cooking Group, offers training and assistance to distributors and end-users. Thanks to the corporate chef, Enrique Fleischmann, and a kitchen-classroom, Sammic offers standard or ad-hoc services in-situ, at the customer’s facilities or on-line. Services that will help the user get the best from Sammic equipment or to choose the appliances that best suit their needs. See the advert on page 25 for details.

The SV100 Thermal Circulator Softcooker from Vactec

Vac-Tec Portable Vacuum Sealer


Vac-Tec Compact Chamber Vacuum Packer


Order online at or call 01539 234350

The Merrychef E2S Oven THE NEW Merrychef E2S from the High Speed Oven Company is ideal for caterers who are restricted on space yet still have high demands. Cooking up to x12 faster than conventional ovens yet measuring just 350mm wide the Merrychef E2S can cook great food for any day part. At breakfast, a tray of bacon can be cooked in 2 minutes; lunch, a toasted sandwich or a portion of fries in under 90 seconds. For

PURELL Surface Sanitising from GOJO NEW PURELL® surface sanitising portfolio from GOJO offers powerful germ kill and peace of mind Hygiene is a top priority in all responsible food production and service environments but, 35% of foodborne illness cases are attributed to poor sanitation and 16% of these are due to contaminated equipment or environment. In the fight to help prevent the spread of germs, hand hygiene specialist GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd has extended its expertise in surface hygiene with the launch of the PURELL surface sanitising portfolio. The new sanitising spray and wipes are fast acting, highly effective and specifically designed to meet sur-

By routinely monitoring surface hygiene, the chance of bacterial growth and associated food safety incidents can be significantly reduced. The Clean-Trace protein plus swab is a sensitive, robust and reliable hygiene tool that is used around the world to help prevent the risk of

With a powerful 1500w heating element, this is one of the most cost effective thermal circulators available on the market today. When you compare the price of this unit against any other available model it will astound you as this offers truly outstanding value for money and a massive saving against any other model. Attached via a simple rear clamp mount, this is

suitable for use in any cooking vessel, be it round, square or flat, with a maximum water capacity of 40 ltrs. Due to its compact, yet powerful size, it can be easily stored when not in use. Ideal for cooking, pasteurizing and regenerating. These fantastic units help deliver tender texture, natural flavour and especially less weight loss @ 25% compared with traditional methods. With high precision and control for all types of meat, fish, vegetables etc. The working temperature is from 20’C to 100’C, with very precise accuracy of 0.03’C. The full range of Vactec sous vide cooking appliances are available exclusively at

Products and Services

evening service burgers or 12” pizzas can be cooked in under 2 minutes. With a built in catalytic converter the oven removes smoke and smells, eliminating the need to be placed under extraction. This is particularly useful for placing the oven front of house. The oven is available in a range of colours classic silver, matt black or ’trend red’. “We really love the E2S. They are very easy to use and look after. We’ve installed them in cafes, hotels, and bars which really reflects the versatility of the oven” - Will Robinson, Managing Director, High Speed Oven Company. Visit or see the advert on page 6.

face sanitising needs within food contact areas. They sanitise front and back of house with no rinse required on food contact areas, having passed the ISO 4120:2007 food tainting test. The PURELL surface sanitising products are suitable for a variety of applications, such as the sanitising of: kitchen utensils, food storage containers, smooth non-porous surfaces, refrigerated display cases and other plastic. The PURELL Surface Sanitising Spray and Wipes come ready-to-use and boast high antimicrobial efficacy. They have been tested specifically on Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and Yeast for the food environment. The spray and wipes are bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal so can be used with complete confidence. For more information, call +44 (0)1908 588444, email or visit

A Real Plus For Monitoring Hygiene

The 3MTM Clean-TraceTM Surface Protein Plus Swab is a rapid surface hygiene test that provides caterers and small food producers with a simple, cost effective and rapid method to monitor whether food contact surfaces have been cleaned effectively.

VACTEC ARE delighted to continue to offer the outstanding SV100 1500w thermal circulator - softcooker. Ideal for use in restaurants or even at home by the serious chef, it is extremely easy to use and indispensable for use in conjunction with sous vide cooking.

contamination. Based on a colour change reaction, CleanTrace surface protein plus test provides a semi-quantitative measure of cleanliness in minutes. If the result is green, it’s clean! But, if the result is any shade of purple, food residue is present and the surface should be recleaned and re-tested prior to use. Available in packs of 50 or 100, the tests do not need to be kept in a refrigerator, do not require instrumentation and are easy to use, making them ideal for the smaller business. For more information visit or email us at

So Hot Right Now - HotmixPro Gastro

HotmixPro Gastro is the industrial strength ‘Thermal Blender’ every commercial kitchen has been waiting for. Beautifully engineered in Italy, the 2 litre heavy usage mixing bowl sits within a fully insulated stainless steel body and operates exactly to programme. With a speed range from 0 -12,500rpm blending, small and large amounts, to just the right texture, has never been safer or easier. Producing specific mixtures at the desired temperature, 0°-190°, could not be more precise. There is no end to creative possibilities, from the simple to the sublime, all at a touch of one finger. The integrated memory SD card not only

stores numerous extremely useful recipes, but will also allow users to memorise their own unique creations to be repeated whenever and wherever required. Last, but not least, any part that comes into contact with food can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher! Barbel’s legendary customer support ensures second to none servicing back up at all times. HotmixPro Gastro is an essential support for every hard-working chef and certainly pays for itself. Can YOU afford to be without? For full details on all available models, please contact us today. E:, T: +44 (0)1629 705110 or see the advert on page 4.

New Microwavable Crisps Set To Revolutionise Snack Market ARTISAN CRISP firm, Fairfields Farm, has unveiled their most exciting snack concept to date; Heat & Eat™ the first ever microwaveable bag of crisps with dip. Heat & Eat™ consists of a 125g bag of handcooked crisps and a 50g dip. Two flavours will be available; Sea Salted with Tomato Salsa Dip and Cheese & Chive with Caramelised Onion Dip. Designed to revitalise the snacking market and give consumers a whole new eating experience, Heat & Eat™ breaks new boundaries not just in concept, but also in packaging and design using a patented pack which enables consumers to tear the bag open, remove the dip, microwave for 30 seconds and then enjoy delicious, hot fresh crisps, just as if they'd been handcooked at home. Heat & Eat™ uses a revolutionary packaging,

Jura Products

MANY OF us associate coffee with the mornings and breakfast. No one can deny the pleasure of a freshly brewed coffee, or the convenience of satisfying your caffeine craving on a moment’s notice. The WE8 by JURA is complete with a total of up to 12 specialities – with a maximum output of 40 per day – sleek

which can be torn open and heated in the microwave. A laser-scored, easy-tear opening system also allows consumers to cleanly open the bag from top to bottom, meaning that the pack can be merchandised in the portrait position, but heated and stood horizontally to be easily shared. To help deliver the concept of Heat & Eat™, Fairfields Farm has also linked up with Shazam. Customers can scan anywhere on the pack and be transported to a Heat & Eat™ portal which will include a video and information. Heat & Eat™ will launch in Tesco and other retail groups on 11th September and will be merchandised in the hand-cooked crisp aisle. RRP £2.49 for 175g bag (which includes a 50g dip). Call 01206 241613 or visit

aesthetics, one touch-operation and the exceptional Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.©) which optimises extraction time for a supreme serve. From creamy cappuccinos to silky flat whites, the WE8 offers the ultimate technology for coffee lovers and foodies to experience out-of-home. Reader Enquiries: Or contact See advert page 9.

Hospitality Technology

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Data Collection and its Application for the Hotel Industry Comesto Joins with BlueCart to Lead a Revolution By Aditya Sanghi, Co-founder and CEO of cloud hospitality technology TECHNOLOGY HAS indeed positively altered the way any business is run. Almost every hotel owner knows the importance of guest satisfaction; this being one of the prime areas bringing in revenue for a hotel property. But, how would you know? Data, lots of it! Data allows you to understand a guest’s habits, predict decisions and understand their preferences. It’s the proper assimilation of data that will help hoteliers gain a deeper insight to improve the way the hotel functions. While guest experience is often the most talked about subject amongst hoteliers, data, as a subject is not yet in the focus. Systematically collecting data and deriving actionable insights will help hoteliers deliver a meaningful experience. If customer experience is the prime concern, let’s understand how data collection can help hoteliers maintain existing customers and win over new ones to drive increased revenue. Understanding Data A hotelier can collect data through multiple methods - manually enter data on ledgers and excel sheets, or use hotel management systems that have centralized guest data (immensely useful for multi-property groups). Multiple data from different sources can be quite intimidating for a hotelier, and the primary concern lies in understanding the information before it is used. a) A guest who wants to book online adds basic information such as name, age, address and duration of stay. He/she may also specify the room type. This kind of information is categorized as frontline data. b) A guest may communicate his/her preferred cuisines, or make special requests. This information communicated with the hotel’s staff belongs to the spontaneous data category. c) A guest may use the hotel’s fitness center or some members may show preference for a spa experience. This information is dependent on the guest’s behaviour at the property and is categorized as behavioural data. Any hotelier can track and observe this behaviour through the system that maintains a record of the transactions done at the hotel property. Tailor-Made Messaging Online advertising and marketing on social media platforms is all about putting the right message before the appropriate target group. Data collection and analysis helps hoteliers understand specific patterns

of customer behaviour. It’s easy to use data analytics to understand the age group, geographical location, or gender of the user who browses a website, social media page, and other platforms. This data is useful to design relevant messages for the right customer. Superior Customer Service Every hotelier must know the importance of social listening. There’s a whole lot of data generated on social media channels and review sites such as TripAdvisor. It can be an overwhelming task to monitor a brand’s online reputation and what customers have to say. Yet, this is one of the most important ways to improve guest experience that impacts the revenue model. A brand’s response to customer queries or complaints will never go unnoticed. Followers of social media channels always observe how brands respond to customers online. This has a direct impact on hotel bookings particularly from new travelers seeking to find the appropriate hotel property online. It’s important to observe what customers have to say, scale up where required, and deal positively to every feedback to offer impeccable customer service. A close watch on competitors presents ample opportunities for ideas based on the kind of positive reviews and negative responses they receive. Identifying Loyal Guests The nature of data collected internally can be used to develop a hotel’s loyalty programs and understand the most valuable guests. An hotelier can use reservation record history, bookings made during vacation periods, website activity data and check-in data to understand a guest’s behaviour, spending capacities and degree of loyalty towards the hotel brand. This allows hoteliers to market their hotels better and make the most of this information to satisfy guests’ (knowledge-based) requirements and realize profitable revenues. For example, hoteliers can target repeat guests and make their stay even better with customizations based on their previous preferences - your guests will talk about this, online and offline, enhancing your brand’s competitiveness. In Summary Data collection is important but so is the action that hotel brands perform with the large amounts of details generated. Hotel brands must remember the 4 main pillars of data. 1) Data Collection 2) Data Analysis 3) Training staff members to be experts in handling data 4) Constant tracking of metrics A combination of these 4 steps will help hotel brands drive loyalty and create conversions for increased revenue. The key lies in how you bring all these elements together to add power to your customer information and subsequently, create enhanced guest experiences.

Table Tracker Basic Self-Install Released for Just £2795.00 LRS UK has developed a sub-version of the Table Tracker system, the world’s best and most accurate table tracking solution. Until recently, the only real option was table tracker pro but that while exceptionally good usually carries a high cost. Now LRS UK has released table tracker basic self-install, a low-cost solution that can change how all fast-casual and

pizzeria restaurants work forever. Being able to increase efficiencies, reduce wait times and importantly increase table turns is critical in today’s economic climate and table tracker solutions can make that happen. When a customer has ordered, the staff hand a ‘tracker’ unit to the customer. The customer chooses a table and place the tracker on the table. Immediately the tracker system knows EXACTLY where the customer is seated. As soon as the food is ready, the runner will take the food to the exact

in the Hospitality Industry

COMESTO, THE innovative new British hospitality supply chain platform, has formed a strategic partnership with US hospitality tech giant BlueCart to create a totally new hospitality tech solution for the UK which will turn the industry upside down. Both systems are simple and intuitive, but smart in both features and reach. Comesto’s platform for increasing range and quality and comparing prices, for everything an operator needs to purchase, partnered with BlueCart’s app-based ordering and stockroom management service is unique in providing equal benefits for buyers and suppliers. It brings them together, offering buyers price comparison and a simple, direct way to view and contact a large but programmatically targeted range of suppliers. For suppliers, it’s a direct trading and marketing platform which connects them to buyers who are actively looking for products and services like theirs. With a dedicated online profile and eCommerce facility as part of the deal, it gives them the tools to pitch and sell directly, minimising spend on sales activity, advertising and marketing. BlueCart has a viral propagation facility which encourages suppliers to sign up to BlueCart if an order comes from a BlueCart buyer (and vice versa). This facility will now be offered to Comesto customers to provide all members with better buying and frictionless business growth. Comesto’s USP is that it is a B2B membership platform offering an industry-wide proposition. No similar platform offers this breadth. Customers are effectively members of a trade club - but one which covers the whole industry. This gives them a safe, legal environment in which to market, advertise, buy and

table and then ‘clear’ the tracker off the system with a provided device they keep in their pocket it’s that easy. The time is pin point accurate. But there is much more to table tracker than just knowing where customers are seated. Each and every step can be collected either on the tracker system, or with internet connectivity on LRS servers. The data can be freely downloaded and analysed on or off line. This gives management a major advantage of getting key metrics that they can use to either change the operation of the busi-

supply directly, with no wasted effort and with minimal costs. This will come in very useful when European data protection rules (prohibiting emails to potential customers unless they have ‘opted in’) are enforced from 25 May 2018; Comesto buyers ‘opt in’ to contact from suppliers when they sign up. BlueCart’s stockroom and ordering software solution has grown exponentially across the USA since it started in 2015, with more than 20,000 major restaurant chains, wholesalers and producers using the platform to drive business efficiency. With a complete suite of services, simple to set up and to use, BlueCart increases efficiency and cuts waste, putting better management in the hands of all users, from single high street venues to major chains and from small artisan producers, to the biggest distributors. “We are looking forward to working with Comesto to offer wholesale restaurant and supplier mobile platforms that increase order efficiency and supplier transaction volume to their customers. We are excited about our expansion efforts into the UK market as BlueCart’s 32,000 customer base continues to grow globally,” said Konstantin Zvereff, CEO of BlueCart. If you are a buyer, the combined Comesto and BlueCart service provides a purchasing and stock management tool which is simple to setup and use. It’s like a wholesale catalogue you design and own your selection, your prices, your order quantities and your delivery schedule - putting you in control. Upload your current supplier’s catalogue, and if Comesto alerts you to a better price or higher quality from another supplier, just swap it. And if you need a new stock item, simply search Comesto, check out prices and quality, get samples if you wish and drop your selection into your BlueCart shopping basket. See the advert on page 12 for details or visit

ness procedures or to use to make informed decisions about resources or even kitchen equipment. Table Tracker basic ‘self-install is available at just £2795.00 plus VAT and LRS UK will be showing table tracker basic self-install at the restaurant live show at Excel in London on the 26th and 27th September along with other brand-new innovations for fast casual restaurants. More info is available at WWW.LRSUK.CO.UK/TTBASIC.HTM or call 01782 537000.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

September 2017

Hospitality Technology

The Digital Menu That Brings Your Restaurant to Life INTRODUCING NGI - Our NGI acronym stands for Next Generation Interactive, a testament to our design thinking mentality and our focus on fully integrated, end-to-end user experience. We are here to combine creativity with technology and make a real difference to simple everyday activities that most people do. The name of our creation is NextMenu and we are here to fundamentally change the 21st Century Restaurant Experience. We are putting an end to mixed up or forgotten

orders, awkward wave-at-the-waiter games and bad service complaints. We have created a Fully Integrated Order Management System designed to eliminate delays in responding to customer needs and boost venue service efficiency. The Next Generation Restaurant Management System Enhance your customer service and streamline delivery with a new breed of digital menu and restaurant management solution All in One Digital Menu, POS and Restaurant Communication Solution delivered as a service Visit or see our advert on page 8 for details.

Growing Burger Brand Chooses Aloha EPOS for Great Customer Service NYC BURGER and Grill and its sister company Shake N’ Burger are making the most of an international trend that has seen the popularity of gourmet burgers soar. NYC has four restaurants – in Doncaster, Bawtry, Hull and Stocksbridge, and the Shake N’ Burger brand opened its first branch in Doncaster in 2017. All have been a huge hit with customers. CEO Lee Edwards says it’s down to a fantastic recipe that combines excellent food with great customer service. “Along with the great food and staff, we believe in doing whatever it takes to make the customers day and ensure they love their NYC experience,” he said. With fantastic customer service so

high on the menu, NYC needed restaurant management software that could make sure staff could prepare and deliver delicious food quickly and accurately to its demanding clientele. NYC chose the Aloha EPOS management system from NFS Hospitality, which provides everything from handheld order taking, cash handling and billing to advanced operations such as labour management, loyalty, fraud prevention, table management and stock control. Lee said: “We needed restaurant management software that would deliver connectivity, reliable table service, and give us better, more detailed reports.” For further information please call 01992 514555 or visit

New 15” Touch Screen EPoS Terminal with Gesture Control and 10 Years Warranty! This NEW product of the Leading German EPoS Manufacture, Vectron Systems AG, has been on the market since midDecember. The EPoS Terminal is very high-quality, reliable and robust and offers, besides a modern and customizable user interface, further highlights such as the operation by gesture control. In addition, chip n pin, mobile ordering, loyalty, gift cards, and Sales & Stock Control

functions can also be added to provide you with the ultimate EPoS System! The embedded software includes numerous functions, which speed up workflows and make controlling easier. The generous 5-year manufacturing guarantee can be extended to 10 years when the terminal is purchased. A unique offer in the industry! For further information call 0203 608 1860 or visit

Leading in POS Technology ... since 1990 epos driven business intelligence FROM ONLY £2.18 Per Day* • 12.1“ & 15“ touch screens • titan cloud sales, stock & employee management • hand held ordering • table reservations • on-line ordering • gift cards • hotel interface • chip “n” pin integration • lease direct from the manufacture • local reseller support

VPOS (UK) Limited Unit 77a Wenta Business Centre Colne Way Watford Hertfordshire WD24 7ND

t: 0203 608 1860 w:

Hospitality Technology

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Are You Bored of Traditional POS? So Were We. Then APOS Happened APOS – The Complete Restaurant Management System. APOS Combines the functionality of existing POS software, analytics, accounting and inventory into one application with the addition of great new features. We offer solutions for both start-up cafes and multipleoutlet enterprise businesses. Here are a few reasons why you should choose APOS: • Save money: APOS recognises trends in your weekly inventory orders, calculating the amount of ingredients you are using, making amendment suggestions on your weekly orders. • Save time: Drinks orders are delivered straight to the bar. At busy times, it’s always more efficient to share the workload, but not always easy to verbally share information with the rest

of your team. Everyone is constantly connected, if you’re free, you always have something next on the list. • Efficient communication: Live order view combined with instant notifications keep everyone in your team informed about order status, whilst your chefs can easily keep track of order contents and quickly notify waiting staff when needed. "I couldn’t believe how quickly we transitioned into using the new system (APOS), my staff took to the new interface with ease. The APOS team provided me with an individual solution, providing me with all the hardware and software I need to run efficiently." - Ruman Karim, The Gandhi Restaurant, Portsmouth For further information, contact APOS on 0207 093 3137, Mobile: 07568 333623 or visit

3R Brings You The Ultimate Edge In Business and Simple Payment Management

3R STATE-OF-THE-ART point-of-sale till systems and handheld devices are designed to become an essential part of your business. Assembled with detailed reporting functionalities which will help to minimize your costs whilst maximizing profits, they are excellent for both multi-sites and single-site businesses. 3R have an excellent reputation for customer service providing personal access to assist with customer’s queries for fast and efficient deployment; as well as providing a personal service to assist customers with their growth and development. Built on over 16 years of experience, 3R EPoS’ reporting facilities safely stores information regarding your business and can be uniquely

C.C.R Systems Ltd CCR SYSTEMS have been supplying, installing and maintaining Retail and Hospitality EPOS systems for over 34 years. We are an ISO-9001 registered company with a diamond award for customer satisfaction. Our Powersuite software package that includes Total Control Premier/Stock, Instant Loyalty and Drilldown is the ideal package for all

tailored to suit your requirements. 3R hold the advantages of providing customers with: speed of service, better staff productivity, cost control, stock control, visibility and reduced shrinkage. Newsround delivery, shelf edge labels, mix and match offers and operator tracking/control features also available. Alongside comprehensive account reporting, an increase in profits can be realised immediately. 3R EPoS Till Systems coupled with our robust, easy to use handheld hardware, the results are uniquely tailored solutions that meet your needs. With complimentary installation and training provided, you can simply plug in the till and use it immediately with over 40,000 products pre-installed. Email: Call: 01992 574 650 Or visit: types of Hospitality & Retail outlets. Our hardware is a choice of top of the range touch screen terminals from selected quality manufacturers. The ORDERMAN Restaurant table ordering system is without doubt the best of it's kind, utilising the latest Oderman 7 hand held terminal and Kitchen Monitors or printers. Have a look at our web site on '' and view the ORDERMAN video. We also cater for the client that needs a low cost system that easily compares with the box shifters. Please contact GEORGE GUNNERY on 0151-644 8296 for a quotation for your establishment, or email to:

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

September 2017

Design and Refit

Audrey Gaffney Associates Audrey Gaffney Associates is one of Ireland’s leading interior architectural firms specialising in hospitality interiors. The firm provides design solutions for both new builds and retrofits and counts a wide variety of hotels and dining establishments amongst its client base. Our company philosophy is to not only to create and inspire, but to add value, to make a difference to your customer experience and ultimately drive revenue. Our vision for each project is to capture “the essence of the building and brand”, and combine true spatial awareness for the “customer experience” whilst ensuring the flow of operations (for staff) are seamless and effortless. Our portfolio includes The Dublin Skylon

Hotel, The Oak Room Restaurant in Cavan, The Balmoral Hotel in Belfast and The Silverbirch Hotel in Omagh to name but a few. Furthermore, Audrey Gaffney Associates have also carried out conservation work on some of the most historic hospitality venues in the country. These include Cabra Castle, Bellingham Castle, Beleek Castle and the gothic styled Markree Castle in Co. Sligo. Markee Castle has seen extensive work carried out by Audrey Gaffney Associates where we were responsible for the interior architecture, interior design and project management over a two-year period. Current projects include a new 5* Hotel & Spa Resort in the North-West set to open in 2019, The Castleknock Hotel & County Club in Dublin, two hotels in Spain, and further bar & restaurant work within Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. For further information, please call +353 (0) 46 906 4190, Email: or visit ow

Kingston’s New DoubleTree Hilton Welcomes LED Filament Lighting EFFICIENT LIGHTING technology reduces energy and maintenance costs without compromising on style. Leading LED filament brand Bright Goods announces its installation into Kingston’s brand new DoubleTree Hilton Hotel. The range of decorative, vintage-style LED filament lamps with a huge designer following is lighting up the ground floor public areas including the reception, lobby and restaurant. The project has been specified and managed by interior design architects, DesignLSM in conjunction with The Light Corporation. The DoubleTree, an upmarket 146 bedroom Hilton hotel located on the edge of the town offers stylish and contemporary accommodation, state of the art conference facilities and the hotel’s signature restaurant, Hawkers Bar and Brasserie, which is themed around Kingston’s extensive aviation history. It is an Art Deco-inspired area with an open-plan kitchen and an enclosed outside dining terrace. The Light Corporation was commissioned to design a lighting system that not only complemented the aviation theme but provided warm and elegant illumination throughout. An impressive range of Bright Goods LED filament lamps was specified to enhance distinct areas of the hotel. The lamps, all in 2.2K very warm colour temperatures highlight the various shaped LED filaments and create a welcoming, atmospheric ambience. The Florence 6W sepia tinted maxi globes, for example are hung bare and installed in clusters amongst the copper pipework that runs around the perimeter of

the restaurant, giving a contemporary industrial feel. The Elizabeth 3W candles, Joseph 5W GLS’, Jane 6W sepia tinted classic pears and John 6W long tubes are installed throughout the reception area, lobby, lounge, kitchen, bar and restaurant area providing the ultimate warm and cosy glow for all visitors. Steven Brazil, General Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton in Kingston said, “Aesthetically we were looking to create a modern and industrial décor and the Bright Goods LED filament lamps definitely helped us achieve this. They look fantastic and we have received some really positive feedback from our hotel guests who have commented on their vintage-modern design. We wanted to incorporate ‘mood lighting’ which could be altered throughout the day and into the evening and as these lamps are fully controllable, and can be dimmed when required, they were exactly what we were looking for.” Matt Parker, project lighting designer of The Light Corporation added, “We use Bright Goods lamps in every project we do in the hospitality sector and trust them for reliability, longevity and consistency of colour. Two years down the line after our first installation of Bright Goods lamps, they are still going strong, not a single lamp failure which is fantastic. It is good for us as it proves we are with the right supplier and good for Bright Goods as it verifies their longevity. We know they work, they look great and they perform but more than that, they are going to last a long time.” For further information, please see the advert below or visit

Design and Refit

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Making Interior Fit Out Investment With A Partner Who Understands Your Business

At CAPS group we understand what is important for our customers’ business prosperity. All projects face a strict budget and deadline. That’s a fact. Every client’s aim is to minimize costs whilst maximizing revenue. We can’t tell you how to run your business, but we can help you to make more out of your fit-out investment. Let’s talk about the facts During a recent study in 2015 on the UK hotel business, we found out: • 66-70% occupancy on weekdays • 71-75% occupancy on the weekend (21% and 23% of respondents respectively). • Only 4% of the hoteliers were able to

exceed 90% occupancy during the weekdays • 11% of hotel owners - on the weekend • 60% of hoteliers are declaring to perform fit-out works within the next 2 years. So, when looking for a reliable and experienced partner for your hotel fit-out, make your selection wisely. We at CAPS group are a turnkey contractor and offer programmed management from design, through procurement into delivery, on time and within budget. Positive return on investment, anyone? For further information call today on 01625 467900 or visit hospitality-furniture-and-fit-out/

Space Air - The UK's Independent Distributor for LG HVAC Systems SPACE AIR with 37 years experience in HVAC industry are UK Nationwide distributors of the full range LG HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment covering One to One Splits, Multi Splits, Multi V™ VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow), Therma V™ air to water medium/high temperature heat pumps, extensive local, remote and central control systems and Spare Parts. The Air Conditioning capacity range extends for 1 kW one to one to 269 kW systems with the largest variety of indoor units from Cassettes (1, 2 & 4 way air distribution), Ceiling, Floor, Wall and Low/Medium/High static ducted type. The Heat Recovery Ventilation- HRV offers flexible and

high efficiency ventilation. The unique Therma V™ Medium (55ºc) and High (80ºc) temperature domestic/commercial heating & domestic hot water and water based systems, which is ranked amongst the leading technology in the world. All LG-HVAC products are Eurovent Certified and to ISO9001-14001, Quality and Environmental Standards with extensive HQ facilities in Weybridge covering show rooms, training centres and CPD facilities. Space Air offers Nationwide coverage including design, selection, logistics, spare parts, remote and on site technical support. Contact us on tel: 01483 478 715 or by email: or visit our website for extensive information.

HotelContractBeds - Premium Quality At Affordable Prices

WE’RE ONE of the leading suppliers of contract approved beds and mattresses within the UK. Manufactured by ourselves, we pride ourselves on high quality whilst also providing comfortable low trade prices. While of course we offer all the standard UK sizes for beds and mattresses, we also provide an affordable bespoke service that will enable you to get the exact bed, mattress or sofa bed required for your establishment. We work on a no minimum order value policy, meaning you may order as much, or as little as you need. This

enables us to supply the big hotel chains, while also providing top quality to the smaller and independent hotels. Delivery is free of charge for all mainland UK orders with an estimated time of 3-5 working days. And what’s more, you can be assured that every contract bed manufactured and supplied via HotelContractBeds - including our memory foam mattresses, sofa beds, zip and link beds and divan sets - complies with BS5852 and Crib 5, ensuring that they pass stringent fire safety inspections. Call our friendly sales team on 01234 834693 or visit our website

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September 2017

Design and Refit

Mayfair Furniture

AS A leading supplier of contract furniture to the leisure and hospitality industry Mayfair Furniture is always striving to bring high quality products at the lowest prices possible. We supply a huge range of products to suit a variety of establishments from café and bistro furniture, restaurant, pub, bar, hotel lobby and bedroom furniture. As a direct importer of commercial furniture Mayfair Furniture offer

the most competitive prices in the UK. For example we supply restaurant table tops manufactured in the UK and made from FSC & PEFC certified sustainable sources, with prices starting from £19.95. In 2017 we brought in a new range of premium quality seating from Europe with prices starting at £44.50 almost half the prices of our competitors. For busy restaurateurs and hoteliers the entire range of commercial furniture and prices are quickly accessible from our fully ecommerce website. Buyers can also come and view our products at our new and extended showroom based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire five days a week Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm. Business Contact Details: Phone: 01733 310 115 Email: Website:

Contract Furniture Group CONTRACT FURNITURE Group has been set up to offer quality contract dining furniture to the hotel, restaurant, pub trades and leisure industries at realistic prices. We carry a lot of our range in stock so we can help you to meet your deadlines. We also offer a unique source and supply service; if you send us a picture of an item we will do our up most to supply to you at the best

price. All our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards, we only use hardwood frames which are glued screwed and dowelled for strength. crib5 interliner (if required) sprung seat areas or webbing and top quality Italian leathers and fabrics. For further information, call 0115 965 9030, visit or email

Temporary Catering Facilities During Refurbishment MOBILE KITCHENS Ltd specialises in the hire or sale of temporary catering facilities and foodservice equipment. We regularly provide our services to clients when they are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment or carrying out other building works that necessitate the closure of existing catering facilities. We offer a free design service, and project management from concept through to delivery and installation on site, plus full technical support throughout the hire period. The elements that make up our temporary kitchen and restaurant facili-

ties can be provided as individual units in their own right – Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens, Ware-washing Units, Dry Store Units, Cold Rooms, Restaurant Units, etc or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex. Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer term hires. We have many tried and tested design layouts and would be pleased to put forward our recommendations for your project. For further information or to arrange a site visit, please email:, call us on 0845 812 0800, or visit our website:

Temporary Catering Facilities During Refurbishment Mobile Kitchens Ltd specialises in the hire of temporary catering facilities and foodservice equipment.

We regularly provide our services to clients when they are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment or carrying out other building works that necessitate the closure of existing catering facilities. We offer a free design service, and project management from concept through to delivery and installation on site, plus full technical support throughout the hire period. The elements that make up our temporary kitchen and restaurant facilities can be provided as individual units in their own right – Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens, Ware-washing Units, Dry Store Units, Cold Rooms, Restaurant Units, etc - or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex. Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer term hires. We have many tried and tested design layouts and would be pleased to put forward our recommendations for your project.

For further information or to arrange a site visit, please email: or call us on 0345 812 0800, or visit our website:

Design and Refit ILF Chairs - Contract Seating ILF HAVE been supplying top quality indoor and outdoor chairs and tables for over the past 25 years to the hospitality market. We offer a wide selection of products to suit all tastes and as importantly budgets! We pride ourselves outstanding personal service with the motto ‘ No job is ever too big or too small – it’s customer satisfaction that counts’. In this demanding Health & Safety led market place we

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

guarantee that all our fabrics and fillings meet the exacting BS5852 Crib 5 fire regulations. The majority of our products are available in a choice of frame colours and we can offer an extensive choice of fabrics including real Leather and Faux Leather. In addition, we also able to offer a full service on bench seating and reupholstery. Delivery times are generally 4 weeks from order, but we can also offer a “fast track” service for certain products. Why not contact us at or on 01293 783783 and find out how we can help you fulfil your seating and table needs.

New Service Creates Wow Factor Hotel Rooms On A Budget

A NEW business has been launched in North Yorkshire to help small hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses create luxurious rooms without the matching price tag. (B&B Interiors), based in York, manufactures and fits soft furnishings to create a luxurious boutique hotel look and feel on a budget. Tapping into the latest design trends, customers can create interiors that match their specific brand image and generate instant wow factor. Unlike off-the-shelf, mass-produced soft furnishings that guests may see in other hotels, B&B Interiors enables small hoteliers and B&B owners to make a personal statement, unique to them. The family run company hand makes bespoke headboards, footstools, ottomans, pelmets, curtains, blinds, curtain tracks and poles, cushions, throws and valances at trade prices. It also offers a design and project management service, ensuring disruption to letting rooms is kept to a minimum. From start to finish, the process takes as little as three weeks while fit out of rooms is done in a single day. ‘In the Tripadvisor and Instagram era, small hotels, B&Bs and guest houses can’t afford to use bland, dated or mass produced furnishings if they want to stand out,’ explains Gary White, founder of B&B Interiors. ‘We help them cre-

It Sounds Crazy, But It’s True!

I VISITED a potential customer last week and he told me that, across all their branches, he had calculated they spent £60,000 a year cleaning up wax from candles!! That works out at £1621 per restaurant. And they only use about 20 candles in each place!! Having the right ambience, and using candles to provide it is an essential element of your restaurant, but this problem with the wax mess is a real issue. It can be costly, as in the example above, but also, it can discourage your staff from using the candles at all, and there-

ate luxurious rooms that guests will rave about, without costing a fortune, by cutting out the middleman.’ York small hotel Hedley House used the services of the company to make over the communal areas that guests relax in. The husband and wife owners wanted a traditional feel with a contemporary edge, in keeping with their fabulous Victorian townhouse property. ‘B&B Interiors were just what we were looking for, high quality curtains, roman blinds and headboards at great prices. They advised on all aspect of design, were attentive to detail, friendly and most importantly, they were quick and local to us,’ says Greg Harrand, co-owner of Hedley House Hotel. B&B Interiors currently serves North Yorkshire, but will accept requests from customers further afield depending on time scales required. For more information go to

fore not providing the ambience you want to provide. The answer, is to use a candle that doesn't make a mess, that doesn't spill wax everywhere when you touch it, that doesn't turn into mush or a hot liquid pool after a couple of hours. The answer is to use oil candles! Act now, and you can get a Free Oil candle from us at Clearcraft to try out, with no obligation whatsoever. Simply go to our website on, choose the model you would like to see and email me on with your choice and your address and I will send you out a free candle by return! Contact Clearcraft Ltd on Tel: 01279 731621, email:, web: or see the advert on page 6.

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September 2017

Design and Refit Capricorn Contract Furnishings CAPRICORN CONTRACT FURNISHINGS are now firmly established as one of the country’s largest stockist and supplier of quality contract furniture to cafes, bars, bistro's, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels. Capricorn Contract Furnishings are based in an 85,000 square feet showroom and distribution warehouse on the outskirts of Exeter in Devon. From within the distribution area we are able to offer a next day delivery service

Woodman Chairs

WOODMAN CHAIRS is a long established, dedicated chair manufacturer and wholesaler who make most of their own chairs. We offer a wide and varied choice of solid oak and beech chair and table styles – both modern and contemporary – with many finish and seat options. Included in our range is an exciting choice of sturdy bar stools and bar tables.

The fact that we make gives us greater control and flexibility. It also enables us to offer bespoke chair and chair frame or component production to end cus-

Sealy - The World’s No.1 Bed Brand SEALY HAS collaborated with some of the largest hospitality chains and leading hotel groups in the UK. From Center Parcs to the Malmasion and the Savoy, Sealy have acquired numerous years of experience in delivering large quantities of beds and mattresses on time and within budget. The World’s No.1 Bed Brand upholds a level of excellence by delivering an extensive range of beds and mattresses that are engineered around a simple premise: that quality of sleep is every bit as important as quantity of sleep. Through the intertwinement of the most advanced technological developments and state-of-the-art design,

Pro Auction Valuers & Auctioneers PRO AUCTION Limited are one of the leading specialist valuers & auctioneers. Providing a comprehensive range of services to ensure that the full value of surplus or redundant assets are realised, to maximum value, be that by a private treaty, tender or auction. Auctions are conducted on a regular basis, throughout Europe in the Hospitality, Catering & Leisure sectors. We provide valuation and sale advice on all classes of industrial and commercial business assets.

throughout the UK on hundreds of products including outdoor dining tables, tub chairs, bar stools, lounge furniture, conference stacking chairs. Customers are encouraged to visit our large showroom to view an extensive range of furniture ideally suited for the leisure market. Here you can relax and let Capricorn help and advise you with your requirements. Opening hours for the showroom are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Capricorn Contract Furnishings are in the enviable position of being a sole UK importer of quality furniture which means that you the customer, will be dealing direct with manufacturers from around the world at very competitive prices. For further details, please see the advert on this page. tomers or other suppliers and manufacturers looking for their own design or seeking to create a unique range or theme, again in both oak and beech, raw or finished. Always keen to innovate, Woodman are constantly introducing new styles and have recently added Carver options to their more popular dining chairs and have further expanded their range of bar stools to include rush seated and fabric pad options. Here is a simple decision that won’t require a Referendum! If you want your customers to have the best choice, with honest quality, at affordable prices, with decent lead times and no minimum order, then you need only vote Woodman for your chairs. For further details call 01884 841789, visit or email Sealy lead the way in product innovation. Luxury hotel company, the Langham Hospitality Group, have recently partnered with Sealy to deliver sleep solutions within its infamous hotel in West London. Known for delivering the highest standard in customer care and satisfaction across the world, the Langham Hospitality Group has chosen Sealy as its preferred supplier to maintain and extend its global reputation. Sealy are delivering an order of around 350 renowned Palatial Crest beds to the hotel in the UK, with the aim of sustaining the company’s promise of luxury, quality and world class service. Contact Sealy Contracts Department- Tel – 016973 24417 E-mail – Website – See advert on page 4

Auction sales are conducted both on site and webcast through our worldwide bidding platform. Pro Auction runs both traditional and online auctions throughout Europe, using the latest auction platforms and software, developed to meet the demands and needs of both the seller and purchaser. The company provides expert advice to insolvency practitioners, corporate recovery specialists and turnaround professionals. It is widely acknowledged as a leading provider of machinery and business asset advice – from initial valuation to exit strategy planning and implementation – helping clients through the whole process. Contact Pro Auction Limited on 01761 414000 or email

Design and Refit

Consort Claudgen Launches Ideal Heating System For Hotels Consort’s RXLC Landlord Control Heating System is designed for hotels, B&Bs or anywhere where a central control unit controls the temperature of all heaters in a building or rooms. It consists of an MRXLC controller and one or more CRXLC controllers connected to Consort’s RX heaters. The MRXLC can control any number of CRXLC depending on the building construction. It sets the same 7-day programme with 6 time settings per day for all

CRXLC controllers. Room occupants can temporarily adjust the room temperature on the CRXLC for a predetermined length of time before the CRXLC reverts to the programmed temperature.

RAPIDFIT THE industry leading range of ‘off the shelf ’ washroom solutions has been extended into two complimentary systems: RapidFit MRMFC and RapidFit Compact.

“The new RapidFit systems have three main benefits for our customers: convenience, choice and with the Compact range - durability. “RapidFit can be collected the next day and is sold in components, so that our customers can buy a single door or pilaster, or a whole cubicle system. It’s very quick and flexible. “We’ve chosen complementing colours that can mix and match to create a stylish, bespoke design and the Compact cubicles offers a extremely tough solution when it is needed.” For more information and full specifications, visit the rearo website at or call 0141 440 0800 to request a brochure or samples.

With ever increasing energy bills, the RXLC system is vital for owners or operators wanting greater control over their heating system and costs whilst providing their guests flexibility to enjoy a comfortable temperature during their stay. For more details, visit or call Sales at 01646 692172.

Rearo Expands the RapidFit Range

RapidFit MR-MFC toilet cubicles, vanity units and IPS wall panels are now available in a extended choice of eight mix and match colours with a five year guarantee. RapidFit Compact cubicles have been introduced with high-traffic areas in mind. It is vandal resistant, 100% waterproof and extremely hardwearing. Compact comes in 10 complementary colours and is guaranteed for 10 years. Kevin Nicoll, sales manager at Rearo, said:

CFB Boilers Gets Energy Bills Out of Hot Water ROUND-THE-CLOCK demand for heating and hot water in hotels and catering facilities can create significant financial burdens. But it doesn’t have to be this way – CFB Boilers’ high efficiency GB 162 hot water boiler range not only reduces energy consumption, therefore slashing bills, but as a Carbon Trust ECA registered product, also allows businesses to claim 100% of the first year capital allowance. The 80kW and 100kW gas or oil hot water boilers can be fitted individually or combined

(from two to eight boilers) using CFB Boilers’ cascade kits, thus providing condensing outputs of up to 800kW. To precisely match heat demand, single boilers can automatically modulate output down to 19kW or less, while multi-boiler cascade systems can modulate down to 2.5% of total output. Consequently, system efficiency is always high – even when heat demand is low – and fuel consumption is significantly reduced. Wear and tear is also minimised. CFB Boilers’ renowned 24/7 technical support covers everything from system layout design to installation. For more information about the GB 162 hot water boiler range, please contact CFB Boilers on 01255 224500 or visit

September 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

September 2017

Christmas - It's More Than Just Food and Drink Social Integration Must Not Cost Hospitality Operators By Dave Gosling, partner in the hospitality and leisure team at Menzies LLP THE ALMR has reacted to the publication of a

IT GOES without saying that Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for the hospitality and leisure industry, and many businesses are already turning their focus to how to make this year’s festive season more profitable than ever. However, with seasonal scaling up bringing unique challenges, in particular those relating to taking on staff, firms that fail to plan ahead risk significantly damaging potential margins and missing out on the financial opportunities that this time of year can bring. When anticipating an increase in customers, a common concern for hospitality sector employers will be ensuring that staffing levels are sufficient to handle the pick-up in demand. However, financially speaking, it can be equally harmful for establishments to take on too many workers or employ those without the necessary skills and experience. The challenge of scaling up the winter workforce is likely to be exacerbated in the years to come as access to overseas workers is restricted after Brexit. With the impact of inflation and other factors meaning that customers are tending to leave it later before booking a table for their festive feasts, taking steps to get firm numbers in place as early as possible can help businesses to coordinate staffing levels and rosters. Regardless of the time of year, hospitality and leisure businesses are highly dependent on flexible labour, but in December it is particularly important that work schedules are kept fluid. To prevent themselves from becoming unstuck by a last-minute surge in bookings, it is important that employers take on the right mix of staff, for example, those with complementary skills as well as with availability at different times of the day and week. With an increase in the number of staff handling cash over the festive period comes an increased risk of error, or theft. This can be mitigated by putting the correct systems in place to account for and reconcile cash, as well as trying to minimise the cash handling as far as is possible. While ‘unders’ and ‘overs’ will inevitably arise at some point, being able to check who was working on these occasions can help employers to

address such issues and prevent them from re-occurring. Having thorough processes in place to check references and train staff can also play a major role in preventing such instances occurring. Having more staff also increases the probability of mistakes relating to their remuneration. The best way to avoid these is to make sure that staff rota and payment systems are fully integrated. Increased costs associated with staffing bars and restaurants on key holidays, such as Christmas Day, should be taken into account and hours checked carefully before staff pay is calculated. With many hospitality and leisure businesses receiving a large amount of tips, it is important that a fair method of allocating the money is agreed upon and that all staff are aware of it. It is also important that businesses understand and operate the current payroll system for tips. Tips can either go through the company payroll, with the appropriate tax and National Insurance applied, or they can go through a separate payroll system. This is not controlled by the company and offers a potential National Insurance saving. However, to operate this separate payroll, certain conditions must be adhered to. Since most tips are now received by the business on credit cards, these can no longer go through the separate payroll system and businesses should therefore review their payroll systems to ensure they are correct. Following best practice in recruitment is also relevant when it comes to driving maximum value from special Christmas menus. A well as selecting a chef and kitchen team with the right knowledge and experience to consistently deliver a quality service, choosing a menu which is not too broad can help to reduce wastage and keep costs down. Similarly, testing a sample menu and taking care to see that it is properly costed ahead of the peak festive period can provide business owners with a helpful insight into how dishes are likely to perform, allowing them to be tweaked and improved in good time. Ensuring food supply chains are robust by reviewing supplier arrangements in the run up to December and negotiating deals in plenty of time is another way that restauranteurs can reduce risk and drive value. Ultimately, maximising margins during the festive season should involve lots of pre-planning and learning from past mistakes; looking back at results from previous Christmasses, as well as margins taken throughout the year. This will provide business owners with a useful benchmark, allowing them to create informed and achievable financial objectives for a successful festive season.

report into migrant integration by welcoming its acknowledgement of the value of non-UK workers but warning against additional costs for businesses and disadvantaging companies that employ migrant staff. The All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration has published the report: Integration not Demonisation, voicing concerns about the integration of migrant workers into the UK, and recommending the adoption of regional quotas and the introduction of a levy on employing migrant workers, to pay for social integration projects. ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Migrant workers make a hugely valuable contribution to the UK economy and are particularly vital to eating and drinking out businesses and the report rightly acknowledges this. “We need a legislative approach that gives employers access to the employees they need to grow their businesses. Naturally, with virtually full employment, a significant number of these are going to be non-UK workers, so barriers preventing

their easy employment will harm the UK’s eating and drinking out sector. “It is important to stress that eating and drinking out businesses do not actively court foreign staff members at the expense of British ones. There simply is not the pool of UK labour needed to fill vacancies in our sector and non-UK workers are doing a fantastic job in filling those gaps. “We need collectively to highlight the importance of nonUK workers, reinforcing the fact that they are welcome in the UK and that the huge contribution they make doesn’t go unnoticed.” The ALMR has also warned that proposals to introduce a regional quota system of migrant workers or a levy on employing non-UK workers would only heap costs on employers and undermine investment. Nicholls concluded: “The Government needs to produce and implement an immigration strategy that acknowledges these points and allows for the easy employment of workers from overseas. Crucially, this means avoiding a regional quota system or an employee levy that will only throw up further barriers to growth for businesses and undermine investment.”

BCGA Guidance Issues Fire Safety Update IMPORTANT GUIDANCE on the steps to take in the event of a fire on or near gas cylinders has been issued for the hotel and hospitality sector by The British Compressed Gases Association. The leaflet ‘L6 – Cylinders in Fires’ has been designed by the trade association to offer a concise, visual guide to the steps to take in the event of a fire-related incident. It also includes information on flammable gases, post fire actions and provides gas company emergency contact numbers. Doug Thornton, Chief Executive of the BCGA said: “Cylinders are designed to keep gas stored safely, but they can become vulnerable in the extreme circumstances of a fire. “L6 is an immediate action response for dealing with a cylinder in such an event. “It has been developed in a format which makes it easy to be placed on noticeboards and other areas where the information can be easily viewed, understood and, in the unlikely event

of an incident, by acted quickly upon. “Essentially the message centres around four key instructions; to keep away, raise the alarm, evacuate the immediate area and call the Fire and Rescue Service. “It also signposts readers to the sources of other information at a glance.” The L6 leaflet is available for free download from the recently upgraded area of the BCGA’s ‘cylinders in fires’ online area The revised web area includes a history of the work BCGA has carried out with a wide range of groups, which has resulted in a common approach to dealing with cylinders in fires. Mr Thornton added: “Industrial, food and medical gases are essential to the existence and wellbeing of thousands of people in the UK every day. “It is vitally important they are used correctly. “Our mission is to ensure safety in the use, storage, transportation and handling of gases and the respected publications and information we produce are key to that.”

Local Councils Fail to Keep Spring Budget Promise, ALMR Reveals Are You Up To Date with All the Latest Regulations and Standards? ACCORDING TO a study by the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR), local authorities are yet to make the promised £31 million worth of business rates relief available to pubs and restaurants – as announced at the Spring budget.

In a sample of 25 local authorities, ALMR claims that 22 are yet to develop a scheme to distribute discretionary relief worth £31 million to struggling businesses, which includes £1,000 in relief for pubs with a rateable value of £100,000 or below and a £300 million discretionary fund for local authorities. It also found no evidence of any councils issuing the £1,000 pub-specific relief, worth potentially £25 million to the sector. ALMR chief executive Kate Nicholls said: “The fact that this relief has been made available to local authorities and is still not getting through to where it is most needed, proves we

need immediate and wholesale reform of a broken system. “Pubs and restaurants are in urgent need of financial assistance and have already seen some closures across London due in part to spiralling business rates bills and these delays risk others suffering the same fate. “Local authorities are sitting on money that has been earmarked for hardworking and very hard-pressed businesses. In some cases, those local authorities that have devised schemes for discretionary rates have excluded pubs, the very businesses that have been hardest hit. Councils need to make their relief schemes as fair as possible, and be free from restrictions or red tape as businesses of all sizes and trading styles are in need of support. “Recent consumer research by CAMRA showed that the majority of customers agree that eating and drinking out venues need support. Local authorities risk the closure of vital social and economic hubs if they do not act immediately.”

AVOID UNNECESSARY fines and disciplinary action by making sure that you are applying the latest regulations and standards correctly. A little bit of training goes a long way. Correctly targeted training provides both the company as a whole and the individual with essential knowledge that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment. Well planned and delivered continuing professional development (CPD) is important because it provides benefits to the individual, their profession and the public. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) provides a

wide range of one-day courses dedicated to current building standards, regulations and their applications. Over the last year CIBSE has begun to see an increase in the uptake of their in-house training offering. Cost per delegate is typically lower than public programmed courses as external venue costs are eliminated as the trainer is sent to you. Training in-house means the trainer can focus on your company’s individual needs using current examples, and therefore have the most effect. Delegates can then work on existing examples of work which relates directly to their role. For more information visit

Property and Finance

The Taxman Cometh – Are You Prepared?

by Philip Munn, Partner at RSM

CHANNEL 4’S recent programme ‘Catching the tax dodgers’ revealed some of the methods used by HMRC to find and prosecute tax fraudsters. While most businesses would applaud HMRC’s efforts, many restaurants who have been targeted by HMRC have been left feeling bruised by the experience. This article looks at RSM’s experience of how HMRC operates, its powers to investigate taxpayers, and provides some practical advice. Why? In HMRC’s view, restaurants are prone to under paying VAT because of the amount of cash that they handle; in extreme cases HMRC may even claim that evasion is taking place. This is not because the industry is regarded as being corrupt, it is a peculiarity of the law. VAT is due every time a customer pays for a meal, so even if a member of staff has stolen the payment and/or not run the sale through the till, VAT is due to HMRC. Therefore, even businesses acting in good faith could be guilty of underpaying VAT. How? HMRC’s first step to identify those guilty of suppressing takings is to sift through all the data it has on restaurants up and down the country to identify unusual trading patterns. Having identified a few restaurants, the next step is far more familiar; HMRC officers will conduct several covert sample purchases. The first time a business may be aware of HMRC’s work is when an HMRC officer asks to view the business records. The officer will try to find evidence that HMRC’s covert purchases have been included in the VAT return. If there is no record of HMRC’s purchases, the investigation begins in earnest. HMRC must then decide how much VAT has been underpaid and whether the owner is complicit. From the records available, and taking account of the covert sample purchases, the officer will raise an assessment to ‘best judgment’ for the amount of VAT they believe is due. This will be accompanied by any penalty that may be applicable. If the owner is thought to be guilty of misstating earnings, this penalty could be as much as 100 per cent of the VAT underpaid. Powers

As you would expect, HMRC’s powers to tackle tax avoidance and evasion make for sobering reading. However, there are important checks and balances that all taxpayers should be aware of. For particularly high risk cases HMRC can conduct an unannounced visit. This involves three or more HMRC officers arriving without warning at the business’ premises. These officers are authorised to enter the premises and conduct an inspection of the premises, its assets and the business’ records. Practical tips The best way for a legitimate business to prevent an HMRC visit is to put in place measures to prevent staff theft, then keep these measures up-todate. Sadly, there is no way to prevent an HMRC visit, so what else should you know? First, because any member of staff may be working when HMRC make an unannounced visit, it is key to make sure that a senior member of the team is contacted as soon as HMRC officers enter the premises. This should ensure that a helpful junior staff member without full knowledge of the business does not provide incorrect or misleading information. At this stage the owner may decide that professional advice should be sought. Second, when HMRC makes an unannounced visit its officers are obliged to produce a notice of inspection and an HMRC factsheet. It is critical that you take the time to read both documents before allowing HMRC’s officers free reign. The notice is very specific on the visit’s date, time and the HMRC personnel that will be involved. It is always worth checking that HMRC is abiding by the terms of this notice. Third, many HMRC officers misunderstand their authority during a visit. HMRC cannot conduct a search of the premises, ‘business documents only’ means the records required for statutory returns (not every available analysis) and, perhaps most importantly, the notice cannot compel you or your staff to participate in an interview. I should also say that you can refuse to permit HMRC officers to exercise the notice, but in some cases this could increase any penalties that arise later in the process. The more familiar announced visit must be arranged at least seven days in advance. HMRC usually requests that four years’ records are made available at your premises. While this is a far more orderly process, the seriousness of this visit should not be underestimated. Therefore, whether a visit is planned or unannounced, it is always worth considering whether to take advice early in the process. Few businesses want a visit from the taxman, no matter how noble the cause. However, there are several practical measures that can be taken to ensure that investigations run smoothly.


• Retirement Sale

• Bars & restaurant

• Riverside garden • Car Park

• 3 bedrooms

£120,000 LEASEHOLD



• Open plan bar • New private lease • Basement cellarage • Rear trade patio • No accommodation £90,000 FREE OF TIE LEASE NR MAIDSTONE

• 16th century inn

• Public house

• Games room

• Trade garden & patio

• 3 bedrooms

• 3 bedrooms

• 45 cover restaurant

• 40 cv restaurant

• Covered patio

£325,000 FREEHOLD

CHALLOCK Busy food pub 120-cover restaurant 50-cover function room Trade gardens & car park • 3 bedrooms £139,995 LEASEHOLD

• Garden bar & decking



• • • •

• Bar and restaurant • 100+ covers

• Large trade garden

• Car Park

• 3 bedrooms

£465,000 FREEHOLD



• Bar & games bar

• Food led village pub

• Bar and dining room

• 60 cv restaurant

• 67 covers

• Gardens & car park

• Large car park, gardens • 3 Bedrooms


TENTERDEN 01580 766522

• 2 letting bedrooms

• 4 private bedrooms

£620,000 FREEHOLD

BRIGHTON 01273 565621

Property and Finance

The Future Of Immigration In The Hospitality Sector Post-Brexit

Currently, EEA and Swiss nationals residing in the UK obtain ‘Permanent Residence’ after 5 continuous years of residing in the UK as a worker/student/self-employed person/self-sufficient person. However, these individuals must apply to the Home Office to confirm this right and be given a visa to evidence this. Once having held Permanent Residence for a period of 12 months, individuals may qualify to apply to naturalise as British, a benefit for many EEA nationals residing in the UK. The government have proposed to amend the legal position of EEA nationals residing in the UK following Brexit. Theresa May suggested that EEA nationals residing in the UK before a ‘specified date’ (not yet specified but expected to be before 30 March 2019) will qualify for to apply for ‘settled status’ after 5 years of living in the UK. It is expected that even those who have already obtained confirmation of Permanent Residence will need to apply again for settled status under the new regime, though their application may be more streamlined. However, those EEA nationals who move to the UK after the specified date may or may not be permitted to reside in the UK after Brexit. There are very few alternative routes to allow low skilled migrants to move to the UK to work. Therefore, by potentially losing a large proportion of their workforce, the businesses within the hospitality sector are likely to have to rely on employing UK citizens (hospitality recruiter `The Change Group’ estimate that only one third of job applications come from UK citizens for hospitality roles) or the Home Office will have to introduce a new

Why Invest In France? Investment in commercial real estate totalled well over 30bn euros last year and continues to grow. It is a mature, transparent market where hotels are a popular asset for international investors, with around 4bn euros invested in 2016. France offers attractive income returns with a stable economy and a growing opportunity for rental growth. Don't discount the Macron effect either! WHY LEGGETT COMMERCIAL?

visa scheme to allow low skilled migrants coming to the UK to work. Currently, some countries, such as Australia, have a mutual agreement with the UK to allow young nationals to move to the UK for a maximum of two years, known as the Youth Mobility working holiday visa. The Home Office have suggested the introduction of a visa which could potentially allow low skilled EEA nationals to temporarily move to the UK for work. This has been dubbed the ‘Barista Visa’. The Barista Visa is suggested to only be available for those applying for low skilled jobs. This has a negative impact as those who wish to progress in their job to a management level may be restricted due to the potential risk of losing their visa. Although it may benefit the hospitality industry to an extent by allowing a flow of migrants to enter the UK for work, it is likely that the lack of job progression and the limited period allowed on this visa type (likely to be 1-2 years) would put off EEA migrants moving to the UK. If EEA nationals wish to move to the UK permanently, they are likely to have to satisfy the same requirements for those currently from outside the EEA. A business will have to apply for a Sponsor Licence and satisfy certain requirements to be permitted to hire someone from outside the UK. The individuals hired would only be permitted to fill skilled positions and this is generally an expensive route to hire people. Therefore, although this may be an option for the larger hospitality businesses, the smaller businesses are likely to be most affected. To ensure that your businesses does not lose out in the wake of Brexit, you should consider supporting you current employees with Permanent Residence applications and/or British nationality, and making sure they are confident that the business will Anglo Continental Placements LTD help them where possible. Without this Hospitality & Catering Recruitment Specialists Est. 1993 security, businesses may see a wave of EEA nationals already in the UK returning to We can help your their home countries or seeking opportunibusiness find the ties elsewhere. Gemma Goodhead, a specialist UK immigraquality staff it needs. tion lawyer who recently joined SA Law as Head • We supply independent & branded chain of Immigration

Leggett was recently listed by the Financial Times as one of the top 10 fastest growing property consultancies in Europe. They offer an award winning service throughout France, which includes: Agency, Development & Investment Their bilingual team works closely with dedicated English speaking lawyers, notaires and accountants, specialising in the disposal and acquisition of commercial property in France. With over 400 Leggett Immobilier agents spread across the country, Leggett has a unique opportunity to source hotels in both city centres and the country. France is the world’s top tourist destination … here the hospitality industry is built on solid fundamentals, enabling it to weather economic downturn. ....don't miss out. Contact: Timothy Austin-Smith Tel: +33 (0)5 53 60 84 88 Email:

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

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ANDREW GREENWOOD BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENT HIGH TURNOVER RESTAURANT WITH FULL ON-LIC, FRONTING BUSY ‘A’ RD WITH VIEWS ACROSS OPEN FOREST, OUTSKIRTS OF NEW FOREST VILLAGE, LYNDHURST, HAMPSHIRE. Character prop circa 1900. Tastefully furnished 105 cover restaurant with adj. 30-seat cocktail bar, S&W facing alfresco seating for 80. Lge superbly fitted kitchen with extensive inventory. Trade gdn. 42 space car park with lge free car park nearby. Owners/staff accom comprises 2 more or less S/C 1 dble bed flats, a studio flat & in addition 3 staff bedrms, etc. Retirement sale – same hands 21 years. Ave gross takings £23,000 pw. Accts record a T/O of £957,901 (ex VAT). GP 70%. Scope to open Mon & for afternoon & later evening opening. New lease at initial rental of £75,000 p.a.x. – OIRO £450,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3720) LICENSED THAI RESTAURANT WITH 2 BED FLAT, SOUGHT AFTER 1ST & 2ND FLOOR PREMISES, IN CENTRE OF AFFLUENT MARKET TOWN, HAMPSHIRE. Estab in 1990. Offering authentic Thai cuisine. #1 listing on TripAdvisor. Attractively decorated, air conditioned, 1st floor restaurant seats 60. Well equipped catering kitchen. 2 bed 2nd floor flat and 2 car parking spaces. Retirement sale – same hands 17 yrs. Run under occasional supervision. Open only 6 evenings a week. T/O £6,500 pw. Recorded T/O £316,460 ex VAT (13.25% take aways). GP £217,419 (68.7%). Offered with a new lease at rental of £26,400 p.a.x. - £140,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3717) 16TH CENTURY BAR & BISTRO, FRONTING MARKET SQUARE, AFFLUENT MEDIEVAL TOWN, HAMPSHIRE. Character Grade II Listed timber frame bldg, radiates ‘olde worlde’ charm with many exposed beams. Grnd flr bar has flagstone floor & inglenook – seating 20+. First flr gallery seats 24. Adj. dining rm boasts medieval wall painting & seats 26 plus private dining rm for 12. Catering kitchen. Paved courtyard with arbour seats 20+. Retirement sale – same hands 18 yrs. T/O £5,000 pw. Recorded T/O £195,862 p.a. (ex VAT). GP £130,462 (66.6%). 30% wet sales. Scope to open Sunday & afternoons. 42 year lease from March ’89 at current rental of £25,600 p.a.x. - £75,000 + S.A.V. for 100% shareholding. (Ref. F/C.3669)

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Thinking of selling? Regional Specialists National Exposure


PRICE: £150,000


PRICE: £33,000


PRICE: £75,000


PRICE: £285,000


6 Clarendon Place, King Street Maidstone, Kent

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THE BRITISH Hospitality Association estimates that one third of all EEA migrants living in the UK work within the hospitality and tourism industry. These industries are, therefore, arguably going to be the worst hit following Brexit, not only from the reduction in EEA citizens applying for open positions within a business, but also the potential for current employees to return to their home countries.

September 2017


• Multi Award Winning & Renowned Seafood Restaurant • Idylic Village Location within the South Hams • Internal Trade Area Seating 80, Covered External Seating for 100 • Exceptional Turnover and Net Profit figures • Only 2nd Time in 28 Years the Business has come to the Market


REF: 2736


• Attractive Restaurant/Bar Premises • Situated in highly visible location • Elegantly Refurbished Including Kitchen Refit in June 2016 • Excellent Opportunity for Couple or Chef Patron • Premises suitable for a variety of catering


REF: 2850


• Spanish Style restaurant in sought after residential area • Ground Floor Trade area seating 16 • First floor with seating area for circa 17 • Commercial kitchen • Restaurant has strong local trade


REF: 2843


• Smart Licensed Restaurant in Prominent Location • Large Versatile Residential Accommodation Above • Trading to Suit Current Owner With Scope to Increase the Opening Hours • Well Equipped Premises • A Perfect Turnkey Operation Providing a Great Opportunity


REF: 2867


• Delightful, Grade II Listed 16th Century Thatched Inn • 3 Character Trade Areas with Total Number of Covers circa 94 • 8 Superior En-suite Letting Rooms • Stunning Beer Garden, Additional Plot with PP and Car Park • A Thriving, Award Winning and Very Profitable Business


PRICE: £995,000



• Quintessential Grade II Listed Thatched Country Village Inn • Very Successful Business Which Exudes Character Throughout • 6 Superior En Suite Letting Rooms • Outside Covered Trading Area & Separate Beer Garden • Strong Turnover with Very Impressive Net Profit


PRICE: £795,000


REF: 2805


• Substantial Former Hotel, Currently Trading as Ground Floor Inn • Situated in Highly Sought After Town of Dartmouth • Two Self Contained Apartments • Level Walk to Waterfront • Potential Investment/ Development Opportunity


PRICE: £545,000


REF: 2829



PRICE: £285,000

REF: 2866

• Substantial & Historic Grade II Listed Traditional Village Inn • Situated within the Beautiful Dartmoor National Park • 3 Main Trade Area & Separate Dining Room/Restaurant • 5 En-Suite Letting Rooms, Staff Bedsit & Owners/Managers Flat • Currently Closed, Turnkey Opportunity with Huge Potential


01803 212021

REF: 2544


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Property and Finance

September 2017

The Cow Roast Inn, Hertfordshire for Sale

LEADING NATIONAL Licensed Property Agents Guy Simmonds have been instructed to sell the highly impressive 17th century inn; the Cow Roast Inn, situated in the affluent and highly sought after prime location of Cow Roast (near Tring), Hertfordshire. National Sales Director Martin McConnell said “This excellent business is now up for grabs with which our client has achieved a well-established trading foundation that can be fully emulated; yet also offers tremendous potential to increase the turnover and profits by focussing on an intensive marketing campaign to promote the diversity of the premises for being used for weddings, parties and private functions.” This highly impressive property, exuding a wealth of charm and character and features a cosy Lounge Bar (circa 10), a traditional Public Bar (circa

25) and a versatile Restaurant (circa 30+ covers). There is also a fully equipped Commercial Catering Kitchen and the owner’s accommodation briefly comprises: 6 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchen, office and shower rooms x2. There is a good sized lawned Beer Garden (circa 100+) and Patron’s car parking facilities for circa 50+ cars. There is also an additional plot of land ideal for use as a caravan/camping site subject to the necessary panning permissions. McConnell added “This is undoubtedly a superb first time buyer’s opportunity to purchase a well-established business and family home that offers untold growth potential!” Price: £22,500. Tenure: Leasehold. Turnover: Advised current sales are circa £200,000+ (incl. VAT). Trade Split: 75% wet and 25% food. Rent: £46,670 per annum. Landlord: Punch Taverns. Contact Guy Simmonds on 01332 865112 for information.

The Hospitality Business Mentor from The Bowden Group DAVID HUNTER is the Hospitality Business Mentor – he works with owners and investors in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. Ensuring the business performs and makes the required profit, is what David does, and he does this by: 1. Setting realistic targets for the business, and creating budgets and forecasts 2. Monitoring Sales, Gross Margins and Labour costs very closely 3. Mentoring the owners and/or managers of the business to help them achieve their objectives Other areas that David advises on include: • Marketing – general and specific (ie promotions etc)

• Human Resources (HR) - including all the legislation, and disciplinary positions. • Reward and Bonus schemes – always linked to achievement of objectives • Customer Service - including Hospitality skills training Do contact David for an informal chat, or make an appointment to meet with him. Call David direct on: Mobile 07831 407984 or by email on Visit the website at or the Blogsite at

The White Hart Inn, Axbridge, Somerset on the Market

IN ITS charming village setting in the Mendips, this historic inn is a private, locally owned, free of tie lease. Set off the busy A38 close to Bristol Airport, Cheddar and Weston, this 17th Century property boasts Main and Sports bars, Trade Gardens, a Paddock and Large Car Park.

To advertise in the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier Tel 01202 552333

Owners enjoy extensive 4-bed Accommodation. A retirement sale,

this is a currently quietly traded, all wet operation. With a proposed new, 21 year, part repairing lease available there is now considerable scope to extend trading hours, introduce catering and, perhaps, create letting rooms in this affluent, vibrant and tourist popular location. An unusual and rare lifestyle and business opportunity. Price: £49,000. Tenure: Private, FOT lease. Sales: £125,000 (inc VAT). Split: 100% wet. Rent: £21,650pa. Contact Guy Simmonds on 01332 865117 for further details.








Impressive City Centre Guest House 9 Quality Letting Rooms & Owners Accom Trading on Bed & Breakfast Only Basis Attractive Home & Profitable Business An Internal Inspection is Recommended

Superior Award Winning Bed & Breakfast Sought After South West Village Location 6 High Quality En-Suite Letting Bedrooms Superior 3 Bedroom Owners Accom Car Parking and Attractive Gardens Exceptional Business & Lifestyle Opportunity

Successful Licensed Tapas Bar and Restaurant Sought After City Centre Trading Position Main Restaurant (70) and Bar Area Extremely Well Equipped Catering Opportunity Much Potential. Must be Viewed


FH £595,000




LH £60,000





Established Fish & Chip Takeaway & Restaurant Town Centre Trading Position Run Completely under Management Flexible Owners Accom for Two Families Substantial turnover

Extremely Well Regarded Daytime Cafe Dorset Town Centre Close to Coast Cafe Dining Area (26), Al Fresco Seating (10) Impressive 2 Bedroom Owners Accommodation Outstanding Catering Opportunity

Upmarket Licensed Cafe & Coffee Shop Prime Sought After Coastal Town Presented to High Specification Main Cafe & Dining Area (46+) Impressive & Growing Levels of Trade Move In and Start Trading


FH £395,000


LH £145,000




LH £225,000

REF: 7956F



Quality Daytime Cafe & Coffee Shop Prime Trading Position in Regency Town Main Cafe/Restaurant (74) Self-Contained 2 Bedroom Owners Apartment Potential for Evening Trade

Substantial FREE OF TIE Village Freehouse Occupying Prominent Landmark Position Main Bar (40), Dining Area (16), Restaurant (22) Skittle Alley/Function Room, Gardens & Parking 3 Bed Owners Accom, 2 Letting Rooms Must be Viewed to be Fully Appreciated

LH £125,000


LH £25,000



KINGSBRIDGE, SOUTH DEVON Well Presented Restaurant in Popular South Hams Prominent Trading Position Main Restaurant (60) plus Bar & Waiting Area Enclosed Rear Courtyard Garden (38+), Car Park (3) 3 Bedroom Owners Accommodation Excellent Catering Opportunity with Potential

LH £49,950


01392 201262


September 2017

Consumers Demand Clarity on Who Butcombe Pioneers New Ale Is Brewing Their Craft Beer NEW RESEARCH has revealed that the majority of beer drinkers want greater clarity over who is brewing the beer they drink, following an increase in the popularity of craft beer and a number of buyouts of independent craft breweries by global brewers. The independent YouGov survey of more than 1,000 beer drinkers was commissioned by SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers, as part of their campaign to inform consumers of which beers are brewed by their members as truly independent British craft brewers. The ‘Assured Independent British Craft Brewer’ initiative allows SIBA member brewers who are relatively small, fully independent, and brewing quality beer* to use an ‘Assured’ seal on their beer products and point of sale marketing material to help them stand out from beers from other brewers The research showed a large majority (60%) of beer drinkers cared who brewed their beer and more than twothirds (69%) thought it would be useful to see the logo on beer pump clips, bottles and cans, in order to identify the beer as being brewed by a truly independent craft brewer, rather than a Global beer company. More than half (54%) went even further and said that they would be more likely to drink a beer which carried the logo. “Quality, flavoursome beer from independent British craft breweries has never been in greater demand, with more people than ever drinking more discerningly and choosing full-flavoured beer. This has of course attracted the attention of the global brewers, who have been buying out previously independent breweries and trying to get their own slice of this growing sector. But what this survey clearly shows is consumers care whether the beer they are drinking was brewed by a truly independent British craft brewer or not – it’s all about provenance, transparency and not misleading consumers.” Mike Benner, SIBA Chief Executive. The research also showed that half of beer drinkers (50%) were now drinking ‘local craft beer’, with this number rising to 61% for 25-34 year olds, suggesting a healthy future for this important British manufacturing industry. Buyouts of previously independent craft breweries such as Camden Town by ABInBev – the makers of Budweiser – and London Fields by Carlsberg have brought into focus the need for clarity in the beer world. Just days ago Anchor Brewing in America, one of the USA’s first craft breweries, was purchased by Japanese giants Sapporro – making a similar seal launched by the Brewers Association across the pond clearly neccessary. SIBA’s “Assured Independent British Craft Brewer” seal was introduced as a way for truly independent craft breweries to differentiate the beers they brew from mass-produced products and has been met with huge praise by brewers in the UK, many of whom will be displaying their wares at CAMRA’s Great British Beer

Festival today. “Hundreds of the beers at this year’s Great British Beer Festival have been brewed by independent breweries and we have worked with CAMRA to highlight them on the festival bars and in the programme. Independent craft beer is brewed by genuine passionate brewing artisans and that is something beer drinkers really care about, because it’s the only way to get the absolute best tasting, most interesting beers.” The logo has been met with huge support from brewers, with SIBA’s membership growing 6% in the last 8 months and 50 new breweries signing up to the Trade Association. Mike Benner commented, “It can be no coincidence that since SIBA launched its ‘Assured’ scheme our membership has impressively continued to grow by nearly 50 more brewers. British professional brewing businesses recognise the threat of global craft to their business and the Assured scheme Is helping to create a future for independent British craft brewers to differentiate themselves in a crowded market place and helping brewers run sustainable businesses.” Benner added. Ed Mason, Owner of Five Points Brewery, is running the London Brewers Alliance bar at the Great British Beer Festival alongside Redemption and Windsor & Eton Breweries, who are all very proud of being Assured Independent British Craft Brewers, “I believe that consumers value provenance, and want to support local and independent breweries. Many consumers don’t realise that what looks like an independent local craft beer on the bar can often be owned by one of the global lager brands. As an industry, we truly independent craft brewers need to be vocal in championing provenance, which is one of the positives of the ‘Assured Independent British Craft Brewer’ ‘seal that SIBA has recently introduced, it’s a brilliant way of being open and transparent about our ownership and provenance.” Ed Mason, Five Points Brewery. The initiative has been welcomed by consumer group the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), who run the Great British Beer Festival, who have highlighted the need for consumer’s to be able to differentiate between beers brewed by local artisan brewers and large global brewers, “Consumers should be given access to information to enable them to make informed choices about which beers to drink. There is currently no agreed definition of “craft” beer, either in the UK or abroad. That allows large global brewers, who produce beer in huge quantities, to market their products as “crafted” to boost sales – riding the wave of the popularity of “craft beer” for many drinkers. The discerning customer should have confidence that the beer they’ve chosen is indeed local and artisan, rather than just the product of clever but deceptive marketing.” Tim Page, CAMRA Chief Executive.

BUTCOMBE BREWING Company has launched a brandnew beer to their range. ‘Pioneer’ – a golden pale ale brewed with nine malt types for a malt body and British oats for smoothness sill sit in the brewers Classic Range alongside their well-known Original, Rare Breed and Gold.

Pioneer’s sweet malt is balanced by a soft bitterness from Sterling hops and an aroma of citrus, grapefruit, orange and marmalade from the Pioneer and First Gold hops. Butcombe have launched the quaffable 3.6% ABV Ale as a cask only beer. It’s now available to On-Trade customers with a spe-

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


cial introductory offer of £59.50 for a nine-gallon cask. Geraint Williams, Managing Director at Butcombe Brewing Co. said: “Pioneer allows Butcombe to do what they do best, craft brilliant cask ale. Our brewers have explored their craft and created a unique ale at the forefront of the market. Pioneer is a beer that delivers excellent thirst quenching INT ODUCING taste pint after pint. “We are eager to support our On-Trade customers with this beer, so ensuring its cask only is important to us. Cask beers like Pioneer enables pubs to create something can’t be replicated at home, and we’re keen to support our customers with great quality ale to drive people to their outlets.” Pioneer can also be discovered at Butcombe Pubs and Inns across the South West. £59.50 Contact Butcombe Brewing Co. on Tel: 01934 864898



A Golden Pale Ale brewed with nine malt types for a malt body and British oats for smoothness. The sweet malt is balanced by a soft bitterness from Sterling hops and an aroma of citrus, grapefruit, orange and marmalade from the Pioneer and First Gold hops. A beer that delivers excellent thirst quenching taste pint after pint.



Silent Pool Gin's Intricately Realised Series

SILENT POOL GIN have always focused on quality, individuality, and uniqueness when it comes to their gin. Attention to detail is key, from sourcing the best bo-tanicals, to taking care and attention at each stage of distillation, right through to hand sealing every bottle that leaves the distillery and makes its way to gin drinkers around the world. ‘Intricately Realised’ represents our journey. A new series of events will see Silent Pool Gin work in partnership with different brands and producers whose approach and commitment share these key core values. From silk makers to men’s grooming experts, audio specialists and ra-re tea distributors, the series will celebrate those who look for quality and who spend time hand crafting superior products, which become coveted by those in the know. Each event will see a collaboration

producing a unique and intricately realised product. Stu Bale, Head of Innovation at Silent Pool Distillers, will also create a bespoke cocktail representing the partnership between the two companies. The first of the series will see Silent Pool Gin collaborate with Blenheim Forge in Peckham to produce a bespoke pairing knife for creating the perfect G&T garnish. Stu Bale’s bespoke cocktail for this first collaboration takes inspiration from the heat, smoke and fire of the Blenheim forge, combining tastes and flavours to produce a unique and complex cocktail. The Blenheim features Silent Pool Gin alongside Octomore whisky and a Lap-sang Souchong Cordial using tea from the Rare Tea Company. Served straight up in a cocktail glass and garnished with a flamed orange zest, it captures the atmosphere and feeling of standing in the forge where artisans Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris and Richard Warner are hard at work. Visit

Double Dutch Drinks

Double Dutch offers a unique range of tonic waters and mixers that revolutionise the world of beverages.

With seven different products – Cucumber&Watermelon, Pomegrante&Basil, Cranberry Tonic, Indian Tonic, Skinny Tonic, Ginger Beer and Soda Water --, each bottle of Double Dutch is made entirely in the UK using flavour pairing techniques in order to create amazing drinks with no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. We only use natural ingredients, blending them with the highest quality spring water from the North of England to create crisp, fresh and innovative mixers for refined palettes. Our drinks are also low in calories.

The Dishwasher Man Commercial Dish & Glasswasher Solutions

Dishwashers Glasswashers Ice Machines Fryers Tea Urns Ovens Microwaves Tel: 07801 328 376 Email:

CLH News #204 September 2017  
CLH News #204 September 2017  

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