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June 2017

Issue 201

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THE HOSPITALITY industry is facing a perfect storm, with more than half of business leaders concerned about rising costs, the employment picture, security, and the sustainability of consumer confidence. Consulting and Leadership group Heidrick & Struggles, recently addressed Chairmen and Chief Executives from some of the biggest organisations in the industry, representing businesses with revenues of over £40 billion and employing more than a million people across the UK. While views on their specific business or sector could vary, the overarching theme was one of significant concern. The report by Heidrick & Struggles, in partnership with the British Hospitality Association, found a range of issues worrying industry leaders. Most notably, rising costs are high up the agenda, with the fall in the pound following Britain’s decision to leave the EU having a huge impact on the cost of key imports that is yet to be felt by consumers. One CEO complained about the cost of butter, with an increased cost to her business of 46%, while another was seeing meat costs rise by 29%. This will mean higher bills for diners and holidaymakers, but according the majority of CEOs, consumers are yet to react negatively to price rises because the majority of these costs are yet to hit them. Businesses in the sector are anticipating a recruitment gap of over a million jobs by 2029, according to a report by the BHA and KPMG earlier this year, which would mean the industry would need to recruit 60,000 UK workers in addition to sustained recruitment of 200,000 more per annum to meet the demands of growth. Filling these openings would likely be impossible without hiring migrant workers. Firms are heavily


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reliant on European workers, with half of CEOs reporting their workforce as 2550%European, with more than a third of those businesses hiring EU citizens to fill 5075% of their workforce. According to the report, post-Brexit the hospitality industry pay bill will increase by £1.4 billion in the first year, and could rise by just over £1 billion a year over three years, amounting to a total cost of £3.2 billion. Wider economic changes are also adding to the pressure for the hospitality and leisure sector as business rates rise, and the apprenticeship levy and pensions auto-enrolment begin. Ben Twynam, Partner at Heidrick & Struggles, said: “We have seen real concern from the most senior people across the hospitality industry, not only about talent and other Brexit-related concerns, but due to a number of headwinds facing the industry. With the cost of imports continuing to rise, increasing prices for customers and an expectation of decreasing consumer confidence in 2018 and 2019, there are a number of challengers facing businesses across the sector. While industry leaders are relatively confident about the remainder of 2017, they are far more pessimistic about the two years thereafter, when the real impact of Brexit will come to fruition.” Ufi Ibrahim, the chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, said: “It is no exaggeration to say that hospitality and tourism face a perfect storm which is well articulated by our industry’s top executives in this report – a looming recruitment crisis caused by cuts to come in EU immigration, rising costs on both materials and labour, increased business rates and a tax regime that favours our European competitors. We have been urgently discussing these matters with the last government and will do so with the next. Our 10-year strategy to encourage more UK workers into the industry has been well received and we have confidence that with government support we can continue to grow what is the fourth largest industry in the UK. The hospitality and leisure industry is the fourth-largest employer in the UK, with 4.5 million people working in more than 180,000 businesses across the country.



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Editor's Viewpoint

June 2017

WELCOME TO the June issue of CLH News! Once again I would take this opportunity to welcome any new readers to our publication, previously explained we are free to trade publication, so if you own a hotel pub or restaurant, then there is no charge! And, we have in recent months extended our readership to reach more independent hospitality businesses. We hope you’ll find us a one-stop publication news, views products and services which we are sure will help you in the day-to-day running of your business. When asked, just one thing when responding to our advertisers would be most grateEDITOR ful if you could kindly mention that you saw the product or service in CLH News, even if you are buying online! It is difficult to put in the words what one feels, following the terrible terrorist attack on people enjoying a night out in London’s popular Borough Market, and those leaving a pop concert in Manchester. They are all cowardly acts, the targeting of defenceless people enjoying a night out is absolutely sickening. Regular readers will remember that we contacted a counterterrorism expert for an article following the terrorist attack in Paris in November 2015. I was in Paris at the time of the attack. I was very near the area where the attacks took place, and it was only upon reflection I realised just how vulnerable we are. Chris Phillips Managing Director of the International Protect and Prepare Security Office (IPPSO) provided us with an up to date article which we have reproduced in this issue. Many of the corporate/multi chain outlets will have procedures in place with managers attending training courses, seminars and receiving advice on how to minimise risk, independent operators don’t have this luxury. So, we would urge readers not only to digest what counterterrorism expert Chris Phillips says, but make sure all your staff are fully conversant, the article does appear on our website ( and it would be worth printing it off and distributing it to your staff, may be following up with a question-and-answer session I was intrigued to see report that gin spirit revenues have topped beer for the first time, according to the wine and spirit trade Association sales have surged 12%, which is the fastest growth rate of any spirit drink, earning the Treasury an extra £225 million in revenue. I was amazed to see in article on in this issue that spirit duty is over £3.38 billion. My joy quickly turned to dismay when I saw that the United Kingdom pays more in alcohol duty than Germany, France, Poland, Italy, and Spain combined. The county of Essex, with approximately 5,000,000 people pays more in alcohol duty than Germany, with over 80 million people. An absolutely ludicrous level of duty, I remember report entitled “who’s killing British pubs” which stated that half of the 21,000 pubs that have closed since 1980 have closed since 2006, only. According to the report, cultural change can explain much of the long-term decline in pub-going, however, it could not explain the collapse in recent years, and came to the conclusion that at least 6,000 of the 10,500 pubs that are closed since 2006 were as a direct result of taxation, regulation and falling real wages, and that government is responsible for two, if not three, of these factors and the government could undo the damage with market-led reforms if it wanted to. Drinkers and diners have always been prepared to pay a premium for the experience of eating and drinking out of home but it is not an experience they will buy at any price. After several years of above-inflation rises in alcohol duty, British drinkers now pay 40 per cent of the EU’s entire alcohol tax bill. This, the report concluded combined with VAT rising to 20 per cent, has made eating and drinking in a pub increasingly unaffordable for many. So, this brings me again to urge readers old and new to join the campaign to reduce hospitality VAT. It is on ongoing campaign quite high profile and has the support of many MPs and industry leaders. I would also draw your attention to an article that appeared in last month’s issue by Kate Nicholls, chief executive of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers who discussed tax equality day, which takes place on September 20, with bars, restaurants and pubs throughout the UK temporarily lowering their prices to highlight the effect VAT has on the sector. Tax equality day is an annual event which brings in customers tempted by the promise of paying cheaper prices for food and drink. It is a wonderful way for the industry to demonstrate its commitment to bringing change and we would urge you to join it. For further details visit our website

Peter Adams

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EDITOR Peter Adams

SALES EXECUTIVES David Bartlett Guy Stephenson


PRODUCTION & WEB ADMIN Shelly Roche Published by

UKinbound has surveyed its members regarding the new Government’s tourism priorities and is calling on the Conservatives and DUP to implement a strong sector deal and visa reforms, as part of Brexit negotiations. Of those who responded to the survey, conducted in May, 75% of respondents stated the implementation of a strong sector deal, as part of the Industrial Strategy, and the improvement of the visa process for key markets, are their top priorities. With negotiations due to begin next week, UKinbound wants to remind the Government that the UK’s tourism industry employs over three million people across the country, and in

2016 was responsible for contributing over £22 billion annually to the UK economy. UKinbound wants the Government to address the following points during Brexit negotiations: • An immigration system flexible to business needs – residency rights for EU workers • Continued access to the Open Skies Agreement • Visa-free travel between the UK and the EU • A strong narrative promoting the UK as a welcoming destination UKinbound’s chief executive officer, Deirdre Wells OBE said, “The General Election result clearly shows that the electorate is against a hard Brexit, and so is the UK inbound tourism industry. Our members are calling for a continued strong relationship with the EU and the implementation of a sector deal that addresses issues such as the Customs Union, Open Skies Agreement and residency rights for EU workers. For inbound tourism to prosper long-term we need the Conservatives and DUP to champion our industry.”

Stability Needed to Protect Hospitality Sector Warns Lynx Purchasing

With the Summer 2017 edition of the Lynx Purchasing Market Forecast showing a slight decline in the rate at which prices are rising, Lynx managing director Rachel Dobson says: “Whoever is in Government after June 8, they will be getting down to almost two years of detailed Brexit negotiations. “While it’s inevitable that there will be political debate about the outcome on both sides of the channel, we can only hope that the markets continue to take a more pragmatic view. The impact of the fall in the value of sterling after the Brexit vote has now been more-or-less priced in by suppliers, so there is potentially a period of greater stability ahead if the markets focus on the longterm picture rather than constantly react to speculation.” The Market Forecast shows that the ‘Lynxometer’, a basket of food and drink bought regularly by Lynx Purchasing customers, increased by 6% over the 12 months to June 2017, down from 9% in March. Dobson adds: “Prices are still rising, but not as fast, which is some respite for operators.” Among the specific product areas featured in the latest Market Forecast are: • Meat: UP 5% year-on-year. Higher global demand is a major challenge, with

more Irish beef, New Zealand lamb and EU pork going to regions such as China and the Middle East. UK producers are also exporting more as a result of the fall in the value of sterling. The continued popularity of gourmet burger and steakhouse style menus is also driving strong demand in foodservice for the trimmings used to make burgers and other dishes, pushing up prices. • Dairy: UP 9% year-on-year. Availability of cream, used for making butter and cheese, has been low for some time, placing some upwards pressure on price. With better returns from butter than cheese, there could be challenges with cheese supplies later in the year if production stays low for any long period. • Fruit & veg: UP 6% year-on-year. Market prices of potatoes have been high following a poor UK crop last season; the quality and volumes of potatoes in storage has run very low, with imported crops needed to make up the shortfall. Better news, after the much-publicised problems with Spanish crops, is the arrival of the British leafy salad season, followed by peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, as well a summer soft fruits including strawberries and raspberries. Dobson adds: “The long-term impact of Brexit on the hospitality sector will be decided by the nature of the deal in a range of areas, including faming and fisheries policy, import tariffs, and the availability of migrant labour. Whatever is decided, it will be several years before anything changes, and operators will have plenty of notice to plan. What’s needed is market stability in the interim.”

Gin Spirit Revenues Top Beer For The First Time

SALES OF SPIRITS brought more money to the Treasury than beer for the first time ever, latest HMRC figures revealed this week. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association says the gin boom – sales of which have surged 12% the fastest growth rate of any spirit drink according to the latest WSTA Market Report – has helped spirits overtake beer in an historic industry first. The Treasury earned an extra £225millon in revenue from spirit drinkers thanks to a freeze in spirits duty in the 2016 Budget, taking its total spirits duty to over £3.38bn. Beer duty was also frozen and led to a contribution of £3.32bn. However concern has been raised that the growth in sales of spirits and duty revenue could falter as spirit makers were slapped with a painful 3.9% rise on alcohol duty in the March Budget which added another 30p to a bottle. The UK’s high duty rates mean that UK consumers pay 25% of all spirits duties collected by EU member states and a staggering 76% of the average price of a bottle of gin is taken up in duty and VAT.

The Chief Executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association Miles Beale said: “The WSTA dubbed 2016 the year of gin and the gin boom has had a large part to play in the windfall now being enjoyed by the Treasury. The 7% increase on revenue takings came as a result of the Chancellor freezing spirit duty in 2016 and allowing the industry to grow and invest. It proves the point that cutting or freezing spirits duty brings rewards, which is why the inflation busting rise in duty this year was such a disappointment and threatens the industry’s ability to invest, grow and export.” Wine remains at the top of the table cashing in over £4bn for revenue coffers this financial year. The UK has the 4th highest spirits duty rates in the EU with 77% of a bottle of spirits accounted for by tax. Every time we buy an averaged priced 70cl bottle of spirits, at 40% abv, £10.33 goes straight to the Chancellor’s purse. The UK pays more in alcohol duty than Germany, France, Poland, Italy and Spain combined.

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WHATEVER THE outcome of the General Election, the hospitality sector urgently needs a period of market stability to help operators deal with the impact of food and drink inflation, warns buying specialist Lynx Purchasing.


UKINBOUND HAS called for a review of the new Government’s approach to the upcoming Brexit negotiations after the General Election results verified the electorate’s hard Brexit fears, which are shared by the association.


Ukinbound Demand New Government Priorities for Tourism During Brexit Negotiations

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June 2017

Hospitality Industry Faces Accelerated Diners Looking for Innovation When Wage Inflation Pressures It Comes to Fish and Seafood

GLOBAL SOFTWARE supplier Fourth, has revealed that the hourly pay of workers in the UK hospitality industry continues to outstrip the National Living Wage (NLW), with the hourly rate currently sitting at £8.12 – 62p higher than the new NLW threshold for over 25’s, introduced in April 2017.

The headline statistic represents all age cohorts, when U25’s are stripped out the average hourly wage rises to £8.26. This number has been mined from Fourth Analytics data on the hourly pay of thousands of hospitality workers and is blended across the hotel, restaurant, QSR and pub sectors. The extent of wage inflation over the next five years will be heavily determined by how votes are cast tomorrow given the differing policies of the two main parties. In its manifesto, the Conservative party has pledged to raise the NLW for workers aged over 25 to 60% of median earnings; while Labour has pledged to raise the NMW to £10 an hour for all workers aged 18 and over by 2020. Figures from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) paint a bleak picture for all UK employers, stipulating that the Conservatives’ policy would affect 2.8 million workers and raise the cost of employing them by 4% on average, costing employers £1bn per annum. On the other hand, Labour’s policy would affect 7.1 million workers and raise the cost of employing them by almost 15% or £14bn per annum. Commenting on the figures, Mike Shipley, Analytics & Insight Solutions Director at Fourth, said: “It is clear that real wages in the hospitality industry continue to outstrip the increasing NLW, as operators compete to retain the best employees in the industry. “It’s evidently clear the hospitality industry will continue to face increasing wage cost pressures, the only question is how great they will be. Considering we’re currently paying on average wages 8.5% higher than the NLW, the average hourly rate could reach £10.85 or more by 2020. Crucially, as well as the differences in headline wage rates, the differ-

ing proposed treatment of minimum wage rates for those aged between 18-25 by the two main parties will also materially affect the overall cost burden to the industry.” “In the face of this, and the impending possibility of a hard Brexit which would shrink the talent pool further, operators will either need to improve efficiency or reduce employee numbers to balance the books. “To combat this era of aggressive labour inflation without cutting staff, many of our clients are engaged in productivity programmes and initiatives, such as smarter rota scheduling to improve both sales and service levels, as well as driving the amount of revenue taken per worker / per labour hour.” The regional pay gap, which had reduced to 10p in January 2017, has now risen slightly to 13p, with areas inside the M25 paid £8.19 on average and areas outside paid £8.06. Mike added: “This suggests that the supply of labour in London is starting to decrease, and employers are having to pay a premium in order to compete for the best staff. With its larger reliance on non-UK workers, supply looks set to drop further following Brexit, which could further exacerbate wage rate inflation. This is particularly important in context with the higher costs of living in the Capital, as well as further competition from the increasing number of retailers now paying the Living Wage Foundation’s voluntary ‘London Living Wage’ of £9.75.” The gender pay gap, which favoured women by 2p in December 2016, has now reverted in favour of men (£8.18), who are paid on average 12p more than females (£8.06). Mike added: “These figures represent the hourly contractual pay of employees and don’t take into consideration non-contractual payments such as tips. Front of house (FOH) roles are proportionately more female orientated – 59% of FOH staff in the UK hospitality industry are female – which should be a serious consideration for ACAS when they collate gender pay gap statistics over the coming year.”

Beach House Agency Awarded For Excellence In Marketing THE BEACH House Agency, hospitality & care supplies specialists and the operators of Care Supply Store, Restaurant Supply Store and Hotel Buyer Store have scooped an award for their achievements in marketing. The Thurrock Business Award for Excellence In Marketing was presented at a glitzy presentation and dinner at The Civic Hall in Grays. The company’s CEO Jonathan Shepherd said: “We are delighted to receive recognition for our efforts during the last 12 months. We

spent the year broadening our offering and trying new ways to reach new people with our range – the growth in our business, and this award, is a direct result of this initiative.” Shepherd added: “It was fantastic to win, because everyone involved in the business is absolutely committed to its continued success, and the recognition of those efforts means a lot to us.” The company is now focused on several innovative developments to keep The Beach House Agency moving forward. For further information call 01373 651600, visit or email

FISH AND CHIPS is often seen as a safe bet for food operators and historically that has been the case. However, with consumer tastes developing and fish and chip sales in decline, although still the best seller, diners now want something more innovative when it comes to fish and seafood. According to data from the Technomic Menu Monitor, the fastest growing seafood dish during 2016 was mussels, with a considerable growth of 68.8%. Other seafood dishes that have seen sustained growth are squid and octopus (45.5%), seafood ravioli (40%), Yellowtail and Hamachi sushi (33.3%) and tuna (30.8%). With these figures in mind, it becomes clear where the opportunities for growth are in the seafood market, so I would recommend introducing at least one of these to the menu for improved revenue. The growth in popularity of octopus can be attributed to the growth in Japanese cuisine, which also ties into the continued trend for ethnic and spicy

flavours. One of Beacon’s leading seafood suppliers, Direct Seafoods, shows a rise in the use of these types of flavours when seasoning fish dishes, with garlic and chilli showing the highest levels of menu penetration over the past two years. According to Beacon Purchasing there is increasingly growth in popularity of tapas style eating, which is a particularly prevalent trend in establishments where social occasions are the main revenue driver. Seafood offers the perfect opportunity to tap into this trend, with prawns and squid lending themselves well to small plate dishes. Overall, fish and seafood sales are expanding, which is largely due to the health benefits becoming increasingly recognised and the expanding use of alternative species (Gurnard, Cuttlefish and Hake for example), which are becoming a staple of many restaurant menus. Much of this is due to the work on responsibly sourced fish that suppliers have been guiding their customers towards, through regular market reports and their work with chefs to provide alternatives on their menus.

Prosecco Remains Top of The Pops but English Sparkling Wine Is Creeping Up the Charts

HMRC FIGURES show 25% more English Sparkling wine has been released onto the UK market in the last financial year English fizz is now more popular in the UK than Cremant and Australian sparkling wine The Wine and Spirit Trade Association’s annual Market Overview reveals which countries were top of the pops in UK fizz sales for 2016. Prosecco has held on to the number one spot proving its sparkling remains a hit with the Brits with around 85 million bottles sold in the UK last year. Champagne held on to second place (around 31 million bottles) and Spanish fizz predominantly Cava, remains in third (around 23 million bottles), but for the first time English Sparkling wine has climbed two places to become Britain’s fourth bestselling fizz (3.5 million bottles). Chief Executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, Miles Beale, said: “Jumping two places to the UK’s fourth favourite fizz is another amazing achievement for English wine. Production is small compared to more established wine making regions, but the quality of English wine is shining through. Wine lovers have woken up to the fact that English sparkling wine is a premium product which tastes great and can compete with the best. We hope that the new government realises the potential of English wine and lowers the UK’s excessive-

ly high wine duty to encourage growth and investment.” Duty on a bottle of sparkling wine was increased by 10p in the March Budget to an eye-popping £2.77. English sparkling wine sales were up 11% in 2015 and grew a further 8% last year. This trend is expected to continue as vineyards grow and more wine comes onto the market.HMRC figures show that during the last financial year (2016-17) over 350, 000 more bottles of English sparkling wine were released onto the UK market than the previous year, a rise of about 25%. The WSTA Market Overview shows English sparkling wine has overtaken Cremant and Australian fizz, which experienced a small dip in sparkling wine sales over the last two years. In 2016 there were 503 commercial vineyards registered in England and Wales and 133 registered wine producers. The south of England’s chalky soils and climate are similar to that found in the Champagne region meaning that UK has ideal conditions to make sparkling wine is made in the traditional method. The success of these wines has led Champagne houses, like Taittinger and Pommery, buying land and investing in vineyards in the UK. In the last 10 years the area of planted vines has more than doubled and is set to grow by a further 50% by 2020. Production is set to double to 10 million bottles per year by 2020.

Out-Of-Home Food and Drink Market Hit By Stalling Business Confidence THE NEW quarterly CGA Confidence Survey shows that the recovery in sector optimism seen at the start of this year, following the shock of last year’s Brexit vote, has stalled. Of the 170 senior executives from across the pub, restaurant, bar and café market responding to the survey last month, two thirds (66%) said they were positive about prospects for their own businesses in the coming 12 months, with just 43% optimistic about the market as a whole. Both figures are down from the last survey carried out in February when the respective numbers were 68% and 47%, but come on the back of new cost pressures for companies, principally from business rates and the cost of goods due to the falling pound. “At the start of the year, the market had looked like it was recovering some confidence after it hit rock bottom after the Brexit referendum this time last year. The vast majority of senior executives had voted to remain. But that now looks to be on hold," said CGA Peach’s vice president Peter Martin. The main concerns for bosses are business rates and food costs, cited by 79% and 78% respectively, followed by

June 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


decreased staff availability, rental and property cost and increased staff costs. “The number of business leaders concerned about rising food prices has increased 11 percentage points since the start of 2017 and reflects the fact that foodservice inflation is running at 5.8%, according to latest figures from the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index,” added Martin. As a result, 49% of those surveyed said they had already implemented price increases on certain food menu items, with 35% saying they had upped prices for consumers across their menus. A similar number had also upped drinks prices. “Although to date, the public has generally continued to go out to eat and drink as normal, not surprisingly, 57% of senior executives are now worried about consumer confidence over the next six months,” said Martin. “Only 8% of operators expect the public to go out more frequently in the next six months, with 31% expecting an increase in spend – although this is down from 41% in February. “To put this current nervousness into perspective, at the start of 2016 83% of senior executives were optimistic about their own business’s prospects for the coming year, with three quarters (74%) positive about the market. We are now living in much more challenging times.”

Sector Finalists Revealed in Search For Britain’s Best Brigade 2017 EIGHT HARD working chef teams, each representing a different sector of UK hospitality, have been revealed in Essential Cuisine’s search for Britain’s Best Brigade 2017. With a public vote to decide the winner now open, eight dedicated sectors, Restaurants; Pubs; Schools; Healthcare; Universities and Colleges; Event Catering; B&I and Hotels, will go head to head for the title. Following a paper submission, each entry into the competition was judged by a panel including: Executive Head Chef at Hertfordshire’s world-famous The Grove, Harry Lomas MBE, and Executive Development Chef at the University of Warwick, Graham Crump. Once chosen, the final eight were then tasked with creating a short video to bring their original entry to life and showcase their kitchen camaraderie, great cooking and togetherness as a unit. The public now have until midday GMT on 27th June

2017 to go to:, watch the videos and use their vote to crown a winner. Only one will receive the coveted title, £1000 cash plus an exclusive menu development masterclass with a leading UK chef. 50p per vote will also go to the chosen charity of each brigade. Watch the Video Entry:


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June 2017

Pub Food Serves Up Growth Of 14% Between 2012 and 2016

BRITS’ GROWING love of pub grub is plating up success for the pub industry. According to new research from Mintel, sales of pub meals grew by an estimated 14% between 2012 and 2016 to reach £7.4 billion. In the same time period, sales of alcoholic drinks grew by 6%, while soft drink sales rose by 7%.

The report reveals that it is increasingly likely that pub goers will be there for the food. In 2016, 23% of consumers said they had visited a pub in the past month because of the high quality of food on offer; while in 2017 this had risen to 30%*. Currently, 69% of pub-goers say that one of the most important factors that would make them choose one pub over another is high-quality food, while one in six (16%) who visit pubs or bars to eat say they would go especially to try a new menu. Further showing that plates trump pints on pub-goers’ wish lists, a heady nine in 10 (89%) Brits say they typically visit a pub or bar to eat, compared to eight in 10 (79%) who go to drink in these venues. Overall, UK pub industry turnover grew by an estimated 8% between 2012 and 2016 to reach £23.5 billion. In 2016, alcoholic drinks made up half (50%) of UK pub industry turnover, compared to 31% brought in by catering. Richard Caines, Senior Food and Drink Analyst at Mintel, said: “Pubs that generate a higher proportion of sales from food and, as a result, attract a wider audience have generally performed more strongly than drink-led pubs. This was reflected in sales of meals through pubs recording stronger growth than alcoholic drinks in 2016. Sales of

June 2017

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meals in pubs have benefited from an ongoing move in the pubs market towards more food-led venues and efforts to improve quality and to expand and update menus across price points. The pub catering market has also benefited from an increase in the average spend per visit. The trend towards all-day dining, including the development of breakfasts in pubs, is another contributor to increased sales.” While pub grub has not held the reputation of a fine dining destination in the past, today, Brits have high estimations of what they expect from public house cuisine. Almost half (45%) of pub-goers say that they would be put off ordering a particular dish at a pub or bar that wasn’t freshly made and one in 10 (10%) say that they wouldn’t like to order a dish that does not fit the image of a pub or bar. Looking to the future, over two thirds (69%) would be interested in seeing pub or bar dishes which are made with premium ingredients. Trish Caddy, Foodservice Analyst at Mintel, said: “When it comes to food, it is not just about venues using premium ingredients, but also creating standout menu options that customers have come to expect, such as buildyour-own dishes, set menus and a wider range of healthy options. Value-for money gastropubs are currently fuelling the pub sector, but looking to the future there is a growing appetite among pub-goers for more premium offerings.” Finally, it seems that pubs might be going back to their old-school ways. Two in three (65%) pub-goers say they would like more pubs to have quiet areas free from music and TV. Meanwhile, many still value table service; 61% of pub-goers say that table service makes an evening more special, while 75% say it’s important for waiting staff to be able to explain the menu.

Shelterbox Asks Restaurants To ‘Shine’ This Winter

DISASTER RELIEF charity, ShelterBox, is calling for chefs, restaurants and individuals across the country to host candlelit fundraising feasts this winter to raise urgently needed money for families made homeless by conflict and natural disaster. The charity’s winter campaign, Shine for ShelterBox launches on Monday 6 November 2017. To find out more about getting involved and to request a supporters pack visit

The call comes after success in 2016, when 25 leading chefs, restaurants and venues across the UK raised over £36,500, brightening the lives of more than 5,000 families robbed of their homes around the world. High-profile supporters included celebrity chefs Rick Stein, Oliver Rowe, Olia Hercules, and top venues including Carousel London, The Candlelight Club in London and St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. Chefs, Dan Doherty and Signe Johansen also created recipes for the Shine for ShelterBox magazine, and actress Sharon Horgan got involved providing a voiceover for a film about the campaign.


AudioZone sends TV audio to your customers’ smartphones: • Customers listen through their own headsets via free app. • Let sports fans hear match audio while you have music in the bar • Offer commentary for multiple TV events in a single room • Let customers follow rolling news and sports news without subtitles • Multi-channel version available if you have several sky boxes Install AudioZone to squeeze more out of your TV offering and end arguments about which game is shown with sound. 0207 175 8880


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June 2017

Price Inflation in Foodservice Hits 5.8% In April 2017

Inflation in wholesale foodservice prices reached 5.8% in April, the new edition of the Foodservice Price Index from Prestige Purchasing and CGA Strategy reveals—continuing a sharp upswing in costs for the sector in 2017.

The figure is in line with price inflation of 6.0% in March—a figure that in turn continued an acceleration from 2.9% in January and 3.7% in February. Inflation has been driven by a combination of macroeconomic factors including the weak pound and micro pressures on specific food items. Categories seeing particularly sharp price increases in April include fish, where inflation stood at 13.4%, caused in part by a sea lice problem and associated treatment costs. Inflation in the hot beverages category meanwhile reached 11.0%, with coffee prices affected by weak sterling and declining stocks of some bean varieties. A third category to see notable pressures is bread and cereals, where a tightening supply of wheat meant prices were 2.0% than a year previously. For the second month in a row, April prices were higher year on year across all ten sub-categories measured by the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index. The rises have pushed the headline rate of inflation to more than three times that of the Consumer Price Index*, which was 1.5% in the 12 months to April. With the pound still struggling against foreign currencies and Brexit uncertainty continuing, the gap between the two inflation measures is likely to

June 2017

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remain substantial in coming months. But the Foodservice Price Index also reveals signs that inflation in some food items—while still high by historical levels—may be starting to ease a little. Bright spots include fruit, where price inflation was relatively modest at 1.9% in April 2017—the smallest increase of any of the Index’s subcategories, and down on March’s figure. Vegetable price inflation was running at 4.4% in April, a sharp drop in the rate of 10.4% in January. Increased UK production and reduced reliance on imports have helped to ease inflationary pressures here. “Inflation in foodservice prices continues to run higher than the sector would wish, and the pound’s exchange rate with the euro, dollar and other currencies means imports will continue to be much more costly than in recent years. But with domestic production increasing and some other pressures possibly easing, we can cautiously hope for some respite in key costs in the coming months," said Graeme Loudon, Commercial Director of CGA Strategy Christopher Clare, Head of Consulting & Insight at Prestige Purchasing, said: “As the summer kicks in we have started to see some relief in pricing in a few categories. Whilst we would be hard-pushed to describe this as unusual for the time of the year, many of the larger impacts will begin to be factored out of inflation measurements and so, like CGA, we are cautiously optimistic.”

Heineken’s Acquisition of Punch May Reduce Competition Says CMA HEINEKEN’S PLANNED takeover of Punch Taverns pubs will face an in-depth investigation unless the Dutch brewer addresses competition concerns in 33 locations, Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has said. Heineken must now offer proposals to address these concerns by 20 June or face an in-depth investigation into the merger. As part of its original investigation, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) examined local areas where both companies owned pubs and found 33 where their pubs would not face sufficient competition after the merger, “which could lead to price increases or a deterioration in the quality of the service on offer”. Heineken said it intended to offer satis-

factory undertakings and that it was confident the CMA would then be able to approve the acquisition without an indepth study. “This decision by the CMA acknowledges that there are only a small number of local areas where competition may be diminished due to our acquisition of the pubs,” Heineken UK Managing Director David Forde said in a statement While concerns were raised by the industry that the merger would close off a major route to market for brewers that compete with Heineken, the CMA found this was not a main route to market for brewers. The CMA also suggested there would be a limited reduction in the range of beer and cider available in Heineken-owned pubs and that the company would not have a strong incentive to reduce the range of beer and cider for the risk of losing business.



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June 2017

Casual Dining Operators Broaden Horizons ACCORDING TO new research from global information company The NPD Group, Britain’s casual dining revolution shows no sign of slowing down. Citing figures from Britain’s eating-out foodservice market (known as outof-home or OOH), the NPD Group says casual dining sales for year-end (YE) March 2017 increased nearly 6% to £5.3 billion. Visits over the year grew by 4.7% to nudge 520 million – an improvement of some 24 million over the previous year. But casual dining has a disproportionate penetration in London (nearly 8% of total OOH traffic) compared to the rest of Britain (4% of OOH traffic). Now there are signs of a big change as operators struggle to expand in London’s crowded restaurant market and seek fresh growth from other British cities and towns. The bulk of the 4.7% visit increase that casual dining achieved YE March 2017 came from outside London. The capital stood still managing a tiny 0.2% visit change. The regions recording the most success for casual dining are Scotland, West Midlands, Yorkshire/ Humber and Wales – all enjoying double-digit growth. Cyril Lavenant, Foodservice Director UK at the NPD Group, said: “Everybody has noticed the explosion in casual dining brands on British high streets over recent years. But London is very competitive and restaurant sites are expensive – it’s beginning to look like a saturated market. It’s no surprise the past 12 months have been flat for London and this is likely to be the picture in coming years. It’s clear the first chapter of rampant growth mainly in the capital has finished and chapter two is underway in new locations. Casual dining operators know there’s significant demand nationwide for this alternative to traditional fast food.” If casual dining brands can use growth in Britain’s regions to replicate past success they will do exceptionally well. Casual dining sales and visits have raced ahead over the past eight years and there are now an estimated 4,800 casual dining outlets in Britain*. Sales are up nearly 50% since YE March 2009 while visits are up 36% over the same period.

That means casual dining restaurants are pulling in 137 million extra visitors each year compared to 2009. In contrast, again since YE March 2009, the full-service eating-out market (including local Indian, Thai, Chinese and many other types of restaurant) saw sales rise less than 5% and visits decline by around 4%. Britain’s casual dining operators understand what consumers like and serve a winning formula. Consumers rate visits to casual dining brands as ‘excellent’ more frequently than for the wider foodservice industry. This is true on all sorts of measures – overall experience, quality of service, making customers feel valued, food preparation, atmosphere, child friendly environment, how the food tastes. This blend of variety and quality coupled with a modern approach to eating out hits the spot with Millennials – those in the 18 to 34 age group. Millennials accounted for 37% of visits to Britain’s casual dining venues in YE March 2017, much higher than the 29% of visits they represent in the foodservice industry as a whole. Casual dining operators also understand the power of promotions with 38% of visits involving a meal deal of some kind, higher than the 26% that applies in the foodservice industry generally. However, this may mean that casual dining operators are over reliant on promotions, and that it could prove difficult for them to reduce the importance of this sales tactic if they ever needed to adjust their business strategy in response to strong food-price inflation. Cyril Lavenant added: “Casual dining businesses will never give up on London because the capital is very much the heart of Britain’s eating-out industry. However, any further growth in London will be challenging. In contrast, the push to the regions will deliver the new growth. There are more than 40 casual dining brands in Britain, but some have only a few outlets and these are often in London. If all the brands expanded successfully beyond the capital, casual dining could represent a much higher proportion of the British foodservice industry. Casual dining represents 4.6% of Britain’s foodservice market against the 52% held by QSR outlets. That huge difference points to the scope for the continued growth of casual dining.

Supercharge Your Cash Flow To Unlock Business Growth SMALL BUSINESS finance no longer has to come through a traditional bank, meaning it’s now easier to access due to alternative financing options. A business cash advance provides a quick and simple way of supercharging your business cash flow if you take card payments from your customers regularly, with funds made available in as little as 72 hours.The application is simple; there are no lengthy forms to fill in and you do not need to provide complicated business plans or forecasts. Perfect for buying more stock, funding extra staff and covering a refurbishment of your hospitality business, a cash

advance is deposited quicker than a traditional bank loan and is typically repaid in around six months. There are no fixed monthly costs as repayments are set in line with your daily card turnover. This means when business is good you pay back more and, during quieter times, repayments are scaled down to reflect daily credit and debit card sales. Yorkshire based café owner, Julie, says “A cash advance is a great way to access funding to grow your business. I’ve been able to transform my café’s outdoor area to attract more customers this summer! I was pleasantly surprised to see how straightforward the process was”. To find out more about how a cash advance can supercharge your business cash flow, call 0800 3777 402 or visit See the advert on page 8 for details.

Britons Choose ‘Bed and Brexit’

A COMBINATION of a low pound, the Brexit vote and the triggering of Article 50 has delivered a surge in bookings at Britain’s worldfamous Bed and Breakfasts.

Analysis of booking data from more than 5,000 Bed and Breakfasts carried out by eviivo, the leading online booking specialist for independent hotels and B&Bs, indicates that forward bookings are up 19.2% year on year compared with the same pre-Brexit-vote period. Thomas Messett, CMO of eviivo, said: “There’s no doubt that the Brexit vote and subsequent invoking of Article 50 have had a measurable positive impact on bookings at Britain’s B&Bs. There is no gloom at the Inn. Our B&B customers are seeing two benefits from a lower pound. First, more bookings from U.K. consumers concerned about their reduced spending power abroad. Second, an increase in bookings from international customers, keen to take the opportunity to enjoy a British break at a favourable exchange rate.” A poll of eviivo’s 5,000 Bed and Breakfast owners also found that the majority support the Brexit decision. The result was slightly more decisive than the actual poll, with 48.3% favouring the decision to leave the EU and 45.8% favouring continued membership. The remainder were undecided. Almost two thirds (65.2%) said that there was no need for a second referendum. Nearly two thirds of owners (62.4%) expected to see an increase in foreign guests this year, reflecting the attractive exchange rate conditions. Thomas Messett said: “It’s great to see such a strong performance from Central England, dispelling the myth that the B&B is all about the seaside. Country pursuits are a huge

part of British leisure time and this performance demonstrates that. It’s also encouraging to see Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales doing so well. The strong performance is a truly national trend.” Seaside towns in particular have witnessed a rising tide of popularity as many travellers choose to forego leap-frogging flights to European seaside destinations and focus instead on the British seaside’s nostalgic charms. Seaside B&B bookings in towns like Torquay, Bognor, Brighton, Penzance, Scarborough, Blackpool and Great Yarmouth have been especially buoyant since the Brexit vote. Thomas Messett said: “It’s great to see some of the smaller seaside locations performing so well against names that we would think of first when we think of the British seaside. The British seaside offers incredible variety, as our owners in the top-performing Penzance and Scarborough will testify.” Britain’s iconic Bed and Breakfasts have experienced a slow and steady renaissance in recent years, with British tourists’ growing enthusiasm for home grown holidays. eviivo’s booking analysis also found that family-friendly locations have seen a dramatic surge in popularity. B&Bs labelling themselves as family-friendly have seen bookings up a staggering 56.9% as families tighten their belts and choose British breaks. Thomas Messett added: “British B&Bs are part of our heritage, but they’ve shaken off the clichés of the past. Today’s B&Bs are colourful, quirky and often luxurious and are far more memorable than bland chain hotel rooms. British B&Bs offer a glimpse of real Britain and unique comfort and hospitality that you just can’t get in impersonal hotels. The lower pound will bring a surge of new tourists to B&Bs which is great news for British tourism.

Is the KP of the Year Working in YOUR Kitchen?

THE 2017 KP of the Year Awards have been launched and the search is on for the best kitchen porter in the land. The awards are the brainchild of Winterhalter, the market leader in commercial warewashers. Managing director Stephen Kinkead is encouraging entrants from all sectors of the industry. “In previous years we’ve had entries from schools, stadia and snack bars, pubs and prisons, hotels and hospitals, restaurants and residential homes, barracks and banquet caterers… even the Houses of Parliament,” he says. “Everyone’s a winner, as every entrant receives a presentation tin containing a special KP apron.” The prize fund is valued at over £10,000. The winner receives £1,000

in cash, plus a celebratory meal with friends, there are cash prizes for the runners up, and the winner’s establishment gets a Winterhalter machine. “We’ve tried to make the prizes really top notch, to reflect the importance we place on the competition,” says Stephen. “What’s really important is the chance to celebrate the enormous contribution KPs make to the catering industry. “KPs do often get overlooked, which is both sad and mad. Ask any chef and they’ll tell you just how important they are!” Tom Aikens is one chef who agrees. When asked to imagine a day without a KP he responded, “Hell on earth!” He added: “I think the idea of a KP of the Year competition is a great one. They really are the life and soul of a restaurant.” To nominate your KP for the awards, visit

June 2017

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June 2017

June 2017

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Record Year As 37.6 Million Tourists Visit UK Terrorist Threat – Have You Taken Any Steps to Reduce the Risk?

THE NUMBER of foreign visitors to UK has smashed through the 37 million mark for the first time in another record year for tourism.

The total number of visits rose 4 per cent from 36.1 million to 36.7 million with a particularly strong 8 per cent surge in the final three months of 2016, according to official data from the Office for National Statistics: • There was a record number of visits to the UK in 2016 • There were 37.6 million visits by overseas residents to the UK in 2016, which was 4% more than in 2015 • London attracted 19.1 million overnight visits in 2016, far more than any other town or city • Overseas residents spent £22.5 billion on visits to the UK in 2016, an increase of 2% compared with 2015. • USA tourists spent more on visits to the UK than residents of any other country, a total of £3.4 billion and an increase of 11% on 2015 Edwardian Hotels London, the privately-owned hotel group which owns and operates 11 Radisson Blu Edwardian London hotels as well as The May Fair Hotel , suggests that the good news for British tourism will keep on coming this year, releasing new figures to show strong growth from visiting US tourists over the last quarter.

Hasnain Alloo, Commercial Director, Edwardian Hotels London, said: “We all know how unique 2016 was, with Brexit dominating all year and pushing the value of the pound down to its lowest level for more than three decades. “Tourism was the shining beacon of hope for British business throughout 2016, with a record number of tourists visiting our shores to spend money in our hotels, restaurants and shops.” Figures from Office for National Statistics show that USA tourists spent more on visits to the UK than residents of any other country, a total of £3.4 billion “What’s exciting for Edwardian Hotels London is the record number of tourists visiting from USA and China last year – key growth markets for our company. Our recent booking figures suggest that the good news will keep on coming for UK tourism this year, with an 14.5% increase in guests from USA recorded for the last quarter. “At the same time, we can’t forget our European neighbours. Edwardian Hotels London welcomed nearly 30,000 guests from Germany, France and Sweden last year, and so we hope that whatever deal the UK negotiates as part of Brexit, tourists from these key markets can continue to visit us quickly and easily in the future,” Mr Alloo said.

Government Must See Through Its Business Rates Promise THE ALMR has urged the Government to implement promised rates relief at the earliest opportunity to support those businesses facing huge rates increases. Sector-specific relief for pubs and discretionary relief for those businesses hardest hit were promised at this year’s Spring Budget, but many businesses have not yet received the funds. ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “It is absolutely vital that rates relief is distributed to those b sinesses most in need as soon as possible. The whole point of the relief was to target those companies most at risk as a result of huge rates rises, so the urgency is self-evi-

dent. Although some businesses have been told that they may be receiving discretionary relief, the implementation has been very slow. “Businesses need certainty if they are going to plan their budgets and set their level of investment accurately. If the Government states that it is going to support hardworking businesses, then it needs to follow through with its commitment and back those employers who are facing massive rates increases. “Pubs and restaurants should make sure they are in touch with their local authorities immediately to ensure they are at the front of the queue when the discretionary relief begins to flow through.”

Guaranteed Savings on Your Card Processing Fees with Handepay

At Handepay we have a range of card machines suitable for the hospitality sector. All accept contactless payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay and provide a quick and convenient way for your customers to pay. Whether you are switching suppliers or new to card payments we keep things simple with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Unlike most of our competitors we don’t charge our customers PCI DSS compliance and non-compliance fees, authorisation fees or joining fees. In most cases, we also cover any fees you have when switching suppliers. At Handepay we’re so confident that we can save you money that we’ll put our money where

our mouth is. Let us review your current merchant services costs, and if we can’t save you money we’ll give you £1,000, it’s as simple as that! ‘I was surprised to discover that we could save over £1,500 per year on our card machine by switching to Handepay. Our switching costs, which added up to almost £1,500, are being covered too! To take the Handepay Price Challenge simply email a copy or photograph of a recent merchant statement (your last bill) to and an advisor will be in touch. On average, customers switching to Handepay save a massive 36% on their card processing fees. To find out more see the advert on page 12, call 0800 3777 382 or visit Terms and conditions apply. Offer only available to new customers. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

The recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London once again targeting people when they are at most vulnerable whilst enjoying simple leisurely activities, this time in a concert hall and in pubs and bars, has shocked us all.

CLH News editor Peter Adams was in Paris in 2015, when terrorists killed over 100 people and was not that far from where one of the attacks took place and was doing exactly what many of the victims were doing, enjoying a meal with a glass of wine. The stark realisation of what happened sunk in the next day, it truly was a “there but for the grace of God go I”, and the stark realisation of how vulnerable we are and how vulnerable hospitality venues are. And since the terrorists have issued repeated warnings and Europe is now a high state of alert, CLH News is once again contacted top counterterrorism expert Chris Phillips Managing Director of the International Protect and Prepare Security Office (IPPSO) for his views and we are delighted once again to include his article and advice to the hospitality industry:Once again a Western free and democratic society was attacked by people, most of whom had benefited from those freedoms in their upbringings, who then chose to throw those freedoms back in the faces of the very people who had welcomed them and their families many years ago. For some this terrible attack realised an underlying fear that allowing increasing numbers of immigrants into mainland Europe could make it easier for terrorists to cause the type of mayhem we saw in Paris on Friday the 13th of November, and have seen since. The realisation that terrorists and criminals could make use of the Schengen Agreement (which abolished the EU’s internal borders, enabling passport-free movement across most of the bloc) to commit the most horrible of crimes. Tearing down borders on mainland Europe has left the continent totally open for terrorists and criminals to exploit. This incidentally has been well known in Police circles for years. What should be understood is that whilst these attacks are heinous and shocking, they are not new. Terrorists have for many years known of the effectiveness of the multiple and coordinated attack methodology which gives police forces a tremendously difficult situation to deal with. It should not be lost on this readership that each attack site featured crowded places whose sole raison d’etre is to supply entertainment to an eager public. A football stadium, bars and restaurants, and a theatre/music venue were all targeted. They are all soft targets. It should be noted that the one location that had an effective security regime in place – the Stade de France – managed to keep the attackers outside. This almost certainly saved lives but also denied the terrorists the opportunity of shocking the world even further by having their actions broadcast live on TV and potentially attacking the French President. In a previous issue I suggested some sensible work that businesses in the sector could do to reduce their threat. Be honest, have you done anything yet? Probably not because

that is the response of most businesses. Most think that it will never happen to them, or that there is nothing they can do to prevent it. Well those people are wrong on both counts. • The Manchester Arena and Borough Market and those poor unfortunate bars probably thought the same as you. That it couldn’t happen to them. But tragically they were wrong and so are you! It could happen here and it could happen to you. The Government is telling you that a terrorist attack is highly likely! • There is something you can do to reduce your vulnerability to a terrorist attack, and there is definitely information that is freely available to help you protect yourselves and give your staff and customers a better chance of coming out of the other end of an attack alive. A good starting point for all business is the following the UK Government’s Top TEN security guidelines for business. Whether creating, reviewing or updating security plans, keep these points in mind: 1. Conduct a risk assessment to decide on the threats the business might face and their likelihood. Identify existing and potential vulnerabilities and the impact of any breaches of security. 2. If acquiring or extending premises, consider security requirements right from the planning stage. It will be cheaper and more effective than adding measures later. 3. Make security awareness a part of your business’s culture. Ensure staff are kept regularly informed and that security standards are fully supported at a senior level. 4. Ensure good basic housekeeping throughout the premises. Keep public areas tidy and well-lit, remove unnecessary furniture and keep garden areas clear. 5. Keep access points to a minimum and issue staff and visitors with passes. Where possible, do not allow unauthorised vehicles close to the building. 6. Install appropriate physical measures such as locks, alarms, CCTV surveillance, complementary lighting and glazing protection. 7. Maintain appropriate mail-handling procedures, consider establishing the mailroom away from the main premises. 8. When recruiting staff or contractors, check identities and follow up references. 9. Consider how best to protect information and take proper IT security precautions. Ensure there are appropriate provisions for disposing of confidential waste. 10. Plan and rehearse business continuity and incident response plans, and make sure that key business functions can continue during disruptions. If you don’t understand how to start making these small changes then get some professional help. But really you should be able to at least make a start. Please use this opportunity to think about what you can do. A good example would be to think what you might do in the event of being confronted by someone with a gun. Most of us would never give it a moment’s thought. Sometimes the best advice is also the simplest – Run or Hide. Where to run to and what to hide behind is key. In a hotel don’t run down the corridors and if you are going to hide, then get behind something substantial, not a car door like you see in the movies. Be aware of your location and stay vigilant. Starting to think about your plans is really quite tricky when you are in the middle of a terrorist attack. You need to do it now!


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June 2017

Number of EU Migrants Leaving Britain Following Brexit Surges BRITAIN’S ECONOMY faces a potential skills shortage as new official figures show a surge in EU migrants leaving the country following the Brexit vote. The Office for National Statistics estimated long-term net migration to be 248,000 in 2016, down a “statistically significant” 84,000 from 2015, with business groups cautioning that EU nationals leaving the UK, meant employers risk “losing key members of staff in positions that cannot easily be replaced”. The net change was caused by an increase in EU citizens leaving the country as well as a smaller fall in people coming to the UK. The ONS says around 117,000 EU citizens left the UK in 2016, an increase of 31,000 on 2015 and the highest recorded estimate since 2009. Those who left were mostly EU8 citizens – a group which includes citizens of Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltics and Hungary. Seamus Nevin, head of employment and skills policy at the Institute of Directors, said: “Today’s migration figures underline the importance of immigration to the UK workforce and are a warning of the damage a significant reduction could do. Alarmingly, the fall in net migration is being driven as much by people leaving as by fewer arriving. This is a big worry for employers who risk losing key members of staff in positions that cannot easily be replaced from the home-grown pool available. The IoD has repeatedly called for the government to guarantee the status of EU migrants already living here. Doing so would allow businesses to start planning for the future.

“There is a well expressed public desire for increased control of immigration but all parties in the general election should set out clearly the costs of any proposals they make. The Office for Budget Responsibility have calculated that cutting immigration to the “tens of thousands” would add £6bn a year to the national deficit, just in terms of the direct reduction in the taxes collected and so not including wider economic impacts. “The next government must also set out a plan for a new immigration system which doesn’t disrupt the dominant services sector of our economy. Trade isn’t just about goods being sold, services exports require people to be able to travel for business. Services comprise roughly 80 per cent of UK employment and almost half of our exports, so a reduction in this area could lead to job losses and a considerable adjustment for the UK economy. Our migration system will play a central part in shaping ‘Global Britain’s’ future trading relationship, not only with the EU, but also with the rest of the world.” The British Hospitality association recently called for a ten-year phased approach to reducing immigration from the EU, to allow time for the recruitment of UK workers, and is is a key plank of a ‘manifesto’ sent to the major political parties earlier this month. The BHA, representing the UK’s fourth largest industry employing more than 4.5 million people, has called on all parties to make hospitality and tourism a strategic priority – as have many other governments around the world. It asks that immigration targets be evidence-based and cites a recent report from KPMG which concluded that at least an extra 60,000 EU workers were required each year to keep just the hospitality business going and growing.

June 2017

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US Visitors Continue to Flock to UK For Summer Stays, New Expedia Data Shows NEW SEARCH data from online travel company the Expedia group, shows the continued attractiveness of the UK to visitors from the United States with strong interest this summer. Searches made in the US in the first four months of this year* showed strong double-digit growth of nearly 45% for UK stays in the two-week period 29 July – 12 Aug 2017, when compared to the same period last year. Looking at 2016 data from US travelers, total demand for the UK increased 30% year-on-year when compared to 2015.** Unsurprisingly, the top UK destinations that US travelers are searching for this summer are London, followed by the Scottish capital Edinburgh, then Glasgow, the north and highlands of Scotland and Manchester. The fastest growing locations in search popularity include the South West of England, Wales, Yorkshire, followed by the North of Scotland, including the Highlands.

US travelers are also keen to visit Ireland with Dublin, Galway and Cork all featuring prominently as leading destinations. Package searches from the US to the UK have also increased over 30% year-on-year in 2016, with these American travelers seeking a UK break for an average stay of more than 7 days. Expedia’s data has been reinforced by recent figures from VisitBritain which showed inbound tourism from the US remained robust with 2% more visitors from North America coming to the UK in the first two months of the year.*** Julie Cheneau, the Expedia group’s director of market management for the UK & Ireland, said: “Our latest data continues to show that we are successfully working with our hotel partners to provide access to valuable international travelers. “The US is a particularly valuable market that presents a tremendous opportunity for hoteliers, as they are the prized guests who generally book their trip further in advance, are much less likely to cancel, stay longer and spend more when here. “This data shows that our value proposition of providing hotels with a global reach through our investment in technology and marketing is helping to capture those visitors and drive bookings.”

Clean Rooms, Happy Staff And Wi-Fi: The Secrets To Positive Hotel Reviews Are You a Champion at Celebrating British Food? RAYMOND BLANC & Liz Earle are leading the search for the best celebration of British Food during British Food Fortnight. The search is one for the most imaginative and innovative celebration of British food during British Food Fortnight, which takes place from 23rd September to 8th October 2018. The judges, led by Raymond Blanc, Liz Earle, our Love British Food Sponsor Co-Op Food and The Telegraph are looking for an event that brings colour to the lives of those taking part and a love of the diverse and delicious food produced in this country. It could be an event for school children teaching them the delights of the food grown on their doorstep; a special British food event organised by a retailer or restaurateur for their community; a gathering for isolated members of the community who are brought together through

the joy of enjoying delicious British feast; or even a whole town embracing British food culture. The competition is open to celebrations, large and small. Past participants include whole towns: Emsworth on the south coast created an entire fortnight of activity: Peterborough in the east a whole weekend. Weston Super Mare in the west and Middlesbrough in the north have both taken part in organising their own food festivals. Smaller endeavours are very much encouraged too. Previous entries have included schools using discarded food to create feasts for homeless guests, an international exchange group swapping British recipes and crafts, and care homes that have planted, cared for and harvested produce with their residents. Visit british-food-fortnight/british-foodfortnight-2017-competition for full details on how to enter and prizes.

GUESTS HAVE simple requirements in what constitutes a positive hotel experience, according to a new Qualtrics survey of 1,000 recent hotel guests. Clean rooms (76%) and Wi-Fi (65%) are the factors that determine a positive stay, while 57% of guests cited unfriendly employees as the reason for a negative experience. Surprisingly, one in 10 people have had a bad stay in a hotel due to a haunted room. The survey by experience management specialist Qualtrics highlights the importance of online reviews to hotels. Two-thirds (67%) of hotel visitors say they read guest ratings when deciding where to stay and 61% won’t stay in a hotel with less than three stars in an online review. However, only 24% of hotel guests who have had a bad experience have written a negative review. Other findings from the multinational survey of hotel

guests include: • 34% of guests who stay at 5-star hotels have cried because of a bad hotel experience • 19% have snuck a pet into a hotel room • 23% of smokers say they have smoked in a non-smoking room • 18% have had a hotel experience that was so bad it has ruined their vacation • 24% say a bad hotel experience has led to an argument with their spouse or partner “Online reviews are clearly an important research tool for consumers, but given the low percentage of people that fill them out they are often not representative. Hotels need a much more comprehensive, always on view of the guest experience to identify specific areas for improvement,” comments Gilly Harrison, Travel Industry Director at Qualtrics. “In industries like hotels and hospitality, where frontline staff can have a dramatic effect on that experience, the real secret sauce is measuring employee satisfaction and mapping that against the impact on guest feedback,” Harrison adds.

Grease Management The Management of Fats, Oils and Greases In Your Kitchen 16

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

June 2017

FAT, OIL and grease (FOG) suspended in water, congeal as they cool and harden. By disposing of FOG down the sink or drain, caterers not only risk the possibility of their businesses closing if drains get blocked but also risk receiving an expensive bill from the water company as well as potential legal action. In 2016, Severn Trent successfully prosecuted a Codsall restaurant in a ‘landmark case’ for blocking the sewers with fat, oil and grease – which led to nearby businesses being unable to flush their toilets. Café Saffron in Church Rd, Codsall, was prosecuted and ordered to pay a total of £5,495, including costs, at

Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court. In this case, blockages had been reported on several occasions, with complaints from neighbouring businesses that they couldn’t flush their toilets. The restaurant was found to be the cause of the blockage with fat used in cooking being put down the drain and into the sewer where it coagulated and caused the blockages. Severn Trent visited the premises on several occasions, sent various letters and had many conversations with the restaurant owners, asking for grease traps to be installed and warning of the consequences, but the owners refused, resulting in a prosecution. A block of Fat Oil and Grease (FOG) the size of a bus and nicknamed “The fatberg”, hit the headlines in 2013, fortunately, the lardy lump was removed before it had the chance to clog the sewer entirely and spill sewage into hundreds of local resident and commercial properties. Each year around 7000 premises in London alone are less fortunate, experiencing the unpleasant effects of FOG blocked sewers first hand. Whilst your business may have Used Cooking Oil collections, you could still be unknowingly contributing to these fatbergs by allowing the fat and oil washed off dirty plates and pans to enter the sewer. Not only is this illegal under the Water Industry Act 1991; it puts restaurants at risk of service disruption, odours, public health issues and increased costs which result from blockages. It will also make you very unpopular with

your neighbours should you be responsible for filling their homes with raw sewage! With so many products and services available, it is difficult for SME’s to know what is required and what will be effective. The ‘Best Management Practice for Catering Establishments’ produced by Water UK advises that catering businesses should regularly empty and maintain underground grease interceptors. The regularity of emptying and maintenance will be determined by the capacity/size of the interceptor, the type of cuisine and volume of meals served. The material can be removed by vacuum tanker and disposed of at a licenced facility. It is common for Environmental Health Officers to ask for the paperwork associated with disposal (waste transfer notice, receipts)

WASTE COOKING OIL – THE FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW Caterers need to arm themselves with the facts when it comes to cooking oil disposal. As of 1991, the Water Industry Act made it a legal duty for all catering businesses to ensure waste oil is stored and disposed of correctly. This was put in place to prevent large quantities of waste oil from being disposed of down drains. It is still a commonly-held myth in the industry that, if a main drain or sewer gets blocked, it is the water company that picks up the bill for unblocking and repair. This is not the case. If a drain is blocked within the boundary of a business, it is often the business owner who ends up footing the bill. The Building Act of 1984 gave local authorities the power to ensure that all businesses maintain their own drainage systems. If a drainage problem persists and is reported to a local authority a formal notice to a business will be served to repair and unblock the drain and a repair bill will be issued. Caterers need also to be aware that vermin love used cooking oil. If stored incorrectly, the smell of used cooking oil affects the sex hormone in rats and acts as an aphrodisiac which can lead to pest infestation.

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BEST PRACTICE FOR HANDLING WASTE COOKING OIL Here are some useful guidelines all catering businesses should follow: • Train your staff on why it is important to keep FOG and food waste out of drains and sewers. • Do not pour waste fats, oils and greases down drains or sewers. • Good kitchen practice – scrape plates into a bin. Do not jet wash them under a tap. All sinks should have a strainer in the plug hole to prevent waste food from going down the drain. • Use a grease trap that is regularly emptied. • Ensure all oil is kept out of washing water. • Collect waste fats, oils and greases in air-tight (ie sealed/leak-proof) containers to prevent odours and avoid attracting vermin. • Store containers holding used cooking oils in a secure area away from all drains to prevent spills and leakages in to the sewage system. • Do not dispose of used cooking oils and fats with the general waste stream or with the rest of your catering or kitchen waste. Waste contractors may refuse to remove it, and there may be odour or pollution problems. • Businesses cannot take used cooking oil to a public household waste recycling centre (HWRC). HWRCs are for home owners and the general public only. • By law, used cooking oils from catering premises must not be used as an ingredient in animal feed. • Seek advice from your local Environmental Health Office and Building Control Department. • Arrange for collection of your used cooking oil from a reputable organisation and retain the ‘Waste Transfer Note’ for any further inspections.

And the most important tip, consult an expert!

Grease Management Is Your Grease Management System Fit for Purpose? LOVE THEM or hate them, they are a necessary evil in today’s hospitality and food industry – yet there is confusion. Even within the regulatory bodies themselves. The more information you seek, the more confusing it can be. What is the aim of a GMS? The purpose of a GMS in basic terms is to prevent the drainage or sewage system blocking with Food, Oil and Grease (FOG). Why should you care? Fatbergs found in drain systems can end up costing water companies millions of euros to address. These costs are passed on to their customers. Furthermore, if your business is found to be allowing FOG to enter the drainage system you could be looking at a court appearance. Our Services! Aluline (Grease Traps) Ltd are an international company dedicated to Sustainable Urban Development and the Environment.

From inception, the group has focused its efforts on providing environmentally sound solutions posed by the commercial food and hospitality sector drainage. Aluline (Grease Traps) Ltd offers natural eco-friendly solutions in the form of cutting edge biotechnology and ‘Waste Removal at Source’ equipment designed to reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of waste created by the commercial food industry. The company provides equipment to remove wet waste (i.e. Food Oil and Grease, or FOG) to prevent the accumulation of these waste products in drainage systems, sewers and treatment plants. For more information please contact us on 01928 563532 or email: Website:

RGR Facilities To Manage Your Complete FOG Solution RGR are one of the leading grease-solution contractors in the market today. We are the main distributers for Grease Guardian, as well as offering a variety of our own products and bespoke services. Grease Guardian’s new automatic grease removal range, GGX, is the latest grease separator on the market. Made of high quality stainless steel and requiring minimal daily maintenance, the GGX has features to cope with an array of food production practices. Other products in the Grease Guardian range include: industrial sized units for areas generating a substantial amount of food waste, e.g. small factories, large hotels; manual grease traps; food filter traps; Coffee Guardians, and Sink Guardians. RGR’s own range includes: manual grease traps; sink guards; dosing units; and enzyme dosing fluid. Personalised services from RGR include: site surveys requested by clients, water authorities, or landlords; grease trap installation; grease trap servicing; full drainage services; and

emergency call-outs. As well as offering tailored service contracts, once a service is complete, RGR will send a comprehensive report to the client detailing the work carried out, along with any remedial work required. RGR runs a call-out service across the whole of the UK on a 4-hour, 24-hour, and 5-day reaction-time basis. Based in central London, we have one of the fastest response times in the capital, saving time, and potential closure for businesses. Our drainage services include: planned maintenance, emergency call-outs, high-pressure water jetting, CCTV, and drain repairs. RGR provides a complete solution to grease and drainage issues. We work with hotel groups, restaurant chains, supermarket chains, the public sector, landlords, architects, and other establishments producing waste food and fat. Please contact us today for a free site survey and advice on the products and services we offer. See the advert below for details.

June 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Aqua Mundus Helps Kitchens Manage Fat, Oil & Grease Wastewater THE LATEST Big Dipper® 18,000 series Automatic Grease Removal Unit and All NEW Trapzilla® Super Capacity Grease Trap for Above or Below Ground Installation.

Our Thermaco Big Dipper® and Trapzilla® units are fully compliant to Building Regulations and BS EN 1825 approved, bearing the European CE mark which is now required for all Grease Traps within the European Economic Area. Aqua Mundus authorised UK representative and distributor for Thermaco Inc, the manufacturer of Big Dipper® and Trapzilla® grease trap ranges advises that Thermaco products successfully bear the CE mark for their Big Dipper® and Trapzilla® products.The Construction Products Regulations (CPR) has significantly changed the landscape of the UK construction industry. It has become a legal requirement for construction products manufactured under the Scope of harmonised European standards (hEN’s) to be CE marked Following the publication of the Harmonised Standard (hEN’s) for Grease Separators under the EU Construction

Ecovery Innovations ECOVERY INNOVATIONS was launched in 2012 to provide energy saving products that lower carbon emissions, control grease build-up and control operating costs to the food and hospitality industries. Your first line of defence against fire, odour, grease build-up, and smoke. Franke Cascade Hood Filters capture more grease than standard filters, reduce grease damage to fans and roof, have lower static pressure

Products Directive it is obligatory for any product covered by these European technical regulations for manufacturers of Grease Separators to affix the CE marking to their products. Without the CE marking grease traps are not allowed to be placed or to be put into service in Europe. CE marking is required in the European Economic Area (EEA). CE marking on a product confirms that the product complies with the essential requirements of the European technical regulations ("Directives") related to European health, safety and environmental protection legislation, and that the product compliance has been established using the appropriate conformity assessment procedures. Fully Automatic Grease Removal System Unique Patented Flow Direction Alteration (Left>Right / Right>Left) Over 99.9% Grease Removal Efficiency Simple, Clean, Easy Maintenance Corrosion Resistant Materials Energy Saving Mode System Check Mode For more details see advert on page 16.

than other comparable filters and have little impact on existing fan and hood performance. Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) work by ionising and trapping grease and smoke particles onto collector plates. They have a high particulate removal efficiency, removing sub-micron particles as much as 99.5%. Exhaust air flows through two sets of ioniser cells and collector plates to ensure maximum efficiency. • Existing fans do not need to be upgraded • Four stage filtering/cleansing system for maximum efficiency • Cleans polluted air from kitchen exhausts, welding, soldering, diesel smoke, and more. For further information see the advert on page 13, call 0845 122 0724 or visit

How clean is your establishment? Rapid cleaning verification Dirt left behind after cleaning can quickly lead to guest illness or even worse. EnSURE™ monitoring system and easy-to-use swab tests detect adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy molecule of all living organisms, including germs and bacteria. Hygiena’s ATP Cleaning Verification system verifies housekeeping staff are cleaning to the highest standards to ensure a clean and healthy environment. In the hospitality industry, environmental cleanliness is critical for guest perceptions of quality. ATP surface tests help to ensure surfaces are hygienically clean, guaranteeing a truly clean environment for guests. UltraSnap surface tests are affordable, easy to use, and provide instant results for housekeeping performance assessment. Suggested ATP test locations: • • • • •

Doorknobs Bedside tables Headboard Remote control Phone

• • • • •

Light switch Bathroom light switch Sink Toilet seat Toilet handle

• • • • •

Shower head Ice machines Pools Spas Faucet handles

For a FREE demo call +44 (0)1923 818821 @HygienaInt

Food Hygiene and Temperature Monitoring The IMC Group MANUFACTURED IN the UK by the IMC Group Ltd, the IceSpy Notion Pro is a totally reliable and flexible wireless monitoring system incorporating technological breakthroughs in environmental monitoring. The IceSpy brand is well-established throughout the food industry for providing cost-effective solutions to wireless monitoring within fridges, freezers, and heated and dry storage facilities. The IMC Group’s wealth of knowledge and experience of wireless monitoring takes IceSpy to the next level with the innovative Notion Pro technology whilst maintaining the affordability factor. The Notion Pro system sets new standards for data collection and display of

environmental parameters and enables users to monitor parameters such as ambient & core temperature, humidity and airflow. The system provides 24/7 monitoring with real-time email or SMS alarms to identify potential parameter breaches before damage can occur and assist with HACCP compliance regulations meeting British Standard BS EN 12830. Audit stress is alleviated with easy access to real-time and historical records without the need to manually download data. Notion Pro has the flexibility for standalone, intranet or cloud-based installations and eliminates the time taken to carry out manual checks and the errors that often occur. It’s suitable for single or multiple user organisations, and data can be securely shared with colleagues with user-defined permission levels. The revolutionary leap forward in wireless technology delivers high quality affordable monitoring without compromise and post purchase support for ultimate peace of mind. Contact: Phone: +44 (0) 1462 688070 Website:

Rapid Cleaning Verification for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry DIRT LEFT behind after cleaning can quickly lead to guest illness or even worse – an outbreak of Norovirus or Legionella. Prevent a negative guest experience and protect your reputation by detecting germs and bacteria before your guests do with ATP Cleaning Verification. You can delight your guests with a proactive approach to traveling well and prevent embarrassing accounts of hotel uncleanliness. Used by luxury hotel chains worldwide, the EnSURE™ monitoring system and easy-to-use swab tests detect adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy molecule of all living organisms, including germs and bacteria. Hygiena’s ATP Cleaning

Verification system verifies housekeeping staff are cleaning to the highest standards to ensure a clean and healthy environment. All test results are recorded with complimentary SureTrend software, which tracks and trends test results over time and generates automatic reports. Users may upload results to a shared database for easy comparison of properties by corporate management. EnSURE™ is a quality monitoring system that uses one instrument platform to collect, analyse, and report data from multiple quality indicators. Using new stateof-the-art technology and patented designs, the EnSURE system is a simple-to-use, flexible, and accurate quality monitoring system. Call +44 (0)1923 818821 or visit for details.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring with ThermaData® WiFi Loggers UTILISING THE latest WiFi technology, the new ThermaData® WiFi range of temperature loggers from Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd are a user-friendly solution for remote food temperature monitoring. Two thermistor models are available both offering accurate wireless WiFi temperature monitoring and logging by securely transmitting temperature data over the range -50 to 125 °C to a WiFi router, connected to the internet. This data can be accessed and viewed from a PC, laptop or tablet anywhere in the world, allowing real time temperature monitoring and the logging of temperature sensitive food and storage areas. Each logger has an intuitive LCD displaying temperature, WiFi connection status, max/min recorded temperatures, alarm status and battery

life. The loggers are battery powered by two AA batteries with a life expectancy of in excess of a year. The easy to use ThermaData Studio software makes the ThermaData WiFi loggers ideal for HACCP temperature analysis. At programmable time intervals, the loggers will record temperature from one or two sensors, recording up to a maximum of 18000 readings (9000 from each sensor). Each ThermaData WiFi logger incorporates a red and green LED. The flashing green LED indicates that the logger is active/logging and the flashing red LED indicates that your customised pre-set temperature alarms have been exceeded. ThermaData Studio software is available to download FREE from the ETI website and is licence free, with no subscription charges. The ThermaData WiFi Loggers are available from priced from £85 excluding VAT.

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Food Hygiene and Temperature Monitoring

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

June 2017

Safer Food, Better Business for the Hospitality Sector For the collection of independent hotels, pubs and restaurants operating across the country, there are many challenges, nonemore-so than achieving compliance with food health and safety law. Here, John Lee, managing director of Courier Express, offers some essential advice on navigating food safety standards. Food preparation businesses within the hospitality sector – including hotels, restaurants, cafes and gastro pubs – are required by law to show that food handling and preparation processes are safe and keep to strict guidelines during all times. Not only can good food hygiene ensure that food prepared for customers is safe to eat, but it can also ensure businesses comply with the law, and ultimately protect their reputation. For independent traders facing stiff competition from larger corporate brands, this is particularly important. The results of poor food hygiene and failure to comply with the law are clear. An astounding 75% of customers said they would not risk dining at a restaurant that has been implicated in a food hygiene incident, even if it was recommended by somebody they trust, according to research by Checkit. Whilst 61% of consumers have admitted they would boycott establishments with low food hygiene ratings. Faced with such business impacts and the subsequent loss of revenue, hotel, restaurant and pub owners have now placed a greater emphasis on food and health safety matters. Nonetheless, many of these companies lack the support of a corporate head office, who can instruct on environmental health and food safety matters, meaning navigating the over-

abundance of food safety legislation can seem daunting. Improper food handling temperatures There are many critical factors to address when tackling food safety in the hospitality sector, but no matter what type of food produce is being handled, a selection of imperative practices must be adhered to if safety issues are to be avoided. The first of these is improper temperature control. Chilling food at the correct temperature helps prevent the growth of bacteria – and ultimately eliminates any risk of food poising for customers. It is vital that fresh produce is kept at controlled-temperatures at all times during storage, meaning hotel, restaurant and pub cold stores must be maintained and monitored at all times. However, if products are delivered at the incorrect temperature, no matter what is done upon arrival, that food will be unsafe to prepare and consume. With this in mind, hospitality businesses must also pay careful attention to food safety within their supply chain. On a daily basis, millions of pallets of food products are delivered to hospitality establishments in the UK. For independent retailers, transporting produce from farm to fork requires a highly-coordinated and structured temperature-controlled supply chain. Although distribution may be the less talked about link in the food safety chain, for hotels, restaurants and pubs who procure bulk inventories of food items it must be carefully scrutinised to ensure both compliance and safety for all customers. Driven by consumer demand, we now have greater access to a wider variety of foods than ever before. For hoteliers, publicans and restaurateurs this presents a world of opportunities, but with food produced out of season and transported across continents for customer convenience, it can also cause a whole range of issues for businesses unfamiliar with food safety best practices. A whole array of legislation and regulation must be followed by refrigerated couriers and businesses alike, to ensure food is handled correctly and remains safe to consume upon arrival.

Perhaps the most important food hygiene regulations for hospitality businesses are Regulation (EC) No/ 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs and The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006. Both of these regulations set out the basic hygiene requirements for all aspects of your business, from your premises and facilities management to the personal hygiene of your staff and beyond. One of the key requirements covered within the law is temperature control. Under key legislation, food must not be kept at temperatures that might cause a risk to health. For example, cold food must be maintained at 8oC or below during transportation and hot food must be retained at 63oC or above under UK law. An unbroken ‘cold chain’ is just as imperative, as any break in the temperature-controlled supply chain can compromise the integrity of the produce and lead to degradation. It goes without saying, that the influence of technology on cold chain logistics for the hospitality sector has been great. By incorporating temperature monitoring equipment within vehicles and tracking devices, which can be wirelessly monitored, the leading refrigerated couriers are now able to safeguard the quality of cuisine and also ensure compliance with UK law. For independent hotels, pubs and restaurants the value of employing a reliable courier with a modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles, therefore, should not be underestimated. Complete compliance Food safety remains high on the agenda in the UK. With an abundance of new legislation and guidance set to enforce better food handling practice within the hospitality sector, hoteliers, publicans and restaurateurs now have a greater responsibility to main-

tain high standards. It’s fair to say that financial constraints and lack of corporate support can be a huge barrier for independent hospitality businesses looking to embrace food safety matters. The detailed legal requirements can vary slightly between countries, and even within the UK, but for business owners the general principles of food hygiene are the same. By gaining a greater understanding of their legislative requirements and following basic practices such as suitable temperature control, independent companies can ensure they remain safe and compliant at all times. With hygiene playing such an integral part of any catering setup Rag Hulait, UK Director of Sales at Monika comments: “When it comes to general cleanliness and in particular food hygiene, regulation states that caterers should undertake comprehensive temperature monitoring at least once a day but ideally twice a day for stored and cooked food - once at opening and once at closing is normal, it should be a key part of training and education for all members of staff. Making sure employees are aware of the legislation and regulation that governs this area, employers should pay particular attention to the delivery of comprehensive and regular training in the process and procedures around ongoing monitoring for hygiene purposes. “ “regular and accurate monitoring of cleaning and hygiene duties and clear protocols throughout the operation is essential. By precisely recording data and maintaining correct records, caterers can demonstrate compliance and integrity at every stage. Detailed HACCP reporting and full accountability can be quickly and efficiently downloaded when needed, covering a business from a legal perspective.”

• It creates too much paperwork? • The paperwork takes too much time? • You don't know if checks are actually being done? • You're not protected against malicious claims?

when to do food safety checks and automatically creates your food safety records. When it's busy in the kitchen, it's easy to miss checks or forget to fill in the paperwork and this will adversely affect your Food Hygiene Rating. Checkit ensures your food safety and cleaning tasks get done and completely eliminates food safety paperwork from the kitchen, making life easier for owners and head chefs. The easy-touse Checkit device enables even junior members of staff to perform the tasks with minimal training. To find out more or see a demo call Checkit on 01223 941450 or visit

What Are Your Biggest Food Safety Concerns?

If, like most restaurants, you find that managing food safety paperwork is time-consuming and cumbersome, Checkit will help you. Created with the help of food inspectors, Checkit is a completely paperless food safety system that prompts staff

The Comark Kitchen Checks-app

PAPER RECORDS for HACCP creating an admin burden on your business? Records being lost or being completed after the fact? The revolution is here…. The easy-to-use Comark Kitchen Checks-app can be loaded with your HACCP plan and paired with the new bluetooth model of our tried and tested pocketherm thermometer. Checks-app

is available free on both the Apple and Google Play app stores and all records created across your estate are automatically stored in the cloud, accessible anywhere. Going paperless means better records, less time filling in paperwork and leaves you and your team more time to serve your customers. For further information, please call 0207 9420712 or visit

Bag A Bargain This June With TME Thermometers' Kit Of The Month Looking for a waterproof thermometer that’s quick to use, comes with its own handy storage and won’t bust your budget? Bag an online bargain this June with TME’s CA2005-PKW for just 129.60. Throughout 2017 UK thermometer manufacturer, TME, is offering Kit of the Month deals on a selection of quality thermometer kits from its extensive temperature test and measurement range. By combining popular combinations of thermometers and probes at a lower cost, TME kits already offer great value for money all year round but each Kit of the Month will attract an extra 10% saving. Offers change each month and will be publicised on the TME website and monthly newsletter. The CA2005-PKW Food Kit offers a high accuracy HACCP compliant thermometer, six interchangeable colour-coded needle probes – sufficiently waterproof to run through a dishwasher – and a stainless steel wall unit to keep everything safe and convenient to hand. CA2005 Temperature Range TME’s colour coded temperature range offers an IP67 waterproof thermometer with a choice of colour coded, high accuracy probes – delivering a superfast 3 second

response. Each probe is fitted with a thermocouple mini plug so it’s easy to switch between food groups or to order different colours if you prefer. Most important of all - the probes are dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning and sterilisation. Affordable Food Hygiene More hygienic than using conventional colour coded pen thermometers which are only splash-proof - the new system is not only a cheaper option but also tough enough to stand up to the rigours of any commercial kitchen. Colour Coded Wall Storage The system is also ideal for kitting out a small restaurant kitchen with everything easily accessible in one place as the CA2005-PKW storage unit features strong and safe cradles for both the thermometer and probes and immediate visual guidance for kitchen staff on the major colour-coded food groups. MD, Tom Sensier: “The CA2005 system is designed to bring easy to use, high performance thermometers within all budgets, helping both small restaurants and the bigger chains the opportunity to up their hygiene ratings without having to spend a fortune.” For more details on TME’s Kit of the Month offers or the CA2005-PKW visit email or talk to our friendly sales team on 01903 700651. .

Warewashing Warewashing Solutions - In Increasingly Demanding Times June 2017

EARLIER THIS year we described warewashers as the “work horses” of any busy catering kitchen. With many operations now offering all-day catering, breakfast, snacks, through to dinner there is an unprecedented demand on both staff and equipment. Dining habits have certainly changed, we now eat out more and more from a breakfast or a bowl of porridge, a toasted sandwich or pannini’s, to snacks/lunches, to dinner offering a diverse choice of cuisines catering for an even more diverse consumer palate. This casual all-day dining has revolutionised the catering/hospitality industry, which is undergoing massive expansion but is not without its challenges. Greater choice, longer trading hours, varied menus cuisines places great demand on equipment in particular Warewashers. You may find yourself spoiled for choice, however choosing the right warewasher is a balancing act and it will pay dividends to obtained professional advice. Price for any business will always be a critical factor, however running costs should always feature as heavily in the buying decision and energy efficient machine may cost more. Initially, but will last longer, and provide a better return on investment over the years. And most importantly it will be more reliable! Types of Warewashing will include: Under-counter machines: back bar or front-opening warewashers use smaller racks than larger machines and their performance will be lower. However, they are compact and can be fitted where they are most needed and in tight spaces – behind a busy bar/servery or below the counter of a coffee shop/tea room. Pull-down hood dishwashers: The next stage up in machine design is a pull-down hood machine. These are

more powerful, faster and are manually loaded with a basket of soiled tableware. They are usually configured with stainless steel tabling either side of the dishwasher so while a basket of dirty tableware is being washed, another basket of dirty tableware is being loaded ready to go in and a washed basket on the other side of the hood washer is waiting to be emptied. This gives a continual cycle of plate washing. Rack conveyor dishwashers: These work on a passthrough system where the baskets of soiled tableware are on a conveyor belt which passes through the washing machine, going through wash zones which start at prerinse, go to hot wash, then hot rinse and come out on the other side of the conveyor ready for stacking away. Flight dishwashers: These are a semi-automatic dishwashing system, similar in principle to rack conveyor systems, but very much bigger. They are designed to cope with huge volumes of soiled tableware which might be found in a university or hospital kitchen, an airline food production kitchen, large staff feeding facility or a conference and exhibition centre. So what considerations should you take into account? • Get expert advice! Work with rectal and knowledgeable companies that will give impartial advice and work within your budget. Explain your requirements and don’t be afraid to ask questions • Generally, the shorter equipments washing cycle time, the lower the running costs should be • Choose variable wash cycles that offer flexibility with washing time to suit levels of soiling • Consider saving capabilities, water and energy efficiency and also detergent and rinse aid consumption • Check for maintenance contracts, spare parts availability • Shop around comparing like-for-like, and think “long-term” • Take into account operator use, avoided if possible complicated machines that involve high levels of training and take into account your own levels of staff turnover. Make sure staff are trained and follow best practice for cleaning, maintenance, unblocking, and dosing levels • Follow expert advice on chemicals and detergents for your machine • Take into account where you want your equipment sited, making sure that it fits with your pattern of service and/or storage • Take advice on water treatment, according to research hard water is responsible for that 70% of equipment failure An alternative payment model which allows operators to have a Winterhalter warewasher model without investment or risk is “Pay Per Wash” is the latest launch

under Winterhalter’s Next Level Solutions project, which exploits the latest digital technology to bring commercial warewashing to the next level. With Pay Per Wash, which is initially available for Winterhalter’s UC Series of undercounter machines, customers no longer have to buy a warewasher to have one operating in their business. It eliminates acquisition costs and means customers are only charged when the warewasher is actually washing. Pay Per Wash contracts have no minimum term and can be cancelled at short notice. Customers select a desired number of wash cycles and prepay for them, using a credit card. The wash codes they buy are automatically entered into the machine and they can start washing straight away. There is a fixed price per wash cycle, and everything is included in the package: warewasher, racks, water treatment and chemicals. “Even repairs and maintenance costs are included in the fixed price,” says Winterhalter’s CEO Ralph Winterhalter. “It really is a ‘zero risk’ choice.” Winterhalter believes Pay Per Wash will appeal to a variety of sectors of the market, especially with seasonal businesses, who will only pay for warewashing when they are earning money. Meanwhile owners of start-ups will be able to rely on perfect wash results, without having to make an initial investment. “These days more foodservice operators are questioning traditional approaches and are moving to use-based accounting,” says Ralph Winterhalter. “They no longer necessarily want to own a warewasher, instead they just want to pay when they use it. Pay Per Wash is perfect for them.” Maidaid Halcyon has achieved the impressive milestone of supplying cost effective, high quality products to the professional catering industry for over forty years. We are firmly established as leaders within the industry. Matt Titchener Technical Development Manager at caterparts/Maidaid Halcyon said “We specialise in commercial warewashing equipment, icemakers and coffee machines. Whatever the range or product type, our machines have a longstanding reputation in the UK marketplace for durability, reliability and serviceability.” “Our approved distributors network is expanding our client base is growing, and our technical support is award winning, so we must be getting it right! We have a range to suit every application. The Evolution is the range topper and includes undercounter glasswashers, undercounter dishwashers and pass through dishwashers. As with the rest of the catering industry, warewashing technology is evolving all the time. Every model in the range is designed to work efficiently and reliably in the most demanding

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environment. “ “The Evolution range not only has low water consumption and lower temperature levels of operation across the board – machines also have a green cycle for economy and an intensive programme for brilliant cleaning of the dirtiest items. The Evolution 2035WSHR has an innovative Heat Recovery system meaning up to 25% less power is required to heat rinse water.” “When it comes to cleaning and hygiene the Evolution range is the best range in its price bracket that is available on the market today”

Another vitally important cog in the “Kitchen wheel”? The Kitchen Porter! And 22 June 2017 is National KP Day, when the kitchen brigade gets to have a bit of fun and raise cash for Springboard, the charity that helps young and disadvantaged people gain employment in the hospitality industry. Got a great kitchen porter in your kitchen? Or one with a sense of humour? Then take a photo of them and tweet it with the hashtag #kpday. For every tweet, warewasher specialist Winterhalter will give £1 to Springboard, up to a maximum of £1,000. Plus the kitchen porter will grab a bit of glory, as all the pics will be uploaded into the KP gallery – check it out at “We’ve had some great photos over the years on National KP Day,” says Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK. “We’ve also raised a lot of cash for this very worthwhile cause – so get snapping!” KP Day falls during the quest to find the 2017 KP of the Year – to nominate a KP visit The deadline is 3 August 2017. For more information on Springboard visit


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June 2017


The Dishwasher Man Commercial Dish & Glasswasher Solutions

Dishwashers Glasswashers Ice Machines Fryers Tea Urns Ovens Microwaves Tel: 07801 328 376 Email:

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Smeg Gives Warewashing Drive to Glen Gorse Golf Club WORKING WITH Phil Keatley of Crocodile Catering Equipment and chef Paul Leary of Access Catering Smeg has supported Glen Gorse Golf Club in Leicestershire to up its game in glass and dishwashing. Paul Leary, formerly of the two AA Rosette restaurant The Woodhouse, provides Glen Gorse Golf Club with really excellent food and works with Crocodile Catering to specify the best equipment to maintain excellence in food and the highest standards of service. Phil Keatley, partner at Crocodile Catering, explains how the relationship with Smeg has developed for his business and its clients including Paul Leary at Glen Gorse Golf Club, "I have worked closely with Smeg for a number of years and now only specify their warewashing equipment to my clients because of their quality and value for money.

Smeg CWG420SD-1 "We put the first glasswasher, a Smeg CWG420SD-1, into Glen Gorse at the end of 2015, to replace an old machine that was only three to four years old, but with multiple

faults and an external water softener. The Smeg model offered a compact solution, good design, quality engineering, in-built water softener and the ability to work from a standard supply. All this and a really competitive price ticked all the boxes for Paul Leary and his team. "The feedback from Paul is that the Smeg glasswasher has performed perfectly, is using less consumables and less energy, all contributing to cost savings in the longer term."

Smeg CWC520SD Several months down the line and Glen Gorse were having problems with their existing dishwasher and came to Crocodile for a solution. Phil naturally referred them to a Smeg replacement in the shape of CWC520SD model. The dishwasher with built-in water softener fitted into the old unit's space and has operated trouble-free and delivered great wash results. Crocodile Catering Equipment works across all sectors of foodservice and has a number of high profile clients including sports clubs Leicester Tigers and Leicester City Football Club.

Winterhalter’s Hybrid Warewasher Gives Sparkling Results and Saves Water WINTERHALTER’S NEW undercounter warewashers, the UC Excellence iPlus, uses a new hybrid technology that combines reverse osmosis (RO) and a water softener. This offers a variety of benefits, including preventing blockages of the RO membrane, extending membrane life and ensuring perfect wash results from first wash to last. It is generally understood that a reverse osmosis system coupled with a top quality warewasher is the way to get the best wash results. However in the past these systems have tended to be bulky, use lots of water and stretch beyond caterers’ budgets. The UC Excellence iPlus brings the advantages of reverse osmosis to tight counter areas because the system is fully integrated into the machine. The smallest model measures just 810mm (h) x 460mm (w) x 617mm (d). It can wash up to 77 racks (400mm x 400mm) per hour. The UC Excellence iPlus delivers a perfect combination of warewasher and reverse osmosis, guaranteeing brilliant wash results every time, as it removes almost 100% of water impurities. Alongside its RO system is an integral water softener. The water treatment process is fully integrated into the wash process to deliver flawless wash results on glassware, cutlery and dishes, without the need for extra polishing. This saves staff time

and speeds up turnaround of glasses and tableware. The UC Excellence-iPlus features a built-in pre-filter with monitoring, membrane flushing and Winterhalter’s AquaOpt system, which minimises running costs with its choice of good, better and best results. This AquaOpt function optimises water quality during extended wash break periods and can be adapted to meet specific on-site requirements, ensuring consistent washing. Thanks to the integrated softener, the iPlus machines also feature VarioAqua. This feature allows the user to select whether to use the RO system or not. So less critical items can be washed using softened water only, which minimises running costs, while more important ones can have the full RO treatment, for sparkling results. Both water treatment systems are fully integrated within the warewasher, with the operating status displayed on the control panel. The machine automatically selects the appropriate treatment for certain functions – for example, RO-treated water to flush the boiler, but softened water to run the self-cleaning programme. If there is an issue with the RO, such as the membrane needs attention, the warewasher switches to softened water only. Similarly, if the softener runs out of salt, it switches to RO only. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email


3 Reasons Your Hotel Should Switch Monarch Water Ltd to Low-Water Washing Machines MAJOR UPDATES to essential hotel operations are almost always a bit of a struggle. From cost analysis and budget approvals to process changes and equipment installations, updating something like hotel laundry equipment isn’t a decision hoteliers take lightly. However, these updates—though sometimes difficult—have real benefits for both your hotel and your guests. If you’re on the fence about switching your hotel to low-water washing machines, here are four factors to consider: Low-Water Washing Machines Save Money Low-water washing cuts down that water usage, and thus, the costs associated with it. Your hotel won’t recoup the costs of an upgrade overnight, but you can see significant savings even in the first year. Hot Water Washing Can Actually Damage

Dishwashers Direct Ltd ACQUIRING A dishwasher can be an expensive business and let’s face it, with all of the choice in the market it can be an intimidating task. Then on top of this you have to decide whether to Buy, Lease or Rent.

Buying capital equipment involves a substantial cash sum going out of the business in one go. Lease purchase will acquire you an asset, be less of a strain on cash, is great for budgeting, but will cost you a more in the long term. If the machine lasts only 3-4 years then any type of purchase is a bad idea as it will have no residual value. If the dishwasher is likely to last for close to 10 years then it’s a great idea and you have the opportunity to ‘sweat your assets’.

Linens By cutting down on the water—and more importantly, the hot water—in your laundry with low-water washing machines, you can still achieve that superior clean without causing so much stress on your linens. Green Initiatives Attract and Impress Guests Today’s travelers expect a certain level of environmental consciousness in their hotels, and they will choose hotels based on that expectation. The Xeros low-water washing machine is already helping hotels in the UK make this update. So, are you ready to make the switch? To find out more, call our team today, on 0114 2699 656 or visit

IT IS estimated that hard water is responsible for up to 70% of equipment failure, be it a warewasher, coffee machine, steam oven and a wide range of catering equipment. As such, it is important to consider water treatment as part of your capital equipment expenditure to help eliminate unnecessary costs to your business and damage to your reputation in the future.

With warewashers in professional kitchens, pubs, hotels, clubs and restaurants using high volumes of water it is important to have the correct water treatment system in place to prevent limescale buildup which may otherwise lead to machine failure, expensive breakdowns and unwanted machine downtime. One size does not fit all and it’s important to review your water hardness, machine capacity and volume of water going through your system to ensure you have the cor-

June 2017

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rect system installed to prevent limescsale build-up but also provide protection from aggressive minerals to extend the working life, running cost efficiencies of equipment and reduced energy bills. Ensuring that you have the right water treatment also helps with your businesses daily cleaning routines. With the introduction of a suitable water treatment system including water softeners, scale prevention systems, reverse osmosis and demineralisation systems that not only prevents limescale build-up but also reduces costly and labour intensive hand polishing, otherwise required to maintain cleaner, sparkling finishes on your tableware and glasses. Kevin Johnson, Managing Director at Monarch Water, commented; “Water treatment equipment should be seen as an investment and insurance to help maintain a successful business rather than a cost. With professional advice, wholesale benefits can be achieved from the point of its installation, providing appliance protection, energy bill and labour savings by virtually eliminating the scale build-up caused by the calcium and magnesium.” our-products/food-service/ (e) (t) 01986 784759

Hubbard Systems Takes on Comenda Warewashers from Dawson MMP If you are not sure about the possible life of a machine then Rental option is the best. A good rental agreement will offer manageable monthly payments, a labour and parts warranty included within the life of the term, regular servicing to keep your machine in top working order, replacement if you do get a ‘Friday machine’ and an option to upgrade in your term if your circumstances change. Buy, Lease or rent, there are arguments for all. Whatever the case make sure ensure you are protected with a period where you don’t have to worry about the costs of repair or maintenance” For further information, contact Dishwashers Direct Ltd on 0115 9381 935, email or visit us at

HUBBARD SYSTEMS is pleased to announce that it will become the exclusive distributor for Comenda products in the UK. The appointment comes following a recent strategic review by ALI Group of the Dawson business and the decision to reposition and refocus the UK distribution of its Comenda warewash products, along with the other brands currently traded by Dawson. “Hubbard Systems and the ALI Group already have a strong commercial partnership with the exclusive distribution of Scotsman ice makers, and we welcome this exciting opportunity to further develop our position in the UK market,” says Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard Systems. From 5th June 2017 all Comenda products and spare parts will be distributed by Hubbard Systems. All products which are still under warranty, or were bought with an

extended service package, will be managed by Hubbard, in conjunction with Service Line who will fulfil the service obligations to ensure there is no loss of continuity during the transition. Comenda has an exceptional reputation, with a full range of machines from small under counter glasswashers right up to special-build rack and flight machines, selling several thousand units per year globally. Hubbard aims to build the Comenda brand in the UK by working closely with the Comenda factory on larger schemes, and taking the same approach with Comenda as with the Scotsman brand, maintaining high levels of customer support and product availability. Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for the market-leading Scotsman range, which is available via dealers nationwide. For more information freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045 email or visit


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June 2017

Products and Services

Miele Rotary Ironer Revolutionises the Laundry Process for a Luxury Bed and Breakfast FORBES PROFESSIONALS were approached by Elm Tree Bed and Breakfast based in idyllic rural Lincolnshire, the owners of this stunning, 5* Gold luxury accommodation were looking to streamline their laundry process. All bedding was being finished manually, and ironing the sheets to an immaculate finish was proving to be extremely time consuming as their business had undergone exponential growth. We arranged to conduct a site survey in order recommend the products that were best suited to their specific requirements. The Miele HM 16-83 commercial rotary ironer was the ideal solution for the Elm Tree. It doesn’t take up a huge footprint in the room but it delivers optimum results whilst maintaining impressively low energy consumption values. With a 15kg/hour capacity and a variable roller speed it would enable them to work at their own pace whilst ensuring

the perfect laundry finish that was central to their service delivery. As with all clients, our manufacturer trained engineers delivered, installed and commissioned the new laundry equipment, and offered any necessary user training. The Elm Tree also chose our Complete Care package and will have access to our first class engineer response service. When we followed up after installation to check that all was running as expected, the feedback was a great testament to the benefits of using commercial finishing equipment. ‘Completed all the ironing in two hours!!! Normally takes seven! Thank you so much!!’ Jonathan Wilkinson-White, Owner, The Elm Tree Carefully selected commercial laundry and finishing products can drastically improve the efficiency of a busy hotel business, and rotary ironers free up valuable staff time whilst delivering perfectly smooth sheets, table clothes and pillow cases. To find out how we can help save your business time and money please contact us our Forbes Professional on 0345 0702335 or or see the advert on page 10.

Fish & Chip Flavoured Crisps?

THAT’S RIGHT - and it doesn’t stop there. The Great British Crisp Company has a whole range of ‘meal in one bite’ flavours including Tikka Masala, English Breakfast and their newest addition: Cornish Pasty. If you’re more of a traditional crisp lover, the classic varieties of West Country Cheddar & Chive and Cornish Sea Salt are a must. The Great British Crisp Company has been created by an award winning

British bakery, recognised as one of the nation’s leading craft bakeries. To create their flavours, they hand cook small batches of Cornish potatoes in sunflower oil, before seasoning with Britain’s finest natural ingredients. The result? An exciting range of crisps to really give your customers something to talk about. For more information and to sample the Great British Crisp Company first hand visit or call 01736 788538 or see page 5.

DrinkStore Launches by Popular Demand RESTAURANT SUPPLY Store will now be selling drink for the first time. The procurement website, favoured for its wide-ranging selection, has launched its in-house DrinkStore by popular demand. CEO Jon Shepherd explains: “When drink is kept separate in procurement, it just becomes another item on the to-do list. We like to make things simpler for our customers, so now they can deal with a single, trusted supplier who will handle everything for them.” The new range takes in the entire beverage spectrum,

Have Parties, Me Hearties!

ANY SELF-RESPECTING pirate will be on the look-out for treasure and today the destination of every bloody-thirsty buccaneer is Peeks! That’s because the party supply company is packed full of chests dripping with pieces of eight. Peeks are the party people who put the jolly into Roger and they have a huge range of products for the pirate and his parrot. Any swashbuckling sailor will find what he wants at Peeks, including bunting and beards,

from beer, ale and cider to whiskey, vodka and gin, via wine, champagne and everything in between – with an even bigger choice of barware and glasses thrown in for good measure. Whether you’re after well-known brands of beer, exotic mixers, or an obscure bottle of Armagnac, you’ll find it at DrinkStore. Customers will be required to sign in to purchase from DrinkStore. New visitors will simply need to register first - but after that, the drink will flow freely. For further information please call 01375 651600 or visit the website at or see the advert on page 9. coins and costumes, crossed bones and cutlasses. If you’re having a party on your poop deck then pop into Peeks for all the goodies required – and there’s even a giant pirate party pack available. Don’t be a plank, walk it - and visit Peeks at its huge party store in Christchurch, which is situated on an old smuggling route from the coast. If that sounds too dangerous for you gibbering landlubbers then visit Peeks online where you can browse without risking the lash. Themed pirate parties are all the rage so if your timbers need shivering or your shanties need singing then it’s all hands to Peeks! Visit or see page 5.

KalGUARD Offers Maximum Benefits for Limescale Control

LIMESCALE CONTROL is recommended for any business located within a hard water area, and especially those that rely on the availability of hot water, such as restaurants, care homes, schools, leisure facilities and hotels. If left unchecked, limescale can lead to problems such as higher energy bills (British Water estimates that just 1.6mm of limescale can increase a heating system’s fuel requirement by up to 12%), as well as premature repairs, breakdowns and replacement of secondary hot water system components and appliances, business downtime, and unnecessary, unplanned capital expenditure. To inhibit the buildup of limescale, KalGUARD® from Sentinel Commercial is a scientifically- and independentlyproven limescale control device which uses unique driven electrolytic technology. What’s more, KalGUARD is arguably the best limescale control device on the market in terms of overall cost-effectiveness, performance, ease of installation and maintenance. KalGUARD, which comprises a zinc anode unit, water meter and controller, permanently ‘conditions’ water by dosing it with a very low level of stable zinc. This is achieved via a controlled electrolytic process, which uses a powered zinc anode and a copper

cathode, forcing naturally-occurring calcium carbonate crystals to form as soft, non-deposit-forming aragonite rather than hard, deposit-forming calcite (limescale). Electrolytic technology is the only powered device-led methodology to be recommended by UK Building Services Compliance Guide to Part L. Furthermore, independent testing undertaken at Cranfield University has proven KalGUARD’s ability to reduce limescale. Forget temporary limescale control – KalGUARD continuously alters the chemical composition of calcium carbonate crystals for long-lasting protection and complete peace of mind. KalGUARD is proven to be suitable for successful use in conjunction with all types of heaters from leading OEM providers. Once commissioned, KalGUARD requires only a bi-annual service if the system filter is fitted. Moreover, no consumables are needed for its ongoing operation, while the zinc anode lasts up to 12 years. KalGUARD comes in a range of sizes, from 22mm through to 108mm. The system is already installed in thousands of commercial facilities across the UK, including those belonging to major supermarkets, leading hotel chains, universities, and international fast food outlets, providing proven energy, cost, and time saving limescale control. To find out more about the benefits of KalGUARD, see the advert on page 2 or call 01928 704330 or alternatively visit

Beer Hawk Trade

BEER HAWK Trade offers off-trade businesses access to over 800 premium bottled and canned craft beers, without the need for a minimum order of any single beer. Available across the UK (excluding NI) minimum spend is just £50 with the ability to pick ‘n’ mix beers with no minimum quantity of each beer bought. The Beer Hawk portfolio allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to have access to fantastic beers at low

minimum order quantities, itself a unique proposition within the wholesale sector. Off-trade customers can also take advantage of Beer Hawk’s fully accredited Cicerone Beer Advisors who curate Beer Hawk’s range of beer and can provide suggestions for food and beer pairings tailored to businesses clientele or cuisine. Craft Beer is worth £798 million in the UK, and growing at 23% vs last year – a lot faster than the regular beer trade at 0.7% increased growth. Craft beer commands an average price point of £4.55 compared to standard lagers at £3.16 and customers are willing to pay that bit extra for great beer! Improve your fridges and save 15% on your first order with code: TRADECATERER Visit for details or see the advert on page 7.

Serve Up a Summertime Treat

WITH INCREASING numbers of diners opting for free-from food, it makes good commercial sense for caterers to offer delicious desserts that appeal to as many customers as possible. The Menuserve raspberry pavlova, supplied by frozen food distributor Central Foods, is the perfect option…as it’s suitable for vegetarians, as well as those following a gluten-free diet. Hand-made in small batches by experienced pâtissiers in an artisan bakery, the pavlova contains homemade fillings and real dairy cream and looks stunning when served. Each slice is quite ‘tall’ – giving really good plate coverage and offering value for money - and the light and fresh

flavours are perfect for summer dessert menus. “The Menuserve raspberry pavlova is a super dessert because it looks and tastes great, appeals to a wide variety of diners, and is an ideal addition for any caterer this summer,” added Gordon Lauder, MD of Central Foods. “Frozen desserts are excellent, as they help to reduce unnecessary waste and provide handy ‘back-up’ supplies.” Northamptonshire-based Central Foods offers a one-stop shop to the foodservice sector, supplying more than 400 different lines, including, desserts and puddings, as well as products suitable for those with specific dietary requirements. Visit or see the advert on page 4.

CellarCraft - The Perfect Serve

CELLARCRAFT has been created to empower you and your staff to achieve “the Perfect Serve”. Being passionate about “The Perfect Serve”, we have pulled upon experts within the industry with plenty of real experience and expertise to find out what the industry needs to ensure that every pint, in every town, regardless of brewery, pub company or the drink being pulled, can achieve the perfect serve. Pulling upon the experts has identified that on some occasions the advice, help and processes needed are not always well informed and sometimes not followed. This creates an issue with glass preparation and cellar hygiene, creating a poor drink being served with a resulting loss of custom and £££’s to you. Free guides and posters With this in mind we have created

Mojito Republic

THE MOJITO is a very fresh and fragrant cocktail, slightly sweet, with a hint of acidity. Made of sugar, lime and fresh mint as its natural base it is mixed with the soft power of rum and the lightness of sparkling water. Elegant and cosmopolitan, it made its place among the classics and became the most famous cocktail.

FREE, easy to use, downloadable posters and guides that can be utilised by your team, available from our website. Ensuring they are eye catching and appealing with plenty of illustrations has meant that it’s easy to follow with simple ‘how to’ guides and problem solving support, making the perfect serve easy to achieve. This will increase your profits with less wastage and more pints being served along with more repeat customers. From cellar to glass Follow the guides and ensure that you serve the perfect pint, in your pub every time!!! Still have a problem? “Ask the Cellar Craft Team” and ask our experts a question – we are always happy to help. Visit or see the advert on page 2 Problem : How do you manage to have a steady and quickly made mojito, easily made by all your staff? The Mojito Republic™ idea was born, allowing to quickly and easily make several mojitos’ recipes. You can now make mojitos in a minute: up to 2 mojitos per minute per serving! This sugar-based mix has been created to bring solutions for super busy venues like bars, nightclubs, festivals or caterers. You can now add on your offer Mojito without worrying for the quality, the cost and the training of your staff. Get in touch for pricing and samples, it’s worth trying! Tel: 020 8720 7347 or visit mgfoodsolutions for details. Alternatively see the advert on page 5.

Speciality Breads Launch Sabaroso Flatbreads

Artisan baker Speciality Breads has continued its innovative new product push with the launch of a delicious duo of Sabaroso Flatbreads just as the grilling season kicks off in earnest. Docked by hand, these delicious Sabaroso flatbreads, which means ‘tasty’ in Portuguese are made using 100% British Red Tractor-certified flour and premium Kentish rapeseed oil. The flatbreads come in boxes of 25 with each unit weighing 130g and include: CHIMICHURRI SABAROSO FLATBREAD Inspired by the flavours and dishes of Buenos Aires, these Chimichurri Sabaroso Flatbreads incorporate many of those classic Argentinian flavours such as cayenne pepper, oregano and kibbled onion for some added sweetness. SOURDOUGH SABAROSO FLATBREAD With sourdough still hugely fashionable in foodservice, these Sourdough Sabaroso Flatbreads put a big tick in the unique and on-trend boxes, while providing chefs with a more neutral base. Simply brushed with

oil and chargrilled, they can be topped with all manner of ingredients to create a refreshingly different dish. Speciality Breads’ MD Simon Cannell, said: “Bang on trend, these two flatbreads are packed with flavour and provide chefs with the perfect canvas on which to base and create a dish. Whether it is to accompany some Argentinean steak, Persian inspired dips or some barbecued delights, we expect these flatbreads to be heavily used this summer and beyond.” Established in 1996 in Margate, Speciality Breads provides an ever-growing, artisan selection of over 100 freshly frozen breads, which are hand-made by the company’s master bakers using Red Tractor certified British flour. The company distributes its products to a UK-wide network of wholesalers, who in turn supply leading restaurants, pubs, cafés, caterers and hotels throughout the UK. For further details contact: Speciality Breads Ltd Telephone: 01843 209442 Website: Email: Twitter: @SpecialBreads

Hospitality Technology

June 2017

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In a Digital World the Need for Hospitality Operators to Integrate Technology into the Guest Experience Has Never Been Greater While many of us won’t expect a VR experience when we visit our local, we want to know that they’ve got the basics sorted. Any technology that improves processes and quickens pace is a must. Contactless payment, for example, should be a given, not just a consideration for pub operators. Customers will use contactless payment at least once per month and one in five will plan to increase their usage throughout this year2. With slow service one of the most disappointing factors of eating out3, consumers will actively seek out venues that have faster payment methods, including contactless payments, mobile payments and apps. 19% of diners paid via an app the last time they visited a new casual dining venue, and 9% did so when visiting a pub4; as consumer expectation of technology increases, it’s likely we will see the figures increase in the pub sector too.

IN A world of digital-savvy consumers, pressure has never been greater on operators to integrate technology into the guest experience. In fact, diners are now less likely to trust pubs and restaurants that do not use up to date technology such as websites, contactless or mobile payments1. Yet, while many casual dining brands are leading the way when it comes to digitalising the customer journey, are pub operators getting left behind when it comes to a ‘tech-transformation’? Steven Pike, Managing director of HGEM, discusses:2016 was the year that the hospitality sector really started to recognise and utilise the power of tech. Whether it was gathering priceless data from wireless internet access, integrating wearable technology into day to day operations, or incorporating artificial intelligence into the guest experience, the ‘smart disruptors’ in our industry were all over this trend. For example, we saw Henry’s Café Bar in Piccadilly trial a Pay @ Pump beer dispenser in partnership with Barclaycard, allowing customers to pour and pay for their own pints in just 60 seconds, meeting consumer demand for contactless beer pumps to speed up service. And when it came to branded casual dining, Carluccio’s gave 50,000 virtual reality glasses to its 100 sites, to transport customers Sicily so they could enjoy the restaurant’s new menu by the sea. But how can pub operators follow in the footsteps of bar and restaurant operators to keep up with this growing trend?

It’s important to remember that digitalising the customer journey puts a myriad of data at operators’ fingertips. Whether they’re logging into an app to make a payment with their email address, or connecting to your wireless network through their social media accounts, this data can be used to continually improve the guest experience. For example, marketing collateral can be targeted to specific consumer groups based on their likes and dislikes on social media, or on-site promotions can be tailored to customer behaviour when visiting your pub. Targeted promotions such as this will set your site apart from the competition, and get people talking about the way you run your pub - after all word of mouth remains the most effective method of referral.

The EPoS Terminal is very high-quality, reliable and robust and offers, besides a modern and customizable user interface, further highlights such as the operation by gesture control. In addition, chip n pin, mobile ordering, loyalty, gift cards, and Sales

We’re urging our hospitality clients to think outside the box when it comes to integrating technology into the guest experience. There’s a real opportunity for pub cos to lead the way when it comes to guest experience, so why not challenge the norm? With Amazon’s Alexa becoming part of family life, it may not be long before voice-activated service comes into the hospitality industry. Amazon has already brought this technology to the US, to enable customers to make specific reservations on request, order before visiting the site, and pay through voice activation. Could this be an opportunity for pubs to make the most of this emerging technology, or is the question we really need to ask, is there a place for this type of technology in the great British pub? Friendly, welcoming staff who know how to make your guests feel cared for, comfortable, and listened to are still, and will always be, at the heart of hospitality, particularly in the pub industry.

And let’s not forget the opportunities social media presents, particularly with the millennial audience. According to new research by MCA, Millennials account for 29% of the UK adult population, but 46% of the visits and 43% of spend in the eating out market. Pubs that can take control of their social media accounts, particularly those that attract a younger audience such as Snapchat and Instagram, will reap the benefits from this cost-effective promotional tool. 58% of millennials are known to go to a site’s social media channels before every visit or ahead of the majority of their visits5, presenting real opportunities to immerse this tool as part of the guest experience before, during and after visiting a site.

New 15” Touch Screen EPoS Terminal with Gesture Control and 10 Years Warranty! THIS NEW product of the Leading German EPoS Manufacture, Vectron Systems AG, has been on the market since midDecember.

If we look at what casual dining brands are doing for instance, there’s a plethora of opportunities to explore. Pho, the Vietnamese restaurant group, used Snapchat to increase brand awareness among millennials, specifically to returning University students. Pho used branded geofilters in cities with universities where they also have restaurants, generating more than 57,000 views from Snapchat users across the UK. This not only increased brand awareness and drove footfall, but put the brand and the restaurant literally in the hands of consumers.

& Stock Control functions can also be added to provide you with the ultimate EPoS System! The embedded software includes numerous functions, which speed up workflows and make controlling easier. The generous 5-year manufacturing guarantee can be extended to 10 years when the terminal is purchased. A unique offer in the industry! For further information call 0203 608 1860 or visit

Leading in POS Technology ... since 1990 epos driven business intelligence FROM ONLY £2.18 Per Day* • 12.1“ & 15“ touch screens • titan cloud sales, stock & employee management • hand held ordering • table reservations • on-line ordering • gift cards • hotel interface • chip “n” pin integration • lease direct from the manufacture • local reseller support

How to Boost Your Sales with Smart Guest WiFi in Your Business LOVE IT or loathe it, we live in times where mobile devices are everywhere. People use their phones all the time. Look around any cafe, restaurant or bar and it’s easy to find multiple people looking at their smartphone's screen. Smartphones are reaching 50% of all time digital media time spent, and the time is used not only for web browsing, but also social interactions, research, and purchases. Most businesses will now offer free WiFi to their customers, but how many are using WiFi to their advantage, as well as for customer convenience? With BLACKBX Guest WiFi, you can do both.

You can offer a safe, secure and branded WiFi experience for your customers, that not only allows them to browse the internet, but through social media login, promotes your business to their friends… for free! By letting customers “check-in" at your venue or share a photo of their favourite dish with their friends, they're spreading the word about your business, without any effort on your end. Make Guest WiFi work for you by keeping your loyal customers coming back and attracting new customers, with minimal effort. BOOK A DEMO: CALL US: 0131 510 70008 See the advert on page 5.

Customers Asking for the TV Audio? Install AudioZone AUDIOZONE SOLVES the issue of customers wanting TV commentary when you hav music or a different match commentary on the main audio system. The small AudioZone server transmits your TV audio to customers' smartphones so that they can listen on their own headsets. This means sports fans can stay tuned to the cricket or rolling sports news all day while others listen to

music. If you only have one physical audio zone this system allows you to keep more than one group of customers happy when there is a clash of sports events on TV. The app is free and requires no intrusive permissions. Setup is easy, just connect the audio from your Sky/BT box or directly from you TV and power up! Promotional material is included with your order. For pricing and to order visit or call AudioZone sales on 0207 175 8880 or see the advert on page 7.

VPOS (UK) Limited Unit 77a Wenta Business Centre Colne Way Watford Hertfordshire WD24 7ND

t: 0203 608 1860 w:

Hospitality Technology

June 2017

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Leading Spa Hotel Keeps Guests Happy with the Help of Technology Technology Solutions to Embrace the Night-Time Economy THE SHANDON Hotel and Spa in Donegal opened its doors as a resort only in Easter 2016 – but it has rapidly established itself as a premier hotel spa. With 50 luxurious bedrooms, 120 staff, two bars, a topclass thermal spa and a leisure centre, the hotel’s prime concern is making sure the guest experience is superlative. And General Manager Carolynne Henderson says these great results would be impossible to achieve without their roomMaster property management system (PMS) from NFS Technology Group. “roomMaster works really well for us,” she said. “The revenue management side of roomMaster is particularly

Wi-Q Technologies Wi-Q Technologies are the award-winning developers behind cloud-based mobile ordering solutions, Wi-Q and Mi-Room. The solutions were designed for the hospitality industry, with Wi-Q serving F&B, and Mi-Room serving hotel guest services. Wi-Q’s revolutionary technology puts the power to view, order and pay for products or services into the customers’ hands. The software hosts the venue’s fully brand customisable menu in the cloud, making it accessible from any internet enabled device. This not only saves the venue from the development cost of a custom built mobile app but also the customer from having to find, download and maintain yet another memory intensive, mobile ordering app. This crucial difference has a positive effect on engagement as it makes the mobile ordering experience truly seamless, hassle-free and ultimately faster than calling ahead, getting an employees’ attention or waiting in a queue. The movement from mobile to cloudbased apps can be observed across many industries, so why should hospitality be any different? The cloud-based nature of Wi-Q Technologies solutions allow them to roll out new languages, currencies,

useful. It’s very easy to use, and it integrates well with SiteMinder, our channel manager .” As well as taking advantage of online booking channels, the hotel has a strong direct booking strategy via its website. “Some hotels pay commission on online bookings – but thanks to roomMaster, we’re pretty much commission-free,” said Carolynne. Via roomMaster and SiteMinder’s powerful facilities, the hotel’s rates and availability are automatically pushed out and co-ordinated at all times. ““Our staff find roomMaster easy to use, and the training is also easy – and the 24/7 support is also very good,” said Carolynne. Find out more about roomMaster at updates and integrations instantly, removing the need for venues and customers to install updates locally. This means that Wi-Q and Mi-Room can continue to lead and support the industry by integrating additional emerging technologies such as data driven marketing tools. For many providers, this agility is unheard of and will only become more crucial as businesses serve more and more of the millennial and generation Y population. Graham Cornhill, co-founder of Wi-Q stresses this demand, saying “From accessing Wi-Fi to communicating, millennial and generation Y customers demand the least route of resistance in everything they do. Our whole lifestyle is driven around the devices we use to communicate and handing over the control of product ordering directly into the hands of our customers is a natural evolution of technology in the hospitality space.” Both Wi-Q and Mi-Room facilitate a host of payment options – including charge to room – and integrate seamlessly with common hospitality systems, including Oracle Hospitality. Venues also have access to an intuitive back-end management system, where employees can implement realtime updates to inventory and prices. Wi-Q Technologies’ cloud based solutions are available on a SaaS fee with little or no Capex. To find out how your business can experience an instant ROI and improve customer service, please email See the advert on the facing page for further details.

The good news is even if we don’t have a wonderful summer people will still want to eat outdoors. And if you haven’t already, now is the time to make sure that your alfresco dining area attracts customers, encourages them to tell their friends how great it is, and encourages them to return. In very simple terms outdoor cooking and dining can now, thanks to a whole range of equipment, furniture and aids, be an all year-round experience and, with the right design and choice of equipment, outdoor spaces can be used to increase cover numbers without the need to heavily invest in indoor kitchens. Space is premium with any restaurant, pub or hotel, so hospitality businesses should be fully exploiting their outdoor spaces by creating unique outdoor areas to maximise capacity and profit. So if you are fortunate enough to have an outside area then in the coming months you have a fantastic opportunity to increase footfall, turnover, and profit. Research by hospitality research and guest experience company HGEM revealed that 79% of people would increase their dwell time is table service was available alfresco, and 48% said that slow or poor service puts most of them off from eating outside. So it is pretty clear that it is absolutely vital to get outdoor facilities and service right. Taking advantage of your outside space can come in different forms:

Pavement seating One of the easiest ways to offer your customers the joys of an open-air dining experience is to simply add a pavement dining area with a few comfortable sets of tables and chairs that match your restaurant’s theme. Add some patio umbrellas/awnings or wind-breakers and you’ll have a charming space that draws diners, in particular passers-by who are attracted by the sight of happy customers. Pavement seating adds a lot of flexibility. During lunchtime, diners will appreciate a casual dining experience as they watch pedestrians or sip a cold beverage while they enjoy the shade. At night, use candles or umbrella lighting to make the atmosphere more intimate and to create an attractive display for onlookers to enjoy. In addition, you can add your restaurant’s logo to your patio display which is a great way to imprint your brand on both diners and bystanders.

Figures supplied by analysts CACI indicate that retail outings where leisure was the chief purpose went up by 28 per cent in the last couple of years. The British Retail Consortium, meanwhile has attributed increases in high street footfall to the growing demand for the evening leisure economy. It looks as if the focus on the night-time economy that began in local government with the relaxation of licensing and planning regulations, may in some measure be paying off. Whereas in the past there was clear distinction between when consumers shopped and when they ate, with a move toward the night-time economy and convergence between these experiences, the hospitality sector must work harder to compete for consumer’s attention. What is paramount for the success of hospitality brands today, is the ability to provide a technologically engaging and rewarding experience. According to Omnico’s consumer research, the Retail Gap Barometer, 51% of under 35’s want to have a single loyalty programme uniting retail, leisure, food and beverage facilities. No longer is it enough for shopping malls or high street destinations to ‘house’ individual retail brands, dining options and leisure facilities like cinemas, ‘millennials’ today want these to be united. The under-35’s, or ‘millennials’ account for 20% of restaurant or mobile app downloads, according to CGA strategy. These ‘Trending Tastemakers’ are re-defining customer engagement, with 67% of under-35’s expecting some kind of new technology to be used by retailers in the next three years.

Alfresco Dining

The Great Outdoors - BBQ and Alfresco Dining WITH A bit of luck we may have a long hot summer, as good as the one we had last year, and those of us old enough to remember, perhaps a repeat of the summer of 1976.

By Mel Taylor, CEO of Omnico Group As we continue to see a shift and convergence of shopping and hospitality experiences, with an emphasis on this being an evening activity; retail, dining and hospitality brands must start to embrace new forms of customer engagement and technology solutions. Without the technology in place to provide consumers with an entirely frictionless and hassle-free experience, those brands on the cusp of what we call The Experience Economy, won’t remain ahead in this competitive environment.

Rooftop dining If you don’t have the space to expand outward, or simply want to add to your existing outdoor facilities then, many hospitality businesses are choosing to expand upwards. Roof-top bars and dining areas, which are extremely popular in Spain are expanding fast, particularly in London. Why? Because the bird’seye view allows drinkers and diners to take in beautiful city skylines or wide-open landscapes as they dine.

Garden Areas Garden areas, in particular the great British beer garden is a fantastic way to increase sales. Garden areas attract an eclectic “melting pot” of people on a warm summer’s day, with families, groups of friends, couples and older people all heading out to enjoy themselves. A warm, sunny day and a busy beer garden gives people a great impression of your pub or restaurant, associating your business with good summer vibes and be more inclined to return, even when the weather isn’t quite so hospitable. And of course alfresco dining would be complete without a mention of the barbecue. Barbecues are a great way of attracting trade in the summer, passing trade, and regular custom, in fact it would be safe to say that the barbecue is synonymous with alfresco dining, and a great time to introduce and experiment with more adventurous foods and flavours.

CLHNews spoke to celebrity chef Ben Bartlett, or BBQ Ben as he is known. Ben was the first winner of Britain’s National Barbecue Competition and is president of the British Barbecue Association. Ben’s top tips for a successful barbecue are:• If you have space, creating a dedicated outdoor BBQ area for the summer months is a great way to drive sales • Spray meats with unsweetened apple juice; this keeps them moist, creating a lovely caramelisation and helps prevent burning • Before cooking chicken, or wrap the breasts in cling-film and flatten slightly to help them grill evenly • If you marinade meat in a zip lock bag it will be ready in half the time • Spice it up by adding powdered spice to your meat • Bring meat to room temperature before grilling as it will cook through quicker and drain fat better • Season the grill with olive oil and rosemary before you start • Sugar burns very easily, so if your sauce contains sugar apply it at the end of cooking • When using a food thermometer to test meat cooked on the bone, make sure the probe doesn’t touch the bone as this will give an inaccurate reading • A clean grill burns better and doesn’t leave bad taste on foods • When using wooden skewers always soak in water before use • Always have a bucket on standby For further information and recipes visit it Ben’s website

The food services industry is not shy to embracing new technology, with alternative Omnico research questioning 153 contract caterers and food service companies, revealing that 40% have already implemented ‘online booking’ systems, with 23% planning to implement ‘mobile payment systems’ and 15% ‘mobile booking systems’. The use of new technology solutions and mobile apps is clearly important in order to meet the expectations of today’s consumer. Specifically, the industry has an understanding that consumers today engage most prominently via smartphones when on-themove. The most rated functionality of a potential consumer mobile app by the food services industry is pre-order (31%), followed by loyalty (25%) and customer recognition (21%). The fast-food industries race to embrace mobile ordering and payment reveals a clear industry-wide strategy. In May 2017 it was revealed that Burger King had begun testing mobile-payment technology in the Miami area, looking to rollout further within months. McDonalds is apparently also planning a nationwide debut of mobile payment by the end of the year. Interestingly Omnico’s Retail Gap Barometer research revealed that of the 55% of consumers who want to have more activities and facilities available to them in a single complex, it is fast-food outlets that are the number one additional activity / facility they desire. The need for fast-food to provide a quick and convenient experience lends itself to mobile innovation. Starbucks has had a mobile-payment feature for years, with 24% of Starbucks orders in the first quarter of 2016 paid for using the company's app. Orders placed via smartphones will make up more than 10% of all quick-service restaurant sales by 2020, according to Business Insider Intelligence. At that point, mobile ordering is expected to be a $38 billion industry. Mobile is the clearest step in convenience for hospitality brands today. Retail and food services brands embracing The Experience Economy must undergo an “Uber-ization” to remain ahead. If our high streets are to continue drawing footfall, enticing with their mix of retail and leisure, they must think more like technology and app companies. The additional benefit of a mobile-first strategy is linking the ordering and payment, to a rewards programme, creating a more personalised engagement. Those brands without a mobile ordering, payment and loyalty system are passing up on an enormous opportunity. As the industry explodes, fast-food companies, pubs and chains need to look to early innovators like Starbucks, if they hope to stay competitive in the next decade. See the advert on page 11 for further details.


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June 2017

Alfresco Dining Elegant & Sophisticated Woodware - Freshen Up Your Food Service IS IT time to step up and do things differently? Time to get an edge over your competitors? Food Presentation Box, Deli Board, Burger Box & Wooden Steak Boards can make a big difference to your customer's dining experience. A restaurant needs various elements to maintain its competitive advantage in the hospitality industry. There is tough competition given the rise of developing restaurants, cafés, pubs and hotels in anyone area. Therefore, many restaurant owners have been forced to think out of the box when it comes to creating the differentiation factor. Stylish Italian design we have selected and combined the finest and most durable bam-

Broadview Shading Solutions BROADVIEW'S OUTDOOR shading team are your go-to choice for innovative outdoor shading ideas for cafés, pubs, hotels and restaurants. Our team understands the need to create the perfect al fresco experience that has the flexibility to cope with unpredictable weather. The team will help you design a practical yet stylish and ambient external area, which will ensure that your space is maximised through all seasons and every day of the year. Our in-house design facility can produce hand-painted and printed

CINDERS Barbecues

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CINDERS Barbecues celebrate thirty three successful years with their legendary ‘Slimfold’ range of LPGas barbecues. Whilst there are no ‘cinders’ in a Cinders Barbecue, these rugged and versatile folding units are popular with widely varied catering operations, from street food vendors to five star hotels and everything in-between. This British made equipment will

boo materials to create this fine selection of wooden table service ware. Case prices are available for trade but do feel free to order your sample from our online store by visiting Black Rock Grill, Steak Stone Hot Rock Cooking company has been supplying table top solutions to the restaurant market for over 13 yrs. Our world leading sizzling lava rock cooking concept has transformed many a dull, ordinary menu and brought a whole new life for many food service operators, simple to install & operate, Black Rock Grill is Trusted by the trade around the world. Visit, call +44(0)1256 359858 or email signwriting on spec, allowing you to stand out from the crowd with continuity of your brand through to your garden or outdoor space. Our range of parasols, awnings, and giant umbrellas offer flexible summer shading and can be conveniently stored away for winter. Alternatively, our pergola systems can be designed for use all year round. Bespoke design features include heaters, LED lighting, and options to fully enclose to create an ambient space for parties and weddings or to simply extend your existing dining space. These pergolas offer excellent returns on your investment. Can your business afford not to keep up with this fast growing trend? Contact our team today for more information! Call 01202 679012 or visit deploy and cook in less than ten minutes, leaving little excuse not to boost profits with an outdoor presentation whenever possible. Over a thousand burgers at a large event is well within capacity for the best selling TG160 model, yet the unique design of grilling surface will easily support delicate items like fish or fruit. Investment is minimal and return on capital can be measured in hours, rather than years. Summer is here at last - everyone wants to be outdoors and you need reliable equipment that will deploy in minutes and will store away cleanly when not in use……..Cinders website was designed with you in mind and is a useful resource for outdoor cooking – with blogs, best practice and always with sound advice for safety first.

Elegant & Sophisticated Woodware

Freshen Up Your Food Service • • • •

Steak Boards Charcuterie Boards Food Presentation Box Steak Stones +44(0)1256 359858

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June 2017

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Kirklees Developments Ltd Catering Equipment WITH OVER 35 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing barbecues and a variety of gas appliances with C.E approval Kirklees Developments now produce 2 sizes of hog roasters, to cook up to 200lb pigs. The 200lb pig roaster, the largest on the market, has a viewing window and wooden handles for comfort. It`s geared motor unit is 4 times the power of smaller roasters in its class. Chickens, jacket potatoes etc. can be cooked in the optional attachment & tall chefs may specify the optional adjustable carving brackets. Carving trays are also available. Our newest product is our

Decarboniser soak tank. Designed for ease of use and robustness. Fabricated from stainless steel with 150Litre usable capacity. Simply switch it on, leave your pans and grills in it overnight, take out the clean stuff in the morning. Kirklees Developments produce an extensive range of large professional catering grill & griddle barbecues including the widely respected Masterchef and Zenith ranges. The 8 burner Magnum has removable grills for easy cleaning and is most versatile due to its overall size and independently controllable burners. Tel: 01484 401134 Email: Web:

Your Outdoor Space Can Make You Money WITH ONE of our great canopies you can turn outdoor space into somewhere usable no matter the weather. The choice is vast – marqueestyle with a clear roof (very funky) or a lightweight retractable. Highend rotating louver roof or fixed polycarbonate. Jumbo umbrella or garden gazebo. It is entirely up to you what you choose, however we will help with advice and options to make sure you make the most of your structure and your space.

AEL Outdoor Solutions AEL OUTDOOR Solutions specialise in creating outdoor environments for dining and socialising. We are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial furniture, giant umbrellas, awnings and structures for the alfresco market, supplying many national and independent pub companies, restaurants, bars, hotels and leisure facilities. We are able to able to build bespoke solutions at our UK factory and ultimately act as a ‘one stop shop’

In addition to the structure there are options for the roof and the walls – solid, retractable, clear, opaque and more. Then there are the lights, speakers and heating! For more help and information visit our website or give us a call. We are specialists in shade and shelter and we are ready to help. New for 2017, we have a new logo and new office – but the same great service. To get in touch, call 0844 561 7679 or email for all exterior requirements making it easier to manage projects while saving time and money. Our products are either manufactured to order here in our own UK factory or stocked and ready for dispatch from one of our distribution hubs, with all products meeting a strict quality criteria and tested to perform under the rigours of daily commercial use. Our operational capability and stock levels ensure we can deliver on projects of any scale, from large rollouts with challenging deadlines to one off bespoke items. We also maintain a full after-sales service nationwide. Contact AEL Solutions at:Tel: 01189 230300 Email: Web:

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June 2017

Alfresco Dining

Glassjacks Ltd

Glassjacks are pleased to announce a new range of products and an improved website ( Customers can now purchase a full range of beautiful catering quality glassware (Genware) and glassjacks together. From elegant wine glasses and champagne flutes to tumblers, beer glasses, shot glasses, carafes and water jugs. This full range of glassware complements our comprehensive range of

glassware storage boxes (glassjacks). If it’s just glassware storage boxes (glassjacks) you are looking for there is a new feature on our website, the “Glass Measurement Guide” where you simply insert your glass height and width to be directed straight to the glassjack you require. Our additional new products include compartment glass racks, dishwasher racks, barware and plastic glassware. Glassjacks Ltd have supplied products for over 5 years to thousands of delighted customers; from catering hire companies; race courses; hotels; bars; restaurants; golf courses; glass manufacturers; catering wholesale suppliers, event companies and many more. For your glassware storage box and glassware requirements please take a look at our new website

The Big Umbrella Company Ltd

THE BIG Umbrella Company is a leading supplier and installer of a wide range of shade solutions.

screens, along with service and repairs. Our installation service can include every aspect of works so that you can just concentrate on using your new product! T: 01256 475099 or visit To obtain a trade discount, please quote CLH201 when responding.

We specialise in large umbrellas, parasols, heat & lighting, awnings, canopies, terrace screening, cafe barriers, glass

Tansun Heaters Improve Diner Experience At Marco Pierre White Steakhouse

• Attract more customers with your own play area • Beautiful natural timber for long life • Huge range of designs to suit all budgets and areas • See more on our website

INFRARED HEATING manufacturers and experts, Tansun, have helped provide extra heating comfort for diners on a rooftop terrace at the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill at the top of The Cube, an iconic new landmark in Birmingham.

For more details. a full colour catalogue or to get a quotation Contact us today

0845 643 2373

Tansun’s infrared heaters were specified for the project, and the heaters were installed when a retractable roof structure was fitted. Tansun’s Monaco and Eclipse in black were selected for this for their instant, low glare heat. Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill is a skyline restaurant situated at the top of The Cube in Birmingham, where customers can experience a full 360degree view overlooking the city. Voted best rooftop bar in the UK by LateRooms (March 2017), the venue is known for its atmospheric setting, and it was decided to extend this by opening up a rooftop terrace, with a retractable roof, where Tansun’s infrared heaters are now installed to

provide heat coverage to this outdoor space. The Marco Pierre White Steakhouse was encouraged to fit the infrared heaters and the retractable roof following a similar successful installation at its Bristol restaurant. Tansun’s Monaco double low glare heaters and controls as well as Eclipse Triple heaters were installed in the restaurant, giving customers reliable heating systems which can be used all year round. The Monaco Double heaters offer increased heating power and coverage as a result of their 3.0kW heating power. The design allows heat for large areas, both indoors and outdoors and it emits a pleasant, ambient glow with low glare and no diminishment in heat. Tansun’s Eclipse Triple infrared heaters provide efficient heat with a stylish, sleek black and no glare design. The heater contains long-life ceramic elements which are highly efficient and durable. Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at

COMMERCIAL SHADE SOLUTIONS Make the most of your outside space

SPECIAL OFFER June and July Buy 5 Get 1 FREE

The Big Umbrella Company has many years experience in supplying and installing a range of shade solutions, including large umbrellas, hardwood parasols, awnings and heat solutions.We also maintain, recover and service all umbrellas and awnings throughout the UK. Our in-house designers can also create branding on umbrellas and awnings which can help promote your business and make you stand out from the crowd. Many businesses are finding the need to utilise outside space to create a warm, sheltered and comfortable area for your customers, if this sounds like you please call us for a free site survey or quotation.

Tel: 01256 475099


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June 2017

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Skewered Sweet and Sour BBQ Prawns PLANNING A last minute BBQ now that the sun has finally arrived? Here’s a quick and easy way to serve whole fresh prawns with an Oriental twist, to help you make the most of the warm summer evenings.

With four superstores located in Birmingham, Manchester, Croydon and Cricklewood, as well as an online store that delivers nationwide, Wing Yip brings authentic Oriental cuisine to UK kitchens. From fresh Oriental produce to delicious sauces and interesting spices, each store provides ingredients for inspiring Oriental recipes to cook at home. Serve with fresh lime wedges.

White Pavilion Hospitality Gazebos Stylish Luxury Hospitality Gazebos Giving Your Customers 20 Years Relaxing Time…at least • Today the Hospitality Trade has a better understanding of adding value to their customers outdoor experience. • Keeping your customers comfortable outdoors, the more time they will spend with you…. which means more money they will spend. Simples. • The TRUE cost of a WHITE PAVILION Hospitality gazebo is only the profit from ONE drink a week - because our Hospitality Gazebos will last 20 years and more. • So, no more replacement canopies or parasols or Jumbo umbrellas. Do not waste your hard earned money on stuff that doesn’t work for your business.

Ingredients: Wooden skewers Large whole tiger prawns 185ml jar Wing Yip Sweet & Sour Sauce

Method: 1. Soak the wooden skewers in water for approximately 20 minutes before use 2. Place prawns in a large bowl and coat with Wing Yip Sweet & Sour Sauce 3. Thread the skewer through the length of the prawn from tail to head 4. Cook quickly over hot coals, basting with more Wing Yip Sweet & Sour Sauce during the cooking process Visit for more recipe inspiration. COMPARE these features to anything else on the market. If you can find anything better - then buy it. • Long-Life Canopy - 20+ years • Long-Life Pressure Treated Timber • Stainless Steel Brackets & Fixings • Translucent Canopy - lets in 85% of the light • ‘Self Clean’ Canopy • 100% UV Protection • 100% Waterproof • Tested To Safely Withstand 100+ Mph Winds • 40 Colour Choices • Optional Side Screens - Infrared Heaters • Simple Self Build - can be dismantled and moved • 5 Year Guarantee To find out more you must visit our HOSPITALITY page at Call us Today on: 01653 695 285

Pelmondo Outdoor Heating Solutions from Renove

RENOVE BASED in Ellesmere Port have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Pelmondo outdoor heating solutions. Pelmondo invented the outdoor pellet heater over two years ago as an easy to use wood burning solution without smoke or ash. After extensive research, they introduced their first wood pellet based outdoor burner ‘The Fire Cube’ to a rave reception and since then have steadily increased their product portfolio with a number of attractive lines. For 2017 they have introduced their new ‘Fire Barrel’, an outdoor table mounted on a wine barrel with integrated burner and glass shield and the ‘Fire Table’ for sitting areas.

So why Pelmondo: 1. They are cheap to run … almost 70% less running costs than bottled gas. 2. They look great! 3. They are easy to light and to refill. 4. They are environmentally friendly with a neutral CO2 footprint. The outdoor burners are an ideal solution for Hotels and Restaurants as the owners love the look of the product and its ability to lift outdoor spaces. Customers love the natural wood flames and radiant heat from the burners. To request a catalogue contact Renove on 0151 601 9984, or send us an email on

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June 2017

Design and Refit CP Electronics CP ELECTRONICS are recognised worldwide as leaders in energy saving lighting controls. The company’s systems minimise energy use and cost without affecting user convenience. Its UK base in London is home for the majority of its manufacturing and dedicated R&D. Products range from simple time-lag switches to sophisticated microwave presence detectors and fully addressable lighting

Contract Furniture Group

Contract Furniture Group has been set up to offer quality contract dining furniture to the hotel, restaurant, pub trades and leisure industries at realistic prices. We carry a lot of our range in stock so we can help you to meet your deadlines. We also offer a unique

control systems. This constant drive to innovate is demonstrated by CP as it continues to develop exciting new products and technologies. CP Electronics can work with any light source, in any building and any space, from a sports stadium to a CEO’s boardroom. The company develops energy saving solutions with both private and public sector organisations. Its focused production team works to the highest quality standards, using advanced fabrication techniques. Furthermore, its confidence of both quality and testing is reflected in a comprehensive 5-year warranty across the range. Products are also backed by dedicated sales, after sales and technical support teams: on site, on the phone and online. Call +44 (0)333 900 0671 or visit source and supply service; if you send us a picture of an item we will do our up most to supply to you at the best price. All our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards, we only use hardwood frames which are glued screwed and dowelled for strength. crib5 interliner (if required) sprung seat areas or webbing and top quality Italian leathers and fabrics. For further information, call 0115 965 9030, visit or email

Colshaw Hall Adds Chalet Pods from Green Eco Living EXCLUSIVE WEDDING Venue Colshaw Hall, Cheshire has just taken delivery of Two Windermere Chalet Pods from Green Eco Living. Colshaw Hall a 300 acre estate Grade II listed exclusive wedding venue in Cheshire has recently taken delivery of Two Chalet Pods as a way to increase their accommodation. They choice the top of the range Windermere Chalet Pod which includes a top spec Kitchenette and will have an outside decking area for people to sit out on warm summer evenings. This will make the Chalets not only extra accommodation but that little bit more special for guests. With 300 acres of land around the main home the owners see Green Eco Living’s Chalet Pods as a way to increase the amount of accommodation without affecting the history and feel of the main house which is listed. But with ever larger wedding taking place at the venue the amount of onsite accommodation was becoming an issue that needed to be addressed to maximise the return on ever event and of course improve the experience for the guest, step forward Green Eco Living and our Chalet Pods. Although they have ordered only two to begin with, they are already looking

to the future and further ordered to increase accommodation to meet the anticipated demand. The Chalet Pods are to be housed in a secluded wooded area on the estate giving the guests privacy from the main house, this in time may well become a separate area within the estate. Green Eco Living’s Chalet Pods are unique in that they are fully insulated as well as being double glazed, contain full ensuite not a wet room and with the option of a kitchenette. You can also include wardrobe space if you wish. The Chalet Units come in a number of different sizes and layouts which can always be tweaked to suit individual requirements. Green Eco Living had developed the most thermally friendly, efficient Chalet Pod on the market in the UK. Not only are the walls insulated, but also the ceiling and floor. Based in Lancashire, Green Eco Living is a leading provider of Chalet and Camping Pods who also offer Boutique Hotel Rooms and Garden Rooms for the every space. These are built on site so can be used when access is an issue. For more information on Green Eco Living and our product range, visit the website, call the office on 01257 453 791 or email

Design and Refit

Heating Solutions With Up To 62% Energy Saving, Tailor Made For Hotels ROINTE, A company specialised in creating cutting edge, efficient heating systems, understands that providing maximum comfort to customers is one of the highest priorities of the hotel industry. The ability to have control over your room’s temperature in tourist establishments is one of the fundamental aspects of the hotel rating system, the four main criteria being excellence, comfort, amenities and quality. Having a comfortable, safe healthy environment is vital in this aspect. An extremely cold, humid, or hot room is something a Hotel can’t afford to have. To avoid this consider having a system that will help you manage and control the rooms independently, to suit every guest’s personal needs. In this respect, Rointe provides heating systems that deal with a lot of the issues which arise from inferior heating systems that lack the features necessary to provide comfort, while being profitable for the establishment. Rointe has developed and patented a technology which offers a pleasant room temperature without altering its humidity. Our radiators and engine cooling machines are able to keep a comfortable and constant temperature with minimal variations as little as over -0,07ºC, always making sure to stay within the relative humidity standards of 40% and 70% or “ideal comfort zone”. Rointe’s heating system can increase energy-saving up to a 62%. Adding to that, Rointe’s radiators can dissipate heat through the natural

convection of air, and meet a selected room temperature with an airspeed index of less than 0.1 m/s and a general temperature of less than 40ºC during the steady-state period. This results in no drafts, hot or cold air currents, or an over humid environment. Energy savings and remote control On the other hand, the company’s systems guarantee you can efficiently control the temperature of an entire floor, a specific room or each radiator and towel dryer individually, even from the front desk of any hotel, complex, hostels, etc. Giving you over 62% energy savings thanks to its management systems. The D-Series devices feature a low-power Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology. This technology allows them to use only 38% of their total power, meaning that to keep a room at the proper temperature of 21ºC they will only need to use 38% of the heaters capacity. This will make your monthly energy bill significantly lower. Additionally, with the Rointe Connect App, you can gain access to any of your devices in the room to control and program it individually by remote control. Rointe’s central digital heating system offers real-time energy consumption data, itemised by each device or zone, thanks to its True Real Power current meter. This allows you to see the daily, weekly and monthly usage and more importantly savings accumulated. For details please see the advert on page 6 or call 01432 598 019, email or visit

Noisy Restaurants Needs Sound Absorption

AT QUIETSTONE we take great pride in designing bespoke acoustic solutions for a wide range of venue and themes available in today’s hospitality market Hard walls and ceiling surfaces reflect noise and disrupt the quality of speech. Sound absorbing wall and ceiling

Noisy Restaurants Need Sound Absorption

panels absorb noise and keep reverberation levels down. A clients experience is therefore enhanced as the clarity of speech is greatly improved. Call for More information. Alternately please send us images of your area and we can discuss the range of options available E: T: 01625 576970

We take great pride in designing bespoke acoustic solutions for a wide range of venue and themes available in today’s hospitality market Hard walls and ceiling surfaces reflect noise and disrupt the quality of speech. Sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels absorb noise and keep reverberation levels down. A clients experience is therefore enhanced as the clarity of speech is greatly improved.

Alternately please send us images of your area and we can discuss the range of options available

Call for more information

T: 01625 576970 E: W:

June 2017

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VSRW designs cut gas consumption and minimise the risk of legionella at The Old Palace Lodge. When The Old Palace Lodge experienced problems with their aged boilers and hot water plant, VSRW were asked to carry out a feasibility study, with a view to maintaining the existing plant, whilst having new boilers and hot water plant installed, so as not to disrupt the hotel’s operations.

This was doubly important, as the new heating and hot water plant, would have to feed the proposed 18 bedroom extension.

As this required a significant investment from the owner of The Old Palace Lodge, VSRW accepted a deal that they would only receive 2/3 of their fee at tender stage and, the remaining 1/3 when the gas savings were realized.

as the previous hot water system was based on tank fed storage calorifiers, the new mains fed hot water generators have helped minimise the risk of legionella.

The new installation has resulted in significant gas and Co2 reductions and,

VSRW Ltd 27 Wallingford, Bradville, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK13 7DN

VSRW proposed that one of the existing bedrooms was converted into a new plantroom to house 2No. condensing boilers and 2No. anti-legionella “loading” hot water generators.

Hotel owner Martyn Murphy said “it’s amazing that the heating and hot water are better than ever, whilst producing positive savings.

Telephone: (01908) 315366 Mobile: 07736 067547

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Design and Refit

June 2017

Retain Credit & Debit Cards and Be PCI Compliant While Increasing Profits The CardsSafe® system is now the “best practice” way of handling credit and debit cards retained by merchants in the UK hospitality industry. More than three thousand venues now use the system every day and when managers share their experience they report these financial benefits: • Chargeback drops by more than ninety percent (90%) • Walkouts are reduced by at least fifty percent (50%) • Tab mistakes drop significantly and finally – • There is a major uptick in sales

In addition, their customers really appreciate that their security concerns are dealt with in this easy to use system as offered by CardsSafe limited. If you are concerned about how CardsSafe works within the PCI scheme, Alan Gill from the independent PCI certifying company Orthus Limited states: “The PCI DSS standard encompassed 264 controls. CardsSafe helps to reduce the need to meet all of these through ‘compensating controls’ which allow businesses to comply to the standard without having to change the way they operate”. Please contact CardsSafe Limited on: Phone: 0845 5001040, Email: or Web:

Capricorn Contract Furnishings CAPRICORN CONTRACT FURNISHINGS are now firmly established as one of the country’s largest stockist and supplier of quality contract furniture to cafes, bars, bistro's, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels. Capricorn Contract Furnishings are based in an 85,000 square feet showroom and distribution warehouse on the outskirts of Exeter in Devon. From within the distribution area we are able to offer a next day delivery service

To advertise in the Call us today on

01202 552333

Hospitality Bedding

FOR HOTELIERS and B&B owners, attention to detail is everything. From making the most of the space with sensitive choices of furnishings that sit with the overall theme of the accommodation, to making sure that guests feel well-rested while away from home. eBedding has launched a new website for the trade that boasts the largest range of bedding brands, specifically designed for the hospitality sector, with both busy hotelier and guest expectations in mind.

throughout the UK on hundreds of products including outdoor dining tables, tub chairs, bar stools, lounge furniture, conference stacking chairs. Customers are encouraged to visit our large showroom to view an extensive range of furniture ideally suited for the leisure market. Here you can relax and let Capricorn help and advise you with your requirements. Opening hours for the showroom are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Capricorn Contract Furnishings are in the enviable position of being a sole UK importer of quality furniture which means that you the customer, will be dealing direct with manufacturers from around the world at very competitive prices. For further details, please see the advert on this page. Whether travelling for business or leisure, a great night’s sleep is a key indicator of the quality of the accommodation. Hoteliers need to be able to provide top quality bedding, from well-known brands that they trust, that work through the seasons and match service levels. eBedding Trade hosts the most comprehensive pillow ranges in the UK, including feather and down and hypo-allergenic hollowfibre and specialist anti-allergy and anti-snore pillows, available as branded or white label products, as well as duvets in a wide range of tog values, filled with everything from luxurious duck down to silky smooth Serica® fibres from Du Pont® and temperature regulating hollowfibre. Sizes range from cot-size duvets right up to Super Kings, all created with the same commitment to quality. Visit to create a trade account.

Air Conditioning Associates Limited

WE CAN offer air conditioning, heating & ventilation, design, installation and service & maintenance both residential and commercial, at a very competitive price.

Air Conditioning Associates specialise in all aspects of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We operate across London, the south-east and beyond. Up-and-down the country you are never far away from an ACA satisfied clients. We can offer the complete solution, from free site surveys and quotations through to design, assistance with planning applications,

installation and preventative maintenance. Our customer base is expanding and and diverse including blue-chip companies, schools, charities, hospitality, and commercial clients, allowing us to continually develop our understanding and experience. Our experienced design team will offer expert guidance on the most cost-effective and energy-efficient system for your needs. No air conditioning project is too big or too small. We are here to help. Tel: 0208 977 0208 fax: 0208 977 0200

Design and Refit

June 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Traditional Seaside Pub Uses Design & Contract Furniture For Fresh New Look DESIGN & CONTRACT Furniture has recently worked with The Griffin in the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park to provide stylish and bespoke designer furniture to their restaurant. Located in the small village of Dale, near Haverfordwest, The Griffin is a family-friendly pub with a sea view and is known as being the best place to enjoy locally caught seafood. The ‘catch of the day’ comes in fresh from the pub’s own fishing boat, the Griffin Girl as well as many other day boats. The Griffin is an award-winning and popular traditional pub that has gained nationwide recognition, winning ‘Best Seafood establishment in Wales in 2016’, as well as many other accolades; it also has a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. Simon Vickers and Sian Mathias, owners of The Griffin said: “After searching for a long time for the perfect furniture, Design & Contracts were able to supply us with the style of chair we had been looking for. We initially chose the company for their Billiani Hippy chairs, purchasing 34, but ended up buying tables and other seating as well! The furniture has completely changed the layout of our restaurant area, which has given us eight extra covers, but more importantly has made it feel more spacious.” The contemporary refurbishment comprised high-end furniture being provided for the restaurant area of The Griffin, Dale, giving the pub a fresh new look with Design & Contracts’ cutting edge designs. This

transformation has increased footfall and resulted in a significant increase in turnover. The pieces chosen included Hippy chairs from Italian furniture designers Billiani, which included the new Aquaclean fabric in stylish purple and beige hues, Honeydew, Shiraz and Dorchester, which really opened up the eating area. The solid ash table tops with chamfered edges, cast iron table bases, freestanding banquette seating and the sleek walnut finish of the round chair legs has refreshed the restaurant ahead of its busy summer season. The Hippy chairs, by Billiani, have a modern style and are finished with subtle stitch work for an elegant form. The chairs have cleverly concealed sprung and self-levelling footpads to prevent wobbling on hard floors. These are details that only experienced contract furnishers like Design & Contracts can ensure before an installation begins. Design & Contract Furniture, based in Berkshire, supply contract furniture for café, restaurants, pubs, private clubs, night clubs, bars, office break-out areas and similar leisure facilities. They provide bespoke solutions in all materials, can upholster with fabrics provided by the customer, incorporate logos and motifs into the products and create designs from individual components. Design & Contracts help customers achieve the perfect look and make the most of their business, fitting in with strict time frames and meeting budgets. Further information on Design & Contract Furniture is available from the company on 01344 628 108, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at

CFB Boilers Gets Energy Bills Out of Hot Water ROUND-THE-CLOCK demand for heating and hot water in hotels and catering facilities can create significant financial burdens. But it doesn’t have to be this way – CFB Boilers’ high efficiency GB 162 hot water boiler range not only reduces energy consumption, therefore slashing bills, but as a Carbon Trust ECA registered product, also allows businesses to claim 100% of the first year capital allowance. The 80kW and 100kW gas or oil hot water boilers can be fitted individually or combined (from two to eight boilers) using

CFB Boilers’ cascade kits, thus providing condensing outputs of up to 800kW. To precisely match heat demand, single boilers can automatically modulate output down to 19kW or less, while multi-boiler cascade systems can modulate down to 2.5% of total output. Consequently, system efficiency is always high – even when heat demand is low – and fuel consumption is significantly reduced. Wear and tear is also minimised. CFB Boilers’ renowned 24/7 technical support covers everything from system layout design to installation. For more information about the GB 162 hot water boiler range, please contact CFB Boilers on 01255 224500 or visit

Experience is Everything For 30 years, at Design & Contract Furniture we have developed a reputation that has identified us as a preferred supplier to some of the UK’s most prestigious companies.

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Building and Specialist Contractors

Our expertise extends beyond supplying highquality branded furniture to working with our customers to create bespoke design solutions for their business. Working with top-end furniture manufacturers across the world, our product offering includes dining furniture, banquette and comfort seating, outdoor chairs and tables, bar stools and modular seating, which we proudly tailor to meet the individual desires of our customers.

...Doing It Better Listening to and understanding our clients’ needs are our first priority, which helps us to provide a solution that is beyond their expectations. Luke Harbut and the team of William Buckhorn have been hard at work at the Perseverance Public House 63 Lambs Conduit Street WC1.

We are always delighted to work with customers on any project, whether it is a new furniture installation or refurbishment of existing products, always attending to our customers’ wishes. It is our promise to ensure that every product we supply is of the best standard and ticks every box, from the style of chair right through to the finish on the fabric.

Luke and the crew were giving the old girl a long awaited make over, watch this space in next months issue an judge for yourself whether or not it's been a success. +44 (0) 1344 628 108



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Design and Refit

June 2017

Refurbishment- A Renovation Can Make All the Difference (and Needn’t Cost the Earth) •

THE OLD PALACE LODGE, DUNSTABLE Situated in the heart of the historic town of Dunstable, the Old Palace Lodge hotel is renowned for its high standard of service and quality food.

The loading cylinders, serving the kitchen and accommodation areas can produce over 2000 l/hr at 60OC on a continuous basis whilst maximising the condensing boilers operating efficiency.

Due to numerous issues with the existing aged heating and hot water plant the decision was taken in 2016 to introduce new Mikrofill condensing boilers and HWS loading cylinders to suit both the current demand and a future 18 bedroom extension.

On top of the gas, energy and C02 benefits, the new mains fed hot water generators have also helped reduce the risk of legionella, as the previous hot water system was based on tank fed storage calorifiers that were over-sized to meet maximum demand.

2No Ethos 110kW stainless steel condensing boilers now provide LPHW to VT circuits and primary load to 2No Extreme hot water loading cylinders. The boilers have a collective modulation of 20 : 1 (220 > 11kW), integral shunt pumps and a seasonal efficiency in excess of 95%.

The project was designed by leading building services consultant VSRW Ltd and comprehensively installed by Dunstable based mechanical contractor HeatTreat Plumbing and Heating.

For more information on these and other Mikrofill products please contact the sales team on 03452 606020 or visit

WITH SUMMER upon us, if you haven’t already given your place a bit of a spruce up there still time. According to reports (reported in this edition) the multi outlet-casual dining sector shows no signs of slowing down. And of course, newly opened businesses are “brand spanking new”, and can make surrounding businesses look a little tired. Reports have also stated that following the general election “austerity, after eight years is over”, and one of the harsh lessons of any recession is that businesses who keep investing, albeit carefully, will reap the rewards. We often say that here at CLHNews with respect to advertising, businesses that continue to advertise during a recession invariably reap the benefit post-recession. There is no doubt that for the independent sector competition is fierce, the march of the multi outlet groups has been relentless, so, for many independent hospitality businesses whether you’re a pub, hotel or restaurant, a makeover may make the difference between success and failure. There is no doubt that the revolution in the U.K.’s leisure habits is forcing businesses to adapt or suffer the consequences, namely, which use sales and ultimate closure. Furthermore, particularly at this stage of the year a refurbishment doesn’t have to cost the earth, or cause massive upheaval, and demonstrates to both customers and staff your commitment to the business. Many hospitality businesses have transformed their premises with budgets that barely reach double figures. The golden rule? Apportion capital carefully monitor expenditure, and to get involved in the entire process. • The old saying is true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. How do you look from the outside? Will a lick of paint, new signage, tidied or overhauled garden

Property and Professional FOR ACCOUNTING SERVICES





• 100+ covers



• Car Park

A comprehensive, specialised service whether you are starting up or run an established business

• Bar & games bar

• Bar and restaurant

• Gardens & car park

• Large trade garden

• 60 cv restaurant

• 2 letting bedrooms

• 4 private bedrooms

£620,000 FREEHOLD

• 3 bedrooms

£465,000 FREEHOLD



• Food led village pub

• 16th century inn

• 45 cover restaurant

• Bar and dining room

• Covered patio

• Large car park, gardens

• 67 covers

• Games room

• 3 bedrooms

£325,000 FREEHOLD

CHALLOCK Busy food pub 120-cover restaurant 50-cover function room Trade gardens & car park • 3 bedrooms £139,995 LEASEHOLD

• 3 Bedrooms



• • • •

• Retirement Sale

• Bars & restaurant • Riverside garden • Car Park

• 3 bedrooms

£120,000 LEASEHOLD


• Open plan bar • New private lease • Basement cellarage • Rear trade patio • No accommodation £90,000 FREE OF TIE LEASE

TENTERDEN 01580 766522


• Public house

• 40 cv restaurant

• Trade garden & patio

• Garden bar & decking • 3 bedrooms


BRIGHTON 01273 565621

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T E L E P H ON E 02 0 86 73 2 255


area, Plant pots and hanging baskets, new outdoor furniture benefit from investment? Same goes for the inside, one of the biggest areas of criticism, review sites such as Tripadvisor is “tired” “dated” “in need of refurbishment”. The interior design goes a long way to putting your customers at ease, and, reflects your business’s unique personality. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your individuality and for something the multi chains cannot do. Furthermore, as dining habits have changed with businesses open from breakfast through the dinner your business will need to reflect breakfast through to my time transition attracting different types of custom at different times of the day. Can you make use of dead space? In particular, outdoor areas (see our alfresco dining feature) your outdoor space is as important as your indoor space, and we have whole feature in this issue on how to capitalise on your outdoor area Concentrate on the important issues which are in need, in particular revenue generating areas. Whilst it is important for ongoing maintenance, and preventative maintenance, areas which put people seats or heads on pillows are the areas to concentrate on. They are areas which will generate revenue Take a long hard look at your business and identify and invest in key distinguishing features that give the business character, such as stone walls, wooden floors, engravings, cornices and other forms of art. The more comfortable guests/customers are the more likely they are to recommend and return. Comfort matters a lot but doesn’t have to cost a lot. Stools, tables and chairs, crockery and glassware, heating, lighting, beds, mattresses and décor: all form part of the overall customer experience Toilet areas, unspectacular, though they may be, are vital in enhancing the reputation of a business, or consequently have the opposite effect. Make them memorable for all the right reasons. 53% of adults surveyed would not return to the premises because poor facilities. They absolutely have to be bright, clean and fresh smelling, offering all the amenities people have come to expect. Set aside capital on a regular basis for ongoing maintenance and which will help when considering a major refurbishment. Allocate capital carefully to get the best value for money. • Finally, the most important consideration, consult those in the know! Yes, there will be jobs can be done in-house, but if you want to really wants to keep up and surpass the rise of the corporate chains, consult an expert who can give you professional advice on all aspects of refurbishment, from small changes to an entire refit.

The Hospitality Business Mentor from The Bowden Group

DAVID HUNTER is the Hospitality Business Mentor – he works with owners and investors in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. Ensuring the business performs and makes the required profit, is what David does, and he does this by: 1. Setting realistic targets for the business, and creating budgets and forecasts 2. Monitoring Sales, Gross Margins and Labour costs very closely 3. Mentoring the owners and/or managers of the business to help them achieve their objectives Other areas that David advises on include:

The Long Bar, Brixham, Devon for Sale A LEASEHOLD Inn has been brought to the market by Leading National Licensed Property Agent Guy Simmonds :- The Long Bar, Union St, Brixham, Devon


CONTINENTAL STYLE CAFÉ/RESTAURANT WITH FULL ONLIC., CLOSE TO UNI BUILDINGS, CITY CENTRE, PORTSMOUTH. Staff run business offering easily manageable menu with scope for eve and Sunday opening. NB premises are licenced to midnight. Approached across a wide pavement with seating for 40. Eye-catching, dble frontage with 2 pairs of folding doors. Attractively decorated with seating for 70. Comprehensively equipped catering kitchen. Current gross T/O £6,500/£7,000 pw. Accts record T/O of £284,343 (ex VAT) for y/e 31 March 2016. Gross profit £221,267 (77.8%). Leasehold at current rental of £16,500 p.a.x. – OIRO £200,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3694)

CATERING BUSINESS, SPECIALISING IN COLD FOOD BUFFETS & SANDWICH MANUFACTURING, SOUTH HAMPSHIRE. Occupying an accessible location amidst a small business park. Grnd flr of unit extends to approx. 1,309 sq.ft and includes a fully equipped production kitchen with sandwich conveyor, etc. First flr mezzanine approx. 665 sq.ft, used as office and staff room. Retirement sale. Same hands 15 yrs. Current takings peaking at around £20,000 pw. GP 50%+. 10 yr lease from Oct. 2016 at £16,000 p.a.x. 2 refrigerated vans included. – OIRO £200,000 + S.A.V. (REF. C.3685)

16TH CENTURY BAR & BISTRO, FRONTING MARKET SQUARE, AFFLUENT MEDIEVAL TOWN, HAMPSHIRE. Character Grade II Listed timber frame bldg, radiates ‘olde worlde’ charm with many exposed beams. Grnd flr bar has flagstone floor & inglenook – seating 20+. First flr gallery seats 24. Adj. dining rm boasts medieval wall painting & seats 26 plus private dining rm for 12. Catering kitchen. Paved courtyard with arbour seats 20+. Retirement sale – same hands 18 yrs. T/O £5,000 pw. Recorded T/O £195,862 p.a. (ex VAT). GP £130,462 (66.6%). 30% wet sales. Scope to open Sunday & afternoons. 42 year lease from March ’89 at current rental of £25,600 p.a.x. - £90,000 + S.A.V. for 100% shareholding. (Ref. F/C.3669)

romsey (01794) 522228

This traditional ‘easy to run’ Inn is located in the heart of Brixham, a bustling fishing and seaside town in South Devon, within the district of Torbay. Brixham sits at

• Marketing – general and specific (ie promotions etc) • Human Resources (HR) - including all the legislation, and disciplinary positions. • Reward and Bonus schemes – always linked to achievement of objectives • Customer Service - including Hospitality skills training Do contact David for an informal chat, or make an appointment to meet with him. Call David direct on: Mobile 07831 407984 or by email on Visit the website at or the Blogsite at the southern tip of Torbay, across the bay from Torquay and fishing and tourism are the towns major industries. This traditional property is made up of a large Open Plan Lounge/Public Bar Area (circa 90) and Enclosed Smoking Area (circa10). To complete the property is a 1/2 Bedroom Owners Accommodation. Asking Price £29,950. Free Of Tie Leasehold – 14 years remaining. Last Years Turnover circa £211,000 (incl. VAT). Rent £26,000. Trade Split 100% Wet. Contact the Sales Agent, Guy Simmonds, on 01332 865112.

The Red Lion, Brede on the Market A W GORE & CO’s TENTERDEN OFFICE is pleased to offer THE RED LION freehouse which is located opposite the church in the sought after East Sussex village of Brede, 7 miles west of the historic Cinque Port of Rye and similar distance to both Hastings and Battle.

This is a traditional food led pub with many period features including large inglenook fireplaces, brick and flagstone floored bar areas (43 covers) and carpeted restaurant (24 covers). The trade kitchen at the rear is well fitted including a 6 burner range cooker and fume extraction and there is a large basement cellar with delivery drop from front. Externally to the rear is a

tarmac and illuminated car park for some 25 vehicles and trade garden with 10 picnic tables. There is also a vegetable garden, greenhouse, chicken run and Wendy house. To the front is a gravelled area with picnic table. The private accommodation includes three double bedrooms, bathroom, separate wc, living / dining room and a fitted kitchen. There are two large boarded attic rooms currently used for storage. The current turnover is approximately £516,000 with a net profit in excess of £77,000. Private free of tie 10 year lease from March 2017. The current rent is £40,000 per annum. Offers are invited in the region of £145,000. For further details please contact A W Gore & Co. Tel: 01580 766522.

Property and Professional

Key Performance Indicators in the Hotel Sector

by Martin Jones, Head of Hospitality at UHY Hacker Young

KEY PERFORMANCE Indicators (KPIs) are a useful tool to assist in assessing the effectiveness of various functions and processes in achieving an organisation’s goals. By analysing performance measurements, hotels are able to identify where they can take action and make improvements, ultimately leading to increased profits and improved customer satisfaction. Certain core KPIs have been established over the years focusing on revenue and profit measures, including REVPAR (revenue per available room), ADR (average daily room rate) and GOPPAR (gross operating profit per available room). However, in recent times, alongside the rise in big data and data analytics, there has been a shift towards more specific measures focusing on not just revenue and profits per room, but returns per square metre and how a hotel can best utilise the space it has available, as well as non-financial KPIs, such as customer satisfaction and the use of surveys and feedback forms. REVENUE MEASURES REVPAR is calculated by multiplying a hotel’s average daily room rate (ADR) by its occupancy rate, equivalent to total revenue for the hotel divided by total number of available rooms. As a hotel performance metric, REVPAR differs by market segment and timing, whilst reflecting a time-based snapshot of a hotel’s performance. It represents the success the hotel is having at filling its rooms. REVPAR does, however, have its limitations as a revenue measure. Firstly, REVPAR usually only relates to room revenue, therefore, ignores the impact that food, beverage and conference operations have on revenue performance. Furthermore, the use of REVPAR tends to favour smaller hotels. It is often easier to achieve higher occupancy percentages in a 100 room hotel than one that has 300 rooms, particularly when there are many seasonal fluctuations throughout the year. Further, hotel values are typically based on net cash flows rather than total revenues. Whilst REVPAR can give some indication of valuation, it is somewhat limited in this respect, compared with profit or cash flow measures.

Are You Focused?

35 YEARS AGO, I stood on Lambeth Bridge & threw my briefcase in the Thames saying 'never again will I work conventionally. At the time I was MD of 3 companies, part of a large group, but I couldn't stand the politics. That was on a Thursday, the following day I went to my 3 offices & said goodbye to all my staff & put my car keys in the postbox of the group

PROFIT MEASURES In terms of profit measures, GOPPAR has been the industry benchmark. GOPPAR measures the gross operating profit per available room. GOPPAR is clearly a more sophisticated measure than REVPAR as it incorporates both the revenue and cost elements of a hotel’s performance. It should be noted that GOPPAR is sensitive to any fluctuations in REVPAR as the profit margins in the rooms’ revenue is normally higher than elsewhere, so a slight fluctuation in REVPAR can have a significant effect on GOPPAR and, consequently, the underlying value of a hotel. ALTERNATIVE KPIS Although the above KPIs are still used regularly, many hotels are moving to more analytical and refined methods of measuring performance, such as customer satisfaction, environmental performance and performance based on square metre measurements. The Gross Operating Profit per square metre (GOPPSM) method confronts the issue concerning the comparison of different sizes of hotels and non-room revenue, as the revenue reported will be linked to area and floor space. This allows for more quantitative measures of performance and will indicate how well the hotel is using the space available to it to drive its economic performance. Non-financial measures have become increasingly important for hotels in terms of raising their profiles, particularly in the age of social media and TripAdvisor. A common practice by hotels is the use of feedback forms and customer satisfaction surveys, to monitor praise and complaints. Customer reviews are not only valuable in the way which guests select hotels based on the quality of the review, but they also provide useful feedback for hotels to effect improvements. Environmental based on carbon footprint and Online Travel Agent’s commission expressed as a percentage of room revenue are also KPIs on the rise in this age of increased Ethical Consumerism. WHICH COMBINATION? It is up to individual hotels to decide which measures are most suited to them, but we recommend that a focus on revenues and earnings expressed on a “per square metre” basis should be adopted more widely, both for the hotel as a whole and when measuring the profitability of individual departments, to ensure you are achieving the best value out of the space you have. And don’t forget the non-financial KPIs. No longer is it just about the cheapest rate, customer expectations are higher than ever.

head office & caught the train home. The following day I went to Italy for 2 weeks & on the first day back, I saw a Midland Bank Manager, told him what I'd done & he said "despite the fact you're young, you've had a lot of experience in running companies, I think you can help some of my customers". So for 35 years, I've been helping companies & it took me years to work out the 1 reason why a business makes money is the same reason why a business makes money: FOCUS. Focus just on your skill, you'll never make money. Focus on profit & you'll make money. Reader enquiries - Tel: 01202 551193, email: or visit

Desirable business and residence in heritage railway village, North York Moors, on the market. A SUCCESSFUL Coffee Shop and beautiful home, in a former Victorian School in Grosmont, North Yorkshire is for sale. The current owners have built up a thriving business which serves the local community (Whitby & surroundings) as well as appealing to many holidaymakers and tourists from around the world. It is situated adjacent to the steam railway line, offering superb views of the locomotives and the surrounding countryside. There is a very popular outdoor seating area, with ‘playground’ space for children’s games such as hopscotch and hula hoops. The premises is also on the Coast to Coast walking route, a welcome stopover for adventurous walkers as well as cyclists especially enthusiastic since the Tour de Yorkshire races. In addition to tasty home-cooked lunches, cakes and coffee, the Old School Coffee Shop has hosted events such as wedding receptions, christenings and even hen parties - there is plenty of scope for expansion of these special functions. Opening hours could also be expanded, with potential for evening restaurant service. The sale includes an award-winning residential space with wonderful open plan area as well as mezzanine master bedroom, two further bedrooms and two luxury bathrooms.

Viewing is essential - contact the agent, Tim Richardson, on 01947 821122.

June 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Property and Professional

June 2017

Stonesmith Sell Well Regarded Character Inn In Desirable Location! STONESMITH ARE delighted to have sold The Pickwick Inn, in St Anne’s Chapel, Bigbury.







Impressive City Centre Guest House 9 Quality Letting Rooms & Owners Accom

Unique Home with 2 En-Suite Letting Rooms Substantial 4 Bedroom Private Accom Planning Permission for 6 Additional Letting Rooms Gardens, Patio, Garages & Store Rooms Lifestyle with Income Opportunity

Substantial Country Hotel & Restaurant Bar (18), 2 Restaurants (74) 14 En-Suite Letting Bedrooms Flexible 3 Bedroom Private Accom Gardens, Car Parks & Small Paddock Area

An Internal Inspection is Recommended

FH £595,000


FH £595,000




Upmarket Licensed Cafe & Coffee Shop Prime Sought After Coastal Town Presented to High Specification Main Cafe & Dining Area (46+) Impressive & Growing Levels of Trade Move In and Start Trading

Extremely Well Regarded Daytime Cafe Dorset Town Centre Close to Coast Cafe Dining Area (26), Al Fresco Seating (10) Impressive 2 Bedroom Owners Accom.

LH £145,000


FH £545,000


Trading on Bed & Breakfast Only Basis Attractive Home & Profitable Business

Outstanding Catering Opportunity

FH £395,000




Substantial Town Centre Freehouse Easy to Run Single Bar. 100% Wet Sales Potential to Introduce Food Sales 2 Bedroom Private. Letting Bedrooms Genuine Retirement Sale

FH £240,000


This attractive Grade II Listed, Free of Tie, character village inn has been the subject of complete renovation and refurbishment over the last 4 years. Originally built around the remains of a 15th Century chapel, the Inn is presented and furnished to a high standard throughout whilst retaining character features such as stripped wood flooring, exposed ceiling beams, stonework and open fireplaces. Located in the hamlet of St Anns Chapel approximately 1 mile from the renowned and hugely popular Bigbury beach and Burgh Island. The Pickwick Inn enjoys a popular local following from the surrounding villages and towns, and has a strong year-round regular trade, whilst also enjoying a major boost from tourists visiting the area during the

peak summer months. The Inn has been purchased by Robert and Carrie-Ann Heasman, who have a background in the pub industry and are relocating from London. The business was sold for an undisclosed figure, off a Free of Tie leasehold asking price of £79,950. Stonesmith are one of the leading business transfer agents in the South West specialising in the sale of licensed businesses throughout the Westcountry including Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. Full details of all our current properties can be downloaded from our website or follow us on Twitter @stonesmithUK. If you’re thinking of selling or need professional advice, Stonesmith can be contacted on 01392 201262.

The Spotted Ox, Tockwith, Yorkshire on the Market

GUY SIMMONDS are delighted to bring to market The Spotted Ox which is located in the attractive North Yorkshire village of Tockwith. Within easy reach of York (8 miles), Harrogate (13 miles) and Wetherby (7 miles). The main A59 running from junction 47 of the A1 to York Centre is located around 5 minutes’ drive from the village. The Spotted Ox is located on a through road at the heart of this most sought after village. Due to its prominent location the business benefits from a good level of passing trade.

The property is offered in excellent condition and benefits from a through bar/lounge area (circa 66). To the rear of the property is an attractive function room located in The Old Forge (circa 80) The business is serviced by a well-equipped catering kitchen The property benefits from a large enclosed seating area which is laid to lawn. 3 Double Bedroom Living Accommodation, lounge, office, bathroom and private kitchen. Asking Price £69,950. Punch Taverns lease - rent £33,000 per annum. Last Year’s Turnover circa £366,000 (incl.). Trade Split 65% wet & 35% dry Contact the agent, Guy Simmonds, on 01332 865112.

St. Austell Brewery Offer South Devon Pub For Sale




Destination Food Led Pub/Restaurant Character Bar & Dining Areas (90) Spacious 2 Bed Private Accommodation Trade Gardens (50+), Car Parking Exceptional Business Opportunity New Free of Tie Lease. Initial Rent Free Period

Licensed Daytime Cafe/Coffee Shop Extremely High Standard Throughout Prominent Town Centre Trading Location Cafe/Restaurant, Mezzanine & Retail Area Excellent Trade & Genuine Potential

Substantial Character Destination Inn Bar & Dining Area (48), Restaurant (56) Trade Gardens (100), Childrens Play Area Customer Car Park for 50 + Vehicles Letting & Private Accommodation 6 Figure Profits. Must be Viewed

LH £29,950


LH £85,000



FH £425,000/LH £75,000 4733L

01392 201262

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AWARD WINNING Licenced and Leisure Property Agents Bettesworths are delighted to announce their instructions from West Country brewing giants, St Austell Brewery PLC, to market the Ring of Bells in Bishopsteignton, South Devon. Bettesworths have been instructed to offer the freehold interest of the property at an asking price of £325,000 plus VAT. The Ring of Bells is a delightful traditional Grade ll listed village freehouse situated in the sought after village of Bishopsteignton, overlooking the Teign Estuary. The property is understood to have been designed by the local architect John Nash who is famous for remodelling Buckingham Palace and Marble Arch in the 1800’s.

The property comprises character main bar and pool room with seating for approximately 20 leading to the lower dining room with a further 30 covers. The property benefits from a fully equipped commercial kitchen, ladies and gents cloakrooms, beer cellar and a particularly spacious five bedroom owners flat on the first floor. Outside is an attractive terrace enclosed by feature iron railings with partial estuary views and seating for circa 20 at a number of pub benches. Matt Bettesworth, who is handling the sale on behalf of St Austell Brewery commented, ‘There is undoubtedly tremendous scope for a new proprietor to further increase trade and to promote the business as an independent freehouse.’ For further information 01803 212021 or visit

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• On the instructions of Heavitree Brewery Plc • Highly Visible Roadside Inn with Substantial Beer Garden & Car Park • Main Bar Circa 30 Covers, Games Area, Dining Room with Circa 28 Covers • Pretty & Extensive Trade Garden with Children's Play Equipment • First Floor 4 Bed Living Accommodation




PRICE: £1,449,000


• Spectacular Coastal Country Freehouse and Inn • Hugely Successful and VERY Profitable Business • 16 En Suite Letting Rooms • Charming Character Trading areas with c120 covers • Owners Flat, Paddocks, Staff Accommodation Building, Car Park


REF: 2366



• Stunning Freehouse Located in a Premium Location • Well Established, Profitable Business with Strong Turnover • Traditional Character Bar/Dining Area for Approximately 50+ Covers • Superior Owners 3 Bed Accommodation with Loft Conversion • Drone Footage Available

PRICE: £499,950



PRICE: £40,000

REF: 2668

PRICE: £1,250,000



REF: 2802

REF: 932

REF: 2772


PRICE: £59,000

• Well Established and Profitable Business • Enviable Position in Prime Location • Currently Trading Seasonally to Suit Current Owners • Internal Seating for Circa 74, External Seating for 8 • Well Equipped Commercial Kitchen and Prep Area



• Attractive & Prominent Coffee Shop & Cafe • Situated in the Centre of the Popular Coastal Resort of Teignmouth • Smartly Decorated L Shaped Trade Area and Alfresco Seating • Currently Trading All Year Round • Would Ideally Suit a Couple or Chef Patron

REF: 7932L


• Exceptional Restaurant with Stunning Panoramic Countryside Views • Main Trade Area with Seating for 80 • Well Equipped & Spacious Commercial Kitchen • Large Garden Accommodating 100+ • Large Catchment Area Including Falmouth, Helston, Redruth and Camborne



• Fabulous and Unique Riverside 'Home and Income' Opportunity • Globe Inn and Bridge House Available Together or Separately • Thriving Business with Substantial Turnover & Net Profit • Beautiful Grade II Listed 4 Bed House & Separate Bungalow • Would make a Fantastic Lifestyle Move



PRICE: £99,950


REF: 2384

• Licensed Bar with Commercial Kitchen • Situated with a Substantial Period Property • Main Bar + Seating Area, Ladies & Gents Cloakrooms, Ample Storage • Versatile Private Accommodation • Huge Potential to Extend Trading Hours and Rebuild the Business


PRICE: £15,000


01803 212021

REF: 2565


Budget Hotels Drive Growth of the UK Hotel Sector THE UK hotel industry saw the opening of 16,000 new rooms in 2016, constituting a 2.7% growth in total hotel supply and a 20% increase in the volume of new hotel rooms opening yearon-year. This has been bolstered by the dramatic growth in the budget hotel sector which now equates to over half of all new hotel supply with 8,000 new rooms opening in 2016, new analysis by Knight Frank reveals. According to Knight Frank’s UK Hotel Development Opportunities 2017 report, the budget hotel sector now accounts for 25% of the UK’s total supply and will continue to drive the growth of new hotel supply, with a further 11,600 rooms due to open in 2017. Representing 57% of the forecast new bedroom supply and 64% of all new build properties, Knight Frank’s research reveals that the budget hotel sector is set to stand at over 165,000 rooms by the end of 2017. Despite London’s hotel supply increasing by over 10,000 new rooms since the start of 2015, scarcity of available sites in the capital, rising land values driven by competitive alternative uses, and strong regional trading performance has resulted in the UK regions leading the development in 2016 with 67% of the new hotel supply. This presents opportunities for investors to capitalise on as major hotel operators seek a nationwide presence. Knight Frank has launched its inaugural Knight Frank UK

Hotel Development Index which identifies the UK cities considered to present the best prospects for hotel investment and development. The index illustrates that there are compelling reasons for investors to confidently seek out viable investment opportunities in UK regional markets, with Bath, Brighton, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Belfast ranked as the UK’s top five most attractive cities for hotel development for 2017. Julian Evans, Head of Healthcare and Hotels at Knight Frank, said: “In the context of market uncertainty following the EU Referendum, combined with rising costs in the sector and developers and investors adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude surrounding development, we are continuing to see a change in investor appetite and we are witnessing a flight to assets with long-term secure income. “We expect to see a further growth and diversification of the budget hotel sector and predict that the brands which adapt to the current market conditions and refine their offer will be the success stories. We also believe that the regions will continue to present good prospects for investors to seek viable hotel development and investment opportunities in the UK.” Despite the budget hotel sector powering the growth of the overall UK hotel sector, Knight Frank has identified a contrasting trend nationally as 61% of central London’s new-build hotel openings in 2016 were in the four star hotel sector, in comparison to 13% in the regions. This contrasts with 73% of new hotel bedroom stock in the regions opening in the budget sector whereas in London this number stands at 25%.

Delight as Preston Hotel Scoops Prestigious Award STAFF AT a popular Preston hotel are celebrating after scooping top prize at a prestigious business awards ceremony. The Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel, managed by Squire Hotels, won the Best Hotel of the Year category at the 2017 Lancashire Business Awards, beating five other North West hotels in the process. The awards, held at the Mercure Blackburn Dunkenhalgh Hotel and Spa, attracted more than 200 guests. The win is the first since the hotel joined the Best Western Plus brand back in December and Hayley Lane, general manager at the hotel admitted her delight for the hotel and colleagues. “It’s a great feeling to say that the hotel is an award winner,” she said. “The awards ceremony was an enjoyable night and I think the hotel team felt a great sense of pride taking to the stage to pick up the award. “The award win really is a testament to the hard work that each and every staff member has put in over the past year. We take great pride in

our hotel and the service we provide to ensure that each guest’s stay is relaxing and enjoyable and that every event runs as smoothly as possible; so this win really is the icing on the cake for us.” The 80-bedroom hotel, on Preston New Road, joined the Best Western Plus brand following a business decision to raise the hotel’s profile on both a local and national level. Current facilities at the venue include the Merchants restaurant and bar, seven meeting and conference rooms and the Canberra Suite, which is able to hold up to 220 guests. Jodi Masterson, director of operations for Squire Hotels added: “What an achievement, we’re extremely proud to win such a prestigious business award that will certainly further consolidate our position in the marketplace. “There were some excellent hotels in the running for the award and the win reflects the unwavering commitment our team has to delivering on our goals as a leading hotel in the area.”

Kris Brearley of RH Hall Celebrates 25 Years Service! 9TH JUNE 2017 marked 25 years at R H Hall for Kris Brearley – our long serving Sales Director. Celebrations got underway as Managing Director Ray Hall presented Kris with a number of gifts, including a personalised cake, long service award and a number of nostalgic items representing Kris’ history with the business. The senior management team then joined Kris for a surprise celebratory meal, with further celebrations planned throughout the year! Kris re-joined RH Hall in 1992 Kris returned to the business with a role in the Commercial Sales team, further developing the company’s recent expansion into the Catering Equipment market. Over the next few years, Kris continued to develop with the business and in 1997 was deservedly appointed Sales Director, dedicating most of his working life to the company and becoming an inte-

gral part of the increase of business turnover from £1M to £13M+ today. A true Boy to Man story! Ray Hall spoke of his relationship with his co-director, “Kris is reliable, dependable, honest, thoughtful and always conducts his work ethic with integrity. He is an achiever, passionate, caring, involved, well liked and very well respected. He has been a real rock for the business over the years and I’m proud to say a really great friend also. We have had so many exciting, interesting, fun, testing and progressive times together – and whilst we have had to sort out many business issues along the way, we have always been able to move things forward in a positive direction. Kris has been a fantastic ambassador for R H Hall and I sincerely thank him for his 100% dedication to the business.” We hope that you will join all of us at R H Hall in congratulating Kris on a motivational 25 years to date – and wish him even more success for many years ahead.

3 Minutes to Your Own Branded Virtual Waiter

BY THE time you have read this you could have generated a mobile web app for your business with OrderZing that drives your customers to order more food and drink than ever before, whilst making them happier than ever. In a move that OrderZing believes will disrupt the industry, we are providing a low cost monthly solution to take orders with ease from your customers’ mobile devices. The web app, that you can create yourself in 3 minutes, not only matches the functionality of big chain rivals, but exceeds them. All you need to do is enter your menu, specify your brand colours through your web portal account, and your app is ready to use. The app will manage the order process entirely, including taking payment and emailing the customer their receipt. OrderZing supports both in-venue ordering direct from their table and pre-order/takeaway, slipping seamlessly into your current operation. Every account comes with an internet connected OrderZing printer that sits behind the bar or in the kitchen, meaning you’ll never miss an order, but tickets can also be checked via the web portal - the same place you check your cash balance for orders already taken, or can even be emailed direct to you or your supplier - perfect where dining is outsourced. OrderZing enables you to process orders that otherwise might be missed, whilst enhancing your customer's’ experience of your brand, at the most convenient time for them. Promoting mobile ordering inside and out of your venue means you lift the restriction on the number of orders you can process at any one time, as with a traditional waiter or phone service. One of the biggest strengths of OrderZing comes in the shape of repeat orders with a saved payment

card. Once you have used a payment card once, it can be saved and reused which makes repeat ordering very straight forward for the customer, not to mention cashless - proven to raise average spend as there is no physical cash or card to get in the way. If you would like to order that extra coffee or beer, just tap and the payment is taken and the ticket is printed in the kitchen or bar immediately. Not only does spend increase, but average time for an order is reduced and table turn is increased. All these percentage gains can make the difference between profit and loss in what is a highly competitive industry always pushing to please the customer and look after that bottom line. OrderZing is geared towards small to medium operators providing cutting edge technology that is constantly evolving, inside a fixed monthly fee. Developing an app of your own is a huge undertaking both financially and practically; with no large up front investment small venues do not need to risk the pitfalls when OrderZing provides online ordering out of the box. OrderZing allows you to compete with bigger operators with bigger budgets and more resources on a level playing field. It is not just ordering though. OrderZing also provide a range of marketing services to help promote the venue to their customers from flyer design to popup banners and table numbers with QR codes linking directly to the app. OrderZing understand the problems facing small venues and our support staff are here to support you in the adoption of new technology to ensure it brings success to your venue. Benefits include the ability to send real time notifications direct to customer devices, update your menu instantaneously, or take advantage of the in-app advertising and promotions such as voucher codes and offers. Visit for details, or call 01256 486557 or

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