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April 2017

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Peers Call For Local Authority Licensing Committees To Be Scrapped Pages 19 - 23

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LOCAL AUTHORITY licensing committees should be abolished and their responsibilities transferred to planning committees, a House of Lords committee set up to scrutinise the Licensing Act 2003 has urged. In the eleven years since it has been in force hardly a year has gone by without major amendment to the Licensing Act 2003. The Lords Committee, set up to scrutinise the Act, wants to bring an end to these frequent piecemeal changes, and recommends a one-off radical overhaul, including the abolition of local authority licensing committees. Chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act 2003, Baroness McIntosh of Pickering, said: “The Act is fundamentally flawed and needs a major overhaul. It was a mistake and a missed opportunity to set up new licensing committees when the planning system was already available to regulate the use of land for many different purposes. The planning system is well suited to dealing with licensing applications and appeals, and the interests of residents are always taken into account. “The Committee was shocked by some of the evidence it received on hearings before licensing committees. Their decisions have been described as “something of a lottery”, “lacking formality”, and “indifferent”, with some “scandalous misuses of the powers of elected local councillors”. “We cannot understand why the Government has decided not to apply the Act to sales at airports. This can lead to dangerous situations, and must be changed. “Pubs, clubs and live music venues are a vital part of our cultural identity. Any decline in our cities’ world-famous night life ought to be prevented and the businesses supported. But the night time economy needs regulating; even in these areas of cities, residents have their rights. The current systems are not being used because they do not work.”

Key points from the report:Integrate licensing with planning • The Committee found that the Government made a substantial error in placing the responsibility for licensing with local authority licensing committees. • The evidence received against local authority licensing committees was damning and the committee was extremely concerned by what it heard. • Planning committees are much more effective, reliable and well-equipped to make licensing decisions, which have a signifi-

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cant impact on local communities and can be “life or death” to businesses, their owners and their staff. • The Committee recommends that coordination between the licensing and planning systems should begin immediately in all local authorities. • Fees for licensing should be set locally, not nationally. Follow Scotland’s lead • The legality of Minimum Unit Pricing is still under consideration by the Supreme Court. If it is found to be lawful and introduced in Scotland, and found to be effective in cutting down excessive drinking, the Committee recommends that England and Wales follows Scotland’s lead. • The Committee also recommends following Scotland’s example in helping disabled people to access licensed premises by ensuring that a disabled access statement is provided with a premises licensing application.

Late Night Levy • The Committee heard very convincing evidence suggesting that the Late Night Levy does not pay for the cost of policing as intended, and came to the conclusion that in its current form it is fundamentally wrong, in principle and practice. Unless amendments already made prove effective, they should be repealed. So should Early Morning Restriction Orders, which no local authority has yet introduced. Commenting on the key issues of the inquiry BBPA Chief Executive, Brigid Simmonds said: “I very much welcome the Committee’s statement that “pubs, clubs and live music venues are a vital part of our cultural identity. Any decline in our cities’ world-famous night life ought to be prevented and the businesses supported. “I also welcome the Committee’s opposition to making public health a licencing objective. The licensing process wasn’t designed for such a broad purpose, and should instead focus on individual venues. “For similar reasons, the rejection of Group Review Intervention Powers is also welcome, as we don’t believe blanket conditions on all premises in an area are appropriate – the focus should remain in tackling problems at specific premises.”

District (BID). “Partnership working, between the police, local councils and local businesses, is the best way to tackle any problems in the night-time economy; this is an approach we have consistently championed. It’s welcome, therefore, to see the report recommending that Local Authorities give serious consideration to implementing BID schemes. “For the same reason, we welcome the call to abolish Early Morning Restriction Orders as not a single local authority has taken them up.”

Scrapping of local authority licensing committees “I welcome the committee’s highlighting of bad practice, but this could persist if licensing were transferred to Planning committees. Local authorities need clearer guidance and councillors need better training, so that they can consider key licensing decisions in the fairest and most effective way possible. I very much welcome the call for greater co-ordination within local authorities, and for training to be mandatory.”

Sale of alcohol at airports “Airports are treated differently, but the industry works in partnership with the police and airport authorities to tackle any problems. We would be happy to review these arrangements and extend them where necessary, but the current penalties for passengers who cause flight disruption are rightly severe.”

Fees for licensing should be set locally, not nationally “This would be a concern, as there would be a temptation for local councils to ‘gold plate’ their own licencing regimes at the expense of small local businesses. We would need a national cap on fees, and we would also certainly need a level playing field for on-trade and off-trade retailers. “Large on-trade retailers in the higher fee band often have to pay a supplement to their licensing fees, but larger offtrade retailers do not. The system could work more fairly, to reflect the increasing share of alcohol sales in the off trade.”

Abolition of the Late Night Levy

Helping disabled people to access licensed premises

“This key recommendation has our full support. Where introduced, Late Night Levies have proved to be a damaging new tax on local businesses. Few local authorities have taken them up, and Cheltenham recently became the first council to abolish its levy in favour of a Business Improvement

“We recognise the need for venues to focus on this issue. We believe that a voluntary approach, through raising awareness works best, and we have recently produced an updated version of our accessibility guide to help pubs give the best possible service for those with access needs.”



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Editor's Viewpoint

April 2017

ONCE AGAIN, I would like to welcome new readers to our publication CLH News! As previously explained we are free to trade publication, so if you are hotel pub or restaurant, then there is no charge! And we have extended our readership to reach more independent hospitality businesses. We have some pretty positive news for the hospitality industry this issue, and while I have not got a crystal ball, so don’t know what the final figure will be, a report we received pre-Easter from VisitEngland’s Easter Trip Tracker survey shows that 6.6 million Brits EDITOR were planning an overnight holiday trip in the UK this Easter weekend, bringing an estimated £1.7 billion boost to the British economy Another report stated that Pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK could rake in more than £280 million in card spend alone over the Easter break, as Brits head out for long lunches and trips to the pub this Easter, and another report we received states that the value of out-of-home alcohol sales increased by almost 2% last year, an increase of £428 million on 2015. Furthermore Data from Barclaycard has revealed that UK pubs and restaurants enjoyed a double digit increase in sales during the month of March, with sales up and restaurants by 12.2% and in pubs/bars 12.5%. Hotels enjoyed an increase in sales of 12.3%. All good news, however, while the UK’s food and beverage industry contributes to 10% of overall GDP and one in eight of all new jobs, the industry is being squeezed like never before. We have had a lot of feedback regarding the new rateable values. I had one call from a regular reader, who runs a very large pub/hotel in Cornwall, citing that his rates will increase by £9000 a year. A staggering sum to find. According to business rates specialists CVS business rates bills hotels across England are already set to rise by a £798million under the new tax regime which came into force earlier this month. On top of this in the same article, we see that councils are still pushing for a ludicrous hotel bed tax. Added to that are our disproportionate rate of VAT on accommodation and eating out when compared to other European countries, it really is a wonder how the industry has fared so well. Once again I would urge readers new and old to join the campaign to reduce the levels of VAT - I genuinely believe that this is one tax that can be reduced with enough pressure. Whilst it has been rejected by parliament there is considerable pressure being brought to bear, and since many European countries have had the wisdom and foresight to recognise the benefits of cutting tourism VAT, enough pressure here might do the same. I would also be very interested in your views regarding the story which made national news when a father checked into a hotel with his daughter and was questioned and asked to prove whether they were related. Mainstream newspapers took the view of outrage I’m not too sure how this situation was handled and how it came to quickly get so “out of hand”. However, readers may recall a story run on our website and in our March issue of CLH News regarding experiments conducted by Oxford police where they carried out “Child Exploitation” tests. A plain clothes policeman booked into various hotels with a 15-year-old girl, without being questioned. Deputy Police Commander for Cherwell and West Oxfordshire local police area, Ch.Insp Emma Garside said: “In every case where it is believed that a customer is seeking to obtain a hotel room for a person under 18 years of age, staff should ask for identification of all guests and contact police immediately with their concerns.” So, what happens when a hotel followed this advice? Well, judging by headlines in mainstream newspapers “Outrage”! This very difficult and emotive issue has clearly put hotel policy in the firing line, I was very disappointed to see some of the headlines which have inflamed the situation. We live in very different times now, grooming, particularly online features regularly in the news. Having a policy and following police guidelines should be something to be commended and not attacked. I did notice when I read these stories online that the comments posted by the public were overwhelmingly in support of the hotel and it stance – “Better safe than sorry” was a phrase that popped up very often. I very much hope this is not a reason for Travelodge or any other hotel to change its policy regarding child exploitation. If anything, I think this is a lesson to be learned “how to deal with it”, as opposed to whether or not to instigate a policy. .

Peter Adams

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EDITOR Peter Adams

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April 2017

Pub & Restaurant Spend Increases Despite Worries of Inflation DATA FROM Barclaycard has revealed that UK pubs and restaurants enjoyed a double digit increase in sales during the month of March. March was an especially strong month for non-essentials, which rebounded to 4.8 per cent from 3.5 per cent in February. Consumers splashed out on entertainment (11.6 per cent) as they welcomed the UK’s fifth-warmest March on record with visits to pubs (12.5 per cent) and restaurants (12.2 per cent). Hotels also recorded a double digit growth of 12.3% which is largely attributed to the depreciation of the pound compared to 2016. Spending on ‘nice-to-haves’, however, remained resilient in some areas. Entertainment was particularly healthy, increasing 10.4 per cent in Q1 and marking its eleventh consecutive quarter of double-digit growth. Nonetheless, the propensity to continue spending on social occasions and travel plans shows that consumers have been, on the whole, balancing their monthly budget. This is supported by a healthy majority (70 per cent) expressing confidence in their household finances, with almost six in ten (57 per cent) also feeling confident in their ability to spend more on non-essential items. This buoyant approach to spending coincides with a rise in the proportion

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


of consumers expressing confidence in the UK economy, which – after a steady climb starting from October 2016 – now stands at 41 per cent. The figure represents the second-highest level recorded in the last 12 months and a seven per cent increase on the same month last year. Consumers are, however, feeling less upbeat about the near future, with the inflationary pressures of recent months giving them cause for concern. Over half (52 per cent) of Brits are more worried about the cost of day-today items than they were this time last year, with nearly three quarters (74 per cent) citing a more expensive weekly shop as the reason. Paul Lockstone, Managing Director at Barclaycard commented, “It was another strong month and quarter for consumer spending, but the headline figure again masks a story of consumers making small, yet necessary, adjustments to their spending to accommodate the rising cost of day-to-day items.” “Robust growth in spending on ‘nice-to-haves’ suggests consumers are still willing to treat themselves, especially on experiences with friends and family.” “Although the triggering of Article 50 is a major step along the road to Brexit, the lack of reliable news on the outcome of the negotiations might mean that companies, households and markets simply ignore the noise and wait for firm announcements to be made.”

Huge Fall in Out of Home Breakfast Spend

Punch Holds Publican of The Year Awards for Its Mercury Division North PUNCH, ONE of the UK’s leading pub companies, has held its first Mercury Division Publican of the Year awards, at Moorhouse’s Brewery to celebrate the successes of its dedicated Publicans in the north of England and Wales. The awards follow on from the East Midlands & South Yorkshire Publican of the Year Awards, held in February, and recognised Publicans in three categories; Special Recognition, Publican of the Year, and Overall Winners. Special Recognition celebrated individuals that have made a tremendous effort since joining Punch, as well as Publicans that have been with Punch for a number of years. Publicans awarded in

the Publican of the Year category were those who demonstrated a commitment to ensuring their pub is at the heart of the community, maintain exceptional standards and implement innovative marketing and merchandising initiatives. Overall winners, Jayne and Christina from The Cotton Tree in Bollington were commended for their consistently high standards and their proactive approach to ensuring the pub is the hub of the community. For example at Christmas, The Cotton Tree sells and delivers Christmas trees to local residents, and holds regular competitions for customer, such as a marrow-growing contests. The ceremony was attended by Punch representatives, including operations director for Mercury North, Tony Pilley, to celebrate the achievements of all winners on the night:

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Latest research reveals that just 4% of consumers say they would eat breakfast out of the home on a daily basis now, compared to 15% in 2015. Whilst the average spend has increased by 31% to £10.09, this drastic drop in frequency has led to a significant drop in the estimated daily spend, which was £76 million in 2015 compared to £20 million now. There is added concern for the hotel market too, where the average spend for a hotel breakfast comes in at just £8. These figures come from purchasing company Beacon, , which has carried out research into consumer spending habits at breakfast. The 2017 research takes a comparative look at the same research from two years ago, highlighting significant changes in consumer behaviours.

Paul Connelly, Beacon’s Managing Director, commented: “These new figures show a behaviour change at breakfast, where consumers are spending more, but eating out less. This highlights the potential impact that inflationary pressures in the foodservice market are having on the hospitality industry. In the past year alone we’ve seen various price increases in food and drink items, specifically bacon and fresh produce and most recently significant price increases in coffee.” “We work very closely with our customers and suppliers, which span the hospitality and foodservices sectors, and we know that rising food costs are the biggest worry for the eating and drinking out market this year. With these new figures in mind, we predict that this year could be a challenging one, especially for small and independent businesses. We strongly recommend that businesses take the time to evaluate their purchasing strategies in order to remain profitable.”


INFLATIONARY PRESSURES have hit the most important meal of the day, with consumers spending more, but eating out less. This has a net effect of a fall in consumer spend at breakfast of £56 million in just two years.


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April 2017

Why Swift Action Can Protect Leisure Operators As Brexit Is Triggered SIMON MYDLOWSKI, leisure and hospitality partner at Gordons, explains why swift action can help to safeguard operators as Brexit becomes a reality. In the immediate wake of 2016’s historic referendum result, the general air in the leisure and hospitality sectors was one of uncertainty. On the one hand, business owners were keen to safeguard their existing properties and tread carefully as they moved toward the inevitable exit, while at the same time operators were gearing up for what could have been a swift transition out of the European Union.

Article 50 Last year I wrote about how the key to navigating Brexit waters would be caution, in a similar way to how businesses remained afloat in the wake of the 2009 recession, and although talk of another economic crisis proved to be premature, things are about to change now that Article 50 is finally triggered. In a recent panel discussion entitled Brexit – The Challenges and Opportunities for the Foodservice and Hospitality Industry, the general consensus was that now is not a wise time to be speculative. The panel, chaired by Vernon Hunte, governmental affairs director at the British Hospitality Association, agreed that swiftness of action was likely to be the differentiator between those who remain unscathed by Brexit and those who are negatively affected. Fellow panel member Bob Silk, Barclays hospitality and leisure team relationship director, was even more blunt: “I can see a time when, more than ever before, it is the nimble and fleet of foot that will survive. Those who are not fleet of foot will struggle. However, this is not a good time to be speculative.”

Joining forces One potential solution – and one that many forward-

thinking operators will already have implemented – is to join forces with other members of the industry to protect common interests. Broader business plans may therefore need to take into account both internal and external relationships and how supply chain processes can help to strengthen resilience. Jason Myers, chief executive of restaurant chain Busaba Eathai, said the key is to embrace suppliers as partners. He added: “You have got to work together because suppliers are getting the same cost pressures as you, but the customer doesn’t want to take it on so you have to come together to work it out.”

Consumer activity Following the recession of 2009, consumers engaged in a significant amount of belt-tightening, which extended to how disposable income was spent, and it remains the case that a broad move to eating and drinking indoors would certainly impact the sector. The key for business owners, then, will be weighing up potential consumer activity against business development plans and gauging whether the two are still in parallel – something that industry figures believe needs a firm plan, not a speculative one. Myers added: “It’s not a time to be speculative, it’s a time to be sensible. Operators need to understand their own business and market and take the time to work out what it means to them.” As was the case in the aftermath of the Referendum result, assurances from the government, overseas businesses, suppliers and trade partners about future agreements have helped to ease minds to a degree, but the triggering of Article 50 will truly get the ball rolling again – and swift, careful action will be needed to navigate the process. As Brexit occurs, it will be prudent to take advice about any business strategy before embarking on it. If you need legal advice on commercial property matters, including the licensed premises sector, please contact Simon on 01274 202514 or For more information about us please visit

New Managing Director for Meiko UK Paul Anderson has been appointed as the new Managing Director for Meiko UK.

Read all the latest news from the licensed industry at @CLHNews

He will take over the mantle of running the UK’s most successful commercial warewashing business in April, when current MD Bill Downie steps down after 24 years at the helm. Paul joins Meiko from the role of Director of Sales at Hoshizaki UK, where he is credited with increasing its market share and forging the campaign that confirmed the Gram brands’ reputation as the leading sustainable manufacturer of commercial refrigeration. No stranger to the warewashing market, Paul spent two years as a Meiko Regional Sales Manager in the early 2000s before leaving to join Gram UK as Business Development

Manager, thereafter taking the senior sales management role at combination oven supplier Rational. He is delighted to have been chosen to lead Meiko UK and to inherit what Bill Downie says is, ‘the best bunch of employees in the industry’. Paul Anderson formally takes over the running of Meiko on 1st April 2017. Comments Bill Downie, “I am absolutely delighted that Paul has been appointed to succeed me as Managing Director of Meiko UK. “Paul brings a wealth of managerial knowledge to the role that will take the business through to the next level and then beyond. ““I leave behind a great team at Meiko UK, many know Paul from his time with us as a Regional Sales Manager some 17 years ago. He can be assured of their total support as he delivers on the goals and targets that have been set for the business over the coming years.”

Casual Dining Sector “Holding Up” As Public Continue To Eat And Drink Out Britain is continuing to go out to eat and drink – particularly in managed pubs and branded restaurants, which saw collective like-for-like sales grow 1.7% in February against the same month last year, according to latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker. “With mounting pressures on the sector from business rate hikes, the falling pound leading to higher food costs and the general uncertainty around Brexit, the fact that consumers are still coming through their doors to eat and drink will be a welcome relief for operators,” said Peter Martin, vice president of CGA Peach, the business insight consultancy that produces the Tracker, in partnership with Coffer Group and RSM. The February results follow a 1.9% like-for-like increase in January and 2.2% growth over the busy Christmas and New Year period, and contrast favourably with faltering retail sales in the high street. Overall, restaurant groups in the Tracker cohort had the best of February’s trading with like-for-like sales up 2.4% nationally on the same month in 2016, boosted by family business during the school half term holidays. Managed pubs were also ahead over the month, but with collective like-for-likes up a more modest 1.2%. Regionally, London out-performed the rest of the country with like-for-likes sales ahead 2.6% against 1.4% for outside of the M25. “Encouraging though these figures are, pub and restaurant groups will be working even harder this year to maintain trad-

April 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


ing levels as their margins are squeezed by increasing overheads,” added Martin. “As our recent CGA Business Leaders Survey of 450 senior executives across pub, bar and restaurant chains showed, almost three quarters are looking to pass increased costs, at least in part, on to the consumer this year. That means they will have to redouble efforts to up the customer experience. Total sales growth in February among the 34 companies in the Tracker cohort was up 4.7%, reflecting the impact of new openings over the year. However, the underlying annual sales trend shows sector like-for-likes running at just 1.0% ahead for the 12 months to the end of February. Mark Sheehan, managing director at Coffer Corporate Leisure, said: “London restaurants and bars are seeing strong sales growth which they certainly need. With overheads increasing ahead of inflation the top line growth is very important to food and drink operators. This year has started strongly for operators in the sector. However, the business rates revaluation has really focused operators on their occupancy costs and despite the very minor concessions in the budget this is yet another additional negative impact on margins and affecting future growth.” Paul Newman, head of leisure and hospitality at RSM, added: “Eight of the last nine months have shown like for like sales growth, providing operators with good cause for optimism. Despite a backdrop of uncertainty and cost pressures facing the sector, investor interest remains strong.”

Father Questioned After Booking Hotel Room with His Daughter AN OUTRAGED father has hit out at the way he was dealt with when checking into a Travelodge hotel with his daughter. Widower Craig Darwell, 46, booked a double room, since no other rooms were available in Chertsey, Surrey, with 13 year old daughter Millie, for a pre-planned trip to Thorpe Park. However, upon checking in, suspicious staff asked that he show them his daughter’s ID. Mr Darwell explained that he did not have ID for his daughter and instead showed staff pictures of them together when she was a baby. But even after seeing them, staff called the police and he and his daughter were forced into separate rooms and interviewed by a police officer. Speaking to a national newspaper he said:‘It was bizarre and really offensive. Then he told me that he’d already called police so I had to wait for them to arrive,’ ‘Luckily it took them about two seconds to realise he had got the wrong end of the stick but it ruined the weekend for me.’ A spokesman for Travelodge said: ‘We take our responsibilities towards protecting children and vulnerable young people extremely seriously. ‘Our colleagues are trained based on current national guidelines from the NSPCC, the police and other agencies and in the past, hotel team actions have led to successful intervention to protect young people. ‘Clearly fine judgements have to be made and we deeply regret any distress or inconvenience caused to Mr Darwell on this occasion. ‘We are undertaking a full investigation into the circumstances and will take careful note of any lessons learned in due course, including additional training where appropriate. ‘In the meantime, we would like to apologise to Mr Darwell for the situation he encountered and we will be making further

contact with him as our investigation continues.’ Surrey Police said: ‘We were called by a member of staff at the Travelodge on Guildford Street in Chertsey on Thursday, 30 March just after 8pm following a concern for safety. ‘Officers attended and made no arrests, no further enquiries will take place. ‘Hotels, taxi companies and other licensed premises have recently been equipped with the right knowledge to identify children who could be at risk of exploitation under Operation Makesafe.


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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

April 2017

When It Comes To Revenue Generation, What Can Independent Hoteliers Learn From Big Name Hotels? By Anael Peu, Director of Revenue Management for Kew Green Hotels IN THE midst of such intense competition in the hotel industry, revenue generation is increasingly becoming the lynch pin on which a hotel’s success rests. With buzzwords such as ‘disruptors’ or ‘compression days’ now regular occurrences in hotel industry vocabulary, making accurate forecasts or meeting top line room revenue expectations is no longer good enough. This means the next-generation of revenue managers must strive to optimise profitability and analyse all potential ancillary revenue streams.


Whether operating under a well-known brand or independently, the prospect of increasing hotel revenue and profitability is the primary impetus for investing time and effort in next-generation hospitality revenue management. We need to re-look at how we, so called ‘revenue specialists’, are using our skillset and knowledge to maximise all revenue streams, how we identify trends around new income streams and how we develop a strong entrepreneurial attitude throughout the business. Whilst it’s fair to say that big-name brands often benefit from more developed technologies and a larger workforce, independent hoteliers shouldn’t underestimate the advantages of being agile and having the ability to try new techniques with limited risks. When looking at hotel revenue generation, it’s important to keep an eye on the basics. Focusing on direct booking and reducing your reliance on online travel agencies is a simple but effective way to drive profitability. With millennials more likely to book on supplier sites than anywhere else , hotels need to offer strong incentives to book directly. If a hotel can’t move on the price point, they can look at offering other incentives, such as free high-speed WiFi, priority booking in the restaurant or online check-in, that guests wouldn’t have access to should they choose to book elsewhere. Similarly, up-selling throughout the hotel, from front office to the restaurant and bar, must be an essential element of a hotel’s total revenue generation strategy. Untapped opportunities can be found by casting an entrepreneurial eye at your selling points, even something as simple as selling water bottles at check-out creates a new revenue stream the hotel previously didn’t have access to. Technology too brings promotional opportunities, I’m always surprised to see hotels that are not using their WiFi login page to promote their latest menu item or new cocktail at the bar. The important measurement metrics and indicators in place within a business also say a lot about a hotel and its focuses. To improve a restaurant’s income, having the correct set of indicators to measure performance, such as ‘average

check total’ to ‘revenue per seat per hour’, is key. The same applies to meeting and event spaces, where hotels should look at measurements such as revenue per square meter, as well as targets on frequency of meeting space bookings per day. With basics in place, hotels can begin looking at new revenue opportunities. With the increase of on-demand economy business models, the opportunities are endless if you are on the lookout for trends that you can use to your benefit. When it comes to the on-demand economy, hoteliers tend to focus on the new competition from disruptors like Airbnb, but often overlook the opportunities that some of these companies provide. Hotel restaurants might benefit from teaming up with food delivery services, for example, or reception spaces could double up as parcel delivery collection points. A few trends we are currently investigating, piloting and rolling out in Kew Green Hotels include, • Small meetings e-booking portal: providing our guests with a simple ‘instant book and pay’ functionality on our website to grow our share of the small meetings market • Takeaway and delivery services: partnering with established delivery businesses so that the local community can also experience our fantastic food offering • Unused parking spaces: partnering with a well-known company famous for selling home driveway space, we now sell our unused parking bays by the day, week or month • Collection point: providing our local community with additional lifestyle services. With long opening hours, hotels are a convenient place to get your latest online order delivered - increasing our recognition in the local community at the same time – resulting in revenue in the long run As long as we stay in touch with our changing world and customer, revenue generation as a hotel industry sector still has a lot up its sleeve. Keeping an entrepreneurial eye out for the next potential revenue stream and not being afraid to try new things… it may be that taking calculated risks is a good new way to uncover strong revenue streams for a business. Anaël joined Kew Green in 2013 as Director of Revenue, responsible for Revenue Optimisation, Commercial Analytics and Reservation Services. Previously Anaël provided Revenue Management support and consulting to the franchise community at IHG Europe and supported the IHG commercial marketing team for Europe. Kew Green Hotels was formed in September 2001 to operate high quality limited and full service branded hotels in prime locations throughout the UK. The company now operates over 55 hotels in key cities including London, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and Portsmouth. The company operates hotels under a variety of funding models including freehold ownership, leases, joint ventures with financial institutions and management contracts. Over the years, the company has won many awards in recognition of the operational excellence it strives for. For further information, please visit

Third Parliamentary Select Committee Calls for Reducing Tourism VAT A THIRD major parliamentary select committee has come out in favour of reducing tourism VAT. The recommendation by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee in Westminster, is another massive step in moves to make the UK tourism industry on a level playing field with its European counterparts. Chair of the Committee, Laurence Robertson commented: “The tourism industry in Northern Ireland has undoubtedly had some great successes in recent years, and we are optimistic for the future, notwithstanding the current political situation following the elections. The attraction of world renowned sites of natural beauty alongside new attractions, most notably Titanic Belfast, has established tourism as one of the pillars of our economy. However, in spite of the quality of the tourism product Northern Ireland is able to offer, there are barriers to growth. Levels of VAT and Air Passenger Duty are making businesses less competitive than their equivalents in the Republic of Ireland. We are calling on the UK Government to examine options for reducing these tax burdens on tourism and creating the right environment for the sector to flourish.” Dermot King, MD of Butlins and Chairman of the Campaign to Cut Tourism VAT, said: “There is now deafening support from across the UK and the political spectrum for the government to recognise the distinct needs of the hospitality and tourism sector. The UK is at a major competitive disadvantage to European competitors, ranking 140th out of 141 on world price competitiveness. A reduction in tourism VAT could be brought into effect immediately, as there is no need for legislation at the national or EU level.”

Mr King continued “I’ve already called on the government to reduce tourism VAT during school holidays to test our conviction that cutting this tax would help businesses and the public and in the long term the Treasury.” The Cut Tourism VAT Campaign already has the support of 171 MP across all parties and has secured recommendations from the Culture, Media and Sport Committee and the Welsh Affairs Committee. Eddie McKeever of McKeever Hotels Group who operates both in Northern Ireland (Tourism VAT at 20%) as well as the Republic of Ireland (Tourism VAT at 9%) said: “As a family business that operates on both sides of the border I’ve been surprised at the difference it makes. The 11% VAT gap between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has benefitted my business and guests in the Republic. As a result, I’ve been able to secure more jobs than initially forecasted and has created further jobs in the local community. I hope the UK Government will now understand the benefit and opportunities of reducing tourism VAT. “ The hospitality and tourism industry is the fourth largest industry in the UK, supporting 4.5 million jobs and contributing 10% of UK GDP. Yet, on top of one of the highest VAT rates on tourism in Europe, the industry is grappling with rapid increases in its cost base and the prospect of severe labour shortages as a result of Brexit. A recent review by Dr Andrew Sentance CBE, a former member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, concluded that reducing tourism VAT would be the single most effective taxation reform for stimulating growth, and that the Campaign’s economic argument was one of the most comprehensive cases ever put before HM Treasury.

BT Sport Launches BT Sport Pub Cup

BT SPORT is launching a free to enter football tournament to celebrate grassroots football and give pub teams a chance to follow in the footsteps of their heroes with the final taking place at one of the best football stadiums in Europe next month. The BT Sport Pub Cup is available for anyone over the age of 18 to enter and represent their local BT Sport pub, whether that be people who are part of an existing pub team, established football team or a group of mates. Starting off as a 7-a-side tournament, sixteen qualifying teams will be chosen at random, full kit will be provided by BT Sport and the first matches will take place at the home of Queens Park Rangers, Loftus Road on Wednesday, 10 May and Everton’s Goodison Park on Monday, 15 May. The Emirates, the home of Arsenal, will then take centre stage, as it hosts the final on

Tuesday, 23 May, consisting of an 11-a-side match over a full 90 minutes. BT Sport pundits, David James and John Hartson will each manage one of the teams, with special guest Harry Redknapp presenting the trophy to the winning side. Any team entering just needs to ask permission of the licensee if they can represent the pub, and the winning pub could win a year’s free BT Sport subscription and a £5,000 cash prize to spend on their pub. Teams can be entered at the following link Bruce Cuthbert, director commercial customers, BT Sport, said: “I’m delighted to be launching the inaugural BT Sport Pub Cup. It’s great to give something back to our BT Sport customers with this free to enter football tournament, giving pub teams the chance to play at some fantastic football stadiums, be managed by former professional footballers and the chance to win silverware at the Emirates.” To find your nearest BT Sport pub visit

April 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier



Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

April 2017

BrewDog Caught Up in Second Copyright Row Lost Profit To Pub Industry From Beer Quality Issues Tops £700m SCOTTISH BREWERS BrewDog have been caught up in a second legal row following a previous row in which they blamed “trigger happy” lawyers after threatened legal action forced an independent pub to change their name. This latest spat follows a Guardian report in December 2016 when Brewdog contacted music promoter Tony Green over plans to open a bar in Leeds called “Draft Punk. Brewdog produce a IPA Punk beer and have registered the trademark “Punk”. Brewdog have criticised on social media after the story about The Wolf in Birmingham. Originally called The Lone Wolf, owners say they changed their name after receiving a letter from BrewDog’s lawyers threatening legal action. Brewdog recently launched a vodka with the same name and the letter said they owned the trademark. Co-founder James Watt initially blamed lawyers, saying in a tweet he has now deleted: “Our lawyers got a bit trigger happy. We are happy for the Lone Wolf Bar in Birmingham to keep using the name.” So, what does this mean for British businesses and what can other business learn from the announcement? Sharon Daboul, Senior Associate, Trademark Attorney @ London, EIP Europe LLP. Comments: • BrewDog owns the “Punk” trademark in relation to beer, but not pubs or bars

• Registered trademarks offer powerful protection. Having the registered trademark means that BrewDog could prevent others from using “Punk”, or a confusingly similar trademark, on similar goods or services. • Even if the goods and services are not that similar, BrewDog could succeed if it is able to show that it has established such a reputation in the name “Punk” that a bar with a similar name could take advantage of BrewDog’s reputation, or cause damage to it. • From BrewDog’s perspective, allowing others to register and/or use names or insignia in the drinks industry, that consumers identify so strongly with BrewDog’s brand, could muddy the waters and dilute its registered trademarks. The risk is that consumers mistakenly believe that such pubs or bars were somehow endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with BrewDog, when no such endorsement exists. There is no requirement that consumers actually believe BrewDog has opened up its own drinks establishments. Having a strict trademark enforcement policy helps BrewDog to stand out in the beverages sector. • “David vs Goliath” trademark battles make for popular stories in the press, as the public tends to favour the plucky underdog against the muscle-flexing brand owner. Many small businesses now take to the internet to vent their frustration, hoping a trial by social media will force the big brand into retreat to avoid a negative PR nightmare. For some businesses, it seems to be their only option, when faced with a costly and lengthy dispute. For the Wolf pub, in Birmingham, taking to Twitter turned out to be a successful strategy and BrewDog publically backed down. In relation to the Draft Punk bar however, a lack of funds and the threat of court action forced the owner to rebrand, quietly.

Win a Sensational Trip to New York Plus monthly cash prizes and experiences

‘Your Dram. Your Way’ is a 9-month scratchcard promotion that rewards both you and your customers. Glenfiddich will send activation kits to 4,800 UK venues, including a total of 403,000 scratchcards, glassware and point of sales materials to advertise the campaign. The Consumer prizes include two ways to win a trip to New York, £100 Red Letter Days experience vouchers and bespoke Glenfiddich nosing glasses. The prize pool for consumers is worth over £5m and every card is a potential winner, making this a compelling promotion for your customers and a fantastic opportunity to drive Glenfiddich sales. The trade can also win tailor made trips to New York or Red Letter Day experiences by simply encouraging customers to register their scratchcards on the Your Dram. Your Way microsite. Its as simple as that.

How to take part Buy 2 bottles of Glenfiddich 12Yo and get your free ‘Your Dram. Your Way.’ activation and incentive kit.


Receive your activation and incentive kit Register at with your venue code

Sell For each serve of Glenfiddich you sell, your customer receives a scratchcard When customers upload their scratchcards to, you win points every card a potential winner, make sure you remind your customers to upload their scratchcards

Win Monthly Prizes for the top 10 performing venues Every month, the top three performing venues will win £500 Venues in positions 4-10 will win one £100 Red Letter Days experience voucher Quarterly prize for the top performing venue Win the ultimate incentive trip to New York City To order your activation kit, call 01276 587317. (In order to receive a kit, proof of a transfer order for 2 bottles of GF 70cl will be necessary.)

See the advert on the back cover for details.

Supplying quality & affordable Bed & Bathroom Linen products to Hotels

Luxury plain chenille bed runners in 3 colours, reversable with plain satin backing, flame retardant, matching cushions in 2 sizes available. Colours are Mucha, Burgundy and Grey.

Fine Egyptian cotton, 300 thread count single yarn bedding in a modern double box sateen design, envelope style which are suitable for commercial laundries, available in all sizes, matching Oxford style pillowcases.

Tel: 0161 637 4240

AT A time when operating costs are set to escalate significantly in the coming years, pubs are missing out on an average of over £14,600 per year in profit through inadequate beer quality management, in-depth new research has revealed.

The findings, published in the Beer Quality Report 2017, show a significant untapped profit opportunity due to in-pub quality issues which could more than offset the new business costs coming on stream from additional employment regulation and this year’s business rates revaluation. Analysis shows the industry as a whole is losing a staggering £709m a year in value through multiple issues around quality from cellar to glass. The figures come from a combination of waste, missed till yield, over-ranging and low throughputs, alongside equipment and cellar maintenance failings and lost sales through reduced visits and repeat purchase. This headline figure equates to 5.8% of total UK on-trade beer sales.* Broken down in detail, analysis shows the pub industry is missing out on: • An achievable extra £206m in waste reduction at a retail selling price of £3.50 per pint; and 2% improvement in till yield of £248m. In simple terms, these are the amounts of extra revenues that could be gained by maximizing the beer sold from each barrel and the amount of money taken against each pint poured • An additional estimated £182m in potential sales by delivering a consistently great pint , typically through improved line cleaning and serving beer to the customer at the correct temperature and specification • Some £73m through the cost of over-ranging and wasted beer taps on the bar. The second annual Beer Quality Report once again combines key data and insights from two organisations right at the heart of beer quality in the UK – Vianet and Cask Marque. The report analyses critical quality measures from more than 220,000 Vianet devices in pubs and cellars across the country, which is then informed and validated by quality scores from Cask Marque’s annual visits to more than 22,000 pubs. The report shows that retailers have failed to act on improving beer quality following last year’s report, with the same proportion of beer served too warm. On the critical

issue of line cleaning, this year’s report shows that, according to Vianet Business Insight research, one in three pints served to a UK consumer is via a line overdue a clean – again the same proportion as last year. Cask Marque audits reveal that, based on visual inspection, only 72% of beer lines are perfectly clean, with the remaining pubs failing to keep adequate records and visible yeast build up. The report finds that the average annual difference in beer volumes of pubs that serve almost all beer via clean lines (between 90-100% of beer) and those that serve less than half (40-50%) via clean lines is 63 barrels. This equates to 18,144 pints over the course of a year – and is worth approximately £63,500 at a retail selling price of £3.50 per pint. Assuming a gross profit margin of 50%, that’s still worth almost £32,000 per year to the operator, a significant profit opportunity. Steven Alton, managing director of Vianet, said: “This report lays bare the profit opportunity for all operators across the pub sector, regardless of whether they run managed, tenanted or independent outlets. With a raft of new business costs hitting the industry this year, for instance further uplifts in the national living and minimum wages, pension auto-enrolment and the apprenticeship levy, as well as substantial hikes in business rates for many pubs, profitability is under pressure like never before. “The message is good operators could have better businesses by driving up retail standards and, in turn, help safeguard the future of the category and keep pubs attractive to consumers. Draught beer remains in value growth and beer still accounts for about seven in 10 drinks sold in pubs. However, the findings in our report provide a much-needed reality check and demonstrate the category’s continued health could be threatened by quality failings.” Paul Nunny, director of Cask Marque, added: “Cask Marque has spent nearly 20 years banging the drum about beer quality and still the message is not getting through to retailer. This is a damning report on the quality offer to consumers. Findings from our own recent research showed that 49% of pubs are not meeting Cask Marque standards thank goodness nearly 10,000 pubs can! It remains vital for the future of the category we don’t disappoint customers when it comes to serving a perfect pint, every time.”

Bellavita Announces Award-Winning Chefs for Expo

BELLAVITA, THE UK’s largest Italian food and wine trade Expo, has announced today that Francesco Mazzei and Theo Randall will be amongst the exceptional line-up of chefs demonstrating and discussing new food trends at this year’s Expo. Also making special appearances at the Expo will be Claudio Sadler (2 Michelinstarred restaurant Sadler in Milan), Felice Lo Basso (1 Michelin-starred Felix Lo Basso in Milan) and Davide Degiovanni (Gordon Ramsay’s Union Street Café in London) and further chefs are to be confirmed. Taking place at the Business Design Centre in Islington from the 18-20th of June, Bellavita Expo will showcase the very best of Italian gastronomy, with some of the top chefs behind

Italian cuisine taking part and other chefs still to be announced. The chefs will be cooking on stage at the Bellavita Chef Academy throughout the Expo, demonstrating their expertise in Italian cuisine and highlighting upcoming food trends in the sector. They will also be participating in a series of industry-led set of roundtable discussions, which will focus on the cuisine’s place in the hospitality industry and how Italian food has changed in Britain throughout the years. Aldo Mazzocco, CEO of Bellavita, said “Our chef line-up is looking really exciting with talented and entertaining chefs from the UK and Italy each bringing distinctive insight into contemporary Italian cuisine. The Chef Academy stage is set to be an incredibly vibrant element in the Bellavito Expo experience.” For further information please visit or see the advert on page 16.

Councils To Plough On With ‘Hotel Bed Tax’ Yet Will Rake In An EXTRA £800m In Business Rates

COUNCILS ARE in advanced talks with the Secretary of State, Sajid Javid, under the Sustainable Communities Act, which allows communities and councils to put forward ideas to government to solve local problems, to introduce a ‘tourist bed tax’ – an extra charge for staying at a hotel or B&B, on top of the basic room rate and VAT charge, in order to generate extra cash.

Councillor Charles Gerrish of Bath and North East Somerset leading the calls for the levy confirmed “the Council has recently started to discuss the matter again with the Government, and is exploring the feasibility with other local authorities.” But business rates bills for hotels across England are already set to rise by a staggering £798million under the new tax regime due to come into force on 1st April, according to CVS Business Rent & Rates Specialists. By 2020, all Councils will be funded by 100% retention of the business rates that they collect. The hike in business rates alone could lead to the average room rate for short breaks, holidays and business trips in England rising by £5 per night on average, warn experts. A detailed analysis from CVS shows that new Rateable Values across the hotel sector in England have increased by £315.69million.

Their analysis shows that the 6,764 hotels liable for rates in England had a combined Rateable Value of £1.34billion based on the last property assessment in 2010, which has formed the basis of rates bills for the last 7 years, but this has increased by 23.32% to £1.66billion. As a result, CVS project that the amount payable under the new Rateable Values averaged out over the next 5 years across the hotel sector represents a £159.62million per year increase in tax. Hotels in England previously paid between them £681.18million in rates for 2016/17, which is set to increase over the next 5 years to £840.80million per year on average, even allowing for the differing transitional relief caps and forecasted inflation. Mark Rigby, Chief Executive at CVS, said: “Rates bills are now landing on business’ doormats, and hotels in particular are becoming increasingly concerned by the level of tax increases they’re set to face in some two weeks’ time. The question is, could this lead to higher room rates, as it will be difficult for the cost to be absorbed long-term? “On the one hand, these increases are a sign that the hotel sector has been in rude health over the past seven years. However, such a drastic rises in business rates could also leave small independent owned hotels squeezed and – in severe cases – at risk of closure. “It’s disheartening to see that the budget-friendly hotels, those with a 3 star rating and which aren’t operating as part of a chain will be disproportionately affected.”

Three Cheers to Community Pubs Month THE CAMPAIGN for Real Ale (CAMRA) is celebrating Community Pubs Month this month after a huge campaign victory which will see planning protection granted for all pubs across England.

The success of the campaign follows on the heels of thousands of pub campaigners and CAMRA members nominating more than 2,000 pubs as “Assets of Community Value”, demonstrating the huge number of pubs that are considered vital community hubs to their local area. It also follows the first community pub to receive CAMRA’s Pub of the Year Award. Just last month the George & Dragon in Yorkshire, which provides a library, local shop and community allotments, pitted other well loved pubs to the post in the highly contested national competition.

MAJIsign - Design, Print, Manufacture MAJIsign are the UK’s largest manufacturer of chalk boards, A-Boards and pub displays. MAJIsign have invested heavily recently in large format printers allowing us to digitally print direct to our wooden displays and chalk boards that we design and manufacture in-house. With a new product designer joining the

With the UK now enjoying springtime and beer gardens seeing some sunshine, CAMRA is maintaining momentum in support of community pubs across the country. Community Pubs Month, which launched on the 1st of April, is showcasing thousands of community events across Britain. Pubs are encouraged to put on charity fun days, barbeques, quizzes, live music and more, with the promotional support of hundreds of local CAMRA branches. Paul Ainsworth, Chair of CAMRA’s Pub Campaigns Group says: “Only last week, the Government confirmed that it would strengthen planning protection for all pubs across England, which was a fantastic win for all pub campaigners. “We hope that pubs across the country will raise a pint to this victory and celebrate with some fantastic events over the month of April.” team we now offer 3D design visuals & proof of concepts for our unique display products. This enables us to design and proof bespoke display products considerably quicker than constructing a prototype unit and allowing for amendments to the product design, branding requirements almost instantly. With an in-house design and print studio MAJIsign offer a full range of banners, posters and print for your premises often delivered in 3 working days. Contact us today to see what we can do to help your business on 0800 78 35 887 or email Alternatively see the advert on page 6.

April 2017

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Strike the Gold Foods Ltd, are the proud UK partners with Blue Star Foods Inc who are one of the leading crab meat producers in the world. Since the companies inception in our founder and current CEO John Keeler’s kitchen almost twenty years ago the company has still remained in the forefront in ensuring all the crabs caught are done so both ethically and sustainably.

All the crab meat imported to the UK comes from the Blue Swimming Crab caught in the estuaries caught in and around the coast of Indonesia.

Because it is a swimming crab and not a bottom feeder it tends to taste much sweeter and less gritty in taste.

We service both the retail and foodservice industry in our worldwide patented foil pouch which with pasturising at the time process enables us to offer a shelf-life of 18 months from the time of production as long as the pouch is kept refrigerated at all time.

Tel: 0800 987 5431 NOW AVAILABLE FROM:-


EI Group Plc Continues Long-Standing Support EI GROUP plc, the UK’s largest pub company, has reinforced its support for Pub is The Hub by donating a further £25,000 to the rural pubs champion. The donation supports the Community Services Fund, set up by Pub is The Hub in 2013 as a fund of last resort for rural pubs who want to diversify their business. Grants of up to £3,000 as well as advice and hands-on support are available to help pubs provide new local services. Simon Townsend, Chief Executive Officer at Ei Group plc, said: “We are proud to be a founding supporter of Pub is The Hub which recognises the vitally important role pubs play in communities across the UK. Having backed such an important initiative since 2005, this latest donation means our total contribution to Pub is The Hub now stands at £220,000. We hope this can be used to fund future projects that will help make pubs the centre of their local communities.”

April 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

John Longden, Chief Executive at Pub is The Hub added: “This long-term commitment from an industry partner is vital to maintain the increasing level of activity for our organisation and we are enormously grateful to Ei Group plc for their belief in our objectives. “Slowly but surely service providers are beginning to realise the value of pubs is much more than the provision of food, drink and entertainment and that they are critical in enhancing essential public services, local activities and community wellbeing.” The largely voluntary organisation is run without any guaranteed long-term funding and relies upon annual donations from the hospitality and rural services sectors as well as grant funding from national and local government, the Prince’s Countryside Fund and the Big Lottery. All of the advisors are part-time and the organisation exists on goodwill and support from a wide variety of sources.

Brexit Could Put the Fizz into UK Wine Industry

THE UK’S wine industry could be in line for a major boost if the cost of importing wine from the EU rockets post-Brexit, according to an expert from the University of Northampton. Drinks industry specialist, Simon Wragg, has speculated on the likely impact of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union – and it makes potentially good reading for British wine producers. “The UK is a huge importer of wine from EU countries,” said Simon, who lectures in marketing. “A Doomsday scenario could see the UK introduce trade tariffs on EU wine, which would push up the price of a bottle significantly for UK consumers. “This could be disastrous for France, Italy, Spain, Germany and other EU producers. Some EU suppliers are already vulnerable to a decline in trade, due to poor weather conditions, so to have barriers put up could pile on the pressure among some European growers. “This situation could, of course, favour the UK’s own wine-producers, who might look to increase their domestic market share in UK supermarkets, filling up empty shelf space created due to the scarcity of imported EU wine.” If reciprocal trade barriers were put in place by the EU, Simon believes that might present a great opportunity for the UK to expand beyond its domestic market. He said: “Realistically, we are never going to be major exporters of wine to the established wine-making EU nations. But, there may be an opportunity to sign trade deals with non-EU countries, for example the USA, Japan and China, which has an increasing thirst for wine.” The weakening of the pound has already hit UK consumers of EU wine in the pocket, with an increased cost in importing forcing some retailers, including online seller Naked Wines, to mark up prices by nearly five per cent on

many of its wines. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association had already warned the UK consumer might have to pay an extra 29p on average for a bottle of EU-produced wine, as costs are passed on. “Throw in the possibility of the reintroduction of duty free regulations, which will put an end to people filling up their car boots on booze cruises to the continent, and the UK could be in a very interesting position post-Brexit for domestic wine producers to increase their market share and evaluate opportunities for their product,” said Simon. The predictions have been welcomed by Julia Bennett, who runs Brynne Vineyard with her husband Mark in the village of Brixworth, five miles north of Northampton. “You can buy a bottle of EU wine for £3 or £4 a bottle from Lidl and I can’t make it for that price, let alone sell it for that,” said Julia. “If the price of EU wine were to increase significantly, it would be good news for us domestic producers, as we might finally have the competitive edge. “Despite UK wine generally costing more than EU supermarket wine, we are finding there is a growing demand for locally produced, good quality food and drink. People like to know where their produce comes from, and make a conscious effort to support local businesses. “Some people still think of English wine as the stuff our dads made at home in the 1970s and 80s, but when they taste our wine they can’t believe how good it is. “English wine’s reputation is growing, and hopefully the situation with Brexit will play into our hands.” Simon agrees. He said: “Our strength currently lies in sparkling wine. We give the French a real run for their money, with UK wines winning a number of prestigious international awards recently, consistently beating French Champagne in blind tasting competitions. So we have a brilliant product to export.”

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

April 2017

The Third Wave of Restaurant Tech Disruption by Ritam Gandhi, Founder of Studio Graphene IT’S HARD to be a business in any sector today without being told you’re about to be disrupted, if you haven’t already been disrupted yet. The hospitality industry especially, has seen major change in recent years through businesses like AirBnB, Deliveroo and Uber. The pace of disruption is a result of consumer demands for convenience and value and the maturity of the internet. None of these factors look set to subside. Some businesses in the hospitality sector are reacting better to the pace of change than others. It’s time the independent sector embraced the technology that’s becoming meat and drink to its multioutlet competitors. However, it’s true that dining has experienced less disruption than other areas of the hospitality sector. Why? Firstly, the restaurant cannot exist online. Dining is product based – I want good food – and experiential – I want to feel good whilst eating this food. Quality of experience is central to a good dining experience. Technology is often seen as something that tarnishes the restaurant experience essence as tech-free, engaging, authentic and sensory. This is seen through the increasing prevalence of ‘phone-free dining’. The challenge is, therefore, the ability to introduce innovative, disruptive models into the restaurant world without tainting the sanctity of the experience. Despite the tech-free = nuisance-free perspective on dining, the industry is no stranger to technological innovation. Technology has continually been used to improve dining services. Early technological disruption in restaurants focused on managing inventory and staff, such as tills that could tell the kitchen what had just been ordered. This was the first phase of technological disruption: Restaurant Management Technology. The second phase of technological disruption focused on

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CCR SYSTEMS have been supplying, installing and maintaining Retail and Hospitality EPOS systems for over 34 years. We are an ISO-9001 registered company with a diamond award for customer satisfaction. Our Powersuite software package that includes Total Control Premier/Stock, Instant Loyalty and Drilldown is the ideal package for all

diner and convenience. Diner Convenience Technology, like digital ordering kiosks and menu boards, made getting a table at the restaurant you want to eat at easier. The importance of convenience and independence has led to digital reinvention in the hospitality industry in recent years. The newest consumer desire is for hyper-personalisation. The dining industry is now entering the third phase of technological disruption: Diner Experience Technology. Diner Experience Technology allows consumers to order and customise meals according to nutritional and dietary needs. They can be the chef. They can experience making and shaping meals for themselves or enjoy wait-free booking, ordering and payment prior to their arrival. The independent restaurant VitaMojo, based in Spitalfields in London, is one such example. They have implemented a web and app system that allows total meal customisation and cashless eating. This means customers have a plate filled with only ingredients they enjoy. No more frustration for the chef or the diner in taking away or adding ingredients. But what if you pride yourself on defining the customer experience for them? What if Chef knows best? Your target customer may not want to micro manage their meal. That doesn’t mean the previous waves of technological advance need be ignored too. Technology allows independents to compete in three ways: it improves your efficiency, it creates convenience for your customer and it makes you accessible. Everyone is happy. Whether taking cashless card payments through iZettle or Paypal, allowing online booking through OpenTable or opening delivery operations through UberEats or Deliveroo, technology is more convenient for your customer and makes your business accessible. Interacting with these online platforms increases public awareness of your restaurant and this can be multiplied by being accessible online. Keeping your details on Google Business Listing up to date and prompting customers to review on platforms like TripAdvisor ensures you will show more on local searches. All this can then be topped off with a basic web presence created through Squarespace or Wix. Tech should be tailored to the needs of your independent outlet, not ignored as ‘not for us’. Customer participation, from booking a table online to getting your waiter’s attention, will lead to greater customer connection to your business, and a connected customer is more likely to come dine again. types of Hospitality & Retail outlets. Our hardware is a choice of top of the range touch screen terminals from selected quality manufacturers. The ORDERMAN Restaurant table ordering system is without doubt the best of it's kind, utilising the latest Oderman 7 hand held terminal and Kitchen Monitors or printers. Have a look at our web site on '' and view the ORDERMAN video. We also cater for the client that needs a low cost system that easily compares with the box shifters. Please contact GEORGE GUNNERY on 0151-644 8296 for a quotation for your establishment, or email to:

Looking to Recruit? - Swipe Away the Hiring Costs REDUCING TRADITIONAL barriers, GIG is a mobile app marketplace that matches businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors with quality staff looking for shift based work. Whether you are in need of an extra pair of hands or are trying to manage seasonal demand, GIG’s mobile technology is helping to create a truly ondemand service whilst providing greater transparency around costs and potential staff. By removing the unnecessary

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middle-man process and connecting both parties directly, GIG empowers businesses and workers to make their own decisions about who to hire and where when they want to work. For those businesses who are not tech savvy, GIG also offers a Premium account management service so help is always at hand. Download the app today on IOS or Android. and join the GIG revolution! - Online Booking & Marketing Made Easy was started a little over two years ago as a bespoke table booking system for a small chain of three London pubs. Over time, we spoke more to our other hospitality clients and it soon emerged that the existing table bookings services were very costly and grabbing at both the consumer and B2B ends of the market. Now is being brought to market aimed primarily at independent restaurants and gastro pubs. As well as being affordable to even the smallest of venues, there’s no set-up fees, booking fees or restrictions on booking numbers.

The table booking aspect is only half the story as each subscription comes with one email campaign per month, not an off-the-shelf template but a custom designed, managed and reported campaign tailored to the venue’s needs, all for £50 per month. “We want to provide a complete online marketing service to our users and help them engage with their customers” Unlike some other providers, has no intention of becoming a consumer facing brand and exists purely to help businesses who might not have time or resource to communicate with their customers digitally. Forfurther information please call 0845 527 0409, email visit

An EPoS System That Means You're Always Top-Table ECTouch is one of the leading epos software widely used in UK and abroad with over 4000 licences in use in all types of trade. Online ordering, cloud based back office, kitchen video, Resident Pro Hotel link, YESPAY and Paymentsense chip and pin link, customer and advertising display, SMS messaging, caller id with maps and address finder, multi branch back office software and many more features are all easily accessible with ECTouch. “We have a little something for everyone here. Our customers tell us what keeps them coming back is our attentive service and good quality food.” Says the Aggie Georgio, the owner of Genzo Restaurant in the heart of North London. “I was instantly won over!

Everything was ‘we can do that for you’ – and within minutes of using a demo of their ECTouch EPoS software, I had purchased their system with full confidence. Reza and his team took their time listening to understand my business and really identified with my management priorities.” Now a longstanding user of the unique ECTouch EPoS software, Aggie is pleased to have 3 till systems, each utilising ECTouch. “ECTouch was installed swiftly and smoothly by EPoS Company. They were very patient and helpful with training, so now I am able to make changes to menu items myself”. Now with ECTouch you can send EReceipts and all reports sent to any email addresses you wish, as well as a brand new APP for online ordering integrated with ECTouch. For further information call Epos Company on 020 8446 0320, email: or visit


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New Research Reveals Hotel Guests Would Industry Presents Plans to Avoid Recruitment Crisis Post-Brexit Swap Personal Service For Better Tech ARE THE days of old fashioned hospitality numbered? New research reveals that 10% of Britons think so, as they would be willing to sacrifice personal service completely in exchange for better technology while just one third of Brits value human connection more than a digital one. The results come from a survey of 2,000 UK guests which looked at their hotel expectations and spending habits, undertaken by purchasing company, Beacon. Half of those surveyed said a hotel’s technology capabilities were now just as important as service from staff while regionally, Wolverhampton had the highest amount of respondents prepared to take technology over personal service with 33%. At the other end of the scale it was the 25 to 34 year olds who valued personal service the most with 45% of those questioned valuing human interaction more than technology in hotels. Perhaps surprisingly it was not the millennial generation who topped the charts for better technology, it was the 35 to 44 year old age group who were most in favour of swapping personal service for technology (13%), compared to just 7% of 18 to 24 year olds.

Paul Connelly, Beacon Managing Director, said: “We work with over 2,000 companies in the hospitality industry to help them provide a better service to their hotel guests and more efficient technology solutions. Whilst we’re of course in favour of innovation in this market and adapting to meet the needs of the modern hotel guest, we also work with our customers to support them in providing excellent customer service. If self-service and technology is starting to be valued higher than staff and personal service then it could mark the start of a significant change for the hospitality industry.” Other insights from the research showed that when it came to what is in the hotel room, over a quarter of respondents (26%) said they now expect a smart TV with the ability to stream video as standard, while 54% expect at least a 42” screen and plenty of plug sockets for their chargeable devices – 2% of Brits bring five or more along for a weekend away! With so much technology becoming part of a standard stay perhaps it is not surprising that 25% also admitted to not getting a good night’s sleep at a hotel, which gets worse if you are female with 30% saying they struggled to sleep well. The generation that slept the best were the 55 plus with 46% not having a problem at bedtime.

Joe Delucci’s Adds Flavour To Tesco And Klondyke Stores LEADING AUTHENTIC Italian gelato brand, Joe Delucci’s, is celebrating after announcing two new flavours on sale in Tesco and a new contract to supply Klondyke and Strikes Garden Centres. The Warwickshire based business, which imports traditionally made gelato from Turin, Italy, will now be selling 500ml tubs of its popular vanilla and strawberries & cream flavours throughout Tesco stores nationwide. The two new flavours will sit alongside its bestselling coconut gelato and replace the tubs of crème caramel and chocolate hazelnut that were previously on sale. This continues the brand’s existing agreement to sell a trio of flavours through the grocery giant. As well as introducing new flavours into the grocery trade, Joe Delucci’s is also expanding its reach in the retail and wholesale trades. With around 20 Joe Delucci’s gelato kiosks currently in operation in high footfall shopping centres across the UK, the brand has, through its partnership with delivered wholesaler Bidvest Foodservice, agreed kiosks, selling up to 10 best-selling flavours, in six Klondyke and Strikes Garden Centres, the first of which, High Legh Garden Centre near Knutsford, opened on March 25. In addition to the kiosks, 120ml tubs of Joe Delucci’s vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coconut and mango gelato will go on sale

across the full portfolio of Klondyke and Strikes Garden Centres, from May 2017, with 500ml tubs of vanilla, strawberries & cream and coconut also set to go on sale. Richard Pierce, CEO of Joe Delucci’s, commented: “Our ongoing relationship with Tesco to sell some of our best-selling gelato flavours, along with our new contract to retail gelato through Klondyke and Strikes Garden Centres are both testament to how much the UK loves gelato. “The desire for authentic, Italian gelato continues to grow, which has always been our mission at Joe Delucci’s – to introduce and deliver this delicious dessert to as many of the UK public as possible. We look forward to introducing more people to Joe Delucci’s gelato through these new deals.” Joe Delucci’s Coconut, Vanilla and Strawberries and Cream flavours are currently being rolled out to selected Tesco stores throughout the UK, with the tubs set for Klondyke and Strikes set to follow from May. Joe Delucci’s gelato is suitable for vegetarians and is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Most flavours are gluten free*, with non-dairy and vegan options available. For more information on Joe Delucci’s, visit:, follow Joe Delucci’s on Twitter: @JoeDeluccis and ‘like’ the Facebook page: Joe Delucci’s Ltd. *All flavours except tiramisu and cookies & cream are gluten free.

HOSPITALITY BECAME the first major UK industry to present a plan to reduce its dependence on EU workers. At the same time the British Hospitality Association, the leading industry body, has published a report which says that without future EU migration the hospitality sector faces a recruitment crisis, with upwards of 60,000 workers per year needed in addition to the ongoing recruitment of 200,000 workers required to replace churn and to power growth. The KPMG report says that hospitality and tourism will be affected by restrictions to EU migration more than any other sector. The BHA has sent the Government an outline 10 year strategy for recruiting a substantially higher proportion of its workforce from the UK but it stresses that it will need continued, but declining, access to the EU workforce over that time. The strategy focuses on three main sections of the populations – the unemployed, returners to the labour market such as older people, and the next generation. This includes using Premier League clubs as centres for running job fairs under the name The Big Hospitality Conversation. These have already been held successfully at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium, Tottenham’s White Hart Lane and elsewhere. The immigration report, Labour Migration in the Hospitality Sector, click here to read online, commissioned by the BHA from KPMG, points out that the hospitality sector is “highly reliant” on EU national workers, with up to 24 per cent of the sector’s workforce made up of EU migrants.

It says that the labour shortfall 10 years after Brexit would be 1 million if EU migration fell to zero from 2019. The research for this report focuses on hospitality where currently 3 million people are employed. The BHA also represents tourism and estimates that there are 4.5 million workers employed across hospitality and tourism as a whole, the fourth largest industry in the UK contributing 10 per cent of GDP. The report points out that when taking both hospitality and tourism together, the recruitment gap would be even greater. The KPMG report says that 75 per cent of waiters and waitresses, 25 per cent of chefs and 37 per cent of housekeeping staff are from the EU. Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the British Hospitality Association, said: “It is clear from the KPMG report that hospitality and tourism face major problems in recruitment if there is any major cut in the number of workers allowed to enter from the EU. We want to avoid there being any cliff edge but the Government must be aware that in the medium to long term we will still need considerable numbers of EU workers, who have contributed so much to our industry and the UK economy in general. “We have submitted our strategy to Number 10 Downing Street because we are aware of our responsibility to encourage more UK nationals to see the career opportunities available in hospitality and tourism. We do need the Government to play their part too, by recognising our employment needs and recognising how important this industry, the fourth largest, is to the country. We also look forward to working with the Department for Work and Pensions and Department for Education to implement our strategy as well as the Business Department.”

Lyco Assists In Reducing Energy Consumption Across Malmaison and Hotel Du Vin Group SPECIALIST LIGHTING company Lyco was commissioned to reduce energy consumption across the entire Malmaison and Hotel Du Vin estate by replacing all existing light bulbs with LED alternatives. The hotel group owns 31 unique hotels throughout the UK, many of which are old, historical buildings, requiring a tailored solution for each site. Lyco surveyed all of the sites, taking into account the individual nature of each building, and carrying out rigorous analysis to ensure that the most appropriate lighting solutions were used for illuminating specific areas. And, where necessary, bespoke components were sourced to complement the unique style of each hotel. The recommended LED light bulbs had to meet stringent lighting objec-

tives for each space, whilst still being sympathetic to the bespoke nature of the individual properties. Currently in its second phase of installation, the Malmaison and Hotel Du Vin Group expects to see immediate energy consumption reductions resulting in a lower environmental impact and cost savings. Speaking about the project, Ray Begley, Group Maintenance Manager said, “For over 10 years, the team at Lyco have helped us with our lighting needs in every way. From helping us to easily convert our leading hotels to LEDs (and then to quickly realise significant cost savings), through to providing technical guidance and support to our maintenance teams, Lyco’s service, expertise and stock availability have been second to none." For further information about Lyco visit

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Budget Already Hitting Plans Unveiled for Beer Day Britain 2017 Restaurants and Bars Hard MEASURES IN the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Spring Budget are hitting restaurants and bars hard as they struggle to cope with rising costs, according to the Regency Purchasing Group. The increase in duty on beer, cider, wines and spirits could prove a fatal blow for some restaurants and bars, who are facing rising costs this year, according to Regency. Managing Director Alex Demetriou said: “We are going into a year with food inflation at an eight year high as a result of poor harvests and increased exchange rates. That has put real pressure on the hospitality trade. “With business rates increasing, minimum wage legislation coming into force in April and the cost of pensions and Insurance Premium Tax increasing in June, restaurateurs and pub owners were already facing a difficult task of balancing their books.

“I am very surprised that the Chancellor has chosen to go ahead with the planned increase in duty on beer, cider, wines and spirits at this time. The reality is that most operators will have no choice but to pass the extra costs on to the customers and many restaurants and pubs will struggle to stay afloat. “Although we are seeing a lot of restaurant openings and pub refurbishments we are also seeing a lot of closures and people cutting back. We are able to offset many of the increases to our members because we continue to add more volume to the group and therefore increase the buying power. This is more important now than ever before. “The hospitality and leisure trade pays more than its fair share in to the public purse through a variety of taxes. Closures will mean less money for the Government in the long run and we do not feel the Chancellor has got the balance right.”

Storm Brewing – Brits Face Price Hike on Favourite Hot Drinks

BRITISH TEA and coffee drinkers could be paying more for their daily cup very soon as supply problems continue to impact their availability.

The problems come as new research from Beacon reveals, that 65% of Britons would not be willing to pay more than £2.99 for a cup, which would impact tea and coffee shops across the country considering passing the increased trade cost to their customers. The coffee market has seen a 4.9% year on year increase in pricing due to demand outstripping supply while droughts in Kenya have also heavily impacted the tea market, according to recent CGA data. Paul Connelly, Beacon MD, commented: “The tea and coffee market has seen a lot of fluctuation recently, with weather conditions and the political climate having a major impact on price. The trend for drinks with an American and Australian influence has changed the hot drinks market completely, with consumers now spoilt for choice when they enter a coffee shop. From our research, we know that there continues to be huge demand for these speciality drinks, which is driving growth in the category, however it’s also placing strain on supply that inevitably leads to price increases. It’s hard to predict what this market will bring over the

coming months, however with significant price increases on the horizon, it’s likely that coffee lovers may soon have to cut back on the caffeine if they want to cut back on the costs.” Recent consumer research by Beacon highlighted the significance of the tea and coffee market among consumers in the UK. 75% of those surveyed said tea or coffee was their first drink of the day – compared to just 8% who opt for juice. Of those almost 40% said they would order a speciality tea or coffee at least once a week – with 7% purchasing them on a daily basis – equating to an estimated weekly spend of £53.9m across the UK. Interestingly, 65% of drinkers said they wouldn’t be willing to pay over £2.99 for a speciality drink which, with the average price for a cup of coffee at Starbucks currently around £3, the price increase could leave drinkers much less caffeinated than usual. Other findings from the research showed that when it comes to the drink order, whilst English breakfast continues to reign supreme, over a third of consumers prefer drinks such as flat white, herbal tea, cappuccino or latte, to a standard tea or coffee. A recent report from Tetley also showed the importance of the tea market to the UK economy, with this category contributing around £3.4bn in out-of-home sales in 2016.

BEER DAY Britain 2017 has been launched with plans to celebrate the nations favourite alcoholic drink across a four-day festival in June. The festival will start with a ‘cheers to beer’ toast across the country at 7pm on Thursday 15th June and run through to include Father’s Day on Sunday 18th. Beer sommelier Jane Peyton, who initiated Beer Day Britain, said “This is the third year that the industry will come together to mark Beer Day Britain and by extending the occasion over the weekend we hope that more people will be able to get involved and enjoy the diversity that British beer provides.” Peyton has teamed up with industry campaign There’s A Beer For That to develop the programme, with retailers being encouraged to follow the Beer Day Britain celebrations on Thursday with events such as beer and food pairing event on Friday, family fun day and barbecue on Saturday and a focus on Dad for Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June. Neil Gannon, Marketing lead for There’s A Beer For That added “Celebrating Beer Day Britain offers a great opportunity to raise awareness of the quality, diversity and versatility of beer with a real potential to increase sales and profit. We have therefore developed a Beer Day Britain kit for purchase that builds on

the ‘cheers to beer’ theme and includes posters, tent cards and t-shirts. This will provide additional retailer support over and above the existing point of sale we offer free of charge, including guides to beer styles and beer and food matching, dripmats and beer festival kits. These will help licensees activate activity such as beer festivals and beer club live and we’re thrilled that a number of pub groups including Punch, Fullers, ei group and Shepherd Neame have already committed to get behind Beer Day Britain by running events in their pubs.” “I’m excited to be working with There’s A Beer For That” concluded Jane Peyton “and encouraged by the response and commitment we’ve already had from individual licensees and pub groups. Celebrating Beer Day Britain with the option to dip into a four day festival provides a reason for people to visit their local pub and we want as many operators as possible to join in with the celebrations. We know that several brewers are also planning to celebrate with new brews or long weekend events and some beer shops are participating too, so don’t miss out – get the date in your diary and start planning now.” Full details of Beer Day Britain can be found at and anyone wanting further information about the point of sale availability should contact Jason Agar at or 0203 418 8000 by Thursday 13th April.

Obesity Solutions Need Not Burden Operators THE ALMR has renewed its message that licensed hospitality is keen to help tackle childhood obesity, but warned about the introduction of measures that could stifle trade and increase burdens for employers. The House of Commons Select Committee has published its report into childhood obesity making a number of recommendations including changes to legislation to include health as a planning consideration. The report also makes a number of other recommendations on portion sizes, promotions and the soft drinks levy. ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The licensed hospitality sector is ready and willing to work alongside the Government to tackle childhood obesity, but we are wary about the introduction of legislative burdens that could restrict trade and increase financial pressure on businesses. “Of particular concern is the recommendation that health be included as a planning consideration for local authorities.

The ALMR has always reiterated the point that, for the vast majority of customers, eating out-of-home in pubs and restaurants is an occasional treat. Without transparent guidance on how future health-based planning decisions are made, pubs and restaurants could find themselves the victim of a policy that is intended to tackle unhealthy habits in children – a section of the populace that does not frequent those venues. “Other recommendations such as a cap on portion sizes have the potential to be onerous and unworkable for businesses already working hard to provide healthier options and alternatives for customers. “The ALMR has met with Public Health England on multiple occasions to help deliver workable solutions and we will continue to work closely with both local and national authorities. The sector is already working hard to promote healthier attitudes to food and is ready to do even more; but we must avoid the blanket imposition of vague and unworkable measures that undermine businesses without delivering on the scheme’s aims for children.

Longo & Co provides you with high quality, easy to use, long life, low cost refrigeration equipment. We supply a wide range of food processing equipment including soft serve ice cream machines, frozen yogurt machines, slush machines, juice dispensers, as well as supporting products such as ice cream mix and much more!

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April 2017

New Analysis Reveals Significant Problems The Trout Hotel in Cumbria Lands AA National Awards with Kitchen Waste Disposal Across the UK HOT ON the heels of its recent VisitEngland Gold Award, the Trout Hotel in Cockermouth has landed another two nationally acclaimed awards.

RESTAURANTS ARE being urged to update their facilities and procedures for disposing of fats and oils, following analysis by drainage specialists Lanes Group.

always easy to dispose of these remnants in the suitable way. “This is why there needs to be training and investment from food outlets to ensure they have the facilities necessary to prevent drain blockages and ensure cooking ingredients and leftovers are disposed of responsibly. “We work with a range of restaurant and catering businesses, including fast food outlets, large pub chains and specialty restaurants, and a key part of the work we do is educate staff at all levels regarding what is suitable to go down drains. Tactics such as improved signage around the kitchen and bathroom facilities are just small improvements businesses can make to help reduce drain blockages.” For Scottish hospitality businesses, there will be larger repercussions for cutting corners than the inconvenience of a blocked drain when it comes to waste disposal. Further to the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2016, a ban on disposing of food waste to the public sewer, including solid waste from grease traps and through macerators, has been imposed on all hospitality businesses throughout Scotland as of January 1st 2016. Failure to adhere to the new rules could lead to fines of up to £10,000. This new legislation has already led to prosecutions, with a restaurant in Codsall receiving a fine for £5,495 for repeatedly blocking sewers through incorrectly disposing of cooking oil and fat from its kitchen. For more information on what restaurants and catering establishments can be doing to improve their drainage practices, visit: prevent-oil-fat-blocking-drains/.

The study, undertaken among drainage engineers from across the country, shows a significant problem with blockages and poor disposal practices leading to callouts to industrial kitchens. Incorrectly disposing of fat and oil by pouring it down drains was the most common reason drain engineers were called out to restaurants and catering outlets, the research identified. Other common drain blockage problems included food remnants getting into drainage systems and customers flushing unsuitable items. Many of the engineers surveyed said lack of staff knowledge about what should not be put down drains, a lack of facilities to properly dispose of cooking oil and fats, and staff cutting corners when it comes to scraping food, fats and oils off crockery were among the key causes of drainage issues. The consequences of incorrectly disposing of waste not only affect businesses but also the wider utilities network. Sending out teams to deal with drainage and sewer issues caused solely by blockages costs Thames Water over £1 million a month. Michelle Ringland, head of marketing at Lanes Group, said: “We understand that restaurants and catering businesses are often dealing with a huge amount of fat, oil and food scraps every day, and that it isn’t

New Room Only Hotel In Hackney Installs Laundry Equipment From Armstrong THE NEW KIP Hotel in Hackney offers affordable room only accommodation in the heart of one of London’s most vibrant areas. With a total of 105 rooms, nearly all of which are en suite, the hotel offers a really wide range of accommodation options including small single internal rooms sharing a bathroom, studios with kingsize bed, sofa bed and kitchen, bunk bedded multi-occupancy rooms and family rooms with king size beds and bunks. Mike Baxter, whose concept the hotel is, told us that with that number of rooms he made the decision that the bulk of the laundry would be sent out. However, he wanted an on premises laundry as back up to make sure that nothing runs out with the rapid turnover of rooms. He brought in Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems who installed a 14kg Amazon free standing high spin washer and a Huebsch Loadstar tumble dryer. “Despite the bulk of the laundry going out, the Armstrong

equipment is in daily use, operated by the housekeeping team and the porters. Having it there means we can be confident of always being able to meet the demand for clean laundry, particularly towels, and meet the expectations of our clients who demand high standards despite the very reasonable rates we charge. We are very pleased with the equipment and Armstrong’s service.” With excellent transport links to the Olympic Park and the West End, the hotel does attract a lot of tourist business. But many of its clients come from the young, creative and tech businesses that are thriving in the Hackney, Hoxton and Shoreditch areas. “We get a lot of people in the modelling, film and photographic worlds together with people involved in music events. All our rooms have air con, free wifi and smart TV so those who need to can carry on working in their rooms.” For further information contact Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems, Ampere Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2AE Tel: 01635 263410 E: Website:

• Hygienic Wall Cladding & Ceiling Systems • Available in White & 10 new exciting colours • Complemented by colour coded matching trims

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The Crown Street hotel has been awarded both an AA Four Silver Star rating and an AA Rosette for food, in quick succession. Sue Eccles, Managing Director of the Trout Hotel, said: “It is absolutely fantastic to be recognised once again by a body as prestigious as the AA and to do so off the back of the VisitEngland award is remarkable. It really is a team effort here and the commitment our restaurant, kitchen and hotel staff have shown to providing top quality service has shone through yet again.”

The long established AA Rosette scheme, aims to recognise high quality cooking across the UK, with only about 10% of all restaurants in Britain, being of a standard worthy of earning a rosette. The AA’s Silver Stars denote only the highest recommended hotels in Britain. Silver Star hotels like the Trout are recognised and commended for offering a superior level of quality and high standards of hotel keeping, service and cleanliness. In addition, The Trout has also been featured in The Caterer magazine’s ‘The Top 30 Best Places to Work in Hospitality 2017’. The revered industry magazine lists 30 hospitality employers that are at the top of their game, that never ignore staff welfare, that showcase excellent staff engagement and retention and that offer a positive working environment.

Hughes Trade Is A Supplier Of Electrical Products To Business Huge company stocks of a wide range of products including television, audio and kitchen appliances. Installation options in certain geographic areas. Specialists in our field. Appliance provider to the London Games and vision provider to the Commonwealth Games. Substantial dealer for commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment in the Midlands and South East. Authorised Miele Professional Partner and main dealer. Provider of hotel television systems and custom installations such as movie rooms. Business Rental department providing screens and appliances to holiday parks, hotels, housing associations, care sector and general business. Provider of route circuit

All White Linens Ltd

ALL WHITE Linens Ltd is a family run business based in the old textile capital of the world Lancashire. We supply quality bed and bath linens around the globe from our premises in Bury. Quality bedding from 140 to 800 thread count and towels from budget 400gsm to boutique pima cotton 800gsm. Bathrobes in a wide range of qualities and slippers to match including smaller sizes for the younger ones. We stock everything you need for your hotel from electrical accessories to premium duvet and pillows, bed runners with matching cushions. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose

laundry operations. Fifty specialist team members in multiple branches each with experienced account handlers, full business facilities including fully computerised 30 day accounts and 24h online ordering via our website. For further information speak to your local branch or the Norwich central office. We are the B2B department of a large and long established independent family owned electrical retail business – registered in England 00695682. We want your business and won’t let you down – your orders are in safe hands. For further information please call 01603 750444, email or visit Alternatively see the advert on page 13. the right products to suit your requirements. We supply from our extensive range of stock in the UK but we can also produce bespoke items should you need something special. With over 30 years experience of supplying and sourcing quality linens for the bedroom and bathroom in 100% pure white cotton, blended yarns and synthetic fibre textiles. All our products are manufactured to stand the test of time for hospitality, hotels, guest,houses, laundries, prisons, hospitals, cruise ships, holiday homes, caravans, canal boats, nursing homes and the home. We have been supplying many of the largest worldwide hotels with our products for many years which is testimony that are hotel linens are produced to the high quality standards they demand. All items available for quick delivery. We don't inflate our prices and offer free delivery, Call 0161 637 4240 visit see our advert on page 8

Outdoor Leisure

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The Great Outdoors - It’s That Time of Year

WE BRITISH are doing our best to catch up with our continental neighbours when it comes to dining and leisure outdoors. Unlike the continentals, we don't, or rather didn’t have a habit of eating al fresco due to our usually inclement weather. In the summer in Italy, France, Spain, it is possible to spend hours in small, picturesque, cobbled, vehicle-free squares eating and drinking to your heart's content, for them it is a way of life. For us however in the past it has been a rarity to be savoured. However, the days are getting longer, and, fingers crossed, warmer weather is just around the corner, so if you’ve got space outdoors, and are not making use of it then you may want to cash in on the growing British love affair with alfresco dining, or you may simply wish to upgrade your existing facilities Good weather traditionally favours operators with outside dining areas and market research reveals that food sales often soar when the sun comes out, in fact, in 2015 the UK was Europe's leading BBQ nation, hosting over 130 million “Barbi's” and beating the Germans into 2nd place for the fifth time! In 2016, HGEM (formerly HospitalityGEM) completed an extensive survey to determine exactly what the guest wants when eating or drinking outside. Perhaps the greatest incentive for operators keen to develop their outdoor eating experience is the news that a huge 79 per cent of respondents would increase their dwell time if table service was available outside. However this service must be efficient, as 48 per cent of people said that slow or poor service most puts them off from eating outside. Lunch is the most popular meal for al fresco dining, with the majority of customers stating they would choose to eat two courses. In terms of facilities, 39 per cent would expect a pub to offer a children’s play area as part of its outdoor experience, while a considerable 32 per cent would like music played through speakers. This is a desire particularly prevalent in those aged 18-35, as they are three times more likely to want music from speakers than those aged 36+ (39.8 per cent compared to 13.09 per cent). And comfort is key too, with heating, shelter from the wind and garden umbrellas all expected as basic facilities for a pub with outside eating. Operators should also consider separate eating areas for smokers and nonsmokers, with respondents to the survey commenting: “I really hate how smokers think they own the outdoor area – it’s the main reason I don’t eat outdoors!” and “Smokers are the biggest issue with eating outside.” Finally, it’s worth exploring the technological options available to assist

with an outdoor dining experience, as 37 per cent of customers said they would be more inclined to dine al fresco if they could communicate with serving staff via an app on their phone. This figure increases to 45 per cent amongst men, and 53 per cent for the 18-25 age group. Steven Pike, MD of HGEM, said: “The summer season is hugely important for any pub operator and there are real opportunities to maximise sales by getting the al fresco dining experience right. It’s easy to neglect this area but operators may find opportunities in focussing similar attention on its appearance and facilities as they do on the inside of a site. “Rather than stretch your team across both areas, and neglect customers as a consequence, make sure you have enough staff on to cover outside as well as inside. This will ensure that all guests feel valued and give team members the opportunity to create a memorable experience that will lead to positive word-of-mouth and repeat visits.” So as the holiday market trend grows, and the trend for alfresco dining grows, we have a “marriage made in heaven”. So for those keen to improve their al fresco dining experience, here are

HGEM’S TOP TIPS: 1. First impressions count Your outside space is often the area that guests see first when they first arrive at an establishment, so make sure yours is top notch. The space should be a priority during morning set up and make sure the team doesn't forget about it during the day; no one is going to be enticed into coming in by empty tables piled high with dirty dishes and empty glasses.

2. Consider the audience of those using the outside area Our research shows that 42 per cent of families with children will use an outdoor space. Al fresco dining is popular with families as children are able to move around more freely and make more noise than is normally accepted inside. Eating out with children can be a stressful time for parents, so make sure staff are understanding and friendly, engaging with the children and demonstrating that they’re in a family friendly space. If you have a garden, it may be worth stocking games like giant Jenga to keep children entertained while parents relax.

3. Maintain your service standards Make sure you have adequate numbers of team on shift and processes in place to ensure your outside guests are not forgotten about at busy times and service continues as smoothly and efficiently as normal. It should immediately be clear to your guests whether it’s table service, or whether they need order inside – and if they do need to order inside, staff still need to be on top of check backs in case of problems. If most guests are eating al fresco, be careful not to ignore or overlook anyone sat inside. As English weather can often be unpredictable, it might be worth introducing a ‘sunshine shift’ where team members are on call if the weather is good to help with extra garden capacity

4. Keep the service consistent with your brand Our research demonstrates that people who eat outside have very similar

expectations to those who sit inside; 62 per cent would order two courses per person, directly correlating with those who choose to eat inside, while 54 per cent of respondents who not be happy with a different menu to inside. The outside area is not an afterthought but a key part of your brand be sure to treat it as such.

5. Make sure your furniture is on point Perhaps surprisingly, picnic choices are not a favourite choice when eating outside, with 72 per cent preferring dining tables over 21 per cent of people choosing picnic benches. And remember, outside furniture gets messy more quickly than that indoors - unexpected mess from birds is sure to put guests off their meal. Make sure your staff are checking the cleanliness of tables and chairs in between seating guests, as well as removing plates quickly to avoid attracting flies and wasps. You can also protect furniture through simple measures like providing plenty of ashtrays and making sure there are napkins available outside for mopping up little spills as they happen.

6. Give guests space to relax and enjoy their meal Arrange furniture with care, allowing more space than usual between the tables; al fresco diners are often accompanied by pets, or pushchairs and buggies, which take up space around tables. If you want your space to be considered pet-friendly, demonstrate this by adding water bowls and keeping them topped up throughout the day.

7. Make the most of the space you have available If it's large, consider breaking it up into different areas, perhaps one for drinking, one for eating, one for people with children near a play area, or one for smokers. If it’s small, think about what you want to focus on and how the area looks – a seasonal mural and potted plants can really brighten up an area.

8. Smokers Unfortunately smokers are a key bugbear for those eating outside, and while it’s a controversial subject, it’s definitely one you need to consider. Perhaps the easiest solution here is to divide up your space and make one section a designated smoking section.

9. Events Outside areas can be used for more than just eating from the menu. Why not hold a barbecue, an open mic session or run a local beer festival?

10. Look into the long term Remember that outside areas are not just for the summer season. Our survey found that 48 per cent would eat outside once the temperature reaches 16-18 degrees, while 13 per cent would head outside at just 13-15 degrees. Blankets, heaters and fire pits can make an outdoor area profitable throughout the year.


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April 2017

Outdoor Leisure

Be ‘King of The Grill’ With Farmstead This Summer

FARMSTEAD FROM Bidfood launches the ultimate fresh meat guide ahead of National BBQ Week (29th May – 4th June 2017) With 2017 predicted to be one of the warmest on record, the growing consumer appetite for outdoor eating is set to make National BBQ Week 2017 (29th May – 4th June) one of the biggest yet. To mark this, Farmstead from Bidfood has launched the ultimate fresh meat guide, to help caterers be masters of the BBQ this summer. With sections on poultry, beef, lamb and pork, the guide features advice on selecting the best cuts of meat to tips on seasoning. It also contains a range of aromatic and succulent grill-friendly, smoked, baked or slow-cook recipes, including Lebanese style Spatchcock

Poussin and Texan BBQ Brisket. The new guide also illustrates Farmstead’s full traceability policy and its mission to improve trust and transparency across the supply chain, giving at-a-glance ‘meet the farmer’ snapshots on some of the farms behind the range. Andy Small, Farmstead Brand Manager at Bidfood says: “It’s part of British culture to bring out the BBQ at even the first hint of sunshine, so it’s no surprise that the alfresco market is now worth more than £7.1 billion. The BBQ season is a time of year when fresh meat comes into its own and with over 300 products, the Farmstead range offers a wide selection of meat with quality, consistency, traceability and value at its core." The Farmstead fresh meat guide is available now at our-products/our-catalogues/

Plan Your Playground in Good Time for the Season IN THE middle of winter in can be hard to imagine Spring when families will be out enjoying the weather and spending time and money in your establishment. But now is the time to set in motion the plans for a new playground. Even before you choose what you would like to install please bear in mind these points; • Make sure the equipment you pick is commercial grade (European Standard EN1776) and think about what sort of safer surfacing you want to provide. • Think about its location; parents want to be able to watch their children while enjoying their lunch, but those without children may well want somewhere more tranquil. See if you can compromise here. • You may well need planning permission,

White Pavilion Hospitality Gazebos Stylish Luxury Hospitality Gazebos Giving Your Customers 20 Years Relaxing Time…at least

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• Today the Hospitality Trade has a better understanding of adding value to their customers outdoor experience. • Keeping your customers comfortable outdoors, the more time they will spend with you…. which means more money they will spend. Simples. • The TRUE cost of a WHITE PAVILION Hospitality gazebo is only the profit from ONE drink a week - because our Hospitality Gazebos will last 20 years and more. • So, no more replacement canopies or parasols or Jumbo umbrellas. Do not waste your hard earned money on stuff that doesn’t work for your business.

which is unlikely to be withheld. This last item alone could add 6 weeks or more to the process. And an appealing play area need not cost the earth – depending on the number of families you expect at any one time a budget of £4000 - £5000 all in could give a very useful and appealing addition to your site. Home Front Playgrounds offer a design and consulting service to help you get the most out of your premises. We have lots of experience in getting just the right play equipment installation – but act soon in order to take full advantage of the (hopefully) sunny weather to come. For further information, call 0845 643 2373 or visit Please quote CLH199 when calling.

COMPARE these features to anything else on the market. If you can find anything better - then buy it. • Long-Life Canopy - 20+ years • Long-Life Pressure Treated Timber • Stainless Steel Brackets & Fixings • Translucent Canopy - lets in 85% of the light • ‘Self Clean’ Canopy • 100% UV Protection • 100% Waterproof • Tested To Safely Withstand 100+ Mph Winds • 40 Colour Choices • Optional Side Screens - Infrared Heaters • Simple Self Build - can be dismantled and moved • 5 Year Guarantee To find out more you must visit our HOSPITALITY page at Call us Today on: 01653 695 285

AEL Outdoor Solutions AEL OUTDOOR Solutions specialise in creating outdoor environments for dining and socialising. We are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial furniture, giant umbrellas, awnings and structures for the alfresco market, supplying many national and independent pub companies, restaurants, bars, hotels and leisure facilities. We are able to able to build bespoke solutions at our UK factory and ultimately act as a ‘one stop shop’

Outdoor Leisure

April 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

for all exterior requirements making it easier to manage projects while saving time and money. Our products are either manufactured to order here in our own UK factory or stocked and ready for dispatch from one of our distribution hubs, with all products meeting a strict quality criteria and tested to perform under the rigours of daily commercial use. Our operational capability and stock levels ensure we can deliver on projects of any scale, from large rollouts with challenging deadlines to one off bespoke items. We also maintain a full after-sales service nationwide. Contact AEL Solutions at:Tel: 01189 230300 Email: Web:

Café Culture - Pavement Profit

WE ARE an independent supplier serving the outdoor restaurant trade with supplies for outdoor seating areas. We have some large clients including Gondola group along with many smaller cafe bars, restaurants and public houses. We design and manufacturer our own windbreaks and use the best materials available. For anyone looking long term that saves you money as you won’t be replacing cheap internet imports next season. It’s one area where it doesn’t pay to

buy budget as the continual bumps and scrapes outdoor goods receive combined with the harsh British climate really needs something tough enough for the job. We also supply Markilux awning which are some of the best made in the industry and Uhlmann parasols another top rated German brand. Bespoke goods are also a speciality with custom made menu holders, waiter stations and planters all to you requirement. If we can help you do drop a line to

Kirklees Developments Ltd Catering Equipment WITH OVER 35 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing barbecues and a variety of gas appliances with C.E approval Kirklees Developments now produce 2 sizes of hog roasters, to cook up to 200lb pigs. The 200lb pig roaster, the largest on the market, has a viewing window and wooden handles for comfort. It`s geared motor unit is 4 times the power of smaller roasters in its class. Chickens, jacket potatoes etc. can be cooked in the optional attachment & tall chefs may specify the optional adjustable carving brackets. Carving trays are also available. Our newest product is our

Decarboniser soak tank. Designed for ease of use and robustness. Fabricated from stainless steel with 150Litre usable capacity. Simply switch it on, leave your pans and grills in it overnight, take out the clean stuff in the morning. Kirklees Developments produce an extensive range of large professional catering grill & griddle barbecues including the widely respected Masterchef and Zenith ranges. The 8 burner Magnum has removable grills for easy cleaning and is most versatile due to its overall size and independently controllable burners. Tel: 01484 401134 Email: Web:

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April 2017

Outdoor Leisure

Your Outdoor Space Can Make You Money WITH ONE of our great canopies you can turn outdoor space into somewhere usable no matter the weather. The choice is vast – marquee-style with a clear roof (very funky) or a lightweight retractable. High-end rotating louver roof or fixed polycarbonate. Jumbo umbrella or garden gazebo. It is entirely up to you what you choose, however we will help with advice and options to make sure you make the most of your structure and your space.

In addition to the structure there are options for the roof and the walls – solid, retractable, clear, opaque and more. Then there are the lights, speakers and heating! For more help and information visit our website or give us a call. We are specialists in shade and shelter and we are ready to help. New for 2017, we have a new logo and new office – but the same great service. To get in touch, call 0844 561 7679 or email

Sun Protection In A Practical Double-Pack

ANYONE WHO has a large terrace requires plenty of shade. Awnings are useful in such instances. However, it is not always possible to install them on any façade without a problem. The awning specialist markilux offers an alternative with its pergola, a mix between award-winning conservatory awning and slender round posts attached to the ground, providing support and thus reducing the load on the façade. The markilux pergola scores points by providing even more shade. It is available in a double-pack with a second vertical

awning in the front profile. It can be lowered downwards to provide additional protection from blinding sun, light wind and prying eyes. This makes your stay outside even more comfortable, particularly as you can savour the warmth of the day a little longer thanks to the additional awning. A single pergola can shade up to 30 square metres from too much sun and light. It is also available with a telescopic support post to ensure safe water drainage in case of light rain. A broad range of opaque, slightly transparent or heat-regulating sun protection fabrics accentuate the modern chic of the pergola. For additional information please go to:

Exciting New Ranges From Leisurebench Ltd. For 2017 “HERE AT LeisureBench, we have been working hard to bring new products into the marketplace to further enhance the emerging trend in quality outdoor and indoor furniture.”

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Josh Wesson, General Manager: Here is a sample of some of our exciting new products available for 2017. Fibre cement furniture: 2016 saw a significant increase in the demand for rustic industrial style furniture. Our new Fibre cement range is the next generation along this theme. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, it comprises a table and bench set made from a composite material renowned for its strength and durability, with natural acacia wood legs. Fire pit tables: Fire pits have been popular for many years and this is a natural extension to this trend. Fire pit tables combine cooking and eating with the aesthetic appearance of a fire pit, added to the practicality

of a table that can be used for outdoor cooking or just relaxing. Rattan planters: Designed to complement your Rattan garden furniture and suitable for outdoor or indoor use. They are available in various colours and sizes, some of which include self watering technology. Madrid Set: Made from quality weather resistant resin in a continental style found extensively across Europe, this table and chairs set is suitable for outdoor or indoor use and benefits from the aesthetic appearance of Rattan, but with more durablity. Neptune chairs: Mix and match designer chairs are currently on-trend. Our new Neptune range comes in a variety of colours and is suitable for use outdoors or indoors. It combines the look of a designer chair but built to last due to its sturdy robust polypropylene construction. For further information visit or call 01949 862920

Outdoor Leisure

Pelmondo Outdoor Heating Solutions from Renove RENOVE BASED in Ellesmere Port have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Pelmondo outdoor heating solutions. Pelmondo invented the outdoor pellet heater over two years ago as an easy to use wood burning solution without smoke or ash. After extensive research, they introduced their first wood pellet based outdoor burner ‘The Fire Cube’ to a rave reception and since then have steadily increased their product portfolio with a number of attractive lines. For 2017 they have introduced their new ‘Fire Barrel’, an outdoor table mounted on a wine barrel with integrated burner and glass shield and the ‘Fire Table’ for sitting areas.

So why Pelmondo: 1. They are cheap to run … almost 70% less running costs than bottled gas. 2. They look great! 3. They are easy to light and to refill. 4. They are environmentally friendly with a neutral CO2 footprint. The outdoor burners are an ideal solution for Hotels and Restaurants as the owners love the look of the product and its ability to lift outdoor spaces. Customers love the natural wood flames and radiant heat from the burners. To request a catalogue contact Renove on 0151 601 9984, or send us an email on

Turn Outside Space Into Profit Every Day of the Year LIKE MANY forward thinking business owners in the hospitality industry, Mark Cassidy, owner of The Walnut Tree in Mere, Wiltshire enlisted the help of Broadview to maximise profits in his outdoor terrace. The existing outdoor space could potentially seat 45-50 covers but was only being utilised during the summer months on dry days. Frustrated with turning customers away, due to lack of tables, investing in a retracting pergola system became the obvious choice. Broadview took Mr Cassidy of the Walnut Tree through a consultation process to select the right style and model for both his needs and the aesthetics of the building. Opting for the Sunrain lean-to system with a fully retracting roof and side screens, integrated gutters and separate entrance door a new Al Fresco room was

Glassjacks Ltd

GLASSJACKS ARE pleased to announce a new range of products and an improved website ( Customers can now purchase a full range of beautiful catering quality glassware (Genware) and glassjacks together. From elegant wine glasses and champagne flutes to tumblers, beer glasses, shot glasses, carafes and water jugs. This full range of glassware complements our comprehensive range of glassware storage boxes (glassjacks).

created. Integrated roof LED spot lights and patio heaters have helped create a warm and cosy ambience for winter usage, encouraging the area to be booked as extra cover or a separate function room for private parties. On sunny days of course the area opens up fully allowing customers to still bask in the summer sun at the touch of a button. Mark said "the Sunrain system has been fantastic for us. On peak sessions we are now able to serve guests rather than turn them away and on Sundays alone it has added over £1000 to our trade as we now have a comfortable alternative to our inside areas. From start to finish the guys from Broadview were knowledgeable and professional and the work was completed on time as promised. I'd highly recommend them and the Sunrain of our best decisions by a long way.” For more information or a free design consultation appointment see phone 01202 679012 or email

If it’s just glassware storage boxes (glassjacks) you are looking for there is a new feature on our website, the “Glass Measurement Guide” where you simply insert your glass height and width to be directed straight to the glassjack you require. Our additional new products include compartment glass racks, dishwasher racks, barware and plastic glassware. Glassjacks Ltd have supplied products for over 5 years to thousands of delighted customers; from catering hire companies; race courses; hotels; bars; restaurants; golf courses; glass manufacturers; catering wholesale suppliers, event companies and many more. For your glassware storage box and glassware requirements please take a look at our new website

April 2017

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

April 2017

Five Years of National Waiters’ Day HGEM Reveals the Importance of Social NATIONAL WAITERS’ Day will take place this 16th May 2017, as the campaign, led by The Springboard Charity and Fred Sirieix, celebrates its 5th anniversary. Waiters and front of house professionals will again be racing through London’s Hyde Park and other locations across the UK, as part of a celebration and promotion of front of house roles. The day aims to showcase the dedication, skills and hard work of front of house staff, as well as the great potential for rewarding careers in the hospitality industry, which employs 2.9 million people in the UK. Alongside the waiters’ race, London’s Hyde Park event will involve activities which showcase hospitality employers and the skills needed for front of house roles. Hospitality businesses are opening their doors with careers talks and taster days, while the @WaitersDay_UK Twitter account will lead the social media campaign with the hashtag #NWD2017. Everyone can use the hashtag ahead of and on the day, whether tweeting a front of house team photo, or a photo from a National Waiters’ Day activity. Fred Sirieix, General Manager at Galvin at Windows, said: “I’m excited to once again lead the race and celebrations in Hyde Park this 16th May – to be celebrating our fifth year of National

Waiters’ Day is a wonderful milestone! It’s essential that we promote the ocean of career opportunities hospitality has to offer, celebrate the hard work of front of house professionals, and encourage more people to begin great careers in hospitality. With all the opportunities available, you can work hard and be rewarded with success – there has never been a more exciting time to join this special industry.” The aim of National Waiters’ Day is to change perceptions regarding front of house roles and highlight the rewarding career progression routes that hospitality offers. Hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses are invited to offer activities, demonstrations and challenges for prospective employees and students. Anne Pierce, Springboard’s CEO, said: “National Waiters’ Day was created to increase awareness of the range of roles available in front of house, and at the same time, to celebrate the work of the millions who work in the industry. It’s the ideal opportunity for jobseekers and businesses alike, with activities ranging from skills challenges to talks, and of course the waiters’ race!” The event is sponsored by Bunzl and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. For more information, to register a National Waiters’ Day event, or to sign up, visit:

CAMRA Celebrates Pub Planning Loophole Closure FOLLOWING A successful campaign led by the Campaign for Real Ale, the Government has announced that it will support a measure to close a planning loophole in England which has allowed pubs to be demolished or converted to a wide range of retail uses without any planning application. This has not only denied local communities a say in their beloved locals’ futures, but also made pubs a ‘soft target’ for developers, contributing to 21 net pub closures every week. The Government’s decision will bring a halt to developers exploiting loopholes and will give communities the right to have a say in the future of their pubs. The decision will not prevent the development of pubs, but will require developers to apply for planning permission to convert or demolish a pub, allowing for members of the local community to express their opinions as part of that process. CAMRA campaigners worked closely with the Shadow Spokesman for Communities and Local Government, Lord Roy Kennedy, who won a vote on this issue in the House of Lords last month, and with Ministers, MPs, Peers and departmental officials. Lord Kennedy of Southwark said: “I am delighted that the Government have listened to the Lords my amendment to close the loophole that allowed pubs to be lost without the local community having a say. This is a victory for common sense, the much loved British pub and responsible drinkers everywhere.” CAMRA Chief Executive Tim Page said: “Politicians are chosen to represent the views of those who elect them. We are delighted that in deciding to require owners to apply for

planning permission if they want to close a pub, the Government has put the opinions of those who recognise the value that pubs provide to them and their communities above the commercial interests of a few organisations and individuals. This is a fantastic victory for campaigners who have secured the removal of a loophole which allowed pubs to be redeveloped or demolished without reference to the local community or planners. The decision to respond positively to CAMRA’s campaign is further evidence of Government’s support for the pub sector and follows on from the decision earlier this month to provide most English pubs with a £1,000 discount in the business rates they pay.” “This announcement is the result of the work of thousands of local campaigners and CAMRA members who have been calling for an end to the loopholes in existing legislation that have been used by developers to close wonderful, viable and well-supported local pubs. This change also wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of Lord Kennedy in securing the support of the House of Lords earlier this month. Lord Kennedy’s efforts to support the future of local pubs at the heart and soul of communities will benefit pub goers for generations to come.” “This change delivers real and robust protection to valued community pubs, which previously have relied on communities going through the bureaucratic process of securing Asset of Community Value (ACV) listings, or local authorities choosing to use complex and obscure Article 4 directions. “We will work with the Government to ensure these measures are implemented as soon as possible to allow pubs across England to start benefiting from the protection of the planning system.”

Burlington Uniforms Ltd is a privately owned company which specialises in supplying corporate uniforms for all industries and business sectors, and has been doing so for over 40 years. For a long time now we have provided a one-stop shop for many of our clients, the needs of whom are constantly changing and evolving. We pride ourselves on being able to change and evolve to match your requirements. This forward-thinking and flexible approach has enabled us to evolve our garment catalogue and target specific industries. We have now split our catalogue into Corporatewear and Workwear collections, allowing us to bring you a wider selection of what you need, straight to your door.



• Our UK manufacturing unit is managed and owned by us. This enables us to produce short runs when required and to fast-track deliveries for when that unforeseen emergency arises.

• Our In-house design team will carry out off and on-site research to establish your needs. We will work with you and our UK manufacturing facilities to provide a range of options from modified stock garments through to bespoke options, subject to minimum quantities. Utilising exclusive designs along with incorporating your corporate colours, will give you a powerful and professional image. The final uniform range will give you the combination of style, comfort, and functionality.

• We can offer you a true one-stop shop for all your uniform needs. Our friendly and dedicated team have vast experience in corporate clothing from suiting to workwear, outerwear to high visibility, footwear and PPE. Why not give us call today and see for yourself?

08707 300150

Tel: Fax: 08707 300250

Media in How Diners Make Decisions

HGEM has gleaned further insight on the importance of social media in how diners make decisions, with the Guest Experience Management expert revealing that two thirds of consumers (66%) will visit a restaurant’s social media pages before eating out.

The research dug deeper to look at what content was most appealing to consumers when visiting a site’s social media page. Offers and promotions proved the most popular type of content, followed by photos, events and competitions. Facebook proved the most widely used platform – almost two thirds (64%) of diners chose the world’s largest social media network as their chosen channel for interacting with restaurants. Reflecting on the results, Steven Pike, managing director of HGEM, commented: “We know that social media is an incredibly powerful tool for operators to monitor customer feedback and maintain a seamless guest experience, however the results emphasise the influence that such platforms have over what drives diners to visit a venue in the first instance. “Ensuring that your restaurant’s channels are updated regularly with pertinent and engaging information for customers is crucial to meet guest expectation of what content is available – and shareable – on these social networking sites. “While many operators will of course devote considerable resource to ensuring their social media presence is well managed, the findings highlight that on site conversations still remain important to the overall guest experience, and we encourage restaurant to consider all elements of the customer journey when considering how to manage and improve the conversations had with customers.”

According to its latest research, 58% of millennials were found to go to a restaurant’s social media pages before every visit or ahead of the majority of their visits, with 53% of 56– 65 year olds following this pattern, reinforcing that social media audiences extend beyond ‘Generation Y’. When questioned as to why they had visited a restaurant’s social channels, almost one third of all respondents (30%) said they were looking for menu information, while almost a quarter (22%) were seeking customer reviews, highlighting the effect these platforms can have on a customer’s decision making process. Although on-site conversations with staff were deemed to be more important than social media conversations for 62% of consumers, more than one third (34%) of those surveyed believed social media interactions to be an equally important part of the guest experience. With this figure rising to 43% amongst the millennial audience, the study highlights the demand for consistent communications between consumer and operator, online and offline.

UK Food Firms Say Voluntary Sugar Reduction Target “Impossible” By 2020

FOOD MANUFACTURERS will be unable to meet the Government’s target of a 20% cut in sugar across nine key categories by the 2020 deadline, according to an leading industry spokesman. Looking ahead to the launch of the Sugar Reduction Programme by Public Health England, Tim Rycroft, Corporate Affairs Director at the Food and Drink Federation – the voice of food and drink manufacturers, said: “There is no question that obesity levels in the UK are unacceptably high. Physical inactivity is a factor, but for many the problem overwhelmingly is with excess calories in the diet. With many of these calories coming from sugars, we have been supporting the Government as it develops its highly ambitious sugar reduction drive. “We know our products have a special place in people’s lives and that we must keep our customers at the heart of this work. “We have said consistently that a 20% sugar reduction by 2020 across all foods covered won’t be technically possible

or acceptable to UK consumers. Instead, we believe the success of this work will hinge on the level of sustained engagement coming from the entire food industry. That’s why the involvement of all players – manufacturers, retailers and out of home operators – is so crucial to securing public support for the level of change we’re being asked to make. “Responsible companies will work with Public Health England to lower sugars in recipes and, where that isn’t technically possible or acceptable to consumers, to lower portion sizes and encourage switching to lower-sugars alternatives. “We all have a role to play in giving this process the best chance of success. We believe that Government working in collaboration with trade bodies, companies, research bodies and others can help enable solutions to help companies to deliver under the Programme. This could include increased funding for research or additional open access technical guidance for small to medium sized companies, building on the material which FDF launched last summer. We were pleased to see the revision of the R&D tax credits system, something we had asked government for and we support, announced in this year’s Budget.”

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Warewashing-Time to Clean Up Your Act? WAREWASHERS ARE the “workhorses “of any busy catering kitchen. And as the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and if the first impression is yesterday’s Lasagne, on plates and cutlery, or lipstick smeared glasses, then your businesses reputation can do only one thing, suffer! So, what exactly is Warewashing? Well, in simple terms it’s the term used to refer to the process of collecting dirty catering equipment such as cutlery, glasses, pots, pans and dishes, scraping them, washing them, rinsing them and then placing the collected equipment to undergo sanitization before drying. Warewashing is simply an industry name for dishwashers and glass washers and will include cabinet washes, pulldown hood, rack conveyor, flight, and of course the glass washer. When deciding on a warewashing system, choosing a quality brand is an absolute must! Your reputation depends on it! A dishwasher is not just a ‘plug and play’ box – it is a ‘system’ and the hardest working piece of equipment in the kitchen, and is the one area where it is definitely worthwhile optimising your spend and buying the best equipment you can afford. The increased wash quality and reliability will pay you dividends, and can be seen as a difference between winning and retaining customers or losing them. So what considerations should be taken into account: • Get expert advice (always top of the list)! And work with a reputable and knowledgeable company that will give impartial advice, work within your budget and more importantly tell you the best piece of kit for the job. Explain your requirements and don’t be afraid to ask questions. • Take into account the equipment’s wash time which will influence running costs • Look for variable washing cycles that are flexible enough to adjust to levels of cutlery/crockery and glassware signing • Look into features which will reduce labour, water, energy detergent invents consumption • Consider automatic dosing units • Consider servicing, breakdown cover and availability of parts • Consider how user-friendly equipment is, take into account kitchens often have a high turnover of staff, so the more user-friendly the better • Make sure staff are fully conversant and will follow best practice, for general cleaning, unblocking, dosing levels. • Follow recommended guidelines-if the company supplying equipment to commence specific chemicals/detergents, don’t be tempted to substitute • Take advice on water treatment. According to Monarch Water hard water is responsible for up to 70% of equipment failure, including Warewashing coffee machines, steam oven as well as

other equipment. Given the volume of water a Warewashing will use it is inevitable that a buildup of limescale will result in recruitment failure unless this is addressed at installation John Mears of the Cutlery Polisher has seen an organic growth in business with large volumes of Cutlery Polishers sold to various catering establishments throughout the UK and wider markets, including JD Wetherspoons, Shangri-La, Greene King, Mitchells and Butlers and many more. John said; “Hand polishing is time consuming with variable results and if you are a busy site, your cutlery is likely to be polished poorly in order to get the job done quickly so staff can move on to more important tasks, such as taking and placing drink orders. Our machine removes all watermarks and produces a consistently high sheen on every single piece that it put through the polisher, even after it has been polishing for six hours straight. There will be a noticeable reduction in labour costs and it frees up your waiting staff, and eliminates cross contamination, reduces laundry costs, provides a much faster turnaround and kills bacteria as well as saving time and money. We always insist on our customers having a trial prior to buying, during the free trial you will be able to grasp an idea of how much you can save. Current clients report of savings over £80.00 per week, every week” Winterhalter became the first catering equipment company to achieve carbon footprint certification through the Carbon Trust. This has been supported by the development of a new tool, meaning that buyers can use a simple calculator to compare the lifetime carbon footprint and expected energy costs of any Winterhalter model, based on their anticipated levels of actual use. “This is a big step forward for any foodservice business that wants to know and show its impact on the environment,” says Dominic Burbridge of The Carbon Trust. “Companies understand better than ever before that when purchasing equipment they need to take into account the total life cost, including its energy efficiency, which allows them to make meaningful comparisons as to the real value of their investment. “Winterhalter’s initiative in obtaining certification and developing a whole life tool will also be a big help to foodservice operators that want to reduce their own carbon footprint, as they can take action based on the warewasher figures from the calculator.”

April 2017

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Maidaid Halcyon who were awarded the outstanding technical support honour at a ceremony at CEDA’s technical conference awards late 2016 are at the forefront of cutting edge technology to assist the user to gain the best results possible. Some of the key features that this innovative range offers are:• Glass cycle - This automatically changes the parameters to suit glass washing, • Sanitiser Cycle – Calculates temperature and time to achieve standard AO rating of 30, • Green ‘Eco’ cycle – Reduces water consumption and runs at low temperatures, • ATC intensive cycle – This is for the dirtiest products and runs

two complete cycles. Matt Titchener said “The Maidaid Evolution range has enhanced feedback for installation and service engineers. This area allows the engineer to view and adjust operating temperatures, cycle counter and access records of recent alarms the customer may have missed. This area is key for the engineer to personalise the machine to the customer’s requirements. One of the key benefits of the Maidaid Evolution range is that it suits any type of foodservice or licenced establishment. The Evolution machine is so easy to use and so easy to configure that it can be used in pretty much any establishment.”

WINTERHALTER’S NEW undercounter warewashers, the UC Excellence iPlus, uses a new hybrid technology that combines reverse osmosis (RO) and a water softener. This offers a variety of benefits, including preventing blockages of the RO membrane, extending membrane life and ensuring perfect wash results from first wash to last.

be washed using softened water only, which minimises running costs, while more important ones can have the full RO treatment, for sparkling results. Both water treatment systems are fully integrated within the warewasher, with the operating status displayed on the control panel. The machine automatically selects the appropriate treatment for certain functions – for example, RO-treated water to flush the boiler, but softened water to run the self-cleaning programme. If there is an issue with the RO, such as the membrane needs attention, the warewasher switches to softened water only. Similarly, if the softener runs out of salt, it switches to RO only. Compared to standard RO systems, the UC Excellence-iPlus saves at least 10% in water usage. Winterhalter’s UC Excellence machines are the only warewashers with integral RO that can be individually tailored to meet the site’s specific conditions, such as the hardness of water, water pressure, and so on. This also saves water and optimises the use of all resources – the saving is dependent on the individual site. It also optimises the wash results. Winterhalter is the only catering equipment company to achieve carbon footprint labelling with The Carbon Trust. This means that foodservice operators interested in the UC Excellence-iPlus can use specially developed software to accurately estimate the lifetime cost of their machine, its energy use and its carbon footprint, before they buy. The UC Excellence iPlus is available through Winterhalter dealers nationwide. List prices start at £7,085 for a UC-S version. Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to aftersales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email

Winterhalter’s Hybrid Warewasher Gives Sparkling Results & Saves Water

It is generally understood that a reverse osmosis system coupled with a top quality warewasher is the way to get the best wash results. However in the past these systems have tended to be bulky, use lots of water and stretch beyond caterers’ budgets. The UC Excellence iPlus brings the advantages of reverse osmosis to tight counter areas because the system is fully integrated into the machine. The smallest model measures just 810mm (h) x 460mm (w) x 617mm (d). It can wash up to 77 racks (400mm x 400mm) per hour. The UC Excellence iPlus delivers a perfect combination of warewasher and reverse osmosis, guaranteeing brilliant wash results every time, as it removes almost 100% of water impurities. Alongside its RO system is an integral water softener. The water treatment process is fully integrated into the wash process to deliver flawless wash results on glassware, cutlery and dishes, without the need for extra polishing. This saves staff time and speeds up turnaround of glasses and tableware. The UC Excellence-iPlus features a built-in pre-filter with monitoring, membrane flushing and Winterhalter’s AquaOpt system, which minimises running costs with its choice of good, better and best results. This AquaOpt function optimises water quality during extended wash break periods and can be adapted to meet specific on-site requirements, ensuring consistent washing. Thanks to the integrated softener, the iPlus machines also feature VarioAqua. This feature allows the user to select whether to use the RO system or not. So less critical items can


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April 2017

Refrigeration and Icemakers

Refrigeration: The Sustainable Chill

REFRIGERATION IS on 24/7 and it accounts for around 28% of a kitchen’s energy consumption – so it makes total sense to look for energy-saving models. The Carbon Trust’s research highlights the energy-saving potential of ‘best available technology’ (BAT) in connection with refrigeration. It concludes that the improvement potential of BAT, compared to ‘base case’, is up to 62%, depending on the type of refrigeration. It also says that BAT delivers the least life cycle cost – in other words, investing in the best available technology works out cheaper over the lifetime of the equipment. Whilst energy labelling will be welcomed by the whole industry, as it will make it easy to see which model is the most efficient, initially it will only apply to cabinets and counters. That means a lot of refrigeration won’t be included: blast chillers, cold rooms and ice machines to name but a few. When it comes to ice machines, new ‘smart’ models have

warning indicators that tell staff when regular tasks need to be done, such as cleaning the internal water system, or when a service engineer needs to be called. Remember, ice is classed as a food, so icemakers need to be kept hygienically clean. The storage bin needs emptying, cleaning and sanitising regularly. Machines should be deep cleaned and sanitised, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Sustainability: • There are three key issues in the 'greening' of refrigeration. They are the controller, the refrigerant and the insulation foam • ‘Green’ refrigerant gases, such as hydrocarbons, can lower energy consumption significantly • Intelligent controllers that detect changing situations keep energy use to a minimum during quiet periods. They can ensure the evaporator works more efficiently, increasing performance, economy and service life • The type and thickness of the insulation can save energy • Modern technology is allowing ice makers to produce and store more ice on a compact footprint and to be quieter, too

Maidaid Icemakers - The Difference is Clear

THIS SUPERB range of automatic ice makers provides various size ice cubes or flakes of extremely high quality. The Maidaid range caters for everyone, from small businesses in need of an attractive, compact model for a small space, through to businesses with large scale demands. Restaurants, hotels, bars, fish markets and supermarkets, hospitals and laboratories – Maidaid has the perfect product for every application.

What places Maidaid ice machines head and shoulders above the rest is their capacity to create the optimum quality of ice when housed in ambient temperature surroundings usually around 21°c. This is how machines spend their working life, so that is how we test them, unlike other makes that use unrealistically lower test temperatures of around 10°c. Through ongoing technological innovation, Maidaid icemakers are energy saving with quick recovery times For further information please call 0845 130 8070 or visit

Simag SMI80 – Crushed Ice Machine

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THE SIMAG SMI80 is a newly designed unique ice machine capable to produce crushed ice suitable for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks. Thanks to its innovative design of freezer and extruder, the machine produces very hard and dry crushed ice with only 8% of residual water content which can last longer in alcoholic drinks.

The machine is robustly built with high grade 411 stainless steel (scotch brite) exterior and foodsafe plastic interior with silver antibacterial treated interior. The Simag SMI80 is capable to produce 85kg ice per day with a storage capacity of 25kg ice. It will be a perfect help for barman avoiding the use of ice cubes and relevant crushers in the cocktail preparation. For further details contact Pentland on 01254 614444, visit or see the advert below.

The Food & Drink Trade Show Forage for the Best Produce at The Food & Drink Trade Show

THE FOOD & Drink Trade Show showcases a unique mix of inspirational speciality food & drink products, from a wide range of exhibitors; from the small and regional, to those who trade throughout the UK and internationally.

Taking place on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th May, from 10:00am-5:00pm, with both Easter & the early May Bank Holiday over, it is perfectly timed for businesses to take a breather, see what's new out there, get stocked up for the summer season, and get ahead for Christmas. Try out new specialist products on your customers, and take this mid-season opportunity to fine-tune your menus, or replace products that have been less popular, without having to wait until the off-season. New for 2017, The Food & Drink Trade Show has taken up residence at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, in the Severn Hall. The showground is easy to get to by both train and car, and has plenty of free parking. Brown tourist signs point the way from all main routes and once at the venue, just follow the AA signs for BROWN GATE car park. It is also only a five-minute drive from Great Malvern Station, with direct trains to London Paddington and Birmingham New Street. The 2017 show is supported by Bread & Butter Media, Caterer Licensee & Hotelier, Cotswold Taste, Eat Live Sleep Herefordshire, Fine Food Digest, Luxury Hospitality Magazine, PunchlineGloucester, Taste of the West, and Worcestershire Food & Drink, who are launching their brand at the show. The show

Bristol Labels

WE ARE a flexographic and digital printing company with the ability to run from plain labels right through to eight colours. We are able to offer a number of press production options enabling us to deliver the print finish most suitable for your job. Our expertise and experience with materials and adhesives will ensure your label performs. Your product maybe

will host a Chef Demonstration Kitchen, supplied by Love Food Roadshow, where you can see talented chefs demonstrating dishes to delight your senses. The Demo Kitchen is hosted by Celebrity Chef Felice Tocchini. Owner of Feli’s Bar & Restaurant, Felice has been in catering since the age of six, and is passionate about locally sourced seasonal produce. He’s appeared on a range of TV series from Countryfile to The One Show, and is a contributor to both the esteemed Novelli’s Academy and Eckington Manor Cookery School. Felice will be joined by Andy Link, Chef Patron of The Riverside Pub at Aymestry, Matt Slocombe, Chef Proprietor of The Crown Inn at Woolhope, and Yvette Farrell, Principal of Harts Barn Cookery School. The Food & Drink Trade Show makes it easy for you to find unusual local products with fascinating provenance stories to tell – the kind that discerning customers are so hungry for. Meet an exclusive mix of artisan food and drink producers alongside more mainstream suppliers. From patisserie to pickles; from fresh to frozen; from confectionery to convenience; from fish to food gift and foodservice, there will be an abundance of products to inspire, and satisfy your senses. There are even some exhibitors coming all the way from China to show off their Sichuan regional specialities! When you combine this with everything that’s new and innovative in the catering and hospitality industry, then you have the perfect recipe for success! For more information about the show, to book a stand, or register to attend, please call 01934 733433, visit, or follow @lovefinefood. standing outside in all weather conditions, or it may be wet, hot or even frozen. Application maybe by hand or machine. Whatever the requirements we will ensure the optimum performance through the correct choice of material and adhesive. We are also happy to provide samples for trial prior to final print production. All finishing is to your requirements such as, size of cores, quantity on a reel and which way leading. We can achieve any combination suitable for your application. We also have various different varnishes in stock to make sure your label has the correct feel. For further details call 0117 971 9253, email: or visit or visit us on Stand A2.

Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed Oil

OUR OIL has a gentle creamy nutty flavour. It can be used as a healthy alternative to olive oil for marinades, dipping and drizzling. It also cooks at a higher temperature without effecting the many health benefits, character or taste so is safe to use for you and your family every meal time. Unlike olive oil, It is also ideal for roasting, baking and stir-frys. Better for the environment... At Bennett & Dunn we look after the environment by farming in a responsible way. We provide good habitat for

insects, small mammals and birds by preserving and planting hedgerows, maintaining ponds, building beetle banks and creating wild flower field margins. The well being of pollinating insects is crucial to the success of the Rapeseed crop. A local Bee keeper has sited his hives on the Rapeseed fields, ensuring a good harvest enabling Rupert to produce our delicious oil. By buying Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed Oil you help our environment and support the British Countryside. For more information visit us on Stand H10, call 07474 887 453 or visit

• Handmade cooking sauce • Made in Yorkshire • Nothing artificial

01274 530880 See Us On Stand A4

Hussh dark chocolate pots. Spread some pure indulgence! • 96% dark chocolate, coconut oil and handmade syrups. • 5 tantalizing flavours using natural ingredients. • Spread on toast and pancakes. • Spoon in, for hot chocolate and cool milkshakes • Drizzle over deserts, or as a baking ingredient • Dairy and additive free charlotte@ 01905 317717


• Wiltshire Premium Cider • Craft Cider with a modern Twist • Made using real fruit Tel 01793 491070 Website: Email:

• Hand made traditional pies. • Wide range of traditional and innovative fillings. • Consistent quality. • Family Business - 4th generation currently running the business.


01299 405148




We use the very best raw materials to produce quality beers of varying strengths, colours and, most importantly, taste!

Create a little hygge in your life

01922 479619 See Us On Stand C1

See Us On Stand A11 • Multi award winning artisan cheese makers • Using goat sheep buffalo and cows milk • Hard and semi hard cheeses • Naturally rinded • Suitable for vegetarians

Email: Web: Phone:

01749 860237

Tel: 07900 183740

Uniforms and Workwear

How To Make An Impact With Staff Uniforms IN AN EVER-INCREASING hospitality marketplace, the image your staff project through the clothes they wear has probably never been more important!

Ian Griffiths, Chef Works Brand Manager for Nisbets Plc. Says: “Clothing is an important way to signify to potential customers what your venue is about. Ensuring all staff are kitted out in uniform and work wear that’s comfortable and fit for purpose, as well as which fits the look and feel of your service can be a challenge, but it’s certainly time well spent. Whether you’re aiming for cool and casual, or sleek and sophisticated, dressing your staff appropriately can also instil a sense of pride. Much like footballers wearing their team shirts, a uniform can unite staff and give them a sense of purpose – vital if they are to portray your organisation in a positive light. “ The issue of corporate workwear has been a at the top of the agenda for those in the hospitality sector for some time now. Over the past 22 years, the corporate workwear market has seen a growth of 90%. And, while this growth peaked during the late 90s, it is an indication that the trend that has stood the test of time and is now here to stay. As more importance, is attached to wearing appropriate clothing in the workplace, the work wear industry itself has become an expanding business concern in its own right. In its totality corporate clothing suppliers are enjoying a collective and increasing rise in their annual business turnover of between 6% and 8%. Overall the work and business clothing sector represents approximately 4% of all the clothes purchased in the UK. So, it’s vital to consider what this means for you and your team, whether you are a hotel, pub or restaurant workwear is now absolutely crucial to the image of your business, furthermore, it’s as described above, the growth of uniforms and workwear in the hospitality industry will mean that your competitors have probably already adopted it and, if you haven’t, you’re very likely to be losing that competitive edge. Uniforms need to be considered for everyone working for your business, whether that is front-of-house, reception/waiting staff to back-of-house staff kitchen/housekeeping; all employees should portray the image of your brand, as well as being smart, clean and comfortable. This can include chef whites and even personal protective equipment (PPE), such as high-visibility vests for the grounds team. The most important consideration for staff uniforms is to recognize just how you want your business to be portrayed to your guests. A first-class professional image combined with fantastic customer service can give guests a memorable experience, which will encourage repeat visits; however, a poorly maintained, ill-fitting or ‘off-brand’ uniform may have a negative impact on a guest’s experience – particularly as it is often the first impression your business portrays. Another consideration is identification. Embroidery is one option, and is a service offered by all reputable workwear and uniform suppliers. Embroidery can give items such as chef whites, jackets and polo shirts a professional look and feel. Consider the use of colours are also a great way of incorporating and promoting the brand within workwear. Personalized name badges have become standard in the hospitality industry, a survey revealed that name tags are necessary as a comfortable and more personal way to interact, not only with guests, but also among work colleagues. Given that the hospitality industry generally deals with a high level of staff turnover, name badges are especially important in businesses with large staff numbers Industry suppliers are experts at designing the best solution for your business, so make sure to call on their expertise if you’re not sure of the best option. Another important consideration is the material. The majority of workwear uses polycotton, a mix of polyester and cotton, to create a hard-wearing fabric suitable for a number of applications. Using different levels of polyester and cotton within the fabric will change the look and feel, with some garments working best as 100% cotton or 100% polyester, this decision

is one that your supplier can advise on. Teflon-covered fabrics should be considered, especially for chef-wear, as it gives a tougher finish for a more durable fabric. The material mix and the resulting weight of the garment is important when choosing uniforms – a better quality fabric will also often be heavier, so make sure you consider the comfort of your employees. The industry standard weight is 195gsm, which gives hoteliers a benchmark to measure fabric weight against – below this could indicate an inferior quality item. There are numerous benefits to adopting a staff uniform, not least when considering the impact it has on the public. In the USA, 73.5% of consumers stated that uniforms are more effective than TV advertising in reinforcing a brand, meaning adopting the right uniform is also an excellent marketing tool. 1. Look good, feel good If you don’t look good, you don’t feel good. Often times, this proves to be true. Having employees wear uniforms to work helps them stay focused. It is a physical reminder they are at work. When all personnel are in the right frame of mind and attentive to your guests’ needs, it certainly shows. 2. Exude confidence in your brand What kind of environment do you work in? Is it fun, playful, casual or sophisticated? Uniforms are meant to accurately represent your brand and your brand concept. Khakis and a t-shirt depict a more casual, laid back customer experience while black pants along with a button-up shirt or tie often depict a more upscale customer experience. Employee uniforms are another way to let your customers see who you are. Also, they indicate to your employees how they should deliver service to customers. 3. A feeling of equality Uniforms act as reminders that while at work, all employees are on the same “playing field.” Regardless of each employee’s background and history, all crew members will be treated equally and are valued members of the team. 4. A cohesive team Along with solidifying your brand identity and exuding equality, having employees wear uniforms keeps the work crew looking and feeling committed. All employees should own the same core values when at work. A uniform helps the team members feel as if they are one, unified team of individuals. 5. Help customers identify staff Whether you work in a hotel pub/bar or at a restaurant, the last thing you want is a customer not knowing who to approach for help. When all employees are in uniforms, this rarely happens. This is one benefit that is often overlooked, but is arguably the most influential. Overall, the right image needs to be projected by all staff within a hotel – there is a wide range of hospitality and catering garments available and all staff need to be considered, from front of house, to the kitchen and even special events such as weddings. We are seeing many hotels take extra care when it comes to portraying their brand to customers, with hoteliers investing in a first-class image – so don’t get left behind.

Survey Highlights the Importance of First Impressions in the Workplace A NEW study into first impressions has revealed the true importance of how employees look and act in the workplace. Research conducted by leading workwear provider to the hospitality industry, Grahame Gardner, has found almost three quarters of UK adults make an initial judgement of a person within just a minute of meeting them. The research also revealed almost a quarter (24.6%) of people assume a venue is of a better quality when they see a smartly

dressed service person and more than a third (36.0%) of UK adults say they trust that person to do a better job. Gary Lory, managing director of Grahame Gardner, said: “Our research has confirmed first impressions really do count and that in some instances, that first impression can make or break your company’s reputation.” For further information and to view Grahame Gardner’s range of hospitality uniforms, please visit

Uniforms and Workwear Walker Slater Uniforms Over the past 25 years the Walker Slater Uniform Team has worked on an impressive catalogue of bespoke clothing projects and this combined with a stock clothing service has satisfied many different clients with a wide range of taste and budgets. With a client lists covering a diverse range of leisure establishments from resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars and prestigious organisations such as The Ryder Cup, Scottish Football Association and Scottish Rugby as well as Edinburgh and St Andrews University. WS Uniform has had many opportunities to design and manufacture clothing for bespoke projects utilising the manufacturing of our retail business. With extensive connections with trimming and fabric suppliers our enabled successful clothing manufacturing of waistcoats, nehru jackets, suits, shirts, polo shirts, tunics, and accessories such as bags, ties and hipflasks. Our bespoke projects in WS Uniform often

April 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


echoes the look of the fashions of Walker Slater, the Edinburgh and London based tweed specialist, particularly with regard to the smart tailoring ethos of the parent company. This link between WS Uniform and the retail business has helped in popularising tweed and luxury looking fabrics in uniform items over the past few years. On working on recent project with Quorvus Collection’s G&V bar in Edinburgh Paul Walker, Director of WS Uniform reflected on the brands ability to create a heritage look, "We instantly decided we wanted to marry tradition with a modern twist to reflect the hotel's new look. Upon seeing the team wear their uniforms in the refurbished bar one can appreciate that this fusion has really worked. The uniforms are unique to G&V and reflect the expressive design, which is seen throughout the hotel. We chose a lovely light weight, ultra-modern Borders cotton mix tweed for the design, which brought together our initial brief perfectly.” WS Uniform has developed a collection with lighter weight tweeds and cloths, which are comfortable but also durable for workings in bars, and restaurants but retain a classic and heritage look. Telephone: 0131 564 1660

Workwear Express - Trust Us With Your Name PARTICULARLY WITHIN the hospitality industry, first impressions count for everything. Be it the front of house, kitchen staff or any other areas of your business, the appearance of your staff plays a pivotal role in creating that welcoming and professional experience your guests expect. For more than last 25 years, Workwear Express have prided themselves on being able to provide the hotels, caterers and other hospitality sectors with the highest standard of customised workwear, fulfilling their core aim of being the UK’s leading supplier of printed and embroidered clothing. Working out of their state of the art facilities in Durham, Workwear Express have provided thousands of companies, big and small, with a whole host of printed and embroidered garments including the likes of Best Western, Little Chef and Gordon Ramsey Holdings amongst many others. With more than 6,000 individual garments available including wellknown hospitality brands such as Chef Works, Denny’s, Premier and more, the North-East outfit have everything a hotel, pub or restaurant could ever need including: Premier Bib Aprons

An ideal bib apron for any industry boasting up to 40 different colours to choose from (PR154), perfect for whatever your house style may be. The polycotton fabric (PR150) provides a comfortable feel as well as hardwearing properties which will keep it performing at its best wash after wash. Denny’s Chef Jackets A smart and practical appearance which will leave your kitchen staff with that much coveted professional appearance without inhibiting movement and food preparation. With the classic front stud fastening (DD20) and plenty of pockets for storage, many of the jackets also come with unisex styling (DD4S) allowing you to kit out your kitchen staff with their chefwear in one go. On top of the vast array of hospitality and catering apparel, Workwear Express also boast more than 100 individual embroidery heads and top of the range printing facilities, each of which are manned by highly trained members of staff, which enables Workwear Express to produce more than 100,000 individually personalised garments each and every week. This high level of expertise when combined with their extensive experience means that, just like many other hospitality companies, you can definitely ‘Trust them with your name.’ Visit

Product Portfolio

Recipe Builder, Builds On Industry Solution INDUSTRY data solution champion Erudus, has launched its innovative ‘Recipe Builder’ for caterers and the wider food service industry. The online platform, which has made it its mission to combat the sector’s challenge in providing and sharing accurate food product specification data including allergen and nutritional information, has added the ‘Recipe Builder’ to its product offering. The ‘Recipe Builder’ works to calculate nutritional info and an allergy statement based on the full collection of ingredients in each recipe. The product also allows users to add notes and instructions about using the ingredients together, ready for their colleagues to access on the Erudus log-in. The recipes can then be broken down per serving and also per 100g with full nutritional information and cost breakdown available for both. An allergy statement will also be created, taking into account every ingredient used and analysing Erudus data to show any potential allergens within the recipe. Jon Shayler, Chief Operating Officer at Erudus, said: “The Erudus platform already provides the food industry with easy access to over 30,000 product specifications that caterers are using every day in their kitchens. Feedback from our users highlighted that caterers are using this information

to manually roll up allergen statements and calculate the nutritional values for the dishes they’re serving. “We wanted to make this process quicker, easier and less error prone for our caterers. In creating our latest offering we utilised the wealth of information Erudus already holds to make life easier for caterers, we think we’ve been able to achieve this with the ‘Recipe Builder.’” Existing and new users can subscribe to the ‘Recipe Builder’ and create recipes using the products in our datapool and for products that aren’t yet in the datapool users can create their own custom ingredients or draw on the Food Standard’s Agengy own ingredient data. Once finished, the system then produces a full allergen statement complete with nutritional information on a printable PDF. Jon added: “We’re really looking forward to seeing the ‘Recipe Builder’ in use by the full industry, it’s a great tool and we can’t wait to start to seeing the sharing of recipes on our system. “The product has just gone live and there are now over 2,000 users actively using it. “Early feedback has been brilliant too, we recently exhibited at a trade show and had so many caterers tell us how blown away they were by the ease of the system and the results it produces.” To find out more about Erudus visit the website:

Award Winning Ice Creams by Longo & Co SALVATORES of Bristol trading as Mr Whippy is a family business second generation of ice cream vendors who have been providing award winning ice cream Marshfield Farm ice cream Bath and Tarrs ice cream Bristol since 1982 with the latest modern fleet ice cream vans to a 1930 ex horse drawn milk cart . We have a fleet of modern, well equipped ice cream vans that are available to Hire for any sized event or function. We specialist in promotional work and events, from a simple name change to the whole ice cream van being branded for children’s fun days, weddings, barbecues, television work, photo shoots, company fun days and sampling events. It's a great way to promote your event! Costs are dependant on location, date, time and generous discounts will apply when hir-

ing for consecutive days or more than one event. We also have fully restored classic and vintage Ice Cream Vans available to Hire for TV and film work. We have Ice cream vans available for both indoor and outdoor events with a huge range of quality products to back up our excellent customer service.... we really are as good as it gets:) Quality and professional Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van Hire prides its service as a key part in how we try to run the company, this is why all our staff have to undergo extensive training and all have taken and passed the level 2 food safety certificate, they also have been CRB/DBS checked so you can be sure you are getting someone you can trust. For further details visit or see advert page 17

Fracino’s Stylish, High Quality Range Offers A Coffee Machine For Every Venue BRITISH ESPRESSO machine manufacturer, Fracino, has won multiple awards for its innovative and popular range of high quality, stylish espresso coffee machines. With models to suit every size and type of venue, now is a very good time to find out which one is perfect for your coffee service. The contemporary Classico, has a sharp, clean cut design and features real wood valve and filter holder handles and a highly polished stainless steel finish. These combine perfectly with the hand-fill water reservoir, full sized group, large boiler and powerful 3kw heating element to provide a compact and reliable but very capable espresso machine, designed to

serve 50-100 cups of coffee per day. Busy venues will benefit from the choice of the powerful and striking 2, 3 or even 4 group Contempo range, or the stylish 2 or 3 group Romano models. With their large capacity boilers and robust, stainless steel construction, they are designed to provide exceptional dependability and an extensive service life. The Romano PID, with its individual group boilers and PID technology, offers the professional barista the precision and control to extract the perfect espresso and foam milk quickly to the exact temperature required. Contact Fracino at for full details of its 2017 model range or visit

A Great Dish Starts With Inspiring Ingredients

THAT IS why we, at Vin Sullivan foods, are committed to sourcing the finest ingredients for your kitchen. We are immensely proud of our heritage, as we have been a trusted food supplier to the best hoteliers, restauranteurs and caterers across the UK for over half a century. So from fresh seafood and seasonal game to edible flowers and molecular com-

Here’s Music to Your Ears…

UK AND European jukebox pioneers NSM Music Group Ltd have launched contactless payment models on all three of its most successful Icon jukeboxes, the Lite, Fusion and Storm. NSM’s UK Sales Manager Alex Kirby says there’s been huge interest in the products since they were announced earlier this year. “There are huge advantages to contactless payment: venue customers don’t need a penny in their pockets to enjoy a huge selection of great music tracks. They just need their phone or card, and the contactless payment facility. “It’s safe, secure and in keeping with current trends among users of all ages; contactless payment is here to stay and its use will become more and more widespread very quickly.” NSM Music’s jukeboxes provide innovative designs, great value and

pounds, we are continually hunting for new and exciting products and refining our service to deliver outstanding ingredients straight to your chopping board. We have next day deliveries available across the UK, from Monday to Saturday. For more information and to view our current range of over 6,000 products, speak to one of our product experts, who are on hand to help you by calling 01495 792 792 great service; 40,000 tracks offline and over 200,000 online available; and low-cost content. Additional Icon features include bingo, karaoke and ‘promoter designer. Karaoke and bingo have been pub favourites for the last 30 years and the user-friendly interface on the NSM jukeboxes is guaranteed to liven up a venue and attract additional footfall and revenue. The promoter designer feature provides venue owners and managers with the ability to advertise special offers or events on the Icon range of jukeboxes. It’s easy-to-use to templates mean managers can compose effective and eye-catching adverts, displayed on their jukebox screen, with the potential to attract additional revenue. And the My Jukebox app allows users to locate NSM jukeboxes, browse and play NSM Jukebox music using their mobile phone. The app is easily downloadable and payment is via PayPal which helps increase profits. Find out more at You can also join the NSM Music community on Facebook and follow @nsmmusic on Twitter.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

April 2017

Front-Runner from Barbel HotmixPro Gastro is the industrial strength ‘Thermal Blender’ every commercial kitchen has been waiting for. Beautifully engineered in Italy, the 2 litre heavy usage mixing bowl sits within a fully insulated stainless steel body and operates exactly to programme. With a speed range from 0 -12,500rpm blending, small and large amounts, to just the right texture, has never been safer or easier. Producing specific mixtures at the desired temperature, 0°-190°, could not be more precise. There is no end to creative possibilities, from the simple to the sublime, all at a touch of one finger. The integrated memory SD card not only stores

Product Portfolio numerous extremely useful recipes, but will also allow users to memorise their own unique creations to be repeated whenever and wherever required. Last, but not least, any part that comes into contact with food can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher! Barbel’s legendary customer support ensures second to none servicing back up at all times. HotmixPro Gastro is an essential support for every hard-working chef and certainly pays for itself. Can YOU afford to be without? For full details on all available models, please contact us today. E: T: +44 (0)1629 705110 Or see the advert on page 4.

Fish & Chip Flavoured Crisps?

THAT’S RIGHT - and it doesn’t stop there. The Great British Crisp Company has a whole range of ‘meal in one bite’ flavours including Tikka Masala, English Breakfast and their newest addition: Cornish Pasty. If you’re more of a traditional crisp lover, the classic varieties of West Country Cheddar & Chive and Cornish Sea Salt are a must. The Great British Crisp Company has been created by an award winning

British bakery, recognised as one of the nation’s leading craft bakeries. To create their flavours, they hand cook small batches of Cornish potatoes in sunflower oil, before seasoning with Britain’s finest natural ingredients. The result? An exciting range of crisps to really give your customers something to talk about. For more information and to sample the Great British Crisp Company first hand visit or call 01736 788538 or see page 5.

Biomaster Hygiene Control Fabric Spray AN OUTBREAK or instance of food poisoning or a viral infection can lead to customer illness, reputational damage to your business, hefty fines and civil claims. Biomaster Hygiene antibacterial fabric spray offers product protection against pathogenic and odour-causing microorganisms, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. It is proven effective against Norovirus and antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE. Biomaster Hygiene Control fabric spray can be applied as a topical treatment to any fabric furnish-

ing, soft furnishing, carpet or curtain to make them more hygienic and fresher, for much longer. Simply spray evenly over soft furnishing and textiles to be protected, ensuring all the surface is treated. The liquid will dry within 15-20 minutes. For more information contact Addmaster (UK) Ltd. or visit Alternatively contact Addmaster(UK) Ltdon: t; 01785 225656 e: w: Or see the advert on page 4.

Start Saving Time and Money Now! WITH LINECLENZE we can help you identify how much product you are wasting, how much money LineClenze can save you and how quickly you can see a return on your investment. The results may surprise you.

We spoke with David Coe at The Holiday Inn, Telford and asked him how satisfied he has been with LineClenze both as a product and as a money saving device. David told us, “The time it saves is the most important aspect, from 3 hour cleaning periods every Monday afternoon –

the cost saving means we will pay it back within the year. Very good.” LineClenze helps to save costs by reducing any risk to health when performing line cleaning as well as offering a fresh taste to the beer. We help to reduce the amount of beer that is wasted from rigorous, frequent cleans and in turn reduce the amount of time spent by staff cleaning. David has been working in the industry for over 20 years and said, “It would have been amazing if this product was around then. LineClenze as a company, the support is secondto-none. Offering a trial period just to see if it works is great.” Telephone: 0800 170 1564, visit or see the advert on page 6 for details.

Unbar Seasonings Curries Flavour

A MAJOR improvement to its hugely successful Butchers Pride range of premium quality seasonings and marinades has been unveiled by Unbar Rothon. Joining Chilli Cor Blimey, Indian Summer, Piri Piri and others is an exciting selection of six new sausage seasonings, plus four more which are certain to add an additional dimension to the stuffings sector. Attracting particular attention in a qualitative test market were both Pork & Toffee Apple and Pork Curry with Mango Chutney. The former enjoys the bitter sweet taste of toffee carefully balanced with cinnamon whilst the latter has warming spices and tangy mango chutney.

The other new sausage seasonings are Pork & Apple; Leek & Chilli; Spicy Apple & Black Pudding; Parsnip Honey & Thyme; and Smokey Garlic & Thyme, with the last two being suitable for vegetarians. Certain to drive volume sales in the stuffings sector are four new seasonings – Orange & Cranberry, Leek & Black Pepper, Red Pepper & Shallot and a classic Sage & Onion. “These flavours are designed to enable caterers to widen the choice of products available beyond our award-winning, day-to-day classic flavours, all of which we continue to have available,” said Unbar Rothon director, Richard Rothon. For reader enquiries pleade call 01277 632211 or E-mail:

Award-Winning Bacchus Block Joins Lyme Bay's Range of English Still Wines LYME BAY WINERY, award-winning producer of English wines, has added Bacchus Block, a new, single vineyard designated white wine, to its highly acclaimed range of English still wines. Lyme Bay Winery's Bacchus Block was developed using perfectly ripe grapes to create an aromatic white wine bursting with clean, intense and powerful grapefruit freshness. Made from 100% Bacchus grapes, the Bacchus Block leaves a lasting impression thanks to its long, citrus-dominated finish with a good mouthfeel and great length. Bacchus Block comes critically acclaimed by judges at some of the world's most prestigious competitions and awards, receiving a silver medal at the International Wine and Spirits competition and ranking as the highest rated Bacchus at the Decanter World Wine Event with 92 points out of 100.

These and other recent award successes have elevated Lyme Bay to become one of the most critically acclaimed wineries in England in only its third vintage. Liam Idzikowski, Lyme Bay Winery’s Head Winemaker, commented: "Our Bacchus Block has been crafted from carefully selected Bacchus grapes, grown in a plot of heavy clay soil and well-sheltered by surrounding forests. These conditions give the grapes huge depth of character and contribute to the complexity of flavours in our Bacchus Block." James Lambert, Managing Director at Lyme Bay Winery, added: "We're excited to be expanding our English wine range with the 2015 vintage Bacchus Block. Although Bacchus is England's most widely planted still grape variety, the intense flavours and freshness of our Bacchus Block wine really set it apart from the crowd." For further information, please visit or call 01297 551355.

New Freshness Arrives on the Dessert Menu

TRAITEUR DE PARIS has concocted two striking new desserts with incredible flavour: the revisited Strawberry Slice and the Lemon Slice. With the pleasant fresh sensation of tangy fruit, they awaken the taste buds… and chefs’ creative talent! Decadent, inspiring desserts from your supplier of high-quality frozen catering products. The two individual layer cakes are a bouquet of textures and flavours: compote, creamy filling, financier cake, jelly, light cream, sponge cake, almond cake, pieces of fruit... Their rectangular shape offers many possibilities, from a single dessert that takes centre stage to a sculptural plate of bite-sized squares.

The Strawberry Slice by Traiteur de Paris Traiteur de Paris gives this timeless classic of French pâtisserie a delicious new twist, highlighting the most important fea-

Jura Products

“WE’VE SEEN greater demand for premium coffee as consumers turn away from the mass market in search for high-quality products. Coffee has become a lifestyle drink so establishments should look to capitalise on the growing love for out of home breakfast – by serving a quality coffee to accompany food, in keeping with a boutique stay,” - Roger Heap, Managing Director at JURA UK.

tures of the original recipe: a good strawberry flavour, a hint of vanilla, and a harmonious blend of moist and creamy textures. The Strawberry Slice is composed of layers of almond financier cake, strawberry jelly, light Bourbon vanilla cream, vanillainfused sponge cake and topped with strawberry compote with soft pieces of fruit.

Lemon Slice This fresh dessert is a full-flavoured ode to citrus. The Traiteur de Paris four-layer Lemon Slice balances the tangy zest of citron with a harmonious blend of textures: lemon almond cake, creamy lemon filling, lemon-infused sponge cake, light cream and chopped almonds. This Slice, a light and original interpretation of the classic lemon cake, is a perfect addition to any dessert menu. See advert on page 15 or: Tel. 01737 606 083, email or visit JURA manufactures premium, Swiss-made bean-to-cup coffee machines that are exceptionally well-made for commercial use – producing from 50, up to 200 cups per day. The JURA WE8 is perfect for a boutique offering as it’s capable of producing around 35 speciality coffees per day. This machine features 12 programmable specialities, from a latte macchiato to a flat white. It also has a 3l water tank capacity and a 500g bean container capacity with an aroma preservation cover. For optimum convenience, the WE8 is compatible with the JURA Coffee App, so you can control it wirelessly via Bluetooth. For more information, please visit P: 01282 868266 E: or see page 6.

Goddard’s Pies Fill Up with Seven Awards at the British Pie Awards GODDARD’S PIES are thrilled to announce they have scooped a total of seven awards at the prestigious annual British Pie Awards this year, cementing their place as the go-to providers of authentic and delicious hand made pies for catering businesses, wholesalers and sports stadiums who want to offer their customers that authentic pie shop taste. Goddard’s Pies beat off competition from nearly 900 other pies to win 6 Silver awards and one Bronze award in the following categories: • Steak & Kidney pie - Silver • Steak & Ale pie - Silver • Steak & Potato pie - Silver • Cheese Potato & Onion Pie - Silver • Steak & Ale pie (Sports Pie) Silver • Chicken Balti pie (Sports Pie) – Silver • Chicken & Ham pie - Bronze

This year saw a record number of 154 producers from across the UK enter the popular competition. Sean Horton, who co-owns the business with Jeff and Kane Goddard, says: “We are delighted that our hard work, skill and passion for creating delicious pies has been recognised with this fistful of awards. “Goddard’s is a family run and owned business with roots that go back to 1890. Just as they were when we started out, all our pies are still handmade, using only British ingredients, and family methods and techniques. “Our range of meat and vegetarian pies and are perfect for catering businesses, wholesalers and sports stadiums who want to offer their customers that authentic pie shop taste”. This isn’t the first time that Goddard’s Pies excellence has been recognised – in 2011 they won Bronze for their Minced Beef pie in the Savoury Pie (hot) category; in 2014 their Steak & Ale pie was awarded Gold in the Football Pie category; and in 2015 their Steak & Potato pie was awarded Silver in the Meat & Potato Pie category. Telephone: 0800 862 0400 or visit

3R Business and Payment Management OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART point-of-sale till systems and handheld devices are designed to become an essential part of your business. Assembled with detailed reporting functionalities which will help to minimize your costs whilst maximizing profits, they are excellent for both multi-sites and single-site businesses. 3R have an excellent reputation for customer service providing personal access to assist with customer’s queries for fast and efficient deployment; as well as providing a personal service to assist customers with their growth and development. Built on over 16 years of experience, 3R EPoS’ reporting facilities safely stores information regarding your business and can be uniquely tailored to suit your

Fries Rack Systems Ever wondered how you can reduce delicate glassware breakages, maximise storage space & reduce glass handling? Caterparts have the solution! Fries Rack Systems are designed specifically for the Catering industry, catering for delicate & fragile glassware. From a Cocktail Bar to a Pub, Caterparts will have a Rack suitable for your glasses. Supplied in the most familiar size, the Fries 500 x 500mm rack will fit all machines of this size (dependant on the height selected) These robust racks can help your establishment eliminate breakages! Each rack features individual compartments to prevent the rattling and knocking of glassware during the wash cycle. These compartments provide a secure hold

requirements. 3R hold the advantages of providing customers with: speed of service, better staff productivity, cost control, stock control, visibility and reduced shrinkage. Alongside comprehensive account reporting, an increase in profits can be realised immediately. 3R EPoS Till Systems coupled with our robust, easy to use handheld hardware, the results are uniquely tailored solutions that meet your needs. With complimentary installation and training provided, you can simply plug in the till and use it from the get go with over 40,000 products preinstalled. Contact our dedicated team today for a complimentary consultation. Contact Information: Email: Website: Telephone: 01992574650 Powered by CES Software: See the advert on page 7 for details.

and protective fit for any size glass. Fries Racks feature an Efficient Wash Design (EWD) This patented technology ensures the water targets the most problem areas of your glassware in the first and last rows. The exemplary open design allows water to wash & rinse the glasses at the edge of the rack as effectively as those in the centre. This outstanding combination results in improved washing & faster drying meaning your glasses come out crystal clear! Not only are they designed to use during the wash cycle, Fries racks provide durable protection to your glassware whilst in storage and transportation, resulting in the reduction of glass handling. Once your glasses are crystal clear you can simply remove the rack with your glassware ready for use, storage or transportation to your next venue. All of this combined will greatly contribute to eliminating breakages resulting in your establishment saving money! Telephone: 0845 130 8060 or see the advert on page 11.


April 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

HEINEKEN Gives The Great British Pub A £20m Boost Noisy Restaurants

HEINEKEN has announced that it will invest a further £20 million upgrading its Star Pubs & Bars estate across the UK in 2017, taking its total expenditure on pubs to c.£100m over the last five years. The biggest winners will be rural and suburban pubs with around £10m earmarked to transform them into great local pubs, introducing food and coffee, for the whole community to enjoy.

With competition for leisure spend increasing and growth of coffee shops, pubs need to adapt to changing consumer demands. Exclusive new research, carried out by Populus on behalf of HEINEKEN, showed that nearly a quarter (23 percent) of British adults visit their local pub once a week or more. But pubs that fail to keep pace with evolving consumer demands have struggled. Today’s pub goers know what they’re looking for from their local: • Two thirds (62 percent) want their local to offer good food • A third (37 percent) look for a nice pub garden • A quarter (24 percent) would like free WiFi • A fifth (20%) want to have live sport on TV. By investing in new kitchens, changing the layout to include comfortable outside space, areas for events and cosier spots, as well as offering free WiFi, HEINEKEN’s investment in its Star estate will continue to transform underperforming pubs into local hubs the whole community can enjoy. The investment demonstrates HEINEKEN’s belief that pubs are an integral part of British culture and that highquality, well invested pubs with skilled and motivated licensees will continue to prosper. 70% of the £20 million will be spent on transformational projects over £100k, while just under half of the investment will go towards transforming pubs in rural and suburban areas. In addition, Star will spend nearly £3 million on maintenance and repairs this year. Lawson Mountstevens, Star Pubs & Bars Managing Director, said: “vibrant pubs are an affordable, fun place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together. But as consumer demands have changed, pubs that struggled to keep pace have closed. We believe pubs run by skilled operators and backed by transformational investment can thrive in their role at the heart of communities. “Two thirds of Star pubs are located in suburban or village locations. Residents in these areas are looking for the same choice and quality of drinks, good food and Graeme Beal at The Horse & Groom

entertainment on their doorsteps as they get in city centres. Over the past five years we have invested c. £100 million in transforming our pubs in hundreds Richard Foy of The White Horse of communities across the country. The continued investment creates pubs people want to use, benefitting local communities and creating local jobs.” John Longden OBE, Pub is the Hub, commented: “pubs are increasingly being recognised as important social hubs for communities, driving local economies and supporting local employment. Many communities are lacking investment so HEINEKEN’s ongoing commitment to revive and refurbish their pubs in order to deliver the services and activities communities need, is very good news for everyone.” The White Horse in Headcorn, Kent, run by Richard Foy and Steven Manyweathers, re-opened in February 2017 after a £200k refurbishment. Richard Foy commented: “Last year, this was a tired village pub serving mostly male customers, with a question mark over its future. Our new kitchen means we now serve better quality food and attract a wider audience – around 40 per cent of our customers are now women. The investment has not only transformed our pub into a local that serves the wider community, it’s also given the community a welcoming social hub, where anyone can come to meet others from the village.” Graeme Beal, licensee of the Horse & Groom in Linby, Nottingham, whose pub was transformed by a £180k investment in 2016 said: “We listened to what locals wanted and used the refurbishment to make it more appealing for the community. Before, the pub was divided into several small rooms, so we opened these up in order to create a more sociable environment. We have also seen a huge rise in the number of people eating at the pub since the renovation, with food sales more than doubling. Our pub now offers something for everyone, from a weekly quiz to local club meets, and is attracting customers from across the community as a result.” The Rose & Crown in Heston, West London, run by John Corbett and Natasha Gleeson, re-opened in February 2017 after a £210k refurbishment. Natasha Gleeson commented, “People of all ages in our community were crying out for a more relaxed and welcoming local. Our new kitchen means we can serve breakfast, freshly baked cakes and we’re booked out every Sunday lunch. Our fresh bean coffee machine, mix of cosy corners and a new bar area means we’ve broadened our appeal, attracting mums in the day and older people for lunch, resulting in a 20 per cent uplift in drinks’ sales.”

The new Vintage LED filament lamp range, by Lightique is an innovative range of filament-style retrofit LED lamps. This range neatly combines a classic vintage look with state-of-the-art LED filament technology, to offer an entirely new proposition to architects, interior designers; energy managers and residential users alike. Designed to provide a timeless vintage feel, this latest range from Lightique includes a widest selection of popular, designer and niche lamp shapes currently available. These fully dimmable, Ultra-warm white (2200K) vintage-style laps can be used to create the enjoyable ambiance; designed luminosity; and nostalgic chic previously only the territory of energy-hungry incandescent lighting. The Vintage LED filament range is designed to invoke nuances of Victorian nostalgia, whilst offering the reliability and energy saving potential of the very best in LED filament technology. To see many light fittings that compliment these new filament LED lamps then check out our new website

Need Sound Absorption

We take great pride in designing bespoke acoustic solutions for a wide range of venue and themes available in today’s hospitality market Hard walls and ceiling surfaces reflect noise and disrupt the quality of speech. Sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels absorb noise and keep reverberation levels down. A clients experience is therefore enhanced as the clarity of speech is greatly improved.

Call for more information Alternately please send us images of your area and we can discuss the range of options available T: 01625 576970 E: W:

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

April 2017


Noisy Restaurants Needs Sound Absorption

AT QUIETSTONE we take great pride in designing bespoke acoustic solutions for a wide range of venue and themes available in today’s hospitality market Hard walls and ceiling surfaces reflect noise and disrupt the quality of speech. Sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels

Contract Furniture Group Contract Furniture Group has been set up to offer quality contract dining furniture to the hotel, restaurant, pub trades and leisure industries at realistic prices. We carry a lot of our range in stock so we can help you

absorb noise and keep reverberation levels down. A clients experience is therefore enhanced as the clarity of speech is greatly improved. Call for More information. Alternately please send us images of your area and we can discuss the range of options available E: T: 01625 576970 to meet your deadlines. We also offer a unique source and supply service; if you send us a picture of an item we will do our up most to supply to you at the best price. All our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards, we only use hardwood frames which are glued screwed and dowelled for strength. crib5 interliner (if required) sprung seat areas or webbing and top quality Italian leathers and fabrics. For further information, call 0115 965 9030, visit or email

Kreativ Joinery - Hotel, Bar & Restaurant Refurbishment Specialists KREATIV JOINERY are professional, bespoke, joinery contractors who work throughout the UK and continental Europe. We specialise in the creation of bespoke interiors for domestic and commercial clients. Based on a thorough understanding of your needs, we can transform your ideas into dream interiors. We work in conjunction with designers who are often able to add extra creativity to your ideas for a traditional or a contemporary look. Equally, we can integrate with your own designers to ensure you have a top-quality professional finish.

Insignia Blinds ESTABLISHED FOR nearly 20 years, Insignia Blinds specify, custom design, supply and install great value, quality internal and exterior shading solutions throughout Dorset and Hampshire. Our extensive product range is designed to meet every budget. Insignia blinds supply and install a range of Conservatory blind systems, external awnings and pergola mounted retractable shading systems. We are UK importers direct from our manufacturing partners in Europe, supplying high quality products

• • • •

Bar fitting (our specialist service) Fixed seating Bespoke joinery interiors Joinery manufacturers • Bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms • Purpose-made interiors • Design services available • Cabinet makers • Domestic, school and commercial properties • Shop fitting For further details Tel: 0115-961-7019 (Office) or visit

at well below our competitor’s prices without compromising quality or choice. We do not employ commission only sales people and often your first point of contact for your requirements will be with the Managing Director. Quotes are free of charge, and we will come to you without obligation. We will provide, professional and unbiased advice on all aspects of blinds and awnings and the suitability and viability of your project. We can supply all styles of covered al-fresco dining solutions and include decking and landscaping options, and have worked alongside most styles of independent catering operators and our client’s include McDonald’s franchises, Tesco’s and Whitbread free-trade tenants. Our Showroom is open 6 days a week from 9.30am at 1 – 7 Ashley Road, Branksome BH14 9BS. Tel: 01202 741671 or visit

Enjoy a Better Tomorrow WE KNOW how hard it can be to make your restaurant or bar look incredible when budgets are tight, competition is tough and you could be spending money on other things. That’s where Cult Furniture comes in. We believe in great, affordable designer furniture and accessories for all - without the crazy price tag. Whether that’s cool, modern chairs and lighting, fittings or statement accessories, we’ve got hundreds of on-trend options to suit your space – and across hundreds of dif-

Good Kitchens Use Goodflo

GOODFLO LTD is a specialist wastewater management business delivering problem solving product, preventative maintenance and compliance solutions for commercial kitchens in their management of harmful fats, oils and grease (FOG) discharged in their wastewater wash up. Goodflo manufacture, supply and maintain the unique and innovative Gbag Grease Trap system. The Goodflo G-bag Grease Trap system delivers an effective solution taking away the pain of in kitchen FOG management for commercial kitchen operators in a safe, hygienic and cost effective way. The innovative design of this in


April 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

ferent styles, colours, price ranges and finishes to let you get the exact right look. You’ll find everything from wall art to textiles, pendant lamps to sofas to complete your space. And we’ve got a dedicated trade team who can’t wait to make your ideas happen. They’ll provide styling advice, offer you exclusive discounts and even work with you on custom furniture orders if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Even better, all our stock’s held in the UK, so you’ll get your order fast, with affordable shipping on top. Check out our site now at and create a better tomorrow for your business Alternatively contact T: 02081503257 Showroom: 811-813 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 3JH kitchen system hygienically and safely allows the FOG waste to be trapped for collection and management. Goodflo manage this waste stream on behalf of its customers in a waste to energy partnership programme. Additionally, Goodflo provide competitive planned maintenance service options for existing commercial kitchen grease traps. Our professional grease trap service programme includes emptying and cleaning the entire contents of the unit that has built up during everyday use, inspection of the drain runs and your drainage systems, removal from site and environmental disposal of the grease trap waste. Goodflo provides full legal service documentation and technical support to ensure compliance with environmental agencies, water authorities and fire insurance. For further information call 01926 334466 or visit

RapidFit, by Rearo, An Instant Washroom Solution IF YOU are looking for an an instant, off-theshelf solution for toilet cubicles in a bar, restaurant or hotel then RapidFit, by Rearo, provides everything you need. Incorporating cubicles, vanity units & IPS, RapidFit can quickly transform even the most basic facility into a great looking, modern, functional washroom. The easy to install system is available in five modern laminate shades from leading industry supplier Egger. Laminate components are available in each shades allowing to mix and match and create a unique design RapidFit’s design allows for maximum flexibility. With a choice of panel heights

and dimensions, it can accommodate most typical configurations that may be required including transverse and adapted (disabled) installations All components come with a comprehensive five-year warranty. From their Glasgow manufacturing facility Rearo also manufacture and supply a full range of bespoke washroom solutions with a selection of ranges suitable for all budgets and design requirements. For more information, or to request a brochure, contact Rearo today.

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Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


April 2017

Retain Credit & Debit Cards and Be PCI Compliant While Increasing Profits THE CARDSSAFE® system is now the “best practice” way of handling credit and debit cards retained by merchants in the UK hospitality industry. More than three thousand venues now use the system every day and when managers share their experience they report these financial benefits: • Chargeback drops by more than ninety percent (90%) • Walkouts are reduced by at least fifty percent (50%) • Tab mistakes drop significantly and finally – • There is a major uptick in sales

In addition, their customers really appreciate that their security concerns are dealt with in this easy to use system as offered by CardsSafe limited. If you are concerned about how CardsSafe works within the PCI scheme, Alan Gill from the independent PCI certifying company Orthus Limited states: “The PCI DSS standard encompassed 264 controls. CardsSafe helps to reduce the need to meet all of these through ‘compensating controls’ which allow businesses to comply to the standard without having to change the way they operate”. Please contact CardsSafe Limited on: Phone: 0845 5001040, Email: or Web:

The New Vintage LED Filament Lamp Range, by Lightique THE NEW Vintage LED filament lamp range, by Lightique is an innovative range of filament-style retrofit LED lamps. This range neatly combines a classic vintage look with state-of-the-art LED filament technology, to offer an entirely new proposition to architects, interior designers; energy managers and residential users alike. Designed to provide a timeless vintage feel, this latest range from Lightique includes a widest selection of popular, designer and niche lamp shapes currently available. These include: globes (G80 and G125) squirrel cages (ST64), long tubes, valves and candles

lamps, all with a multitude of filament designs and gold external finish. These fully dimmable, Ultra-warm white (2200K) vintage-style laps can be used to create the enjoyable ambiance; designed luminosity; and nostalgic chic previously only the territory of energy-hungry incandescent lighting. Smooth and stable 0-100% is now possible with a range of Compatible or Recommended dimmers. The Vintage LED filament range is designed to invoke nuances of Victorian nostalgia, whilst offering the reliability and energy saving potential of the very best in LED filament technology. Lamp efficacies of 100-130lm/W and 30,000 hours lifetime are possible thanks to proprietary drive electronics; patented sapphire substrate LED technology; and thermally enhanced inert gas mix. All of which add up to a market-leading product with a lifetime of up to 10 times that of a traditional incandescent lamp. To see many light fittings that compliment these new filament LED lamps then check out our new website

Custom Made Red Carpets

WHATEVER THE event, whether its a wedding, a corporate ball or a grand opening, there's just nothing like a stunning, quality Red Carpet to create a memorable occasion. We at Custom Made Red Carpets produce just about any colour in any size & any shape. Red Carpets are now used as the traditional way of highlighting a grand event, be it a film premier in Leicester Square or a grand hotel wedding entrance. We have a selection of eight types & shades of Red Carpet, from our Splash All Weather range to Pure New Wool Velvet & our versatile best-selling Scarlet Red, all

Woodman Chairs

WOODMAN CHAIRS is a long established, dedicated chair manufacturer and wholesaler who make most of their own chairs. We offer a wide and varied choice of solid oak and beech chair and table styles – both modern and contemporary – with many finish and seat options. Included in our range is an exciting choice of sturdy bar stools and bar tables. The fact that we make gives us greater control and flexibility. It also


Make your events truly special! we can supply any colour in any length, any width & any shape.

A choice of seven types of Red Carpet always in stock for fast delivery.

From Economy Red for one off events to Pure New Wool Velvet for long-lasting luxury.

We can also supply just about any other colour: ask for a free sample.




Suitable for interior & exterior use. Heavy contract wear rated & Stain Resistant.

For your wedding package, we also stock Ivory White Standard 7mm & Ultra 9mm •

FITTED RUBBER SAFETY END PLATES to reduce trip hazards

NON-SLIP BACKING to prevent movement on polished floors


CALL OR EMAIL US NOW or VISIT OUR WEBSITE for enquiries, sales & FREE no obligation SAMPLE PACKS – see the quality before you buy!


01726 816572 / 07876 698730

Custom Made Red Carpets

suitable for repeated use. Check our website for more details. Many clients use our services to match a particular colour, we are able to supply most colours from stock eg Cadbury Purple, Black, Orange, Royal Blue, Ivory White is very popular for Wedding Ceremonies. - see website for full stock list & colour images. Free sample packs are available, delivered in two-three days. Optional Fitted Rubber Safety End Plates to reduce trip hazards. Non – Slip Backing to prevent movement on polished floors. Scotchgard Stain Protection for added stain resistance. FREE DELIVERY / FREE NO OBLIGATION SAMPLE PACKS / ANY LENGTH, ANY WIDTH, ANY SHAPE / ALMOST ANY COLOUR / ALL CARPETS DOUBLE OVERLOCKED BORDERS Custom Made Red Carpets TEL: 01726 816572 / 07876 698730 EMAIL: enables us to offer bespoke chair and chair frame or component production to end customers or other suppliers and manufacturers looking for their own design or seeking to create a unique range or theme, again in both oak and beech, raw or finished. Always keen to innovate, Woodman are constantly introducing new styles and have recently added Carver options to their more popular dining chairs and have further expanded their range of bar stools to include rush seated and fabric pad options. Here is a simple decision that won’t require a Referendum! If you want your customers to have the best choice, with honest quality, at affordable prices, with decent lead times and no minimum order, then you need only vote Woodman for your chairs. For further details call 01884 841789, visit or email

Designing Your Bar EVERYONE HAS different tastes, but finding the look and layout of a bar that works for you is important. Therefore George Thomas Joinery will spend time with you, working out what you require and how it will look, but probably more importantly how the bar will work for your everyday business. All too often function is forgotten to aesthetics. The key to good bar design is having everything to hand for each bartender, this is even more important if space is limited behind


April 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


the bar, the last thing you need is bartenders walking behind and into each other all the time, it only takes a few broken glasses to start eating into your profits. With the layout behind the bar worked out how the front of the bar will look comes next and that’s where George Thomas Joinery can also help, with experience of various materials, creating textures and patterns, combined with hidden lighting, are all techniques we can employ to give your bar the truly unique look. All our bars and counters are premanufactured in our workshops as much as possible, this means that once on site a bar can often be installed in just a day or two, keeping your business as operational as possible. Tel: 01384 637 825 or visit for further details.

Europa Furnishings - Turning Whatever You Can Imagine Into Reality… WITH DECADES of experience in commercial, contract and specialty upholstery, we always aim to deliver the very best for our clients. Over the years, our versatility has been proven as we have worked closely with clients from many sectors including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, wine bars, public houses, show houses, private hospitals, interior designers, architects, manufacturers of leisure furniture and

domestic clients. We have particularly built a fine reputation for top-quality commercial seating and chair solutions. Whatever you require, from a bespoke one-off item to a large commercial project, we have the capacity, experience and ability to produce outstanding results, time and again. So why not get in touch and see how we can help you? For further information contact Europa Furnishing on 01489 789700 or visit

Former Gordon Ramsay Chef Opens New Oxford Blue Gastropub Illuminated by Bright Goods LED Filament Lamps

The Oxford Blue was acquired in 2015 by Steven Ellis, former chef at three-Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsey. Fettle Design was commissioned to create an interior that combined the historical elements of the building with modern efficient lighting technology. Fettle specified Bright Goods linear LED filament lamps: Catherine, a 6W sepia tinted GLS, Jane, a 6W sepia tinted pear shape and Elizabeth, a 3W clear candle. They were

installed throughout the premises in the restaurant, bar, wine attic, hallway, WC’s and outside dining area. Each lamp boasts an impressive 100Lm/W efficiency. Proprietor, Steven Ellis said, “We had a vision of creating an exceptional dining experience in the comfort of a traditional country style gastropub and wanted to make it as authentic as possible. We have created an atmosphere that looked like it had been there for hundreds of years rather than just created by us. Lighting is such an important factor when designing an interior and it was imperative that we got it right. The appearance of the Bright Goods LED lamps are exactly right for our concept and furthermore, offers energy efficiency and low maintenance.” Reader enquiries - Tel: 01276 691230, email: or visit

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

P CL lea s H re 1 e sp 98 qu on w ot di he e ng n

LED ECO LIGHTS today announced that its Bright Goods LED filament lamps have been installed throughout the newly refurbished and prestigious Oxford Blue gastropub in Windsor, to create a traditional atmosphere with efficient lighting technology.


Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier

Property and Professional

April 2017


Zucchini, Helston, Cornwall on the Market

16TH CENTURY BAR & BISTRO, FRONTING MARKET SQUARE, AFFLUENT MEDIEVAL TOWN, HAMPSHIRE. Character Grade II Listed timber frame bldg, radiates ‘olde worlde’ charm with many exposed beams. Grnd flr bar has flagstone floor & inglenook – seating 20+. First flr gallery seats 24. Adj. dining rm boasts medieval wall painting & seats 26 plus private dining rm for 12. Catering kitchen. Paved courtyard with arbour seats 20+. Retirement sale – same hands 18 yrs. T/O £5,000 pw. Recorded T/O £195,862 p.a. (ex VAT). GP £130,462 (66.6%). 30% wet sales. Scope to open Sunday & afternoons. 42 year lease from March ’89 at current rental of £25,600 p.a.x. - £125,000 + S.A.V. for 100% shareholding. (Ref. F/C.3669)

AWARD WINNING Licensed and Leisure Agents Bettesworths are Delighted to be Marketing a Premier Premises and Business in a Sought After Tourist Area of Cornwall. Zucchini Restaurant is an extremely well presented restaurant with stunning panoramic countryside views situated in the picturesque West Cornwall village of Gweek at the head of the Helford River. Gweek is now best known for the National Seal Sanctuary, however nearby attractions also include St Mawes Castle, Pendennis Castle, Trebah Gardens, Glendurgan Gardens and Flambards to name a few. RNAS Culdrose, the largest helicopter base in Europe, is also adjacent to the Restaurant. The premises, which have been recently refurbished with an eye on quality and attention to the smallest detail, have a welcoming atmos-

LICENSED SPANISH RESTAURANT & TAPAS BAR, WITH S/C 2 BED FAMILY FLAT & P/P TO EXTEND, PROM MAIN RD POSN, OVERLOOKING TOWN QUAY, SOUTHAMPTON. Character Grade II Listed Bldg, abutting ancient city walls. Estab by Vendor 22 yrs ago. Fitted out in a typical Spanish style. Well equipped bar with adj. 50 cover restaurant & first flr mezzanine seats 70. Terrace seating for 20. Catering kitchen. Desirable 2 dble bed S/C flat with views & P/P to extend. Takings £13,000/£15,000 pw. Accts for 47 week period record T/O of £591,206 (ex VAT). GP £402,808 (68.13%). – OIRO £1,250,000 + S.A.V. FREEHOLD, OR, avail. with new lease at initial rental of £60,000 p.a.x. - £150,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3665)

The Bear Inn, Wincanton, Somerset for Sale

LIC. RESTAURANT WITH 3 BED MAISONETTE, SOUGHT AFTER POSN AMIDST PROFESSIONAL AREA, THRIVING TOWN CENTRE, BETWEEN SOUTHAMPTON & PORTSMOUTH. Character Grad II Listed Bldg amidst conservation area. Run on chef/patron basis. Same hands 14 yrs. Retirement sale. Tastefully decorated, air con restaurant – seats 36/44 covers with adj. Cocktail Bar & open plan kitchen. 3 bed maisonette above & rear yard. T/O £5,000 pw. Accts. record T/O £198,507 (ex VAT). GP £142,509 (72%). Open 5½ days. – EITHER £770,000 + S.A.V. F’HOLD, OR, with a new 15 yr lease at £25,000 p.a.x. - £120,000 + S.A.V. (Ref. C.3668)

IN THE busy racing town of Wincanton, this historic former coaching inn is now offered as a new, private free of tie lease. This substantial, 3level property boasts main bar, games and pool areas, skittle alley/function room and car park.

Transforming Your Business from Ordinary to Outstanding


• 100+ covers

• Large trade garden



• Public house

• Skittle alley

• Catering kitchen

• Car Park

• Patio & large car park

• 3 bedrooms

• 3 bedrooms

£465,000 FREEHOLD

£420,000 FREEHOLD


• • •

• 16th century inn

• 45 cover restaurant • Games room

• Covered patio

• 3 bedrooms

£325,000 FREEHOLD

• • • • •

CHALLOCK Busy food pub 120-cover restaurant 50-cover function room Trade gardens & car park 3 bedrooms

£139,995 LEASEHOLD


BRIGHTON KEMP TOWN Open plan bar New private lease Basement cellarage Rear trade patio No accommodation

• Retirement Sale

• Open plan bar

• Trade patio

• 100% wet trade

• 3 bedrooms





• Prominent village pub

• Bar & dining room • 2 bedrooms


TENTERDEN 01580 766522

01622 685261


Ensuring the business performs and makes the required profit, is what David does, and he does this by: 1. Setting realistic targets for the business, and creating budgets and forecasts 2. Monitoring Sales, Gross Margins and Labour costs very closely 3. Mentoring the owners and/or managers of the business to help them achieve their objectives


T EL E PH O N E 020 8673 2255 VAT

• Manager’s bedsit

A comprehensive, specialised service whether you are starting up or run an established business

6 Clarendon Place, King Street Maidstone, Kent

• Substantial town centre Public House close to Sittingbourne Station • Weekly Live Music • Open plan bar area and smoking shelter in courtyard • Private accommodation on the first floor: kitchen/diner, lounge, 3x double bedroom, shower room and separate W/C • Rear Carpark for 8 cars

DAVID HUNTER is the Hospitality Business Mentor – he works with owners and investors in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses.


BRIGHTON 01273 565621

Advance can be used for whatever you need – typically stock replenishment, renovations, refurbishments or expansion and there are absolutely no hidden costs like applications fees, collection fees or late payment fees. “I started working with Liquid Finance nearly two years ago - they have assisted me with refurbishments, renovations and even small jobs like refreshing the menus! Business is good – I don’t know where we would be without them!” Welcome to Smart Finance for the Hospitality Trade! For more details and to get an obligation free quotation, call Liquid Finance on 0845 600 3573 or visit us at

The Hospitality Business Mentor from The Bowden Group

• Garden & car park • Free of Tie MIN CAPITAL REQUIRED £20,000


Liquid Finance offer an alternative finance solution for the Hospitality Trade called a Business Cash Advance. This is an unsecured cash advance and the funds are paid back as a daily percentage of your credit/debit card takings. The


• Potential 5 letting rooms

THE PRESSURE is on for Licenced Trade operators and Restauranteurs to provide more of a “Complete Experience” for their clients rather than “just a pub/restaurant”. But this costs money and with the seasonality of trade, best time to do renovation/refurbishment work is when trade is quieter but at that time, cash-flow is tight.


• Village pub

• Grade II Listed

• Courtyard patio

as required. There is considerable scope for growth of food, function and letting income. This is a retirement sale after 20 years in situ. Price: £50,000. Tenure: Leasehold. New 25 years FOT. Landlord: Private. Rent: £27,000. Sales: £341,000. Wet/Dry split: 85% : 15%. Contact the agent, Guy Simmonds, on 01332 865112.

There are 7 nicely presented guest rooms and a further large meeting room. New owners will enjoy the benefit of extensive, all new, top floor accommodation with 3 or 4 bedrooms

RoMsey (01794) 522228

• Bar and restaurant

phere in which to enjoy the extensive and delicious Italian menu. Zucchini has built a strong local following with customers coming from the nearby towns of Falmouth, Penryn, Helston, Camborne and Redruth. Zucchini is a family run, award winning Italian restaurant with full premises licence. The premises are available via a new fully repairing and insuring lease at a guide rent of £25,000 per annum with further terms to be negotiated. The interested applicant will be asked to provide satisfactory professional and trade references along with a bank reference and business plan. We have been informed the turnover for year ending 2016 was £240,000. Further accounting information will be made available to bona fide applicants following a formal viewing. Zucchini is for sale though award winning licence and leisure agents, Bettesworths, at an asking price of £120,000 for the leasehold interest, trade inventory and goodwill. For further information please contact Genevieve Stringer on 01803 212021 or email



• Traditional community wet led Public House close to the centre of Berkshire town • Single bar are with three parts with customer toilets • Games area, pool table and darts board • Ground floor cellar • Office area • Private accommodation on the first floor: kitchen/diner, lounge, bathroom, double bedroom • Second floor includes two further bedrooms FREEHOLD GUIDE PRICE £345,000 ALL AT PLUS ‘SAV’

Other areas that David advises on include: • Marketing – general and specific (ie promotions etc) • Human Resources (HR) - including all the legislation, and disciplinary positions. • Reward and Bonus schemes – always linked to achievement of objectives • Customer Service - including Hospitality skills training Do contact David for an informal chat, or make an appointment to meet with him. Call David direct on: Mobile 07831 407984 or by email on Visit the website at or the Blogsite at

Property and Professional

April 2017

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


UK Hospitality Sector at Risk from Brexit Restrictions Instant Cash Injection to Help Hospitality Businesses Grow THE UK hospitality industry is more exposed than any other sector from immigration restrictions after Britain leaves the European Union according to corporate recovery specialists Quantuma. Partner Graham Randall, a hotel and leisure specialist, says labour shortages seem to be inevitable. “One in three people employed in the hotel and leisure sector was born outside the UK and the sector needs to have a long hard think about how it is going to address the issue of labour shortages. “With strict migration controls on the horizon the competition for skilled staff will become intense as the pool of available workers reduces.

“We would expect recruitment difficulties in the hotel and hospitality sectors to intensify over the next two years”. National coffee and food chain Pret a Manger recently revealed that one in 50 job applicants were from British nationals and they have expressed concerns over attracting staff after Brexit, adding it may take ten years to build a future talent pipeline. In addition, a national accountancy practice recently reported that 1800 UK hotels have at least a 30% chance of becoming insolvent by 2020, citing competition from Airbnb and the introduction of the living wage as additional threats. “The medium term outlook for the UK hotel sector continues to look challenging,” commented Mr Randall. “With recent rises in food and beverage costs, an unfavourable exchange rate pushing up prices and internet comparison websites driving down prices, margins will continue to be squeezed. “This will leave no available cash for essential maintenance and upgrades leaving hotels with weaker balance sheets struggling to survive.”

Business owners within the hospitality sector are often held back from expanding and growing due to a lack of funding, particularly during seasonal disruptions to trade. Funding issues remain a major worry for independent businesses, especially since banks tightened up their lending criteria following the recession, coupled with more recent uncertainty around Britain’s “post-Brexit” future. With Quick Capital, access to cash when you need it the most is quick and simple. A cash advance is an alternative finance solution for businesses taking card payments, giving you access to a lump sum between £500 and £300,000 in as little as 72 hours. The application is done over the phone in minutes with a

Get Up To £100,000 to Fund Your Business Are You Focused? IN TODAY’S fast changing world, many demands are placed on a business owner especially in the restaurant and hospitality sectors. Sorting the right finance for your business requires careful evaluation. At 365 Business Finance we understand this. Funding need not take time nor be complicated. Our application process takes minutes and you will have a decision within hours. Our Merchant Cash Advance is unsecured, simple and flexible. Funds are only repaid back as a percentage of your daily credit and debit card sales so when you

have quieter periods, you pay less. Most of our customers use the advance to expand, refurbish and diversify their services. There are no hidden extras, APR’s or late payment fees. “We used 365 Business Finance to improve our restaurant and bar, we added a new seating area and now serve a better variety food and drink to our customers. Customers love the new look of the place and the new menu and bar options have been a huge hit!”. (David, Hotel Owner) For more information and to get a free no obligation quote, call us on: 0207 1000 365, or email Alternatively visit us at

For Sale: High Quality Daytime Only Coffee Shop In Prime Trading Location IN THE highly regarded Regency coastal resort of Sidmouth, Coastal Coffee Lounge is a well established daytime only coffee shop offers potential for a working couple to develop their own personal style of cuisine and is now being offered for sale on a leasehold by licensed property specialists Stonesmith of Exeter. Coastal Coffee Lounge occupies a lucrative and prominent trading position in the main shopping thoroughfare of Sidmouth, within 100 yards from the seafront and beach. Following a complete purpose refit in 2012, it now offers a Main Café Area with seating for 34 customers, a Customer Servery Area plus a Preparation and Kitchen Area.

The coffee shop offers an easy to prepare menu including hot and cold drinks, light lunches, soups, jacket potatoes, snacks, toasties, sandwiches, cakes, together with the ever popular Devon Cream Tea. All produce is sourced locally wherever possible and food is freshly prepared to order. The business enjoys an excellent reputation and is well patronised by locals and visitors alike, together with a seasonal uplift during the summer months. In addition, Sidmouth is particularly renowned for its annual folk week and this provides a huge trading boost to businesses in the town. Offered as a leasehold business, the asking price is £69,000. Full details can be downloaded from the website and viewings arranged by calling 01392 201262

35 YEARS AGO, I stood on Lambeth Bridge & threw my briefcase in the Thames saying 'never again will I work conventionally. At the time I was MD of 3 companies, part of a large group, but I couldn't stand the politics. That was on a Thursday, the following day I went to my 3 offices & said goodbye to all my staff & put my car keys in the postbox of the group head

decision the same day, and repayments are flexible in line with your card sales so that you pay back as and when you earn from your customers. This instant cash injection can be used for any reason at all, helping you to replenish stock, refurbish your premises, pay off unexpected bills, or simply boost your cash flow. Taunton pub and restaurant owner, Andrew, says “A cash advance is perfect for my company. I needed funds quickly and the application process was simple and straightforward. I’m glad I’m not tied in to a long repayment term and I haven’t noticed the repayments!” To find out how much funding you can raise to grow your business, call 0800 3777 402 or visit or see the advert on page 39.

office & caught the train home. The following day I went to Italy for 2 weeks & on the first day back, I saw a Midland Bank Manager, told him what I'd done & he said "despite the fact you're young, you've had a lot of experience in running companies, I think you can help some of my customers". So for 35 years, I've been helping companies & it took me years to work out the 1 reason why a business makes money is the same reason why a business makes money: FOCUS. Focus just on your skill, you'll never make money. Focus on profit & you'll make money. Reader enquiries - Tel: 01202 551193, email: or visit

Guaranteed To Save You Money On Your Card Processing Fees! Businesses are often confused by unnecessary card processing fees, which means they are usually paying far too much. At Handepay we’re so confident that we can save you money that we’ll put our money where our mouth is. Let us review your current merchant services costs, and if we can’t save you money we’ll give you £1,000! We like to keep things simple with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. For example, we don’t charge our customers PCI DSS compliance and non-compliance fees, authorisation fees or joining fees unlike some of our competitors. We have a range of card machines to suit hospitality businesses and all accept contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Android Pay. On average, customers switching to Handepay

save a massive 36% on their card processing fees. In 2016 alone, we offered UK independent business owners combined savings of over £3.75 million. One customer made a staggering annual saving of over £16,000 by switching to us! ‘Saving over £1,200 per year has allowed us to invest more money growing our business. Taking the Handepay Price Challenge is a definite must!’ The Lane - Kent To take the Handepay Price Challenge simply email a copy or photograph of a recent merchant statement (your last bill) to and one of our advisors will be in touch. To find out more call 0800 3777 382 or visit or see the advert on page 14. Terms and conditions apply. Offer only available to new customers. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier


Property and Professional

April 2017

The Thatched Restaurant, South Devon on the Market SOUTH DEVON licensed RESTAURANT, close TEIGNMOUTH & NEWTON ABBOT, short drive EXETER, coast and moors within easy reach.








Well Presented Licensed Restaurant & Bar Trading Evenings Only Basis Restaurant Area with Seating for 44 Impressive 3 Bedroom Owners Apartment Much Sought After Cornwal Coastal Town

4 Star Silver Awarded Guest House Popular South Devon Coastal Resort 6 Quality En-Suite Letting Rooms Well Appointed 2 Bed Owners Accom Residents Lounge, Breakfast Room Rear Garden & Patio, Car Parking Tremendous Lifestyle Opportunity

Substantial Character Destination Inn Prominent Landmark Trading Position Bar & Dining Area (48), Restaurant (56) Trade Gardens (100), Childrens Play Area Customer Car Park for 50 + Vehicles 5 En-Suite Letting Bedrooms, 2 Bed Private Accom Impressive Levels of Trade & Exceptional Profits

FH £448,000

FH: OFFERS IN EXCESS OF £425,000 4733


FH £85,000






Extremely Well Regarded Daytime Cafe Dorset Town Centre Close to Coast Cafe Dining Area (26), Al Fresco Seating (10) Impressive 2 Bedroom Owners Accommodation Outstanding Catering Opportunity

Thriving Well Regarded Restaurant City Centre Trading Location Restaurant Area for 50 Customers 3 Bed Private Accommodation First Time on Market for 25 Years Net Profit in Excess of £66,000

Exceptional New Development Restaurant, Bar & Catering Business Stunning Coastal Trading Location Flexible Lease & Rent Terms Available Nil Premium Ingoing - Rental Offers Invited


LH £115,000





FH £395,000

Contained within unique detached character property, deceptively spacious, occupying large valuable site, includes attractive walled gardens complete with summerhouse and pond, valuable dual access car park with sufficient space for approx. 20 cars in addition to garage, Planning Permission previously held for construction of 2 bed dwelling within grounds. Provides customer bar/reception area, stylish split level 50+ cover dining area, cloakrooms,

Are You Focused?

35 YEARS AGO, I stood on Lambeth Bridge & threw my briefcase in the Thames saying 'never again will I work conventionally. At the time I was MD of 3 companies, part of a large group, but I couldn't stand the politics. That was on a Thursday, the following day I went to my 3 offices & said goodbye to all my staff & put my car keys in the postbox of the group head

superb commercial kitchen, includes separate cooking, preparation and wash-up areas, all professionally fitted and extensively equipped at considerable expense. Benefits from extensive 5 bedroom accommodation (3 en-suite), offers B & B potential. A popular business commanding excellent reputation, enjoys regular repeat trade with numerous recommendations received. Sales approx. £200,000 ex Vat, opening 5 evenings and 1 lunchtime each week, closing in the region of 4 weeks each year, limited advertising undertaken, suitable for all types of cuisine, potential daytime trade. Leasehold £120,000 sav or Freehold £675,000 sav Ref: R032683N Contact the agents EM&F on 01404 813762 for further information.

office & caught the train home. The following day I went to Italy for 2 weeks & on the first day back, I saw a Midland Bank Manager, told him what I'd done & he said "despite the fact you're young, you've had a lot of experience in running companies, I think you can help some of my customers". So for 35 years, I've been helping companies & it took me years to work out the 1 reason why a business makes money is the same reason why a business makes money: FOCUS. Focus just on your skill, you'll never make money. Focus on profit & you'll make money. Reader enquiries - Tel: 01202 551193, email: or visit

Historic Market Town Alehouse Inn - The Jolly Brewer, Stamford, Lincs NR WINCANTON, SOMERSET



Destination Food Led Pub/Restaurant Character Bar & Dining Areas (90) Spacious 2 Bed Private Accommodation Trade Gardens (50+), Car Parking Exceptional Business Opportunity New Free of Tie Lease

Daytime Town Centre Coffee Shop Lucrative Coastal Town Trading Position Main Cafe Seating Area (34+) Daytime Trading Easy Menu Scope to Increase Trade

Established Licenced Cafe & Coffee Shop Prominent Position Close to Beach Main Cafe/Restaurant (40) Al Fresco Seating Area (4), Impressive Levels of Trade & Profits

LH £45,000


LH £69,000



LH £99,950


01392 201262

Please mention the Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News when replying to advertising

THIS BUSINESS is located in the mature historic Lincolnshire town of Stamford sitting close to the border of Rutland, the smallest county in the UK. Stamford is a popular highly regarded picturesque market town within the South Kesteven district of the county and has an outstanding reputation as being an excellent catchment area for schools. This popular 3-storey alehouse inn is of stone and brick construction sitting under a pitched slate roof. The trading areas consist of: Main Bar area (circa 30+) is a welcoming room with a laminate floor and a well-stocked return bar server of wood construction with 7 cask ales on offer. Below ground floor beer cellar. Galley style Commercial Catering Kitchen with stainless steel appliances and surfaces. The owner’s accommoda-

tion has 4 double bedrooms (1 being en-suite) private access and a small private yard area, Due to the size and location of the accommodation this would suit the introduction of a B&B offer (STPP) of which PP was previously granted but not pursued. To the front of the property is a hard standing patio area with wooden picnic benches (circa 70+) sitting under a large garden parasol that is a highly popular place to sit and watch the world go by. To either side of the property is the patron’s car park providing space for circa 12+ cars however on street parking is readily available in the surrounding areas. Price: £88,500. Tenure: Leasehold. Rent (if applicable): £24,168. Landlord (if applicable): Admiral Taverns. Turnover (annual): £538,400 (inc VAT) to March 2016. Wet:Dry split: 90% Wet : 10% Food. Contact the agent, Guy Simmonds, on 01332 865112.

Thinking of selling? Regional Specialists National Exposure


PRICE: £600,000


• Fully licensed riverside freehouse situated in heart of the town • Character bar area seating 40 plus & restaurant seating 42 • 3 attractive en suite letting rooms & 2 double bed owners flat • Thriving business with substantial turnover & net profit • Adjoining Bridge House available via separate negotiation


REF: 2737


PRICE: £65,000


PRICE: £95,000

• Popular Licenced Café in the sought after market town of Kingsbridge • Main High Street Location • Stylish Cafe Trading Daytimes Only with Scope to Increase • Main Trade Area Seating 16 & Catering Kitchen • Spacious 2 Bedroom Owners Accommodation


REF: 2617

• Torquay's oldest & most iconic pub dating back to 1540 • Rare opportunity, coming to the market for the first time in 18 years • L shaped Main Trading Area with low beamed ceilings • 70 seater character restaurant with open galley style kitchen • Very successful business with a Turnover in Excess of £600,000 ex VAT



REF: 2725


• Rare opportunity to purchase a substantial freehold property • Recently undergone a complete refurbishment • 10 superior, brand new en suite letting rooms • Character bar, restaurant, function rooms with log fires • Fully equipped commercial kitchen and large conference room

PRICE: £650,000


REF 2688


• Licensed Bar Situated within a Historic Period Property • Commercial Kitchen, Main Bar & Seating Area • Ladies & Gents Cloakrooms & Ample Storage • Versatile Private Accommodation • Huge Potential to Extend the Trading Hours and Rebuild the Business


PRICE: £15,000



REF: 2565

• On the instructions of Heavitree Brewery Plc • Highly Visible Roadside Inn with Substantial Beer Garden & Car Park • Main Bar Circa 30 Covers, Games Area, Dining Room with Circa 28 Covers • Pretty & Extensive Trade Garden with Children's Play Equipment • First Floor 4 Bed Living Accommodation




• Stylish and well equipped café/restaurant/bar in Totnes • Ground and first floor trading areas seating 32 plus • Well equipped commercial kitchen with 5* Food Hygiene rating • Licensed premises suitable for a number of catering uses • Viewing recommended - priced to sell


PRICE: £45,000




PRICE: £44,000

REF: 2677

• Well equipped Catering Kiosk in Prime Tourist Location • Successful Seasonal Business operating April to end of September • Selling Hot and Cold Food & Beverages alongside Beach Merchandise • 15 Year Lease From April 2016 at a rent of £11,000 per annum


01803 212021

REF: 2477


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